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Just what you need to make you feel better

File: 8e92dee59db0bae⋯.jpg (59.13 KB, 564x846, 2:3, 0b163c2828c4a45cf2230170f0….jpg)

File: 07b4b543385f751⋯.jpg (40.22 KB, 500x617, 500:617, 8cb771e009764ec05cfaca4ca8….jpg)

File: 49d818c9865520c⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 2328x2328, 1:1, cyw-gamer-youth-1.jpg)

d475a8 No.246161

Thats it lads, let's see your fashion essentials

It's gotta be

>BIG jumpers

>slim fit jeans

>High top trainers


>loose t shirts


Recycled news:

Jobsite Table Saw Showdown 2018

>With 5 great competitors in the running some of the rating really comes down to splitting hairs but that’s what we do.

>The big elephant in the room is the SawStop as it’s the only one on the market with “Flesh Detecting” technology


Dewalt Tool at World of Concrete 2018

>Dewalt is really going after the concrete market with several new products aimed at silica dust collection

>As well as expanding their Flexvolt cordless offering with some heavy duty tools that can now outperform their corded counter parts


Review: Dewalt 20V Max Brushless Chainsaw, and How I Was Wrong About it

>I had intended on buying this saw because I needed a chainsaw for some yard work and really didn’t feel like spending the time trying to diagnose why my gas chainsaw was having issues


New Hitachi Cordless Pin Nailer

>Hitachi has come out with a new 18V 23-gauge pin nailer, NP18DSAL, capable of driving in pins up to 1-3/8″ long


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c7922e No.246165

File: 3d70398c5844f7c⋯.jpg (306.66 KB, 594x848, 297:424, 3d70398c5844f7cef1e2549c82….jpg)


62f8ba No.246166


f044f9 No.246167

I maintain that Swazishire was the autistic one

3ce570 No.246168

File: 534e93eb9f002b7⋯.png (222.69 KB, 416x279, 416:279, mybeard.png)

f044f9 No.246169

File: ec887018ef9df18⋯.jpg (175.92 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Jewess 379.jpg)

another thread for the milkers

ef12fe No.246170

t shirt/vest underneath

old checkered shirt, short in summer

wooly jumper if cold

corduroy or brown jeans or any old shit I can find

3 pairs of socks


woolly hat in winter, grockle hat in summer

62f8ba No.246171


You fucking bellend wtf

f044f9 No.246172


c'mon lad, don't spill it over to this one, eh?

62f8ba No.246173

62f8ba No.246174

ef12fe No.246175


read the OP kneegrow

62f8ba No.246176

d475a8 No.246177


When for?



never tbh

>woolly jumper

Smh lad

ef12fe No.246178

this weekend looks very good for weather

62f8ba No.246179

Tims dark straight jeans Fred perry or ralphy polo with nice collared jumper and jacket to suit the occasion

ef12fe No.246180

i long to feel the spring sun

shining on my pale skin

A new life has begun

a new season begin

62f8ba No.246181


Next wednesday and Thursday probably?

ef12fe No.246182

kiss kiss kiss

d475a8 No.246183

>opens up pinterest to look for outfits

>sees a million and 1 thot pics I want to save

What a mistake I've made


Ahhh no can do lad. I gotta be in college on those days and they're bitching about my attendance already

d475a8 No.246184


ef12fe No.246185

How could you not see this coming? Fools. Done nothing to prevent it, yet you act shocked when it happens.

d475a8 No.246186

File: bd0c9bfb5e7ea30⋯.jpg (181.77 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, slide_237870_1208322_free.jpg)

07ef77 No.246187


Trains are a horribly uneconomic mode of transport tbh. You could argue that they're thoroughly British but so is purging old things and replacing them with new things.

c7922e No.246188

ef12fe No.246189


like white people?


people do nothing to prevent an extreme action being taken

but then they act shocked when it happens and dont realise its too late

d475a8 No.246190

File: d1acfa0c88df77b⋯.jpg (52.3 KB, 564x564, 1:1, 208fa84934e9bb93d19c5aff90….jpg)

File: 345061d15fb68b8⋯.jpg (48.42 KB, 564x564, 1:1, f953411f632d7982a5a1736b36….jpg)

Black Short sleeve shirt

Fatigue trousers tucked into black combat boots

Cheeky simplistic summer outfit

ef12fe No.246191


bit gay

d475a8 No.246192

File: 9407620147f0181⋯.jpg (150.28 KB, 564x1005, 188:335, a223df97bc12f1705443df4b4b….jpg)

Look at the swanky fucking get up

I give this lad a high 8 to a light 9 out of 10

62f8ba No.246193


There was a young lad called Dorset

Who never went outside and saw shit

He stayed in all day

Much to our dismay

Now he's outside in a casket

ef12fe No.246194

File: 15ffb82efb7e339⋯.png (1.13 MB, 837x1024, 837:1024, 15ffb82efb7e339e5261a90ddc….png)

62f8ba No.246195


Ta anyway lad

ef12fe No.246196




ef12fe No.246197


and coathangers too fuck them

9b244c No.246198


what happens if they are unironed?

f044f9 No.246199


how can you feel the difference?

d475a8 No.246200

File: 4c9ab2a5116bdc2⋯.jpg (61.44 KB, 564x564, 1:1, 0ea64f46a7f99c53b515112b63….jpg)

Reminder that ripped not ripped jeans are the future and you should cop/make some to get ahead of the curve

ef12fe No.246201



They're completely uncomfortable and not smooth at all

they feel shrinked tbh

i like my bollocks not to be uncomfortable

62f8ba No.246202

There was a young lad called Shropshire

Who liked shitty fashion that cost dear

He wears skinny jeans

Occasionally takes beans

And wouldn't look out of place among queers


ef12fe No.246203


*shoots you*

d475a8 No.246204

Also woe to you if you don't have animal print boxerd

f044f9 No.246205


okay, princess

62f8ba No.246206

ef12fe No.246207



62f8ba No.246208


Checkered or tartan boxers tbh

f044f9 No.246209


holy fuck, kill this shit.

ef12fe No.246210

wish we would go back to wearing nothing but cool celtic trousers and capes in the winter

f044f9 No.246211

File: 54cfcbe33d8b974⋯.png (23.81 KB, 408x408, 1:1, Maple_leaf_tartan.png)


>england doesn't have it's own national tartan pattern


We do :)

62f8ba No.246212


That's not a good thing, is it?

c7922e No.246213

File: 5e5da7447c2feb0⋯.jpg (51.33 KB, 512x1024, 1:2, mom jeans.jpg)

d475a8 No.246214

File: 6b14388fcc1f1f6⋯.jpg (58.86 KB, 564x789, 188:263, 52efc1d5fa0a9cb62594f464b9….jpg)


Top kek lad you're not far wrong


You won't be laughing in 20 years from now when I'm a recognised trend setter


It's a good look tbf


Tartan is cool but they have to have wacky designs T B H

same with socks


Enjoy modern fashion trends while you can lad


I'd be down to wear tartan trousers and go shirtless every now and again tbf

9b244c No.246215



62f8ba No.246216




f044f9 No.246217


You have to have one, lad.

d475a8 No.246218


Top kek I like that they're trying something new but the only thing that should be coming in is tartan or more denim under a rip


62f8ba No.246219


For what purpose

ef12fe No.246220


i have an average willy but even that is painful with some trousers and boxers

shrop must have a really tiny willy and gonads to be able to wear skinny jeans

d475a8 No.246221

File: d095c7f72eee176⋯.jpg (59.95 KB, 564x695, 564:695, 67bde9e1eeb88837ebd5d73af4….jpg)



62f8ba No.246222


Even formal trousers are too restricting smh

f044f9 No.246223


All of the best fantasy kingdoms and nations have a well-filled lore and symbols page :)

ef12fe No.246224


yeah tbh, gotta get em baggy like reviewbrah

hate restrictive clothing tbh, almost like slavery

thinks like belts or ties too tbh

d475a8 No.246225


I wear slimfits lad they aren't too bad on the old cock and balls

when I'm feeling like I'm no down to have me balls cuddled I like to wear joggers and trackies tho

d475a8 No.246226

File: 8748dc1239b9722⋯.jpg (41.92 KB, 564x545, 564:545, bf3b6f4da046ca5b372656a6d2….jpg)

Now lets step back for a minute to appreciate the thot

d5374b No.246227

File: 2df576c5923ef02⋯.jpg (42.55 KB, 640x370, 64:37, 5-tt700bc-ad46[1].preview.jpg)

File: a455d2b1004b0bc⋯.png (335.99 KB, 500x358, 250:179, tumblr_owefq87VEP1u6oeoao1….png)

Thracians tbh

ef12fe No.246228


I'd rape her

d5374b No.246229

File: 2cf7c51bcb7415e⋯.jpg (42.22 KB, 399x275, 399:275, hat8046.jpg)

File: 68b81ef77d0bdb9⋯.jpg (457.37 KB, 506x720, 253:360, thracians_at_pydna_by_john….jpg)

Badass motherfuckers

d5374b No.246230

File: 7af484cc2824a5d⋯.jpg (230.22 KB, 623x947, 623:947, scan0594_by_residentsmooth….jpg)

File: 1f046fb80f4207c⋯.jpg (235.83 KB, 636x947, 636:947, thracian_noble_by_resident….jpg)

Ye boi

d5374b No.246231


The only thing you rape is your hand tbh

ef12fe No.246232

File: 742a589b09907ee⋯.jpg (426.45 KB, 2560x1920, 4:3, qt.jpg)

f044f9 No.246233



ef12fe No.246234

we must sacrifice to improve

it is uncomfortable but necessary

we must do what is required

*does what is necessary*

d475a8 No.246235

File: 9a165da0112b109⋯.jpg (29.82 KB, 564x594, 94:99, 2c694121d9af7dcd85285dda41….jpg)



>Those shields


I like the cut of these guys's jib

62f8ba No.246236



ankh-morpork supremacy

Fuck klaatch

Counter weight continent a shit

c7922e No.246237

File: 8c9984eb87ada9d⋯.png (122.25 KB, 308x281, 308:281, 8c9984eb87ada9d442ae9ae22d….png)


62f8ba No.246238

ef12fe No.246239

07ef77 No.246240


*sacrifices you*

4b3ca1 No.246241


*rips you un ripped ripped jeans*


ef12fe No.246242


just let me cum inside a lass first

ef12fe No.246243



07ef77 No.246244


Nah, virgins are better to sacrifice. Probably

4b3ca1 No.246245

File: 0a9dfe246a1e6ea⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Only real niggas understand

d5374b No.246246


Smh why do you think we're trying to get him to come along to a job with vanlad?

9b244c No.246247


I get it but it's autistic

ef12fe No.246248



07ef77 No.246249


smh lad druids don't sacrifice humans

4b3ca1 No.246250

File: 09be3ade26b72a5⋯.png (164.71 KB, 500x419, 500:419, ClipboardImage.png)


*ruins your bathtub*

atleast these guns get used t b h

9b244c No.246251


top fucking i am gay. How do they ruin the bathtub?

ef12fe No.246252


I honestly think you need to get yourself checked out you fucking queer

d475a8 No.246253

>have immense amount of tabs

>open loads more to save Pinterest thots

>browser is on the brink of crashing


c7922e No.246254


>How do they ruin the bathtub?

Because they spin and hit the sides

ef12fe No.246255


you better post the thots

9b244c No.246256


oh, never thought of doing that, we had those tiny plastic battle stadium things

62f8ba No.246257


Used to use massive woks from the chinky takeaway tbh

ef12fe No.246258

File: ac6c551011ed1f7⋯.jpg (305.95 KB, 857x1200, 857:1200, yummyy.jpg)

5 hours nofap things are lookin up

4b3ca1 No.246259

File: d1c35242a2715ba⋯.png (774.38 KB, 1214x934, 607:467, ClipboardImage.png)



>he doesn't know

smh lad

467d5e No.246260

If you lads promise to behave feel free to join the Bongo Bongo Land and play vidya

https://dis cord.gg/VW35U5

https://dis cord.gg/VW35U5

https://dis cord.gg/VW35U5

https://dis cord.gg/VW35U5

https://dis cord.gg/VW35U5

https://dis cord.gg/VW35U5

https://dis cord.gg/VW35U5

https://dis cord.gg/VW35U5


07ef77 No.246261

>bongo bongo land posting on /brit/


ef12fe No.246262



9b244c No.246263

File: 0ead9f35785b5a9⋯.png (322.76 KB, 500x375, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c12f720c5e95257⋯.png (83.65 KB, 259x194, 259:194, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7721ae819e3f06d⋯.png (129.95 KB, 280x280, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6235cbf9e05ed5a⋯.png (149.81 KB, 344x327, 344:327, ClipboardImage.png)

her beyblade won me all the battles tbh. I thought the one of the Americans used looked cool, the brown one

4b3ca1 No.246264

9b244c No.246265


i am gay

07ef77 No.246266

File: 767f81fc8ca4c02⋯.png (106.26 KB, 375x736, 375:736, sort yourself out.png)

d5374b No.246267


Why are you such gay lad?

9b244c No.246268

File: c556b5c2655f5e7⋯.png (20.83 KB, 419x395, 419:395, 8c07bd2f3aa2ed12f65aa3f5e4….png)

Supreme Leader

07ef77 No.246269


STOP being a gayist

ef12fe No.246270


3ce570 No.246271

File: 722f392e0c635d0⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1470x641, 1470:641, ClipboardImage.png)

who /bigbrainneanderthal/ here

comfy autism tbh

4b3ca1 No.246272


just stop k e e king tbh

9b244c No.246273


No it comes naturally

4b3ca1 No.246274


so you were born gay?

9b244c No.246275


si am gay

d475a8 No.246276

File: 5b2243277d7e7d1⋯.jpg (41.68 KB, 500x889, 500:889, 8fe08b8062de484dde64064dc2….jpg)


Hardly one to talk iz you mate



3ce570 No.246277


maybe he's born with it

maybe it's gaybeline

9b244c No.246278

Fuck. keeek

ef12fe No.246279


ugly slags

62f8ba No.246280




07ef77 No.246281


Good lad, tell mummy you're just off to do some labour for some cult members who've recruited you on the internet.

>tfw I have dependents so I can't go

It's a good excuse for being asocial tbh


Ages since I played minecraft, don't tempt me

3ce570 No.246282

File: 76c76362ee234b8⋯.png (118.78 KB, 645x729, 215:243, cavetardjak1.png)


>tfw no cave-autist tribe to build ring forts with

ef12fe No.246283


i will just tell her someone has offered me a job

she cannot do anything tbh


ef12fe No.246284


>tfw no autist tribe to kidnap women from other tribes by bonking them over a head with a big club

62f8ba No.246285


Accurate but wew

702e4a No.246286

File: 564e3f6accb8019⋯.webm (176.65 KB, 960x540, 16:9, tv dubs i have the highgr….webm)

>Brother is off for a job interview at the club where the Ex works

62f8ba No.246287

07ef77 No.246288


Are these civicslags or are they larping as mixies?


>anon, if you're doing a job then what do you need a tent for?

You could always just say you're going hiking for a few days, it should do you some good to get out for a little while tbh

702e4a No.246289


Just do what you think's best, your mum isn't going to ground you

ef12fe No.246290


>as we type this she unironically managed to lock herself out and lose her keys

smh so annoying and stupid

d475a8 No.246291


pretty slags actually


some are civic just look it. prolly all American tho

07ef77 No.246292


That's a good one: she needs you around to look after her which is sort of true, children should look after their parents, but they first need to earn that privilege by raising them well. They should also accept that if they can't look after themselves then they are subject to their children's authority.

Speaking of mummies, I actually miss hearing about Neo's mum's escapades.

ef12fe No.246293

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ef12fe No.246294


smh i dont want to look after her

she should just get a husband but she blew that chances several times in her life smh

what was up with neos mum?

07ef77 No.246295


>smh i dont want to look after her

Doesn't sound like she was a very good mummy smh

>neo's mum

Apparently she came out with all sorts of David Icke tier statements.

ef12fe No.246296

ef12fe No.246297

>change guitar

>play much better

ah yes, i shall remember not to fall for the metallic jew again

4b3ca1 No.246298

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fresh frauds

3ce570 No.246299

File: 64c1c5350e3a920⋯.png (327.53 KB, 770x760, 77:76, 2smart4pepe.png)

hmm lads interesting possibilities

da is basically moving in with his lass, instead of moving here

so there's a two bedroom (three, but not according to council tax) house in the middle of nowhere, already furnished etc, with low rent

might be interesting as a house share, thinking of dorset to escape mummy and shrop to be closer to potential work later

it is in the middle of nowhere though smh

ef12fe No.246300

3ce570 No.246301


is that a good lad or a bad lad? idk

depends what happens tbh, I'm still looking at moving down south but I need real work before then smh

62f8ba No.246302


It begins

702e4a No.246303


Ill take the outhouse

9b244c No.246304


>calling schmee gay

07ef77 No.246305


>the druid compound begins



ef12fe No.246306


it's good

where abouts is it? not somerset i presume


3ce570 No.246307


there is a little outdoors room/built in shed thing tbh

and an outdoors firewood shed you could stand up in like the robot apartments in futurama


it's a nice location notwithstanding the absolute lack of anything to do in the immediate vicinity tbh

will have to see what housing bennies I'm entitled to


stopgap measure in between/during building the compound tbh


it's where I am right now, in somerset, an hour's bus and train ride from yeovil

if you like could switch to castle cary and I'll do a tour but might be a bit fast

702e4a No.246308

File: 89a182e6a3d2c10⋯.jpg (293.67 KB, 1300x868, 325:217, pol politics.jpg)


Centre of Operations for the Academy of Fascists

d475a8 No.246309

Shrop is about to ingest 207g of processed sugar

Find out what happens next at 7

ef12fe No.246310


*hopes this works*

3ce570 No.246311

File: 774ecd45d21a492⋯.png (169.55 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, somerpepe manurejak.png)


like fight club but rural




07ef77 No.246312


So does your dad own it or what?

62f8ba No.246313

Got one of those popping candy dairymilks tbh lad

They are good

702e4a No.246314

File: 9a23bb1117c0d71⋯.webm (7.21 MB, 624x352, 39:22, Ray - Somerset.webm)


62f8ba No.246315

Wish it had Maltesers instead of jellybeans tho

3ce570 No.246316


goodlad now GET a phone and go WORK for vanlad or ARRANGE the MEETING already


low rent accommodation, established ties to the landlady, room for 3 lads with their own rooms but only pays tax on 2

3ce570 No.246317


beaut lad

d475a8 No.246318


Can't make any promises lad.

I've got watermelon sours, sherbet UFOs and Bubblegum mushrooms


A rockstar energy drink (Tropical Guava)

Time to blow a bolt tbh

3ce570 No.246319


so house share means we could pay rent out of bennies and help milk the govt dry while also working LOCALly/commuting and doing cash in hand with vanla' occasionally

also a PO box and somewhere to store shite while building the compound


>shrop gets high on sugar and transcends the passage of time like when fry drinks 100 coffees

d475a8 No.246320


I'll report back all of my esoteric druidic knowledges should I manage to return from hyperspace without dying

62f8ba No.246321

>11x2 denying he's a gayist

9b244c No.246322

File: 939e514cb03f4f1⋯.png (11.26 KB, 525x468, 175:156, 939e514cb03f4f101b0e6c2e13….png)


always done that

ef12fe No.246323


you are a poofter

a ponce


please happen aaahhhhh

07ef77 No.246324


There are still nice landlords out there?

9b244c No.246325


you keep saying that smh

07ef77 No.246326


A queer

A queen

A fairy

Uphill gardener

Fruit-picking sodomite

d475a8 No.246327

Rockstar energy drink flavourings are just a little bit vile tbh

3ce570 No.246328


it is the deep countryside lad

the landlady lives a few houses down the road

the old ladies that work in the local shop live literally right across from it, in a cottage named after the landlady, she's been landing for 70 years or something at this point


sort out a date then lad

sooner the better, can't do anything 'till we have established contact and that

d5374b No.246329


Gayer than a Christmas tree

c7922e No.246330

File: 8d736d9fa794581⋯.jpg (300.93 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 8d736d9fa794581f524e680ded….jpg)

d475a8 No.246331

>dorset finally does something

awww tbh

62f8ba No.246332


>I was just pretending to be gay for the memies

702e4a No.246333

File: 5a9d3caa6378521⋯.webm (1.8 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Pixies - Where is my Mind.webm)

Somerset Fight Club

ef12fe No.246334


meet me next week then fam you choose what day

will probably go camping on tues/wed to sun/mon though since the weather is PEAK

no phone probably need for this bit

>deep countryside

smh not being next to the sea

07ef77 No.246335


Energy drinks from the Polish aisle > *


Ah, so she doesn't have many expenses and isn't trying to Jew her tenants? I suppose it's harder to rent out a house in the middle of nowhere too.

62f8ba No.246336


The original one is nice

9b244c No.246337


I've always been about the memis though

62f8ba No.246338


Tbh being by the sea the sea is not overrated

ef12fe No.246339


feels odd not being by the sea tbh

>seagulls in the morning

>waves crashing against the beach at night


62f8ba No.246340


Do you know the story of the boy who cried wolf?

62f8ba No.246341


>seaweed smell in march and September

d475a8 No.246342

>feels sick

Well those're prolly the last sweets I eat in a while


Think I've gone through all the monster flavours so I'm trying out rockstar ect.


Is it redbull flavour per chance?

9b244c No.246343


Yeah, he was straight

702e4a No.246344


topkek tbf

62f8ba No.246345


Kind of, its like relentless origin + green monster + blackcurrant


He said something so often that nobody believed it was true when he actually meant it

Me thinks thou dost protesteth too much

9b244c No.246346


>denying accusations means you are guilty

wouldn't want to live in your state, lad

62f8ba No.246347


Shakespeare said it, not me

07ef77 No.246348

File: 40aa0fe802228e8⋯.png (116.16 KB, 546x155, 546:155, 40m.png)

ef12fe No.246349

s u c c

62f8ba No.246350

4b3ca1 No.246351


who are you kidnapping?

9b244c No.246352


But that "protesting" was not in response to an accusations mh

07ef77 No.246353

File: 0d299ff7e836f23⋯.jpg (59.6 KB, 851x673, 851:673, 22st with pembs.jpg)

I miss him tbh

ef12fe No.246354


Turks are whi-

9b244c No.246355

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ef12fe No.246356

the thought of living in the middle of nowhere sort of depresses me tbh

wtf i love cities now

3ce570 No.246357

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


monday next week then?

wouldn't mind a bit of camping myself tbh, see what happens


nice trips lad


yeah, also the house is shit for old people because it has poor heating


it's not like there's nobody around, just means having to drive for 40m to get to a shitty town

62f8ba No.246358


Glasto is like 15 mins away

ef12fe No.246359


40miles? aaaahhhh


monday or tuesday, depending on when i get back from camping ahhh

3ce570 No.246360

File: 225d3beae79fe6f⋯.png (112.41 KB, 645x729, 215:243, tardjak14.png)


*conflates public transport with having a car*


62f8ba No.246361

3ce570 No.246362


this is why you need to pick lad, you will also make a savings buying tickets early and committing to it while my prices to yeovil are basically static

62f8ba No.246363

Thornton's caramel shortcake bites


07ef77 No.246364

File: 3bc8c66e9cc78c3⋯.jpg (144.11 KB, 636x699, 212:233, varg skyrim.jpg)


>i love cities

ef12fe No.246365



tuesday what time boi?

*tries and figures out how to buy a train ticket*

3ce570 No.246366


any time you like but I have to be back at castle cary by 6pm to catch the last bus

we could do lunch, I'll spot you

use nationalrail to buy tickets for collection at your LOCAL station

ef12fe No.246367


depends how long you want to spend with someone like me

62f8ba No.246368


15 seconds

3ce570 No.246369


things we need to do

1. confirm neither of us is a spy

2. talk about work

3. talk about housing

twelve till four or something? Can have lunch and a couple pints, go over some numbers and that.

ef12fe No.246370


sounds alright

train gets there at 12:02

I'll buy it at the station since i'm too dumb for online things, no difference in prices, it's not a too popular line so there will be plenty of seats

ef12fe No.246371

going to make dindins

07ef77 No.246372

File: 90f3be6a047e875⋯.png (481.44 KB, 1428x988, 357:247, bullies.png)

702e4a No.246373

File: 1f33259f6c5800b⋯.jpg (359.76 KB, 945x378, 5:2, w6rpw32oo0gm_rxqefxl0a.jpg)

Wew Wessex is an incredibly efficient agent, jumps right in for the kill, no time wasting

d5374b No.246374


The Druid army isn't going to form itself lad

3ce570 No.246375

File: 78bd608719848be⋯.png (91.01 KB, 306x416, 153:208, punished.png)


tuesday 12:02



I'm Punished Druid lad

I was already outed to the thought police, I have nothing to lose

ded73a No.246376


You're all spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gables, Searchlight Magazine) spying on me.

3ce570 No.246377


trust nobody not even yourself's self

ded73a No.246378


Trust somethingelse

62f8ba No.246379


For the greater good tbh

d475a8 No.246380

File: 590601e2250290a⋯.jpg (49.81 KB, 563x665, 563:665, e8489e0f942003722e74e1fa7d….jpg)

File: 2fb3fdc5b3abd14⋯.jpg (34.44 KB, 564x564, 1:1, eb8119924615d089fda862b29d….jpg)

File: fbd66943ada4cd3⋯.jpg (89.45 KB, 564x1108, 141:277, ee9700118a6a43290da1d522ce….jpg)

File: cb95dfe3b982c1f⋯.jpg (38.23 KB, 451x750, 451:750, f1fe2e35df5ed667da36636e81….jpg)

File: e820fba5e8f1f0c⋯.jpg (65.11 KB, 564x690, 94:115, f88f2128daf3e179a5ef080daa….jpg)

MAssive thot haul lads

d475a8 No.246381


I saved the green haired girl because I know a girl who looks like that except w/o the dodgy hair and ear stretchers and by god shes beautiful

62f8ba No.246382


Number 3 is under age lad smh

d475a8 No.246383

File: 1d0a728eac31877⋯.jpg (86.33 KB, 507x339, 169:113, 172866511.jpg)

>Consumed lots of sugar and an energy drink and feel like im on the bad end of beans

My poor heart

d475a8 No.246384


Under age for you or me

62f8ba No.246385


Sipping some lean tbh


62f8ba No.246386


Underage to buy scratch cards

d475a8 No.246387

File: 886ed224e17a8a1⋯.jpg (56.12 KB, 564x564, 1:1, bfcb28621614369f3054d0a5ec….jpg)


I could use some lean right about now

d475a8 No.246388


Spose I'll bin her the next time I spy her

RIP green lass

07ef77 No.246389


Here's a tip: try not doing that next time.

62f8ba No.246390


£1.50 from the pharmacy

ef12fe No.246391

*resets ip and prepares to post on /brit/*

d475a8 No.246392


Figured that one out myself tbh

I'm nothing if not introspective


For realsies? I thought you need a prescription for codeine?

62f8ba No.246393


Do a Google search for codiene CWE, you use cocodamols

07ef77 No.246394


*prepares to call out Dorshit*

Nothin' personel

702e4a No.246395

File: 8adf4e33078f018⋯.jpg (68.4 KB, 1100x738, 550:369, Capture.JPG)

I don't remember James from Pokemon having massive tits

d475a8 No.246396




Poor lad drank too much tap water

62f8ba No.246397


Fight me

62f8ba No.246398

d475a8 No.246399

File: 97dcbbd1cd24664⋯.jpg (81.33 KB, 564x705, 4:5, b6e3ce91e31cc48291b47a6c57….jpg)


62f8ba No.246400


Weird cleavage

07ef77 No.246401


Okay, but first look over here long enough for me to get the knife in.

d475a8 No.246402

File: 6e407a2944c5c29⋯.jpg (19.66 KB, 540x540, 1:1, e6ccde69e78a785b79cf998d34….jpg)


Nobodies perfect lad

62f8ba No.246403


Good thing I wore my stab proof vest made of 2ps

62f8ba No.246404


Except me

d475a8 No.246405

File: 49687dd80c8a3c0⋯.jpg (69.84 KB, 564x564, 1:1, f8023a0362b6fd0eea43617c7e….jpg)

512ebc No.246406


and me

and based ratface thot

d475a8 No.246407

File: 96712dfd83669e9⋯.jpg (106.35 KB, 564x875, 564:875, 93bd888d079d4f68b61ba8dfcc….jpg)

07ef77 No.246408


The Welshman's nemesis, the stab-proof vest was introduced to England by the Normans, following which the remnants of the Brythonic people found themselves unable to resist Anglo-Norman encroachment on their lands.

~ Wikipedia

512ebc No.246409



702e4a No.246410

File: a90c27898f5222b⋯.jpg (109.81 KB, 750x1310, 75:131, remember-that-computer.jpg)

d475a8 No.246411

File: 0f7213ee8cbcda4⋯.jpg (56.52 KB, 563x683, 563:683, bb1da575d497994bf812fa5030….jpg)

3ce570 No.246412

File: 5602bb613ea7194⋯.png (239.08 KB, 459x448, 459:448, rage1.png)

>do a bennies calculator to try and find out if I could afford this

>comes out saying I should get even less universal credit than I do now


62f8ba No.246413

512ebc No.246414

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

humina humina humina humina

62f8ba No.246415


Do you declare your savings?

9b244c No.246416

File: 474dbfede912e24⋯.png (436.07 KB, 632x609, 632:609, 1470455351815.png)


You should have listened

702e4a No.246417

File: 267b77cc50bc29d⋯.webm (2.21 MB, 720x540, 4:3, Dwm 2018-02-12 20-01-55-6….webm)

File: c5c29d6e1362a62⋯.jpg (47.48 KB, 600x465, 40:31, but each to their own.jpg)

>it keeps changing language

what the fuck is this utter toff

3ce570 No.246418

File: ed243ce540d0411⋯.png (75.41 KB, 408x620, 102:155, gourdo.png)


ok I can do this

if I got local housing allowance they 'd give me £300

£150 from hypothetically me and dorset would cover the rest of the rent and power

if we're both on universal crdit that leaves £100 each a month for expenses, not counting any money earned


yeah which is probably why it did that, if you have £6000+ in savings they fuck you up

so after taking money out or spending it on land it should be better or maybe worse because they hold owned land against you too


>no esoteric jahanist rebellion to install UBI

62f8ba No.246419


Take it out in cash and buy gold

702e4a No.246420

File: 0e4c90b770b0872⋯.webm (2.25 MB, 1162x440, 581:220, aaaayyyyyyyyhehehehe.webm)


>buy gold

512ebc No.246421


a week or month? I get 100 at the moment but what do I do about housing bennies?

I too might reaching 6k soon so I'm not sure what to do about it

>tfw utter mongoloid in regards to nearly everything like this in life

smh why can't things be so much simpler

me give money

me live in house


4b3ca1 No.246422


buy a shitter crypto, claim the losses as a drain of your assets or whatever it is in bennie speak, recieve more bennies?

62f8ba No.246423

And they don't 'fuck you up' you should really be using your savings to find a job, varg memies aside thats a pretty shameful way of looking at it

You've amassed that by not working

702e4a No.246424


socialists out

62f8ba No.246425


Its VAT free and untraceable, what's there to laugh at

Its value won't plummet like crypto

512ebc No.246426


the government owes me money for trying to kill us

4b3ca1 No.246427


tbh drinking tap water, being culturally enriched and other government decisions should entitle us to danger money

3ce570 No.246428



>weekly LHA is actually more at £121.97

>£489 a month

would make it even easier


based govt tells you literally nothing and you're expected to be a master bureaucrat and figure it out yourself

you on UC? should be getting £240 a month if on intensive job search


about £3000 is a couple decades of saving grandparents money and that tbh

the rest is by not being a mong and spending my entire monthly allowance on waitrose food or whatever

hope this autist specialist guy replies about jobs soon tho tbh

3ce570 No.246429


oh 2 bedrooms WEEKLY is £300

yeah this will be fine if I'm actually entitled to it and they don't gimp me for being under 25 or whatever

d475a8 No.246430


We should all be draining the beast of its bennies tbh. In fact we should all be reproducing with loads of stupid thots to put extra pressure on the system

07ef77 No.246431

File: 0f41049890bf80b⋯.jpg (23.7 KB, 500x280, 25:14, reality.jpg)


>you should really be using your savings to stay on the treadmill

3ce570 No.246432

File: 2d94b7a674c6eac⋯.png (39.79 KB, 669x473, 669:473, ClipboardImage.png)




they expect young lads to be transitory wagies until THIRTY FUCKING FIVE


maybe there's a case to be made for it being shared accomodation smh

62f8ba No.246433


That may be the case but it's wrong to act entitled to it if you have rent and food money sorted for the next 12 months

If you're scamming then you're scamming tbf

512ebc No.246434


t. upstanding moral modern citizen

62f8ba No.246435


From an honest point of view of course you should, but not necessarily the treadmill everybody else is on

3ce570 No.246436

File: db1607714d7ae07⋯.png (8.76 KB, 653x75, 653:75, ClipboardImage.png)

>UC MONTHLY is less than housing bennies WEEKLY

I really, really want to bomb parliament

the whole thing is retarded and convoluted and the situation shouldn't be so I need to rely on it in the first place

d475a8 No.246437


The Neo-Liberals have an awful world that they've created tbh. 'Ss why vanno-brythonic nomadism is the only way forward. I'd like to see all teens living in vans and odd jobbing.


He's not exactly preaching is he? Just because some of us aren't particularly moral that doesn't mean we can't see how it is.

62f8ba No.246438


I pay my taxes lad

512ebc No.246439


>I pay for my peoples destruction

d475a8 No.246440


Get em while you can too. Ol' theresa is looking to cut all that she can.

>Policy of austerity

>Raises taxes

Genius economic policy tbf

62f8ba No.246441


Wtf the point is you don't need to rely on it? You have enough to not claim anything?

07ef77 No.246442


Guy Fawkes did nothing wrong. Back when I was in the shit I tried to make sense of the benefits system and gave up. Apparently the reason pakis and mongs can figure it out is because they get assigned social workers who do the admin for them.

62f8ba No.246443


And your hospital visits

512ebc No.246444



terrible mentality tbf lad

62f8ba No.246445


You get a benefits coach, they answer all your questions

All this whinging is embarrassing

62f8ba No.246446


If you say so, not had family members that needed emergency treatment? House never caught fire? Nobody been murdered in your family?

3ce570 No.246447

File: efaf92edcc8a9d0⋯.png (16.83 KB, 530x468, 265:234, thinkerjahans.png)

stopping now tbh, just making me fucking suicidal

the whole thing is designed to keep you from putting down roots and be constantly teetering on a knife edge relying on then ext wagie paycheck to survive

ngl if I can't sort this out I'm not discounting suicide bombing number ten or something


I have enough right now

but that's my savings which should be going to land and not living like a wagie mong

512ebc No.246448


repeat after me


702e4a No.246449


Should be going into paying your way first and foremost, not other peoples money

62f8ba No.246450


Agreed but don't make it out like you just did in the paragraph above that reply

You can put roots down, the benefits system isn't geared up to stop you, there are real things to be complaining about, this isn't one

62f8ba No.246451


I can afford private health care if I didn't pay NI, you couldnt, try again lad



3ce570 No.246452

File: 60ec7fc18975e4e⋯.png (58.36 KB, 424x481, 424:481, gourdo3.png)



getting a steady job is required

but a steady 9-5 job 5 days a week that pays for rent and expenses also turns me into a retarded golem zombie who can't be arsed to think about anything

thus THE ENEMY wins

62f8ba No.246453

If you'd worked for 4 years and paid rent you could still have saved more than you have now

This argument is redundant

3ce570 No.246454

File: 7cd20f631380f24⋯.png (270.79 KB, 313x517, 313:517, testjahans.png)



>implying I can be employed at a 9-5

>implying I won't be back to fucking factory floors 12 hours a day surrounded by wogs and functioning as a barely sentient robot

d475a8 No.246455

Tbf the economy would crash if the system wasn't rigged to prop up consumption

Can you imagine what would happen if every dosser started saving? Would be a laugh tho

3ce570 No.246456

smh I'm going back on the jobsearch then


based global economy

saving is the primary duty for everyone really, to pass someting on to your descendants

but jew won't have that

62f8ba No.246457



Irrelevant, you'd have more than you have now and wouldnt have to be starting to lift now

I'm not criticising the way you've done it I'm saying don't moan about having it easy like its the worst thing the government via doing to us

9b244c No.246458


>no handsome Gordon bf

3ce570 No.246459

File: 362bc0c1ee0f9db⋯.png (45.1 KB, 708x645, 236:215, pissyjahans.png)


it is literally jahans tier tbh lad

I have no frame of reference or experience so everything seems utterly fucked

512ebc No.246460

>its a feel like you want to die when it becomes nighttime episode again

d475a8 No.246461


It isn't so much the issue of global economy. It's just how things have ended up with the switch from classical economics to Keynesianism, fiat currencies ect.

At least we'll all know what to avoid next time

3ce570 No.246462

File: 0bfcb5d46ec61c6⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1102x900, 551:450, jahansgoestohell(whichiswo….png)


>implying there'll be a next time

03a502 No.246463


>poor lad drank too much tap water

Does that work?

d475a8 No.246464


If there is or there isn't it ain't a big deal homie

We'll just ride the wave and see what happens


Don't go getting any funny ideas lad

62f8ba No.246465


I can understand that, I'm not knocking you for it

512ebc No.246466

File: 81c876af34b368a⋯.jpg (5.83 KB, 249x250, 249:250, swetti peppi.jpg)

03a502 No.246467


Why not pretend that you're dead by lying on your back and closing your eyes for a long duration, perhaps around eight hours or so to mimic being a corpse?

3ce570 No.246468

File: 92daefbebb834d2⋯.png (131.23 KB, 220x340, 11:17, absolutely.png)





finds a way

03a502 No.246469


I double filter my water lad.

512ebc No.246470


I'll try it

d475a8 No.246471

File: db6c5a059ea1750⋯.jpg (71.77 KB, 564x845, 564:845, 8bba2490f577d735da342f30ce….jpg)

3ce570 No.246472

File: b5fbab12eed7c27⋯.png (99.99 KB, 726x538, 363:269, gnp.png)

also my frame of reference is utterly fucked because this autist lives in a flat in portsmouth and is able to do it entirely on bennies because of "being an orphan" pay or something

oppression olympics and progressive stack smh

702e4a No.246473

File: ee25ec07f14b0a6⋯.webm (6.81 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Ebola Gets Around.webm)

3ce570 No.246474

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


62f8ba No.246475


You've been lucky that youve lived with your dad for so long tbf, you'd have a different outlook if you had to pay rent

512ebc No.246476


3ce570 No.246477

File: 8778574ac20d910⋯.png (1.12 MB, 608x722, 16:19, bickers.png)


*blames it all on parents not making me work as soon as I left college*

it's all someone else's fault waaaaaah

f044f9 No.246478


I don't get the bickers meme. It has something to do with his pronunciation, doesn't it?

3ce570 No.246479

File: d902f806dc4fb78⋯.png (149.54 KB, 779x543, 779:543, shadow.png)


"bickers" -> "because"



62f8ba No.246480


I meant it when i said you'd been lucky, it wouldn't be possible to have the frame of reference you have otherwise

Its not a bad thing to be starting out a few steps ahead of where you would have been if you didn't have this situation

f044f9 No.246481


Oh, wtf. I don't know how I missed that

3ce570 No.246482

File: 42df90184a702a8⋯.png (41.08 KB, 837x615, 279:205, brit.png)


yeah lad

the transitory period is just comparative hell

this is what it means to be devolved middle class I suppose


bickers you're a trudeauean

702e4a No.246483

File: 8fd8589a622d21c⋯.webm (1.75 MB, 960x540, 16:9, ipcam 6.webm)

5b3b29 No.246484

Sorry i disappeared lads, internet is shite


Eyyy wassup lass


Haha dont tell me what i can do mate


>O hell fucking yes lad. How do you know her?

She's kind of a freind

>Nice lad you're a step ahead of me

Ahh catch up lad

>Don't eat anything they give you and never make eye contact

nah the turks are nice, its the arabs you gotta watch out for (they're all cunts). Also dont eat chicken from kabab shop.

>Mostly I'm just gonna focus on learnin

g music, starting meditating again and possibly doing a bit of celtic studies.

that sounds fulfilling


that sounds more fun though


So dramatic my goodness

d5374b No.246485


£300 a month rent is amazing tbh, I remember having to pay £500 a month for a tiny studio apartment smh

3ce570 No.246486


that's maximum mind

and it seems like I'm not allowed it because I'm not a burnt out husk over the age of 35

5b3b29 No.246487


also is britposter

702e4a No.246488



Here he is the man himself

5b3b29 No.246489


Wagwan g, what it do baby?

d5374b No.246490


So are you getting kicked out of your bennies den then?

62f8ba No.246491


I think it's 25 isn't it?

Tbf a non working under 25 should either be at home with their parents or in a house share etc, not have their own flat ffs

512ebc No.246492


No we should be forced to live on the streets

Both the government and parents are too nice

62f8ba No.246493


£75 a week for a room in a shared house is fine, you'd soon want to move out to somewhere better

d475a8 No.246494



not for long eh lad ;^)


I don't eat at kebab shops period. Whats the problem, do they put it up their bums?

>sounds more fun

Better believe it lad. Wish I had more sesh friends tho, it's mostly just me and another lad. Rest are good boys in so far as they only drink

62f8ba No.246495


Nice to see you lad

d475a8 No.246496



I just want somewhere to place my glass coffee table damnit

07ef77 No.246497


>You get a benefits coach

I didn't

5b3b29 No.246498


>not for long eh lad ;^)

we'll see lad, dont know how it'll go

>Whats the problem, do they put it up their bums?

Just dont lad, thats all im saying


>Wish I had more sesh friends tho

I know more sesh lads then non sesh lads now tbh


It's cracking to see you too lad

3ce570 No.246499


da is moving in with a lass so I can either stay here and spend all my savings to pay rent and try and sort my life out before the end of this year, find a job etc or do the same but somewhere else


35 to get proper bennies

over 22 for single room bennies

going to try and talk the landlady into doing some house share thing if I can sort something with dorset, otherwise I'll have to see what the single room stuff is about

512ebc No.246500


yes, tbh tho I don't want to rent much until I can get property of my own, just want a small room to officially be my residence while i fuck off other places, and get dosh ofc

3ce570 No.246501


that's my thought as well

go cheap and save up/spend on the compound and sort that out

62f8ba No.246502


There's also a wonderful thing called citizens advice bureau, if you were too thick to look into it properly then its on you and you alone, you have the internet and eyes

62f8ba No.246503


This is the logical first step and how most working class people move out of home

62f8ba No.246504


Fair enough, rooms are cheap near you, £50 a week probably

62f8ba No.246505


I'd be able to contribute quite a bit to the house share with what we talked about off the record remember

3ce570 No.246506


hope so, looks like that will be the case tbh

unless I go sponge off of relatives in cornwall but that wouldn't last and is counterproductive

d475a8 No.246507


>We'll see

Good point lad, expectations are bad

>Just don't

Top kek lad fair.

>Thinks back to chicken ordered from local takeaway

Hmmm I think I might've done actually. Ah well, I'm pretty irreverent to this sort of thing.

>sesh lads

I know a few but they're not my regular crowd. We all split apart at skool and there are the weed lads and the pill lads but I haven't seen either in awhile smh

You much interested in festivals? I decided I wanted to go to one recently. Vanlad clued me in on boomtown and these places sound fantastic

03a502 No.246508

All this talk of bennies smh

"For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat." (2 Thessalonians 3:10)

62f8ba No.246509




Could be looking at all the rent paid tbh

62f8ba No.246510

d475a8 No.246511


They're there to be used. Whats the point of paying this immense tax rate otherwise. Not that I pay tax. Not that I take bennies either mind.

We should all be talking about tax avoidance instead smh

5b3b29 No.246512


>Hmmm I think I might've done actually. Ah well, I'm pretty irreverent to this sort of thing.

Nah lad takeaway is the lifestyle

>We all split apart at skool and there are the weed lads and the pill lads but I haven't seen either in awhile smh

should get together for one last mega sesh tbh

>You much interested in festivals?

yes but they cost money and i waste money on stuff i dont need

> Vanlad clued me in on boomtown and these places sound fantastic

I seen some stuff of that, looks cool from what ive seen.

3ce570 No.246513

File: 04f65801ff3fe43⋯.png (379.77 KB, 600x494, 300:247, vargpill.png)


ah yeah

has the potential to go massively wrong though tbh, if the landlady decides to do a quick inspection or something


wish I was a biblical-era peasant tbh

>1/3rd of the year off

>mostly peaceful life

>work for yourself

>only tax is in a part of the harvest

>only danger is the occasional plague or bix nood invasion


this too

I'm not joking when I say it's everyone's duty to leech as much as possible and contribute nothing

you can contribute LOCALly and within your family, ie to everyone that matters, personally

62f8ba No.246514

File: 33960b58bb0b56b⋯.jpg (9.53 KB, 259x194, 259:194, download (10).jpg)


Not really lad, see pic, done in a fridge

62f8ba No.246515



Income tax and national insurance are 2 different things though boys

d475a8 No.246516

>Pays tax rate - 20% minimum, 45% (gonna be 50% soon) max

>NI contributions


>DOESNT take bennies

Just saying lads

5b3b29 No.246517


cute little farm

512ebc No.246518


but lad, don't you want to live in a van?

3ce570 No.246519


well, I don't mind that sort of thing

will talk with the landlady asap about house share sort of thing

62f8ba No.246520


I'm not arguing against claiming benefits, I'm arguing against the woe-is-me attitude that's present

I use my gp frequently to get things of more value than bennies anyway

d475a8 No.246521


>takeaway lifestyle

only disadvantage of being a country boy is shitty local takeaway. I want DOMINIOES damnit

>mega sesh

sounds like a plan. I'll talk about it when the dealer lad's sister breaks up w/ her bf and is looking for a rebound

>cost money

Short term vs long term sesh payoffs tho lad. think of that 4 day mega sesh pill and acid binge


Sure they are. All the same though if these things aren't to be taken advantage of then they should scrap them and actually let the economy breath.

702e4a No.246522


And why do you have those massive tax rates?


oh yeah

62f8ba No.246523


I'd still live in the van, lad, I'd just have somewhere to park and shower and keep my fridge and tumble dryer collection

62f8ba No.246524


And a shit govt to boot

bf3d35 No.246525

it's nice to see Dorset getting saved tbh

62f8ba No.246526


I'm all for attacking income taxes but not national insurance, and im aware its an arbitrary split but the intent of NI is unassailable in my view

d475a8 No.246527


>Take and don't give

I generally support that. Doing your individual part to contribute to the collapse of the government while immunising against the collapse is one of the best things a right wing lad can do in the modern age.


I do lad what's your point?


We agree on that lad I'm not a fan of the attitude. I just think we should use them if they're there. Mostly just counter signalling somethingelse's anti-bennie post.


I don't disagree lad. Personally I'd like to see an end to public goods and get us some heffing tax cuts. that being said if you have to pay all this tax then for gods sakes at least make use of the public goods. They'll just go in debt for what we overspend anyway

512ebc No.246528


Jesus is the only one who will save me tbqh

5b3b29 No.246529


>shitty local takeaway

Nah lad local is best or whatever my boss says

>. I'll talk about it when the dealer lad's sister breaks up w/ her bf and is looking for a rebound

sly dog over here


>Short term vs long term sesh payoffs tho lad. think of that 4 day mega sesh pill and acid binge

Tbf you have a point but this implies i have any level of self control

394097 No.246530


Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar.

d475a8 No.246531


The NHS has been helpful to me and my family I won't deny that. However I'd like to see if it'd work better if we could give the free market approach a test ride again

394097 No.246532


The NHS will collapse the strain placed upon it by fatties and their type 2 diabetes tbh

394097 No.246533



62f8ba No.246534


Could guarantee minimum £250 a month after 6 weeks if you kept an eye on it while I wasn't there

394097 No.246535



394097 No.246536

smh these touchscreen gloves

62f8ba No.246537


Im not saying its perfect, just that taxes for the purpose of universal healthcare are incontrovertibly good

512ebc No.246538


>not trusting in druid healthcare

3ce570 No.246539


I'll write it into some calculations lad

have to get the skinny on what costs and bennise would actually be first and that's a job for tomorrow

d475a8 No.246540


>local is best

well if your boss says so I guess I can trust that

>self control

You gotta meditate under waterfalls to train that discipline so you can go to tomorrowland and mong out lad


Caesar better be careful because I don't like being trodden on. Neither does anyone in shrop's rather militant and anarchistic extended family. In these times of trouble you'd want to keep your disenfranchised youth happy no?


we can only hope lad

and next pensions please

or pensions first even


It's a nice idea but there are consequences. Free healthcare creates entitlement and you get people who disregard their health because there aren't any short term consequences. If it so happened that we scrapped the NHS and poor families could afford private healthcare then it would be preferable to the NHS imo.

62f8ba No.246541


It can very very easily be much more, if I had cash for a deposit on a workshop or something I'd be doing it already

bf3d35 No.246542


longhair wessex the druid jesus

62f8ba No.246543


Do you honestly think patient outcomes would improve if we all went private? You'd need to create an administration at least half the size of the NHS to regulate it.

62f8ba No.246544


Fuck off westie

3ce570 No.246545

File: 07cc7ba2d42be12⋯.png (278.52 KB, 1024x920, 128:115, brainy.png)



*ego inflates*

I'm a prophet now lads tbh

62f8ba No.246546


I trust in the herb tbh

512ebc No.246547


be careful or you'll end up like my dad

62f8ba No.246548


>end up

I've already had sex with your mum though

512ebc No.246549


you poor sod

62f8ba No.246550


Don't be so rude about her lad smh

bf3d35 No.246551


i'm not westie and was a jokey compliment he's saving a neet and has long hair like jesus smh

3ce570 No.246552


pembs spotted

512ebc No.246553

File: 742a589b09907ee⋯.jpg (426.45 KB, 2560x1920, 4:3, qt.jpg)



d475a8 No.246554


I can honestly say that I've no clue, I haven't done any extended reading on the topic one way or another.

That being said I don't see why they wouldn't.

>Price competition between firms

>Internet to discuss whether this or that drug is shite and to be avoided

So long as we avoid subsidising them and take a manner to your doctor as you do your car mechanic I'm sure it'd be fine. Mostly I'd just like us to scrap it so we can prove it once and for all.

62f8ba No.246555


Smh I gambled and lost

I got the joke I was just biting as I've had a drink


3ce570 No.246556

File: 5c5a2317d216af7⋯.png (441.1 KB, 666x666, 1:1, feelsgroyp.png)

it'll be more like an alliance of convenience anyway tbh since I'm still basically a NEET

07ef77 No.246557


Caesar is NOT my king, he is a Roman and probably Queen of Bithynia as well.

62f8ba No.246558


>free market


Damn you're right

d5374b No.246559


The druidic truth of the old gods tbh

d475a8 No.246560

File: 71eba72d7ed0050⋯.jpg (15.54 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1-pint-poly-whole-milk.jpg)


have a drink lad

512ebc No.246561


62f8ba No.246562


Replies are back to front sorry lads

d475a8 No.246563


I don't trust centralised systems lad. Free market is more decentralised = shrop likes

3ce570 No.246564

File: be0ef319df6f998⋯.png (189.27 KB, 400x386, 200:193, notamused2.png)


finished a cold water tbh, time for bed

*gets up four times a night for a piss*

based shrivelled organs I like having the internals of a OAP

d475a8 No.246565

File: 50e4c66886ebeb2⋯.jpg (16.14 KB, 500x360, 25:18, 1a7177096b3a0f13ac832d9cb0….jpg)

512ebc No.246566

Reminder that there is no King but Christ

62f8ba No.246567


Libertarians out tbf smh ahhhhhh

07ef77 No.246568


Monopsony drives down prices anyway. At least in theory, where nobody pays £1000 for a toilet roll or whatever the fuck.

bf3d35 No.246569


haha it's ok nice trips


you're still saying buck the system and the group collective tbh

d475a8 No.246570


Just wear a nappy lad :^)


It's how our ancestors did it and by god it's how I'll do it


do you even go to church on sundays lad? I really doubt ol YHWH appreciates your lip service


Who's the monopsony in this scenario? the govt? Because practice shows that the theory doesn't hold up in that scenario

62f8ba No.246571


So does transparent accounting. Its corruption that causes us to pay obscene mark ups, not the monopoly itself

512ebc No.246572


Not yet I'm a massive piece of shit

One day I'll attain hopes of salvation

d475a8 No.246573

File: 01cc65a0f92da40⋯.jpg (13.16 KB, 453x453, 1:1, discipline 101.jpg)

d475a8 No.246574


y i k e r z lad

62f8ba No.246575

>400 posts already today


3ce570 No.246576

File: 87d55b5e1b1495b⋯.png (409.77 KB, 805x450, 161:90, fifthelement(you).png)


big bada booom

d475a8 No.246577

L is for the way you *look* at meeeeeee

333ff5 No.246578

File: d5a555ec6f6c14a⋯.jpg (80.83 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Pepe_the_Frog_-_Plush_doll….jpg)

>Lass who did Obama's portrait also paints pictures of black women beheading white people

d475a8 No.246579

File: f0b59e344c53f06⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180127-132532.png)

d475a8 No.246580


what a hero tbh

62f8ba No.246581


Nice lel

d475a8 No.246582

O is for the only *one* I seeeeee

702e4a No.246583

File: 28661a21c8e383a⋯.jpg (678.91 KB, 724x502, 362:251, 69TkDT.jpg)


the peoples president

d475a8 No.246584






96d7ff No.246585


it's vile

512ebc No.246586

>tfw ywn be american

07ef77 No.246587


>practice shows that the theory doesn't hold up in that scenario

Doesn't the NHS rank highly in international ratings for cost effectiveness or something? The trouble is that medical science doesn't wait for treatments to become cheap (and every treatment will have its minimum price which may not even be that low) and the nature of universal healthcare is that it wants to do everything. It might be less bad if we had tribalist politics rather than a "choice" between multiple universalist ones, being like Japan would suck but it's a step up from here.

d475a8 No.246588


it's the worst thing in the world.

why are tech companies so shit at UI updates?

bf3d35 No.246589


wtf why

512ebc No.246590


all the good brits moved there

702e4a No.246591

File: 3e3d00b67d373e1⋯.jpg (228.4 KB, 1300x957, 1300:957, Skinny shrug.jpg)


public or private too many coons will break it

07ef77 No.246592

62f8ba No.246593


For medication cost effectiveness it does, we have NICE iirc which does that procurement

The argument for doing away with state healthcare can only be that we would gain spending efficiency, which is probably correct, but at the cost of having a flawed free market

62f8ba No.246594

62f8ba No.246595


Thank the gods

bf3d35 No.246596


it'd be like this life but with more mind breaking things

512ebc No.246597


everything is dead

702e4a No.246598

File: 5704c3c8e6fc3d4⋯.webm (3.6 MB, 720x496, 45:31, 1457897320236.webm)

07ef77 No.246599

File: eb5f0f9ce4e33ca⋯.png (459.56 KB, 800x777, 800:777, 1408172263671.png)

>install private healthcare

>get cheaper insurance rates for not being inbred or obese or a negro

>government bans discrimination by insurance companies

Or even better, the entire industry conspires to take a stand against discrimination

62f8ba No.246600


Lel big data will probably be used like that

I'm not sure private healthcare would work if we only paid what we do with NI anyway, wed have huge treatment co-pays like yankistan instead of a flat £8 script charge

d475a8 No.246601

>listening to the jahans documentary

god I hate raised voices. especially when they're being made by the weak


well I'm taking a shit rn so I'm not gonna look for the stats but i know what you're talking about. in the same study the NHS ranked super bad in health outcomes. and we all know how shit the ambulances and ER is. so cost efficiency at what cost?


and of course the moral arguement that people should clean up after themselves. tbf i find such an ideal equally as valuable as universal healthcare

62f8ba No.246602




That might sound good in your head but doesn't work on paper

Get hit by a car while you're on the way to the gym with private healthcare and you need separate insurance to pay for the damage, and to cover future related expenses

Its not viable lad

512ebc No.246603

>still posting about the ENN AYYCHT ESS

62f8ba No.246604

What about if your otherwise healthy self has a heart attack at 24 for unknown reasons and you end up in £60k debt for the treatment costs

62f8ba No.246605


Its a worthy topic lad

512ebc No.246606


I'm worried about this tbh

333ff5 No.246607


i wouldnt be in debt because i'd pay my £250 a year health insurance costs

62f8ba No.246608


Not just you lad, what if your mum had it? My grandad and dad have needed emergency care, that's cost more than they've ever contributed

62f8ba No.246609


With its massive limitations at that price

I have cheap insurance that comes with my PL as I'm a tradesman and it covers fuck all

62f8ba No.246610

Add up what you pay as NI and compare that to private healthcare and unlimited insurance, its nowhere near

333ff5 No.246611



obviously private insurance is crap when they have to compete with the NHS

imagine if there was a national beer service that gave everyone free beer whenever they wanted, what beer would you get for cheap in that society?

62f8ba No.246612


I understand the problems with it lad

I doubt the free market could do anything except what america has

I'm not opposed to charging for NHS treatments to stop it being milked, or even further privatising it on government contracts, but completely doing away with our system seems stupid to me

There's no way it'd be cheaper or better for anybody at average income or below

333ff5 No.246613

File: 2b3b65f97712a45⋯.jpg (161.36 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, $_57.jpg)


radical idea: make negligence claims and compensation illegal, instead punish the doctor with the lash or hanging

balance the budget quick

333ff5 No.246614

>paki doctor steals your liver

>watch him inside a brazen bull before question time the next day

702e4a No.246615

>tfw no railway children "go get the local doctor who lives in number 6"

62f8ba No.246616


Instant 15% efficiency saving

Suddenly we are the envy of the world again

62f8ba No.246617


Could afford patrolling doctors and undercover paramedics if we had less pakis

702e4a No.246618

File: 3d9608dda405599⋯.webm (1.89 MB, 540x960, 9:16, Steam Car 1.webm)


chase the pakis out of Britain with steam locomotives tbh

bf3d35 No.246619

sbob helf toerism

d475a8 No.246620


There's no reason why the insurance would have to cost an arm and a leg so long as we kept the market competitive by avoiding medicade, medicare and mandatory employer-providing-healthcare policies. Even if it was slightly higher than NI contributions it would at least come at the cost of not having to wait 4 hours to get into an ER room and another 4 to be seen by a doctor.

and again, your insurance payments would be for you alone meaning that you wouldn't have to cover some other poor sod like gosh intended

d475a8 No.246621


This is on the druidic plan cards tbh

d475a8 No.246622

I JUST wanna hear the bassline rinsing

d475a8 No.246623


I like it

d475a8 No.246624

*shivers for half an hour*

At least my skin is improving

When I finally get a job I'll buy a nice BHA skin exfoliator and I'll be the envy of the world

62f8ba No.246625


Lad the insurance would need to pay for everything - the reason car insurance is the price it is should explain that?

62f8ba No.246626

You're looking at minimum £500 a month insurance, like america

Parents pay kids insurance? How can an unemployed or ill person pay etc etc

62f8ba No.246627


Kek what's bha

62f8ba No.246628

If you only paid your own insurance that didn't go to anybody else you'd only ever have the amount you've put in in premiums, that's not how it works

d475a8 No.246629


Pay for everything as in all the healthcare treatments? I can't spit price estimates but insurance would surely be most cost efficient for the /consumer/ if an insurance company in a competitive market covers the cost of a hospital in a competitive market than a govt. healthcare system which is rife with bureaucracy and organisational inefficiencies. Let's say it does cost more anyhow, wouldn't that be preferable to the poor treatment the NHS is currently dishing out?


"beta hydroxy acid"

It's a chemical expholiant that loosens the bonds of dead skin cells to yon face

d475a8 No.246630

File: dacf7d8e58b7316⋯.jpg (58.71 KB, 431x650, 431:650, f188b9a110bd0d34a315bf6a19….jpg)

heck yes baby

512ebc No.246631

d475a8 No.246632

there are also alpha hydroxy acids

if memory serves they work similarly but take off slightly more skin. I think so anyway. I'm a bit rusty on beauty rn tbh. Eitherrrr way

d475a8 No.246633

File: 9f85c025b8c3eb8⋯.jpg (59.86 KB, 564x564, 1:1, e3f100c2c2a5412ad2266a640e….jpg)


Fine by me lad

512ebc No.246634


Think about the number of cocks shes taken lad

d475a8 No.246635


_ _

\_( '_' )_/

62f8ba No.246636




It wasn't a spitball it was based on yank rates

And no guarantee the service would be better

Not that the NHS is bad at all, its easy to criticise it from a distance

Private healthcare is affordable now lad, if you earn 25k or above

But unlimited treatments will never be cheaper than NI, its not possible

62f8ba No.246637



Sweet chemistry tbh I'm wiki ing it now

62f8ba No.246638


As in nothing's stopping you from paying to see a private consultant etc, if waiting times are your main concern

512ebc No.246639






d475a8 No.246640

File: 4f3962fbbd886c7⋯.jpg (27.4 KB, 564x560, 141:140, d349a83735c2d02fddbb76aae8….jpg)


I don't get what the issue is with only having the amount you put in premiums? Where's the problem?

>Yank Rates

Yank rates are higher than they should be because of various govt. healthcare aids and lack of competition between healthcare between states tbh.

>no guarantee service would be better

True enough I suppose


Sweet chemistry indeed. I'm happy to see the oppresive age of scrub expholiants come to an end.

>ruined teen skin with apricot scrub



Who says I was planning on marrying her? Don't put your mindset onto me lad ;^)

62f8ba No.246641


Lad medical treatment is expensive, if you put £1k into the pot but need a £50k surgery what happens then?

>because medicaid

Only slightly too high though, think about the above point

d475a8 No.246642

File: 02a4e7b7d60c86b⋯.jpg (97.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

>there're people in the CY+3 that still don't believe bodybuilding won the culture war

62f8ba No.246643

Insurance isn't free money when you need it

512ebc No.246644


>implying there is a culture war

>implying culture exists anymore

>implying it will ever exist again

62f8ba No.246645


*puts dead shark in formaldehyde*

512ebc No.246646


we're living the remains of western faustian civilisation

and it aint gonna get anymore pretty

62f8ba No.246647


We're not in Kansas anymore

d475a8 No.246648

File: 5dd9834298a1c88⋯.jpg (57.94 KB, 640x640, 1:1, img_1469079429_3.jpg)


Admittedly I can't answer this one because I don't know the subject are well enough at this point.


Whatever it is lad, bodybuilding won it

62f8ba No.246649


You mean you don't know how insurance works?

d475a8 No.246650

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The intro is really nice here

512ebc No.246651


I wish I was in Virginia


Body building wont win against survivalism and mass starvation

d475a8 No.246652


More or less. I assume if your premium payments don't cover damages then you go in the red and you pay higher subsequent payments until you're back in the black?

All assumptions though, I've never paid insurance before

Mostly I'm just backing off because my knowledge of private healthcare arguments is too weak for me to keep it up

62f8ba No.246653


That's just normal debt you're describing

d475a8 No.246654


no likely lad

>be bodybuilder

>have immense mass


>get normal mass

>can survive just as well as anyone else


>have mass


>last longer than the average pencil lad because you had more stuff to breakdown before kicking it


Well then what /does/ happen when you crash you car so bad it goes above your premiums?

d475a8 No.246655

File: a0f085c0ac23cc8⋯.jpg (138.81 KB, 1252x1252, 1:1, HXY8maE6.jpg)

*side steps you*

62f8ba No.246656



I'm sorry for pushing it but this isn't a hard concept and I'm not an expert

You need to look up how insurance works, there would be no profit for the insurer in your scenario

512ebc No.246657


thats not true just goes to show you know nothing about how survival works stupid cretin

62f8ba No.246658


Money from other peoples premium is used and yours goes up slightly next time

d475a8 No.246659


Ugh I hate learning about these sort of unnecessary things. Let's get a google search going then


and why not?

512ebc No.246660


cos i said so

d475a8 No.246661

File: 71eba72d7ed0050⋯.jpg (15.54 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1-pint-poly-whole-milk.jpg)


I figured tbh

here's my retort:

d475a8 No.246662



interesting. Irritatingly I now have to read these tabs anyway smh

62f8ba No.246663


Its entirely necessary if you are going to argue against the NHS lad

d475a8 No.246664


I know lad but it's only one of the many holes in the sophistry that exists. I can't fill them yet though because studying libertarian theory in addition to college study would kill me. I can start properly in the summer

512ebc No.246665

very sad the last couple of days smh

good night

d475a8 No.246666

File: 5819e3ec2bca950⋯.jpg (123.57 KB, 958x642, 479:321, shitty druid.jpg)


d475a8 No.246667


Night lass

d475a8 No.246668


My* not the tbh

512ebc No.246669

just realised i have no bed cover

62f8ba No.246670


Fair enough tbh, you're smart though and this isn't complicated, I'm not linking you statistics and that lel

The free market MIGHT be a tiny bit better at most, but likely will be worse for us

62f8ba No.246671


Night fam



d475a8 No.246672

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Top 10 banging choon tbh

>Jewish composer

I'll givethem this one tbh

d475a8 No.246673

>becomes libertarian loremaster, can effectively argue for the free market in any scenario

>takes one tab of acid and becomes socialist



Fair lad, fair. I'll give it a proper look into now. FUCK statistics until later. It's not like anyone ever uses statistics anyway smh

>bottom line

AHHHH don't go easy lad I lost, beat me into the ground AHHH

bf3d35 No.246674


his neck looks so weird and fused together I guess this is what they mean by mutant

702e4a No.246675

File: bfa0e10630c0587⋯.webm (4.74 MB, 960x540, 16:9, The size of Emilys tits.webm)

Goodnight lads

62f8ba No.246676


>look into it

Good lad tbh, there are strong arguments for the free market health system

I didn't beat you, your arguments at the start made no sense as you didn't know how insurance works so I just explained it

62f8ba No.246677


Night lad

bf3d35 No.246678



d475a8 No.246679


It's the future tho lad


Sweet dreams mon amie


Well shit arguments are embarrassing all the same smh


how would you extract a substance dissolved in water if you can't boil it?

62f8ba No.246680



Umm pull it with a layer of alcohol then evaporate the alcohol?

d475a8 No.246681

File: cc77b31490a5e7e⋯.jpg (53.75 KB, 564x787, 564:787, deb5740158a2b2815ae92e499f….jpg)


merci beaucoup

62f8ba No.246682



For CWE? Dont, just filter and use the liquid

d475a8 No.246683


Aye for CWE. I just figured it'd be easier to transport if you could turn the extraction into it's base powder or w/e it is when it ain't mixed w/ paracetamol

62f8ba No.246684



If its not cwe then steps would be:

Put water in clear bottle

Add lighter fluid or IP alcohol


Wait till separated

Pull the top layer out with a syringe or stab a hole in the bottle above the water

Pour on plate


62f8ba No.246685




Hypothetically yes but that's proper illegal lad like drug manufacture

d475a8 No.246686

File: 6b875aee4c37afb⋯.jpg (41.55 KB, 564x705, 4:5, a4db786afbf1c9ab1f09e92647….jpg)


Thank you again, just curious of course. I like naughty chemistry as a hobby.


Smh I hate people that do that :^(

d475a8 No.246687


I want a smoke

I wonder what 200AD shrop or medieval shrop would be getting up to rn

d475a8 No.246688


Tbh they'd prolly be mushroom picking with the lads or tryna put the moves on some sort of ginger thot

We didn't used to follow the same circadian rhythms as we do these days I heard

499ea0 No.246698

It is the morning now, wake up pleae.

899403 No.246700

3ce570 No.246701

File: 725df3cc9266bc4⋯.png (468.41 KB, 540x511, 540:511, Sweaty LQ pepe.png)

crikey lads it's kicking into high gear, da's packing stuff already

499ea0 No.246702



499ea0 No.246703


Good morning lad.

adf95b No.246704

File: ae441d9bca36bd9⋯.png (2.84 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

looking for mushrooms in the snow

felt cute might delete

634abf No.246705


lad needs a lint roller

adf95b No.246706


I think that's the least of his worries

His eyes are so red

3ce570 No.246707

File: 9c3063a7190322b⋯.png (767.47 KB, 640x480, 4:3, this is what sweden used t….png)


he sheds a tear for every second sweden isn't what it used to be about

62f8ba No.246708

Hullo lads

Wessex that's what happens tbh

Pay 6 months rent upfront and let me have a room

Canhavethis turned around in 6 weeks

3ce570 No.246709


yeah lad

got some time yet, if I can sort Dorset too the cost is covered or reduced enough to still allow other plans

been trying to find some single rooms as a backup as well

62f8ba No.246710

62f8ba No.246711


You'd have to pay some of your normal bennies towards whatever you end up with, that's usually how it works, this is cheaper overall by far at first look

3ce570 No.246712


yeah, if dorset can get up to max UC and with some gardening income it will work fine

otherwise I can get a single room for ~£200/mo and work somewhere else for a bit

634abf No.246713

File: d5a555ec6f6c14a⋯.jpg (80.83 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Pepe_the_Frog_-_Plush_doll….jpg)

One of us will win the lottery one day right?

3ce570 No.246714


you already did mister "i don't have to work a day in my life now also grandad loves me and I'm getting his house"

just invite us all up north smh

d475a8 No.246715


What a boring way to earn your fortune

d475a8 No.246716

62f8ba No.246717


If so I'd pay people to kidnap you

62f8ba No.246718


Not sure you get that instantly either, I'm on the housing register as homeless and still have nothing, I'd have to stay in homeless shelters first

3ce570 No.246719

File: 9384b7c289e91b8⋯.png (10.64 KB, 640x300, 32:15, ClipboardImage.png)


nativist crime squad tbh

634abf No.246720


none of those things are true smh you could come visit anytime though lads

Lots of that is just joking I used to make posts on r9k and int all the time saying that i was a rich heir to a fortune and would never have to work in my life then get loads of angry replies from people when in reality i lived in poverty lol

634abf No.246721

File: 39c9361f2c9ba93⋯.jpg (121.87 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, $_57 (1).jpg)


it's not really a fortune if you win £120m, jeff bezos has a net worth of over 100 billion, you'd have to invest and build businesses s off that original winning tbh

need enough money to afford castle + huge underground catacomb complex and private army

3ce570 No.246722

File: d49f265097aa7a1⋯.png (12.75 KB, 640x300, 32:15, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 08f119a23a891f7⋯.png (45.16 KB, 640x299, 640:299, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm on to you mister "I accidentally bought an expensive women's fetish costume with my immense amounts of spare cash and accidentally wore it lol"

62f8ba No.246723

File: 6b0a52c51d2a0ad⋯.jpg (17.76 KB, 500x500, 1:1, wanker.jpg)

d475a8 No.246724



Donald Trump had 1m to build his estate empire. 120m is where most people happily retire.

3ce570 No.246725

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

maybe going full romper stomper on pirates of the carribean guy's somerset country house is an option

634abf No.246726


it was a cosplay, cosplay is popular among people in the uk, thought it would be fun to do and make friends, don't even do that stuff anymore

i'm sure you've never done something dumb or dressed up as something silly in your life lad you're all perfect of course

62f8ba No.246727


Tbf even like £150k could be used to set you up with an average income for life, then any money you make you could play at being elon musk with

It'd be a laugh to have £500 a week you could piss on crypto and stocks or stupid kick starter ideas

3ce570 No.246728

autist job guy is going to phone me in a bit, maybe he can magically pull a job out of his superior neanderthaler arse for me


I am perfect lad

the only dressing up I've done is put on the dafty uniform and Royalist civil war uniform and bash some heads

62f8ba No.246729


Lmao wouldn't want to upset your neighbours tbh

d475a8 No.246730


Putting fancy words on it doesn't fool anyone. Dressing as a girl = dressing as a girl

3ce570 No.246731

*that is to say the head bashing was communicated via accidentally dropping pikes on people

702e4a No.246732

File: a65ed128ce62f6c⋯.webm (3.16 MB, 640x480, 4:3, DailyDorset.webm)

how we doing

62f8ba No.246733


Nice save bro

634abf No.246734

File: 2b3b65f97712a45⋯.jpg (161.36 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, $_57.jpg)



weren't the stuarts gay

62f8ba No.246735

634abf No.246736

File: 36ff746c6e3f12d⋯.gif (19.09 KB, 190x200, 19:20, 200_s.gif)


tfw too dumb to understand that game

62f8ba No.246737


Wheaties first or last name confirmed Stuart

702e4a No.246738

File: f69a70c5e5f1921⋯.jpg (45.46 KB, 1022x790, 511:395, Untitled.jpg)

File: e3a2b7ec23f67ce⋯.jpg (156.94 KB, 1300x1060, 65:53, Scared 1.jpg)

d475a8 No.246739


Working the standard home slice. Local chemist REFUSED to give my c card condoms so I'm fuming

634abf No.246740

File: 60bd9e60d5625c3⋯.png (229.92 KB, 850x400, 17:8, ClipboardImage.png)

634abf No.246741

im straight as the arrow flies

62f8ba No.246742


Oops I was memieing smh

634abf No.246743

File: 1f0588a93a8bead⋯.png (1.02 MB, 521x767, 521:767, ClipboardImage.png)

702e4a No.246744

File: f2e5088a9ea124c⋯.webm (7.95 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Drumbox.webm)


bin bag cock it is then

62f8ba No.246745


Embed it you mincer

634abf No.246746


then i cant post my obama pic

1113ec No.246747

File: 382af9c308378bb⋯.webm (664.84 KB, 904x500, 226:125, no.webm)


>cosplay is popular among people in the uk

Young gay people you mean?

62f8ba No.246748

File: 92284c54518729f⋯.gif (2.78 KB, 515x196, 515:196, hillfig4.gif)



634abf No.246749


my bow is more powerful

d475a8 No.246750


Which isn't particularly straight and I reckon you know that.


Smh how am I supposed to compete with this level of Djing


634abf No.246751


yeah which is why i never ended up going to a convention

also the huge amount of sweat forms its own clouds and ecosystem

62f8ba No.246752


The one you wear in your hair you fucking mincing tosspot

d475a8 No.246753

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


634abf No.246754


it is very powerful indeed thank you very much

d475a8 No.246755


that lil nigga is wiggling around like a worm as it flies

right bendy

admittedly not quite bent but all the same

702e4a No.246756

File: 8ac6a15414eb164⋯.jpg (54.14 KB, 528x488, 66:61, topkek m8 2.jpg)



3ce570 No.246757


no that's propaganda

charles wasn't even particularly hot on converting everyone to catholicism, he was just continuing elizabeth's via media but (((they))) stirred shit

702e4a No.246758

File: bf9d202ca722b72⋯.jpg (63.4 KB, 640x449, 640:449, Scared 16.jpg)


634abf No.246759

File: 29641c9ffca74f9⋯.png (84.43 KB, 134x270, 67:135, ClipboardImage.png)


>have to choose between being ruled by weird jocks or weird autistic cromwell who liked jews and muslims for some reason

62f8ba No.246760

Ahh shrop djing isn't producing reeeeeeeeee

3ce570 No.246761


he wasn't wierd smh he was a gud boi who dindu nuffin except try to exercise the divine right of kingship as a power block against parliament niggers

d475a8 No.246762


But he was DJing there

I want to dJ /and/ produce REEEEEEEEEE

62f8ba No.246763


A powerful symbol of your buttlust maybe

1113ec No.246764


It would have been banterous if King John had actually converted to islam though

d5374b No.246765


>Westie is still trying to squirm out of it

62f8ba No.246766


Kek just checking

d475a8 No.246767


He'll always be sick so long as he dodges stage 1: acceptance smh

1113ec No.246768

File: f3e0bc860648f9f⋯.png (19.83 KB, 645x773, 645:773, feel westie.png)


What a terrible fate for a poor lad

634abf No.246769

File: d255e426a77564b⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1520x1080, 38:27, ClipboardImage.png)


oh yeah i forgot you were all chavs

62f8ba No.246770


Ooooooooh you bitch

4b3ca1 No.246771


cosplay isn't expensive tbh, nylon clothes made in china for mass production t b h.

d475a8 No.246772


You're stuck in the past. My eyes are on the horizon.

Also people who don't like bass lines r gay tbh

62f8ba No.246773


Hmmmm how does longprim know this

d475a8 No.246774


also why is his nickname longprim I don't get it

62f8ba No.246775


I had to wait ages for him the other day as he was being a longhead

Also lore from his fencing socks

d5374b No.246776


Kek you don't have a clue lad

512ebc No.246777


634abf No.246778

File: e24eccd43be2968⋯.png (357.09 KB, 660x916, 165:229, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 512e6ca098da59a⋯.jpg (92.58 KB, 600x898, 300:449, 1514386464530.jpg)


would love to get into sewing and handmade, you can just make clothes yourself from rolls of fabric

I bet I could run a business tailoring dresses for girlies and then selling them at a massively inflated price

634abf No.246779

and avoid funding the jew brown people sweatshop system

62f8ba No.246780

File: dbc016fe3a7c758⋯.jpg (26.15 KB, 980x490, 2:1, landscape-1497880125-drake….jpg)

634abf No.246781

File: e5b5bc5942c9007⋯.png (547.92 KB, 480x720, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

62f8ba No.246782

Thats the most effeminate goal I've heard

634abf No.246783


um a nigga has to do what a nigga has to do to get paid

512ebc No.246784

so cold

62f8ba No.246785


Is that how you justify being a rentboy too

634abf No.246786

File: 8d14f0c752a252c⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png)


62f8ba No.246787

634abf No.246788

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

62f8ba No.246789


Troll acc surely

1113ec No.246790




Kinda gay, but not a bad business if you can wrangle it tbh

512ebc No.246791


had to break out the dirty duvet cos of it last night smh

another terrible nights sleep

can't cope with the loneliness anymore

62f8ba No.246792


Go to the pub and be around humans

d475a8 No.246793

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Mark my words lads

One day I'll be better than MGMT

62f8ba No.246794

Rained off site

Shit ones

4b3ca1 No.246795


Because it's good to have a knowledge of clothing fabrication if you want to make informed purchases.


filter dodging


Tbh you could probably upsell for a lot.

634abf No.246796

File: 95f861ffd099582⋯.png (39.5 KB, 300x250, 6:5, ClipboardImage.png)


love this song lad!

its a bit gay though

d475a8 No.246797



smh that lad needs to learn punctuality


You won't feel lonely while your rolling at a rave lad

634abf No.246798

honestly how can you poke fun then post like the gayest song ever

d475a8 No.246799


Everyone loves the song tbh, the lad's a fucking pop talent.

<bit gay


512ebc No.246800


raves are gay

3ce570 No.246801


d475a8 No.246802


Lad you should see my fashion sense as well. but the fact is I'm solidly hetero. Glamour hetero that is

d475a8 No.246803


You won't be saying that when you're balls deep in a kandi kid lass

634abf No.246804

File: b756124be6e8e20⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


><bit gay


512ebc No.246805

634abf No.246806

that sounds very noncey lad

4b3ca1 No.246807

Tbh did you lads never have a stupid dress up day for school for charity innit? Also pretty sure British comedy has had men dressed as women since them shakespearos tbh

3ce570 No.246808

File: 2c8bef04c786e83⋯.png (394.04 KB, 668x544, 167:136, ClipboardImage.png)

d475a8 No.246809


You project homosexuality on all you survey m'lad

1113ec No.246810


Shakespeare was gay, lad.

4b3ca1 No.246811

d475a8 No.246812


In primary school we did a play and I played one of the major female roles.

Oh how all those women were amused by the lad with long hair in a dress smh. Was a laugh tbf

3ce570 No.246813


I dressed up as a ghostbuster for french school once by putting on some of those disposable painters overalls and wedging an aerial into a concertina tube and connecting that to my regular backpack

the frog lasses poured shoe freshener packets into it and nearly poisoned me smh

also high art and theatrical tradition =/= dressing as a woman and showing people online

634abf No.246814


always thought that was a transexual tbh but i think its a woman you're safe for now

d475a8 No.246815


top fucking kek. godwinson's jahanic analysis is what keeps me going tbh

1113ec No.246816


westie pls

634abf No.246817


ill do it in the globe theatre next time

3ce570 No.246818

File: a1a6e5444bb5dcb⋯.png (484.01 KB, 675x571, 675:571, ClipboardImage.png)

3ce570 No.246819


only if you are presenting a play which justifies it, ie based on the source material

and I'm pretty sure any play doing that wouldn't be allowed in public

4b3ca1 No.246820


women sure are into some funny stuff


Tbh you were in French school then the Haus der Verrückten so you didn't get to experience the esoteric anglo tradition of men in dresses

3ce570 No.246821


that's what the scots are for though

d475a8 No.246822


I didn't choose the role lad smh

I should've been oliver twist or something but thats just how the biscuit breaks


Oh keith mate, you went plenty wrong. you continue to go wrong by not throwing him out in the streets


aye women are a bit dodgy tbh. if they werent so sexy I wouldn't be a massive fan of them

512ebc No.246823

absolute nectar

4b3ca1 No.246824

File: 84d81fb7c507b8b⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1497, 360:499, ClipboardImage.png)

It's waterproof lol!

512ebc No.246825



3ce570 No.246826

File: 03d949226719c50⋯.png (526.55 KB, 1903x737, 173:67, ClipboardImage.png)

monty python sketch tier

3ce570 No.246827


>pike posting

62f8ba No.246828


>did you lads never go to school in drag

d475a8 No.246829


thank god the parents died before they could corrupt the child tbh

3ce570 No.246830


anpoo confirmed for public school richboi

4b3ca1 No.246831


well? It's a done thing tbh. I don't know anyone who hasn't crossdressed at least once.


State education t b h

explains my retardation tbh

3ce570 No.246832

File: 437c6e8512a4ae1⋯.png (63.18 KB, 249x250, 249:250, sweaty2.png)


mumsy DID try to gay me up by saying it was manly to wear lipstick around the age of 10 tbh

1113ec No.246833


>you continue to go wrong by not throwing him out in the bog

Quite so

512ebc No.246834

>ywn dress up a woman in whatever you want

ahh smh

1113ec No.246835


Parenting lessons with Wesex's mum

d475a8 No.246836


It'd be jahan's last chance to redeem himself.

>The humbling experience of being homeless, forcing him to become resourceful

Tough love now Keith

4b3ca1 No.246837



d475a8 No.246838


that's pretty tame as far as bdsm concepts go tbf

512ebc No.246839

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


i want my wife to wear old dresses


4b3ca1 No.246840


i thought it said "dress up as" tbh my apologies.

d475a8 No.246841

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

62f8ba No.246842

62f8ba No.246843

512ebc No.246844

62f8ba No.246845

Tbf I've definitely gone to at least one stag party in crude drag

4b3ca1 No.246846


I told you

512ebc No.246847

fucking hell

d475a8 No.246848


what are you, the newbrit councillor

4b3ca1 No.246849

1113ec No.246851


It's the gayist board tbh lad

d475a8 No.246852

File: 9647ca06ee0a837⋯.jpg (75.75 KB, 564x564, 1:1, 3e0b320bafd76f794938315a27….jpg)

You stare at the thot

and the thot stares back

512ebc No.246853


*keeps staring at her*

512ebc No.246854

feel like a fool because ive not spoke to my irl friends for months smh

d475a8 No.246855


so speak to em lad

243bf9 No.246856

File: d828d711ded87a8⋯.jpg (62.1 KB, 400x285, 80:57, facebook.jpg)

243bf9 No.246857


why not?

512ebc No.246858


only speak to them online on steam and ive neglected going online for it for so long

not spoke to one for maybe a year smh but we are good friends

512ebc No.246859


who are you?

d475a8 No.246860


well then they wont mind

get out of your head lad, worrying about what others think is a losers game. you just just gotta do what'cha please.

62f8ba No.246861

Two Dorsets????

d475a8 No.246862

File: 1d9dea8960e9fcc⋯.jpg (120.52 KB, 550x367, 550:367, Audi_Girl_Sex_TT_Now_1.jpg)


it's a sleight of hand trick lad

512ebc No.246863


only not spoke to them cos i cba installing steam but I'll do it

3ce570 No.246864

File: cd4f67ae7d61697⋯.png (13.58 KB, 300x250, 6:5, snailpepe.png)

>autism man says he'll phone at 3:05pm

reckon he's hyperautist and will actually phone on the dot?

634abf No.246865


is this the guy whose gonna get you a job?

1113ec No.246866


If not you should freak out because he hasn't phoned according to schedule.

634abf No.246867

File: ea216ad94196a41⋯.png (749.66 KB, 1000x581, 1000:581, ClipboardImage.png)

the phone call that saved wessex

512ebc No.246868


The Bogs bow to the Wessex

243bf9 No.246869


i am the second coming of dorset

243bf9 No.246870


forgot the fucking flag boys

3ce570 No.246871

File: 8d5e6d6ab8df553⋯.png (116.19 KB, 467x496, 467:496, ascendedpepe.png)


he says he finds autismos super cool jobs that you won't feel like suiciding over so maybe


he phoned slightly over reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


>it was a phone call to arrange another phone call

this is advanced autism

512ebc No.246872


Fuck off you gayboy cunt

243bf9 No.246873

512ebc No.246874


im going to beat you up wasteman

also someone get a new thread

3ce570 No.246875

File: a38207a58168b74⋯.png (51.22 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, dorsetgoesbig.png)

File: b575efd96b70fd6⋯.png (63.42 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, dorsetgoesfascist.png)

File: cde939449653ef5⋯.png (51.15 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, dorsetgoesincognito.png)

File: fc3b65620ada937⋯.png (53.37 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, dorsetgoesnarcissistic.png)

File: 60a8dc2caf0d5c2⋯.png (41.07 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, dorsetgoespunting.png)

you will be dorsimmilated

1113ec No.246876


What the fuck is wasteman?

512ebc No.246877

>ywn be raised in a strict protestant household who instill you with a strong work ethic and morals

3ce570 No.246878


The Poster Formerly Known As Bins

1113ec No.246879


>ywn be raised in a strict islamic household who instil you with a sense of impending victory over your host country

Why live?

1113ec No.246880


Could he find me a job?

512ebc No.246881


so we can kill them

3ce570 No.246882


why not

I'll recommend any lands who want to give him a go, just "pretend" to be autistic or whatever

512ebc No.246883


what kind of jobs lad

3ce570 No.246884



mumsy said he finds jobs for obscure autists with special interests so I'm going to ask him for one doing mongolian basket weaving

512ebc No.246885


i just want to be a music man

1113ec No.246886

File: 2ba280be64fdbd5⋯.png (830.38 KB, 792x792, 1:1, 1400332833353.png)


>just "pretend" to be autistic or whatever

y-yeah haha

d475a8 No.246887

File: 3914afb72b2831f⋯.jpg (279.71 KB, 780x1337, 780:1337, 6630.jpg)

Might do a cheeky bit of nofap tbh lads

3ce570 No.246888


only counts if it's longer than a week

4b3ca1 No.246889


Nah he's gotta unlock blink first.

62f8ba No.246890

New thread required

d475a8 No.246891


You don't gotta tell me lad. It always get's vile after a week and it never gets better.


I'll do it

62f8ba No.246892


62f8ba No.246893



Wew glad you're back lad

d475a8 No.246895

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