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“Your existence is a momentary lapse of reason.”

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Old vidya thread 404s, so here's a new one.

>Philosophy of System Shock: Cyberpunk, Megacorporations, Artificial Intelligence

An in depth overview of the series by some anarcho-capitalist on YT since System Shock 3 is in development (apparently).



I'm not exactly sure how to explain this but I'll try. Does anyone know any games that rather than being SET in a cyberpunk society, are games that seem like they would be played in a cyberpunk society. An example I can think of is Core War, where it doesn't have a cyberpunk theme or anything, but at least as a concept it's something you could imagine being played by people in a cyberpunk world.



No thanks



I'm not sure who's more retarded, anarcho capitalists or people like you. Sure, anarcho capitalism is extremely flawed and is just as idealistic as communism, but it is definitely anarchistic.


Tfw hyped for cyberpunk 2077



It's retarded because it will always lead to power structures via corporate entities.

Hang yourself, already



And who supports the corporations the governments.

Pulling strings behind the curtain.

No matter what Party your with or corporation you work for it about control.

Psyops gets people to form in groups and compete.

Does not matter there, everything is on a pyramid model.

The top makes laws, supplying money, and what your identity should be.

Without the poor the rich would not look rich. They need the poor to feel better.



File: b861632248b2b83⋯.jpeg (34.48 KB, 474x280, 237:140, 04352D02-4BBE-4384-AD10-F….jpeg)

What is the agenda of this ?

Are they looking to feed a narcissist hunger ?

Everyone wants followers.






File: f3b3a40b903bcf9⋯.jpeg (69.75 KB, 596x380, 149:95, CD64E4BD-F09E-4129-AC7C-4….jpeg)


Trying to control cyberpunks

Like a library categories books

“You number 5389 go here”


“5389 you are only to agree what you are told”


“5389 you are only to express one thing”


Cyberpunk touches on everything

Trying to box them, Hurd them, and oppress them doesn’t work.

Cyberpunk has politics and everything else.

This is cyberpunk word

Someone playing god the librarian ?

Telling everyone we’re to go.


Technology brings change.

That’s what brings fear.

The struggles of the lower people.


Individual identity

It’s in all of us

But all societies have there top people and bottom people.

Cyberpunks are the rebellious in all societies

Fighting for different things








Middle East

Central America

Cyberpunks are always the outcasts.


File: 2885e60d7956f0d⋯.jpeg (240.45 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 53E20DFF-9673-4DBA-9256-A….jpeg)


Controlled by state governments to spread propaganda that there Government corporation is the best.

>>Your programmed to hate everyone who is not communist.

You don’t know why you hate you just do it because you are told to.

Is it that the rich communist got kicked out of a capitalist country and the poor communist got to stay ?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That's a good question. Had to look up Core War and it's definitely something else.

>see vid if curious


That's why I gave fair warning, he touches on politics here and there and there's an obvious tone. Not saying I agree. Doesn't seem too-far fetched in a fictitious cyberpunk world though. Suspension of belief and all that. You see the Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay?





This thread is about a video game not a political theory discussion group.


File: 462dc95f3fdd98a⋯.jpg (433.38 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Cyberpunk-2077-pink-hair-g….jpg)


Anarcho-capitalism is good for the 1%. Down with the Jewish bourgeoisie!



Where do the politicians get the brouzouf from?

Do you think that they take millions of dollars without giving something in return. Look at all the shilling for "Net Neutrality", politicians who received brouzouf from the FANGs all supported it.

Let's get back to vidya.


Video games where you play the role of a hacker will fit the category of games that would exist in a future, (more) dystopian society.

See https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/10823-best-hacking-games.html


File: 2f4a6a40d6e0e45⋯.jpeg (61.8 KB, 474x672, 79:112, ED94842A-80E5-4284-A3AA-0….jpeg)


What is the name of space craft.

Never heard such Government workers pretending to be people there not.

Maybe you don’t understand because you are programmed by governments



No personality

Like playing with rocks

Subject way to complicated

Made for specific people

Needs to universal for everyone in the world to understand

Scream change you think you lost power to wear your playing it

Not interesting more like sci fi then cyberpunk

Board game risk comes to mind

Not even close to D&D role playing



>A web site that repeats business models from the past.

>writes articles based on what and who ?

CNN’s Ted Tunner came up and said the worlds over populated. We know his agenda

And we know other news agendas

This game is for rich political kids

You see if you are poor your government send you to war.

>great message to send children and what kid wants to play that crap.

Demented people and the displeasure


File: a3e59aee72f01ea⋯.jpeg (140.08 KB, 735x1018, 735:1018, 944CE4DD-CF81-4FE9-A97D-0….jpeg)

Here is a great artist from Russia

Why the world loves his work

This is Cyberpunk


File: 8ec01770b1f3740⋯.gif (981.18 KB, 245x200, 49:40, BitesizedRashHumpbackwhale….gif)


I'm not going to dignify that was an answer.



>more like sci fi then cyberpunk

stopped reading there.



>Browse the newest, top selling and discounted Hacking products on Steam


File: 792b9dc66b84d1b⋯.png (213.58 KB, 460x215, 92:43, ClipboardImage.png)


God, can we have one thread that doesn't devolve into fucking political bullshit, can we just talk about cyberpunk vidya.


Hm, that sounds interesting. If you find any games like that post them here.



The space ship in the game is named after Russian space shuttle and many other things indicate there Government workers

Not cyberpunks

Got good



Are you going to use it for Government and help the rich while the poor are taking advantage of.



What? Please come back when you're not having a stroke



Go back to reddit



it was OP's mistake



You clearly don't want to contribute, instead you want to turn this thread into some kind of struggle session. So go back to Plebbit and take your retarded conspiracy theory with you.



>Are you going to use it for Government and help the rich while the poor are taking advantage of.

Are you going to contribute a vidya recommendation?



Oh ya, definitely realized this a few posts in. Will be leaving that info out next time for the sensitive shazbotz.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Surprised this hasn't been posted yet.

>CYBERPUNK 2077 Gameplay Demo (2018)


File: 1488ee79d7f0caa⋯.gif (3.97 MB, 800x450, 16:9, 8800DA45-6EB5-4405-825D-4A….gif)


I thought it was posted earlier ?

Now that’s what we need.



File: 7cc88a1c54ac5b3⋯.png (157.5 KB, 516x539, 516:539, a.png)


Underrated toast.


will i be able to run cyberpunk 2077?

asus 1060 6gb

intel i5 7500

8gb ddr 4 3200 megahertz ram



At risk of necroing

wipeout - fast paced hover racing. Pretty much F-Zero for PlayStation

Uplink - duh

Any combat flight sim - get a vr headset and joystick and you're practically playing Spats(?) and Fokkers from burning chrome

Syndacite - already cyberpunk, but you could play this in your low rent capsule at Cheap Hotel and dream of screwing with the gubberment


File: 14b6164eda96853⋯.jpg (47.85 KB, 356x500, 89:125, deusex2_pcbox.jpg)




So much cringe. The game itself was ok, obviously a handciapped version of the original but it helped kill time.



Shame it's aged terribly, even the first has a better art style.


File: 4037dfa78d20d45⋯.jpg (47.12 KB, 405x540, 3:4, 4037dfa78d20d454d01dfece9d….jpg)

File: 67200eb3303387b⋯.png (284.56 KB, 299x449, 299:449, ClipboardImage.png)


Played it a couple of weeks ago, but i actually had a lot of fun with it, sue the game itself is rather mediocre, but if you don't take it seriously and try to break it it can be quite enjoyable.

Killing npcs for example, killing Nicolette with a radiation bath just to have the nigger sigh in response, or massacre the school, it's hilarious how much you can fuck up with the factions and that they acknowledge it, that made the game for me.

Playing as the black woman with this autistic look on her face killing everyone and dooming the world.


File: 6545de5a4e2e8f9⋯.jpg (28.36 KB, 220x309, 220:309, 220px-Tron2.0box.jpg)

Played through pic related and it's definitely one of the most /cyber/ games I played since Deus Ex.

Great soundtrack too.


File: 8b7d5085d07c000⋯.jpg (58.85 KB, 405x540, 3:4, 4037dfa78d20d454d01dfece9d….jpg)


that Chell pic triggered my autism, fixed it 4u



You can change the XYZ direction of gravity in the ini file so when you throw things shit goes flying off to the side. Affects dead bodies etc too. A throwback to back when games were simulated spaces versus the linear AAA hands inside the ride garbage that they make now



You wanna talk about hands inside the ride? I played one of the futuristic CoDs a while ago, and near the beginning you're running through some streets, and all the side streets are blocked off with barriers as tall as the buildings. Game won't even let you go 20 feet off track before it fails you for leaving the mission area. Won't even let you get to an impassable wall.


File: a170839b2351a11⋯.jpg (717.9 KB, 1000x4000, 1:4, 8Chan cyber Reccomended Ga….jpg)



File: f5745dead0d1dfe⋯.png (1.17 MB, 800x2352, 50:147, Neurology of Gaming.png)




No Cyberia, Call Of Duty Black Ops III, Ripper, Shadowrun, Hacker, Max Headroom, VA-11 HALL-A, CyberMage, Sindome?

Cyber, I am neuro-disappoint.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You forgot ruiner too. I'm also dissapoint.


I want to make my own /cyber/ vidya, I got some concept art done and the mechanics and plot in mind but I can't program worth a dick. Shit sucks.


File: 7ad23afede6a043⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1058x1196, 23:26, 7ad23afede6a043922285ccd1a….png)



Get out nazbol!


File: e79b7efa74ef8d8⋯.jpg (395.2 KB, 1668x2500, 417:625, 0d96709fac.jpg)

is Nier: Automata /cyber/?



Getting a programmer is actually kinda easy. If I were to classify the difficulty of finding willing gamedev team members, I would order them, from easiest to hardest:

>"writers" (aka idea guys)

>mind the gap

>writers, probably filled by some other guy on the team, most possibly a programmer


>mind the small gap

>illustrators and animators. Modellers also go here

>musicians, almost at the same tier than graphical artists

The worst thing is you often need more than one illustrator, because it is by far the busiest task in videogames, SPECIALLY if you use premade engines or even graphical libraries, in which case you would need a single programmer up to AA tier gamedev. So you often end up with an overbooking of writers and programmers, and a lack of graphical artists.

This is, of course, the likeliness of finding people who will work for free for you. Of course brouzouf will bring you places. I am pretty sure you will find people willing to contribute with any of the areas you need, here in /cyner/, if you offer a nice elevator pitch on your project and show something of what you have got so far.



It's post-cyberpunk at best, post-apoc sci-fi at worst. Still something you could discuss here simply because Nier: Automata is awesome, and >>>/clang/ is always welcome.


File: 154d439e22fd55f⋯.png (191.51 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, spx.png)


>if you offer a nice elevator pitch on your project and show something of what you have got so far

I suppose I can give it a go.

Interface-based hacking game similar to Uplink or Hacknet, stylized automated hacking with cool visuals in a setting taking place a few decades into the future. Procedurally generated world with random companies, citizens, hackers, hacker clans, missions etc with some small touches of emergent gameplay (for example company that goes bankrupt cause of digital sabotage and the former owner takes out a hit on the hackers involved). Heavy focus on multitasking, having to micro-manage multiple hacking programs at the same time, maintaining them and staying within hardware limits, although you can upgrade your computer's mobo/CPU/RAM/storage space for quicker and stabler hacking. Once you get caught hacking you're jailed for life requiring you to restart the game but you can prevent getting caught by setting up proxies before pulling off a hack. The more proxies you use the more time you get to hack, but in return you also get more lag. You can also upgrade your proxies but they'd be expensive. Lastly, there's a main plot that's got some joinable factions similar to New Vegas in a story about the future of the internet and security vs. privacy, big corporations and governments wanting to use the internet for their own scummy means and smaller people trying to stop them, standard cyberpunk shit.

Here's some concept art I made. As you can see I took heavy inspiration from this board. I thought it looked cool.



It looks good, I've always wanted a game that replicates a DE almost completely. Hacknet seems to be the closest but it won't let you do simple things like resize windows etc. I think it would make the games easier to pick up if nothing else.



Sounds pretty good, I loved Hacknet so if it's anything like that It'll be good



Don't think their world ever got cyberpunk though, didn't Caim got teleported to our dimension or whatever that was in the early 2000s?



That looks really fucking good, even with the cheesy writting.

What do you need for programming? i'm studying software development, if you need help maybe i could help.



Yeah those kinds of things bothered me too. The plan is to have it feel like a real OS as much as possible.


It's more inspired by Uplink with its stylized and automated hacking rather than consoles.


What I need? Uh, I guess I need someone to program the entire thing…



>I guess I need someone to program the entire thing…

Know that if you need help coding you have someone here, though i'm not that far into it so i don't really know what would be neccessary to make your game happen, maybe in a few months.

I mean do you only have the idea and some concept art? because if you know what you need/want and just need a person to write code then i could help right away, mind you again, i'm a student i can't promise anything, but i could use some practice aswell.



Yeah I know what I need, I've got some documents detailing the idea down in more detail.



I'd Argue for the Mega Man Battle Network and the .Hack series personally.



If you want to count Ready Player One, then everything from the 80s.

Some settings I would expect for normies to be playing the kind of crap people play now like candy crush but with more gambling.



Why do you type Like a fucking schizo.




Would you like to open a thread for your game?



Humanoid androids sound cyber as fuck, if you ask me. But, yeah, I expected the rest of the game to be more cyber.



I'll do that the second I have something to show for it. I'm on my own for now (excepting the OST) so time to learn Unity I guess.



If you don't mind Lua or JavaScript, I may be able to cook some shitty engine for a prototype.



Nah, that's fine.


I also want to make a /cyber/ vidya, but am not convinced by the other anon's idea. I don't really have a proper idea myself though although i have programming and some music skills, and maybe graphics if i really force myself



>am not convinced by the other anon's idea

Eh. It's not for everyone I suppose.

Making slow progress right now though.

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