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File: 988cc4b91a8ef87⋯.jpeg (213.46 KB, 768x432, 16:9, Darth-Maul_632eb5af.jpeg)


I really hate his appearance in The Clone Wars. He works best as a silent assassin type and they basically took all that away in the show. Why the hell did Lucas even demand they bring him back?


I thought it was the fans that wanted him back because of that "what if" story where Maul tracks Obi Wan to Tatooine as he watches over a young Luke and fights him.


I dislike all the wierd Dathomir shit they did with him, and the whole story is predicated on Dooku being the apprentice because Maul is dead, so having him come back and Palpatine going ‘lol Dooku is better’ is kind of shit.

If he was going to come back, he’d be a better person to be the Snoke character - a half-robot Sith who survived and took over the Sith after Sidious bought it.



I know what you mean, man, that whole Dathomir arc is best forgotten about. It was like someone's pet idea that they just kept on sucking dicks until it got green lit, utterly appalling and completely took a stinking wet dump over Ventress and Maul, and don't even get me started on that OCDNS Savage



I honestly hated how they handled him in Clone Wars. Sure I kinda dug the idea of him coming back, but his characterization was shit, and only made shittier by his really obnoxious brother who I could not give two flying fucks about. Only reason Savage Oppress (Great fucking name by the way. Its really crawling in my skin) even exists is to have a reason to bring Maul back when it could've just been Ventress, but instead they just tied them to all of that Dathomir bullshit. I would've liked the whole Dathomir and Dathomir witches things better as a solo thing completely independent from Maul and Ventress. Also making Maul and Ventress the same fucking species? Dathomirians? Who wrote that crap? Just throw Zabraks and Rattataki under the rug why don't ya. Both those characters inspired said species, yet they cut off all ties with them, much like they cut off all ties between the Fetts and the Mandos.






>Maul in TCW

Do I even want to know what happened? Every time it's mentioned anons seem universally to despise what happened to him. I'm assuming from your post that him being a Zabrak which I believe was stated during his introduction in Darth Plagueis was retconned.


File: b5262c1ea1c06a6⋯.jpg (33.61 KB, 300x300, 1:1, siniteen_avv6.jpg)


>was retconned.

Yes. He's a dathomirian now, human/zabrak hybrids, which results in zabraks with weird skin colors and females with white skin and no horns. Its something you should probably watch for yourself. Also, pic-related replaced the Rattataki and are the native inhabitants of Rattatak.



That humongous brain always disgusted me.


Not that I disagree with you but I thought Palpatine always viewed Maul as more like a personal assasin and used that excuse to calm Plagueis down when he found out about it?



Funny thing is Siniteens never got much exploration in the EU, but they always were described as a very intelligent species with incredible memory, yet Clone Wars only ever showed them as criminals, with the exception of a questionable bounty hunter and a not-so-smart CIS representative.



I think now Maul was just a temporary thing for Palpatine, but I dislike that. Initially Lucas said Palpatine chose Dooku only because he needed somebody trained up and Maul was dead.

In my head-canon Palpatine would aruably prefer a purely Sith trained apprentice, specifically one he had trained himself since birth. I always liked the idea of Palpatine being a dogmatic Sith, and wanting to train an apprentice and accepting that apprentice would kill him someday. There’s a measure of pride when he says Darth Vader will be better than Yoda or him - he’s happy to be a part of the chain of the Sith, to be remembered by his descendants as the one who defeated the Jedi and won the war. I dislike all the stuff that says he thought he could live forever.



To be fair, all the stuff about him coming back was written before anyone even knew what a Sith was, to say nothing of the Rule of Two.


File: a0eaedd7c1f47b4⋯.png (116.74 KB, 680x788, 170:197, e61.png)


>That humongous brain always disgusted me.

t. pleb



>Palpatine would arguably prefer a purely Sith trained apprentice

Which is why two of the three he chose were former jedi…


except that even Bane tried to do that even if it was only to ensure that he had time to train someone else if Zannah failed


>>10111 (checked)

Essence transfer isn't out of line with the Sith philosophy, though. For it to succeed, the will of the Sith attempting the transfer must be stronger than the will of the body they're invading. Because it's the stronger soul that survives the battle, Essense transfer is in line with Sith philosophy in a way that sekrit clones in the Deep Core aren't.



>Which is why two of the three he chose were former jedi…

Again, he chose Dooku - and Lucas said this - because he needed an apprentice quick. We know he taught Anakin as much as possible and took an active role in his training.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I like what TCW did to Maul though



waste of old wounds, comic was better.






maul was always nothing more than temporary, as was dooku. both were stepping stones to anakin.






Not really sure why you quoted, >>10112 and >>10107, I was talking about Sidious coming back not Maul.



i have a habit of quoting posts that all quote each other in their similar subjects.



>Zabraks and pale bald Rattataki are now part of the same species

Was there any reason given behind the scenes for this whole…thing? Did they just want to redo the Nightsisters, and it turned into a messy snarl from them wanting to rework two other races?



probably the same reason we almost had a maul/talon game. george saw shit and liked it and made up some nonsense in his head.



I'm guessing Talon would've ended up as a Twilek/Dathomir hybrid, or some other crazy mash up.




Not sure I really like it. Sidious should be kind of a powerful wizard, not River Tam.






I know it's a kid cartoon… but i don't like Palpatine doing that. He's the kind of person who simply would crush your ribs in an instant like he did with Sedriss, gives you a heart attack, crush your lungs and makes you die coughing blood.



>Sedriss QL

Huh. He did something like that, yeah. Wish we'd been able to see it. But he crushed Sedriss until he begged for his life, not a quick way to kill him. Choke is sadistic and effective enough for him to do it.


Anyone have a pirate for a good quality rip of The Clone Wars? Have the Grendy series already, but I can't find the CGI one above 480p



>they cut off all ties between the Fetts and the Mandos

wh-what did they do? note: I haven't actually consumed much expanded universe stuff



In TCW the prime minister of Mandalore makes an offhand remark that Jango wasn't a Mandalorian but a bounty hunter that stole Mandalorian armor. Personally, I always interpreted this as the Prime Minister being full of shit and trying to distance himself from Jango but over the years Disney has been pushing the notion that Jango and Boba aren't Mandalorians.



I thought the reason why fought like that against Maul was to toy with him more or less. Palpatine is a sadist so I guess he would enjoy seeing Maul grovel and suffer.



Do you think that the mouse is aware that Mandalorians are only popular because of Boba and his cool armour?

I mean, in all fairness it's not an old idea that Boba's not Mandalorian with the whole Jaster Mereel story, but it seems like such a damn obtuse idea to say "Oh they're not Mandalorians" when Boba is the root cause for anyone giving a single fuck about it.

I just can't fathom why they push this pacifist mando shit.



>I just can't fathom why they push this pacifist mando shit.

Because they became Mary Sues so suddenly they had to be ‘perfect.’



Was talking about the guards. Maul was strong and trained enough with the Force for Palpatine simply grab him by his insides without softening him first. Also he fried up him with lightning, which is something above tk.



I hate Darth Maul coming back because not only did they fuck him up by turning him from a silent assassin type into a faggot who talks too damn much but it also, by extension, ruined the emotional catharsis of Obi-Wan getting revenge for Qui-Gon at the end of the Phantom Menace. One of the best moments in the prequels, completely ruined because of a handful of retarded fanboys who were too stupid to understand good storytelling and wanted Maul back because "he was so kewl, you guize!".


>that whole night sister and maul arc

>written by Katie Lucas

Well there's your answer: nepotism at its finest. She also wrote a bunch of other shit episodes, seriously look it up, including the Papa Georgie's self insert episode with Chairman Papanoida. But when you're daddie's little girl I guess it's okay to shit up half of a show with your fanfiction.

And while we're shitting on TCW, am I the only one who was more pissed off by all the little details and continuity stuff they got wrong, than the more in your face stuff? Like for example the Republic capturing all those separatist leaders, like Poggle and Wat Tambor, even though they're still free in Ep III.

Or stuff that didn't directly screw with continuity but still made no sense in the long run, like Yoda bringing R2 with him to Dagobah at the end of S6. Seriously, R2 has been to Dagobah AND knew Yoda and he didn't say a fucking word to Luke in EpV, like: btw i've been to this planet, you can expect this and this or I know Yoda, he looks like this?

Come to think of it, R2 knew a lot of things that could have been interesting to Luke: he knew Obi-Wan, he was Anakin's personal droid, he had extensive knowledge of the clone wars and the Jedi because he was always there for all this shit. They should have just wiped his memory too tbh, because him knowing all this and not saying anything in the OT seems pretty odd.



i believe the answer lies with this: r2 couldn't communicate without a translator (which makes no sense as to how people can understand bb-8 since he speaks in the same gibberish), and the separatist leader bits was most likely going to be resolved towards the end of the show. besides that, palpatine controlled both sides, so he would just let them slip while the jedi were distracted or some shit. maybe they had space lawyers release them.



>Katie Lucas

Why didn't I notice this sooner? Now it all makes sense. Both stories feel like some teenaged girl's wet dream fanfiction and were clearly amateur hour at best in terms of writing.




This honestly, and one of the main reasons why I disliked the Maul arc. His character became so fucking meh. And Savage Oppress (maximum edge name, sounds like a 13 year old's username on Halo) was so fucking terrible as a character.



B-but Savage lightsaber had roaring sounds! Like T-I-G-E-R-S IN S-P-A-C-E!!!


File: 674ba81bbcc5f56⋯.jpg (52.16 KB, 602x339, 602:339, 84164164154614564784154151.jpg)

What with /sw/'s hate on the 2008 Clone Wars show? Its one the best pieces of Star Wars media in recent times. Yeah it has some stinkers but even the old EU had bad things to the same degree.



No one here denys the EU had issues. It’s just that TCW and The mouse’s canon tends to fly directly in the face of well established characters and storylines. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy some of TCW, but the same really can’t be said for any that Disney has shat out though.



When you fuck the lore people get pissed. No it doesn't get a pass because you watched it as a kid.



Because Disney is lazy and so anti Clone Wars/prequels as a whole they just said "yeah Clone Wars is the only Prequel canon lets role with that"



>one of the best pieces of Star Wars media in recent times

Well, when your competition for that title is Rebels and Disney's NuWars, then that's a pretty hollow achievement.

>Yeah it has some stinkers

No anon, you've got it reversed. It wasn't a good show with some bad episodes here and there, it was a bad show with some good episodes here and there, mainly the ones revolving purely around the clones, warfare and battles and maybe a few Obi-Wan eps. But most of the time it ranged from boring to awful, and every time that orange writer's pet cunt came on screen or they showed another fucking episode about Mandalore and its Queen Bitch for some reason, I just wanted to stop and do something else.

Add to that

>blatant disregard for lore and continuity

>tons of cringy dialog and unfitting Whedon-esque quips (Anakin might as well be a completely different character in this show)

>lots of unfunny battledroid gags and slapstick

>shoving things like "I have a bad feeling about this" or the Wilhelm scream into almost every episode, because "This is STAR WARS XD"

>generally bad writing, like that whole Dathomir arc

But I admit that the show did some interesting things too, like giving Anakin a little bit more context for distrusting the Jedi order, or the last couple of episodes with Qui-Gon contacting Yoda, even though that arc had its fair share of flaws too.



I've been wanting to check out TCW, not only because I love the setting, but also because it's one of the last pieces of EU media before Disney fucked everything up. Is there some sort of guide with which episodes to watch and which to skip?


File: e9b02f24a7e34e2⋯.jpg (2.07 MB, 1592x2556, 398:639, recommended_clone_wars.jpg)


As a matter of fact there is.



Much appreciated.



>orange writer's pet cunt

I think you mean best waifu in Star Wars.


Just watch it all. That's the only way to have a fully informed opinion about it.


>>13766 (ordered)

>best waifu

that's a funny way of spelling darth talon



You must be mistaken, I think you meant Ventress.


File: 14d94ea7524f0a2⋯.png (2.3 MB, 1074x1230, 179:205, 856856.png)




I thought we already went over this anon?


File: aa6aa24f6f293ff⋯.png (64.97 KB, 372x206, 186:103, pound.png)


Why are zeltrons such cock thirsty sluts?



>Queen Bitch

I still have no idea why they didn’t just retcon Siri Tachi’s death. Satine is basically the same character, at least Siri’s presence wouldn’t have allowed Filoni to assrape the lore of Mandalore.



They aren't in the nu-cannon.

>>"There are many situations where it's better to be matter-of-fact about how cosmopolitan the galaxy is; Skelly's supervisor is a Muun and young Caleb Dume's sparring partner is a Zeltron, but those were both cases where the facts of the characters' species were not really on the point-of-view character's mind."

>>―John Jackson (((Miller)))


File: 51efc3ebdc9975c⋯.png (398.74 KB, 794x560, 397:280, 2fdce95f9c6fd4a6bc3594386f….png)


>zeltrons no longer sluts

>muuns no longer bankers


Fucking figures…




What has this faggamuffin done before?



He did some EU material back in the day but mostly Dark Horse comics and his stuff mostly focused on the Old Republic. He used to be pretty good but in recent years he's become no better than most who went to work for Disney, sacrificing quality for "brave new ideas". Only thing that can be said about him now is that he's probably one of the least shitty writers currently working at Disney but he's a far cry from what he once was for the most part.



The Knights of the Old Republic comics are fucking trash, Miller can't write for shit and he was always a cock sucker.




Why? A bit disjointed, but fun.



>I always interpreted this as the Prime Minister being full of shit and trying to distance himself from Jango

Same here. I'm pretty sure that was probably the intention. Besides, he's from the pacifist faction on Sundari. What do they know? They literally live in a bubble. I bet you'd get a different answer from the mandos in Keldabe or the rednecks on Concord Dawn :^)

The important question is, is why are the Sundari Mandalorians all aryans? Has anyone ever come up with a reasonable in-universe explanation for that?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I don't consider anything in Rebels to be cannon. Though I did like his last fight with Sidious in Clone Wars.

There can only be two.

<<tfw it was like 5 years ago


File: d8a972b7e94e93f⋯.jpg (130.75 KB, 800x869, 800:869, csi__coruscant.jpg)


>tfw TCW debuted 10 years ago and it still looks better than Rebels or anything else Disney has put out despite even my mixed feelings towards it



>kathleen kennedy will ruin ahsoka in your lifetime


Maul should've stayed dead.



Agreed the clone wars shit is cringe



The Clone Wars was honestly mediocre half the time, and the Maul and Ventress arcs only helped to make once likeable characters into obnoxious and inconsistent turds. Maul may not have had much development character-wise in adulthood but there was more than enough material covering his upbringing, so expanding on his postmortem in TPM then bringing him back was just absolute idiocy. He was a corrupted child who grew up to be a killing machine. There was no need to expand on that, now we just have the most tryhard punk goth in the galaxy who won't stop talking despite barely saying more than a few words at a time in his film or origin and expanded media.



You're stupid then.



This is objectively the right opinion. Him coming back to life adds nothing to the franchise and cheapens everything.



Agreed. His whole "he's back" storyline was clearly just a cheap gimmick to drum up ratings and bring in viewers who like cheap cameos. That, and Filoni had a ridiculous hard on for the Old Wounds comic and wanted to make it canon. He even fucking adapted it into Rebels. It was just a "what if" storyline from the Infinites storyline for fuck's sake.


I'm as big of a Maul fan as you could generally get (read every single thing related to him in the EU) and honestly, the TCW treatment was not bad at all. I didn't ask for it, but the damage was done, they did it, they brought him back to life and how did it go? Well it could have gone a lot worse. They handled his mentally corrupt state believably when he was in that lair with those spider legs, it was all very appropriate and not any less absurd than Anakin having a padawan. Luceno smoothly retconned his Dathomir background in Plagueis and everything kind of clicked back into place. Did they do it for the views? Of course they did, it was an expensive show and the whole idea behind TCW post-mortem was clearly about being as outrageous as possible and to try and find stuff to explore that hadn't been done in the comics yet (i.e Padme episodes). My only wish is that we would have gotten a proper EU ending for Mauls clone wars arc, but unless you're going to disregard TCW altogether (which even a lot of eu fans wouldn't dream of) we'll just have to use Old Wounds. At least it's not as cheesy as his ending in Rebels. I like how gritty and impersonal Old Wounds actually is, it's somehow fitting for Maul, especially after his long and funny clone wars drama. I like how Owen puts him down like an animal, it's so unceremonious. And yes, Maul kind of felt like a different person after being brought back to life, but I unironically blame the voice actor for this. Just go back and compare Peter Serafinowicz's and Sam Witwer's voice acting for Maul, they don't match up at all. Serafinowicz sounds like a stone cold killer like Darth Maul should. It's the same thing how Anakin seems very quippy in TCW, but then you think to yourself "What if this were live action and what if Hayden handled this scene".. But I get it, it's probably a stylistic thing. At least we can be sure that this wasn't a case of them misunderstanding Maul as a character. If you read Maul: Lockdown (a pre-tpm novel released after TCW), you'll find he's written just like in all the other old TPM-era novels like Shadow Hunter. This reinforces what TCW shows you; that this version of maul is really just a heavily corrupt state of his former self. He's a mad dog. A has-been. He has no happy ending, because he's essentially zombie that's been transported into the wrong timeline. I think there's some value in all this, in terms of pure craziness. I'm honestly glad they handled it the way they did.


>Filoni had a ridiculous hard on for the Old Wounds

This is what I don't get, because I thought it was George that actually suggested they bring him back (and I'm saying this as a Lucas fan). On top of that, I don't remember Filoni even bothering to credit Old Wounds or the EU at all when they first conceived his TCW appearance. It was just one of the many things that was pissing me off about Filoni, him pretending to be an EU pro even though he was acting very dismissive toward it.




Did Rebels actually adapt Old Wounds? I can only imagine how hammy they must've set that up considering the other meh deaths in that series.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Did Rebels actually adapt Old Wounds?

they used a little bit of it. basically, maul discovers kenobi is on tatooine and goes after him. they fight in the desert at night, and ben kills him. no uncle owen, and the spider legs were removed back in the clone wars.



Wow, that was terrible. I've heard people describe this as a great moment before, how is it possible to have such shit taste?


File: 05dbea554d9077d⋯.png (1.2 MB, 648x1076, 162:269, y1xcpqt5ouw01.png)


Wow, that ending was sappy as fuck.

>Obi-Wan rests Maul's head on his lap

I don't even



>how is it possible to have such shit taste

easily impressed retards that don't know about Dark Times or any post-rots EU.

I'm marathoning rebels right now as I'm typing this and I can tell you it is fucking BORING as shit. It's too offensive to be considered canon and not offensive enough to hold your attention. I just want to get it over with since it's the only form of epilogue out there for TCW (which I do actually like in retrospect). Does anyone know if the Ahsoka novel fits into the EU?



I read somebody yesterday talking about how George Lucas genuinely listened to his fans and gave them what they wanted, in the context of Yoda going ham with a lightsaber something he had actually been told (by some) they wanted to see, so it's conceivable that he took the "fan consensus" that Maul was underused to heart and elected to bring him back the only way it was feasible to do so: in a cartoon.



>Does anyone know if the Ahsoka novel fits into the EU

i'd disregard it, it kills off ventress in a sappy way.


don't forget solo fully confirmed his return, they gave him the robot legs and all.



they circlejerk to it because of the build-up prior to the episode itself. it's the arc of maul coming to a close (despite literally being a 3 second fight) and it gives his character some form of closure, provided you just ignore most of tcw.



>some form of closure

He gets killed by the same guy who already killed him decades ago. Making his entire "rebirth" totally and utterly pointless. It's very possibly the worst way they could have ended his story. There was no reason to ever bring him back to life, they could have just told stories about him set Pre-Phantom.



>i'd disregard it, it kills off ventress in a sappy way.

haha I read Dark Disciple years ago and I remember Ventress dying in that book. Maybe it was Vos that died instead, I don't know anymore.


the pre-phantom stories of Maul that are out there are pretty good. Like, really cinematic even though they're novels. Maul: Lockdown was a real page-turner for me. What I like about the Maul novels too is that they all connect to something else (other books, short stories etc) they work really well for chronological reading. In fact, I'd say the pre-tpm era of the EU is incredibly underrated, particularily thanks to Lucenos autism with Plagueis. At the very least, I don't think we were necessarily lacking decent pre-tpm Maul adventures. He had a pretty good run. The only real fuckup about Mauls return for me is that he dies in a non-canon disney show (and like most would agree it's a shitty death)


>Maul returns

The whole premise is flawed. He was bisected and fell in a giant chasm. Nobody survives that, even for a space magical knights movie that is too stretch the suspension of disbelief too much. He would be dead before hitting the bottom. What sense makes Maul surviving that and 3 jedi "masters" dying by superficial cuts or even a stabbing (Which were much more feasible to someone survive)?




Which is why I'm convinced Rian Johnson is going to bring back Luke and Han as cyborgs in the next trilogy, so he can ruin them further.



And they keep acting like only his legs were cut off. Guy lost half his fucking digestive system and then just put on a pair of robo-scorpion legs from a junkyard. Even if the whole "his hate kept him alive" reasoning is somewhat valid, there's a limit to how far you can take such a bullshit explanation. Sure, bisecting would kill most instantly, and I don't doubt a master sith lord could keep himself going on hate-fueled sith power alone for at least a day or two, but he not only survived, but he was able to grab onto an air vent, make his way into a trash compactor, survive, and then travel halfway across the galaxy, all the way to the outer rim no less, get dumped on a hazardous junkyard planet several days later, found a fucking derelict robot spider torso that only gave him the ability to walk but apparently no mention of it serving as a substitute for his missing organs, and to top it all off, just barely living without food and water for many years and subsisting mostly on hate-fueled force power. Even if I were to take Disney and TCW's explanation seriously, this is something I'd expect from a very aged, wizened and very powerful sith lord that either modified himself through sith alchemy or had years of dark sagely training in solitude to master this kind of survival bullshit specifically, but Maul didn't and he was nothing more than a living killing machine trained only to hunt down and kill jedi with very little hint of higher spiritual awareness or intelligence, since it was just battle after battle. Also in Disney's canon he was apparently born with tattoos.



>The only real fuckup about Mauls return for me is that he dies in a non-canon disney show

The fuckup was bringing back to life. There is objectively no reason to do so.



Emperor is still alive, boyo, if Maul can survive having no anus, and Phasma can survive being on an exploding planet, then Sheev is definitely still alive. Death no longer exists in Star Wars, everyone is alive.


>There is objectively no reason to do so.

No there wasn't, but what else is TCW good for? the book was pretty much nearly closed on the original clone wars timeline by the time they made the show. TCWs biggest gimmick is the novelty of its outrageousness while padding the 2-3 year war to the brim with additional conflicts. Retcons like Barriss Offee being a terrorist all of a sudden or Quinlan Voss' personality change feel more offensive to me than robo-Maul or the zillo beast. I just feel like they should have commited themselves to finishing what they started with the show and not making the audience watch a crappy low budget disney follow-up.



>he was able to grab onto an air vent, make his way into a trash compactor

Just to add to this pile of bullshit, what exactly are air vents and trash compactors doing in a completely automated mineshaft for extracting plasma?



No reasons given. It was just there.

>through his hate and will to survive, Maul used the Force to grab an air vent as he was tumbling down the reactor shaft



sheev fell into the power source of the death star, he was vaporized.



>Also in Disney's canon he was apparently born with tattoos

wow, nobody bothered to read up on pre-sale iridonians or dathomiri?






the canon page shows he wasn't born with tattoos, they were given to him.



If Phasma can survive the Hoth Star going kaboom I'm sure Sheev can handle a few radiation burns.



And Maul got sliced in half then fell into the exact same thing that Sheev did, but they ignored that fact so Sheev being far more powerful than a chump like Maul is obviously still alive.




>Ep IX plot twist will reveal that Snoke and Sheev are the same person

How likely is this scenario?



>Kenobi wasn't interested in killing Maul or having a rematch with him in any way

>Maul just had to be slain because he would have blabbed about Luke to the Empire

>it was literally nothingpersonnable.jpg

Now that's just a kick in the teeth. As far as shadow play casualties going, being murdered for accidentally learning crucial information is pretty low on the totem pole.


File: 02bbfeab50bcb3d⋯.mp4 (433.16 KB, 536x356, 134:89, 9356465.mp4)


>I just want to get it over with since it's the only form of epilogue out there for TCW

That's like saying The Farce Awakens is a continuation of return of the jedi



well, a "non-canon/what if?/infinities" epilogue then

It's not that I'm a total masochist either, considering TFA is the only nucanon film I've seen. I just want to check if there's anything I can extract from Rebels due its loose connection to TCW. Sort of the same reason I read Dark Disciple–I just want to know what they were thinking (even if I don't like it or consider it canon). TLJ and all this other nonsense, I really have no reason to investigate.



phasma was picked up by an imperial shuttle or some shit, i forget the official statement, rian johnson also made her the kenny of star wars, in that she always escapes seemingly impossible situations


maul didn't fall into a nuclear power plant


it would be better than the stupid snoke alien species that hung out on the edge of the unknown regions. apparently the background info made for snoke in 7 was retconned by rian.




>Come to think of it, R2 knew a lot of things

B4 the mind wipe at the end of episode 3 for him and golden boi



The mind wipe was only for 3PO. R2D2 never had a memory wipe



i'm like 95% sure it was "make sure to wipe these two droids"

>actually look it up

"and wipe the protocol droid"

fucking bearstein all over again


File: 4427a5caf677ade⋯.gif (5.58 MB, 402x360, 67:60, Berenstein Bears.gif)

File: 257c139be3e7583⋯.jpg (85.13 KB, 640x853, 640:853, Berenstein Bears VHS.jpg)

File: 83a5f8c3f5199c2⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1024x822, 512:411, berensteinbears2.png)

File: cac28f6081d3d92⋯.jpg (148.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, BERENSTEINVERSE - IT WAS F….jpg)






I don't know, I've always remembered that it was 3PO. Maybe I'm a native to this reality.



you're retarded, it's always been c3po that got the wipe. r2 never got a wipe after he left the queen's service. there was a story, dark horse comic i believe, where r2 played a recording of anakin choking padme to luke.


File: a98d1add65ef521⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1024x1574, 512:787, Star Wars Tales 24-005.png)

File: a98d1add65ef521⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1024x1574, 512:787, Star Wars Tales 24-005.png)

File: 164685c513d9f33⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1024x1574, 512:787, Star Wars Tales 24-006.png)

File: fb4d2d8e0d6ad40⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1024x1574, 512:787, Star Wars Tales 24-007.png)

File: 314634c16d97f5b⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1024x1574, 512:787, Star Wars Tales 24-008.png)

>Darth Maul surviving after Episode 1

That story is retarded and the fact that it's been picked up as nu-canon is even more brain dead.

Storytiming some pre-TCW Maul backstory.


File: d2ec8eff0bd3a30⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1024x1574, 512:787, Star Wars Tales 24-009.png)

File: b3b6879320b51fd⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1024x1574, 512:787, Star Wars Tales 24-010.png)

File: 7f2864990f220fa⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1024x1574, 512:787, Star Wars Tales 24-011.png)

File: c85293fc2e6cf77⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1024x1574, 512:787, Star Wars Tales 24-012.png)

File: c9c21e461df47c6⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1024x1574, 512:787, Star Wars Tales 24-013.png)


I miss the days when his backstory was simple, he was just a Zabrak who was taken on by Sidious to be used as a tool for the dark side. None of the Dathomir stuff or his evil brother or him having robolegs. Even Darth Plagueis is guilty of using that shitty retconned backstory. Fuck Filoni.


File: 006ec439f35365d⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1024x1574, 512:787, Star Wars Tales 24-014.png)

File: c96a382d0e108c4⋯.png (991.55 KB, 1024x1574, 512:787, Star Wars Tales 24-015.png)

File: 1720c9bac004f2c⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1024x1574, 512:787, Star Wars Tales 24-016.png)


File: 97ae958bbfe360f⋯.jpg (36.08 KB, 640x320, 2:1, Maul-dead-640x320.jpg)




Agree 100%, him surviving his death actually fucks up the theme of Palpatine's apprentices being disposable tools. Maul and Dooku dying like dogs is important set-up for Return of the Jedi when Sheev tells Luke to kill Vader. We know then that Sheev is serious, he never valued Vader for anything more than a puppet.

Fortunately, the CGI show doesn't add up with the actual movies or the superior parts of the EU so it's easy to disregard. For me, the only movies and cartoons that are canon are the 6 Lucas films, and then the Genndy Clone Wars series. Thematically they all blend together perfectly, while everything from the Mouse and Filloni feels like fanfiction, even when Filloni was working for Lucas his work still felt like fanfiction.

Maul was sliced and diced, and then he was splattered when he hit the bottom. If Obi Wan did ever fight a specter of Maul on Tattoine, it was nothing more than the physical manifestation of his own doubts and demons, perhaps a living embodiment of the dark side which resided within him. A desert hermit fighting visions like Saint Anthony is far more interesting to me than the schlock that Rebels gave us. Maul coming back to life serves literally zero function when it comes to storytelling, he adds nothing and subtracts quite a bit.



What species is Silus?




>him surviving his death actually fucks up the theme of Palpatine's apprentices being disposable tools

His resurrection doesn't do anything of the sort. The way he was treated and used doesn't interact with his, for lack of a better term, hateful immortality. From what I recall, Sideous just wanted him dead when he realized he was still living anyhow so that only serves to support the presupposition that Sideous sees everyone as tools of convenience, instead of undermining it as you've asserted.



So what does his resurrection add to the story? What's good about it?



Perhaps we can have a Separatist version of Old Wounds. A short story where an older Obi-Wan, egged on by the spirit of Qui-Gon must confront a vision of the man who killed his master in the desolate sands of Tatooine.



I would love to write a story about Obi Wan on Tatooine in the vein of the Temptations of St. Antony by Flaubert. There's so much space for interesting storytelling and character exploration with that premise.



I'd love to read it, anon! Seeing as there is a push by some, myself included to build upon the EU with a Separatist fanon, I think it's a good place to focus time and effort into.


File: ff54beda8b54f19⋯.jpg (84.38 KB, 500x481, 500:481, 1450823868444.jpg)


>TCW show began in 2008

>over 10 years ago now



TCW was always terrible. Takes a massive diarrhoea dump continuity and established characters, just so Dave could do his waifu-centric CGI show.

Say what you will about the old true EU, but it never ruined continity and characters like TCW did.

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