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>Want to get back into wargaming

>Find very few companies that aren't pozzed to shit

>Like the looks of Kings of War

>Go check out the forum on Dakka Dakka as everything else is on facebook

>See a topic on making armies more varied

>Entire thread devolves into faggotry because of a furry

BO Edit: Congrats, your thread has been chosen!

Old Thread >>390219


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They have 9 posts? Fuck em. Ideas sound retarded. A visibly gay army? They ditching kingdom banners for "I take it in the ass" flags? I suppose if you lose you can blame it on bigotry though.



The posts count wasn't my concern as much as the mods not shutting that shit down on sight. It's an obvious derailing. If you joined a thread on fire elementals and started discussing burning Jews you would be instabanned.

If this faggot wasn't so obviously new and didn't care about any of this shit he would know KoW already has a gay army. Elves are always homos



The more mainstream and well known a site is, the more likely it is that it will attract normalfags, retards, and subhumans. All three of those categories have an obnoxious habit of trying to assert themselves as visible and important parts of any community they force their way into, because they crave validation and approval. Plus you've got the law of averages working against you. Bigger crowd, bigger community, greater likelihood of pozzed shitters cropping up.

short version: If you want a game that's got a large, strong community of players backing it, you're going to run into poz.


Well, OP, I am sorry to say but any community that doesn't take an outright hostile attitude to leftists will, over time, itself become leftist due to them infiltrating. If you want a pozz-free game, you'd need to either find something so obscure to go under the radar, or something that actively hates all this SJW shit, but good luck finding that.


Basically Warhammer underworlds

>games are 3 turns

>teams are a set of fixed figures out of one box so no headcanon crap

>card based but no way power creep to buy the best cards leading to a caste system meta

>game is strategy so the retards bow out quick

>is very competitive

>only 'lore' is 'people trapped in none euclidian ruined city' and thats it so no having to sit listen to retards try to explain their trans characters agendas

>sit down, play 3 turns and games over so you fuck off to your next opponents, no niceties, just gameplay.

its the best you got.



That sounds like the exact type of game that appeals to the pozzed. It's simple, pay to win and bland as hell.



character creation man. The only thing they go for is character creation. Its like a 13 year old discovering the internet going "I CAN MAKE MY OOOOWN SONIC CHARACTER?!?"



dakka dakka was always sjw-lite (at best) in the off-topic subforums. it's only worthwhile for the project logs tbh. though those posts seem like bait. maybe it's just me and being on image boards has desensitized me to people actually being sincerely mentally retarded, I dunno.

Try MYFAROG, though it may not be your thing.



All that character creation in Magic.

Some of them are drawn to it but that's not it.



The project logs are what appealed to me.

I'm not into church burning roleplay. not my thing sir.,



Isn't MYFAROG mechanically tedious?

GURPS is low on the poz, even has correct grammar in 4e.

At least it had in the reprint bundle i got last year or so.



Magics different. Thats the "im such a nerd xD!" culture along with the "its ours now" thing, the character creation applies to the actual pozzkinde who seem to have an interest rather than just the culture war need to control everything.



Still casual board game shite.



Magic attracting that much sperg is because WotC is pozzed as fuck.



Then you have kings of wars sjws, the 9th ages angry at the world legit incel that everyone else hates, 40k for tweens or age of sigmar.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is unfortunately true. Remember the general rule, the easier it is to find players the shittier the game. In an ideal world every fa/tg/uy would have his own personal group of gamers at his own personal level of autism to engage in the wonders (and terrors) of homebrew games, but most of us won't get that. We will simply have the fluff, and telling noobs that they are scrubs as they wreck the setting we poured our souls into.



That wasn't always the case, but now with hollywood and education the way it is, people will riot about walls being inhumane, while ignoring shit like this https://www.cbsnews.com/news/u-s-approved-thousands-of-child-bride-requests-and-its-legal/

You need to build your own gaming groups. Any company that doesn't suck tranny cock will end up losing its payment processors. The merchants are getting more blatant by the day. The world wasn't ready for the power of narrative fiction. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner could probably have been used to start a new religion



I smell toast



Most of them are 17 and husband is in 20's.

18 year olds starring in "Facial abuse" or "girls do porn" day after their 18th birthday is more outrageous.



>All that character creation in Magic

Deckbuilding nigga. Magic is incredibly personal for that reason.



>ignoring the 12 and 40 year old

>having zero backing for her "most"




I'll shill here for a bit. I like stuff that Ganesha Games has produced. It's basically one guy doing everything, with his wife helping the business. He's made a bunch of small Skirmish Wargames that try and maintain a focus on /yourdudes/ and allow you to use any miniature so long as it fits in the genre. Advanced Songs of Blades and Heroes is his most expansive, it's basically generic fantasy, with supplements for various off-fantasy staples like blackpowder firearms, steampunk, etc.

I was thinking of doing something with Vassal/Tabletop Sim involving these games since they're pretty accessible.



I got a 90 year ban on dakka for using the term cuck in a non-ironic internet bantz way. As in Cuckold: Someone who watches his wife get fucked.



It's amazing how effective that word is on them tbh. It completely encapsulates everything about them and they can't deal with it.



>Isn't MYFAROG mechanically tedious?

Bought a copy of the book shortly after release, because I wanted to see what had caused so much furore more than anything else. Ran a few test scenarios while considering introducing it my group, and fucking hell! It's almost like the game was designed by a guy whose skills are only relevant on a stage and who cared more about 'muh message' than the game.

MYFAROG is basically 'just another fantasy heartbreaker' but with an elevated chance of triggering normies. That's all it's good for.



Pretty much. It's just 2E with more tables, less fun, and a mediocre Anglo-supremacist setting. The only reason it got any attention at all was because a retard kept shitting up 4cuck threads right up until someone bought the damn thing and made a PDF of it.

By comparison, the retroclones(and all other RPGS in general) that are more noteworthy tend to be labors of love done by people who show a genuine passion for the game.


>anon customizes his avatar so everyone knows he's into bestiality

>read what he has to say

Don't ignore the warnings.

Tabletop types tend to be geekier sorts so it's a community categorically filled with more weirdos than the general population. Remember, jews have been involved since they bankrupted Gigax's company.

Most tabletop settings have degrees of poison. Hatred's pretty pure and cool: wargame in a primitive setting reminiscent of Conan.

Degenesis has my favorite setting overall EXCEPT for the niggers who you have to disregard to keep the fluff from beggaring belief..

Yes Sigmar is bringing Space Marines and Ork armor into fantasy,

Yes it's copying MtG with its' relams

Yes it has a dyke-haired chick as the poster-woman for the Sigmarines

but its' lore and setting is still more original and interesting on net than the original Fantasy setting.



The original WHFB setting was pretty unique and interesting; in fact, it's the only flintlock fantasy setting that I know of.



Certainly had a lot more charm than Smegmar. WHFB was incredibly generic on the surface, but look even slightly deeper and it had a lot of charm and flavor that you really wouldn't see elsewhere. Can you name any other settings where Dwarves are stubborning themselves to extinction by constantly getting into wars to avenge the dead of previous wars or where they'll do things like wipe out your entire family because you shortchanged them as the result of an accounting error or declare war on a mountain because a lot of Dwarves died to a cave in? How many other settings are there where one race has a huge portion of its population wiped out by a meteor so they take to worshiping the crater out of a combination of awe and fear? It didn't always show on the surface, but there was some pretty good shit there.



I'm pretty sure the only people who consider WHFB generic are people who've only seen the name and one or two models and have no idea what the setting is beyond "not 40k".


File: a734ab9580f9340⋯.png (152.66 KB, 530x542, 265:271, a734ab9580f93403f76b944481….png)

>hey anon, you should listen to this OneShot podcast! They play lots of different and obscure RPGs and they're really funny

>think, "why the fuck not?"

>got a ton of time at work to fill anyways

>actually kind of enjoying it

>they don't always do a great job of highlighting and extrapolating on mechanics, but that's a little hard to do anyways

>Some episodes are genuinely hilarious because a few of the recurring players are (non-celebrity) comedians and improv people

>start jumping around to listen to episodes about games I know or are interested in

>early stuff was pretty straight forward, but there's a few hundred episodes because they've been doing this for 5 years

>the bigger the show got the more the poz seeped in

>heavy-handed focus on bringing on female gamers

>at one point invited a group called "the d20 girls" who were a feminist gamer community -- None of them had ever played a fucking RPG, any RPG, before AND THEY'RE FUCKING CALLED THE D20 GIRLS

>questionably large number of episodes dedicated to Powered By The Apocalypse games

>pronoun shit starts coming up more and more often

>GM host and his crew go out of their way to obnoxiously gush about the importance of female gamers and pandering to them

>on a few occasions, during character introductions, guest players decide to change the sex of their character on the spot, like they think they are doing the group a favor by adding some diversity

>anytime a matter of romantic interest or sexual attraction comes up, they practically trip over themselves to make their characters gay

>Whenever someone tries to play their character as someone who doesn't automatically show spineless deference and worship to female characters, like asking if a female NPC is hot or not, the GM audibly recoils and and awkwardly tries to smooth over the situation.

>after a certain point, the guy running it starts appending "calls to action" to the end of every episode, demanding that his listeners whine about the "racist" border wall and other recent political happenings

>years of doing this has spawned dozens of other podcasts in their network, including two psychologists applying their pseudo-intellectual bullshit to RPGs while constantly going on about how queer they and their players are.

On the one hand, it's frustrating to get smacked in the face with this bullshit, because I just want something to occupy a portion of my attention while I do my boring ass job. On the other, it's morbidly fascinating to revisit these old episodes and listen as the team behind this show steadily disappear farther up their own asses as the poz takes hold of their sanity. You can clearly mark the exact moments when the sane, hobby-focused part of their brains disengage, and the rotten lefty cancer part of their brain takes over and makes them panic and rush to virtue signal.

What's also interesting is that it's allowed me to come to understand the podcast racket a little better as well. They have on a lot of guests who also run their own podcasts, in many cases, they have several. The way it works is that these faggots rush to find as many quirky niches as possible and make that into podcasts, which they use to constantly e-beg for donations, and through clique-ish tactics, "professional" podcasts constantly cross-promote by inviting other podcasters onto each others shows where they shill themselves, which is meant to bring in more patreon donations. What surprised me was just how flimsy some of the topics they turn into podcasts can be. Literally shit like "we watch every episode of Sailor Moon and recount it as a podcast each week" and then replace Sailor Moon with just about any other ironic weeb series, or some ironic hipster shit like the Saban Power Rangers.

It's the overall incestuous and clique-driven nature of these shows that makes me worry a lot less. Unlike that other spaz, I don't believe cancerous, pozzed podcasts are as much of a problem as they appear to be. Even some of the biggest ones are scraping together a few thousand fans and a couple thousand views/downloads/whatever. Furthermore, the kind of people who rush to throw shekels at these faggots are a lot like the other jackasses out there who throw hundreds of dollars at feminist bloggers who claim that they are professional academic writers doing important essays about how Disney movies. It's not hardcore fans of the hobby being corrupted. It's pitiful hipster faggots looking for a parasocial relationship freely giving up their money to other hipster faggots. The kind of power they wield in the grand scheme of things is pretty meager. The world could still do without that extra ounce of marxist ideological AIDS, but the ultimate goal of these shows is to promote them more to give the faggots responsible for them more money, which mostly just means they'll make more shows for their audience, which is really just a few thousand people at best.



It's simple anon

>start doing a podcast about the thing I like, it's fun

>get money


>new listeners don't come in too often, older ones die off, money flow stagnates and looks like it'll dry up eventually

>realise that you're unemployable since you all you can do is talk about autistic nerd shit

>panic and start thinking of ways to survive

>start following trends and try to capture "new audience" in an effort to bolster the listener base

>beg for donations in order to maximise revenue from the listeners you still have

>endlessly shill yourself anywhere and everywhere, just to get a few more people to listen

>fun and passion have died long ago by now


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I throw on Last Podcast on the Left when i paint and im amazed how pure and anti pozzed it remains to this day.


Shadowrun's authors intimate they know the real politics of the world by describing a committee, headed by the leaders of each major bank, which determines international finance named ZOG.

I'm sure we can go on endlessly with examples of kosher propaganda in tabletop games. Here are some examples

Numenera - A setting where blondes don't exist. You can have anime-style blue, green or other inhuman colors and be all kinds of a special snowflake but the fairest hair has been genocided out of existence.

Eclipse Phase - The magic of nanomachines makes, "post-scarcity" economic gibberish like anarcho-communist communes functional.




There were good elements to the previous warhammer fantasy setting. I'm not dumping on it all. Some of my personal favorites were

1. One of the Skaven's potential origins* being a curse on an Empire town, drawing from real-world Black Plague era folklore about dead peasants returning as rats to revenge themselves on the wicked.

2. The Lizardmen as a mashup of Aztecs, Mormons, Great Old Ones, pre-human saurian empires as depicted in King Kull and other 1800s-science-inspired authors.

WF was more original at its' inception but has become blander relative to what's available. Moorcock's theme of Order vs Chaos has become a staple of many settings, like TES, warhammer influenced many other settings, from Warcraft to Dragon Age's Fade (Immaterium).

Making the setting less mundane, like Holy Roman Empire vs vikings, and more fantastic, with each faction living in some alternate dimension with its' own rules, is cool.

The biggest failing I see is not representing such fluff in game mechanics. You could have different mechanics for each realm to give games more variety. Lacking such content, the story and crunch are divorced.

*I know this story's non-canon in-setting because the Skaven fought Lizardmen back in the day.



>flintlock fantasy

Shadow of the Demon Lord is that too and I'm pretty sure WHFB was one of the inspirations.

And possibly some adventures for LotFP thought the degree of fantasy varies and it doesn't really have a setting.



That's why you get a real job first. Podcasts should be reserved as a hobby that you might get a few bucks from if people like it enough. Hell, assume that you won't get any money being doing a podcast when you do them. Treating it like a source of income is retarded.



Listen to the Grognard Files, if you haven't already. Bunch of Oldfag Brits talk about their experience with the Oldest of Old School games, going from RuneQuest 1E, to Tunnels and Trolls, to Stormbringer, to Traveller, to the best articles in White Dwarf from back in the day. It's nice and comfy and warms the soul.



I think the problem is that most people who want to get into podcasting are probably already a little pozzed. It's not a matter of seeking popularity by pandering to SJW shit, either. It's more likely than not that they were kool-aid swilling retards to begin with, but as the times changed the way they did, they became more motivated to stop hiding their poz power level, or they simply got dragged deeper. The SJW mindset is quicksand, after all. You either delve deeper and start chanting with the rest of the hipster faggots, or you get excommunicated for being problematic.

It's pretty easy to forget that SJWs used to be less intense 5 years ago than they are today. With One Shot, I think it was more likely that as they built up fame, largely by circlejerking with other podcasters, they attracted the core audience of many of these other hipster faggot podcasts... Hipster faggots.



I saw something similar happen to this one internet e-celeb who talked about video games. Most of his non-pozzed stuff has been deleted from Tumblr now, so I'll take this chance to tell the story and remind you all what social media does to people.


>Before gamergate got big, one guy realized how stupid journo bloggers were and started a tumblr blog called loltaku where he catalogued the hypocrisy and hack writing that plagued video game journalism

>this consisted mostly of him browsing Kotaku and Polygon for half a hour over lunch, then posting the dumb shit he found

>notable examples of dumb shit include:

<mike fahey, a writer who reviewed shitty processed gamer food and wrote tonnes of articles about LE WACKY JAPAN

<one writer complaining about sexualization of women characters in video games despite having a tattoo of Etna from Disgaea on his leg

<many writers being bribed in manners identical to payola, and then giving the game companies who bribed them great scores

Old news to anyone who's looked at this industry for more than a few years, but it was funny to see compilations of this every few days.

>eventually he branches out into gaming news in general, and highlights/corrects many articles and coverage of (((controversies))), although sadly he never wised up to who was manufacturing it

>identifies many trends in the industry, like incomplete games, outrage marketing, etc. and provides succinct, accurate criticism of precisely why they are harmful

>this continues for about a year, and he makes a twitter account to cross-promote or whatever

>this means a lot more stream-of-consciousness posts and pidgin meme speak because Twitter rots your brain

>I learn he is apparently a contractor and does blue collar work, and uses video games/anime as a hobby to relax

>eventually he starts up a personal Tumblr blog to shitpost about video games and e-celebs

>axes loltaku, which is immediately taken over by a bot and purged of everything it had built up over two years

>starts using his personal Twitter and Tumblr to promote the games his e-celeb friends make, like this one guy making an ironic visual novel dating sim with monstergirls

>>starts shitposting about feminine penis

>>>someone asks him why he's doing this and he gets all defensive, saying "If all the pictures of men characters I post didn't clue you in, I'm bisexual, kiddo"

>outed as a furry shortly therafter, with a sparklefaggot shark boy OC

>buys a $600 gamer chair

>starts recording voice segments where he "just talks about whatever subject I feel like" for a few minutes at a time

>his video game discussion progressively becomes diluted with progressive garbage and memes

>>so many fucking memes about posting the wrong pornography to a Discord channel, or posting in the wrong Discord, or receiving Discord notifications for no reason, or something equally degenerate

>>>I get to see his brain rot as he goes from someone who once made long, quality posts with evidence and sources to someone who never uses punctuation or the shift key on Twitter, and who is never away from Twitter for more than a day

>"you know i almost stopped using Twitter until I just blocked everything I disagreed with and surrounded myself with stuff I liked, and now the platform is much friendlier"

>one day I see him retweet a political article which outlines one of the many problems with food stamps in the United States: apparently food stamps can be used to buy candy and other unhealthy food, which enables many people niggers to subsist on garbage while unemployed and still afford their iPhones

>>"lmao how could you ever care about what people want to eat, don't you have better things to do than ensure The Poors™ don't touch their lips to a can of Dr Pepper??????"

<close the window and stop looking at his profiles

I popped my head in a few months ago and he's become one of the soylent masses who talk about anime and video games. His Twitter profile picture is a cartoon commission of himself, his biography is an ironic mess of words and week-old memes, and he's apparently now a podcast star with a bunch of other C-list e-celebs. Watching this happen has done more to convince me of the evils of social media than any thinkpiece any blogger ever wrote. I wish there was a way for memories to be distilled and transmitted, because anyone who finds this guy now will just think he's been this way forever, and that his behaviour is normal. I used to wonder where all these allegedly megapopular streamers and soyim came from, but now I get it - they're people who tried to do something as a hobby, got a whiff of fame, and weren't strong enough to turn their heads away from it and back to their work.



>Watching this happen has done more to convince me of the evils of social media than any thinkpiece any blogger ever wrote.

Feels like there's some sort of maddening effect tied to people who seclude themselves as e-celebs while only fulfilling the social aspect of their lives through the cancerous filter of twitter and other social media sites. They usually end up in cliques and echo-chambers. They also tend to get closer to other quasi-celebrities, which tends to have a pretty big influence on them when combined with the guilt-motivated nature of SJW thinking.

<this person I admire because they are more famous than me is constantly throwing a tantrum on social media and using their platform as a semi-popular podcaster to inform people about politics!

<I should do the same!

<It's my responsibility after all!

<I have a duty to tell the braindead plebs who worship me how they should think and vote!

Take a look at what happened to that faggot JelloApocalypse, for a better understanding




Dang, I liked his videos. Is he a Twitter lunatic too now?


File: 6ba91d2e7a1fdcb⋯.png (215.46 KB, 1009x507, 1009:507, ClipboardImage.png)


He released a shitty video back during the midterm elections encouraging people to vote.. Which was fine for the first few seconds until it launched into the usual lefty spew about Russian hackers, feeling unsafe, MUH MEXICAN CHILDREN BEING SEPARATED FROM THEIR drug cartel human traffickers PARENTS, trannies, claiming that black people are killed for being black, and so on.




Yeah, only Youtubers with any sort of following that are worth watching now, and aren't cancer are peopl like AVGN's Mike who doesn't take shit, people like Daria Cohen who are too focused on their work to worry about pandering, or people like Alpharad, who are just there to be mildly entertaining by dicking around.



Very subtle.



You are correct but you miss the big picture. These e celebs also network at conventions and end up being hired by companies. Either as a PR method or as an actual employee. A lot of WOTC's staff are e celeb podcasts now.

They influence the community coming in and around them. People like podcasts as ways to catch up with the game. If it's all pozzed they will get pozzed too.


Are you a shill trying to promote your podcast here? They did an episode on old GW and whined about sexism. They're pozzed boomers. I despise that term but it fits them like a glove. They whined about how women being shirtless wasn't acceptable and they were just too young and dumb to realize it.


>Mike from AVGN

Mike is an annoying faggot. He's nothing but a leech off of James and we all know James wife cucked him.

>Daria (((Cohen)))





This place has just as bad moderation if you pay attention to the ban logs. People being banned for years at a time for disagreeing with the BO


File: 84989323dfe0122⋯.jpg (188.59 KB, 1984x1984, 1:1, __nagatoro_ijiranaide_naga….jpg)


Yeah but they were faggots so why would you want them back



>By comparison, the retroclones(and all other RPGS in general) that are more noteworthy tend to be labors of love done by people who show a genuine passion for the game.

Nah, they're often rewordings and abbreviations of 2E with one or two new features that are inevitably just rewordings of mechanics from 3E and beyond tossed in there. Retroclones and Pozfinder both have the same exact effort put into them.



Since pretty much every single one of those guys turned into absolute faggots in the Meta thread every time they got a smaller warning ban, I don't see a problem. Plus I'm pretty sure any ban higher then 90-days counts as 90-days.


File: d03575f1c2b6057⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1280x1425, 256:285, Migrant_Crimes.png)


your a faggot, regardless of the fact that retroclones are rewordings of 2e (which is the retro in retroclone), the very fact you call it pozfinder means they cannot have the 'exact same effort' put into it. One is done of a love of the game (thus the minimal change except occassionally to get rid of Thaco and use ascending AC and a few other 3rd edition isms) and the other is to shit on 3rd'd success because a company was dissatisfied with how pozzed 4th edition was so they made their own extra pozzed version of 3.5. There is honestly no comparison.



There's also the fact how both are published. Retroclones are often published for free and there's usually a fancier version of the game that you can buy but you don't need to.

Pozzfinder just sells a worse version of a broken game at full price.



I hate to do this, because Paizo is really one of the worst things to happen to the hobby in terms of game design, writing, and art, but since Pathfinder is an OGL game, most if not all of its content is available for free on SRD sites. The only thing you miss out on is the formatting structure of the books themselves.



Retroclones have no love put into them anon. I can make a Retroclone right now that would have the same exact value as trash like The Black Hack, Whitehack, etc. etc. Much like you can make a homebrew version of 3.5 that is of exactly the same quality as Pozfinder. There really is no difference: both of them are copies with few, if any unique or original ideas. It's utterly derivative and soulless, trying to claim the same fire that the "Original Roleplaying Game" had. There is literally no reason to play a retroclone when you can just play the original instead.


All part of (((their))) plan.

1. Destroy all enjoyable, male/masculine, pastimes and refuges. Infiltrate through the thirsty betamale white knights. Pozz it up. Actively campaign against anyone not conforming (evil, nazi, misogynist).

2. Now you are socially isolated. Also looking at women is harassment. Approaching them and asking for a date is rape. Sometimes. How much money do you have?

3. Isolated, no refuge, you must consume (((their))) propaganda while trying to convince yourself it isn't that bad. Now you're a pozzed cuck.

Stand up and fight for your hobby now or you get what you deserve.



This is why we need to kill people.

Find a local soyboy and ram a knife in his eye socket.

The more you kill, the more you win.



>hey kid wanna blow up a federal building



>This is why we need to kill people.

Wrong. What you really need to do is find a local soyboy and suck his cock. That way you'll remove all the soy-juice-water(SJW for short) from his body. Next you should have him fuck you in the ass. It might seem a bit extreme at first but this way you'll remove the last bit of SJW from his body while increasing his testosterone level by dominating you.

If you go around stabbing fags, you'll probably only remove about a dozen at best and you'll probably get fuck up the ass anyways in prison.

However, if you follow the suck-and-fuck method you'll be able to sure hundreds!

Believe me, I'm an expert on this. I saw an infographic on it once.



The detractors of this hobby are not from without, but from within. Tabletop games are an incredibly hard hobby to get into: not only do you need people to play with, you need the right sort of people to play with, you need the miniatures, you need the rulebooks, you need the modules, you need the supplements and the splat books, you need the expansion packs and then, for every new edition, you need to go and buy all this again. The people who have been ruining this hobby are the sort who got into it when it was easier to get into, back when one couldn't get as enjoyable of an experience by going onto their computer, installing a game and playing it. Video games really are why this hobby has become a cesspit: video games provide a better, cheaper and more convenient experience overall in comparison to tabletop games.




>It's okay to create a hugbox I like but those other groups shouldn't be allowed.

About sums it up doesn't it?


Even before your father's birth the fantasy genre was pozzed up. You're saying they took you off one form of propaganda to get you on another.


The attack is within but you're being autistic. You don't need all those things when you just pick up a yugioh starter deck or a Warhammer army in a box for 50 bucks. Video games act as a gate way drug to the "community" where you have these people playing Dawn of War or Neverwinter nights and then using the wikis to consume the fluff. They aren't into gaming but the fiction.

How my soy freaks do you think Dark souls and Goblin Slayer brought into our neck of the woods? While the core problem is an attack from within, what made within is not what you describe.



So you're saying the bar to entry should be much higher than it is at the moment. How would we be able to make that happen? The only thing I can think of is to target websites, services and software which video game-ify tabletop games and attempt to have them shut down, defamed or defuncted. The end goal should be to squeeze this hobby's throat until it effectively dies.



>why won't someone think of the poor shitposters??? isn't their right to shit up /tg/ more important than having a good board???


File: e6d42356370eeef⋯.png (102.08 KB, 571x439, 571:439, 5e008c534ca4f4342e9f6e06af….png)


Woah, people buy non-physical items for their games?

But why?



They are ghosts.



You don't have the power to enforce anything that would resolve the issues. You can't compete with WOTC or GW, so how do you strangle the hobby? GW has needed to die for decades now and yet it just keeps going. It keeps going eternally with no end in sight. When it was the most hated company in the industry it was still the most profitable, it still had the biggest games, and it even killed one of those games and just kept going. If you had the power killing GW and WOTC would be the first thing to do but you can't. Tabletop games will kill themselves through computer gaming. The hobby divides into an art form of modellers and board gamers wanting an excuse to meet up and be social with each other. The later half is the SJW influence now. They don't care about Munchkin or settlers, it just gives them an excuse to meet up and drink. The SJWs use game dev for exactly the same reason.


>People disagreeing with us are shit posters

>The only possible valid opinion is the one we have and we will ban everyone else into submission

Which is why Reddit is the way it is and 8ch has become a ghost town.


File: 7af2c06a6f3c17e⋯.jpg (95.72 KB, 443x455, 443:455, 1539512554866.jpg)


you seem to know a lot about reddit.



Someone sporting a cuckchannel filename and a shitty mutant wojak meme is in no position to criticize anyone.



no no no no no. You find a local soyboy and you don't kill him, you make him kill himself. You make an example of him by turning him into an object of ridicule and then expanding that ridicule to all the other soycucks in the area.


File: a7cab2566ff3482⋯.jpg (63.15 KB, 500x411, 500:411, potions.jpg)


I find myself grappling with a lot of conflicting ideas on how to handle and approach the problems we're seeing in the hobby, and I still don't think there's an easy solution that will feel like the kind of victory some of us want. In a lot of ways, going after the WotC's and GW's of the hobby is like going after Hollywood, which is to say, it appears that there's little chance that they will ever be good or set straight ever again, because they were shit from the start. Cancer to their cores and marred by a history of rotten employees and poor business decisions. WotC, for what it's worth, wasn't even responsible for D&D's creation. They just bought it, and in a lot of ways, they are even worse than TSR was under Lorraine Williams.

There's the argument that something needs to be done to tend to the long-term health of the hobby, as rampant casualization and pozzing will means bad things for the small industry that surrounds tabletop gaming. I can see what people are getting at when they say these kinds of things. Shitty games and poor design philosophy that prioritizes political virtue signalling (like Cards Against Humanity, for instance) only poisons the communities, the tournaments, conventions, and eventually hits game stores. Hypothetically, this means that sooner or later the player pool for certain games and systems will dry up and you'll be left with the choice to either stop playing, or adapt to the cancerous ways of the newfags raised on shitty games that disguise lazy game design as "narrative focus"

On the other hand, the mass market and normalfags have always had shit taste and poor self-control. The best thing most people get from gaming stores are THAT GUY stories and tales of disastrously run campaigns where dipshits ruin games. They almost seem to purposefully gather around bad games. 5e was insultingly dumbed down and utterly bereft of content at launch, and it still sold incredibly well even though it took them years to release any kind of splatbooks or eratta. Much like the Hollywood comparison, normalfags, the average fan or hobbyist, are potentially beyond saving, but even if you could, you wouldn't want them anyways. It's like... Getting a Beyonce fan to listen to some other music. Getting a Fortnite addict to try playing Quake. No matter what you do, chances are they'll remain awful. The big reason to try is because of the slim chance that you can elevate a few people out of normalfag status and make them realize that there are better games out there.

Not sure where I'm going with this. I suppose my feelings on the matter of 'saving' the /tg/ industry is that the biggest parts aren't worth saving and that normalfags will always be a problem for one reason or another. I don't think we'll ever see a complete collapse of the hobby. It's only getting easier, cheaper, and more accessible to produce games. Used to be that publishing and distribution were gated behind hurdles that an amateur would have to struggle to overcome. Now you can shit out a homebrew game and have it available on various print on demand sites or distributed at no cost to yourself. That sort of thing isn't going to get harder. I don't think we'll ever see the hobby truly die or go away. There's always going to be a dedicated autist who wants to share their dream game with others. To that end, I'd say the true tragedy of the current era is that discoverability is utterly awful. Forming close-knit communities of like-minded hobbyists has become tricky because subversion and infiltration have become more common as internet usage has become more ubiquitous.



>About sums it up doesn't it?

Considering the fact that page 2 on the board log you cite are actions that are over a year ago and page 3 is 2 years ago it's readily apparent to me that you have no god damned idea what standards you should apply to different boards.



>People disagreeing with us are shit posters

No, people shitposting are shitposters. Nobody has been banned for "disagreeing with the BO", people have been banned for being obnoxious shitposting faggots who try to shit up the board for their own entertainment.



>>Entire thread devolves into faggotry because of a furry

That's... not unusual, is it?


>Tabletop games will kill themselves through computer gaming.

They clean themselves through computer gaming.

Munchkins and other tards go play WoW knock-offs. Those not leaving are people interested in RPG and hipsters/manginas/trigglypuffs.

Which means there's less of a gray area, faggotry became less diluted and more visible, like with that Fur Heresy thing.


File: 5af518667d8b7ca⋯.jpeg (179.92 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, D85DCA9A-D049-42ED-9DCB-D….jpeg)

>Nightvault: Chaos got diversified with nigs and stronk wamen

>Genestealer cults: Now its a matriarch and the gunner on the new rock grinder

>Imperial Guard: Nogs on box art and femalw comissar that looks like a dude

>Stormcasts: Entire faction of le stronk female wizards and a third of all new heads are black

>Necromunda: Constantly inserting dindus/women into gangs besides the one gang supposed to be sexy

>Titan death: Book is about a woman having an orgasm from her titan getting horny for a battle

But nah keep telling me it isnt happening.



> Which is why Reddit is the way it is

And what way would that be?

AFAIK, it's trash. They can't even add ability to filter out relevant karma (to see stuff up/down-voted by people who share my opinions, rather than some random imbeciles).


> Nobody has been banned for "disagreeing with the BO"

Well, if that would've happened, BO would certainly not phrase it this way. Ban in 5, 4, 3, ...


> triggered

I'm curious, what did you expect?


File: f68de1b979ad6c6⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 1169x1700, 1169:1700, __erwin_rommel_mc_axis_ori….jpg)


your not gonna get a ban but if the best you got is "well he's not gonna phrase it that way" you're gonna get your ass banned for being a duplicious faggot. If you got something to say go say it in meta otherwise shut your faggot lips up.



>Ban in 5, 4, 3, ...

Man, you're trying really hard to prove a point that is just completely retarded.



I suppose if the Squats were around they'd get turned into Space La Raza rather than Space Hell's Angels.


There is always a certain level of satisfaction whenever the political ideology that you degenerates support leads to the worstening of all of your hobbies. Even if you deny it with every core of your being, despite your outright hatred of the commies. They will be the only ones who would actually be able to stop the mass commodification of everything that has market value.

I don't even care if communism comes into place, because all it means is that you ungrateful fucks will be able to enjoy the fruits of any sort of potential revolutionary's society if one is to exist. Instead you will have to deal with your hobbies becoming ever more corrupt and degenerated because some rich asshole decided it would be profitable for the game that you love to be sold off to the normies.



>Titandeath: Book is about a woman having an orgasm from her titan getting horny for a battle

You're fucking with me, right? this can't be real...


File: c04e3c204f0a6ec⋯.png (17.83 KB, 336x328, 42:41, 799ca4ac4e60f9c30c2c082caa….png)


>Communism will fix MtG



>communism will fix it guys!


File: a52d70a23b9b4a9⋯.png (484.51 KB, 729x945, 27:35, third position.png)




File: acea7ad7d26152f⋯.png (462.92 KB, 666x598, 333:299, I am getting stronger.png)


I don't know what's funnier.. The tough guy rhetoric, the assertion that a it will take a massive resolution to save our hobbies, or the possibility that this dumb sack of faggoty shit genuinely thinks that Communism can work and fix anything, let alone a game of pretend.



Tell me what your plan to save this hobby is then.


File: 8ac411b55af1329⋯.png (11.09 KB, 356x376, 89:94, 1286735847691.png)


>sh-shut up!

>at least I have a plan!

It ain't communism. Communism can't even save itself. My plan is to continue to make my own games, share them with friends, and encourage people to abandon shitty companies and retarded players who can't get out of their abusive addiction to cardboard crack and mediocre casualized RPGs.

And as long as we're at it, trying to save massive companies and idiots from themselves is fucking moronic. You can't make faggots stop being faggots anymore than you can make a retard into a genius. If there was any hope of "saving" games like MtG and D&D from themselves, they wouldn't have started chugging the SJW kool-aid like they did. Only way forward is to slaughter the sacred cows and move on.



That's fine and all until you realize that most of your friends have schedules that aren't compatible with your own anymore, and you have to play 5e or go home in most groups now.




Don't forget how he doubled down and talked about hating the audience his older Welcome videos got. He also tried to play it cool when he lost a decent amount of subscribers and patreons.



>deflecting this much

>y-you won't be p-popular

This hobby is not for women.



>implying that'll work

>implying tabletop won't become more and more pozzed no matter what any of us do

>implying any of it can be saved

It's all fucked, m8.



No. I'm just saying that I'd rather no play 5e DnD than to deal with plebians. You're the one who's projecting here mate.


File: 2fbf42202a852d2⋯.png (126.36 KB, 248x237, 248:237, datakek.png)


You don't have to play anything. You don't have to buy WotC's products or suck Paizo's feminine benis. If I want to play a game, I will make an effort to arrange schedules and get people together. There's no mandatory schedule binding me to show up at my LGS and play whatever the normalfags are playing.


>implying I implied that I want pozzed companies to be saved

Let's use OPs furfag subhuman as an example. Let's say you met this guy. You know he's a giant degenerate psycho. You know he wants to fuck his pet dog. You know he spends his spare cash on commissions of his sparkledog OC donutsteel getting pumped full of animal cock. You know when he's not around, he's probably off blogging about feminism and marxism and how much he hates republicans, even though he doesn't really understand anything about politics beside Republicans bad, Democrats good.

Do you waste your time trying to "save" this person? Do you believe that if you put in the effort, work with them, educate them, show them the folly of their ways, and guide them away from those habits, that they will ever be a person you could be friends with? Because that's what this comes down to; believing that horrendous, disgustingly stupid people can miraculously become good people you'd want in your life if you just waste enough time trying to save them when they don't even want to be saved.


So has anyone had to deal with people pushing politics at the table?

>Friend tries to introduce star wars into pathfinder.

>New dictator from the empire for planet is a trump stand in.

>In a game I DMed, he thought these post-apocalyptic governments would have gun control when there are rampaging mutants and monsters.

He also inserted Rick and Morty into two games so far. He DMed one and played as Rick in another.

>In a separate


File: d8bab52c9756db4⋯.png (148.54 KB, 500x701, 500:701, d8bab52c9756db425036330471….png)


All of my players are like that.

>one is an anarchist who only talks politics outside of the game

<LARPs as a samurai of justice in-game (an oxymoron) and has no intention of swearing himself to a liege

>one doesn't talk about politics outside of the game

<wants to create a democratic republic in the post-post apocalypse from the remains of a shattered empire

>one guy is conservative-ish

<stopped showing up because he's trying to get his Masters; usually played Civ 5 during the game anyway and barely talked to anyone else

>last guy is a faggot soyboy who never talks about politics

<plays the same soft runaway preteen in every single game he's in

Good thing they stay focused on the game, more or less. Even better that all the politics in-universe are happening far, far away, so we can focus on killing bandits and rescuing people.



Last year I was playing a D&D3.5 (I know, I know) game with some friends who are in university, and during one session we were consulting the various playable races in the splatbooks. We came across the kenku, and one of the players remarked

>oh, see, now that's a stereotype, that's harmful

<. . .


>because he's got a hooked beak and stuff, and he's hunched over clutching gold

<. . .

>m-maybe it's just me

Not four hours earlier he had led the group in telling me that politics weren't welcome at the table because in our previous session we had gotten to talking about race after he had brought in a copy of the local university rag, which had some spurious headline about ALT-RIGHT NAZI DOGWHISTLES because a university on the coast had allowed a pro-white students group to form.



<LARPs as a samurai of justice in-game (an oxymoron) and has no intention of swearing himself to a liege

Did Japan not have Knight-errants? I know Ronin are rogue samurai, were there none who wandered around setting things right? Surely this is not a oxymoronic concept.



My setting does have knight errants, but those guys aren't knights, just regular adventurers. The whole point of a samurai is serving one's liege - without a liege, a samurai has no purpose. Being a ronin is a disgrace, a stain on one's honor and the honor of their clan.

He abandoned his liege after the guy demanded he kill an innocent drunk who insulted him and hasn't looked back since. It's clear to me that personal honor is more important to him than cultural honor, I just need to rub it in his face more.



That reminds me of when I accidentally told my friend that the Jews killed Jesus.



If it's not in their history, it's absolutely in their culture. In Japanese myth Susano-o did it when he was cast out of heaven till he used the loot he earned to bribe his way back in. Plenty of it in modern fiction too. Even stuff that predates anime like several old movies, many of which are well known even in the west (Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, Sanjuro).



Even then, samurai as a profession were not Lawful Good, like my PC is - they were Lawful Neutral, almost to the point of idiocy. It's important to uphold a good ethical standard... so your boss looks good. The life of a samurai was a life of death, and that can be hard to reconcile with a Good alignment unless you ONLY kill "bad guys", which is what my PC has been doing. He's even nice to the underclasses! Who the fuck does he think he is, playing his character the way he wants to?


File: cfdc14e84d6a4ed⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1916x1080, 479:270, 5LYzTBVoS196gvYvw3zjwO40Fs….png)


>implying that Goblin Slayer isn't implicitly based


File: 6d35f353cf25567⋯.jpg (9.48 KB, 159x225, 53:75, jesus christ.jpg)



You people can't take a joke.



Independent creators are driven out by big companies, while big companies inevitably follow the path of least resistance - which mandates force-feeding people low-effort shit mixed with propaganda (as it is the most profitable strategy). That is the root of the problem.

The only realistic way to stop this conclusively is to subject industry to the actual desires of consumers - by making CEOs directly responsible to consumers who would act as an organized group (as opposed to acting like a bunch of whiny faggots). And such an arrangement would be called communism (today everything is communism; even GOP is "Soviet party").


> My plan is to continue to make my own games

Corebook alone (assuming any moderately complex games) requires several people working together and dozens of playtesters (assuming you don't want yet another heartbreaker).

> You can't make faggots stop being faggots anymore than you can make a retard into a genius.

It doesn't take a genius to realize that you are simply incapable of presenting an alternative to "shitty companies".


> So has anyone had to deal with people pushing politics at the table?

It's not "politics", but their personal bullshit. No different from inserting fetishes, characters they like (you yourself mentioned Rick&Morty), or Monty Python jokes.

Tell them to stop.



>by making CEOs directly responsible to consumers

That's retarded and you know it. Half the problem is that the average consumer doesn't know what's best for them, which is why these companies get away with producing dog turds wrapped in poz. Placing artistic control in the hands of the masses is exactly the same problem as whoring it out to big business, you're just replacing "profit" with "public approval", which is already close enough to profit anyway.

You seem to be working on the assumption that the majority of consumers are against what basically every large business has been doing to tabletop gaming, and you're wrong, sadly. Appealing to the lowest common denominator is good business sense, and enough people are at least willing to put up with hard leftist propaganda that putting it in only helps their profits. They're replacing the core of their consumer base with blue-haired soygolems because it's a lot easier to put in bullshit about transgender kobolds and Nigerian techpriests than it is to make good games.

Fundamentally, as a consumer group, genuine fans of tabletop gaming have very little power to change that, but tying your company's future to the success of a cult has never been a good business strategy anyway. This whole social justice fad will die one way or another, and shitty companies will die with it. All we have to do in the meantime is refuse to purchase their products, and call out poz at the table, the same way you'd call out any other magical realm shit.



The whole "social justice thing" will not die out because it's not a cult. It's a political revolution based on a formerly dominant group becoming toothless in it's lands. Whites no longer hold any power in white ethnic homelands, that gave it all away to sand people, jungle people and whatever other group of non-whites your country is currently being invaded by.

When a society builds it's funeral pyre it doesn't get to decide what happens to the ashes. The pyre has been built, now it's lit and it's just a matter of everything falling apart and turning to ash. This isn't a passing storm, it's the first signs of a cultural take over. What comes out the other side will in no way look like what we had before the cultural suicide of the western nations. Look at the Greeks, The Romans, The Aztecs and then the modern locations. It's Istanbul not Constantinople.


File: d99aa2e1798b447⋯.png (76.93 KB, 188x264, 47:66, 2_int.png)


>I was only pretending to be ret....no wait im a comedian a comedian




Social justice as a concept is inherently self-destructive. It exists only through white people, and its stated goal is to destroy white people. The progressive stack won't reassert itself in the caliphate, for example, because the Islamic world doesn't give a fuck about the welfare of other peoples, and rightly so.

Where this comes back to the board is that, even with your throat full of blackpills, profit is the fundamental motive of man. Even if white civilisation is completely destroyed, someone's going to sell dice games in the ashes, and it won't have self-righteous trannies telling you why you're a bad person for not respecting xeir pronouns. Nature will reassert itself under a different banner, and maybe somewhere along the way you'll be able to pretend you're slaying dragons with your friends.



Most of the idea of Samurai being anything more than professional warriors was created in the Edo period, when the land was at peace, or after they ceased to exist. There's a good amount of evidence that lots of samurai of fallen lords or otherwise disgraces decided to leave the country instead suicide.

In 1623 during a violent trade dispute between the British and Dutch in what is now Indonesia the Dutch had several ronin employed as mercenaries. Given most of them wouldn't have left Asia and the best records of this time are European, which followed Europeans most of the time, it's quite likely these weren't the only guys who decided to do it.



That sounds more like mercenary work than straight up moralfaggotry.


File: 01f9d1acb15d57d⋯.png (301.51 KB, 704x512, 11:8, 0977.png)


Yes, genius. You got me. I was obviously trying to get myself banned to prove something.


> Half the problem is that the average consumer doesn't know what's best for them

Because there is no way for him to know, as the only ones who seem authoritative enough are corporate-owned shills.

Hence, the solution is based on removing those shills from the equation and on organizing consumers - so as to permit them access to consumer-oriented expertise.

> Placing artistic control in the hands of the masses is exactly the same problem as whoring it out to big business, you're just replacing "profit" with "public approval", which is already close enough to profit anyway.

It isn't and I see no reason why would you think this.

> You seem to be working on the assumption that the majority of consumers are against what basically every large business has been doing to tabletop gaming

And you seem to be labouring under assumption that there is only one flavour of shit possible. But it is not an improvement if Stigmata gets replaced with FATAL (assuming your predictions are correct).


> hard leftist propaganda

Not everything you disagree with is communism.


> "social justice thing" ... [is] a political revolution

Anon, that's not how revolution looks like. English Revolution happened when king got his head chopped off and England became a republic, not when colonies seceded.

> based on a formerly dominant group becoming toothless in it's lands.

Based on attempts to splinter grassroot movements in 70s through identity politics: in France Arabs from Algiers were taught how they are different from white Frenchmen, have different things they need, and should not join their trade unions (which is how Arabs got pushed out of high education and high-paying jobs); in US it was women who were taught the same (which is how US is one of the few nations where constitution doesn't say that men and women have equal rights).



>Most of the idea of Samurai being anything more than professional warriors was created in the Edo period

That romantic image is still firmly Lawful Neutral assuming there isn't a western influence on that Edo image, many things that Japs romanticize would put their fictional characters firmly on the extreme end of the Lawful side.



>in France Arabs from Algiers were taught how they are different from white Frenchmen

Yes, I'm sure the 80iq sandmonkeys needed some kike educator to tell them that they were different from 100iq white people.

Just so you understand I'm being sarcastic, brown people don't need to be told they are not European and have a different culture, religion and race.

Arabs didn't get pushed out of higher education, they are just not smart enough to compete with whites and other high IQ groups.



Okay. Fighting against islamization of Arabs is "kikery". Enjoy ISIS recruiting centres next door, smart guy.


File: fb7b7ae97affa71⋯.jpg (111.79 KB, 442x460, 221:230, i_smile_but_i_want_to_hit_….jpg)


>Hence, the solution [...]

Independent consumer reviews have been around for a long time, and are easily accessible pretty much everywhere. Not all reviews are completely independent, of course, and there's a lot of bribe money that gets thrown around, but if you want to start a discussion on Ethics in Tabletop Games Journalism™, be my guest. Fundamentally, the propaganda in tabletop games at the minute is following the cultural shift. Even reviewers who are independent of the companies can't criticise it because calling out tranny propaganda is a social death sentence. 'Organising' them wouldn't work unless being organised made them immune to being called racist.

>It isn't and I see no reason why you would think this.

It's close enough because public approval brings profit. The more people who like your game, the more money you make. Lots of people like D&D5e, they get lots of money. Not many people like GURPS4e, they don't get as much money. Unless you're of the opinion that the vast majority of people who buy D&D books and accessories actually can't stand the game, which is just wrong.

It is possible that they would like other games more if they tried them, but they might not. Should people be more proactive when choosing an RPG to buy and not just default to D&D? Yes. But that's just human nature, and it won't be changed by some RPG equivalent of 'Which?' magazine.

>Not everything you disagree with is communism

'Hard left' here refers to socially progressive propaganda, which is all that I talked about in my post. As much as certain games like to play up post-scarcity communism, I don't know if their editors will let them preface every book with 'steal this Monster Manual'.

>Arabs were taught how they were different from white Frenchmen

Alright, I think you've had too much /leftypol/ to drink. The various apartheid and pseudo-apartheid systems across the globe as cultures started meeting in large numbers were a desperate attempt to maintain the safety and security that racially homogenous societies bring, for all parties involved. Black people are far better off taught by other black people, for the same reason that genius researchers often make absolutely terrible lecturers: you need to be working on the same mental level as somebody to teach them properly, whether you're teaching them astrophysics, bricklaying, or basic citizenship. This applies to pretty much all peoples around the globe. Saddam Hussein could hold Iraq in check because he understood that the people there needed to be ruled with an iron fist. Trying to force the Middle East to accept Western liberal democracy has resulted in nothing but thousands of deaths and yet more refugees eroding Western civilisation from inside.

Pretending that all races - and both sexes - work on the same level is the core of social justice, and why Western politics is imploding. Look in the mirror, anon. You were the SJW all along.



Who cares about what sandniggers in France think? They shouldn't even be here. In fact, France is dead.

t. frog



> Fundamentally, the propaganda in tabletop games at the minute is following the cultural shift.

The type of propaganda depends on culture. But the role of propaganda (i.e. substituting actual game design with politically correct message - as is the current trend) depends on production model.

However fanatical consumers are, they still want quality goods. They will not willingly choose to eat shit just because they strongly believe in something unrelated. But they will get shit because the job of CEOs is to cut the costs so as to deliver more money to shareholders.

> Even reviewers who are independent of the companies can't criticise it because calling out tranny propaganda is a social death sentence.

If that is your only objection, you need to think harder: calling out bad quality is not "social death sentence", but no business is going to actually listen if you do it.

> It's close enough because public approval brings profit.

Not in the discussed context.

You are basically claiming that shareholders can't order CEOs to do anything, because CEOs are controlling them through public opinion. But power of ownership and the one of public opinion are quite different things. One is much stronger than the other.

> some RPG equivalent of 'Which?' magazine.

What part of "organized" did your brain failed to grok?

> 'Hard left' here refers to socially progressive propaganda, which

Which is retarded. "Hard left" always referred to movements that advocated forceful seizure of power to enact specific economic polices, rather than trying to negotiate them.

American problems with toilets (or whatever degenerate bullshit mass-media is feeding general public right now) have nothing to do with it.

> maintain the safety and security that racially homogenous societies bring, for all parties involved.

The word is "ghetto", they don't, and what does it have to do with anything?

Your virtue-signalling is practically stroboscopic, I can't get your point (if you even have one).

> Black people are far better off taught by other black people

And here I thought that there is a difference between being taught physics/chemistry and being taught radical islam, but you had enlightened me, anon. It is the race of the pupil that actually matters, not what is being taught.

> Saddam Hussein could hold Iraq in check because he understood that the people there needed to be ruled with an iron fist. Trying to force the Middle East to accept Western liberal democracy

So it's not inept kleptocratic regime made out of people amenable to demands of corporations, nor fanatics propped up by Saudis that made Iraq a mess? Americans simply didn't shoot enough people!

I learn something new every day.

> Pretending that all races - and both sexes - work on the same level is the core of social justice

I'm pretty sure IdPol (actual basis of "Social Justice") claims exactly the opposite.

> why Western politics is imploding.

Because the money had run out, that's why.

The mainstream political thought was that the history is over (Fukuyama) and the age of liberal prosperity is upon us. Except now all the money had suddenly vanished (who knew rich would act like selfish fucks, eh?), masses want solution, and the only solution left on the table is the one from 1930s ("heat up the ovens"). And that's why shills are running in circles like headless chickens, hoping that if everyone starts fighting against conservative values it will be possible to avoid re-enactment of WW2. And the more desperate people become, the louder shills scream.

> Look in the mirror, anon. You were the SJW all along.

Yes. Whoever doesn't share your naive belief in "not buying products will change the world" must be SJW.


File: ed1efbe46c9c0be⋯.png (48.67 KB, 233x201, 233:201, taking a break.png)

I don't even know what the fuck is being argued anymore and I'm not about to untangle a dozen posts of line-by-line-deconstruction slapfighting to figure it out. The fact that you two are going back and forth between matters of business and production alongside the international politics of the middle east shows that you've lost sight of each other.

Take a step back, take a deep breath, clear your heads, and clearly state the actual core assertion of your argument. Right now, you're no better than those faggoty e-celebs who make 3 hour long reply videos where they stop someone else's video every few seconds to blast into a snarky rant.


File: ef6dc5b7c499577⋯.mp4 (2.25 MB, 640x360, 16:9, GutsRampage.mp4)


You missed the more obvious answer

>Take a step back, take a deep breath, clear your heads and just stop posting



That would be the preferable solution, but I'm not one to criticize fa/tg/uys for allowing their autism to carry them into an argument that spans days.


File: 533c8c94c1bd453⋯.jpeg (26.24 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 7886.jpeg)


The point of the discussion is whether or not "communism" is capable of solving the problem of shit RPG: >>407903

> Independent creators are driven out by big companies, while big companies inevitably follow the path of least resistance - which mandates force-feeding people low-effort shit mixed with propaganda (as it is the most profitable strategy). That is the root of the problem.

> The only realistic way to stop this conclusively is to subject industry to the actual desires of consumers - by making CEOs directly responsible to consumers who would act as an organized group (as opposed to acting like a bunch of whiny faggots). And such an arrangement would be called communism (today everything is communism; even GOP is "Soviet party").

The first opposing point of view is that there is no problem, as one needs to simply stop buying shit and "weather it out": >>407914

> This whole social justice fad will die one way or another, and shitty companies will die with it. All we have to do in the meantime is refuse to purchase their products, and call out poz at the table, the same way you'd call out any other magical realm shit.

The second opposing point of view is that there is no solution and civilization is over: >>407915

> When a society builds it's funeral pyre it doesn't get to decide what happens to the ashes. The pyre has been built, now it's lit and it's just a matter of everything falling apart and turning to ash. This isn't a passing storm, it's the first signs of a cultural take over. What comes out the other side will in no way look like what we had before the cultural suicide of the western nations.



Page 107

She was laughing as her mind was subsumed into the Titan's.

Esha snapped back into her body. The power of the Machine-God slammed into her. She arched her back and cried out with pleasure that edged into pain. Notification chimes sang joyfully all over the cockpit. 'Domine has woken!' shouted Mephani Ohana, possessed by the machine's eagerness to fight. 'We're ready!' 'A little more respect - use the correct cant,' said someone. The tone was snappy, like Yeha. But it didn't sound like her, and the words were slurred. Esha, in her new state of ecstasy, could not tell who had spoken.


Page 108

Esha's back relaxed. She sank into her chair with a groan. Domine Ex Venari shared her pleasure; metal squealed as the Titan shifted in the restraints of its maintenance cradle.


Page 123

Esha's body glowed with the ecstasy of holy union.


File: 5791964b489d34a⋯.jpg (84.31 KB, 500x742, 250:371, elf-san_wa_shitpostingumas….jpg)


>The only realistic way to stop this conclusively is to subject industry to the actual desires of consumers - by making CEOs directly responsible to consumers who would act as an organized group (as opposed to acting like a bunch of whiny faggots). And such an arrangement would be called communism (today everything is communism; even GOP is "Soviet party").

So, if I'm understanding you correctly, you believe that all companies should be subject to the whims of the demands and desires of the consumer market and subject to some kind presumably government enforced punishment when they fail? Understanding you seems to be a problem because english may not be your first language.

The first issue I see with this reasoning is that there is no such thing as a perfect product that will universally please all people. It's the "no perfect pasta sauce, only perfect pasta sauces" problem that marketers trip over constantly. You can make different varieties of things that please different people based on their tastes and preferences, but in nearly all cases you can't make one product that is universally liked. This is one of Communism's major ideological failings: It doesn't understand that people are not a monolithic hivemind. The idea of a united proletariat class is as moronic as believing that more government can make things run better and cheaper.

Things get more complicated with RPGs which foster a lot of brand loyalty and wield a lot of power because they have been cemented into pop culture and the collective consciousness of the public. D&D, for example, has been coasting on the fame of the earlier editions ever since WotC gave us 3rd edition after they bought up the rights. In it's current incarnation, it's a simpler, more dumbed down and normalfag friendly game than it's been in the past. Thanks to a combination brand recognition, a shift toward "le nerdy XD" hobbies becoming more popular, podcasts, live streams, and other variables, D&D 5e has been wildly successful, because people who wanted a simpler game are pleased, and people who wanted a new game after 4e shit the bed, and those trusted the D&D brand name, or perhaps just because they were unabashed WotC knob-slobberers, bought the game blindly. Regardless of why, none of these demographics knew that WotC would fuck up the creation and release of new splats, nor did they know that WotC employees would start waving rainbow flags and whining about neckbeards being bad for the hobby because women are a more important demo.

This leads to the second problem with communism trying to save anything through some kind of communistic seizing of control of various industries, is that the logistics don't add up at all. How exactly could a company producing roleplaying and board games be held accountable for the quality of their goods and required to fulfill the desires of an amorphous audience? Not only would there be a problem getting the input from every potential customer, but the input would be incompatible, because you cannot make something that pleases everyone. Then there's the problem of getting input and feedback on products to ensure they please this audience. Would D&D be given out for free until it reaches some mythical state of perfection where the CEOs would not be punished for slighting their consumers? Would they have to constantly reprint and sell new editions that are regularly edited to address all complaints of the organized group of consumers?

Then there's the issue of pozz and general virtue signalling SJW faggotry and propaganda. This post is already long as hell, so I'll keep this part short. People who buy into the pathological altruism of marxist ideology channeled into critical theory channeled into butter soft social sciences are fucking idiots. If they were smart, they wouldn't believe that shit and would see if for the blatant, misguided, if not outright malicious cancer that it is. Like this post ( >>407832 ) explains, you can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved. You can't unfuck a company which has cultivated and enforced a culture of pozz on themselves and their employees. You can't make kool-aid chugging trannies and antifa rioters into sane, rational citizens who can recognize blatant pandering and social engineering when it's rubbing it's circumcised dick on their faces.


File: 08240efd0190d24⋯.png (88.64 KB, 274x355, 274:355, Icanonlyhope.png)


(post got too long)

To wrap this up, I'm going to go ahead and presume that you're expecting some kind of solution, to which I'd still suggest simply abandoning shitty companies and supporting smaller, more authentic games. And no, these things will likely never dethrone the big companies or knock the D&D dick out of the mouths of the average trend-following normalfag. Doesn't need to, though. That was never the point. Bemoaning the defilement of sacred cows and long-running franchises is something that won't go out of style, but it won't change anything, either. Wanting to control the world and all the people in it is a foolish, childish aspiration that will just leave you angry and unsatisfied. Neither you, nor I, nor any fa/tg/uy on this board has the power to save the world from itself. However, can can save our worlds and we can do right by each other through supporting and promoting better alternatives for each other.

Maybe WotC will one day implode from it's own faggotry and various game designers will come out and say that all this tranny pandering and social justice shit was a bad idea. Maybe that won't ever happen. Won't matter, either way. As things are right now, it's easier than it's ever been for small, independent, and amateur game designers to create, publish, and distribute their games. The big guys may be able to afford all the shelf space and advertising to maintain a stranglehold on the normalfag mass appeal market, but that doesn't mean that smaller games can't flourish and succeed, exactly the way they have been for the past several years.


File: 796d4942896b3b4⋯.png (109.32 KB, 438x523, 438:523, mfw.png)


Righties are such easily triggered little pussies.




What because they are willing to put a detailed explanation on how communism is stupid? It isn't going REEEE communism is bad instead a thorough and well put together reason on the failings and bad arguments made. Frankly your comment comes across as 'I got nothing fruitful that will refute what was said so I'll declare them triggered so now I won.'



The entire west is dead. There's no longer a concept of a nation at play, there is random borderlines and ethnic bubbles which ignore them any way. It's not even worth discussing it with the autist posting shitty anime girls above. There is no way Europe can carry on as it did before in it's current state. It is literally impossible not to have at minimum new national borders drawn up because of the political differences between groups in current maps.

The best hope you have is that the non-whites fuck off back where they came from when the Western world is a shit hole like they left in the first place. The free food and shelter will be gone so they have no reason to tolerate the European winters any more. Other wise they will likely rule Europe because they have a smuggling network full of weapons already set up, have trafficking networks set up and will have support from oil barons to fund it all.


Stolen from Aquarion?


It isn't true that you can't make something universally appealing. Heinz Beans dominates the market for baked beans in the UK. It does it because it sticks where it's "just right". It's the goldilocks of beans where they have the perfect average recipe. Anything more salty tastes too salty, anything less is under seasoned. Tomato sauce is just rich enough and appeals to everyone. The reason no other brand can get a foot in is it's universal appeal. It's not perfect but it's good enough for 95% of people interested in it. 40k is likely the same way. It's just good enough in every area that people will go to it.


It's bait. Stop being a fag.


File: 3e2db1ba4cbe782⋯.jpg (102.85 KB, 640x720, 8:9, genius.jpg)


and that's why we're shitting up your leisure activities ... oh wait.



>It isn't true that you can't make something universally appealing. Heinz Beans dominates the market for baked beans in the UK.

That's oddly fascinating, but I don't think it's information that is relevant to the concept of a perfect RPG that has mass appeal while also being satisfying to all demographics and types of player.


File: e755ffb84f9a29b⋯.jpg (4.47 KB, 251x251, 1:1, 1433222743632.jpg)


>It isn't true that you can't make something universally appealing.

>proceeds to list cheap food items people only buy out of convenience

<food items that is known to be filled with chemicals that Heinz is not legally obligated to list in it's ingredients in Canada or the US


>essentially coming back from being /v/ because politics are becoming so ingrained and force-fed into video games to the point their essentially nothing more than brainwashing centers

>see this thread

I can escape this, can't I?



>Holy Roman Empire vs vikings

But that's exactly why I loved the setting anon, made it feel more 'real'




It depends on what you're trying to escape from, exactly.

The answer is still no.


File: f810758fbf03ca5⋯.jpg (79.1 KB, 466x379, 466:379, maybe_it_will_leave_if_we_….jpg)


>I can escape this, can't I?

lefty/pol/ is that way son



You're not helping.



In the most recent episodes of the One Shot podcast, the guy running things announced that every episode for 2019 was going to strictly focus on games made by "marginalized" people and non-straight, non-cis, non-male designers. His rationale being that if he was going to help grow the community and make "marginalized" people feel welcome that he needed to showcase rolemodels that weren't white men. He even went on to note that he hired a sensitivity consultant to make sure they weren't being being problematic.

This is the curse of pozz. It's a mind rotting ideological disease. At no point in this obnoxious virtue signalling introduction did he talk about exposing more people to the hobby or creating opportunities for new players to experience what these games are like. He didn't talk about highlighting the best games that are going unnoticed because D&D consumes the majority of the mental shelfspace. He didn't care about promoting inventive and innovative new games from new designers or anything remotely like that. His mind was so rotted with pozz that all he cared about was pushing white men away, under the presumption that they already have some kind of magical buff that gives them all the free promotion, success, and acknowledgement they could ever need, and instead slavishly deifying shitskins, cunts, and trannies because they are the noble, downtrodden, rightful rulers of the hobby in a community which is already overflowing with rainbow flag waving retards tripping over each other to suck the most dick to prove how much white guilt they have.

This is the same exact shit we see in vidya. People who value the symbolic gesture and the ill-conceived notion that anything not straight, white, or male is inherently better, more valuable, and deserving of greater praise and promotion based strictly on it's "otherness". White guilt and fetishization of the other drive these people into a spiral of madness and when it backfires and drags everything down, they just look for more places to force it only communities and hobbies.



These people are pathetic losers looking for meaning in life. This hobby has a lot of them and will have a lot of them when we're long dead. When you have something based around fictional worlds, with magic and ORIGINAL CHARACTERS DO NOT STEAL you will always get the freaks. Freaks who will lash out at any one who tries to prevent the freaks from taking over through soft power schemes. It's not forced political thought policing, it's "being a good person" when they demand you deny reality.

These people will destroy themselves and push themselves further and further into niches. Let them do so and promote alternatives who will not only offer you another view but will actively bully and insult the freak promoters. Cause an internal war if you can. I't's the only way you can divide Us from Them, and that's all we need. An Us can make it's own games, can find it's own players, it can't be silenced and censored if it's already been made clear we're not interested in their platforms. This isn't about competing in the market because you can't. It's about creating a place where you can bunker down through the insanity and when it all turns to shit people will see your ideology is what protected you and learn about it.



Redpill me about Kings of War and Mantic in general. I play Vanguard and Deadzone.



In the most recent episodes of what? Is this why everyone ITT is so mad? You watch dumb bullshit because you have no taste?

dude just like play game lmao



You're right that anybody watching Youtube is retarded, but you're wrong to thing that you'll be left alone by the scourge just because you ignore it.



>Kings of War


Omg I cant even smh, like why isn’t it Queens of war?

H’wite peepo always tryna take credit for the great leadership of POCs and wamyn of color.



Honoestly I want to play Kings of War however my shop has turned from table top war gaming into MTG and with it a swarm of fat fuck soyim from the local university that refuse to even touch the war gaming section of the shop. GW barely sells let alone anything more obscure like KoW or WarmaHordes.


Nah fam its like this because GW and Wizards of the Coast are pozzed to hell and back.



My store sells a lot of Mantic stuff and there is a community. I just don't want to try Kings of War because I have PTSD from Warhammer Fantasy With 4 sided battles 4000 point each army games.It doesn't help I played orcs and played against Undead or other cheating armies.



The point is that the same kind of cancerous politics that have consumed and damaged vidya are also aggressively present in tabletop. There's no point in actually caring what these faggots do with their podcast, nor does it matter if other dipshits give them money to do it. Idiots will waste their money on dumb shit all on their own, like the people who have dumped 6 figures into Star Citizen for imaginary spaceships.

Arguably, the only reason these things should concern /tg/ is because these attitudes are what are consuming companies, conventions, and game stores. Hardly the death of the hobby, but it's going to be a frustrating shift in perception. Going from "oh, you play those satanic board games?" to "oh, you hang out with trannies and participate in amateur improv theater?" is going to cause all kinds of problems.



>these attitudes are what are consuming companies, conventions, and game stores.

Thank g-d that I don't give any of those people money. I just write, plan, and play the game. I recommend divorcing your identity from your hobby and telling your friends to do the same. I also recommend playing better games instead of bitching about lowest-common denominator bullshit that tries to be as modern and "relevant" as possible. This, too, will pass.

Just maybe not as quickly as you'd like.



>promoting inventive and innovative new games from new designers

I know this isn't the thread for it, but do you have any examples?



What about fucking nothing, because the only games any site or forum on the internet talks about are 5e or Pathfinder. Seriously, how the fuck is anyone supposed to discover anything these days?


File: 329ac12190b3d62⋯.jpg (40.02 KB, 208x316, 52:79, blahblahblah.jpg)


> What because they are willing to put a detailed explanation on how communism is stupid?

To be absolutely honest (I'm the one whom longpost reply was for; not the anon you reply to) - yes.

> It isn't going REEEE communism is bad

Yes, it is going "REEEE communism is bad".

Instead of discussing suggestion (consumers >>directly<< controlling RPG industry; i.e. not through market), the longpost substitutes suggestion with freshly redefined ("explained"!) Special Snowflake Communism. And then attempts to use his newly invented "communism" as a voodoo doll. It's a fucking miracle there was no mention of gulags. Oh, wait. There WAS:

>> subject to some kind presumably government enforced punishment when they fail

Note that I did not mention government, but shareholders (while clarifying the nature of control).

For some reason it is also asserted that consumers exercising control over CEOs must get only one RPG (I have no idea why):

>> The first issue I see with this reasoning is that there is no such thing as a perfect product that will universally please all people.

Why? And why the fuck are people now seriously discussing this as if it makes sense?

And my explicit (and repeated) clarifications that consumers should be organized are completely ignored because communism:

>> second problem with communism trying to save anything through some kind of communistic seizing of control of various industries, is that the logistics don't add up at all. How exactly could a company producing roleplaying and board games be held accountable for the quality of their goods and required to fulfill the desires of an amorphous audience?

All of this looked like a total meltdown (or an attempt to troll me). Which is why I decided not to answer.


File: ca986f92244a0f0⋯.jpg (21.41 KB, 84x125, 84:125, 1443988230038.jpg)


Oh, wow. So you are literally just retarded, huh?


File: ff6be705c680675⋯.png (99.95 KB, 618x551, 618:551, WotC fires MTG photographe….PNG)

File: 96e3c6bcdd2919f⋯.png (111.34 KB, 1131x938, 1131:938, photographer 1.PNG)

File: fb8596fd60805e8⋯.png (41.65 KB, 982x425, 982:425, photographer 2.PNG)

Wizards of the Coast fired their photographer for pro-level MTG events such as GPs (sorry, they're called "MagicFests" now) and Pro Tours. This wouldn't be newsworthy except for his history with the company - 21 years and around 100 Pro Tours alone - and the recent lack of coverage of GP New Jersey, one of the last events to bear the title "GP." The event's top 8 competitors received nothing which players and viewers have come to expect from events of this size and prestige:

>played on normal tables with no special seating arrangements

>no camera recording the games

>no text coverage

>no photography

>the winner didn't receive a trophy (although this was due to the company shipping them being delayed)

<the only record the event even occurred is a summary of the top 8 decklists

The situation is exacerbated by WotC's recent promises to improve and increase coverage for MTG events, and to be more transparent about their plans for organized play.

Pics 2 and 3 are some ancillary entertainment from the reddit thread on the issue. I would say it's some kind of psyop on the part of guy arguing against established player bases if I didn't know everyone on that website was genuinely this stupid in the first place.


File: 6bded0299852ef3⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 3570x2550, 7:5, 6bded0299852ef30b93aaef1fb….jpg)


I was there Saturday playing Legacy side events all day. I don't know how they did it, but they actually got a few girls to show up this time so whatever they're trying to do here it's working having the main event be limited probably helped. Same shitty con food, same uninteresting prize wall, same vendors with cases full of the same singles as the last time. But it somehow felt different in a way that I really don't know how to describe. Can't blame cosplay, since there were only like 2 people trying. Perhaps as a sign of things to come there were like 2 or 3 booths dedicated to selling shirts with magic-related slogans or symbols on them that I wound up browsing, weighing the pros and cons of buying more cards for a deck I barely play and wondering who the fuck would wear this terrible dark gray hoodie that completely failed to compliment the green-blue gradiant Simic logo stamped on it.


File: 42242e2c54f69be⋯.jpg (107.97 KB, 448x847, 64:121, faggot.jpg)


Sounds like you're jealous that >>408177 can shit out a casual argument and a well written critique of commie bullshit but you're still response posting like a reddit faggot because the adderall has already fried your brain. Can all these faggots self-deport to lefty/pol/? That would be great.



Go and organise a bunch of consumers to whip into shape a CEO then, if it’s that easy.



Kickstarter or watching store fronts new releases. But even if you do find something new the odds of the devs being worth supporting is near zero.


They're probably hiring a tranny or outsourcing it to trannies. They're firing the good people to hire more diversity.


Magic has always had women in the community. You will see about a 1-3/10 ratio of women to men. It's dumb enough that women can get into it. Usually as a boyfriend accessory rather than their own hobby though.


No matter how hard you larp you're never going to have anything but a small group of leaders and a bunch of followers. When you retards try to set up commie groups with no leader every single time there is a leader who's telling people what to do. This is how reality works, someone leads and everyone else follows. No other way works.


File: 910f8491a540e23⋯.png (326.4 KB, 796x572, 199:143, Ploot.png)


Looks to me like they took an unexpected hit to revenue and are cutting back. Hopefully Magic fucking dies and WotC die with it.



> Sounds like you're jealous that >>408177 can shit out a casual argument and a well written critique of commie bullshit

Yes. I am jealous of the voices in the head the >>408177 (and now >>408348) argue with. That's totally it.


> Go and organise a bunch of consumers to whip into shape a CEO then, if it’s that easy.

I fully agree with you. It is much easier to whine about companies trying to squeeze as much profit from the hobby, while simultaneously arguing that the right of companies to do as they please should be protected at all costs.


> Hopefully Magic fucking dies and WotC die with it.

WotC is owned by Hasbro and there is no way Hasbro will let MTG brand die.



>It is much easier to whine about companies trying to squeeze as much profit from the hobby, while simultaneously arguing that the right of companies to do as they please should be protected at all costs

Companies are free to do as they please. However, there have to be repercussions for their actions. The major issue is that a majority of the new wave of magic players are utterly retarded and will gobble up wotc's shit without a second thought. This can be generally be explained by the increased number of kids, betas*, women, and minorities. Kids will get their parents to buy the newest products for them without taking into account quality of the products. Women are there to whore themselves and are generally terrible at managing how much they spend and what they spend it on. When I say betas, I mean the men that will buy wotc's shit, because they feel compelled to. Wizards is essentially their chad and they are its bitch. When I say minorities, I mean Yugioh players and they are fucking retarded in general to have put up with Konami's bs for so long. When you add in kike investors as well, magic is just going to get worse as time goes on and mtg will continue to milk its player base at an increased rate. UMA's box toppers were obviously thrown in at the last moment to get them to sell. It worked, so expect there to be more in the future.

The only way I can see things getting better is if the alternative tcgs get more popular and are able to compete again. Yugioh and DBS will have to suck up the minorities again. Hearthstone and Pokemon will have to suck up all of the whores and kids. The betas will have to grow some balls and say no. FOW/FFTCG/Cardfight/Pokemon/ect will have to start pulling away established players, so that Hasbro is forced to put Wizards to the fire.



Who the fuck do you think was buying the game before? Betas and kids are the primary market for almost everything /tg/. They're the people who PLAY GAMES instead of having an adult life. Real men don't buy warhammer sit, if they like modeling they go for model kits and well made figurines not mass produced shitty multipose crap. D&D was mainstream in the 80s, because of CHILDREN playing it.

What world are you living in where you think this hobby hasn't always been nothing but retards, betas and children? Who else is going to invest so much time escaping from reality and reading endless books full of spread sheets?



>> It is much easier to whine about companies trying to squeeze as much profit from the hobby, while simultaneously arguing that the right of companies to do as they please should be protected at all costs

> The only way I can see things getting better is if the alternative tcgs get more popular and are able to compete again.

Yes. I am aware of your opinion. But can you explain why this would ever happen? Corporate squeeze-out is the most profitable model. Why should it be magically replaced by anything else?

Unrelated but notable:

> Companies are free to do as they please. However, there have to be repercussions for their actions.


> This can be generally be explained by

If anything can be "explained" by [something] - like blaming "damn kids" - then you are rationalizing (explaining away).


I thought you got banned.



News to me queerbait. Nice deflection.



>Magic has always had women in the community. You will see about a 1-3/10 ratio of women to men.

Well yeah, but it seemed like there was a higher density of vaginafolk at this event than any other I had been to. Maybe I'm just talking out of my ass and am looking for an excuse to ree at females.


File: 900c13417904fa0⋯.jpg (20.39 KB, 413x310, 413:310, 900c13417904fa0d1c90542a51….jpg)


The thing is, the recent round of get woke go broke has given pretty good evidence that even if the only corp model is ruthless extraction (and its not) the reality of how to do that varies. Some companies think that this social pandering is going to work in the long run (to maximize profits) some companies think that the boom bust is too matter of fact in their industry to do anything but stick it to consumers, some companies want to re-monetize ownership, paying to keep up/paid up on your subscription/DLC/skins/Lootsboxes to stay current in the game, some companies want to deliver a quality product at a profitable price that will grow a hobby of like minded people who share similar interest (haha, not really this hasn't been done since the 80).

Even if what you say is true, that every corporation's only goal is to maximize profit, the variety of corporate actions we see (from chickfila, to gillette, to warhammer, to wotc) means that the how of maximizing profit is not straight forward or simple, even very similar corporations (think fastfood burger joints) can have very different approaches and this is what people are trying to point out to you, you insufferable retard. Get Woke go broke happens, its not maximizing profits and there is basically this illogical behavior (because the company that seeks to maximizing profits is not maximizing profits) is utterly frustrating actual fans/adherents/consumers of those products. But hey your a faggot and a commie so just remember, actions can have unintended consequences, just like all those famines that the commies didn't mean to cause (as apposed to the ones they did) and business strategy has to be extremely contextual which is why blanket statements like maximize profits even if true don't really capture the whole scene (and its pretty arguable if its even true to begin with).



thanks doc.



> hey your a faggot and a commie

> business strategy has to be extremely contextual

Since you were trying to find excuses to stay cucked, I take it you meant "faggot" as a compliment.



>WotC is owned by Hasbro and there is no way Hasbro will let MTG brand die.

A few years ago, I would have said there's no way Disney would let the Star Wars brand die, and yet here we are.


File: ae6b50e1d37c4a6⋯.gif (6.46 KB, 446x361, 446:361, 1293316228876.gif)


>if you don't love my awful ideas about communism you must love sucking cock!

Wew lad. You are one pitifully stupid faggot.


I have a game that's been well-regarded by big guys in the industry but I'm sick of the political circlejerk. It's become a prerequisite for many companies to publish based on prior affiliation and your race/sex. The whole industry is pretty messed up right now.

The people that like my game are either centrists or live in red states. Any anons care to drop some marketing knowledge about how to find more people that aren't hypersocial? A problem with the whole hobby is how difficult it is to get past all the BS, this "social justice" stuff has another effect: the entryists are great for corporate entities because they signal boost stuff that's already popular.


File: e7727d627c08222⋯.jpg (105.3 KB, 640x400, 8:5, screenshot_00.jpg)


Get woke, go broke, huh? That's the first I heard that line. But how about this: get woke, don't buy shit, save money instead? I haven't bought any new video games, computer games, or tabletop stuff since 1994. Never got into the CCG stuff either. Most I did since then was get old stuff from ebay and used bookstores, and I'm not willing to pay jacked-up "collector" prices either. And now you can just download tons of that stuff instead, if you don't want to pay anything at all.


File: f587be8eff0e16d⋯.png (80.62 KB, 691x286, 691:286, Longago.png)


You certainly are a complimentary faggot every board seems to get one.


File: bfc4859660e4d9d⋯.jpg (162.23 KB, 640x480, 4:3, comfiest.jpg)





Oh, the irony.


File: 1f201afb9d38068⋯.jpeg (15.53 KB, 447x556, 447:556, 990s.jpeg)


>>if you don't love my awful ideas about communism you must love sucking cock!

> Wew lad. You are one pitifully stupid faggot.

It would be much more persuasive you hadn't kept calling people faggots for not sharing your views on communism.


> A few years ago, I would have said there's no way Disney would let the Star Wars brand die, and yet here we are.

Where are we? Stars Wars seem to be alive (at least, in the sense of people spending money on them; I think I stopped watching them at Ep.3).


File: f5386b6cf699734⋯.png (39.65 KB, 286x147, 286:147, sarcasm.png)


Claiming that it's just your "view" is a pitiful attempt to try and deflect the truth of the matter: Your ideas won't work. Ever. They don't make sense. They aren't logistically possible to implement. The fact that you think you've got some intellectual edge on everyone around you because they keep calling you a faggot and a retard doesn't change the fact that you're acting like a retarded faggot.



The big market for card games is digital not paper. Hearthstone has been chased by companies for ages now. WOTC will likely switch to a digital model and let paper magic fall aside as much as possible.


Sam as every other industry. You suck enough dick that people will do things for you. Go to conventions and chat to people, join online groups and become a known regular. It's WHO you know not WHAT you know.


Corporate communism exists. Valve run their company with "no leaders" a "flat management system". Look how productive Valve is since HL2 ep 2. It's completely stagnated where nothing gets done and only being the middle man with Steam keeps the company alive. They make novelty hats at best and at worst they do nothing but twiddle their thumbs.

There's a good reddit post by a guy who used to work at Valve. He explained how the entire place is high school politics. You figured out who the leaders are and you get under their wing or you get fired very quickly. There are obvious management people and everyone is super paranoid about everything so can't do any real work. Any attempt to progress a project is seen as stepping on someone else's toes and will get you shit canned.

Valve is literally communism in action when you give it infinite money and the ability to hire as many talented people as they want. How has it turned out? Episode 3/HL3 has been started 5 times by different groups and they have all collapsed due to the work place. Everyone with any talent or motivation left so the only remaining people are high school politicers with no interest in being productive and unproductive people who can keep their head down and take the pay check for looking busy.

Any one who wants corporate communism only has to look at Valve for the end result. "No leaders, the workers are in charge" only applies until the actual leaders walk in the door. And there are leaders official or other wise.



> Corporate communism exists.

> Valve is literally communism in action

Yes, it is the very same communism we were talking about. Because all consumers of Valve products are owners of Valve and do not interact through market with it. You totally grasped the essence of discussion.


File: 5d13cfb3814b6bf⋯.jpg (20.1 KB, 472x530, 236:265, 1290913534643.jpg)


He's referring to a flat corporate hierarchy, which is based off the idea of equal ownership and collective control over a company. Also, you still have a really poor understanding of the difference between shareholders and consumers, despite all attempts to clarify otherwise. Faggot.



Dude, it may be an old book, but you know hos people can get about spoilers.


File: 0f9f884e5d34207⋯.jpg (89.52 KB, 1085x1200, 217:240, Star Wars revenue 2015-201….jpg)


>at least, in the sense of people spending money on them

Solo: A Star Wars Story was the first film in the nu-series to flop, and the first Star Wars film ever to make a loss in its second week box office earnings. The Last Jedi (and Solo's own production troubles and enormous budget) soured people on the brand so much they stopped watching goddamned Star Wars movies. I never thought such a thing was possible, but this is the world we live in.



>consumers of Valve products are owners of Valve

nigger what? Consumers owning the factory? That's not even communism (where employees control the factory), that's pure retardation



I can literally buy shares in most of the giant companies. If I want I can be part owner of Apple or Microsoft.

So you're wrong even on that point.



It's not just that, none of the toys are selling. Lucas openly bragged he got more money from the toys than the movies themselves. Same with video games: EA's exclusive license has resulted in two flops, horrifically bad press (You have state legislatures calling it a casino targeting children and this time they're actually right and everyone is cheering them on), and some mobileshit.



> nigger what? Consumers owning the factory? That's not even communism

Well, without "(where employees control the factory)" it is just consumers' co-op. But we would also need to define economically GM/player interaction before we can say this with any degree of certainty, and I'm not going down that particular rabbit hole. So "communism" (in quotes) it is.

Either way, production for use - as opposed to production for exchange (when you make shit to sell on market) - is one of the defining features of communist economy (which is why there is such a thing called "calculation problem"; Austrian school argues that it would be impossible for consumers to predict their consumption).

It is this feature (aka "planned economy") that separates communism from other types of socialism (which, as you said, are roughly defined by "employees controlling the factory" - though, that is imprecise).

> that's pure retardation

Anon, did you consider the possibility that both your political and economic expertise might be a bit lacking?


> I can literally buy shares in most of the giant companies. If I want I can be part owner of Apple or Microsoft.

In theory, you can even be sole owner of Apple/Microsoft. This doesn't affect the fact that it is overwhelming majority of owners (who invest with the intent to get profit) that determine the way company operates.

> So you're wrong even on that point.

On what point? What are you trying to (dis)prove here?



>communist economy

This seems as good a thread as any to ask - in true communism, once the state is abolished, how do they maintain communism? What happens if two consenting free people decide to exchange goods and/or services and/or representations thereof (money) for goods and/or services and/or representations thereof (money)? It seems to me that as soon as they abolish the state, communism would end because most people would prefer not to live according to communist rules and without a totalitarian government to enforce communism, the majority of people would simply choose not to adhere to it.



Have you considered that you are retarded? Shilling fucking planned economy that has never worked for long term, instead leading to mass shortages, ineffectivity, and stagnation? I wish retarded niggers like you actually went and tried living in one of your "socialist paradises" so you'd get through your fucking skull that this shit just doesn't work. I live in an ex-socialist country and I know of all the "joys" your asinine ideology brings.

>inb4 USSR is not true socialism

it's not USSR

>inb4 Warshaw pact countries also do not count

Well then how about we look at Venezuela, a country sitting on a mountain of oil yet one where people face fucking starvation? How many times does your retarded belief need to be tried and fail for you to admit you are fucking wrong?




The situation there is so confusing that I refuse to believe any news outlet reporting for both sides of the argument (pro and anti-Maduro). The only shit I know is certain is that my country keeps taking refugees on a constant influx (100 venezuelans per day)




>commie paradise goes down the shitter because socialism

>CIA in overdrive to try installing an US puppet instead



> This seems as good a thread as any to ask - in true communism, once the state is abolished, how do they maintain communism?

Nobody abolishes state in communism.

In fact, entire mantra about "stateless, classless, moneyless" makes no sense, as it is based on obscure socio-political lingo used by philosophers in 19th century and doesn't really mean stuff it seems it mean.

For example, you can be get paid in modern money (US dollars, for example) and spend them in shops to buy whatever you want (i.e. exactly as today), but this would still count as "moneyless society" (since US dollars would function as "labour vouchers"). Same goes for the "stateless".

tl;dr: a trip to gulag is quite possible in a "stateless society".


> The situation there is so confusing that I refuse to believe any news outlet reporting for both sides of the argument (pro and anti-Maduro).

Well, it's confirmed that Brits stole ~30 tons of gold from Venezuela, so don't expect clarity any time soon.


> I live in an ex-socialist country

Yes. You are genetically educated.


File: 40454815c9ca834⋯.png (368.43 KB, 765x776, 765:776, Capture 2.PNG)

File: b9392286784df46⋯.png (76.02 KB, 1291x921, 1291:921, Capture.PNG)


I guess we know what WotC was diverting coverage funds towards now.



>Hasbro breathing down WotC's neck to make money, dammit

>WotC tries to force MTG to become an esport through MTGArena in the hopes it will attract Hearthstone players

>announces a $1,000,000 prize pool for a giant tournament at the end of March

>tournament will feature best-of-1 and best-of-3 play, although not really best-of-3 due to a new format which is being played exclusively at this tournament to entice newcomers who know nothing about card games but who are addicted to novelty shake up the format, lol

>64 people competing in total, with 56 invitees and 8 spots available for people who grind the fuck out of MTGA (and then sit on their laurels for a day because the cutoff date is really late in the evening, so I hope you don't have a job or something lol)

This new format is really something special. I couldn't have imagined anything dumber.


>The first Mythic Invitational is going to be fast, tense, and full of dramatic moments. The tournament will feature double-elimination play through all days of the tournament (including Sunday) using a brand-new format we're calling Duo Standard.

>In Duo Standard, players will submit two Standard–legal decks. Players will not sideboard between games, though they may submit a sideboard (for cards such as Mastermind’s Acquisition). Players can submit two different decks, two of the same archetype with different cards in both, or the exact same deck twice. Have at it!

Match play will take place using both of each players' submitted decks. Matches will be conducted as follows:

<Game 1

>Which deck each player plays and who goes first will be determined randomly.

<Game 2

>In the second game, players will use the deck that they didn't play in Game 1.

>The player who went second in Game 1 now goes first.

<Game 3 (if necessary)

>Each player selects one of their two Standard decks to play for the third game.

>Then the player who goes first in this game is determined at random.

You'll be playing this format for $250,000 in prize money.

Who are these invitees, you ask? Streamers, duh.

>a few well-known MTG players are invited, but many players who have been pros for over a decade were not

>some streamers who literally haven't played MTG except for Twitch's payola Sponsored™ Streams™ are invited

>several women (actual women, from what I can tell) who barely average 100 viewers are invited for diversity's sake and to fool people into believing women actually play MTG



>Yes. You are genetically educated.

It means I still see and feel the results of socialist policies first-hand you mongrel.


File: 332b73f911beb0c⋯.png (134.19 KB, 436x436, 1:1, 332b73f911beb0cd82de7e6327….png)



I had to dig deep in Venezuelan news and lurk in /hisparefugio/'s original site, to put it simply: they are fucked beyond belief

>Their current glorious leader is in bed with multiple cartels and terrorist organizations, so he has more in common with a drug lord than a head of state

>Said cartels are also part of his cabinet

>They are taking their sweet-ass time to do some good ol' money laundering, so he's actually more interested in pillaging whatever riches Venezuela has left than actually do his job

>All of his vocal and most visible supporters are federal workers, so they are obligated to support him no matter what, also counting the faggots who are nostalgic for Chavez

>Their currency is worth less than shit, the average wage can only pay 1kg of cheese and not much else

>There's lack of supplies EVERYWHERE, not just supermarkets: hospitals, pharmacies, etc.

>Prisons are also being ran by gangs and cartels, so they can afford to live in luxury while in confinement and run their games of power without problems

The communist utopia, everyone



you forgot neighbouring sudamerican countries are getting fucked over by the amount of refugees (mixed back of people trying to escape and criminals trying to run to greener pastures) leaking from vuvuzela



>The communist utopia, everyone

Socialists and commies are the nigger's nigger. They truly are a cancer on the world.


I find it funny how compliant other hispanic nations were with the flood of refuges when they were just heading towards the US. As soon as the caravans started getting stuck in Mexico and other hispanic countries, they did a 180 on their tolerance. If the US is able to lock down the next caravan, I fully expect violence to break out in the border towns. The local Mexicans don't want them, because they came for gibs and Mexico doesn't have that.


From what I've read, it looks like wotc is going all in with Arena. It's super popular and if it continues to exceed their expectations, it's going to take over and paper magic is going to be allowed to flounder. Hasbro is just going to continue milking its players, because there are way too many Timmies now. Of course, there will be a point in which those Timmies begin to fuck off. Once that happens, a lot of ((investors)) will panic and they'll start moving on.


File: a16c7b2d313fc12⋯.png (290.39 KB, 403x672, 403:672, a16c7b2d313fc12e2929eeba61….png)




Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>On the one hand, it's frustrating to get smacked in the face with this bullshit, because I just want something to occupy a portion of my attention while I do my boring ass job. On the other, it's morbidly fascinating to revisit these old episodes and listen as the team behind this show steadily disappear farther up their own asses as the poz takes hold of their sanity.

Now go watch this podcast. It's Randi Harper opining on women in tech before she drank the SJW kool-aid. The vid's called "Based Randi" for a reason. There's something profoundly disturbing that a woman like this later wound up becoming a crazy SJW.


I'm concerned about BO turning this board politically biased with stunts like that. Granted it's a trolly post but still, that post wasn't too far off from the truth. I've seen too many nutjobs from /pol/ instantly screech /leftypol/, shill, and communism if you disagree with them or even just criticize the way they're acting out.



>I'm worried about the board owner banning posts like that

>It was obvious bait

>But I agree with it

I'm getting mixed signals here anon.



And I'm having mixed feelings. I think I explained my position here.


File: bc92ea591cbde1d⋯.jpg (25.09 KB, 363x421, 363:421, you fucking cunt.jpg)


>I'm not not acting like an easily triggered pussy right now

Did the words I just put on your screen offend your precious little fee-fees, you fucking baby?


File: 933bc89048e2be7⋯.png (116.02 KB, 500x433, 500:433, normal cultist.png)


>politically biased

BO has outright said that /leftypol/ is not welcome on multiple occasions. Besides, bias isn't intrinsically a bad thing. I'm biased against casualization and attempts at mass-market appeal. I'm biased against cancerous ideologies that promote madness, corruption, and often lead to starving entire countries to death. I'm biased against retarded shitposters who try to stir drama by complaining when obvious faggotry is punished.


File: 2e42b7dcdf903e9⋯.png (147.86 KB, 270x400, 27:40, 2e42b7dcdf903e9a689d2c28f7….png)


>In Duo Standard, players will submit two Standard–legal decks. Players will not sideboard between games, though they may submit a sideboard (for cards such as Mastermind’s Acquisition). Players can submit two different decks, two of the same archetype with different cards in both, or the exact same deck twice. Have at it!

>Players can submit two different decks, two of the same archetype with different cards in both, or the exact same deck twice.

>Players will not sideboard between games

Is there any reason not to play "same two deck but with 4-7 different cards?" there's no way in hell that throwing a random curveball is better than playing the deck that you think you're best with, especially without a real sideboard.


File: 6f934dc28618ea2⋯.jpg (46.89 KB, 600x399, 200:133, popcorn time.jpg)


> BO doesn't have bias

> BO has bias, but biases aren't necessarily a bad thing

> BO has bias, and it doesn't matter if it is good or bad, since I have the same bias

Perfection. I can't even guess if you are an honest idiot or a genius troll.


> Is there any reason not to play "same two deck but with 4-7 different cards?"

Well, you get to improve efficiency at only one or two things (and such improvement might be suboptimal), while radically different second deck can cover more types and be more efficient at handling them.

Let's say I have Izzet deck with the general theme on having a bunch of sorcery/instants in a graveyard (with plenty of options to draw cards and to dump cards into graveyard).

For alternative version of this deck I have to choose one thing second deck will be better at (ex. be more effective against creatures at the cost of becoming weaker against non-creture spells). Some choices (ex. healing) will be suboptimal (I'll have to use artifacts, which is not as good as the stuff White has), and some will not work at all (resisting mill).

If second deck is completely different (some kind of Orzhov aggro that mass-produces tokens), I can add options both for healing and against mill (and, probably, one or two more).

> there's no way in hell that throwing a random curveball is better than playing the deck that you think you're best with

IMO, given some experience, you'll get pretty good idea on how to play other decks, even if you don't play them personally.



> BO doesn't have bias

Never said or implied this, retard. Stop throwing around "bias" like it's some kind of mental illness and address the actual argument. Lefty shit is cancer and cancer is bad for the board. Taking a "no politics" stance has never worked out to the benefit of any imageboard, because inevitable, lefty cancer shows up and demands we tolerate their obnoxious faggotry.



Even so, leftists should be allowed to make their point in the politics threads. If there is a point to make in the first place of course.

>kek, le triggered rightfags XD

Doesn't really add much, especially if it isn't directed at anything and only there to collect (You)s.



For what it's worth, some faggot shows up every few weeks and posts that exact shit. If I recall correctly, this time he got off a few posts before getting banned, but they were deleted. At best, this is spam, at worst, it's a really boring attempt to troll and raid.

By contrast, commiefag up there has been attempting to argue his side of things for over a week now and hasn't been banned, presumably because he's being at least somewhat civil and keeping it contained to this thread and at least kind of restricted to the context of RPG companies. The difference is pretty easy to see.



>Well, you get to improve efficiency at only one or two things (and such improvement might be suboptimal), while radically different second deck can cover more types and be more efficient at handling them.

But if your opponent is playing 2 different deals then you don't get your "good" matchup until game 3, and that only happens if they pick wrong or are playing 2 copies of the same deck. Meanwhile you have to remember how to pilot 2 different decks against the fields without having relevant hate (or while having a percentage of do-nothings in every match).

>IMO, given some experience, you'll get pretty good idea on how to play other decks, even if you don't play them personally

Sure. But if you feel Rx Aggro is the best deck in the format why play anything else?



> address the actual argument. Lefty shit is cancer

You don't have an "actual argument". You don't even know what "lefty shit" is.

Simple example:

1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LW-6HMenF74

2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkBZ8XFaGCI

You would say that the first is example of Right-wing values, while Salzburg performance would be identified as influenced by Left-wing ideas (maybe even Marxism!). And there will be no actual reasoning behind this. Because we are not arguing politics here. We are arguing semantics. You think that "lefty" means "everything I don't like". There simply isn't anything to discuss.



> But if your opponent is playing 2 different deals

Then things get dicey. But if the opponent has only slightly different deck, then I get an advantage.

On the other hand, if you have only slightly altered deck, you end up with either with dicey result, or with disadvantage (if opponent switches to different deck that is effective against you).

> Meanwhile you have to remember how to pilot 2 different decks against the fields

And there are additional problems, like time/expenses needed to create two different decks.

> if you feel Rx Aggro is the best deck in the format why play anything else?

Well, if you actually feel this way, then yes. However, it is not always so and you wanted a reason.


File: fe6c4ee490d7ea8⋯.png (2.82 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, American Progress.png)


If you're familiar with RPGCodex's concepts of Incline and Decline, "lefty shit" is basically Decline as applied to human civilization; they call it Progress, but that's just their name for Decline.


File: e58cdebad6b67a3⋯.png (388.14 KB, 637x471, 637:471, this_face.png)


>sh-shut up!

>listen to this music!

>see I'm right!

For fuck's sake, man... You didn't even address the argument and you skirted around the fact that you tried >implying your way around being wrong again AND you didn't even manage to comprehend what was being talked about. Where lefty cancer is left unpunished, trannies, faggots, and SJWs flourish and rot the community from the inside out. Look at RPGnet. Used to be about the games and the hobby. Now it's about deifying precious minorities and sexual deviants, and if you dare to question them, let alone stating an opinion that opposes the media's current narrative, you get banned.

>We are arguing semantics. You think that "lefty" means "everything I don't like". There simply isn't anything to discuss.

You can't even hold a coherent conversation for more than a sentence without jumping the rails to something else or attempting to sprinkle in some esoteric bullshit. You're in no position to be dictating what subject we're discussing. In the context of imageboards, the modern era, and social media at large, there's one side that promotes faggotry and cancerous ideology far more than the others, and it is colloquially understood as "the left" which is comprised of politicians, celebrities, and activists promoting an unmistakable set of values and ideas.

For fuck's sake. You're the kind of faggot that gets called a dork and retorts by explaining that a dork is actually the penis of a whale.



>Rx Aggro is the best deck in the format why play anything else?

Let's say there are 10 archetypes. Rx Aggro beats 7 out of 9 others each time. It is the best.

The 2 other two. Combo A, and B, beat the shit out of Rx Aggro, just nothing else.

That means 7 decks beat the shit out of Combo A, and B.

That means you can run Rx Aggro, and a Combo deck, or you can run Rx Aggro, and a Combo-hate deck.

But this is all megafaggotry anyways. Because the entire concept of the new new standard is to make a format geared towards arena, and ecelebs. And their new design philosophy that best of 3 matches, along with sideboards, are too complicated. It's why its bullshit which deck you play is random. And why in the end you are more or less correct, because being guaranteed to play the first two matches with an overall best deck means you are avoiding the dumb game theory metagames. Which means a ban is probably incoming.


File: b3f69271e6e281b⋯.jpeg (296.83 KB, 1120x744, 140:93, nazi furries.jpeg)


> You're in no position to be dictating what subject we're discussing. In the context of imageboards, the modern era, and social media at large, there's one side that promotes faggotry and cancerous ideology far more than the others, and it is colloquially understood as "the left"



>One image

>This somehow means anything against the hundreds of thousands of images of leftists being degenerate

>B-but, I posted an image of supposed degenerate right wing individuals, that means they're the same!



The only good RPG forums was/is still RPGCodex.



>>One image

There an awful lot of nazi furs out there anon. Enough for there to be a cold civil war among the furry fandom between the nazi furs and anti nazi furs.



>there's one side that promotes faggotry and cancerous ideology far more than the others

>promotes faggotry and cancerous ideology far more than the others

>far more than the others

>far more

What >>408855 said is readily apparent to anyone who pays attention and one counterexample does not disprove it.



> What >>408855 said is readily apparent to anyone who pays attention and one counterexample does not disprove it.

> Readily apparent to anyone who pays attention

> pays attention

For a long, long time it was readily apparent without me paying a lick of attention.



There are tons of "nazifurs" the same way there are loads of anime nazis on Twitter. Retarded leftists and communists either wilfully ignorant or deliberately stirring up drama to cause division and push their ideology.



I'm pretty sure these faggots are only in it for the edgy imagery, though.





It's not even a counterexample. Or did you forget that "nazi" is short for National Socialist? They're another form of leftism, one that happens to have a spiffier aesthetic than communist-identifying leftists, and have a slightly better understanding of human nature. No more, no less.



It's posts like these that help me fine-tune my shitposting ability. Thank you, anon, you've expanded my source material a bit.



>National Socialism


Let me guess, you think that free-market Trotskyite bullshit is somehow right-wing.


File: 5bd8eadd8b6a957⋯.mp4 (2.79 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 5bd8eadd8b6a957a3e963182ee….mp4)

Are you ready for a more commiefornia dnd stream?

I would bet money on Misty Knight making it literally unwatchable. And that's factoring in Kevin Smith.



I'd bet money that any D&D stream is literally unwatchable.



>some black guy


>poo in the loo

>Netflix Daredevil

>Silent Bob

>Misty Knight (had to look this one up)

Matthew Lillard is pretty much the only one who I could be remotely interested in, but only because he's a living meme right now. All the rest are washed up or have no traits, personality-wise or career-wise that make me think "it would be cool to see this person play an RPG" In fact, Kevin Smith being involved means I actively want to avoid it, because he's such a washed up, unfunny hack these days.



You basically agreed with him that "lefty" means "everything you don't like."


I like RPG Codex too but it's not really into tabletop RPGs. They're all about computer RPGs. If you want tabletop RPG curmudgeons you'll have to look to https://tgdmb.com/



>Sam Hayne, the warlock

>samhain is a holy day in Wicca

<that nigger whore who smugly says "IMMA BE A BAD BITCH" before flashing an ape smile at the camera

Fuck off, Hollywood.


>washed up

That implies they had careers in the first place. I have no idea who any of them are.


File: 46f3aa327d46b29⋯.jpg (62.86 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, witch.jpg)


>there are witches on /tg/

I should've expected as much.


File: cba0b2d3434bf3b⋯.webm (2.09 MB, 480x360, 4:3, FUKN_T_H_I_C_C.webm)


I have a feeling the religious census of /tg/ would be pretty unusual.



l thought we all are Esoteric Hitlerists?



praise krsna tbh



Tennou Heika Banzai.



>You basically agreed with him that "lefty" means "everything you don't like."

Not at all, I said it's Decline applied to human civilization. It is the celebration of failure and incompetence, the glorification of ugliness. It is hatred for success, hatred for struggle, hatred for life.


File: bdad0ab4572674f⋯.mp4 (3.52 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, We_Have_Seen_the_Glory_of_….mp4)


There are lots of options here


File: 8698185aa90a617⋯.png (257.7 KB, 915x516, 305:172, Wakfu 327.png)


>he doesn't worship Xelor


File: 8a3f9dc6cc369dd⋯.jpg (11.43 KB, 297x167, 297:167, Ruel.jpg)




File: 1263e038ea9645f⋯.jpg (98.2 KB, 540x720, 3:4, xelor lady.jpg)


I don't want to hear any shit from a shriveled jew.


Faithful Flock of RNGsus represent


File: c04059c14108214⋯.jpg (453.79 KB, 2816x2112, 4:3, kube_2[1].jpg)


Ave nex alea


File: 3ddcddd23a52521⋯.jpeg (165.1 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, dogecube.jpeg)


I'm particular to dog flesh myself.



>worship Xelor

But he doesn't do that either, does he? He's just a guy who can do time magic because of an aritifact.


File: afd7f72e6a647af⋯.jpg (116.76 KB, 720x576, 5:4, 1296986673069.jpg)


The Eliacube had no ability to grant Xelor's magic to non-Xelors. Nox's power was part genius, part talent, and only somewhat enhanced by the ill-gotten Wakfu he siphoned off everything he could find. In most of the fights he got in, he didn't even have the thing with him, if you recall.


File: 88270cff558404b⋯.png (14.52 KB, 199x320, 199:320, Ladies.png)


how many genocides you timehebrews? Get out of here before I pull your string On a semi-related note I forgot how much the wakfu porn tugs on my strings, ahh youth return to me



Just look at what happened to /tg/ on cuckchan



MYFAROG is nordicist not anglo supremacist.

Also a pretty lulzy thing is that not!greeks, not!romans and not!persians are playable; but they are all blonde with blue eyes because reasons (Probably snownig cope because scandinavia acomplished less during all antiquity than rome did in a century.)



Look what happened to


because people assumed that "political neutrality" meant "you're not allowed to be mean or say true things that make people feel bad!"



What happened to it? Haven't been back and I barely remember it. Last thing I remember is way too many quest threads.



It was pozzed to hell.



>elevated chance of triggering normies.

Copypasta related.

>So, last night was the first session of a new 5E campaign. One of the younger players, who've I've met a few times playing Age of Sigmar, & as a player in a session of my 5E campaign whips out a copy of MYFAROG before the session started, and then tried to explain what a great human Varg Vikernes is!

>I shut it down real fast, literally blown away that I was seeing a copy of this out in the wild (I've only read all the terrible things about it online), and encountering a person who is, well, deeply troubled at the least to believe reverently in white nationalism.

>A short time later, he started defending David Duke, saying that BlacKkKlansman was a hit job on Duke, and started trying to white wash (pun intended) the KKK.

>Needless to say, the entire night turned into a shitshow, with a 3/4 TPK, tears, an hour long rage quit argument (we didn't meet the racist's high standards of what roleplaying should be, not withstanding the fact that this idiot is 19 years old, while some of us have been playing D&D for 35 years!)

>The group is probably not going to continue, the racist will certainly not be invited if anyone else DM's a new game, and I'm extremely disappointed in the DM just by association with such a piece of shit player.

>Mostly just needed to vent, cause it was frankly unbelievable for me to encounter such a person in the real world!

I like how he is saying shut it down unironically.



Lefty cancer is rarely punished and anything remotely resembling rejection of lefty cancer is screeched at and declared to be /pol/ raiding the board. Not that it really matters, because the vast majority of activity on /tg/ and other boards is extremely low effort shitposting and template threads.



Another gem from the same rpg.net thread


>This is a strong argument for not going to new games without a solo exit plan, if at all possible (aware it is not always possible).

>I have run into “both sides are bad” jerks who see themselves as beyond politics while coincidentally being straight white men, but I have never run into something this blatant at the table.

BTW does anyone know what happened to rpg.net ?

Was it just the old lefty moderation takeover routine ?



Politically neutral means hardcore liberalism. It's the case of "my politics isn't politics" because they're brainwashed.


Full of trannies and white knights. Simple biology will get you banned. The /wip/ thread is nothing but people sucking the latest GW cock and nothing more. They fully support the pozzing and most of them are e celeb cock suckers to boot. I doubt it's got any better since the 4channel split.

The only good thread I've seen in years is a monster art work thread and I only saw it when I went to grab a pdf.


TBH any one who pulls out a Varg book deserves to be kicked in the balls and left in the snow naked. Fucking faggot no matter how you slice it.


It's always been that way. It's name is basically porn.net so you get that tier of people there. People really should set up raids to fuck with them.



Varg is a fag, but i think myfarog is pretty interesting.

Although there is not much to compare it to since based games are rare (specially in comparison to lefty ones).



Or worse, space antifa.



I've not read it and I have no desire to. He's a larper and I'd rather get the real mythology not his watered down autistic version. What we really need is a modern mythology game, take folk lore of the last 200 years and use that instead of the old worn out shit. There's loads of local legends from the 1900s up until the 1970s thats never been touched. Not just mothman over and over



Did they pozz the space marines too ?



That idea is interesting.

Is it a conspiracy/urban legend setting ?



They've not been pozzed on any political or ideological level that I'm aware of, but the whole Primaris Marines thing is retarded bullshit that no one asked for, and really just shows GW's short-sightedness in kit design (i.e. they could have gradually phased out older SM kits and put out new kits with properly-scaled Marines, but they had already dumped a bunch of capital into redesigning SM kits in the original scale just a couple years before. So instead they put out a whole new faction of "Super Duper Space Marines" to justify the new kits).


File: 4b3cda468285cb5⋯.png (676.97 KB, 1075x1242, 1075:1242, Primaris_comparison.png)


Pic related


File: 23d11fbb9a0a469⋯.jpg (93.41 KB, 444x1000, 111:250, double_heresy.jpg)

File: 761a0b8df365b1c⋯.gif (846.11 KB, 600x600, 1:1, HERESYWALL.gif)


What is this, elementary school LARPing with Warhammer™ slapped on it?


File: d5f197f1320fdc6⋯.jpg (369.04 KB, 1700x1776, 425:444, 1329373204938.jpg)


>Chaos diversified

Not seeing a problem here.

>Genestealer cult matriarch

Traditionally patriarchs, yes, but I distinctly remember some erotica fan fiction written by anons of the past where a patriarch was a matriarch instead and we all fapped over it. Not seeing how this being made canon is a bad thing.

>female commissars

There's been fan art of female commissars longer than you've been alive, friend. And official works depicting or writing about female commissars since well before that.


We all know Age of Sigmar is terrible. I think we can move on from this one.

>Necromunda female gangs and ---

The fuck's a dindus? Anyway. Seriously not seeing a problem with female gangs. Cause, you know, they've been a thing since original Necromunda - canon and many non-canon too.

>Titan Death, woman having an orgasm from her titan

Eh, I read a fanfic about that very thing. Looks like the Black Library decided to canonize something like that. It's weird but nothing to rustle your jimmies over.



>The fuck's a dindu?

Have you been in a coma since 2010?


File: 50fc527570d71b6⋯.jpg (29.66 KB, 250x362, 125:181, Disdain for Plebs.jpg)


>I distinctly remember some erotica fan fiction

>There's been fan art of female commissars

>Eh, I read a fanfic about that

>The fuck's a dindus?

Which social media non-friend told you about this website?


File: 79dd0adfb7b7cb2⋯.jpg (157.87 KB, 720x759, 240:253, 1317336315458.jpg)

File: 4fe350bd5b5583c⋯.jpg (390.23 KB, 703x655, 703:655, 1331014174696.jpg)

File: ae103cb1632fe2f⋯.jpg (263.3 KB, 1423x1191, 1423:1191, 1343865034201.jpg)

File: 774beff7ace7ada⋯.png (740.83 KB, 800x1153, 800:1153, Battle Sister Samus.png)

File: 4599b7c501d537a⋯.png (625.19 KB, 880x1045, 16:19, daemon...er...uh.png)


My curated collection of /tg/ art should tell you where I come from. Where do you come from, fellow fag?


I guess I qualify as an oldfag who doesn't give a shit, honestly.



>Post apocaliptic gun control.

How the hell would this work ?

Do you approach the heavily armed canniball mutants and ask them to shoot you with smaller magazines ?


File: a12b028ac95d9b6⋯.jpg (100.23 KB, 500x285, 100:57, LiterallyYou.jpg)


>The fuck's a dindus?

In one one word you immediately ousted yourself. Whoever is paying you should fire you and hire me instead.


>My curated collection of /tg/ art should tell you where I come from.

Taking images from 1d4chan that literally anybody could go to does not make you an oldfag, Shill-kun.

>fellow fag



>He's even nice to the underclasses! Who the fuck does he think he is

Tachibana Muneshige?



I'd play a game in post apocalyptic Britain where gangs and terrorists roam the streets freely but policemen in rainbow stripes round up law abiding citizens and confiscate their butter knives for not respecting the pronouns of a super mutant. I already live like that.

The problem is that people like that probably wouldn't appreciate the satire. Either they'd call you out on bringing politics to the table or they'd miss the joke entirely and support the dystopian regime in their tireless efforts to protect the feelings of the criminally insane.



You raise a good point. I don't think it's too big of a deal if he's playing out his heroic fantasy, because that allows me to contrast his attitude with more "traditional" schools of thought, which is probably more interesting anyway. His father already told him to kill himself to absolve his dishonor, so things are already breaking down.



Wait, couldn't you then do good at that game if you played as a terrorist or gang member?



Yes. Just like in real life.


What kind of socjus faggotry has WotC been up to lately? Is MtG still unplayable?



That would make for a pretty good Paranoia 2017 game.



hell, that'd make a good paranoia game at least pick a version with good mechanics anon



>Orzhov Ghost Council killed by strong black woman Kaya



>Paranoia 2017.

The one with the bajilion genders stuff ?

That was some bullshit, the computer would probably see them as human glitches and possible traitors.


File: bc0c234b904e973⋯.png (26.48 KB, 342x306, 19:17, headpatting_a_comfy_catgir….png)


>That was some bullshit, the computer would probably see them as human glitches and possible traitors.

but anon commie bastard is already a secret society



>The fuck's a dindus?

I love how you posted a meme you ripped from 1d4chan and tried to justify the pozzing of 40k with fanfics. That one little line outed you though, get the fuck off of 4chan and go back to dakka you fucking scrub.



Nigger I remember when it was just warhammer wednesday. You are not an oldfag.



>get the fuck off of 4chan

I think you meant to say get back to 4chan where he belongs.



Nah, he's on a poz level where even 4chin is too 'problematic' for him to fit in


File: 0d2c45d8fa82484⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1483x1079, 1483:1079, 4.png)


File: 90fd0c54f4c9fab⋯.jpg (132.07 KB, 1420x852, 5:3, Reaction Feel.jpg)

What game's closest to letting you play a national socialist mad scientist?






Can confirm that halfchan tg is a cesspit. You get some decent anons still there but the "go away polnigger" crowd is so fucking obviously full of pozzed faggotry it's not even funny. "No politics" should be just that, fuck off with politics in games, but over there it's just a codeword for "No politics I disagree with specifically right-wing politics."



>New lore is on the same tier as fapfics.

You make it look even crappier.


File: fd5d1b43439c843⋯.jpeg (150.28 KB, 600x800, 3:4, Greasus_Goldtooth.jpeg)

Despite what's happened to this hobby, there are still way, way fewer sodomites involved in it (on all levels) than in other hobbies (such as video games, where I swear a good 1/4 or even 1/3 are sodomites).


So is /pol/ or /b/ decide to spam us or something?

It is a bit weird coming home from work to see the shit spelling of a guy that can barely code a bot.



Wasn't even a bot. The dumb shit was doing it manually.



> Yes Sigmar is bringing Space Marines and Ork armor into fantasy,

> Yes it's copying MtG with its' relams

Warhammer both F and 40 ripped off and dumbed down everything that wasn't nailed, from Judge Dredd to Melniboner to Dune.

It's ripping off already ripped off and dumbed down things that shows the decline. But seeing how they let Matt Ward make more than one book, it should not be surprising.

> Yes it has a dyke-haired chick as the poster-woman for the Sigmarines

> but its' lore and setting is still more original



IDK, does it count as "manual" if it's outsourced to two chimps? ;)


File: a37f5677ad1c3af⋯.png (5.72 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f68f7c7cba9ccfa⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1400x787, 1400:787, ClipboardImage.png)


>>Nightvault: Chaos got diversified with nigs and stronk wamen

Drop back into thread, one the one hand it's needlessly pointless to diversify something that worked for a long time. But on the other hand with the way most modern black societies in the west function, from turning post Apartied South Africa into a full on basket case and to famine within less than a decade to Chriac Chicago having more deaths per capita than Iraq, to the endless clan/family fights and shoot outs in places in Somalia, to the sharp degradation of black muscianship to fucking mostly trap music. Not to mention the unwillingness of most niggers not willing to control their time preferences preventing them from not chimping out in public or in front of each other or preventing them from maintaining their own habitats.

I mean why wouldn't they be serving Chaos? I mean with the constant messed up state of Africa how do we know that Khorne ain't out there picking up new followers weekly?

But then again maybe that's just what white communists always do they obviously point out the truth even when they try to pozz things out harder than most .



> I mean with the constant messed up state of Africa how do we know that Khorne ain't out there picking up new followers weekly?

Nurgle and Slaneesh would have a field day there too, only Tzeentch would have a hard time in africa if he wanted black cultists he would have to recruit woke american blacks.



I could see how making a system that on paper ought to give proper reasonable measured government but is subtly designed to be so consistently unstable and the safeguards so ineffective (on the small scale) that the government is constantly fracturing./ being on the verge of civil war while also making it simple enough for niggers to understand could be entertaining for Tzeentch.

But more likely he would make a spook city like casablanca when he wants to play on the catalog so he can use his OP expansion characters there and resign all blacks to bellhop positions.


File: 7e6573b96092f8c⋯.jpg (54.72 KB, 576x432, 4:3, For_Real.jpg.jpg)


Holy fuck Mr. Feels is Loltaku?

Holy shit I never made the connection.


File: cf001f9aac254cc⋯.png (309.01 KB, 994x720, 497:360, 1544280370459.png)


I took a gander to look for pdf leaks a couple of days ago, and clicked on some random threads to gague the poz. There was a bunch of trannies bitching about terfs in one of them.


Are you sure about that? Seems gamestores attract a lot of trannies. Granted most of them will be there for MTG and I'm sure you'd never find a single one playing historicals, but still.


Anyone else make the mistake of checking out the RPG subleddit lately?

It's currently a butthurt frenzy of SJW bullshit and echochambering, it's both hilarious and infuriating.




I'll be the first to admit I browse r/magictcg for gold when WotC fucks up, but why would you go to reddit "just to see, it's totally ironic guise?"


File: 682fc382564aa98⋯.png (102.73 KB, 899x699, 899:699, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bf2783d709fb1fd⋯.png (147.15 KB, 854x809, 854:809, ClipboardImage.png)


You piqued my morbid curiosity. So I went and checked and they're all having a conniption over Zak Smith for some reason. I did some digging because they're not saying what the fuck happened or why it's distressing. So here's what I pieced together.

>Zak Smith is some faggot who consulted on the D&D 5e playtest and did some art and consulting work on some other games, including Lamentations of the Flame Princess

>Zak is minorly famous for being the guy who ran a D&D game with a bunch of porn stars almost a decade ago

>Recently, Zak's ex accused him of being an abusive rapist who never really loved her

>Mandy is, of course, a hair-dyed feminist turbo dyke with a laundry list of physical and mental illnesses, because what else would she be?

>Zak gets #MeToo'd, more or less

>WotC cuts ties with him and declares that they are removing his name from all their books

>LotfP says some similar shit, including that they will not be reprinting any material he's worked on for their game

>Zak denies all this shit and lays out his story in a blogpost that's eerily reminiscent of the Zoe Post

> https://officialzsannouncements.blogspot.com/2019/02/the-statement.html

>Reddit is shitting itself with anger, including being pissed at the LotFP guys because they are dismayed that they can't work with Zak anymore, which they count as complicity for some retard reason.

What's also pretty fucking pitiful about all of this is that this is apparently one of the bigger subreddits. It's the RPG subreddit and the level of activity is abysmal. You'd think they'd have more going for them besides having one loud group cry about some guys being accused of being creepy.



gamestores attract trannies (and other loser neckbeards, etc) because they have trouble collecting a group of likeminded people (due to bad hygene, etc). So they outsource the groupfinding to the store in return for patronage . To be fair more then a few groups of normies do this and it worked okay when normies didnt frequent the stores as much but with the normies came the trannies and so on.


TRPG's as a hobby have been dying since the 90's. SJW are the least of their worries oddly enough as they are just the maggots attracted to the sucking chest wound of an edition war no one won, giving away the OGM and then not maintaining it, the advance of computer gaming, smart phones and the rise of the "phone gamer". The Zak stuff is just hilarious icing ontop of the cake.


File: 7b958cebe792f71⋯.png (135.57 KB, 742x965, 742:965, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 76823fdd7060c12⋯.png (678.34 KB, 737x837, 737:837, ClipboardImage.png)

Cursory bit of extra digging, because accusations are flying at some other people I've never heard of, but it's literally just faggots and SJWs who beat their chests about how much they love precious minorities and making the industry more inclusive. They're faggots with pronouns in their twitter bios.

They're apparently calling this shit "missing stairs" which is some newspeak bullshit about how some people in the community need to be managed and circumvented. It's a really retarded way to try and make their petty high school drama and gossip sound really high brow and lofty. In reality, this Holden guy sounds like a shitty male feminist and John Morke is another #resist Trump-hating, tranny loving retard.

They're so desperate to try and clean up the industry and better it without realizing that they are the cancer fucking everything up. They are the one pulling scumbags and psychopaths into things to be part of some glorious indie clique ruling class, and then they bitch and moan when they fuck everything up, tank products, and dismantle companies.


File: a5fb8ab1d92e291⋯.webm (2.24 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, guitarr_riff_clownpiece.webm)

from one of the defenses or something

>seemed intellectual enough to hold a conversation about Stephen Hawking’s Brief History of Time.

Sometimes I forget how good we have it here. Fucking retarded normies. But really it seems like Zak stuck his dick in about three helpings worth of crazy and he's just getting his comeuppance.


File: fc75765a4836676⋯.png (1.12 MB, 640x960, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>But really it seems like Zak stuck his dick in about three helpings worth of crazy and he's just getting his comeuppance.

The dude had one of his porn star friends tattoo his arm with her list of medical conditions. Look at this horror show:

<low blood pressure

<ovarian cysts


<intolerance to codeine and morphine

<stomach problems






And at least one more long one on the side of his arm we can't read. Note, she has low blood pressure AND an irregularly high heart rate. Figure that shit out. What's really concerning is that I've met people like this, and they are always fucking mental. I have to wonder if their psychosis turns their bodies against them, or if the forces of nature just naturally reject cancerous subhumans.


File: 16de7c61732fd73⋯.png (494.4 KB, 833x696, 833:696, Bully ranger.png)


considering Fibromyalgia is literally the lazy and stupid disorder.


File: 9bddccd917bbea9⋯.png (61.37 KB, 300x300, 1:1, splatoon confused squid.png)


>Should I overcome my various health issues and try to be the best person I can be despite my shortcomings?

>Nah, I'll literally wear them on my sleeve and make my personality solely about my weaknesses.



No, she's wearing them on someone else's sleeve. There are two insane people in that photo.



Shit, I misread that post completely. That's a hundred times more batshit crazy.



No, only if you don't manage it.

I'm sure there are a lot of self diagnoses assholes out there but it's real and this anon is one of the poor bastard men to inherit this womanly disorder.

Apparently too many nerve endings form around the blood vessels of the ligaments, meaning changes in pressure cause the nervous system to practically go static.

Tumeric, applecider vinegar, and some kinds of mint reduce symptoms drastically, else some storms it feels like someone pureed my muscles and my mind is put into the 'fibro fog' where thinking is difficult. Almost like being drunk, like your focus is eclipsed.

Shit sucks. Too much sugar activates it too.



Tabletop games in general have been on the decline since 1977 with the release of Zork. Video games were always going to replace the tabletop game: they're cheaper, they're more convenient to set up, and they can be played without a group of like-minded individuals. Even in decline there are fewer wicked people involved in Tabletop than there are in video games though.



Fibro not real

Stop being a pussy or get checked for schizophrenia



>I like to jerk my wiener to this, therefore it's good

You are the death of this hobby and this site. End yourself.


File: b08d8a454c072fc⋯.mp4 (7.16 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, gondola_in_rome.mp4)


>only if you don't manage it

<common everyday foods and basically one entire macronutrient triggers it

>Fibrofog, difficulty thinking

<not mentioning the other symptom is fatigue

>literally the lazy and stupid disorder

<not mentioning this is physical disorder apparently caused by trama

>aka a bad time can give you this physical disorder

<sometimes not even a bad time, symptoms can "symptoms gradually accumulate over time with no single triggering event."

I wish I was making this up. If you have it anon, my best advice would to be swear off jewish medicine and stick to vodka, tar, sauna and exercise. And for the record I don't think you are making this up but I do consider this one of the hysterical disorders passed off as it's seperate thing these days. I mean if psycological trauma can cause it, how could that intensify the nerves in your whatever? It seems like that would be an unprecidented physical change in regards to external stimuli (and if true, I would be working on a way to use PTSD to give superpowers).


Checked. You're not wrong, I don't think they are going to replace tabletop games entirely but I do think the popularity in the 80's and 90's were the fluke, not the decline at all the other times.



Food for thought: aside from old men in the park and people at chess tournaments, who plays physical chess anymore?



Literally don't know if this is a monkey paw situation. Wanted Mearls to fade into obscurity for the longest time. And being fed to the socjus crowd may just do it. Only problem is, don't know what beast might take his place.


>bored at friends place

>display chess board

<only actually played once to pass time

Really is a game where it is only enjoyable if both players are at the same skill level. And to keep it interesting, have the ability to play against different opponents, to react to different play styles.

There's also old men at cafes that specifically have tables/sets. Those old men know how to sit, relax, and enjoy the game.




>It's always been that way. It's name is basically porn.net so you get that tier of people there

>it's the RPG subreddit and the level of activity is abysmal

>TFW when those freaks are actually just entry level normies

The ride never ends



>I spent a decade calling out harassment and abuse and overhauling the industries to be safer for marginalized folks

So he/she/it was a whiny bitch for ten years ?

Wow such impressive credentials...



considering that was mostly on "journalism"/blogging/terrorizing one faggot store/virtue posting on her shill website yeah 10 years go by pretty quickly.

Its odd that these faggots who appear to have so much time actually make our "I played a game" rate look impressive.



> You'd think they'd have more going for them besides having one loud group cry about some guys being accused of being creepy.

IIRC, this Zak Smith had been arguing with other people for a very long time and made quite a few enemies. I.e. what you see is the culmination of a drama that had lasted for years, rather than just someone being accused of being creepy and everyone losing their shit. Though, obviously, people pretend that it is not about their personal vendettas, but Greater Good.

Same goes for other people who try to use the momentum and sic the lynch mob on people they don't like.


> giving away the OGM and then not maintaining it

OGM = ?


Why are people sticking up for a SJW cunt like Zak? He had all of this coming to him for years. He'd screech at anyone not like him, send it squad to try to take 'em down. The fucker ruined people outside of his small, degenerate sphere. It's a shame that more people don't bring that up, but he was bound to collapse under his own fuckery some day.



It's the nature of the drama. In this case, he's a man who was accused by a psychotic cunt of being an abusive rapist monster and not enough of an ally™ when he actually spent his life being an ass kissing male feminist douche clown. In that specific regard, he's innocent and being falsely accused, which is an injustice perpetrated by SJWs who seem to fancy themselves the unbiased, unquestionable guardians of justice and morality.

In an earlier era, I might give you some spiel about being consistent in our beliefs and such, but I'm pretty tired of that song and dance. Furthermore, as you've pointed out, Zak dug this grave for himself. This isn't an innocent man being blindsided by a hair-trigger hate mob. It's a goony faggot who spent years rubbing nonbinary dicks with other whores and lunatics. To continue to metaphor, he dug his own grave, filled it with shit, and now he's angry that he has to climb into a shit-filled hole and get shit on.


File: fe3de92420325d3⋯.png (250.04 KB, 653x929, 653:929, f&m by zak smith.png)

File: ab6ad7063d578ca⋯.png (10.2 KB, 499x113, 499:113, (((zak smith))).png)

File: 12dfafc61c5bd1a⋯.png (15.69 KB, 260x205, 52:41, the unborn don't have soul….png)

File: e5971e56f55a8a4⋯.png (301.44 KB, 655x930, 131:186, amazon with cigarette and ….png)

File: ae40af69d6b3c67⋯.jpg (30.52 KB, 345x460, 3:4, mandy morbid and her neo-p….jpg)



I always knew "Zak Smith" was a tattooed degenerate and had my suspicions about his origins, but it was not until I read Frostbitten & Mutilated (a Lamentations setting about stronk, independent, abortionist Amazons with dyke hair) that everything finally clicked.

I also find it very amusing that dear old (((Zak))) has clearly used "Mandy Morbid", the very accuser who's now fucking his shit up, as the model for several of the Amazons in the book.



>kike writes book combining norse culture, amazons, and typical hebrew obsession with inflicting violence upon infants and unborn children

<lol who cares if i got it right

>hire a jewess with leathery skin who's sucked at least a thousand dicks and base every abortionist norse woman with bulldyke hair in the book you wrote off of her

>time passes

>some trivial bullshit blows up in your face and its flames are fanned by the very type of people you worshipped and inserted into your "work"

It'd be great if he got tarred and feathered like in the old days, but I'll settle for the irony.



>leathery skin.

Redpill me on that.

Is it just bad skin care ?

Is it a reaction to too much drugs or cum ?




Probably just mistyped OGL



>Redpill me on that

In Mandy's case she supposedly has Ehlers–Danlos syndromes which is a group of genetic connective tissue disorders https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ehlers%E2%80%93Danlos_syndromes.

For most other whores, including Mandy as well, it's just a mixture of drugs, rough sex, bad hygiene, and other substance abuse issues that come along for the ride. The life of a pornstar is just "glorified" prostitution at the end of the day.



>The fuck’s a dindus









File: 8c1f31f4b845263⋯.jpeg (88.97 KB, 537x800, 537:800, 858D3D13-75E2-47E7-A402-2….jpeg)


>I guess I qualify as an oldfag



>be me

>remember visiting Dakka Dakka when it first started.

>remember when Warseer first came out.

>even remember when Portent (the site Warseer replaced) was new.

I just makes me sad to see how pozzed and fucking retarded these sites are nowadays. They always had a lefty angle to them, due to GW being European, but it wasn't bad, and I remember debating European lefties in the politics and religion section of Portent and Warseer all the time.

Why is it that our table top games with toy soldiers and expensive cardboard are such a magnet for faggots?

This used to be a hobby with a lot of metal heads...


File: 552f4f40ff52bf5⋯.jpg (141.94 KB, 1050x741, 350:247, D4F060C7-CA1C-4885-A44D-3D….jpg)

File: bb5537ac6b936e3⋯.gif (698.63 KB, 1221x768, 407:256, 1535557030782.gif)

File: 79cdd7859f79ca5⋯.jpg (144.77 KB, 1000x822, 500:411, 77277CD4-B9AD-4648-9724-83….jpg)


File: c95e46b4f628e5f⋯.jpg (158.09 KB, 704x904, 88:113, Flossless.jpg)


because they can't hang with real men and a big portion of our hobby are fundamentally kind people and starved for social interaction. You would think win win right, you guys can bond over wargames and then do your separate stuff separate but no. Faggots ruin everything they touch and everyone in their right mind tried to warn you. In the end being a kind moron of a hobby has ruined it.



Being nice never seems to get you anything good.

Never forget that back on cuckchan /co/ prided itself on being the "nice board" and look where that got us.



Don't forget that homestuck generals, boards like /cgl/, and later /lgbt/ created a direct pipeline for tumblr and reddit to enter cuckchan and feel like they had a right to be there and a say in how things were supposed to be.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I also find it very amusing that dear old (((Zak))) has clearly used "Mandy Morbid", the very accuser who's now fucking his shit up, as the model for several of the Amazons in the book.

How much do you want to bet that it might be due to a "punk" lady slowly creeping past the fertility age and getting what one might call '''THE EPIPHANY STAGE"' (please cue the song "Aquarela do Brasil" as sung by Geoff Muldaur) : https://archive.fo/DUYJz

The TL;DR with the Zak sitrep is pretty simple to understand, "Mandy Morbid" liked the attention when she was younger and collaborated with Zak with the promise of maybe being different to the regular trash that passes for pr0n thots in the instagram age. But like all thots you get older, and once you hit your fucking thirties it's like that other song that will now be cued (the WWF theme for The Wall), which as the 30 year old was now smashing into it (She's was born in 84).

So having hit that wall she only had the only choice an aging Khazar Canuck could do when you've made shite life decisions to suck poor punk dick instead of settling down with a sane man who has a real trade/career and real wealth outside of tinny shekels one gets from the OSR and/or current year pozzed bu/tg/ame community. Accuse your collaborator of non-exsist abuse to squeeze him dry of resources then jack the cash with your hypergamic senses and then work your way to trying to become a "respectible lady" while trying to run from said skank past in the process.

'''Bonus Points" : Come up with an adventure that's all about robbing a bickering couple of adulterous Sky Giants in a divorce court run by greedy djinn lawyers divvying up a sky castle.


File: 9176fbeaad2a78b⋯.jpg (86.59 KB, 727x542, 727:542, MAGNIFICENT.jpg)


>Sexual Chocolate's Theme explains the end state of thottery

Man is there anything that man doesn't excel at.




Just call them whores. Stop using normalfag terms.


File: 7ec403a09727a7c⋯.jpeg (12.1 KB, 502x622, 251:311, extreme meme.jpeg)


What are you, the thot patrol?


File: 5e369f20a3f047b⋯.mp4 (11.67 MB, 320x240, 4:3, KGB Bezmenov 1985 - Four S….mp4)

Don't mind me, just need to mirror a five minute excerpt, the four steps, as it needs repeating, from the Yuri interview.


File: 8d9e4be17fcd9d8⋯.jpg (3.67 MB, 1201x1754, 1201:1754, map.jpg)

When you said "wargaming", OP, I immidiately though of the old (commonly) hex board & cardboard counter historical simulations, since those are the only ones I played. It seemed kinda funny to think they need revising with "diversity", especially since I haven't met anyone that still plays them in like two decades.


File: 9e550666c458ac5⋯.jpg (316.89 KB, 884x600, 221:150, 14.jpg)

Hate by Adrian Smith sounds like it could be fun. Simple barbaric cavemen eating and sacrificing each other setting. Kingdom Death also looks appealing.



At this point, kosher poison seems to be the default. If there's some new product, welldone/funded/supported, free of kosher poison which I and other's are missing, please let us know.

I enter any new product EXPECTING some ticks on this list

[ ] niggers

[ ] kikes

[ ] masculine women

[ ] sissy men

[ ] faggots

[ ] trannies

[ ] non-whites

[ ] evil whites

[ ] environmentalism

[ ] crossdressers

of jew propaganda to be checked. We don't have the freedom of an industrywhich doesn't answer to kikes. We must either endure poison in our entertainment supply or abstain like ascetics.


File: 3fb2b05c1278fa5⋯.gif (23.17 KB, 404x272, 101:68, xenos.gif)


You could do what I do: play only really old games. I don't consider that abstaining, since there's tons of them, and I don't even like the new ones at all. And it's the same way with computer games, books, comic books, movies, music, and so on.



what game is that, anon?


File: 28cb95d30563685⋯.pdf (780.91 KB, xenos-trs.pdf)


Xenos, one of the adventures published by Radio Shack for their own computer (TRS-80). Here's the manual. You can download it from here:


You'll need an emulator, of course. MESS will probably do the trick, but there are others. I haven't played this one yet, I'm just in the process of collecting really old text adventures. Most of the ones I've played were BASIC language affairs originally published in books or magazines and typed-in manually. This one is actually in machine language (oooooh, fancy!), as are apparently the other published by Radio Shack: Bedlam, Raaka-Tu, and Pyramid 2000 (this last one allegedly is like an egyptian-flavored version of Colossal Cave).



If you use words that have been specifically engineered by the enemy, you agree to think and communicate on his terms. It's the definition of a psyop.



Where the fuck do you think you are?


why did it take people so long to realise bakkabakka was pozzed?

Its a text book case of a hobby geek culture site being hijacked by trannies.

Most of the mods and people running it are trannyniggers you know the tranny discord menance that has infected every single geek interests site on the web.

Was really obvious when one of the sperg mods started posting transexual porn in a discussion about warhammer dwarves.

They also have that gaslighting habit of screaming "no such thing as sjw" even when blatant admitted sjw are posting on it.

Check out the feminism in 40k thread

>all the nordic posters calling for 40k to be rewritten because "dats fascism"


What a fucking retarded OP. If forums weren't complete dogshit we'd all be where all the project logs and the like are

>I went to Dakka and it was shit

Fucking wow, great story faggot.

Anyway, you are right in looking at Kings of War. Faggots get all chicken little about SJW infiltration but look at what happens to other media. Only entry level properties ever seem to get harmed. GW are dogshit (frankly have been for almost always, it's just their bullshit used to be passable) but the odd pinko pandering pales in comparison to the steaming dumps they have been taking on their IPs in general. You might be gambling if you go for any of the fairly popular 28mm+ games being free of pandering, but nothing can touch a game if it's setting agnostic.

Of course there's always historicals which will never get tainted by SJWs, which considering the vast range of historicals out there has me scratching my head about this nonsense

>Find very few companies that aren't pozzed to shit


>Hate by Adrian Smith sounds like it could be fun.

Yeah, the game where CMON have turned their Kickstarter pump and dumping into a feature, sounds fucking fabulous.


File: 5d84cb06c35a534⋯.png (906.31 KB, 958x1361, 958:1361, globohomo.png)

>see this thread is back at the top of catalog

>expecting to see a Brentonpost or two

>it's actually game related and not fa/tg/uys doomsaying about the death of the chan


File: 96efc0c794f6f0c⋯.jpg (18.67 KB, 212x410, 106:205, 14948040927240.jpg)

How's that for politics? New version of Maptool is out, aaaaaaaand

>RPTools has also implemented a new Code of Conduct for the community. While we’ve always been a polite crowd, the CoC will give us something to point to when discussions become intense.


Like, they themselves say they don't even need it, they just implemented it to gain brownie points.



>In the interest of fostering an open and welcoming environment, we as contributors and maintainers pledge to making participation in our project and our community a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of age, body size, disability, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, level of experience, nationality, personal appearance, race, religion, or sexual identity and orientation.

This is kind of milf compared to the kind of stuff being pushed on other open source projects where they denounce meritocracy and embrace the progressive stack. However, it's still wholly unnecessary and I can't imagine a single reason why they'd think they need to rush to the defense of people based on identity on a wholly impersonal form of communication and interaction. Furthermore, it's yet another tech group falling prey to the cancerous ideology of lefty identity politics, which shows that there's already someone inside the group who is probably using the same shaming tactics we've seen countless times before to make everyone else kowtow to the moronic victim and oppression narrative.


File: cf1ef54ca82261e⋯.png (23.04 KB, 663x409, 663:409, Chandra's mom has got it g….PNG)


>This is kind of milf

Phoneposting is haram, but if that's what your autocorrect does to "meh" then you're probably alright.

>compared to other stuff

The Christian organization who adopted the code relating to a monastic tradition was still the best; it was a great shitpost and the ~300 rules were better than anything else in the tech industry.



D is right next to F on a keyboard.


File: ffcc3911483e1fa⋯.png (67.77 KB, 542x616, 271:308, IWannaFuckThat.png)


>kind of milf


File: 4ec8692d6fe262c⋯.jpg (29.44 KB, 800x800, 1:1, BattleSisterBulletin-Mar19….jpg)


For every stronk wamen in shitty BL books and cringey shitskin shoved into paintjobs or retarded childrens' books, GW does at least produce a dozen models that the fans like. They are even keeping the SoB boobplate, so there's no reason to cry murder yet. Really, so far the most damage they have done has been generally bad decisions and shitty writing rather than actual purposeful pozzing.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Look at it this way, the current SJW bullshit had its roots in the 90’s mainly in academia before coming to the sun in the late 2000’s. Then it reached critical mass in 2013-14ish before finally the cracks staryed to show. Here we are over half a decade later and still dumb fucks are pushing it regardless of how much it hurts their products.

As I see it, we had those phase one infection types in the hobby from the get-go as this is a european product which lends it self to a degree of leftist fanbaae. Now that magic the gathering has been pozzed in and out, the virus is looking for something else to infect. Warhammer has been on their hitlist for a while and its only a matter of time before the cross pollination from companies like WoTC comes over and those seeds of shit start sprouting up.

We have to be zealous in our pruning of this degeneration as any inch given to them will turn into a mile very quickly.



>so far the most damage they have done has been generally bad decisions and shitty writing rather than actual purposeful pozzing.

Definitely my opinion. GW have/are still running roughshod over their core IPs. I can't see anything they do to virtue signal diversity equalling their killing off of WFB after crashing the playerbase with greed and incompetence to replace it with a dumbed down zoomer MOBA aesthetic skirmish game. Or the clumsy way which they advanced the plot to change the tone and aesthetics of 40k, all that Primaris special snowflake shit so you can't get any more free characters or special weapons out of your bitz box. The response by an anti-SJW might be that this is lube to make the setting more palatable, Girlyman is going to make the Imperium an unproblematic protag faction, whatever. Maybe that's the case, but the Warhammer Fantasy and 40k I knew and loved is already dead from an official perspective. We are talking past tense.



Of course they wouldn't lose the boobplate. No character design makes a female tabletop player cream her jeans like any kind of corsetry visuals. From 40k to malifaux its the unspoken rule of 'so you want the none tumblr 'that girl who was at the back of the class and too shy to be goth but has tons of dragon dildos' audience'.

I know it, and the femanons on this board know it too, even if they never realised it before.



My theory is they try to have their cake and eat it too. Our spiritual liege will seceded again, this splitting the imperium into the Mary-Sue half with all the space marines everyone likes, allied xeno races, and a bunch of other bullshit that would appeal to people who don't like the setting (just the idea/popularity of it) into a new and tolerant society that is open to new ideas and innovation because they know they have Matt Ward's family hostage and know nothing bad will happen to them. Meanwhile there will be the backwards empire we all know and love except they'll turn the grim dark and retardation up because they're the bad guy humans now.




>Having a continuity where the main conflict isn't Imperium vs. Chaos

If they were smart, they would have Nu-Marines as their own faction led by Girlyman. Let that be the Nuperium where everything is rainbows and penny whistles. Meanwhile, there is still the old imperium, the Inquisition, the non-Cawl Mechanicum, the Guard. They could be under the leadership of a much more pragmatic Primarch, such as the Lion or Dorn. Establish a dichotomy between Guiliman's idealism and the other Primarch's pragmatism. Have it obvious that Guiliman is basically building Imperium Secundus 2.0, faffing about with civic reform instead of fighting, just like during the Heresy.

There, GW gets to have its lighter tone while also keeping the grimdark at suitable levels so as not to alienate the fans.


File: 9b94cda4540d7fc⋯.png (142.49 KB, 883x318, 883:318, 2b60c1c50a7c154a372114ce0d….png)



>Primaris Marines thing is retarded bullshit

Primaris will replace Space Marines soon and this will be the AoS moment for 40k.

GW hates the grim-dark lore and diversity of the existing chapters with their fluff and their flawed gene seed and what not.

There will be a purge/resurgence and all "old" Marines will perish.

Then only 100% perfect Ultramarine Primaris will be left.

And when there's only Ultramarine Primaris left, the disneyfication process will begin.


File: e9093a57671acea⋯.jpg (19.27 KB, 300x300, 1:1, e9093a57671acea89946ef930f….jpg)


I've played more Fantasy Flight than tabletop, what are they doing with Space Marines now? Are they trying to make it so women can be them now by calling them "Primaris" instead?


File: 8a5dac90a97301c⋯.png (49.94 KB, 611x477, 611:477, trannyfortress.png)

File: 16adf9ee42725c9⋯.png (1.79 MB, 1654x682, 827:341, I must leave!.png)



Mental illness was already hard enough to manage. This would be a nightmare.



To be fair Dwarves could already be gay so I'm not surprised.


File: 3866e82a405d483⋯.webm (5.06 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Gowron_Shitposts_Pakleds.webm)


>this would be a nightmare

It's like you've never made a dwarf powered by the force of atomically colliding trannies before anon (at least vampires are kinda useful however).


File: 8e9c4a942198537⋯.png (378.17 KB, 563x366, 563:366, IAmAnApple.png)




Holy fuck I'm glad I stopped playing that game years ago...


File: 0c361ecec6be02b⋯.png (7.67 MB, 2000x3100, 20:31, Borcha.png)


>'m concerned about BO turning this board politically biased with stunts like that.

It's getting really fucking annoying on certain other boards, though often it's just the users. I just want to play my fucking games and watch my shows. Back in the day, a lot of boards sided with /pol/ because /leftypol/ kept shoving their fucking paws everywhere, but I think after repeated influxes of foreigners, you have fags who think they're in good company, because the world is black and white, after all, and if you hate /leftypol/ then you must be ZOGbot who wants to heil Trumpstein and kill niggers, chinks and kikes. Little do these ideological fuckwits realize, I tend to agree with some of their points though a lot of these people don't seem to be very intelligent or are pretty ignorant; they don't seem to be like old /pol/iticians, but rabble from shitty social media networks or "certain other" forums, but I don't want to deal with that shit every fucking second of every fucking day. And if you don't like it? Well clearly you're a [insert buzzword here], and I'm not even going to try to explain why you are because I'm an assumptive fuck with an IQ on par with the niggers I scream about.



/pol/ just ain't what it used to be, but /pol/ doesn't seem to know that. There was a very long time when they got along fine with nearly every damned board on 8chan, but that time is over, it would seem.


File: 1a8e3a8379c3d3b⋯.gif (411.04 KB, 499x281, 499:281, 1a8e3a8379c3d3b2ef9419b6d8….gif)


/pol/ was fine in 2014 for a simple reason: Not everyone was /pol/. To elaborate, the people coming onto /pol/ weren't there to meme and larp, they were there to talk about politics. The largest group by far was libertarian in political sentiment, and there were even a small number of left-wing types rounding out the group. There were a lot of first-time threads (for this site) and people were enthused to have a place with little moderation where they could talk freely about things. There were imperfections as in all things, but it worked.

/pol/ was diminished for a few reasons. The first was that once new threads turned stale, and people began to fall into a rhythm. The second was that /leftypol/ split-off into a separate hug-box - which also caused /pol/ to flip from arguing across the spectrum, to having internal debates over the most insignificant of points. The third was that because of the prior "golden age", a lot of people started getting overtly high-opinions of themselves - "we know", "we're actually higher IQ than the world beyond", "we're wizards with magic powers", and so forth - because there's nothing else for a bunch of friendless NEETs to power-trip over.

The fourth was the election, when /pol/ turned itself into a political tool, and began inviting in people who were little more than slightly edgier cuck-chan or reddit memers. Whereas 2014 /pol/ had at least a vocabulary to discuss topics, you could damn well bet the average poster in early 2016 couldn't tell you the meaning of mercantilism (an exceptionally relevant phrase in the last few years) without copy-pasting from Wikipedia (if they even bothered to look, rather than just trusting some stupid fucking info-graph). And when people do use terms, they misunderstand them. I mean fuck, look how people misuse use basic fucking politic terminology like "neoliberalism". And don't even get me started on how much of a butchered understanding of money and banking these faggots have: I'd imagine of all the UIDs on /pol/, you could count on one hand the number the number who understand the backing theory of money.

People on /pol/ today (and frankly for the last 3 years) are a fucking cancer, and they absolutely refuse to fact-check anything. To give an example: Half of the fucking anti-holocaust things floating around right now base their central argument on the census figures from the Red Cross, and call the 'revised' version kike-doctored; the original census in question was a projection using data from previous years to gauge population growth, while the latter version was the official numbers once the war closed. Daring to post that on /pol/ now will get you labeled a kike, because nobody is willing to do their own research, and just spits memes. And yet in spite of all of this, /leftypol/ still manages to be more unbearable. I guess there's only so much you can expect from people who quite literally encourage each other not to read books on economics, but it's still impressive in a way.

All of this could have been avoided if the board administration hadn't been a hot piece of shit for that whole time span. But mourning won't do us much - Ultimately, you're better off taking what you do learn, and taking it with you into the real world.


File: 750399d5f93f65e⋯.jpg (111.97 KB, 730x491, 730:491, bwlon07.jpg)


Hat off to you, fellow refugee.


File: 6f8b6073ef6816c⋯.png (130.1 KB, 566x485, 566:485, 1553135780.png)


The time of the dwarves has ended.



When did things change?

Was it the post- /pol/ harbor exodus from Halfchan?



>dwarves now have a 20% chance of being either nonbinary, trans, gay, ?????, or straight. Of the straight ones, 70% are now female.



What would happen if /pol/ was deleted? Would they really infest other boards or just all move to discords destined to be shut down?



I suspect most would return to 4chan and reddit. There would be a small number of people who would stay as cross-posters elsewhere, but probably only on /v/. Some would move to discords and the like. A small number would prop up one of the smaller politics boards. But there's also a lot of good posters (of the few left) that would be lost from the deletion - self-moderation and balkanized boards was a big part of 8chan's philosophy. I hate what /pol/ is now, but I'd be extremely worried if it was simply erased to solve the problem.


Peak was probably the span from September 2014 to, at most, March 2015? Things were still mostly fine until August 2015. Quality jerked up and down throughout 2016 but followed a general downward trend. The foreigners in 2016 were bad, but it was 2017 when they decided to stay, but without the excitement of the election - I can't say exactly when Rome fell, but from 2017 onward it's almost unrecognizable to me.




The problem is that quality control is non-existent. The old moderation was retarded, but now it's somehow even worse. Deleting the board and remaking it in 6 months would probably do a world of good.



>The old moderation was retarded, but now it's somehow even worse.

See above, about how keeping this "non-political," or "politically neutral" only means allowing the left to go full-retard. There's an old saying about how a given community can never really improve while it's well-known, only degrade over time. So long as /pol/ exists on any given imageboard, it will only ever get worse.

A shame, really.


File: b268317b3868df1⋯.png (144.92 KB, 509x368, 509:368, 1421280665822.png)



That's not how /pol/ was or worked at all. /pol/ was originally /new/ (if we are going so far back into 4chan days) which was specifically for discussion about current events. Since there were so many clashing views on how to interrupt current events, the whole thing devolved into arguments which turned political. The big two winners in this engagement were the libertarians and the national socialists. Everyone else was ground down by these two group's sheer autism. The communists, main-line conservatives and liberals were effectively debated out of the way. /leftypol/ had to make their own board just because they kept getting their rear ends spanked a deeper shade of red than before. /pol/ is a shadow of its former self because it retooled itself (like a factory is retooled in mobilization of war) to do its ever so small part to meme Trump into power. The thought being that if immigration--mainly illegal--was taken care of, the demographic future for the possibility of electing smaller government and keep progressive rot out of power could be maintained. Turns out Trump was limp wristed about that, and prosecuting criminal cabals like Clinton AND all the shit Obama did. A pipe dream that he would go after the Bushes too for Iraq, but he did maintain for a while he was against it. So now /pol/ is flooded with tons of idiotic reddit users who haven't opened an actual book or read history beyond what was force-fed them in High School.

But don't think for a moment that /pol/ was some sort of diverse eco-system where all political ideologies got along until "those ebil notsees came around". But as things stand, the only thing which can keep out SJWs is to apply its anti-matter equivalent, which is a healthy dose of /pol/. Not enough to swamp your board and turn it into a "is X degenerate" and "X is a plot by Jews", but enough shitposting to trigger the undesirables out of your pastime.



I do distinctly remember that early post-exodus /pol/ had a few libertarians and whatnot around. It wasn't "pure NatSoc" as some people will tell you now. Threads also didn't immediately devolve into KIKE KIKE KIKE KIKE posting.



Reddit nuking r/coontown and the rest of the Chimpire in August '15 played another role, a lot of human debris found their way to /pol/ then.

Shortly afterwards the primaries began and the moderation became more and more schizophrenic. Seriously, read the leaks that came up on Endchan or /polk/, a bunch of the mod clique were genuinly deranged (or Feds).


/pol/ also had a large contingent of (neo-)reactionaries who had plenty of bantz and provided thoughtful posts (RIP /aristoi/ and /duck/) as well as quie a few libertarians and paleocons of various stripes.



The libertarians started dying off after 2012. When Ron Paul got shut out hard in the GOP primary and the media made an effort to ignore him completely. Those disaffected with the mainstream betrayal eventually took to more extreme reactionary corners. Nowadays there's larping Nazi and Hoppe style Libertarians. Hoppe being the only one I know of being consistent with anti-immigration and closed communities instead of "free trade must also mean freedom of movement of all people!". After the showing in 2016, the Libertarians as a whole are a pathetic joke and impotent.

But as here >>413740 if you do not include your politics, the other side will not keep theirs out in an act of deference. If, for example, Warhammer 40k isn't apologetically and unironically religious zealotry and fascist in its themes it will be ruined by injection of San Francisco pozz and be warped into something utterly unrecognizable.


File: 45b3b66fec54a66⋯.jpg (51.13 KB, 500x652, 125:163, cato.jpg)


>especially since I haven't met anyone that still plays them in like two decades.

true patricians tend to be reclusive anon


File: 939e97db060cc42⋯.png (24.51 KB, 1087x178, 1087:178, tardpost.png)


I think /pol/ went to shit when Reddit did its big purge of the Million Dollar Extreme fanbase and brought those cretins here. /pol/'s biggest mistake in reacting to them, I think, was that /pol/ didn't shame tardposting. By tardposting I mean posting with poor spelling and grammar (so called because it makes you look like a retard); tardposting should be shamed wherever it appears, because if you tolerate it you encourage lazy, low quality posts. Not humorous shitposts, just incoherent retardation. When posting a thread, it's generally accompanied by caps or all caps in the title and/or body of the OP.

Look at /tg/ and you'll see very few tardposts, because when someone types like a retard we call them out on it and they either leave, or take more effort to post in the future. Result? Higher board quality. The same holds true on RPGCodex. To have a good community you need good conduct and effort put in. /pol/ used to be like that and it was a high quality board, and users who counted /pol/ among their main boards tended to post constructively on other boards, or at least make entertaining shitposts rather than unfunny tardposts. Now /pol/ is increasingly composed of tardposts and the quality has plummeted; naturally, this has led to low-IQ ideologies like mainstream American conservatism becoming prevalent.

The best thing we can do to preserve /tg/'s quality in the face of increasing migration from other boards and other websites is to rigorously shame tardposting whenever it shows up. In this manner, only those who belong here will come and stay.

Attached is a sample tardpost. Note the frequent spelling errors, random decision not to capitalize, lazy abbreviation, etc.



>a lot of human debris found their way to /pol/ then.

No they didn't, the guy running Coontown liked 8chan and wanted his own board to be where everyone migrated but everyone moved to Voat instead.



I'm not very politically or economically-orientated. So, what is mercantilism, quantity/backing theory of money, or at least, where can i read more about these, and how do they misuse neo-liberalism? Also, I may not know much about political or economic theory, but I can tell you with certainty that the left-right paradigm is silly (it became outdated ever since monarchies fell out of fashion in most civilized states) and that libertarianism is left-wing.



Really, we need to devise a new way to help other anons find education on critical topics like this, and actually discuss it. /pol/ was that magical wonderland once upon a time.

I don't really know any of this, either. I don't even know any good place to get books other than fucking Amazon; there's not a single bookstore within dozens of miles of me, since most people, especially where I live, would never be caught dead doing anything as uncool as reading or anything else, besides working and watching television. I have a tablet, but staring that that screen for hours can't be any good for my eyes.



Mercantilism is where you aim to ensure that your country wins in international trade, rather than potentially getting fucked by other countries.

In a free-trade situation you're mostly interested in the benefits of the individual, you don't really care if your country overall does very well in trade so long as the wealthy elites are able to profit. In mercantilism you're not concerned with whether or not the wealthy elites profit, but merely in whether trade benefits the nation overall or not.

So when China blocks imports of manufactured goods and only allows raw materials to be imported, while exporting manufactured goods, that's mercantilist because it results in a stronger manufacturing base within China. When the US, Canada, etc allow China to export manufactured goods to their countries while refusing to let them export manufactured goods to China in turn, that's the opposite of mercantilism because they're letting China fuck their countries because it does benefit some of the wealthy elite in the west to have that situation.



My posts only concerned 8chan. Don't confuse the presence of different groups with me implying they had any major presence: The left-leaning sorts had at most a 15% presence at their peak, and most of that was composed of anarchists or slight left-leaning centrists. The commies were always a tiny number, they were just the loudest and most obnoxious faggots of the bunch.


Mercantilism is, broadly speaking:


Most economists will tell you that free trade causes the most good for the most people. This is true, but it is not is not strictly true for all economies: The US, for instance, is a price-setting economy, meaning that it can impose policies like tariffs and profit. Domestic consumers and foreign producers both lose, but domestic producers benefit slightly and the state collects taxes, which can be spent on other causes. Smaller countries can't do this, but might implement policies of the sort in a misguided effort to prevent a balance of payments deficit - they would be better off with free-trade policies.

It should be stated: Mercantilism as a general rule benefits the wealthy elite and the state, since it benefits producers at the expense of consumers. Some will benefit - because producers are doing better, workers in that sector will also fare better wage wise; of course, the dollars they earn are also technically worth less, so the degree is variable. For mercantilist policies to benefit the average joe, the state must be damned good at spending the money they make.

As for quantity/backing theory: The most commonly accepted monetary policy is quantity theory. To make a longer description short, quantity theory claims that if a bank issues out $500 into the market, there is more money in circulation, and inflation has occurred. There is a "base" amount of money in the market: So for instance, in the US, there might be $3.7 trillion in bank notes and coin; through bank loans and deposits, the amount actually circulating is $14.3 trillion (actually more). Under quantity theory, the banks doing this causes inflation in the market.

Backing theory is a bit more niche and a newer term, and I'm a bit of dick for listing it, but it's a lot more sensible. Backing theory considers money a little differently: Rather than the amount in circulation determining inflation, it's the amount of it that's backed. Quantity theory only looks at liabilities, backing theory considers the assets behind them. So when a bank issues out a loan for $1000, this won't cause inflation so long as the bond it receives in return is appropriately valued to the market rate of interest. Understanding it it is important for getting a clearer picture of how banks work, so you don't end up bloviating about "dollars aren't worth anything" when the actual economy is a lot more nuanced than that.



My number one recommendation to people who want to read more is an eReader, and using Lib Gen. The cheapest ones are Kindles, but I dislike the amount of authority Amazon has over those; I'd recommend a Kobo, or at the very least, a Nook. That'll run you about $130 upfront. However, the typical book is about $20 nowadays, and you can find a lot of stuff in ePub or PDF format that is out of print (and thus worth a lot more); you can also save cost on public domain books. If you can knock out at least one book per week, you're looking at no more than 2 months to have "saved" money. Less if you're willing to get one of those cancerous "ads included" Kindles.

My number two is the public library. eReaders again make this easier, since a lot of big libraries do e-books nowadays; but if you're in a library, you might as well pick up a physical book. If you're a university student, take advantage of your school library while you can. Or if you're not, try to find out the guest rules at the nearest university, or even community college. You'll be surprised at the resources available.

My number three applies only to the underage and a few stragglers who haven't yet, but plan on, attending university - Don't be stupid with your major choice at university. If you don't care about politics and just want to make money, and can handle it, do computer science. If you want good job prospects, but also want a lot more leeway to look into other things, economics is ideal. If you only care about education and are self-motivated, major in history or international relations (if available), go to the library often, and throw yourself into academic research. These are your "best" options - everything else is just a worse version of one of these, unless you're really damned passionate (and good) at it.

If not university, take some online community college courses on things. Most will run you maybe $100 or so at most - if you're poor, you might even get them for free, depending on where you live. It won't do you as good as a full-blown course, and frankly, a lot of online courses suck. But some don't, and can also be transferred for degree credit.

Wikipedia is unironically useful. Don't read an article and then start talking about shit, but if you see someone discussing something and want to know a little bit of context, it's a good tool. Treat it as a springboard to finding other things, and do a bit of research, and you'll have a good tool in your self-education arsenal. For a bit more structure, I'm told CourseEra is great; I don't use it myself, but I've had a lot of people say good things.



>Most economists will tell you that free trade causes the most good for the most people.

Eh... I find when you ask them who exactly benefits is when they start to get evasive and begin misdirection. Rare is the economist who will explain precisely how free trade helps the working class - how they benefit from transitioning from factory work to service-sector serfdom. Some will talk about cheaper goods, but in reality this is only a benefit to those whose earnings haven't declined due to outsourcing; those who have, are basically getting the same amount of goods. They're cheaper, but the buyer has less money too. Real-estate doesn't get cheaper, however, so the working class man is left able to buy the same amount of stuff, with a less enjoyable job, and can't afford to own a home instead of renting.

To be sure, the upper middle class benefits greatly from free trade. If your job is not affected by free trade then yes, you actually do feel the benefits of those cheaper goods without the downsides.



>me will talk about cheaper goods, but in reality this is only a benefit to those whose earnings haven't declined due to outsourcing; those who have, are basically getting the same amount of goods. They're cheaper, but the buyer has less money too. Real-estate doesn't get cheaper, however, so the working class man is left able to buy the same amount of stuff, with a less enjoyable job, and can't afford to own a home instead of renting.

Don't forget another part of the equation, i.e increased taxation on the already squeezed laborers because their static wages are far easier to target than the free-trade internationalist's income is, which is particularly ironic when one considers that the free-trade internationalist's income wouldn't be possible without the worker's labors, but the laborer does not need the internationalist and can simply switch jobs or, at worst, can just barter his services.



> the laborer does not need the internationalist and can simply switch jobs or, at worst, can just barter his services

This is true if the worker practices a skilled trade (ie, is a plumber or electrician) working as a contractor rather than as support in a factory. But if he is a factory worker then he is at the internationalist's mercy, unless the state cares to protect its own labour base by practicing mercantilism against the internationalist and his foreign allies.



If you think that most people would rather work in a factory job than a service-sector job then you're delusional. Some? Yes. But the proponents of industrial jobs are almost solely those who have been doing it their whole lives. Service-sector work is no more-so a form of "serfdom" than industrial or agricultural. If you actually look at the United States, you'll realize that the number of places where you "can't afford to own a home instead of renting" are few and far between - isolated principally to California, Florida, and areas like New York City. People insist on living in these places while poor instead of moving, but that's not because it's impossible to do - it's because people insist on staying places they can't afford the cost of living. There are plenty of job opportunities for those attempting to seek them.

If you want an economics explanation, you need look no further than a text-book. People have been making complaints like the ones you've given for decades, but there are no models or data which support the accusation. There is data suggestion inequality and difficulty in the United States, but the simple fact is that even in places like Los Angeles, a person working minimum-wage can support themselves with rent (I know a few aspiring actors who can prove that point); in other places, this is much easier. Of course, there are some 'unlivable' places - San Fransisco comes to mind immediately. But that's not a matter of free trade; if anything, San Fransisco is the most state-controlled city in the United States, and should be used as evidence to the contrary of allowing state intervention in the economy.

Furthermore, there's the fact that most of these issues are brought on by the fact that the US government, and the state governments of places like California, mismanage absolutely everything. Tax codes are but one of the things that's fundamentally broken.* Immigration from the southern countries, generally speaking, has a direct negative impact on the American working-class (in contrast to workers who stay abroad). Health services are fucked, there's no other way to put it. But again: These are all issues cause by state interference, not by the market.

* This is a point of contention, but I'm strongly in favor of bracketed and raised capital gains taxes. This prevents working- and middle-class investors from being discouraged by high taxes; the upper-class can handle the excess burden. Obviously this first requires a state better at managing the collected funds - I'd move it to education reform and mental health services. As an aside: One of the plagues in the US is the "squatter land-lord"; people who own large amounts of land, but refuse to rent it out, and leave it useless. You need to remove rent control first to make this viable (rent control is ill-thought to begin with), but finding land-lords or real estate investor for holding dilapidated, unused buildings, would indirectly incentive lower rent prices, assist small-business start ups, and provide for more housing.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2: “It’s definitely taking political stances on what we think are right and wrong”

V:TMB2 will be a massive godawful pozzfest, to the surprise of absolutely nobody.

Archive link: http://archive.ph/L6gwW


File: c99b1df2cd62116⋯.webm (4.85 MB, 512x288, 16:9, rattlerattle.webm)



The first game has a line where you can confess your sin as "I voted Republican once". It was more tactful and amusing then, but even the original was clearly left-leaning in sentiment - which is entirely appropriate for the source material. The only difference now is a complete lack of tact or self-awareness.



>If you think that most people would rather work in a factory job than a service-sector job then you're delusional.

Gonna stop you right there - are you seriously claiming that people would rather work some shitty retail serf job than a good factory job? Really?



> implying that both don't suck


File: e35101d711ffc4b⋯.png (112.04 KB, 854x935, 854:935, carlos_face.png)


Adds a whole new meaning to the term "death rattle".



Most people are unaware that factory work isn't as awful as they've been told all their lives. Public education constantly hammers in the "get an education or you'll be stuck doing menial tasks for minimum wage for the rest of your life" meme.


File: 323e0f45338e056⋯.jpg (13 KB, 252x226, 126:113, 1465060332882.jpg)



There's no difference between the two and I absolutely abhor either. Despite that, I would do them for less than five-hours a day for preferably four days a week, as the problem with longer work is that it tires me out, and I have very little time to do what I want, besides not having the energy. Retail and factory jobs generally require very little thinking, so I'm free to put my mind elsewhere, which is why they're arguably better than, say, a job as an accountant, unless you enjoy that sort of work. Personally, while I have many interests and find many things enjoyable, I tire of them eventually, which is why the prospect of a life-long career terrifies me. Perhaps this is because most humans were not made to be doing the same thing over and over, no matter what it may be. If you look at the life of a Medieval serf for example, while crop farming is his main job, he has other duties to attend to. Just a thought.

Regardless of all that, I love being a NEET, where my work lies solely in daily chores, gardening, and personal education, and I hope to stay a NEET for as long as possible. Truly the Patrician's lifestyle.


File: 033ae1d1757356e⋯.png (282.79 KB, 678x678, 1:1, 27b616eec6408a87410eddf040….png)


t. flamen minores who thinks he's patrician


File: 73e93b3cd31ef43⋯.mp4 (4.2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, the_rambler.mp4)


I mean, that's all all well and good, but your situation is very much the opposite of what most people likely have to work with.


File: b178cf9b645a2f5⋯.jpg (144.93 KB, 648x791, 648:791, Lolita_I_surely_hope_you_g….jpg)


Tu quoque fallacy. The posts I replied to were about whether or not factory jobs are worse than retail jobs, not about the situations of people's lives. As I've alluded to, I have had to work before, and I'm not sure my NEET life will last for much longer.


Did I say that, Plebeius Maximus? Consider what other meanings could be gleaned from "Truly the Patrician's lifestyle".




>There's no difference between the two and I absolutely abhor either.

-t. kiddo who lives in a 26 y/o body in his mom's basement

If you're too stupid to differentiate pay scales between jobs anyone working in school still can handle versus true careers, you don't need to post your opinions.



There's an argument to be made about blue collar, unionized or trade jobs, careers. Or pulling an uncle Ted, and retiring off grid.

But yeah, trying to say that being NEET is patrician, raises some eyebrows. Because it kind of implies squandering the capital, and good will of your parents.


File: 74ac0dc254ff76d⋯.jpeg (41.73 KB, 360x354, 60:59, 13456988623.jpeg)


>The Christian organization who adopted the code relating to a monastic tradition was still the best

Details, please, uncle Adolf.



>are you seriously claiming that people would rather work some shitty retail serf job than a good factory job?

Yes, I am. Keep in mind that this is stated within a very narrow bound: in the United States, as an example, there are a huge stack of labor laws, safety restrictions, and other regulations which make factory work a much nicer prospect than it has historically been. Furthermore, whatever experience you might have had, there are a large number of people quite willing to work in retail jobs.

The problem that the United States is dealing with in this regard stems in strong part from minimum wage laws. The current tend is for people to work retail and similar jobs as careers. This is absolute insanity: These are meant to be entry-level jobs for people on their career path, not the end point. People aren't supposed to be working minimum-wage spots at Staples for their whole life; nor are they supposed to be working at entry-level wages in factories until retirement. This is a bastardization of the functioning market caused by present conditions.


I don't disagree with this point - my argument isn't that factory work (in developed countries) is terrible; it's that service jobs aren't some sort of awful slavery. That is a fallacy pushed mostly by the various sorts of socialists who lack experience in the work force.

US public education is fucked in its push for a university education. Strictly speaking, I would say that less than 50% of the people getting a university education belong there; even that might be too high. Subsidized education is given too freely, when it should be awarded solely based on merit; the result is the spread of useless degrees, in fields such as critical studies, which contribute nothing. On the other hand, little to no attention is given to trade skills, or other professions which should by all rights pursued.

Frankly, I'm convinced that most professions (doctors, lawyers, certain engineers, etc.) would be better off re-fashioned from scratch as apprenticeship programs, but we're probably too far gone for a return to that form. It's unfortunate.


NEETs which pull money from the state are a drain and a menace. NEETs which pull money from their parents are a necessity - They create a drain on the upper class which stimulates economic mobility. I would rather wealthy children become NEETs than gain employment they didn't earn through nepotism. Pressure to make NEEThood more socially acceptable among the upper class could only do good.



>service jobs aren't some awful form of slavery.

Quite the opposite. The only word that you can really stand on is slavery (because its not) but then again lots of things (like indentured servitude) have not been slavery. Service is servile, you are most likely to be assaulted and treated like shit in service and in terms of the kinds of jobs a slave would do (serving food, cleaning, running messages, etc ) its the closest match. Factory jobs aren't magical but they often pay reams better and teach at least some skills that are transferable whereas service is just about asskissing and that's about it.

There are lots of trade skills that are not being matched to job demand either (I know welders and pipefitters out of work, go figure strange world we live in). Basically the government thougth the schools would do it and the schools don't care as long as they are getting paid (despite the fact it is currently biting them in the ass and will continue to bite them in the ass until the ivory tower completely crumbles).



Don't forget the Republican politician whose platform consisted of implying his Democrat opponent was a serial vehicular murderer because he owned a van and there had been several recent hit-and-runs done by a van.



>NEETs which pull money from their parents are a necessity - They create a drain on the upper class which stimulates economic mobility

As opposed to them actually finding work themselves, which would be awful.

>muh nepotism!

Parental failure and a false dichotomy.



I'm really surprised how little this is being talked about here, considering everyone working on the game more or less said

>we're gonna poz the shit out of this game because it's Current Year +4



Doesn't sound too bad in that article though. Technology vs tradition is a pretty solid topic that should be relatively poz free. If you can choose to go Yang 2020 or even better, full on Linkola, that could be pretty cool. Art vs consumerism sounds pretty gay though.

The gender shit is the only really sickening poz, but wholly expected. Still, it's probably going to be all kinds of shit even if they don't say it outright. I bet they will have Alt right factions that are purely evil and railroad you into killing them.



The kind of "politics" that these people always push is never anything remotely interesting. It's the same old shit and it's pretty much all entirely wrong.

>brown people good, white people bad

>queer people good, straight people bad

>muslims good, christians bad

>there are unlimited genders (but most of them are just male or female but with more clownish faggotry)

>walls are racist

>eat the rich

>real communism has never been tried

>Drumpf is Hortler

>gamers hate women

>smash the patriarchy

And so on and so forth. You think when they say that they wanted to update their game to be in line with modern issues that they were going to be talking about the encroaching reality of technology outpacing humanity? Or the overwhelming homeless crisis consuming the west coast? Maybe something about the way that America gets criticized for spending so much on its military while simultaneously being expected to defend every other country in the world?

Nope. We're going to get some dumb shit about how black, gay, muslim trannies deserve special rights and also uncontested control of society.


File: 9f8af08c5fe7f83⋯.png (337.99 KB, 525x380, 105:76, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 12445dc8aa79269⋯.png (747.12 KB, 708x858, 118:143, ClipboardImage.png)


>Nope. We're going to get some dumb shit about how black, gay, muslim trannies deserve special rights and also uncontested control of society.

But with intersectionality we're now going to get the fucking Hunter : The Word of God Motherfuckers (formerly The Recokoning) now with Islamic Imams going Jihad like no fucking tommorrow slaughtering Fey Genderfluid Changelings (by tossing them off of buildings), blowing up Black Sun'd Pagan Mummies and Mages, slaughter Furry Werewolves at their public Furry conventions designed as grooming grounds for new members, and Gay Muslim vampire Rudi's getting staked and beheaded for being absolute Haram in the eyes of the Allah. Also they put their century feud shit aside with Christians teaming up with trad Catholics to wipe the world clean of all of the pozzy filth in the darkness. Hmm, they might just make Hunter fun again.

However the only weapon selections you get get as a Muslim Hunter are semi-trucks, and explosives for every single damn adventure every single time. Maybe an AK on occasion?


File: a24ce8539a9ef54⋯.jpg (29.67 KB, 938x477, 938:477, 601.jpg)


>implying the Imams won't be "Religion of Peace" black wamen and trannies.



most people have just given up hope that anything they like will ever get a sequel that isn't pozzed to shit.


File: 6c722c674de5c89⋯.webm (405.24 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Your Favorite Franchises ….webm)


>most people have just given up hope that anything they like will ever get a sequel that isn't pozzed to shit.


So, apparently Wizards hired some former bigwig from Pozzo (F Wesley Schneider). From what I could dig, he was one of the more douchier-than-thou people at Paizo. It doesn't surprise me, since D&D and MtG have further down the regressive shitter.


File: 5ba693b9e545607⋯.jpg (22.24 KB, 174x210, 29:35, ScroogeFirst.jpg)



Comparing the two I've personally found factory work to be a lot easier than retail. The factory included a test for being physically able to lift 100 lbs., but on the actual job they're so deathly afraid of paying for a workplace injury that no one actually has to do any heavy lifting. In retail they'll destroy you (it is scary to see how physically broken down some of those people are after years of doing the job) and do their damnest to avoid any responsibility in the matter. Why didn't you ask for a team lift when we schedule you to work alone? Did you file an accident report? That torn rotator cuff must be from something you did off the clock then, instead of unloading a truck full of furniture for us. I saw a girl once return to work with her arm in a sling and receive zero compensation because according to policy she wasn't entitled to it since the injury had not caused her to miss a full week of work.

The biggest factor that separates the two is that in a factory you actually have to do your job. Production quotas really cut into the bullshitting around/goldbricking parts of the workday.


This is going to vary largely based on cost of living and the job market in your area, but typical career jobs aren't necessarily better than low status work. A Wal Mart employee who knows how to budget properly is going to fare better than your average office worker. Most of the career people I've met are fairly miserable. They spend too much on everything, have multiple subscriptions to services they barely use, accrue debt, don't save, don't invest. Yes, if they did manage their money better than they would be more well off than the lifer at Wal Mart, but that's what it comes down to, failing to leverage your resources is a larger detriment than having less resources.

FFS, how many of these people leave $5k in a savings account? If you're going to let your money just sit in the bank at the very least get a money market account. The interest is still shit but it's double a savings account. If you have to access it more than 4 times a month than it's not really savings anyway.



> one of the ... douchier-than-thou people at Paizo

I thought that was more or less their hiring policy. Are you a ginormous vaginafart? Yes you're hired!



In terms of budgeting: That's just a factor of the average person not actually being that smart, or ambitious. I've known ambitious people who took food out of the trash can behind the KFC and lived out of their car (homelessness isn't viable; you need a place to store your shit) for months, and crawled up to management or even owner positions. I've known unambitious people who've worked the same jobs in fast food for 20 years without promotion.

Of course, there's ambition, and then there's the ruthless back-stabbing that "successful business people" have. The corporate ladder is a travesty. People who move to climb it have ambition, but it's a lazy sort of ambition based around manipulation; it's a different sort entirely than what you see among small business owners, entrepreneurs, and the like.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Probably already posted, but holy shit, what happened to this franchise?



Where have you been the past few years? Ever since White Wolf became Onyx Path, they've been making no attempts to hide their cancer power level.



I barely followed. I loved Bloodlines the vidya but only knew about White Wolf and such passingly. I never even heard about this stuff going on.




You typed a 200-word post but couldn't be fucked to spell "for fucks sakes?"


>In terms of budgeting: That's just a factor of the average person not actually being that smart

Among the 30yo boomer crowd I know it's a cuckchan meme, but it's accurate from what I've experienced, there are a startling number of people who spend upwards of $700 USD on food every month because they can't cook. And not "can't cook" as in they dislike it or are bad at it; the people I've encountered literally wouldn't know how to hard or soft boil an egg if their lives depended on it. To such people, the act of cooking a week's worth of food on the weekend or planning a meal calendar is black magic for all intents and purposes.


You should use Invidious to embed if you aren't making a webm.


File: 7860278a1114206⋯.jpg (28.07 KB, 430x350, 43:35, sweet soothing denial.jpg)


This fucking shit is too much. I dont know if that article wasnt neutral to /pol/ before (Didnt cared much about it and didnt read it before) before, and if it wasnt then thats really bad; But now whoever edited this now is really evil.

Its not like /pol/ now have loose notably its quality and there are many retards now, like >>413786 >>413794 say and its not totally wrong, and some time /pol/ should get out of things, but good lord this article goes hard on it, and now its worse.



1d4chan has been overrun with Redditers.

Look at half the articles for the Imperial Guard regiments, odds are there will be at least one photo with a caption along the lines of.

“There are stronk womyn in the Guard, they’ll kick your ass.”

Or just look at the talk page for the article on traps and despair as it’s a mess of people tossing the word “transphobia” around.



>1d4chan has been overrun with Redditers.

Oh great. I hate that shit; And obviously, nothing is done about it. But really, why no one bother to keep wikis as they should be, and always fold to SJW?



I don't know where you are from but where I live almost all factory workers are turkroaches and other assorted shitskins who do not speak any civilized language.

I'd rather work retail and deal with white faggots and cucks than surround myself with invaders.



Imagine my shock.


>why no one bother to keep wikis as they should be

We tried to do this some years back but the unending flood of 4chan faggotry was too much to handle.


File: 1c2bd654246a488⋯.jpg (508.92 KB, 2048x1333, 2048:1333, 1c2bd654246a488b59ae4d0782….jpg)


the main mechanic that I think happens is because maintaining a wiki/irc/channel/discord/etc is work, having someone who is interested in helping is a godsend. That person can restrain (or may even not be as big of a fag as they become later) their faggotry enough to fit in but then slowly shifts what is acceptable to the base (signalling to more liberal faggots to join in ,etc).

I think kind of like evolution these places can only go two ways, left or right (in evolution bigger or smaller) and if they are not actively going right they are infact being pushed left (this is similar to the overton window or the pendulum theory. If the leftists aren't winning we win by default there is no status quo really its more faggtory or more rightwing).

So that's ignoring the fact that lots of these faggots do this on purpose. The 1d4chan crew used to be okay but little by little leftists displaced hobbyminded poeple (of all kinds) and now its a pozz shithole.

>and that's why furry commie nigger faggots get a rope.



Holy shit. I thought I was imagining the tough lady thing on every page trend



>I'd rather work retail and deal with white

That's a shame because you won't be dealing with white people if you work retail.


File: 11e6615e64ff892⋯.jpg (1.8 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, IMAG0903.jpg)

File: 045f56597728e9a⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, IMAG0904.jpg)

Oy fucking vey



in a dark post-apocalyptic world where you can be anything you want, you roleplay as a faggot jew.


can you poison wells?

is pilpul a skill or a characteristic?



I'm going to guess none of the above, because it's probably a hyper minimalist, borderline freeform system with lots and lots of flowery, buzzword laden prose. Remember that "#Feminism" book of "micro RPGs"? Most of them were more like improv prompts and none of them had any meaningful or cleverly designed mechanics.



>I roll stealth to poison the only well in camp with Hepatitis.

>I roll persuasion to accuse the mob of antisemitism despite king's blood covering my hands and a bloodied dagger laying next to me



>wet tarps

Hell frigging no. Clean your goddamn camping kit and dry it . I cant even tell what these games are supposed to be about except buzzwords.



>it's probably a hyper minimalist, borderline freeform system with lots and lots of flowery, buzzword laden prose.


All signs point to yes.




It's because leftists are subversives and partisan plain and simple. They virtue signal (partisan signaling their allegiance) and select based on that.

Rightwingcucks, libertariancucks, and others always forget this and open the gates to lefties who take ground and force them out every single time.


File: 7b680bb6e5d9598⋯.png (687.94 KB, 1013x482, 1013:482, GoblinSighted.png)


Its true, it seems to flow sufficiently from the evidence. It may not have to be this way but there is no reason to sweat over the idea that there may be a good leftist outthere.



Leftists take over because faggots are too busy posting on image boards than putting the time into other projects. They hide in hug boxes are things corrupt.

The other issue you have is moral relativity. Leftists do whatever is good for them. Rightists have standards they won't change. As such the left will lie, cheat and steal and the right simply won't. Then the left win, get to cover their crimes and carry on winning. Until the right is willing to play dirty and win it's going to lose ground over and over.


File: 322fab6e65b4f32⋯.mp4 (2.67 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Remove_Goblin.mp4)


>leftists lie cheat and steal

<Like minded rightists band together away from them

>Behold it is the rightists fault that leftists lie cheat and steal



Both sides will claim they're incapable of lying. Both sides are fucking liars. Best example would be the whole >implying thing conservatives ran with, that Obama was a Muslim. That went on for years, and ultimately got mass media coverage until Obama finally had to come out with his birth certificate, and chided the media for being a bunch of faggots.

Fast forward to today, where after years of >implying Trump is working with the Russians, and that he only gained his position through collusion, Trump comes out clean as a whistle, then chides the media for being a bunch of faggots. The real issue here is both sides will do anything for power, and the media is a bunch of faggots who need to be fired for failing to be real journalists. The media is also ran by (((them))), so go figure it's all about distracting the masses from real issues.




that being said, nwod/cofd hunter is really good at actually being a horror game, at least in comparison to the rest of the line which claims to be horror, but isn't


File: b10c7d83df08327⋯.png (72.66 KB, 330x320, 33:32, 1460070701353.png)


>he article is negative because the subject is negative

>an overwhelming portion of the user base outside of the board fucking hates them

<implying implications

This post right here was all you needed to read. Some /leftypol/ faggot getting his knickers in a twist.



The whole "obama is a muslim" thing was for milquetoast conservative cowards who were afraid to admit the real reason they didn't like Obama was because of the disgrace of a white country being led by a nigger. Of course, just stating that America is a white country means you're far right these days, even though it was official policy through most of America's history.



>his birth certificate

The one that was forged?


>::The NZ attacks are/were a horrible thing for which I have no sympathy and no reasonable person should, even if I'm pretty fashy and more or less agree with the 14W in principle and share concerns about demography...I'm not going to argue about this here (I say this preemptively should anyone try to debate me on the actual politics rather than the text here...I'm not going to bite...this isn't the place.)

How do you do, (((fellow fascists?)))




By having everyone else around him take the fall?




>The NZ attacks are/were a horrible

I agree. Something happens to bunch of foreigners who shouldn't have been there in the first place and the natives have their rights stripped from them overnight? In a less cucked era, it would've started a revolution. It's happened for less.



In a less cucked era they'd be shot for trespassing the border, or in case of islands unlawfully entering the country.

A few torpedo boats would solve the (((refugee))) crisis


File: 11b7f70bd538204⋯.jpg (96.82 KB, 908x1000, 227:250, shruga.jpg)

Does anyone here hate BoardGameGeek or am I the only one ? Just making sure..



>dnd 5e

>think I'll run tomb of annihilation with a friend

>one of the first side quests is you help a literal faggot save his fucking husband

fucking hell



What did the site do?


File: 2301ab561b9acc7⋯.jpeg (307.42 KB, 700x1690, 70:169, 84FD045C-F65C-4637-A758-5….jpeg)


the only redditfaggot? Yeah I think you are.



The general resource it offers as a database of games with all the useful info on hand is decent. Even the review aggregation is somewhat useful, as reviewing board games is less likely to be distorted for flimsy reasons. If a game has poor box design or cheaply made components or a shitty rulebook, then you can likely find the reviews from users saying so.

Where it falls apart is the community, which is pretty much the neoFAG/ResetEra of the board games community. Lots of self-important asshats who are more than eager to virtue signal and tongue the asshole of any hipster faggot who declares that white men are terrorists who are destroying the hobby that brave womyn and queers have somehow gained the entitlement to control.



Just kill them.



Either this >>415003 or re-write one of them into a girl.



Can't be any worse then rpg.net



BGG has a better collection of reviews and actual news on games. When it comes to discussing games, they are a little bit better (they actually discuss games and ask questions about them), but politics-wise and as far as their mod team is concerned, they are on par with rpgnet.



>I know you are a bunch of drug addicted canibalistic looters who murderfuck anything that moves, but antisemitism and homophobia would be going too far don't you think ?

>You are a gang of progressive maniac bikers amirite ?

Speech rolls in the game would look like that (Assuming this game even has dice)



>(Assuming this game even has dice)

>Second page says "NO DICE, NO MASTERS"

Gee, I wonder.

I don't understand why you would even buy something like that. At least when you buy a regular roleplaying game you're paying for people to come up with dice mechanics and stats that interact with them, and playtesting to make sure the mechanics are fun to play. Maybe even some maths to keep the game world consistent. If you and your friends want to improv theatre your ideal post apocalyptic pozfest, there is absolutely nothing stopping you. It doesn't even look like an especially ground-breaking setting, it's just a gay wasteland with Jew magic. Just live in the anglosphere and wait thirty years for the same experience for free.



> I don't understand why you would even buy something like that.

> If you and your friends want to improv theatre your ideal post apocalyptic pozfest, there is absolutely nothing stopping you.

normies, soyboys and golems are mindbogglingly creatively bankrupt. They might buy it because they can't into sufficient original thought to devise a pozt apoc improv theater without a hipster having spoonfed them through every step.



>pozt apoc

I hate this because it's true.



>post apocalyptic pozfest

The idea of a pozzed apocalypse setting reminds me of the bullshit in the new vampire stuff

Vampires are bloodsuckers that prey on humanity and manipulate everything behind the scenes while constantly backstabbing each other and live for centuries or more; but sure they believe in punching up, follow current year progressive morals and think fascism is a no



>follow current year progressive morals and think fascism is a no

This actually all makes sense, in a jewish "whats good for me is not for thee" kind of way.

In a healthy society the vampire would not be able to easily find prey so spreading pozz is good for them (although literal pozz might be bad for them).



*Re-write them into girls




> There's people on /tg/ to whom it's news that vampires are kikes with magic powers and slightly more literal bloodsucking



>slightly more literal bloodsucking

No, the only difference is vampires have supernatural powers and bite people. Jews prefer to suck blood off of baby penises under the guise of religious rituals.

And that's all we know about for sure, gods only know what they do with all that child trafficking and Moloch worship in secret. They uncovered all those children skeletons from Carthage a little while ago, but I bet the semites of today have learned well enough not to leave any traces.



> No, the only difference is vampires have supernatural powers and bite people. Jews prefer to suck blood off of baby penises under the guise of religious rituals.

I meant 'more' in the sense of quantity/frequency anon, not in the 'more literal' sense. Though you raise a good point about the child trafficking and Moloch shit they do in secret.



Yeah, that's the best possible version.



> if he wanted black cultists he would have to recruit woke american blacks.

Black Magick?


File: 37a0250d75cbbf7⋯.mp4 (5.93 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 37a0250d75cbbf7758e8714d28….mp4)




But lacks some banana


File: 072d4d35b832f33⋯.jpg (48.01 KB, 600x630, 20:21, CK7czYAWEAApg5J.jpg)


Holy crap you summed that up so well


File: b23c33a8d9e2bb9⋯.png (692.02 KB, 1321x1009, 1321:1009, heh.png)



>get a fortress full of tranniesdorfs

>"win" at Dorf Fort

I mean, they must be perfect at everything right? Else it would be horribly sexist. Can't even have them go insane or snowflakes would get offended by the implications.



>at least in comparison to the rest of the line which claims to be horror, but isn't

Care to elaborate?


File: 34949094bc88d13⋯.png (466.7 KB, 782x696, 391:348, YASSS.png)

How will we recover ?



Honestly not sure how companies that try to hard to force their narrative on everyone survive their own sabotaging.



20- to 30-somethings with disposable income because they've filled their emotional voids with "fur babies"? Failures desperately trying to feel like they belong by throwing money at a product and defending it tooth and claw, even as the quality drops? Good old-fashioned Soros/DARPAbucks?



It's pretty damning that their cancerous ideology does so poorly standing on its own that they have to hamfistedly wedge it into pre-existing games with built-in communities and reputations to leverage. Calling vampire a "social justice-oriented game" is delusional at best and completely dishonest at worst. But what do you expect from people who think a couple hundred backers is a massive success and getting half a dozen retweets constitutes some kind of massive social reach?

Also, I have no idea why you're posting shit referring to other shit from 5 years ago.



Why not go find the anal spouse #2, flog him or drown him in the bog, then go for the #1 and say his anal spouse is fine and wants to meet him in a romantic place (the bog) so you get rid of both of them?


It's easy when you literally print more money on demand and your higher-ups give you the print outs to do the pozzing.



Apparently they are going to make the player a thinblood; really most of the new lore is focusing on anarch thinbloods cuz gotta figth da man or something.



The fucking cuck can't even say "women".



>Take that people who hate SJWs making games

And if you dare call the makers of this game SJWs ;retarded fanboys will scream at you that SJWs don't exist it's a alt-right myth ! or Right wingers are the real SJWs !


File: a4129bd5815e815⋯.jpg (33.35 KB, 346x406, 173:203, 1455861779869.jpg)


>look at us, we smeared ourselves with shit! aren't you mad we're covered in shit now? nazis btfo hahahaha



Can't we just kill all these "people" and call it a day?



Couldnt have said it better. Screencapped.



Couldn't have cringed it better. Snapped.


File: 6e31d540d16966f⋯.png (2.13 MB, 1231x917, 1231:917, ClipboardImage.png)

>How Dungeons & Dragons somehow became more popular than ever


Some faggot posted this as its own thread, but it really should go here. There isn't anything new said in this article, but there are a few sections which may prove insightful for analyzing how normalfags perceive our hobbies (and how the MSM wildcats them into playing).


>Stars of “Girls Guts Glory,” a Dungeons & Dragons Web series, from left: Kimberly Hidalgo, Erika Fermina, Kelen Coleman (kneeling), Rachel Seeley, Allie Gonino, Alice Greczyn, Sujata Day and Kelly Lynne D’Angelo. Early episodes were met with harsh comments: “Like. . . ‘There’s no way they actually play. No one plays D&D who looks like that,’” Fermina recalls.

>D&D has come a long way since Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson invented it in 1974 as an alternative to miniature-military war gaming. No longer is it a game to hide out with in Mom’s basement.

>Today, people play it at bar and restaurant pop-up events such as “Drinks and Dragons” in Philadelphia, and “Orcs! Orcs! Orcs!” in Portland, Ore. They pay $2,650 per person per weekend to play it in Caverswall Castle in Staffordshire, England.

(I find the following two excerpts to be the most accurate description of how normalfags think about D&D. You literally couldn't find one giving a serious description of the game without mentioning how "it's not just for guys anymore" or "there's actually a lot of nonbinary representation." The trannies and faggots who play D&D in the MTG club room each week spend half the time crowing about how they love Critical Role.)

<The company also made it more inclusive. Gone is the rule mandating female characters’ strength be less than males’. Gone is the sexist artwork — no more armored bikinis, no more monsters with breasts, no more topless ladies (unless her character really, really calls for it). Characters come in a rainbow of skin colors and body types and sexual orientations — like the wood elves who identify as non-binary. “You could,” the “Players Handbook” suggests, “play a female character who presents herself as a man, a man who feels trapped in a female body, or a bearded female dwarf who hates being mistaken for a male.”

<These days, even the most surreal of feats is possible: playing D&D as a career. Popular podcasts such as “The Adventure Zone” and “Critical Role” have turned anonymous players into Internet royalty. “Critical Role” began as a group of professional voice actors in Los Angeles goofing around with D&D in one another’s living rooms. It’s become a multiplatform series with an audience of half a million people a week.

Discuss it, if you want to.



If we can funnel all the normal/tranniefags into world of darkness like we did at our gaming store we might be able to save d&d

<if its worth saving



>Some chucklefucks don't read the rules and can't keep the political posts here.

Anyway, this is just more media buzzword fuckery. As someone on the other thread put it, this is par for hipsters trying to gentrify the hobby to make it fit them more, at the cost of us. I don't agree with "MUH ACCELERATION", but rather we should funnel them to retarded indie shit while just doing whatever to drive them off. Hell, if we can stealth encourage e-celebfags to jump to "story games", then they'll leave us alone soon enough.


File: 87f1c4ba2eb060f⋯.png (310.86 KB, 790x512, 395:256, the kingdom of science is ….png)


> Gone is the rule mandating female characters’ strength be less than males’

This rule hasn't existed for longer than the author has been alive.

>Gone is the sexist artwork — no more armored bikinis, no more monsters with breasts, no more topless ladies (unless her character really, really calls for it)

Also hasn't been in D&D for decades.

>Characters come in a rainbow of skin colors and body types and sexual orientations

>like the wood elves who identify as non-binary.

Not only has this not been an issue since the first fucking version of the game, but this shows a fundamental misunderstanding of D&D and what "characters" actually are within the game.

>These days, even the most surreal of feats is possible: playing D&D as a career. Popular podcasts

That's podcasting. There are people who make some patreon hipster welfare off talking about Steven Universe and Netflix. Why is it somehow jaw-dropping for this dumb cunt that people telling a story through playing a game can be a thing people want to listen to?

>“The Adventure Zone” and “Critical Role”

Really digging deep to show that hardcore nerd knowledge, huh? A bunch of professionals and e-celebs playing a game got an audience somehow! Isn't that just so surreal!?

Fuck everything about this article and the ignorant bullshit that fueled it.


File: fbbaae0192403b3⋯.png (2.78 MB, 989x1600, 989:1600, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c3a7a7eca161a74⋯.png (982.71 KB, 1043x468, 1043:468, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 73db04000b4c0de⋯.png (2.35 MB, 1052x1600, 263:400, ClipboardImage.png)


>Also hasn't been in D&D for decades.

4E actually had some pretty sexy women in its illustrations; the official comic series even had a tiefling chick with huge honkers and a boob window. The 3 and 3.5 manuals did have more cheesecake art, though.

I actually had a look at my 4E rulebooks (I was young and stupid), and although there are definitely women showing cleavage ad thighs, there are many more covered head to toe in chainmail. The poz was definitely there, even if it hadn't completely supplanted the depiction of sexy women.



Tit plate, boob window armor, and chainmail bikinis were never common in official D&D artwork. Sexy women is another matter, and trying to count the comics doesn't even begin to be a fair argument (they sold like shit and got canceled, in spite of their quality). Ignorant jackasses conflate Red Sonja or Frank Frazetta paintings as being D&D, but the same people who have a fucking conniption about this dumb bullshit are also the people that claim that gender (equated with sex) is both a social construct and something that doesn't exist at all, while also praising Paizo for improving D&D, despite have egregious amounts of boob window clothes and titplate armor.



This is why I play GURPS, not because it's the best rules-set but because the sheer amount of rules autism seems to keep the pozz away, at least for now.

And probably also because the GURPS books try to be more respectful to the things they draw inspiration from. D&D pisses on the graves of Tolkien, Gygax and pretty much all of European history and mythology.


File: de153cf4ce178ea⋯.jpg (36.1 KB, 500x343, 500:343, 1438900657761.jpg)


You are the most pathetic excuse for a loser in the world. You think you can gate keep a million dollar industry run by people who despise you and have infinitely more money and resources than you do? What are you going to do, invest time travel then invade every game ever waving your man boobs at people and puking mountain dew on them? There is literally nothing you can do to prevent this and anything you try is larping at best. The only chance you have is the nerd fad ends and the locust move onto a new target. With game companies bubble bursting the same way tech company bubbles burst the IPs will go for pennies. If a non-pozzed company It will be Disney buys the brand they could recover what it used to be. Other wise you're stuck with these fags or an even worse fag wrangler in charge of "your hobby".

You need to understand you're a consumer who has mental attachments to something you don't control. It's like you have a crush on another man's girlfriend and then expecting her to do exactly what you want her to do. You're a bitch to all the Jews at WOTC and you will always be a bitch unless you break away from these companies and support alternatives to take their place when the bubble pops.


D&D died when it lost the strength reduction. It was supposed to be a realistic game about adventures in fantasy worlds. Once it became an excuse to level up and have constant simulation it lost it's focus. That's why D&D today is WoW instead of Star wars galaxies, as it used to be.



<play a female character who presents herself as a man, a man who feels trapped in a female body, or a bearded female dwarf who hates being mistaken for a male.”

What are the rulesets governing such traits delusions, maybe a penalty to charisma rolls that make whomever you're talking to roll willpower to hold himself back from bashing your faggot head in or throwing you off a rooftop


Don't get 5th edition once it comes out, it'll have pozzed grammar. >>373393



The link in the post pointed out that the books should be politics free >"We dont care if you hate republicans, red eye orcs, our books are not an internet forum."

So pozzed transfaggot grammer but no <"ORANGE MAN BAD AMIRITE?"



>should be politics free

<trans rights are human rights/basic human decency, not politics you racist bigot.

Look at cuckchan to see how "no politics" plays out


>>416566 (checked)

This guy gets it. Everyone else may respect "no politics" to some extent, but whiny hipsters will keep pushing unless they're actively expelled.



Blame a guy for trying to find some corn in this shit

<but you're right



Aren't you better off playing in the World of Darkness if you want to be some rejected societal outcast fighting the power?



The biggest flaw in the "no politics" thinking is that people are disappearing so far up their own asses that they don't understand how warped their idea of baseline civility is. Look no further than their unwavering respect and adoration for a goatfucking murder cult and their general glorification of degeneracy.

When it comes to game companies, I'm sure that some of the corrupting influences are coming from within, but the majority may be external. Companies like White Wolf excluded, because they are staffed almost entirely by bitter hipster jackasses. In other cases, I can see these companies having one or two younger hipster cunts on staff, but the rest of the poz influence can be attributed to social media constantly hammering on these people, flooding hashtags and conversations about their games with all the usual DIVERSITY! INCLUSIVITY PUNCH NAZIS!! rhetoric. It has to create the illusion that the majority of the hobby wants and supports such thinking, and also reinforces the belief that baseline civility is unquestioning acceptance of lefty, post-modernist thinking. Lots of ce n'est pas un pénis type of thinking.

For people who are just a little outside of that bubble, I have to imagine a lot of them err on the side of paying lip service to the poz hivemind. Either they worry what might happen if they don't virtue signal a little and toss in a few paragraphs about gender identity or fighting fascists, or they've come to assume that the general consensus across society is very similar to what they're seeing on twitter and facebook, so it's only right that they show that they aren't some inbred redneck bigot. I have to imagine that a lot of that has to do with many of these niche hobbies, like vidya and tabletop, being largely made up of socially awkward autists who don't actually have enough experience dealing with people outside a carefully cultivated social bubble.




What do you think the purpose of the < character is?


File: ad080e76c0cd8bc⋯.jpg (26.48 KB, 351x445, 351:445, really nigga.JPG)


>D&D was supposed to be a realistic game about adventures in fantasy worlds.




Accurate but bad formattion


OP was being a faggot


>dont play magic

>dont play d&d

>dont interact with tumblr thundercunts at all

>at worst play age of sigmar with some friends who are just getting into tabletop games and at worst just means playing different rules with my moonclan grots against ghouls and skaven

>live in english countryside so i've seen one retard with a fox tail ever, maybe 3 transvestites and nobody at my locals will touch the newer versions of world of darkness.

Maybe its worse down south but this seems to stem a lot from america.


File: 51c414b6fe59dd3⋯.jpg (46.89 KB, 600x394, 300:197, 1f02592b6099910913d394148c….jpg)


Nerds have always been the more libertarian types, they will side with tranny shit because they think it's not hurting any one. What does it hurt if Bob want to be called Bobbette? I'm just here to play my game. I don't care if a woman beats up a man, I just want more cool super heroes (and tits are a plus).

The tabletop RPG crowd staff are full of failed writers and Jews. Not even joking, that's the entire industry, it's like being a computer game writer, you're just the lowest hanging fruit to get your foot on the ladder. I knew a Russabo who got a job writing for a big game company. He was very bland and just liked writing fanfiction and his own game systems. He could never have made a living writing actual books but he could write a page of fluff for a character or a unit, which is all these people really do.

You have a mix of bland fanfic writers and pozzed to shit people. But you get that mix because they're the ones who apply themselves for these positions. Very few right wingers actually submit their shit to companies and try to get in on the ground floor They assume poz will poz and just forfeit the ground. If /tg/ tried it could get positions all over the industry writing fluff and dog whistle to each other constantly. But they don't try so it doesn't happen.

I'm trying myself but I'm not a writer so that's not my avenue


How pozzed are you yourself? For over a decade now I've seen stretched ears and nose rings from the local community. I've seen edgy goths with animal contact lenses. The poz is there, maybe not in your small community so much yet.

AoS is poz too. Don't support GW, get them into a better game



>that make whomever you're talking to roll willpower to hold himself back from bashing

That fits with how SJWs think that if someone says these people are mentally ill; it will make random straights go berserk and start murdering them


File: ce9fb8a46d55674⋯.jpg (187.33 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, D4coQ4DWAAAKpNt.jpg)


>it will make random straights go berserk and start murdering them

Long overdue for that, bogs should be brought back.


File: a65da3484d34f25⋯.jpg (554.34 KB, 727x2288, 727:2288, Bugchasing.jpg)


>filed under: humour


>saging a thread past the bump limit


Glad to see normalfags waking up to literal fags, though. I never in all my life though something like this would happen, but here we are. At this point, I'd pick up a gun myself and relish the opportunity.



>If your only history is the last 50 years then no one cared about homos

<After decades of propaganda it was normal

<Before this they were hung and quartered by default for being an obvious problem.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

So Rackets. Lawyer eceleb with extremely long live streams. Has talked Vic case with Dragonball dubbing and Funimation. Talked Meyer vs Waid in comics. Is also called blackface lawyer because he went to a college costume party dressed as a friend, in blackface.

Is just now talking Frog God Games in the middle of the stream, and an announcement that was made due to their partnership with Steve Jackson games. Yes, I am 10 minutes behind in the stream right now. https://archive.fo/mGpzm



Frog God hired Vic's lawyers in their fight.

And the message is "We will be in touch"

Which is literally the message the lawyer sent one of the defendent's in Vic's case.

The fa/tg/uy lawyer who has a mechanized warfare book under his belt.



After queuing around the block for a loaf of bread, I wonder if I'll have time for a game? Nah better to go hunt mice I reckon.



This is why, when they whine or claim "muh pol", you push back. Especially on this site. They need it to be clear that they are not welcome.

They'll call you mean or uninviting, but fuck them. They have enough.

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