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Pro Aris et Focis

File: a151a09d6620a32⋯.jpg (267.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, q_general.jpg)

54ca32 No.135020

May the wings of liberty never lose a feather








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54ca32 No.135036


requesting new baker

40e894 No.135047

bread baked to perfection. thx baker

56cecf No.135052

File: fb3113e59b151a3⋯.png (618.17 KB, 600x461, 600:461, cf8.png)

Thanks bakers, Godspeed brethren !

54ca32 No.135053


it was a slow night. seriously the exact same as the previous bread except the title

962fc9 No.135055


Thanks much, baker.

Won't be able to bake until this afternoon, but can emergency bake if we don't find a dedicated baker by the end of this bread.


Please volunteer!

40e894 No.135056


a slow night was definitely called for

0ade18 No.135059

File: b493fbafb2016fa⋯.jpeg (17.57 KB, 300x169, 300:169, 02B44F83-ABAA-40CC-9C54-2….jpeg)


64cd03 No.135060


I wager they are. Also a big pro-tip, there's a huge, huge, op to try to shift blame from the Jews to the Catholics. Good sign of (((glowing)))

18d769 No.135061

Kansas City – wizard of OZ?

ffad22 No.135062

reuters is owned by rothchild they state elon musk must hit targets or not get paid…

are the targets satellites or earth based assets?

2b4b32 No.135063


Threatening him, eh?

02e613 No.135064

File: 375d1a8bc2b6a8f⋯.jpg (184.33 KB, 2001x1125, 667:375, KawGZZU.jpg)


The Pope's red shoes are relevant...

af40eb No.135065

File: de5b8e801f63e36⋯.png (420.57 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, nosquawk.png)

no squawk?

b7ffbd No.135066

File: 6f51e585cbfa9e4⋯.jpg (95.55 KB, 780x438, 130:73, Z-35.jpg)


14371d No.135067



Wasn't Space X launched rocket carrying classified payload for US Govt

What was that about?

That wasn't for the good guys?

ffad22 No.135068

Itdoes appear they are ,especially with the recent Q posts about their plan to control space…!!!

02e613 No.135069


The "Hebrews"… AKA, Khazarian, Talmudist, imposters.

They are in the Catholic church heavily, also.

64cd03 No.135070


Again, you're like a fucking labrador and it's pissing you off because you know I'm calling you out on it.


f05f2e No.135071



this is how villains work in the movies - they take all their frustration out on their minions.

fbd9fb No.135072


The photo on the left looks badly shopped. Are there any other photos of this gathering?

2b4b32 No.135073

https:// www.reuters.com/article/us-tesla-ceo/musk-may-get-no-salary-unless-tesla-hits-milestones-idUSKBN1FC0VN>>135062

64cd03 No.135074


It's probably not shopped, but that's not the point.

5bda0b No.135075


obvious shill detected.. don´t respond!

765e0c No.135076

File: fbe9b173770173e⋯.png (235.09 KB, 861x874, 861:874, screenshot_68.png)


They are setting the stage for his departure which may have already taken place given Q's posts….

www.reuters. com/article/us-tesla-ceo/musk-may-get-no-salary-unless-tesla-hits-milestones-idUSKBN1FC0VN

64cd03 No.135077


The point is that he has no point, and it's not helpful to have noise from people who don't have a point but they like to just point at things and go


fbd9fb No.135078


If it is shopped, you have no point. Probably!

fa509d No.135079


What is in Kansas city? Which Kansas City?

9ff288 No.135080

File: bd508d57a9517b8⋯.png (893.92 KB, 820x872, 205:218, patriots_Win_bearish.png)


>from yesterday

https:// www.marketwatch.com/story/why-a-patriots-win-in-super-bowl-lii-could-be-bearish-for-the-stock-market-2018-01-22

64cd03 No.135081


Lol what?

c10029 No.135082


red shoes signify sacrifice. look it up

bc0e65 No.135083

Many are not going to like what I have to say, but feelings be damned, gonna say it anyway.

Who are we taught to trust?

While this would be easy to interpret as plural referring to the sentence above, it could also be interpreted as singular, as I'm going to do in my message.

So, who are we taught to trust?


In God we trust.

One nation under God.



Did you go home to PRAY after that one big disaster, or were you their controlled PREY all along? #PrayForX, amirite?

During early stages of any human civilization there are inevitably going to be many who in one way or another benefit from the existence of an almighty, perfect creator - of a god.

God fills a void for the uninformed peasant who lives in a cold, cruel world and desperately seeks explanation, meaning and purpose to find peace of mind.

God fills the pockets of the informed individual who realizes this and makes use of the peasants void.

And most of all, god fills the need a leader has for an obedient and docile population.

And thus yet another grand fairy tale is born, showering its chosen leaders with resources and control while the masses below find the mental strength to power through tomorrow.

In the best case one religion somewhere preaches/preached the truth, making it a drop of pure water in a vast sea of deception created throughout history.

In the worst case they are all false.

With this in mind I ask of you, what makes you think the religion you were taught to accept is any different?

What in your mind raises these odds from the tiniest of fractions to anything worth taking seriously?

If you believe god is omnipotent you acknowledge he chose to put us through all of this.

He chose to create us and our surroundings in a way where, given free will, corruption would rise and cause untold suffering.

He chose to let it continue for an excruciatingly long time.

He chose to even let the children suffer who were unlucky enough to get caught in it. Those toddlers must have been some REALLY bad sinners, huh?

And now he chooses to finally show how benevolent he is by guiding us out of the woods?

Maybe I'll go program a retarded bot one day, proceed to laugh at its stupidity, punish it for the mistakes it makes and eventually show my eternal love for it by fixing the faulty code.

If you don't believe god is omnipotent you acknowledge your religion is pushing a lie.

If so, What else does it lie about?

The ONLY card believers have to play against this line of thinking is one that draws power of the inability to reach absolutes.

God has a plan.

This plan is beyond the understanding of human beings and does therefore not need to follow what we consider waterproof logic.

You cannot provide absolute proof a plan like this doesn't exist because if it did, you wouldn't know.

Not only is this an incredibly unlikely explanation, but also one that can be used anytime, anywhere, for anything. The god of my daydreams has a few convenient plans too.

If a creator exists out there, I highly doubt we humans have managed to get the story right in any of our religions.

Taking all of this into consideration, I don't think it would be unreasonable to claim one possible meaning for Q's messages is to throw the first redpill on Christianity.

765e0c No.135084


NFL fake as wrestling….

a1f79b No.135085


You don't know? This was discovered like two months ago.

The red shoes are like soylent green… except worse.

ba2b3f No.135086


Minor fact but somehow it seems important.

I bet Q "prey" was referring to the Pope.

81a547 No.135087


Fucking Jews. Jeez.

0ade18 No.135088

File: e5350ab8b667995⋯.jpeg (22 KB, 299x168, 299:168, E983CD17-1EBC-4D28-AB2B-F….jpeg)

64cd03 No.135089


They signify "sacrifice" okay what kind of sacrifice. Who's red shoes? EVERYONE'S red shoes? My sister's red shoes? And who are they trying to signify this to? And why?

Or are you just pointing to things and going


5bda0b No.135090

File: 66e6f2274b8c00c⋯.jpg (80.71 KB, 681x800, 681:800, kys.jpg)





for responding to a shill

131b47 No.135091


Undisclosed gov. agency.

EM is part of the cabal.

Intended to nuke Hawaii with Dragon capsule. No more vehicle re-entries!

d3d2d3 No.135092



May be the meaning of POTUS Tweets.

fa509d No.135093


I have heard about their red shoes symbolism for quite a while now. They don't hide it.

19684b No.135094



















Defends Spez

Defends the Catholic Church.

Attacks info wars

Attacks "likely compromised" twitter accounts

>And then the things I'm unsure about.

Defends red shoe wearers

Defends CERN

Literally all of the FUD and shilling from the last half of the last bread was this guy.

81a547 No.135095

Only Jews use temples.

fbd9fb No.135096


Probably, probably doesn't cut it. Don't ya think? If there's doubt about the authenticity of the image, it shouldn't be referred to in order to make the point that I'm not sure that you're trying to make.

14371d No.135097


Now that's some funny stuff :)

a1145b No.135098

Pray to God they prey to God ie we are prey to their God. It's that simple I believe. Moloch etc

56cecf No.135099

File: eb113dcf5386768⋯.jpg (47.24 KB, 500x412, 125:103, 253.jpg)


Ok thanks for the clarification! It was a meme parodying the Bayeux tapestry, I found it on /pol/ back in the days. I'm not its creator

ffad22 No.135100

File: 190b2167fd01daf⋯.jpg (18.14 KB, 251x255, 251:255, mememusktargets.jpg)

02e613 No.135101

File: 1bc9038a0bbf98f⋯.jpg (92.2 KB, 595x538, 595:538, P08um33herA7oRX_5dKzYCIeNr….jpg)

79630a No.135102

File: d7917d1dcb9912c⋯.png (390.61 KB, 566x235, 566:235, hear.png)

File: 857554d4c84f4c7⋯.png (1.22 MB, 976x436, 244:109, privacy.png)

This may be crackpot/paranoid, but throwing it out there per Q's prompt to "expand our thinking" and Q's hint that "we cannot imagine the full and complete picture":

Q stating "We hear all," as a warning to the bad guys, also refers to the modern state of tech that is beyond the imagination of most, and how it has been used to surveil all Americans.

NSA/POTUS/USMIL now control this power, which was previously in the hands of CIA/GOOG/APPL/AMZN/ETC

echo, alexa, applehome, siri, iOS, android, windows, laptopcams, samsung/vizio tvs, etc etc

pray vs prey.

When you pray outloud, and when you talk in your sleep

those who know never sleep

"If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place." - Google CEO Eric Schmidt


What if… for the last 10 years, your every web search, webpage visit, text message sent & received, email composed & received, is recorded and stored in a file with your name, address, birthdate, SS#, and a list of everyone you've ever called, emailed, and texted. Plus the content of your every phone call, and a list of your every GPS location throughout each day.

And what if that file also contains every personal conversation (not via phonecall or voip, but in-person human-to-human convos) that you had with anyone inside your home and inside your car.

Plus… a recording of everything you've ever muttered under your breath while sleeping or praying.

To go full tinfoil: Can they even detect & record thoughts/dreams? Can they even determine body/brain energy frequencies, and the content of dreams?

ba2b3f No.135103


Stop typing you ignorant fuck.

64cd03 No.135105


Let me get this straight, did you just say attacking InfoWars is a sign of a fed?

5bda0b No.135106

File: 66e6f2274b8c00c⋯.jpg (80.71 KB, 681x800, 681:800, kys.jpg)

d96cd9 No.135107

File: e2cd142ce0c8331⋯.png (67.48 KB, 535x138, 535:138, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

File: e56361b7b879af8⋯.png (74.69 KB, 303x180, 101:60, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

File: b7219cdf0e1cbb4⋯.png (181.28 KB, 752x674, 376:337, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

File: fb1d6bf950b3354⋯.png (50.62 KB, 670x151, 670:151, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)


Project Reach Youth

run by chinese american council

have been sued

seems like child procurement operation

http: //www.projectreachnyc.org/

19684b No.135108


I know that's why I wait and see.

My gut says bad though, always has.

81a547 No.135109

What if foreign allies were involved in trying to assassinate Trump ie



fbd9fb No.135110


But, but, but, it's such an easy target.

c69a05 No.135111


https:// www.sott.net/image/s17/357881/large/Tony_Podesta_birthday_party.jpg

here: https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/1455737

81a547 No.135113

File: 3f869b9a409e935⋯.jpg (130.87 KB, 666x623, 666:623, GinsbergMeme.JPG)

ffad22 No.135114

File: 190b2167fd01daf⋯.jpg (18.14 KB, 251x255, 251:255, mememusktargets.jpg)

anyone got a better pic for this meme

19684b No.135115


It just really stuck out.

nobody else brings it up just glow worms and sharebums.

ba2b3f No.135116


That guy is definitely a shill who needs to be filtered.

On the other hand, even though I just made the same point as you, I took another look at the Pope photo and that is Benedict, not Frances, in the photo.

I am not certain Benedict is a bad guy. The red shoes in the Pope's case might be benign.

19684b No.135117


>It just really stuck out.

>nobody else brings it up just glow worms and sharebums.

bbd9ad No.135118


Following your line of thought, Q is may be telling us, it is someone we would not suspect.

Keep in mind who his audience is, anons, who already know about religious corruption, the threads are full of evidence.

Go back to expand thinking directive, so who is so pure that they are not, think celebrity maybe.

21fd69 No.135119

File: b8165f56930e94d⋯.jpeg (226.06 KB, 750x1297, 750:1297, 1AFB0F6C-C4C1-4651-BF74-2….jpeg)

Hashtag down on twatter

81a547 No.135120

File: 904a2fae8626c14⋯.jpg (53.77 KB, 738x486, 41:27, TrumpHA.JPG)

29d60c No.135121

Good morning, patriots and Q folks.

President Trump, this nation will never be able to repay the debt of gratitude it owes to you and your family. Same to Adm Rogers. It is astonishing to me Adm Rogers' bravery. I am completely humbled by the self-control and composure in the midst of evil. May God ever bless you, sir, with peace in your spirit and healing for your soul.

40e894 No.135122


Is Benedict a Catholic?

81a547 No.135123

File: f7f33198be0290c⋯.jpg (51.87 KB, 651x424, 651:424, TrumpAChrome.JPG)

64cd03 No.135124


They might NOT be benign, that's not my fucking point, my point is that nobody here has had any type of point but that hasn't stopped them from going

OOOH OOOH RED SHOES!!! And that shit is stupid and not helpful. I guess if we rreally are full of neets maybe that's the best the can participate but I'm just trying to help.

2b4b32 No.135125


Guess we haven't cleaned em out yet.

ba2b3f No.135126


Thanks for the rundown, anon. I had just filtered the moron.

But it is amazing how we still get drawn in by the shills. Shame on us.

6f11e3 No.135127


Either you have ZERO reading skills, or are a lazy ignorant mofo, or a deliberate shill/clown. Begone, in Jesus’s name we pray.

0ade18 No.135128

File: e5350ab8b667995⋯.jpeg (22 KB, 299x168, 299:168, 4DB3BA63-717F-4F92-AD21-B….jpeg)

File: c99de266dfa79f6⋯.jpeg (18.26 KB, 300x169, 300:169, F6E23508-FDED-4B1D-A844-C….jpeg)

199670 No.135129


Here's an article about it - no photo though

https:// www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/26/tony-podesta-has-a-party_n_333819.html

64cd03 No.135130


And Benedict was FORCED OUT by the Cabal, it would make no sense to force him out (at GREAT risk to theirselves) if he was "on the same team" as Pope/Antipope Francis.

40e894 No.135131


BOLO for dumbass questions.

db7cfc No.135132

Sarah Carter up on Fox and friends

19684b No.135133


no problem

81a547 No.135134

Who trusts the pope?

19684b No.135135



I can't find a single catholic who does.

131b47 No.135136


On the other hand, there are lots of shills pointing at the Vatican to misdirect from the real rulers above that level. Pope is a replaceable Rothschild lackey.

ffad22 No.135137

Trust the pope hahaha are you retarded anon??

2b4b32 No.135139


They trust(ed) the Pope.

fa509d No.135140

64cd03 No.135141




2b4b32 No.135142


Yes anon exactly.

81a547 No.135143

What religion makes sacrifices?

59b6b9 No.135144


Verified account


10m10 minutes ago


"Fake news. I'm coming to gun you all down": Michigan man arrested after caller threatens to kill CNN employees at the network's Atlanta headquarters http:// cnn.it/2E2ylIq

2b4b32 No.135145

And we know they are sacrificing their own right now - EM/Sx

2b4b32 No.135146


oh, shit.. FF

2d4cd5 No.135147


they are groomed and promoted and protect eachother. watch the Kay Griggs videos (very long but worth it) about how they find and promote "rising stars"

9ff288 No.135148


daayyym . . that's pretty fuggin fake

same as FIFA (soccer) , eg. same guy that was banned for life by the IOC for being in charge of Russia's Olympic doping program , organizing the World Cup this year in Russia , no to mention FIFA itself

81a547 No.135149

File: bc65bdbb31f3f3b⋯.jpg (51.55 KB, 633x476, 633:476, Cheney911Meme.JPG)

a1f79b No.135150


Consider that Benedict was bad enough to play the role but not evil enough to keep the job.

56cecf No.135151


Shills can respond to others shills sometime, thus creating a discussion wasting space in the thread or in order to make their subject of controversy believable.

19684b No.135152


surprise twist.

>it's Eminem

2b10fd No.135153

File: c3da24d9feef3a8⋯.jpg (600.14 KB, 2000x1331, 2000:1331, dorothy red shoes.jpg)

File: 926707e42d99cb5⋯.jpg (120.42 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, witch red shoes.jpg)


what is the significance of red shoes Wiz of Oz?

ba2b3f No.135154


>Pope is a replaceable Rothschild lackey

Yes, I agree. Maybe 100 years ago the Pope seemed to have some frightening world-domination image but lately the Vatican seems like such a lame institution.

who know though, I think the same thing of the British royal family yet some people say the royals still have an important role in world affairs…. I have to plead ignorance on both of these.

64cd03 No.135155


His point wasn't about Pope/Antipope Francis, because indeed NO ONE trusts him. Even totally blue pilled Catholics don't trust the current "Pope" even if they agree with his flaming communist ideals, simply because of the bizarre way he became "Pope" (which technically, he's not even the Pope yet, he's Emeritus until Benedict dies)

5bda0b No.135156

alright newbornfag´s . stop asking shitty questions and go for a dig yourselfs.

The Church is Evil,yes

If your a biblefag trust in jesus not the fucking Church (Yes Benenedict is baaaad m.kay ?)

Yes pedophilia is real and they use codeworks and alike(red shoes,spirit cooking) to identify themself

Cern is a Cia Front (and Switzerland is the home of the Cabal, NK is their holiday go to)

Stop posting and come back when you got something to contribute…

get that into your head.

765e0c No.135157


President Cheney and Vice President Bush

19684b No.135158


in the books they are silver slippers.

64cd03 No.135160


Now Eminem may actually be something interesting to talk about.

Go watch his BET freestyle and tell me he's not "in the know"

fa509d No.135161


Benedict was very conservative. Some of the conservative Cardinals he appointed have been booted out by Francis.

d96cd9 No.135162

File: 2810b8b5216b3c1⋯.png (32.93 KB, 413x102, 413:102, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

File: 1551b5c467fbaff⋯.png (72.16 KB, 673x216, 673:216, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

q question finally partially answered

79df77 No.135163


I thought SH could also be Stephen Hadley who worked for GWB and could have been involved in 9/11 coverup. But unlike the rest in that list, he's not currently active in business as far as we know.

81a547 No.135164

File: 6f3b985775c7923⋯.png (465 KB, 643x445, 643:445, ClipboardImage.png)

If you make fun of catholics, what happens?


If you make fun of Jews, what happens?

They shut you down.

Mel Gibson?

19684b No.135165


pope bene had knowlege of pedo activity and did nothing.

>even his own brother was involved in pedo activity

435846 No.135167


Thinking about Wicktor and Imperator Rex. How is it they have so much information? Remember the truth sprinkled in with lies? I think they're glowing. a lot.

56cecf No.135169


Good find anon!

131b47 No.135170


(((They))) infiltrated more institutions than you can imagine.

To control it or to ruin it from the inside out.

2b4b32 No.135171

File: 116d3b6f19afac7⋯.png (337.15 KB, 795x854, 795:854, ClipboardImage.png)

79df77 No.135172


He did more than the current guy. He may have been removed because he was actually doing something.

03f536 No.135173

ba2b3f No.135174


I guess, I don't know. When he was just Cardinal Ratzinger he wrote some very intelligent stuff, really interesting. His "Ratzinger Report" was at the time (1980s?) enough to make you think some Catholics had their shit together.

But not being a Catholic or really caring much about them I will leave the final judgment to more knowledgable anons.

26f2a8 No.135175


Want to bet it's CNN trying to garner fake sympathy and the guy threatening them is just another Edgar Welch putting a bullet through a hard drive at Comet?

64cd03 No.135176

No, SH indeed does mean Steve Huffman of Reddit, but it's disinfo, because Huffman on purpose warned everyone on Reddit way back when during Pizzagate that they had the ability to change your posts and basically set you up as a poster of "child porn" and then have the feds come arrest you. He didn't have to do that, and he did, and almost got fired/killed for it.

81a547 No.135177

File: ab1ac9566258a9c⋯.png (255.48 KB, 868x613, 868:613, ClipboardImage.png)

fa509d No.135179


The CAtholic Church was infiltrated by the NWO decades ago in an effort to destroy the Church from within.

Just like their plan to destroy America from within.

19684b No.135180


fair enough.

It would be him against the whole catholic church I guess.

But you have to be elected to be Pope.

How did he ever get the job?

2b4b32 No.135181


Dig his name

f84837 No.135182


I wouldn't tag a MEME with 187, when the person is alive

no need to add conspiracy, if they were to die naturally (she's 84)

81a547 No.135183


The catholic church is a Jewish institution.

43371a No.135184


Won't be of any significance when headlines read "FBI agent plots murder of President" which, of course, you won't read on CNN.

81a547 No.135185


Too late, been all over the internet since yesterday. No one complained.

194141 No.135186


They have no inside info, they think outside the box.

They just can't believe that someone inside team Trump would be on a message board dropping inside info.

They refuse to believe that Q posts a keyword[s] and a few minutes later Trump tweets the same keyword[s].

Best for everyone to forget them and go about red-pilling normies.

You guys memed Trump into office, now your going to meme (((them))) into jail.

4bd333 No.135187


Q – I have immense respect you all. I appreciate your skills, efforts, and sacrifices. I rejoice with each victory you have. I pray for your protection and blessings.

When I ask others about the 20/80 or 40/60 reveal concepts, many are saddened and some are righteously angry. The overall response?

We want meat. Q is telling us stories about cows. Cows that live somewhere that we can’t go.

You ask us to redpill our family and friends and then want to withhold information.

We argue with innocents because they are uninformed, but those who choose to be uninformed will stay that way regardless of how much information you give them.

We are equal, you say in word, but also tell us by deed that we can’t be equal.

You ask us to care about the emotionally fragile in our society, yet we know people whose lives have been ruined for trying to stand against corruption.

You ask us to pray – yet this Spirit of God who responds to prayer wants nothing to do with ignoring evil in this world.

You have this amazing technology that can look into every part of our lives, yet it is a one way mirror. “Trust us, we are doing the right thing” you say. So we press our face hard against the mirror, and mostly see nothing but our own reflection that seems to mock us.

If there was human sacrifice in my neighborhood it would not be covered up for any reason. Why would you cover for these gross sins? To protect institutional reputations? We already know that the Upper Echelons are shitholes. You aren’t protecting us, only them. Why are you protecting them?

Are there innocent people in prison because of LE/judicial crimes? Are there people in positions of pwer because of their ability to be criminals? You have to wonder if we care that LE reputations and efforts suffer? We are on the streets here, people of no standing. We are second class citizens always to be herded.

We’re required under threat of punishment to pay taxes to a government that we know is corrupt. We’re encouraged to tithe to a church you imply may be corrupt. We spend our substantial time here freely, because we are told our contributions are important. Are you really saying “be still children”? Truth and justice that we seek are not childish ideals, these are noble ideals. Courageous ideals. Godly ideals.

I pray that you will rid yourself of the notion that you should withhold anything from us. Every bit of news you release, we’ll consider that a win.

We’ll let you know when we can’t win anymore.

3395dd No.135188

d2ee27 No.135189

File: d9e755ade79c2a0⋯.png (705.47 KB, 1213x847, 1213:847, asjb2.png)

File: 31b75cca2ad7b03⋯.png (362.62 KB, 877x515, 877:515, asjb.png)



Jeff Bezos receives the Axel Springer Award 2018



Look at Hamburg map and how close AlexSpringer, Faceb00k & G00gle are. Coincidence?



07df79 No.135191

Small plane, helicopter crash in southern Germany

http:// abcnews


ffad22 No.135192

How is the man guilty ? ,your 2nd ammendment states to stop tyranny ,,,and cnn is the very concept of tyranny (operation mockingbird)

19684b No.135194


seems like a stretch but T_D is still there so some one is protecting it.

That would be quite the redemption arc though.

I will wait and see, I guess.

fa509d No.135195


You could say Trump has knowledge of activity and is doing nothing. People are ready to string up Sessions for doing nothing.

Knowing that they removed Benedict to put in Francis makes me doubt any rumor I hear about Benedict and his family.

2b10fd No.135196

File: 0a2d2af1b577c6a⋯.jpg (263.17 KB, 1724x760, 431:190, assange.jpg)


https:// mobile.twitter.com/JulianAssange/status/955784731475546113?p=v

Push this to the top it's Assange !!!

2b4b32 No.135197


and they must have gotten a new 4am email, since they're all trashing Wray

962fc9 No.135198


This is exactly correct and has been the shill plan of attack for the past month - hell, ever since the first "Godfather III" signature.

If the chess metaphor means anything, the shills got the anons to focus on taking a pawn instead of the high-value pieces.

Kind of shameful, really, but we're on track now.

As far as Popes Benny and Frank are concerned, Benny was portrayed as more conservative in the media, around the time the Church child abuse scandals were coming to a head.

It's plausible that Benny was set up to take the hit on the ideological front:

>Hey look at this new conservative pope, isn't he just


>What kind of monsters would do something like that?!

The cabal gets exactly what they want: destruction of religion, tradition, and conservativism in one solid move.

Benny got pressured hard with this, so the cabal cut him a deal: bow out, let us install another pliable puppet that will forward our new plan (Franky), and you get off scot-free.

The rest continues to this day.

64cd03 No.135199


No. They're bad dudes. If you haven't been following them for awhile or just aren't hip to this thing, nearly EVERYONE of significance in this thing is a blackhat, or they would just be banned for something.

765e0c No.135201

File: f5597a6e5bda7a7⋯.png (78.75 KB, 1034x447, 1034:447, screenshot_69.png)

9c1e38 No.135202

File: f8736f7dbdb5a89⋯.jpg (1.53 MB, 3096x1741, 3096:1741, 20151025_191141_resized (1….jpg)

File: d59641a479efa23⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 1742x3095, 1742:3095, 20151025_192120_resized.jpg)

File: 4b5ee3073188b91⋯.png (49 KB, 1572x947, 1572:947, Podesta email with pics.png)



google Tony Podesta birthday party. It is real.

There is also a wikileaks email with pics,,same type of subject

https:// wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/5716

And this creepy part,

Attached are pictures that capture some of the spirit of the evening - at a couple of different levels.

a2350f No.135203


that is where my thinking has been for decades. Benedict is still the papa. he gave up the papa chair but not the 'authority'…the power. I could give a list as to why this is so. Francis the talking Mule is not the papa, but the 'face man'. the point man for the general back at HQ.

56cecf No.135204


https:// www. whitepages. com/name/Brandon-Griesemer

4 results

Not a single one of them lives in Georgia, and the first pages showing up when you type he's name are article about the attacks

56cecf No.135206


his* sorry

9c1e38 No.135208


https:// washingtonlife.smugmug.com/2009-photos/Podesta-Birthday-Party/

81a547 No.135209


David Seaman, Jewish, bitcoin shekel hound…

e18adb No.135210


Reading this thread I had that exact thought. Create a discussion, argue with yourself to bring others in and slide the thread.

ffad22 No.135211

File: d4005df64172fe0⋯.jpg (37.8 KB, 480x251, 480:251, memedavidseamenincapable.jpg)

81a547 No.135212

File: 2e8532e230b0dfb⋯.png (278.68 KB, 812x636, 203:159, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// www.timesofisrael. com/jcc-bomb-hoaxer-made-millions-selling-forged-docs-online-report/

194141 No.135213


I've been following them before I started following Q drops in November.

I take what they say with a grain of salt.

They are not all knowing, they just call it like they see it.

Sometimes they're right, sometimes not.

BTW, Thomas & Imperator have had their accounts suspended before.

8675e8 No.135214


YOU look it up - We've already done the digging.

This has been thoroughly researched and documented in pedo/sacrifice discussions

Your faggotry is glowing

56cecf No.135215

https:// www. whitepages.com/name/Brandon-Alan-Griesemer /Okeechobee-FL/nn8zky7

Might be the guy, but he has two addresses

ba2b3f No.135216


I think Q is being extremely generous with the information we've been graced with.

He has told us an awful lot.

My frustration, and I think yours, and I think Q's, is the slow pace of events unfolding in the real world. We want to see the guilty indicted and prosecuted. We want perp walks. When do we want them? Now.

Don't forget this is a big set of interconnected operations and it needs to overcome internal obstacles – and it is the f-cking federal government.

Q does not control all the pieces. He has a skill set that involves understanding public psychology and communication. Which crumbs are appropriate to drop, and when.

Any of us who claim we understand that part better than Q are just talking out of our asses.

5bda0b No.135217

File: 66e6f2274b8c00c⋯.jpg (80.71 KB, 681x800, 681:800, kys.jpg)

2b4b32 No.135218

File: 02ab413f2fdc074⋯.png (304.53 KB, 619x614, 619:614, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// twitter.com/wikileaks/status/955745672472465408

Typo or Code?


fa509d No.135220


The cabal could not take over the world as long as the Catholic Church is standing. Why do you think (((they))) are working so hard to destroy it from within.

Jesus was a Jew who came to establish His kingdom. Why do you think the Old World Order, which is known today as the New World Order, crucified him?

c4c4dc No.135221

Hey Q team here watching (and meme-ers)…

There's a recent poll by Gallup not really covered by MSM (obviously) on American's perception of bias in the media and overall distrust of them across the political spectrum. Perhaps good to dissect this poll and use as content for POTUS on Twatter?



fee8e7 No.135222


It's not that "new". It is centuries old.

Things that were not seen before are now visible as a result of the printing press, and technology. A lot more evil is exposed, but evil is not new. It was here before mankind.

54ca32 No.135223

File: cd1597598fefbc4⋯.png (67.02 KB, 629x317, 629:317, Screenshot from 2018-01-23….png)


Nobody knows for sure that the Republicans & Democrats will be able to reach a deal on DACA by February 8, but everyone will be trying….with a big additional focus put on Military Strength and Border Security. The Dems have just learned that a Shutdown is not the answer!

ffad22 No.135224

135217 <<

shoot yourself David seaman is uncapable of logical debate ,looks like you are to !

af40eb No.135226

File: 13edd93cc982ff1⋯.png (833.53 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, fighters.png)

three american fighters in germany

43371a No.135227


Well said, and it should be noted that the enemy is not a stationary target. The white hats can't predict their every move. The evil ones have vast resources, power, influence…plenty of cards to play. It's not just shooting fish in a barrel.

194141 No.135228

It looks like the ‘James Bond’ behind the dossier let a Putin pawn do all the work


2b4b32 No.135229


It said his cell phone pinged from Michigan, didn't it?

b6ae2d No.135230

File: dd82bafc4ef1f54⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1300x953, 1300:953, ClipboardImage.png)

2b4b32 No.135232

File: e6ea8ce972b10bd⋯.png (66.89 KB, 621x348, 207:116, ClipboardImage.png)

19684b No.135234


it was michigan,

hence the eminem jokes

b6ae2d No.135236

File: dd82bafc4ef1f54⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1300x953, 1300:953, ClipboardImage.png)

f2a7af No.135237


Is Tomas Wik tor an actual real person, or a a fake twatface name for a real person?

He has some pretty good intel, which makes me wonder if he is an insider?

19684b No.135238


>it was michigan,

>hence the eminem jokes

2d4cd5 No.135239


100% disclosure. And yes, duh, all corrupt legal cases MUST be retried. we need JUSTICE FOR EVERYONE.

fbd9fb No.135240


Yep, plenty of other, and clearer photos to reference. It's still circumstantial. So, he likes red shoes, and he had the artist of the revolting paintings, paint red shoes on the children, because he likes red shoes. He loves red shoes. See where I'm going with this?

I'm pretty well convinced that he's pond scum, but I advise against pushing something as evident, when its only circumstantial.

I like red shoes, I love red shoes. I have at least 4 pairs of red shoes. Are you going to plaster a happy snap of me on a meme with these guys?

5bda0b No.135241


>"Catholic Church is standing"

you have to go back


you don´t get the point. He is irrelevant

9051b6 No.135242

File: 6e3a8e87c1f96bf⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5 F16s.png)


Now 5…

e75ce7 No.135243

File: 6135362d81d1148⋯.png (364.94 KB, 1747x1818, 1747:1818, Musk.png)


I got my autistic cap on and I might be reading too much into this but, I think the (++) are directly talking to Musk in this article. The picture used in the article is weird. Like the (++) are watching him from the shadows.

Next Musk only gets fully vested if Tesla reaches 650bn Market Cap. That would make Tesla more valuable than Ford, Toyota, Honda, GM, VW, and BMW combined. Never going to happen.

I think the 650bn is what the (++) would pay him to hit a target with a rocket. The only target worth that much is the most dangerous target to the (++). 100bn with 11 additional payments of 50bn.

I hope I'm wrong.

https:// uk.reuters.com/article/uk-tesla-ceo/musk-may-get-no-salary-unless-tesla-hits-milestones-idUKKBN1FC1DE

ba472d No.135244

File: f75515e4eb27e55⋯.jpg (222.58 KB, 543x800, 543:800, demiurge.jpg)


Humanity fell along with the angels. Both have those who revel in the bestial nature and those who seek to redeem themselves from the ways of this world. Let's hope humans get it right this time, it may be their last. Keep up the great work, anons.

8750a0 No.135245

File: 9f9d20ddf4f9a41⋯.jpeg (217.87 KB, 2048x632, 256:79, CB184DE2-DC27-4CBD-AE32-4….jpeg)

Does anyone think the 1 of 22 is referring this “revelation” or “the memo” as it were…

It is 1 of 22 total, big revelations. Systematically working to show what (((they))) have been doing

56cecf No.135246


Same with the old Aristocracies in Europe. The French Revolution was basically Bourgeois taking power over the Nobility, but at least the nobles historically had christian values and a strict sense of honor.

c214cc No.135248

Would you Adam and Eve it?

Who had free will?

Why were they given it?

Did they abuse it?

What is the golden rule?

No sex with children?

No sex between parent and child?

Whose rib was Eve created from?

What is the message?

What is a cover up?

Did they cover up?

Did they cover it up?

When happens when you come clean early?

What happens when you get caught in the cover up?

What happens when a house of cards is built from the cover up?

Are the rules broken?

Are these rules abused to control?

What happens when complacency meets a house of cards meets a critical mass?

What happens to isolated, cornered and frightened animals?

Do they surrender?

Do some want to watch it all burn?

Do they have a choice?

How do you trap these animals?

How do you plan?

Game Theory.

What is Davis?

Where is Mattis?

Where is Tillerson?

The Day the Earth Stood Still.

ba2b3f No.135249


>I like red shoes, I love red shoes. I have at least 4 pairs of red shoes. Are you going to plaster a happy snap of me on a meme with these guys?

Are you a male?

And if so, know how I know you're gay?

481f1a No.135250

I agree it’s the pope. I listened to a nun’s testimony during the holidays. When she escaped she was about 80 lbs. She was in the Vatican & what they do to young nuns that join is horrific. Sacrifices too of the babies from nuns being raped. It’s pure evil. Search for nun’s testimony of abuse on YT if interested. Her name was Charlotte and her account is very detailed. >>135086

56cecf No.135251


Why are you posting a depiction of the "Demiurge" ?

64c9ed No.135253


Ancient Israelite is more clear-cut. Calling him a joo is like calling Scientologists Christians.

2b4b32 No.135254

Capital letters that dont need to be? Anyone?

MSBSS - Main Stream Bull Shit Shutdown ?

d96cd9 No.135255


this is someone he is related to… has to be. same hometown of novi https: //www.facebook.com/justin.griesemer

73e15d No.135256

So, got to thinking about the namefags always turning on Q, and my theory is this.

They have essentially been squelched by the information coming out, and they cannot report on it. Instead of just creating their own content and using Q as their script for fame a few YT sheckles, the only way they can report on it is to say its a LARP. Otherwise what do these people have to talk about?

Q got sick of the old BO's and Pamph after their YT shitshow, and since then this new information has hobbled them. They got complacent using Q as their script, and now they cannot say things like the secret society plot etc. The only way to keep Q in their script is to scream LARP, he/she has gone too far blah blah.

Rex, Wilcot and Seaman are all left behind since they need their fame but cannot actually report on this anymore, so they turn to save themselves for a few sheckles and a few new viewers.

These people are sick.

ffad22 No.135257

File: 190b2167fd01daf⋯.jpg (18.14 KB, 251x255, 251:255, mememusktargets.jpg)

I think it is pretty clear musk was ordered to hit targets

194141 No.135258

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is Thomas Wictor

c4c4dc No.135259


Yup saw this coming across local news sources last night for sure see this being pushed as MSM narrative today

2b4b32 No.135260


Thanks anon

b7ffbd No.135262

File: 95b22c9ae4a63a8⋯.jpg (205.13 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, Z-45.jpg)

File: 2f13eb81416db47⋯.jpg (99.6 KB, 750x400, 15:8, Z-46.jpg)

File: 40feba0a9dfbb24⋯.jpg (131.61 KB, 950x633, 950:633, Z-47.jpg)

File: 18ad0dcd9df1457⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 1045x523, 1045:523, Z-48.jpg)




eded63 No.135263


Good that he's wearing a helmet! :D

c4c4dc No.135265


Orr maybe not yet…. fuckin sigh.


23e570 No.135267

So, what about the FISA memo? Nunes doesn't want to release it. Wtf? Clinton needs finally to get into jail, god damnit.

fc30dc No.135268



Hard to Tell on TW ....he's sure opened my Eyes on the House of Saud and the Isamic religion and all things Arab.

He has done amazing work in red-pilling normize in what's really happening in the Middle East....everyone has a part to play. Good, Bad or otherwise

19684b No.135269


yeah he got hacked. or the twitter twats took him over.

83b7ae No.135270


Just look him up. He used to be a music journalist

9051b6 No.135271


Another mid-air collision, this time in Germany. What a (((coincidence))).

www.airlive. net/breaking-mid-air-collision-over-southern-germany-involving-helicopter-and-small-propeller-aircraft/

07df79 No.135273

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The covenant / Deal with the devil / They sold their souls to the devil

f2a7af No.135274


Post numbers and time diffs were

>51 53 ==> EA EC (A=1,B=2,..)

Does EA EC mean anything? Probably not

East African Economic Community

European-American Evangelistic Crusades (Sheridan, CA)

Enterprise Architecture Executive Council

Eurobodalla Adult Education Centre (South Coast, New South Wales, Australia)

European Atomic Energy Committee

Enlisted Aviator Entry Course

Enteroaggregative Escherichia Coli

East Asian Economic Caucus

European Association of Erasmus Coordinators

Eurasian Economic Community

Euro Audit Expertise Conseil (French accounting firm)

European Atomic Energy Community

European Automobile Engineers Cooperation (est. 1985; various locations)

Is there a meeting of the Atomic Energy Committee/Community anytime soon?

Evangelistic Crusades in Cali...(since Q brought up Pray/Prey) We may be going after them next...

Dig anons, dig!

d1dff6 No.135275

new trump tweet

fc30dc No.135276



He doesn't want to release it to the F_I early…

so, they can set up thier talking points…

19684b No.135277


another kamikazi strike?

fee8e7 No.135278


With war this time, the technology of rapid information can cause collateral damage if military details are exposed too soon. When POTUS drops "The Light" onto the masses in about a week, one of the joys will be the minimal harm to the innocents close at hand to the action. This war is not for your and my entertainment. It's much bigger and more noble than that.

f2a7af No.135279

>>132758 KEK OUT LOUD!

19684b No.135280


sold his brain too i think

fbd9fb No.135281


I don't answer personal questions on the boards. I made my point. Its all circumstantial and should not be presented as anything but.

6b7967 No.135282


We know that symbolism is used in movies and commercials. I think that the Red Shoes is a fringe topic, but nonetheless, is probably part of the puzzle. Take the movie, The Devil Wears Prada. In real life, every Prada shoe has a red sole. Red Shoes Diaries, an erotic drama, was produced by Playboy Entertainment.

ba2b3f No.135285

Someone at FreeRepublic has been reporting on Q posts for the past couple weeks and it does not seem like a bad thing.

Nothing we can do about it either way, obviously.

Up till recently 20-30 replies was the norm but today's is in the 60s already.

It's another tangent for information to spread, and potentially put some fear into the bad guys, and I don't see the freeper community being people likely to wander over to the chans (I think boomers are actually the youthful ones at FreeRepublic). Anyway, an interesting development.

http:// freerepublic. com/focus/f-chat/3625104/posts

23e570 No.135286


You don't get it, do you? We ripped our asses off getting this hype trending on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, everywhere. Now after the shutdown is over, it's now the right fucking time to release the memo. It's not like they knew about Clinton corruption since yesterday. So, c'mon!

a2350f No.135287

File: 8ca499e67937f02⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, james alefantis-tony podes….png)

File: 73e359c51bbb4b1⋯.png (166.38 KB, 239x408, 239:408, Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at ….png)

File: b3539addd7f8e50⋯.jpg (130.83 KB, 1000x543, 1000:543, C5Jv3fKWIAIWe1N.jpg)


get the eye bleach ready….for memefags archives

tony podesta birthday w/ alefantis

tony podesta at bro's 65th "red shoe gala" birthday party

more podesta artwork

19684b No.135288


you have an Asia poster

199670 No.135289

File: e5893d51e5d95f4⋯.jpg (80.35 KB, 902x483, 902:483, 2018 01 23 8.34 AM EST.JPG)

07df79 No.135290



Pretty amazing video, imo.

9051b6 No.135291


Don't know. Very few details so far. Looks like right near a nuclear power plant though…

d96cd9 No.135292

File: 86ca052c20936e2⋯.png (93.32 KB, 521x351, 521:351, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

File: a35c66be83c9c74⋯.png (47.79 KB, 451x299, 451:299, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

File: 9b61f2368b0f71e⋯.png (104.03 KB, 604x403, 604:403, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

File: 06fc7117a99d8fd⋯.png (80.47 KB, 618x386, 309:193, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

new trump tweet… 99min after last one.

99's in q drops

c4c4dc No.135293

File: cf0f45c4a5123a6⋯.jpeg (235.15 KB, 750x1054, 375:527, E2580B66-40C6-4AD0-AC9A-0….jpeg)

Really AP?

81a547 No.135294

File: e69311f28bf9277⋯.jpg (141.81 KB, 792x504, 11:7, SOTU.JPG)


Timing is everything



19684b No.135295


Video director made that though.

Eminem just does what he's told

2e4b54 No.135296


That's why scripture is so very important.

James 1:5 "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him."

2b4b32 No.135297


http:// www.dm.af.mil/

ba2b3f No.135298


Living an alternative lifestyle does not disqualify you from the fullchan community. We are accepting of all kinds here.

For clarity, it might be helpful if you were to preface your remarks with something like:

"As an unironic faggot, I think ….."

This would allow better understanding for everyone.

c214cc No.135299

Is the economic forum really what this meeting is?

Is it a surrender?

Is it a victory for one side accepting surrender terms?

Has Britain's rogue nuclear deterrent been neutralised?

Has France's rogue nuclear deterrent been neutralised?

Have the other rogue nuclear hostage makers been neutralised?

What is the eye in the sky?

What are we waiting for?

City of God

db7cfc No.135301


good work Anon

23e570 No.135302


So, it will ( or could) be released on January 30th? Fine. Let's hope so. I am sick of Hillary and her criminal gang ruining America.

dab804 No.135303


Sure, red shoes are important symbology, but what's their meaning?

Do they always were red shoes or only at certain?

If at certain times.. when?

What does it signal?

To whom?

4896e2 No.135304


I have also heard her audio testimony on utube and never forgot it. This looks like a text version: biblebelievers.org.au/nun.htm

ba2b3f No.135305


Well spoken truth, desu.

765e0c No.135307


Nice job!

d96cd9 No.135308


and what was the topic of conversation on here all night? the 99% question

81a547 No.135309


Read to the entire world, they can't ignore it…

81a547 No.135310

Is there 21 more #MEMOS?

2b4b32 No.135311


Are they all being arrested today @ Davos?! Potus giving closing speech? Is that what I remember?

"More than 60 heads of state and government, plus hundreds of business leaders, academics, civil society advocates and celebrities are meeting in Davos from Tuesday to Friday, an event featuring roughly 400 debates and panels on topics like action on the environment, the outlook for Africa, and ways that refugees can contribute to their host countries."

http:// www.foxbusiness.com/markets/2018/01/22/davos-founder-hopes-trump-and-his-critics-keep-open-minds.amp.html

64cdd1 No.135312


There was a C-32/757 callsign SAM18 in the VIP blue livery flying next to this plane as well.. The C-32 is usually used by the VP or State Department… VP is in Israel right now, so interested so see where these two flights end up.

40070a No.135314

>Hawaii governor was unable to quickly correct false missile alert because he forgot Twitter password



fbd9fb No.135315


Yeah ah, I'm not biting. I don't answer personal questions, and I'm particular about personal information that I volunteer. I'll leave you to keep guessing, if you've got nothing better to do.

81a547 No.135316

File: 4b84336481bff1a⋯.jpg (45.85 KB, 462x453, 154:151, RothschildBlvd.JPG)

Why is moving the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem so important to Trump?

c214cc No.135317




18d769 No.135319


If true. Sounds like a Saudi replay.

All I need to hear is if an entire hotel was emptied out for guests …

db7cfc No.135320


Have read Malhi Martine nad listened to him on Art bell on jewtoob

Sad that he was taken from us but he knew

73e15d No.135321


That is fkn funny, not even my 10 yr old would believe that. HAHAHAHA is right.

ffad22 No.135323

File: dcf1153d1f592de⋯.jpg (145.61 KB, 920x500, 46:25, memepodestartwork2.jpg)

19684b No.135324


Why is it so vile to everyone else?

I never understood that.

7d208f No.135325


Try this

https:// www.t ruepeoplesearch.com/results?name=Brandon Griesemer

b3e58a No.135326

Happy 01/23, autists!

af40eb No.135327

File: 5e05923f226b838⋯.png (372.61 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, 1234.png)

File: ab94134dbe8b04c⋯.png (416.22 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, 12345.png)

these guys are really on top of each other

64cdd1 No.135328


This… can you imagine Trump walking into Davos with a strike team who starts slapping handcuffs on foreign leaders? Methinks that would not go over well.

b3e58a No.135329


Planefags rule

db7cfc No.135330


they might be delayed a little

Snow falling on leaders: 'exceptional' winter weather delays VIP arrivals to Davos


2b4b32 No.135331


New Sheriff in Town

And he doesn't take your BULLSHIT anymore


ecaf13 No.135332


You aren't Q. Are you claiming to be part of Q team? You are clearly British.

2b4b32 No.135333

ba2b3f No.135334


There was a mixup with payroll and some of the worker anons are awaiting their checks, so the job of reconciling the 2 boards is temporarily on hold.

194141 No.135335

If/When this happens, remember to remind Thomas Wictor…


If the Trump administration uncovers a Satanic ritual abuse ring, I'll eat my car piece by piece.

That's a promise.


199670 No.135336


hope that's not your actual email

If it is you might like to get your post deleted quick smart

db7cfc No.135337


Malachi Martin and

f5cc07 No.135338

So, I’m guessing that maybe the DOJ has all the texts from Strzok and his nasty girl. 60% or 40%, whichever Q said, are personal between the two of them. The rest can’t be released because they’d open the doors to FBI credibility issues on cases and convictions of legit criminals that we can’t have back in society, like in the movie Touch of Evil with Orsen Wells and Charlton Heston.


18d769 No.135339


Are you certain you've been lurking since day 1 anon? Doesn't sound like it.

ffad22 No.135340

File: ae8305bacde700c⋯.jpg (141.2 KB, 920x500, 46:25, podestaart3.jpg)

0a334e No.135342


understood appreciate the heads up too

001f61 No.135343


Any case touching those two is tainted

fbd9fb No.135344




Someone had to say it.

ba2b3f No.135345


No prob, it's good to have you here.

BTW Amazon is having a sale on mens' scarves and brown turtleneck shirts.

a2350f No.135346


maybe cuz it is on Rothschild Blvd.?

765e0c No.135347

File: 9642c3f848b8ecc⋯.png (156.76 KB, 573x848, 573:848, screenshot_72.png)


I see Stealth Jeff got in on the actions as well….

2b4b32 No.135348


And Davos is in Switzerland… "neutral" territory

5bda0b No.135349

File: 66e6f2274b8c00c⋯.jpg (80.71 KB, 681x800, 681:800, kys.jpg)

70c5dc No.135350


You don't like Terry very much, do you?

9ff288 No.135351

File: 6f89ba63236b1c9⋯.png (505.38 KB, 1223x789, 1223:789, J-and-J_13.6B tax_charge_.png)

another $13.6B into the coffers , MAGA

https:// finance.yahoo.com/news/johnson-johnson-reports-4q-loss-115334170.html

db7cfc No.135352

US citizens among fatalities in Kabul hotel attack - official


18d769 No.135353


I has a feels that JFK was assassinated for such an info… that's what he was going to expose.

0a334e No.135354


yea, I'm certain just not a technophile, learning to post hence only lurked till now.

19684b No.135355

File: 2340a5ea8560c64⋯.png (76.08 KB, 1215x710, 243:142, ClipboardImage.png)





some times you have to give those sites a little push (like a mis-spelling) to get them to cough up what you want.

81a547 No.135356


Money center of Israel. Human trafficking, drugs through embassy?

af40eb No.135357

File: 904aace5aca8822⋯.png (138.57 KB, 683x329, 683:329, pensacola.png)

crowded over pensacola

07df79 No.135358




Obviously you didn't watch the video. It's not about Eminem. It's about celebrities openly saying they have sold their souls to the devil. Eminem is one of many featured.

Anons, this video is worth the 8-minute watch and is good for sharing, red-pilling.

7823ee No.135359

File: aa445767dec0db4⋯.png (283.8 KB, 1547x863, 1547:863, air1.png)

Have another unknown MIL aircraft in flight.


United States Military

2b4b32 No.135361


I love it when they try to make us conspiracy "theorists".

Only makes us stronger, IMO.

And tells me we're on the right track.

765e0c No.135363



Stealth Jeff, Imperator Rex, and Thomas Wictor are all famefag (((shills)))

2b10fd No.135364


http:// www .ars-grin.gov/cgi-bin/npgs/html/taxon.pl?70607 is the link to botanical gardens, archive incorrect or compromised

81a547 No.135365

To planefags.

Lot of unusual flights in CONUS right?

18d769 No.135366


<< Xenu's lair

KEK my fracking sides hahahahah

a2350f No.135367


Mmm…don't they call it lil sodom?

da6e97 No.135368


Email from friend in AL.

Recent rigged election in AL.


19684b No.135369


pretty funny I think

6db808 No.135370


I would hesitate to say that every personal conversation has been recorded, or that every web address and the like has, as well.

That said, there is certainly a profile on nearly every person out there. It's as simple as google search results. In the interest of 'giving you relevant results' - cookies and other terms your computer or phone collects are used to generate a profile for indexing your search results.

I am skeptical that there is enough bandwidth for them to record every conversation within range of a networked microphone. This would likely be reserved for very select targets. Although it would be possible to scan for keywords. If I can "turn my phone on" by talking to it… you can bet that it can start recording if it hears something it is programmed to look for. Part of why I don't like this whole "can't access the battery" thing. Fucking phones never actually turn off, these days.

81a547 No.135371


Connections to Dan Gertler maybe?

194141 No.135372


Here is his thread on discrediting Q

https:// twitter.com/ThomasWictor/status/955713264280678400

(1) According to you guys, Q said that the New York subway bombing was a "false flag."


He apologized, kind of..

(14) ADDENDUM THREE: Thinking about it, I realize that it's not helpful or accurate to say that Q's material is for idiots.

Therefore I apologize for saying that. I don't think you're idiots.

be59ef No.135373

File: d1c70136e2265c2⋯.jpg (187.51 KB, 1420x833, 1420:833, T-6A_Texan_II_Laughlin_AFB.jpg)


These models are trainers, this would almost certainly be a training flight.

keep up the fight!

fb516a No.135374


We can have military tribunals with sufficient oversight to ensure a fair hearing, archive the proceedings for 50 or 75 years, and execute the convicted.

All of these people need to be removed from society, even if the reasons why and process is kept 'private' for society's protection. We know how to have multiple levels of review and checks to ensure due process is done.


Q? Please think about it.

23e570 No.135375


Well, your challenge implies that you believe it's impossible. But it's very possible that Trump admin might expose a Satanic ritual abuse ring. Get ready to eat that car, my friend.

af40eb No.135376

File: 37d7f3ca5bd1123⋯.png (367.94 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, janet.png)

wtf guys? a janet flight is now using the same callsign as the giant boeing i posted earlier - UNIQ

not so uniq…

765e0c No.135377


definitely disinfo shills

19684b No.135378


yeah I have people in the house still sleeping, couldn't watch it.

Will in a bit though. Thank you and sorry.

7823ee No.135379


With all the other trainers listed, if this was a trainer it would have shown as one.

This flight had nothing on it.

fdb444 No.135380


he’ll have to eat the battery(s)

af40eb No.135381


not callsign - user tag. but still. why the same user tag and why call it uniq when its clearly not?

64cdd1 No.135382



Eh, I've been desensitized to the unusual over the last few weeks since I've seen some VERY unusual flights recently. So, far I would rate the air traffic today as a 2 on the 1-10 scale of unusual.

be59ef No.135383


99% of the data collected by surveillance has not been analyzed.

They collect all and then parse as needed.

70c5dc No.135384


While away for the night, and listening to Fox, etc., I thought this over alot. Too much? But I am not surprised to see this referenced. And I can also say that we all know the greatest defense is a good offense. So they throw it out there in all it's mockery so that decent people like these two say things because one, there was an over reaction and the real evil just laughed back then, and two it is just beyond their level of comprehension.

This will get played out as a college group or some S&B malarky network, unless the real evil and sacrifices and stuff are exposed.

a2350f No.135385


Ah…ya gotta give the guy a little slack. I mean, he wears a pasta strainer on his head for cry'n out loud…lol

d1749b No.135386


I swear when the pedophilia starts coming out, AP and Reuters will have a headline that says Podesta Meets with Children.

6db808 No.135387


That should be fun to hold him to.

If he has multiple cars, who gets to choose which car he eats?

b65f2d No.135388

File: 7a7f59c488a04bb⋯.jpeg (430.81 KB, 1202x2007, 1202:2007, 65E7C59B-69AB-402F-86A3-D….jpeg)

18d769 No.135389


Not much we can do about this anon. Might as well embrace the face that we will all have to eventually face the demons of our own wicked nature.

I would go as far as to say that when we did an angel is going to escort us to the facility in Utah holding all our data and run a feel about our lives and ask us if we deserve to go to heaven or hell…

Is your conscience clear?

9051b6 No.135390


Archived that so we can feed it to him when he deletes it.

http:// archive.is/QzfK9

af40eb No.135391

File: 95b2bacb522c9d5⋯.png (447.65 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, uniq.png)

File: 37d7f3ca5bd1123⋯.png (367.94 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, uniq2.png)



same user tag - UNIQ.

fb516a No.135392

Just a word to the CIA SHILLS, IT guys, and MSM whores—

Its never TOO EARLY to turn around and do the right thing.

TOO LATE is really easy to get to.

Keep up the work the cartel gives you, and you will wind up like the former Nazi and Communist did - or worse.

We do have lynch mobs on occasion.

16fbda No.135393



Sodoku link faggot?

be59ef No.135394


You guys did a masterful job on PIZZA13!

All those drones Q mentioned were likely dark.

001f61 No.135395


How many keystrokes does it take to change a transponder ID?

16fbda No.135396

File: dc8615e6d173d80⋯.jpeg (24.06 KB, 209x255, 209:255, FADFCF25-E554-4736-A3BE-A….jpeg)

f2a7af No.135397





Human Sacrifices

8d1ace No.135398


Perhaps you are being less helpful to the cause by shaming people who are waking to things that have been hidden from them. The point is they are looking for truth. You might want to consider your own board for people who are only interested in your truth. You could call it MSQ.

fb516a No.135399


no, i just repeat myself a lot.

81a547 No.135400

File: 5df130038e10a25⋯.png (308.29 KB, 1213x732, 1213:732, ClipboardImage.png)

The Rothschilds use the US embassy on Rothschild Blvd in Tel Aviv like their own personal bank. Here is a rich Jewish Rothschild trying to get Social Security through US Embassy.

Fucking golden calf lovers.

http:// stephenalrothschild.tripod.com/ssaprivatecommunication/

da6e97 No.135401

File: 946c1036bc4ace9⋯.png (282.71 KB, 640x440, 16:11, IMG_7314.PNG)


Might be a good template for a TW meme.

be59ef No.135402


Maybe they haven't been trained to properly use them yet ;-P

Wonder why GUANTANIMO suddenly went dark, maybe they got tired of us tracking all their VIP customers lol

7823ee No.135403

Janet Airlines is busy this morning.

f5cc07 No.135404



Loses?! What Spin! Guess we know where yahoo stands.

af40eb No.135405

File: 0dd8819026bacfd⋯.png (366.89 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, 4janet.png)

ba472d No.135406

File: 643f14cce14859c⋯.jpg (45.67 KB, 500x467, 500:467, yee.jpg)


They'll bar the doors and make the red wedding look like a joke.

2b4b32 No.135407

File: 820ad8b0580ed43⋯.png (216.04 KB, 698x483, 698:483, ClipboardImage.png)

be59ef No.135408


for those that may or may not know…

Janet airlines transports Government workers to Highly Restricted sites such as Area 51.

9051b6 No.135409

387050 No.135410


Decades? More like centuries.

7823ee No.135411


I know all that, that's why I'm surprised it shows up on ADS-B.

b7ffbd No.135412

File: 8620c2c1fd4b4c9⋯.jpg (103.29 KB, 832x447, 832:447, Z-49.jpg)

File: 5b5a78488ac97c6⋯.jpg (82.39 KB, 650x367, 650:367, Z-50.jpg)

File: 1e769481a7f91c1⋯.jpg (95.24 KB, 534x401, 534:401, Z-51.jpg)

File: 8d1a511ad9b39a8⋯.jpg (188.96 KB, 928x523, 928:523, Z-52.jpg)


d1749b No.135413


Messrs. Frey and Stark Have a Disagreement During Dinner

001f61 No.135414


LMAO. These guys seriously think they will call them DRON1, DRON2… shit. Hahaha

0125c0 No.135415

File: 0a075f172ba077a⋯.png (251.95 KB, 514x291, 514:291, twigstrongtogether.png)

131b47 No.135416


O, sorry, there were only 30,000 texts about assassinating Trump…

9ff288 No.135417


yeah , fully , they're pretty bad

759954 No.135418

So, for those like myself, who thought first Q is a larp, you can forget that notion, cause shit is getting real! I just heard on the TV in the other room these very phrases:Trey Gowdy "via a text between 2 fbi employees "within the fbi there may exist a SECRET SOCIETY". Also, "the day after the election there was a meeting with amongst this "secret society"–sound familiar! FOX news is all over this, which causes me to pause, the other's are silent, nothing reported which also makes me think!

As the drops move on we now salivate for the next drop. Why? We hunger for the belief that the cabal will fall. What we as ANONS are participating in may very well go down in history!

f2a7af No.135419


Need a new hashtag and pic to post to twatface

6b7967 No.135420


Yes, at any given moment, we can make a legal, U-Turn.

8426ea No.135421

Q, I understand that the truth is so different than the expected reality that the gap needs to be closed slowly to bring people along. Even if slowly, even if over the course of years, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth must come out. Anything less than that is inviting the beast back in. If there is a 0.001% who know the whole truth and 99.999% who only know 40%, you might as well restart the pedo trafficing rings now. Because that is what will eventually happen if the truth is suppressed. The truth.

243180 No.135422

I guess Rob Reiner hasn't heard about Q.

Schumer probably pranked the goof into being their front man for the "last battle of the civil war."

7823ee No.135423


Been watching the shipping to and from there as well.

Not much in the way of shipping to and from.

874365 No.135424

New Trump Tweet

Thank you to General John Kelly, who is doing a fantastic job, and all of the Staff and others in the White House, for a job well done. Long hours and Fake reporting makes your job more difficult, but it is always great to WIN, and few have won more than us!

f2a7af No.135425


Removed because he used his voice. ((They)) didn't like that.

ba472d No.135426

File: ccfbf2978994fb9⋯.jpg (53.8 KB, 564x564, 1:1, etf.jpg)

eab168 No.135427


JFK was murdered for many reasons. Most pressing was likely the UFO issue, for he wanted to expose the black ops reverse engineering programs. He sent out two memos, one unclassified and another classified, ten days before his death basically telling NASA/AF to share all their files on the subject.

0125c0 No.135428


Don't fill in email when posting. Now deepstate chills can sent ya a fishing mail/virus by simply clicking your name

54ca32 No.135429

File: ec867fc2fb2d19c⋯.png (102.78 KB, 636x463, 636:463, Screenshot from 2018-01-23….png)



4286ec No.135430

File: 928136a6779ef8c⋯.png (347.7 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Pizza red shoes.png)

File: 12046cbdb446b29⋯.jpg (87.73 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Podesta red shoes.jpg)

File: 2371eae284ba0a8⋯.jpg (50.8 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Pope red shoes 2.jpg)

File: e5788441ef2693a⋯.jpg (46.65 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Pope red shoes 3.jpg)

File: f0baf7164d0470b⋯.jpg (101.17 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Pope red shoes 4.jpg)


Coloring their shoes red signifies they are made from human leather. We learned a great deal about this in the past.

97c4b6 No.135431

File: df6eac82e5ab0b0⋯.jpg (121.17 KB, 620x387, 620:387, Declaration_of_the_3313258….jpg)


welcome to the club, now you know the feeling

4286ec No.135432

File: 68f59a9aff3d345⋯.jpg (73.99 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Red Shoes 10.jpg)

File: d936085658cb776⋯.jpg (61.8 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Red Shoes 18.jpg)

File: ee8f58ffdfc4205⋯.jpg (98.75 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Red Shoes doesnt.jpg)

File: fd776995e650d2f⋯.jpg (70.7 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, RedShoesHumanLeather2.jpg)

File: 3828ce8107fd386⋯.jpg (87.17 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Red Shoes human skin.jpg)

194141 No.135433


Executive Order 11110


4286ec No.135434

File: a8e69dff2ab1d69⋯.jpg (80.27 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, RedShoesLdRQVC.jpg)

File: fd6ffb3e30295b6⋯.jpg (75.4 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Red Shoes why why.jpg)

765e0c No.135435


Wictor is getting roasted in the comments KEk

twitter. com/ThomasWictor/status/955708057668935680

001f61 No.135436


I can’t use SJL’s addy? :(

db7460 No.135437


42 minutes apart

4286ec No.135438


There is a U.K. company that advertises their shoes made from human leather for a very discerning clientele…. I can't find the sauce atm but it's there and true

df3155 No.135439


shoebat is where i saw that Muslims had a human butcher shop & they make Christians eat their loved ones.

b7ffbd No.135440


Actually, the "Jew" is here


c69a05 No.135441


I have seen expose's about gangs, years back, that once they had committed murder, they got to brag about it by wearing red shoelaces. I have read from a victim that her abuser bragged the red shoes he had were from the skin of her abused, dead-by-him friend. Nice threat to give a little girl…do what I say, or I'll be walking in your skin, grinding you into the dust. They are sick. Biljana Djurdjevic also paints them on all the abused kids in her "art". I think they mean it as a tag of achievement, but still just guessing.

8d1ace No.135442


Thanks! I was thinking along those lines from context. I don't ask questions here. I have witnessed many shot on sight.

dbba1d No.135443


http:// www.humanleather.co.uk/humanleatherproducts.html

ba472d No.135444

File: ea44d7731a52f43⋯.png (691.96 KB, 767x1092, 59:84, Fuck Your Oaths.png)


Damn right

They All Fall Down

131b47 No.135445


Bullshit. It was about Israel and nukes/Dimona. Plus he exposed the secret societies ruling the US. And you all know by now who they are.

The UFO story is a distraction brougth to you by (((them))).

765e0c No.135446

File: 50545928bbb18a5⋯.png (376.64 KB, 865x894, 865:894, screenshot_73.png)



The Human Leather Store

www.humanleather. co.uk/faqs.html

0a334e No.135447


ok, yup like I said only lurked and this is why I haven't posted. need a pointer on how to delete post please

18d769 No.135448


UFO/Alien info is a cover up.

All references to aliens etc in B3h0ld a p4l3 whore was scrubbed info about things that are actually going on.

Clowns tainted the manuscript and the cover up was mass printed.

Truth is more along the lines of human trafficking.

Which is what the Scientology Xenu babble is all about..

d96cd9 No.135449

File: 1551b5c467fbaff⋯.png (72.16 KB, 673x216, 673:216, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

File: d4ae9dede6d7b40⋯.png (129.18 KB, 520x487, 520:487, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

0125c0 No.135450


Just stay save. Can hide the post…

2b4b32 No.135451



If any Patriots were killed in this, God bless their souls, and thank you for your service.

eab168 No.135452


In addition to the Confidential National Security Action Memorandum, Kennedy issued a more highly classified “Top Secret” Memorandum to the Director of the CIA.

Dated the same day of November 12, 1963 the subject header of the file was:

“Classification review of all UFO intelligence files affecting National Security.”

The Top Secret Memorandum went on to say:

[I] have instructed James Webb to develop a program with the Soviet Union in Joint space and lunar explorations. It would be very helpful if you would have the high threat [UFO] cases reviewed with the purpose of identification of bona fides as opposed to classified CIA and USAF sources…. When this data has been sorted out, I would like you to arrange a program of data sharing with NASA where Unknowns [UFOs] are a factor. This will help NASA mission directors in their defensive responsibilities. I would like an interim report on the data review no later than February 1, 1964.

b3e58a No.135453

Hmmm, I go to bed, get up and 1 of 22 is released. How bout that! Good Morning, Happy 01/23!

3395dd No.135454








>Stop posting and come back when you got something to contribute…

WILL YOU stop that Anti-shill SHILLING, please?

It's polluting this thread.

Out of 7 posts, only one has "contributed", as you say.

001f61 No.135455


Those fucker have been tracking my shit for 10 years. FUCK THEM.

a2350f No.135456

then maybe that potus mention of 50,000 may have some meaning? I would think he would have his facts straight and know to correct number. Just think'n.

81a547 No.135457

Who arrested Jesus?

Then Jesus said unto the chief priests, and captains of the temple, and the elders, which were come to him, Be ye come out, as against a thief, with swords and staves?

Who are the captains of the temple?

Temple Knights

Knights Templar

Secret Society

dbba1d No.135458


>>check out the brackets.

>> check out "how to pay"

eab168 No.135459


Order of the Black Sun

81a547 No.135460


Knights of Malta

Order of the Garter

d96cd9 No.135461

File: 1ed3724915ed18e⋯.png (25.78 KB, 435x150, 29:10, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

File: ca8f31628031f40⋯.png (79.97 KB, 620x357, 620:357, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

File: ba1fd807d3e4a68⋯.png (85.69 KB, 595x385, 17:11, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

tweets 42 min apart… q post 42 on greatawakening

201141 No.135462


Don’t forget Q said drones over US

81a547 No.135463


af40eb No.135464

File: e220864d294502d⋯.png (379.24 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, drone1.png)

File: 4b089635922a896⋯.png (525.62 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, drone2.png)

could one or both be drones? one is flying very low.

20f812 No.135465


where the fuck have you been the last 3 months?

8d1ace No.135466

8d37ca No.135467

File: cae60cb2db2ff4f⋯.jpg (111.38 KB, 496x840, 62:105, 23780x.jpg)

c69a05 No.135468


http:// www.jamestwining.com/learn-more/the-black-sun/the-black-sun

The Black Sun and Wewelsburg Castle

001f61 No.135469


Trainers…. LMAO

4d3970 No.135470


Ignore him, he is glowing

765e0c No.135471


What is the cost of a Human Leather Wallet?

From Euros 9,000 onwards (USD$14,000 approx)

What is the cost of a Human Leather Belt?

From Euros 10,500 onwards (USD$15,750 approx)

What is the cost of a pair of Human Leather Shoes?

From Euros 18,000 onwards (USD$27,000 approx)

All prices quoted above are the historical minimum that we have asked for in the past. They are for guidance only and each piece will be priced individually.

How Do I Pay?

We will give you details on how to pay, if you become a client of ours. We can go through what can be made with the material we have at the time and we ask for full payment in advance. Till date, we have never had an article returned due to defects, and we aim to retain this unblemished record.

af40eb No.135472


>one is flying very low

and has ADS-B v1 transponder.

7823ee No.135473


Was just about to post about the second one you have.

There were 2 going that direction, but one dropped off at Columbus.

a2350f No.135474


and papa's red "sarturno" hat. the Saturn hat.

ba472d No.135476

File: b86f572ac44f5a5⋯.jpg (216.9 KB, 533x800, 533:800, greenland.jpg)


Sol Niger had no presence in the empire.

81a547 No.135478

File: 29f6e475372f765⋯.jpg (95.85 KB, 1016x674, 508:337, MunkCardiac.JPG)

File: 3cfbca224efe3dd⋯.jpg (44.27 KB, 644x492, 161:123, MunkJew.JPG)

File: 14ed107b396479e⋯.jpg (487.93 KB, 1400x1108, 350:277, MunkMeme.jpg)

File: f91323356b91030⋯.jpg (338.97 KB, 1244x918, 622:459, MunkKeystone.JPG)

Priory Of Zion

ca5712 No.135479


Are we sticking with these #s? It's Tuesday.

243180 No.135480


Thomas Wictor is going to do a detailed analysis of these drone LARPs, I just know it.

Then he's going to show how Strzok and Page were just role-playing as "bad guys in a secret society targeting POTUS" as an inside joke from ancient history.

54ca32 No.135481


i asked for an update last thread, and didn't get much of a response. i don't know what #'s are current. maybe check the meme threads

64667d No.135482


They needed a real meathead to work social media for them — future confirms past. Hmmm.

9e7c1d No.135483


Elvis Costello Wrote a song about red shoes. Maybe lyrics mean something?


Oh, I used to be disgusted

And now I try to be amused

But since their wings have got rusted

You know, the angels want to wear my red shoes

But when they told me 'bout their side of the bargain

That's when I knew that I could not refuse

And I won't get any older, now that angels want to wear my red shoes

Oh, oh, I was watching while you're dancing away

Our love got fractured in the echo and sway

How come everybody wants to be your friend?

You know that it still hurts me just to say it

Oh, I know that she's disgusted (oh, why's that?)

Because she's feeling so abused (oh, that's too bad)

She gets tired of the lust (oh, I'm so sad)

But it's so hard to refuse

Can you say that I'm too old

When the angels have stolen my red shoes?

Oh, oh I said, "I'm so happy I could die"

She said, "Drop dead, " then left with another guy

That's what you get if you go chasing after vengeance

Ever since you got me punctured, this has been my sentence

Oh, I used to be disgusted

But now I try to be amused

But since their wings have got rusted

You know, the angels want to wear my red shoes

But when they told me 'bout their side of the bargain

That's when I knew that I could not refuse

And I won't get any older, now that the angels want to wear my red shoes

Oh, I won't get any older, now the angels want to wear my red shoes

Red shoes, the angels want to wear my red shoes

Red shoes, the angels want to wear my red shoes

Red shoes, the angels want to wear my red shoes

Red shoes, the angels want to wear my red shoes

Red shoes, the angels want to wear my red shoes

Red shoes, the angels want to wear my red shoes

Red shoes, the angels want to wear my red shoes

Red shoes, the angels want to wear my red shoes

Red shoes, the angels want to wear my red shoes

Red shoes, the angels want to wear my red shoes

001f61 No.135484


#TrumpTuesday would be hilarious

2d4cd5 No.135486


these are great! but include their names and company.

2b4b32 No.135487


thank you anon, youre getting good at this

131b47 No.135488


I know, I read that years ago. Believed it too back then. But that's not the reason they killed him.

001f61 No.135489


Yeah… 50,000 texts to set the stage

c69a05 No.135490


You really want Russ Dizdar, who actually helps good cops hunt the monsters who do this crap on the local level..

http:// www.shatterthedarkness.net/SIIU/

6f11e3 No.135491


I hope it’s a GLORIOUS 1/23 for EVERYONE

db7cfc No.135492


Sure it is

765e0c No.135493

File: e0497352ec5a0b3⋯.png (98.81 KB, 571x437, 571:437, screenshot_74.png)

POTUS replied to himself

af40eb No.135494

File: e947bef837c811a⋯.png (360.97 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, drone3.png)

ca5712 No.135495


Is it telling us to go shift the narrative… it's Tuesday and #s are from Monday

81a547 No.135496

Dear Mr. Rothschild:

Your inquiry regarding your application for benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA) was passed on to my office. I understand you spoke to a claims representative from our office last week.

Please contact the Federal Benefits Unit (FBU) at the U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem to schedule an appointment to apply for SSA benefits. Their office accepts cases from applicants who reside in the West Bank (including Jewish settlements), Gaza, and the municipality of Jerusalem. Their contact information:

c32935 No.135497


maybe hes the one Q said exposed the hollywood pedo shit wide open. i always thought it was MJ or Kanye

20f812 No.135499


I'm down for John Kelly Tuesday

a0ae97 No.135500

Shieet… Government just cut ties with DOJ and FBI. Just right now on Fox!!

765e0c No.135501



2b4b32 No.135503

File: 6e8e3edb75cef9d⋯.png (23.19 KB, 317x483, 317:483, ClipboardImage.png)


Just use the phrase "secret society" - in addition to others. It's been trending overnight.

af40eb No.135504

File: 6c98e06a4e2b120⋯.png (235.43 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, drone3a.png)

387050 No.135505


Not real. Cardboard cutout. All over Amazon.

9ff288 No.135506


are MSM talking about Kelly this morning?

001f61 No.135507



387050 No.135508



2b4b32 No.135509


They're talking about WRAY this am

7823ee No.135510


I followed one yesterday from Northern CA, all the way down to Las Vegas and after it flew over LV, it climbed up to over 50K ft. and was gone.

a0ae97 No.135511


Trying to find more, They just started talking about it on fox news https:/

/www.youtube.com /watch?v=_jPvUgkUH6M

81a547 No.135512

JK=Jared Kushner or John Kelly?

Why are the events in SA so important?

Why was JK in SA recently?

Why was POTUS' last Tweet re: SA prior to the happening?

Why was POTUS' Twitter taken down days before under cover of a rogue employee?

0125c0 No.135513

#MightyFaggotTuesday :p

40e894 No.135514


Fox news live. Three congressional committees are severing ties with the DOJ & FBI because of their unreliability in providing information.

56cecf No.135515


What does that mean ? They are now separated entities ?

19684b No.135516




is starting to make a lot of sense

4e83bb No.135517

CNN reporting school shooting in Kentucky now.

40e894 No.135519


damn straight!

9669ce No.135520


These days they can profile you and seek out those who are pedos or otherwise comped and offer them an opportunity/immunity in exchange for their "services".

64667d No.135521


#TruthTuesday 9/11 was an inside job! OK, prolly not the best approach.

387050 No.135522

File: 54c043abe1ec643⋯.png (591.07 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-01-23-08-3….png)

7823ee No.135523


Turds are about to hit the ventilator!

9c1e38 No.135524


Q has said many times these people are sick.

We have an idea that this could possibly refer to ritual murder, pedophilia, possible cannibalism.

People talking about the significance of the red shoes.

I thought about the story,,,Macaulay Culkin: ‘Satanic’ Hollywood Execs Wear Shoes Made From Dead Children

During the interview, Culkin claimed that children in the entertainment industry “learn very early to recognize which of them want to abuse you, and which of them have even darker tastes,” explaining that some of the Hollywood executives wear “skin trophies”.

Asked to explain what that phrase means, Culkin said “They wear shoes, belts, and wallets made out of the skin of children that have been ritually murdered.”

Have you seen leather products made from human skin? It has a very unusual, distinctive look. I learned at a very young age to identify it,” said 37-year-old Culkin, who has been living in Paris since 2003.

https:// newspunch.com/macaulay-culkin-hollywood-shoes-dead-children/

So maybe the red shoes( they all seem to be leather?) are made from more valuable sacrifices( those of enemies, or certain special children)

Need a FashionFag to see if they can spot the difference in how the leather looks( as Macaulay mentioned, you can tell the difference)

See if you can get a close up of the red shoes of these cabal members.

Also last month or so, i was investigating Rothschilds chocolate company in heart of London. I believe it was located next to a famous leather shoe maker. I thought it odd, or suspect because it said they had been around for a couple hundred years,, and they had special patches they can add to shoes,( red shields, coat of arms, designs, for Elites) Been awhile since i was researching that,, its mixed in, with all the other info we have learned past 3 monthes,lol

My gut told me this leather shoe place, was evil/ bad.lol Also many other suspect locations near by( similar to the street in DC with comet ping pong and the childrens charities, and other places)

45c695 No.135525

File: e35cbc50b965098⋯.jpg (228.95 KB, 1037x583, 1037:583, getawayfrommeracist.jpg)

Anyone noticed that things are somewhat lining up with what alex jones has said over the last year or more? Not all of it of course but key things like the satanists, traitors, foreign agents everywhere. I'm starting to think this route was chosen because its easier to drop information on and let people connect the dots themselves/together and has more preconceived creditability. Will their next move be to label anyone who visits the chan boards as lunatics that should be locked in a mental institute?

8062bd No.135526


>I think Q is being extremely generous with the information we've been graced with.

>He has told us an awful lot.

This is what I've been saying! We could know no more than we did prior to 10/28/17, yet, we do. And it's still not enough for some, too much for others. These drops are not about people pleasing. They are given to us with a specific purpose: To inform and calm those around us allowing for smoother transition to a less corrupt government, country and world


>We may have overestimated your ability.

Don't prove that above line to be true, Anons.

>Q does not control all the pieces. He has a skill set that involves understanding public psychology and communication. Which crumbs are appropriate to drop, and when.

>Any of us who claim we understand that part better than Q are just talking out of our asses.

So, let it be what it is, and BE the CALM that was sought from us in the first place. THAT'S how it'll be known that we can be trusted with more. Making unreasonable demands, won't fucking cut it.

19684b No.135527


kush went there ahead of djt by a couple weeks iirc

a27fd9 No.135528


sizable if verifiable

001f61 No.135529




a2350f No.135530


meme msm about their fake news and ask them…"Where's the sauce"?

59b6b9 No.135531


Verified account


25m25 minutes ago


Trump's attacks on CNN are inspiring death threats https:// thinkprogress.org/trumps-attacks-on-cnn-are-inspiring-death-threats-0ea0b64f7255/ …

4e83bb No.135532


I enjoy watching Alex Jones. Entertaining at times and occasionally informative about the commie leftist and ANTIFA.

d1dff6 No.135533


3 House committees severing comms w/ fbi,doj

2b4b32 No.135534


That might work anon. Keep an eye on Davos. People ma be asking for the #truth

40e894 No.135535


not on foxnews.com yet. it was only a live read.

af40eb No.135536

962fc9 No.135537


>Beware of false flags.

18d769 No.135538


Sometimes I dismiss this as nonsensical.

But then I'm reminded of when Q said


>Patriots point, we will follow.

What if Q teams want us to continuously develop codes for safe comms that's always evolving and changing. And as these comms develop Q uses them to communicate.

Delegating anons to develop safe comms code keeps the clowns guessing.

81a547 No.135539

Trey Gowdy coming on FOX

a2350f No.135540


Geeze I'd hate to have to wake up to that in the morning.

6d9d86 No.135541




can we show him some Q confirms or has that been done? at some point one of the many confirms Q has shown us has to be a little interesting to him, all he needs to do is be a little more open. i feel he thinks most of us trying to change his mind about Q are like the same people who say trump is Hitler probably thinks we are all shills trying to make him look stupid into believing somthing then later being wrong. we are all confused here and i feel some like Thomas rex and stealthjeff are in the middle of this (Pro Trump but hasnt been exposed to Q yet)

d96cd9 No.135543

File: dd94d48d935b80c⋯.png (82.79 KB, 1215x471, 405:157, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

File: 882b59bdd5d0fa7⋯.png (45.46 KB, 843x174, 281:58, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

funny timing and quote http: //www.foxnews.com/science/2018/01/23/dead-sea-scroll-discovery-obscure-fragments-deciphered.html

2b4b32 No.135544


good thought

40e894 No.135545

Gowdy in 15 minutes on Fox to discuss severing ties with DOJ/FBI.

9ff288 No.135547


MSM attacks on Americans inspire False Flags

201141 No.135548

Hahahaha….. Dems falling…

http: //www.businessinsider.com/democrats-are-incensed-by-their-own-partys-deal-with-the-gop-to-reopen-the-government-2018-1

64667d No.135549


A sniper is going to take out Jim Acosta’s hard drive from 2.5 miles away….wait for it…

6d9d86 No.135550


replying to 135388 is a error didnt mean to reply back to it.

db7460 No.135551

2b4b32 No.135552

File: 0bf98e320ef1fc1⋯.png (9.62 KB, 458x123, 458:123, ClipboardImage.png)

7823ee No.135554



United States Unknown Aircraft Military

Just took a hard west turn over Knoxville, TN.

db7cfc No.135555


there is apparently a Vanity Fair article out their saying the Prez and Kelly are fighting and that Kelly is leaving again

Sarah Sanders interview this morning says he will be there for the entire 7 years

a2350f No.135556


do I hear a toilet flushing in the WH?

db7cfc No.135557


Sarah Sanders denies John Kelly ouster report: 'I would not use Vanity Fair for much other than a coaster'


692b4d No.135558

File: 99dcce53c83a4ca⋯.jpg (72.54 KB, 687x357, 229:119, schumermemo.jpg)

af40eb No.135559

File: c7e6e2fa6644ce2⋯.png (328.38 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, lkjh.png)

this guy came back on screen now. who is he and where is he going?

2b4b32 No.135560


And it also makes it easier for us, since its easy to filter the clovvns

cfbfdb No.135561


Could be judgement day

40e894 No.135562


I've never heard of such a thing happening. Amazing.

c32935 No.135563


xy is weird. "she" is still xy although wants to be referred to as a xx

db7cfc No.135564


there not sharing anymore. anything. nothing nada

7dc64e No.135565


I'm sure you mean well anon, but this is a superficial analysis. Religion and spirituality are not the same thing, and you need to separate that. It may well that blind faith in human created religious institutions is long overdue targeting and dismantling. However, you are dismissing knowledge of God as merely a primitive psycho-social development. There is much more to it than this, and this analysis is correspondingly flat and missing the point.

2b4b32 No.135566


Trump is @ Davos…look up who is going to be there. Elites. Round up?

4bd333 No.135567


Perhaps my call to Q implied that we "deserved" information now during operations. It was nothing of the sort. There will be a time for the full reveal. Will things be kept under wraps for 50 years under the guise of national security? Ongoing operations requires secrecy. Trials and wrapup should include disclosure.

eafee1 No.135568

File: ba51a98b581e960⋯.jpg (853.68 KB, 1366x674, 683:337, Offutt-1.jpg)

File: 506c53d1dc9091d⋯.jpg (654.08 KB, 1350x666, 75:37, Offutt-2A.jpg)

File: ec46e937c59e284⋯.jpg (579.97 KB, 1358x678, 679:339, Offutt-2B.jpg)


Been thinking similarly anon. Never saw these two scoops mentioned though.

Both these flights appeared to be escorted to Offutt AFB on Dec 6th afternoon. The one from Mauschwitz appeared to be heading for Canada originally and had an escort as well.

Interesting how it was flagged as interesting.

afaa5d No.135569


Been thinking maybe it means they have 21 strategic plans of attack active against the CULT. hoping anyway haha

4e83bb No.135570

Governor Matt Bevin

Verified account



6 minutes ago


Tragic shooting at Marshall County HS…Shooter is in custody, one confirmed fatality, multiple others wounded…Much yet unknown…Please do not speculate or spread hearsay…Let’s let the first responders do their job and be grateful that they are there to do it for us…

b7ffbd No.135571

File: 08c3f9f76d35d8a⋯.jpg (2.03 MB, 4096x2731, 4096:2731, Z-53.jpg)


8d1ace No.135572




Will the most autistic autists please look at this?

1c4ac0 No.135573




>We may have overestimated your ability.

Don't prove that above line to be true, Anons.


Fucking hell, even when you work in a company corporate environment, you never get more than 20-30% exposure to what is REALLY going on.

And that's when it's not even necessary hide anything for the sake of not starting a world wide conflagration and civil war.

We should be DAMNED glad Q and POTUS are strong enough to release fucking 40% on things that are normally only kept exposed 2-5%.





POTUS and Q are pulling us out.




















db7460 No.135574


who owns vanity fair?

conde nast

look into conde nast and you will have your answer

765e0c No.135575

File: b551fe7597fcbb7⋯.png (255.84 KB, 382x563, 382:563, screenshot_75.png)

56cecf No.135576


Thanks anon.


Hahahaha keking out loud.

db7cfc No.135577


Sarah said he is leaving tomorrow

9c1e38 No.135578

File: a000fafcd25c6da⋯.png (77.66 KB, 937x781, 937:781, Rothschilds Chocolate.png)

File: 4d19e2eff41d9c4⋯.png (772.06 KB, 975x771, 325:257, Belgian shoes crests.png)


Belgian shoes has been around 300 years. It appears they are in the same building as Rothschilds Chocolates,, and as i mentioned, they offer crests for shoes, and hand made tailored leather shoes.

07df79 No.135579



>Will SESSIONS drop the hammer?

>1 of 22.

Twenty-one more hammers to be dropped.

ca5712 No.135581



hijack #OscarNoms with nominations to the bad actors. Lynch, [McN4meless], Schumer, etc

Layer with #releasethememo #releasetheTXTs #SecretSocieties

64667d No.135582


As much as we would like to think so — it ain’t gonna go down like that. 60/40 split. A public round up of world leaders doesn’t fit the bill … Clinton is a rapist. Infowars dot com !

07df79 No.135583

File: 685252817edf4d3⋯.jpg (140.62 KB, 617x360, 617:360, Oscars.jpg)

Still good.

d2c5e1 No.135584


Real threats or their way of spinning it in their favor?

83b7ae No.135585


Switzerland most likely.

8426ea No.135586


Pretty sure they're not going to get me at no@no, didn't have the .com

It is just jamming up their channels of scraping.

19684b No.135587


always interesting things in and out of there

Offutt AFB - Strategic Air Command Headquarters

db7cfc No.135588


they are quite eclectic in their choice of companies

Lot of bad thoughts right now about their goings on

70c5dc No.135589


Can't do IV these days. No saline. For some stupid reason they were all made in Puerto Rico.

It'll be ok, anon. Relax. I am not a fan of all the venting, but I am also not a fan of the fanciful talk of round ups at Davos, and the like. When it comes down to it, if there is a group to get shit done, so long as it is in truth, its this one, and the others out there that watch and do it in their way. Q may drop here, but the ripples extend outward like a Tsunami.

20f812 No.135590

File: f17159548077fa2⋯.jpg (45.72 KB, 758x426, 379:213, Clue.jpg)

I wanna fuck with MSM anchors and make their names trend for Noooooo reason. Really, attach a bunch of random ass pictures (nothing violent) with their names hashtagged…OH SHIT

What if we made members of the MSM/DEMS into CLUE characters?!?! Then we could meme them into all sorts of crazy shit just to get their names trending and backdoor redpill some folks

9aabaf No.135591



Baker here, free to bake a few loaves. Do you need #164?

93511b No.135592


could not agree w/ you more, anon.

the only thing we need right now is disclosure and putting all these people away.

b3e58a No.135593

Neil Diamond has Parkinson's


d0aadc No.135595


One of the reasons why people have unrealistic expectations of their own power and abilities is because they have been programmed by (((them))) the owners of Hollywood, to think that way. The reason for the programming is so that ordinary people will do stupid things that get them killed if they ever try to be a hero or a soldier. Real heroes and real soldiers are more careful and measured in their actions. Real herose spend a lot of time hiding and whispering. Real heroes work in a team and never step out and expose themselves when doing so would also expose other members of the team. Real heroes bide their time.

Do not let your Hollywood programming control your actions.

45b13d No.135596

File: 87594e4b265b94b⋯.jpg (118.59 KB, 570x420, 19:14, vanityfragilityoflife.jpg)


reading Propaganda will tend to taint your mind.

I believe "Vanity Fair" is Rothschild?

I stopped reading that VANITY years ago.

The phase "Vanity Fair" was considered risque and edgy 100 years ago - because religious people then considered "Vanity" a vice.

That's how long it's taken them to condition us. "Vanity" is mild and has turned, over time, to hip / kewl "VICE"

a487e5 No.135597

54ca32 No.135598


i sure would appreciate it. too tired to do a proper job right now. here's what i've noted so far for next bread. take a look and see what you think:

interesting posts



updated battle plans? i haven't picked up on a clear strategy to put in the OP yet.

ANONS, more notable posts ITT?

93511b No.135599


lurk more or go away.

6f11e3 No.135600

Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, bless POTUS, his family, staff, Q Team, and their operators with your Holy Spirit. Let it sustain them and support and comfort them in this, their greatest time of need. Bless them with the strength of conviction and faith in the US citizenry to carry out their duties, especially where communication is required. Amen.

64667d No.135601


May want to throw in a #NotRussianBot for good measure.

64cdd1 No.135602


Is Q a Neil Diamond Fan?

db7460 No.135603


and then who owns VICE now

ill let you look that up

i know this game

d1dff6 No.135605

http: //www.businessinsider.com/davos-2018-list-of-world-leaders-attending-the-world-economic-forum-2018-1/#benjamin-netanyahu-prime-minister-of-israel-8

This is list of World leaders attending Davos.

88e7a0 No.135606


JFK stirred up a shitstorm in his last week or so didn't he? Also stated in a speech a few days before the turkey shoot that the fed would disappear and the currency would be silver backed.

6f11e3 No.135607


See my prayer, above.

db7cfc No.135608


strategic thinking

strategic planing

strategic patience

strategic take-down

concern for the affect on your countrymen

I love it when a plan comes together

9c1e38 No.135609



Something else popped in,, all the celebrities love louboutin heels,, the shoes with the red bottoms, pretty sure they are leather red bottoms, or back of heel.

What if that is another type or way for them to display their trophys to eachother?

That would be sick,, and would qualify for info , that would put 99 % in hospital. Another element of their completely evil sickness.

b3e58a No.135610

Parkinson's is a symptom of kuru; everything's connected; no coincidences. Neil is one of "them", and it's sad. Redpill the masses

9aabaf No.135611


NP anon, rest assured. Thanks for the notable posts, roger on the paste from above. Can check the War Room for updated battle plan, although think they'd have let us know if there was one. Will check any way.

4896e2 No.135612


Good point. Also, video games seem to have this effect even more than hollywoo films.

a2350f No.135613

>>135574I believe it is Rupert Murdoch, co-founder of Fox News and delighted rapscallion owner of The Sun, The Times of London, and (at the time) the News of the World, among a vast array of media properties,

He also owns Zondervan which publishes a bible, and also is the publisher of "The Satanic Bible"

ccfd78 No.135614

File: 27b40df52e6ede0⋯.jpeg (155.11 KB, 1080x608, 135:76, 1516719548.jpeg)

cfbfdb No.135615


Trump for Davos?

ffad22 No.135616

we already have systems in place i.e banking,courts,police .

it is easy to remove the bad actors as long as we continue to use these assets it makes no difference, if we take out the rothchilds or the queen or junker and merkel …as long as we continue and not stop ,the world will still turn but without the corruption we have now….stop trying to scare people because as long as we continue as normal they can not do anything….wake up zombies!

7823ee No.135617


>strategic thinking

>strategic planing

>strategic patience

>strategic take-down

>concern for the affect on your countrymen

>I love it when a plan comes together

…and time to prepare for the aftermath, such as purchasing gold or silver, and other needed supplies.

fdb444 No.135618

File: 19e67b7e50a6509⋯.jpeg (148.72 KB, 1438x1075, 1438:1075, E650952B-45F0-4871-88BF-C….jpeg)

001f61 No.135619

Is Gowdy about to say…

how can the DOJ and FBI…

investigate, charge, adjudicate and incarcerate anyone when they have blanket immunity from the same?

b3e58a No.135620

d425c7 No.135621

School Shooting Kentucky. 1 dead

2b4b32 No.135622


School Shooting just as The Committees are refusing to share information with the FBI/JD.

19684b No.135623


you can't just go after the bank you have to go after the bankers

93511b No.135624


shouldn't it be "50,000 texts" or "text messages"?

243180 No.135625


CNN glowfags hosted a special show for the psycho who rushed the stage and planned to knock Trump off it, potentially cracking his skull on ground Zero concrete.

They're now concerned about phone call rants. Because their Trump-Russia mind control hoax has driven viewers mad. CNN should be liable

81a547 No.135626

Shooting in Marshall (Chess game) County KY

93511b No.135627


FILTERED. you are wasting everyone's time. go to reddit.

19684b No.135628


nicely timed false flag huh?

db7cfc No.135629


supplies in place already,

be there for your fellow countrymen and women and children.

It is gonna get rough

64667d No.135630

For those of us that don’t believe we have the power to force change — please remember the ongoing theme of “These People Are Stupid”. This entire exercise has shown me just how stupid many of our elected officials are. Please prepare yourselves for public service because God knows we will need a few replacement Patriots to serve soon.

a9ac68 No.135631







The LOGICAL & sensible have returned to the board! Too many quotables here, so suffice to say SALUTE to the actual realists here who are not stuck in the digital or Hollywood versions of virtual reality.

07c150 No.135632

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Father Malachi Martin wrote about this.

"These allegations have largely gone unnoticed, possibly because he was so crafty in his descriptions that he might even have been referring to the coronation of Pope Paul VI. But he revealed much more about this alleged ritual in one of his last works, Windswept House: A Vatican Novel (1996). In this story, he vividly described a ceremony called “The Enthronement of the Fallen Archangel Lucifer” supposedly held in St. Paul’s Chapel in the Vatican, but linked with concurrent satanic rites here in the U.S., on June 29, 1963, barely a week after the election of Paul VI. In the novel, before he dies, a pope leaves a secret account of the situation on his desk for the next occupant of the throne of Peter, a thinly-disguised John Paul II.

According to The New American, Martin confirmed that the ceremony did indeed occur as he had described. “Oh yes, it is true; very much so,” the magazine reported he said. “But the only way I could put that down into print is in novelistic form.” "

54ca32 No.135634


thank you anon. god bless and godspeed

new baker confirmed

64667d No.135635


Bowling Green Massacre?

2b4b32 No.135636

File: 428168e651c7278⋯.png (340.61 KB, 616x623, 88:89, ClipboardImage.png)

Pulled over for "speeding" - was he being apprehended?

0c0aad No.135637

https:// truepundit.com/fbi-official-fbi-agents-threatened-physical-harm-president-trump-missing-fbi-texts-frightening-communications/


fc29de No.135638

db7cfc No.135639


she was on Fox and said tomorrow, it is snowing pretty hard over there

she said a whirlwind tip

Good I say

765e0c No.135640

File: ee8a70b632e1f77⋯.png (294.36 KB, 1499x829, 1499:829, screenshot_76.png)


Kuru –– what is it?

en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Kuru_(disease)

d1dff6 No.135641


Complete list here for Davos attendees

https:// www.verdict.co.uk/davos-attendees-2018/

6dede3 No.135642

File: fb8ba5657e99408⋯.jpg (57.37 KB, 594x695, 594:695, OscarUnderworld.jpg)



45b13d No.135643

File: 410897dcdb28cad⋯.jpg (787.32 KB, 2048x1232, 128:77, 970.jpg)


Yes, the "good guy" loses

It's a very big theme.

"Happy Ending" is not "Art"

A main Propaganda theme, and you hear it repeated over and over if you try to share:

"It's always been this way"

"It will always be this way"

and for people with more knowledge

(this they've worked hard and killed a lot of people for)

"You must conform and do what they say or they will ruin you; they will kill you"

"We have no choice but to join in"

Naive people believe they can turn in criminals via the police.

But more sophisticated people know that they harm whistleblowers

So the whole "Trust in Establishment" is only held by "sheeple" And they hold on to that trust and will not believe different.

So if trust is gained in the group that is bringing the big time gang to justice - People will embrace that; overwhelmingly.

And the ones who knew the score all along? Will be relieved.

It's win - win.

201141 No.135644


I know the stories from last year, but maybe there’s a meme you could make out of it and bring it back into light of what kind of an asshat schumer is.

https:/ /100percentfedup.com/mic-drop-moment-veteran-senator-asked-by-a-testy-sen-schumer-where-he-was-8-years-ago-eight-years-ago-i-was-getting-my-ass-shot-at-in-afghanistan/

54ca32 No.135645

20bf08 No.135646


This is a research general. People are here to work. Use google, or use the resource at the top of every thread.

Naive questiins asked repeatedly get you filtered for shillery.

93511b No.135647


Q is foreshadowing outing Pope Francis/The Vatican.

I can hardly wait, though this will encounter serious cognitive dissonance.

As Pope Paul VI said decades ago, the smoke of satan has entered the temple of God.

Dear Lord, it's time!

962fc9 No.135648


Narrative swing to gun control talking points incoming.

Guess they didn't have their shit together by 4 AM…

>We've got nothing to deflect with, so let's start something.

Evil bastards.

2b4b32 No.135649


Discredit Wray - this is why the mockingbirds have been squawking this morning

fc29de No.135650

look at the shills and the $$$ Q book deals…..

64cdd1 No.135651

What did Peter Thiel do for Trump that made Trump want to give him a top Intelligence Position? Has Palantir/xKeyscore really been that vital to the cause or is it something else? Notice all mention of Peter Thiel + Trump have disappeared from the news.

"Trump reportedly told Peter Thiel they'd be friends for life — and then ghosted him"


9669ce No.135652


I can't stand that faggot. He just annoys me and I don't listen to his music, but those are some strange lyrics to just create organically. Weird if nothing else

6b466e No.135653



ffad22 No.135654

File: 190b2167fd01daf⋯.jpg (18.14 KB, 251x255, 251:255, mememusktargets.jpg)

I still think musk was ordered by the rothchilds to put in place systems or attack targets especially when combined with recent Q posts about control of space.

It is shouting at my soul anons.

b3e58a No.135655


It's something satan worshipers contract after eating human sacrifices; no joke

765e0c No.135656

File: cd767d8cc16af70⋯.png (515.56 KB, 665x880, 133:176, screenshot_77.png)



darkovelcek. wordpress.com/2017/04/19/kuru-does-cannibalism-trigger-parkinsons-disease/comment-page-1/

c32935 No.135657


good video

9aabaf No.135658



>Thank you anon, Godspeed!

a27fd9 No.135659


There may be grounds for a class action against CNN (misinforming people who believed them and torturing those who don't). I think it can be argued that they have done actual damage to people, and you can't really escape them. No matter how hard you try you will encounter some of their content or be told of their content.

df3155 No.135660


notice the brackets instead of H. reverse of Qs

>File (hide): 882b59bdd5d0fa7⋯.png (45.46 KB, 843x174, 281:58, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png) (h) (u)

>funny timing and quote http: //www.foxnews.com/science/2018/01/23/dead-sea-scroll-discovery-obscure-fragments-deciphered.htm


70c5dc No.135661


that's what I thought when I heard him say it. Like it all might have finally snap into place and it definitely added validity to the long term goal of giving us information and making this all happen, and by encouraging us, as we all of the others out in the world, it cannot get buried.

However, this does look like them joking about secret society meetings, and that it will be able to be disconnected from anything real.

765e0c No.135662


I'm seeing….

ba472d No.135664

File: 7d29eec1ae36c02⋯.jpg (22.87 KB, 550x344, 275:172, michael_carneal.jpg)


Deja Vu. Damn it, West, KY.


Nah, not yet.

d96b98 No.135665


Not Q. Not Q team. Team anon.

19684b No.135666


Are they going to get snowed in?

a9ac68 No.135667


db7cfc No.135668


You guys have the ball

we are always here

we have always known

only you guys. Pol, have now the opportunity we never got.

A perfect storrm has arrived and we have your back

You do your stuff and we will have overwatch


fc29de No.135669

The Judge Cheung?spelling may be off….anyway he is KEY to all Uran1

9aabaf No.135670


Thank you anon, Godspeed.

765e0c No.135671

File: 166cbaf7ccb1c48⋯.png (243.41 KB, 512x469, 512:469, screenshot_78.png)


Neil Diamond announces retirement from concert touring after Parkinson's diagnosis

4bd333 No.135672


Since there is not an updated place for petition to Q, it falls here. We all find our places. Codefags, planefags, memefags, etc. This morning I put on my "voice from the street"fag hat.

There is a difference between operational disclosure and final outcome disclosure. I read Qs 40/60 disclosure as information of crimes to be locked up ad infinitum.

You seem to like your bossfag hat. Fuck you sir. You forget your environment. Check your capslock and get back to work.

9051b6 No.135673

truepundit. com/fbi-official-fbi-agents-threatened-physical-harm-president-trump-missing-fbi-texts-frightening-communications/

46ac0f No.135674

still current, ty ALL for helping:

Narrative changed, h # sh change, trend these, ty good people.

AS OF: 2 : 30PM (MST) 1/22






Leave kind thankful reply to POTUS on twtr.

Thank and congratulate kindly him for a great year. Support him. Soft red pills.

Do not combat with other-minded people. Positive replies for POTUS.

Video instructions, meme slideshow awesome. https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvgxDJy5Q48 sub like pat1

Hatches may change quickly, be ready. Enjoy the show.

d425c7 No.135675

TG saying he likes Bob Mueller? Saying he trusts him? AYFKM?

5edf7b No.135676

https:// truepundit.com/fbi-official-fbi-agents-threatened-physical-harm-president-trump-missing-fbi-texts-frightening-communications/

9669ce No.135677


He didn't want to invade Cuba or do Northwoods either. Different families fighting for power. Catholic. Many reasons.

a9ac68 No.135678


Godspeed Anon!


db7cfc No.135679


so much snow he may get there at all

93511b No.135680


most of my family, despite my best efforts. the light will shine on his evil . . . it's gonna happen, soon.

7823ee No.135681

File: e85798bf46c6a15⋯.png (473.76 KB, 1553x867, 1553:867, air1.png)



United States Military

I'm starting to think this may be a drone, and it is trying to find, or has found something along I-40 between Knoxville and Nashville.

70d2fc No.135682


Word on the street is that the Space X payload that "malfunctioned" was a full set of Rods from God. And He is pissed.

f2a7af No.135683


"Those who attend include journalists and columnists, Hollywood celebrities, researchers, corporate chief executive officers and other business titans, and some heads of state. Former President Bill Clinton attended the forum in 2000 and former president George W. Bush attended a meeting of the Word Economic Forum in Egypt in 2008. But former President Barack Obama did not attend the meetings during the time he was in the White House."

https:// www.nytimes.com/2018/01/09/us/politics/trump-davos-world-economic-forum.html

4d3970 No.135684

Would the data recovered from the Hawaii false alarm contain the deleted texts? Nothing is ever deleted permanently

6b466e No.135685


Has anyone explained the red shoes?

a29d76 No.135687

Was Kodiak earthquake a detonation?

93511b No.135690


why won't PFrancis wear the red shoes???

ffad22 No.135691

You should beat your family for being retards anon only the weak need a church to worship a god.

19684b No.135692


yeah that just happened.

I think that points to the Mueller investigation being a trap for the swamp.

fc29de No.135693

Kim.com Tweeted Mueller Hired His Old Cyber Posecutor…..theyre looking for Q is How I Read It,Watch UR 6

001f61 No.135694

Gowdy just told the FBI to GTFO

6db808 No.135695


I think most of the anons still have yet to figure out what they are a part of.

They are looking at this as being a sort of "live" thing. This is Deep Throat 2.0. But that is incorrect. This is much more similar to Alternate Reality Games - I Love Bees.

That is not to say that it is a game, but that the format is extremely similar. Q Is not giving us drops for our own benefit. Q is giving us pieces of the puzzle that we need to complete in order to advance to the next stage.

Or, rather, it would seem the hope is for us to advance through the 'game' quickly enough for us to be able to understand real-world events as they unfold. The map. The markers. The comms.

While there are very important "action sequences" where we have to push a hash tag or something of the like… there are also key puzzles we have yet to figure out.

d425c7 No.135696


That was my first thought

97254c No.135697

So POTUS is in a Twitter mood this morning!!

243180 No.135698


CNN's own reporter just complained on air that "Russia is basically all we talk about here and no one even cares about it." The woman is trying to reconcile reality merging with fiction and keep from going insane by blurting our truth – despite risking getting fired for it.

4286ec No.135699


Baker, you may want to tag this as possible Q.

05b429 No.135700

sucks when listening to TG and the live stream ENDS…

fc29de No.135701


93511b No.135702


ever researched Benedict's older brother and the choir in Germany (The Songbirds)? do.

19684b No.135703


or someone to reconstruct the DNC server

81a547 No.135704


Did it to me too.


19684b No.135705


I will now

40e894 No.135706

Gowdy says severing communication with F_I & D_J is "news to me"

4d3970 No.135707

a27fd9 No.135708


How so? Sounds GLORIOUS.

64cdd1 No.135709


Its lower and flying faster than a predator typically does, but slower than most jet aircraft like the Globalhawk for instance. Its kind of an anomaly.

57c76e No.135710



>get the eye bleach ready….for memefags archives

>tony podesta birthday w/ alefantis

>tony podesta at bro's 65th "red shoe gala" birthday party

>more podesta artwork


What the actual fuck

05b429 No.135711


had a second one shut off too

third one is a charm?

i can hope

19684b No.135712


it's old i believe.

cut and pasted

109756 No.135714











https:// truepundit.com/fbi-official-fbi-agents-threatened-physical-harm-president-trump-missing-fbi-texts-frightening-communications/

e41dee No.135715

shooting at high school in kentucky, 5 shot

2b4b32 No.135716


We see you anon.

70c5dc No.135717


Does anyone else get the feeling that there is more "talking" going on with people like TP? We get the bog post tonight, he posts this today… It's like watching aircraft all line up to come into Atlanta Airport…

7823ee No.135718


Seeing how it took off just north of Atlanta and flew straight to Knoxville, and is now following the I-40 corridor….makes you wonder.

2b4b32 No.135719

dd8058 No.135720


Alex Springer owns Die Welt

Jeff Bezos owns Washington Post

001f61 No.135721


Said he reduced the FBI evidence to a 4 page memo. They have the evidence they presented. Look at what you (FBI) gave us. Not here to do your lawyers job.

dbba1d No.135722


HC Anderssen has a novel called "the red shoes". In that novel red shoes serves as a "warning to vain children everywhere".

201141 No.135723

Has anyone else noticed most news online have shut off their comments section?

e18adb No.135724


There is something very creepy about Neil diamond… His song about Caroline Kennedy when she was a child… Maybe a shot across Kennedy's bow… A sort of warning. Another"retired" CEO?

db7cfc No.135725

d425c7 No.135726


After the attack yesterday, its possible he would speak anonymously until they can reestablish secure comms

fc29de No.135727

3 Apaches in A Form. Sunday I40 west NC

2b4b32 No.135728

File: 8e4efca9020fe0f⋯.png (215.98 KB, 653x494, 653:494, ClipboardImage.png)

20bf08 No.135729




I wrote a big story for VF in 2013. They fucked me on expenses. Pretty much in collapse right now, like the ent industry where Ive worked for 20+ years.

Only right now I am black balled and they cut off my $ for excessive public red pilling .

Which only means I'm all in lads, and we must purge the Moloch worshippers if I want to feed my family.


81a547 No.135730



243180 No.135731


Clif High mentioned how Q was sort of playing the revolutionary poet role from Heinlein's book The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

05b429 No.135732



962fc9 No.135733


I don't always dubs check 'em.

Origin of the symbolism?

4ff49d No.135734

Any thread title ideas, anons? Just catching up on the Zeitgeist here.

New baker.

7f1452 No.135735

File: cffdb5f64e57314⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1420x1042, 710:521, Elite_Rule_22_Red_Shoes_Cl….png)



001f61 No.135736



81a547 No.135737

There was a big Q on servicemaster commercial. Weird

05b429 No.135738


derail debates about the truth..

or tired of getting slammed for fake news

57c76e No.135739


As the world turns edition

cfbfdb No.135740


That you Baruch?

765e0c No.135741


Nothing other than us wondering if there is a correlation between Neil's Parkinsons diagnosis and the illness Kuru contracted through Cannibalism.

70c5dc No.135742


Easier to control narrative. Almost all the biggies are like that and have been for several months, especially on political stories.

>>135726 Absolutey… NOTTTTTTTT

81a547 No.135743



892b71 No.135744

Nov 8, 1918 –

Your Excellency,

His Majesty the Emperor just has let it be known to me “that, according to news that came to him yesterday, the Grand Orient has just decided first to depose all Sovereigns – first of all him, the Emperor – then to destroy (?) the Cathol.[olic] Church, to imprison the pope, etc and, finally, to establish on the ruins of the former bourgeois society a world republic under the leadership of American Big Capital. The German Freemasons are purportedly loyal to the [German] Emperor (which is to be doubted!) and they informed him about it. Also England wants to preserve the current bourgeois order. France and America, however, are said to be under the full influence of the Grand Orient [Freemasonic Lodge]. Bolshevism is said to be the external tool to establish the desired conditions. In the face of such a great danger which threatens in addition to the Monarchy, also the Catholic Church; it is thus important that the German episcopacy be informed and that also the pope be warned.” So far the message of His Majesty. I have believed myself to be duty-bound to pass it on to Your Excellency, and I have to leave it up to Your judgment whether You wish to pass this message on to Rome. The stormy demand of the [German] Social Democrats that the Emperor should abdicate gives a certain confirmation to this message. May God protect us and His Holy Church in this terrible turmoil! [….] With utmost devotion and being at His Excellency’s disposal, Cardinal Felix de [von] Hartmann.

(Source: A.S.V., Arch. Nunz. Monaco d.B. 342, fasc. 13, p. 95-96)


Look also into the Pope Leo XIII vision, Saint Francis prophecy, Hildegaard prophecies including that of the eras (grey wolf especially), and obviously the second and third secrets of Fatima (from ~100 years ago) and their respective controversies. Much of what is being suggested has been predicted for some time. Check also the chastisement of the Aug 21st readings. What do eclipses signify, and what symbols do the demons/gods mentioned in the readings for that day represent? What are their connections to Babylon and the Satanic Trinity? What are the forms of Ba'al? This will explain itself. Look at Astaroth. Look at Ishtar on the Burney Relief. Look at Europa upon the Bull. See the attempt to reconstruct Babel. The tower of Balal. Abbreviated. Confusion.

Much of this goes back to earlier prophecy and infiltration. Powers and principalities. What are they? Read about the dream sequence that started Cartesian philosophy; which Biblical story does the fruit (melon) remind you of? Should he have persisted? Find the prophecy that demanded Louis consecrate France. On what date was the Tennis Court Oath sworn? 100 years prior to that date. What is the connection of France to the history of what we've learned here? What happened during the Cult of Reason and Supreme Being?


Esp Bakunin, by way of Hegel and Fichte. For a sampling of thinking and methods of Bakunin's nihilism see Nechayev's Catechism of a Revolutionary. The two of them had public fallings out but remained in contact, a likely foil for Bakunin's late relationship with Marx. The true face of Marxism.

Pray for the Church and for mankind. I understand why Q hesitates to release the whole truth given especially what it could do to people's faith, but maybe additional context could make it possible or at least confer additional understanding. The gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Church in diabolical attack –the dogma of the Faith, and His Word shall be preserved – nor shall the attack prevail against mankind if we heed God's word. Stand strong.

A lot to unpack here but you all are the ones to do it, good luck. There is much more out there.

af40eb No.135745


hence no tsunami?

4d3970 No.135746

Has the government cutting ties with FBI and DOJ been confirmed? Searching for sources and cannot find one

9ff288 No.135747

File: 5ecfcc111c817f2⋯.png (1.24 MB, 2144x1726, 1072:863, Trump_Tweet_23-01-18_[42]_….png)

Trump Tweets [42]m

MSM FAKE NEWS Talking Points

General Kelly articles from this morning

Side by Side

81a547 No.135748


dbba1d No.135749


https:// redshoemovement.com/meaning-of-the-red-shoes-rsm/

7f1452 No.135750

54ca32 No.135751


it was a clickbait headline, from what i could tell

19684b No.135752


holy shit!

good to have you here.

I hope you are putting those writing skills to good use.

Don't doxx yourself here though.

40e894 No.135753


So far, no confirmation.

fc29de No.135755

are all the EARTHQUAKES missle Stix Or wha?

9669ce No.135756


If one of use did that we'd be locked up yesterday. Why do these imbeciles get to run free AND still work for the FBI?

cfbfdb No.135757

Fuck Jack "Memo will be out in a week or two, all supporting documents need to be sanitized for release" twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/955810261348339712

7f1452 No.135758

4ff49d No.135759


Great, let's do it.


Nah anon, Baruch pinched it from me.

64cdd1 No.135760


I doubt this…. whatever the payload was on that flight it wasn't very heavy because the Falcon had enough fuel for RTLS landing. I would expect a "Full Set" of rods to require a Delta IV or Falcon 9 Heavy, or at the very least a Falcon 9 in fully expendable mode.

765e0c No.135761


Great job, anon

2b4b32 No.135762


Youre a god damn marker anon. Salute.

243180 No.135763


Looks like Drudge has been informed that it's go time and the Qreat Awakening is upon us … with his double meaning header there. He's been laying low and a bit lame but now ready to go I bet.

20bf08 No.135764


Give me dat sweet logic baby

4ff49d No.135765


Thank you anon.

db7cfc No.135766


Jan 19 2018 18:23:37






Talking points [4am] - private email addresses.

Paid contractors.



Jan 20 2018 08:26:08




Counter-narrative went out @ 4am to MSM contractors [like clockwork].

Russian bots.

These people are REALLY REALLY STUPID.



When does a bird sing?

NOBODY is safe.


MSM contractors #Goodbye#

Fight, Fight, Fight.


Jan 22 2018 05:25:40




@Jack, MZ, ES, JB, EM, SH, MSM, etc.

Do you know that we know?

Do you know that we see all?

Do you know that we hear all?





d425c7 No.135767


can't any earthquake cause a tsunami regardless of what causes it?

my thought was that the earthquake was intentional by (((them))) somehow. Cern maybe? Maybe a tsumani event was to be the FF?

1eff20 No.135768


Nice. Good info getting out there

9c52c3 No.135769


amen! Great work anon!!! this is the kind of stuff that will allow redpilling to be streamlined!

e41dee No.135770

1 dead, gunman in custody in Kentucky high school incident

fox news

97254c No.135771

Wait, did the memo get released or did I read that wrong?

9c52c3 No.135772


seriously excellent work anon. much respect to you for putting this together. VERY WELL DONE!

07df79 No.135773

File: ce59341001c3062⋯.jpg (137.23 KB, 740x553, 740:553, P-8A_Poseidon_of_VP-16_dro….JPG)

Whoa, did we miss this or just me?

Submarine off NJ/DE/MD Coasts? US Navy Deploys NINE Anti-Submarine Aircraft off East Coast Fearing Sub Missile Launch Against US

http:// halturnerradioshow


70c5dc No.135774


Well, I know of one person that has happened to with about that time line. If it's you, nice to see you and we'll work hard to save the kids.

If it isn't you? Well, you are you and we will still work hard to save the kids. And clean this shit hole of a government we allowed to happen because we got conned into not paying attention.

763d52 No.135775

File: 76cf34cd16252a2⋯.png (28.51 KB, 500x500, 1:1, clowns_suck01.png)









How to Spot a Clown

-Attempting to get an emotional trigger response from (you) to derail research is a red flag.

-Concern trolling and copy/pasta spam shilling that contradicts confirmed findings is another red flag.

-Using faux debate tactics (Generalizations, gaslighting, misdirection, false equivalencies, confusing correlation with causality, appeal to authority, transference, false precepts, personal attacks, strawmen, red herrings, etc etc) is yet another red flag.

-Promoting tactics that are illegal or are obviously disingenuous, such as "reverse psychology" ploys or ones based on lying to the American People; These are huge reg flags.

(((They))) are playing for keeps; This isn't a game.

God bless you, anons.

906233 No.135776


That is Ptah

0de382 No.135777


Haha!! So you really think q has starting using cockney rhymng slang?

4ff49d No.135778


Added to Notable. TJ.

fc30dc No.135779


Where do you see Rex or Wictur getting paid anything?

7823ee No.135780

Do you still want one?


0ce929 No.135781

File: 19da93e705cef32⋯.png (8.54 KB, 483x210, 23:10, (Q).png)


vanity fair printed the kill order for seth rich. 'shoot the panda'

https:// www.vanityfair.com/news/2016/01/why-hillary-clinton-win-democratic-nomination

1eff20 No.135782


Awesome job

194141 No.135783

@ThomasWictor & @drawandstrike BTFO.

Assassination plot is all conspiracy

https:// twitter.com/drawandstrike/status/955691512121225216

True Pundit: FBI Official: FBI Agents Threatened Physical Harm to President Trump In Missing FBI Texts & Other “Frightening” Communications


af40eb No.135784


im thinking maybe there was no earthquake. an underwater explosion mistaken for earthquake cause 30 feet waves way out at sea that never reach land.

a27fd9 No.135785


Planefags picked that up.

64cdd1 No.135786


Been saying this for weeks that the P-8s seem to have been patrolling strategically over large harbors and estuaries on the East coast as if they are expecting an attack. I have a feeling this ties in to the news of P-700 missiles on the German-built Israeli subs or maybe they are worried that the ARA San Juan will pop up again out of nowhere.

c32935 No.135789


"Make new friends,

but keep the old.

One is silver,

the other is gold."

ce60ee No.135790


Their colors are obvious.

c32935 No.135792


plz stop.

fc30dc No.135793


I get that it will most likely be release about the same time as the OIG report….Being they back each other up. Harder to attempt to de-bunk both at the same time

fc29de No.135795

File: 591c0198c5fcfc9⋯.jpg (65.54 KB, 225x340, 45:68, 542359825.jpg)

File: 8588a7be1ea302e⋯.jpg (6.07 KB, 159x317, 159:317, ul.jpg)

File: 371f7ad2079c3be⋯.jpg (7.45 KB, 410x123, 10:3, ul2.jpg)

mapquest says they are neighbors & Bezos just Got Alex Springer Award


45c356 No.135796

File: 64a8b70a05ede3a⋯.png (32.37 KB, 614x279, 614:279, Screenshot from 2018-01-23….png)


He is on a serious voyage up his own arse.

7f1452 No.135797

File: 1faed11ace08e6e⋯.png (44.01 KB, 1298x178, 649:89, RED_Shoes_Cannabalism.png)

File: 32212a332306aef⋯.jpg (37.8 KB, 300x400, 3:4, e321ed2fa68b027f6e794db90a….jpg)














ha ha - that's mine the Ldr one

also did one about Nicky Hil Roth she has posts about Red Shoes all over Twitter

re: Wizard of Oz - they were originally silver - so look for both Silver and Red Shoes

10ede9 No.135798


I agree ~ they are remarkably prescient and able to see what most cannot. I see their work as supporting the effort to red-pill and should be forgiven for not being 'into' Q. They get their info the old fashioned way: digging, connecting, more digging. They are so far down the hole that they've forgotten the 40k view.

d96cd9 No.135799


maybe its just me… but truepundit isn't a site i find all that credible. he gets some stuff right… but he also writes a lot of articles with unnamed sources… that never pan out. the site also looks very unprofessional and clickbaity

f2a7af No.135800



46ba0a No.135801



This is what I've been saying Mueller met with Trump before he was appointed as independent counsel. I think this "investigation into Russian collusion" is all show designed to fake out the media.

Remember that Mueller investigated Podesta? NBC and CNN did a one-shot drop piece about it.

d43508 No.135802

Anons, Hawker 800 off coast o NJ over water and descending rapidly rn!!!

9ff288 No.135803

File: 62c8e19e221cb02⋯.jpeg (68.54 KB, 700x512, 175:128, Japanese-Ojigi-_REI.jpeg)

fb516a No.135804


There is a war in heaven, and 'as above, so below'.

6db808 No.135805


Planefags have been noting a lot of Sub-hunter traffic over the last couple weeks.

Wouldn't surprise me to find out that someone has a rogue ballistic missile sub floating around out there. Because of various protocols, boomer crews have the codes to arm the warheads and can theoretically act independently. Also, due to protocols, our own boomer COs can pretty much disappear without reporting their location.

While, in theory, there should be enough integrity in the crew to spot a CO about to do horrible things … you never know. Of course, even a standard attack boat going on a turkey shoot in a harbor full of natural gas tankers and other volatile cargo would be terribad, as well.

c32935 No.135806


yea they didnt have the same alphabet back then so its both.

97254c No.135807


His articles have been less credible IMO lately too. Or the whole article is like 1 paragraph long.

b7ffbd No.135808


Ready to add into the next bread - thanks

7823ee No.135810


I have 7 active P8's across the US right now.

387050 No.135811



Q said nobody who played the game gets a free pass.

It IS too late.

d43508 No.135812

File: c5662e30e8aca05⋯.png (1.13 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 7405618D-5E19-4E02-9406-89….png)

af40eb No.135813


also explains why aome bouys noted high waves while others did not. it was local.

dac32f No.135814



Benedict was hardass on masons and fags. They blackmailed him by showing him making a deal with families of priest abuse, essentially they nailed him with muh PR.

No Such Agency under Hussein helped with this.

20bf08 No.135815



They know.

I worked with Clowns.

I think theyre to busy to bother with minor ass pain like me.

36e686 No.135816


The keys to the kingdom fro Rodgers to Trump.. Checkmate

70c5dc No.135817

File: 91e8c92b3f9a6e9⋯.jpg (779.03 KB, 1944x2592, 3:4, IMG_20180123_102550.jpg)


Since we have a shit ton of them, nine flying in a day is NOT a big deal. Stop pressing fear mongering.

1eff20 No.135818


You have to click read more to get to the full article

81a547 No.135820


http:// stephenalrothschild. tripod.com/ssaprivatecommunication/

dac32f No.135821


You pray to Jesus. The pope is supposed to be a referee.

ffad22 No.135822

Dam you anons are slow i called the sunami warning a bomb hours ago on twitter …

19684b No.135823


mockingbird style?

d96cd9 No.135824

File: 27b36ededde45a9⋯.png (66.97 KB, 598x302, 299:151, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

f84837 No.135825

File: e5883c7ce7c51cb⋯.png (25.98 KB, 687x167, 687:167, Screenshot 2018-01-23 at 7….png)

File: f2ee69e3e982690⋯.png (19.11 KB, 759x116, 759:116, Screenshot 2018-01-23 at 7….png)

passing a budget? was it a bait to get GEOTUS to "fly" to DAVOS???

http:// www.ibtimes.com/government-shutdown-means-trump-may-not-attend-world-economic-forum-davos-2643662

fc29de No.135826

ALL THESE EARTHQUAKES in the Ocean Lately……ORION Gettin It In……Dude they are takin out some sub-way

d43508 No.135827


This plane is freakin’ out

Call sign BLOCKED

c69a05 No.135828


Judgment Day (1999) - movie

http:// www.imdb.com/title/tt0221309/

"Cultists with an enigmatic leader (Mario Van Peebles) seize the only man capable of devising a way to stop a giant meteor from hitting the Earth. "

81a547 No.135829

7823ee No.135830

File: 6cf4f0ba2be963f⋯.png (751.89 KB, 1437x815, 1437:815, air1.png)

Looks like a drone to me!

fc29de No.135831


or……………orion gettn it in.sub located?

97254c No.135832

0bbf6d No.135833


The Rothschilds control the Vatican and choose the Pope. That's why pope francis is a globalist.

fc29de No.135834

File: 591c0198c5fcfc9⋯.jpg (65.54 KB, 225x340, 45:68, 542359825.jpg)

owl bezo

97254c No.135835

What time does POTUS leave for Davis?

4ff49d No.135836

File: 93a192381a3969f⋯.jpg (412.39 KB, 1000x1277, 1000:1277, 93a192381a3969f28e569fd246….jpg)

Fresh Bread




As The World Turns Edition

1eff20 No.135837


Wow, stupid.

a9ac68 No.135839



NOT Q, just anon

>>135726 Um, no. That would defeat the purpose of Q posting in the first place.

56cecf No.135840


"The lie the Vatican told" ?

64cdd1 No.135841



I don't think its a coincidence that the missing sub's torpedo tubes are exactly the same 533mm diameter as Russian Kalibr cruise missiles which are capable of being launched from Torp. tubes.


I counted as many as 14 when it was really busy the other day.


I don't think they are fear mongering, this isn't an isolated incident, the fact that this many P-8s have been patrolling almost every day for weeks is not typical. About the pic: Shame those Sonobuoys can't be retrieved, thats a lot of money that sinks to the ocean floor.

ffad22 No.135842

could be sub with the plane activity and the infamous Q hunt for red october maybe had a double meaning

777dfe No.135843

Ask Dorothy.

f809f0 No.135844


Very true. Surprised that more here don't notice that. Remember the invasion wave where there was the manic push for "muh pope" and "muh BIS" are beehind it alllll!!!!!!!!!!

That was weird.

d96cd9 No.135846

File: 6161c02d7223592⋯.png (87.7 KB, 674x395, 674:395, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

https: //www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/676199/zombie-deer-disease-united-states-colorado-state-university-virus-infection

97254c No.135847



One (or more) of our EU Anons helps us out with extra Socratic type questions. They are not Q but no reason to jump their shit. They are trying to help us.

dac32f No.135848


https:// melgibstein.wordpress.com/2017/06/29/the-g_dfather/

>One victim told the court the priest “referred to a sort of ‘baptism of the testicles’ which he said was a Jewish ritual found in the Old Testament as a sign of affection between father and son,” it said.

0bbf6d No.135849


The Rothschilds control the Vatican and choose the Pope. That's why pope francis is a globalist and a satanist.

56cecf No.135850


What in the fucking world???

a37e67 No.135851


I've always heard that red shoes help conceal the blood stains from whatever evil slaughterfest just took place. That doesn't indict anyone with red shoes - but a gathering of the elite globalist cabal all wearing red shoes certainly makes you wonder. Not sure of the origin, or if true.

fc29de No.135853

look guys,there is a fukn war rouge war right now,wake da fuk up, Rouge Subs Rogue CLUB-K Missle Shipping Containors ETC small arms ar Hussein Reffugees & SA ,RED PILL THE RED PILLERS FUUUUuUUUUk

97254c No.135854


This is BS. I think they are talking about chronic wasting disease and humans can't get it.

e41dee No.135855

File: 5258e2a0558a5c4⋯.jpg (253.05 KB, 1343x546, 1343:546, hbal - Copy.jpg)

File: 931b24d55ae1745⋯.jpg (155.18 KB, 915x615, 61:41, hbol2 - Copy.jpg)

File: 88bb1fb4b32e5f0⋯.jpg (93.17 KB, 975x433, 975:433, hbol3 - Copy.jpg)

fc29de No.135858

sad af bye

8e5f3a No.135859


Frances is the one with the black left eye. He took over for a Pope that resigned his post. First time in over 600 years that a sitting Pope has resigned. His reason was that he didn't want to travel. Think about that one!

36f243 No.135860


-aliens aren't working! They see through it!

-fuckit, whip out the ZOMBIE SCARE!

d43508 No.135861

Patriots make the dough rise

b66ef2 No.135862


I always figured Trump's trip to Davos was bait for NSA to sniff assassination plans.

f84837 No.135864

File: 8d5cd946556c302⋯.png (79.34 KB, 273x851, 273:851, Screenshot 2018-01-23 at 7….png)

File: 5e309087bf1dcd6⋯.png (319.61 KB, 1256x488, 157:61, Screenshot 2018-01-23 at 7….png)


Dem's destroying each other!

Never stop an enemy if they are making a mistake

05b429 No.135865

adding one more filler

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