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File: 988cc4b91a8ef87⋯.jpeg (213.46 KB, 768x432, 16:9, Darth-Maul_632eb5af.jpeg)


I really hate his appearance in The Clone Wars. He works best as a silent assassin type and they basically took all that away in the show. Why the hell did Lucas even demand they bring him back?


I thought it was the fans that wanted him back because of that "what if" story where Maul tracks Obi Wan to Tatooine as he watches over a young Luke and fights him.


I dislike all the wierd Dathomir shit they did with him, and the whole story is predicated on Dooku being the apprentice because Maul is dead, so having him come back and Palpatine going ‘lol Dooku is better’ is kind of shit.

If he was going to come back, he’d be a better person to be the Snoke character - a half-robot Sith who survived and took over the Sith after Sidious bought it.



I know what you mean, man, that whole Dathomir arc is best forgotten about. It was like someone's pet idea that they just kept on sucking dicks until it got green lit, utterly appalling and completely took a stinking wet dump over Ventress and Maul, and don't even get me started on that OCDNS Savage



I honestly hated how they handled him in Clone Wars. Sure I kinda dug the idea of him coming back, but his characterization was shit, and only made shittier by his really obnoxious brother who I could not give two flying fucks about. Only reason Savage Oppress (Great fucking name by the way. Its really crawling in my skin) even exists is to have a reason to bring Maul back when it could've just been Ventress, but instead they just tied them to all of that Dathomir bullshit. I would've liked the whole Dathomir and Dathomir witches things better as a solo thing completely independent from Maul and Ventress. Also making Maul and Ventress the same fucking species? Dathomirians? Who wrote that crap? Just throw Zabraks and Rattataki under the rug why don't ya. Both those characters inspired said species, yet they cut off all ties with them, much like they cut off all ties between the Fetts and the Mandos.






>Maul in TCW

Do I even want to know what happened? Every time it's mentioned anons seem universally to despise what happened to him. I'm assuming from your post that him being a Zabrak which I believe was stated during his introduction in Darth Plagueis was retconned.


File: b5262c1ea1c06a6⋯.jpg (33.61 KB, 300x300, 1:1, siniteen_avv6.jpg)


>was retconned.

Yes. He's a dathomirian now, human/zabrak hybrids, which results in zabraks with weird skin colors and females with white skin and no horns. Its something you should probably watch for yourself. Also, pic-related replaced the Rattataki and are the native inhabitants of Rattatak.



That humongous brain always disgusted me.


Not that I disagree with you but I thought Palpatine always viewed Maul as more like a personal assasin and used that excuse to calm Plagueis down when he found out about it?



Funny thing is Siniteens never got much exploration in the EU, but they always were described as a very intelligent species with incredible memory, yet Clone Wars only ever showed them as criminals, with the exception of a questionable bounty hunter and a not-so-smart CIS representative.



I think now Maul was just a temporary thing for Palpatine, but I dislike that. Initially Lucas said Palpatine chose Dooku only because he needed somebody trained up and Maul was dead.

In my head-canon Palpatine would aruably prefer a purely Sith trained apprentice, specifically one he had trained himself since birth. I always liked the idea of Palpatine being a dogmatic Sith, and wanting to train an apprentice and accepting that apprentice would kill him someday. There’s a measure of pride when he says Darth Vader will be better than Yoda or him - he’s happy to be a part of the chain of the Sith, to be remembered by his descendants as the one who defeated the Jedi and won the war. I dislike all the stuff that says he thought he could live forever.



To be fair, all the stuff about him coming back was written before anyone even knew what a Sith was, to say nothing of the Rule of Two.


File: a0eaedd7c1f47b4⋯.png (116.74 KB, 680x788, 170:197, e61.png)


>That humongous brain always disgusted me.

t. pleb



>Palpatine would arguably prefer a purely Sith trained apprentice

Which is why two of the three he chose were former jedi…


except that even Bane tried to do that even if it was only to ensure that he had time to train someone else if Zannah failed


>>10111 (checked)

Essence transfer isn't out of line with the Sith philosophy, though. For it to succeed, the will of the Sith attempting the transfer must be stronger than the will of the body they're invading. Because it's the stronger soul that survives the battle, Essense transfer is in line with Sith philosophy in a way that sekrit clones in the Deep Core aren't.



>Which is why two of the three he chose were former jedi…

Again, he chose Dooku - and Lucas said this - because he needed an apprentice quick. We know he taught Anakin as much as possible and took an active role in his training.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I like what TCW did to Maul though



waste of old wounds, comic was better.






maul was always nothing more than temporary, as was dooku. both were stepping stones to anakin.






Not really sure why you quoted, >>10112 and >>10107, I was talking about Sidious coming back not Maul.



i have a habit of quoting posts that all quote each other in their similar subjects.



>Zabraks and pale bald Rattataki are now part of the same species

Was there any reason given behind the scenes for this whole…thing? Did they just want to redo the Nightsisters, and it turned into a messy snarl from them wanting to rework two other races?



probably the same reason we almost had a maul/talon game. george saw shit and liked it and made up some nonsense in his head.



I'm guessing Talon would've ended up as a Twilek/Dathomir hybrid, or some other crazy mash up.




Not sure I really like it. Sidious should be kind of a powerful wizard, not River Tam.






I know it's a kid cartoon… but i don't like Palpatine doing that. He's the kind of person who simply would crush your ribs in an instant like he did with Sedriss, gives you a heart attack, crush your lungs and makes you die coughing blood.



>Sedriss QL

Huh. He did something like that, yeah. Wish we'd been able to see it. But he crushed Sedriss until he begged for his life, not a quick way to kill him. Choke is sadistic and effective enough for him to do it.


Anyone have a pirate for a good quality rip of The Clone Wars? Have the Grendy series already, but I can't find the CGI one above 480p



>they cut off all ties between the Fetts and the Mandos

wh-what did they do? note: I haven't actually consumed much expanded universe stuff



In TCW the prime minister of Mandalore makes an offhand remark that Jango wasn't a Mandalorian but a bounty hunter that stole Mandalorian armor. Personally, I always interpreted this as the Prime Minister being full of shit and trying to distance himself from Jango but over the years Disney has been pushing the notion that Jango and Boba aren't Mandalorians.



I thought the reason why fought like that against Maul was to toy with him more or less. Palpatine is a sadist so I guess he would enjoy seeing Maul grovel and suffer.



Do you think that the mouse is aware that Mandalorians are only popular because of Boba and his cool armour?

I mean, in all fairness it's not an old idea that Boba's not Mandalorian with the whole Jaster Mereel story, but it seems like such a damn obtuse idea to say "Oh they're not Mandalorians" when Boba is the root cause for anyone giving a single fuck about it.

I just can't fathom why they push this pacifist mando shit.



>I just can't fathom why they push this pacifist mando shit.

Because they became Mary Sues so suddenly they had to be ‘perfect.’



Was talking about the guards. Maul was strong and trained enough with the Force for Palpatine simply grab him by his insides without softening him first. Also he fried up him with lightning, which is something above tk.

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