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File: c131816a15ffdff⋯.jpg (27.89 KB, 700x394, 350:197, 43561589_303.jpg)

8fb3fd  No.22723

Production company Paramount is in talks with S.J. Clarkson to direct the fourth installment in the rebooted film series starring Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.

Clarkson directed episodes from TV series including "Dexter," "Bates Motel" and "Orange is the New Black," as well as the Marvel-based series "Jessica Jones" and "The Defenders."


477073  No.22724

>Just a W away from completing the title

Eh what episodes did she direct actually? This could be skub tier. Quentin Cuckatino must be fuming though.

8fb3fd  No.22726


Dexter (TV Series) (3 episodes)

- The Angel of Death (2011)

- Once Upon a Time… (2011)

- Hello, Dexter Morgan (2009)

Bates Motel (TV Series) (1 episode)

- The Man in Number 9 (2013) … (as SJ Clarkson)

Orange Is the New Black (TV Series) (1 episode)

- 40 Oz. of Furlough (2014)

Jessica Jones (TV Series) (2 episodes)

- AKA Crush Syndrome (2015)

- AKA Ladies Night (2015) … (as SJ Clarkson)

The Defenders (TV Series) (2 episodes)

- Mean Right Hook (2017) … (as SJ Clarkson)

- The H Word (2017) … (as SJ Clarkson)

8fb3fd  No.22728


She directed a bunch of other things too but most of the shows she directed episodes for was for only a few episodes.


9ee3af  No.22730


>Hello, Dexter Morgan

Mid-season climax of Season 4, which most consider one of the good ones

>Angel of Death

>Once Upon a time…

From season 6, which I remember being shit. These might have been among the couple good episodes in the season but I don't care enough to check.

>Jessica Jones

Season 1 was good shit, so no complaints there.

>The Defenders

Decidedly mediocre. Not horrible but not worthy of praise either. Haven't watched the other shit on the list so really can't comment.

d84c5b  No.22733


Isn’t Jessica Jones a coal burner?

99ab8e  No.22736


>"Orange is the New Black,"

This show is terrible, I can't believe she was even allowed to continue working after it.

9ee3af  No.22742


Thought that happened later but you're right, she burned the coal in Episode 2 Personally I didn't think it detracted too much from the quality of the show. It was annoying and really unnecessary but not as bad as, say, the gungrabbing shit in Punisher.

02b00a  No.22744


>Personally I didn't think it detracted too much from the quality of the show

Okay. We can ignore your assessment then because you’re a cuckold

9ee3af  No.22745


Immediately after that:

>It was annoying and really unnecessary

Yeah, racemixing propaganda is better left out of entertainment but after enough repetitions it's hard not to be deadened by it. I wish it wasn't there of course, but REEEEing about it isn't going to make it go away at least not yet, got to move that overton window, so it's not really productive to do so.

81c611  No.22747

File: bfec38c4f81e36e⋯.jpg (37.02 KB, 640x480, 4:3, homer 2.jpg)

>she's never directed a movie before

0a2e76  No.22750

File: 88c9b12e59ffb3a⋯.gif (7.68 MB, 389x225, 389:225, migrane_always_sunny.gif)


Someone with such a painfully unamazing work history and no experience in sci-fi or even directing movies will surely do well taking on a damaged franchise that's badly in need of a movie that is at least moderately good and tolerable to fans.

7c892e  No.22754

File: 4c409a0ddf62cf0⋯.jpg (84.15 KB, 482x386, 241:193, 1522289445933.jpg)


>implying the plan isn't to crash the franchise with no survivors, thus demoralizing intelligent, straight, white, males and simultaneously providing a "scalp" for the social justice agenda.

e55ccc  No.22760


>There is also a fifth Star Trek film being developed by JJ Abrams and Quentin Tarantino but Clarkson's film will be released first.

So this is virtue signalling, pure and simple, Tarantino and Abrams are working on the one they care about so just give the next one to some woman to earn good guy points and get free marketing.

750845  No.22761

2019 but probably 2020 Star Trek 4. Then 2022 for Tarentino's Cuck Trek?

99ab8e  No.22762


If you like Star Trek at all this is a fucking nightmare.

How and why would they do this? Is it joke at the expense of fans? If so it's pretty mean spirited, there are pranks and then there's just being an asshole. I wonder which "Star Trek" will be worse 4 or 5?

bc0675  No.22770


5. Tarantino is going to try to add in stupid shit and be clever and edgy. The dyke is less of a known quantity but something tells me she’s more of a ‘get it shot’ type although it’ll probably be pretty pozzed.

At the very least, it isn’t Rian Johnson.

76eeb2  No.22772


>At the very least, it isn’t Rian Johnson.

And at least it isn't paul feiggot, but coming up with worse things will not unfuck western sci fi in current era.

511ec1  No.22773



They're already doing that, it's called STD.

d89a20  No.22774


Five bucks says the next movie has more than one reference to STD.

5c7f94  No.22776


Well neither has JewJew Abrams, he's only recreated movies.

9ec77e  No.22781


>first female director star trek history

Now that's just untrue, plenty of episodes have been directed by women. This is like when they tried to pretend Michael Burnham was the first black protagonist, nothing but blatant agenda pushing to people who they know probably won't check the facts.

dc36b7  No.22788


>Five bucks says the next movie has more than one reference to STD.

In which case it will inhabit the same, bizarre, alternate reality that STD comes from - and thus won't be canon.


It's also written by people who don't give a shit, and who think that anyone who does give a shit is a pathetic waste of space.

3d3f3f  No.22791


From her picture alone I know that I will hate it. (and not going to watch it)

2aa37b  No.22792

File: 663791e2fc60124⋯.jpg (39.48 KB, 254x198, 127:99, fuck your warrant we're st….jpg)


>From her picture alone I know that I will hate it. (and not going to watch it)

Reported to the U.N. Council for the following crimes:

1 count of denying doubleplus good truth that the Future Is Female.

1 count of toxic mysogyny.

1 count of goodthink tax avoidance by not giving your shekels to pedowood your beloved franchise.

54e5a5  No.22805


>won't be canon

What makes you think it was canon in the first place? As far as I'm concerned, the reboot movies aren't canon. They might as well not exist. The first one was so shit I refused to see the sequels, and from what I hear I didn't miss anything.

a14df7  No.22806


>From her picture alone I know that I will hate it.

She's 3/5 of the way there, but why hasn't she died her hair purple or prematurely gray yet? Also no nose ring. Does she still think she can fly under the radar and trick some people?

a63083  No.22807

File: ff8291c381deaf4⋯.jpg (232.85 KB, 700x394, 350:197, transformation-complete.jpg)



Glimpse into the future, anon

3e1316  No.22808



good work, should make it a banner.

50402f  No.22810



Why would you put "make it swole" in that image? That bitch goes against everything swoleness stands for.

a63083  No.22813


Uh-oh. Found the problematic anon! Let me redefine swoleness for you in the upcoming mobie…

ad0241  No.22895


She would make a good /tv/ banner too.

bacdff  No.22900



>Why would you put "make it swole" in that image?

I have to agree. Do a reverse timeskip on your workflow and change it to "MAKE IT WOKE" or something…

a7bd80  No.22910



Jeez, I'll change it alright.

2aa37b  No.22911


Can you change it to

make it soy

a7bd80  No.22912


I'll see what I can do

50402f  No.22913


Holy shit, that's perfect!

a7bd80  No.22921

File: 35b4055ad3f5e48⋯.jpg (143.77 KB, 700x394, 350:197, transformation-complete2.jpg)

Hope you damn faggots are happy now

2aa37b  No.22922

File: 1c90dbed2cce0c3⋯.jpg (34.07 KB, 432x313, 432:313, a ok.jpg)



3e1316  No.22923


I preferred the swole one because I am not above irony; but good job.

cbab4e  No.22925

Why on earth would any hollywood studio give a major franchise movie to someone without more than few episodes in each of a dozen shows, none of which have stood out to any real degree?

Its like they are throwing away their money.

The largest number of episodes she has done for a single show was fucking East Enders.

Who the fuck want's Star Trek The next generation of East Enders? Does the studios execs no longer want to make money or something?

e4b1e6  No.22926


It's a matter of risk. This bitch is much cheaper to hire, which is indicative of how much money they think this movie is going to make. Further, with someone like this they have multi-layered protection from criticism: if they movie is a flop, and makes even less money than projected, this director can deflect any criticism with her magical vagina shield. And if that ends up backfiring (which given the current climate is seeming increasingly likely), she's a no-namer with no industry connections that can be thrown under the bus with few repercussions, meaning the studio can direct the fan's rage at her instead of at the studio.

3881c3  No.22927

Star Trek IV: The Soy-age home

ad0241  No.22931


Star Trek The Soy Picture

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Soy

Star Trek III: The Search for Soy

Star Trek V: The Soy Frontier

Star Trek VI: The Soy Country

Star Trek VII: Soy Contact

Star Trek VIII: InSoyrection

Star Trek IX: Nemisoy

Star Trek 2009 Directed by Jew Jew(Do I have to even try here?)

Star Trek into Soy

Star Trek Beyond Soy

3adc34  No.22935


TBH the pornographic names are more entertaining.

50402f  No.22936


Well, the porn names actually had to be clever. Just sticking soy in somewhere isn't very hard. It took one poster about ten seconds to do every movie. In the porn name thread it actually took awhile and people had to think about it.

2aa37b  No.22937



Even at half an effort those titles are still more entertaining than nearly all by that I mean 99.99999% of nu trek material.

Sensible chuckle award goes to ST-VIII.

1d01c4  No.22955


>Isn’t Jessica Jones a coal burner?

the entire show revolves around white men being portrayed as pathetic or evil. there's not a single self-possessed and sympathetic white male, even including walk-on characters that appear for fewer than 30 seconds, on the entire show. but yes she also fucks a black guy.

7d72d9  No.22963


Misses one thing. She could also have those stupid ear stretching plugs.

7d72d9  No.22964

File: ca9dd6eaa3708d3⋯.png (31.5 KB, 656x620, 164:155, 1470235003978.png)


>Why on earth would any hollywood studio give a major franchise movie to someone without more than few episodes in each of a dozen shows, none of which have stood out to any real degree?

That kind of directors are obedient to their producer and studio executive overlords.

8bf4e0  No.23008


If you expand the image she's actually a wrestler.

ae7fee  No.23078

File: 871f75c49eac329⋯.jpg (83.93 KB, 710x473, 710:473, 15-josh-trank.w710.h473.jpg)


People in this thread are ignoring why they're hiring an inexperienced director

The people who finance these films aren't retards. This is a trend in modern filmmaking where you take an inexperienced director and make them do a blockbuster. You can see this most disastrously with Fant4Stick where they took a guy who only made a single film before and made him do a superhero film. The reason these studio execs do this is because an inexperienced director is significantly more likely to do what the studio wants. An experienced director like Christopher Nolan is much more likely to throw his weight around and go "fuck no" to decisions the studio makes. A really good example is Nolan refused to add things into his movies purely to sell a toy, like the previous Batman films did.

They also do it because it's very easy to threaten to fire the director if they don't play ball, and if the film fails they're a very easy scapegoat and you can just find someone else to do the next one.

1d01c4  No.23136


In this case they have an easily-controllable director whose resume consists entirely of SJW propaganda. I'm excited for the future of Star Trek!

3121df  No.23137

>>23078 holy fucking shit you are Right(c)

Maybe the Orville is our final hope.

It would be sad if Family Guy In Space was the last stand of implicit Trek TV….

9c3296  No.23140

File: f530e72b74841b1⋯.png (30.36 KB, 921x223, 921:223, a fucking leaf.png)


Well, when truth is threatened, the joker is the last one allowed to tell it, so it seems only fitting.

153a6f  No.23144


To be fair, you have to have a high IQ to understand the plot of STD.

a14df7  No.23163


I do not want this, and wholeheartedly reject.

a14df7  No.23164




Make it soy.

fb8a18  No.23168


>there was a time when star wars and star trek fans fought each other.

>now we're united in our hatred of a single jew

8af60b  No.23169


Funny, how in the end the jew is always found to be the real culprit.

a14df7  No.23170


No you don't.

7e3afd  No.23173

File: 9a207971434abdf⋯.png (237.86 KB, 680x788, 170:197, typical STD fan.png)



3adc34  No.23174


To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand STD. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer’s head. There’s also STDs nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into the characterisation- black chicks personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they’re not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike STD truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humour in black chicks existential staring dumbly at the camera, which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev’s Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Kurtzman’s genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them.

And yes, by the way, i DO have an STD tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the ladies’ eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they’re within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid.

20c080  No.23253


So you are saying STD is a joke?

a14df7  No.23286


>typical STD fan

Are there any? Despite being in the Star Trek community I've never encountered one. STD isn't terrible, but it leaves much to be desired. Who are the fans? and where are they?

624cd4  No.23301


>Who are the fans?

Last I saw it was mostly 'critics' who endorsed how current year hip and (((diverse))) it is.

>and where are they?

Not so curiously most of them are silent and didn't say any further word about it after the first episode. It's almost like they are paid off reviews\reviewers who never watched or understood trek in the first place. Shirley that can't happen amirite?

fb8a18  No.23306


it was always the ferengi and toydarians.

c737ba  No.23312


Toydarians are arabs, not jews. I'm not really sure who the star wars version of jews are, but the jedi certainly have some of the traits and their extermination is further evidence that the empire are the true heroes.

af21d4  No.23319


>Are there any?

Trek subreddit or on Trekmovie (if you don't say that you love diversity or if you criticize STD you're automatically labeled as a Trump supporter).

a14df7  No.23321



I realize that a lot of image board users say they hate Reddit yet regularly visit the site on the side, but I genuinely do not care for it and avoid subreddit shit links when a search engine suggests them.

1d01c4  No.23324


>(if you don't say that you love diversity or if you criticize STD you're automatically labeled as a Trump supporter)

well, in fairness

7de702  No.23325

File: 99e82382606e6a8⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


>star wars version of jews

Muun. They run the Intergalactic Banking Clan.

87a4f8  No.23327

File: 5c0d493feb2e697⋯.jpg (507.19 KB, 1400x1072, 175:134, Quark disbelief.jpg)


>even though they were part of the CIS, the IGBC continued to exist well after the Clone Wars ended

>they backed the currencies for both sides in the Clone Wars, and the currency used by the Empire

>after the Empire fractured they continued to back both the Imperial Remnant AND the New Republic's currencies

I think we have a race even more Jewish than the Ferengi.

ac3507  No.23337


Fucking CIS scum.

664ef6  No.23349


The Republic and the CIS were both controlled opposition. So many choices.

c737ba  No.23358



Hang on, why is it called the Intergalactic Banking Clan? Have the Muun made contact with another galaxy but haven't told anyone because it's more profitable that way?

3e7496  No.23359


Technically it's InterGalactic™. It's the name of their company, some ancient Muun exec's polling data probably showed that focus groups responded better to futuristic-sounding names.

71b199  No.23376



Well there are the Firefist Galaxy, the Rishi Maze, and a number of other satellites nearby.

af21d4  No.23384


intergalactic banking clan means that they work at the galactic scale, not in a small sector.

962a3f  No.23385


There's a sub galaxy in the Star Wars universe.

50402f  No.23390


That would be intragalactic. Intergalactic means between two or more seperate galaxies.

ed43fa  No.23425


There's seven actually that orbit the main galaxy.

869302  No.23618


STD is both a joke and a description for one of many diseases that regularly kill mostly faggots and shitskins.

3f3cc8  No.23626



d27772  No.25115

File: af61422c737f99c⋯.png (80.6 KB, 1119x343, 1119:343, yas queen.png)

901e98  No.25117

Star Trek was always cucked New Society globalist claptrap

901e98  No.25118


*Great Society

dd5c39  No.25123



One of the lucky ones tbh.

b88ab5  No.25125


Didn't Quark go trans in that one episode of DS:9? Reported for tranniephobia!

cc80e0  No.25127



>three of the worst episodes i remember

Never heard of bates motel

>bull dykes in prison : a softcore lesbo episodical

>womyn stronk da series

Never heard of defenders.

4f4af1  No.25806

File: bc6bd14052a9415⋯.jpg (43.29 KB, 459x484, 459:484, nokirk.jpg)

Pine and Hemsworth might not appear in Star Trek 4.

c937fe  No.25810


It's fuckin deeeeeaaaaad. I guess they don't want to put money on this dying series, now that there's a possible Tarantino movie, and TNG revival on the cards.

1b6035  No.25813


Is there ANY HOPE for the future of Trek

12cd43  No.25814


there was never much hope, just a fool's hope

1ecacd  No.25815


This could just be a negotiation tactics by Paramount or the actors. I think they will kick out Hemsworth and write him out of the script, but they will keep Pine and pay him what he wants. I always thought Saldana would be the first one to go before Pine. There is just too many capeshit actors that cost too much for a franchise that doesn't bring in the capeshit money.

c8f37a  No.25818


Swoleverse Show

Other than that? Marc Aliamo creating a Detective Dukat series

20c080  No.25819


Will they replace them with the Shat-Man?

bef33a  No.26026




"tt5691552" on IMDb is actually The Orville…

bb1cd2  No.28627


Wasn't the original female villain the Borg Queen? Its not like new ground is being broken here.

c937fe  No.28629

So this is dead as fuck now, right?

35ab66  No.28630


Yes. The failure of the third Kelvin movie killed it, ultimately. Paramount had to attempt renegotiate contracts to lower their costs but the actors wouldn't budge, so the project was shelved.

ea5767  No.28638


Yeah the JJ timeline is dead. Bad Robot is supposed to lose their rights this year if they have no movie in production.



>"from Canada"

It could be someone from the STD crew.

e93176  No.28639


There's a lot of debate on this.

Both the 2009 and "Into Darkness" films were profitable, but they were not liked by fans. Critics were mostly ok on it.

"Beyond" was written by Simon Pegg, who is a big Trek fan. I really enjoyed "Beyond", as did a number of other Trek fans. Even RLM liked Beyond for basically being the Trek film which was deserved. The caveat, was that "Beyond" bombed in the box office, and continued to be unprofitable even into DVD, Blu Ray and digital releases. It's worth mentioning that most critics didn't like how "talky" Beyond was, accusing it of being boring at lot of the time.

Combined with the fact that the cast had only received contracts for 3 films, people like Chris Pine demanded higher pay, while others like Karl Urban were more than happy to appear in another film.

Basically, if it's not action schlock, critics and the general public won't be interested in going to see it. If it's action schlock, Star Trek fans won't like it. We're left in a situation where as a franchise, Star Trek has become a niche, and I don't know who to blame for it. Marvel/Disney has turned what was a good film, Iron Man, and they turned that into a "Cinematic Universe", which is basically devoid of critical thought, something Star Trek uses for most of its material, and at the same time dull, boring films like Transformers and the Fast and Furious has made action schlock profitable.

ea5767  No.28642


>Star Trek has become a niche

Here's the problem: Star Trek was always a niche. It got co-opted and became something different with The Big Bang Theory and the rise of the fake geek/FunkoPop crowd.

e93176  No.28650


>Star Trek was always a niche

Not exactly. In the 1960s, after inital airing and syndication later through reruns, Star Trek was a highly popular series with all sorts of people. That's the reason why The Motion Picture got commissioned. In part, this was in response to Star Wars, but The Motion Picture in 1979 was a box office hit.

Gene Roddenberry's approach to The Next Generation, in particular avoiding TV networks for inital broadcast, was as as result of his poor experience with NBC, who first moved Star Trek from a Saturday night slot to a Friday night one, and resulted in him, D.C. Fontana and a number of other writers and producers leaving Star Trek in its 3rd season. With TNG not being on a TV network, Roddenberry had a much higher creative power over TNG, which arguably lead to the disaster which was Season 1. But since it wasn't on a TV network, TNG didn't get cancelled early on. The producers did the same tactic with DS9. Voyager was the return to network TV, I think with UPN which continued through to Enterprise. Voyager was highly popular with audiences, but it wasn't as well received in re-runs unlike the Original Series and TNG.

The thing is that Star Trek has been able to appeal to the mass market, but I think the mass market today is a lot different to the one which was around for both TOS and TNG, as well as DS9 and VOY. Enterprise was when Star Trek moved into much more of a niche audience, and the analysists point to franchise fatigue and the fact that the people who kept watching were Star Trek fans.

Hell, looking at the fan petitions and the protests which took place outside of the Paramount studios when Enterprise's cancellation was announced, it looked more like fans were the only people wanting it to stay. Meanwhile, the general population had moved on, and I think the likes of crime dramas (see: CSI, NCIS, Law and Order, etc) became the new flavour of the decade.

The Big Bang Theory did play a part of sort of reviving Star Trek. I actually enjoyed the first 2-3 season of TBBT, because it was a genuinely funny show back then, but it then just shifted into situation comedy and "lol, so random". It's one thing to make good jokes about the weirdness of academia and sci-fi, but after a while, to appeal to a mass market, you're going to need to dumb things down, and TBBT did that. Funko was just a side-effect of the era, when somehow these "geeky" things became cool again. I must say that Funko Pops have pretty lacklustre build quality, but seeing video game, comic book and other such stores basically turn half their shop floor into Funko stuff has been depressing.

c937fe  No.28657


Was Beyond really that much better? It felt like basically the same movie as the others, aka a blatant attempt to remake Wrath of Kahn.

>mentally unstable renegade with a tragic past has a vendetta against someone.

Maybe the chracters were a bit less memey and all, but I'm so tired of that plot.

What exactly makes Beyond stand out as being the best one? Because I'm struggling to think.

153a6f  No.28658


I remember discussing with some friends as I was trying to determine the appeal of Funkos and why they're being sold everywhere, even when I have rarely if ever seen anyone actually buy one. We only came up with two reasons why they're everywhere. First is that they're super cheap to produce, and thus cheap to sell. This appeals to normies who want a figure of whatever pop culture thing they're into, especially if they want several. A passionate fan wouldn't see a problem with plunking down $50-100 on a high-quality figure, while normies would rather spend the same amount and get a bunch of shitty Funkos because quantity > quality to them.

The second reason is that their simplistic form factor makes it incredibly easy for Funko to pump out a bunch of figures for any property, from the main characters to side characters to background extras. Thus, Funkos are often the only way to get a figure if you're looking for something that's relatively obscure. And it's not like they're out that much money if something doesn't sell thanks to the economies of scale, so they can afford to throw everything at the wall regardless of if it sticks.

Beyond that, though, it's sad how you see those crappy dead-eyed figures literally everywhere. One can only pray it's just a fad.


Admittedly, Beyond is not without its faults, the biggest being that it's yet another attempt to rehash Wrath of Khan as you said. But Beyond had its good points as well, the biggest being that all of the main cast were given time to shine, and it wasn't just Kirk and Spock Blow Things Up (also the others are here I guess). Splitting everyone up and giving each of them a story arc made for a more interesting movie.

It also had more of a sense of fun about it, rather than being faux-edgy like J.J.'s movies, and it dialed back on the REMEMBER STAR TREK references substantially. It still doesn't hold a candle to the earlier Trek films, but it was much more entertaining than the first two nu-Trek movies. It's a shame that they seem to have killed the franchise again after that movie, because it was the only one that I enjoyed throughout.

e93176  No.28664


>Was Beyond really that much better?

In my opinion, it was leagues better than the previous two films. The first one just went "what was their character in the Original Series? just set that to 11". The second one just had the character be bland, and in this one, the characters actually feel like they're humans……. even Spock (half-human).

>blatant attempt to remake Wrath of Kahn

I would disagree. Khan is a complicated character to bring up. Even if you think of the Space Seed and then the Star Trek II arc, the whole aspect was more that Khan wanted revenge against Kirk specifically for marooning him on Ceti Alpha V and indirectly leading to his (non-Augment) wife dying.

Star Trek Into Darkness was the most blatant of rehashes. "Hey look, it's literally Khan, only we made him a white English dude that the teenage girls love!" In that one, Khan just was evil because he was just evil. While his motivation was over his fellow Augments being kept in suspended animation and him thinking they had been killed, Khan had nothing specifically against Kirk…. or Spock….. or really anyone on the Enterprise. Instead, he just focussed his evil plan on John Frederick Paxton……. er….. I mean….. Admiral Markus (same actor, plus he doesn't even change his character).

Beyond had a guy who used to be a MACO, who later received a Starfleet commission once the UFP was founded. Most of his stuff was unclear, but he just developed a grudge against the Federation and Starfleet for "abandoning" him, even though Starfleet never actually knew where he and his crew disappeared to. I think he just went insane and then pledged to destroy the Federation…. Idris Elba was…. ok…. His acting was dull, but ultimately, he had the typical Trek villian issue which all the Trek films, except Wrath of Khan, suffer from. Well…. maybe except Nemesis.

I guess the writers didn't frame Krall just going mad well, so he just seemed to appear to want revenge on the Federation, when he was a paranoid soldier who never should have been made a captain, who went batshit insane whenever he was stranded on some planet.

c937fe  No.28673


What I like about the original movies, and maybe to a lesser extent the TNG movies, is they all have different plots

1- The crew finds a mysterious alien lifeform out in space

2- A man from Kirk's past comes back for revenge

3- Pretty much Klingons being regular Klingons

4- A time travel comedy where the crew is tasked with saving a whale

5- Spocks crazy half brother shows up and commandeers the Enterprise in his search for God

6- Kirk is framed for a crime he didn't commit

In the reboot series you have

1- Dude with a tragic past is angry at Spock

2- Dude with tragic past is angry at Klingons

3- Dude with tragic past is angry at the Federation

e93176  No.28674


You're sort of oversimplifying some of the films, and totally missing the point on several others

>The Motion Picture

You're pretty much on point

>II: Wrath of Khan

Basically a sequel to the TOS episode "Space Seed"

>III: Search For Spock

Genesis Planet and the Genesis Project become widespread knowledge, Klingons openly and covertly carry out stuff, also Spock has sex and does other weird stuff, also the Enterprise is destroyed

>IV: Journey Home

Mysterious alien life form wants to talk to whales, then you're pretty much on point

>V: Final Frontier

People going out on the search for god (Cybok was overall unimportant)

>VI: Undiscovered Country

Praxis, the moon of Kronos blows up, Klingon Empire and Federation starts the Khitomer Accords, Romulans get in the way


Some crazy El Aurian wants to get into "The Nexus", and will stop at nothing to get into it. Kirk and Picard find themselves both in The Nexus and talk about being captains, also Enterprise-D gets destroyed

>First Contact

Borg try to invade Earth again, but they try to use time travel to stop the first warp flight, and kill Zefram Cochrane, preventing First Contact from happening


Data goes wild in a "Who Watches the Watchers" paralell, only leading into a morally ambigious area, where Picard turns into Bruce Willis, the action hero


Picard's genetic clone takes over Romulus with Reman support, but plans to take out his rage on everything, but needs Picard's DNA to fix his botched cloning

>Star Trek '09

Romulan randos who survived the destruction of Romulus following the supernova event of its star somehow find themselves having time travelled and then proceed to fuck up the timeline. They proceed to take out their anger at losing their homeworld, family and friends by using their 24th century tech to destroy as much of the Federation as possible, starting with Vulcan

>Into Darkness

Khan's discovery isn't by the Enterprise and Kirk in this fucked up timeline, but by Section 31 instead, who proceeds to use Khan as an agent to carry out dirty work for them, using his fellow Augments as leverage agaist him. Khan proceeds to try everything in his power to destroy Admiral Markus and Starfleet in order to get his fellow Augments back.


At some point in the past (possibly before the timeline was fucked up by the Romulans), a Starfleet ship crashes onto some desolate planet. The crew never gets rescued and the former soldier, turned captain, loses his mind, becomes paranoid and starts blaming the Federation for his distress call never getting received. Same captain discovers ancient technology on the planet they're on, and mutate themselves to gain long lives, sacrificing crew members.

c937fe  No.28675


Well yeah, I'm simplifying. The point is the original films have all kinds of varied themes and villains, if they really have a villain at all, and the reboot movies all tend to focus on the crew battling with guys who are butthurt about something or other.

Say if Star Trek 4 were part of the reboot series, the alien probe would be some dude who's mad as fuck about whales because they killed his puppy or something, and he wants to blow up all of the whales with his battleship.

e93176  No.28676


>the reboot movies all tend to focus on the crew battling with guys who are butthurt about something or other

I could say the same about the guy (I forget his name) from Generation and Shinzon from Nemesis though.

The villian from Generations was angry because he didn't get into The Nexus, and would even destroy solar systems to get into something that both Picard and Kirk didn't really want to be inside.

Shinzon was far more unexplained. Taking his anger out on the Romulans made sense, and him going out on some genocidal plot to wipe out the Romulan species would have been the best way to do it. But nope, he just wants to destroy earth for no reason…. As much as I liked Nemesis and Shinzon, that plot point just didn't make sense.

Most Trek villians outside of DS9 were for the most part, just really angry and wanted to destroy earth or some planet. There are exceptions, but even the Borg suffer from this, because once they come across Species 8472, all they want to do is launch an all out assault on them, while only sending a whole 2 Borg cubes for the Federation (albeit that one of them had a Sphere on board and had planned to time travel anyway). Enterprise's villians were mostly sensible. Except the Sphere Builders and the Xindi Reptilians, total Trek trope villians there.

c937fe  No.28677


The TNG movies are weaker. At the very least you have First Contact though.

99c785  No.28678

The last good Star Trek movie villain was Chang.

e93176  No.28680


To be fair, he was getting help from the Romulans.

aed55c  No.28681


Is it a woman like a star trek nerdy woman?

Or a woman as in someone who has never seen star trek before but she will make dam sure everyone watching the film will learn plenty of lessons about feminism.

99c785  No.28682


Not really. The Romulan ambassador was in on the conspiracy but that doesn't mean much.

e93176  No.28683


See >>22730, >>22726, >>22728

Her career mostly started up with British TV dramas, which if you're not from the UK, you will never have even heard of. She did end up hopping between US TV dramas later on, but really only directing an episode or two before moving on.

She also co-created and wrote a British TV drama about 4 women who have affairs? I think? And then she was later involved in writing the US version.

Her experience in sci-fi is limited, arguably, to one British TV series about some police officer who, for some reason (I'm not sure), finds himself in the 1970s.

Let's see what this produces. As much as I would say that I'm skeptical, ultimately, a competent director who has no experience with a franchise can bring in positive and fresh changes. Or… they can make a dog's dinner with it…. Let's just see. As far as I can tell, there's nothing to say that she is goes on about "muh feminism", but getting angry about women existing is probably the dumbest thing to be angry about.

Weird thing… she reminds me of a lecturer in film and history I used to have.


I don't think it was ever really made clear who was in on the conspiracy and who wasn't. The Romulans were, but I suspect that was because peace between the UFP and the Klingon Empire would have lead to a unified front against the Romulan Star Empire, but there were people in the Federation, including Starfleet admirals and officers, who were also in the conspiracy to sabotage the Accords.

99c785  No.28686


>I don't think it was ever really made clear who was in on the conspiracy and who wasn't.

Kim Cattrall knew all the names. Spock got them all during the mind meld and announced them.

93f780  No.29251

File: eb3f7a23753210e⋯.jpg (52.15 KB, 634x498, 317:249, article-2605888-1D24295700….jpg)


Dear God, why can't women leave us alone to our silly science stories?

1c43c5  No.29267

File: da339ca58a12445⋯.jpg (694.39 KB, 1090x1600, 109:160, Comic-Con-DCF.jpg)


Maybe because women have always been involved in our sily science stories?

Pic Related is DC Fontana, who was a main writer, producer and editor for Star Trek TOS and TAS. She was the second in command for all things related to Star Trek creatively, behind Roddenberry, of course.

1819fb  No.29280

File: 64570cbb8df03aa⋯.jpg (46.15 KB, 500x426, 250:213, 62cd0fbe5e4f9b4d5905862c42….jpg)


You gotta admit though, the feminists have ruined women's entertainment worse than they've done ours. It's all STRONK INNAPENDEN WUMMIN DON"T NEED NO MAN from here to the horizon. Maybe if there was a Twilight or a 50 Shades of Grey more than once a decade, the majority of women would happily leave us to our sci-fi shit (except actually nerdy goblin women, they're ok)

e4b1e6  No.29281


>Maybe if there was a Twilight or a 50 Shades of Grey more than once a decade

Can't they just rewatch the old stuff forever? It's all the same shit.

1819fb  No.29294

File: e4226c3547924b2⋯.gif (898.72 KB, 500x330, 50:33, e4226c3547924b2ccf7fc49314….gif)


>Can't they just rewatch the old stuff forever? It's all the same shit.

Apparently, as I understand it, it's a bit like guys and porn, chasing constant novelty and all that. Besides, I guess women would want ones where the clothes are still in style.

be3e71  No.29300

File: 37cca738f805a78⋯.jpg (81.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 37cca738f805a783d8096465d6….jpg)


>I guess women would want ones where the clothes are still in style.

I think it's something loike this, but more to do with subtle fashions in moviemaking itself? For example, every twenty years they release a new Pride & Prejudice, and it's not because the costumes are any different.

70bc3a  No.29324


That's because Mr Darcy is a stud and every girl wants a rich Aristocrat Boyfriend who treats them like shit yet a Princess.

e6046a  No.30006


>descriptions for the reboot movies are much longer than the ones for the OG ones

Makes you think.


>I could say the same about the guy (I forget his name) from Generation and Shinzon from Nemesis though.

No shit, everybody pretty much agrees that they are bad-to-shit. First Contact, too.


movies. >but getting angry about women existing is probably the dumbest thing to be angry about.

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