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File: 412d0d77e928ae6⋯.jpg (79.56 KB, 800x799, 800:799, star trek captain archer.jpg)

cbe3f9  No.28328


Terra Prime did nothing wrong.

3daa5e  No.28329


Terra Prime was created out of a xenophobic fear which ended up not being real. Their resurgence was only as a result of the Xindi attacking Earth under orders from interdimentional aliens (the Sphere Builders) who were attempting a hostile invasion of this dimension.

Because the Federation defeated them in the 27th century, the Sphere Builders tried to stop the Federation from being founded by getting the Xindi to do their dirty work for them.

Terra Prime had a resurgence as an indirect consequence of a failed invasion attempt in the 27th century. If Terra Prime had succeeded, the Sphere Builders would have wiped out humanity anyway.

Try harder with your bait.

cbe3f9  No.28330

File: ff28d0417e77f75⋯.png (45.66 KB, 616x599, 616:599, star trek terra prime.png)


Does Starfleet inform miners on the moon about time traveling interdimensional aliens that want to destroy Earth? No. Like all priesthoods, they keep everyone in the dark about the truth and demand obedience. What does the Federation stand for? Lying, warmongering, and assassination of political opponents. Humanity never advanced except in the self delusion department.

3daa5e  No.28335


The Sphere Builders are not a species which could be explained properly to the public. Plus, this is of military significance, and would probably be kept classified for a long time.

Plus, since a lot of aspects of the Sphere Builders' actions involve time travel, you expect people to believe that? The Vulcan Science Academy at the time stated that time travel was impossible. You think humans would believe Starfleet on that story in the 22nd century?

Plus, why should Starfleet divulge strategic military information to miners, who have no relationship with Starfleet, anyway? Even if news of what the Enterprise was doing in the Delphic Expanse did make it to Earth, likely, the news would be minimal and focus on crew lost. There's a reason why military operations like this keep a low media profile.

Even then, Starfleet is an older organisation than the United Federation of Planets. The UFP also has very different sets of rules and regulations. Starfleet always was a military structured organisation and the UFP is a political union of governments like United Earth. It's worth mentioning that member planets maintain high levels of self-determination and sovereignty in order to preserve a civilisation's way of doing things, whether that be in the form of Vulcan maintaining its own fleet, the Vulcan Expeditionary Group (formed from the former fleet of the Vulcan High Command) and the Trill operating a very closed door operation when it comes to joining Trill.

ce95c6  No.28341

Why is Archer built like that?

eff050  No.28344


He wanted to block your path into the Federation unironically as supposedly he was the one trying to destroy it

cbe3f9  No.28369


>shut and keep working slave

That is the mentality that led to Brexit and Trump. Good job anon.

3daa5e  No.28372


Being a nationalist is different to divulging strategic military information to the public at large.

It's pretty dumb to imagine that, the fact that a military organisation doesn't want to publicise information vital to security and military operations somehow contributes to nationalist movements somehow leading to bad electoral results.

Just because the US military isn't publicising all the details about its operations in the Middle East doesn't somehow make the people in the US "slaves". Plus, we're talking about a science-fiction series, in which time travel and inter-dimensional beings are a thing.

I don't even know how I'm arguing against you in this. It's clearly bait. As much as it is amusing to see the Trump administration become like a sitcom, I unfortunately live in the country that is going to be affected by Brexit, even though the province I live in strongly voted against it, and might be subjected to a situation that breaches international treaties, breaching the conditions of a peace accord in the 1990s.

de720b  No.28374

File: 6a0fb2baf4cc7ed⋯.jpg (47.97 KB, 600x641, 600:641, absolutely civilian.jpg)


>le Trump is a sitcom maymay


>voted Remain

3daa5e  No.28375


>Starship Troopers reaction image

There is no point arguing about this

1516c1  No.28376

File: 56abb72be4a8d6f⋯.jpg (70.83 KB, 680x477, 680:477, It's afraid!.jpg)


>Delusional pretensions of superiority.

>Refuses to engage with anyone who isn't vigorously licking his balls.

>Doesn't understand why anyone is allowed to disagree with him.

>Tries to imitate his image of a mature adult but comes across as a pretentious tit.

Confirmed Remoaner.

3daa5e  No.28378


Yeah…. I'm not going to argue with anyone who is unironically posting Starship Troopers reaction images as political commentary. There is literally no point.

By the way. You do know that the Brain Bug allowed itself to be captured in order to lead an ambush on the Terran Federation?

1516c1  No.28379


You do not dictate other peoples intent, retard. Which continuity are you citing re the 'brain bug allowed itself to be captured' idea? I'll admit it's been a while since I read the book but that doesn't ring any bells; it sounds a lot like the 'not really fanon' that birthed the idea that the bug-war was started by the federation using false flag attacks.

cbe3f9  No.28380


Don't argue with a remainer, they are a special kind of stupid. He is going to need a loicense soon to touch himself.


de720b  No.28381

File: d72172f47376089⋯.jpeg (199.59 KB, 640x640, 1:1, absolutely barbaric.jpeg)


>Yeah…. I'm not going to argue with anyone who is unironically posting Starship Troopers reaction images as political commentary

Checkmate atheists.

cbe3f9  No.28382

File: 0a58939d4b7a2b4⋯.png (861.38 KB, 1075x786, 1075:786, sargon liberalists talosia….png)

3daa5e  No.28389


>Which continuity are you citing re the 'brain bug allowed itself to be captured' idea?

It was in one of the Starship Troopers sequels. I don't remember which one precisely, but it is canon, but the canon comes from one of the shit films.


Nice bait, but that never actually got passed because it became really clear that giving away your credit/debit card details to a website was a bad idea. The ISPs have basically had to take the responsibility now, but you don't even need to call your ISP to have NSFW sites unblocked, you can just tick a box in your ISP's website, and BT doesn't even adhere to the regulations, because the government actually doesn't care.

de720b  No.28391

File: 0431f020ae139a2⋯.png (370.57 KB, 480x638, 240:319, ClipboardImage.png)

This is now a bong retardation thread.

3daa5e  No.28392


Fuck you, I've got Irish citizenship. Those fucking English people have doomed this country.

English is a stupid country, and the UK doesn't deserve to exist.

473f80  No.28393


Then what exactly is your shitty province doing voting in another country's election? Nevermind that the Irish are doing plenty to rival bongistan in stuff like retarded licenses for porn, and is just as happy to sign its future away for more diversity.

de720b  No.28394

File: 52f1c1aba5187b4⋯.png (2.05 MB, 950x1436, 475:718, license to loicense.png)


He's probably Norn Iron, which is even worse. Continue making fun of Cuck Island and stop bumping the shit thread.

1516c1  No.28397

File: cd7c75529159b75⋯.jpg (22.29 KB, 320x303, 320:303, 3 drinks later, HUMAN CIVI….jpg)


>but it is canon, but the canon comes from one of the shit films


>From one of the films

<Be Verhoeven

<Hate Nazi's so bad

<Decide that everything is Nazis

<Studio: Hey, Paul, we want you to direct this movie about a right wing, democratic, libertarian political novel - have a read of the book and get back to us.


<Studio: Wait, what? You didn't even read it.


<Studio: That doesn't even make sense

<Verhoeven: SENSE IS NAZIS!

<Studio: O … kay … just make the fucking film you crazy old Dutch bastard

<Verhoeven: …


The films =/= canon

000000  No.28398


>The Sphere Builders are not a species which could be explained properly to the public

they could easily be explained properly to the public; they didn't because the public would rightfully support terra prime and but all their heads on a stake next to the xeno's.

3daa5e  No.28400


So… we're to believe that humans, which are culturally not too different from now, even though it is something like 130 years from now, would be totally satisfied with being told that time travelling aliens from another dimention orchestrated the attack on Earth which lead to 7 million humans being killed?

When the more technologically advanced Vulcans insist that time travel is impossible, then I'm sure you'd agree that there would be a lot of people coming up with whatever conspiracy theory.

The Xindi incident was what lead to a Terra Prime resurgence. For the most part Terra Prime's public support was minimal. Xenophobia does not translate into Terra Prime membership. But Terra Prime were always a terrorist organisation from the start. It's not like the Bajorans, who were more of an insurgent force during the Cardassian Occupation. Terra Prime's early days involved intimidating and harassing non-Humans on Earth. They were little more than thugs. The fact that men like Paxton later joined Terra Prime meant that they eventually got the equipment to allow for them to do bigger things, like threaten Starfleet Headquarters. Terra Prime were an incompetent lot, and the main reason why Starfleet didn't just bombard their facility when it moved to Mars was because there were hostages inside.

Public support for things like Terra Prime were not strong. Xenophobia was more of a prevalent thing, but it was unorganised thugs, like the ones who attempted to harass Dr Phlox. Animosity towards the Vulcans was different, mostly as the Vulcans deliberately held back Earth's scientific development, but that's a story for another time, and involves the Romulans more.

Terra Prime would not have taken over the United Earth. United Earth had by 2150 unified all countries into one government. I would not be surprised if the main reason why Terra Prime lost all its political support was down to Archer being seen as the hero and protector of Earth (at least after the Xindi Incident). Who would you rather believe, a man who stopped a weapon from vaporising Earth, or a man who attempted to vaporise a city on Earth?

86919c  No.28405

Is /strek/ populated by /brit/ or something?

000000  No.28447


>Who would you rather believe, a man who supports xeno-mixing, or a man trying to save his species from the dooms of multiculturalism?

000000  No.28448

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3daa5e  No.28451


So… if someone wants to voluntarily have sex with a hot Vulcan woman, or maybe a feisty Andorian woman, you'd stop them?

You're not forced to have sex with non-human people, plus, as we've seen, even as far ahead as the 31st century, humans are still a destinct species. Basically, the whole thing Terra Prime tried to do with making a Human-Vulcan hybrid ended up not really working out. Human traits still maintain their dominant phenotype throughout the centuries.

06863c  No.28463


He wanted to be Swole.

cbe3f9  No.28554


>7/8ths human is white enough

You sound like on of the mutts on /pol/.

000000  No.28570


>So… if someone wants to voluntarily have sex with a hot Vulcan woman, or maybe a feisty Andorian woman, you'd stop them?

>What could go wrong with getting some of that find vulcan ass? It's not like it's going to affect most people!

<fast forward to TOS

>spock is a vulcan/human half breed abomination

<fast forward to TNG

>Troy is a half betazed half human abomination

>Even klingons affected

>Worf bangs 1/2 human 1/2 klingon abomination, breeds 1/4 human 3/4 klingon abomination

<Fast forward to DS9

>Slutwhore is banging everything that moves except bashir

>Quark banging vulcans

<Fast forward to VOY

>Mongrel hispanic klingon is half human half vulcan and hates herself

>Tries to illegally gene edit her own offspring because she's been taught to hate her own race

>First child born on voyager is a half human half alien abomination; only survives birth due to advanced medical technology.

<this is all fine

000000  No.28571



>Mongrel hispanic klingon is half human half klingon and hates herself

000000  No.28572


Let's not forget troy's mother is such a species mixing whore that she tries to fuck a goo puddle.

000000  No.28573

this last one is the worst and the inevitable outcome

>First child born on voyager is a half human half alien abomination; only survives birth due to advanced medical technology.

eventually the species mixing get's so bad and shit get's so fucked up that nobody can be born without advanced medical technology. no natural births can actually occur. It's worse than the borg. The technology goes away everyone is so mixed they all go extinct due to being unable to have children that survive on their own.

c28191  No.28575



87e738  No.28576

File: af6d7e7aabb8fff⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 143.44 KB, 887x826, 887:826, g03hv.jpg)


That (((Ferengi))) banged a Klingon, Romulan and probably all of his diversity hired dabo girls. He hounded after the Bajoran and the Trill too.

his one regret was never being able to tap that Changeling ass

Oh yeah, ST:E and ST:D are not canon.

can't wait for the reboot of the reboot of the reboot, ST:I

55863c  No.28577


English isn't a country. It's a language, and a people who live in England.

cbe3f9  No.28578


The mixed ones that do manage to breed become short, greasy haired, palm clutching, shekel chasing goblins that sacrifice children to the devil in space.

3daa5e  No.28581


England is a country, but it's a country within a country, that being the United Kingdom.

Same deal with Scotland and Wales. They're both countries, but they're not independent, instead being in the United Kingdom.

73af39  No.28582

File: 6f872a7bde8df52⋯.gif (787.94 KB, 400x225, 16:9, 14f08ee77bddcec84673628242….gif)

File: 8dbdc5ca76d958f⋯.jpg (72.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 33077e828c22196⋯.jpg (35.4 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Quark_odo_crossfire.jpg)

File: f9b922c38413b19⋯.jpg (60.8 KB, 705x530, 141:106, profit_loss_023.jpg)


>That (((Ferengi))) banged a Klingon, Romulan and probably all of his diversity hired dabo girls. He hounded after the Bajoran and the Trill too.

>his one regret was never being able to tap that Changeling ass

No kidding. There was definitely a lot of sexual tension between Quark and Odo, right from the start. I think Odo subconsciously likes the bad boys.

132b3d  No.28585


So naturally he fell in love with the ultimate bad boy, bulldyke Nerys.

0afd46  No.28595


Don't google the fanart of this, I am warning you now. It's at least not as bad as Garak and Bashir

3daa5e  No.28601


>ST:E [is] not canon

Enterprise is canon though. It was literally written and produed by the same lot of showrunners as Voyager and DS9.

Plus, most of Enterprise's plot lines are actually vital to many story arcs, including The Borg, the Federation, the Vulcan-Romulan relationship, Surak as well as many other things.

The only thing people quote when they claim non-canonicity of Enterprise is when those Ferengi pirates board the Enterprise and try to steal everything. Which itself can be explained away, since the Ferengi never actually identified themseles as such, and they were pirates, not actual representatives of the Ferengi Alliance.

Anyone who claims that Enterprise is non-canon is an idiot who contributed to the death of Star Trek in the early 2000s and cemented the future of Trek, which will be defined by these cash grab series which seem to milk the franchise for brand recognition rather than actually doing something creatively fulfilling.

e54d57  No.28612


ENT getting killed is down to oversaturation of Trek and Voyager. Everyone was pissed with Voyager so they never gave Enterprise a chance. Plus the fact the writers had a hard on for the Temporal Cold War which was started with Voyager and kept going with it despite nobody really liking it.

000000  No.28633


they should have just kept going with DS9; there's no reason you can't have 30 seasons or something.

It's not like any of the star trek casts from any of the shows ever does much of value after star trek.

d2fa43  No.28634


Actually DS9 cast for the most part did.

7eec10  No.28641


If you mean outside of Trek, then not really.

Most of the actors in DS9 just went into obscurity and into theatre.

Armin Shimmerman became popular for voice acting though. His career basically boomed afterwards, mostly because he can do a great variety of voices, and can get into character pretty quickly.

Voyager's cast had more people go onto other things. Kate Mulgrew went on to do a few different TV dramas before becoming famous again in the Netflix series, "Orange is the New Black". Jeri Ryan went on to do a few TV dramas before making her way into US crime dramas, including Body of Proof. Robert Picardo did a few things, including Stargate Atlantis. Connor Trinneer from Enterprise would also appear in Stargate Atlantis as well as another Stargate series. John Billingsley from Enterprise would also appear in another sci-fi with a co-star from Enterprise, Seth McFarlane, but that's the Orville…. Speaking of Enterprise, Scott Bakula went on to star in NCIS: New Orleans, but his time in sci-fi basically ended.

5af313  No.28644


You kidding right?

Rene Auberjonois went on to do loads of things and semi-retired to do voice acting.

Alexander Siddig has done loads of shows as well, including 24, Peaky Blinders, Gotham. None of which are obscure.

Colm Meaney has done loads of films albeit they are mostly European, but they are not that obscure.

7eec10  No.28646


Siddig has been someone who has remained mostly out of my popular culture radar, so to speak. That might be because I haven't watched regular television in 2 years, or because I don't live in the US.

Colm Meaney is someone I now know more for politics than I do most of his acting. Con Air was the last major US film I remember him being in. He was also in a film produced by the BBC, "Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa", which was based on a British sitcom. Oh, and he was also in a film, "The Journey" which was based on the Northern Irish peace process.

Colm Meaney is someone who unironically appears relatively often enough in politics where I live, since he is a Sinn Féin party member, and has been doing stuff again and again about Irish unification.

6ef172  No.28648

I sure want to accept that Big Vulcan Cock

cdc7cc  No.28699



Terra Prime was conceived of before anyone could imagine Trump as president.

As for Starship Troopers, I don't want veterans taking over the government. They're all whinny cunts who demand more gov handouts than most niggers–far from the hard working disciplined people the movie suggests.

1fa5f2  No.28705


>Terra Prime…before Trump

The message is the same and correct.

>whinny cunts

Is this some gay britcuck spelling? Outsourcing your defense to America is why you are getting invaded. No wonder you support the EU and the space EU aka the Federation.

4d3e64  No.28760

Democracy would be a lot better if you could only vote after national service.

97239f  No.28762

File: b21cfe120627561⋯.jpg (82.41 KB, 736x446, 368:223, hoppe democracy.jpg)


Temporarily, yes. In the long run, you would see what happened to the franchise in the US happen to the armed forces; in an effort to create new voting blocs, politicians will lower entry requirements to allow people who will vote for them into the service. Repeat this process several times until its piss-easy to get into the military, and the service is so weakened and diluted it becomes nothing more than a combination social club and welfare dispensary. If you think the military is cucked now, imagine how bad it would be if membership became a political tool.

c81d10  No.28776


I remember that episode of Enterprise where human terrorists were trying to show how the Federation was promoting human miscegenation with aliens. I can't remember the episode though I think it was in one the later seasons.

7eec10  No.28785


That was the two part episode, "Terra Prime".

Also, it wasn't the Federation, it was the United Earth, although the incident took place during talks for the formation of the "Coalition of Planets", a military alliance between multiple homeworlds for mutual defence as well as establishing trade deals.

The Coalition of Planets ended some time in the 23rd Century as the final members joined the United Federation of Planets which rendered the Coalition obsolete.

3351f1  No.28801


>democracy would be better if you could only vote after being specifically brainwashed by the ruling party's military apparatus

You fucking moron.

e73ceb  No.28806


You but liberals will never get to vote.

1fa5f2  No.28827

All Starfleet is are the jackbooted enforces of a failed ideology known as "interstellarism". The idea that species across the galaxy can unite under one government. I wonder what year it is estimated that humans become a minority on their own home world.

7eec10  No.28829


According to Star Trek lore, never.

Earth's population, at least after WWIII, skyrockets, which is why several colonies are established, not only on the Moon, but also on Mars as well as on other solar systems.

Outside of San Francisco, there's not really much reason for people visiting from other worlds to really go to places on Earth.

OK, sure Paris becomes the place where the President of the United Federation of Planets sits, but once again, it's either UFP or Starfleet installations where visitors from other planets would be drawn to.

I mean, who the hell would be interested in going to New Orleans, unless you were visiting a friend?

a490fa  No.28830


I imagine there's a lot of crinkle-noses going to visit new Orleans for some religious pilgrimage bullshit.

7eec10  No.28831


Uh…. that's maybe an interesting point, but those are technically tourists, they'll be going home after they're done.

In a post-scarcity society, what would attract someone to move to Earth from another planet, like say…….. Andoria? I could understand an Andorian diplomat, or an Andorian officer in Starfleet. But an Andorian civilian? Hmm….

For the most part, it just seems like most aliens who visit Earth are just visitors who will be on their merry way not long after. Even if you include the Naussicans who do create trouble on Earth from time to time, the point is that they've not settled on Earth, they're just passing through for whatever reason.

cdc7cc  No.28835


Earth was able to colonize the moon and mars post WWIII?

I guess I've misread the series, I always assumed after the war most people had regressed to barbarism, and Zefram was just some weird Brotherhood of Steel-like hold out.

e8da3c  No.28876

File: 2b7ea48fe175a9e⋯.png (316.57 KB, 620x412, 155:103, ClipboardImage.png)


So you are saying there are Moonmen in Trek?

7eec10  No.28884


>Earth was able to colonize the moon and mars post WWIII?

The series is incredibly vague throughout with regards to what happened before the NX-01 Enterprise, and continues to be vague even afterwards, at least as far as the Earth-Romulan War goes.

Even during WWIII, at least according to the dates, it's established that space agencies were still sending people to explore the solar system. When they launched, or who was their ground control was never made clear.

Moon colonisation was done at some point after WWIII, but it's implied that people who had the money went there first, because of the large number of resources which could be mined from the moon. Meanwhile the likes of Zefram were more like the poor common people who basically were living in shanty towns across the world.

Mars colonisation occured predominantly after First Contact, but it's established that Mars colonisation was initiated before then, but it's still unclear how far they got before First Contact.

28e451  No.28902


>shanty town

How did Cochrane get his PHD? He is supposed to be 30is in First Contact which means he was born in the late 2020s or 2030s. That is right when WWIII starts.

f57ee1  No.28904


He was clearly a Vulcan sleeper agent. Explains his unusual long lived age for the time.

7eec10  No.28913


He either got his PhD after his warp flight, or he got it in his early 20s, either before or after WWIII. Remember: First Contact was in 2063, so "30s" can be anywhere between 30 and 39, and if I'm honest, he looks a lot more like 39.

cdc7cc  No.28914


In an almost literal sense.

28e451  No.28959


Supposedly he looks older than he is because the radiation from the Phoenix aged him a bit. I think I read that on memory alpha.

Q in TNG says WWIII is in the early 2030s I believe.

cdc7cc  No.29077


If we accept purely Trek timelines and ignore reality, humans visited Mars in the late 1980s according to TOS, and (again?) in the 2030s according to VOY.

Fuck it I can't sort this out. Probably not worth trying.

28e451  No.29078


TOS should be viewed as sort of a weird prequel. Any part of TOS that contradicts later Star Trek should be ignored IMO. Star Trek wasn't designed as a long lasting franchise.

000000  No.29085



more like 59

he was a raging alcoholic though

1d3491  No.29126



Just blame it on teh Temperoal Cold War :^)

4df861  No.29129


>as we've seen, even as far ahead as the 31st century, humans are still a destinct species

No, your example is about 56% human. He lists the species he has "a little bit of" in him.

4df861  No.29133


also: we /poltrek/ now.

71df72  No.29137


Any inconsistency can be blamed on the temporal cold war(s) with that logic. The temporal cold war would also validate the Kelvin timeline which is something I refuse to do.


Elizabeth, the human vulcan hybrid, died because of the "bad" science used. Also implying that activists are dumb and can't do science. People are forced to have sex with non-humans. If everyone around you has partial non-human ancestry and you want a gf then you have no choice to species mix.

fe062f  No.29163

File: f03791868574f2c⋯.png (424.3 KB, 768x480, 8:5, c73480335f967c0b2ef59e781a….png)


we've always been /polstrek/. HowNew.ru?


737d4e  No.29164


We're Right Wing Gym Squads.

5fa544  No.29169

>TFW Myriad Universes novel "A Less Perfect Union" covers this universe had it come to fruition

Anyone ever read that novella? I own it and love the story, but it sure as fuck not what I was thinking Terra Prime Starfleet would be…

8fab30  No.29170


why do people feel the need to push a 'sexual tension' angle whenever two male characters spend a lot of time together on screen? I honestly don't see it there. A mutual respect, potentially, but wanting to bone each other (or whatever Ferengi have for genitalia) not so much.

de720b  No.29174


Because Platonic male companionship and camaraderie is problematic and toxic, anon. It's literally impossible for any man to feel a bond to another man without it becoming trivialized into something petty and sexual in CY+4, brotherhood is just out of date, doncha know.

568680  No.29224


It is nowhere near as bad as Bashir and Garak.


I hate this isn't a meme anymore but true.

5a7fb3  No.29253

The Terran Empire just didn't understand you can catch more flies with Root Beer than with Vinegar

8fab30  No.29269


>Bashir and Garak

That relationship is a lot easier to portray as 'sexually tense' even flirtatious - until you remember that Garak is bored as hell and just turning up the hamminess to entertain himself with the closest thing he's found to intelligent company in a long time. Besides, everyone knows that Garak/Tora is the only actual love story in DS9


The Eugenics Wars can't come soon enough. I'd even accept Benedict Cumminbutt as Khan if that's what it took.

fe062f  No.29288


I always call him Bentdick Cummysnatch.

fcc1eb  No.29329


There is only one true love for any Cardassian and that is the State

6bf2fa  No.30009


>Right Wing Gul Squads


015361  No.30237


They aren't swole enough.

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