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File: 1435946771372.jpg (91.42 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, sega-dreamcast-logo.jpg)


So, our threads kept getting deleted over there, at first because of magnet links being posed in the threads, but now I really don't know what the fuck for, so I'm personally moving my shit over here.

Release google spreadsheet link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14fCQ3NXIlW1ZC_gjIejpQVPG34fLWmSoXYgSTyxdRWM/edit

That spreadsheet has most, if not all, of the releases from various high-quality DC release groups around.

So… yeah. What are your favorite games for this thing?


Gunlord looks awesome. Unfortunately, I was never able to get the disk drive on the secondhand Dreamcast I bought working correctly, so I can't play it.



Issue with the laser or motor?

I think you can purchase complete assemblies in some places.



What model was it?


>tfw halfchan border-jumpers can't use the catalogue on even the slowest fucking boards

At least you've the sense to get out of that shithole.



Yeah, my biggest regret though is how much more activity they get just for being well known.


File: 1435975480219.jpg (93.84 KB, 500x373, 500:373, dc-358-41313216971.jpg)

L.O.L.: Lack of Love

It's quite possibly the most unique and underappreciated game in the Dreamcast library.


File: 1436010623326.jpg (7.44 KB, 252x252, 1:1, 1271942804126.jpg)


So this is EVO, but you assist everyone instead of trying to kill them?


Illbleed. That is the craziest fucking game I have ever seen. People say Deadly Premonition is the most polarizing horror game out there, but if Illbleed was released last gen, people would debate the two games together.

Although a huge favorite of mine is Phantasy Star Online. The fact that people seem to ignore the series in an age of Monster Hunter and the Souls series is sad, especially since the games wouldn't probably be around if it weren't for PSO, more than a decade ago.


File: 1436239009630.jpg (43.74 KB, 557x768, 557:768, pso.jpg)



Sega still push it pretty hard in Japan, but I can't actually remember the last time I met someone who had actually played anything from the series.



I was thinking about making a thread here. Why does half-chan /vr/ have such a raging boner against the dream machine? They are banning threads on sight over there for fuck's sake.


File: 1436243947110.jpg (673.76 KB, 1431x1424, 1431:1424, hydrothunder.jpg)

You guys should call comradesnarky and let him know about this thread. That way he can keep in touch with us about the latest NoBS-DC stuff, and maybe keep his morale up while we're at it!


I've recently purchased a Dreamcast particularly for Shenmue, but then I beat that in quick time and realized I need to get another game for the Dreamcast.

I've been looking at Seaman, but I dunno if I want to spend $30 on the game and the mic. Illbleed is too expensive for what the game is, and I'm having trouble finding a copy of Space Channel 5 Part 1. Any other recommendations?


File: 1436260100185.jpg (33.86 KB, 512x501, 512:501, 1395715334670.jpg)



>I beat that in quick time

I see what you did there, you cheeky little fucker.

Shenmue's not something best rushed through. Take your time and explore everything there is.


Jet Set Radio is a pretty obvious bet.

Metropolis Street Racer, if you dig non-traditional racing games.

Toy Commander is surprisingly fun, too.



I beat JSR on PS3, it would seem. Considering JSRF exists, I don't have too much motivation to go back to JSR on Dreamcast - but trust me, I did every little bit of Shenmue that there was - save for maybe the Sega CEO sidequest.

Otherwise, I might be willing to try some of those games as long as they're cheap enough.



JSRF and JSR are very different and both worth a spin; but if you've beaten the original on PS3…

The ones I mentioned ought to be pretty cheap. I was just trying to suggest ones that don't get mentioned all the time.

Ecco the Dolphin: I've Forgotten the Subtitle might be another one you want to check out, but I don't know if that one's going to be in your budget.



Shenmue 2



I got the memo, just haven't done anything else yet. Had some friends stay the weekend for the 4th and got some grilling done.



nice! i'll be waiting for your next releases



Any plans for a Surf Rocket Racers release soon?



Honestly I never even gave that game a second thought but apparently it has at least one dedicated fan haha


File: 1436500176132.jpg (39.69 KB, 800x600, 4:3, dragon-force-pic4.jpg)

Motherfucking Dragon Force. Want to fight with armies of up to 100 zombies, dragons, knights, or monks? No problem.


File: 1436500343685.jpg (88.85 KB, 640x480, 4:3, yabause-2013-02-19-21-25-1….jpg)

A great combination of turn based strategy and real time combat. Every general has a troop choice that they can recruit, they can host up to 100 soldiers apiece, and battles occur one at a time between up to 5 (?) generals in every battle. There is an overarching story (who cares), unique items, and several different armies/countries to play with, with varying difficulty levels between them. Check it out if you are into RTS and/or turn based strategy, it's fucking fun and it's easy to play.



2 if you count the guy that made the thread on halfchan with that as the op.




I love this game more than life itself.





Hate to piss on your parade, chaps, but was that Saturn game ever ported to the Dreamcast?



Oh I thought you may have been the same anon. In that case, sure why not. I think I'll have some free time tomorrow to sit down and knock out a game or two. The last thing I was working on was Toy Commander, so I'll probably finish that one up and do Surf Rocket Racers.




I think you may be the first guy to put out a decent release of it. Tux never touched it, and I don't think anyone else decent did either. And from what the other anon was saying, it sounded like a pretty decent game.


File: 1436560296438.jpg (94.96 KB, 640x644, 160:161, 1433827867557.jpg)



Holy crap, I actually got taken by surprise that someone else mentioned the game! But yeah seeing a NoBS release of it might be cool!


Did you ever figure out SA2, by the way? You mentioned something about the ADX being handled differently last time, which is why it's gotten so many mono releases, and the one that does work has non-looping tracks.

Looking forward to Toy Commander as well!


It ain't no waverace, but it has some fun tracks.



I haven't looked into it yet. It sounds like the loop info is just stored in a slightly different place than typical ADX, but is still the same format. So, it shouldn't make a bit of difference.


I went ahead and set up a NoBS-DC IRC channel. It's on freenode at #NoBS-DC



Got it! I hope we're able to spread this around with the anons from half-chan and people here.





Poking around in Sonic Adventure 2… I wasn't going to start this right away but then I found the ADX for Live & Learn and now I'm all in. Sorry Surf Rocket Racers fans. I'll have some other games posted up once I'm done messing with SA2 for the day, though.


Okay, I'm going to use this thread a bit like a notepad for what I'm working on and if anyone has any other ideas I guess they can chime in, too. PAL versions of Marvel vs. Capcom and Toy Commander on the way as well as NTSC-U Toy Commander.

Sonic Adventure 2 Notes

-Remember to hack internet browser files

-Might be best to remove browser completely, but DLC could be added to webpages in browser

-Lots of duplicates but linking only saves about 5mb

-Need to see if game supports non-standard ADX sample rates, should be able to do stereo audio using KVCD video encoder to crunch videos good

-24khz seems to be threshold for keeping sound quality acceptable and in stereo, less gives distortion

-Find different way to demux SFD files, regular workflow doesn't detect second audio stream in SFD

-Large amounts of space saved ripping Japanese voice, are there textures to remove like Sonic Adventure?

-Exactly what bytes are loop data in SA2 ADX header? Definitely within first ~20 bytes. Hex editing didn't work. Failure possibly related to how ADX looper detected samples and encoded downsampled files? Are WAV sample counts affected by sample rate changes?

-M1V files for ending sequences, short and small but high bitrate. Probably should be downsampled.


New rips are posted. Marvel vs. Capcom PAL, Toy Commander NTSC-U and Toy Commander PAL.

Also, could the person with the obsession with removing the highlighting on the latest NoBS-DC release please stop? I'm marking the newest one so people can check the NFO and see what came out recently since there's not a chronological release list anywhere.



this is what happens when you post drunk. Yeah, dragon force is a damn Saturn game.



Sonic Adventure 2 update:

Found a different demultiplexer that let me get both audio streams and got all the video downsampled. Used KVCD at 1200kbps, quality is still very good. After taking care of the video there still needs to be about 100mb removed. Downsampling the ADX should give me exactly this. I should have enough room to add DLC content to the web browser so that you can download it to your memory card.





Thanks a lot for the insight of your releases so far! I think it's pretty interesting.

If you can, you should do one release with US voices and one with JAP ones, if they can't be crunched together in one.



For a game like this that's a matter of remuxing all the video again. I'd be more likely to do the Japanese version. That probably has English subtitles. If it was something like Shenmue where there is a huge contingency of people who hate the dub, I'd understand. SA2's dub isn't really horrible. It's just average. I think I only had one comment requesting the Japanese voice for the RDC Sonic Adventure.



What DLC content?

I've never heard of any DLC for SA2.



There were downloadable menu themes, a Halloween theme which reskinned character models with costumes and I believe there's extra kart racing content as well (I want to say a level or two and an additional character).



Oh wow.

So how would you be able to access them without a dial-up ISP?



Essentially how I did it for the Fire Pro english translation. All the DLC is just VMU save file shit. The DC's web browser recognizes when it's linked a VMU file and downloads it to the memory card. What I did with Fire Pro was just point the HTML code to a directory on the disc which downloaded the file.



Wow, that's a really neat way to do it.

So where did the VMU files come from? Some lucky guy happened to archive them?



Yeah, pretty much. There's a site that has a really extensive archive of save files and additional content. I believe it's called blueswirl.




I use their dreamexplorer iso for all sorts of stuff, like save files for crazy taxi, and doing the shenmue region change stuff. Really useful!



That should have all the DLC stuff on it as well in case anyone has a copy of SA2 and doesn't want to wait for me to finish.



Quick question that just popped in my head:

Is there a way to remove the software restriction in NTSC-U Lightgun titles that prevents one from using the real official Sega gun?



Uh, I don't see why not to be honest. I could run a comparison on the binaries and see if there's anything I can find. If nothing else swapping the PAL binary with the NTSC-U files should give red gore for HOTD2.



Shit, it's been so long since I played the DC version that I honestly forgot about the green blood. I primarily play 2&3 return now, as my CRT isn't readily accessible.


Good news for Sonic Adventure 2: I found a program that actually reads the loop points correctly (at least it appears that way, the numbers look like what you'd typically end up with when you're looping a file yourself). I'm not as clever as Tux to code my own program to grab something like that (I can't code at all, truthfully). It'll be a bit tedious grabbing the loop points this way, but it'll go faster than me converting the hex to decimal by hand for every file.

I'll work on getting the game cracked next and then I'll convert a few ADX files that show up earlier in the game to make sure I am indeed getting the right loop points. After that it'll just be a matter of making sure everything fits.

Then I can do Surf Rocket Racers and some easy stuff for a while.


File: 1437050757232.jpg (106.17 KB, 700x300, 7:3, 1370750927729.jpg)


>Then I can do Surf Rocket Racers and some easy stuff for a while.

Is there anything that you personally want done, or are you just kind of slogging through the entire catalogue?



It's usually a mix of things. Sometimes I want to do it, sometimes the game could just use a better rip, sometimes it's a game that's kind of unknown and I'd like to have more people aware of it and sometimes it's just the slog.



Question I just thought of:

Is there an English translation of SeGaGaGa available? I found the project blog, but it hasn't been updated in almost 2 years.

Not that I'm asking you to do a translation, but if there's a translated GDDump, have you ever explored making it self-booting on a DC?



There isn't a translated version anywhere. As far as the inactive project.. I heard some things about that. I'm not sure how true they were so I won't go into details, but don't count on that ever surfacing.



Sonic Adventure 2 Part 3:

Downsampled the music to 24khz from the 32khz native… I didn't like the results with this. The bass starts getting fuzzy and distorted. I had to bring it up to 26khz to maintain the sound quality.

Cracked the game, checked it out. Music loops correctly in game. We're on the right path. Needs more testing before I declare it 100% cracked though, allegedly there's some graphical glitches at the end of the game that pop up with the standard fixes. Echelon apparently fixed this, I'll have to investigate if I run into this issue.

The only bad part about the music being at 26khz is that I'm about 80mb over right now. I can save 10mb removing the extras folder that has been going into the NoBS-DC releases that has the GD-ROM track 1 data (PC viewable data). There's 5mb worth of duplicate files in the second data session. I'm not sure how many are in the first data session. I can crunch the videos harder, KVCD can get to a pretty low bitrate before it starts becoming extremely degraded. As it stands, the videos are taking about 56mb… so I don't have a lot of wiggle room there. I MIGHT be able to get 20 more mb off of those. I can also remove the internet browser files, that would give me maybe 17 or 18mb.

I'm pretty determined to keep the music at 26khz. I might try it at 25khz to see if the bass fares any better and give myself more wiggle room. Every byte counts at this point.



I know this ain't ideal, but have you considered doing a split release?



No, I'm pretty particular about getting everything to 80 minutes and getting it to the same number of discs it usually was. Not everyone can get 99 minute discs, and in poorer countries CD-Rs are expensive. Dreamcast has a pretty decent sized following in the less fortunate countries.



*the same number of discs it originally was, that is


Knocked music to 25hz, saved myself 10mb. Sounds comparable to 26hz. 24hz is just the spot where it all really goes to shit, I guess. Removing the web browser is the only way to proceed from here. I'll work on getting files moved to the first data session to use the space freed up from the web browser. Videos will have to be downsampled more. It should all be good to go after that. I'll have to test it well since Echelon apparently had some issues and since the Chao garden didn't work in their rip.



2 questions, are you mononizing any sound in your release? And also, did you rip out Japanese audio?

Out of curiosity, I was reading through the release notes from Tux's single disc release of this, and he did both things. Just curious as to if your release would be better in that aspect (as well as others where I'm sure it will be)



Everything will be stereo. Some audio files were actually mono originally and those will remain mono of course. Japanese language had to go. It simply can't be on the same disc for 700mb. I did some research and the Japanese version does have English subtitles. I'll be doing the Japanese version as well.



Very nice!

One more thing: Is there an intro movie that is relevant to the plot? If so, then leave it, but if it's similar to VOOT's intro video that doesn't have any purpose, you could rip it entirely and replace it with a second of low-bitrate black space (assuming there's nothing at play preventing that).

If the video is relevant to watch once, you could rip it and release the game twice, once with the intro video ripped and the rest at higher quality, and the other release with the video retained and all videos encoded a bit worse.

Just a suggestion, there may be holes I'm not seeing preventing that from being viable though.



There's a couple videos that could be expendable but there's nothing like an intro that can be ripped. I've got enough space to work with without the web browser I believe.


I'm so happy to see this here. The Dreamcast thread(s) were my primary reason for browsing halfchan's /vr/, but the draconian "moderation" has gotten out of hand.

We need to spread the word to other halfchanners and /vr/ comrades to get this place bumping.

Long live 8ch /vr/.


Yay, you got the thread back up, i was hanging in via the irc channel after that halfchan going nuts. Then on the topic i see this thread linked, super happy :) and the spreadsheets coming along lovely.


File: 1437256813720.jpg (41.84 KB, 427x272, 427:272, serveimage.jpg)



Yet another Sonic Adventure 2 update:

Crunched the videos more. I did each video individually and took them as low as they could possibly be while maintaining a fair level of detail and keeping macroblocking down. I still need about 25mb taken off. I'm going to see if I can attack this a few different ways..

There are some videos I haven't touched that are overlaid as special effects towards the end of the game. I don't really want to mess with these just incase it interferes with how the effect works. If worst comes to worst, I'll see what I can do here.

There are some unused textures and sound files which I'll be removing.

There are 3 audio files for City Escape: the regular song, the part where the truck chases you, and another file for the song after the truck chasing you. The only difference between the two regular song files is a bass riff at the start. I believe the songs are the same apart from that. If this is the case, I'll just link the files.

There are 3 sound files for all of the character themes. A long version, an instrumental, and a short version. Linking the short and long versions shouldn't have any negative effects.


Interesting stuff comradesnarky, im enjoying seeing the work that goes into these releases, great ideas employed, thanks for documenting it for us :).




The only game I ever played on a Dreamcast that I remember was some 3D version of Centipede. Never owned one, don't really plan on buying one, but I still wanted to say thanks to snarky for doing this important work. You guys know how important it is, just want to let you know there's another lurker that knows it, too.



This one is really testing me. Usually you can just go after the video and audio and the game will fit no problem. There's so much data in this game, though. It's not really surprising given the texture quality, but most Dreamcast games fit to a CD-R without much fight. I guess I am getting ambitious in insisting on having the audio stereo, though.


Thank you, and I just want to say that all you guys have been really great and supportive. Users on most download sites just want you to hurry the fuck up and get it done and then don't over much in the way of thanks. I don't expect anything in doing this (it's pretty thankless), but it's really nice to see some real genuine interest from more than a few people after 7 years of on and off work on stuff like this.

Hopefully the NoBS stuff can be pretty definitive in terms of quality.


File: 1437384118381.png (204.72 KB, 353x484, 353:484, 1354576371293.png)


>I don't expect anything in doing this (it's pretty thankless), but it's really nice to see some real genuine interest from more than a few people after 7 years of on and off work on stuff like this.

I'd like to think that 8chan's user base consists of a greater percentage of principled individuals than most other loosely-moderated forums or, especially, imageboards.

I know that stuff like this takes skill - even just encoding video alone is a skill, but what you're doing is definitely more involved. It's like rocket science to me - you show me a rocket ship, tell me it's broken, and I don't even know where to start. Same with any cracking or video encoding stuff. Your documentation is giving us a glimpse into what takes place - inevitably, when knowledge is shared, interest is going to be generated.



Naw, dawg, I greatly appreciate your work. You're probably the single most important individual when it comes to helping preserve the Dreamcast's library and allowing it to be freely playable for anyone with access to CD-Rs.

With Emuparadise having next to nothing that actually works, and The Iso Zone being a clusterfuck, you're pioneering the way for true accessibility to genuinely good rips.

The only thing I wish you had was even more support. It's a legitimately noble cause.



Yeah i 100% agree with you, i wish there was a way of getting this some more attention, although i think we should maybe password protect editing the spreadsheet if that is possible, if we were to expose it to more people etc i wouldnt want people to mess it up.

Unless theres a better way im not sure yet, maybe we could obtain the password from the irc chan.



A good model would be the PS2 HDD-OSD compatibility spreadsheet. It's read only publicly but there's a form to submit additions which are reviewed and added.






Sounds legit. Think we can migrate this spreadsheet's contents over?


Can someone set up Q to be able to do automatic invites for specific people?

I just tried logging in to the IRC and it wouldn't allow it.



Well the popstarter sheet is a google spreadsheet. I have no idea how the submission form was set up.


Alright people, gonna need some help here. Sonic Adventure 2 is going to be finished up shortly.

I NEED people to test it. Frankly, with my job and my commute I just don't have time to test this as thoroughly as I would like. Please send me an email at revivedcproject@gmail.com or send me a message in IRC and I'll distribute the link to you once it's finished.

Things I'd appreciate:

-Playing the game to completion and letting me know if there are any bugs

-Letting me know if there are any audio issues caused by my linking of a few files

-Letting me know if there are any lagging issues with cutscenes, ESPECIALLY towards the end of game sequences. These parts will be accessing video and audio simultaneously at some points. I will likely need to adjust the sort order accordingly.

Thank you!



I didn't realize that ** put things in spoilers. My misguided attempt at emphasis.



One more thing in this regard, I would also like to know if Chao saving is fully functional. It would be nice if you could edit posts within 30 seconds or something..


File: 1437554615795.jpg (86.08 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1264394797480.jpg)


It'd be nice if you could edit posts at all.


File: 1437559292585.jpg (16.77 KB, 255x254, 255:254, 1411211181663.jpg)


…Do we need a dreamcast to test it? I do not has, but would help if I did :(


Might be a feature with Infinity Next. Who nose.



to clarify, for italics and bolding , you have to individually put two single ( ' ) apostrophes directly next to each other so it looks like a " but it really isn't. For bolding, you put three. I know some of them stack for example, but header "==" which makes text big and red doesn't, I don't think. It also has to be on:

==it's own line=x

it's own line

like that.



yes you would need a Dreamcast since I need to know how the game handles streaming.

I finished completely last night but in some cruel twist of fate NONE of my CD burners are working. I have four…


File: 1437576274564.webm (3.48 MB, 640x480, 4:3, demul.webm)

>NullDC starts freezing after Shenmue undub disk 2

>switch to Demul


I guess it's time to invest in some real hardware.



That's not an emulator problem. That's a kogami problem.


File: 1437576851055.jpg (213.76 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, image.jpg)

>listen to anthony817

>unmod comradesnarky

>find out you fucked up

>don't apologize

>reupload ReviveDC files and remove any credit of the people who worked on them


File: 1437577827944.webm (4.82 MB, 640x480, 4:3, demul2.webm)


And this is what I get from the gpuDX11ng renderer. Steadier framerate, jittery shit all over the screen.



Hate to sound like I'm insulting you're intelligence, but you're trying different discs too, right?



Yeah, discs are good. All of my drives have finicky little habits but this seems to just be a bizarre case of the stars aligning. I guess that'll happen with stuff that's about 10 years old





Well shit, now I'm getting it with Demul as well. When I walk into a room in the harbor (Warehouse #4, alpha trade office) it just stops on the loading screen. I'm on the 99 min version, can I switch with my save to 80 without problems?



Well, looks like my problem was my fucking USB hub. I've had this problem before. I think my printer being plugged into the hub causes it. I wish I would've remembered that problem last night before I dug out 3 other drives… Anyways, first test is almost burned. Haven't gotten any messages for testers. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help out there.



If my mom hadn't just gotten a potentially multi-thousand dollar bill from her medical insurance I would run out and buy a dreamcast to test this shit right now, dude…damn….I don't know anybody that has one that I could borrow, either…


I have a literal pile of Dreamcasts. I can test any disc images provided, but know that I spend a lot of my time teaching people how to kill themselves on /suicide/, so let your imagination walk around a bit.



Can you send me one if somebody you coach leaves you a spare in his or her Will?


File: 1437719729115.jpg (5 KB, 125x126, 125:126, 1243591500747.jpg)


>mum has chronic medical problem which causes an even worse financial situation

>anon reckons that testing DC rips is his biggest priority

/vr/ priorities



Yes, because worrying about something one is not equipped to correct is going to help.



It was a physical therapy machine that she broke and then threw away. It was just some stupid thing that gave you "massages" by giving small shocks of electricity that just tensed your muscles temporarily.

Insanely stupid and ineffective device - I tried it myself - but they're saying they want $3,300 for it. The thing was the size of an old gameboy and just basically zapped you like you would zap your tongue with a 9v. $3,300. Fucking ridiculous. She's talking to an attorney tomorrow about it because apparently the case was settled a year ago, and now the insurance company is asking for it back, long after the settlement was done. Office of Consumer Affairs said it sounds illegal for her to be billed post-settlement, hence contacting the attorney…


This too. My mom has issues that nobody on this planet can solve. Even just being around her drives you crazy. I'm her son, but I have my own life and needs for leisure, too.


File: 1437722305621.jpg (91.49 KB, 394x394, 1:1, 1322267330841.jpg)


>not charging an arm and a leg for your own warehouse full of retrofitted brickboys that shock people with real or imagined medical conditions to recoup the costs of the legal drama

You're not trying very hard, son.



Was the IRC closed down? I just joined and it appears I'm the only one here…



It's not down, it's just a bit inactive at the moment since it hasn't been spread properly.

Speaking of, half chan has had a dreamcast thread for the past few days, but it's apparently filled with people fighting. Kind of amazing how fast a dreamcast thread can go down the shitter over there.



To be fair that happens basically anywhere. You either think you're a Dreamcast expert or think you're a Dreamcast expert. Most of the discussion around the console is a shit slinging match about who's right and who's wrong. Or ego stroking.



A witness to the drama bomb that went off at DCemulation? Jesus christ, autism should be a terminal disease.



I've been around long enough to see plenty of DC drama bombs go off. Detonated a few myself..



You're using irc.freenode.net right? I've been idling it



Lol, I'm really stupid. I was on QuakeNet's IRC server.


Alright, this will probably be the final Sonic Adventure 2 update. I've finished the hero and dark sides, not a single hiccup. There is one cutscene in the hero side where it streams separate audio and video tracks and there wasn't any lagging problem. I'm guessing there wasn't a problem because the KVCD video is a low bitrate. Assuming I get some time to finish the last story today then it'll be finished up and released.


Sonic Adventure 2 released and added to spreadsheet.





>Great! Can't wait to try it out, man. Sorry I couldn't send an E-mail during testing phase. Keep up the good work!




I fucked that up, sorry. You get what I mean anyways.

What do you have in mind after Surf Rocket Racers?



Eh, I dunno. We'll see. Most games don't take as much work as SA2 so it's a bit more spur of the moment.


Random thought, but maybe a WinCE game with CDDA. I have an idea about why CDDA won't work with those games but I haven't ever tested my theory.



>WinCE game

Oh shit! I just remembered that Super Runabout has no decent release out there. I know it's not the best game ever but it certainly could use a better treatment. Last release I saw was a DCRes one that had no Audio tracks. It came with a shitty script that didn't work either.

Also, I just remembered that the best version of Sega Rally 2 (the japanese one) hasn't even been touched yet! Talk about a game that should've had more attention.



I think there might be a DCCM release of Super Runabout? I remember there was some racing game that someone in the old RDC IRC was working on and it had some really bizarre stuff going on with it. It did something where it checked the drive firmware to verify it was reading a GD-ROM or some shit like that, which I guess was a violation of Sega's SDK terms. I might be thinking of Rush 2049, though.



If there is it should definitely be added to the spreadsheet. Otherwise there aren't that many to be seen on TIZ other than the ones mentioned


There's something about the Dreamcast version of SA2 I really like more than the others, I think it might be the specular effects on the models. I find it a bit funny that not all the Big the cat cameos have been ported over. Them fucked up character shadows though…



There's something about it that just sort of feels different. I don't know if it's the controller or how the game runs or what.


File: 1438289480952.webm (6.3 MB, 853x480, 853:480, The Greatest Voice-Acting….webm)

Posting intro cutscene to best game on DC



>dat faux-British accent that drops in and out

>dose awkward as fuck models

I never wanted to play this back in the day, but now I kinda do.


Test post.



Not sure what's going on here.. timeouts.


I could possibly password protect this sheet and make it into a similar submit and review model. The only issue there is sourcing group reviews and discussion out of that. Google Sheets are sort of 2D in that aspect.

Ideally I'd like some sort of issue tracker with git-styled submission and a website with a searchable database. All in due time.

You can also fork the sheet as it is. There's one person who has, though who hasn't pulled an update in a while.



God a website with a database would be fucking beautiful



Was thinking something similar in function to that PS database with a form more similar to vndb/vgmdb.

This is probably more than a year out given my schedule, but I'd be willing to crowdsource the development by throwing build scripts and config files up on github.



what is this


I think it's the fact that the models look slightly different and some cutscenes have different angles and such. The HD versions tend to borrow more from the gamecube enhanced port than the original one.



>what is this

The Ring: Terror's Realm. Really awful Resi clone


Not really DC related, but I finished up my PS2 softmod kit and put it out. It's on TIZ, haven't put it on emuparadise yet. I'll get back to DC stuff now.



Sorry I missed your message re: features for a database. Not sure if you're a what.cd member, but something like that would be a godsend. Individual games broken up into region, GDI and rips by each group.

Or are you looking for more like… technical features as opposed to UI?


File: 1438828605828.png (20.93 KB, 704x1734, 352:867, image_143882829694.png)

Here you go guys, motherfucking Surf Rocket Racers.




Oh man, this is sweet. Can't wait to play it! Keep up the good work!

Did you get to try it? What track did you like better?



I didn't get to play it extensively enough to have a favorite track but it was definitely better than I thought it would be



The few reviews I see talking about it mention that it looks a bit drab. I'm using a VGA adapter, so I don't really see it that much, since some tracks have some pretty neat effects like the New York track, or the Rome track.


Thought I'd take a shot at NFL 2k1 since I'm ready for football to start. Interesting audio formats at work here. Tried raw imports with a few different programs but I can't quite get it right. I'm thinking it's Yamaha ADPCM like SoulCalibur used. I'll have to poke around more.



Not ADPCM, looks like VOX is correct. I think I'm going to have to either put this one on the back burner or just use Echelon's files. Most of the audio is packed into .DAT files, which have a corresponding .DIR file which seems to point to the offset of the individual sounds inside the .DAT file. It's not really worth it to work out the format for games that you can get for next to nothing.


Going to be releasing 6 or so games later today. Starting to dig into Shenmue II, I think I should be able to give it a pretty good treatment around the level of what I was able to do with Sonic Adventure 2, but we'll see.


File: 1439334925797.jpg (52.98 KB, 261x308, 261:308, 1287753184307.jpg)


>Shenmue II

Were the DC loading times as horrible as the Xbawks ones?



Can't really give a fair opinion. Never had a legit copy of it and only ever played Echelons rip.


7 new games added to the spreadsheet:

Marvel vs. Capcom NTSC-J

Crazy Taxi PAL and NTSC-U

Dynamite Cop PAL and NTSC-U


Resident Evil CODE: Veronica NTSC-U


File: 1439418691076.jpg (28.06 KB, 640x480, 4:3, lpshen_09_02.jpg)

Well, Shenmue II is fucking exhausting so far. There's about 25,000 AHX files in the FREE01.AFS folder. For some reason the latest version of AHX2WAV just plain doesn't work on my computer. This is inconvenient because that version lets you use a wildcard to mass convert files. So, instead I had to write a script. Simple enough, but there's so many files that I run into a "no memory" error at about 15,000 files in.

I thought I had a workaround in using command.com instead of cmd.exe but the short file names completely fucked me at that point. So, now I've got like 3 different scripts which are constantly moving, deleting and converting files so that the only ones remaining in the directory are ones that haven't been converted. That way if I run into a memory error I can just run the exact same script again without worrying about where it left off at. I thought I'd be able to have a test run today, but I don't think that's going to happen.

I'm aiming for 10khz for the voices. I'm really not sure if it's going to be possible. AFS Compactor takes off about 60mb, hardlinking saves about 27mb more, removing Spanish, French and German files gives 12mb. There are GZ files in the game which can be recompressed as well, and I can set up a script for that pretty easily too. I'm not sure what the size savings could be from recompressing. I don't think 10khz is going to give me enough room to work with, but I really just want to get all of these scripts working in tandem so that my concerns there are out of the way.



Does 10KHz have the 'gruffy' quality complained about in a lot of other releases?



Not sure. It just sounds a bit fuzzy but that's with not being compressed to AHX. My other idea is to try to reduce the bit depth while keeping the sample rate higher. This should give it a fuzzier quality instead of the robotic sound.

I'll play around with it more tonight. It took me most of the day playing around with the scripts I wrote to get them behaving in the needed way to handle all those files



I'm assuming that playing with the audio like that is the only way to get it to an 80-Minute size?

Is there some sort of way to optimize the bitrate and sample rate in such a way that the resulting audio is equal parts robotic and fuzzy, but both less so than if you were optimizing for one or the other? I'd think that the issues would be less noticeable if you did it this way, but I have no idea, since I haven't personally heard them.



Yeah this sucker won't fit an 80 minute disc otherwise. There's a few posters on Shenmue Dojo who are constantly criticizing rippers for not taking out unused files but they've never provided any info on what is unused. This is a huge game, you'd have to be obsessed to be able to scan over the files and know what's not used.

Balancing the two qualities is sort of what I'm hoping to do, that's my theory too that it would be less grating overall to have a bit of each.




No worries.. the internet is asynchronous.

UI is interaction, tying tightly to feature requirements, which drive the back end design decisions. I'll take a look at what.cd screenshots and put together some mockups in the next few months.


My inconsequential vote for backburner. Might as well go for high quality releases imo, especially if the game is popular and available.


This is nuts. Really shows the amount of effort that people have put in for prior releases.


Sorry guys, Adam koralik said that everyone should be getting atreyu187 rips. I'm hanging it up. He's proven himself to be the true DC guru again.






I kid. I guess he didn't actually say that I just misread an IM I had been sent. I am debating my own YouTube channel about DC stuff though.



Adam Koralik can be pretty interesting to listen to sometimes on his retrospective video. But he has a horrible attitude towards his own fanbase and thinks he knows better.

Also he looks like a hobo.



I really don't get the YouTube celebrity shit. It's just someone who is giving their opinion. That's all. It's especially stupid when a lot of the time he's not even 100% accurate on what he's talking about. His video about the Dreamcast's security in particular (I'd like to tackle that if I decide to go ahead with making videos). Whenever I see Adam Koralik actually post on a Dreamcast site, it's like the scene in Tron Legacy where Jeff Bridges shuts the power off in the club and everyone drops to their knees in reverence. It's fucking absurd.



If you're going to be doing videos, disconnect that from any persona.

As old wisdom dictates:

>Objective Fact, Tits, or GTFO



What in particular do you mean by "that?" That I don't get the celebrity status thing?

Anyways, small update on Shenmue II. A friend sent me a script he had used when working on the game. I realized that a bit allocation pattern is necessary for better AHX compression. I had seen the .bap files in the CRI tools, but I had no idea what they were for because I didn't realize that all of the AHX documentation was stored with the ADX documentation. So I read over that and now I get why my 10khz files didn't result in as much compression as I thought. I'm going to play around with the BAPs and see what type of results I can get. 10khz looks more promising now.

On an unrelated note, I had a theory about why WindowsCE CDDA games didn't play properly when ripped. The typical Dreamcast selfbooting method for CDDA results in a 2 second pregap. I thought this might be interfering with the playback. I did a test run on Virtua Cop 2 without pregaps but the CDDA still didn't play. I'm now wholly convinced that there's some sort of LBA references to the CDDA tracks at play here. I think I located the references, but I want to test it with an emulator to see if that's really what they are. If anyone has a working DEMUL setup (since it supports WinCE games), let me know and I can either supply you with a modified Virtua Cop 2 GDI or toss a PPF patch that will fix one of the references to see if alternate music will play. Basically I just want to test it by switching a reference for the Sega logo music to a song for the game.


File: 1439683794621.jpg (107.58 KB, 1024x731, 1024:731, 531108-shenmue_set2_279.jpg)

Great news.. I set up my own custom BAP for Shenmue II and re-encoded at 10khz… it sounds great. I mean, great compared to the existing rips.. but particularly great after all the work it took to get everything set up. I got about 60mb taken off of FREE01.AFS. Doing all of the cut scene audio should DEFINITELY give me enough space to do 10khz and keep the CDDA for the logos in the intro. I'm really fucking excited about this.



You're a god among men, sir. Want to play lucky hit?



Not feeling too lucky because I ended up 25mb over the 80 minute size limit. I'll have to remove the logo CDDA, a small price to pay. I think I can still keep 10khz but use a slightly more aggressive BAP.



I know you got your hands full doing this, but I was wondering how hard could it be to "fix" the dub dreamcast release of Shenmue II?

So far the decent one is the 99 minute version, while the 80 minute version sounds about as terrible as the regular current releases. Do you think if you did the same data compression methods you're doing for this one could make a difference?

Anyways man, keep up the good work!



Honestly, I'm just not really interested in doing any more hack/mod type stuff.


Disc 1 is (pending burn test) finished.

Audio ended up being 9.5khz using a BAP with slightly more compression. Used AFS compactor to shrink the AFS files, so on and so forth. I had to remove the logo CDDA tracks and the disc change graphics for disc 1, 3 and 4. Not a huge improvement over 8khz, but it is an improvement.

Now I just need to do the same shit with the other discs. Oh boy.


Oh man I was really scared for this thread when I saw 8chan go down.

Dreamcast stonk.


Cracking into disc 2. 30,000 speech files in FREE02.AFS. There's more data in this disc, but there seems to be about the same amount of actual game data. As far as the media (voice) goes, there's more of it but it should still fit at 9.5khz. FREE02.AFS has been downsampled, getting at the rest of the speech now.



Sorry for the wait. Meant "that" as in your Youtube channel, meaning to say to separate that persona from any other to avoid dragging any mud along with you.



So what games are best on the system, other than Shenmue



Try some of the mentions in this thread:




I really like VOOT and EGG, personally.


added 3.Count.Bout.NEO4ALL.RC4-RDC to the list enjoy



Thanks, dude! Hopefully these releases will last a while on MEGA


Get Zombie Revenge and Dynamite Cop if you're into beat 'em ups!


Really looking forward to how this turns out, man!


Shenmue II is a cruel mistress. Disc 2 isn't managing to give even a slight amount of cooperation. It's definitely not going to be the 9.5khz I got disc 1 at.


Downsampled everything to 8.5khz for disc 2. Still not enough space. I need to take off about 17mb. I guess I'll try 8.25khz. I'm not quite ready to admit defeat and take it to 8khz.




8.25khz not looking good either. I'm going to have to up the compression in the BAP and see what I can do. Back to MGS V….


Starting to think I need to do more research into how the BAP relates to audio quality. I looked deeper into some tools I was supplied that were used to make the existing 80 minute fullspeech rip. These use 10khz audio with a very aggressive BAP. Now I'm at a point where I'm wondering what would be better.. a lower bitrate with less compression or a higher bitrate with more compression. I haven't actually played the existing 80 minute so I'm going to grab that and see how it compares to what I've got set up for disc 1 with the 9.5khz and pretty lax BAP.



I've played them and they sound okay, though I think the entire thing is in mono so it could be better.



As far as I know all the speech files are mono anyways. I'm not touching any of the other audio. I dunno, starting to think Shenmue II is a bit of a waste of time. I want to download the existing 80 minute rip and decode the AHX, see what bitrate it actually ended up at and what I would need to do to improve on it. If it's just going to be just a slightly marginal improvement, then it's a waste of time.


Working on getting some new NoBS added to the spreadsheet (Mega is being bitchy):

Crazy Taxi (NTSC-J)

Frame Gride (NTSC-J)

The Ring: Terror's Realm (NTSC-U)

Sega Bass Fishing (NTSC-U)

Slave Zero (NTSC-U)

The rip of The Ring doesn't have the Echelon intro, so you can have a nice clean version.


File: 1443906821017.jpg (388.62 KB, 1024x986, 512:493, xsisopqr.jpg)

So glad I got a GDEMU.

Not having to pay out the ass to reseller scum or having to worry which rip is the best or getting rips with horrible audio quality or listening as my Dreamcast's lens motor slowly grinds itself into oblivion is awesome.

Next step is going to be replacing the PSU like pic related so that I won't have to worry about overheating or having to source DC specific replacement parts in the future.

If I end up doing this than the long term plan is going to be rehousing the DC into one of those ultra small formfactor PC cases. I'd have to do some measurements to check but I think that the mobo is going to be too large for a NUC sized case, so I might have to look into mini-ITX sized cases for something that will fit and won't look awful.


File: 1443937745573.png (22.54 KB, 704x1894, 352:947, 4c2ARIR.png)

strictly 4 my niggaz


New stuff added to the spreadsheet:










I want one, but I can't bother to spend the money. Also, for that asstarded amount of hot glue, you need to suffer.



>Also, for that asstarded amount of hot glue, you need to suffer.

Not much in the way of reading comprehension, are you?


File: 1444260294444.jpg (987.04 KB, 1500x1125, 4:3, 1430528883273.jpg)



Hey man, I've got a GDEMU and have been throwing pure .GDIs onto it and life has been great.

The problem is, every image is a gig in size since they're raw GDROM dumps. I only have an 8GB SD card because I'm poor (the GDEMU wiped out my entertainment budget for quite a while). Where would I want to go to learn how to remove all of the empty filler/buffer data to save space?



Uh try the app the program the Russians made that slims GDIs for use with the HDD mod. I'm still of the opinion that those replacement devices are an insane rip off, especially considering how few games need any kind of significant sow sampling.






I'll check it out, thanks.

For me, $120 was worth it to have flawless playable copies of ever Dreamcast game ever released, without having to burn discs. I don't have to worry about my motor going out, or about the lens dying either. I don't have to worry about certain games that do require awful downsampling just to fit 700MB, and I don't have to track down 99 minute discs to get better versions either.

As a side bonus, the loadtimes for games are significantly reduced.

Pricewise, things will get much better once the ching chongs get off their ass and clone it. The reason GDEMUs are so expensive is because one guy literally builds each one by hand.



I really don't think the laser "dying" should even be a concern in the first place. The Dreamcast is the only console where this is a concern and anecdotally I've never seen any evidence to support it as being even slightly true.

And that's actually not a horrible price for the GDEMU. I guess it's just the USB one that's really ridiculous. I'm hoping that Dreamshell gets going with the compatibility aspect and the HDD mod is more viable. That seems to be the best option since it lets you keep the GD-ROM.

How improved are the load times with the GDEMU? Is it as drastic as the PS2 with an HDD?



Though it hasn't happened to me personally it supposedly can affect almost any CD-based system. Aside the DC, the PC Engine CD-ROM^2 and first gen PSX are known to be particularly susceptible.



I'd be interested to know if it's actually due to the media being used or if it just has to do with quality control on the laser assembly. It's basically inevitable that a laser unit will either need to be adjusted or replaced and we've seen widespread failures before (the PS2).


File: 1444425990301.png (342.97 KB, 640x360, 16:9, e556gdemu9wkgwsgckgwk84ks_….png)


I have two DCs, both won't boot anything (retail or otherwise). Cleaning and adjusting them does no good, these parrots are no more. This is anecdotal of course, but it's still an issue.

Sega had a history in the arcade business, and those machines had to be solid as a fucking rock because they would be shipped all over the world and then would be running for 18+ hours a day for years. A lot of that good design ethic went into their consoles, which is why you still see Saturns and Sega CDs and 32Xs and why you could dropkick a Genesis to the moon and it would still work fine afterward.

However, all mechanical parts will fail at some point, it is inevitable.

Those serial port adapters with Dreamshell are a solution, but it's still unknown what sort of real speeds can be gotten out of the serial port, and compatibility is a serious issue. There are a huge number of games that are not, and probably will never be, playable using that method. The only real upside is that it's only $10-$20 for an adapter and you get to keep the GD-ROM drive.

As for loads times, there are comparison videos on youtube like this one:


which show loadtimes being cut in half on Shenmue (a pretty loadheavy game). All in all I would put it roughly comparable to a PS2 with an internal harddrive in my experience. Once you get used to it you won't want to go back.

I do kinda miss that AHHHHHHNT-IEEEEEEEEEENT noise whenever I start my Dreamcast up though.

Also, for some fucking reason this image shows up when you do a Google Image search for "GDEMU".



Would you mind providing a mod write-up with pictures once you're done? I'd be really interested in seeing how this comes together and might want to recreate it at some point.

You could host on github and be essentially guaranteed that the page will stay up forever. I believe images can be encoded as base64 and still display, saving you 404s with external hosting.

…in fact, I think I might even start a technically-minded dreamcast wiki there sometime in the near future (mods, technical info links and files [within legality], dev setups, networking guides). Goal would be to maintain a high quality of writing and content (structured, informative, standardized) and to stay away from hearsay where possible. Any thoughts on this?


Any of you guys converted a USB controller to mapelbus?

I want to hooked up some fight sticks to the DC that I have laying around. I can find a lot of guides going from mapel -> USB but not the other way around.


So how's the DC Katana box? Worth it?



I haven't found anything to this end either, but here's another guy who built a MB->USB cable as part of a thesis project:


Key takeaways here would be some already-assembled documentation, in case you're missing any (patent, schematic).

A USB->MB adapter this might sort of be a piece of the holy grail for dreamcast longevity aside from emulating the GDROM and networking equipment, so report back if you have any progress.


Wanted to post some info that I had been sent, I don't know if any of you guys saw that Raspberry Pi Dreamcast server, but here's a link showing how you get it all set up:


Seems pretty painless.

Also, there's a user trying to get an online community going. I'll redact his name, but here's the info:

"Also I have dreampipe.net and bb.dreampipe.net. You should check it out. Its a community i'm trying to start self contained in the DC browser. I think that'd be a cool tribal aspect to interact and converse with the community on the browser. But i'm in no way trying to compete with dc-t TiZ, OC, or anybody. I've heard the stories of feud between SCHTACK and DC-T. Again i don't want any bad vibes from anyone its for the people who still play online to use their browsers"

Sorry there hasn't really been any new stuff released, I've been doing some overtime at work. I'm hoping maybe I'll have some time to sit down today or tomorrow and knock a few games out.


File: 1446336524406.jpg (36.14 KB, 526x330, 263:165, Shenmue_Dreamcast_Segata_S….jpg)


Holy shit this is amazing, thank you for sharing.

So for the cost of a RPI plus a USB modem I could have a cheap standalone PC/DC server going. That is awesome. I haven't played a Dreamcast game online since moving to a new state and realizing it wasn't going to be possible to get landline service at my new place.

As for bickering between Dreamcast online communities, that's dumb. We're a niche within a niche within a niche within a niche, the last thing we need is anything that fragments us further.



The only think that doesn't excite me about it is the line voltage inducer. I have no problem with soldering or tricky mods, I just don't particularly want to. I think I have an Apple USB modem around somewhere, I believe they were still packing them in when I bought a laptop. Curious if that one would play nicer than a generic one…

And for the bickering between communities, I dunno, it has always been there. There's members who really don't venture beyond certain forums, and a lot of forums still just absolutely forbid any kind of piracy talk. I could see that stance if it was still the year 2000, but it's not. All of the better PS2 communities allow or tolerate that type of discussion. The piracy aspect is really a gateway to the console for a lot of people. It's not necessarily that there are feuds, but it's not a very united community.


File: 1446346910338.png (39.63 KB, 817x578, 817:578, ThisIsWhy.png)


>All of the better PS2 communities allow or tolerate that type of discussion.

Probably because softmodding a fat PS2 is the best thing ever. Loading games from a hard drive is the best.

Some Dreamcast fans like to shit on DC piracy because they think that piracy was the major contribution to the "failure" of the Dreamcast, and you're not "authentic" if you just have a bunch of CDRs (which is retarded).


File: 1446614173620.jpg (55.78 KB, 600x492, 50:41, Y5aJH.jpg)

Got a 32Gb SD card for my GDEMU yesterday.

Feels good man.

I get the feeling that the dude who makes them is getting tired of dealing with people, so I wouldn't be surprised if this current batch or the next one ended up being the last.



shilling for /v/s wiki http://alltimevrecommendations.wikidot.com/

I dont know if any of you browse /v/ but we have been working working on a wiki to catalogue what is considered worthwhile in the board. The dreamcast (and overall sega sections) are quite barren.

The entries come from personal experience so please do recommend some games for the system.


Been a minute, just tossed some new shit on the spreadsheet:









Anyways, this will be the only place to find this shit from now on. I was able to ignore TIZ only being used as a means to line the admin's pockets and accept it as a necessary evil to get games out there, but since he apparently got cucked by an arab and went full "BURN DOWN MOSQUES AND KILL MUSLIMS, STRAIGHT WHITE MALES ARE GOING EXTINCT," I don't think he deserves to make any more money off of shit I put up. Not to mention going on a tirade about how liberals can't deal with other people's opinions then banning several users for expressing differing opinions to his.



Thanks for the ups and the laugh.

Next month around Christmas I'm planning to pull down the entirety of the spreadsheet for a local backup. The spreadsheet might go into suggest mode or otherwise be protected from vandalism/take down/destruction some time after that, but more news and discussion on that later.

I know nothing has happened yet.. but just to head it off.




You guys are cool and you should feel cool



Someone put some shit on there like "DREAMCAST HAS NO GAMES MAYMAY" but they didn't mess anything else up. There were a couple of times that some of the cells have been blanked out, I think that was just someone accidentally hitting a space bar and not noticing. I've been keeping an eye on it and fixing stuff like that. People have been surprisingly civil with it considering that anyone can edit it.


Oh, I was also going to post that I've been working on a better rip of Guilty Gear X. The music is all cut down to size already, I didn't remove any tracks like Echelon did. Most of the tracks were sort of like Hydro Thunder where there was only about 1:30 of song and then it just looped, so I was able to cut it back pretty well without losing anything. I've also noticed that everyone who burns CDDA games has done it the Echelon way, which leaves a 2 second pregap. I figured out a few years ago if you use the -dao flag in cdrecord it removes the pregap. For games like GGX it means you get a full extra minute to work with (34 tracks, that would be 68 seconds wasted on pregaps). The only problem is that I'm not exactly sure how to get it hacked right. The game boots, goes through all of the menus and loads the match… but the match never starts. The characters just loop in their idle animations. None of the "standard" binary hacks will fix it. I'm going to have to take a look at Echelon's and see if I can figure out what they did.



I think a large part of that is that the users who do come into contact with it recognise it as a resource, rather than a potential for funposting. That, and because you advertise on /vr/ and not /b with less ponies/



Could it be that the fight-start code is looking for an absolute position on the disc's track layout? In your new image, would everything be shuffled forward? Just a random thought without any prior knowledge..



I've fixed it but now the music tracks are off. I'm going to try to decompile it and see how the game is referring to the CDDA. Echelon got it working without dummy tracks (and I'd like to as well to save more music) but none of the standard CDDA stuff is fixing the references.



So, how'd you go about fixing it? Hacking binaries to change to change where they were looking for the tracks on the disc?



The match not starting wasn't related to the CDDA at all. There were checks to see if the game was running off of a GD-ROM or not that were causing the matches to not start.


This is about Saturn, but IRC said I should ask here so I'll try.

Does anybody know where I can find a decent rip of Burning Rangers (NTSC-J) for Saturn? The one I have won't start for me on my chipped and region-modded Saturn (it's a PAL unit that thinks it's an NTSC-J unit).

I've found a decent-looking NTSC-U rip that I could patch to NTSC-J but I'd prefer playing in the original Japanese.


OP here, glad to see this thread's still alive!

For the Saturn guy, where was your bad rip from? The only place I ever knew to get Saturn games was Gazelle Games, and they're down atm due to a DDoS. When they come back up I can look for that game



I think it was from Emuparadise.



I would maybe try one from The Iso Zone? They probably only have bad ones too, but it's worth a shot.



The Isozone one is the good-looking NTSC-U one I was talking about.



What an odd check. Why have it in the game when there was potential for a future set top box or pay per play rental box in the pipeline?

Jap devs, never change.



Trying to prevent piracy. The Dreamcast was wide open at that point and everyone knew it.


If you like fighting games, best one i ever played was marvel vs capcom 2 for dreamcast. Dreamcast version was the best one. I tried it for ps2 and it wasnt the same. Emulating might make a difference because i think the dc controllers are what set it apart.


Hey comrade, have you ever tried to give a go at D2?

All I see on TIZ are some really crazy split releases.



Can't say I have, my understanding is that there's not really anything that can be done with it. The game's ADX decoder is apparently hardcoded to the sample rates that the game's audio is encoded at, so trying to downsample anything means fucky playback. If there were some way the game's ADX handling could be modified then better releases should be possible


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I bought a Dreamcast around 2000 for NFL Blitz because I liked the arcade game. It came with D2 and Shenmue. Shenmue we all know about so I won't comment much on it.

D2 was fucking weird, man. I mean weird. You are a woman in a business dress running around the snow shooting animals and aliens.

"So I'll count the roses…"



>Sega Rally 2

That still hasn't been touched as far as I've seen. Which is weird, since TIZ only has one release of it and it doesn't even have music, I think.

Japanese one has better performance and some Ford cars, I believe.



Japanese one hasn't really been touched either because it would have the same music issues.


just added the dcres uploads by rouken in the masterlist


i've never seen a *.cdi release of sonic adventure 2 with japanese voices, someone should make that.


Hey all,

I'm looking for a copy of Hanagumi Taisen Columns 2, and haven't found it yet by looking in the usual places. Any ideas as to where it might be?


Nice work. Little bit of reformatting to do (put on the new TODO sheet), but that looks like a lot of hard work already.



I'll look through my shit and see if I have it. I'm not sure if I do. That game is seriously awful though. Not sure how you fuck up Columns but they did it.

I'll try to work on more stuff soon, I haven't had a burner for a while. I purchased a new (old) one though so I should be good to go.




Thanks for the help. I've ordered some CDs to waste on burning it.

I remember reading the blog post a few years ago for it… but it's Sakura Taisen. I'm a sucker for branding.

I'm also sure that the other guy who asked for it will be pleased to know that I didn't waste any discs his mangled Spanish copy.


Is it just me or is the Giant Gram 2 .arc file come empty?

I think we might need a better release of that one. I'm just dying to play as kagemaru!


Got my SD card adapter for the DC today. So I installed Dreamshell on a CD-R, which booted fine, and loaded up the SD card with a few games. After the second boot into Dreamshell, a game didn't work (stupid mistake), and now the Dreamshell disc is having a hard time booting (it's only booted once after countless tries). Any suggestions on what to do? I'm close to just burning another Dreamshell disc



lazer issue. CD's don't get random corruption unless they've physically degraded.

Inspect the disc for damage and if it looks good try getting the disc to spin up by powering on the dreamcast in quick succession (if first read appears to fail).


Any chance we can see some proper untouched CDI rips of L.O.L.: Lack of Love (Aware of the STONEARTS rip, hard to find, and unknown if its untouched or not), Tech Romancer (has an unused opening cutscene of some sort, can be taken out leaving the rest of the game untouched I imagine), Fur Fighters (only seen PAL rips, never NTSC-U), Armada, Tokyo Bus Guide, Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram, Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2, and Magic: The Gathering?

Unless I wrote some notes in parenthesis, these games have either never been ripped before, or are no longer found easily. Thanks in advance!



I'm going to latch on to your post and request Net De Tennis, GigaWing, Mr. Driller, and Jet Grind Radio as well.




Your requests have been heard.

I'll make a rip of my copy of VOOT when I'm home next as a GDI. How it gets to CDI from there is up to someone else.

I'd also like to see a copy of Napple Tale : Arsia in Daydream (ナップルテール アリシア イン デイドリーム)


Is there no decent PAL release of Sonic Adventure 1?

The copies that I've tried have busted audio where the bgm doesn't loop



Been about a decade since I was into the DC scene hard but just for reference back-in-the-day everything on your list but MTG was easily obtainable. Even mtg I think you could find here and there.



I've been wanting to do a rip of my copy of the NTSC-J VOOT for so long but the amount of CDDA in that game is "woah, fuck that" huge. I mean it can be done, it's just not an appealing undertaking.



Man, I would love to play an untouched version of TechRomancer. I kind of got a hint of it through dreamshell, but them SDcard framerates man…




NTSC US release of VOOT here.. just the files and not packaged up as a CDI/GDI. I'll update the link whenever that happens.

Rip was done with Dreamshell.



So what I'm probably about to ask here is a huge shot in the dark, but let me summarize a bit first…

Last night I was reading this website,


Alot of it seemed outdated and urban myth-like in terms of what it was talking about in relation to 99 minute CD-Rs (being big in Europe, amongst other things) and such. I'll admit, I've been researching this stuff for quite a while, and alot of what I've read all seems super outdated, but this is the first thing I've found that brought tangible results.

Not that long ago, someone had recommended a brand of 99 min CD-Rs from the company Number (or 安泊 in Chinese, which translates to Ann Park, or Pak, depending on who you ask), you can have a look at this website to see what I found through prior research. http://www.buychina.com/items/pak-ultra-high-capacity-discs-cd-r-discs-48x-870mb-99min-10-barrels-sxpwuorrrll

Getting those 99 minute CD-Rs however would cost a fortune just getting them shipped from China, especially if I want them to arrive quickly…

So, anyway, after reading what I read last night about 99 minute CD-R's supposedly being a European thing, just for the hell of it, I decided to run a search on the European versions of Amazon and eBay, and I soon discover that site wasn't exactly wrong!

Have a look! I found these, and they actually hold more than a 99 minute CD-R! 100 minute CD-Rs from a company called Mediarange!



https://www.mediarange.de/showfile_en.php?did=1 (Clicking this link will prompt you to download it in Firefox. This is a PDF file talking about how to burn 100 minute CD-Rs, the screenshots are in German, but the text is in English, pretty easy to figure out, even if you're not fluent in German.)

I've been researching these Mediarange 100 minute (and looking a bit their 90 min CD-Rs) CD-Rs, and I'm optimistic about knowing I won't have to wait for something like this to come from China (which that alone has me optimistic), but I have some questions that further research (which mostly pulled up hearsay, nothing definitive) can't answer: has anyone had any luck using these 100 minute CD-Rs, do they work in Dreamcasts, how is the quality, and will these work in today's disc drives?

I apologize for what is likely a rather long post, but you guys really seem to know your stuff when it comes to the Dreamcast, and I honestly couldn't think of a more appropriate place to pose this question!

Thank you very much in advance for any input you can give me regarding Mediarange brand 100 minute CD-Rs!

TL;DR - Found Mediarange branded 100 minute CD-Rs, beats ordering 99 minute CD-Rs from China due to shipping costs, have questions about the quality of Mediarange 100 min CD-Rs and whether a Dreamcast can read them or not.



Ignoring the technical details of burning over the standard, I'll say from personal experience that 99 minute CDs aren't worth it. I've been able to burn them, but the sound the dreamcast makes trying to read them is painful. Other CD players such as my deck, my car, and other consoles haven't been able to read them. My computers all do.

As for finding 99 minute CDs that work, I have a batch of Banana that are mostly still burnable, though there is visible degradation on some disks. I would avoid Banana and go for Number if you are trying to get something working at 99 minutes (further reading: DX reviews).

You could /probably/ burn 99 minute releases to 100 minute CDs with about the same level of success.


Happy Birthday, Dreamcast! I hope everyone's been busting out to some Jet Set Radio! I sure will!



Played some Nanatsu no Hikan. Didn't think I'd enjoy survival horror this much, especially in Jap.


Is there by any chance a simple guide to setting up a Dreamcast emulator somewhere? I finally managed to find a BIOS that nullDC will accept, but now I can't figure out how to set up a Windows controller with it. Or where to get a proper image file to actually get games running. And don't even get me started on DEmul and its endless search for an mpr-21931.ic501.



Quick search pops this up. Has an XBOX 360 Controller mapping.



>deleting threads for magnet links

Why? Years ago there were threads with all sorts of crazy shit in them, now a harmless link is reason enough to remove thread.

That's pretty sad


I have a physical copy of Tech Romancer. If someone tells me how to rip it I can dump the entire thing with no compression and leave the intro intact if you guys want.



Wrote this just now on other /vr/..

Do you have a DC SD adapter? If you do you can easily do it in dreamshell with their built in application.

>put dreamshell CD in tray and boot it

>navigate to the GD ripper and rip disk to SD card

If you do not, AFAIK you either need to dump over serial with a coder's cable or dump over the broadband adapter with the error prone(?) HTTPd method. These adapters are obtainable for approximately $20 from AliExoress or ebay.



I don't have an sd adapter, I'll pick one up next chance I get.


Excuse me but I accidentally deleted the link for Resident Evil Code Veronica on the main download of the NoBS releases is there any way I can fix that or you can thanks


By the Way thanks for the Uploads of Hydro Thunder And Toy Commander! love those games



If it's not fixed already I'll take a look after the 26th. Thanks.


Is there any difference between PAL/NTSC Dreamcast Multi AV/OUT can I use my PAL Dreamcast RGB cable on a NTSC Dreamcast?



Time to check on some pin-outs.


Seems there is RGB on the multi-av from pins 14-16.



>When pin 7 is driven low, the Dreacast will output RGB. If it is left high, you will get Composite Video and Super-Video.




About how much should i be paying for a system? Thinking about getting one. And yeah i do plan on burning disks and maybe buying one game jojo



Market price is the price you're going to pay for it. Check ebay and compare to local shops and 2nd hand markets to get an idea.

This year, you're probably looking at between $40 and $100 USD, depending on condition. for $100 you should be getting multiple controllers, video hookups, at least 1 VMU, and at least 1 game.. all in good to great condition. I personally purchased my dc off a crack addict (presumably) just by itself for $25 a few years ago. It had some scuff marks and was slightly yellowed.


File: b69392f5d4ee330⋯.jpg (53.63 KB, 480x360, 4:3, harden .jpg)

why is it so fucking easy to pirate Dreamcast games? it's almost sad.



Even the original Playstation had better copy protection.



Not really. MIL-CD was just a gaping security hole that Sega didn't think would get exploited. If it wasn't for MIL-CD then we'd be in a very different place.


Where can I find the full TruRip set? I've seen tons of links for the 2013 set circulating on torrent sites, but the ones I've tried all appear to be dead. I even found a torrent for "Trurip - Sega Dreamcast [2015-05-07]" set, but that one is dead too! I had links on Baidu to the 2013 version of the TruRip that I saw on some Chinese messageboard, but some ratfink reported those Baidu links and they all went down!

If anyone can point me to a MEGA link with the latest TruRip set, or links to the 2015 set at the very least, or torrents of either of these, I would greatly appreciate it!


How hard is undubbing Dreamcast games? Besides Shenmue, I can't think of any others that have been done.

I was hoping there was one for Maken X since the English VA is so atrocious, but no luck.


Any particular reason the spreadsheet is suddenly private? Says I have to request access now, or switch to an account that does. I guess unless OP sees this and explains why the change in privacy, I guess we'll have to see if someone comes forward with a mirror from like last month or a few months ago or something.



Google "TruRip dreamcast". Click on the dreamcast-talk.com link. Full TOSEC set and the TruRip USA and PAL sets.


I downloaded Sonic.Adventure.v1.005.(U)-RDC, tried to burn it with ImgBurn but there were errors during verification:

W 12:46:43 Miscompare at LBA: 622, Offset: 2318

W 12:46:43 Device: 0x48

W 12:46:43 Image File: 0x5D

W 12:46:43 Total Errors in Sector: 2

W 12:46:43 Note: The drive probably corrected the L-EC Area because it's wrong in the image file.

I 12:46:43 Verifying Sectors…

W 12:46:45 Miscompare at LBA: 692, Offset: 2254

W 12:46:45 Device: 0x08

W 12:46:45 Image File: 0x0F

W 12:46:45 Total Errors in Sector: 22

And when I tried to run the game in my PAL Dreamcast there was Sega and ReviveDC logo, and then it returned to Dreamcast main menu. How to make this game work?



Changes in the way Google handles sheets I believe. I haven't really made the time and have really neglected getting this set up. The alternative is still in the works.



You were trying to play an NTSC rip on your PAL dreamcast. You were also burning a dreamcast image, not a regular disk image, so that could be why it didn't verify correctly. Imgburn uses the disk juggler dreamcast files to burn dreamcast images correctly, but the program might not be able to verify correctly.


Yo, been a minute. I'm going to be buying a separate laptop so I can get back to doing some DC stuff again.

I had a question for you guys. I'm starting to put together a database of all of the NoBS-DC games on my website. It's basically just going to be a list and links to the NFO files. I'm wondering if there's anything else you guys think I should put there to make it more useful?

Here's my website: https://comradesnarky.neocities.org/Sega/Dreamcast/NoBSDC/database.html

That piece isn't linked anywhere else yet since I'm still working on it.

Let me know, please.



Imgburn is a very poor burning app. Use something else.

I recommend Nero in general and Discjuggler specifically for Dreamcast.



Alright, laptop is bought and setup. Picked up a Thinkpad T-400, I really like it. I’m pulling all my files off of my non-bootable XP partition now. Luckily I still have all of my Shenmue II stuff from the rip I was working on, I’d like to finish that up. Probably work on that gradually though. Any somewhat simple requests for me to use to get back into the swing of things? I also found some rips I didn’t release.



>Any somewhat simple requests for me to use to get back into the swing of things?

Chu Chu Rocket?



Sounds good! I’m surprised I hadn’t done those for NoBS yet actually. I think I may have done the NTSC-U version as a later RDC release maybe.



Not sure if it counts as simple, but I'd love to see a NoBS release of UEFA Dream Soccer. From what I know the only selfboot release out there is the old Echelon one that comes with a cracktro.



Well, I know why I was confused about ChuChu Rocket. I actually did that as a NoBS-DC release, but it was one of the ones I never put out. I need to re-compress all these and release them since the dates are wrong now.


Sure, I'll take a look at it.



This does not seem to be very easy, no. But not impossible either. I’m going to keep this in my to-do folder. A nice combo of a few CDDA tracks along with a good amount of game data being juuust the right type of game that takes more than a casual pass at but not quite a full blown head scratcher. So annoying, basically.


Snarky, I have a small list for you if you'd like to give it a look, alot of these games either haven't been done yet, ripped poorly, or the only known rip is a scene rip which nobody should be using anymore, or in some odd circumstances, rips were done by someone, but can no longer be found anywhere.

Armada (USA)

Atari Anniversary Edition (USA)

Cool Cool Toon

Cyber Troopers Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram M.S.B.S. Ver. 5.4

Densha de Go! 2: Kousoku-hen 3000 Bandai

Eisei Meijin III: Game Creator Yoshimura Nobuhiro no Zunou

Floigan Bros. Episode 1 (USA)

Fur Fighters (USA)

Gaia Master Kessen! Seikiou Densetsu

GigaWing (USA)

Golem No Maigo

Gunbird 2 (USA)

Jet Coaster Dream 2

Jissen Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! @VPACHI Kingdom

Kidou Senshi Gundam: Giren no Yabou - Zeon no Keifu

L.O.L.: Lack of Love

Looney Tunes Space Race (USA)

Morita no Saikyou Shougi

Net De Tennis

Plasma Sword - Nightmare of Bilstein (USA)

Segagaga (SGGG)

Super Runabout: San Francisco Edition (USA)

Tanaka Torahiko no Uru Toraryuu Shogi: Ibisha Anaguma-hen

Tech Romancer (USA)

Tokyo Bus Guide

Now I realize some of these might be tough jobs, and be put on the backburner, which is fine, I know Tech Romancer in particular is a tough one, though if anyone can do it justice, it's going to be you, MILF, or YZB, or all three of you together. Still, I hope some of what I've requested. If needed, I do believe TOSEC put out a new Dreamcast set, so I can get GDIs. I hope there are a few easy ones in there. Welcome back to the Dreamcast! NBS-DC is the best of the best, the more untouched rips we have, the better!



Seconding this. Or maybe I was the person that asked to begin with and I just forgot I was ever here.



>I actually did that as a NoBS-DC release, but it was one of the ones I never put out. I need to re-compress all these and release them

Thank you! For some reason, every release I've tried is missing the music.



No worries about the GDIs, I’ve got the TOSEC sets stashed and a source for the most recent redump set for whatever is missing. A fair amount of your list is things I’m wanting to get to. Thanks for your encouragement/support. I’m kind of coming at it with a different approach this time. Life has changed a lot since I was last around. Better attitude, etc.


I believe I still have the raw files for sonic Adventure 2 backed up since it was so much fucking work. I’ll look and see if I have them, I should be able to just swap the English voice file with the Japanese one and be good to go.


I’ll try to get these files posted up this weekend. May be doing some yard work if the rain holds off.


Ah shit, here we go.

So, we've got 6 rips that were older that I never released and one new one. The new one is a bit random. Someone on halfchan was working on translating it so I put together a little selfboot kit for them and got the files prepped, so I thought I'd release my rip of it too.

For our anon who is kind enough to upload these to the torrent tracker that can't be named publicly: Please hold off, I'd like to get up to 100 rips and then upload a torrent with everything and then do packs with additional games and then a full torrent again every so often.

Old rips:

Blue Stinger (U)





ChuChu Rocket (U)





Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes (U)





Pop'n Music (J)





Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (U)





Tee-Off (U)





Aaaand our new rip…

Nanatsu no Hikan - Senritsu no Bishou (J)





No VGA support on that one.



Thanks for taking a look at it, I really appreciate it



Such a great game. A big shame nobody ever talks about it


Bought a dreamcast from japan. Plugged it in and i'm not getting any video output. Any ideas?



I've been doing a bit of reading and it turns out that the video port on the back of the console is prone to shorting out the dac which takes video and audio with it. Console seems to power on fine and read discs, it's just that i'm not getting any video or audio. Oh well. Hopefully I can pick up a dreamcast with a broken laser and swap parts out.



Seaman is great for a once through.

Lenard Nemoy as the narrator is worth the price of admission alone.

plus creepy fishman sex, tomagochi creature raising and playing God and lastly the whole game is like one giant personality test and psychologist appointment.

Buy Seaman you will not regreat it. lasty



Update on this situation, I was initially using a Toro VGA box with this dreamcast, but I used the composite video cables that came with the console and now I'm getting video and audio so I don't know what's the deal. I'll have to try and hook the toro up to it and see if it outputs.

Not sure if I'm going to keep this one, I was thinking about giving it to a friend but he lives in a share house filled with drug users so I don't wan't pic related >>3947 happening (fun fact, I made that image).

Replaced the clock battery with a new holder and ML2032 so she's ready to go regardless. I like buying systems and refurbishing them even if it means that I sell them at what I originally paid for. I'm not reseller scum, I just want whoever pays for the thing to be able to get going and start enjoying that last console that was made specifically for gaming enthusiasts.


What's been going on with the Dreamcast scene these days? I've been out of the game for about a year and a half now, is ComradeSnarky still chugging away with NoBS-DC? Have new rippers come onto the scene to tackle some new games? I understand there was one ripper doing really obscure Japanese DC games prior to the shutdown of The ISO Zone, anyone else come along? What's new?



>shutdown of The ISO Zone

In case anyone's looking for a mirror:



File: 0b9c16b0cf712d0⋯.jpg (58.29 KB, 550x550, 1:1, 1469756676763-0.jpg)

Just discovered this thread, and boy howdy do I wish I had found it sooner. Is comradesnarky working on any new releases? I'm wondering if maybe he should teach some of us how to do his magic so we can work together to do more releases. I'm going to give the NoBS release of Crazy Taxi 2 a spin, see if it loads better than my current burned disc that makes the laser slide back and forth like crazy trying to load the game. I assume that anything not covered by a NoBS release just means I can fall back onto a ReviveDC release instead as the second best option?



Hmm ok so not even ReviveDC has everything. I see only DCRes has Jet Grind Radio, but even that isn't actually showing a link in the spreadsheet. Just my luck.



I'm still lurking around. I do have some games that I want to do. Simple truth of the situation is just that I work full time and there's other obligations and things that I want to work on as well. Obviously I don't release often anymore because there was a huge gap between the last release and the games I put out earlier this year, but I'd ask that people don't ever really think of NoBS-DC as being dead. Part of the perk of working alone is being able to just come back to it whenever I feel like and not have an obligation to it so that I can actually enjoy it. I know that blows for people who want games, but if I'm forcing myself to go into it and get things done like I did towards the end of ReviveDC then I will want to just say fuck it and quit.

I wouldn't be opposed to sharing some of my tools that I've accumulated over the years, but I couldn't promise anything in terms of documentation - mainly just for lack of time in explaining how everything works. As far as sharing knowledge, not opposed to that either but it's really difficult to lay things out in such a way that you'd have a logical linear path from start to finish just because of so many variations in games. There's a decent amount of info out there and if people start looking into it and have questions on more details then I'd be happy to give guidance.



All good man, I'm loving the NBS releases, and half the games I wanted to burn you've already done. ReviveDC has almost all of the other half covered and they seem perfectly competent as well. DCRes and DCCM also seem competent enough in their own right for the one or two games that still weren't covered. NBS Crazy Taxi 2 is wonderful, the laser hardly moves now, versus before when it was sliding around like there was no data to be found at all.

A few questions:

DCRes section has no link for Jet Grind Radio, can this be fixed?

I've been burning my games with DiscJuggler and the settings recommended on this site - http://www.dreamcastarena.com/how-to-burn-dreamcast-games-correctly - would you agree these are the best settings, or is there something better still?

The only issue I've had so far is with your NBS release of Hydro Thunder, over VGA the image flickers up and down, like it's attempting to bob de-interlace something that doesn't need to be de-interlaced. I'm using a Pound Technology VGA-to-HDMI cable, and it's worked perfectly for everything up to this. Any ideas about what can be done to fix this?


Server upgrade killed some recent posts, hopefully this post fixes it?



Yes it worked, awesome.


File: dd0b242ac27754e⋯.png (14.2 KB, 485x1086, 485:1086, Shinseiki.Evangelion.Ayana….png)

I was hoping this game would be a bit more entertaining.

Here's Shinseiki Evangelion Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku



File: 61c870409cc77e6⋯.png (16.07 KB, 485x1214, 485:1214, Black.Matrix.Advanced.(J)-….png)

New rippppp

Black/Matrix Advanced

This game didn't suck. However, I'm truly awful at SRPGs. I was at least able to fumble through menus and figure out how to play with my 2 year old level grasp of glorious nihongo. Couldn't make heads or tails of the story, but the aesthetic is delicious 90s edge.




Kick ass. This game has a really cool aesthetic, though I personally wish the combat had a little more depth for the dreamcast release.

You've been on a real japanese bond these last few months, haven't you? Tried Sengoku Turb?



Haven't played Sengoku Turb but I did rip it and it is in my folder to burn and test.

Also - found my old Shenmue II scripts. This laptop I use now has enough RAM to process all the AHX downsampling without the script crashing and needing to be restarted to handle all 10k+ files. So, wow, I may actually fucking finish that rip finally. The timestamp on my disc 1 rip is from 3 years ago. Took about half an hour to process everything so it'll be way easier to make adjustments to the voice files to fit them to disc.

I'll probably want some people to test before I post that soo if anybody likes Shenmue II… I'll figure out a way we can get in touch when it comes to that point.


Just accidentally backtraced to this thread through other forums, figures the only useful spreadsheet and links for DC rips would be from a channer.

Anyway. I haven't burned any games for DC since 2005-2007. Whatever I used to know is lost to time. What's the main difference between the rips? DCRes/ReviveDC/NoBS, etc? Is it just who is doing the ripping and the quality? Which is generally the best?



NoBS, then ReviveDC, then DCRes or DCCM, then the rest is whatever, IMO. For burning I use the guide in the site I linked here: >>7507



Cool. Thanks. Just ordered a GDEMU knockoff, since my drive is dead.

Tempted to use one of my micro SD cards lying around to turn my pi 3 into a dreampi. Not that there's a shitload to do other than quake and PSO.



Biased opinion obviously, but I'd go

1. NoBS

Applying what I learned working with everyone in ReviveDC and focusing more on the games

2. ReviveDC

Kind of a mixed bag honestly, we learned so much as we went on. Earlier rips can be rough around the edges. Some of the unique releases we did were cool though, I'm still really proud of the Street Fighter III all in one disc and the Capcom vs SNK one.


These are really good but the arc compression lessens the appeal and I never really got why MILF stuck with the audio/data format. Not sure if MILF ever comes around here, but you know I love you buddy.

4. DCRes

Gotta hand it to him as the originator of a lot of the stuff we're concerned with now but there are too many issues with the various rips and him re-using assets that Echelon and the others had downsampled.



If you're using a GDEMU you should just use GDIs.



>If you're using a GDEMU you should just use GDIs.

Yeah, for that most part that's my plan, aside from things like the Shenmue english dub, or things I can't find a GDI for.

Thanks for the run down. Excited to get this thing up and running.



The dreampi is cool more for what could be possible with dreamcast-related online services than for actually playing the games online.

Related, I've been struggling to get kallistiOS to compile so I can play around with it and making some simple programs. It would be really nice to have a better way to manage files on the gd-rom, maybe over the network from another device even.



>The dreampi is cool more for what could be possible with dreamcast-related online services than for actually playing the games online.

Would be cool if it served as a hub for other discontinued online console services. Don't know how feasible that is really.


Are there any CDI rips of Guilty Gear X floating around out there? I have the Echelon rip but two of the multilinked rar files give checksum errors. I have the GDI but I haven't converted a GDI into another format in such a long time and I can't find a good tutorial on how to do it.



I have one basically done with a few extra minutes of audio vs Echelon but the CDDA keeps playing out of order. I’ll try to get back to it and figure it out.



This is outstanding work. Are you aware of any other similar links and organization for other consoles? And PC stuff - there's a lot of really awkward, hard to find stuff from 1998 to 2007 era which is never on retro sites but also never got digital distribution or rereleases. Looking for them ever since isozone and emuparadise died. Anyway, keep up the outstanding work !


Just coming by to wish the neverending DC thread a happy chinese new year, 2019.

Hope everyone has a great year, even if not everything goes according to plan.




Something like this would be cool. We can document things at a later time.

There are a ton of places that have tools and information float around in the world of dreamcast, but there aren't any really high quality all-in-one sources.


I made a new spreadsheet tinyurl. com/DCMASTERLIST




Porting eventually. Thanks for the hard work.



Hey man, good idea with the masterlist :)…. but you killed half the links on the main sheet moving the files around in your mega accounts lol :/



You probably meant to quote >>7697 , but yeah, the original sheet is screwed six ways to Sunday and has been since pretty much forever. Without maintainers interested in putting in the time, it gets to be a mess pretty quickly.

Does anyone know a way to query the mega API (directly) for just the metadata about particular links? File names and file sizes in particular.


post links here ill mirror em on the spreadsheet. I can make a pastebin of every file i have. Does this look good? https://pastebin.com/raw/EQpX9E8W



Looks like a few yzb games?


Did the NoBS links all get deleted from that Google Doc? What the hell are those retards doing? Good thing I downloaded the old version of the doc to my PC. Any new releases pop up lately?



Actually wait, it seems all the NoBS links are shoved inside the "old version tab" mixed in with everything else. What a mess.


Karous - New English TL playable on DC or in emulator:


^ While you didn't need to know any Japanese to play Karous to start some of you may be interested in checking out the release notes.



Feel free to fix, and to also mirror games into your own cloud accounts (mega preferred). I've sort of left it to run wild as I don't have the time to maintain integrity myself.

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