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File: 1434176470605.jpg (124.28 KB, 630x420, 3:2, treats.jpg)

8ac9ae  No.126761

sup /cow/. oldfag here

I think /intl/ is, itself a cow. I guarantee that every single time they are fucked with, they will burst into treats

before agreeing with me, I present to you this evidence which you should peruse at your leisure:





and obviously scoots agrees in his stream thing from earlier, about three quarters in http://www.hitbox.tv/video/552631

0e8c4e  No.277872

File: eccb80365184097⋯.png (629.05 KB, 431x696, 431:696, 1434174259849.png)

File: 686be3df4064892⋯.png (638.49 KB, 1880x975, 376:195, 1434175968846.png)

File: fe9dca940e91fac⋯.png (185.94 KB, 1287x2440, 1287:2440, 1434637022680.png)

File: 48f57df457cc02f⋯.png (63.59 KB, 1260x248, 315:62, 1434414995088.png)

File: 84eb14913ad9b2a⋯.png (55.19 KB, 947x271, 947:271, implying hotwheels reads t….png)

https://archive.is/7SGww spanish autist complaining about stormfags

https://archive.is/NJCLT Someone posts wheelchair man of freedom and thats the best they came up with

https://archive.is/iofuT this is why you don't listen to /intl/ about site wide meta

Protip: Region flags are incredibly imprecise.

https://archive.is/ySOWa Has Ulilauta found them?

https://archive.is/vlIG5 Oh look where they want to go next!

https://archive.is/AaEgq /intl/ claims HW stole the board from faggot BO

https://archive.is/F6s7D first they celebrate technical difficulties on cock.li then they are sperging out IIT after exposure

https://archive.is/BiBs3 and this is what they call a meta thread

https://archive.is/CpcPi Swiss proxy posted!

https://archive.is/KhwzL /intl/ gives up on /pol/

0e8c4e  No.277873

File: f890395c802a4d8⋯.png (86.07 KB, 815x452, 815:452, goodchristian goes stealth.png)

File: 5441b9950aa147b⋯.png (725.31 KB, 2162x1160, 1081:580, why is intl universally ha….png)

File: 85b7a79de956109⋯.png (12.66 KB, 148x201, 148:201, someone is still obsessed ….png)

File: 874e68e389dbddf⋯.png (25.47 KB, 745x421, 745:421, pol claims to know swiss p….png)

File: 2d116ba32a6beb9⋯.png (31.1 KB, 984x301, 984:301, every day is repost day es….png)

https://archive.is/zwpVn clamoring for a useless feature

https://archive.is/Jt3He Spamada to /intl/: The ride never ends

https://archive.is/tzydf No weeb beef. Just look at the l<3lic<3n that proves it.

https://archive.is/Iaf35 1) go to Krautchan 2) reveal that to the Internet that you are from Gabrovka

https://archive.is/6M2tH Top 25 obsession. Now with genocide crusades

https://archive.is/TvoVW What went right?

https://archive.is/Oy3tJ ;_; b& for spam ;_;

https://archive.is/0MgxH They fucking ate it!

https://archive.is/flLej OP thinks Gashopon figures become alive if you pay them.

https://archive.is/d8QWT Even Alcoholics have their pill now

https://archive.is/uFbRg Someday, faggot BO gets his entire Country banned from KC.

https://archive.is/eyilM /intl/ wants to yiff water pokemen

0e8c4e  No.277874

File: 4b4ed73af15f4f6⋯.png (24.77 KB, 997x280, 997:280, damage control on b.png)

File: 9271f8653645005⋯.png (141.69 KB, 995x397, 995:397, well memed.png)

File: 5e62db9a381bd57⋯.png (435.62 KB, 1584x2283, 528:761, 1434733155683.png)

File: c0399a562858119⋯.png (9.47 KB, 153x206, 153:206, this is so stupid that it ….png)

File: 9bddf679ad3121d⋯.png (71.95 KB, 1344x620, 336:155, intl shitting up pol again.png)

https://archive.is/SRPMh /intl/'s school experiences

https://archive.is/pck7M /intl/'s Image Board legend hour

https://archive.is/YNjiZ How old is /intl/ anyway?

https://archive.is/mGsZ2 /intl/ big sperg out on /b/

https://archive.is/TR7Vd a hollow victory for /intl/

https://archive.is/VutBw this is not how it works, bunny brain!

https://archive.is/xtuSt next time make fun of them on /cow/!

https://archive.is/07d3S muh hate objects

https://archive.is/KFP0W swiss proxy thread

https://archive.is/56KUq time to document the bunkers too. Its not like they are doing it for free.

https://archive.is/bMn0V halfchan meta after the colony drop

https://archive.is/WU9vB /intl/ takes credit for going after Null's shekels because spastics always attack each other :^)

0e8c4e  No.277875

File: bd81809359cc216⋯.png (71.32 KB, 248x523, 248:523, cytube autism.png)

File: a1bfbc5108bccda⋯.png (309.26 KB, 1472x804, 368:201, even more cytube autism.png)

File: 2e9a9acf7d5790a⋯.png (68.47 KB, 486x804, 81:134, you can stop now!.png)

File: c47295c828b5b8d⋯.png (11.31 KB, 252x278, 126:139, 8chan hiccup made me assoc….png)

File: 1746b19513f9aab⋯.png (72.79 KB, 1064x604, 266:151, nice try intl.png)

https://archive.is/youeg how's /intl/ doing today?

https://archive.is/yrFCB muh memes

https://archive.is/NtM6r Another piece of evidence that /intl/ is not a bunch of assblasted weaboos

https://archive.is/1Nozb let's astroturf this place because we don't like moderation

https://archive.is/crrlb 1 month in and there is still no doxxxx of Soma

https://archive.is/Z0r4i the top 25 obsession never ends

https://archive.is/XNzfz Even without top 25 there is still top 25 obsession

https://archive.is/UN307 we hate gamergays

https://archive.is/jlctA the purpose of /intl/ is that we are not weaboos

https://archive.is/eOiqg muh IRC conspiracy

https://archive.is/XZoSt /b/ didn't eat it

http://8ch.net/_g/1078.txt Hotwheels knows stuff.

https://archive.is/0dmaj Swiss proxy just leaves this here.

https://archive.is/MyFCQ Let's adress sexism on /v/

0e8c4e  No.277876

File: fab8670233f2cc2⋯.png (8.24 KB, 633x198, 211:66, damage control in the gghq….png)

File: 6ea203958ff0cea⋯.png (140.08 KB, 959x426, 959:426, look whos shitposting.png)

File: 933cbecb6f931a1⋯.png (5.71 KB, 675x62, 675:62, 1434916570316.png)

File: 32e7585a7c04c3e⋯.png (91.8 KB, 972x275, 972:275, they gave up hiding.png)

File: ac8ee7607ce172c⋯.png (9.52 KB, 964x109, 964:109, gamergays keeps giving out….png)

https://archive.is/B73vU Oyybin bait

https://archive.is/ils0q Bringing back Rei clones

https://archive.is/BfQ0x free speech is a meme and other teen faggotry

https://archive.is/dxBlQ intl lying out of the ass again

https://archive.is/14AXp Omankun lewds

https://archive.is/UYGm7 Let's sperg at Hotwheels!

https://archive.is/ofqOa now thats dirty

https://archive.is/OzadF for a trolling board they are easy to bait

https://archive.is/t7noG nice plan

https://archive.is/5msJi hiding shit with desutalk, really?

https://archive.is/NsYgM shilling my old board

https://archive.is/j6cGD and now a meta thread to it

0e8c4e  No.277877

File: 97484fea36023fe⋯.png (163.25 KB, 955x432, 955:432, still obsessed with buffal….png)

File: 1fe4b21e1010b89⋯.png (74.5 KB, 448x248, 56:31, dodging sins.png)

File: c152a6e3db6c2b9⋯.png (178.27 KB, 929x537, 929:537, is that you spamada.png)

File: ec674924c1d883d⋯.png (918.21 KB, 994x748, 497:374, where did that poll come f….png)

File: 23f067cf0d2237a⋯.png (125.94 KB, 921x411, 307:137, spamada is back.png)

https://archive.is/ps8yk Pill autism 2; spergy bogalloo

https://archive.is/5XJyG look what's popped up on /operate/

https://archive.is/1C4xC we need a new home!

http://vocaroo.com/i/s082qEXENrOS reading my julaying attempt back to me? Srsly?

https://archive.is/EcQbA >/intl/ in charge of giving straight answers

https://archive.is/Z1q0R How to be a teenbro autist

http://www.freezepage.com/1440417495XSBJEVVXVF most replied to thread this week

http://www.freezepage.com/1440417593UVMBBCVEIX what is this? /r9k/ for pathetic autists?

https://archive.is/sWuN4 Why are we flooding /tg/ again?

Fun fact: A look at the neofags will reveal to you that all Plebbitors became in fact goat fuckers after Voat became more stable when they went corporate.

https://archive.is/dwtRI and the sixth big board that thinks you are cows. GZ /intl/!

https://archive.is/7NUI9 knights of the sperg watching table

0e8c4e  No.277878

File: 19daeeb1ab87e44⋯.png (34.27 KB, 758x327, 758:327, the fire ends.png)

File: 3f1b80d3ccdeb6b⋯.png (33.58 KB, 927x354, 309:118, thanks for the autism.png)

File: 15932b6a0bc1d31⋯.png (6.45 KB, 517x139, 517:139, some one didnt watch jims ….png)

File: 262c8d0b8140c7d⋯.png (34.68 KB, 841x469, 841:469, autist tries humor.png)

File: 5380e7eb2a31e75⋯.png (135 KB, 839x533, 839:533, jews may be right.png)

https://archive.is/wkFHx look at us! We ain't weeaboos!


https://archive.is/iCLPv oyytist exposed


https://archive.is/wciEN We don't understand who runs the self serve ads

https://archive.is/B6KBM nice plan, but there is amused crowd watching you.

https://archive.is/KhNqB typical thread

https://archive.is/GZy7N autist mating dance

https://archive.is/cuy7i thats nice plan, but your board is kinda dead.

https://archive.is/oZC2Z /ints/' poor attempt of a gamergate thread

https://archive.is/G1Bi8 meta thread

https://archive.is/Rsdp4 let's raid the horsefuckers!

https://archive.is/jaRQO Why are we spammed? I thought our actions don't have consequences.

https://archive.is/JQRgR Daily reminder that I don't like /pol/ very much

0e8c4e  No.277880

File: beeeeae12b2339b⋯.png (12.77 KB, 1002x204, 167:34, miking with manosphere cra….png)

File: a407c7deaeda8fe⋯.png (81.87 KB, 1024x419, 1024:419, more autism about bernd.png)

File: c7a8b45dd61169a⋯.png (84.43 KB, 793x322, 793:322, manly bait just werks.png)

File: 298c20d7b25b23b⋯.png (92.44 KB, 882x420, 21:10, intersting discussion jim ….png)

File: 619225464e29ec5⋯.png (8.19 KB, 625x78, 625:78, you can always find new fr….png)

https://archive.is/awQGU OH NOES! Not our gangbang of whining too!

https://archive.is/jKywq Is that /meta/ + 9fag?

https://archive.is/vNwjF OP tried to make a Nunu hate thread

https://archive.is/AFZhP That's odd. I haven't read anything about Piss bottles since I have left some German board.

https://archive.is/zE9dS /ints/ confirmed for burnoutfags

https://archive.is/9koUD lazy burger clap wants my findings afikasu'd

https://archive.is/eeYTK let's raid /pone/

https://archive.is/LaWnX meanwhile on /pone/

https://twitter.com/Magneto_bot their meme twitter

https://archive.is/FXE4j /intl/'s last decent thread.

https://archive.is/VyRlw hot scat porn with flags

https://archive.is/6kDJE swiss proxy got salty. I wonder why.

0e8c4e  No.277881

File: 7f5560fc507f5c0⋯.jpg (921.99 KB, 1200x1080, 10:9, autism.jpg)

File: 7dbc3f98ca3e401⋯.png (151.9 KB, 420x294, 10:7, jim profit claps after spr….png)

File: 10481b64cdbd284⋯.png (138.4 KB, 954x486, 53:27, ok you guys are starting t….png)

File: 6979b0cb641b179⋯.png (8.61 KB, 153x201, 51:67, stay salty merlin.png)

File: 10f8b9d347300af⋯.png (100.03 KB, 1596x1350, 266:225, NO INTL YOU ARE THE REDDIT….png)

https://archive.is/FXE4j /intl/'s last decent thread.

https://archive.is/VyRlw hot scat porn with flags

https://archive.is/6kDJE swiss proxy got salty. I wonder why.

https://archive.is/H4TfU we are not attention whores

https://archive.is/Gtoqg listen /newspaper/, I am not paranoid. Check out my Image Board legend.

https://archive.is/OQwwo let's take the productivity pill.

https://archive.is/gnJFK intl's take on moot's sellout

fufufu.moe was founded before 8ch even had a /a/.

https://archive.is/u1770 let's annoy Jim with our autism

http://8ch.net/ints/res/11852.html gonna delete my board

https://archive.is/NN2ku but them goons don't like weebs, you fucking imbecile!

https://archive.is/3KGzf Birthday thread or something

The rest is either unfunny garbage or /a/ molesting /ints/ with Chaika.

https://archive.is/Hkb9X let's shit up Jim's blog

0e8c4e  No.277882

File: c1f1f4d8de524aa⋯.png (23.01 KB, 979x148, 979:148, from intl, don't ask.png)

File: 4763654a97490b0⋯.png (81.67 KB, 986x285, 986:285, remove intl remove intl.png)

File: f6779012388655e⋯.png (8.34 KB, 613x198, 613:198, autism intensifies.png)

File: 282de49dd1bbf79⋯.png (24.29 KB, 1276x363, 116:33, it was bui do not listen t….png)

File: 9c25922158735c0⋯.png (203.95 KB, 778x421, 778:421, lets bribe soma.png)

https://archive.is/hn8Gf /ints/ reacts to Hotwheel's latest video

https://archive.is/qWhXq someone tried to slide something off. Well, at least he is not sperging out over cartoon lesbians.

https://archive.is/u1kQI where is the attack? where is it?

https://archive.is/YXxfF Bui yiffed the board again.

https://archive.is/zY2x7 No Julay tonight!

https://archive.is/GUZUW for the last time Bui; we are no goddamn weaboos!

https://archive.is/mpm7r /intl/ leftover of the 1st week: Politics sperg admits that he was unable to open an alternative board.

Oh look! Another irrelevant board with stoneage technology. But wait, there is more; 8ch meta cancer.

That faggot's den is called freech.net and is intended for the I-do-wut-wunt type who also don't trust scoots.

https://archive.is/ZVLU7 Jim's pigs ate it (^O^)

0e8c4e  No.277883

What the hell happened?

A seekrit IRC club of namefags had the control over the first two gamergays boards that both went tits up due to drama and almost every other Gamergays resource online. When Acidman and the /v/ general took over, the club got very pissed, because they couldn't freely shitpost their garbage anymore. What followed was a scorpion shill attack that split the board into 2 and then ggrevolt had been founded. The main topic of revolt is driving out any eceleb that isn't under the cancer crews' control and driving out BOs they don't like while PAing /intl/, a bunch of former Warosu posters. A few weeks ago, the cancer crew drove out Oliver Campbell and their next target then was Acidman. This is why we have a shit thread about him here. After a successful dox by /baph/, the cancer crew attempted to swat Acid by the ATF, but the FBI didn't buy it, because Acid is also selling restricted guns to the Police and the FEDs. So the FBI contacted Acid and asked him if knows anything about the people behind the swatting attempt instead and he gave them the digging folder he was working on with other people for months. Now the entire cancer crew is sperging and panicking. Revolt even lost one of its janitors.

What are teenbros? (by Warosushitter)

Teenbro is a slang term that originated on the 4/jp/ archives of Warosu.

A teenbro is a poster who never understood what /jp/ was about and was there for the epic battle against Janny, without realising why Janny was killing /jp/. The only thing that was achieved was the alienation of /jp/'s original userbase and the splintering of a community from which it would never recover. These usually underage fucks first grouped around /jp/ tripfags, such as Tokiko and !ZUNbar, resulting in the latter being banned. Later they would go on to cause chaos on other boards such as "I drive" on /o/, Watamote dick spam on /a/ and /v/. They were finally kicked off of Warosu when Warosuko had enough of the unironic /ghost/ pedo threads, with links to streams of underage girls. What was left of the /jp/ Warosu posters have now found a home on 8ch, while the teenbros are now making up the ranks of /intl/, thinking they have another ebin fight to save 8chan from rulecucks and it's own admin.

-Former Warosushitter and /jp/edo

How does this connect?

The cancercrew has been an essential part /intl/ all along. They hid among the normal users and have shilled their bullshit. Since teenbros are the way they are, they took in their new Idol and obeyed his marching order for ebin netwar. In other words, they have been played like a damn fiddle!

Take a look at this fun stuff from freech:

https://archive.is/40zWC are you angry fam?

https://archive.is/fzFRb Something from the cancercrew on /n/

https://archive.is/a1xFw Teenbros are having a blast with ggrevolts autism

https://archive.is/O2aeL Ironic shitposting is still shitposting. At least it is kinda related.

https://archive.is/bYIt1 Nope, but you should be angry at the cancer crew for fucking with you

https://archive.is/Tlh5a no one cares, not even teenbros

These are related but probably just bonus material:






https://archive.is/su3oo Shitposting won't shield you from reality. See Janitor01's little chat with Hotwheels.

http://poal.me/jyhuqk vote Autism for president

Frankly, the rest is just worthless. Nothing new except a confirmation that we are dealing with the same people who posted garbage on cuck/jp for years here.

0e8c4e  No.277884

File: 4a76535eba0cf41⋯.png (124.02 KB, 567x517, 567:517, samefagging for asylum.png)

File: f4d8192dfe6fa4e⋯.png (125.38 KB, 783x285, 261:95, intl on modsassing hotwhee….png)

File: e268540d3ec1680⋯.png (29.29 KB, 791x759, 791:759, well that was fruitless.png)

File: 85dc1ccfdfa66e2⋯.png (24.75 KB, 1024x478, 512:239, remember how intl claimed ….png)

File: 44a5099df7bda61⋯.png (113.64 KB, 973x407, 973:407, rulecuck board.png)

Gamergatehq threads about the incident

First thread:



Second thread:



Third Thread:



Fourth Thread:



Fifth Thread:



Sixth Thread:



Seventh Thread:



Eighth Thread:



https://archive.is/ovIZJ old first posts of a shillboard owned by /leftypol/. Why? BECAUSE I HAVE TAKEN IT OVER!


This is mostly ggrevolt, some burnt out wannabe e-celebs causing drama for gaining control over GG on 8chan.This shit was hilarious to watch to watch nonetheless.

0e8c4e  No.277885

File: 854db1cc89fe0d3⋯.png (35.03 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner.png)

File: 6b90fa3b2dc8221⋯.png (5.58 KB, 469x181, 469:181, 1436480925580.png)

File: 0e191fbcdd4e086⋯.png (6.55 KB, 512x170, 256:85, I just leave that here.png)

File: 8ca40719c9af046⋯.png (99.25 KB, 648x333, 72:37, intl wants cow to go.png)

File: 9c59a9135bcb928⋯.png (196.5 KB, 976x1318, 488:659, no legwork needed intl con….png)

https://archive.is/6jcIF A origin story of autism

https://cytu.be/r/Yozora their new circlejerk


https://archive.is/A6817 manest thread on /operate/

https://archive.is/mBY2z the cancer crew is still mad as hell.

https://archive.is/F6mQl Looks who announces his suicide on a Chinese little girl cartoon Image Board!

https://archive.is/IWupu and on a euphoric democracy board.

https://archive.is/HAJfa I am afraid ;____;

https://archive.is/DtBWb Quick! Let's smear Josh!

https://archive.is/sSKyw Jim's pigs ate it (^O^)

https://archive.is/pgEEl What a beautiful morning to side with the very people who went after my shekels, smeared my name in public and were huge assholes to me in many other ways as well !

https://ghostbin.com/paste/8b78c 8chan-dev reacts to the raid

0e8c4e  No.277886

File: 6f1da623441344b⋯.png (97.69 KB, 423x250, 423:250, maybe all of 8ch is your b….png)

File: 539f81157c10c08⋯.png (26.45 KB, 993x294, 331:98, the numbers.png)

File: b4affc4c9dcaeb9⋯.png (35.25 KB, 1024x484, 256:121, someone is feeling the blu….png)

File: ce8fc8392e0993a⋯.png (242.38 KB, 1234x606, 617:303, gabrovka.png)

File: 8443a6904b67493⋯.png (98.79 KB, 1059x910, 1059:910, Hey guy pls hax me.png)

0e8c4e  No.277888

File: 1d6de319fb59aac⋯.png (109.23 KB, 553x411, 553:411, LOOK guys I am a proxyfag.png)

File: fd98594dfa3cb71⋯.png (102.15 KB, 951x234, 317:78, brownpill spammer spills t….png)

File: cbcb9ab5be686c0⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 1689x3060, 563:1020, autist losers planing.jpg)

File: 3fc32ec2ea103ac⋯.png (143.72 KB, 789x693, 263:231, another shit plan also why….png)

File: b01be5bc8c19c88⋯.png (186.34 KB, 1004x467, 1004:467, what the hell.png)

http://archive.is/nCv0o Moonman should read that

http://archive.is/O2rmM The warped view on meta is still the same

http://archive.is/jIPyS Autism funposts and it is time to cure it with a bullet

http://archive.is/FueZO We don't hawk /b/

http://archive.is/aL5kC Don't be surprised if newfags sperg your board to death

http://archive.is/CDdyZ didn't take off due to lack of autists.

http://archive.is/pvPhX Don't post that on /pol/. It shall remain a secret!

http://archive.is/https://freech.net/fam/res/13280.html Too bad all the other gay NEETs have read the actual discussions about this

http://archive.is/vJ1S1 Does that look like an /int/ to you?

Best of muh seekrit board









http://archive.is/0c0tT let's fucking latch onto shit

http://archive.is/Ryrjf here comes the cancer!

https://ghostbin.com/paste/3xqyz Hoping for new autism

0e8c4e  No.277889

File: 7614dd64fbecd4b⋯.png (16.84 KB, 949x214, 949:214, spergerking hasnt heard of….png)

File: a549433a01e969a⋯.png (160.13 KB, 949x488, 949:488, godzilla approves.png)

File: a7c8ed80235aad6⋯.png (50.81 KB, 859x544, 859:544, this is best parody i have….png)

File: 02e9b95b8609f7c⋯.png (177.79 KB, 1346x654, 673:327, 1434393305098.png)

File: d1e562c69136d34⋯.png (154.34 KB, 946x643, 946:643, we have just been pretende….png)

http://archive.is/AzHjP Wizardry

http://archive.is/kuzhr Let's focus on Jim

http://archive.is/pHSkU AoC is dearly missed

http://archive.is/ESPae further down below…

http://archive.is/tSwnG OH NOES! NOT ENDCHAN TOO!

http://archive.is/wHMlp LOOK MOM! I MADE NEWS AGAIN!

http://archive.is/dSUm2 The most spastic Tech threads

How many secret board does that shithole need?




http://archive.is/5g4Lz meanwhile. no boards were taken

http://archive.is/oubP2 Lets obsess over Hotwheels. That will make him want to come back

/tech/ threads

I - http://archive.is/hjZK9

II - http://archive.is/32mdo

III - http://archive.is/kRqb7

IV - http://archive.is/W9axq

V - http://archive.is/4S0ug

V (shard instance) - http://archive.is/Z6UiM

VI - http://archive.is/qjVnK

VII - http://archive.is/XZOOi

VIII - http://archive.is/2BFI3

IX - http://archive.is/eOSM1

X - http://archive.is/daLDC

0e8c4e  No.277891

File: dd7a49e7e550440⋯.png (3.8 KB, 704x64, 11:1, yeah right.png)

File: 1679d295fbad24c⋯.png (14.58 KB, 911x205, 911:205, ints want to shill.png)

File: 83c15ecb32ee8a4⋯.png (60.97 KB, 968x435, 968:435, because I was out of cocks.png)

File: 23be46c76e18956⋯.png (1.85 MB, 2625x3072, 875:1024, even nunu doesn't like the….png)

File: 1c1d78ccd1acc48⋯.png (105.35 KB, 908x535, 908:535, one last check.png)


https://archive.is/cgwQe crabthread is confirmed for Warosu cocks

https://archive.is/QsqfV Let's be autistic shitslingers

https://archive.is/qooXn I also invented the Zaku and shoot lasers out of my dick


http://archive.is/4Y3J5 lolcows whorshipping another lolcow

https://archive.is/CNJqk there is a discord now.

https://archive.is/SvoRf Nool's next

https://archive.is/Mt7Zl not the king of spergs anymore

https://archive.is/55DO8 Is Omankun illiterate?

https://archive.is/DJuQZ let's raid some board

https://archive.is/29GLd Dox jim, release on uguu

https://archive.is/6ZQgx and a thread on /b/

https://archive.is/RQmP6 WEW, LAD

https://archive.fo/yQEqF Maybe I get attention when I immitate the people that have used me for their own ends.

0e8c4e  No.277892

File: 7301b61aa8e4172⋯.png (7.25 KB, 972x134, 486:67, residue 2.png)

File: 9786f43cc5df8b3⋯.png (61.58 KB, 984x654, 164:109, Being an autistic loser ar….png)

File: 438c8e94e71688d⋯.png (130.71 KB, 1365x613, 1365:613, 8ch_1447985459-0.png)

File: 7bfd4ed38308dd6⋯.png (226.08 KB, 998x922, 499:461, intl in charge of exact hi….png)

File: ee7f4399b9c43f9⋯.png (188.78 KB, 1769x487, 1769:487, 1434510065680.png)

This concludes the the archives I have. The rest of the textfile is about some faggot who has latched onto our IRC channel. He is gone now and won't crawl back in. So there is no need for that. Let's have more images instead.

0e8c4e  No.277893

File: e2bfd80e456029a⋯.jpg (408.65 KB, 1788x476, 447:119, warosu has been played lik….jpg)

File: 07923de9b903901⋯.png (55.1 KB, 436x516, 109:129, 1449132206080-3.png)

File: dbf0f0d7e39e37f⋯.png (113.33 KB, 1583x454, 1583:454, how teenbros destroyed pur….png)

File: 08eee10980146ee⋯.png (11.97 KB, 958x131, 958:131, totally not angry.png)

File: 7b98bd83150e6ea⋯.png (120.87 KB, 960x318, 160:53, revolts level of understan….png)

Did you know that posting conspiracy theories online became more common as soon Crystal Meth consumption went through the roof?

0e8c4e  No.277894

File: 60f0574b7571261⋯.png (315.24 KB, 1003x564, 1003:564, netherlands has no life.png)

File: 3f1b80d3ccdeb6b⋯.png (33.58 KB, 927x354, 309:118, teenbro without job.png)

File: fe095e29c12c6e8⋯.png (79.29 KB, 597x146, 597:146, spergs view on police inve….png)

File: 92cdb5d155760d8⋯.png (108 KB, 967x411, 967:411, your 888 wont be forgotten.png)

File: 04b90eb3c75f609⋯.png (51.64 KB, 1013x588, 1013:588, freechs fagmin is sick in ….png)

This means we might deal with meth heads here. No surpise, since /intl/ originally came from Warosu and one of the most popular reoccuring threads on /jp/ are the drug threads.

0e8c4e  No.277895

File: e04acf012089c5b⋯.png (265.34 KB, 720x1080, 2:3, russia's back and he broug….png)

File: 004d2a7a544e75f⋯.jpg (9.09 KB, 255x106, 255:106, fanfic.jpg)

File: 8a0c2d2ff5238b0⋯.png (204.99 KB, 774x712, 387:356, remember - only lolcows ha….png)

File: f45902b171b6b33⋯.jpg (172.79 KB, 999x344, 999:344, pillipillipillipillipillip….jpg)

0e8c4e  No.277896

File: b697f4e158473b7⋯.png (453.24 KB, 1305x892, 1305:892, 1459256860351.png)

File: ec03e273e3018f8⋯.jpg (221.95 KB, 1842x620, 921:310, kekimus.jpg)

File: e199096786c55e2⋯.jpg (505.93 KB, 1201x941, 1201:941, 1462655356581-1.jpg)

File: e199096786c55e2⋯.jpg (505.93 KB, 1201x941, 1201:941, 1462655356581-1.jpg)

They like to make troll plans against the entire site so much, that they have spent


on that shit.

0e8c4e  No.277897

File: 5a1bb6e17d6f1c2⋯.png (196.3 KB, 1182x363, 394:121, 1462655356581-2.png)

File: e640149d8f980d5⋯.png (587.97 KB, 1066x2455, 1066:2455, samsonsperg.png)

File: c01ae4c6b96f450⋯.png (95.54 KB, 1116x353, 1116:353, and this is why you should….png)

File: b0bf3da1e188639⋯.png (566.38 KB, 1817x542, 1817:542, 1462826761374.png)

File: 69c68f579b87574⋯.png (24.2 KB, 954x251, 954:251, 1483912242515.png)

0e8c4e  No.277898

File: 511cef46d91b22f⋯.png (77.09 KB, 954x407, 954:407, 1499637768192.png)

File: d5174aacd06235f⋯.png (300.32 KB, 1898x912, 949:456, red cat cocks 2.0.png)

File: 0b377ac2a80de95⋯.jpg (78.7 KB, 1792x225, 1792:225, 1438161603445.jpg)

File: 6c66bd6d3dd966d⋯.png (122.71 KB, 950x262, 475:131, intl is a crater.png)

File: 037b6a60ef71dcd⋯.png (113.8 KB, 1622x964, 811:482, intls view on hierachy.png)

0e8c4e  No.277899

File: b429a9cf727a9b2⋯.png (216.5 KB, 1094x530, 547:265, cannuck weeb caught samefa….png)

File: 4e013fd3909f45a⋯.png (158.7 KB, 977x809, 977:809, take your meds warosu.png)

File: 1652542f9bb28aa⋯.png (192.93 KB, 936x594, 52:33, what a lively board and su….png)

File: 01f27359a248778⋯.png (27.34 KB, 789x319, 789:319, Untitled.png)

File: f4ba42025dc101d⋯.png (122.26 KB, 878x539, 878:539, 1438013095346.png)

0e8c4e  No.277900

File: 17de532b37fe259⋯.jpg (61.26 KB, 720x576, 5:4, typical intl poster.jpg)

File: b0056ca233a5e8a⋯.jpg (412.2 KB, 1840x3264, 115:204, sparky.jpg)

File: 1e9520e9bb264e2⋯.jpg (28.09 KB, 494x658, 247:329, 20170605_231450.jpg)

File: c31134e0042126f⋯.jpg (37.28 KB, 494x658, 247:329, IMG_6782.JPG)

This is how the average Warosu shitpost star looks like.

0e8c4e  No.277901

File: aadc0629384d71f⋯.jpg (25.43 KB, 225x248, 225:248, omaneta.jpg)

File: 36f3cdf3cd01fd2⋯.jpg (152.08 KB, 717x960, 239:320, 1441550308071.jpg)

File: 253208c4eee0ee0⋯.jpg (3.9 MB, 3120x4208, 195:263, 7866.jpg)

File: f52ee7bf4a19bda⋯.jpg (2.75 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, 1437325066211-0.jpg)

File: 1a0e87815c620c5⋯.jpg (3.17 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, 1437324740419-0.jpg)

And this is their overlawd and fagmin Oman.

0e8c4e  No.277902

File: e198cc194511294⋯.webm (4.68 MB, 640x480, 4:3, this is what freech actua….webm)

And now a cartoon about their meme ideology.

0e8c4e  No.277903

File: c725c86201f2c1d⋯.webm (4.51 MB, 640x480, 4:3, this is what freech actua….webm)

Also this thread has been catapulted onto the front page of the site. Say cheese, /intl/!


12f567  No.278029

I still don't get why you think /intl/ is Warosu.

45acc0  No.278049


Got it through some hints from somewhere else and a little detective work. The time frame also fits. Warosu went down the shitter in Winter 2015, /int/ had to deal with autistic drama around Lowcard's onwership of that place at the same time span. Early freech reeked a lot like Warosu. All the other relevant information is in >>277883. Another give away are the many 2hus and Suiseika . No /int/ on the internet regularly uses these characters. They fit /jp/ and its deriviates like a glove.

2ca3c9  No.278113

File: 4a768705a67b791⋯.jpg (26.5 KB, 320x360, 8:9, me tbh.jpg)

slav nigger lover face leaked

2ca3c9  No.278114


Do you even follow /int*/? They haven't posted 2hu shit for more than a year. I'd say warosushitters just tagged along at some point, and have already left.

e084b2  No.278116


1b2434  No.278139


They also didn't post almost anything for over a year and Warosushitter didn't tag along with these spastics. Stop shitting yourself.


Discord is for gays and typefuckers.

7d37d2  No.280683

778973  No.282491


fuck you

b0ea40  No.282949


The cancer seeped long before winter 2015

I suspect you are an intl shill

0b9d7c  No.284775

File: 979bd6eafe2db2f⋯.png (218.47 KB, 1735x634, 1735:634, ClipboardImage.png)

Bump because they're back. According to a /sudo/ thread their new board is >>>/intg/. Would be such a shame if history repeated itself at their new hangout.

2399d8  No.285462

File: 566b46e8273b4ab⋯.png (694.7 KB, 569x427, 569:427, 48c628770eaf21f2dc018c9ea3….png)


This faggot.

abcbb0  No.285467


>These people are fucking retarded

It's the same reason you see people walk around with Guy Fawkes masks while protesting the establishment. They don't actually care.

db230a  No.286249

File: d662750edb78c78⋯.jpg (170 KB, 972x1296, 3:4, 42c292951b213242bce97b5e5a….jpg)

File: ba34759d74e9642⋯.jpg (51.58 KB, 400x252, 100:63, FAS Facefini.jpg)

[11:51 PM] pinochet's pintobeans: @Yozam OK virgin

[11:52 PM] pinochet's pintobeans:

[11:52 PM] Yozam: sex after marriage tbh

[11:52 PM] Yozam: you should know this shit dumbass

[11:52 PM] slovborg: n!beard

[11:52 PM] BOTNotSoBot:

[11:52 PM] hamburger: n!female

[11:52 PM] pinochet's pintobeans: n!gay

[11:52 PM] slovborg: btw you got fetal alcohol syndrome?

[11:52 PM] hamburger: I said that

[11:52 PM] Yozam: no i dont think so

[11:52 PM] BOTNotSoBot:

[11:52 PM] BOTNotSoBot:

[11:52 PM] slovborg: dude that's fas face

[11:52 PM] slovborg: also explains why you're retarded

[11:53 PM] pinochet's pintobeans: Lol

[11:53 PM] hamburger: https://pubs.niaaa.nih.gov/publications/arh341/images/FAS%20Facefini.jpg

[11:53 PM] pinochet's pintobeans:

[11:53 PM] hamburger: u @Yozam

[11:53 PM] slovborg: >thin upper lip

[11:53 PM] slovborg: >flat midface and short nose

[11:53 PM] slovborg: >low nasal bridge

[11:53 PM] slovborg: >wide set eyes

[11:53 PM] slovborg: dude thats fas

[11:53 PM] pinochet's pintobeans: Yozam getting destroyed

[11:54 PM] Yozam: i asked my mom if i had fetal alchohol syndrome

[11:54 PM] hamburger: ur mom lied

[11:54 PM] pinochet's pintobeans: And

[11:54 PM] hamburger: tbh

[11:54 PM] slovborg: she said n-no why'd you think that

[11:54 PM] Yozam: i know she was a massive degenerate before i was born

[11:54 PM] pinochet's pintobeans: What does mommy look like?

[11:54 PM] pinochet's pintobeans: Roastie?

[11:54 PM] Yozam: she said that she stopped drinking 6 months after she was pregnant

[11:54 PM] slovborg: I bet you want to kill your mom

[11:54 PM] Yozam: i fucking hate her fam

[11:54 PM] pinochet's pintobeans: HAHAHAHAHA

[11:54 PM] hamburger: kill ur mother

[11:54 PM] hamburger: Josh 2.0

[11:55 PM] slovborg: >6 months after she was pregnant

[11:55 PM] pinochet's pintobeans: F a s

[11:55 PM] slovborg: LMAOOOO

[11:55 PM] Yozam: im not gonna kill her

[11:55 PM] hamburger: Josh 2.0

[11:55 PM] pinochet's pintobeans: @Yozam do it

[11:55 PM] Yozam: i'd rather kill myself

[11:55 PM] pinochet's pintobeans: Disabled kid(edited)

[11:55 PM] hamburger: good idea tbh

[11:56 PM] pinochet's pintobeans: @Yozam kill yourself

[11:56 PM] pinochet's pintobeans: Alcohol baby

[11:56 PM] Yozam: no u

[11:56 PM] slovborg: this is getting archiv't


db230a  No.286284

…can someone please explain why were chat logs confirming that a /intl/ goon in fact has fetal alcohol syndrome were deleted?

db230a  No.286285


oh sorry they just didn't load for me for some reason before I posted this

1f2206  No.286288


Bullying kids on the internet. This is what our generation has come to.

4f7132  No.286290

File: cdbda26fde7c8a1⋯.jpg (50.82 KB, 545x514, 545:514, dragon dildo grandma room.jpg)

dragon dildo

dcc4c3  No.286291


Is this the reason /intl/ mostly fucked off?

They were found out to be trannies?

43a927  No.286302

nanotech: @hamburger i think i want to fuck my cat

hamburger: ok

nanotech: if she were a cute girl

hamburger: well u'll never get that 2nd part

nanotech: named Chen

hamgurger: so just take what you can get

pinochet's pintobeans: @nanotech archived


22919c  No.286306

File: db8d6fc1a48f54f⋯.jpg (11.14 KB, 191x255, 191:255, leftypol board owner.jpg)

>All the triggered goons ITT.

God you are pathetic.

22a8b8  No.286309


where did u get my selfie

22919c  No.286310


Got leaked some time ago. Also post ur femenine benis plz with timestamp.

e2c004  No.286353

/int*/ on the front page

fd48e1  No.286379


The best part is I can't tell if you are a metaposter from the 2hu cabal, swissproxy still playing this character, or a legitimate autist.

Oh and the rabbit poster and owner of /loli/ is Soma. He is just trying to post on the lowdown and keep people from digging into himHINT CHILDPORN AND PROGRESSIVE POLITICS. The KC cartel never left, they just changed their colors.

ccff1d  No.286402


They voted to allow child porn spam as well as child porn itself to be posted on their knockoff imageboard sites since deleting it infringes on free speech.

What sheer coincidence no one wants to be affiliated with them anymore.

dcc4c3  No.286407


I'll never understand why they defend spam so much.

d80678  No.286507

File: d47959ae582738a⋯.jpeg (42.03 KB, 740x520, 37:26, 22-05-2017-14-33-59-Whats….jpeg)

>mfw /intl/ goon shills trying to slide this thread

51a5d6  No.286744


The KC cartel also has no power since the old co-admin is gone. Noticed how drama free 8chan overall is besides Smiley sperging on /sudo/ all the time? Its because there nobody to influence the admin anymore.


So this is why freech died.


Because they are not fighting for freedom of speech but for freedom of consequences. Read Warosushitter's account on teenbros again. They don't know what /jp/ was about.


Shriveled up tranny benis with timestamp or you are not the BO of /leftypol/

9b70e0  No.286838

http://archive.is/XWvrJ the doxing of their own continues

700e78  No.286839



doxing and cp are free speech

a8672e  No.286920

File: 32e2ab11d4e5e84⋯.png (48.43 KB, 1038x280, 519:140, nano.PNG)

the self-doxxxxing idiots


a8672e  No.286922

ba5e2a  No.286933


goons uploading their CP collections and discussing what their fav CP is kills sites pretty quickly.

22b6ed  No.286959

700e78  No.287051


Hes posted pictures of some kid so many times and proof its him.

Dont think that picture is nanotech.

5b30a4  No.287066


Sounds like a complete fruitloop

ae5d4f  No.289018


im not gay fuck you

ae5d4f  No.289081


Oyyman has not been active for a while. He has left them as it appears.

681570  No.290123

Abbo picture not here?

Shame on you cowtist

8ec9b8  No.292244

Spotted Waruso teenbro gathering on /tv/. They may be attempting to take it over like they did with /int/.

a6a404  No.292248


they're been working on that board for years, it will never happen. They blew their load already and failed.

dd05c0  No.292259


Just tell them that there will never be a 2hu movie and how much their brand of /jp/ sucks ass. Maybe the guy from >>264309 is also /intl/. It does fit. Such autism would never be acceptable on /a/, but it is on /jp/.

b98359  No.293235

File: 32423ea93381f88⋯.jpg (270.1 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, asdfa sd.jpg)

874534  No.293238

File: 1cb0d11f27a07f2⋯.png (1.07 MB, 699x938, 699:938, 332234243.png)


This is fake. nanotech's real name is Nathaniel Rodriquez and he's from Brownsville.

You can see him wearing a maid dress here.


Also, here's Yozam.

42d9f6  No.293273


So this is the soyboy who is shitting up all the 2hu autism boards?

b98359  No.293286

File: 02d4e750606fb07⋯.png (68.96 KB, 767x504, 767:504, 2.png)

File: 1615fc8966d66bc⋯.jpg (316.25 KB, 1512x2016, 3:4, 0.jpg)

File: 3e4fa2556c72bb8⋯.jpg (343.04 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1.jpg)


Yozam does not appear to be a weebtard.


Adding onto this

b98359  No.293287

42d9f6  No.293294


T-shirt and messy hair are telling another story.

f93c5b  No.293302

File: a661670a4c9e7a1⋯.jpg (253.23 KB, 1180x1246, 590:623, me_tbh.jpg)

File: 21d46f89beb2ab3⋯.jpg (47.18 KB, 640x480, 4:3, id.jpg)

File: 4a7d97f502beade⋯.png (275.77 KB, 717x537, 239:179, Slovborg1.png)

File: c085b746c08c681⋯.png (269.83 KB, 691x519, 691:519, Slovborg2.png)

File: 767aa33b2e64a0f⋯.png (317.31 KB, 708x538, 354:269, Slovborg3.png)


Slovborg pictures

1afd27  No.293306


This is the mental image I picture whenever someone says "goon".

5978e5  No.293311

Ctrl f

Zero runit smh

fafacc  No.293380

File: 6055c8c74445129⋯.jpg (181.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, me.jpg)


here have one more

5cfabb  No.293410

Does the cowtist still use this thread? I have been collecting data and trying to infiltrate some IRC cliques and have some stuff he might be interested in.

0ecd42  No.293419


Yes. The thing is open to any pennywise who can post on 8chan. So simply:

A)Stop indulging in assburger paranoia

B)dump everything you think is of interests for a board about mocking sperging retards.

63d8d3  No.293442

File: 1eab87f71214a52⋯.png (335.14 KB, 588x627, 196:209, Chad Groyper.png)



861361  No.293449


Well we know for a fact they lurk this thread. Cowtist knows more about these people and how to fuck with them than I ever will. It's best he gets it and figures out how to make the most of this without tipping them off so they can delete everything.

750451  No.293456


Again; you are talking to the guy you call cowtist.

I am not familiar with such operations. Only was a troll foot soldier back in the hey days of /i/ and never went beyond. I know a few safe methods however. First one is idling like a motherfucker and then release when the time is right. This the method that made the Janiteam logs possible. The second on is slowly moonwalking out when the cannibalistic feeding frenzy begins. Given that we are dealing with fucking former Warosu users, that frenzy will happen and must happen cuz Cirno works at Mc Donalds or something.

b7b0b1  No.293457


>Cirno works as McDonalds or something

These neo-goons aren't from Warosu. They're from Discord.

5be060  No.293459

/shut/ here ur all faggots ur raid failed

27c807  No.293491


Do you think we don't know that already? Its quiete fitting however. Some Warosu people where gay as fuck and there where a lot of trannies. At least as many on the earlier incarnation of this place.

80b0cc  No.293766


Post deck

5bfc35  No.294185


We aren't deleting anything m8. We enjoy being documented. How else would you know the menace that is destroying your community so successfully?

920785  No.294213

File: b3a29bf99abf9a3⋯.jpg (27.13 KB, 450x300, 3:2, 1278204866001.jpg)


>the menace that is destroying your community so successfully?

In which version of Gensokyo? How many Marihuanas do you have to inject in order to get there and can I have some of these too?

80b0cc  No.294548

So the tranny board owner of /jp/ Suika admited to being the head of the weeb army destroying /tv/ in the lolicon rhyme thread. How much info do we have on this goon. He is obviously a pedophile since he was Soma's buddy and a member of the KC cartel. He is also self admittedly non-white which should be reason enough for bans. Since the mods won't get rid of him we need to track him down and punish him ourselves. 8ch won't become great again until the cuckime menace is driven out.

10229c  No.294552


He falls under general Image Board pedos as much as I am concerned. As long he didn't sperg with them other NEETs on earlier /intl/ incarnations, I have jack shit on him. Bet is on boredn /jp/sie. Your best chances lay with pestering ZUN for a new exciting 2hu game.

t.some guy called /cow/tist.

74b146  No.294730


So in addition to being a street shitting drumpfkin, child rapist, and general piece of human trash he is also anti-semitic.


Thos guy seriously needs to get nailed. We need to find his real nane and destroy his life.

7a5c43  No.294739


>the cuckime menace

So you're that autistic goon shitting up /tv/ wth your butthurt

8e1b37  No.294804


If this is Yozam, his phone number is all over the place. I've seen it on /pol/ and /b/ so far. I heard someone saw it on /bl/, which would be fucking hilarious, if true.

(425) 499-5552

1f7cce  No.294819


That's another lame attempt to make me go after /jp/ shitposting.


So where is your fictional lolicon rhyme thread?


That's a stupid /intl/ meme.

fafacc  No.294838


So why not present evidence? I mean you did fucking archive it right?

80b0cc  No.294858


Because the thread is still in the catalog.



80b0cc  No.294862

Oh and here is a interesting little tidbit. We have confirmation that he is actually one of the meido.


This would explain the radical centrism that seems to be the only allowed political opinion on /a/.

0cf4a2  No.294871


That's not /intl/ you newfag, that's a typical /a/ thing decorated with a 2hu. If you are one of the spergs who have discovered this website during the Trump election, just stop! The aim of making the site unusable for anyone who hasn't been conceived on the back of a car is not a noble one.

bb15d9  No.294881


That's exactly what I would expect a radical centrist to say.

57a2ce  No.294886


You do sound just like a /pol/tard. Not everyone using 2hus is a smelly NEET who originally came from a halfcuck archive. More on this later.

69b8c7  No.294945

First of all Tenicu is neither the confirmed owner of /jp/ . If he is good on him. He now has both major legacy weeb boards except all the porn boards and /m/. Second Tenicu isn't a tranny. This information is a product of autism and lack of understanding of how Scoots has transfered board during the early days. The "tranny" was the old BO of /a/. When /pol/ dug up a Photo that shows him goofing around in a Serafuku, they sounded the alarm and caused a lot of drama. Some ducked out on alternative boards, some extreme autists founded their own boards to beat /a/. The BO chucked his business, and the board was given to Tenicu, who was practically the only volunteer left. This how things were handled back then: When a BO leaves, the board was transferred to one of the hotpockets.

The problems with /intl/ came months later when Warosu has shut down its /ghost/ and they landed here. With them came a spastic faction called teenbros. Read about them in >>277883 . They are the kind of fags who have discovered halfchan through a Fuuka archive. Second, 2hus are hint but not definitive evidence that you are dealing with them. Take a look at the board list and /v/; Touhou is a extremely popular IP and also a video game. The reasons it was associated with /jp/ on cuckchan is because moot and to some extend anti-weeb shitters on 4/v/ habe ghettoized the entire thing into it. Why? Probably he wanted to get rid of all the generals. On /v/, this means organized multiplayer in 80% of all cases. Reminder that /v/ was moot's favorite board and he wanted to fix all its problems. Next time you spot something funky, check twice. Also look up who the people running a board are. Chances are they are already well known enough. Sometimes Anons develop certain mannerism that make their favorite boards pretty obvious.For more information on how /a/ does visit /irc/. They have a few threads concerning that place and they are full of reliable information about its culture, values and all their gay issues. The people is about a few underage faggots who originally came from Warosu, i.e a extremely autistic minority of a subset of a minority.

80b0cc  No.294947


No, but only drunk bitch anon uses that particular artist and autistic naming scheme to post. That horned anime girl is his calling card and he uses it everywhere to announce his shitposting. The fact he now controls /a/ and /jp/ just means he is able to organize the weebcucks to shit up /pol/ and /v/ more efficiently. Go look at any thread right now and you will see it filled with webecucks larping as anime girls and defending reddit and mobage.

This tranny shit has to stop. I can't even discuss onion juice virility shakes without some cuckime screaming at me and calling me autistic.

Fuck every single one of them.

69b8c7  No.294950


Nice try. You aren't fooling anyone here. Did you know that your home board has now a subplebbit?

https://archive.is/knUV5 now with a subplebbit

https://archive.is/rnOWA good copypasta, keep it.

https://archive.is/l8Kp1 Korean pussy looks like a mutated manta ray

https://archive.is/4xY1R the last one was dead, remember?

https://archive.is/oFhjo I am the master of memes!

https://archive.is/KRTCj typical NEET dreams

By the way: Your home board is full of bot spam. Who wants to sell Viagra to you people?

80b0cc  No.294954


Oh, so you are a shitposter. I bet you are in with the weebcucks.

47e44f  No.294975


that subreddit has existed for 3+ years already lmfao

you really are retarded aren't you


<If you are one of the spergs who have discovered this website during the Trump election, just stop!

I agree with you tbh


<I can't even discuss onion juice virility shakes without some cuckime screaming at me and calling me autistic.

thats becuz ur autistic lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


i made this post fyi

47e44f  No.294976


also who doesn't want to seel viagra to us

you are doing DDD right?

5304a4  No.294978

Tell me about onion juice virility shakes

80b0cc  No.294981


Well it's your standard Test boosting anti-soy prophylactic beverage meal. I drink 16 oz every morning with my Super Male Vitality Plus™.

I usually slow cook a roast in the crockpot once a week. I save the tallow and aspic. Every night I boil broccoli in water and tallow and reserve the brocolli tallow water to soak oat flour over night.

I grate one whole onion every morning. This is important. If you just chop the onion and throw it in the blender it won't crush the layers of onion meat and onion paper together. This process releases vital androgenic compounds that doesn't occur unless they are mashed together. I pour the grated onion in the blender along with aspic, oats, and broccoli. Blend it until smooth and uniform and enjoy a refreshing and masculine breakfast of champions that protects me all day from any xenoestrogens I may unintentionally consume. Sometimes if I am feeling the needs to kick it up I mix in some balsamic vinegar and garlic. I wouldn't recommend that every day because that will cause too much test to build up in your body making you prematurely bald in addition to having to walk around 24/7 with the biggest hard on you have ever had in your life.


Fuck off weebcuck. Reported for communist shilling.

daee5c  No.294982


wow u sure put a lot of effort into your autistic posts, don't you?

80b0cc  No.294983



Found the roastie. Can't address arguements straight on like like an aryan. Nope gotta act like the estrogenical jew and kike out on everythign,

daee5c  No.294985


I'm sorry dear, does the truth hurt?

I'm just saying maybe you should find better things to do with your time than writing low quality walls of text.

80b0cc  No.294988


Sorry I am too much of a man for some cuckime autist.

daee5c  No.294989


I only watch American television, stop projecting palio.

55cb78  No.295028


You sure put a lot of effort into LARPing as /pol/tard. Have you guys discovered BESM recently?


If you are not so fat that your circulatory system is gonna riot any moment or impotent from fapping with your yeast farm collection, you don't need Viagra. You also don't have to learn from a spam bot using HTML tags on Lynxchan that it does indeed exist.

47e44f  No.295117


>Fuck off weebcuck

you know i've used the same word before, also i only watch american TV honestly


also yeah we know that, the spambot is actually fucking shit

whoever wrote it should delete it imo

just ignore it, its what i do

776958  No.295128

File: 909a2586634abe9⋯.png (311 KB, 588x464, 147:116, 095.png)


id say /newtlhg/ is worse due to the fact its just lolicon, shotacon and poorly made porn

(by the way im not strictly to use only gadget pictures)

80b0cc  No.295151



Not autistic or larping. I know a lot of trannies post on /cow/ and the idea of an alpha as fuck male is offensive to you, but just deal with it for the next seven years


I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast. This is a man's world and castrated cucklet soyboys need to fuck off. I get why cowtist isn't going after sudocuck now. The tranny mafia protects their own even if they claim different political identities. You will all hang on the day of the rope. When BASED Americans move south they will purify everything in the grandest reconguista ever and brazil is no exemption. Fuck you sudocuck, your days are numbered.

776958  No.295152

File: f6dfa3a4e672748⋯.png (1.11 MB, 800x960, 5:6, jojo reference.png)


finally a fellow alpha posts.

1d7f92  No.295158

File: 7bd873a0e60b123⋯.jpg (11.99 KB, 245x251, 245:251, SayThatToMyFace.jpg)


>I know a lot of trannies post on /cow/ and the idea of an alpha as fuck male is offensive to you

<on a board which got screwed by a tranny former BO and deals with trannies a lot, given that trannies = lolcows guarranteed


<says the guy to others on a website that the mere mention of name triggers SJWs and lefties in general

>I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast.

>This is a man's world

>You will all hang on the day of the rope.

Pic related, it's how you sound like.

dbf777  No.295170


Its normal porn board. How am I supposed to get autistic believes from them?


Sure, Duke Nukem. Can you defeat your autistic fit before the next gay though talk?

a162d5  No.295767


The only thing that offends me is your autism. Alphas are cool and don't sperg out like a navy seals copypasta come to life.

404452  No.297420

How gay is Nanotech?

26b874  No.297428


>I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast.

You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?

ef89b7  No.297640

runit runit runit runit runit runit runit

</int*/ now

23418e  No.297667


One of these guys is in a homosexual relationship with one Kenneth Schueler.

t. knower

f89c8e  No.297676


Fuck off, Smiley! Nobody will believe any rumors you post in a half dead thread about autistic weaboos.

da15a0  No.299390

More eyeballs on /cow/ means more eyeballs on this. Congratulations, smelly NEETs! More people can now admire your 2hu autism about evil, evil Janny. Sure, you never knew why he fucked up /jp/, but you never were interested in that, weren't you?

d45c6e  No.300493

File: 640d42d44458c2c⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1158x1637, 1158:1637, alpaca slightly confused.jpg)


>that 4th pic

>"getting hung up over the snout issue with the hardline monsters that cross board /fit/ and /k/


Wait, am I reading this shit right? Is his post really a convoluted theory that /monster/ is the reason why 8ch hasn't entirely been taken over by /furry/?

80b0cc  No.302122


Hi troid

90369d  No.304282

de0960  No.304309

File: de2010c5317ce25⋯.jpg (21.54 KB, 540x280, 27:14, based milo 89.jpg)


>all this autistic plotting over a fucking website

>shitposting is "a complex trap i spent hours of strategizing for"

These retards are doing it wrong.

929624  No.304602


If I post it, he will make a counter deck.

dce5f6  No.305750

Why is hamburger ip-logging 64chan now that 32ch was shut down by Nanotech?

1d4aa8  No.305755



Same reason he did it to 32ch before. Because he can.

dce5f6  No.305756


Jesus, look at this spergfest.


Is Nanotech literally gay? Is he actually dating runit now?

07716f  No.305757

File: 5411259d6df1717⋯.jpg (462.09 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_20171219_180114.jpg)


He pays waitresses to take pictures with him so he can pretend to know girls.

When really he's dating runit, who's sad that he can't be as girly as Nanotech, despite being a tranny.

90369d  No.306141



Anyone got "autism and imageboards.webm" that goes into the "ages" they're so obsessed with?

325e74  No.307250

File: 009b58705bcb26b⋯.png (77.72 KB, 494x314, 247:157, Screenshot-2018-1-7 intbh….png)

I'm going to leave this right here.

ef850e  No.307261


What the fuck is wrong with his arms

03d047  No.307275



<qwebirc37051> cowtist did this

<qwebirc37051> aka runit

<qwebirc98608> nah ht's to stupid

<qwebirc37051> identity?

<qwebirc98608> im really scared that my ip is out there


<qwebirc37051> same wtd

<qwebirc37051> wtf

<nanotech> Omg

<nanotech> How do i delete a irc msg

<qwebirc99852> nano's name is on there

<qwebirc10253> https://discord.gg/xqVdKQ

<qwebirc10253> joiun the discord

<qwebirc99852> @nano lol

<qwebirc10253> https://discord.gg/xqVdKQ

<qwebirc10253> https://discord.gg/xqVdKQ

<qwebirc10253> https://discord.gg/xqVdKQ

<qwebirc98608> nano we to unhack the site

<deysu> stop spamming

<qwebirc99852> ^ best english

<qwebirc99852> 10/10

<nanotech> We to unhack the site

<qwebirc98608> yes

<deysu> we unhack site using premium wordpress unhack tool

<qwebirc99852> in process we are to unhack site

<qwebirc10253> fuck off runit

<qwebirc98608> deysu did you do this?

<qwebirc10253> u dumb tranny

<qwebirc10253> runit i know u tried trolling.me

<deysu> no i did not deface it

<qwebirc10253> runit

<qwebirc10253> i know u tried trolling me

<qwebirc10253> if nano is correct

<qwebirc10253> https://discord.gg/xqVdKQ

<qwebirc10253> https://discord.gg/xqVdKQ

<nanotech> This is unironically funny

<qwebirc10253> https://discord.gg/xqVdKQ

<qwebirc10253> https://discord.gg/xqVdKQ

<qwebirc98608> k well the song say's darkstar and tyrant hacked this site

<qwebirc10253> https://discord.gg/xqVdKQ

<qwebirc10253> https://discord.gg/xqVdKQ

<qwebirc10253> https://discord.gg/xqVdKQ

<qwebirc10253> https://discord.gg/xqVdKQ

<qwebirc98608> where are you darkstar??

<qwebirc99852> i, am darkstar.

<qwebirc10253> RUNIT

<qwebirc10253> KYS

<qwebirc99852> dark0termite

<darkstar_> sup guys

<darkstar_> i think i did my biggest hack yet

<nanotech> congratz

<darkstar_> haha

<darkstar_> get fucked kid

<nanotech> when r u gonna hack google xDdDDDD

<darkstar_> y-yes

<qwebirc98608> i fucking hate you autistic cuck i hope you die i will never sleep i hate you

<qwebirc24943> Darkstar, what you did was very mean and unwarranted. Have you ever thought about how your actions might affect others? The people here are nice and mind there own business mostly and here you come disturbing the peace for the "lolz" like it's some kind of joke

<darkstar_> suck a cock dude

<qwebirc98608> k i sucked the cock

<qwebirc98608> now will you unhack the site?

<tyrant> i did it

<tyrant> i fucked over 32chan

<tyrant> all hail cowtist

<deysu> based cowtist

<nanotech> B4$3d

<tyrant> get fucked kid

<darkstar_> i hate trolls

<darkstar_> main reason i did it

<Mujahideen911> What was 32chan?

<Mujahideen911> Why are people from it coming here?

<deysu> Mujahideen911, it got defaced

<deysu> the defacement page includes a qchat embed of #ncr

<superthermite> lol

<deysu> https://archive.is/BT5R6

<darkstar_> im leaking the dbs soon ;D


Lol Desyu is a mod of #burgerandfries on Rizon. Guess which happy band of autists originated from there as well.

fe4201  No.307302


>Kenneth Schueler is trying to bury this


>furries prevent furries from taking over 8ch


31c879  No.307321


The snout issue refers to a anti-furry rule on /monster/.


Its actually a convoluted theory about taking over 8ch. Too bad CM isn't playing their bullshit game by ignoring 80% of /sudo/'s cocks.

23c24d  No.308145

File: dbd7af2b9365223⋯.jpg (73.89 KB, 1147x844, 1147:844, trump bright idea.jpg)


Aye. What if you made a counter deck to your main deck and then made a counter deck to the counter deck, and then post your main deck in hopes they'll make the counter deck which you then use your counter-counter deck to beat their counter deck thereby sending them to the shadow realm?

8c48af  No.308189


The easiest solution to this is to make a Skull Servant deck with a bunch of counters. Because nothing can beat an OP piece of shit like that.

a98e9f  No.309136


>Lol Desyu is a mod of #burgerandfries on Rizon. Guess which happy band of autists originated from there as well.

He is? That's news to me.

Any way to post a screenshot with IRC names?

da51b9  No.309298


/wii hughfeck

The rest from the rest is just like making any other screenshot.

d88c56  No.318051


tiny head

cf38d9  No.320476

The herds new hideout is


d63e39  No.320538



The new hideout is the old hideout. https://8ch.net/tv/anime_pro.htm

769d7b  No.330298


common symptom of fetal alcohol syndrome

23ea7e  No.343983

File: c9b7b1008e36e3a⋯.png (21.27 KB, 640x480, 4:3, nupol vs yt.png)


>alive and well

I wouldn't call autistic shit-flinging "alive and well". That board needs a purge. 50% of the people there (including the roach mod) deserve bans.

>Kike free 1st post xDDD

<Muh zionald zogumph!

>Muh 148888========D interdimensional transgalactic backgammon!

<buh mah Amnesty LOL KEK :DDD zognald zumph

>lol thats all part of the strategy XDD

769d7b  No.348115

File: 27bafdd348c7710⋯.png (131.66 KB, 1917x1056, 639:352, 91f1dbb066fe4db2304c1e6ecc….png)

File: b3c3f8de05ce244⋯.png (8.56 KB, 487x60, 487:60, megamilk confirmed intl go….png)


Actually, the new hideout is… none other than mewch.net. Admin has confirmed his involvement as an /int*/ goon, and the site now boasts the classic brown "western-themed" css.

d63e39  No.352356

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's almost time

c55aa3  No.353229


What a shame, it looked like a good website.

5a5d8b  No.362863

File: 597758f8c8aeea1⋯.png (175.34 KB, 668x368, 167:92, wwwwww.png)


And now this is being shilled in /sudo/.


d63e39  No.362871

File: 87d2c2a467354ca⋯.jpg (281.37 KB, 876x1200, 73:100, butthurt locker.jpg)


>a website whose name is literally sore

<spends all their time crying on another site about how much they hate it there and how they should come be sore with them.

You either die the shitposter or live to become 4chon

7efa57  No.369328


And then the cycle will be complete, again.

d63e39  No.369337

File: 27f8e4843bb6f5f⋯.jpg (355.4 KB, 1204x2048, 301:512, Cry Havok.jpg)

Who is your favorite Touhou character and would you like to have some fun?

My favorite Touhou character is Ibuki Suika because she is absolutely true to herself and does whatever would entertain her without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably she comes to the conclusion that the world she lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable, and so, since she is an alcoholic, she tries to enjoy it.

732a35  No.369784

File: a7d1fdf8a36d4c1⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.11 MB, 640x360, 16:9, that feel.webm)

732a35  No.369785

File: cc581ccd59b71f7⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 287.82 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, that feel.webm)


wew, Fucked up because I already had a webm of the same file name. Here's the real one.

d63e39  No.370879

File: e276f058cca06f9⋯.webm (2.9 MB, 540x720, 3:4, Cirno Nasheed.webm)



lol, that's a lot of projection. How's that culture war working out for you?

240ca2  No.380610

File: b834dad2617564b⋯.png (15.92 KB, 759x230, 33:10, d.png)

Another of their discord channel.


536647  No.383155







be92ee  No.383201


They have more spawns than the prototype they could never imitate. lame!

d21ff6  No.383207

File: dcecc2c8bdbeeb3⋯.mp4 (140.52 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1405715587.mp4)


>endchan never got /intl/'s attention

425b3a  No.383304



425b3a  No.383305

ad04e7  No.383614





More about that faggot?

be92ee  No.383757


Typical Warosu tripfag hero who tried to have gay sex with Mark and cross dresses. Now his gay site and his credibility among the teenbros are dead.

6d0cb4  No.396044

808798  No.396061


Its sluggish as hell though. At lest we have like one guy sperging.


12a0ed  No.396228

Where are all the new identities like klezzy, chen, alicia and donny?

5d7b09  No.397798



673740  No.397892


People leave ebin netwar all the time and either become regular anons or leave Image Boards forever. Being the main character of a Muppet Show knockoff may have quicken that process.

0aa601  No.415522


069613  No.419812

File: c8b96d14da3a0e9⋯.png (91.95 KB, 400x226, 200:113, hamburger.png)

File: c45553338d4c67f⋯.jpg (6.58 KB, 226x301, 226:301, hamburger.jpg)

File: 24cda99a7da9e72⋯.png (51.15 KB, 226x301, 226:301, 1523476847638.png)

Here are two pictures of "hamburger". He is the one responsible for getting a visual novel removed on Steam, scamming multiple users over the gaming service, caused drama with /v/, and has been involved with /intl/ for a while.

https://store.steampowered.com/curator/25171928-Muslim-Federation/ http://archive.is/uZVbL His steam group.

https://twitter.com/peacetoallah http://archive.is/84gt6 His Twitter account.

Yozam recently has been starting drama on 4chan's /r9k/ board pic related, which is full of pathetic losers. He had nanotech create a server and advertise it across the board and joining the server before getting kicked I discovered that he may or may not be on the brink of suicide due to his mother finding his pictures folder.

ab5a6c  No.420734


Yozam worked together with a psycho like Reiko? Hasn't the exposure to this place he had taught him anything? Trannies are insane. Hamburger looks retarded. The photos of his 56% face are more than enough explanation why /intl/ was a such a crater of autism and gamma rage.

d84fda  No.420768


What is it with "le ebin trolles" and looking fucking deformed?

bb6ad4  No.420774

File: da838164d6a7946⋯.png (180.35 KB, 306x481, 306:481, DORKS.png)


There's a gag in one of the Spy Kids movies where two edgy looking cool kids in a game are revealed to actually be complete losers in real life.

Let me tell you: that's the absolute truth. These people are always NEETs in their 20's who still live with their parents and have no real aspirations. Do not believe their online personas.

6d0d04  No.420984



/AM/ was a /int*/ colony on endchan - they sort of split up because they like "cuckime" and /int*/ doesn't.

/int*/ made a board on endchan when either freech or 32ch went down, and then spammed their own board until the site broke, odi promptly removed their shit and told them to fuck off for being a bunch of niggers that shit where they eat.

4894cc  No.421201


hi runit

4894cc  No.421214

also stop samefagging the thread it’s really obvious

23a9af  No.421236

come visit https://freech.net for drama

3c96b1  No.421269

File: 4073fa27361978a⋯.png (367.08 KB, 800x800, 1:1, autumn ends, frogs settle ….png)


Looks pretty dead to me.

>they have their own /r9k/

Color me surprised.

23a9af  No.421270


dead like intl

52d123  No.421364

52d123  No.421366



dis cord . gg / qTx4raf

c76789  No.422757



No Reiko, We will not be gay with you and a bunch of other insane trannies.

354c80  No.422940


/int/ is unrelated to /intl/

I'm a former BO of /int/ so I'd know

5ea3da  No.424714


whom is reiko

f2bd02  No.426966


/intl/ was right tbh

bad958  No.427348


Shut up Warosu! We got to save the library of Teenbro fail from a sperging tranny.

52d123  No.427351

354c80  No.427551


/intl/ was wrong about everything, their offshoots of 8chan like freech died while 8chan is still going strong three years after they said it was dying.

52d123  No.427617

File: 60b3eaa64172790⋯.png (503.48 KB, 419x900, 419:900, motherkiller.png)


sites dying

bad958  No.427636


Site is alive while every gaybar you have set up burned to the ground. Warosu /ghost/ is denb and will stay denb forever.

5ea3da  No.427662


nuh uh

5ea3da  No.427705


nuh uh

adc2f6  No.427748

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


ZUZ, calm down! You are acting fucking gay here.

5ea3da  No.427752

adc2f6  No.427755

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Someone insists on acting like a huge faggot? Shall we summon KoP and Donny Long for a gang bang?

5ea3da  No.427981

adc2f6  No.428022

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Do you hear that? Your very homosexuality has turned this thread into a gay disco. Stop being shota onahole fucking fag!

a494ae  No.428948


4a356d  No.429115

File: 19aec7324703e7f⋯.webm (7.29 MB, 540x360, 3:2, intl btfo.webm)

540c5b  No.432398


You're probably shitposting, but this type of shit ruined /sudo/ even to this day.

People are arguing whether or not 8chan is dying THREE YEARS LATER.

You can't make a single meta board on this site without it getting flooded with the exact same types of shitposting.

>site sux >:((((

>4chan's better lol


>unrelated drama to a specific board that shouldn't be in 8chan's meta board

7a7bd8  No.432417


We already know that and it was quality entertainment. see >>254845

7a7bd8  No.432421


If I ever could be arsed to run one, I'll ban anyone doing that on sight and pay Gahoole to film video in which he threatens to tear their skulls apart with his bare hands in his deadlift dungeon.

8761b6  No.433652

2b03c0  No.433679


thanks for updating us with information nobody cares about cowtist

523f11  No.434199

Dont forget to mention hammy's/hamster's chronic hemorrhoids

5bb1fc  No.434938


fuck you faggot i went to the doctor for that

i’m gonna kill u piggy

651d45  No.441402

File: d438689c363fe94⋯.png (117.28 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 4bc8b6771214bfc0.png)

523f11  No.441522



05f6bc  No.442647

we're gonna get together and put a stop to cowtist, once and for all

120d36  No.442680

File: 548e41132c23532⋯.png (299.15 KB, 450x476, 225:238, newhu ishygddt.png)


Yeah. We are going to get that fag for making screenshots.

523f11  No.442911

Kip is the cowtist

05f6bc  No.442937


hell yeah


alright fellas we're going to maryland

f2bd02  No.444642

File: cc47b35b342d4ad⋯.png (249.98 KB, 500x294, 250:147, heh.png)


site's dying

5bb1fc  No.444672


so are u

523f11  No.448024



aeddae  No.448033


underrated post

55903c  No.449391


best post itt

e645ce  No.450922

File: 1ca441dfe46f60b⋯.webm (2.68 MB, 320x240, 4:3, UH OHHHH.webm)


and your sites are all already dead

bbcf03  No.468359

Now that's kampfy is gone, someone had to create evidence, that /intl/'s ideology is pure autism.


922633  No.468368

File: 08f886d5c3d86bf⋯.jpg (261.94 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 3167.jpg)


>4 yrs later and cowtist archiver is still at it

bbcf03  No.468373


4 years later and you are still autistic to let go of your idiotic ideology. Let's face it: If you weren't such dysfunctional spastics, the thread would be gone for years.

98266e  No.468405


fact: cowtist made this thread

cowtist became /intl/ after it died so he could still have posts to archive

98266e  No.468407


cowtist please stop trying to create the illusion that /intl/ or the herd are still alive, please let them rest in peace.

922633  No.468421



/intl/ won :)

f2bd02  No.468431


>finally returned to its 2014 state

they obviously weren't here in pre-Gamergate 2014

028b0e  No.468873




Still at it I see. No, what is said about you adds up. I have better things to do than making shit threads on /pol/. As usual, I have a job whereas all you have is autism.

98266e  No.469469


nice try u have no life

neither does intl cause were dead

028b0e  No.469491


One workday later, and you come with this? Don't make me remind this place, that you came from the archive to the board that has brought NEET generals into being. Whoops! :^)

e25bb3  No.469634

File: cb952218c7d6372⋯.png (275.08 KB, 463x660, 463:660, 1440778168090.png)


remind them brudder

98266e  No.469649


nothing u said made sense to me, probably because none of it applies to me. can u try that again

523f11  No.469700

Im warosu

ae9ffd  No.470092


cowtist doesnt make sense to anyone but himself, that's just his way

hopefully he will treat us to another one of his spectacularly paranoid and off-base walls of text in the near future

af46ec  No.470157


With walls of text like https://archive.is/Z1q0R and the entire time in which you have been used by shizos who are all doing hard time now, you don't get to turn the tables.

dd6c3e  No.470178


do u have anything better to do than post archives from 2015 on a thread nobody looks at?

da4b44  No.470484

File: 333d5bf8a3f1b85⋯.png (872.64 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-04-14-2….png)

File: 03a627e245d0cd7⋯.png (815.91 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-06-21-1….png)

File: 18eaffc3712b888⋯.png (566.92 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-06-21-2….png)

Dox of Moose AKA Mason Johnson

Adress 7814 salzburg drive rowlett texas

Picture of him with Kobe at his old school

Mason Johnson runs the discord server anonymous lgbtq+ which is an off shoot of pozzed.life which is an off shoot of the intl server

Mason's Friend Koby

Koby lives in Kauffman and goes to Kauffman HS

Koby's mom's contact info 469-595-6765

Koby's nudes

da4b44  No.470487

Koby's Mom or sister 469-595-6211

8761b6  No.470498


>pozzed.life is an offshoot of the intl server

no actually, I made the server because I'm gonna make a forum for it


waiting for the hosting provider to fix their shit before I purchase hosting

also you beat me to posting his dox nice work

btw moose is the one on the right of the 1st pic for those who don't know, the other two are "JoJo"

55903c  No.470518


Delete this

46590b  No.470520


other shit on these retards:

JoJo AKA Koby LeFlore Address 580 Post Oak Ben Kaufman Texas

Moose moms number 4699876824

dd6c3e  No.470544


DAE remember when this thread was for /intl/?

tbh though I like the teenbros doxing each other more than cowtist shitting his pants and doing nothing all year

8761b6  No.470576

File: 64b6dd8c3ac8631⋯.mp4 (2.19 MB, 320x568, 40:71, video.mp4)

1f2336  No.470581


Yes, things like not paying attention to you at all, because all your shit is dead.


Teenbros are literally teens. Can't you faggots see why you have become a punchline as soon you have left Warosu?

1f2336  No.470586


>Some teenbro who was sperging about 2hus, buffaloes and the right to produce as much autistic white noise as possible 3 years ago

>Has a dicksuck server and a forum

<the name of bothis is…


Nigger. That's gayer than 9 dudes from /v/ blowing 11 other guys and a dragon dildo. How many enablers do you have that you could even come up with that? Where in the hell are your parents?

1f74b0  No.470609


i doubt they know there's a group of teens shitting his pants and doing nothing but fighting and doxing eachother

oh how the mighty have fallen

1f2336  No.470633


Has Gahoole thrown out their autistic asses already? Allow me to piss into your cornflakes by mentioning how Mark is more strict when it comes to quality control questions than the spectrum of topics allowed there.

76f968  No.471030

File: 760f765604f9998⋯.jpg (38.25 KB, 631x474, 631:474, dathim.jpg)

Jojo's mom Bobie Leflore of Kaufman Texas USA

She uses Sprint

Pic of Koby and his GF

76f968  No.471031


Jojos mom and her black bf

76f968  No.471042

File: a469de7f30e6fc8⋯.png (697.51 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 23130572_10214397003384121….png)

Bobie works at Baylor Scott & White Health

5bb1fc  No.471074


>things like not paying attention to you at all, because all your shit is dead

u dont seem to be doing that

8761b6  No.471139


<>Some teenbro who was sperging about 2hus, buffaloes and the right to produce as much autistic white noise as possible 3 years ago


<>Has a dicksuck server and a forum

dicksuck is temp

><the name of bothis is…

<Nigger. That's gayer than 9 dudes from /v/ blowing 11 other guys and a dragon dildo. How many enablers do you have that you could even come up with that? Where in the hell are your parents?


also I got domain because I thought it was funny

523f11  No.471180

More identity docs cowtist(s)

please and thank you.

98266e  No.471214


im gonna selfdox myself for drama since cowtist sucks balls at it

af46ec  No.471271


Ironic sodomy is still sodomy, fag!


>/cow/ is one person

fcfca6  No.471841

File: 8dffb46c7f05acc⋯.jpg (42.73 KB, 728x546, 4:3, aid9180231-v4-728px-Syring….jpg)


Oh drama.

I like drama.

55903c  No.473707

File: c45553338d4c67f⋯.jpg (6.58 KB, 226x301, 226:301, c45553338d4c67f59002e8cb66….jpg)

All of the info on Freech's new admin Hamster

Adress:8 CAREY ST


Phone number:15704728422

Name: Matthew

5bb1fc  No.473718


that house doesnt even have a fucking basement

how can u be this bad at doxing me

5bb1fc  No.473719

the only correct information is the information i gave u

55903c  No.473860

Masons email


55903c  No.473863


apparently since the db was leaked anyone can log in!

523f11  No.473868


WhoM is this "u" you're refering to?

5bb1fc  No.473895


probably yozam

ea0cdb  No.474380

File: 37ba7250cb4881b⋯.jpg (71.6 KB, 600x400, 3:2, tom.jpg)


>She uses Sprint

db8cf6  No.474934


Hey there, Moose.

5bb1fc  No.480590

bump for my nigga the herd

5bb1fc  No.481744

b7787e  No.485022


What a punchable face he has.

5bb1fc  No.485430


square up nigga

f2bd02  No.489767

what happened to Swiss proxy?

523f11  No.496291


rumor has it that he left due to being tired of infighting and him getting married

bf0244  No.496363


A more credible rumors says that he is in reality Benjamin Barber and doing hard time right now.

b78e9f  No.499703

File: 87a86b6da512446⋯.png (37.88 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 2833.png)


intl won

d30cae  No.501568

Bump for nfbo

523f11  No.502690

im sperg

5bb1fc  No.503727

e186a4  No.504131

File: 611e7339385635d⋯.webm (2.05 MB, 480x360, 4:3, marisan.webm)




Here is some music for you autistic babies. Now go back to your Gensokyo nightmares and stop bumping your own thread!

cd7c36  No.504839

File: cb952218c7d6372⋯.png (275.08 KB, 463x660, 463:660, 1440778168090.png)


cowtist post ur archives NOW

5bb1fc  No.504853

this place needs flags

f2bd02  No.506143


they're spamming the news boards again


5bb1fc  No.506230


the herd oded on viagra and cialis, dead people can't spam

523f11  No.507656

File: 9e3d6a3ee23318b⋯.webm (3.03 MB, 720x480, 3:2, intl explained.webm)

60a5cb  No.507862


wow this is so me! how did you know?

523f11  No.507909



It takes a goon to know a goon

0d203e  No.509519

mewch.net is new goon home, /cow/tist pls start archiving

t. knower

2b03c0  No.509538



t. cowtist

523f11  No.510664


No mewch is not the new home


No i will not archive

6166fd  No.510933

d69064  No.512463

Should i go for masters /cow/tist(s)?

6166fd  No.512618





523f11  No.513218

This thread must be stickied for the /intl/ goons are trying to slide it.

5ea3da  No.513393

7af928  No.515545


22bf12  No.518637



t. mewch admin

f3837f  No.519306

/intl/ isn't even a thing anymore. Sad!

523f11  No.519513

File: 7e0e36d2f03a4a0⋯.jpg (40.65 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 1505430124044.jpg)


Nice try /intl/ tranny shill

6166fd  No.519522


5af7ed  No.521279


Why is a shitskin supporting trump?

523f11  No.529983


896700  No.552228

File: fae9d8f4f8bbe32⋯.png (26.69 KB, 880x557, 880:557, firefox_2018-06-25_16-16-3….png)

dox of oyyboy

f7aa8e  No.553102

Where is /intl/ now?

Didn't it die and splinter off into Mewch as its own thing?

103205  No.553124



mewch is rulecucked

war soon

81d761  No.553541


Can't wait to see that spasm fit go horribly wrong, because mewch is now the designated shitting street of smiley.

e89442  No.554272

Megajulay is one of the cowtists…

26ff60  No.558263

File: 5a7ec12ecaba9a2⋯.gif (493.79 KB, 249x146, 249:146, 5a7ec12ecaba9a2074845d0663….gif)


mind status


26ff60  No.558411

File: 5a7ec12ecaba9a2⋯.gif (493.79 KB, 249x146, 249:146, 5a7ec12ecaba9a2074845d0663….gif)

File: d3c5cd6cf1c5e88⋯.gif (493.79 KB, 249x146, 249:146, d3c5cd6cf1c5e88ff4d5b3dc07….gif)

File: c0a85deb72f09ca⋯.gif (493.79 KB, 249x146, 249:146, c0a85deb72f09ca7d7b9d98de0….gif)

File: ec5149dc4a427df⋯.gif (493.79 KB, 249x146, 249:146, 0A859883-BD8F-42CD-A518-E9….gif)


mind status:


82f602  No.573716


73ea2a  No.573846



oyyboy blackmailed hamster with his dox causing him to kill himself

523f11  No.588561

Prison arc is now

Cowtist(s) please begin archiving

26ff60  No.589945


outsider here

looks to me like its more like the insurance fraud arc

why do you guys hang out with that runit faggot anyways?

why is it always that you find yourselves posting on boards that runit owns?

why continually expose yourself to these same problems over and over again?

>t. outsider

e7d6b7  No.589983


nobody uses runits sites

not even us

26ff60  No.590029


then why is it always runit that ends up getting your goys arrested?

49ef68  No.590032


Look at when this thread is from laddie

9787eb  No.590117


nobody was arrested, it was a hoax

runit committed insurance fraud

26ff60  No.590285


>runit committed insurance fraud

so youre saying runit paid some underageb& who couldnt get arrested, a cut of the insurance munnies to phone in a fake school shooting threat?

a week after opening up an insurance policy on his website?

seems fucking retarded and substantially more difficult/dangerous than just working for that same money

9787eb  No.590313


his site wasn't making the money he expected it to so he only had one way to recoup the losses

>seems fucking retarded and substantially more difficult/dangerous

he's extremely deranged. this wouldn't be any surprise to you if you knew what he does to dogs

523f11  No.591247

Pruson arc still go(crime change to inaurance fraud)

Also hamster saga

0e219e  No.591721

Hi what can u tell me about the piggy identity cowtist

9f26ab  No.594604

Runit pls update this thread

6ff97d  No.607177


masterful archivist, always assumes 100% opposite of reality due to assbergs, /intl/ hero

ef2bfa  No.635757


i honestly think piggy is the closest thing to a genuinely nice guy that /intl/ ever had tbh

hes distinctive for not being a literal child. and on multiple occasions ive seen him express genuine concern RARE when seeing his cohorts go down paths that will obviously land them in jail

t. not cowtist

523f11  No.645666




5ea3ff  No.645905


/tv/ from the looks of it

b955b7  No.646060


>hes distinctive for not being a literal child

so are half of the other identites

>ive seen him express genuine concern RARE when seeing his cohorts go down paths that will obviously land them in jail

show me a single instance of this

i've never seen piggy say much, he's just an agent of chaos

>obviously land them in jail

not happening to anyone

ab5ba0  No.646223


This is totally unrelated but,


There's an ecchi sfur thread up on /b/ right now, and in the discussions one of the anons claims to be an ex volunteer for the board, and says that the moderation is a shitshow.

Do you guys think there's any potential in the idea of using this weak minded moderation as a means of trolling the board?

e27c85  No.649874



103205  No.649963


dog fucker

523f11  No.654094


is archiving the herd kino?

45001f  No.654099


yes but nobody does it anymore

5b1292  No.671666

war piggy

6af4ad  No.671734


won't be fooled by you satan

f9d516  No.673043

File: 6393d9cec034ac7⋯.jpg (2.51 MB, 1583x10241, 1583:10241, bruce zoe spammer Aaron La….jpg)

2hu autism seems to be back on the menu!

Remember all the spam counting the posts and the dubs? Its a bot some warosuperg has written, because he got asshurt over Mark. I bet he is also responsible for the unfunny Mark thread.

a18402  No.673195


When is Aaron getting a thread?

9787eb  No.673704


not intl

get your own thread

05b497  No.685431


cowtist's retarded theories are very much intl related brudder

ffb274  No.685552


cowtist is dead

we killed him

1aba8a  No.685631


A /ghost/ and 4 boards are dead and this why you are parking your ass in your own /cow/ threda.


Since I am not poorly socialized, no.


I said seems, not totally is.


No. Honestly, I rather have Mark glued to the /v/, because he is a good spastic magnet.


At this point, you are smearing yourself in shit to get attention from anyone. A reputation as a bunch of easy to spot retards plus the fact that people trickle in more slowly doesn't make trolling the site so easy anymore.

1aba8a  No.685640

Soon you will be in your early 20s. Probably with no job. What is more important is that you also have no board to recruit people from. In contrary to Warosu, /tv/ has no reason to be at war with its volunteers. Without a place to fool newfags, you are done.Your situation resembles that of the wizards: Since the community doesn't regrow, there is not much to see. There is not even a place that belongs to you. Checking on freech has revealed that Omankun has either given away the site, fucking with the entire Image Board ecosystem or simply lost it and apostatized from Islam (which is punishable by death in the Sharia).


Hillarity ensues as soon you find out that this shit is powered with Kareha. You can talk a lot of shit about the Tinyboard family which it sure deserves thanks to it hardcoded shortcomings. Kareha however is from 2007, doesn't have a database. This shit is more primitive than the boomer tech that is powering Something Awful for 15 years now.

7d7d51  No.686515

this thread is great its watching a guy have a mental breakdown after stalking a dead community for years on end

87ec06  No.686587


cowtist get off the vpn and show your true id

103205  No.686657

File: 21f1b6475c83bf2⋯.png (16.01 KB, 1121x220, 1121:220, firefox_2018-12-26_17-44-0….png)

all me

fad160  No.686702


yay drama

>Soon you will be in your early 20s. Probably with no job.

nice bait

>Without a place to fool newfags, you are done.Your situation resembles that of the wizards: Since the community doesn't regrow, there is not much to see. There is not even a place that belongs to you.

why would we want newfags? we're an identity circlejerk not an anonymous imageboard

>Checking on freech has revealed that Omankun has either given away the site

damn it's really cowtist iq below 90

domain and server haven't changed hands. freech redirects to the nfs subdomain now which was always there

in other news mewch also changed it's hosting provider to nfs

e75099  No.686734

File: b86a39440d09f57⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1545825712524.png)

da5d8c  No.686757


i'm you

t. you

105c57  No.687429


Are you implying that Oman has lost it and redirected the site to some shit he had online since forever? Is it that what you say?

Why do you want newfags again? Oh yeah, because when you where on some gay archive, you used to recruit them for your spastics.


And gone from my sight is the IP hopper.

2461f6  No.687511


>Are you implying that Oman has lost it and redirected the site to some shit he had online since forever? Is it that what you say?

no, nearlyfreespeech provides a free subdomain whenever you host a site on there

that subdomain has been up as long as the current server has, pointing to the same thing as the domain

>Oh yeah, because when you where on some gay archive, you used to recruit them for your spastics.


pretty sure YOU have lost it

3ef5eb  No.687517

File: 698664e46074263⋯.gif (113.63 KB, 400x400, 1:1, its a me gree.gif)

nu/cow/ is the true/cow/

e51265  No.687764

File: d0ade27ae01cc44⋯.jpeg (34.84 KB, 474x599, 474:599, 34242322.jpeg)

oyyboy found the lord months ago

freech is a christly forum

rulecucks will REPENT !

105c57  No.687878


>pretty sure YOU have lost it

With like 15 fags on some Kareha board and even less on yet another board here, there is nothing to lose. Except the connection to the original crowd maybe. This is not a problem of mine, because I have never posted on cuck/jp/ ever.

105c57  No.687928

File: db437a5961c18e3⋯.jpg (96.8 KB, 780x407, 780:407, as useful as a second assh….jpg)

Since you seem to suffer under Sargonlation problems, let me cut you new breathing hole with one of these. Your sperg sect doesn't matter anymore. There are literally 100 things on the front page Anon finds more important than your impulse cramp of Winter 2015 like drilling oil or pessimism. Your fucking official site is redirected to some sub-domain on the same machine the original site is on for whatever reason nobody gives a shit about. Warosu's /ghost/ is open again, but it comes with the same bullshit halfcuck also comes with sans Squarespace and Hiro tracking. Czak's Infinity node is gone. So is your dignity.

7d7d51  No.688260


then why do u still archive. at this point this thread is ur schizophrenic ramblings and the herd fucking with u

a7fce7  No.689673

oyyboys phone number, leader of the herd


a7fce7  No.689716


actually thats chocolate man's, oyy's right hand man

call him up saying "hey chocolate man"

103205  No.689947


I just called it, that number belongs to kip you liar

103205  No.696644


fad160  No.697707





e75099  No.698159

File: 98721c098a66e38⋯.png (20.77 KB, 691x89, 691:89, unknown.png)

File: cb63857ab4cdb77⋯.jpg (779.66 KB, 1556x1824, 389:456, 20190108_183547.jpg)

Look at what hamster did to runit

db8cf6  No.698598



faking screenshots is bad play

103205  No.698999

ok rulecuck just cause u said pls ill stop

103205  No.699703


ok this wasn'tn't me sorry rulecuck

659784  No.725025



103205  No.726736


nice 1

372455  No.734551

anti slide

103205  No.734996


good job brudder

372455  No.747192


7b9220  No.778927

whatever happened to the hardcore remnants of /intl/? I think they still stalk this place, forever bent on revenge.

372455  No.791510


yozam on 4/r9k/

hamster and abbo on discord

runit MIA

103205  No.791678


compile a list of dead identites

1d1650  No.815519


swiss proxy?

9787eb  No.842054

File: 83aa3c49f41556e⋯.jpg (150.61 KB, 746x1328, 373:664, 1553149576816.jpg)

in memory of cowtist i will do his job for him

pic kip

be337b  No.842215




so the herd no longer congregates on any chins? It's over?

9787eb  No.842259


>so the herd no longer congregates on any chins?

freech is as close to that as you're going to get

1ccbeb  No.842688

File: e89d7d5699c4bce⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1732x2395, 1732:2395, 20190320_194302.jpg)

you want rules on your chan you want a community on your chan

then the cowtist must unmask and turn himself in

until then everyday dad.jpg and runit.jpg will be posted

i am a fas mutt of my word

ec341c  No.842869


spacechan here we come

fadd13  No.842904

File: 28b3a79487c0a1a⋯.jpeg (638.05 KB, 1125x1073, 1125:1073, 0122C19A-5904-4251-A115-C….jpeg)

11c89c  No.843612

File: ec1678ba1d6fb25⋯.jpeg (29.86 KB, 400x400, 1:1, D5CABF13-AC97-4202-AA48-9….jpeg)


fde317  No.843885

Spamming imageboards is for faggots.

8de5f3  No.844432

I miss /intl/; Where are they at now?

9787eb  No.844459

076745  No.848807


i.e. cancer patient zero. Got it. Stay there. You have autism.

372455  No.876353

real news

02f78a  No.883677

/intl/ please come back.

db77d3  No.887885

9a462a  No.903120

File: a82692d81d2b125⋯.png (442.04 KB, 461x602, 461:602, 1444538635775.png)


He didn't die. His purpose was fulfilled.

786770  No.904806

nobody cares, but some freech autist with with a script is at "war" with yet another altchan over spam and "rulecuckery"

786770  No.904808

File: e5064c93a7378ce⋯.png (10.05 KB, 732x103, 732:103, herd must retaliate.png)

082edf  No.909283


yeah srry that was me i was bored

t. rodent

082edf  No.909286


specifically spamming freech not libre.land*

f7aa8e  No.909988

/intl/‘s borderline extinct by now?

082edf  No.910482

b0c029  No.935437


rodent ignore

d78d7f  No.935563


you destroyed an old post for this

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