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File: 00d057abf3ec325⋯.jpg (111.44 KB, 800x472, 100:59, #calm-140.jpg)

911205 No.122424

Matthew 7:7 "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:"

John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

We are Restoring the Republic of America

Americas Military + Navy Intelligence, the NSA, the Q group and more have conducted an unprecedented python approach of The-One-PedoRing-To-Rule-Them-All with over 4,289 sealed indictments fueled by the massive NSA information powerhouse [KEY] turned good under Admiral Rogers.

We are living in historic times, and we've been handed a Map of what's to come, and what's going on in this war between Patriots and Clowns.

Here's the catch: The CIA/MSM has lulled the normies into what Q calls Fantasy Land and they cannot handle the Truth. Solution? Sincere Patriots [STONE].

We are the dot connectors. We are the excavators of obscured facts. We are who we've been waiting for our whole lives. We are the Storm, and we are the Calm Center inside it.

Our goal is simple:

To explain the chaos of our times to our loved ones and friends. To explain the chaos of our times to our loved ones and friends. We have been chosen to spread the word and to ease and assist the transition of our world.

>Perhaps he could not in good conscience see the world burn.

Can you?

Suit up lads, we will have Peace through the Strength of our Understanding and give Clarity through our Memetic Spread.

911205 No.122434

Latest Q posts

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==CONFIRMED BY Q== ID: 462c9a




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Anyone disputing this is Q, read >>>/cbts/119171 & >>>/cbts/119214

>>99480 ID 7681cc

>>99500 ID 7681cc

>>99525 ID 7681cc "Shall we play a game?" 18:27:05,

reposted vetbatim @ 18:43:38 w/ !ITPb.qbhqo in >>>/pol/11043832 , authenticates cbts ID 7681cc

>>99548 ID 7681cc


Grab yourself a Qmap in the format you prefer and fight alongside fellow Patriots for God and Country

>News unlocks message.

>Future proves past.


Interactive Qmap

https://qcodefag. github.io/

Keep this open, search keywords when news hits and share relevant Q posts for autistic diggers. Search by signatures to unlock?

We're all apart of the greatest timeline we've ever known.

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'''Qmap Ven Diagrams and Q signatures studies >>>/cbts/119423

Remember, we have this entire board to report our research and creations. Find-or-create the thread that digs into an area you're curious about and share great findings back here.

911205 No.122437

Our Memetic Ammo. Meme Dumps




Blast the left and

Blast the right.

Wherever evil lurks,

We shine our light.



Memes #1 >>2

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Recent Findings & News

For dig inspiration and catching up...

12.17.17 >>>/cbts/119162

Today's Findings & News - Enjoy The Show

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NEW Thread for significant finds found in general cbts threads - >>>/cbts/116764

The Storm

Possibly (+++) and (++) are complete; and we have moved on to + >>>/cbts/120740 & >>>/cbts/120740

Trump ends today's speech with: "Great re-Awakening" >>>/cbts/120258

Speech timestamp - 28 min speech at the 26:00 mark. The finale - https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=nxdTCfRDhSs

How do you capture a very dangerous animal? >>>/cbts/119450 & >>>/cbts/120603

Cryptic Posts [WRWY] >>>/cbts/119568 & >>>/cbts/119580

GAB migration while censorship hammer drops at Twitter >>>/cbts/120132


Amnesty International, founded by a R'Child and not what it pretends to be >>>/cbts/120584

NEW MAP DROP - Boys & Girls Club (Cooper's doc graphic?) >>>/cbts/118953 & >>>/cbts/120384

Walnut Sauce. Does the Cooper doc say Walnut Sauce in Russian? >>>/cbts/118901 & >>>/cbts/118768 & >>>/cbts/119635

Follow the wives - www.washingtontimes.com /news/2017/dec/17/nancy-pelosis-super-pac-keeps-donations-from-backp/

The VER company and the cryptic post >>>/cbts/118828 & >>>/cbts/119817

GANNETT's log in system >>>/cbts/119476


This is happening +

>www.washingtonexaminer.com/ trump-white-house-relaunching-obama-era-petition-site/article/2643878

>www.mycentraljersey.com/story/ opinion/readers/2017/12/18/letter-media-blame-fake-news-rep/108725234/

>next one is juicy

>stocknewspress.com/2017/12/17/ jp-morgan-may-have-just-lost-faith-in-realogy-holdings-nyse.html

>last but not least- AI

>www.irishtimes.com/opinion/ breda-o-brien-no-one-ever-asks-when-the-foetus-is-due-1.3328703

Soros news from today https://www.yahoo.com /news/billionaire-george-soros-betting-big-200800726.html & >>>/cbts/121170

Obama let Hezbollah off the hook" https:// www.politico.com/ interactives/2017/obama-hezbollah-drug-trafficking-investigation/

Pelosi and D's pocket campaign cash from owners of sex-trafficking website - washingtontimes.com/


Call for UN Peacekeeping Force in Chicago - https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=_P23-cYQCXk&feature=youtu.be

Atlanta Airport Blackout fully laid out. Flights to Mexico and Cyprus DURING blackout. Thread & graphics - https://twitter.com/ ScottAnthonyUSA/status/942829062392774657

Atlanta flights which left yesterday inc. cargo planes - https://twitter.com/ @scottanthonyusa

Atlanta tweet thread - >>>/cbts/119848

Amtrack Derailment from the Tom Hennegen and Stew Webb Report - https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=zHgTJGnbylo

RAF Mildenhall, a US Air Force base in Norfolk placed on lockdown - https://www.express.co.uk /news/uk/893835/raf-mildenhall-norfolk-lockdown-us-air-force-base-security

Was the RAF Mildenhall intruder trying to get to a PLANE? - http://www.dailymail.co.uk /news/article-5191109/US-airforce-base-Suffolk-lockdown.html#ixzz51eGFzJHh

Mildenhall - USAFanon provedes context >>>/cbts/119511

Sealed Indictments Press Reports - >>>/cbts/110870

Re-election Update on current reps and senators not running - https://ballotpedia.org/List_of_U.S._Congress_incumbents_who_are_not_running_for_re-election_in_2018

Unmissable - Read the map as a game of chess - >>>/cbts/112732

Tarrot Backfired on the Cabal - A Reading of the 2017 Economist Cover - >>>/cbts/112933 & >>>/cbts/112972 & >>>/cbts/120585

911205 No.122448

Q Resources

Q-Text [4chan] https://pastebin. com/vTs4pdpC | https://anonfile. com/b4N8X2ccb5/Q5.pdf | https://www.pdf-archive. com/2017/11/16/q5/

Q-Text [8chan] https://pastebin. com/dfWVpBbY

How to read the Q map [very helpful explanation from MI] >>>/cbts/33814 >>>/cbts/36225 (can anyone find these to re-link?)

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Titanic >>>/cbts/106

Underground massive data center? >>>/cbts/20714

Uranium-1 >>>/cbts/848

Vatican, Knights Templar/Malta, Jesuits, FM >>>/cbts/1346

**Some broken links from above have been removed.

If you find something missing, please let the baker know of the working link and we'll add.

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125. >>>/cbts/109881 -> https://archive.fo/n8IEc

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In The Event A Baker Is Needed


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Title - enter in the 'Subject' field: CBTS General #XX: ??????? Edition

Post: From pastebin copy the first section and paste it to the 'comment' field. Continue down and add sections as replies. Sections are broken by +++POST BREAK+++ in the paste.

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o7 Captain Mike Green o7

911205 No.122503

File: 0f4a7a2952302ed⋯.jpg (38.14 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1511383180247.jpg)



Godspeed and Godbless.

fc4cf7 No.122513


Just brainstorming…see if it inspires anyone smarter than I.

Flash Break -looks like FBI but with no "I" and three peaks, Could they be, Saudi's, Rosthchilds, and Soros. But Soros is hidden, is he hidden with the missing FB "I"?

353c41 No.122515

So yeah because:

Remote viewing.

Because 3 dark roots now 1 bright and one dark. A change of heart so to say.

353c41 No.122522

Look into the mirror tell me what do you see… a wave of hope upon a sea of travesty.

84b2e8 No.122524

Concourse F:


Q: How do I get from the Domestic terminal to the <<International>> terminal?

Depending on your airline, there are two options.

If your airline does not allow you to check in for your international flight from the domestic terminal, there is a free shuttle service outside Baggage Claim. The shuttle operates 24/7 and in 15 minutes it delivers you to the departure level of the International terminal.

If your airline does allow you to check in for your international flight from the domestic terminal, then you may ride the Airport’s “Plane Train” to the <<International terminal at Concourse F>>.

5516cd No.122526

Baker thank you! But this is 140 not 139 pt 2

25b2d5 No.122528

Spreadsheet updated to post >>122211

ecce1c No.122534

For those who are into numerology, here are a few discoveries I made involving the 10/1 Las Vegas attack date. Let's assume that cabal began the next phase of their plans on 10/1 and extrapolate from there.

Time difference between 10/1/17 and 12/17/2017 (date of the Atlanta airport fuckery and the start of Saturnalia):

77 days. 11 weeks.

The number 91 featured heavily in that attack. What date is 91 days later from 10/1/2017?

10/1 + 91 days = 12/31/2017.

New Year's Eve. Dense crowds of drunks with fireworks going off sounds like a prime target. We should stay vigilant of this date.

Finally, what date is 101 days from from 10/1? 1/10/18.

101 days from 10/1 is 1/10.

I strongly suspect happenings on that date as well unless Q & co. interfere.

274480 No.122536

MAGA bitches

39a430 No.122546

File: 76388109469175d⋯.jpg (16.93 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 71a1772ebf7eafe7826b9d60ff….jpg)

911205 No.122547

Please someone post all Q's posts from the last thread. Ty.

5516cd No.122548


They pay you 14.50 for this? Sheeeesh

bb525b No.122550

File: 76f386e64f04cdb⋯.jpg (90.05 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 21bx70.jpg)

ff070e No.122551


No. It's because * * without spaces is 8chan formatting for a spoiler. It should have been 3 triangles with 1 2 and 3 dots. But he didn't put spaces in. Look under formatting here https://8ch.net/faq.html for more info.

353c41 No.122552

The world can crumble around you… but you can be a lifeboat unto yourselves… you alone can cross the river to the other shore…. and if you are fortunate…. take a few a long with you. The ultimate gift.

c42c73 No.122553

Could they be ordering these abortions because of DNA of baby would hit one of the cult?????


176217 No.122554


What has Q said

911205 No.122555



Thanks for spotting

8ddd55 No.122556


Give that man a .38 cent raise! ;)

1f4f56 No.122557


having some experience in this field that doesn't look like an ATS (automatic transfer switch) or a switchgear room. looks like the dragged work lights down with them. these look like High voltage transmission lines but I'm not convinced its for what they say it is. to me it looks like either one of the emergency power lines failed and generated and arc (which can cause damage like that due to the heat generated by the arc). this definitely looks like something let the smoke out though. I've seen a lot of electrical damage and this matches what ive seen in the past. I've been saying it on the discord. places like this have required quarterly and yearly testing on all building essential equipment. they are required to simulate power shutdowns and verify that all the ATS work properly. can someone get info on how they provide emergency power? I am used to buildings having on board diesel generators that feed to the ATS and the building fire systems (fire pumps and air compressors for dry systems).

hope it helps out anon.

if needed I can bake next bread anon seems sleepy

353c41 No.122558

Why are you looking here? The joke is in your hand. Kek.

5516cd No.122559


Just want to stay on track! Missing 109 caused a small mess

6d8865 No.122560


That is NOT the Exec order. It is the summary. Click on the hyperlink of the actual Exec order in the first sentence. You get a 404. https://www.whitehouse. gov/articles/presidential-advisory-commission-election-integrity/

ff070e No.122561


Too bad meditation is boring. Guess we're staying.

39fc6c No.122562


[10] = BO. Dark[10]. [10] = dark skin (and evil)

POTUS-1 Daddy Bush

POTUS-2 Clinton


POTUS-4 BO [10]

POTUS-5 Donald Trump

BO extracted at ATL, flown to IAD (Virginia)

Dark skin = BO

Darkness = evil

Special Place = Guantanimo?

BO to Special Place for military trial.

GS to Special Place for military trial.

5516cd No.122563


LOL that is premium pay for individuals that can actually get under the skin of an anon… has yet to be accomplished…

1cf111 No.122564

"no sleep for patriots" refer to old bread.

cinnamon toast crunch enabled let the games begin!

864cc3 No.122565

File: 84b4dc4f78b6ffc⋯.pdf (807.32 KB, r840_10-flag-regulations.pdf)


Page 17 of the Army regulations AR-840-10, section 3-5 says this:

3–5. Office of the President of the United States of America.

This flag as authorized in (EO 10860, 5 Feb 60) is national flag blue on which is centered the Presidential coat of arms in proper colors, circled by white stars, the same number as in the union of the U.S. flag. The fringe is silver and gold bullion. Cords and tassels are red white, and blue (See fig 3-1).

4362f8 No.122566

File: a86bfd5f7c0a165⋯.png (661.71 KB, 1355x869, 1355:869, atlanta jet.png)



Q proves this decode is true.


Related Image dropped in bread earlier today? And this. >>121407

We need power outage timestamps to confirm.

8e4b45 No.122567

File: e157db8e9fcaeae⋯.jpg (399.54 KB, 1306x623, 1306:623, GA Phillipines.jpg)

File: f4581b9418fbf07⋯.jpg (387.62 KB, 1302x622, 651:311, Great Awakening.jpg)

There are churches called The Great Awakening

There are also the American religious movements, as well as Jewgle's "Great A.I. Awakening"

fefe0c No.122568


Did you forget to remove the space?

c4695b No.122570

May June and July posts on site gives you 404>>122560

c42c73 No.122571

353c41 No.122572

All around us it blazes… ignored… unseen.. hidden by a veil of ego and desire…. you are to blame… you are guilty of ostracizing God. Repent, Turn, and be healed you lecherous generation.

25b2d5 No.122573


Read the OP. Use the resources laid out there for you to use. This is one


and this one


Don't be a lazy faggot.

LURK MOAR and read the OP

539fbd No.122574


FREEDOM_#1-43 relates to Q post on NOV25 43 "Freedom" lines of code.

post 150870083

4b9a46 No.122575


did you click the link in the first paragraph of the fucking summary

it's gone

fefe0c No.122576



18ea61 No.122577

File: 75ee2ca0b317d03⋯.jpg (47.71 KB, 298x245, 298:245, elfhump1.jpg)

Sorry I must of been unclear. I was referring to Soros as the Bishop. +

Previous post referenced below. But hey, what do I know… I'm just a anon that has been watching two elves humping at the bottom left hand corner of my screen for the last week…

I just wanted to sneak in this post, in case it had not been figured out yet. Q mentioned that a bishop had been moved off the board.

+++ SA

++ Roth

+ Soros

The third most valuable piece on the board of chess..


c42c73 No.122578


Don’t understand why POTUS list?

c4695b No.122579


BO in England I believe

28cb76 No.122580

>>122564 Cap n' Crunch is the Official Cereal of CBTS

fefe0c No.122581


Clown filtered

5e4115 No.122582


Here we go again

911205 No.122583




c3bae8 No.122584

That was filmed in Sept. ready to use when shit when down….fooled you!


f52413 No.122585



Nov 25, 12:30:47















































_FREEDOM-_vGER_US_yes_000BVx_LO_yes_[… + 1]_Conf_y



90db3d No.122586

File: 59870ac3c786f00⋯.jpg (384.28 KB, 1243x631, 1243:631, SOROS EXTRACTED.jpg)

e4495c No.122587


I like this

c42c73 No.122588


Extract all?

6d8865 No.122589


No. I didn't. Go to the link I posted, then read the FIRST sentence where you will see a hyperlink to the actual Exec. Order. That is where you will get the 404. What you are looking at is just a summary article.

5516cd No.122590


If it isnt changed should next bread be 141?

c829e9 No.122591

File: 0eb90f353bbb341⋯.jpg (194.17 KB, 926x638, 463:319, atl dep.jpg)


What about Terminal 5?

Does Liège Bierset have a Terminal 5?

There were two 747 cargo planes that left Atlanta yesterday during the ground stop and flew to LGG.

c4695b No.122593

That’s awesome news>>122584

d95f0e No.122594

5e4115 No.122595


Do you mean 2nd to last stringer?


32af81 No.122596

File: 108067695239117⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1915x1919, 1915:1919, hexchess.png)

911205 No.122597


In the dough now. Sorry bro.

5516cd No.122598


Im sure all 3 of them will show up!!

353c41 No.122599

Sorry if it seems if I have a flair for the dramatic… This is how think…. I have had to hide myself for 20 years since my baptism…. I have hidden it away… n fear of ridicule… but I really don't care anymore…. The writing is on the wall… The buds are appearing on the branches… the favorable year of the lord is coming.

bcc225 No.122601

File: 8dc349d023f08a1⋯.jpg (202.64 KB, 1439x645, 1439:645, Screenshot_20171219-010705.jpg)

Did you guys see this one?

I can't find the link


28cb76 No.122602

>>122566 Didn't someone ID the plane via FCC already?

5d8f92 No.122603


predicting this post alone triggers at least 3 autists on 5 different levels each.

6dd333 No.122604

8e4b45 No.122605

Guantanamo (GTMO)

Guantanamo Bay (GTMO) Special Inquiry In 2004, the FBI initiated a special inquiry investigation into whether Bureau personnel had witnessed “any aggressive mistreatment, interrogations, or interview techniques” of detainees in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba by representatives of the military, law enforcement, or the FBI. This release consists of responses to an FBI Office of General Counsel request to Bureau personnel assigned to Guantanamo Bay between September 11, 2001 and September 2004. There were no documented incidents of mistreatment involving FBI personnel.

vault.fbi. gov/Guantanamo%20

vault.fbi. gov/Guantanamo%20/Guantanamo%20Part%201%20of%201/view

353c41 No.122607


This is so sad it is not even funny.

c42c73 No.122608


I see it fine

1cf111 No.122609


good eye man!

353c41 No.122610

This sums this forum up in a nutshell. >>122600

4b9a46 No.122611


these people get paid HOW MUCH to keep their shit organised, and just happened to forget to fix links?

8ddd55 No.122612

File: b50c8ae98eb5ff1⋯.png (28.93 KB, 268x109, 268:109, QNN.PNG)

Welcome to QNN, where WE decide our own level of bullshit.

caa2ed No.122613

File: 158c78232616a33⋯.png (148.66 KB, 380x332, 95:83, for the ride-1.png)

39b821 No.122614

File: db3498ece2a5996⋯.png (979.56 KB, 1366x629, 1366:629, DRY.png)

1d5c53 No.122616


Thanks, Jesus!

f52413 No.122617

File: 3aa04f22f127702⋯.png (1.39 MB, 2880x1588, 720:397, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)

Military sky fairly quite currently. Most traffic over Europe. Any OPS likely off radar.

fefe0c No.122618


BO was in Toronto for interview with Prince Harry. Someone correct me if wrong. Could very well have finished and flown back into ATL.

635a08 No.122619


The 404 error Q is referencing is regarding "Election Integrity" investigation group he created at the beginning of term via executive order

4784ac No.122620

File: 4b4934deae42889⋯.png (31.91 KB, 484x186, 242:93, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)

Pope is BISHOP of Rome.

Q-captcha blessed

9f6460 No.122621

File: c64f4a482cd0aa6⋯.png (73.08 KB, 409x268, 409:268, ClipboardImage.png)

28cb76 No.122622

>>122592 - Hi Diane Tullia - Hope to God you are not actually Diane Tullia!

353c41 No.122623

I have told you… Most have trampled it underfoot as swine do.. some lurkers have not and it has taken root in your mind.. and will one day/life take root and blossom in your soul… for the latter are these words spoken.

18ea61 No.122625


Lol! Perfect!

5e4115 No.122626


If it were up to me, yes. And make a note at the very top why 140 is missing.

f6b241 No.122627


Why is BO [10]?

ecce1c No.122628

File: efe492dc11bd6e3⋯.jpg (316.88 KB, 1700x504, 425:126, 10-1-Numerology.jpg)


Here's the screencap.

I'd rather get this information out there and possibly prevent someone from getting hurt rather than remain silent. Hope it helps.

fd695a No.122629


What about the photo anon posted of the law codes

476b26 No.122630


May God Bless Poland, leading the defense of Western Civilization in an embattled and enfeebled Europe, and may God Bless the United States, GEOTUS and all who are battling the darkness in both shadow and light.

c42c73 No.122631

File: 6a2f69e375b9eba⋯.jpeg (126.83 KB, 1536x627, 512:209, 236CE807-1833-4E11-80B1-1….jpeg)

e3972b No.122632

John McCain was called by CNN a "Maverick" when he opposed the vote to dismantle Ocare.

5e4115 No.122633


Check around Mexico City

c42c73 No.122634


Sorry had to lol

5516cd No.122635


Love it!

c19a28 No.122636


Of none of the world's great teachers is it said "He never learned to shut the fuck up."

No, those who would help others learn to communicate. Otherwise, they make their knowledge useless, which is tragic.

f52413 No.122637


Last line before Q signature includes:


Appears he's referring us back to that series of stringers.

c3bae8 No.122638


Wrong. That piece was recorded in Sept.

f6b241 No.122639


L he told you not to come here anymore

5516cd No.122641


Wish it just got fixed. Number in pic is right

c7f904 No.122642

File: 035f2c7d81a11fe⋯.mp4 (5.33 MB, 400x230, 40:23, Undeniable.mp4)

Please do something with this.

People died for you to have this.

84b2e8 No.122643


Interesting…need to dig in

1cf111 No.122644

Do not answer fags! guys

if there asking shit that should be obvious assume they are slide bots or clown cucks.

newfags who wont take the time to read the crumbs and want to be debriefed let them go watch a fuktube video or something.

28cb76 No.122646

>>122552 Sounds like you got the "Golden Ticket"

57e5c6 No.122647

File: 3d214bd8fe4e5d3⋯.jpg (33.22 KB, 560x435, 112:87, Hartsfield-Jackson-Atlanta….jpg)


A private plane took off from Concourse F Terminal 5 in route to DC last night. Concourse F power was the first Concourse to be restored.

>Power Restored to Concourse F ~7:30pm

http://archive. is/uJsD2

>Private plane is allowed to take off from Terminal F5 in route to DC with the extracted cargo.

6d8865 No.122648


Thanks. They need to update the link in this summary then. www.whitehouse. gov/articles/presidential-advisory-commission-election-integrity/

7489d3 No.122649



No, lgg is pretty much just cargo

e9a990 No.122650

Q says POTUS is up tonight during ops. I hope we get a photo at some point of DJT in the situation room as BO is taken into custody.

c42c73 No.122651


Was his call name in service too

c7f904 No.122652


I like scaring clowns.

bcc225 No.122654

e551f4 No.122655

File: 83a2eaa36be81f3⋯.png (214.32 KB, 569x546, 569:546, 0f18f9022f6a09fdead45a6fb9….png)


His referring to the Great awakening that is happening in the world/usa. The Golden age of Gaia 5D. The great awakening which Q has mention is actually a documentary.

18ea61 No.122656


The frosted side of me says thank you, how sweet!

The frosted side, says; How dare you pull normies into this board REeeeeeee!

5e4115 No.122657


No brackets around 43, though

353c41 No.122658

The darkness is behind all things and all minds, and resides in all hearts as the progenitor of all thoughts and desires…. one day you will have to confront, and extinguish yourself to make room for the spirit of God in your heart to lighten your heart, mind, and path. Amen.

e4495c No.122659


That honestly made me so angry and sick.

8ddd55 No.122660

353c41 No.122661

May it be so for all. Amen

176217 No.122663

Why the fuck are there two 139 bakes?

c42c73 No.122664


Hope you don’t mind… memes are my thing

4b9a46 No.122665


OP fucked up

911205 No.122666


<3 <3 <3

5516cd No.122667

What came out of that pic of the fire at airport in last bread? Was that real? What about fire seemed suspect?

c42c73 No.122668

Got a team sending out the latest memes!!!! YES!!!!! Go anons go!!!

c7f904 No.122669


Please do something with it.

Undeniable evidence has existed for many months.

And all you have to do is show it to the right person.

5d8f92 No.122670


agreed, that was the turning point in my redpill.

I couldn't sleep.

8ddd55 No.122671


It's not mine, I stole it myself. so.. nope. :)

f52413 No.122672


Digging that back up. This new information may help unlock.

fefe0c No.122673

IAD 70 miles from Camp David.

56e696 No.122674


It might be useful anyhow, to slow down the clowns and bots influx..

e9a990 No.122675


is this live? get time stamp in the cap

176217 No.122676


Ok thanks

c42c73 No.122677


Rofl!!!! 😂😂😂😂

39b821 No.122678

File: 2ab4ccc9af446cf⋯.png (588.37 KB, 837x597, 279:199, mav.png)

353c41 No.122679

May the true love of God, not the contrived love of men pervade the four corners of the earth. Amen.

911205 No.122680


<3 <3 <3


6dd333 No.122681

File: 210d6f52c4b2a5a⋯.png (187.21 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 8F9C4693-46F9-444D-97A2-69….png)


Your welcome, lots of good stuff on the commission. I think they broke the link because too many snowflakes were melting at once…lol

bb525b No.122682

File: f8a50e0818ae88d⋯.jpg (71.53 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 21b22z.jpg)

0569a3 No.122683

File: 2df59d993df55a9⋯.png (464.01 KB, 450x541, 450:541, billmurray-caddyshack-size….png)





the bread so nice we had it


f6b241 No.122684


Get this bitch out of here!

0d8a66 No.122685

YAWN,,,!!!! We all getting sleepy spoopy. Night night

39b821 No.122686


From twatter

32af81 No.122687

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c42c73 No.122688



353c41 No.122689

So be it. So he loves.

e3972b No.122690

That night Hussein belittled our great POTUS in public makes me sick. He is a snake. President Trump's message to us has been truthful and strong. Dear God, we want justice!

18ea61 No.122692


I guess the reality of being a introverted, ill mannered, crotchety old bastard who could give a fuck about those who would mock me for my beliefs have had a few perks for all these years.

I am glad to darkness is lifting to that all my fellow Americans can hold their head high and declare their faith without shame once more.


f52413 No.122693


We need to figure out why. It's not coincidence.

47b1e8 No.122694


How many people have to die for a video with Podesta's face in it?

8e4b45 No.122695

File: d920f2cc04c269a⋯.jpg (151.32 KB, 1128x289, 1128:289, ss hague wiki.jpg)

File: d8166fbe57c120f⋯.jpg (182.61 KB, 1344x596, 336:149, rome statute.jpg)

Hague "Special Sessions" provided for under Rome Satute.

c7f904 No.122696

File: 69d99e8da68a096⋯.mp4 (4.92 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Children-Screaming.mp4)



Watch it. Watch it. Watch it. Watch it.

This is your legacy.

7489d3 No.122697


Terminals or concourses have gates …

concourse f doesn’t have terminal 5 ..it has gate 5 …

864cc3 No.122698

I wish there were two of me ….. one to sleep and the other to be here on the board!

353c41 No.122699


It is planned… never lose faith.

c7f904 No.122700


This is your legacy.

This is your legacy.

Do you believe in hell?

I hope atheism comforts you.

caa2ed No.122701

File: 53d8239390f2426⋯.png (306.39 KB, 422x423, 422:423, iceberg-1.png)

84b2e8 No.122702

Yeah, i've heard him referred to as that on FN many times.


339df5 No.122703


autism at its best

e551f4 No.122704


Love it!

e4495c No.122706


Yeah that was the first time I've ever seen actual proof besides his emails. What a sick bastard

39b821 No.122707


Damn I remember that. Nice one

1cf111 No.122708

sorry to go off topic guys but who is buying the first round?

http ://nbcnews.io/neuro-platinum-clear-limitless-pill-set-to-go-public-in-less-than-24-hours/?source=socialpubs&a=13199

c7f904 No.122709


If you want a real storm, all you have to do is share.

Clowns are afraid. Look who replies to me.

e9a990 No.122710


Odd that power needed to be cut for the extraction… must have been to avoid loss of life by disabling target comms and bring law enforcement flooding in for the safest of reasons.

843017 No.122711


In SERE school, we used fingers to communicate, just like POTUS looks to be doing with this glass

353c41 No.122712


But you alone must step aside and let god reign in your heart alone… a part of you must die… the part that dies and suffers.. You wont miss it.

47b1e8 No.122714


No Democrats are going to believe that video. How you or I feel about that is irrelevant.

1d9d8b No.122716


Cdg is Paris Charles de Gaulle… in terminal 2e there is a gate k23. Haven't yet looked at flights out of there…

f6b241 No.122717


get this dick out of here too!

21bae3 No.122718


Is that you Roy?

e4495c No.122719


I don't have social media anymore and honestly would feel disgusted showing that to someone. They're going to burn whether we share it or not.

bb525b No.122720


Holy fuck, I remember this shit. I thought it got lost in the shuffle of censorship. This is for the kids, dammit

8ddd55 No.122721


I think it's been planned since 9/11. Perhaps before that. Giant honey pot to trap owls and spiders.

c3bae8 No.122722


sick…but not sure the voice can be verified without an expert

84b2e8 No.122723


what is the sauce on that audio?? and it sounds like the freak, but is it conclusive? either way, i'd troll the hell out of him with it.

24fd72 No.122724


Your getting all the clowns as well, eh?

Same here on last thread.

c42c73 No.122725


Traitor is the name most know him by

8e4b45 No.122726


Makes sense. Was my original thought, too

515972 No.122727



So free presidents until 44, hmmm who was that?

f35a32 No.122728

File: a67ead5b5570eda⋯.jpg (434.19 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, PRAY_DJT.jpg)

aa7618 No.122729


Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts;

The whole earth is full of his glory!

sang the seraphim

c42c73 No.122730


Child screaming in video, saw the org on utube

aae7ab No.122731


Enema of the state

4c002b No.122732


I agree, why the fuck is this board seeking crumbs? You literally have undeniable proof of..


353c41 No.122733

I wish all could learn and be saved.. I myself.. am struggling to finish the journey… I don't know how many more lives must be led… I urge you all to consider… I will leave now and take a walk and regret opening my mouth and ask for forgiveness taking comfort that TPTB read and have to stare it in the face.

aad7a1 No.122734


A theory is that the good guys cut the power to stop all flight activity and prevent (them) from shooting down a passenger plane.

e4495c No.122735


I don't know where it came from but for some reason I'm 100% convinced that's podesta.

8ddd55 No.122736

File: d0bab5f881977ae⋯.jpg (407.83 KB, 2683x1766, 2683:1766, GWBOwl1.jpg)



fefe0c No.122737




Capture / hold 9 ?

c42c73 No.122738


You tube

6dd333 No.122739

Very interesting, I heard Jefferson County was doing a full recount!

…and Jefferson County, Alabama Probate Judge, Alan King. Thank you. Thank you very much.” -GEOTUS


18ea61 No.122740


Okay I watched the fucking video. Now I just feel horrified and homicidal! If this bastard get off with some kind of deal… the people will need to take care of business themselves..

c42c73 No.122741


Think so

2c2cf0 No.122742

File: 69b06bc8926e994⋯.png (305.53 KB, 597x504, 199:168, IAD Internal Affairs Divis….png)

Found something! Haven't seen anyone mention this as a theory yet.

Zerohedge posted this just a little bit ago. No coincidences. Pic related


IAD = Internal Affairs Division

5516cd No.122743


Hmm… could certainly be true. First like was something like OP_19_y right? 19 ops going down?

353c41 No.122745

For the tongue is a fire… and I have yet to fully lean this lesson…

c42c73 No.122746


Worse ones on you tube

5516cd No.122747

6ff839 No.122748


Here is my take on this line:


/\* /\ /\* = 68 668 fh ffh 86 686

Shall we play a game? yes

Map is critical to understand.

Future unlocks past.

DECLAS_ATL_(past). This was Atlanta airport

News unlocks map.

Find the markers.

10 & [10]. In 10 days

12/7 – 12/17. From 12/7 to 12/17 was the Atlanta; 27th Washington

Concourse F. Gate F

Terminal 5. Terminal or End of runway 5

Private_operated plane (OP)?

ATL -> IAD Next issue to occur at Washington Dulles International or they took from ATL to IAD


Dark. No lights

Darkness. Can’t see no lights No directions

Learn double meanings.


Q/POTUS-1 Carter



Q/POTUS-4 [10] GWB [10]?


“Special Place” Potus special place is Camp David

Why are drops highlighted by POTUS shortly thereafter? To assure the people and know it real

Coincidence or message? No coincidence, message to public that awakening to continue.

“The Great Awakening” To reveal all to the public to awaken them to what really occurring.

POTUS today. Speech with Military Flags; Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center

Unlock? Under Military command/ military law

CLAS_OP_IAD (future). Washington Dulles International on 12/27/17

How about a nice game of chess? Yes

SPLASH. Water poss plane crash in water??

FOX THREE. Three that think they are sly foxes trying to out fox Military – Military combat in planes- to shoot down.


668ddd No.122749

File: 54129b835b8037b⋯.jpg (36.45 KB, 341x450, 341:450, 71IvssCTJ1L._SY450_.jpg)

(((They're))) Here!

4c002b No.122750


Looks like they needed to be summoned to shoa the truth here.

353c41 No.122751

Screw it. I'll be an arsonist.

84b2e8 No.122752


IA are the cops that police the cops.

050f49 No.122753


Have a nice walk :3

fd695a No.122754

Strange shit is a foot gentlemen. Watch the links you copypasta. Go back to screen shot posts with info you wanna convey.

89aed9 No.122755

File: 26973cc3699adb5⋯.jpg (348.07 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, cbts_badge.jpg)

>>122437 Memes

>>/cbts/80489 Guerilla Twitter Tactics

>1=2, 2=4, 4=8, …


>Guerilla Twitter Tactics

4c002b No.122756


>Watchers will now remove

5516cd No.122757


Nice effort anon, you are getting there. Maybe still off a bit

39fc6c No.122758


Maybe to help to figure out who [10] is. Suggests [10] is a POTUS. Maybe 1-4 are all targets.

fd695a No.122759


If you have could you supply?

c42c73 No.122760


Could lockdown mean prisoners on lockdown now?

4c002b No.122761


Clown spotted, BO.

7cb7c2 No.122762





Learn double meanings.





Q/POTUS-4 [10]


“Special Place”

Why are drops highlighted by POTUS shortly thereafter?

Coincidence or message?

“The Great Awakening”

So, Start on the tweet about Special Place, with the picture of the helicopter.

Q/POTUS-5 = The tweet before has TAX CUTS in caps.

Q/POTUS-4 [10] = The tweet before that has a literal BLACK AND WHITE [DARK] THUMBNAIL.

Q/POTUS-3 = TAX CUTS again.

Q/POTUS-2 = hard working

Q/POTUS-1 = hard working

SHUTDOWN. = A lot of tough decisions got us to this point, but we’re closer than we’ve been in 30+ years to a fairer tax code that keeps more money in the pockets of hardworking Americans. Proud to sign my name to the Conference Report. READ THE BILL>> http://noem.house. gov/taxreform

>Learn double meanings.

>Learn double meanings.

>Learn double meanings.


5e4115 No.122763


So wrong. I hate clowns. Like actual clowns not the fools that have been pretending to protect us.

f6b241 No.122764


Gov shutdown coming up

24fd72 No.122765


>Dark. No lights

>Darkness. Can’t see no lights No directions

Runway lights off.

aae7ab No.122766


could it be Comey? the Bishop?

2c2cf0 No.122767


Yep. Might take down some corrupt people in a real way for once, yeah? Drain that swamp.

I think this is what Q will mean eventually

Cap me and let's keep enjoying the show

843017 No.122768

File: d1c9eaf1478c388⋯.jpg (77.27 KB, 757x532, 757:532, 2.JPG)

e9a990 No.122769


Why would GS or BO or other possible bishop need to be at ATL to shoot down a plane? They have people for that. To know 10 days ahead of time, they must have known that the target was going to be transiting through ATL for some reason… perhaps indeed for a nefarious reason… in which case patriots could thwart the nefarious plan and extract the bishop all in one motion.

cb3464 No.122770

Meme idea: Pepe hanging ornaments on a Christmas tree. Zoom in. The ornaments are various cabal members.

84b2e8 No.122771


Nothing will drop until tax bill passes tomorrow.

0d8a66 No.122772

LMAO wasn’t even Q and so much fake and gay drama. Damn it’s late need SLEEP SEE U ANONS MANANA


18ea61 No.122773


You misunderstood me. I have been both a outcast and a christian since the day I was born. I was baptized in a river with a bunch of hippies who were rejected by the church when I was 6. I never gave up on god but a good portion of the church did. Lets hope this new awakening changed allot of things for both the saved and unsaved alike.

8ddd55 No.122774

I don't know if this is true, but I'd read a loooooooooong time ago, that NERO is the only name so far that, in hebrew alphabet, adds up to 666.

That we may be looking for the offspring of NERO.

Dunno if anyone can confirm. NBD, just something to throw out there.

39fc6c No.122775

POTUS-4 [10] might suggest that person [10] is a POTUS. If the last POTUS (#5) is Trump, then BO is POTUS-4. "Dark[10] was a previous post". Dark could refer to dark skin as well as evil.

c42c73 No.122776


Good time to do raids!

7ab81d No.122778


Yesterday read all scheduled stops on this flight. It was supposed to go from ATL-KY, then IAD but ended up skipping KY stop.

7cb7c2 No.122779




An unbranded range animal, especially a calf that has become separated from its mother, traditionally considered the property of the first person who brands it.

How do you catch a wild animal?

They arrested George soros.

They fucking knew about this ten days in advance, down to the day, and extracted a lethal weapon (Think chess, bishops are surgical strikers) of the cult. It was him.

The honey pot scared him, they planned this since sessions stepped off his chair and opened the state election up for grabs.

32af81 No.122780

File: b053c4702ba285a⋯.png (114.78 KB, 628x360, 157:90, ClipboardImage.png)

c42c73 No.122782


Tea figured that.

1cf111 No.122783


Maverik = tom cruise top gun f15 fighter pilot.

7ab81d No.122784

See >>114787 N721AL DoJ plane AMA-ATL

6a99a6 No.122785

When this thread fills up, how do we get to the next thread?



aae7ab No.122786

Comey has long been seen as a maverick

quoted from several news articles

32af81 No.122787

File: f7f123b1a99e80c⋯.png (352.75 KB, 580x386, 290:193, ClipboardImage.png)

050f49 No.122788




Go there, find new thread.

Save that link.

8990c8 No.122789


Nah, McCains nickname is the Maverick.

e3972b No.122790

Extraction definition: the action of taking out something, especially using effort or force

Extraction is also a movie where a government analyst (Kellan Lutz) launches his own rescue mission when terrorists kidnap his father (Bruce Willis), a retired CIA operative.

fd695a No.122791


go back to the catalog look for latest #

aa7618 No.122792


Hi Meme-dropper! We need your kind. Your role is key. We have much ammo for you.



Blast the left and

Blast the right.

Wherever evil lurks,

We shine our light.



Memes #1 >>2

Memes #2 >>61078

Memes #3 >>107604

Infographs >>10

Bulk Image Download from Meme Threads

#1 ~1400 images from Memes #1 thru 9Dec2017. Jumbo file … 424 Mb. Download may take an hour. https://anonfile. com/J436k8d0b7/CBTS_1399_Memes__1.zip

2a ~550 images from Memes #2, 9-12Dec2017. 200 Mb. https://anonfile. com/Mbq3l7dfbf/CBTS_Memes_2.zip

2b The next 206 images from Memes #2, 12Dec2017. 69 Mb. https://anonfile. com/TbCal8d1ba/CBTS_Memes_2B.zip

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3d 174 files from #3, 18Dec2017. 53 Mb. https://anonfile. com/g6nco8dbb4/CBTS_Memes_3d.zip


c42c73 No.122793


No, talked with my doc at length on this. I suffer from it. And also astroflight. You have to be relaxed for flight

24fd72 No.122794


>When this thread fills up, how do we get to the next thread?

We have bakers, don't sweat it.

c42c73 No.122795


Ohh can I meme this?????????

e9a990 No.122796


How glorious if everything drops the minute after the vote is called

8e4b45 No.122797


Pedosta has a SS detail. At first, it made me mad. But, now we know he can be arrested by them

c42c73 No.122798

050f49 No.122799


You don't have to ask

7c0d0d No.122800

Old aged lurker here - 1st post - want to thank all u true Patriots for all you have researched, archived and have done! Also Praying for all of you in harms way right now risking your lives to take our great country back from this pure evil. God bless you all and your families. Merry Christmas! Praying for your safety & continued contributions… in Jesus name Amen. We must save our country/world and protect innocent children. Thank u Q! God bless all!

bb525b No.122801


In the same conference/speech

6a99a6 No.122802


Thanks you patriot

God bless

f6b241 No.122803


someone will post "new bread" with a link and it will take you there

5516cd No.122804


Uh no?? Tax reform will pass

aad7a1 No.122805

Reminder: Q said this on 29 Oct:

“POTUS will not be addressing nation on any of these issues as people begin to be indicted and must remain neutral for pure optical reasons.“


aae7ab No.122806

050f49 No.122807


Bless you too Z

cda0f4 No.122808

Can we work to automate the new bakes?

6ff839 No.122809


Concourse >> long narrow way that connects building to building >> Hall or at AP Gateway

caa2ed No.122810

File: b31f2929ea783a2⋯.png (314.95 KB, 640x351, 640:351, Presidents-all-five-1.png)

e9a990 No.122811


that's why it's there

f0a7f2 No.122812

Fox is a brevity code used by NATO pilots to signal the simulated or actual release of an air-to-air munition or other combat function.

Fox three

Indicates launch of an active radar-guided missile (such as the AIM-120 AMRAAM and AIM-54 Phoenix).[1]


A Maverick fighter was to shoot down civilian plane?

c42c73 No.122813


I thank you fellow honorable anon! Brb

515972 No.122814


Yes president #44 not freedom

8ddd55 No.122815


Checked and Amen.

18ea61 No.122816


Right back at ya!

f35a32 No.122817

File: 78e6ace66eadbe2⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1454x816, 727:408, FACE_YOU_MAKE_CBTS.png)

3d34ee No.122818


carter is first, GHWB is second, Clinton 3rd, GW 4, BHO 5

fefe0c No.122819


Sessions will call the arrests, imho. Look for a Sessions news conference.

39fc6c No.122820


404 means website page not found (HTTP 404 Not Found Error)

5516cd No.122821


I see the number as second number in '40'. 4 = 44 so BHO

04a094 No.122822



Double Meaning




So maybe Formerly known as, Blackwater, Academi has been helping Trump! Former Navy Seals and Marines. General John F. Kelly,s son, Second Lt. Robert Kelly, died in Helmand Province in 2009. Been banging my head trying to find a connection! MS sucks with cognitive abilities!!

f6b241 No.122823

McCain was Maverick when running with Palin

4b9a46 No.122824


the 1-4 appelate line

this is what he's talking about

1cf111 No.122825


sr was after carter

8ddd55 No.122826

File: 91d8dc3d44e462e⋯.jpg (13.11 KB, 255x185, 51:37, 50e062c737f035676a25d92cd4….jpg)

e9a990 No.122827


will forgive him the optics when BO has fraudulant forgery added to list of charges

7ab81d No.122828

>NAT_SEC_A,H,H, L, B, E, classified Cdg-23k

Notice spacing. A,H,H,_L,_B,_E

1,8,8 12, 2, 5

abedin, huma, Hillary, lynch, Barack, E(?)

CDG 25K airport code? From cdg 18dec 8 am?

caa2ed No.122830

File: 50bb048fdd61eb9⋯.png (315.08 KB, 640x351, 640:351, Presidents-all-five-1.png)


4c002b No.122831


I was about to say..

39fc6c No.122832


Nice. Thanks.

e9a990 No.122833



c19a28 No.122834


Yes, good point. POTUS needs to have the bill signed before the storm is upon us.

8ddd55 No.122835

File: b05468d12a58d03⋯.jpg (126.63 KB, 800x800, 1:1, ayyyylmao.jpg)

6a99a6 No.122836

Send some donations to these based Patriots, ya'll… Their doing the Lord's work too.


98b7c6 No.122837


check here and set as bookmark


c42c73 No.122838

File: 633c53c9948b036⋯.jpeg (152.04 KB, 1536x1023, 512:341, 3EB1741A-50EA-448D-AA60-B….jpeg)

File: a64ac3e47caf093⋯.jpeg (157.38 KB, 1536x1023, 512:341, 1811C097-73FE-4078-BA8D-6….jpeg)

File: 0f563f2e6945a2b⋯.jpeg (156.44 KB, 1536x1023, 512:341, 862A2DDF-E134-45D3-9AAB-5….jpeg)

e53531 No.122839


Thank you for repeating what was already posted several times and known by many on here.

And fuck your NATO BS reference since using Fox(trot) to signify a missle launch is a fully American term. And we dint give a shit that other copied it or borrowed the same term, including NATO.

32af81 No.122840

File: 33e041275ad82dd⋯.png (137.08 KB, 461x600, 461:600, ClipboardImage.png)

8ddd55 No.122841


"We can hear you breathing"

ecce1c No.122842

File: 7eb4e1b5ce234a5⋯.png (272.91 KB, 1864x692, 466:173, prayer.png)



I've prayed more in the past month for our country and the brave patriots fighting for it than I have at any other time in my life. And I don't even consider myself religious. This has been truly an enlightening and uplifting experience.

Saying a prayer now for our operators and our patriots.

5516cd No.122843


Anon, you receive a gold star

6a99a6 No.122844

"These people are stupid"

24fd72 No.122845


Actually he doesn't.

Members of congress can be placed by state governors.

c4695b No.122846

We heard Friday a dozen people would resign in 72 hours ….Q said 12 people would not take the deal …Coincidence ?

84b2e8 No.122847

e7b322 No.122848


Same here. I went away and wept so no one would see me. I wanted to do some very bad things to those bastards.

6dd333 No.122849


Awan, Eric Holder? Why single them out, too many missing names…

32af81 No.122850

File: e659c33d6463b62⋯.png (1.8 MB, 2716x1811, 2716:1811, ClipboardImage.png)

4b9a46 No.122851


Affect, not Effect

how do people still fuck this up

e9a990 No.122852


the vote is called, and suddenly doors burst open, floor flooded with agents serving arrest warrants

c42c73 No.122853


Got it thanks!

5516cd No.122854

Bruce Ohr did NOT show up to testify today, chances McCabe does same? It is scheduled for live TV I believe

e53531 No.122855

Thank you, Q, for confirming Sessions is a good man. Always felt that way because he is smart and strategic, and honorable, but good to have confirmation because people can doubt in the absence of any information.

c42c73 No.122856


Yes! Loving this!

aae7ab No.122857


its possible been in the news a lot lately

4c002b No.122858

Imagine what would happen if we could get that video on the MSM.

caa2ed No.122859

File: 2578061cfe504c7⋯.png (247.57 KB, 327x408, 109:136, laura bush eyes-1.png)

c42c73 No.122860



4b9a46 No.122861


explain his unwillingness to accept proven facts about marijuana then

bb525b No.122862

File: 2341b8d391224e0⋯.jpg (92.37 KB, 500x515, 100:103, 21byjz.jpg)

39b821 No.122863

File: 53b495cec462ab3⋯.jpg (29.69 KB, 702x571, 702:571, Anubis_mask.jpg)

e53531 No.122864


Ohr one of the 12 that got his "deal" rejected today?

4b9a46 No.122865


that looks more like Caitlyn Jenner

c19a28 No.122866


If he wants to wait another month to pass tax reform. I get the sense that is not what he wants.

5516cd No.122867


If country realized this is at roots people would lose it. DT is/needs to be very tactical here

c42c73 No.122868

File: a317b5b1ab9be64⋯.jpeg (163.04 KB, 1536x1024, 3:2, B185A856-63E0-4AB0-96D7-0….jpeg)

04a094 No.122869

File: 6bbee12e44bf16c⋯.png (351.93 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, 20171219_002550.png)

Just a guess let me know if I am wrong I don't feel like rabbit holing tonight

32af81 No.122870

File: abd25954779023f⋯.png (857.38 KB, 700x642, 350:321, ClipboardImage.png)

fefe0c No.122871



Second letter is L

Second letter is B

Second letter is E

18ea61 No.122872


Brave warriors, should fate find us in battle, May our cause be just. May our leaders have clear vision. May our courage not falter. May we be triumphant an earn victory as we show mercy to our enemies.

May our efforts bring lasting peace. May our sacrifice be always appreciated by those we serve. May we return to our loved ones unharmed. Should we be harmed, may our wounds heal.

Should we perish in the struggle, may God embrace us and find for us a place in His Kingdom.

- Solder's Prayer - Say It Loud, Say it Strong

e53531 No.122873


Dont give a fuck about mary jane when we are taking down the DEEP STATE and NWO criminals!!!

5516cd No.122875



7ab81d No.122876

Clock started - 10 days. (Reply to what happened 12/7) https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/georgia/articles/2017-12-07/heavy-smoke-over-atlanta-airport-part-of-fire-training-drill. >>115109

12/7 ATL has drill, 10 days later ATL has actual. Possible that something was left to cause fire on 12/18?

Q says extraction good. Was there a person on a flight from cdg arriving ATL prior/during fire, who was apprehended & flown to DC?

aae7ab No.122877


he just follows the laws he don't make em

c42c73 No.122878


Wow! P would be popping his seams!

397fc4 No.122879

Feeling like an autistic deconstructionist these days. Popcorn is the only option.

fefe0c No.122880


& McCabe who didn't show up either

4b9a46 No.122881



in the middle of the most lethal opioid overdose crisis we've ever had, he should care

84b2e8 No.122882



e53531 No.122883


Yup. Maybe got him tonight?


5516cd No.122884


McCabe is scheduled for tomorrow, no?

3a1ebf No.122885


I thought the same…..BO flew back from England to Atlanta. I hope, wish, and pray Obama is off the street and in a jail cell. Didn't an anonymous that reviews flights say there was a plane to Dulles and a military plane headed to Gitmo from Dulles? Obama knew this was coming…this is why he sent his daughter's to California, Palm Springs.

c42c73 No.122886



5c414d No.122887


Read the New Testament… I know I need to again.

c69415 No.122888


Seth? Darkweb?

c19a28 No.122889



39fc6c No.122890


Deep state is mad. They can't win without rigged elections!

98b7c6 No.122891


Eric Holder

4c002b No.122892


I can't say where he is.

But he'sa fraid.

Remember when he begged world leaders for security?

7ab81d No.122893

The most troubling crumb is that Q stated the train derailment was in direct response to what happened in ATL.

If true, real life is more frightening than a movie plot.

e53531 No.122894


Stfu shill. You are obsessed with pot. So simple and sad a life you live. This is NOT what we are talking about in this board. And there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Deal.

aad7a1 No.122895


Q from 2 Nov:

To those watching (you know who you are):

You have a choice to make.

You can stand up and do what you know to be right.

Or you can suffer the consequences of your previous actions.

Make no mistake, you are on the losing side.

The choice is yours.

If you decide to take down /pol/ and the net we will be ready.

4920-a 293883 zAj-1 0020192

Alice & Wonderland.

aa7618 No.122896


P.S. We post broken links here on purpose, for operational security (OpSec). Just cut and paste the link to the browser's URL field, and manually fix the link by deleting the inserted space. It's for your safety and ours.

c42c73 No.122897

Words! I needs words!!!! Arghhhh

911205 No.122898


Bless ya!

32af81 No.122900

File: 346803fd38ef834⋯.png (319.75 KB, 938x1024, 469:512, ClipboardImage.png)


8ddd55 No.122901

File: 3e90f22829423cd⋯.jpg (235.8 KB, 621x619, 621:619, HillaryBeFiredYo_v2.jpg)


Thank you sir, might I have another?

4b9a46 No.122902


enjoy your luudes then, chodehumper

cb3464 No.122903


Hey I never heard that- where did you see he has Secret Service protection?

e53531 No.122904


Dont try to tie the two together for your own selfish interests.

Love Jeff Sessions!

050f49 No.122905


Well you're obsessed with weiners. Don't judge.

caa2ed No.122906

Christopher Wray kept saying in his testimony

that the Inspector General had taken on the

Clinton Investigation and that he was

anxiously waiting for the report.

He couldn't answer anything because of this. Two parts:

https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=ckJwJReNol4

84b2e8 No.122907


McCabe will be the key to the entire unraveling. Clown plant inside f_i

e53531 No.122908


Kike fuck. You cant do shit. Hope you od

f6b241 No.122909

I'm so overwhelmed with love for POTUS right now

c4695b No.122910

Anthony Weiner Huma Abedin Hillary Clinton >>122871

4b9a46 No.122911


I couldn't afford marijuana even if it WAS legal

the issue is he's unwilling to even entertain facts on the matter at all

39fc6c No.122912

Google Cache of the now missing WH article:


The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release

May 11, 2017


President Announces Formation of Bipartisan Presidential Commission on Election Integrity

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, President Donald J. Trump announced the issuance of an executive order forming the bipartisan Presidential Commission on Election Integrity. The President also named Vice President Mike Pence as Chairman and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach as Vice-Chair of the Commission.

Five additional members were named to the bipartisan commission today:

• Connie Lawson, Secretary of State of Indiana

• Bill Gardner, Secretary of State of New Hampshire

• Matthew Dunlap, Secretary of State of Maine

• Ken Blackwell, Former Secretary of State of Ohio

• Christy McCormick, Commissioner, Election Assistance Commission

"This action by President Trump fulfills another promise made to the American people,” said Vice President Pence. “We can't take for granted the integrity of the vote. This bipartisan commission will review ways to strengthen the integrity of elections in order to protect and preserve the principle of one person, one vote because the integrity of the vote is the foundation of our democracy."

The Commission on Election Integrity will study vulnerabilities in voting systems used for federal elections that could lead to improper voter registrations, improper voting, fraudulent voter registrations, and fraudulent voting. The Commission will also study concerns about voter suppression, as well as other voting irregularities. The Commission will utilize all available data, including state and federal databases.

Secretary Kobach, Vice-Chair of the Commission added: "As the chief election officer of a state, ensuring the integrity of elections is my number one responsibility. The work of this commission will assist all state elections officials in the country in understanding, and addressing, the problem of voter fraud."

Additional Commission members will be named at a later time. It is expected the Commission will spend the next year completing its work and issue a report in 2018.

871d4e No.122913


they would operate out of the cargo terminal

e53531 No.122914



Q confirms Jeff Session is GOOD GUY!

Thank you, Q.

c42c73 No.122915


The lady was pissed due to being fired and shut off the link?

7cb7c2 No.122916

This is huge, there are so many references to darkness.

https://www.usnews. com/news/best-states/georgia/articles/2017-12-07/heavy-smoke-over-atlanta-airport-part-of-fire-training-drill

>a plume of heavy, dark smoke rising over the city and visible for miles.

Exactly the day Q said, 12/7 - 12/17

515972 No.122917


I use another browser to paste the link too, that way no cookies to this site etc.

32af81 No.122918

File: 5b49ae21262df9e⋯.png (3.02 MB, 2122x1415, 2122:1415, ClipboardImage.png)

56e696 No.122919

File: 802a97fc6823bbd⋯.png (26.82 KB, 1230x120, 41:4, 1.png)

File: 6dad4217060a0a0⋯.png (42.04 KB, 968x154, 44:7, 2.png)


Q confirmed the meaning of SPLASH & FOX THREE (by drawing attention to an anon's post)

e53531 No.122920


Couldnt care less. Doubt he does too. More important things in this world are priority, pot head.

5516cd No.122921


Anthony?, Huma, Hillary, Lynn (R), Barack, Eric

c42c73 No.122922

bb525b No.122923

File: 6c33794200e47ec⋯.jpg (92.13 KB, 500x515, 100:103, 21bype.jpg)

made corrections

39b821 No.122924

File: 2b75d799c08420c⋯.png (1.44 MB, 2716x1811, 2716:1811, e659c33d6463b6223367ed0882….png)

5516cd No.122925


Or A - Adam Schiff

f6b241 No.122926

Can we repost Q's first message tonight pls?

8ddd55 No.122927

File: eff4cee96390981⋯.jpg (48.86 KB, 461x600, 461:600, TheTruthComesOut_2.jpg)

>>122900 [del]

? :)

4b9a46 No.122928


>don't smoke it

>don't want to

>point out someone's inability to change when evidence is presented

>get shit on


5516cd No.122929


Or L - Loretta Lynch

e53531 No.122930


We will see arrests on new later today

6dd333 No.122931


It’s not missing… they made a new link, read all posts…

5516cd No.122932


It is at top anon

fefe0c No.122933


Like, but "The Storm" is better, closer.

3061d4 No.122934


Renegade = Manchu Candito, no?

e53531 No.122936


Yes, everyone keeps forgetting her be she is super important.

fefe0c No.122937


"Watch the Show".

Why are you asking Q, he already told you. Watch the Show

39b821 No.122938

File: af7abf7c50a951c⋯.png (803.14 KB, 1389x1314, 463:438, cbts.png)

39fc6c No.122939


I trust Sessions. He was one of the earliest supporters of Trump and campaigned with him early. I'll never forget him putting on a MAGA cap and stumping for Trump in his home state!

e53531 No.122940

Love Jeff Sessions and Q!

8ddd55 No.122941


I've found that MJ is much less harmful to society than alcohol. JS

f6b241 No.122942


And they didnt want to appoint him either

c19a28 No.122943


You can get these yourself.

cb3464 No.122944


She has the face of a raving lunatic. I've wondered if that car 'accident' was some kind of 'sell your soul' move. Not_Normal

e53531 No.122945


Agree totally.

And he will be a hero in history very soon.

5516cd No.122946


I think that string of letters connects them all. AHHLBE… order of arrests? A went first, H is wife, also right hand to H, heavy ties to L, who protected B, who was backed by E

39b821 No.122947


Nice idea. I'll put an actual storm in his face.

515972 No.122948


Sessions is Andy Griffith (for us old guys) seems like a good 'ol home boy and daf but always gets his man, he just play'n

18ea61 No.122949

c42c73 No.122950

File: ba6410e667dd59f⋯.jpeg (252.79 KB, 1536x1024, 3:2, 820AB6EF-098C-4B6C-AD7F-9….jpeg)

84b2e8 No.122951


Yeah, that got me too. still trying to figure logic in that. How exactly is that retaliation? on whom?

8ddd55 No.122952

File: 91502a3cf64fb9c⋯.jpg (134.37 KB, 690x414, 5:3, AdamEveSchiffBinLaden2.jpg)

e53531 No.122953


Shill alert!

BO, get on it.

5516cd No.122954


Need to figure underscores now… why are they distinct for last few? Timing bt arrests?

c4695b No.122957


More like Barnie Fife

8ddd55 No.122958


Oh fuck off you shill fuck

635a08 No.122959


Abedin, Hitlary, Holder, Lynch, Bill, Epstein?

8e4b45 No.122960


Another possibility:

Extractions are typically assets. So, what if a bomb or some other event was meant to harm a good guy, who passed through ATL? Maybe the bomb was thwarted and the good guy was extracted.

5516cd No.122962


Means it had to be someone big and meaningful!

515972 No.122963


We stopped a false flag at atlanta

e3972b No.122964

Sessions has taken so much heat on the internet b/c of his recusal. He will be a hero. I can't imagine the threats he and others have received for standing for what's right.

c69415 No.122965

FLASH BREAK, the BREAK. What is the BREAK?

e53531 No.122966

Shill alert. Obsessed with talking about mary jane. Trying to distract discussion on here.

c19a28 No.122967


Somebody funded by the person grabbed in ATL, hit the train?

f6b241 No.122968


Christmas Break

4c002b No.122969

c42c73 No.122970



That would be soros

f5a899 No.122972


MJ leads to schizophrenia… and opens the door to demon possession and infiltration.

5516cd No.122973


Antifa made the claim of cement on tracks… who funds them? SOROS, had to be him

84b2e8 No.122974


He and POTUS worked the good/cop bad cop routine to perfection.

6a99a6 No.122975

File: 6270ff71263c964⋯.jpg (59.42 KB, 673x446, 673:446, CBTSScreenShot2017-12-19at….jpg)


8ddd55 No.122976

So, what's going on with NK? Didn't we send a fleet of ships over there? Is that just to keep them from doing anything stupid while other stuff is taken care of?

87466c No.122977

Is there something wrong with me if that video didnt bother me?

aad7a1 No.122978

Sen Corker, called out by Q for not seeking re-election, flipped from ‘NO’ to ‘YES’ on the tax bill a few hours ago. Did he take the deal?

4e8569 No.122980

File: 49d127761c50452⋯.jpeg (299.1 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ff2205d37b2738a47c5091ca2….jpeg)


What do you call the ATL pic on the right?

5516cd No.122981


Yes, I am deeply concerned for your well being

6a99a6 No.122983


Sounds like it

28e1dd No.122984


greetings. leave subject blank, anon

f6b241 No.122985



f35a32 No.122986

File: 36415426daa1015⋯.png (1.94 MB, 1438x1212, 719:606, widespread_panic.png)

8ddd55 No.122987


Ok. Well.. not going to slide the thread with talk about drugs. I was just putting in my $0.02 since it was being talked about. Probably shouldn't have. There's other threads for that.


5516cd No.122988


THIS. Someone said something looked fishy with fire res… what is it? (Not good with abnormalities like this) :(

c42c73 No.122989

File: fc403039d84db11⋯.jpeg (134.21 KB, 1131x1472, 1131:1472, B6561EA6-930C-4427-953E-F….jpeg)

7489d3 No.122991

That’s the spot the fire started. Transfer switch.


aad7a1 No.122992


Break — Signals a pause during a long transmission to open the channel for other transmissions, especially for allowing any potential emergency traffic to get through. (Not used in British Army)

4c002b No.122993


You psychopath.

Just because you have no morality does not mean it is wrong, you clown.

c4695b No.122994

Soros did not want keystone pipeline and bought variou railroads to transport oil … any connection to train crash ?

e9a990 No.122995

File: 2b0f012cca83eac⋯.jpg (123.49 KB, 896x491, 896:491, Screenshot_20171218-234034.jpg)

87466c No.122998



Heh, i died long ago in that department. Either that or ive seen too much.

ddd263 No.122999

poetic justice would be Seal Team 6 op on BO

f6b241 No.123000


dumb it down for me.

c42c73 No.123001

File: 9a3472daa89c87d⋯.jpeg (140.7 KB, 1131x1472, 1131:1472, 04741727-DA40-48A8-A97B-9….jpeg)

f5a899 No.123002


Ok. Well. Bye.

7ab81d No.123004


Pick 12









Clinton, B

Clinton, H

Clinton, C




Podesta, J


e3972b No.123006

Seal Team 6 would be poetic justice. What a great point.

aae7ab No.123007


its like a hostage situation you have to kill one of them to show you are serious

c578ce No.123008

Please please please let there be some public arrest finally

http:// yournewswire.com/arrest-50-elite-pedophiles-washington/amp/?__twitter_impression=true

c19a28 No.123009


Good crumb to recall, thanks.

e53531 No.123012

Marine SpecOps


8ddd55 No.123013

File: eb6149ca4eb21d5⋯.jpg (195.58 KB, 762x810, 127:135, freeBreadsticksBHOLibrary2.jpg)

3 good jokes in this one. ;)

5516cd No.123014


Were talking levels of climax there anon…

515972 No.123015


No train was doing 81 mph on a 30 mph curve, not cement, someone took over control of the train and didn't slow down, look at the curve on google maps, it's pretty sharp. You can see in this pic it left the track straight, hit the cement wall/dirt mound and headed down the hill to I5, all those people going from 81 mph to 0 in a few seconds, lots of whiplash.

c3bae8 No.123016


Pence got his deal revoked.

Canceled his trip to Israel this morning.

Known to be good friends with Bennie, an co- pedo's who like to strangle afterwards

Jared Kushner was one of Bennie's boys when he was a kid..

The Trump clan is out for pay back…

f5a899 No.123017


You do realize that by you calling yourself CBTS or any other name ruins your credibility here. We are Anonymous here.

339df5 No.123018



>Why did the WH link posted turn up 404 (2) days after?

>Expand your thinking.

>Do you believe in coincidences?


Error 404: Web page not found

The page was removed/deleted/renamed?


6dd333 No.123019


Seems like they were the cabals go to team…

7489d3 No.123020


The fire which knocked out the power at the Atlanta airport started in that spot. Very strategic spot in the power layout of the airport.

102433 No.123021


wait what vid ??

e53531 No.123022


There is the main list…and then there are many more sublists…

39fc6c No.123023


This is FREEOM 1-43 from 4chan (special operations and missions):

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID:3LaVfhm8 Sat 25 Nov 2017 12:30:47 No.150870083  Report












































_FREEDOM-_vGER_US_yes_000BVx_LO_yes_[… + 1]_Conf_y



84b2e8 No.123024


MO seems different, tho antifa seems to always want to promote their communist bs agenda. The train attack would seem to serve no purpose other than death for death sake, as far as i can tell

f6b241 No.123025



cb3464 No.123026


Attack on the people. Terrorism. Lashing out at whatever 'soft target' they can hit.

c3bae8 No.123027

5516cd No.123028


A little desensitized myself… wish it were different

fefe0c No.123029



Next op is 22nd

87466c No.123030




What? Either im a complete retard or…something but i dont understand what your saying.

000000 No.123031


If any top-level person (BHO, HRC, etc) is getting arrested in all this, then Sessions cannot be the one to pull the trigger (or if he does it has to be completely deniable – maybe this is the true purpose of Mueller). The political shitstorm that would erupt for Sessions to do it directly would be the biggest shitstorm in the history of shit.

How long can you be arrested by the feds before they have to announce? Probably there is a nat sec exception too. When that clock runs out on this ATL extract, the show is on for sure. Enough time to pass tax cuts first?

7489d3 No.123032


Pence cancelled trip in case of tie on tax vote. He’d break tie

f5a899 No.123034

So what is keeping Trump from being a Monarch?

2bda1c No.123035


He left it up to the individual states moron. If you want dope move to a state that has legalized it and SHUT THE FUCK UP

014d60 No.123036


Barbara and Laura Bush both look like manladies.

4c002b No.123037



e9a990 No.123038


Pence needs to be around for tax vote tomorrow silly

84b2e8 No.123039

caa2ed No.123040

During the Benghazi hearings

I believe

that the Inspector General was one of the witnesses

who clearly stated that security was breached

when HRC installed that server

He almost screamed it.

So Sessions recuses himself

and puts someone familiar with the subject

in charge of investigating the details

Sessions keeps politics out of it.

Appoints someone no one suspected

and who was not corrupted

7489d3 No.123041

Us constitution


5516cd No.123042


What purpose do their riots serve, other than trying to kill Trumpers?

8ddd55 No.123043

Intentionally abusing children creates psychopaths. That's how they roll.

fefe0c No.123044


He is the Monarch

cb8b3f No.123045


Just a suggestion here. Do NOT dox yourself (let your identity be known for people not up to chan talk).

Do NOT dox others. This isn't a friendly game, Some pretty ugly people lurk here, and they would love to interrogate you on what you know. It's real, they're real, and they don't play nice. Seems we had a couple of morons trying to dox Q. Pretty dumb. If you've got an idea, good. Keep it to yourself. (I shouldn't have to say this.)

Apply basic OPSEC and COMMSEC.

6dd333 No.123046


George Washington

f6b241 No.123047


jerusalem thing another trap?

f5a899 No.123048


You failed to grasp the meaning.

e3972b No.123049

Maybe they are lashing out at POTUS by hurting innocents. Maybe they are threatening him by terrorizing US people.

e53531 No.123050



And if there are major military ops underway that too.

9a288b No.123051


They want to be maskfags

They have no idea

f35a32 No.123052

File: 9cccec30e1377b7⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1470x1222, 735:611, heard_q_cant_sleep_anymore.png)

f6b241 No.123053


The day the funding is up before the next shut down

e9a990 No.123054


now mcstain retreating to AZ is a different story

d6026a No.123055

2 139 bread. wtf is wrong with you people?

5516cd No.123056


Are you aware of their post this morning? We cannot attribute exactly what caused this at the moment. Where was fail safe to prevent passing max speeds? Q said it was retalition

aae7ab No.123057


Its a warning possible more to come death is nothing to these people

c3bae8 No.123058



Ok. That's what the edia is telling you. 10-15 headlines on it…why couldn't he go on Wed or Thursday? Why was it pushed til mid January?

c42c73 No.123059


Announced he was returning after holiday

aa7618 No.123060



We better start meming

Jeff Sessions /ourguy/ then.

Until now nobody quite dared

because we weren't sure.


84b2e8 No.123061


Even if POTUS pulls a Putin, I'd rather be on that path than the path HRC and Hussein were taking us. 8 more yrs– our doom would have been sealed

fefe0c No.123062



Logic is not the strong suit of evil

4b9a46 No.123063


those cover ankle monitors very effectively

bb525b No.123064

File: d641bdf568a6707⋯.jpg (52.71 KB, 620x387, 620:387, 21bz5h.jpg)

4c002b No.123065


Another train crashed.

e53531 No.123066


No dispute now

c2b49f No.123067


I was thinking the same thing.

c69415 No.123068




27th IAD?

5516cd No.123069


Adding to this (esp for newcomers), when posting link, add space anywhere in link before posting, just do it.

7ab81d No.123070


I am assuming BHO is spider. With 43 connections. We know HRC already fried for deal. Minor actors would have tried to cut deal to give up more valuable piece.

This chess.



Bishop - Podesta, Abedin

Rook-Lynch, Holder

Pones - Mills, DWS, Donna, Bentel, Samuelson, Pagliano, Schiff, Page, McCabe

Who else? Gotta get to 43.

87466c No.123071


You know, i sometimes sit around and stare down people who can actually feel that kind of stuff. I try to understand, it fascinates me that someone is in a different world, one i cant reach.

8ddd55 No.123072


Might be good to not announce it yet.. js

7489d3 No.123073


Or perhaps you failed to communicate it.

9a288b No.123074

f5a899 No.123075


You know Monarch programming is called that for a reason… The Shadow King does not know he is The Shadow King.

cda0f4 No.123076



"Panic in DC?


3a1ebf No.123077

ddd263 No.123078

>poetic justice would be Seal Team 6 op on BO

No arrest, a double tap and then sea burial like his bro Osama

c42c73 No.123079

5516cd No.123080


Isnt that the truth! "Therefore, they openly showed their symbolism"

6a99a6 No.123081

File: fca01d1b78df149⋯.png (89.46 KB, 985x309, 985:309, Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at ….png)

File: 7ad0e83e4e89c80⋯.png (226.67 KB, 1002x669, 334:223, Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at ….png)

File: 4c2d17772062069⋯.png (270.92 KB, 1060x653, 1060:653, Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at ….png)

HRC's original choice for campaign manager was indicted by FBI while campaigning for M. Brown who was running for Fam Court Judge in Erie County, NY. She is the head of Buffalo CHILDREN'S legal… Now couple that with other articles I've found relating to the fan courts there:

84b2e8 No.123082


been going on behind the scenes the entire time.

f5a899 No.123083


The ultimate compartmentalization.

e9a990 No.123085


could even do it all proper Muslim-like

aa7618 No.123086


Do you think they shot down the purpoted Israeli cargo that purportedly departed from ATL carrying hot cargo? I was wondering if that report was credible or just pure speculation or misinformation last night.

e3972b No.123087

I think Antifa was to put fear in people and cause confusion/division. I don't think Antifa had the result they had planned. MSM tried to paint them as patriots, but it fell flat. No one buyed it. Antifa are basement dwellers. Even the attacks at Trump rallies did not keep Deplorables away. Trump's message was too strong.

6dd333 No.123088


Looks like the other board is jealous, and is trying to muscle their way back in…

cda0f4 No.123089


Soros? Roths? Congressmen?

5516cd No.123090


Uh what are you talking about?

8ddd55 No.123091


Yeah. They have to 'play the game' because calling people out in person is really awkward.

84b2e8 No.123092


i'll believe it when i see it

4c002b No.123093


Look it up.

f5a899 No.123094


I think you are a namefag because you are confused.

d5112f No.123095


23k = 23k gold - as compared to 24k (pure)

(pure enough so far - that we don't crack it.)

5516cd No.123096


Well they are gonna be smacked in the face with the truth at some point, and could be seriously messed up from it. Better to know imo

39fc6c No.123097


19 special operations and military operations occurring NOW.

5516cd No.123098


14.50 for you too?

911205 No.123099

Any bake addtions?

87466c No.123100

If that video is being released for the very first time in public, at least here… they are going to burn some shit down! That type of mindset will not let go, its either all or nothing.

56e696 No.123101


Nov 13 Q:

>Patriots don’t sleep.


>Everything has meaning.

3d34ee No.123102

Sessions needs positive memes

HRC and BHO need exposure memes

GHWB and GWB need noose memes


5516cd No.123103

e3972b No.123104

I wonder where the ops are occurring? Global or nationally? Wow.

6a99a6 No.123105

File: a6dbd4a73b16419⋯.png (213.5 KB, 1033x296, 1033:296, Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at ….png)

File: 633beeb986942ff⋯.png (353.6 KB, 1039x571, 1039:571, Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at ….png)

File: f9e168b36fb4b46⋯.png (221.42 KB, 1040x291, 1040:291, Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at ….png)

When parents are reporting sexual-abuse of their children in Buffalo, they are being attacked by CPS and LEOs… This isn't right. Needs to end.

c48f6e No.123106


FB = FBI - I

Hidden in plain sight. They are collecting data and idiots are uploading it by themselves.

5516cd No.123107


Has been on youtube for a while now

b1e238 No.123108

File: 4d05f28d7ab891f⋯.png (10.03 KB, 320x320, 1:1, Chess_blt45.svg.png)

Chess Bishop symbol has +

Further evidence Soros was extracted?

911205 No.123109


Brah just a heads up. No one takes namefags seriously here. Ditch the name. No one will listen to a word you say otherwise. It's the way it is here. Assimilate and you're welcome.

39fc6c No.123110





Poland is one of the few European countries to refuse to accept the muslim invasion started by the cabal to destroy all Christian countries and all Christian people.

c48f6e No.123111





e9a990 No.123112

f5a899 No.123114


You have been living under a rock huh?

7ab81d No.123115


Soros and Roth would be on separate webs, I think. I think Good guys are going after politicians/donors that would impact 2018 elections. Can’t run from a jail cell. Can’t raise money when DNC all but shut down. Bannon did a wonderful job cutting off liberal $ w/sex scandals. (None of leaks happened until he and Gorka left WH).

1df988 No.123116


"When this breaks many won't swallow"

If BO is arrested, 1/2 the country will go nuts.

6a99a6 No.123117

File: 0c3b0421de083ed⋯.png (192.46 KB, 679x662, 679:662, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)

Been reported to authorities since 1999… Continues to operate. hmmmm…

78b466 No.123118


Love Poland!

And they have a safe country.

39b821 No.123119



Here is the latest excuse they're pushing:

>BREAKING: SEATTLE (AP) – NTSB: Data recorder shows derailed Amtrak train was traveling at 80 mph in a 30 mph zone.

If they wanted to go that slow, they would have stayed on the original track.

7cb7c2 No.123120

5516cd No.123121


Same goes for HRC

f5a899 No.123124



bb307c No.123125

File: 063bd6cf5ee7644⋯.png (463.98 KB, 1674x816, 279:136, sq7600ual.png)

United Airlines N12125 Squawking 7600 (Comms Failure). Flightpath is LAX to IAD!

e3972b No.123126

Yes, if Hussein is cuffed straight-jackets will be needed for snowflakes.

4c002b No.123128


Kocham Polskę i kocham Cię!

18ea61 No.123130


Agreed. Thugs like ANTIFA, operate on blind ideology, not reason. If they try to throw down, with the US forces; their love for anarchy will be their undoing. They are cowards and will be scattered like wheat.

e9a990 No.123131


same half though :)

87466c No.123132


Yeah but, i guessing thats about all they will show. I mean if people will lose it seeing that..then DAMN if they see the end result!

78b466 No.123133


Says "Not authorized to view these tweets"

6a99a6 No.123134

File: ae35c95c21dcdee⋯.png (47.07 KB, 667x132, 667:132, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)

I wonder why these crimes continue to go unchecked in Buffalo… (I don't).

1f84d5 No.123136

You are the greatest operators of all time

words have no way to convey how proud and grateful I am of you all

I give you my deepest, sincerest thank on behalf of my sons and I

God has a special place for you all

7ab81d No.123137


Either disinformation or slanted media. Even with family 3Letters connection, I think he’s fringe.

1df988 No.123138


Yea but the difference is most of the country knows she's crooked. However people worship BO like he's the second coming.

d6026a No.123139


good info. i will ask this though. isn't the time for hiding over? if we lose this war we are dead anyway. and rounding up millions to question them when they are running for their very lives will prove difficult. are we not seeing they have lost direction? why in the fuck is holder suddenly speaking? the structure is collapsing around them is my guess. i'm worried about that shit still yeah. but i'm more worried about what happens if we lose. i do agree some caution, but there is a reason also to run into a fire sometimes. twittwat and fakebook set rules because they can't get us ALL> fight on patriots.

9a288b No.123140



98b7c6 No.123141


Electrician here for 35 year

That is not Transfer Switch

Look like main line feeder

f5a899 No.123142


Are you mentally challenged… you are a tourist namefag. We are Anonymous here… you are a pedestrian.

5516cd No.123143


Soros points, and the dogs run off after the bait. The reward? Money, children, drugs, protection??

f5a899 No.123144

We don't yield for pedestrians here.

3d34ee No.123145


Unless we force the meme that he wanted everyone dead in a nuclear war facilitated by his actions as the chair of the UN security council, allowed Uranium to be sold, and had it fall into Russian, NK and Iranian hands

5516cd No.123146



Yes HRC would be much easier to *swallow* for people than BO, bc most dont know about corruption. Hezbollah was huge start, even hit some MSM

84b2e8 No.123148



For the Antifa handlers (GS): Optics of resistance against tyranny; it worked in Charlottesville bc of Mockingbird support. They handlers certain have used tactics and logic in the past with their antifa slaves. just saying

6a99a6 No.123149

File: a730bf2932fa58d⋯.png (409.07 KB, 662x546, 331:273, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)

Hillary, Huma and a little girl… Sex-tape found on Weiner's laptop. NYPD confirmed to Liz Cronkin. Why is this witch still breathing?

5516cd No.123151


From pics I dont understand how only 3 people died going 80… that thing was FLYING off the tracks

4c002b No.123152


That is bullshit. It was NSA software!

cc8503 No.123153


404 is the original/main area code for Atlanta.

f35a32 No.123155

File: b20a89a51718b24⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1120x1132, 280:283, face_reporters_storm_arriv….png)

3d34ee No.123156

BHO is worse than the Rosenberg's because of how deeply involved he became in subverting and destroying America while acting like the "savior" media made him out to be

1df988 No.123157


Yes. Notice Q talks about him and hardly ever about Hillary.

I think that's what Q wants us to do.

18ea61 No.123158

Um guys…


28e1dd No.123159


Q said "12 deals rejected….."

5516cd No.123160


Remember the 20/80, but when someone gets arrested that becomes 100… well see who gets what type of treatment

4c002b No.123161

File: dac8cb8479f133d⋯.jpg (5.62 MB, 2250x2850, 15:19, image.jpg)


Child sex trafficker.

Believe me.


Fake news.

787ba6 No.123162


Rothschild means "Red Shield"

8ddd55 No.123163

File: 1a0dbb9dfbc427b⋯.jpg (55.61 KB, 370x355, 74:71, SpiritNonCooking.jpg)

5516cd No.123164


Heavy connections to HRC, Roths, Soros though, could he not be a pawn even? Esp as plant by Clowns?

f6b241 No.123165



57e5c6 No.123166


>Awan recently in the news


"Ex-Dem IT aide Imran Awan could flee to Pakistan if restrictions lifted, DOJ warns. Awan, a former IT aide for Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is currently enrolled in the High Intensity Supervision Program (HISP) with conditions that he abide by an electronically monitored curfew of 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. and a limit on traveling beyond 150 miles from his residence, according to court documents. Awan and his attorney want to lift those conditions, including the electronic monitoring bracelet. "

f5a899 No.123167







One of these things is not like the others

One of these things just doesn't belong

Can you tell which thing is not like the others

By the time I finish my song?

And now my song is done.

56e696 No.123168


Thanks for that!!

Q on Dec 15:

>(specifically, the ‘feeder’).

>Shall we play a game?

>Find the spider(s) and build the web (the ‘map’).

>Remember, they consider you to be the fly (specifically, the ‘feeder’).

787ba6 No.123169


That is not what he said

7ab81d No.123170


I heard for anons connected with NYPD several years old tape of HRC, Huma and 17 -your. Girl. It sure if story recycled.

Also, read NYPD was livid when feds took “move along, nothing to see here” approach to insurance Weiner had.

5516cd No.123171


TRUST ANON TRUST. We have all the right people in the right places, but more importantly, THEY ARE ALL ON THE DONS SIDE. For them its either work with Justice or FEEL JUSTICE - see Q post from Nov 2

c42c73 No.123172

News is saying NK hacked us with malware also


cb8b3f No.123173


"wetstart" was known as a "maverick" senator a couple of decades back. We didn;t use the term RINO much then. Who knew?

aa7618 No.123174


There are virtually no Sessions memes in the library. Needs attention, fags!

There are tons of HRC and BHO memes.

There are probably a few dozen GHWB and GWB memes but not with noose.

f6b241 No.123175

Potus' team refused the deals proposed to them. These people are in no position to receive deals or turn them down if they were to be offered.

1df988 No.123176



4c002b No.123177

File: 3c840e6b95c1336⋯.jpg (31.85 KB, 640x480, 4:3, stealthjeff.jpg)

5516cd No.123178


They will chalk it up as the resistance and wont cover the details. Just simply regurgitate what someone in office said about wanting to impeach DT

6a99a6 No.123179

File: 39bb9018c855afb⋯.png (407.5 KB, 1022x623, 146:89, Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at ….png)

We know the Rothschilds are dirty… Who do they run with? The Cohens and Bronfmans… Sarah and Clare Bronfman fund the sex-cult "NXIVM", described as "scientology with pedophilia". Michelle Brown (formerly Cohen), runs Buffalo Children's Legal (feeds the foster care system) and her campaign manger was Steve Pigeon (former NXIVM employee) who was indicted by FBI (cohencidentally, right after he left NXIVM and his buddy whistle-blowed on them)….

Put it together.

c42c73 No.123180


Yea read that today. But he’s someone’s pawn

a2a5b8 No.123181

File: c6a78136570f4c7⋯.jpg (120.28 KB, 800x800, 1:1, sessionsrules.jpg)

File: 5aa4cf1048e7c63⋯.jpg (95.83 KB, 888x499, 888:499, sessionsrulesdude.jpg)

File: 643428976dcea7d⋯.jpg (150.58 KB, 1440x907, 1440:907, sessionssssssssss.jpg)

File: 3c347337b971e88⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1049x4245, 1049:4245, sessionstrump.png)

e9a990 No.123182

File: 1d0db8012911760⋯.jpg (332.49 KB, 1028x1268, 257:317, Screenshot_20171219-000611.jpg)

3a1ebf No.123183


It is my understanding that President Trump declared Huma, HRC, Wm Clinton, John McCain, George H & George W Bush, Obama, a Senator from California (Pelosi), Chuck Schumer, Weinstein, Spacey, and a long list as domestic terrorist. They cannot leave the country now. Aledged to have occurred on Saturday while with VP Pence at Camp David.

5516cd No.123184



6a99a6 No.123185

Look… I'm going to say it until I'm blue in the face… Buffalo, NY is the fucking hornet's nest of elite, pedo, Satanist, scum.

f6b241 No.123186


"Scientology with pedophilia"

Well, thats redundant

4c002b No.123187


Best meme ever.

6a99a6 No.123188



7ab81d No.123189


I suspect he has “sources”that give him leading edge on reporting. Could he be getting bad info from cia? Possible. He’s a wealthy liberal living in NYC. He would contribute to HRC, soros orgs. Partly for belief, partly to gain access to story leads.

0ca9c1 No.123190


please oh please oh please

Santa, this is my Christmas wish. Let Seal Team 6 have BO. It's only fitting.

cc8503 No.123191


404 is the main area code for Atlanta.

b248da No.123192

[10] = ten guns/missiles

could also mean [10] attacks such as false flags.

28e1dd No.123193

Baker—— title suggestion

- Solder's Prayer - *Say It Loud, Say it Strong*

5516cd No.123194


How do you get this? I can see it on a few… but not all of them.

a2a5b8 No.123195

File: 64c721f6cac0bc1⋯.jpg (273.54 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, sessionsdoj.jpg)

bb307c No.123196


Thats a long way to fly without comms.

f3fc9e No.123197


Buffalo over anywhere in cali?

5516cd No.123198



8e4b45 No.123199


It has been over a year and still no sign of this fucking video. It will be shown on the sides of milk cartons, most likely

4c002b No.123201

File: 95d677fde54546b⋯.png (158.94 KB, 648x442, 324:221, love.png)

cb3464 No.123202


Going to need a lot of really magical memes to address this. Not sure if the unemployment rate going down will be enough.

4c002b No.123203

File: 64b11273ad0aa3d⋯.jpg (33.68 KB, 478x433, 478:433, image.jpg)

c42c73 No.123204

File: 02bddd1ce58cc01⋯.jpeg (178.84 KB, 1536x1152, 4:3, F8165DBC-3987-4F21-AC2F-C….jpeg)

File: 00fd0b001c73a1e⋯.jpeg (187.82 KB, 1536x1152, 4:3, 2AA315BC-72E2-4D5D-A9D6-C….jpeg)

39fc6c No.123205

File: 9d3ea6c7bc4cdd7⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1480x986, 740:493, 1d4e65868d46528439ad7932e2….png)

4c002b No.123206

File: 9b37482ac852986⋯.jpg (106.58 KB, 888x500, 222:125, i.jpg)

File: 9cb2423fe7e8eee⋯.jpg (111.55 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, yes.jpg)

5516cd No.123207


He could, but why would Clowns turn on one of their most important assets right now? His show draws an entire side of aisle, can draw narrative any way he/they want

fd695a No.123209

File: d8449579b4a51e8⋯.jpg (90.3 KB, 467x604, 467:604, fppxxj234342422adfafdf.JPG)

933e4a No.123211

File: ed105891135166d⋯.jpg (52.15 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, STORMchasers.jpg)

c42c73 No.123212

File: fa1eece10f159c1⋯.jpeg (144.63 KB, 1536x1048, 192:131, 16D29E05-A23F-4029-AAA8-9….jpeg)

39fc6c No.123213

File: 7bafcfdd654cc65⋯.png (190.33 KB, 490x509, 490:509, 7b8bf64c2ce99a70a246d7eac5….png)

5ec3b4 No.123214


worldcorpo dot net

6a99a6 No.123216

File: 7173f43bc30981b⋯.png (38.21 KB, 1146x178, 573:89, Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at ….png)

File: 5d5f4c400a56bb0⋯.png (72.7 KB, 1157x340, 1157:340, Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at ….png)

File: 08d77537da226a1⋯.png (76.63 KB, 1156x378, 578:189, Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at ….png)

File: e1a838dabd6d381⋯.png (196.03 KB, 976x401, 976:401, Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at ….png)


4c002b No.123218



Stroke the text with black.

f5a899 No.123220


Please don't taint this thread or peoples minds with that site.

05cf76 No.123222




4c002b No.123223

File: 09b9c41d9c2cfce⋯.jpg (17.65 KB, 300x289, 300:289, Q.jpg)

570fa2 No.123224


The bracketed numbers usually seem to be units of time (minutes or days, depending on context).

911205 No.123225

File: c4e2b6826209513⋯.jpg (28.7 KB, 428x391, 428:391, 1510731161641.jpg)



39fc6c No.123226

File: 697e301b3cf14ee⋯.jpg (29.46 KB, 607x257, 607:257, 8b8307dacc1b78f44611b7b409….jpg)

1df988 No.123227


Lol nope. I swear, 1/2 the country would end up in emergency psyche wards.

bb525b No.123228

File: c074798cebf9847⋯.jpg (67.42 KB, 598x270, 299:135, 21bzxg.jpg)

7ab81d No.123229

I’m also curious if McC made a death bed deal. Dying but save my legacy type of thing. Seems that last 48 hrs. Timetable really sped up. Who did he meet with at Walter Reed? What did Trump say about him yesterday?

8ddd55 No.123230

File: 26aff8b9157b1ed⋯.png (47.83 KB, 319x178, 319:178, JeffSessionsSwatting.PNG)

e9a990 No.123231


Hezbollah story today in MSM is good material. Also if Strzok turns out to be Obama's birth certificate forger…

c48f6e No.123232

File: b9f2dc425230f13⋯.jpg (175.11 KB, 1345x900, 269:180, Cardinal-Ratzinger-Pro-Eli….jpg)


Bishop hat turned 180° looks like a shield with a cross… what does red represent? red+cross?

b957b0 No.123233

God Bless Our Military!

c42c73 No.123234


b957b0 No.123236


Exact same thoughts.

bb525b No.123238

File: 0955118c00e8cfb⋯.jpg (100.42 KB, 950x500, 19:10, 21c00e.jpg)

9a288b No.123239

File: 6f179409153c11b⋯.jpg (90.29 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1481864531040.jpg)


Pretty spoopy

aa7618 No.123240

>>123167 Fixed in Meme library. Not my OC, can't fix in this thread.


c42c73 No.123241


I would but program I’m using doesn’t have black as an option

39fc6c No.123242

File: 28a81d2c9217d0b⋯.jpg (326.61 KB, 1500x1125, 4:3, 28a81d2c9217d0b3afbeb54f9a….jpg)

Barack Hussein Obama: From Africa, controlled by Saudi Arabia, about to experience the hard ax of justice.

f5a899 No.123243


it's toxic.

c48f6e No.123244


Yahoo! Finally military not avoiding terrorist training buildings. Hope they do the same in EU soon.

b248da No.123245


Check out the earlier post regarding Fox where Fox meant fire and the number of shots followed behind in brackets.

f3fc9e No.123246


If the fake Obama certificate comes out, I'll laugh my fuckin ass off. Just imagine DJTs first smug face when he speaks to the media.

39fc6c No.123247

File: 51c5bf5d379f548⋯.jpg (89.48 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 51c5bf5d379f548e17147d363e….jpg)

014d60 No.123248


It also looks like a snake's head and there's plenty of amanita muscaria / pine cones / pineal connections as well.

caa2ed No.123249

File: e0cf738aa1eadba⋯.png (188.57 KB, 504x341, 504:341, Sessions-01.png)

File: f217e4621ce0519⋯.png (181.2 KB, 504x341, 504:341, Sessions-00.png)

just a first try at this

39fc6c No.123250

File: b4188e781041381⋯.png (375.89 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 86ed3056a3b53c2c6f63ab6da8….png)

5ec3b4 No.123251



It's where the podesta video first appeared apparently.

8dc42c No.123252

Hey Q. Woke from Dream. Shown divergence in Timeline at Jiffy Pop.


339df5 No.123253


somehow the head seems too small

was that on purpose?

True he doesn't have much of an ego but… ???

4c002b No.123254


Yeah, don't go there.

Just know what true evil exists.

I hope you all do something with it.

4b9a46 No.123256

File: cdbc9d901b54839⋯.png (486.66 KB, 719x405, 719:405, THE ONCOMING STORM.png)

bb525b No.123257


As a mememaker, one of the coolest things for me during this adventure has been seeing my work curculating. It humbles me greatly. Thank you and much love to you all

7ab81d No.123258

Did someone present McC with concrete evidence of his part in dossier. Wasn’t Fusion trying to keep bank records secret? Then Russia sued them, maybe they got bank records and gave them to USA in exchange for CIA info on potential terrorist attack. Putin would glad hand over info

9a288b No.123259

File: 473094b18effcae⋯.webm (4.4 MB, 320x240, 4:3, stop.webm)



1df988 No.123260


Strzok? I thought they found CIA digging around looking for BOs Birth C.

39a430 No.123261

File: 3b96bc70b586fea⋯.mp4 (1009.16 KB, 640x640, 1:1, The Emperor protects.mp4)

c42c73 No.123262

File: def4f0bb5ceb86d⋯.jpeg (178.51 KB, 1536x1480, 192:185, 590258C8-8EDE-4EE7-B254-8….jpeg)

4c002b No.123263


There are no coincedences.

1f4f56 No.123264


I love you anon this is amazing. do one for muller as a ordo Hereticus witch hunter

7ab81d No.123265


May be in the eye at this point.

MSM winds expected on back side of storm.

b957b0 No.123266



5ec3b4 No.123267


You have to know evil exists to do something about it.

911205 No.123268

File: 70656f15f4647ec⋯.jpg (59.66 KB, 600x600, 1:1, IMG_0174.JPG)




It's one mother of a redpill.

It may have to be used.

Shock can work.

f3fc9e No.123270


Does Trump then become potus 44?

39fc6c No.123271

File: 05700667ac1b17c⋯.jpg (174.56 KB, 606x734, 303:367, 05700667ac1b17cdbdd5348dff….jpg)

f5a899 No.123272



e3972b No.123273

Was the storm always planned right before Christmas? Is this one of the reasons why President Trump has emphasized a Merry Christmas?

8ddd55 No.123276

File: 7c0a0c46a1571b7⋯.jpg (57.82 KB, 370x355, 74:71, SpiritNonCooked2.jpg)

bcc225 No.123277

File: 3f049df3840f462⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 1152x1850, 576:925, 20171219_030455.jpg)

Merry Qistmas!

>>>All New Q

bb525b No.123278


Fucking golden haha

4c002b No.123280



f5a899 No.123282


No one is listening to you namefag. Keep on ignoring what people are saying… It just proves you need a name… and you need validation for your sorry ass.

1df988 No.123283


LOL that's as confusing these thread number cock ups.

Serious tho, I dunno.

aa7618 No.123286

File: d3b56c7aac31a8d⋯.jpeg (58.43 KB, 478x433, 478:433, Session Secret.jpeg)

cb8b3f No.123288


+ a couple million people that would shut him down. He knows, he wouldn't. Why do you think the deep state was so discreet?

f5a899 No.123290


The Anons have set a table and are newfriendly… but there is no place for you namefag.

0d335b No.123291

File: 0a72d991321babe⋯.png (359.24 KB, 490x326, 245:163, Screenshot-2017-12-19 Meme….png)

7ab81d No.123292

Every time Q says Merry Christmas is after he’s given us a credible tidbit. A gift, if you will.

If memory serves he said 12 days of Christmas, yes? Has he delivered 12 messages?

39fc6c No.123293


I save the best ones and yours is one of them. Thank You !!!

8e4b45 No.123295

File: f4739d714da39ea⋯.jpg (59.58 KB, 400x300, 4:3, budget surplus.jpg)

I guess I can tolerate him, if he is going to lock up these pieces of shit

18ea61 No.123296


no homo


bb525b No.123297


No, thank you, anon.

6a99a6 No.123299

File: 4cffd8da327007d⋯.jpg (90.71 KB, 640x480, 4:3, alex-soros-globalist-polit….jpg)

Who gives a fuck if we have a "special place" for GS… That guy was about to drop from old-age anyway. What about AS (Alex Soros)? He's fucking GS 2.0, for God's sake.

cb3464 No.123302


We need video of him directly plotting against the black community. Many will still flip out, but plenty will turn on him given the right evidence.

39fc6c No.123304

File: a613782f2af6e1b⋯.jpg (75.72 KB, 690x388, 345:194, a613782f2af6e1b13f7d229522….jpg)

39fc6c No.123305

File: abb6ed1ead67e4b⋯.jpg (14.51 KB, 236x178, 118:89, abb6ed1ead67e4bdd3fd843065….jpg)

911205 No.123306

Fresh Hot Sticky Bread

>Fresh n Sticky




>So sticky it has no name #141 Edition

6a99a6 No.123307

Q… Quit patronizing the American people. We will not end up in the psyche-ward if we hear the whole-truth. Drop the heat.

caa2ed No.123308

File: 465ff00bfc940e6⋯.png (87.31 KB, 345x292, 345:292, cruz-dtrumpjr-cookie.png)

anyone heard this story?

f3fc9e No.123310


Need video of BO and Hillarys crimes in Haiti. Thats all nogs will understand: muh slavery + muh sex trade.

d03c5d No.123311


Uh tax reform is not a budget. Those are 2 separate issues. So yes, shutdown is coming on the 22nd.

39fc6c No.123312

File: b68d763ba672949⋯.jpg (53.81 KB, 800x450, 16:9, b68d763ba672949e761e3d8b35….jpg)

4c002b No.123313


racist cookie


cb8b3f No.123314


Until enough of them start dying for their useless cause. They're paid shills. Lenin, I believe referred to this kind as "useful idiots".

39fc6c No.123315

File: f51f8aef75856c7⋯.png (367.51 KB, 847x474, 847:474, b4225122387326695fe851b81b….png)

e3972b No.123316

Did you see the screaming faces of Dems the night of the election? Even some of the MSM reporters were visibly shaken. They will need couch time with a psyche after this.

6a99a6 No.123317

Bring back McCarthyism NOW

aa7618 No.123319


This ID card was outed as fake a couple weeks ago… I didn't check the proof but believed the person who did.

6a99a6 No.123321

This will give you goosebumps…


6594d5 No.123322


I wonder if there's some A Serbian Film-like stuff hidden somewhere. You know, the scene in which a baby is raped immediately after leaving the mother's womb while a film crew shoots it.

Some of the events in that film probably take place in real life.

a23be5 No.123323


He won't, sorry. National security. Very secret.

1df988 No.123324


Ya think? Look how people reacted when Trump won the election. I still laugh at that.

39fc6c No.123325

File: bfd793ebf14ad49⋯.jpg (535.99 KB, 2512x1989, 2512:1989, bfd793ebf14ad491bf4c2c42e4….jpg)

There's nothing better than a criminal who failed, waiting to be taken out.

3d34ee No.123326

File: 2596bc2ebb3d030⋯.jpg (142.04 KB, 478x433, 478:433, Sessions.jpg)

File: 7183eb159af1147⋯.jpg (349.7 KB, 1200x2304, 25:48, All three wanted to kill A….jpg)

Need help making positive memes

All that I've done so far were dark and mocking Hope the Sessions one is alright

39fc6c No.123327

File: 0a1302a87aed178⋯.jpg (75.88 KB, 720x718, 360:359, c8c744b96339417b714cc3408a….jpg)

911205 No.123328


Can you save in higher res anon?

Ding Dong

18ea61 No.123329


More than you know. I have been observing a growing resentment, in the black community, ever since BHO left office.

Getting a black man in the office did nothing for them. The democrats only offer them hate. Not hope and they are starting to feel it.

This growing disillusionment with the democratic party has merely been suppressed by the MSM.

caa2ed No.123330


is this chelsea?

laughing at the curly red hair

that doesn't run in the family?

red hair? ashkenazic?

whose daughter might she really be?

any red haired rothschilds?

6a99a6 No.123331


When politicians are kidnapping and raping our children, it's not a national secret. It's a national imperative to tell the American people.

911205 No.123332

Fresh, Hot, Sticky Bread

>Fresh n Sticky




>So sticky it has no name #141 Edition

8e4b45 No.123333


I suck, Anon. I cannot find anything about it. Must have fallen for fake news somewhere along the way. Apologies.

39fc6c No.123334

File: e2fe8e5671a2263⋯.jpg (37.63 KB, 720x540, 4:3, e2fe8e5671a2263a197463e9fe….jpg)

6a99a6 No.123337

The ONLY thing these pedo-Satanists cannot survive is exposure!

39fc6c No.123338

File: 3539d5e841a8698⋯.jpg (70.82 KB, 940x541, 940:541, ed4f05060bdcd5d7e3d44dd939….jpg)

39fc6c No.123341

File: 0b3ec3e61b817c4⋯.jpg (35.8 KB, 578x371, 578:371, ef9fa17a1829e655178b1a5e37….jpg)

6a99a6 No.123343

And when I say "pedo-Satanists", I mean, Talmudists.

140df1 No.123345



39fc6c No.123347

File: f9e6dd8dabad341⋯.png (310.22 KB, 527x503, 527:503, f9e6dd8dabad341547d71f02d6….png)

39a430 No.123348


Some of us already knew but when we tried to speak out we were called loons and mentally ill. PC culture needs to go into a garbage can asap.

39fc6c No.123349

File: fb68f789b6054a9⋯.jpg (130.58 KB, 750x635, 150:127, fb68f789b6054a96136e0acb40….jpg)

bcc225 No.123350


Best I could get it & that's with overlaying new type. The apps decrease quality but it's FESTIVE & still legible

Goodnight Anons!

39fc6c No.123351

File: fccc687612ff068⋯.jpg (63.31 KB, 888x500, 222:125, fccc687612ff0685d7d01a1ecf….jpg)

b957b0 No.123352


The best.


a23be5 No.123353


Too bad. Be happy you get crumbs, peasant.

6a99a6 No.123354

Everyone should read this… THIS is why politicians do not keep their oaths of office:


b957b0 No.123355



And downloaded.

28e1dd No.123356


leave the subject line blank

6a99a6 No.123357


Shit, we had most of these crumbs before the Q-drops… WE THE PEOPLE uncovered pedi-gate, not our gov't (His name was Seth Rich)

aa7618 No.123358


Newfriend, we've asked you nicely a couple of times. It's protocol here for NOBODY to use a name. (Delete the CBTS text on the Name line before you post.) When you come into somebody else's home you take off your shoes if they don't wear shoes in the house. Capiche?

b957b0 No.123359

Operators in harms way…


caa2ed No.123360


We're helping them find those answers.

We were all betrayed by Obama.

His DOJ did nothing to protect the black people.

I wondered if he was being blackmailed BIG TIME

1. gulf oil disaster

2. fukushima

3. hrc was a witch and betrayed him

I wondered if maybe he had wanted to really do something and just could not

4c002b No.123361



We the people uncovered pizzagate.

cb4eab No.124379


the profit you derive from your memes arn't fame or fortune. It is the opportunity to shape a small part of the gestalt that is anonymous.

You are doing god's work.


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