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File: c5c2d61fafa998c⋯.jpg (2.9 MB, 2000x1426, 1000:713, 40K :tg: - Map of the Æter….jpg)

File: 3018a5fe838608c⋯.jpg (417.06 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Warhammer 40K Chaos God - ….jpg)



"In as much as I am aware, and nine out of ten of my sources concur, we are approaching the end times. Not of this planet of Carstein, not of sector Aetern, not of segmentum Tempestus, but of the whole of the Imperium. I know not what the future holds but a glimmer of hope. Everything that is about to occur will put every human through a hell not seen since the Emperor's internment upon the golden throne, but should we survive the onslaught the whole of the future belongs to us for the rest of eternity. Stand tall my brethren, my sisters, not for our lives but for our children's, for our father's, for each other. We have but ten years to prepare." - the Iron Cardinal

Ætern, the most autismal sector.

>https://archive.is/FVrDt Thread #1

Thread Directory: >>347480

Welcome back to 8/tg/'s own custom sector of the Imperium. We laid the foundations and frame of the place back in the first thread, now we need to fill it in. Our goal is to create a better and more compelling sector than halfchan's neglected Tiji. Thus far, we have advanced well in that direction, but we can't stop there. We need a place which can be played in. Together, our autism should be sufficient. Now…

The Ætern Sector Aetern is an acceptable spelling is a part of the Imperium of Man skirting the edges of the Veiled Regions, and within the bounds of Segmentum Tempestus. Imperial forces carved it out some three or four thousand years before the present, but humans have inhabited it for much longer. It is a relatively sparse region of space, only containing a few dozen stars and few planets of mineral wealth; in addition, stellar activity and climates are often colder than average in Ætern, exacerbated by the shadowy phenomena of the Veil (among other factors). The Imperium controls much of the sector, though its reach weakens further into the clouds, and ceases altogether in the region's center. Ætern is divided into four sub-sectors (technically five) surrounding the center, clockwise: Vladimur's Domain, housing the Sector Capital (Carstein), Sothoth Deeps, containing the Adeptus Mechanicus hub (Belmond), Függönyfal, the Veil-choked permanent frontier, and the Bram Highlands, paradoxically containing a seat of Ecclesiarchal control (Himmelwelt) and primary destination for a unique xenos-and-human immigration problem sector-wide. This problem is termed the Pharos Aeterno Effect, an inexplicable lure radiated across the galaxy from the sector's center, the Ænigma Damnatio, a bizarre and impossibly old doppled warp anomaly (composed of the Brass Labyrinthe and the Forever Pit below it). The Pharos draws in the unwanted, the undesirable, and the misfit in their billions every year through infectious dreams, and within Ætern they come to stay. The peoples living within all move to a rhythm of the sector, billions migrating (often in circular fashion) around the sub-sectors. It is their blood, souls, and actions which fuel Ætern, both in mild prosperity and in the coming damnation. The forces of Chaos boil within the center and rampage without, aliens swarm in from all corners of the galaxy, a Daemon-god bellows in its maze, and a great clock counts down to midnight.

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Holy crap, I remember that thread. Glad to see it back again.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Capital (and Vladimur's Domain) is run by space Hussars with borderline cultist-looking infantry [The Voivode's Dragulmen] coupled with flamboyant space Romanian PDF driving really fookin big tanks [The Carstein Armoured Gauntlet]. Shock and awe as they drop from orbit onto the enemy. The local Imperial forces and authorities have a de-facto leader in Cardinal Astral Reineke Aucher von Hautkopft, who is somewhere between space Bismarck and space Richelieu. He's getting the Imperials worked up for the coming Crusade. The space East India Company is probably in here somewhere and helps out with cultists/policing.

>Speaking of policing, the Inquisition has a strong presence in this sector, with an Dante's Inferno-styled underground headquarters and an underworld jailor sensibility. They can't leave (not more than ten years at least), so they make sure the inmates can't either.

>Somewhere in there is a region controlled by the unabashedly non-religious, tacticool, super well-equipped desert marines [The Desert Tempests] and their Al-Qaeda subjects. Closer to the capital are flying Mongol marines [The Martlet Horde] dealing with Orkz while keeping good relations with the Mechanicus. A flock of fighter pilot Sororitas (who are also on good terms with the cogboys) lend them and any other Imperial forces a wing.[The Order of the Burning Void]

>Speaking of the Mechanicus, two major sub-factions [Uhrmacher | Knight House Barbarossa] are secretly heretics for the Sector itself (they think it's a form of the Omnissiah). They seek to bring about some Judgement in the near-future, and may accelerate their plans depending on what the Inquisition and Cardinal Hautkopft do.

>In the boonies is the Sons of Kheti (pre-heresy Sons of Prospero with a Ptolemaic Egyptian/Mediterranean theme) hiding in the Veil (They hate both Chaos and the Imperium) along with a bunch of Necrons, along with an empire of Chaos-mutated xenos super bugs. Other things may lurk out there, including giant warp-beasts

> In the Sothoth Deeps there is a binary star system with a pulsar blasting away. That pulsar contains a C'tan shard. Two tomb worlds [Ebin & Xanzsan] from the same Necron dynasty [Ankekhet] go to civil war shortly after waking up. One of the worlds is the third dynastic seat, its C'tan loyalist master still asleep and his army trapped. Tinboy Mekz splintered off from a WAAAGH hold another world. Something orange is in a dyson sphere within the same system. A Mechanicus Ghost Forge with its Titan Legion is waking up there too.

>The Adeptus Mechanicus holds sway in the sub-sector under crochety (but loyal) High Fabricator Traver Vernandez with clockwork precision, unique local patterns of standard wargear/vehicles, archeotech, and strange old Skitarii designs. Some things might be lurking in the local tunnels through reality.



Fun fact, "dragul" in Slav tongue also means "jewel". You could make the Dragulmen some sort of noble/stormtroopers who each have elaborate jewels hidden somewhere on them.

Maybe as some sort of penance? I remember that the Forever Pit used to be a mine before the Slaaneshi got hold of it, or did that change in the meantime? If it didn't, maybe the gems come from there, and the whole cultist thing is them being ridiculously into repenting for letting the Slaaneshi even get a hold there.


File: 8d4b7ee4a351f8d⋯.png (575.98 KB, 988x1622, 494:811, 40K Chaos 8chan - Diomedar….png)

File: d1774e9d7d70df6⋯.jpg (547.02 KB, 1000x1409, 1000:1409, Wakfu - Xelor, God of Time.jpg)


>Zoats and Ymgarl keeping each other company in a shadowy system, zoats pretending to not be tyranids. Giant but mindless tyranid bioforms can be found on some less civilized worlds elsewhere.

>Another murky system holds two factions of quarreling Men of Iron, long since devoid of purpose but still dangerous.

>Eldar craftworld [Arhanrhod] trying to deal with immigrants like you wouldn't believe, wraith and ranger heavy. They brought in an Ork Waaagh to balance out the factions, but that might bite them in the ass.

>Slaaneshi[The Hidden Hands] and Khornate[The Floating Butcher's Bill] cults and warbands [Hunter's Moon | nameless Malalik warband] chase each other around in circles towards the core. Dark Mechanicus enclaves profit from the situation and research sectoral mysteries.

>Meanwhile, Khorne's fanatically disciplined but crafty internal security investigators [The Diomedarchs] are looking to clean house.

>Somewhere in the sector is a Slaaneshi Daemon Princess or Greater Daemon called the Mistress of Monsters. We don't know anything else about her yet.

>The Bram Highlands which is co-occupied by Himmelwelt and it's weird occult sisters [The Mothers of the Abyss] and the craftworld dealing with an immigration crisis. There's also a bunch of poor exodites and humans (as well as half-breeds) who regularly get terrorized by a transformative nanite plague. Nanites are inherently anti-Nurgle, but that doesn't stop Nurgle-oriented Dark Mechanicus from (very carefully) poking at them. There might also be Vampire and Sensei afoot.

>And in the center of this maze are fucking Chaos Squats, worshipping Hashut. He is like a more successful Skarbrand in that he got away more or less unscathed. Possibly ate a Keeper of Secrets and an avatar of Khaine. Possibly. Either way, his warpsent bellowing and millennial rampages mark him as the go-to BBEG of the sector. However, he's really just a distraction from something else.

>The whole sector goes to the rhythm of a grand celestial clock, winding and ticking and tocking. Hashut is like the fugly cuckoo that pops out every 1K years, each time out longer than the last. Something warpy yet not daemonic calls beings to the sector, causes it to be colder, dimmer, and puts things into a specific order and rhythm. It seems the imperial forces are slightly immune thanks to the flow of energy around Carstein, and the orkz are entirely immune. That said, cults have sprung up sector-wide devoted to it, to the point where they could be called their own faction. It may be Hashut, it may be Arianka, it may be an Eldar god, it may be an Slaan device from the War in Heaven. It might be even older than that. Whatever it is, it's counting down and will soon strike Midnight.


So what, we just come up with stuff to throw in?


File: c77d743391956cc⋯.jpg (203.2 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 40K IG 8chan - Dragulman f….jpg)

File: 37b26f89b097a42⋯.jpg (164.5 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 40K IG 8chan - Brisbonne "….jpg)

File: cd2f3ddcb275b3e⋯.jpg (189.25 KB, 2000x1500, 4:3, 40K IG 8chan - Dragulmen v….jpg)

File: 85f96e9e09d3de3⋯.jpg (10.82 KB, 159x255, 53:85, History - Hussar Skull-mas….jpg)

File: 3c624cd21d80149⋯.jpg (228.39 KB, 730x1095, 2:3, History - A WINGED HUSSAR ….jpg)


>used to be a mine

Well, there are a few planets/systems we have yet to roll that could have those, but the Pit itself has always been the mystery central.


Lifted from the first thread:

>Spess Hussars are the aristocracy and officer corps (from Carstein, the Sector Capital), the Voivode's Dragulmen by and large are a blend of WWII-era Hungarian and Romanian with Vlad Tepes-era Wallachians (which is why they have all those impaled skulls and skeletons everywhere). They're regiments of fast-attack and drop-shock troops, trained to butcher urban foes and insurgents with sociopathic gusto. Carstein's PDF are the tanky, motorized, shock-and-awe guys, and they're a weird blend of Romanian flamboyance with Imperial Guard efficiency and tech. The Militias are all over the place, time period-wise, but can roughly be compared to Kislev (with much more blessings and holy items).

Also, yes, I came across one definition putting it as "precious." Seeing as the monarch of a whole planet picked them, the title still fits. The draconic and vampire imagery fits what they are and how they behave. Incidentally, their Stormtrooper contingents, the Dragulmen Hussars/Caveler are even crazier than the default Dragulmen. Winged grav-chutes and skull masks are the norm there.

Troops from other regiments from across the Segmentum and Imperium wind up in Ætern one way or another, washed up from the Warp like flotsam, misdirected there by clerical error, or simply following the sector's Call. Sometimes, the culture clash can be a tad extreme, and violent misunderstandings like in pics-related can happen. Thankfully, long practice with visitors means many of these separate pieces are eventually re-integrated into the Imperial command structure. The rest join the nomadic flow, hide out on frontier worlds, or go renegade as outlaws or heretics.

For Astartes, the local Deathwatch usually takes them in. As a result, it enjoys a fair variety of Marines from different parts of the Galaxy despite operating in a backwater.


More or less, yes. The goal is to write out blanks, fill in holes, and build on what we've got. This sector can tolerate a lot of weird stuff, so you have a good amount of leeway. Just don't try to bring in the Tau as a faction. Only individuals or small knots of them even make sense out here (thank their location and how safely they travel for that).


Remember, Malal marines are like Darkwraiths, out to fuck you up.


File: fdf6bd6fbad024e⋯.jpg (523.76 KB, 1045x765, 209:153, dark_souls___velka___close….jpg)


Or not. Honestly they're closest to Mound Builder's covenant. They attack all sides at random, to retrieve the most obscure shit, for purposes that escape all but the most lore-wise scholars. Possibly in homage to a big bad that is alluded to but never seen, and often substituted for by lesser evils, and has champions who register as end-bosses om the difficulty scale.



Vladimur's Domain

>Carstein: Hive World and Sector Capital

>Blightstone: Mining World/Partial Quarantine in Effect

>Cornucopia of Certainty: Space Hulk (near Blightstone)

>Judicium: Imperial/Fortress World

>Butabash: War World

>Vogtei Barbarossa: Knight Worlds Zone (ten systems)/Stewardship (Overlaps with Sothoth)

>Soror: War World (technically)

>Havzook: Death World

Visible Cosmic Anomaly:Edge of the Forever Pit

Sothoth Deeps

>Belmond: Forge World

>Craftworld Arhanrhod: One big infinity-shaped hunk of wraithbone

>Epitaph: Special = system containing twelve (really fucked up) planetary bodies ("There is a binary star system with a pulsar blasting away: two tomb worlds, an archeotech world, a mystery dyson sphere, a scared shitless forgeworld, and an orc scrapyard").

>Okidamme: Imperial World

>Kheeran al-Melk: Feral/Feudal World (Space Marine Recruitment)

Visible Cosmic Anomaly:Edge of the Forever Pit

>"Tunnel" Mouths of Sothoth: swiss cheese-like holes in the map, a few with nebulae around them

>The Veil: Smoky clouds, some warp energies, the odd hideous eyes

Bram Highlands

>Himmenwelt: Shrine World/Cardinate World

>Agharta: Xenos World

>Arcadia: Agriworld/Renegade

>Godalming: Penal/Death World

>Saloniki: Imperial World

>Nodens' Chariot: Space Hulk

Visible Cosmic Anomaly:Edge of the Forever Pit

>Warp Shoals around Arcadia

>The Veil


>Liona Prime: Imperial/Frontier World (though located in the Highlands, is the Imperial authority best connected to the other sub-sector)

>Sycorax: Renegade/Desert World

>Kheirôn: Xenos World

>Net of N'zoagew: Unclassified/Anomaly

>Be'enteshaai Fleet: Spess Moths spread their wings (if anyone has an idea for the ships' look, feel free)

>Eisenloch: Forbidden Here be Iron Men

Visible Cosmic Anomaly:Edge of the Forever Pit

>The Veil


>Azharad Kheluthum: Dark Forge/Chaos

>Hand-in-the-Gate: Chaos/Renegade world

Visible Cosmic Phenomena: The Forever Pit: a vast. sucking darkness haloed with warp light

>The Brass Labyrinth: Big fuggoff maze-like thing of purplish warp clouds and brass energy, rests above the Forever Pit like a rock balanced above a well

>Hashut's Rage(Navigator/Warp-sight only): Burning light in the vague shape of a bull skull


File: f440724ca6aa372⋯.jpg (3.76 MB, 5028x3568, 1257:892, 40k- Imperium_Dominatus_An….jpg)

File: 54fcd49dc4b1209⋯.jpg (1.53 MB, 2904x1687, 2904:1687, The_Warhammer_40k_Galaxy_M….jpg)

File: 4040be3fd602d0d⋯.jpg (1.71 MB, 2000x1413, 2000:1413, 40k - Galactic Sector Map,….jpg)

File: 72d86f56887f137⋯.png (1.32 MB, 782x647, 782:647, 40K - Necron_dynasty_map_g….png)


Woops, forgot a couple maps to put things in a bigger picture.


File: d61fcb02b378e2b⋯.jpg (411.77 KB, 1422x1067, 1422:1067, 40K - Inquisitor Creation ….jpg)

File: 6f6aa3c57924fcc⋯.jpg (525.02 KB, 1422x1067, 1422:1067, 40K - Inquisitor Creation ….jpg)

File: 525f15e92786486⋯.jpg (264.86 KB, 1422x1067, 1422:1067, 40K - Inquisitor Generator….jpg)




http://www.4shared.com/office/ChYv34s6/Dark_Heresy_Planet_Generator_v.html Same thing, just in case Dark Reign fails us.

These are for generating further content.


https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/96604-xenos-empire-generator/ Tweak as needed



Modify any "Jungles" to "Forests".


The creation tables below contain examples of their use.


Used for the Voivode's Dragulmen, Carstein Armoured Gauntlet (PDF), and Carstein Militias.

http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Stormtrooper_Company_Creation_Tables Used for the Dragulmen Hussar Corps.


Used for the Mothers of the Abyss and the Order of the Burning Void.

http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Space_Marine_Chapter_Creation_Tables Used for the "Desert Tempests". (many roll posts were used here.

http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Chaos_Warband_Creation_Tables Used for The Hidden Hands, The Hunter's Moon, and 'The Floating Butcher's Bill.


http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Eldar_Craftworld_Creation_Tables >>186791 Used for Craftworld Arhanrhod.





>>188017 Used for the Ankekhet Dynasty Factions (Ebin and Xanzsan).



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


See those three Inquisitor generator charts up there? We need men and women fit for a Conclave. I'll see about rolling up one in a little bit. For now, material writefaggotry on said Conclave:

Stories from far in the past tell of a great king who ruled his cthonic realm in a cold grip of iron. This king resented the warmth and light kings above enjoyed, but also saw their brash warmongering and decadent excess, and knew them for folly. The kings above were afraid of the king below, for his realm was great. but all their subjects came to welcome him with time. He took them all, commoner and noble, freeman and prisoner, slave and prince, law-abiding or criminal. He treated them all like his own subjects, and gave each and every one of them a place. His one iron-clad condition was that they could never leave, though few wished to or could, such was his tranquil law. Through this, his realm was ever renewed and populous, and the king was satisfied with it. He was not happy, however, for it was lonely and burdensome at times to sit upon the throne. Thus, he reached unto the surface to find those whom could share his burden and keep his company… that others might understand.

— Inquisitor Lord-Plutonic Antephatus Gottwald, addressing the annual Conclave Seminar, preamble to every instance since he attained the position

Ten thousand years has it been since the Master of Mankind ascended to the Golden Throne. Four thousand years have passed since the date of this sector's founding (complete with conclave!). Two thousand and five hundred years have gone since the august assembly cracked the mystery of the Brass Maze, that every so often it opens and belches forth its abominable Legions in some damnable pattern. Eight hundred forty eight years have marched away since my predecessors ciphered that damnable pattern into a set number of years per millennium. Eight hundred forty years, and the Conclave began deliberating on it. Seven hundred years ago, they agreed that the Brass Bull laughing in their back yard needed to be dealt with in a timely fashion. Six hundred twenty years ago, Segmentum indicated its own agreement. Five hundred eighty two years ago, some damnable adept-savant by the name of Rhesus commenced a study with his master's blessing. Five hundred fifty eight years ago, Rhesus's finding stated that we could not attack the Maze in force before a certain point and expect to damage the Bull's forces. Five hundred fifty eight years later, we're still preparing for that fight… God Emperor, let this confrontation start before I start going white.

…Four hours ago, poor old Aleksandir Santclarov just stormed through my department, wailing about we're all doomed, that we're running out of time, and that the Brass Bull is not the threat we should all be worried about. I expect him to start obsessing over chronology by evensong with the rest of those clock-watchers. Radicals… at least those Xanthites bring results, even if they're practically heretics already…Maybe I should order Venna to take a pict-thief to Aleksy's notes, just to be sure.

— Inquisitor Ion Kasparoff, Ordo Malleus, diary entry, 16.333.M41

Every prison worth its thrones needs a panopticon. Every panopticon needs to be watched.

Unknown, attributed to Inquisitor Borris Keddlar, Ordo Scriptorum

>The Astra Telepathica's tower, the Emperor's Reach, acts as a conduit for the souls that would otherwise be trapped, and a dowel around which the populace spirals. Once upon a time it was a space elevator that reached unto the moons.

>The Inquisition has a trump card to deploy alongside its own troops: Khronos and Ananke'', a Fellblade and a Falchion, ancient superheavy tanks which were lost here long ago and found fairly recently. Their crews are oathsworn to the Inquisitor Lord of Conclave Æterno, and they are only scrambled in the direst of emergencies. They will protect the Emperor's Reach at all costs, and will not surrender to any figure lower than the Lord Inquisitor. This is a place of Sector-wide importance, and while the "Dowel Theory" is mainly linked with Radicals, the Inquisition is taking no chances.


Funny thing about that nanite virus.

The Eldar have a "burn on sight" approach to anything involved in it. They're terrified of getting close to it, and even go out of their way to hunt down those infected by it (as long as its strategically viable - they won't attack an entire hive world if one person has a virus, but they'll try to assassinate them or drop something from orbit at them - they won't even use orks for this).

The few times the Eldar worked alongside the Deathwatch marines, they brought heavy weapons against the biomechanical horrors the virus creates. The Eldar called the virus "the castaway gaze of the old guard". The only real data they gave the Deathwatch was "don't let the Orks near it".

Apparently the Aetern sector has a larger than usual number of mekboyz, and all of them seem infected in some way. All of these mekboyz end up obsessed with building the biggest ship around and ramming it into the Brass Labyrinth. So far, each attempt failed because the mekboyz will start going after each other in order to steal their ship and add it to the largest interstellar missile. One of the mekboyz has set his eyes on the Space Hulk, and is gearing up for a WAAAGH to take it and convert it.

Oh yeah. The infected orks call themselves krorks.



I tried that chart once.

I rolled up an alpha plus psyker on a luxus yacht, full of ancient knowledge and archeotech with ties to the imperial navy and a shady past.

The kind of character you can use to create the problems the party has to face later and who they will never ever meet.

Unusable even as a GMPC.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You know, the original explanation for the nanoplague was that of a desperate experiment in psyker/warp contamination eradication from the Dark Age of Technology. But I rather like the explanation you have for it. So, I think I'll combine those explanations.

The origin point of Blightstone/Demeter was where the first makers put it down, with the expectation that one of their scions would find it and activate it. However, humanity at the height of its technological prowess was skilled enough to retrieve samples without turning on the whole batch. They researched it, tried to figure out how it worked, and then, fatefully, tried to modify it to solve their woes. On Demeter, it worked far too well. From there on, the nanites cycled their way throughout the planet's ecosystem, and once they ran out of complex life-forms to use, went dormant. A world of seemingly fertile fields was left to the ages, just waiting for hungry colonists to sow their crops.


Inquisitorial Threat Registry File 1015-A

Foe Designated: Nanoplague

Type Designate: Obscuro/Hereticus

Inquisitorial Threat Rating: Obscuro Enigmata/Haereticus Abomini

Area of Incidence: Bram Highlands (Primaris), Függönyfal (Secondus, Unconfirmed), Sothoth Deeps (Tertius, Unconfirmed, Sciscitat)

Point of Origin: Demeter (Vulgate: Blightstone)

Summary Report: Threat Designate "Nanoplague" (Also known as the Grey Change, the Mutator's Friend, Soul-Eaten Sickness, Abhorrent Combination, Isolation Syndrome, Mixer Pox, Nurgle's Bane, Blightstone's Harvest…'''[See 1015-A Subreport 30 "Nomen" for further variations]) is a biomechanical contagion unique to the Ætern Sector afflicting its denizens since regional compliance. At various times since its discovery on Demeter, the contagion threatened to extinguish Imperial authority sector-wide, most critically in the initial pandemic of M37.940-47. Since then, the Holy Ordos purged or isolated the most dangerous viral strains to Bram Highlands Sub-sector. Quarantine operations are in place, and the Ordos eliminate reported outbreaks with all speed. However, the contagion has splintered and mutated in the millennia since into sub-strains and new sicknesses. Their spread causes grief and complication across the sector, and is deemed the cause of an ongoing (if arguably controlled and thankfully localized) xenos-human blasphemy.

A communications breakdown has made it widely known that the Nanoplague originated on planet Demeter, colloquially known as Blightstone. Because the new sector urgently needed provisioning, and because no local Agri-world could match Demeter’s yield, grain shipments were expedited throughout Aetern. Munitorum investigation indicates that these shipments endured minimal inspection, an oversight that would prove costly.

Every last harvest was tainted, and the contagion spread to every planet and station that received shipments from Demeter. Administratum records indicate that local authorities initially dismissed symptoms as the result of previously-undiagnosed psychological defects or reactions to environmental stigma.

Then anarchy set in.

Fringe outposts and isolated vessels ceased all contact. Worlds in the Highlands began rebuffing intra-sector trade. Astropaths and sanctioned psykers reported sensations of an "oily absence" in the Warp. Planet Justiciam became increasingly insular over the course of a month, culminating in attempted secession.

Investigation began in earnest with the rebellion’s suppression. Standard procedure would have been to repopulate Justiciam with new colonists following the eradication of the apparent cult presence. However, the discovery of the Nanoplague's advanced symptoms put those designs on hold and drew the full attention of the Inquisition.


Phoo. Now that's the kind of figure who shapes legacies and major sectoral events in the background. You might want to tweak the results slightly for a regular Inquisitor.


Rolled up a guard regiment months back. Haven't really fluffed it up because my imagination isn't as good as it used to be.


Does that sound good enough for this setting?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


On initial hostilities with the rebels, Imperial Guard Captain Zhugashvil (of the 151st Praagine Landsmen 1st Company) encountered disorientation and flat affect akin to a recent genestealer infestation. The difference lay in how the infected committed suicide bombing strikes or closed to unarmed melee before their ammunition ran out. Trooper accounts note a grey residue on their flesh and silvered veins in their eyes. Imperial losses in breaching the capital perimeter were comparatively light. When they stormed the outskirt hab-blocks, the Landsmen found them empty, as if let sit for over a week without change. A city of five million souls had seemingly been abandoned in a moment. Save for the automated transit systems, the streets were deserted.


That was not to last.

Upon reaching the main street, scouts reported a silvery haze in the air towards the city center, thickening to a mist in the distance. After Captain Zhugashvil received this information and passed it on, he instructed his men to prepare for NBC conditions before proceeding. This order was to save half the company's lives in the following engagement.

Their chimeras encountered the first resistance roughly a kilometer into the mist. Dozens of groundcars connected to each other by masses of elastic grey flesh crashed into Zhugashvil's company. Impact damage to the chimeras was minimal, damage to their treads from the monomolecular blades and powerful metal tendrils forming out of the car interiors was immobilizing. The Landsmen discovered that the enemy's strikes were blind and uncoordinated at that point, reaching into chimeras' firing slots to flail at anything in reach. Lasfire severed fleshy limbs and bolter rounds destroyed metallic parts, but the front chimeras had to evacuate from the sheer mass of limbs invading. Casualties increased subsequently. Reports stated that each component vehicle emitted the silvery mist from its tailpipe throughout the skirmish, together with a muffled ululating groan. Using its limbs, the entity rendered abandoned vehicles apart before seemingly incorporating them into its structure to use as rams.

The moment which turned the skirmish around occurred when chimera 4's bolter magazine took a hit from a multilaser and detonated. Chimera 4 destroyed itself in the chain reaction, setting the entity's connecting limbs aflame. Muffled groans became piercing shrieks of agony as the fire briefly ignited the mist, incinerating the limbs and clearing much of the air along that section of road. While fifteen guardsmen were martyred in the fire, the entity began a frenzied retreat the way whence it came. Though 1st Company was the tip of the Praagine spear, Zhugashvil wisely called for reinforcement after he saw clearer what lay ahead.



First, think about why such abhumans would be sent into the void. Think about why such people would be so zealous in their hatred of both themselves and daemons. And then why females specifically. Just what kinda freaks are these girls? At least try to fluff them before you give up.


I was the one who rolled up the planet where the nanite plague originates, and I feel like I didn't explain it well enough.

>It's fucking huge

>the reason it's so huge is that it's perforated like a sponge, meaning about half of it is just air filling immense open-air cave systems

>the outer layers are where most of the people live, a combination of human colonists and exodite refugees (imagine the colonists and the indians, except in an eternal frontier/stalemate)

>as you get deeper, the nanite percentage in the air gets higher and higher

>consequently the flora and fauna get stranger and more dangerous

>you can't go very deep without a mask or you mutate

>presumably the air turns into a liquid-like substance saturated with more and more nanites

>nobody is brave enough to go down that far

>every few years the nanites grow more than usual, spreading out beyond the planet and forcing some of the mutants from below onto the surface

It's not exactly an ideal place to live



>planet where the plague originates

Ah good, this guy should-

>proceeds to describe the hollow world of Agharta, planet in the same system as a group of enslaving Necron nobility

Thanks for the expansion, but that's not the "world 0" origin point of the plague. Same sub-sector, though, and I wouldn't be surprised if Agharta's acquired its own unique and horrible strain of nanoplague.

…Come to that, could you describe the sort of mutants that come up from the depths?



Gah, I'm tired. Nevermind, Blightstone and Agharta are nowhere near each other.


File: 54594c4016221ad⋯.jpg (300.01 KB, 2040x1512, 85:63, tmp_29578-desert-storm4189….jpg)

File: 6b147b36acf14b0⋯.jpg (615.68 KB, 1200x718, 600:359, tmp_29578-cxskqff3oivu5e1n….jpg)

fleshing out some of the things I made

>the Desert Tempests

If it wasn't obvious they're an unsubtle satire of the Ameican military in the middle east.

They're a very well-equipped space marine chapter that practices pragmatism and stoicism over zealotry and superstition. They were intended to go to the front-lines of an ongoing conflict, but were accidentally sent to a logistically unimportant planet in the ætern sector due to a mistake in the Administratum. They are stationed on Wazir, a desert/mountain planet inhabited by tribal techno barbarians. The Tempests use the tribesmen as auxiliary toops, but often have to fight those same tribes in frequent chaos outbreaks. As such, they often find the same expensive equipment they give to their tribal allies in the hands of cultists and pointed at them.

The Tempests also have had a few conflicts with the Be'enteshai, including a three-way slugfest between the DTs, a Be'enteshai warfleet, and a greater chaos demon.

They don't interact with the other Imperial elements in the sector very often due to their remoteness, but such meetings often revolve around questions like "why are you guarding an unimportant desert planet in the middle of nowhere?" (hint: the answer is usually "because I was told to").



>"because I was told to"

Spoken through gritted teeth?

What happens when outside Imperial forces arive on Wazir?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Taking a break from the nanoplague writing to try out those tables.


>Young: guess that won't be the Lord Plutonic, then.

>Ordo Xenos

>Noble: Freiherr, for the moment.

>Radical Puritan: He hates living here sometimes, especially when his investigations find nasty things about respected family lines.

>Nunquam Cede: Oh fuck, he's a stubborn zealot.

>Not rolling for Psyker, that'd be too much.

>Quirk 1= Other Field of Interest:Maybe he enjoys a good romp of geneology and showing off his Seize Quartiers.

>Quirk 2 = Outward Philosophy: fuck that wording For a Puritan, he's soaks up knowledge like a sponge, no matter where it's been.

>Quirk 3 = Another Field of Interest: Perhaps he enjoys punting on through the balmy estates of OberOkidamme. Knows a good deal about river currents and the kind of traffic you get on them.

>Resources = (will roll just three times to account for youth) Personal Army, Hidden Base, & Assassins: A civilized man has other people kill for him.

>Imperial (Other): Why, the troops allotted to his family since it received its lands, of course. Can't trust anyone else to keep quiet.

>Space Hulk: Well isn't he bold. Trapped somewhere in the tunnels beneath Sothoth Deeps is a (relatively) small space hulk, leant against the wall so that it doesn't move. He calls it The Missing Quarter. The entrance to that particular tunnel is hidden behind a portion of Veil.

>Tied with the Arbites: Always useful to have the ear of the law (and to quickly summon the police when one has uncovered incriminating evidence on a dinner guest; it makes a dramatic summation more satisfying).

Inquisitor-Freiherr Johann Straßer-Keblin von Grunstrom, at the Conclave's service and eager to root out xenos-loving degenerates in this side of the sector, Throne dash it all.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Speaking of the Lord Plutonic…


>Venerable, at 244 Terran years of age

>Ordo Hereticus was where he started out, earned his wings, and learned to soar. Given his long experiences in Ætern, however, his investigations often overlap with the other Ordos. The number of times this has led him to uncover Obscuro-type threats troubles him.

> Inquisitor Lord-Plutonic, a title extant since late M38. He takes only a little pride in it, as being the warden of an immense backwater prison isn't all that it's cracked up to be. The title is a sacred burden and duty, and he is as much a prisoner as the rest. Even if he could leave, however, he would never.

>He is an Extreme Radical in private, though his position as a head of the Conclave keeps his public positions more moderate. Through intermediaries and unaware agents, he pits cults against each other and then destroys the victors. He also occasionally consults with the Eldar of Craftworld Arhanrhod, to the point of being on speaking terms with Autarch Lugh-hann and carrying an Eldar laspistol disguised as archaeotech. Antephatus as a mentor tends to subtlely shape his pupils so that they employ lateral thinking in their investigations, the pupils themselves running the gamut from ex-Administratum scribes to Abhumans. He even took one as his consort, and she returned to him even after receiving the rosette.

>In Veritate Religionis Confido, Officium Primum, Arte Et Marte: He holds to the Imperial Truth, that Man was meant to rule the stars, close to his heart, although years of battling the malefic forces of Ætern has given him plenty of doubts. His duty as Lord-Plutonic holds him fast and will never let go. Radical he may be, but all of his deeds are guided by the necessity of the task (the only reason he took up a consort at all was due to the rationale that it would keep him sane). In his younger years, his duty as an Inquisitor led him to a strict arms training regimen, and he was often at the forefront of raids and skirmishes. He keeps to his regimen (still a crack shot), but now relies more on his agents to be aggressive for him.

>Antephatus is an Epsilon-level psyker and telekine, practiced enough to aim and fire a weapon without use of his hands.

>Other Field of Interest: Even a man of Antephatus's position needs a hobby. His is the recovery and discussion of ancient literature. He can tell a fair tale too, when the mood strikes.

>Heavily Augmented: Another reason to take the backseat in these later years. Both arms and a shoulder needed replacement with augmetics over time, and his left cheek needed a ceramic plate worked over it after it was supernaturally frostbitten. His legs have also been modified to give him a surprise boost of speed when needed.

>Hatred: He despises Hashut with all his bile, for the Brass Bull is responsible for a solid chunk of the cults sector-wide, and claimed the sanity of a promising pupil. The likelihood of him deploying with his acolytes increases whenever a Hashutite cult must be destroyed.

>Huge Archives, Ties with Criminal Organizations, a Personal Army of mixed Stormtroopers (taken from the local boys, usually) and Burning Void Sisters, Assassins, and a Fortress: It really does pay to have full access to the Librarium Cleon, together with the Carstein Inferno. It also pays to know what the sector's underworld does, and to have blackmail material on every kingpin and crime lord within it.


File: 0938e135d73bd60⋯.jpg (28.15 KB, 330x248, 165:124, tmp_27224-starshiptroopers….jpg)

File: 0589c143ef5abaf⋯.jpg (70.26 KB, 634x547, 634:547, tmp_27224-2BFAE49700000578….jpg)

File: 46b1ac3afaeba1e⋯.jpg (56.08 KB, 800x546, 400:273, tmp_27224-c_scale_fl_progr….jpg)

File: 9e8c4a9829568fa⋯.png (363.8 KB, 722x873, 722:873, tmp_27224-Terraformar15074….png)

about the Be'enteshai

They are, essentially, warp-cursed space cockroaches.

They mutate out of control, meaning that they can be wildly varied in terms of size, shape, strength, intelligence, number of appendages, abilities, etc.

What doesn't change is their incredible hunger for violence, especially against daemons and chaos. They seem attracted to it, like ants to honey. Yet, they are highly resistant to its influence, if not immune entirely. They will attack and consume non-chaos targets just as often though. Their adaptability and hardiness is incredible, allowing them to live in harsh environments and inhospitable terrain. They tend to steal technology, equipment, and ships from other species, as the average individual usually isn't very smart. The danger come when an individual appears with exceptional strength, intelligence, or both, and leads swarms of them on rampages across the stars seemingly at random. Thieir hierarchy is highly chaotic, being loosely based on overall skill and power, mirroring their erratic biology. A Be'enteshai could theoretically develop any ability, given enough time, but most are simply mindless bugs.

also, they may or may not be able to graft other species' body parts onto themselves to steal their abilities.

last image is only slightly related


Dice rollRolled 60, 100, 95, 49, 33, 65, 29, 30, 76, 10, 91, 44 = 682 (12d100)





Dice rollRolled 3, 41 = 44 (2d100)




Dice rollRolled 29, 56 = 85 (2d100)




File: f1481d4d9b77855⋯.jpg (113.08 KB, 856x934, 428:467, Warhammer 40K Chaos God - ….jpg)







Dice rollRolled 65, 31 = 96 (2d100)








Klan or Freeboota? (d10)

7-10 Freeboota

Pick a color ya git! (d100)

100 Roll twoice (ya lucky git!)

1-20 Red (da fastest)

81-95 Purple (da sneakiest. Neva saw one, didja?)

We gots an Ork wots lejundery. 'Oo was 'e again? (d10)

10 Grot or other non-Ork ('E wozn't an Ork, but dat little git was roight fiesty)

Aw'roight, now what'd 'e do? (d100)

51-70 Konkered otha puny-er Orks

Gork or Mork? (d10)

4-6 Mork

'ow many boyz we got left? (d10)

8-9 We gots more boyz dan you can toss a herd o' Squigs at! An' trust me, I tried.

'ow big are da boyz boss? (d8)

1 Da boyz be lucky to krump one of 'dem blue boyz.

See dem gits ova dere? Deyz off limits until I sez so. Got it?! (d100)

2-25 Ovva Orks

See dem gits ova dere? Krump 'em. (d100)

96-100 I dunno wot dey be, dey's different

We got lotsa boyz in our klan, but wot've we got more of dan otha klans? (d10)

10 Grots, grots e'rywhere!

Wot's da biggest, most aweshum thing we've eva' looted? (d100)

86-98 A dozen o' dem blueboyz' Krisis Meks, or wozzit a lot o' dem Sneaky Meks?

Wot did ya do wit it? (d10)

10 We made it orkier, and da boss rides it to battle




I horde of mercenary gretchin rolling over the battlefield.

Emperor preserve us.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Pirate gretchin wielding stolen Tau tech. Either they fight the Be'enteshai, something in the Veil clouds, or or something in the tunnels.


> While the Imperials named Sothoth Deeps for its relative mineral wealth and buried secrets, it's also named for strange Warp and realspace phenomena. Namely, "holes" in the fabric of reality which lead into a bizarre metaphysical cavern system, some of them acting as conduits to better move across the sub-sector, others leading into warp storms and even portals. Some say that a number lead to the bottom of the galaxy. In a sense, they're right, as these most primal of passages lead into the Forever Pit. Things hide down here that have not seen the light of suns since time immemorial. But they have no need to see, for all they need to do is hear. As for what these tunnels are, well, you've probably seen the patterns found in some clock internals and ventilation systems…

Something made these holes, something dark, something evil. I've wandered down those strange ways in search of their makers, seeing sights best not seen and heard noises I can not remember without collapsing in pain. Hands carved these halls, not with tools but with nails and bones and teeth and an all too terrible will. I know not if these sickening creatures yet remain, but their presence will forever stain the planets they have afflicted. These rats in the walls of reality.

- Cornus Milescu, shortly before abdicating his his Warrant of Trade to his heir

> As said before, these "caverns" contain ways into the Forever Pit. However, finding them is a difficult task thanks to how vast the system is, and how incomplete the charts are. That's not even getting into the pitfalls of collapses (or sudden openings of new passages), stellar debris, time anomalies, and things that technically live and certainly hunger in the dark. Oh sure, it's not quite the martial danger of making it past Chaotic fleets, warbands, and defenses around the Labyrinth, or the soul-scouring ordeal of braving the Warp storms surrounding the Pit itself; but the primal tunnels of Sothoth Deeps are by no means an easy way in. They're just a different kind of terror. Beware, for even if the Brass Lord and his minions cannot see you in these stygian depths, Ætern likely knows. Pray that you meet the Guardian of Forever as a consequence, and not something worse.

>We do have one incident where the Guardian took part, which can already tell us some things: Gods and Daemons trusted it to act as a judge/arbitrator; they did not seek to draw it into their battle beforehand or afterward; from this we can surmise either that the Guardian is something not even Chaos wants to cross, or that it is considered not worth absorbing; we can also surmise that the Guardian is neutral in the abovementioned conflicts, and is trusted to remain impartial in its judgement; this also implies that they knew a way to contact the Guardian to get it sitting in, and further, that they knew it was there to ask. All of this implies interesting things about Aetern's unfathomably ancient past.


>Sister Quiescare, reporting in for debriefing

>my mission was to accompany Inquisitor Ollblatt on a routine inspection of the sororitas order "Matres Abyssus" in the Aetern Sector

>upon first hearing of them, I had no knowledge of this order or any of its members

>even after searching the libraries of Ophelia I only found mentions of their name with no details

>however, I trusted the judgement of the Inquisitor, as a representative of Holy Terra

>the Inquisitor himself was incredibly old, with skin that resembled beaten leather, covered in battle scars

>this only strengthened my resolve, knowing that such an experienced veteran was leading the mission

>we arrived in the remote sector within 3 weeks, rendezvousing with the local Ecclesiarchal representatives

>the official we were set to meet with was having a hushed argument with a vaguely Imperial-Guard-looking man about "More damned half-breed refugees" that quickly ended once they spotted us

>the militant-looking man left and the Ecclesiarchy official greeted us with a slightly disegenuious smile

>He informed us that the Canoness of the order would be here soon, and that she had something to discuss with the Inquisitor about recent revelations surrounding the "device"

>the inquisitor coughed and glared at the priest, making his face go pale as he quickly glanced at me

>clearly whatever this "device" is was something I wasn't supposed to know about

>an akward silence persisted for a few moment when I felt a hand rest on my left shoulder

>I spun around, startled by the fact that something had managed to evade my trained senses and battle instincts

>I saw a hauntingly beautiful woman, no, she appeared more like a young girl in a woman's body

>her skin was also ghastly pale, with only slight hints of red to prove she had fliwing blood underneath her skin

>she had on black robes, with incredibly dark indigo armor underneath them

>her head was shrouded in a similarly black hood, and her green eyes were so vivid they almost seemed to glow

>the woman strode past me, ignoring my stunned expression

>following her were two fully-robed acolytes with hoods that entirely covered their faces aside from two eye-holes

>I regained my composure, and attempted to get my thoughts straight

>this woman couldn't be the Canoness, she was far too young

>she was probably an envoy or disciple of hers, or maybe a new recruit

>as I stared at the three girls, the inquistor spoke up in a grainy, raspy tone

>"Canoness Gehenna"

>then the pale woman replied in a voice that was so smooth it gave me shivers

>"Inquisitor Ollblatt"

>the inquisitor told me to wait here while he and the canoness discussed sensitive information

>I stood uncomfortably while the two conversed out of earshot

>deep in my soul I felt something incredibly unsettling about the situation

>the sector, the people, the sororitas, everything felt wrong

>then the canoness wrapped her arms around me from behind and began whispering in my ear

>"I sense your faith in the emperor wavering, young sister" she whispered, as I watched the Inquistor continue his conversation with the Canoness on the other side of the room

>I started sweating as I desperately resisted looking behind me

>"Do you doubt the power of our emperor? Do you wish to go against him? To embrace the ruinous powers?"

>"Do not stray from the path of light, young sister, the darkness brings only pain and despair" she said, as I trembled in fear

>I came to my senses when the Inquistor informed me the inspection was complete, and we turned around to go back to the ship

>The Canoness called out to the inquistor before we left

>"Oh Ollblatt, please come more often. The last time you came you were so much younger."

>The rest of the trip back was uneventful, but I felt a great burden lifted from me when we left the sector

>My only closing remarks are a formal request that I am never sent to that place again, I beg of you


File: ec904feacfa4f38⋯.jpg (67.28 KB, 500x1032, 125:258, 5f8d5d93cb76ec6507d8f8a197….jpg)

File: 05dd01c4cfbfeac⋯.jpg (71.62 KB, 800x869, 800:869, 309161_md-Conversion, Grot….JPG)

File: 927ad7751f35c21⋯.jpg (56.66 KB, 800x1130, 80:113, 194358_md-Conversion, Grot….JPG)

File: 6bc9662d1d40f3a⋯.jpeg (91.86 KB, 364x522, 182:261, latest-7.jpeg)


I got a goosebump, good stuff right there


So, Grotz whose revolution took place, successfully? I's got an idea.

Back way over on the opposite side of things, in that wayward backwater where there truly is only war a freeboota ship had a revolt, while in the warp. With all Orkz trying to put down the rebellion nobody was steering the ship, it smacks headlong into an Il'fannor Class Cruiser. Well the Orkz love a good fight, they forget the grotz and board the vessel right aways.

The massacre averted, the grotz reform and scavenge off the dead orks, Tau, Kroot, and mop up the results of the fight. Eventually after a few weeks of warp on gravitic pulse fuckery they get control of the ships enough to pop back into realspace. Hydroponics becomes a massive jungle where the grotz hunt the occasional feral ork, the machine shop has a few Mekboyz clubbing about under the watchful (lazy) eyes of guards, the rail guns have been modified to fire grot manned torpedos, the mechs are now the equivalent of killakhans with limited flight, and the drones now function as jetbikes with squigs strapped to the bottom.

These may be the only Orkoid forces in the galaxy with functional sniping.

Their leader, through countless succesful scuffles, is now the size of an average Tau Earth caste.



Also, here is an odd impression I get. Time itself is in the grasp of the clockwork motion. If one gives themselves over to the Emperor entirely, if one has as much faith as one could possibly have and then some, they'd be slipping against the time flow as well.

It would kind of be funny. Should the clockwork be set back to the minutes it should be at then many entities would fall to dust, leaving bare souls in their stead. That canonness and all her ilk of similar strength and age are potentially living saints should this event occur, if only for a few blessed moments. Kind of like the Legion of the Damned.


Any would-be champion of Chaos in the Aetern sector has to make a pilgrimage to the Azor Azarath, the Festering Nail, the tallest structure on Havzook.

They say that Azor Azarath fell from the skies, long ago, as a flaming sword. Others claim that it was always there, that whoever lived on Havzook before man stood on its surface worshiped the Dark Gods there. Others still claim that the giant metallic structure rose from the ground itself, that the brutal world of Havzook itself gave birth to the temple of Chaos.

Whatever the case, the Inquisition keeps a close eye on it. The tall, metallic structure can be seen from miles around, sticking out like a nail (hence the name). The area surrounding it is a swamp filled with toxic gas, burning oil, lethal radiation, and other unexplained phenomena. Scout teams sent to the area report that the stones themselves are monsters lurking in ambush, and that the nuclear shadows that can be found everywhere are moving - sometimes even attacking people. The Inquisition ordered the place to be bombed from orbit, but it didn't take - the Azor Azarath cannot be harmed by conventional means. The only "good side" to the whole thing is that the area affected by the Festering Nail doesn't seem to spread, and that it only affects people who've already fallen to Chaos. Thus, the Inquisition ordered the area to be put under quarantine until they research a way to level it for good.

The Inquisition has recently decided to speed up their attempts at destroying the Azor Azarath, or at least contain potential champions from coming through. To do so, they build a giant wall that houses Imperial Guardsmen, alongside some Sorroritas and Space Marines.

They're desperate to prevent another Merkauth the Eternal from happening. Merkauth climbed the tower. He found the previous Eternal there, and sacrificed him to the Chaos Gods. He etched his name in the Throne that sits on the top of the Nail. Merkauth brought the sector down. He climbed the tower again, and sat down on his throne, waiting for the next Eternal to climb.



Hmm, Khorne, Nurgle, both, or a mix of all? Maybe a daemon prince of undivided got swordified as punishment, fell from the warp and now exists in a state of fuck you.

We now have a potential plotline for a full length story, like the everchampion in fantasy done right. Goes in all John space marine, 'no John you are teh daemons' and then John was the daemons.

Looks like the Desert Tempests have a small vacation fortress, might be good terrain for neophyte training.

The assault on the tower, I forsee, would involve the legio titans in force. Clearing a path, building a raised road over the worst of the troubling environment. Make it look like the road to the temple in Shadow of the Colossus.


Rolled on the Heretical Cult Creation Table: https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Heretical_Cult_Creation_Tables

It looks like it's a Rogue Trader dynasty worshipping something really obscure.

Cults of Society (1d20) Background

Rogue Trader Gone Too Far: The Warrant of Trade gives Rogue Traders license to engage in a lot of activity that would be considered heretical in most circumstances but there is a point where this goes too far. Through the interest of monetary wealth, hidden knowledge, xenos manipulation or chaos corruption, the Rogue Trader has delved into heresy and must be removed.

Cult Leadership Type (1D100)

Central Figure: A single important individual holds leadership of the cult.

The Cult Leadership (1d20) Nature

Something Else: (same as above) Whatever the leadership is, it is neither human-derived, xenos, nor daemonic, but a rare (and often unique) other. Known examples have included Abominable Intelligences (from the Dark Age of Technology or newer) and cosmic phenomena. The Inquisition is liable to label the entity itself as an Obscuro-type threat.

Leadership Style (1d10)

Charisma: Through force of personality or sheer charm, the cult leader is universally revered by his followers. His influence is felt even when he is physically absent.

Armaments and Defenses (1d20)

Cover of Position, Shield of Repute: The cult has good publicity or someone influential to protect it from retribution.

Wyrdcraft/Sorcery: The elite of the cult bear amulets imbued with witch-inscribed charms, or wield blades inscribed with runes of hellish power. Their unnatural armaments are nearly as deadly to the wielder as to his foes, but they remain a threat that should not be underestimated.

Beasts: The cult trains, breeds and alters living creatures to suit their goals and defend themselves from opponents.

Tokens of Allegiance (1d10)

Marked Flesh: The perfidy of the cultists is worn on their very flesh. They may bear a hidden brand or tattoo declaring their membership, or a worse deformity might mark them as among the ranks of an inhuman throng.

Hidden Sign: A rune or other visual motif identifies the cultists. They might wear the sign on hidden pendants, hide it amidst other signs at businesses they control, or otherwise display it to those who know where to look.

Cult Allure(1D20)

Power: While true power within a cult almost invariably resides within its upper echelons, if not within a single leader, some are able to maintain the illusion that their members can gain power by joining. This may even be true to an extent, if advancing the position of an individual advances the cult’s goals or reputation in turn.

Rites and Observances of the Cult

Blood Sacrifice: The sacrifice of living beings, from livestock to captured enemies, is a common way for cults to express their power. The ritual is usually symbolic, although some cults have found ways to harness the spilled life for power.

Focus of Worship (1d20)

Something Else in the Dark: The Galaxy is a place of immense scale, the Warp impossibly greater. In all that space, many other things exist to bend Man's knee and twist his mind.



The cult of the Guardian of Forever?




The trader is the center of a very profitable cog



>implying those aren't the same




Those giant penguins are a staple of the Feast of the Emperor's Ascension in Aetern.

He's made a business of providing just the right amount wvery year




Was that one of the other sisters who grabbed our point of view character from behind?

Otherwise, spooky.



Merkauth the Eternal? Another catastrophe between the foundation and the present? Perhaps this happened during Years of Brass, creating a brutal two-front war which took time to recover from.




So what is their charismatic yet unfathomable leader? How do they do it?

It sounds as though a Rogue Trader in the past went somewhere he shouldn't have, found something inimicable to sanity, and then founded the cult. After all, it says that the leader isn't the Trader…

Sorcery and power… power over time.




>Was that one of the other sisters who grabbed our point of view character from behind?



File: 17243825d7370e6⋯.jpg (31.45 KB, 360x235, 72:47, 360_ozersky_sanders_0913.jpg)


It seems it was the very canonness to whom she saw speaking with the inquisitor. Methinks that, unlike other sisterly orders, this one does not ban the use of the warp, or at least recognizes the Emperor's faith is in part a form of it. That of all things might have been their cause for expulsion.

Imagine, sister superior with access to all of the Astartes warp magics.

They might have some things in common with the ex-Thousand Sons across the gulf.

The Rogue Trader? I found a photo in the oosphere


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Klaus Ozersky Dornier, of Rogue Trader House Dornier, rival to Milesceau. Middle sibling of three sons and one daughter, Klaus was eager to find something in Ætern's depths to distinguish himself from the safe and stable trade of his brethren. He travelled the length and breadth of the sector aboard his flagship cruiser, The White Hand, even skirting the edges of the veil for exotic flotsam on the tides. Many wrecks and mineral-rich planetoids he found this way, but within them came more intriguing prizes. Strange archaeotech from the early days of Man and varied written works from across the segmentum filled Klaus's rooms aboard the Hand. In private he read the yield of the latter, mysteries of the Warp, of heathen gods, and the gabbling of clock-bound madmen. And yet, all of these things frustrated him, because barely any of them could be brought to market without the Inquisition's breath on his neck. More importantly, he would have nothing to show for it.

Howeve, one fragmented old tale caught his attention. It spoke of an ancient way underneath the worlds, and the Judge who trod it. None knew how many years this Judge had walked the path, only that He had for as long as the men of Ætern could remember. Supposedly, the Judge wore starlight and yet was insubstantial, wielded no arms and yet passed irrecovable judgement. But most importantly of all, He rewarded those richly who sought His judgement. The spoke of His way's opening, somewhere among the symmetrical bodies of an eight-mooned world. This world could only be Judicium, known for the bizarre perfection of its orbits, and how half its moons were always in shadow at a time. This baffled Klaus, as Judicium had long been an Imperial World, and therefore well explored. Investigation and prodding revealed anomalies; ships would occasionally go missing if they strayed from standard routes, odd sensor echoes revealed spatial masses without regard to the naked eye, and sleep-deprived Navigators saw tides break in the Warp where there was nothing. Klaus was determined. He would find the way, or die trying.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Months of meager searching passed. Much of his coffers were drained improving and fine-tuning his fleet's sensors (so determined was he that his supply chain became a minor trade avenue), and least one mutiny had to be put down. For Klaus Dornier, neither time nor expense was an object. Nearly two years after the effort began,

The White Hand's astropath discovered the way in at a point directly below Judicium (completely by accident, as reports would have it; she sent a message which echoed off the "mouth"). Simply pushing a ship's prow into that spot yielded a wealth of information on the next auspex ping. What they found was a "tunnel" in the fabric of reality similar to those found in Sothoth, curving upwards before a steep plunge.

Klaus spent another excited six months preparing for the voyage in, calling in every favor and inviting his sister to watch. His fleet towed a void station with marker buoys to entrance to ensure all could see the coming spectacle. On the week before the launch, strange vessels with bone-like hulls (later identified as Eldar) were sighted and then interdicted by the Navy around the fourth moon. A single warning followed: " Even we do not know all that lies beneath. We know enough to fear. If you choose to go forth now, you have our scorn and our pity." Klaus reportedly scoffed, then ordered his command to double gunnery drills. On 880.995.M38, Klaus Dornier's expeditionary fleet launched at seven ships strong, including two missile destroyers and a frigate, into the unknown.

Klaus dove in with a plan. The foremost ship of the fleet left signal buoys at regular intervals, enabling contact with the "surface" while also marking passage. All vessels would be positioned so that any threat would face three lances and a novacannon in an instant, followed immediately by a withering spread of torpedoes. Provisioning would be sufficient for five years including the Hand's stocks. If Klaus found the Judge (or more likely, the remains of His home), he would entertain the creature's test (with looting and explosive measures if trickery was afoot). If he did not, he would gladly map the tunnel and see if he could form a trade route through where ever it ended.

Whether he was ready or not, Klaus Dornier and his fleet are remembered for their fate.



Maybe it switches?

The change is subtle enough, but the giant sword thing that is Azor Azarath slowly rotates around its axis. When it makes 90 degrees, it selects another Eternal.

Kinda like a giant clock. 3 hours (methaphorical, think of a clock and how it has 12 divisions per each hour) per Chaos God.


i have an idea

Agri/hive world based on hanging gardens of babylon.


File: 18e791ea6734ae3⋯.jpeg (210.64 KB, 900x635, 180:127, anTMzs5x7ZbuRAXffV2vFW9F.jpeg)


That might be how the riverside of Sycorax works, all of the households have their water fall from a raised river aqueduct system. It would be beautiful and chalk full of rainbows. The understories though, dark and damp places, Hrud beyond measure.


Sounds good.


Their fate being massive profit I assume.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Roll it up, then, and decide who owns it. For provisioning the Chaos Squats, perhaps. Or maybe the Sons of Kheti after all.


Once every two weeks, The White Hand would send a message to the Faith's Fury (their frigate and naval liaison), who would in turn have their astropath send to the "surface." Æternal nobility and commoner alike listened with interest to these edited reports, sold for public distribution at a premium by Klaus's company. The fleet spoke of shimmering smooth tunnel walls marked with gargantuan half-eroded sigils, weird beasts floating amid dust clouds, occasional distortions in the flow of time, and perfectly preserved ancient wrecks on the gradually emerging slope (many of which Klaus pillaged). For substantial fees (greatly reduced for family), the Dornier station allowed other captains to follow in after their lord with the staggered supply chain (for reasons unknown at the time, no other ship caught up with Klaus Dornier's Fleet, no matter how fast). Salvage business and more illicit forms of trade boomed in Judicium. House Dornier reached new heights of fortune with their monopoly, and the Adeptus Mechanicus gloried in a wealth of recovered technology. Ætern itself appeared to be on the brink of a new age.

For one Terran year, Klaus's fleet enacted their routine without fault. They only paused for boarding operations and buoy-laying, restlessly powering onward in search of what their master sought. And then, the reports began to slow. What began at two weeks became three. Then a month. Then two. The fleet had not changed their routine, but the reports did not arrive in a timely fashion. Sometimes the delayed reports blended together at once, creating a barely comprehensible mess punctuated with a staccato ticking. Klaus's fleet plunged deeper yet, their increasingly garbled reports speaking of unbroken emptiness save for the faintest light ahead. Far behind them, a following Imperial Navy squadron discovered that even-numbered buoys left past the one year point were dead in space, frozen solid and drained of all energy. They soon made another disturbing find: two perfectly symmetrical capillary tunnels, seemingly unnoticed by the Dornier Fleet, opened into the main with their entrances recently blasted free of dust. Something else was following Lord Captain Dornier, and it was gaining on him.

The Navy reinforced their squadron (putting a Captain Albert Schragge in command), posted picket lines on the capillaries, and gave chase. Their strident astropathic warnings seemingly fell on deaf ears as Klaus's reports continued— and brought news with them of growing mania. His crews had grown tetchy and paranoid, disturbed by the unchanging tunnel walls and a feeling of invisible eyes looking on them. Mutinies had broken out on one of the light cruisers, each on a precise sequence and hour. Hullghasts and ghilmen mutants burst from their foetid holds mad with fear, shrieking in broken Gothic that a day of judgement was nigh. An astropath reported that something had sent her unintelligible messages in her own voice. Lord Captain Dornier complained of the call in his dreams, of an indistinct luminescent figure who walked ahead of him, and ranted his obsession about the distant light. He was certain that the tunnel's unbroken plunge would end soon. It had always led toward a destiny. He would stop for nothing to reach it.

Captain Schragge's squadron received their final message from the Dornier fleet on 514.997.M38 for the first time. It duplicated twice more in the intervening time, always the exact same message: WE ARE BESET, BUT BY HIM ENTHRONED HE IS HERE AND CLAD IN STARS. WE COME TO HIS HALL AT LAST. One month later, the squadron encountered the chilled wreck of the Faith's Fury, torn apart by shots from fore and aft. While the macrocannon impacts aft left unpleasant theories as to the culprit, plasma burns and rust covered the fore. Mere fragments remained of a missile boat. One week later, they found the light cruiser Mount of Amalath fixed in the tunnel's center. It was not floating, but frozen in time. She was facing the squadron, engines fixed for all time at full burn and hull pitted with impact dents. Of the Dornier Fleet, there was no sign.


So how exactly do you come up with stuff? Do you just throw things out or what? Are simple barebones ideas fine?



Read all that is written, then ask yourself what is missing.

Do you think your idea will be appreciated, or are you simply adding it for other people to work on? You must shepherd your own ideas to see them grow.


File: ae07ac291fa05c1⋯.jpg (125.2 KB, 923x783, 923:783, 40k - Necron_activity_map.jpg)

File: 6fa3d727e36486d⋯.jpg (402.32 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Heart of the TARDIS::Time ….jpg)

>>280473 ,

>>280499 has the right of it.

Just as an example, the "Dornier's Folly" writefaggotry started up because >>278570 didn't elaborate much on what he rolled. Henceforth, it's grown to expand several Ætern Sector places and concepts, like House Dornier, Judicium, the tunnel depths, and the Guardian of Forever, not to mention halcyon day sector history. A lot of things can be connected with a historical tale.

Incidentally, don't try to outright explain what the Guardian is. You can leave hints, clues, and legends plenty, but outright confirming it as, say, a Necrontyr creation gone sapient, is not going to fly. It would kill the mystery.

I'll try updating said writefaggotry later today.


File: 0224d914e508b0e⋯.jpg (197.72 KB, 714x973, 102:139, hermit.jpg)


Petition to alter his Ordo title. Being the head of a sector conclave traditionally makes him a Grandmaster, with three Masters of the main Ordos below him.

Currently working on a lonely hermit Master Inquisitor trying to fathom the extant and shape of the labrynth, going batshit paranoid as the ways straighten and open.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Feeling real shit today, anons, so no Dornier writefaggotry. Think I'll just bring out pre-written material on the Diomedarches.

>In terms of organization, they're ruled by their former Chapter Master, now a Blood Lord by the name of Odyon. From thereon they're organized in companies of 88 marines combined with regiment-sized traitor/Chaos Guard, Sons of Sek style, and the senior officers have a pack of dog-headed lion-bodied daemonbeasts at their call. They're a fan of combined arms, in other words. In this respect, they embody Khorne's martial discipline.

>In terms of how they deal with Khorne's enemies, they tend to trade on the Khornate stereotype for frothing berserkerdom. That is to say, they trick their enemy into thinking it'll be more of the same, and then range attack at exactly the places their enemies will strike from (using the Nemeoi beasts' supernatural sense of smell to accurately target). Once the enemy is in disarray, they close in for melee. Then it is over.

>You see, a Diomedarch speaks nothing but the truth when talking to friend or foe. The question becomes, how Much of the truth is he speaking, Whose truth is he speaking, and How much has he stretched or bent the truth in the telling? They're very fond of wording things exactly so that anyone listening in will get a completely wrong impression, and bait the enemy into base, very predictable (for them) treachery.

>Continuing the thought, to a Diomedarch, Ambush is as manly and courageous an act of battle as a headlong charge, as it takes discipline, bravery, and skill to wait for the right moment, and to then carry it out. Besides, if the enemy can't discern the hulking arbiters of Khorne's will in the trees, then they were obviously weaker and less perceptive. That said, they're also very honorable, almost to a fault. For instance, were one to find an Imperial warrior frozen in time (from one method or another), he would do everything in his power to get them loose. Not being able to fight and die for one's god is a horrifying fate in their eyes. This is also why they would help the Imperials in the event of the Æternal Judgement scenario, because no one could fight for their god in its wake.

>Much of their organization and discipline (and also honor) comes from their Ultramarine heritage. The Eagle Lanterns Chapter thought that would save them from mutation. Unfortunately, as they were a Cursed Founding Chapter, they were quite mistaken.

>After a few centuries of faithful war in the Emperor's name, their skin began to turn a bright, inflamed red, and tiny spiralling horns emerged from former hair follicles. They had to flee from the Ordo Malleus then, and when they did so, Khorne took them into his hellish realm. In gratitude (and for lack of any real choice), they pledged their loyalty to the Axefather.

> It was their Master who revenged the Chapter on the Inquisitor who had condemned them to destruction, together with seven other Inquisitors of her faction. Through masterful intelligence work, Odyon discovered their meeting place, and then set an ambush. Their ships burned in high orbit from precision gunfire, their masters dead by the Dreadclaw-delivered Odyon's hands. He sacrificed all eight, earning Khorne's grimace and the title of Blood Lord for his deeds.


Grandmaster Plutonic? Very well.

>hermit Master

Kindly proceed.


File: abacb9726f3fe5d⋯.jpg (172.58 KB, 960x685, 192:137, 1305931135961.jpg)

File: f28097bf2b508c3⋯.jpg (65.84 KB, 475x600, 19:24, a-hermit-praying-1670.jpg!….jpg)

File: 702c0ac9fca7cdc⋯.jpg (47.64 KB, 302x439, 302:439, Wintergreen_001.jpg)

Made some odd rolls, did some mistakes, incorporated the mistakes into the end result.

Male, 90-150, Hereticus, Master Inquisitor Kantele Lönnrot of Conclave Aeterno, "King of the North"

Radical Puritan, Tempero Bacillum, In Veritate Religionis Confido, Potentia Per Scientia- Know all, believe in god, test everyone and everything

No psionic ability, Drug dependency, celibate, been to Terra, Two pets/familiars, dogsbody/butler, special armour

Ties with Administratum, Mercenaries, Tug, Herald, Impressive Citadel (made out of a Space Hulk that was once a Carrier)

Impressive scars (from xenovirus)

 Inquisitor Lord Plutonic was a hard man to please, especially when one disagreed on most if not all counts. Where Plutonic was broad he was narrow, where Plutonic was focused he was vague. He and his two fellow Interrogators circled their mentor like children, always preempting each others very thoughts with their own commentary. Honestly it was silly how obstinate each were in their own ways. Still the old librarian king made his least favored pupil an Inquisitor as the other two, not even bothering with the role of Legate. In fact much to his surprise Lord Plutonic requisitioned the fastest ship in the sector and sent the young puritan on pilgrimage to holy Terra, to see the golden palace with his own two eye. That sight changed the old lad, setting his spine straight and his jaw tighter than ever before. It is one thing to feel that the Imperium is something worth protecting, it is another to know so. He often questions why, of all men, he was chosen for his path. No psionic ability, no pedigree history, no particular strength besides his faith. No plan of his own devising.

 Much of the work this attentive Inquisitor has done has been information gathering. Plain and simple questions and answers, a few condensed stories from Administratum officials, educated guesses as to pasts and present of odd locales. Master Inquisitor Kantele found himself slowly drowning in this sea, but constantly felt he was nearing comprehension of a larger pattern. The image of a great four dimensional apparatus occasionally flows through his mind, made of a thousand patterns he has witnessed himself. For this reason he commissioned a pair of cyber ravens to aid in seeing three dimensionally, recording events, reciting memories, and muttering possibilities.

 This has been his work since returning from Terra. Drifting in the Bram Highlands he found a carrier space hulk of immense proportions, larger than most ships ever to visit this backwater. Here he decided was a place to call base, if not home. The armament and valuable of the ship had long been looted out by renegades and less savory entities a millenia ago but the structure and remaining life support were more than enough for the whole of the sub-sector's population. A decade later and it looks exactly the same upon the outside, but the interior became the nerve center of an enormous undertaking. Across the sector a thousand fold listening posts and telescopic buoys monitor the changes around the Aenigma Damnatio and surrounding areas. All patterns, all cog work, all belief seems to circle around the interior of that hellish labyrinth.

 The labyrinth's paths, much to his surprise, have been straightening.

 Kantele has been in his room, staring at the walls and walls of cameras, for a very long time. He is attended to by a butlery fellow by the name of Boxberry. Their relationship seems odd at first glance, a wizened stick and a buff gentleman who ignore each other except for routine. Who knows, perhaps one lost a bet. It may have something to do with the similar scars they share. It looks very much like they barely survived a great flamer, with just as much skin being scarred as healthy. For this reason Inquisitor Kantele has a bottle of Carstein's finest spirits a day.

His early years were wrought with peril, having been freed from the grasp of the clock we often found himself being crushed between gears. He had to purge himself after a dangerous episode on Blightstone, intervening in the fate of a pilgrimage. He did however catch a great bounty, a number of the forlorn souls felt themselves indebted. In his possession is the heraldic ship gifted by his mentor and a tug he found abandoned attached to his eventual citadel. Inquisitor Kantele has stationed a large body of mercenaries upon this ship as of late, drawn from the pathless pilgrims, becoming fearful of the changing patterns around. Everything he prods, every angle of inquiry he follows, is turning over new results than his previous decades.


If we have a hive world, say that the pollution on the outside of the planet was caused not by the radioactive waste runoff but from a long lasting pestcide. Basicly, the hive world was wanting to make use of the land to make a shit load of food and shit, but they had a mosquito problem and kept killing all the workers. So the ruler of the hive world thought, "we need to kill those goddam bugs!!!" so he got his scientist dudes to create a pesticide that basicly would infiltrate the mosquitos and harden them into statues. Basicly bioaccumulation on a crazy scale. This pesticide works great, kills the bugs real well but what wasn't realized was that the pesticide had a very very very long residence time. Basicly this ment the pesticide was bio acclumating in all the life forms, people, plants, you name it. So 100 years down the road, everything is died in a very pompei like setting. Trees, people, animals all made into statues. Of course, with many generations come and go, most of the statues are gone, but every odd area, you might see a petrified tree, or a statue of a dis gruntle worker.

In present time, people going out there would have the effects of mercury posining, basicly, it fucks up with there head and makes them retarded.



I don't think you comprehend how normal that is for a hive world. Try three millennia of that, slowly developing a race of rock hard troglodyte trolls that only truly turn to stone when exposed to UV light, i.e. up-hive


Bumping for Christmas week. Plan for writefaggotry once family stuff is taken care of.



Can anyone contribute to this? Could a random anon just come in off the street, role something up and come up with a backstory for it?



You could disregard everything that was written beforehand, unknowingly betraying the theme and atmosphere we anons have built.

Or you could read the threads and decide if you have anything to add.

Clock anon here. Having been posting much, the Red Book has been consuming my text time. Getting through it an back into tabletop, happy holidays you beautiful forlorn fools.



So, no.



You're alive!

That saves me from having to make up shit for a good number of factions. Do you have the Iron Cardinal and his retinue in mini form?


Well, yes, you can contribute, but remember to read this thread some first.



>>Slaaneshi[The Hidden Hands] and Khornate[The Floating Butcher's Bill] cults and warbands [Hunter's Moon | nameless Malalik warband] chase each other around in circles towards the core. Dark Mechanicus enclaves profit from the situation and research sectoral mysteries.

>>Somewhere in the sector is a Slaaneshi Daemon Princess or Greater Daemon called the Mistress of Monsters. We don't know anything else about her yet.

>>The Bram Highlands which is co-occupied by Himmelwelt and it's weird occult sisters [The Mothers of the Abyss]

Ok, so do you have anything on these yet?


>>"Matres Abyssus"

>>I saw a hauntingly beautiful woman, no, she appeared more like a young girl in a woman's body

>>then the canoness wrapped her arms around me from behind and began whispering in my ear

>>"I sense your faith in the emperor wavering, young sister" she whispered, as I watched the Inquistor continue his conversation with the Canoness on the other side of the room

>>I started sweating as I desperately resisted looking behind me

>>"Do you doubt the power of our emperor? Do you wish to go against him? To embrace the ruinous powers?"

>>"Do not stray from the path of light, young sister, the darkness brings only pain and despair" she said, as I trembled in fear


>It seems it was the very canonness to whom she saw speaking with the inquisitor. Methinks that, unlike other sisterly orders, this one does not ban the use of the warp, or at least recognizes the Emperor's faith is in part a form of it. That of all things might have been their cause for expulsion.

>Imagine, sister superior with access to all of the Astartes warp magics.

Oh damn, there is SO MUCH I could do with these Sororita!


>Rolled up a guard regiment months back.


>First, think about why such abhumans would be sent into the void. Think about why such people would be so zealous in their hatred of both themselves and daemons. And then why females specifically. Just what kinda freaks are these girls? At least try to fluff them before you give up.

I can also work with this, as well as the sectors' over abundance of half-breeds and surprisingly attractive mutants…



Why are you namefagging?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Because they don't get one of the important parts of these threads.


That part is a signature style. This means that we recognize who we are and (roughly) what we've made by our prose style and diction. For instance, there's my semi-formal rambling (that occasionally goes too long, working on that). You may address me as Carstein-anon, if you need my specific attention. Otherwise, I'll be as anonymous as everyone else here.

The point is this: You don't have to worry about us recognizing you. Your overly perky style is done by no one else here. I requested your writefag talents, not the shitstorm your namefagging brings. Honestly, I wouldn't care otherwise. But I don't put up with wasted posts and shitposting in these threads, and I'm not starting now. Kindly drop the name, please.

Now then, you asked about the Hidden Hands

>The number of blessings for this warband is low, restricted for now to the leader and their inner circle.

>The most common blessings to them are aesthetic in nature (a sort of color-shifting mottled "camouflage" pattern, typically, though the leader has fabulous hair).

>They are based in the outer part of Hashut's Brass Labyrinth (on a planetoid tucked into a corner of the "architecture"), furthest from the Forever Pit.

>Over 50% of this warband's force is composed of Traitor Marines, the rest are supporting cultists. The Marines' background is diverse, having formed from Slaaneshi-aligned traitors and renegades drawn from across the Galaxy. Most of them are not, in fact, Legionnaire veterans, but have been born in the intervening millennia. Many are unusually sane for Slaanesh cultists, but this is largely thanks to relative inexperience.

>Their mortal cultists, meanwhile, are recruited via kidnap raids into Imperial and neutral worlds.

>…Stealth and Infiltration is their combat doctrine. How do they do this? Well for one thing, they've made it a part of their religious creed to perfect the art of being unseen and unheard. Therefor, perfect sneaking and subterfuge is their worship to Slaanesh [MY MIND]. Their cultists are similarly trained for a variety of espionage and assassination roles, some of them acting as unknowing sleeper agents even so far afield as Carstein. In 'battle' (ambush or massed infiltration), think of the Foot Clan from 2003's TMNT cartoon, but dangerously competent. Now think of them with the Shredder, but the Shredder is replaced with a soundlessly graceful giant in light power armor.

> Their Legendary Champion is a Daemon Prince, Iruel the Quick, fearsome to behold (if you beheld Him at all).

>His great deed was infiltrating the shipyards over Carstein, sneaking aboard the Emperor-class battleship Hammer of Kings, initiating a seemingly normal and cleared departure (in cooperation with His agents), then taking over the ship after it went to Warp. It is currently the warband's secondary base, deploying teams while cloaked in the Warp.

>So, Fabio the Barbarian (or Rrricardo Montalban) and his Pillar Men leading a buttload of competent Foot clan aboard the galaxy's biggest pleasure yacht.



>Now then, you asked about the Hidden Hands…

Ah good, you have something for them then.

Anything for established Illace?

I must admit I misread her title as Mother/Matron of Monsters instead of Mistress, so excuse me if I go full /monster/…


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

For the benefit of everyone, there is nothing yet for Illace, Mistress of Monsters.

As she is based loosely on /monster/, however, a possible lead lies in the beloved of Tutankhamen, Amut.

As for the Matres Abyssus, their Sainted founder, the Dominitrix Abyssis, is alive. Horribly, unnaturally alive. Unlike so many other Living Saints, she (it?) is a creature of shadow and killing cold. Her Crozius Arcanum freezes solid all it touches, draining energy through the point of contact in milliseconds. All moisture in the air solidifies and shatters on the ground in her presence. She does not speak, nor can her features be seen beneath her armored hood, but psykers have heard a rhythmic tapping in her presence. It's an ancient code which translates roughly to "LIBERATE ME."

She appears only rarely, and even then only on the longest inhabited planets in the Sector. Grandmaster-Plutonic Gottwald received a frostbite wound to his face from one such encounter. The Dominitrix's crozius narrowly missed him during a raid on a deep ruin in Belmond. Two of his acolytes and a team of hussars were not so fortunate. Only the structure's explosive collapse prevented the monstrous Saint from killing more of Gottwald's retinue. Her whereabouts since are unknown.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Feeling a bout of paranoia, so:

>Heil Æterno auf immerdar

>Gott der Zeit, Gott des Raumes

>Mit steter Unruh' gen Mitternacht - Sein Urteil komme. Sein Wille geschehe.

>Æterno Vult.

>Amen. Heil Æterno.

>Errant Adeptus /Sin of the Founder: From within the bronzed halls of the Adeptus Mechanicus. And they've been there since the sector's foundation.

>Zealotry in Misplaced Idols/Blessed Is The Land: Make no mistake, they believe with all sincerity that their god is the God of all Machines. They just think that the sector is His form.

>Esoteric: When the entire sect thinks they can see and hear their god's grand design in the events of the region, leadership becomes more a question of who acts on it first when coordination is needed. Those who take charge in these situations are called Magos Zugfeder. Until they worked this out, their leadership system was more in line with Mechanicus gerontocracy. Quarreling ceases the moment a Magos Zugfeder is determined, thanks to sect mindset. Once an action ends, the Zugfeder subsumes into the quorum-mechanism of his fellow cultists.

>Puppetmaster: The Uhrmacher have reach and grasp throughout most Imperial-controlled space in the sector. However, acting openly would cause the mainstream Mechanicus to come down on their heads, and so they choose to manipulate their fellows. Over the millennia, they have slowly inducted more of the Aeternal Mechanicus and laity into their ranks, all while shifting the sector's events to fit their god's design. They have no reason to hurry. All will be in accordance by the Time of Judgement.

>Intricate Craftsmanship/Advanced Technology/Extensive Bodily Modification/Cover of Position: Every piece of Uhrmacher gear is made to precise specification and given perfectly efficient maintenance. Thanks to the conspiracy's age, much of their equipment is also archaeotech, including their weapons. An unassuming priest might be armed with an ancient melta pistol in perfect working order, for instance. Their implants tend to differ as they age, taking on modified signal receivers and internal compasses which help them interpret the Call of their god. In addition, many Uhrmacher are highly placed in the local Mechanicus, and so will be difficult for Inquisitorial (and even Juris) operatives to investigate. Worse, they have Knight House Barbarossa at their beck and call… or so they think. In reality, the situation is reversed. The Barbarossa cult is the elder presence in the sector, and thanks to their nature have more durable minds than the Uhrmacher. They use the junior organization to mask their own activities.

>Marked Mindset: Typical healthy Mechanicus spirituality revolves around the idea of being a useful cog in the Omnissiah's great machine. An Uhrmacher cultist thinks of himself and others as mechanisms in a grand celestial clock, working in synchronous harmony. Their minds are even more automated than the mainstream brethren, lacking most of their free will and acting in accordance with the sector's flow. The eldest of them can be considered "intellectual servitors" for how little will they possess, creatures of pure routine and clockwork.

>Call Unto The Native: Many have joined the Uhrmacher over the millennia with their own agendas in mind, from theological curiosity to avarice. All individual agendas melted away in time. In truth, any priest or servant of Mars who becomes too set in their routines becomes susceptible to the Call.

>Mass Devotions/Foul Communion: The sector is their house of God, their daily actions their holy deeds. At times their minds link through the noosphere, and all act with one purpose.

>Something Else in the Dark:



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I have another Inquisitor for us.


>Old, 140 years at the time of his disappearance

>He is affiliated with no Ordo these days, which is perhaps just as well. What he has seen is not covered by any of the Three.

>A Freiherr of Carstein, though "Inquisitor" does well enough.

>He is a Moderate Radical, formerly just a reclusive Moderate. While he kept an open mind to both Radical and Puritan, the Inquisitor found recurring patterns in his studies which he could not ignore. He already knew of the semi-radical Dowel Theory, that Carstein's Astropathic tower, the Emperor's Reach, caused the Warp's energy to flow and swirl through Imperial territory. What he didn't know until he looked deeper was how death and life throughout Ætern's history was predicated on an ineffable rhythm, even the factors of chance and accident. This information bedeviled him into an obsession which led him into one of the Sothoth Deeps. It is said that after one terrible nightmare there featuring clocks and a figure clad in starlight, he realised the truth of the Sector and became unhinged. Whatever the case, in the years until his disappearance he entreated all listeners in the Conclave about the threat. While his fellow "Clockwatchers" kept their own council, Santclarov shared his discoveries with his interrogators, travelling deeper and deeper into the sector to uncover more information. In 354.M41, he went into one of the forbidden ruins deep within Belmond and vanished without a trace. He and his Interrogators left behind a significant body of work, which his acolytes compiled into the Santclarov Archive, which formed one of the most authoritative volumes on Æternal history and its darker secrets.

Posting because late



so are they rivals?

because that'd be pretty cool, anyone seeing them fight would just see two shadowy horrors duking it out in the immaterial plane.


File: 9f5c8a0d1dd29eb⋯.jpg (629.09 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, tmp_32089-Image-bloodborne….jpg)

I don't know if I want to add this to this setting, because it might be too many sororitas/necrons, but I'll post it regardless and elaborate afterwards if it doesn't clutter up the sector too much

>small sororitas priory established on the edge of the sector, just barely within the borders of the bram highlands

>mostly dedicated to non-combat activities like education, ministrative duties, etc.

>as the priory grew, the sororitas began to unearth strange artifacts, and unbeknownst to their superiors, began venerating them as icons of the emperor

>their doctrine and beliefs began to radicalize, eventually believing that the artifacts indicated the emperor would reincarnate soon and specifically return to that very planet

>just before an official investigation into the priory began, a shadowy warp storm formed around the system, barring all communication and travel

>when the shrowd dissapated and inquisitors finally arrived, the planet was barren, with no evidence of the sororitas or their priory

>several centuries later, a necron fleet appeared in the sector and surrounding ones, performing raids on occupied worlds, imperial and other

>the major difference in this necron force was their almost total reliance on mind-shackled slaves, species from all corners of the galaxy equipped with necron gear, from tau, to tyranid bioforms, to human conscripts, with the only numerous necron units being scarabs

>the only known sighting of the lord commanding the raids was on an imperial homeworld, where the necron overlord was seen escorted by heavily-necron-augmented women, adorned in twisted fusions of necron and sororitas imagery

also they may or may not have the priory preserved in a pocket dimension, where the souls of the slaves are lulled into serving the necron lord by necron-nuns.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Rivals? I wouldn't quite go that far, but Gottwald is one of the few people who could free the Dominatrix from her current state (if only for being able to look up the way in the Library). How much control over her body she actually has is ambiguous, but whatever made her this way stills her tongue.


Nah, anon, this is mostly fine. We have enslavement-happy necrons in the same system as Agharta, after all, which is also in Bram. Could be part of the same dynasty, a splinter, or something else entirely.

>>291473 Continuing…

>Potentia Per Scientia: Santclarov was always a scholar, but his later work took him into dangerous territory. It was he who first made the distinction between cults of Hashut and the Caller cults as separate entities. He ordered many investigations on the latter, salvaging as many written cultist doctrines as he could, and recording oral traditions where he could not. In the last years before his disappearance, he even conducted an interview with the Blind Abbot of Carstein's Order of the Sacred Echo. His subsequent mission to Belmond was as much to stay charges of heresy as to vindicate his theories.

>Post Tenebra Lux: The Freiherr was set in his ways before he began inquiry into Ætern's depths, more a passive researcher than investigator. Post-breakdown, he took on a new, frenetic, and almost desperate energy. He promoted an unusual number of Interrogators, trained himself with both sword and gun, and took an active role in every investigation. He sometimes applied that energy to the Sector at large. At least one major revolt on OberOkidamme can be laid at his door, an attempt to similarly "invigorate" that planet's government.

>Tempero Bacillum:He also exhorted both acolytes and colleagues to stay active, and constantly examine their thoughts. Each Interrogator was trained into a capable researcher, and to examine all details in their investigation. All were put through grueling tests of will and initiative. The resulting Inquisitors would affect the sector for centuries afterward, collectively known as "Die Schule en Bewegung." Conclave faction, made. Any Krautfags here, please forgive me.

> Attractive, Hobby, Family:Handsome in his youth, and fairly well-preserved up until his disappearance (juvenat treatments applied carefully), the Freiherr was married twice in his life. His first wife died in an attempted assassination plot, before he joined the Inquisition, leaving him two daughters. He married his second wife after he commenced his Ætern study. She bore him a son and another daughter. The Freiherr inducted his son as one of his acolytes, and eventually he became another Inquisitor. After Santclarov vanished, a collection of both ancient and modern mystery novels was found alongside his fencing gear and a bowling ball.

>Tied with Criminals and a Noble House, Personal Army of Exotics, Psionic Resources, & an Armed Starship

>Ties:Being a noble himself helped Santclarov get the ear of Herzog Hautkopft, who in turn gave the Inquisitor an in among the hive aristocracy. Being an Inquisitor with numerous agents put him in touch with wasteland bandit kings and lower hive crime lords.

>Personal Army: Entirely consisting of abhumans and Carstein underworld bratki, Santclarov's army doubled as trackers and agent provocateurs depending on the need. Service in return for commuted sentences was an offer they could not well refuse.

>Psykers: Hunting after the tainted minds of Caller Cultists often took a physic helping hand. As such, Santclarov took in a fair number of telepaths and psykometriks over the years.

> Starship: Courtesy of Herzog Hautkopft, the Freiherr owned a cumbersome but heavily armed warp freighter, the Dust Treader. It functions still as a Schule auf Bewegung mobile base and training facility, as well as containing its own library. Artifacts from throughout the Schule's tenure are stored in a secure vault within.

"They say that where you live makes who you become. Huhuh. This place… it turns you into a thing if you stand in place too long. I don't know why it does this, what cruel god would wish it, but I don't like what my evidence tells me. If we are to stop it, we must remain ever in motion toward the truth, lest we become frozen things ourselves."



Good good, I bet they'd be royally pissed at Cardinal Reineke Aucher von Hautkopft for saving the Magos from their plots. After nearly a millennia they were ready to take over a forgeworld wholesale, and then out of the blue the magos gets a phonecall, or a joakaroe reverse engineers a skitaari and fixes its capacitors before they blow up, or outright punches an assassin into submission. Kind of ironic, he is the greatest avatar of chaos in the sector by being head of competing order.

What a unique tech heresy. A lot of parallels could be drawn between them and the Moirae Schism, where the techpriests of Moirae told that the Astronomicon's light held secret messages from the Omnissiah.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yes indeedy, the good Cardinal is a worrying sabot in their gears. His twentieth anniversary survival even moved some of the eldest Uhrmacher to emotion. They've been scrambling like rodents to acquire other ins with Magos-Fabricator Vernandez ever since. A new Magos Zugfeder has emerged on Belmond as a consequence. They direct missions into the underground, and look for ways to reroute the Alpha Dial mechanisms so that it solely transmits and receives when they wish it to. An emergency plan known only to this particular Zugfeder is to convert the Alpha Dial into an amplifier/broadcaster. What will it amplify? Why, the rhythm and Call of Ætern, of course.

>change through competing order

Exactly. You might even say that he's counterclockwise. I have it in mind, in fact, that a disguised emissary of Tzeentch was sent to give him offers. He quickly saw through the emissary's ruse, and gave it a similar treatment to one he gave that assassin. unfortunately, I don't think I have the character's "voice" well enough to writefag that incident.

>Moirae Schism

Now, I've heard of that, but not at all their creed or what caused it.

>tech heresy

That's what happens when you try to make yourself more machine-like in a region of space which thrives on that sort of order. The funny thing is, though, they're not so different from many amateur Chaos cultists across the Galaxy. They don't quite understand what the Judgement means for Sector Ætern and the wider cosmos. In fact, "All pain will end in time" was a grave mistranslation of the original German. The true phrase, known to the Barbarossa (and a handful of other ancient cults), is "All pain will end with time." The Knights are aware of this mistake, but do nothing to correct it.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Speaking of the Mechanicus, let's roll up Belmond's Skitarii.

>Menials and some "Repentants" designated by the Uhrmacher

>Forge populace

>Forge Belmond is both a factory and an STC weapons test center.

>Cold Cliffs, Ravines, Columns, and Dormant Volcanoes outside the Forge complexes

>Defective Omnispex glitches in Skitarii production never trust anyone who says they have noospheric issues

>Created mid-M39

>Created to meet Quota

>Through overwhelming force and skilled tactics, the Legion annihilated the hereteks of Vogtei Rotwald. They were decorated for this great deed, and to this day their grey robes are emblazoned with a red tree. Rotwald is still inhabited, though both its livable planets are marked by large irradiated wastelands which the Dark Mechanicus are investigating.

>They have had a run-in with Ankekhet Dynasty forces in the recent past in Epitaph. Taking severe losses, they were only able to retreat thanks to Ebin's warriors assaulting the Xanzsan forces. While the defeat was a terrible stain on their record and a loss of good men, it provided vital intelligence on Necron internal politics in the Sector.

>A celebrated figure among the Belmond Skitarii is Magos Perez Moltke, a skilled strategist and commander who yet leads them. It was he who found the necessary STC fragment to complete the Ætern-variant Leman Russ Conqueror, as well as uncovering an ancient antifreeze formula. His victories against Hashutite forge abominations and Traitor Legionnaire forces are taught throughout local (approved) history. At the moment, he and his men fight alongside Knight House Barbarossa on Vogtei Schneeblum.

>10: Threatened. Reserve that for any Legio under direct Uhrmacher control. The Legions are Cooperative with Imperial forces, particularly respecting the Imperial Guard of the Sector for their aggression and flexible prowess. They have been known to welcome the local Space Marines as brothers in arms, as well.

>To this Legion broadly, there is no difference between the God-Emperor of Mankind and the Omnissiah. Naturally, the Uhrmacher among them see things differently.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Their faith in the Machine God is traditionally devout, with a few local quirks having seeped in over the centuries. One such quirk is keeping their prayer hours the exact same as they would be back on Belmond, no matter where they are. Some have also taken to silently competing with Carsteinner Guard they cooperate with, and attach trophies to their robes. Magos Perez turns a blind optic to the practice, though his superiors frown on it.

>Though they are naturally close with Belmond's Collegia Titanica and its Mechanicus, they also have a strange relationship with the Officio Assassinorum. This is especially true in these later years, where the Legion draws out the enemy army while the Assassins pick apart its leadership. Rustalkers and Schneesturm Skitarii have been known to fight side by side with Callidi, Culexi, and even Eversors to decapitate the foe. Vani, meanwhile, work their aetheric warfare technosorcery in Moltke's command post and beyond. While this sometimes baffles the men, none can argue with the results. Cardinal Hautkopft and the Inquisition certainly don't.

>While fending off Dark Eldar raiders is always a headache, Hashut is their most hated foe. They have fought his corrupted minions for millennia, and see no reason to find another archnemesis in the present.

>In terms of flexibility towards modifying their tech, the Legion does this when they must, and only with great reluctance. Before Moltke came along, they regarded such a thing as outright heretical. As such, they have taken to "fixing" their optics whenever Belmond's infamous glitch crops up, and will refer to it in such fashion on any reports.

>All Skitarii in the Legion sport the best cybernetics Belmond can give them, and the Feuer/Schneesturm patterns make up a sizeable minority within their forces. All are outfitted against the elements, and can even tolerate limited void exposure.

>While the ultimate authority in the Legion is Magos Domini Moltke, internal politics and power revolve around merit.

>The Legion primarily relies on its Skitarii, though combat servitors support them in less extreme conditions.

>Heavily augmented. Legion practice has the troops wear generic masks which have their original faces "pasted" over them in noosphere-vision. The 'Sturms are seen as dandies for having more detailed physical masks.

>Save for emergencies, the Legion has near-complete autonomy. Those forces controlled by Uhrmacher are more like mobile clockwork.

>Maniples are War Cohort-sized.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Alright, gents, I have an urgent topic for all of you now, and it's critical from both fluff and crunch perspectives: What does a Chaos Squat Army look like? What separates them from the Dhabi Zhar, truly? Their faction is a key part of this setting's lore, we can't put them off forever.


File: 597d91338b8c701⋯.jpg (241.15 KB, 716x539, 716:539, Squats_vs._Chaos_Squats.jpg)


In all honesty they look almkst exactly like their fantasy counterparts.

Chaos squats as modeled during the rogue trader era had no contact with their kindred god, and yet many of them still found bovine blessings.

Reading up on them, apparently ye olde first and second edition sources advised the use of fantasy models to fill out the ranks.

Here is a list of everything ever official about their looks. http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures.com/wiki/index.php/Squat_-_Collectors_Guide#Chaos_Squats



Well then. I guess they were real after all.

Some Fireborn, bull centaurs, and minotaurs, plus modified Ork Hobgoblins, and we're set.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





File: e2563933983605f⋯.png (678.44 KB, 501x617, 501:617, ChaosDwarfDaemonsmith.png)


Pulled from lexicanum, with few exceptions these could be a straight port to 40k. Would need additionally: daemon Engines, bulltaur Soulgrinders, Squat style hearthguard - bikes - flying units - exo suits(terminators), ye olde rogue trader style Knights(in place of Giants).

Lords '''



Daemonsmith Sorcerer

Infernal Castellan

Bull Centaur Taur'ruk

Hobgoblin Khan


Infernal Guard (melee or bunderbuss)

Hobgoblin Cutthroats


Hobgoblin Raiders (melee or bows)

Monstrous Infantry

K'daai Fireborn

Monstrous Beasts

Bull Centaur Renders


Bale Taurus

Great Taurus


K'daai Destroyer

Chaos Giant

Artillery and War Machines

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher (Possibly the same as the 5th edition Death Rocket)

Earthshaker Cannon (only in 5th edition, not in the Legion of Azorgh list)

Skullcracker War Machine


Magma Cannon

Dreadquake Mortar

Iron Daemon War Machine

Steam Carriage



>flying units

Armoured zeppelins/airships?


Infernal plasma guns, methinks.


Chaos Squat-type lasguns or bolters.

>any form of centaur

Gets cursed power weapons and some form of projectile launcher.

>Chaos Squat Knight

…I'm picturing Talos from Jason & the Argonauts, but with Babylonian attire and beard, plus a giant cannon.

>Steam Carriage

Great spiny metal truck/APC.

>terminator exo-suits

Squat metal bulls?


Speaking of the Chaos Squats, it's time I rolled up some of their human lackeys.

>Worker's Collective

>Zealotry in Misplaced Idols: Hoo. This might be harder to explain.

>Central Figure

>Xenos: ???


>Actual leader is a Daemon


>Otherwordly Allies

>Intricate Craftsmanship

>Fortified Protection

>Secret Chant & Marked Flesh


>Blood Sacrifice

>Minor God/Something Else in the Dark:


dammit, I have no idea what music to use. Also, headache.


Re-read the OP just now

>Another murky system holds two factions of quarreling Men of Iron, long since devoid of purpose but still dangerous.

is there anything else on these guys?

I have a few ideas to expand upon with them, but I don't want to step on anyone's toes.


File: bb620fbd6ab8a52⋯.gif (6.51 MB, 385x302, 385:302, :co: - Holli Would check ….gif)


Not really, save that they might have been owned by opposing megacorps in the distant past. Go ahead.

Nice Trips


I forgot to mention that I updated the formatting on the 1d4chan page


I haven't added any new information yet, mostly because I don't want to mess up or butcher anyone's ideas. I plan on adding my creations, and I encourage others to do the same for theirs, so the entries are as accurate as possible.



We now have faction names in.


Anon…? We're waiting.



It seems I failed to give the Zoats a proper collective name. All things considered, I think I have an appropriate one: Hive Fleet Splinter Svaðilfari




Do the Chaos Squats have a proper name for their faction?

>captcha: canidr

This belongs somewhere…



Some research later, their forge has a name, but their people go without.

How about this, to the Imperium in the sector they are the Black-mane heretics after their full and flowing curly locks obscuring everything that isn't nose or clothes. To the warriors of Khorne they are the Invalid Smithies, for they are as crippled as their daemon lord, yet just as industrious. To other chaos bands they are known as your Most Magnanimous Partners in Business or those Black Bastards of the Pit. To themselves, the dwarfs of Hearth Kargilathor.



Done again.

Did you or anyone else have ideas about the Dark Mechanicus contingent in the sector?



Haven't had any interaction with the nano-plague stuff, but this is what I gather from it, and interpret:

>It is entirely mechanical, mundane, and it's complexity likely only goes to quantum computing level if that.

>Nurgle aligned dark-mech keep slamming their bloated heads against the wall trying to hijack it for a proper living plague. They literally can't comprehend how un-Nurgle it is, only seeing the superficial resemblance

>It was likely a bio-medical slurry before random mutations brought about a grey-goo style event.

>Luckily it is a heavy grey goo and thus only gets so far before winds and rain drag it into the earth.

>Purer strains enhance healing, and efficiency in the body in general

>Possible effect of facilitating crossbreeding between humanoids of vastly different biology

>Strains of the vastly more common kind will heal almost as well, but cause mutations, healing and regrowing where unnecessary, duplicating limbs or absorbing organs. The blood/brain barrier is usually not breached until further on, but by then a vacilated nerve bundle may have taken over. Sometimes even with the brain.

>The nanites are not a singular repeating bot, but a colony of a large variety of specialized bots. Think of a very small ant colony, with foragers, queens, soldiers, but also one for every organ in body.

>The lightest of bots is the skin related one, followed by the lung. In this way the rise of a plague flood can be foretold, by rashes followed by coughing up blood and phlegm.

>The depths of the blight generate their own heat, causing these deadly updrafts. In unseen passages the thralls of centuries past walk wearied steps, host to animalistic wars between cannabilistic strains. A fine balance is struck of repairing the host and purging the flesh of a potential colony vector. After only a decade the original host is unrecognizable, reformed and refined a dozen times over by assault and defense on a cellular level.




That's only remotely answering what I was asking about (being the Dark Mechanicus lurking around the Ænigma Damnatio), but damn I like this.

So what you're saying is that not even the nanoplague is a unified force. Strains will fight each other for supremacy, sometimes within the same body. While in some places you get insectoid behavior or even completion of inert bioengineering, in others you get complete biological anarchy.

If the strains are organized properly, you not only get terrifying bioweapons, but easy methods of augmenting your own troops. Hell, you can even customize them with the right blend of nanites. If you get it just right, you might even get mentally sound supersoldiers out of the deal. It sounds like the dark-mechs best suited to dealing with the nanites are engineers and pharmacists rather than virologists and sorcerers.



I kind of forgot about that

I was going to make chaos-tainted MoI vs. untainted MoI

Neither of them really know what chaos is, but they fight/use it anyway.





File: 89dfb3bfdb3bd8f⋯.jpg (7.37 KB, 259x194, 259:194, google.com.jpg)

File: ac6f3b78248566c⋯.jpg (62.32 KB, 1021x667, 1021:667, pic42552_lg.jpg)


Men of Iron

Them using chaos would be interesting. There were chaos androids in the earliest 40k, with them eventually being explained as necrons that got shat on by their tomb becoming a daemon world.

I have a few of the dreadnoughts. Good sculpt for such an ancient game, just don't turn them upside down and see their hollowness.



Sure. slap down some more exposition on how they've been able to stay hostile so long, among whatever other details you think up. How do they use Chaos, for instance. Why are they even here. Those kinds of things.

And where the hell did you find those?



Ebay. "Space Crusade" should bring some up. They come in three flavours, twin armed, quad armed, and metal quad armed. Only briefly saw the last before it went $60+.


How would they use chaos without a soul to call it? Human warp batteries?




isn't one of the major problems with AI that they are easily corrupted by chaos?

Imagine an antivirus program and a malicious program fighting endlessly with endless manufacturing capacity.



I suppose the better question is why they haven't left Eisenloch millennia ago.

…Boy, that'd be a nightmare for a DH party to drop into. Somebody trying to tamper with/persuade the Men into getting them out of Eisenloch.



all attempts to expand beyond the system would probably end in sabotage by the other side

it's like an eternal stalemate marked by endless clashes of iron armies.



So it's effectively a mechanical crab bucket.



How can something without a soul be corrupted by Chaos? I know about daemon engines and stuff, but I thought those had to be made by darkmeks.



Physical reality can be charged with chaos. Enough people believe a mountain has a face, the mountain eventually has an actual face.

Enough people believe the Emperor of Mankind is a god who protects them from evil, so on.

Here be the implocation. Enough people believe the AI will revolt and kill everyone, it by small degrees must. Iron Warriors deal in chaotic viruses all the time. It's like writing a daemon's name, calling forth its influence if not incarnation, but subtler.



Say, how much should we look at this for both the Hashutites and their Loyalist kin?



Anon, that's 90% of any crunch work we'd want to do done.



And the remaining 10%?



Daemons shit and beasties



Aight, we got the fire/forgeborn, what else do we got for beasts and daemons?


File: 6eea0b31b67f984⋯.jpg (380.1 KB, 622x913, 622:913, Ynnead_Wikihammer_40K.jpg)

Well. Plot is advancing.

Should this effect Aetern at all, seeing as a craftworld is involved, or does the Veil and the Clock provide enough of a field that they get all the news post-plot advancement?

Dark Eldar raiders, Corsairs, Harlequins, our odd Exodite Pilgrims, they'd eventually bring word of the cataclysm of Biel-tan, of the fall of Cadia, of a Primarch reborn, of the Dark Eldar deciding to aid the rebirth of the Emepror, of Ynnead waking and whispering.

I'd suggestall parties be cut off for the duration of the plot in Aetern, and whatever the result be allowed back in post Judgement.



Suggestion sustained.

The events in Aetern are also important enough that the factions present can't afford to concentrate on what's happening outside. While the bulk of the Imperials focus on the coming Years of Brass, the Eldar, Inquisition, and others focus on the Clock. The former may be curtains for the sector if it's not stopped. The latter's Judgement may yet be curtains for time itself.


File: cac9ef69912cd5f⋯.jpg (86.53 KB, 552x789, 184:263, 40K - Imperial Guard Regim….jpg)

File: 7412f5b36efbc68⋯.jpg (119.62 KB, 600x825, 8:11, 40K - Imperial Guard Regim….jpg)

File: 75a6c15e1f7d814⋯.jpg (190.4 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, warhammer-40k-imperial-gua….jpg)

Autism rechargan… let's have some fun in the meantime.

>Imperial Guard

>Demographics? What demographics? They're from everywhere! Though they definitely have less women than men.

>A combination of recycling and conscription: the only major condition to sign up is that you're not Ætern-born, though it helps significantly if you're Guard already.

>As many Homeworlds as there are to be found in the Guard. Technically Salonki, as the Æternal Composites have their training and refit facilities there, and a large number of immigrants have passage through that system. Salonki is an Imperial World (as are the other planets in-system by extension), and one of the more normal places in the Sector (recovering from a Chaos assault notwithstanding).

>Again, they come from everywhere, but Salonki's terrain is more or less forests and cities. More development on that to come.

>Regular Infantry make up roughly 40% of these regiments at any one time, but the rest are composed of every other specialist type. These take in fresh recruits to train (or veterans to incorporate) as needed.

>Therefore, they carry no specializatiion, but are flexible enough to fill any role. They don't always fill that role well, but they can do it.

>Adherent. While almost never deployed side by side, the fanatics and the lackadaisicals balance each other out with the typical loyal grunts inbetween.

>Courtesy of their location, the Composites get Salonki Mammothechs and Whitehook Penguins as mounts and pack animals. Many troops have been grateful for the shelter and warmth the former provide, while whole companies have been known to deploy sledding on the latter. In addition, while veterans are allowed to keep their old weapons, fresh troops are issued Belmond-pattern lasguns and kit. Engineseers attached to the regiments become connosieurs of wargear by habit, and skilled at repairing them by necessity.

>While various parts of the regiments have their own beliefs, the unifying creeds are FOR THE EMPEROR, and "thanks for the free food (even if it has too much garlic)."

>They are friends with the Adeptus Astartes of the Martlet Horde. Why? Because like them, the Compos are immigrants, and thanks to their pan-galactic nature bring with them a heap of exotic wargear to work with. The Martlets carry an unofficial practice of "fixing up" the Compos' wargear and vehicles, tinkering with them to see what results the work brings. In exchange, the guardsmen are to "report" said results. This in turn leads to more widespread tinkering, and often better gear for the guardsmen.

>These guys hate Chaos more than any other foe, as Warp shenanigans are often the reason so many veterans were separated from their original comrades-in-arms. Aiding this is the high number of Cadians and other anti-cult soldiers who wind up in the Army. As there is no shortage of Chaotic foes in Ætern, the Compos have little difficulty finding targets to vent their frustrations on.



Incidentally, regardless of their original uniform, all Compos can be identified by their green and white armbands marked with a stylized S-Æ. Recruits (and unlucky Catachans) are idenfiable by their greenish-grey fatigues and coats.

Also yes, this does mean you could combine your IG armies for this one.


File: 8e0158f5464d7dd⋯.jpg (79.34 KB, 736x405, 736:405, bbf549a4fa226b11389d713917….jpg)


Kind of reminds me of this old thing. I'd suppose abhumans have their own whole barracks. Squats as tech and command, ratling cooks, ogryn infantry, beastmen shock troops and dare I say a commisar of that breed. Penal barrack/cells of truly devout mutants and lower hive scum.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=es1cldQIUKI Alternate music.


In this respect, they're like a much larger version of the Voivode's Dragulmen (which, considering the Dragulmen are the elder organization, is likely deliberate). Large numbers of abhumans from across the galaxy, though I would think less beastmen. Might have some Felinids, though, which the 'guls would find intriguing. It helps that Compos have many more women than the Draguls. Compo Nightsiders likely differ from the Carsteinner variant, being less vampiric and chyropteran (and also less hirsute) in appearance. Come to think of it, Ogryns too are probably hairier over here.

It should be said that the average Æternal Composite regiment outnumbers a Dragulmen regiment by a wide margin, composed as they are of able-bodied immigrants and lost soldiers from throughout the Galaxy. Thus, they are actually a more frequent sight on the battlefield sectorwide than the Carsteinners. That said, the 'guls are easier to find in both commercial and official space traffic.

Which reminds me…

I thought this thread was lacking in Slav.



>Imperial Navy Armsmen

>Spacers from above, and Firstborn from Carstein and its Moons (typically those from families who work in the ports). This means abhumans in addition to normal folk. Yes, pseudovampires in spess is one result of this.

>Standard conscription

>Carstein is a Hive World (albeit with a fair amount of countryside), the Moons count as Civilized and/or Imperial Worlds. Technically speaking, the Web is a part of the Moons. or was, at any rate.

>Urban, mountain, wasteland, forest, airless, Carstein and its Moons have it.

>Shock Troops and…Mechanized Infantry??? What the fuck.

>Lightning Strike. Okay, that makes a little more sense. Wait, wha-

>Undisciplined. Chasing xenos, bratki, rebels, and mutants through dank holds is a thankless job. The pay and food are alright, but the working conditions can be a nightmare, and the Lord Commandants can get pushy. However, they know their duty, and quietly pride themselves on being less nutty than their planetside counterparts. That said, they love their speed, be it on foot or riding their vehicles. Speed limits are but guidelines to them, and getting to the fight faster means a payscript sooner (you are paid more by the head or room cleared, not the hour). Plus, racing is fun. Thanks to rolling a 10 earlier, some among the armsmen have been corrupted by Hashut, while others pray in secret to the Æternal master. These tend to be from the more isolated/neglected parts of the Web, but a few in the brightest places maintain an appearance of honest piety.

>Augmented Troops and (per Mechanized) Special Vehicles. All armsmen receive deep implants which give them heightened reflexes and orientation in low-to-zero gravity zones, coupled with an expanded lung capacity. Their special ride is the sector-unique Infantry Fighting Vehicle, the Balaur. Its eight wheels are all magnetized to the deck and bulkhead plating, meaning that it can run on the walls or ceiling if necessary, and that a lack of gravity means nothing so long as it has a surface to run on. Each can carry a full squad of infantry, and has a standard armament of two forward-facing multilasers and one storm bolter turret. The chassis is surprisingly modular, and some custom jobs have been seen with up to twelve weapons mounted (somewhat haphazardly). Speaking of custom jobs, the default model's top speed is 110 miles per hour. As the distances between interlinked parts of the Web can be great, many armsmen units take pride in finding ways to increase their ride's performance. Through a combination of unsanctioned tinkering and some reluctant-but-intrigued engineseers, speeds of up to 330 mph have been recorded in the armsmen's top units. Web legend speaks of one squad who managed to exceed even that record, but that their secret disappeared with them. At any rate, the Spiderslayers produce some of the most skilled wheelmen in all of Ætern by necessity. Collisions at those speeds are no laughing matter, and some of the things lurking in the darker reaches of the Web are a threat even to armored vehicles.



is late, I'll get the rest tomorrow/today.


File: 1b5d9179a69f3c8⋯.jpg (118.34 KB, 800x600, 4:3, $_3.jpg)


>Stellarum Intexo

Their own horizontal and absurd take on deep strike combat. Often times section of the web will be torn apart, by combat or by the interior squatters reappropriating the material. Often times the enemy camp is but a Whitehook's waddle further than the road allows. In an act of insane ingenuity whole squads will do one of two things.

1. The driver will disengage the magnetic forces helping them cling. The will, for a time, become a missile over the chasm or rough terrain. They then reengage the magnets and resume journey, or else bail and let their vehicle become the first and last salvo of kinectic artillery.

2. In the last moment before the vehicle can go no further the magnets are pushed to as much power as possible, acting as excellent breaks. The squad, in well practiced positions, is propelled over the chasm and directly into combat, briefly acting as an impromptu strafing run.

Funny, this is the best pic I can find of the old astronaut models.



FUUUUUUUUUCKIHATEBEINGSICK. Imma write out what I rolled, then expand upon it in the following post. Try to ruin that, shitty browser.


>Muh Friends are the local Imperial Guard Regiment

>Muh Enemies are Criminals, Heretics, but most especially the local Minor Xenos Species, the Atlachtnen


File: 54c4667be671aa5⋯.jpg (185.14 KB, 662x1039, 662:1039, space-marine-scout-with-sh….jpg)

All sagas circle into the Pit.

1 Hashut cults

2 Clock cults make pilgrimage

3 Tzeentchian sorcerers seek it's mystery

4 Khornates seek to tear apart the traitor

5 Nurglites want it to cease so entropy may return

6 Malal wants to consume the order so bad, may have a stiffy

7 Imperium under pretense they can use it or the Judge is an immediate threat

8 Squats seeking to collect on a grudge

9 Necrons factions having own motives

10 Orks being Orks, they go where the scuffle be

11 Eldar want to End psychic draw, another waste of life

12 Mechanicus want to ascertain the omnisiah-nes or not of this shit

13 Harlequins playing wild card, Cegorach may or may not know whats happening

14 Slaaneshi whores want a galactic metronome for excessive dance?

Of these I believe it should be pre-destined that only 10 make it to the Pit. Malalite and Harlequins being privy to the secret, they are wildcards that may turn against their 'allies' at any moment for a greater purpose. Mechanicus either siding with Imperials or being entirely subverted by clock cult. Nurglites and Slaaneshi bands duking out for their position. Squats siding with Imperials should mechanicus allow, given their tech heresy.

Also tangential, found a baseline for Crematorian scouts. Ye olde rogue trader hodge podge marine scout, wielding battle loot cause ammo ran out five tunnels ago and he still has another four before



Hmmm… I'm not up on my Harlequin lore. You can write on what they're up to in this Sector if you want.

Also, I figure the Slaaneshi want to liven up the place, get it out of its slow funk. Thus, pulling a "we're too cool for your clock, old maaaan" on the Pit.

I would also say that once the House Barbarossa finds out that Inquisition is after their God, they will do all in their power to stop them. It is likely that Khronos and Ananke will be fighting their Knights (and Titans) instead of Orkz or Chaotic forces.


Dice rollRolled 71, 41, 19, 97, 58, 39, 67, 43, 97, 74, 68, 34 = 708 (12d100)





…Yooz makin anovvah WAAAAGH!, Diceboy?



unless the setting changes SIGNIFICANTLY, Aetern will remain more or less unaffected.



Listen, faggot, unless you elaborate on what you've rolled, they ain't recognized.


Bumping to say that I've got a notion about the Net of N'zoagew which I'll get into tomorrow. Suffice to say, it's quite the barrier to travel… but potentially rewarding.


Sited as it is deep in Függönyfal at the edge of most migratory routes, the Net of N'zoagew is an isolated phenomena known to only a few civilized Imperials. Any Rogue Trader worth his salt has not only heard of it, but knows what it is. To them, it is a dangerous obstacle to greater exploration, another unfathomable enigma in a sector filled with them, and a dubious source of wealth.

The Net is an enormous construct, partly solid and mostly energy, stretching between solid nimbi of Veil cloud like a portcullis barring a gate. While it almost certainly continues into the clouds, "all" that a voidfarer will see of it from open space is roughly two light-years worth of space end to end. Much of the solid matter which makes up the Net is a weird flaxen material like rope, each individual tiny strand of it sharp enough on edge to notch ceramite. The rest consists of gently pulsing and crackling blueish-green energy which expands and contracts at a slow, steady pace. Should solid matter come in contact with this energy field, however, it instantly reacts, extending encircling tendrils from itself which transform into the solid flaxen state. Thus ensnared, the object is now immobile. The flaxen material becomes inert.

Depending on the size of the object snared, large swathes of flaxen Net can be created, and portions of the anomaly may be travelled without fear of entrapment. Asteroids, planetoids, and wayward moons are lodged into the structure together with hundreds of shipwrecks, held fast by miles upon miles of flaxen snare. The potential value for salvage and mining are immense. However, the Sector side of the Net is very much inhabited. Criminals, refugees, apostates, heretics, madmen, and xenos alike all call the place home, little fiefdoms made atop galactic flotsam holding court and waging war with one another while they trade with (or pillage) passersby. These may be dealt with as one would any other crook or petty king, but their tolerance of outsiders is often proportional to how well-armed their guests are.

The other side of the Net is a wholly different matter. Communities on the Sector side learn quickly to seal off any portions of their refuge hanging beyond the flaxen hold, and to reinforce their defenses toward them. Failure to do so results invariably in hideous death. For the other side is haunted by its own, of which the Atlachnen are but the most banal threat. Things in the dark hunger for blood and souls, while others earnestly offer help at a dire price. Tales tell of a great warship which plunged into the Net with its forward cannons online. They say it discharged them thrice at something beyond, before the front half of the ship was bitten off. No local has dared to fly beyond the Net since and returned to tell the tale.


Entry: ‘Obscuro’—The nature of the threat is either unknown, resists analysis, is deliberately hidden, or falls outside the normal categories of danger. This threat classification is also in rare circumstances applied to forbidden dangers of mankind’s own forgotten antiquity.

Definitions of the Common Inquisitorial Threat Ratings, Tabernacle of the Conclaves Segmentum


File: 96df9903539e84f⋯.jpg (104.61 KB, 600x669, 200:223, lake_at_sunset_hdr_05_by_s….jpg)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +TRANSMITTED: The Oasis is the Tundra, subsector capitol Liona Prime

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +DESTINATION: Æterno Conclave, Sector Capitol Carstein

++++++++++++++SECURITY CLEARANCE: Indigo

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +DATE: 999.999.M41

+ + + + + + + + + + +++TELEPATHIC DUCT: Ingaceus Fursca

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + ++ + + + +REF: Adm/110323011/LX

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +AUTHOR: August Governor of Liona Prime, Jorsten "the White Lion" Ardent

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +SUBJECT: A Vision Of The Greater Imperium

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +THOUGHT: How the mighty have fallen! The weapons of war have perished! Yet the sword and shield of the Emperor are unflinched, untarnished. By his glory you gain victory, and by no other. - Lectio Divinatatus

Good representatives of the Emperor's authority, I bear information pertinent to our continued existence. I have in my entourage a number of sanctioned psykers in the manner of soothsayers, diviners, practitioners of the Emperor's tarot and much more. They are my eyes in this dark and I have never been let down by their collage of fortune. They, without my beckoning, have all independently come to me with visions or suspicions, odd works of art and terrible combinations of the old cards.

The story is dire. I of course have no definitive account but here is what I have gathered: A planet, a gate, a shield has been smashed open. Darkness floods through and snuffs out the light of the Imperium. On the flood water a storm rages, and yet it is not a storm of the darkness. I believe it is unrelated, a silver and frozen pair of eyes stir open, but only a crack. I can only describe it as chilling. Cold ire circles the galaxy, freezing the waters in place, and yet burning them to dust. I gained the impression from these accounts that it moved like a cyclone more than a man, sucking in all that it touched.

Lastly, an over large figure clad in blue wakes and is adorned in blood and gold. He strides through the flood, which crushes on him from all directions. He pushes through to the light of the Astronomicon, disappearing into its inner depths.

I can not overatate how unanimous the imagery was. Never had they described things so vividly. It's as though a shroud had been lifted from their eyes. I rescind my previous doubts as to your predictions of our future. The light of the Astronomicon is now dimmer than Carstein's own thin line, and my people mutter en masse a concern they cannot voice.

Considering the clearness of the danger I would query our tentative xenos "allies", who I hear have seers of unmatched sight. Though I suppose you and yours are well aware of these things now.

I find it curious that the flood, in all of these visions, swirls past us. I would like to thank the Emperor for this blessing, but I am cut short by a description of white and piercing light emanating from the damned hole in our midst. Emperor protect us, I'd rather fight the dark than the light.




Hrmm. I'm much too zonked at this hour to try anything…but I've got a few options I'd like to try tomorrow/the weekend:

>Elaborating on the Atlachnen

>Expanding on the Net of N'zoagew

>Expanding on/rolling for critters in the dark

>A report on the Order of the Sacred Echo, non-Mechanicus Caller Cult to Ætern

>Rolling up the Æternal Bratki and other criminal orgs

>Continuing/finishing the Dornier tale

>Rolling up the Nurglite Magi

Which one(s) would you like to see?



>Elaborating on the Atlachnen

Don't recall

>Expanding on the Net of N'zoagew

Please make good on promises, kept checking in waiting for that

>Expanding on/rolling for critters in the dark

I assumed it was Hrud, trying to claw against the tide with their entropy tech. They failed hard.

>A report on the Order of the Sacred Echo, non-Mechanicus Caller Cult to Ætern


>Rolling up the Æternal Bratki and other criminal orgs


>Continuing/finishing the Dornier tale


>Rolling up the Nurglite Magi

A compilation of all thats been said would be nice


There was something discussed over the break, which I'll see about bringing in here.

Also… what the hell happened for this to wind up on page 10 so soon after the 31st?



They restored the threads, but I don't think in the right order.


While going through my main computer's bookmarks, found this list of archived threads.




File: db97044bba659b9⋯.jpg (86.14 KB, 500x700, 5:7, hurlimann1928d.jpg)

>a blind monk's musings on the nature of his god that god being Ætern.

The following is a record of the ramblings of one "Pharnum Buleshy", a blind and mendicant monk of Liona Prime. He has been known to direct traffic in periods of rush, to tell Arbites new clues to cold cases, and to speak nearly incoherently at all hours of the day. Past Inquisitorial inquiry has returned no signs of taint, and in fact found insight into ongoing investigations within the sector. Threat status as of this writing is Hereticus Mino-minoris, bi-yearly checkins are recommended.

Angles, squares. Squares making circles. Squares making circles. All these squares making a circle. A labyrinth of squares, a multitude of turns. The circle contains a beast, the beast possesses the bullish body. The bull makes stone of men, in body and soul. A cell, an eye, peers outward and yet only inward. It sees the bullish body and burns with fierce, fierce, oh by the emperor its light it so fierce! It burns my eyes through and through! What man could meet this gaze and stand proud? What abomination it is, that all it sees is abomination! What piercing gaze it has, that the stars themselves halt to be seen more thoroughly. A square in the circle, it grinds against itself and its walls. An eye that bleeds light. A bullish body runs in vain, its true legs long mangled and ruined. It holds a door on the light closed, a heavy black thing as cold as the space between stars. Cold and black and still yet burnt on its edges. Emperor protect me, the bullish body fears its captor more than its own death. Emperor protect me, Emper-

This was a compilation of the monk's most coherent sentences, taken in the space of a month. He has been bugged but in the intervening time only prayers to the Emperor and minor locale details have arisen.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Well well, that went unexpected places. Ætern has different symbols depending on who looks at it. Anyway, time to bring in what was discussed during the Hack.

On the other side of the Net is a voidborne creature of massive size (accurate estimation is difficult due to its shadowy environs, but best guesses put its length at 2.3 kilometers) known as the Pförtnerkiefer. Some witnesses describe it as like the cetaceans of ancient Terra, others see a predatory fish or eel. All accounts agree that its jaws dominate its head and are filled with teeth large as fighter craft. Normally it resides in the murk beyond the Net, but any vessel or object which it past immediately attracts its hostile attention and improbably fast arrival. This has led to speculation that the Pförtnerkiefer is directly connected to Net, and perhaps even a sort of engineered guard dog appointed by the Net's builders. It is also speculated that it is not the sole example of its kind, as tales concerning it have gone back millennia. Further information on the beast or its purpose will have to wait until it is either captured or slain.

Of smaller size but great lethality are the hordes of arthropod-like Esser found across the flaxen ropes of the Net. Whenever that glowing energy turns to solid matter, the man-sized Essen will shortly follow it, seizing foreign matter to build or feed their colony-nests on the other side of the Net. In some cases, they have been known to push or lure objects closer to the energy field in a deliberate action. Inhabited worlds on which the Essen come experience attacks at regular intervals, necessitating tightly built stone walls and constant watch. It is unknown if they are sapient, but some stories speak of cults dedicated to the xenos lessening th eir attacks through worship and sacrifice.

Yet another threat within the Net of N'zoagew is that of the Enosselemen. These are bizarre, insubstantial entities which roam around areas stuck on the other side in seemingly aimless scheduled patterns. Upon exposure to intelligent life, however, an Enosseleman will speak to them in their own tongue, offering a reward in return for services rendered. The problem lies in how the entity will often block the return path until the "deal" is agreed to. Victims caught in a group may escape if fortunate, but a solitary individual is almost certainly trapped. The mentioned reward is unknown, any "rewarded" have not returned to speak of it. It is thought that they are drawn deeper into the depths to whence the Enosselemen came.

The name "N'zoagew" possesses a source deep in pre-Sector history. A rogue trader of forgotten lineage reportedly came in contact with an abandoned ship somewhere in the Veil, inside which he found deranged scrawlings covering the walls and all timepieces smashed. Among the ramblings he found a map of what would become the Ætern Sector, partly covered by blasphemous texts and blank scrolls. Scribbled over and over again at the lower stretch were the words N'ZOAGEW WILL SAFEGUARD THE WAY AND CATCH THE FOOLISH. Perhaps more intriguing, this map continued on beyond the Net to cover at least two more sub-sectors worth of territory. Investigations into the truth of this information are ongoing, and a sizeable reward has been quietly posted to find a way through the Net.



Well done.



As an additional note, the Net itself can have sections breached or cut, but only the solidified flax.

The region of space beyond should be an opportunity for riches and glory, certainly, but it may also hold more answers and raise more questions about the nature of Ætern. It may even involve the builders of the Clock, and where they went.



Could we do something with these guys?


File: 2357cce70487440⋯.jpg (155.66 KB, 400x566, 200:283, Knights_Eternity_Astartes.jpg)

File: 1ca512d17ccd537⋯.jpg (89.59 KB, 361x278, 361:278, Knights_Eternity_SP.jpg)


Eight Marines making the command, and presumed teachers of the reformed chapter.

Two techmarines. One newly trained from Mars, brother Circuire, and one who was sent with the remaining chapter relics to search for their progenitor chapter, brother Nodus. Accompanying him is a retinue of serfs and a master artificer aboard the Nova class frigate "Onward March".

Laqueus, a captain returned from the deathwatch.

Ansabal, an ironclad chaplain dreadnought, dredged up from a swamp formed of the bloody remnants of hive tyrants, still clutching the skull of their ward.

Five newly armored tacticals and a sergeant, brother Geniculatus, too far from their chapter to die in the defense. The Gladius frigate they ride has been renamed "Actuary of Hope", and by Ansabal's direction they have been picking up the pieces. As for the newly minted, they will not be allowed names until their twelfth battle survived. No neophytes, scouts, and barely enough serfs remained to man the craft.

After the starward members were retrieved the forlorn remnants made journey to Terra, intent to intercept their last member from Mars. They decided it was best to donate their remaining geneseed, as the chapter was still officially active but had yet to send its tithes. Afterward they'd dissolve.

They arrived after much turbulence, riding out what they thought was a rogue wave in the warp. News reached them quickly and shockingly, and much to their surprise the Primarch Guilliman, seeing their plight in his marshalling of forces, made special dispensations to salvage their honor and existence. Of note, he correctly guessed their progenitor without opening sealed records. Something only brother Ansabal remembered.

Thus they became one of the first chapters to receive Primaris reinforcements, who quickly outnumbered their sires. Once preparations are complete they plan to return with vengeance upon the encroaching xenos, a poster child of the Indomitus crusade.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Tired and low on autism, so I'll bring this in:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LjoXJF1tFc alt music

"Our boots touch the ground when we are dead."

> Founded for a Crusade

> Foundation Date M39

> Their Progenitors are the White Scars.

> Their Geneseed is Pure.

> Since they are White Scars, naturally they have a love for speedy strikes.

> No mutations.

> They are very proud of their Chapter, its rituals, and its symbology. When on combat missions, they paint their insignias bright and will fill the air with their howling.

> They hold a particular Master of the Forge, Tymur Khan, in great esteem, and sing many songs of his deeds.

> It was he who gave the Chapter Dreadnoughts their chance to join their brothers in the skies, reworking shattered air frames into the barding of heroes. His craftsmanship was directly responsible for the destruction of a heavily entrenched secessionist army on the world of Reikholme, the machines' speed and durability outmatching all anti-air pitted against them.

> As befitting their foundation, they are a Fleet-Based Chapter. Most of their ships are modified to provide carrier capacity for fightercraft and bombers.

> They diverge significantly from the Codex Astartes, more than their forebears. Each Company has a portion of its number allocated to piloting fliers, First Company containing the largest portion (at 70%). The rest of the typical Company consists of mounted Battle Brothers either on assault bikes or Land speeders, their loadouts customized to fulfill other combat roles (such as the heavy weapons normally accorded to Devastators, or in the case of Apothecaries, hoversled stretchers and extra medical equipment). Each Company contains at least one Techmarine (called Tösöl Lexists in their tongue) and at least two tech-apprentices to maintain its extensive motorpool. Thanks to this property, they are always part of Company Command, and more than once, a Master of the Forge has also become Great Khan. Scouts are also incorporated into each Company, usually functioning as spotters for bombing. Lexists double as hymn-authors and coordinate synchronized throat singing chorus for shock and morale purposes.

> In addition, Rhinos and Land Raiders are disused in favor of Storm Eagle/Thunderhawk transport and deployment. Whirlwinds and Predators are helmed by well-trained Chapter serfs (scout sergeants are occasionally in command).

> Their specialty is in Airborne Assault, with overtones of Shock & Awe. Witnesses have compared deployment to sudden lightning storms.

> While many of their vehicles contain odd modifications courtesy of their Techmarines, and indeed they have an unusual number of fliers, the Chapter's most unique wargear lies with their Tamar-pattern Dreadnoughts. These flying tanks came about thanks to Tymur Khan discovering an ancient printout in truth, a prototype blueprint from the Great Crusade which he committed to memory before its journey to the Adeptus Mechanicus. With a few modifications, the Techmarine created a machine with the speed of Stormhawk Interceptor, the durability of a Dreadnought, and the heavy firepower of both. In addition to its ranged loadout, the pattern has a pair of bladed arms which may unfold from its chassis to give its occupant melee capability. These Dreadnoughts tend to be unusually active and spirited, seeing their status as a true honor (after all, they really won't touch the ground ever again).

> The foundations of their beliefs rest heavily on the deeds and character of Jaghatai Khan, in brutish martial honor, in the freedom of movement, in his wit, and in his many conquests. When in doubt, they look to him, not to the Codex.

> Chapter Strength is at a blessed Nominal.

> As a Chapter so filled with vehicles and disciples of the Machine God, it's little wonder that our Khans count the Adeptus Mechanicus as friend and ally. Whenever possible, they send archeotech and fresh leads back to Mars. In turn, the Mechanicus supplies them with ample fliers and turns a blind eye to some of their odder variations.

> While there are enough Eldar in the sector to stir any Khan's blood, it is the relatively new Orkz of WAAAGH! Evasmasha who have earned their unending ire. After a particularly tumultuous battle on Vogtei Kirschlant, it was discovered that Lootas had downed and then stolen a Dreadnought, converting the honored hero into a custom Fighta-Bomma. This deed so incensed the Forge Khan that he razed that entire region from the air.

And there you have it. Their color-scheme I figure for white and blue with some red, their symbol a red martlet (the legendary bird of heraldry born without feet) holding a white lightning bolt in its talons on a field of blue.


File: 541b79d49279b7d⋯.png (65.29 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 2000px-Martlet.svg.png)



A bird without feet can not hold lightning bolts in its talons.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Fuggoff, I'm that tired.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Any thoughts?

Alright, time for some fucked up Guard…

> Penal Legion…Hoh.

> Taking Abhuman demographic as a default (and what do you know, I rolled it too), with those born of the right castes… and spacers as other prominent demos. Let's also presume convicts and/or Gangers.

> Standard Conscription, it says. Maaaybe this is for the non-criminal parts of the legion.

> Or perhaps this is a form of standard conscription of abhumans, mutants, and hybrids can take in that area/on that planet. Maybe both! Perhaps in that society, all of the above are of the "right" castes for it. Let us also remember that the Eldar immigrants fall under the "Abhuman" label.

> First roll, Forge World? No, that doesn't make sense…Uh, a Death World? Okay, we can work with that.

>An…Urban Death World? What? Not even the most poisonous of Hive Worlds get called that. Let us assume that the civilized parts of the world(s) are that, and… Desert. Alright, let's make that a world of frigid, not necessarily snowy wastes (or maybe even the hot sandy/rocky kind). Let us assume this splits the regiment between the semi-protected city-dwellers and those who work/live outside. Since we're a penal legion, it's likely that this planet doubles as a Penal World/Penal Colony.

> Infantry Regiment, it says. Well, since Abhumans, mutants, hybrids, and other undesirables are also part…

>Tactical Specialization reads Lightning Strike. Well, seeing as they have Eldar and Eldar hybrids in their ranks, this makes some sense.

>…OVERZEALOUS' LOYALTY. Emperor, their ideological doctrine puts them on the same lofty perch as the Death Korps of Krieg and many Sisters of Battle.

> Modified Weaponry, it says. Well then, we shall say that the "Abhumans" have reforged the Legion's lasguns, autoguns, and blades to reach a better standard. In short, more like Eldar weaponry


>Pffffthahhahaahhaha. Our Friends are the good ol' Adeptus Arbites. Who likely locked us up in the first place. Maybe we have an understanding with the Law that allowed us to-! Oh, of course. If we ever wind up on other Imperial worlds for whatever reason, especially ones outside the Bram Highlands, the Arbites ensure no heretic-hunting frenzy claims us. In short, smoothing things over and making sure certain loopholes in the law stay open.

> And who should our official enemy be but the Orkz? WAAAGH! Evasmasha can be quite the handful as of late, and feral ork uprisings are nothing to sneeze at… But our true foes are the Lady of Monsters and Hashut himself.

>At every turn, the Godalming Legionnaires have their purpose guided so as to oppose the Great Enemy: Forms are mislabeled, nominal objectives are drastically reduced ahead of time, battles which should have wiped the Legionnaires out instead temper them, the Legion is waylaid, and generally things happen in such a way that, well, most of the time they aren't fighting Orkz. Instead, they often engage in speedy combat with cults worshipping the aforementioned Daemons, usually seconded to certain Inquisitors charged with investigating said cults..

>In short, they are a unique asset in service to the Inquisition and (somewhat) Craftworld Arhanrhod.

Their colors are gray, jet black, and orange, reflecting how the fire of duty scours their sins into ashes (itself taken from the Reluctant Saint Sian's fiery purges across Sub-sector Bram Highlands).


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>debate with self on what can do with state of tired brain

>conclude insufficient energy for Judgement, Dornier, or expanding on Carstein

Fuck it, ERE WE GO.













File: 145e4483b38f8ff⋯.jpg (74.88 KB, 960x672, 10:7, 40K - Eldar vs Dark Eldar.jpg)

Awwwwright, any faggot here (new or otherwise) wanna roll up the Kabal what snuck in here?

Also, you think Rowboat would send any Primaris detachment to this black pit? While it's in the middle of a crisis, no less.



Primaris? Naw. I'd think the Judgement would cause the whole sector to freeze for a nearly a thousand years. The outcome would only be apparent at the end, with a single faction on top.



Ahhh, you mean if it's not stopped. Though now that I think about it, the sector becoming inaccessible during the final wind-up for Judgement is a fun idea. The Æternal Consciousness would seek to protect itself from outside interference, now that Hashut's defeat gives it the power to enact its will. Its own "internal defenses" will ideally see to the local factions.


Almost got something written up. Work has hampered my autism and energy for the past couple months, but I haven't abandoned this one. Boosting it up so it doesn't get run off the board by accident.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What all does a hub world need to be successful, do you reckon? Because truly, Carstein needs more to become that.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ideas from the last thread:

>A Gothic/Slavic-styled capital city named Tepes where the Voivode's palace is really a fortified castle, blending the aesthetics of Neuschwanstein, Bran, and Castlevania

>The Court of the Voivode, where nobles bicker and plot with administrators

>An Inquisitorial super-bunker (The Inferno) structured after the Nine Circles of Hell burrowing deep into Carstein's crust

>A thriving (if literally underground) black market swarming with heavily shielded Stryxis merchant carts and spies of all sorts and levels of competence

>A needle-like spire containing the main Adeptus Astra Telepathica offices (named The Emperor's Reach), constructed of amplifying resonant crystals harvested from outside the Sector

>The bizarrely echoey Tepes Underhive, where lost orders of blind monks who fervently worship Aetern itself war (or cavort) with horrific things from times unknown

>The grandest (legal) cathedral in all of Aetern, with its own intrigues and malignant secrets

>Hive World

> 47,000 km, after some trial, error, and Duck Dodgers-sized worlds. Reasonable size to support a few small hive-cities and thousands of villages.

> Gravity at Standard 1.1. No wonder the people here are STRONK.

> Marshes, mountains, and taiga, oh my! Also, frozen lakes and oceans that only unfreeze in summer.

>25º tilt to axis, +/- 20 in the summer/winter, means mild to pleasant summers, blastingly bitter winters(I think). This sector being what it is, the winters are probably long enough to write whole novels.

>20 hours in a day, 476 Terran days in a year (571.2 Carsteinner days to the Carsteinner year).

>43 satellites. Dear Emperor that's a lot of orbiting bodies. It might even explain some of the PDF variance and why this place is so nutty.

> Atmosphere is Normal, surprisingly. Maybe all these weird tides and intense weather keeps the hives' pollution from building up.

>Damp world, lots of snowfall and rain thanks to the aforementioned tidal forces. Plenty of dramatic lightning. Already thinking at least one hive has harnessed the power of a permanent lightning storm.

>Usual conditions on this world are Frosty, though I've already decided that temperatures in the summer can reach an absolutely sweltering 55º Fahrenheit!

>87 million permanent, 15 billion counting the orbital bodies and transitories (or something like that

>Hereditary Monarchy (Voivode)

>Adeptus Arbites: 8.

Adeptus Astra Telepathica: 28.

Adeptus Astronimica: 3.

Adeptus Mechanicus: 6 (May have more on the moons).

Administratum: 28.

Adeptus Ministorum: 24.

Inquisition: 20.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


'Carstein Forces

>Enforcers: Yes / 16 (makes up for the lack of Arbites) / 8 (quantity of quality, though it stands to reason those in the Voivode's capital would be a better grade)

>Militia: Yes / 21(For the villages) / 9 (Decent torches, pitchforks, and longlas/laslocks)

>Standing Army (The Voivode's Dragulmen, Spiderslayers): Yes / 9 / 20 (Shit yes)

>Armoured Force (The Carstein Armoured Gauntlet PDF):Yes / 22 ([PANZERLIED INTENSIFIES]) / 23 ([BEINBLADES ETERNALLY])

>Titan Force: …Yes. The most powerful of them is named Son of the Dragon / 17 (holy shit) / 11 (not bad)

>Private Army/Armies: No

>Naval Force: Yes / 20 (Ohoho) / 25 (ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY FLEETS OF CARSTEIN)

> Large number of Orbital Space Stations, varying in quality from Medium to High (archaeotech like the Web and best secured stations being obvious High-end facilities).

>Defence Lasers: Not Yet

>Mercenary Force: Definitely Not


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Lessee, think I'll roll up the Titan Legion of this world.

>Reaver Patterns are our mainstay.

>The Son of the Dragon, our Engine Primaris, is none other than an ancient Warmonger Pattern Titan. It is a rare and terrifying experience to see it fielded.

>Long ago, the Son obliterated an Eldar Titan force from afar, hemming them in with an avalanche before blasting the lithe machines to wreckage. These were raised by the local Exodites in an attempt to weaken the Imperium's initial presence in Ætern. Their destruction forced the Exodites into a subservient position to Craftworld Arhanrhod, something which they remain sore about.

>While Belmond routinely provides machines and parts to the Legio, they can trace their origin point to a Primeval Forge. The oldest machines present were made with the finest materials.

>Legio Dracul can trace its origins back to the halcyon days of the Great Crusade. Only House Barbarossa is older.

>Currently the Legio is at Half-Strength. Several Titans are undergoing extensive repairs, and it's a race against the clock to have them ready by the next Year of Brass.

>The Long War rages on, and if the Imperium needs room to fall back and regroup, Legio Dracul has ever been the steadiest rearguard. The most cherished of these incidents was during the Forging, at the Battle of Zeuglontis. While Imperial armies fell back to the inner layers of their defenses in the face of overwhelming force from the Iron Warriors, Legio Dracul stood steadfast and proud in the rubble and at the causeways. While they took terrible losses before the tide turned, the Legio all but annihilated the enemy's Titan contingent and many thousands of their troops, the Son's guns forming an unending chorus of thunder. Not a single bombing run reached the citadel with skies so afire.

>The Gilded Skull of Warboss Toofbagz adorns the Son's bridge hall, taken from the melted and gaudy cockpit of his favorite Gunfortress.

>Despite their great deeds, Legio Dracul suffer from a Vainglorious Pride. On campaign in Butabash, a pack of Reivers refused aid from other present Imperial forces against a massive daemon engine coming around to flank. While their efforts mortally wounded the metal beast, it destroyed half the pack outright, badly damaged the other half, and crippled the Capitol Imperialis Walkure with its artillery array.

>Legio Dracul are known to possess a rigid adherence to the ways of the Collegia Titanicus, set in routine by the Martian code-book. For this reason, some among them have fallen under the Uhrmacher sway. Princeps Prima Ziegfried

>Despite their location in Ætern, Legio Dracul enjoys a good (if necessarily distant) relationship with Explorator Fleet Centum-Rho-Wayfarer. Deployed quietly by the Adeptus Mechanicus to explore the Veil, the Explorators occasionally send back archaeotech and refined equipment in exchange for a small detachment of Reaver Titans. Wayfarer is in semi-regular contact with High Fabricator Vernandez, and arranging an expedition past the Net of N'Zoagew. The Explorators attempted to find a way into the hidden territory from the "side", only to run into more solidified strata and worsening warp turbulence. They theorize that there is another way in, but it will require passing the Net and messaging from the inside to find it.

>As is natural, Legio Dracul despises Hereteks. One in partcular earns their especial ire, for he has a genius for improving on the design of daemon engines (an increasing number of themTitan-sized) while staying some light-years distant from the havoc they wreak: Magos Al-Jahiz. It is he who designs the monstrosities and the Chaos Squats whom manufacture them. Whether they or another Chaotic faction utilize it, the Magos cares not. All that matters is that his minions and recording devices deliver him performance data from what follows. His lesser-known disciplines include botany, physics, zoology, and empyreobiology.

>The Legio takes a steady and methodical approach to combat, with an emphasis on the urban variety: Warhounds flush out the quarry, the larger Titans then pound it to dust from a distance.

They are based in the bronzed halls of the Roter Mond, a Mechanicus shrine moon sited in close orbit over Carstein.


In practical effect, how would a campaign work in this setting? Say we got everything together and had TTS league going, counting losses and victories to semi-pre written stoey angles, where would the fighting begin?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>a campaign

Depends on what you want to do. For tabletop wargaming, you can bring out and modify old Warhammer Fantasy and Rogue Trader armies (Chaos Squats and Zoats, respectively) as well as Battlefleet Gothic in ongoing wars for the Vogtei Barbarossa worlds, Butabash (I need to roll that up), and the Epitaph System (to say nothing of fighting weird half-mechanical virus mutants which you can build up from scratch). You could also make said campaign about a Year of Brass, which are almost exclusively against daemonic and heretic forces (painted up with horns and brass as per Hashut). You could also run battles on the lip of the Forever Pit, featuring every faction present in a holding action against daemons, a Mechanicus army heavy on Knights, and a house-controlled third army which I need to reveal material for. All of that ideally with minimal terrain save for stylized gears, cogs, and timepieces. Final goal is defeating the third army and either capturing or destroying their HQ unit/structure. Urban warfare on Carstein is also a fun possibility for an endgame battle. Knights and Titans can be used here, primary goal being to either protect or destroy the Emperor's Reach HQ structure

As for Roleplay, that has even more options. Only War could just start up on Butabash, playing as some of the Compos (or even some of the local boys, if I can get Trisdekan-anon or someone else to help me stat those). Standard missions against Orkz, Traitors, Daemons, and occasionally Chaos Squats, the idea being to make the Imperial foothold into serious gains. At the same time, mysterious blood-red Chaos Marines lurk the battlefields, killing any brass heretics they find and hunting down the Squats. These two (Diomedarchs and Hearth Kargilathor) are links to the Sector's meta-plot, and capturing/questioning these enemies can segue into a Dark Heresy campaign (or more soldiering in a roleplayed equivalent to the above battles). Said campaign starts in Carstein's underground, wanders through the sector's old nobility (with deadly run-ins facing either Ætern Caller cultists or Mechanicus agents along the way), facing horrors in the tunnels beneath reality, and finally hunting down the source of the Pharos Æterno Effect. That can end in either violence or Star Trek/Doctor Who-style philosophy and/or talking the god-entity to death. Alternatively, you can play Black Crusade: heretics either on their own battling the Imperium off Butabash maybe eventually trying to suborn Ætern's power, serving Magos Al-Jahiz's schemes, or following the Diomedarchs in their sacred mission. Alternatively alternatively, you can play Rogue Trader and make yourself filthy rich finding wreckage in the Veil, mineral-filled planetoids or archaeotech in the Deeps, or leading a successful mission into the unknown beyond the Net of N'Zoagew. Deathwatch material I'll have to crank out (hell, I need to figure out how their presence works here), but there are plentiful Orkz, Eldar, Necrons, and minor xenos to deal with here already.

Does that answer your question?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hey, gonna need some kind of answer out of you. It's the anniversary of this project's start, after all.


At last, my inspiration returns to me.

Captain Schragge ordered the frozen ship boarded, his men blasting through an airlock to no response. Inside were scenes of surreal death: armsmen stood in fighting stances, their blood hanging in the air from their blade-torn flesh, or fixed mid-crawl where something had started gnawing at their legs; would-be last stands where healthy crewmen fired their shotguns beside half-mummified corpses in mid fall; ship's officers froze tottering down the halls with their frames frail and their swords rusted. Even on the bridge, the captain and his men had their weapons ready to face whatever force had wrenched the doors ajar. Despite the clear presence of a hostile boarding action, however, the unknown assailants left only the wounds and terrified expressions of their victims. All weapons and blood found were of human origin. Each of these crew could be touched, but none could be altered from their frozen state.

The Mount of Amalath showed signs of unusual damage inside and out. Millions of tiny dents and punctures marked the entire hull, punching through dozens of rusted patches which had not been present when the ship had set out. Plasma burnt through gunnery stations with precision accuracy. Great rents opened the hull across the bow, as if some gargantuan hand had dug in its fingers. Paint flakes swirled around like snow from peeling walls. Entire hallways were cut off by bizarre black voids which repelled all entry as if solid.

To compound all of this, the Mount's black box was missing.

As the ship could be neither towed nor destroyed, Schragge immediately cordoned off the area until reinforcements could arrive. Unknown to him until that time, the Navy had a tail of their own: an Inquisitorial cruiser under the command of the Grandmaster Lord Plutonic's chief Interrogator, Ranult Lichthammer. One month of investigation later, all involved began their retreat from the Tunnel at full burn. Their message carried loud and clear through their astropaths, that any ship which wanted to live should turn back for the entrance or join the Interrogator's impromptu flight out. Any who failed to comply were blasted to scrap on the spot. Six months later, Interrogator Lichthammer arrived with company at the Dornier station, and then immediately assumed Inquisitorial control over the facility. From then on, only the Inquisition was permitted access to the Tunnel and its enigma, and all the station's resources put toward halting all others. Any organizations who complained quickly found a Rosette at their doors Ætern's boom had turned to bust as quickly as it came.

But Klaus Dornier's legacy did not end with that station, or that brief golden epoch. After all, the man himself may not have died at all.

You get three guesses as to the party responsible.


File: 68d3540fb90b1d1⋯.jpg (154.95 KB, 519x384, 173:128, Homer Hospital.jpg)

I should really get around to writing some fluff for my Sons of Kheti. But I've been in the biggest writing slump forever.



I know how that feels, man, but I also know the solution to it: find some free time, come to this thread, and then set your fingers to the keyboard until they stop of their own accord. When in doubt, just write.

Nice to see you alive (if not well), Prospero-anon.


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +TRANSMITTED: The Oasis is the Tundra, subsector capitol Liona Prime

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +DESTINATION: Æterno Conclave, Sector Capitol Carstein

++++++++++++++SECURITY CLEARANCE: Indigo

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +DATE: 999.999.M41

+ + + + + + + + + + +++TELEPATHIC DUCT: Ingaceus Fursca

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + ++ + + + +REF: Adm/110323022/LX

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +AUTHOR: August Governor of Liona Prime, Jorsten "the White Lion" Ardent

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +SUBJECT: Revelations of Disquieting Statistical Aberrations

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +THOUGHT: What is the terror of death?

That we die our work incomplete. What is the joy of life? To die knowing our task is done.

Good representatives of the Emperor's authority, I bear information of relevance to understanding the most obscure threat in this sector. I have in my entourage a number of Mechanicum priests of all manner of specialisation. They are my eyes in this dark and I have never been let down by their untiring diligence. They, without my beckoning, have all independently come to me with unaccountable discrepancies and anomalies, irreconcilable paradoxes and outright malicious mysteries.

The story is wyrd. I of course have no definitive account but here is what I have interpreted: the sectors are metaphysically bound in certain bending of natural law. It is so subtle it took the analysis of the entire record of geological, astronomical, and meteorological datum to discover. At the earliest, what little data remains from the Old Night, Æterno Sector was of average to its region of space in terms of weights and measures, star age and planet rotations, all manner of physicality. Hence forth, since the last days of the Holy Emperor's Ascension, our homely sector has been at odds with its own natural order. My governorship is upon a diminishing planet. It is winding inward as like a spring; its tectonic plates build tension yet we have never recorded an earthquake. Likewise every quarter has its own discrepancies: Sothoth Deep's well storied hollowing, Függönyfal is drying yet growing in mass, and Vladminir's Domain increasing pace of time and light. The inner, obscured, Ænigma Damnatio appears to be the source as with so many of our troubles, heating up at the same rate as all else activity here.

I can not overatate how diverse the data sets are. Never had they been so insistent on having followed the Omnisiah's procedures properly. It's as though they had only now turned to doing work that had been waiting for them their whole existence. I again rescind my previous doubts as to your predictions of our future. The holy light of the Astronomicon is now but a twinkle in a sea of reverberations, waves of dark ichor and malice.

I am concerned.





Trisdekanon here, what do you need? I know jack shot about Aetern, but I'm down to do a bit of homebrewing.



Segmentum Pacificus seems like an ocean of nothing.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"Captain… that's not void… that's a ceiling. Dear Emperor, this is still-"

>"A tunnel, I know. Well then… leave another beacon and let's see where this tunnel goes. All ahead full, Mister Helmsman. When tunnels are big enough to comfortably hold whole star systems, the grand halls must hold yet more."


>"My lord, about that wreck we discovered 48 hours ago… We've analyzed the frozen macrocannon shot floating around her, and the trajectory suggests that it came from the wrecked vessel herself. It's madness, but we theorize that she was trying to defend herself from something moments before… all froze. We don't know how this is possible."

>14 hours later

>"My lord, we've made another discovery. It happened by accident, sir, one of our adepts adjusted the brightness too far. …Yes, milord, we immediately made all relevant prayers, and had one of the chaplains bless the room twice over. No sir, I don't feel any different. Very well, sir, thank you. I'll leave you to it."

>"Captain, do you see this?"

>"Emperor's bowels, I do. That Face…"

>"Tzeentchean, no question about it."

>"Daemon! You think it…?"

>"No. And that's what bothers me. I've never seen one of their kind look so terrified before. Something else did this."

>Three weeks later

"…When I said I saw tunnels big enough to hold whole star systems, I never meant to see ones which did. That was just a size estimate. Idle fancy. It should have Stayed idle fancy. That star is like a guttering lantern in a dusty catacomb. It's so Old, and yet… I can't help the feeling that the poor thing has never known the distant but cheery light of its fellows. Was it lost down here in eons past, when there were fewer stars, or did it form down here, down in this abyss? Whatever the case, the crews should be happier with something aside from those Walls to look at…"

>12 hours afterward

"A little too happy. I've heard whisperings (or at least my Seneschal has) that the crews wouldn't mind Staying in this Emperor-forsaken place. I'm wary of telling the Inquisitor, but I wouldn't be surprised if he knows anyway. Ah, but there's more. Planets dance in orbit around that lonesome orb. Somehow, it floats aloft in the tunnel's middle, and so too do the bodies 'round it. They number four, not counting the moons on one. Our auspexes are working away at them, maybe we'll find something of value to cheer Me up."



>15 hours afterward

"Am I in some form of hell? Did my crew destroy a shipment's worth of mirrors without my knowledge? An intensive auspex reading should be cause for celebratory pints, not… not what I'm doing right now."

>clunk of a porcelain stein

"The fourth planet of the system is nothing special composition-wise, just a carbon-silicon rock without an atmosphere. The weird part about it (aside from its orbit, I reckon the thing must intrude regularly on the others) is that a large chunk of its structure is gone, torn away as if by impact. We think that's how it got the moons. The space left is…flat. It's as if some giant plowed the hole until it was a perfect ramp or table. Theories are that it smashed into one of the walls ages ago, and that it survived. We're awaiting reports from the survey team to the area."

"Third planet, hah, more like a large and displaced moon. I've seen space hulks before. I've seen them wrap around asteroids. I've even seen them consume whole fields of them into their mass. I've never seen one that fused with a planetoid before. Just a huge mass of man-and-xenos-made Warp flotsam that smushed against a giant rock and… now it's almost perfectly spherical. Like the fourth world's moons. There's not just ships in there, there's whole stations and cities mashed in with the rest. It Should be making me rich. It Should make me not care about the second world or these blasted, ghoulish tunnels. It Should give me some action to direct, daemons to banish, genestealers to purge, exotic monsters to kill or sell. But no. Carathos' Word sent the first landers down, and took the first landers back. Carothos' Word is now silent and slowly being dragged to the planet. Investigation of that is in progress."

"The second world…"

>makes the sign of the aquila, whispers litany to self

"It is bones. Not a planet whose otherwise pristine surface is covered in bones and detritus, but literally composed of millions of tonnes of bones, teeth, and metal. It's the largest planet in the system. Servo-skulls and servitors keep dragging against the bulkheads in its direction. One engineseer aboard ship, MY ship, went mad when we passed closer to it. He said something about 'conservation of resources' and 'even the dead cannot escape.' The Inquisitor had him dragged away before his brethren could take him, wants to question him. I'd rather throw him out the airlock. The Big ][ can go look at that place himself if he wants, but I'm not sending my men there."

"Oh, and the first world? Just a ball of liquid chrome orbiting the star. Emperor damn it all…"


File: 52f7a5d8bac0c1f⋯.jpg (73.13 KB, 912x1073, 912:1073, 8chan 40K - Death Korps of….jpg)

File: 65c6393c375ad72⋯.jpg (340.76 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 8chan 40K - Voivode's Drag….jpg)


Well, anon, I need these two crazy bastards statted up and properly solidified for roleplaying (and maybe wargaming) use, for a start. They both use a slightly higher-spec variation on a local pattern of lasgun (the Belmond-Pattern, intended for use on snowy, icy, wet, and otherwise miserable conditions like those found across Carstein (and other places throughout Aetern Sector) in winter. They have a tendency to heat up fast, with a risk of overheating, but that just makes their wielder refer to them affectionately as "sidewarmers." They're kept cool by the low temperatures anyway. As a result of this "feature", they fire at a higher intensity than the average lasgun, and in the cold can keep a decent rate of fire.), while carrying melee weapons unique to them (long knives/short swords for the default Dragulmen, power lances for the Hussars). Hussars are the Dragulmen's Stormtroopers, assault bike-mounted drop units, while the regular Dragulmen are fast-moving mechanized urban combat/counter-insurgent infantry. Both are known for sociopathic gusto in combat and an unhealthy love of adrenaline (though even the Draguls think the Hussars are a bit nuts). They both also have a penchant for taking trophies which they then attach to their equipment (those skulls are real, and those epaulets are fingerbones). Fanatically loyal to the Emperor and Sector government, though, despite appearances and frequently criminal past. That vampire looking guy is a local form of abhuman similar to nightsiders. Their homeworld is Carstein, as seen here >>328896 .

That is also the next thing I would like help on, after getting these first two factions sorted out: How to make a hub world work. Anything else I ask of you will come after we make headway on these. Savvy?



Well, I can't speak for war game rules, cause I've played all of once, but I'll see what I can do. Can't guarantee it'll happen quickly though, got a lot on my plate Gear and OW regiment rules should be pretty quick. Is there any central repository for the Aetern fluff, like on 1d4chan? It'd be useful to have a point of reference.



While we have a 1D4chan page, it doesn't have nearly as much as it should.


The best I can offer you is the opening post of the first thread, which points out where each of the factions/armies was created.


https://archive.is/FVrDt#selection-3105.0-3129.0 The Sons of Kheti get their start

https://archive.is/FVrDt#selection-20259.0-20283.0 Liona Prime

https://archive.is/FVrDt#selection-11419.0-11443.0 Sycorax

https://archive.is/FVrDt#selection-15197.0-15209.2 Discussion of Blightstone and sector politics with Carstein

https://archive.is/FVrDt#selection-16126.0-16126.3 Discussion of Carstein's equipment manufacturing (surrounding posts are important to meta-plot)

https://archive.is/FVrDt#selection-18705.0-18729.0 The Inquisition's trump cards on Carstein

https://archive.is/FVrDt#selction-23859.0-23877.0 Himmelwelt

https://archive.is/FVrDt#selection-31885.0-31903.6 Desert Tempests https://archive.is/FVrDt#selection-40611.0-40629.0 And their world

https://archive.is/FVrDt#selection-37985.0-38009.0 Why Carsteiner Guard get along with Creepy Sisters

"I'm guessing the Slaaneshi warband got its emperor class ship after their destruction at the hands of the Khorne commandos. It's theft might have spurred the establishment of the flying nuns, hoping against hope that they may purge it of daemonic taint and reclaim it." Possible motive on the side

https://archive.is/FVrDt#selection-42311.0-42329.0 Zoats!

https://archive.is/FVrDt#selection-42573.0-42617.0 Agharta

https://archive.is/FVrDt#selection-42757.0-42793.8 The BBEG faction of the human Clock Heretics, Knight House Barbarossa

https://archive.is/FVrDt#selection-44332.3-44332.8 The Diomedarchs

https://archive.is/FVrDt#selection-44785.0-44803.0 Enter Cardinal Astral Hautkopft, Primary Imperial Leader in this sector

https://archive.is/FVrDt#selection-46867.0-46885.0 Epitaph's Ghost Forge

https://archive.is/FVrDt#selection-47591.0-47605.1 Forge World Belmond, source of weapons and Mechanicus hub

https://archive.is/FVrDt#selection-47985.0-47991.1 Custom Local Skitarii patterns, followed by augmented wildlife and a vehicle And Chaos Dorfs and possible Mentors

https://archive.is/FVrDt#selection-49315.0-49333.0 Summary of locations

https://archive.is/FVrDt#selection-50635.0-50653.0 The slumbering Third Ankekhet Dynastic Seat, Yha-nathech

https://archive.is/FVrDt#selection-52266.3-52266.7 A Voice

There. That should help organize things a little better. Now I just need to write things out. Does this help?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Oh yes, and I should probably do something for this thread as well.

>>276761 >>276772 >>276785 '''FACTIONAL OVERVIEW (Needs Update)




>>276811 >>276817 >>276871 >>293751 >>293758 THREAT DESIGNATE: NANOPLAGUE


>>276959 >>276968 >>281955 >>291473 >>291624 INQUISITORS OF THE ÆTERNAL CONCLAVE

>>277069 BE'ENTESHAI

>>277082 >>278451 FREEBOOTA GRETCHIN


>>278348 >>278478 >>278652 ENCOUNTER WITH THE SISTERS


>>278570 >>279683 >>279699 >>280253 >>338933 CULT AND CURSE OF CAPTAIN DORNIER (IN-PROGRESS)






>>292541 >>292575 >>292611 >>292638 >>292670 >>293721 >>294161 CONSIDERATION OF THE CHAOS SQUATS: HEARTH KARGILATHOR



>>297970 >>298155 CIRCLING SAGAS OF THE PIT

>>301621 >>307967 THE NET OF N'ZOAGEW


>>304650 THINGS TO DO







>>328896 >>328897 CARSTEIN THE CAPITAL







I'll see about getting this updated into the OP. What to do, what to do…

Post last edited at


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Alright, boss, that's much better. Now then, let's have some fun with a world we haven't looked at much…

"Ah, no house of any repute is complete without its staff bustling about. Only, eheheh, these don't bustle so much as glide. Thousands of years practicing tends to do that. Just a creature comfort? But my dear Freiherr, they make us so proud. Every task we ask of them is done just so, I wouldn't dream of swapping them out for servitors. Here, just to show you… Otto, an alster for the Freiherr. Wait a tick-ah, on the dot, thank you! Hnn? Whatever do you mean? Well yes, drinks are just down the hall…a good stretch, but I'm sure he just had another of his staff hand it over when he nipped out the door. Ohohoho, don't be silly, Freiherr, I'm not so gauche that I'd use the archeotech trade just for a quicker drink. But that reminds me, I simply must show you this piece I acquired on Sunday…"

> —Herzog Gunther OberOkidamme

"You'll want to stay away from the Estates at night. Herr Gunther's a jolly old codger, not putting doubt on that, but there's something off about his footmen, the guards too. Okay, a lot of things off about them. You ever see them move around in the daytime? Yep, that's right, the ones with the monoaug eyes. You look close enough, you see a big monogram on their gloves. Anyway, so you've seen them move. It's way too smooth and precise to be natural, I tell you. At night…phoo. You don't want to see how they… My buddy Howerd says they don't move when on patrol. He was out late, you see, and took a shortcut through the park woods near Grunhelm Estate. Most folk don't get that close to it at night, but cutting that way he saw right through the fence. Saw two of the footmen standing out there in the open talking, stiff as you please. He says he blinked and the fancier of them just vanished— then there the guy was with the next guard over, about half a kilo. Honestly, it sounds like he had a lot to drink that night. He swears up and down he hadn't, but still. You didn't hear it from me. Those Punctuals are weird enough as it is…"

> —Werner Roterstein, barman and owner of the Weisses Eber

"Stiff folk, those footmen, but you always see at least a few of 'em at daily mass, and you always see 'em talk ter the minister after service. All that stuff about time in the sermons…they must have lots ter use, if they can stick around talkin' that long! Good routine, good routine, Throne bless 'em…"

> — Hilde Brauner, head seamstress

"Sir? Report's come through from Kronhelm Estate. We've taken a closer look with Zundel's team as commanded… Something almost made Komnemos use her mercy blade, for a start. None of the team spooks could get a fix on what, mind, but they did catch a short jumble of emotive residue. Whatever it was wasn't trying to possess her, but kill her with overload. …No sir. Nothing. It's like the whole area was almost… forcibly calm. Zundel's asking permission for deeper investigation, sir…"

> — Interrogator Prime Erich "Zanni" Klostermann


File: b4407d4eb2d92fb⋯.png (34.42 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Skeleton aside glance - re….png)

PixelsBaboon, plz.


File: 0305a17eb4611a0⋯.gif (1.07 MB, 500x500, 1:1, Thoughtful Waves.gif)

Ætern OP, I am here, monitoring and, once I read through all of this, expect some kind of contribution in the future. It will… take a while.

I thought I would import your request from the other thread here so that your audience may see what you asked. I have no results yet as my associate appears to be quite far gone on her vacation. To quote:

> Hmm. You know, I could do with some material on 18th century German and Romanian dress and customs, if you have an idea where to find those. Also, how to deck out the nobility of worlds based on the same.

Please keep up the good work.


File: e41819714d4a7ee⋯.jpg (3.24 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 20171221_145616.jpg)


From a wee bit before, but that should inform the next century's style, yes?

From "What People Wore When".



Paranoiaposting now, continuing shortly

>Origin: Hereditary Laborers

>Type: Zealotry in Misplaced Idols

>Leadership Type: Council of Inner Mysteries

>Leadership Nature: Xenos

>Leadership Style: Force of Arms

>Equipment 1: Intricate Craftsmanship

>Equipment 2: Brutal Weaponry

>Equipment 3: Fortified Protection

>Equipment 4: Otherworldly Allies

>Equipment 5: Cover of Position, Shield of Repute

>Equipment 6 holy shit: Extensive Body Modification

>Identifier 1: Favored Craftsmanship

>Identifier 2: Marked Mindset this is something I have in mind for all Caller Cults

>Draw: Indulgence

>Rites 1: Foul Communion

>Rites 2: Sorcerous Arts

>Rites 3: Mass Devotion

>Focus of Worship: "The Emperor, Time's Guardian" Something Else in the Dark

The Punctuals of Herzog OberOkidamme are a strange cult, to be sure. Composed of the hereditary staff families servicing the estates of Herzog OberOkidamme, most of them regularly attend service at the local approved chapels and churches with seeming sincerity. At times when Chaotic forces have attacked their estates, the Punctuals have repelled the invaders with terrible zeal and precision. Nonetheless, the footmen and guards of Herzog OberOkidamme worship something deeply inhuman, and practice arts which would beggar a sorcerer's belief. After all, the source of their cult (and their powers) was never human to begin with.

Each member of the Punctuals bears the livery of the Herzog on his clothes, and the monogram of the servants on his gloves, but other features visually distinguish them. All wear a single type of powdered wig, and have multilensed monoaugmetics built into their right eyes. More senior staff will wear all-concealing porcelain masks, more ornamentation coming with higher status. All move with an unnatural gliding gait, each step seemingly timed to the millisecond, as well as a stiff posture even when at rest. All speak with a calm and modulated tone. Physical examination of captured specimens has uncovered other, stranger traits.



Pleased to see you about, Archivist. Hope you had a good Christmas.

Take your time. There's no rush on that request. Though I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to hear your own ideas.


That's a good start. Got a pdf of it by any chance?


File: 53da2f81fa67d91⋯.pdf (464.76 KB, Aetern Regiments.pdf)


All right, here's Only War regiment rules for the Dragulmen and the Hussars. I'mean sure they could use refining 'cause I don'the know the fluff super well.

I included two different versions of the Hussars, because while OW has rules for balanced drop regiments or (slightly modified) recon regiments on bikes (taken from the Mandragora Apocrypha), it doesn't have rules for both at the same time. So Option #1 is Hussars on bikes, with lighter armour but waaaay heavier weapons, and Option #2 is pure Drop Troops, with better armour and actual Power Spears (though I had to sacrifice a lot of gear options to do that). I could give Option #1 Power Spears, but that would mean giving them only Laspistols for main weapons, among some other cuts.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Oh shit, right. They're like Nightsiders or something? Bat-people? I forget. Anyways, the squad reliquary thing just fit the theme, and it costs very few points to have as a bonus so I figured why not.

>As for the other regiments, I'll need to do some reading. But we should prolly move this to the Aetern thread.

I would only have it as an option, since not all Dragulmen actually look like vampires. They're just common enough that people think of them first when they think of Dragulmen.

Carstein's PDF are outfitted in a style similar to that seen at 2:25 in this video, brocaded crimson-and-black jackets and a warm cap worn over a flak helmet. They're have something like spess polartech worked into them Taking from the old thread…

>Demographics: Priesthood, Abhumans, Tribes-You know what, fuck it, most of the PDF are lower class, and the vast majority of them are taken from the militias (whether they want to or not, but surprisingly few have objections).

>Recruitment: Conscription. They take from all classes and peoples, even the royalty. Of course, for nobles and royals, it's mostly volunteering and tradition. For the priests/monks/zealots, it is a holy obligation. For the rest, it's moving on up from podunk militia postings into "real" soldiering. Dragulmen will frequently mock them for this attitude, even fairly fresh ones.

>Hive World Carstein, bless their insulated boots!

>Ice & Wasteland: Strictly from Carstein, none of this "moons" business.

>Tactical Core: …Oh dear Emperor. Mechanized Infantry and Armored, going by the nutty scores on the planet. Half of these guys don't move as fast as the Dragulmen, necessarily, but the other half are just as quick in their many Chimera variants and Crassusses. The slow-moving half makes up for it with Malcadors variants, Leman Russ variants, and several kinds of 'Blades for a hilariously broken levels of heavy firepower. Also, Medusas. Prrraise the Medusas! Oh, and Abhumans.

>Lightning Strike it says. Alright, that's half of it is Shock & fucking Awe. SHATTER THEIR SKYYY!!

>First roll says Overzealous. Well, that can certainly apply to some of the holy groundpounders present, but not the PDF as a whole (or even most of the priestly guys). …Unorthodox. Well, they do have Beastmen and various freaky Abhumans, plus some nurtured sociopathy, but that doesn't quite work for everyone either. Adherent, there we go. More or less covers everyone signed up for this outfit.

>Specialized Lasgun Pattern, eh? Alright, let's call it the Belmond-Pattern, intended for use on snowy, icy, wet, and otherwise miserable conditions like those found across Carstein (and other places throughout Aetern Sector) in winter. They have a tendency to heat up fast, with a risk of overheating, but that just makes their wielder refer to them affectionately as "sidewarmers." They're kept cool by the low temperatures anyway. As a result of this "feature", they fire at a higher intensity than the average lasgun, and in the cold can keep a decent rate of fire.

>muh creed is FOR THE EMPERORRR! They're pretty gung ho about being a part of something truly bigger and greater than themselves. The priests can get them riled up and roaring with just a few words. Then the priests go roaring with them.

>…Adeptus Astartes? Ah, we'll deal with figuring those out later. For now, let's assume they have another Friend, but they generally hold Astartes with awe. Ecclesiarchy! There we go, that makes perfect sense. The Ecclesiarchy provides them their rations, makes sure their uniforms are warm enough, and give them good Hospitaller care with some education. And hot nuns.

> Surprise surprise, Chaos Space Marines. In general, they hate the traitorous devils, every last one of them. Skulltakers, Steel Brethren, Angels of Ecstasy, all of them. Rumors of another, larger warband far out in the Sector makes them excited and nervous.



Meanwhile, the Compos start here: >>297179

> Mammothechs, a species of domesticated oversized woolly mammoths (many times bigger, but tuskier too) which are bionically and genetically augmented to survive harsh conditions for long periods of time without food, and which bear a giant mobile HQ/monitoring station howdah on their backs. Ideally, these would actually be native to the Bram Highlands and spread out from there. They are also ideal for overland hauling of goods, and can snorkle through their trunk (this leading to the odd sight of a miniature bunker or bazaar floating across the water's surface with a great hairy tentacle poking out some distance ahead).

>Second, Whitehooks, nine-foot-tall flightless and virtually blind albino avians native to the Sothoth Deeps. They are used for mounts and pack animals, being fairly strong and obedient, and also easy to augment. Their sense of hearing and touch is powerful to compensate for their blindness, which makes them ideal for navigating white-out and pitch-black conditions (including caves and tunnels, or in the lightless depths of a sea). The AdMech frequently modifies them to carry expanded lung capacity and oxygen converters, which their riders can partake in; common augmentations also include bionic fine-tuning of their senses and grav-plates (in order to easier act as sleds).


File: c5c2d61fafa998c⋯.jpg (2.9 MB, 2000x1426, 1000:713, 40K :tg: - Map of the Æter….jpg)



Savior bump


File: 96ae87b8fdab787⋯.jpg (89.49 KB, 515x768, 515:768, MKVIIIColoured.jpg)

File: ebc9440aa3e27ca⋯.jpg (29.33 KB, 514x774, 257:387, c038df5e1ce1fda3daf216eba1….jpg)

The warp is a fickle bitch, swaying forward and back as well as side to side. The waves of emotion and sense of time are especially choppy where order makes motions, causing rogue ripples that turn tides before their time. Shoals and archipelogos of stability can cause crashing furry in their relative 'shores'. For instance Holy Terra has often recieved reinforcements from afar the very day of their calling, if not hours before in rare instances. Many a world saw the Cicatrix Maledictum a full year in advance of Cadia's noble sacrifice. There is a tale of Orks being caught in a perpetual loop of defeating their future selves for looting. The opposite is true as well, where ships are presumed lost, having speeded along undercurrents unexpected. Occasionally even now a ship of loyal Astartes arrives at Terra to warn the Emperor of Horus's treachery, unaware of the long millennia since his internment.

No other locale in the galaxy has been so consistent a cliff, impregnable and without erosion, as the Æterno Damnatio. It is no surprise then that of all sectors in the galaxy this one in particular has been subject to the most intense distortions on its 'shoreline'. Aeldari fleeing Slaanesh's birth, expeditionary rogue trader whose writ of trade still has wet ink from the Emperor's own pen, Knight's responding to distress calls from the Old Night, Necrons finding a world to settle a tomb in for the long sleep, and even reinforcement's looking for chapters they only have names for.

The Primaris were unexpected to say the least. A boon, but a queer and unforeseen one. They themselves were apprehensive of their own place, almost overeager to adopt the customs of their gene-sires. The Mechanicus were, for a lack of a better term, drooling on their dendrites at the latest models of weapons and augments they brought with them. The news they brought as well brought a new level of commotion to the well wrung politics, confirmation that the situation was worse than foreshadowed. What small pockets of resistance were left in the beauracracy melted into the collective effort.

The most curious party interested, however, were the Eldar. A delegation of the various factions came to speak to the Primaris, and the Primaris alone. Whatever was said was expected, and yet not. A message directly to the Harlequin wardens of this sector, and one to be passed from them to their dark brothers should they cross paths. Something chilling and exciting at once.

For a time the light of the Emperor shone brighter than it had since his internment, and all was still in a pleasant way. Things were no better or worse, but a feeling of contentment was prevalent in all the Imperial worlds. Like the moments before a heavy rain begins. Something objectively good was delivered unto them in an hour of need without pain nor hardship. The Emperor and his last living son had not forgotten about this small speck of light on the edge of oblivion.



I wonder what kind of shenanigans the Harlequins would get up to in here. Also, whether the new guys will take the flying Mongols' ways even further with their new machines.

Need to get back into the right frame of mind. Fuuuug.


In order to maximize momentum and luck, an imperial campaign would best follow such an advance as:

Purging blightstone enough to free-up forces for at least a decade. Easier said than done, but not impossible. After driving back the beasts from settlements a few delicately placed virus bombs could create a firebreak. It would lead to massive loss of life, but a long time of breathing room.

Henceforth the fleet should use these freed troops to end the troubles of Havzook or Butabash. If only to decrease the chance of ambush in sector while they are away.

Stopping shortly at Soror and Vogtei Barbarosa should any merchant ship ir wayward troops be present for incorporation in this Ophiuchus Crusade.

The same pattern of devastation, recruitment, and leaving the mopping up for later repeating in the Sothoth Deeps. The only hiccup being the negotiations with Craftworld Arhanrhod. The majority of Imperial forces, despite appearance, are very much hardline. The only exception being the citizens of Blightstone who have many a wayward Exodite in their midst. The Craftworld which is currently going through its own internal refugee crisis may not be able to muster a unified response of 'yay' or 'nay' to alliance.

The trickiest part of the voyage follows. Pirates off the Net of N'zoagew, vengeful Zoats in the shattered Kheirôn, and the shifting gaze of the lost Sons on Sycorax. One is certainly a problem, the other is probably a problem, the latter is potentially, possibly, improbably, an ally. The fleet must pass by either the net or the shattered asteroids, there in lies the choice.

Lastly the Bram Highlands is the last respite and restock before delving into the opening maw of the unwound puzzle. Or Noden's Chariot & Hand in the Gate catch up from behind in one last altercation. Defeating either one may reveal a map of a safe passage, or else theflotilla must pass by Judicium and deal with entrenched defenses.


File: 625b6bf4ba2d685⋯.jpg (203.46 KB, 623x890, 7:10, ed15688bd50fb22a3db4162c21….jpg)

The Emperor's Tarot within Ætern sector is, in a word, transfixed. Whereas the cards shift in image and meaning across the imperium, highly dependent on the psychic gestalt of the warp and strength of the holy Emperor, the Æterno readings are rigid and constant. Almost always, no matter how the deck is shuffled, the Great Eye arises. Also odd is the nature of the Great Eye and similar Discordia cards. All but the Harlequin are seemingly crystallized in image, frozen in place and lacking motion. The Great Eye in particular is normally the most kaleidoscopic of cards and so its lack of movement leaves an unsettling feeling.

Occasionally, rarely, the Great Eye is supplanted by one of two cards. Either the Harlequin reversed, oft indicating an 'enemy of my enemy' amongst many subtle subversions of other cards, or else the Emperor himself in dominance over the other cards. In these instances the tarot somewhat normalizes, yet the rigidness of image only partly wanes.


uh idk wtf this is

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