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Just what you need to make you feel better

File: b6bb26ab50b9a13⋯.png (352.17 KB, 640x478, 320:239, ClipboardImage.png)

3688a5  No.378528

Calais: Dozens of Migrants Storm Ferry in ‘Co-ordinated Attack’ on UK Border


Dozens of migrants stormed a ferry in Calais, France, in a bid to break into Britain on Saturday night, in what police called a “co-ordinated attack” on the French docks.

>Between 9:15 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., more than 50 migrants managed to board a Calais Seaways ferry which had just sailed in from Dover, England, with 211 passengers and 75 crew members on board, local media reports.

>State representative for the Nord-Pas-de-Calais department, Jean-Philippe Vennin, said a high tide enabled the horde of migrants — whose nationalities are reportedly not yet known — to board the DFDS Seaways vessel using a maintenance ladder.

>“Two of the migrants fell into the water and were quickly fished out by firefighters” while police organised “the removal of vehicles, cars and trucks” from the ferry, Vennin told local media.

fresh ginnie

UK weather forecast: Met Office issues Storm Freya warning as 80mph gales hit Britain


Strong winds travelling at speeds of up to 80mph expected to hit coastal areas

>The Met Office has issued a severe yellow weather warning as Storm Freya approaches the UK, bringing heavy gales and possible travel disruption.

>Dangerous weather conditions and winds travelling at up to 80mph are expected to hit England and Wales on Sunday afternoon.

>Forecasters expect the storm to pose a “danger to life” and fear that flying debris and large waves could cause injuries.

Hale Barns stabbing: Yousef Ghaleb Makki, 17, killed in attack


A 17-year-old boy has been stabbed to death in Greater Manchester.

>Yousef Ghaleb Makki was found in Gorse Bank Road in the suburb of Hale Barns at about 18:40 GMT on Saturday.

>He was taken to hospital where he died. Two boys, also aged 17, have been arrested on suspicion of murder and remain in police custody for questioning.

>Officers appealed for information and said there would be extra patrols in the area.

3688a5  No.378532

File: 80e493d59ea0004⋯.png (138.53 KB, 680x375, 136:75, d32.png)

dorset calm down pls

3688a5  No.378533

I get the frustration with doing stuff online and applying for stuff these days though, it's not natural is it? Would be better in the old days when you go to a salesman and you can talk in person about things.

dbfb68  No.378535


honestly hate doing anything online, or even on the phone

I prefer to be there in person

23b4e9  No.378536


thank you n_n

23b4e9  No.378537


H o u s i n g b e n e f i t

23b4e9  No.378538

gonna go shop what do u want

dbfb68  No.378539



chicken wings

leanest cut of beef from the butchers



going to just try and save up as much bennies as possible while doing cash in hand tbh

3688a5  No.378540


milky bar pls ty

dbfb68  No.378541



dbfb68  No.378542

File: 939e514cb03f4f1⋯.png (11.26 KB, 525x468, 175:156, 939e514cb03f4f101b0e6c2e13….png)

>order a big daddy

>lass at the counter says i can be her big daddy

what did she mean by this?

23b4e9  No.378543

d6626a  No.378544

File: b050d438406333e⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1200x628, 300:157, ClipboardImage.png)


I haven't seen a Milky Bar in years.

d6626a  No.378545


She was talking to the man behind you.

dbfb68  No.378546


it was 2am on a wednesday and i was the only person there

dbfb68  No.378547


surely you see the princes milky bar?

d6626a  No.378548


She has schizophrenia.


Of course.

dbfb68  No.378549


stop insulting me

you know i am a big daddy whether you like it or not

8ed5e6  No.378550

File: 40c4bb459699079⋯.jpg (90.71 KB, 1440x750, 48:25, v-the-final-battle.jpg)

1b4596  No.378551



dbfb68  No.378552


1b4596  No.378553


have none

dbfb68  No.378554


you dont?

1b4596  No.378555

File: 8784ac07cdf35fa⋯.jpg (16.11 KB, 302x202, 151:101, 1512892734796.jpg)


I do just feeling like shit lately I just talk shit

1b4596  No.378556

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

can't believe I have to rely on the scatologist for fresh videos. Fuck's sake

23b4e9  No.378557


got you a frozen pizza with pepperoni


got you Turkish delight on a moonlit night


how's it going lad

3688a5  No.378558


>the breakfast used to be called big daddy at my local cafe but now its big boy

deepest lore

23b4e9  No.378559


oh right smh if it's about the job you should quit tbh

dbfb68  No.378560


>got you a frozen pizza with pepperoni

i had that last night smh


hmmm… makes you think tbh


you are shit

1b4596  No.378561


don't know what it is, it's probably a mix of things, partly the job but I know that will get better when I get a new route. Recently wanted to get back into drawing too but looking at learning it it seems like such an insurmountable task and I just don't have much time or will. Then this year I started reading and have read more than I thought I would already but not really seeing any positive changes in my ability to read or comprehend things yet. It's only two months though so maybe I am being a bit impatient.

What about you, lad? Saw you're not as alone anymore.


t guy whose name is dorshite

dbfb68  No.378562


my name is chad actually…

d6626a  No.378563


Used to use the word 'chad' as a word for poo at middle school.

dbfb68  No.378564


i still use the word kay as a word for poo

8ed5e6  No.378565

File: f85954d83921463⋯.png (104.64 KB, 1000x980, 50:49, 113f34b95550daac80bd3a2c50….png)

Every day

Is one day closer

To her getting dumped

1b4596  No.378566


lad she won't be able to tell you aren't serious because the autism smh

dbfb68  No.378567


wonder how she'll react

murder? or just a spergout in /newbrit/?

d52603  No.378568

File: 5e048556a65439e⋯.jpg (63.29 KB, 526x400, 263:200, 5e048556a65439e76a0e6ea2c1….jpg)


if she gets pregnant then he has no way out, either he stays with her or he pays child support for 18 years

kay, take notes

8ed5e6  No.378569


>lad she won't be able to tell you aren't serious because the autism smh


8ed5e6  No.378570


> just a spergout in /newbrit/?

i think she'll go very quiet for a while, then she just won't mention him for a bit, then after a while if anyone asks questions she'll deflect on to some other topic or lie that everything is fine, but inside she'll feel like utter shit

8ed5e6  No.378571


>if she gets pregnant then he has no way out

she'd be a fucking awful mother though

d52603  No.378572


meh long as she eats healthy, breastfeeds for a good while, puts him on tough food early, teaches him to mew, doesn't (((cut))) or (((vaxx))), gets a water filter, doesn't let him have soy/flax/sugar/GMO/pesticides, she'd be better than most

d6626a  No.378573


I told him about this and he thought you were being ridiculous and then he said why am I thinking about someone who doesn't matter and who is totally insignificant?


>implying we haven't already began the process of sewing each other's skin to each other in a blend of autism so separating would probably end in death


We've agreed that the sprogs we have will be taken into the garden as soon as they can walk, get some dirt on them, and help with planting veggies and such as soon as they can.

1b4596  No.378574

>the Prince knows about The Poster Formerly Known As Binsman

d6626a  No.378575


He likes you the best.

dbfb68  No.378576


What does he think of me?

666a77  No.378577

File: f4dbf8263409c7e⋯.png (297.42 KB, 500x678, 250:339, __kenmochi_touya_and_morin….png)


hugs lad

d6626a  No.378578


>said that there's a Smurf man

>he just said "oh no"

dbfb68  No.378579

File: 0f7d3c2f8d1c431⋯.png (8.43 KB, 472x408, 59:51, dorsepepeback.png)

1b4596  No.378580

23b4e9  No.378581


ah lad don't let your drawing go it's like your gift to the world and you're really good at it already, just create things and youll get better but dont look at it as the goal too much maybe? I've done loads of reading too it's fun to do before bed or a way to get off tech the getting smarter thing is probably a meme tho. A big thing I found out last year was how much the body and minds health are linked, our society over looks it loads. Ages ago I said it felt like I was getting stupider but it was really my whole health was getting worse and I was too used to ignoring my body. Idk maybe you can look down that route, it's defo the way for me.

d6626a  No.378582


He smiled when saying it, you're good.

dbfb68  No.378583


ah thats good

im going to become best buddies with him!

23b4e9  No.378584


ahhhhh neo

thanks lass, I hope you're doing well

8ed5e6  No.378585

File: a521a619634e9ec⋯.png (589.55 KB, 1000x980, 50:49, 777deb7c07d47b71290efdf0da….png)


>I told him about this and he thought you were being ridiculous and then he said why am I thinking about someone who doesn't matter and who is totally insignificant?

then everybody clapped

d6626a  No.378586


>dorset was actually the man who I saw in my dream at the foot of his bed while shouting to the prince YOU'VE GOT A URINE INFECTION

>still don't know if that dream was real or not


Why are you so interested anyway?

1b4596  No.378587


No longer struggling getting up that hill, lad?

d52603  No.378588


>Why are you so interested anyway?

The Poster Formerly Known As Bins is a devilish lad, he's a bit salty 'cause you have a relationship when he (and most of us) doesn't


welcome back, lass

8ed5e6  No.378589


>Why are you so interested anyway?

lad, I'm not the one that's talking to my "boyfriend" about me

dbfb68  No.378590



well he would have all sorts of infections if he sticks it in you tbh

d6626a  No.378591


You can't catch autism.


That makes sense.

3688a5  No.378592



I agree, your art is so enjoyable lad, you clearly have a natural talent for it. Not sayin dont practice tho

8ed5e6  No.378593

File: 0e0c69932ddc6ed⋯.png (5.62 KB, 410x392, 205:196, evilbins.png)

>tfw evil The Poster Formerly Known As Bins

dbfb68  No.378594


but you'll give autism to your mutant spawn

8ed5e6  No.378595


>t guy whose name is dorshite


3688a5  No.378596

File: 3f52349026ffcf9⋯.png (192.12 KB, 500x375, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

No negativity on the thread allowed today.. only Positive Generative Forces, Brotherly Love, Insane Killstreak Totals, Full Ashtrays (Cigar Stubs Only).. *The Future Surrounds Us, Unready*

d6626a  No.378597


I'll send them to your door so you can be captured and the autism be passed to you.

dbfb68  No.378598

File: 1a554baa0d82f31⋯.png (5.65 KB, 418x408, 209:204, 1a554baa0d82f3109714753127….png)


>passed to you


8ed5e6  No.378599

File: 2393e91a79aedb3⋯.png (189.38 KB, 568x590, 284:295, 2393e91a79aedb3add6f223339….png)


lad, do you still have the original of this bin pic plz, because I accidentally saved this evil edit over the top of mine…


1b4596  No.378600

File: b67a761539cca26⋯.png (9.17 KB, 410x392, 205:196, bins.png)


eyepatch isn't evil, lad, it's cool smh

dbfb68  No.378601


get your mummy to wear one


d6626a  No.378602


She is a magnificent woman.

1b4596  No.378603


she looks normal for now

23b4e9  No.378604


oh yeah I definitely am I just catch the bus now haha. making myself go up that was a good example of ignoring my body. ah well now I know my limits


lmao what the heck but I approve this message

23b4e9  No.378605


3688a5  No.378606


*quickscopes u*

3688a5  No.378607

50,000 vans used to post here. now its a ghost town..

1b4596  No.378608

File: 6548bab87b23c10⋯.png (4.83 KB, 150x150, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


wait knowing your body means not using it?

also thanks for the doulbe (You)s dude

8ed5e6  No.378609


thanks lad.

I didn't just add the eyepatch, I added an evil eybrow too

23b4e9  No.378610


oops meant to give you 😪


miss that guy

worrying when he goes he's he poster most likely something happened to

d6626a  No.378611

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


3688a5  No.378612

File: 8943634594a14e9⋯.png (306.7 KB, 704x480, 22:15, ClipboardImage.png)


>lmao what the heck but I approve this message

haha just a sam hyde quote tbh, found it funny and heartwarming. cant be wasting our electrowaves on negativity

1b4596  No.378613


That is not an evil brow, dude, smh

1b4596  No.378614

File: 5dd67ed6c148968⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1290x778, 645:389, ClipboardImage.png)

oof yeah that's the stuff

3688a5  No.378615

8ed5e6  No.378616


>That is not an evil brow, dude, smh

it isn't? I thought it was…

1b4596  No.378617

File: 48b8c93c90737e9⋯.png (8.27 KB, 418x408, 209:204, awkward pepe1.png)


the way it curves, makes it look like pic related

8ed5e6  No.378618


can you show me what it ought to look like then, to be a proper evil The Poster Formerly Known As Bins pic?

3688a5  No.378619

File: 4c86d8411ed9ab1⋯.jpg (537.57 KB, 1180x786, 590:393, yorkshiiiiite.jpg)

Makes me happy when my friends post who haven't posted in a while tbh

1b4596  No.378620

File: 22df2fec273d982⋯.png (9.75 KB, 410x392, 205:196, ClipboardImage.png)

8ed5e6  No.378621

File: 78fe13ac9a1bf60⋯.png (9.68 KB, 1106x529, 1106:529, 2bf0d3ded7829616626943f493….png)


aw thanks lad

8ed5e6  No.378622


okay that's better, i admit

1b4596  No.378623

8ed5e6  No.378624

File: 241cf271c4222a6⋯.png (303.94 KB, 1053x1080, 39:40, 241cf271c4222a6d695a8550f0….png)


EST POSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

cf2ff2  No.378625

File: 900b373ed109b11⋯.jpg (131.66 KB, 1033x679, 1033:679, 2e44089098798b6280e9c2f9b5….jpg)



1b4596  No.378626


that''s better

0202cd  No.378627

File: f220021824d11c6⋯.png (386.34 KB, 661x600, 661:600, 036f287f3a159cf1c6afea1570….png)

i feel utterly miserable though

sorry lew

3688a5  No.378628

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1b4596  No.378629

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>sexy hip bots

we're getting there

d52603  No.378630

File: 0794118e05baa5f⋯.gif (918.5 KB, 1200x832, 75:52, 1524696196546.gif)


what's wrong, lad?

1b4596  No.378631


What is wrong with you?

7f16e9  No.378632

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


1b4596  No.378633

File: 459e38e4e628f18⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.48 MB, 1304x1759, 1304:1759, ClipboardImage.png)

>Wessex shows up a bit early for his vaccines and catches you before you've fully dressed yourself



0202cd  No.378634

File: d3c938c2df33bc0⋯.png (119.29 KB, 399x400, 399:400, 1510015248866.png)




went for a run yesterday and my time was slower than the first time i tried it

*then the same thing as last weekend happened again after i got home; sneezing and a constant runny nose**

so then last night i took some Night Nurse to allow me to get to sleep and breathe properly during the night, but the family was still watching loud tv at about half past ten, when bedtime curfew that we all agreed upon is supposed to be at ten

woke up this morning at four minutes past midday, felt tired and lethargic the whole day so i havent been able to do anything

dad offered to take me out for a drive, i finally accepted, but i was still sleepy and slept most of the journey and ended up just going to mcdonalds for him to get a coffee, i didnt get anything

in total we were out for 2 hours, i achieved nothing and now my weekend is essentially over and ive wasted it completely, and im pissed off at everything because its like every thing i try to do to improve myself just makes things worse, or someone or something else tries to sabotage it

3688a5  No.378635


You just had a bad day lad, I don't think any of those things are your fault you probably just had a cold that made you a bit weaker.

1b4596  No.378636


trying and not improving is a shite feel, but with running I don't feel it matters, you run to get in shape, right, not beat a time.

a1de8f  No.378637

File: 124daac514f24f8⋯.jpg (12.25 KB, 380x265, 76:53, large (1).jpg)

>nephew is starting secondary school soon

>his dad must have sensed my worry because he said they got him into the good one in their area where he wouldn't "stand out" among the other kids

d6626a  No.378638


I hope all goes well for him lad.

cf2ff2  No.378639

File: 6efcacfc9c9a077⋯.png (624.83 KB, 640x867, 640:867, ClipboardImage.png)

1b4596  No.378640


is he a minority?

ae70e3  No.378641

File: 0fbaecb67b513f9⋯.jpg (106.31 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, wojak bloomer.jpg)

>disassemble laptop

>can't fix power connector

>put it back together

>still works

Didn't achieve anything but it still feels kinda good.

1b4596  No.378642



1b4596  No.378643

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

oh god I had only seen the pics I didn't know she sounded like shit as well

a1de8f  No.378644


He would be at a school full of Bangladeshis. He got into the hu'white school.


Me too. He's reasonably clever and a nice lad. Almost too sweet and soft. Might have a bit of a tough adjustment ahead of him even at a decent secondary tbh. Really is a pleasure seeing them all. Nice trad successful family.

23b4e9  No.378645


yeahh but exerting myself like that makes me worse it's kinda bad, just means I have to be careful with my energy instead of spending energy I don't have. means I can rest all day with some comfy walks guilt free tbhhh


hmm is that boogie? would be fun to finish that one day tbh.

too tru tho its powerful. when I was bored in bed before I've tried sending nice thoughts to someone lol for fun idk


hey maybe exercise isn't what you need either

you should get a hair mineral test lad

5276c8  No.378646


Bit better than me last summer

>Buy new computer parts

>Spend an afternoon taking apart and putting new computer together

>Doesn't work, find out CPU and motherboard aren't compatible

>Disassemble and put back together old computer

>Order new CPU and reassemble computer when it arrives

>Doesn't work

>Try putting ram in a different way to the order it suggest

>It works

Took me a week or so to get all the proper parts and get it working.

d6626a  No.378647


>too sweet and soft

Bless him. Hopefully he finds some like minded friends.

>reasonably clever

I hope he finds a subject he enjoys that he can also research/study outside of school. Learning is best when you discover things yourself.

ae70e3  No.378648

File: f864f88261fcb66⋯.jpg (77.49 KB, 500x385, 100:77, homer.jpg)


>find out CPU and motherboard aren't compatible

Silly sosej, how did you manage that?

1b4596  No.378649


sounds like you are in bad shape, lad

hair mineral test?

5276c8  No.378650


I didn't check properly if they were compatible, I had thought they were.

d6626a  No.378651

File: ea3cefe3b95c26a⋯.png (155.56 KB, 366x488, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

>False claims circulated that Temple was not a child, but a 30-year-old dwarf, due in part to her stocky body type. The rumor was so prevalent, especially in Europe, that the Vatican dispatched Father Silvio Massante to investigate whether she was indeed a child. The fact that she never seemed to miss any teeth led some people to conclude that she had all her adult teeth. Temple was actually losing her teeth regularly through her days with 20th Century Fox, most notably during the sidewalk ceremony in front of Grauman's Theatre, where she took off her shoes and placed her bare feet in the cement to take attention away from her face. When acting, she wore dental plates and caps to hide the gaps in her teeth. Another rumor said her teeth had been filed to make them appear like baby teeth.

0202cd  No.378652

File: 2d3df80502271f5⋯.jpg (98.15 KB, 640x633, 640:633, tumblr_oodyk6D2hf1s2najqo1….jpg)



thank you frens

1b4596  No.378653


>filing teeth

I'd buy it

ae70e3  No.378654


>the Vatican sent a man to find out if a lady is a child


23b4e9  No.378655


ah well it's gonna get better

shows your mineral levels and toxic metals

23b4e9  No.378656

23b4e9  No.378657

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

have you lads seen this guy makes me laugh

9b4aa2  No.378658


She's a shite actress too. Just mumbles everything in monotone.

cf2ff2  No.378659


Burgers do it quite a lot tbh

7f16e9  No.378660

>4months into nofap

>missing my ex like crazy


1b4596  No.378661


Africans too

7f16e9  No.378662

Anyways off to the pub, see you all later

1b4596  No.378663


later lad


woah impresssive

8ed5e6  No.378664

File: 8e6cc947980d840⋯.jpg (82.74 KB, 768x768, 1:1, unwell.jpg)


>that''s better

soz lad, i've been feeling poorly, but I think I'm quite a bit better today

8ed5e6  No.378665


stick a fleshlight on that, and you've almost got an ideal woman

d6626a  No.378666


Bye bye!

1b4596  No.378667


that's good, lad. I don't like how it's lasting so long though smh


nah needs a womb too

8ed5e6  No.378668

File: ddb80ef3ebecb12⋯.jpg (21.82 KB, 206x305, 206:305, hardcandy.jpg)


>never forget 22st made us watch this

8ed5e6  No.378669


>nah needs a womb too

yeah, and the ability to make sammich

1b4596  No.378670

File: da9b0a5c2dbe3ea⋯.png (522.43 KB, 552x554, 276:277, ClipboardImage.png)


1b4596  No.378671

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1b4596  No.378672


pretty sure that was a popular vote film

1b4596  No.378673

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

an oldie but a goodie

90d80d  No.378674

File: 3291f4697ad467c⋯.jpg (120.65 KB, 513x781, 513:781, 3291f4697ad467c9cf5cab6f27….jpg)


>pretty sure that was a popular vote film

lad, don't try and blame "demoracy", that's a cop out. Everyone knows other people are stupid, so why listen to them? I never do

7f1515  No.378675

File: 0e7729d42e2c7d2⋯.jpg (16.42 KB, 182x268, 91:134, MV5BMjIzMDk2NTcxMV5BMl5Ban….jpg)

watched this earlier, it was great

1b4596  No.378676


kek, you're right lad. I remember it now, it was in Wessex' room and he forced us to watch it.

1b4596  No.378677



23b4e9  No.378678

night night, till better days


3688a5  No.378679


he's the meat guy rite?


>hmm is that boogie? would be fun to finish that one day tbh.

i agree

>too tru tho its powerful. when I was bored in bed before I've tried sending nice thoughts to someone lol for fun idk

goodlad gotta build up our esp powers tbh

3688a5  No.378680

File: 9e010d78ce6041a⋯.png (143.03 KB, 236x318, 118:159, ClipboardImage.png)


goodnight lad ill be off to bed soon too very sleepy

d52603  No.378681


night lad

d6626a  No.378682


Nigh nigh and best wishes.

1b4596  No.378683


nigh nigh curleh

cf2ff2  No.378684

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

23b4e9  No.378685

7f1515  No.378686

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cf2ff2  No.378687

File: fc7bfd9993f51be⋯.png (49.43 KB, 300x250, 6:5, ClipboardImage.png)

>mummy said dindins would be ready at 7:30

>it is now 7:51

cf2ff2  No.378688

File: 10e2d2114987a90⋯.png (67.49 KB, 300x250, 6:5, ClipboardImage.png)


d52603  No.378689


gonna have lasagna tonight. she's vacuuming now though, annoying

cf2ff2  No.378690

File: 0b0693431ca40e0⋯.png (36.71 KB, 300x250, 6:5, ClipboardImage.png)

It's ready now

d52603  No.378691


what's for supper?

cf2ff2  No.378692


Chicken with roast potatoes and broccoli, keeping it simple tonight

a1de8f  No.378693

File: dfa8905567130b2⋯.png (185.18 KB, 740x491, 740:491, dfa8905567130b2ca96f69360c….png)

>started to fap

>notice actress is Hungarian

>she disgraces her nation and based Orban by being a whore

>makes me feel guilty so I stop

0202cd  No.378694


mine does this too tbh

the malice and injustice wrought by mummies nationwide must be stopped

0202cd  No.378695

File: 72d1536a31c1739⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1125x1404, 125:156, 72d1536a31c1739b6a2f080e77….png)


>watching porn

471b8f  No.378696


Well he did stop tbh

f16b64  No.378697

File: 9107cde9b27fdd8⋯.jpg (661.26 KB, 1470x1800, 49:60, 9107cde9b27fdd8cee8332891d….jpg)

d52603  No.378698

File: f68887fe3c457d4⋯.png (78.04 KB, 900x622, 450:311, 1536711766516.png)



>implying Orban is a legitimate nationalist

f16b64  No.378699

also if she's a hungarian in pr0n she's probably a beautiful wife

d52603  No.378700

started a serious nofap a couple days ago and it's giving me major withdrawal, I took some St. John's Wort to try to take the edge off

gonna have a blizzard tonight, 8-12" of snow. we're getting more snow in October and March than we did in the actual winter

0202cd  No.378701


you stopped for 2 days and are suffering 'withdrawal'? yikes lad

snow sounds comfy i wish we got some proper snow

9daf45  No.378702

File: 7631895a66b7b48⋯.png (171.46 KB, 356x332, 89:83, 86e753659ef5d0d80d7a4e9817….png)


a1de8f  No.378703


He might be a bit dodgey like all Eurasians but how is he not nationalistic?

90d80d  No.378704

File: 40c4bb459699079⋯.jpg (90.71 KB, 1440x750, 48:25, v-the-final-battle.jpg)

d52603  No.378705


he is compared to western countries but he's still corrupt and illegitimate, actual Hungarians hate him, he's more popular outside of Hungary because he's created an image as this baste anti-migrant anti-moslem soft-WN kind of thing but he's really just a career politician like the rest of them. it's just outside of the overton window in Hungary to be pro-shitskin because 95% of them aren't like that unlike countries like Britain/France/Germany where half the population loves niggers

the legit nationalists in Hungary are Jobbik

cf2ff2  No.378706

For once spic is right. Orban is terrible.

9daf45  No.378707

File: 3b9259d391f8e51⋯.png (76.52 KB, 850x638, 425:319, 1a58f2d72fbad808b434719f12….png)

1b4596  No.378708

File: 992c29b439ffa47⋯.png (5.24 MB, 1943x1500, 1943:1500, ClipboardImage.png)

>simple shit has me laughing for minutes

cf2ff2  No.378709

File: 7a6fad05b647f66⋯.png (112.6 KB, 1239x929, 1239:929, Crops.png)


Now that's a fearsome bulge

cf2ff2  No.378710

really craving some fizzy pop rn lids

a1de8f  No.378711


That's pretty much what I assumed tbh. Even if he isn't filled with racial pride deep down, at least he isn't importing muds or wogs. But being corrupt and painting himself as the only bulwark against liberalism is bad I guess. Being virtuous isn't a prerequisite to being called a nationalist to my mind.

90d80d  No.378712

File: 8c9525f8bdaa2f0⋯.jpg (21.08 KB, 720x364, 180:91, 8c9525f8bdaa2f0ad2868f5fe1….jpg)

90d80d  No.378713


you should be watching V with us lad, it'd be right up your ally tbh


1e6c6a  No.378714

File: 2fbf39c30f4030f⋯.jpg (94.62 KB, 638x877, 638:877, Jewess 619.jpg)

f16b64  No.378715

1e6c6a  No.378716

File: d37b2b6e8f0194d⋯.jpg (115.14 KB, 612x612, 1:1, Jewess 545.jpg)


the qtiest

f16b64  No.378717


my lass is qter

1e6c6a  No.378718


You only say that because she's your lass. I won't fault you for that, I'm sure she's wonderful.

f16b64  No.378719


if it's any consolation, she loves natalie portman too

1e6c6a  No.378720

f16b64  No.378721

File: ea2dc852a864ec7⋯.jpg (48.52 KB, 480x599, 480:599, 13daabc5d7a2e234fe0852c89a….jpg)

d6626a  No.378722

>Comic Relief is coming up

>work will no doubt send the charity bucket around again for collections

>don't want to give to Africa

>don't want to give to a chairty where the proceeds won't touch the people it claims to help

Hate it lads

1b4596  No.378723


so don't pay?

d52603  No.378724


this, fuck charity

9b4aa2  No.378725

Just watched Umbrella Academy. Not a bad series for Netflix. Only a little bit of gayism inserted.

d6626a  No.378726


I won't. I just can't stand the whole attempting to guilt trip thing that my manager will do.


I think more people would be willing to give to charities if a high percentage, if not all of the money given went to the people it claimed to help. I'd have no issues giving money if it meant a new centre was to be opened for disabled kids or something like that, but with Children in Need (big charity campaign for kids) only about 5% of the proceeds go towards the children.

With the millions that is pumped into Africa through foreign aid and charity (both wrong tbh for different reasons), how much of it actually goes to the people the money claims to help? A lot of it goes towards corrupt governments to buy weapons to either launch an offensive against the white people who gave the money or towards harming the country's own people. It's entirely corrupt, but if you mention this, you're an evil charity hating scumbag.

1b4596  No.378727


>he comes up to you after everyone has chipped in and shakes it in your face so you can hear the anglo-coins in it

d6626a  No.378728


I'll tell him to save the money towards his planned vasectomy when he has to take time off work.

Not really I'll just say I don't like big telecoms.

d52603  No.378729


the real 'african charity' should be crowdfunding sterilization shots the nig masses

d52603  No.378730


1b4596  No.378731

work time later lads

d6626a  No.378732


Nigh nigh

d6626a  No.378733

File: 2d6c9fee30d78aa⋯.jpg (215.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ziggy sleeping.jpg)

Nigh nigh people

c252cf  No.378734

File: 7a9f94e17ef4999⋯.jpg (15.47 KB, 500x434, 250:217, 7a9f94e17ef4999e19a32f128e….jpg)

>that Kenshi game lets you take female prisoners and milk them

1e3f21  No.378735

File: 5d0d4a17f3c10e9⋯.jpg (6.72 KB, 338x225, 338:225, Jeremy's_Citroen_Stuck.jpg)

rec me stuff to watch, thinking about the Grand Tour


Wasn't expecting to see a good take from spic but there we are

I am sick of retards praising Orban because he opposes mass immigration. That shit is just normal in EE. Western """nationalists""" are so dumb they'd let some idiot plunder their country's wealth so long as immigration goes down

I like Jobbik because BASED TURANISM but tbh they tanked their chances of attaining power with that shit

f16b64  No.378736


grand tour is good

series 3 > series 2 > series 1

d52603  No.378737


turanism is completely retarded though, I didn't mention that because I hope it's just a meme

1e3f21  No.378738


It seems to be getting better with every season

I just watched the Colombia special, it's at least on par with very late Top Gear. Felt a bit rushed, like they had too much to fit in so they cut lots out, but otherwise I'm glad they dropped the overly scripted aspect of the show, or at least made it less obvious

1e3f21  No.378739


I mean as a genuine belief… yeah it doesn't hold up. I like it for the meme value though

Thing is, Jobbik legitimately believes in that shit

1e3f21  No.378740

File: 23a3a0e95a01921⋯.png (497.36 KB, 1023x442, 1023:442, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2ea4c0cc11922c7⋯.png (497.49 KB, 1047x435, 349:145, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 79eeb133c30126d⋯.png (510.43 KB, 1039x437, 1039:437, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 901428b6c4f6628⋯.png (637.34 KB, 1054x430, 527:215, ClipboardImage.png)

This part was funny but Austin Powers is nowhere near as good as I thought it was when I was younger

cf2ff2  No.378741

File: bf2a82a5b619625⋯.png (553.56 KB, 504x542, 252:271, ClipboardImage.png)

9daf45  No.378742

File: a57f1d507d6f250⋯.png (157.72 KB, 361x286, 361:286, 1a58f2d72fbad808b434719f12….png)

9daf45  No.378743

File: ab10caabc4763d7⋯.jpg (10.97 KB, 487x423, 487:423, 1516c31b98511a91f8632ccba8….jpg)

9daf45  No.378744

File: 045813d58bfc724⋯.jpg (363.55 KB, 990x743, 990:743, 1426442813555.jpg)

9daf45  No.378745

File: 6adef8ef4d3ec24⋯.jpg (82.21 KB, 900x675, 4:3, 1429937610616-2.jpg)

9daf45  No.378746

File: cf89f8cc5c77c84⋯.jpg (44.86 KB, 375x346, 375:346, 1411637274025.jpg)

90d80d  No.378747

File: 7784388d120aa36⋯.jpg (34.3 KB, 334x445, 334:445, rambo2.jpg)

90d80d  No.378748


gud lid

9daf45  No.378749

File: d11e5c414b18cdf⋯.jpg (269.77 KB, 925x1032, 925:1032, 1460030043043.jpg)

90d80d  No.378750

File: d8fc1944e2ce2c0⋯.jpg (10.76 KB, 214x317, 214:317, martinkove.jpg)

is this guy gay or not? what do you lads think?

90d80d  No.378751

thred ded

9daf45  No.378752

File: 816bdcf9b89f595⋯.jpg (320.97 KB, 1280x854, 640:427, 1469588514020.jpg)

9daf45  No.378753

File: 2596ffb27c0b71c⋯.jpg (133.61 KB, 1023x682, 3:2, 1469586334058-0.jpg)

1b4596  No.378754

File: 29575c08d87861c⋯.png (1.12 MB, 780x879, 260:293, ClipboardImage.png)

1b4596  No.378755



9daf45  No.378756

File: 80571459e6e21b2⋯.png (11.03 KB, 418x408, 209:204, 1a58f2d72fbad808b434719f12….png)


1b4596  No.378757

rofl hello little digit-less turd

9daf45  No.378758

File: 5aedf2b23d3d1c9⋯.jpg (3.79 KB, 202x184, 101:92, 7483657900a6bceb7a55cc5c0e….jpg)

He's lying again.

1b4596  No.378759

he's a turd you guys

9daf45  No.378760

File: c3397e352e4997b⋯.png (10.16 KB, 418x408, 209:204, 1a58f2d72fbad808b434719f12….png)

He's a fat lying sack of shit lads.

1b4596  No.378761

turds aren't human, can't trust them

9daf45  No.378762

File: 708c3598e4a38ca⋯.png (36.54 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1456388630451.png)

Sacks of shit aren't human, you can't trust them.

1b4596  No.378763

>he's brown, proving he's a turd

1b4596  No.378764

nigh nigh nigh lids

9daf45  No.378765

File: 09bba02673b3fa6⋯.png (31.58 KB, 452x295, 452:295, 1456583537664-1.png)

>He's a sack filled with shit, proving he is a sack of shit.

9daf45  No.378766

File: 3bf57c53b0cbe1c⋯.jpg (37.69 KB, 567x523, 567:523, 1456292172522-1.jpg)


d52603  No.378767

tried playing that game "Democracy 3" but I keep getting assassinated. first time by capitalists, then by liberals. I was doing pretty good that second time too, ~60% popularity, got reelected, balanced the budget. but then I guess having a space program and subsidizing organic food was just too much and put us back into deficit, into a debt crisis, and some antifas took me out


>hauling my ass home

first time I thought you said, "holding my asshole"

d6626a  No.378768


Well done lad! Where's that escort?

d52603  No.378769

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


kek what the fuck

d52603  No.378770

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



7f1515  No.378771


she gives off a whiff of drug user/alcoholic/prostitute but even so most men would find her preferable to the fat bloaters

3688a5  No.378772


Cute lain

3688a5  No.378773

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d52603  No.378774

alright it's about 4, guess I'd better drag myself into the bathroom and clean my teeth so I can go to bed

cf2ff2  No.378775

File: c23f0b55fbb39b5⋯.png (179.84 KB, 313x383, 313:383, ClipboardImage.png)


9d65af  No.378776

File: 6d3b634ce91fce1⋯.jpg (87.57 KB, 821x869, 821:869, 1509832691707.jpg)

is 8chan being slow? I didn't want to post anyway

9d65af  No.378777

okay posting works but pictures are invisible smh

cf2ff2  No.378778


Have you remembered to plug in your ethernet cable?

9d65af  No.378779

File: 1049ea324a594a9⋯.jpg (219.83 KB, 890x905, 178:181, 1550893317722.jpg)


Who are you, lad? Only a few people saw that embarrassing incident. I am on to you

9d65af  No.378780

File: f7d82612363f8a2⋯.png (298 KB, 937x638, 937:638, 1550669266939.png)

*checks previous posts but can't tell*

9b4aa2  No.378781

File: fd50e8a07358528⋯.jpg (363.08 KB, 1025x1056, 1025:1056, 150504-1534.jpg)

9d65af  No.378782


keeeek I knew I had seen that lad before. Bit brutal for a children's film, Lucas

9b4aa2  No.378783


Lucas doesn't give a fuck. Brutal dismemberment. Kids love it.

9b4aa2  No.378784

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9d65af  No.378785




9b4aa2  No.378786


nah, it's not me.

9b4aa2  No.378787

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is me.

9d65af  No.378788


>he's a Californian yank


I believe it. I guess being of the opinion that somebody should be shot isn't illegal yet

>Grumbly Grumpers

the next game grumps?


oh no

9d65af  No.378789

File: 0657833d5ca2b30⋯.jpg (73.1 KB, 503x478, 503:478, 1513437807883.jpg)

nice mic dude. You didn't buy a high end one for your youtube channel? smh

9d65af  No.378790

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


9b4aa2  No.378791


Keek. Literally bought it for five pounds like fifteen years ago. It adds authenticity to the product.

9b4aa2  No.378792

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9b4aa2  No.378793

File: b9b17fa46e1e792⋯.jpeg (445.29 KB, 1266x1600, 633:800, hot peepers.jpeg)

cf2ff2  No.378794

File: d59b293e81e70ee⋯.jpg (20.01 KB, 288x301, 288:301, Cheeky doggo.jpg)



I go by many names

cf2ff2  No.378795

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The Prodigy's Keith Flint dies aged 49



7f16e9  No.378796

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9d65af  No.378797



9d65af  No.378798

>that recent game with the overtly gay greek guy

7f16e9  No.378799


Dun geddit

9d65af  No.378800


Aryan man

9b4aa2  No.378801

>watchin little girl animes


9d65af  No.378802

File: 593f69add64f798⋯.jpg (57.8 KB, 1080x1029, 360:343, 07996705.jpg)

>video of text

can't do it dear lid

7f16e9  No.378803



9d65af  No.378804

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What anime is that, lad?

the angel cat girl has a genetic defect because of racemixing

9d65af  No.378805


Well I figured that was what it was. shut up

9b4aa2  No.378806


Chio's School Road

Cute and funni

7f16e9  No.378807


You shut up

9d65af  No.378808

File: 82f929ab61d48fe⋯.png (2.06 MB, 1913x1080, 1913:1080, ClipboardImage.png)

9b4aa2  No.378809


Yes. that character's a massive lezzer.

9d65af  No.378810

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>there are a lot of these

7f16e9  No.378811


How horrible

9d65af  No.378812

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Post other wholesome animes. Don't read the title

cf2ff2  No.378813

File: b47de2db050ad1f⋯.jpg (206.76 KB, 494x631, 494:631, 5e53c4567b4da93397dc3b2e00….jpg)

9d65af  No.378814

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9b4aa2  No.378815

File: fa2a994c7119b79⋯.png (913.66 KB, 1113x587, 1113:587, ClipboardImage.png)

keek. This series.

9b4aa2  No.378816

File: df33d04f209068f⋯.png (585.81 KB, 1124x590, 562:295, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cdeae781306296d⋯.png (578.09 KB, 1125x587, 1125:587, ClipboardImage.png)

Banting on western games

9d65af  No.378817





9d65af  No.378818

has to be a middle ground between "realistic" brutes and gay anime-faced twinks

9d65af  No.378819

File: 7d1a7c248590c1d⋯.png (935.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

skipped this game because it looked too kiddie for me as a kid

9b4aa2  No.378820


Wind Waker's great, lad.

9d65af  No.378821

File: 2b35566039d50ed⋯.png (327.08 KB, 480x479, 480:479, ClipboardImage.png)


9d65af  No.378822


emulated it a few years ago, I just didn't care for the big ocean and didn't like the zoras are birds now lore. Liked the art and the dungeons though

9b4aa2  No.378823


lil donnie btfo

9d65af  No.378824


I'm in the state of mind where I keep coming back to laugh at this

3688a5  No.378825

File: f07ccdd0fce7d40⋯.png (456.44 KB, 680x504, 85:63, ClipboardImage.png)

Royal social media accounts to block trolls and report them to police


The Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex have been the subject of offensive comments.

>The royal family’s social media accounts will block trolls who post offensive or abusive messages on official royal channels, and may even report them to the police.

>Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Kensington Palace have published new guidelines for members of the public interacting with them on social media.


7873f7  No.378826


Is this guy being unironic in the stuff he says? I thought he was actually a Trump supporter that was mocking the Trump Derangement Syndrome types, but am i wrong?

4f50a1  No.378827


he is an unironic neurotic jew

7f1515  No.378828


wasn't a problem before the mulatto disaster got involved

4f50a1  No.378829


cf2ff2  No.378830

4f50a1  No.378831


don't try to do the alphabet lad I already fucked up by not starting with A

1e6c6a  No.378832

cf2ff2  No.378833

4f50a1  No.378834

1e6c6a  No.378835

4f50a1  No.378836

this isn't fun

cf2ff2  No.378837

File: a26ecbf90881f0b⋯.png (1.13 MB, 650x768, 325:384, pu.png)

cf2ff2  No.378838

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1a9327  No.378839

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1a9327  No.378840

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

wholesome gang

7873f7  No.378841

File: 22df2fec273d982⋯.png (9.75 KB, 410x392, 205:196, evilbins.png)


1a9327  No.378842


Oh no, I knew I shouldn't have made evil The Poster Formerly Known As Bins!

7873f7  No.378843

File: 9008b5e81d454c7⋯.png (37.81 KB, 849x1032, 283:344, 9008b5e81d454c70ae989edb76….png)


keek lad, i'm just messing. Truth is I wasn't looking at the thread, so missed the B

1a9327  No.378844


Yeah not much happening in the thread tbh

7873f7  No.378845


>he is an unironic neurotic jew

so he's not joking in all those insane tweets about pissin ghimself and stuff? or are they fakes?

1a9327  No.378846


kek I think the ones about piss and shit are fake, but who knows

7873f7  No.378847

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



788065  No.378848


remember I tried it but I got stuck, had literally no idea how to proceed, tried to figure it out for hours. it might have been because it was a demo and not the full game though

might download the rom and try it

7873f7  No.378849

File: 2f4da33b2313e87⋯.png (12.78 KB, 418x408, 209:204, 2f4da33b2313e874a5b206afd8….png)


love is real

1a9327  No.378850


we have google now tbh, as a kid I'd just come back to it every other day until I had it done. Didn't even understand English kek what the fuck no idea how I did it.

7873f7  No.378851

File: c9419f8705fd175⋯.jpg (86 KB, 1051x1051, 1:1, AlexJonesGrin.jpg)

are infowars on the trump train or not? I can't figure it out. One day Alex jones is crying over something awful trump has done, the next day they are saying MAGA and go trump like nothing happened

788065  No.378852

we have a ton of snow on the ground, idk how much it snowed last night but there were already a few inches on the ground so we basically have like a foot. comfy, gonna have to shovel some paths later though

hungry, guess I should heat up a cuppa cawfee and reheat last night's lasagne (with less cheese, as is my preference)


yeah idk why I never looked it up, the thought never crossed my mind


both infowhores and blumpf are full of shit

7873f7  No.378853

File: ea63f1fd80ecf3b⋯.jpg (69.29 KB, 971x884, 971:884, AlexJonesBlackEye.JPG)


I decided to stream it in my rabb.it room, David Knight is on, I quite like what he's saying tbh, come chat with me about it lad







788065  No.378854

I ought to buzz off my facial hair too today 'cause it's starting to that thing where it hurts if you touch it. that and I wanna be able to wash my face easily

maybe I should do that after I shovel. like change into shitty pajamas, shovel and get sweaty, then buzz off my facial hair and shower and change back into these comfy pajamas. yeah that'll do

but first should eat

7873f7  No.378855


>t's starting to that thing where it hurts if you touch it

that just means you've got a dead hair in there. Find which one it is, and pull it out with tweasers - it should come out easily because the follicle had died - and the pain will be gone

7873f7  No.378856

File: 20d5eb92ad2c8f5⋯.jpg (28.11 KB, 480x720, 2:3, Sargonnobeard.jpg)

name this famous youtuber

1a9327  No.378857


Popular youtuber Sargon of Akkad, also known as the Stepafther and the Don

1a9327  No.378858

hopefully I am just sick and not depressed smh

7873f7  No.378859

File: 1938925ed04518d⋯.jpg (63.12 KB, 1071x561, 21:11, 1938925ed04518dda346573306….jpg)


you win!

1a9327  No.378860

File: 2c270ac78fc6a4a⋯.webm (3.75 MB, 704x396, 16:9, Bladerunner 2049.webm)



788065  No.378861


don't think "depression" exists tbh, it's a scam to sell pills. "depression" is basically "I'm sad because my life sucks" but they make this shit up like it's this "serotonin deficiency" so you need SSRIs to "correct the balance" but everybody that takes them just feels worse, severe ahedonia and loss of sex drive

1a9327  No.378862


I think it exists but is caused by things that won't go away by just taking a pill.

2962b7  No.378863

File: 3fbc2edb7ae9e0f⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

7f16e9  No.378864


Loved the designs in Bloodbourne tbh

9b4aa2  No.378865

Ah lads. That last episode of Orville though.

1a9327  No.378866


Love how Ludwig looks tbh

cf2ff2  No.378867

File: 3444ab1c884dce3⋯.jpg (5.13 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 324.jpg)

>favourite regular at the pub I used to work at was diagnosed with bowel cancer over Christmas

>he's not expected to make it through the night tonight

6bbe2e  No.378868


Sorry, lad

6bbad2  No.378869


should have told him to fast and see if it shrinks the tumour tbh

6bbe2e  No.378870


In one night, lad? I guess at this point you'll try anything

e25567  No.378871

File: bbab7e0ff33e17f⋯.png (5.04 KB, 372x348, 31:29, druid&bins.png)

cf2ff2  No.378872

File: 1efd340c609dd0a⋯.png (1.12 MB, 662x1000, 331:500, ClipboardImage.png)

6bbe2e  No.378873


>Wessex replaced me with The Poster Formerly Known As Bins

9b4aa2  No.378874


One of my favourite films.

e25567  No.378875

File: 6120dd59c661769⋯.png (6.67 KB, 567x680, 567:680, 510e70f4dc9d8add0b2ec48f2d….png)


we will replace you

6bbe2e  No.378876


I guess he is a better film viewer than me

>tfw voted but not going to watch

sorry lid

e25567  No.378877

File: ddb80ef3ebecb12⋯.jpg (21.82 KB, 206x305, 206:305, hardcandy.jpg)


>sorry lid

you never watch any more

is it because of pic related?

7f1515  No.378878

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6bbe2e  No.378879

File: 31af8e1d4dca411⋯.png (2.27 KB, 418x408, 209:204, 2f4ff18bb37ef8304e61d96eb9….png)


>he keeps bring it back


7f1515  No.378880

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e25567  No.378881

File: 98816142d9f8628⋯.jpg (40.13 KB, 206x305, 206:305, hardcandy.jpg)


>he keeps bring it back

bring what back?

6bbe2e  No.378882


that film you forced us to watch

e25567  No.378883

File: a3b8110d7467d0e⋯.jpg (40.07 KB, 206x305, 206:305, hardcandy.jpg)


>that film you forced us to watch

boco no pico or whatever it was called?

6bbad2  No.378884


kinda meant previously but yeah tbh

7f1515  No.378885

File: bc368dce385e42d⋯.jpg (101.14 KB, 950x535, 190:107, 672179-23506-clp-950.jpg)

> no local seductress

6bbe2e  No.378886


nah that was Neo

8ed5e6  No.378887


looks like there won't be a movie tonight, ffmovies.ru isn't working with rabb.it today

8ed5e6  No.378888


6bbe2e  No.378889

788065  No.378890



quints trump quads, wait another 10,000 posts

9daf45  No.378891

File: 57b1a09d540dfc5⋯.png (11.86 KB, 645x773, 645:773, 57b1a09d540dfc574c76f9ffd1….png)


Thank you Binlad. Thank you so much.

9daf45  No.378892

File: 31ecc7b0eb32081⋯.jpg (55.82 KB, 300x360, 5:6, 31ecc7b0eb3208144536d64b93….jpg)


6bbe2e  No.378893


what the fuck lad were you just waiting for somebody to suck up to you? Go away

9daf45  No.378894

File: f2e649a58dd0aae⋯.png (16.59 KB, 882x758, 441:379, f2e649a58dd0aae225bd1cf2ed….png)


9daf45  No.378895

File: ee4d6072ae59e9e⋯.jpg (50.97 KB, 454x453, 454:453, 1424472644479.jpg)


I just got up you fat twat.

6bbe2e  No.378896


Go back to sleep forever

cf2ff2  No.378897

9daf45  No.378898



6bbe2e  No.378899


*deletes report*

cf2ff2  No.378900

Tell me about the Welshflags, why do they feud so?

6bbe2e  No.378901

File: 6aff548a712ab6a⋯.png (24.93 KB, 812x235, 812:235, Stabbing grounds.png)


It's in our nature. Yes I am Welsh

9daf45  No.378902


Reported you again.

6bbe2e  No.378903

File: d5048a9fc849efb⋯.png (327.09 KB, 859x960, 859:960, ClipboardImage.png)

Yeah I'm Welsh, how could you tell?

9daf45  No.378904


Because he's a fat lying 22st fuck. He isn't even Welsh, don't listen to his fat norwegian lies.

8ed5e6  No.378905

8ed5e6  No.378906

File: 9c9a5019087a8ac⋯.png (116.41 KB, 439x545, 439:545, 6389b67ccb981fa34fe7dc17af….png)


why do you hate welshlad so much? he's a great lad!

dbfb68  No.378907

File: cacb35a34188049⋯.jpg (58.9 KB, 251x229, 251:229, 1551132399494.jpg)

8ed5e6  No.378908


evening lad, having a time?

6bbe2e  No.378909


I don't


hi mr. popular

8ed5e6  No.378910

File: 7d88e572d9c491b⋯.png (42.33 KB, 1532x944, 383:236, 9731cc4247bc8b1017e3a4a1fd….png)


>Tell me about the Welshflags, why do they feud so?

One of them isn't actually welsh, and one is. The one that isn't welsh hates the one that is, but nobody knows why. I might be simple jealousy smh

dbfb68  No.378911


I guess.

Just bored. Just need to gather some energy up and start doing stuff. Think I'll be good tomorrow, but the garden will be soaked from the rain sadly.

It's a sad feeling on a night when it's just you in your bedroom tbh

8ed5e6  No.378912

File: 3d48b826172f066⋯.png (8.65 KB, 833x408, 49:24, 63852fafe351572e2c00e049ec….png)

8ed5e6  No.378913


how's your cold? I'm mostly better today, but am still having a rest day to try to make sure it's gone. Bit phlegmy still

dbfb68  No.378914


yeah basically the same tbh

told you it will get better :]

now i am better i am going to prepare stuff to camp with and i will be OFF

84c4a0  No.378915

File: 3c0b624ba2677ab⋯.jpg (49.65 KB, 500x749, 500:749, beachmaster.jpg)

Hullo lads kinda drunk but thought I would stop by again

8ed5e6  No.378916


I wouldn't go camping straight after a cold tbh

really shitty weather out there atm too. over here we just got hit by a massive storm, loads of stuff has got smashed up. Putting up a tent in weather like this won't be fun, and it'll be even less fun if the thing collapses in the night, leaving you cold, wet and without shelter

8ed5e6  No.378917

File: 5ac27691699d970⋯.jpg (166.33 KB, 630x1000, 63:100, rambo-3-quarter-scale-prem….jpg)

dbfb68  No.378918

File: 1a554baa0d82f31⋯.png (5.65 KB, 418x408, 209:204, 1a554baa0d82f3109714753127….png)


i-it will be fine brother

8ed5e6  No.378919

File: 420434bb2fb35f9⋯.png (35.85 KB, 1130x902, 565:451, 2562d34333b78db65e6d0a9b8f….png)


I plan to go camping in the summer, why don't you come?

dbfb68  No.378920


sure tbh

6bbe2e  No.378921


state your name and business lad

cf2ff2  No.378922


I see, so he's been cucked

84c4a0  No.378923

File: de842cf370fbb0e⋯.jpg (58.09 KB, 620x417, 620:417, food_0.jpg)

dbfb68  No.378924

6bbe2e  No.378925


don't recognise you, but you look like a goodlad

84c4a0  No.378926

File: cf12cf139fa0b40⋯.jpg (279.07 KB, 1000x666, 500:333, beachmaster 1.jpg)


too old for you to remember lad, thing is if i gave you a slight clue it would instantly become obvious to certain others


of course lad

dbfb68  No.378927


but i know who you are you stupid nigger

8ed5e6  No.378928

File: 7d1bdb836cfa364⋯.png (241.22 KB, 732x633, 244:211, 82349fa35adfa787bd69afe2fb….png)


I… I hope you haven't banned anybody have you lad?

6bbe2e  No.378929

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is my shore, prepare yourself.

6bbe2e  No.378930


Only Welshlad, he did something illegal so I deleted the post and banned him.

7f1515  No.378931

Does anyone know of an anime where there is an ancient race with advanced knowledge but they are dying out or their numbers are diminished for some reason.

They get invaded by some more primitive people and they are down to the last man so he uses the advanced weaponry on his own planet and destroys it, committing suicide but preventing the tech falling into the hands of the enemy.

dbfb68  No.378932


un homme qui dort

84c4a0  No.378933

File: c9811757dd9193a⋯.jpg (103.02 KB, 800x533, 800:533, beachmasters.jpg)


was nice talking in on the old film nights lad


my body is always ready



also reminder barbosa is a fundie jesus nut now and never to trust caw poster

6bbe2e  No.378934


don't think I have seen it. More info to help the google search?

dbfb68  No.378935


>barbosa is a fundie jesus nut now

keeek i love him tbh

7f1515  No.378936


I don't think I believe you

8ed5e6  No.378937

File: 4fa99744d4c9f37⋯.png (29.49 KB, 633x825, 211:275, 4fa99744d4c9f373b740f2b761….png)


>Only Welshlad, he did something illegal so I deleted the post and banned him.

this is an injustice

dbfb68  No.378938

>all these people posting videos of them having fun camping in winter


dbfb68  No.378939

File: 5e048556a65439e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.29 KB, 526x400, 263:200, devilpepe.jpg)


You can trust me, lad.

6bbe2e  No.378940


he made an illegal post, lad

8ed5e6  No.378941

File: a95c2e3263d782e⋯.jpg (31.5 KB, 750x546, 125:91, a95c2e3263d782e20453c1987d….jpg)



cf2ff2  No.378942

File: d6926896fd18d07⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1200x676, 300:169, Bumboclaat.png)


smh you're no better than him

6bbe2e  No.378943

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8ed5e6  No.378944


it's utterly shameful

how does he live with himself, how does he sleep at night?

dbfb68  No.378945


he doesnt, bossmans gotta crack the whip keek

cf2ff2  No.378946

File: 634d5e2c40e86c9⋯.png (48.96 KB, 1543x814, 1543:814, a9eaad493c3397140b65637c24….png)


with a sore botty from bossman's whip

6bbe2e  No.378947


cf2ff2  No.378948

File: f6a2fea5e41e0aa⋯.jpg (57.84 KB, 1080x643, 1080:643, Dv5sZrcX4AE0i7j.jpg)


How do we know you're not corrupt and editing the log behind the scenes?

8ed5e6  No.378949

File: 8cabe9d20a32509⋯.jpg (17.3 KB, 234x327, 78:109, behead22st.jpg)



power always corrupts smh

6bbe2e  No.378950

File: ebca316b5f784a0⋯.jpg (92.41 KB, 250x236, 125:118, 1324632232741.jpg)


He's 22st, lad. He never lies.

6bbe2e  No.378951


You change that sign back right now young man

8ed5e6  No.378952

File: 3358d79d3f58d03⋯.png (17.04 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 3358d79d3f58d037db0e847a68….png)


>never lies

lad, I've got some bad news for you…

569e5c  No.378953

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>also reminder barbosa is a fundie jesus nut now

the perfidious christcuck

dbfb68  No.378954

File: 3c79d1f3b54a31b⋯.png (46.98 KB, 650x773, 650:773, 1550275352662.png)

argh for fucksake just give me the motivation

7f1515  No.378955

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


fresh candlemass

84c4a0  No.378956

File: 21fb29f54ea8ad4⋯.png (143.53 KB, 234x327, 78:109, 22st.png)

6bbe2e  No.378957

>people complain they didn't get the Saturday newspaper yesterday

>they complain about not getting the Saturday newspaper today as well

man fuck off these people are trying to make me look bad, you can't complain twice about the same thing smh

8ed5e6  No.378958

File: 04524cab03bf41a⋯.png (142.22 KB, 279x262, 279:262, albertojewbosa.png)


>old film nights

i'm trying to sort out Rambo 3 for tonight, but the site isn't working smh



>also reminder barbosa is a fundie jesus nut now

he was always a nut, now he's just found a way to justify it, with other nuts

6bbe2e  No.378959


Ahhh thank you newlad. You are my favourite poster now

8ed5e6  No.378960


hey, i made that, it's mine

cf2ff2  No.378961


Why do you Norgies give the Saturday paper on Sunday and Monday?

8ed5e6  No.378962

File: d56888de8ead2bb⋯.gif (167.08 KB, 447x415, 447:415, wEVbA.gif)


>You are my favourite poster now

6bbe2e  No.378963


We don't, it is just that they complain about not getting it on Saturday, and the complaint shows up on my list for the next day, so that we make sure that they get that day's papers


a-after The Poster Formerly Known As Bins

84c4a0  No.378964


think you'll find I just made it in paint myself lad


fanks lad

cf2ff2  No.378965

File: ee6beb0209edc04⋯.jpg (45.61 KB, 720x712, 90:89, sosig.jpg)


I was joking lid

8ed5e6  No.378966

File: deb725bc1caedd8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.35 KB, 234x327, 78:109, beheadthosewhoinsult22.jpg)


I demand you un-ban the innocent and good natured welshlad


>think you'll find I just made it in paint myself lad

no you didn't i made it . i have the original

8ed5e6  No.378967

File: 6ef679e1d463551⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 64.93 KB, 570x380, 3:2, TOMMY-ROBINSON-570.jpg)

TOMMY ROThe Poster Formerly Known As BinsON

dbfb68  No.378968

File: 3b11f2e0bb3ac2f⋯.jpg (40.93 KB, 1918x782, 959:391, i0gKQwk.jpg)

b-better late than never r-right?

6bbe2e  No.378969



hmm… which do I prefer

dbfb68  No.378970


>tommy rothe

dbfb68  No.378971

File: a7d8e309f231581⋯.jpg (124.51 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, YOULL NEVER STOP ME.jpg)

cd3441  No.378972

File: 1e9909fbae6ff68⋯.png (5.35 KB, 410x392, 205:196, eyepatchbins.png)


>tommy roThe Poster Formerly Known As Binson

6bbe2e  No.378973



d6626a  No.378974

File: 9dcc9165365f064⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1166x800, 583:400, 389.png)


8ed5e6  No.378975

File: 6e1275a02fb7b5f⋯.jpg (13.03 KB, 182x268, 91:134, rambo3.jpg)

6bbe2e  No.378976

File: fd2149ef0278b09⋯.png (241.7 KB, 504x341, 504:341, ClipboardImage.png)

d6626a  No.378977

File: f0ef06adf0877b8⋯.png (145.63 KB, 265x304, 265:304, 1542220396466.png)


>tfw then men get less muscly with each part

Oh dear

6bbe2e  No.378978


Why do you say that? There are no implications to be drawn from that statement

8ed5e6  No.378979

File: 72543e98fe1d433⋯.png (20.63 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 3358d79d3f58d037db0e847a68….png)

oh she is here

6bbe2e  No.378980


Quick, post it

7f1515  No.378981

File: d3592a2d5a1ad1e⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 20190304_121818.jpg)

she's got a job

d6626a  No.378982

File: 28e2fcbb9e0c7b4⋯.gif (91.99 KB, 113x150, 113:150, 1545320267003.gif)


Of course not he he


Hello you.

8ed5e6  No.378983

File: 22df2fec273d982⋯.png (9.75 KB, 410x392, 205:196, evilbins.png)


post what?

6bbe2e  No.378984


sure that is an actual uniform?

6bbe2e  No.378985


Your bin dick

7f1515  No.378986


only the hat

8ed5e6  No.378987

File: 9008b5e81d454c7⋯.png (37.81 KB, 849x1032, 283:344, 9008b5e81d454c70ae989edb76….png)


like this?

8ed5e6  No.378988

8ed5e6  No.378989



6bbe2e  No.378990


a mushroo, dummy

dbfb68  No.378991

6 deviled eggs with chicken, salad cream, mayonnaise and mustard filling


d6626a  No.378992


Did you make it yourself?

8ed5e6  No.378993


sounds delicious

6bbe2e  No.378994


and he hates every single bite of it

dbfb68  No.378995


yes obviously




no he doesnt!

dbfb68  No.378996

>tfw get full up cos i was eating them while making it

smh i do this all the time when cooking

569e5c  No.378997

just buzzed off my facial hair, showered, and used a good moisturizer for the first time. holy fuck, my skin is so nice and moist. can't believe I haven't been using this stuff all this time

pain in the ass to apply though, takes valuable time


oh fug, I had no idea

dbfb68  No.378998

stop changing ids you wanker


6bbe2e  No.378999


d6626a  No.379000

>bossman has shaved off his hair

>has sunburn all over his head and face so he looks like an alien

Amused myself all day looking at him and started making alien noises to myself and the boy next to me laughed and started too.

6bbe2e  No.379001


aren't Anglos known for being sunburnt?

d6626a  No.379002


Yes but it was just extra funny because it's bossman.

dbfb68  No.379003

File: 649aa7291222cb8⋯.png (127.24 KB, 334x346, 167:173, 1544654170082.png)


>tfw sufficiently swarthy enough not to suffer sunburn too badly

569e5c  No.379004


a pinkish skin tone is common, hence the anti-Anglo racial slur "gammon" recently employed by the wog masses to dehumanize the native inhabitants of the isles

d6626a  No.379005

File: ae1a4a300949b5e⋯.gif (464.87 KB, 1100x600, 11:6, 1551317219115.gif)

8ed5e6  No.379006

File: 1a61549f4566639⋯.png (69.57 KB, 1228x1502, 614:751, fatwojakposh.png)


I had seared peppered lamb steaks, rare, with butter sweated white cabbage, followed by home made triple chocolate low carb ice cream and loose leaf earl grey tea

6bbe2e  No.379007



never heard that

d6626a  No.379008


Did you make that yourself?

569e5c  No.379009


it's British for "ham", the blue checkmarks were using it to describe pro-Brexit nationalist men on QT

8ed5e6  No.379010

File: 90445cdb760ecf7⋯.png (193.11 KB, 737x758, 737:758, 90445cdb760ecf7f72522b66c2….png)


>Did you make that yourself?


569e5c  No.379011

because allegedly they get red in the face with frustration at their nation being destroyed

6bbe2e  No.379012


Kek what the fuck. That is kind of hilarious given we love are pink Brexiteer men

dbfb68  No.379013


that's negro to you


sounds nice lad

i've had lamb steaks but i'm not too keen on bloody meat, but i'm sure yours were delicious


dunno why she keeps asking this

maybe its because shes a shit cook and needs advice

6bbe2e  No.379014


oh I thought it was that they got sunburnt for walkign around barechested

c4afc9  No.379015

File: 539c50c1a1154f8⋯.png (210.25 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 845386453.png)

cf2ff2  No.379016

File: ccc1a75c97c77bb⋯.png (1.13 MB, 953x408, 953:408, freshEggs.png)


>deviled eggs

dbfb68  No.379017

File: 9437ae31b3d98d6⋯.jpg (379.29 KB, 1111x597, 1111:597, golden lel.jpg)

8ed5e6  No.379018


>maybe its because shes a shit cook and needs advice

woman are shit at everything

6bbad2  No.379019

File: 05fdcb5569fbed9⋯.png (148.31 KB, 865x747, 865:747, Chun_li.png)



>deviled eggs


6bbe2e  No.379020


Looks exactly like Dorshite

6bbe2e  No.379021

>that cracking on the bum


dbfb68  No.379022


boil an egg, cut it in two, take the yolk out, mix it with something, then put the mixture back on the egg

6bbe2e  No.379023

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6bbe2e  No.379024

File: e2b43956b64fc0e⋯.gif (80.3 KB, 248x203, 248:203, tumblr_o71otsg4gL1ud5lpzo1….gif)

8ed5e6  No.379025

File: 5ac27691699d970⋯.jpg (166.33 KB, 630x1000, 63:100, rambo-3-quarter-scale-prem….jpg)

6bbe2e  No.379026

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

hey it is that girl that that lad posts sometimes. I hate it

6bbad2  No.379027


mix it with what? water? salt? confetti? vodka? semen?

569e5c  No.379028


depends on the recipe, I think it's usually mustard and paprika or something

569e5c  No.379029

or hollandaise? maybe

dbfb68  No.379030


i said..chicken cut up into little bits, mayonnaise, salad cream etc, anything you want

dbfb68  No.379031

File: 6b9a08a161a812e⋯.jpg (42.11 KB, 548x500, 137:125, wojak.jpg)

The Poster Formerly Known As Bins!!!

8ed5e6  No.379032


what lad?

7f16e9  No.379033

File: bca05f321a43481⋯.mp4 (615.69 KB, 640x640, 1:1, bull_terrier_vid.mp4)

6bbe2e  No.379034

File: 606bad2bfb597dc⋯.png (88.21 KB, 800x527, 800:527, 1546419913169.png)


>that ending

cf2ff2  No.379035

File: 84087df87c6a362⋯.jpg (40.79 KB, 641x530, 641:530, 1503651705643.jpg)

6bbe2e  No.379036

File: 1eb5f09062242b2⋯.png (7.96 KB, 624x408, 26:17, drive.png)

that time of the day again folks. take care

d6626a  No.379037

File: 8f09a474155e21f⋯.png (31.77 KB, 761x672, 761:672, last train home me pepee.png)

dbfb68  No.379038

File: 8e3a5c36ed5ddf6⋯.jpg (87.9 KB, 334x334, 1:1, 1544556700265.jpg)


goodnight sweetie ;]

dbfb68  No.379039

File: 281d71ddf92d31c⋯.jpg (358.45 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, uncle ted.jpg)


what do you think of ted bundy?

dbfb68  No.379040

*dedicated to the gallant people of afghanistan*

cf2ff2  No.379041

File: ba773bfb088f121⋯.gif (170.14 KB, 360x346, 180:173, tr43fg.gif)

>the battle/history scene in the new episode of Alan Partridge

sides in fucking orbit lads

cf2ff2  No.379042

>jokes about nonces at the BBC


9daf45  No.379043


Sorry lad, been a bit busy.

a1de8f  No.379044

>pro abortion x files episode in the second season

I am so disappointed.

9daf45  No.379045

File: 21d0b5e640c2c51⋯.png (166.86 KB, 636x426, 106:71, 1432102647995.png)


cf2ff2  No.379046

File: 3f5c024b0de42a6⋯.jpg (195.17 KB, 1500x973, 1500:973, welshposter.jpg)

*defends fren*

8ed5e6  No.379047

File: 0cfb42c6ca59a3a⋯.png (6.88 KB, 454x408, 227:204, f6ab45a6d8dd6b3d34b1f91c71….png)

8ed5e6  No.379048

File: 0c773e2684d3fc7⋯.jpg (100.29 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 0c773e2684d3fc750484207545….jpg)

>he drives for our sins

9daf45  No.379049

File: 3b9259d391f8e51⋯.png (76.52 KB, 850x638, 425:319, 1a58f2d72fbad808b434719f12….png)


Good lad.

8ed5e6  No.379050

File: 1e9909fbae6ff68⋯.png (5.35 KB, 410x392, 205:196, eyepatchbins.png)

569e5c  No.379051

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8ed5e6  No.379052


lad, do you think it might be a good idea to make me a mod?

569e5c  No.379053

File: 26696a094e14c2d⋯.png (555.41 KB, 599x858, 599:858, e8055b9cd99198e78e77307e1d….png)


think we have plenty as is, but I'll keep your aspirations in mind

9daf45  No.379054

File: be0652054ddae98⋯.png (9.8 KB, 418x408, 209:204, 86e753659ef5d0d80d7a4e9817….png)

8ed5e6  No.379055

File: 0c919d55b70c267⋯.jpg (125.51 KB, 725x945, 145:189, 0c919d55b70c267b84b44b97dd….jpg)

9daf45  No.379056

File: d2f4675313da20a⋯.png (141.57 KB, 500x394, 250:197, 1423824889273.png)

8ed5e6  No.379057

File: ec56445b43c4abb⋯.png (4.47 KB, 831x831, 1:1, 00708bc5b595d9b8d52b9a25f2….png)

9b4aa2  No.379058

File: 0d8202c0d776aa8⋯.png (508.13 KB, 353x918, 353:918, ClipboardImage.png)

hey dude…

9daf45  No.379059

File: 78aab7709c22cc8⋯.jpg (97.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1467377995856.jpg)

9daf45  No.379060



6bbe2e  No.379061


No you were supposed to feel anguish at going to work while I'm being comfy in bed smh

6bbe2e  No.379062


no way they are going with that hair and those spines

6bbe2e  No.379063

by no way I mean of course they fucking would

9b4aa2  No.379064


Looks like it's real

>not even wearing gloves. He just has white hands.

6bbe2e  No.379065

File: d1f15a5e0e07a5a⋯.png (258.1 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>his arms are BLUE

6bbe2e  No.379066

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

he released a new one but I like this one tbh

569e5c  No.379067

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6bbe2e  No.379068


she better eat that, not wasting good soap

6bbe2e  No.379069

File: 69a420505d62ced⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.38 MB, 2560x1809, 2560:1809, ClipboardImage.png)

nigh nigh

569e5c  No.379070


night lad

569e5c  No.379071

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.







569e5c  No.379072

soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired, gonna zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

7f1515  No.379073

File: aeeed6119297c34⋯.jpg (28.18 KB, 509x306, 509:306, D0zPC-QX4AAlc7X.jpg)

Lads would you vote for someone in the UK who proposed giving every adult $1000 equivalent (750 quid or so) every month?

0ab2e3  No.379074

File: 983add80d069873⋯.jpg (34.99 KB, 387x280, 387:280, DbC3OYSXkAAHVRK.jpg)


go away yang

cf2ff2  No.379075

File: 5110df51a153148⋯.png (506.61 KB, 610x667, 610:667, ClipboardImage.png)

9b4aa2  No.379076


Tax the bankers the bonuses the 99%?

9daf45  No.379077

File: 3b9259d391f8e51⋯.png (76.52 KB, 850x638, 425:319, 1a58f2d72fbad808b434719f12….png)



Might not be here to watch stuff today lad. We'll see.

9daf45  No.379078

File: cef4a04a3e95310⋯.jpg (89.18 KB, 765x594, 85:66, 327861a086170b4ff95e1ddd8a….jpg)

Morning lads ad lasses.

9daf45  No.379079

9daf45  No.379080




No flag, whoops.

7f16e9  No.379081


What's he up to these days?

cf2ff2  No.379082


Dilating his neo-vagina and raging at the new Sonic design

75a446  No.379083


Do you want a flag lad? Then we can recognise ya

cf2ff2  No.379084


Would be nice but I have no idea what I would have for one tbh

75a446  No.379085

File: 9203295effab9f8⋯.jpg (1.43 KB, 20x16, 5:4, Sonichu.jpg)


Maybe a Sonichu lol

cf2ff2  No.379086

File: 2f81d28f94f82d2⋯.png (1.11 KB, 20x12, 5:3, Three Mandarins.png)


thought of one

75a446  No.379087


That's a really pretty flag. What's it from?

cf2ff2  No.379088

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

75a446  No.379089

File: bcded25d9323a18⋯.png (284.04 KB, 1200x680, 30:17, ClipboardImage.png)

9b4aa2  No.379090


Ta, Chi lass.

75a446  No.379091



love scratchcards me

75a446  No.379092


Np doogle.

9b4aa2  No.379093


What's np?

75a446  No.379094


No problem.

cf2ff2  No.379095

Steam is currently listing a game called Rape Day in which you play as a 'serial killer rapist'


Looks like them thar salt mines are re-opening lids

9b4aa2  No.379096


keek. tbh, there's probably a thousand porn films with that premise and worse, and no one cares. People just flip their lid when it's a game for some reason.

1e6c6a  No.379097

File: 3323d27b082203a⋯.png (771.39 KB, 615x885, 41:59, Jewess 867.png)

paracux fucked ck2 a little harder with their ptsd events

>strong crusader king type(duh)

>go into muslim bases and kill all their doods (duh)

>slay many mudslimes and try to drive them out of iberia

>end prolonged war with my zealous warrior king victorious

>"wounds within" event turns my viztorious warrior of christ into a sad mopey shit that's now cynical

completely reverses my fucking character because some obscure muslim cunt i cut open years earlier

way to go you fucking snow niggers

75a446  No.379098


ck2 is so garbo sometimes

>be finno ugric lord

>control vast tribal kingdom

>only produces a mighty 0.25 gold a month

>…but I can still access the mint gold event that gives me 100 gold out of nowhere

how does this work

1e6c6a  No.379099


when playing tribal you should set focus to intrigue and spy on people with lots of money, you may get an event to kidnap them. you'll be able to ransom them for however much their position is worth; baron 25, count 70, duke 125, king 250, emperor ???

you can also go into intrigue menu and plot the kidnapping of another person while spying on another person since they both can be done at the same time. so you can get tons of cash that way too.

or just raid, idk. that takes money and risk on your character though, so only pleb kings do that.

75a446  No.379100


can't you only raid infidel neighbours?

bit lame smh

a1de8f  No.379101

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>nobody ever mentions he's literally a nonce

cee18e  No.379102

File: 3538d235f8c65a9⋯.jpg (40.79 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 3538d235f8c65a9ad4f3a14242….jpg)

>wake up 10

>that is too early so go back to bed

>7 hours later

Stupid body needs to be more centrist

1e6c6a  No.379103


yeah, also I think certain religions prevent you from raiding. being a christian tribal you can't raid at all, but maybe i'm wrong.

75a446  No.379104


I once saw some culture that had raiding neighbours enabled, like some african one or germanic one or something takeover leadership of the Knights Templar. They then proceeded to raid all of Christian Jerusalem from their citadel there, LOL.

cee18e  No.379105

File: d5bbc8f4b214e17⋯.png (239.24 KB, 650x365, 130:73, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c3a54dda728d5ed⋯.png (236.46 KB, 600x337, 600:337, ClipboardImage.png)

1e6c6a  No.379106

1e6c6a  No.379107

File: 39093eb8e347520⋯.png (502.54 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 16.png)


thanks for posting this, lad, i hadn't seen it for the last two days.

cee18e  No.379108

File: ccc60e9bff6ef1a⋯.png (739.97 KB, 1276x818, 638:409, ClipboardImage.png)

Thicc goblin wife posting


Kek. I thoughti t was a wholesome art hoe slag but it was something worse smh

7f1515  No.379109


going to get the new Civ 6 addon and get back into that.

7f1515  No.379110



she's not even attractive, what's the point of it?

1e6c6a  No.379111


I really enjoy watching dance. the 40 year old millennial fits with the song and dance so I quite enjoy it, tbh.


yeah, she's pretty vile.

cee18e  No.379112

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>nobody's posted the fresh gob

11e509  No.379113


New add on is pretty fun

dbfb68  No.379114

File: 73a919535776b1d⋯.png (16.63 KB, 639x469, 639:469, 73a919535776b1d3e29291fbfe….png)

final post


de6fa6  No.379115

File: 13c7d7eecafd334⋯.png (9.91 KB, 240x232, 30:29, 9c0890f00a8e4d4807462d9821….png)

oh, it's her

de6fa6  No.379116

File: 1b0e7ee43a6e11c⋯.png (7.3 KB, 419x395, 419:395, 0edbb043bab5551d58334fda9a….png)


lad noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

cee18e  No.379117

File: 2593f9416c19dff⋯.png (25.78 KB, 559x536, 559:536, 5778ee8ae22608ee0e415d2bf1….png)


Bye, lad

de6fa6  No.379118

File: 1b0e7ee43a6e11c⋯.png (7.3 KB, 419x395, 419:395, 0edbb043bab5551d58334fda9a….png)

cee18e  No.379119

File: 96497a3f7aeee17⋯.png (366.21 KB, 620x540, 31:27, e3c1a97dc6f2d38a9a2e63953a….png)


*checks out your arse on the way out*

cee18e  No.379120

de6fa6  No.379121

File: 1b0e7ee43a6e11c⋯.png (7.3 KB, 419x395, 419:395, 0edbb043bab5551d58334fda9a….png)


why are you encouraging lovely Dorshie to kill himself?

1e6c6a  No.379122

File: fd0d4d209c03c27⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 2034x2632, 1017:1316, Jewess 76.jpg)


Okay, bye now.

cee18e  No.379123


He just said goodbye, lad. I have used that Pepe a lot, I am still alive

de6fa6  No.379124

File: 27645c8e4cb55f1⋯.png (9.77 KB, 255x249, 85:83, 22cede867f741415bd6e9d37ea….png)

>likes kay

>hates dorshie

>hates welshlad

what's wrong with this guy?

9b4aa2  No.379125


He's gone power mad, tbh.

7b58d8  No.379126


I don’t know why you hate me.

9b4aa2  No.379127

File: 9728abf88bc4398⋯.png (252.68 KB, 620x415, 124:83, 9ec0cfbebeb22985d1e40c5066….png)

We little people are but ants to 22st.

cee18e  No.379128

File: e567fbcec140777⋯.png (77.96 KB, 1614x1080, 269:180, spiritually big.png)

de6fa6  No.379129

File: 88da7901eb0fa75⋯.jpg (63.56 KB, 640x427, 640:427, tetsuomad.jpg)


>He's gone power mad, tbh.

yes, sadly this seems to be the case…

The more powerful he gets, the more he alienates himself from his true friends and those that want to help him, becoming ever more angry, bitter and alone..

9b4aa2  No.379130



*gets sucked into his folds

cee18e  No.379131




Good hot take

75a446  No.379132



de6fa6  No.379133

File: 398e9884c6ecc13⋯.gif (2.98 MB, 500x208, 125:52, tetsuogrowing.gif)


how can he be stopped?

9b4aa2  No.379134


It's alright. He just keeps growing until he restarts the universe, or something.

7b58d8  No.379135

File: 7cb821f38298c94⋯.jpeg (134.87 KB, 950x881, 950:881, 4B262084-7ABC-45D7-8EE0-7….jpeg)

I love 22st he’s my brutha

de6fa6  No.379136

File: af031e6180efa3e⋯.png (263.3 KB, 621x344, 621:344, tetsuogod.png)


he doen't restart the universe, he starts a new one, and destroys loads of people in the process lad.

de6fa6  No.379137

File: 846dba28c4bd3f0⋯.jpg (120.85 KB, 1346x732, 673:366, tetsuogfdying.jpg)


>I love 22st he’s my brutha

cee18e  No.379138


smh she was so cute too. At least she'll always be with me now, as my new appendix.

de6fa6  No.379139


>At least she'll always be with me now, as my new appendi

not sure it works like that lad, think she was just broken down into matter and then energy, which all got absorbed into the new universe, so she's basically dead

cee18e  No.379140


Oh well

9b4aa2  No.379141


Garl Tsagan would try to twist that into something beautiful, the sick fucker.

>u're a piece of nothing and this is a good thing, lol

Hate him so much, lads.

de6fa6  No.379142


>Garl Tsagan


9b4aa2  No.379143

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

de6fa6  No.379144


that guy? it hought that was just a meme

cee18e  No.379145

File: db731314e0cd7f3⋯.jpg (6.83 MB, 608x360, 76:45, KMYHcdk.jpg)

hate it tbh

9b4aa2  No.379146


Carl Sagan, lad

de6fa6  No.379147

File: 8708dae7fef1a13⋯.gif (4.2 MB, 599x320, 599:320, tetsuogfdying3.gif)


that's kay's fate lad, because nobody can stop your expanding power

cee18e  No.379148


I never realised we actually see her get completely crushed so her blood and guts shoots out smh. She has such a hard life. Her whole part of the film and the little dwarf kids makes this film uncomfortable for me.

9b4aa2  No.379149


I like it when you see her boobs, tbh

de6fa6  No.379150

File: 8999508bdc7b72c⋯.jpg (9.16 KB, 306x164, 153:82, akirakids.jpg)


not everyone that goes into Tetsuo dies though. The psychic kids that go in, they have the power to survive in there, and become like mini-gods or angels in the new realm

de6fa6  No.379151


>I never realised we actually see her get completely crushed so her blood and guts shoots out smh. She has such a hard life. Her whole part of the film and the little dwarf kids makes this film uncomfortable for me.

this is why you need to step down as mod, or it will happen here

de6fa6  No.379152

File: 40c4bb459699079⋯.jpg (90.71 KB, 1440x750, 48:25, v-the-final-battle.jpg)


where've you been lad, watched some cracking films and tv shows you would have loved tbh

9b4aa2  No.379153


Been playing Dark Souls and watching anime, tbh.

cee18e  No.379154


smh lad that's not in a wholesome context


I'd sooner step up

de6fa6  No.379155


lad, you would have loved V, it was amazing and hilarious

cee18e  No.379156

Imagine a new universe created from me, a /newbrit/ universe

9b4aa2  No.379157


Saw some of it when I was a kid. Don't remember it that much.

75a446  No.379158

File: 7d986b833a048f1⋯.png (2.14 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, df4adab65c491c07c67f1499ca….png)


That would be kino.

de6fa6  No.379159

File: 22df2fec273d982⋯.png (9.75 KB, 410x392, 205:196, evilbins.png)


But Kay will be crushed in your massive folds and be turned into a painful bloody mush

actually i'm okay with that

de6fa6  No.379160


why is the only bin in that a gril?

7b58d8  No.379161

File: 6090356350c1a4a⋯.jpeg (17.99 KB, 410x206, 205:103, B931DD5D-59FE-4FEE-B25D-A….jpeg)

cee18e  No.379162


It's okay, with her love for me she'll be wiling to make the sacrifice

>actually i'm okay with that



kek tranny The Poster Formerly Known As Bins


But it is a new beginnings

de6fa6  No.379163

if 22st expands into a universe, none of you will be psychic enough to survive in the new realm. you will all just be crushed down into matter and energy, nothing of (You) will be left

it won't be kino at all

de6fa6  No.379164

File: 141684c4ead2ee2⋯.png (205.68 KB, 842x437, 842:437, akirakids2.png)


meant to post that with this pic

7f16e9  No.379165


>Implying my druid powers won't protect me

Git rekt

cee18e  No.379166

File: 4fa99744d4c9f37⋯.png (29.49 KB, 633x825, 211:275, b71a9ea60a04f2606297c35576….png)


Well maybe travel between universes is possible in my universe so I can come and get you

de6fa6  No.379167

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>>Implying my druid powers won't protect me

you really think you can withstand the deranged wrath of a completely power made 22st? really?

228ee3  No.379168

File: b27b9ed604ce14a⋯.jpg (15.77 KB, 400x400, 1:1, nurcfbc90h921.jpg)

>was about to get up to brush teeth and eat food n shit

>hear obese family member rushing into the toilet

cee18e  No.379169


imagine the smell

>get up


228ee3  No.379170


No I've just been laying in bed all day

cee18e  No.379171


It's almost 6, lad. When did you go to bed?

7f16e9  No.379172

File: 3fd9616e903142e⋯.png (298.09 KB, 650x369, 650:369, ClipboardImage.png)


Someone has to try dammit

228ee3  No.379173


I'm a neet I woke from my slumber at 12 went to bed at 6am, been staying up late a few days, you are in no position to judge

cee18e  No.379174



9b4aa2  No.379175

File: 5b9be14f58f90b1⋯.png (584.09 KB, 878x546, 439:273, ClipboardImage.png)


President 22st

cee18e  No.379176


Keek. I wish I had his powers. careful not to spoiler as Kay hasn't read that yet

9b4aa2  No.379177


Think I just did.

cee18e  No.379178


kind of but she won't be able to pick up on it tbh

9b4aa2  No.379179

File: c357903eaeb2476⋯.png (90.67 KB, 242x292, 121:146, ClipboardImage.png)


I'll just post this picture, and she'll probably forget about it.

cee18e  No.379180


is there a dwarf version of that thing?

9b4aa2  No.379181

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Wanna vote for him, tbh.

cee18e  No.379182

File: 80b959295f6fd1a⋯.png (139.78 KB, 500x222, 250:111, ClipboardImage.png)

9b4aa2  No.379183

File: 7ec86860616f62c⋯.png (781.43 KB, 1114x1600, 557:800, ClipboardImage.png)

This artist loves fish.

fbf90f  No.379184

File: d3182884107a084⋯.png (27.05 KB, 663x488, 663:488, wog cau.png)


just got up myself, 1pm. think I slept 10 hours or something, not doing math. lied there for too long after waking up

9b4aa2  No.379185

File: c930f189c7a7791⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1114x1600, 557:800, ClipboardImage.png)

cee18e  No.379186


Japs really love fish, while sadly we norgebois don't. Or maybe it is just me


what were you thinking about lying in bed, lad?

fbf90f  No.379187


>Japs really love fish, while sadly we norgebois don't. Or maybe it is just me

don't scandinords love herring?


>what were you thinking about lying in bed, lad?

usually first thing when I wake up in the morning I fantasize about sex for half an hour before dragging myself out of bed, but this morning I was just in a semi-dreamlike state just meandering from thought to thought. all kinds of random things, not totally pleasant, whatever I'm stressed about that I have to do, weird stuff

cee18e  No.379188


>don't scandinords love herring?

maybe we do idno. I guess i am not in touch with many things or people.

>usually first thing when I wake up in the morning I fantasize about sex for half an hour before dragging myself out of bed

keek. Never had that.

>Spic goes to bed and wakes up being naughty, never a pure moment

>. all kinds of random things, not totally pleasant, whatever I'm stressed about that I have to do

alright. Usually have that in the night before tbh. What's got you down today, cowboy?

fbf90f  No.379189


>keek. Never had that.

testosterone is produced while sleeping and highest when you wake up so I find first thing in the morning is when I'm most likely to be arousd, and also having just woken up the imagination is more potent than say any other time of the day when you're completely awake

>alright. Usually have that in the night before tbh. What's got you down today, cowboy?

nothing really, just 'ahh I have to do this tomorrow, this at some point, etc.', just shit I have to get done but don't want to

d6626a  No.379190


Nice Womble lad!

7f16e9  No.379191


>usually first thing when I wake up in the morning I fantasize about sex for half an hour before dragging myself out of bed

Kek this occasionally happens to me, not even in bed, sometimes it'll happen when I'm daydreaming smh


>testosterone is produced while sleeping and highest when you wake up so I find first thing in the morning is when I'm most likely to be arousd

Tbh this is the reason why the dawn goddess Eos is portrayed swiping male 'lovers' in the myths

cee18e  No.379192


but people have sex at night smh

cf2ff2  No.379193

File: 02da0b3df8aa1b4⋯.jpg (78.45 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1444665082453.jpg)

fa3e5e  No.379194

Why do you people still talk about me?

cf2ff2  No.379195


they desparately want you back as BO lad

7f16e9  No.379196


And in the morning lad

7f16e9  No.379197

And occasionally during the day too

7f16e9  No.379198


You're thinking too literally about it

fa3e5e  No.379199


If you give it to me I'll delete the board without a second thought.

7f1515  No.379200


better cancel Brexit if it threatens peace

de6fa6  No.379201

File: da11bf9f0a9b342⋯.jpg (13.78 KB, 201x251, 201:251, 47ronin.jpg)


>8pm start time

de6fa6  No.379202

cf2ff2  No.379203


Why lad? recent /brit/ exile so I don't really know much about you other than you're ex-BO before spicburger

fa3e5e  No.379204


why not

9b4aa2  No.379205


Which one are you?

fbf90f  No.379206

File: e039e1bea1da51c⋯.jpg (72.51 KB, 600x590, 60:59, e039e1bea1da51c32a789d34d8….jpg)


yeah that's why I won't

ppl the other day were bugging me to give you BO, I said I didn't think he could be trusted, they said I was crazy

fa3e5e  No.379207


You can trust me to do what I said I'd do. Deleting the board isn't a betrayal of trust, I am completely open about my intentions.

fa3e5e  No.379208

File: e7dac215e2dd305⋯.jpg (4.88 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, scarf in june.jpg)

Also I got a cool scarf today, shame it's no longer scarf weather.

cee18e  No.379209

8 anprim, simple as

cee18e  No.379210


nice Rosenborg scarf, lad

75a446  No.379211


anprim: Why do you people still talk about me?

fa3e5e  No.379212


>random people vote for me in the poll thingy

>discuss me in the thread

that constitutes talking about me, no?


Troillongan time

9b4aa2  No.379213


Kind of assumed that was you and your Bongo Bongo Land boys.

fa3e5e  No.379214


I have "boys"?

75a446  No.379215

File: 95f861ffd099582⋯.png (39.5 KB, 300x250, 6:5, ClipboardImage.png)


But that was threads ago and you bringing it up now out of nowhere just seems so bizzare

fa3e5e  No.379216


it was last thread?


cf2ff2  No.379217

So wait if you hate this board so much why are you here now then?

fa3e5e  No.379218


I'm bored and I wanted to steal more 22st oc.

fa3e5e  No.379219

Also don't hate it just don't want it, simple as

75a446  No.379220

File: aa495e87fc6477a⋯.png (77.17 KB, 385x367, 385:367, ClipboardImage.png)


Ah true but you say that you are angry people are talking about you, but then you bring up the topic after the discussion has moved on and everyone has stopped talking about you and there's no sign of the discussion restarting.

cee18e  No.379221


there is none

75a446  No.379222

Nothing wrong with enjoying the attention you should post here more lad.

fa3e5e  No.379223


Not here, but maybe elsewhere


when did I say I was angry?

75a446  No.379224


Asking why people are talking about you and saying you want to delete the board isn't negative at all?

cee18e  No.379225


ahhh cute

7f16e9  No.379226

File: 22db33b930267e3⋯.png (73.06 KB, 242x208, 121:104, ClipboardImage.png)

de6fa6  No.379227

File: 7fa8c4a37fa78f7⋯.jpg (74.14 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tetsuo22.jpg)

>reminder that there is nothing any of you can do to stop 22st manacle expansion to power

cee18e  No.379228


Slow and steady wins the race. Just have to wait for Westie to fuck up majorly and I am secured the post-spic rule

fbf90f  No.379229

people I would consider passing BO to if I needed to:


>actually English

>mostly good option, I would trust him

>accepted poster on /shit/ which would improve cross-board relations

<bit young, bit sensitive, might be a bit harder on moderation than I am on the matters of gore (lame) and bullying (ok tbh)

out of the options available, I'd say Lew is first in line, like if I intended on permanently passing it over he'd get it prolly


>probably would BO about exactly the same as I do

<he's not British either so what's the point of passing it tbh

if I just had to go away for 2 weeks and couldn't log in then I'd share the password with 22st prolly


>actually English

>#1 threadslut and I would trust her

<wamen and could be a bit controversial to the screeching autists, the point of passing BO would be to resolve any conflict

<currently inactive, might not want it

but as one would expect, for the time being I'm gonna hang onto it because I think I'm the best option and it's working so why change. this discussion is a bit annoying, I'm just setting in stone my thoughts for transparency purposes

why no Imperium?

>actually English

>respected oldfag, would resolve any conflict


<would probably ban me

<not sure if can trust

<doesn't seem to want it anyway



fa3e5e  No.379230


I'm just being honest. It's not out of anger or hatred. I'm asking a simple question about why people would vote for someone who doesn't post here. And I'd delete the board because I don't see any reason for this board to exist, 600+ threads of absent chatter, you could easily move this community into a Bongo Bongo Land server or something else without any issue. Flags and tripcodes might as well be avatars and usernames.

9b4aa2  No.379231


Just keep BO, tbh. The best BO is no BO, but you do nothing, so that's close enough,

cee18e  No.379232

File: db8fd6c3e47ceae⋯.png (360.34 KB, 504x504, 1:1, db8fd6c3e47ceae2f23800857e….png)