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File: c96bd1258708b50⋯.jpg (29.25 KB, 679x704, 679:704, Starfleet_diapers,_Ezri_is….jpg)

2a7828  No.29032

Where are the toilets in Star Trek?

Or have they develop some sort of genetic engineering that means they don't have to shit?

4c90eb  No.29035

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Enterprise came the closest to answering this.

Toilets in TNG and later are basically reverse replicators, which convert poop into energy.

bac795  No.29038

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Best Star Trek movie got you covered. Thanks, Shat.

a0cc14  No.29042


>Where are the toilets in Star Trek?

There is one on the very bridge of D.

bde474  No.29052


Archer was so underrated as a captain.

ENT toilets at least still used water to at least move the waste around, I know that Archer had a shower in his quarters so I doubt plumbing was much different. I'm not sure how things worked on post-TNG ships…did you just shit in a diaper and then put the diaper into a reverse replicator that beamed it away?

The current ISS uses NASA tech that can turn sweat and piss into pure drinking water.

bde474  No.29053


>You want me to hold him, Jim?

Bones always has the best lines.

b75cda  No.29067


The most shocking thing about Alex Kurtzman is that everything he's done to Star Trek makes even movie #5 actually look decent in comparison.

4c90eb  No.29075

File: 53d2fd6da2bca5e⋯.webm (3.91 MB, 720x406, 360:203, 53d2fd6da2bca5e7345cc694d….webm)


>Archer was so underrated as a captain.

Archer was the best captain. I can't think of any other captain who was witty, could actually hold his own in a fist fight, was a competent pilot and had the skills to be a diplomat, when most of the powers, like the Vulcan High Command and the Andorian Imperial Guard were basically at each others' throats all the time.

Archer did not like bullshit, and he definitely was one of the funniest captains, while also being resourceful. Picard was much more of a diplomat, Kirk was much more of a strategist and commander, Sisko was more of an oppertunist, Janeway was resilient.

Archer was just more of a test pilot who found himself having to make up the rules as he went along, and later felt that he was far less important than people made him out to be. I really liked Archer. I actually really liked most of ENT's characters, they were likeable and had neat character aspects to them.

>did you just shit in a diaper and then put the diaper into a reverse replicator that beamed it away?

I think you just used a toilet which had replicated water, or some liquid in it, and when it "flushed", it just unreplicated anything in it. I'm not sure if they did anything else, like some sort of system that cleans your ass while you're sitting on the toilet, like the Japanese toilets, but with the same sonic technology as sonic showers.

>current ISS uses NASA tech

It's also Russian and European tech. The Russian Orbital Segment has its own toilet and water recycler and the US Orbital Segment also had its own toilet and water. The Space Shuttle, as far as I know, mostly stored everything on board, since missions were rarely longer than a week. Soyuz's toilet is the same case, it stores it, but I think liquid can be taken out and fed into the water recycler, while waste is kept inside, and will be burned up when the Soyuz does orbital re-entry. No idea what Dragon 2 and Starliner will do, tbh….

bde474  No.29076


Yeah the Russian modules have their own water recycler, which I've heard produces better tasting water because it adds minerals.

bac795  No.29087


I really don't mind 5. At least it's fun.

ea760d  No.29088


I thought we'd established that (at least on the Enterprise, and most likely Voyager) the shit and urine are beamed out of them by whichever engineering crewman drew the short straw?

40da5d  No.29099


>Superior Soviet piss-filterer adds minerals to the filtered water to make it taste better

>The mineral taste is definitely not due to it failing to completely filter the piss

b75cda  No.29106

File: 26952ee68bf0175⋯.webm (11.3 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bones.webm)


>Bones always has the best lines.

Hell yeah he did.

4c90eb  No.29111


All this makes me think is just how well Karl Urban nailed the character of Bones.

Why not scrap Star Trek 4 and replace it with "The Adventures of Leonard McCoy"? It would be infinately more enjoyable, and it would be a neat spin-off. You don't have to deal with Pine or any of the actors who want more pay.

862285  No.29112


because pretty much all their funding was based around the idea of the dude from Wonder Woman and the guy who plays Thor starring in the movie

af967b  No.29116


Because Karl Urban would rather do Judge Dredd

b96544  No.29117


What if Judge Dredd was Doctor McCoy?

b75cda  No.29153

File: b8959ad5e88f19e⋯.jpg (650.86 KB, 1920x800, 12:5, eomer.jpg)


>All this makes me think is just how well Karl Urban nailed the character of Bones.

For all the flaws of the reboot movies (which I blame 80/20 on Alex Kurtzman and Justin Lin respectively), at least the casting was good. And yeah, Karl Urban's McCoy is god-tier.

Karl Urban is a really underrated actor. He's done a lot of really solid supporting roles, often in costumes and with accents that make him largely go unnoticed by the general public because he doesn't look or sound the same movie-to-movie.

"Not alone."


000000  No.29162



>ENT toilets

there are not toilets on enterprise

it's been established that they all shit in bags which are then reprocessed.

64b0d1  No.29165

>Where are the toilets in Star Trek?

>Or have they develop some sort of genetic engineering that means they

Teleporter: Transport waste to Rian Johnson's office.

>Command Accepted.

515746  No.29168


This, we've already covered this issue in the past. Shitting in bags is literally canon >>16587

e6033e  No.29178

File: d93ed6e52380087⋯.jpg (39.95 KB, 550x571, 550:571, spacebuttplug.jpg)


transporter beacon butt-plugs?

4c90eb  No.29187



Those "bags" are only used on board shuttlepods, on away missions and in other instances where they would otherwise be away from a regular toilet, or the ship's plumbing was down due to battle damage…. or something.

You know, kinda like real modern ships?

Enterprise established 2 things, starships have toilets, and when away from starships, poop bags become necessary.

155f80  No.29189


What is with Germans and buttplugs?

000000  No.29210


>Enterprise established 2 things, starships have toilets, and when away from starships, poop bags become necessary.

except they never established that starships have toilets

a toilet is never shown despite several scenes where archer is taking a shower.

>If nothing else that would place a finite resource into their logistical systems and limit the endurance of the ship.

>You're forgetting the episode "Breaking the Ice". Trip describes the matter resequencers that convert waste into all manner of useful goods, such as cargo containers or boots - or, conceivably, poop-bags.

>It's also interesting to note the phrasing the crew use. The question the kid asks is "When you flush the toilet, where does it go?" But they never actually talk about that. There is no mention by the crew of toilets or waste collection. Trip lists the first step as putting it through the resequencer. But how does it get there? He describes nothing of plumbing systems, pipes, or sewage tanks. Nothing in his answer even remotely implies they have toilets at all.

>In fact, the system he describes is perhaps more suited to the bag system, especially if the bags themselves are processed shit. Instead of having to deal with all manner of plumbing and wastewater, they could just toss the waste bag into the resequencer, as easily as throwing out a napkin.

144521  No.29220

What if they fire it all into space?

Literally poop torpedoes at the enemy?

cb7f07  No.29249

File: 8eeebc3642aba0d⋯.png (243.84 KB, 300x167, 300:167, 18dxmq9cbwo8epng.png)

Babylon-5 addressed this issue, yes they have toilets in outer space, but you don't need to use water anymore to wash your hands with.

2941bc  No.29262

File: aba406dce69348a⋯.jpg (70.16 KB, 689x530, 13:10, Star-Trek-Deep-Space-Nine-….jpg)

Where do you think they got the bucket from? That's a standard issue Cardassian military pisspot.

115f9b  No.29263


>That's a standard issue Cardassian military pisspot.

I thought that's what they called Kira's mum?

16c95b  No.29265


No no no, that's a cumbucket you're thinking of, easy mistake to make when dealing with a crinkle-nose.

d8681d  No.29277


Why not both?

4b0c76  No.29287

There are no toilets in Trek as the Bolians are constantly using them all.

6c3a5b  No.29292


Liberals are gross


>Hate body odour? You're more likely to have rightwing views

ba2f0d  No.29325


I thought this was going to be some bad fan fiction there.

fe10e5  No.29374


I mean, there's a whole page on Memory Alpha, complete with screen shots.


e5a4c0  No.29454


You know I am glad this isn't Star Wars Legends.

There would be a 20,000 word essay on it and in the end the toilet would turn out to be a Jedi.

58ac9c  No.29465

File: 0e4d554c1fa42ad⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.42 KB, 960x960, 1:1, mickey infinity glove.jpg)



Who could be behind this post, I wonder.

c107c7  No.29572


Who does Mouse have to buy next to wipe out half the world?

0544bd  No.29580

File: 617593da21d2d0a⋯.jpg (30.85 KB, 419x278, 419:278, Disney planned this.jpg)


>a Disneyrat



And wow, its shorter than Alpha's. Who'd a thunk it?


I keep hearing that Disney may buy EA if they fall hard enough. They've even said they've never been good at games and never had a dedicated game company under their belt. So its a likely target considering their current relationship. If they were to ever somehow try to acquire Viacom, the US government really needs to fucking step in before the Rat gets a hold of Star Trek.

b75cda  No.29590


>I keep hearing that Disney may buy EA if they fall hard enough. They've even said they've never been good at games

At last, rationality on the part of Disney. I've often said that EA's never been good at games too.

b75cda  No.29640

File: 419064f68b33c86⋯.jpg (116.91 KB, 750x408, 125:68, jediandclones.jpg)



I got your legend right here.

c66e03  No.29660


They actually purged that wiki of a lot of content after the mouse took over. It's nowhere near as autistic or as good

81fd00  No.29725


The porn of her is not that good sadly.

3427c9  No.29849

The one thing that got me confused about Star Trek is that it's meant to be the future, surely there must be something better than diapers?

0de9cf  No.29911


There is nothing better than diapers period

9bb22f  No.29912

In a more enlightened age it becomes obvious that you don't need toilets when you already have showers.

320903  No.29915


>mfw I stomp my shit down the shower drain

68d431  No.29917


sonic boom-boom

933583  No.29943


That's the name of the new Sanic movie unironically.

4cee12  No.29972


Imagine a Sanic-Trek crossover?

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