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File: e24cb114aae143d⋯.jpg (66.5 KB, 1672x917, 1672:917, QupzoP3.jpg)

9edaea  No.29040


STD Season One Recap:

Michael Burnham is the greatest starfleet officer in history. She knows literally everything and can solve any problem presented to her with consummate ease and no small amount of condescension. She was adopted as a child by Spock's parents because there were no other foster parents available out of trillions of Federation citizens but those of Star Trek's most iconic character (who never mentioned an adopted sister in 50 years of canon). The greatest starfleet officer in history commits a mutiny which ends up killing her captain and single-handedly plunges the Federation into war with Klingons (who are now bald xenophobes obsessed with racial purity). Instead of serving her lifetime prison term, Michael is recruited as a science specialist on the secretive USS Discovery, the most advanced ship in the fleet which boasts holographic systems that shouldn't exist for decades, and an experimental "spore drive" that can teleport the ship instantly to any point in the galaxy over a "mycelial network" of space mushrooms. They briefly use a giant tardigrade as their navigator until someone found out that the whole concept of tardigrades teleporting via space mushrooms was plagiarized from an indie video adventure game called motherfucking "Tardigrades." Good job CBS.

Among the crew members of the Discovery are Captain Lorca: a no-nonsense hard-ass with a shady past who plays fast and loose with regulations and might be a little too trigger-happy for a starfleet captain. The alien first officer is Saru, who can sense danger and death approaching, and is from a species comprised entirely of betas. Chief Engineer Stamets is in charge of the spore drive and becomes its navigator after the tardigrade is sued out of a job. The medical officer is Dr. Culber who is gay with Stamets and is currently deceased and/or a spore ghost inside the mycelial network. And then there's Tilly: a hyperactive, overweight, autistic ensign completely unsuited for service on starfleet's most advanced, experimental starship, but is nonetheless inexplicably part of the command track program. God save the poor vessel that sees Tilly as her captain. There's a bunch of other characters that make up the bridge crew, but they're so poorly developed that most viewers don't even know their names. There's also Tyler who is a Klingon double agent / love interest for Michael Burnham, but nobody cares.

Anyway, a bunch of stupid nonsense happens and eventually we find out that Captain Lorca is actually from the Mirror Universe (which absolutely nobody saw coming because the writing in this show is just so fucking clever) and needed the Discovery's spore drive to get back home. Mirror Universe antics ensue, but eventually Lorca is killed and Burnham "saves" the Mirror Universe version of Georgiou (her dead, mutinied-upon captain) who in this reality is the Emperor of the Terran Empire, a Hitler analogue, and an actual cannibal. When the ship makes it back to its own reality there is a convenient time jump wherein the Klingons are about to win the war, but Michael Burnham the greatest starfleet officer in history with aid from Space Hitler avert disaster at the last second. For her "heroics," not only is Burnham's punishment for MUTINY, MURDER, and WAR commuted, but she's reinstated at her full rank and joins the Discovery crew full time. As the ship flies off to pick up its new captain, they are intercepted by the USS Enterprise, Christopher Pike commanding, just in time to bilk CBS All Access subscribers into re-upping their subs based on nostalgia lenses alone.

STD Season Two status:

Captain Pike takes over the Discovery and we find out starfleet gave him an urgent mission to discover the source of seven mysterious red energy bursts that appeared all across the galaxy. For reasons that will most likely make no logical sense, these seven bursts along with a cosmic entity called the "red angel" have driven Spock to commit himself to the loony bin. The only person who can save him and unravel the mystery of the red angel is his estranged adopted sister that we've never heard of in 50 years of canon, the merry mutineer Michael Goddamn-Fucking Burnham. It's whispered that Michael did something to Spock in their childhood that traumatized him so irreparably that they haven't spoken to each other since, but the show won't just come the fuck out and say what it was, because the hacks that write this shit either don't know, or are second-guessing the likely faux-incest storyline that literally everyone could see coming.

In conclusion, fuck this show and anyone who says "Oh, it's not THAT bad" because, yes, it fucking is.

32342b  No.29043

File: bf281f41eea784b⋯.webm (8.53 MB, 900x376, 225:94, STD - lame fight scene an….webm)

The latest episode is clearly several steps backwards. The cinematography was as bad as during the first season.

The new Section 31 ship looks like something out of the JJ timeline.

Next episode will introduce Number One. I hope they make her a tranny, just for the sake of destroying the franchise.

b7c8ec  No.29047

I find it really fascinating to pick apart how this show fails on so many levels. There are the beginnings of decent ideas here and there, but every time they mangle the execution. Setting a ST show during a period of heightened warfare against the Klingons isn't a terrible idea, but that should have been a slow burn conflict that played out across the entire show like the Dominion war.

The captain being a much harsher figure, who you later find is a refugee from the mirror universe is interesting, and could have given us a layered character who wasn't a villain, but had a particular way of viewing the world, influenced by the warrior culture he grew up in. The character could have grown and developed across the course of the series, Instead, he's just made an antagonist, and killed half way through season 1.

The protagonist of the series being not a captain, but a character who starts low and rises up the ranks over the course of the series is again interesting, but that character is Michael Burnam. A character with nothing to learn (at least from the writer's perspective), nowhere to develop. A character who by all rights just should be the Captain already, and is only denied that position because other people are mean and stupid and just haven't discovered how perfect she is yet.

So now we get to season 2, and the introduction of the Red Angel story arc, which again could have potential. A search for a mysterious god-like entity. Very true to the spirit of exploitative science fiction. Kind of reminiscent of how they handled the elder races in Babylon 5. The story arc will probably be over and done with by the half season break, and feel anti-climatic, and under-developed. Also, they could have tied this entity to the spore drive, and had it used as a mcguffin in the Klingon war, but I guess those story threads are just over now.

04ccd8  No.29049

File: bbad2f64382da76⋯.jpg (16.54 KB, 474x356, 237:178, acting!!!.jpg)


Nah, they'll make her be second only to Mikey in terms of pure sue-ness as a "fuck you" to those evil sexist (((white))) tv execs back in the 60's that made Roddenberry get rid of the character and pseudo demote her into being just a nurse because the patriarchy is scared of a strong woman in command.

Basically they'll unironically write her to be as much an deranged cunt as the bitch who stole Kirk's body in Turnabout Intruder was, only they'll claim she's an awesome character because of it instead of a bad straw-man parody of a feminist.

04ccd8  No.29050


>which again could have potential

problem is trek already has half a dozen god-like entities and long lost civilizations running around. It's extremely well tred ground. Either they'll make a new Not Q race and just do something that's already been done before and better, or they'll butcher some preexisting concept. Like "Hey everyone loved City of he Edge of Forever, so lets completely rape the memory of that episode by having the Discovery find the last surviving member of the race that created the Guardian of Forever so Mikey can show how much more superior she is to them. Oh and we'll toss in some flashback of her childhood on vulcan that officially renders that one animated episode everyone likes where Spock goes back in time non canon"

Although, it seems to be assumed that the red angel is going to be an Iconian anyway. Assuming they resist the temptation to make it a time traveling future demigod version of Mikey who's traveled back to ensure her own ascension.

038ca1  No.29051


SPOILER: Michael molested Spock as a child.

I wish that I was kidding.

04ccd8  No.29056


c'mon anon it's current year. Michael me too'd Spock after his first ponfar and that's why he hates her.

b904a6  No.29057


How are they traveling across the galaxy when it took Voyager 7 years to get back to Earth?

872d6a  No.29058


Voyager didn't have the power of tranny black negress war criminals. They had a woman war criminal, but without the melanin and male name it just wasn't quite progressive enough to teleport.

04ccd8  No.29062


So if B'Elanna had just changed her name to "Steve" voyager would have been back in the alpha quadrent by lunchtime? Or does it only work if the person can't pass a paper bag test?

0e2287  No.29065


It's not Star Trek, it's bad fan fiction.

872d6a  No.29066


Was B'Elanna a war criminal? I was referring to Janeway.

45cf3f  No.29068

Related to the second season:

>Star Trek Timelines (mobile game) is currently having a STD mega-event

>whatever, it was expected

>One of the new characters you can get is NuNumber One

>fans on the forum are pissed because they'd been asking for the og Number One for years

>STD shills go out of their way to mock them for wanting the actual character and not someone who hasn't even showed up yet

You can't even hide it behind the image rights issue (the game has nuMudd because they couldn't get the rights for the og Mudd). Chapel and Lwaxana are both in the game so obviously Majel (either in her will or through Rod) allowed for her image to be used. We'll probably never get Number One now, which is a shame.

5d0dc8  No.29070

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I've been avoiding STD like the disease it is but it seems I can't get away from it.

585ace  No.29072


>"While Voyager featured a white woman as captain (Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway), and DS9 a black man (Avery Brooks as Benjamin Sisko), TOS and TNG (and the much later Enterprise) all featured heterosexual white men in the starring slots."

I love it when articles cite these statistics to bolster their position about Trek always having been so progressive and then forget that they exist in the same sentence. If you're going to bitch about Trek shows having straight white male captains, you can't name drop DS9 and VOY and then treat them like they don't count towards your wokeness quota.

>"First, they steered away from the classic male-commander protagonist, by centering their show around a black female first officer"

As the highest ranking officer on a ship, the captain is the natural focal point, that's why the Star Trek formula with the captain as the central character works. But beyond that, this article completely ignores the ensemble nature of a classic Trek show.

The captain has a central role in most episodes by virtue of being the fucking captain who has to deal with all the shit happening around him, but most episodes will shuffle the protag. It's why we have the concept of a Data episode, or an O'Brien episode, etc. Putting the focus all on one character other than the captain might work in a mini-series or something, but as a long-form show it's a stupid decision.

They artificially inflate Mikey's importance to make her stand out against the CO and it makes her an insufferable cunt, because in any proper Trek where the captain is the focus and takes advice from the WHOLE crew, her preaching would get shot down more often than not and we can't fucking have that. Her plan has to be the right plan EVERY time. So why not just make her the motherfucking captain?

053834  No.29074


I did a pretty good job of steering clear of it. Then I saw some clips of the show in action and I was utterly gobsmacked by just how bad everything is. The cinematography, the lighting, the sound design, the costumes, the dialog, the acting.. Not a single thing is good about this multi-million dollar bucket of shit.

327135  No.29082

I like the potential in the idea of the Klingon Empire centralizing and the conflict between the imperial government and feudal dynasties. The fact that said government's legitimacy is that the leader has a remote control that can blow up the planet makes it a bit hard to take seriously though. It's almost certainly going to be retarded but I think it's got more potential as a story line than Michael chasing a mystery box.


But Anon, how can there have been war crimes when there hasn't been a war?

b7c8ec  No.29083


The implication that there's something wrong with a franchise with a predominantly male audience, produced in a white country, having mostly white male leads is of course nonsense too. These people will never complain there are too many black men in gangster rap, too many Asians in kung fu, or too many white women in romantic comedies.

000000  No.29084



32342b  No.29086


I liked the klingon episodes on TNG and DS9, Ronald D. Moore was the main writer for those stories. I don't think Kurtzman can do that, he wants Game of Thrones with Klingorcs.

>a remote control that can blow up the planet

It's even more retarded because the iPad isn't a dead man's switch. These klingorcs could've killed L'Rell at any time.

57ac38  No.29091


Who said that it was? Certainly no one here on /strek/

04ccd8  No.29092

File: d9f51546d4b9585⋯.jpg (33.79 KB, 474x324, 79:54, thisishell.jpg)

File: baeaa186f816320⋯.jpg (350.52 KB, 933x747, 311:249, evengodfearswhathecreated.jpg)

apparently they're cutting out all that pesky story stuff and have moved to directly torturing us with ear bleedingly horrible auto tuned singing.

844174  No.29093


>Ode to Nerds

D-do they think their target demographic consists of people who have only watched The Big Bang Theory and have only absorbed Trek infromation from that?

57ac38  No.29094





b904a6  No.29095


What is that hairstyle that Michael always has called?

8d97e5  No.29096

File: 7108da6a3cc15ce⋯.jpg (312.31 KB, 1300x879, 1300:879, 21154799-the-ancient-bigge….jpg)


One n canon, on the screen

Two n cannon, war machine

b7c8ec  No.29097


That is their target demographic.

>dude! Spock!

8a9780  No.29098

>It's whispered that Michael did something to Spock in their childhood that traumatized him so irreparably that they haven't spoken to each other since

Did she rape Spock??

She totally fucking raped Spock, holy shit.

585ace  No.29104


>Did she rape Spock??

Nah, I think they'll go the incel route. Michael rejected him during his first pon-farr and he still hasn't gotten over it. That way the show can Michaelsplain on another hot-button topic that doesn't fucking belong in Star Trek.

32342b  No.29105


Like >>29104 said, they're going to portray him as an incel.

dbbbe6  No.29107


Yeah. I think it's this. Spock in nuTrek has jungle fever so this would let them claim he is into Uhura because Michael rejected him.

04ccd8  No.29108


the style she has on the show would be called a "hi-top fade", frankly it only looks good on men, I'm not sure if the mess she has in that car pic has it's own name or if it would just be called a "bitch been too lazy to go to the salon to get her fade redone" .

86b39b  No.29113

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Trigger warning. Watch at your own risk.

000000  No.29114

04ccd8  No.29115


I don't know what would be worse, if someone actually chose *that* frame on purpose to be the thumbnail or if some random chance picked it to prove there is no kind and loving god in this universe.

d911b8  No.29118


There are many things that must be erased.

08f968  No.29140

the whole spore system is fucking retarded in a number of ways and this blatant canon defilement is one of the reasons I will never watch strektually transmitted disease.

b7c8ec  No.29156


>They're this clueless as to what to do to win people over

4b5c6f  No.29160


Somebody had to write these lyrics. And then they rehearsed this. And the guy got in his makeup to be an alien.

d58473  No.29161



>lets insult our audience, that will surely win them over

What the fuck.

fe1c88  No.29166



bbd647  No.29167


No, that is the guy who got raped by Kevin Spacey.

027e63  No.29171

Well, within the first 10 seconds of episode four they've already tried to backpedal the tech inconsistencies of the show with Pike telling Number One to rip all the holographic comm systems out of the Enterprise and go back to using view screens.

At this point I think it would be less insulting to the audience for some CBS executive to start each episode with a pre-recorded apology for not knowing what the fuck they're doing in the first place.

38f516  No.29172


Holy shit, this is embarrassing. Legitimately a new low for Star Trek.

1a41b5  No.29175


>Pike telling Number One to rip all the holographic comm systems out of the Enterprise and go back to using view screens.

Oh, so it's sort of like that one time the captain of the US Navy's Enterprise ordered all of the radio and satellite systems ripped out because he preferred flags and Morse-code flashing lamps, right? After which everyone else in the entire Navy also stopped using radio for the next two centuries?

027e63  No.29176


Yeah, it doesn't reflect very well on Pike. She tells him the ship experienced a cascade failure through all its primary systems, but didn't name a cause. Pike just has a grudge against the holograms. He actually says "I never liked them anyway; they looked like ghosts."

This fucking show… On one hand, at least they're trying to address some of the complaints fans raised, but on the other hand every time they pivot and make a change it feels back-handed and pandering. Pike's line is a perfect example, like the writers are trying to shame the audience for insisting on some goddamn visual continuity.

Also, apparently the chief engineer on the Enterprise at this point is named "Louviere" not sure of the spelling, but I think it's pretty clear the "joke" they were going for is that he's French. Frenchy. Scotty. Get it? Ha ha. Pike makes some crack about how no engineer will ever love the Enterprise more.

Get fucked STD.

PS: Number One is in the episode for about 30 seconds. Get fucking hyped.

6c6e24  No.29177

File: f173d54f2750f06⋯.png (67.16 KB, 288x300, 24:25, laius_rage.png)


I exceeded the post limit trying to describe my hatred for this episode so suffice it to say, my hatred for this show is longstanding and my hatred for this episode in particular is great and deserving for this unrepetant shit that is ruining something I once enjoyed.

fe1c88  No.29180



So glad this shit is limited to CBS streaming and not the actual airwaves… what a fucking waste of Roddenberry's legacy.

Robot chicken is better star trek than sex transmitted discovery is

aab2c0  No.29184

File: 26794d90e3d88cf⋯.jpg (145.07 KB, 1280x705, 256:141, number1mommy.jpg)

Did Rebecca Romijn just get plastic surgery or something? Her face looked all puffy and oddly uncanny valley compared to how she looked in The Liberians a couple of years ago.

c78199  No.29185

I enjoyed parts of this show and think it's the best one so far in terms of ideasnot saying much. The B plot was garbage. But the idea of an ancient being knowing it has so much knowledge to share and trying to impart it onto something before it dies is a cool concept I don't know if there's been a ST episode about this[/episode]. I can't tell if I like Saru's discovery about his race or whether it's not believable that he's the first one of a WHOLE RACE to experience it but it is a cool evolution for his character. However, it was obvious as fuck he [spoiler]wasn't going to die and I wish they had commited something permanent rather than baiting us. All in all, this episode made me want to read some scifi about the concept of a dying ancient being - anyone know any?

aab2c0  No.29186


>I don't know if there's been a ST episode about this

the TNG episode where a strange probe makes Picard live through the life of member of the species that built it comes to mind.

Frankly, I'm thinking it will turn out the species eating Saru's people are just a more advanced version of his people and by losing his fear thingies, Saru has effectively become like them, and that's also why the Federation never actually did anything to stop the culling, it's technically an internal matter rather than an advanced race interfering with a primitive one.

693a5a  No.29188

>Glad to see nuNumber One for a good 2 minutes for no reason at all.

>I was suprised this was techincally a stand-alone episode, though the B-plot has been going on for ~3 episodes now and will do so for at least the next one as well

>the UT malfunctioning and everyone speaking random languages was a neat idea, I'll give them that. Not an original one, mind you, since even I have had that idea for my OC Trek larp, but whatever. It's something

>Saru was useful for once, but I still noticed Michael Sue basically was the one to come up with the final solutions to the problems. Would it kill the show to actually have a character other than her to save the day?

>Saru's species is so pathetic. I wonder if Kurtzman and co realised they made his entire species cucks and are now trying to fix this.

>fuck me, we still aren't rid of pajeet

>Tilly trying to act menacing was laughable

>Michael's actress' acting was terrible. Worse than usual. She had to go through quite a lot this episode, but she can't act for shit.

>I wish the show would stop having characters who speak through heavy filters. It's annoying, I could barely understand that comedic relief fish dude and that roboto chick on the bridge

>also that scene early on where they were having a meeting and the bridge crew was also there was hilarious. You'd think this was preserved for either

a. the main crew

b. a member of the main crew talking to the extras, the latter having little to no dialogue

>the show should really stop pretending anyone gives a shit about the bridge crew when no the show certainly doesn't give a shit about them

>speaking of the show not giving a shit - the Doctor. In every Trek series the doctor has been firmly a part of the main cast with a lot to do. Who the fuck is the woman Doctor in STD and why isn't the show making her more relevant?

>the dyke engineer is alright. Her dry banter with Stamets at least had some life to it.


>the TNG episode where a strange probe makes Picard live through the life of member of the species that built it comes to mind.

The Inner Light. I was thinking the same thing once they revealed that it was trying to load off all the languages and shit to the ship.

584e84  No.29190


Why does she look so THICC?

027e63  No.29193


>the dyke engineer is alright

Gonna have to step way the fuck back from you on that one. Literally every line of dialogue she had in the episode was a snarky quip. She just starts dick-wagging with Stamets for no reason other than "here's a white male who needs to be put in his place."

The only positive spin I'll give her is that she calls out the spore drive for being fucking stupid.

f21d08  No.29194


Sometimes women just puff up in the face when they get older. Back before everyone was fat, you could see skinny older women with faces like bread dough.

633ba3  No.29196

File: 3c65cb7655191ca⋯.webm (2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, STD - Riker's new enemy.webm)



>the dyke engineer is alright. Her dry banter with Stamets at least had some life to it.

I disagree. I hate when shitty writers think they're funny, they always end up spewing some Whedon-speak every two lines. Stamets is already a sarcastic guy, there was no need to add another identical character.

>>the show should really stop pretending anyone gives a shit about the bridge crew when no the show certainly doesn't give a shit about them

It's also worth noting the diversity at work during the briefing and how it ended the second a white man entered the wardroom.

693a5a  No.29200



Fair enough on the engineer bit, I figured it wouldn't be an popular opinion. I will mention though, I'm not a fan of Stamets since I'm not getting anything out of the guy (it probably doesn't help that he's the one that has to spend the most time with that fat autistic fucker Tilly). The dyke engineer's dryness appeals to me more than his type of low-key campy bitching.

633ba3  No.29201


I think Stamets could've been a great character if he didn't spend 90% of the time whining about his boyfriend.

6c6e24  No.29204


Best in term of ideas

>nope just no

<lets take the thing that makes our likeable second string character and reveal it was him being oppressed the whole time

<lets take a crap tng episode and just take the serial numbers off

<lets have stametz and tilly talk, together no wait lets tkae the two least likeable talkers and put in a new less likeable talker so the first two seem better. Oh wait no its worst, lets get them high, no wait even worst, oh by the way stametz your oppressing this proud islander woman

>Number 1 with tittays fuck no

>lets fix the stupid continuity they made nope just making it worst again

>michael crying Fucking NOOOOOOOOOOOOPE

Here's a guy who literally even getting to neutral with michael who stole his promo and killed his favorite captain and generally has done nothing to redeem herself to him, who now suddenly thinks of her as a sister because you cannot do anything less then love burntham.

>nobody can talk, even worst why wasnt the bad talkers in this area and the people we like in the other area. Is the enterprise D the only one with a backup bridge?

>ruthless beating down any man who is not preemptively castrating themselves.

Fuck I hate this show

73c8a7  No.29205

fccfa3  No.29206


Why do you watch? To feel rage? I don't watch and the show sounds so awful I don't understand why you'd want to. Serious question, I want to know what motivates you.

922ceb  No.29207


Why do people watch torture porn?

Same reason.

fccfa3  No.29208


Most of the people into torture porn are fat unkempt nerdoids who only haven't killed a hooker because they are too slothful.

eb1b85  No.29209


Tbh really kinda liked the language thing, although I have the feeling it was a bit google translate, there's a bit where Saru says давай and it's translated as "now". Now давай literally means "give it" as an imperative, but it can contextually be used for "come on" or "there we go" in that sense, but putting "now" doesn't really make any sense: especially since he says it as if you would say "now" at the end of the sentence. I know this is a bit of a nitpick but honestly, I love it when shows do linguistics stuff but if you're not gonna put the effort in there's no point: it is actually quite easy to get languages right when you have the resources of a show like Discovery.

Also tbh, I like the engineering lass too: purely because it's nice not to have someone who is constantly bouncy and giggly and will look other characters in the eye and say "fuck you".

b8f5e9  No.29211


The actress' god awful stand up "comedy" routine aside, I could stand engineering dyke if she was written as some sort of neet engineering gremlin that never left the warp coil room and acted snippy at anyone that approached her domain because she was so focused on her job and protective of her giant engine baby. That would be kind of enduring as a character. But doing this shit where she just walks into other people's departments without warning and starts insulting and snapping at them just makes her look like a giant cunt instead.

6c6e24  No.29212

File: 33b319689873876⋯.webm (3.93 MB, 600x378, 100:63, Gondola of the Universe.webm)


Because on some basic level I want this show to succeed, I want there to be a new star trek, I want to be able to tune in and watch proganda about an optimistic future

<in retrospect this is kinda like watching your kid grow up into a drug abusing loser who spends all of their time onl…well damn

3a91bb  No.29214

File: 74778de7364391d⋯.jpg (54.9 KB, 610x388, 305:194, Radu, get the stakes!.jpg)


No gas for them. Their punishment must be more … personal.

37f977  No.29215


It needs to die, anon. The only way you'll ever get good star trek is if it does.

633ba3  No.29216


I watch the show even though I can't stand it because I want to see how much damage they can do to the franchise until the series finale.

763a69  No.29217


If this succeeds anon it just shows that trash succeeds. Do not watch it, do not support it in any way. Burn it to the ground.

b7c8ec  No.29218


I find it quite an interesting show just to observe. It's interesting to see the various layers on which it utterly fails.

633ba3  No.29229


Not only that but the behind-the-scenes stuff is way more interesting that the show itself.

b7c8ec  No.29230


Care to share?

b8f5e9  No.29232

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You mean the bat shit insane legal clusterfuck over the rights to Star Trek after the parent company split up and the new theory that the "prime timeline" isn't actually the term CBS and Viacom use for the original ST franchise like originally thought, but a wholly new legally separate product created for copyright purposes and that's reason for a lot of the more bizarre (non-diversity related) choices the show made regarding design and canon?

0e573e  No.29237

File: 5c48be036738bef⋯.png (297.4 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: af72d32d2a0bdf5⋯.png (418.46 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


I never understood why she married someone whose magnum opus was Sliders.

b8f5e9  No.29238


Also being the fat kid in Stand by Me, but honestly he always seemed like a really nice guy.

027e63  No.29239


So let me see if I've got this right:

>CANON Trek =

TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT + 10 Movies. Owned by CBS, effectively dead at the moment.

>PRIME Timeline =

Characters & events from Canon re-interpreted under the "25% Different" license that started with JJ Trek. Old Spock from those movies came from this timeline, NOT the original canon. Discovery most likely happens here as will the new Picard show.

The term "prime" is misleading, because the owners of the franchise never made the distinction that the Prime timeline is NOT the same thing as Canon.

>KELVIN Timeline =

The divergent timeline created when Nero & Old Spock get thrown back in time by a black hole. Supposedly tech advanced more rapidly here than in the Prime timeline because of Nero's attack which is why the JJ Enterprise is so much larger and sleeker. Also effectively dead with the cancellation of the fourth movie.

Rumor has it they might try to smash all this stuff together into a Multiverse and pretend like there's no confusion at all. For the foreseeable future any new Trek-related properties are most likely being made under the alternate license and therefore are not Canon, but most likely take place in the Prime timeline, where the events Canon happened, but everything is 25% different.

633ba3  No.29240




From JJ wanting his Kelvin movies to be the only Star Trek available while the products of the TOS-ENT era (DVDs, replicas, toys, etc.) get taken off the shelves and locked in a box to be forgotten in history, to Gretchen Berg & Aaron Harbertz hiring Sonequa based on her looks (they didn't cast her) and fired for autistically screeching at their writers.


>let me see if I've got this right

You got it right.

872d6a  No.29242


Isn't the Kelvin timeline a subset of the Prime timeline then?

74696c  No.29246


Story wise it is, but for legal purposes it must be treated as a separate thing. For instance, I'm pretty sure their contracts flat out forbids them from making a tv show involving the Kelvin universe even if they wanted to. Basically this all goes back to the star trek rights being a giant mine field due to being split between two companies and a bunch of bean counters and lawyers wanting to make sure their bosses can't be sued by the other side.

b3e528  No.29247


Thank God we have intellectual property laws protecting content creators, so they can take full and fair advantage of their ideas.

90449d  No.29285

File: a3aad062e929be5⋯.jpg (125.48 KB, 777x437, 777:437, orv-s2-cast-promo.jpg)


>I want there to be a new star trek, I want to be able to tune in and watch proganda about an optimistic future

21e7c7  No.29293


The funniest thing about it is the two companies have nearly identical boards of directors, so a lawsuit would be paying a lawyer to move money from one pocket to another.

3ef988  No.29299

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Threadly reminder that the real current-generation star trek series is The Yakki.

0fdae4  No.29303


that looks like a really shitty burger

57ac38  No.29307

File: fa5f6beb50ca06f⋯.webm (7.1 MB, 480x368, 30:23, gumby_hates_niggers.webm)

544ea2  No.29309


It's a Swoleburger anon.

7852b2  No.29321


So we'd essentially get Jew Wars if it went to court?

633ba3  No.29369

File: 59b3093a09dc6b5⋯.png (851.85 KB, 1280x534, 640:267, timelines.png)




True. This is why Kurtzman created a production company named Secret Hideout (funny how it sounds like "Mystery Box", I wonder if the company is a subsidiary of Bad Robot)at the same time that he started working on STD.

74696c  No.29376


No, it means it wouldn't go to court at all, there'd just be quiet settlement deals. Although, it seems likely now that the two companies will remerge sooner or later, and the only question then will be if they'll abandon bad robot trek as a failed experiment, or if the bean counters will demand it be fully incorporated into actual canon some how because they don't want to see hundreds of millions of dollars of investment get tossed in the garbage bin.

05ed9c  No.29377


Kelvin timeline or bad robot goes into the trash or Star Trek can die.

e68cbd  No.29417

My gods that was an awful episode. All of this just so they could bring the gay doctor back and forget the pseudo backlash from the gay community last year.

416e6c  No.29420

Aside from them bringing back the literal who gay guy (and showing off his naked asshole, thank you Alex), it was a god-awfully boring episode. I was almost insulted by it.

>EVERYONE knows about Section 31. Georgiou shows off her fucking BADGE and Michael Sue and Pike immediately know what that is for

>I still can't get over Ash Tyler knowing about S31. If he knew about them when he was really still Ash, then when he got kidnapped by the nuKlingons, S31 should've been aware of that and what happened to him. No way would he have been left to just stay on Discovery, even if it was being lead by a guy from the Mirror Universe

>hmmmmmmmm we should accept this genocidal cannibal from the Mirror Universe into our organisation what can go wrong OOPS now she is collecting blackmail on us how could this have happened

>let's be honest here, did anyone care about the gay guy? i didn't even remember his name. He was also not the CMO of Discovery, meaning we can't even care for him like we would for someone like the EMH or Bones

>what was the point of Michael going along with Stamets to the mushroom network? Same shit happened in the last episode - Sare should've been the one to save the day by solving the problem, but Michael was inserted into the storyline. Stop shoving her into every scene. I get that Kirk, Spock and McCoy were the main guys to do anything in TOS, but they were charming and had great banter, Michael offers fucking nothing.

>please, let this be the last time we see Pajeet

>why was Ash taken into S31? I would think he is a great security risk. What if his Klingon side goes crazy again for some reason? You can't be 100% sure it won't

>why does the show keep saying Tilly would be a great leader when she sounds like a scared sperg every time she has to actually do anything? There was a scene in that mushroom network where she's letting whoever was out there know she had a phaser and she sounded so weak that if I was there waiting to ambush her, I'd just laugh at her.

>haha hey guys we have combadges now we just won't use them for decades : )))

>"we have 5 minutes left" *Stamets, Michael and co keep dicking around in the network for 15 minutes* "We have 3 minutes left" *Stamets, Michael and co keep dicking around in the network for another 15 minutes* This annoyed the shit out of me.

>what was the point of Michael's ~deep~ monologue?

Guess they'll be dragging the Spock storyline along til the end of the season I guess.

Next episode looked somewhat interesting - Saru's home planet and whoever those black sludge monter aliens were (inb4 Armus, but probably just the predator to the Kelpian prey). Can't wait to see how Michael will save the day this time!

e68cbd  No.29423


Don't forget that Section31™ people also have combadges, that thing that was created 50+ years later.

>what was the point of Michael's ~deep~ monologue?

It adds nothing, it's just pretentious. Also have you noticed how Burnham and Stamets changed their uniforms in the last few minutes of the episode? Was that a reshoot?

>Tilly: "it's the most sophisticated science I've ever seen. I mean you literally entered my brain as a spore"

>Space Mushroom Pajeet; "Thank you, I appreciate your mastery of science as well"

Do every female character have to congratulate themselves for being good at their job on this show?

The sequence between Admiral Brianna Wu, Pike and Section 31 was ridiculous, it was like if they were reading a page from Memory Alpha about tachyons.

>Admiral Brianna Wu: "Come on fellows, cut the manlier-than-thou bullshit"

So after the guy who got killed for mansplaining to Burnham, the diverse briefing missions that end when white-man-Pike enters the room, now this? These writers don't seem to like men unless they happen to be gay and effeminate.

416e6c  No.29425


>Don't forget that Section31™ people also have combadges, that thing that was created 50+ years later.

I get that maybe there was someone out there who figured a secret organisation would be ahead technologically, but Section 31 doesn't need combadges and it all just serves to piss on canon. And not even hard to follow canon, this is like the easiest shit to keep track of, you just need to check Memory Alpha once to see that the TOS era didn't use combadges.

>Also have you noticed how Burnham and Stamets changed their uniforms in the last few minutes of the episode? Was that a reshoot?

I didn't notice that, but I was pretty much blanking out by that point as well. Maybe a reshoot yeah.

Admiral Brianna Wu is a great name for whatsherface. Her scene was also really pointless. It reminds me of how they showed nuNumber One last episode for 2 minutes and then she fucked off, serving no real purpose.

bd232d  No.29426


This looks more genuinely fun than anything on TV and feels closer to TOS than any other Star Trek media.

57ac38  No.29441



Every time I see that name I get triggered. Is Hippocrates the fucking Dr, too?

46cec3  No.29445

Why are you fags even watching this garbage?

1113ff  No.29468


I watch it to complain about it, tbh. It's not like I'm paying for it anyway. Plus it's fun/depressing to see CBS and Kurtzman fuck up so badly.

b7c8ec  No.29469


>someone had the idea to put communicator technology inside a badge, and this was kept away from the greater Federation for 50 years, for no real reason

e68cbd  No.29470


Why not? I want to see how much damage they can do to the brand with only 2 seasons.

7088a7  No.29474


I hit a wall with this episode. Normally I love to shit all over this garbage and its hack writing, terrible actors, inept fanservice, and phoned-in SJW bullshit propaganda, but now I'm just numb to it.

I think finding out that the so-called "Prime" timeline isn't actual Star Trek canon killed my desire to hate-watch. It can safely be ignored, just like JJ-Trek.

fe1c88  No.29477


This is why you don't allow RianJohnson tier cucks to write your franchise.

5d4a60  No.29480

Has this been cancelled yet?

c4961c  No.29486

File: 8a643ac09c5c4d6⋯.jpg (34.7 KB, 600x300, 2:1, 4d1033c57d98efac653b6ad2b8….jpg)


>I think finding out that the so-called "Prime" timeline isn't actual Star Trek canon killed my desire to hate-watch. It can safely be ignored, just like JJ-Trek.

Same. I ain't even mad anymore. Aside from a weird desire to meme it as "alt-Trek" for laughs, it just doesn't matter.

e68cbd  No.29488


Not yet. They're waiting on the audience reaction to emoSpock (he still hasn't shown up on the show).

739d1a  No.29513

File: d0e3fdb1ccf80df⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 2048x1381, 2048:1381, 1647091-jla_heavens_ladder….jpg)


>All in all, this episode made me want to read some scifi about the concept of a dying ancient being - anyone know any?

There was a fun Justice League comic about a near omnipotent race of life forms from the beginning of the universe coming to terms with the fact that they're dying, it was called Heaven's Ladder. That might scratch your itch.

5d0dc8  No.29539

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I had put this shit show out of my head until I saw this entire episode was just up on judentube for free. wtg cbs you're failing so hard you have to give this shit away and even then it's not helping because you just fucking suck.

this was actually shockingly bad. I expected this to suck but it exceeded my expectations. I didn't think that was possible.

e68cbd  No.29541


>this entire episode was just up on judentube for free

Have they re-uploaded it? The like/dislike ratio isn't that big.

27ab26  No.29567


Is that Mass Effect Andromeda?

d53469  No.29587

File: 8f879692274f61f⋯.png (820.53 KB, 1025x328, 25:8, jlhlst.png)


Well thanks for the suggestion. Just read through it. Don't think it scratched the itch because it was a bit preachy and I don't think the writing was good. Was pretty fun though Like the idea of building a heaven and, funnily enough, Star Trek got a name drop.

7088a7  No.29592


Jesus Christ, the conference scene not five minutes into the episode gave me goddamn vertigo. Fucking Christ, I've seen better dialogue cuts in porn.

0b54b8  No.29595

File: afda1ccee91be9f⋯.jpg (16.24 KB, 480x360, 4:3, urgqan.jpg)

>STD ripped off the Ur-Quan except using a predator/prey theme instead of slave/master

I wonder if this was another deliberate video game rip off, or if they just thought they were being clever and that surly no one had ever thought of that idea before.

0b54b8  No.29596


Course this also finished the job of ruining everything marginally interesting about Saru and his species that they started with the shortbus trek episode. Just like they ruined what made Lorca interesting by making him a Mirror universe transplant. They idea of a sentient culture that had evolved from a prey species instead of apex predator was unusual and had all sorts of untapped story potential, now they're just the same as every other fucking pre-warp trek race.

e5db9c  No.29599

File: bdc99f2f8e8794c⋯.png (846.77 KB, 1280x534, 640:267, vlcsnap-2019-02-22-04h53m3….png)

I tried to watch the new episode but I got this (pic) and stopped the video.

4d9254  No.29601


The lens flare is obnoxious

e5db9c  No.29602


What happened to their new black DP they hired this season?

Isn't he supposed to establish a visual, a tone for the show, why do they have lens flares everywhere in this episode but not in the entire season? Also the camera spining around the conference table was ridiculous. Sure, it worked on Battlestar Galactica because it helped raise the tension of the entire sequence between Adama and Cain but not here.

8421b1  No.29603

I actually liked the last episode except the stupid Red Angle deus ex machina and some logical inconsistencies and the way they delt with the new buff nigger doctor felt like someone has written this is a writer for gay porn.

The Baul-Kelpian conflicted reminded me of the story of the Jews after the Holocaust.

8421b1  No.29604


The had the stupid camera-moving-around-the-room thing since episode one and it's one of the worst atrocities of the show and won't work for a Trek show where you have established expositions dialogs and not some Marvel action shot.

What I really don't need in Trek is dark lighting, shaky cams and lens flares.

1113ff  No.29605


and here I was thinking they laid off on some of JJ's more annoying trademarks.


I agree. The entire episode I felt like this was incredibly bullshit somehow, but I couldn't quite figure it out. You put it into words. We're on season 2 and a major character has pretty much entirely gone through MAJOR character (hell, species) development/transformation. And it was incredibly boring. I predicted they would reveal Kelpians would be either the evolved forms of Armus 2.0 or forced into evolving into them, but I missed the mark there. That said, was there a Trek episode with a similar premise? Of the seemingly less developed species actually being the predators? VOY's Nemesis came to mind, but was there some other episodes?

anyway, some stuff/sperging:

>unless gay doctor ends up being involved with the main plot, there was no reason to bring him back. It's almost like they realised they kind of pulled a Tasha Yar and are now panicking. Mind you, it's probably because they realised they didn't have anything for Stamets to do and instead of letting him do actual sciency/engineery stuff, they fell back on the "remember he was GAY???" shit.

>the melodramatic speeches at the start of every episode are getting on my nerves.

>there were several points in the episode where I thought how much the Kelpians/Saru reminded me of Bajorans

>what was the point of Michael going with Saru on to his planet? Remind me, did she actually do anything besides show his sister that hey, aliens are real? I'm pretty sure the entire plot of the episode would have ended up in the same place if Michael wasn't inserted into his storyline.

>speaking of Michael, it's so fucking obvious how little the showrunners have that doesn't involve her. Most every impactful scene had Michael in the focus, even when she (plessedly) wasn't saying anything.

>a petty thing, but Michael saying the UT knowing over a thousand languages sounds very modest.

>for me, it's the scene where Saru leaves the ship but gives himself a minute to transport for no reason at all just so he and Michael (who ofc knew he was going to leave even though it was incredibly obvious and only she knew about it and told no one else) could say bye to each other

>someone really needs to tell whoever the fuck approves of the languages and voices on the show that putting some obnoxious filters over them doesn't make them better to understand. Armus 2.0 was incomprehensible at times.

>a small thing again, but Michael telling Pike to accept the Armus 2.0 call was very disrepectful. He's the captain, Michael, not you. It just makes me wonder why they bothered to have Pike at all and not just made Michael a captain. She certainly bosses around like one.

>maybe a controversial opinion, but the Red Angel showing up to save the day REEKS of the Prophets showing up in DS9 to save the day whenever Sisko really needed them to. It was shit in DS9 and it's shit here. Either have the crew pull out a bullshit way to save the day (the Trek way) or go full madman and have a proper genocide on your hands. At least that would have been interesting (even though i am certain they wouldn't have explored that)

>another small thing, but what the fuck did Saru thank Michael for at the end there? She did nothing for him this episode.

Can't wait to see more of Vulcan and SPOCK next episode!

8421b1  No.29606


I think the Kelpian story was actually the first interesting plotline in the entire show but the reveal was kinda boring and predictable. The cartoonishly villain appearance of the Baul didn't help either. However I do admit that Saru's development and the concept of the Kelpians started off as being intriguing. And it certainly helped that Michael wasn't the center of everything this time. It also was over too quickly. Saru is a main cast member, to have his entire conflict and his species basically "cleared" was rushed. The only interesting conflict of the show was tied up in a single mid-season episode.

>unless gay doctor ends up being involved with the main plot, there was no reason to bring him back

They gonna give him some superpowers which they alluded to already because he a spawn of the spore space. It would be funny as fuck if that also "cured" his homosexuality which would contradict the SJW agenda they push with the show but I think the writers are dumb enough to actually let that slip in so they can create some personal drama for Stamets.

>the melodramatic speeches at the start of every episode are getting on my nerves.

It's complete style-over-substance bullshit as these speeches are fortune cookie wisdom. I can't believe how they'd look like in written form in the script, the actors must think think is bullshit when they get the script.

>what was the point of Michael going with Saru on to his planet? Remind me, did she actually do anything besides show his sister that hey, aliens are real? I'm pretty sure the entire plot of the episode would have ended up in the same place if Michael wasn't inserted into his storyline.

It's kinda telling how Michael had absolutely nothing to do in this episode besides letting Saru's sister touch her hand and drink a tea, yet she is in every scene and acts bossy and have people sucking up to her.

>for me, it's the scene where Saru leaves the ship but gives himself a minute to transport for no reason at all just so he and Michael (who ofc knew he was going to leave even though it was incredibly obvious and only she knew about it and told no one else) could say bye to each other

Maybe it's the minimum setting for the timer for security reasons so that people don't misclick and accidently transport a limb away if they don't reach the platform in time.

>maybe a controversial opinion, but the Red Angel showing up to save the day REEKS of the Prophets showing up in DS9 to save the day whenever Sisko really needed them to. It was shit in DS9 and it's shit here

The funniest shit was that were acting surprised that the Baul would want to wipe them out. The cartoonishly evil species that mind-controls an entire race and culls them regularly would be capable of genocide? Golly gee! Stupid Federation Kumbaya hippie stuff "if they see they can be different they surely wouldn't harm them". If I was the admiralty I would not put this Discovery crew anywhere near important conflicts, they are absolute wreckers.

e5db9c  No.29607

File: 9d316d649e2dcf4⋯.png (829.31 KB, 1280x534, 640:267, vlcsnap-2019-02-22-19h18m4….png)

File: 951f018ae1a7e17⋯.webm (1.88 MB, 1280x534, 640:267, STD - JJ lens flare.webm)

It seems like the Red Angel™ has a female body. Inb4 Burnham is the key to all of this


>and here I was thinking they laid off on some of JJ's more annoying trademarks.

Yeah, the flare isn't coming from a light on the set, it's clearly a JJ trick (a guy with a flashlight).

d53469  No.29612

I found the shadowy Baul hard as fuck to understand.

1113ff  No.29613


>Inb4 Burnham is the key to all of this

one of the "my dad works for Nintendo" leaks I read said that Michael would end up being the Red Angel somehow. I kinda wish now I had capped all the different theories on how the season would end just to see if any of them actually guessed it all.


>The only interesting conflict of the show was tied up in a single mid-season episode.

yup. The storyline had a lot of potential only if to show off a character (and an alien one as well) who wasn't Michael Burnham. But there's really no reason to ever go back to the Kelpian homeworld unless Kurtzman suddenly realises that OOPS this opens up an interesting thread of the Kelpians who want to seek revenge now going full genocide on the Baul, maybe taking their technology and the Federation being put in a very uncomfortable spot on the whole issue.

>They gonna give him some superpowers which they alluded to already because he a spawn of the spore space.

you might be right there. I only wish I could give a shit about this very dull character.

>Maybe it's the minimum setting for the timer for security reasons so that people don't misclick and accidently transport a limb away if they don't reach the platform in time.

Possibly. I can accept a timer being useful for certain situations (let's say the ship gets hijacked and you have to use very specifically timed transports to bla bla something to get the ship back).

7088a7  No.29614


>I would not put this Discovery crew anywhere near important conflicts, they are absolute wreckers.

You know, a show about the shittiest crew of fuck-ups Starfleet has to offer might actually be entertaining to watch. I know the Feds are typically portrayed as the best of the best, but there has to be a couple ships out there that nobody wants to get posted to because of their reputation as career-killers. The Orville kind of takes this black sheep approach, but everyone on that show is at least competent at their jobs and are generally likeable characters.

What if the Discovery itself (the design of which I fucking despise) was pitched as the Feds Siberian posting? Lorca lost his previous ship, obviously has problems with authority, so they gave him this crap vessel and a demeaning assignment as punishment.

That assignment: Take your C-list crew of cucks and faggots far the fuck away from anything important and study this mysterious space mushroom network. Just stay out of everyone else's way.

Drop all the virtue signaling bullshit and self-congratulatory dialogue and focus on how all the characters are awful and hate each other, but gradually grow into a functioning crew over the course of the show. You don't even have to rewrite them all that much.

Is it a trope? Yeah, but it's better than the shit we've got now.>>29606

872d6a  No.29617

I stopped paying close attention to this shitshow a little while back. Did they ever bother explaining why they have magic mushroom drive now but not in 50 years?

d15f4c  No.29618


not yet, but it seems like the eventual explanation will be that it basically devastates the ecosystem of the shroom dimension and murders it's inhabitants when used so it will be memoryhole'd by section 31.

8421b1  No.29623


>But there's really no reason to ever go back to the Kelpian homeworld unless Kurtzman suddenly realises that OOPS this opens up an interesting thread of the Kelpians who want to seek revenge now going full genocide on the Baul, maybe taking their technology and the Federation being put in a very uncomfortable spot on the whole issue.

The whole premise of the Kelpians being suppressed like that to not commit genocide is definitely stupid though. The Kelpians are basically Bronze Age in technology while the Baul seem to be in some areas even superior to the Federation tech, the idea that a bunch of clay hut dwellers would be able to wipe out a space-faring civilisation that is also paranoid about their own security is as realistic as native Americans wiping out the United States. Unless the Kelpians aren't also physically strong but are also evil geniuses (implied by Saru's mastery of technology and language), and then it would not make sense that the Baul escaped extinction in the first place.

I'm still annoyed by how casual Burnham and Pike took this issue "oh well, maybe the Baul genocide the Kelpians after this, or they don't and the Kelpians genocide the Baul but hey they might need a few generations for that". Like what the fuck you absolute assholes, Picard would have agonized over this for hours before making such a decision.


The ironic thing is all those who seem competent (the black Amish bridge girl, the ginger girl with the mechanic eye, the robot girl) get zero coverage whereas those that do seem to be completely chaotic. Burnham is a convicted war criminal. Tilly is a mess, Ash was a Klang sleeper agent, Stamets is an unstable mushroom mutant faggot, Saru is developing to become a super-aggressive species, etc. - and from what we are seeing in the trailer Spock went complete nuts as well.

Why even make Spock some adventurous, mentally unstable and passionate character? This is not at all how the Spock character is the designed, it feels completely alien (no pun intended) to the way Nemoy played him. Even that JJ Abrams' Spock was closer to the original than this one from what we can see to the trailer.

8421b1  No.29624


To be fair, this is the least problem I have with it, because you can easily find a plot device as to how it can't be used anymore, but I'm still baffled by the utter stupidity of the concept.

It's a fucking mushroom network. In space.

e5db9c  No.29625

File: dfedf69e78c1664⋯.png (580.23 KB, 1280x534, 640:267, vlcsnap-2019-02-23-11h23m2….png)

lol they've retconned the events from the Short Trek. Now Saru said that Georgiou was from the Archimedes. They've even CGI out the ship's name on the shuttle.

They don't even care about the shit they write.

57ac38  No.29628


Has anyone ever asked the real Paul Stamets what he thinks of the show?

d15f4c  No.29629


Would have been much better if they had just ripped off more shit from the game and said it was all directly powered by the damn tardigrade. Like it's just some naturally occurring space creature they found that's able to safely travel at warp 10, so section 31 decided to stick it in a fancy containment cell on a ship, jam a probe into it's central nervous system in order to control where it goes and all the spores do is just make the ship able to piggy back onto the creature's "bio warp field" when it jumps.

Still a bit too science fantasy-y, but at least it would mostly jive with the rest of canon, and you wouldn't need a bunch of shit about pan dimensional magic mushroom heaven, and the technology can conveniently be lost forever the very second some federation moralfag goes all space peta and sets the bug free

1113ff  No.29631


That's a good point. They really should have kept the tardigrade around for much longer since they've now forced themselves to a corner where they have to come up with an even more bullshit reason why no one 10 (let alone 100) years later uses this technology. It's another case of the show wanting to quickly tie up plotlines that actually have potential or are useful to the function of the world.


>I'm still annoyed by how casual Burnham and Pike took this issue "oh well, maybe the Baul genocide the Kelpians after this, or they don't and the Kelpians genocide the Baul but hey they might need a few generations for that". Like what the fuck you absolute assholes, Picard would have agonized over this for hours before making such a decision.

I think at this point Kurtzman and co. realised they would actually have to think about the long term effects of this decision and that is too hard. And doesn't involve SPAAAWCK. So they left it at that.

922ceb  No.29632


He's showing up again in the last episode. Probably episode 9, too. imdb has him listed in three.


Either Burham, Spock, or an Iconian were the big three ideas iirc. Iconian due to how the online game canon is based off of the prime timeline.

3272dc  No.29646


Either Burnham, Spock, or an Iconian

I have a weird feeling that it might be some version of Georgiou from the future. I could see this show being so heavy-handed as to have Mirror Georgiou from the future go back in time and do all these good deeds as a way to try and win back Burnham's trust or some stupid shit.

ad2260  No.29676

That camera circling the holo projection

For fuck's sake can they give it a rest I want to puke

327135  No.29677

I was going to say I thought it was the strongest episode of season 2 because Burnham had comparatively less lines. Then they ruined it with the last line confirming that'll it be all about her next week.

For a show that's depended so hard on mystery boxes as a cheap way to maintain interest it's impressive that they haven't managed a twist I haven't seen coming. Christ if your show's going to be a train wreck of asspulls at least give me one fucking surprising asspull.

7d2e6e  No.29683

File: 416a04e3de99b5e⋯.png (177.97 KB, 397x384, 397:384, 73c.png)


fuck this gay earth

038ca1  No.29688


>Saru likes like he is HIV positive.

d688c0  No.29698

I legit think this show is bad on purpose so that it can serve as a trojan horse to eventually de-brainwash SJWs, or something.

Trek has always had this subtle background philosophy of cultural rectification.

I wasn't totally sure what they were trying to do but things have started falling into place since that episode with the dying sphere thing.


fucking same

20aaff  No.29700

File: 2b5c971e16c12f5⋯.jpg (8.76 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

My theory: The Red Angel is actually ISAAC.

0f1171  No.29705


Why is She-Gumby a captain anyway? I thought Turnabout Intruder confirmed that women couldn't be starship captains until 50 or 70 years after the TOS era?


Plz no.

a87ecf  No.29706


Honestly people tried to forget that episode existed long before STD showed up.

e5db9c  No.29707


>Turnabout Intruder

I haven't watched the episode in ages but wasn't this taken out of context? The bitch never got to captain because she was crazy and jealous of Kirk, right?

0bfea1  No.29712


Michael Sue isn't the captain (though she certainly acts like she is). As for The Turnabout Intruder, what >>29707 said. The woman was insane and no one else actually says that women couldn't be captains. I would think it would've been awkward for Number One to become Commander, second highest ranked person on the ship, but never have a chance to go any further.

b389f6  No.29714

>This is the most active thread on /strek/

No wonder this place is dead. We got a double dose of STD's.

dfa9ae  No.29732

CBS announced STD has been renewed for a 3rd season and they have a dyke kike co-showrunner.

564c21  No.29733


This is /strek/'s fault! You should not have watched it!

e5db9c  No.29734

File: e25c7b29c81975e⋯.jpg (76.85 KB, 700x600, 7:6, 1507822590055.jpg)


They know what they're doing is shit but they had to renew it because of The Orville.

I know it sounds like a conspiracy but there's a reason why they moved the schedule of STD so it starts 30 minutes before The Orville.

I think they renewed STD because they don't know what to do with Picard and Section 31.

bd232d  No.29737



No. They're doing it because of moralfaggotry (The Orville shit is just a bonus to them). Renewing this show sends a "powerful message" to all those mean and bigoted fans who didn't like their shit trek or their shitty recreation of RENT in space. For example, the new Captain Marvel movie is getting a lot of shit, so you think this would be a good time for the Shazaam movie (the original Captain Marvel) to take advantage of the situation and come out on top, instead they bend over backwards and try to help their fucking Disney rival from the evil bigots because its "the right thing to do". We live in an age of complete moral control and manipulation that's only made worse by how twisted and corrupted the current tenants of morality are.

cbea78  No.29738


Money doesn't matter to them


Pretty much this.

dfa9ae  No.29740



>morals over money

more like overzealous moralfaggotry excusing incompetence over money, where they made stupid decisions because they are desperate to have both. STD was stupendously expensive for what it was, and although Netflix is rumored to have paid for the full cost of season 1, we reallly dont know how it was actually structured or how long the actual cost to produce the show was amortized across how many episodes. The most likely scenario is that they need to spool-up to having new Trek on All Access year-round and do so for several years just to break even, so you can absolutely forget about STD being canceled before another nuTrek series is up and running.

At this rate, i'd say STD is going to go for 1 more season minimum. They need at least one series that is cheap and high-volume, which is why they're doing an animated series. It's no other reason than they can do 20+ episodes per season and have half the year covered with one show. Then, another two high budget scripted series to make up the other six months, roughly.

I'd say we're in for at minimum three more years of CBS nuTrek before they're even able to admit that the experiment of replacing canon Star Trek with a licensed universe didn't work. Even if the fan response were reaching CBS, they're entirely constrained by the economics of STD. They're not just going to scrap all those sets and costumes and CGI assets just because the show isn't popular, regardless if Netflix paid for them in full or in part or whatever.

47dcf6  No.29743

File: fab523d469f57d7⋯.jpg (92.89 KB, 455x678, 455:678, 1526815586177.jpg)


>I know it sounds like a conspiracy but there's a reason why they moved the schedule of STD so it starts 30 minutes before The Orville.

I one hundred percent believe there's a conspiracy and Orville is a genuine Trek show and nothing about the relationship between the two has been a coincidence right down to the scheduling, coordinated premieres, and themes that subtly carry over between them.

STD is meant to be a dark mirror and that wouldn't work as well without The Orville providing the best of worlds as contrast.

9cd6b6  No.29749


I always assumed it was the direct result of some writer making an awkward in-universe rant about the networks forcing Roddenberry to ditch Number One because she's a woman.

9cd6b6  No.29750


Well it is the only currently active Star trek show. The various fan projects seem to be DOA. So we're limited to ether STD, Orville, or ST Online for new content to bitch about.

bd232d  No.29751


The Orville is part of the grand Hollywood scam. We're all being duped.

cd50bc  No.29753

Good news everyone, STD is coming back for a 3rd season!

47dcf6  No.29754


We're just talking about two shows, not some sprawling reptilian enterprise, and a franchise that's bigger than any one network. It's totally plausible.

No sleuthing even necessary to prove that there are Trek people working on Orville since their names are in the credits.

7088a7  No.29755


>Season 2 Finale

The red angel is revealed to be Michael Sue Burnham from the future. She heals Spock's broken mind, cures Pike of his cuckoldry, brings Mirror Georgiou to blissful orgasm, and finally fades into the cosmic background as a being of pure energy that guides all sentient races towards a future of SJW-soy-feminist homogeneity.

>Season 3

Captain Jean-Luc Swolecard tears down the barriers between universes and single-handedly un-fucks this shit with dead lifts and Earl Grey.

e5db9c  No.29756


>Season 3

Michael Burnham becomes Guinan.

fa303e  No.29757


Guinan fucking sucked already. There, I said it.

0bfea1  No.29767


>Captain Jean-Luc Swolecard tears down the barriers between universes and single-handedly un-fucks this shit with dead lifts and Earl Grey.

who's running the show at this point? Kurtzman and co. are too soy for the magnificance and gains of Swolecard.

bd232d  No.29768

File: 5fad65f71945b8a⋯.gif (2.43 MB, 640x480, 4:3, carrots are good for your ….gif)


> not some sprawling reptilian enterprise, and a franchise that's bigger than any one network

That's exactly what they are.

8c5802  No.29774

The editing in this episode is god-fucking-awful. The whole scene with Burnham, Amanda, and SoySpock feels like it was shot in two completely separate locations.

Also, nice to see Tyler taking a page from his charming negress lover and cucksplaining to Pike all the ways he sucks as a captain.

Jesus Christ.

db502a  No.29781


This is CBS and the merger may be happening, so if it actually goes into production, I'll be surprised.

41f8ff  No.29814

Wow, they actually went and gave Spock vulcan autism just like we make jokes about months ago. At this point, yeah, the red angel is Mikey from the future. It's the stupidest possibility so therefore it must be the correct one.

b389f6  No.29815


Are they taking ideas from us?

6c6e24  No.29816


I don't want to say you got it right but I have a hard time arguing with your logic. Futuremikey confirmed.

3ef988  No.29817

File: 107b16eb7bdb77a⋯.png (163.51 KB, 833x607, 833:607, 7280c69b743b55c876a85b09b7….png)


>from the future

Why not from the past? There's plenty of boring backstory to expand on. Maybe her soul bifurcated the moment she killed the klingon dude?

0bfea1  No.29819

I hope you enjoyed the one episode this season that wasn't completely about Michael Sue, because this week is all about her and her dysfunctional family relationships!

>another shitty Michael monologue to start off the episode

>"I haven't spoken to my mother in a while." Didn't you see her like a few weeks ago?

>was that rain on Vulcan or the work of some kind of weather machine?


>And ofc he has mega autism

>Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland

>How the fuck do Amanda and Sarek know about S31? Especially the former. And why do I still ask when the show obviously doesn't give a shit?

>Why did Sarek randomly become emotional at the end of his speech?

>Tilly is so fucking shit. How the fuck can anyone see this huge potential within her? How about you give her some social situations classes first, maybe that will stop her from running to the bridge and saying dumb shit like "frick!", thinking it's cutesy

>I like how they say only Stamets can save the day, but because of the more pressing issue of Michael Sue and Spawck, his screentime was around what, 5-6 minutes?

>What was that shit about Spock having the Vulcan version of dyslexia? I missed that part.

>I'm guessing something messed up must happen to Spock if he completely forgets the close relationship he had with his step-sister and never ever mentions her again. With Sybok, you had an excuse of him being a fair deal older than Spock and being involved with a type of life Sarek did not apporve of.

>there's this one chink navigator or whatever on the ship and the way he talks reminds me of the way people would act in old Trek. It made me a bit sad. That dude would fit in so well in any of the TNG-VOY era shows.

>I'm glad the show thinks we're such brainlets and won't remember a scene of nuPike seeing an image of the future and later acting that same scene out. Like, that slight suprise and understanding on his face was enough, we didn't need a flashback.

>I fucking said it before, S31 trusting Mirror Georgiou was a retarded mistake. Is the implication now that Michael's parents' death will become an important plot point? Or was it just to make him look worse in comparison to Georgiou (a genocidal dictator who ate Saru's species right in front of him).

>Ash smashing at that probe when the ship was going to self destruct in 5 seconds was hilarious

>Talos IV OH BOY can't wait to see what they do there. Also, maybe it's just me, but when you're in Pike's era and you're doing a storylike with the Talosians, it seems a bit pointless, especially since they're not big characters. If you brought them back in, let's say, VOY, it would make more sense.

Glad to see the next episode will focus on Michael Sue some more. I was starting to miss her.

a13a33  No.29820


This was the first episode where I really felt the weight of how badly contrived the idea of Michael being Spock's "sister" is. Their interaction has absolutely no depth to it, even forgiving the fact that Spock is a logic vegetable at this point. The writing and acting utterly fail to sell that she was ever part of his family.

And boy, according to STD Spock's family is one fucked up unit. I get that people sometimes stay in loveless marriages for the sake of their kids, but it doesn't seem like Amanda has any affection at all for this version Sarek. And why would she? He's written as an emotionless ogre who wouldn't let her love her own son and favored their stray jigaboo over his own flesh & blood.

I actually can't believe they went full-blown autism with Spock. I mean, I'm not surprised, but I'm kind of impressed that they made it so blatant knowing the kind of backlash that's going to come. And I love how Amanda practically stares into the camera and says "Spock has a learning disorder." Gotta make sure we get our accolades for mental health representation. Don't want to take the chance it might get overlooked if it was written more subtly.

This whole fucking show is Tumblr fodder. I can't wait for the episode all about pronouns!

40af11  No.29821



<implying any significant number of trek fans watch STD

2e7aa4  No.29822


>This whole fucking show is Tumblr fodder.

No it's pure marxism, the goal is to destroy everything Trek stood for and every iconic character. Of course they would turn Spock into either an autist or an incel since people loved the character played by Nimoy.

0bfea1  No.29826


>And boy, according to STD Spock's family is one fucked up unit. I get that people sometimes stay in loveless marriages for the sake of their kids, but it doesn't seem like Amanda has any affection at all for this version Sarek. And why would she? He's written as an emotionless ogre who wouldn't let her love her own son and favored their stray jigaboo over his own flesh & blood.

I just keep remembering that scene in Journey to Babel where Sarek and Amanda are alone, talking about Spock, and how affectionate they were. And that was very cute. Nimoy talks in his book how both Mark Lenard and Jane Wyatt came up with little quirks Vulcan (well, in this case a Vulcan/Human) couples could have and it added to the relationship, making it more believable. We know Spock's upbringing was a sore subject and Amanda had to give in a lot more than she probably liked, but she admitted that the Vulcan way was better, though hard. NuAmanda frankly should be willing to save her son, ofc, but not in a way that makes it seem like she is bitter with her marriage and how her son was raised. I also believe Amanda at this point was long past the point of throwing Sarek being a Female-Humanboo into his face (or even Sarek needing to bring up that he married a human, at least with her in a serious manner).

I appreciated them actually talking, I always thought they were a sweet and interesting couple, but the content was very questionable.

6c6e24  No.29829


>was raised. I also believe Amanda at this point was long past the point of throwing Sarek being a Female-Humanboo into his face (or even Sarek needing to bring up that he married a human, at least with her in a serious manner).

>I appreciated them actually talking, I always thought they were a sweet and interesting couple, but the content was very questionable.

Well they were talking like a couple that adopted a cat instead of people who had been together decades who reared children successfully. As the left have no idea what the later talk like its not all that surprising they would fail to write good dialog for it.

ebcb56  No.29833


>>Alice in Wonderland

The Oz books would have been a better stylistic choice since one of it's morals is that just because a place might seem bizarre and chaotic to an outside observer doesn't mean it it's not actually a perfectly logical system that functions in an orderly manner to the actual natives.

Which seems like a more sensible thing to teach baby asspie goblinoid spock, and at the same time not being as fucking over used in sci fi stories as Alice in Wonderland is.

fa303e  No.29834


Sure but Oz isn't about dropping shrooms

544ea2  No.29845


Not yet.s

57ac38  No.29856


Is that really why they used Alice in Wonderland? Because there's a mushroom in one part? That sounds fucking ham fisted. I've never actually seen STD and don't intend to.

ebcb56  No.29861


that and probably the looking glass references, and so they can have Crazy Catatonic Spock babble out the "we're all mad here and you are too blah blah because otherwise you wouldn't be here" line in between saying the coordinates for the Talosian's home planet backwards because he has the vulcan version of dyslexia.

2e7aa4  No.29862

God I'm sick of the Alice in Wonderland shit, it's so pretentious for a show with boring and empty characters.

"I'm sorry Sarek but our son is dyslexic and the school refuses to help" What the fuck is that? This screams like a woman drama.

Sarek is "literally shaking" at the idea of losing "both of his children". Fuck that. Sarek never showed his emotions up until TNG when he got sick.

Why do every character keep talking back to Pike? Don't they know about the chain of command? There are rules FFS.

Also they better stop with Burnham writing/reading the log, she's not the Captain.

The sound design, the score, the dutch angles, the fake lens flares… come on Kurtzman.

b3caf3  No.29863


>This screams like a woman drama.

You're just getting that now?

>Why do every character keep talking back to Pike?

Because he's literally the only straight white male human on the ship. He's the only character the show can routinely disparage without incurring the wrath of the diversity outrage machine.

0bfea1  No.29864


>Why do every character keep talking back to Pike? Don't they know about the chain of command? There are rules FFS.

I'm so sick of seeing this every episode. No one respects him even though there's nothing Pike has done that should make people question him. Michael has done this constantly and it drives me up the wall. And where the hell is Ash coming from that he feels like he has any right to sass back at Pike? He should shut the fuck up and prove himself to him, not the other way around.

What a waste of a character. The actor seems to actually be trying as well, but nothing can save him from Kurtzman's boner for QWEEN Michael.

fa303e  No.29865


>there's a mushroom in one part?

niger the whole story is a trip, are you kidding?

there's no element of it that doesn't scream that carroll was ripped as shit like a true nineteenth century english gentleman

it's a common stand-in for psychedelic experiences

i don't know how you could possibly not be aware of this because it's used as this kind of motif more often than it isn't

so no it's not because of "one part with a mushroom"

8421b1  No.29868


You know I initially liked the idea that the main character wasn't the captain, but Burnham constantly berates and commands whoever is in charge they could have made her captain as well. At least that would be believable.

b3caf3  No.29878

File: 5b134176ffaf45e⋯.jpg (63.28 KB, 829x820, 829:820, talos was both god and man.jpg)

Look guise, Talosians!

This is totally Star Trek now, right?

57ac38  No.29882


I am very familiar with both Wonderland and Oz. What I'm not familiar with is STD. What does psychedelia have to do with STD?

74696c  No.29887


Their magic teleporting jump drive is powered by mushroom spores and they take a trip through a psychedelic dreamland when the use it.

4827df  No.29895


The whole show is trying to convince SJWs to drop shrooms I'm pretty sure.

I can at least vouch that it's definitely a better show when you're a little fucked up.


Right, and the strong sense that the entire universe is connected somehow is a standard thing people report on shrooms which seems to be the whole inspiration for that.

And don't forget they invoked psilocybin by name a couple eps ago.

Also Paul Stamets is an IRL mycologist (who was consulted for the show) and he's fucking fascinating to listen to.

There's a really good JRE podcast where he discusses how actual biological systems are linked by fungal networks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPqWstVnRjQ

2e7aa4  No.29896


>Also Paul Stamets is an IRL mycologist (who was consulted for the show) and he's fucking fascinating to listen to.

>There's a really good JRE podcast where he discusses how actual biological systems are linked by fungal networks

That's hippie "science", dude shrooms lmao.

4827df  No.29897


afaik he's pretty respected in his field actually and is pretty reserved when it comes to the hippie stuff from what I've seen. He's a legit researcher who has published a bunch and has a stack of patents.

There's nothing particularly "dude shrooms" about the idea that organisms are biochemically linked within especially plant systems. Of course they are in at least the same way they are by any other shared element of their ecosystem. I haven't listened to that podcast for over a year so I forget the details but I think the interesting thing was that fungus might even act as a communication medium (which again isn't "hippie" science because we already know that some plants communicate biochemically in a variety of other ways).


>Terpenoids facilitate communication between plants and insects, mammals, fungi, microorganisms, and other plants.[12]

But… whatever, because the point was just that anon asked what shrooms have to do with STD and Stamets qualifies.

57ac38  No.29903


>they take a trip through a psychedelic dreamland when the use it.

Gay. That shit was lame enough when they had the weird trippy time travel in IV. The more I learn about STD, the worse it sounds.


>Also Paul Stamets is an IRL mycologist (who was consulted for the show)

Yeah, that shit triggers the fuck out of me. You can find me sperging out about it in several STD threads.

0657d2  No.29918

Supposedly the newest leak says the next season will actually be made entirely of super low budget short trek episodes, rather than a proper renewal, so expect an entire season's worth of god awful short bus treks.

Also it sounds like they're pinning all their hopes and dreams on the Picard show now.

0bfea1  No.29927


Isn't it a bit early to start getting leaks on what the next season will look like? Considering how much reshooting they've done already, what they say now will 100% not be what we will end up seeing.

>Also it sounds like they're pinning all their hopes and dreams on the Picard show now.

Not suprised. People will at least be more hopeful seeing Stewart again, whether or not it is justified.

2e7aa4  No.29930


Yeah and originally each season would've featured a different captain (Lorca, Pike, April, Decker) and the final season would've Burnham in the captain's chair. It's ridiculous but so is the current version of the show.

2e7aa4  No.29931

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Also a weird thing that happened in the last episode: a whole sequence with only female extras in the background.

e6069c  No.29935


>It's ridiculous

I'm shocked that they were originally going to actually wait four whole years before they finally put mikey in the chair. It feels like they would have done it at the end of season 1 if they could have gotten away with it like how JJ Trek had Kirk go from cadet to captain in a single movie.

fa303e  No.29936



You have to be a real sad faggot to be counting background extras in the hopes of making yourself mad about SJWs considering all the flagrant stuff to actually get annoyed about.

e6069c  No.29937


>People will at least be more hopeful seeing Stewart again

Current rumors seems to make the show sound more Firefly-y than Trek. The supposed character list for casting lacks any actual starfleet/federation characters. There's a black female han solo type that will probably be the 2nd major character after Picard, and a young kung fu monk that would be a total Joss Wedon style battle waifu cliche if the list didn't specify the character was a dude.

So like, a retired Picard stuck on a non feddy ship full of misfits and renegades, and they're hunting for strange long lost alien artifacts or some shit like that.

faa635  No.29938

Pike is fucking all the ensigns off-screen. All of them. He's ordering transfers non-stop and packing Discovery with sloppy babes.

4c772f  No.29952

>people here actually watch this crap

Are you guys retarded?

I tried to give it a chance but couldn't stand watching it past the third episode of season one.

8478b3  No.29971


Some anons are into self flagellation.

576e06  No.29989

>the red angel is Michael Burnham from the future

So a ripoff of the Humanoid Figure/Future Guy/Future Archer?

ecb048  No.29991


>people here actually watch this crap

God bless them, I would have no means to learn of this trainwreck otherwise. The first time I heard about the spore system and the tardigrades, I honestly thought anon was shitposting.

f7df5d  No.30000


>So a ripoff of the Humanoid Figure/Future Guy/Future Archer?

Don't give them ideas that the way to end this "is it canon or not" arguments is to tie it to the temporal cold war and link it to Enterprise.

Actually, would be Archer still be alive at this point in the timeline? Either as an ancient old man, more machine than man, like McCoy was in TNG or through alien intervention like Cochran got? ST has always been really inconsistent with how long humans typically live in the 23/24th century due to the actual aging of the actors.

c5e3d2  No.30005


>would Archer still be alive?

McCoy was 137 on TNG, but doctors make terrible patients and famously don't take their own advice, so I assume his health wasn't that great, especially after a century of bourbon and Romulan ale. I suspect he keeps a few of those kidney-growing pills on hand for when he really ties one on.

Archer would be 145 by the time of STD, which is probably close to the upper limit of human lifespans. He always exercising, rock climbing, didn't eat shit, and rarely drank. If he kept that up he'd probably still be in pretty decent shape. I doubt he'd be into implants and alien tech to keep him going, though.

ad1284  No.30007


Archer was still alive and in Starfleet in the Kelvin timeline at least until nuScotty to killed his beagle, and I see no reason why it would be different for the "Prime" timeline. As for canon, who knows.

5f1a55  No.30011


>implying the century of bourbon and romulan ale did not perfectly preserve his insides


Admiral Porthos was still alive in the JewJewVerse

c5e3d2  No.30016

>Nauseating 360-degree camera dance and lens flares, activate!

The big return to Talos IV! Isn't this what Trek fans have been clamoring over for decades? Even after that clunky original pilot was repurposed for "The Menagerie" and offered a satisfying coda to the whole storyline? I know I sure was.

So the big destructive life-altering traumatizing event that so wounded Spock in his youth was essentially Michael Burnham treating him like Lassie and saying "Go away; I don't love you anymore!" in an attempt to protect him from the "logic extremists."

The red angel showed Spock a future where all sentient life in the galaxy is wiped out by what look to be machines of some sort and during the mind meld his perception of time got thrown out of whack and he downloaded some future memories, which Section 31 wants. Also the red angel is human. Shocker.

Stray shit:

>Pike & Vina have a psychic chat for no other reason than "REMEMBER THIS CHARACTER?!!!"

>Gay nigger fights Tyler because of unresolved murder feelings

>The maybe-robot maybe-cyborg bridge chick is fucking with ship systems after getting hacked last episode

>Georgiou genocided the Talosians in the Mirror universe because of course she did

At the very least this episode featured some pretty great moments of Spock putting Mikey in her place. SoySpock still pretty much sucks though.

As a whole, it was fucking weird the way they hyped this episode. I seem to remember Kurtzman mentioning the Talosians at one of the Comic Cons and getting a pretty tepid reaction. There was even an intro montage of "The Cage" that smash cut Jeffrey Hunter's Pike into Anson Mount, as if after seeing the 60's footage we're still somehow supposed to buy that these things take place in the same timeline.

133628  No.30017

File: e7aa50dc30ced37⋯.png (87.61 KB, 320x840, 8:21, Ghostola.png)


Yeah it seems unlikely to have been anyone but mikey for the red angel now, seems to be the only one who in the future would know when to return to notspock to initiate the timeloop (and all the other gay stuff).

I skipped all the gay nigger shit, the guy playing notspock isnt terrible. The talosians looked like shit, talos looked like shit and they managed to make vina look like shit which is really a technical feat considering they started with a pretty white girl in a miniskirt.

At this point I'm just really freaked out by how open everyone is about Section 31 (oh yeah these are our douchebag liars who we send out to do stuff because we're too lazy to actually help an important ambassador's son). I badly want to see georgie get her comeuppance section 31 style but it will never happen so I cant wait for the section 31 pilot to get spaced and then pike to feel bad about it for 5 mins until the next scene. Notspock and mikey actually did have a little chemistry which was surprising to me because its a first for the show but shitty 'Mikey must always have the last word' writing kinda ruins it.

Probably 2nd best episode of the season so far, sad.

a72b5d  No.30026

They really gonna make Michael from the future the red angel, right? God damnit you stupid cunts. This is below even for Kurtzman. I mean the fact that it is already revealed it is a human makes it boring, building up a crazy alien mystery box and then revealing it's a human prevents any establishment of some cool new alien or villian.

Also, what is this high stakes bullshit all the time? The entire universe will be destroyed? Fucking wot mate?

I hope the next time they spore jump they end up in Dominion or Borg space.

8421b1  No.30027


btw a possible solution to Section 31 being open about everything and known to everybody (which is inconsistent with DS9 Section 31) is to have Georgie taking over the org and murdering her colleagues, then being eventually defeated and Section 31 being buried, which would lead to it being unknown till the TNG/DS9 era. Something like that.

I also thought this episode was okay because this time the pacing was actually alright. It didn't feel like they tried to cram a hundred different things in, but Spock the autist is annoying, Mickey is ipso facto annoying, but it was funny as fuck to have the black doctor being cured by his gayness or something, lmao. The fact he's now tough and buff makes it obvious what kind of a day Stammets is, and it shows that the people who write this shit are still doing gay people a disservice by portraying them as effeminate drama queens and the audience is supposed to like them. Like with so many things SJW actually end up hurting the group they seek to empower.

I'll say this tho: The season is - so far - better than S1 which is a really low bar but still something considering the most likable character (Lorca) is gone.

8421b1  No.30028


what kind of a fag Stammets is*

218308  No.30029


<Star Trek: Discovery isn't going away anytime soon. The CBS All Access series is getting a third season, along with a new showrunner.

<Writer Michelle Paradise, who boarded Discovery midway through Season 2, has been promoted to co-showrunner. She'll share top duties with Alex Kurtzman who also has his hands full expanding the Trek universe — a Picard series, Michelle Yeoh spin-off, and two animated series are just a few of his projects currently in the works. Paradise previously served as an executive producer on the CW series The Originals and the LOGO drama Exes & Ohs.

I thought this ride was almost over :(((((((

8421b1  No.30030


I don't actually think the show is that unpopular. Normies seem to like it - for them it's just a fun, action-packed quirky Sci-fi ride with MEMBER SPOCK MEMBER PIKE moments. Actual Trekkies hate it but they were never the target audience for CBS or JewJew's NuTrek. Critics boost it too (while simultaneously ripping on the Orville).

bb31af  No.30031


I'm surprised that gay black guy being not gay He'll be gay in the end. This show doesn't have the balls to change his character like that. isn't talked about more on here.

f00d8a  No.30032


>inconsistent with DS9

The fags who write this show would have to give a shit about lore consistency in the first place to want to try and rectify it, and it's obvious none of them have actually seen any Trek outside of retweeting Picard memes.

I doubt anyone from CBS will ever directly address the Canon/Prime timeline discrepancy, so it's pointless to even speculate how all these retcons and inconsistencies could be resolved.

3c8b9a  No.30035


>They really gonna make Michael from the future the red angel, right?

tfw Burnham from another timeline decided to use some technology to save another Burnham from being killed by a random monster on Vulcan.

If true then that level of entitlement from a Mary Sue is quite unbelievable.

93d1a7  No.30041

I went aways near the end of the episode for about 6 minutes and I completely forgot what was even happening. If I hadn't been keeping track of the stupider moments in a chat, I'd have no memory of what actually took place.

>the opening with clips from The Cage could've been charming, but since this is STD, it was anything but. I also got a kick out of the thoight of some exec seeing this episode and having no idea what the fuck was going on and the editors quickly needing to put together that opening scene to explain that this shit was from the og pilot.

>there was a moment very early on in the episode where I thought they were going to follow the Discovery crew and come back to Michael next episode. If they had done that, this would be the best episode of STD ever. But alas…

>I am still somewhat confused why Spock never just told anyone he kept seeing Red Angels. It's not like Starfleet hadn't seen some crazy alien shit, why would this be any different?

>I loved that scene of some random Vulcan Admiral jerking off Kurtzman's penis and having her be bitchy towards the S31 guy while only talking to Georgiou. Gurl Power!

>the holograms look shit

>Jim, did I ever tell you about that time I went back to Talos IV? My adopted sister Michael Burnham took us there because we hoped to get answers to why I kept seeing Red Angels since my childhood. It's funny I never brought this up during the time Starfleet command tried to make sense of why I had seemingly betrayed my position and I was showing clips of my mission to Talos IV. She was a good friend.

>I do not understand why everyone kept expecting gay doctor guy to be back all normal and okay. His entire body language was screaming how fucked up and confused he was, yet Stamets went full retard and instead of talking to him, kept pushing him to be okay with everything. I almost felt sorry for the guy. Like holy shit, the guy who killed you was still on the ship and everyone was just like "we'll just move him to another level, it's okay :)))"

>Vina was pretty pointless, if we're being honest here. The only reason I see for her was to have that scene with Pike and show that there was a reason why he was okay to go back to her in The Menagerie.

>I don't understand how they fucked up the Talosians. They were obviously male and female and that just ruins their image. Fuck me, they even had them have male and female voices. How hard was it to just get some old ladies and have male voices over them? A pilot from the 60s managed to do that?

>love the scene of Vina showing off her disfigured face and it was all obstructed by lens flare

>why was Spock's first reaction to start mind melding with the Red Angel? Did he at least try to communicate with it?

>it's a the galaxy will be destroyed and only we can save it storyline episode. The Orville did it better and spent less time just fucking around pointlessly.

>kudos for Kurtzman for trying to pretend Spock had an actual reason to have Michael there on Talos IV that wasn't just Kurtzman wanting more and more and more scenes of his waifu

>remember when Spock used the Vulcan nerve pinch instead of fighting with his fists? I remember.

>I don't understand what kid Michael leaving would have solved. Spock and his family would still be at risk from the extremists since Amanda still existed and Spock was a halfie.

>oh boohoo, Michael was mean to him and told Spock to fuck off, that is so traumatic.

>"say goodbye, Spock" "Goodbye, Spock". Nice dad jokes, Kurtzman

More S31 bullshit next episode. Also the alien android chick being corrupted will finally come to something, so at least there's that.

8421b1  No.30046


Why didn't Spock just tell Burnham about the Red Angel? Or his dad? Or Pike? Do we really have to drag his autistic ass to Talos IV only so he can show his thoughts to Micheal? Could he just have mindmelted? This really bothered me. And the "reveal" of Spock and Burnhams emotional trauma is literally just Burnham being mean to him. What a joke. They made him having the hots for her, and being told to fuck off, which causes him focus completely on his Vulcan side - it wasn't Spock's conscious decision as an autonomous person, no, it was because of some black ass he missed out on.

Also, the robot chick being evil is, again, not necessarily a bad idea, but we know nothing about her. We don't even know if she's an android, a cyborg or whatever. This the problem if you don't have an ensemble cast, you want members of the bridge crew to be impactful sometimes, but spend zero effort on their characterisation. So now her betrayal will leave the viewer with no emotion.

f00d8a  No.30047

File: 31a9f0b5c9df0ba⋯.jpg (76.2 KB, 600x800, 3:4, frieza.jpg)


>robot chick … we know nothing about her

Fun fact: the actress was recast between seasons and I doubt even people who like this garbage realized it. That's how little anyone cares about this "character."

d1cd19  No.30050

>you weird little half-breed


1dcdc9  No.30061


>the opening with clips from The Cage could've been charming, but since this is STD, it was anything but.

I thought it was cute that they threw in that one fucking scene of Happy Spock that was often used as a major argument for why anything from the cage not later reused in The Menagerie shouldn't be counted as offical canon. I can't decide if that was on purpose to make their autistic lunatic KmartSpock seem more legit or a total accident.

218308  No.30062


>I doubt anyone from CBS will ever directly address the Canon/Prime timeline discrepancy

it's not like their coming out and saying "oh, it's a separate universe" would actually help anything, by leaving the situation ambiguous they only give us more license to ignore the events of the show

93d1a7  No.30067


wait, really? I don't really keep track of the casting decisions in this show, but you'd think a seemingly """""important"""" character being recast would be more well known.

52c4ef  No.30130

Imagine if Gene was alive to see STD?

90449d  No.30141


If Gene had lived long enough to see STD, STD would never have happened, because TNG season 3+ would have been just as awful as seasons 1 and 2 due to Gene's nutty decisions and Star Trek would have died with TNG's cancellation due to crap ratings at season 4 or 5.

71bf4b  No.30153


The new Talosians look like Odo with a brain tumor

71bf4b  No.30154


>but you'd think a seemingly """""important"""" character

i don't think the character ever had anything but a throw away command confirmation from its bridge station… it's just there to look cool and nothing more, until now.

ad6e04  No.30156


What this gentleman said. Also Gene would be so into MeToo he'd poz his own shows (and eventually get caught up and accused).

71b76a  No.30159


Gene was still alive by Season 4 anon, he had no control of Season 3 TNG.

215fab  No.30177

138ae8  No.30192

File: de7b52eb85a048e⋯.jpg (946.66 KB, 1987x3056, 1987:3056, Star Trek - Discovery Annu….jpg)

>make somewhat acceptable STD comic where Saru literally goes John McClane on a group of Orion pirates invading Discovery then outsmarts their captain using his skills and knowledge of the ship.

>Saves the day almost single handily in a mostly believable way without needing some bullshit anime style power-up, implausible ability to macguyer advanced technology despite being a little more than a hippy caveman, or the help of a literal magic NotTimelord who totally isn't Michael Burnham from the future

>Meanwhile Mikey spends the comic sitting on her ass in an Orion brig, forced to listen to Asspie McGingertits babble on about how primitive their cell is for still using metal bars.

>even throw in a little dream sequence scene where you mock the spore drive on the down-low

>Unfortunately still have to end the story with Saru agreeing that he's just not ready to become a captain yet because you're forced to stay true to the show's retarded decisions.

Being a STD comic writer must be suffering.

3fd584  No.30201

I don't even know where to start with this episode. I refuse to believe Two-Takes Frakes chooses to film in the STD "style" with copious lens flares and twisting, 360-degree camera inversions. I have to believe someone from CBS is holding a gun to his head.

>Androids dream of electric sheeple

So it turns out the robot girl (her name is Airiam, apparently?) is a cybernetically enhanced human. The inferred backstory is she was "enhanced" after a shuttle crash that almost killed her and definitely killed her just-married husband. Her augmentations have limits, though, and she has to periodically delete extraneous data (memories) to stay within her memory capacity. Not a bad setup for exploring the travails of trans-humanism, but of course STD can't be bothered with thematic depth and kills off its arguably most interesting character in the first episode that bothers to give her any substance.

>The red (angel) scare

The thrust of the episode, which seemingly comes out of nowhere, is that Starfleet has an AI system oh-so-cleverly called "Control" that the admiralty use as a consultant. You input your strategies, and an impartial AI offers its recommendation. Again, not a terrible setup for a deeper examination of human/AI interaction, but STD shits the bed. The "Control" AI has gone rogue and Airiam is trying to enhance it with data from the giant space brain from a few episodes past, I assume, to ensure that the future version of that same AI exists in a closed time loop. Then she dies because interesting characters on this show not named Michael are expendable.

>You can't choose your family

Mikey goads spock into a 3D chess game which Spock ends quite violently in an emotional outburst which he, admittedly, enjoys. This is not canon Trek. I thank STD at the very least for being up front about it in this episode; there's no way to reconcile this version of Spock with actual Star Trek canon. I am furiously enjoying every time he tells Michael to fuck off, however.

>Yer a wizard, Mikey!

With her dying breath Airiam tells Michael that everything she was doing since she was hacked was because of her. So whatever AI/Intelligence was trying to hack Starfleet was doing so because of Michael Burnham. That lends even more credence, I believe, to Mikey being the Red Angel.

I think the ending mystery box we're heading for is Michael was somehow responsible for creating a murderous AI that destroyed all life in the galaxy, but she managed to survive via the red angel tech suit ans is trying to undo the damage.

Hopefully in the end she manages to undo her own existence as well since the previous episode established that without the red angel's intervention, she was supposed to be worm food on Vulcan.

52aa56  No.30202

>Pike: "Whatever Section 31 says, it's not prudent to trust them. You may think we are on the same team…"

>Admiral Brianna Wu: "You have no idea what I'm thinking"

I tried to watch the episode but I'm sick of that shit so I skipped a bunch of stuff. Tilly is so awful and badly written.

Pike is one of the best characters in Star Trek and these writers can't stop treating him like shit.

133628  No.30204


>I tried to watch the episode but I'm sick of that shit so I skipped a bunch of stuff. Tilly is so awful and badly written.

>Pike is one of the best characters in Star Trek and these writers can't stop treating him like shit.

It really is amazing you can see the very clear directive, no one can ever be better or more interesting then mikey. I was half expecting him to LOLtransport Avey out of the thing into space but instead the spicalien dropped brass on her robot ass.

52aa56  No.30205


>no one can ever be better or more interesting then mikey.

It's like that whole sequence on the station, why didn't they send a group of red shirts? Why only Burnham, Robot girl and the security chief with the braces?

Also what's the deal with the mines? Why didn't they use the ship's phasers to destroy them?

Why did Pike have to ask every officer on the bridge for a pattern of attack? Couldn't he just ask his helmswoman to fly in a random way?

93d1a7  No.30206

File: 0ff09b6327e5273⋯.jpg (28.86 KB, 373x464, 373:464, Capture.JPG)

What a mess of an episode

>I just noticed how poorly everyone's uniforms sit. It somehow looks worse than TNG S1-2 spandex

>"I performed a Vulcan nerve pinch", excuse me, but didn't the last episode show you fucking punching people? How the fuck did anything there look like a nerve pinch?

>sure, Section 31 has headquarters Admiral lady just happens to know about, sure

>Tilly needs to shut the fuck up. How have they made her more obnoxious than she was in S1? I'm not crazy, they made her worse, right?

>I love the incredibly lazy last minute characterization we got for Android lady (who I guess is augmented human?) whose name I don't remember and who I don't ever recall talking to Michael Burnham in a casual setting despite Tilly saying they were friends. That's very nice of you, Kurtzman, skipping all that character bullshit we don't care about and jumping to the PLOT and ACTION

>Stamets was actually fine this episode, mostly because even he told Michael and Spock their bitchy shitflinging was stupid and she should fuck off. Granted, he was nice about it (a pity), but man, he was totally in the right in that scene

>speaking of Spock and Michael, that scene of them playing angry chess while whining over their daddy issues was hilarious. Especially when you could see what they were going with (Spock pointing out that ever since Michael was unable to stop her parents deaths, she took blame for anything that threatened her or her adopted family's wellbeing) and them ending the scene with Spock going into a tradrage, yelling and hitting the chess set. That's the Spock we all know and love! But seriously, he wasn't this autistic in the Cage. There are so many better ways to write a pre-TOS Spock that isn't just him being an emo fuck who dresses in all black with an attitude of "FUCK YOU, DAD AND MICHAEL".

>who the fuck is pic related? No seriously. I know she came on when Pike joined the crew, but she has been irrelevant ever since. Apparently she's the head of security, but why has she never done anything of importance? (yes, yes, I know the answer is "bc Michael")

>Spock needing to tell Stamets that NotDead gay guy is confused by his own existance should've been obvious from the start and just makes Stamets look like a retard.

>the slow-mo kick during Michael and Android lady's fight was incredibly unnecessary. We get that she hits hard, this was obvious when Michael was hurt when she hit Android lady.

>remind me, but did they at any point during the end when Michael and Android lady had a door between them say that transporters were down or jammed? Because a dude I discussed the episode with and I wondered why they didn't just beam Michael and Security woman out

>I'm glad that they didn't think there was any technobabble that could've saved Android lady. Just let her die, sure, whatever. At least she was a memorable chara- oh…

Also there was some plot about Section 31 and the rouge AI I didn't pay attention to. It was pretty boring and just reminded me how shit Section 31 is in this series.

How many episodes are there left? Will we have Michael being revealed to be the Red Angel next time (maybe as a cliffhanger) or do we have time to stretch it out?

52aa56  No.30207


>How many episodes are there left?


8421b1  No.30208

The last episode, again, had a lot of wasted potential. Robogirl's backstory was introduced after we already knows that she's gonna be the traitor, which caused the latter to have almost zero impact. This is not how you tell a good character arc, if she had been properly introduced a few episodes before her betrayal and subsequent death would have at least some emotional impact.

As for nitpicking:

>Burnham not giving a shit about the security officer choking to death after she locked robochick out

>Burnham being an absolute juggernaut again and overpowering a cyborg

At least Spock told her to fuck off again. Actually I don't even think this Spock is that bad, the autism is still there, and he's unnecessarily being a snarky dick to everybody, and he doesn't even do Nemoy's eyebrow raise, but his dialog is okay-ish. You could imagine young Spock talking like that. Also, they really gonna give Stammets a lot of shit this season, don't they? Is that their version of O'Brien must suffer?

The story of the episode was predictable and ripped off from the Skynet arc from Terminator. Also that whole "if you feed an AI this data and it becomes conscious then it will destroy all life in the universe" is ridiculous as shit and was rushed. They should have gradually discovered this, and it should have creeped up on the viewer, instead of another 5 second reveal during an action scene. This is not how proper reveals work.

Oh and Tilly's ridiculous mannerisms are just annoying and unbelievable at this point. What was quirky in the first three episodes with her is now mere eye rolling.

8421b1  No.30209


>Will we have Michael being revealed to be the Red Angel next time (maybe as a cliffhanger) or do we have time to stretch it out?

Remember that the robot lady said to Michael "it's all about you, you caused this" or something before she got spaced.

At this point the Red Angel being anybody else than Michael from the future would be a genuine surprise. It all makes sense, that the Angel chooses Spock, that it saves young Michael on Vulcan, etc. - even the body shape of the Red Angel seems to be resembling the body shape of the actress that plays Burnham (female hips).

74696c  No.30215


>Tilly needs to shut the fuck up. How have they made her more obnoxious than she was in S1? I'm not crazy, they made her worse, right?

I think it's just she really was only intended to be a minor character in S1, but once they saw people liked her they decided to start writing her as a major character, which also means they started writing her as being an obnoxious unlikable retard because that's all they can do. Same with Saru.

Also it felt rather forced how this episode had the writers suddenly realize "oh shit it's been ten fucking episodes and we still haven't explained what all this random plastic shit on some of the character's faces do, quick write a cringy scene where everyone starts talking about augment pride or some shit and ask personal questions they would already know about"

6aed1b  No.30216


What the fuck.

449590  No.30217


Basically "Copyright lawyers are assholes who intentionally create clusterfucks to keep themselves employed" and "what happens when two kids try to share a single gameboy" except the kids are two media corporations and the gameboy is the star trek franchise.

449590  No.30218

The security bitch choking because she lost her rebreather seemed partially stupid. She was still in a space suit, why the fuck wouldn't it be programed to simulate her life support needs in the first place? Why have it pumping a standard oxygen mix out to non-oxygen breather at all? It's not like they're just stock one size fit all general purpose suits since they're clearly tailored to each person's measurements and they even went to the trouble of giving her a special color coded red suit. That's retardedness even beyond all previously seen displays of federation retardedness.

In fact having to have *surgical* implants just to serve on a federation ship if you have special environmental needs seems fucked up just on it's own. I can't see Starfleet possibly forcing something that invasive on a person in order to serve in star fleet, and I don't think they'd allow it even if it if it was entirely voluntary. They'd put her on an entire ship crewed by other people with similar environmental needs instead.

d9c71d  No.30220


Her implants were shoehorned in because the only reason that character even exists was for a particular scene (in the episode where Saru has his metamorphosis and thematically following directly on from his personal revelation).

It's wordless and surprisingly not shoved down our throat, and I'm not going to interpret it for you, but the camera moves over different crew and juxtaposes their… biology, with her being compared to that reptile guy (who has similar shit going on near his mouth and iirc was even also introduced in that same episode along with her).

>they even went to the trouble of giving her a special color coded red suit

And then she died in in a stupid way? Weird.

449590  No.30222


>And then she died

In current year having a vagina > wearing a red shirt it seems, because she doesn't die. They show her passing out, then off screen she apparently regains consciousness just before suffocating, fixes her hardware then hits the air lock button while Mickey is too busy being a little weepy bitch about killing a character she's never actually had any scenes with. And I'd like to think she then curses everyone out in some angry latina alien language about how everyone was too busy with their crying sisterhood moment about the violent possessed cyborg to care she was over in the next room choking to death.

In fact, fuck it, Cmdr Cyberdicksuckinglips is my new favorite character on the show since Alien chicken man and Asspie McGingertits are terrible now. Perhaps she'll be the chosen one, the only character that manages to talk back to Mikey without then being instantly punished by the great cosmic will of the universe.

d0a858  No.30223

So how terrible is things?

89f8ef  No.30249


do you ever think maybe you might be devaluing legitimate criticism of this show when you invent these breathless retard fantasies

133628  No.30251

File: 69ec58dba035848⋯.png (256.65 KB, 376x724, 94:181, frustration.png)



To be fair Riker delivered a perfectly fine show in the sense that it told a story, had pace, was interesting visually and acheived its goals.

unfortuantely the writting continues to be retarded, they set a bar where a character cannot be better liked or more competent then mikey over and over again (which tilly only survived by making her character more annoying and saru by making his character transkelpian and one dimensional as fuck). If you are better or more liked then mikey you get sucked into hard vacuum, current airlock count on this show 2.5. Fuck you

6a76e9  No.30260

So how you think this season will end? It would be too much to hope that Red Angel Michael ends up Donnie Darko'ing herself out of existence to save the universe. They already blew their "hey look it's the enterprise" load. Will they end on Michael introducing Spock to a young lieutenant Kirk or something because his autistic ass needs a human friend since all of the vulcans are evil logicists that cant tolerate half breed goblins?.

ae71ee  No.30265


Michael will ascend to godhood and become the universe.

d0a858  No.30267


Who cares?

52aa56  No.30303

Apparently Anson Mount and Rebecca Romijn are leaving the show after one season. I wonder what was the point in having Number One on the show for only one scene where she eats a hamburger. Also stuff might have happened behind the scenes, Mount is rumored to have punched a director.

ad2260  No.30305

File: 1cf71221da7ae06⋯.jpg (71.1 KB, 776x601, 776:601, sg1 off duty.JPG)

Stargate is better. Bite me.

133628  No.30306

File: 2e7331c2ddb42ad⋯.webm (444.34 KB, 768x576, 4:3, Your_Waifu_Dresses_Like_S….webm)


I enjoy'd SG1 a lot, the later stuff was more hit and miss.

63d987  No.30309


SG1 and Atlantis would have both been better if they didn't hit their villains (Goa'uld/Wraiths) with the nerf bat so early.

63d987  No.30310


No wonder he punched the director if he's playing Pike so well just to be cucked and womansplained all the time.

I do think though they just agreed on the concept of having a new captain each season. I unironically believe making Mickey captain would actually improve the show in some aspects because if she's captain her constant know-it-all attitude would actually make sense if she's an actual authority. Right now she's treated as an authority by everyone based on… nothing.

0a054b  No.30314



>Jack or Teal'c

Where are you going with this anon?

1d40b3  No.30317

<Culber: You do know he's gay, right?

>Georgiou: Don't be so binary. In my universe he was pansexual and we had defcon-level fun together.

<Stamets: Well in THIS universe, I'm gay. So is he.

This is actual dialogue on a Star Trek show. Subtle.

133628  No.30319

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That function is not possible

8421b1  No.30323


I haven't watched the new episode as yet, but please tell me this is satire. Please.

1d40b3  No.30324


>This is actual dialogue

Did I stutter?

The ironic part is up until this episode, I would have given STD a pass on this particular agenda. The gay couple was committee-written just to rack up woke points, but for the most part they treated it as a normal relationship and never drew undue attention to it. You know they're gay, because they act gay.

>Writing 101: Show, don't tell.

In this episode, Georgiou struts in to help Stamets build a trap for the red angel and she unabashedly starts flirting with him out of nowhere, only for the scene to devolve into that hot garbage, revealing through dialogue that Mirror Stamets and Georgiou occasionally scrubbed each other's airlocks.

360fbb  No.30325

Wow… they managed to do the only thing stupider than Michael being the red angel. It's her fucking mom, who was apparently a super secret genius temporal scientist working for section 31.

360fbb  No.30326


>In my universe he was pansexual

Does that mean Stamets wasn't raped by Kevin Spacey in the Mirror Universe and that's why he wasn't gay?

4cafea  No.30328


Imagine the outrage if it was a dude hitting on a lesbian only to make a snarky comment after her rejection.

33ff68  No.30330

File: 54169fbd6b94489⋯.webm (7.65 MB, 1280x534, 640:267, STD - pansexual.webm)


Holy shit it's true and it's worse than what you wrote.

5e8202  No.30332


Do you think it's painful for the actors to read these lines or have they become desensitized to it all by now?

57ac38  No.30334

File: 03b34f271c57b99⋯.jpg (37.95 KB, 550x501, 550:501, wakemeupinside.jpg)


Can't wake up

360fbb  No.30335


They probably assumed they'd have to say all kinds of silly crap when they took a job on a ST show. SJW newspeak is about as stupid as the usual techno babble they have spit out… and has about the same grounding in reality

40da3c  No.30338


Is /strek/ writing STD?

a19719  No.30347

Hahah you're all imbeciles. None of you predicted it would be her mum. STD is too brain for you.

a19719  No.30348

File: c8bba37d3b012fa⋯.jpg (251.24 KB, 775x800, 31:32, Tilly1.jpg)

File: 48ede6e7dedb4b0⋯.jpg (224.71 KB, 713x800, 713:800, Tilly2.jpg)

File: 10056476b1cd940⋯.jpg (313.63 KB, 1061x799, 1061:799, Tilly3.jpg)

File: 848f9d4dadc1d7c⋯.jpg (252.35 KB, 1080x798, 180:133, Tilly4.jpg)

File: b37c99fd88d544f⋯.png (223.45 KB, 714x799, 42:47, Tilly5.png)

218308  No.30349


0-3 chins depending on the scene

ad2498  No.30352

File: 155bd8b84d4edeb⋯.png (20.31 KB, 381x56, 381:56, Keiichirou sob trademark.png)

80fbbf  No.30354


Is that a space whale?

133628  No.30370

File: c82e4f335c1b385⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1228x693, 1228:693, AsIamincapableofStuttering….png)


You choose this future

2e045b  No.30372




Kevin Spacey will be the final boss of S31.


Ensign Wildman was less fat than Tilly, and she still got fired for being a lardass.

74696c  No.30373


Some people were saying she was pregnant during filming this season, but I don't know if thats confirmed or not.

6b5f23  No.30375


I'm sure their next big twist will be that bald section 31 asshole that the evil AI stabbed in the eye will turn into the first borg or something. Because you know they're going to add the borg in somehow.

133628  No.30380


I heard of a few people talking like this but I don't see it (not to mention that there are lots of technological/biological combinations that are not borg). The timelines dont work (and fuck you timetravel), the borg work best as a non-human race (and yes the ones we see tend to be human but thats mostly because they just nomm'd human ships) and its audience probably doens't have half a fucking idea what a borg is. It's like they just made a checklist for star trek stuff and are furiously checking things off hoping to win back the fanbase (despite its one or three very clear things turning off the fanbase the foremost being michael).

9fca55  No.30391

Am I a brainlet or shouldn't you be able to tell if a DNA fragment is that of Michael or her mother's? Or are they just going "well, we just had the half her mother gave her", which is super convenient?

>I felt more for random redshirts that got killed in the other series than I did for Cyborg woman. Also love how we got all her """"backstory""" last episode and that should make us sad.

>I don't really get all this cockblocking Ash is getting for his involvement with S31. He joined them like a month or whatever ago and it's obvious he's very torn about what he's doing and obviously is thinking of the reason why he's even involved with them (his kid). No one seems to think about that shit.

>how the fuck do they just know where all S31 ships are? AND get info back from them that their ships are ok? Why do I even ask anymore?

>Where is the ship's CMO? There is one, we've seen her like twice, but why isn't she involved with ANYTHING that happens this episode? Gay guy was NEVER the CMO, he was just some doctor they never made the CMO for whatever reason.

>S31 created the red angel to fight against the Klingons who were researching time travel. Okay. Sure, whatever.

>There is such a disgusting amount of lensflare every time we get a closeup, even in scenes where I wouldn't think there would be light that would make that effect happen.

>I don't get Tilly. Back in TNG it was a big deal that you had a character like Barclay who was a shy introvert who often couldn't get the right words out. He was very relatable to a lot of fans and it was always great seeing people learning he was different and Barclay himself growing more confident in his work and actions. Why is everyone taking Tilly's autism as cute and acceptable? Every time she speaks, she stutters and goes on tangents or she interrupts others, barely getting any awknowledgement that she should better herself. Georgiou telling her to shut the fuck up was the correct (if crude) reaction everyone should have whenever she opens her stupid mouth.

>everyone here has already said it, but the "UMM LADY HE IS ACTUALLY GAY" scene was painfully embarrassing.

>I'm glad you have whatsherface Head of Security come up for one scene only just to fuck off again. Great character.

>I'm also glad they decided to make Michael's parents S31. Makes her feel like an even bigger snowflake and the type of character you'd see in shitty Mary Sue fics. But she totally isn't one, ofc.

>Also, I get that Michael is angry at meeting the guy who admitted that he's the reason her parents got killed, but considering he was sorry about it and it truly did seem like a rookie error (a big one, but if Shran or Archer weren't blamed for Trip's death (not canon, I know), then this guy shouldn't be either), Michael's reaction seemed a tad too violent.

>a small thing, but how did everyone now know that S31 was the reason for Michael's parents' deaths. Did Michael go screaming down the decks? Did Ash tell the non-existant friends he has onboard? Did Georgiou see S31 guy's bloodied face and figured she can now blab because it wasn't blakcmail anymore?

>I know this is just TV drama, but I love how everyone just expected to drop Michael in that char for like a minute and have the Red Angle show up, instead of her dying for a sec and THEN for the big appearance.

>I guess the AI is on the S31 ship then?

I honestly didn't bother looking over to see what was in store for the next episode besides us getting a lot of mommy issues shit.

af78f3  No.30398


>Where is the ship's CMO?

Better questions: Where is the chief engineer? Where is the ship's engine room?

The section that houses Stamets' laboratory only contains the magic mushroom drive, not the conventional warp systems. The ship has never once suffered a conventional warp outage or systems malfunction of the kind that happened literally every other episode in real Trek.

Discovery must have the most crack engineering team in the fleet if nobody ever has to call down to the engine room to boost, restore, or transfer power, or get an update on when critical repairs will be finished. They're just that good.

218308  No.30400



I was so sure Nu Trek 3 was going to be about the borg

dbb52c  No.30401


thanks for recap I will def watch now

71bf4b  No.30403

S02E10 - wew lad, there were a couple of half decent episodes early in the season but the last three have doubled down on the retard, were they literally just throwing ideas into a bingo tumbler and drawing them in the writers' room?

133628  No.30413


I think its more that a talented director can make most shit palatable in the short term. Frakes basically pulled off the only two episodes I consider 'goodish'. I think they more or less are in full panic mode with ansom and cheeseburger lady leaving and pretty clearly taking the last of the paying audience with them. Everyone and their mother is too busy sending out resumes or however writers do their shit instead of quality control (which is where lines like Defcon level fun) come from.

71bf4b  No.30419


>ansom and cheeseburger lady leaving

I don't keep up with the news, but I always figured Anson was a 1 season insert anyways, and that it would end with him becoming invalidated as we later see him in the TOS Menagerie

5c247e  No.30424

File: f006c2e0b51d878⋯.png (228.61 KB, 500x436, 125:109, f006c2e0b51d87813d5581a618….png)

Why the fuck would you involve the person whose future self you're trying to capture in the plan to catch themselves? Why is Star Trek doing a worst job of having time travel make sense than Bill and Ted.

71bf4b  No.30429


There was an unknown female credited to being the episode's director in the credits, I immediately knew it was going to be a shit show. All the heart tugging scenes, ash/michael, pansexual wtf scene, michael's teary, emotional outbursts; and complete disregard for plot logic seemingly validated my stereotypes - women once again prove that if you want something done right, you get a man to do it.

71bf4b  No.30431



Negress, also involved with "Untitled Star Trek Series (TV Series) (2 episodes) (pre-production)" which is probably Picard, so this thing is immediately dead in the water. Patrick Stewart will wish he had just taken The Orville cameo instead.

d587c2  No.30434


It's Michael burnham. she probably just assumes she can out think and beat anyone, even future versions of Michael Burnham.


Aw, we haven't even gotten to the part where the romulain monk kid they were casting will probably turn out to be Spock's lovechild so they can tie all the shit together.

133628  No.30449


Ahh there's two versions of it but it sounds like he threw fists at the director (or the director got in his own shot so bad that he got within clapping range).


Also this

Can't wait for them to tell you that you can't touch your future doppelganger without being displaced to the past and they rip off that one good episode of nuhu.

009791  No.30490

I came here to say that STD was written by imbeciles and produced by advertising people. For real. It was written by simpletons, political agendas aside. I've just watched two thirds of S02E01, but I'm already in despair.

Why can't they just leave science fiction franchises alone? Why do they have to destroy everything? Fuck.

6ef7be  No.30500


> Why do they have to destroy everything? Fuck.

For the same reason Marx said socilism would only "work" if every nation on earth did it at the same time. If you have a place to escape their bullshit from, then their bullshit cant work. Everything has to be shit, or else people will just avoid the stuff that's shit and go watch the stuff that is still entertaining.

71bf4b  No.30502

> Finally - I have become - Star Trek: Terminator

> On tonight's episode, black mary sue channels her inner Sarah Connor to stop the AI Control - Skynet - which comes from the future - from destroying all sentient life in the universe. Skynet hijacks Section 31's Captain Leland and injects him with nanobots (or something borg'sh) and makes a meat puppet out of him - ala Terminator 5's John Connor - did I mention time travel?

8421b1  No.30504

Are the lines in this show written by 9gag kids? Spock literally says "I love science" in this episode.

Are the gonna make Leland the first Borg? When he got injected with the nano probes his skin turned grey for a while. This certainly doesn't line up with the time line of the Borg Collective which has presumably exist since the 14th century ("Dragon's Teeth, VOY).

Also, the obvious rip-off of Skynet is way too obvious. The plot is almost exactly the same as in Terminator. The problem is that we don't know anything about this "Control" computer, it was shoehorned in after we already know that there was an AI threat, just like the Cyborg girl, getting all her backstory in the episode where her being a mole was already revealed. This show always expects us to care for things that haven't properly been introduced. It's pace is way too fast, probably caused by the fact they wanna cram as much stuff in as possible in a season because of the constant threat of the show falling apart.


Marx never said that.

20d071  No.30518


>This show always expects us to care for things that haven't been properly introduced.

The last three or four episodes specifically have felt like exceptionally poor fanfiction. The same could be said for the whole series, but lately it's been more and more evident with the breakneck pacing, continuous asspulls, major characters and concepts introduced and thrown out in the same episode, previous characters & concepts completely forgotten about, and the blatant and egregious virtue signaling. You can just picture the writers sitting around a table trying to one-up each other.

The whole "Control" AI plot is laughable in its execution. You'd think the season-long antagonist would have some kind of big reveal, or some sort of thematic or dramatic weight. I don't even remember how we found out about it. I think Admiral Corncob just said "We have this AI and it's gone rogue?"

We're being pummeled with the tag line that cataclysmic galaxy-ending events revolve around this AI, but we don't know anything about how it became self-aware, who created it, or what its motivations are. It doesn't even have a consistent physical representation; It's a non-character.

Why not just make the airlock'd cyborg girl the vessel for the AI? At least give the crew some personal motivation to try and save her and/or the galaxy. We're told all life is at stake, but it feels like there are ZERO stakes.

ad1284  No.30519

So what is all this about an AI? What exactly does it do?

Did the Prime timeline give Daystrom a hundred times more funding and even less safety than in canon?

63daa0  No.30522

File: 88369f0acb8ffeb⋯.webm (2.73 MB, 1280x534, 640:267, STD - 2e11 - Struggle is ….webm)


>What exactly does it do?

It's turning into the borg.

9fca55  No.30526

Let it be known that the whole latter part of the episode's conflict and drama could've been avoided if Georgiou had taken the little device off the container instead of just leaving it there and pushing the off button. I refuse to believe the character is that stupid, especially when we know she doesn't trust S31 dude and has suspicions about him, even before Mama Burnham said the line that triggered her memory.

>amazing how child Michael is both a better character and actor than adult Michael

>honestly can't believe they couldn't tell the difference between a mother and daughter's DNA

>this episode 100% showed that having the whole Vulcan backstory for Michael was a mistake. Her having to deal with her parents' deaths (or apparent deaths) her whole life was much more interesting than the ALSO SHE WAS RAISED BY SPOCK'S PARENTS. It's a plainer backstory for a fictional character, sure, but it leaves more room to make something interesting out of it and then bring in other story-driven elements.

>I hope that wasn't Borg tech I saw there. That's the last thing they need to make references to.

>Jim, did I ever tell you about my adopted sister's mother who used a suite developed by S31 to escape Klingon attack and ended up in a future 950 years from now where the known galaxy was wiped out by a rouge AI? She was a good friend

>What is Spock's purpose in this show, besides the nostalgiabait? Everything that has happened could be rewritten just enough to have happened to Michael (for example), specifically seeing the Red Angel and having knowledge about the red beacons or whatever. Right now it feels like he just shows up to remind people he's also here and to bitch with Michael.

>also, "I love science", jesus christ, what have they done to you, Spock? It wasn't enough that you being a half-breed dyslexic somehow made you special enough to remember (?) a time traveling woman, now they've also given you Marvel/Joss Whedon tier quips. Remember how fucking witty and cozy his banter with Bones was? I miss that.

>still wondering where the real CMO is. I sometimes feel like I'm the only one who gives a fuck. Every time they go for medical advice from Gay Guy, it feels like Spock or Kirk asking Chapel to help them out even though McCoy is still perfectly available.

>"Hamlet? Hell, yeah" fucking kill me

>Michael's mom having gone somewhat insane having to time travel all the time, but not being able to save the galaxy is nice. It gives you a good feel of the character and what she's gone through, which is more than I can say about 95% of cast of STD.

>I feel like Georgiou and Ash's relationship has potential. It would give them both something to do besides "muh Michael", even if it is the reason they would work together. But they have a violent past that she is proud of and he isn't that could lead to some interesting interactions.

Oh boy, more Klingon mumbling next episode, can't wait for that.


> I don't even remember how we found out about it.

now that you've said it, I honestly can't remember when we found out about it either. And I've watched every episode. It feels like it got completely buried under other boring and irrelevant bullshit.

8421b1  No.30530


The pace truly has become ridiculous fast. I mean, ST was never known for its fast pace, they didn't have to make it look like it's the newest incarnation of the Terminator or Pirates of the Caribbean franchise to break with that tradition. Again, there is literally nothing wrong with injecting more juice into a genre which has largely been dead since the end of VOY by having a continuous story, more grim-dark drama with grey characters and even a bit more action. The problem is the execution of all these hallmarks of STD feels either overdone or simply amateurishly done. I have my problems with the Orville because it plays it so damn save by imitating TNG with a bit of McFarlane humour, and I don't think you can just copy-paste TNG and VOY, but this is just how you don't do it in every aspect.

Kurtzman has said that the Picard show will be slower and more focused around Picard with less action. He's maybe realising that what he did with STD turned out to be a silly circus.

>I think Admiral Corncob just said "We have this AI and it's gone rogue?"

Imagine Picard's Earl Grey replicator malfunctions which causes the death of the universe. Or Porthos in ENT gets infected by one of Phlox's slugs and turns into a Leviathan that will eat the universe.


It's space Skynet that turned Leland into the John Connor terminator from Terminator 5 which will be the origin of the Borg.


>>this episode 100% showed that having the whole Vulcan backstory for Michael was a mistake. Her having to deal with her parents' deaths (or apparent deaths) her whole life was much more interesting than the ALSO SHE WAS RAISED BY SPOCK'S PARENTS.

Let's not kid ourselves here, the only reason they made it like that is so they can cannibalize on some TOS nostalgia. There is zero reason to have her being raised by Sarek other than marketing reasons, as people on this board have repeatedly pointed out.

71bf4b  No.30535

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

39ef67  No.30539


>I don't even remember how we found out about it.

It was the episode when Spock finally reveals he had a vision of a some unknown enemy that will one day destroy every federation world. Then 15 minutes after that scene, Admiral Brianna Wu mentions "I just don't understand why section 13 is so intent on stopping Spock" Oh hey by the way, did you know we have this special super computer that tells us what to do, and it's kept at the section 13 base we haven't been able to contact anyone at? but I'm sure that's not related at all."

No, seriously that was how it was introduced.

63daa0  No.30542


>Kurtzman has said that the Picard show will be slower and more focused around Picard with less action. He's maybe realising that what he did with STD turned out to be a silly circus.

Kurtzman also said that Spock would never appear on STD.

b5d4cb  No.30544


People need to understand that STD (including many other franchises) is just a vehicle for female/minority empowerment and straight white male disempowerment with Star Trek themes. If the entire Star Trek franchise dies because they beat it to death with "wokeness" it doesn't matter because Star Trek is basically just a straight white male thing anyways. When people criticize it it doesn't matter because the criticism can be deflected with accusations of misogyny, racism, homophobia, etc regardless whether the criticism and accusations are valid. Once you realize this then STD should make a lot more sense.

73d785  No.30558


That can't be real. It just sounds like shit tier fanfiction and no self-respecting professional writer would think any of that is a good idea. Sarcasm aside JewJew did a real number on the Star Trek franchise.

90449d  No.30559


>Sarcasm aside JewJew did a real number on the Star Trek franchise.

I used to think so too. But with all that's happened with STD I'm starting to wonder if Kurtzman, not Abrams, was the real problem the whole time and Abrams just gets more blame because he had a higher public profile.

1bfdb5  No.30560

Ha ur gay faggot boomer show stands for std

8421b1  No.30562


The problem with Abrams was that he was never really interested in ST. His reboot was basically just his application for Star Wars. That's why JewJewTrek is so forgettable.

6069d4  No.30565


Lol most of them are crazy, drugged-up, fags who talk like that normally

5a3b12  No.30571


It's abbreviated to DIS, just like VOY and ENT.

Literally no Star Trek TV series has had ST in the abbreviation.

e69e7f  No.30572


1. Imagine giving a shit about something so pointless as the show's abbreviation in the face of all the egregious and indefensible bullshit it contains.

2. It's abbreviated STD as a sign of disrespect because it's not a proper Trek show. It doesn't respect the themes or history of Trek, and doesn't even take place in the canon timeline. Calling it STD instead of DIS is what's known as a "joke." You'll find a lot of those on the internet.

3. Fuck off.

5a3b12  No.30573


I thought jokes were meant to be funny.

e69e7f  No.30574


I think it's fucking hysterical. Almost as funny as the faggots who defend this garbage show.

5a3b12  No.30576


How am I defending the show? I never even watched it. I just saw "STD" on the home page and wondered why someone would title a show that.

0f1d3e  No.30577


>Some people were saying she was pregnant during filming this season, but I don't know if thats confirmed or not.

Was it a throat pregnancy to give her all those extra chins?

67d9d0  No.30623

File: c772ffb265b8054⋯.jpg (32.76 KB, 590x550, 59:55, drunk cat wants it to stop.jpg)


"Nerd" is no longer an insult, unfortunately. It really ought to have stayed as such, though.

4aa370  No.30640


Because it is AIDS.

875625  No.30662


I microwaved a dog turd while listening to Star Trekkin. It was more enjoyable than STD

000000  No.30687

Fill out this simple form and get Folgers Gourmet Coffee products. Only people based in the USA are eligible for this.

Very easy!


0f88e6  No.30704

Motherfucking neckbeards. I came here for Sexually Transmitted Diceases only to stumble upon a virginity reeking thread.

Kill yourselves.

509380  No.30714

File: f0ab32a7b1f6307⋯.png (901.64 KB, 643x766, 643:766, sarunotmountainface.png)

File: ba99eac7d94462d⋯.png (625.02 KB, 507x751, 507:751, sarumountainface.png)

Pic related was best part of this episode. It'll be a weak move if the black gay guy gets back with the white gay guy.

0e5b4c  No.30811

"New thread".

Because a cuckchannel tourist created one well before page 14 or even the bump limit.


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