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File: baadcaa92a2d141⋯.png (364.44 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_2509.PNG)

2cbc3b No.1372205

Ok.. lets fucking get this out there once and for all. Q, I trust in the plan, what the FUCK is going on w the compromising, possible compromising.. that what you said "watch who you follow".. we HAVE to get this out in the spotlight so the cockroaches flee.. we need to know whats going on. I dont NOT trust, I have to know more to understand what is going on.. personally I can trust but must have some background on what is going on so I know I am making the right choice.

What is going on w the dis-info people? PLEASE if you can, can you PLEASE illuminate those who are sitting just past the light.. puppet masters need to be outted if they are controlling those who are supposedly out there for our benefit.

2cbc3b No.1372228


On RIGHT now..

2cbc3b No.1372395


Alex says he talked to Qanon, and Qanon is no longer the same person.. Corsi now on, saying April 28 Qanon was hijacked.. saying quality is down, and saying no pay for patriots.. that greedy son of a bitch..

d54e40 No.1372474


Yet you faggots dedicate threads to these cunts. Like hs cheerleaders and the star football player… you can’t keep the GayJay Corskeet dick out your mouths

95c8ce No.1372479


Corsi and Jones are both frauds. I felt sorry for so many young qtubers who jumped on those two band wagons, not knowing any better. I had no way to notify them to warn them that their respect and "honor" was misplaced. Happy to see that some have caught on and wised up.

2cbc3b No.1372501


I know we are anon here, i get it. I guarantee you would not be saying that to my face faggot.

Now back on topic.

2cbc3b No.1372523


Thanks for positive words. I saw about a good month ago, Corsi, Alex AND Zack all the sudden split w their support

2cbc3b No.1372586


Oh wow. Out of Alex's mouth.. nothing Q says is to believed.. wow.

a64e62 No.1372617

Think Mirror……………………………

In everything Jones and Corsi says, swap out "QAnon", replace with "InfoWars".

Now you know.

2cbc3b No.1372635

4703c9 No.1372645

File: acdbc1be7016ce4⋯.png (458.29 KB, 620x413, 620:413, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 49391f239e16575⋯.png (28.49 KB, 499x273, 499:273, aj zb.png)

File: d95b0d0fe2e25dc⋯.jpg (67.81 KB, 850x400, 17:8, codreanu_traitor.jpg)



/pol/ has known Alex Jones is controlled opposition since forever, any Bill Cooper listeners knew he was controlled opposition since 1998. At best he's a stepping stone.

If you were a real anon and not a mouthbreathing Q-tard, you wouldn't need celebrity worship of pied pipers to lead you to the truth


>Think Mirror……………………………

>In everything Jones and Corsi says, swap out "QAnon", replace with "InfoWars".

God you are all such faggots

2cbc3b No.1372722


Before Q many of us were just on the net doing our own work trying to redpill our family and friends. I remember telling my dad people from our own gov were behind 9/11.. and not having him speak to me for a year and a half. Please for the love of god step down from your high horse soap box. You are no better than any of us. We are all here for the same thing, TRUTH. I sure as hell am not here for your all knowing self. Before /pol there was just us original truthers.. i dont give a fuck about how important or "above me" or anyone else you think you are. Your intellect actually hurts you doesnt it.. poor thing.

Patriots are not confined to the web or /pol. Remember that u fucking prick.

2cbc3b No.1372742

BTW for some reason ole Alex decided to dedicate more of the show to "outting Q".. Corsi going to host 4th hour.. oh joy.

9b1a97 No.1372772

Expand your thinking.

Why are we being attacked?

Why are we being attacked by people who claim to be PRO-POTUS?

Do we have a face?

Do we have a name?

Do we use platforms whereby we collect followers?


Zero vanity.

Why are we here?

Why do we ask questions?

The choice has always been yours.

Use logic.

Free information.

What draws people here?

Expanding exponentially?

They all claim to be insiders.

They all claim to have insider contacts.

They do not.

Patriots do NOT reveal classified information.

Why do we communicate this way?

Think for yourself.


We are a threat to profiteering.

Information should flow freely w/o costs.

We established a series of 'proofs' for this specific reason.



Coincidence after Coincidence.

Growth due to confirmations.

Real source(s) communicating w/ the people.



Control the information (THEY).

Harness followers / profiteering (THEY).

Define Media.

Primary goal of the Media?

To Sell (each selling a dif narrative - set of targets).

Selling makes money.

Be careful who you follow.

Define 'Patriot'.

They want you DIVIDED.

Attacks will only get worse.


bb86a1 No.1372808


WWG1WGA Thank you Q and true Patriots

9d88db No.1372814

File: 82a8ea1402d9c8e⋯.png (300.56 KB, 410x371, 410:371, MAGA Qanon zero credibilit….png)


Q is bullshit

ea3e76 No.1372819

7d84e0 No.1372820


Yeah, great, we get it. Now give us something we can use.

118d49 No.1372822

then get trump to say something to confirm this

62a020 No.1372823


Q, Canadian (Guyanese) we need your help to silence the attacks coming from AJ/Corsi et al. Give us some good ammo pls. xxxx

7948e6 No.1372831


The reason we post here is because the truth gets out unrestricted, not slanted by the clowns in the LSM.

A data based of facts are assembled and people will be able to see the truth.

None of this would ever be out in the open if 45 would have taken his information straight to the LSM.

Time to unredact all the FBI info for the weekend talk shows.

62a020 No.1372833


Thank you Q. God bless you all.

ea3e76 No.1372836


They have already hung themselves.

From here it's a painful drop into oblivion.

3487c3 No.1372858



we were listening to AJ live and laughing at his and Corsi's nonsense disinfo


096c80 No.1372863


We TRUST and have FAITH in true PATRIOTS.

We all are here for a reason.

Q Team and Anons, together.


This is how it is. Nothing will break this.

Keep doing it, Q.

Keep shining the LIGHT.

30901e No.1372865


Whoah -

3d33bf No.1372869

File: fa08dd56932f5e5⋯.png (277.91 KB, 532x363, 532:363, Q-shot-1.PNG)

File: 0b1fd4fcf46ed04⋯.png (548.25 KB, 734x444, 367:222, Q-shot-2.PNG)

File: 049cb2dee6f314b⋯.png (431.01 KB, 482x476, 241:238, MandarinOrchard.PNG)

Marina Bay Sands picture from Google Maps. Interesting (but ultimately meaningless). Picture taken from top of stairwell of Mandarin Orchard building?

3487c3 No.1372870




72473d No.1372878

Questions questions questions. for the Anon the answers lead to more questions, it's why I chose to question everything.

Q, clarity on below:

Jerome Corsi

? @jerome_corsi

Codemonkey & #Qanon both compromised 4/28. Disinformation photos w Apple was last straw. Decision at top levels made to pull #Qanon board. Option to shut down #QAnon rejected. New #QAnon from w/in team now live w new tripcode & 8chan board. Confidence Re-established @Potus

How does Corsi Have this info? How does he know the Apple photo's were Disinfo? Last Straw? What were some of the other Straws? "Decision at top levels made to pull #Qanon Board". Who is or are the "Top Levels"? "Option to shut down #Qanon Rejected" Who rejected it? Who put it to Question? How does Corsi know it was rejected? Post? per Q "No Private Comms". "New #Qanon from w/in team now live w new tripcode and 8chan Board". How did Corsi know this? Did Q email him this info? Who was the "old" #Qanon? How does Corsi know that new #Qanon is from w in team? Post? Private Comm? There Are No Private Comms per Q. "Confidence Re-Established @Potus". Who's confidence? Corsi's? How did Q Re-establish confidence? Telegram? Post? then as of today we get this tweet After post 1326/1361222:

Jerome Corsi

? @jerome_corsi

15m15 minutes ago

Thank you for understanding. My Conclusion: #Qanon completed mission 4/28 w info FLYNN did not lie & NSA Rogers free to testify after Nakasone transition. "NEW Q" is DEEP STATE w AI Warfare disinformation mission to divide the movement. I will find new ways to contribute @POTUS

"New Q is Deep State w AI Warfare disinformation mission to divide the movement" "So now Confidence is lost again" Who, what, wher and when does/is this information coming from? Where is Corsi getting his comms?


David Seaman Most of know has been saying he has been shown the actual indictments for some time now. Who showed him? How did he confirm they were real?

663642 No.1372880


Thank you for your leadership. Sorry for being a bit human. But I guess that's what we're trying to preserve here–our right to be human.

28e478 No.1372882

File: 47c2ba74344e13c⋯.jpg (89.34 KB, 1134x1200, 189:200, Buy My Filters.jpg)

7b3cf3 No.1372884


Q, is POTUS in danger? A lot of stuff about 187 in media.

206716 No.1372885


Thank you, Q! We are with you!

Fair winds!

6c40be No.1372886


Thanks for clarifying!

5a4536 No.1372890


been saying corsi and aj are comped forever

9e2406 No.1372893


I'm on 5 days straight w/ around 8 hrs sleep. I actually feel pretty good. Im guessing similar to all of you. Its time for a reallllly good impromptu press conference and reveal some crazy stuff

4d32fa No.1372896


Would love some concrete ammo to take to these fuckers.

Like um… OIG report tell us it is coming then drop it?


9d6106 No.1372897



Ding Ding Ding!!

This is EVERYTHING that's bothering Corsi, were his enemies

30901e No.1372898


Now this is a smackdown to fame whores

fbdbd3 No.1372899


I've appreciated your humility. Humble leaders are the easiest ones to follow. God bless the Q Team! The word is spreading.


683005 No.1372903



Wait, I want to get eyes on this. Where is this now? Thanks in advance, anon

2214db No.1372904


Is there anyway Trump can acknowledge you are real? Maybe in a tweet. Alex Jones is an ass but he does have a big following.

a64e62 No.1372907


Friendly reminder: you said Alex Jones was Bill Hicks a total of 9000 times.

87f63f No.1372908


Q, the freedom you speak of, is it individual freedom as in God given inalienable rights along with the non-aggression principles, or is it given by the "rulers" government backed with paper?

27d7b5 No.1372912


Thank you Q, POTUS, Patriots.

Long-time lurker here, finally looks like I can post and all I can think to say is "Thank you for all that you do. God Bless you"

I'll keep lurking, making notes, watching the media freak-out.

Can't wait for the outcome of this op. Its been the best political thriller to date.


abc37e No.1372913



Agree completely

Q your post is awesome

Thank you

683005 No.1372915


Yeah, those guys are total dicks, Q

I believe in TRUST


28e478 No.1372916

File: 4e90d295fd292dc⋯.jpg (59.88 KB, 556x419, 556:419, alex-jones-is-stratfor1.jpg)

File: b052847dcdf8695⋯.jpg (66.39 KB, 259x195, 259:195, alex-jones.jpg)

66a8c7 No.1372917

File: 9f8d18a83f683a8⋯.jpg (611.74 KB, 2720x1916, 680:479, Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at ….jpg)

File: 28f252ba2d1581c⋯.jpg (288.33 KB, 1776x966, 296:161, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at ….jpg)

1cd662 No.1372919


Can we see the Nunes report?

bdfe87 No.1372923


I trust the plan. I trust Q. I trust Potus. I trust the anons.

463651 No.1372924


Honestly I question everyone, You and AJ. I don't trust blindly. Some people say that's being a shill or a concern fag. I don't care I just want the truth and I want justice and I want to MAGA.

374b33 No.1372926


Dear Q,

Please explain to me the betrayal of the Polish people as represented by the JUST Act (S.447 and H.R.1226), which as per my understanding, states that Jews will be able to seek reparations for property that was """stolen""" from them in WW2.

I am concerned because only property without heirs became property of the Polish State, as per Polish law and all international or international laws. However, now Jews who never had any relation to this property will have a basis to demand it """returned""" to them, claiming this as their """just and fair reparations""", even though the Polish State already paid Jews huge sums as per an agreement signed in 1960.

How could Trump sign this into law, a blatant betrayal of some of his strongest supporters abroad and at home?


A Bewildered Citizen

5edf4d No.1372927


What do you think Q - Is the falcoln9 (F9) going to make it off the ground later today?

a3fe3f No.1372931


Q tell us all about Stefan Halper

341775 No.1372936



In reference to Q's earlier post

683005 No.1372937


nevermind, I got it

244359 No.1372939


Q, POTUS, FLOTUS and all hard working patriots, please stay safe !! The Deep State is up to something. HRC/BHO are traveling to countries getting money and back up to try to do something such a coup against POTUS and/or attack of some kind. Thank you for your service. I stand in awe.

2f7a0d No.1372942


Fairly newfag here but long time lurker and long time unearther…Watched Corsi a few times but got tired of him (a) hardly doing any research himself … so he was just boring and not interesting… For a smart guy, he didn't have any research skills himself and (b) too much plugging of his book…. Glad to see him exposed…

3ed890 No.1372944


Thank you Q!!!! That settles that! Can we all get back to what's important??

And that IS NOT corsi and beanz!!

ec695a No.1372946

I think some have learned a lot from Bernays work, and it shows. Q, you told us this was coming and we see through their tactics, its clear as day now and sad not everyone is picking up on this. >>1372772

dd6859 No.1372948


Thank you and greetings from Germany!

62a020 No.1372949


Q, AJ said he spoke with the original Q team this morning who were out golfing. How do we disprove this crap and AJ has a huge following. I just posted your entire crumb on his facebook page. Let them eat it! I called him out.

be359e No.1372952


You ask questions and then reveal the answers via the media which is also pushed by anons. But some of our questions aren’t asked or revealed… like chem trails etc.

13c75b No.1372955


Thank you Q! This for freedom not fame! This for the good of the people not self-glory. Its for the republic not riches. Its not a game but fight. For God, Family & country!

063f4d No.1372956


Thank you, Q!!

'They' outed themselves with their bs "Q is comped" narrative!

786583 No.1372957

File: a693ebd462b6961⋯.jpg (453.9 KB, 2000x1204, 500:301, Q74 Fire Engine Meme.jpg)

bbb0a1 No.1372963


is there a way to establish a funded media with the primary goal of truth without going bankrupt?

not in defense of profiteers, but if we can't trust 'selling' of a story, how can we trust any story?

ad3ed7 No.1372964


Please take the heat off Beanz. She seems a sweet soul.

9761ab No.1372971


Thank you for allowing us to witness and understand these historical times. Goosebumps 24/7. Love my Country, POUS, Q TEAM, and all PAtriot anon

063f4d No.1372972


gtfo POTUS HAS confirmed over & over!

6c40be No.1372973

File: 0345306ec6b839e⋯.png (137.11 KB, 1007x864, 1007:864, ClipboardImage.png)

Q must be listening to AJ & Corsi kill their careers right now

"Anything anonymous, is always dangerous" AJ keeps saying. Well, aren't his fake sources anonymous? KEK

For a free career suicide watch:


62a020 No.1372975


Q, if you ever become comp do you have a way of letting us know? And maybe somewhere else where you can communicate with us unhindered from hacking? Maybe such a place doesn't exist? I don't know but they keep saying the chans are easy to hack. Is that true?

c64732 No.1372979

File: e90382b68afdbfd⋯.png (97.3 KB, 337x429, 337:429, 151_Inf_Rgt_DUI.png)



2214db No.1372980


You're acting stupid again. Stop it.

d114af No.1372983


Tip top!

27d7b5 No.1372985


i think more patriots just need to infiltrate the news/media business.

lets all go get newsroom jobs, lay low, and then pounce onto the evening news :)

683005 No.1372986


I'll be honest, all these pictures of places all over the world make me super jealous, being a no one from no where, stuck where I'm at… still thankful to at least get the chance to see images, though. :-)

834381 No.1372989

File: 8c3423dee8e34fb⋯.jpg (104.64 KB, 735x490, 3:2, dream_vx27yxnox7t.jpg)


Mess with the best.

Die with the rest.

-Famefags BTFO

86ff96 No.1372990


I believe Q and team is valiantly teaching discernment. This is exactly what is needed.

747303 No.1372991

This is no longer the real Q, these boards have been comprised for a while now, there is ONLY disinformation here

9761ab No.1372992


Any updates on people reached? US? WW?

244359 No.1372994


I listened to one video by this Corsi about Q posts. He and his staff were just guessing and it was really obvious. I never bothered with him again and no, I did not pay him one red cent.

0b950e No.1373000


This is kind of sounds like Potus

What do you think anons?

063f4d No.1373001


>And that IS NOT corsi and beanz!!

Bull shit!

'HE' is talkig out his ass about Q being comped since 4/28 and twatting nasty shit about Anons here so gtfoh!

50a1ce No.1373002


Thank you Q

72473d No.1373005

Q clarity in needed on questions questions questions? You say they are dividing yet we still need clarity as to whom. Specifics please.

be359e No.1373009


Q are the meuller leaks disinfo to make the cabal feel like they are winning? That’s why NZ is now again donating to the Clinton foundation? They think the cabal will be back in power?

ad3ed7 No.1373012


I get it. But, my gut says she's taking friendly fire. It's not the same as Corsi and Jones at all.

6c40be No.1373015

File: adcf79ec2a4ce3f⋯.png (34.25 KB, 358x245, 358:245, ClipboardImage.png)

ebaa46 No.1373017


Here working for Q as much as possible. Stand STRONG ~ TOGETHER ~ UNITED!

174c51 No.1373018

Q needs to create and let us know a dead mans switch code word for potus to include in a tweet in case Q is compromised

a64e62 No.1373019


Wow, Q, you're such a """communist""".

834381 No.1373020

File: 8d73ab1015d95fd⋯.png (770.45 KB, 680x576, 85:72, IMG_0693.PNG)

86ff96 No.1373022


It's cat and mouse. Not Tom & Jerry.

786583 No.1373023

File: a693ebd462b6961⋯.jpg (453.9 KB, 2000x1204, 500:301, Q74 Fire Engine Meme.jpg)


This could only be done with President Trump's awareness, approval and participation.


Fellow Patriots:

What you are about to learn should not only scare you, but intensify your resolve to take back control [Freedom]. The information that will become public will further demonstrate the criminal & corrupt [pure evil] abuse of power that the Hussein administration undertook in joint efforts w/ domestic and foreign dignitaries. The snowball has begun rolling - there is no stopping it now. D5.

Stay the course and trust the plan.

Protective measures are in place.

Remain BRAVE.

We knew this day would come.


United We Stand (WW).



Conspiracy no more.


First part of post Q74 is President Trump directly.

Tone, tenor and syntax like Oct/early Nov 2017.

D5 is his signature (45) and also his affirmation that this is the biggest avalanche.

This is why Trump had the fire engine with big Q74 sign lit up brilliantly holding up huge American flag on the newscast welcoming home the 3 North Korean hostages.

He was forecasting this post and saying to pay big attention to it.

1cd662 No.1373027


Wow. Mirror much?

86ff96 No.1373031


You misspelled Christian.

834381 No.1373032

File: 6013fffd89cce1c⋯.jpg (56.1 KB, 540x591, 180:197, 6013fffd89cce1c29ccd14d70a….jpg)


Taking money for spreading the Patriot Movement.

BTFO. See Q.

6c40be No.1373036


I'm listening to the now trying to get their followers to move on from following Q, while promoting their own "sources". Over and over again they say it. Listen for yourself.


4d32fa No.1373042

File: 0c3eb30439a618a⋯.jpg (61.06 KB, 593x822, 593:822, 345562G30645A30456Y3450B34….JPG)

File: 7b7b2826fab86f2⋯.jpg (63.11 KB, 652x557, 652:557, whothefookisthisguy.JPG)

File: 0c3eb30439a618a⋯.jpg (61.06 KB, 593x822, 593:822, 345562G30645A30456Y3450B34….JPG)

File: a350eccc363d43f⋯.jpg (19.49 KB, 668x159, 668:159, egsrge4ts4.JPG)

File: 7b7b2826fab86f2⋯.jpg (63.11 KB, 652x557, 652:557, whothefookisthisguy.JPG)


Corsi AJ




72473d No.1373043

Questions questions questions. for the Anon the answers lead to more questions, it's why I chose to question everything.

Q, clarity on below:

Jerome Corsi

? @jerome_corsi

Codemonkey & #Qanon both compromised 4/28. Disinformation photos w Apple was last straw. Decision at top levels made to pull #Qanon board. Option to shut down #QAnon rejected. New #QAnon from w/in team now live w new tripcode & 8chan board. Confidence Re-established @Potus

How does Corsi Have this info? How does he know the Apple photo's were Disinfo? Last Straw? What were some of the other Straws? "Decision at top levels made to pull #Qanon Board". Who is or are the "Top Levels"? "Option to shut down #Qanon Rejected" Who rejected it? Who put it to Question? How does Corsi know it was rejected? Post? per Q "No Private Comms". "New #Qanon from w/in team now live w new tripcode and 8chan Board". How did Corsi know this? Did Q email him this info? Who was the "old" #Qanon? How does Corsi know that new #Qanon is from w in team? Post? Private Comm? There Are No Private Comms per Q. "Confidence Re-Established @Potus". Who's confidence? Corsi's? How did Q Re-establish confidence? Telegram? Post? then as of today we get this tweet After post 1326/1361222:

Jerome Corsi

? @jerome_corsi

15m15 minutes ago

Thank you for understanding. My Conclusion: #Qanon completed mission 4/28 w info FLYNN did not lie & NSA Rogers free to testify after Nakasone transition. "NEW Q" is DEEP STATE w AI Warfare disinformation mission to divide the movement. I will find new ways to contribute @POTUS

"New Q is Deep State w AI Warfare disinformation mission to divide the movement" "So now Confidence is lost again" Who, what, wher and when does/is this information coming from? Where is Corsi getting his comms?


David Seaman Most of know has been saying he has been shown the actual indictments for some time now. Who showed him? How did he confirm they were real?>>1372772

316b43 No.1373045


Don't stop Q Never quit Never surrender WE ARE ALWAYS WITH YOU

063f4d No.1373046


POTUS was saying at his rally 'Guess how much my slogan for 2020 cost? ZERO, free!"

dbdf3d No.1373047


Hmm, this seems designed to target AJ. Without AJ Trump is not President. I'm now very confused.

>Patriots do NOT reveal classified information

>Biggest intel drop in our known history. Q

Q this is dividing us. Not sure what you're thinking.

9e2406 No.1373052


It says we… and no face… we know POTUS and his face

9e2406 No.1373053


It says we… and no face… we know POTUS and his face

50a1ce No.1373055


Q I will continue to investigate what you are saying but I will also keep listening to who I think are legit Patriots. Thanks for the heads up though

6c40be No.1373056

File: 5c70b0eb087741d⋯.png (155.77 KB, 577x608, 577:608, ClipboardImage.png)


>First part of post Q74 is President Trump directly.

>Tone, tenor and syntax like Oct/early Nov 2017.


86ff96 No.1373057


AJ is foolish. People need to grow up.

e74858 No.1373058


serious question. who is his staff?

be359e No.1373059


Are you guys creating a new type of news media Q?

834381 No.1373060


Take care they're not earning $$$$ for it, while they do.

a2032b No.1373061


>Without AJ Trump is not President.

Anons, briefly imagine being this retarded.

7b3cf3 No.1373073



a64e62 No.1373076




ebaa46 No.1373077


Commercial flying over the weekend safe, Q?

174c51 No.1373079

244359 No.1373080


I don't know who his staff are, but they were as clueless at deciphering Q posts as he was.

c0bec0 No.1373081


I've been looking forward to this stage of the operation for a long time now: the exposure of the limited hangouts

They've been set up for a long, long time and easily identifiable if you analyze them objectively. Word of advice: pay attention to what they DON'T tell you, not what they tell you. The Trojan horses have been leading the sheep astray for far too long.

bbb0a1 No.1373082


my point is that money will always bias information.

pre-internet, it wasn't obvious that the corps were buying newsvertisements, but content was so sparse it was easy to handle/process.

post-internet, we have so much crap to wade through, we may never find the true story. it (costs) time/money/effort just to seek the truth, how can we trust anyone to just feed it to us without money or bias?

tough paradox.

063f4d No.1373083

File: 661ed2b69e64437⋯.png (295.28 KB, 623x665, 89:95, ClipboardImage.png)


The eagle has landed!

dbdf3d No.1373085


You are foolish. Without him…Killery would be President. I never even hear of AJ until she mentioned him.

94b05b No.1373086


I figured this out after a stream or two.

I trust the plan.

The proofs provided here cannot be denied.


You volunteered, all the way around.

Sure….you get a paycheck in the military. I know how it is…past Navyfag.

But the very act of standing up as you have is something we greatly appreciate of each of you.

And I love all of you bastard Anons, Autists and Lurkers too. We stand together. We're holding the lines, regardless.

1cd662 No.1373088


I love Buck Sexton. Freedom Hut!

86ff96 No.1373089


Safe word?


62a020 No.1373093


Pic not taken from a drone?

86ff96 No.1373100


You need to get out more.

063f4d No.1373103

File: 7c4c82fe7055c82⋯.png (413.79 KB, 615x681, 205:227, ClipboardImage.png)

Why the heck would Terry Bradshaw be "visiting" the Pentagon? weird

72473d No.1373104

>>1373089 No it's quite atrocious

63fae8 No.1373105


Beanz, Corsi and Jones are "legit patriots" as long as your credit card is legit, sucker.

72473d No.1373106

>>1372772 Questions questions questions. for the Anon the answers lead to more questions, it's why I chose to question everything.

Q, clarity on below:

Jerome Corsi

? @jerome_corsi

Codemonkey & #Qanon both compromised 4/28. Disinformation photos w Apple was last straw. Decision at top levels made to pull #Qanon board. Option to shut down #QAnon rejected. New #QAnon from w/in team now live w new tripcode & 8chan board. Confidence Re-established @Potus

How does Corsi Have this info? How does he know the Apple photo's were Disinfo? Last Straw? What were some of the other Straws? "Decision at top levels made to pull #Qanon Board". Who is or are the "Top Levels"? "Option to shut down #Qanon Rejected" Who rejected it? Who put it to Question? How does Corsi know it was rejected? Post? per Q "No Private Comms". "New #Qanon from w/in team now live w new tripcode and 8chan Board". How did Corsi know this? Did Q email him this info? Who was the "old" #Qanon? How does Corsi know that new #Qanon is from w in team? Post? Private Comm? There Are No Private Comms per Q. "Confidence Re-Established @Potus". Who's confidence? Corsi's? How did Q Re-establish confidence? Telegram? Post? then as of today we get this tweet After post 1326/1361222:

Jerome Corsi

? @jerome_corsi

15m15 minutes ago

Thank you for understanding. My Conclusion: #Qanon completed mission 4/28 w info FLYNN did not lie & NSA Rogers free to testify after Nakasone transition. "NEW Q" is DEEP STATE w AI Warfare disinformation mission to divide the movement. I will find new ways to contribute @POTUS

"New Q is Deep State w AI Warfare disinformation mission to divide the movement" "So now Confidence is lost again" Who, what, wher and when does/is this information coming from? Where is Corsi getting his comms?


David Seaman Most of know has been saying he has been shown the actual indictments for some time now. Who showed him? How did he confirm they were real?

86ff96 No.1373107


I see you, and raise you X. ha!

fb844b No.1373111

File: 8b4dced529f72f1⋯.jpg (68.8 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, AllYoullEverBe.jpg)

86ff96 No.1373113


Forget Corsi. Just say no.

6c40be No.1373114

>Define Media.

>Primary goal of the Media?

>To Sell (each selling a dif narrative - set of targets).

>Selling makes money.


834381 No.1373115

62a020 No.1373116


Q, did AJ lose his contact with POTUS and that's why he's turned against Q, cause Q has the goods and AJ doesn't anymore? kek

Did POTUS realize AJ is comp and drop him?

dbdf3d No.1373118


Clearly you haven't watched. You are an MSM retard.

9a4ec0 No.1373125


More than that… Q is teaching Joe SixPack how to be a 'Conspiracy Analyst'. The whole reason things have gotten so out of control is because the citizens did not question things and put 2 + 2 together.

We have had too many 'Conspiracy Theories' turn into 'Conspiracy Fact'. We need people to start asking questions so evil can't hide.

944e2c No.1373127


Just thinking that if Q calls out AJ and Corsi directly, Corsi will use that as "proof" that Q is compromised

351471 No.1373128

If anti grav is time travel. Are we facing a time dimensional challenge?

063f4d No.1373129

File: 3575bcb99751f6d⋯.png (63.49 KB, 617x353, 617:353, ClipboardImage.png)


Q, plants will be exposed?

Please, oh please!!! :)

That evil bastard Brennan needs to go down HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

477df4 No.1373132


Corsi will be hosting the 4th our of Infowars today. Q, please provide us with some intel that exposes him as being completely wrong that this is all a hoax.

Thank you.

86ff96 No.1373135


Abso - fucking - lutely!

72473d No.1373138

>>1372772 Please give some clarity Q, as to who you are warning against. With out specifics you are contributing to the rift.

86c0d2 No.1373143


common theme - zionists


Even David Seaman has jumped off the Q train (again).

I could understand his frustration however he seems to be over doing it.

834381 No.1373144


Jerry's steaming drunk, in a narcisstic rage and worried about his


554b44 No.1373146

File: 417042c3452a378⋯.jpg (110.52 KB, 752x500, 188:125, they-divide-we-conquer.jpg)

File: 773d6de19606867⋯.jpg (56.08 KB, 734x637, 734:637, 52c989d4c7ddd066b5ffc81333….jpg)


Patriots do NOT reveal classified information.

==They Divide.== We ConQuer

063f4d No.1373147

File: 16d8f1e804207bc⋯.png (259.19 KB, 577x473, 577:473, ClipboardImage.png)

WDSHN is a disgusting excuse for a human being!

62a020 No.1373149


We need to really out this guy. Face him down and tell him to lay of Q or else.

f78552 No.1373151






86ff96 No.1373154


No. You must pull your own head out of the sand. Q is NOT going to do it for you. That's the point, man. You got to man up.

6b9026 No.1373156

File: efef66ffb1b34fb⋯.png (22.96 KB, 567x286, 567:286, ClipboardImage.png)

Double post???


fbdbd3 No.1373157



Does Building 8 and 23andMe have anything to do with the 2045 Initiative?

50a1ce No.1373158

Its really funny to hear Corsi say this stuff about Q, Alex has always done what he's doing, but for the most part a lot of AJ reports on does happen. I will follow Q to the end, I will follow AJ to the end I will follow Corsi to the end. BUT I WILL DECIDE FOR MYSELF

3a82fb No.1373159

94b05b No.1373160


Spelled it wrong.

Apple actually had this in the dictionary, which tripped me out, as I randomly typed it to someone and was waiting to have to hit the x….but TADA.


I'm….well I'm not on 8Chan by accident.

-is weird af;

9b1a97 No.1373162

This is why we are here.



47db98 No.1373169

File: 9fb1b7a27ce8ba3⋯.jpg (153.02 KB, 852x480, 71:40, youthful Chinese Siren.jpg)


"…It does not matter… if Q is real or not."

Bringing humanity together over a common enemy is Only Good, no matter how it begins. No other time in human history has this happened. It is both Novel and Unique. The very technology used to subvert human freedom is being used to liberate.

This cannot be stopped. No matter the genesis (or claim thereof), it is a movement possessing a "common ground" that summons' the most powerful force in the universe, by those most entitled to deploy it.

1a05d6 No.1373172

86ff96 No.1373173

30901e No.1373175


Greed, control of information. Anyone wanting to control the information and profit off of itis not a Patriot

15de1b No.1373177

>>1372772 When my children share 'news' with me, I always ask them "What's your source?" and "Did you research this your self?". I also encourage them to ask these questions of others. My son is diligent with this and getting a low grade in a high school class with a liberal instructor due to this. But he stands strong as a patriot anyway. To all anons, I say teach your children well, they are our next greatest hope for freedom.

834381 No.1373179


Q, thanks for calling out Corsi.

>As many among you already know, Dr. Corsi is just the tip of the iceberg. There are dark forces at work trying to divide us and hijack Q’s work and our Movement. I will show you today who these dark forces are and how they are related to Dr. Corsi.

86ff96 No.1373180


Q team all the way. Until death do us part.

5a4536 No.1373182


its really simple

stop talking about anyone doing other crap outside of the board.

we do our thing, they can do whatever it is they do.

the truth always comes out, people will see for themselves.

6c40be No.1373186


>Infowars = MSM


MS13 Media hitmen

2f6002 No.1373187


Most of us see through the scams.

Just busy digging from the drops.

Coorperate America. Those that control the info control the world.

I trust the plan. Thanks Q team for helping to break the chains. Truth Trumps!

f78552 No.1373189


He's outing himself anon. Relax. Q said they would "reveal" themselves, and sure enough they are. Why would Q even validate any of them by naming? Their actions & speech say it all.

30901e No.1373191



9761ab No.1373192


True Freedom!!!! The ultimate goal

06d03c No.1373194


Humble water filter merchant.

6b9026 No.1373195

File: efef66ffb1b34fb⋯.png (22.96 KB, 567x286, 567:286, ClipboardImage.png)



How did this happen??

Can you post twice with same time stamp??

5df775 No.1373196


You continually fail to acknowledge Zionism.


063f4d No.1373197


>why he's turned against Q

AJ turned on POTUS/Q because HE was the one used to having the "insider knowledge"! That's what he built his brand around! Now Q only post on /qresearch/ or their own board and it takes away AJ's "I'm the only one with inside contacts' schtick!

6c40be No.1373199




KNEW this was accurate when I read it yesterday

0d2dc6 No.1373201


Corsi is an ass clown.

dbdf3d No.1373204


This is dumb, people don't work for free. Why aren't you attacking the MSM. CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX for making money? Instead you attack small timers that are frankly the only voice left of the right. Makes no sense, seems directed at only the alt media.

1e9b27 No.1373205


You have Internet. Dig. Find. Share.

Anonther Canadian

62a55d No.1373206


It is time to tell the world about the Truth in Racine, Wisconsin.

It is time to expose the Root of All Evil and Global Criminal Corruption.

It is time to expose the Truth about Sustainability (Satan's Ability).

It is time to expose the Truth about the Mark of the Beast and Community Policing.

It is time to expose the Truth about Agenda 21 and the real Agenda of Global Enslavement.

The world needs to know the Truth in Racine, Wisconsin.

You know who We are. You know what We stand for.

This is the Parousia.

5a4536 No.1373207



Tell Potus we are proud of him and all of you!

590116 No.1373210


Looks confirmed to me. Doubters be damned!

834381 No.1373211




d6bfb0 No.1373215



Should doctors info flow freely as well?? What about engineers?? What about the knowledge farmers have? What abut mechanics ..hairdressers, florist factor workers?? Profiteering ?


This is marxist at the core now

Why do you keep spouting this nonsense??

I was down for awhile but now I can see.. COMPED!!! No way does an American Patriot bad mouth Capitalism without being specific who you are talking about ? So anyone who makes profit is not Patriot?? FUCK THIS ..

enjoy and just know that no matter what Q says "the plan," was going to go no matter what was dropped ..


786583 No.1373219


Anybody carefully, calmly observing has seen many correlations between Q and Trump. Joined at the hip. Foretelling each other. Coordinated. Reaching out to us, teaching, educating. ThankQ. Stay brave, stay strong, stay in God.

370be9 No.1373220

Controlled opposition. This is their game of infiltration.

5df775 No.1373222


You thought he was Bill Hicks…still probably think it. So those in glass houses..

063f4d No.1373223





2cbc3b No.1373226


Thank you, patriot through and through 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

744caf No.1373228


Fuck reddit

c05879 No.1373229


Ready for all fronts.

Enemies claiming to be PRO-POTUS being outed.

FREEDOM brings people here.

Communication in anonymous format allows free-flow info.

MOCKINGBIRD media can't control.

Patriots follow their HEART & SOULS

Division will not stop the STORM!!!

6b9026 No.1373231

File: efef66ffb1b34fb⋯.png (22.96 KB, 567x286, 567:286, ClipboardImage.png)



8335c0 No.1373237

It's been 15 months and we've seen zero big arrests. All known traitors are still completely free. If you expect anyone to all of a sudden ditch Alex Jones, someone who has been exposing the truth for 20 years, then good luck. What a joke. "They want us divided." No, Q wants us divided. Fuck this shit. What little bit of credibility was left is now completely gone.

d6bfb0 No.1373240


Exactly..makes no logical sense right?

What threat ? Its just Marxism and it should worry everyone here that something is wrong

063f4d No.1373241


When a snake enters the house, there is no time for poetry: you secure the kids, close the doors and do what you have to do.


Thanks so much, Q!!!!!!!!

Dude, you rock!!!

68dc71 No.1373242


I got called a shill for posting this yesterday

dbdf3d No.1373244


I've been full in on Q until now. Free market capitalism is what I'm here to protect. This can't be coming from POTUS.

f06abf No.1373247


such a good article on this whole thing.

834381 No.1373249



December 24 2017. For the first time Alex Jones talks about Q. At last. It’s been 3 months! You can find the entire video here so nobody can accuse me of taking things out of context. Let’s listen to him from 0:54 to 1:56. video.

As you can see, Jones starts with Q but immediately shuts him down by saying this: Img2 This information warfare technique is used to zero or reduce the relevancy of the subject: you name the subject (Q), then you immediately replace him in people’s mind by talking about another person (Zak) with praises and hypertrophy. Then Jones goes into a long verbal journey about Zak, the color of the moon and other irrelevant subjects, beating around the bush, preparing, preparing, until he could finally throw this at his audience (watch until 8:46) video.

There are 2 techniques used here. The first one is Downgrading. Alex claims to know who Q is, where he get his info, Q is not really high level… secondarily… That technique is pretty straightforward.

Did you catch the second one? At 8:19 he says: “so they want to take Trump out in November, but we dodged it, and people go: look Q anon is not right, it didn’t happen”.

Q never said Trump was going to be taken out on November. Alex Jones did. You see how he did it: he lied, then he attributed the lie to Q, then he defends him. This is another information warfare technique consisting of artificially victimizing someone in order to pull his base. You push someone through the balcony, you take the stairs to catch him and then pay for his funeral…

86ff96 No.1373252


I am the captain of my own ship. I will stay and fight. We will either win or I will die trying.

Never give up. Work hard. Respect proper authority. Seek the truth. Keep your word.

9761ab No.1373253


Thanks for your input Dr. Corsi. Your guest spot selling fluoride free toothpaste is coming up. Time to go

6c40be No.1373254


POTUS isn't selling us anything. He's keeping promises.

ad3ed7 No.1373255


Sean Hannity, Sara Carter, Laura Ingraham. Use logic.

d6bfb0 No.1373256


Yep…except the socialism part

063f4d No.1373264


On December 08 2017, Infowars resorts to inviting Jordan Sather from Destroy the Illusion to talk about Q. Even though Jordan’s main field of expertise is secret space programs, free energy and the like he has been following Q on his YT channel and has done an excellent job bridging Q with the masses. When Jordan is invited by Infowars, we can see how proud he is: [tweet] (https://twitter.com/Jordan_Sather_/status/939206347928698880).

2214db No.1373267

File: bb7453943bbe7a1⋯.png (304.56 KB, 1065x636, 355:212, 1340 a.PNG)

d6bfb0 No.1373269


wrong …Just a real Patriot my Friend. Sad

f90cf7 No.1373270

File: a937daf391e72dd⋯.jpg (46.73 KB, 300x450, 2:3, hicks-final-show.jpg)


Well done article. Reddit!

"It's a long post but if you are a Q follower, this information is worth knowing."

Looks like a guy ready to die of Pancreatic Cancer? Right.

3a82fb No.1373273

I like what I am seeing and hearing from Q but!!! How do we know Q isn't also a part of the plan?

It all boils down to the Illuminati banksters that control all the wealth. Instead of draining the swamp, which is good, it would be more fruitful to go after the Cabal and the banking system, by picking up where Kennedy left off.Going back on the Gold standard using the Dragon family's gold to back it up.

Trump got billions by being friends with the banksters, why should we trust that he will flip on them?

86ff96 No.1373275


So? Bullets were not flying past your head. What's the problem? Just do the right thing. That's reward enough.

7b3cf3 No.1373276


Q, is POTUS safe?

9c542b No.1373279


Is AJ th FBI spy in Trump camp?

b6bbb1 No.1373280


Because choosing not to hide your "totally legit insider information" behind a paywall of "Super Male Vitality" is marxist/socialist? Yeah go fuck yourself fag

62a020 No.1373285


> Without AJ Trump is not President.

Michael Savage will disagree with you. So will anon memers. No one person made Trump president. It is a movement.

I don't believe Q ever revealed "classified" info. The intel Q dropped to my knowledge were not "classified".

59d0bc No.1373286


That's why they HATE Christianity

True Christians shun worldly goods

True Christians = bad consumers

Bad consumers = bad sales

Bad sales = no money

No money = no power

They want us DIVIDED

Market Segmentation

Makes it easier to sell

Karl Rove

Create "needs"

Create false identities

Divide along race lines

Divide along religious lines

Divide along gender lines

Divide by age

Divide by wealth

Divide by location




Unite under Christ

America will come and go

Jesus will reign FOREVER

They want you addicted

Addicts relinquish free will

Free will means possibility of saying "no" to a sale

They hate hearing NO

Spoiled children

Bad parents

Cursed for generations

They are EVIL


2dc0f4 No.1373287


We've got your six Q. As much as we can in this brave new world. The same for POTUS and these United States.

We fight, fight, fight for our freedom.

Where we go one, we go all.


1e2969 No.1373290


AJ and Corsi 'brands' destroyed. Puts in question all they have done.

5df775 No.1373291






Unkept promises of leaks.

These contradict "established proofs" as potential fraud/plotting.

834381 No.1373292


But it gets better:

January 5 2018. Alex Jones invites Zak. The YT video title is “High Level Intelligence Source Confirms QAnon Is REAL”. You can watch the entire video later. It’s a 23 minute video. Despite the title, Q is not mentioned any single time except at the 10th minute when Alex says the following; let’s listen until 11:15: video .

If you take a look at this composition, you realize Alex has obviously explored Q’s board. He is ridiculing him and asking people to hold on to Zak, his “real Q Anon” who is not a “LARP” acting in “Fantasy Land”. Unlike Q, his beloved Zak is acting in the “real world”. Sounds familiar? Yes… He is echoing his friend Roger Stone! They both talked about it and both have agreed their communication strategy was to convince Q is not real, he’s a bot or a hired human LARPING on 8Chan. Of course this strategy has to be implemented covertly in order not to risk any backlash from their audience that may have been following Q. Hence all these sneaky communication and manipulation techniques. After this vicious attack, Alex will never mention Q throughout the interview again. Those who are familiar with subliminal messages understand why the title did not have anything to do with the interview. The title was aiming at subliminally planting in people’s brains: ”The real QAnon is Zak”.

The next day, commenting on Zak’s interview, Owen Shroyer airs a segment titled: “Infowars Own #QAnon Discusses Deep State” Img.

Need I say more? You see the problem now?

68dc71 No.1373294


I'm just laughing because people here don't take others opinions seriously when solid points are raised.

9d88db No.1373295

>>1373162 Reddit banned Pizzagate research when that got out of the gates and Q is linking us to a known compromised board REDDIt LOL!

2cbc3b No.1373296


I have my red white and blue boxing gloves on.. you just have to believe in yourself, noone knows anyone here. We just love America 🇺🇸

1e9b27 No.1373297

Strip Clubs, Porn Stars, Internet and Trafficking

In the mid 2000's, Romanian girls (how young I have no idea, but there were no doubt single mothers amongst them) were brought to Canada to work in the sex trade… ahem… stip clubs. If memory serves correctly, the Canadian government supported this. At least one name comes to mind… Judy Sgro. LIBERAL Federal Immigration Minister. This puzzled a lot of people. "Canada needs more strippers?!? Dafuq? We're importing strippers? o.0 ?!?!?!?!?"


https:// www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/romanian-strippers-find-canada-ideal-gig/article18278178/

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judy_Sgro

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_trafficking_in_Romania

Canadian government was involved in recruiting. Some victims went to the US.

You'll find more if you need it and dig. The Canadian Prime Minister at the time was Paul Martin, who just so happened to own Canada Steamship Lines. There was some controversy about he and it. Relative to ongoing digging?

I don't think you need a Phd to realize that some men who are willing to pay for table dances, are more than willing to pay for more if proffered. Should you take the parent(s) being involved in the sale of their own children into account, this, no doubt gets ugly fast. Child trafficking has been discussed here in-depth. Did you know that girls as young as 12 have been found stripping in Canada? No need to elaborate further.

Porn stars fill those clubs to the hilt. Have you ever met a porn star? Would you like to? Well, back in 2003, for the low starting price of $50K USD per week you can have a hot young B-list porn starlet perform at your club and do anything else that you like. ANYTHING. Keep in mind that in 1986(?) it was discovered that, "unwittingly" (cue "eye roll"), the adult industry had been creating and publicly releasing child porn, re: Tracy Lords. How many others prior that we don't know about?

Back during the dawn of the commercial Internet, the online porn industry quickly boomed and was subsequently taken over by that minority (((group))) we're all familiar with. As if they weren't directly involved with its inception and growth (cue "eye roll"). Their mantra was "we lead the growth of technology", and they did: IP controlled sex toys, web cams, 3D, smell-o-vision, etc. (I could go on here…)

They also discovered a way to recruit fresh, new "talent" at next to no cost. "Who wants to be a porn star?!" Many iterations of this popped up all over the Internet in, no doubt, every language. Just about every adult partner/cash program had one. Trips, cash and fame were the prizes. Trips were almost always to an island or on a cruise ship. Probably in international waters. Of course I'm summing it all up generally, but think how many minors signed up for, or entered those contests. A "Yes I am of Legal Age" button makes a world of difference in a court of law.

Hope this helps in any way at all.

Godspeed Anons!

d7fa82 No.1373300

File: ef7932405758365⋯.png (363.02 KB, 1150x1448, 575:724, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)

File: ea42e0a1fda62cc⋯.png (254.62 KB, 1268x950, 634:475, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)


Q, what's the story with this clown? He's claimed to have alerted the Secret Service and reported you for impersonating POTUS.

b6bbb1 No.1373302


Because choosing not to hide your "totally legit insider information" behind a paywall of "Super Male Vitality" is marxist/socialist? Yeah go fuck yourself fag

6b9026 No.1373303


Selling out your country is not crosses the line homo

47db98 No.1373305

File: 9fb1b7a27ce8ba3⋯.jpg (153.02 KB, 852x480, 71:40, youthful Chinese Siren.jpg)


"…It does not matter… if Q is real or not."

Bringing humanity together over a common enemy is Only Good, no matter how it begins. No other time in human history has this happened. It is both Novel and Unique. The very technology used to subvert human freedom is being used to liberate.

This cannot be stopped. No matter the genesis (or claim thereof), it is a movement possessing a "common ground" that summons' the most powerful force in the universe, by those most entitled to deploy it.

30901e No.1373307


Thank you Q. That was a great explanation from that anon. Wow

5df775 No.1373308


Most accurate post I've seen here. Ever.

b6bbb1 No.1373310


Because choosing not to hide your "totally legit insider information" behind a paywall of "Super Male Vitality" is marxist/socialist? Yeah go fuck yourself fag

86ff96 No.1373311


Go back to hell demon.

e74858 No.1373312

Those that wont be able adapt to the chaos are going to be miserable.

3a82fb No.1373313

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_40 The Kennedy assassins.

2cbc3b No.1373315


I'm done. Was done W Corsi. Called him out for his shitty connection/microphone yet was taking donations each and every day.

b49ad6 No.1373318


Here is my place. Here is my focus ment to grow.

I can't name it though it feels right in my heart deep below.

bringing back something that i've lost long before.

Growing back into myself back into the ME then the US then the ONE.

And then … i'm ready for what the world has me to show.

Sorry for my english, Anon here is a foreignfag

Thanks@Q Thanks@Potus The Army of the Anons, The Brave Patriots


834381 No.1373319




5cf9a6 No.1373320



8e35fd No.1373321


I have been watching this whole process with great anticipation for some irrefutable results. I cant help but feel like I might be getting duped by some elaborate mind fuck. Come on, where are the earth shattering results we were all promised? It's just a never ending delay of justice that we were all led to believe. Seriously are we there yet? What's a reasonable amount of time to continue in this seemingly never ending pursuit of justice? Months? Years? An announcement that justice has been served behind the scenes but can never be made public for whatever reason? I'm starting to look stupid to my friends over this lol

Post last edited at

3a82fb No.1373322

Today all central banks are privately owned. Without exception, all are servants

of the Rothschilds!

038767 No.1373323



Do I really have to explain why?

d6bfb0 No.1373324



Select news members / journalists are vital to delivering the message (as are YOU).

Imagine if these people were removed.

Total control re: MSM.

They represent a clear and present danger to the enemy.

Re-read past crumbs re: security.

Where is JS?

How do we truly protect those important to us?

[19] immediates [no longer with us].

Self-suicide if actioned.

Real life.



This stinks to high heaven my friends

6c40be No.1373328


HA 100% Correct. 100% relevant.

c05879 No.1373329


No entity could stop the STORM!

No entity can stop the GREAT AWAKENING!!!

MOCKINGBIRD media free falling.

9d88db No.1373330

File: 75e5e425fe2b81a⋯.png (563.64 KB, 784x747, 784:747, QisFraud.png)

File: 82a8ea1402d9c8e⋯.png (300.56 KB, 410x371, 410:371, MAGA Qanon zero credibilit….png)

3a82fb No.1373334

The founding of the planned New World Order will be performed in steps:

• The establishment of one international World Parliament.

• The creation of an international Economic Order.

• Restriction of all national influence in favor of a dictatorial World Government.

• The complete control over all food supplies by one "World Food Authority".

• The complete control over all raw material, oil and gas resources.

• Creation of a World Army through combining the American army, NATO and

all other western armies.

• The merger and equality of all religions into one Humanistic World Religion.

• Creation of a social demographic network that connects all aspects of daily life

through use of computers.

• The establishment of a one world "Capital City".

• Installation of a World Leader.

dbdf3d No.1373335


Once the alt media is gone (the lefts dream), we will have nothing. This is a targeted attack by the left. What else could it be?

6b9026 No.1373342


Look at the post numbers and time stamps?

6c40be No.1373344




f4d0d4 No.1373345


Not a LARP.

Think McMaster Sr.

Not a game!

f90cf7 No.1373347

File: eceb9f22877bdbf⋯.png (679.18 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, sduvallshining.png)


I'd post of how I was blocked but afraid if they have IP segregated it would dox me.

e74858 No.1373349


The office managers.

62a020 No.1373352


I posted this on that bitch AJ page on Fb. Told patriots to read then make up their own minds. This is war.

5cf9a6 No.1373353


"I can't name it though it feels right in my heart"


3a82fb No.1373357

"We are governed. Our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested

largely by men that we have never heard of. In almost every act of our daily lives,

whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical

thinking, we are dominated by this relatively small number of persons."

d6bfb0 No.1373359


Yes it is Marxist to blame those who make profits…BIG TIME .

It's ok dude your just mind fucked pussy and always will be

6c40be No.1373360


Same ID, same device. Wouldn't be difficult to do with 2 tabs or browsers open. Or with a bot.

ebaa46 No.1373362



4d446f No.1373363


Um, NO. People are attacking because criminals are STILL walking free. After there was chatter of HRC video, released texts, and SEVERAL other things that did NOT happen. Nothing has happened other than a communal flow of information. Too much talk, not enough walk.

62a020 No.1373364


Because that is where the anon posted it dumbass.

9761ab No.1373365


This isnt socialism vs capitalism. No body has any issues with money being made. The info being shared is going to bring such amazingly positive change to mankind. to me It was fine when corsi and other paytriots had their youtube channels and were sharing and relaying the messages from Q but when they start bastardizing the message and using it then to get their sheckels it becomes a problem.

3a82fb No.1373367

Approximately 300 men that know each other and that appoint their successors themselves

determine the fate of this world. Their power exists in absolute confidentiality."

R. Buckminster Fuller claimed: "Great nations are simply the operating fronts of

behind-the-scenes, vastly ambitious individuals who have become so effectively

powerful because of their ability to remain invisible while operating behind the

national scenery."

063f4d No.1373370


" hold on to Zak, his “real Q Anon” who is not a “LARP” acting in “Fantasy Land”

lmao I said it earlier!

AJ is just pissed because he doesn't have all the "insider knowledge/contacts" he built his brand around!!!

5a4536 No.1373372


its not about making money retard

its about telling lies

he is controlled op

35e0c5 No.1373373


So much for "No names mentioned" from post 1328.

Whoever you are, you are desperate and are complete bullshit.

834381 No.1373374

File: b6ca6abaafcf429⋯.jpg (118.39 KB, 1303x581, 1303:581, 4.30.18 CorsiDonation7-49.….jpg)

File: 0a9bfb5c4711abf⋯.jpg (114.34 KB, 1331x581, 1331:581, 4.30.18 CorsiDonation15-10….jpg)

File: abee0b12c73d05c⋯.jpg (126.87 KB, 1316x582, 658:291, 5.1.18 CorsiDonation10-60.jpg)

05.03.18 No SuperChat Video

05.02.18 Total = 101$ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okGGEb4S_jc

05.01.18 Total = 544$ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6HSjAt3yyU (Parts 1&2)

04.30.18 Total = 350$ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_ScuVEiQ9E

04.29.18 No SuperChat Video

04.28.18 No SuperChat Video

04.27.18 Total = 369$ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsuHrGqV36U

7 Day Superchat Donations Total = 1364 $

0b950e No.1373376


ok dude

3a82fb No.1373382

Woodrow Wilson said: "We have come to

be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated

governments in the world. No longer a government of free opinion, no longer a

government by conviction and vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion

and duress of small groups of dominant men."

94b05b No.1373383


I feel less shilly…..

Posted a few tweets….tried to include something else of ….some fiber but…..

This dude is legit turning a lot of softer minds against Q. Which I wouldn't mind if it wasn't getting so nasty. On all sides…it's sad. And not warranted directed at Q, as he named no names. He simply gave a warning.

And once again.

He was right.

I knew immediatley who'd start screaming.

Vid creators I LOVE to watch on occasion still cover

554140 No.1373384


4c76b0 No.1373385

Anonymous (You) 05/11/18 (Fri) 10:50:37 5732c9 No.1373288

>>1372845 from other board. 2 Boards? Division.

WTF is going on here?

Q's 1372772 comment is omitted on this board.

1372772 is gone. 1372771, 1372773 on this board.

if you click link and go there 1372742 is pasted in between 1372742 and 1372808 [post which are grossly out of order.

WTF? Can someone explain how this can happen. Fuckery

62a020 No.1373387


Yes anon, now quit worrying and stop asking. Q said last night POTUS was safe now find something else to worry about.

3a82fb No.1373390

"Behind the visible government there is an invisible government upon the

throne that owes the people no loyalty and recognizes no responsibility."

During a lecture in the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York on April 27, 1961,

John F. Kennedy also spoke of a secret government behind the scenes of world

politics: "We are opposed around the world by a monolithic, ruthless conspiracy."

Are the visible world leader's mere puppets directed by an invisible power from

behind the scenes? Are there invisible hands controlling the world? Is there a conspiracy?

Who are the conspirators?

35e0c5 No.1373392


Breaking down this bullshit post:


1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust [FOCUS].

- This is a convenient use of one definition. Basically, what Q is saying is that anyone who disagrees with them is a "traitor."

There was no attempt to DIVIDE.

There was however a strategic move to REVEAL.

- This isn't even logical on it's face. It's a bald faced lie, even. There WAS an attempt to divide. Own up to it. But since a childish asshole wrote this, I doubt we will see that.

This is NOT about a single person.

This is NOT about fame, followers, or profiteering.

- Well, well, well - It certainly looks like it's about following Q, and Q alone. Perhaps that was "THE PLAN" all along.

It's obvious this was about Corsi (mainly) and AJ (with Zach), who refuse to blindly follow anyone. You know, like real men. If these two hadn't been waking people up for decades unlike Q-ty come lately, then MI would be involved in managing either the complete takedown of the US under HRC, or a Junta, both of which would have been ridiculously BAD and extremely deadly. A debt of gratitude is owed to these two who built their own brands and took the risks of public exposure, unlike these "anon" guys who get their paychecks from the Federal Government.

Oh, and by the way, this is how a REAL patriot thinks. Independently and truthfully. Ain't free speech a bitch?

dbdf3d No.1373394


Good luck anons. But I'm not going to let a ghost destroy the alternative media. Q outed as leftist. I'm all for not profiting off of war. But if your going to attack small timers and not the MSM, then your motives are clear.

0b950e No.1373396


that still packs a punch

94b05b No.1373397


fuq got cut off…..hit enter somehow.

*–still cover Q and do have donation stuff but they're doing their darned best to give good info and have been all along. To me it's not about the money, it's being willing to ATTACK a true message and PLAN for money. Fuck that. GO Q!

3a82fb No.1373403

"I do not believe that in the West the governments actually rule. According to

me it's the accomplices of the huge financial and industrial powers that rule. There

are innumerable multinationals that, like global giants, have gathered power and

immense wealth. These are not just companies, they are world powers. Do they

have military power? Of course they have military power. Can they control and

manage power? Of course, they manage our governments."

c0bec0 No.1373404

As many here know with AJ, it goes way beyond just wanting to protect his brand and not share his following with Q. No, way. It goes way beyond that. He and his handlers know what Q represents, and they don't want that light shining on the REAL TRUTH. Anything but that. They'll give you little treats here and there, but that's it. And look where it's gotten us? On the verge of an Orwelian, apocalyptic nightmare. If they were patriots, they'd back Q, simply because they know Q represents truth - period.

834381 No.1373409

File: 8542eaa2a1648d7⋯.jpg (126.58 KB, 1323x587, 1323:587, 5.1.18 CorsiDonation17-25.jpg)

File: 14bf004abcac5e4⋯.jpg (129.61 KB, 1332x639, 148:71, # Israeli Shill.jpg)

File: 22ffaf7285d164c⋯.jpg (111.43 KB, 1325x582, 1325:582, # Praying for Armageddon.jpg)





Corsi, as if someone that fugly could be truthful.

50a1ce No.1373410


Will stick with you Q till the end, But now I definitely want to see how AJ and Corsi will play this out till the end! Only time will tell

a9d5f2 No.1373411



their followers WILL understand this..we're gonna make sure..they're there for YOUR POSTS..not for Corsi or Jones…that dawns on these 'followers' since they're not the dumb part in this..they want real INFO and not the FEAR PORN they're getting on a daily basis..of course they all have a solid following..but not because they are stars..remember anons..Corsi was not a houshold name before all of this in this 'community'


let's show them who we are and why we're here!





4c76b0 No.1373414



Q's 1372772 comment is omitted on this board.

1372772 is gone. 1372771, 1372773 on this board.

if you click link and go there 1372772 is pasted in between 1372742 and 1372808 [post which are grossly out of order.

3a82fb No.1373415

"The power of these concerns crosses all borders. We witness the

explicit battle between multinationals and the sovereign states; the most important

political, economical and military decisions of these states are being undermined

by global organizations that are not controlled nor held responsible by any government

or political organization. The entire political structure of the world is being


86ff96 No.1373416


Luck will have nothing to do with winning. Shill.

3e15e1 No.1373417



f90cf7 No.1373418



Save locally, on detachable external drive.

(If the computer is off-line with no wi fi card does that count if the external is still plugged in?)

b6bbb1 No.1373419


Cry me a river, fag

3a82fb No.1373423

Novus Ordo Seclorum

"The one who cannot see that on Earth a big endeavor is taking place, an important

plan, on which realization we are allowed to collaborate as faithful

servants, certainly has to be blind." Winston Churchill

036af7 No.1373428


Kiss off. You're either a shill for AJ or a shill for Corsi who is trying to replace Q with himself. That is too retarded to even think about and so are you.

f78552 No.1373430


Maybe because it's not important. Evil is evil not matter what "label" you throw on it.

3a82fb No.1373433


American President

George Bush senior proclaimed the "New World Order" at the beginning of

the first Gulf War. On September 11, 1990, in an address to Congress entitled Toward

a New World Order, President George Bush called the first Gulf War an

opportunity for the New World Order

94b05b No.1373434


AJ and Corsi are full of Shit.

Zach is a fucknuts.

Deal with it.

Long time AJ listener….it fucked me up to watch him start to veer toward bullshit which has been long in the making…..Freemason rants and shit? Hell no, I left my family for that crap and he brags. He's fucking WITH THEM YOU IDIOT.


Get the fuck out with that shit. Or deal with getting called the fuck out. You fucking faggot.

6c40be No.1373435


How do you feel about those who profited from 9/11? How about those from the Iraq or Afghan War if you know someone personally who was killed or injured in those wars? How do you feel about the Roths profiting from ANY WAR?

Are we no AT WAR? Are there not operators of all ranks giving their blood sweat & tears to this war? Away from family who may not see some of them again? Are there not people such as the above named who are PROFITEERING from this war? All while causing DIVISION between POTUS supporters? They have EVERY right to make money, but at the expense of PATRIOTS LIVES while peddling propaganda?

Why should AJ or CORSI get a pass?



5cdb57 No.1373436


Q, you have countless silent followers. Rarely posting. Not in it for the glory, but to reclaim our country from evil. WRWY Always standing by.

1a05d6 No.1373437

Anyone else think AJ should have never tried to call POTUS a cocksucking punk while shouting "Fuck Trump" all night long as a play for views?

7a78b4 No.1373438

looks like a painting…Enki ship >>1372869

72d723 No.1373440


report your post concernfag

you just doxxed yourself

no names - no email - not all people are good here

cccb16 No.1373441


Thank you Q

We're all smart enough to know and see thru agenda driven messaging. Just give us the drops and we will red pill the shit out of the world!

3a8c5d No.1373442

File: afe9661db362f76⋯.jpg (414.43 KB, 937x704, 937:704, Corsi1.jpg)

6d1113 No.1373443


Division 5 with AJ ?

1afa0d No.1373444

Q whats on? We are waiting for freedom in Germany!

Patriots are facing imprisonments.

What is the truth with1933-1945 ?

834381 No.1373445


Dude, I'd love him for turning the soft minds that we can't, HOWEVER, he's telling them SHIT. Turning around the message from Q every time. He's not on our side.

5ca35b No.1373449

>>1373162 thank Q

3a82fb No.1373451

Winston Churchill announced as part of his famous speech in

the London Royal Albert Hall: "Our final goal is to install an all-powerful government

on a world level, and we will strive for that."

5cdb57 No.1373453


Ugh… of all the users on Reddit, you had to pick that guy. Have you read his post history? He's the walking embodiment of giving conspiracy theories a bad name, by "seeing" meaning everywhere. I often wondered if he wasn't a clown with many of his crackpot posts.

God Bless POTUS, Q, and our military.>>1373162

2dc0f4 No.1373455


I saw that. Very interesting to say the least.

270415 No.1373456


We are anonymous and we are dangerous…better watch your ass Mr Jones

5df775 No.1373458

Just curious. If Corsi and Jones are bullshitters and Q-team knew it. Why did they crack open a beer and circle jerk themselves into a corner?

One drop could ruin both if comped. Q team "hears all, see's all" so they have any sort of damning evidence needed.

I'm smelling psyop again. Confusion that could be avoided for sake of keeping mission on point. Not military-like AT ALL. It's been fun Anons. Comped. Done. Time for a new process and approach.

Do not stay complacent.

3487c3 No.1373461



3a82fb No.1373462

Rockefeller says: "There is a

fever of nationalism…. The nation-state is becoming less and less competent to

perform its international political tasks…. These are some of the reasons pressing

us to lead vigorously toward the true building of a New World Order…."

49e079 No.1373464


Pawns in the Game- William Guy Carr. pdf's online.

94b05b No.1373465


It's like people who sell shirts with dead kids names on them where I used to live in the south (dunno if everywhere does this shit) and no….not to raise money for the kid's funeral or to help the family….just to virtue signal and make money.

That's Corsi and Alex.

If it bleeds…it leads.

Dana was right….

86ff96 No.1373467


Truth is truth no matter where it comes from.

3a82fb No.1373469

Mikhail Gorbachev said: "World progress is only possible through a search for

universal human consensus as we move forward to a New World Order."

0b950e No.1373470


pup outs

2dc0f4 No.1373472

6c40be No.1373475

374b33 No.1373476


Anonymous 05/11/18 (Fri) 17:26:03 374b33 No.1372926


Dear Q,

Please explain to me the betrayal of the Polish people as represented by the JUST Act (S.447 and H.R.1226), which as per my understanding, states that Jews will be able to seek reparations for property that was """stolen""" from them in WW2.

I am concerned because only property without heirs became property of the Polish State, as per Polish law and all international or international laws. However, now Jews who never had any relation to this property will have a basis to demand it """returned""" to them, claiming this as their """just and fair reparations""", even though the Polish State already paid Jews huge sums as per an agreement signed in 1960.

How could Trump sign this into law, a blatant betrayal of some of his strongest supporters abroad and at home?


A Bewildered Citizen

d6bfb0 No.1373477


ME TOO man..the first time I was like ehhh then Q kind of redeemed but then THIS?? I am glad I am not the only one my friend..its worrisome to see everybody SOO excited about yelling the "profiteers," down and not see the fake BS Marxist argument mixed into it . Everyone and their mom can call me a fag and kys but I know what BULLSHIT is when I see it…ZIONIST tricking the sheeple who deep down are marxist by touching their nerve about doing it for free cuz most anons do it all for free and feel animosity for it (deep down) SO q manipulates that feeling getting them all charged up …It works, he's smart ..

3a82fb No.1373480

Nelson Mandela said: "The New

World Order that is in the making must focus on the creation of a world of democracy,

peace and prosperity for all."

036af7 No.1373481


Corsi is an liar. He's been proven a liar too many times for even the most retarded to not catch it by now.

6c40be No.1373482


100% the same aim as AIM

62a020 No.1373484


Just for the record anon, Q never named names. These shills outed themselves.

370be9 No.1373485

D5 Avalanche. This snowball cannot be stopped. Humanity is awakening. God bless all Patriots working to help awaken humanity.

3a82fb No.1373487

The Mass Media

"We allow the most atrocious lies uttered by political and moral prostitutes to

go unchallenged. These lies are endlessly recycled in the media until they become

ingrained in the public conscience as truth." Charles Sullivan

b6bbb1 No.1373490



Fake and gay


Fake and gay (and actually a good thing)


Actually a good thing


Q has addressed

>Unkept promises of leaks

Fake and gay

e74858 No.1373492


Anons, remember this bullshit when some tard anon tells you to get back to work and dig.

86ff96 No.1373494


He's not going to do that. Quit asking.

Fight your fight yourself.

3a82fb No.1373495


What do the current presidents and prime ministers of France, the United Kingdom,

the Netherlands, India, Georgia, Greece, Colombia, Mexico, Philippines,

Portugal and many other countries have in common? They were selected by different

U.S. Embassies and educated by our elite through the U.S. State Department.

Earlier in their careers all have participated in the Foreign Leader Program.63 After

participating in this special Program more then 240 alumni became heads of government

in their home countries!

6c40be No.1373496


Damn, that's a good analogy, seen it too many times

adcb45 No.1373501

File: 34a006606dd7297⋯.jpg (52.11 KB, 474x261, 158:87, .jpg)

5df775 No.1373503


If you knew these characters were full of it, why not eliminate the problem before it becomes one? You have to have evidence of them being in someones pocket if they're comped. Why let it get to this point?

This creates chaos, confusion and does not help the strategy, unless this is the strategy.

038767 No.1373504


Very well done. Something is very rotten in Canada. And it as been festering for a very long time. I can wait for the US population to wake up. Because here the hyper-normalization as set in and the People are to disconnected to do anything.

But as soon as the Awakening start in the US it's going to be a quick wake up in Canada.

God bless.

f78552 No.1373505


Because they try to convince people they are something they are not, such as "insiders" in contact with Q. If you are charging money to filter lies, or at the least, MIS-information, there's a problem. It's called EGO & it's become apparent. Just for the record, Corsi, AJ, Beanz…they were NEVER the "only" voice of the right. Maybe for you, not for most.

3a82fb No.1373509

Of course a large majority of the constituents

are unaware of this, and so blindly continue to confide in a party or president and

give their vote every four years. Ordinarily the constituents do not know anything

about the international connections that are hiding behind a political party or politician'

regardless of the orientation of the party or politician.

409106 No.1373510

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



0b950e No.1373512


yeah i had an actual DM string with serialbrains when he posted a decode system that made no sense

it had errors

i called them to his attention

he acknowledged the errors

said he would correct it

never did

so i posted he was wrong and he messaged me again asking whats the beef ?

i ignored him

so who the fuck knows now?

the only thing i am 100% sure of is potus

at a minimum he is the best potus ever

working hard and kicking ass is a corrupt broken world

at the best he is everything Q says he is

i pray its both

8022bc No.1373516


Filter this clown.

2dc0f4 No.1373518


I'm pretty sure I can hear the SS laughing from here right now.

c37118 No.1373519


Why, yes. Yes it is. Thank Q.

3a82fb No.1373524

The media plays a key role in getting the public to accept the politics of our elite.

For them building favorable relations with key journalists is an essential element.

Many years ago, during an Illuminati meeting Moses Montefiore said: "As long as

we do not have integral control of the world press, everything we do will be without

result. At any rate we need to make sure that we can influence the world press

if we are to govern and shackle the masses."

1d6982 No.1373525

Have AJ or Corsi ever shut down the Twatter censor algorithm like Q has? Total confirmation right there anon.

834381 No.1373526

How much does Jerry take in per hour for QAnalysis which WE HAVE DONE?

Records show around $500 in superchat only, not including PayPal donations which he solicits under each video and in each video.

How much money do we QAnons make?

Nothing at all, however money is crass. We believe we are working for a better world and give the hours we have, regardless of no-pay.

we don't fucking care about money

non-patriots DO

036af7 No.1373529


He's president of the United States of America, NOT Poland. Get a life, grow some and fight your own battles.

b6bbb1 No.1373530


A good voice of the right is Dan Bongino (and no this is not Dan shilling olol)

925065 No.1373533


Amen fellow patriots, Godspeed Q+

3a82fb No.1373537

Today our elite control the mass media worldwide. They possess an enormous

repertoire of instruments by which to implement its power. In their hands the press

have become the principal tool with which public opinion and the thoughts of

every individual are shaped. Press and literature have become the main educators!

Anything that is repeated in the media often enough is nowadays considered to be


0b950e No.1373538


this baker

this is very notable

exactly the same as AIM

f78552 No.1373542


Then GTFO. You don't belong here, we don't want you here. Go ride AJ dick some more.

86ff96 No.1373543

Those who have ears will hear.

Those who have eyes will see.

The rest can go to hell. And stay there.

Fuck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

300384 No.1373544

It costs little to lose an echo chamber. We can do that all day long. Bring it on clown faggots.

c37118 No.1373545



036af7 No.1373548


EXACTLY!! He has scanned the boards for Intel and DIGS so he can SCAM (not free market) his fans. Who does that?

3a82fb No.1373550

Lies play a decisive role in most attempts to manipulate public conscience on a

daily basis. When various people comment on a certain theme, usually there are as

many opinions as there are commentators, THIS IS WHY I POST!!! TO EXPOSE THE LIES AND SEEK THE TRUTH FOR MY FELLOWS TO SEE!!!!

94b05b No.1373553


Going through crap like that with 'family' currently, too.

They yanked us across the nation after TWO floods in the south a few yrs back to rent their friend's house….over a yr with busted water pipes but damn they want their fuckin' rent exactly on time.

If I weren't such a pushover I'd turn her ass in.

But currently have nowhere else to go.

She's neglecting the property, but hey, she'll get her money because I keep my word ya know..

People need to keep their word more.

I choose to believe POTUS and Q are going to.

I know WE will.

ac55a6 No.1373554

File: 569ea06fa9caced⋯.png (382.72 KB, 500x676, 125:169, namefags.png)



We're all anonymous here.

Stop namefagging, filtered again.

e74858 No.1373557


not just him.

3a82fb No.1373560

Worldwide there is currently no greater power than that which is executed by the

manipulators of public opinion.

2702b6 No.1373563


We are here to stop the misinformation that the cabal would INEVITABLY create to confuse the people. Alex Jones and Corsi work for the cabal.

6c40be No.1373564


see >>1373447

036af7 No.1373566


True that

3a82fb No.1373569

The opinion makers' control is monopolistic. All

media, television, radio, newspapers, etc. speak in the same voice, reinforcing each

other. Despite the appearance of multiplicity, there are no real differences of opinion,

no alternative sources of information for facts or opinions that would allow the

wider masses to form an opinion that diverges from the one expressed by the media

9365af No.1373577



Yup, I would suggest that if there are any good, honest people at I.W. that are dedicated to the truth, that they hand in their resignations toots sweet.

This weekend would be a perfect time to do it actually. As of Monday, all bets are off.

5df775 No.1373579


I believe we are living an alternate timeline. One never taken before.

f78552 No.1373581


I don't see it as Q being against capitalism so much as calling out the HUGE egos of certain people, that are lying & misleading the public for money. JMHO.

3a82fb No.1373584

Television is the dominant medium for information, or rather disinformation

3a82fb No.1373592

Complex information systems control that which passes for the truth. News from

all over the world is presented by a mere handful of press agencies. These press

agencies are being controlled, and they only publish what they see fit to publish.

Without realizing it, most journalists are spiritually dependent on their masters.

7bb8a3 No.1373593


Prayingmedic is a great source. He never pretends to know what he doesn't know. He leaves you with thoughts…and asks you to think for yourself. If you have to "follow" someone, choose @prayingmedic. He puts it out there EXACTLY as Q does. Then he asks you to think for yourself. He gives you his take, but is NEVER asking for money or support. He just wants you to come to his videos and postings with an open mind. Then he asks, as Q also asks us, to EXPAND your thinking.

8863f5 No.1373598

File: ca90d771568d52e⋯.jpg (88.66 KB, 685x385, 137:77, rg8.jpg)


I thought the same thing after reading a few of his numerology posts in the past. I think the guy is a bit of a manic but we all have our quirks.

That being said, his post is very well thought out, researched and constructed. It's literally the only post of his I like. Q was right to point us to it imo.

cccb16 No.1373601

POTUS live

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=04IuPLyfaQQ&feature=em-lbcastemail

3a82fb No.1373602

Journalists have become processors of news items, which makes them guilty of the

lie. Journalists are only occupied with (unimportant) themes that have been

"cleared" by the Illuminati. The things in which mankind is truly interested are not

discussed in the media.

86ff96 No.1373606

What is the opposite of the NWO?

I think I know, but do all of you?

063f4d No.1373607


AMAZING break down of EXACTLY what went down, how and most importantly WHY! Thank you, Q, for this link!!! GLORIOUS 2018!!!

834381 No.1373609

Kek, let's see Jerry's twatter after this….

6c40be No.1373610


We all have our part in MAGA, your's is giving you exactly what you need to see in order to create a niche for yourself. Tenant's rights…

f78552 No.1373611


That's just HOW ignorant this Zero guy is.

409106 No.1373612



3a82fb No.1373618

ohn Swainton, during his many years as publisher of The New York Times, in

his farewell speech, shared the following revelation with his employees: "There is

no free press. You, dear friends, know that, just like I do. Nobody among you

would dare give your own honest opinion. We are all instruments and serf in the

service of the financial potentates in the wings. We are puppets that dance and

jump when they pull our strings. Our knowledge, our skills and even our lives

belong to these men. We are nothing more nor less than intellectual prostitutes."

3a82fb No.1373628

One World Financial System

"There is a global meltdown coming. It is global depression. And one world

currency and one world financial system is the endgame." Glenn Beck

036af7 No.1373629

File: 166264220b65837⋯.png (22.19 KB, 767x147, 767:147, ClipboardImage.png)


They're already circling the wagons.


617b5b No.1373632


THANQ team! NEWFAG here luring since Q’s first week. Because of the massive surveillance we are all under, I was quickly suggested Q videos on YT feed based on my view history and topics of interest.

There are many Patriots providing their time and talent to offer us information relevant to Q’s crumbs. There is nothing wrong with these Patriots offering a way for us to provide donations to help grow the audience reach and demand for content. They are not demanding or pushing for donations and paid subscriptions. Content is always FREE and monetary contributions are voluntary.

AJ and Crew woke up a lot of us, but somewhere along the line sold out. Half of their content now is full of commercials for their supplements and other sponsors. Corsi road the coattails of #WeThePeople 24/7 Patriots' Soapbox Stream on YT to gain a following on the topic after arriving late to the party. Used them for free tech support and help updating and setting up his platforms. Since being self outed, Corsi now bashes Q, the Q movement, and calls the patriot following a cult. All his tweets and videos now are aimed to detract or discredit Q and crumbs.

Thank you Q team, #WeThePeople 24/7 Patriots' Soapbox Stream and Beanz for helping spread truth so WE THE PEOPLE can paint the map to the full truth.

Much love from a NEWFAG

554b44 No.1373634


I hope to shortly see the memes of the side by side statements of Q, Jones and Corsi. This long post has given you the material to produce them. This post is based on facts. Real facts. It was not aiming at anything else except presenting verifiable facts so that people know who is who and what the motivations of each actor are.

bd07a7 No.1373635


Q: If Q was a psy op, why would Trump and Q team allow it to fester and grow without alerting patriots to the effort being compromised?

3a82fb No.1373636

The Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve Bank was founded in 1913. Most people think that this bank

is an American Federal Company. That is just as wrong as the conviction that the

Bank of England belongs to the British Crown or to the whole of England. The

Federal Reserve is in the hands of the Rothschilds and company.

3a82fb No.1373639

How does the Federal Reserve Bank

operate? Suppose the United States government needs a couple of billion dollars

for its expenses that cannot be paid with taxes income. At that moment it addresses

the Federal Reserve Board. Then government bonds for the needed billion dollars

are printed in the Bureau of Printing and Engraving. After these bonds are handed

over to the bankers of the Federal Reserve, the board grants a loan to the government

in the amount of the bond issue. The Federal Reserve draws interest from the

government from the day the bonds are delivered. From that day on the government

is allowed to draw checks against the Federal Reserve for the·amount of the

bonds. What are the consequences of this incredible transaction? The government

simply saddles the people with a billion dollar debt to the Federal Reserve Bank,

apart from the interest on interest that also has to be paid by "ordinary people".

7d84e0 No.1373640


To be honest, who gives a shit what Corsi or Jones think? Drop your MOABs and those who seek truth will figure out where to look on their own.

62a020 No.1373642


POTUS speaking now. Tackling the drug lobby. Go POTUS!

7e92a2 No.1373649

f3d599 No.1373650

File: 65fdb77074171bb⋯.png (137.66 KB, 580x344, 145:86, lepermessiah.png)


this is a great read

and confirms many of our suspicions

about Corsi and Jones and others

Lots of us have known this for a long long time

but the validation goes a long way

say no to PAY-triots

6c40be No.1373651


>https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=04IuPLyfaQQ&feature=em-lbcastemail

MANY thanks anon

59d0bc No.1373652


Which crypto should I invest in?

Is Bulletproof coffee bad for your health?

Will Paul George sign with the Lakers?

Does Merkel smell like medicated rub?

3a82fb No.1373654

When the Federal Reserve needs new, or more, currency to transact its business,

it takes the bonds over to the United States Treasury for safekeeping and asks the

Treasury Department for the billions of dollars of new currency it needs. The Bank

is accommodated on condition that it will pay the printing bill. It only pays for the

expenditure costs of the banknotes, which are no more than a mere 500 dollars for

ink and paper! It is understood that the Bank need not relinquish the bonds it holds,

but will continue to collect interest on them. The Bank then loans the new printed

currency into circulation to anyone who can provide it with satisfactory collateral.

6d1113 No.1373656



This is an important link.

The rothchilds plays both sides as well as the bankers. The rothchilds goal is to get into both sides. To disrupt. To Confuse. Chaos.

Are some of the blackhats putting on a white hat with AJ to confuse the situation?

7e0b2b No.1373658


Problem is POTUS would never have won the election if it hadn't been for Alex Jones.

409106 No.1373662



3a82fb No.1373664

In less than twenty years the Federal Reserve brought the money system, banks,

exchanges and economy to utter ruin.Every dollar in circulation in the United

States is a borrowed dollar and pays its toll of·interest to the Illuminati bankers.

Nearly eleven trillion dollars in debt has been created since 1913. The American

people cannot even pay the interest! Every month more than two billion dollars

interest has to be paid. It is madness that a government hands over so much power

to a private bank that is not controlled by anybody. A power that can create money

out of nothing!

3fdac6 No.1373668


Bold = fake

036af7 No.1373670

File: 80bce1cee6e7bd5⋯.png (450.39 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

3487c3 No.1373672


are you retarded or new?

94b05b No.1373673


I don't mind donations.

Donations are fine, as some work reallllly hard on their content and they make it entertaining.

It's when they derail, manipulate posts and try to fuck it all up that I have an issue.

I love Deceptionbytes too, and McCallister even if she gets a weird wrap from some asshats….I dunno, I find it interesting. The meme folders kill me KEK

3a82fb No.1373674

Why the United States borrow its own money, based on its own credit, at interest,

from private bankers? Please bear in mind the fact that the founding fathers

made sure that provisions were made by the Constitution for an honest and debt

free money system. In part Article 1, Section ·8, Paragraph 5 of the Constitution

states: "Congress shall have power to coin money and regulate the value thereof."

5df775 No.1373678


Evil is a label…and an acknowledgement of how you look at it.


d6bfb0 No.1373679


WHO?? I thought he didn't mention names ..

" (They ) want you divided

( here let me through this coded marxist message out there and let everyone tear each other up, that won't divide them) (Oh not to mention I literally responded to An Anon about sean hannity saying that some are crucial …thats not a game I'm playing …oh and don't worry Israel is Last..seriously don't worry about anything because for the first time in your life you feel like you're contributing…When i say jump they say …what does that really mean?? It means jump..your his puppet

You're the fucking retard my friend if you can't see the PLAY here..HA good lord good luck

3a82fb No.1373681

It is most evident that by this provision, Congress alone should be the money creating

agency of the nation.? Although the Constitution has been set aside

through the intrigue and power of the Illuminati, the Congress of the United States

is authorized by the Constitution to do as Abraham Lincoln did in order to finance

the Civil War, to-wit: "issue the money required against the credit of the nation, debt- and interest free". Lincoln didn't want to borrow money from the Rothschilds

and Co

f3d599 No.1373682


lurk moar retard

bold colored trips do not mean real trips

it means you were fooled by an imposter

and you should probably go back to sucking Jerome Corsis cock

f4d0d4 No.1373688



We are not here to entertain some "benevolent lie" to bring everyone together for cumbaiya! We are here for #TheGreatAwakening!

86ff96 No.1373689


Low IQ.

240860 No.1373692



So in a nutshell AJ is jealous and losing followers which means losing money so he is trying to sew division and control the flow of information because it makes him more money

3a82fb No.1373693

Andrew Jackson said: "If Congress has the right under the Constitution to issue paper

money, it was given them to be used by themselves, not to be delegated by individuals

or corporations." That the term, 'coin money', included the printing of currency

was later established by at least eight decisions of the Supreme Court of the

United States.

62a020 No.1373696


Because the Joos wanted Trump to win, and AJ is comp by them.

86ff96 No.1373699


Sauce? or GTFO. Right now, you are a shill.

6d1113 No.1373700


Another utuber complained of this with AJ


063f4d No.1373703


Alex, it won't work! LMAO

Now go play tic-tac-toe with Zak!

3a82fb No.1373709

The interest rate set by the banks was twenty-eight percent. For

Lincoln Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 5 was sufficient authority to disregard the

powerfully entrenched bankers. So, in spite of the greedy bankers' protests he

caused to have printed in the Bureau of Printing and Engraving a total of

$450,000,000 of honest money, constitutionally created on the credit of the nation.

18e88c No.1373714

File: 287032ad27ef54f⋯.jpeg (28.42 KB, 474x394, 237:197, 287032ad27ef54f82bb0a7f72….jpeg)


Q, with all due respect, could you please help those who are getting confused by the discussion of socialism in relation to profiteering. We know that Patriots join the military to serve their Country, but they also receive a paycheck for doing so. Could you please help diffuse the cries of "socialism" by expounding further…Please?

86ff96 No.1373715


Evil is not subjective. Don't be an idiot.

063f4d No.1373718


>POTUS would never have won the election if it hadn't been for Alex

complete 100% Bull shit!!!!

3e5264 No.1373719



5df775 No.1373721


Needs moar gay.

2f6002 No.1373722


Very cool. I just sent this out to my Q friends email list this morning since some were concerned. ThankQ.

Love Jordan by the way. He is a good kid and does not let ego get in the way. Basically that is what this is about. A bunch of frigging egos wanting to puff themselves up. When you have no face and identity you are a ghost. Invisible. Great super power to have. Brilliant Q team!

d6bfb0 No.1373724


Dude but don't worry Saudi is our friends and Israel is being saved for "last," wink wink…oh and Marxism is good for you…You don't get it ?? Expand your thinking bruh ( sarcasm )

409106 No.1373725



f06abf No.1373728

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bill Cooper on Alex Jones

5df775 No.1373733


Has anyone let Soros know Zionism is fake?

8863f5 No.1373734


Most likely all of the above. They're all intertwined.

86ff96 No.1373737


Q does not mean questions will be answered.

036af7 No.1373738


Shouldn't you be getting ready for your 3:00 p.m. ET radio appearance famefag?

063f4d No.1373742



Having a JOB and getting paid is not socialism!

Q SAID "making $ off THIS movement"!!!!!!! smfh good grief

af5fee No.1373743


Information and the truth should always be free. Adding ego and a name evolves into a brand. A brand becomes a business. A business becomes reliant on customers/followers to stay alive.

The goal of any business is to grow its customer base by delivering a product that best suits the needs of their customers. If we tear down the existing MSM only to replace it with people like Beanz and Corsi, we will be back into the same position within a decade or two. We need an Anon News Network.

5a4536 No.1373744


off topic but this lefty got blasted for trying to lie. watch both videos

5df775 No.1373747


Well the FBI already supposedly has a case open on Q, why not add another?

599b50 No.1373752


This month, May 2018, Jones said he hadn't talked with Trump in about six months. Based on the reddit article posted by Q, perhaps POTUS had to cut Jones loose….perhpas he is cutting Corsi loose. Seems like they are both off-track, off-message now.

409106 No.1373754



063f4d No.1373755


Did you even bother to read the fucking link??? gtfo

bdfe87 No.1373756


But for Q, I would not know about and created a connection between the Executive Orders, the almost 30,000 sealed indictments and the CEO/government resignations. All of these are facts that can be verified. That alone is an awakening. It is apparent that a criminal network is being targeted and taken down. No doubt or confusion on my part with regards to Q's value. The fact that I now know the magnitude of the lengths the deep state has gone to to control us, just makes Q even more valuable to me and my ability to help others see the true state of our world. There is an enormous amount of hope because of Q.

71ab25 No.1373758

Where is this board in the catalog?

25ae99 No.1373759

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Q -

Thanks for all you are doing.

We are being lied to about all of it, aren't we?

6c40be No.1373760


No names mentioned. On purpose.

They will all out themselves. Easy to spot.

Enjoy the show KEK

b6bbb1 No.1373761


Jones Corsi et al NEVER had sources on the inside

5df775 No.1373762


All posts here should be allowed because you never know what may arise. Only ignorance pushes away ideas.

3e5264 No.1373764


Not comped. Lurk moar.

409106 No.1373769




063f4d No.1373772


>Q does not mean questions will be answered.

Digits confirm!!! lmao

f3d599 No.1373773


scroll up to the top

and see the image

then go to catalog

and because it is very active, it will be close to pinned

click on similar pic in catalog

86ff96 No.1373774


Including the one you just answered.

68cf89 No.1373775


Q's comped. This is a direct attack on the alternative media. The only group that wants that is MSM and the left. This guy's reddit posts are a joke.

1c2b09 No.1373779


POTUS drug plan. Equal prices world wide. No more America tax on med prices. BILLIONS upon billions to be saved for US

3e5264 No.1373780

25ae99 No.1373781


Waste of sperm.

036af7 No.1373782


Capitalism is an economic system based upon private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit. Characteristics central to capitalism include private property, capital accumulation, wage labor, voluntary exchange, a price system, and competitive markets.

Capitalists profit only off their own efforts.

A profiteer is a person who seeks or exacts exorbitant profits, especially through the sale of scarce or rationed goods, or the efforts of others without their permission.

944e2c No.1373786

File: 7a68ff11562cca4⋯.jpg (47.32 KB, 674x500, 337:250, 2a3ecg.jpg)

744caf No.1373793


but a good post.

49fd04 No.1373795

File: 07604dedab4d0ef⋯.jpg (51.38 KB, 298x403, 298:403, 11397a.jpg)


063f4d No.1373797


>This guy's reddit posts are a joke.

The "guy's" post Q lonked to is spot fucking on point!! Period. No one cares wtf his other post say!

8455b5 No.1373798

confused… what is the name of this thread in the catalog?

71ab25 No.1373802

Why isn't this board visible in the catalog?

86ff96 No.1373804


Go away.

d6bfb0 No.1373805


I agree with you dude…just doesn't sound like Q does or most of the anons..You gotta question the wording of these drops ..why wouldn't he just flat out say who the "fakers," are …becuase Q knows that the socialism/marxism argument will fire up most of the anons, because they have a hidden deep affinity for it. Just like the first time he made these drops and anons went crazy and started digging harder and then Q praised them for that right after..its simple and clear conditioning , I agree it's not all bad but what I am saying is legit

68cf89 No.1373814


These post are clearly designed to move patriots away from the alternative media. The only winners in that game are the MSM and the left. Q is comped.

25ae99 No.1373815

File: 1c97d9f806d3035⋯.png (32.37 KB, 663x160, 663:160, Screenshot 2018-05-11 at 1….png)


Corsi has his own problems from the 1994 timeframe….lawsuits in 1995…hid money in his wife's name…

MDS Securities….Worked with Ron Brown…THE Bill Clinton Ron Brown..

063f4d No.1373818

File: f0750829fc5bc49⋯.png (50.66 KB, 621x285, 207:95, ClipboardImage.png)


036af7 No.1373821


Why should Q out them, they outed themselves. KEK

663642 No.1373825

Q questions put forth with all due respect,

1) will we be freed from fake news/MSM/propaganda?

2) will the people of China be freed?

THANK YOU and God bless you, our President, and all your family members and loved ones. May freedom reign!

270415 No.1373826

I think you are all missing the point of Q's posts confusing profiteer warnings with socialism proclamations. Stop over thinking it, what he is saying is simply follow the crumbs and not those with a hidden agenda, be it money making or more sinister in origin. There are certain people out there trying to corner the market on Q research and the majority of new followers of the movement only get their information from the first link in their search bars, so if you can build a brand around Q you will inevitably control the narrative. I think the warnings are simply there to remind us who we are and nothing to do with them or their motives.

72473d No.1373827

>>1373162 Questions questions questions. for the Anon the answers lead to more questions, it's why I chose to question everything.

Q, clarity on below:

Jerome Corsi

? @jerome_corsi

Codemonkey & #Qanon both compromised 4/28. Disinformation photos w Apple was last straw. Decision at top levels made to pull #Qanon board. Option to shut down #QAnon rejected. New #QAnon from w/in team now live w new tripcode & 8chan board. Confidence Re-established @Potus

How does Corsi Have this info? How does he know the Apple photo's were Disinfo? Last Straw? What were some of the other Straws? "Decision at top levels made to pull #Qanon Board". Who is or are the "Top Levels"? "Option to shut down #Qanon Rejected" Who rejected it? Who put it to Question? How does Corsi know it was rejected? Post? per Q "No Private Comms". "New #Qanon from w/in team now live w new tripcode and 8chan Board". How did Corsi know this? Did Q email him this info? Who was the "old" #Qanon? How does Corsi know that new #Qanon is from w in team? Post? Private Comm? There Are No Private Comms per Q. "Confidence Re-Established @Potus". Who's confidence? Corsi's? How did Q Re-establish confidence? Telegram? Post? then as of today we get this tweet After post 1326/1361222:

Jerome Corsi

? @jerome_corsi

15m15 minutes ago

Thank you for understanding. My Conclusion: #Qanon completed mission 4/28 w info FLYNN did not lie & NSA Rogers free to testify after Nakasone transition. "NEW Q" is DEEP STATE w AI Warfare disinformation mission to divide the movement. I will find new ways to contribute @POTUS

"New Q is Deep State w AI Warfare disinformation mission to divide the movement" "So now Confidence is lost again" Who, what, wher and when does/is this information coming from? Where is Corsi getting his comms?


David Seaman Most of know has been saying he has been shown the actual indictments for some time now. Who showed him? How did he confirm they were real?

409106 No.1373832



4c76b0 No.1373833



How is your post here No.1372772

Sandwiched out of order in-between posts

1372742 and 1372808?

Your post from the other board 1372772 is missing. it goes 71 to 73 why?

Is BO manipulating thread order?


5df775 No.1373834


How does anyone know Q didn't write that shit and link us to it later? I don't know how some here can be so intelligent and naive at the same time.

68cf89 No.1373836


Q just outed an individual, goes against his own rules. Q's comped.

5df775 No.1373837


I said the BO was fuckery. Has been for at least a week.

f4d0d4 No.1373840

I've been watching AJ for @ 20yrs. I've always been wary of him for two reasons through the years.

1. Bill Cooper called him out on video.

<iframe width="854" height="480" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/d7jJMYJbAKc" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

2. Judy Wood called him out on 911.

<iframe width="854" height="480" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/FXYcdAe1Fzk" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I believe what AJ has and is doing is a good gateway drug to REDPILL, but, he's hidden his skeletons well.

(don't know if these embeds will work. forgive, please. newbie

5feecd No.1373841


Good explanation.

5bb1ec No.1373842

File: ffe9ae98e93534f⋯.png (96.78 KB, 945x651, 45:31, fkgcorsi.png)

here's more dirt on corsi. amazing.


e74858 No.1373848


and office managers.

554b44 No.1373853


Dude, don't fill in the name field





Mojojoot - 40 posts. Bread burn much?

Lay of the meth. Get a hobby or job.

Or learn to consolidate your copy pasta.

0b950e No.1373855


excellent read, takes a bit of time, but worth it. Really teaches us how to analyze a situation such as this.

It is really good to have this skill to be able to complete the Great Awakening

036af7 No.1373859


Clearly some in "alternative media" are not as alternative as they claim. They were the ones that started this fiasco of trying to divide the anons from following Q.

7e0b2b No.1373863


Just coming out with pathetic personal insults does not bode well for Truth seekers. To deny that Jones' influence wasn't crucial shows a lack of knowledge. I feel Jones is probably having a drop in audience, as are a lot of alternative reporters. His angle is probably self preservation?

A lot of these news people coving Q will be out of a job one day, I hope…

ca0c36 No.1373864

File: 428ecbdc0ea8702⋯.png (175.12 KB, 339x504, 113:168, TheProfiteers.png)

72473d No.1373865

>>1373162 Need confirmation Q. Need results. Need clarity.

409106 No.1373867



651a5d No.1373869

How and When will the Rigged Judiciary be cleaned up. The corrupt judges of family courts DAILY give our children to sexual abusers, and gag order or jail the parent who reports the abuse. There are now MILLIONS of us. POTUS, help us, THE CHILDREN, THE CHILDREN, THE CHILDREN

Will any of the sealed indictments help to clean up the corrupt judiciary?

Elite perps use the fake judiciary to cover up their crimes against children.

Elite perps use the fake judiciary to attack, gag order, manufacture false charges, & jail


5feecd No.1373874


A clearance via USAID? C_A then.

063f4d No.1373876


>Q is comped.

WRONG, Jerome, now gtfo!

86ff96 No.1373880

this is a side board. not the general one. Q posted here. So…. that's weird.

0d26e3 No.1373883


That's really sad about Alex Jones.

I always knew he was controlled in some fashion, but I never thought he would go completely against us like that.

Is he under threat or is he a bad guy? Wonder if it matters.

To AJ - So long and thanks for all the memes…

At least I never bought any of his stuff

036af7 No.1373885

3487c3 No.1373892


it was relevant

credit to the anon who did so ahaha!

25ae99 No.1373894


Research his life in 1994/1995…ran an investment company taking $$$ to Israel.

Ron Brown/Clinton


MDS Securities

409106 No.1373895




72473d No.1373896

>>1373162 Q You say POTUS has sent us messages b4. We need witness to the validity of current board. If 2 or more attest….

063f4d No.1373898


>Q's comped.

bull shit!


Now fuck off!

fb72d8 No.1373899


Well, they certainly fucked up in the Philippines, didn't he?

9365af No.1373901

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Hey AJ, suck on THIS –

Alex Jones - Liar - Hour of the Time - Bill Cooper


d6bfb0 No.1373908


I agree with most of what you're saying

I think you should use you obvious talent for insight and really break down the subliminal or underlying issues Q drops (not sarcasm at all) The wording is just enough for everyone to start posting about WHOEVER they THINK it is that Q is talking about..Q knows that right ? Threat to profiteering? Is profit bad ?

3487c3 No.1373914


kys soyboy shill

3a8c5d No.1373919

File: e758fe5b6dc9244⋯.jpg (195.73 KB, 466x322, 233:161, corsiQ1.jpg)

5df775 No.1373920


My point is wanting to know how Zionism is viewed by Q. Many are worried.

Evil is subjective. Luciferians claims Lucifer is light, they look at evil as a good. Stop being a KnowItAllFag and troll someone else.

4c76b0 No.1373921


So your saying Everyone on the Net that have mentioned you are Fakes and Follow only You aqnd this Board?

Thats Real Division if you ask me.

And the Fuckery on Both Boards thread numbers says something too not to mention 2 qresearch boards now competing with each other thats is Not Allowed,


663642 No.1373922

Does anyone else here have an almost overwhelming sense of Absolute Total Gratitude for the blessing of this direct conduit of truth from the President of our nation? God Bless and protect our POTUS and Q and all their families.

Say it with me now, in the holy name of Jesus. Amen.

4c1356 No.1373923


This! This may become my favorite Q post. This is the heart of patriots that love our country and love what our awesome POTUS is working to accomplish. Freedom includes free, truthful information! I'm so full of love for all you faggots and your awesome work (no homo)!! We WILL keep fighting. We will die before we surrender!

4d9434 No.1373925


Freely you have received. Freely give.

1a05d6 No.1373929


Have you seen anons' post history on 8ch? KEK

063f4d No.1373933



5df775 No.1373936


MMMmmmKay? That would be greaaaaaat. Thaaanks.

036af7 No.1373938



1cc58c No.1373940

File: d272fc0f1a8a85d⋯.png (148.47 KB, 408x610, 204:305, corsi-book-meme.png)

6c40be No.1373941


Then, READ. These last 2 Q posts are practically spoonfeeding you. READ THEM and the link.

1c5592 No.1373942


Q and POTUS..that's about it for me.

Don't really "trust" other info.

3886fd No.1373945


Perfect fit for name ==ZERO==

a9d5f2 No.1373947


71ab25 No.1373949


It's a legit question. this board is being linked to from offsite and then it's not visible in the catalog. Fuckery afoot

748ea6 No.1373950


Alex Jones is a Performance Artist. His own lawyer has made that clear. Look, he's selling chocolate flavored powdered soup (Bone Broth) - what is his real agenda?

68cf89 No.1373952


Makes no sense. This is division plain and simple. Good thing is, time will prove one of the two liars. Either there's a snowball coming or not. Tick-tock to both, there's no coming back from this post.

0d26e3 No.1373954


2214db No.1373955

I just finished reading the reddit post. I didn't realize how we were being lied to. Well…we need memes to rip Alex and Corsi a new one.

4d32fa No.1373956


POTUS should tweet with the words

Patriots Fight and Board. Any order Any context any placement in tweet.

That would seal the deal.

5df775 No.1373958


If you lurk here for a ridiculous amount of time throughout the 24 hour daily period, you notice things. Owner has never been so involved or vocal as has been recently.


49fd04 No.1373960

File: 169ac28d8eb7891⋯.jpg (8.4 KB, 231x218, 231:218, b902f344-7014-4944-ae0d-b7….jpg)


a9d5f2 No.1373961


62a020 No.1373963


What individual might that be? Q never mentioned AJ or Corsi's name

9e2406 No.1373964


MY quick reply window kept saying "posting" and didnt say posted… like it was lagging.. so i closed the window and pasted it and sent it again… prolly unlagged and both went thry at same time… im not a techFag so i dont know lol

71ab25 No.1373967


Anyone who just dismisses this is fucking shill

5df775 No.1373969


Then read the 4 vague things that happened and still don't announce if any of this is a trick or not and then trust the plan without a second thought.

That's if you want to fit in here. If you want to stay alive, question everything, trust no one.

8863f5 No.1373970


It's tricky for sure. Alex Jones has done a lot of good from what I can tell. He's a businessman though and it's obvious he put his bottom line ahead of his sense of patriotism/duty.

244359 No.1373972


He needs to report Saturday Night Live as well !

409106 No.1373974



663642 No.1373975


I've noticed that that happens to me when the bread gets lengthy. Just be patient. If not close it up and come back to it.

a8d5a5 No.1373977


http://www.angelfire.com/pa2/passover/elijah-the-prophet-elijah.html …

https://www.google.com/search?q=pesach&rlz=1C1KMZB_enUS574US578&oq=Pesach&aqs=chrome.0.0l6.5752j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 …

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_Shabbat …

http://www.angelfire.com/pa2/passover/elijah-the-prophet-elijah.html …

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eliyahu_Nawi …

#Thestorm look : http://www.hatanakh.com/en/lessons/shabbat-ha-gadol-malachi-and-eliyahu-ha-navi …

https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1KMZB_enUS574US578&ei=m6P1Wv_KA8TUzwKb4qbgDQ&q=Haftara&oq=Haftara&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0l10.47315.50321.0.55455.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..2.6.956…0i10k1.0.LqYuHECo3Jo …

https://theisraelbible.com/bible/malachi/chapter-3/verse-23 …

3:23 Lo, I will send the Navi Eliyahu

050c9e No.1373978


God bless you Q

80f629 No.1373980


Thank you Q. Alex & Corsi are controlled opposition! #MAGA

5df775 No.1373981


Bakes have gone to shit during day for last week as well.

0dfc97 No.1373983

File: 995511d8d2a2458⋯.jpg (165.11 KB, 1008x1146, 168:191, 8f276ef729185f4ad55a92b627….jpg)





Just that…a Clown>>

5bb1ec No.1373985

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


USAID finances the White Helmets?


6c40be No.1373988


Are you implying that Q(team) is Elijah returned?

62a020 No.1373992


Look anons do the research and Corsi takes their work and sell it as his own. That is the same as stealing someone else's work. Corsi is a thief not a capitalist. Know the diff now?

409106 No.1373994



cca19d No.1373995

File: 24b639b1f3f715f⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 1456x2592, 91:162, redredtrump.jpg)


Dudes are still calling Q a communist.

Must've gotten the memo.

Desperate. And stupid.

RedRed is not for "communist"

Can't be that stupid. Must be deliberate and they just can't think of anything better?

Figure they'll chime in and bandwagon on the intensely promoted "Russia" fear?

All NLP or hypnotism?

Aren't *they the "Russians?" since they're so good with the Propaganda?

No one has time right now. But save the AJ thread and go over at your leisure. He's a fraud. "Doesn't matter who he was before" - Dr. Steve. Maybe not. But there's more than that ID lie involved. He lies a lot.

5df775 No.1373996

File: a653f963570c2d5⋯.jpg (26.98 KB, 430x241, 430:241, a3.jpg)

d6bfb0 No.1373997


Who then for real? I'm not talking shit maybe I am just lost .who released "classified" info

063f4d No.1374005



You shills are hilarious! lmao

"muh felz"

8863f5 No.1374007


I'm going to be baking this weekend and during the day next week. I'll see what I can do. I know there's some talented bakers here though. The new bakers sometimes get in over their heads.

13048a No.1374015


Thanks for setting us all straight again. It's important you do this for the real anons, the real normies, because as we know, the shills can be a major distraction.

Thanks Q! Great idea, well said, just we what needed.


God speed to all!

063f4d No.1374016


>Who then for real?

Who is at this very moment calling "Q a LARP" and "Q is comped"???

71ab25 No.1374019

This is a bot-controlled board

8022bc No.1374020

Board is going pretty slow right now, considering Q is here. He last posted an hour ago and we're still on this same bread? Where is everyone?

7d8cfb No.1374021


Wow. Amazing logical, cohesive and comprehensive dissertation on the AJ/Corsi motivations and actions. Just read the link, and everything is clear as a bell. Hope the meme warriors are armed and ready as instructed! WWG1WGA

409106 No.1374024



8863f5 No.1374025


It wouldn't be fun if it wasn't challenging.

3d33bf No.1374026


Possibly from drone. I was just following the line of sight and using a little logic. It seemed like the line of sight was possibly from the gap between those two buildings, so maybe drone. I was really just impressed that I could get that close to a source using only Google Maps.

71ab25 No.1374029


This isn't a real board

68cf89 No.1374034


Message loud and clear Q. Deliver the snowball of arrests and you win. If you don't AJ's audience will grow exponentially. Good strategy is to create alliances, not to drive people away.

f33ffe No.1374037


THINK, anon. POTUS confirms Q posts all the fucking time, in his misspelled twats, in photo names (DOITQ), four booms in the photos he's twatted, "tip top tippy top," now Q74 on the fire truck etc. etc. etc.

Don't you think that if Q were comped, and the real Q team had lost control of Q's 8chan board/trip code, POTUS could figure out a way to tell us?!?! Come on man

7e0b2b No.1374038


We should all be free to have our own opinions. Our unity should be the truth and the truth only. Doesn't really matter who we listen to. Doesn't really matter people's opinions. It's OK to disagree, It's OK to stand alone. Follow a path but don't give away your freedom to think for yourself and feel confident in your personal path.

8863f5 No.1374039


Relax, the shills never get far among the autists.

663642 No.1374040


Yep. Stay Calm and follow The Plan

f3d599 No.1374043


please do not bake another loaf of this for a while

once this bread fills

we can get everyone back into general

dont want good stuff posted here and not in notables

or not seen by everyone

after an hour or so, maybe add a second loaf to this bread to keep up the discussion

409106 No.1374044



5df775 No.1374047

I never bought into "Zak" from info wars - sounds like a 20 year old kid. Jones always seemed like the poster child for stereotypical "Conspiracy nuts".

That being said, why Q feels whilst taking down the core of evil, a couple of aging jockeys need to be publicly addressed - while anons ask many important questions like "are you really for the jews and fooling us" is odd to me as well.

Right now, I'm seeing fuckery from every direction.

b6bbb1 No.1374048

File: 9aaef5d7404b659⋯.png (11.87 KB, 586x104, 293:52, ClipboardImage.png)




5bb1ec No.1374049

File: faeaae56a0cee5f⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, white helmets.png)

ac55a6 No.1374050


Watching POTUS Live. Over Now.

1cc58c No.1374052

File: c2607c605c46b94⋯.png (170.66 KB, 488x383, 488:383, aj-clown2.png)

036af7 No.1374054


Q originally posted a simply warning to be careful who they followed because some were profiting off the hard work of anons. Jones and Corsi started screaming and claiming Q was comped because Q didn't support their perverted version of capitalism (which is actually profiteering). Now they suddenly don't support anything Q says and that is going to bite them both in the butt big time very soon. They outed themselves and they will suffer for it.

0b950e No.1374058


thanks dude for helping us not to overthink!

cca19d No.1374059

File: 940f2a27cc16918⋯.jpg (119.57 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, historyhowlong.jpg)


Yes, exactly why we have to learn ourselves to put up with the shilling and misdirection.

6c8a76 No.1374061


I've only listened to AJ a couple of times. Interestingly enough, on two separate occasions ROGER STONE and STEVE PIECZENIK called AJ


Also, at one point AJ said "Thank GOD Hillary was still leading the Dems"…

25ae99 No.1374064


Proof is in the reaction.

94b05b No.1374066


Oh you mean like several grand to sit in front of a computer talking nonsense that even confuses the people sharing your stream?


Like raising gas prices during Katrina evacuations…..shit like that…and this.

Couldn't have worded that better myself, Anon.

4c76b0 No.1374069


This board is comped and Q's statement is pure division.

Corsi coming on Infowars at 12:00 should watch

5df775 No.1374070



f4d0d4 No.1374075


There's a reason I didn't read Corsi on WND. Always wondered about his 'I'm a born again Christian/Catholic and I love Israel". First the Rothschild revelation, now revealed as globalist minion. Damn, Jerry. WTF! You got some 'splaning to do.

72473d No.1374076


Pge not found…

5feecd No.1374078


Iran-related for sure.

c4ca4a No.1374081

Meh. I didn't even know who Corsi was had to look him up. I found Q a couple months ago and Q's drops have proven out, along with so many things that are related and right in front of our faces (for us to dig on).


409106 No.1374082



590116 No.1374085



AJ burned his bridges making up stories about calls he did not have with the President. It is obvious AJ lies to cover his ass when his predictions go wrong. He is an attention whore. He does great shit, but it is for attention. Q infringed on his territory by showing us how AJ does it. It is not secret information. Think about. Everyday AJ tells us he has no secret information, his desk is covered with the work of other people. AJ controls the narrative by the articles he puts on his desk to read to us just like the MSM. If AJ was being an open source, he wouldn't be making attacks against another source he cannot discredit with nothing but innuendo. MSM does this to those who challenge them. Don't use fact, character assassination instead.

The take away is patriots don't destroy patriots via character assassinations. Many here have correctly collected evidence showing the hypocrisy of Corsi and AJ and how they attack PATRIOTS, take from PATRIOTS on a skewed message for profit, and create PANIC instead of consoling PATRIOTS IN A TIME OF NATIONAL DISTRESS.

In conclusion, the difference between a profiteer and a patriot can be described in this sentence. Prescott Bush financier of the Nazi regime, and Donald Trump walking away from an empire to look evil in the eye.

519d5c No.1374087

When you study the genuine article long enough… you can spot a counterfeit instantly.

Q, you are the genuine article.

Thank you Q.

ac55a6 No.1374088

Sarah is coming on soon with the White House press briefing.

063f4d No.1374089


Funny, I posted that about AJ 2 minutes BEFORE Q linked to that reddit post!! :)

I listened to AJ's ex-wife video! smh

5df775 No.1374093


Corsi and Jones are garbage. I haven't bought either of what they've been selling for years.I don't need the internet to tell me who to trust.

2214db No.1374094


I am also a bit sad to see Jones try and squash Q just out of jealousy. This is wrong is so many ways. Now, Corsi did it for money…period.

834381 No.1374096


Bakers can't ban. You new here?

063f4d No.1374098


>This board is comped and Q's statement is pure division.

BS, fuck off AJ! lmao

036af7 No.1374099


WTF? Go away faggot!

62a020 No.1374100


Anon I am sorry you are going thru this. Most are dead beat dads and the women have to go after them for child support, some good dads get caught in the fray but for the most part men don't want to pay. Get a good family lawyer/agent and if you plead with the court for leniency, if you show good faith that you are willing to pay but make the judge understand your situation, most judges are reasonable and will take your hardship into consideration.

I don't know who left whom. I don't know your situation. I know my ex left me to fend for myself and kid and never paid court ordered child support - until he was threatened with jail.

f4d0d4 No.1374101

File: 53da1c87e87cfa7⋯.png (144.53 KB, 224x349, 224:349, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)


Was Corsi an "Econimic Hitman"?

409106 No.1374103



13048a No.1374104



Fecking genius.

Nicely done anon.


5df775 No.1374105


Fake and Gay. Page works

2214db No.1374107


That is not a shill. It is true for the time. Think back how things were then. We have come a LONG way since the election.

8022bc No.1374110


You're right. This isn't a bread. Q posted here and I assumed.

9be157 No.1374112


Christian here.

This Christian wants to win his country back before the doom. I'd hate to be sitting there knowing I didn't do enough to be freed before the end. True Christians = fighters of Truth!

925065 No.1374113

My sentiments..Control communications is key . Look at Stauffenburg and the JUly 20, 1944 plotters. Blackhats waging disinformation and disunity campaing….Patience…


2214db No.1374117


I don't think money had anything to do with it with Jones. Just plain jealousy while with Corsi it was all money.

0b950e No.1374118


no better way to learn

4400bb No.1374119


Infowars is profit-oriented. They are biased, and they will never be Q. Until $$ is abolished in our society, many biases will linger perpetually.

bcd7da No.1374121

Just wondering if anyone elts has come across forex Russia/UK money transfer 2vzzxj5… Could be just digging to nowhere…..

5df775 No.1374123


Clowns are hurting, but Q could be more direct at times and stop all of this as well. It's being allowed. Why, is what I'd like to know.

f04b55 No.1374127


I never liked or trusted for that matter Corsi or Jones. I have always watched Jordan Sather since January. He is smart and like another Anon said, no ego there!

f4d0d4 No.1374128


It's friday and 17:00 somewhere.

de91d5 No.1374130

There are many shapes and forms of Patriots, as for I, will never trust the Gov't again…I did my time played my role as one of the their puppets, all I got was death and destruction; lose of friends to Little Boys in pin stripped suites….Q sounds like a Patriot in his/her own right, we come in all forms…First and Foremost is the Constitution, which Oath Keepers will keep our Oaths to Defend!!! This whole rhetoric of AJ or Corsie this or that tit for tat….I won't believe anything until I see real results…But as a believer, I only trust in 1 plan, that is God's will, not the will of greedy men…boys…DJT is a start, but not one single man will be able to get it done, bring our Republic back from the brink…Corruption is through and through, top to bottom, bottom to top, and inside out….Nothing NOTHING will change this, until we the people TAKE our country back, one form or another…

80fd5e No.1374131


check out the smooth brain on brad good bait you got me

62a020 No.1374135


Wow! AJ a rotten scumbag liar. A sad day for the alternative community but true.

409106 No.1374136



93b382 No.1374137

File: 953e364699ba80c⋯.jpg (31.73 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 887a4083153b0cfcc031ab2119….jpg)

File: 38a4051a6cf1648⋯.jpg (73.39 KB, 731x500, 731:500, trust3.jpg)

744caf No.1374138


I must be old.

No one reply, I dont want to even know or care.

244359 No.1374141


How can anyone listen to AJ ? He screams, runs off at the mouth, and his interviews he overrides his guests so much that for me, he was unwatchable.

5df775 No.1374144

What happened to no outside comms? I thought one board for Q?

6c40be No.1374149


It's not the first time Q has called out shills. Regardless to their platform, that's what they are.

590116 No.1374150


Have faith in what you see and is documented and not slander. I slept with a whore too. So Q is not legit bc I believe the proofs and not the character assassination. Trust the Plan!

b6bbb1 No.1374153


something about


a397be No.1374154


All fringe industries, whether alternative media or the outrage industry, still make for empires and people holding onto the money making positions within them.

Reddit stream has some soul searching to do, they were corrupted easily– by the alternative media machine. Perhaps they will look closer for the other empires that might be within still…

d6bfb0 No.1374156


THIS anon can think straight..If you ever want to know who your oppressor is just figure out who you CAN'T question

d4871b No.1374158


i feel bad for AJ he's done alot of redpiling

i just watch him for entertainment occasionally

but seeing corsi melt down like that was painful

it was like watching a grown man fuck himself up the ass!

all he had to do was not say anything


4400bb No.1374160


Entertainment. That's all.

744caf No.1374166


I told you not to reply faggot

063f4d No.1374170


>not one single man

POTUS isn't working ALONE to "bring our Republic back"! He has an ARMY behind him and a hundred million+ patriots!

409106 No.1374172



834381 No.1374176

From Q's link-


>As you can see, Dr. Corsis’s current notoriety has everything to do with Q. His book was published on March 2018 and you see there is no significant change on the curves at that date. So Dr. Corsi has successfully conducted his mission: infiltrate Q’s base and build a substantial number of followers he can now manipulate according to Alex’s instructions.

>Now the relevant question would be: is Dr. Corsi loyal to Q? I have the answer. I will give it to you.

0a2982 No.1374190



Ok, understood. I hope you and POTUS know that these people are here until the end. I know I will be! Fight! fight! fight!

62a020 No.1374192


I agree with you anon. Don't let threat of jail worry your soul dear anon. If you go to jail then she def won't get any $ while you're there as you will not be getting an income so all her threats are just to make you worry shitless.

A reasonable judge who sees your willingness to pay will NOT jail you. Try to relax. My ex didn't pay until 18yrs later and that was when I told him pay or go to jail and I had no intention of going after him. It was court ordered so I know the authorities would have eventually caught up with him and throw his sorry ass in jail and he figured as much because they had already taken away his driver's license.

063f4d No.1374194

National Guard making impact at US-Mexico line, Customs and Border Protection agency says www.foxnews.com/us/2018/05/10/national-guard-making-impact-at-us-mexico-line-customs-and-border-protection-agency-says.html

20f8eb No.1374196


It is impossible for me to 'manipulate' thread order. Post numbers span across all threads.


How exactly am I fuckery? I would love to know.


It is impossible for bakers to kick you off the board.

Keep the lies coming, faggots.

0d26e3 No.1374198

I just have to drop this link one last time.

Holy shit this site is a mindfuck.

Read it, and especially the comments if you are autistic enough and want to go down a rabbit hole.


Could be disinfo, but it sure is interesting.

Read the comments!

351471 No.1374203

From March… https://charlesfrith.blogspot.co.uk/2018/03/jerome-corsi-discredits-himself-over.html

Careful not to doxx yourself here. Leave the name and email field blank for your personal safety. -BO

Post last edited at

063f4d No.1374209


Tell 'em BO!

4400bb No.1374211

They're all pissed cause they got baited and look like dumb asses

d6bfb0 No.1374220


My second response cuz I loved it so much.

There are not a lot of real men on this board my friend..

94b05b No.1374221


….what the actual FUCK?

kys, moron. Holy shit you are such a cunt it's not even funny.


9cc390 No.1374222

At 2016 election I prayed that HRC would winn.

Now I am awake, aware and a patriot.

Now I pray that Trump gets the help he needs to save our country, that nothing bad happens to him and that he wins the next election as well.

Trump and Melania is the first president couple I would let inside my door

063f4d No.1374224


>it was like watching a grown man fuck himself up the ass!

And that shit ain't easy to do! :)

1c5592 No.1374229

File: 892755107bfce0c⋯.jpg (29.33 KB, 640x360, 16:9, le-prince-philip-epoux-de-….jpg)

File: 4842d0b357b25e3⋯.jpg (26.6 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


94b05b No.1374231

Profiteering IS bullshit.

VERY fucking specific things make it PROFITEERING you motherfucker.

Faggot…..bitch, please.

I probably have socks older than you.

834381 No.1374236


That Q BTFO of Corsi and AJ.

We know where we're at now, and


Tells us to stop talking about BAD AGENTS and to



cca19d No.1374239

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


You have to realize the people who like to fool others, to steal and to kill, they own both sides.

"Alex" is there for a reason. And it ain't a good one. He was put there; just as the Hollywood STARS he so close friends with are put there -by people who are off-stage. If you want to learn more read up on it. Link in the dedicated

"Jones" thread on this board.

You have to have pity for him. He's been messed with. His name isn't "Mr. Jones" for nothing? He gave up his real face. Literally.

Surgeons fucked him up. It's sad.

He could not turn back. Ever.

In some videos, when he speaks about the "Hicks" rumors with Booth present, I even have the feeling they wiped his mind. He has to ask Booth if he was Hicks? Booth is his handler, and he has no recollection of his past life? Very scary.

"You have many contacts, []

But no one has any [real] respect

They just have to send a check"

f4d0d4 No.1374240

File: 2fa93f90ebebc41⋯.png (203.56 KB, 380x291, 380:291, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)


Pimpin' ain't easy

6bae95 No.1374243


BO there 2 threads on on both

ef3216 No.1374245

File: f5ea8cd1a29f0a6⋯.jpg (13.75 KB, 400x489, 400:489, cross.jpg)


It has never mattered to me whether this force for Good is real.

The goodness is the only point.

I'm here because I hate evil.

94b05b No.1374246



f2552b No.1374250

Jack off Jones just wants to be the monopoly on "anti-MSM truth" information.

Like the post says, Q is the true type of existential threat to those trying to profit off of so called "Hidden Truths".

His sources are about as credible as the MSM sources at this point.

Jones was the ORIGINAL bully hunters. :^)

d57d77 No.1374255


They can only attack

409106 No.1374257



a64e35 No.1374258


OWN ? Oprah Winfrey Network?

51da50 No.1374261


I've felt this way for a long time. When Q suggests we strive for unity and "Patriots Fight" it means that the *TRUE* PATRIOTS unite, and CONQUER the enemy in this digital realm. The enemy is CORSI, the false patriot. He only continues to have followers because WE ALLOW IT. It is TIME TO STOP ACCEPTING IT. And not just here on 8CHAN - go to wherever his followers are and EXPOSE HIM for the fraud that he is. SPREAD THE TRUTH AND BURY HIM.

94b05b No.1374263

1c5592 No.1374275


you have the right to remain silent.

0a2982 No.1374276


They made a choice, like we had a choice to be here.

036af7 No.1374278


They're trying to wreck their train on here today BO. Time to derail a few of these clowns.

409106 No.1374285



fb72d8 No.1374291


I turned off AJ when he publicly bushwhacked Michelle Malkin for some stupid made up shit. Whether you like MM or not, it was famefagging at its worse.

a66a3a No.1374293


Christians have Holy Spirit POWER!

The evil one, the devil, satan (goes by many names), the thief…

Has come for nothing but to steal, kill, and destroy!

Know why Jesus Christ said "kill" AND "destroy"?

Because a Christian that falls asleep (dies) is NOT destroyed, he will be raised again to live ETERNALLY!!!

Get born again and save yourself!!!

Romans 10:9&10

All it takes is believing and confessing! That's it!

f07ff9 No.1374295


I read it, it's off a bit. AJ considers Q a threat to his dominance of Patriot related info. Its a business driver not a principal one.


If he attacks Q directly, and it seems he's being called out for it.

Down goes my Subscription to his products…

BOOM, Wallet Closed

2abe19 No.1374296

File: 8ef6227a8ceb1d4⋯.png (878.14 KB, 612x611, 612:611, Screenshot-2018-5-11 Meme ….png)

ef3216 No.1374298


Prince Philip, 1988: "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation."

2f6002 No.1374300

Human Drama. So boring. Off to work lads.

d57d77 No.1374304


<b>STORM</b>y Daniels

c923d9 No.1374309

File: 2fefa4f687cfacc⋯.jpg (127.85 KB, 1212x556, 303:139, FloridaGirlAntiQ.JPG)

This individual is EXTREMELY anti-Q. Said she learned he is a "Dem Psyop" and cried herself to sleep. Apparently she was a huge believer but now, she says Q is "treasonouse."

b2a87d No.1374312


So should we shutdown Corsi? What is it that we do now that we know?

9cc390 No.1374313

Is there any EU/EØS-country at all that is not with the clowns/deep state? Is every country there still asleep? Bill Clinton visited Norway a week ago, he is still fighting and still going? Still talking to "friends"?

1c5592 No.1374314


ahhhh… the visual.

036af7 No.1374316


KEK The ONLY thing Ass Jet and Dr. Divide follow is $$$

62a020 No.1374318


Curious. How do you know they were female Bakers anon?

063f4d No.1374319

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

834381 No.1374320

File: f4839bdab796a6f⋯.png (702.73 KB, 884x755, 884:755, IMG_0199.PNG)


Retard Caps Lock Dude

Bakers can't ban people.

0d26e3 No.1374321


flat earth aliens who spray chemtrails at the illuminati

1cc58c No.1374323


And what does he do with the around 50 mln dollars a year from patriots?

Nothing, keeping the team small as always,

Main goal is to get the shekels of the opposition movement, so it cannot grow exponentially

3d33bf No.1374329

I was interested in Corsi for a bit. I listened to maybe 3 of his YouTube videos before deciding that his analysis was so pedantic and awkward, and that he ignored or brushed off significant points so frequently, that he wasn't worth listening to. He outed himself if you know how to listen.

063f4d No.1374330


ignore the divisionfags!

2cdfdc No.1374334


hang in there, BO!

much shilling and idiotanons today…

6f0f12 No.1374335

Q, how can you strip their clearance, remove their ability to get info, shut them down? We trust the plan, we hate them getting anything.

de91d5 No.1374337


Not 100million, but even if, traditionally speaking the Revolution, kick started with only 1%…with that maybe 1 Million Patriots, which is a lot, but not everyone is willing to actually lift a finger….My family comes first and foremost, unless a call to action is needed…No more Foreign entanglements…bring my brothers and sisters home for good, then we can talk….MAGA, great…American First…prove it…actions speak louder than words..I give it to DJT, he is "actioning" very loudly…Again need to see results, Trust but verify!!!!

409106 No.1374338


243ab1 No.1374342


So is AJ a bad guy or is it just his ego getting in the way? I haven't listened to him much anymore since I started with Q. Is he just afraid of losing his audience?

6c40be No.1374346


Unless the Baker is the Board Owner, or a Board Volunteer, how can they ban you? Either you're lying, or someone lied to you about how this works, or both.

1c5592 No.1374347

listen..don't follow blindly.

0d26e3 No.1374349



3487c3 No.1374352


hahahahaha female bakers?

we got a bunch of stupid people coming form AJshow today BO

keep up the good work

243ab1 No.1374358


I'm asking bc I need more toothpaste and I really love Superblue… lol.

ac86aa No.1374360

So why do you think "you know who" is saying Q is pushing socialism?

Do you think Q means it is wrong to have a business selling Q t-shirts? If you do, why do you think that is wrong?

063f4d No.1374361



>is a "Dem Psyop"

wanting us to dig up open source info on corrupt RINOs and Dems? People REALLY need critical thinking skills!!

f90cc3 No.1374365

File: 3b210431b8a9fad⋯.jpg (20.12 KB, 255x215, 51:43, Q_Truth.jpg)


Be careful who you follow. In some circles it's called 'Eat the meat spit out the bones' or something like that. I certainly don't have the autists skills or the researchers time to invest (job, family, person with chronic illness to care for) but i still need to learn and be informed.

My approach, watch and read when I can, find those who are reliable, giving freely, point to others who can help inform and stop watching the clowns. Use discernment, use your God given brains, think critically of what is being presented, what is happening, and what the clowns are saying. with that combination you should be able to figure the truth out pretty well.

Be prepared, food, water, clothing, bullets. Be ready, offer a helping hand, dump those who betray you.

Finished with my rant.

248e31 No.1374370


Jones has been a buck huckster for decades. Corsi is simply his book huckster on staff.

409106 No.1374371





6c40be No.1374382

File: 95fb68b8f742951⋯.png (67.46 KB, 573x400, 573:400, ClipboardImage.png)


834381 No.1374384

File: aa0b6ca533e7a90⋯.jpg (48.96 KB, 757x631, 757:631, SuperJewDiscoJew.jpg)

c8decf No.1374390


Expand your thinking.

Why are we being attacked?

… Q team is a threat to the credibility and profit models of the scum/fake news

Why are we being attacked by people who claim to be PRO-POTUS?

…They benifet from the current system so want to discredit Q

Do we have a face?


Do we have a name?


Do we use platforms whereby we collect followers?

…No, use Qchan not own platform


Zero vanity.

…attributes of a true patriot

Why are we here?

…To disseminate information and teach. Q team is trying to teach people to recognize how disinformation works

Why do we ask questions?

…So we can pursue the truth and to teach us to ask questions and learn how to make connections. So we can become experts at recognizing fuckery

The choice has always been yours.

…Up to us, do we want to be sheep or demand/pursue the truth. If enough people demand the truth, the fake news will die and real news will take its place

Use logic.

…I tried to above

Free information.

What draws people here?

A desire to know the truth (be redpilled), a suspicion that something isn't right, curiosity, desire to be FREE

Expanding exponentially?

…the word is getting out, Q is credible

They all claim to be insiders.

….more lies for personal gain Lucifarians

They all claim to have insider contacts.

…. same as above

They do not.


Patriots do NOT reveal classified information.

…. traitors, they lie to profit off fellow Americans.

Why do we communicate this way?

… To encourage people to think for themselves and make connections on their own, and protect secrets that must be protected

Think for yourself.



…. drives me crazy

We are a threat to profiteering.

…. If enough people catch on, the whole cookie crumbles.

Information should flow freely w/o costs.

… With the internet, the need for press changes alot.

We established a series of 'proofs' for this specific reason.

… credibility established


… coincidence a statistical impossibility


… for sure

Coincidence after Coincidence.

Growth due to confirmations.

… credibility undeniable

Real source(s) communicating w/ the people.

… as opposed to "sources say" that are likely made up or twisted/filtered



… united we have far more power than they do, they count on us being divided and manipulate that outcome.

Control the information (THEY).

…filter out what they don't want us to know, twist, lie and obsess on bullshit, that doesn't matter

Harness followers / profiteering (THEY).

… Lucifarians

Define Media.

BIG business, special interest group

Primary goal of the Media?

…$$$ secondary, control narrative via "brainwashing"

To Sell (each selling a dif narrative - set of targets).

… spoon feed their own flock of sheep/ keep divided to reap the spoils

Selling makes money.

…snake oil

Be careful who you follow.

…We dont exist for them

Define 'Patriot'.

…Person who loves their country enough to fight for it/GIVE back

They want you DIVIDED.

…One person is week. Several united people are like an army

Attacks will only get worse.

…bring it on

f4d0d4 No.1374391

File: 6bed9368260e993⋯.png (359.96 KB, 714x642, 119:107, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)


does this help?

https:// www.theguardian.com/world/2018/feb/26/russian-millions-laundered-via-uk-firms-leaked-report-says

248e31 No.1374392


The Soap Box shills are so played now.

Corsi-bots 24/7.

031d7f No.1374394

File: aebc31aa4b46938⋯.jpg (424.74 KB, 417x587, 417:587, wut.jpg)


>Why aren't you attacking the MSM. CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX


are you serious?

6f0f12 No.1374395

Q, Anons, keep up the fight, never quit. We love what you do and are trusting the plan.

0073c6 No.1374397


I agree, this not the same Q!

20f8eb No.1374402


The only ones who my staff members are banning are bots/spammers, and we sometimes leave them alone now since they just hop IPs anyways. Like I said, bakers do not have the power to kick anyone. Also, your caps-lock button seems to be stuck.

Only 4 bans have been made today, and they were most likely the same person, spamming bullshit about Q being fake.


No worries. We operate truthfully at all times. Shills can never touch us because of this.


You're accusing us of censoring yet we have a strict policy here on only banning spammers/bots. Look at how many times you have posted (In caps) in this thread alone. I'm not saying you're a spammer, but spammers do love to fill threads as fast as possible with disinformation.

62a020 No.1374404


This is why they're not supposed to state their gender or names etc. They need to remain anonymous. smh

3487c3 No.1374405


I think you're new here

c923d9 No.1374406


She was working O/T to convince me that Q is "treasonous" that he has "leaked" info and even said Q said he "represents" POTUS. Q doesn't do any of those things at all, but supposedly, she wants to DM me names and contact info so I can call up GOP politicians to hear them tell me that Q is a larp…

Good Lord, I wish ppl used critical thinking skills…

3a82fb No.1374413

Eddie Richards

14 hrs ·


the United States we have, in effect, two governments. We have the duly constituted

government. Then we have an independent, uncontrolled and uncoordinated

government in the Federal Reserve System, operating the money powers which are

reserved to Congress by the Constitution." Today, the Constitution has been forgotten

by the U.S. government. The elected representatives of the people have

ignored their oaths of office!

f07ff9 No.1374417

File: 7f5d2a9890575d8⋯.jpg (150.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 40f88d31260f40f512ed9d9bd3….jpg)


But David Knight is by definition a Patriot, Im still going to get my news there.

Dude is the best, InfoWars or not.

I follow AJ closely for decades. He's just envious of Q and his info, I've not seen any malicious conpiracy as hinted in the reddit. Of course I don't watch AJ anymore hes more of a dramma queen. Ill keep an eye out if he's attacking us and Q he is done with money.

Really I think this is about Corsi

And I do not know if AJ has supported Cosri since we went full ratard???

063f4d No.1374418


I think was referring to people that had a hidden agenda to cause problems for the 'Great Awakening' but were using Q as a way of gaining followers only to drop a bomb later on, Anon! That's just my take on it! Q is not a "socialist" or he couldn't be supporting POTUS! lmao POTUS is def a capitalist! :)

834381 No.1374422

File: 703dd9d5e3821ce⋯.jpg (17.37 KB, 226x223, 226:223, ###.jpg)

f3d599 No.1374424


hey bro chessfag here

can we assemble everyone back together after this bread fills?

dont want good shit here not being seen in general

Q said his peace

we responded.

dont think we should be separated all day over this

bcd7da No.1374429


It just might Thanks Patriot…

f4d0d4 No.1374431

Jones just claimed on his show that "the fake Q is attacking and we're going to expose him."


Is this a shake out?

248e31 No.1374432


Kanye is another one. Just trying to rejuvenate his rap career. He's a playah!

be099b No.1374435


Taiwan or China?

063f4d No.1374440


Yeah, they talk in circles that don't make sense without even realizing it!

270415 No.1374441


Small timers…these guys are making fucking millions!

62a020 No.1374444


No, this is not dumb, YOU are dumb. You write an article and someone uses your article without naming you as the source is plagiarism. It is stealing. That is what Corsi was doing. That is not capitalism, it is not even socialism as he is styling it. It is plain and simple thievery. Smarter now or are you still dumb?

0a2982 No.1374445

Look Anons, so much behind the scene of things happening, how ever slowly some of the big fish are being put on the block, from someone on the outside of research and more of a memer and watcher big things happened and every day it seems the plan is moving along faster.

All those who want division will continue to try, we all know this..nows the time to continued exposure of the truth, bombs away!

0d26e3 No.1374446



707311 No.1374452

I think it's time for Q to be confirmed again with a sig from POTUS

f4d0d4 No.1374455


Have you even seen all of the photo ops 45 has taken with Kanye? It's the other way around. Kanye is Trump's agent.

3a82fb No.1374456

Until the POTUS addresses the illegal Federal Reserve system, then he is just one of them in my opinion, with a grander plan for THE NEW WORLD ORDER. When the POTUS or Q shows signs of handling that, then I will believe them, until then then this is all a part or the great plan for WORLD DOMINATION and we are the Pawns in their game.

063f4d No.1374458


After AJ's "Syria bombing" meltdown pretend crying, screaming, cursing like a lunatic…yeah, I don't care to hear anything that fucker has to say!

834381 No.1374459

Look at the anon who Q replied to here >>1368028 rt >>1367898

And, their other 2 posts in the bread here -


Andrew Ng


Andrew Ng

Andrew Yan-Tak Ng (Chinese: 吳恩達; born 1976) is a Chinese American computer scientist and entrepreneur. He is one of the most influential minds in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Ng founded and led Google Brain and was a former VP & Chief Scientist at Baidu, building the company's Artificial Intelligence Group into several thousand people. He is an adjunct professor (formerly associate professor and Director of the AI Lab) at Stanford University. Ng is also an early pioneer in online learning - which led to the co-founding of Coursera.[2]


VP and chief scientist at Badiu? Founded and led Google Brain? CHINA CHINA CHINA? Shall we DIG Andrew Ng?

ef3216 No.1374460


The other day Q said, "now comes the pain".

That pain is Truth; evil loathes the truth. Goodness is untouched by Truth, and loves its purity.

ac86aa No.1374466

File: 07c50367ede427d⋯.jpg (119.14 KB, 888x499, 888:499, #korea.jpg)


Thanks, anon :)

72473d No.1374469

File: ee0690478f93a3b⋯.png (278.62 KB, 798x797, 798:797, 1ngJPXq.png)

>>1373162January 5 2018. Alex Jones invites Zak. The YT video title is “High Level Intelligence Source Confirms QAnon Is REAL”. You can watch the entire video later. It’s a 23 minute video. Despite the title, Q is not mentioned any single time except at the 10th minute when Alex says the following; let’s listen until 11:15: video .

If you take a look at this composition, you realize Alex has obviously explored Q’s board. He is ridiculing him and asking people to hold on to Zak, his “real Q Anon” who is not a “LARP” acting in “Fantasy Land”. Unlike Q, his beloved Zak is acting in the “real world”. Sounds familiar? Yes… He is echoing his friend Roger Stone! They both talked about it and both have agreed their communication strategy was to convince Q is not real, he’s a bot or a hired human LARPING on 8Chan. Of course this strategy has to be implemented covertly in order not to risk any backlash from their audience that may have been following Q. Hence all these sneaky communication and manipulation techniques. After this vicious attack, Alex will never mention Q throughout the interview again. Those who are familiar with subliminal messages understand why the title did not have anything to do with the interview. The title was aiming at subliminally planting in people’s brains: ”The real QAnon is Zak”.

The next day, commenting on Zak’s interview, Owen Shroyer airs a segment titled: “Infowars Own #QAnon Discusses Deep State” Img.

Need I say more? You see the problem now?

On January 27 2018, Infowars invites Jordan Sather for the second time. Despite the attacks, Q’s movement has grown exponentially so we are hoping to hear Jordan’s update on the Q phenomenon. Well, here is the entire video. There is not a single word about Q. Infowars invited him to talk about secret space programs. Not Q. Why is Infowars putting Jordan in the “Secret Space Program” drawer. Why? I will tell you. So that this can happen the next day: Img

Infowars positions Dr. Corsi to be the in-house Q guy. Alex Jones has now realized he could not crush the Q phenomenon. He tried to confuse us, ridicule Q, downgrade him and replace him with Zak, didn’t work. So… If you can’t fight them, join them. Dr. Corsi, the Infowars Washington Correspondent is now missioned by Alex to lead the containment strategy and infiltrate Q. Notice the title: “What is QAnon?”. Not who. Again, the bot/LARP theory. But there is worse, did you catch it? Let’s zoom, look: Imgur.

We clearly read on Infowars YT channel:“Dr. Jerome Corsi reveals what QAnon is and how it will be used against the people.“ What do you think this is? Error? No. This is a subliminal message folks. Your eyes will not notice it but your brain sees it. Once this particular message is processed by the subconscious mind, the conscious mind starts to develop defense mechanisms against Q and his message. Welcome to the info wars against Q! It has been Infowars against Q all along. MSM fights Q by trying to ignore him, Infowars fights Q by trying to crash him. Wake up.

20f8eb No.1374471



db87b9 No.1374473


When I hear DJT say out of HIS OWN mouth that profiteering and making money is UN-Patriotic everyone else, EVERYONE, is a LARP and full of shit…period

270415 No.1374475


I don't agree, Kanye has always charted his own course, he has been shackled at times and forcibly controlled but has documented history of breaking free on multiple occasions. I think he speaks from the heart.

063f4d No.1374477


Then GTFO and free up some bread space, asshat!

6c40be No.1374478



409106 No.1374480


ok…………….BO…………i will disable the caps….and chill on the posts i make….i just think all censoring should be done by way of anons filtering…..its the american way….its just easier for me to read…vision isues etc……….i dont know how my posts were taken for spamming or bots………..but whatever man ….much respect for you and your work here………try to keep a close eye on the bakers…..how do we know there some of them are not just actors ie leftist liberals, clowns, feminists

62a020 No.1374485


Intel coming from Q not internet, jack

db87b9 No.1374487



2d4416 No.1374488

very slow here today

f07ff9 No.1374490

File: 194ae693aed9e7e⋯.png (1001.54 KB, 1415x1024, 1415:1024, killingjerome.png)

d57d77 No.1374498


Dr. Jerome Corsi joins Alex Jones

dee5f0 No.1374499


What happened to swing you?

62a020 No.1374500


And he did. The reddit article on AJ & Corsi. So chill

834381 No.1374505


Like a few of us, and BO said, Bakers CAN'T BANN.

Get that? Anyone can bake, and if they bake well and keep the hive mind notables up to date, they won't be called out. So whoever banned you, it wasn't a liberal baker.

f3d599 No.1374508

File: e8f295ea580756a⋯.png (856.08 KB, 885x1280, 177:256, corsi-shiling.png)

0d26e3 No.1374509

Just so anons are aware, this isn't a qresearch general thread.

This is another random thread that was on the qresearch board that Q happened to post in.

Once this thread hits the limit, you're going to have to go back and find the general bread for yourself, unless someone is willing to link it.

stay frosty

d6bfb0 No.1374510


de91d5 No.1374511

Is Q in here???


de91d5 No.1374520

File: d6ded68872e13be⋯.png (1.46 MB, 992x593, 992:593, ClipboardImage.png)


270415 No.1374522


Each new trip should have a confirmation for the concernfags

ff82d2 No.1374523


Then GTFO, and follow Beaner's Pod Cast!

cca19d No.1374526

File: 9834a763ca3bdbf⋯.jpg (13.09 KB, 240x140, 12:7, truthling.jpg)


The board could be messed with by people other than the board owner. Or even Bakers. It could be outside parties.

"Jones" was tagged as a fake 9/11 Truth Activist [i.e. Pied Piper to the "Truthlings"] over 10 years ago, and more like 15.

Lionel tried to cover it up yesterday saying "Jones" spoke out about Shanksville. Did he? I'd love to see and hear the sauce on that.

"Jones" even blocked the alleged "demolition" info?

a397be No.1374529

File: f15b20b73ba079f⋯.jpg (135.03 KB, 739x793, 739:793, q1.JPG)


and the public sabotage begins…

9d81b1 No.1374530

Those shills/clowns all belong to the same zionist doomsday cult.

063f4d No.1374531


>this not the same Q!

Such an assinine statement since Q has said from the start "they" are not one person, right? ffs use your brain, dipshit!

1cc58c No.1374533

File: d397dffdb0ff35f⋯.png (249.16 KB, 516x478, 258:239, aj-zak-q-1.png)

4400bb No.1374535

We're sharper than you think, Dr. Corsi.

8bd2ae No.1374537


Is this a 1st post outside of the General or Q's private board?

Demonstrates other threads on the board are monitored (and responded to when necessary). Thanks Q

409106 No.1374539


whatever i dunno…….banning just needs to stop and just be done by individuals……..shouldnt be like google youtube and facebook ……..u follow ?

834381 No.1374542

Much sharper than you think, Dr Corsi.

6c40be No.1374547


They're backing the lies up, nothing but a discrediting distraction.

3487c3 No.1374552


62a020 No.1374554


If Zach is high level intel source, I'd love to see who is other high level intel sources are, kek

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