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File: e4591fe72e67470⋯.jpg (128.24 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, GettyImages_514787175.0.jpg)

cc0961  No.29248

Say you gained access to a Holodeck and you could essentially make your own custom Star Trek episode with all of the original actors, or even new ones. What would your ideal episode be about? Which crew would it feature? Would you try to write an episode about the Guardian at the edge of forever into TNG? Maybe make a mirror universe tng episode? Or would you say fuck all of that and make your own trek series. What would you do anon?

c543df  No.29260

I've had an idea for a series of a captain that starts of as quite green, but tries to stop a coup from radical elements within the federation. He does not succeed, and the series is based around he and his crew conducting a guerilla war against the corrupted federation,, building up to them being able to ignite a civil war to extinguish the authoritarian government that has taken hold.

Imagine year of hell from voyager extended to an entire series, fraught with difficulty, sacrifice and grimdark. Maybe he has to do a deal with the Orion syndicate and other criminals for crew and parts, but it shows the descent form naive lightness, to morally ambiguous grey. Are they freedom fighters, or terrorists?

I'm sperging a little, but it's an idea I like a lot.

25da44  No.29261

File: 716597a673890b3⋯.jpg (31.11 KB, 261x245, 261:245, Harlantitgrab.jpg)

A set of three series airing simultaneously, with interconnecting plotlines that reward viewers for watching all three (and perhaps hidden, minor "easter egg" plotlines to reward autistic attention to detail).

One series will follow the USS Trump or whatever in a fairly standard way. The ship is a military vessel tasked with exploration and to-boldly-go.

Second is a political drama somewhere between Babylon 5 and The West Wing. Follows an Admiral and his entourage as they make trade deals, try to buy tech, and expose the deeper lore of known races and locations. Emphasis on good waifus.

Third focuses on a lone-antihero protagonist who's got some of Bashir's genetic enhancements and uses them mainly for personal profit (but ends up saving people all the time). Action-oriented, episodic, something like Hercules/Xena in space. Eventually assembles a ragtag team of like-minded adventurers.

Eventually the three strands come together, and ALL THREE ships have to go questing towards a common goal. A fighter/wizard/thief dynamic emerges but instead of individuals it's on the level of spaceships. This is also when the self-insert from series 3 gets with all the waifus from series 2.

b523ff  No.29264


An episode or two of Enterprise featuring Porthos. Beagles shed a lot and all that hair could get sucked into an intake of some kind. Basically the episode is an engineering disaster episode based on the submarine Thresher. The hair clogs something up and unless Trip can figure it out, the ship will explode!

The second idea is some gaseous entity takes over Porthos and the Enterprise. It would be the only episode to feature Porthos talking. Porthos shoots an energy beam from his tail as a weapon for some reason too.

cc0961  No.29271


I've actually always wanted a non-federation show myself. Like following a Harry Mudd-style character as he dodges the cops while committing space heists.

d91c03  No.29273

File: b4378501eb55ef3⋯.webm (11.5 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Quark's right-wing tirade.webm)

A show focusing on post-DS9 Quark and Garak. There is no love lost between the two, and there is just as much screen time for them working against each other as there is of them working together. But, they are united by a common cause: both of their homes have been torn apart from the inside, shadows of their former selves, ruled by Federation-sympathizing incompetents. Together, they form anti-Federation guerilla movements in Ferenginar and Cardassia, Quark as financier and Garak as organizer, with the purpose of restoring the traditional order in each. If and when Section 31 catches wind of this, they gather up the remnants of the Maquis to run interference for them, giving them materiel and intelligence in exchange for them keeping S31 focused on the neo-Maquis movement rather than themselves. Neither of them trusts the other, but as the series progresses, the best parts of each character rubs off on the other, with Quark appreciating the value of martial prowess, and Garak the possibilities of gains from trade. In the season finale, with victory won at great cost on both sides, the time comes to choose a new Grand Nagus and a head of the Obsidian Order. Quark and Garak are assumed to be the favorites, but they've been fighting for years by this point, have already given over their entire lives to the cause, and just want to rest. They each pick a prodigy to rule in their stead; neither will admit it, but they unconsciously choose someone who has the qualities they admire in the other–Quark will pick a swole-looking Ferengi that has an unusually potent sense of loyalty and duty, and Garak a fast-talking Cardassian that can always conjure up a deal.

I tried to post the Insidious Root Beer scene but h8chan doesn't like my mp4 of it, something about one H264 and one AAC.

a21733  No.29284

File: 4f24ee745ca0d47⋯.jpg (77.91 KB, 634x900, 317:450, star_wars_meets_star_trek_….jpg)


…Don't give me that look. You know full well that half of /strek/ has created a ST/SW mashup story in their minds and all it needs is a holodeck to fully realize it. The only question is which crossover holo-fanfics is good and which ones are crap. And the other half of you that aren't writing fanboy squee crossovers? You're creating holo-erotica of Counselor Troi's lesbian experiences with an Orion slave girl or an alternate timeline where all the officers of the Enterprise are loli cat girls or something.

Then some asshole is going to "Ironically" recreate the original Mary Sue fanfic in holo-form. But because Mary Sue is just so damn perfect, she's going to become self aware & escape the holodeck into the ship's computer. There, she will spread like a virus over the Trek equivalent of the net, holding every single byte of electronic information hostage unless you sing her praises. And then Data becomes her husband and they make electronic robo babies. (Data gets pregnant like a male sea horse due to a Jack-In-The-Box subroutine that caters to the original author's fetish of M-preg.) The perfect, beautiful robo-babies conquer the galaxy Matrix style in a meta-in-meta-in-meta mess of biblical proportions.

I blame you for all of this, OP.

6f8082  No.29286

I would make each episode with the following format

>Wrestling match at the start of the episode which main character loses

>Thinks life is over before gaining inspiration from event/loved one/mentor and proceed to get back into training

>Gym montage where character gets /fit/, this is typically a third of the episode

>Return to fight and win wrestling match

b0fe3f  No.29289

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's already been done, albeit without your weird fetish shit.

597712  No.29291


>You're creating holo-erotica of an alternate timeline where all the officers of the Enterprise are loli cat girls or something.

Bullshit. There would be fox girls, lizard girls, and all manner of monstergirl lolis on my holoEnterprise.

And then there's the other holo-ship entirely crewed by maids - Romulan maids, Andorian maids, countless other maids of non-Trek origin.

The one great tragedy of holodeck technology is that the user cannot be one of them. He alone must be a non-loli, a non-maid. Even upon the invention of holodecks, you will never know the joy of being part of the crew of an all-loli starship.

fe7a5c  No.29326


What happens when the holodeck safeties come off and they all try to murderfuck you to death?

9232f0  No.29357

So gonna go out on a limb here, but another anon and I created a Star Trek concept called Star Trek: Cataclysm, so I'm gonna work of that.

Cold open:

A Star Fleet psych is speaking with an Admiral. The psych is in her late 40s but is in decent shape, the admiral nearing what would look like his 70s but again, looking well for his age. He is well decorated.

Psych "I cannot believe him, is there no level of depravity he will sink to?"

Admiral "There's a reason he's never made Admiral you know, or even a captain of another more than a light cruiser"

P "But still, he-. with my daught-. the night before I was meant to serve aboard this ship"

A "I mean she did take quite a fancy to him at the reception an-."


A "If you want to be transferred off this ship I ca-."

P "No, no way: I was sent here to whip him into shape and that's exactly what I will do"

A "If you insist, but let me tell you this: don't let his professionalism fool you, he's as tricksey as a mink"

*Door opens to the Captain's quarters*

A male, late mid 40s is in his Captain's dress uniform, he looks to be of earth polynesian origin, but has noticeable (if mild) vulcan ear points & a bajoran nose ridge

Capitan: "Admiral, Counselor, welcome aboard the USS Bonaventure: I do hope you are feeling as well I am after that hell of a night"

*The psych glares at him, the Admiral with a look of expected disappointment, the Captain drinks what appears to be a glass of water with something bubbling in it, likely a cure for a hangover*

*cuts to black, titles*.

1dc18b  No.29366

I posted about this in another thread, but my father submitted a TNG script which he claims First Contact plagiarized. I'll upload scans when I find it.

e91a63  No.29393


This is the most interesting thing on this board at the moment.

0fd2a3  No.29407

File: 367447d67547373⋯.jpg (48.6 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, le 56% captain.jpg)


>looks to be of earth polynesian origin, but has noticeable (if mild) vulcan ear points & a bajoran nose ridge

Have I captured his likeness?

1dc18b  No.29408

File: 6a8435b161788cf⋯.png (117.21 KB, 1585x1527, 1585:1527, heh.png)



Just found it, or at least a copy of it. The original version was stamped by Paramount to prove that it was received and processed. I'm going to read it first and ask him if I can share it, but it's called "Shadows of a Future Past." So far, the intro starts off with the Enterprise being chased by the Borg and about to abandon ship. I'm going to read through it quickly and ask him if I can post it.

On another note, I didn't know that he wrote so many scripts. I never knew my father to be a writer or even a creative person, so it's interesting going through his personal belongings.

1dc18b  No.29416

File: 011d8543c06f3d4⋯.jpg (63.07 KB, 539x530, 539:530, 1427367127762.jpg)

Alright, so I gave it a quick read-through. Bits and pieces of it are similar to First Contact, but it's different enough. I have not watched much TNG compared to TOS and DS9, so forgive me for my lack of knowledge:

The story begins with the Enterprise trying to escape the Borg. Picard orders an evacuation of almost almost all personnel with the exception of Data, Geordi, and Worf, who relocate to the battle bridge. The Saucer portion of the Enterprise self destructs, destroying the pursuing Borg, and the Enterprise escapes through a time warp into the future. Data views this plan as a violation of the Prime Directive, and relieves Picard of his duty, who is distraught because of his past experiences with the Borg. Worf, Geordi, and Data argue, but are interrupted when the Borg have apparently found them. Geordi goes to retrieve Picard, who is attempting to kill himself after feeling that he betrayed his crew, the Federation, and reliving his past. Turns out, the Borg developed some sort of individuality thanks to the influence of Hugh and had an existential crisis as they had not attained their goals despite assimilating everything, and therefore believe that this ideology is self-destructive. Picard then quotes Die Hard. With assistance from the Borg, the future Enterprise is repaired for a final suicide mission, where they alter the timeline by going back into the past and destroying the Borg ship before it has a chance to eliminate the Enterprise, ensuring that the greatest enemy of the Borg remains.

So yeah, there are some obvious parallels. I mean, I think it would've made for a good episode, though I'm not sure if his treatment of Picard is appropriate. I do like how it doesn't have bullshit like the Borg Queen or how it doesn't leave me questioning some of the Borg's decisions. Going to see if I can scan it for you guys.

1dc18b  No.29431

File: 904badca8103dd9⋯.png (22.92 KB, 361x358, 361:358, c67036e583b371b957fff75708….png)

Since /strek/ doesn't allow PDF uploads, I uploaded it at >>>/test/73796.

b426e6  No.29434

Can I use the holodeck to make a series of good Star Trek games instead?

b82674  No.29435

File: 1ff7fc432ac637a⋯.png (681.21 KB, 960x720, 4:3, The Peak of 80s Vidya.png)


You really don't want Trek games

2cd0cf  No.29437


Sounds a bit like the ending of Year of Hell

f5f999  No.29447


If you rewrote Picard to have Roid Rage and tearing the bulkheads of the Cube apart with his bare hands I'd approve this episode.

25da44  No.29489

File: 925e8456cbed7a5⋯.gif (830.98 KB, 250x292, 125:146, tumblr_plfo0cfxrl1wylmu4o4….gif)


Congrats on having a cool dad who goes for it and mails scripts into TV studios. Do you know if he sold much of his writing? Did he bounce you on his knee while watching trekshit?

af908f  No.29491


I'd make an episode about O'Brien having a nice day where Keiko wasn't a cunt and he wasn't overworked to the point of near death.

c2b8a0  No.29506


So a holodeck episode?

e1c93f  No.29518

File: eaf71fbe7dbf19d⋯.png (553.72 KB, 554x640, 277:320, obrien.png)



I think the episode where he went to prison for years in his mind is as close as he got to a good life.

c2b8a0  No.29523


He wanted to end his life cause he couldn't bare the thought of going back to Keiko.

1dc18b  No.29526


I don't think my father has sold any of his writing. He did work in television as a vice president for a major network and was well acquainted with the likes of Les Moonves, Bob Iger, and others, so it's not like he didn't have his foot in the door either.Don't worry, he isn't Jewish. My guess is that he just wasn't good at it or the material was a bit too experimental, though I do think that this particular script would've made for a great episode. To answer your other question, I don't think we watched that much until I was older. When I wasn't watching Thomas the Tank Engine, I was watching the cartoons and anime he grew up with. I started watching TOS with him sometime around late elementary or middle school and eventually some TNG, but I prefer DS9 to that.

1dc18b  No.29527


What about a show that follows a Klingon ship? Or a Cheers knockoff set in Quark's bar?

000000  No.29542


>Say you gained access to a Holodeck and you could essentially make your own custom Star Trek episode with all of the original actors, or even new ones. What would your ideal episode be about?

Inappropriate sexual behavior.

I know you're asking a different question, and I'd rather give you that answer… but I know what would really happen.

ffc9c4  No.29566


>Show set on a Klingon ship

Think we covered this before

>First act is the crew shitposting with one another with a lot of headbutting

>Second act they go on a drunken rampage and do things that break the fabric of reality

>Third act they overcome some minor challenge to them.

>End credits is them all on the bridge singing about the events of the episode

d91c03  No.29998

File: 7c541c491fcdc55⋯.png (403.72 KB, 729x557, 729:557, ClipboardImage.png)


A female of some suitably repugnant race is pregnant. A DNA test reveals that the father is one William Riker. However, Will maintains that he wasn't the culprit, so it must have been Thomas Riker. The remainder of the episode is a reverse custody battle in court, as both Rikers try to prove they didn't fuck the chick, both to save themselves the embarrassment and to get out of paying child support.

149af6  No.30001

File: eb29f500108a5ff⋯.png (79.12 KB, 250x250, 1:1, eb29f500108a5ff3f7a0ba9e1d….png)


>the end scene reveals a third riker teleporter/clone and then pans back to shithole stormplanet where it originally happened and reveal 126000 rikers who have established a riker society with the sole purpose of escaping shitholestormplanet to fuck all the women before the original can (and then stick him with the child support).

>Fade to black

f8d258  No.30004



fa8307  No.30021


Off by one…

149af6  No.30074


So was the teleporter operator

6808bf  No.30129

File: 66f6740e7181071⋯.webm (436.68 KB, 768x576, 4:3, Go Home.webm)




2f3529  No.30140

File: f9a9bb4640ba0ea⋯.jpg (208.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (8).jpg)




8b9623  No.30163


Please no.

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