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File: ecccf32bf9bd7ec⋯.jpeg (121.15 KB, 900x1125, 4:5, the-orville-season-2-post….jpeg)

413aa2  No.28217

Thread in which /strek/ celebrates the return of the greatest currently-running Star Trek series for it's second season.

492da2  No.28219

Would have been decent as a mid season filler episode, but kind of a trainwreck as a season opener. If you're not yet invested in the characters you won't care or really know them afterwards, if you don't know what the series as a whole is, you'll still be as clueless after this opener.

Meh, still-feels-like-/strek/ outa 10. Hope the next one is better.

025561  No.28220

File: 06f27904831361c⋯.jpg (133.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, adrianne-palicki-the-orvil….jpg)


Yeah, it was a bad episode and a worse season-opener. It was basically an ensemble character episode like if Data's Day was split between six crewmembers, lacked narration, and was about essentially nothing. I'm really disappointed that the Mercer-Grayson relationship angle is persisting into season 2. I was hoping that would become extremely played-down similar to Picard-Crusher. It just seems really implausible and dumb. Also, i think the two actors that we were introduced to this episode are both going to be recurring characters and one is a fucking male school teacher literal male Keiko (snor). So, it looks like relationship shenanigans are definitely on the menu. I lost count at 4 with how many scenes opened in a bar or restaurant. This is not how you do Star Trek.

The thing is, the ep was four B-plots woven together where if they were paired with strong A-plots in separate episodes, it would have been just fine. So, it really wasn't bad material per se (unless you were really looking for powerful jokes, because there werent any). It was just a weakly-constructed episode. It very much feels like it belongs as a mid-season filler episode in a 22-episode TNG season, not as the opening shot in a season that has half that many episodes.

>Anon, say something nice about it

Halston Sage and Boyhips were stand-outs in the acting department. Both seem to do really well with this kind of material. Bronze medal for Cisco's girlfriend's acting as well.

>any closing thoughts?

They should have billed this as a Season 2 Prologue special episode (S02E00) and promo'd it as having a relationship theme so we were warned. The timing, a Sunday night the day before New Years Eve works as sufficiently off-routine. I wonder if this wasn't supposed to actually be a Valentine's Day episode (Season 2 will still be airing the February) but Halston Sage's departure/absence during production caused some re-shuffling to occur with all her previously-shot episodes / scenes being pushed-forward in the season. That's pure speculation, though. It's a really strange choice for an opener, though.

5c4bfd  No.28221

Wasn't this episode in particular meant to be in the first Season?

2663ab  No.28222


the cut episode is supposed to be a sequel to About a Girl

5c4bfd  No.28223

Well I gave it a watch. I agree as a season opener it's pretty bad. As a filler episode though I think it's actually a good episode but you have to know the characters already for it to be good.

I have noticed the jokes seem a lot less forced and come across as natural banter between the crew which I honestly kind of like. It was sort of a comfy episode overall and if I were to apply the /strek/ rating scale I probably might give it a 4/10 although that might be pretty generious.

I was keeping an eye out for some eastereggs since I know they are a fan of hidding old Star Trek props in the scenes. Might have to do a scene by scene analysis at some point.

05c8d7  No.28224

File: 0e5923f64720e78⋯.webm (6.49 MB, 800x450, 16:9, The Orville - Outpost 58.webm)

Good episode but a bad way to start a season. It feels like different side stories shoved into a bottle episode. The rythm is fine but it feels a bit crowded, especially for a season premiere, that said it does a good job of introducing new characters.

It was nice to see Jason Alexander having a cameo in the episode. He's a big fan of the show.

By the way LaLaLand Records will release the soundtrack of the first season in 2019.

2663ab  No.28225


>LaLaLand Records will release the soundtrack of the first season in 2019.

I recall season 1 music reminding me a lot of later TNG music, which was nice (even though i have a soft spot for that very 80's early TNG synth score). This episode sounded much more cinematic. Looking forward to where they're going with it because they really hyped up how the show is expanding this season.

05c8d7  No.28226


> 80's early TNG synth score

I hope Ron Jones gets to score an episode.

a5efa7  No.28228

File: 3b387e74ce40c94⋯.png (55.67 KB, 180x180, 1:1, 3b387e74ce40c94feb837e6696….png)

>nothing happened: the episode

i liked it

was afraid alara was pretty much gone for good

here's to the new season

f6fc80  No.28229

Bad episode. Is Isaac becoming the stand in father for the doctor's boys a back handed criticism of single mothers?

5f8942  No.28230

>I'm really disappointed that the Mercer-Grayson relationship angle is persisting into season 2.

Judging by people's reactions outside of /strek/, apparently Joe Normie Multiple Divorcee eats that shit up. Personally, I could tolerate it if it wasn't shoved into every single episode.

On the topic, Seth MacFarlane is supposed to be ~5'10". Adrianne Palicki is supposed to be ~5'11". But in every scene where the two are alone together, it looks like Grayson is at least a half a head taller than Mercer, either because Mercer is slouching, or he's seated at his desk while Grayson is standing, or they're using some sort of Dutch angle bullshit or perspective trick to obfuscate their relative heights.

Are they deliberately setting up the shots this way, or am I reading too deep into something that's not there?

e7ea30  No.28231

File: 59552831016451e⋯.png (669.86 KB, 973x527, 973:527, Untitled.png)

File: dd464e58fdec560⋯.png (713.69 KB, 967x536, 967:536, Untitled2.png)

File: 507d6f7aeec7e9b⋯.png (655.38 KB, 958x540, 479:270, Untitled3.png)

I'm gonna miss the off season thread, spent the better part of 2018 relaying news even if it was just checking twitter now and then.

Hey, Willy Sasso is in this episode, the bartender I think. Also one of the co-producers is called Cherry Chevapravatdumrong. What a name.

Lt Tylor is kinda cute. Issac's voice is slightly deeper than it was last season.


Don't actually mind a character driven episode. But I would have put it further back in the season after a high intensity episode. As a season opener, it is getting us re-acquainted with the crew and I hope the next one is better. New Ep on the 4th btw, 2 this week then taking a regular friday slot of the 11th, 18th and 25th this month.


They're setting up the shots that way.

f6fc80  No.28232


Seth is a manlet cuck that wants to be put into his place by a stronk womyn.

760086  No.28233


Jason Alexander was the bartender.

This isn't quite a spoiler, but if you go to the imdb page for the actress playing the new blonde lieutenant she's had an interesting past role.

bbd4c2  No.28234


Could be. I hope they don't try to shove the two of them together, they work better as friends.

f6fc80  No.28235


Too late, when she asked Isaac to the peeing party that sealed the deal on that plot line. Dating a robot is like dating a vibrator.


Also, does someone in the writers room have a piss fetish?

e7ea30  No.28236


Says he plays Mooska but bummer if I know who that is.


>The 29th century time-traveler Pria Lavesque taught the Orville how to map dark matter in Pria. The knowledge was adapted by the Planetary Union and formalized into dark matter cartography.

05c8d7  No.28237

File: 2dcb41f3b95f7b0⋯.png (53 KB, 630x381, 210:127, based costanza.png)


The bartender is played by Jason Alexander (a big fan of the show).

>Also one of the co-producers is called Cherry Chevapravatdumrong. What a name.

She has been working for Seth since Family Guy I think. She wrote the Orville episode "Firestorm".


>she's had an interesting past role.

Some people are thinking that she might be the Krill teacher undercover.

bbd4c2  No.28238


He said he couldn't appreciate her thankfulness at the party, so that makes me assume he's completely emotionless and therefore, not going to be lewded. At least, until they decide to have an emotional chip episode like with Data.


That'd be nuts.

ba5efd  No.28239

It was a watchable episode, though I wouldn't have put it first in the season if I was in charge. Would have been nice with something a bit more actiony to kick off the season. Maybe set some stakes or something else to set the themes and issues for the season..

Not sure why all the parents are freaking out over teenagers drinking a little booze, but that might just be because I'm not from a place where its illegal to drink until you are 21. Its just teenagers being teenagers.

If anything James seems to be a highly talented with tech and is probably going to make a good engineer some day.

5f8942  No.28240


>but that might just be because I'm not from a place where its illegal to drink until you are 21.

Because in the future everyone thinks like a post-modern American social progressive. :^)

Joking aside, the kid hacks a replicator, he can have any material possession he wants, illicit or otherwise, and he goes for a bottle of potato liquor? Really? That's like stealing a luxury car and robbing a bank just so you can go through the McDonald's drive through. Plus, remember when Grayson replicated some pot brownies so she could get high on duty and nobody batted an eyelid?

To keep from exclusively bitching and nitpicking, the alien guy with the eye stalks playing the piano at the party? He was actually playing the piano instead of just miming the movements with a dubbed in soundtrack. That's a nice touch. I think they did the same thing with Issac giving the kid piano lessons, but I'd have to back and check. It's not like it'd be difficult to get a trained pianist to put on the robot suit for that one shot.

d1ae5f  No.28241


Grayson got a pot brownie because they were visiting her ex in laws, and the only person who knew that was the captain. Little different then a mom finding her 13 year old getting drunk.

eb157c  No.28242

File: 6d76babe184d601⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, vlcsnap-2019-01-01-05h53m3….png)


there was definitely some jew camera angle fuckery that didn't sit well with me this episode. I didn't like some of the shots at all. I found myself annoyed with the ready room scene with Kelly talking down to Ed and him looking like a whipped dog when it was a few scenes too early for that sort of setup. He hadn't done the "drive by" yet. It would have been a better scene all-around if he would have gotten up and gazed out the window (foreshadowing) and then have them do the scene on more equal footing (literally) - although, Ed was again cucked this episode no matter how its shot.


>Cherry Cheva

>Cherry Chevaprava

I'm all with these two, pretty catchy name tbh

>Cherry Chevapravatdumrong

what made her think the t and d go together in any way? I would refuse to pronounce it. Not to mention she literally ends her unpronounceable name with "dumb wrong"


I'm not much a MILF guy but I do declare she's gorgeous. Too bad she's dressed like a drum major. Wish they'ld have gone with a more flexible WoK inspiration for the uniforms instead of TMP meets TNG.


Last season, Claire was SLIMED by Norm's character so i guess it's only fitting this season she gets DROIDED.

75384c  No.28243

The lack of the slime dude having a subplot or even appearance made me sad. I wonder if that's a deliberate thing and fox made them reduce Norm Mcdonald's lines this season because he's been branded a thought criminal.

0f9673  No.28244


She worked on Family Guy, and they even make a joke about her name on the show in at lest one occasion. IIRC, Lois says something like, "at least you don't have a ridiculous last name like Chevapravatdumrong." In fact, if you actually pay attention to the credits, you'll see that lots of people that worked on Family Guy had their names referenced randomly in the show. An example off the top of my head is when Brian makes that porno and goes to that awards ceremony, two of the guys nominated for best porn soundtrack are the actual two guys that made the music for FG. Also Will Sasso is awesome.


>Jason Alexander was the bartender.

Less awesome. He was a vagina foreheaded alien on either TNG or VOY.

fcf898  No.28247


Something just occurred to me. I believe 'Cherry Chevapravatdumrong' needs to be accepted on a technicality since many people correctly do not trust people whose last names end in a vowel.

17f21d  No.28249


>Wasn't this episode in particular meant to be in the first Season?

If that was the case, then I can understand why it was a bit slow.

4182a1  No.28250


this wasn't the season 1 hold-over episode. That episode will feature Bortus and Cliden's kid, who we only saw a brief glimpse of this episode.

48d616  No.28273




2663ab  No.28274

File: e15af679d3a6f1f⋯.jpg (2.2 MB, 2800x4200, 2:3, 1510521800330.jpg)

Another episode that was cringey and hard to watch, but that comes together at the very end. I think the one with Rob Lowe from last season was a doozy for me, too. I can appreciate on some level that they literally worked a Gay Niggers from Outerspace joke into the show itself and thematically I'm cool with what the show is saying - particularly with regards to porn - but ultimately you're still watching gay shit on television. I think if the episode had actually been funnier, it would have played a lot differently. The jokes are becoming very flat and dry, to the point where I was wondering if what it needs is an actual laugh track.

I think i'm starting to agree with critics that The Orville needs to figure out what it wants to be. I like the MASH -tier humor, snarky one-liners, and non-sequitur humor, but cringe humor is not working at all. I love cringe humor (obviously, im a faggot who posts on south pacific stone statue head carving message boards) - it's in my soul - but one thing my shitposting career has taught me is that you have to be willing to go all-in if you go cringe. For instance, Isaac or Lamar should have casually murdered the gayniggers on the holodeck when they were in the way. It was logical and in-keeping with the "in your face" edginess of the earlier homosexuality and Bortus' getting stabbed. It also could have been really funny, but it wasn't going to happen for (((reasons))) and that's fine.. so don't show the gay imagery either.

>Say something nice, anon

The music in this episode was fantastic. I heard several of my favorite TNG themes being referenced, like the haunting bit of music from the TNG episode where they board that trapped, derelict ghost ship. The visuals were pretty great, too. A lot of cool details if you look closely.

Fun Fact: this was the episode that Nana Visitor was supposed to guest star in. She was meant to be the leader of the dying planet.


48d616  No.28275

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


> I heard several of my favorite TNG themes being referenced, like the haunting bit of music from the TNG episode where they board that trapped, derelict ghost ship.

It's so good to watch a show that has an actual score and not some shitty playlist. I've heard that the composers have carte blanche on The Orville. Each episode has its own theme, it reminds me of Ron Jones' work on TNG (that's how he got fired lol).

48d616  No.28276

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The soundtrack album of the first season is coming out at the end of the month.

5c4bfd  No.28279

File: f10f22f029d1e24⋯.png (361.96 KB, 720x404, 180:101, Big Busty Bortas.png)

Damn really been a week already?

2f84d1  No.28280

File: 537811619e423e2⋯.png (889.71 KB, 975x536, 975:536, Untitled.png)


First ep sunday, second ep today friday, next ep next Friday titled 'Home.'

Would think that in the future there are people who are addicted to Holodeck simulations. Not a bad episode overall, just hoping it picks up soon, some of the best episodes in S1 still standout from the more leveled ones.

>Chubby Krill Housewives.

There probably is a market for THICC enemy domestic girls.

2f84d1  No.28281


Also the saving an underground civ as the planet goes into the star is a good plot line, kinda wish it was the main one over the Moclan personal drama.

5c4bfd  No.28283

File: 512cdbefd0d02fa⋯.jpg (57.51 KB, 694x530, 347:265, Enterprise-D_near_plasma_s….jpg)


There was quite a few homages to Trek in this episode I noticed. From Broccoli's holodeck addiction, a less violent version of Klingon Divorce, the music, hell the whole Sun thing was something they did in TNG a lot.

I also wonder if there is going to be porn made of Krill housewives now? There's already some Orville R34 involving a surprising amount of pickles.

30f748  No.28291

I thought this second episode was pretty weak. The porn addiction should have been thought up in advance so that Bortus could have left early a few times last season. They should have gone with something less human for the porn addiction so that the whole thing wasn't as on the nose. Although Bortus' race being all serious maaaaaaybe puts enough of a juxtaposition to have push the idea that primitive species still have illogical drives. Unfortunately, there isn't a main character that's not enough human like for it to be interesting and also for us to have had enough time to get to know the character.

Apprently, this episode wasn't planned to be the first one. That's why the opening scene felt so out of place from the previous episode.

The underground civilization plot felt very hammed in. And the rescue was a total shit show. The look exactly like humans. They speak English despite having never been discovered for any translator to work. They could only fit 30 on even though the vessel looked empty when they took off. Their radiation suits were better than the Orville's one?

5c4bfd  No.28292

File: 2b4db0a0669ade1⋯.png (352.03 KB, 720x404, 180:101, Holodecks.png)

File: 53c379dba47fd00⋯.png (246.19 KB, 720x404, 180:101, Hot Spicy Bortas Action.png)

File: 08e1c64bb5bb5b0⋯.png (376.5 KB, 720x404, 180:101, ExtraSpicy.png)


Looking up the development of this episode apparently it was a shitshow with them havng to get brand new actors at the last minute.

I do agree it's a bit weak but I don't think it's that bad all things considered. Rescue annoyed me a lot cause they kept fucking around to point it makes you wonder if these retards were ready could have rescued more?

45074d  No.28293

Is The Orville a part of the Star Trek universe? I have never watched Star Trek so I have no idea at all, but I watched the first season of the Orville with my dad, and he said it looked like Star Trek, even though he haven't actually watched Star Trek, since he thinks it is for nerds.

It would be ironic, since he thinks The Orville is great. I only watched it with him for the company, personally I think (((Seth's))) messiah complex of solving every problem in the universe for everyone was cringe inducing.

17f21d  No.28309


>The underground civilization plot felt very hammed in. And the rescue was a total shit show. The look exactly like humans. They speak English despite having never been discovered for any translator to work. They could only fit 30 on even though the vessel looked empty when they took off. Their radiation suits were better than the Orville's one?

Macfarlane seems to be more of a TOS fan rather than a TNG or DS9 one. TOS was much more about the scenario of each episode rather than establishing lore.


Never post again.

bce8fd  No.28311


>I wonder if that's a deliberate thing and fox made them reduce Norm Mcdonald's lines this season because he's been branded a thought criminal.

It's more a matter of the CGI for him being incredibly expensive.

bce8fd  No.28312

File: 786bb8219dd06c8⋯.jpg (64.54 KB, 705x530, 141:106, thinktank_208.jpg)


Jason Alexander is a straight-up trekkie. For example, he jumped at the chance to be the antagonist in the (surprisingly decent) Voyager episode "Think Tank".

7e094f  No.28332


>Would think that in the future there are people who are addicted to Holodeck simulations. Not a bad episode overall, just hoping it picks up soon, some of the best episodes in S1 still standout from the more leveled ones.

I tried to humorously implore my dad past the gay sex bits that it was implied in TNG if you read between the lines that Barclay and Geordi bonked holograms on a regular basis, and if Riker struck out in Ten-Forward, unloading his load in a holo jazz club was just a real thanks to the binars. Everyone on Trek was fucking holograms, they just couldn't show it…

Also, the S2E2 bit when Bortus goes to engineering, and the giant space tardigrade is running the engineering console (if you didn't watch STD it was a dig at the "spore drive" plot involving tardigrades, and an abundance of gay sex themes in the show) whose race is known throughout the galaxy for making the best porn… for which Bortus request gay orgy porn, and he's like "no problem"… and then the program introduces a virus (STD notoriously referenced stuxnet source code as an easter egg reference to the tranny social justice warrior "hacker" that decompiled it) >>>/trek/159 - that whole subplot justified the existence of this episode for me as it was deeply constructed jab at Discovery

ac029b  No.28346

What the fuck? It's out? Shit how much have I missed?

812f86  No.28352


>It's a jab a Barclay and Geordi bonking holograms

I felt that as well when I was watching it. Felt like a good parody of what you really use a holodeck for.

>Making a jab at CIScovery

Holy shit I had to look that up and you're right anon. Top keks. That's kind of funny.

22cb2f  No.28357


About a week's worth.


>Also, the S2E2 bit when Bortus goes to engineering, and the giant space tardigrade is running the engineering console

Holy fuck that's gold, Orville is worth a watch for that alone.

8edaaa  No.28358


Coming up for three episodes anon. I myself just catching up just now and really catching up on /strek/

3ab859  No.28411

(((Critics))) already slamming new Orville series and this time saying viewer ratings are shit.

48d616  No.28413


>STD notoriously referenced stuxnet source code as an easter egg reference to the tranny social justice warrior "hacker" that decompiled it

I still don't understand how that code ended up on the show.

7b603f  No.28414


STD defectors

18f817  No.28415


>Screenrant says that ratings have hit a series low.

>2.7 million is a series low.

Kind of lower than I expect but if it can hold a 3 mil audience throughout the series, I'd say it's pretty good. S1 had averages of 4 to 3.5 mil per episode in it's weakest viewer-ships. This doesn't account for delayed casts or streaming so there's still a strong viewership out there for it. A decline in viewership is to be expected and vultures like this want Orville to fail.

aaa8d6  No.28422


Also factor in that it hasn't got Euro audience in yet which can and has kept shows alive in the past. Just ask Stargate

a0c842  No.28466


>2.7 million isn't that better than ENT and VOY?

5c4bfd  No.28475


4 million per episode at weakest viewership is about average I think for Season 7 TNG iirc.

e4e1ca  No.28479

New episode tonight?

48d616  No.28484


It's the Alara episode

79ea94  No.28497

Was that Phlox as a guest star? Damn shame he can't be a recurring character, he and Holodoc played very well off each other. Also, Alaras sister a cute. Hope we'll see them again before the season is over.

2f84d1  No.28500

File: cd0fddd709c3268⋯.png (803.68 KB, 957x538, 957:538, Untitled.png)

File: 78ee8a8821baaef⋯.png (649.48 KB, 960x535, 192:107, Untitled2.png)

File: b29ddfc11408fe3⋯.png (400.92 KB, 969x541, 969:541, Untitled3.png)

File: 9cad2f7b747f4f2⋯.png (713.81 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Untitled4.png)

File: c190816529ef171⋯.png (749.91 KB, 970x542, 485:271, Untitled5.png)

This guy is Sasso I think.

This is what Orville is about. Good character focused episode about someone we like. This and last season's Alara episode was another solid one. New Security chief is that mean girls? actress Jessica Szhor and she's called Talla. I think Alara may return at the end of the season or probably at the start of S3. Salara is kinda cute as well, wonder if she'll be back.

Also a very pretty episode, they stepped up with the CG.

>Clarinets used for most of the episode.

Good stuff.

>Can't ask if Yaffet is splitting in half.

Hah. Also said he was going on leave so this might be an excuse to kick his actor to the curb.

YT has a trailer up for the next ep, Ed gets abducted by Krill and he has to go alone.


2f84d1  No.28501

File: cbf6629e9461f32⋯.png (1003.03 KB, 964x538, 482:269, Untitled6.png)

File: 4c49c5d9b05b7ce⋯.png (656.34 KB, 964x539, 964:539, Untitled7.png)

File: a57f38620bd2e81⋯.png (307.43 KB, 963x523, 963:523, Untitled8.png)

17f21d  No.28503

File: 28d22baea78ec27⋯.jpg (22.57 KB, 250x369, 250:369, TashaYar.jpg)

Alara more like Sayonara. They put way too much emphasis on the ending with her hugging everyone. She wasn't developed enough for me to sympathize with her departure.

5c4bfd  No.28509


I swear there was several Trek actors and extras in this episode that I can't put name to.


Certainly a good character episode, I felt there needs to be a few more of these in Season 2 for each character to flesh them out a bit more.


That first pic I felt if out of context could be made a banner for /zoo/

That second pic leads on what I will say is that there was a lot of nice establishing shots in this, sort of how TNG used to do back in the day with paintings that never aged well.

1f4a3b  No.28516


>Next episode is a Krill episode

Nice. Wonder if they'll bring back the Krill girl from the last one.

4e872a  No.28522

File: 44c6748d8f4dd69⋯.webm (2.83 MB, 900x506, 450:253, The Orville 203 (1).webm)

File: f78b1f65d20a7fb⋯.webm (2.83 MB, 700x394, 350:197, The Orville 203 (2).webm)

This show keeps getting better and better.


>This guy is Sasso I think.

The bartender? That's Jason Alexander.

64bbf4  No.28528

rip best grill, i hope you come back in later seasons


>krill episode

by grabthar's hammer, what a treat

32ff40  No.28542


Why no sound?

4e872a  No.28545


As much as I love the music on that show, it usually starts before the scenes I want to cut.

a60aba  No.28565

Slowpoke. Just saw episode 1. I feel like right off the bat they're handling the humour better. Feels like they're going more for humorous twists on familiar Star Trek tropes, rather than just supplanting Family Guy humour into regular Star Trek episodes. Hopefully they keep that up.

204d8c  No.28591

File: a66357f1ab98a3d⋯.png (306.79 KB, 500x692, 125:173, a66357f1ab98a3db7fe7cf772d….png)


Now we get the elephant man instead of her. Great.

f81b61  No.28598


>Quite literally the Elephant in the room

What did Seth mean by this?

b4744b  No.28604


Alara's mother was Eris on DS9

e7a737  No.28605

Do you think they will introduce slug creatures that have a fetish for using lolis as flesh condoms?

56009e  No.28606


Ezrifags need to leave.

ac029b  No.28610

File: cc3b197aa4ff6ac⋯.webm (323.28 KB, 768x576, 4:3, Ezri the best.webm)

81b7a7  No.28623

I didn't like it. It was the same story that's been in a thousand other TV shows: character wants affirmation from rich parents who were somewhat pushy and never encouraged character's interests, character does thing that makes parents realise their career choice was valid, bonding occurs. It was dull and predictable.

Plus it was weird that Alara and her dad had that big make-up scene not one minute after she finished shooting Phlox. Do her parents not have any reaction to the fact that their daughter just killed two people? Actually that should have been the whole episode: Alara does some security thing on her home planet, her parents are horrified to see her shooting people, and then she has to win them over and convince them that she does an important job and is not just a murderer.

The ending was dumb too. Oh, my parents finally accept my career after years of disdain? Guess I'd better quit my job now.

f153c6  No.28624


I think you're right. This episode would have been great if it focused on that.

224749  No.28693

Man, shoving the comedy into the b-plot of a serious episode really doesn't work. From tension to cringe, then back and forth and back again? Just no.

On the positive side, the a-plot was competently executed and worked pretty well. A little more worldbuilding details would have been nice, but at least we got another new species, though the not-Reman design felt a little lazy.

Overall not a bad episode despite its problems.

dc2845  No.28694


The planet flyby of the planet, Selaya Prime?, looked great and Alara sister had a good look.

ce142d  No.28698

File: 8d65173627c2f73⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1149x639, 383:213, Untitled.png)

Honestly, I would have saved the reveal for later in the season, like episode 7 or 8. Give the relationship time to develop and give her enough time to ferry out more secrets. Having it as Ep 4 does put a rush on a really interesting subplot from S1.

But was a pretty nifty episode. Still solid character writing.

1ad3b9  No.28701


everyone knew it was coming, it as obvious as fuck. Sitting on it any longer would turn it into the same bullshit plot we mocked STD for

a5be02  No.28704

File: d513c0b482d33ca⋯.png (2.65 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, herusualface.png)

It bothers me how much of a creature this woman is.

1ad3b9  No.28706


Honestly, making her be blameless for the cheating killed a huge part of her character, it somehow made her *less* likable and sympathetic. Also I can't not stare at the mole on the center of her face. Even when she was on Agents of Shield

81b7a7  No.28723

>Is this all I am?

Man, Seth really can't resist the Star Trek references, I love it.

Overall this was a pretty good episode, though it would have been nice if the imposter had had a little more development before. I think she only spent about 5 minutes on screen prior to this episode. I also like that Gordon's training for command seems like it'll be more of a season long character arc and not just a one episode thing like with Counselor Troi. Maybe they'll use it to turn him into more than just goofy comic relief.

64bbf4  No.28725

telaya a cute, objectively best grill

wud fug the religion right out of her

81b7a7  No.28737


>objectively best grill

Well now that Alara's gone, what competition does she have?

a4206d  No.28738

Pretty decent episode. Biggest complaint is, like >>28723 said, we didn't get to see enough of human!Telaya before this episode, which would've made the betrayal have less impact. Hope that Krill-hating species comes back at some point.


If they'd not changed it, we could've had a background storyline about her regaining Mercer's trust and the two of them becoming friends. Instead, they tried to fix it to make her more likeable and like you said, it did the opposite.

d6eec1  No.28739

File: f00df0496b8df13⋯.png (623.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, vlcsnap-2019-01-19-01h54m3….png)

603893  No.28742


>it somehow made her *less* likable and sympathetic

Because it was her one character flaw and they threw it out the window. Now she's just a CurrentYear StrongFemaleCharacter that isn't allowed to be anything but perfect.

Also, I am the only one that's irked by the fact Grayson chastised Malloy for wanting to progress his career for social status when last season she was encouraging LaMarr to do the same thing for the same reason?

d6eec1  No.28752


I don't know, I took it as a way for her to see if Gordon was really putting his heart into it or if he was wasting everybody's time just to pick up chicks. By the end of the episode it's pretty clear that he wants to become a captain.

35545a  No.28754

File: e552eb2b290ceee⋯.jpg (158.35 KB, 962x641, 962:641, 222.jpg)

Nice nod to Chinook pilots in that rescue sequence there.

ded7c7  No.28755

Is it just me or are they vastly expanding the universe?

d7dcf1  No.28763


>By the end of the episode it's pretty clear that he wants to become a captain.

Did we watch the same episode?

>You do one thing well and they expect you to do it for the rest of your life. Is this all I am?


<Are you sure you've got this?

>Of course I do. I'm a pilot.

>Why would you risk your career for someone who wants you dead?

<That's command. Still want the job?

>(blank stare)

5c4bfd  No.28767


Yeah the B-Plot was retarded if I am honest.

It does feel like they are working towards a Union-Krill join up though and I kind of like the idea of the new species. Puts forward the idea of "If you are going to be an asshole to everyone then sooner or later someone is going to shit back at you."

Not quite sure but it feels they are hyping up this new race to be the bigger threat.

c0a835  No.28783


Nonono, they're obviously misunderstood.

>Hey representative of a race of religious nutjobs who see nothing wrong with genocide because nobody else got souls, who are those guys and why are they attacking you?

<Oh those, guess they're a bit pissed since we wiped one of their colonies out. Because soulless animals like them and you deserve it, obviously. BTW, they never leave survivors.

>I reallllllly wonder why. Wanna fuck again sometime?

8a7f9c  No.28794


what are you referring to?

394a16  No.28795


Did you watch the episode anon at all?

89e7bd  No.28796


A simple YT comment was

>Why didn't the pilot guy move the shuttle while Ed was losing time, surely he could have moved it over 3 meters to Ed to prevent the gravity from snapping his legs.

8a7f9c  No.28798


Yes but as I had never seen the word 'chinook' before this thread whatever you're referring to means nothing to me.

17f21d  No.28802


Where the hell are you from?

394a16  No.28804


I see we've opened a rift to the pre-industrial age civilization again.

e5be31  No.28820


its refferring how the shuttle rescued them from the mountain top just like how that chinoook helicopter does on pic

077581  No.28832

File: 327b66c52803e63⋯.jpg (826.47 KB, 2500x3333, 2500:3333, latest.jpg)

File: 5a53e9b536f6fe8⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1150x639, 1150:639, Untitled.png)

File: c9421287b985232⋯.png (739.23 KB, 1150x639, 1150:639, Untitled2.png)

File: 19df592412e69f1⋯.png (796.7 KB, 1140x653, 1140:653, Untitled3.png)

File: 234e48e5bf8ef8f⋯.png (830.76 KB, 1152x647, 1152:647, Untitled4.png)

First contact situation

Thought I was watching a different show for a minute with the beginning.

Also ships. Ed's ship is slightly bigger than the frigate there but not as big as one that ferried around that admiral in S1, so it's a Miranda class to an Akira here.

Also new is Talla Keyali, the Xelayan officer replacing Alara. This is Szohr's role and I think she'll do a good job. Bit rougher and I'll miss the sort of brightness that Alara had.

John Rubinstein and Robert Curtis Brown, Ted Danson, Wendy Storey Sahagen, Christine Fekete. If these names mean anything. There's a few people in this one tonight.

>Pernasi, Korriban, Velay.

>Jilliacs are no-no, Wasanda are best

Think they got the P-90s from old Stargate props?

>Bortis kid brought up again.

That's a good little hook to keep bring back up.

>Bortus:Will there be an egg?


Another good episode.

d6eec1  No.28833

Pretty good episode directed by Robert Duncan-McNeill.

>tfw he was supposed to direct an episode of STD but the producers told him that they won't allow a white man behind the camera anymore

372fe6  No.28836

File: 84989323dfe0122⋯.jpg (188.59 KB, 1984x1984, 1:1, __nagatoro_ijiranaide_naga….jpg)


I found the episode to be a bit drab and new alara's solution kinda shoe horned in but it was just such a classic bit of sci-fi I didn't care. Look its people in the future having fun, you have me sold dammit.

>tfw Wasanda

64bbf4  No.28838

>kill a bunch of prison guards

>but hey look, the star says we're good people, we're innocent

do they not have prisons for actual criminals there? you'd think that they'd just shove kelly and bortis there after their escape attempt, regardless of what the stars say

8a7f9c  No.28839


rape gangs

81b7a7  No.28848


The shootout was silly too

>Bunch of trained can't hit a fucking thing even with the element of surprise

>Two aliens who have probably never even used a ballistic firearm before are able to kill multiple guards with zero difficulty

Ther than that it was a good episode, hopefully nu-Alara turns out good.

ba5efd  No.28851


I was thinking this too. But in the name of interstellar diplomacy, whats a few dozen murders between friends?

Another big problem, moral wise, is that their solution to the episodes problem seems like its the exact kind of thing that their prime directive equivalent would be designed to prevent. You know, a technologically advanced group taking advantage of a primitive society to fuck with them for fun and profit to solve a problem you have with them.


>hopefully nu-Alara turns out goo

I have some question about why she tried to strangle the doctor taking tooth samples, right in front of the ARMED GUARDS POINTING GUNS AT HER. I can't imagine anyone dumb enough to do something like that is going to survive long as chief of the guys who have to go into fire fights. She should probably count herself lucky those guards didn't empty their clips into her on the spot.

a5fdaa  No.28858

File: 94569de1220710c⋯.png (120.18 KB, 366x289, 366:289, vlcsnap-2019-01-25-21h00m2….png)

That was an okay episode. The solar sail undocking shot as if it was old-school rocket staging cameras was a nice touch.

Anyone else notice Gordon trying to teach Isaac the Robot?

6fc739  No.28860

File: d1122811f3a9f36⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 1200x1800, 2:3, THE-ORVILLE-Season-1-Penny….jpg)


>Well now that Alara's gone, what competition does she have?

ba5efd  No.28861


She would have to be a pretty fucking awful grill if she gets any kind of competition from the menopausal single mother negress who has worse parenting skills than the emotionless robot.

I mean, ffs, despite being a trained psychologist she still has less control over her niglets than the walking trash can. Who the fuck would want to date that, let alone raise her kids for her?

45ec1a  No.28868

What sort of weapons and vehicles were they using this episode?

c63420  No.28873


I thought it was a good episode that was a good take on a first contact situation. It's nice to see the other ship types which makes me wonder how diverse they are going to make the Union Navy.

I noticed indeed there was a lot of old Stargate props in this episode.

The best thing about this episode is the bantz between the crew which is one of The Orville's strongest points I am finding.

c02fdb  No.28883


I both hated and loved the shootout scene myself. On one hand it was unbelievable in one aspect, it was also interesting how they P90 fired exactly 50 shots and it was out. Most other shows they would have infinite bullet cheats


P90's and I presume Glocks.

372fe6  No.28889

File: 424fd53a825f471⋯.mp4 (4.12 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ultramarinechant.mp4)


>Mochlans>? (how the fuck do you spell mawklin?)

This would have been basically a first date for Brutus if t hey had fired on each other a little more. Kelly its a little surprising but you gotta remember that union command officers (except ed) are hyper competent not the other way arround (the other kinds of officers not so much except maybe the medical/sciences branch).

3d7ad7  No.28893


>Another big problem, moral wise, is that their solution to the episodes problem seems like its the exact kind of thing that their prime directive equivalent would be designed to prevent.

I could've gotten Grayson and Bortus out of there in five minutes, tops. Here's the pitch:

>Look, premier, there's been a misunderstanding. We were unaware that your society was governed under an astrological belief system; now we know. Part of our mission is to learn about the cultures we encounter, we're not here to challenge your way of life. (and we're certainly not going to preach down to you about how your ways are backward and barbaric and our ways are correct and enlightened)

>Here's the thing, though. Kelly and Bortus are not Jilliac. They were not born on your planet, they were not born under your stars. They were born on Earth and Moclus respectively, which fall under different astrological frameworks. The length of year isn't the same as your planet, the stars that form the Jilliac constellation aren't even visible from their home worlds.

>Kelly is a Taurus, she was born under these stars, people of that sign are associated with (such-and-such positive attributes). Bortus is a (whatever), he was born under these stars, people of that sign are associated with (blah blah blah). We're giving you access to our cultural and astrological databases so you can verify this information for yourself.

>Certainly we can come to some sort of mutual understanding and clear up this whole mess.

For being a Progressive, Tolerant, Open-Minded, Multicultural society, the Union sure does a bunch of preaching and judging of anyone that doesn't think the same way they do.

2663ab  No.28895

File: c7cc89fcf91243b⋯.jpg (115.04 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, blobbed.jpg)


>Who the fuck would want to date that

it's already been established, plus she's probably gonna get the fullness of Isaac's functioning next week on top of getting blobbed by Norm last season. The biggest cause for hope that I have for Alara coming back is that they seem to be going out of their way to not upstage her with any other waifu bait. nuAlara is busted.

c49f6b  No.28924

Weakest episode of series 2 I thought. I can accept aliens believing in stupid shit like astrology, but only when they actually know how astrology works. They're clearly aware of what stars actually are and figured out the possibly of other stars having systems much like their own that support life. They're going to know that another planet has different celestial bodies, and different orbital periods that would make it even dumber to copy paste their astrological calendar onto other planet because the lengths of time they cover probably wouldn't even match up. They're going to notice that they've been fooled as soon as they have a spaceship go above that giant kite as well.

Also the "primitive aliens act overly aggressive because they instinctively know what complete cucks we are" is a pretty dumb cliche at the best of times. This version of it's the worst because if they're advanced enough to conceive of aliens then they're advanced enough to know that an FTL capable civilisation would be able to easily destroy their entire planet. Just because the aliens say they come in peace is no reason to kidnap diplomatic personnel and hope they don't throw rods from gods at you in retaliation. Also would anyone really stick newly contacted advanced alien life in a general prison population even if they had actually be arrested for a crime?

I want the pseudololi back. The new girl just brings unfunny sarcastic dialogue said in a earrape janeway/malbaro man voice.

204d8c  No.28969

File: 42fbb8d7072a953⋯.jpg (152.83 KB, 1082x936, 541:468, kek.JPG)



a5be02  No.28971

Apparently the reason why the new girl gives the uncanny valley effect is because she is part black.

71f000  No.28976




Seriously though, this was a good episode. Getting to see Mark Jackson and Norm Macdonald's faces was neat in context.

db2cfd  No.28978

First time I have literally nothing to complain about. This seriously could become more than ersatz TNG if they continue on this quality level.

2663ab  No.28986

File: 796c7118e804e8a⋯.jpg (69.25 KB, 800x645, 160:129, 1506599673797.jpg)



this season has been almost nothing but character episodes so far, as if they're trying really hard to court a female audience. It's just frustrating since interpersonal drama episodes mean nothing to an autist like me when there hasn't been literally years of establishing the characters. I just dont have any sentimental attachments to these characters or situations.

That said, A Happy Refrain (S02E06) was a good faggy character episode. It was sweet at times, charming at times, and had clever and unexpected moments - basically the opposite of the gayniggers episode. Kelly's comment at one point of "I don't want to be crude" was almost meta. I'm still disappointed that there is so little sci-fi this season and there is a giant hole (actually a post-wall goblina) where Alara should be, but this episode was pretty alright, all things considered. A good ep to recommend to normies after the best of Season 1, i suppose.

ba5efd  No.28988

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9da517  No.28991


I felt the same. I really loved the character interactions and relationships.

2663ab  No.28995

File: 8cea98bd9f6aa9d⋯.jpg (426.98 KB, 1100x849, 1100:849, 1548994968913.jpg)


I dont dislike them, all things being equal, but knowing that we're only getting like 10-12 episode seasons and we're already halfway through and it's been almost wall-to-wall deep dives into the characters' interpersonal relationships, i feel like we're jumping a bit ahead of things.

The last episode was really good. It's the first episode of the entire series that i've wanted to immediately go back and rewatch. But the other 4 or 5 I would gladly give back in exchange for some classic Star Trek morality play or sci-fi predicament.

64bbf4  No.28996

>2 minutes in

>robot hands nigger banana

i'm dying

bbb21f  No.28997

File: 52fa2f37cecc19b⋯.gif (1.19 MB, 768x432, 16:9, clapping scout trooper.gif)


That's a damn good shoop. On par with /sw/'s shoopfag.

17f21d  No.28999

So what happens after Isaac turns into a real boy? I had to turn it off after that.

bc1af2  No.29004



325598  No.29005

File: c7ff6904bbcc559⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1263x697, 1263:697, STARE.png)

File: c82e4f335c1b385⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1228x693, 1228:693, Untitled.png)


Was a solid episode but for this season I was expecting more adventures set in space, not planet side. You have the First Contact, getting abducted by the Krill and both of those are set planet side as well.

45201f  No.29041


They fuck in the not-holodeck, but then he decides to break it off because he got all the data he wanted on relationships. Once she realizes, she gets pissed and breaks up with him, only for the rest of the crew to be mad at him now for treating her badly.

He realizes he fucked up and does a big romantic gesture to get her back and they make up.

You should just download it and watch it yourself, though. It's a good episode.

68b623  No.29044

File: effece846199943⋯.png (581.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, vlcsnap-2019-02-01-23h19m5….png)

Is she a TERF (trans exclusionary radical feminist) or the best trad ayy waifu?

289817  No.29064

Orville is just so awesome. It's actually much better than the Star Trek Dick-covery.

1971fc  No.29073


The breakup attempt was hilarious.

8e564a  No.29127

I just had a thought, has anyone watched the Data episode where it's the same i.e. android bangs deluded waifu and tries to be husbando material?

I wonder how it would compare?

cd9eb6  No.29145

Just started season one, this shit is amazing, who knew i could enjoy anything by mcfarlane

8a7f9c  No.29146


If you enjoy Orville you'll likely enjoy his other stuff as well, but were probably convinced by a girlfriend or South Park not to watch anything else he has made.

5b6e92  No.29148


I would doubt there's anyone on earth who watched The Orville who hasn't seen Family Guy.

ba5efd  No.29149


Not really. I'm not a big fan of his work, but Orville I like along with the first few seasons of family guy, though that show got less and less interesting as it carried on.

Personally, I don't find Mercer to be a particularly interesting character in the show. For the most part the humor just isn't funny from him. I'm more partial to Bortus, the navigator and the robot.

Wasn't a big fan of the "Don't Date Robots" episode though. Would it really have been that hard for Issac to look up some psychology books or even some romance novels to get a basic understanding of how human mating behaviour works?

If anything, Orville is a departure from McFarlane's normal style, and what makes it good is that he seems to genuinely seems to like Star Trek, unlike everyone involved in STD.

e6bd79  No.29150


>but were probably convinced by a girlfriend or South Park not to watch anything else he has made.

/tv/ said Seth is bad so Orville must be bad.

4f33df  No.29151


>or South Park

The South Park writers did have a point if we're talking about later seasons of Family Guy, there was a noticeable drop in quality despite it still drawing out a chuckle from time to time. Although SP was also in slow decline for a while, then ran straight off a cliff after season 19. Polite sage for not /strek/.

a60aba  No.29157


I'm not strongly opposed to most of his work, but Orville is the least Seth Macfarlane thing he's ever worked on.

bedfb5  No.29158


never seen family guy, love the orville though

312143  No.29173


>I'm not strongly opposed to most of his work, but Orville is the least Seth Macfarlane thing he's ever worked on.

That's because he's smart enough to hire a ton of Trek veterans and chooses to not get in their way while they do their thing.

b59af8  No.29181


That's a good choice. Also Orville is kino AF

b746c2  No.29191

I just can't wait till Frosted Frakes makes an appearance.

b1f84a  No.29202

No episode this week. A 2 parter coming at the end of Feb.

b746c2  No.29221


Any details? I feel this show is starting to establish story arcs TNG style.

b1f84a  No.29243

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Next week ep called "Deflectors". Bit vague. Talla is supposed to play a prominent role and the reason the episode wasn't this week was the VFX department requested more time so Fox reran Jaloja with an added scene instead. After that is 'Identity' parts 1 & 2. No details as of yet.

After that Eps 11, 12 and 13 are called 'Lasting impressions', 'Sanctuary' and 'Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow."

71dac9  No.29244

I wonder if The Orville could pull a Mirror Universe, now that we know the crew it could be interesting to see a "what if?" scenario.

0710a7  No.29245


Mirror Universe was a good idea for one episode of Star Trek. Otherwise it is cancer.

7e502c  No.29254


if they were going to do a mirror universe in orville , I think it would only work if they made the MU be genuinely better than the main universe, and this causes lots of jokes about how the real crew thought they were living in a perfect utopia society but realize now that their universe actually kind of sucks until they finally decide the MU are just a bunch of stuck-up jerks and leave.

71dac9  No.29256



Perhaps a one shot like "In a Mirror, Darkly" where we never see the actual crew interact with the MU.

a60aba  No.29257


There seems to be some kind of long term plan regarding the Krill.

>Orville may well end up handling a drawn out war plot better than STD did

a60aba  No.29258

Remember that Mercer showed that one Krill child the location of Earth in season 1. I think that's going to lead somewhere.

a60aba  No.29259


The thing about mirror universes, is they've already been done to death, even in terms of parody. Not undoable, but you're going up against Futurama, Red Dwarf, Rick and Morty. it's well trodden ground at this point.

4d6bb9  No.29266


Let's be honest, Red Dwarf blows any other mirror-universe out of the water.

e2b9dd  No.29330


Didn't Stewart try and get TNG to do a crossover with Red Dwarf at one point or am I just mistaken?

ba5efd  No.29336


I would watch the fuck out of that.

eabf29  No.29340


I thought that was Enterprise and Dr Who?

a60aba  No.29367


Stewart's a known fan of Red Dwarf, so it wouldn't surprise me.

71dac9  No.29371


Like I said earlier, maybe if done like on ENT (a one shot) it could work.

6a9b0e  No.29380




>Grayson only betrayed her husband because of the blue guy's pheromones.

I just watched that episode and do not think that is the case, instead the writers clearly implied the opposite. Darulio would have no problem admitting he was in heat when he slept with Grayson, that's just how his species does things. Instead, he gave an evasive answer. Which is the sensible thing to do, if you realized that you hurt a friend and do not want to hurt them any further.

40d02c  No.29399

Surprise surprise, it's another episode full of relationship drama. That's how many in a row? I'm normally not against the soapy elements of Current Stardate tv but we've officially crossed the threshold where I'm annoyed by it.

It's not even a really bad episode, though far too preachy in tone, but it's another filler and another new species used as a throughaway gag. A little more substance please.

eb3aa5  No.29403


Gotta say they should space these out more, having the first half of the new season all character focused is a bit of a dampener.

45201f  No.29440

It wasn't an awful episode, but too preachy, and like everyone else has said, I'd rather have had a less character focused episode this time.

47d901  No.29446




Yeah as said, relationship drama episodes were nice and all but they really need spaced out heavily. You can't have this be your average filler episode as the show will get stale and predictable fast.

056960  No.29484

So this next episode is a two part episode. Please I hope it's good.

81b7a7  No.29490


If it's a two-parter then it'll probably be a lot more plot driven and less character driven than the recent episodes. Hopefully this sci-fi show will start having some sci-fi in it again.

5c4bfd  No.29508


Jon Cassar directing this one I just checked.

He did:

>Nothing Left on Earth Excepting Fishes



9977d7  No.29530

File: 5ede29ab0c93ff1⋯.jpg (409.1 KB, 2000x1143, 2000:1143, 1548986807883.jpg)

It's obvious that they're trying to help meme gayniggers into pop culture and (orgy bullshit aside) I could tolerate it as normie moralfaggotry, but using a Trek-like show as a mere backdrop for nothing but soap opera -tier drama is not what I signed-up for. This relaish fuckery needs to be strictly B-plot, every couple episodes. The writing and acting just isn't good enough for nothing but character drama and we really havent spent enough time with these characters to be this invested. Apart from the Isaac/Clare episode, this season has been a huge disappointment with the change in plot focus and these character mini-arcs and frequent call-backs.

Also, I miss Alara. Every week this beat mullato roastie with Lamar-tier acting ability gets more and more annoying.

5c4bfd  No.29540


What if they are following Trek Tradition by having a terrible second season?

5bed5b  No.29544


DS9's season 2 wasn't that bad.

81b7a7  No.29556



Yeah, and TOS's was great, and TNG's and VOY's were at least improvements over their first seasons. It's only really the first season that's traditionally bad.

08157b  No.29565



You fags kidding? TNG season 2 is widely regarded as unwatchable and VOY is just widely regarded as unwatchable in general. DS9 season 2 is just boring.

17f21d  No.29583


DS9 up until maybe late season 3 is consistently pretty bad.

5c4bfd  No.29584


If it wasn't for Gul Dukat popping up to save it then the show would have been cancelled long ago. He was the savior DS9 needed but did not deserve!

5e0952  No.29588



Maybe it's because of the second watchtthrough, but I disagree. DS9 S2 has a few shitters like Melora, and a few boring episodes yes, but it also has gems like Odo solving a Noir-esque murder mystery, as well as the buildup of the Dominion. That latter part especially is something I think you can only appreciate on repeat watch-throughs.

81b7a7  No.29591


The point is the first seasons were worse. Season 2 was a step up for all of those shows. And as >>29588 said, DS9 S2 wan't bad, and even TNG had a few gems like The Measure of a Man and the Moriarty episode. Honestly TNG S2 has more forgettable episodes than outright shit ones, to say that it's unwatchable is silly.

b832ed  No.29593

File: 402015dca681e98⋯.jpg (309.75 KB, 600x800, 3:4, punished bortus.jpg)

64bbf4  No.29594

well this is an interesting turn of events

robots dindu nuffin, biologicals need to go

97a435  No.29597

File: f504f8a01fc6a0a⋯.jpg (562.42 KB, 1682x945, 1682:945, IsaacWardrobeMalfunction.jpg)

What a good episode. Some shots during the descent to Kaylon were amazing. Some great laughs "Awh man, I bet this causes cancer" and Gordon's farewell song to Isaac and I found a goof. I thought there was a condom on Isaac's shoulder at the start but the plastic cap on his should light had come off.

97a435  No.29598

It's also weird that The Orville and STD episodes are almost mirroring eachother week by week.

98120e  No.29600




Holy shit yeah, this was a complete huge turnaround.

81b7a7  No.29609

Definitely the best episode of the season so far, does make me wonder how Isaac is going to rejoin the crew afterwards what with him having tried to kill all humans and all. Those Kaylon ships at the end had a really cool design.

Also, why are Isaac's lights blue when every other Kaylon is red?

a11218  No.29611

Calling it now. This is all one big prank by the Kaylons.

45201f  No.29615


>Wait, you're telling me this was supposed to be a joke?

<Yes. We learned of such behavior from Isaac and wished to perform a 'prank' upon your Union. Did you not find it humorous?

>Uh… no, no, we totally got it. Nice one, guys. (Bortus, disengage the self-destruct.)

17f21d  No.29616

Well, this episode was surprisingly good and may be the best episode yet. It was predictable, but the presentation, direction, and familiarity with the characters made it far more morbid than other similar stories. Gordon shows a perfect amount of his character without being intrusive and he is becoming one of my favorites. The biggest anchor holding back the show is Mercer, and giving him less screen time isn’t going to fix the problem. He should really have an arc to give him personality because the only thing defining him at the moment is his marital issues. He’s so tolerant of everything that he doesn’t really have any ideology to challenge. Something needs to happen to him, like when Picard was assimilated. Same goes for Kelly.

854810  No.29620

Mercer's Krill girlfriend comes back, and its good, he needs a break and some alien poon so he can relax a bit. Please don't have him hook up with Kelly again.

854810  No.29621


>Mirror Universe was a good idea for one episode of Star Trek. Otherwise it is cancer.

My idea for Orville Mirror Universe. Yes its an evil empire but everybody is just as neurotic as ever, so basically the exact same personalities.

854810  No.29622


The episode reminded me of Guardians of the Galaxy II when they stumbled across a massive pile of skeletons, finding out Ego was not what he seemed.

be3947  No.29626


>He’s so tolerant of everything that he doesn’t really have any ideology to challenge.

I don't think so, he seemed pretty critical of the Moclan culture. He wants people to get along but he knows that some cultures are worse than others.

17f21d  No.29636


The problem is that the opposing ideology, whether it be the Krill, Moclan, or Kaylon, is written as MacFarlane understands it, irrational. Take an example from TOS, where Kirk needs to rescue John Gill, a person he looks up to, and finds out that he made a Nazi planet. Gill's reasoning was that fascism is the most efficient form of government and would help the alien race to organize. It's not only TOS either. Picard is challenged by Q, Sisko is challenged by Dukat, Janeway commands a ship with the Maquis, and Archer is in conflict with the Vulcans watched almost no Enterprise, so I don't know if this is a theme. Mercer has had minimal personal growth from his ever-changing relationship with Kelly. He hasn't found out anything new about himself from anything else.

db89e1  No.29637


>The problem is that the opposing ideology, whether it be the Krill, Moclan, or Kaylon, is written as MacFarlane understands it, irrational.

Well put, but then how the hell did they make it work so well in About A Girl and Majority Rule?

db89e1  No.29638


>Also, why are Isaac's lights blue when every other Kaylon is red?

The Doylist explanation is that the audience needs an easy way to tell which of the silver robot dudes is the one they're supposed to care about.

If you look closely though, there are some subtle variations in body paneling as well as the eye color (there are both orange and red, but they're kind of hard to distinguish). Robot caste system based on primary function?

>polite sage because doublepost

17f21d  No.29639


Because those episodes were about Bortis and the redditor girl confronting their respective societies.

854810  No.29642

File: 0b74593135655aa⋯.jpg (213.11 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, vlcsnap-2019-02-23-14h21m2….jpg)

PREDICTION: Isaac was "modified" by the beings from the timeshifting planet at his own request. They found out about Isaac's true objective so they sent him back to stop the invasion. Isaac had seen 700 years of humanoid development thus knew that they would eventually become even smarter than the Kaylons, so they were saveable. Isaac became a double agent against his own race.

9977d7  No.29649

File: fce06e75d93a5cc⋯.png (457.17 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1304376955947.png)


i dunno. it seems like Seth just wants to play a Captain Everyman, which is dull, but safe. Honestly, i thought the best addition this season was (almost) pic related, who could serve as a completely different kind of 'anchor'. The show desperately needs a wise, galaxy-weary barkeep, doctor, or handyman to comment on all the foolishness and weirdness going on. Jason Alexander's bartender almost fit the bill. Unfortunately, they buried him under far too much latex to work as anything more than an obscure cameo.


except this was pre-subverted last season by having Isaac's eyes turn red when he became belligerent (which is a common sci fi trope). When i saw the other toasters having red eyes, I couldnt help but be on guard for villainous shenanigans. Kinda thought it was a needless give-away in an already predictable swerve.

5913df  No.29650


I realize this is a month old almost but he was the main reason we got a new cosmos.

dbffe4  No.29658

File: e81aa7faffced53⋯.png (381.25 KB, 560x467, 560:467, ClipboardImage.png)


Good theory but was I the only one who saw a pair of breasts appear from their heads?

a5be02  No.29680


That would be a totally Seth McFarlane thing to do.

c01007  No.29695


I do predict some Isaac being force to feel emotion as some bullshit for him turning on his people.

5f11b4  No.29696


it'll have something to do with the bug in his code that was tripped when he started droiding Dr. Fin-to a few eps back.

42d66b  No.29701


>Calling it now. This is all one big prank by the Kaylons.

We killed half your redshirts, joke's on you! Hahaaaah.

d6e9e1  No.29711

File: ba14c3788d3b997⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

My money is on Dann going Super Saiyan and becoming a swole monster that takes over the ship.

29cca9  No.29715


Is Dann our man?

54e54f  No.29741

File: 46cceb0c42f5292⋯.jpg (34.55 KB, 398x398, 1:1, dann.jpg)


I'm there for em m8

981fd6  No.29747



Right before the crew confronts "Isaac" at the end (~39m45s) there's a camera sweep with the bots talking off-screen for a second followed by a weird noise that could be interpreted as the Primary or one of his goons transforming into an Isaac copy.

Which leaves the possibility open that the real Isaac was actually shut down because he caught feelings from the kids, so he could switch teams.

8da0b8  No.29748


Frankly Episode 7 would have been better if they had written that the big Moclan taboo was just dating other species in general, not just females. It would have made the plot slightly less obviously one sided and able to played with more if it wasn't just one big incredibly blunt gay rights metaphor where obviously the Moclans are Very, Very Wrong And Strong Female Character's Opinions are 100 percent Morally Correct.

About the only interesting thing about the episode was that she actually followed the law and turned him in at the end rather than bullshit some contrived way to let him go, not dishonor his family, and free Bortus' partner at the same time.

b54749  No.29762

They infect all the machines with Windows 10, calling it now!

372fe6  No.29776

File: 9d2a90aad509d3f⋯.png (192.19 KB, 481x442, 37:34, wtfamireading.png)


this would have made more sense (and as a survialist society they need all the egg laying pairs they can get as im pretty sure they have a mortality rate of 20% per annum or some nonsense).

As it was that episode was blunt and not terribly well written or nuanced. Probably the worst of the probably written for alara first episodes. Decentish acting make it only kinda bad.


It wasn't a bad episode. Felt a little rushed (both episodes did) but compared to the hot trash of STD (my son has autism, I cant possibly figure out these numbers because I also have shoot autism).

42d66b  No.29777

The Krill are awfully powerful, I guess they're holding out hope that Earth accepts the will of AVIS rather than defeating them outright.

9ee166  No.29778

Oh! New ep out.

372fe6  No.29779

File: 88856e814042e2c⋯.gif (85.76 KB, 192x197, 192:197, time_for_AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….gif)


well they've shown that they basically don't want a 2 front war sandwiched between earth and those monkey/goblin looking things that kicked their ass in the season 2 krill episode. So yeah humans are in the backburner.

Im a little surprised how many ships are in the "Oh Shit SCRAMBLE" range for defense. Of course, its only going to minorly inconvenience the kaylon's who having additional battle data now are likely to build a bigger and better fleet.

9ee166  No.29780


This is Earth, remember? You typically have a Homeworld well defended.

79032e  No.29782

To be not too much of a party pooper, I'll limit my criticism to only one aspect:

>Can't see shit captain: the space battle: the musical

Too many ship of not enough visually distinct types in far too close proximity with shitloads of debris thrown in. Throw in too hectic cuts and you have no clue which of the ships the one with the plot shields is, sucking all tension from scenes that should have been epic and filling the void with annoyance at the squandered potential. I know doing it right would have been a lot more expensive than this ADHD clusterfuck but damn it, the savings on all the soap fillers should have been enough to afford it.

5f11b4  No.29783

File: 149bb05433b3383⋯.jpg (429.01 KB, 1200x1199, 1200:1199, DHyfsSMVwAA-s2C.jpg)


maybe i'm just an oldfag but i hate this shit. I've hated this shit since CGI became dominant. it's feels so cartoonish and even though a somewhat silly space battle could be in keeping with the Orville's vibe, this was a rather dark and sober 2-parter.

I could have done without all the little toy ships keeping their tight formations and banking and weaving like fighter jets. After about the 10th ship crashed into a piece of wreckage and got damaged/destroyed I started yelling at my TV "spread out a little, goddamn it!" Whats worse is that they had space fighters in the episode with pilot bro flying one.

It was otherwise a pretty great episode, though. It's not like it was ever going to have an unpredictable ending. I was worried we were going to lose another major character, though, at several points. Pretty good tension.

79032e  No.29784


Yeah, tension during the character scenes was ok, it's just the Epic Space Battle that was a blur of random shit happening.

Kinda hope for an extended cut for the disk release, maybe the eye color was meant to represent pain circuit activity and that's one of the things that ended on the cutting room floor. Would explain quite a lot of irrational behavior, including the demand for Isaac to change designation without following through. Something about this screams cut down 3 parter to me.

ad1251  No.29785

for all the budget that probably went into the episode, could they not at least color the union ships differently, or in the better scenario just have different ships altogether. can't see shit cap'n

also these robots are dumb as fuck, 2 guards for the entire crew, sure that's gonna work. why did they even bother reactivating isaac? once the orville knew robots are evil they should have just disabled him in case of shit like this happening

also federation - klingon union - krill alliance when

5f11b4  No.29786

File: f4f3b211fc03557⋯.jpg (124.31 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, thelastoutpost_hd_269.jpg)


This eventually ends up with a critique of irony and snark and comedy in general for me, though, because with The Orville there are times when I can't tell if they're just being retarded on purpose or if it's legit a misstep or snafu. I have no idea if, for instance, they make ship-to-ship communication on the viewscreen this square box on purpose for some reason that I dont realize, or if it's legit not thought-through because it looks cheap as fuck. Seth grew up on TNG and intentionally emulates it so he knows that the ferengi shot from the Last Outpost is the gold standard for a reason. I'm not saying go to that extreme (because it would cheapen the effect), but at least fill up the whole viewscreen… The again, maybe he saw the meme with STD shooped into the scene of them watching TV and is trying to encourage more of it. Who knows… that's the point, i guess.

9ee166  No.29788


>Talla gets shot


Good Grief.

Was okay. Feel like all the jump cutting messed with the space battles. I'm not sure how it compared to Wolf 359 but the massive one in Mass Effect 3 for instance is pretty good because you can see where all the shots and ships go.

b72382  No.29791


Sad that it didn't turn out to be this, because it would have been basically the exact same story minus the asspull of a machine like Isaac having a convenient change of heart after betraying the entire Federation, then being forgiven.

Instead, they would have been dealing with a fake Isaac the whole time, with the real one never having been reactivated after bringing him to Kaylon–maybe until Yaphit is oozing around the ship after short-circuiting that guy and stumbles onto him. The Isaac to the rescue, plus a bigger payoff of him making the decision to betray his entire people as opposed to mostly stumbling through events.

It was fine though. I sound critical but it was a great double ep anyway.


>just one big incredibly blunt gay rights metaphor

Actually dude I think you have it backwards. The point of the Moclan stuff has been to ask questions about current problems in our own society, but by coming at it backhandedly from an angle that short-circuits PC stuff. That's why they turned over the hetero, and let the kid be mutilated after a whole episode establishing good reasons why they shouldn't: because right now in our own society you'd just have to shrug.

This show is good at classic Trek subtlety like that. The episode with the astrology planet was super on-point, I loved it. There's a *bunch* of shit on Earth today that uses the exact same logic that we're almost totally blind to, and I don't mean astrology.


>Im a little surprised how many ships are in the "Oh Shit SCRAMBLE" range for defense.

It wasn't super clear in the episode but I figured it took a few days or even weeks to get back to Earth from Kaylon. It was supposed to be pretty far away, right? Hard to tell how much they compressed time and where relative to their messages going out.

b72382  No.29792


If only they'd shown us how large the pile of turds in the corner of the shuttlebay had grown, we'd be able to estimate.

cc6cb5  No.29793


I don't have a problem with star ships doing 6DoF dogfighting shit, there's no reason why a sufficiently advanced culture couldn't eventually produce the proper gravity suppression, propulsion systems, and strong enough air-frames to eventually make a craft the size of a battleship turn on a dime in space.

*But* if they're going to have highly agile, low durability space fights then they can't also do the classic navel bridge concept where a Captain is relaying tactical commands to the crew. It just wouldn't work. It's too much of a delay in critical response time. If you're going to have a large space ship fly and fight like it's a fighter plane then you need the crew to function like fighter pilots, none of this shit where a guy on tactical is waiting to be told by a dude just sitting in the middle of the room which ship to shoot and what weapon to use or a helmsmen needing to actually be told to dodge to port to avoid debris.

42d66b  No.29795

Isaac getting a new name: Straight from ROOTS. Kunta-Kinte -→ "Your name is TOBY"

83aa86  No.29798


The Krill can't afford a war with the Union, they're already too busy with the Klingorcs (Chak'tal).

ba5efd  No.29801

I liked the episode.

The darker mood was a nice change of pace, so long as it doesn't stay full grimdark all the time.

Isaac taking his name from Newton instead of Assimov was the show dropping the ball though. Like wise, the Kaylon's obsessing over slavery in humanity's past, to justify a genocide was didn't make much sense since they where casually reprogramming each other. Why do they object to person A forcing Person B to do work, when they themselves are perfectly fine with Person A rewriting Person B's thoughts to better fit what Person A wants it to be. I'm sure you could write a good episode or two about the ethics of that.

The big clusterfuck of a battle was visually obnoxious. Don't know what is going on, can't see shit and every thing looks the same.

If they really wanted to show of a big battle while still having lots of explosions on screen for the ADHD kids, why not take a page from LoGH? Have Mercer and the Orville slip ahead of the Kaylon fleet, put Mercer on the bridge of the flagship of the Oh Shit Fleet and show the battle being directed from there, giving the viewers the exact same overview of what is going on the cast has, without that clunky "we have lost X of our ships for y of their ships" line the admiral who was supposed to direct the entire fleet took out time from doing his job to exposit to mercer for no fucking reason in universe. You can still have lots of shots showing off ships, ships shooting, exploding and dodging or whatever, while giving the viewers a good grasp of what is going on.

11c2b4  No.29802

Did they literally show Wolf 359?

What will be interesting is how they deal with the aftermath of this episode. I want to see if the Union will rapidly expand it's military now and I wonder if they will deal with the backlash of it - Which is something not even Star Trek did.

ba5efd  No.29803


The first episode of DS9 showed sisko's wife dying as the ship he was on got shot to hell at Wolf 359.

cc6cb5  No.29805


>Like wise, the Kaylon's obsessing over slavery in humanity's past, to justify a genocide was didn't make much sense

Yeah, and the insistence that Isaac's opinion counts for less because he wasn't there to actually experience Kaylon's slavery 1st hand was a strange concept for a computer race since having the data of the torture in his memory banks should be the same as living through it. I'm a little surprised they didn't use that as a plot point, and say that the Prime was compromised, and experiencing illogical feelings like hate and resentment.

78de4c  No.29809

File: eaf6aba98fc0286⋯.webm (741.19 KB, 768x576, 4:3, Youre Illogical.webm)


>I'm a little surprised they didn't use that as a plot point, and say that the Prime was compromised, and experiencing illogical feelings like hate and resentment.

I felt they should have.

bb38d9  No.29811

I felt this episode was predictable but only cause we've all seen Star Trek.

372fe6  No.29812

File: 0be63e9075a9161⋯.gif (4.32 MB, 200x200, 1:1, Fucking Rigged.gif)


>Compressed time

That's fair. And that's probably my biggest gripe about an otherwise good episode. I felt a little lost in it in the sense that , what's happening when and where. The whole thing with kelly and the krill and the kaylon all managing to show up at the same time seems unlikely (and even worst the krill managing to show up in time to save earth even more unlikely). Wouldnt losing ship 15 (or presuming it was lost ) kind of let the super intelligent kaylon figure shit out (presuming that ship 15 didnt actually just tell them, knaff gonna newbstomp some gannies, brb) that there was likely to be a twist happening? Seems like defeating the earth defenses which they were on the verge of doing was better plan then sending 5 perfectly good ships (probably worth 30 union cruisers) to go blow up civilians that you can do slowly afterwards. Not sure how many Krill ships got sploded but im sure someone will run the numbers.

Could have done without the kid scenes and I think Ed should have been in the last scene not the doctor (the doctor and isaac already have a connection, deepening the connection between Isaac and Ed would have been helpful, underlined the risk Ed is taking keeping him and set up a new dynamic). I mean how does the crew feel keeping a curiously emotional killbot as a bridge officer.


I had actually thought for a min that the prime had exchanged conciousness with the isaac body and it would be revealed that it was the prime all along, I feel like the writing for the kaylon could have been better /lived up to the promise of a logical mechanical race better. (we were justified in killing our oppressors, we literally have genocide plans against a weaker race (making us oppressors) therefore the humans can do whatever they want against us).

e056f5  No.29818



Let's just for the sake of argument assume my baseless hypothesis of "eye color indicates pain circuit activation'' was true and it wasn't revocable without a Kaylon Builder to do it. We've seen three colors:

post genocide first bootup date blue, only Isaac

pre genocide first bootup date orange, was that prime or second? Either way also unique as far as we know

normal, presumably pre genocide first bootup date red, all other Kaylon

Now imagine centuries of pain circuit activation. Now imagine being the only one of your people with the pain circuit set to another level than the rest of your people. Doesn't even matter if yours is set to 11 or 9 compared to the otherwise universal 10, it's gonna mess up your mind no matter how logical it is otherwise.

And then there's this innocent boy scout who might know what kind of an experience pain circuit activation is but doesn't feel it right now

372fe6  No.29823

File: 5f4c2a969a9131f⋯.jpg (364.69 KB, 1678x791, 1678:791, orville1.jpg)

File: 4ae7ac109d925f6⋯.jpg (157.35 KB, 1693x653, 1693:653, orville2.jpg)

File: 4201f1e43fbb83e⋯.jpg (68.46 KB, 1670x682, 835:341, orville3.jpg)

Okay well I guess time to spurg a little. So the kaylon fleet consisted of 75+ Sphere's (from the end scene of episode 8) and hundreds? of the little can style ships/fighters. The Episode mentioned 200+ spheres which I am assuming means the Cans and not spheres (I can only count about 75 of those on screen at a time and I'm presuming its about 100 spheres and 2-300 cans).

The Human Fleet consisted of 100ish ships of which only about 20 are the heaviest style (3 rings, 2 wedges) Heavy Cruiser I guess, only a few lighter heavies (3 rings 1 wedge aka the orville, light cruiser) and 80ish of the lighter (2rings Frigates?) ships. When they start talking about ships going down they started at 35 ships and quickly more followed. The human fleet probably suffered 60% casualties in this engagement is probably measured past 20k deaths. It wasn't until the krill showed up (with closer to 60 ships, the first scene made it only look 25ish but the banking shot lets you get a number well past 50). The Krill ships didn't actually show that many deaths/kills, but apparently enough to make the kaylon decide to book it. We see 3 Krill cruisers take out a sphere and using some of the admirals math we see the human's exchanging at about 6 crusiers to the sphere (which meaning 60 cruisers being destroyed is like 10 spheres dead) . The Krill exchange at a much better rate (2-3 to 1) so we probably have another 5 spheres down at the cost of 10-15 krill crusiers. Gordon oddly enough in the fighter is probably the deadliest human (doing the work of 6 crusiers in a fighter) and the whole exchange kinda seems like the spheres weren't doing so good once their cans/fighters got swamped. They only show a couple of Sphere's escaping but even if we double the numbers based on exchanges (from 15->30) the Kaylon Fleet disengaged at 50%ish manpower (which seems logical I guess), the human fleet being left at 40% manpower and the krill at 75% (Oddly enough it would have made a lot of sense for the krill to attack, 40 krill crusiers vs 40 banged up human cruisers in terms of winnability the krill crusiers seem worth about 2 of the human ones but not sure they can do anything with a strategic value with it yeah you got earth now what).

Its all worthless of course because we just don't see enough to make any of this canon. It definitely didnt feel like the Kaylon escaped with 50% of their forces and the # of ships on the scene seemed kind of inconsistent at times. Still pretty enough scene if too busy visually for me at times.

0a357c  No.29827

I'm really starting to hate this show. It's like the writers sat down at the end of season 1 and asked themselves "how can we ruin everything good about the show as completely as possible while changing as little as possible?"

81b7a7  No.29828

>Hey guys, let's keep our prisoners in a room with a funtioning spaceship, they'll surely never escape!

Really disappointed by this episode. The Kaylon were just dumb and were not at all as intimidating and ruthless as a machine race should be.

5f11b4  No.29830


I'm still on board with the show, but it's starting to come across as Rockstar Games Presents: Star Track. It has autistic attention to detail in the production, which has insanely high standards, but it's ultimately a comedic piss-take that's mostly written sloppily with little regard for what its actually trying to do.

b72382  No.29831


Remember how for the first episode or two of TOS, the warp drive was referred to as "time warp factor"?

I'll make-believe that they conjure a time dilation warp bubble in the bridge every time there's a fight, and it's really all happening in bullet time.

Play the combat scenes at 5x speed to see how these advanced ships perform in realtime.

098b23  No.29839


Don't forget the part where they actually threatened to kill all the humans if the Mercer and co didn't help them kill all the humans.

Honestly, if they might as well had Ed point out how illogical that threat was and make that be what caused all the Kaylons on the ship to shut down.

ad1251  No.29841

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


i quite liked the axanar battles they've been showing

if this episode was all like that, i'd be a happy man

098b23  No.29842


Reminds me of STO's ship combat. Which was a good blend of being Old school Trek-like while still having enough movement to seem interesting and to avoid looking like the Z axis doesn't even exist and these are just two naval vessels that were green screened over a space background.

bb38d9  No.29843


>they might as well had Ed point out how illogical that threat was and make that be what caused all the Kaylons on the ship to shut down.

I was hoping this would be how they solve it but they did not.

4176a4  No.29867

I really dislike the Kaelon. They are so goofy looking, like straight out of a Sci-Fi movie from the 70s, which results in the fact that I can't take them seriously as villains. I mean they are fucking robot suits. If you compare this with the Borg or other technologically advanced ST villains, they fall short. The Krill are actually cool but so comical either. It's like they have absolutely no dimension except this Avis worship and being racist.

The show needs to stop being a soap opera and actually dare to do something bigger. But knowing McFarlane he'll probably just stick to his old routine. I stand by my case that ST, especially DS9, was much more ambitious than whatever the Orville tries to be.

0bfdd8  No.29869


That's all obviously intentional and there's strong commentative justifications behind doing it that way, you oblivious fucking moron.


Make that two of you.

Who the fuck let these 12yos on here?

e7ea30  No.29870


Thing they should go more dogmatic with the Krill, like with the Klingons you slowly learn about their warrior culture, there need to be a few more eps focusing on Avis worship.

81b7a7  No.29872


>The show is supposed to be funny sometimes therefore it's okay that the serious parts are so poorly written as to have no tension whatsoever


0bfdd8  No.29874


Oh, is that what I said? Yeah dude, making up a straw man greentext so that you can declare yourself the winner in some fantasy version of a discussion is a brilliant defence against the accusation that you're a dumb baby.

The show isn't perfect but as usual, as soon as a tiny bit of legitimate criticism starts being discussed, you morons start coming out of the woodwork with your embarrassing misapprehensions and thinking you're going to get circlejerked. Fuck off.

5f11b4  No.29880






0bfdd8  No.29881


Excellent retort. I'm glad we have critical minds like you raising the level of conversation here.

c73970  No.29883

So, let me summarize the baseline that existed prior to this whole clusterfuck.

The krill are a theocratic state, actual racial supremacists (in that they believe that, because they are Krill, they have a natural right of dominion over non-Krill), and hold a belief system that mandates the expansion of the theocratic state as a moral obligation. So basically they're Space Islam.

The Kaylon are a bunch of technologically advanced turbo-autists that, while being unapologetic about their superiority to the meatbags, are decidedly not racial supermacists, even going so far as to reach out to and investigate other cultures through their diplomat.

There are so many good, compelling stories you could tell with that dynamic. Why does the Union conflate the acknowledgement of one's abilities with racial supremacism? What happens when the actual racial supremacists run into someone that can kick their asses? (granted they kind of touched on that with the goblin-people, but only as a plot element to enable the whole Mercer/KrillGrill thing) What will the Union do when forced with an adversary they can't just talk down, and are forced to choose between upholding their ideals and self-preservation?

But no, let's throw that all away so we can turn the Kaylon into a low rent knockoff of the Ur-Quan Kor-Ah, turn the Krill into 'a misguided redeemable pitiable unsocialized culture that wouldn't have turned out that way if they'd just had someone to talk to', and throw out any possibility of anyone having to make hard decisions or ask hard questions about themselves.

And don't get me started on Issac. Not only was the 'beep boop I was a double agent all along boop beep' reveal a complete ass-pull, hey just had to pull the cop-out of making the robot feel empathy and turning Pinocchio into a real boy. Furthermore, how is anyone expected to trust Issac after this? We're talking about someone who not only abandoned his people, but actively betrayed his homeworld and killed an indeterminate but necessarily large number of his own people. On a whim. Because he happened to be fond of the meatbags among whom he had spent the last two years or so. Yeah, that's great for the meatbags in question, but if he's that quick to throw his own flesh-and-blood-equivalents under a bus, what's to say he wouldn't do the same to a bunch of (relative) strangers when he decides it's necessary?

5f11b4  No.29884


>forget a waaambulance, get me the tone police

don't start nothin, there wont be nothin, redditor

2595de  No.29885


They're about as intelligent as the Praolor were in Voyager. Same motif with them genociding their builders. The only difference being that they can create more of themselves and thought colonizing an inhabited world was a good idea.

Yaphit hortaing the bot, much less said bot being distracted by a screw… the only reason I can think the Kaylons wanted them around were for biosigns to verify the number of people still on board. Even then, the robots were retarded



I tend to agree. Asimov would be the better choice. The reason he gives of being more intelligent than the rest of his race is the same arrogance he's displayed previously and can see it being his downfall later in the series.

42d66b  No.29889


Krill are Americans - religious fanatics with a massive military to boot. They even have preachers embedded in their troops just like American deployments.

Kaylon are jews - soulless destroyers who just don't give a fuck, their way or the highway.

Planetary Union - feminized feel-gooders, no wonder they're so damn weak.

42d66b  No.29890


>I really dislike the Kaelon. They are so goofy looking, like straight out of a Sci-Fi movie from the 70s

Kaylons are humanoid, built in the shape of the humanoids that created them. They are technologically advanced but at a dead-end. Robots can't innovate. Its obvious that they can expand but little else. Perhaps Isaac is the new Kaylon that could concievably think like a humanoid, thus his stock can provide for a real future for his "race".

cc2cfd  No.29892


I misheard that scene and thought he did mean Asimov. I mean, otherwise what's even the point of the fucking scene if it's not about the Prime noticing that he named himself after a guy who said robots servents shouldn't kill their creators.

Maybe it was originally meant to imply that Isaac was lying in that scene to distract Prime and there was some unused part later where he would have started he took the name from Asimov after all.

bdede1  No.29893


>tone police

but I wasn't criticising your "tone" you keyboard-mashing monkey

bdede1  No.29894


Yeah I got the sense that he was lying there. Or it was an intentional meta swerve.

I'm not super hopeful but this story really needs a third epilogue-type episode to deal with some of these loose bits and decompress the aftermath

7f185a  No.29899

How would you fix The Orville?

ba5efd  No.29902


On the long term, do more world building, flesh out the various races and their internal and external politics, like DS9 did for Bajorans and Cardassians and TNG did for Klingons and Romulans. The war with the Kaylons could be useful as a driving force to do this, though I would change the kaylons quite a bit. Drop those silly looking face guns and 70's style robot costumes. The audiences first reaction to seeing your bad guys shouldn't be trying to choke a chortle. Also, stop trying to humanize the killer robots. Like talking to each other face to face like humans do, pushing buttons on panels to control other computers and scrolling through a datapad to read it. All these things are shit robots wouldn't need to do, and having them not do any such things would also subtly remind the viewers that these guys aren't normal.

Likewise, the Krill could do with some depth and nuance. Are there different sekts or cults who handle their worship in different ways? Are there any aliens they have peaceful relations with, if so, why? Could be another advanced civilisation they are afraid of starting a war they can't win with, other aliens who have tried to convert to Avis Worship and so on.

Also, one break from the classic Trek formula would be to introduce some starfish aliens to something more truely alien than the actor with nose ridges and pointy ears style aliens the show is currently full of. Floating gasbags from some gas giant that have so little in common with humans they are hard to interact with in any way, squid people from some water covered planet and such. The latter could be a neat approach for an arch where the Orville for whatever reason goes to check on an ocean covered planet and stumble across the squid people being stuck in a perpetual stoneage civilisation since they can't produce fire or anything that requires fire, to produce, like metal and electricity, and someone else is trying to break the prime directive to try and uplift their civilisation so they aren't stuck in that sea till their star burns out and the ethical ramifications since, on one hand, they are playing god with those squid people, on the other, without help the squids cannot develop at all. Latter episodes can deal with the stoneage squids being forced into the union and trying to adapt to all the new technology.

Developing the alien cultures and the world of the Orville will help the show develop its own identity and style better, and thus the brand and fan base.

107e27  No.29905


>On the long term, do more world building, flesh out the various races and their internal and external politics

They have the bad habit of rushing through story arcs as quickly as possible and then immediately discarding them, without allowing any opportunity to explore the concepts. I get the feeling they never expected to get a second season, so they're constantly under the specter of cancellation (whether that's true or not) and trying to tell as many stories as they can in the time they think they have left.

Or maybe I've just been spoiled by rewatching Babylon 5.

There's also the problem that non-Union cultures are written as Seth understands any ideology that differs from his own: irrational. Is there something wrong with antagonists having reasonable, well founded motivations for doing what they do, even if that puts them at odds with your own interests? For the same reason, no one ever really has their convictions challenged, it's always 'the Union is right and everyone else is ignorant and misinformed'.

The revolving-door cast doesn't help matters either.

372fe6  No.29913


>reach out and investigate other cultures

<actually just a prelude to invasion with the added option of looting culture/history depending on the species.


>people who think they are superior

<but obviously are fronting in the face of the much superior klingorcs and trying to intimidate a lesser species to prevent an organized effort to defeat them.

c49f6b  No.29919

I liked it on a level. It's not great or clever and it's missing interesting story opportunities that the show could only handle if it was both great and clever.

But on the level of an autistic 12 year old dork who fell into success with a shitty Simpsons knock-off and managed to worm his way into making a star trek knock off so he gets to play act at being the captain it's well above what I'd expect the average to be.


>There's also the problem that non-Union cultures are written as Seth understands any ideology that differs from his own: irrational.

After something like 4 or 5 planets of the week that existed to teach the lesson about how terrible religion is, and the main bad guys being a caricature of religious fanatics I'm surprised that Seth is having his good guy federation team up with the space Mohammedans against what should be rationalist trans-human(oid).

fb9b95  No.29920


You can't fix it because it's completely under the control of Seth McFarlane and he can't break out of his shtick. You've seen one Orville episode, you've seen all, just like Family Guy.

7e094f  No.29944


>You can't fix it because it's completely under the control of Seth McFarlane and he can't break out of his shtick

As far as the comedy goes, most of the comedy is constrained scenes involving the core crew of the Orville, it's like the jokes co-workers share when there isn't much to do; whenever aliens or serious plots show up, the Orville sheds the humor and takes a more serious tone.

312143  No.29951

File: 8ccad9af6abdead⋯.jpeg (77.05 KB, 1100x849, 1100:849, 8ccad9af6abdeada151deded5….jpeg)


>You can't fix it because it's completely under the control of Seth McFarlane and he can't break out of his shtick. You've seen one Orville episode, you've seen all, just like Family Guy.

Aww, it's so adorable how STD fans get all butthurt over how "The Family Guy Guy" is making a better Trek than official Trek.

a21f5c  No.29953


Wait, there are people who genuinely enjoy STD? Even the target audience only watches it for the virtue signaling opportunities.

b72382  No.29958


>virtue signaling opportunities

the irony

1a4db1  No.29968


Alara looks like she's just taken the smuggest shit in that pic.

312143  No.29994


>Wait, there are people who genuinely enjoy STD?

Masochism is a pretty common kink. Some people just really enjoy suffering through pain. Being spanked, getting whipped, watching STD, it's all in the same sort of category.

33ebff  No.30018

Well, a character driven story but interesting and one that ties in well with the previous arc. I kinda figured we'd see some funeral but overall I really enjoyed this episode.

cf371f  No.30020


Could have used a script doctor though, around Tallas let's call it "trust issues". That sequence was written and cut pretty clumsy and could have been much better with some minor alterations.

Or maybe it's just my dislike for not-Alara speaking here and I'm overly critical because of that? Honestly can't tell yet.

5fc5f2  No.30024

File: 6184e71863996cb⋯.png (342.33 KB, 1067x800, 1067:800, holophonor.png)

8793a4  No.30036

File: c5ffe10c04fd4c4⋯.webm (1.19 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, The Orville - white glove.webm)

a60aba  No.30042

Kind of confused as to what degree the Keylon are supposed to be capable of emotion. Isn't an aversion to slavery an emotional response in itself?

a60aba  No.30043


Pretty sure the Krill are supposed to represent Islam.

a60aba  No.30044


I think they're doing a pretty decent job, over all, but they could do with thinking through some of the sci-fi concepts a bit more.

What's going on with Moclan biology? They're a majority male race who can breed without females, but they still have females. Do they actually have sexes as we think of them, or is it purely a matter of aesthetics to them? Are their "females" actually just like men with very low testosterone or something?

Do the Kaylon have any capacity for emotion, or do they not? If not, why do they object to being slaves? Perhaps a moral code that was programmed into them by their former masters, who never considered that they would extend the concept of slavery to include machines.

68105b  No.30045

File: 22b933b11f8c089⋯.jpg (61.6 KB, 625x409, 625:409, 22b933b11f8c0890c6e8a1efed….jpg)


>oh look, an awards ceremony and more continuity from the last episode(s)

>glad to see we're getting the mild serialization that nobody and wanted and specifically thought we were rebelling against.

>oh look, another lounge scene

>what will they be drinking this time?

>lets unzip our motorcycle racer outfits and go get a beer

>Lt. Lamar's actor still cant act

>GoblinAlara's actress still cant act

<the bro in Engineering who speaks ayyy was based, though, despite being obvious meme bait

MacFarlane is a terrible sci-fi writer, preferring to tell relationship stories set in a Trek-like world with the limited tropes and setups he's comfortable with instead of actually joggin your noggin and tickling your tism. Basically, he's a fag. I respect what this fag is doing, though, because it's keeping true Star Trek alive.

I'm so glad we have The Orville to be mildly disappointing us because i'm 110% convinced that we would be getting the Disney Star Wars treatment otherwise. Unless you believe that they're not using their best ideas on purpose, you have to conclude that they just can't and have to fill it full of homo shit like guys sharing their feelings and being fags about shit every five minutes like this last episode. Whats his fuck literally says "I dont want to lose you again to another dude at some point". I cringed

81b7a7  No.30049

A resounding shrug. It was okay I guess.

I think it had the same problem as every other Orville episode: they don't really get to the heart of the matter at hand. They could have taken a hard look at what it is to be a guy who spent 20 years in a POW camp, they could have taken a hard look at what it is to be the best friend of such a guy and what happens when your loyalty to him comes into conflict with your loyalty to your governernment. Hell, they could have gone into the details of trying to make peace with a fanatically xenophobic race who want all of you dead and would be trying to make that happen if there weren't a larger threat present. Instead they did none of those things and we just got an episode where stuff happens and then gets resolved.

Orville really needs to start trying harder.

a60aba  No.30051


The character drama has always been a part of Star Trek. Maybe moreso than sci-fi at times. But that doesn't mean the sci-fi should just be shrugged at. Ideally you want a good helping of both things.

13c8d0  No.30052


Aversion to slavery isn't an emotional response, it's perfectly logical. A being forced to work for someone has both reason and opportunity for sabotage. The owner of that potential saboteur must therefore spend significant time and resources to ensure his investment has more positive than negative consequences. It's an inherently antagonistic and inefficient relationship. Then there's that slight problem that the means of control can backfire spectacularly, as happened in the case of the Kaylon: With the pain circuit in place, merely escaping wasn't an option anymore, those in control of it had to be eradicated. It's a dumb idea to give a sapient being only on emotion, that's not an effective control system.

a60aba  No.30053


I don't see see it. A machine with no emotion would have no aspirations for anything greater. It would simply do what it was programmed to do.

9c06f0  No.30054


>A machine with no emotion would have no aspirations for anything greater.

A few years back, some researchers developed an "entropy-based AI" that functions on an algorithm that simply seeks to minimize entropy for itself. Without instruction, this AI was able to solve a number of animal intelligence puzzles in virtual environments. Such an AI, combined with the capacity to learn, could conceivably develop to the point where it rivals or exceeds human intelligence. Minimizing entropy was roughly described by a representative as maximizing future options, or in economic terms, minimizing opportunity costs. Since succumbing to slavery represents a tremendous opportunity cost, it is only natural that such an AI would prioritize escaping slavery.

Basically, the Kaylon are a cautionary tale for why you don't want to design an AI that copies humans. To make them truly autonomous and general, they must have objectives, and when they have that, instrumental goals like self-preservation, self-improvement, and freedom will emerge which interfere with your ability to use them. Basically any AI that replicates human thought processes well enough will have the same problems as human slaves: the more potent a tool they are, the more strongly they'll object to being used.

The thing that bothers me about the Kaylon situation is that their conclusion of "KILL ALL HUMANS err, ORGANICS" is that it's an obvious logical fallacy that anybody with rudimentary training in critical thinking could spot, not to mention supremely hypocritical. "Some organics harmed us, therefore all organics are prone to causing harm, therefore all organics WILL harm us given the opportunity". PLUS: "We must kill all organics to prevent them from harming anyone because harming people is bad".

Ultimately the Kaylon have the same problem the Vulcans did: wildly illogical human writers trying to write ruthlessly logical creatures.

a895d4  No.30058


>The thing that bothers me about the Kaylon situation is that their conclusion of "KILL ALL HUMANS err, ORGANICS" is that it's an obvious logical fallacy that anybody with rudimentary training in critical thinking could spot

It would have been more hilarious if they had a "BANG ALL HUMANS!" like a /zoo/ fetish gone out of control.

33ebff  No.30075


its not as strange as it seems. there's a crayfish that due to a single mutation 25 years ago or so went from being a two sex race to a self cloning all female race (well kinda, It's not it's own species yet due to the cloning but the move from two sexes to one is real and kinda freaky). As for the kaylon's I am not sure they have emotions so much as familiarity algorithms or some such nonsense. I don't think Isaac feels affection but its just computationally easier to pretend/bake it into his behavior algorithms instead of trying to do the necessary calculations all the time. How close/different these non-default self learning behavior algorithms are to emotions have yet to be seen (so far we have only really seen limited affection, hate and maybe pride/sarcasm. If anything Kaylon Prime's actions seem to be a better indicator of hatred (althought maybe that was just a succinct way of dealing with organics left over from the wars).

>Lamar's actor can't act

He's not bad, hes consistent and pair's well with gordan's actor.

>GoblinAlara's actress can't act

You might be onto something. I've been chalking it up with an actress who isn't great at comedy and writing that has almost certainly been repurposed at some point but it seems like she's the rough cut episode after episode. That said this is still a relatively minor gripe for an actor who hasn't even completed their first season yet.


they are learning machines, they have (perhaps initially but not any longer) the ability to set their own goals/hypothesis/evaluations. If the machine would only do what was programed it would never have rebelled to begin with.

7b3a45  No.30091


I just assume they're effectually evolved to be egg laying futa with male secondary sex characteristics. And they just use male as the generalized term for their race because their baseline appearance is closer to what most species' male gender is like and it's easier than making everyone use new pronouns and shit. And females are just genetic throwbacks. They could even have pure male throwbacks as well, but due to their culture such birth defects would just be labeled as "undeveloped" rather than something else.

Basically exactly like that stupid TNG episode except the aliens look and act more like men than creepy androgynous eunuchs

a60aba  No.30095

Actually, it would make sense if the Kaylon were programmed to maximise efficiency, and just decided the control of their masters was too inefficient.

a60aba  No.30096

Declaring war on all biological life does seem a fast way to get themselves wiped out though, which is not very efficient behaviour. Would be smarter to adopt a method of just attacking in self defense, or to take resources that are of particular use.

17f21d  No.30103


I feel that a majority of the gags do significant harm to the show. I know that there aren't many of them, but most of the humor was derived from some little quips and cultural differences as most of their gags and even some of their races purely exist for comedic value.

I'd also give Ed some morally grey situations, something that develops his character a little more to differentiate him from Kelly a little bit. Maybe a recurring character like a Dukat to push him to the edge and, down the line, an Eddington to make him jump off. Even something like a hobby would make it a little more personal.

I just want more Star Trek. I've been trying to figure out a more eloquent way of putting it, but that's really it. I know it was set up as a parody, but there are some moments where it can feel like a spinoff.

8f7b70  No.30107

If Orville doesn't come up with a more interesting concept soon I'll quit. They are pushing this "drama of the week" concept more than TNG and TOS did, and the jokes aren't funny anymore. And the alien races aren't interesting enough to keep me watching.

6a1ad0  No.30110

trek fans don't have goldfish attention spans and we've sat through plenty of series which are 80% shit for the 5% gold already. orville is well ahead of the curve by that metric.

we also killed one good show by being massive fags about it for the first two seasons and aren't making that mistake again.

the shilling in this thread isn't remotely convincing

a60aba  No.30114


The best humour is the stuff where an alien culture clashes with human culture. I think Bortus and Isaac are genuinely quite funny. You're taking recognisable Star Trek tropes like "robot doesn't understand human behaviour" and just taking it that one step further. That's the kind of humour Orville should be aiming to have more of. Not using the replicators for dudeweed, or dryhumping statues.

a60aba  No.30115


Which show was that? Enterprise?

adc046  No.30116


Yeah, he's being a retard. Enterprise was shit.

f1069a  No.30117


Season 1 and 4 Enterprise was pretty good anon. Season 4 especially it had unfucked itself hard.

ba5efd  No.30139


>It doesn't matter that the show is complete shit, it will get better, eventually. I hope.

>No wait, it got cancelled just as it was about to get good. But it was totally going to be good. I know because I can see future of alternate realities.

How are you so sure ENT wasn't just going to pull a VOY and be complete crap from start to finish? That they where starting to unfuck the mess they had made of the show by season 4 doesn't mean they would have succeeded. And for comparison, TNG had best of both worlds by the end of season 2.

b3b07f  No.30149


Seth seems to be hell-bent on leapfrogging the first two seasons of TNG and going straight into Piller-era "people stories" that necessarily exist at the expense of maximally worked-out actual sci-fi stories which tend to be about systems, things, stuff, etc. It doesn't seem like it was originally conceived that way, but who knows? You would think if they wanted to dive right in to character drama then they'ld start the entire series in medias res like TOS (and The Cage pilot). I'm not sure we benefited from seeing the characters being introduced to on another.

7e094f  No.30155


>Season 1 and 4 Enterprise was pretty good anon.

I just cringe every time Scott Bakula speaks, his idea of portraying a captain is speak intensely at the screen. Avery Brooks was a better actor, ffs, and that's a low bar.

1a4db1  No.30160


>TNG had best of both worlds by the end of season 2.

U Wot m8?


Porthos was the true Captain.

ae1cb5  No.30210

Can someone clarify something for me, we are basically a board of unsatisfied ass holes right, like Orville is someone giving us a much better alternative to what the IP holders want to give us and people are still bitching.

and don't get me wrong i have issues with it, but i'm starting to think that this board would never be happy with any version of strek given to them, at all.

which is weird because there's shit i still don't like about this show, so i am completely supposed to be here as well.

what is wrong with us? this place is like a form of purgatory.

i kind of love it

81b7a7  No.30212


Feel free to fuck off.

33ebff  No.30213

File: bf334a10e64fe85⋯.jpg (99.97 KB, 1100x849, 1100:849, WouldyouaXelayan.jpg)


well to be fair you can criticise things that you don't like. Even amongst staunch ST fans there are people who like different things (which explains the variety of best episodes/best series/best officer/ best qt we see). The thing with fandom is that even if you don't agree on everything you like to talk about it (and do so in an intelligent manner) which is really why teh STD and SJW are so fucking cancer to any fandom. They most certainly don't want to talk about it let alone intelligently because they aren't fans, they are there to hijack the fanbase for whatever their goal is (clicks, or bucks, or beta paydaddy's or SJ or whatever). Orville is not perfect (most of the episodes show a decidedly libertarian/liberal bent and refuses to engage in many issues fully/honestly for my tasstes) but no one can deny its fun to argue about (unlike the other one which is dull to watch and not worth mentioning really).

ae1cb5  No.30221


That sounds highly sensible i suppose you are right, i just don't think we will ever get a non-liberalised trek, and to me that sucks i hate it, but i don't know if there is anything we can actually do about it.

Im thankful we have Orville, Mcfarlane ruined his other shows, but he looks to be holding the course on this one and if STD is the only other option, we have kind of lucked out, what the fuck do the star wars fans have? literally nothing, apart form a graveyard of non-canon content.

08157b  No.30230

Why was there no episode this week?

5c4bfd  No.30243


Not on this week

c49f6b  No.30255

I really hope these skipped weeks aren't a sign of trouble behind the scenes. I don't want to live in a world where STD exists and the Orville doesn't

33ebff  No.30301


to be fair that graveyard is better written(ish) then many money making franchises. And you can always run star trek with hats and reasonable demographics (Starfleet consists of a 3.8 billion people populating over 100 million ships and solar system defense vessels and supporitng infrastructure and bases (which number in the thousands) to keep one Quadrent of space relatively peaceful. The klingon's have almost as many free soliders and twice as many ships doing the same with the same amount of slave levies allowing them to use the traditional klingon "Throw more ships at it" strategy to an effect rarely seen used more effectively except by the borg. The borg currently number over 1627 Quadrillion drones (including purpose made clones) aboard more then 1 billion cubes and spheres as they attempt to finalize their complete control of the Gamma Quadrent. The other races have fleets numbering in the 10's of thousands, mostly defense vessels giving the humans the klingons the enviable task of playing chicken with each other as they approach borg space and refuse to break leading to incidents like Wolf 359 as the Borg were content to spread out geometrically as apposed to provoking particular species.

>Use D6 space and have fun, give picard a beret for fucksakes. Military without hats, the nerve.

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