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File: a84be556ec72539⋯.jpg (55.83 KB, 640x330, 64:33, Classic_Crane_Retard.jpg)

File: 3d38260a36d9dff⋯.png (2.17 MB, 792x2673, 8:27, Shosuro_Deals_with_Mantis.png)

File: 8f284459423db02⋯.jpg (122.44 KB, 632x547, 632:547, Your_Waifu.jpg)


I've never seen L5R be talked about in 8/tg/, so, here we go.

Discuss RPG/Dying CCG/Fantasy Flight's buyout of the franchise.

Also discussion: What unconventional ways can two samurai duel?


They could duel with unconventional weapons, see: Musashi killing Kojiro with an oar. A fight could take place where neither man has their usual weapons. Or perhaps one of them wishes to show ultimate humiliation to the other, and fights with something ridiculous to truly shame him. And not all duels have to be strict traditional Iaijutsu duels - most ones that happened in battle were not, as is detailed in the mass battle rules. Duels with a handicap of some sort could also create an unconventional duel, such as one of the men tying his hand behind his back. In addition, a handicap of honor of some sort could be placed upon one or both of the duelists, where they have to defeat their opponent in a certain way - or even have to lose without making it obvious. The environment itself could also create an odd situation. A crumbling bridge, muddy earth or perhaps even during an earthquake of some sort. For tension, two men could duel inside of a burning building, staking their honor as greater than their lives.

And disregarding combat completely, courtiers and shugenja could instead duel through other means - a game of wits, such as shouji, or perhaps a magical duel of some sort. Maybe the two samurai could hold a contest of strength or agility with the same bounds as a duel, or perhaps an archery duel or a horse riding contest.


File: 74ed777c3185e48⋯.jpg (30.77 KB, 450x317, 450:317, Bayushi_Nomen_3.jpg)

L5R is not talked about because there isn't many people who play it and 8/tg/ is about 300 people posting so odds coming across enough other players to warrant a thread about it is very low.

Also L5R is in a weird place right now as AEG just sold it to FFG. FFG is turning the game from a CCG to a LCG like all their other card games and the RPG is supposedly not going to be touched for a few years.

A wile back we had an L5R thread and supposedly someone formed a group to play it but my times of availability didn't work for the DM so I'm one of those unfortunates who really want to get into an L5R roleplaying group but life doesn't allow it.

Unconvential dueling is actually talked about in the Book of the Air from the recent edition. Crab do wrestling matches and also use of unconventional weapons to duel.

I liked the grand war rules for L5R I was going to rip it off and retrofit it to 5E d&D with the whole 'what is your character doing on the battlefield?' for a campaign i was designing.

How about everyone's favorite clan? I go with scorpion as they were originally envisioned by Bayushi. They are loyal to the Empire to such an extent that they take up the mantle of villain so to keep the clans divided enough not to threaten the Emperor. I wanted to play scorpion samurai who knows his role as a villain but doesn't relish in it.


File: 8be30dc5121582b⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1480369147524.png)



OP here.

What I meant by the discussion is, "What kinds of unconventional duels would you use for your character(s)?"

>AEG just sold it to FFG

I just hope they don't do the crazy bullshit where the card game tournaments pull all of the strings to create the next event. That, and they don't touch the 4E RPG's timeline.

>Favourite Clan

Scorpion. Shosuro Family, to be exact.

Currently playing:

>Shosuro-born Courtier who loves to talk shit, get drunk, get laid, and get serious when the time comes.

>Literally Sanjuro from the Akira Kurosawa films

>Asako Booknerd who is the epitome of Slut Librarian.





I wouldn't know, since I've never actually played L5R :'(


I've been playing Legend of the Burning Sands, and I can tell is a bit more forgiving than 5 Rings respecting honour and stuff like that. The thing is that I would love to play a Yodotai traveling arround Rokugan, but my group always told me they would be killed at first sight.

The world outside Rokugan sounds interesting, yet there is not much info about it, not even about the Yodotai empire.



>Favorite Clan

Scorpion Clan, Shosuro family. Planned to play one Infiltrator who plays a lecherous Bushi/Ronin but being on the other side of the world, finding a game that I have free time for is nearly impossible.


>I've never seen L5R be talked about in 8/tg/, so, here we go.

How new are you? I've seen a lot of L5R threads in the past.



>Unconventional Samurai Duel

Well while I wouldn't call it a 'duel', one way to do it would be an Archery version of Horse, they alternate trick shots until one flubs it and commit seppuku with the winner acting as their second.


Didn't remember how fucking devastating the game system could be, specially with minuses. It doesn't help seeing that my GM wants to kill me.


Howdy folks,

looking to get into the 4e RPG and I want to play a ranger/scout type character of the Kitsune family. Is there one in one of the supplement books or will I have to go with Tsuruchi Archer?


How do you circumvent Bushido law or whatever? I've read all these stories of GMs using a catch-22 of honor to fuck over their players. I had a theory of being able to be exempt from certain constraints of honor by being technically legally listed as dead, having already performed your funeral and having a hidden shrine somewhere but i was told that may give a bit of leverage and an intense intimidation factor it may at worst casue such a characetr to be seen as an animal and hunted down. Thoughts?



Easy answer: Play Scorpion or Otomo (since, technically, anything done by an Imperial family member is honorable, and especially if it's for the Empire)

Complicated answer: If your GM is trying to fuck you over with honor, there's really not much you can do besides choose the "more honorable" option. However, there's an important distinction between Bushido and the typical honor code you see paladins take in D&D. Bushido favors the "societal good" over the "individual good." A samurai's life isn't ultimately his own to throw away, and his actions are meant to benefit his Empire, Clan, and Family before himself (and preferably in that order.). And his actions should reflect that.

For example, a cornered bandit is holding a blade to the throat of a courtier's daughter. It'd be a great loss to both the courtier and you if he were to kill her. But letting such a dangerous person run free to rampage the countryside even more would be worse for the Empire as a whole. So the sensible choice would be to cut the bandit down there, even if you have to go through the young girl to do so. Call what Raises you can to avoid as much harm to her as possible, but better she dies by your blade putting such a reckless beast down than the alternative.



You know funny thing is a L5R thread was made and talked about. Then it died before it broke 50.



That is mostly how it goes with L5R threads they die before they hit 50. It is mostly filled with people who want to play but times dont match up so they cant play together. People who actually play games I dont see too often in the L5R threads.




That reminds me of what got me on this thought process in the first place; I had to deal with a Gm that built up how constraining honor was to almost an orgasmic degree, however when I asked if there were any other playable races than human he responded saying "STFU! STOP TRYING TO TOTURN IT INTO A DIFFERENT GAME!" I mostly have experience from 3.5's Oriental Adventures so other playable races should exist, right? I saw this as a chance, depending on what the DM allowed, if the setting isn't super xenophobic, to play a nobler savage ambassador trying to get support for his people.



That isn't really how L5R is played. L5R is a lot on the roleplaying aspect in a pretty well defined world. There is a few off races but they are super rare and really should be confined to npc role. It is a lot of dealing with Rokugon society either as a clan member or as someone who lives outside clan society (ronin/monk/tainted). If you want to play something outside of that this game really isn't for you.

Also they are super xenophobic after being betrayed by outsiders. Although in the more recent time periods they started branching out a little but it is mostly only certain clans that deal with outsiders and outsiders aren't allowed to set foot on Rokugon land.



I guess I'll have to explore it all of my own volition since That Guy basically made me unwilling to do anything other than hear from people around my social groups about it. Good to hear that there's more roles that exist outside of all the clan stuff. I'd have to read more into what the established world of L5R is like. Also this is now the second time I've been told "this game isn't for you" when I've asked about outsider/non-human stuff. How anal exactly is the narrative here? This sounds more setting-puritan than even what the hardcore 40k enthusiasts talk about.



It is just how the setting is. If you read up on the history you can understand why Rokugon is how it is dealing with outsiders. L5R is a niche game that appeals to people who want play in a setting that has a lot of structure and expectations on behavior. It is along the same lines of trying to be a goof ball space marine in Deathwatch. It destroys the experience the game is trying create.



It's good to hear it put that way as opposed to to the aggression I was expecting being met with that statement again. You've done me a solid and have broken a bit of the shell I've built up mentally towards looking into L5R.



There is a lot of very aggressive people on these boards. It is why I feel /tg/ has been getting slower. People don't want to talk if people just insult them.

L5R is a very fun game if you go into with the right mindset. It is a lot about playing your role in society be it a courtier, shugenja, or samurai. A well versed DM will be able to craft a very unique game as you try to find your character's destiny be it doing something great or being cut down by a foe.

I played one full adventure only once. The other time I sort of killed the DM's enthusiasm when I blurted out the objective to everyone and sort of ruined the suspense. I was an idiot but it was so obvious. I played a scorpion samurai in a 1st edition game doing the tomb of Iuchiban. I failed a duel against a statue (it was a tough encounter, it was a brand new character, and I built my character to be good at both Iajitsu and Kaijitsu but not an expert at either.) and sent to a void. Later my spirit appeared as the rest of the party fought Iuchiban's spirit along with animating a bunch of dead. Although the first turn I attacked the monk who was mean to my character, afterwards I used my disadvantage 'pure of heart' to reason that I will resist Iuchiban's will. I rolled good enough both time that I stood there and did nothing as the rest of the party defeated the encounter. Afterwards in other adventures that led nowhere people would talk about a crab berserker and dragon tattoed monk that would have a glowing jade statue the glowed eerily as it contained my samurai's soul.



Not just here but with the afore mentioned That Guy. Dealing with him was a jarring experience. That all sounds pretty neat actually, albeit when "I" mentioned playing a samurai That Guy tried to shoot down that idea like the game was ONLY about social stuff and thus unless you started trouble Samurai would be elft out of all the politics. Glad to see it isn't geared as such.



Well a Samurai although he sometimes can focus solely on war and combat, most take up some other hobby and use it as a way to get glory and favors in court. That Guy sounds very close minded and probably read it only as he liked. Also Samurai are very important in court situations with dueling.

In regards for settling a dispute often it is settled in a duel. Courtiers don't do the duel but instead have a samurai stand in for them. The winner of the duel is considered the winner of the dispute and it is settled permanently. To dispute the duel's outcome is seen as disgraceful. So having a powerful duelist samurai in a courtier's entourage is a fortunate thing because other courtiers know that if things lead to a duel that that the courtier with a renown duelist at their side will often win any disputes. Also in case of assassination attempts funded by court rivals using ninjas or bandits, a samurai can be of great assistance.



OK that's a good thing to know. being the dude that likes to be weird adn exotic, what's the weirdest hobby you've ever seen a Samurai have in game?


File: 5ab4b4a42eff6dc⋯.jpg (84.89 KB, 700x516, 175:129, unicornclan.jpg)


Haikus, bonsai, artistry, stone garden tending, acting are some of the things I can think up off the top of my head of professions Samurai take up. Certain families also become smiths creating weapon and armor for other samurai. Also gift giving is a big deal in the setting and something crafted by yourself will generally have a greater worth than something that you bought even if it was of nicer quality. I don't really want to dig out my books at the moment so I'm just saying thing s I can remember right now.

If you really want to be 'different' in an outsider way there is the unicorn clan. They lived outside the empire for a long time coming back near the end of the clan wars I believe or possibly sooner. They have a lot of weird traditions they developed while outside clan lands. They also are the best at mounted combat.



I will have to look into that. But would brewing sake work as a good hobby, or practicing certain forms of medicine?



Sake is actually a big deal especially in the crab clan who claim to have created Sake. Many other clans try to compete with creating their own sake and of course there is undergrounds wars over control of production.

Medicine is not practiced as much as there is a stigma over touching the dead. Shugenja have some ability to deal with wounds but generally it isn't as forgiving as other settings like DnD when it comes to getting hurt and recovering.

Also I just cracked open the book of fire (the most recent edition made a book for each element even void) and they mentioned glass crafting is a thing.



If you can get your hands on a pdf of the Book of Water it talks all about Sake. 6 pages about the history, the types of sake, tradtions and customs related to it.



Hmmmm… now some of the gears of crafting interesting items are turning in my head, mostly stuff inspired by other RPGs but they could work. Ah yes the feudal era stigma of touching the dead, I meant more like able to give battlefield surgery, learned about diseases from the living, ect. Also on an unrelated note, I think I now know why I couldn't find some books for Ironclaw when people mentioned stuff that came out, they may have confused it for L5R books or were talking about L5R mid-session; do they have a book for each element and it's philosophical and cultural meanings?



Each book talks about the spiritual meaning then goes into the application of it in war, court, life, magic, and its way expressing itself in the world. Also each book has a location that ties to the element with ability for the DM to craft a campaign out of it.

Medicine is still seen as something for lesser people to do so Samurai don't do it. Shugenja can use Water Kami to heal people's wounds but there is no surgery or study of diseases as diseases are seen as vengeful kami or the presence of the tainted kami from the shadowlands.

You really should just try to check out share threads on here and find the pdfs of the 4th edition books then read up on them. There is a lot of stuff in each of them and once you read a good amount of them (start with the core book of course) you should have a good grasp what this game is about.



I'll see to it. Thank you again.


File: 4cd19756112d60a⋯.jpg (37.46 KB, 400x192, 25:12, 125534335_d462ab35b8_o.jpg)


There is only the Tsuruchi archer from the core book, if you want to run a Mantis Scout.

However, there is also the "Bounty Hunter" school in the same family (Great Clans).



>Left out of politics

The Scorpion (B(ay)ushi), Crab (Yasuki Courtier), and Mantis (Yoritomo Courtier/Bushi) are pretty much great clans for politics and manipulation. That DM doesn't know how to read shit.


File: 99935901aaef79c⋯.jpg (120.71 KB, 900x636, 75:53, scorpion_courtier_by_poibu….jpg)

>To those that have actually played this game:

Who is Best Clan, and why is it Scorpion Clan?

>To those that have not yet played this game, but plan to:

Who do you think is Best Clan, and why is it Scorpion Clan?



Muh wall

*grabs beating stick*



Mantis are kinda cool, despite focusing so much on Kamas.



Because…Scorpions can play dirty and get away with it. The Crane and Lion are too noble (or stuck up) to kick a bushi in the nads and the Crab are too stupid (or just prefer punching folks in the face) to kick a bushi in the nads.


File: 018d8ad3e6b0fcf⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.25 KB, 480x270, 16:9, Crab Clan.jpg)


Pic related?


Yes. Of course the Crab would go for the face…

On the other hand, a Crab would see nothing wrong with beating the piss out of a dandy Crane by fighting an Iaijutsu duel with a Tetsubo.

So… Tetsubo to the face.



I've always been fond of the Kitsu family of the Lion. They're water-aspected shujenga, natural healers, and an important part of the Lion war machine.

The last such character I played was an avid Shogi player, and had a rival who he'd meet mostly meet across the board. 'Unconventional' duels, but important to the two participants nonetheless.



Shit..I forgot about the Unicorn…eh, who gives a fuck about the Unicorn.


File: 7a9403dab8663c8⋯.jpg (150.07 KB, 699x513, 233:171, old lobster clan man givin….jpg)


You better believe it brother


File: 1fbb55b79e70db9⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 2560x1536, 5:3, 20161227_140459.jpg)

What quirks should I add into a City of Lies campaign?

I already have:

>Spider Corruption

>Regular Corruption

>Big booty hoes

>Opium Addiction


>Murder Mystery and Maho


>A shit-ton of bribery

Am I missing anything else?


File: 570b2a66efb4c53⋯.jpg (250.3 KB, 753x497, 753:497, Gaining Brouzouf.jpg)



Otoko no ko Prostitution of course.

And the mandatory fucked up cultist rich household practice featured in every wealthy Japanese household.



Throw in some maho too.



gaijin and black powder


File: 134d0f9fa420e62⋯.pdf (5.12 MB, Togashi-Dynasty-Expanded-v….pdf)


>>287971 - That will come in play when they hit Teardrop Island.

>>287974 - Already in the works.

>>288359 - Maybe, if they hit the wharves or Teardrop Island.


Here are our characters:

>A Crane Duellist who came to the City of Lies because his dad wants him to straighten up before marriage

>A Mantis Bushi who's down on her luck (as in Daikoku hates her guts), and wants that negativity scrubbed out of her

>A Crab Courtier looking to make deals with the Scorpion and Crane Clans for food because MUH WALL

>A Lion berserker, for no reason

>A Scorpion Shugenja who is coming back home

>They all meet up in the same carriage into the city, and decide to have already been acquainted

>They split up as they settle into the inn, with one going to Daikoku's Garden to look for single ladies who want a good time (spoiler, there were none)

>The Crab, Scorpion, and Mantis look towards Daikoku's Temple just across the street, buy trinkets, and to see if the Mantis can attempt to appease Daikoku. (She does not, since the priest is too busy for the evening)

>The Scorpion looks to the Old Temple, and meets up with the Ghost of Shosuro Kohei

>The Crane, failing his 'mission', goes to Sadahako's temple at the Little Holies, and prays for good fortune with women.

>Gets a boon from her, because she thinks it would help him artistically.

>They meet up again, and then have a meal. Then, the Crane and the Scorpion look to find a sake hut to just get shitfaced.

>The Scorpion is only going to look after the Crane and not end up shanked or whatever

>They find themselves in the middle of a Scorpion's gempukku.

>They mingle with the guests during the after-party, chat it up with a wealthy merchant-patron and his Heimin accountant

>Looks very low-profile. Too low-profile for such a big event.

>Through clever profiling of this guy, they find out that he's actually from the Spider Clan

>The Scorpion feels a little weird around this guy. The Crane covers her by chatting it up with the guests and keeping attention away from her.

>She changes her appearance to look like a servant, and brings him in to a private guest room a bit away from the party.

>She seduces all of the information out of the guy, while giving him a handjob.

>Cleaning up and changing clothes, she subtlely drops hints to her patron, and to the girl of honour (Remember, Scorpion Gempukku).

>The two go back to the inn, unmolested.

>The Crab and the Mantis go out to see the gardens, and relatively have a decent time buying gifts.

Wait. What about the Lion?

>She was lazy and stayed around the inn. She and her player were pretty unresponsive.




>The Scorpion and Co. are met by her brother, and asks her to come home and meet with her father.

>Her father is the current governor of the City of Lies, and is just doing some admin work

>She "admits" to having been "married" to a man, and having two children without his knowledge

>He's not angry about it. Just disappointed. But he wants to see his grandkids

>Apparently her mother initiated the marriage

>He welcomes her home regardless, and has servants make her feel at home

>Then, as the Crane goes on to remember something, a Yogo and a Kuni walk in with a heimin, being pulled around by his hair.

>They found out that the same Spider from the Gempukku also has the taint, and was planning to spread it through the rice that he traded with.

>One swift execution later, they go around with their business.

>The father mistakes the Crane to be her husband, the Crane too was surprised about her marital status.

>The Scorpion walks out to the garden, due to the Crab speaking up about her.

>She sits under a tree to meditate and remove the thoughts from her head, where she's joined by the Crane. And then her sister, who was in the tree.

>Her sister starts flirting with the Crane, while teasing in front of the two of them that she knows the Scorpion's secret. She gets more angry and just leaves the house altogether.



File: b9f426e4c94c8fe⋯.jpg (403.56 KB, 1280x918, 640:459, DSoBL Yojimbo.jpg)


Okay, /tg/. What would you consider Shiatzu? Artisan? Or Perform?


File: f71bc63c208ec16⋯.jpg (65.91 KB, 500x369, 500:369, Lady Shizue.jpg)


>all these faggots saying Scorpion is best clan

>not Unicorn


File: fbbeab33c804b70⋯.jpg (258.33 KB, 900x860, 45:43, Shinden Asahina.jpg)


File: e275e33fede1a8c⋯.jpg (273.14 KB, 1209x853, 1209:853, Noble Lady's Procession.jpg)


File: de2a4249f69718e⋯.png (777.38 KB, 700x596, 175:149, l5c01_anc_cardfan_3.png)

File: 2caa71541eff8c6⋯.jpg (128.64 KB, 700x638, 350:319, L5R-Lion-Guy.jpg)

File: ed5c472570a4207⋯.jpg (386.42 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, doji_hotaru_by_muju-db6hot….jpg)

File: d62a1c045490dde⋯.png (711.24 KB, 718x630, 359:315, l5c01_showcase_cardfan.png)




>but it's pretty shitt

>muh hoturi

>muh mantis




Also, a spoiled card is called "Shameful Display"

>Cue Shogun_2_Player_Retreat.mp3 voice line


Dude, there was new info? And what about the Mantis? Are my foxbros alright?


I'm going to start a new campaign and I'm still thinking what kind of character should I make. The two ideas I had in mind were a Yodotai raised in the Badger clan, being big and having a Yodotai ghost while holding a Nodachi or a monk and be a martial artist obsessed with strength like Akuma.

I know the Yodotai idea is the hardest and I could probably get killed just at the start, but I like the idea of western values confronting eastern norms like in Sword of the Stranger.

The other option seems more easy I guess and I could even fight Onis and other supernatural creatures properly with monk strength powers, or that was they told me.

Any thoughs? suggestions? ways to convince my GM to let me use a Yodotai in Rokungan?


File: 50afe4c0722cfd0⋯.png (557.55 KB, 785x839, 785:839, 1.png)

File: fe23962a7fa21a2⋯.png (813.31 KB, 700x720, 35:36, 1.5.png)

File: eb330ead76c8065⋯.png (511.25 KB, 794x877, 794:877, 2.png)

File: fb14564645a6359⋯.png (309.64 KB, 792x806, 396:403, 3.png)

File: f22294b7a70b3fd⋯.png (312.07 KB, 785x866, 785:866, 4.png)

Announcement 1:

https://www.fantasyflightgames (dot) com/en/news/2017/4/19/legend-of-the-five-rings-the-card-game/

Announcement 2:

https://www.fantasyflightgames (dot) com/en/news/2017/4/26/crafting-a-dynasty/

Here's some pics from the 2nd announce.


File: 776df3251308a17⋯.png (328.6 KB, 783x840, 261:280, 5.png)

File: 7821a51a0b094b1⋯.png (478.89 KB, 778x820, 389:410, 6.png)

File: 98852d5a6c5919e⋯.png (280.41 KB, 787x496, 787:496, 7.png)




A friend of mine is pretty excited with the game, especially because it prevents people to just purchase the best card to win.


File: 158fb35c716a17b⋯.jpg (1012.06 KB, 1920x2400, 4:5, Daughter of a Great Clan.jpg)


File: ea7a975f947caf5⋯.pdf (263.64 KB, Steel over Heaven pitch (1….pdf)

So I'm running an L5R game soon and figured I'd Advertise here as well as the gamefinder thread:

>L5R 4E, Set During the Reign of the Steel Chrysthanenum

>Fridays, 1900 - 2300 BST starting from 19/05/17

>Roll20 text for IC, Discord Voice for OOC

>Contacts - Always Mock Smash #2058/server https://discord.gg/BbBKX7E

>Additional Info

See the Attached PDF.




Absolutely fucking disgusting, they straight up scrapped a clan thunder and replaced him in order to drag in lesbian drama. I was tepid about FFG getting the license after some shit they've pulled lately, but this is just getting silly. The old fluff wasn't particularly good, especially near the end with the colonies and so on, but pulling shit like this is a new low. I should've known when they said they'd roll back the setting they'd take every chance to "correct" it.


We don't talk enouth about this game.


Had a look at the L5R rpg, and wanted some feedback on a character concept created in a relative vacuum:

>ronin yojimbo (and has been for a while)

>tries his best to be a reputable and honorable person, as expected of any samurai

>but almost seems masochistic in the way he goes about his duty as a yojimbo

>is wandering rokugan in an attempt to find his master/charge, so he can apologize, personally, for failing to protect them

>the master/charge is dead, and the character knows it - he just feeds the above lie-by-omission to anyone who asks

>he is wandering with the slim hope that maybe, just maybe, when he dies (or more likely is slain) he will be sent to the same spirit realm where his old master/charge went, so he can ask forgiveness

>alternatively he intends to reverse the stain on his honor (somehow) so he can be at peace committing seppuku, and then ask for forgiveness



That seems like a fine concept, and I'm sure the existing advantages and disadvantages could represent it in play. I don't know how much experience you have with the setting so I'll caution you that playing a ronin can be a little difficult, both mechanically and fluff-wise. They have to work a lot harder to get school techniques that clan samurai get regularly, and pretty much every major faction considers them disposable to some degree (though the latter plays into the "death wish" aspect of your character). Is this dude actually being made for a game?



No, he's not being made for a game. I just whipped up the concept because it seemed interesting to me there's a card game involving ninjas where, if you fuck up enough, your character goes to 'apologize to their ancestors - in person' which kind of inspired it, and wanted to have it on-hand if I ever got dragged into an L5R campaign.


File: ccd21e6782cda7e⋯.jpg (165.42 KB, 850x630, 85:63, air_kiho_by_genzoman.jpg)

I'm going to run some L5R during a time where my current D&D campaign is having issues with attendance.

Current group composition is a Shosuro Infiltrator posing as a Bayushi Courtier, a Bayushi Bushi who looks to be all around combatant but in sneaky scorpion fashion, A Doji Duelist, and Kitsuki Investigator. The Shosuro Infiltrator (from Yogo family) has blackmail on a provincial governor of the Crane Clan while the Kitsuki Investigator has an ally with that Crane Duelist as a sort of way to tie them all together. Initially I plan to use the adventure in the back of the core book as starting point for group but I'm unsure where I should progress from there.

The players are all new to the game and I haven't ran L5R at all as a DM and havent played it in probably a decade so I'm little at a loss on how I should really do this. Also any tips for helping players who haven't played something this role playing intensive get into the mood?


Agreed but I'm more of a lurker than a poster.



Start with a murder mystery. PCs are invited to Winter Court, and some schmuck turns up dead. Party has to track down the killer. Most players are familiar with the idea of a mystery adventure, it's roleplay intensive, and the Winter Court setting emphasizes manners, etiquette, and gives players an introduction to the Clans.

For bonus, have them meet on the road to court and square off with some bandits or something. It'll highlight the adventure and danger of the setting, sets a good mood, provides a crash course in the system, and gives the bushi something to do.



Well the adventure in the back of the book is a murder at contest which initially puts a blame on a dragon while in all reality it is someone who framed the dragon. So it will deal with a murder mystery along with introduction to manners, etiquette, and introduction to different Clans.

I'm more interested on where to go from there with what should I look at from the players for what direction I should take with the campaign.



That's where Clan/family conflicts come in. Tensions brew between two clans and the players are called in to deal with things delicately. Or maybe a magistrate catches wind of the character's solving the murder and requests/deputizes them into helping him bust an opium ring. Alternatively, solving the mystery wins them the goodwill of another clan, and their own clan comes to see them as up-and-coming diplomats and so will call on them to maintain good relations with other clans.




I've run that adventure before and can say that you have a ton of very useful people at the "tournament" that you can use to seed all kinds of future plot hooks, depending on where you want to take it. While the Phoenix/Dragon issue is the main conflict highlighted by the adventure, any of the other clans can have issues brewing. Try to play up the presence of the "red herring" courtiers present, any one of them could be a plot hook for later!

For player motivation I would take a close look at how they handle the lack of combat and how moralistic/idealistic they try to be. The mystery is rather easy to solve without ever drawing a blade, or even making a roll if they try. If you have players getting antsy for some enemies to attack, maybe move the game in a more martial direction with an "Emerald Magistrates vs Bandits" plot or something similar. If they really like all of the talking and use of normally-useless artisan and performance skills then definitely keep sprinkling in court scenarios (their party seems based around it anyway given they have 2 Scorpion, a Crane duelist, and a Kitsuki mucking about).

tldr: If they seem bored, move toward more combat, if they seem really into the talky nature of the sample adventure then keep up the intrique. Don't forget the NPCs in the sample can be used for plot seeds. Bear in mind the PCs have a very investigative/courtly spread of clans and schools going on.


So guy earlier who was planning to start a legend of five ring campaign with the adventure in the back of the core rule book. I decided to have the campaign take place right after the War against the Lying Darkness. I spent a lot of time though waiting to see if more players showed up but ended up with only 2: shosuro infiltrator pretending to be a bayushi courtier from the yogo family and the katsuki investigator.

A lot of the time was explaining sort of the current events that happened so the players knew where their clans were when it came social position especially the scorpion. I'm not used to running it so it was a little rough doing the whole set up and figuring out what stats to do for what players wanted to do along with leading the players into conversation.

>both players are sent by their daimyo to this Tournament of Samurai

>Scorpion is sent to form new alliance or get info on who shows up at this tournament

>Kitsuki's daimyo is a friend of the daimyo hosting the event and wants to end the hostility between Dragon and Phoenix

>players meet on the road heading to the Pale Oak Castle where the tournament is hosted

>they don't establish a relationship really which disappoints me a little as i wanted them to have a reason to be together

>get to castle and settle in

>all the NPCs are introduced

>Scorpion talks to the scorpion npc

>npc drops tons of hints that he knows about the scorpion

>scorpion stops talking to him pretty quickly

>kitsuki during this time is sizing up everyone

>pays a lot of attention to the crab npc who is drinking and eating a lot

>ends up talking to Mirumoto there who seems not really comfortable being there

>notices the Mirumoto gets distracted when a female Crane walks by

>Daimyo walks in at this point talks about the tournament is about art not war and describes the type of contests

>poetry, art, dancing, and tea ceremony

>players groan as they are not trained in any of it

>there is a toast and they ask what the crab is doing

>describe that the crab seemed to have already sake cup in his hand drains it at the toast and quickly replaces it

>more socializing

>kitsuki and scorpion npc meet and talk a bit

>get into some ambiguous insult contest between each other

>contest starts

>players participation is very meek with scorpion choosing not to do poetry and kitsuki not doing the art

>kitsuki though notices the visible reaction between the mirumoto and doji

>after contests there is a dinner

>kitsuki is wedged between the scorpions and has to suffer constant sly comments

>After dinner he manages to get away as everyone socializes and noticed both the mirumoto and doji are gone

>he socializes with an old Isawa and after the conversation notices they haven't returned so heads off to look for them

>comes across a man dressed in a dragon mon with a green dragon belt used to cover his face

>Realizes it isn't the Mirumoto as the covered person is too bulky

>the unknown man attacks and the kitsuki runs for it

>shosuro hears the kitsuki yelling and chases after the noise

>unknown man attacks the kitsuki but thanks to spending of void along with full defense stance he can't hit

>kitsuki grabs the belt off the guy's face and reveals it to be a Shiba who had been looking earlier at him in a very hostile fashion

>Shosuro arrives and grapples the guy

>Shiba takes control of the grapple and breaks it

>he flees

We ended the session at that point with the guards arriving and unable to catch the man. The Kitsuki and Scorpion saw the Shiba's face so I'm thinking if they accuse him it would probably lead to a duel.


Seems my post got eaten.



Kill scopions, clan wars now.



Good luck with killing the Scorpions, mate. It's hard to kill a shadow, you know.



I killed a scorpion with superior rank with a rank 1 badger.



It isn't really hard to kill samurai in the game as the game is made to be highly fatal by standard rules. So that isn't much an accomplishment. A good hit and some exploding die for damage and a rank 1 can kill rank 5 or higher.

I just wonder what the scorpion did to result in him being attacked by a badger.



Yeah, Scorpions are great not to start battles. They are the sexiest, charmest motherfuckers ever.

And it was some dream challenge or something and one scorpion character of my group appeared to me trying to kill me for some dishonor, and after I got cut a little I used my nodachi to cut a new asshole in the dude.


2nd week of my l5r being my first campaign I was DM for it

>last week kitsune investigator managed to survive being attacked by Shiba after shosoru showed up and grappled the guy

>Shiba fled

>the players are really unsure how to proceed at this point so after some guidance the Kitsune talks the Isawa chancellor who is in charge for the night

>the Shiba returns and talks about how he was in the bath

>the Mirumoto who also was gone had returned at this point too

>nothing really done and everything proceeds to the next day

>the other 2 contests happen and most of the players dont participate

>an npc wins the tournament

>sort of explain what the plot was to the players after about what the shiba was going to do

We didn't play for that much time as not many players showed up and we had one new player who didn't have a character yet so we had to work on making his character. He is a Hida bushi that has really gone crazy with hitting hard with tetsubo. He has just started and does 6k3 to hit with emphasis in tetsubo then does 9k3 with it ignoring 6 reduction. He also has 3 in his earth ring wears heavy armor and gets an additional 2 reduction while wearing armor if he is in attack stance.

So my group now is the kitsune investigator and shosuro infiltrator (disguised) who been here both weeks. The Kakita duelist has been gone for 2 weeks with notice while the guy playing the Bayushi Bushi has given no notice of his absence. Hida Bushi playerjust showed up after a month of absence due to work. Debating on where to go now with the campaign. I'm thinking of either the setting out of the book of air or water for now. I sort of want to get my hands on some old 1st edition adventures to run.




So is the card game basically going back to the time before scorpion coup? Basically where the first edition edition of the roleplaying game took place?



Correct on both counts.


File: e59f8b1b1dcc865⋯.jpg (796.72 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, l5r-sexywomen.jpg)

Guy who seems to be only one running L5R on this board as a DM

>Kitsuki Investigator and Doji Bushi attend this week

>Starting my own campaign now using the setting from the back of book of air

>Set between Hidden Emperor Era and War of Spirits

>Dragon and Phoenix tension which might lead to war

>Stems from an Agasha who tried to claim birthrights from a Tamori as the Agasha was the next in the bloodline to attain it

>Emperor declared duel to settle it

>Dragon wins but certain factions within phoenix and dragon are sour over it

>Kitsuki Investigator is sent to petition for peace at the court where talks are happening

>Doji is his temporary yojimbo for the time being as Crane want since Lions want war and also the Doji is an ally of the Kitsuki

>arrive at the Kyuden knowing very little about the place besides a Hantei emperor was interred in the temple of Emma-O that lies on the grounds

>Describe the outside as they head to the palace

>meet an Ide who sort of fills them in on the interesting people in the court

>enter the Kyuden and meet the chancellor

>chancellor directs them to Daimyo

>Daimyo is this very pleasant Asako who is full of merriment

>all parties greet each other and the Kitsuki gifts the Daimyo his copy of Shinsei's Tao since he is on the steps to enlightment and he believes certain parties could definitely use it. He was referring to factions in the court that was pushing for war

>the Kitsuki and Doji are then showed to their rooms

>Kitsuki finishes up putting his stuff away first and goes downstairs to get more familiar

>talking to the Kitsuki npc who was already there he finds that a Mirumoto that had an affair with a Crane at Pale Oak is also here along with the Shiba that had dressed up as a Dragon at the same place

>Doji finally makes it down

>Monkey courtier is in the court and she is sort of a fashion obsessed gossipmonger

>originally was stuck in a conversation with a scorpion who is known as bad liar

>now scorpion is stuck listening as the monkey talked about fashion as she used her servants to sort of cage him in with the fabrics she had brought from the former court she was at

>Doji decides to talk to her hoping to direct her to bother the Shosuro courtier that had been listening in to the Kitsuki talking

>unfortunately isn't very good at and the Monkey takes offense over it seems that she is being obviously manipulated

>makes a scene as she storms out of the room

>Doji tries to stop and apologize

>'No I'm truly sorry for it is obvious it is I who is not worth your time' and the Monkey disappears out the room

>was nice and gave a slight honor hit to the Doji for that gaff

lot of things on the plate:

1)Shiba is possibly going to try to frame the Dragon again for some crime if he doesnt get interrupted again

2)The bad liar is actually on his last chance with the rest of the Scorpion clan and my shosuro assassin player might have to kill him

3)See if things lead to peace and war. I'm letting the Kitsuki take charge with dragon efforts for peace.

4)The scorpion player(s) is suppose to also strike a deal with a Tamori who is there trying to make a deal to get rare ingredients for experiments and the Tamori is part of a war faction.

5)Crab bushi is there to help a Yasuki who is there to make business deals and one of the caravans were attacked by bandits. I'm planning for the party to do a small investigation and hunt followed up with a bandit fight.

5)There is suggested story of some paranormal activity that sounds fun.

6)Marriage arrangements or some sort of romance stuff

I just recently got Emerald Empires book and I'm now reading through the court section to better understand the whole method of roleplaying the court as i just feel my understanding on how to do so is lacking.





>Not superior Sparrow master race



>minor clan


you tell good jokes.



Superior in enlightened poverty?


I really feel I'm blogging at this point but you know what I'm just trying to keep this thread alive and see if we can actually get people to talk about it.

>Kitsuki investigator, Shosuro Inflitrator, and Hida Bushi this week in attendance

>Shosuro is sent to strike a deal with a Tamori and deal with a problematic bayushi courtier in the court

>Hida is sent to help a Yasuki with protecting his merchant from bandits in the area.

>Kitsuki was the main person doing stuff

>talked with Crane innocent about strengthening the peace faction in the court

>talked with a faction of Mantis and tried to convince them to be on the peace side but to no real effect

>noticed that there is something going on with a conniving Shiba bushi and the Mantis merchant who is working independently from the other Mantis in the court during the midday meal

>visited Asoko and Shiba who was spending time speaking for peace at the Temple of Emma-O to try to get them more active in convincing people to support peace

>Hida Bushi is annoyed because he wants to kill bandits but he can't at the moment because the Emerald Magistrate is out investigating it at the moment so he just paced around the whole day doing nothing

>Shosuro infiltrator player forgot his character sheets and also sort of was at a loss on how to play his character.

>Bayushi courtier and Monkey are not at the evening meal

>Hida bushi is told by his Yasuki superior that he will probably need a person good at investigating as the bandits are good at hiding so he asks the Kitsuki player to help

>Kitsuki doesn't want to interfere with the magistrate and Hida brings him to the Yasuki

>Yasuki corrects the Kitsuki that he just wants to recover his goods so it isn't interfering with the magistrate as it is dealing with a different problem although it might coincide the magistrate's at a point

>left off with players planning to leave the next day to go to the site of the bandit attack

So I have a few issues as one is player participation. I feel this is mostly a problem due to players not really understanding how to achieve their objectives as they are used to being railroaded maybe. Each one of the players I gave separate goals for them to achieve at the court and really the Kitsuki is really doing the most of it. I don't know if the Hida being left out was an issue with him not being intuitive enough or I wasn't giving him enough information on how he should proceed. I feel I should aid a bit with connecting the dots for players but I don't want to do everything for them. Also the Hida player just said he wanted to pace around the court instead of trying to go out and talk to people like his superior about how he should achieve it. So the question is should I jut let him go and be not engaged because he isn't trying to really work through the problems or railroad him?

Also the shosuro inflitrator's player is at a total loss on how to play his character. I gave him 3 objectives to do at this court: Strike a deal with Tamori over getting him ingrediants for his expirements, deal with the Bayushi courtier if the Shosuro superior needs him removed, and get any secrets he can from people in the court. After introducing himself to the daimyo, his character went straight to the Tamori to talk to him about striking a deal but then the Shosuro superior showed up and chided him on not introducing himself first to her before getting to business. After that he was sort of at a loss on what he should do with character and was talking about remaking his character. His character is sort of complex so I can sort of understand the frustration as he is a Shosuro infiltrator that is acting like a Bayushi Courtier. In fact today the only sheet he brought was the one that had his real school on it as we made a fake one to trick all the players. I tried to explain to him that he should be talking to the different people in the court to see if he could get incriminating stuff on them but he couldn't understand it. So I'm sort of unsure what I should do in regards of trying to make this current character work or what his new character should be. I'm thinking of putting together a list of the different schools and like 2 or 3 words that best describe them so he can make a quick decision. Either that or make a questionnaire so I can narrow down what he wants to do. I'm just worried that after going through the trouble of making a court based campaign that my group is now going into more combat heavy group and how would I shift it so that the Kitsuki wouldn't get pulped if that happens. The Kitsuki is not a combat character at all.


File: 1a2c775f8ed7650⋯.png (1.62 MB, 960x1280, 3:4, Shoju Endorses the RPG.png)



A new book?


Are they all having fun at least?


Has anyone been reading the new short stories? I was surprised to see Ree Soesbee and Rob Denton contributing.




So the campaign ended up going nowhere.

>Player for Hida Bushi kept on having work getting in the way

>depending on his attendance really changed the group's composition from more combat with him there or more investigation if he wasn't

>scorpion remade his character into a shiba bushi

>group ended up rescuing the jade magistrate in the area who was captured by bandits

>magistrate tasked them with going and retrieving the body of her dead ronin yojimbo

>crab player was no show

>shiba player isnt good at planning

>Kitsuki player was being distracted by stuff

After 2 weeks of going nowhere and just general bullshitting the whole session we ended up calling the campaign and went back to D&D. It was a shame that happened because I was going to do a whole thing with bandit base in a cave with a maho user that was going to link back to the phoenix antagonist the party had been dealing with. I was even thinking of ending on cliffhanger too.

Still this is how campaigns sometimes end up.


Fucking FFG and their custom jew dice. Oh well at least this time it's 'just' d6 and d12




Yeah I just got the beta and I'm not happy over the system changes in regards to dice. I havent looked through it too much so I will have better feel later once I read through it all.


File: cfaaf79a41d97dc⋯.jpg (191.16 KB, 720x531, 80:59, No witness save the Moon.jpg)


Welp. They're sticking to the jew dice (probably already in production), but at least they're improving the rules from their first iteration.


Is anybody playing the LCG?



Bought the core set last week while my FLGS was having a big holiday sale. I've only had the chance to play it once due to schedule incompatibilities with friends.

It seems to be pretty fun. It reminds me too much of the Game of Thrones LCG in some respects, which bugs me a little. L5R has the advantage of having better fluff over GoT, though. I'll have to play more games with it before I can begin formulating a better opinion, but I'm not disappointed in it.



Why are so many shugenjas dressed like whores?


File: be6af90d32e6a4c⋯.png (272.33 KB, 300x418, 150:209, l5c08_fushicho.png)

So how is everyone liking the LCG so far now that FFG has used their Jew magic to somehow shat out a whole cycle of expansions? I think between this and Netrunner, I've almost filled that gaping hole left by Magic.

I'll avoid the new RPG and those dumb gimmick dice. 4E is good enough for me.

Some LCG "news" this shit's like a month old:

>they've introduced Clan Packs, a larger pack somewhere between a regular expansion and a deluxe box

>focuses almost entirely on a single clan, with a handful for the others so no one feels left out

>first Clan Pack will be Phoenix, due sometime in January or February, probably

>they're still doing deluxe expansions, I think


<Mantis and Spider/The Lost are going to get cards soon, maybe

<minor clans can fuck off forever


File: 009a834366b87d7⋯.png (2.13 MB, 3466x4530, 1733:2265, Stonewall Book 1 chap 1.png)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>What unconventional ways can two samurai duel?

When one of them is an European working for the Chinese.



>When one of them is an European working for the Chinese.

They were both Europeans.

Akage/Akaoni/Nanashi was also a foreigner, he dyed his red hair black to fit in.


for the rpg, what time period would you like to play in?


File: 28f8403a0771ae2⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 250x158, 125:79, Exchange Binocs for Shades….gif)


There is nothing I don't like about this screencap. Don't be a faggot, post the rest.

Honestly, I was afraid Hana-chan would turn out to be something horrible beneath gentle facade, maybe even the source of the party's troubles. I was pleasantly surprised.


File: 713a61c983a6ab7⋯.png (3.31 MB, 3463x4738, 3463:4738, Stonewall Book 1 chap 2.png)

File: b619b2877eb0507⋯.png (2.92 MB, 3441x4810, 93:130, Stonewall Book 1 chap 3.png)

File: 9975bb33a83320e⋯.png (2.7 MB, 3474x3850, 1737:1925, Stonewall Book 1 chap 4.png)


This storytime ended up going a looooong time. Crab-anon wrote a freaking novel by the time it was all over. The screencaps are just a taste.


File: a6fc28cb24fc5db⋯.png (3.28 MB, 3434x4970, 1717:2485, Stonewall Book 2 chap 1.png)

File: 4b98672c49b1201⋯.png (3.41 MB, 3434x4970, 1717:2485, Stonewall Book 2 chap 2.png)

File: 831de38a3c55675⋯.png (3.38 MB, 3434x4970, 1717:2485, Stonewall Book 2 chap 3.png)


File: 4d217c0f36486fb⋯.png (3.37 MB, 3434x4970, 1717:2485, Stonewall Book 2 chap 4.png)

File: 72d625151431944⋯.png (2.97 MB, 3434x4970, 1717:2485, Stonewall Book 2 chap 5.png)

File: e6879c9758444be⋯.png (2.75 MB, 3426x4546, 1713:2273, Stonewall Book 2 chap 6.png)


File: fdf392600c3bd0b⋯.pdf (2.12 MB, Memories of a Stonewall.pdf)


So, if this is enough to whet your appetites for the rest of it, you've got two options.

Here's a PDF Librarian-Anon made. He cleaned up the dropped words, spelling mistakes and name fuckups Crab-anon became a bit famous for. Librarian-anon was also trying to turn it from pure greentext format into something resembling an actual journal with clearer naration as to who is doing or saying or what, though afaik he never finished that project.

Your second option is this archive of the actual threads here. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=stone+wall

There's kibitzing, a Crane jumps in to add his own storytime as a thread bumper while Crab-anon was away, a troll, and a post-mortem for a grand total of TWENTY THREADS. But the story does have an actual end to it, it dosen't just trail off.






It really says something about the quality of this story (only up to Chapter 4 so far), that no one cares about its board of origin. It's almost like the old days.



But, uh, what's this about Kyuden Hida, fear, and Mirror Mirror?



Mirror Mirror is a NASTY AS FUCK published adventure, political intrigue at Kyuden Hida. They ran it at Origins '99 as the L5R RPG Event.



This story really makes me want to get back into L5R, but I don't have enough time to run a game myself and even if I did I have no friends willing to touch the game.

Don't suppose some kindly anon has a game in need of a new player?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Thread music.


How do you acquire a Scorpion's loyalty? How do you get a loyal Scorpion wife without being a Scorpion yourself?


File: ae93e9de8687895⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.61 KB, 498x960, 83:160, fucking ow.jpg)



You got to eat the tuna, anon. But that's just step one.

Step two is the hard part. Treat her like a person. No, I'm not on some pussy hat bullshit here. Understand this: Your potential waifu has only ever been two things her whole life. She was, to non-scorpions, that slut that's just spreading her legs to learn all your secrets before she stabs you in your sleep with a hairpin. Or, to her Clan, she was Disposable Asset #3,764 Scorpion Vengeance is fucking legendary because the only person allowed to treat a Scorpion like the shit on the bottom of a sandal is another, higher ranked, Scorpion.




actually yes, i'm hoping to run an online game and need some players.



When and where, Anon?



Could you tell us more about the game?


File: dee44b470e5e4f9⋯.jpg (230.78 KB, 750x576, 125:96, dee44b470e5e4f9fb6f86254b4….jpg)


Also how hilariously unprepared for L5R are you willing to accept players?




Right now the general idea of the campaign is basically "bad company" in rokugan. The players are imperial legionaries.

I'm accepting anyone and expecting things to go bad, quick. but thats


the fun.

phone won't edit right




So, what time (and time zone) were you thinking of running?

What were you thinking of using to run the game (Discord, roll20, IRC, Skype)?

How should people who are interested contact you?

Which edition of L5R do you intend to run?



right now the time isn't set since one of the players just got a new job so he has to check his hours. but its set in the pacific time zone

will be using both discord and roll20

can contact through discord

l5r 4th edition



>can contact through discord

What is your user name on Discord? I am very interested in joining this potential game.






Let me rephrase what I said:

What is your username and four digit tag?

You will be able to see the tag number if you open up the settings window.






Sounds like an emotional breakdown waiting to happen. A very cute one.



The PDF seems to end rather abruptly. Do I have to go through the archive for the rest?


File: 9c4310ead292118⋯.pdf (1.97 MB, Memories of a Stonewall v2….pdf)

File: cb2bd9e9fdd7726⋯.jpg (1.86 MB, 3665x4409, 3665:4409, Ishigaki.jpg)

File: 292200e8654bbf9⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 4345x5266, 4345:5266, Naomi.jpg)

File: 97cace56bd713a2⋯.jpg (1.71 MB, 5100x6600, 17:22, Toshiro.jpg)

File: 729e4378606ecb7⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 5100x6600, 17:22, Monkey.jpg)


Holy shit you're right. hang on… okay. I had the wrong one saved, THIS should be the right one.

Although, thread 19 and the postmortem thread inculde stats for all the main cast and a good many NPC's, so even if you stick with just the PDF those two are worth checking out. As well as some char art. ForverGM is a drawfag


File: 89f559b0de72421⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 5104x6600, 58:75, Kitsuki.jpg)

File: 0c1fb2603c25a62⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 5104x6600, 58:75, Mantis.jpg)


Don't let the fact that this one has fewer pages fool you; there was some cleanup.




>If I can just get him to tell me what he wants to be when he grows up, then I can make him promise that he'll grow up…

I cannot stop crying.

What have you done to me, Anon? Why have you inflicted me with these feels?

I honestly can't put this story down. Thank you for posting it here.


I've been thinking. Lions are counterparts to Crabs in that they can ignore armor TN. But isn't that also a very viable skill for Crabs fighting monsters? So if I play a crab, let's say Hida Bushi, and pay for the two schools trait, then I get a Crab that can ignore armor, right? So that way, he becomes a lot more dangerous, especially if the armor ignore skill can be used with a tetsubo. Just spitballing. Any thoughts, roleplay aside?


It sure hits hard, doesn't it? Wallcrab best Crab. Memories of Stonewall is why Crabs are my favourite clan.


File: c76843bf3d0459a⋯.mp4 (272.18 KB, 600x336, 25:14, Ishigakis battle strategy.mp4)


The thing you're thinking off is Akodo Bushi rank 1. It ignores the bonus from armor to armor TN. So I don't think it would work on things like Demonic Chitin (+10 Armor TN) abilities on some creatures.

However, some goblins, some ogres (esp. the smart ones) zombies, lost, Maho Bujins, Akutenshi and Akutsuki DO wear armor, so there's that.

I think mixing Lion with Crab for a monster fighter, you're going to want to go the obvious rout and toss in Matsu Berserker. Since Jade Powder only does full damage on the first strike, and is gone after the third, big big damage numbers are important. You can mitigate the loss of armor TN for full attacking by wearing heavy armor, and get no penalty for doing so off Hida Bushi 1. With Hida Bushi 2 you increase your reduction, upping your survivablity even more, or you can path into Hida Berserker and then multiple schools into Matsu Berserker to make an engine of annihilation.


I'm sure Crab-anon, the merry miscreants, and Forever GM would be glad to hear that, wherever they are.


File: 06a3757b643f143⋯.jpg (77.96 KB, 720x576, 5:4, 1414907439806.jpg)


>between this and Netrunner, I've almost filled that gaping hole left by Magic

I want to play this and netruner, but I just recently found out that netrunner now has set rotation like other card games. I'm out of the loop!

I went to a LFGS and their card game of choice that wasn't MtG/YGO/Pokemon was Cardfight! Vanguard. How do I find people to play with? Do I just have to settle for online sims of these games and just buy the right cards to go to a tournament?

Do fa/tg/uys just live in large cities where they can find anything and anyone?



iirc Netrunner has infrequent big rotations instead of constant small rotations, with the first one happening only recently (Oct 2017.) Their revised coreset and all the deluxe expansions are eternally in the game, the only thing that rotates in or out are the 6-pack card cycles, so you're not going to be eternally fucked.




Neat. Looks like I just need to get the revised coreset as long as I can find a group to play with. Are LCGs the way of the future, or is there something inherent to TCGs that make them the mega games that they currently are?



>Are LCGs the way of the future, or is there something inherent to TCGs that make them the mega games that they currently are?

The LCG model is nice for obvious reasons, but one thing I do notice is that it tends to create more homogeneous meta environments. With TCGs, especially when you're talking about more casual environments, there's a lot more room for customization and you see more crazy stuff pop up, since people will be building their decks based on what they've collected at random.


Has anyone tried running a game in a rokugan where a different Kami became the first Emperor, like the Togashi empire from Imperial Histories 2?

How did it go?


File: eba82fe89246e44⋯.pdf (1.81 MB, Memories_of_a_Stonewall_v3….pdf)


I noticed the second half wasn't cleaned, so I cleaned it. It's not anywhere near perfect, mostly just organizing sentences into paragraphs and putting quotation marks around dialog, but it should make it more readable for the future.


File: 82d3d26edba1c24⋯.jpg (55.14 KB, 610x508, 305:254, 145674845.jpg)

File: 03f87c4f7d7003e⋯.jpg (54.66 KB, 503x518, 503:518, 1456142114156-4.jpg)

File: 160f3f5aa9671d4⋯.jpg (265.32 KB, 543x576, 181:192, good.jpg)


Thank you anon.


File: e8c01e7c976fde5⋯.jpg (884.15 KB, 1750x3108, 125:222, Fate.jpg)



Or hell, a Rokugan under the Bayushi?



I don't even know why the Scorpion player have to remade his character…when he can have said Scorpion guy be a Shiba Bushi. What Scorpion is he? Shosuro?



He was shosuro but the whole level of subterfuge he couldn't really grasp as he was really not use to the level of role-play that is in L5R.

I pitched the idea that after we finish the current season of D&D that we might have sometime to do a different sort of game with me pitching Dark Heresy 2nd edition but my players wanted to do L5R some more. We will see in June what it looks like and I hope people are more up for it. It seems we have a more consistent members attending games so hopefully I won't have the issue of dealing with only having 2 or 3 players. We will see but none of the players seemed adverse to it.

I will just need to create another scenario and come up with the whole conflict network and stuff with the clans. I don't really want to reuse what the scenario i put together before.



Anon, not to shit in your biscuit, but this pdf seems a bit weird. Am I loading it into the wrong program or something?



Define "a bit weird."


File: c7d99eea7cb952c⋯.png (192.59 KB, 816x715, 816:715, QWlivsH.png)


The linebreaks are fucked up. I took a screenshot.



When cleaning the second half I just copied and pasted it all into a a word processor, then converted back to pdf once I was done. Some of the first half's formatting probably got messed during that. If I have time I can go back and fix it.


We should do something like https://sitwl5r.blog/ . Thoughts?


welp. 5e's coming out with the stupid dice. At least it's not like all the other FFG abominations


File: e05ced055ced4ae⋯.png (454.46 KB, 450x500, 9:10, First Snow.png)



I saw stupid dice and female designer with FFG which I then decided I will just stick with the last edition AEG did instead.



I imagine a lot of people will do the same.


File: af0bf29a8074689⋯.jpg (864.74 KB, 800x584, 100:73, Moto_Chagatai.jpg)

Who else /gaijinscum/ here?


Fuck if i know what the proper protocol is for this, but does anyone have a game going that needs people? Board-based, roll20, fuck even a reddit game idgaf I need some 4e in my life man



>Swan and scorpion

Hold on, lemme roll up a big Crab and rape them both. Or would a lion be better suited for this? Fucking feminist pieces of shit trying to stir their fucking fanfictions into my fucking games.



definitely a crab, remember that the lion have one of them there matriarchy families in the Matsu, so there's that


File: e77f9af7e765eeb⋯.png (384.76 KB, 687x916, 3:4, Commander.png)

File: 1aac7e06dc461a1⋯.jpg (136.48 KB, 950x1020, 95:102, Kenku.jpg)


What up. I don't suppose any of you cool dudes have a scan of the beginner game? Anyone played through it?


5e coming this week. Who is excited?



I'm not. FFG can take their goddamn stupid proprietary dice and shove them up their ass. 4E is eternal.



4e is pretty shit anon



I completely forgot I preordered it until it arrived at my door yesterday



how is it?



Well, first I have to say I'm relatively new to L5R so I can't really say I'm going to be able to make a real good comparison to the previous editions. I picked up a used copy of 4e a month ago and never got around to running anything with it. Also I've been busy irl with back-to-back overtime, so I haven't had time to fully go over the whole book. This'll just be a broad impressions so far.

As far as production quality goes, the art is, imo, fantastic, featuring a good mix of the more realistic style shown in the promotional material, along side more stylized illustrations reminiscent of period Japanese art, and in good amounts. I'd say, on average, one piece per 3 pages, with sections like clans and schools getting illustrative pictures more frequently.

Layout is really good. Everything is sequenced logically and clearly, especially with regards to character creation imo. It seems like they tried to keep related information grouped together on a single page or pair of pages when possible: all families of a clan on a single page, an entire school to a page, etc. It makes it very easy to glance through when looking for specific information. Further, they seem to have decided to place all sidebar style additions and reminders in the margins of a page; your millage may vary on whether that makes the page look cluttered vs whether that makes things convenient.

Speaking of character creation, unlike in 4e, it seems like FFG went out of their way to make sure at least one representative school for each family of each clan is included. You won't need a second or third book to get character diversity in, say, an all Crab clan Shadowlands expedition game.

Still need to find time to just sit down and absorb everything in the book, and I can't really comment on the way the mechanics work beyond superficial observations (Rings working more like Approaches in FATE Core Toolkit/ Dresden Accelerated; there are mass combat and skirmish rules, which iirc was in a supplement in 4e; etc). It does seem to be really dense with regards to content, but not in a way that makes it hard to navigate.


Any Christmas releases planned?



Hey, I'm from the future.

At least 4e doesn't feature core mechanics that are not explained at all or microtransactions tier jewery.


Played 4e with new group this past week, and it was an absolute blast. Having the roleplay carry such weight makes the game extremely engaging.



Explain this one. I haven't been paying much attention to the new RPG release.

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