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Winners don't use drugs, except for that Kevin kid that always mugged me for my lunch money at the Street Fighter 2 machine

File: fca06b786b077d3⋯.png (2.08 MB, 837x955, 837:955, rip.png)



No spam.

This board is for the discussion of games released for consoles introduced before or during 1999, the consoles themselves, as well as PC and PS2/Xbox/GC games released before or during 2003.

Ports, remakes, and mods of games eligible for discussion under this rule are also eligible for discussion.

As a special exception due to their absolute age and relative lack of shitposting magnets, both the Dreamcast and Game Boy Advance count as acceptable platforms for discussion.

NSFW content is allowed, but must be spoilered and must be directly related to a game eligible for discussion.

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File: eec00f99b76d785⋯.jpg (156.05 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 100pcs-for-Nintendo-Gamebo….jpg)


Now that AliExpress doesn't seem to allow custom game cartridges anymore, where can I buy some custom Gameboy carts?




What do you mean by custom game carts?

File: 1424638194806.png (5.85 KB, 256x224, 8:7, Chaos.PNG)


I have a list of games that I make sure to do a play through every year. Some I can beat in a few hours, some takes me a few weeks. But, I always try to make a point to play them once a year.

1. Final Fantasy 1
2. Dragon Warrior 1
3. The Legend of Zelda
4. Metroid
5. Kid Icarus

ITT: The games you play annually.

inb4 nintendofag
inb4 it's dragon quest!
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Jagged Alliance 2, An Untitled Story, La-Mulana classic as well as Armored Core 2 and 3, and their companion games.

I usually do the Armored Core games in the summer and the others in the winter.



FF:A on GB was one of the first GB games I got and damn it was good.


The original Quake was a yearly pilgrimage for awhile, until I was beating it on Nightmare pretty handily and things got too familiar. I'd give it another go, since it's been a few years, but dosbox keeps fucking segfaulting and I don't feel like debugging it.

Deus Ex was another. There's always another self-imposed challenge to run. Ghosting, non-lethal only, melee only, crowbar only, no skills, no augs. Or maybe better: intentionally pick the shittier option for each aug canister. Really see how far run silent and energy shield get you.

I never tried an "explosives only" run. You can avoid confrontations, but you can only dispatch people with rockets, TNT crates, grenades, etc.


Rogue, Nethack, or related game.


File: 718074a4f4b1b61⋯.jpg (39.04 KB, 300x300, 1:1, __roll_caskett_rockman_and….jpg)

Megaman legends 1

File: 9dfb641717b02bf⋯.jpg (31.39 KB, 350x239, 350:239, soul_blazer.jpg)

File: b62bcb1842c298f⋯.jpg (80.62 KB, 400x258, 200:129, illusion-of-gaia-t.jpg)

File: 1cc81834ed3eb56⋯.jpg (113.19 KB, 600x311, 600:311, Terranigma-bt.jpg)


hey /vr/, I need to know something. So the Soul Blazer series is loosely connected by the story and gameplay but over the multiple playthroughs I've done I haven't been able to determine the order of events and I want to do a chronological playthrough of the trilogy to finally get the full story in order.


I have played all 3 of these games and I don't think they are connected timeline-wise. They just use similar themes I think.


File: 1ea7e56a30ae58e⋯.jpg (115.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Soul Blazer Gaia connectio….jpg)

File: 2735b8aece4bf51⋯.jpg (23.25 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Soul Blazer Gaia connectio….jpg)


there is a definite connection between them, I just wish I knew the order. I know for sure that Soul Blazer comes before Illusion of Gaia as shown in the second pic where Will is confronting the first boss from Soul Blazer and the boss references the protagonist from Soul Blazer had already defeated him long ago. the question is where does Terranigma fall in the timeline.



Ah, I totally forgot about that. Still, it might be just a reference. If the games are really connected, then I think the chronological order would be Soul Blazer-Illusion of Gaia-Terranigma. Then there's this game called Granstream Saga which is apparently another game in that series.

File: fda03cb317464c6⋯.png (126.07 KB, 346x296, 173:148, marryo.png)


Why do murrifats pronounce it "Marry-o"?

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Sounds like a New Yorker thing or something, I pronounce it MAHR-EE-OH like God nintended.



What emulator is that it looks nice



>all americans sound like New Yorkers



Started ironically calling him Mary-Oh because it sounds funny.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Not >>5645, but I have a similar, albeit smaller device. It's some kind of Chinese handheld MP4 device, with a basic OS that lets you watch videos in 320x240, play MP3s and comes with that NES emulator you see there.

You can find them all over eBay and Aliexpress for 20 bux. Check out vid related.

File: ac4e05a991ff8d5⋯.jpg (76.22 KB, 360x480, 3:4, 8667.JPG)


There's a local auction by me by a liquidation company because a business that rented out and owned a large amount of arcade machines. Most of the things listed in the auction are for arcade PCBs. I don't want to see these things end up in the dump because a lot of them are irreplaceable relics. A lot of local collectors are swooping in on it and bidding up all two working machines in the auction (gunbird, and a rolling thunder cocktail). Is it a bad idea to bid on about 100 bucks on arcade PCBs? Would I ever get any decent trades for them?

I'm also pretty hyped to get my hands on this control panel. It comes with two cores for the internals of the cabinet. I'm mostly excited about this one because whenever I got a chance to play it, it was always set to something like a dollar a play and ate through quarters like mad so I never got a chance to beat it.

I have a question for anyone who owns an arcade cabinet; is this a huge mistake and a future money hole?


File: cddfe18b343a34e⋯.jpg (56.81 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 8786C.JPG)

forgot to attach an image of the control panel.


And right as I posted this I was outbid on the lot with sunset riders and tech romancer. The auction ends on the 12th and I'm still hopeful about that control panel and can now put more money towards another lot that contains third strike.


I did it for anyone who read the thread, I am the proud owner of a third strike cart and a cps3 motherboard. I ended up going with that because the parts for it are still being sold/traded on a still alive videogame forum of dedicated neckbeards. I think I'm going to end up selling it so not only I make some money off of it, but it gets into the hands of someone with the technical skill to restore it.



Good luck with finding someone to do any electronic repairs. There's fuck all for jobs in the US for electronic engineers, and I've been working for a fucking phone company wrangling retards for almost a decade. In that time, all I've done for EE was modify a couple consoles. Still, congratulations. Maybe scrounge around some coin-op forums for advice on restoring everything? They're generally pretty friendly and helpful people around those places.



I found that most of the stuff I'm missing on the main board for the cps3 is computer standard stuff like a specific CD ROM drive that goes for 10 to 20 bucks on eBay but I also found out that the cps3 I have is worth at least twice what I paid for the the entire lot just because of it's difficult to replace proprietary parts alone. I think I'm going to sell it on that forum but now I'm stuck with the issue of wether I should sell it as is or cobble some shit together for it and test it in order to get a better return on my money. It seems like a bad idea to keep a hold of it because there's mobs of people who would be excited to restore it instead of it just sitting on my shelf on the off chance I actually get my hands on a 6 button arcade cabinet.

File: 1418941418046.png (424.69 KB, 886x635, 886:635, image.png)


Is there a way to win this game ?
The eye of truth isn't helpful
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File: 1457382016886.png (3.01 MB, 1755x2352, 585:784, Bongobongo.png)


>It's cool when games have unintentional hard ways of doing things like that.

I don't know if I'm stupid or what, but I beat the shadow temple, and the rest of the game, without ever knowing about the Lens of Truth. In the temple I just probed a shitload with the longshot, looked at the map for clues about where rooms should be, hit every wall with my sword, and used a pinch of intuition about where things "should" be in terms of level design in a couple spots.

I don't know if I could do it again if I wiped my knowledge of the game. When I was young and gaming was the most important fucking thing in the world I was tenacious about it. Bongo Bongo is still probably my favorite boss fight in that game in terms of coolness.



Try playing it on a nintendo 64



>I don't know if I could do it again if I wiped my knowledge of the game. When I was young and gaming was the most important fucking thing in the world I was tenacious about it.

This is literally the thing I miss most about youth.

Just now realized I'm replying to a year old comment though.


What are you doing



I somehow did this without the lens of truth on my first try with the OG N64 catridge. To this day I still don't know how I did it. Lens of Truth is the easiest way to beat this mini game.


Throw it in the garbage and play a good Zelda game like the first three.

File: b40ad3c47f173fb⋯.png (89.64 KB, 250x234, 125:117, Somari_(title_screenshot).png)


Which /vr/ bootleg games are actually worth playing? Pic somewhat related.



Kart Fighter for NES

NES back port of FFVII

bootleg NES port of SNES Aladdin.

and some Pokemon SNES bootlegs.



Thanks, I had no idea there was a port of FFVII on the nes, I remember seeing a screenshot of some kind of NES Megaman X RPG but I don't know anything else about it.



If you're going to play bootleg FF7 then use the romhack.




Ideally I'm looking for things I can play on cart but thanks for the heads up on that one.


File: 8fb1f5cb6d050b9⋯.png (5.04 KB, 256x224, 8:7, Mortal Kombat 3 - Special ….png)

Mortal Kombat 3 56 Peoples (NES/Famicom)

Well put together fighting game on the good ol' 8 bits that'll make you realize 8 bit isn't an excuse as to why shit like Karate Champ is such horse shit.

A lot of fun with multiple people.

File: 1450070028287.jpg (125.36 KB, 1036x800, 259:200, serveimage.jpg)


I got a Sega Mega Drive model 2 awhile ago and installed a 50/60hz mod. I have a weird problem though, when I boot it in 60hz with a composite video cable, it flashes the sega logo then it goes black. Any ideas how i can fix this?

16 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



A fat PS2 is fully backwards compatible with PS1 at the hardware level. It isn't perfect and a few games have issues (can't remember which) but it'll play most likely play anything you throw at it. Plus you get the entire PS2 library and the usual homebrew applications/emulators.


File: 5a0f5bd1d9212d7⋯.gif (188.41 KB, 500x347, 500:347, 1472106469403.gif)






In the late 90s/early 2000s Sony and everyone else was chasing a pipe dream. There was an idea that discs would become small and a new one would emerge as the defacto standard. They thought it'd be like Laserdisc -> CD/DVD where whomever put out the new standard first would charge everyone else for using it. This is why you saw the mini-discs in the Gamecube and UMDs in the PSP.

Here is why it died

>HDDs became smaller/cheaper

>SDDs/SD-cards became a thing and eventually cheap

>Broadband became a necessity instead of a luxury

>Removing the disc drive allowed companies to produce cheaper/smaller devices

>People got lazy as they do and prefer streaming/downloading over carrying around a disc

I love physical media but this is the world we live in now anon.



Vita carts are nice though. Real pain in the ass if you drop them though. I want to bitch about the Vita, but not the thread or board.


Can it play burnt shit yet or is it still inaccessible? Last I checked, the only way to play PS1 on the PS2 is via POPS and that's spotty as fuck compared to its PSP counterpart.


File: 4f2057802b09111⋯.jpg (52.78 KB, 600x829, 600:829, 1141166822392.jpg)

I'm in the absurdly slow process of modding my Atari 7800. The audio is all static, so I figured there may have been some fuckery in the RF system. The AV mod for the 7800 has you remove the RF system from the board, snip out a few resistors, and pull composite video and audio off of the board itself. Problem is, early eighties soldering. Shit may as well be welded to the board, because my attempts at removing the solder so I can pull the RF shield off of the board have been futile. My solder vacuum isn't getting anything off of the board, and my iron is having a hard time melting the solder due to the RF shield being a giant fucking heat sink. Even solder wick is useless. Maybe when my funds get sorted, I'll get a better soldering station and more flux.



>You can load PS1 games off of it with no issues?

Using fan made emulation, yeah, but it's not perfect by any measure.


If you want PS1 games just get a PS1 and either swap disc or modchip it. I have a modchipped one and it's great, the only pain is to get good video out of it you need RGB (That said the video that comes off that RGB is fucking beautiful).

File: 1444577898307.jpeg (4.95 KB, 305x165, 61:33, nes.jpeg)


>retro game repair thread?

let's start a thread about pre-2005 electronic repair. post your problem and how you fixed it.

ex: my NES won't play games, so i cleaned the pins and that shit fired right up!

stuff like that please.

8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Cleaning the pins is easy, but you can always bend them (slightly!) to make up for the thirty years of wear and tear caused by jamming cartridges in there.



Snip the leg of the 10NES chip in the NES, perhap? That only fixes constantly resetting CPU issues, not SOLID SCREEN flashing.


File: 9cf06ff01d8868a⋯.jpg (107.16 KB, 930x593, 930:593, n64sys005d.jpg)

Hey guys. I picked up a used Jungle Green N64 a while back, and I've never been able to get it to work. Recently I've felt inclined to try and get it up and running again. It powers on, and the "VIDEO 1" signal goes away as the screen flickers once, telling me it's sending some sort of signal, but I get no video or audio.

I've vigorously cleaned the contacts in all my game cartridges and the expansion pak with q-tips and isopropyl alcohol. I've done the trick where you clean the cartridge reader with a credit card wrapped in an isopropyl alcohol-dipped paper towel. I've tried 4 different S-Video cables, and a few composite too just for good measure. All of those cables work on my SNES and GameCube. I'm testing it on a KV24-FV300 Trinitron, a beautiful SD CRT. Yes, everything else works fine in all of its inputs. I've even tried plugging it into my Bravia, knowing full well how awful that would look if it did work, but still no luck. I know the N64's relatively simple under the hood, so I'm curious as to whether you guys might have any ideas! Also, it's an American model and I've tried two OEM power supplies. I've tried slowly turning the power switch on. I've tried turning it on, and then inserting the power supply. And no, the reset button isn't stuck. These are just solutions I've found online. Nothing has worked thus far.

I've even tried turning the damn thing upside down to keep pressure on the cartridge. I've also tried using a regular jumper pak instead of the expansion pak. I'm out of ideas. I only mentioned it was a Jungle Green model because I know the Funtastic series have a slightly different video output, so I figured maybe there was a problem specific to those models. Any help is greatly appreciated. I just want to play some old games, man.



Is the RAM in?


File: 92979e32b042e36⋯.jpg (69.76 KB, 475x356, 475:356, iomega magnetic storage ca….jpg)

To explain (months later), the reason why something has to be inserted into the N64's front compartment is because the system uses Rambus DRAM, which requires a terminator to be in any RAM slot that does not have expansion memory in it. The "jumper pak" is the terminator for the N64. It even says it in katakana on the casing. A missing or fucked up pak in this slot will cause the N64 to do pretty much nothing.

File: ba684862e3adb88⋯.jpg (51.84 KB, 600x800, 3:4, That+was+horrible+_824e2a9….jpg)


Hello anons, it will be pretty scary to say that i worship Silent Hill series, just kidding.. Anyway i have a question about Silent Hill 3, if heather is meant to give birth to a god, why the hell the order is trying to kill her? I mean, she is important for them and even because of that they find her and those monsters are trying to kill her? what the fuck?



btw, silent hill discussion thread


File: 8da0dbe518f6011⋯.jpg (295.92 KB, 500x500, 1:1, sullivan.jpg)

Can we all agree SH4 was both the scariest and greatest entry?

File: deaba5f7a0e9ee1⋯.png (16.32 KB, 256x256, 1:1, nice keen.png)


Which is the best Apogee game?

Personally, I would pick anything in the CK series.


I still play Death Rally. I don't think it really beats D3D, though.

File: c41b7703011dd69⋯.jpg (65.47 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Faxanadu-1.jpg)

File: 58fc495cb22c8ac⋯.gif (12.94 KB, 256x224, 8:7, faxnadu-2.gif)

File: a9036fd0aabc427⋯.png (4.79 KB, 512x480, 16:15, faxnadu-3.png)

File: de4e50cc63a1060⋯.jpg (47.92 KB, 845x634, 845:634, faxnadu-4.jpg)



Spritesheets which struck you as cohesive and exceptionally pleasing to look at.


File: 8837019c59312dc⋯.gif (10.29 KB, 105x112, 15:16, Rose-stance.gif)



File: ccc6265fdec4e1b⋯.png (8.2 KB, 320x256, 5:4, Gods_1.png)

Bitmap Bros stuff like this


File: a3b7af0b1535f01⋯.gif (381.31 KB, 270x184, 135:92, e9f2b05823633c0a119c6b577c….gif)

Why do arcade fighters look so timeless?


Batman for NES (1998) did a great job creating atmosphere with limited resources.



Because sprites already have the max amount of detail in them, whereas 3d models can also be more in-depth detail.

File: b7dcb3810057aa7⋯.jpg (100.71 KB, 1080x1055, 216:211, IMG_20170318_125716.jpg)


What are your favourite retro games that are not longer than 15 hours.

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.


It depends what you mean OP. Some games like Zelda: LttP or Tomb Raider can be completed in less than15 hours, but, I can tell you, when I was playing these games as a kid, they probably took me 500 hours to beat, because I was constantly getting stuck and exploring every last inch of every area. I'll go with some that are very easily completed in under 15 hours:

Metal Gear Solid

Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3

Sonic 1, 2, 3&K, CD

Nights into Dreams (not 100%)

Burning Rangers (not 100%)

Enemy Zero (if I remember correctly)

Ghouls n' Ghosts

Super Ghouls n' Ghosts

There are too many to list


File: dcfdecd67178ed2⋯.png (1.58 KB, 320x200, 8:5, bruce_lee.png)

Yamovania ftw


File: d029a64e8a00304⋯.jpg (140.78 KB, 640x989, 640:989, sega rally.jpg)

You'd be hard pressed to find a game released before the mid nineties that wasn't an adventure, rpg, sim or strategy and took more than a couple of hours to beat.

Let's play this on hard. What's some good stuff that takes less than 15 minutes?


File: 0bf30d8b9b3c03e⋯.jpg (73.83 KB, 519x472, 519:472, 69076-Kirby's_Dream_Land_(….jpg)


↑, A, Select


File: b407334172b2934⋯.png (24.67 KB, 320x224, 10:7, marlbobo.png)


Super Monaco GP. Probably quali, normal race and WET CONDITION won't take more than 12 minutes.

File: 6f8a172c443ddb0⋯.jpg (272.47 KB, 640x320, 2:1, multitap_snes3.jpg)


Pls recommend some multiplayer gayems to play via netplay or irl on retro consoles.


File: 30a0a8037ef9493⋯.jpg (2.57 MB, 2400x3200, 3:4, 1391650864457.jpg)


Been wanting to give Secret of Mana and SD3 a go on co-op but my friend never leaves his house (ergo, I can't get him to come here) and isn't interested in modding his Wii to be able to emulate stuff like that.

If you like JRPGs, I've found Tales of Eternia ("Tales of Destiny II" in NA) fun to co-op, and it's helped by the facts that, unlike Tales of Destiny PS1 or Tales of Phantasia PS1, combat feels more fast paced and fluid than before, and the co-op functionality is tied to a key item you can get after maybe thirty minutes to an hour (perhaps less, been a while since I played; it's at the dojo close to where the game starts) instead of having to hunt down particular accessories that eat an equip slot (and in ToP's case, there's a reason Phantasian Production's translation patch comes with a hacked in Technical Ring, as the first one you can get is like 8-10 hours in). Co-op camera's still got some issues at that point, but if it's just two people playing as Reid and Farah (casters aren't quite fun to actually play as that early in the series), you can generally keep the camera focused on them since unless you're attacked from both sides of the screen, chances are both characters will be in the vicinity of each other anyhow.

Not sure if you can co-op it via internet though; and in general it strikes me that it would be more enjoyable to couch co-op anyhow.

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