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File: 72a1cfd44225896⋯.jpg (2.07 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 1504028081533.jpg)


I cannot express how much I like programming socks.



clean your room


File: 4dc2191465e1281⋯.gif (51.04 KB, 500x376, 125:94, comfy.gif)


this, it's disgusting, get comfy op



name one widely used program that was made by someone who wears programming socks

that's right. you cant



Are you a trap?



Yeah he is, he posts on 4/g/ most of the time. Usually, there's a butt plug visible in most of his photos, but not this one.


Kys faggot

Nice mechanical keyboard though




For the sanctity of this board, permaban the trap faggot!



your parents are probably crying downstairs



You look pretty chubby, OP.

I'm going to assume you're a sysadmin too


File: d2c524823e065a0⋯.gif (1015.77 KB, 245x242, 245:242, 1509551998000.gif)



very cute. i approve



I'd love a pair but my parents would kill me if they found them lol


File: afe769d0c32a3d1⋯.jpg (43.14 KB, 939x684, 313:228, nMSZgyo.jpg)

>Couldn't get gf

>Became gf

The circle is now complete


Clean your pigsty, slob.



Fuck off back to cuckchan, faggot



>Couldn't get gf

>Became gf

>Get gf from being gf

>Become bf

>Lose gf



>tfw psychotic trap gf on lap while we both shitpost from thinkpads


meanwhile in halfchan they just talk about masculinizing their mech keyboards



Stop being gay.



How do you program socks?



OP is too busy mitigating thigh channel attacks to reply



10/10 mouse

8/10 legs

1/10 room, go clean it


File: 8ac9f4e609bf7bb⋯.jpg (41.63 KB, 540x720, 3:4, 8ac9f4e609bf7bbedc2e6ccd0c….jpg)

File: 10499aff5d44f07⋯.jpg (190.22 KB, 828x1472, 9:16, 10499aff5d44f07a3c36794e5a….jpg)

I don't care if it's gay.



is this board unmoded or something?

go full nude pussy you wont...


File: c253c5b8efecef2⋯.png (733.4 KB, 760x839, 760:839, 1499521001966.png)


What do you fucking faggots even program? Microservices to reduce lag on your IoT BBC dildos so they can stretch your anus even further than before?



Do you have a pair of every colour?


> cant into gender

> cant into logic

> trap larps as coder

> trap is mental illness


File: dfc38fb7d9f1d5a⋯.jpg (872.74 KB, 1944x2592, 3:4, IMG_20180215_204759.jpg)


Comfy as fuck



Where do you buy your panties? How do you make sure they'll fit?






this faggot is the board owner

hence why everyone uses >>>/tech/



fuckin faggot



Just die!


What keyboard you got? Btw you're pretty cute


aeromatic, is that you?





its that foxdick from /cow/, right?

i recognize that horrid mess of a room anywhere.

the rest of its even worse. theres a whole bunch of soda bottles piled in the corner, and old food sitting out. truly subhuman


why is a dude in drag at the top of /g/



because you bumped the thread.



I don't know that feel. Care to elaborate, anon?


Post barpis


Bird feeders please leave >>>/leftypol/



I have an aura

It effects the entire universe

One time I almost died in jail

The jail got like a hundred. Calls At once or something I hallucinated a nucular launch and codes being entered then the n next week allncounties were talking about nukes and aliens online linked me criteria targeting Bellingham my town as the source in multiple all foreign text

. the device will issue rations and money. As itme passes the human race will eliminate words and develop a vocabulary for excellent communication at all times. We will all unite as one solving world peace world hunger worrld poverty and equality. We will be able to advance in years what would have taken thousands of years. And the aliens will come for us.

The world is filled with meth by the million tonne trillionaires and it's all because of Nathan it's disgusting it doesn't help anybody but me and everybody needs it at least 30% of all major large cities

KMS - Today at 3:09 PM

The only people who can shape the planet minds of people and turn the planet faster real hard spinning it fast one day nobody notices on the planet

Are pedophiles and that's our code

Alien god is only power proven to control peoples minds

The only way I watched that five head with pimples zits because the words I used controls her body language which was sexy as f***

Not even my last active semi-active pathetic attempt of a native of goddess could concentrate for more than 2 seconds to be active twice consistently @ayala just like the pink dildo in her mouth said she has AIDS that's why her brain was fried and she killed the trillion dollars the relay van got it got us as investing to kill KMS control over my gay

But the whole world is brainwashed because I was born in 1990 I was planned I guess they had to have me smoke dope or I'd be useless and their whole Jesus would be nothing

But the whole world is flooded with math now or at least in my area No Other Drugs even exist at all

And meth doesn't do any wonders for nobody but Nathan

Did they even truly apply to all the Nazis did all the Nazis have my brain chemistry what was the deal yes they did they were a race that was chosen

I guess I'm secretly a Brazilian with an Aryan mind

Time to become Hitler bring in five thousand Germans looking for a Hitler that can't speak English but we'll watch mystream or videos

You can't even spend this videos on a dicsord it's useless bro

I have to be able to spend videos to control that human entirely

Are you even still there you f** pedophile

And you if you're going to be little chance daddy you have to be a pedophile

had to paste from clipboard for srecruit


remember you from 4ch

fuck off



this looks cute TBH





We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white traps



>disgusting room

>literal faggot

I hope you stop being gay and lazy someday anon.


File: ef40118f21cd085⋯.png (480.61 KB, 588x594, 98:99, Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at ….png)





> stop being gay someday

This is not how it works.



I escaped 4chan specifically because of your kind


Jordan Peterson reference?



People were telling faggots to clean their rooms long before Juden Peterstein said it.



as a matter of fact, it is


>replacing son with stein

are you talking shit about nords?

i'll burn your fucking village



kys faggot


File: c948a2e05647b21⋯.png (141.41 KB, 512x512, 1:1, chen.png)

What state, OP?


File: 80fa13c8a999fbe⋯.jpg (1.64 MB, 1920x1920, 1:1, MartinsGF-ilramm.jpg)


That's a bad example tbh.


Honestly I'd smash



Kill yourself already faggot reprobate




>>5792 >>6413 Traps are better than girls to fuck!


>>6413 At least, their lower parts are sexy.


>>5792 I wanna fuck this trap!


Traps must get raped!


Oh shit nice keeb


Why do these "girls" look really sexy?


>>6858 Can her knee socks make her look like Japanese girl?



Because you've never had one.


>>8759 I wanna fuck your two holes!


I really love these "girls"! I'm gonna rape them!


File: 4161d9eb62bdc58⋯.png (371.93 KB, 444x587, 444:587, xicwwi.png)


>>8863 Yeah, gays want to fuck lesbians!


>>5792 I wanna fuck "her" anal pussy!


>>5792 Her legs and belly look sexy! I wanna fuck her holes!



What about mpv?


>>5792 Rape these otokonoko!


Ngl, they look like diabetic socks.


>>9185 Traps are so sweet that they need diabetic socks!



Kill and eat her!



Clean your fucking room worm.



it is. women don't exist in this part of the internet. just boys with tiny dicks and tight buttholes.



Cumshot yourself and then show me


I'm sorry, but what in the fuck does this thread have to do with sockets programming?


File: 01a0c15cb97cf1a⋯.png (186.13 KB, 738x669, 246:223, basedsuicide.png)



The more I see this statistic the more I think it has to do with the way people react to those lolwierdos than their own problems



She's sexy! I really wanna rape her!!



Who cares, if they're that fragile then world is better off without them anyway.


Are you hiding a fat cock?



be gay:

>unable to say no homo

>if you like X, people can call you an Xfag and they'd be right (e.g.: linuxfag)

>therefore everything you like is gay

yeah no wonder they kill themselves

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