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File: ba410c607e00110⋯.png (23.93 KB, 788x796, 197:199, Black Shield.png)


This is where Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread go. Remember: a two minute shame of asking is preferable to the life-long shame of not knowing.

Previous thread: >>383878


File: d1578bf46cabc68⋯.jpg (31.46 KB, 366x236, 183:118, 589699-kamen_rider_the_fir….jpg)

I'm going to start a game of OVA soon by petition of my tablebros. They're decided they want a henshin-style game so I'm giving everyone free Transformation points at chargen. How many points should I give them to make their henshin forms powerful without breaking the game from the get-go?


File: b4c5efde8018f75⋯.jpg (28.13 KB, 595x446, 595:446, 1300993216460.jpg)


Transformation is one of the abilities that is actually worth double the level you purchase it at. So level 3 means they get 6 levels in other shit for their transformed state, plus the option to give their transformed state a handful of weaknesses to load it with even more Abilities. If they are Kamen Rider types, stuff like Bizarre Appearance, Code of Conduct, Limited Uses, and Secret are easy sells to flesh out the Henshin style of character.

You could start as low as 1 or 2 and still have the transformation be a potent thing for them to use, while also giving them the option to slowly increase in power over the course of the game.


What, in your opinions, is the best system for an epic level high fantasy campaign?



I'm playing in a 5e campaign with som modified rulings that my DM uses. He's just the right kind of Sperg that the rules are good.

But, more practically for the rest of you, Fate Core. Fate Core or Exalted.



Fantasy Craft, but that's just my opinion, as requested. High level FC characters start getting pretty crazy around level 5, and by the time they get to around 15 and higher, they are well within the "nearly Demi-Gods" level of power with connections, holdings, and reputations to match the kid of high level play that most people think about when talking of "epic level" adventures.


Where can I get me some decent chinese proxies for MTG?


What is Latin for sling (the weapon)? What is Latin for bullet (for a sling)?


File: 99f53d34ca8f075⋯.png (669.18 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Game_Over.png)

Hey, I got an errant thought I wanted to try and figure out how to work into a Modern setting. I was thinking about Gun Farmers, arms dealers whose weapons are actually parasitic in nature through one way or another, be it that they proliferate through wanton street violence or 'incubate' through corpses, is there a way I can make this a good concept or should it just be something that's a background mention at best?

And yes I am just biting this idea off of Middens.


File: 7c865b6c2ab02e8⋯.mp4 (340.34 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 7c865b6c2ab02e87534dbdf472….mp4)

is there an issue with the Trove, I've seen people talk about it here like it's a lovecraftian entity.


What's the economic viability of being a professional GM/DM? I've found that I've got quite the knack for it and am willing to do the work.


File: b41ff825428f2de⋯.png (78.93 KB, 853x600, 853:600, vvardenfellaintfree.png)

So I'm pretty new to tabletop and recently came in from a 5e game (my first) thinking I might branch out to try other systems. I was thinking I'd play at least one more campaign using another system like Pathfinder (or 3.5e, but I heard pathfinder's a bit more cleaned up, as it were, and I'm hearing really good things about FantasyCraft) before I try my hand at DMing which is something I have an interest in. Some friends of mine like TES and I am a bit of an autist for the lore so I thought it could be pretty good.

So I look it up and there's a d100 unofficial elder scrolls RPG, so I thought to look at the pdf out of curiosity. As I'm reading through the system, I had to admit it was a lot to take in. Rolls had to account for a lot of things, like how difficult said situation is, your attributes, your skills, and I think one or two other things but I don't remember, which seems like a lot to keep track of for just a simple roll.

Now the thing is, as I said before, I'm just some guy who's only experience is with 5e which is apparently babby's first tabletop and streamlined/dumbed down to hell. So the question that I'm laboriously trying to reach around to is if any anons here have experience with the unofficial elder scrolls RPG and can tell me if it really is unnecessarily obtuse or if it's not that bad and something I'll get used to. Also, general opinion on the system would be appreciated, as I'm willing to put up with complexity to get to something good.

Oh and opinions on fantasycraft too would be nice I guess, I've heard great things about it but it seems really niche compared to pathfinder and DnD.



>Where can I get me some decent chinese proxies for MTG?As much as I hate to say it, reddit.com/r/bootlegmtg has an updated list of reviews and comparison images. If you're just playing with friends, then I can recommend Villa Zheng; the cards vary in quality, but he's polite and prices are reasonable.

The Website Guys (appear to) have a wider selection and overall better quality, but I didn't want to give my mailing address to two people with potential Triad contacts.


Interesting idea; can't say I know what Middens is. I'd have you focus on the ammunition rather than the gun itself. Perhaps the fires the equivalent of wasp eggs that inject themselves into a host's chest cavity and burst out once they've matured. Maybe they're some kind of magical/mechanical ball bearing which turns the target's insides into grey goo through self-replication.


I can't fathom you'd make any money doing it unless you got lucky and became a Content™ Creator™ with (((connections))).



>cleaned up

It's less of a clusterfuck than 3.5, but that's more of a factor of 3.5 than anything. Pathfinder has a lot of contradictory design philosophies, which leads to situations like martial classese needing to spend a full turn getting a weapon from the floor, but casters being able to cast fire magic practically underwater because "it's magic lol." I haven't actually played the system myself, but I'm familiar with 3.5 and anything based on it would be inheriting a monumentally shit foundation. >>364282 may prove useful reading if you really want to learn more.

>elder scrolls d100

Never heard of it. Post the PDF on vola or sendshare (obfuscating the link, obviously), please, since you've piqued my curiosity.



>Pathfinder (or 3.5e, but I heard pathfinder's a bit more cleaned up, as it were, and I'm hearing really good things about FantasyCraft)

Pathfinder's changes are hit and miss. While it's nice that Paladin is a functional class 1-20, you've also got retarded changes like CMB/CMD which they knew in the playtest this resulted in combat maneuvers being impossible since monsters had more HD than players.

The real pro of PF is that it's all OGL and the really good third party content. If you know the system and the players are competent at building characters you can absolutely make it work into something mostly balanced with the right restrictions. The other draw is the adventure paths, which vary wildly in quality (Off the top of my head, Council of Thieves, Serpent's Skull, Giantslayer, Mummy's Mask, Wrath of the Righteous and War for the Crown all suck overall, though not all the component modules are necessarily bad.)

>who's only experience is with 5e which is apparently babby's first tabletop and streamlined/dumbed down to hell.

It is.


Actually, speaking of that what are the good and bad PF APs?

Here's what I know


Savage Tide

<most events are essentially random encounters

<doesn't really understand what higher level PCs can do and hands them challenges they can break easily

<personality of NPCs varies between modules

Second Darkness

<about helping some elves who explicitly don't really want your help and are assholes

<wonky encounters

Council of Thieves

<has no idea what it wants the overall plot to be

Serpent's Skull

<can't actually remember much about why it's beyond it being unimpressive

Wrath of the Righteous

<horrible NPCs like a tranny that sold a sacred artifact to demons for drugs and is supposed to be the good guy

<doesn't even give any way to convey this to the PCs

<good deities are potrayed as psycho bitches

<mythic rules are clusterfuck


<focus on type of monsters that aren't really all that varied and have no interesting special abilities

<poor justification for why you're getting to kill all the giant types in sequential order

Mummy's Mask

>actually read through most of this one

>first module is really strong

<everything else just drops the ball

<doesn't actually have all that much tomb plundering past the first book

<Book two opens with the great concept of the local merchants having excess supply of relics and dropping their offering prices to compensate, then stops caring about it once using it to drag the PCs to the next area is accomplished

<none of the rival parties in the first book are mentioned again

<book three is all about appeasing a nutty, obese bureaucrat that has the hots for a random PC so she authorizes you to do visit a restricted library (I'm sure would work great in other mediums but can't see working in gameplay too well in the slightest.)

<since you don't actually do much in the library on-screen nothing really breaks up these scenes

<it's possible to fail, forcing you to sneak into the library which is fine but means you have to toss out over half the module (worse if the PCs do this right away)

War for the Crown

<poorly planed out to the point it isn't sure exactly the central conflict is over

>book 2 is actually a pretty nice sandbox where you recruit allies to take down the local baron while staying inconspicuous and managing a small town

Dragon's Demand

<setup around reaching level 10 in a fixed number of pages so it throws rapid poorly connected encounters at the PCs to give them enough XP




Age of Worms

>good puzzles and setpieces

>challenges are actually suited for the level

>actually easy to convert to Eberron while incorporating what makes Eberron good (Sharn, dragon council being manipulative fucks)


>awesome sandbox

<lack of foreshadowing big bad

<kingdom building rules are wonky




v3 is technically a work in progress but it's complete enough for you to get a good idea, do tell me what you think


I put this question here from another thread. I like Dark Angels, so I will ask a question about the Unforgiven (Successor chapters of the DA) here, instead of the QTDDTOT:

Its explained the the Unforgiven have the same composition os the DA, that meaning that ther first two companies are based on the DeathWing & the Ravenwing companies. But thing is, that would mean in theory that any Unforgiven Chapter have, if not fully, a great majority of the first company in Terminator armor (Which is rare & costly to make); And Ravenwing case would be that they would also have Nephilim figthers & Dark Talons then?

So what is it, then? Do Unforgiven have not only the organization, but the equipment too of the Dark Angels?



DnD prestige classes don't really seem all that good, what was even the point of making them that instead of standard classes?


Would you say that having standardized class/XP level requirements has kinda fucked the difficulty scaling in D&D? For example, everyone levels up at the same time, and this introduces several huge power spikes. (And yes, everyone levels up at the same time because some poor sod is going to lose 200 xp from being bodied during an encounter and the DM will invariably give them the extra XP so they don't waste time doing it next session)

Instead, in 2e, you'd have everyone leveling up at different rates, so instead of power spikes, you have constant, incremental growth among the party, and while the power is harder to notice, it lets you be much more creative with scaling


Something to work towards. It's bland to be stuck with the same thing all the time. Who wants to go through 20 levels of Fighter when you can do 8 levels of one class, and 10 as another? Likewise, it'd be like sticking with a two-handed sword all the time, instead of being able to try a sword and board



>Who wants to go through 20 levels of Fighter when you can do 8 levels of one class, and 10 as another?

But you see standard multi-classing already accomplishes that. 3.5 doesn't use AD&D rules All XP tables is the character level table, class levels is just how many times you choose to pick that class every time your character's character level goes up. Then you get this weird shit involving prestige classes.

Most of these don't even make much sense like Acolyte of the Skin (you devote yourself entirely to a pointlessly slow skin graft that anyone else can buy from Sigil with some coin), or Arcane Archer (the infamous cool sounding trap), or Dragon Disciple (????) they're so useless the only time you'd see it is because someone first got into DnD through Neverwinter or the DM is using it as NPC classes.



Everyone using different XP rates makes managing the game a clusterfuck. Tracking that is a pain in the ass, as is everyone having the time to level up. The idea that 3E is what made casters OP is a myth. Look at BG and the Gold Box games, as well as plenty of old Dungeon adventures that say a caster heavy party will need the challenge upped and you'll see casters were always OP.


Prestige Classes vary wildly in power.. Dual progression classes (the most fitting prestige class type) like Arcane Trickster or Eldritch Knight simply can't be standard classes. Others are too niche and narrow to focus an entire 20 levels on but are good abilities. In general the core prestige classes are bland (Eldritch Knight, Arcane Trickster, Assassin, ), caster plus (Archmage, Thaumaturgist, Loremaster) or junk (everything else) so you can't really judge based on them.

Ideally you'd do something like Saga Edition did where each class has, instead of fixed class features, talents you select at every level and no talent tree would be super deep. Then you could just make more talents and prestige classes would be nothing more than dual advancement stuff.


File: 847ae57bccbe552⋯.png (4.61 KB, 342x297, 38:33, ClipboardImage.png)


My feeling is that you basically have a fighter, who is great at combat early (red), wizard who dies to a stiff breeze (blue), and a rogue (green) who is in between the two. At some point, the rogue gains enough combat utility to surpass the fighter for a few levels, but then gets stonewalled by things immune to crits and also can't take a hit. Wizards, once they reach a higher level, are unstoppable gods.

There's a certain sweet spot where each class role shines, and party power should gradually, continuously increment. I feel that when originally designed, there was a lot of game theory involved to make it feel good. But yes, you're right, it's tiresome to track so much


File: 0393abb5784c78e⋯.png (25.11 KB, 656x662, 328:331, hexen cleric.png)

Anons, how do i properly play a lawfull evil cleric?

Im gonna help out a m8 with an introductory campaign for some friends and he wants me to play a lawfull evil cleric in a undead focused game, but ive never played evil characters, any advice?



Evil doesnt necessarily mean bad (I mean in DnD it does but dont think about it that way). Rather, theyre selfish and amoral. They'll do anything to achieve their goals. Being lawful, you'll do cruel interpretation of the law, benefiting yourself and cause, making promises only when it benefits you (but never breaking them) and generally extorting people


what would be a good system for running a game based on the PJO/HoO 'verse?

I've considered scion, and part time gods, and have been flirting with savage worlds but I don't know it well enough


File: 6ae715fb6c5807d⋯.jpg (91.28 KB, 1797x166, 1797:166, pokemon autism.jpg)

Well, /tg/? Do you have any tips?



What the fuck is PJO/HoO?


File: 2b7e88738bd7f23⋯.jpeg (146.42 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Hunchback-disneyscreencap….jpeg)


Adhere to the virtues of a lawful evil god; promote slavery, charge tithes for healing, be a selfish prick, denigrate a hated class of person, seek to summon demons, etc

Or just be Judge Frollo, who is an archdeacon of the church in the original novel



He needs a patient group and a GM that rewards roleplaying instead of punishing a lack of it

Minis and maps couldn't hurt; they sure help me a fuck of a bunch



It sounds as if they never even started before they freaked out, though.


What are people's thoughts on Apocalypse World and it's many hacks? I recently picked up a Wrestling hack of it and it's pretty damn fun, I really like the emphasis on player agency and choice, sandbox nature, easy prep, and straightforward rules. From what I can tell most of the other hacks and Apocalypse World it's self share a lot of the same positives. Just wondering what negatives and positives people have experienced from PbtA systems?

Also I assume it's pretty pozzed, but what isn't these days?


File: 3e2013279a2f99b⋯.jpg (116.64 KB, 600x543, 200:181, Lament_Configuration.jpg)


The main thing you gotta remember that the forge and all its buddies main calling card was

>System matters

and the main thing to remember about that slogan is that it was true right up until they had a moderately (very moderately) popular system which they then tried to stog every goddamn gaming world into. Its cancer and shit anon, play basically anything instead (you can even add a pile a shitty barely genre appropriator suggestions if you are the kind spruce that cannot think up basics parts of the game you are playing) and have a better time of it.

<mormons not even once anon



So you lost me with a lot of that as I don't pay much attention to the tabletop scene or any of that, but what I'm taking away is that the system doesn't work for every situation as the hacking community like to claim? Sounds fair to me given what I have played of PbtA so far is fair more conversation driven and a lot less of a straightforward game, but again that's why I like it so much for what I've played of it. For a Wrestling game for example that open nature keeps things fast, interesting, and more than anything focused on character and development. Still, I could easily see how that doesn't work for every game, for example I'll probably try Dungeon World at some point, but I doubt it could really give DnD fans the crunch and tactics they're looking for given it's so loose.

Anyway, just wanted to explain what I took away from your post, my only question is if you could flesh out exactly why it's "cancer and shit"? Is it that hackers tried to shoe-horn every system in to it to make a dumbed down version or is it something else?


File: 40ede9c23e72b72⋯.jpg (62.81 KB, 147x187, 147:187, casual.jpg)


a big portion of it is exactly

>hackers try to shoe horn everysetting into it turning those settings into dumbed down versions of themselves to appeal not even to normies but apocalypse faggots

that's more or less the definition of cancer right there, the 2nd thing about it is the game runs best when you ignore it. It underneath all its pandering is a strong gm game of the exactly the kind they hate (sure the gm has to do bullshit like fronts and whatever the faggot calls them but those are literally not rolled and can be whatever). Its not revolutionary, the only thing that nifty about it is the emphasis on a player handbooks and roll up system that would be more at home in savage worlds honestly then how they do it.

<lastly the forced flavour "You do it cooly, you do it undetected, whatever" irks me because its just lazy poor dming (show dont tell) and they think they are living up to it because they are getting the players to tell themselves.

But hey that's my gripe, the mormonjew was at his best when ripping off owod and poker dice.



Fair enough, I can definitely understand all those issues. Thanks.


/tg/, is there any site out there that has a complete list of all RPGs and their sourcebooks, adventures, etc? Preferably with the product code of the releases as well?

A site other than rpggeek, something that has the lists in a text format, for instance.



Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus.

Modern fantasy, demigod childs that have to get by being hunted by monsters almost constantly, and who go to a special summer camp where they can be safe and train so they are not mincemeat the rest of the year



Lawful: You want to maintain the current system. Though there might be 'better' alternatives, having an ordered and structured society is more important than trying to make a 'happy' one. It is also better than trying to tear apart everything - in this manner, you oppose both benevolent and antagonist Chaotic sorts. You are more likely than not bound by some sort of code of honor, and as a Cleric, bound by that of your faith in any event.

Evil: You are generally more oriented toward yourselves than others. This is not quite 'do as you will', since you're still a system maintainer, but you have little qualms regarding morality. That said, your cruelty serves a purpose - Torture to extract information, not for fun (though you may enjoy it); slavery for purposes of labor; etc.

If your 'Evil' outweighs your 'Lawful' in importance, then your wish to maintain things stems principally because it advantages you in some way, and you hover on the borderline between slipping closer toward Chaos in the event of a major catastrophe. If your 'Lawful' outweighs your 'Evil', then age, experience, or influence from Good sorts might make you a candidate for redemption. As a Cleric, whose religious philosophy is built upon Lawful/Evil tenants, these are both unlikely scenarios - More likely than not, a conversion or fall from 'grace' would be required before either could take place, and in any case, would not be desirable.


What are some operational level Hex & Counter games that DON'T utilise stacking.




I thought Lawful Evil was following a code of selfishness/amorality taught to you by another?



It still has "lawful" in the name.



It's being amoral, but you generally at least believe there has to be some semblance of rules. You also generally enjoy having power over other people. It doesn't really start to get weird until you go beyond the rules of men.


File: a0b18be2a165cb6⋯.jpeg (777.45 KB, 1400x1832, 175:229, C65C321C-4C57-40DA-9D22-1….jpeg)

In a D&D 5e encounter with Tiamat, I came up with a clever trap to defeat her.

We were given a indescrimant amount of time to prepare, with 8000 gold each. I spent my gold on a barrel filled with holy water.

As per the ritual Holy Water, it can be created with 25 gold and a flask. As per the player’s handbook, a flask is a pint. So a 40 gallon barrel can hold 320 pints.

320 x 25 = 8000. Bingo.

I had very little trouble carrying and tossing this barrel since I had a trusty Ring of Telekinesis, and it weighs less than 1000 lbs.

Now, a flask of holy water deals 2d6 damage to fiends, which Tiamat is. With a barrel full of that stuff, the damage is 640d6 radiant on a successful attack. Needless to say, that would melt the beast instantly.

The DM ruled it to be 10d6 damage only, as otherwise this would completely ruin the fight he spent weeks preparing.

My question is, how would you rule this? Is 640d6 overpowered? Would holy water deal 2d6 regardless of volume?


File: f94ec98c898ff91⋯.jpg (47.65 KB, 477x319, 477:319, sheep-fucker_o_2287645.jpg)


>clever trap

>a barrel of holy water

Run out of ship to fill with poison?



In 3.5 submersion in a substance did 10 times the damage of being hit with it (See Lava rules in the SRD for an example). 5x as a cap for a big container sounds fairly reasonable, though I'd require much less than 40 gallons to get that much.

There's precedent for splash weapons not scaling linearly in D&D history. In 3.5 via Heroes of Battle has 10 pound clay spheres filled with alchemist fire as seige weapon that do 1d6 bludgeonin+2d6 fire. That is 2 times what a 1 pound thing of alchemist fire does at 10 times the weight. You've got 334+ pounds of water (more if the holy water has silver in it).



Lawyers come to mind. Exploiting the confines of a set of rules to benefit you and punish others until you're powerful enough to set them yourself. Bureaucracy and backstabbing.


I'm assuming this is per turn? I remember doing something similarly stupid in a 3.5 campaign, throwing 20 flasks of holy water all on separate ropes tied to a central chakram. The DM stopped writing sessions before the "flying jellyfish" got to debut but I'm glad to see there were actual rules in place concerning something like that.



Damage scaling like that isn't linear in DnD, I'd rule it as 10d6 at the beginning of battle, and then apply it with a successive -2 d6 at the beginning of every turn after that.


File: dfe5999cef86db9⋯.png (40.5 KB, 328x316, 82:79, b01cdce931ff297faa4ab74c75….png)

>I almost seriously considered inserting a subliminal narrative into my campaign through symbolic imagery and metaphysics

What the fuck is wrong with me?


File: 05771f55a98a000⋯.jpg (66.39 KB, 800x800, 1:1, faun4WM.jpg)

I've read some wikis, and I've gotten conflicting descriptions on Efreet.

Efreet hate servitude (even by a genie's standards), and sound like the most likely to be malevolent to their masters if given the chance (i.e. poorly phrased wishes to screw them over).

On the other hand, efreet granting wishes is supposed to play into an honor system. They still desire luxuries, but granting a wish of such a lowly creature usually involves them getting something an efreet is happy to discard is considered honorable.

I assume its from different editions or settings, but in the off chance both are supposed to be done at once, how do you pull it off?

Pic for a future QTDDTOT Thread.


Nothing wrong with symbolism or subtlety. As with any story, having more to look into can make it more interesting. Of course your players may be more focused on combat and actual mysteries within the story rather than the clues, let alone recurring themes.

There is some stuff that's more noticeable that goes down well (BBEG's motives being a direct opposite of, or very close to that of one of the PCs) but you can't control how people enjoy what you create.

It's better to do twice the work and only half is used, then having to ad-lib excessively when players do something unexpected.

How the fuck do you tell a story via metaphysics?


File: b444bb685e67856⋯.jpg (290.87 KB, 959x960, 959:960, dude what.jpg)


>How the fuck do you tell a story via metaphysics?

The reality of setting itself has its own story independent of the game that we play. The best example for this although not 100% accurate would be TES: There's the first level - the game and the things you do in it. This is the surface and 90% of the story will be conveyed through here. This is where you're playing the game.

Then there's the second level - the setting of the game. What's going on in the background? The more coherent it is, the richer everything feels, and every now and again you might make someone actually think about something for a couple minutes. This is where you're reading lore books about the world and talking to non-essential people.

The third level is the metaphysics level - the cosmic tapestry of the immaterial beyond the physical space of the world. This is where you have some concept that is key to everything in your setting that everything can be tied back to, be it literally or metaphorically, and there is still a narrative being followed, one separate from the previous two. It can be divined through examination of the subtext of the previous level and perhaps some explicit hints to point at a greater picture.

The fourth level is the metagame level. What is the narrative of your group playing the game? This one you have far less control over, but I felt compelled to mention it anyway. I'm thinking about playing around with this concept in the extreme end-game of my campaign.

Since religion is based on Hinduism in my setting, achieving "liberation" from the cycles of reincarnation is just your PC realizing that they're in a game.Then they get CHIM because TRANSCENDENCE



>but in the off chance both are supposed to be done at once, how do you pull it off?

Obviously Efreets won't screw you if the Efreet benefits, you don't act like a cunt, and it's not the usual vaguely worded grand wishes of power, immortality, become God you know stuff like that. He's still gonna be an asshole about it but the PC has to be smooth when dealing with that.



So literally the "I'm either the nicest person you know or a total fucking psychopath" edgy kid meme? Or rather, "talk shit, get hit".

In all seriousness, thanks for answering.


Ah that doesn't sound so bad.

> Volcano exploded.

> Why?

> 'Fuck knows?

< But it was actually the fire god, who was mad.


File: c8ee10a2d31538d⋯.png (4.33 KB, 221x228, 221:228, 1516815417548.png)

>be me

>wagie at Whole Foods

>they have samples of some vegan mac & cheese made with yeast or something

>it's actually pretty fucking good

Between this and playing 5e I'm afraid the soy infection may already be terminal. Can anyone recommend a system to help me reclaim traditional masculinity? I was looking at some LotR-based ones but remain skeptical. This might be it for me boyos.


File: 44d0e2ce53e5aac⋯.jpg (27.61 KB, 426x319, 426:319, BitD.jpg)



Be a scoundrel. Kill people in the alley and take their stuff. Escape the white ravens and the bluecoats. Don't get caught. Build your gang and take over turf. Keep going. Keep your friends close and your enemies dead. Don't let the stress overcome you. Steer clear of ghosts and demons and Old Gods. Dream of sunshine that never comes. Retire.

THIS will cure you of your weakness.



What you're going to want to do is lurk for at least 5 years and if you can't do that, return to cuckchannel and never darken our cozy board with your faggotry ever again.


Players want to play genetically engineered supersoldiers wearing power armor in a space opera setting that is not Warhammer 40K. Is there a system that is not a generic system like FATE that fits?










G is generic U is universal

it's like being wrong twice over.


File: 40e616c977b06cc⋯.jpg (87.93 KB, 306x445, 306:445, Hazard_trooper[1].jpg)

File: b15d8266728fdd5⋯.jpg (433.35 KB, 684x668, 171:167, ZeroG_-_Kathol_Rift[1].jpg)

File: 7cc2ab2b9668425⋯.jpg (204.9 KB, 950x1400, 19:28, Phase_III_dark_trooper[1].JPG)


Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Saga Edition. Clones are genetically engineered supersoldiers and power armor is obtainable either as a suit in the core book or as an upgrade in Scum and Villany. Either you're a group of Clone Wars era clones testing new power armor or, alternatively, one of the Stormtrooper types (sometimes populated by non-Fett clones) that got issued power armor.


I ask this about once a year it seems

Could someone remind me of the name of this particular webcomic? its about some guy's x-com character that decided to be a dungeon master. the first comic ends with a newspaper headline about how his dungeon sucks. he then starts to hire monsters and such. it's a /tg/ classic so i know half of you know what i mean, but i always forget the name. the mc is a buff dude and his t-shirt says boss or something like that. and it's mostly in black and white if that helps



Is this a different system from DnD? If it isn't then I'm not envisioning an edgy kid. The Efreet are from the Plane of Fire which is the only naturally Neutral Evil elemental plane (all sources of good was placed there from an outside source). Efreet hate servitude but you can pay them for wishes, if your poor you can plead and make a very strong passionate case and because of the honor system they may grant this wish on the condition you don't come back begging for more. Just don't phrase the wish as if he's doing anything but a favor to you. There is one exception to wish granting, since they're from the plane of fire wishing for an inferno burning down some forest somewhere because you lack the tools to do it yourself is about the one wish where it will leave a good impression.





In 40K are there any Chaos War Bands that are dedicated to fighting off Tyranids? I'm honestly curious if any of the ruinous forces and their lackeys have any sense of self preservation to try and put off the extinction of sentient life by Bugmen. I'd figure at least some Khornates might be big on that shit, plenty of spikey blood skulls to go around and the bloodshed of the faithful that are fighting them, but that's or Chaos Undivided are the only ones I can think that might actually try and do something about this developing problem.



Warrands are a shitload of maybe they will, maybe they won't. Even answering Failbaddon's call is a maybe. If any one warband is dedicated to fighting Tyrannids it is certainly not going to be in the Eye of Terror since Tyrannids look like an all consuming swarm in the warp.


Other than Sternhalma, are there any board games that

1: Support more than 2 players

2: Have all information public

3: No randomization beyond game setup.


Would it be feasible to modify dadaengine to randomly generate characters and scenarios rather than post-modernist trash?


Anyone familiar with the Star Wars d20's Living Force RPGa campaign? Mining the adventures for lore and encounters and I noticed The guidelines say heroes above level 13 get retired. However only late ones scenarios give more than 1000 XP and many give less and it was possible to miss a large chunk while it's officially possible to miss a large chunk of XP that's supposed to be an RP award. Problem is it takes 78,000 XP to get to 13th level and even if a character did every adventure that gave XP (none of the LARP ones did), even the country exclusives, and got perfect RP XP getting that high simply isn't possible from scenario XP alone. Was there some other source of XP?

I suspect it's a holdover from other RPGa stuff (I've heard hilarity of abusing XP costs and multiclass penalties to create characters that never retire)



Chinese Checkers


File: e026992e8df5da7⋯.jpg (121.33 KB, 524x492, 131:123, Commisar.jpg)

What if techpriests uplifted dolphins or octopi into sentience? Would it be heresy?

I mean, it'd be technically a native Terran species, uplifted by Human technology, and it's not an AI.



> What if techpriests uplifted dolphins or octopi into sentience? Would it be heresy?

Sounds heretical.

> I mean, it'd be technically a native Terran species,

But not humans.

> uplifted by Human technology,

Unlicensed and untested.

> and it's not an AI.

They are created artificially and they are intelligent.

Basically, since anything can be called heretical (at least, by some people) and there is no objective measure of heresy, the real question is if people in charge recognize it as heresy.



>But not humans.

Yeah, but Imperium considers Terra holy, and thus all creatures that naturally evolved together with humans are holy

>But not humans.

Imperium uses dogs, wolves, eagles and horses, does it not? Hell, some consider them holy.

>Unlicensed and untested

What if it's Cawl? The fucker basically messed with the Emperor's own work, and nobody said anything. And he IS a Magos Biologis.

>They are created artificially and they are intelligent.

So you're saying Krieg guardsmen are AIs?




Mutants are to be exterminated.



That's literally another name for Sternhalma


Ok, I had to delete a post because I messed up copypasting something I made where shouldn't be posted. Today is not my day.

I'm making an alchemist half orc with 18 intelligence, 16 strenght, 14 constitution, 13 wisdom and 11 dexterity and charisma. I'm going somewhat a healer, to have my extracts being infusions. What feats or what stats should I increase to be a good mad doctor with good physical stats besides "extra discovery"?


Trying to write a setting:

> Underground Pocket Dimension where Demons and witches rule.

> Anyone can find suddenly themselves in this dimension (doesn't matter which setting -sci-fi or fantasy) by getting lost in the dark in the underground

> People who stumble into this dimension are captured by monstrosities in this place.

> then forced into a fight in their Colosseum

> Those who survive their first fight are put on an auction to be bought by a patron Demon or Wtich. Their new masters feed them, provide housing, and give them new equipment. But as soon as the fighters tick them off or lose they're either sold into slavery or taken apart to create zombie servants like the losers of the initial bout.

> Mutants, demons and patchworks all around.

> Tone is darkly comedic.

Any good books, comics, and etc that I can draw material from?



Ignore me.

I forgot world building thread was a thing.



Why in the name of the emperors dessicated balls would the TECHPRIESTS want to uplift a animal species? If anything they would rather find a way to make them specified servitors, but those already exist and are much more plentiful by utilizing humans.

This sounds much more like Xeno shit. Have the Eldar do it, or better yet the Tau so they can reenact some Hentai.


Is there a system where the players can play as Artificial Intelligences?



Like a robot or just a facility complex controlled by a computer?


File: 38992b7e8add859⋯.jpg (36.63 KB, 450x320, 45:32, 38992b7e8add85963d48229b33….jpg)

A few friends and me have been wanting to play a TTRPG in the sense of STALKER or Metro.

However we don't know which system to use, so far most of the players only know 5e.

What system would you guys recommend?

Thanks in advance



neuroshima tbh



Use the STALKER rpg system. Yep, it exists. I think I have it, but my main pc is not available, or else I would have posted it. You might find



*You might fibd it in the pdf thread, or in some archive.



Where can I find the templates for these? I'm getting into 40k after 10+ years of lurking and knowing about it and I want to play around with this before I paint an army.


File: b9e22ffbd3c3594⋯.jpg (160.1 KB, 1374x996, 229:166, GoblinSlayerRemove.jpg)


Savage worlds because the book is short enough and the game detailed enough to let you play all of the above and your friends won't have to put out 50 bucks to read it and wont fall asleep before finishing reading it.



Depends on the genre, how it should look.

Many things are better than D&D: Stopped Caring Two Editions Ago edition.


> Savage worlds

Sure, but if you put up with dice juggling stepping, may as well play Alternity.



Any Star Wars system.



Anything related to Savage Worlds is good. I just felt in love with the system. It should replace the GURPS meme.



Sorry for being a faggot and insisting, but this is my first non melee character and I'm shitty doing proper builds.

Also, did anyone try Starfinder? is it interesting enouth to have space ships crash in a fantasy world and do some silly pulp fiction adventures with barbarians and robots?



It's shit

>WBL is actually worse than 3.5 since you outright need high powered gear damage power enemies

>to add to this you can't buy better weapons till you're a high enough level, no there isn't an explanation for this

>ship combat is hilariously disconnected from everything else, so your ship arbitrarily grows in power with average party level

>the way ability scores grow means an odd ability score is a waste, even if you intend to increase it

Iron Gods on the other hand, actually is pretty good if you're willing to play from the view of the Barbarians.


Healing in combat in 3.X systems is pretty shit. What you want to do is pack a wand of Cure Light Wounds, a Wand of Lesser Restoration (made by a Paladin so it's a first level spell) and get various condition removal spells in your spellbook. Remember that as an Alchemist you have the unique advantage of being able to fill unused spell slots (like a wizard can) to prepare condition removal in less than half an hour while Cleric has to wait a day, spontaneous divine casters need a scroll or are screwed (without the magic item that lets you fuel a scroll with spell slots).


In particular the Savage Worlds based second edition Monster Hunter International game that's coming out in a few months might be a good starting point. It's based on a book series about monster hunters with autistic detail on guns.



That makes a lot more sense- thanks!



I see, that's all fair. What about stuff to do experiments or to fuck up monsters? can I learn Flesh to Stone from a scroll or a wizard's book? To throw petrifying infusions all arround. I'm even thinking about throwing Stone to Flesh vials to stone golems to make them crappy flesh golems.

Also, what other recipes, feats or discoveries should I learn to do experiments? hoping to see if my DM will allow me to do fleshcraft potions even if I'm not evil.

Also, a Monster Hunter game? That sounds coo-

>Not dinosaur hunting game

Oh, ok.



Hah, you think D&D has shitty healing? Come back when healing forfeits you AND your target's entire next turn. My players were catastrophically butthurt about that. I love it.



What exactly is "bad GMing"?



Railroading players through a story and not allowing them to guide it in any way, using a heavily adversarial approach to planning fights and challenges, employing an overpowered GMPC to outshine the players, not knowing any of the rules but using GM fiat to force your way through things, fudging dice rolls so players always lose, obsessively pursuing realism and verisimilitude at the expense of the fun and flow of the game, playing favorites with the players and allowing some to use clearly broken homebrew material, but not allowing other players to do the same, and above all else: Poorly inserting your fetish into the game.


File: 41e582c00d088f4⋯.png (386.03 KB, 426x640, 213:320, muh dick.png)


>Poorly inserting your fetish into the game.



File: f4d942498af5838⋯.png (21.7 KB, 604x220, 151:55, ClipboardImage.png)


A true whizzard never gets caught.


Should alignment have a statistic benefit? In an extension I'm making, I've made it so that based on your alignment, you can perform a level 1 spell once per week, you gain -6 to the stat associated with the opposite alignment, and social rolls with those of an opposite alignment are made harder. Unaligned parties get no spell, but neither do they receive any negatives to stats or social rolls. Is this a good way to add player choice and connect it to the mechanical part, or am I over-complicating things?



>When your players resolve to reform the giantess



Is this for DnD? Alignments already give benefits to access for feats and spell immunity/weakness tradeoffs plus some supplements expands the Good vs Evil fuckery to include making sworn oaths that are polar opposites of each other, actual real msytical forces that slowly mold you into one alignment or the other. Plus Neutral is actually it's own cosmically enforced alignment because of the Rule of Three, the True Neutral planer embodiments are kind of the worst fence sitters you've ever seen trapped with light Buddhist symbolism and themes. Actively going out of their way to encourage one opposite extreme in counter to the other just because.


File: cc6d67ac0950f90⋯.png (1.07 MB, 2772x1824, 231:152, gondola_tabletop.png)


Tags: snusnu, sizeplay, purification



It's not for DnD exactly, it's for an OSR-type game that I'm putting additional choices on to. The idea is, OCU and FTH are neutral statistics, but chasing Occultic magic or higher levels of Faith can be Evil or Good respectively. Mages and Clerics are exempt from this: both have been trained their magic by an impartial, unaligned school or college, one which may hinge on being Evil or Good, but which is never explicitly one of the two.



Sounds like you're just incorporating the ideas of Vile Darkness and Exalted Deeds. The -6 is pretty ridiculous.



It's ridiculous only insofar as it can be detrimental to play an Evil Cleric or Good Mage (FTH is used to test holy spells, OCU for arcane spells), or having a Good aligned party that has to face off against holy forces (as FTH is used to resist black magic, and OCU is used to resist holy magic). The benefit is that you can cast a spell as a non-spellcaster, or gain a spell from the opposing school of magic.


File: 92efb36ad386227⋯.png (1.17 MB, 2772x1824, 231:152, gondola tabletop.png)

File: 6fe925959d5a880⋯.webm (1.43 MB, 1484x976, 371:244, Bugbears_&_Benis.webm)


She sounds like a big girl for you


I'm going to be a player in my first ever game where story and roleplaying as opposed to rollplaying is the the stated goal. To celebrate this I made a character drastically different from myself; A noble elf lady with moderate magical skills (as magical knowledge is hoarded by the nobility in the setting) but a total lack of practical day-to-day knowledge. Any advice? I've never played a female character or a high class character before. Also elves in the setting are similar to the ancient Chinese as the GM thought the long lives fit China's stagnant culture.



Level 1 spells aren't really worth a -6 penalty, -2 maybe.



Your character is always going to have knowledge that you, the player, cannot have. They can also be smarter, smoother, more capable, and more experienced than you. The trick is that all you have to do is ask your DM certain questions when you are stuck on how to make a decision.

>I don't know the proper protocol for this situation, but my character should. What would be the right way for a noble to do this?

>I'm not sure how magic works in this setting, but my character does magic all the time, so would I recognize this what I'm seeing?

As long as your GM is competent, these are all perfectly fine questions to ask and within the rules for you to be able to probe the GM for information that fits your character, or could at the very least prompt a roll which will determine whether or not you know something.



That makes sense, playing more slowly and pondering my actions and options more than in a dungeon crawl. I'll keep that in mind, thank you.



No reason your character can't also do combat stuff and still have the character be a pretty pretty elf princess. If the Elves in your setting are based off the Chinese empire, it was pretty common for them to associate strength and god-like battle prowess with nobility and royalty. Most Chinese emperors and rulers were warlords who dabbled in art and philosophy on the side because that was the trend.

Otherwise, playing a character shouldn't have to feel like something you need to painstakingly play out. Once you know their broad personality, you can just define them along the way and have them shaped by playing.


File: e1b33086c93deb5⋯.jpg (249.51 KB, 1280x773, 1280:773, bun_knight.jpg)

This is a question from someone who mostly lurks here. Do you have any details on the whole children committing suicide because their characters died or whatever? Was it all just hysteria, or did that actually happen on a large scale?


File: 4bb5a5452bbf3b1⋯.png (77.1 KB, 474x244, 237:122, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9ca8b869b132522⋯.png (112.72 KB, 220x302, 110:151, ClipboardImage.png)


That was hysterical bullshit cooked up by the legendary Jack Chick, God rest his soul. During the era of the Satanic panic, people were making up all kinds of wild stories, because they didn't actually know enough about the game to offer any kind of rational complaint. They just assumed that children were so dumb that they'd be unable to tell reality from fantasy and become so invested in an elaborate game of pretend that they'd kill themselves because of it.

There was also the "Mazes and Monsters" incident, which was inaccurately and falsely reported, and then hugely dramatized because of the moral panic surrounding D&D. A college student went missing in the steam tunnels beneath his school and died. Some people floated the idea that it was because he and his friends were LARPing in the steam tunnels. Idiots jumped to the conclusion that he'd become so insane from playing D&D that he lost touch with reality and got himself killed in a high stakes D&D LARP. They made a movie about it starring Tom Hanks. The entire story is almost entirely fictionalized and it's pretty much just a shitty urban legend, at best.


File: 89ff25a7a8aba30⋯.jpg (76.43 KB, 350x449, 350:449, car_wars_classic_cover_163….jpg)


Which version/rule-set of Car Wars allows for 1:64 scale cars to be used in the game ? I wanna try it out since it seems it's dirt cheap to run and appeals to my Mad Max and /o/ autism


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Funfact, there is a movie based on Dark Dungeons that both manages to be completely accurate to Jack Chick's original work while also completely taking the piss out of it.

I've not actually watched it and only know about it through video related. Still, it looks fucking hilarious. The actors were clearly having fun with it, so I kinda want to see it one day.


In Latin is it "Novum Tarraco" or "Nova Tarraco"?


File: 57b6928690e40a6⋯.jpg (237.24 KB, 1028x1495, 1028:1495, 2ebc1c4b78a413345e1384ce9b….jpg)

how's standalone delta green compared to CoC supplement delta green? which one is better? is the standalone version any good?



Tarraco is feminine so it would be Nova Tarraco.



All of them. Get the compendium and ignore rules you don't use. You'll have to make your own turning key and scale all the distances. I've done this before with and it's fairly simple.


File: b6af0d8da52cc7e⋯.jpg (49.07 KB, 624x478, 312:239, bo-dallas.jpg)


Much appreciated


How do you handle diseases/curses?



>satanic panic over a board game

>nothing about the satanic cults sacrificing animals in the wilderness

At times it seems peoples priorities are misplaced.


Are there any good systems/settings for Age of Sail play?


So... getting back into my alchemist question. How can I justify fleshcrafting stuff to my DM without being evil (or at least not actively doing evil stuff to innocent people even if I have the evil alignment)? I just want to help and heal orphans while turning captive bandits into Dr. Moreau horrors or living tumours.



Sawit around the time it came out. It's way more tongue in cheek and silly, if you couldn't tell from the JonTron video. I don't think it really did the Chick Tracts justice, though. They went too over-the-top and made some silly stuff about Cthulhu and Matrix-esque orgy raves, instead of just playing it straight as a direct example of how silly Christian zealots can be.



Just be honest with him and tell him you only plan on doing it to "acceptable targets" like bandits or really evil dudes or whatever. If he's not cool with that, then there's probably nothing you can do to convince him that being the human version of The Thing isn't that bad.



What I worry more about is the bad alignment and doesn't allow me to do good acts even if I do REALLY twisted stuff to people I feel justified to fuck over.

I just want to heal orphans with the power of unethical experiments.Also give others the chance to get wings and monster stuff just for shit and giggles.


File: 6a7058d06557116⋯.jpg (976.22 KB, 2047x1455, 2047:1455, dosdemayo.jpg)

I wanna do a one-shot, but I'm out of ideas. The setting is gonna be the uprising of the Spaniards against the French during the Napoleonic Wars. The PCs will be there minding their own business and they'll get entangled in the chaos. Problem is, I have no good ideas about what "their own business" can mean. The players are gonna be mostly new players, so I don't expect too much initiative from them. The upside is that I can influence heavily the character creation and give their characters some decent motivations and personalities. But I still need something that would press people out on the streets while total chaos is happening. Any ideas or suggestions? Anything would be appreciated.



First off, what system?

Second off, trying to make your player's characters for them will make them less invested. You don't know if they're even going to care about this Spaniards vs French backdrop you're putting them in. Have you discussed the idea with them? If they're new, you're running the risk of dumping them into the game and getting the entire thing locked up in choice paralysis. They don't know what to do, why they should do anything, where they should go, what rules to use, or what should motivate their characters.

That said, the easiest way to make player's care about what's happening in the game is to make shit happen to their characters. Their home gets burnt down. Their shop gets ransacked. Their favorite mule gets stolen.


Is it possible to use GURPS to set a campaign in The Culture universe? I cannot think of any other system that would make it possible to do so.



The system is warhammer RPG 2ed with a good bunch of home brew rules, mainly to speed up the combat. It's a classless system (you get abilities directly), combat is cruel and dangerous and that way players are encouraged to pick their fights carefully and not muder-hobbo their way through. It's a system that also requires the players to learn almost no rules; they just tell you what they want to do in terms of narrative and as GM you translate it into rules.

In my experience, novice players tend to make really weak characters, with a poorly defined personality and no motivation at all. I want to assist them with the character creation to try help them make characters they feel comfortable with but also have some meat to them (ideally, we'll do it chatting online, one on one and a few days prior; in my experience, having made the characters beforehand lets them "mature" a bit in the player's head).



Another question about Pathfinder in general. If you make a statue golem and then use stone to flesh, can you create animated human life? or are the rules against that?



The result should just be a flesh golem, albeit a pretty one. The spell changes materials but does not add or remove life force.



I see... and can I get familiar feats if I get the familiar tumor discovery? And if I do vivisector stuff to it the familiar loses the condition of familiar I've heard.



wouldn't that just make it a huge stature-shaped piece of flesh?

Like, I assume, when you turn a human into stone, so do his internal organs, and inside he has a stone stomach, stone guts, stone heart, etc. And a statue only has solid stone inside.

So when you turn a statue into stone, it'd be like this one huge slab of muscle, or skin, or whatever else.


Am I being retarded or is there no way to download folders on the trove? I don't wanna fucking download all these files one by one.



So you can't create life by any meaning?



Fuck, just another idea.

Could you turn someone petrified into a golem?



I mean, it'd still be alive, but it would be immobile, with no real way to receive and ingest sustenance. If you manage to keep it alive through magic somehow, it'd be life alright.



I see. I also saw in ultimate magic that you can put a brain in a jar into a golem. Can you keep the brain's original personality into a golem robot or it is ust a necromantic accesory to get feats and stuff on golems?

Also, what if you hire the best sculptor of the kingdom and give him a diagram of every organ in a human body to recreate it on stone before animating and then turning into flesh?

It would be much easier to just clone or do a Frankenstein, but my autism is speaking through me.



>Can you keep the brain's original personality into a golem robot or it is ust a necromantic accesory to get feats and stuff on golems?

That's a question we don't have an answer to IRL. There was this one head transplant that was going to happen, but then it was canceled. We still do not know just how much personality is in the brain.

As for the feat transfer, I assume a lot of those have to do with knowing one's body. You can't just train yourself to use your body in specific ways, then transfer to another one, and be expected to pull the same results.

>Also, what if you hire the best sculptor of the kingdom and give him a diagram of every organ in a human body to recreate it on stone before animating and then turning into flesh?

Why sculpt? Why not make it step by step out of concrete, and animate each part with a different stone-to-life spell.



Well, what I really mean is preserving a brain alive and placing it on a golem.

The only thing I like about Pathfinder is opening the door to do very weird and rule allowed mad science.


I've been collecting a bunch of army men recently. Because the brand that was selling the best looking army men I knew didn't have them in tan anymore, but LIME GREEN, I threw my fucks away and bought a whole bucket of them to make my own tan army men. But the thing is: I haven't painted army men before. My plan was just to spray paint it and they would be painted forever, but I don't want to ruin them by being careless.

Long story short: How would I go about spray painting army men? Do I need a primer? What kind of paint do I use? Will the paint last forever?



The information stored in your organs isn't so substantial that it would warrant more then a footnote. However the question is impossible to answer, because what exactly is being fed to the brain and what would that information be processed as? You couldn't really know. A full body cyborg is easy to visualize perceiving the world filtered through a synth or something but a Golem usually made of some mundane substance and being moved around via magic? Who knows what that would look like.

A person's personality would be the same in the short period but long term it's entirely a guess what would happen, assuming they aren't completely slaved to the body stopping them from being able to do anything forever.

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