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File: 2653bd5c32efaab⋯.jpeg (8.59 KB, 199x254, 199:254, cruisey.jpeg)


How are you coping with the changes bros?

what are you up to?



Post last edited at


good night fellas, wish me luck



good luck


23 degrees today in Shitbourne, got back late last night, seems that a lot has changed. I hope it is a change for the better., went to slow deathslave today tired like a dog after not being able to sleep last night, came back home, had a nap then dinner and the gym.


If I'm not doing shit on Easter for mummybot we can go drink tinnies in the park by the Yarra like a pack of Aborigines.


You've made the right choice Possum, I've been thinking for a while that the reason you wanted to change the rules around here was because you changed yourself, It's good that you've made up your mind that it's a bad idea to force these changes too hard on us, which could have led to shit like another split. I feel that both you and the board is better off with you handing over to Cruisey, because it seemed neither you or the board where enjoying you being BO. Good luck.



long story.

I greentexted the part about picking up a boong hitchhiker a while ago.

I'll try and write it out.

>outside smoking a joint, neighbor starts going off, I thought he was yelling about me.

>pack my shit, plan to go camping for a few days.

>Head up north, find the national park I was looking for, set up the swag, go for a walk, have a wank while out bush.

>Meet some boomer gypsies, can't fall sleep that night.

>Start heading further north, contemplating going to another state for a trip, want to visit nimbin.

>call boss, tell him I'm sick and can't make it to work this week.

>cop a speeding fine for going 130 in a 110 zone, it's $700 ish

>try sleep on side of road twice, first location was a truck stop, shady as fuck, middle of nowhere.

>Drove a few more hours, tried again but couldn't sleep.

>End up smashing multiple coffees

>Insert boong hitch-hiker story

>Getting dark, running out of fuel in dingowoopwoop

>Pull into a rural pub, 4 old dudes sort me out with petty, give them some bud the boong gave me.

>One old fella keeps going on about the importance of coming into the age of Aquarius.

>Get to Nimbin late at night, two dudes on the side of the road, ones homeless, the other may have been, not sure.

>Smoke some of the boong-weed, he keeps asking me if I can see the fairies.

Smoke some of his tobacco without filters.

>Getting to early morning, he asks me if I can wake him up at 5am sharp, I say yes.

>5AM comes, I don't wake him up after talking to another dude who says the first guy is skitz and walks around with bats.

>Anyway I end up following around the first guy I met for a while, he starts getting very angry asks if I wan't to fight him.

>I'd never fought anyone, and wasn't really interested in it but he started getting in my face.

>I halfheartedly punch him in the face.

>He tells me never to do it again.

>I go and sleep in the park for an hour or so.

>Leave, pick up another hitch hiker, I keep asking him if he's going to stab me, he tries to reassure me he's chill, drop him off at Lismore

>Eventually go to hospital where they dose me up and put me in the mental health ward.



All apart of lifes rich tapestry, an interesting read.

Are you on an even keel now


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


very nice. I'm partial to the start of Indian Summer's "Angry Son" but.

Midwest is isn't really my jam these days



Yes, I was on meds for a few years but I stopped taking them last year and I'm actually a lot better.

Had to change a few things but shits good.



thank you


would come and smash tins/10 srs


I would like to have an experience like this one day, although I hope I am past the point of getting put in a mental ward type of shit and it seems like this only happens when people are in this

sort of state


Time for another day of slow deathslavery. This is fucked, I hate it, but it seems there is no other choice. Night Night NEETs.



I'd do it again, traveling alone can be weird the first time.

I was also in a terrible place mentally when I did it, so I feel if I did something like it again I'd sleep more and take it slow.



night mate



here's the boong-hitchhiker story:



>tfw no son


>tfw drunk but work tomorrow



at this point I'd settle for a daughter.

Finding a missus old fashioned enough to raise a decent child is the hardest part.



>tfw drunk but no work tommorow


I missed out the part of the greentext where there was this full-blooded boong who could barely speak english but could recite the scores and outcome of every AFL grand final since, fuck knows, about 40 years back.


>tfw not drunk but nothing planned tomorrow



boong rainman



he kept asking for durries, his mate said I shouldn't give him any but I must have given him around 10.

Good times.

There were some shade folks in Nimbin.



I wanna do that in Alice springs, all the boongs my heart could desire



I also want to visit Alice, seriously considering doing it next month.


File: a7977c0071e574e⋯.jpg (305.49 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, IMG_8538.jpg)

File: 0e1791316d22dea⋯.jpg (370.7 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, IMG_8531.jpg)

File: 326c6e4b591dc0b⋯.jpg (533.18 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, IMG_8529.jpg)

Here are some photos from Nimbin.

Kinda regret not taking some portraits of the people I met.



I wonder if the horse ever jumps the fence to fuck those cows


File: 5c8e19e98a38d72⋯.jpg (396.9 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, IMG_8537.jpg)

File: 895fda7f8ed98f4⋯.jpg (297.64 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, IMG_8534.jpg)


I'd say so, it was a shitty fence.


Watching fishing vlogs




I occasionally watch one fisherman's vlogs who had brain surgery. Dude has a HOT wife


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

thinking about my boy possum


I fucking hate myself


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I hate myself

good band



Gotta set goals and try to do something each day towards them. It takes time and isn't easy, I'd unironically suggest reading/watching some self-help stuff.

self-Inability is like a rusty wheel. Once you lube the bitch up, start moving it, you'll find it's no longer difficult to turn.



>cop a speeding fine for going 130 in a 110 zone, it's $700 ish

it shouldn't be

I got a $200 for doing that before



>Once you lube the bitch up, start moving it, you'll find it's no longer difficult to turn.

Sounds like proctology


Good morning


File: d9edbe30aedd6d7⋯.png (63.6 KB, 250x354, 125:177, ClipboardImage.png)

Good morning friends.



20 degrees in my town this morning. Feels comfy.



Interesting story.

Do you understand the importance of being on the cusp of the age of Aquarius now?





I remember that story too.



Yeah, it's not too bad. I'm running late though so that kills the comfy.





I thought this little love affair would be over now posso has left the nest.

Might end up sending you guys spoiler bedtime kisses too.


Sardines on toast.



I'd buy a campervan, or a decent swag at least. The one I have smells like vomit and has tire tread over it.



I had a good pair of polarised glasses I got from an op shop for $5, they were no name brand. I like stuff that doesn't advertise itself. I remember when I was a teen and I had a Hurley jumper that had the word Hurley across its chest. I was a billboard. The issue now is that because I refuse to wear that shit, I'm basically still caring about what I wear, even though I don't really, or not in the same way.

Anyway I say on my sunnies and now I have a pair I got from a servo.


Nah man, you'll get better. Our hick bluegrass band will eventuate.

>Babybel cheese

Yeah, they remind me of that string cheese shit, almost no flavour.




That's great looking scenery.



This is the way all videos should be filmed.



I didn't think you'd get that one.



Same although it might be an issue for him to ride there.


He might need bigger digits.



File: bcc72a24bc44f13⋯.png (157.93 KB, 460x300, 23:15, ClipboardImage.png)

thinking about my boy ol' rapey


Had a spliff and now eating bolognese for breakfast. Have to take my PC in for repairs today.



Good morning.




Good morning.



Were these smells the result of your actions?



Does he miss you?



Why do you need someone to repair your computer? What's wrong with it?



Blue screened and now whenever I try to start it up it'll boot for a few seconds that shut off and keep repeating itself. Nothing even shows up on the screen while that happens.




Good morning.



I think so. I cant remember but the last time I had it out I couldn't handle the smell so I just put it back.



That sounds like the perfect morning.


File: 921cd282ba8f71c⋯.jpeg (67.9 KB, 888x894, 148:149, 8743D2C0-3E1E-4062-BD24-8….jpeg)

All that beer resulted in a very low quality snooze. Now I’m all anxed out.



Are you going to quit drinking then?



He missed my bumhole last Thursday.


File: cb0ac33a64d5a43⋯.jpeg (61.97 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 057C1791-05B0-4418-993E-6….jpeg)


I should. Nothing good has ever come of it.


File: 0ad29e4b8c4c2c9⋯.png (461.21 KB, 554x395, 554:395, ClipboardImage.png)


Come home black fulla.



Have a wank



Sounds like motherboard. It should be able to boot up and do those diagonics tests. How old is the motherboard, does it have any lights flashing or a small display screen to show error messages?

How much are they charging you to look at it?



It's been good for Dan.



Light show up on the pc next to the power button for a bit before turning off, then a second later the pc does. I got the computer about 3ish years ago now. Nothing shows up on my monitor at all. Would I be able to diagnostic tests if my pc keeps shutting itself off?



Might be overheating and shutting itself off automatically after a few seconds. Is your cpu fan working?


Good morning neeties. Have to go and see my family today. Need to take some benzos to help me cope with this.



Is it safe to open the side of my case and check? Also how would the CPU overheat so quickly?



Morning mate, good luck.



I feel sorry for people who got tattoos in their late teens thinking they were becoming adults and regret them at age 25



Put it in the dishwasher to get all the dust out



If you have the case off when the computers running wild electric bolts can jump out and get you



I wanted face tats and all sorts when I was 14. I'm glad I grew out of that.



Big brained NEET



Anyone that gets a tattoo is a mongoloid to begin with. I can't be bothered feeling sorry for those types, there are plenty of other people more deserving of that.



You may offend someone


Off to the slave pit, have a good one buddies.



That's fine, they're just salty because deep down they realise they made a mistake.



I'm off to the semen pit



>semen pit

Desperate times are these when neets are forced to become sex workers


File: 80785ba159a9fba⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, IMG_20190416_070609.jpg)

Time to bulk up


Gotta try make it through the day.



I am

>tfw severely impressed

You are really moving forward in life. A change in attitude towards poo bulking has really improved your outlook on life.



Only a dozen thousand or so more to go and you can rest



Yes, if it is switched off and power disconnected. I wouldn't touch it if it is under warranty though, as that will void it. That's the only time I do not recommending fixing it yourself unless you are competent enough to put it back together perfectly.

I once pulled apart a vacuum cleaner and cut myself on the inside, I realised after putting it back together that there is probably blood on the inside. There was and I cleaned it off and smashed it back together. Didn't have a single problem when they fixed it under warranty.

I didn't damage it nor did I change anything I was just seeing if I could fix the problem without the warranty claims shit



I thought you worked in the poo warehouse or did they move you on?



I look forward to the day when prostitution is added to wfd





I doubt religious leaders on either side of politics could support the stance I could be wrong, Fred Nile's could surprise us all





Normalizing sex work is a going just swimmingly


It's amazing WFTD part of Cenno hasn't been taken to court.


>"I told them about the leg injury, I showed them doctor's certificates and they don't care, they just want it done ASAP."


>"He grabbed me, he wrapped himself around me and then I just yelled at him, 'don't touch me'," she says.

>Belinda was allowed to stop working in the op-shop after she complained to her job placement agency about the unsafe nature of the work.




Got promoted to semen duty, hear were getting some prime UNNA jizz in later this week, still get to handle the poo sometimes



You need to keep working towards poo manager or semen manager. You can do it!



m7+1, I haven't closed my case in the past 2 years. You probably won't be able to fix anything without at least opening it. Is it a laptop or pc?



>I haven't closed my case in the past 2 years.

Doesn't it collect a lot of dirt?



Yup. But the case is badly designed enough that it crushes the power cable to the hard drives if I close it


24 degrees today in Shitbourne, got a pie from the shop near the workshop today for smoko, it was home made and very nice.



Got any new stories about dirty customers?


Heading to uni to have a study. I was waiting for the bus for a good half hour as the three buses that were supposed to be there didn't show up. Everyone was confused. There was a black woman who kept yelling at this Asian boy who she seemed to be looking after.



>black woman who kept yelling at this Asian boy who she seemed to be looking after

Probably our boy cruisy has lost his car privileges


Again I was super super fucking hungover when I woke up, but once I get out of bed and get moving, it subsides significantly.


File: 0790131feac1035⋯.png (81.38 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 0790131feac10355e7c27ade17….png)


>it subsides significantly.

It's a sign I'll see (You) soon!


I got the job at the hospital



I got my computer back in 2013 and I've never dusted the inside, no wonder the video cards don't work anymore



Welcome to the wagie club, now you can look down on those neets and get angry while watching those kids who don't wanna work on ACA


The kf 5 dollar fill up has given me a stomach ache


File: 3a491c13af2e24e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.59 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, IMG_20190416_123152.jpg)

Promotion soon for this poo



Very healthy.



You're a fucking champion. Well done.


Texted in sick, work called but I didn't answer.

Feeling hungry, lazy, incredibly depressed and pathetic.

Thinking about a 12 pack of coors



Mmmmm, I argued with him for a bit, I believe it was in VIC on a rural country road. He basically ended up telling me if I have a problem with it I can dispute it in court. I was not very interested in doing that so I just paid it.


Proctology is a state of mind.


Not particularly, I've always just understood it as the beginning of a new cycle. Maybe one day it'll hit me.


Caravan would be comfy.


It's a beautiful place, it would rain every 15 minuets then abruptly stop cyclically.


Very well done


Decent type 5



Solid improvement in quality and quantity.



Ah Victoria, fucking Melbourne's fault for being bum fingerers

That said it does depend on the cop, in NSW he booked me 1 km slower than I was actually going so I'd get put into a lower bracket

Whereabouts in Victoria, is this just the Hume or is it one of the fun roads there



CUKKS=bum fingererS



NK You Boong



Congrats man.



Ayy only 2 years until you want to kill yourself :^)



>That said it does depend on the cop

I agree, I've interacted with decent cops before.

I feel like having SA number plates didn't help.

One time I was illegally parked and filming on private land (I also pissed into the local water supply), he just gave me a warning.




I recall the cop saying, "You know people drink from that water right?".

Good times.




Sounds kinda weird since I never get bothered by the cops despite my car having out of state plates

Also about the Drinking water reminds me of when I was a Kid and me bro and I went up to this water tower and we saw it had a metal plate bell on it so out of boredome we rang it

aparently I think it made people think the water ran out so that was a thing

Fuck I missed the times where I'd go around exploring shit like that



Yeah, I'm not sure it effected much but I really wasn't aware how much a speeding fine was in other states.

Nice, sounds like a good memory.

I also miss those curious days of childhood.



So was it the Hume Highway that they got you?


what's up cumguzzlers?



Onya m80.



fucking wew nig, have you been doing more baseball practice now that you aren't a baby sitter for us now



do you know how wide he can stretch his "pouch" with a cask of olive oil and a baseball bat?



do you know how wide NK can stretch your "pouch" with a cask of Goon and 3 dexies?



NK can't even touch the sides of my cum dumpster


might go tabitha hunting this weekend



crusiey stop removing the filters







it's a good time of day to be naughty, cruisey will be too busy to ban us



last night tabitha = prime unna poonani












Nah, after looking at a map, I now realize it was in NSW on the barrier highway.



your filter (what a gay cunt) has gone too



never heard of that filter



great advice.



i made it up




i never heard of making things up



have you heard about standing weber up



standing weber up sounds like a euphemism for an erection


File: 5dd1acbb1ace6ae⋯.png (2.69 MB, 1080x1350, 4:5, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 23a2d056b1feaed⋯.png (912.15 KB, 639x634, 639:634, ClipboardImage.png)

Target Lizbef



Dog reminds me of my old family dog

He was a very good boy



Very good, I think there's about 5 left



I'll Fuck you up cunt


File: d56ef51fcb56092⋯.mp4 (1.41 MB, 640x800, 4:5, 57340687_125739011928621_7….mp4)



I heard you set fire to that nortry damn church thing in frogland



It takes two hands to handle a whopper.



It actually was Possum



what a fedora-tier thing to do


cruisey edit the board css to play rumpshaker by wrex n effect


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



the bluegrass version of this is lit


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No he should play this




Low quality small poo there



Fuck Tyndale


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.









YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


did a small poo


b1g = small


or b1g p00 = small p00


big dick


small poo small poo




small poo big jew


Slow thread unna




File: ce36a864dbeb36a⋯.jpg (126.73 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, Australia_Aboriginal_Cultu….jpg)

>tfw oppressed



big slampig


jessica mauboy



Is that Rundle Mall?



of course


big rape


I've been smashing maths work all day at uni. Actually had a productive day for once.



how many decimal inches is 5'13.6 fl. oz?





Drinking warm beer in my cumstained underwear looking at pics of the ex and wondering where everything went so tragically fucking wrong in my life



it's time for a comeback mate

you can't live like this



You need to seek help.


Dominos 2 for 1 Tuesday delivered code: 102773

Excludes vegan



Meh, I do that except I have no ex to look at pictures of.



How? I'm broke





Must be good being Cruisey and coming home to the smell of chitlins being cooked.



go see a bulk billing gp




>Drinking warm beer in my cumstained underwear looking at pics of the ex



Going to see Dr Pajeet to ask him to remove a cyst that is getting bigger. It has popped once before and recently popped when I was taking some antibiotics. The dam sack is still there and I want him to remove it, or I will be getting skin numbing cream and doing it myself.



How will a gp help me

I need to fix my personal issues myself



They can refer you to a psychologist and prescribe some medication, some psychologist bulk bill so theres no gap fees to pay.


File: 29df14130be6b55⋯.gif (1.22 MB, 366x333, 122:111, f6377b3721bcaaed246657c30d….gif)


>I need to fix my personal issues myself

I am a licensed and I can cure these issues for (You).



It's also evident that you cannot fix your personal issues by yourself, you have tried for so long and constantly end up back at square one, what ever it is that's wrong with you is completely out of your hands or control.


Shire is Cindy making a good housewife?



So far so good, she's cooking some dinner.



You don't seem in a frame of mind to make any changes. Therapy and medication help a lot of people and could get you on a more even keel so you are better able to move forward. What do you have to lose mate? seems like you are at rockbottom



Good to hear. What is she preparing?



Lamb chops mash potato and some veggies.



A hearty meal. I approve.


Just about finished this zoloft taper and I feel worse. Been in a bit of a funk. Not sure if this better than the weird ssri numbness.



Gotta say, those anti-depressants the dr gave me a month ago have started working pretty good, my anxiety is still a bit of an issue but it's cleared up my depression significantly, hopefully it's just not placebo I can also achieve an erection again without the dickpills



Get Cindy to take one for a lady boner.



Isn't there a specific cunnypill for women?




I know they discovered Viagra works on women much the same as men.






Yeah they do work. They took things down to a kinda manageable level when I had my sperg breakdown last year and I was able to keep working. The brainfog, bouts of confusion and feeling emotionally cold is what got to me.



a keeper for certain.



I kinda wonder of those pills would help me even if I have a personal thing about not taking them



It's just a blood vessel dilator, and guess what vagoos have plenty of?



I get the brainfog or kind of like a haziness around 3pm when I knock off that lasts into the evening, but in the morning when I take it my energy goes up quite a bit, almost slightly euphoric.



>guess what vagoos have plenty of?




>in the morning when I take it my energy goes up quite a bit, almost slightly euphoric.

that could just be a side effect of being well fed, well fucked and well rested.


Also get really bad hangovers from just drinking a six pack, so I've been avoiding Dan a fair bit.





When I first started alcohol would hit me very hard likewise with the hangovers. Once I had been on 3 months I could drink like a boong again.



No one can help me.

I refuse to see a psychologist because of the poor experiences I have had in the past and I don't want to take anti-depressant medication either.

Every time something positive happens to me something happens shortly after that beings me back even deeper into this pit of despair than before.

All I really need to cure myself of this bullshit is some stability, the constant crippling stress is killing me. I should definitely put the drink down too but that kind of goes the same way - drinking little and infrequently and then a 12 pack a day for a week when shit hits the fan.

I don't have a strong mental fortitude, thats the core of my problems.



You need a hobby, someway to have a good group of IRL friends



You almost need to move back in with your folks and let your old man smack the bullshit out of you every other day.


Join the Hobbyist Proctology Club



I can never stick to a hobby, I get bored after a week. I dunno how people do it, all I 'enjoy' is drinking and escapism and imagining an alternative life for myself



He's doing plenty of that kind of introspection tonight.



The old man abused you a bit too much which is why you're head is a bit out UNNA



don't forget complaining



Get a motorbike.



I guess you got to pick the right hobby, the right hobby is the escapism



oh really?



I nearly bought a bike of sorts on Sunday.


These things retail for $600 USD still. I can get a front wheel online for about $50 USD.

There are youtube clips dedicated to hotting them up. Basically removing the governor, replacing the valve springs, and putting a decent air filter and exchaust on. And a slightly smaller sprocket on the rear wheel.



I'd like to. I think it'd help with my confidence in general.

Just need the cash



Part of having a hobby is also befriending people and shooting the shit once a week.




>help with my confidence

I think I know what you mean, but don't place all your faith in an inanimate object to improve your lot. This is like middle aged losers buying a hot car and thinking they can suddenly pull 19 year old girls because of it.



(and this is a positive)



lol that'd be fun to fuck around with


It might not do much for your confidence, but for me, going out for a ride on the weekend is kind of like therapy or meditation, just you, the road and the bike, nothing else matters.



Thats not what I mean, I think there would be something about the danger and responsibility that comes with it.

I'm rather intimidated by motorcyclists and keep my distance, I've also noticed that they're generally pretty cool, alpha type guys



You're very clever.



I didn't go through with it because I'd spend a weekend and a couple of hundred bucks fiddling with it, then do a couple of (illegal) laps of the street, then put it away again. And being 130kg probably negates any performance improvements done.



That's the attitude.



Yeah, that's fine. Getting into shooting made me a bit more responsible.



>Excludes vegan




I've always wanted to give shooting a go, all the shits that's involved in getting a licence and storing the guns seems like too much of a hassle though.



She only eats Kosher



Good woman.



And cooks like an Irish lass. Very good.



You can always rock up at a club and have a go. If you're not an obvious fuckwit, everybody will be extremely receptive and helpful to you.

Some of those old blokes are actually very interesting and funny guys too.

Licensing isn't too bad, but you'll need a safe if you want any sort of firearm, and a decent one will cost as much as whatever first gun you're looking at, so 2x expense.

It's usually pretty GF friendly too, and most young women are actually better than the guys to start with.



How hard was it to join a range?

I was on crazy pills so I've presumed they won't let me do it.



I've used guns before, my uncle has a bunch of rifles and one of my friends has a rifle and some really old single shot 410 shotgun, it's mainly the safe I'm worried about, either have to get one that's over 300kg I think or one that's bolted to the ground. Also don't like the idea of the cops rocking up to my place to inspect everything.



If you want to join a club you're supposed to have police approval (which comes with getting a firearms license), but you can start attending before you've even lodged paperwork and the club can make that process easier.

You're supposed to declare that you're of sound mind and haven't been committed for being a psycho.

If you've been treated for depression in the past and you didn't say anything outrageously stupid to the psych, you should be OK.

If you did something sufficient for the psych to contact the authorities than you're probably going to have trouble.


Volunteered today for 8 hours



Good lad



150kg is the requirement for a free standing safe.

Anything with 3mm steel walls that is bolted to wall and/or floor is also fine.

I've been inspected once in about 15 years, and that was pretty painless. They smirked at the golliwog doll on my gun bench, and ignored the German WWII memorabilia.



Got any puzzle sets yet?



>golliwog doll on my gun bench



Feel like cruisey is rather fed up with my self-destructive behaviour of late.



>Ah yes I see this Black Doll is of your best friends wife, very nice mister, I'm also going to ignore that Massive Nazi Naval Flag and the lifesize Hitler Sex Doll



Nobody is fed up with you, more annoyed at the repetitive cycle and the lack of advice embracement.


Do fit2work applications usually take long to process? I filled one out today for the job



Cool, I think it'd be a good scene tbh and a decent hobby.



What ever you do, do it well.

Read in to that if you like.



They realise they're intruding, and once they see that you're reasonably sane and polite and everything is in a safe, they relax.

A lot.

Maybe I got lucky, but they were genuinely interested in my collection, particularly the WWII Russian sniper rifle and the couple of fancy modern target rifles I own.

Deep down most straight blokes have fairly common interests. Sheilas, weapons, blowing shit up, big engines, etc.



>best friends wife




>Ah I was going to call you out for the Hitler Sex Doll but you have a Stalin Sex Doll too, as well as a Tony Abbott one so I guess you're just a NasBoong





I got fined in Perth for blowing under the legal BAC, got told to go to the nearest bottleshop


How do I integrate back into society and find hobbies and friends and stuff to do?

I genuinely don't know how to do that

I don't know how I'd pick up a sport by myself, if I joined a footy club I'd know no one and they would all have years of experience whereas I can barely kick straight.

There's no hobbies that really interest me unfortunately, and theres nothing I'm good at



When I got done for blowing .089, the fucker tried claiming I was doing 71 in a 50 zone. He chose 71 specifically because greater than 20 above the posted limit is a separate charge in SA.

Magistrate agreed with me that he was full of shit.



You need to establish a routine.



If you like doing stuff with your hands, one of those Men's Shed things might be worth checking out.


File: 132f7acd091fb48⋯.png (441.38 KB, 768x512, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)



Mine took 3 days or something



One of the reasons my instrument lessons suck is at the start I realise what I missed out on in my late teens / early twenties.



Well people have mentioned shooting, I'd suggest wargaming, I think there are casual sports thingos here and there that are for fun rather than you being good or not



you're a wizard 'arry






Most of that is just hollywood, although I had a hollywood love thing in my teens. Fucked me forever.



File: 26dd99b919ee011⋯.png (61.45 KB, 1158x402, 193:67, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b3ea6b6d70f731f⋯.png (79.26 KB, 818x701, 818:701, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e72b15a55149c9c⋯.png (26.45 KB, 539x328, 539:328, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6fbd7f737cdb67f⋯.png (4.62 KB, 327x216, 109:72, ClipboardImage.png)

Word math



Oh I'm not inexecuated with her specifically or anything like that, just at the start of the lesson when she talks about what she was up to the past week etc.


Bitch should learn to keep her fucking mouth shut and pluck the fucking strings.



Dinsosaur's and CP

Ulrick and DPs

Complimenting Windows XP

no thanks



inexecuat3d somehow became inexecuated?

cruisey you dumb shit


File: 54677c08ae5dfad⋯.png (54.52 KB, 490x363, 490:363, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e24eebb00884e52⋯.png (96.75 KB, 626x414, 313:207, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a74ccbbdbd2f05e⋯.png (37.92 KB, 808x293, 808:293, ClipboardImage.png)

File: de0d95714589eea⋯.png (13.85 KB, 343x287, 49:41, ClipboardImage.png)

The fuck is this stuff?



f4t == exec

ducking cunt



I considered wargaming, did it as a teen but its too expensive to pretend to enjoy just for the possibility of making friends

No girls there either



The DP is whats needed to convince Ulrick




Hunger lust.



Not everything has to be about Women you Incel fuck, in fact Wargaming is probably better because there is basically no women, makes it more real and less manipulative




Only two to go!



She's alright.



Have I found the most in the last two days?



Faggot neckbeard

I wanna plow some bitches



What ones have you found?


computer science bitch






some other one i forgot yesterday



So you're driven by pointless hedonism, and hence you get confused why you can't find any meaning or belonging in your life

Maybe consider the fact that that your pointless search of meaningless "pleasure" is causing you to be depressed It also means Slaanesh would be a good fit for you



Out of 26, I'll need to check.


Can we keep f@t = executive?



A decision tree for Tone to decide which order to rape the boongs in for maximum misery.




glow in the dark cia nigger



I'm burdened by it, not driven by it. Yes I want a hobby and friends for the sake of them, but I would also prefer somewhere with even a small possibility of meeting women



I was asking the Gen, I refuse o look into the internet past this board or google images.



don't worry it just says wat i said with more words








brenton tarrant



>golliwog doll

I've been meaning to pick one of those up, I'm sure my grandmother has one lying around.



I do not understand any of this and I am content with it.




I found Dexies, Cuck, Drugs, Meth, Kike, Monaro, Boong, Queer, Shitbourne, Depressed and Monk



>golliwog doll

I had one and doggo ripped it up.


trivago girl

ford girl




I think it is a way of formalizing sentence structure for computers.


Actually I might not of found boong on 2nd thought, but all the others 100%


Coon Cheese



Can we bring back the coon word filter?










I found faggot and possibly boong but the whole thread is a haze to me due to dan.



and the dexie one





Any suggestions for uber eats? getting sick of pepperoni pizza



I know, I found Queer not Faggot



Get a burger



schittys are good

any sort of chicken or roast carvery place



Homosexual Negros within the Cosmos


Rape Prone Boongs in the Alley behind Dan's








YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Eat the indian doing the delivery.



I got warned by a Mod on a Pokemon Simulator for calling my pokemon that once












Some good paint unna



I'm a slow cunt


NK's double dick UNNA magic pill



I told a female police officer with a pokemon tatto in Hindley St that I wanted to squirtle on her jigglypuffs once and her colleagues looked like they were going to beat me.




exec Cruisey's Misso eating NK's Big Boong Magic RAPE Pills UNNAes



that's a good one


oh I got it wrong

NK's Big Boong Magic RAPE Pills UNNA



lol, next time ask her if she wants to see your weedle


Keep it as that



It's okay, it makes NKs job easier.




NK's Big Boong Magic RAPE Pills UNNAe



He told us he spells it differently.


it's D3XIE not D3XI you boong UNNA






poo steroids



anus grapes



I spoke to a woman on the train today and she had a strangely attractive voice. No discernible accent to my ear (ie she was a middle class South Australian.) but it is probably the only time in my life I've actually thought a woman's voice was noteworthy for its attractiveness. All the others have been either 'normal' or unattractive.


lol sniff is sniff how many is left cruisey boy



He should know.


File: ba7fec9509c12f9⋯.jpeg (18.17 KB, 710x400, 71:40, smugp.jpeg)


did she look like this





I just added that one.

The last two that were left were shit.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



What were they?



what were they?



poo and toilet?


Maybe we could make a competition where a word filter will be created each week and the neet that figures it out gets to name the next thread?


Shit poopoo pee asscum defecation metamucil fiber camel




tran ny


co ke



I like that idea



It would only be every sixth thread, so I doubt it would detract from quality.


seroquel (You)






Yeah that works. I'll try and make it relate to some shit that you all say or a topic that I think was noteworthy.



lol, I specifically said cocaine and not seroquel hence why I gave up but (You) got me


Could we get Tone = Therapist ?


Maybe I should start working out again


(You) are a sniff



Tony should become big dick tony



Big Bone Onion Love?



Big Dick T0ne is what that should be.



Tony is like an Ogre, they both like Onions and grot boongs are scared of them


Big Dick Onion Love therapist unna


Indiana Jones 2 is on tonight.

I called that other NEET's Mummybot and he has been lying about the secret TV channel and chocolate ice cream. He is now grounded.




I like Cruisey and prefer him but I still kind of miss Possum.

Keep the text spoilered so they don't hear us talking about them.




Lol, where was he going to go? Dan delivers these days.


Onion Love



At first I was scared about the word filters but quickly I notice board posting quality is through the roof


Onion Loved Muscles



At first I was alone, I was petrified.


Somebody once Told me Tony's Gunna Rape me

I ain't the smartest boong in the thread


What are you guys talking about?



Raping boongs.






Going to buy some printer Onion Lover today.



Please don't.



I miss the marsupial too.



*-*Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side*-*

*-*But then I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong*-*

*-*And I grew strong*-*

*-*And I learned how to play with my dong*-*

*-*And so you're back*-*

*-*From power rack*-*

*-*I just walked in to find you here with that baseball bat up your crack*-*


Surely Onion Love would be loaded with STIs from raping so many boongs?



Cruisey did you fuck up double asterisks?




He was looking kind of dumb with his finger and his thumb

In the shape of an fork in my asshole














Well, the boong start cuming and they don't stop cuming

Fingered to the grool and I hit the ground unning



What day would the new tradition start on?



When you're hit by a jug

in a New Zealand pub …

That's A-Maori!


Didn't make sense not to live for Onion Loves

Your Bum feels good but your ass feels hurt





So much to Boong, so much to be

So what's wrong with taking it from Tony?


You'll never know if you don't goon

You'll never noong if you don't boong


Going to have a neet nap to make sure I have enough energy for my neet sleep tonight. Good night neets, I'll see you in an hour or so.


hey now you're a faggot



Dream a little boong of me.


Hey now, you're an abo

Get your goon on, go Eags

Hey now, there's an Abbott

Who'll rape ya an, get paid

Bravo Dan we love you

Only NK's Big Boong Magic RAPE Pills UNNAed kurris get Sovreignty


Should I record Boong Star



Don't blame it on the unna shite

Don't blame it on the Cruisey's Misso fight

Don't blame it on goon times

Blame it on the boong-ie



get rid of the c00n filter


File: da73fb597b4dd81⋯.jpg (66.66 KB, 724x752, 181:188, detectivepepe.jpg)


Can someone create a pastebin of all the words that are now filtered?



I am getting conflicting requests.



keep it


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



you're about to dick down Cindy, right?



Lol fantastic



Maybe later when we go to bed.



oh ok

when you got dick pills you were posting rock music in between bouts



Hah yeah, I just find the 30yo boomer meme amusing, while I do listen to a lot of music from that era, I never listened to it when I was younger, mostly listened to korn, metallica, grinspoon , offspring and greenday which I don't listen to at all anymore.



How were the chops?


Shire do you use condoms?

I never did with the misso, she wasnt on the pill either

I've had 3 major scares in my life but I still think its worth it


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Smashed down a hunger tamers box while listening to the blockheads.



I used to have a baroque tribute to them, Kashmir sounds awesome on woodwinds and strings.



It doesn't cost anything for her to fall down the stairs.



Really good, she got the chops from the butcher, however here mash potato isn't as good as my mum's, however the baked potatoes she makes are incredible, better than mum's.


First few months we used condoms, we both got tested to rule out any sti's and she got on the pill so we no longer use condoms.


Accidentally ripped the passenger side mirror off my car while I was reversing today



How does it affect her mood? Ex-ex gf took it for a bit, made her into a hormonal bitch. Wouldn't want it if that were the case for most women.






roast potatoes trump mash and baked



My mash is better than your roast.



She's been on it for a while and I haven't noticed much difference, I mean it's not perfect, we have our little arguments occasionally but she's never flipped out and started going crazy or anything.


What's the difference between roasting and baking? temperature or something? I usually get a leg of lamb on Sunday and throw it on the weber and she bakes the potatoes and other vegies in the oven, puts paprika and a few other spices and herbs, they crisp up really good, nice and crunchy.



>What's the difference between roasting and baking?

A baked potato typically has the skin left on with nothing done to it.

A roast potato is skinned and covered in oil and sometimes scratched up and comes out like a giant chip.



>A baked potato typically has the skin left on with nothing done to it.

and also usually wrapped in alfoil to cook so the skin doesn't go funny.



>A roast potato is skinned and covered in oil and sometimes scratched up and comes out like a giant chip.

Okay, that's how the missus does it, she scours it with a fork, puts some oil and spices on it.



Also removes the skin



there's some broscience that suggests some link between the availability of the female pill and crazyness in women



I did that reversing into the shed. Didn't full on snap but the mirror was fucked. Luckily the electrics still worked. Got my based independent mechanics to get some new glass cut for fuck all.



I can still wank thou



I fully believe it



Oh you!



They must think I'm made of coat hangers



Had an EF Falcon years ago with a bunged mirror, the mirror was fine but the mount or clips for it were fucked, ended up super gluing it in place, lasted for a while until I parked in one of those pay parking places in the city, I guess one of the employees went around folding in everyones mirrors, came back and it was dangling by the cable and the mirror cracked.



*honk* *honk*


File: d411ec5ae6b7a5b⋯.jpg (2.92 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, IMG20190416202310.jpg)



To be honest, it wasn't entirely ripped off, it's just in very bad shape. The casing of the mirror is gone and I haven't checked if the electrics still work yet



should be fixable/replaceable



The electrics are probably fine, the problem is you probably can't just get a new mirror, you'll need to get the housing for it and everything.



He should just put a picture of a road in it and call it a day



Would be quicker to go to a wrecker



lmao, ingenious.


The best bet.


Sniff was $1.50 a liter at the BP. I only go there because its staffed by white people and not smelly Indians who poo in the fuel


Starting to feel hungry.

Haven't cooked since last week.

Might order more booze, had a 6 pack in 3 hours



Fucking School holidays+Easter, it was a $1.58 for regular 91 and $1.55 for E10 at the servo I regularly go to.



I thought poo makes the car go faster?



You're not wrong, methane is something like 120 octane, but you would need to specifically tune the engine for it to get any power improvements.



I filled up yesterday for $1.49 for 95 as I saw other sniff stations putting their price up on Fuel Check app.



Is that why the Astra goes a little faster than normal?



It's possible, with a proper dyno tune you could potentially get an extra 20kw or so over power if you exclusively run it on fart gas, however I'm not sure how long the engine would last with the higher temperatures.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

These run on nitromethane, it's just methane with a nitro group added to it.


Saw a flattened possum on my travels today and it made me sad for it and for us



Sad indeed.


What is everyone eating/drinking/listening/doing



I'm lying in bed


File: 00ba6319517eded⋯.png (134.8 KB, 398x397, 398:397, 39922ce8.png)

50mg of seroquel down the hatch


ever tried cbd oil neets? mum brought some home, seems alright, feeling a bit calmer, could be placebo



Never tried it but have heard it can reduce anxiety and stuff like that.



Can you inject it?



You can inject anything if you try hard enough



What I really wanted to know is, can you put it in a spoon and heat it up withaa lighter like heroin?


Gonna watch my favourite movie: Kingdom of Heaven



You need to inject some church into your lifeveins, neet


Goanna was my favourite meal



I believe the rust from the heroin spoon makes it better.



Only scared mother fuckers go to church.


Cruisey's Misso told me so



In life there are only scared mother fuckers and liars


Cruisey's Misso NK's Big Boong Magic RAPE Pills UNNAed


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Holy fuck there is heaps of keif in my grinder



who is Keif?


I wonder if Posso is using this time off to help build an alliance with the possums living luxuriously in his shed?



An expired old man



Those possums now know he is alone and in a vulnerable mental state



Craig's cousin.



I wonder if they will give him a piece of orange.


File: a884ff3ef6f079c⋯.jpg (209.23 KB, 900x600, 3:2, aske.jpg)

Did anyone see the concert recently?



Fucking wew

That said I'm pretty against Cucktianity but the Notre Dame Shit is depressing

I mean not even Icons are safe from time and Niggers



Nah, been too busy wanking tbh




That spire will be your penis if you don't slow down


File: 99c91408592ac9b⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1041x841, 1041:841, varg runescape.png)



It is, after each wank it descends quite suddenly and then rises back to life for another wank


Goon night.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


just had a cuppa, listening to:



good night



Having a cuppa this late is a little risque


File: 1af0514902e715e⋯.png (46.79 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 17cc5cceaac62cbc8548171368….png)



Is that the 80s film with a fair bit of T&A and the dude gets his balls chopped off?


You're thinking of game of thrones



I paid $1.80 something last night for 98



His anus must have been red raw after that drag



Just smoke bud



nah, I'm NEETing the next two months.

I cut back on coffee consumption a while ago, I try not to have caffeine after 6pm these days.



makes me paz the fuck out nowadays unfortunately




A group of tribal elders sniffing this is what created the dreamtime.



Stealing Heaven was the film I was thinking of. Ironically set in Notre Damn


Starting to realise this life might just be an eternity of carrying my load

Maybe I'll never be really happy, but maybe I just have to keep keeping on anyway

Maybe I'm finally giving in to the misery



I was watching deuce bigalo. It was pretty shit.



Is your mum a new age hippy?



Are you going to become a man whore?


Where is cheesy?




Maybe I will become the John



You need to grasp it with two hands and unload all over life's pretty face.


The work week is half over.


File: 8af59b3687e7f3c⋯.jpg (76.1 KB, 500x484, 125:121, b6ef89a5c4b15b73f0dd864517….jpg)

Ex-misso is uploading short clips of her being really cute with her brothers kids on instagram to spite me



>to spite me

Maybe she's doing things without you in mind.

You need to move on or fight back.



nah she works with autistic kids, a lot of their mums seem to be though



She had lots of practice.



We had always disagreed on attitudes towards raising children

This is her telling me that she wants children, just none with me



thankfully im just a quiet reserved sperg without many outbursts, other than the occasional hole in the wall



Don’t shout in the gloryhole



Why are you even following her on social media?



Wicked palindrome coming up


I cooked some chicken in the oven but it was still a bit pink. I microwaved and it would boil and hiss but was still pink so I put in back the oven. It was still ever so slightly pink when I ate it. I really hope I don't food poisoning.



Jesus Christ, I can't believe I just typed that. What the fuck is happening to my grasp of the English language?



At least you're eating

I'm having beer for dinner


What are you blokes up to



I'm having goon for desert.



I'm worried I'm going to get food poisoning whilst writing out my uni notes in LaTeX like a true autist.



I can tell.


That's enough for today. Good night friends.



good night


File: dba431142486792⋯.png (81.08 KB, 210x180, 7:6, BoongWizard.png)





Four fours, very impressive. The question is, can a boong count to four?


Seeing a boong drinking goon from a lemonade bottle always amuses me.


You could do a documentary on the drinking habits of ausneets posters and how the modern Australian binge drinking culture pushes some over the edge


no school tomorrow, might have a late one and get lambed



I did that a few times when I was drinking underage in public.


That would unironically be a decent docu


File: 05bb692d9218044⋯.png (140.81 KB, 253x348, 253:348, BoongWizard2.png)


A boong doesn't need to count.

A boong is never incorrect.



I made my first son out of cum tissues, raised him right and now he's at uni


Watching employable me.



An inspiration to all NEETs indeed.



Because he needs to be more depressed


had a fair bit of that cbd oil earlier and a couple of beers, feeling very nice, almost like how smoking used to make me feel when I had a 30 cones a day tolerance, just comfy and boy I missed that drowsy eye feel, hope mommybot can get some more


Rate my movie plot

An unwelltodo 26 year old Australian man from the suburbs of Brisbane becomes the legal defacto mate to a woman with a child. They live together, pay bills together, work menial low-skilled jobs together and manage to make a sustainable but uncomfortable life together. Our main character, the troglodyte ex-NEET man has a poor history of employment, troubles with social skills and maintaining relationships combined with a history of depression, but one day is beset with the issue of his female companion fleeing the state, never to return. He's now the most appropriate legal guardian for her child whom he has raised from the ages 5-7 and is troubled by the ethical choice of whether to continue parenting this young boy who considers him a execher figure, or leaving the boy to the mercy of the state and all the foster home issues it holds.

What does the NEET do



depends whether the child is of indigenous, caucasian or "other" decent.


The NEET takes him out bush (preferably Arnhem Land) and helps raise him in the traditional rituals of his ancestors, allowing him the knowledge of his rich cultural heritage.


The NEET introduces him to goon culture, the significance of wanking and helps him get a well paid job preferably a trade as a brickie, plumber or sparky.


The NEET deports him to the country of his mothers birth, allowing the kid to immerse himself in his original cultural heritage. The last thing the kid hears before boarding a boat back to his homeland is the NEET whispering in his ear, "fuck off, we're full".



decent plot though unna


File: 2f1d8d06437e733⋯.jpg (37.42 KB, 700x550, 14:11, 1505456360086.jpg)

not going to work tomorrow lol



you boong








wish you guys didn't inadvertently enable my drinking



we will all give up the piss to help you



Subconscious influence is usually stronger then conscious influence.


It's alcohol free April after all.



all sub conscious in conscious for me lad don't worry


12 beers did barely anything



Craig has big dick, Dan has small dick. Free Harry Potter with every goon


Stale peanuts for dinner


Had my soul sucked into a computer monitor at an early age



File: 83039605c53a032⋯.jpg (119.6 KB, 1254x836, 3:2, baby-boomers.jpg)

I believe in God because I have to believe in something (judeo-christian boomer)

How can I believe in god when the church does what they've been doing? (atheist boomer)




I think most humans just have an instinctive need to believe in something so they can virtue signal at each other. Most of those who don't embrace religion wind up as sjw's instead.



or they wind up as depressed NEETs


Goon / Good Morning NEETs.


File: a3e5b7e34e90f01⋯.png (368.87 KB, 700x467, 700:467, ClipboardImage.png)



Good morning friends.

Just had a light shower, hope it keeps raining.



Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

We all have faith in something – whether it’s God, science, institutions, ideologies, and/or our own conceptions of the world, we have faith.


Good morning


File: a2821c50415ace1⋯.png (72.36 KB, 182x247, 14:19, ClipboardImage.png)





I have faith in NK rise up each morning






Goon Morning Frens. Been Up and Drinking goon since 3am. Feeling really good actually. Tooth extraction today at 1040am. Cenno has the bill. Based Cenno.




No wonder you drink.




Quit drinking.


I don't understand Bjork.

A coworker told me to listen to her.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


i will when my body stops waking me up 2:30am. it has been doing that alot lately and i just sit and drink and smoke in my ensuite…


bjork was like a wierd and quirky soundcloud artist no one gives a shit about…about 15 years before soundcloud was invented… only good song.. got it on vinyl



>wierd and quirky soundcloud artist

yeah, that's about it. I don't see anything too special tbh


Better start getting ready for this again. Two more days.


I don't like it when no one posts, it reminds me that I'm just sitting here in front of a screen.


File: 5652fdcc0b1d070⋯.jpg (51.28 KB, 270x270, 1:1, 5652fdcc0b1d070b65a745bca7….jpg)


A lot of my Dan posts are ignored though…


Is it okay to drive without a passenger side mirror?



As long as you check your blind spot. I think it's illegal though.



If you are driving to a local mechanic is what you tell the pigs.


File: 4b6608e5ef46a93⋯.jpg (74.42 KB, 1200x678, 200:113, w1200_h678_fmax.jpg)


This is Craig country



My friend had a 89 excel with no passenger mirror (the car never had one)


File: a5d3b2d44eeefb0⋯.png (151.26 KB, 399x302, 399:302, ClipboardImage.png)

Wagerium beckons my soul. Take care NEETies.


File: 2b6992ed8797e79⋯.jpg (174.55 KB, 1200x676, 300:169, 882832294d6fd941a51c5ced22….jpg)



Have fun.



That's Craig's clone



Take care



They all are, it's like the missing teeth requirement for working at Craig's.


Craig preformed a colonoscapy on me with his tounge



Better dick sucking abilities



Did he find any polyps?



Yeah he licked them right off then gave the colon a fresh coat of aboriginal semen



Did he charge you for this service?



Look at the odd way he's standing.

Craig definitely raped his ass.



>Craig definitely raped his ass.

Induction to Craig's



>Look at the odd way he's standing.

Craig shuffle.



Nah he just wanted some photos of me when I was a boy, not sure why



He's got that "just raped by Craig" look on his face



Strange, I want some higher quality photographs of you as an adult now.

>Maybe he's born with it. Maybe it's



Reading a book about Trauma to understand it's impact on behaviour and how to support those who have experienced Trauma. I wonder if Monk has experienced a traumatic event while growing up:

>Symptoms of trauma can be described as physical, cognitive (thinking), behavioural (things we do) and emotional.

>>Physical symptoms can include excessive alertness (always on the look-out for signs of danger), being easily startled, execigue/exhaustion, disturbed sleep and general aches and pains.

>>Cognitive (thinking) symptoms can include intrusive thoughts and memories of the event, visual images of the event, nightmares, poor concentration and memory, disorientation and confusion.

>>Behavioural symptoms can include avoidance of places or activities that are reminders of the event, social withdrawal and isolation and loss of interest in normal activities.

>>Emotional symptoms can include fear, numbness and detachment, depression, guilt, anger and irritability, anxiety and panic.



>10:15 in the morning

>have literally done nothing except sit here in my underwear all morning

We need role models. If Dan were here, what would he do?


Craig made me Cray Cray Club.



Your cum stained underwear?


What are you guys up to?



Uni work. Going to kill some gooks in Crysis later and then go to the gym. Might do some cooking.



He must have went to Craig's



You could get a job



I sat on my bare ass, you're doing better than me.



Cum stained chair?



I wish I was back at uni. I need a focus.


File: 78247b9c6b5f995⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.54 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_0076.JPG)





Is it fixed now?




Bleeding is a good sign. Dry socket sounds bad.



Cum stained ass.




its just that time of the month



That's why you need to give craig a little suck before hand.



It's also what happens when he goes in dry.


File: a2d699f849fa8f9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.45 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_0078.JPG)


Yep that little fucker is out. Look at the absolute state of that little devil.



Hopefully you can get a good night's sleep now.



You've been scaring me with this talk about a toothache. I had a bit of a toothache for a few days but it went away. Never had a toothache before so it was strange.


Tempted to have a wank but I know it will fuck up my gains both physical and cognitive.


Had quite the drunken revelation about my life last night. I hope it persists in my day to day thinking.



Have a goon


Have a wank


>tfw impressed


28 degrees today in Shitbourne, went to the psych last night, have to drive to the airport tonight to drop off my dad, thank God Friday is a public holiday because this is pretty tiring.




>went to the psych last night

To get NK's Big Boong Magic RAPE Pills UNNAes?


My foot fungus smells like a very tasty cheese.



Its currently 25 degrees in Brisvegas with a very comfy 50% humidity. Great time of year but you have to wear shorts during the day and yet carry jeans jacket around because it can get cold very quick after dark. Means riding around with extra clothing you may or may not use. Frustrating.

And yes the drive to shitbourne airport is not fun.


Horrendously melancholic and emotionally confused


>tfw horrendously depressed


Any plans for the long weekend bros?



Going to mums for bbq and beers


Good afternoon, shitdicks.

I accidentally blocked myself from this board at work last week and haven't undone it yet. Home now, so shitposting will commence shortly.



He'll wake up to NK jizzing in the socket.



Your mum likes a bit of the ol' Weber.



sexually confused too I suspect



We're all having a NEET party and you're not invited.



I heard we're wanking Weber



That's it I'm cancelling the party.



I see we're doing this the hard way.



We never said you were going to consent Webby boy


there's nothing on TV tonight


>tfw furious


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I'm watching harry potter on channel nine and three quarters.




That was actually breddy gud


Normie roomates are out for the night. Neet house party at mine tonight, BYO boong.



Time to go rummaging and sniffing in her laundry basket.



I don't feel at all attracted to my female roommate.



LOL yeah the attraction often wears off after living with them.



You should probably wank into her clothes anyway, just out of a sense of diligence.



Due dilligence is a very important aspect of NEETlife.



How'd you manage that?


>tfw curious



Replacing some dedicated proxies with URL filtering on the firewall. 8ch.net has already been categorised as "questionable".


Volunteered today for 7 and a half hours



Do you decide when enough is enough or do they let you go? Bit of both?



Probably took a lunch break for the first time.



gotta get the 30 minuet wank break in more often.



I volunteer, so I can go for as long as I like



You need to get your union rep in mate. Tell those fucks what's up.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

grils are stupid


File: 0df3e2b4d5a5096⋯.jpeg (58.51 KB, 996x800, 249:200, 1ae.jpeg)


Don't tell the others about the secret channel, that's only for cool neets






>>tfw delightfully impressed



My mum told you to shut up, I wear the big boy pants in this house!



She said you are a pathological liar and there is no chocolate icecream in the house.



>no chocolate icecream

Have you ever considered that it is code for poo and he makes his own fresh each time?



I hadn't, but it makes sense. Thank you.


File: c37c1eb4d938b85⋯.jpg (355.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 7EvFxYP.jpg)

Went for a drive to Coles for the first time since the weekend. Fridge was depressingly empty.

Put on my nice white polo and some jeans, felt somewhat better being out an about in peak hour traffic.

Did buy a bottle of wine though, have a job interview tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully this is the end of this woeful bender. Have to drive to my Mums place on the weekend.

More relax now than the last few days.



I also went to Coles to pick up some lightly sparkling water



>have a job interview tomorrow afternoon

That's the spirit!

How do you keep finding these jobs? Do they ask for references or do you just keep applying for them?


We can't all be DSP fancy!



>Did buy a bottle of wine though, have a job interview tomorrow afternoon.

Why not spend tonight revising for your interview and leave the piss for tomorrow night?



I usual strategy is usually just opening like 30 seek tabs, closing ones not worth while and just applying to them all without a covering letter. Its just a numbers game.

This one is a professional job though, so I have to do my homework and remain presentable, hopefully I'm not a nervous wreck when I get there.


Going to the gym again tonight. I'm going to go a bit later as I hope that the gym will be a more cleared out by ten.



Just think of the treat you'll get at Dan's for getting that job!



File: 9671334f551520f⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, IMG_20190417_173545.jpg)

Enjoying a Wednesday Craig night


Chinese seller on eBay went from here is $X for item with fault to I will send replacement when I highlighted that eBay policy says seller pays return postage if the item arrives damaged and faulty. Fuck why are the Chinese so difficult to deal with when they sell goods online?



Whens the last time you used that webcam for wanking



You should pick up some shards too, make your volunteer work go quicker



You earned it mate!

Wasn't Tuesday night Craig night?



Too much competition these days, seems every boong has a webcam and is willing to do it for half price



Since thrusday night will now be Dan night on account of Friday being a public holiday Craig night was moved to Wednesday night.

Friday night will be mystery night now



Friday night should be party with the mates night around BBQ table.

Can we get an Astra and Dan shot on Thursday?


Fuckin hot in melbourne aye



Just get PayPal to reverse the transaction.

I've just get abusive on eBay/PayPal and they will credit you pretty quickly to avoid more abuse.



Jesus Christ 27 degrees in winter at this time at night?



That's why no one with half a brain uses ebay now, everything is Chink and everything breaks or is nothing like the item advertised.

When they fuck around just get PayPal involved since the sellers don't speak English anyway.

If you have their return address mail them some photos of tianneman square massacre and tip off the Chink police to intercept the package



Total cost of the item is $25 and I fucked up bad. I purchased two more of the items ($50 in total) and feel the items will have the same problems when they arrive in a few days



Actually won't be drinking Thursday night, gotta leave mum to the airport at 6am and its too hard driving to the airport drunk while pretending to be sober



>If you have their return address mail them some photos of tianneman square massacre and tip off the Chink police to intercept the package

Big brained boong over here



I tried to find a bargain and I was happy overall with the product. It's a kid puzzle but their is shit all of the paint that I worry is either dangerous or will fade heaps when cleaned off. The item also arrived damaged.

>If you have their return address mail them some photos of tianneman square massacre and tip off the Chink police to intercept the package

Good idea. A thank you gift.




I will be doing a refund soon as they obviously don't want to pay and if eBay wants me to return the items I'm going to tell them it's going to cost as much as the items themselves



That is a good idea.

I once used a Payphone to tip off the terrorist hotline about some brown people down the street.



Big, big goon party on your own.



Did it work?


Listening to Nick Cave, feeling nostalgic



They left soon enough, but I didn't witness a raid or anything. They were probably just here while Cenno arranged some more luxurious accomodation for them.


The fucking chink cunts next door have chosen now to have their drains power jetted (or something). About to call the cops about the noise.



Gotta move them onto the McMansion m8. They gotta get that curry smell into the new home.



Yeah, hopefully I don't get raped by any boongs on the way there.



Yep. Get them a new SUV too.

Seriously, the number of Cruisey's Missos rolling around here in near-new cars and the like is astounding. They're from Sudan, they have no job, they haven't been here long enough to establish any sort of credit, so how the fuck are they getting them if not through the government or some government-backed business?



Shoot a cum shot at them. Establish dominance.



Even boongs don't get nice cars



Would they have the sniff to run them though?



I've said it before on here, I'm sure. I don't understand why the boongs and white poors in Lizbef aren't rioting about what is being bestowed upon boat cunts.


Who here has a good sniff of sniff as they fill up their car?



Give it a suck occasionally just to keep the syphoning skills up.



Spit or swallow?



Swallow. Bit rough at first, but no worse than some of Dan's cheaper poisons.



I would be a bit worried if that was me, given the potential contaminants like water, debris and rust that could in the sniff. Real toxic stuff.


They say here that refos don't get any more than regular Australians:


Then you follow their other links to the actual HSP:


-on-arrival accommodation and property induction

-provision of an initial food and essential items package

-assistance to register with Centrelink, Medicare and a bank

-addressing immediate health needs

-instructions on what to do in an emergency situation and how to access interpreting services

-orientation to local services.

-assistance to engage with employment services, implement employment strategies and -access support services for establishing a business.

Actual Australians are being fucked over.


I'm at Adelaide uni doing a BSc and I have to do these online quizzes made by the uni. They are all multiple choice which you think would make things easy however the questions are really poorly worded and riddled with typos as though they were all smashed out in a single pass and then never proofread. About every fourth question or so will have two identical answers with only one of them recognized as correct by the computer system meaning that even if you know the content perfectly, you only have a 50% chance of getting it right. The lectures, labs etc are all really good but these quizzes are just fucking dreadful. I'm going to discuss them with some of the other students and if it seems I'm not alone I doubt I am I'll complain to the professor. If they don't rectify the poor formatting for the next cohort of students they'll fucking crucified in student review thing.



What I don't understand is the accommodation part. Given that you actually have to be homeless for a while to get access to housing in this country



Would these be considered gay?



Yeah, it's fucked.



Start shit talking the lecturer online. Tenure is difficult to secure as a lecturer these days, so fuck the cunt over.



>Given that you actually have to be homeless for a while

How long?




Wholesome boong posting should be seen as the only redeeming quality on the entire internet.



20 years plus in some cases in SA



Quizzes are just a little bit better than group assignments but are equally as painful. Try and find out if they're getting the answers from somewhere. A lot of quizzes I have done normally source their content from lectures or directly from the textbook used for the course. They didn't want to remake the answers so they copied them from somewhere.



>job interview tomorrow

About time. Get your shit together cunt.






Jesus christ, Imagine if we treated our homeless population like that.

Honestly makes me:

>tfw distressed



I don't know an exact figure. From what I have seen on that show from SBS, Cenno won't do anything until you have no home. Then what you get is based on your circumstances. An individual person is fucked and will probably have to go to one of those shelters run by a non-profit which is probably filled to the Rafters of other people in a similar situation. Getting permanent housing beyond temporary housing is another matter.



The questions are pretty easy as I understand the content quite well it is just the piss poor wording and the duplicate answers that makes it more difficult than it needs to be.



Look at the lecture notes and any of the readings to see if they have copied the text for the quizzes. If you find out where they are sourcing the information from, then you can narrow down what you have to remember for the quiz to that source. I hated quizzes. It's the lazy way out for universities for not giving you another assignment they have to mark individually.






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