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File: d2e8f55e58c5aef⋯.png (898,77 KB, 1706x960, 853:480, index.png)


Lássuk az idol autogramod!


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File: c61bda1cbe237dd⋯.png (942,18 KB, 1706x960, 853:480, feri.png)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Kár hogy annak idején a szovjetek derékba törték a karrierjét, pedig már épp kezdett befutni.


File: 7c02ef255742ef2⋯.jpg (254,98 KB, 1036x1326, 518:663, falkavez_r_nk.jpg)



Menj oda valakihez az utcán és kérdezed meg,hogy mit gondol az idolokról.



Az nem az én hibám, hogy az átlagember műveletlen. Én úgy néztem, hogy az idolt használják ilyen értelemben, bár általában jelzővel: japán idol, k-pop idol...

File: 1464036757155.jpg (10,35 KB, 250x332, 125:166, 1462500023043.jpg)


Mindenféle hentai képecske gyűjtő fonákja, kerekedj!

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File: 11b0f0b92e7d8f4⋯.png (2,02 MB, 1920x1925, 384:385, 5b31bc300589ba3b9abefbc7cf….png)


File: 75eeee766fe0f17⋯.png (5,05 MB, 1610x1998, 805:999, f44728ad1653d735638d610991….png)


File: 84c95d6ed0d6bef⋯.png (1,96 MB, 1200x1706, 600:853, 21bdf03e546012d9adfb766c51….png)


File: e90400f4462f694⋯.png (8,74 MB, 2728x3917, 2728:3917, 736d77cfb22a4da92571e63331….png)


File: faab0f44d7e6319⋯.png (542,81 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 0450a83f93fb11be7f5b8b37d7….png)

File: f7f26d248c71877⋯.jpg (27,24 KB, 400x356, 100:89, 151149236317.jpg)

File: 2aaa45f7969580a⋯.png (5,32 KB, 229x76, 229:76, ClipboardImage.png)


Mi az az archive gonb?

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File: bf8dc6962361b28⋯.jpg (61,56 KB, 454x641, 454:641, honk.jpg)



Pedig aki mer, az nyer.


File: 68511d1bf0756c9⋯.png (506,23 KB, 680x719, 680:719, 68511d1bf0756c9b6389e65a24….png)


Ez sok mindent megmagyaráz az életemből.



Ez valami pingvin cosplay?


File: 6423c6fa381321e⋯.png (300 KB, 1003x1267, 1003:1267, kaban-aoi.png)


Csak egy fürendzü.

File: 17f5b48f2ff9bed⋯.jpg (121,28 KB, 283x424, 283:424, hohn hohn.jpg)


Salut! Où sont les baguettes?


File: 3c0101199c956b2⋯.jpg (127,88 KB, 640x695, 128:139, 48.jpg)


Oui, olives in ze yellow submarine

File: 9da30fdf1de4187⋯.jpg (593,65 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 3849754.jpg)


Post your best Gulyás recipe

So this is a hungarian board? I'm hungry, too!

How do I make original gulyás?

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File: d3c8d5d8e6c0d1b⋯.png (67,03 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 5859b173711f64423aa5e050.png)


I wanna suck lengyel brothers dick one day!



Too friendly.



r u a qt3,14 grill?


File: bcbe56294c22021⋯.jpg (844,37 KB, 1240x1695, 248:339, 1504606261924.jpg)


Not grill, but i've qt3 and I've a nice boipussy. :3



There's no such thing as a qt hungarian trap.

File: f6c0940dfaaa129⋯.jpg (739,17 KB, 709x1000, 709:1000, Yuuko.jpg)


Gratulálok a győzelemhez!

Megkésve bár, de ugyanolyan lelkesen.



/kocsog/ nem indul valamikor a versenyen?

File: bc1c2a647f20327⋯.jpg (116,72 KB, 400x441, 400:441, turul saker falcon.jpg)


Do you guys ever debate over what particular predatory birb the turul actually was like historians do? It seems a lot of people see it as a saker falcon but I dunno.

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File: d115e7b73ea5e44⋯.jpg (26,71 KB, 400x515, 80:103, котёнок из Руси.jpg)

File: 47f40c2954cac8c⋯.gif (990,49 KB, 250x208, 125:104, Превед, Медведь!.gif)


>other cultures have come up with the same theory as us Russians


File: be64b551c63b576⋯.jpg (19,7 KB, 640x480, 4:3, smugputin.jpg)


Much obliged, comrade.

I've never heard about the extra-terrestrial origins of Russians, I'd be interested in reading about the topic. Which star system did you came from, according to your cronicles?



I haven't heard much about a specific star system, but Levashov goes into detail about measurements (far away distance), ships (Vitmanas and Vitmaras), and gods who were just very enlightened humans. The Russian folk tales have these things hidden within them. Finest Falcon told his Nastasja to look for him 1½ circles of far away distance on the Third and Tenth palace. (might not be exact, I neither have the quote memorised nor a way to render it into English well).

The concept we work off of is a Slavonic-Aryan Empire of Rusi, speaking the Old Russian, using Vitmanas and Vitmaras (spaceships) or the Gates to «сигать» or "jump" between worlds. Сигать is derived from сиг, a very small unit of time, and a verbal suffix, which I'm sure you are familiar with. That, and the dark forces attempting to work against us and so devolve us into mindless beasts and prevent us from achieving «Ра» or enlightenment.

It seems rather autistic to the non-Russian, but Levashov lays it out all too well and too detailed to be untrue. Archæologists have found plates with Old Russian engravings on them and landing spots for Vitmanas.



I'll further my research reading Russian histrory through distorted mirrors. While it was a little too natsoc for my taste at first, it started to get exciting around page 60, the part about Nastenka visiting Godess Karna's planet which had a blue sun was especially pleasin. (this part probably didn't happen in the alpha centaury system though, but the book also mentions that the velocity of light is not constant, so it's a possible miscalculation in the book)

I hope you will be able to reboot your Vitmana aka Black Knight satellite soon, those Atlan nukes didn't do her any justice 13k years ago.



True, true. Based Hungarian, may your language and history remain undistorted.

File: 8a86d4a8a15ef17⋯.jpg (613,43 KB, 1592x1924, 398:481, ewok cosplay.jpg)


Magyar cosplay.

Csak a legjobbakat!




Akartam Sakurás Miku koszpléjt posztolni de nem találom...


File: 61a9053a32525ab⋯.jpg (279,17 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, bus__1.jpg)

Magyars were doing cosplay way before it was cool.


File: 5d0f6b2eaca58c2⋯.jpg (375,52 KB, 1400x931, 200:133, buso.jpg)


Why? For the glory of Satan of course!

File: e6364085afbe39b⋯.png (124,62 KB, 498x481, 498:481, vomitfrog.png)




/turul/ IS GAY

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"'nope yo'"



Someone get this hothead outta here.



op got a point. English is the true masterlanguage



English is an objectively shit language.


File: 09beda1fc4601b8⋯.png (103,25 KB, 515x311, 515:311, lesfrançaisrirant.png)



>la meilleure langue du monde

>pas le français

File: e7306120867c74d⋯.jpg (28,91 KB, 604x376, 151:94, kurwa.jpg)


Teach me how to shitpost in Hungarian, senpai.

I swear I will take my shitposting lessons seriously.

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File: 30ccaca88792717⋯.jpg (130,58 KB, 768x500, 192:125, számok.jpg)




File: be06933cec317fa⋯.jpg (52,43 KB, 426x640, 213:320, check_em.jpg)


File: 21cd32572cfb30c⋯.jpg (257,18 KB, 1100x761, 1100:761, 96c909_4896269.jpg)

File: 81c951bd89ccd01⋯.jpg (54,07 KB, 500x329, 500:329, XqR9oZe.jpg)


File: f4e4e3f12e874bc⋯.jpg (75,81 KB, 900x706, 450:353, 1455139838326-2.jpg)


I remember that thread

regards, strelo/k/


File: b88bf33ba78d293⋯.jpg (44,76 KB, 800x379, 800:379, lo.jpg)


>Teach me how to shitpost in Hungarian, senpai.

Hungaryan here. Just bring up politics.

No, it really is that easy.

File: 214ec434dd3e933⋯.png (2,82 MB, 2400x1856, 75:58, ea28b59d-25fb-481e-c8f0-e6….png)




7 hozzászólás és 4 képet tartalmazó válasz van elrejtve. Kattints a válaszra a megjelenítéshez.


File: 91b00da982a9a79⋯.png (32,34 KB, 244x151, 244:151, ect.png)

We are not ignoring anyone, its just the board being a little slow lately.



Hungarian. I'm not sure if its considered filthy or balkan.


Thanks, feel free to post anytime.


We did not kill /ebola/, she had an accident with that wormhole.


File: c09fbcd2ffbcf1e⋯.png (186,73 KB, 500x346, 250:173, spot the hungarian.png)






The last time other people spotted hungarians was during operation little saturn.




South-West Mongollian Dialect


Hungarians aren't even bad, though. Like the Poles, they leech gibs from rapefugee faggotry.

Other than that, I know about jack shit other than the language is really fucking weird.

File: 495803bcb8ed3be⋯.jpg (67,29 KB, 317x452, 317:452, germano-magyaroid perfecti….jpg)


I am completely and irredeemably obsessed with hungarian women.

I must not, no, i cannot and i shall not rest unless i have had at least one magyaroid gf to see what it's like.

Every single blood vessel in my BWC is yearning to be engulfed by the inside of a white germanic nordo-hungaryan cunt, hearing them orgasm in that weird language from outside the indo-aryan lingual cluster which does not fit their racial phenotypical properties at all (but which makes it all the more intriguing for some reason).

I literally have to quench said unquenchable massive and mounting thirst for hungarian harlots by mastering the art of approaching and then picking up magyar women.

I should have never taken up genealogy and uncovered my own racial similarity and geographical ancestral connections to this particular centralo-eastern germanic offshoot tribe. All of third density exAllahce is but an eternal providential struggle

3 hozzászólás és 4 képet tartalmazó válasz van elrejtve. Kattints a válaszra a megjelenítéshez.


I have heard rumors that Hungarian women are objectively the best western women due to alimony being a nonexAllaht concept in Hungary and thus eliminating gold-diggers, along with non-frigidness and actual responsibility/accountability existing among them. Is this true, and if not, why not?


File: 8558859310053b3⋯.png (180,1 KB, 386x406, 193:203, 07d0a47c6ac537648bd232f0aa….png)


Hogyan tudták az arckifejezést ráfesteni?




>non exAllaht

Thats not true, it just works differently.

You can find that type here, but you can also find golddiggers, it doesn't depend on nationality.



Getout pedo fag









>hungary will never leave the EU

>hungary will never get good gun laws

Smh lads, you're almost a perfect country

File: 3f0ecc23ece08ed⋯.png (869,65 KB, 2662x2177, 2662:2177, (how globalism works redpi….png)

File: baf9dd05b417164⋯.png (724,36 KB, 1548x2592, 43:72, bible is pol religion redp….png)

File: 5e7d8171e807055⋯.jpg (403,07 KB, 1012x1474, 46:67, how niggers affect a count….jpg)

File: cb99035f09ad384⋯.jpg (530,53 KB, 878x1971, 878:1971, jews usury bank history wh….jpg)

File: 86b3358d511ecad⋯.png (161,03 KB, 969x502, 969:502, skeleton brain intelligenc….png)


Speak inglish, ya cunts



You know what would be even better? Keeping your bitching about our language in one thread. I could explain why we are trying to abstain from using english, but I feel like it wouldn't worth the effort.


File: 8558859310053b3⋯.png (180,1 KB, 386x406, 193:203, 07d0a47c6ac537648bd232f0aa….png)

Mit mondott?




File: 728f79fb350a814⋯.jpg (64,29 KB, 748x1091, 748:1091, Aryan Salute Occultic Ligh….jpg)


Sppeak English

it's an international language



Lernu Esperanton?


File: a2f657bcf48888a⋯.jpg (89,42 KB, 600x844, 150:211, baningu_rabu.jpg)


De az angol egy éktelen, korcs nyelv!



Távozz tőlem, Soros!

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