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Whachyall know bout dat Nintendo?


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Winners don't use drugs, except for that Kevin kid that always mugged me for my lunch money at the Street Fighter 2 machine

File: fca06b786b077d3⋯.png (2.08 MB, 837x955, 837:955, rip.png)



No spam.

This board is for the discussion of games released for consoles introduced before or during 1999, the consoles themselves, as well as PC and PS2/Xbox/GC games released before or during 2003.

Ports, remakes, and mods of games eligible for discussion under this rule are also eligible for discussion.

As a special exception due to their absolute age and relative lack of shitposting magnets, both the Dreamcast and Game Boy Advance count as acceptable platforms for discussion.

NSFW content is allowed, but must be spoilered and must be directly related to a game eligible for discussion.

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File: 1412492777078.jpg (99.66 KB, 1024x574, 512:287, 50076-2561004_orig.jpg)


This thread is for the civil discussion of CRT displays (TVs and monitors) as used for retro video games and systems allowed by the board rules in the current sticky. Subtopics *directly* related to this main topic are welcome.
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that aint no CRT,

its a rear-projection tv



Tops. How did you score the bvm?



I'm guessing it's garbage too. Those tv's were only good for the sheer screen size you could get.



Truth, we had one of these in 2006 because my mom wanted to get a fancy new HDTV. It was no plasma but we weren't paying plasma money, we were paying 'fuck you big TV' money.



Those were blurry as hell. They were labelled "HD ready", just for having an HDMI port. Which on mine broke off, and fucking composite looks about the same quality so noone noticed.

File: c41b7703011dd69⋯.jpg (65.47 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Faxanadu-1.jpg)

File: 58fc495cb22c8ac⋯.gif (12.94 KB, 256x224, 8:7, faxnadu-2.gif)

File: a9036fd0aabc427⋯.png (4.79 KB, 512x480, 16:15, faxnadu-3.png)

File: de4e50cc63a1060⋯.jpg (47.92 KB, 845x634, 845:634, faxnadu-4.jpg)



Spritesheets which struck you as cohesive and exceptionally pleasing to look at.


File: 8837019c59312dc⋯.gif (10.29 KB, 105x112, 15:16, Rose-stance.gif)



File: ccc6265fdec4e1b⋯.png (8.2 KB, 320x256, 5:4, Gods_1.png)

Bitmap Bros stuff like this


File: a3b7af0b1535f01⋯.gif (381.31 KB, 270x184, 135:92, e9f2b05823633c0a119c6b577c….gif)

Why do arcade fighters look so timeless?


Batman for NES (1998) did a great job creating atmosphere with limited resources.



Because sprites already have the max amount of detail in them, whereas 3d models can also be more in-depth detail.



I think it might have to do with fact they all were 2d, and the designs were great, then 3d came which changed a lot, I mean in 2d you see what you see and imagine rest of it, it kinda works like how it's in illustrated books, you see the good bits and then the other things are left to brain's imagination, same can't be said about 3d, as same feel can't be given with 3d fighters, now on the other hand 3d fighters can be good too, I mean tekken was pretty cool, but it just . . . Does not gives the same feel 2D game do.

File: d2432f123e42988⋯.png (99.17 KB, 768x672, 8:7, Friday Night Muthafucka VR.png)








Lets see if we can't breathe a little life into this board and get some /vr/ recommendations going.

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Battletoads NES


GCCX: Sonic the Hedgehog


Dollar Menu


Greek Yogurt


Rum and Coke

File: 1411088085445.png (495.8 KB, 491x750, 491:750, 1411082561075.png)


DOOM THREAD - 4chan sister thread [boards.4chan.org/vr/thread/1948119]
(other retro FPS also welcome, chances are we played 'em too)


The OFFICIAL Doom Wiki, actively maintained and supported by the Doom community. Want to learn more about Doom? Check this site first!

FAQ/Pastebin, updated semi-frequently

IRC (Password is in the FAQ.)
Channel: #vr

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I use brutal doom for the visual enhancements only. All the gameplay changes are trash. A good gameplay changer is Doom RL Arsenal


File: 5c2442d5372108a⋯.jpg (279.67 KB, 1000x1493, 1000:1493, Doom_remaster.jpg)


You should try Project Brutality in Traditional then. That mode is the only thing keeping me from deleting it.


File: 2e639145467ae88⋯.jpg (225.8 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Ion-Maiden-1.jpg)

File: 2066606de92b5ee⋯.jpg (112.4 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Ion-Maiden-2.jpg)

File: 6797175b5b6fba9⋯.jpg (137.89 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Ion-Maiden-3.jpg)

File: 5f5928326a1d387⋯.jpg (127.94 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Ion-Maiden-4.jpg)

File: 68ee4c22a5e0684⋯.jpg (86.12 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Ion-Maiden-5.jpg)

So what is the consensus over Ion Maiden, the prequel/spinoff/whatever to Bombshell?


File: f50c306858375d6⋯.png (436.21 KB, 1287x673, 1287:673, IM_voidpoint.png)


It seems like it hasn't released, or was it leaked?

I had lost hope earlier this year, glad to see it isn't abandoned.


File: a7b036550bc203b⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, why i was banned from the ….png)

Never forget the agony of Martyrs. The truth is out there. And I shall not be censored so easily.

Doom will live on.

File: 1425798657224.jpg (1.58 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, segavsnintendo.jpg)


Sega vs Nintendo
Give your reasons /vr/
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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The guy has been a piece of shit from day 1.



>piece of shit since day 1

That is only an opinion.

However, the video you embedded is far superior to your text comment. It sure shows how Argonaut software got the short end of the stick when it came to the Starfox 2 debacle and such


Also, There is still the late Gunpei Yokoi there, who created both the Game&Watch and Original Game Boy.



oh shit a vid made by ten inch mike



they invented multiple genres such as the fighting genre (Heavyweight Champ) and the FPS genre (Periscope) on fucking discrete logic when Nintendo was making paper with ink printed on it. They are an American electromechanical company that moved to Japan. The list of their innovations is simply too long to post. I don't understand why this conversation is always centered around consoles, if you simply look at both companies full game history SEGA is objectively the most prolific videogame company to ever exist and Nintendo made some consoles after a couple arcades with colorful cabinets. There is no comparison. Anyone who claims to love videogames and doesn't worship at the altar of SEGA is a fraud.

File: 1411600813507.png (224.73 KB, 960x800, 6:5, kaicho.png)


~Everything I Know About Game Center CX I Learned From The Link Below~


-Recent Fansubs-

[SAGCCX] Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES/Super Famicom) Part 1:


[SAGCCX] Gunstar Heroes (Mega Drive/Genesis):

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 8875c1e11a879bd⋯.webm (7.64 MB, 720x540, 4:3, Game Center CX - Northern….webm)

kawaii as fuck desu


Dynamite Headdy Part 2 is finally up!



Well, it didn't, but at least the wait is over now.





I wouldn't trust your fucking lies because that post spoke truth and now in the currently-available part 2 of Dynamite Headdy (which you claimed wouldn't come out in a timely manner) you can see tons of Japanese text popping out from under the translations for single frames all the time



I never said anything about Dynamite Headdy. If you're coming here to whine about your feelings getting hurt then you should go back to halfchan.

File: 1435946771372.jpg (91.42 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, sega-dreamcast-logo.jpg)


So, our threads kept getting deleted over there, at first because of magnet links being posed in the threads, but now I really don't know what the fuck for, so I'm personally moving my shit over here.

Release google spreadsheet link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14fCQ3NXIlW1ZC_gjIejpQVPG34fLWmSoXYgSTyxdRWM/edit

That spreadsheet has most, if not all, of the releases from various high-quality DC release groups around.

So… yeah. What are your favorite games for this thing?

259 posts and 31 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Where can I find the full TruRip set? I've seen tons of links for the 2013 set circulating on torrent sites, but the ones I've tried all appear to be dead. I even found a torrent for "Trurip - Sega Dreamcast [2015-05-07]" set, but that one is dead too! I had links on Baidu to the 2013 version of the TruRip that I saw on some Chinese messageboard, but some ratfink reported those Baidu links and they all went down!

If anyone can point me to a MEGA link with the latest TruRip set, or links to the 2015 set at the very least, or torrents of either of these, I would greatly appreciate it!


How hard is undubbing Dreamcast games? Besides Shenmue, I can't think of any others that have been done.

I was hoping there was one for Maken X since the English VA is so atrocious, but no luck.


Any particular reason the spreadsheet is suddenly private? Says I have to request access now, or switch to an account that does. I guess unless OP sees this and explains why the change in privacy, I guess we'll have to see if someone comes forward with a mirror from like last month or a few months ago or something.



Google "TruRip dreamcast". Click on the dreamcast-talk.com link. Full TOSEC set and the TruRip USA and PAL sets.


I downloaded Sonic.Adventure.v1.005.(U)-RDC, tried to burn it with ImgBurn but there were errors during verification:

W 12:46:43 Miscompare at LBA: 622, Offset: 2318

W 12:46:43 Device: 0x48

W 12:46:43 Image File: 0x5D

W 12:46:43 Total Errors in Sector: 2

W 12:46:43 Note: The drive probably corrected the L-EC Area because it's wrong in the image file.

I 12:46:43 Verifying Sectors…

W 12:46:45 Miscompare at LBA: 692, Offset: 2254

W 12:46:45 Device: 0x08

W 12:46:45 Image File: 0x0F

W 12:46:45 Total Errors in Sector: 22

And when I tried to run the game in my PAL Dreamcast there was Sega and ReviveDC logo, and then it returned to Dreamcast main menu. How to make this game work?

File: ada402249615171⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, arcade.jpg)


This thread is for discussing all things MAME and arcade allowed under the board rules. Also so I can share the romset I've been working on.

I made a thread earlier this month on /v/ to share this, but it died due to /v/'s speed, so I'm going to put it here instead. All but 47 games involved in this are /vr/ anyways, and I won't post those. Long story short, I've been working to create a "starter" mame set for people. A rom set that doesn't have 18 clones and knockoffs of space invaders, or mahjong, pachinko, poker, pinball, gambling, or otherwise not worth playing games. And a merged rom set, so all variants of a game are all inside the same .zip, so you don't have 23 different files for the different versions of Street Fighter 2. Merged means the BIOS files are also included inside of the game .zip's, so you don't need to have a bunch of BIOS .zip's in your roms directory. The rom set is also sorted by eras and genres, with the exception of games made in 1985 and prior. This is because I care very little about most games from that era, and sorting 500 games is a pain in the ass. This rom set does NOT include games that require a .CHD to work, since that would take my shitty collection forever to upload. Seriously, some .CHD files are 15GBs. The 2001-current part was about 2GBs, and that took hours to upload.

So, to use these roms, all you need is the compatible version of MAME, which is 0.170. These roms may or may not work on newer or older versions, but I have tested them and they do work fine under 0.170. Download, unzip, and drop all the files into MAME's rom directory. No need for BIOS files.

Keep in mind many games expect you to have a joystick, trackball, wheel, or other specific controls. A large number of racing games act funny if you don't have the hardware it's expecting. A decent amount of sports games react the same way. It's possible to map a lot of that to a controller with analog sticks, but not all games will control 100% properly unless you have the right sort of controller for them. Best of luck to keyboard users.

Download links in next post.

46 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Huh, ate my name. Oh well. The new/missing game pack is done and ready. Password is : STUFF



Alright, I'm almost done getting the CHD games ready to play. I haven't even bothered getting the laserdisk games, since those are 10-15GBs each and my connection is shit. If anyone really wants, I can supply the rom files in a folder and a link to the CHD files for those games. The current holdup is the Golden Tee Fore games that got added in around 0.162, they're about 1GB each and very few places have the CHD's. As it stands right now, I have 53 games tested and working, taking about 13GBs. Should have a total of 57 games when I finish getting all the damn golf games.

It's a good selection. Area 51, the NFL Blitz games, Gauntlet Legends/Dark Legacy, that JoJo's arcade game, Killer Instinct 1 and 2, Ray Crisis, the Street Fighter 3 games, San Francisco Rush, Vapor TRX, some nifty looking shoot em ups, racing, puzzle games, and a lot of very pretty sports games. Seriously, the Golden Tee Fore games look pretty as fuck.

Last chance to get the update packs before I wipe em. Everything is getting cleared and replaced with the new standard. I need the room to upload all the CHD games.



What's the difference between the update packs and the new standard?



Update packs are to be used to overwrite the 0.170 ROMs already posted to get your ROMs 0.185 compliant. New standard will be all the ROMs at 0.185 compatibility. This way going forward anyone who downloads the set doesn't have to download the set and the update packs just to be current.

Between the CHD games and all the non-CHD games, it's about 23GBs total. I want to make some version specific MAME sets based off of this set for the various emulators for android and the wii and whatnot. Given the update packs are roughly half the size of the full sets, I really need to clear them out to make room for version specific sets.


File: 28f34e229f0f623⋯.gif (1.21 MB, 391x750, 391:750, warios-woods-combo.gif)


What are your favourite vs. puzzle games, /vr/?

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File: 5edbd1ac7a50e28⋯.jpg (179.52 KB, 640x848, 40:53, pac-attack.jpg)


this but also that pac attack




File: e9e8baed79fb676⋯.jpg (288.49 KB, 800x1169, 800:1169, AdventureQuest-ad.jpg)

Text adventures are puzzles!


File: 086299304416382⋯.jpg (63.77 KB, 438x711, 146:237, kohran.jpg)

Hanagumi Columns is GOAT.

Also, posting best grill.


File: a94b4e33400854d⋯.png (15.97 KB, 375x736, 375:736, bestgirl.png)

Tetris Attack. Or "Panel de Pon" if you prefer gril related.

File: 22dd1a72656277c⋯.jpg (460.42 KB, 600x854, 300:427, LL.jpg)


Which Simpsons game was the best one? Space Mutants was okay. Not all that great. Retro Simpsons thread. Go.


File: d428f2500b019e0⋯.jpg (24.25 KB, 768x672, 8:7, gfs_39775_2_2.jpg)


The Arcade game, is there really any contesting that?

Almost all of the games were terrible, the Nes ones were all awful in their own way with Krusty's Funhouse atleast being unusual, the Gameboy versions were unplayable, the SNES games were bland at best and Simpsons Wrestling was an unbelievably boring button masher.

File: 5bbe1894f9d9cea⋯.jpg (32.67 KB, 620x350, 62:35, 5bbe1894f9d9cea41f871806bf….jpg)


What the subject field says.

I'll name a couple: Coolrom.com and Vnes.com

24 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Wait, coolrom got shut down?



No, but it was plundered of Nintendo ROMS because the BIG N threw a fit about it.



Emuparadise got hit now as well.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Go to rom-world now

>HTTP 301 site crawl error and redirect on all archive.org sites past January

←This faggot starts rapping on youtube whenever I try to access the site no matter what browser or search engine I choose.



File: 5b7e87b01b3a946⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1432x2058, 716:1029, Golden Axe a.jpg)

Sega is winning! :D

File: 1444577898307.jpeg (4.95 KB, 305x165, 61:33, nes.jpeg)


>retro game repair thread?

let's start a thread about pre-2005 electronic repair. post your problem and how you fixed it.

ex: my NES won't play games, so i cleaned the pins and that shit fired right up!

stuff like that please.

15 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



That solution is "remove the case from the system, insert another system inside of your existing case". I've just left most of the screws out of the system, and I'll slide the cover and top off to remove games until which time I happen across another PS3.



I meant the logic board on the disk drive itself.

Here's a guide:


It's much easier then a 360 because no soldering is required



Thanks for clearing that up. The next time the system pisses me off and I'm not running on pocket change, I'll replace it.


File: 0f2646aa76e85aa⋯.jpg (549.68 KB, 2839x2051, 2839:2051, sns2.jpg)

File: bb7c8767f1679ab⋯.jpg (2.85 MB, 2721x2058, 907:686, sns.jpg)

I have a super nintendo that does pic related

cartridges are clean, I don't think its the game's faults, because it happen on too many of my games




Board probably needs the capacitors replaced, or the PPU is dying.

File: 1436370004475.jpeg (4.95 KB, 305x165, 61:33, nes.jpeg)


I need some help guys.

I just recently bought an NES and it has been a pain in the ass. The CIC chip had to be disabled and the adapter needed to be replaced. But now i'm having problems as to having to hold down a game as hard as i can and getting it just right. Help?

11 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1440145126879.jpg (19.12 KB, 326x337, 326:337, 1290125531802.jpg)


Welcome to the Internet.


>lol i wil wate 2 an a haff weks 2 bump dis

Oh, don't mind me, it's not like I've resurrected a dozen beat-to-shit NES systems or anything.



>nes system



You've got it all wrong, buddy. The aftermarket 72 pins are the inferior ones, try your hardest to get the original back in shape or go out and buy salvage systems on the cheap.


Blinking Light Win. Use Google.

Only good 72-pin replacement known to exist.

Always works, high-quality, and even multi-regions the console without damage (no need to clip pins).

Also completely reversible.

File: 718074a4f4b1b61⋯.jpg (39.04 KB, 300x300, 1:1, rolle.jpg)


Post all pics of Roll you have.

2 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 362bbc37dfee798⋯.png (616.52 KB, 907x1248, 907:1248, MegamanLegends_Roll00.png)

File: 6fe3c7a997ca343⋯.png (140.13 KB, 786x1059, 262:353, MegamanLegends_Roll01.png)

File: 902ce4a518ab475⋯.png (238.67 KB, 600x450, 4:3, MegamanLegends_Roll02.png)

>lost legends and my reintroduction library on my last crash

At least Legends has enough art to comfort me and motivate me to try and rebuild it.


File: 1678edc3d1ffdca⋯.jpg (120.89 KB, 519x1065, 173:355, __roll_caskett_rockman_and….jpg)

File: 1678edc3d1ffdca⋯.jpg (120.89 KB, 519x1065, 173:355, __roll_caskett_rockman_and….jpg)


I got you fam


File: 669f4a62f84110d⋯.jpg (194.42 KB, 1224x1551, 408:517, __roll_caskett_rockman_and….jpg)




File: 47d5c362102257e⋯.jpg (287.53 KB, 678x1026, 113:171, DASH1PSP.jpg)

File: d7262aa3a961a27⋯.jpg (392.03 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, d7262aa3a961a272f8c64f1640….jpg)


Also heres some legends in general


File: 92009af2f94ee9e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 475.48 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, rolle bute.jpg)


Assposting now, are we?

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