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Pro Aris et Focis

File: bcacab1198c9aa6⋯.jpg (9.47 KB, 255x143, 255:143, Topic.jpg)

37b9e2 No.192149

Spread the wings of Liberty and take flight!!


Vote and see the latest results on hashtags for the State Of The Union OP









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8e3ad0 No.192152

File: a17bf5000ef8d79⋯.jpeg (274.38 KB, 1242x1380, 9:10, C2616DB2-CF48-4F12-86DF-9….jpeg)

Can someone meme this?

37b9e2 No.192155


https:// pastebin.com/YW8mzjsP

792bf3 No.192163

File: cd5a4a9fbfeb4b5⋯.mp4 (162.89 KB, 310x210, 31:21, jayz.mp4)

60dfbe No.192172

Where is the sauce on the Gowdy now has money accusation??

Accusation was in the last bread

a2e8bb No.192175


recurring accusation on here…..have yet to see any sauce….

48cf97 No.192176

Throwing out th3ory about Q628-632

What if over weekend they put malicious MALWARE into system of Clowns (HeartBeat)

to disable, take over, or kill it?

:Heart attacks can be deadly

: in internet jargon can mean "time"

and…attacks is plural which can mean a verb

so…could this be an attack on HB

Next post

Mourn. Murder. Heart attack. Coincidence?

So…could it be?

Mourn = False Flags [ends] - period at end

Murder = Clowns mode of elimination [ends] - period at end

Heart attack = HeartBeat [@Snowden Program] [ends] - see Q631 for plural, now singular - [attacks] successful!

Coincidence? = We know with Q there are no coincidences so are being told that with this system offline they will not be able to coordinate Ops on all Platforms?

I know there are multiple meanings - just throwing out 1 to chew on ANONS!



8d7d3e No.192177

Godfather III OP used After Snow White near Signature. Godfather III> Will research, Has this been cracked? Will Anon Show the way?_X

d1bd58 No.192178


That kind of pussy-ass thuggery is hard to watch.

Look at all those punk-ass pussy "men" standing around and laughing about it.

Fucking pussies.

a08122 No.192179


I thought that was about ES's passport or ability to travel, presumably on return from NK. Usually people go from China (which now includes HK) to/from NK.

But it wasn't proved, that was just my interpretation and that of some others.

18b76f No.192180


Come again?

I had seen another Anon post something about security clearances before too. He is getting more or less security clearance? More, yes?

9624d2 No.192182

File: 225d01052cfa8ab⋯.png (537.31 KB, 918x599, 918:599, lies2.PNG)

55a658 No.192183

reply to post in last thread


WRONG fuckwad.

>The 30-year-old had previously said he would stay in the city and fight for his freedom in the courts. But the Hong Kong government confirmed that he left on Sunday, two days after the US announced it had charged him with espionage, saying documents filed by the US did not fully comply with legal requirements


This is why it was addressed by Q in Q post.

8e3ad0 No.192184

File: a17bf5000ef8d79⋯.jpeg (274.38 KB, 1242x1380, 9:10, 8F214B8D-CA92-4BBD-A4B0-4….jpeg)

Can someone make a meme out of this?

762104 No.192185


Wow! I was not aware of the depth of involvement or intel released.

I'm sure we (anons) are only being made aware of a very small part of the treachery and

treason that is/has been taking place within our govt. I hope that NONE of these bastards

get to keep their positions in govt or their freedom. I would hope that a more serious

vetting program might be implemented for both staff and Congress.The public can

withstand a few more elections to fill empty congressional seats; those elections would be

the least of our worries.

cddc9d No.192186

File: 5ef770a8a0057a6⋯.jpg (57.74 KB, 474x474, 1:1, IRON EAGLE.jpg)

File: 0698f4a17574e70⋯.jpg (17.07 KB, 506x253, 2:1, rods.jpg)

File: 8a5aaeee688ebf9⋯.jpg (68.11 KB, 970x546, 485:273, 5g.jpg)

"Electric eye, in the sky

Feel my stare, always there

There's nothing you can do about it

Develop and expose

I feed upon your every thought

And so my power grows"

Keep at it, Patriots! We'll give 'em something to cry about!

60dfbe No.192187


What is the context of this? Was that a guy or a woman he was pushing?

205a40 No.192188

File: 15f34690e8d2145⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, RighteousBread6.png)


Righteous bread, Baker

May God bless this bread and send His angels to confuse the evil ones. Amen.

792bf3 No.192189


yes it is. Hard to watch and easier to expose for leftist hypocracy. "Champions of women.."

the fuck out of here with that shit. Use it to your advantage

7ebf0e No.192190


This is a key point to TG move. Could either be /ourguy/ or taking this intel information and leaking it. Also could involve needing higher clearance to get evidence in CF or other Clinton probes or even Uranium One.

I don't know about him. Seems like he is the face of being really outraged and never doing anything almost to the point of it being staged.

205a40 No.192191


Nice, anon! Fellow JudasPriestfag here.

a3d92c No.192192


There is/was a story that Gowdy had been granted top security clearance. So far as i know, that has been debunked but continues to make the rounds.

55a658 No.192193

d1bd58 No.192194


I don't know the context.

But, it looks like a small woman.

Even if it was a small man, look at the bodyguards around JayZ.

Was this necessary?

No. It was just pussy-ass thuggery.

dbde2a No.192195


Saw that concert.

7ebf0e No.192196

File: 6d0c4b312937235⋯.jpg (115.55 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 23ibyj.jpg)

5f6180 No.192197

We need to keep the #releasethememo going on twitter

lets couple it with a new catchy # and see if we can't market it and push hard on twitter



8d7d3e No.192198

File: 5fff790f34e0f8f⋯.jpg (93.02 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Perspective.jpg)

3b83f6 No.192200

File: f5ed5da51f59fc3⋯.png (478.53 KB, 1348x954, 674:477, TrumpvsJayZ.png)

Cleaned up my photoshop, increased text size and placement.



e0af92 No.192201

File: 6899453b7f15502⋯.jpeg (70.73 KB, 745x500, 149:100, 0151A131-D95C-40A3-9A4C-E….jpeg)

7ebf0e No.192203

File: 45aba67337032b1⋯.jpg (136.71 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 23i2p6.jpg)

73a473 No.192204



Prodigy from Mobb Deep was murdered for confronting the satanic nwo infiltrating rap/hip hop.

08d1ef No.192205

File: de98e7f7a140205⋯.jpg (636.24 KB, 2080x1732, 520:433, Owen Burke Meme - 8chan.jpg)

Guys, I don't mean to repeat myself but I added this to the last loaf late. I don't have a Twatter but I lurk there and I've been very annoyed by @OwenBurke, because he's a globalist POS whose father helped cover up Ted Kennedy's Chappaquiddick killing. Owen needs some attention on Twatter, because he'll be out in full force for the SOTU. He's a piece of Hollywood garbage who's been trashing President Trump forever. Owen Burke is one of the "elite" only because of his connection to his criminal co-conspirator of a father, and I think it's time we let him know we know who the fuck he is…… P.S. If anyone on Twatter can somehow link this meme to @HowieCarrShow that would rock. Howie's up in Boston and he publishes negative (but true) things about the Kennedys. I don't think Howie knows of this connection because if he did he would be all over it. Thanks lads.

40d1e7 No.192206

I am thinking we are in a Stalemate at this point…

It is interesting that JZ says "Superbug"

Pope twits "Hansen Disease"

MSM is pumping Worst or Deadly "Flu from Hell" outbreak ect

The Cabal is threatening us with mass casualties with a Biological War…

The Cabal stepped up the game pretty quick…

These People are Evil is right!!

Q said on 1-27 "Think nuclear standoff"

Q said Operation Mockingbird was a failure…

So we took a hit somewhere…


While Q & Team sort it all out

33750e No.192207


Hanging way too good for this whole heaping rotten carcass of scum.

b26c9f No.192208


Kek is pleased. Pepe gettin' him some of that!

792bf3 No.192209

File: fadc58e05c3aad0⋯.jpg (58.98 KB, 504x558, 28:31, labs.jpg)

a04c67 No.192210

File: d9c35bf4cca8c45⋯.png (1.12 MB, 813x727, 813:727, ClipboardImage.png)

99ff65 No.192211


Smh. Maybe some in here aren’t the best to spread this message. That type of mindeset holds no place in waking people up.

Focus on the lack of proper education and housing in districts run by democrats, the messages being sent through movies and music run by bad actors, etc.

f4e58a No.192212


music notes, maybe?

3dc61c No.192213


Bloodlines of the Illuminati--Fritz Springmeier---

http:// www .lovethetruth.com/books/13_bloodlines/toc.htm

bb3aff No.192214


Maybe a MAGA gold chain around his neck.

2b8abe No.192215

205a40 No.192216


Nice double-dubz, anon! Great work! Thanks for cleaning it up. God bless!

940050 No.192217



18b76f No.192218



I saw that story. It has been debunked but Q made his TG post the same day (if I remember correctly) so I wonder if it is true. Story actually true but since there is not enough sauce behind it people are calling it false.

So TG is either moving up or we are using him as a pawn for leaking. That would still make him /ourguy/

Could be a similar situation as Bannon if he ends up being a leaker.

018f71 No.192220

File: e31203b46769311⋯.jpg (200.67 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GREAT AWAKENING - family o….jpg)

d975da No.192222

File: c18713512316fb6⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1109x537, 1109:537, goodguys.png)

fd6a24 No.192223

>>191500 (from previous)

adding some links for anons to help verify this info.

Dubya's EO 13223


GEOTUS ammendment to EO 13223


what's the "1834 marine corps law"? i can't find it in searches.

792bf3 No.192224


do not look directly into her eyebags

bd3420 No.192225


can you plz post the template for this meme (w/o the words)? thx

940050 No.192226

File: 2cb5a9a8af9206c⋯.png (750.76 KB, 967x750, 967:750, ClipboardImage.png)


bd3420 No.192227

File: c8f81ab8dadceb7⋯.png (340.23 KB, 660x303, 220:101, mad.max.3.png)

7ebf0e No.192228


Good point. And if I recall Q said in that post DISINFO was necessary but that TG was stepping into a role and was out at HEC. I think TG is very relevant in some way but probably thoroughly neutralized. A lot of other Republicans are moving against the FBI/DOJ. Goodlatte. Gaetz. De Santis. Nunes himself (who BTW was injured, was he beat up?)

They kept trying to get rid of Nunes.

9624d2 No.192229

File: 0e88baa0b904405⋯.png (244.63 KB, 313x268, 313:268, tutuu.PNG)

does any one have a better copy of this?

b984fe No.192230


Take the /'s off the end.

Hope to see that meme out there.

08d1ef No.192231


LOLOL! I swear, nothing makes me laugh out loud more surely than seeing Pepe the Frog pulling down the bags under people's satanic eyes….. thank you, Patriot!

99ff65 No.192232


The one on Qs board works fine.

e9850a No.192234

I haven't noticed it mentioned in the breads today but Rothschild North America Inc. has been removed from the council of foreign relations

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Members_of_the_Council_on_Foreign_Relations

8ab41f No.192235


Hi anons, I've created a calendar for us to track events and habbeings. I can make it read only and you can suggest additions to me which I will add, or I can make it able to be modified on demand.

Which would you prefer?

The calendar can be downloaded as PDF and/or printed.

If all hell breaks loose, I can shutdown the link which allows edits.

8e3ad0 No.192236

File: 1d3c606c61d342e⋯.jpeg (398.61 KB, 1242x1707, 414:569, FDFDA958-61F6-4D8B-AEA2-7….jpeg)

d2aaae No.192238

How does one get a job at the CIA? Apply or they come to you?

544a88 No.192239

File: 4bee9f6d817e20b⋯.png (82.74 KB, 943x368, 41:16, jimstone.png)

"Black ops operator comes forward and tells all"


from jimstone.is

9624d2 No.192240


You're right, i didn't download it first time just snipped it,thanks

a1a835 No.192241

File: 8d92eac2c63124c⋯.jpg (65.48 KB, 400x252, 100:63, 1504645192245.jpg)

"Master Twitter Pedophile Database, by Eclipse_OW/Fruitwalker"

"Could someone please post it to the Qanon 8 Chan Research board please?! Thank you so much"

https:// www.reddit.com/r/CBTS_Stream/comments/7ti7o8/strange_file_in_my_gmail_search_dont_know_how_it/

b984fe No.192242

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Crossing the line into the other side

Emerging as prisoners

To the emptiness of the time

To the left and to the right

From behind - They're out of sight

Plunging into a new found

Age of advanced observeillance

A world-wide, foolproof cage

Privacy and intimacy as we know it

Will be a memory

Among many to be passed down

To those who never knew

Living in the pupil of 1, 000 eyes

Was it overlooked in front of all our faces?

Now, the mistakes and secrets

Cannot be erased

Viewing the blind complexity

By which laws were justified

To erase simplicity

To the left and to the right

From behind, they're out of sight

Plunging into a new found

Age of advanced observeillance

A world-wide, foolproof cage

Privacy and intimacy as we know it

Will be a memory

To those who never knew

Among many to be passed down

Living in the pupil of 1, 000 eyes(echo)

We are enslaved now

e41e8e No.192243


we were working on this connection yesterday.

Tupac went to Clinton Correctional Facility

we just need to hammer out details to show Clinton/Cabal had him murdered and we will instantly have the West Coast blacks on our side.

664779 No.192244

what is going on with :



it seems there are no answers being posted, going back to 12/23 on qmap

no answer toggle on codefag

I try to keep up and lurk, but reading back 10-15 breads takes more time then I have

is there a new listing for answers that I can't find ?

893d07 No.192245

Memo will be released. MSM will discount its contents, yelp it was written by Rs, and maybe even say it does not matter - end justifies means - ignore facts and continue their crusade to get rid of POTUS at any cost. Committing treason and sedition not a big deal if it means POTUS is damaged and their destructive agenda/narrative is advanced. This is pathetic, but so true from the demented, liberal point of view.

Believe we should also focus on emphasizing 'the memo' is the roadmap revealing their extreme attempt to stay in power at any cost whatsoever - regardless of laws broken, shocking conspiracy tactics. I believe memo will clearly demonstrate their unconditional resolve to remain in power and in absolute control of USG.

After pointing this out, the logical question to get across to normies is: Why did they do this?

Answer We Provide: They did NOT do this to benefit the country. They did this only to perpetuate and expand massive, unbelievable, ongoing corruption that damages our country and every single one of us. Swamp and their chosen elites cannot lose power - or their web of corruption is destroyed.

Most people - regardless of party or any other identifier - don't support or endorse corruption, dishonesty and venality. I hope proven elements of corruption will be revealed SOON!

As events unfold, and If we keep it simple at first, hammering on the enormous corruption angle - regardless of party affiliation, 'color', or anything else - could help initially get the message across. Then, more details can be filled in - C Foundation, Loop C, slush funds, etc. etc. - so many choices! Realize there is SO much more - but start 'small'??

Of course, it will be more clear once the memo is released and we read it.

Keep it simple at first -repeat that the memo is the road map outlining their urgent need to remain in power so they can continue their complex web of corruption.

I say this b/c the only thing that has penetrated some I've tried to bring over is the huge upcoming audit of DOD that only our POTUS has ever put in place. They don't believe it until I prove it to them - no other Administration has ever taken a hard look at DOD budget and done an audit. THAT has proven to be a real eye opener to them & cracks the door open for more.

4d591d No.192246

File: c6bc74a1bf9e92c⋯.jpg (85.76 KB, 631x608, 631:608, Qmore.jpg)



3a3ed7 No.192247

Jay Z is an arse. He says when confronted it’s not about money it’s about how blacks r spoken 2 & about!! I’d like him to reference Potus attacks on blacks or minority’s. He’s talking nonsense. The only thing he could point 2 would be ‘shithole’gate which isn’t racist only the truth. Plus it was his beloved Clinton’s who stole all Haiti’s cash, spent it on their ugly daughters wedding & pocketed the rest. For someone who’s meant 2 b half intelligent maybe he should do some research.

e0af92 No.192248


Send dick pics in twitter DM

5004b0 No.192249

If you look back… I think it was Q that said..

TG was given info during committee and he did not use it..

TG before DC and TG after DC…

Big chunk of cash diff..

YG not outguy but could be compromised through blackmail..

may have made a deal to get off and nail bad guys..

Keep watch on Gowdy ..

e36455 No.192250

Dammit… I'm trying to watch "House Of Cards" on Netflix, but can't shake the thought of Kevin Spacey being a filthy, faggoty, pedo. This sucks…

8ab41f No.192251


This is the calendar as read-only. It's categorised into National and International News (clicking hides them).

Check it out.

https:// teamup.com/ksfvqbgms9b1xh8eix

3b83f6 No.192252

File: bafa911f74e968e⋯.jpg (648.01 KB, 1348x954, 674:477, TrumpVersusJayZ.jpg)


Just when I think I'm done….

7ebf0e No.192253

File: 9418c65256258dd⋯.jpg (55.54 KB, 600x471, 200:157, download.jpg)

bd3420 No.192254


anon cited sauce @ 2 breads ago, but it was the same as what was posted when we discussed TG a few weeks ago – waiting to see where he lands and who may have put him there to better assess what side he's on.

940050 No.192255


many times they come to you. recruitment can take up to 10 years…..and it's not always fun

58011b No.192256


I'll do it

will add Mobb Deep too….


any other requests?

25aa97 No.192257


I posted this on my FB page long ago. It is pure genius!!!

f42d3a No.192258

anyone want to MEME #GRAMMYs with some truth bombs

8ab41f No.192259


A mouthpiece kek

931662 No.192260


A theory: What if the seven dwarves are 7 big social media companies? Goog, FB, Twitter, YT, Reddit, Instagram, Yahoo?

We know Jack at twitter is going to step down if he hasn't already, and ES left goog, this may be how we regain control of the narrative on social platforms.

Just a thought.

940050 No.192262


theres a documentary about him on netflix. its informative for sure.

205a40 No.192263

e0af92 No.192264


Needs a chocolate lab wearing a sombrero

a04c67 No.192265

File: e881b3eba75d798⋯.png (1.11 MB, 815x707, 815:707, ClipboardImage.png)


For the lulz

d04522 No.192266

File: f47eb3fb492d8a5⋯.png (211.5 KB, 516x391, 516:391, Screenshot-2018-1-28 New W….png)

5004b0 No.192267

Jst got back… Went to bed at 7am…

any big developments anon ?

940050 No.192268

8d7d3e No.192269


… it follows_X

bb3aff No.192270



1909ad No.192272

File: 4f38cb212ada5c0⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1111x2200, 101:200, AtFisrtButThen_Superpredat….png)

3dc61c No.192273


Cody Snodgres…Tons of his interviews on Utube Snafu Radio

8b102c No.192274

File: 77f221f62ae2698⋯.jpg (6.26 MB, 3193x3202, 3193:3202, Eye.jpg)


I am the eye in the sky

Looking at you

I can read your mind

I am the maker of rules

Dealing with fools

I can cheat you blind

And I don't need to see any more to know that

I can read your mind, I can read your mind

544a88 No.192275


"He names names, dates and places and times. Goes into Mena Arkansas and shows how Bill Clinton along with George Bush were hip deep in drug running for the CIA, ect. Whitewater, Rose law firm with Hillary, Saddam Hussein CIA asset, weaponized anthrax, Gulf War syndrome, goes into what happened at Waco and who was on scene and how different events weave together, ect."


5f6180 No.192276



3a3ed7 No.192277


Cheers, I’ll check it out. 👍

1909ad No.192279

File: d26080c820fba5c⋯.png (2.57 MB, 1111x2396, 1111:2396, THEYLIVE_HillarySuperpreda….png)

File: a9cfa21285b1447⋯.png (2.07 MB, 1111x2396, 1111:2396, THEYLIVE_HillaryBringThemT….png)

e0af92 No.192280


We are manufacturing memes for Tuesday

8ab41f No.192281


It hasn't. There was never a page created for it in the first place.

23712e No.192283

Tom Ortenberg -> CEO of Open Road Films -> Distributed Snowden (film)

Previous executive of Lionsgate and The Weinstein Company.

Who Really controls HW?


bd3420 No.192284



e41e8e No.192285


and its Jews lying and blaming him.

not trying to slide but whoa.

too many similarities.

3ba1e7 No.192286

Since MW is under MI/Team Q radar, Trump will likely know in advance everything MW is planning to say on BET. SOTU will be great, and preemptive.

205a40 No.192287


Well done, anon! Keep up the good work! God bless.

07cce8 No.192288


Are you freakin' serious? Dude was risen to life after death. Yeah - I think that would have worked for me (it has, actually). So what are you talking about? Thou of little age - I remember a day when people actually used to go to jail for 1/100th of what these people did. Nothing serious since Nixon, though.

61fc84 No.192289


Anons are totally forgetting that Trey was on the Benghazi Committee, he has MAJOR beef with Hillary for that alone.

He has to play the long game just like the rest, but something tells me he wants vindication for those who lost their lives in Benghazi.

For that alone, he is probably /ourguy/.

6b88a8 No.192290

File: bc73f3c4b1fc303⋯.png (350.72 KB, 610x441, 610:441, DS Fox.PNG)

File: d4916256a464492⋯.png (417.4 KB, 547x314, 547:314, DS on JZ.PNG)

Could I get a meme please. Image from this morning and their quote

“He’s just mad because his influence, did not influence people to go out and vote for crooked Hillary” -@DiamondandSilk call out Jay-Z for his attack on President Trump

a04c67 No.192291


FTFY fucking typo

61c801 No.192292



Definitely food for thought, but don't think it could be adequately sauced for redpilling.

1909ad No.192293

File: ece77015957c0d5⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1111x736, 1111:736, ConanHaiti_LauraSilsby).png)

File: 0e0e1d975b0938f⋯.png (918.02 KB, 1111x736, 1111:736, ConanHaiti_LauraSilsby_con….png)

File: 54cbf7a2033f080⋯.png (966.44 KB, 1111x736, 1111:736, ConanHaiti_LauraSilsby_wik….png)

File: c1ae24e07e8e5c7⋯.png (277.92 KB, 777x514, 777:514, ConanHaiti_blank.png)

a04c67 No.192294

File: bddc6cf22e28cdd⋯.png (1.11 MB, 817x711, 817:711, ClipboardImage.png)

8ab41f No.192295

File: 2e715b90f8aa083⋯.jpg (103.27 KB, 387x443, 387:443, CLOWNS.jpg)


Start at children parties and work your way up.

8d7d3e No.192297



Taking out funding is part of taking out 1_7

Black Forest OP larger meaning(?)_X

1909ad No.192300

File: e129a334ea437a5⋯.png (414.72 KB, 777x437, 777:437, Maxxine_blank.png)

File: 1f62b9f5e97fe14⋯.png (451.01 KB, 777x437, 777:437, Maxxine_pepe.png)

File: 0ea163891689636⋯.png (671.36 KB, 888x617, 888:617, Maxxine_pepd.png)

File: f382ffffd4060f7⋯.png (660.59 KB, 888x592, 3:2, Maxxine_pepdddd.png)

0dbac6 No.192301

Challenger explosion was today.. I just got the news about it on a local channel. I heard their is a back story on this globalist related? Has to do with loss of space supremacy?

8ab41f No.192302


Yes, much cleaner.

1909ad No.192304

File: 5490d217417885a⋯.png (381.59 KB, 888x623, 888:623, Byrd.png)

File: 799c3c45c1bc6b5⋯.png (387.41 KB, 888x623, 888:623, Burd_pepetongue.png)

File: d267eca6889b580⋯.png (388.22 KB, 888x623, 888:623, Burd_pepello.png)

File: 87e51d88dba9921⋯.png (404.71 KB, 888x623, 888:623, Burd_pepinch.png)

File: 642cfb420ba5a8a⋯.png (421.88 KB, 888x623, 888:623, Burd_pepiss.png)

8ab41f No.192305



508afa No.192306

File: cce3d7fa8b90121⋯.png (60.48 KB, 296x403, 296:403, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

Looks like Yahoo70 made a stop in Costa Rica

cd94a7 No.192307

File: 8b2c64c21d9db0c⋯.png (335.85 KB, 604x414, 302:207, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

File: 0e3b9dc9806ffc8⋯.png (198.52 KB, 337x406, 337:406, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)


Another example, if you'd like

e0af92 No.192308


Go here and play around.

https:// imgflip.com/memegenerator

16aaeb No.192309

File: aed5347e3376c62⋯.jpg (172.17 KB, 794x613, 794:613, Rapper_Trump.jpg)


8e3ad0 No.192311

File: d422db3564bceb6⋯.png (2.94 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, C7D2AB8F-221E-4A15-B6B8-9E….png)


Listen to his lyrics - he was a revolutionary raised by black panthers.

8ab41f No.192312


Before a Clinton vs After a Clinton

664779 No.192314


there is a big push by blue check marks and liberals using the hashtag #boycottSOTU

can we use this to our advantage/hijack the hashtag

bd3420 No.192315


and what exactly did "Trey" accomplish on that committee? NOTHING.

he is suspect for now.

6290be No.192316

File: cb7e1cef3500f7c⋯.mp4 (3.76 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, NeuralDust.mp4)

File: d8636120787b4b2⋯.jpg (70.93 KB, 600x1067, 600:1067, brain_force_plus_now_25_pe….jpg)






if you dream you are asleep on your bed dreaming, did you really wake up?

428e94 No.192317


When Q said Operation Mockingbird was failure he meant the MSM is now losing, the truth is starting to win.

8ab41f No.192318



Maybe make it like:

It was Russia, I swear!

99ff65 No.192319


Well said. That’s the approach I’m taking; it’s not about sides. Corruption is on both sides of the aisle, albeit more are perceived to be on the left. If we’re here just to push one side over the other, than maybe I’m in the wrong place. But, don’t forget, Q said it’s not R v D.

4eb4f8 No.192320


TG /our guy/ — my uninformed opinion

He has been accused of all talk and no action.

How do you take action against an enemy that had almost complete control over the justice system, the presidency, all intel agencies, the media, and half the population?

Answer, you can’t. He would be dead today if he took action.

His howdy duty affiliation is interesting, is there any proof this connection? Although was everyone in goveenment compromised some how? Maybe some worse than others..

Thomas Paine has gripe with Gowdy because he says he sent actionable dat to TG and got no response. Join the club. There is clearly an executuonable schedule of a reveal, which frustrates the hell out of all of us as we have been waiting for arrests to fly for years…

If TG was not /our guy/ he would have been activated long ago to betray the president. They are desperate. They have activated most options at this stage.

TG has been defending Mueller. What does he know?

293b2c No.192321



Holy shit.

8aefa0 No.192323


welcome to our world.. I feel for you.

Soon, you'll lose almost all interest in the products of hollywood and the entertainment industry, when you learn enough about who/what these people really are, and what their agenda is.

It's not ideal… a massive annoyance, headache, and a bit sad and depressing (imagine an SNL that wasn't intent on dogmatic sermonizing and partisan hackery), but you'll feel 100x better for it, and far more sane.

8ab41f No.192324


Gotta get that Pura Vida

18b76f No.192326


They come to you. And you don't always know that they are recruiting you while they are establishing the relationship.

f98dfa No.192327

File: da0746765fccefe⋯.png (46.3 KB, 665x147, 95:21, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)


something i never hear mentioned… supposedly congressmen are expected to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to secure their seats on committees. i like gowdy… and i'm not sure how to feel… but how many committees is he on? thats a lot of dough he would have to raise to secure those seats https: //www.minnpost.com/eric-black-ink/2017/04/congressional-dues-help-garner-good-committee-assignments

6c7a95 No.192328


Love this one!

1900f4 No.192329

Klaus Eberwein, gsw to head, Clinton foundation whistle blower

bd3420 No.192330

209da7 No.192331

File: eecd5888bc0df53⋯.jpg (203.39 KB, 1016x598, 508:299, GinsburgMemeSOTU.jpg)

File: e3ee89d71e3d8a3⋯.jpg (226.81 KB, 933x595, 933:595, Snake Trap.jpg)

b26c9f No.192333

File: af66ada3122916c⋯.jpg (105.1 KB, 1194x499, 1194:499, Beyonce_ring.jpg)

7ebf0e No.192334

File: 476dd7dbdc1452f⋯.jpg (150.83 KB, 922x499, 922:499, 23ifin.jpg)

e0af92 No.192337

File: d6442978ffa9eef⋯.jpeg (86.55 KB, 777x436, 777:436, 9E13135A-FE99-4658-99DF-1….jpeg)

e41e8e No.192339


i got acosta on my back and mueller on my case

huckabee on the stand informing my base

CNN ABC NBC and the rest

spreading lies, but i digress

stocks up, sales up, jobs coming back

MAGA train running on the right track

corrupt politicians can't help but pout

God Bless America, 45 out

1ee545 No.192340

Prepare for the verbal war

The hologram advance, physical form

Manifest the universal mind into the law

Travelling lands, I stand on sands of chemical vibrations

The math, kings of light departed in wrath

So where you gonna stand when the Elohim return

Seven great stages throughout the ages say you burn

It's my turn to shine

I redefine the crystalline-biological structures, implanted in your mind

So I find the deaf, dumb and blind

And bless 'em with science, and leave the blind ones behind

Descending into big balls of mass, in the form of rain

The Verbal Hologram brings pain

So rearrange disagreeable ways that brought you the darkness

Take hold and rip out your soul from your carcass

And rise away like a sham

The Verbal Hologram is the verbal avalanche

One last chance to re-plan and over-stand

Before the Hologram sends your camp to Holy Land

So ask your man, when he returns to where I sent him

The plan was to kill God and reinvent him

Practicing Black Magical tactics like voodoo

Attacking like the seven deadly warships of Nibiru

e36455 No.192341

File: 70f37f40b3ae3ae⋯.png (456.86 KB, 1093x619, 1093:619, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

File: 8be9e7edee2ae4b⋯.png (521.99 KB, 1102x620, 551:310, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

8ab41f No.192342

File: 5db768696ca5d15⋯.png (530.77 KB, 751x636, 751:636, 749640deb1872baeeb486fefaa….png)

4eb4f8 No.192343


Well done

c4075e No.192344

What is "Black Forest" everyone is referring to?

Was it in a crumb I missed?

e36455 No.192345

d2aaae No.192346


I would prefer to be an assassin. But the way they throw you under the bus is what makes me standoffish.

9508c4 No.192347

(normally I wouldn't post this type of stuff here, but it's worth a listen)

Psychic Utsava about future arrests-Obama,Clintons,McCaine,Comey-Storm coming!


She brings up "who is Qanon" at 19:53

>"He's an insider and friend of president Trump and a group of military people that help Trump."

5ef072 No.192348

Dilley just said 'Jay-Z went from dealing coke to dealing children'

18b76f No.192350


Was he able to do anything at the time though. Do certain dominoes have to fall first?

a9cbc6 No.192351

Just thinking about the different bread crumbs and I had a worrisome thoughts cross my brain.

Q's posts:

1. The Shot heard Around The World

2. As The World Turns

"The Shot Heard Around The World" was the first shot of the American Revolution.


As you know "As The World Turns" was interrupted when Kennedy was shot.

Q says future will prove past.

What if there is an assanination attempt on Trump that the world sees?

Could it be ignored? No MSM would have to cover it in depth.

Would it anger enough Patriots out of their complacency to take our country back once they realize what has been going on? And now an assanination attempt on the man right in front of them.

Trump says he can't do it without us. What's it going to take for America to really wake up? Would this attempt and new knowledge cause the 2nd American Revolution? The Great Awakening.

Just some thoughts I had.

e0af92 No.192352


Sauce. That is meme worthy

8e3ad0 No.192353

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2870194/How-government-infiltrated-Cuban-HIP-HOP-botched-attempt-overthrow-communist-government.html

fe1d83 No.192354


fix "the the"

18b76f No.192355



That's what I am saying. He alone could not bring HRC to justice but he will be part in bringing her to justice now.

cdc656 No.192356

File: 2dedcf534773b66⋯.jpg (204.23 KB, 1030x460, 103:46, tupac big Jz.jpg)

99ce19 No.192357

File: 8be94e320b7ff67⋯.png (814.93 KB, 689x771, 689:771, FB.PNG)

For any Facebook users here and/or in your family or friends- this is making the rounds, and it IS LEGIT. Just checked three accounts within my household. Even IF the account user has selected to NOT ALLOW "followers", they still had AT LEAST 20 each- ALL from the Middle East. Pass along. I can verify this as true.

3b83f6 No.192358

File: 3e1262aebea0db0⋯.jpg (432.78 KB, 2400x1700, 24:17, 1517166394847.jpg)


bf579b No.192359

File: 7d0eb2ddf93c1be⋯.png (680.97 KB, 1242x904, 621:452, America First. Black Fores….png)

>America First. Black Forest Second.

https:// youtu.be/En8yHVD5ae4

8d7d3e No.192360


If you look at above map and links AS THE WORLD TURNS= threat pertaining/intercepted on P_X

8ab41f No.192361

9624d2 No.192362

File: 3da1e1957346721⋯.png (405.13 KB, 732x731, 732:731, Lies3.PNG)

8ab41f No.192363

File: 88a0e3032e19436⋯.jpg (69.9 KB, 500x542, 250:271, JAYZ.jpg)

37b9e2 No.192366

File: 10c44c90551e60c⋯.jpg (73.67 KB, 540x405, 4:3, HRC-hussein2.jpg)

e8c55e No.192367

https:// youtu.be/YPj8l9uFl6k

Interview at 17 years of age

7025b9 No.192368



good day anons

23a7aa No.192370


I used to listen to that back in the day.

b26c9f No.192371

File: 59643cd30f7964c⋯.jpg (432.92 KB, 1738x641, 1738:641, Ramstein.jpg)

Another change over of C-17s at Ramstein - is it always this busy?

f2884d No.192372

File: 00bcfc95687ee81⋯.jpeg (2.47 MB, 1242x1868, 621:934, 934E4070-7492-4751-8EC9-5….jpeg)

Black Forest. it’s long been rumored + stories from victims about elites doing human hunting parties in secluded forests.

1909ad No.192374

File: b6668bff78f3f03⋯.png (561.59 KB, 713x520, 713:520, jz-only99.PNG)

8e3ad0 No.192375

b26c9f No.192376


How long ago was this? I can't see it

18b76f No.192377


Use you until you are not needed anymore. Or like a certain former member of a certain 3 letter agency, they blackmail you into doing dirty deeds once you are retired.

4f7cb8 No.192379

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2016/02/25/clinton-heckled-by-black-lives-matter-activist/?utm_term=.45e09e9b7df9

Can anyone help find an EXACT date for the super-predators comment in 1996?

I am trying to find out sInce Tupac was murdered on Sept. 7th 1996… the exact same year.

8e3ad0 No.192380


Love it!

1881bf No.192381

I'm phonefagging reading news about doj, fbi, memo etc. This is only the start of the week but it is crystal clear that shit is completely out of hand. It is time to end these choads that torture us through our screens and rob us of wealth opportunity and hope once and for all. See q's linked pdf about potus and ag's authority to detain enemy combatants. Only way to do it.

cdc656 No.192382



630fbd No.192383


Its Jay Z.

Q described him as both "dopey" and a "Black Forrest"

I may have got that wrong. /s

1909ad No.192385

File: 487984665236a94⋯.png (934.77 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180127_Play.png)

f98dfa No.192386

File: 0013d9db2e76d26⋯.png (16.8 KB, 446x91, 446:91, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

File: 80f291b495a7955⋯.png (546.55 KB, 842x527, 842:527, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

File: 1a874b13ac60f1c⋯.png (235.14 KB, 978x478, 489:239, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

File: 59c52ba27f5eccc⋯.png (388 KB, 819x471, 273:157, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)


black forest and dopey

snow white and the black forest

dopey was the seventh dwarf

the seventh floor group

(mostly john kerry and his flunkies)

did alwaleed give up info on plot to assassinate trump? theres a better connection there that i haven't found yet between alwaleed and the seventh floor group

23a7aa No.192387


Filthy biach.

f98dfa No.192388

File: abb9d5b613327e4⋯.png (322.75 KB, 1073x631, 1073:631, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

b26c9f No.192389


DJ to tha T

7025b9 No.192391

really miss 2 pac, would of been good to see what else he had 2 say.

he was a voice they had 2 silence, he was even talking about going into politics.

he knew too much.

21f844 No.192392

8d4000 No.192393


why is it muted?? I can't unmute.

634ebf No.192394

File: 5ded2b7570aff34⋯.jpg (69.62 KB, 577x327, 577:327, Stale DNC BS.jpg)

4b3509 No.192395

File: 44f26024e72644e⋯.jpg (13.23 KB, 296x74, 4:1, Great awakening_12-11-17.JPG)


Just dawned on me.

1909ad No.192396

File: 73e8228f8b75efe⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20171105_MS13….png)

File: 95ed5b76d02214e⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20171105_Vega….png)

File: ceb9ce52faea3db⋯.png (952.05 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20171105_Vega….png)

File: 6b7cb5e251cb0f9⋯.png (988.2 KB, 1111x721, 1111:721, Q_BiteCrumbs_20171105_Weal….png)

File: 8a2c853196d3f57⋯.png (856.46 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20171105_Wear….png)


waleed/vegas/evil/all tied

374714 No.192397


Should work the term "Trap House" into this image. refers to a "crack house or drug den"

37b9e2 No.192398

File: d0b94e93655b8db⋯.jpg (73.84 KB, 540x405, 4:3, HRC-hussein2.jpg)

209da7 No.192399

File: e41c0b16002c3d6⋯.jpg (195.06 KB, 1431x580, 1431:580, BeyonceSatanic.jpg)



Juiced it up a bit..

7ebf0e No.192400

File: d473f6437874f0e⋯.jpg (726.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, d473f6437874f0e654026edbf7….jpg)

File: 00e79029cbd140b⋯.jpg (234.01 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 161104230741-beyonce-jay-z….jpg)


Let's create wealthy black hip hop artists through hollywood and media and have them be political pawns for us!

4b3509 No.192401



205a40 No.192402


I'm really liking these, anon. Very pleasing to the eye and artful. Keep 'em coming! God bless!

c5da0e No.192405

Jay-Z calling Trump a Super Bug.

That's an odd thing to say. Super bug. Are they trying to associate POTUS with some kind of biologic weapon that's waiting in the wings?

76775d No.192406

File: bd0fdc8093c8537⋯.jpg (92.43 KB, 1023x506, 93:46, amuhrsia.jpg)


This is the only source I could find, does not look credible (IMO). They don't cite a source for their info, appears to be just heresay. whatnetworth.com/trey-gowdy/

681219 No.192407

File: f19c291d86dedfa⋯.png (2.53 MB, 3032x7920, 379:990, Q_Post_[0]_Trump_Tweet_[0]….png)

Connections , Connections , Connections

>Q Post [0] 6 Nov

>Trump Tweet [0] 28 Jan

and a whole bunch in between

>content based on delta clues

8ab41f No.192408


"Can't Stop Winning"

9624d2 No.192409

File: 1e9a7be5540da8e⋯.png (262.69 KB, 807x545, 807:545, Lies4.PNG)

23a7aa No.192410

The Follower Factory

https:// www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/01/27/technology/social-media-bots.html

23712e No.192411


Good job anon! i think there is something to this.

e41e8e No.192413

df830e No.192414

my what tangled webbs we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

4f7cb8 No.192415


The video is timestamped… HRC made these comments on 1/28/1996, before Tupac was murdered.

7025b9 No.192416


think the roths was in on this illuminati shit

what yall think. and look at the views, totally inflated.

0dbac6 No.192418


They are hunting for Alaweed.

8d7d3e No.192419

File: 5fff790f34e0f8f⋯.jpg (93.02 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Perspective.jpg)

Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/27/18 (Sat) 13:01:40 No.71

Why would D's have MW conduct the follow up to the SOTU?

What is MW used for?

Re-read past drops.


Carefully crafted 'out there' statements w/ falsified/fake Mueller drops will be made that nobody else would dare say/suggest.


What do they expect is coming?

What must be said to provide a counter-narrative?

What might be said to attempt to discredit factual proofs coming?

How do you keep people BLIND?

What must you FEED them?









Wizards & [WAR]locks.

These people are really DUMB.


>Q posts this and then memes and links

Current mission is memes and make youtube links Viral

Good work Anons

559be5 No.192420


Lurk Moar

cf143e No.192421

File: 0029d4e814eec77⋯.jpg (186.03 KB, 437x596, 437:596, super predator6.jpg)

Never forget who the real Super Predator is.

508afa No.192422


A moment before I posted it, anon.

d7cdab No.192424

File: dbb8efe5d591bca⋯.jpg (50.26 KB, 601x339, 601:339, Trump_said.jpg)

File: 5634ab78c63995d⋯.jpg (30.66 KB, 334x512, 167:256, Gullible.jpg)

File: 56b7cdb9efe5ee7⋯.jpg (123.45 KB, 869x500, 869:500, FalseWitness.jpg)

d975da No.192425

File: d2fd1fb5dc051aa⋯.png (220.17 KB, 386x483, 386:483, Untitled.png)

7025b9 No.192426


son, i been here forever… before pole. u lurk moar fool

fe1d83 No.192427


Veiled threat?

8ab41f No.192428

File: 47050d0afd55db8⋯.jpg (284.4 KB, 1548x1024, 387:256, JAYC.jpg)


Can't make this shit up

7ebf0e No.192429

File: 6d0c4b312937235⋯.jpg (115.55 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 23ibyj.jpg)

1909ad No.192430

File: e7ddb768fc0d354⋯.png (685.18 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180127_Snow….png)

File: 8015045ccde70d0⋯.png (828.41 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180127_Thes….png)

File: 8bce6aa22b06c3f⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180122_Care….png)

File: 391dc59de6eea12⋯.png (594.63 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180123_Comi….png)

File: 11e77a5ae146c52⋯.png (673.53 KB, 1111x579, 1111:579, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180119_STAT….png)


thanks, got more than 50 of em by now (some are just meh of course, but some work pretty good), could shit up the whole thread but i just drop them here&there when related info pops up.

maybe i'll start a thread when i have enough of the crumbs to paint the whole picture, it's a bit too random/incomplete right now, feel i'm still missing major crumb drops

c5da0e No.192431


Sounds like it. Super bug just doesn't seem like it belongs in his vocabulary.

e41e8e No.192432


and he spoke agianst Bill Clinton several times in his music

8b7a20 No.192433


Why would a man who has it all, give it all up?

I have been entertaining this idea for some time - and presenting it very carefully on the boards. Most don't get what I am implying. Which is exactly as it should be.

There is a particular tone to Q's drops that gives rise to that speculation on my end. We often assume that the President is the king in the game of chess, but this is incorrect. The King is "us" - the public, and most specifically, the future generations - the children. They are the king - the piece that can't be lost at any cost.

Trump really seems to have lived for this purpose. Keep in mind, after he graduated the military academy, Kennedy was assassinated. He then went to that school of economics and later took on the business world. It is my belief that Trump set out on a war from … pretty much the beginning. His business and his later move into politics has all been a means to an end for him - a way of leveraging a war.

Some of us are born with a heavier destiny. Where the common man can easily enlist in the ranks, or even a somewhat more sharp witted may be commissioned into the officers… some are born into wholly unique positions that bear a heavy burden.

I don't know if Trump intends to be assassinated - but he is certainly prepared for the possibility. I don't think it is quite what it will take to wake America up. It will probably get the job done (be careful what you wish for)… but we can do it without the sacrifice, I believe.

THAT is a huge thing Trump has been about. The power of positive thought. Kind of like the original meme magic. It was a big thing the pastor of the church he went to was about - and Trump has shown it to work very well.

70d59b No.192434


To me "Black Forest" means Germany

b26c9f No.192435

File: a3b56491567b967⋯.jpg (127.26 KB, 1356x599, 1356:599, Yahoo70_3.jpg)


Found it kn Flightwawre. Is this headed for Ecuador? The German Air Force were there earlier today.

9624d2 No.192436

File: f152bdf28027ccc⋯.png (39.57 KB, 764x321, 764:321, mn.PNG)


f2884d No.192437


…. so, no one thinks the proximity to the actual black forest & Davos is relevant to Q’s post ?

1c5510 No.192438


Ah, I see a fellow designfag here! Kek!

792bf3 No.192439


holy fuck i bet you jay z had them both killed

940050 No.192440


Dopey is Al-waleed

54fe4a No.192441

File: 3dfcaadb6fd0e4d⋯.jpg (162.84 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Mockingbird101.jpg)

1909ad No.192442


how is the face of the guy behind TG not the point of this post? GOLD

8e3ad0 No.192444


How do you want it -

Bill Clinton, Mr. Bob Dole You 're too old to understand the way the game is told. You' re lame so I gotta hit you with the hot facts. Want some on lease? I'm makin millions, niggaz top that

559be5 No.192446


Agreed Dopey is Al-waleed

40d1e7 No.192447

Well I am not sure yet what Black Forest is referring to yet…

But keep in mind…

On a Submarine where they keep the missile tubes it's called…. Sherwoods Forest

9624d2 No.192448

File: 2b29aa8fd82168f⋯.png (591.05 KB, 621x742, 621:742, lmn.PNG)

f9881e No.192449


Melania Trump is keeping her son and herself safe. Geotus had death threats against his family. Anything else is fake news!

205a40 No.192450


I don't care. These are FANTASTIC!

374714 No.192451



This is bizarre. Needs some autists to watch.

508afa No.192452


I think I would take that bet, or maybe Buenos Aries?

6d6908 No.192453


Satellite in my eyes

Like a diamond in the sky

How I wonder

Satellite strung from the moon

And the world your balloon

Peeping Tom for the mother station

Winter's cold spring erases

And the calm away by the storm is chasing

Everything good needs replacing

Look up, look down all around, hey satellite

Satellite headlines read

Someone's secrets you've seen

Eyes and ears have been

Satellite dish in my yard

Tell me more, tell me more

Who's the king of your satellite castle?

Winter's cold spring erases

And the calm away by the storm is chasing

Everything good needs replacing

Look up, look down all around, hey satellite

Rest high above the clouds; no restriction

Television we bounce 'round the world

And while I spend these hours

Five senses reeling

I laugh about this weatherman's satellite eyes

Satellite in my eyes

Like a diamond in the sky

How I wonder

Satellite strung from the moon

And the world your balloon

Peeping Tom for the mother station

Winter's cold spring erases

And the calm away the storm is chasing

Everything good needs replacing

Look up, look down all around, hey satellite

Rest high above the clouds, no restriction

Television, we bounce 'round this world

And while I spend these hours

Five senses reeling

I laugh about this weatherman's satellite eyes

Songwriters: David John Matthews

e544a4 No.192454


WTF is this????

a1e6da No.192455


is this Bill Gates in front ?

8ab41f No.192456

File: 85715fdcfbc1a85⋯.jpg (230.73 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, SWAGGIE.jpg)


Fo shizzle ma Hizzle

18b76f No.192457


Fake Q is drunk.

a3d92c No.192458


Wasn't this guy dismissed a long time ago?

bf579b No.192459

File: 7d0eb2ddf93c1be⋯.png (680.97 KB, 1242x904, 621:452, America First. Black Fores….png)


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=En8yHVD5ae4

i want to say unrelated to this, but seems nothing is coincidence….

b26c9f No.192460


I didn't see the Germans taking off again. Is there a rush on Ecuadorian passports, all of a sudden?


8e3ad0 No.192461

File: 087048ba16e296a⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 154A88BC-AF8B-4CB9-8FBF-39….png)

9624d2 No.192462


not sure just saw it ,looking for more sauce

7025b9 No.192463


somethings been on my mind anons.

any militaryfags here?

ok, potus stops in HI before asian tour, assuming to get n s a files. they wouldnt let him in? no access?

so they devise a plan while in asia. come back stop again in HI, let off false alarm to get into nsa to get files.

fire fight while leaving=dead guy on tarmac


2d6f2b No.192464


this is the guy who sells t shirts

8ab41f No.192465


Hmmm…but what if he meant super bug as in the flu?

f98dfa No.192466

File: e554733050267e9⋯.png (189.39 KB, 667x501, 667:501, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)


search snow white in the black forest… there are a ton of hits. it connects dopey and black forest… nothing connects dopey to germany

8d4000 No.192467


I think he's ourguy in the sense that he's being pulled by his ear to do our (Q&POTUS) bidding.

7ebf0e No.192468

File: 09ad35f07892ca5⋯.jpg (27.36 KB, 523x283, 523:283, 110505_hillary_clinton_sit….jpg)

File: 1871f6bd7d5f873⋯.jpg (48.23 KB, 523x283, 523:283, 23igq0.jpg)

b26c9f No.192469


She sho' gonna sizzle! Word…

f98dfa No.192470


that "GUY" is imran awan

6c76f5 No.192471

e0af92 No.192472

File: bc1b50159dfdf35⋯.jpeg (74.72 KB, 582x499, 582:499, E83CF0B3-5F3F-445D-877E-2….jpeg)

Unconfirmed… LOL

8d7d3e No.192473

Anon posted 7 dwarfs may = 7 SM: twitter, google etc.

Q states EO and many CEO's resigning


Target 7 company fronts for Clowns Target funding part of Black forest OP(?)

CFR linked too

Your thoughts Anons?_X

6b88a8 No.192474


Not a meme maker. I stay in my own lane.

685d14 No.192475

Regarding CFR and "heeling":

I met up with Bill Clinton again in 1982 at a county fair in Berryville,

Arkansas. Alex Houston was "entertaining" there due to the close proximity of

the CIA Near Death Trauma Center (aka slave conditioning and programming

camp) and drug distribution point at Swiss Villa in Lampe, Missouri. I had just

endured intense physical and psychological trauma and programming, Clinton

was campaigning for Governor and was backstage with Hillary and Chelsea

while waiting to make a speech. Clinton took in the afternoon sun with his

arms crossed, talking to Houston about him and "his people" (CIA Operatives)

being looked into specific areas for the dual purpose of entertaining and carry-

ing our specific covert drug operations.

From my perspective, those who were actively laying the groundwork for

implementing the New World Order through mind conditioning of the masses

made no distinction between Democratic and Republican Parties. Their aspi-

rations were international in proportion, not American. Members were often

drawn from, among other elitist groups, the Council on Foreign Relations. Like

George Bush, Bill Clinton was an active member of the CFR, Bilderbergers, and

Tri-Lateral Commission. Based on numerous conversations I overheard.

Clinton was being groomed and prepared to fill the role of President under the

guise of Democrat in the event that the American people became discouraged

with Republican leaders. This was further evidenced by the extent of Clinton's

New World Order knowledge and professed loyalties.

https:// wikispooks.com/wiki/File:Tranceformation_america.pdf

7025b9 No.192476


its in the vaccines

f98dfa No.192477



8ab41f No.192478


Fake and gay

508afa No.192479


It looks like a slide to me

b05553 No.192481

1909ad No.192482

>>192436 >>192454

just a twatter reposting Q drops, spreading the gospel. nothing to get excited about (unless normie finding out about all this for the first time)

8ab41f No.192483


Black panther or Kenyan army?

1900f4 No.192484


https:// youtu.be/b3LdMAqUMnM

14d1ea No.192485


>Steve Jackson Games

io.com was their "BBS" at one time, although perhaps it was more of a portal.

7ebf0e No.192486

Trump needs to get with African leaders ASAP and do something big for Africa.

5a2e05 No.192487


THAT SONG IS FOR gay people.

these are lyrics

Aaaaaaaammmerrrriiicannnnn Dreaaaamm

He's just a common working hard with his hands

he's just a common man working hard for the man

Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm

Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm

(American Dream)

If you are black or white

redneck funky that's alright

blew up on out of soul

call the man he's got his goal

Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm

Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm

(American Dream)

Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm (American Dream)

Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm (American Dream)

Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm (American Dream)

Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm (American Dream)

(American Dream)

Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm (American Dream)

A Dream, A Dream, A Dream

Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm (American Dream)

Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm (American Dream)

Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm (American Dream)

fe1d83 No.192488


Nothing that happens in this world is random. When something as important as the draining of the swamp "just happens", you can be certain it was planned that way from the unseen spiritual realm where this great drama we call Life is scripted.

So yes, Trump's entire life has been a preparation for the role he was going to play in this moment. This is true whether he was aware of it or not.

7ebf0e No.192489

And the black caucus.

940050 No.192490




potus never got a flu shot afaik

8ab41f No.192491


that's gotta hurt.

7025b9 No.192492


that would be awesome

2d6f2b No.192494


there is an awesome YT video of that whole line of questioning by gowdy - the author of the video points out awans face and what he is doing to signal the person being questioned

205a40 No.192495


You could fit any number of things in there, but this makes the most sense. Great find, anon! God bless!

08d1ef No.192496



I saw this on Twatter today, too, with hashtag #qanon. I'm guessing someone in here twatted it, so good job!

a04c67 No.192497

File: 2c0512443c2a3df⋯.png (673.03 KB, 567x466, 567:466, ClipboardImage.png)

>>192293 thanks Anon it gave me an idea, looking for clever caption Anons

678cb9 No.192498


I know this came from Q, but it would be more accurate to say conservatives and progressives. The republican party used to be the progressive party but there was a switch along the way. The way it's presented just gives the libs something to debate over.

f2884d No.192499

08d1ef No.192500


That face you make when her rear end is so big that you lose your cigar….

7ebf0e No.192501


That's the only place dirty enough for Bill Clinton to hit it.

454ea2 No.192502


just a famefag. carry on

21f844 No.192503

File: 6e1de00b0a2e1ea⋯.jpg (43.26 KB, 430x345, 86:69, clownsattack.JPG)


He's regurgitating an old Q drop from 2 Nov. He sells tee shirts. Opportunist making money pretending to be Q.

f98dfa No.192504


not according to ronny jackson… at the press conference where they talked about trump's health he mentioned that trump got the flu shot

d04522 No.192505


after all these years i still can't tell, if it was meant to expose the plan, or just their in your face bullshit.

c90efc No.192506


I hear you about not wearing an emblem, anon. I live in a communist-controlled town on the West Coast and can't put a Trump sticker on my car because my car would be vandalized in 24 hours, and I live in a good neighborhood. And yet there is always the desire to recognize and be recognized.

So... I put a 3x5 American flag decal on the rear driver's side instead of a Trump sticker.

I've noticed houses flying the flag. I think it's a dog whistle for Trump supporters in this liberal hell-hole. Lots of new flags around town.

I suggest putting a flag on the driver's side of your vehicle.

If you want to identify as specifically from here, display a musical note lapel pin in the approximate shape of a lower-case q. If someone asks if you're a musician just say something like, "no, but I enjoy music a lot."

Anyway, back to work...

8d7d3e No.192507


Q: "Catch and Release"

"Safety and Security"

Learn to read the message?

"Catch and Release" >Dopey>Alwaleed_X

58011b No.192508

File: 8f54083ce1676d5⋯.png (2.38 MB, 4167x2083, 4167:2083, JAY Z BIGGIE_TUPAC.png)

d2aaae No.192509

Sorry to bust the bubble. But tupac was down with the cabal. Any attempt to say he wasnt is a lie. His lyrics are lyrics, not a representation of his own beliefs. People eat up anyone that talk shit about the cabal. He is still alive by the way. Just not like youd think. Think avatar.

7025b9 No.192510


my q was i thought n s a was white hats

8ab41f No.192511




Yes that's my point.

Influenza flu shot -> heart attack.

Super "bug" -> Flu.

He may have not gotten the flu SHOT but I was thinking Jay Z was trying to reference he'll GET the flu. Text messages did reveal (((they))) are trying to kill him.

940050 No.192512


agreed. parties are much different now

681219 No.192513

File: dfc623471aee86f⋯.png (55.63 KB, 1478x421, 1478:421, fake gay old.png)

6d6908 No.192514


You need to go back. The lyrics I posted were in reference to what was being discussed.

8ab41f No.192515


Didn't Rwanda or some African President say they love him?

c14239 No.192516


The title might have more impact as:

Lies That Never Die


Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

018f71 No.192517

File: f9b5c7e8a57cef9⋯.jpg (170.43 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GREAT AWAKENING - my life ….jpg)

6290be No.192518



If (you) worship in the temple of Facebook (you) should not be alarmed that (you) are the sacrifice.


9624d2 No.192519


Somebody in the post said panther, but i would side with the Kenyan army myself

8e3ad0 No.192520



d7cdab No.192521


This practice is pretty disturbing. It needs to go. The more I become aware of congressional dealings, the more I see them as 3rd world dictators. Maybe they see themselves that way too.

e544a4 No.192522


Just didn't understand current relevance of it and it wasnt tagged to anything.

18b76f No.192523


Can't stand the voiceover. What is interesting about it?

940050 No.192524


has there ever been a president people didn't want to kill? it comes with the territory.

7ebf0e No.192525

TG on fox

e41e8e No.192526


might wanna dig into who was running/working at the FBI at the time. they were heavily involved.

374714 No.192527


We could use some more "Let's be real clear" posts from Q.

8ab41f No.192528


Why roll in money,

when you can dance in stolen donations?

9624d2 No.192529


So He's twatting old shit,figures

c14239 No.192530


The title might have more impact as:

Lies That Never Die


Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

1ec369 No.192531


Wow Poli! That's was a home run!!!

792bf3 No.192532

Did you guys know Melania Trump was going to go to Davos with POTUS but decided not to go last minute?

c5da0e No.192533


Yeah could be. Why is the flu killing so many people? Did it get some help?

8e3ad0 No.192534

4d1fed No.192535

Just saw a new CNN ad , with a banana peel, instead of an apple, saying it's only a matter of time till someone gets hurt. Sounds like a direct threat.

8ab41f No.192536


Did you know if I shave my asshole today by next week it's the Black Forest?

b26c9f No.192537

File: 551665b5a345aca⋯.jpg (114.55 KB, 853x485, 853:485, GAF686.jpg)

File: df1e37744753782⋯.jpg (257.97 KB, 1717x537, 1717:537, 14_03.jpg)

File: e80ea06f8624770⋯.jpg (96.96 KB, 551x550, 551:550, Red Arrow.jpg)

Planefags, can you keep a look out for this plane? It appeared around Ecuador earlier today and it seems that Yahoo70 is following a similar path. My almonds are activated, as they were when I saw the German jet earlier.

Has any evidence surfaced as to why the Swedish Air Force flew to Jordan today?

ff465a No.192539

File: 5230445861422b9⋯.png (220.48 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-01-28-13-3….png)

File: 94fdeccc0a62bfe⋯.png (372.3 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-01-28-13-3….png)

File: ba8cf879488b940⋯.png (379.92 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-01-28-13-3….png)

File: 48e0a0434159add⋯.png (372.87 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-01-28-13-3….png)

File: fbc40f1f37fa37c⋯.png (398.63 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-01-28-13-3….png)


He is working all kinds of deals with Africa

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/remarks-president-trump-working-lunch-african-leaders/

f4e58a No.192540


CNN US or CNN international?

18b76f No.192541


I could go for some more snarky Q posts today too. "No one playing the game gets a deal. NO ONE!"

4ce9e6 No.192542


It’s on his periscope.

7ebf0e No.192543

He is defending Mueller hard.

Talking about counterintelligence component. He is going to tell us what Russia did in 2016? He tells republicans to leave him alone and that's his advice. Why is defending Mueller so much?

They played the Trump interview where he said he would do an interview subject to his lawyers.

They talked about the choice as to whether he has to sit down with the interview? TG said he doesn't know what he will say.

If there is no collusion or obstruction, there is not much danger. There is the legal aspect and so TG wants him to testify because he can put things to bed supposedly.

There is a political component and he cited TWO democractic impeachment votes. Adam Schiff says he has evidence of collusion.

He said he thinks Bob Mueller is a fair prosecutor but not a fair jury.

8e3ad0 No.192544


Shame that my first account got banned. My reach has been neutered. 2 retweets and obviously on Perla-shadowban

668f3a No.192545


Same here ty!

374714 No.192546


Wow. Perfection.

3df4d0 No.192547


First Trump needs to install all the judges, that is doing well but takes a year, now look at the shit with 9th circuit, still blocking him, how do you go to trial with the darlings of the left in that atmosphere.

They have to re-build the entire justice system from 8+ years of BHO ruin and all his clan, think about how deep those people are, holder etc it's a mess. We want these trials to stick

2b8abe No.192550

Conan over in the corner watching them do the shithole shuffle is hysterical

Not a caption….just a comment…drawing a blank today


8ab41f No.192552


They really are bananas.

8ab41f No.192553


Depopulation agenda

7ebf0e No.192554

TG just leaked the FISA memo information subtlely.

23a7aa No.192555

2cf19c No.192556

File: 2564e968fee415a⋯.jpeg (715.44 KB, 1334x592, 667:296, 972580D8-7F92-4377-BBAF-F….jpeg)

8ab41f No.192557


Always 10 steps ahead.

7ebf0e No.192558

TG on Fox news says the memo connects whether the FISA was used for court and WHO paid for the dossier AND Christopher Steel's relationship to Hillary.

1909ad No.192559

File: 6ad2f104bf8f309⋯.png (689.92 KB, 1111x1030, 1111:1030, Q_pepeCrumbs_TRAITORS_JUST….png)

File: daff27b8a372a76⋯.png (862.34 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_pepeCrumbs_R_Don't come ….png)

File: 1834d10ea44db73⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_pepeCrumbs_WESEEYOU.png)

File: 781091cdde6eaf5⋯.png (501.45 KB, 1111x625, 1111:625, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180118_THEP….png)

File: 5c671f4cd10252f⋯.png (389.76 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180127_Nobo….png)


luv da fiery Q

c5da0e No.192560


and Trump knows that. Hopefully they keep sick ppl away from him. There's actually thermal detectors that can determine if someone has a fever (without even getting close to them with a thermometer)

e41e8e No.192561


he just filled the post that they were supposed to fill but refused to.

7ebf0e No.192562


Yea and they say tillerson is going there.

54fe4a No.192563

File: 73d83b555d43cfb⋯.jpg (133.74 KB, 737x489, 737:489, GreatAwakening306.jpg)

File: f59fc675e12f1bf⋯.jpg (120.58 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening307.jpg)

File: e96ffdab867f4fe⋯.jpg (161.29 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening308.jpg)

Great Awakening

Dream Big, America

When you dream big, great things are possible.

I'm working on the theme of unity, hope for a better future, removing the programming, believing in America. Positivity. We need some of that youthful idealism turned toward positive goals.

8ab41f No.192564


(((Red Cross workers in Monrovia)))


b757b6 No.192565


She has apparently left him and is considering divorce due to his cheating with Stormy.

8ab41f No.192566


Woo wee I gotta load up on the popcorn

99ff65 No.192568


Or do something for education in underprivileged neighborhoods. While I think there needs to be an overhaul of the education system in general, bringing attention/funding for them and addressing issues related to higher dropout rates is a great place to start.

1900f4 No.192569

Paul hardcastle wrote a song called…… 19……. another called …… the wizard…. and many more odd coincidences

23a7aa No.192570


Getting pretty shilly in here.

f4e58a No.192571


CNN international bashes POTUS 24/7

b26c9f No.192572

File: 6084e10bfcfd9b4⋯.jpg (83.48 KB, 567x466, 567:466, shithole.jpg)

374714 No.192573


Its a job. https:// www.cia.gov/careers/opportunities

7025b9 No.192574

back in the day there was a rap group that was really good.

they wouldnt sell out, so they got no record deal.

changed the face of rap forever.

any anons know the two groups im talking about. i cant remember, been so long ago.

it would be great meme material for the black community. i will try to find.

9a5206 No.192575

File: bc886a23cefe152⋯.jpg (230.81 KB, 1424x1241, 1424:1241, gw2.jpg)

6b88a8 No.192576


You could try here:

https:// duckduckgo.com/

1ec369 No.192577


I'm always shadow banned. They show only one tweet from me from a year after I started my account. Very weird. I'm still fighting them for my money too. They ignore me. I need to find a lawsuit. Can't afford one myself and they count on it. They should have to be accountable for why and when they do it. I paid for thousands of dollars of promoted tweets for business, and I can't count on those even actually being seen. It's all electronic numbers, and they are proven liars at this point, right?

I keep trying though.

0bae1f No.192578


Hence the ML and courts martial, (military tribunals) to come afterwards.

70d59b No.192579


Ok but the ORIGINAL Snow White fairy tale is a Brothers Grimm GERMAN fairy tale.

Black Forest is actually a place IN GERMANY

Black Forest Cake is a German chocolate cake recipe

Plus the Black Forest brand is all sorts of German treats…like gummy bears.

Dopey is distinctly a Disney fabrication of the story and nothing to do with Germany

But because he called Al-waleed "Dopey" and he's in the news of late then that seems to be his code name.

Black Forest seems to be a place indication. Possibly Germany.

So could we be trying to capture Al-waleed and then transfer him to our large military base in Germany. Its a possibility

7ebf0e No.192580

The memo exposes who paid for the FISA court application. Connects dots on the financial backing on the dossier.

e01bdd No.192581

File: 8310369a2f3f539⋯.jpg (404.31 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, war room comm incoming.jpg)

New War Room

Herrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeee >>>>192365

POW WOW in new Bread on hashes

b there or b square.

suggestions need to fit into Q drop narrative.

b26c9f No.192582



8ab41f No.192583

File: 720f53858dd1472⋯.jpg (337.46 KB, 750x725, 30:29, f18b3a9c72d4a13b29e0934fac….jpg)


Stay warm.

8e3ad0 No.192584


Thank you, just doing my part. Amazing how my phone runs perfectly until I start tweeting things that touch a nerve. The suddenly lag is incredible.

b4eed4 No.192585


Very shilly today.

8ab41f No.192586

7ebf0e No.192587


He kept skipping around the question what was in the memo. He said he would not confirm whether there was a FISA application on the basis of the dossier but he kept asking WHETHER OR NOT YOU WOULD CARE?

Would you care if there was one?

Would you care if it was paid for by the DNC?

Would you care about the relationship between Christopher Steele and Hillary Clinton?

2b8abe No.192588

He is on Fox News Sunday with Chris Dickweed or whoever…..TG is really trying to leak without leaking


14d1ea No.192590


To serve is to rule.

434c02 No.192591

File: 06fd40c3be9fcf8⋯.jpg (63.87 KB, 600x338, 300:169, JiveInterpreter.jpg)




If only we had an interpreter

7ebf0e No.192592


Maybe TG's role in this is just to be the conduit to the Press?

4d1fed No.192593



c044b8 No.192594


Her goal is to kick off the antifa riots…. oh I'm sorry "rebellion" and get them to cause as much damage as possible to force the 25th amendment. All she has ever squawked in the last year was "impeach 45". I'm gonna take a stab at this but my guess is her benefactors said this is her last shot or find out what happens to incompetence.

e01bdd No.192595


communication with missing M,,, mememaker Xhausted,, will fix l8r

2b8abe No.192597

Gowdy is trying to drop crumbs without being obvious…


a04c67 No.192598

File: 442f71246ac7dc1⋯.png (1.17 MB, 818x684, 409:342, ClipboardImage.png)

374714 No.192599


Who paid for the Steele Dossier? Don't we already know its Fusion GPS? Who paid Fusion GPS? Perkins Coie? Who paid Perkins Coie? DNC. I hope there is something new.

7e0c72 No.192600


Dopey refers to one of the CIA's super computers.

http:// articles.chicagotribune.com/2000-01-13/features/0001130129_1_central-intelligence-agency-headquarters-cia-super-secret

23a7aa No.192601



Unfortunately the forecast doesn't look too good. I don't think we will be getting a break for a while.

e41e8e No.192602


i feel this would look better as a meme with acosta on his back (while rapping) and mueller sitting on a briefcase etc

4b03a5 No.192603

The gun grabbing case Q referenced in a picture file name is here

https:// www.unitedstatescourts.org/federal/cand/290253/1-0.html#collapseExampleDistrict Judge Edward J. Davila

Nominated by Barack Obama on January 5, 2011, to a seat vacated by Marilyn Hall Patel. Confirmed by the Senate on February 14, 2011, and received commission on March 3, 2011. - this is 9th circuit

some opions by attys who argued before him

Doesn't feel he has to follow the law or court rules even when compliance with these and due process would take relatively minimal effort. Rulings were sloppy and careless. I have not seen this low level of performance from a federal district judge before

didn't care to read the case, follow the law, or use guidelines. He's a puppet for the AUSA

http:// www.therobingroom.com/Judge.aspx?ID=1841

18b76f No.192604


Are we jacking #grammys tonight? Bc we would be stupid not to.

2b8abe No.192605


Agree, anon

508afa No.192606

File: be1d4faaff6b957⋯.png (85.45 KB, 500x500, 1:1, b757b6 filter.png)

b26c9f No.192607


I speak jive, 'tain't no thang, bro.

50115a No.192608

File: 39b3a6a73d58061⋯.png (11.51 MB, 1844x2207, 1844:2207, ClipboardImage.png)


It was this fuckin guy - Mr. Opus Dei, Mr. Ruby Ridge, Mr. Waco, Mr. OK City, Mr. 911.

Louis Freeh - FBI head 93-2001

8d4000 No.192609


Wasn't there a post by Q a while back about a trail of some kind. Like a trail that no one returns from or something. I remember looking for it, but never found it. Q actually gave us the name of the trail…what was it???

99ff65 No.192610


The longer it’s talked about and not released, the more people are going to be complacent about it when it is released. I get the thought behind waiting, but it’s time man.

e01bdd No.192611


jack whatever u like….


ecc138 No.192613

Just putting this out there…was chatting with a black neighbor this morning. I said dems are "closet racists" He went for it, asked why. I hit him with the facts from Q meme drop yesterday plus what you guys turned up. Scored bigly. The phrase "closet racists" did it.

0adbb5 No.192614

File: 354cce1c23fd91c⋯.jpg (81.53 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, jayz-kanye-killer.jpg)

6cc115 No.192615




wikipedia. org/wiki/Black_Forest

The Black Forest, located in Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany, close to the French border, is home of the original Cuckoo clock

bb3aff No.192616


Congrats you get my new Shill song.

Glowing, Glowing, Little Shill,

All the truth you try to Kill,

Up on chan all day and night,

Like a shitty Parasite.

Glowing, Glowing, Little Shill,

e0af92 No.192617

File: 9a1f3971d1211a7⋯.jpeg (71.67 KB, 547x314, 547:314, 9CB4E922-83A0-4521-9A09-0….jpeg)


Ok. Try this.

7ebf0e No.192618



I know even my own enthusiasm runs out on that because its like something everyone hear considers absolutely the tip of the iceberg - IF THAT.

3df4d0 No.192619

If POTUS wanted the investigation over it would be, they are keeping it going for a reason, I am guessing hey libs, look at this shiny thing in my left hand while I rifle through your pockets with my right hand gathering info.

d2aaae No.192620

Since their is disinfo, or cryptic crumbs that can look like one thing but are actually something completely different, ive got a new stab to play out.

Nobody is sleeping tonight.


Could be a group is set up in one or several of the DUMBS. Waiting. Imagine the torture you could pull off and information gathered from a …..

Freddy kruger. DONT GO TO SLEEP.

b4eed4 No.192622


That depends on how bigly the contents shake up normies, anon.

2e1216 No.192623


It's another fucking YouLube link, isn't it?

Sorry, not going over there to find out.

2b8abe No.192624


I was telling hubs that last night…..they are drawing it out a little too long.

f2884d No.192626


the title and date it was posted for starters. it also says they have a week long sex bash related to Fastnacht. DuckGo this “traditional festival” … it is coming right up (right after Davos hmmm) and it involves lots of weird occultic history. I have never heard of it and am just starting to dig.

like I said when i posted that the black forest is only 3.5 hours away from Davos, the elite are known for human hunting parties in forests.

ad7617 No.192627

File: 57a0ba8813667c1⋯.png (288.89 KB, 1889x1889, 1:1, pol.png)





>Just going to throw this out there while we are in a bit of a lull. I've been in the military for 17yrs, I never did chat rooms or twatter or FB before this. I've grown to like you guys over the past few months though. This is just like interacting with all the different personalities within a military unit. My other MILFAGS will concur with this. Every unit or flight or platoon has the same characters. We have the "know it alls", "the worry warts", "the negative nancy", "the funny guy", "the it's all about me guy" and "the glass always full guy". When this is all over and we no longer have a reason to come here, I really hope we have some kind of patch or emblem we can wear. Then when I pass another anon on the street, I can just nod and know that we fought a battle together. I've done 7 OIF and OEF deployments and spent 3 1/2 years of my life fighting for people that ultimately wanted to destroy us. I never imagined the most important fight I would take part in would be from behind a computer screen. Someone please make an ANON patch that only we would recognize. It's a pleasure to serve with you patriots.

this, besides /pol/ >>190260 oficial patch, BUT ALSO i would love to honor Q and POTUS having a patch. any ideas?

374714 No.192628


These are appearing with different number blocks in our thread. The funnel is the same shape as the key from the other day.

The IPs of poster have been connected to various shitposts though.

5620ea No.192629


It's just a satirical promotional video.

The Ortenau is a region in Germany and this video is just advertising the customs and businesses in the region.

In the beginning he's talking about Fasching, or Mardi Gras, then goes on to list some well known businesses.

This is near the Black Forest, but not the Black Forest. The 'au' at the end tells you it's a region in a river valley. This is on the Rhine, close to another region, the Breisgau, where the city of Freiburg is located.

The 'wald' (forest) regions, like the Schwarzwald (Black Forest), Odenwald or Pfaelzerwald, are forested uplands (middle ranged in height mountains), in comparison.

Germany has a lot of regions like this.

Nothing unusual, AFAIC, just a satirical promotional video. Bizarre, yeah, but apretty typical example of German humor, too, I would say. It can be weird if you take everything they say literally.

7fb768 No.192630


When did the Marine's osprey, several of them, circle Langley for over 30 minutes a few months ago? Was it the same date as this Q 11/2 drop?

1909ad No.192631

File: 507f48a244a2f67⋯.png (637.73 KB, 1111x590, 1111:590, CIA_Careers&Internships.png)




<How does one get a job at the CIA? Apply or they come to you?

>Its a job. https:// www.cia.gov/careers/opportunities

d7cdab No.192632


Are these really Jay-Z's words? If so, this is golden. If not, can we remove the quotation marks? Sauce?

7e0c72 No.192634


I thought we established long ago the seven dwarves are the CIA super computers.

http:// articles.chicagotribune.com/2000-01-13/features/0001130129_1_central-intelligence-agency-headquarters-cia-super-secret

14d1ea No.192635


Evil has to put it out there before it can work. One of the laws of the universe.

Good also works on this principle too. MAGA.

8eeb52 No.192636

Don't lose faith anons.

c044b8 No.192637


Just to add, if she was to fail she might make herself become neutralized and start singing like a bird so she doesn't have a heart attack out of the blue either.

940050 No.192638


plenty who work there never applied…

5004b0 No.192639

bd3420 No.192640


i read there are a TON of missing kids each year in the Black Forest.

58011b No.192641

File: ba05bd52dc1306f⋯.png (2.38 MB, 4167x2083, 4167:2083, Prodigy_JayZ.png)

2fd29e No.192642


Looks a lot like the guy that's always staring down Sheriff Lombardo in th LV press briefings.

0adbb5 No.192643


love it. We are a super virus, we are invading their programing. i think that is really what this is…

f2884d No.192644


i don’t remember this post … if you turn it up please share

b26c9f No.192645


Risky danger click?

bd3420 No.192646


we did.

e3fdc8 No.192647

Baker bakers/ spreadsheet anon…

Please include DUMB ~= Deep Underground Military Base from one of Qs latest posts, where this was capitalized for the first (afaict) time.

https:// 8ch.net//greatawakening/res/1.html#71

0adbb5 No.192648

this is a great video Red Pill

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6Ii9dUKFVQ&t=250s

ff465a No.192649


SOTU is going to be POTUS shining brightly in the sun! All of his accomplishments and plans, it can't be overshadowed by the memo. America needs him before he dismantles the corruption.

c90efc No.192650



7ebf0e No.192651

b26c9f No.192652


Kek! :)

14d1ea No.192653

File: 68ce8169d935087⋯.png (11.56 KB, 207x300, 69:100, 8_of_diamonds-207x300.png)

bd3420 No.192654

Any other anons thinking the Dems must have something up their sleeve for the SOTU other than simply Mad Max?

2d6f2b No.192655


no it isnt

i just did it and i had 20 asian men following me

not fake

1909ad No.192656

File: 27d427ccb4ef314⋯.png (661.96 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20171112_Sign….png)



indeed, but did we really

>Go deeper.


58011b No.192657

File: a2ce93021413b25⋯.png (423.09 KB, 1446x358, 723:179, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)


http:// www.xxlmag.com/news/2015/10/current-status-murdered-rappers-cases/

0adbb5 No.192658


this post smells fishy like a pelican

f2884d No.192659


idk anon. dig on this “sex bash” Fastnacht that happens right after Davos.

2fd29e No.192660

File: ec1b7da4696a6e2⋯.jpg (62.36 KB, 1023x575, 1023:575, EE40033A-5EC0-4DED-8DCB-4B….jpg)

c14239 No.192661


I believe Trump can/will help the people of Africa as much as he can. Once that happens, the optics of African leaders praising POTUS will be devastating to the MSM racist narrative.

508afa No.192662


EAM on air now 11.175 MHz

ac04db No.192664

Just going to take a moment & say I told ya so. So, you finally see what I've been saying allllll along with Trump tweets & even Q, you finally hear the music. ;)

14d1ea No.192665


Your mom mentioned that last night too.

e41e8e No.192666

File: e57328d7084ef2d⋯.jpg (126.04 KB, 1051x752, 1051:752, tupacilluminati.JPG)


deffinite connections to the cabal killing Tupac. just search "Tupac illumianti"

pic related

d22067 No.192668


Nonsense. 'Following' doesn't mean you have befriended them or that they can see any content you haven't made available publicly, So who cares?

374714 No.192669

Its the only english video on the channel. The speaker on voiceover is a native english speaker attempting a goofy accent.

d2aaae No.192670

Heres the problem with the memo. Its going to spark more questions.

a04c67 No.192671

File: 56d4445d78c3096⋯.png (1.27 MB, 825x693, 25:21, ClipboardImage.png)

bd3420 No.192672


yes, "signatures are important," but Q never signed a post as "Seven Dwarves"

b26c9f No.192673

File: 4dff7f6b6e2ba84⋯.jpg (123.9 KB, 630x630, 1:1, Kek Air Force Recon 1.jpg)


You can always create your own… I am not at liberty to say who created this for security reasons..

58ef7b No.192674


Might possibly be an undocumented uranium mine in the German Black Forest.

2b8abe No.192675

Valid point….I do want him to get the recognition he deserves for once


e41e8e No.192676


They're not sending their best.

cdc656 No.192678

File: 483440f743920b5⋯.png (242.25 KB, 577x445, 577:445, Stormy.png)


Stop with your BS disinfo, MSM lies! GTFO

18b76f No.192679

e0af92 No.192680

File: c220fa0199e0faf⋯.jpeg (100.52 KB, 567x466, 567:466, 6DBA63FE-E580-469C-89E2-B….jpeg)

33d8de No.192681

File: c8a2c94bc50d080⋯.png (249.62 KB, 722x467, 722:467, ClipboardImage.png)

14d1ea No.192682


I speak /pol/ish.

Your nose is showing = you're a shill.

e36455 No.192683

File: 31573c81536082c⋯.png (421.05 KB, 668x639, 668:639, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

99ff65 No.192684

70d59b No.192685


Why would Q tell a super computer its "Time to Play"

Do they have a Black Forest in Langley Virginia? Or is that a nick name for CIA headquarters?

508afa No.192686


You tryin' to scare me, nigga?

6b88a8 No.192687


Thank you. Much appreciated.

940050 No.192689

776ad3 No.192690



18b76f No.192691


That's good, not a problem

940050 No.192693


satanic den

3dc61c No.192694


No, it's a leaked DOD project presentation about what he called "funvax" just another vaccine to screw our minds up to go along with all the rest. Check this out for more along this line…www. naturalnews.com/048347_aerosolized_vaccines_behavioral_modification_obedience.html

9624d2 No.192695


Saved for the Lawsuit,lol

b984fe No.192696

File: 7896eab5142edd7⋯.png (417.12 KB, 600x400, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fe21eb56d45a5c6⋯.png (428.23 KB, 540x400, 27:20, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b2d5e1ef74c67e2⋯.png (316.83 KB, 519x292, 519:292, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d7d9dd3e7b77186⋯.png (380.27 KB, 540x400, 27:20, ClipboardImage.png)

1ec369 No.192698


I like this one a lot. Have used it for a while. This group is not really /pol/ , but was born there, so it would require adaptation.

374714 No.192699


Its the only english video on the channel. The speaker on voiceover is a native english speaker attempting a goofy accent

bbf3be No.192700

File: 18033593482dd43⋯.jpg (47.89 KB, 500x320, 25:16, Jay-Z-Illuminati-Symbols-O….jpg)

File: 22eec74461dcb09⋯.jpg (79.42 KB, 439x424, 439:424, e4ab291aee1fd7ee66d4c14d35….jpg)

File: 442d7a5bddacd8c⋯.jpg (25.29 KB, 227x300, 227:300, bybaph.jpg)

File: cec9d247834c108⋯.jpg (63.99 KB, 600x315, 40:21, 6219c362b15c741a506f7ef64f….jpg)

File: 18d3ce68503638b⋯.jpg (141.36 KB, 504x960, 21:40, 37fb4e600b570a9afdbdd7d824….jpg)

de5bab No.192701

I know we’ve talked this theory already, but Hannity’s “Form Submission 1649” post…is it possibly referring to King Charles I?

Guy was killed on January 30 (SOTU) 1649. Others have referenced a few other forms, but whatevs. Weird that those dates coincide.

9624d2 No.192702

File: 599b599e2428f40⋯.png (729.68 KB, 902x457, 902:457, Bots.PNG)

73a473 No.192703

That's fucking good.>>192614

b4eed4 No.192705


Our patch needs the following: a stylized Q, a POTUS logo, a Pepe, and the words The Great Awakening with the CONUS as the background.

fb3341 No.192706

File: 74615dfa938cb55⋯.jpg (137.87 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 23ii5b.jpg)

File: 91b598f06930ed4⋯.jpg (157.51 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 23ii7d.jpg)

b984fe No.192707

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


R. Kelley - A Woman's Threat

8eeb52 No.192708

The memo contains a summary of the circumstances of the conspiracy to frame Trump before and after the election.

Including murdering Seth Rich.

And who paid for what.

And who tried to cover up their roles.

It's a giant conspiracy that Dems can't run away from.

It puts the FBI, DOJ, DNI, Hilldawg, McCain and Bongo in the shitter.

It will red pill most liberals.

bd3420 No.192709


so maybe Q was referencing

Dopey = AW

Black Forest = missing kids/child trafficking


1900f4 No.192710

http:// www.norad.mil/About-NORAD/Cheyenne-Mountain-Air-Force-Station/


Cheyenne mountain near Black Forest Colorado,

7025b9 No.192711


two ugly fugly m f ers

8d7d3e No.192712


Q>Keystone>Clock>Tick Tock

Possible [Hit] Believe Black Forest has at least two meanings, Definitely Operation Signature

Godfather III OP sig

Request for Anon to explain if cracked, nothing given.

My thoughts: GFIII= CF

http:// godfather.wikia.com/wiki/The_Godfather_Part_III


508afa No.192714

File: 96976e532681fa0⋯.png (29.43 KB, 546x77, 78:11, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)


From the one-hit wonder. FILTERED

23e6de No.192717


Heh heh… let's see.. need a glowing moon/stars clown meme.

14d1ea No.192718

File: 64cb89dee845585⋯.jpg (6.03 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, LCM_-_DEC_VAX_11-780-5_-_0….jpg)



f2884d No.192720

File: 706d6ffe309ba46⋯.jpeg (66.44 KB, 990x300, 33:10, DB95DE07-734C-4415-9E50-3….jpeg)

File: e115a1f8b7a4056⋯.jpeg (208.6 KB, 1300x956, 325:239, A2E7A052-F346-415E-9B97-7….jpeg)

File: 2f8ffe92da04343⋯.jpeg (126.05 KB, 640x447, 640:447, 539233C8-3522-4447-9A7A-5….jpeg)

some images from Fastnacht Festival that happens at the Black Forest right after Davos which is only 3.5 hours away

0adbb5 No.192721

File: ebd02bf97ed1ed9⋯.jpg (59.06 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, jayz_marina_spirit_cooking.jpg)

b26c9f No.192722



[77 CHAR]




No idea, but posting it for possible relevance later when we find out what went down.

940050 No.192723


maybe. dwarves were gold/diamond miners too heh

99ce19 No.192724


Not Fake. Not at all.

14d1ea No.192725

File: 675b1c49fbab176⋯.gif (75.35 KB, 406x300, 203:150, beyoncejaymason.gif)

e01bdd No.192726

File: 8310369a2f3f539⋯.jpg (404.31 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, war room comm incoming.jpg)

==Pls come and pow wow at new war room

Battle axes being sharpened. Now is the time!==


055c2a No.192727


Mockingbird failing is a good thing. Look it up

1504a5 No.192728

Why did Q choose here to post? Because everyone here has years of knowledge and experience on these subjects and because we all have a unique ability to spot patterns or anomalies. Normies can understand patterns /anomalies after they are pointed out IE: the black eyes & medical boots. Maybe some memes with compare/contrast facts for hard to swallow subjects will help the pill go down easier. I once saw ( those accounts have been suspended by Twitter) someone post stats for chick trafficking arrests for 2017 as well as other years. I remember it had close to 7K with over 2k children rescued under Trump. Has anyone else seen that data or know if it was legit?

39121e No.192729


If team Q leaks the details via Trump of the 2pac murder involving bad actors ,this could win over the AA vote 2020 as 2pac is an immortal God to them. For the Vin?

bd3420 No.192730


instead of /pol/ i'd like to see either a progression of all the names we've gathered under or /qresearch/

Q has to be in the badge somewhere


2e1216 No.192731


That was one power-hungry three-phase sumbitch, wasn't it?

78e5f7 No.192732

When did RR meet with GEOTUS after the election but before inauguration and where? Tryin to have a rational discussion (red pillin) a relative and for whatever reason this is a sticking point , cant find it otherwise I wouldnt bother autists, thanks y'all

6cc115 No.192734

File: e4ec90b56d8f3b8⋯.png (116.83 KB, 479x427, 479:427, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

File: 9a8c3e8e8a4fe36⋯.png (186.15 KB, 470x365, 94:73, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

File: 609bf9338614225⋯.png (59.72 KB, 504x251, 504:251, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

File: c77ad1303865541⋯.png (17.81 KB, 318x82, 159:41, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

2b8abe No.192735

File: 77bc08baa0a015b⋯.jpg (41.26 KB, 618x318, 103:53, DUpeJ5RU8AA5xiS.jpg)

Saw this floating around twitter

3b83f6 No.192736

File: a093c2ffb4078a6⋯.jpg (117.66 KB, 620x592, 155:148, p-habs.jpg)

sharing this before it's censored / taken down:

https:// twitter.com/tobiaschneider/status/957317886112124928

Basically, you can use the Strava heatmap feature to view military bases and other places that are normally censored on Google Maps:

https:// labs.strava.com/heatmap/#6.06/39.14391/35.00835/hot/all

776ad3 No.192738


The one where she is wearing the baphomet bodice that looks like handle bars is reference that she is A vehicle for Baphomet -learned during pizzagate

b984fe No.192740

ccd486 No.192742

HMC 1982-2007

73a473 No.192744


This bitch again

99ff65 No.192747


More memes need to be done about Chicago and Flint and they’re elected officials.

0adbb5 No.192748


many think it really is the Catholic church and the Rothschilds family… but its all one big deep hole no matter which rabbit hole you go down, it all leads back to some evil group of people.

e41e8e No.192749


damn close. could be anon.

all i know is the Tupac link can literally give us the power to speak to the West Coast and blacks in general. if we nail this our opponents will start accepting our other messages. we can UNITE.

14d1ea No.192750

File: fab3fb7ae053c7b⋯.jpg (28.2 KB, 385x477, 385:477, huggy bear.jpg)


>chick trafficking

I assume you meant child trafficking. Still hate pimps.

334110 No.192751

File: e249bb17eccc560⋯.png (2.91 MB, 1536x905, 1536:905, ClipboardImage.png)

A little off topic, but relevant for next month

b984fe No.192752

bbf3be No.192753

File: f1f1b77142f765f⋯.png (23.66 KB, 255x189, 85:63, d7d9dd3e7b77186820a8be49c6….png)

e0af92 No.192754

File: 07cc1a4b6498a91⋯.jpeg (81.06 KB, 540x400, 27:20, 4F58C8F1-01A2-4CC5-9EC6-2….jpeg)

0adbb5 No.192755


Flint Michigan/the water?

3df4d0 No.192756


No, Hannity is pushing the memo, it has to be the form showing a signature to pay for the dossier

334110 No.192757

File: ab4cb396118fac3⋯.png (1.68 MB, 970x998, 485:499, ClipboardImage.png)


Argh! Wrong image


b4eed4 No.192758




The Presidential seal inside of a stylized “Q”, with a Pepe representing autists and “The Great Awakening” with the outline of the USA as a background.

d7cdab No.192759


Yes, imagine that, then take it one step further and realize that's exactly what has been going on down there, at tax payer expense. Only the victims were innocent children and adults, private citizens like us, plucked from the streets. Torture is not a function of God but rather a function of the other team, and that's what we need to rid from the world.

6ebee8 No.192760


Timing and quickness have never been Republican strengths (nor of POTUS Trump, I hate to say).

Everything is done in slow motion which gives the Democrats/traitors time to react and readjust.

Who knows why but it has been this way for years.

So we get to see what the Democrats are going to do in response to the memo, which they have now had 400 hours to strategize for.

a2e8bb No.192762


many/most people associate the stories of the grimm brothers with the black forest (not true but the association is there nonetheless).

what are their most famous stories:

(1) The Pied Piper of Hamelin - all the children of a village are led away by the piper when he didn't get paid for dealing with a rat infestation and

(2) Hansel and Gretel - two kids left in the forest as the parents have no money for food. kids wander about and find a house made of cake, cookies and candy. Evil witch owner captures them, fattens them up with the intention of cooking and eating them.

must have been some seriously strange shit going on in the german forests back in the day.

1504a5 No.192763


sure did. I guess my brain was faster than my fingers. Thanks for the humiliating point out ! lol

8d7d3e No.192764


(…) Possible [Hit] Good work Anon_X

b984fe No.192766


Grammy's tonight? I thought they were last week, but that was the Golden Globes, so I was told.

8d7d3e No.192767


TY for FBack_X

14d1ea No.192768


There is still one online too:

http:// www.livingcomputers.org/Discover/Online-Systems/Request-a-Login.aspx

521251 No.192769


Without a date certain, it might be 400 more. :/

925a69 No.192770

Why did Q stop signing posts?

de5bab No.192771


If that’s the case, why would he delete the tweet with “Form Submission 1649?” If he posted it and his acct went black, he would leave the tweet, no? But it was deleted, which suggests Form Submission 1649 could have been a hack post. No?

b984fe No.192772

e41e8e No.192773


this is why im hammering on it.

ive had several anons digging on this and can feel we are close to something.

more importantly i think it can heal the black community. once they open their eyes to the lies that are told to them they can see the world as we do. this will ripple down into them creating better communities etc.

14dadb No.192774


Q also referred to Alaweed as Dopey. I thought that was Dopey.

f2884d No.192775


there’s lots of Black Forest references in culture …. it could definitely be a type of dog whistle for those “in the know”

559be5 No.192776

e7ab15 No.192777


The “flu” isn’t killing, 7 of 8 had the shot, 8 of 8 took Tamiflu.

4d0d48 No.192778

I've seen so many dumbass questions in these breads recently that I'm beginning to wonder if Q was referencing the fucktards here that refuse to do any research when he repeats "These people are stupid".

2b0266 No.192779

8d4000 No.192782


I think it was on either the storm or the cbts/ boards. It was before the /greatawakening.

ac04db No.192784






I was thinking meme's of all the Grammy nominations with pic of their black eyes. "Things That Make You Go Hmmm…"

b984fe No.192785

dce8bb No.192787


it´s the weekend,tommorow free beer!

3a3b01 No.192788


Probably has to do with corruption at the Vatican.

bd3420 No.192789



could be, anon . . . didn't one of the vids Q recently posted have Trump saying CF was a giant crime syndicate, or smthg like that?

205a40 No.192791


Make it "Biggie" instead of "BIggie"

d04522 No.192792


MAN… got any sauce? that's one HELL OF A MEME

940050 No.192793

causation correlation.

hard to tell.

they took tamiflu b/c they were already near death?

last resort?

were gonna die anyways?

who knows?


cb1ce2 No.192794

>>192309 this one is fucking Brilliant. I just posted in reply to POTUS Jay z post.

9624d2 No.192795

File: c1a51fa8d1ea76d⋯.png (1.01 MB, 813x702, 271:234, Family.PNG)

b26c9f No.192796

File: 31f96aa3a844d62⋯.jpg (59.03 KB, 622x477, 622:477, Truth.jpg)

e01bdd No.192798


hashes debate in war room. not on this thread (too busy) also: bring a strategy based on Q's latest guidelines. War Room is WAR ROOM.

as in militairy/strategic etc.

b7cee9 No.192799


Pac sings about “killuminati.”

He wanted them gone but they got him.

MSM was after him too.

Dan Quail said his music should be banned.

His lyrics say alot.

39121e No.192800


This will be the key to 2020 and beyond. Why didn't renegade release the info on 2pac???

58b233 No.192801

File: 6051d8bfb3284ec⋯.jpg (181.86 KB, 721x720, 721:720, overworkconspiracypepe.jpg)

I'm loving all the bursts of activity from Q, but it feels like it is things we already know and the general public knows is fake. It just seems like we are so far away from the old format of [marker] > [twitter post] > future news story confirming.

Maybe im just not seeing it, but I thought this was VITAL to proving things to normies. I mean we were supposed to use in the meme war these proofs and side by side meme infographs to prove this shit. Have we made any progress finding more markers to connect with tweets and thereby future news?

Lurk moar fagggots fuck off. This is too important of a movement to shut out normies and lazy anons with lurk moar. We need comprehensive side by side graphics. And have we really made any progress decoding stringers and such? General has become a chatroom more than a place to discuss and drop research and meme's. Spider Anon has done amazing work making the few infographs I do have collected on RED RED, Hawaii, NYC Bomber, and Lord's Prayer proofs. We need to help him and the others by spreading the message of Q with proofs!

33d8de No.192802

File: bf2b5fc8d400dc2⋯.png (257.65 KB, 726x468, 121:78, ClipboardImage.png)

769d5c No.192803



You are arguing the leftist narrative / sleeping pill of the "Big Switch" not to mention countermanding Q. Quite shill worthy and highly suspect. Scared of this redpill?

https:// www. dineshdsouza.com/news/dems-still-racist-party/

https:// www.youtube.com /watch?v=nj7OMmsrad0

14d1ea No.192804


The pied piper was a pedophile too.

https:// www.straightdope.com/columns/read/2060/was-the-pied-piper-of-hamelin-a-child-molester/

>The Pied Piper of Hamelin . . . was a real man, but there was nothing enchanting about him. Quite the opposite; he was horrible, a psychopath and pederast who, on June 24, 1484, spirited away 130 children in the Saxon village of Hammel and used them in unspeakable ways. Accounts of the aftermath vary. According to some, the victims were never seen again; others told of disembodied little bodies found scattered in the forest underbrush or festooning the branches of trees.

3df4d0 No.192805


I used to service Primes and line printers and drives for those, the mini lived a short life relative

a5913d No.192806

DJT and Don Jr stopped following Hannity?

Don't know what this means. Twitter? Too many worthless tick-tocks? 1649?

http:// redstatewatcher.com/article.asp?id=114981

8ff981 No.192807


lighting is off, it's a fake

a2e8bb No.192808


back in the late nov early dec time frame I think the conclusion was that GFIII = Vatican/Vatican bank (for Obvious reasons having to do with the plot of the film)

2139e1 No.192809


No Q. Potus called Alaweed Dopey in a tweet.

bd3420 No.192810


what's the pic of all the guys?

1f2c3d No.192811

maybe Q was scaring the elite with a sample of the “games” they played with Dopey during the interrogations.

Ie: they say “Black Forest” and Dopey is expected to spill the beans on their activities there.

Im assuming dopey has attended Davos in the past.

940050 No.192812


no im arguing facts. the parties might have the same names but they have evolved or changed or whatever you want to call it. they are not even close to the same structure as they were 60 years ago.

7025b9 No.192813


they say he was a time traveler

da1e7d No.192814

In early 2010, a young man was arrested in Reykjavík on charges of stealing sensitive documents from local financial company, Milestone, which had made their way into news stories in the Icelandic media. The man, seventeen at the time, had worked for the company doing computer related work for a few years. His name is Sigurður Ingi Þórðarson and for the next year and a half he became a part of the whistleblowing association WikiLeaks, operating under the alias ‘Q’. In a stunning move, he became an FBI informant in August 2011, mostly providing the United States law enforcement agency with information on WikiLeaks, among them eight data-filled hard drives.

b984fe No.192815




e02d59 No.192816

Can we get msm to change the narrative it is getting boring all i hear is Mueller and russia probe, release the memo now, going to ihop and when i get back things better change.

14d1ea No.192817


Most of these legends have a common theme.

>Kids, don't take candy from strangers and don't follow them or go with them.

bbf3be No.192818

File: 4ee5101544d85bb⋯.jpg (73.69 KB, 510x473, 510:473, 6c6561b0f7c69cce7634801628….jpg)

99ff65 No.192820

8d7d3e No.192821




Q: "Catch and Release"

"Safety and Security"

Learn to read the message yet?

9624d2 No.192822


Is that you Barry?lol 1 post means a lot

ac04db No.192823


Hadn't even thought about hashtag idea's, but even though this isn't & it's a meme idea, just to be clear before I go in :), is this the type of idea I can take to the war room?

6d30fd No.192825


Did you see where that nipple is located! Kek!!!

7025b9 No.192826


thats mason hall

2a3bc4 No.192828


Please let this be true.

940050 No.192829


Q was also the one who said it's not about democrats or republicans in the beginning. so why now the focus on political parties? has Q changed too?

6ebee8 No.192830


the fuck is your problem, there were many many outstanding memes produced overnight and into this morning and circulating throughout the interwebs as we speak.

the anons have been amazing.

if your vagina is bothering you take a midol and if you want more "comprehensive" anything, do it.

b5010b No.192831


Definitely not fake. I had these "facebook Security" spooks all over me last couple years. I could delete some but not all. ended up leaving due to a complete ghosting and shadow banning of my posts and comments.

Fuck Commiebook

e0af92 No.192832

File: a9c86406bd830f6⋯.jpeg (69.82 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2E1B22BF-0D40-4012-B52F-4….jpeg)

Denture implants meow

99ce19 No.192833

Several reports of an "earthquake" today in North Korea. DEW taking out sites?

http:// www.foxnews.com/world/2018/01/28/small-earthquake-detected-in-north-korea-souths-weather-agency-says.html

2b0266 No.192834


Blackforest hunting party

Heart is the what they call a deer hunt

Hung the hearth head on the mantle

Maybe al-Waleed is the deer being hunted now via Roths who are pissed because he ratted them out big time.

Prince al-Weed probably looking for hole to hide in with all the 411 he just gave up.

Alternatively - he might be on a plane up to a Clown black site up in blake forest to start on his MKUltra sessions.

e36455 No.192835

File: 2d22f908b843227⋯.png (614.87 KB, 469x640, 469:640, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

4f7cb8 No.192837

fuck off with your degrading shill memes

you are retarded

c762b6 No.192839

File: e0698e042aadd26⋯.jpg (2.77 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_0948.JPG)

paying fag dues, any plane fag updates?

940050 No.192840


ur this desperate for attention?


bd3420 No.192841

File: fda4181bce5d807⋯.png (795.88 KB, 1079x765, 1079:765, trump:jayz.rap.battle.png)


here's another!

cdc656 No.192842


>Saved for the Lawsuit

I'm sure that makes sense to you, now go back to playing Farmville, you crops are wilting!

40d1e7 No.192843


You look it up faggot!

Q is telling us they (Cabal) have a work around and it is still on going…

8e0128 No.192844



If you are shadow banned our 'neutered', comment in posts of people who are 'not yet' banned. That is the only way. It will also get you 'new' followers.

8d7d3e No.192845


Anon crafted fake memo alongside Q drop looks real first stringers mark [DNC] and [SR]


58011b No.192846

File: b4eba859e11f959⋯.png (2.64 MB, 4167x2083, 4167:2083, C_I_A_computers_dwarfs_sno….png)

4f7cb8 No.192848


>fuck off with your degrading shill memes

>you are retarded

940050 No.192849


are you retarded or a shill?

b984fe No.192850

Good memes, everyone going along with the theme of the thread.

POTUS needs our support!

Hope to see them out there on the battlefield.

Making memes is fun, putting them out there is heroic.


7ebf0e No.192851


i like these good work

9624d2 No.192852


Be gone Clown….POOF

ece431 No.192853


Back to the howling old owl in the woods

Hunting the horny back toad

Oh I've finally decided my future lies

Beyond the yellow brick road…

Full lyrics on Google Play Music

Artist: Elton John

Album: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Released: 1973

Studio: Château d'Hérouville, Hérouville, France; remixed and overdubbed at Trident Studios, London

e36455 No.192854

File: 09d9dd3c5a182d9⋯.png (320.49 KB, 655x316, 655:316, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at ….png)

a2e8bb No.192855


Don't take candy from strangers sounds 1970s like…..not convinced that this was the point.

The stories were collected 200 or so years ago but are thought to be much much older.

They address some very primal fears concerning dark and wild places.

but who knows, i wasn't around back then to check in any case.

14d1ea No.192856


My first real internet account at uni was on VMS. Taught myself how to use it, and then it switched to BSD a few years later, then Linux…

>who the hell are regents and why does the University of California have them

>this message may be posted to thousands of machines around the world. ARE YOU SURE? Y/N

bd3420 No.192857


yeah, but Q's never confirmed any of our guesses so far for GFIII…

7ebf0e No.192858

File: 1871f6bd7d5f873⋯.jpg (48.23 KB, 523x283, 523:283, 23igq0.jpg)

File: 476dd7dbdc1452f⋯.jpg (150.83 KB, 922x499, 922:499, 23ifin.jpg)

File: 050cbf53718dcba⋯.jpg (88.71 KB, 640x426, 320:213, 23i3a7.jpg)

18b76f No.192859

Well, I'm off to the grocery store. Means Q will probably drop some MOABs of truth again since I will be phonefagging and in the car again…..

Thank me later.

940050 No.192860


if you are shaddowbanned they don't appear anywhere. thats what BANNED means…duh

0adbb5 No.192861

File: 9443fd3d007f6ec⋯.jpg (46.96 KB, 700x700, 1:1, anonymousmaskpepe.jpg)

e0af92 No.192863


You can’t have any fun. This is why we can’t have nice things.

d18a34 No.192864


I would have a problem with our side faking an attempt on President Trumps life.

2e1216 No.192865


If only it were that fucking easy!

2b0266 No.192866


Can anyone find the Qabala story/lesson of the seven dwarfs?

It will be in Hebrew probably not translated is problem

bd3420 No.192867


in your post, who are you thinking is "dopey" -> AW?

08d1ef No.192868

I don't know about you guys, but I'm jonesin' for a Q update. . . . .

cb1ce2 No.192869

>>192841 and back to Twitter I go.

1504a5 No.192870

Q's recent posts seem to have a lot to do with MW and her upcoming response to the SOTU, race relations, black unemployment. Could Black Forest have something to do with race?

a2e8bb No.192871


that is true, none of the movie refs from that period were ever confirmed if i recall correctly….HFR maybe, can't remember…..so the CF it could very well be

9624d2 No.192872


Don't be upset because my Farm is Bigger than Yours : )

e41e8e No.192873


"I also didn’t know that he was planning to move into politics with MC Hammer and Snoop Dog (or Snoop Lion as he’s now calling himself). Initially, that sounds kind of amusing (I mean, could you imagine it?) but, the reality is that their combined fan base of disenfranchised poor people in America could have made a fair difference at the polling stations.

Who else are the starving, underclass, black majority going to vote for? But that’s all conjecture, and the point the documentary maker is making is that the Illuminati – or white elite – were scared of his oratory and sway. There’s probably some truth in there."

he wanted to get into POLITICS?!!!!???

http:// www. lazerhorse.org/2013/05/23/tupac-illuminati-killuminati-conspiracy-theories/#

374714 No.192874


We need a reality check. We are not investigators. We have two uses. Producing and promoting political memes and helping our social networks believe a truth that would be unbelievable. We are not needed for anything else, including finding connections.

4e2030 No.192875


Underrated tactic

434c02 No.192876


The more simple answer - the assassination plots/attempts will be exposed.

8ead85 No.192879


You can apply like any .gov job. Those who are recruited are "assets".

b984fe No.192880


Seriously speed reader?!

Latest Q Posts

Saturday, 1.27.18 EST








>>>181282 rt >>181208


>>>181153 rt >>181050

>>>180606 rt >>180445

>>>180445 rt >>180316


>>>180137 rt >>180046


>>>179595 rt >>179419






>>>176185 rt >>176166

>>>175711 rt >>175603


>>>175461 rt >>175432

>>>175260 rt >>175139

>>>174929 rt Q

>>>174873 rt >>174742




cee785 No.192881


they already know, they just need validation…they just to know we hear them

1f2c3d No.192882


Dopey is prince alwaleed, and we know he was interrogated and even fairly main stream media was reporting rumors he was hung upside down

d04522 No.192883


back at ya, PROPAGANDIST try verifying your info before you spead it.

205a40 No.192885

cdc656 No.192886


Maybe from when Hannity's account was taken down?

6290be No.192887

File: c9e7feab091410a⋯.png (292.1 KB, 1600x1125, 64:45, nazimaphollowearth.png)

File: fb35e92271327db⋯.png (108.9 KB, 1582x704, 791:352, Strava Global Heatmap - An….png)



do you know what lies at the end of the earth, or beyond it?

c4ddcd No.192888

File: d2eee1b85edc9be⋯.png (138.91 KB, 255x240, 17:16, ClipboardImage.png)



to me it looks like there is an image behind this graphic? hidden behind or underneath

6b88a8 No.192889

File: 74366de478970b3⋯.png (177.07 KB, 1309x294, 187:42, POTUS follows.PNG)


Disinfo. POTUS is following Sean.

bd3420 No.192893


Right, that's the question.

Who is Snow White? We assumed CIA, but don't think we've ever gotten a Q confirmation, have we anons? (im just going off memory, but could be wrong)

cdc656 No.192894



ece431 No.192895


Donald Trump blasts Elton John music so loudly on board his plane …


Dec 5, 2017 - DONALD Trump blasts Elton John music so loudly on his planes his staff "can't hear themselves think" according to a new book. …

a5913d No.192896


not on twitter to check, just posting news.

205a40 No.192898



You guys just responded to a bot. Hover over the ID. 1 post.

8eeb52 No.192900


Hannity comped?

4b03a5 No.192901

File: c6bc74a1bf9e92c⋯.jpg (85.76 KB, 631x608, 631:608, more.jpg)

9624d2 No.192902


I saw that too,looks like a reflection off a shiney screen

e36455 No.192904


Not sure why you think it would be in Hebrew… But the only ancient referenced "seven dwarves" I know of are in Polynesia and they're called the seven dwarf sons of Pinga.

bd3420 No.192906





b66683 No.192907


I am confused as fug too. Nobody seems to pay attention. Its like a war zone-no time to question anything. Maybe because republicans are less implicated then dems as cabal

e41e8e No.192908


sounds like a perfect candidate for the illuminati.

keep eyes on their twins now. just like anderson coopers brother.

630baf No.192909

9624d2 No.192911


That's it, an overlay not a reflection,my bad

39121e No.192913


If Trump releases the truth about 2pack's murder and the perps he will be a hero to millions of dems instantly. Trump card delux shuffle

c762b6 No.192915

File: 9954fd6b63e68ca⋯.jpg (126.91 KB, 640x854, 320:427, IMG_0943.JPG)

brazilian pygmy #34

cee785 No.192916


SnowWhite=Asleep=Dreamers=protected by the Dwarves until she wakes up=Prince wakes her up

205a40 No.192918


Yep, and it was solved last night.

a5913d No.192919


Apparently not.


Not a bot, just 1st post on this board.

ece431 No.192920

File: ede039d312b0af9⋯.jpg (9.42 KB, 248x151, 248:151, DRq4nmpUEAAEKRZ.jpg)

bd3420 No.192921


lol i thought that only happened when I left the board!

b5010b No.192922



Yes I mentioned that yesterday nobody responded. ..https ://www.revolvy.com/topic/Treasons%20Act%201649&item_type=topic

The Treasons Act 1649 or Act declaring what offences shall be adjudged Treason was passed on 17 July 1649 by the Rump Parliament during the Commonwealth of England. It superseded the Act declaring what offences shall be adjudged Treason passed about two months earlier on 14 May 1649.

The acts was deemed necessary because the Commonwealth was a republic, so treason against the person of the king had no meaning and there were specific threats that faced the Commonwealth that this treason act helped to address.

Since the treason acts, like all acts and ordinances passed by Parliament during the Civil War and the Interregnum, did not have Royal Assent, they were deemed to be null and void following the Restoration of the monarchy in 1660.

JimStone.is also mentioned it.

4b03a5 No.192923


also see


re original file name

8d7d3e No.192925


An intel drop and bread crumbs requires breadmakers. 'Are you picking up what Im laying down?'

You are right in that Q's last drops were you tube links and memes> that is Current Mission_X

6d30fd No.192926


Do you actually think that those of us who have been here from the beginning would buy this BULLSH#T? POTUS is not stupid & would know that if he ever cheated that it would come out…he would have never even run for POTUS in the first place if there was real dirt that could be dug on him. His mission is way to important (remember this has been planned for years) for a cuckup like that! This is all a distraction! Melania & Barron are very vulnerable because THEY are part of what would make POTUS "heel" to the Cabal if they were captured or harmed. I think if anything, they are being kept in secure, undisclosed places because it is about to be time for SHTF time!!!

8eeb52 No.192927


Q posted outline of the memo.

1 of 22 investigations.

You think the left can unfuck themselves from 22 investigations as bad or worse than the memo?

Some things can be unfucked with Planned Parenthood and an abortion frenzy.

40d1e7 No.192928


Dopey is also used in the drug industry…

9624d2 No.192929


Must have missed that, was in here till 4

205a40 No.192930


That makes 3 of us!

e0af92 No.192932


Drop your number and i’ll send you a text update.

33d8de No.192934

File: ec6f5de236d531e⋯.png (631 KB, 562x707, 562:707, ClipboardImage.png)

39121e No.192935


Q research mean?? Hmm Investigation possibly?

636cfe No.192936

File: e946f7e1fbe5a7e⋯.png (501.76 KB, 1578x876, 263:146, c.png)


Someone put a big "C" on Antartica. If only it had been a "Q". (Maybe in progress?)

bf579b No.192937

File: 5d7e49efef4f54d⋯.png (900.61 KB, 1263x914, 1263:914, (1) Black Forest Games Sec….png)





Also found


205a40 No.192939


It was between 10 - 11PM EST, if I recall correctly.

037d02 No.192941

Trump still following Hannity. Havent checked Jr yet

8d4000 No.192943


I used to love that song! A friend & neighbor had an older brother that had the best sterio system in his car. He used to give us a ride to school on stormy days in Chicago and he'd always be playing that tune.

2b0266 No.192944

File: ab4dc74e2c02b39⋯.jpg (82.38 KB, 655x655, 1:1, IMG_2813.JPG)

Don't study the dark without studying the light twice as much

bd3420 No.192945


right, buy you think AW's been to Davos?

374714 No.192946


Knowing what you are isn't a bad thing. We support the president. Q isn't posting enemy codes for us to crack. What I'm saying is that the warroom moves the needle and helps shape the public narrative which is important when the media is so stacked against us. qresearch isn't doing that beyond its ability to support the war room. Q knows all and sees all. Our part in the op isn't to figure it out, its to shape the narrative without classified info disclosure.

45ba9f No.192947

File: c8ae0a36f1dc030⋯.jpeg (94.97 KB, 1080x619, 1080:619, 1517095077.jpeg)

205a40 No.192949

e41e8e No.192950


hannity's acct went down yesterday and came back up later

d04522 No.192951


i mean verify EVERYTHING, Q has clearly given us disinfo, and told us he would.

b26c9f No.192952


I thought that his surname was spelled Byrd..?

984ef9 No.192953


Maybe it's because potus now pretty much has the full support of Republicans except flake and mcc who is not around.

45ba9f No.192954

File: 00acc476880d643⋯.jpeg (49.2 KB, 1020x572, 255:143, 1517170406.jpeg)

303d00 No.192955

File: 7761dad807e020b⋯.png (134.06 KB, 194x259, 194:259, ClipboardImage.png)




Image behind the meme was figured out already shortly after Q posted it. We The People famous painting.

334110 No.192958

File: 132dacfe8d99381⋯.png (402.73 KB, 473x491, 473:491, ClipboardImage.png)

205a40 No.192959

>>192955 ← Correct

This is it!


2b0266 No.192960


Wonder what out lives would look like if we as men studied God's word as much as we did this stuff.

Our worlds would change 4 sure

9624d2 No.192961


Oh nice,thanks, gonna use it in a meme

a5913d No.192962


I'm not on twitter. that's why I noted "Twitter?" in the post.

d04522 No.192963


well, if the goal of this board is to spread PROPAGANDA then i'm out ….. because that's not why I'M here.

037d02 No.192965


Jr not following Hannity but I have no idea if he ever was.

0670d0 No.192966

Did you guys see Michael Flynns FBI Charge Lying to Investigators filing thingy?

1st time I've seen it, thought I'd post in case anyone else hasn't yet.


c1c629 No.192967

1mjas on twit has a important crumb John Carlin played a role check out thread great info

5620ea No.192968


Brother's Grimm were northern Germany, so may not be a direct connection to Black Forest (Southern Germany) and Snow White (Schneewittchen).

Adding to what you listed, Black Forest is famous for Cuckoo clocks. Maybe related to dopey (cuckoo) bird and singing. Don't know.

No real large US military in Black Forest, but there may be smaller, specialized bases there. Closest large cities would be Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, which have/had bases.

Black Forest is natural woodland, little industry (think Blue Ridge), so special, secure bases a good possbility, IMHO.

I think connection by Q to Black Forest is the one in Germany, but not sure why.

374714 No.192969


What other missions have we received? Have we succeeded in those? Shaping the narrative is important!

cdc656 No.192970


>Trump blasts Elton John music so loudly on board his plane…

…that any MSM contractors on board can't overhear shit that is none of their fucking business!

3df4d0 No.192971

File: 2cfc782a8422def⋯.jpg (281.09 KB, 1272x864, 53:36, nkearthquake.jpg)

You can see some artillery around the earthquake area and looks like pipelines right above, don't know what that round thing is unless a silo

North Korea 3.2 quake

8d4000 No.192972


It wasn't the yellow brick road, no I'd remember that. it was an actual name of a hidden or unknown trail / road leading into a huge park or forest that no one returned from. Anyway, it must have been some anon's post, becuase i just searched through the github Q posts and couldn't find it.

037d02 No.192973


Any law people, wouldnt Gen Flynn be a victim of entrapment? If not, why not?

5004b0 No.192974

https:/ /truepundit.com/video-shooting-rampage-pa-leaves-5-dead-numerous-injured/

This morning… MKULTRA robots activated ??

6290be No.192975


>What was Reagan's project StarWars?

>Did it ever go ahead?

>How does "fire come down from heaven" and write it's will at the feet of men?

334110 No.192977


It's not propaganda if it's the truth. It's COUNTER-PROPAGANDA

ab626f No.192978

File: f22decd606c57f6⋯.jpg (123.3 KB, 960x445, 192:89, mockingbird.jpg)

4b03a5 No.192979


The image Q used is all over the Internet

The txt added in the obamacare portion was done by Q

22032d No.192980





8eeb52 No.192982




Fuck off and make me.

You seem nervous.

And desperate to avoid information deductions.

That's a red flag concern trolls.

Don't look behind the curtain.

Fuck off.

78e5f7 No.192985


gtfo snowden is a traitor not /ourguy/ at all

6cc115 No.192988

File: 3e292c94e349356⋯.png (68.53 KB, 455x412, 455:412, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

8d7d3e No.192990


Hmmm. "When does a bird sing?"

Clock strikes Midnight Q>Keystone>Clock>TickTock


d04522 No.192991


YES, which is why we need to verify EVERYTHING… can we stop with the stupid CULT OF Q shit now?

374714 No.192992


Yes, this is what we are doing. Exactly anon.

2e1216 No.192994

Patience is a virtue.

Somebody loan me some?

bd3420 No.192996


Trump's FBI speech:

"Earlier this week, you completed the harrowing 6-mile “Yellow Brick Road.” Just signed that beautiful brick (Laughter.) I just signed that brick — designed for the Marines to push even the toughest to their limit."

https: //www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/remarks-president-trump-fbi-national-academy-graduation-ceremony/

303d00 No.192998

File: 846aaa39be6c9b9⋯.png (13.53 KB, 494x434, 247:217, ClipboardImage.png)


I was never was able to figure out what that text said. I tried enhancing it, but I got nothing.

STOP All ?

ad7617 No.192999


>instead of /pol/ i'd like to see either a progression of all the names we've gathered under or /qresearch/

you mean /cbts/ /thestorm/ /qresearch/ /greatawakening/ ? am i missing any?




I will get on it

d04522 No.193000


glowing shill filtered

940050 No.193001



call girls

drug dealers





6ebee8 No.193002


No, we are definitely also investigators, thus the frequent invocations from Q to dig, "happy hunting", follow various people etc.

But not everyone has the same skill set nor unlimited time so people can work on different things.

Those who have investigated have found a lot. Those who meme have made great memes. The idea people have come up with good tactics and ideas.

33750e No.193004

They are all literally worshipping Satan

You ever wondered what the Cabal actually believes?

Here you go:

http:// www.topbuzz.com/article/i6515110262092071434

Hip Hop star Jay-Z has blasted traditional Christian values in an epic rant where he claims to be part of an exclusive club of "smart people" who worships "our true lord; Satan."

The billionaire rapper has also claimed that "God created Lucifer to be the bearer of truth and light," and that "Jesus never existed" but was merely a "tool created by smart people to control dumb people."

During a backstage tirade at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans on Friday, Jay-Z pointed around the room saying, "ya'll being played." "There ain't no Jesus."Ya'll slaves to a fake religion."Do you think I got where I am praying to a guy that don't exist?"No. I found the guys who invented that guy and I joined the club."Then I worked my way to the top."I earned my new form of humanity and maturity when I fully embraced my older brother, Satan."

The music star claims that Satanism became the "highest form of being" due to the ease of manipulating "mentally-challenged Christians" who "desire to be slaves."He stated that "there's real spirituality and guidance in the Church of Satan," that rewards its followers with "wealth and success," but "Christians have prayed to God for years and ain't gotten nothing back, just silence and emptiness."

This, apparently, is what caused Satan to have "gotten a bad rap" from Christians who worship a "fake religion, built by assholes."Pointing to a small crowd of backstage ticket winners, the multi-Grammy Award-winning musician said: "How many of ya'll have gotten rich, or famous, after you prayed to God?"Come on, raise your hands?"As the young fans began to murmur nervously, Jay-Z announced: "I can answer for y’all because I am free."I answer to a higher power."None of you are rich and none of you are famous because no one is listening to your prayers."I got everything I wanted because I surrendered to our true lord, Satan."Because I recognized Jesus is the original fake news, designed to enslave humanity."

"God created Lucifer, not Jesus, so he could rule over us as Satan."I’m telling you this because I know you guys look up to me and want to emulate me."I will give you this one guarantee, if you start following the doctrine of Lucifer, you will taste success."The secret of the universe opens up to you. "It is immediate and glorious."The 99 Problems rapper also promoted his Satanic beliefs onstage, telling the audience they should ignore the rules of the venue and the security staff trying to enforce them.Jay-Z instructed his fans to "Do what thou wilt" instead of respecting the rules.

It's no secret Jay-Z is a longtime follower of the English occultist founder of the Satanic religion Thelema, Aleister Crowley. The religion is based on the idea that the beginning of the Aeon of Horus was marked by the start of the 20th century, in which a new ethical code would be adhered to: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law."

This statement indicates that followers, known as Thelemites, should seek out their true path in life, and follow their "True Will."

Jay-Z’s Satanic preaching is just the latest in a long line of public glimpses into the dark side that the rapper has shared.He recreated his image as a dark lord, after starting his career as an aspirational rapper, flashing Illuminati hand gestures and promoting Satanic symbolism as he rose to the top of the music industry.

Jay-Z has since attempted to tone down his dark image since establishing himself in the global consciousness as a Devil-worshipping entertainer. However, this latest disturbing rant in New Orleans suggests he has openly embraced the darkest forces in our society, far deeper than ever before.

The incident has also sparked fears around the world that the Illuminati has moved onto the next phase of the master plan, and has begun openly promoting sinister spirituality as a viable religious choice for those seeking guidance.Perhaps those most influenced by Jay-Z's Satanic promotions are his legions of disenfranchised youths, who aspire to one day lead a lifestyle like their hero."


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saul_Alinsky

And this, HRC's mentor: "In Rules for Radicals (his final work, published in 1971 one year before his death), Alinsky wrote at the end of his personal acknowledgements:

Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer."

1909ad No.193006

File: 7e0fb327ad22a70⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180127_TRUS….png)

4b03a5 No.193007


they were saying attacks last night

I ran it through filters and everything else

doubt we will ever know

9220ca No.193008

File: be2791c511c391e⋯.jpg (113.64 KB, 650x489, 650:489, MAXINE-WATERS-run-for-pres….jpg)

23a7aa No.193009


Sauce that these exist? Other than in your mind.

8eeb52 No.193010


Read Q's drops fucktard.

He posted the memo summary.

He put 1/22.

Fuck off telling anyone what they can or can't do.

cdc656 No.193011


GTFO faggot

37b9e2 No.193012

File: 96c134397e1648b⋯.jpg (268.45 KB, 1500x1125, 4:3, bread.jpg)

Fresh Bread




Tasty Bread

Migrate @ ~ 751

940050 No.193013


nobody likes when its mentioned but this IS a psyop by the very definition of the word.

so, yeah.

i hear ya

4f7cb8 No.193014

File: e4be5b92ffd6207⋯.jpg (55.01 KB, 960x404, 240:101, gandalfserious.jpg)

filter away the glowing clown ANONS!

you know who he is

78e5f7 No.193016


wtf ever , we see thru that bullshit fag, you aint foolin nobody

ece431 No.193017

File: ede039d312b0af9⋯.jpg (9.42 KB, 248x151, 248:151, DRq4nmpUEAAEKRZ.jpg)

File: 33326ad0518e2a2⋯.jpg (123.57 KB, 704x684, 176:171, Bingo.jpg)

Anonymous 01/28/18 (Sun) 12:43:34 8d4000 No.192609








Wasn't there a post by Q a while back about a trail of some kind. Like a trail that no one returns from or something. I remember looking for it, but never found it. Q actually gave us the name of the trail…what was it???

23a7aa No.193018

0670d0 No.193020


Good question. They said in there that because he lied to investigators, it impeded their investigation into any links to the transition team & Russia.

But if that investigation was bogus….

544a88 No.193021

for anyone interested in bouvet island - there has been big earthquakes not far from there today. over 6.

00b298 No.193569


UGL is an Australian company that was recently in the news because of a takeover that was not friendly

Q gets things moving

FEF is Federation of Ecuadorian Football

In English, time moves from left to right. So the little Aussie guy subject to hostile takeover is rescued by Q and moved to play the game in Ecuador.


cde11b No.193617

Trending news:

ReleaseTheMemo, ReleaSETHeMemo still high trends, #FireWoolery

Black community calling JZ pimp, satanist, drug dealer, pedo… Very angry!

Congress.woolery, calls marines stupid…

5a7015 No.194033


the people are snow white (asleep)

Q is the white rabbit (leading us through to our self reflection/revelation)

we are alice (following Q to wake up snow white with the help of Trump )

e845a3 No.194138

File: 7a3f2b418f9ba2f⋯.jpg (28.84 KB, 450x418, 225:209, 11702862_10153104684722901….jpg)

File: 8cfe1ac62000103⋯.jpg (50.35 KB, 560x546, 40:39, 11071580_10153104685137901….jpg)

File: a207cf5933363d7⋯.jpg (57.7 KB, 500x350, 10:7, 11707761_10153104684777901….jpg)

File: 5e839f54f069d55⋯.jpg (32.71 KB, 599x383, 599:383, 11703129_10153104684867901….jpg)

Was wondering if memeanons could use some of these really powerful pictures.

e845a3 No.194161


Putting these on this thread since the last thread is not being used any more.

96dafb No.194714


Yes, Airborne Laser.

957a88 No.195153


🙏 brother

cfb72b No.196558

So we gotta take this thread out back behind the shed?

a530ef No.199997


Flu update:

Tamiflu preventative and prescription is indicated for high risk populations recently. Within first 48 hours of symptoms. State supplies are very low. There’s a higher death rate along elderly and immune compromised with this strain.

Do me a favor: wash hands, wipe down devices, doorknobs, light switches etc. (contact from surfaces exposed is known). Avoid crowded public spaces when possible. Keep immune system supported: Rest, hydration, good nutrition.

*This advice is from a doctorate of nursing yesterday.

b9abc3 No.200393

Very good work

b9abc3 No.200408


Good job detective anon very good indeed sir/mam

b9abc3 No.200452

It is my understand we are in for a surprise in tomorrow's statement of the union muahahahahahaha reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Praise be to kek

b9abc3 No.200461

State of the union**reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

eaaa31 No.200473


Thank you kindly ANON it jumped out at me once I saw the description of Mannheim base going directly to "DISNEYLAND PARIS".

Why so specific when naming "Disney Land Paris" on a military site? And not being specific about an area in Austria which they mention as well?

Also why did the LA Times article talk specifically about his interests in "Disney Land Paris"?

It seems relevant no?

b9abc3 No.200510

Who are the 7 dwarfs dopey=alaweed bin talal Snowden=Snow White who are the other dwarfs?

58f872 No.205043

File: 53c04dde705cd1d⋯.jpg (214.36 KB, 2036x1018, 2:1, Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at ….jpg)

58f872 No.205047

File: 37c9aff368c878e⋯.jpg (418.28 KB, 2044x1020, 511:255, Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at ….jpg)

58f872 No.205048

File: 1a39f5a71258684⋯.jpg (510.73 KB, 2038x1020, 1019:510, Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at ….jpg)

58f872 No.205052

File: 230b1e1ee9dabb1⋯.jpg (336.67 KB, 2044x1020, 511:255, Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at ….jpg)

58f872 No.205055

File: 69e524379ecf5ad⋯.jpg (630.85 KB, 1262x1738, 631:869, Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at ….jpg)

a64888 No.221860

File: c68329654e1ef86⋯.jpg (48.97 KB, 475x356, 475:356, peloshit.jpg)

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