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File: eda6842ddfad5bb⋯.jpg (139.6 KB, 343x283, 343:283, CP.jpg)

ccf45f  No.18608

Why is there a link between Star Trek fans and pedophilia?


>On one wall is a "Star Trek" poster with investigators' faces substituted for the Starship Enterprise crew. But even that alludes to a dark fact of their work: All but one of the offenders they have arrested in the last four years was a hard-core Trekkie.




f0bb51  No.18610

It's that Wesley. Drives us crazy.

No, it's probably true of most things that appeal to the socially inept.

f9957c  No.18614

Depends if they are JewJew Fans or not.

8d53d0  No.18636

>It has something to do with a fantasy world where mutants and monsters have power and where the usual rules don't apply

That's a really good way of putting it. God, I wish I were Q. I'd find all the dumb jocks who bullied me in high school, then transform myself into a beautiful girl and suck their dicks until they accepted me.

3d4ff3  No.18639

File: 36ea7f5834ec664⋯.jpg (57.81 KB, 749x749, 1:1, Gowron Frown.jpg)


>I'd find all the dumb jocks who bullied me in high school, then transform myself into a beautiful girl and suck their dicks until they accepted me.

Is this what they allow into the Starfleet?

aa3b91  No.18642

I think the true connection is between Star Trek, pedophilia, and autism. Autism is what links these two threads together, and it is the key to all of this.

0aeb01  No.18651


But normie detectives will instead focus on Star Trek instead of the science.

602fda  No.18669


That's gay as fuck. What you do is transform them into girls. Then fuck them in the ass anyway. They'll worship you.

2c16a3  No.18693


If you're gonna use their asses anyway what's the point of turning them into girls?

7a4b88  No.18697


Because that's fucking gay. I understand that you space elf fags can't relate, as even your males look pretty feminine. I'm sure you've made that mistake a few times in the past yourself, anon.

c49f7d  No.18709


Seriously. I'm not fag, so that's why I would transform into a girl before getting blowbanged by them.

9a541e  No.18710

File: bf587860daf33e3⋯.gif (875.07 KB, 178x195, 178:195, 1478463203218.gif)


>become Q

>wield the power to be omnipotent, to shape time and space as you see fit, nothing is beyond your grasp

>use that power to suck dick

aa3b91  No.18717

File: 8f0f164730c1669⋯.png (209.16 KB, 425x569, 425:569, I seriously hope you bajor….png)


>fucking trannies

f9cf0b  No.18719


You have Q powers. You can make them actual genetic women, not just mutilated men. That doesn't count as traps in my book.

aa3b91  No.18725


>woman with the mind of a man who remembers having a penis

>not a tranny

fa16d5  No.18728


Strictly speaking, m8, that's not even possible yet (and likely will have its own separate problems).

bd3bab  No.18729

File: c3ae203557b18b2⋯.webm (1.82 MB, 768x576, 4:3, Debating Traps.webm)

>This entire thread

58f3a7  No.18732

File: 1404959ec02c3ad⋯.jpg (89.67 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 1404959ec02c3ad9e65a82f4f9….jpg)

File: e858e2459a8895e⋯.png (346.17 KB, 817x825, 817:825, 8715875aa4e0f81813285a4885….png)

File: fb4b0d6e525d758⋯.jpg (207.94 KB, 630x643, 630:643, ii.jpg)


There's a difference between traps and trannies. Some traps become trannies over time, but they're not inherently the same thing. Traps are boys who look and act like girls, but still know they're boys. Trannies insist they are girls. That's a huge distinction.

In fact, if you take it to one logical extreme, traps and trannies are incompatible views. Someone who view trannies as legitimate necessarily insists that psychology and behaviour determine gender irrespective of biology, that acting like a girl is the same as being a girl. On the other hand, even accepting the mere possibility of effective traps implies accepting that someone can look and act exactly like a girl, but still not be a girl, purely on biological grounds. Case in point, pics related are traps because they are boys who know and accept that they are boys, but act like girls.

Using Q powers is an odd case that doesn't really fall into either category, being magic and all. If their minds are kept the same it would probably cause real dysphoria, like some trannies develop after surgery. If the power changes someone's psychology too, then it's a case without any real-world analogue and might really make them a genuine girl. Then it becomes more a question of whether it's even the same person.

dca9b6  No.18784


I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

602fda  No.18794


I'm an oldfag. To me a trap is the same thing as a tranny. It comes from back around 2010 or so on 4/b/ when people would post a picture of a "hot chick" and bait everyone into saying how hot she was, then post some pics of "her" with her dick out. Soon whenever someone posted a picture of a "hot chick" the first reply would be an ackbarpost saying, "It's a trap!" Soon these men desiring to be women became known as "traps."

So to me, any man attemping to appear as a woman for whatever reason or with whatever knowledge is a trap.

c04d04  No.18795

>A single SVU in Toronto has arrested a handful of pedos over a span of many years, and claims they were into Star Trek

>There is no proof of this beyond their word

>Oh my God! This must mean there's a connection between the two of them!!

If you can't recognize clickbait, even clickbait from THIRTEEN NIGGERFUCKING YEARS AGO, you deserve the rope. Fuck off.

a8995d  No.18943


I don't think that's the point of this thread. It is clearly autistic debate into Trap discussion now. Come to think of it was Ezri Dax a trap?

c04d04  No.19894


Isn't every Dax basically a trap, because they have the memories of previously lives being both men and women?

0044df  No.19897


Dax is a degenerate worm.

62ba34  No.19920

File: 7f963f8e3349942⋯.jpg (113.36 KB, 640x671, 640:671, Ezri Dax, Diapergirl - 2.jpg)


>was Ezri Dax a trap?

Is Ezri a loli? Yes.

Is Ezri adorable? Indeed.

Is Ezri diapered? Most definitely.

Is Ezri a trap? No.

0269f7  No.19922


Nah, this is true, especially if they are short and left-handed.

7d6e95  No.19932


>Ezri Diaperfags finally produce some OC

Well an attempt was made but you still won't get respect till proper OC is made.


So Democrats?

62ba34  No.19954


>proper OC

Any suggestions/requests?

bd5d7e  No.19958


You could always produce a diaper edit or writefaggotry.

62ba34  No.19966


Expect it soon, well soonish

061f3d  No.20064

Come to think of it the only link I've seen between Pedophilia is Judaism.

30f40e  No.20378


>expect it soon

<week later nothing

This is why diaperfags should be banned. Can't even deliver.

4b51bb  No.20432


Why did we never get a planet of the Jews in Star Trek? Bar Bajor

892e76  No.20446



85f882  No.20508


Technically Fereniggar is more Chinks which I guess are just Asian Jews.

bd3bab  No.20524



Ferengi have developed a functioning society though?

edfb4b  No.20526


As someone who has visited China, Ferenginar is a perfect proxy. It's odd that of all Asian countries, China was the one to become communist.

9f089e  No.20534


> It's odd that of all Asian countries, China was the one to become communist.

It would be odder if Communism worked as advertised. Also,

<not real Communism

c04d04  No.20539




>Chinese citizens own the means of production

Yeah, no. China is pure capitalism, combined with 100% unchecked domestic and foreign corruption. It's the USA if you ripped away all the socialist, environmental, and legal checks on business.

beb80d  No.20546


>not real Communism

c04d04  No.20598


>Literally doesn't fit the definition of communism


You're a special kind of retarded. If North Korea says they won all the gold medals in the Olympics, does that make it true?

beb80d  No.20599


Calling Chyna free-market capitalist is more wrong than calling it communist. It's still very much communistic in a variety of ways so I'm going to keep calling uit communist, you socialist moron.

1e6977  No.20610

They aren't Communist.

They are Gommunist

1ad125  No.20612


>reeeee muh half-assed understanding of my own ideology

Okay retard, allow me to explain Marxism to you. Each system sews the seeds of its own destruction. This is doctrinaire Marxist prophecy. Capitalism lays the material foundations for Communism by building the factories and creating proletariats necessary for it. No factories, no proletariat. No proletariat, no communism.

Both Russia and China had the same problem: they were agrarian countries with little industrialization and large peasant populations. They knew they weren’t in the fantasy paradise of communism, but their pursuit of that goal made them communists.

When the prophesied world revolution didn’t happen (which Lenin was counting on) he adopted the NEP (New Economic Policy), which was basically anfree market system. It was textbook Marxism: introduce capitalism to build factories, just blunt some of the edges on it. Stalin hated this, and said they could use the government -the mailed fist of the oppressor- to create the factories necessary for Communism to exist. This became known as Socialism.

Under Mao, China took up the idea that the Chinese peasant was basically a proletariat, and with a Chinese view of history as rise, collapse, and chaos, Mao resolved to keep things in the collapse stage forever. This predictably didn’t work, and taking a look at the options, the Chinks decided to go with a Lenin approach of building

Stalinism had a lot of adherents in various third world countries, but with the collapse of the Soviet Union many people view it as discredited. So China is doing exactly what Marx said they needed to do - build the material foundations for Communism with Capitalism. That’s their goal.

Now everyone with a brain on both sides know this. Globalists are betting China just goes fuck it and starts eating big macs, and China thinks once there are enough steel factories the German proletariat will rise up and kill people in stovepipe hats.

d09f0c  No.20662


I thought Chinks were Jews though?

c04d04  No.20738


>It's what I say it is, because I say it is

Okay, dude.


>He still thinks communism is an economic ideology instead of a political one

>He thinks the billionaire capitalist Chinese businessowners are going to let themselves be overthrown by the peasants, when they own the government and therefore the military

>His only argument is to call me a communist

It's literally just the USA. There is no "goal" except to get rich as fuck.

beb80d  No.20741


>It's not communism, because I say it isn't

Okay, dude.

c04d04  No.20817


>If it's not something, it's MUST BE this other thing

Okay, dude.

e761f6  No.20871


>over two weeks

>Still no OC

Spank the diaperfags!

9fe756  No.22410

Data is the pedo.

7a5949  No.22415


>hurr hurr you literally believe marxism is what it always said it was

Shut up clown.

13a78a  No.22417

File: 560cea824b03b15⋯.jpg (31.01 KB, 500x377, 500:377, U mad, bro.jpg)


If you're absolutely sure that you want them and their dicks to be involved in this then you could always take a page out of Norse myth, specifically follow Loki's example.

>Transform yourself into the targets literal dream woman (what do you mean you don't know their dreams, you're fucking Q).

>Let them chase you, turning them down but leaving just a hint of flirtation so that they get more and more obsessed with you each time.

>After a few months you finally give in and go back to their place

>Give them the wildest night of their life, with all the messed up shit they would deny liking even to themselves

>When they wake up the next morning, rolling over to look at the woman they want to spend the rest of their life with, they see you

>In your original body

>With a look on your face that can only be translated as 'Guess what you did last night, fag'

>Before they can even begin to process fucking and loving the guy they bullied back at school you vanish, never to be seen or heard from again

It's still kind of gay, but at least it's funnier, and more worthy of Q.

beb80d  No.22418

File: 06b9ad6af6d3b97⋯.webm (1.92 MB, 320x240, 4:3, We're just_friends, Q, no….webm)


>all that gay shit

>not even posting webm related

13a78a  No.22419


Q was a bit too attached to Picard to make that work. For maximum emotional damage he should have vanished after Picard saw him but just before he had time to process what had happened.

dccd68  No.22438


Check out fanfiction and buy a bucket of bleach afterwards

9976c1  No.27701


Any fan fiction where Q transforms into a little girl?

6603d6  No.27702



614d8b  No.27703

File: 63b264189849336⋯.jpg (636.13 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Sarjenka_on_Enterprise.jpg)


>Data is the pedo.

Look, just because Data IRC'd with a little girl and made sure to tell her to keep their conversations secret from her family and friends, and also arranged things so that he could meet her in person without the knowledge of said family and friends, doesn't make him a pedo. I'm sure his intentions were totally innocent.

5d0c7a  No.27705

File: 1c097af10aa141e⋯.png (507.64 KB, 719x827, 719:827, f49f349cb929c6968ae3998316….png)


>I'm sure his intentions were totally innocent.

It's funny because they weren't!

59e3bf  No.27739


>Completely ignoring the possibility he is a pedo but is wholly innocent and did the right thing

3db9ca  No.27917


Well he is fully functional

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