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File: f0567a780dffc32⋯.jpg (240.93 KB, 1300x768, 325:192, CBTS.jpg)

01647a No.203759

“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of the body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.” ― Thomas Jefferson

Jeremiah 29:11 "‘For I know what I have planned for you,’ says the Lord. ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.’”

We are Restoring the Republic of America

Americas Military + Navy Intelligence, the NSA, the Q group and more have conducted an unprecedented python approach of The-One-PedoRing-To-Rule-Them-All with over 4,289 sealed indictments fueled by the massive NSA information powerhouse [KEY] turned good under Admiral Rogers.

We are living in historic times, and we've been handed a Map of what's to come, and what's going on in this war between Patriots and Clowns.

Here's the catch: The CIA/MSM has lulled the normies into what Q calls Fantasy Land and they cannot handle the Truth. Solution? Sincere Patriots [STONE].

We are the dot connectors. We are the excavators of obscured facts. We are who we've been waiting for our whole lives. We are the Storm, and we are the Calm Center inside it.

Our goal is simple:

To explain the chaos of our times to our loved ones and friends. To explain the chaos of our times to our loved ones and friends. We have been chosen to spread the word and to ease and assist the transition of our world.

>Perhaps he could not in good conscience see the world burn.

Can you?

Suit up lads, we will have Peace through the Strength of our Understanding and give Clarity through our Memetic Spread.



Anon on informed views: >>201644 to >>201644

>informed views

Hard to do when everyone has a different idea of what those are. Have you ever had a conversation

before that included people who thought Jesus was returning now, people who think aliens are coming

now, people who think Satan is leading a cult, and people who think Hitler was an ok guy, all while

attempting to free your country? We all know we've been lied to. We all have totally different

expectations of the truth. Its fascinating from a people-watching perspective. Humanity struggling

to find common ground on truths both mundane and sacred, in live action, with a worldwide audience.

We are active participants in a stranger reality than most sci fi movies now.

01647a No.203765




— MONDAY / 25 Dec 17 (CHRISTMAS DAY) —


>>172761 to >>172726






— SATURDAY / 23 Dec 17 —

Archived! See RESOURCES below.



— FRIDAY / 22 Dec 17 —

Archived! See RESOURCES below.

01647a No.203767





>>203006 PA will appear on InfoWars

>>202440 NSA Finally Gets an Independent Inspector General

>>184094 Chrissy Teigen, John Legend and 2 others apparently detained at LAX. Flight our Planefags were tracking earlier today

>>182981 Our Planefags tracing the flight above earlier today >>184448

>>184614 LAX shut down

>>184297 LAX passenger must have been 'a big fish.'

>>184893 Uranium Passenger?

>>184700 Top Kek

Notable Posts From the Previous Bread(s)


>>203060 Some MIA on twatter

>>203051 Oldfag on culture

>>202965 Ms. Jackson-Lee pedo ring


>>202381 Bill Binney / ThinThread

>>202417, >>202424 10 days of darkness?

>>202429 "&"


>>201363 Anon on the Papacy

>>201391 Crumbs by an anon

>>201435 Anon on Iran deal

>>201466 Anon on OP. F&F and Philippines

>>201460 We are on RT

>>201697 Steve Job's wife

>>201709 P = Philippe?

>>201779 Trump making connection?

>>201868 Trump body double

>>201927 Planefaggotry summarization

>>201953, >>201955 Pepsi's use of fetal cells for flavor enhancement

>>192250 BREAKING House Intelligence Committee Issues Subpoena In Search of McCain Evidence in Trump Dossier Scandal

>>191147 More crumbs for us?

>>190329 Crumbs for us? & >>190337

>>189936 Disney was founded with CIA help

>>190303 Walt Disney was an occultist, satanist, Freemason and pedophile

>>184925 Dec 26 stand, Dec 27

>>184800 It's [0] in the countdown

>>184805 Radio Silence

>>183552 OP IS BIG. The Wrath is REAL.

>>181689 More decoded stringers

>>168555 NEW - Stringer thread has a decode, folks. It involves Seth Rich and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


Washington Crossing the Delaware

>>172153, DoD Tweet

>>162785, Q's post

http://archive.4plebs .org/pol/thread/147433975/#q147433975


BIGLY: Petition for Disclosure, Find the Exchange:

>>139686 to >>139380

https://twitter .com/ABCPolitics/status/943866651803611136

https://www.whitehouse .gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-blocking-property-persons-involved-serious-human-rights-abuse-corruption/

More info: >>141931, >>140461

>>120430 (Petition)

>>139851 to >>139840

>>142996 to >>142811 (Exchange)


01647a No.203769




NEW Who is P? >>202645

NEW FLIGHT TRACKING (PlaneFaggotry) >>195194

Alien / Disclosure Related >>26613

The Asia Foundation >>15984

A peek into (((they))) >>2422

Bloodlines and Y >>7705

CEO/President/Notable Resignations here with date >>146483

Clinton Cabal & Swamp Creatures >>1411

Executive Order Human Rights Violators >>140461

FBIAnon AMA Transcript >>137237

Godfather III >>2078

Hefner, CIA, RAZVI Traverse >>3952

Hunt For Red October >>3102

Isreal & Zionism >>1398

Indictments & Arrests >>3163

Metaphysical & Esoteric Q >>1391

Missle Research - Why has Q mentioned missile as 'missle' twice? >>147334

North Korea >>1342

Occult, Symbolism & Leadership >>4249

Q Signatures >>2198

Q Stringer Central >>2300

Rothschild Family >>1362

Rothschild Family Summary >>139091

Red Cross >>40157

Report Strange NWO Deaths >>114171

Sidley Austin Digathon >>15139

Saudi Arabia & M.E. >>1327

Sealed Indictments >>4409

Snow White and AI Science >>123576

Soros & NGOs >>1367

The British Connections >>117841

Titanic >>106

Vatican, Knights Templar/Malta, Jesuits, FM >>1346

Stringers, military courts >>189447

01647a No.203771





Interactive: https://qcodefag.github .io (has search function, also a section for answers)

Graphic: >>163079 (Grand Q-Map)

Thread archives: http://qarchives .ml/

Text: [4chan] https://pastebin .com/vTs4pdpC | [8chan] https://pastebin .com/dfWVpBbY

PDF: https://anonfile .com/43C4q9d5ba/Q_s_posts_-_CBTS_-_3.12.0.pdf

PDF: For Spider Web Mapping: https://dropfile .to/2UrnCy7

The Book of Q: https://pastebin .com/g893uTTk (pdf, parts I-V)

Q Database: http://www.db-q .com/ (has posts, search, glossary, legend, timeline & quiz)

Spreadsheet: https://app.smartsheet .com/b/publish?EQBCT=7e06675d22854a069d313fb6e08b2444 (Q & A)

Q turned A: https://anonfile .com/ncw5Xdc7b5/QturnedA.pdf

Wiki: Need a proper wiki.

CSV file of Q posts, time stamps, and POTUS Twitter: https://ufile. io/nmyy0

Side by Side of Q/POTUS as Q requested:

All DJT's filtered tweets, only date and ref num. Tab delimited. https://pastebin .com/BCzjTNdK

All DJT tweets after 10/27 - https://pastebin.com /PnVUATb4

All Q's posts times and post nr (4chan & 8) tab spaced - https://pastebin .com/uSJsuGH9

Tools & Information

Mapping tools: >>111700, >>119941

Free information: >>152634

For site archival: https://archive .fo/

Marine Codes: http://marineparents .com/downloads/CP04-AppdxB-Acronyms-Abbreviations.pdf


> Through tempest, storm

> And darkest night,

> Anons don't rest

> 'Til things are right.

THREADS: #5 >>189835, #4 >>142207, #3 >>107604, #2 >>61078, #1 >>2

MEME AMMO: >>180945, (bulk image download)

REDPILL TACTICS: >>189448, >>189460, >>189467



Prayer Requests: >>55606

o7 Captain Mike Green o7

o7 Seth Rich o7

Q asked us to pray. Every Good thought helps.

01647a No.203772





Before posting links, put a space before the first dot after the site's name.

e.g. http://twitter .com http://en.wikipedia .org

When you want to access the site simply copy & paste it at the URL bar and remove the space.

This is done because of how web/http works. If you click the link directly, the

destination site can see which site you are coming from, and that is not desirable.

Use hooktube.com instead of youtube.com

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You can anonymously search web using this site.

It also has a cool feature called "bangs", which allows you to directly

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Although it is allowed, do not provide a valid email address for your comments.

There is very little(if any) reason to do so. This is an anonymous board, and for good reason.

About Shills

Often anons call each other cancers, but truly, shills are THE true cancer of the internet.

They don't care about you, or the subject at hand, or the general worsening situation of the world.

Their interests are either money or delusions of grandeur(leftists).

So what should you do? What sort of an action you should take? How do you combat them? *drum roll*

You don't.

Even if you read the most insulting thing said to you in your life, such that it shakes your very being,

mountains of rage and sadness gush out from the darkest and deepest pits of your heart:


Turn the other cheek. It is the only way. If you answer, they will be alerted(literally, by software)

and they will keep pushing and pushing and pushing. The only winning move with them, is to not play.

Remember, they are utterly worthless as human beings. If you truly get angry, imagine that you are talking to a bot.

Batter & Baking Instructions

If a baker is needed and you decide to be one:

Read the instructions at the top of the batter below.

Do not forget to update the link, which contains the batter used for this bread.

Last batter:https://pastebin .com/v1tSbzmK

7f942a No.203777


Now into Phase 3 of Anon Training?

Phase 1: Hello, I'm your instructor, here's background and mission

Phase 2: Cryptology Bootcamp

Phase 3: Identify and assemble useful

info/truth from various sources

01647a No.203783



Too many speculative posts clutters the general and makes it unreadable.

01647a No.203785

Baker needed, done for today.

f3d6eb No.203795

So now David axelrod wants to jump in the mix on twatter

d2cd82 No.203838

File: 175ecefd2b43749⋯.png (188.62 KB, 402x489, 134:163, autism-sense.png)

My autism senses a new Q post soon.

f7e0a1 No.203839


Fell asleep last night and just saw this. Have to read replies now. If legit, logic dictates that MSM (clown controlled) should have begun, or soon will, changing its anti-Trump tune as the domestic propaganda is No. 1 obstacle to redpilling. Last, 'Thanks for all the fish" is a line from the opening of the great flick/book "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy"..

55db63 No.203840


Our troops are spread thin, units that haven’t been doing reg rotation are now doing them to free others up for more decisive ops.

55db63 No.203841

Thank you kind baker

a9be57 No.203842


Part of why we're here.

The Rothschilds and the cabal:

They are one of the richest families on earth (hidden behind foundations).

They run the world banking cabal. They will do anything and kill anyone for more money.

They have directed the killing of tens of millions of people.

They paid Karl Marx to write The Communist Manifesto, to unite aetheists behind communism.

They want all religions destroyed and replaced with Satanism.

They have a primary objective of having the Christians and aetheists (communists) kill each other, then the Christians and muslims kill each other, until most are dead.

They funded the overthrow of Czar Nicholas II of Russia and replacement of the government by communists, who killed millions of Russian citizens.

They funded WWI both sides of the war, resulting in massive devastation, death, and massive debt owed to the cabal.

They recruited Hitler and directed him. The objective was as much destruction and killing as possible in Europe, and massive debt owed to the cabal.

Their banking cabal has seized control of the central banks of nearly every country on earth.

They are one of the largest owners of the stocks of public companies.

They and the cabal control more than half of the congressman of the United States.

They are one of the primary owners of military defense weapons manufacturers. Therefore, they need constant war to make more billions.

They direct the media to promote constant fear. They created the "cold war" for fear. They created "muslim terrorists" for fear. They created North Korea for fear.

They funded the creation of the HIV virus to kill people. They own the pharma companies that sell anti-AIDS medications.

They funded creation of the avian flu to kill Asians.

They are Satanists. They rape and murder children for fun and as part of their cult.

They have directed the overthrow of many, many governments. They have directed the murder of many world leaders.

They ordered the murder of President Lincoln for refusing 30% interest war loans and having the U.S. print their own money.

They ordered the murder of President Kennedy for having the U.S. print their own money and threatening to shut down the CIA.

They believe they are the gods of the earth and that all the people are peasants. Their goal is complete control of the earth and poverty for everyone else.

They want the world population reduced to 500 million, so more than 7 billion must die.

Their planned strategies are world nuclear war, starvation following economic collapse, mass disease.

They have underground bunkers to protect them for world nuclear war.

Their plan was for HRC to start WW3, resulting in massive nuclear destruction of the United States and the death of most citizens.

They have done much more than what is listed here. They are constantly scheming, stealing, killing.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild, born in 1774, dreamed that his descendents would control the world. Instead, they will be stomped out like rats.

After hundreds of years of crime and killings, the Rothschilds are going to be taken down by the White Hats. The Rothschilds are dead people walking.

http ://illuminati.wikia.com/wiki/Rothschild_Family


https ://media.8ch.net/file_store/0928eacdcb1baa82e2409b359fba6e5b191f656b1e99c597013b70f29af8befa.png

https ://media.8ch.net/file_store/de563691af384b742c2ee9996cc8e890881684651dd266385385ee57ca264416.png

https ://media.8ch.net/file_store/90d9d72a03befe231cd3811aaa49224fd5704acd1403385a85bf564910462029.png

https ://media.8ch.net/file_store/645b071ff517202b4650e6ab2d76e587e9233e83f32b6e70dfaffbe7d92cacab.png

aadd80 No.203843

File: dc25a93db310c19⋯.jpg (384.95 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, image.jpg)


Tingling 2. Must b all those #gitmo flights today.

c64336 No.203844



Re-quote from previous Berger to Podesta email posted, reporter referenced is Tom Hamburger:

"Hamburger called my home recently. I will call him back and give him nothing of substance on background just so he feels like I'm not evading him. Media vs field isn't what is drawing attention. "527" is a tarnished brand smartly attacked by the Right Wing since they use c4's, LLC's and c6's as their vehicles which operate almost invisibly."

"A 527-organization or 527 group is a type of U.S. tax-exempt organization organized under Section 527 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. § 527). A 527 group is created primarily to influence the selection, nomination, election, appointment or defeat of candidates to federal, state or local public office."

fda15f No.203847

news in all forms unlocks the map!





N is Z with a twist.

what time Zone is the N pole in?

00:00 Zulu time?

zz is country code unknown?

P is the pole, literally a pole.

until you get NEWS right, map is locked.

55db63 No.203848


Saw they had 7 new detainees, but checked the gitmo inmate list, nothing new. I also know that they are building a new compound there or expanding on one so a lot of the traffic could be the contractors that are going over to Build

6ab8a2 No.203849


That's the "helper" bullshit clowns pulled. Disregard for disinfo.

66ac44 No.203850

Just wanted to throw a bread title in for consideration for future breads:

Mind Your P's and Q's

96f415 No.203851

File: 4e4b5e337e06055⋯.png (459.12 KB, 492x495, 164:165, joy.villa.10.png)

928456 No.203853


Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.

66ac44 No.203854

guys I read something that said

"the government uses the ALICE code"

Any militaryfags that can shed light on what that might mean?

928456 No.203855


7/10 >>would smash

da6463 No.203856

Keep your eyes on the news.


6ab8a2 No.203857


> I also know that they are building a new compound there or expanding on one so a lot of the traffic could be the contractors that are going over to Build

sauce on that?

09d89b No.203859

you can have trust in the marines because:

Obama and the Cabal killed SEAL TEAM 6

- to leave no loose ends on their "killing osama bin laden" fairy tale

- to keep their 9/11 was done by bin Laden fairy tale rolling

928456 No.203860



fa7ad9 No.203861


Judicial Watch is a patriot org. They got these files (3 p.m. today) to be released. Tom Fitton has worked tirelessly to expose the corruption. He is a true hero.

952bd7 No.203862


1 eye on the titties 1 eye on the construction site

928456 No.203863


What context? Gvmt uses ALICE code, for what?

b447f8 No.203864

Another training day, should I stay or should I go

928456 No.203866



2e1593 No.203867


i'm familiar with pike. that goes both ways. change it up. that's what the, for expediency i know it's deeper, dems will think about mueller, cia, fbi, so on. us does not need to mean "me". this is a battle between good and evil. imo. not evil against evilest. as said... we're fucked anyway. i choose my faith in God. "oh, ye, of little faith" rings loud in my ears here.

8d461c No.203868


I doubt they’re going to be on a trackable plane. There have been a lot of blocked planes in that area, but those don’t show up on any logs.

15a78e No.203869

File: 934f4c55b82ddb5⋯.png (129.27 KB, 800x400, 2:1, International_waters.png)


>high seas / international waters

f3d77a No.203872



id say pretty relevant… if you have a job to operate social media and [frozen assets] were not getting paid to do so, would you continue?

6337be No.203874


You are getting easier to spot

29eccc No.203875

All this talk of GITMO and holding people on ships or subs.

Don't you think the families of these people would be going to the media demanding to know where their family members were. Come on guy/gals…think logically…..

f7e0a1 No.203876


Thank you anon. Felt is was too good to be true. Rat bastid "helper" clowns. Trying to get anons to stand down. They'll soon find that they wrote their own prophecy..

c8e608 No.203877


Awake and Alert Anons get the worm!!

fda15f No.203878


Q is the quartermaster on the quarter deck. navigating NEWS unlocks the map. P is the pole. simple

15a78e No.203879

File: b7bd3586c583624⋯.png (381.38 KB, 570x427, 570:427, damper dough in oven.png)


i can take over

pastebin .com/v1tSbzmK

^is this the batter used for 230?

8d461c No.203880


Sounds condescending to me

66ac44 No.203881


Well…..it's a bit crazy, but here goes nothing.

It's called Project Looking Glass.

http://www. bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/time_travel/project_lookingglass.htm

http://www. thelivingmoon.com/42stargate/03files/Project_Looking_Glass_LANL.html

It may be too soon to talk about this stuff, I'm not sure.

If so, I apologize.

2a2deb No.203882

File: 21e215edaf75173⋯.jpg (67.59 KB, 333x386, 333:386, kill_rogue.JPG)

File: 10d9f130873cbb7⋯.jpg (22.8 KB, 280x423, 280:423, kill_rogue2.JPG)

profile pic change and now has over 5000 followers.

73c273 No.203883



a9be57 No.203884


Filter this glowing cianigger

ab446b No.203885

When can we expect the 2800 email drop… I'm hoping it's the pedo proof and that's why Assange might be in protective custody..

43ecda No.203886

Have the 2800 emails been released yet?

659edf No.203887


What are they going to demand "they will sound crazy" also maritime law covers international waters and I'm pretty sure every single bad actor could be made to walk the plank and never be heard from again….legally.

928456 No.203888


Thx. Digging

96f415 No.203889

File: 81f857bfe22d764⋯.png (223.87 KB, 491x339, 491:339, JV20.png)

9a16a0 No.203890

Not able to dig atm but since UN seem to be a trending topic here at cbts atm, i suddenly remembered the story of Anders Kompass, a semi-high employee of UN who blew the whistle on french Peacekeeping UN-troops raping children in the central african republic.

Because of that he ended up suspended from service, which could be seen as a message to other UN-employees what will happen if you blow the whistle. The story stinks.




Maybe nothing, just something that popped up in my head while reading about UN.

I'm off to IRL-life duties now (but what's even "real life" anymore after spending two months with CBTS-mindfuckery? IRL feels like the biggest larp for me nowadays)

Helpful links for diggers

9709ff No.203892


Thank you for the correction.

9709ff No.203893

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Joe Biden was on The View today.

cf0b2f No.203894

P =/= Rothschild theories

Q is kill_rogue on twatter

Time to find something new 14 fiddies.

I will be standing by.

402afb No.203895

File: f24d0eed33b1476⋯.jpg (227.4 KB, 500x639, 500:639, spock panels.jpg)

I cried! I kill me!

20877d No.203896


Again? He was the View before Christmas comforting McStain's daughter about her father's "cancer"

f7e0a1 No.203897


Well, we know that many have been detained and extracted. Thought same about family yelling to MSM and LEOs about missing persons but the Cabal would likely want to keep this quiet. Families know better than to go public..

aa0e7c No.203898


should include the trump dress and #famewhore

114f0e No.203899


Pedophilia WAS the nexus of their control. Had they not used something so heinous as their means, sweeping arrests with near guaranteed convictions would not have been possible.

Cutting out only PART of a tumor never works. You must EXCISE THE WHOLE or it will regrow. In a sense, mankind is LUCKY this small, ruling faction was SO DESPICABLE. If we had to nail everyone on lesser offenses, too many would slip through & the problem would remain, regroup & rebuild.

Now we need not rely on lesser charges. There is PROOF Politicians & Elites are/were having sex with children & sacrificing them as well. A voluminous amount of it occurred on film. This was the source of the blackmail. It is now the key to their downfall.

Free will had to be granted to separate the good from the bad. Now we know WHO'S WHO.

The inception of videography & the internet was also necessary to take them down. Pedophilia is the key, THEIR pictorial record of it is now OUR means


Now we Reckon

9709ff No.203900


Nice numbers tho. 3 for 3

01647a No.203901

09d89b No.203902

I think we got a winner.

N E W S unlocks MAP. Map could stand for Meridian, ?, Pole

a96b26 No.203903

Cindy McCain, wife of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., will join President Donald Trump's administration as a Washington, D.C.-based ambassador-at-large, The Daily Beast reported.

Her role will focus on anti-human trafficking efforts, humanitarian-aid matters and refugees.

"[Trump personally], aggressively courted her for this," one White House official told The Daily Beast. "It's a done deal now . . . The president had floated several positions before—this is the one that stuck."

https ://www.newsmax.com/politics/cindy-mccain-ambassador-human-trafficking-refugees/2017/06/12/id/795643/

d40742 No.203904

File: 558092c96c5ca5f⋯.png (80.85 KB, 392x305, 392:305, Screenshot-2017-12-29 Meme….png)

09d89b No.203905

news in all forms unlocks the map!





ab446b No.203906


Easier to keep an eye on her/them

9709ff No.203907


Ahh ok .Probably was from then. YouTube dated wrong.

0e4cbe No.203908

G'Morning everyone ! Is SpreadsheetAnon around currently ?

9709ff No.203909


fake and gay

e52da0 No.203910


Notification popped on my phone not long ago and said Trump fired a bunch (maybe 16) Obummer holdovers from an HIV/AIDS Council without explanation.

Notified by Fed-Ex Delivery HAHAHA

BUT HIV/AIDS Council???!!!

1aa207 No.203911

What state leaders have been the Sect. gen for the UN?

Malloch Brown…friend of GS.

Knows of voting machines.

f7e0a1 No.203912


Hmm…deathbed confession? Was he turned and spilling all? Good sign anyway you look at it..

a674d7 No.203913

Devil's Advocate.

>Q isn't good, but evil

>POTUS is part of the cabal

>Hillary WAS supposed to lose, she ALWAYS was

>All of the outrage, the MSM, investigations, Q phenom - all according to plan

>Events recently transpired around the world per Q = hoax, cover story

>Elites aren't being rounded up, they are escaping to secure locations (only them)

>Mass extinction event immenent, nothing can stop them now, it's too late

>Q phenom is also a honey pot, routes out patriots

>Soon patriots to be rounded up like we thought the elites were

>Re: MEE, last white nation on Earth wiped out (US N8ke strike)

>Only remaining white countries = all already tainted with multiculi, soon outbred

>When dust settles, elites emerge from hiding

>SATAN rules the world, 1984 forever (NWO)

Next up: nexus between Q quotes and Lucifer

a96b26 No.203914


Ivanka Trump, the president's daughter, made a strong push for bringing McCain on board after learning of her years of work on global humanitarian issues. McCain serves as co-chair of the Arizona Governor's Council on human trafficking and on the McCain Institute's Human Trafficking Advisory Council and has worked to raise awareness about human trafficking and problems refugees face.

Trump has discussed a role with McCain several times, including once during a dinner with the McCains at the White House in April.

"When [President Trump] sat down and ate with [John] McCain, it was always really to meet with the other McCain," another senior Trump administration official told The Daily Beast.

The relationship between Trump and the McCains has been contentious. John McCain has questioned the president on many issues and just this weekend said American leadership was better under former President Barack Obama.

b9e2e9 No.203916


Guess Biden was not a pedo after all. He surely would have been locked up by now

6ca5f9 No.203917


And WHO are they going to make their demands too, hmm? (Yes, ma'am, we'll start looking for your Mr. EVIL POS right away! Where did you last see him?) You put 'em on a Navy ship and they disappear. Completely.

cf0b2f No.203918



4e8232 No.203919




>To add to my post: https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2014/06/americas-floating-prisons/373577/


>I will get protocol. I need to refresh my memory, give me just a few.

Underway, Navy can detain anyone military or civilian. In 2008 USS Bataan detained civilians under "Reprieve" : https://www.theguardian.com/world/2008/jun/02/usa.humanrights

6ab8a2 No.203920


Well? >>203857


> I'm hoping it's the pedo proof and that's why Assange might be in protective custody..

Anything that will be/is being used in a court case will not be released publicly or will be redacted, no?


You are free to go check.


People still trying to push it.


You forgot the "Q doesn't need/use a tripcode anymore, his 'helpers' are posting info for him/his team anonymously. Here, chase these red herrings"

Not to mention that NEWS doesn't equal 'news' stories that validate what Q posted, but cardinal directions!

Tactics evolving…

f3d6eb No.203921

You could not hold HRC on a submarine…the whole place would smell like stale piss and cabbage farts

15a78e No.203922




475aee No.203923


So funny,her mind is filthy

6ab8a2 No.203924


Hi. What can I help you with?

9f8799 No.203926


3pm est

9709ff No.203927

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


McCain was on The View 2 months ago. It's their Fox and Friends

f7e0a1 No.203928


Filter this glowfag..

6f6d0a No.203929


It's already out. Time was changed to 9:30 EST. I'm already reviewing the docs.

c8e608 No.203931


But it wud be SO worth the stench!!

0e4cbe No.203932


Thank for correcting the "missing" messages yesterday ! I was the one who pointed them out – not becuase they were horribly important, but because I was looking to reliably find ALL possible [5], [10], & [15].

e83284 No.203933

File: 7379227e9a8d67a⋯.png (3.12 MB, 1920x958, 960:479, IBC_GMB.PNG)

Another IBC flight leaving Guantanamo Bay

337889 No.203934

We are being used to fight a war. An information war. The reason POTUS thwarted her ascension to the throne was not solely because she was a flawed candidate, or because he campaigned brilliantly, it was because of the seedy underbelly of the internet. The people who went to the comments sections of webpages and planted the seeds of doubt in the feeble brains of the ones who moderately supported her. The ones who memed to the disaffected Bernie-bros, with the sordid details of the backroom machinations that removed their hope. The 'liberals', democrats, cabal; whatever you want to call them, they learned. They are trying to do the same thing now, against POTUS and America, with their paid shills. Q was sent here to resurrect the success of the election campaign. To rouse the autists and memefags to the cause of driving support for DJT's agenda, to rise against the shill-tide. Q gave us crumbs, because they believed the chans would dig, then meme, then spread. Q lead us to the cabal, the pedos, satanists and ritualists; not because 'we' are the force of God's work against Satan, but rather, so we would recognize them by their symbolism, and dig, meme, spread the word against them. There isn't really a spiritual element to this campaign. These are simply horrible, evil people who do horrible, evil things to everyone, because they lust for power and gold, and they do not care who is harmed to achieve their goals. Digging, making memes and spreading them around spreads doubt in the brainwashed masses and leads them to be open to the truth; that their lives have been wasted in service of masters they didn't know existed. Word is getting out, but interviews on the Q Phenomenon are not the most productive way to encourage the masses to break their conditioning. Subtle memes, spread like spider silk, through the web; that's the way it's done.

6f6d0a No.203935


The docs are already released. Use the FOIA dot gov web address to access.

ad2196 No.203937


Inside the tent pissing OUT, better than outside the tent pissing IN

6103bc No.203938

Maybe insignificant but anybody ever seen…


Artificial linguistic internet computer entity

43ecda No.203939


Finally, someone gets it.

f3d77a No.203940



wasnt there news about military formations at the north pole?

a153ee No.203942



9709ff No.203943

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

MSNBC talkin shit.

How The GOP Rift With President Donald Trump Widened In '17 | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Dec 29, 2017

"President Trump is on record this week saying he has ‘unbelievably great relationships’ with the majority of GOP Congress. Yet this year, some in the president’s party have been vocal in taking him on. Here’s a look back at what John McCain, Jeff Flake and others have had to say."

321fcc No.203944


Actually, while this makes sense I don't think they would.

It would show a loss in power and force the media to cover their "alleged" crimes.

It's also possible that immediate family is also detained.

Worthwhile consideration though.

5eb9c0 No.203945

Families aren't going to say "boo". The Cabal wants to keep all this quiet until they can come up with a counter plan based on what the normies' reactions will be. If they think they can manipulate the normies into believing a story about "deranged" Trump and impeachment, then they might come out in the MSM, but as long as they believe the normies are awakening they cannot really mount another major offensive. Hence why we have to wake up the normies.

f3d6eb No.203946

>>203939 Gm clown how are ya

9709ff No.203947

File: 1f169f915780df3⋯.jpg (35.38 KB, 777x777, 1:1, TotallyNotCIA.jpg)

f7e0a1 No.203948

Any news on William Binney? I'm hoping that he's now Second under Rogers or at least in his hip pocket..

75924b No.203950


The festive Christian season that celebrates the Nativity of Jesus Christ is called 'The Twelve Days of Christmas'. For many people this ends January 5.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twelve_Days_of_Christmas

Knowing that things expressed by Q have a broader and deeper meaning and, as above stated, we can expect a comeback by January 5-6 2018. His 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' may have meant more than that SPECIAL day.

Tick tock.

6ab8a2 No.203951


Sure. I checked and double checked every single one and they were all in the spreadsheet already. Accuracy is "critical" said Q. Just to remind that the Q posts that were duplicates [repost] are in the spreadsheet but refer to the original posts (including line/question numbers for people to find them easily) in order to keep the spreadsheet a little tidier.

952bd7 No.203952


>US troops turning on their own family members


1d4301 No.203953

2e1593 No.203954

if anyone missed it.


this is a huge break the ice red pill. in a meme or stand alone story. it will ready the mind to accept this kind of horror does exist in the highest of liberal respected government. share.

e45a7c No.203955

It’s entirely possible. >>203913

And zionists take over.

24af59 No.203956


Q had twitter ( kill_rogue in his stringer, this is the tweitter account it matches, that was made in October 2017.

f7e0a1 No.203957


Filter this glowfag!!

6337be No.203958


fuck me lads. Frozen, under the sea, map of the fucking UN…can't help but notice the hollow earth stuff kek especially from that satellite pic from last night. uhhh anyways. just curious how come brazil or india rarely get mentioned…are we missing any crumbs there?

538067 No.203959


He's retired.

0e4cbe No.203960



I understand – I was simply looking for a list of ALL possible times Q ever posted…

However, I re-checked and came across three additional posts, which I didn't find in the spreadsheet:

150170117 | 150170181 | 150171298

in: archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/150166775

… same ID, but w/o tripCode (tripCode had been used before)

… not very important messages either, but one of them clarifies the Hunt Red October has nothing to do with a recently disappeared sub

f97133 No.203961


I certainly celebrate the 12 days. Merry 5th day of Christmas! God bless.

174e76 No.203962



Wrong. True twelve days celebrates pagan holiday, Yule, and it's twelve days BEFORE the 25

f3d6eb No.203963

>>203913 smoke another blunt…no make it two

d40742 No.203964


because free speech is bad, right?

f97133 No.203965

>>203962 ← Incorrect

6337be No.203966


all these kids suffering and this is what you choose to meme?

8939b0 No.203967




We are being used to fight a war. An information war. The reason POTUS thwarted her ascension to the throne was not solely because she was a flawed candidate, or because he campaigned brilliantly, it was because of the seedy underbelly of the internet. The people who went to the comments sections of webpages and planted the seeds of doubt in the feeble brains of the ones who moderately supported her. The ones who memed to the disaffected Bernie-bros, with the sordid details of the backroom machinations that removed their hope. The 'liberals', democrats, cabal; whatever you want to call them, they learned. They are trying to do the same thing now, against POTUS and America, with their paid shills. Q was sent here to resurrect the success of the election campaign. To rouse the autists and memefags to the cause of driving support for DJT's agenda, to rise against the shill-tide. Q gave us crumbs, because they believed the chans would dig, then meme, then spread. Q lead us to the cabal, the pedos, satanists and ritualists; not because 'we' are the force of God's work against Satan, but rather, so we would recognize them by their symbolism, and dig, meme, spread the word against them. There isn't really a spiritual element to this campaign. These are simply horrible, evil people who do horrible, evil things to everyone, because they lust for power and gold, and they do not care who is harmed to achieve their goals. Digging, making memes and spreading them around spreads doubt in the brainwashed masses and leads them to be open to the truth; that their lives have been wasted in service of masters they didn't know existed. Word is getting out, but interviews on the Q Phenomenon are not the most productive way to encourage the masses to break their conditioning. Subtle memes, spread like spider silk, through the web; that's the way it's done.


I can personally confirm from working around the beltway that efforts by beltway scums to study the effects of 4chan /pol/ and all free speech zone participants who meme'd our POTUS into office is well underway.

They use our energy and tactics against us, along with demoralization from constant racemixing/homosexual and gender degeneracy/'it is inevitable' outright insults and mockery and hatred to try and demoralize US.

Not only will it not work, it is already starting to backfire badly. People are beyond outraged at these obviously manipulative scum and are beginning to identify and search/dox these scum in real life.

DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR psychological manipulation tactics, rather, turn it against them. ((they)) must be made to pay, in everything,

174e76 No.203968



6337be No.203969


how do you ignite a sleeper cell?

e62df7 No.203970

e72580 No.203971

9709ff No.203972

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"Loretta Lynch" @ 2:02

174e76 No.203973


Delete first h

f2d23c No.203974



Spidr looks like a libtard news outlet.

cbc66e No.203975

File: 6f1b9e8d1c99f4a⋯.jpg (779.97 KB, 1420x801, 1420:801, 2017-12-28_13.14.32.jpg)

7e9111 No.203977

The Ciccariello guy who just resigned from Drexel U. had actually publicly called for "white genocide". The extermination of his own. This is mental illness writ large. He fought wildly to stifle any reasonable voices on campus. Only the voice of perversion and Marxism allowed. Then, due to the outcry over his truly abhorrent statement (among others), he is a VICTIM in his eentsy weentsy mind. In his ludicrous resignation statement, he cries and moans about those right wing nazi crazies that he thinks are after him, and urges his brainwashed students to fight against alternative voices on campus. At the same time he cries that those "others" are attempting to silence him and urges all the other crazies to fight while he escapes. Totally insane quackademic. Typical though. This idiocy is going to be overturned and the voice of reason and true scholarship is going to be returned to higher education.

475aee No.203978

File: 95844a61ca1e6af⋯.jpg (66.13 KB, 639x367, 639:367, MCSatan.jpg)

McSatan showing how to count

7647fc No.203979

66ac44 No.203980


Issue a trigger word or phrase?

8a8879 No.203981

File: bc823d1a014fa57⋯.png (354.62 KB, 450x340, 45:34, ClipboardImage.png)


Request to change the cbts logo temporarily to this.


9709ff No.203982


I've been trying NOT to post that, for fear of it coming true. But yeah, of course that's the 'other' scenario.

1a2b18 No.203983


Good on you for awareness in 1984 – was it the election?

I too am glad you are here. Were you already familiar with the chans?

d8d880 No.203984


Fellow anon working in and out of DC and beltway here. I can confirm this as well. Shilling and demoralization by hostile actors is REAL. (((They))) hide behind multiple layers of gov't bureaucracy and "private contractor companies" to conduct these activities and operations.

475aee No.203985


There may just be an actual reason for this sudden deployment of US Military Police being sent off to Gitmo tomorrow. Not only that but IBC Airways actually has scheduled flights for Gitmo. It's getting interesting America. So who besides the military is going to Gitmo?

5ed787 No.203986

File: 8b713fe08734427⋯.png (1.25 MB, 961x1573, 961:1573, SLIPPERY_SLOPE.png)

logical regression meme alternate:

"You can't eat just one!"

8dfa5d No.203987

Replying to last thread:


Every time I see a pic of Phillipine, I think to myself: "That is not a woman." I think it is a tranny.

7647fc No.203990


Second that

6ab8a2 No.203991


Thank you, will check

74d288 No.203992

www. foxnews.com/politics/2017/12/29/trump-draws-attention-to-case-against-ex-dem-it-aide-imran-awan.html

aadd80 No.203993


We've all been VERY stupid.

Wasting so much time on P.

Look again at the Q post

Rotschildts (cult leaders) (church) (p)


Its that simple. The Rotshits control those 3 groups: the church, the cultleaders and…. The Pedasters.

d0653e No.203994

@politicalkathy saying Roger Stone teamed up with Joy Villa to attack C Lewandowski


c64336 No.203995



"ALiCE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) is a program designed to teach proactive tactics that could be utilized in the event of an armed aggressor threat on campus or elsewhere. ALiCE upholds the idea that during such threats, traditional lockdown (i.e. hiding with lights out) is a passive response and often further endangers individuals in an emergency situation. Instead of traditional lockdown, ALiCE principles encourage those in danger to assess the situation, communicate efficiently, lockdown in a strategic yet alert manner, and be prepared to counter an attack, or ultimately, evacuate the scene if/when it is safe to do so."

ad2196 No.203996


add knitting paraphernalia

ceef0c No.203997

Fox Headline: Trump draws attention to case against ex-Dem IT aide Imran Awan

Why is Trump bringing focus back to this this scumbag..

www. foxnews.com/politics/2017/12/29/trump-draws-attention-to-case-against-ex-dem-it-aide-imran-awan.html

7a0112 No.203999


Lions in picture frames.

0e4cbe No.204000



2e1593 No.204001


so wrong on so many levels i have a hard time keeping my pants dry. brainwashed sheep come in all forms. it makes no sense to bring Satan into it without also including God. read revelations for clarity of faith. false prophets… ring a bell? oh what's the use explaining… enjoy the ride, terrified.

d40742 No.204003


i'm still in support but be leery mode…we may have to turn this flotilla around at at some point

cc7189 No.204004

File: 3ffde348ad1ec7d⋯.webm (401.36 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Alex Jones Laugh (Sound).webm)

6337be No.204005


so is he checking to see if she's dehydrated?

e72580 No.204006


We are alice?

1a2b18 No.204007


I understood they killed some, but all?

9f1cca No.204008


It looks like ICB Airways has regularly scheduled service b/w Guantanamo and Ft Lauderdale. I wonder if this is for military and familes.

a674d7 No.204009


>Open your eyes.

Very 1st thing Q ever said. Figuratively, sight is knowledge. Lucifer is the bringer of light - knowledge.

>Darkness to LIGHT

Self explanatory.



>Nothing is as it seems.

>Fantasy Land

The cult deals in opposites. Left/right hand path, as above so below, etc. There is power in opposites. Imagine you think a thing is one way, and find out it's the exact opposite way - what is your psychological state at that moment? It's a dramatic shift. That's all I can describe it. Movies are supposed to be fantasy land, but supposedly, according to Q, movies are like reality and reality (for most) is the fantasy. Opposites.


They're mocking (You).


This is what Lucifer would bring. Alternatively, what this line actually means is


Now, Satan in the master of deception. The cult worships him, and its best members aspire to be like Satan. And being that many of them are old, after a lifetime of practice they sure are - masters of deception. Yet displaying their symbols in plain sight is also part of their religion, part of that deception. They believe it empowers the spirit of Satan.

Thus the Q phen: deceiving us, as always, while also partially displaying what they're doing.

9709ff No.204010

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

F Cory Booker

e08b03 No.204011


>t leaders) (church) (p)


>Its that simple. The Rotshits

THIS. Rothshits = "P" that Q alluded to. In other words or in a more broader sense, P is (((globalists))).

End of discussion. Better to devote your efforts and energy to RE READING ALL Q DROPS and connecting the dots to paint the whole picture. Check out the entire OP in every thread to educate yourself and UNDERSTAND.

This is to prepare so YOU can educate and red pill those still asleep.

c64336 No.204013


>www. foxnews.com/politics/2017/12/29/trump-draws-attention-to-case-against-ex-dem-it-aide-imran-awan.html

Webb's filing claimed Awan helped HRC, DWS and Huma facilitate the DNC break-in and in his capacity as House of Representatives IT aide, set up Weiner's laptop to allow for surveilliance of Congress.

8a8879 No.204014




[furiously picture editing]

74d288 No.204015


www. foxnews.com/world/2017/12/29/south-korea-holding-crew-ship-that-allegedly-gave-oil-to-north-koreans.html

6337be No.204016

File: aaa1c89fa4efb01⋯.png (601.49 KB, 1086x543, 2:1, flat_earth.png)


According to New Age author Alice Bailey:

"Shamballa is the seat of the ‘Lord of the World’, who has made the sacrifice (analogous to the Bodhisattva’s vow) of remaining to watch over the evolution of men and devas until all have been ‘saved’ or enlightened."

One of the names that the Hindus use for "The Lord of the Earth" is Manu, who, writes Guenon, is,

"a cosmic intelligence that reflects pure spiritual light and formulates the law (Dharma) appropriate to the conditions of our world and our cycle of existence."

Alice Bailey Lucis Trust United Nations

fucking map

9709ff No.204017


Oh I'm aware.. trust me, I don't trust anyone. ;)

1a2b18 No.204018


>masters of deception.

Disagree, they're obvious and sloppy liars.

23ef81 No.204019




my God

not again

f97133 No.204020


You help would be appreciated on the 'P' thread. No one else over there is promoting this viewpoint… yet.



1aa207 No.204021

File: 1f0b8b562e7d066⋯.jpg (57.11 KB, 472x288, 59:36, _20171227_211704.JPG)


Forbes artcle

3a4f19 No.204022

Q said Red Red

Red Cross Red Crescent Society?

Who founded? Who funds? Who controls?

Why are they in North Korea?

Who audits?

Involved with blood, tissue, genetic research. What else?

World wide. First in for "tragedies". Takes care of children?

Many links?

c64336 No.204023


No idea–just found what seemed to match with the phrasing of the sentence.

7647fc No.204025


Told you to watch this case closely. Court date suddenly disappeared from the docket. Something up.

3d532e No.204026

File: 9ef45afa4e6e0c1⋯.png (158.71 KB, 668x860, 167:215, gm.png)

Is this odd or not? Might be Military or contractors not sure but the ! is odd, and I like the Q in the callsign

e72580 No.204028


This is reasonable. We are alice in wonderland. We've been given hints to lead to the red-pilling of the rest of those in the lockdown (population.)

f97133 No.204029


Consult the FAQ at the site, anon. We can't help here. Let us know what you find.

74d288 No.204030


Apparently so.

659edf No.204031

File: 45ea3ba9af6eb15⋯.png (697.63 KB, 897x503, 897:503, UN Sex Crimes.png)

UN meme - more coming

f2d23c No.204032


I don't see the docs on the Judicial Watch website. Do you have a link to the docs?

a9bed9 No.204034

Member when Jeffrey Tambor explained the N.W.O. and the Trilateral Commission on Barney Miller in 1981?


6ab8a2 No.204035


>Not only will it not work, it is already starting to backfire badly. People are beyond outraged at these obviously manipulative scum and are beginning to identify and search/dox these scum in real life.

True and do it!

They have and will continue to study us and they will never, ever understand us.


Toxic area. Sorry you have to be there. Is the black mold on the marble buildings still spreading?

> Shilling and demoralization by hostile actors is REAL. (((They))) hide behind multiple layers of gov't bureaucracy and "private contractor companies" to conduct these activities and operations.

It is real. Those who have been around long enough can recognize it (hence the obligation to lurk for years before posting). I've seen an evolution of tactics on not only this effort (cbts) but others as well. Hiding behind multiple layers gives them a false sense of security. /ourguys/ know exactly who they are and what they are doing. There is NO HIDING kek and their efforts are failing… miserably. You can see the increasing panic, too.

6337be No.204036


UN has something hidden in the North Pole? a nuke? these clues are pissing me off right about meow

20877d No.204037



Devils Advocate is certainly a possibility. But is we are "gonna die anyways" then this comment is a distraction to get us to give up our "last hope"…that WILL never happen…WE WILL FIGHT until the end. Remember - there are more guns in America than citizens.

3d532e No.204038

427232 No.204039

File: e8b025fb8134b6c⋯.jpg (129.26 KB, 930x403, 30:13, Screenshot_20171229-135313.jpg)

8d461c No.204040


At Level 5, very carefully, a code word, sequence of numbers, or a voice imprint is "etched" into the subject’s brain. This is commonly known and referred to as the "trigger" which will activate the subject into action. At this time, the subject will also be implanted with a coded tracking device so that his location will always be known.

Once Level 5 programming is complete, the subject is released to live a very normal and sometimes useful life. The subject will have no memory of being involved with the intelligence community, and will have no memory of the hypnosis sessions.

The "sleeper" who has been given a complete new identity will have no memory of his "former" life, therefore he will never question who he is. The subject will live a normal life as a doctor, an airline pilot, a politician, an eccentric loner, or a movie star until the subject is required to perform the missions for which he was created.

7647fc No.204042


That type of plane does not fly off an aircraft carrier. But one in the area would be interesting.

IBC Airlines?

91691b No.204043


I think you've got it. Damn, I just wasted 3 hours on research and a graphic for another theory. Congrats!

a674d7 No.204044




I knew how you feel.

But ironically I'm at the point now where I'm quite confident everything I've posted is the… opposite… of truth.

c64336 No.204045


If I'm not mistaken an unsealed case can be sealed after the fact.

b447f8 No.204046


Choked on my folgers

I'm out. I'm compiling a list of countries changing power structure and going after corruption which suddenly happens since POTUS elected. His reach of influence is neyond US. Other Sovereign nations sick of NWO. List keeps growing. Shall I share Once completed?

6a69c8 No.204047


LIke a lot people put faith in Vlad Putin as anti NWO, however he is as beholding to the world banking system as is China's Xi, and all the rest. Follow the money. it is always money

c64336 No.204048


That's plausible

7647fc No.204049


It has been mentioned flight activity has picked up at GITMO. Anyone can support that?

e08b03 No.204050


Please do. A comprehensive list and map would be GREAT.

6337be No.204051



w-what well sounds like they're going to try project bluebeam to distract from Hillary Huma e-mails yeah?



2e1593 No.204052


ok. where is even one mention of God? fuck you sound like russia russia russia you fucking satanist shill fuck. fil-fucking-turd.

84e260 No.204053


nice find

57519a No.204054


While I’m still digging …I’m of the mind that Alan was the one who outed set rich to the dnc peeps …while he didn’t kill Seth … fairly certain that he outed him to cover his own misdeeds …

57519a No.204055

cf448d No.204056

File: 51952e3db25e34b⋯.jpeg (193.64 KB, 1024x731, 1024:731, C9FD947A-97EF-4089-B80E-9….jpeg)

Hartley T. Richardson, Peter Munk, George Soros, Jim Balsillie and David Dodge

Look at munk. Hand in his pocket, Arm around Soros.

Look at that cute ring on David Dodge’s hand.

Good God, what else don’t we know about? Schmidt is part of it for sure.

9709ff No.204057


That's what I'm banking and praying on.. yes.. Not only did Obutthole make Marines hold an umbrella for him (pretty f'king disrespectful) and disrespect military in general, he also had SEAL's killed.

That wasn't us, that was (((them)))..

e72580 No.204058

Regarding strange misspelling of 'decider':



Learn to lucider? Learn to be more lucid?

6337be No.204059


>Artificial linguistic internet computer entity

thats how the spooks infiltrate twitter (among other things) with fake accounts. twittter is the only one i have witnessed in action tho. they're very convincing.

b447f8 No.204060


Okey dokey, have fun anons

84e260 No.204061


another one just left

a9bed9 No.204062


It's Alice AND Wonderland. (&)

d40742 No.204063


i got that from it

6337be No.204064


Fake social media, specifically Twitter accounts really can sway social trends in a matter of minutes….

c64336 No.204065


It'd certainly be a reason to flee the country despite having Establishment incentive to protect you.

8a8879 No.204066

File: 3cb78daa938174d⋯.png (297.31 KB, 450x342, 25:19, bc823d1a014fa57282f747c8ee….png)






Could be better I know.

Bonus points for anons who find the Q's

e83284 No.204067

File: 075334d7fc51149⋯.png (2.47 MB, 1920x933, 640:311, ClipboardImage.png)


Mostly IBC and Miami Air International

http:// flyibcair.com/travel-policies/faq/#q1

84e260 No.204068

bsk293 gitmo to jacksonville

3fd8bd No.204069

File: 96fe8418fd2d3a6⋯.png (683.89 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_6796.PNG)


Speaking of glowing in the dark. Didn't Q mention glowing rabbits? https://www.theguardian. com/world/2013/aug/13/glow-in-dark-rabbits-scientists

a5ba1c No.204070

File: 62354c0775f6db1⋯.jpg (120.54 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DSPFPzVW0AA2apc.jpg)

7ac1ca No.204072

please do anon…thanks


6103bc No.204073


Prob wrong was thinking an AI named Alice and then wonderland being the Internet

Prob nothing to it random thought

cf448d No.204074


Three dudes have the same same star on their suit.

Looks like Star of David… can’t tell.

43ecda No.204075


Have you ever heard of alice in wonderland syndrome?

c64336 No.204076


Fucking Podesta's last tweets were about the bullshit MSM UFO stories with hashtags like "I want to believe"

These people are stupid. Really stupid.

9709ff No.204077

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"Why did Soros’ son have several meetings with Canadian PM and how is that related to Clinton’s?"

"Why is the Canadian PM so important?"

Can't forget about Justin Trudeau

cc7189 No.204078

File: 953a97d2386c407⋯.webm (396.1 KB, 853x480, 853:480, But I'm Black.webm)


Im willing to bet the CSQ significance is just pareidolia.


Pretty sure lear jets cant take off from carriers. But that doesn't necessarily mean that the plain is actually a lear jet i suppose.

475aee No.204079

File: 09ea5f71f5fd2b4⋯.png (434.46 KB, 945x759, 315:253, Blocked Plane Dallas.png)


Dallas interesting

a674d7 No.204080


> There isn't really a spiritual element to this campaign.

I 100% agreed up till there. I believe Q has made several indications to the existence of higher powers, and that their forces are at work right now.

Even if not literally, the "spirit" of these beings is manifest in the hearts and actions of humans (some more than others).

40207f No.204082

File: 009e7fbde0cfc73⋯.jpeg (42.05 KB, 736x837, 736:837, W W.jpeg)

6337be No.204083


gotta have that monarch dna, I don't think i have it. phew. dodged a bullet there. but the talk of the rogue seal team screams sleeper cells to me.

9f1cca No.204084


A Miami Air Intl just left as well. I had no idea so many non-military aircraft went in and out of that airport. It's the airport on the military base… not the civilian Guantanamo airport. Do that many military personnel and their families need travel in and out of there so regularly?

9e8f12 No.204085


Two birds with one Stone !!!

f97133 No.204086

File: ab0c0fef9a5957f⋯.png (63 KB, 863x155, 863:155, Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at ….png)

Just popped these keywords into an anagram generator from POTUS' latest tweet:


I included the "S" because POTUS omitted it on his last word. See graphic.

The anagram is: A LEWD SCANDAL

I don't know if POTUS intended this, but that happens to be quite a topic throughout our threads. God bless.

866ccb No.204087

I created this fully-sourced overview of the issues and events Q has addressed, along with connections from those posts to real events.

This way people can begin making the connections between his many posts and what has actually occurred in real time. Everything is cited so people can do their own research on each topic to confirm Q's legitimacy.

This can be useful for redpilling people who have no knowledge of Q whatsoever, and deepening the understanding of those who have only a cursory awareness about Q.


896eec No.204088


wow wat the fug

c64336 No.204089


Can often be the first symptom of mononucleosis, otherwise known as the Epstein–Barr virus.

Jeffrey Epstein, Roseanne Barr….. lol the irony

337889 No.204090

File: 41e491463bb5df1⋯.png (331.33 KB, 501x361, 501:361, ClipboardImage.png)

cf448d No.204092




Relevant I think.

9f1cca No.204093


From their website:

IBC Air offers public charter flights to/from Guantanamo Bay Naval Base:

Day Routing ETD ETA

Monday FLL - NBW 0700 0840

NBW - FLL 0940 1130

Thursday FLL - NBW 1200 1345

NBW - FLL 1500 1645

Friday FLL - NBW 0700 0840

NBW - FLL 0940 1130

Departure and Arrival times may vary due to airport delays. Please ensure that all reservations are confirmed no later than 72 hours prior to travel.

de8bae No.204094


>Soros’ son

Which one?

d0653e No.204095


good work

1a2b18 No.204096

File: fe7b1731785faf7⋯.jpeg (156.19 KB, 991x853, 991:853, Alleging Pedos is Racist.jpeg)

Right. On. Cue.

57519a No.204097


Thank you for your patriotism ..but lose the name and breakup your links … bad people lurk here ..it’s for your own safety and that of others.

04a04f No.204098

agree, anon

POTUS is a genius.

2ca7bf No.204101



Web cache from Oct 30, 2017 of @0Seek0 before switch to @kill_rogue in case anyone is curious

https://webcache .googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:vt3XIqmqof4J:https://twitter.com/0Seek0+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

2e1593 No.204102


nice. is that a real quote? asking cause i see no quotation marks.

c64336 No.204103


But no seriously re: EBV–"In the United States, about half of all five-year-old children and about 90 percent of adults have evidence of previous infection."

fe1191 No.204104


made a thread out of this

https://threadreaderapp.com /thread/946819555489386499.html

1167f3 No.204105


> FOIA dot gov

I cannot see the docs on the FOIA website, please provide a link.

8a8879 No.204106


<Fuck people in your area click here

If you want people to see it do a paste bin or image format. pdf can have macro that fucks up your computer.

af6a56 No.204107


no, an anon started that bs

896eec No.204108

9709ff No.204109


Could be. I was actually thinking about running this tweet he did earlier:

"In the East, it could be the COLDEST New Year’s Eve on record. Perhaps we could use a little bit of that good old Global Warming that our Country, but not other countries, was going to pay TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS to protect against. Bundle up!"

04a04f No.204110

a674d7 No.204111



1a2b18 No.204112


Wonderful – I do NOT want to look at + ++ or +++'s faces anymore!

427232 No.204113


Satan is working through the UN / globalists / Lucis Trust / Roths / deep state to convince the world that he is an angel of light, when in fact he is Darkness itself.

6337be No.204114


wonderland is your current reality being manipulated by mind control programming and mass hypnosis thru everything you ingest with your 5 (6) senses. 6th sense being electronic weapons as an option for some. hollywood, internet, music, pharma, food, is all trying to seduce everyone into a stupor. a spell. slavery.

75924b No.204115

It looks like critical mass has been reached on https://twitter.com/kill_rogue

Followers up and up.

Account has become more active. Retweets.

896eec No.204116



run da teet

5eb9c0 No.204117


>Figuratively, sight is knowledge. Lucifer is the bringer of light - knowledge.

With knowledge comes responsibility. All things are mirrors - one can use knowledge for evil (evil enterprises like what we've see the Cabal do) or it can be used for good (the anons gaining knowledge about ((their)) pedo rings has made people aware and is putting a stop to it.)


Lucifer and those who follow him have information, but "God", the Light, Christ-consciousness, whatever term you use has even more information. There can be no darkness in a place where there is Light.

>Movies are supposed to be fantasy land, but supposedly, according to Q, movies are like reality and reality (for most) is the fantasy.

Movies, television programs, music are all tools to create a frequency used to manifest a particular outcome. Watch thousands of hours of media which advocates the sexualization of children and guess what, you'd begin to believe this is "normal". This is standard mind control techniques. ((They)) understand this and utilize it to its fullest capacity - to manifest destiny as fits ((their)) agenda.

>This is what Lucifer would bring.

Lucifer and his satanic cult do not want people awakened. Once awakened, an individual sees the lies and deception for what they are and are not as easy to manipulate as those who are asleep.

9709ff No.204118

File: cbd23b58a43b36d⋯.png (118.55 KB, 1242x933, 414:311, 4dayz.png)


This one?

e08b03 No.204120


Many patriots and decent minded people around DC and beltway are not just awake. We are SEETHING with fully justified HATRED and RAGE at being unable to outright go purging and destroying these scum on the streets and in the government at all levels.

It is indeed a very toxic area. Bitch of a town to be honest in, now it is a complete whorehouse as one senior congress member once described to me. Liars and sycophants prosper, rest are made of same shit cloth, just claiming to be victims because they don't get the chance to be the oppressor.

Cuck level off the charts. At least the degeneracy and cuckholdry is out in the open in places like LA, SF, or Chicago. Here, they hide it all beneath a veneer of ((patriotism)) and ((proper behavior)) while being INCREDIBLY petty, corrupt, deceptive, and outright malicious. Nothing less than pinning them down by the sidewalk and fucking smashing their skulls in would teach em a lesson not to fuck around like a bunch of mouthy prostitutes. This includes all races, all ages, all professions.

Cucked, cucked, cucked. Cucked, scared, malicious, deceptive, weak, cowardly and impotent. LIARS.

POTUS, let us drain the swamp, lest even your people become infected with the swamp disease.

f97133 No.204121


Let us know what you find out, anon. I'm just as willing to believe this refers to frozen assets. God bless!

7438d2 No.204123



dcbd10 No.204124

File: ccfceef479757a0⋯.jpeg (454.64 KB, 1125x996, 375:332, A12A7618-AE63-4FD6-9B87-D….jpeg)


3fd8bd No.204125


I just replaced "a" with "I" WALL/WILL DACA WILL END

4a8299 No.204126


miami air headed for jacksonville

97b76a No.204127

Been lurking for awhile-first post. Thank you guys for what you're doing. I've been awake for years and have been red-pilling since. I've always been stuck on the Act of 1871. After reading the E.O., if we nail these Rothchild shitheads, we have a shot at making this a free country instead of a corporation. So, I'll continue meme'ing and red-pilling. Again, thank you. Remember, overturning that Act is our freedom.

825743 No.204128


Its the title of the fourth book in the trilogy.

It Ends (spoilers) with the last message from God in flames on the mountain.


This symbolises that it will be WORTH THE WAIT

3fd8bd No.204129


Oh ty for correcting

f97133 No.204130


Something to be said for the KISS method, anon. Nice!

1aa207 No.204131


He was speaking with his cousin, Chelsea's hub! Too much drama!

896eec No.204132

File: c5f436edd532f51⋯.jpg (43.08 KB, 576x390, 96:65, DCQvxlpXgAEFrJY.jpg)

860435 No.204133



9f1cca No.204134


These planes aren't taking off and landing on aircraft carriers. It appears that there is a blocked zone around the military base so you can't follow the plane directly onto the base. As planes enter/exit this zone they appear/disappear

7d7e11 No.204135


Its been implied that they may also be using drugs for activation now.

952bd7 No.204138


It has been rumored AJ and co are funded by zionists.

24786b No.204139

File: 04aa79a831ab511⋯.jpg (76.77 KB, 594x444, 99:74, 21uduj.jpg)

File: 6260513fac7b719⋯.jpg (90.33 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 21ufes.jpg)

File: f4f2358a9968a28⋯.jpg (73.49 KB, 450x544, 225:272, 21uful.jpg)

File: 05be3cd5e711d43⋯.jpg (75.22 KB, 680x440, 17:11, 21ugmi.jpg)

In response to Trumps Postal Service tweet this morning. Any former or current Postal workers in the house?

6337be No.204140


I don't think satan really exists anon, just really shitty people.

96f415 No.204141


haven't seen that done yet.

actually, i can't recall who said to check out the NK parade crowds -> duplicate faces used . . . it was one of the "insiders"

9709ff No.204142


Swamp disease == greed

a674d7 No.204143


This should be added as a Q conf. It shows POTUS using the same pattern Q has used before.

Caps words convey separate message.

We should review Q's caps-message posts that seemed nonsensical, for anagrams.

041ff6 No.204144

hey planefags, if i wanted to find rocords of flights to GITMO, blocked and unblocked, is it possible… if so can you give me a site?

b2e739 No.204145


I remember reading something about this. It was located at Area 51.

68cf76 No.204147


Where’s the boatfags

825743 No.204148

62e604 No.204150


If you want to play devil’s advocate, the much more likely scenario is that Q is a high level shareblue disinformation campaign that’s been successful due to the occasional high level leak, confirmation bias, information overload, and the use of information that’s mostly already been discussed on a less intense level in the past with the ultimate goal of developing a group the left can point to in order to diminish the actual revelations. IE the MSM can be like look at these crazy fucking people who are posting about secret meetups where Democrats eat babies clearly they’re the ones spreading stories about sexual misdeeds as part of a conspiracy theory so don’t believe what you hear, goy. It’s a good tactic if they anticipate more and more allegations being levied in the future.

Q is either legit, or a shareblue propaganda campaign.

9f1cca No.204151


It's also been rumored that he is Bill Hicks

860435 No.204152


Yes, share please.

e08b03 No.204153



Degeneration of human dignity and spirit in face of overwhelming pressure, hostility, hatred and violence. AKA CUUCKHOLDRY.

The entire DC metro area and surrounding counties are infected with this mentality to some degree or another.

55db63 No.204154


Three threads back is the link

10d068 No.204155

I know I know

Maybe what Q wanted all along is for this 'new' board culture is to run off all the Christians, Patriots, Autists.

Speculate on endless flight logs, think that 90 + year old ex presidents are doing the human centipede at gitmo and enroll at Gender Studies classes at the most progressive colleges to be found.

Solved the map.

Fuckin Stupid.

Thats called sarcasm.

God Bless Patriots.

Know ur still watchin.

f97133 No.204156


Yes, anon. It's worth a dig. Who wants to lead the charge? I'm frequently indisposed.

d40742 No.204159

File: 959051746a2e233⋯.png (148.6 KB, 490x435, 98:87, Screenshot-2017-12-29 Meme….png)

2f577d No.204160


Bravo for this meme, Anon! You just made me laugh out loud. I don't know about all of you guys, but I'm definitely not getting sick of winning yet.

3d532e No.204161

File: 2e3b0054999de66⋯.png (112.6 KB, 667x657, 667:657, gm1.PNG)

File: 373bd689d34dac5⋯.png (37.87 KB, 1102x268, 551:134, gm2.PNG)

File: df5719b98e53edc⋯.png (152.08 KB, 985x677, 985:677, gm3.PNG)

This plane makes frequent trips to Chambers and Gitmo, now i'm tracking planes out of Chambers too.

825743 No.204162

43 Connections also means connections to the 43rd President

aadd80 No.204163


I just put it there too.

Q gave the rotshits +++ and named 3 things in brackets (cult leaders) (church) (p).

Thinking of puppetmasters.. And the others (Soros & Saudies) they both had far less influence. Saudies had money/oil and part of the mulimword. and Soros has his dirty claws into every charity…. But soros n saudi are small fish compared 2 the rottingshits.

ONE ring binds them all.. The P power that rotshits hold. Pedophilia.. Since hundreds of years. And with that, the dirty secrets of everyone in power.

6fdaf1 No.204164


Thank you for your good advice. I'll keep it in mind.

I'm fully aware of the trap, and how regular people react to the j word. They program(med) the people's minds by using 'shock therapy' or trauma, just like they did on 9/11. However, on this board you/we can speak some more openly.

7f5c5c No.204165

File: 6170656dccd184c⋯.gif (12.67 KB, 181x512, 181:512, RED_CROSS_SYMBOL.gif)

File: c998abb8d185c61⋯.jpg (66.41 KB, 400x760, 10:19, red_symbols_icrc.jpg)



e44eaa No.204166


Go to FlightAware in the search box type in Guantanamo scroll down and you will see today's flights hit more and it will bring up a history

f7101c No.204167

File: f16874e00d3bb5d⋯.jpeg (34.24 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 57D2CBCD-3C8A-47DB-A2DD-2….jpeg)

Sinead O’Connor had it right.

A moment of silence for the warrior who lost it all for saying the truth

a9be57 No.204168

File: b97426f547d1e15⋯.png (300.35 KB, 795x542, 795:542, ac46fd5b0b496652dc58ee1cf9….png)


Patriots still here. Still watching. Still digging.

CIANiggers kys

ba5bb4 No.204169

File: 96d0285939b4324⋯.png (181 KB, 365x668, 365:668, screenshot_53.png)

http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/ 2017/12/28/rape-sex-trafficking-spread-disease-highlight-horrors-on-uns-watch.html

0b20aa No.204171


Taking on the NWO and you're posting Joy Villa memes.

f97133 No.204173


I noticed. They're getting stupid over in that thread with something that was discounted as "Very Low Level of Confidence." <sigh>

Your idea has much more credence, anon. Good work.

d40742 No.204174


12 hr delay shipfinder.com

realtime vesselfinder.com

174e76 No.204175


Her story of abuse is out of control

7b1eb3 No.204176


I was going to post this same thing a couple days ago. Bless Sinead.

a9bed9 No.204177

File: 4dd2fd43a8cc1b0⋯.jpg (39.69 KB, 615x375, 41:25, lead_large.jpg)

"America's Floating Prisons"


43ecda No.204178


All according to plan

96f415 No.204179


it was a request from many a few breads back - want her exposed, along with the others.

chill out, anon.

f53783 No.204180


I looked on FOIA .gov and it only has links up to 2016?

6ab8a2 No.204181


>Many patriots and decent minded people around DC and beltway are not just awake. We are SEETHING with fully justified HATRED and RAGE at being unable to outright go purging and destroying these scum on the streets and in the government at all levels.

Really, I think this is why Q came to 4/pol/. While anons there (here, those of us who moved over, OR that were already on 8/pol/ or both) are generally pissed and recognized the degeneracy and KNOW who is behind it and aren't afraid to name them, I think POTUS/Q need us to meme to calm the public due to what you have just expressed. Not to say it's not valid (it is) or justified (it is) but POTUS really cannot have people actually doing that (no RWDS for us) or it will descend into total barbaric madness - imagine the chimpout level in ghettos and them leaving and going into the suburbs?

I really do think that's why they came to us - we have to subsume that rage and channel it to not just using our own brand of snarky, cheeky humor, ridicule and mocking in our memes but also to reassure the public that /ourguys/ got this zipped up. I think they really truly do understand the level of rage that not only anons have build up, but the general public as well, whether they know where to direct it or not - and that is their quandary. When Q said "educate and calm the public" it made sense to me in that way. They monitor both /pol/ boards, they know and have known for a long time our 'leanings,' what we know, what we research, how we respond to what we find, what we make and how we spread that out into the culture.

tl;dr /ourguys/ know our level of rage, we can't have RWDS, want us to channel that rage to save the country from French (((revolution))) level chimpout.

It's hard tbh.

3d532e No.204183


Hey my meme,glad to see it's recirculating,lol

cbc66e No.204184

File: 2d3bcc293b44d7d⋯.jpg (144.11 KB, 1440x852, 120:71, Screenshot_20171229-141527.jpg)

File: fd8313adb4de42e⋯.jpg (400.78 KB, 788x1362, 394:681, 20171229_143513.jpg)


It's HIGHLY DOUBTFUL the @Kill_Rogue Twitter account is Q.

Chances are someone made Twitter page that no one else knew about (because they didn't want anyone to…YET), then they changed the @ handle & name when the time was right after having posted a few things relating to Q earlier as the phenomenon grew.

The account had no active followers or replies before today. The few November posts went unreplied to. He/she flew under the radar until the REVEAL.

It's a method of deception that predates the internet. Just a modern update of that method. Although it is probably not the Real Q/Q Team that doesn't affect it's value in getting the info out. More than likely it's a solitary larper, but a WIN WIN for the movement if Patriots all converge.

It's "owner" likely seeded the info/identity today or waited until someone else stumbled on it. My guess is the former. That person settled on a handle that would STIR people, changed to that handle & carried the info anonymously to "raise the alarm"/make the connection. And now they'll enjoy the active page.

The only way to prove that account existed under its current handle ( @kill_rogue ) would be to show proof it existed that way at its inception or AT MINIMUM, before Q posted kill_rogue

It's ALL G00D either way because any central location for patriots to continue to seed the consciousness is BENEFICIAL. Just don't assume replies or post from the page itself are truly Q

321fcc No.204185


Oldfag Patriots still around

Waiting for newfag glowniggers to tire of this and leave.

It will be worse tonight/tomorrow.

ba5bb4 No.204186

File: 3402d54309c4abd⋯.png (697.85 KB, 897x503, 897:503, UN Sex Crimes.png)


With quotation marks…

7f5c5c No.204188

File: 8b92a4155edcb48⋯.png (908.67 KB, 1329x848, 1329:848, Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at ….png)

File: f278ae432202ad2⋯.png (311.21 KB, 937x900, 937:900, Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at ….png)

File: 4fc0f197a3061b6⋯.png (170.96 KB, 866x904, 433:452, Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at ….png)

File: a451539d484c5a9⋯.png (119.83 KB, 864x567, 32:21, Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at ….png)


>www. foxnews.com/politics/2017/12/29/trump-draws-attention-to-case-against-ex-dem-it-aide-imran-awan.html

Full article screen-shotted above

e44eaa No.204189

Last plane in and out of Gitmo was a'737 800 they usually hold about 175 peeps. Might of been a big haul.

d0653e No.204191





a9be57 No.204192


It's a great one!!!

6337be No.204193

2 hours ago

Israel Strikes Gaza in Response to Rocket Fire

174e76 No.204194


Starts with I


10d068 No.204195


Praise God.

Takin little R&R.

Still poppin in from time to time.

Another couple days back to it.

Glorious Bastards!

a3970b No.204196


The @ handle was changed 3 days after first Q drop. Could any Anon be that Smart or forward thinking?

62e604 No.204197


I worked at a different shipping company. He’s not wrong. The postal service uses an outdated strategy, honestly. UPS and FedEx get a lot of profits from doing things beyond the standard delivery — they have special accounts for delivery and pickup to ship elsewhere, priority delivery, and the air network as a whole. Compare that to the USPS, which just does simple deliveries, and there’s no way for them to be equivalent to the other transportation giants.

Ultimately, the whole thing is fucked because the transportation industry is the closest to being automated, and once it goes, a tremendous amount of jobs are going to go with it. That’s a disaster scenario we might actually see in our live times given how close UPS and Amazon are to automating their infrastructure.

9709ff No.204198



From all the capital letters in the tweet:

ECOLDESTNYEP = telescoped

GWCTRILLIONS = cowriting, scrolling, trillions, trollings

OFDOLLARSB = (8)bollards, foosball (7)dollars, florals

68cf76 No.204199


Ty Anon

265197 No.204201

File: 9bc136f8754aa47⋯.jpg (525.09 KB, 1432x1857, 1432:1857, #FAMEWHORE.jpg)


Here ya go.

786c27 No.204202

File: f3f88f53c17360a⋯.png (411.01 KB, 600x379, 600:379, 13stars bloodline.png)

File: 73be5254618820b⋯.jpg (411.09 KB, 600x439, 600:439, baron.jpg)

File: 4e934f1d4aa808b⋯.png (1.25 MB, 689x900, 689:900, gitmotraitor.png)

File: d6916a3ccf186fb⋯.png (137.86 KB, 600x330, 20:11, donald.png)

baron fixed….memes revolution.

9f1cca No.204203


She knows who the P is

bb630c No.204205


This has literally nothing to do with any single Q drop, trump or the cabal, and is most likely someone's personal vendetta.

1a2b18 No.204206



Q would never alienate people of good will on the basis of faith (or lack thereof). HOWEVER, Christian-bashing is real and prejudicial; we must fight it.

db2738 No.204207


WikiPedia is your friend: https://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/Twelve_Days_of_Christmas

d40742 No.204208


pretty sure there are alot of us … shill count comfirms

e7354b No.204209


Your inuition is of help here.

Q is (has been?) proving himself slowly. Results will of course tell everything.

265197 No.204210

File: dc64c4c9e33b8d6⋯.jpg (497.77 KB, 1261x1857, 1261:1857, #FAMEWHOREQNN.jpg)


Got rid of the white sides.

7f5c5c No.204211

File: d0e02de00017fde⋯.jpg (69.07 KB, 903x506, 903:506, DWSScreenShot2017-12-29at2….jpg)

I will not lose this bet…

7de6f5 No.204212

Holder squirming for some reason.


8a8879 No.204213

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






This is now a Q posting waiting room everybody.

Get your blankets, your tea wtv and get confy.

aa0e7c No.204214

f2d23c No.204215

Anthony Weiner Laptop Emails.

Tom Fitton says the Anthony Weiner docs will be on the https:/ /www.state.gov/ website. He doesn't have the exact link yet.

3d532e No.204216

File: 8e49aa3e859c631⋯.png (379.57 KB, 795x542, 795:542, yrh.png)



7f942a No.204217

Trying to solve who is "P". Came across an article saying the head of Illuminati is

Pindar (currently, head of Rothschild family)

humansarefree. com/2014/07/the-reptilian-aliens-and-council-of-13.html

Further digging suggests Pindar is a computer installation in London:

So forget Pindar the Lizard King going around as Grand Master of the illuminati, thats just a PSYOP cover up operation to make you more confused and focus on Pindar the secret military bunker the illuminati want to use instead when the time comes to preserve the satanic power of the New world Order. So even when the big cities like London are no longer safe and even radioactive, the Vatican illuminati will still be in full control of the show with places like Pindar.

And yes if disaster happens in London Prince Charles is also gonna be a key member of the illuminati Knights of Malta Pindar military elite, but thats only because he is the son of the Queen and a puppet in the hands of the Vatican satanic illuminati and their blackmail game dictated by Rome and the Jerusalem Mafia in any case, so no Lizard King dont worry, eventually just a corrupt aristocrat.

illuminati-news. com/111906b.htm

5eb9c0 No.204218


Yes, please do share. It might help in the redpilling…

96f415 No.204219


as i said, i specifically asked if JV was meme worthy, and anons responded with a resounding yes, expose her. take your complaints somewhere else – maybe create your own thread, but get out of here.

c64336 No.204220


High Intensity Supervision Program/HISP might be worth digs

cbc66e No.204221


What's the sauce on that. I'm coming in late on this info.

Anons CAN BE that forward thinking but if @kill_rogue was INDEED the handle 3 days out, then it could be the Q Team taking the movement to a wider used platform. Next step.

How do you know it was changed at that time to kill_rogue?

7f5c5c No.204222


Can we PLEASE bring back tar-and-feathering?

Seems like there couldn't be a better time for this right now.

f2d23c No.204223


that cunt looks like a troll….

96f415 No.204224


nice anon.

beware, there are some JV fans here

a674d7 No.204225


Sort of unrelated but, look at how the election changed the way we think about memes and our own role in the world as anonymous…eses.

Do you think Kek's rise to power would have taken off, if people didn't first believe meme magic might be real? Now days it's not only accepted by some as possible, but actual - and they act like that's a given, no big surprise anymore.

Belief made it happen. This says something about the influence people's thoughts have on outcomes. Power of positive thinking basically.

f72208 No.204226

There are no coincidences: two celebrities covered by board of late, Joy Villa and Chrissy Teigen. They are the same person. Joy appeared out of nowhere in 2016 same year she married this creepy old fart (sauce wiki)

Thorsten von Overgaard (born 1965) is a Danish writer and photographer, specializing in portrait photography and documentary photography. He writes about photography and is an educato

55db63 No.204227

http: //www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/guantanamo/article168273127.html

For the anon who asked,

9709ff No.204228


shaved rat face.

96f415 No.204229


there's a separate thread now for this discussion. thx, anon.

57519a No.204230


Please don’t tell the new fans to get comfy … they are already drowning .

e08b03 No.204231


Amen, brother. ((they)) and their lackeys must be made to fear us, but civil war is best avoided at this point in time. We need to systematically, clinically yet with great hatred and passion, DESTROY these subhuman scum and assay them in fire of any kind to get anywhere.

I sympathize and fully understand your line of thinking regarding why Q is here. In fact, it pretty much aligns with what I concluded regarding these events on cbts and beyond.

We cannot afford an open civil war at this point in time. That is what ((they)) want because ((they)) still hold much of the cards in hand (unless they have been physically detained and their funds/lackeys immobilized). The sheer amount of racial and cultural hatred toward the west and russia and all soveriegn peoples have been seeded into the streets, academia, and every aspects of all nations where a rival ethinc/cultural group is present and is a threat to (((their))) power. Disgusting level of mudslime per capita presence in DC metro area for instance. Their infiltration of law enforcement, legal system, academia, non-profit organizations, etc (think red cross, salvation army, "christian" organizations etc). It is so obvious yet we are not allowed to remove or neutralize these subhuman hostiles?


I have been very insistent that not only are the top players important (they must go first), but we must begin to push back on street level to begin gaining support and proving our power. That means shitskin eyes down, ours up. No double talking cuckholded bitch gets to wear a badge and look sideways at us patriots and decent people, calling us "old generation" and as days go by, expressing OPEN hatred and challenge to US, regardless of the situation.

FUCK THESE SCUM. We are taking our country back, no matter the cost. Our children and families deserve to live in their own nation, their own sovereign nations our forefathers spilt blood and tears to build and advance and protect.

7f5c5c No.204232


Hint: She is

a96b26 No.204233

President Donald Trump believes special counsel Robert Mueller will treat him fairly in his ongoing investigation, but he is curious why charges have not yet been filed against democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta.

“Whatever happened to Podesta?,” the president asked during a wide-ranging New York Times interview published Thursday. “[T]hey closed their firm, they left in disgrace, the whole thing, and now you never heard of anything.”

Trump referenced the apparent scrutiny the Podesta Group is under by Mueller’s team for lobbying work it did in the U.S. on behalf of former Ukranian leader Viktor Yanukovych. The lobbying reportedly resembles the same activity former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was indicted for by the special counsel.

https ://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-wonders-why-mueller-hasn-e2-80-99t-nailed-podesta-yet/ar-BBHsVev

6337be No.204234


So, why would the US begin closing caves, from the research it reveals that the U.S. Forest Service closed thousands of caves and former mines in 33 states.

Are Caves and Old Mines on National Forest Service Lands Closed to Reserve Them for the Elite and their Families to Weather the Social Unrest, Fire Storm, and High Wind Events

f3d6eb No.204235

>>204222 No i prefer the impalement myself

cc7189 No.204236

File: 22ba857316700f3⋯.webm (2.09 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Richard_Nixon_on_The_Purp….webm)

File: cfb645dfb9796b7⋯.webm (3.84 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Alex DOOM.webm)

I'm so hyped. Its amazing to see the evil being rooted out, and I can't believe I ever thought it wouldn't. How many stories end with the bad guys winning? Not a lot, that's for sure. So what reason should we have to ever believe that reality is any different? History is littered with hundreds of individuals who risked it all to stop the advance of evil. Not because they would gain from it, but simply because they knew what was happening was wrong.

Many times over the selfless actions of a few changed the course of world history. Many times over good has triumphed unconditionally over seemingly insurmountable odds. Many times over and many times again will good people stop evil people dead in their tracks, bringing that exquisite schadenfreude when (((They))) realize they are nowhere near the juggernaut that they deluded themselves into believing they were. All it takes is a few good men and a common vision.

The cabal will burn, and I'm exceedingly pleased to see the values and beliefs that Ronald Reagan explained best are still shared by so many patriots across the country, and even the globe.

It's exhilarating to see that you and I have found the courage to say to our enemies that there is a price we will not pay, there is a point beyond which you may not advance.

Truly, humanity is on a rendezvous with destiny.

786c27 No.204237

File: 3f81af838f2c641⋯.png (585.16 KB, 600x466, 300:233, famefag.png)

File: af11198a06d7f6f⋯.png (523.81 KB, 600x397, 600:397, reverenamefag.png)

File: 6fbb0e5de3b0ff2⋯.png (393.96 KB, 600x404, 150:101, assassin23.png)

File: 2679ae037eedcf6⋯.png (285.31 KB, 600x450, 4:3, tweet.png)

revolution, storm, tweet, famefag, namefag

toast for you keks

337889 No.204238

File: 5e1449ed722f2bb⋯.png (131.71 KB, 306x461, 306:461, ClipboardImage.png)

7f5c5c No.204239


BASED Sinead knew all along…

8d461c No.204240




And what if you’re the one that has been programmed to think that way and it’s not reality? You wouldn’t know now would you? Difference is whatever truth comes out, we won’t stop fighting for Freedom. We are learning information with good intentions and not complicit in any potential evil intentions hidden from us by manipulation.

f3d6eb No.204241

We need to go Vlad on them

6f6d0a No.204242


Go to FOIA dot gov and they are in the Virtual Reading Room

a9bed9 No.204244



chek'd and rek'd


6f6d0a No.204245

FOIA dot State dot gov then Virtual Reading Room

5e9642 No.204246

Sorry for the chat post, but thought this would be sufficiently interesting (and disturbing) re: Eric Schmidt & GOOG:

"YouTube Has A Massive Child Exploitation Problem. How Humans Train Its Search AI Is Partly Why."


a96b26 No.204247

“Whatever happened to Podesta?,” the president asked during a wide-ranging New York Times interview published Thursday. “[T]hey closed their firm, they left in disgrace, the whole thing, and now you never heard of anything.”

08e6c7 No.204248

File: 61a963ea46e6414⋯.png (273.61 KB, 620x382, 310:191, i swear i'm fine.png)


>hope for the best, plan for the worst

Honestly, we should at least start a discussion about

>how long will we wait while there's no visible action: 3 years? 7 years?

>what do we do at that time to take control of our own freedom?

(inb4 violence/FBI pls go)

There are many options:

>bank runs

>mass debt defaults

>widespread work strikes

Let's look at a brief history:

>Presidio = memoryholed

>The Finders = memoryholed

>Dutroux = memoryholed

>JB Ramsey = memoryholed

>pizzagate = ???

Maybe Q is a larp or disinfo; maybe evil retains its millenia-long grasp on the world. These are tough questions, but we mustn't wait for a savior—real or theological—to secure our personal freedom.

786c27 No.204249


The stocks for the lesser offenders would be great.

af6a56 No.204250






>Have you talked with the families?

>Yes. Many families, in fact, believe that their loved ones — husbands, fathers, sons — had disappeared. It's not unheard of for fishermen to disappear in the sea.

>For these fishermen, the ocean is the geography of their life. And so when I talked to Arcentales, for example, about the sea, he said to me "the ocean used to be a place that for me represented freedom. But now it's like a prison in the open ocean."

>And all of these men say "we understand that we've broken laws. We understand that we made these decisions. We understand that we're going to be punished for this." The question that they raise is "how are we in the United States right now?"

Newer sauce:


36263c No.204251



hahaha had a great laugh

afaac0 No.204252


Where is the broken link to the Patreon? I have some interest in the QanonMaxSuper777 Male Vitality Ointment.

3b4ee7 No.204253

https: //www.newsmax.com/Finance/PatrickWatson/Edward-Snowden-IBM-Global-Tech-Dream/2015/11/04/id/700499/

aadd80 No.204254



u overdid it on the adrenochrone

6f6d0a No.204255

Appears their server is getting hammered

7f5c5c No.204256


Weiner laptop drops in approx. 18 minutes… Brace yourselves.

40207f No.204257

File: d1d131d6055cf0f⋯.jpg (95.45 KB, 736x837, 736:837, W W.jpg)

6337be No.204258


I'm on board til Jan 6 then bye bye but watching the winter olympics closely.

c64336 No.204260



From District of Columbia Pretrial Services Agency (link after quote):

"Defendants are placed under high risk supervision when the court has determined them to be high safety or appearance risks and that they need an increased level of supervision through weekly contact, drug testing, and/or location monitoring. Those defendants in PSA’s High Intensity Supervision Program (HISP) that are reported as non-compliant with the curfew condition may be “stepped back” to a period of home confinement. PSA also jointly monitors high risk defendants ordered into the Department of Corrections’ Work Release Program that reside in community-based halfway houses."

www .psa.gov/?q=progr ams/defe ndent_supervision

b2e739 No.204261


Makes sense. Good job anon.

23ef81 No.204262


Haha nice.

Of course, we all conspiracy nuts thought about this in our heart.

But… they are not afraid of "us patriots". They spat in our face for decades, and we did nothing. We truly redpilled people are so few, there's nothing we can do agaist an evil this magnitude.

So: no need to send Q to "route" us. LOL

a3970b No.204263


kill_rogue Twit Page says "joined October 2017" Trying to find the Vid that showed his first Tweet was near the end of Oct. Looked on his feed but may have been deleted. Q's first drop was Oct 29th I believe.

e45a7c No.204264

She was indeed right.>>204167

db2738 No.204265


Her last name is raycis. I demand she change it. Who's named after TWO Civil War generals? Raycis people, that's who.

8d461c No.204266


My bad didn’t mean to link to multiple threads. On my phone.

5eb9c0 No.204267


This one is excellent for normies who are into pop culture! Thank you!!!

e62df7 No.204268


the thing about the organ body part harvesting that is bugging me is there is not that much need for organ transplant ratio to the amount of organs they seem to be harvesting. including research, so WHY the need for so many body parts? do they feed off of them? i am not able to reconcile this

f3d6eb No.204270

>>204249 yeah walk by a each person gets aslap

f97133 No.204271


Either I misunderstood you or you misunderstood me. I'm still celebrating Christmas (5th day) because of what it says at the top of the article you posted.

Another anon said the 12 days start before Christmas. That is false.

We agree, anon. God bless!

2f93e5 No.204272

lurker here, perhaps 10 days began Dec 25, and no Q till 1/4/18??

af6a56 No.204273


Did you not get the memo about breaking your links?

08328a No.204275


Why is North America made smaller on the UN Logo?

71ab3a No.204276


Ask yourself, "how long has the Nativity been celebrated on December 25?" Then all yourself, "how long has Yule been celebrated?" Then ask yourself, "what's the connection?" Find connection, and realize Christmas is the pagan holiday Yule

af6a56 No.204277


10 days started and passed already.

40207f No.204278

e7354b No.204279


Very good!

Need more redpills like these.

People need to understand symbolism and the principle of attraction - everything you do has an effect on you.

cc7189 No.204280

File: 52105fdae1a31d8⋯.jpg (42.93 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Cant get me; Im free.jpg)


>assassins kill templars

such a based series.


Reminder that "Assassins" are a playable faction in the Illuminati card game. If you put such stock in that kind of stuff them mayhaps Assassin's Creed is closer to the truth than people realize.

7f942a No.204281

TY posted there

cbc66e No.204282

File: 5800088c32260e0⋯.jpg (2.07 MB, 2166x1421, 2166:1421, 2017-12-29_14.49.28.jpg)


McCain 2 hours after he receives HIS subpoena

4a8299 No.204284

4 new retweets from @kill_rogue

interesting stuff


57519a No.204285


Actually they ARE scared of us now … trumps election didn’t spook them as much as the fact WE elected him despite the years of brainwashing and manipulation through their time honored methods failed to work. yes, they are scared of us .

a3970b No.204286


It's always been @kill_rogue, you can't change that. Name was changed to Q at some point. Trying to find Vid explaining it

f3d6eb No.204287

>>204282 classic my brother

4e16fe No.204288


Bashing of every religion has occurred here. Are you going to defend them as well?

cd075e No.204289


link it or shut it

9709ff No.204290

I just want to throw it out there, that if devil's advocate (proper name) is true, I would gladly like to leave this earth, if your intention is to keep it filled with immoral degeneracy, sickness, indecency, lies, drama, stupidity and weirdness.

I'm sure I'm not alone. Tell us where to be, drop a bomb. Done deal.

Thank you!


6ca5f9 No.204291


Scared shitless of us.

a96b26 No.204292


we outnumber them

9709ff No.204293

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Michael S. Rogers

Adm R (NSA)

43ecda No.204294


Drops where?

6ab8a2 No.204295


>Three threads back is the link

Provide the link then.


>This is a great graphic to appeal to normies

Did you mean to link to that post? There were no graphics on either of them. If there are graphics that you think are good and effective, I want to know what they are please. I've been making infographs and want to improve - all input & ideas welcomed. The only thing that matters is whether they are effective or not!


Memetics & memetic warfare is in psychological ops manuals, NATO had it as a topic for a seminar. It's real. Some anons didn't know that or believe it but it's absolutely real.


We will get our country back, anon, don't worry. Think of a pair of pliers - if there is only force from the top, nothing happens, if there is force from the bottom, nothing happens. Trump & his network couldn't do what they needed until WE (those who know, will know) reached enough with a certain message. There was something said that was the signal that the critical level of pressure from below was reached and then Trump really took off. And then anons could start the 2nd phase, which worked since he's now POTUS. We just need to keep doing our tasks, ignore the glowing cianiggers, FOCUS, and work together.

POTUS (and his worldwide team) are the pressure from the top, we apply the pressure from below via memetics.

We are winning, don't listen to the cianiggers who tell you otherwise.

c64336 No.204296


Brochure for HISP from DC PSA's website–ankle monitors are mandatory in this program, individuals placed in the program. You aren't allowed to take them off–if your weekly check-in shows evidence of tampering or removal you get booted back to home confinement for a period of time, then you can go back into community supervision.

Dem boots doe

db2738 No.204297


Sorry, anon. My bad. Merry Christmas!

cc7189 No.204298


>Not afraid of us patriot

Get out of here clown, its over.

a5a6ef No.204299

the (P) stands not for Pope?

Its (churc)?

2e1593 No.204300


and debunked by the un's own recent admissions on record. lurk.

23062a No.204301

File: 0a95dcda6a0f675⋯.png (4.48 MB, 3300x1940, 165:97, Wilsonlee2a.png)

Relevant repost from last bread.

Fredrica Wilson is VERY SICK!

No wonder this (((clown))) is so afraid of Trump!
















-5000 Role Models

-Miami Dade Public Schools (Connection to 5000 role models)

-The Childrens Trust - USA & UK

-BRINGBACKOURGIRLS (Who Really Took THEM? Who Projected most advocacy for them?

>Consider the projection of Russia during election. Blame enemy of what you're guilty of.

-The Black Caucus in Congress (2 women confirmed Pedo handlers, who else? >Is this why its important to push racism and subvert attention to "causes" while being the cause of the causes.

Gonna go throw up now….

404085 No.204302


why should I believe you, you're a egotistical namefag. want me to take you seriously, drop the name and join the rest of us

a3970b No.204303


Kindly point us to where drops supposed to take place

2a3cb3 No.204304


We must keep our eyes open. There will be a facade of peace and things working out when in reality the Anti Christ is setting up the NWO. I can see Q being a ploy to trick us into joining the ranks…bait and switch. Think about Trump "making peace" with China, Russian and the helping to recognize Jerusalem.

f3d6eb No.204305

>>204291 They know what happened during the French revolution we are tired of eating cake biatchs

4a8299 No.204306

make that 5….he is retweeting as I posted the first notice

https://twitter.com /kill_rogue

24786b No.204308


Anxiety boner kicking in

1d4301 No.204309

cbc66e No.204311



Of COURSE you can change your @ handle on Twitter. A lot of people THINK you can't but you can. You have to be on Twitter.com, not the app on your phone, tablet or PC.

I have changed my @ handle MANY TIMES on multiple Twitter pages

e1ff9f No.204312


"The Joy Villa roller coaster just hit a new level of desperation- she is now being advised by Gloria Allred."

a5a6ef No.204313


Why are you knowing that?!

7e9111 No.204314

File: e10b6d8eb5bb4a6⋯.jpg (65.72 KB, 434x375, 434:375, 31.jpg)






50da16 No.204315


>Compare that to the USPS, which just does simple deliveries, and there’s no way for them to be equivalent to the other transportation giants.

They have been kept in the stone age, on purpose. Partially because it's a govt jobs program, and partially to ensure that private industry can more easily compete.

2f93e5 No.204316

lurker again, ty for all your doing. continuing in my read only mode…

825743 No.204317


41 and 43, leaders of the biggest drug dynasty of all time

a3970b No.204318


Maybe you can, I'm not Twit saavy. But kill_rogue hasn't been changed since opened

8947f5 No.204319

File: 9266ba39248f264⋯.png (63.83 KB, 654x381, 218:127, qcap.png)


Interdasting, to say the least.

Let us know what else the decoder's find.

And anyone else with the skill might want to try some of their other "official" photos

7d7e11 No.204321


glowniggers wont give up. they don't get a trial you know, they just get sentenced.

1a2b18 No.204322


To clarify – bashing all religions HERE, fine. IMO, organized religion is nothing but a fraudulent control point. However, this country has Freedom of Religion. Mainstream bashing of Christians should be acknowledged and fought IRL.

1671fd No.204323

foia dot state servers are taking a massive hit

900b1a No.204324


Huma, Hillary emails have arrived

https ://foia.state.gov/Learn/New.aspx

aadd80 No.204325


Thx.. Just makes more sense using Q's words then 👽👽👽 or tie color signals.

Q told us.

> bakers/pamphlet? This P in the bread?

(GL on AJ, listening)

7e72c2 No.204326

>>204256 Tom Fitton just posted the link on Twatter. nothing there yet

https:// foia.state.gov/Search/results.aspx?searchText=*&beginDate=&endDate=&publishedBeginDate=20171229&publishedEndDate=20171229&caseNumber

058821 No.204327


We can see things in a different way : POTUS is a free mason or something like that, nobody at this level can be isolated. The Free mason order may have decided to "clean the house" because many of its members crossed the red line and wanted a kind of NWO which is not exactly the one aimed by the free masons. Also these renegates have reached a very dangerous financial power.

So POTUS is in charge of this cleaning. Why ? Because the NWO can't be set up on all the horror we know, nobody would trust in it.

So everything must be cleaned before.

In this strategy it becomes critical that as much people as possible be aware of these horrors as it will legitimate the one who defeat them.

Free masons are strangely silents about all this when they are supposed to know everything.

9709ff No.204328

File: f60163207d4674f⋯.png (224.22 KB, 1161x789, 387:263, trump-pepe-frog2.png)

900b1a No.204329


They're here.

https ://foia.state.gov/Learn/New.aspx

e08b03 No.204330


Correct. Even though beltway area is a cuckholded shithole where lies become reality and truth becomes lies, rest of the country is still relatively sane and strong. Besides, beltway niggers are nowhere near powerful as they like to believe.

But the damage they can cause here in real, since the political pressure directly from DC from almost a century of direct corruption and ((their)) influence is real. This shit is practically straight Alice in the goddamned wonderland level delusion that rules the DC metro area.

Outside intervention may be necessary, in all its forms.

We need to not only apply pressure from memetics, but also our daily behaviors, actions, speech, bearing, and our outright hostility and aggression against those who dare challenge us.


a3970b No.204331


Why would one of the Final Q drops have Twitter and kill_rogue in it then? What other purpose could it be? Always open to Ideas/suggestions

a96b26 No.204332

Podesta said he was loading up his car for a trip with his wife to the Utah national parks — what he described as a “let’s-forget-about-Trump” road trip:

“We’re listening to music in the car, not paying attention to our phones,” Podesta recalled of his long-planned vacation. “Finally, we get some peace from Donald Trump, and we don’t have to think about him. It was one of these good-for-the-soul drives across the country. We had gone through the Cumberland Pass when one of Mary’s friends texted her and said, ‘the president is tweeting about John.’”

http ://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/12/28/john-podesta-describes-donald-trump-nearly-ruined-vacation-tweet/

23062a No.204333

File: fc2c9e8f8a6c219⋯.jpg (147.93 KB, 600x385, 120:77, wilsontrump1.jpg)

File: 1c0fd89f223b87f⋯.png (31.34 KB, 950x506, 475:253, wilsontrump2.png)

File: 43349af1ff4331f⋯.png (20.84 KB, 636x370, 318:185, wilsontrump3.png)

File: 27465054ed174cd⋯.png (110.13 KB, 800x470, 80:47, wilsontrump4.png)

a9be57 No.204334


This is a workspace for Q crumbs. Not for figuring out who is Q or why Q is here.

Dig, Meme, Shitpost social media or fuck off back to plebbit

1aa207 No.204335

File: 2ec8128355ec1be⋯.jpg (66.54 KB, 532x397, 532:397, _20171229_134632.JPG)

Last line from old source, a year ago. CFK warning of NWO to United Navy.

Coincidence Okrea offered assistance?

Many states interest in Arg….bricks, too.

Ducky continent was/is important.

fbe69a No.204337

Please search videos to do a spiritual cleaning in your home. There are dark forces trying to attack in every way. Cleanliness is close to Godliness! Be safe and God bless!

896eec No.204338


huma Clinton sexytime video… u know they have it… when do we get it

f72208 No.204339


Joy and Chrissy teigen looks alike. Lose the fluffy hair and they seem to be the same person. Somehow I can't post pics cause I'm on phone. ill post it tonight with pc.

f97133 No.204340


tx for the reminder, anon. Listening as well.

92f442 No.204341


Referencing when JA's twitter went down.

It's possible that, just like when DJT's twitter went down, they were smoking out a rogue operator.

9709ff No.204342


H or B?

4a199c No.204343



c64336 No.204344



Fuck forgot to link brochure, here:

www .psa.gov/si tes/default/file s/Brochure%20-%20HISP%207.7.17%20-%20Ready%20for%20Print.pdf

Look at the requirements–doesn't say anything about leaving the state/country–minimum requirements provide a curfew and hours, and also says the person in the program has to ask and receive permission for "school and work schedules if participation in event conflicts with curfew hours".

Hillary could've done her BBC interview with the bracelet–it was probably scheduled before her indictment. Everything she did subsequent she could've very well asked permission and been granted it.

People going dark/quiet–violating community monitoring portion of plan and being sanctioned back to periods of home confinement, judge in case gets to determine additional bail stipulations

0cf0a8 No.204345

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>September 14, 1976

Was that Interpol piracy warning day?

9e8f12 No.204346


Just wait till a few layers of this onion gets peeled !! 99% are going to need a hospital !!

Probably some barf bags etc… were talkin evil on a scale we can't fathom ! Just evil people…we'll see

3688e4 No.204347



Oh ive heard that slogan before and Joy Villa is a scientologist. Now it makes sense

Smells like we have a maskfag among us. You know, those people who try warn us about Trump


Dox the net neutrality guy


and stab eachother in the back when a glowfag makes a deal with them


Hammond, 29, was arrested in March 2012 for a series of cyberattacks that targeted government and corporate systems, both foreign and domestic, under the name of AntiSec. Unbeknownst to Hammond, his closest partner, Monsegur, also known as Sabu, had for nine months been operating under the close supervision of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as an undercover informant.

Thank you mask fag. Many of us know she's a scientologist who wasn't always MAGA. But since she wore the dress and got her fame, she also helped raise over a million dollars for hurricaine harvey relief and was on the ground distributing gift cards AND she warned people against donating to the red cross because they hardly give any of the donated money to the causes they raise it for.



Do we have a single high profile person in politics resigning who is a scientologist? I have not seen a single connection so far.

1a2b18 No.204348


Don't expect too much from the FOIA drop today, most gov't drops are UNDERWHELMING due to (illegal) sanitization.

0cf0a8 No.204349

Filterman on CBTS right now.

ba5bb4 No.204350

File: 8d0b9cce25a0102⋯.png (405.63 KB, 719x404, 719:404, screenshot_54.png)

50da16 No.204351




And there is a reason why the founders gave us the 2nd amendment… and why the NWO is so keen to dismantle it before the populace realizes we are slowly boiling frogs.

2e1593 No.204352


noice! remember 10,000 at least dead and hundreds of thousands infected. basicly systematic destruction and chaos from supposed order. TY! keep it up!

527dfc No.204353

File: fa850a7109137f3⋯.png (1.45 MB, 872x769, 872:769, mcstain2.PNG)

7d7e11 No.204354


Anyone who doesn't realize he records every single damn thing these days is a moron.

24786b No.204355



Its also a fucking circus rife with most of the same corruption we hear about from the Pentagon and other fed agencies

(minus the satanic shit, but i wouldnt be surprised if that were involved too)

319b89 No.204356


Lol. CLASSIC! Exactly why POTUS does it. Master troll. Love him!

5eb9c0 No.204357


Really like the 13 Stars, 13 Elite Bloodlines meme. Love the Keep Calm Fags, but think it is best for us so I won't be sharing with the normies!

9709ff No.204358

File: 486d4ee73395cde⋯.png (804.43 KB, 600x500, 6:5, ClipboardImage.png)

Looking up Paul Manafort and found this. Might help piece together Q's posts and news.

Year in Review: 15 Top News Stories of 2017

https://ww w.newsmax.com/thewire/top-news-stories-year/2017/12/29/id/834311

30c845 No.204359


OK, for shits n grins, lets say she is a psyops on the side of Trump, is she exposing Gloria Allred? lol that would be good …

113b11 No.204360

File: 720a51fa703d180⋯.jpeg (216 KB, 980x552, 245:138, 7807C596-B327-45F4-A61A-A….jpeg)


No….this…no wait…dig!

24786b No.204361


Thats what im hoping for

928456 No.204362





Yule begins on night before Solstice, and is the true origin of 12 days.

December 25th is the day of the birth of Tammuz, and comes from Babylonian Nimrod worship.

True date of Nativity is Feast of Tabernacles, which is on the Hebrew Calendar 15 Tishrei

2e1593 No.204363

i'm looking that up man. gotta be more of that she said too. thanks!

404085 No.204364


I'll believe that if he's still around after HRC is locked up. he's still a nasty entitled pedophile until proven otherwise

a9bed9 No.204365


You can change your @name. Just hit Settings.

45fc4d No.204366


https:// twitter.com/patriotleaks

I just checked them out and WOW. A list of swamp creatures including Pence, Gowdy, and several others. Says Q is compromised. I don't know what to think, just putting it out here.

f72208 No.204367


Like being told NK is Disney production and P Munk runs the show. Their main export is human labor (Russian logging) or sex slaves.

I was watching NK propaganda videos such as missile launch celebration and my autism kicked in and it occurred to me. I've seen it somewhere. It's a Disney production. All the singing dancing and parades. NK is Disney land and people you see on "official" videos are the cast members. Just search "North Korea celebration" on utube and watch. Think Disney show and you'll see the similarities. I'm not saying NK is run by Disney but "distraction" is produced by Disney. Which leaves the question who does Disney get their orders from? "P"? And if it is Disney land where did all the regular non-cast members people go? Mass graves? I'm going to dig more here.

Link NK celebration Utube think Disney show while watching.

https :// youtu.be/ hK8JKig7NFQ


I can't find pic but remember pic of trump pointing to an old stereo system? Link related P=Munk

http:// www. ninamunk.com/documents/Nina_Essay_Clairtone.pdf

c64336 No.204368


> Interpol piracy warning day

Good guess, looks like that happened in 1977 though (Stockholm right?)

Your picture is fucking hilarious though lolol

9709ff No.204369


I've just noticed that people have really changed over the years. I'm a watcher and listener of society.. arrogance, self-importance, lust, greed, sloth.. all being sold and bought, while inter turmoil is at a boiling point.

Going too far in the good direction is impossible, but going too far in the bad direction is absolutely filthy and disgusting.

2f93e5 No.204370

f08b94 No.204371


I agree about the families.

The way the EO was worded it looked to me like anyone aiding the accused would be considered enemies of the US and suffer the same fate.

That EO is pretty hard ass.

461c4b No.204372

There's a good reason why the Postal Service is in the red. The have to fully fund retirement for all and any new employees 30 years into the future. Always deep in the black before this. Thank the board of governors and Congress. Potus should be redpilling postal workers. Redpilling them and you redpilling the country. No different than using them for widespread disaster emergency medicine distribution.

361c07 No.204373


Agree. I think Trump wanted not only to straighten out basic govt, but he wanted the demands for justice to reach a crescendo. "A lot of people are very angry." It's also truee in congress. He HAS to bring justice, or his base will turn away from him.

30c845 No.204374


there is a whole lot of questions about Pence if you get into the pizzagate forum on voat. but that is another rabbit hole.

a5a6ef No.204377

File: fe3c9074d9d30ed⋯.jpg (155.24 KB, 896x739, 896:739, Unbenj#annt.JPG)

There are some Emails out now?

43ecda No.204378


Sorry bud, they want us to have guns, no matter how much they say they dont. Besides, we use them on each other. But there is tech out there that makes them obsolete, if and when they decide to use them.

50da16 No.204379



Getting zero results still

319b89 No.204380

https://wattsupwiththat. com/2017/12/28/record-breaking-winter-cold-dont-worry-the-climate-explainers-have-it-covered/

Globalist fraud

8e4334 No.204381


Time traveler….

9dc5d4 No.204383

File: a73bafc2ef41c9b⋯.png (6.06 MB, 2732x2048, 683:512, 800069B5-E9D8-41D9-8D32-08….png)

File: 1d99c50296fdb9e⋯.png (5.91 MB, 2732x2048, 683:512, 09C13631-6B91-4CEE-A903-BA….png)

File: a8d290d7ddd5816⋯.png (1.09 MB, 2732x2048, 683:512, 67FFDA87-E8E8-4500-BEEB-57….png)

I suck at 8chan, I wish I could navigate this better and again apologize for my stumbling, I have tried several different ways to get this to you here without much success, the person saying NEWS is North South..etc.. it’s aleays followed by, expand your thinking, I happen to agree . Antarctica has so many blurred out areas it’s obvious they are hiding things and then when you see an area literally named Rothschild you start digging in harder .

a5a6ef No.204384


No emails? >>204379

https ://foia.state.gov/Search/results.aspx?searchText=*&beginDate=&endDate=&publishedBeginDate=&publishedEndDate=&caseNumber=

319b89 No.204385


Spread it on Twatter!!! Counter the BS propagandists!

7e9111 No.204386


Yes, movies are "like reality". What Hollywood has done, in phalanx with all other media (including many faked events in the real world)used by the cabal, is twist reality at the margin, enough to where the overlapped fantasy (think Venn diagram) creates their desired outcome irl. Outcomes favorable to them, their twisted desires and the dark lord who rules them. If we actually do piece together the dark pyramid of power, the earthly person apparently at the top is not at the top. The top is concealed, but can be discerned by events.

For DJT and Q to be very interested in movies, enough to cite specific ones at specific times, is very good! They are calling attention to the movie fantasy/reality overlap. At the same time, they are saying that certain scenarios presented on film, both the overall plot and specific scenes within the movie, should be examined very carefully, and watched for irl. Including specific dialogues.

fd146b No.204387


He can't bring justice at a deep level without disavowing his allegiance to the Zionists. Not going to happen.

1a2b18 No.204388

File: aa4f8ecee7adb11⋯.png (49.25 KB, 801x656, 801:656, Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at ….png)


I got nothing.

928456 No.204390


Read, faggots


0cf0a8 No.204391


Sending them to Reddit. THANK YOU.

c28aa4 No.204392

File: ff2ee93ce4cbd5f⋯.jpg (215.15 KB, 1024x731, 1024:731, p.jpg)


great pic, when/where was that? Any sauce on this?

9709ff No.204393


Aren't Hezbollah technically what we might call.. the 'good guys'?


Human created global warming.. because.. y'know.. having Democrats in office magically makes people quit polluting and driving. lol

Besides.. cow farts.

319b89 No.204394


Great digging. Make a quick list for us if you see anythimg strange. Some Anons cant access this right now.

475aee No.204396


Can you give him a boot?

461c4b No.204397

The postal service is recognised every year as the most trusted part of the government and they are patriots. Rather than knock them for being dumb and stupid for not raising prices he should use them to redpill America!

265197 No.204398

File: 38b1d8c41e3123f⋯.jpg (107.07 KB, 1081x601, 1081:601, Truth Rising.jpg)

d40742 No.204400

File: de7f4b15ee50a98⋯.png (702.1 KB, 490x606, 245:303, Screenshot-2017-12-29 Meme….png)

30c845 No.204401


well, there are reports one of the largest trafficking rings is in Indiana, where Pence was gov. there was a man that accused him constantly of being the king trafficker pedophile, and that man died of poison but he did come off as a nut sort of. but again anyone who has been under SRA is a bit nutty because of what they have been through. just saying that it was something that came up not that I want to believe it.

7f5c5c No.204402

File: 1c50898ea05bde3⋯.jpg (145.92 KB, 1249x539, 1249:539, DWSScreenShot2017-12-29at2….jpg)

File: 6747da800019b29⋯.png (418.73 KB, 1626x870, 271:145, Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at ….png)

File: 481afbfb1c0f373⋯.png (208.61 KB, 460x474, 230:237, Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at ….png)

File: 2496478b3d550da⋯.png (52.61 KB, 669x152, 669:152, Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at ….png)

Debbie Wasserscum Shits & friends…

24786b No.204403


The workers know whats up, they always have. I dont think its a knock on the employees but rather to the management running it into the ground. Justice is coming in all directions

5e9642 No.204404

It's a bit of a reach, but it you assume TWITTER FW_ refers to Frederica Wilson, and go to her twitter, which is @RepWilson, you find a lot of info about bringing girls home. And here's an interesting pic: twitter.com/RepWilson/status/945277954069688320/photo/1

(I still think FW_ means JA but unsure)

337889 No.204405

File: 26bec1ad21859fa⋯.png (95.58 KB, 385x286, 35:26, ClipboardImage.png)

9e8f12 No.204406


I think he's playing 4D, he's bringing attention to Amazon, and the Postal service, we are supplementing Amazon with our tax money ! …

a5a6ef No.204407


I will look..

say me some good keywords:=)

7f5c5c No.204408


"Follow the wives"

Heather Podesta?

Divorced Tony in 2014

f72208 No.204409


Children being kidnapped and tortured. Unthinkable agony those kids went through. Screaming and scratching in their cages for mom and dads help which never came. And yes we want justice and perhaps revenge. These people make me sick.

786c27 No.204411



keep calm was for 8ch fags

f48d7c No.204412

Pamphlet Anon is on Alex Jones show right now?

404085 No.204413


OK, I agree if a lion is on the rug.

ba5bb4 No.204414

File: 952d1f1f6258bc1⋯.png (837.1 KB, 668x605, 668:605, screenshot_55.png)

Shelia Jackson & Beyonce….

5d607f No.204415


They come back every few breads.. At this point they are no better than Charlie Brown's teacher.. Wonk Wonk Wonk..

I'm guessing a lot of them understand they're about to be either unemployed or arrested. They're just going through the motions now, it's too late to stop the storm, that genie is already out of the bottle…

319b89 No.204416


Anons, list some keyword searches for this Anon searching today's release. Think carefully about everyone involved and everything going on to generate keywords.


9709ff No.204417

File: ea074ad5c9c6b96⋯.jpg (51.47 KB, 777x509, 777:509, mcCainPostSubpoena.jpg)

f72208 No.204418


I can't find pic but remember pic of trump pointing to an old stereo system? Link related P=Munk

http:// www. ninamunk.com/documents/Nina_Essay_Clairtone.pdf

8e4334 No.204419


Tnx, it wasnt the guy that died from 2litres of black vomit -who was exposing gov - Or are u on about a different nut job?

928456 No.204420



319b89 No.204421



0cf0a8 No.204422

File: cb473ed3274e498⋯.jpg (81.41 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, new-wicked-logo-5x5.jpg)


>And why Disney indoctrinates mostly girls into Wicked princess culture?

Follow the yellow brick road.

2e1593 No.204423


lord, i pray you forgive me for the thing's i will say if this anon is correct. i have no control lord, give me wisdom and give me strength if you wish me restraint. thy will be done, amen.

6516c2 No.204424


Great start, Anon! Screw the shills.

058821 No.204425


CIC annual gala 2010 (Canadian International Concil)

9709ff No.204426


Dick tater. I get it.

130af6 No.204427

Another tweet at kill_rogue, looks like the posts will keep coming

6337be No.204428

BRAAHHHHH >>204383




can't swallow



7f5c5c No.204429


Is that Sheila's husband?

"Follow the wives/husbands"

9e8f12 No.204430


Yes stuff is definitely being withheld, I tried digging earlier, seems like clowns are in on it !

Desko Mountains !

5eb9c0 No.204431


Can I get the Welcome to the Storm Sucker without the Sucker? Might insult the normies. I'm trying to be nice so they listen. Thank you!!

c75006 No.204432

File: 771ee5d1d0eda31⋯.png (85.81 KB, 584x500, 146:125, ClipboardImage.png)

e9e8ac No.204433


Might be interesting to have a "Wicked" Joy Villa Meme

Tough because the face is covered – highly appropriate

57519a No.204434


That’s BO ..not PA …

1a2b18 No.204435

File: ea959a912cd71ca⋯.png (93.91 KB, 725x350, 29:14, Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at ….png)

IMO, this link isn't anymore helpful

https://foia.state.gov/ Search/Search.aspx

786c27 No.204437



Sure…want something else in the place like Soros, cabal, Deep state? I'll make alternates

371c1c No.204438


Why did Buzz Aldrin say it was evil when he went to Antarctica? Isn't it on the South [P]ole??

db2738 No.204439


Holy crap. That's a declaration of war right there.

928456 No.204440


Fuck yeah!

c28aa4 No.204441


not too comfy to download the pdf… what's in there?

1e3b69 No.204442

5d607f No.204443


Fake tweet.

cbc66e No.204444

File: fa86e2da7e36ec8⋯.jpg (812.85 KB, 2560x1211, 2560:1211, 20171229_151513.jpg)





I've seen ZERO EVIDENCE the handle was @kill_rogue from the inception

If anyone has it, upload it. Otherwise, be happy there's a place on Twitter we can share all this same info but DO NOT ASSUME you are seeing posts or replies from Q

7f5c5c No.204445

File: c26420fe0ff2f87⋯.jpg (17.42 KB, 543x300, 181:100, unnamed-208.jpg)


Anyone remember when Sheila Jackson-Lee got a nose-bleed on live-television and just continued like nothing was going on?

15a78e No.204446

File: 89fff0de69f464c⋯.png (421.7 KB, 700x512, 175:128, pointing POTUS.png)


you mean this one?

>shopped from american psycho , if i remembered the name of the movie correctly

896eec No.204447

7f942a No.204448


Ok, consider me stupid. Went to FOIA.gov.

searched Dept of State, Weiner, Abedin, Judicial Watch, Virtual Reading Room.

Blessings to all the smarter anons.

6337be No.204449



anons we need to meme the fuck out of UN and sex scandals to put into these twatters

928456 No.204450



Double dubs. It's a sign, and it must be so

7f5c5c No.204451


Must be on that Hezbollah-coke! ;)

8e4334 No.204452

File: 853bb04f755385b⋯.jpeg (39 KB, 500x604, 125:151, image.jpeg)

File: e0d3a9e29e38022⋯.png (343.19 KB, 851x668, 851:668, image.png)

f7e0a1 No.204453


Probably starting to realize that their record of posts will be evidence at their military trials.

538067 No.204454


Not AJ either.

928456 No.204455


If sheeple can't keep up with this, then there's simply no hope for them.

81103d No.204456


no, That guy was talking about Lizard beings controlling the world, illuminati. if you go on voat/pizzagate, you can find the links. he was a man who was trying to expose the child trafficking in Indiana and those connections and he was putting out video until he died. it was rather disturbing.

e1ff9f No.204457

371c1c No.204458


What if the North Pole is "good" and the South Pole is "evil"? FFS…Where am I going with this. I'm thinking too hard.

7ac1ca No.204459

461c4b No.204460


Ah, OK I get that, bring amazon into the picture. As far as meme go I'd advise against letting any "going postal" meme off chan because the postal employees don't take that lightly from anyone unless you are one of them.

f72208 No.204461


Joy looks a lot like Chrissy Teigen. Lose the fluffy hair and that's her. I can't post pics from this phone but will post tonight with pc with more sauce

ba5bb4 No.204463

File: 81af2a51f121fe1⋯.png (346 KB, 1487x839, 1487:839, screenshot_56.png)


Her husband is Dr. Elwyn C. Lee

7f5c5c No.204464

File: dd457ad91ab6137⋯.png (136.44 KB, 500x655, 100:131, homicide-is-the-leading-ca….png)


This bitch is a fucking treasure-trove of dirt.

1a2b18 No.204465

337889 No.204466

File: 6e2d4d27b6ddb18⋯.png (335.51 KB, 602x478, 301:239, ClipboardImage.png)

928456 No.204467



Kek, no, I never saw it, but that's fuggin' hilarious.

ad2d62 No.204468


For PPLs name Q always uses 2 letters or 3 like HRC. BO, etc… but for P , only one letter which I think is not a person but a titleould be Pope cause no one really knows his name or the Pentagon the rogue CIA group

896eec No.204470


they out there they out there now !!!

a3970b No.204471

8e4334 No.204472


Again, thanks. That's where I found the original info. It's good to be informed.

Peace and respect..

24786b No.204473


The employees get it, the management creates it in them. Its not as sensitive as you may think

5eb9c0 No.204474


Maybe "Deep State" Might push them to google the term. I'm dealing with grandmas here. Thank you for taking the time to make the alteration.

896eec No.204475

113b11 No.204476

File: b9d1440fa9842dc⋯.jpeg (156.84 KB, 580x798, 290:399, 30482B06-004E-4238-84CC-0….jpeg)

Is it far fetched that Disney could be involved in producing NK content?

Disney and propaganda production during World War 2: (pic related)

Between 1942 and 1945, during World War II, Walt Disney Productions was involved in the production of propaganda films for the U.S. government. The widespread familiarity of Disney's productions benefited the U.S. government in producing pro-American war propaganda in an effort to increase support for the war.

d42ffc No.204477






23062a No.204478


YES! I was under major attack and blessed each door and window with oil. That wasn't enough and prayer/worship as a spirit led Christian wasn't affecting it either.

We had to WHITE SAGE the house for the negative energy to leave. TOTAL DIFFERENCE HERE in the last 4 days.

cbc66e No.204479


a674d7 No.204480


>The untold story of the witches of Oz

More like the ongoing story of rabid feminist first world "problems." Like like that Wicked Witch of the East, or West, or wherever - it doesn't matter, point is, women were portrayed as MEAN, and GREEN, and not as ICONS OF PERFECTION, therefore it's time to correct the record with PROPAGANDA.

8d6efc No.204481

>>202381 Gen Hadden tried to use active measure to stop the use this tool. it is in the documentary on Benny

058821 No.204482

File: e4abf13bdcb5755⋯.jpg (35.06 KB, 678x381, 226:127, rothschild-syria-678x381.jpg)

OMG look at the Prince Charles in total obedience to Evelyn de Rothschild.

3de96f No.204483



>No one knows his name

130af6 No.204484

OK so I read the article where "Star FBI witness against #Assange is a serial pedophile" in the Kill_Rogue feed

then at the end it says: The story of how Sigurður sought payments from the FBI for spying on Julian Assange and Wikileaks has been covered by numerous media outlets. See, for example, here, here, and here.

And, of course, here.

Click the Last "Here"

and you get…………..Q

https://grapevine. is/mag/feature/2013/07/20/q/

24786b No.204485

File: a5f2d759b3070d1⋯.jpg (133.81 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, wicked2.jpg)

f72208 No.204486


Related to trumps tweet where he was pointing to an old stereo

928456 No.204488

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

81103d No.204489


Have you ever been to Houston? Texas cities are the dirtiest run democrat bastions of human trafficking headed by the local governments and police forces because so close to the cartels and mexico rat lines.

9709ff No.204490

File: fbab960ac85619d⋯.png (225.14 KB, 620x310, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

"What is the Mayo Clinic?

a nonprofit medical practice and medical research group

"Who sits on the BOD there?"

Ursula Burns

Uber is about to limit Travis Kalanick's power in a major way, and he's OK with that

23hrs ago

"This is on top of the two board seats that were previously controlled by Kalanick that he chose to fill on his own. In September, he brought in the former Xerox CEO Ursula Burns and the former Merrill Lynch and CIT Group CEO John Thain. So Kalanick's board seats, should Burns and Thain tend to vote with Kalanick, would never be close to a majority on their own. "

http://www.busines sinsider.com/uber-softbank-deal-limits-travis-kalanicks-power-but-hes-ok-with-that-2017-12

ed4813 No.204491


Docs were up about 5 minutes ago. I read a few.

461c4b No.204492


My 21 years experience tells me different, retired.

013f81 No.204493

File: 4fa0d0283421b79⋯.jpeg (75.43 KB, 640x636, 160:159, 06140999-02C3-4F23-A244-E….jpeg)



1a2b18 No.204494


checked! TY

786c27 No.204495

File: 595501c909395d5⋯.png (407.33 KB, 600x404, 150:101, welcome to the storm.png)

File: 275449b4b2e9e59⋯.png (384.48 KB, 600x404, 150:101, watch.png)

File: 459975761216fc1⋯.png (387.15 KB, 600x404, 150:101, symbols.png)

File: 55bef14b1ebae39⋯.png (111.66 KB, 600x300, 2:1, cia2.png)



Here you go fag.

a674d7 No.204496


Definitely not far fetched, considering Disney and CIA have been joined at the hip since inception. There was a post about it, check OP maybe.

cbc66e No.204497


WRONG on the Devil's Advocate

Too many G00D P30PL3 have unified, including politicians & Elites who weren't involved

5658fc No.204498


Pool press release here

http:// publicpool.kinja.com/subject-president-donald-j-trump-proclaims-january-20-1821654297

0cf0a8 No.204499


The Wright Brothers took their normalfag invention called the "airplane" to the US Army. Why not the reverse?

5d607f No.204500


Wrong message.

74157a No.204501

Hope there's a plan in play to deal with this growing threat to the US.

These groups are poping up all over the US.


013f81 No.204502



>past predicts future

>there are no (((coincidences)))

f72208 No.204503


Related to trumps tweet where he was pointing to an old stereo. History of munk family

6337be No.204504

Lucis Trust UN digging, check out these Luciferians!

The Trust is established in Great Britain under the title "Lucis Trust Ltd.", in Switzerland as "Lucis Trust Association", and in Holland as the "Lucis Trust Stichting."

Signatories to the World Goodwill document:

Helmut Schmidt, former Chancellor of West Germany

Malcolm Frasier, former Australian Prime Minister

Shimon Perez

Robert McNamara

Paul Volcke

Jimmy Carter

Pierre Trudeau among others

c64336 No.204506


I tried this search a few minutes ago and got nothing–any other ideas?

54572f No.204507

File: a6bf8bba42232c4⋯.jpg (841.61 KB, 1512x1512, 1:1, 20171229_122025_resized.jpg)

113b11 No.204508

File: 81a78ca4543d1d2⋯.jpeg (91.38 KB, 600x477, 200:159, 5F69117A-055D-4EBB-A7E8-8….jpeg)

File: 769d3b1b956d403⋯.jpeg (87.47 KB, 600x424, 75:53, A59C8E43-BC37-4F27-BDD2-B….jpeg)

Disney and other studios camouflaged the the Lockheed Burbank Aircraft Plant. They covers the entire plant and made it look like residential.

Before/After pics related.


During World War II, in an effort to disguise the facility and ward off enemy fire, officials at Burbank's Lockheed Air Terminal (now known as Bob Hope Airport ) took the unusual but highly effective step of covering the entire airport with strategically placed camouflage netting. Up from the air, in the eyes of the enemy, the entire area looked like a rural subdivision.

b9e1d6 No.204509


>Here’s a look back at what John McCain, Jeff Flake and others have had to say."

As if we give two fucking shits what the never-MAGA cunts have to say.

5d607f No.204510


To the point, the graphic does not match the message. try again.

2e1593 No.204511


this is relevent not chatting. chatting is 'i love my doggy, what food…' or i farted return i smelled it. this here is info than needs digging. dig and find, post finding.

5658fc No.204512


>During National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, we recommit ourselves to eradicating the evil of enslavement. Human trafficking is a modern form of the oldest and most barbaric type of exploitation. It has no place in our world. This month we do not simply reflect on this appalling reality. We also pledge to do all in our power to end the horrific practice of human trafficking that plagues innocent victims around the world.

>Human trafficking is a sickening crime at odds with our very humanity. An estimated 25 million people are currently victims of human trafficking for both sex and labor. Human traffickers prey on their victims by promising a life of hope and greater opportunity, while delivering only enslavement. Instead of delivering people to better lives, traffickers unjustifiably profit from the labor and toil of their victims, who they force – through violence and intimidation – to work in brothels and factories, on farms and fishing vessels, in private homes, and in countless industries.

>My Administration continues to work to drive out the darkness human traffickers cast upon our world. In February, I signed an Executive Order to dismantle transnational criminal organizations, including those that perpetuate the crime of human trafficking. My "Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons" has enhanced collaboration with other nations, businesses, civil society organizations, and survivors of human trafficking. The Department of Health and Human Services has established a new national training and technical assistance center to strengthen our healthcare industry's anti-trafficking response. The Department of State has contributed $25million to the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery, because of the critical need for cross-nation collaborative action to counter human trafficking. The Department of Labor has released an innovative, business-focused mobile app that supports private-sector efforts to eradicate forced labor from global supply chains. And this month, I will sign into law S. 1536, the Combating Human Trafficking in Commercial Vehicles Act and S. 1532, the No Human Trafficking on Our Roads Act. These bills will keep those who commit trafficking offenses from operating commercial vehicles, improve anti-human trafficking coordination within Federal agencies and across State and local governments, and improve efforts to recognize, prevent, and report human trafficking.

361c07 No.204513


Cocaine decisions.

786c27 No.204514


Hey anon…good meme idea

"remember when the NQ (tabloids) were considered fake news" Oh how times have changed.

404085 No.204515


lion head on rug

10d068 No.204516

http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/12/29/trump-draws-attention-to-case-against-ex-dem-it-aide-imran-awan.amp.html?__twitter_impression=true

There is no rest for the Wicked.

God Bless U Patriots


24786b No.204517


Ive got 10 years so youve definitely got me beat. Not all management is the cause, of course, but I have family that was present during a going postal incident and thats what caused it, in that case anyways.

013f81 No.204518



>q intentionally left out little girl before the p

896eec No.204519


its hit and miss… sometimes results


>posted today

5658fc No.204520


>In addition to these governmental actions, Americans must learn how to identify and combat the evil of enslavement. This is especially important for those who are most likely to encounter the perpetrators of slavery and their victims, including healthcare providers, educators, law enforcement officials, and social services professionals. Through the Department of Homeland Security's Blue Campaign, all Americans can learn to recognize the signs of human trafficking and how to report suspected instances. By taking steps to become familiar with the telltale signs of traffickers or the signals of their victims, Americans can save innocent lives.

>Our Nation is and will forever be a place that values and protects human life and dignity. This month, let us redouble our efforts to ensure that modern day slavery comes to its long overdue end.

>NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the UnitedStates, do hereby proclaim January 2018 as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, culminating in the annual celebration of National Freedom Day on February1, 2018. I call upon industry associations, law enforcement, private businesses, faith-based and other organizations of civil society, schools, families, and all Americans to recognize our vital roles in ending all forms of modern slavery and to observe this month with appropriate programs and activities aimed at ending and preventing all forms of human trafficking.

>IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-ninth day of December, in the year of our Lord twothousandseventeen, and of the Independence of the UnitedStates ofAmerica the twohundred and forty-second.



a96b26 No.204521

South Korean businessmen call for investigation into Kaesong

https ://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2017/12/29/South-Korean-businessmen-call-for-investigation-into-Kaesong/9831514569151/

Dec. 29 (UPI) – South Korean businesses forced to leave their assets at a jointly operated factory park in North Korea are asking for an investigation into the closure of Kaesong, and a probe into the government officials responsible for the decision.

Members of the Gaeseong Industrial Complex Emergency Response Committee said Friday the government should apologize and launch investigations into the shutdown, Newsis reported.

"The government should officially apologize to the people for the unconstitutional, illegal closure of the Gaeseong Industrial Complex, and we of course call for an investigation," the group said.

"Former President Park Geun-hye, former national security chief Kim Kwan-jin and former Unification Minister Hong Yong-pyo should be investigated."

On Thursday the South Korean administration of President Moon Jae-in said the decision to close Kaesong was made without consulting relevant state agencies.

The Thursday announcement contradicts a statement Park made on Feb. 10, 2016, when she claimed the decision was made after consultations with South Korea's national security council.

"With the new revelation, the entire process has been revealed as unfair," the Gaeseong committee said. "How can you govern like this?"

The group said they have incurred financial losses.

One chief executive who produced plastic products at Kaesong said he is in dispute with the government.

The businessman said he incurred more than $4 million in damages, but the government said the estimate was closer to $3.3 million.

The issue of Kaesong is also reaching the trial of Choi Soon-sil, the defendant in a presidential corruption case that culminated in Park's impeachment earlier this year.

Choi said it is "ridiculous" there is speculation she had influence over Park's decision to close Kaesong, News 1 reported Friday.

Choi's lawyer Lee Kyung-jae said the suspicions violate Choi's right to a fair trial, according to the report.

The reopening of Kaesong could be found in violation of United Nations Security Council sanctions resolutions.

3bea4e No.204522


twitter .com/fixurheart2016/status/944323976515371008

maybe we should dig into the names that voted no (check link for pic)

f48d7c No.204523


Bo and Pamphlet Anon are both on, and its the AJ show, but Rob Dewe is hosting….

a674d7 No.204524


>https://grapevine. is/mag/feature/2013/07/20/q/

IMO, all this (that) does is deter people from checking links. Copy/paste is honestly kind of a lot of work. Not worth it since uncertain payoff. I used to click links regularly, and never in all my years had any problems as a result. But now this. And now I don't click links anymore and I know I'm not the only one.

4a8299 No.204525

File: 7782a9e6cb4a591⋯.jpg (46.97 KB, 1133x351, 1133:351, nbw.jpg)

Wonder why they won't show arrival and departure flight info?

361c07 No.204526


Beyonce and Jay-Z seem like pure evil to me. They reek of it.

9709ff No.204527


Find them on other sources then. Non existent.

10d068 No.204528



POTUS is awesome!

1a2b18 No.204529

File: 9350726bccf3f07⋯.jpeg (171.05 KB, 821x1548, 821:1548, What a Joke.jpeg)




3688e4 No.204530


So BO is getting paid to do interviews now?

4604ee No.204531


you are a person with a snow job

2e1593 No.204532


i hope it put's the UN horror story to shame. waiting.

7e72c2 No.204533


>kind of a lot of work

lazy fag

bebcb8 No.204534


>>204444 Quads Confirm

@kill_rogue changed Twitter handle

>>>Doesn't matter if it blows up, just like it doesn't matter now if Q was a larp or several markers

The consciousness is seeded

f128b5 No.204535


stranger things

1a2b18 No.204536



bebcb8 No.204537


Several *LARPERS

786c27 No.204538


Interesting find.

Bob Hope AFB…he's another one who's name comes up as MKULtra handler, sexual abuser (maybe pedo too?).

361c07 No.204539


I'd be in favor of machine-gunning them all.

f48d7c No.204540


you think they pay people to come on the show??

ed4813 No.204541


National Freedom Day will be Feb. 1

6ab8a2 No.204542


Thank you, I appreciate it


there is a thread for that

3688e4 No.204543


of course they do, how do you think they get exclusive interviews

f48d7c No.204544


wrong dude

6337be No.204545





more Lucis Trust sstuff

WINDSOR INTERNATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY, LIMITEDUPPER CHURCH STREETST. GEORGE'S, GRENADA, WEST INDIESBRANCH OFFICEBranch Director: Carlyle A. John, O.B.E., J.P.Branch Administrator: Mr. Johnny Charles, Tel. 1.473.442.4203, Fax. 1.473.435.1209

The Bank is also a Member of, Advisor to, Affiliate of, Friend of, Benefactor of, or Contributor to, the following Organisations, to name several:

· International Fund For Development

· The Hall Family Foundations

· The Rockefeller Foundation

· WHO/Habitat For Humanity

· The Lucis Trust (NGO; United Nations)

· National Resources Defence Council

· Capital Missions Company

· Investors Circle

· The Coca-Cola Foundation

· Fellowship For International Education

· International Monetary Agency

· International Center For Educational Advancement

· Christian Children's Fund (Worldwide)

· BAMPAC (Black America's Political Action Committee)

· Fellowship For Reconciliation

· National Institute For The Advancement Of Science

· International Association For Environmental Cooperation

· World Wildlife Federation

· Council For Foreign Relations




· Council Of Emerging Nations

· Freedom Communications, Inc.

· The European Institute (Foreign Affairs Magazine).

· United Nations Association Of The USA

· The NAACP (National Association for the

Advancement of Colored People)

· The Royal Heritage Charitable Relief Fund

1aa207 No.204546

File: 33743f98393d940⋯.jpg (47.11 KB, 531x298, 531:298, _20171229_134528.JPG)

Attempt 3

Canadian miners were busy during Cifius biz. The graph showed CA @ the top! √ the $$$ dude in charge. He's still busy!

A Merkel couldn't sway CFK to ask WB for financial help. Bricks came offering, Carlos Slim came offering $100 million. Something's ^

Be a miner!

dfcc10 No.204547



f48d7c No.204548

infowars before Christmas got the greenlight from the Q team to talk about Q

74157a No.204549

File: bb61f975e459f44⋯.png (979.68 KB, 960x603, 320:201, ClipboardImage.png)

6337be No.204550


there's a thread for everything, everyone else is talking out of their ass i thought maybe someone needed a nudge or five

57519a No.204551


Just hoping they reiterate for new fags to stay away and go to reddit.

bebcb8 No.204552

File: 68b9e500fe9352f⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 2166x1440, 361:240, Screenshot_20171229-144621.jpg)





You guys crack me up

Here's the Original. Have Fun!!

1a2b18 No.204554


The first graphic was cbts on reddit, looks like they're protecting us

50da16 No.204555


What FOIA request is that under? That isn't a Huma or Weiner email - its Jan 25 2017.

Any thoughts on DRL/GP?

0435af No.204556

File: 78e977b5fbdb175⋯.png (14.39 KB, 500x228, 125:57, Screenshot-2017-12-29 Elon….png)

www.df. cl/noticias/empresas/multinacionales/la-enigmatica-visita-de-elon-musk-a-chile/2017-12-29/102938.html

>>en las últimas horas trascendió que el empresario quería visitar la antártica

>>in the last hours it transpired that the businessman wanted to visit the Antarctic

6ab8a2 No.204557


The dedicated topic threads are for the digging & posting the research results, post links to the findings in the generals.

9709ff No.204558

File: 50ef8c57e1b6ddb⋯.png (168.36 KB, 777x456, 259:152, xChan.png)

Just gonna get ready for them to 'discredit' the board.. ;)

6337be No.204559


Trump just signed a bill for Human Trafficking. Now is the time to dig into the human rights violations of the UN and Lucis Trust and link it all to Satanic Luciferian Spirit Cooking pedos.

Now, right now!

1a2b18 No.204560


Can a clever person add a medical boot?

013f81 No.204561


So the glowing faggots that (((handle))) (You) Alex said it’s ok?

2e1593 No.204562


fitered. unreal.

5658fc No.204563


Was shared in the White House official Press Pool twatter… need to make sure it’s shared for the normies

https:// twitter.com/whpublicpool/status/946829791713472513

57519a No.204564


Yeah was just saying BO has been talking ..hadn5 hear PA yet

6337be No.204565


There's no difference. The dig results are the research results…

4a8299 No.204566

File: dcd1cd399fbfaa2⋯.jpg (47.73 KB, 600x314, 300:157, Wiener.jpg)

Got to love Q….retweeted this article just an hour ago about Erik Prince saying New York police ready to make arrests linked to weiners laptop.

https:/ /t.co/oB3xTndfI0

1a2b18 No.204567


From here: https://foia.state.gov/ Search/results.aspx?searchText=*&beginDate=&endDate=&publishedBeginDate=20171229&publishedEndDate=20171229&caseNumber=

page 1, email #6

Don't know DRL/GP yet, but will research asap

f48d7c No.204568


you are the biggest faggot this century, if you don't know who AJ is, who Trump and Q team is, then get out of here

5eb9c0 No.204569

File: 2a1de6d80f679ba⋯.jpeg (9.72 KB, 266x189, 38:27, 2Whispering Angels.jpeg)

File: 6939d0cf528b3df⋯.jpeg (5.65 KB, 184x274, 92:137, Whispering angels.jpeg)


Sorry to be a pest…Could you make a meme using this image and have the whispering angel say #Qanon? #Qanon seems to be pretty active. Am attaching two images for two different audiences….can you scrub out the wine glass? Some of these people are very conservative. Thanks!!

9709ff No.204570


bebcb8 No.204571



I tried to give him criss crossed bandaids on his head but the clip art was too big

I look forward to seeing what people add to it

I considered the boot but does he REALLY need it in THAT condition? Joke delivered. Top kek!

d40742 No.204572


awesome more this

8dcd15 No.204573



http://www.judicialwatch (space) .org/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/DS-1904-HRC-Abedin-2017-production.pdf?V=1

https://www.judicialwatch (space) .org/document-archive/ds-1904-hrc-abedin-2017-production/

a674d7 No.204574

File: 6b98ae07abe0ccf⋯.jpg (14.71 KB, 217x208, 217:208, 282514_183846681677303_621….jpg)

013f81 No.204575


t. Alex

(You) are controlled through and through

ba5bb4 No.204576

File: ff8d36441133d40⋯.png (750.08 KB, 1109x802, 1109:802, screenshot_59.png)


Everyone should watch "The House of Rothschild - 1934 - 20th Century Fox - A Darryl F. Zanuck Production" on YouTube it goes through everything we are discussing even how and why the Rothschild's created the Central Banks to "protect their wealth" and it's peculiar they made this film at a time just after the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 and a few years prior to the Rothshild's convincing Free Mason Franklin D. Roosevelt to thrust America into WWII.

This movie was an early pre-CIA Mockingbird Illuminati film telling Americans what was taking place beneath their very feet!

THIS is what POTUS is dismantling as we speak….

https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/ the_house_of_rothschild

https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=MqCTvW5URfY

4e16fe No.204577


Anytime anon go individually to get publicity it pisses off other anon. This is why namefags get yelled at. It always happens like this. If it were a few years ago PA and BO would already be being attacked by anon for doing this. Since POTUS might be involved nothing will happen, but some oldfags will be vocally pissed off about it. Oh well.

6337be No.204578


There's no difference. The dig results are the research results…


why don;t you scroll up and tell all the chatterboxes talking about beyonce and other random bullshit some advice. I'm putting in work…grrr of all the people to send away you pick me hahaha wtf

f72208 No.204579


You don't know link to (infobattle)? He was trying to wake people up before 9/11. Correctly predicted it too. Chans and twatter is just a medium to bring it main stream. Buildsrburg Group. Bohemian Grove. Illuminate. Feds. Uranium One (la voy finnicum was killed). Agenda 21. Pedogate (pizzagate was an attempt to isolate this to a single pizza joint). CIA extortion of VIP. He's been covering it from 40000ft to 20000ft for years. Now Q is exposing the street view

e7354b No.204580

>Mass arrests will NOT happen until the plasma plane is cleared of all scalar weapons and toplet bombs.





d458ff No.204581


ATI is the contractor regular rotator flight service. I flew them back and forth between Honolulu and Wake Island. Late night plane gag here.

15a78e No.204582

File: 48e77173c07f297⋯.png (183.23 KB, 474x269, 474:269, bread - dough.png)

going in the oven , ready soon

7f5c5c No.204584

File: 3bca311de6878f0⋯.jpg (216.17 KB, 1308x559, 1308:559, SJLScreenShot2017-12-29at3….jpg)

I have gotten a little "autist"-ic on this one.

f48d7c No.204585


Shilly McShillerson

337889 No.204586

File: d0be7f7e2bb43b5⋯.png (738.57 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

f97133 No.204587


Those images are nowhere near large enough for a quality meme. Please resubmit.

8d461c No.204588


Depends on the level of brainwashing and abuse they’ve been subject too

ad2d62 No.204589

I guess we need a baker

24786b No.204590


Your skills are unmatched! Teamwork for the kek

013f81 No.204591


>backpedals on PG8 Minutes before show

>shits on trump every chance he can

Real ally m8

f48d7c No.204592


I love how these anti-trumpers are just doxxing themselves….. Always the loud ones are out there trying to save their own asses, not going to work now

7f5c5c No.204593


>THIS is what POTUS is dismantling as we speak….

(Fingers crossed)

50daae No.204594


An actual lion skin rug would look good.

a4888e No.204595

File: 5f6da80910eeafb⋯.png (8.15 KB, 225x225, 1:1, white supremacy.png)

File: f77a5a740ac9bf5⋯.jpg (9.44 KB, 287x176, 287:176, whitewhite.jpg)

Was thinking about WHITE_WHITE. This may have already been suggested, but could it be the white supremacy symbol used by the globalists to stir up racial strife?

84e260 No.204596


damn nice job . Kek

b2e739 No.204597


>https:// twitter.com/patriotleaks

Something else that's been bugging me lately were all the kids that came across the Texas border back 2014-15 time frame. Remember that? All these kids supposedly made the trek from Central American countries up through Mexico to the US. Really? What happened to them?

e7354b No.204598


Baker, get a nice, warm, positive message of the Light as a thread name - we need to shift this into overdrive

a9be57 No.204599


8d461c No.204600

Listening to IW. I will say the post BO & PA just showed in regards to Not all are bad actors was a good move. Shows the good nrentions and not coming off like some crazy rogue group

50da16 No.204601



DRL/GP - Found it

Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor

Grants Process



Gag order on something related to them gaming the process to use DoS as a slush fund for Obama pet projects?

1aa207 No.204602


Include RBF.org

404085 No.204604


3rd time. Lion on rug.

4a8299 No.204605


When will they let America see the disgusting things that angered the NYPD so much???

2e1593 No.204608


dear lord. these are our warriors. be gone satanists, and false prophets, trouble us no more. in the name of Jesus. save these souls from deception. amen.

013f81 No.204609


Thanks for the lulz /newfag/. Learn definition of shill faggot before poasting moar. You truly show your newfaggotry

>protip: doesn’t mean somebody who doesn’t agree with your edgy edgelord.

24786b No.204612


Anxiety boner rages!

4e16fe No.204614


Absolutely no one side of alienphiles believes this. Also redtext must be all on one line

like this

74157a No.204615

Why go to twatter to get it when you can get it straight from the horses mouth?

https://www. whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/president-donald-j-trump-proclaims-january-2018-national-slavery-human-trafficking-prevention-month/

c77900 No.204616

File: c0619941dcb90fb⋯.pdf (76.96 KB, C06426462.pdf)

File: 87c99875f1b3e13⋯.pdf (38.37 KB, C06426463.pdf)

File: dcf3d1a74e89487⋯.pdf (143.51 KB, C06426464.pdf)

File: 03f42b5fa70bb15⋯.pdf (112.67 KB, C06426469.pdf)

from foia.state.gov huma emails all I could find so far (website getting hammered.) pt1 of 2

f48d7c No.204617


yeah, if I had people following my family around, watching my kids go to school, with death threats etc. I would back pedal to. You know what PG8 means dude, you see that Anons have connected JA with Rothchild blood dude. AJ was probably told by Q team, MI etc. to back off PG8 because they are handling it

c75006 No.204618

Apparently there are some dingalings on Infowars claiming to be some of the ANON bakers here. Interesting.

013f81 No.204620


Do you truly in the bottom of your heart believe in lizard skin ayyyyylmao? Come on, you can’t pretend to be ‘woke’ and believe in this

74157a No.204622


You'll never see that shit, at least there.

It's to sensitive.

c77900 No.204623

File: dbe2f97a3d2b04d⋯.pdf (143.96 KB, C06426471.pdf)

File: 0c3ec04e3b1bc1c⋯.pdf (88.32 KB, C06426473.pdf)

File: 855d33afd4f8434⋯.pdf (75.61 KB, C06426480.pdf)

File: fdfce1c09724ef3⋯.pdf (74.58 KB, C06426485.pdf)


from foia.state.gov pt2 of 2

a3970b No.204624


Same guy from Beanz video

d1645b No.204625


Had to get his mic fixed, I think. Better now. Feels weird having been here since the very first post dropped, listening to this, and people like Lionel on RT. When Quite Frankly had them on, he had about five or six times his usual listeners(which is a shame, because he's good) The information and links we find that are solid and explainable do indeed need to get out there. People will be so much less shocked when things really start coming down.

All that said, batten down the hatches. The enemy lurks on AJ just like I try to suffer through some CNN (I can only make about ten minutes, I admit it, but I try) it is after all… war.

a96b26 No.204626

Is Obama to blame for North Korea?

Over just a few days, he has unilaterally nullified the 1953 armistice with South Korea; vowed to restart his uranium enriching and plutonium programs; and issued "final approval" for "merciless" nuclear strikes against the United States.

He taunted South Korea's new leader, and shut down the Kaesong industrial estate, which served as unusual example of cooperation between the two Koreas. Most recently, he transported a missile to the east coast — either in an attempt to lob a warhead in America's general direction (he lacks the capability to actually hit the continent), or more probably, to test it, perhaps on the April 15 birthday of deceased founding father Kim Il Sung.

Pyongyang’s news agency KCNA announced North Korea will restart its nuclear reactors including Yongbyon, which had produced plutonium for weapons. How should the Obama administration respond to that?

It’s an announcement. We’re going to have to see how it actually goes. It’s going to take several months to try to start it up. Can it technically be started up? Can they refurbish it and get it running again? I don’t know what the answer to that question is, but let’s assume that that is the case. It’s unwelcome news, but it’s not as if they don’t have nuclear devices anyway.

https ://www.salon.com/2013/04/05/is_obama_to_blame_for_north_korea_partner/

8dcd15 No.204627


Check out Brice Taylor's book, "Thanks For The Memories… The Truth Has Set Me Free!" regarding him & Hnry K'singer and, perhaps, others. (Haven't read it, only reviews.)

251a49 No.204628

>>203783 You haven't noticed that ridiculous speculation that clogs up the CBTS threads ends once you create a thread just for that ridiculous speculation?

The second you eliminate the topic from the CTBS thread, the shills invent another distraction. Then you create another thread, and so the struggles of sysiphus continue.

It's not anons wondering who p is, it's shills. 1/3-2/3's of the posts here are written by shills.

361c07 No.204629


Yes, these are steps in that direction but many miles to go in dismantling the unlawful govt.

bebcb8 No.204632

File: fca101dfca64b43⋯.jpg (189.16 KB, 624x413, 624:413, 20171229_154443.jpg)

8d461c No.204633

c75006 No.204634


Understand the goal, but highly risky.

013f81 No.204635


I can accept that…

Now do you accept lizardskin ayyyylmao m8?

900b1a No.204636


interesting find..

6ab8a2 No.204637


>why don;t you scroll up and tell all the chatterboxes talking about beyonce and other random bullshit some advice.

Because they are not actual anons, they are SB/clowns/redittors who only talk to each other anyway. The will completely ignore actual anons talking to them.


>Trump just signed a bill for Human Trafficking.

I saw and that's wonderful. The plan goes forward.

I'm not saying that the research is unworthy. I'm stating the blindingly obvious: put RESEARCH into dedicated topic threads so that the info doesn't disappear into the ether when the general falls off the catalog. It's for your and everyone else's benefit.

I'm not in a position to do the researching rn, have some other things going on, but I'm sure you will find good things on it.

8f1b5a No.204638

The guys on infowars are the same one's from tracey beanz vid, who proved they were legit with a sticky

bb6012 No.204639

>For fags sake, anon's been hinting the extradited are being held in international waters, on submarines, underwater. They are everywhere and no where at the same time (you don't know where they are and simply the acting of thinking one is nearby it can form an effective deterrent). A SSBN would be big enough to "comfortably" house someone out of site. Personally, I would stick them in the RC and then go full power.

>By the way, BIG RED is a nickname for the USS NEBRASKA (SSBN-739). This fag wonders what the Angel Number 739 represents.

https://www. amazon.com/Big-Red-Trident-Nuclear-Submarine/dp/0060194847/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1514580240&sr=8-2&keywords=big+red+nebraska+book

5eb9c0 No.204640


Thank you!! You rock, anon!

15a78e No.204641

File: ede41d1c871a588⋯.png (200.74 KB, 474x269, 474:269, bread - cooked.png)

fresh out tha kitchen




a3970b No.204642


Arnold and Stallone made a movie about this a while back

f48d7c No.204643


I don't understand what you mean by lizardskin….

f97133 No.204644

Fill this bread, anons.

013f81 No.204645


Literally reptilian beings…

d40742 No.204646



f97133 No.204647

Patriots make the dough rise.

a9be57 No.204648

bread filler

0cf0a8 No.204649

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Doesn't always work.

15a78e No.204650


checked and this

e7354b No.204651


Thanks for the tip.

Doesn't matter if you believe it or not. Q has told us, alienphiles have told us, I tell you and most importantly you feel this yourself - pray, Love, clean the darkside from the inside of your head, this fight is more internal than external.

This is why I'm trying to guide the board culture away from swearing and negativity, doing so only makes shills' jobs far easier and people get tired fast and start leaving instead of helping get rid of the stanic pedophile cabal.

a9be57 No.204652


f97133 No.204653

The Bread of Life has Risen.

ba5bb4 No.204654

File: 94f78038f9a7c97⋯.png (1.02 MB, 914x579, 914:579, screenshot_27.png)


24786b No.204655

make it fresh and make it good - fuck those pedos in hollywood!

f48d7c No.204656


I will believe in them when I see them, Sumerian tablets believe in them…

57519a No.204657


At least this time they kinda told newfags to go to reddit … we still losing Fromm the mindless drool of the new fangs chirping the same nonsense questions over and over … but least pa and bo tried to say something to keep them out

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