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File: 819e0cb40b4c95e⋯.jpg (152.22 KB, 880x660, 4:3, 3a20a7493bb1ba1fdde5374e50….jpg)

60b5f6  No.24786

So I recently finished rewatching Amok Time, and I recall hearing Spock explain to Kirk that the pon farr is part of an ancient tradition that comes even before the time of Surak. This got me wondering about the Romulans, whom we know left Vulcan during the Time of Awakening. Is it possible that the Romulans still wrestle with the pon farr, and that they might retain some of the same Vulcan traditions for dealing with it? What else do the Romulans and Vulcans continue to share in common with one another, in terms of culture and tradition, if anything at all?

09d988  No.24787


>Is it possible that the Romulans still wrestle with the pon farr, and that they might retain some of the same Vulcan traditions for dealing with it?

They don't. In fact, that's the primary difference between the Romulans and the Vulkans–after they left Vulkan, the Romulans were able to remove the Ponn Farr and their debilitatingly strong emotions through genetic therapy, but in doing so also lost their telepathy.

dc6fba  No.24788

File: e9081031b808663⋯.jpg (243.12 KB, 555x620, 111:124, Cattrall Valeris 03.jpg)


Logic. Romulans are just less precious and pretentious about it, preferring to apply it to more machiavellian ends. They don't identify with it as much, but because of that they're more effective and balanced. Vulcans ended-up cucked by Humans because of their naval-gazing tendencies. Vulcans are orthodox jews. Romulans are the emancipated, liberal jews of Israel and the US. The orthodox (Vulcans) will ultimately survive, but the liberals (Romulans) will make more of an impact while they're around - ultimately burning themselves out in the process, though.

An interesting angle for post-Nemesis Trek would be unity with Romulans and an integration of Romulans into Starfleet and the Federation, where they quickly edge-out both humans and Vulcans by being able to "pass" as Vulcans. In the end, they disappear though having dissolved into the Federation since they dont ahere to a rigid system like the Vulcans.

891fcf  No.27092

>difference between Romulans and Vulcans

In STD, nothing apparently.

9e206f  No.27191

File: 6ba98c8e329b329⋯.png (484.88 KB, 1297x849, 1297:849, rick-moranis-as-dark-helme….png)


>Romulans are Jews

>Vulcans are Jews

>Ferengi are Jews

>Bajorans are Jews


00c479  No.27193

File: 4f110d01d24bcf5⋯.png (781.84 KB, 500x829, 500:829, ClipboardImage.png)


Fug, what did they do now?


You forgot the Founders. Incidentally, if someone's got shoop skills this would look great if it were a changeling rising up out of a sea of Great Link goo.

891fcf  No.27197


>Fug, what did they do now?

suicide bomb their own ships

46717c  No.27219


Uh no, the Vulcan species represents Chinese, and the Romulans represent Japan.

You're a fucking idiot.

ec21de  No.27227

File: 926055c5bf4794f⋯.png (297.8 KB, 1070x880, 107:88, 1486702416773.png)


>vulcans = chinese

>in the late 60s

wew lad

>romulans != romans

>even though the name was obviously chosen for this reason


46717c  No.27229


And klingons are kurds, and ferengi are french.

8c825e  No.27230


Were the chinese even really on the social radar in the 60s?

891fcf  No.27308


How come women in the 60s had pointy boobs?


I miss those.

b1af43  No.27310

File: a0ca8af6de4d1d2⋯.jpg (382.25 KB, 676x772, 169:193, 6a00d8341c85cd53ef01b8d2e4….jpg)


yeah, the whole Mao bullshit, and US/china relations were a huge deal at the time for fear of it turning into another cold war situation.

b1af43  No.27311


Bra design at the time. No, really. that's it.

44df47  No.27318


My father used to lament such things. He said the old school bras actually made women sexier without having to even show more skin.

891fcf  No.27325


Nixon played a big role in that, but it was the 70's.

I enjoyed that comic.

955ce2  No.29250

File: a79761d5e5a7233⋯.jpg (17.37 KB, 350x431, 350:431, image_5.jpg)


The real Jews in Star Trek. You cannot deny it.

American Soldiers: Jem-Hadar

American poodle Government officials: Vorta

eef279  No.29296


>ferengi are french

I know this was 4 months ago, how the fuck did you figure that out? Unions and strikes are fetish of the French.

44c3ba  No.29312


>Humans: Americas view of itself in the 1960's (street smarts, wealthy, universally beloved, the eternal hero/good guy, powerful, and yet somehow always the underdog)

>Vulcans: Americas view of Europe in the 1960's (restrained, intelligent, cultured, yet bizarrely freaky every now and then)

>Klingons: Americas view of the USSR in the 1960's (violent, brutal, dumb)

>Romulans: Americas view of communist China in the 1960's (secretive, untrustworthy, inscrutable, would do things the underhanded way even if doing it honestly was easier)

How are you on /strek/ without knowing this?

72d6aa  No.29313


>Vulcans and Romulans

Aren't they Greece and Rome, respectively? as of TNG, the analogy does more or less work for TOS


>muh logic, muh reason

>philosophers everywhere

>everyone only has one name, no surnames

>get warp drive n sheeit before everyone else

>used to have polytheistic beliefs

>great influence despite comparatively small amount of territory head


>yuge empire


>but we're better because militarism and practical application of tech

>has a senate and proconsuls

c41bc7  No.29320


Thought that was more common knowledge?


It's kind of funny how ENT shits on that notion with Vulcans being more Carthage like than Greek.

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