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File: bf8c585d66a94a6⋯.jpg (19.54 KB, 365x316, 365:316, tragedy.jpg)



I can't wait to watch the Sheev scenes on YouTube.


File: df7a2c277c25348⋯.webm (2.29 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Clone Wars Reboot.webm)


>why Kylo Ren, you are a hundred times more awesomely evil than I am!

>(Rey kills Kylo Ren into a Jedi)

>Oh my God! Such raw power! No man could compete! Rey would be the ultimate Sith!

>(Rey kills Palpatine FOR REAL THIS TIME)

<Rey is the true Chosen yne! Hooray for womyn!

>1.85 billion dollars because NPCs

>KK gets another 3 years

>Rian releases God-awful trilogy

>Star Wars is remembered in history as extremist RadFem fiction.


File: 7d905984cf0a353⋯.gif (2.66 MB, 350x262, 175:131, [Disney Shilling Intensifi….gif)



File: 180b51c7395066c⋯.jpg (17.92 KB, 600x337, 600:337, e6StX8.jpg)


I would not be surprised if they recreate his spinning.


File: 278612e9d141096⋯.png (497.97 KB, 853x480, 853:480, fuck star wars.png)


>Contemplating suicide yet?

No, I'm laughing, thinking that the people in charge have no fucking idea of what to do with Star Wars.


File: b3d1e50e111ff7d⋯.jpg (48.46 KB, 450x522, 25:29, sith keeps on happenin.jpg)


That image is perfect.


File: 8edc855d706f159⋯.webm (945.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 8edc855d706f159d038003f93….webm)

I honestly didn't know whether or not they would actually go forth with this dumb as fuck idea, but now that it is confirmed all I can do is laugh at the people who thought it wouldn't get worse. That and this destroys the argument of bringing Sheev back as clone in the EU was why it should have been non canon, when Sheev coming back as a presumably sith ghost is even worse.



I used to get an unbelievable amount of shit for defending dark empire because it "nullifies the hero's achievement and brings back the villain", yet the same fucks who gave me beef for that are now praising the return of Sheev and love how Luke and the gang were turned into losers. It just shows that they had a blind loyalty towards Disney and a superficial "Hello Greedo"-inspired loathing for anything outside of the OT that was approved by Lucas. Seriously, the EU had almost 40 years of content of varying levels of quality which was mostly good or okay yet in less than 5 years Disney has managed to create such a mess of canon that would even make the old Crystal Star novel look remotely good by comparison.



Member when South Park wasn't complete garbage? Yeah, I 'member!






suddenly you'll see heaps of praise for dark empire come out of nowhere, and people will start shilling with "george said a clone sheev was the only way for it to work so it's real star wars!" and then we'll get a revamp of the true fan bullshit again.


File: ad8be184c7f896a⋯.png (267.99 KB, 800x533, 800:533, ad8be184c7f896a2cb3cc97b5e….png)


>an interest and newfound love for the Dark Empire over Disney trash

Sounds good to me



no anon, they'll praise it more for the jewed version of it rather than the original material itself, just as people said darth caedus was dumb but gave kylo ren rave reviews.



Well shit. Reminds me of how they tried to defend the worst elements in TLJ and TFA by finding parallels in the EU to use as examples of how good these shitty Disney ideas were despite them constantly loathing the EU and spending every waking moment dissing it when Disney announced its termination.


But George Boy didn't declared that the Sith can't turn into force ghosts in his last SW work? So Disney will retcon that?

Anyway i don't give much of a fuck about it. Star Wars as a franchise ended when George sold it.



That's their go to defense for anything in Disney Wars. Either "the EU did it too" or "Star Wars was always this dumb". Never a direct defense, always deflecting.



Filoni found a loophole around it by introducing a female sith whose spirit was sealed in a Holocron which is ironic since it was Filoni who enforced the notion that siths couldn't have ghosts, rather than George.



No, Filoni was set to have sith ghosts but george said not to do it at the last minute.



No. Filoni was just as apprehensive as George about using the scene featuring the sith ghosts and he and George decided not to use it. Filoni was a pushover who did whatever George told him to. Even Genndy wasn't such a bootlicker and did what he wanted.




Pulling out all the stops, I see? This shitty film is going to be so terrible it could potentially be good to laugh at in the long run. I can't wait to watch it with everyone on /sw/.


I don't see anything wrong with Sith ghosts because in KOTOR you meet Ajunta Pall in his tomb and that guy was a real jerk. I have a problem with this obvious ploy to get people who jumped ship back on.



Oh wow, all those shitty endor spoilers were true. The absolute state of originality.



I don't think Ajunta Pall was a Force Ghost the same way Obi-Wan was. He was bound to the tomb and not really aware how much time had passed or that he was even dead.




Another thing to note is that Palpatine's ghost in Dark Empire had no real form. It was just a dark little red light that could fizzle out at any moment. Most sith ghosts had to bind themselves to a physical location, object or living host (even the Sith Emperor was limited in some regard), whilst jedi/light side spirits were absolutely free, omnipresent and gifted with a higher sense of awareness and peace. So the elimination of sith/dark side ghosts felt like a terrible idea since them binding themselves to object showed that their spirits were vulnerable and corrupted and could not exist by themselves, thus not retconning George's view on spirits. But again, Filoni was just a faggot who didn't dare to go against his superiors unlike past authors and it was the rest of his staff who were responsible for the actual quality in his series and he was more of an autist than George could ever hope to be.




this is the first i'm hearing of furloni being the one to push out sith spirits.



most sith ghosts existed in the games which were only canon to bare extents, imo ajunta pall was more like the fake bane in clone wars, a security system put in to protect the tomb.



>this is the first i'm hearing of furloni being the one to push out sith spirits.

It was initially first enforced in the novelization of Revenge of the Sith in 2005 by Qui-Gon and presumably upon George's request. However this didn't stop authors and other content creators from doing it and finding loopholes that didn't dissatisfy George. Even in the 1991 Dark Empire comic was praised by George for being the closest thing to a sequel trilogy in his eyes, and it works since Palpatine and siths don't have spirits like the jedi do, instead using the "essence transfer" technique, showing that George wasn't uncompromising on the issue (at least at the time). Filoni liked the idea even less than George and even said that removing it was "the right thing to do". Its all in the DVD commentary of the Ghosts of Mortis episode. Does anyone have a link or something of the episode with commentary? I really don't want to try and mess around with my DVD unless as a last resort.



This. It's obvious they're scraping the bottom of the barrel and it will backfire.


They really have no clue what the fuck to do, do they? Will be nice to get a few new Sheev reaction images out of it though kek.



>Sheev reaction images

If ANYONE reading this board actually works at Disney, you HAVE to get us the CGI model they (will inevitably) use for Sheev!



There probably isn't someone like that here sadly. All the traitorous Disney employees are plebs and they usually post their secret info on 4/tv/… which is just pure shit.


There's got to be someone facepalming with us along the way just doing it for a paycheck.



I hope this is real.

The circle will be complete human centipede style



>rian kills darth emo's master

>fuck it snuuk was just a bad rip off of sidious anyway just bring back sidious

So how do you faggots think this will happen? Clone, force ghost or lol didn't really die?



sidious will contact soylo from a walking droid hologram and try to intimidate him by firing holographic lighting.



You left out time travel stupidity. Thanks to Filoni we know it is possible that someone could reach in and pull Sidious out at the last minute before he hits the reactor.

I really think it will just be a hologram cameo where sidious is on a loop or something.


At best it could be that Kylo discover's Sheev's holocron which serves as a kind of confrontation because it's programmed with his personality. That's assuming anybody still on the story group remembers or understands that part of the lore instead of trying to find somewhere to insert space pederasty.


>inb4 Rey is Sheev


File: ea94038ac41d39f⋯.jpg (75.56 KB, 674x762, 337:381, ea94038ac41d39ff273eefde2c….jpg)


>mfw Rey is actually gonna be his daughter and the female Trioculus


File: 5060150f44639f4⋯.png (151.25 KB, 335x415, 67:83, 5060150f44639f446ea86a68d0….png)


>mfw the reason her fivehead is so huge is to fit her secret third eye


File: e4cb1addc0dd7cc⋯.jpg (176.24 KB, 512x704, 8:11, VadersThrone-EE2P5.jpg)


But the Sith in Dark Empire had ghosts remember? They were bound to the Valley of the Dark Lords, but they were there. Palpatine even used to chat with them on the occasion.



I'm thinking she's his grand-daughter and triclops was the junker deadbeat dad.



Emphasis on "they were bound there". They were not complete force spirits like the jedi/light side spirits. They merely infused their essence into that locations, items or people. They were basically prisoners. So it was a good way to work around the issue without going against George's tism. It just goes to show how much of a pushover pleb Filoni was.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

A rumor. This movie will be a trainwreck for trying to carry the whole saga on its back.


Looks like this movie could turn out better or worse because there seems to be more improv this time around. Either the script is terrible and this could not make it so shit or it could turn into every bad modern 2 hour comedy movie that'll make it an insufferable watch.



I hope its even worse than what this fuck is implying.

>Last film of the Skywalker Saga

Everyone keeps saying this shit. What saga? It has always been about the fucking Skywalkers. There isn't even a Skywalker left in these fucking movies except a comatose Leia, and Kylo is technically a fucking Solo. These people are so obnoxious.



I think they're desperately trying to hype people up for another infinite shit stream of movies comprised entirely of their donut steels this time despite proving to be utterly incapable of producing interesting original characters which is interesting.


Doesn't matter. Ever since he got named Sheev he's been a retard. The megalomaniacal Machiavillain who believed he was saving the galaxy has become a pants-pooping baby with the brain of a dead mule.


File: 9b0e03318beaa7d⋯.png (628.32 KB, 776x543, 776:543, 9b0e03318beaa7d53451ffcb89….png)


Oughta sight man



i think they've called the episodes the skywalker saga because the skywalkers were the protagonists, but the universe doesn't revolve around them, they just happen to be in the right places at the right times.



>literally the chosen one

>restores balance to the force by wiping out the jedi and the sith

>"The universe doesn't revovlve around these white males, guys, come on!"



>balance is wiping out jedi and sith

The alderaan poster, everyone.



>leaves his son, a jedi, alive

>wiping out


tripsman is correct, you're retarded, but so is he for not realizing why.






He will come back as a transexual radical feminst.



And they'll blare the Emperor's theme full blast just to give the audio cue to faggots that




>In a recent leak, Palpatine falls into a love triangle with Finn and Rose, the final battle is Kylo and Palpatine seeing who can make the longest force boner, rian johnson makes an appearance getting mauled by an army of rabid porgs, the end.

>Post credit scene is rey fellating now adult broom boy, while retired schoolteacher plays with her throbbing superiority in the background.


File: a423095f62cfe58⋯.png (341.13 KB, 450x522, 25:29, Green'd.png)


Turned it green and added the Death Star



Really retarded, George said himself that dark side users can't have force ghosts because they cut off their connection from the living force by abusing it. Disney sucks so much ass.



It objectively is.



Luke wasn't a Jedi. Both the Sith and the Jedi were corruptions on the force. Watch the Prequels again, tardo. Mace Windu was only there to represent how foolish the Jedi had become.



Based Sith ghosts anchoring their spirits to the material plain as wraiths/specters has been a thing for a long time anon, though I guess it isn't quite the same as transcending death in the way that Jedi do it.


>implying that the Dark Side doesn't act as a weight/blockage of the 'Light Side' (the actual natural form of the Force) and that the Jedi have any actual weight in it's flow

Retard, that's not how the Force works.

<inb4 jedisperg

Look at my flag, the Dark Side inhibiting the Force's natural flow isn't really a bad thing since the Force is a cunt that sacrifices billions of innocent lives in convoluted autism-fueled plots and plans that span decades to come to fruition.


>be Force

>Sith are stronger than ever with the Rule of 2

>have your flow getting kinda fucked

>come up with a way to solve this

>solution is to have a slave woman on some backwater planet get knocked up by nothing and produce the most powerful force user of all time so he can be abused and mentally scarred by a shitty life before getting picked up by space monks and poorly trained at their gay temple

<allow a massive war to get started by the Sith who you hate because they hurt you

<allow billions, probably trillions of innocents to get dabbed on by an insanely costly war

>have your psycho baby sperg out and annihilate the Jedi, a group dedicated to helping you

>have the Sith you hate take over for a bit

>have them rule like dickheads

>have your psycho baby who's now a horrific cripple's kid grow up to kick the Sith's ass

>finally be free of the Dark Side polluting you

That's how the Force gets shit done. The only solution is to break its back for being a colossal cunt


File: 2bafc70e277a106⋯.png (147.95 KB, 396x399, 132:133, good read.png)


Nice one shoopfag



>Based Sith ghosts anchoring their spirits to the material plain as wraiths/specters has been a thing for a long time anon, though I guess it isn't quite the same as transcending death in the way that Jedi do it.

Indeed, its not the same, yet Filoni still refused to have them in regard as wraiths, which was stupid. Disney however probably won't be as creative. I mean we're also getting a Vader force ghost (not Anakin) so they're probably gonna do to him what SWTOR did to Revan… Either that or this is all just empty hype and its gonna be Sheev's mental imprint in a sith holocron. Its funny how only now they've decided to bring back shit from the lore when its already to late and the franchise's setting has been fucked beyond belief. Fuck you Abrams, Rian, Kennedy, whoever fucking else.



>Based Sith ghosts anchoring their spirits to the material plain as wraiths/specters has been a thing for a long time anon, though I guess it isn't quite the same as transcending death in the way that Jedi do it.

Since when, that's fucking gay.



>all that bullshit

The only shit that matters are the 6 films that Lucas made, everything else is garbage if it doesn't conform to George's themes. Anakin brought balance by wiping out the corrupt Jedi order, and by wiping out the Sith. Luke went on to create a better Jedi Order that was in harmony with the force as one can see in the Jedi Knight games, like Jedi Academy.



Old republic media mostly. Also they didn't have much of a choice half the time since George was pretty strict about that, especially after ROTS, but people still found ways to work around it.

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