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File: 42c34fb2c713883⋯.jpg (116,99 KB, 900x783, 100:87, yeoman tamura.jpg)

07f589  No.29297

If Star Trek is in the future, why doesn't it have anime in it? They still have books, movies, music from Earth, and holographic entertainment. They have paintings and instruments and topiary and statuary. But not a single Miku figurine–why? Japanese people still exist. Was it just stamped out as part of the process of global "Federalization"?

a2c858  No.29298

File: 30fb2b6c8793235⋯.jpg (60,45 KB, 540x633, 180:211, 0e2900eb5b8fe8298398cdc135….jpg)

Snobbish elitism. The idea is that by the 24th century Humans are so evolved that they only recognize and partake in the greatest most noblest of their arts and music while anything that might currently be considered puerile pop culture trash has been long abandoned. I mean, look how much people bitched about a fucking Beastie Boys song being used in Beyond and there the whole point was they were limited to just the music collection of some rando from a hundred years ago. Maybe they'd have preferred if the crew ended up having to transmit a recording of a fucking water polo game, because lord knows that's a much more enduring and relatable character trait for a space ship captain than liking rock music.

Basically it's just short sighted because they assume that nothing made today might end up being labeled a classic a hundred years later and ignore the basic fact that many past things like Shakespeare was considered pure garbage at the time by his contemporaries.

Though there's also the licensing issues I suppose as well.

07f589  No.29301

File: 61edcdfb2c11514⋯.jpg (60,76 KB, 368x349, 368:349, 25526db26999615818859f39b1….jpg)

File: 84a779155f52ac9⋯.jpg (383,35 KB, 900x1277, 900:1277, 56933fdbe67c3f331addfaa9f7….jpg)

File: 7904e9f79a1d681⋯.jpg (209,14 KB, 900x746, 450:373, 8c2c282cccf456b0f449c42ee0….jpg)

File: 86637d1af51e401⋯.jpg (24,32 KB, 500x536, 125:134, 86637d1af51e4016381d23b630….jpg)

samefagging to dump my star trek anime folder

07f589  No.29302

File: 5f5a07a8cc966c9⋯.jpg (278,42 KB, 746x510, 373:255, sailor trek.jpg)

273eea  No.29304

File: fe525b486cdb192⋯.jpg (126,18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Animetrek 1.jpg)

File: 3733e864e742862⋯.jpg (118,88 KB, 620x512, 155:128, animetrek 2.jpg)


Consider the people we see in the shows. They're almost universally the well employed elite or settlers with very little chance for relaxation or goofing off. I'd imagine there's some kind of (presumably holographic) future anime equivalent being enjoyed by the shut in neets of the future.

1d295a  No.29308


Because they rightfully realised anime is shit.

03b547  No.29310

If there is a Mirror and a Swoleverse, does that mean there is an animeverse?

f5480a  No.29311

File: 94e7fc46214c972⋯.jpg (46,38 KB, 400x402, 200:201, disdain for hasperat.jpg)




2b8d85  No.29314

File: 01a6d93add11502⋯.png (142,4 KB, 313x235, 313:235, When_she_tickles_the_tympa….png)


CBS should should throw a bunch of money on some Japanese anime studio and say "do whatever" desu.

b0d3fd  No.29315


>tfw no Andorian waifu

a95d82  No.29316

File: 4d2c967b97b1d74⋯.jpg (196,1 KB, 970x1508, 485:754, Andorian_qt_02_22_2018_dra….jpg)

File: 7d43e45453dc24a⋯.jpg (162,19 KB, 857x1312, 857:1312, Atalanta_Andorian_qt_02_05….jpg)



>Few pics

Is this bait to get me to dump Glee-San?


Never ever.

7df59b  No.29317


>antenna-lock headpats

I'm glad I can still find things I didn't know I wanted.

a95d82  No.29318

File: 46328db6deefd1b⋯.jpg (111,43 KB, 1200x1102, 600:551, Andorian_f5fe50_6347629.jpg)

File: b4f7b5f605b0369⋯.jpg (58,1 KB, 900x812, 225:203, Andorian_a6d0fa_6347629.jpg)

File: 6a554b474568084⋯.jpg (68,66 KB, 1133x1200, 1133:1200, 79afeb_6296306.jpg)

File: 3eb458d93a30474⋯.jpg (82,75 KB, 1133x1200, 1133:1200, c4e330_6296306.jpg)

File: b581cb66c56dea8⋯.jpg (61,39 KB, 860x945, 172:189, Andorian_96e55d_6296306.jpg)


But can you handle /cute/?

8b3428  No.29319


I wonder if that artist did anymore?

273eea  No.29379


>Is this bait to get me to dump Glee-San?

Go on then.

3f5ac7  No.29453


Didn't that artist have to change that character due to copyright reasons?

7a5044  No.29463


anime is counter to a developed society, which is why almost all is degenerate, and why it creates and enhances autism

6719a5  No.29466

Klingon opera is the superior form of entertainment.

f96eb5  No.29467


Do we have a thread for it?

3c9280  No.29483


we had one a while back

a95d82  No.29492

File: c944467d14bfd8f⋯.jpg (115,41 KB, 600x600, 1:1, any worse.jpg)

File: 4052ac5c93e5131⋯.jpg (100,02 KB, 600x600, 1:1, it couldn't get.jpg)

File: 3f2a9401e05c943⋯.jpg (95,06 KB, 600x600, 1:1, if you think.jpg)

File: 1c86cb35c98b166⋯.png (22,33 KB, 420x350, 6:5, Continuing the tradition o….png)

File: b3cfc01619f0cdc⋯.jpg (365,42 KB, 1008x835, 1008:835, andorian cuteboy.jpg)


Open wide also a lot of this is going to be terrible

a95d82  No.29493

File: fb7a7c015fbe738⋯.jpg (515,79 KB, 782x585, 782:585, uhura.jpg)

File: 9e752e07a9791e6⋯.jpg (354,05 KB, 605x788, 605:788, vulcan ears.jpg)

File: aa07710d12a2d2b⋯.jpg (203,27 KB, 479x1053, 479:1053, Best Starfleet Uniform.jpg)

File: 3957b66c02b3060⋯.jpg (587,34 KB, 1097x789, 1097:789, DukatSuperSaiyan.jpg)

File: 0110ae18a0451b0⋯.jpg (558,68 KB, 1097x789, 1097:789, CiskovsDukat.jpg)

a95d82  No.29494

File: dbb3489c514f12a⋯.jpg (305,81 KB, 1024x795, 1024:795, Making the Terran Empire C….jpg)

File: 7af7fae5ef1f192⋯.jpg (184,45 KB, 1024x716, 256:179, star_trek_landale_crew_by_….jpg)

File: 1f49e84f6f342ae⋯.jpg (261,77 KB, 572x794, 286:397, They were cute once.jpg)

File: c9f20347ed50923⋯.jpg (157,41 KB, 1024x781, 1024:781, Voyager Bathing.jpg)

File: cfd9f0508e0f922⋯.jpg (454,65 KB, 661x820, 661:820, cute overload.jpg)

a95d82  No.29495

File: 03988a541b999ee⋯.jpg (176,36 KB, 1024x810, 512:405, mirror trek.jpg)

File: bde5de5151397fe⋯.jpg (129 KB, 900x690, 30:23, DS9 in a nutshell.jpg)

File: a976242596d77ec⋯.jpg (3,47 MB, 720x6048, 5:42, fanservice kes.jpg)

File: f502ecbd69a59d9⋯.jpg (359,88 KB, 588x898, 294:449, kes_by_glee_chan-d3hqzuh.jpg)

File: 34df0bda99669fb⋯.jpg (180,58 KB, 1024x816, 64:51, school_girl_kes_by_glee_ch….jpg)

a95d82  No.29496

File: 62cf521437c1f5e⋯.jpg (404,45 KB, 680x930, 68:93, nurse_kes_by_glee_chan-d3h….jpg)

File: 62d2e81fb1e40d2⋯.jpg (168,71 KB, 1024x790, 512:395, kes_the_maid_by_glee_chan-….jpg)

File: 5c562300e7168fa⋯.jpg (412,8 KB, 686x864, 343:432, cheerleader_kes_by_glee_ch….jpg)

File: a887be176fab49a⋯.jpg (149,25 KB, 1024x633, 1024:633, cat_girl_kes_by_glee_chan-….jpg)

File: 6cbaac3a6e0af8b⋯.jpg (318,35 KB, 443x920, 443:920, tribal_kes_by_glee_chan-d3….jpg)

a95d82  No.29497

File: 4a5528db0c8ffae⋯.jpg (186,53 KB, 1024x773, 1024:773, mummy_girl_kes_by_glee_cha….jpg)

File: be9d9d0e0a817ba⋯.jpg (304,56 KB, 581x916, 581:916, bikini_kes_by_glee_chan-d3….jpg)

File: 99f7ec62f821364⋯.jpg (411,98 KB, 628x934, 314:467, warlordkes.jpg)

File: 8a281167564d388⋯.jpg (189,34 KB, 1024x821, 1024:821, a_better_weasley_by_glee_c….jpg)

File: 0812ee18bea38f4⋯.jpg (613,73 KB, 592x874, 296:437, Enterprise in a nutshell.jpg)

a95d82  No.29498

File: c3340f901858a46⋯.jpg (485,34 KB, 717x930, 239:310, cuteon.jpg)

File: 8ab70ac9b9e6f9a⋯.jpg (246,64 KB, 672x882, 16:21, Janeway Coffee.jpg)

File: 6efae4de2b939d5⋯.jpg (113,24 KB, 1024x872, 128:109, tasha_yar_before_she_got_t….jpg)

File: 8900ae556f15086⋯.jpg (132,2 KB, 1024x790, 512:395, disappointedcaptain.jpg)

File: c47a40dd266d312⋯.jpg (451,04 KB, 892x842, 446:421, Ass of Nine.jpg)

a95d82  No.29499

File: c029d65e1247bc7⋯.jpg (284,13 KB, 469x890, 469:890, yeoman_tamura_by_glee_chan….jpg)

File: 7cd9c3833a21a51⋯.jpg (620,53 KB, 950x900, 19:18, girls_from_the_mirror_univ….jpg)

File: 9db1f3d3185dbb7⋯.jpg (94,06 KB, 1024x790, 512:395, Best Jadzia.jpg)

File: ec4ddd6b57e17ec⋯.jpg (518,23 KB, 745x864, 745:864, sailor qonos.jpg)

File: ec484bd86b472f9⋯.jpg (143,02 KB, 632x848, 79:106, Girls Pretend Each Other i….jpg)

a95d82  No.29500

File: 756e9c43ab9d153⋯.jpg (368,3 KB, 693x922, 693:922, trek_gurls_by_glee_chan-d7….jpg)

File: a6409dbe6a414c2⋯.jpg (313,39 KB, 632x848, 79:106, blood_fever_by_glee_chan-d….jpg)

File: c57c3d9f0297236⋯.png (151,33 KB, 335x888, 335:888, come now.png)

File: 3fca7a7d6fdb14b⋯.png (790,85 KB, 1024x1384, 128:173, cum now of nine.png)

File: eec136ffa932927⋯.jpg (570,68 KB, 656x840, 82:105, badda_bing_badda_bang_by_g….jpg)

a95d82  No.29501

File: 3702b6e0e7f64e7⋯.jpg (328,43 KB, 904x917, 904:917, animu_trek.jpg)

File: 41f3b4bc35e323a⋯.jpg (102,22 KB, 900x967, 900:967, Andorian girl_494015_63476….jpg)

File: b7ed04a18516fa7⋯.jpg (214,53 KB, 900x1391, 900:1391, ensign.jpg)

File: 2fbe8a178e8d820⋯.jpg (145,41 KB, 1048x1200, 131:150, 24b860_6296306.jpg)

File: 74550a5ada68eb6⋯.png (543,24 KB, 700x1095, 140:219, andorian.png)

a95d82  No.29502

File: cac656d90165326⋯.png (877,95 KB, 1250x1000, 5:4, andorianp.png)

File: cb4196c56bcf365⋯.jpg (161,55 KB, 486x600, 81:100, cardassian_female_by_dieuc….jpg)

File: 6c28d3758d6ef23⋯.png (108,53 KB, 500x500, 1:1, tumblr_nuhvnkby271qduvu8o1….png)

File: e42ac573f16f88c⋯.jpg (138,37 KB, 540x713, 540:713, rando_cardassian1_by_janey….jpg)

File: 1aac40dd61d8b6a⋯.jpg (25,93 KB, 341x350, 341:350, lineart_panels___star_trek….jpg)

a95d82  No.29503

File: 976301fb9f51a4a⋯.jpg (76,83 KB, 700x500, 7:5, 64243752_p1_master1200.jpg)

File: eadf452a4783df0⋯.jpg (336,8 KB, 1200x858, 200:143, 64243752_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: df4dfff69b8df78⋯.jpg (196,53 KB, 600x424, 75:53, 64893139_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: ad54839e1055f8c⋯.jpg (167,21 KB, 429x600, 143:200, 64170849_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: 79d6f6aa629459f⋯.jpg (196,93 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 45440180.jpg)

I should probably get the full sized versions of these at some point.

a95d82  No.29504

File: 388e77ce74c8d55⋯.jpg (492,65 KB, 1200x1146, 200:191, 64876839_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: b37bce08e76f2ca⋯.jpg (171,08 KB, 425x600, 17:24, 650591240.jpg)

File: d8ff63241b2fe61⋯.jpg (154,33 KB, 1006x750, 503:375, 65458467_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: 4d80c701f6a0af1⋯.jpg (230,66 KB, 1286x1624, 643:812, 272151975b538c3be9b19c03b8….jpg)

File: 4eeb21a002feded⋯.jpg (88,4 KB, 900x1170, 10:13, tarah___star_trek_online_b….jpg)

a95d82  No.29505

File: 0694af69a0c1257⋯.jpg (59,74 KB, 500x681, 500:681, 6dd40c67d2fe2ab2721d57dd7a….jpg)

File: 8cc96458f713951⋯.jpg (321,26 KB, 638x825, 58:75, vulcan love slave.jpg)

File: 7ad472c50117a03⋯.jpg (319,93 KB, 746x510, 373:255, sailor trek.jpg)

File: 5f23c4b902da202⋯.jpg (316,51 KB, 900x900, 1:1, KirkAndLadyGorn.jpg)

File: 6e560b7cb540185⋯.jpg (11,95 KB, 340x270, 34:27, il_340x270.1179222378_ds1r.jpg)

And the rest of what I got I won't post as I am not so proud of it.

a739b3  No.29511

File: 790bc51407dfba0⋯.jpg (66,09 KB, 1064x770, 76:55, DzamHPbWkAIRL6g.jpg)

bd4228  No.29512

Anime was wiped out in the eugenics wars

f50e11  No.29514

File: 619f8cae8f8b496⋯.png (285,09 KB, 894x894, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Why is the deflector dish a star of Chaos?

a739b3  No.29515


Dark eldar spy pretending to be vulcan?

aba610  No.29516


Dark Eldar aren't Chaos worshippers.

a95d82  No.29522


What if the Cardassians start producing anime considering that Cardassia was essentially nuked?


Jew Jew Trek.

f50e11  No.29558


Klingons are the Jap analogue, and Qo'nos got nuked after its moon got destroyed. What the Federation calls Klingon Operas are actually AMVs.

103302  No.29568

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Implying they weren't making anime before Praxis

f236db  No.29608


Isn't part of the point of the anime art style that it's stylized to be simpler, making it comparatively inexpensive to draw repeatedly? Why bother with that when:

1) Glorious Space Communism has rendered questions of expense meaningless (except when it doesnt)

2) You can get the computer to design, render, and grant a personality to your ideal waifu with just a few spoken sentences, no skill required?

I mean, there are cringey over-the-top wish-fulfillment holodeck programs: Barclay lives in them.

f50e11  No.29652


>Isn't part of the point of the anime art style that it's stylized to be simpler

That's partially true for modern animu, but up until the 90s or so Chinese cartoons were known for having hyper-detailed line art and shading.

b8f547  No.29656


>2) You can get the computer to design, render, and grant a personality to your ideal waifu with just a few spoken sentences, no skill required?

Wouldn't technically the holodeck be anime?

dee7a6  No.29669


To clarify, the really high-detail stuff was only common during the 80s, as this corresponded to Japan's economic boom. They could do high quality animation because they simply had loads of capital to throw at it.

In the 90s anime started to simplify its general look and became more heavily reliant on still-frames, and this was a direct result of Japan's economic stagnation and recession at the time.

e69192  No.29685

File: 6781f317028dcff⋯.jpg (185,22 KB, 1024x774, 512:387, the_crew_of_the_entreprene….jpg)

af650e  No.29686


I do not understand this?

fe0510  No.29691


Looks more like Bill Murray than Shatner

086e28  No.29692


>Terminator Data

I kind of want a show about this.

983d37  No.29697

File: c2f9b81a90987a3⋯.png (235,01 KB, 475x357, 475:357, my-nigga.png)




some of these are really good

eeb4db  No.29719


Vulcans really are stuck up bitches who need their asses spanked raw followed by a good assfuck.

e1c50c  No.29810


did we ever find out who made this?

7c6be7  No.29854

They don't have any chinese cartoons in the future because faggotry got eradicated by then.

You can't have gay stuff without the gay virus.

55541e  No.29983


Are you implying everyone in Star Trek is straight?

d0c522  No.30040


Well, it's perfectly plausible that in a future like that of Star Trek that someone have found a cure for homosexuality. If I not mistaken there is a gay character in STD but that doesn't count because STD isn't real Star Trek.

4e0041  No.30063


>Basically it's just short sighted because they assume that nothing made today might end up being labeled a classic a hundred years later

not nothing, just no anime

87db23  No.30070

File: eababa71930dc75⋯.jpg (15,77 KB, 320x240, 4:3, mccoy-fixes-sulu-stos.jpg)


>Well, it's perfectly plausible that in a future like that of Star Trek that someone have found a cure for homosexuality.

It's true, pic related.

>STD isn't real Star Trek.


c14bc6  No.30079

>why doesn't it have anime in it

Because anime didn't become a worldwide cultural phenomenon until the 90's and later, and during that time period Trek-Earth was dealing with some other shit.

A better question is: how come there isn't an actual anime version of Star Trek yet?

a95d82  No.30084


>A better question is: how come there isn't an actual anime version of Star Trek yet?

There was oddly enough attempts in the early 2000's to get the ball rolling but let's just say what was pitched made STD look like fairly competent fan fiction.

If there was ever a Trek anime it cannot focus on the Federation at all. It would suit Klingons very well where there would be a few episodes focusing on famous battles in Klingon history with over the top gore and violence, narrated by an old Klingon Dahar Master singing in a pub.

000b47  No.30090


a plot about what ever caused the klingon/romulain alliance to disolve could be interesting

e22996  No.30123


That's what that Klingon Academy game is about.

07f589  No.30158

File: 7f71e4e2e72fa03⋯.jpg (63,71 KB, 960x728, 120:91, ed4df9498ad1dfffb15ed85d90….jpg)



A basic Star Trek-style ship and crew "boldly going" in a semi-episodic way (single-episode adventures plus a season-wide story arc) would probably work fine. If I had to guess why it hasn't been done, I'd say there just isn't a good manga or light novel in the genre to use as source material.

28817b  No.30231


It would still be a waste of potential. The biggest advantage of using an anime style Star Trek is to show things they could never show easily in a live action show.

cf79ee  No.30233


Also why do they always reference 20th century earth culture for things? When there must be thousands of other examples they could use?

f1344d  No.30242


Because the audience at the time was mostly American.

f9e1f5  No.30247


It might be interesting to see a Japanese ship. I know all Federation ships are supposed to be international, but the majority of crewmen we see usually tend to be American, so I'm guessing they do roughly group people according to nationality.

787c33  No.30273


A Nippon ship would be a complete autism ship where they just play vidya, watch anime and drift the ship all day.

6b071e  No.30277


In a more "realistic" and fully developed version of Star Trek's future, entertainment would include so much more than classical music, poetry, and holo-LARPing as an early 20th century gumshoe. This is a problem that is largely Roddenberry's fault, because he was such an autistic idealist that he believed humanity would give up everything uncultured or improper (like >>29298 says) because the idealistic, virtuous for the sake of virtue mentality would have overtaken humanity and most other space faring civilizations. Only that's not the case and they show frequently in many episodes that humanity is not beyond these hobbies.

The other part of the problem is something that has plagued sci-fi and futurist writing for as long as it has existed. Licensing issues aside, a lot of these writers just simply are not as well acquainted with modern culture as they think they are. They barely understand the trends and developments in modern science and technology, but go ahead with making wild predictions about how society will change. And whenever they do try to approach the subject of video games or even just cartoons, they always make asses of themselves by showing that they have no idea how they work or what people like about them.

However, from a writing standpoint, I'd argue that the problem here isn't that Trek writers don't mention anime or vidya or any uncivilized hobby, it's that they go out of their way to painstakingly explain and remove any uncertainty that these things don't exist and aren't enjoyed in the future. They would have been fine if they just left that blank. No one on the Enterprise talks about anime because that's not really relevant to the story and doesn't fit with the overall themes of the show. It's not mentioned because it doesn't need to be. It could still exist in the setting.. but it kind of just doesn't, because Roddenberry's vision for the future is no TV, no games, no activities that aren't noble self-improvement and quantum mathematics… and in that way, it's just another weird wrinkle in the Trek universe that makes it a little more dystopian and awful than intended.

03ef12  No.30278


I suppose you could also use the weak excuse I've seen used for why every song played on a radio in the Fallout games is from the 60's or earlier when. Namely, that actual vinyl records and paper books were the only formats that survived the various nuclear wars and whole generations worth of pop culture and entertainment were erased by emp effects.

The excuse doesn't work for Fallout since they have a billion holotapes everywhere that clearly survived the war no problem, but you could maybe make it work for Star Trek. Except they also seem to have insanely detailed information on historical figures and culture that would have been obliterated during WWIII with all the anime and rock music…

32fde2  No.30283


You could assume that Starfleet is nothing like the average Federation citizen. We know from The Doctor's publishing efforts, Jake Sisko's writing, and holosuite programs like Vulcan Love Slave that there's quite a few people consuming contemporary entertainment. Most likely, they just load all the autistes who read exclusively Shakespeare onto a starship and let them sperg out on the ayys instead of bothering everyone back home.

f9e1f5  No.30289


Voyager actually may have handled the holodeck more realistically than any other ST series. It wasn't always just historical LARPing, and classic works of fiction. There was Captain Proton, the kid's holodeck entertainment, that Irish pub Janeway liked, the Doctor's golf course, and I think a skydiving program at one point.

b3717b  No.30290


>Shakespeare autists in space

Really should have been the title of TNG.

6b071e  No.30295


The first few Fallout games only used old music in the opening cinematics, if I recall correctly. In game, there was no radio playing only 40s music. In Fallout 3, you've got Three Dog's radio station, but there's never an excuse given, like "These were the only records we could find" or whatever. They just continued the trend for no reason through every other game, even though there was a century and a half of history between the 40s and when the bombs dropped.

For a writer, you'd think the chance to reference 400 years of pop culture and entertainment would be really fun for them. They get to make up whatever they want and make their characters say all kinds of wacky shit. It's a free pass and instead of using it, they made the awkward decision to have their characters obsessively focus on things that had little to no popularity of widespread attention in their own time. How fucking boring do you have to be to imagine that in the future all people would ignore anything else made with the latest and greatest technology strictly so they could focus on novel that were written nearly a thousand years in the past. It would be like if all we cared about right now was ancient egyptian theater and writing.

32fde2  No.30296


To be fair, that 40s music helped set the atmosphere for Fallout. All of the sci-fi and future shit in those games is modeled on the future as it was portrayed in mid-20th century pulp magazines despite the games being made long after that, and it gives them a certain aesthetic. Period music helps amplify that aesthetic. Star Trek doesn't really have this excuse though, it was part public domain being cheap and part Roddenberry's autism regarding plebeian contemporary entertainment. I'm guessing the latter is more responsible, since once you get past TNG you start seeing a lot more non-classics entertainment being shown. I'm still pissed MGM had a bitchfit about the Our Man Bashir episodes, adn kept the writers from producing any more.

324b51  No.30297


Like many aspects of the 3D Fallouts, it was done best in New Vegas. Plus some of New Vegas's music was related to older folk songs. Fallout 4 of course did a terrible job, and it felt like half the playlist (much of which copied from a popular mod, at least the parts not lazily duplicated from 3) was just hamfisted DUDE NUKES LMAO, compared to NV in which it all felt 100% at home despite having nothing to do with the apocalypse.

f9e1f5  No.30298


It's obviously a budget and effort thing. They'd have to record a lot of new music. It'd be really cool if they did that though.

6b071e  No.30299


It fits just fine, it was just a poorly developed idea that they fumbled, much like Trek did. Had they made more than a few attempts to create some original contemporary music for their era, the results would have probably been pretty silly, but far more memorable and more likely to resonate with audiences better than classical music and poetry.


All it takes is a couple lines of dialog to rationalize it.

>The building we took over to use all this broadcasting equipment used to be an oldies station

or even just

>the only machine we could get working couldn't play the format all the new music was put on, so we're stuck with this ancient stuff

That would fit with Bethesda's general laziness, as they are too fucking incompetent to actually compose and record original music that fit the aesthetic and wasn't just generic ambient orchestral droning.

342985  No.30302

In both franchises it really wouldn't be much of budget hit to hire people to record new music to fill in the gap. You could hire some crazy experimental electronica guy to slap together something no one has ever heard before if you wanted to do a "the crew throws an after hours dance party" scene for less than the cost of licensing some shitty modern rave shit. And you could find plenty of unemployed big band type people who could produce some retro sounding jazz and swing music that maybe actually expands the lore of the game by including references and themes that actual 40's music couldn't possibly have. Likewise have an episode where someone is playing an holodeck program based on a 2029 political satire written during the prelude to the eugenics war that gives us more background into the earth's history at that time.

4e0041  No.30395

I like all the classical music and I like that even alien stuff like klingon opera sounds like classical music, Riker's jazz is as much negro jungle dance music as is necessary

f09040  No.30399


Asians were disproportionately killed during the eugenics wars. Otherwise the federation crew would be like 90% Asian. Also matches up with what we've seen of the time period.

9feab1  No.30468

File: b83d7ed8a30c7ae⋯.png (1,8 MB, 1980x900, 11:5, justice-league-animated-se….png)


>that first image

Looks more like justice league tas (not that I'm complaining, mind you)

5dd8d9  No.30470


>I mean, look how much people bitched about a fucking Beastie Boys song being used in Beyond and there the whole point was they were limited to just the music collection of some rando from a hundred years ago. Maybe they'd have preferred if the crew ended up having to transmit a recording of a fucking water polo game, because lord knows that's a much more enduring and relatable character trait for a space ship captain than liking rock music.

Amen. This actually ties back to the whole Shakespeare-in-Star-Trek thing. In his own day, Shakespeare's work was considered (in modern terms) pop-culture melodramatic schlock. What made his schlock stand out above other schlock is that he had, as fans, two successive powerful monarchs. The aristocracy of Elizabethan and Jacobian England had to at least pretend to like Shakespeare's work (and publicly use many many many of the made-up words he coined) in order to do the usual royal court politicking.

This is also why I actually liked Picard being a big fan of both Shakespeare and of trashy pulp detective stories. They're the exact same class of entertainment of their respective days. Maybe 24th century universities have entire literary departments dedicated to pulp detective novels, just like how real-life 21st century universities have departments of Shakespearean studies.

361628  No.30487


Interesting point about Shakespeare you make cause that is exactly what Shakespeare was about. Entertainment. His stories are quite formulaic but in a good way that they can be adapted for any setting which is why if you put it to a current timeline the stories still work. He'd probably be pissed to see how pretentious it has gotten over the years.

3b76e8  No.30509

Real question is why no shakespeare thread?

742b94  No.30613


There's a Klingon thread for that.

4d2f90  No.30626


>Shakespeare was considered melodramatic shlock

Well I don't have the knowledge of contemporary critics' views, I suspect you might be overstating it a little bit. Sure maybe it wasn't considered the pinnacle of high art according to the intelligentsia, but how much "high art" competition could he really have had? Royalty and the nobility are the beginning and the end of the "market" so to speak for playwrights back then (excepting the pittance that might be made at the door of a local theatre from laymen, but even that was at the mercy of the King's willingness to allow it), so if they had a taste for Shakespearian style plays, how could a large body of the intelligentsia's 'better' works ever be produced?

>Shakespeare is the same class of entertainment as crappy pulp novels

I don't like this line of reasoning because although it may seem technically correct, it's not accounting for how the base artistic taste of society has been harshly lowered. Take for example music; not too long ago "middle brow" music would have been Johnny Cash dressed casually, strumming an acoustic and singing about his girlfriends or drinking, but now middle brow would be a shirtless groid rapping about "bix nood muh dick" and murdering his rivals while overfed mulattas gyrate their bare ass. It's not that these things have equal artistic merit, it's that society has just become more degenerated and low class. I fully expect that people will still be talking about Shakespeare in two-hundred years (if perhaps not Cash), but pulp novels are already seen as silly and dated today (much as the popularity of Jamarkus Shaquan L'Oreal's anti-music is lucky to remain popular for more than a few months to a year).

4e0041  No.30634


Contemporary plays weren't taken seriously as a medium in his lifetime, but Shakespeare was top of that field, and his reputation rose after his death, not just among the aristocracy but among other writers. Also, derp: Shakespeare was also a poet, and poetry actually was taken seriously. This whole discussion sounds sounds like an aside from Professor Judenstein's Introduction to African Literature course.

>Johnny Cash

I like Johnny Cash, honest, but music's been in dire straights since recording artists supplanted composers. Middle-brow music used to be light opera… and apparently they still have Gilbert and Sullivan in the future, so there you go, Feds aren't that snobbish after all.

8307a0  No.30672

File: 6c13b0d4f04ebe7⋯.jpg (112,13 KB, 1131x707, 1131:707, 3423341.jpg)


In the future anime is illegal and has only a handful of cult followers who are hunted by killbots and bounty hunters. They live their lifes in hiding, spending most of their time digging through the ruins of the lower levels of Tokyo to find fragments of mangas or a BD. We live in a golden age today. Just like when heroin or cocaine was legal. But these times will come to an end. They always do.

c23234  No.30673


Anymore of that pic?

8307a0  No.30675


Got bitten by the Konata bug, eh? Can't blame you.

98acf7  No.30676



We need more /cute/ trek around here.

8307a0  No.30680


We need an anime remake of TNG where all men are swole and all women are cute lolis. Worf, Obrien and Jordy would be female. Wesley would be female too and a cute loveable loli dork. Klingons, Borg, Vulcans, Cardassian and Romulans would be all females. Guinen is a nekogirl.

4f9243  No.30690


>Worf, Obrien and Jordy would be female

Had me up to that point. O'Brien should just be a dad with at least 7 daughters.

7d0811  No.30691


We have to thin out the sausage fest but I can give you Obrien. Good thinking with the daughters.

7d0811  No.30716


Worked out for that one dude beyond the wall in got. You know the guy who only had daughters

90fa89  No.30717

File: f0f4c7bbb47d356⋯.webm (628,95 KB, 632x718, 316:359, Who Can It Be Now.webm)


>incestuous harem of your own daughters

>working out

7d0811  No.30718

File: a9fb4a58d7b1c53⋯.jpg (80,93 KB, 665x1202, 665:1202, 54243.jpg)


Jeez, someone's living in the past. Thank G_d in the 24th century these archaic laws against incest don't exist anymore.

Shhhh, no stigma, only love now.

3c2cf5  No.30724


Incest is the best, faglet.

25e8f6  No.30725

File: 4489410db112685⋯.png (484,41 KB, 600x582, 100:97, DRUMPYLOO DELETOO DIZ.png)



ddd074  No.30749


R63 Trek best Trek

16b25c  No.30779


Nigger, daughters are the worst.

75acb9  No.31305


Nigger daughters are indeed bad.

41173b  No.31307


But that's an easy problem to solve. If you don't fuck niggers, you won't have nigger daughters.

704dcd  No.31308

File: 2563c5a5870d08f⋯.png (6,92 KB, 694x298, 347:149, 42254.png)



Referring so specifically to the number, I thought it's Voyager's NCC or something.

7039a8  No.31318

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


we will become the anime by then.

d8c82b  No.31344

File: 76934e752893693⋯.jpg (23,27 KB, 249x320, 249:320, Straight outta Stratford.jpg)


Theatre in Tudor England (and before) were the lowest of low brow entertainment. Players companies of the day were barely a step above vagrants in the eyes of most of polite society, as they were a group of homeless young men who travelled from inn to inn living on the pennies they'd make by preforming over the top nonsense (by the standards of art held at the time) for drunkards, which is also what lead to the laws banning women from the stage at the time - as it was assumed that these companies would just start preforming live action porn if given half a chance.

Shakespeare broke the mould pretty wildly by shamelessly sucking off the royalty of the day (the bulk of his history plays are undiluted Tudor propaganda) and using the money to build the first modern theatre at Southwark (the closest he could build it to central London without having the law come down on him for pushing something so disreputable where decent people might see it) which also helped as people could see his plays without being caught in a grimy bar in the rough side of town. The propaganda pieces he wrote in particular were a huge part of his success as it lead to the Elizabethan court making a big point of how much they loved his puff pieces to make sure that everyone knew how much they loved the queen.

Even with all that investment and political manoeuvring though he was widely known in his own life as a poet who dabbled in theatre, unless you were trying to insult him of course.

c371f6  No.31345

Mental defects have largely been cured so there is no need to show art designed for the mentally defective anymore

c14bc6  No.31368


This makes me wonder if copies of comedian stand-up monologues will be held in regard as the high art of the 21st century, when people read them 400 years from now.

b569e0  No.31395


I'm sure if you cherry picked through contemporary stand-ups for a few centuries, you'd end up with a sizeable amount of decent material that has enough additional artistic value from being old to be regarded as art.

1d2a46  No.31408


>Sure maybe it wasn't considered the pinnacle of high art according to the intelligentsia, but how much "high art" competition could he really have had?

The guy lived in the renaissance, Miguel de Cervantes the author of Don Quijote and Niccolò Machiavelli author of The Prince lived in the same time frame.

c14bc6  No.31482


I want a version of DS9 where instead of a faux Frank Sinatra hologram they had a George Carlin hologram. Would have made things a lot more interesting.


>Don Quijote and The Prince

Both highly overrated. Just because they make you read something in high school doesn't make it good.

4e0041  No.31492


>Both highly overrated. Just because they make you read something in high school doesn't make it good.

Are you the same dude saying that anime is high art that will achieve immortality

88cf37  No.31498

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


As far as pre-shakespeare Tudor society would be concerned the respect and prestige that Shakespeares plays hold today would be about as strange as one of us travelling to the year 2600 and finding a society where well to do, educated, and cultured people were happy to make a point of how they bought tickets to a vid related tribute act. Then you check their academic network and find that several decades worth of their finest artistic and literary experts have spent their lives writing articles about the political relevance of 'The Real Slim Shady' and how it defined, predicted, and influenced everything that happened in the 20th/21st century.


>Both highly overrated

The Prince is interesting when you look at it in its context - as a satire of the 'mirrors for princes' genre. It gets funnier when you look at how the phrase 'Machiavellian' is used in modern English. OK, I'll stop wanking now.

525cfd  No.31573


>I want a version of DS9 where instead of a faux Frank Sinatra hologram they had a George Carlin hologram. Would have made things a lot more interesting.

Hell to the fucking YES. Him and Bill Hicks. They're the goddamn crown princes of stand-up.

And I want to see a renegade emotion-embracing Vulcan with a massively successful stand-up show touring human worlds. I like to think that when a Vulcan shakes off the emotional repression, they go all-in on their love for transgressive jokes. Imagine a pointed-ear Bob Saget. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsCOUZxHPdw

8ad5da  No.31818

The nukes destroyed Japan and anime was lost.

c14bc6  No.31857


>implying that anime exists only in Japan

You know damn well that Zef Cochrane has an anime figurine collection somewhere in that underground missile complex. Probably sleeps with a daki, too. Just one look at the man and you can tell he's a massive weeb.

7635e8  No.31969

File: 9a5d73a39229432⋯.png (691,92 KB, 590x472, 5:4, scornin the usa.png)


>Hell to the fucking YES. Him and Bill Hicks. They're the goddamn crown princes of stand-up.

This is an act, is it? You don't actually go through life talking and thinking like this, right?

924d99  No.32061


When they found his lost pod in deep space they discovered a love pillow.

525cfd  No.32063


No, this is not an act at all. George Carlin and Bill Hicks are personal heroes of mine.



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