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File: 2ee2a8510616d68⋯.png (177.39 KB, 270x369, 30:41, Star_Trek_The_Motion_Pictu….png)

401ac9  No.29295

Several years ago I purchased "Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Special Longer Version) from a thrift store. It was the first time I saw the movie. I just discovered that this was an unofficial release made by ABC that had no input from the original creators. I am curious what major differences there were between versions. Did I watch a completely different version of the film?

1c0fc9  No.29305

>Here is a list of the footage that was added to the theatrical version to create the 1983 "Special Longer Version".

* Decker asks Sulu to take Ilia "in hand". He then gives her a brief explanation of the computer. Ilia reminds Sulu of her celibacy oath, and Decker tells Ilia "the captain didn't mean anything personally", and Ilia says she'd never take advantage of a sexually immature species.

* After the wormhole, and after Decker, Bones, and Kirk depart for quarters, there is another short Sulu/Ilia exchange about current speed and current heading. Ilia then confirms it. Both these scenes were apparently shot to provide a sense of romance between the two, but were cut to clear up Decker's same relation.

* Rather than Kirk saying, "Make your point, Doctor" when discussing the obsession with the Enterprise, there is one brief exchange, and McCoy gives his line in a medium shot, rather than a shot of the two standing side-by-side.

* During the attack on the Enterprise, the ship actually gets hit by an extra energy torpedo. We hear it, and the lighting also suggests it, but we never see it. Some minor scene extensions are added. There is also an alternate take of Spock's analysis.

* There is a short scene in which Spock reveals the frequency of V'Ger's transmission. This appears in the Director's Edition.

* Decker takes over Chekov after his hand is burned, and a female crew member takes over for him. Decker goes to help Spock, and we return to the theatrical footage of the second (or third) energy torpedo being fired.

* Chekov returns to his post after a humorous exchange from Bones, and Spock reveals that V'Ger emits more radiation than the Sun.

* The famous footage of Kirk shadowing Spock during the space walk sequence is included.

* There is an alternate take when Nurse Chapel gives the Ilia-probe Ilia's headband.

* The Ilia-probe mentions the creator is "on the third planet". She then removes the headbands, and asks why two carbon units have entered V'Ger. Bones replies that they wish to contact it. Decker asks if V'Ger has a problem with that, and Ilia says no. V'Ger will find out their purpose. Bones says it is to survive, and Ilia says it's V'Ger's purpose as well to survive. Decker implies that V'Ger's purpose was to find and join with the creator, and Ilia replies that is how V'Ger will survive.

* Bones says V'Ger says its creator is a machine, to which Decker replies "We all create God in our own image".

415397  No.29323

Is it just me but is Star Trek The Motion Picture and The Final Frontier almost the same story just told from different directions?

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