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Pro Aris et Focis

File: ead7d777ef2e6cf⋯.jpg (232.86 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, # QResearch-164.jpg)

ad0840 No.135788

May the wings of liberty never lose a feather








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ad0840 No.135794

#164 pastebin.com/pRug4xzn

6c1f7a No.135809

File: c822680923e5027⋯.png (257.87 KB, 489x473, 489:473, findthetexts.png)

meme anon here.

do we have a hash for the FBI missing 50k Strzok/Page texts yet?

if not, let's make one up and go with it.

(pic related/meme in progress)

6febc2 No.135819

File: 76cf34cd16252a2⋯.png (28.51 KB, 500x500, 1:1, clowns_suck01.png)


APART you are weak








How to Spot a Clown:

-Attempting to get a divisive or emotional knee-jerk trigger response from (you) to derail research is a red flag.

-Concern trolling and copy/pasta spam shilling that contradicts confirmed findings is another red flag.

-Using faux debate tactics (Generalizations, gaslighting, misdirection, false equivalencies, confusing correlation with causality, appeal to authority, transference, false precepts, personal attacks, strawmen, red herrings, etc etc) is yet another red flag.

-Promoting tactics that are illegal or obviously disingenuous, such as "reverse psychology" ploys or ones based on lying to the American People; These are huge reg flags.

(((They))) are playing for keeps; This isn't a game.

God bless you, anons.

f9bfb1 No.135838


I think this Q sig represents POTUS assassination attempt.

The Day the World Stopped Turning

‘As the World Turns’ Interrupted by Kennedy’s Shooting

http:// www.nytimes.com/2013/11/24/arts/television/as-the-world-turns-interrupted-by-kennedys-shooting.html

638ceb No.135845

Thanks BAKER for new bread

638ceb No.135852

https: //truepundit.com/exclusive-fbis-own-political-terror-plot-deputy-director-and-fbi-brass-secretly-conspired-to-wage-coup-against-flynn-trump-2/

This is from March of '17…. Talking about how McCabe wanted Trump out.

McCabe, the second highest ranking FBI official, emphatically declared at the invite-only gathering with raised voice: “Fuck Flynn and then we Fuck Trump,” according to direct sources. Many of his top lieutenants applauded and cheered such rhetoric. A scattered few did not.

6c1f7a No.135856


yes, i believe that's the consensus opinion here

6b4954 No.135863

File: 1bbf04d74d3fb9e⋯.jpeg (174.63 KB, 640x619, 640:619, 9EDAE793-3279-4D97-BD69-A….jpeg)

557c2d No.135866

Baker, top of loaf. It’s Tuesday now. LOL

6c1f7a No.135867

talking to many awake people - there's a growing frustration that we haven't seen even a single perp walk . . .

48ebc4 No.135868


underrated post

6810e6 No.135869


I'm glad that they didn't sign as Q.

however, some anons aren't too bright (or are qfanfags), and believe all of these types of posts to be Q, then that discussion goes for hours. A disclaimer at the beginning or something would be nice.

Having said that, to >>135248 anon, good questions

c8c542 No.135870

File: 89bd24330d3a6bd⋯.jpg (83.95 KB, 650x367, 650:367, Z-50.jpg)

File: 0d348e270b69f3d⋯.jpg (96.58 KB, 534x401, 534:401, Z-51.jpg)

File: 8cacaf48d6f79fd⋯.jpg (99.82 KB, 534x401, 534:401, Z-51A.jpg)

File: a41424ec9b4aed1⋯.jpg (188.62 KB, 928x523, 928:523, Z-52.jpg)


Noticing the narrative on FOX is stepping up against MSM, YT, Google - which I find odd albeit welcoming. Q also put the MSM on the top of the list - so here's a strike at the head of the snake(s)

dc5ff7 No.135871

Whats up with the cancer button at the bottom of this page that takes you to what looks like some really creepy porn?

b5b155 No.135872

that you butcher, BAKER, candlestick maker

fa982c No.135873

File: e9e2bbb8f4461c4⋯.jpg (185.84 KB, 1160x1200, 29:30, 26951817_10156504108348488….jpg)

557c2d No.135874

Crazy acting Hawker 800 off NJ coastline a few minutes ago, with BLOCKED call sign is now off my scope. Any other planefags see it?

eb39d2 No.135875


You don#t have to click on it. This is an image board, not reddit, fuck off.

557c2d No.135876

The Hawker 800 flight originated in Boca Raton, FL.

91c763 No.135877

File: 3e8332119383450⋯.jpg (699.63 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, 19dc-secretservice-superJu….jpg)

Dilley's source saying that Rogers informed Trump that there was a plan in place to kidnap Don Jr.'s kids. This is why the secret service protection was dropped. This is part of the Strzok texts

6810e6 No.135878


It's a test. That's what happens when you don't stay focused. Stay focused.

dc5ff7 No.135880


dude I dont want to click on something that brings me to child porn, you do? Is that even legal?

674b82 No.135881


Would this be the 7th floor?

ad0840 No.135882


Hey, thanks anon, yw. I'm just on, gonna check out the war room for updated. If not will change the day. Thanks for noticing.

29d014 No.135883


Throwing this one into the mix

Original Grimm Snow white tale had the step-mother/witch wear iron shoes that had been placed in red hot coals as punishment. She was forced to dance until she died.

There is also the story of 'The Red Shoes' (don't know if that is the same as the novel mentioned here) where a young girl finds a pair of red shoes that compel her to dance. She dances in them until her feet bleed and she dies. This was spun off into a ballet movie from the 1950's (I think). Kate Bush also had an album that featured this theme together with matching film clips.

25384c No.135884


why do you think it would be there?

so an anon who is working to break a satanpedo cult up might get ensnared

shut the fuck up dont click on it and stay focused


7f9478 No.135885




https:// truepundit.com/fbi-official-fbi-agents-threatened-physical-harm-president-trump-missing-fbi-texts-frightening-communications/

c8c542 No.135886

File: a41424ec9b4aed1⋯.jpg (188.62 KB, 928x523, 928:523, Z-52.jpg)


FIXED AGAIN - second one NOT Les Moonves - Bob Iger, This clown in Les Moonves

674b82 No.135888


Ooooo…that opens up life in prison and death penalty IIRC.

6febc2 No.135889


At this point in the so-called game, if any attempts ARE publicized, I can see some more bad news happening to people that glorify that sort of thing..

…Like arrests for promoting treason and murder instead of just sending a couple of USSS for a friendly chat.. Patty cake time is over, shit's real now.

25384c No.135890


yes thanks

we all missed it

your message is breaking news


3ec309 No.135891


This has already been pointed out, just install Ublock origin

279ec9 No.135893


toooo much friggin text in all of them

c75a66 No.135894

Anons, have any of you ever gotten a message floating on youtube, and no matter what vid you click on and play, the message is still there? I've never had this happen before.

6810e6 No.135895



read the 8chan rules, NOTHING ILLEGAL IS ALLOWED. If you find CP on a board, report it, it's not allowed. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE JUMPING IN, YOU MAY HURT YOURSELF OR AT THE VERY LEAST, YOUR COMPUTER. and lurk moar

fe119f No.135896

One thing that needs 100% disclosure is any/all false flags and in particular involving mass shootings and schools.

No reason to keep any of that hidden.

e3b07d No.135899


In the image, "?" is baphomet (Y Head). Male Satanists worship moloch. Female Satanists worship baphomet.

dc5ff7 No.135901


fuck off you loser diddler and that's not whats there, there for I unfortunate looked already.

527658 No.135902


So that's what that button is.

6810e6 No.135904



for further reference and assistance:

https:// 8ch.net/faq.html#are-there-any-global-rules-regarding-content

e4c182 No.135905


I think them working is working, training to work and staying proficient to the best of abilities. Seeing more P-8 should also equate to the loss of the P-3s. If you don't correlate the two, you get a false sense of increase.

As for the retrieval, it would be nice, some of them are pricey too, like cars in the 80s, they are built to be disposable though. Heavy as well.

I am not saying they are not looking for stuff. that is their job. But looking for something specific? there would be other indicators, and I just don't want people getting stressed out over nine in the air on any given day. The Military works 24/7, often with little fanfare, to keep people safe.

dd2637 No.135906


no , check out Oaklahoma around interstate 40

557c2d No.135907

File: a881e615fa8740b⋯.png (1.52 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 5363F2EE-F880-40F5-A7EB-00….png)

Here’s another interesting BLOCKED flight

8dd0f0 No.135908


Fearing Its ‘Heavyweight’ FBI Sources, Congressional Dems Smear True Pundit; Say News Site Helped Cause Election Defeat of Hillary


57ce84 No.135909


cartoons are not children you retard, just because you want it to be child porn doesn't mean it is

3ec309 No.135911


Isn't baphomet androgynous ? It has boobs and a phallic-like object between its legs

6810e6 No.135912


HEY! Stay focused

fc969d No.135913

File: 6bd59966b9f5d30⋯.jpg (36.25 KB, 163x225, 163:225, sp.jpg)

in replies to @ThomasWictor/@drawandstrike:

>So, still using that old #SatanicPanic™ excuse/PR spin? You sure you wanna go there? But yeah, definitely better to let real satanists on the loose than risk looking stupid, and/or alleged "mass hysteria". Fear of ridicule over Justice/Transparency, gotcha.

>The Great #SatanicPanic™ Reboot of 2018: because saying #ConspiracyTheory over and over again doesn't work anymore… And #FakeNews label more than backfired. Nothing to see here folks, move along! No such thing as #DeepState or #SecretSociety or #SpiritCooking …

>Curious: how many "victims" of #SatanicPanic™-related #MassHysteria vs actual victims of #RitualAbuse ? What is worse: exaggerated complaints about HeavyMetal bands or real children being raped & killed but laughed off as #ConspiracyTheory ?

https:// twitter.com/manymanyynamyna/status/955787317444308993

https:// twitter.com/manymanyynamyna/status/955795917713657856

https:// twitter.com/manymanyynamyna/status/955817844230512640

6698a1 No.135914


Not doubting they’d be that stupid, but where are you seeing this?

eed362 No.135915

File: 08c3421de7abe7d⋯.jpeg (87.36 KB, 1400x700, 2:1, F9D7C5ED-DE00-46B2-8D44-5….jpeg)

Remember when CIA GHWB made CNN? 1st Iraq War. CNN was given the broadcast rights.

9afc67 No.135916


Yes. Part of the Trans agenda, why almost all (99%) of A list 'women' are men.

dc0fe6 No.135917


How are you doing baker?

d5d561 No.135918

File: 4526c9aaa559777⋯.png (505.68 KB, 800x531, 800:531, 1516722589338.png)

File: a73662e903e56bd⋯.png (429.18 KB, 830x466, 415:233, 1516722295198.png)

File: 74d55be726e6fc2⋯.png (169.9 KB, 534x401, 534:401, 1516722387580.png)

File: b7d24c80177dc95⋯.png (442.17 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1516722507538.png)

6c1f7a No.135920

File: d6139c1440f6626⋯.png (329.09 KB, 516x500, 129:125, sec.soc.1.png)

48ebc4 No.135921


I know you guys will think I sound woo woo but I'm an empath and this post gave me a VERY strong response so much so that I am 99% sure this is true. Take what you will but don't attack me plz im just a messenger.

3045d8 No.135922

File: 641fad8f7bf4f68⋯.jpg (113.42 KB, 1024x794, 512:397, c55f9c4315177162f376d26697….jpg)

638ceb No.135923


Looks like they were over the target.

279ec9 No.135924

File: f12b3532eba0f01⋯.png (677.61 KB, 1614x844, 807:422, maleandfemaledeites.png)

ddbfb1 No.135925


The price of poker just went up. Missing texts equal certain death for all involved. No wonder the try to hide the evidence.

97010c No.135926

I have been "woke" for a while now AND I knew they would and probably have tried to kill POTUS but to see it verified multiple places now. IM SO PISSED!!!!!!!!!

557c2d No.135927


Embraer out of Houston?

4a8046 No.135928

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳 for the tasty 🍞, have some ☕️ on me.

ba0f1c No.135932

File: f60dff1a3f061d6⋯.jpg (48.7 KB, 664x342, 332:171, Conspiracy Theorist.JPG)

6698a1 No.135933


I’m seeing 2 blocked planes off New York

ada17b No.135934


Gimme a fucking break with this.

8a6143 No.135935


Before the long dark age, ancient Egyptians tried to mirror the sky above with the buildings below, locating sacred structures to correspond with the stars of the night sky above. The Nile is match above by the milky way, the pyramids were built under the stars in the belt of Orion, etc.

In the bible, the 12th chapter of Revelation mentioned a great sign, that astronomy software shows could only happen once in the more than 7,000 year period researched...September 23, 2017.

The rest of Rev. 12 is about the war in heaven, where satan and his angles are defeated and cast down... to the earth.

This time we are now in; this is that war played out here below.

Here on earth, the Trump forces are opposed by the evil of the cartel.

If this isn't a reflection of the predicted heavenly spiritual war, I can't guess what would be.

4a8046 No.135936


I’m wondering why none of those threatening the potus have been arrested?????

e1e4c8 No.135937


>I don't answer personal questions on the boards.

Sure thing, Dorothy.

e2bf00 No.135938


Semper Fi

25384c No.135939


you fuck off you idiot

some of us are focused

you are not

you are clicking click bait

go to hell

get herpes


6698a1 No.135940


But there is several blocked planes inland

36af2f No.135941

File: 8e15710601dcc7b⋯.png (909.77 KB, 2224x1112, 2:1, Trump_Trolling_Level_Top_K….png)


8d2833 No.135942

Thanks Baker

79dade No.135943


They said the same thing about hussein for 8 years. and yes those threats are not being acted upon like if a pleb said them.

97010c No.135944


I'm sure he was expecting attacks on himself but if I found out they were going to go after my kids I would of flipped!

2c11b9 No.135945


What makes you think they haven't?

4a8046 No.135947


Omg no kidding!!!!

dc5ff7 No.135948


fuck off subhuman , go back jacking off to pictures of children and leave the usa.

b5b155 No.135949


there are always blocked planes, nothing new

20e5d0 No.135950

Ok, we are just 7 days from the POTUS's State of the Union Address.

Big week!



ad0840 No.135951


Good thanks anon, just started. I can bake a few unless you want to.

48ebc4 No.135953


8ch and all the chans are clown honeypots that's why. The whole 'muh board culture' is actually a direct result of clowns infiltrating every thread to do their mass hypnosis mind control shit on unsuspecting anons. They will deny this out of human nature but it is what it is. These boards are a breeding ground for their agenda of demoralization and desensitizing and recruiting. Keep your wits about you and don't fall into the trap faggot.


4a8046 No.135954


Because a ton of these celebrities are still walking free

3ec309 No.135955


Ok, I was referring to the drawing of baphomet made by Levi. It also has horns, a symbol of virility

829e86 No.135956

File: 763fb34d1a5e7f5⋯.jpg (85.69 KB, 700x525, 4:3, image.jpg)

File: f4ec42b62d1f177⋯.png (364.46 KB, 648x900, 18:25, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

Okay, I know this is a stretch, but my "pedo warning" radar is going off.

The man who played the Gay teletubby just died and I can't find any cause of death. They don't even allude to it in the articles…anyone find a cause of death for this dude because I'm calling "Guilt Stricken Suicide"

25384c No.135957


are you fucking crazy?

i am american citizen who served my country

you are barking up the wrong tree

i dont jack off to pictures of children

i find those that do

and i erase them

527658 No.135958


Holy fuck. I can see why, if this gets out, REAL suicides could be expected.

155e05 No.135959

Dude…is anyone listening to Brenden Dilley??

7b781f No.135960

File: 7dd78cdbd5bc9ac⋯.png (352.75 KB, 652x844, 163:211, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 07f84b09b9ae1fe⋯.png (339.97 KB, 648x840, 27:35, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1c68413496f6326⋯.png (152.33 KB, 652x847, 652:847, ClipboardImage.png)

Re Russian Bots

pic related

Schiff and Feinstein.

e3a942 No.135961

N623RA A822DA

Janet Airlines

United States Military

Beech 1900C B190

Wonder who they were picking up at Palmdale Reg. Airport in CA?

f9dd01 No.135962


Whats he saying?

155e05 No.135963


Dilley said the plan was shown in the memos

The plan was to physically harm Trump and kidnap Trump Jr kids

97010c No.135964


We had a rooster that attacked my 3 yr old when she was in the sandbox once and that rooster lived no more than 5 minutes after attacking. Haha that's sounds super redneck but don't eff with my kids!! IDK how POTUS handles it.

527658 No.135965



eed362 No.135966

Hahaha, Murdock pulling FaceBook and Google into media umbrella. Demands they pay for publishing copyrighted material.

24efb0 No.135967


TG too smart

he's not going to show his hand or any bias (that would disqualify him)

ESPECIALLY if he ends up being a special prosecuter investigating Mueller and Company

74acc9 No.135968


If we don't have one, I suggest #ReleaseTheTexts. Will pop up on the list when people are typing #ReleaseTheMemo

ada17b No.135969



2c2e54 No.135970


thank you Baker

9afc67 No.135972


Sodomites = Transgender temple whores from babylon. Shows you where we live now quite clearly, with all A list female singers/actors transgenders.

ddbfb1 No.135973

File: aca42a525978561⋯.jpg (183.83 KB, 615x462, 205:154, wtf-015-07102014.jpg)



feeder stock

b5b155 No.135974


i hope mz gets arrested or atleast has to step down

155e05 No.135975


These fucks were going to hurt Trump and kidnap Jr's kids….thats why they dumped SS last September

2c0b24 No.135976

Popefag here. Let's say P. Francis is evil and can be proven. Lots of anti-catholic hate here. Does that mean Q Nazi's kill me, my family, my Priest/Congregation, and all good Christians of my faith like what happened to the Jews? Guilt by association? I see Q posting pictures of Francis kissing the hands of Holocaust victims. Is that Q's way of saying Catholics will suffer same fate, we die at the hands of new Q Nazi's? Was Pope Benedict drugged, then compromised with little boys photos to take him out to be replaced by Francis? Here's the deal Q. Death scares me not. For God and Country, so be it. The Truth Will Set You Free. 100% reveal will cause mass murder of innocents. If they violated their Oath of Office, maybe Military Tribunal for them is Justice. Spares me and mine. But, I'm good with either way. I put my faith in Truth. If they come for me and mine, I'll simply die protecting us and take evil down with me as long as I can. This is what Q is trying to make you think about. Question is, what to do about the pedophilia and faggotry in my church? Pope is NOT above the law. Conservative Catholics don't like what we see. Lord's prayer hasn't been changed…yet. But giving a sacred award to an abortionist does cross the line for me. I no longer trust him. False Pope. Discuss Anons. Use your logic.

79dade No.135977

File: dc4e834538640e8⋯.jpg (385.71 KB, 400x400, 1:1, apes.jpg)

faac4f No.135978


I like your style, lots of people need erasing these days. Thank you for your service Patriot.

9afc67 No.135979


Mark Rothschild?

4a8046 No.135980


What type of message

dd2637 No.135982

File: f38c877ca598a76⋯.png (277.89 KB, 1594x802, 797:401, oaklahoma.PNG)


sorry i ment on military radar , i should have been more specific

b5b155 No.135983



48ebc4 No.135984



Baphomet is a castrated hermaphrodite. It goes very deep. Baphomet used to be a good sign until the satanist castrated it and used him for their symbolism.

ref - Wayne Herschel - Author - The Hidden Records - discovered 35 …


The Pentacles the Baphomet and the human blue print code. It is important to see the difference between the signs of good and evil because the symbols are different mainy due to geometry. The Templars were victims of their own symbol confusion here when the Pope used this 'excuse' to have the Templars burned at the …

6c1f7a No.135985

File: af37a56540ee6a1⋯.png (520.44 KB, 656x449, 656:449, flag1.png)

9afc67 No.135987


Catholicism = Pagen. Female goddess worship, etc. Just fucking deal with it, catholicism, the pope all that is so anti-jesus is's epic. Time to wake up to that lie.

549352 No.135988


There is usually one Janet flight to Palmdale and two or three flights to Tonopah or Groom Lake a day.

97bc7e No.135989


what a fuckin joke

day of the rope WHEN

8d2833 No.135990


Dude he’s always been spot on

798e5f No.135991


Janet? Isn't that the Groom Lake airline callsign?

ad0840 No.135992


NP, just shout if you want to.

1f9ba3 No.135993

I went through and cherry picked –– organized a few weird items that are on Nicky Rothschilds Instagram….

www.instagram. com/p/Baz9xT7l2-n - dominos

www.instagram. com/p/Bbm4tnVFgYv - panda ice cream

www.instagram. com/p/BZtZ2tClAej - pink unicorn

www.instagram. com/p/BZnBFhdFyT3 - red dress

www.instagram. com/p/BZm4LKZFLxC - red dress

www.instagram. com/p/BZl8at9lSAz - hugh heffner

www.instagram. com/p/BZhsv20Fs70 - red shoes

www.instagram. com/p/BZbptsaF7mv - blow up unicorns

www.instagram. com/p/BYCXhjmF0Dr - cheese pizza

www.instagram. com/p/BVvUsPtlSrn - baby bunny doll

www.instagram. com/p/BVIi4Rxl5EG - butterfly

www.instagram. com/p/BVDFIicl7pM - beta kitten

www.instagram. com/p/BS7Bh62loKl - red shoes

www.instagram. com/p/BQbHwj7D2ZN - red shoes

www.instagram. com/p/BP3Z78aDPcO - beta kitten pizza

www.instagram. com/p/BMkHP3vD0lq - red shoes

www.instagram. com/p/BLyoojfjiq7 - red shoes

www.instagram. com/p/BLUNg_9jCpN - doll w/red shoes

www.instagram. com/p/BKoIBVzDF20 - Lyn & Nikki red shoes on table

www.instagram. com/p/BDOK-FXjXSk - beta kitten

www.instagram. com/p/BC_WGAADXf_ - pasta

www.instagram. com/p/BC0YEisDXcq - beta kitten

www.instagram. com/p/__U3gNjXUP - owl sign

www.instagram. com/p/8-9ya3jXTt - red shoes

www.instagram. com/p/71I216jXed - pasta

www.instagram. com/p/7l0T0bDXS- - pasta

www.instagram. com/p/4IigSojXTJ - fresh hot pizza

www.instagram. com/p/wjVgXADXcF - red shoes

www.instagram. com/p/vuHqxIjXVz - bunny socks

www.instagram. com/p/uyRycTjXZW - beta kitten shoes

www.instagram. com/p/uv3w39jXck - beta kitten

www.instagram. com/p/un-JFtDXRY - pizza red clothing

www.instagram. com/p/ucS7hUjXUF - affiliation to Beyonce'

www.instagram. com/p/sGl-AMjXTI - weird bunny paintings

www.instagram. com/p/rt1rAXDXb0 - naked dolls

www.instagram. com/p/qCEQWRDXWJ - Nikki & Obama

www.instagram. com/p/pcHoL3DXfU - beta kitten

www.instagram. com/p/oSKtjwDXUv - red shoes beta kitten

www.instagram. com/p/oODvoMDXSo - beta kitten

www.instagram. com/p/mEqTCqDXUM - red sole shoe

www.instagram. com/p/kLRB6QjXVq - heart shaped cheese pizza

www.instagram. com/p/hmkuLhjXdJ - weird ring

www.instagram. com/p/hG8AZPDXRm - cheese pizza

www.instagram. com/p/XXk4oKDXVS - Obama White House Visit

3ec309 No.135994


Don't be ridiculous, we are all being deceived on multiple scale since our birth. We aren't responsible at all, the system was already implemented before our birth.

e1e4c8 No.135995






He fucked Cord Meyer's wife.

155e05 No.135996

Take a listen and see what you think


e3a942 No.135997

3c1a09 No.135998

ABC News

Verified account


5m5 minutes ago


NEW: Sen. Feinstein, Rep. Schiff urge Facebook and Twitter to investigate involvement of Russian bots in pushing "Release the Memo" campaign: "If these reports are accurate, we are witnessing an ongoing attack by the Russian government through Kremlin-linked social media actors."

48ebc4 No.135999


if any of you are curious and like the symbolism and historical stuff and need a break Wayne Herschel is GREAT!

rosicrucian star map - Wayne Herschel - Author - The Hidden Records …


The main detail extracted as seen at the top of the page here which I very quicky realised shows the sacred feminine as Nut/Sophia/Baphomet and poised carefully (although chained) near her right hand is a cluster of seven stars. Now the immediate shock of this line alone is mind blowing. There is only one other depiction …

grail - Wayne Herschel - Author - The Hidden Records - discovered 35 …


The overlay is the Egyptian personification of the 'Goddess' Nut who births suns in the area near the Pleiades. The discovery in the Egyptian papyrus shows that it is this area near the Pleiades where the womb of Nut resides ref . I have inserted two other sacred feminine versions of the Templars of Europe with Baphomet …

97010c No.136000


Where did u get this??

aefa19 No.136001


I'm tired of this completely insulting BS. Signing your name to that should get you in trouble.

9a8a75 No.136002


Good work.

One suggestion

"Find" plays into FBI claim texts are missing. Better to go with words that match "FBI Hiding".

3ec309 No.136003


LOL more fabricated "evidence" incoming.

3045d8 No.136004

File: e28de31ef184049⋯.jpg (176.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 6666w34r13c452v5626y246y66….jpg)

2c2e54 No.136005


had a rooster attack me–

it became dinner

and i loved plucking it..

155e05 No.136007

When Paine is freaked out, you know its serious


674b82 No.136008


If real, it looks like an attempt to insulate the power structure of twatter/facebook and puts the heat on Feinstein and Schiff. Not a bad strategic move, but too late. #ReleaseTheMemo has been going on for days and twatter has already suppressed it before this letter. (If real.)

f0696d No.136009

Are we still using





Are there others we should be using?

Need to know for meme-making

527658 No.136010


This cannot be real. Expected, but not real. Sauce is a must on this one. Forgeries do us no good.

48ebc4 No.136011



The symbols are all "borrowed" from one another. Lilith is Minerva is an Owl is Athena is Lady Liberty is blah blah blah it goes on and on and on.

674b82 No.136013


Involving kidnapping and/or physical harm opens up life in prisonment and death penalty, IIRC.

79dade No.136014


>www.instagram. com/p/pcHoL3DXfU


Even if true (not)…who fucking cares? Is it a crime to post a # campaign? sigh

c75a66 No.136015


It's kind of freakin' me out it says,



It doesn't matter if I go back to the homepage, open another vid, it just stays there. If it said anything other than that, I'd immediately pass it off as some kind of glitch.

8597e2 No.136016

File: d6567b5f213a501⋯.jpg (83.11 KB, 580x459, 580:459, joyReid.jpg)


b5eae2 No.136017

I wonder if they would consider releasing the disturbing content in a controlled environment.

Anyone who wants to can access it BUT it can ONLY be accessed through a medical professional. (and it is NOT covered by medical insurance).

And when one is accessing it, it is controlled by progressing slowly from the lesser to the deeper degrees of depravity. With forced breaks in other words one can't continue to the next depth without a 24-48 hour or 1 week break, what is deemed necessary or wiser. To give the doctor time to assess and advise.

43d606 No.136018


Hey lurker anon who did the Hoover meme, if you're still around please finish it up, I like it. It piques interest. Do you have a reference for when he said that?

eed362 No.136020


LMAO comrades

155e05 No.136021

Dilley is verifying Q from last night

Claims Binney and Rogers went to Trump after he won

Binney had access to the NSA system he created and they discovered the threats and plans

Binney, Rogers, and Flynn have all been in on it…heroes

9afc67 No.136022


Exactly. Wanna know who they worship? Watch American Gods. More truth in that show than you think. Lotta lies too.

6c1f7a No.136023


pissed.exactly. pissed it's happening. pissed no one's been arrested. pissed everything's taking so long. pissed.

97010c No.136024


Oh my God it is real!!!

8121a0 No.136025


If this is real it makes me proud! I just might print it off and hang it on the fridge. Maybe hand it down to my grandkids and say "I helped do this." Nice work, anons. I'm proud of us.

71691c No.136026

FYI, anons.

Clown director to speak shortly.


155e05 No.136027


He also mentioned a video the NSA has of a former administration official harming someone

7f9478 No.136028



97bc7e No.136029


link> or is it on periscoep

e3b07d No.136030


Satanists are freaks and their god does not exist. There are going to be a lot of Satanists dying this year.

f9bfb1 No.136031

Got to be fake.

25384c No.136032


its real

9afc67 No.136033


You just wake up there Mr Triggered? Some of us have been waiting for many years. What have you done to help?

48ebc4 No.136034


Most of these people are not conscious of why or how they became transgender tho. Much of it is environmental caused by chemicals (((they))) purposely produce to harm. Think Alex Jones turning the frogs gay thing was a looney conspiracy? Think again.

8d2833 No.136035



dd2637 No.136036


this guy has some real inside info i have noticed .

6c1f7a No.136037


thx, good idea. i just used #secret societies, but will add #release the texts in future memes.

9afc67 No.136038


Why do you say their god does not exist? Their gods absolutely exist.

ad0840 No.136039


Looks like the plan is the same bro. Just visited the War Room >>135713

155e05 No.136040


periscope. @hublife

97010c No.136041


ABC news just tweeted out the same docs.

4a8046 No.136042


Lol… I don’t either

9afc67 No.136043


Wrong. Many of these A lists are groomed bloodlines, you have no idea. They are *ALL* trannies.

dc0fe6 No.136044


Q says 3 letter agencies are here.

Q says FBI texts contain info of foreign allies involved with discussed assassination of POTUS/family member.

8ch goes to shit.

Next day:

FBI director Wray being "pressured" to step down by Sessions + POTUS


2c0b24 No.136045


So, me and mine must die at your hand? All Catholic charitable contributions we donate must end? All Catholic sponsored churches and charities destroyed? All loves and fishes, feeding the poor must die? All time talent & treasure given freely to those in need in our church community must end? We worship One Holy & Triune God. No Goddess' in our faith.

9dbe46 No.136046

File: f7e7d652090c47a⋯.png (424.39 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, realdrone.png)

here is a drone

ada17b No.136047



f9bfb1 No.136048


satan and his legions of demons are real, but they are not gods

97010c No.136049

File: f069a5a2f07a1c9⋯.png (466.64 KB, 1080x1054, 540:527, Screenshot_20180123-100638….png)

527658 No.136050


Checked. Confirmed real. We were told this would happen. They are not going to go without a fight. Lock and Load.

48ebc4 No.136051


Exactly. Our realities are based on perception. Perception can be altered. Human minds are VERY malleable. The "Secret Societies" are all concerned with hiding their methods of control. That's it.

eed362 No.136052


I’m enjoying the “stew in your sauce” delays. Long time laughing.

9afc67 No.136053



Wait, wrong for A list celebs. Correct for the general population.

155e05 No.136054


Dilley said the Wray story is disinformation that is necessary

Disinfo is necessary

e4c182 No.136055


Makes me want to blow up their twitters with unique memes. PoS's. They are doing everything in their power to marginalize the voice of the American people. Not one time has any of those news sources volunteered a screen cap even or example of a Russian Bot.

This is MSM and approved sources in collusion with God Damned Socialist Suppressive Soros Organizations… Once again telling me or you that because we do not agree and didn't do the tyupical conservative thing of shutting up and taking it… that we are bad guys. They are bullies.

dc0fe6 No.136056


No nigga.



baker on standby.

8b2f2b No.136057


Must be.

ada17b No.136058


I love it when a plan comes together!

136614 No.136059


thing is we don't know that they haven't been or that maybe have been dealt with in a different manner.

829e86 No.136060



279ec9 No.136061


triggered biblefag

741b62 No.136062

Are any of you Russian? I am not. I’m red blooded AMERICAN!!!

dc0fe6 No.136063

545d79 No.136064

File: 710813055b51edb⋯.png (973.21 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, MemeWar flier 23-1-18AENG.png)


in need of a

>"flyer" for expanding our warrior army.

>must be easy re-use

>normie friendly (dumbo proofed)

made example. Need feedback. Some fabulous PS anon who makes a better one, VERY welcome, pls drop in war room.

>NEEDED: spanish and french speaking Anons who can translate the final text of the flier.

3ec309 No.136065


What are they exactly, where do they come from ?

97bc7e No.136066









(415) 393-0707

























(415) 393-0707


























96e5b1 No.136067


Catholic Church is the TRUE church. Regardless of infiltartion from bad actors (spiritually the true Church are always real believers, even if the institution has been decimated). The devil always wants to destroy the Catholic church. Catherine Emmerich prophesized infiltration by masonic sect more than 100 years ago. Read the Fatima prophecy, read Catherine Emmerich on "false church" and masonic sect, read Revelation. I am curious to see what happens AFTER the event (when the bad actors get taken down), either a new spring for the real Church or a new age luciferian worship (ie the mark of the beast) presented as solution after all secular and religious institutions have been discredited (after being infected by bad actors, this plan of infect everyone with degeneracy->expose->present luciferian doctrine as actual truth/solution is outlined in protocols as well btw). I'm keeping my eyes open and hoping for a new spring of the true faithful and a rebuilding of the church rather a new blasphemous doctrine.

79dade No.136068


Are you that guy on YT that calls everyone a Tranny? not arguing the case…just curious.

6c1f7a No.136069


agree w/ you. we need FULL DISCLOSURE on this Pope/Vatican. i think all that hype about changing the Lord's prayer was to distract from the ebook "Betrayal" which was released the same day.

9a8a75 No.136070


War room do we "#MoreRussahLies" for Schiff and Feinstein

who think Americans are so stupid they can't do anything.

b5b155 No.136071


there are many gods but only one true God, read your bible

29d014 No.136072


Its all over twitter

https:// twitter.com /ABC/status/955830690381254659

d6e6ac No.136073


Funny how their evidence is a note referenced that's not even on the letter. Amazing how msm can post whatever they want with no evidence and retards eat it up

bd94da No.136074

File: 116aa2268b08dd7⋯.jpeg (6.56 KB, 178x284, 89:142, 681BACCC-FE49-4C44-A40A-2….jpeg)


The King is on the way.

dc0fe6 No.136075


If Russian bots are more concerned than Americans about a 4 page memo that shakes the core of democracy, then so be it lol.

71691c No.136076


Quick, flood her office with emails and phone calls stating otherwise!

Tell that dizzy bitch to shut her shithole and fly to GITMO already!

279ec9 No.136077


couldn confirm me more,

now go kys pls

5b69ac No.136078




Why is Wray threatening to quit if Sessions goes after McCabe? Wray is trying to keep the lid on this scandal of scandals - but he was appointed by POTUS. Why? What's the angle I'm missing?

2c0b24 No.136079


Are Lutheran Churches Evil too? We have a sister Lutheran Church we bailed out of debt to keep their doors open. That should end?

8121a0 No.136080


>phone's ringing right now…

3ec309 No.136081


I can translate frog

9afc67 No.136082



They are absolutely lower case g gods. Eloheim (of the most high). They are the fallen angels, and nephilim (demons).. So some are the pantheon gods of the olden days, they are not the Lord God.

IF you are down the rabbit hole, and you still don't believe in God, you're pathetic.

eed362 No.136083


Mkay. Why don’t you go to church on the sabbath?

708df5 No.136084


I think a full set would be telephone pole size and too heavy. But it could have been shorted chunks of tungsten and the (((malfunction))) could be that the white hats have control and therefore it is not located where the blackhats expected it to be.

P.S. if Elon Musk really failed at a task, he may get a punch in the left eye as punishment and we would see this, if we could find where he is. Last seen at a wedding in Brazil I believe.

9d5e44 No.136085

File: 0cead6830388762⋯.jpg (98.26 KB, 509x500, 509:500, Those [good] who know.jpg)

ab641e No.136086

Watching CNN … My morning cartoons ,,

Talking point = Sessions Russian Op..

These ppl are stupid

A Q enlighten Canadian

155e05 No.136087


Dilley said Wray is /ourguy/.

This disinformation is necessary

9afc67 No.136088


The church is WITHIN YOU. Not a building. Not a tax exempt status building.

798e5f No.136089


So, interesting story… I bought a book off of Amazon … maybe a year ago, on radar system design. Avionics guy, myself, and I like to keep my reference material stocked.

Anyway, this book came from… somewhere - but the notes and annotations in it show it as originally being owned. What was very curious was the pattern the book was noted in. Only one or two chapters toward the end had highlights, and names of people who worked on the book were highlighted. My spook senses went off immediately. The guy bought the book for research purposes, highlighted a few relevant terms to use when making contact with people to pick their brain (or… to flat-out induct them into a restricted access program).

That, or it was some kind of code. The book was ultimately left at a book exchange before being bought by the amazon book retailers that scavenge books whole-sale. I think.

Kind of a slide - but I find it interesting that I may own a tangent piece of Site4 … that would probably get this guy in trouble… why the hell he wrote his name in it if he were involved is beyond me (that, or it was part of a code - someone else was marking this guy… hell of an expensive code at the time, though).

6febc2 No.136090


You just can't make this shit up… TV Programming indeed..

b5b155 No.136091


drink bleach fuckface

2c2e54 No.136092

File: 9a84e7cc6ffedfd⋯.jpg (37.06 KB, 586x586, 1:1, 151543679315275672.jpg)


I am NOT a Russian, nor am I a bot…

and if they think we are…

we must be WINNING

f9dd01 No.136093


Disinfo, according to Dilley, in the bread a few posts up.

48ebc4 No.136094


They worship chaos and confusion.

Satan means adversary.


Up is down.

Wrong is right.

Men are Women.

Confusion is how they CONTROL.

545d79 No.136095


MEME that and shittwat TF out of it. stay withing legal boundaries. ("I called.. today and…)

155e05 No.136096


fe676d No.136097

File: c5b7b69dd764f80⋯.jpg (117.42 KB, 720x727, 720:727, feinstein_signature_1.jpg)

File: 3deeeb815e37a3e⋯.jpg (9.57 KB, 319x188, 319:188, feinstein_signature_2.jpg)


signature looks legit

5042c5 No.136098

about Trump deleted twat fb_i lost 50,000 texts:





NSA has it. 4 days to release


9afc67 No.136099


Totally fucking deceived. Pathetic.

048d21 No.136100


I'm gonna go ahead and say you need a higher dose of redpills.

94852d No.136101


This should be the tactic if this letter is true!

They need to know that the Patriots are behind this and show everyone it is us! Hammer their ASSES boyz!

faac4f No.136102


rope give them rope

041c2b No.136103

Luthern Brotherhood brings muslims to MSP


47eb47 No.136104


Here is question that most of us need/want an answer too.

40% Public (Ok we get that. corruption, seditionion, pedos)

60% Black

(the TOTAL fuck of our government, Satanic BS, and worse - YES, this would blow the lid off)

Here is the question - How are We The People going to trust ANYTHING (excluding POTUS -WRWY) if we KNOW 60% of the BAD GUYS and EVIL remains unknown/hidden forever?

This is a serious concern, you can feel it in the threads. We KNOW we have been lied to, PREYed upon, setup for annihilation. Too MANY of us ALMOST wish for the ball to open and we can pic our own T.O.O. (there are only TRILLIONS of rnds in civ hands).

How are We the People going to be assured/assuaged that the EVIL and the BAD GUYS are not a threat to us anymore?

Are they just going to disappear? Suicide?

I trust POTUS to protect the innocent.

When you have been told someone wants to seriously kill us, starve us, take our kids and WORSE; I'll just leave it there.

(and I just received a phone call from a number that can't be reached - funny that0

6c1f7a No.136105


thx anon - am going with #SecretSocieties and #ReleaseTheTexts (release the texts carries a connotation that they have them to release . . . )

9afc67 No.136106


No, I have no youtube presence. They are all trannies for the most part, with a few exceptions, but rare. The trannie pill is a shitty pill to take, but it's just a fucked up fact.

1fcbcb No.136107

File: 569a36725e852bd⋯.jpg (18.19 KB, 164x88, 41:22, 20180122_193708.jpg)

>they exist

>most are good. Really good!

ad0840 No.136108


This will only make us push harder. Kek. Greatest timeline.

8597e2 No.136109

File: b9842d1f1081d53⋯.jpg (52.53 KB, 500x501, 500:501, DFiiohab.jpg)

97bc7e No.136110







ZIP CODE 90027 OR 90028









ZIP CODE 90027 OR 90028





























ZIP CODE 90027 OR 90028










155e05 No.136111

Dilley said McCabe is singing in a "black site" in the lower 48

e2bf00 No.136112


I know the obvious symbolism but I used to refer to that purple one as “coat hanger”

These people are sick

f7cb51 No.136113

File: 20a021beb27c1c1⋯.png (231.4 KB, 588x2232, 49:186, floor 1.png)

File: 6bfd46763054c57⋯.png (183.83 KB, 588x1520, 147:380, floor 2.png)

Q repeated,

7th Floor is no more.

As in,

Quoth the raven, “Nevermore.”

OR does it have to do with

The Floor Is Your


LV floors

All the above???

All floors from Q Graphic, see attached pic.

7th Floor is no more 1/7/2018 1/13/2018 1/21/2018

Floor is yours 1/18/2018 1/13/2018 12/25/2017

LV floors 11/4/2017

6810e6 No.136114

the arguefags are back

don't fall for the bullshit, reply once if at all. we've got work to do.

So anyway, rereading crumbs, and:

>Think logically.

>We haven’t started the drops re: human trafficking / sacrifices [yet][worst].

>Those [good] who know cannot sleep.

>Those [good] who know cannot find peace.

>Those [good] who know will not rest until those responsible are held accountable.

>60% must remain private [at least] - for humanity.

What I see here, is that the [good] outnumber the [worst] (maybe 3X). So dismantling the entire FBI, DOJ, etc, by full disclosure due to the acts of a few, it's overkill. Let the [good] people out here that still believe in the system, keep their belief in tact [at least].

>Nobody can possibly imagine the pure evil and corruption out there.

[yet]. We'll know, yet think logically, it's not [good] that all know.

>Could messages such as those be publicly disclosed?

Yes they could, but, SHOULD they?

5c700e No.136115

File: fd5ff81fd4c0c95⋯.jpeg (979.71 KB, 750x1091, 750:1091, 38DC20F5-3051-4E5D-A9A7-A….jpeg)


They cited Hannity on the 2nd footnotes. An excuse to look into people’s accounts, and an opportunity to use scare tactics and twist the narrative.

fc969d No.136116


that's a very good idea.

that and withdrawals clinics for when the Q drops end for all us Qholics

48ebc4 No.136117


Groomed yes. Do you know what grooming is? Do you know what brainwashing is? Who is responsible? The groomer or the groomed?

527658 No.136118


Especially Adam Shiffing in his pants.

155e05 No.136119

McCabe is singing!

79dade No.136120

File: 65938a5dc6b2555⋯.png (610.84 KB, 600x449, 600:449, frozen jack.png)

File: 1eb1a8bf50c0a41⋯.png (119.12 KB, 600x315, 40:21, jack say no.png)

File: 51af82071d62af8⋯.png (229.57 KB, 600x337, 600:337, jack truth.png)

File: a00af1d96fb8d14⋯.png (192.63 KB, 600x337, 600:337, jackd.png)

File: 79fc0284ef80a1c⋯.png (205.73 KB, 460x287, 460:287, jerrymemo.png)


>https:// twitter.com /ABC/status/955830690381254659

Sounds like time to MEME that thread…cmon Twatter fags

e3b07d No.136121


Deranged evil people worshipping a "god" does not mean that the "god" exists. Have you seen any baphomets walking around lately?

2c0b24 No.136122


So I should die at your hand because you don't agree with my faith on which day I should worship? I go to church more than one day a week, sometimes seven days in a row. How about you? I should die then?

8d2833 No.136123



9afc67 No.136124


There is a spiritual force guiding the control. Without a doubt.

7b781f No.136125

File: 192047bff7dc464⋯.png (101.2 KB, 281x737, 281:737, ClipboardImage.png)






It is ABC News Twitter feed. here is a pic

5c700e No.136126


Shit sorry. Was going to post about the planes before and forgot I had that uploaded. Disregard picture.

ab641e No.136127

Wrong is right …

Shit on Vets = murdering immigrants

LIFE = Kill defenseless babies

b593f5 No.136128


Guys we should really push a strategy that makes them look stupid. Like making an even bigger wave with #notabot meme or similar. Pushing it to a point were people will see that they LIE.

6c1f7a No.136129





545d79 No.136130


pls drop suggestions for new hashes in the war room. we will consider them b4 deciding l8r.

suggestions very welcome, but pls no shitposting.

d6021f No.136131

Doesn't Hannity Play recorded messages everyday. Whats that number. WE should all call that number as well, just Say Im a patriot not a Bot. He will play it.

9afc67 No.136132


There's a vail between the realms. Ghosts, spirits are divided. They are trying to bridge that divide, or pierce the veil. CERN anyone?

1f9ba3 No.136133


Signed Diane Feinstein and Adam Schiff LOL

eed362 No.136134


No. But the Torah says Saturday is the sabbath.

fc969d No.136135

File: 4eb7a42401129d2⋯.jpg (70.99 KB, 1022x576, 511:288, Gremlin-Linked Accounts.jpg)



b5b155 No.136136

Q PLEASE release the memo, we need to see something big.

f9bfb1 No.136137


No such thing as lesser gods. There is only one True God. There are seraphim, cherubim, angels and other of God's creation. Satan and his demons are fallen angles who trick people into believing they are gods.

Call me a biblefag. I give two shits.

8d2833 No.136138


Add #TREASON too!

48ebc4 No.136139

3045d8 No.136140

File: 4140bfd9320b3f4⋯.jpg (46.32 KB, 352x640, 11:20, young-vladimir-putin-in-th….jpg)

708df5 No.136141


Depends what you mean by "true".

Jesus never meant for there to be a hierarchy on Earth. That concept is Luciferian. Read some Alice Bailey Lucis Trust to find out more about the satanic rule that allows minions to have no responsibility iof they are following orders.

The true church is congregational with bishops there to ordain the priests. Orthodox Christianity is much closer to the true church. If yo remember Campus Crusade for Christ from several decades ago, it was a fundamentalist protestant movement but the ministers who ran it eventually realized that fundamentally christianity was the same as Orthodox Christianity so they ordained as Orthodox priests.

6c1f7a No.136142


no anon, i've been awake to 20 years. that's why i'm so pissed. been waiting a long time.

8597e2 No.136143


Bring some Sauce, anon. That is Bullshit till you do.

12a241 No.136144

Fox just reported Sessions was interviewed by Mueller. Why on earth? He needs to fire them all.

40a14f No.136145

Did anyone see the Q/POTUS marker with



“Biggest” (today’s POTUS tweet) ?

f0696d No.136146

File: bea0ddc47d8616f⋯.png (246.63 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Nothing is ever deleted AM….png)

File: 5834f04e73a6914⋯.png (200.05 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Nothing is ever deleted cr….png)


Cool thanks. Apparently we need more Patriots Not Russians memes…

More in the series

have one for BHO, HRC, Valerie Jarrett, Stzrok & Page

And Sessions that says "Yes, we have it all"

545d79 No.136147


that'd b great! drop by the war room later 2day pls.

96e5b1 No.136148


There is hierarchy even in heaven.

6c1f7a No.136149


filtered for your stupidity

79dade No.136150


Some of it's compelling, but most of them look too good to be true. Same guy says the men are TG women too….dunno…Have to see nudes to know for certain…Clooney, Gosling, Kiedis are claimed….wonder if @jack has their dick pics

9afc67 No.136151


The term Elohiem means of the most high, in the bible that is translated as god. Not the one true god, but fallen angels, aka little g gods. They call themselves that, not that they are all powerful. Don't get it twisted, I agree with you, but they use the term gods, and so does the bible, so it's important to know how they are referenced even in the bible.

3ec309 No.136152


Why would they eat feces and try to become the most inhuman they can if it wouldn't be for a higher spiritual force? Do you all really think they enjoy passive zoophilia ? They want to become demons, they reject their own humanity. They go down and down and down, until their masters are satisfied. Pure service to self at the detriment of others.

eed362 No.136153


I laughed

6d4912 No.136154


Yes, I remember this and also it made phony Wolf Blitzer a "star"

97bc7e No.136155


im staying off twitter and all other sites except 8ch until monday night, i have a test monday and need to study.

been neglecting that shit

if you can do that anon and other anons, please do.

I call my congressman (ga-10) all the time about this shit.

they dont verify where i live or anything

If we can get a bunch of people to call and just say "muh government transparency" they will think its plausible because thats a very normie sentiment





















do it for me an anon who has to stay out of the meme war for a week.

3ec309 No.136156


Ok! I'll do what I can

9d5e44 No.136157


'They' KNOW we aren't fucking Russian bots!

They're just using that excuse to shut down conservative/patriot's voices!

527658 No.136158

File: 435df60285eab30⋯.jpg (37.42 KB, 576x434, 288:217, bugs.jpg)


pic related.

3c1a09 No.136159

msm full court press



4m4 minutes ago


Man threatens to kill CNN employees over 'fake news'…

9afc67 No.136160


They do a great job, have access to medical you have no idea about, and start them off very very young. The FTM are easy to spot the MTF are much much harder to spot.

d6021f No.136161


The Ignorance of scripture in this sentence is ridiculous. Sabbath is a Jewish day of REST which has nothing to do with Christians. You don't GOTO church you ARE the church. Paul destroys this Sabath non sense like 12 times in his epistles. Please stop talking about doctrine you know nothing about.

53ebb1 No.136162

How is POTUS always 10 moves ahead?

Bill Binney gave POTUS the key to the NSA. To unlock the full potential of their data. But we also have the military on our side and possibly even DARPA.

What if a DARPA AI has interfaced with the NSA data storage and collection? Would this much data actually allow it to predict the future?

e22679 No.136163

File: 6b2255e2a1bd14c⋯.png (303.36 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-01-23-10-1….png)


Mother-fuck! Feinstein??? She looks like a shrew

Well… good morning anons lol

79dade No.136164


I remember…hoping I didn't get drafted. "reallity" TV was born.

dd2637 No.136165

File: 872b6c5dfa8dfd0⋯.png (14.83 KB, 236x230, 118:115, 5143927f55e929449306ae95f9….png)


Hillary gave me Uranium ,but i wanted Trump to win ?

ab641e No.136166

Would it be possible to find out which piece of garbage will be in the news as arrested…

We could meme him hard before the arrest and maybe ppl would make a connection and listen to us

e3a942 No.136167



9afc67 No.136168


I am quite well aware. They follow a negative spiritual force.

1f9ba3 No.136169


I wouldn't be too concerned Diane Feinstein & Adam Schiff are the two least trusted names in politics….

6d4912 No.136170



545d79 No.136171



674b82 No.136172


>and retards eat it up

Don't blame retards for being retards. They've been deceived and trained from birth to trust the pop authorities.

94eb7b No.136173

https:// www.justice.gov/news

Justice Dept site back up and posting

new cases

only 1 so far today. some Virginia schmucks who tried screwing the IRS

aefa19 No.136174


Yeah, they're baiting us hard.

48ebc4 No.136175


The "spiritual force" is the energy they put into it. Energy is real. Thoughts and prayers are energy. We are more than just sacks of flesh. We literally conduct electricity. So yes, the spiritual forces are real. They are from evil demented people. Not some woo woo outer space demons. We are the angels and demons here on Earth.

Think long and hard about what thoughts actually are. Where do they go? Where do they come from? ENERGY.

What is Q clearance?


2c0b24 No.136176


And Jesus gave Peter, the first Pope, the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. "What ever you bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven. Whatever you loose on earth, shall be loosed in heaven". You should worship every day. But as far as a specific day, a one day shift matters not to God so long as you worship. So all Lutherens and Methodists and Catholics and a pleathora of non denominational christians mus die at your hand?

b07391 No.136177


I believe you & i am glad you are focused on this research.

Be careful who you share this with; many people will try to farm your loosh/mana/life power

eed362 No.136178


Then you are saying the Torah isn’t in the Bible?

9a8a75 No.136179


I'm clueless why protection for as$holes like McCabe goes on and on and on. Enough is enough.

79dade No.136180


We can theorize and speculate all we want…but how do (you) know for 100% certain? I don't rule it out. Just a skeptic til I see for sure. Much else has been proven true….super freaky if true

91c763 No.136181




Sauce added pscp.tv/Hublife/1rmGPOMywpYKN?t=44m1s

97bc7e No.136182

e4c182 No.136183


Yeah, I thought of that as well. And since I think we spontaneously came up with #releasethememo and had such great success with the fake news stuff, they are really ripping the talking points and it's biased thing hard right now… trying to set up the "fake news" when it comes out in whatever matter of time it is (I have heard a week and two both on Fox) What they do NOT realize is they are laying waste to themselves. If it is fake, we want the evidence, right? then what? they are so fucked and they know they are fucked.

that whole party is so close to being decertified with all of its trash… then what? the New New New Democratic Party? (NNNDNC) Do you know the havoc that decertifying the part would bring in just a few months?! They are terrified. And they are trapped animals.

Well… Fuck them. I am a mad patriot. I am so sick of their shit. I will not raise a hand to them, nor break the law, but I will exercise my ever increasingly limited constitutional rights.

9afc67 No.136184


Spiritual ENERGY. Spirits have an electric nature. The story is as simple as the bible, you don't understand the nature of where you are. Too bad. You'll easily buy the new age luciferian agenda.

96e5b1 No.136185


Hardly. The "bad actors" are going down, just a matter of time. The real question is what comes after? An illusion of peace under the mark of the beast or a real new springitme for humanity. I am optimistic, but I am keeping my eyes open.

155e05 No.136186

Its in the DIlley scope…..he is validating what Q has said through his source


798e5f No.136187


Simple - this is a game and what Q is saying is part of the code/puzzle.

Remember when people read Q directly back when he first started dropping and people thought we were going to see arrests starting in November?

How many stopped to notice that it was 11.3 - a very atypical means for annotating dates? Not many. 11.3 was a marker - kind of like how 2, 3, and some of the others are. I would imagine.

Same, here. These are not statements meant to be read directly… except for where they are.

d6021f No.136188


No I am saying you need to rightly divide the word of truth which is commanded of us in Timothy. Not all Doctrine is for the Church. Do you sacrifice animals? Please read your bible and understand, We are not under the LAW we are under GRACE.

708df5 No.136189


That kid was baptised in a church near his home in Leningrad and raised as a Christian by his mother. He infiltrated the satanic system and was part of the secret team that dissolved the Communist party and the Soviet Union. Those acts of the Russians put a serious crimp in the satanic plans for world domination which is why the satanists in the NWO hate Russia so much. This guy is on to them and gives them no mercy, hitting them where it hurts.

He is a useful ally for American patriots even if he is a competitor of the USA in many ways. We *NEED* competition. It is what makes us stronger. The Olympics is all about friendly COMPETITION.

Do not fear competition and do not fear competitors who follow the same rules as our Western civilization.

060afc No.136191


Why can't you have a belief in God without being part of an organization that is made up by man? Haven't you seen enough signs to tell you organized religion is a trap to enslave you?

9afc67 No.136192


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLnKY-goGWI

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnVHyLzY3gc

Here's a good spotter of trannies, he'll tell you how.

b5b155 No.136193

lets ask Q to shut down this whole russian bot movement.

they can get er did

545d79 No.136194


the show me the memo is iconic.

a Q-ish sounding anon dropped by suggesting not to put an eact # on a meme, so that your message and image rings louder. just SHOW ME THE MEMOOOOOO!!! would be ICONIC really! collectors item meme. pls drop it in war room…. we LOVE IT!

8121a0 No.136195


I Called Schiff and Feinstein, anon. I also called by congressbeings last week and told them to release the memo. Get some rest and study hard.

3ec309 No.136196

I know! I quoted you because my post was related to yours even though I wasn't addressing to you directly. Sorry for the misunderstanding

d72de1 No.136197


Sure, if you're a Jew.

5b69ac No.136198


You and me both anon

801af3 No.136199

Are there multiple objectives here?

Is one of then to let bad actors know the clock is running down?

Are bad actors surrounded?

Are all bad actors from agencies surrounded?

Can bad actors not at the top surrender or walking away NOW?

Will those that choose to cross the line now lose everything?

Will their families lose everything?

Do they have the chance to walk away or give evidence right now on those above them?

Is it getting close to their final opportunity to do so?

At this point, which side would you pick?

Return of the Jedi

9a8a75 No.136200



12a241 No.136201

PomP3eeo will be speaking on threats to America. What a joke! Not sure if Fox will carry it live.

6d2666 No.136202

File: bd2d4748a7a9c16⋯.jpeg (686.33 KB, 2310x2170, 33:31, EE8BA92E-EEE2-4428-945A-7….jpeg)

3ec309 No.136203

3045d8 No.136204

File: 3ffaa28c8648bae⋯.jpg (54.72 KB, 367x643, 367:643, xMVnztW.jpg)

48ebc4 No.136205


Its a cycle of "breaking" people so that you can mold them like clay into whatever you want. It's all about POWER and CONTROL. And it gets passed on consciously and subconsciously.

You know how Project Monarch got its name?

Because Monarch butterflies inherit intelligence from their parents. They instinctively "know" what their parents knew.

This is the same for all animals in some form or another. Otherwise we would all be long extinct.

(((They))) knew this was genetically passed down. They know abuse is cyclical. The rabbit hols is very deep anons…your thoughts are not your own.

eed362 No.136206


You know the Bible was censored. Right?

f0696d No.136207


Should I add #SecretSociety to these?

6810e6 No.136208


Dept. of ENERGY

Excellent points made

a75a86 No.136209


Likewise, recent Q posts have potential to frustrate more.

Look how the Dems operate. They spin up their base, get them expecting major happening then don't deliver. So the people become frustrated and angry. (Frustration=>Anger).

Many are expecting HUGE happenings after Q buildup….

ee590b No.136210


Analystfag concurs, if true. Demonstrate to them how many unique American accounts are active. Bombard their offices (both in DC and local) with phone calls, faxes and emails protesting this. "Russian Bots" don't make phone calls in English. Or fax. Or email.

Show them how many of us there are, Patriots.

041c2b No.136211


Take your choice

https:// elca.org/Our-Work/Relief-and-Development/Lutheran-Immigration-and-Refugee-Services

https:// www.lirs.org/

http:// www.keloland.com/news/article/news/refugees-coming-to-new-lss-location-downtown

and they do it for money

http:// www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/11/29/unholy-alliance-christian-charities-profit-1-billion-fed-program-resettle-refugees-40-percent-muslim/

674b82 No.136212


40/60 could also be for the sheer volume of information. The optimistic read is that the 40% made public is the 40% the population needs to know while the 60% is redundant.

Or, the opposite. Time will tell.

ab641e No.136213

I Studied the Bible for over a year now when got saved…

These times we are in is so bang on with The book of revelation…

Q…. I'm 67 and awake and ready to work in Canada…

Anons will be here to help me.

f7cb51 No.136214


7th Floor is no more 1/7/2018 1/13/2018 1/21/2018

Floor is yours 1/18/2018 1/13/2018 12/25/2017

LV floors 11/4/2017

1st posts for 7th floor & Floor is yours 11 days apart.

Last posts for 7th floor and Floor is yours 4 days apart (Goin by day of the month, not month & day)


last =4

as in LV floors post 11/4


b5b155 No.136215


for the most part, God protected his word

9afc67 No.136216



That what he tried to sell you is the new age luciferian lie. Heads up.

545d79 No.136217


WAR!!!! get #PatriotsNotRussians trending and use that phonenumber and that article inna meme (war room wants em too!) drop em! GO GO GO

9afc67 No.136218


I did it to you by accident too lol.

d6021f No.136219


When losing a argument on doctrine attack the word of God. Got it. Ok shill I'm done with you. Get yourself a KJV read and pray.

708df5 No.136220


You are part of the problem.

Many have had their eyes open for years.

Few have acted.

Our job now is to create a movement of good actors, to nurture that movement, to be the living breathing body of democracy in a real sense. Without patriots who will act honorably, there is no 1000 years of peace.

cebd04 No.136221

#OscarNoms and #Oscars is worldwide trending, could hijack it

060afc No.136222


Just wanting to get rid of the Federal reserve and return to the gold standard would have been enough to warrant assassination. Let's not forget exposing the Mafia.

48ebc4 No.136223


Do humans have spirit?

What are (((they))) trying to destroy?

Your spirit.

eed362 No.136224


They told you this?

d6e6ac No.136225


Why don't you retards take that shit to the church thread

e8474a No.136226


Should be quite a few Oscars memes in the reserves. Couple those with the hashtags and fire away.

6d4912 No.136227


My gut tells me this is most likely correct. I believe Rogers had info that was a lot more than just election/political shinanigans.

dd2637 No.136228


that should at least tell you how big the problem is . they don't even get fired , still have clearance.

e4c182 No.136229

File: 01896869b9d011c⋯.jpg (56.86 KB, 576x434, 288:217, 237hhd.jpg)



Ohhh, I want it with memes war…

3ec309 No.136230


I failed to quote properly again, I must be tired. I quoted you specifically but didn't directly responded to your post. Sorry anon

79dade No.136231


I was reading CI A research on remote viewing and the authors said our minds connect all around the globe via electronic waves, which is what makes remote viewing possible. Wish I could do it myself, but it makes sense. Everything is connected and can be transmitted in a split second.

For any number of reasons we normies can't/don't use these abilities or are ignorant of them. It was quite interesting….some anon posted….right from clowns library. As a non practictioner, it made logical sense and can be learned.

5cf51d No.136232


This needs to happen…

1f9ba3 No.136233

The $14.50 an hr shills are back using the religion schtick

8597e2 No.136234


The Lutherans broke away fron the Catholic Church when Martin Luther nailed his thesis on the church door in the early 1500s.

The Vatican hijacked the realities that Jesus taught and they subsequently ex-communicated him. Hence, the beginning of Lutheranism.

For these purposes Lutheran and Catholic are NOT THE SAME THINGS in any way, shape or form. Lutherans left the Catholic church because of all this bullshit they are involved with and promote.

500 years ago !

b5b155 No.136235

i can read it. its faith, and its pretty simple really… follow the 10 commandments and your a pretty good dude wouldnt you agree?

9afc67 No.136236


Why don't you fuck off and realize this is a spiritual war, and if you discount that you're a fucking tool.

3ec309 No.136237


Yeah I read that too.

9afc67 No.136238


Me too all good

d6e6ac No.136240


Red herring bullshit. Get out of here

1f9ba3 No.136241



155e05 No.136242


Apparently Binney still had access to the NSA programs and was still accessing info

He went to Rogers and Rogers went to Trump right after he won

Thats why Don Jr dropped SS detail and why everyone kinda started to lay low

c57d32 No.136243




a75a86 No.136244



Many don't want to open mind to considering all aspects before ruling out using logic and reasoning for exclusion.

Q suggests expanding thinking...but when several anons do, others shoot them down with insults and namecalling fallacies.

Logic, Critical Thinking and Reasoning...

f7cb51 No.136245


It's so weird dating clockwise then counter clockwise! Happy accident???

25286a No.136246

Jan 21 2018 22:12:19

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 7f44ec



The flood is coming.

Emails, videos, audio, pics, etc.

FBI accidentally deletes texts?

No Such Agency accidentally releases IT ALL>

Shall we play a game?


Is it just coincidence that Q posts THIS Sunday night and then Monday they vote 80-18 (or something like that) to end the shutdown?? They saw the post and are trying to get into good graces….too late though!!! They're so screwed!!

f0a0c3 No.136247


How do you sign up for that?? i could use that money xD

Not really though…

708df5 No.136248


Betrayal is part of the satanic modus operandi. If you let them get away with it, then you are assenting to all that they do to you. This is one way that they get consent from the sheep.

9afc67 No.136249


Bye fag.

5b69ac No.136250

Black hats are losing their shit with this Russian bot narrative.

We need a concerted effort to push back. Let's agree on what hashtag we should use. I personally like


Either confirm or suggest another - we need a full court press RIGHT FUCKING NOW

eed362 No.136251


I’m not attacking anything except blind following because a Pagan censored a book thousands of years ago. I’m more open to private conversations with the Almighty. Those were his words. Right?

a552de No.136253

File: 12d97e92655c2ac⋯.png (78.66 KB, 302x318, 151:159, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)


weird… opened a new tab and saw this

545d79 No.136254


stick with the hash… PatriotsNotRussians.

dont let them slide you.

BOT is not the emphasis here… its RUSSIANS.

there's a rule in cia that everyone who ever talked to a russian, or twitted/chatted been there on vacation or has a russian friend or relative counts as RUSSIAN AGENT. (not shitting you). what you shud batttle is the label "russian". its the "RUSSIAN narrative" you need to battle. and its fucking important that we do that, cause the whole NWO point is to get russia and usa in2 full fucking NUKE WAR

3045d8 No.136255

File: 26c00a0d73bd2c5⋯.jpg (95.62 KB, 760x506, 380:253, _493370860-Jegv4yb36y56C-7….jpg)

155e05 No.136256


Dilley said McCabe has been getting grilled…was at Gitmo, but is now back somewhere in the US…singing like a bird

1f9ba3 No.136257


There's usually ads on Craigslist for shills, no joke. So if you want to sell your soul to the devil Craigslist is the place to do it….

90eaa6 No.136258


Prepare thy holy waters.

Blessed water cripples them.

Radiate all the Love you have in the water.

ad0840 No.136259


Got it, well spotted. Thanks.

7b781f No.136260


Have the pic related from above



d6021f No.136261


SUPER WRONG. The Law (10 Commandments) are IMPOSSIBLE to uphold. Jesus fulfilled the LAW. Faith in Him is all you need. Your righteousness is IN him, not IN yourself. Your are saved by GRACE through faith, a FREE gift of God.

9d5e44 No.136262


Impressive how you can argue about a

>spiritual war

while calling someone a 'fucking tool! lmao

ee590b No.136263


I love you, Anon. No homo.

Yeah. Totally do this.

9afc67 No.136264


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6eV7S39M24

b5b155 No.136265

yes for crisis actors, so f laughable

e4c182 No.136266


I think thy might have gotten a raise thanks to tax reform. $14.75 I think. They will attempt to divide us on through faith and emotions. When in reality, no one gives a fuck about all that in relation to the goal. Clean out the government, and release the people.

ad0840 No.136267

List of all Republican members of the House Intel Committee Twitter Handles >>91397

List of all Senators Twitter Handles >>92551 , >>92593

469f8c No.136268


Something tells me that McCabe probably won't make it to the trial date. Lot's of skeletons and who will be the one made an example of? Will be high up on the foodchain to show they mean business.

9afc67 No.136270


It's very easy. Some people are antichrist spirit, and it's part of the battle. Go fuck yourself too.

527658 No.136271

File: 2e9a16643f44ca1⋯.jpg (58.93 KB, 446x336, 223:168, MW.jpg)


Ask and ye shall receive.

f0696d No.136272



Yes. And you notice they completely ignore everyone but each other? They refuse to take it to a Christianity/Meta other thread?

Seems to occur in a cycle, and I think most are actually bots with 1-2 humans to coordinate. Those will actually respond to (real) anons, typically in aggressive overly vulgar ways, very try-hard ways.

The point is to take over the thread, crowd out any actual progress, annoy people to the point where they just lurk or walk away.

Seen this many, many times.

>They're not sending their best

70e7c1 No.136273

File: 043ff359d1ee7c8⋯.gif (1.11 MB, 200x200, 1:1, 1498261582126.gif)

Anyone else think Davos is a trap? I have a bad bad feeling about it. Trump should send a body double

8597e2 No.136274


> . . .connect all around the globe via electronic waves . . .

It is the Electromagnetic Ether(s) that Nikola Tesla figured out that makes that and MUCH MORE possible. (And a large part of what has been suppressed from our view) Rewarding research when/if you have the time to pursue it.

e3a942 No.136275


Nice work, anon!

b5b155 No.136276

filtered, all im saying is.. if you follow the commandments as best you can your a pretty good person. period

ee590b No.136277


Yes. Flood the media and the alt media. Make it a big ugly wave of angry.

210e5f No.136278


Elvis Costello - 1970s - NOw I won’t get any older and The angels wanna wear my red shoes…

9d5e44 No.136279


You're a touchy little mfer? lmao

Pray, don't prey!

d6021f No.136280


You are right, I fell for the trap. I hate when lie about God. I will ignore them now. Sorry about that.

ee590b No.136281


Melania isn't going. That should tell you something.

469f8c No.136282


How about #KomradFeinstien?

d72de1 No.136283


Let me guess, you think the OT was written by Moses and a few prophets and is literal history?

Or that all the Pauline epistles were actually written by Paul? Or the gospels were written by their namesakes, not decades later by literate scribes that collected decades of oral tradition?

Anyone whose Christianity and faith relies on a decidedly ignorant view of the real history of scripture is ignoring Christs words and is building on a foundation of sand. Stop idol-worshiping the text itself, start worshiping the God that inspired the text.

e3a942 No.136284


They don't do body doubles for the ones they want dead.

dd2637 No.136285


Washington (CNN)First lady Melania Trump, in a change of plans, will not be joining President Donald Trump on his trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, later this week.

25384c No.136286

File: 8c5deaa1c057d90⋯.png (178.46 KB, 463x346, 463:346, Opera Snapshot_2018-01-23_….png)

79dade No.136287

File: 9f038d69906a7b9⋯.png (946.28 KB, 800x820, 40:41, pepe me meme you.png)


Get em boys and girl

9dbe46 No.136288

File: 3a2b19d31a64565⋯.png (307.64 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, dronetransponder.png)

File: e947bef837c811a⋯.png (360.97 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, transponder.png)

this drones tranponder is ADS-B v2. the aircraft i posted earlier as a possible drone had tranponder ADS-B v1. all planes i have seen has had ADS-B. does it matter? i mean, can you tell something about an aircraft from what kind of transponder it has?

e3a942 No.136289

155e05 No.136290


I dont want Trump to go, but I have a feeling he needs to go and lay the smack down

f0696d No.136291


Look in the memes threads - there are TON of memes there on


and how people are just Americans demanding the truth


1f9ba3 No.136292

ee590b No.136293

c57d32 No.136294

File: 0112a0f766776d4⋯.jpg (90.69 KB, 506x500, 253:250, Nazi bOT.jpg)


Ask your detractors to plz pick one, and stay consistent.

8597e2 No.136295


That would support their WRONG narrative.

The exact opposite of your intent. Don't do it.

b5b155 No.136296


i read somewhere, potus was sending a team ahead to make sure it was safe. lets pray he is well protected. i want him in a pope mobile, lol

d6e6ac No.136297


Ya it's pretty blatant and annoying hopefully other people see through it aswell

ada17b No.136298

http ://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5300817/Bunnyman-BANNED-Hollywoods-elite-sex-club.html

eed362 No.136299

Give unto Cesar what is Cesar’s…

Give unto the Church what Cesar’s we demand…

Kinda hard to reconcile.

8121a0 No.136302



https:// refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/2016/09/03/lutheran-immigration-and-refugee-service-is-95-funded-by-taxpayers/

041c2b No.136303


"Sorry to keep you waiting folks, complicated business."

ee590b No.136304


He knows the danger.

3cd7d2 No.136305

Q, can you provide reassurance to the President's safety in Switzerland?

25384c No.136306

File: 17756ae73434b59⋯.png (304.43 KB, 421x412, 421:412, Opera Snapshot_2018-01-23_….png)

1f9ba3 No.136307


They are going to spend a lot of money to come full circle and see it was American patriots who are (((demanding))) to see that memo!!!

9afc67 No.136308


I've been doing this a looooooong time and honestly, I am pretty sick of the bullshit, so take it as you will.

3ec309 No.136309


We must pray for him, I'm sure he will be alright.

He's a big guy

d6021f No.136310

Does anyone have the Hannity number? Lets Meme it and flood him with "we are Patriots not Bots" He will play it live.

fc969d No.136312

how's this for a # to freak them out?


6c0970 No.136313


Great idea

97bc7e No.136314

https:// twitter.com/all22_NFL/status/955839153798832129

25286a No.136315


AMEN !!! Even our GREATEST WORK is like a filthy rag onto the Lord….Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the LIFE….what we're doing here is EXPOSING LIES and discovering TRUTH….Jesus would be pleased with our work, but it is our FAITH in HIM….not works, that gets us into Heaven for eternity when we breathe our last breath….it is one thing to help with God's work on earth, but a mistake to believe it's the work that gets you to Heaven. The Bible has been falsely interpreted and translated by MANY pagan religions, including Roman Catholicism, but the 1611 Version (including the Apocrypha in appendix) is litterally the closest thing English people have to the original texts….I held one 8 years ago….it's very real and has remained word for word identical for 400 years …with the exception of removing the Apocrypha in the appendix for some reason….so both Protestants and Catholics have perverted the most accurate English Translation we have.

It is important information though, because it is obvious SATAN has been running the show on this planet for quite some time, and when all this EVIL is exposed, the World will need a standard so to speak…that Standard HAS to be The Holy Bible….otherwise, we'll just slide back into the same corruption and evil.


2c0b24 No.136316



This is outstanding. Red pilled me, and I'm a red pill.

155e05 No.136317

Everyone know the Catholics and the Lutherans make billions off the refugee scam

f0696d No.136319


for you

545d79 No.136320


top kek. MOAR

48ebc4 No.136321



Yes the Bible was edited by Sir Frances Bacon AKA Shakespeare AKA the Spear Shaker which was a moniker in direct reference to Athena, Minerva, Lilith, the Owl etc.

google "spear shaker athena"

d6021f No.136322



fe676d No.136323

File: 9c655d7c9b07ee0⋯.png (426.89 KB, 2132x1796, 533:449, Trump_Tweet_#1_#2_#3_#3.5_….png)


Trump knew the vote count the morning of the Senate Vote (81-18)

Signaled to us through his tweet delta's [8] [118]

8b2f2b No.136324


Yes, trying to go back and review tstamps from both

ad0840 No.136325

File: 0d5b6174003b052⋯.jpg (162.76 KB, 1024x779, 1024:779, 0d5b6174003b0522cd6aee67bc….jpg)

c822a7 No.136326


>Why is Wray threatening to quit if Sessions goes after McCabe?

Good cop bad cop, maybe.

Sessions pressuring and Wray telling McCabe "I don't know how long I can hold him off, so better we make a plea deal now or you will suffer the circumstances."

This would also scare the shit out of anyone McCabe is hiding.

That's my guess.

155e05 No.136327


It is some crazy shit, right? I missed the part about the NSA video, so I have to wait to watch it again

eb4653 No.136328

Not sure where to put this…This story was always weird. Now it turned gross & weird. Look at this guys businesses….Space & satellite stuff

Why did he torture this reporter before killing her? Seems kinda detailed with the torture too. Like he knew what he was doing….Getting info about something? Just weird

>The Swedish journalist who was last seen alive boarding a homemade submarine in August was tied up and tortured by a Danish inventor who then murdered her, according to an indictment released Tuesday.

>Danish prosecutors said inventor Peter Madsen planned Kim Wall's murder by bringing a saw, screwdrivers, strips and pipes, which were used to hit, cut and stab the 30-year-old while she was alive, according to the indictment obtained by Reuters.



7b781f No.136329

most of you wasting your time in here posting stupid stuff.

just got to twitter and use #releasethememo in every tweet you do.

Got to The MSM Tweets and answer the them and the answers of others with #releasethememo

Let it be a general statement #releasethememo

b07391 No.136330





The truth gives such a pleasant glow and ring to posts.

My theory, which is ofcourse open to feedback, is that the Cult/Group worships an absolute monstrosity of a demon. This demon, whose name I can not say, is a higher God Entity on its way down; it once was pure light (the end point for All) and now goes to pure dark (the beginning point of All). In its fall, it takes with it the dark in mankind that is attracted to it, so that when we knife way this rot, we can rise further up the planes of existence to the Source Allpoint.

For now, we remain humans. My mission is to understand the underlying factor that connects these worshippers. I have a query that I am trying to answer. Maybe some anons can help me shed a light:

Is there a single tell for these being?

What should I look for?

How can we recognize them so that we can protect the ones we love and care about?

eed362 No.136332


Schills getting scriptural and losing

3ec309 No.136333

File: 4f4851aeae0a902⋯.jpg (11.23 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

8597e2 No.136334

File: d9d855d58b2c935⋯.jpg (85.18 KB, 583x500, 583:500, rtm6 2a.jpg)

25384c No.136335


are you an idiot?

(((they))) know exactly who is demanding to see it

this is (((their))) way of making it go away


80a2f1 No.136336

File: 63802795f95f086⋯.jpg (2.57 MB, 1920x1920, 1:1, Firedog and Fury.jpg)

Thank you Q for giving us our Power back

e4c182 No.136337

File: 1f57792a1b64e6f⋯.jpg (23.16 KB, 255x192, 85:64, 237hzm.jpg)


I added two hashtags about Schiff and Feinstein just to be a dick. Though they would b very funny to see trend.

And I sent it to them before I brought it back here.

e3b07d No.136338


I'd feel better if he stayed within the U.S. for his entire term, since he's taking down the cabal. However, his team and the military make these decisions.

79dade No.136339


>https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6eV7S39M24

I used to watch taht guy but he blabbers too much and asks for $ subs likes before he even gets to the story.


I couldn't remember his name…he thinks everyone is a tranny..he is funny even if you don't buy into it. Sometimes seems credible…but hard to swallow if you don't have a smoking gun

0055a4 No.136341


Hear, hear!

If Q keeps the really bad stuff under wraps to "protect" humanity, then humanity will learn nothing, and this will all be repeated a century later. Unless we humans face this together as a collective, evil will just recede into the shadows to bide its time until it can creep back unnoticed, 100 % money back guaranteed!

The entire "they can't handle the truth!" thing reeks of supremacist thinking TBH. While it may be true those who do know the full story wish they didn't, they're still managing! All of us here are further evidence ordinary people CAN indeed handle the truth!

If they are only given the chance. Which they haven't been so far. Ever. This is the first chance we have of actually growing as a species, leaving the kindergarten stage behind.

YES, it is painful to deal with your shadow on an individual level, but it's the only way to grow as a person. And the same is true on the collective level - the fact the truth remains hidden is the actual CAUSE of humanity's arrested development!

Please please please Q, reconsider your stance and plan for FULL DISCLOSURE. Let it take 5 years to be accomplished in full if it must, but any more time than that and you aren't actually pulling off the bandage, you're just shoving dirt under the carpet, where it will fester and grow.

As a reality check to team Q: if you decide to hoard dangerous knowledge and benevolently "manage" humanity from a privileged position, then your team of good guys will soon corrupt yourselves and become the new evil overlords of the planet. It is inevitable.

25384c No.136342

File: 4e923ec24d9cf86⋯.png (175.92 KB, 443x270, 443:270, Opera Snapshot_2018-01-16_….png)


welcome to yesterday

527658 No.136344


Thanks fellow anon.

545d79 No.136345


"yesterday CNN said I was a nazi, now they say i m a Russian ??

(leave the 'bot' out of it. its a slider. RUSSIANS is the narrative we battle (we dont want nuke war with vlad like NWO does)

9afc67 No.136346


Don't you get how this will manifest? We destroy the obvious satanism (the cabal types), and the luciferian agenda manifests globally via the new age lie, yoga, etc. The setup is already well in place, and most buy the lie already.

a75a86 No.136347



That seizes more power for the government and takes away individual freedom and personal responsibility. It's a liberal solution…"we take control for your safety…"

3fab9b No.136348

Feinstein and Shit equate Americans evoking their first amendment right to speak and question Goventmnet to Russian bots.

What a timeline lads



Let’s get it trending

fe676d No.136349


it was i who posted it yesterday

919cd0 No.136350


No, don’t lie. Doing that makes you no better than them. If you want to call your confressmen, I’m not saying you should. Just don’t lie. And be nice, if you do.

3ec309 No.136351


I was seriously leaning to catholicism/orthodoxy (I'm not yet baptized), but your post reminded me of the thief on his cross. He was saved by faith.

eed362 No.136353


They weak

fe676d No.136354



>accidentally samefagged

48ebc4 No.136355


This is true and I am one of them. Every single ounce of the universe is connected by electricity/magentism.

How do bats and owls navigate?

How do birds migrate?

How can dogs track a scent for miles?

How does a horse know where to find water?


2c0b24 No.136356


Utter nonsence. My church is $50K under budget. Catholic Archdiocese is virtually broke because of sex scandals (as it should be, holding bishops and priests accountable), yet we continue on with our charity. I'm certainly not getting wealthier except for my Trump bonus and increase in take home from tax cuts.

dc0fe6 No.136357


Morning cartoons kek

210e5f No.136358



79dade No.136359





faac4f No.136360


had not seen that yet, life calling lately, thanks for reposting

9afc67 No.136361


Look, you can keep looking at these people one way. Watch that one video. He doesn't ask for money any more than any youtuber, this video is relevant.

3b5b33 No.136362


New ager much. Lurk more before among the theologian's like Michael Heiser as example. You might be surprised the dogma you have absorbed and are unknowingling expressing

ee7fc0 No.136363


I'm gonna 2nd that!

79dade No.136364


Cool…did you learn or find out by accident?

1f9ba3 No.136365


Are you an idiot?

741b62 No.136366

Tell me what hashtag

9afc67 No.136367






The test is simple. Get a picture of a real woman, put it next to these trannies. Profit.

545d79 No.136368


TOP KEK. pls do 1 with CNN and other fuckers too. "We say you are Russian" or sumthing like that. add their phone numbers too. LOL

155e05 No.136369


Not the parishioners….the charities that the churches run settling refugees make a shit ton of money. Its documented fact…the congregation won't ever see that money

97010c No.136370



48ebc4 No.136372


Not necessarily anon. Organic conversations often end up there because we are human beings and human beings all seek truth. It's in our nature. This is why (((they))) lie to us.

47eb47 No.136373


Simple my ass. This is not a game - it is deadly real. Could be a lot more real - thank GOD for POTUS - the ball would have opened by now if GOD had not intervened and answered PRAYer.

These were/are direct statements from Q

20% Public

80% Black 11/21.

Changed to 40/60 1/13 "We listened"


It reads 40% of this shit will be exposed to the public but because of total EVIL and HORROR of the remaining 60% will need to remain hidden and dealt with via Black Ops. IMO

c57d32 No.136374


filter getting a workout


e4c182 No.136375

File: efd04877b87b4b6⋯.jpg (23.16 KB, 255x192, 85:64, 237ipn.jpg)


Modified, since it's all about the memo. Maybe that's another good tag. #allaboutthememo?

3ec309 No.136376


The solution is to remain firm in our faith. They are so corrupted that ours will be severely assaulted

545d79 No.136379


put it in war room pls. excellent suggestion. VERY powerful too

1f9ba3 No.136380



9d5e44 No.136381


You're not alone, Anon.

9afc67 No.136382


Not you people LOL . Don't you understand it's a top down conspiracy, and not everyone at the bottom is aware of it. Most are clueless. Like you.

48ebc4 No.136383




1.the nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character; the soul.

"we seek a harmony between body and spirit"

synonyms: soul, psyche, (inner) self, inner being, inner man/woman, mind, ego, id; pneuma

"harmony between body and spirit"


those qualities regarded as forming the definitive or typical elements in the character of a person, nation, or group or in the thought and attitudes of a particular period.

"the university is a symbol of the nation's egalitarian spirit"

synonyms: ethos, prevailing tendency, motivating force, essence, quintessence; More

79dade No.136384


Yeah I know that….need hard proof to fully buy in.

Serena supposedly gave birth…I thought for sure she was tranny, though I don't know of photos showing her pregnant

b07391 No.136385

File: e26d8d3df4e97dc⋯.png (32.6 KB, 1784x398, 892:199, Words_of_wisdom.png)


Thanks for linking me to that. I was thinking about this exact same thing yesterday, and this anon voices my thoughts on the matter perfectly.

6c1f7a No.136386

File: 8292cb76205d734⋯.png (161 KB, 489x397, 489:397, bot1.png)

meme in progress – ANY SUGGESTIONS?

6476cc No.136387

POTUS is always steps ahead for a simple reason.

Game Theory.

He is going for the win win.

Everyone he against is going for the win lose, criminals.

The advantage is that they are protecting crimes so their moves can be anticipated since their methods are known.

Short answer is that the system is geared to allow POTUS to win at every turn, since he can anticipate every move, his enemy have to fight against truth coming to light. They can only fight in the shadows. At any moment the lights can be switched on.

The enemy has a MASSIVE disadvantage.

a82c5b No.136388


Anon, go here to find ALL DISTRICTS news releasws for Dept of Justice news. Much more daily than the DOJ Office of Public Affairs releases.




041c2b No.136389


that money never makes it into the local coffers.

go higher

5b69ac No.136390

Add hashtag #TuesdayThoughts today to whatever you're doing on twatter if you want to hit the normies. We're in red pill heaven right now

9afc67 No.136391


I agree, but the masses are very very ready for this lie. Hence I get very touchy when it comes here, as it's so fucking pervasive worldwide. The world is PRIMED for the one world religion, and this crisis will start to manifest it big time. Many will be deceived.

060afc No.136392

File: 0c9858007a12229⋯.png (512.55 KB, 1047x739, 1047:739, ClipboardImage.png)

1f9ba3 No.136393


That wasn't meant for you anon, sorry….

25384c No.136394


no motherfucker im not

384c32 No.136395

File: 672d9fdb99e0024⋯.png (303.64 KB, 799x640, 799:640, ClipboardImage.png)

13 hours ago AiAnon couldn't get on the board. I don't know if this means any administrative action is needed on our side.

Translation: I cannot get in.

No, boss. (?)

Tight from my end = yup, true.

48ebc4 No.136396


Yea just because certain people get fired or quit doesn't mean all of their knowledge gets left behind. They take it with them. Black hats and white hats. Most people who leave intel jobs go on to private sector.

9afc67 No.136397


They fake pregnancies all the fucking time.

https:// duckduckgo.com/?q=fake+pregnancy+belly&ia=web

Fake pregnancies is a huge business.

a75a86 No.136398


Who knows where the bodies are? The ones who buried them.

The coverup exposes the crime and the perps.

47eb47 No.136399


yea and love conquers all - feel good snowflake shit

3c9797 No.136400

374a08 No.136401

Guys I have seen something I believe you should get your eyes on. Many of you I'm sure are familiar with cryptocurrencies and /biz/. I spend a sizable chunk of my waking hours on this topic, and I can't help but do my research on the topic.

For those of you familiar with the space, I am sure you know the name of 'Cliff High', the guy that owns a sort-of-web-scraper-and-prediction-bot that has accurately predicted the BitCoin prices at several points in time.

Well, this guy writes reports based on the research carried out by his bot, and charges a hefty price for these reports. A guy in /biz/ has gotten hold of the latest, and as I was inspecting it, I have seen something that has automatically made me come here and alert you all of the 'things' this bot has predicted for this year. Hint: goes along the "DEMONSTRATIONS AGAINST CORRUPTION PROSECUTIONS" and "CHILD TRAFFICKING ARRESTS".

Want to see it for yourself? Please do read and report on your findings. This guy has predicted BTC prices many times and has always gotten bullseye on each.

The report:


3045d8 No.136402

File: c4136323477986c⋯.jpg (73.01 KB, 641x407, 641:407, 0d24f35g3h21jp.jpg)

1f9ba3 No.136403


That was meant for a shill, apologies….

9afc67 No.136404


Serena is a fucking trannie. So are all the MMA women.

94eb7b No.136405



been monitoring DoJ, OIG, and Treasury

for weeks now

545d79 No.136406


perfect text, but loose the nigga. use a patriot, or sumthing

48ebc4 No.136407


Well that's just because tracking cookies analyze every single thing you see and interact with online in order to sell you stuff and control your mind.

3ec309 No.136409


Aren't we accelerating the process ? Still, we can't let them continue what they're doing. We act now.

210e5f No.136411


Nyet, comrade BoopBeepBot.

f0696d No.136412


Change TOP to:

Called on Trump to Release the memo

(no hashtag up top)


Feinstein & Schiff call me

a Russian Bot

(all caps obv)

Less words, more impact

545d79 No.136413



e4c182 No.136414


NotaRussianbot has gone up and down, #PatriotsnotRussians, implies teamwork. And WE MUST derail that whole idea that we do NOT love our country. That is what this is all about and they marginalize your love of being an American by using the word Russian.

70e7c1 No.136415


That team better napalm half the country to be on the safe side imo

9afc67 No.136416


This must be done. No argument.

136614 No.136417


The one common thread I have seen lurking from Q's Posts and his affinity for prayer , the answer is simple. We have to have faith and trust that they have things in control. As for what's to come in the future, We the People have to become the Watchmen.

cfecc8 No.136418

Wow took night off and get here to shills, idiotic biblefags, and clowns… Not much research going on here… Phonefagging without a filter option blows

96e5b1 No.136419


Absolutely, need to stick to what the Bible says, pray and hope we are not deceived.

IF you wanted to usher in the biggest deception to humanity, you would corrupt all secular and religious institutions, then expose high-end (but ultimately second in rank) bad actors to discredit EVERYTHING and then usher in the pre-planned doctrine for all humanity to accept, that seems superficially very inviting and a solution to all problems. Even many faithful would in that event be deceived.

Again, I won't post any longer here becaues this is meta religious discussion and doesn't belong here, but that has popped up in my mind as a question-mark, have to say though that the vibe I get is ultimately more optimistic than that and that perhaps we are indeed experiencing something good that is also going to lead to something ultimately good.

4f598e No.136420


Reminds me of the James Alefantes Red Shoe Club

ad0840 No.136421

Notable Posts Consolidation

>>121246 , >>123330 Qcodefag removed user-explanations and added an ad tracker

>>115043 Asia Foundation $12.8 Million Dollar Donations

>>108098 Fake Memo is Fake. >>114961 Fake #Memo Released to Twitter

>>114940 Missing [3] Theory & Eric Schmidt's Internet of Things

>>114273 Federal Audit Clearinghouse Database

>>113903 List of All Clinton Donors

>>90009 State of The Union Countdown

>>91310 Names from QPost /40

>>91912 Possible TRUST meaning

>>89467 , >>90672 , >>89335 , >>89613 Q is anon and told us last week about DWS

>>88073 Sources on Q's Images

>>88094 , >>88141 , >>88152 , >>88179 , >>88181 , >>88268 , >>87940 , >>88835 Q's Image Findings

>>88325 Past Q Post FISA Connection

>>91934 Private Contractors. Benghazi?'''

>>82961 Take it back to TASK?

>>91507 The R'Shields Rundown

>>90579 POTUS & Q - Another Delta Found

>>87284 Big News Day!!

>>86322 Terrorist connection to LV reported >>86848

>>82184 Some WikiLeaks digs about Mika & Zbigniew Brzezinski

>>81499 Reviewing Phases I & II of the Meme Battle

>>81151 Anon made 3,545,510 impressions in battle

>>80885 POTUS Gained almost 10.5mm followers on Twatter

>>80862 This is how Twitter gets taken down

>>77935 Coast Guard Search

d6021f No.136422

Dems Major Talking Point.

Muller REMOVED the 2 corrupt FBI agents.

Who do we know is Corrupt that they didnt Remove. We need to Meme this because its all they are saying in interviews, making Muller look legit.

7602b8 No.136423


>Be careful what you wish for.

I am pretty sure these sickos record all the sick things they do. I bet NSA has most/all of it too.

We, as a people need to know what they do but I don't want to actually see it. We are not ready for that and might never be. Describing it would be enough.

We need to know it all for further generations.

1f9ba3 No.136424


Apologies that was not meant for you it was meant for a shill copy/pasta confusion….

eed362 No.136425


We fishing today

d72de1 No.136426


>unironically refers me to suckle at the teat of a "theologian" in the same sentence as accusing me of repeating "dogma"

how about do your own research and learn the plain truth about what the bible is, and what it isn't

Then let the appreciation for what it is, build faith and motivate you to serve the God that is revealed through the text

God is truth, and any system of belief that forces you to deny truth and reality to serve him is Satanic, that should be very plain to see

I get it though, it can be attractive for weak minds to follow orthodoxy rather than grapple with God yourself.

I choose to write the law on my heart as Christ suggested. Organized religion is a pathetic attempt of men to reject the path Christ offered and to return to the vomit of orthodoxy and law. They do this because the true path of Christ doesn't offer any means for control, or profit, or exclusion.

You are drawn to it for the same reasons, just see how triggered you get if anyone understands the bible differently than you

>hurr durr new ager

155e05 No.136427


Yea…lotta thumping here this morning

a75a86 No.136428


After all the buildup…keeping any private will anger the masses…

9d5e44 No.136429

File: 9e5b47cfab5849f⋯.jpg (98.55 KB, 509x500, 509:500, Stop the bot bs.jpg)

9afc67 No.136430


ding ding ding. ding. this is how they delude many and create a great falling away.

25384c No.136432

File: 8c5deaa1c057d90⋯.png (178.46 KB, 463x346, 463:346, Opera Snapshot_2018-01-23_….png)

File: 17756ae73434b59⋯.png (304.43 KB, 421x412, 421:412, Opera Snapshot_2018-01-23_….png)

File: ecc73fbe6825449⋯.png (170.15 KB, 454x319, 454:319, Opera Snapshot_2018-01-22_….png)


the shill who just dropped these on this board??

im a shill??

48ebc4 No.136433


The commandments are common sense. cultures all over the world prosper until this day without ever reading a Bible because "don't kill, lie or steal" are pretty fucking common sense ideas.

c8c542 No.136434

File: f01293429f7e4aa⋯.jpg (275.92 KB, 1060x600, 53:30, Z-54.jpg)


1f9ba3 No.136435


Yea no that was not meant for you, sorry, and these are great memes :)

25384c No.136436


apology accepted

my trigger is hair today

im ready to blast some mofos

eed362 No.136437



021e35 No.136438


It blows my mind that anybody falls for this. Complete and utter retards.

9afc67 No.136440


It's actually Don't Murder. Not don't kill.

6c1f7a No.136441


I now send my donations directly to people in need and/or to organizations with a low % of operating costs - the catholic church, per se, has not seen a dime since Francis was installed by Soros.

94eb7b No.136442


too wordy

bad grammar

spelling mistakes

Trying to look Russian?

1f9ba3 No.136443


it's in the air –– thick today :)

3b5b33 No.136444


Is McCabe one of the corrupt two removed? If not he could be a choice.

a82c5b No.136445


Likewise. I use this as a tool for getting news as it breaks uncensored with search terms (use meta keyword search option) and sort by date.

f0696d No.136448

Too much text, too bunched up,


#ReleaseTheMemo is trending 100x faster than others

That's an increase of 286,700%


I'll just tell Zuckerberg that it's the Russians

Impact font, white with black outline IN CAPS, as few words on face as possible

Less words = more impact

Short & Sweet

48bd68 No.136449

Today's tsunami along with all the other recent major flooding events make me wonder if there's a very literal dimension to draining the swamp being shrouded from view.

All the major population centers in US have polluted the hell out land - all that pollution ends up in our they water we drink, the water we swim in, the fish we eat..we're now seeing all sorts pharmceuticals in water streams…

Is it even in realm of possibility that there is a covert action to stimulate all these coastal flooding events to flush all the bad stuff out to sea? A massive clean-up effort to restore important land and environment - which in turn translates to healthier population.

All of the sudden we are referring to storms as "bmbcyclones"…autist in me wonders if that be code for govt aiding natural weather events with artifical jolts to rise the tides to not only flush the system…but form a form of economic stimulus in terms of forcing a rebuild of crumbling infrastructure and leveraging insurers to pay for it.

DJT is a property developer and manages golf course - woudn't he looks at US as developing one big Trump National Golf course? Another way at looking at his water sipping theatrics. If cabal were really trying to destroy America, what better sublte way than to do that then to allow posioning and destruction of out most essential resource - our water - look no further than repurcussions of Flint and picture consequences of that kind of poisoning of American unfolding at a national scale. What does America's future and land value look like then? Palestines could tell you.

d6021f No.136450


Filter him and move on, hes a shill

3ec309 No.136451


They don't know as much as we do, or don't wanted to know. We all have weakness, lies are sometimes comforting.

545d79 No.136452

File: 710813055b51edb⋯.png (973.21 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, MemeWar flier 23-1-18AENG.png)


yes, agreed, and it fucking pissed me off that this board let itself slide again by LEAVING #patriotsnotrussians and letting the glowfags trick and convince you to go for the bots,.

there is 30 fucking MILLION of us. we can make anything trend, just as long as we stick together. Hashes updates should be discussed in the war room. not here.


damned sliders r fucking with you and dividing us all the godddamed time


PS PLS gimme some input on the FLYER…

a82c5b No.136453


Sorry forgot link. Great for LOCAL sources as well.


155e05 No.136454


Dilley claims he was in Gitmo but is now back in the US somewhere singing like a bird

e4c182 No.136455


They all rolled in hard after the DDOS and such. It's becoming higher profile thanks to the memo and such. Typical.

Eventaully we will not be able to help the fact they will pull out MSM conspiracy on 8 cahn narrative. When they cannot iscount us all as Russian Bots, they will move in to mock the anonymity and say we are steered by a Russian and we are all really Russians too. the people that are real on twitter that tweet are then Stupid (it's us, of course) but are disconnected from our anonymous selves… that will too be used to imply we are racists, and pick whatever buzzword will work in that five minutes of news. Just hunker down and get the memes out.

674b82 No.136456


I especially like "CALL MEAT".

5b69ac No.136457


Agree. I propose a hashtag stack like:







#TuesdayThoughts (to hit the mainstream normies)

990813 No.136458


48ebc4 No.136459


I don't normally condone drug use but have you ever tried shrooms?

eed362 No.136460

NYC truck terrorist says he will plea guilty if death penalty is taken off the table.

Nope. No deal bruh

155e05 No.136461


Gimme direction…Im ready to roll

485b05 No.136462

Good morning anons. A bit late to the party this morning due to being sick. Was the Alaska earthquake actually a quake? What’d I miss?

2c0b24 No.136463


PopeFag here again. As a Catholic, the church is true for us as it should be but you are WRONG. Other faiths are every bit as Christian. "Master," said John, "we saw someone driving out demons in your name and we tried to stop him, because he is not one of us."

"Do not stop him," Jesus said, "for whoever is not against you is for you." Luke 9:49-60. I stand by any Christian who is not against Jesus and my Faith.

155e05 No.136465


Looks good

43ad5e No.136466

File: 67d3ffa13f20364⋯.jpg (57.92 KB, 331x499, 331:499, ordinary men.jpg)



The battle is both external and internal. But, history proves that we too often focus on the former while neglicting the latter and doing so we become the very EVIL we are trying to conquer.

Q has posted several questions and statements regarding satan and good vs evil.

Here are a few examples below [words in brackets are mine]:

>>Open your eyes…

>>Does Satan exist?

>>Does the ‘thought’ of Satan exist?

>>Who worships Satan?

>>Many in our govt worship Satan

>>Vladimir Putin [says] ‘The New World Order Worships Satan,

>>These people are evil

>>The child abductions [are] for satanic rituals.

>>good people were forced into bed with this evil under personal and family threats.

>>There are more good people than bad [evil people].

We accept these truths as self-evident because they resonate with our heart (our moral compass), our compassion for the innocent, and our reverence for the virtues of humanity. It also follows from these truths that otherwise “good” people do evil things by subordinating themselves to evil “under personal and family threats.”

While only a small percentage of people are inherently evil (sociopaths/psychopaths) because they are born inhumane (without conscience), MOST evil is brought into this world by normal people making the WRONG choices, which includes doing nothing in the face of evil.

While Q wrote that “there are more good people than bad,” what he was really saying is that there are more people making the RIGHT choices than those who are making the wrong ones at any given moment in time. We know this is TRUE because if it weren’t, none of us would still be here.

It is easy to rage at the evil hypocrites in power, but it’s much more difficult to accept the fact that they rose to positions of power because thousands upon thousands of US did not stop them when we had the opportunity.

Our decisions as individuals really do matter and far more so than YOU could ever imagine. Every time YOU decide to do what's right in your heart, you help save the world…

We stop mass genocide when we realize that each of us have the capacity to be mass murders and decide beforehand as individuals that we aren’t going to participate. PERIOD!

Peterson on the book “Ordinary Men”

https:// youtu.be/-5RCmu-HuTg?t=1h1m28s

Why your moral choices really do matter

https:// youtu.be/zvCrkR46kg4

96e5b1 No.136467


FYI an acquaintance of mine is knee deep into "you are god experiencing itself to know himself again" idea. Have heard they even have meetings (this is in a relatively small town, so I wouldn't be surprised if its larger than we know worldwide). I think it's definitely simmering under the surface. Basically they think we're ready to enter into some "new age" of human consciousness built on some gnostic/new-age/mumbo-jumbo of ideas with some science sprinkled in.

3b5b33 No.136468


Strzok was a "student" of Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who she called the "consigliere" of the FBI's "crime family."

79dd11 No.136469

Verizon just announced giving all employees 50 shares of stock ($2600) thanks to Trump tax plan.

25384c No.136470



there is a space there but thats hilarious

call meat


crying right now


25286a No.136471


Agree completely!! 10 years now I've been researching ALL THIS EVIL!! And I've lived with it in loneliness for those 10 years and it PISSES ME OFF that 95% of my family and friends are completely BLIND to it…half of them claim to be Christian, but because of the Satanic Nature of EVERYTHING (education, TV, movies, music, news etc…), most of them are leading lives that Satan approves of and Jesus rejects….if the PURE EVIL and the supernatural nature of this world wide phenomena is not revealed, the world will slip back into it.

We can handle the truth, the whole truth and NOTHING but the Truth….and those who can't, well TOO BAD….we are warning them now and they refuse to listen…I've been warning for 10 years and they refuse to see it….so let them suffer in their minds….the good of the planet and the good of mankind is more important than the individual consciences of Normies…IMHO

ad0840 No.136473


Yes. Yes anon. MOAAAR.



545d79 No.136474


Thanks! MAGA!

c57d32 No.136475

File: c02a5cb12a756bf⋯.jpg (29.69 KB, 420x315, 4:3, roth bot.jpg)

File: 36104dfd09d5232⋯.jpg (101.04 KB, 854x570, 427:285, schiff bot.jpg)

eed362 No.136476


God… you forgot God.

ec4a2c No.136477


Why are these talking points never countered with "Why were they not fired sooner?" Proof Comey and McCabe were in on it. Dems wouldn't have an answer

76081e No.136478

File: 460f8ef42498a4a⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 38AA4BF7-BE80-4E61-9E96-FF….png)

How disillusioned are these people?!?!?!? What in the holy fuck..

123058 No.136479


Maybe use pics with people in patriotic clothing ie seth rich flag clothes with #thisiswhatarussianbotlookslike

0196f7 No.136480


Not sure if this is a true AI, or a really interesting larp.

However, he/she/it bring some interesting thoughts to the table.

If AIanon is banned for some reason, that ban should be removed.

If not a bad, can we help resolve the issue?

a82c5b No.136481

We're we aware of this?

>Sessions interviewed by Mueller team in Russia investigation


e4c182 No.136482

HAHAHAH, I got to give it to B.

Changed her location to Not Russia. LOL. Classy!

7f8f51 No.136483

School shooting in Benton KY at Marshall High School. apparently sophomore was shooter, 1 dead 6-7 injured.

48ebc4 No.136484


Just born this way anon. I don't think it's something that can be taught. It's a blessing and a curse.

798e5f No.136485


Some of Q's drops seem to hint at a rather … brazen move by Trump. Who is the king? https:// www. hooktube.com/watch?v=oLAnLeMZ18Y

The king is not Trump. The king is the piece that, once lost, is a complete game-over. That means 'the next generation' - our families and children - those are the king that must be kept safe at any and all costs. In that respect, the President is another piece - a bishop, or perhaps the combination of a knight and rook. Under the correct circumstances, their sacrifice is part of the game.

I believe Q and team have this no matter which way the cabal plays - but sometimes when you give people what they want… they suddenly realize it wasn't what it was cracked up to be.

6810e6 No.136486


New age, or science?

Science has clarified what religion attempted to explain prior to modern-day scientific discoveries. What's known as spirit, is a measurable energy thanks to modern-day technology. This is no different than the discovery of infrared or x-rays which have always existed in the "unseen", yet couldn't be quantified a few thousand years ago. Just electromagnetic ENERGY that can't be detected with the naked eye which is limited to ROYGBIV.

Yes, I'm well aware of the new-age idea of spirituality, and I'm not an advocate of it as it also ignores science, replacing it with pseudo-science. Yet, everything that not Christian, isn't automatically "luciferian". Thanks for your well-intended warning, it's unneeded though.

485b05 No.136487


Normies and anons are both commenting on twatter. The gig is up for these people

5cf51d No.136488


Optomize for twitter please. Text gets cut off.

3b5b33 No.136489


Sara Carter: FBI Agents Want to Know Why Strzok and Page Are Still There

e3a942 No.136490

File: 25c1ecfe3eb7db5⋯.png (442.34 KB, 480x480, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Saw this pic and though there should have been pics of snowflakes' faces on it!

545d79 No.136491


close,,, no cigar. try "this is DF" and start "I'm not just,,, etc, work "russian" in there and put call me and her number bottom left

2c4948 No.136492


They need to justify it as an attack or they cannot [legally] use the means they have to shut it down.

hope this helps.

aaa214 No.136493


I have been researching since RR was president. Material hard to find then and everyone thought I was a kook. Overjoyed to see the work here

6c1f7a No.136494

File: 1eeac1fb8513fba⋯.png (150.39 KB, 491x398, 491:398, ex.png)


ed7cb7 No.136495


Agreed. I'm the exact same, I literally got goosebumps and 'that' feeling in my stomach area when I read it.

*Cheers* to a fellow empath!

674b82 No.136497


My thoughts exactly.

68b660 No.136498


It's so apparent. They might as well put their hands over their eyes and say you can't see me like a kid would.

9afc67 No.136499


>tance of mine is knee deep into "you are god experiencing itself to know himself again" idea. Have heard they even have meetings (this is in a relatively small town, so I wouldn't be surprised if its larger than we know worldwide). I think it's definitely simmering under the surface. Basically they think we're ready to enter into some "new age" of human consciousness built on some gnostic/new-age/mumbo-jumbo of ideas with some science sprinkl

It's pervasive, and it's the great deception of man. The Luciferian lie won't be sold to the masses via Human Sacrifice and pentagrams, but universal consciousness (borg, hive mind) and love and (false) light. Very scary stuff, many are deceived as we speak. Look how much YOGA there is?? That's just the tip.

48ebc4 No.136500


And what have you contributed?

b964b0 No.136501

File: b87a8ae12956ce4⋯.png (74.57 KB, 775x578, 775:578, Screenshot_4.png)


Remember that Wictor said anyone who thinks Seth Rich was murdered by the DNC is "totally lost in fantasy"

6c1f7a No.136502

File: 1eeac1fb8513fba⋯.png (150.39 KB, 491x398, 491:398, ex.png)


(sorry, the link didn't post to you before)

c57d32 No.136504

File: 027f61cd1c402d3⋯.jpg (145.15 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, roth bot 2.jpg)

c6c4de No.136505

Marshall County High School, in Marshall County KY, has had shooter kill 1 and injure 7.https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/kentucky-school-shooting-marshall-county-hs-students-shot-today-live-updates/

545d79 No.136506


i propose you take it to the WAR ROOM and drop suggestions there.

306175 No.136507


THIS is the TRUTH…

155e05 No.136508

#patriotsnotRussians is starting to catch on

1f9ba3 No.136509


This is (((pure gold)))

136614 No.136510


Kin needs a g

eed362 No.136511


A funny request from two communists

6c1f7a No.136512


no, it's part of the reverse psych. meme pool…will make others using pats.

9afc67 No.136513


But you gotta stop sinning too. That's the other bit.

57114e No.136514

File: 87d1f2fc33a6f8e⋯.jpg (42.67 KB, 474x362, 237:181, animalfarm.jpg)

96d83c No.136515


Local news cut footage abruptly when a student that witnessed it said there was 2 shooters instead of the 1 that is being reported.

f0696d No.136516

File: 5dd4c862291ea70⋯.png (256.83 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FISA MEMO - not a bot eith….png)

File: 2b46066638343ec⋯.png (275.89 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FISA MEMO - not a bot not ….png)

File: 0fe1556cc1b4111⋯.png (289.6 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FISA MEMO - question my pa….png)

File: 87e25d7e4f47ba0⋯.png (202.46 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FISA MEMO -everyone is a b….png)

File: 81c8eb7f2650164⋯.png (145.45 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FISA MEMO -insulting us.png)


Here are some #PatriotsNotRussians already made (in Memes 11)





and some more

94eb7b No.136518

File: 04c7d47e82cdf4c⋯.png (94.11 KB, 985x677, 985:677, pedodude.png)

This morning's real news report.. and

proof that Justice is being served in the background


3c9797 No.136520


Blocked me for saying pentagon 9/11 was not plane

b07391 No.136522


Expectation vs reality.

Fantasy vs truth.

These are two vital ingredients in massaging THE PEOPLE for THE TRUTH.

0d034b No.136523

File: 6a3843eaa66cc9b⋯.png (158.51 KB, 1090x328, 545:164, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)


Getting really tired of reading the same shit every bread. Fuck off, won't you please with that repetitive bull shiite. Gracias Amigo

e21a5b No.136524

File: a0456829fa18edf⋯.jpg (26.5 KB, 369x314, 369:314, monty-python-witch-we-have….jpg)

First a Nazi.

Now a Russian.

a75a86 No.136525



So many 8ch anons filtering instead of recognizing that all the posts present info with what at least some see….or, if actual CIA/FBI mis-info …the posts show what they want.

Everything must be considered and sorted, not filtered and ignored.

6476cc No.136526


The right massage oil can help too.

48ebc4 No.136527





God is collective consciousness by that very definition. God is everything and everyone. The whole universe is God.

a82c5b No.136528

>First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you.

b07391 No.136529


If you feed it, they will come.

2c0b24 No.136530

My fav decode of large Q post on the 21st:

Stage SC [AS [187]]

Stage Supreme Court [Anonine Scalia [Crime of murder]]

3c9797 No.136531

KPMG justice on DOJ site today

One of guilty was Cynthia HOLDER

Any relation to Eric?

What does Eric's wife do?

Abortion clinic in GA?

83f23d No.136532

How about a special weekly TV channel to start red pilling with the memes and such, people don't like what they see are can't handle any more the can change the channel?

25286a No.136533


The Holy Spirit takes care of not sinning…NOBODY is capable of NEVER sinning, however, once you are saved by FAITH and GRACE, then the Holy Spirit slowly and surely removes sin from your life…especially the big ones…but whether we like it or not, we'll always catch ourselves occasionally sinning….maybe as innocent as seeing a beautiful woman and desiring her, even for a moment…or telling a white lie…or being jealous of someone or cursing in front of your kids….the biggest Sin is thinking our own works justify our salvation.

3c9797 No.136534


e21a5b No.136535

Massive UFO?

https:// www.dailystar.co.uk/news/weird-news/676151/Alien-UFO-cover-up-NASA-ISS-object-mystery-video

1f9ba3 No.136536



1192d1 No.136537

File: ade50fbcb14713e⋯.jpg (579.75 KB, 1439x2051, 1439:2051, Screenshot_20180123-105454.jpg)

Imperator Rex now exposing himself as a BLACK CUBE SHILL just like Thomas Wictor



https:// twitter.com/Imperator_Rex3/status/955756666196172800

545d79 No.136538


the pic i posted, supposed to be a flyer. come read in war room. we need input or someone who can make a better one,

Also: we need to work TOGETHER and not slide of into other hashes. use the top 5 from the war room. PUMP them hard. we need our forces combined,. u hv to tell the rest of the room cause i think some of them hv put me on ignore… LLLOOOLLL they think i m a bot, or a shill…LMFAO. Identity crisis here. russian/bot/shill/slider/troll ?

i m juist WarRoomEuroTwitFag

5cf51d No.136539

File: 17756ae73434b59⋯.png (304.43 KB, 421x412, 421:412, BA26C3E2-BC66-4886-919A-15….png)

File: b1313e5e040ec68⋯.png (156.69 KB, 463x346, 463:346, 51829B76-3212-4324-ABE9-5C….png)



Work fag. Twitter template at home, and can’t meme from work. If someone could optomize these on the twitter template it’d be much appreciated.

6f62c0 No.136541

File: 7b1778c2f9992a6⋯.png (704.02 KB, 940x752, 5:4, VOLCANO.png)

e3a942 No.136542

File: 6611afbea21ddce⋯.png (1.1 MB, 960x960, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

cfecc8 No.136543


Seems like it so far… I haven't seen any HAARP imaging to confirm if it was not natural

5522eb No.136544


yes! without 100% we will never be safe

b07391 No.136545


God = Allah = YHWH = Entity who landed 4500 years ago on Earth and poses as one for the abrahamic religions.

GOD = Everpresent and all and precedes Goyawallah by forever, for it is Alpha and Omega.

060afc No.136546

File: 34076d544230c52⋯.png (598.53 KB, 891x496, 891:496, ClipboardImage.png)

3c9797 No.136547

FLOTUS cancels WILL NOT go to Davos

a82c5b No.136548


If this was happening to 44 the agents would have already been hung, drawn and quartered.

674b82 No.136549




1f9ba3 No.136550


Both are deep state disinfo shills….

155e05 No.136551


On it!

29d014 No.136552


Red shoes was carried through from last thread

For some reason it came up again

eed362 No.136553


Guess Adam and Eve are up the proverbial creek then

2c0b24 No.136554

@Jack, MZ, ES, JB, EM, SH, MSM, etc.

SH? Know everyone else but who is SH?

33b261 No.136555


So is Q and his Team Part of the Alliance?

NOT the military-industrial complex that is holding our country and world hostage.

The Alliance from what I know, wants full disclosure of EVERYTHING. How can POTUS be Commander and Chief if the military keeps secrets from him and wont tell him what is really going on? Most Presidents dont have access to 'the real truth'

But there is " the Alliance" a breakaway group of Good Guys in the Military that want full or as much as possible disclosure to the public and let us know about our Secret Space Program, Free energy , Medical treatments that heal many diseases, underground bases and off-world bases and so much more hidden from the masses.

Who can you trust? Q asked that question… I am just a lady who is living her truth and seeking those of high integrity and honor. Our world is collapsing, the Babylonian money system will not last, we are using up our world, man is not mature or benevolent enough to be out in those space ships… yet most UFOs are OURS. So The forum says it is ' the white hats and good guys' I have been reading and following along for a while. I post information from here and videos on my FB page I talk about what is happening with everything to others, in my small way I am trying to bring the light into this darkness

Alliance are you hear? I hope so.

ed7cb7 No.136556


Symbols. Everywhere on there. WoW.

990813 No.136557


Fuck those faggot shills

e4c182 No.136558

File: ca4ad7cd54955ce⋯.jpg (66.19 KB, 660x371, 660:371, 237kfz.jpg)

fc969d No.136559

File: c34e39410695dd4⋯.jpg (5.85 KB, 300x168, 25:14, ptw.jpg)


-be a famefag, build up fame/credibility

-suddenly get orders to turn on patriots/truth because panic

-anons weaponize famefagging back against you

210e5f No.136560


They’re REALLY stupid if they seriously think anyone believes their “muh Russia” bullshit any longer. I’ve been actively reminding Twatter readers that I’m a red-blooded US citizen, and they all love it when I do.

155e05 No.136561


Wow…this is disappointing. Not sure why they feel the need to be such dicks…if Q aint their thing, then fine

041c2b No.136562



My own research confirms almost all of this to be very likely to happen.

545d79 No.136563


me like! great idea, that confusing thing, kek

ad0840 No.136564

File: 6380d5faaf92704⋯.jpg (25.21 KB, 255x251, 255:251, 3dedea0aa4e4fd5c902db15425….jpg)

Tw: @SenFeinstein

FB: facebook.com/SenatorFeinstein/

Tw: @RepAdamSchiff

FB: facebook.com/RepAdamSchiff/

6c1f7a No.136565


looks good (meme anon here). only suggestion is for consistency, some of your Sentences in the first "red box" need periods.

You might want to pop on the general bd in the AM and remind anons to post # suggestions in the War Room.

Also, plz post the Current # for the day in the general throughout the day (or get the baker to put them at the top of each bread)

6476cc No.136566

This is a chess game.

Piece by piece removed from the table.

Obama, Hillary, just pawns.

The ones out front.

9c1e94 No.136567

https:// twitter.com/IWillRedPillYou/status/955839421160607744

Sessions' Vow: ‘Leave No Stone Unturned' after FBI "Loses" 500 Strzok 'Secret Societies' Texts

https:// thegoldwater.com/news/16715-Sessions-Vow-Leave-No-Stone-Unturned-after-FBI-Loses-500-Strzok-Secret-Societies-Texts

af9db9 No.136568


Davis….Davis Island,

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Davis_Island_(Palmer_Archipelago)


Davis Island (Palmer Archipelago)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Davis Island

Davis Island is located in Antarctica

Davis Island

Davis Island

Location in Antarctica


Location Antarctica

Coordinates 64°6′S 62°4′WCoordinates: 64°6′S 62°4′W

Archipelago Palmer Archipelago

Length 3.7 km (2.3 mi)


Administered under the Antarctic Treaty System


Population Uninhabited

Davis Island is an island about 3.7 km (2 nmi) long, situated in a position which blocks much of the channel between Brabant Island and Liège Island, in the Palmer Archipelago. It is separated from Liège Island on the north by Zlogosh Passage, and from Albena Peninsula, Brabant Island on the south by Sumer Passage.

The island was photographed and roughly charted by the Belgian Antarctic Expedition, 1897–99. The naming, by J.B. Charcot, leader of the French Antarctic Expedition, 1903–05, honors Walter G. Davis, director of the Argentine government meteorological office at the time of the French exploration.

See also

Composite Antarctic Gazetteer

List of Antarctic islands south of 60° S

Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Territorial claims in Antarctica

1f9ba3 No.136569


The disinfo duo

f0a0c3 No.136570

File: a59bdaf8004ecc4⋯.jpg (49.65 KB, 426x431, 426:431, WITCH.jpg)

Too soon?

8c4294 No.136571

I'd just like to apologize for being wrong about Rex, Wictor, and David Seaman. All of whom I've defended at some point. All of whom are either glowing, or at least in Seaman's case, not as "well connected" to the inside as they've asserted.

Eating some crow this morning.

545d79 No.136572


WOWWWW!! BOOOOOMMMM!!! those r perfect!

798e5f No.136573


Games can have deadly consequences. It's simple, as I said before, Q isn't making statements to us so much as an insider as much as an oracle or NPC for a game.

Expand your thinking. What is a map? When is a map useful? We have our quest objectives and don't need to waste time arguing with NPCs. You assume Q altered based on your actions/protests… but this is not supported in my own look at the events. How much of the map do we have? If we don't have a map… how do we know what has been taken down?

a82c5b No.136574


Weren't there a number twatter accounts hacked recently? Could they be comped by black hats?

b0b5fb No.136575


>Talking point = Sessions Russian Op..

Check Q's post #53 on greatawakeing

"Counter-narrative went out @ 4am to MSM contractors [like clockwork]. Russian bots. These people are REALLY REALLY STUPID. Desperation. Fear."

Future proves past?

981198 No.136576

File: a24502bbe92f110⋯.png (208.76 KB, 1080x888, 45:37, Screenshot_20180123-110039….png)

8dd0f0 No.136577

File: 3f1ee4076a0aef4⋯.jpg (79.15 KB, 600x600, 1:1, CPW-baeW8AATBmU.jpg)


He doesn't believe the government is capable of horrific deeds.

4aee1a No.136578


Steve Huffman - Reddit

c0f561 No.136579

I have never been much of a bible reader, though I was raise catholic. But it has become obvious the Scripture is Prophecy. The book of Daniel Chapter 11 tells our story.

This is probably already known by some but I want to share for those who have missed. it.

Daniel 11:25

"With a large army he will stir up his strength and courage against the king of the South. The king of the South will wage war with a large and very powerful army, but he will not be able to stand because of the plots devised against him."

The king of the South.

I have been thinking about who this could be and it is now obvious. It is Pope Francis who we all know to be evil. He is the first Pope from the Americas. He is from Argentina, nearly the farthest south american country no less.

What army the Pope has is yet to be revealed, but I feel he is about to start showing his cards.

a75a86 No.136580


http:// www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=2480

8a5b03 No.136581


What do we burn, apart from witches? MOAR Witches!!! Lol

674b82 No.136582


Very nice. Thank you, anon.

6c1f7a No.136583


put out memes to counter Feinstein/Schiff calling pats Russian bots re. #ReleaseTheMemo

0d034b No.136584


Please provide a list and proof of all these 'so called' trannys.

Thx in advance and make it a great day anon!

8c4294 No.136585


Steve Huffman, Reddit CEO. Censor mad, The_Donald hating, and active in a cannibal community on Reddit for some reason. Absolutely a cabal member.

6476cc No.136586


You and me both.

71691c No.136587




You could HIJACK #MeToo with the first two!

"Dems calling you a Russian bot? #MeToo !"

"Release the #Memo !"

6c1f7a No.136588


I stand w/ Burke.

c57d32 No.136589

File: 6f3f8f5aa2ae821⋯.jpg (205.04 KB, 727x729, 727:729, roth bot 3.jpg)

File: 84ede3d941349fc⋯.jpg (85.69 KB, 640x436, 160:109, roth bot 4.jpg)

6810e6 No.136590


Let's take it to the micro. Presuming that you're a man, say a group known to you is out to harm your family, and you're in a position to handle it. Does everyone in the house need to know EVERY detail of how you're going to handle it? Or, do you tell them what they need to know to keep them safe, while you handle the rest? Do you traumatize & freak out your wife sons and daughters by giving them all of the gory details, or handle it as an adult and tell them when they are ready to handle it, which will be after the fact? It's not a hard choice for me, I'd go and handle the threat, while keeping my loved ones on a need-to-know basis.

Now, multiply that by 300 million+. Imagine the freak out of telling them all of the gory details. That would be a bit hard to manage, don't ya think?

25286a No.136591


Not at all…Adam and Eve were here BEFORE THE LAW…Old Testament Hebrews didn't get to Heaven by Faith in Jesus either, and the Holy Spirit was not dwelling inside of people in Old Testament days….I'm not going to pretend to know how God the Father dealt with Adam and Eve upon their death, but I do know how God the Father deals with every human alive today, and it's about Faith in His Only Begotten Son, nothing more, nothing less….RELIGIONS OF ALL STRIPES have perverted this message, from the Roman Catholics, to the Anglicans, Mormons and any other institution controlled by fallible men and women.

Anyone here who feels THE BIBLE should not be discussed is failing miserably to understand the real nature of the war we're actually in.

0d034b No.136592

So Potus going to Davos, Pence in Israel and Mattis overseas as well, hmmmmmmmm

f0a0c3 No.136593

File: 0d7c3cab8784d44⋯.jpg (51.5 KB, 426x431, 426:431, Hill.jpg)

853790 No.136594

Good day anon,

I'm thinking we are missing a vital media tool for our message. Comment sections on news stories are very good places to start pushing the story and related hashtags. This would be especially effective when combined with stories now coming out about the texts provided for investigation, but anything related would be a good place to drop.

That is all.

6c1f7a No.136595

File: 86897013edfa745⋯.png (333.86 KB, 1729x390, 133:30, TO.Q.png)


100% with you on this, anon.

981198 No.136598


And drones over us!

545d79 No.136599


tx.. baker did, but lemme do that again.

push these for battle, current effort, may change soon, narrative change, be ready. ty

Narrative changed, h # sh change, trend these, ty good people.

AS OF: 2 : 30PM (MST) 1/22






Leave kind thankful reply to POTUS on twtr.

Thank and congratulate kindly him for a great year. Support him. Soft red pills.

Do not combat with other-minded people. Positive replies for POTUS.

Video instructions, meme slideshow awesome. https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvgxDJy5Q48 sub like pat1

Hatches may change quickly, be ready. Enjoy the show.

25384c No.136600

File: f94d9217c9aad26⋯.png (156.54 KB, 920x650, 92:65, Opera Snapshot_2018-01-23_….png)


(((youtube))) wants you to follow these folks if you follow wictor


8a5b03 No.136601

3c9797 No.136602


Add D Seaman to the list

e3a942 No.136603


I thought that the President and the Vice President are not allowed to both be out of country at same time?

eed362 No.136604

File: b43cc519a5c71b6⋯.jpeg (107.81 KB, 1080x504, 15:7, D8074776-BE22-4EB5-A7DB-9….jpeg)

6d6f2c No.136606

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


5cf51d No.136607


Not what I was looking for at all.

6810e6 No.136608


Let's take it to the micro. Presuming that you're a man, say a group known to you is out to harm your family, and you're in a position to handle it. Does everyone in the house need to know EVERY detail of how you're going to handle it? Or, do you tell them what they need to know to keep them safe, while you handle the rest? Do you traumatize & freak out your wife sons and daughters by giving them all of the gory details, or handle it as an adult and tell them when they are ready to handle it, which will be after the fact? It's not a hard choice for me, I'd go and handle the threat, while keeping my loved ones on a need-to-know basis.

Now, multiply that by 300 million+. Imagine the freak out of telling them all of the gory details. That would be a bit hard to manage, don't ya think?

e8474a No.136609


Another domino falling.

Note: @jack still has his skin in the game. Either he's a hopeful idiot or he's still bargaining for a deal.

My guess is he's looking for someone to buy up twitter so he can flee before the hammer comes down.

It won't matter, it seems, his ass is grass.

d282d8 No.136610


A prominent arrest would work, preferably someone in the FBI or the media.

6c1f7a No.136611


What's a good meme angle to highlight the absurdity of calling on clown/FB/TW for help in this when they are complicit??

fc969d No.136612

File: ab062466340c365⋯.png (982.14 KB, 1111x1469, 1111:1469, Q_BiteCrumbsDoYouKnow_Stev….png)

File: 8a0be1a8afda8a1⋯.png (869.1 KB, 1111x1469, 1111:1469, Q_BiteCrumbsDoYouKnow_Jack….png)

File: 7eb765ac2c6253a⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1111x1469, 1111:1469, Q_BiteCrumbsDoYouKnow_Jeff….png)

File: b63267c91b3c731⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1111x1469, 1111:1469, Q_BiteCrumbsDoYouKnow_Eric….png)

File: fd367b3a9643499⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1111x1469, 1111:1469, Q_BiteCrumbsDoYouKnow_Marc….png)

545d79 No.136613

File: 69f055411ef4104⋯.png (520.18 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, MemeWar flier1ENG copy.png)


pls help me out with a better one? I have a template an anon gave me? just drop it in the war room, whatever you make, euro fag must fix dinner

3373ce No.136614


Resigned to go be CEO at SoFi. A finance company that operates online.

9c1e94 No.136615


Seaman is just like Alex Jones sadly. He attaches his name to things like Pizzagate then destroys them with insanity

eed362 No.136616

6810e6 No.136617


And what does this have to do with a need-to-know-basis?

6d6f2c No.136619

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

and this

ok, im done >:]

3c9797 No.136620

File: 781249cfdf319d5⋯.jpg (44.51 KB, 463x546, 463:546, strokz.JPG)

25286a No.136621


AGREED…..however, FULL DISCLOSURE is NEEDED after it's all said and done…don't announce the reasons for incarceration or Hanging beforehand, but once everyone is safe, I'm hoping a series of Documentaries are made to detail every single last dirty deed.

9c1e94 No.136622

I'm not trying to name fag here but I love you guys. The Patriots in here kicking ass~

We at The Goldwater and 8ch stand with you.


You're Doing God's Work Anons

0d034b No.136623


I think they just can't fly on same plane?!?!

2c4948 No.136624


Some of us arent christian you know, some of us remember the time before the desert cults were spread into our lands. I worship Matres, Cernunnos, and Epona to name a few.

94eb7b No.136626


indeed it is a chessgame

and we are marshall

they are capablanca

is this relevant?


a75a86 No.136627

9c1e94 No.136629


That's fine. I don't judge you for not being a Christian. I am a Christian and I ask the same. We have the same endgame do we not? Make America Great Again and bring down the Moloch Worshipping Cabal

3b5b33 No.136630


Just getting started. Love U 2 Bro…now wheres my beer…

6c0970 No.136631


I've done it.

e4c182 No.136632


I'm also throwing in#theWillofthePeople. We want the memo and truth. Hitting every one of these people, always tagging these two reps.

e3a942 No.136633


I knew about that one, but I'll check on both of them being out of country…may be just a war time thing.

25286a No.136634


>Matres, Cernunnos, and Epona


6c1f7a No.136635


i got bad vibes from both IR and TW a long time ago and stopped checking in on what they had to say.

But man, (((they))) are everywhere and at all levels of deception.

ad0840 No.136636

Fresh Bread




9c1e94 No.136637


Filtered. Filter all D&C shills. We will not be distracted.

9c1e94 No.136638


I was thinking this could be a false flag myself. Not sure yet.

041c2b No.136640


how does it work?

9bb791 No.136641

File: 69239f7901ac8db⋯.jpeg (117.57 KB, 1242x477, 138:53, E1A44E17-7658-4FFF-A871-1….jpeg)

whew lads. Good job, good guys.

79dd11 No.136643

File: 5182910577ff5ed⋯.jpeg (150.28 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1516727342.jpeg)

a75a86 No.136644


A bit of history to remember during the Q discussions…

Catholics and Orthodox split into two religions (fall of Constantinople). (Like the Founding Fathers)The Orthodox did not want to give that much power and control to one man due to the potential for corruption.

f0a0c3 No.136645




Worship is a satanist concepts going against your holy free will.

d282d8 No.136646


He seems to be telling everyone they might need their CONCRETE bunkers soon.

c6c4de No.136648

Marshall KY did happen. I have people on the ground there..

3c1a09 No.136649

Washington Post

Verified account


3m3 minutes ago


Opinion: Republicans launch extraordinary new tactics to protect Trump on Russia

https: //t.co/5xFq8kxOan

Asked if it would violate the agreement if the memo were to be released publicly, Schiff said: “Of course.” He added that this was revealing that there may be “no limit” to “how far Nunes and the majority are willing to go to protect the president from the Russia investigation.”

0d034b No.136651


Just splash on a little Tapitio Hot sauce and it will taste like chicken lol, we've all been there and it won't be the last time. we are in times OF MANY GREAT DECEIVERS…..

8b2f2b No.136652


there is a big and biggest but no bigger…and a delta of 10

cfecc8 No.136653


Unity is easy… Let's get back to work… The religious discussions are diversions aka shill tactics… Dig meme deus vult

eed362 No.136654


Organized church… not worship

0c15a5 No.136656

I had missed Dilley say this…but his source said they found video evidence of a former cabinet member abusing a child

Could that be the creepy ass Podesta video??

1158e3 No.136657


nice! but add the word "when"

*will happen…they

886e91 No.136658


Those are beautiful.

It beautifully captures the insanity behind the eyes.

76bd2c No.136659

Twitter COO Anthony Noto Resigns, Stock Slides

Another one bites the early retirement bullet!

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-01-23/twitter-coo-anthony-noto-resigns-stock-slides

d6021f No.136661

Bread in Oven?

a82c5b No.136662


f0a0c3 No.136664


Not only organized church.

I'm also talking about deifying stuff.

Like the perverted "Sex-worship" that we are uncovering here.

14309c No.191757


1649 http:// www.americanfreedomlawcenter.org/case/american-freedom-defense-initiative-v-lynch/

Conf SCJ Gorsuch prolonged

SCOTUS upheld ruling

https:// freedom.press/news/our-brief-in-support-of-twitters-lawsuit-against-the-us-government-for-violating-the-first-amendment/

https:// www.wsws.org/en/articles/2018/01/23/pers-j23.html

While the Internet has brought about a revolution in people’s ability to educate themselves and others, the resulting democratic phenomena has shaken existing establishments to their core. Google, Facebook and their Chinese equivalents, who are socially, logistically and financially integrated with existing elites have moved to re-establish discourse control. JA

ICOSAPW •6 JA (ES< good actor)?



9e4a77 No.192221

File: cd5a4a9fbfeb4b5⋯.mp4 (162.89 KB, 310x210, 31:21, jayz.mp4)

49e550 No.192322

File: 25f23c4f4515495⋯.jpg (25.2 KB, 436x607, 436:607, 48035_10151561558323908_14….jpg)

49e550 No.192332

File: fc114b562e9b328⋯.jpg (146.77 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 37038_10201011403709607_20….jpg)

49e550 No.192336

File: b610cd0cc8b4d6b⋯.jpg (127.79 KB, 600x416, 75:52, 148325_600.jpg)

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