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Pro Aris et Focis

File: aa70b5bab2b85aa⋯.jpg (305.08 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5a9fc18a8f371b171a24217b7a….jpg)

963c3e No.134205

May the wings of liberty never lose a feather








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File: 7f1606810785a94⋯.gif (2 MB, 268x268, 1:1, tumblr_nsl2i6EehD1qc3ju8o4….gif)

Q Research General #162:Keep The Home Fires Burning Edition! pastebin. com/TgrsuSM7

Q Research General #160: Shit Guys We Triggered The Cabal Edition! pastebin .com/rYiGGkpj

Q Research General #161: Come on Cabal Give Us Your Best Shot Edition! pastebin. com/spZPaDyD

those are all my pastes


I'll be around fellas.

a19943 No.134239


i got you fam

963c3e No.134247

File: fefd7d9cc20a455⋯.jpg (23.29 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 7f85347e882f64f0599812eb34….jpg)


thanks bro

22bcdc No.134256

Thanks Baker

Good luck late night crew.

Needing some sleep if I can.

ffbd0b No.134268

File: 26b886e6d42b5e8⋯.jpg (309.34 KB, 1203x2158, 1203:2158, Q 1-22-2018 00.jpg)

Q post 1/22/2018

4fb169 No.134269

Drones over US.

Tracking only.


Tracking WHO?

30c5cb No.134270

File: ef69bbc71332383⋯.jpeg (259.43 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 4B52880E-A4DB-4833-A026-6….jpeg)

Guess I was fucking Thomas Wictor up a little to much.

71bdde No.134271


What did you destroy with the rods?

Why did you destroy them, rather than take them over?

Is it because of what has been taking place in them?

Is it for the best that they are simply buried?

963c3e No.134272

File: fa67804541c3e50⋯.jpg (51.86 KB, 533x400, 533:400, Kurt-Russell-as-Jack-Burto….jpg)


its in there

8d7c19 No.134273


That was a warning shot Q fired that set off the ddos attack. Drones are watching them flee. Just my guess.

677625 No.134274

Pruning 0-reply threads again. You newfags need to stop making new threads for such dumb fucking things (Thank you's, encouragement, etc.). Either keep it in general or take that bullshit to Plebbit.

d4da1f No.134275

File: 5f6019b36c1452b⋯.png (204.33 KB, 474x316, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

Blessed be the bread and the baker

8d7c19 No.134276


thanks for your diligence bo

29dfbe No.134277



Agri-Food & Biosciences Institute (AFBI)

8d7c19 No.134278

TW likely another clovvn. FWanon mentioned it yesterday or early this morning.

>>124993 (I think)

677625 No.134279


And thank you for the hard work on your end anon.

ffbd0b No.134280


I know, just something for anons to save if they choose to do so.

054b06 No.134281


>Tracking WHO

DWS failed to flee. ATL shutdown. LAX shutdown. Planes diverted. JFK flooded, no one in. Mc No Name wears a boot. Hildabeast wears a boot. Congress critters everywhere wear a boot. Drones tracking bad actors. Providing INTEL to white hats. Preventing extraction. Keeping us safe.

57ec97 No.134282

File: e2cd142ce0c8331⋯.png (67.48 KB, 535x138, 535:138, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

File: fb1d6bf950b3354⋯.png (50.62 KB, 670x151, 670:151, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

File: e56361b7b879af8⋯.png (74.69 KB, 303x180, 101:60, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

File: b7219cdf0e1cbb4⋯.png (181.28 KB, 752x674, 376:337, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

ok… officially worth digging into this Project Reach Youth



similarity is


looks like they are owned by chinese american planning council…

had a court case involving wages not paid and paid below minimum wage.

looks like it could be a child procurement operation.

http: //www.projectreachnyc.org/

http: //caselaw.findlaw.com/ny-supreme-court/1712960.html

97a9c1 No.134283

File: 08049b4e6005e5a⋯.png (2.81 MB, 1622x1262, 811:631, Secret Rogue Clowns In Ame….png)

File: ec6c939f74a177b⋯.png (2.75 MB, 1622x1262, 811:631, Secret Rogue Clowns In Ame….png)

File: e3d22b995cb0e5d⋯.png (3.49 MB, 1968x1262, 984:631, Secret Rogue Clowns In Ame….png)

I'll try posting these again after 2 theads of sliding…

All these corrupt assholes linked to CF!

e4056a No.134284

Thomas Wictor and Imperator Rex

On Twitter mocking Q

Fuck those faggots

68ee08 No.134285


Speaking of drones, I've noticed a distinct lack of them overhead the last couple of nights. I usually pop outside for a smoke every couple hours and you can see them buzzing around the city (southwest US) all night long. At least half a dozen of them. I guess the shutdown was good for something.

a19943 No.134286

memefags, is there an update for hashtags, etc that needs to go in the next bread?

c313df No.134287


Just use a quick q? (Sorry if covered allready)

Why prune of zero reply threads. Sometimes pertanent information goes unseen until later.

Is this just a temporary thing or ?

22bcdc No.134288


Literally a "Doubting Thomas"

A doubting Thomas is a skeptic who refuses to believe without direct personal experience—a reference to the Apostle Thomas, who refused to believe that the resurrected Jesus had appeared to the ten other apostles, until he could see and feel the wounds received by Jesus on the cross.

a19943 No.134289


unintentional slide threads are still slide threads, tbh

8d7c19 No.134290


they b glowing, enjoy the show!

236df0 No.134291

File: 7b91fc9018c128b⋯.jpeg (433.18 KB, 1184x1180, 296:295, chanty.jpeg)

d5aeef No.134292


>Is this just a temporary thing or ?

Dude, if it was even a thing this board wouldve been buried in shit long ago.. let the BO do his job FFs.

959c9d No.134293

What do priests do?



f9137b No.134294


Pretty sure the drone would be tracking Q trying to see where the signal was coming from.

6f00fd No.134295

File: b7d55d7dc4f91b8⋯.jpg (52.81 KB, 500x591, 500:591, maybe-they-were-5a66fb.jpg)

8d7c19 No.134296


whenever the memo comes out, we shift to #memo, so says FW anon..let me find the link to all those posts.

c313df No.134297

236df0 No.134298

File: 96f2c091f008fee⋯.jpeg (423.79 KB, 1176x1174, 588:587, chantifixed.jpeg)

677625 No.134299


I won't get rid of anything that has useful information. I don't see any reason why someone has to create a thread that is literally just "Hey Q, 60% isn't enough can we have more?" "Keep up the good work anons, we can beat the bad guys!" or "Here is my first meme". These threads cause good, information-packed threads to slide down the board pages.

Post last edited at

054b06 No.134300

File: 6d1ed05a7a795c1⋯.png (89.64 KB, 756x595, 108:85, Screenshot 2018-01-23 at 4….png)


>Imperator Rex

7d8c58 No.134301


Trump Schedule || Sunday, October 1, 2017

Posted on October 1, 2017, 9:38 am by Keith Koffler • 4 Comments

3:00 pm || Participates in the Presidents Cup Golf Tournament; Liberty National Golf Club; Jersey City, New Jersey

6:55 pm || Departs Morristown, New Jersey

8:05 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

c313df No.134302


Thanks for the clarification.

Respect, and we appreciate the work you and other Anons are doing.

8e4e4b No.134303


it was obvious Wictor was a glowing faggot, he passes himself off as some normal joe who just happens to spend 22 hrs a day on twatter

8d7c19 No.134304


Follow this ID thru the bread:


And then next bread, follow this one:


Will shed some light.

68ee08 No.134305


Noticed David Semen started making hit-vids on Q around this same time too. Interesting, that.

7d8c58 No.134306


he's a larp probably not in US mil either

8d7c19 No.134307


And they all say the same thing: muh cult, muh fake, muh for the children, muh taking too long for arrests. C.l.A. niggas.

677625 No.134308


Likewise, keep up the good work. I appreciate the effort you guys put in to researching everything.

df54c8 No.134309


Don't think he ever claimed to be a vet…just studies military history

d5aeef No.134310


>to spend 22 hrs a day playing with his twatter

So.. Tattered beef curtains? Is that what these people are?

25c33c No.134311



In war you deny your enemy any advantage

Use of such a weapon would be ideal to destroy D.U.M.B.s

No escape anywhere

No fall back positions

No operational assets

No resources

These can be dug up later and analyzed.


Fight, Fight, Fight

Defense against their destructive assets is not necessary when all their base belong to us, destroyed or controlled. I have faith that our President and our military will win. They are masters in the art of war.

8d7c19 No.134312


ironic timing, no?

08ed45 No.134313


[-7] was at 14:05:49


then the next @ 14:13:04

thats 00:08:05 apart...

then at 22:09:27which around [-7]

hours later




went off here in research, then the follow up #52 over in /greatawakening

after that the next device came back here,

then back to greatawakening to finalize and





did when just witness a test of all Q's devices?

notice the id#'s are different

9113a2 No.134314

File: 631583a28f367b5⋯.jpg (55.99 KB, 517x328, 517:328, IMG_3375.JPG)

Cam anyone share storm-bot 2.0 discord channel?

ed6aa2 No.134315

File: 8d0dd0a98dda0c5⋯.png (907.17 KB, 1544x1128, 193:141, attackoftheclowns.png)

Had to bring here autism had me try to post in old thread.

Below based on following image… Worth a look.


902nd Military Intelligence Group… falls under United States Army Intelligence and Security Command == INSCOM

INSCOM is an organization within both the United States Army and the National Security Agency, the United States's unified signals intelligence organization. A partner ship between Army Military Intelligence and no such agency. This fall under United States Cyber Command as ADM Rogers as their command.

Back to the 902nd which is located at Ft Drum and within 50 miles of where the smtp (email) attacks are traced to. Given how traces work it is plausible that the current attack is aimed at FT Drum and maybe 902nd. Whats 902nd do … Provides direct and general counterintelligence support to Army activities and major commands. That's their piece of the pie in cyber command, counterintelligence, for the army and major commands >>> cyber Command, no such agency and Rogers.

Source of attacks are Microsoft assets, out of Redmond Wa and Washington, Virgina. The later is more inland then the location Norse shows but take it with a grain a salt because who knows how accurate their map is. Although by chance it basically lines up with Langley.

Basic rundown Microsoft bandwidth/firepower is being aimed at a small town with a population under 2,500 which just happens to be near a Army base that houses the unit responsible for counterintelligence.

08ed45 No.134316


i did the math wrong,

but I still feel like Im onto something here.

8d7c19 No.134317

568dbd No.134318

File: 6ff751ab8d4653b⋯.jpg (51.46 KB, 331x387, 331:387, Pray.JPG)

File: d514b0e7e5cb1df⋯.jpg (11.87 KB, 316x75, 316:75, Pray_Prey.JPG)


Follow me here ANONs, I think Q was moving from the political to the church in two of his overnight drops.

In the first drop, he switches from polit to religious tone.

"Those you trust are the most guilty of sin."

Then in his next post he states

"PRAY. PREY. Notice the similarities?"

CHURCH - where the faithful go to PRAY and the corrupt go to PREY.

(Pics Related)

22bcdc No.134319


yeah. very

6f00fd No.134320

File: ec9087e0f43691f⋯.jpg (50.43 KB, 571x421, 571:421, demotivh.jpg)


The fact that there is opposition makes me believe we are on the right track. I've been a "coincidence theorist" long enough to know that when everyone starts to agree with you, you've probably missed the mark.

d5aeef No.134321



>ironic timing, no?

Only for some.. for others that got the message and auth early on it's.. you can't make this shit up, yo..

c7c830 No.134322



b08f55 No.134323


Great point, what evidence is there?

Are there missing CEO's? Are there missing politicians?

Podesta seems not to be in Gitmo despite I think Q suggesting he was.

Q is near to Trump, that's proven, and he has advanced Intel I'm sure, but he has also played us and mislead us, maybe for good reasons, maybe to mislead the badguys...

But we need to accept one thing, while Q seemingly could not be a LARP'er, he also leads us on...

There is strong CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence for what he says, but the does it all pan out?

I want to believe Q badly, very BADLY, but we can't let our wanting to believe him and our admiration for his apparent job lead us forever on nowhere.

More to the point, if Q isn't making this happen, we need to make this happen!

57ec97 No.134324

File: fb1d6bf950b3354⋯.png (50.62 KB, 670x151, 670:151, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

File: e56361b7b879af8⋯.png (74.69 KB, 303x180, 101:60, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

File: b7219cdf0e1cbb4⋯.png (181.28 KB, 752x674, 376:337, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

File: e2cd142ce0c8331⋯.png (67.48 KB, 535x138, 535:138, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)


ok… officially worth digging into this Project Reach Youth



similarity is


looks like they are owned by chinese american planning council…

had a court case involving wages not paid and paid below minimum wage.

looks like it could be a child procurement operation.

http: //www.projectreachnyc.org/

http: //caselaw.findlaw.com/ny-supreme-court/1712960.html

d5aeef No.134325

File: 76cf34cd16252a2⋯.png (28.51 KB, 500x500, 1:1, clowns_suck01.png)

68ee08 No.134326


Stellar. Your weaponization is coming along nicely.

05895c No.134327

File: aa7b19d3239c1d1⋯.png (28.35 KB, 594x278, 297:139, 2018-01-23_041736_twitter.png)


Had a look at Imperator_Rex's feed.

Love pic related.

9f31ba No.134328

File: b09bd21b2345176⋯.png (187.66 KB, 1757x755, 1757:755, Q 22jan2147.png)


I found WWW WELT in Q's message…

Is Q referring to www.welt.de, the German newspaper?

"Die Welt" is not only the name of a German newspaper, but also a publication from the founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl.

Newspaper "Die Welt" is owned by Axel Springer SE, a fervent Zionist:

Axel Springer SE is the largest digital publishing house in Europe, with numerous multimedia news brands, such as Bild, Die Welt, and Fakt and more than 15,000 employees.

The Axel Springer SE is criticized by German leftists and Muslims who maintain that Springer media show excessive support for Israel.

Are Germany and Israel the foreign allies Q is talking about?

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Die_Welt

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Die_Welt_(Herzl)

719701 No.134329


Wasn't it stated that they were going to be using Gitmo and Diego Garcia?

b1b92c No.134330


operation shithole lmao

22bcdc No.134331


Q is jukeing and jiving the cabal into making mistakes.

I'm just going to roll with it.


02a866 No.134332

File: e1476e3b128f0b5⋯.jpg (379.02 KB, 2355x798, 785:266, Anons always win.jpg)

A little meme just for us


623f67 No.134333


They got triggered or hacked.

a19943 No.134334


kek. i was baker for that 2nd thread. i put #Memo in the OP, but it got changed sometime between then and now.

8d7c19 No.134335


We know the first military bases HRC was going to take away were in Germany, so maybe a nugget, anon. We know Germany is dirtyaf.

ffbd0b No.134336


Couldn't also mean that the Hunters are now the Prey, and wants them to Pray for their life.

d5aeef No.134337


Yep, and you can TRUST everyone! → >>91912

8d7c19 No.134338


Q is teaching us to read the map..

We're learning how to "see" now.

And it's not a pretty world we live in.

But all in due time, it will be.


Glorious things are coming, remember.

9f31ba No.134339

File: 2ce8ede79cbd753⋯.jpg (29.8 KB, 195x293, 195:293, DS-cover-195x293.jpg)



Israel’s German-built submarines are equipped with nuclear weapons, Der Spiegel reports.

Israel’s German-supplied and partly German-financed fleet of nuclear submarines is equipped with nuclear missiles.

https:// www.timesofisrael.com/new-submarines-will-have-second-strike-nuclear-capability/

568dbd No.134340


that's where I was for a while too, but this looks like a pivot to the Church:

>Nobody can possibly imagine the pure evil and corruption out there.

>Those you trust are the most guilty of sin.

>Who are we taught to trust?

>If you are religious, PRAY.

8e4e4b No.134341


I trust Q but I worry that this is going to play out over many months. I worry about the health (physical and social) of my fellow anons who are devoting 24/7 to this currently thinking that Trump is going to announce at the SOTU that HRC is at gitmo. I don't think that is the timeline we are on.

22bcdc No.134342


TW has messages posted on his twitter a couple days ago that he himself didn't write.

Twatter doesn't want to die. Would they take over accounts to do misinfo?

4ed132 No.134343


Doesn't take much - you just have to disagree with him.

Very fragile character.

acbd5c No.134344


I think there was intent to go to LV that night, but MI alerted, and intervened to stop the bigger event / dirty bomb. If potus doesn't go to WH, and instead flies from NJ -> LV it fits in the timeline.

The bomb doesn't go off because it was foiled. The key to understanding the big picture event is trump using the word 'miracle' when he goes to visit.

The timeline would match the insider drop on 4 from a previous weeks prior, all of that seems to connect.

The 'sacrifice' is the reason why it hasn't been disclosed yet, it's much too hard of a pill to swallow.

b1b92c No.134345


Sorry for earlier BO and teamQ.

Curiosity got the better of me.

Extremely difficult for me to reign in.

Appreciate the patience.

623f67 No.134346


May be.

I was tinking about those Turkish hacks on TW accounts maybe hacked "inside" TW.

22bcdc No.134347


Potus just keeps cornering them though.

Like making them have to choose between CHIPS kids and soldiers and DACA kids.

They were in a no win situation.

Just have to keep doing this till they make a dumb and desperate move.

ffbd0b No.134348


Right, meaning the Priest's (who we are taught to trust) prey on little kids, Now those same Perverts better start praying.

e4056a No.134350

The push against Qs legitimacy is at its highest and most public

The timing is interesting

8d7c19 No.134351


No coincidences.

They still must think they have a chance.

At this point, what difference does it make?


22bcdc No.134352


the Veritas videos have them admitting that they can do and see about anything.

and @jack is a day glow fucking dragon dildo.

623f67 No.134353


Moreover it doesn't seem to be usual kind of writting style of Imperator Rex.

ed6aa2 No.134354


They where collapsing back shit in DE 2007 when I was there.

6f00fd No.134355


Better this way, I think. No use sitting on fence. Now you know what team they're on.

22bcdc No.134356


I'm not writing them off.

I am considering the accounts comped.

623f67 No.134357


We need to keep checking this and pass the voice all over here.

9f31ba No.134358

File: f6eb9c385e5b58a⋯.jpg (59.87 KB, 640x360, 16:9, israel-dolphin-submarine-n….jpg)

File: 612a6227bd402b3⋯.jpg (195.28 KB, 1119x480, 373:160, superdolphincomparisondiag….jpg)


Full 6 page article from der Spiegel about 'Operation Samson'.

Israel's Deployment of Nuclear Missiles on Subs from Germany

Many have wondered for years about the exact capabilities of the submarines Germany exports to Israel. Now, experts in Germany and Israel have confirmed that nuclear-tipped missiles have been deployed on the vessels. And the German government has long known about it.

http:// www.spiegel.de/international/world/israel-deploys-nuclear-weapons-on-german-built-submarines-a-836784.html

ffbd0b No.134360


Oh shite, is Q telling us to stay home and watch SOTU, in 7 days.

e9586b No.134361

File: d80f88df30b99e2⋯.jpg (48.83 KB, 582x437, 582:437, BoringCompanyTunnel (1).jpg)

Found this interesting. Keeping an eye on it.



a3573e No.134362



Thank you for cleaning them up

Also for you newfags - DO NOT put your email address anywhere on this board

ed6aa2 No.134363


Also Rhamstein is vital to over seas operations, supplies worldwide and data link for ME and Africa

22bcdc No.134364


if more high-vis twatter accounts flip to anti-Q all of the sudden I think we know that twatter is to blame.

085cd6 No.134365


Agree with this assessment anon. It seems what Q fears most is outing the church's iniquity in all this. And not just the Catholic church. All of them are implicated if the recent lengthy Australian investigations are anything to go by.

4e34ab No.134366

File: 04219c1781a48d1⋯.jpeg (33.98 KB, 640x120, 16:3, AAF02CD0-1DAD-4826-BE3D-5….jpeg)

Gat damn. I hang out with a couple friends, have a couple beers, and I miss some ridiculous shit. Massive shill attack; ddos attack, and the most blunt/direct drop of all of them so far.

He had a really good point here. The red pills we’ve eaten have yet to come from an official source. Once someone at the WH says what we all knew, the whole world is gonna turn upside down. 43 year old Sally Smith who just marched for women’s rights isn’t about to hear about human sacrifice and be ok with it. I’m terrified of what could happen with even 40% of the truth out in the open.

7cffa3 No.134367

Holleeee fuckkkk!!!! We just had an 8.0 earthquake hit Kodiak, AK! I'm several hundred miles away and felt that shit!!! Waiting for tsunami information. 12 miles deep.

e9586b No.134368


Like this? >>133330

6f00fd No.134369


Valid point. Worth considering. Either way though, our marching orders stand.

5672b1 No.134370

Interesting… ok I know it's newsweak so take it with a grain of salt, but may be worth some digging? http:// www. newsweek.com/hobby-lobby-surrenders-245-more-smuggled-iraq-artifacts-federal-government-784388

b08f55 No.134371


If you say so, but do we have evidence of anyone going to either?

Ok, so 2 dems have committed suicide over coming legal issues (one was a lawyer donor).

One arrest of a nobody in uranium one.

Lots of flights mysteriously turn around.

Then flights to Guantanamo Bay Cuba.

Moon boots being worn, even switching foot.

Hawaii not so false alarm…

There's lots of smoke.

Some really good sounding talk from Trump.

Mysterious booms, apparent fighting in underground bases.

The Saudi clean up.

LOTS of CEO's resigning, lots of Politicians not seeking re-election.

And an executive order seizing funds of those involved in this stuff, all kinda unknown international people.

10k sealed indictments.

But, is all that is happening, why has not one single visible person been confirmed absolutely missing or arrested?

There is POWERFUL circumstantial evidence that suggests the white hats have taken control, but, if it were actually the black hats that had taken control and they were sending the white hats to GITMO, would we really know the difference when we don't know who is at GITMO anyway?

I VERY MUCH thing that it is happening, and I want to think it is happening, and it seems it is happening…

But Q has mislead us before, and we have nothing beyond doubt that this is what we think it is.

Something is probably happening, but the narrative we are being sold might be the only one I can think of, but I will be glad when it's the only one possible because Bush, Clinton's, and the rest are behind bars!

Probably we only have to wait to see if the MEMO is as good/bad as claimed, and I'm just an impatient whiny twat, hopefully. but as of yet, we are just listening to a story teller with a yarn that is wrong in places (Q promised arrests to happen early Nov).

5672b1 No.134372

4b98fb No.134373


Yep. Coordinated disinfo. Been onto this dude and others like him for a while now. Calls himself a "journalist".

Saw his latest anti-Q hit piece on Youtube. Guess he's mad because Crypto reversed hard during the past 2 weeks.

de050f No.134374

File: 1fa3c1214ff729d⋯.png (93.62 KB, 293x172, 293:172, ClipboardImage.png)


been ready for years

b1b92c No.134376

I can almost feel the cyber-warfare battle right now.

The tension is palpable.

Some sort of giant crack-off is occurring.

1e0d4b No.134377


Just saw that flash across my alerts, trying to get the Tsunami page to load… Wonder if it's down due to Govt shutdown?

8.0… bad juju.

623f67 No.134378


Very likely is or they already helping hackers to do it.

Attention: Eartquake 7.8 in ALASKA.

623f67 No.134379


Gulf of ALASKA.

ed6aa2 No.134380

Bs on EQ all old mixed with new

02a866 No.134381

File: 297c58899f43d65⋯.jpg (490.11 KB, 665x677, 665:677, Alaska tsunami alert.jpg)

It's on here, watch status


e9586b No.134383



677625 No.134384


Thanks, missed that one. Wow, after looking at that newfags post history, I have lost many more brain cells.

9f31ba No.134385


https:// earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/us2000cmy3#executive

c313df No.134386

File: aba2ccfcedb6d09⋯.png (334.89 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, image.png)


>Kodiak, AK


b1b92c No.134387


A lot of odd vibrations lately too.

Low frequency, extremely powerful.

Mostly at night.

Makes you feel like you're being crushed.

some sort of sonic warfare maybe?

more likely to be some sort of secondary effect though I think.

22bcdc No.134388

File: 82d4e7a9e178f75⋯.png (52.42 KB, 541x705, 541:705, ClipboardImage.png)



ed6aa2 No.134389


Cool, found it never mind bs rescinded

7cffa3 No.134390

Kodiak Is.


8d7c19 No.134391


shills in here lads, use your filter wisely

c4c46b No.134392


If you believe Q, and I do, then anons… if you aren’t “religious”, maybe it’s time to seek Christ and ask him some questions. It’s time to be a Warrior in God’s army. Why do you think Q emphasizes prayer so often? it is because the bible says it is more effective than battle we could do in the physical realm. I’m not saying you should (God forbid!) start attending a mega church and acting hokey. Just seek Christ and read his words. Believe on Him and you will be saved.

God Bless you Q and every patriot in harms way of this monstrous evil. If God is for you, who can be against you?

Ask yourself. Why do all these facets of the CULT serve Satan and do all these things that make normal people get sick and go crazy just to contemplate… if he is not real, if he is not the literal enemy of God? It defies credulity.

1dbaf3 No.134393

File: d049c20ea1db6fb⋯.jpg (144.11 KB, 582x1001, 582:1001, wictor.jpg)


This should pretty much take care of any Wictor arguments

4e34ab No.134394


Yeah, everyone on this board has been. But we’re different. We’ve got an insatiable appetite for shit like this. We hail from places full of nazi larpers, gore, beastiality, and the fringiest frontiers of conspiracy theory. We were chosen because we’ve proven we can handle the truth. But really how many people do you know IRL that have the stomach to sit through a full ASPCA commercial?

ffbd0b No.134395



:stay at home< = for SOTU

[-7] = minus 7

DR_noon_clear_sky^ = Days Remaining_@ noon_clear skies

Safe comms_SAT-re_Bz985300^00 = Safe communications


8d7c19 No.134396

File: 8dcbc56a4490372⋯.png (681.27 KB, 1034x896, 517:448, 2018-01-23 02_52_04-Live E….png)


Off coast of AK

6ec8fc No.134397




United States:

* A&E (TV channel), cable and satellite television network

* A&E Networks, parent company of the A&E Network

PRY- Project Reach Youth

http:// www.


Prince Rupert Airport IATA: YPR, ICAO: CYPR



9f31ba No.134398




0943 UTC TUE JAN 23 2018













* ORIGIN TIME 0932 UTC JAN 23 2018


* DEPTH 19 KM / 12 MILES


http:// ptwc.weather.gov/ptwc/text.php?id=pacific.TSUPAC.2018.01.23.0943

http:// ptwc.weather.gov/?region=1

4c9ddc No.134399


10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

-Ephesian 6:10-18

e9586b No.134400

File: 9b82afd59845f9f⋯.jpg (126.78 KB, 960x792, 40:33, dem vs rep.jpg)


All good. I got your back.


c7c830 No.134401


Interesting. Not sure.

1e0d4b No.134402


And they just upped it to an 8.2…

Hasn't been one single 5+ quake at the epicenter in a long while.

Mother Earth is getting restless.

22bcdc No.134403

File: a2a048cfd8a0b65⋯.png (9.31 KB, 485x116, 485:116, ClipboardImage.png)


yeah it's big enough they are warning HI

9f31ba No.134405


Expansion relief hurts a bit.

00234f No.134406


Hold on to that screenshot for when the asshats deceide to jump on the bandwagon

d882e9 No.134407


Shit. 8.0. That's huge.

915bf8 No.134408


The neocons show their true colors.

29dfbe No.134409




Not only vatican but many a mega church has been cop'd by big $$

8bf9bc No.134410

>>134403 At 8.8 it shifted axis of earth… 8.2 is not far behind https:// news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2010/03/100302-chile-earthquake-earth-axis-shortened-day/

428614 No.134411


Tsunami alert next 2 hrs west coast Oregon and California

22bcdc No.134412


Faith is free. I don't need a church.

de050f No.134413


dude i cant even sit through an ASPCA commercial.

no homo

1e0d4b No.134414


I'd be rather cautious along the West coast today. These things have a way of flaring up.

Looking at G Earf, seems to be quite a hard drop at the epicenter. If it took down part of that ridge, there could be enough water displaced to actually cause a mini tsunami in Hawaii. Or all along the Pacific coast (not so mini).

e4056a No.134415


To the Californians

Learn To Swim

d882e9 No.134416


It's gonna slosh, methinks.

c4c46b No.134417


Amen brother.

8d7c19 No.134418


Kek. So, do you think the cabal was trying to trigger another BDT to somewhere?

22bcdc No.134419


Big rolling wave down the cost would fuck up some people's day

e9586b No.134420


>Tsunami alert next 2 hrs west coast Oregon and California


a19943 No.134421


>have the stomach to sit through a full ASPCA commercial?

i hate those fucking things. as if pictures of sad dogs is going to convince me to open my fucking wallet. a 22 round is the cheapest solution

2dd7e5 No.134422


California could use an Ænima

22bcdc No.134423


the cabal?


4cbd60 No.134424


Our dear planet is purifying itself.

b08f55 No.134425


Damn, that's a good point, this is addicting, it's hard to pay attention to anything else, I just want to know how the revolution is going, honestly I could relax a bunch more if I wasn't 99.7% sure it's happening, but 100%.

Hopefully the Memo will give us something that cannot be ignored.

a19943 No.134426

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



cant pass this opportunity up. embed related

e4056a No.134427


For sure

See you you down in Arizona Bay

1e0d4b No.134428


Should be *trigger* warnings for other faults… Anyone know The Rock's current location? Just in case…

22bcdc No.134429


lol, yeah Dwayne will save'em

ffbd0b No.134430


Only problem with my theory is, SOTU starts @6pmPT/9pmET


>:stay at home< = for SOTU

>[-7] = minus 7

>DR_noon_clear_sky^ = Days Remaining_@ noon_clear skies

>Safe comms_SAT-re_Bz985300^00 = Safe communications


33f646 No.134431

File: 2e6d52124424fae⋯.jpg (27.8 KB, 326x326, 1:1, 1516698273570.jpg)

6f00fd No.134433

File: 09c04b9b2b69e32⋯.jpg (40.34 KB, 556x349, 556:349, demotivb.jpg)


Califag here. Tired of this three ring circus sideshow anyway. See ya on the other side.

719701 No.134434


What time in HI?

d3f09d No.134435

morning anons…planefag day! How many drones are we tracking?

22bcdc No.134436

22807b No.134438

File: 524352027e111af⋯.png (704.65 KB, 1920x975, 128:65, Crickets.png)

4ed132 No.134439


The only 'tunneling' EM will be doing in the future, will be with a spoon thru a cell wall…

30c5cb No.134441


I’m in SF, any word of norcal should Evac?

29dfbe No.134442

f61c40 No.134443


Be safe! Tsunami warning anon

1dbaf3 No.134444


There are no coincidences

ffbd0b No.134445

7f3fb6 No.134446

>>134371 backtoredditplease

29dfbe No.134447


hurry up Ethel and gits them lawn chairs, a know the ones with the floaty things on em…and get me a beer!

4e34ab No.134448

So that was one hell of an earthquake, huh? Who’s gonna be collecting donations for the relief efforts, do ya think? We’re gonna have to check them out…this is an opportunity for the cabal to recoup some losses; make a quick hundred million bucks. Our job just got a little harder, anons.

7cffa3 No.134449


Tsunami warning for the next 2 or so hours I read. Oogle it.

acbd5c No.134450


Maybe he will climb through the sewer to escape.

d80e3a No.134451

Why are we here?

Why are we providing crumbs?

Think MEMO.


Not convinced this is spreading?

You, the PEOPLE, have THE POWER.

You, the PEOPLE, just forgot how to PLAY.


APART you are weak.












This is more important than you can imagine.


Taking the first letter from each of these all cap words, Q seems to be asking

why “Y” “RCRP,” because he emphasizes by asking again at the lower end, “Y.”

I did a search for RCRP, and found the U.S. Navy program below on acronymfinder.com.

Then I did a search for the U.S. Navy Program for more information, since the first site had no links.

I came up with something pretty interesting, as you’ll see. In a nutshell, it discusses the U.S. Navy’s

readiness for warfare. Maybe more to it, as the company that developed the program is named

“Surviac.” That is probably worth further digging.


SURVIAC Success Story

Readiness and Cost Reporting Program iac.dtic.mil/surviac Customer: Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC)


Today’s defense forces operate in a dynamic environment that challenges commanders to balance current readiness demands and emerging requirements with fiscal responsibility. For example, the Navy is heavily engaged across the globe with a 40,000-member force of Navy Expeditionary Sailors encompassing a range of warfighting capabilities. When the Navy consolidated these operations under a single command, Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC), it tasked SURVIAC to design and develop the Readiness and Cost Reporting Program (RCRP) to be used by the Navy to help manage, assess, and report readiness for the warfighting mission.


RCRP aggregates unit readiness-related information (including resources of personnel, equipment, supply, training, and ordnance) to determine operational unit readiness status and report to appropriate commanders through a web-based application. SURVIAC provided mission, readiness, and cost analysis and end-to-end system development that enhanced NECC’s ability to achieve cost-efficient readiness, improve warfighting capabilities, and enhance expeditionary force survivability with its unique force structure/requirements. SURVIAC’s multidisciplinary team worked with NECC leadership and subject matter experts to understand the command’s requirements, challenges, and priorities. After almost a year of shaping and developing the concept with NECC stakeholders, SURVIAC delivered a complete operational system that empowers leadership to objectively and quantitatively measure current force readiness and costs. It will also enable commanders – at all levels – to make informed, effective decisions regarding force employment, resource allocation, and investments.


NECC fully adopted the Readiness and Cost Reporting Program supporting 40,000 personnel aligned under 250 permanent and 150 temporary expeditionary units realizing a $130 million return on investment through cost avoidance, optimized reallocation of assets, and readiness efficiencies. NECC commanders are now equipped with processes, information, tools, and analyses to ensure their diverse expeditionary forces can achieve optimal levels of readiness – with efficient time and cost.

9f31ba No.134452

File: 2c8f28f89d5dce9⋯.jpg (251.08 KB, 1674x1116, 3:2, Front_entrance_to_Axel_Spr….jpg)


That's a friggin' big OWL in front of Axel Springer's office building…

Axel Springer SE is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. The company is active in more than 40 countries with subsidiaries, joint ventures, and licensing.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Axel_Springer_SE

They all belong to the same cult!

1e0d4b No.134453


For 47 Alaskans? That's the total population closest to the epicenter…

Now if the Pac coast gets Tsunami'd, ehhhh maybe.

22bcdc No.134454


more like Enriqua or Esperantia

6f00fd No.134455

File: 684c4fb06e1ff6a⋯.jpg (69.6 KB, 638x400, 319:200, pelicanfag-at-his.jpg)


Thanks anon. Hey, if I'm not around tomorrow, give this to pelicanfag for me, OK.

d80e3a No.134456



SURVIAC is operated by Booz Allen Hamilton under SURVIAC contract SP0700-03-D-1380.

29dfbe No.134457


kek anon

b08f55 No.134458


People are too Fluoridated, they will be pissed off, and sign an online petition about it too! But they won't do anything violent unless paid and organized to do so.

Look, how many Vetrans who have committed suicide?

These are people that know violence and killing, and they know they were sent ill equipped into wars for bogus made up evil reasons, then they kill themselves and yet they don't go after Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Obama, HRC. No, they just kill themselves.

So while it would not be the worst thing in the world for there to be some physical violence directed at these fuckers, it hasn't happened despite a portion of this stuff being known since before the internet became popular and has exploded with the internet.

Nah, there will be outrage, and there need to be, but as long as it is being handled (bad guys put away) it will be manageable.

Look, to clean up society we are going to need a lot of disgusted people so the system can go though the through cleansing it will need to remove all of these people and their institutions.

As for SPCA ads, sure, if you have gratuitous pictures of sad animals, sad children, people will protect themselves by looking away, and that's it, people will protect themselves.

But some text saying "sad dog" isn't going to create an emotional reaction.

The same way Christians ignore much of science because it doesn't support 6000 year old earth, or flat earthers protect their beliefs by ignoring all science and technology knowledge, even math ever.

Those of us unable to protect ourselves from the truth by self delusion already know what's what and won't be shocked.

8d7c19 No.134459


Anything over AK or HI?

22bcdc No.134460


where did that owl used to be?

It looks like it was removed from an old building or shrine.

acbd5c No.134461


F, why must one watch MSNBC to get news about the Earthquake ?

8d7c19 No.134462


Bet they ask for crypto donations.

Wanna bet me?

22807b No.134463

File: 57196b8e843dd79⋯.png (698.21 KB, 1920x974, 960:487, Negative.png)

22bcdc No.134464


man, the times they are a changin'

b08f55 No.134465

>>134446 Why, because my posts are longer than one word :)

d3f09d No.134466

9f31ba No.134467



It was made by sculptor Fritz Klimsch…

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fritz_Klimsch

02a866 No.134468


Or Bubba might tunnel Elon

7f3fb6 No.134469

Nobody thinks to find out what is on Kodak. Wax on wax off anons.

de050f No.134470

File: 19d00496ecc5b26⋯.png (676.6 KB, 1125x583, 1125:583, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 89e47aeb0c9fab1⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1163x585, 1163:585, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e0df8f705be1abc⋯.png (445.33 KB, 382x493, 382:493, ClipboardImage.png)


theres one right at the end of General Electrics road in NY

1dbaf3 No.134471


Speaking of disaster relief "shock and con." Was this video designed as a predictive post-FF influence campaign? He's scheduled to be the SB halftime worship leader for the secret society.

"Justin emerges from the ground as dirty children gather around him, in a post-apocalyptic world. Eiza is looking fresh and clean.

"What happened there? A nuclear explosion? Why is everybody dirty except Eiza? Did she know that the destruction was coming?

"The timing of this scene is rather odd as Supplies was released only days after the Hawaii false nuke alert."


b17992 No.134472

Good morning you faggots. What's the word on hilldog getting pummeled by a big wave?

d3f09d No.134473


bahaha..funny..he may be talking about the 6.0 in Java anon…

How long is the tsunami warning active?

Drones are just flying about? Do they look active in an area?

22807b No.134474



568dbd No.134475

File: f91a5f47adf6828⋯.jpg (34.88 KB, 408x396, 34:33, RJ1.JPG)


Former RJAnon here

SAME40 = RC-135 flying out of Majors Field, Tx, home of contractor which fits/upgrades electronic equipment in the back-end.

Flying at 20K is too low to be useful to back-enders, so looks like a maintenance test flight.


f35e19 No.134477

https:// www.navytimes.com/news/2018/01/22/amvets-says-nfl-censored-its-ad-against-flag-protests/

The ad, which would have cost the veterans organization $30,000, features the tag “#PleaseStand” with a picture of service members saluting the American flag and information on how to donate to the congressionally-chartered organization.

22bcdc No.134478

File: 663df8bf598f948⋯.png (14.58 MB, 3033x2947, 3033:2947, ClipboardImage.png)


it's been moved

ed3205 No.134479

File: bf4f033de781192⋯.png (51.3 KB, 700x694, 350:347, 636517188742168377-011618-….png)


An 8.2-magnitude earthquake has been detected about 175 miles southeast of Kodiak, Alaska, in the Gulf of Alaska, according to preliminary figures from the United States Geological Survey.

The quake had a depth of about 6 miles, according to USGS.

A tsunami warning is in effect for southeast and south Alaska, including the Alaska peninsula, Aleutian islands and British Columbia in Canada. A tsunami watch is in effect for California, Oregon and Washington, according to the Tsunami Warning Center.

22807b No.134480


twitter. com/CivMilAir/status/955737921239289856

251159 No.134481

so california got hit with bushfires, a mudslide, and a tsunami is coming

any volcanoes nearby?

7f3fb6 No.134482



8d7c19 No.134483

29dfbe No.134484

whoa…and I can't find it in the Q posts!

didn't the Q mention something like;

"what/or which is the largest state"

land mass wise it would be Alaska!!

pop wise it would be Calif.

8.2 in AK??

2ee1ee No.134485




It's an OP.

A "honeypot": they collect thousands of redpilled followers by dropping some good "inside infos" or "clever insights", then when the time comes they spread doubts over true infos and persons (like Q), and followers believe them.

It's an OP.

1b2ed5 No.134486

File: cb8a9353f4a9bbf⋯.jpg (51.9 KB, 604x439, 604:439, aa.JPG)

29dfbe No.134487


the entire eastern side is solid volcanoes dormant and ancient

7cffa3 No.134488


Fishing season. Fukton of peeps in Kodiak City.. I just left there last week for time off work.

8bf9bc No.134489

7f3fb6 No.134490


Expand your thinking. Launch facility. Related to [_] Capable of [_]. There are no coincidences.

9f31ba No.134491


From where to where?

65cd3d No.134492


Now we just need to find out how to create a sharknado….

8d7c19 No.134493

8bf9bc No.134494

22bcdc No.134495


also the flu

8bf9bc No.134496


Meme that! I'd love to see a sharknado in action!!

5918bb No.134497


http:// nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/01/2018-democratic-wave-likely-to-become-tsunami-in-california.html thought the wording on this headline was funny considering the state of things.

e9586b No.134498


Exactly like Navy Jack

b2397f No.134499

The Clintons are currently rubbing their hands together, hopeful for a nice profitable natural disaster.

4e34ab No.134500


I would but I only operate in cash.

And lately, mostly small coins.

So I was just thinking…there’s 10,000+ sealed indictments. There are lawyers working pro bono double overtime to process those. Do we know any lawyers IRL who we could redpill to help process those? More hands on deck means more gets processed faster. I know one personally, but there’s gotta be anons out there that know somebody too. That being said, we now have a very specific demographic to target to assist in our efforts.

d93f2e No.134501

File: 3c476e39bccdb54⋯.jpg (8.78 KB, 121x34, 121:34, aa2.JPG)

check the [ [….related? weird to post like that on twatter?

164454 No.134502


he started about six hours ago

de050f No.134503



d3f09d No.134504


If an 8.2 it would rank as one of the strongest earthquakes ever..which seems odd given the timing…

https:// earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/browse/largest-world.php

7cffa3 No.134505

4.7 magnitude aftershock just now.

d3f09d No.134506


locusts next :-)

9f31ba No.134507


No, same spot. Looks like a renovation job on the building behind the owl. Same door frames etc. as the other pic.

1e0d4b No.134508


No coincidences.

NONE. Ever. Nope. Not then either. ABSOLUTELY NONE.

8d7c19 No.134509


What do you think about this: Q keeps asking us where BHO is. BHO was going around the world speaking to all the leaders b/c he/HRC were looking for new funding, outside of Roths? Were they looking to light the pyramid on fire? Or perhaps the signal to the sleepies watching was that HRC is good and not part of their SS?


f35e19 No.134510


USGS started at 8.2 now says 7.9

3ee421 No.134511


http:// www.dailymail .co.uk/news/article-5301103/Quake-shakes-Indonesias-Java-buildings-sway-capital.html

1hour ago..

The Indonesian island of Java was hit by the 6.4 magnitude earthquake

7f3fb6 No.134512



65cd3d No.134513


We memed Trump into office, we memed the clinton foundation into the spotlight.


d3f09d No.134514





8d7c19 No.134515


Roger anon. It's obvious now.

4803d2 No.134516

… I asked again in the early hours of morn after another day of the clashing of works and words on this electronic war board. Do I need to continue Father, with this assignment of praying over this group of rude, cursing, braying unnamed mass?.. and slipping into the ether of the place I hear, letting the images form, spirit hearing His words to me… I see you, each choosing the path of revealing wrongs, of revealing evil, each of you choosing to be watchers, heralding the warning. The toxicity each of you experiences into your being as you continue to go deeper into the web that is the ground of your battlefield. Understanding the why of your ways now… releasing the toxicity thru your manner, your spewing of words, explosions, the releasing of the evil you ingest for us, the named, as we shield our tender selves from the evil you face daily. … Thus He answers. Anew I am in awe of you, honored to be one of the warrior watchers of the Anons, and I pray…

29dfbe No.134517


USGS lies like a rug and have for years

1e0d4b No.134518


Also a Lil' 3.7 off Hawaii…

6ec8fc No.134519



487b59 No.134520


:stay at home →>might refer to the congress critters not attending SOTU. Are there 7 of them now?

d3f09d No.134521


not much he is flying over..forest mainly…

rumored clone base under Ada…

oldest know manmade ruins near where he loops north…

a bunch of great fishing lakes on the south side…

cecd85 No.134522

bogus narrative re HI false alert 'cause he forgot his password kek

22bcdc No.134523

File: 36db12dee434e22⋯.png (456.11 KB, 1272x383, 1272:383, ClipboardImage.png)


the pic in front of axel springer in the current Wikipedia is from 1977

the pic I posted was from 2010

and is from a different article on wikipedia

the pic still exists on wiki servers but the article it belongs to is now gone.

Going to keep digging it.

f9137b No.134524

File: 8493b45e3e8b998⋯.png (814.39 KB, 1544x1128, 193:141, IMG_7242.PNG)

File: d1db2913d7b04f0⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_7244.PNG)

To whoever posted this image that looks like Aberdeen proving ground army base not Alexandria.

It's a bio weapon test site iirc.

Pics related.

7f3fb6 No.134525

>>134513 laws of physics? Where are the Physics police? More like guidelines. No laws of physics. Where is physics jail? Silly anon

8436f9 No.134526

Just watch, in the morning hours your going to see crystal rubbing cat ladies saying the quake was caused by sky fortress sinking the lost Argentinian sub.

7f3fb6 No.134527


Aberdeen is NOT a bio test site, it does R&D inside labs on cb Defense equip. Easy Francis

8ca21c No.134528

File: feb001a7a30b8d4⋯.jpg (29.87 KB, 479x232, 479:232, q.JPG)


3ee421 No.134529


And another one near AFRICA 4,9 Magnitude

A light earthquake with magnitude 4.9 (ml/mb) was detected on Tuesday, South of Africa (0 miles). Global time and date of event 22/01/18 / 2018-01-22 23:14:59 / January 22, 2018 @ 11:14 pm UTC/GMT. Event ids that are associated to the earthquake: us2000cmtw. Id of event: us2000cmtw. A tsunami warning has not been issued (Does not indicate if a tsunami actually did or will exist). Exact location of earthquake, 25.7629° East, -52.9127° South, depth 10 km. The temblor was picked up at 01:14:59 / 1:14 am (local time epicenter). The earthquake occurred at a depth of 10 km (6 miles) below the earth’s surface.

http:// www .earthquakenewstoday.com/2018/01/22/light-earthquake-m4-9-quake-has-struck-near-africa-2/

Another one near HAWAI , 3,7Magnitude

http:// www. earthquakenewstoday.com/2018/01/23/minor-earthquake-3-72-mag-strikes-near-honokaa-in-hawaii/

cecd85 No.134530


Thank you Anon

d3f09d No.134531


He was asking that to illustrate that BHO was traveling in advance of DJT..and to point out how Hussein went to Iran and NK both…

BHO is/was just trying to save his ass…if BHO played football..he'd be a kneeler…

8d7c19 No.134532

File: f861e861291acf8⋯.png (52.58 KB, 1347x202, 1347:202, ClipboardImage.png)


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Alamo

7f3fb6 No.134533

e4056a No.134534


They're setting off deep state nukes

9f31ba No.134535


Filename says Ullstein. That's the Axel Springer building.

22bcdc No.134536



http:// secret-wiki.de/wiki/Allegria

Allegria is a publishing house that wants to bring people closer to life art and joie de vivre with their books. The publishing house was founded in November 2004 in Berlin. The first books of the publishing house appeared in March 2005. The Allegria publishing house is a daughter of the Ullstein publishing house. In contrast to the extensive paperback program of the series "Ullstein Esoteric", the books of the Allegria publishing house appear mostly as hardcover edition. The word "Allegria" comes from Italian and means joy, cheerfulness, cheerfulness.

006186 No.134537


yeah these idiots didn't prepare for war. they prepared extinction with no or little resistance. them being terrified in this cat torturing the mouse makes me smile. i just wish /ourguys/ were not losing ant Patriots.

f9137b No.134538


Disregard. I see it is actually Alexandria not Aberdeen (however Aberdeen is Chem test site hence "proving ground")

https:// . en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aberdeen_Proving_Ground

b08f55 No.134539


Of course! The ones the launch get shot down, so they let them of underwater!

Release the Nemo!? :)

afdbc8 No.134540

File: ee1cbc373bba4a6⋯.jpg (72.79 KB, 722x609, 722:609, Thomas_Wictor.jpg)

I am saving this so one Mr doubting Thomas

It's going to come back at you and bite you in the arse.

8d7c19 No.134541



Learn to read the map.


7f3fb6 No.134542


The Force is strong in this one

d3f09d No.134543

Question for planeanons…

Can you track the chemtrail planes? I don't want to slip the thread with a rabbit hole..but if so, that might be worthwhile to see where they task from..and if known advise..

6ec8fc No.134544

Those [good] who know cannot sleep.

Those [good] who know cannot find peace.

Those [good] who know will not rest until those responsible are held accountable.

This is heartbreaking. All those victims. Unimaginable suffering. I feel your pain ( from what I can only imagine) , you who know. God be with you. May Christ be your peace. Prayers.

e4056a No.134545


Fuck that cunt

4b1aef No.134546

<fox&friends> 'Facebook doing some 'soulsearching' with its relation with democracy….' that oughta be interesting - coming up in 3 mins

2dd7e5 No.134547


His ridicule smacks of typical leftist tactics. That's all they have

367552 No.134548


There are so coincidences…

164454 No.134549


>Can you track the chemtrail planes?

you can too. when you see it above you just go to global.adsbexchange.com/VirtualRadar/desktop.html or flightradar24.com and check it out. nothing more to it.

29dfbe No.134550


I will Amen that anon

d3f09d No.134551


Morning anon!


No one above another!

f9137b No.134552


Fightpath in shape of shilling rabbi.

Top Kek

8d7c19 No.134553

File: 9e4a279f437e50d⋯.png (629.39 KB, 977x592, 977:592, ClipboardImage.png)

93666e No.134554

File: 0831fcb34581fd3⋯.jpg (62.28 KB, 580x348, 5:3, 236wtp.jpg)

d3f09d No.134555


Still interesting that MS and Cox Comm would attack a rando IP

22bcdc No.134556


yeah maybe.

It's really a lot harder than you would think to find pics of a 10 foot tall stone owl in berlin

8d7c19 No.134557


Seems likely.

8d7c19 No.134558

Didn't some anon say that he saw an alert in OK or something the other night that the Military was going to be making noise and not to worry?

f9137b No.134559


Furthermore they have to know their ips were being used in such a manner so if it wasn't intentional they should be scrambling for answers.

164454 No.134560


>the current attack

there is ALWAYS a lot of traffic there

e4056a No.134561

4b1aef No.134562


f35e19 No.134563

another aftershock 5.0

8d7c19 No.134564

915bf8 No.134565



Lmao wtf

Merchant flight path

164454 No.134566

File: dd346cd325ebd75⋯.png (428.51 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, dhs1.png)

US Department of Homeland Security

22bcdc No.134567

File: 7dccf5636188dd3⋯.png (1.34 MB, 721x1026, 721:1026, ClipboardImage.png)




Well shit. that fucking owl is bronze

7f3fb6 No.134568

If it happens all the time maybe it is not an attack hide in plain sight>>134554


4b123c No.134569

twtr war rm here, very impressed by your kneading exp here, no disturb, but this came to me, ty a Gs. Prob wy off but jic.



Notice the similarity? - similarity, not difference, PRY


Pry def - "Define pry: to look closely or inquisitively; also : to make a nosy or presumptuous inquiry — pry in a sentence" "Pry definition, to inquire impertinently or unnecessarily into something: to pry into the personal affairs of others. See more." "a tool for raising or moving something by leverage; lever, crowbar, etc.; leverage · to raise, move, or force with a pry; to draw forth or obtain with difficulty: to …"

"Pry is a powerful alternative to the standard IRB shell for Ruby.

"PRY guarantees security and assistance for the public and artists, through professional operations, providing for the image of both artists and sponsor" "(v) to badger, to try to get information out of someone/about someone; to snoop" "PRY's dividend yield, history, payout ratio, proprietary DARS™ rating & much more! Dividend.com: The #1 Source For Dividend Investing…"pry - traduction anglais-français. Forums pour discuter de pry, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions. Gratuit" "

1b2ed5 No.134571

THE SHOT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD….quakes all over? ugh weird week

d3f09d No.134572


Still looking for Barry Seal probably…BTW that tanker is flying pretty close to Mena…

22bcdc No.134573


Some anon pointed out that P.R.Y. was an organization.

1b2ed5 No.134574

File: 9cadf83bfce19c5⋯.png (351.79 KB, 540x960, 9:16, a11.png)

164454 No.134575

File: e3937123341aaca⋯.png (533.46 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, dhs2.png)


interesting? yes.

9aba48 No.134576


>didn't the Q mention something like;

>"what/or which is the largest state"

No, don't remember that from "the Q"

f9137b No.134577

File: 02777f59f9bd879⋯.jpg (244.51 KB, 1224x1188, 34:33, IMG_7250.JPG)

9aba48 No.134579


People who live around the national headquarters say it's clowns.

e0a7f5 No.134580


This faggot is on his way to becoming lolcow.

8d7c19 No.134581


you doxxed yerself anon

d3f09d No.134582



Also a gene somewhat responsible for reproduction…

This gene is located in the nonrecombining portion of the Y chromosome, and expressed specifically in testis. It encodes a protein which has a low degree of similarity to protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 13.

https:// ghr.nlm.nih.gov/gene/PRY#conditions

23b06c No.134583

Fox just said a tsunami buoy 100+ miles off the coast took a 35ft wave…..

22bcdc No.134584

File: 6d3a5630379adde⋯.png (578.86 KB, 1449x597, 483:199, ClipboardImage.png)


different Ullstein building, more owls

9aba48 No.134585


In Homer?

1dbaf3 No.134586

Hard to find good updates on buoy alert data for the buoyfags, but the wave seems to be on the move now.


a19943 No.134587


>35ft wave…..

isn't that really fucking big?

d93f2e No.134588


no was pic sent on twatter but yes i doxed someone sorry ugh..guess tired

22bcdc No.134589


it is.

Staffed by raytheon

d3f09d No.134590


holy crap balls…

164454 No.134591

File: 95b2bacb522c9d5⋯.png (447.65 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, giant.png)

wow check out this giant

8d7c19 No.134592


me too. we'll never sleep again.

25c33c No.134593


that's really fing bad.

29dfbe No.134595


33 ft took out japan at the Fuk disaster

8d7c19 No.134596


and big.

7f7471 No.134597

File: 17e62704e3cf91c⋯.jpg (1.65 MB, 2376x1600, 297:200, robertmueller MEME.jpg)

22bcdc No.134598


they have an underground bunker in eastern South Dakota

29dfbe No.134599



3a6b69 No.134600


You have no idea how bad it is. Everyone knows that the Catholic church has their problems with child abuse, and everyone knows about the satanists, but no one knows abuot how the rest of the chuches are connected to all of this, unless you're a perpetrator… or victim. The victims… well, there are things we want to scream out, but we also have to watch our backs, because they watch us. The system is worse than any of you can imagine, unless you're also a victim.

23b06c No.134601


YES. Especially cause that's a ways off shore. It will only get bigger as it gets into shallower water.

164454 No.134602

File: f412567c1a3e3e5⋯.png (422.31 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, giant1.png)


user tag: UNIQ

1dbaf3 No.134603

7.0 aftershock just hit

22bcdc No.134604


first hand knowlege

1b2ed5 No.134605



f9137b No.134606


Oh fugggg! 35ft and it's still in the middle of the ocean!!! Guess California was serious about splitting into 2.

065a0a No.134607

Q isn't there as 5 year statutory limit on federal crimes? If so you better get to work on Hillary. Even if you are going to just charge her with email crimes.

d3f09d No.134608


A bastion of nuclear deep state weaponry :-)


One of the prettiest places on earth..just sayin

8bf9bc No.134609


Fucking bastards

36fadf No.134610

you know what would be a bit far out, "FEAR" has been in the last Q posts right? do you remember that band FEAR from LA in the 80's, you remember "lets start a war"the song? check it out.

b08f55 No.134611


Yes, and that runs out first of Feb on some major things I heard.

25c33c No.134612

Multiple tsunamis…. oh fuk… so many aftershocks. now a 7.0? damn not good, hope they have ability to text warn everyone.

22bcdc No.134613


jan 30 SOTU

b08f55 No.134615


Oh of Fucking hope so!

c33d46 No.134616


Ramstein is also a base used by ((them)) where they exchange humans with Grays for tech…

look into the airshow crashes @ ramstein

25c33c No.134617


not if it's charged under rico as an ongoing criminal enterprise… then limits will not apply

36fadf No.134618


https:// youtu.be/iUxkFCBPgx4

630708 No.134619

File: 32c92f28d9775e4⋯.png (67.49 KB, 1116x234, 62:13, firefox_2018-01-23_12-04-4….png)

File: 0f4b2b8595a8a71⋯.png (11.27 KB, 745x98, 745:98, firefox_2018-01-23_12-03-0….png)

Most attacks performed by Microsoft are SMTP attacks; pic related describe it.

What can they possibly achieve with that ? It's mostly used to get valid emails in order to spam them. However, I recall seeing a documentary about Cyber Security experts who used that kind of attack as a test, they sent a spam linking to a porn page they made to all employees in order to store credentials and stuff like that.

Sorry if I'm not very precise, it was long ago and english isn't my mother tongue

adedbb No.134620

File: 53100462fabdc45⋯.jpeg (407.01 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, BEE5B101-CCF2-4131-B923-5….jpeg)


23b06c No.134621

https:// www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/tsunami-alert-issued-after-gulf-alaska-earthquake-n840111

A buoy located 188 nautical miles southeast of Cordova, Alaska, recorded a wave of about 30 feet, according to NOAA data.

“We know one of the buoys showed a significant water rise right next to where the earthquake happened but the next buoy didn’t seem to experience that," NBC News meteorologist Bill Karins said. "We don’t know yet what this means. It could have malfunctioned. We just don’t know at this stage. It’s too early to tell."

b08f55 No.134622


It would be rubbing it in picking such a close date. Bahahahaha! Oh please Trump, please!

b16e7c No.134623


deep state attacking back with HAARP?

3a6b69 No.134625


I really want to scream it out, but I also don't want to get suicided. If I spilled my guts, Q *might* dump a bit ahead of schedule, because he hasn't touched on stuff we've been through.

f2913c No.134626



Between conservative Twitter showing their true colors tonight, Halfchan shutting off images on /pol/, and the DDoS attack here, it's obvious that the Q community is now considered a viable threat. The Storm must be close.

afdbc8 No.134627


This guy is tracking hack of Sanders and other Conservative twitter.com/Rowdy_Politics/status/955604685947392000

164454 No.134628

File: 398d499a51510d5⋯.png (468.78 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, 2.png)

3b7cd2 No.134629

Hopefully this doesn't trip the Cascadia subduction zone

d93f2e No.134630


was wondering same

46d69b No.134631

File: df5ea491039b429⋯.jpg (826.57 KB, 2406x3036, 401:506, Hoover-JEdgar-meme.jpg)


Plebe anon with my first attempt at meme making. Any feed back on how to improve is appreciated

630708 No.134632


http:// www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1139128/pg1 ok it's seems likes it's literally nothing.

8d7c19 No.134633

Some senator is standing up to Morning JoeBlow. He's saying that holding up the govt shutdown is so 2013. And radical.

Mika still very nervous.

915bf8 No.134634

File: f45213a69ff78c6⋯.png (632.84 KB, 960x552, 40:23, świat.png)


We're in it.

d3f09d No.134636


If they can find open ports they could exploit…but would have non-SMTP traffic post…

36fadf No.134637

EXTRAORDINARY THREAT TO LIFE' Alaska earthquake sparks tsunami warnings across entire US West Coast

https:// www.thesun.co.uk/news/5404437/alaska-earthquake-tsunami-warning-today-magnitude-latest-anchorage-west-coast-hawaii/

1dbaf3 No.134638


I imagined that being from a CNN news update

af0527 No.134639


Follow your gut on this we are with you

5a9645 No.134640


pray, spill your guts, ask The Lord for protection … all as you take a long meandering road trip through God’s beautiful creation …

Bless you, anon.

f9137b No.134641


Murder has no statue of limitations anon.

1dbaf3 No.134642


buoy 46409 only had a ~1-2m fluctuation

006186 No.134643

What would happen if texts originating from a FBI agent to several [internals] discussed the assassination (possibility) of the POTUS or member of his family?

we were already told this before. not by Q but in the news. what the fuck go you think "insurance" was? i said that a couple times. just keep listening to the fake news fags. keep listening. don't "expand your thinking". ever. i'm sure a few others did and i missed it. if you did. good for you not listening to the news.

9b5b31 No.134644

File: 3cb481a7ab73b36⋯.png (173.61 KB, 2282x692, 1141:346, Sara twitter comped.png)


Based on Sara Carter's recent twitter comp, this *is* possible.

29dfbe No.134645


oh…I sat the 80's out. ty lord

af0527 No.134646


Watch local news - the farther you go, the crazier the news sound

8d7c19 No.134647


I like that quote. KeK

22bcdc No.134648


So conservative twitter people "look" like they are anti-Q and all of Microsoft's vast bandwidth is DDOSing a MIL-INT site. Trypical…

630708 No.134650


It will continue to gain intensity, I'm pretty sure of it. However we are in good hands, we're safe. They hate our confidence, these condescending coward can't do shit. It's too late for them.

e619a6 No.134651


I believe if military tribunals are used under martial law the statute of limitations is void.

adedbb No.134652


That was fast.

You guys are scramfags

4b123c No.134653


nice add, ty, take info, throw it away if moldy, awaiting twtr wr orders, preparations.



Notice the similarity? - similarity, not difference, PRY


Pry def - "Define pry: to look closely or inquisitively; also : to make a nosy or presumptuous inquiry — pry in a sentence" "Pry definition, to inquire impertinently or unnecessarily into something: to pry into the personal affairs of others. See more." "a tool for raising or moving something by leverage; lever, crowbar, etc.; leverage · to raise, move, or force with a pry; to draw forth or obtain with difficulty: to …"

"Pry is a powerful alternative to the standard IRB shell for Ruby.

"PRY guarantees security and assistance for the public and artists, through professional operations, providing for the image of both artists and sponsor" "(v) to badger, to try to get information out of someone/about someone; to snoop" "PRY's dividend yield, history, payout ratio, proprietary DARS™ rating & much more! Dividend.com: The #1 Source For Dividend Investing…"pry - traduction anglais-français. Forums pour discuter de pry, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions. Gratuit" "

Also a gene somewhat responsible for reproduction…

This gene is located in the nonrecombining portion of the Y chromosome, and expressed specifically in testis. It encodes a protein which has a low degree of similarity to protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 13. https:// ghr.nlm.nih.gov/gene/PRY#conditions

23b06c No.134654

3 buoys in gulf of Alaska are showing a current tsunami event. Canwatch the buoys at below address.

http:// www.ndbc.noaa.gov/

9aba48 No.134655


I think your small text is too small. Don't make the reader work to read.

Aimed at the history buffs, eh?

164454 No.134656

File: 4dff7f6b6e2ba84⋯.jpg (123.9 KB, 630x630, 1:1, Kek Air Force Recon 1.jpg)

8d7c19 No.134657


lmao - just like that 15 year old "hacked" Clapper's emails a few days ago.

https:// www.nbcnews.com/tech/security/intelligence-chief-james-clapper-s-online-personal-accounts-hacked-n495191

5a9645 No.134658

File: 8eac7245ffaacc4⋯.jpeg (185.87 KB, 1242x942, 207:157, 12B20E05-5F6F-46B3-B387-3….jpeg)


ten foot deviation that far off the coast seems ominous

630708 No.134659


This man is a hero, his testimonies were heartbreaking. I hope he's alright. We thought he was dead but he was someone else since he continued the interviews.

046c03 No.134660


Agree. Not forgetting [P] though.

6ffd08 No.134661

File: 2b8586524d1df5d⋯.png (736.33 KB, 1164x836, 291:209, 6734895897083.PNG)

So I was watching the Australian open(tennis) and as it so happens a young American guy has made it into the quarter finals despite being ranked almost 100. He's a very talented player and apparently an avid trump supporter and pizzagate conspirator.

http:// www.abc.net.au/news/2018-01-23/australian-open-tennys-sandgren-downplays-pizzagate-tweets/9351806

2dd7e5 No.134662


The flood is coming.

46d69b No.134663


Forget it. I spelled Edgar wrong and had a space after the hash tag. I'm going back to lurking for a while.

23b06c No.134664

b08f55 No.134665


You are right, they are scared!

The last time they were doing this kind of thing is when Wikileaks were putting stuff out shortly before the election! They were attacking Wikileaks, but to no avail. These guys are bungling twats, look at 9/11 or the Kennedy assassination, all of their ops are so screwy, how the fuck has it taken this long to get them on the ropes!

29dfbe No.134666


many of us know already…we just aint talkin.

follow your heart.

2dd7e5 No.134667


The flood is coming.

4b123c No.134668


apologies, missed one add, ty, last. take info, if moldy, discard, ty ALL, Gs Gb



Notice the similarity? - similarity, not difference, PRY


Pry def - "Define pry: to look closely or inquisitively; also : to make a nosy or presumptuous inquiry — pry in a sentence" "Pry definition, to inquire impertinently or unnecessarily into something: to pry into the personal affairs of others. See more." "a tool for raising or moving something by leverage; lever, crowbar, etc.; leverage · to raise, move, or force with a pry; to draw forth or obtain with difficulty: to …"

"Pry is a powerful alternative to the standard IRB shell for Ruby.

"PRY guarantees security and assistance for the public and artists, through professional operations, providing for the image of both artists and sponsor" "(v) to badger, to try to get information out of someone/about someone; to snoop" "PRY's dividend yield, history, payout ratio, proprietary DARS™ rating & much more! Dividend.com: The #1 Source For Dividend Investing…"pry - traduction anglais-français. Forums pour discuter de pry, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions. Gratuit" "

Also a gene somewhat responsible for reproduction…

This gene is located in the nonrecombining portion of the Y chromosome, and expressed specifically in testis. It encodes a protein which has a low degree of similarity to protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 13. https:// ghr.nlm.nih.gov/gene/PRY#conditions

Some anon pointed out that P.R.Y. was an organization.

d3f09d No.134669



This will NOT play well with a ton of us who (had) followed rex and victor both…this is BS…

point/counterpoint and agree now they both could be clown ops…

https:// twitter.com/Imperator_Rex3/status/955727316600045568

22bcdc No.134670


Watching Stealth Jeff for a flip.

d3f09d No.134671



by @jack…

3b7cd2 No.134672

I worked off the near Dutch Harbor. Never experienced a tsunami, but was there when the winds were blowing 100 kts. Pretty good size storm surge. Probably brought levels up about 4 ft. In our bay. Really makes a difference though between low and high tide.

915bf8 No.134673


And Thomas Wictor has attacked Assange - viciously, claiming the ol' Neocon "He is harming national security."

I've known he's controlled oppo for a while.

23b06c No.134674


That should be meters. At least according to the raw data at

http:// www.ndbc.noaa.gov/

Find buoy 46410 & it shows meters wh8ch 8s over 30ft.

630708 No.134675


Comped or not we should make a list of them, and toss that issue for the time being. We're only distracting ourselves. If it becomes an important issue later we'll have the list to refer to.

d736c4 No.134676


O God, just seeing his face and those words..is so upsetting!! Its a shocking red pill that works though. I got some normies to watch it and they are starting to connect the dots.

O Dear Lord Deliver us from evil!

f9ee12 No.134677

File: d0c1a08fe53254b⋯.jpg (65.41 KB, 600x600, 1:1, just kidding.jpg)

Me: Boss,, I am staying home today..

Boss: Why?

Me: Q said I could

Boss: OK, thanks, me too.

6d808e No.134678

Hey so I'm kind of caught up in this whole struggle to understand what % of the truth normies "can handle".

I've seen them watching shit on network TV that is absolutely disgusting. Gore has been cranked up pretty high as part of the engineered collapse of society. In general, movies and television have become quite dark and horrible over the past decade. People wallow in this shit as entertainment.

You can see absolutely horrible acts in nature and they are broadcast in HD on BBC shows. I saw one bird eat the chicks of another bird whole, begin to digest them alive, then vomit them back up so the nest's chicks could rip the steaming, confused, living prey into pieces. Or maybe a baby seal being flayed alive by an orca? Normies watch all this shit, every day.

Normies know pedo networks exist.

Normies know "satanists" exist.

Normies know deeeeep down that politicians are evil.

You just have to stick to the basics using what they have already accepted as plausible.

Just expose Obomba & Shitlery, Cheney, Tapper, Stelter, etc. for everything up to and including child trafficking. Not ritualistic cannibal stuff, normies may start to freak.

The point is that whatever gets revealed in order to galvanize all the remaining rational people into one body, well, it has to be SO BAD that the divide between R vs. B is obliterated.

By getting them onboard via exposure of human trafficking, you can make the seizure of billions/trillions in assets a revelation for normies to dote on. They will have no problem accepting that we are simply going to take the perps wealth.

You may have to show footage of the pols abusing people and being abused, but still no need for ritualistic stuff.

Shit, I pray every day that Q Team is already cleaning up our food, water, and air. If you make the people less sick, they will handle trauma better. If you keep them GMO-swilling pigs, they will stay crazy.

Whatever % is disclosed, though, Q Team needs to get the led/lead out and choose a few key perps to hang, and fast.

I watched hours of footage from the libtard "women's" marches and this revelation needs to flip them back to the side of the American people. Right now, they are screaming, spitting mad after being programmed for the past two years.

WHY the phake MSM was allowed this much leeway to brainwash, I will NEVER understand.

Uncharted waters we navigate!

6ec8fc No.134679


Project Reach Youth in NY

http:// www


d9a878 No.134680

re: DeKalb Junction and attacks from "Microsoft"

How do we know it's not just Clowns or whoever using Azure, lol. Anyone can run a virtual server on Azure and technically be attacking someone from a Microsoft IP

ee1631 No.134681

Well a volcano DID explode in Japan…

afdbc8 No.134682



8d7c19 No.134683


Their names!

6ffd08 No.134684


His name is Tennys Sandgren, pronounced tennis lol

9b5b31 No.134685



Yes, it reminds me of Ezekiel 8 where God reveals the wickedness occurring behind the walls in His temple.

d1543a No.134686


Could be beginner error. Happened to me

3a6b69 No.134687




My gut is to type it all out, and then wait. I'm supposed to tell my closest male friend first, under really secure opsec. But dammit, I wish I could just get it out here. Not enough opsec on my end though, don't have the hardware or software for it.

So… if I get the green light to say it, it'll be a wall of text. Don't think it'll be this thread though.

46d69b No.134689


Yes. Pres. Johnson always said he would rather have Hoover inside pissing out rather than outside pissing in. Thanks for the advise on text size.

e4056a No.134690


I followed Thomas Wictor for a while but his threads were dumb and got annoying after a while

I unfollowed Imperator Rex today

22bcdc No.134692


https:// www.prysafe.com/

36fadf No.134693

You think a underground nuke could could cause a 8.1 earthquake and a volcano to explode? The old NWO has already had a busy week.

006186 No.134694


What if the texts suggest foreign allies were involved?

Forget the Russia set up [1 of 22].

This is only the beginning.

Be careful what you wish for.


Could messages such as those be publicly disclosed?

What happens to the FBI?

What happens to the DOJ?

What happens to special counsel?

What happens in general?

and the news says 5 months are missing/lost/never recorded in the texts. POTUS is the one not releasing them. it's too damaging to the country right now. call for war. and weak prez if he doesn't. stop listening to the news. they are fed lies and tell them too.

1dbaf3 No.134695


Corsi is close connected to Trump, knows his shit and is no fool. His decoding may be off, but that's not the point.

Cernovich, love or hate, was told by some big contact to be in Q no-comment mode until further notice I guess. Makes sense because he's a lightning rod and this needs to be underground rising.

29dfbe No.134696


ya…poor Ezekiel, bet his mind was blown on that one.

ee1631 No.134697

F&F <TRASHING> bigtech right now, beauuutiful!

5a9645 No.134698



Q looks like a couple twitter glory hounds need a red pill.

we all need a red pill. like a real dump of real info really fast.

Just saying. I’m praying. Stop delaying. release the kraken!

38cf5a No.134699


Yeah Wictor is a tool. I've been sticking with Jerome Corsi recently.

630708 No.134700


You should be careful before giving such informations anon, you shouldn't have written your post from your perspective, they might be able to use these infos. I'm not sure, and you shouldn't be afraid but just in case.

22bcdc No.134701


they have been on target for two days.

their chains are of I think

d3f09d No.134702


That first video is powerful and a good opening red pill…

adedbb No.134703


I think everyone here agrees with that.

However, if the full storm comes down on bho hrc all at once - right now, there will be too much room for msm and normies to cry “Trump set up!” “Trump distraction” “Trump witch hunt”

First thing that needs to be done is sow seeds of doubt. Trump has been doing masterfully to the MSM since day one. (They’ve been doing a pretty good job themselves)

Second sow seeds of doubt that make culpability of leftist heroes seem remotely possible. Good guys are doing that now all over MSM and socials with the memo.

Next will be some low level guilty pleas and the like. Maybe the memo will drop first as part of the early “sow seeds” campaign, although it sure sounds like it might be heavier than that.

BHO and HRC hang last

It has to be iron clad and air right. Everyone from the bottom up has to be pointing the finger and naming names. Patience dear anon.

He who hangs last hangs worst.

850277 No.134704


Many; alt-media journalists are in "no comment" mode

d3f09d No.134705



006186 No.134706


Nobody can possibly imagine the pure evil and corruption out there.

yes. yes some of us can.

23b06c No.134707


Station 46410 (LLNR 984.6) - SOUTH CORDOVA 188NM SSE of Cordova, AK

Owned and maintained by National Data Buoy Center

2.6-meter discus buoy

DART II payload

57.650 N 143.798 W (57°39'0" N 143°47'54" W)

Water depth: 3782 m

http:// www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=46410&type=2&seriestime=20180123093315

9aba48 No.134708


Whether Q is pointing to a religious institution conspiracy or not, he definitely seems to imply we shift our focus to the religious institutions.

What I got from his second message was "prepare to meet a 'religious' player who is not what you think."

8d7c19 No.134709


I've been contemplating this as well.

Still "watching" them though.

It's glowing everywhere.

e4056a No.134710

File: 1b44f754dbb8133⋯.png (256.75 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180123-133300.png)


Look at this clown faggot

b08f55 No.134711

>>134678 BRAVO! You are 100% right!

And no one is suggesting that we watch videos of people getting tortured and killed.

People can ABSOLUTELY handle this.

The reason we think people can't handle it is not because of the people as much as it is the cognitive dissonance of seeing the truth coming from official sources!

We are so used to being fed BS by official sources about this stuff, it will be a big deal, much the same way if the President said "Aliens exist". Studies show most people believe this already and more educated people are MORE likely to, but do we expect to get anything but ridicule from official sources? (the recent flap aside, but did people freak out over it?).

No, the people CAN handle this, those that want to ignore it will do so like they do with other bits of reality they don't like, and those who love truth and knowledge too much to ignore already have an idea of that's going on.

ee1631 No.134712

File: aa1bb4cb7e5dbfa⋯.png (424.13 KB, 856x461, 856:461, ClipboardImage.png)

36fadf No.134713


He's pointing to the pope I think, He's a ringleader.

22bcdc No.134714


you know how much energy it takes to get even a 2.6m swell in 3782m of water?


29dfbe No.134715


I still think the one that hit Japan was just that, an oceanic nuke. Japan did not want to play ball with the Rothschild banksters. So…they got a FU message via eq and tsunami

ee1631 No.134716


I think so too, there's a new birdie in town!

95aee9 No.134717


Lipstick, a wig and dress, larger type;

Alt Wording: I may cross dress, But I want my boys to #ReleaseTheMemo. J Edgar Hoover.

4fb326 No.134718



d9a878 No.134719


Perhaps he's emphasizing 'none can imagine' etc because there's literally some shit in there that we HAVEN'T imagined. Something that isn't among the list of sick acts that we know they perform, but is every bit as evil. I don't think Q underestimates our imagination.

93666e No.134720


Something i thought about just now, after reading your post, comments, and thinking about Q's post.

They use the church,, to get at their prey.

But you don't hear of children, teens, etc going missing, or getting abused on level , such as occurs at Vatican /catholic churchs.

We know 7 out of 10 plane crashes are targeted kills.

Why would they not use auto accidents in a similar way,, but much more sinister.

What popped in, was all news stories over the years.

Church / camp , van and bus accidents. How many have we heard of with high fatalities, 10 killed, or 15,, etc.

What if they were staged,, get kids on bus( away from parents) they really keep the kids to abuse,, or abuse them, then kill them in bus accident to cover up. ( if they had help from highway patrol or police)

Parents would just get a call their kid died in bus accident( they would never suspect anything, or even question it.)

It would be a way to get at a good sized group of kids( maybe for special ritual) then get rid of them in horrific bus accident, to cover their crimes.

Just an idea, because if they were using Church to get prey,, it must be well hidden from other members of church. But an occasional accident on the way to bible camp, or a big church event,, you could get alot of kids, and have good cover.

d3f09d No.134721



Post it from the library…

One key to spiritual growth is inventory and confession…YOU will grow thru the process and perhaps you will help others by your experience. If you keep it locked in your head, it actually hurts YOU and helps no one…just sayin'

915bf8 No.134722

File: 7039917b7ca5f1d⋯.jpg (79.02 KB, 630x630, 1:1, czas.jpg)


Hillary's statute of limitation on email crimes is about to expire.

Time's up!

6ebeb0 No.134723

Is anyone seeing Station 44402, off the coast of NYC, going off also? There are no coincidences, so:

>technical malfunction/anamoly?

>underwater nukes?

Remember when Graham said Iran was going to nuke SC if the US didn’t eliminate Assad, and he looked like an ass when no nukes occurred? BUT a small EQ occurred off SC’s coast a few days later. Weird.

6ffd08 No.134724


Secret society is tending on twitter right now because of the revelations of the text message bewtween the FBI AGENTS.

We need to get this to number 1 trending!!


a19943 No.134725

File: da06090fe43cbe4⋯.png (52.76 KB, 626x262, 313:131, Screenshot from 2018-01-23….png)


Even Crazy Jim Acosta of Fake News CNN agrees: “Trump World and WH sources dancing in end zone: Trump wins again…Schumer and Dems caved…gambled and lost.” Thank you for your honesty Jim!

d673f6 No.134726


They're all cuckservatives. What did you expect.

22bcdc No.134727

File: 0b9372bf5da962a⋯.png (402.97 KB, 1251x857, 1251:857, ClipboardImage.png)

23b06c No.134729


Exactly what i was thinking. Thats the main reason i posted it. If true it's gonna be YUGE!!!!!

38cf5a No.134730


Check out his website, he's obviously not the 'full shilling', as we say in Ireland.

1b2ed5 No.134731

me thinks its flooding at last


2dd7e5 No.134732


He's not dead. Read the article, refers to "Fernandez" being found dead. whoever wrote the article mistook Ronald Bernard for Ronald Bernard Fernandez. Lazy!

b2397f No.134733

Surprise, surprise; CNN are going to explore 'Russian-linked accounts', regarding #ReleaseTheMemo, this morning.


9aba48 No.134734


that is a shit news site, I usually wait to see anything reported there, reported somewhere else before taking it seriously.

06fbb1 No.134735


corsi is a famefag. taking credit for the hundreds of hours that the anons put into research. he lurks and then comes to youtube to profess how he cracks and deciphers. FUCKING SHILL!

29dfbe No.134736


Geez…I could fill a book with them there are so many. I mean…how many personal jets does a pastor need? And gold $30,000 toilet? That's as bad as a $15,000 toothbrush.

d1543a No.134737


There's a demonic factor as well. Watching evil opens you up to demons. They will have an internal struggle accepting the truth. Think about how women have believed abortion is a choice and had one. They will live with such guilt if they accept the truth.

a19943 No.134738

Fox just announced they've cancelled the tsunami watch for HI

6d808e No.134739


what the FUCK is that stumpy-ass plane??

6ffd08 No.134740

We need to get Secret Society trending more anons!!!! It's currently got 66k tweets.

d93f2e No.134741


1 of a couple *bites lip

1dbaf3 No.134742


Impy Rexy sounds too confident, like he may have been giving assurances by some contact that it was nothing to keep the noise down.

d853dd No.134743

File: 578163c465a076e⋯.png (511.9 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

006186 No.134744


it's all cover to slide narrative to it was hackers that wrote the emails that dirty fuckers sent. not going to work but this fake news is all a set up for later.

d9a878 No.134745


I think it's one Boeing uses to transport huge parts of planes around between factories etc

23b06c No.134746


Take a look at north pac8fic, there's like 13 buoy's going off. Granted most are too far away to be from the alaska quake but odd none-the-less.

http:// www.ndbc.noaa.gov/

bb3bc6 No.134747

Regarding this:

>@Jack, MZ, ES, JB, EM, SH, MSM, etc.

Do you know that we know?

Do you know that we see all?

Do you know that we hear all?





I know @Jack is Twitter. MZ is Mark Zuckerberg. JB is Jeff Bezos. EM is Elon Musk. MSM is obvious.

But do we know who ES and SH is yet? These are business figures mentioned here going by JB and MZ.

Or can someone point me to a post where it was shown? I've been lurking moar but haven't seen it yet.

63de23 No.134748


d673f6 No.134749


To add: Even if as they say Q is a larp (which has been proven false countless times) the information being put out here isn't. It also helps newcomers train their minds not to believe the official story and to do your own research. That alone makes this exercise worth it.

Try asking those faggots questions on information that's been uncovered over the last three months and watch those faggots squirm.

63de23 No.134750


ES = Eric Schmidt

e4056a No.134751



25de62 No.134753


Q Team and MI have secured the higher-ups, collected and deported the low-level pawns, and are just now collecting the vast middle. Necessary disinformation has been revealed to weaken their defenses and confuse them. Patience and trust are required, but most of all calm. Last night was huge, judging from Q's tone and the severe DDOS attacks. There was a 7.9 earthquake off the coast of Alaska this morning. Natural event or DUMB attack? Only time may tell.

006186 No.134754


goes all the way back to the snowden release.

9aba48 No.134755


Yeah well many of the big church pastors have seemed like crooks for a long, long time. That would not surprise a single American, I am certain of it.

Q seems to be talking about something at another level.

a19943 No.134756


you're probably a shill, but seriously, read the fucking OP

b08f55 No.134757



ES = Eric Schmidt

Yes, and SH is Steven Huffman, Reddit co-founder.

d9a878 No.134758


Yeah I don't think we're talking Benny Hinn here.

1dbaf3 No.134759


Well I won't judge Corsi specifically by that standard, because it is likely he was tipped to be the lead bridge namefag by a Very VIP 4,10,20

d3f09d No.134760


He is not dead..he is still putting out videos..I think we are on 3 or 4 now…

6d808e No.134761


The only reason the scam continues is that the MSM covers it up. Their role in our current mess cannot be overstated, and the consequences must be shocking.

SH and the BB are blatantly fake, but the MSM would never cover the obvious holes in the plotlines.

They all need to go, no more shills in the MSM.

4b123c No.134762


ty, addition to info



Notice the similarity? - similarity, not difference, PRY


Pry def - "Define pry: to look closely or inquisitively; also : to make a nosy or presumptuous inquiry — pry in a sentence" "Pry definition, to inquire impertinently or unnecessarily into something: to pry into the personal affairs of others. See more." "a tool for raising or moving something by leverage; lever, crowbar, etc.; leverage · to raise, move, or force with a pry; to draw forth or obtain with difficulty: to …"

"Pry is a powerful alternative to the standard IRB shell for Ruby.

"PRY guarantees security and assistance for the public and artists, through professional operations, providing for the image of both artists and sponsor" "(v) to badger, to try to get information out of someone/about someone; to snoop" "PRY's dividend yield, history, payout ratio, proprietary DARS™ rating & much more! Dividend.com: The #1 Source For Dividend Investing…"pry - traduction anglais-français. Forums pour discuter de pry, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions. Gratuit" "

Also a gene somewhat responsible for reproduction…

This gene is located in the nonrecombining portion of the Y chromosome, and expressed specifically in testis. It encodes a protein which has a low degree of similarity to protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 13. https:// ghr.nlm.nih.gov/gene/PRY#conditions

Some anon pointed out that P.R.Y. was an organization.

Project Reach Youth in NY http:// www .projectreachnyc.org/ (reach youth, double meaning, possible sign, duality).

adedbb No.134763


No my anon.

There is no statute of limitations on treason murder or fraud.

63de23 No.134764

Who ELSE have we been taught to trust?


630708 No.134765


Can you link me the message ? I missed that

22bcdc No.134766


The tidal pull of the MOON is in the 2-3 meter range over 6 hours at the shore

This is all at once!

5cf5e0 No.134767


If it helps, and if I am not filtered from thread, I have been praying for the discovery and rescue of all of you victims since 2012, when I heard Russ Dizdar on Shatter the Darkness. I still pray that God uncovers the dark places where people are held captive. I fear they will be left undiscovered if the abuser decides to fight and then dies. I am so sorry for your horrors, and pray for full healing and ability to enjoy life the way God meant you to. Big MomAnon hugs of love to you. You deserve better.

915bf8 No.134768



Jerome Corsi sucked the /cbts/ BO dick when they said the Q migration was fake Q.

54f08d No.134769


Disinfo is necessary

Spez is gonna come out smelling like roses in all this. He did a very brave thing at a time when he could've been killed for it, to warn users of his site (who probably disagree with him politically) about something that could get them thrown in prison.

Spez is a hero. In the end all will make sense.

6f6abd No.134771


Ullstein: Publishing house (since 1877) Owl = Logo

d3f09d No.134772


Corsi was doing this type of work in the 90's..look at his books, depth of investigation, etc..he is also a world expert on Iran..he may be choad'ish as well…but he certainly has advanced THE TRUTH..



a19943 No.134773

>spez is a hero

jfc i hope no one feeds you (you)s

bb3bc6 No.134774



Awesome, thank you!


Nah, just an old-timer newfag who doesn't read every new bread.

I put in an order to sell all my FB stock this morning.

915bf8 No.134775


You are really going to have to explain that leap…

ee1631 No.134776

F&F Brilliant! they are going all over America to interview the ordinary people and their opinion on POTUS et al. That's a good counter against propaganda Not sure it will be enough, we are needed here Anons

9aba48 No.134777


learn to use a web search, it will open up your world.

610528 No.134778


When I woke up this morning, I read the latest Q.

My immediate reaction was anger! Hang em! 100% disclosure!

With reflection, I would entrust knowing cooler heads like other anons and team Q.

Thank you all for being here and what I learned since October and today's lesson.

Thank you.


Samson and Delilah

f35e19 No.134779


Jim and Tammy Faye Baker

https:// www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2017/september-web-only/cautionary-tale-of-jim-and-tammy-faye-bakker.html

d9a878 No.134780


Pretty sure it was Beanz who was praising imperator rex in at least one of her vids too. Fuck name/famefags.

4b123c No.134781

another idea, jic

The flood is coming.

Emails, videos, audio, pics, etc.

FBI accidentally deletes texts?

No Such Agency accidentally releases IT ALL>

Shall we play a game?


"FBI accidentally deletes texts?

No Such Agency accidentally releases IT ALL>

Shall we play a game?"

WHAT IF…(probably wrong, jic):

F_I threaten delete txts, counter, NSuA threatens release IT ALL. Shall we play a game?

If F_I can't delete, then all can be proven in court with text records. If deleted, white hat NSuA, release more or ALL. Huuuuuuuge red pill, choke, panic, anger, possible dark strategy. Suggest counter, wake them ALL up gently, before darkness wakes them up violently.

Know truth, no violence, faith, sets us free. Ty an_n helping day, night, day, night, sore sholders, for safety and freedom, light over dark. Corruption stealing our time, corruption hurting our elders and children, corruption hurting ALL. An_ns changing history, peacfully, intelligently, witnessing miracal, unfolding, future can't be known, faith, effort, faith, effort, less evil, less corruption, children safer, people more free, more rich, more fair. Imagine, hope, work, create, defend. Ty an_ns for saving the world.

630708 No.134782


Checked, I will pardon my error

06fbb1 No.134783


so even tho hes prominent on infowars. and completely derailed with misinfo ala tracy beaner when the baord was comped..hes getting a pass? the dude just screams 68 year old boomer virgin.

a21614 No.134784


Probably leaving from Charleston SC factory

adedbb No.134785


I don’t like what Rex and Wictor are doing either but remember: we are not the only Q assets in play. Disinfo necessary.

They put out great damning info on the bad guys. If they slow play the Q now, think how much more impact it will have when they come around…

There are a lot of pieces on the board still.

b08f55 No.134786


Oh there are cures for so much, but the Doctors are trained to just sell Phama drugs that kill people off. Give deadly Vaccines that aren't needed or effective.

They are the #1 cause of death.

Physicists, mostly a brainwashed bunch, but they suppress breakthroughs and things that don't agree with theory or Oil company profits…

529e18 No.134787


Most likely natural. It is the ring of fire. There are quakes in that area all the time. Not the large but to be expected. Most areas around there have tsunami sirens

9aba48 No.134788


They were one of the first to go down in flames for sure. Find a TV preacher who is NOT a criminal and that would be quite a find.

7f7471 No.134789


If you are treasonous against America, there are no statute of limitations. None. Crimes against the GOV while working for the GOV as a politician do not run out.

87110b No.134790


Eric Schmidt

SH is supposedly the Reddit guy

610528 No.134791


Try and stay united.

Rex and Wictor don't have to believe in Q yet.

The one things that unites us is that they LOVE Trump and they love Trump's family and they LOVE the US.

Similarities not differences.

United we Stand

4fb326 No.134793


The person who died is named Ronald Bernard Rodriguez. It’s not the same person.

22bcdc No.134794

File: cca1b8959366238⋯.png (7.04 MB, 2560x1663, 2560:1663, ClipboardImage.png)


Coast Guard Base Kodiak is a major shore installation of the United States Coast Guard, located in Kodiak, Alaska. The largest tenant unit on the base is Air Station Kodiak. It is also the home port for several cutters. Historic elements that it includes are the Kodiak Naval Operating Base, Fort Greely, and Fort Abercrombie.

The station is the subject of the series Coast Guard Alaska on The Weather Channel and is prominently featured in the 2006 film The Guardian and is frequently referenced in the Discovery Channel series Deadliest Catch.

adedbb No.134795


Waves reach Alaska in 45 mins I think. Pray for those in harms way.

bb3bc6 No.134796

Another big religious trust name in the political arena is the father and son Graham team, though I think the elder Graham is dead?

I don't follow them; forgive my ignorance if he is. But no other preacher has ever been as close as Graham to presidents.

25de62 No.134797


In earthquake prone southern Cali? Yeah, right. Good luck with that shit.

54f08d No.134798



They're bad guys. Just like Beanz. Sadly, right now as corrupt as silicon valley is, if you are ALLOWED to accumulate any sort of following, it means you're probably one of the bad guys.

6ec8fc No.134799

Religious leaders’ give away Masonic handshakes;

Billy Graham

Jerry Falwell

Pat Robinson

Robert Schuller

http:// whale


4e34ab No.134801


Their cognitive dissonance is the trouble. They’re so disillusioned with how right their view of reality is that they’ll likely refuse to believe its the polar opposite, call us fake news, and try to antifa their way back to living under their safe comfy rock. Such a situation, considering the relatively equal stature of the left and rights respective bases, has the high possibility of escalating into an all out civil war. It’d likely be incited by the left, too.

The last resort in war is scorched earth. If the deepstate can’t have the control, nobody can. That’s just as bad a scenario as us losing, and it’s totally possible that they’re gonna egg us on to release all our cards in order to spark that civil war.

Hopefully 40% is just right. Our country might depend on it.

9aba48 No.134802


Franklin Graham. I would be blown away if he were dirty.

d3f09d No.134803



On Rex…

Just like Seaman, these pundits spring up with opinions. Rex has dropped some truth bombs around FISA, FBI/DOJ, etc…


Like seaman the news will pass him by and he will become irrelevant…

Anyone practicing UNITY should be embraced…anyone practicing DIVISION should be avoided..my litmus…

915bf8 No.134804

File: c2af0bb1760cf7d⋯.png (207.63 KB, 1482x844, 741:422, Screenshot from 2018-01-23….png)

POTUS twat

1dbaf3 No.134805


I'm not saying he can't be a confused oldfag at times, but he's one of us at heart and the man has a long lifetime of experience. We should respect that our best elders have the right to dig by the old rules of inv journalism and not be forced to change their ways. Old school is why Trump is a force of nature.

8d7c19 No.134806

File: ff454f1f1aecec9⋯.png (53.84 KB, 609x307, 609:307, ClipboardImage.png)

7f7471 No.134807


Thomas Wictor is an Israeli Jew, not sure if a Zionist or not. He is also a military historian hack with specialty in Middle East military, and US Military. He is extremely self-confident and cocky in all his writings. He has debilitating health problems and is a loner. I think he fancies himself as somewhat an expert on many things.

d3f09d No.134808

22bcdc No.134809


Spill the beans Steve.

8d7c19 No.134810

File: 3baee858f340b10⋯.png (46.18 KB, 601x263, 601:263, ClipboardImage.png)

942d78 No.134811


Wasn't post 53 followed by a Trump tweet 53 minutes later. I think that might be the [-7]

610528 No.134812



To stay united, we look for the similarities.

Statements of unification are good.

Your statement is divisive.

What are the similarities?

4b123c No.134813


Forgive Q, only human, WE wouldn't be this far without him. Trust Q, trust _OTUS, Trust TG, Trust Sessions.

Do not trust MSM, do not trust @Jack, MZ, ES, JB, EM, SH, MSM, etc. Find out who trust, who not, faith. Remove who not trust, never pay 1 more dollar toward them or their corporations, shun darkness, see how they fall.

8d7c19 No.134814



20 min diff

8d7c19 No.134815

MSNBC just said "Wizard of Oz" MK signaling?

d26559 No.134816


>Anyone practicing UNITY should be embraced…anyone practicing DIVISION should be avoided..my litmus…

Exactly anon. I understand questioning Q or anything he posts but once people research its hard to deny something is up.

Back to research :)

9f31ba No.134817

File: df7030e77c7ef81⋯.jpg (7.4 MB, 2831x4961, 2831:4961, Skulptur_Rudi-Dutschke-Str….jpg)

File: 84de2ff7fb740dd⋯.jpg (57.09 KB, 348x464, 3:4, springerhaus-eule.jpg)

54f08d No.134818


We found one!

25de62 No.134819


I'm reading Thomas1774Paine and ImperatorRex3 right now, until it becomes obvious I should not.

23b06c No.134820


It was post 51 followed by POTUS twat 51m8ns later.

610528 No.134821

Two tweets 20 minutes apart.

What was posted 40 minutes before the first tweet?

54f08d No.134822


I never said DON'T read them, I said they aren't who they say they are. It's important to know it. Just like with Tracy, when we found out, there were a lot of signs along the way. Does it mean everything she said is a lie? Of course not, they wouldn't be able to get very far that way.

9aba48 No.134823


Some of us will maintain our opinions of Corsi, since he spent a solid 4 days, at a confusing time around here, basically saying we were all misled and following a larp.

If he doesn't have the intelligence to know what he doesn't know, and to keep his big trap shut to err on the side of certainty, excuse me for tuning him out.

A few of us kept saying "Corsi should be quiet, he does not know what is going on here, he is hurting his reputation" but he would not let it go.

be8148 No.134824



Full disclosure is the only path to lasting freedom. History has provided many red pills for all of us. We should not be taking this one or even help spreading it with our fingers crossed, hoping it sticks this time.

JFK, Vietnam, Korea, Kuwait, Gulf War,Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKC, 9/11, the list can go on and on. Full disclosure has never been given. What's that old saying, those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Should the history not be a complete history?

100% disclosure is the path. A path of 40% is still 60% shadow. In the shadows is where evil lurks and grows in strength until it becomes brazen enough to step out into the light. America needs the light to be shone in the deepest darkest of corners right now.

America needs to Pray or it will fall Prey. Pray for light. Pray for wisdom. Pray for strength. Pray that these be granted to all. Pray for guidance to those who are not ready. Ask and you shall receive. Take up the belt, shield, breastplate, helmet and sword, then smite thy enemies. God will provide the means, we must find our way.


e4056a No.134825

File: 1b44f754dbb8133⋯.png (256.75 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180123-133300.png)


Don't read Imperator Rex

Pic related

57ec97 No.134826

File: 7221dec2753c588⋯.png (74.23 KB, 1243x305, 1243:305, acostacrumb.png)


this was from 1/21

jim acosta

487b59 No.134827



People can handle it, but not in massive doses. A slow but steady release of info IMO is the only way to do it. I think that's why we've been asked to deliver the red pills. They want and need to reveal but the overall mindset is not ready.

915bf8 No.134828


OKAY, why did POTUS just repost hhis tweet?

942d78 No.134829


I know that happened with 51, but I'm pretty sure same thing happened to 53. I'll check again

adedbb No.134830




Which is why WE have a role to play. Every meme that hits it’s mark creates a crack in that dissonance that lets the truth flow in.

We need to keep firing the cannons with both soft and hard red-pill ammo.

Everything counts in large amounts.

25de62 No.134831


Extremely relevant right now. Thank you, patriot anon.

54f08d No.134832


Corsi is fucking Cosmic bowling alley levels of glowing. Like, Alex jones levels of glowing.

572a81 No.134833

File: 7109326ba17997a⋯.png (40.94 KB, 650x339, 650:339, POTUS 1-23-18 3 31 am PST.PNG)

File: db12822626ecae6⋯.png (35.07 KB, 665x311, 665:311, POTUS 1-23-18 3 51 am PST.PNG)

File: de32e81446d405d⋯.png (34.86 KB, 628x275, 628:275, POTUS 1-23-18 3 55 am PST.PNG)

86cf34 No.134834


anon , i felt your post , like a wave of energy that flowed over me that led to goosebumps

>releasing the toxicity thru your manner, your spewing of words, explosions, the releasing of the evil you ingest for us, the named, as we shield our tender selves from the evil you face daily.

being here is an emotional and informational overload at times , and being able to express one's self freely , without filter , whether that be in the form of humor , hate , or sheer immature stupidity is a release mechanism that is required in order to rinse and repeat the process.

Imagine , if you will , a sealed container with a small amount of water in it , slowly heating. If pressure cannot be released , the vessel will eventually explode , and explosions can be destructive. Anons have different levels of pressure they are able to withstand. To be able to vent that pressure is vital to the continuation of the battle , and in turn , it is the venting of that pressure that helps to strengthen the next wave of anons against the evil deeds that are being committed daily , over the course of our entire lives , on the innocent.

>there is method to this chaotic madness called the chans

Your prayers and efforts are appreciated , thank you

164454 No.134835

File: d3b2f68c176c080⋯.png (459.45 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, pak.png)

pakistan air force going towards moscow

915bf8 No.134836

File: c2af0bb1760cf7d⋯.png (207.63 KB, 1482x844, 741:422, Screenshot from 2018-01-23….png)

File: d863574e58c1751⋯.png (222.16 KB, 1521x842, 1521:842, Screenshot from 2018-01-23….png)

President Trump just reposted his tweet with a tiny symbol changed.

9465f4 No.134837


Billy Graham has been accused of raping a young girl - an SRA survivor

I believe he died (mandela effect as well as people remember different deaths)

57ec97 No.134838


why do you anons get caught up in the cult of personality. isn't that exactly what we learn to not do, by being anons. sometimes wictor has great stuff… sometimes imperator has great stuff… sometimes they're both wrong. jesus… nobody is 100 percent right… read… discern… use your brains

610528 No.134839


This post was from POTUS.

3 TWEETS last two, four minutes apart.

8d7c19 No.134840

File: 20da4e3331f2310⋯.png (45.95 KB, 615x249, 205:83, ClipboardImage.png)

63de23 No.134841


The first (which has already been deleted) was posted as a reply to previous tweet. The new one is a stand-alone tweet.

8d7c19 No.134842


he's going to delete one

54f08d No.134843

The only people I can think of off the top of my head that AREN'T feds or some type of psy-op are Q, B, Julian Assange, and someone we get banned for mentioning on QResearch.

63de23 No.134844


already did

a19943 No.134845


he already did. he deleted the one with spaces

164454 No.134846



adedbb No.134848


POTUS added the word ‘and’

8ca21c No.134849



f2913c No.134850


Stealth Jeff joined in tonight's anti-Q mockery as well.

This is all seems suspiciously coordinated.

1dbaf3 No.134851


Disinformation is necessary though too. There are ongoing ops to fuck with the heads of formerly secret media shills. So it will be messy in the media for a while.

817d51 No.134852

>>134812 Duuuude…. UNITY means we fight together, we keep the line, elbows to elbows. It does NOT mean we have to agree with everything. It does NOT mean we have to take shit from people. It does NOT mean that we cannot argue and debate ideas. It doesNOT mean we cannot be critical. It does NOT mean we have to take orders from self-righteous anons or anyone else for that matter. Jeeezz…

22bcdc No.134853


he took out the spaces around the hyphen and added the word "and"

c07bf9 No.134854



164454 No.134855


and also

strzok - page



acbd5c No.134856


This ^^^^^

9aba48 No.134857


His changes are a "now" moved over a couple words, and "and" added near end.

Odd changes.

041c27 No.134858


Can you tell us more about their methods, and players?

23b06c No.134859

Fox just saaid the water is starting to recede from kodiak harbor……

adedbb No.134861


Moved ‘now’

engage autism

54f08d No.134862



Dude, Stealth has been cringeworthy levels of cluelessness. Literally embarassing. That little circlejerk they have is the most embarassing failure of a psyop on the web.

9f31ba No.134863


the 3.51 is removed.

Now 3:31 and 3.55.

I'll find it (again) ;)

be2b5a No.134864


Hauls 787 body parts

22bcdc No.134865


added "now"

happening NOW?

e4056a No.134866

Trump removed "now"

Perhaps signaling someone to take an action?

b2397f No.134867


He also changed the order of wording.

'says it is now' v 'now says it is'

6d808e No.134868


There needs to be a psychedelic mindset when exploring the truth. We must be ready to accept that we have been looking through a keyhole at the world. The ability to accept humbly that we have been fooled all our lives.

9aba48 No.134869


Oh ok, that would explain it. Thanks, anon.

d3f09d No.134870


Most doctors do not even know how the body works…MD's examine, go to their Physician Desk Reference=PDR=Pharma and look for symptoms and treatments, then they prescribe.

There is an entire new food pyramid coming..we are lied to here as well. You really work very logically and elegantly…

Consider if you wanted to guard these things…and you would if you wanted to CONTROL…

truth about health

truth about history

truth about spirituality

Wouldn't you create…

Pharma and a medical system to guard against you learning the truth of your health?

University system to guard against your access to knowledge and how much you could learn?

Religion to guard against you learning your power and true self?

36fadf No.134871


That's a bunch of bullshit. do the work corsi does or get a healthy load of the gay type of aids and shut up. remember being old school does not make you cool, it just makes you old.

93666e No.134872

File: 79af46bebfe3055⋯.png (28.02 KB, 805x281, 805:281, Deleted Trump Tweet 1.23.png)

File: e5b7d1e95120a76⋯.png (50.18 KB, 804x460, 201:115, Trump Tweets Jan 23.png)


It says he deleted it,, this one here, I have screen shot of both of them together, deleted one, and repost he did.

610528 No.134873


I agree with that. Thank you anon

4b123c No.134874


I can find no flaw in your logic, hard to argue. Faith is different than fingers crossed, faith is believing, hoping, praying deserving, but most difficult/tricky, believing before its real, to know its real before anyone can see it, then heal blind, deaf, and awake gently the sleep giant to truth = freedom. Faith.

Last year 90% shadow, no 60%, what about next year at this rate?

Most importantly pray for faith, smaller than a mustard seed.

d26559 No.134875


StealthJeff is a self admitted never trumper who is pro trump now because its profitable. Famefags are cancer.

22bcdc No.134876


yes, correct

I need sleep

9465f4 No.134877

6.0 Earthquake off coast of Indonesia

no tsunami warning at this stage

b08f55 No.134878


How the FUCK do they manage to always have their evil peeps everywhere? Or do they turn people?

Are all of these people those that passed through secret societies like the masons where the lower ones might be good, but only the evil raise…

Ok, I guess they aren't everywhere, but they are damn effective at getting their pieces of shit into influential positions!

Do they just approach people "hey, wanna kill and rape some kids?", sure, that banker freaked out, but shouldn't that be MOST of the responses and not an infrequent thing?

Ok, I guess most people who join satanic/luciferian organizations are immensely likely to be evil…

But how do they get people in Government positions?

Something is wrong with our understanding of how these fuckers know each other so well!

acbd5c No.134879


A big reach I know.

164454 No.134880


another one?

1dbaf3 No.134881


I feel ya anon … was away for a while and know that time was fucked up. Corsi with IW too now I know, so we'll see if he keeps things straight now

b095b2 No.134882

POTUS fucking with the shill bots?

54f08d No.134883



6d58ac No.134884


General Electric is an extremely Catholic company.

The real decisions are made at KoC meetings, not in the company meeting rooms.

623f67 No.134885

529e18 No.134886


Here's what I don't get. How does any one send 50,000 texts in that time frame? Is 50,000 related to something between the 2 cheaters?

93666e No.134887


In first one that was deleted there is a space before and after the _ between Strzok Page and the word (and) is added after 50,000

22bcdc No.134888



I think Twitter took over their accounts.

They are fighting us.

d26559 No.134889


>So it will be messy in the media for a while.

Would love to see one of the major network comped and turned into a competing conservative news outlet. CNN would be ideal given their reach in airports.

adedbb No.134890


Kodiak Police saying evacuate to 100ft or higher

be8148 No.134891


right you are

9aba48 No.134892


"Stealth Jeff" was a major #NeverTrump peron before the election. (Name on Twitter was different then, but same person).

He should be viewed skeptically.

e6b636 No.134893


I think the word that moved and was kinda highlighted is <NOW>

9465f4 No.134894


https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/earthquake-indonesia-jakarta-java-no-tsunami-warning

no indication of time it occured

1dbaf3 No.134895


It becomes like the military, just get moved where they need a cult asset … except in DC cabal society I think most get arranged with their cult wives for cover.

93666e No.134896


First one deleted

Strzok - Page texts, perhaps 50,000, all in prime time.

Second one

Strzok-Page texts, perhaps 50,000, and all in prime time.

e6b636 No.134897


That'd be GLORIOUS Poor lemon-head, he would cry!

54f08d No.134898


The anti-Catholic hocus-pocus is as cringey as the pimpley teenage limey who BADLY wants to believe there's some cool stuff about aliens.

The Catholic church is just another influential institution that is valuable for the cabal to try to infiltrate.

06af42 No.134899

File: 706f1c4651efdec⋯.jpg (482.2 KB, 1202x1512, 601:756, Art of the squeal.jpg)

afdbc8 No.134900


I'm hoping it's the signal to release the…

e4056a No.134901

Maybe Trump is signaling that an action take place NOW to be ready for the PRIME TIME news cycle

9465f4 No.134902


Indonesia has been having quite a few earthquakes over the past few weeks

One today was 6 hours ago

https:// earthquaketrack.com/p/indonesia/recent

6ec8fc No.134903


The 32/33 degree Masons are luciferians - if that helps? Others below too aspire in the ranks . I think at 33 degrees they are allowed to open a new lodge? I know Charles Taze Russell the Jehover Witness founder was and opened his “society”

54f08d No.134904

Could someone explain to me the bigger picture about the FBI? What about them makes them so powerful that they can break the law and the president can't just sent in the National Guard or something? How is this standoff even a thing?

e2623c No.134905

File: 6dfc8bdc4f2561d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 172.81 KB, 1077x386, 1077:386, 20180122_022050.png)


d1543a No.134906


Exactly. So easy to understand it all if you look at this from a biblical perspective. how so many are involved. I ask my believing friends who scoff at conspiracies, if you believe in God, then you have to believe in Satan. What if these people don't even realize they are part of the conspiracy, Satan is influencing them. He is the link. Of course many knowingly conspire, but it's my way of easing them into it.

1dbaf3 No.134908


Zero used a lot of scorched earth tactics when he left. Any attempt to clean this shit up was supposed to become a poison pill. MESSY

610528 No.134909

High tide in the Bay?

d26559 No.134910

2018 - #TrumpUnleashed

f9137b No.134911


He's OurTennysGuy

d93f2e No.134912


moer so for well all 3 letter agencies…maybe some good members will get stuck in middle if not this way?

bd86bb No.134914

e619a6 No.134915


lol rt

f2913c No.134916


I would have let Wictor and Rex go if they merely disagreed about Q. But instead of stopping there, they devolved into vicious mockery and calling anyone who follows Q "idiots."

Very suspicious and coordinated.

7cffa3 No.134917


Ft. Greely is several hundred miles away in Delta Junction, AK. Ft. Abercrombie is in N. Dakota. Disinformation is necessary I guess.

5e49f3 No.134918

Now and - could be wonderland ie now backwards missing - d -and land just a thought.

22bcdc No.134921


I hope he's not a conspirator .

Do you mean conspiracy analyst?

adedbb No.134922


Not giving the guy a pass but Wictor put up a hella apology for that

d10064 No.134923


Both are shills

54f08d No.134924


Don't. They're an op, remember. If they miscalculated and piss off their base too much, then the op isn't worth anything.

Don't. Your first instincts are right. These guys aren't dumb. They're bad.

9aba48 No.134925


Ominous. Good morning.

3f2634 No.134927

Rep. Steven Smith‏


Following Following @RepStevenSmith

More Rep. Steven Smith Retweeted James Comey

Do you people wear robes and do weird chants while praising Satans Queen? #SecretSociety #ImWithHer #Thugs #DirtyRottenStinkingTraitors #ReleaSETHememoRep. Steven Smith added,

James Comey

Verified account


Good to read reports of people standing up for what they believe in. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy” — MLK

1:02 AM - 23 Jan 2018


22bcdc No.134928


Just copied from wiki.

Not sure but maybe relevant.

Kodiak Naval Operating Base, Fort Greely, and Fort Abercrombie were together listed on the National Register of Historic Places and also declared to be a National Historic Landmark in 1985 for the role the facilities played in World War II.

06fbb1 No.134929



NOT this. corsi's pontification is intolerable. and his "expert" self proclaimed "deciphering" is incredulous.

d3f09d No.134930

The inlet between Kodiak and Anchorage has some of the biggest tidal swings in the world…would guess even a minor tsunami would be epic if angled up that inlet…which look possible..

25de62 No.134931


Cutting and peeling the flesh off a live human child to increase their adrenaline levels, then sacrificing them to Moloch? Cutting open their live head/brain to remove the pineal gland, which they consume as if it were the rarest caviar? Making shoes and gloves of the flesh and dying them the reddest of red to remind them of the living blood they sacrificed to their false demon?

This is horrific speculation, based on years of autism and months of reading. And it's probably worse, still. Think about that, anon.

9f31ba No.134932


POTUS tweet times: 3:31 and 3:55 (25 min)

2x25 = 50 min

Count back 50 min to around 2:41 in EST. (Twitter does time completion up/down!!)


Anonymous 01/23/18 (Tue) 02:42:22 ID: da4049 No.133914

The biggest Red Pill…

showing people that Evolution was, is and always will be a myth. It has been promulgated by the elites… The ones who hate God.

These same people are still in power.


What haven't they lied about?

Total of 6 posts from ID: da4049.

(Highlight them with ctrl+f)

7f7471 No.134933


nicely done.

5e49f3 No.134934

134810. Wonderland now - and missing derl -and now backwards is won hyphen - wonderland? New fag

63c908 No.134935

Last night after the attack someone posted that both Don Jr. and Ivanka had posted several tweets after the LV shooting, yet POTUS did not post anything. I found this very strange. What's the chance that he was there? Did he make many appearances shortly after? Possibly wounded?

1dbaf3 No.134936


Underrated catch

adedbb No.134937


parody account

6376de No.134938

https:// www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/676233/Terrorist-Belgium-Truck-Interpol-Stolen-Police-Chemicals-Europe-Bomb-Trailer-1-QEB-708

Interpol has issued alerts at borders throughout Europe after the truck was reportedly stolen in Belgium.

It is feared chemicals inside the truck could be used to manufacture bombs.

The continent remains under a high threat of terrorism after a series of bloody attacks hit countries including France, Germany, Britain and Belgium.

Border patrols are being urged to look out for a truck with the registration plate 1-QEB-708.




d3f09d No.134939


Yes…that..and probably in the 40% now..so imagine how bad the 60 is…

BTW..can anyone dig up the Schumer Red Shoe pic? I am sure some remember as I do and I think that pic will have extreme value soon..also cannot remember who else was in it!

596b11 No.134941

86cf34 No.134942

just throwing shit at the wall to see if it sticks

>the next Q post in GA will be #57? Yes?

i will be looking for a Q post 57 minutes after the deleted Trump Tweet

>3:51 + :57 = 4:48am (PST)

like i said , throwing shit at the wall

93666e No.134943




Anyone want to guess? or have an ideas of possible sigificance of those changes between Trump's deleted tweet and the repost.

The difference of the 2 spaces between their names,, and the addtion of the word ( and)

We are supposed to be keeping an eye on things like that, mispellings, corrections, changes or edit of tweet by Trump. ( also timing between them was 5 mins,, and 5 mins is one of the time markers.

d519bc No.134944



- "Israel’s German-built submarines"

- 9/11

- Pentagon hit by missile

- Missile most likely fired from submarine

- "Israel’s German-built submarines"

d3f09d No.134945


Lv kinda personal for me..

-Pense was 100% there and attended a show

-DJT speculated to be there and met with MBS

-LV op was to take out either MBS or Trump or both

-op went bad and Paddock was patsy

942d78 No.134946

File: e646930b9ad3c59⋯.png (105.9 KB, 613x714, 613:714, market[-7].png)

[-7] Marker?

22bcdc No.134947


This is how I understand it.

06f406 No.134949




53ca3c No.134950

I predict the NFL is going to throw the Super Bowl and give it to the Eagles to appease LdR and shit on Trump's Patriots. The symbolism will be our "defeat". YAWN.

63c908 No.134951

06fbb1 No.134952

File: ef83b7e7cb53d46⋯.jpg (35.85 KB, 640x411, 640:411, 3pcqn5K.jpg)

8d7c19 No.134953


still pondering.. other anon may be onto something with the woNderlAnd

568dbd No.134954


That's what got me on these boards

29dfbe No.134955

File: 4ee16a8b0b5b219⋯.jpg (67.28 KB, 600x900, 2:3, pope-red-shoes-getty.jpg)

File: 02cba081f6719f9⋯.jpg (22.01 KB, 634x192, 317:96, article-2284845-0B3C48AB00….jpg)


don't have that one but got the papa in his hand made signature paradas…for future use (maybe)

8d7c19 No.134956


Maybe destroying their bases? Q said don't go outside…to someone else.

20c7c9 No.134957

Hooly sheet fluck! they are talking about Secret Societies in the Gov on FOX that's why it's trending - jump on the train!

d1543a No.134958

File: 7e8236613a8b869⋯.jpg (137.64 KB, 800x600, 4:3, image.jpg)

9c9675 No.134959

File: 6b9745bf5d737ee⋯.jpg (717.37 KB, 1439x2017, 1439:2017, Screenshot_20180123-070829.jpg)

Running out of talking points?

a78601 No.134960


No. It was predictable and due (according to quakefag) Predicted a 7 for Aleutian Islands.

06fbb1 No.134961


time to go place some bets

d10064 No.134962

File: d1aee4edaa624fb⋯.jpeg (186.7 KB, 750x838, 375:419, IMG_5034.jpeg)


I took a screen shot –– there was a difference with the spaces on the dashes used the added the word "and" after 50,000

7cffa3 No.134963

Busy night for Ring of Fire. I set my quake feed to alert on Kodiak and there have been 20 aftershocks from 4.1 to 5.6, with just 1 at 3.1. 5.6 most recent 2 minutes ago. One of those nearby volcanos probably going to erupt next.

6ec8fc No.134964

File: 75c918a636df01a⋯.jpeg (506.09 KB, 1242x1960, 621:980, 5365306B-B764-4AFC-B8F7-D….jpeg)

164454 No.134967


interesting. keep posting!

8d7c19 No.134968


We locked him out of twatter! EPIC.

7f7471 No.134969


Wictor is a loner and no family, no friends, this is fact, not guess work. His health keeps him isolated far more than his wish to be outside the house. He gets his kicks from his time spent online, doing enough research to be dangerous. He has been online long before Q and before Trump became president. He is just hopping on the bandwagon. He may be intelligent, but it does not make him wise to what's going on. He knows just enough of the world to be dangerous and has an opinion like everyone else. Nothing more.

942d78 No.134970

568dbd No.134971

File: 95da010efc0e6fe⋯.jpg (57.26 KB, 600x410, 60:41, Alex_Soros_Red_Shoes.JPG)


Alex Soros - red Shoes

notice body on slab in back of pic and read the caption

487b59 No.134972


The rest of the phrase after the 'and'

> "all in prime time".

Could this be a clue? It's buggin' me.

8d7c19 No.134973


you glow

9c9675 No.134974


Damn 560 replies on that felted tweet in less then 5 minutes. And we're the ones using bots? Smfh

8d7c19 No.134975


Needed time to get the BDT done.

06af42 No.134976

File: 96ae8d6ba836018⋯.jpg (478.62 KB, 1196x1512, 299:378, Art of the Kneel.jpg)

f9104f No.134977

MS-13 are also devil worshippers. They worship Santa de la Muerte.

http:// www.elpasotimes.com/story/news/crime/2017/11/07/santa-muerte-saints-topic-el-paso-drug-cartel-seminar/841197001/

b2397f No.134978

File: 96fe70610208bdf⋯.jpg (46.25 KB, 601x357, 601:357, CNNVomit.jpg)

9c9675 No.134979


felted = deleted

1dbaf3 No.134980


There should have been a conventional bridge planned from here to some established old school journos tho, right? To each his own style. POTUS and Q can't leave this plan for crumb dissemination up to total randomness. There has to be some method along with the epic madness.

afdbc8 No.134981


the only way to win is to not play their game

75d020 No.134982

54f08d No.134983



The red shoes faggotry is an example of something not helpful. What's your point? Red shoes… okay, so?

Pizzagate was useful because it was OBVIOUS code that HAD A PURPOSE, communicate in secret the logistics necessary to conduct human trafficking. This shit is like the lamesauce

ooh ooh! Look CERN! It's kinda like a bunny… THEREFORE… THE EARTH IS FLAT!

Not connected to any logical system.

9f31ba No.134984



8d7c19 No.134985


me too. we're missing something.

d10064 No.134986


Famefag looking for ratings in the (((wrong))) direction….

164454 No.134987


felted tweed

23b06c No.134988

All tsunami warn8ngs have been canceled. From fox & friends just now.

22bcdc No.134989

Anybody ever watched that show "Designated Survivor" About DC getting bombed during the SOTU and some low level guy becoming president.

Look at this long list of mostly dirt bags that we have been playing roulette with over the years.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Designated_survivor

a19943 No.134991


heiled. can confirm. listening to fox also

afdbc8 No.134992

6ec8fc No.134993

(Reuters) - Silicon valley billionaire Elon Musk will get no salary or cash bonuses from Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) and all his compensation as Chief Executive of the electric car maker will be tied to stock and operational milestones, the company said on Tuesday.



06f406 No.134994

Candlelight vigil for a Taco Bell in Montgomery Al,


530366 No.134995


nothing in german news so far.. will keep an eye on it

06af42 No.134996


Phil Rudd - EX - Australian prime minister donated funds to Clinton foundation for vaccines(faulty) on the right

1dbaf3 No.134997


He's setting the stage for his SOTU address

6ecbf5 No.134998

reuters is owned by rothchilds

7cef60 No.134999


thats not entirely true. Most of the lower levels know the deal as well, but not quite everything. level 1 and possibly 2 are ignorant saps being groomed.

8d7c19 No.135000

File: 953640c5fd650c1⋯.png (532.07 KB, 764x635, 764:635, ClipboardImage.png)

Just saw this too. Royal Family put out a signal yesterday morning to "follow the Royal Family" on twitter via the MSM. They've had a twitter acct for a while. Signal. Ring.

54f08d No.135001


They asked for this shit. A continent full of cucked leftist atheist fags with no guns.

They deserve worse. Not worried some muslim stole a chemical truck to bomb the second class citizens with.

They asked for it.

06f406 No.135002


I'm confused on EM, is he with or against?

f9137b No.135003


Calls him crazy and thanks him at the same time.


7cffa3 No.135004


Has a brother he's close with and used to be an H-Wood reporter - IIRC music scene.

d519bc No.135005


What's that? The trigger for massive volcanoes and shit?

53ca3c No.135006


>The red shoes faggotry is an example of something not helpful. What's your point? Red shoes… okay, so?

Hey new guy. Red shoes worn by "them" tend to be made of human leather.

9c9675 No.135007

I think Potus should skipp the Davos meet.

These sickos might be willing to sacrifice themselves just to get to potus.

Suicide watch.

942d78 No.135008


You might want to add the [-7] marker


63c908 No.135009

File: f969ca94b5f46e9⋯.jpg (81.61 KB, 524x791, 524:791, Q post.jpg)


Make this make more sense.

6ecbf5 No.135011

so reuters(ROTHCHILDS) has annouced that unless elon musk reaches targets he will not get paid …wtf is going on ..clearly elon musk is a ROTHCHILD asset….

568dbd No.135012


Lurk Moar

29dfbe No.135013



54f08d No.135014

File: 05c371275141313⋯.jpg (37.86 KB, 680x680, 1:1, royals.jpg)


We've been through this. The Royal's comms are comped, that's why they got the new Twitter.

Things really are going our way, just doesn't seem like it.

LdR got a new twatter too.

164454 No.135015

File: da78cb7ec44bf2f⋯.png (531.11 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, plane1.png)

File: 3e3b4e60ea8351d⋯.png (460.75 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, plane2.png)

who are these two? they look so official.

22bcdc No.135016


Q keeps calling him"EM"/spacex out, but I guess we will see.

d519bc No.135017


Fantastic, anon

53ca3c No.135018


Completely against. His "warnings" are veiled threats. By making the warning, he believes his group is allowed to act on it and make it real. That's his cult religion. That's what Moloch wants.

1488dd No.135019


Not just priests!

It is anybody who

"PRAYS with them on Sunday, and

PREYS on them on Monday"

78f6ab No.135021


Kevin Rudd. Phil Rudd is the AC/DC drummer.

9465f4 No.135022


*Kevin Rudd

He was PM then Julia Gillard (current chair of GPE after Aussie taxpayer donation) challenged leadership then he challenged leadership.

54f08d No.135023


Hey faggot, you're not getting my point.

No evidence, no bigger point, not helpful, just useless esoterica like the CERN example.

6ec8fc No.135025


@Jack, MZ, ES, JB, EM, SH, MSM, etc.

Do you know that we know?

Do you know that we see all?

Do you know that we hear all?





623f67 No.135026


Start Memeing Strzok and Page texts now?


487b59 No.135027


Yeah, thanks anon

915bf8 No.135028


What a manlet.

d10064 No.135029

File: b0e7f925d8bd0c6⋯.png (160.38 KB, 259x380, 259:380, 528b1cd5f9467e59c95b63b5ea….png)

22bcdc No.135030


For him, getting thanked by the POTUS is probably like being kicked in the balls.

f9137b No.135031


Also moved the word "now"

8bf9bc No.135032


Flamming ignorant

895b36 No.135033


UK here,

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5301461/Truck-34-000-litres-chemicals-stolen-Belgium.html

They are now saying that Interpol are not involved in the search and that the chemicals can't be used to make explosives.

54f08d No.135034


lol clueless low iq pimply limey

53ca3c No.135035


My noise cancels out your noise.

"No evidence" = you're new around here

"no bigger point" = you're new around here

"not helpful" = you're new around here

"useless esoterica" = you're new around here

"CERN example" = you're new around here

22bcdc No.135037



4b123c No.135038




Notice the similarity? - similarity, not difference, PRY

twtr war rm here, very impressed by your kneading exp here, no disturb, but this came to me, ty a Gs. Prob wy off but jic.



Notice the similarity? - similarity, not difference, PRY


Pry def - "Define pry: to look closely or inquisitively; also : to make a nosy or presumptuous inquiry — pry in a sentence" "Pry definition, to inquire impertinently or unnecessarily into something: to pry into the personal affairs of others. See more." "a tool for raising or moving something by leverage; lever, crowbar, etc.; leverage · to raise, move, or force with a pry; to draw forth or obtain with difficulty: to …"

"Pry is a powerful alternative to the standard IRB shell for Ruby.

"PRY guarantees security and assistance for the public and artists, through professional operations, providing for the image of both artists and sponsor" "(v) to badger, to try to get information out of someone/about someone; to snoop" "PRY's dividend yield, history, payout ratio, proprietary DARS™ rating & much more! Dividend.com: The #1 Source For Dividend Investing…"pry - traduction anglais-français. Forums pour discuter de pry, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions. Gratuit" "


wow thanks for putting up those hatches, appreciate support twtr w_r. just some ezy bread, ty ALL for precious time.



Notice the similarity? - similarity, not difference, PRY


Pry def - "Define pry: to look closely or inquisitively; also : to make a nosy or presumptuous inquiry — pry in a sentence" "Pry definition, to inquire impertinently or unnecessarily into something: to pry into the personal affairs of others. See more." "a tool for raising or moving something by leverage; lever, crowbar, etc.; leverage · to raise, move, or force with a pry; to draw forth or obtain with difficulty: to …"

"Pry is a powerful alternative to the standard IRB shell for Ruby.

"PRY guarantees security and assistance for the public and artists, through professional operations, providing for the image of both artists and sponsor" "(v) to badger, to try to get information out of someone/about someone; to snoop" "PRY's dividend yield, history, payout ratio, proprietary DARS™ rating & much more! Dividend.com: The #1 Source For Dividend Investing…"pry - traduction anglais-français. Forums pour discuter de pry, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions. Gratuit" "

Also a gene somewhat responsible for reproduction…

This gene is located in the nonrecombining portion of the Y chromosome, and expressed specifically in testis. It encodes a protein which has a low degree of similarity to protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 13. https:// ghr.nlm.nih.gov/gene/PRY#conditions

Some anon pointed out that P.R.Y. was an organization.

Project Reach Youth in NY http:// www .projectreachnyc.org/ (reach youth, double meaning, possible sign, duality).

1488dd No.135039


What is with the KC Royals logo. Is the MLB involved in the cabal? Cuz the KCRoyals are one of the last peoples I would suspect.

63c908 No.135040


The glow is bright with this one.

d10064 No.135041

File: 5777df877fdb6a6⋯.jpeg (185.53 KB, 750x838, 375:419, IMG_5034.jpeg)

a19943 No.135042

9f31ba No.135043


Pentagon attack was most probably done with a P-700 Granit missile, fired from Israeli sub. Victor Bout sold to them.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P-700_Granit

8bf9bc No.135044


Dude… you think the MSM is bad in the US? Have you watched the EUs? Enough to make you puke. Most people don't have a clue.

54f08d No.135046


Cringeworthy, still not getting my point.

Like the perfect example of the kid with no ability of abstraction whatsoever, only able to parrot things he saw.


The platonic form of the pimpley Chan limey with the Richard Dawkins poster and tendies.

4b123c No.135048


woops, cleaner:



Notice the similarity? - similarity, not difference, PRY


Pry def - "Define pry: to look closely or inquisitively; also : to make a nosy or presumptuous inquiry — pry in a sentence" "Pry definition, to inquire impertinently or unnecessarily into something: to pry into the personal affairs of others. See more." "a tool for raising or moving something by leverage; lever, crowbar, etc.; leverage · to raise, move, or force with a pry; to draw forth or obtain with difficulty: to …"

"Pry is a powerful alternative to the standard IRB shell for Ruby.

"PRY guarantees security and assistance for the public and artists, through professional operations, providing for the image of both artists and sponsor" "(v) to badger, to try to get information out of someone/about someone; to snoop" "PRY's dividend yield, history, payout ratio, proprietary DARS™ rating & much more! Dividend.com: The #1 Source For Dividend Investing…"pry - traduction anglais-français. Forums pour discuter de pry, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions. Gratuit" "

Also a gene somewhat responsible for reproduction…

This gene is located in the nonrecombining portion of the Y chromosome, and expressed specifically in testis. It encodes a protein which has a low degree of similarity to protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 13. https:// ghr.nlm.nih.gov/gene/PRY#conditions

Some anon pointed out that P.R.Y. was an organization.

Project Reach Youth in NY http:// www .projectreachnyc.org/ (reach youth, double meaning, possible sign, duality).

6ecbf5 No.135049

what are the targets elon musk must hit,,,??

could it be the military satellites??

1488dd No.135050


>Notice the similarity? - similarity, not difference, PRY

That does make sense.

530366 No.135051

alright faggots, stop the bullshitting, back to work

86cf34 No.135054




didn't stick

54f08d No.135057


This is a good point. Look into that Ruby thing. There is some computer stuff that just got discovered that I won't mention cuz it's an auto ban on QResearch. But I imagine that's in the same direction.

63c908 No.135058



Glow much?

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