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File: fde89ce1ff69286⋯.jpg (159.85 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Star-Wars-Attack-Of-The-Cl….jpg)


>Christopher Lee was a fencer and he wanted a lightsaber he could hold right

>Dooku is one of the greatest duelist of the era

>the second form of lightsaber combat developed was fencing based but is rarely used due to no lightsaber using opponents appearing in a millennium

>Dooku is pretty much the only guy to specialize in it or lightsaber vs. lightsaber combat at all at the time of the Clone Wars


When i first saw it in the cinema i found the design just weird, ridiculous. Now it's my favorite lightsaber design.


The curved lightsaber hilt was supposed to be good for duelists because it "allowed for more precise manipulations and delicate motions."

Anybody who knows dick about swordfighting care to explain that? It's always sounded completely bullshat out of thin air. What real life swords had a bendy hilt for superior 1 vs. 1 matches?


File: 07fde12e25f40e4⋯.jpg (86.4 KB, 736x2136, 92:267, 8dae2407f35908106172441ef0….jpg)

File: 6666dba485d0e86⋯.jpg (68.39 KB, 611x431, 611:431, pic11-l[1].jpg)


>What real life swords had a bendy hilt for superior 1 vs. 1 matches?

A fencing one.



But it looks like those are ergonomic curves for the benefit of the palm. You wouldn't hold any of those in the middle with the blade curving down and away from where the handle is being gripped, right? What's the point of that with Dooku's saber?



In fencing, and Sabres dueling there are different grips that can be used in combat. A handle like dookus allows for both grips to be used and thus a wider range of strokes. Compared to how most other lightsabers are essentially a tube. His is more like a sword handle.


File: e7b25a1f83ba305⋯.jpg (7.63 KB, 300x300, 1:1, fa6ade5b3d89699585d2706dd0….jpg)


You've never enjoyed the feel of sweeping with a bent handle broom, have you?



Damn, and all of this time I thought it was a quasi-plausible reason so that they could give the next villain a weird looking lightsaber design. If somebody explains how the spinning Inquisitor sabers make sense I might hang myself.


I enjoy things like this where it was something weird and unique that came up because someone had an interesting idea and not like Disney shit where they just try and shove as much random shit without thought into the movie to make it seems "epic". All the way down to Dooku's lightsaber design has thought behind it whilst the main bad guy of Banking Clanney wars didn't even have a backstory.


File: 7d4f3e1c87b8024⋯.webm (663.78 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, saber copters.webm)


At the very least, never forghetti.


I think we need a lightsaber combat thread. I don't know how there isn't one already. The fucking bat'leth fags on /strek/ have a thread about bat'leths. Get it together, troopers.



Why can't this be the lightsaber/lightsaber combat thread?


File: e6ef1ead5f25ca0⋯.png (32.72 KB, 640x320, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9ad52a012422902⋯.png (178.26 KB, 864x477, 96:53, ClipboardImage.png)


I did classical fencing for about six years. If I had to hold a lightsaber in the same way I held my foil, Dooku's hilt design would be the most comfortable and easiest to use. The handle bends across your palm and the end rests on your wrist, like in the first picture.

The problem is the lightsaber isn't used like that. With a foil, there is no edged blade - you have to hit the opponent with the pointy end of your sword. A lightsaber is very different; it will cut something regardless of what part you hit your opponent with or what angle it hits at. I like Dooku's hilt design but there's really no reason to have it that way.



Because the thread topic encompasses a lot of lore and is therefore overly broad for that, and because lightsabers or weapons in general aren't mentioned in the title and I'm a huge fucking sperg about these things.



Make your own, faggot.



Makes me wonder if it's possible to put a foil on a lightsaber.


The reason you have that saber design, in a real sword at least is to make it easier to hold your thumb on the back of the hilt, which brings the sword blade in line with your forearm which makes it easier to thrust. This video goes into different types of sword grips for saber or equivalent swords:




There were "lightfoils" in ye olde EU where the idea was that they produced a weaker plasma blade capable of being used by Force-blind people so that the nobles of some author's pet setting could have fencing duels. I'm sort of surprised that Filoni hasn't tried to shove it into Rebels.

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