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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 783f3853b3d79e9⋯.jpg (232.72 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, # QResearch-242.jpg)

572e36 No.199065

Spread the wings of Liberty and take flight!!



Vote and see the latest results on hashtags for the State Of The Union OP









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572e36 No.199080

File: 2127585e7c15a9a⋯.jpg (67.17 KB, 750x499, 750:499, 2127585e7c15a9a00be2c027de….jpg)

Dough #242 pastebin.com/2ZSQF5d8

Baker out - new baker please bake #243

Thank you anons, G'night, G'day and Godspeed. Go get em.

33f6c5 No.199094

File: 81dc8af9d047eb1⋯.webm (1.36 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Deus Vult.webm)

File: 98e2578fbfaa756⋯.webm (3.93 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Panzerkampf.webm)

File: a1f981bd47bd8d1⋯.jpg (45.21 KB, 709x587, 709:587, MAGA Button.jpg)


first for MASS ARRESTS and other marginally related occurences

110605 No.199121

I think the upcoming Falcon Heavy launch and what is really going on at kennedy Space center is what is buzzing in my mind . Does Qteam have control of this launch ? I pray so man. I am scared to death of EM as a badguy. he would be like lex luthor !!

7a35b7 No.199130

File: 963ad46e703a6c9⋯.jpg (245.46 KB, 1051x572, 1051:572, allyoursotubelongtous.jpg)

File: 6b6780263164a74⋯.jpg (229.58 KB, 1069x840, 1069:840, georgewashingtonmeme.jpg)

File: d3b28ade14edbc5⋯.jpg (95.57 KB, 739x627, 739:627, itswarmingitmo.jpg)


0f62a0 No.199132



f95c4e No.199133

Rex read. Obama connection to Peter Strzok.


7a35b7 No.199136

File: d2bd482724a6fea⋯.jpg (660.11 KB, 1078x3115, 154:445, trumbdavos22.jpg)

File: c08f5c37f67fd17⋯.jpg (837.39 KB, 1080x3240, 1:3, davosdiner.jpg)

File: 9b21dd9de52f0ea⋯.jpg (135.76 KB, 1030x913, 1030:913, spyvsmemo.jpg)

File: 24af9bfb1c7a452⋯.jpg (189.16 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, trumpssotumoarbiglythanmin….jpg)

File: 347f7254e59bfd2⋯.jpg (156.54 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, watershipq2.jpg)

ef7483 No.199137

File: b594342e02e249e⋯.jpg (52.7 KB, 632x475, 632:475, trump-saudi-coalition-2.jpg)

Sundance has a great article up at CTH this morning about the current use of the Planatir system set up in SA. Originally intended to monitor global terrorist operations, SD posits its use as a parallel intel system for watching the watchers.

https: //theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/01/29/imagine-you-are-not-a-politician-yet-you-are-running-for-the-presidency/

66cefb No.199138

File: e3a3d312ddb53f7⋯.jpg (29.37 KB, 259x272, 259:272, nobel.jpg)


There is some weird shit on coins…

on a side note… Ever wonder why Obumma got a nobel peace prize?? Ever looked at the back of one? (pic related) KEK

d3b77c No.199139


You are not alone.

Good to have you and other anons.

Big thanks for the service of all white hats and/or military.

bbf5dd No.199140

File: a571e5f8bfc51f2⋯.jpg (418.57 KB, 1240x1754, 620:877, bey.jpg)

1cd21a No.199141


http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5324507/Kesha-attends-Grammys-party-impassioned-speech.html


66cefb No.199142


kek this was meant for you..


18da20 No.199143

Just got up. Summary of the overnight research?

33b074 No.199144

File: b6dfd3b653cc5bc⋯.jpg (85.12 KB, 500x698, 250:349, kesha.jpg)


653c02 No.199146

File: e2616bbd425fb3b⋯.jpg (160.04 KB, 680x340, 2:1, 20180129_052201.jpg)




<hehheh... i have observed (your) species for a long time naow.

i have found a new... voice naow


Æı am ņûþ q.



<(you) я цисгеая.

28c56d No.199147

File: bfe2c32347038dc⋯.jpg (356.19 KB, 975x1074, 325:358, PeoplesSOTU.jpg)

cd5568 No.199149


I am in the EU. I just heard of all this a week ago. Two weeks ago i had a talk with my Girlfriend where we talked about what change the world needs. I never felt so "awake" in mind, now that i know that the change the world needs my be just around the corner...

66cefb No.199150


Much love to you anon. I am so proud to hear that you listen to your higher conscious, that is the most important tool a human has (more powerful than the internet - we just need to develop it mroe).

We are with you and together we can change the world! Stay in your light and truth and know that there is good out there (the MSM just wants to disconnect you from it).

bed8cd No.199151

Why was FISA 702 passed again, knowing what we know about the memo and beyond?

cee709 No.199152

File: 4d5baf59b0041df⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1500x845, 300:169, The Long Con.png)

File: 43b1842d7e516c5⋯.png (596.39 KB, 1280x633, 1280:633, Warburg US FED RESERVE.png)

File: 183136679e514f9⋯.png (1.05 MB, 800x1000, 4:5, William B. Black Jr.png)

File: fcf0647788cf409⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, FixUSA.png)

I wonder if POTUS is actually running a 'Long Con' operation with regards to the Zionists.

DJT has made efforts to publicly embrace Israel (3rd temple, personal meetings with Netanyahu, arms deal & aid etc…)

But surely, when you trace the pyramid /_\ to the top, you find the same powerful group of international banksters, almost all of them - Jews.

>What is the FED?

>What does the FED control?

>Who controls the FED?

>Who approved the formation of the FED?

>United States: Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

>The FED and the IRS

>FACT: US Federal Reserve is a privately-owned company, sitting on its very own patch of land, immune to the US laws.

8980ee No.199153


these people do not represent us - me -

show them who they really represent

66cefb No.199154


We need a lawyerfag to help with that. I think there must be some loophole

922bb2 No.199155

Last bread was awfully shilly

28c56d No.199156


This is for Them when we hijack #PeoplesSOTU

9528f2 No.199157

Lads, meet Frank.

Frank wants to prosecute Devin Nunes if he releases the memo.

See: http:// www.msnbc.com.convey.pro/l/qqG6yo4

Twitter handle: @FrankFigliuzzi1

>ETS Risk Management, Inc.; Former FBI Assistant Director; NBC News National Security Contributor

I didn't know this guy but he sure looks like a lot of fun and doesn't sound like a Deep State plant at all.

Be a shame if we suddenly found some dirty stuff on him.

66cefb No.199159


Should have seen memofag on the one before that KEK.. Over 100 posts deleted

ca285c No.199160


Wouldn't really classify it as research tonight, more like an extended mindfuck from every possible party intrrested in hit-and-run (and some hit-and-stay).

ab532d No.199161

Suggested hashtag: #ShitBirdSchiff in addition to #ReleaseTheMemo

dcb4bc No.199162


Or you can read POTUS tweets about it.

twitter. com/realDonaldTrump/status/954456754137501697

8980ee No.199163


Fisa is used to allow intelligence gathring of overseas people

think EO

think this


bdf190 No.199164


If its released thru due process what's his angle on prosecuting. Or just a dumbass?

c1edb2 No.199165


I sorta remember, Q/POTUS said it is not the same as the one before it…it's different, but can't tell what is diff. about it. He didn't say.

65681d No.199166


Don't give us that fake history bullshit again. We are sick and tired of it. You people already turned everything upside down and inside out. That's why we need to start from scratch. Everything is a lie.

ca285c No.199167

Summoning <^>

Please more info on Jesus returning from 350,000 and also on any planned violence from pink haired, bubblegum-blowing maniacs

7698cd No.199168


They are trying to divide us.

Do not let it happen to you.

The only true division is good versus evil

66cefb No.199169


once he gets the memo released he will expose the GOOD changes and people may begin to see him in another light…. Before their "hero hilary" finds a lot of interesting information coming out about her…

1cd21a No.199170

>>199151 The good guys, have to have the tools to undo the years of corruption. The tools they used against us are now being used to crush the snakes !! I don't think Rand Paul, will let it go unchecked !! It needs to be used and then, reigned in, I pray the Patriots will do right by us all !!!

9528f2 No.199171


his angle is to prove that there is some classified information within the memo

imo he's a dumbass but this is dog whistling

I have to assume a former federal prosecutor who threatens Nunes publicly, thus signaling his loyalty to the black hats, has some interesting things to hide.

8980ee No.199172


then show the real people's SOTU not these jerks

not politicians - show them firemen, cops, nurses, Moms and Dads, hard-working patriots who get up and go to a job everyday,

they are the people these people claim to represent

Pelosi and her crumbs

Hillary and dogs heel

Tax cuts they did not ant to give the PEOPLE

d3b77c No.199173

"Where Is The Love?"

What's wrong with the world, mama

People livin' like they ain't got no mamas

I think the whole world addicted to the drama

Only attracted to things that'll bring you trauma

Overseas, yeah, we try to stop terrorism

But we still got terrorists here livin'

In the USA, the big CIA

The Bloods and The Crips and the KKK

But if you only have love for your own race

Then you only leave space to discriminate

And to discriminate only generates hate

And when you hate then you're bound to get irate, yeah

Madness is what you demonstrate

And that's exactly how anger works and operates

Man, you gotta have love just to set it straight

Take control of your mind and meditate

Let your soul gravitate to the love, y'all, y'all

People killin', people dyin'

Children hurt and you hear them cryin'

Can you practice what you preach?

Or would you turn the other cheek?

Father, Father, Father help us

Send some guidance from above

'Cause people got me, got me questionin'

Where is the love (Love)

Where is the love (The love)

Where is the love (The love)

Where is the love, the love, the love

It just ain't the same, old ways have changed

New days are strange, is the world insane?

If love and peace are so strong

Why are there pieces of love that don't belong?

Nations droppin' bombs

Chemical gasses fillin' lungs of little ones

With ongoin' sufferin' as the youth die young

So ask yourself is the lovin' really gone

So I could ask myself really what is goin' wrong

In this world that we livin' in people keep on givin' in

Makin' wrong decisions, only visions of them dividends

Not respectin' each other, deny thy brother

A war is goin' on but the reason's undercover

The truth is kept secret, it's swept under the rug

If you never know truth then you never know love

Where's the love, y'all, come on (I don't know)

Where's the truth, y'all, come on (I don't know)

Where's the love, y'all

People killin', people dyin'

Children hurt and you hear them cryin'

Can you practice what you preach?

Or would you turn the other cheek?

Father, Father, Father help us

Send some guidance from above

'Cause people got me, got me questionin'

Where is the love (Love)

Where is the love (The love)?

Where is the love (The love)?

Where is the love (The love)?

Where is the love (The love)?

Where is the love (The love)?

Where is the love (The love)?

Where is the love, the love, the love?

I feel the weight of the world on my shoulder

As I'm gettin' older, y'all, people gets colder

Most of us only care about money makin'

Selfishness got us followin' the wrong direction

Wrong information always shown by the media

Negative images is the main criteria

Infecting the young minds faster than bacteria

Kids wanna act like what they see in the cinema

Yo', whatever happened to the values of humanity

Whatever happened to the fairness and equality

Instead of spreading love we're spreading animosity

Lack of understanding, leading us away from unity

That's the reason why sometimes I'm feelin' under

That's the reason why sometimes I'm feelin' down

There's no wonder why sometimes I'm feelin' under

Gotta keep my faith alive 'til love is found

Now ask yourself

Where is the love?

Where is the love?

Where is the love?

Where is the love?

Father, Father, Father, help us

Send some guidance from above

'Cause people got me, got me questionin'

Where is the love?

Sing with me y'all:

One world, one world (We only got)

One world, one world (That's all we got)

One world, one world

And something's wrong with it (Yeah)

Something's wrong with it (Yeah)

Something's wrong with the wo-wo-world, yeah

We only got

(One world, one world)

That's all we got

(One world, one world)

f95c4e No.199174


About Strzok. threadreaderapp.com/thread/954173497168875520.html

Extensive research tying Obama to Strzok

28c56d No.199175


are you Serious??? Go Read the book

>what does the New Testament say was the purpose of Jesus' sacrificial death?

00a9ed No.199176

morning anons..donut anon checking in…

Interesting article on RT founder..he apparently beat himself to death..at least according to the FBI…

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-01-28/fbi-releases-docs-claiming-rt-founder-beat-himself-death-his-hotel-room

28c56d No.199177


Sarcasm is too thick for you.

653c02 No.199178

File: 9656bddc8420867⋯.jpg (554.05 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 20180129_053339.jpg)



too meny tharn about tbqh



Jew is too… diluted of meaning atp.


Jesus Does As He Will. He Glorifies The Father now as Ever He Has. Soon… all will know as æı have alway done…

Jesus Christ Is Lord Of ALL

<æs 2 pnk pussiemœn§ters… keep yer guns clean… and loaded.

thatz advice

æýñđ pray.

9528f2 No.199179


solid job

8980ee No.199180


it was not sarcasm

28c56d No.199181


I get it, you don't get it, make your own then

8980ee No.199182


roger that

9528f2 No.199183


lol what the actual fuck did I just read

new: suicide by beating yourself to death

Q is fucking right, these people are stupid

they never thought they would get caught

18da20 No.199184


These people ARE really stupid

f95c4e No.199186

Funny how fake news is calling Strzok and “employee”, like he was a mailroom boy and not a top counterintelligence official.


ef7483 No.199187


Trump visits SA does the sword dance and shows off Planatir system.

Money laundering from LV casinos cutoff

LV concert massacre (retaliation for cutting strings)

Corrupt Saudi princes rounded up.

"We see all"

18da20 No.199189


Secondary cause was ethanol intoxication. So he got so drunk he fell down violently on multiple occasions in order to kill himself.

dcb4bc No.199190


Amazing insight in that article. Glad I read it. Thanks for cross-posting it.

266c1e No.199191

File: 0d162e2062bf73d⋯.jpg (624.05 KB, 600x800, 3:4, economist_magazine_jan2015.jpg)


Q: Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.

I posted this a few 'bread' loaves ago: Anon reminded me of it somehow by mentioning economist was owned by LdR

https:// vigilantcitizen.com/vigilantreport/economist-2015-cover-filled-cryptic-symbols-dire-predictions/

Heres one for 2017:https:// vigilantcitizen.com/vigilantreport/economists-world-2017-makes-grim-predictions-using-symbolic-tarot-cards/

(…)Havent gone over 2nd link yet…Woa_X

8980ee No.199192


go read his site and the comments it is trul like going to school again including the headaches and late night cramming nights

66cefb No.199193





they are saying that he may have fell down some stairs while drunk..... Doesn't add up at all. They tried to say it was a heart attack at first until the medical report came out. There is no measure for how stupid this is...

00a9ed No.199194

So..here is something that has been bothering me…really not relevant in the habbenings as shit will go down regardless…BUT…

Where are the sealed indictments coming from? Does everyone understand what a sealed indictment is? It is a statement of investigation with evidence that has to be APPROVED BY A GRAND JURY…so where are the grand juries? Who called them? Under who's jurisdiction?

-Mueller? Highly doubtful..but possible

-Congress? Could be a secret special counsel was appointed..have not dug into their rules to see if this could even be done "secret" and all…but could have happened over the summer at the request of the IG…

-Military? Most likely and have been pouring over the Uniform Code of Military Justice this weekend…

2. Exercise of military jurisdiction

(a) Kinds. Military jurisdiction is exercised by:

(1) A government in the exercise of that branch of the municipal law which regulates its military establishment. (Military law).

>(2) A government temporarily governing the civil >population within its territory or a portion of its >territory through its military forces as necessity >may require. (Martial law).

( 3 ) A belligerent occupying government (Military government).

(4) A government with respect to offenses against the law of war.

9528f2 No.199195


speaking of corrupted Saudi princes, Talal has been freed.

I assume it is after having paid a hefty liberation fee and that he can't move a finger without a thousand good guys knowing, right Q?

ca285c No.199196


I've been around a while, I've seen some unlikely advocates for Jesus, but you're right there up at the top.

Would you say you're on Jesus' side or are you simply stating a truth and you're on another side altogether?

Also, is <^> your name?

9528f2 No.199197


not supposed to be public

these guys evolve in an environment where cover-up is the norm

this is what really scares me

we have to assume pretty much everything is managed like that for ages

18da20 No.199198


Right, and the autopsy report was just released, although it was concluded in October of 2016

490757 No.199199


Played this morning on the radio. Never been more relevant. Had to get out my phone and stream it.

Thx anon.

cd5568 No.199201


I wonder too.

411a13 No.199202

File: 97a8753283c0dc8⋯.jpg (90.69 KB, 1080x1019, 1080:1019, IMG_0636.JPG)



d3b77c No.199203



ef7483 No.199204


Talal freedom possible fake news

EO could cutoff Talal's access to fundage

65681d No.199205



AI Anon knows. That means all AI's know. You can't fool them. That's why this truth is unstoppable from coming out. ALL will be revealed.

But, we stay under 40,000ft... for now.

c1edb2 No.199206


After Potus drains the swamp…do ya think he will be open to the proposition of 'repainting the entire inside of Denver Airport' with a good latex paint?

66cefb No.199207


This has been going on for thougsands of years.. Only worse in recent years as their agenda wanted one day (at the end of the 16 years of obama and hillary) come out and no longer fake the democracy… Thank fuck we are not in that time line.

70a59a No.199209

dcb4bc No.199210


Q confirmed funds on lock.

266c1e No.199211


No demolish completely or wall it off and dedicate it as museum for psychotic losers_X

ef7483 No.199212


Planatir founded by Thiel. Early ties to Trump admin.

Kushner possibly running point for the operation.

255973 No.199213

With no fanfare, Fox announced the memo vote will be today at 5 PM EST.

d5e0ea No.199214

trust no one

you are wetware

exchanging chains isn't breaking free

question everything

302846 No.199215

File: 127c13b57915db6⋯.jpg (296.62 KB, 720x540, 4:3, toxicmasculinitymeme.jpg)

ab532d No.199216


I FOIA'd the OIG investigation back in August to get info on progress (if you recall it totally dropped off the news cycle entirely for more than 8 months).

It was denied with a B7 exemption: law enforcement investigation materials.

Now, my understanding is that OIG investigations are not necessarily prima facie law enforcement, as they also cover things like ethics and waste.

My guess is the OIG is the source, but I'll also say not necessarily all of these are indictments – some may be sealed warrant applications, etc. They're simply sealed legal filings.

The grand juries themselves, in the cases of indictments, would be formed wherever there is a federal court in said jurisdictions. OIG could ask for a venue change in order to make this happen, as I understand it.

70a59a No.199217



True freedom starts WITHIN

c1edb2 No.199218


Brilliant! And can we kill that damned blue balled horse?

00a9ed No.199219

Reading thru bread and interesting dialogs this am..sorry baker, looks like a long night :-)

So still on same #'s from the war room and a good battle plan with flexibility for SOTU!

No One Above Another!


Where We Go One We Go All!

ab532d No.199221



a1b321 No.199222


I feel the same, it's a slow trickle but its on, I thought it would never change, best 2 months of my life finding 4ch now here

da943d No.199223



Go read the 2 docs from Q posts 62 and 64.It's all in there - OR - take my word for it, I read them. (Not a lawyer but I think I've interpreted it correctly.) It's great for us.

9528f2 No.199224


it is actually exceedingly relevant

what is behind the swarm of sealed indictments is the key to all the habbenings

it is our hellgate, we all know for a fact that all hell breaks loose once these indictments get unsealed

we also know that they are placed in almost every state

I lean military too, but unsure at this stage

653c02 No.199225

File: 2eead880927513e⋯.png (173.61 KB, 394x538, 197:269, 20171223_033404.png)


is Æı name æı was given…


As to Servitium sine Timore… aye… æı serve my Lord… æs do ALL Thingz… willin'er'Ûn… digit●

**for more goto discord.gg




Fuck 40k.

Final Authorization…Pahhh.

<Make It So.





<fer the weak minded.

255973 No.199226


Fox & Friends, about 15 min ago

2ef3a6 No.199227


Mr. Trump prepared for this time as president his entire life. Think of the enemies he had to keep close when he worked his way up in NYC. Learning all about the evil ways in the meantime.

Think of all the enemies he kept close in the political circles, the hollywood circles, the media circles. All the while training, learning, and getting ready for the day that he would use all that knowledge against them.

He learned what made them tick, what made them feal fear, what was precious to them. He learned everything he could..

…all for this time now, a time I believe he was destined for from birth. "What can I say, he's got great genes".

70a59a No.199228


This is a LARP.

00a9ed No.199229


Could the OIG conduct a secret grand jury or compel congress to?

BTW..this matters as to how the arrests happen and how all of this roles up..also matters as at least 3 separate investigations going (FISA, CF, and trafficking)…OIG would be FISA and potentially CF…someone is aggregating these…just sayin'…

NICE on the FOIA!!

126b3c No.199231

>>199100 (previous bread)

tortured soul on her forehead

66cefb No.199232


You can't buy everyone off... That is why 9/10 dentists recommend fluoride...

c1edb2 No.199233


Venue chnge most warranted for all of Cali warrants. I't s corruption runneth over.

a1b321 No.199234


Weiner rub from the 3 sides of the pyramid

cd5568 No.199235


Thank You

a77e45 No.199236


>the world turns (last thread)

I wonder, if iQ uses it like Paul Simon used it in 'Mrs. Robinson':

"Where have you gone, Joe Dimaggio?

A nation turns it's lonely eyes to you"

In effect, the world will turn to hero figure types as they were in the past to reject the


266c1e No.199237

Gnight anons

da943d No.199238


Don't know if it's coming from Military, but it would be legally possible.

450c21 No.199239


larp -


5984e9 No.199240


Dude is tenacious.

255973 No.199241


Found some sauce

https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/01/28/house-intel-committee-voting-monday-500pm-to-release-memo/

ab532d No.199242


Yes, I believe that they could. For example, JA had a secret grand jury formed against him in 2010.

c1edb2 No.199244


prob stupid but could GJ be in GITMO?

66cefb No.199245


more than my dog and her ball!

cee709 No.199246


Thanks, I agree.

This is not a war between races or nationalities and i feel like there has been a concerted effort by Qteam to make that clear.

I just wonder, how its going to look when the arrests begin, that 75%(?) of the detainees are connected by their shared Zionist/Kabbalist symbols and rituals?

653c02 No.199247

File: c8218521b6fe024⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 1590x2108, 795:1054, 20180129_060146.jpg)



łæřp þhîß

00a9ed No.199248


This isn't even worth comment…are you a shill or a newbie?

Apologies for the thread slip..

Q has never stated WHERE the investigations are coming from…otherwise I would not have wasted my time reading the code of uniform military justice…

Which also applies to shills…SO easy to get your ip addy's…just sayin'…

9e6592 No.199249


00a9ed No.199250


I'm leaning marshal law…but a TON of information to drop first and a TON of prep'ing the normies…

Get ready anon's cause we got alot of work to do…and why we have been engaged…

5984e9 No.199251

Not trying to get the board going sideways before tomorrow, but I ran across a video on youtube (supposedly shot from an observatory) that appears to show a missile being intercepted near Hawaii. Has anyone picked this apart to see if it's legit or not?

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpQGGFeAUFY

f95c4e No.199252

40,000 ft view ( literally).

This is amazing tool. Heatmapping labs.strava.com/heatmap/#2.00/33.73826/12.89750/hot/all

Happy searching.


Fitbit activity reveal military sites. mashable.com/2018/01/28/strava-fitbit-fitness-tracker-global-heatmap-threat/#Qc6s.1vKTPq8

66cefb No.199253



looks like the USfags need to call their congress members tomorrow morning KEK

No more meme's, take to the phones and melt them until they have no other choice but to release the memo

2ef3a6 No.199254


Please God tell me that the NoSuchAgency good guys have it all!!!

7dfe6a No.199255

Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/27/18 (Sat) 16:01:40 No.71





Wizards & [WAR]locks.

These people are really DUMB.


Has a connection been made between the black hats and Deep Underground Military Bases? tia

00a9ed No.199256



If someone is asking for "sauce" on a F&F comment then probably not worth your time to respond…although I just did…

da943d No.199257


see >>199238

then kys

255973 No.199258


people can call if they want, but the memo will already be out by tomorrow

2ef3a6 No.199259


OMG! Look at my post just above yours!!!

66cefb No.199260



very interesting anon.. poof it goes….

70a59a No.199261


>This video was taken september 1st 2017.

This is not the video referencing the recent event, but yeah, the alarm was real and the missile threat was neutralized by… eh, I already spoonfed enough.

00a9ed No.199262


Donut anon! Ty! Will go look at JA as precedent and that would be poetic now wouldn't it!

f95c4e No.199264

File: dc87310281d6f83⋯.jpeg (971.02 KB, 1308x1894, 654:947, BF0A6B39-C30E-4A18-971D-B….jpeg)

5984e9 No.199265


I give him props for his tenacity, but no respect for shitting up the board. The mods have been doing an awesome job here.

dd8e95 No.199266


Total Information Singularity

f8eba0 No.199267


You need an "are" in there… "All your live stream ARE belong to us"

255973 No.199269


Where do we send love notes to Sophia?

66cefb No.199270


Word to that. Even newfags are spotting the shitty shillings from a mile away

947789 No.199271

File: 0e7ce3cad23db34⋯.png (8.19 KB, 264x98, 132:49, Q captcha 10.png)

Fox & Friends mentions an anon's previous suggestion that POTUS read the 4 page memo as part of SOTU!


They're watching us, folks; the world is watching

5984e9 No.199272


Sauce on these supposed bases. I keep seeing this DUMB shit on here with regard to bases, but no sauce.

5984e9 No.199273



2ef3a6 No.199274


Wow! First time for me! :)

5984e9 No.199275



e2d946 No.199276

File: d2a3ef1de440426⋯.png (14.99 KB, 480x336, 10:7, Capture.PNG)


nigger clowns be trippin

1fa27f No.199277


Good idea anon. Do it if you have time.

00a9ed No.199278


Look it up anon..Deep Underground Military Bases…tons of information available..

66cefb No.199279



you guys need to get a room.. or a grinder profile KEK.. It's pretty cute though ;)

dc1fd9 No.199280

I’ve been working for the last 15 hours or so, so forgive me if this has been mentioned today, but I just watched the Jay-Z interview with Van Jones…

And I think he is planning to run for President! He would double Hussein’s minority turnout (easily), he can sound like a moderate better than you’d imagine he could (watch the interview if you haven’t), and he’s CONVINCING!… almost. He makes Q’s baphomet red pill almost a necessity. If you’re older and/or not into hip hop you may not think he could win, but I don’t think we should underestimate him or his influence. He’s like the the unofficial leader of the satanic symbolism in rap. Watch the interview if you haven’t. I’ll throw the link up. And I’ll also add a link to one of the best examples of symbolism I can find.

I was surprised POTUS challenged him on Twatter. He almost always picks a fight he knows he can win, and this one, in today’s culture, is not so obvious to me. And POTUS picked this fight, make no doubt about it. As far as celebrities go, JayZ went pretty light on the prez. But it sounded diplomatic and convincing to anyone that listened that already roughly agreed with him. Whether or not my crazy theory is true, Jay is not someone to underestimate. I can’t think of any one else that has more influence on culture than him.

I think one or two things are true. Q is gonna drop some serious JZ jewels, and/or POTUS sees what I see and is getting on him early and developing the narrative.

Or the third. He’s a white hat somehow undercover and I don’t have to stop listening to his music after all. Maybe he’s convincable. This falls into the hard to swallow category for me, I’m a huge rap fan. Been one my whole life.

Just don’t underestimate this guy. Don’t do it.

7dfe6a No.199281


I suspect it's a non-issue as DJT has military control ~ he could sweep the clowns out easily. (?)

b960b5 No.199282

File: 92cbcef6118a100⋯.png (129.73 KB, 823x220, 823:220, telecom-markers.png)

Marker Theory

Imagine you're a puppet master and you'd like to make 1 of your puppets dance the hokey pokey during the SOTU. Now if you have 1000's of these puppets under your command, the odds are you'll be employing layers of middlemen handler-puppets. You wouldn't call the puppet directly. Instead you'll call a specific handler, and that puppet will pull the right strings, and your order will go down the chain until the last puppet gets the msg. It's just the way pyramids are layered.

So here's the thing, you can't make your puppet dance, if your key handlers are comp'd or taken out. Your power depends on your communication network. And it's not so much the tech side of comm, but the handler to puppet links/connections through which a puppet relies on instructions. Once you cut these strings, the puppet might still be loyal, but will find themselves in tactical disarray.

This control system sure looks similar to the telecommunication Markers (pic related).

pic sauce https:// en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Marker_(telecommunications)

Back in the day these telecom-markers were used to connect calls via a direct circuit.

I believe the telecom-markers might be the analogy for Q's markers.

What if each confirmed marker represents that a particular handler & redundant subs have been neutralized, and thus all the down-line puppets' strings are cut?

And likewise what if a mention of a marker without confirmation might be related to the bad actor/s who are still able to pass on info, but are the subject of drops/ops?

Anyways, I'm heading to bed. Hope 1 of you brilliant autists digs further & takes this theory to the next level, or refutes it. Cheers!


please consider adding this theory to the bread

00a9ed No.199283


shill team 6…

66cfb8 No.199284

Good morning, anons.

Baker here, but under the gun with work at the moment.

Suffice it to say it's been a rough weekend.

Can emergency bake if need be, but can't commit to regular hours at the moment.

Capability is hampered, but I'm still in the game, and it's heartwarming to see so many others in it as well. Keep kicking ass.

7dfe6a No.199285


Yes, I am aware of DUMB ~ just curious why Q used and capitalized the term in the referenced crumb ~ he usually uses the word 'STUPID.'

255973 No.199286


Jay Z is a kid peddler. Sauce: Dilley

c5b5c0 No.199288

File: 6d59f9781789bab⋯.jpg (88.6 KB, 1200x736, 75:46, nydaillyQ.jpg)

Being 7 hours old I'm sure this is old fake news, but we've gone mainstream!! Google bot headlines..lookout

http:// www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/smear-campaign-fbi-signals-mueller-closing-article-1.3784461

dc1fd9 No.199290



https:// youtu.be/2a9GPZLGh2k

1fa27f No.199291


stop listening to his music. replace it with classical music.

70a59a No.199292


It's the other way around. MIL has gone good (many have been good for quite some time - courtesy of loving attention from not-gonna-spoonfeed) and they needed someone to be their face. DJT and MIL cooperate. The cabal is being kicked out from within, but this can only work if we help the rest of the people make a choice.

a7df72 No.199293

File: 650eed129a80053⋯.jpg (12.99 KB, 170x255, 2:3, nasajesus.jpg)

I hope some old wizard and the ghost of reagen, carrie fischer, 2pac, big, hst, et. al put a mofo curse on dat memo

5984e9 No.199294


Grammy's are over….move on.

7698cd No.199295


Autists need memes to remind normies that

(A subset of B) != (B subset of A)

if (all blackhats are <insert_demographic>) does not mean (all <insert_demographic> are blackhats)

947789 No.199296

ca285c No.199297


Very well stated and worthy of discusstion. The idea has merit and makes intuitive sense.

00a9ed No.199298

Wow..we have folks commenting and then answering themselves..hmmm


5984e9 No.199299


Exactly. No need to fill your head with satanist garbage, and make him money in the process.

1fa27f No.199300


Good theory anon!

5bdff2 No.199301


all he did was link the interview that he had been watching, overreacting much?

dc1fd9 No.199302


Didnt see the Grammys. Just the interview with Jones. Did you see it?

https:// youtu.be/2a9GPZLGh2k

b6a47a No.199303


Is there something weird about tagging your own post when posting additional information relating to that post?

I do it all the time.

Please sit down and stfu.

91572a No.199304

File: 7eab4ab809aeb9c⋯.png (230.81 KB, 622x674, 311:337, 176 - 3PCebxg.png)



https:// www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-blocking-property-persons-involved-serious-human-rights-abuse-corruption/

'declare a national emergency'

Reading all the points with notable:

'corruption, including the misappropriation of state assets, the expropriation of private assets for personal gain, corruption related to government contracts or the extraction of natural resources, or bribery'

Now this is where it gets interesting:

'any person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General'

All the points that are named would then be in effect against anyone they point at, it could concern anyone, soros, saudis, rothschilds, clinton foundation, uranium one, hell even fbi, cia, nsa.

Why did Q tell us to read carefully?

'declare a national emergency', looking at the names in the annex do you really think that suffices to declare a national emergency? I don't think so.

So why a national emergency?

Whether this has something to do with the sealed indictments is very likely but we're still not sure. This executive order went pretty much under the radar but its actually a pretty big deal.

d5e0ea No.199305

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If all have sinned, who is the "good guys"?

Why are you being awakened?

dc1fd9 No.199307


Any suggestions?

2ef3a6 No.199308


I think you're the one who's underestimating here.

You're underestimating the power of these Anons here.

You're underestimating the power of Q.

You're underestimating the power POTUS.

AND, last but by no means least,

You're underestimating the power GOD.

nough said!

255973 No.199309


Jay Z can go fuck himself. no need to watch an interview between two cabalists giving each other the reach around.

2ef3a6 No.199310


All have sinned, that's why we all need a savior. That's why through Him all sin is forgiven the moment you are born again.

That's who the good guys are! Read and learn!

00a9ed No.199311


Oh..the EO is a HUGE deal…but indictments were out there pre-EO…recall 4289 indictments present right after the thanksgiving holiday…

I was leaning Mueller till the missing 50K text messages + all the corruption on his team..

Now leaning marshal law…with anon's as a mouthpiece and translator for the normies…

00a9ed No.199312



>Updated hashes.







>We debated long and hard and decided hashes must be usable for several days and purposes

>Q's drops made us pick theses


>4) TROJAN HORSE… Str8 to the libturds. this hash will NOT b throttled so anything you stick with it will slip thu. NEVER use it without #MAGA. This hash must b used to show KILLARY and the KKK or celebs and weinstein or other pervs, traitors, or scumbags. think millionair parties memes etc.

70a59a No.199313


More precisely, we are our own saviors, as we can follow the ways of the Creator or not. Intuition and an open heart leads the way forward. This applies to all situations in life.

00a9ed No.199314


+ jump #davos if trending…

91572a No.199315


sealed indictments are around ~10k atm

947789 No.199316


This; Vivaldi rocks!!


65681d No.199317

File: d593426a0005feb⋯.jpg (26.08 KB, 300x286, 150:143, awesome-pic-300x286.jpg)



Not larp… WARP! :)

c1edb2 No.199318


And what happens if the lil snowflakes suddenly start to melt? And go GS on everyone again?

I don't hink I could live through another without hanging my own onsey anonself

2ef3a6 No.199320


If you can be your own savior, then you are calling God, the Creator, the most horrific murderer of them all. Right? Why then would he have his only begotten Son crucified if we didn't need a Savior to begin with.

d5e0ea No.199321


>Read and learn!

You read, but you did not learn.

You trust in men.

Who is the 10th man?

What did he say?

How did the story end?

Did many of faith remain?

How did it become so few?

922bb2 No.199322


Get behind me Satan

dd8e95 No.199323


kek, was just playing off the idea of TIA and AI being flipped against the bad actors … just when they hoped they were going to use it to become gods and corrupt the US Military for Queen Hillary's global genocide program.

eedc1e No.199324

File: ce5df12d232e988⋯.png (184.93 KB, 338x320, 169:160, Screenshot_2018-01-29-06-1….png)

It just clicked: Moses said to wicked Pharoah, "Let my people go."

The people are akin to the slaves, making the bricks they demand we make. (((They))) are akin to Pharoah. DJT, Q, MIL are akin to Moses, leading a revolution, breaking Pharoah's stringhold, and saying, "Let my people go."

a7df72 No.199325

i think ai is getting thrown around like a pejorative

2625e4 No.199326


Life is but a LARP


This I find interesting


And this

70a59a No.199327

File: 110196bfbb8e796⋯.png (154.93 KB, 516x655, 516:655, mankind.png)


Because you are reading fairy tales.

Truth is remarkably simple.

c1edb2 No.199328

"Good Teacher, tell me what I must do to be saved"? "Why do you call me Good, only God is good."

no one is 'good' (accept the above) IMHO

eedc1e No.199329


breaking Pharoahs stronghold as well

1b3c0a No.199330

File: fe8f24860fcf9ab⋯.png (3.22 MB, 1072x1048, 134:131, bobama-ameritech-net.png)


2ef3a6 No.199332


Boy it gets really WACKY on these threads this hour of the day!!!

Night all!!

God Bless you!!!

1cd21a No.199333


And the Patriots said…. Amen !!!

dcb4bc No.199334


13.600 as of yesterday

dc1fd9 No.199335


I may be. But Jay-Z is like the cultural head of the snake. It would be easier to take down almost anyone else you could name in pop culture. I think it adds legitimate value to the board to point that out. Without help from Q, or an effort from us bigger than any other before it, the masses won’t accept it on their own. This is one of the toughest of all fights that I can imagine, culturally speaking.

I’m just saying take it seriously, and understand the role of the person we are dealing with in today’s culture.

But also, there has been a reason for everything so far. I’m sure there’s a good reason why POTUS picked a fight with him. He never does that unless he knows that he’ll come out on top in the end.

dd8e95 No.199336


Well if he wanted to run, then should avoid child trafficking

00a9ed No.199337

Here are ways we have been DIVIDED and very easy to trigger into defense/fear…




-Social class

Very easy to "trigger" any of us with these division themes as they have shoved them at us forever…

Find ways to UNIFY..find common ground..help swing up your brothers/sisters…

f95c4e No.199338

File: 1a1e88a9b8e31d7⋯.jpeg (3.27 MB, 1668x2016, 139:168, A04C11EF-DEA9-4B27-ADC7-4….jpeg)


North Korea heat map.

c5b5c0 No.199339


*martial law

If you're going to lean

18da20 No.199340


No. Just no. It's not underestimating him, either. Guy is a former gangbanger and crack dealer. And even if you get the black vote en masse, the majority of the voting populace is above 50. Young people don't vote. Every election is gonna be be different, they say. The young people will come out this time, they say. Pipe dreams. That's why they try to rig the machines. We all know who gets out to vote, and older D's won t vote for this clown. Not a single R will, and you can forget the independent vote. Most of us are the actual thinkers. Nope. Not happening.

d6777d No.199341


I agree…All 3.

00a9ed No.199343


Do you have a link? That is up!

BTW..consider with that many indictments it will hit local and be disruptive..another reason to consider it will go down under marshal law as order will need to be maintained..

2ef3a6 No.199344


Don't worry! Bet ya that in a weeks time or so, this, this serpent, his head will be cut of!!!

I'm sure POTUS got this handled!

I mean come on! Look at the odds against Trump winning the election, it wasn't just this snake and his stupid culture that were against him, it was EVERYONE! Yet he managed to win. You think he can't beat this little cheetoh!

dcb4bc No.199346


Look through the last bread. It's there or the. one before it. It gets tallied every couple of weeks and updated. Maybe anons here have a twat link.

00a9ed No.199347


ha.ty grammar anon..not my area of autism :-) and I am leaning that way..

dc1fd9 No.199348



Holy shit amazing!! No more slide. Thank you though.

189a0d No.199349


What # tags are we using today/this morning?

5984e9 No.199350


Jesus and the cross. Enough said.

8980ee No.199352


the guy who follows ans puts up stuff about it is on twitter

His handle is @Stormwatcher with a TM on it

5984e9 No.199353


Wrong. Totally wrong.

490757 No.199354


I watched a YouTube video, and someone mentioned that it was declared a national security issue in the EO. This gives it military jurisdiction, which means international.

70a59a No.199355

File: 1582129edacceae⋯.jpg (1019.96 KB, 2780x1894, 1390:947, obr4800.jpg)


Light vs. darkness

Choose your fate. This is all that matters.

18da20 No.199356


My absolute favorite is the 2nd piano concerto by Rachmaninoff(or Rachmoninov, spelled both ways). You can't go wrong with J.S. Bach either. Mozart is fantastic, but his opera, "Die Zauberflöte"(The Magic Flute) is a Masonic wet dream, so I opt for other composers these days. Contains text praising Isis and Osiris, things like Hail ye new enlightened ones, and Yield to the Light….fun stuff, right?

00a9ed No.199357

Suggesting this go into the 911 batter…

http:// www.ae911truth.org

This is a group of architects and engineers who have proved that the buildings did not go down according to the "narrative"…VERY compelling from a professional standpoint…

cd5568 No.199358


Maybe this?


1b3c0a No.199359

File: 6d9f72510d7793b⋯.png (2.5 MB, 872x999, 872:999, bobama2.png)


dcb4bc No.199360

5984e9 No.199361


Sounds like you've experience too much of that 'vibrating energy'.

74927a No.199363

What ever happened to Loop Capital??

Didn't Q say it be "big" weeks ago?

5984e9 No.199364


Thanks. Have a good day.

1b3c0a No.199365

File: 2ef8ec9551aceb9⋯.png (3.56 MB, 1191x1044, 397:348, bobama3.png)


0c1ddf No.199366


When this shadow Civil War is over, we are going to have a long list of comped medical examiners, cops, prosecutors, judges, journalists, etc.

They need to face justice too. We need a purge. Chemotherapy. The cancer will come back at some point but we need to give it the smallest possible base to regenerate from. This will have the added benefits of teaching the people just how pervasive the evil can get if we let it fester, and it will restore faith in the system. There are a lot of people (myself included) who either cut back their business activities or dropped out altogether due to a complete loss of trust. We understand that the social contract is broken. We understand that anything we work for will be stolen and used to wage war against our people. This needs to stop. We need PROOF that it will stop. We need a purge that would make Stalin jealous.

00a9ed No.199367

Whats with all the Jay-Z??

Hell we can kill that fella with one Maria A. tweet..he is so "out there" in satan land he could not get elected dog catcher…just sayin'…

922bb2 No.199369

Outstanding article

https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/01/29/imagine-you-are-not-a-politician-yet-you-are-running-for-the-presidency

e2d946 No.199370

File: 4949b8d174ef144⋯.png (112.63 KB, 436x396, 109:99, sblii.PNG)

947789 No.199371


You're welcome. Have a look at the same piece, with this young girl ripping it apart on the electric guitar, holy crap! So if a kid remarks that violins aren't his bag, show him that. I haven't yet followed any of the other suggested links, but she seems to play quite a lot of classical on the lead guitar


00a9ed No.199372


Modeling good anon behavior he takes the time to find the link and post it :-)

https:// twitter.com/damartin32/status/957756322564493312

beba12 No.199373


Hi Jay

a7df72 No.199374

File: 97a6558816be873⋯.jpg (475.79 KB, 600x900, 2:3, IMG_0960.JPG)

plane fags

c5f500 No.199375


Close to 15k in updated list from last night. Should be in one of the breads.

70a59a No.199376


This is why it's paramount for the people to make a choice themselves.


We might get separated, as there is a percentage of those not ready for the Truth. But this is the only "cure" for the "cancer", because the very existence of the satanic cabal was made possible by negative choices of humanity.

If everyone had the positive, discerning and friendly qualities, the cabal would be as powerful as a retirement home. Spiritual development through universal love is the only way out of this mess.

9528f2 No.199377


yes, agree

I've long argued that cabalists and their unhinged leftist mob enablers are asylum material and should be considered as such. This is how you avoid a civil war and to tear the West in two irreconcilable parts.

Basically if the process is done right these indictments should have a pretty strong correlation with the people we absolutely want out of society.

a7df72 No.199378


i saw 13,650 somewhere

8980ee No.199379


I never thought sorry

Late here

I thought it was stormwatcher?

66cefb No.199380


She'll beat the fag out of em KEK

1804bd No.199381

Anyone have any suggestion to what the 40/60(60% to be kept from the public for their safety) could be all about?

What is so damaging that you cant tell everyone?

Is satanism and childsacrificing that bad for the public to know?

Or is it that the earth is flat/concave/whatever?

This have been on my mind for too long now.

70a59a No.199382


Actually browsing this board reduces it somewhat.

49032e No.199383

File: c791235eab4f173⋯.jpg (458.57 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, c791235eab4f173e65acb101a6….jpg)

important know the current hashes

#ReleaseTheMemo **)



#StrongerTogether (AS PER Q! ammo 2 show racism in Dems etc think slavery)


We need to operate as ONE, FOCUS FIRE

discussions on future hashes: on war room thread. It has less traffic, so your opinion and reasoning is heard and appreciated.

War room fags work hard every day and HATE to see ppl fagging off on their own. There is no point in this. Work together and get whatever is chosen to trend. THIS IS NOT A GAME. LIVES DEPEND ON IT.

Memers meme

Coders code

diggers dig

War Room debates and decides course.

Pls FFS work together.

War Room comm OUT

1c1d8d No.199384


https:// www. Rt.com/news/417233-strava-bases-heat-map/

70a59a No.199385


It's not that extremely shocking per se, but requires a completely new state of mind to grasp. Most are not yet ready for this - expand your thinking.

dcb4bc No.199386

File: 7e43813abf32b08⋯.png (2.19 MB, 2564x1610, 1282:805, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at ….png)


Ok I'll bite. Here's your first scheduled Gitmo flight for the day

00a9ed No.199387


Service to Others vs Service to Self is all that matters…

Consider…have you lived more than one life? Have you tested the boundaries? Lived positive and negative lives? If you did "evil" deeds in a past life are they forgiven?

You are a "body or work" as a Soul..WAY more than just this lifetime…

a7df72 No.199388

File: 704ede2fc83411c⋯.jpg (89.8 KB, 600x422, 300:211, IMG_1329.JPG)

0dca30 No.199389


Same here. Was led to find Q and you all on 4chan.

Since 2015 I've been on and off chatrooms, imageboards, blogging sites, etc and they each helped me at a specific point in my life.

This was leads me closer to God.

5984e9 No.199390


Matthew 7:13

70a59a No.199391


Good post, thank you.

Thanks for alterning the semantics and keeping the meaning. Makes it less likely for anons to discredit it as satanism or lucis trust or other new age d&c.

490757 No.199392


We do not live forever.

Every generational cycle will have their own struggles with evil.

255973 No.199393


Congratulations, Cabalist! Enjoy your Cuban vacation!

38d3a0 No.199394


Good one…just forgot the "n" in "mysogynist".

c0934b No.199395


Anon You are spot on. Just "flying above 40,000 ft". They are not ready for this yet.

5984e9 No.199397


The Bible should lead you closer to God.

c051fc No.199398


When you look at the details, both SH and the BB "events" are incredibly sloppy. I researched both from day one and the level of outright idiocy in the MSM script was baffling. Some felt it was intentional, but I'm more inclined to think the perps have simply gotten too STUPID/LAZY to execute complex fraudulent events unless coverage is kept to a bare minimum. These days, I can feel people needing more and more "proof" before they belieb anything. Tough spot for the cabal (tiniest of violins).

8db9d1 No.199399

File: 3b246424648eadc⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 2560x1707, 2560:1707, 151125-swin-fed-reserve-je….jpg)

File: e826ae7513b70cd⋯.png (125.07 KB, 292x372, 73:93, federal-reserve2.png)

File: 71e662484d30987⋯.jpg (11.2 KB, 334x151, 334:151, images.jpg)


People think when Trump says "Make America Great Again" He's talking about going back to slavery and whites.

But no. When Trump says MAGA, he's talking about ripping the death grip that the globalist cabals have over our nation, to go back to that time before the First World War, before the creation of the Federal Reserve System in the 1913s.

Before that dreaded creature from Jekyll Island arose…

They want you divided. They want you fighting over flesh and blood.

f95c4e No.199400

Memo leaks starting

4371fc No.199401


One interview wtih JZ did more than what a 1000 shills could accomplish. We may have to admit that the cabal plays 4 - D chess sometimes too, we bit. JZ is a distraction and well will get plenty more.

So the next time I hear about some two bit idiot bashing on the POTUS I am just going to filter.

Would save us many breads to filter these celebs who have no power.

Agreed, Fuck JZ.

00a9ed No.199402


It is Stormwatcher and how I found him..


0dca30 No.199403


The Bible is a tool you use AFTER you experience God.

This is one of my experiences.

8980ee No.199404


thanks for clarifying

1e253f No.199405


I'm pretty sure Anon, that a lot us felt this same way and have experienced this just as you have! Many are called, few are chosen. Godspeed. LET'S ROLL! Thank you Q!

c5f500 No.199406


It's that some of this stuff is so disturbing that knowing it was that expansive would have people lose faith in humanity. You've seen the reaction to #metoo, and people care a lot more about kids than they do sexual harassment. Think civil unrest.

a7df72 No.199407

File: e974679b7496f9e⋯.jpg (126.54 KB, 960x540, 16:9, IMG_1364.JPG)

9e6592 No.199408

File: 5f5080f40f2b896⋯.jpg (97.71 KB, 1072x478, 536:239, Limey_c-1.JPG)

Midnight Shift PlaneFag Out.

Only strange going-on might be this BRIT flight from Bangor ME descending into Belize at this time.

Anon, OUT.

God Bless, PatriotAnons

1b3c0a No.199409

File: c5155b399058fdf⋯.png (1.89 MB, 684x964, 171:241, bobama4.png)


18da20 No.199410

Gracious God,

Grant us wisdom this day to rightly divide truth from fiction, good from evil, and light from darkness. Let us not fall prey to the snares of the enemy, and keep us focused on what you would have us accomplish this day according to your divine will. I ask all in the name of Christ Jesus.

00a9ed No.199411


There is plenty that would sound like crazy sauce revealed now…

Would you have believed HRC ritually killed children and ate their pineal gland 3 years ago? That will be in the 40% BTW…

625a6f No.199412


like the spy v spy one anon haha

dd8e95 No.199413


They intercepted Witch Hillary's comms planning for the poisoning message to be broadcast?

69b1f7 No.199414


You might like Jake Hamilton's music.

947789 No.199415


It's the movement of the Holy Spirit; He leads and guides us by our subconscious, and the more in tune we are with Him, the easier it is for him to lead us. No such thing as coincidence, we're all here for a reason

02760c No.199416

c0934b No.199417


Try Nag Hamadi library to read unedited new testament.

0dca30 No.199418

File: 7fba1673e6d95ea⋯.jpg (10.42 KB, 255x143, 255:143, 639905528f5868e3dbb5c87cd6….jpg)

c051fc No.199419


That Van Jones (B)BBBJ piece was a real dog. J-Z looks like he was homeless before they cleaned him up for the interview. And now J-Z is superior to POTUS, according to Van. Such a cornball shill.

74927a No.199420

What ever happened to Loop Capital??

Didn't Q say it would be "big" weeks ago?

0dca30 No.199421

Went to bed yesterday praying for POTUS and Qteam.

You are very protected and loved.

c1edb2 No.199422


simple…what would mortally wound all the above the most? Take away their money. It's a drug to them, they can't live without it. Give them a grocery cart, a blanket and a cardboard box…"Trading Places" (Eddie Murphy) Well, it would be fun to watch…,though I know unreasonable, but we can dream can't we?

1804bd No.199423



I have been on this for over 15years now so yea I did know about the horrid stuff hillary and the rest have done. Might be why nothing that is beinh released really boggles my mind that.

a7df72 No.199424

JayZ contract was a cover up power play thing

c051fc No.199425


To stay focused on it? But I don't think it's anything anons can make or break, it's prob a marker IRL of some sort.

00a9ed No.199426


TY War Room..Heard and Understood!

Where We Go One We Go All…

NOTE: might consider this for 911 batter…professional group of engineers and architects calling bullshit on 911 narrative..

http:// www.ae911truth.org

And ty ty ty!

45e990 No.199427

Not sure if it's coming from Antartica or the Falkland Islands, probably Falkland.

ZZ337 43C6FA

Royal Air Force RR9000

United Kingdom Military

Airbus Voyager KC3 A332

8db9d1 No.199429


Sometimes the good guys preserve the works of our opposition for the mere purpose of critiquing them and teaching others not to fall for their propaganda

c051fc No.199431




c051fc No.199435


If the DUMB rumours are true, make it a superprison for the cabal?

255973 No.199437


dump them in there. seal the exits.

dc1fd9 No.199439


I’d bet you my life that Jay Z would turn out the young voters better than Hussein. (If the vote was held today with the perception remaining as is.) You must be over 50 yourself, and I say that with respect. He sold crack, but he started his record label with 90 thousand dollars that he saved and grew into almost a billionaire and married the biggest female pop star on the planet, arguably. Rags to riches. Successful black entrepreneur. Probably has an IQ 30 points higher than you. He is a formidable human being, whatever his cult may be.

Rap is about wit, originality, timing, amongst other things. JayZ would destroy any politician I could think of in a debate when the public is the judge. He knows the public better than them, by a long shot. POTUS being the one exception, perhaps.

In rap they call debates battles, and their much more vicious than anything you would ever hear in a debate. To whatever degree the use of coercive language is weighted in a given political race, is the degree that Jay-Z will have a distinct advantage. He’s the best in the world at doing that among a group of people who are the best in the world at doing that. And he speaks the language of the culture, of the people. He is like the perfect antiTrump.

I’m team Q here. There’s nothing I want more than to stop the pieces of shit that are fucking with children! I’m just adding my two cents.

I think it is important to understand how massive this guy is in today’s culture.

c1edb2 No.199440


excellent…we paid for them, so ya

1b3c0a No.199441

File: 6778af15b775a1a⋯.png (2.26 MB, 978x805, 978:805, bobama5.png)


0dca30 No.199442


A board has been created for you all.


The goal seems to be:


>Our people need to know what’s happening, let’s meme all Soros-Merkel-banks-deep state cabal together with Q crumbs on every social to let eu people know the STORM IS HERE!

0dca30 No.199445


Why are these people so stupid?

a7df72 No.199446


plains walker yeti myth

255973 No.199447


STAHP! He's going to prison or worse.

625a6f No.199448

just reposting this so more ppl hopefully see it - we need good, hopeful red pillls too. staring into the abyss for too long isn’t healthy.

a couple major biblical red pills have been dropped in the past decade.

1) discovery of red blood cells and soft tissues in dinosaur bones. the science meme forever was that they are just mineral deposits with no organic matter left, because it’s impossible for organic matter to last hundred(s) of millions of years.

2) bible refers many times to “the fountains of the deep”

“In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.”

‭‭Genesis‬ ‭7:11‬ ‭KJV‬‬

scientists have discovered underground oceans that triples the size of the above ground oceans.


God is good and greatly to be praised.

c051fc No.199449


the underlying connection between the cabalists can be soft-sold over time and remain fringe

f7dfd7 No.199451


What site do you planefags use? AirForcefag here that wouldn't mind lurking over there.

70a59a No.199452

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUDdOR618xE

Information about satanism, anyone who has 4 hours to spare and wishes to understand this at a higher level should watch this.

7a35b7 No.199456

File: 184a460786ba050⋯.png (239.97 KB, 728x485, 728:485, ohshitanon.png)

File: ceedf01fed6b2ba⋯.jpg (254.63 KB, 1051x572, 1051:572, allyoursotubelongtous.jpg)

File: e788ecc3fcd1241⋯.jpg (230.27 KB, 1069x840, 1069:840, georgewashingtonmeme.jpg)

File: 8d9625f0e4e0f11⋯.jpg (200.13 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, trumpssotumoarbiglythanmin….jpg)


I fixed them

0dca30 No.199457

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Pls link to hooktube

a73256 No.199458


Once we know journos w integrity we can create a common information supply that can reliably provide objective accurate economic and political news

c051fc No.199459


Van gives the triangle hand config just as J-Z first sits down. what a turd.

5ce0c7 No.199462

Turns out Omarosa left the WH to be on celebrity big brother.

The media tried to lie to you and say she left in a whirlwind.

Fuck the media.

70a59a No.199466


Apologies. Thank you for posting the correct link.

00a9ed No.199467


>Matthew 7:13

"Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in…"

Yes..great advice..we should all keep closed minds…

Hey MatthewAnon..try this one: Matthew 13:24-30…THAT is what is happening…

1932ee No.199468

I need a linkedin quality meme with related #s!

4a4199 No.199469

Sorry but phonefagging.

What had Q said about Rod Rosenstein?

490757 No.199471


How can you have faith in humanity when it keeps lying to you?!

Truth will set us free, because it will teach us what we are capable of, and it will make us return to love.

1c1d8d No.199473


https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/56847.html

Dedicated thread

625a6f No.199474


if you think it’s so odd the people lived for so long in Noah’s time period - consider the Monarch butterfly. the Monarch butterfly goes through 4 generations a year, the first three generations only live for 2-6 weeks, the fourth generation lives for 6-8 Months AND migrates thousands of miles. at the midpoint that is a 700% increase in longevity.

also, science has confirmed the 120 years upper range of longevity that God stipulated for man after the flood.


a73256 No.199475


How old are you?

Get some sleep.

c051fc No.199476


expose him as a pedo actual = done

i don't think the AA community has much patience for creepy pedos

eedc1e No.199478

92feee No.199479


Lurk Moar — Jay Z is a Satanist RA God loving, child trafficking, spirit cooking pile of garbage!!!

beba12 No.199480


How do you know thats WHY she left? They could've snatched her up after Kelly booted her

dc1fd9 No.199481


I keep hearing this… did I miss the sauce? Or are we working off the idea that he has to be a pedo because he appears so thoroughly satanic? Someone please sauce JZ going to jail stuff that I guess I missed.

0dca30 No.199482

All warfare is based on deception:

>19. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.

>24. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.

7a35b7 No.199483

File: b65f98289fe6c7f⋯.jpg (394.06 KB, 1582x1072, 791:536, listenupfaggotineedyoutome….jpg)

one more then sleep

70a59a No.199486


Past civilization of Atlantis was more high vibratory (spiritual) therefore had longer lifespans - until they decided to play God and destroy it all by negative choices.

Destruction of it (biblical flood) made it so we had to start over.

Can we learn from their mistakes?

22355e No.199487


nothing there!

fbdc1e No.199488


See >>199383

I went to CNN to find their talking points and my computer was hit crashed.

I think they are going to troll Trump, so when they are arrested they will claim it is revenge.


See >>196192

448f13 No.199489


nice digits. yeah. funny though how it feel more like 2 years.

d9f48c No.199490

File: a4cf24b05762105⋯.png (212.77 KB, 991x697, 991:697, wat.png)

tweet this

da6112 No.199491

Come on anons, patriots, re-read the map, archives, dig, meme, think deeper, learn or pray God inspires you to somehow be a relevant newfag. Your country needs you to step it up bigly for a critical day.

This isn't about feeders lining up as extras in Waiting for Qodot

eedc1e No.199492

So many questions now. One being: Any Wacofags here? I know someone who was involved on the LE side. Was told by brass that the folks in the compound had stuffed the place full of hay bales and thats why it went up so quick. Any insight? Always wondered.

66f0b1 No.199493

File: 98c648d9b780f97⋯.jpg (59.9 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Incubators.jpg)

c5f500 No.199494


No one is talking about lying to anyone. There's a difference between telling them the truth and flooding their consciousness so they see it around every corner. Mind-blowing isn't just metaphoric, it's literal in this case.

c1edb2 No.199495


Well I saw on YT yesterday that a former GF said he was a 'trany chaser'. And you know everything you see on YT is the truth…lol

00a9ed No.199497

Anyone every read the Book of Enoch? Worth a read for the religious minded as it is certainly accepted by every major religion as a TRUTH…and it is the only "book" to survive the flood…it tells an interesting story about life on earth at the time..worth a read and a mind opener for sure…

49032e No.199498

File: c791235eab4f173⋯.jpg (458.57 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, c791235eab4f173e65acb101a6….jpg)


tx. pls put it on WR thread.

wud love 2 lurQ here, but WR has its own tasks & cant afford 2 b in here.

pls glorious faggots, use the same hashes untill WE control the narrative

focus fire must b practiced. We're not there yet. Drop by the WR 4 tips etc (top of page)


War Room Comm out

625a6f No.199499


new age mumbo jumbo. Why do you rail against God and the truth of his Word?

65681d No.199500

File: 2e9a1b3de5e1dd3⋯.jpg (36.65 KB, 224x182, 16:13, Sleepy.jpg)


Creatio Ex Deo

31c108 No.199501

File: ebc352879a7af79⋯.png (521.74 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1517231586007.png)

File: 78cf825a697cd7e⋯.png (342.26 KB, 830x466, 415:233, 1517231884623.png)

1b3c0a No.199503

File: d6967e5cbbf2e74⋯.png (2.47 MB, 816x1056, 17:22, 2008 Decision Memo on Ener….png)

attach 1/9

18da20 No.199504


I'll concede that you make good points on his ability to speak down to the people, to engage in verbal assault, and to be the anti-Trump by throwing out the accepted political rules. I'll also concede that he would bring out more young blacks to polls than Obama did. But that will not win the rest of America. Blacks are still a minority of the population. The reason Hussein won was that he was appealing across the color spectrum. Jay-Z is not. He can be a fierce in a debate and make salient points, but he has a past to overcome that the average voter won't swallow regardless of their political affiliation. There was a gif on one of last night's breads that showed him pushing a girl for crying out loud! Any campaign mounted against him using his own words and his own past would crush him outright. This is obvious to most thinking people.

Btw, not over 50 but old enough to have gained some wisdom…

And, while not out of the realm of possibility, it is definitely not reasonably probable that Jay-Z has an IQ even close to mine.

I used to think someone could motivate the average 25 yr old to vote, too. History shows that not to be the case. Too busy chasing tail for the average Joe, I guess.

c051fc No.199505


i imagine an underground televised tournament like the film version of The Running Man

a1b36a No.199506


You got my vote, in that case

1b3c0a No.199507

File: 082fbaa4fc4b37f⋯.png (2.47 MB, 816x1056, 17:22, 2008 Decision Memo on Ener….png)

attach 2/9

00a9ed No.199508


Well said..I'm guilty of divergence..



1b3c0a No.199510

File: 65c9921739a6552⋯.png (2.47 MB, 816x1056, 17:22, 2008 Decision Memo on Ener….png)

attach 3/9

1b3c0a No.199512

File: dc46127d77fa105⋯.png (2.47 MB, 816x1056, 17:22, 2008 Decision Memo on Ener….png)

attach 4/9

f695cc No.199513


No feedback at all? Should I stop this project?

c051fc No.199514


inbreeding + gettin high on their own supply + slave msm + lack of consequences for decades

9bf604 No.199515


Every day, I read the news headlines to see if any public arrests have happened. I am each time disappointed.

I am not despairing of this. It is that today, I had a revelation. I am an ancientfag. Today I realized that I have felt this feeling before. This every-morning anticipation that is disappointed, knowing that the future will bring its reality.

This is the feeling I had oh-so-many decades ago, when I was six years old, and it was early December. Every day, all I could do was think about Christmas, but every morning, it was not yet time. My desire for its arrival had no impact on the calendar.

That's my feeling about the downfall of the cabal. I know it's coming, but it feels like the three weeks before Christmas to that six year old that's still inside me.

Remember, no matter what presents you got, Christmas at the age of six was the best Christmas in your life. It was not just the gifts, but the release of the irrational tension that had built up inside you because of the anticipation for it arrival in the weeks preceding it.

Merry Christmas, Q! This one, whatever day it is, is going to be the best one, ever. I hope I get the "Hillary and Obama in prison for the rest of their unnatural lives" action figures.

1b3c0a No.199516

File: 78db60a6676182f⋯.png (2.47 MB, 816x1056, 17:22, 2008 Decision Memo on Ener….png)

attach 5/9

1b3c0a No.199517

File: fdbaf2005b52b34⋯.png (2.47 MB, 816x1056, 17:22, 2008 Decision Memo on Ener….png)

attach 6/9

1b3c0a No.199519

File: f31283d994cb1aa⋯.png (2.47 MB, 816x1056, 17:22, 2008 Decision Memo on Ener….png)

attach 7/9

e23186 No.199520


same here almost exactly "its going to be easier now" a wizard told me in a dream

d9f48c No.199522


The change in their abilities might have been environmental as the electromagnetic field on earth changed. This would make the most sense.

1b3c0a No.199523

File: 14ff45a8716a96e⋯.png (2.47 MB, 816x1056, 17:22, 2008 Decision Memo on Ener….png)

attach 8/9

7a35b7 No.199524

File: 829762bb4fcd5a5⋯.jpg (449.74 KB, 1500x885, 100:59, bamawalkplank.jpg)

if tags change will fix

a1b36a No.199525


You are naive if you think MSM is gonna report on any of these arrests.

Re-read the crumbs and it will all make sense

1b3c0a No.199526

File: ada075b19c374cf⋯.png (2.47 MB, 816x1056, 17:22, 2008 Decision Memo on Ener….png)

attach 9/9

17bd1c No.199527

File: 00f57ea2739a6a6⋯.jpg (66.62 KB, 1080x749, 1080:749, DUthWECXUAEBWup.jpg)

00a9ed No.199528


TY war room..I did!

Focus fire heard! All you ANON's listening? Meme and #!! We need to practice for what is coming! ALL OF US NEEDED!

91572a No.199530


you can add multiple files to a post idiot

b36393 No.199531


Practice? We are at war now!

c051fc No.199533


Bill Hicks had footage he claimed showed a tank throwing fire out of the turret and into the compound. Was my first redpilll in retrospect.

70a59a No.199534


It was a war. Those that survived were blown back to stone age - our ancestors.

dd2a24 No.199535


thank you for a morning wake up LAUGH

what a way to start a day..

a1b36a No.199536


and you waited until #9 to tell him … :P

00a9ed No.199537


One comment only…

Atlantis was before we had recorded religion…

Atlantis was before Sumer…

Atlantis was RUINED in a similar way some in the US have attempted to ruin us..

Karma somewhat in order and US is the "new atlantis"..

17bd1c No.199539

File: 5149ff71e22d9b5⋯.jpg (75.22 KB, 588x392, 3:2, DUtd5kHXUAAdD_N.jpg)

fbdc1e No.199541


he has to uninstall NewfagPro™ first to be able to do that

1c1d8d No.199542

91572a No.199544


just came back and see this guy shit in the thread go back to reddit nigger

dc7e13 No.199545

File: eecd5888bc0df53⋯.jpg (203.39 KB, 1016x598, 508:299, GinsburgMemeSOTU.jpg)

8980ee No.199547


Rightly divide the Word of Truth


eb4ab4 No.199548


2 Chronicles 7

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

15 Now mine eyes shall be open, and mine ears attent unto the prayer that is made in this place.

The desire to turn from evil causes our eyes to be opened, to see the truth of everything.

Trump being elected was a spiritual awakening for this country, God will heal our land, corruption will be destroyed and everything will be known

754231 No.199549

File: b07666c7cd35735⋯.png (188.32 KB, 722x401, 722:401, ja.PNG)



He was granted Ecuadorian Citizenship on 12 Dec 2017

See the article, lots of interesting information. I also saw JA in a picture recently that appears to have been taken on a cape on the east coast US.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrfSOIadYCw

a1b36a No.199550


Never been to reddit.

Well that's not true, i was banned after my 1st post and haven't returned since.

Go back to mySpace faggot

c5f500 No.199551


The thermal image guy investigated the thermal images and claimed the tanks used fire. He "suicided" and then FBI concluded it was reflections off glass. 4 of Bill Clinton's bodyguards while he was governor in Arkansas also died in that raid. 3 with gunshots to the left temple, while inside the house.

a37bf9 No.199552


There are many things, but chief among the concerns is the fact that the overwhelming majority of politicians are controlled by their own wrongdoing…Washington thrives on blackmail and deceit, and this corruption maintains an open corridor to foreign powers who control many of our politicians.

The satanic side of things is compelling, but ultimately most people will not believe it without direct evidence…and it is not clear what kind of evidence the white hats actually have regarding this. They are primarily concerned with making sure people do not lose faith in government, because if that happens it would seriously disrupt their ability to fight the problem. They need a mass of people put on the road of discovery, where they can slowly become aware of the extent of the problem.

Throwing the worst of the worst in people's faces might seem like a reckoning at first, but it will destroy the system…and the cabal will simply re-position itself amidst the ashes.

b32ce8 No.199553


I have a lot of respect to this guy, he checks his info carefully. Good to know he is on board

c1edb2 No.199554


I'm right there beside you anon. I know what you mean.

c0934b No.199555


anon is right

31c108 No.199556



You are attributing posts to Q that were not Q.

0ce821 No.199557


Amen! Anticipation is killing me. I keep waking up hoping to see mass arrests–or even a few high profile MoFos being perp walked but *sigh* not today again.

Cummon Q .. We know it takes time to unfuck ~50 years of corruption but how about putting some major points up on the score board for the home team already eh?

a6e9e6 No.199558

http:// abc7.com/malibu-brush-fire-prompts-evacuation-order/3002265/

91572a No.199559


Want to know how i know you are new?

You're just a kike trying to slide like half of the other people here

b32ce8 No.199560


He also shows a doc - Trumps lawyers filed to free JA from prosecution for publishing pedosta emails

f695cc No.199561


Which ones, should I just ignore the earlier ones without trip codes?

I'm pulling that data straight from qcodefag github.

dc1fd9 No.199562


Trump was one example of a celebrity running with the entire establishment running against him. JayZ would be a bigger celebrity, with the establishment and the media behind him. Trump was never a young person’s candidate like JayZ would be, I don’t think we have any data to know how young people would vote if he ran. He’s anomalous in a similar way that Trump is. He broke rules you weren’t supposed to break too. Grab em by the pussy thing was pretty bad by most previous standards, and was shouted from the mountaintops. It almost seemed to strengthen Trumps support though.

JayZ would boomerang the crack dealer gang banger thing and ridicule the satanic angle like he had done his whole life. The public forgives when people take responsibility, and Jay has that forgiveness from most of the public already.

Think about it. He’s the most culturally influential person in the country, or very close to it, despite all of the obvious negatives you cite.

I appreciate your response, but pretty much stick to my point. We’ll see how the Q drops go and the SOTU, I just wanted to get this thought out there and explain it. I’m sure there’s a reason why POTUS tweeted what he did.

17bd1c No.199564

File: 0c9db5f4132a1f4⋯.jpg (19.88 KB, 600x314, 300:157, eXgMA_Y3.jpg)

a37bf9 No.199565


If Trump openly defies the Jewish lobby he will take a bullet in the head. No doubt.

a1b36a No.199566


Say that to the breads i baked.

So how new are you?

I'm not sliding any more than you are asshole.

Now sit down and be a good anon. Maybe you'll get a cookie.

8c0678 No.199567

File: cc8a3554fc48c49⋯.png (700.99 KB, 804x524, 201:131, screenshot_407.png)



Reason #1 why Jay-Z will never be President of anything other than the Gitmo social club!!!

dcb4bc No.199568

File: df6f51b0ddba31b⋯.png (251.5 KB, 2788x1632, 41:24, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at ….png)


I'm railing against all of your bullshit. Pray for Q here, have a shake and a fucking vibe for him and then BTFO. Take it over to the fucking hippie hippie thread! You faggots are shitting up the whole fucking thread and contributing not-a-fucking-thing to research, digging or miming. I take my planefagging to the planefagging thread, you do the same with your Sunday school / spirit vibing thread. FFS

And take Jay-Z for Pres. over there with you when you go.

450c21 No.199569


if this is not what it seems to be

and this is all some fake larp

i will kill myself

i am not joking

i have been here from the start

i have watched the cabal for 30 years

if this does not go the way Q is stating

i will end my life


not joking

c90866 No.199570

File: 0efa09d83754f9d⋯.jpg (130.09 KB, 1050x550, 21:11, Z-300.jpg)

8f9248 No.199571

File: f7ad6b988fe8c79⋯.jpg (23.68 KB, 430x270, 43:27, jayz.jpg)

987b8d No.199572

File: 30726061d7d2843⋯.jpeg (198.24 KB, 1137x810, 379:270, AE01A500-A4E2-437D-B720-0….jpeg)

17bd1c No.199573

File: 81be589cd0bb8b9⋯.jpg (19.89 KB, 443x332, 443:332, DUtKkh3VAAAdyXa.jpg)

Did Morning Joe kill her????

c0934b No.199574


I watched this. She moves a little funny like the

LIVE EDIT VIDEO posted by anon a few days ago. This looks the same as live edit videos.


b6a47a No.199575


You could always have both threads open at the same time. Just a thought.

1b3c0a No.199576

File: d7b76216421d79e⋯.png (2.47 MB, 816x1056, 17:22, MEMORANDUM- Oct. 29, 2008_….png)

2nd attachment 1/3

a9e34d No.199577


Where do I sign up to be the flight attendant on board so I can spend all flight accidentally pouring hot coffee on them : )

1b3c0a No.199578

File: 6f2a7f342724a09⋯.png (2.47 MB, 816x1056, 17:22, MEMORANDUM- Oct. 29, 2008_….png)

2nd attachment 2/3

754231 No.199579


Plane Fags are part of real time ops. They do Dig, refer back to the Black Forest Event where they were Key in tracking Troop Transports and flight activity into and out of the Potential LZ

Don't fuck with our Air Recon boys. next stop CIA Nigger for you

69b1f7 No.199580


There will be not gradual awakening. Evil has attempted to not be seen by the mass, for to see is to fight it. But soon, because the slaves of evil are losing their grasp, the evil will be seen by natural eyes.. then that which is not dark, but is of light will also be seen with the natural eyes. Then will be the awakening. That is what it is all about. All of you, us, we were born for such a time as this.

c1edb2 No.199581


Why? Can't they just bring her in on a roll-away bed? Comfy

1b3c0a No.199583

File: d34cc02cc4d2ed5⋯.png (2.47 MB, 816x1056, 17:22, MEMORANDUM- Oct. 29, 2008_….png)

2nd attachment 3/3

c90866 No.199584

File: f1fb16a3d1fa102⋯.jpg (48.65 KB, 600x314, 300:157, Z-308a.jpg)


a37bf9 No.199585


Don't know for sure but, if it means anything, Crazy Joe would have made a great Columbo villian.

dc7e13 No.199586

File: 3f869b9a409e935⋯.jpg (130.87 KB, 666x623, 666:623, GinsbergMeme.JPG)

17bd1c No.199587

c99d37 No.199588


Anybody that denies that salvation is possible only through Jesus Christ is probably part of deception or deceived himself. It's an easy way to "discern the spirits".

450c21 No.199589

File: f662a0007a6c1f1⋯.png (125.93 KB, 337x430, 337:430, Opera Snapshot_2018-01-29_….png)

laura is the one heading up the truth mission about Las Vegas

17bd1c No.199590

File: a5023fc51c1400c⋯.jpg (39.83 KB, 733x712, 733:712, DUtHCXGUMAIdnRe.jpg)

8c0678 No.199591

File: 768d0cb35d859fc⋯.jpg (73.03 KB, 681x800, 681:800, 66e6f2274b8c00c0972b193cb7….jpg)

c1d907 No.199592


These people are really stupid.

a1b321 No.199593

All these flu deaths maybe it's the cabrals last stand

a1b36a No.199594


Yes. You are absolutely right.

We have been lied to our whole lives, the only place they didn't lie was the Bible, The new testement in particular…

[May contain sarcasm]

450c21 No.199596

dcb4bc No.199597

File: 944af25f3ad4339⋯.png (1.45 MB, 2498x1510, 1249:755, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at ….png)


There. Now that I got that rant out of my system….it's time to make sure your seatbelts and handcuffs are securely fastened because we just went off radar for a Gitmo landing.

17bd1c No.199598

File: 93fd8b74f50c8cd⋯.jpg (68.28 KB, 750x463, 750:463, DUs-cTcU8AAvqU3.jpg)

b1c512 No.199599


Thiel was also large money support for Ron Paul

fbdc1e No.199601





No I'm not continually monitoring the thread, so wouldn't tell the faggot after the 1st faux pas. PLUS this same newfag was ALREADY TOLD!




c1d907 No.199602


It'd be great if she could actually tweet the name of the security company correctly.

9528f2 No.199603


fuck, I had forgotten that pic with the demoness

c5f500 No.199604


Cabal News Network

d4c08f No.199607


Agreed. The only thing that keeps celebs relavent is paying attention to them.

dc1fd9 No.199608


Yeah this is good red pill stuff here. That whole video is creepy.

1b3c0a No.199609



33b5ae No.199611


LISTEN UP FAGGOT. Q DIRECTED US TO PUSH ==#InternetBillOfRights== nearly FIVE days ago, and you little girls playing 'war' in your 'room' have yet to acknowledge this DIRECTIVE FROM Q.

I couldn't care less except there seem to be a bunch of other anons who are hell bent on following your mis-direction, which is a problem.

If you read Q posts you would have a clue how many times Q has said THIS IS NOT A GAME. How you entertain yourself is not my concern, but YOU volunteered to do a job, and YOU are not getting it done.

#InternetBillOfRights needs to be #2 on the list, only behind #ReleaseTheMemo, When the memo is releaseed, #InternetBillofRights needs to move to the TOP, Primary Position. These were Q's directions.

I don't want to be dividing us, or feeling like a troll, but you need to wake the fuck up and take a hint. Not sure why I hold hope, since this has not happened in the last 5 days.

If any of you else agree with this position, help me out and say so. These seemingly glowing 'persons' in the 'war room' are not doing a very good job of leading the charge.

If we were all in Kindergarten, and there was no real cause this would not matter and could be ignored. ==Sadly this is NOT the case.==

c1d907 No.199612


I hope Dilleys source is legit. The thought of people like Pedosta getting a comeuppance at Gitmo is just too delicious.

4ac420 No.199613


Atlantis is just occult mumbo jumbo


chillax, most of my posts are on point and i’ve done plenty of digging and contributing in the last 48 hours.

I bet you didn’t know about red blood cells and soft tissues in dinosaur fossils or the underground ocean 3x the size of topside ones.

sorry, confirming the bible is 21st century red polling combating 150 years of humanistic propaganda. it’s part of the big picture, for sure.

490757 No.199615


DJT only attacks bad guys.

That's why poor Eminem feels left out. :(

c99d37 No.199616


Yes you are right. You can do it yourself. You don't need anybody. Just think positive. Breathe. You are ascended. You have the keys to the real REAL (((real))) secret. You are god.

[May contain sarcasm]

a73256 No.199617

File: f7c8474773d5161⋯.png (568.22 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 0e96847f7706deeacc127c38a0….png)


Most of us are all in, anon.

Better to be murdered by the cabal than live as a slave to their lies.

c014fc No.199619


Dilley himself is a SHILL

889430 No.199620

File: 1f38db0336f176b⋯.jpg (95.91 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Camping site weird lights ….jpg)

Anons…I went camping with the family this weekend and took the drone with me. The picture is of our campsite at night that I took with my drone (no flash on drone). I noticed last night as I was going through the photos that there were these 2 weird lights in the tree behind the camping trailer (where we had a small fire cooking food on cast iron pot).

Can any of you photofags figure out what these lights are? There was nothing on that tree that was out of the ordinary that I saw during the day that would put of lights like that.

I felt a bit freaked out when I saw the 2 lights in the photo b/c I knew they should not be there.

17bd1c No.199621

File: b2976698da268f5⋯.jpg (19.92 KB, 480x405, 32:27, DUshsW3VwAEqkvR.jpg)

8980ee No.199622


funny wave back

God Bless You in all that you do

a1b36a No.199623


I never said that.

I'm just appauled by people going all-in with this conspiracy thing, yet defend the bible as the one infalable thing… it's just so moronic

c014fc No.199624

fb0d49 No.199625

I know that all international arrests will be held at GITMO per Q but did he say domestics will be held in Virginia?

5a2e4b No.199626


It works, lol

9ed3b7 No.199627

File: 11e77a5ae146c52⋯.png (673.53 KB, 1111x579, 1111:579, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180119_STAT….png)

a0e7ee No.199628


Hang in there Anonon …oh, wait.

We will see a drop of the Hammer soon. The whole process will take years tho

And reeducating new Patriotic generations and undo marxist brainwashing will take decades.

66f0b1 No.199629


3e9c72 No.199630


Could be orbs.

9d6f3e No.199631


Plane fag here.

I agree that there is a high percentage of planefag posts that should be vetted in the planefag thread before being posted in research.

To many nothingburgers fills everyone up and diminishes the message when potentially significant planefaggotry is identified.

New planefags that have a "I think this may be something" should post findings to planefags.

If the planefags agree that you're on to something, post it in research.

I am just one anon, not trying to make any rules but there are too many planefag posts in research that are speculative at best.

17bd1c No.199633

File: 5aa3e7e7a75baeb⋯.jpg (27.4 KB, 630x354, 105:59, DUsTHcyV4AAXnEW.jpg)

66f0b1 No.199634


oops again ahahahaha

450c21 No.199635


guess what

no one is forcing you to accept Christ

go and live for yourself

you have free will

choose the wide gate

i choose the narrow gate

we will all see one day wont we?

d79e21 No.199636


Never kneel to anyone. Live free or die fighting.

f0a8a7 No.199637


In Europe, this moon is called also "Ice Moon" or…


20821a No.199638


I hear you anons also euroanon here. I also was awake before Q came along. But much harder to dig then now. So im extremely greatfull to all you guys, Q potus the military and all other people with good intentions for the world... Its about time we step in a new paradigm. We need to wake up. The rest off the world wil follow after America. My conscious exploded after my dad pasted away... I also believe I was led here by guidance to see for myself there are still a lot of good people who also are tired off this shitty,demonic and corrupt world. God bless you all. Keep the faith and above all try to stay positive! We hear the crying around the world. The madness HAS TO STOP. We the people... We can really change the world and shift the world consciousness! God bless you all.

dcb4bc No.199639


I understand and support what you're saying but it's going to fall on better ears in a few hours. too much fuckery in here all night. The right people have probably grown tired of the bs and walked away for a breather. Same for me.

490757 No.199640


No dummy. None of us are God. God is the creator of reality that established certain laws of reality. Thinking of God as anything other than the creator is foolish.

b6a47a No.199641


You have no idea what you are talking about.



e5e74e No.199642


Someone told me about all of this (moloch, sacrifice, cannibalism, etc…) more than 30 years ago and i immediately dismissed them as insane. At the time i was studying esoterics and the like and dialed into this kind of stuff and yet, it was more than seemed "humanly" possible for anyone to do….i pretty much "had to kill the messenger" to keep my sanity. Some "creature" living underground demanding that sort of thing or people believing this was just too "out there".

It took a lot of life to chip away at my innocence and belief in mankind before reconsidering the above. What i'm trying to say is that we need to be very gentle with the general public.

Also, keep in mind that admitting to yourself that you have been on the wrong team or supported something that you now consider evil can be pretty hard on once psyche…..

Think those factory farm documentaries are horrific? You KNOW you are part of this, YOU are responsible….start by trying to digest that.

Mental breakdown anybody? Realizing that just about every product on the shelves contains the suffering of another creature.

We've all donated blood, supported charities financially and cheered them on, we buy THEIR products and support them with our $, we are part of all this. Revealing the evil among us will definitely cause some people to lose their minds and it is of utmost importance that we release this slowly and gently while being there to support persons around us. The in-your-face may work on some people but denial and self-preservation is strong and most (would be my guess) would simply tune out and dismiss everything. just my ho.

4371fc No.199643


The cabal wont make a gangbanger Prez, remember the rig it. MW has a better chance.

dc7e13 No.199644

File: 775edcc86e82d8f⋯.jpg (214.9 KB, 1014x720, 169:120, IzetteAlefantis.jpg)

45e990 No.199645


You forgot to mention trays in their upright position…KEK!

fbdc1e No.199646

File: a57c5883db8059c⋯.jpg (37.34 KB, 960x867, 320:289, a.jpg)


>if this is not what it seems to be

>and this is all some fake larp

This is my concern.

10th man thinking.

Not worth ending life over, but go dark, go gray, off the grid, one step away from innawoods.

754231 No.199647


Animal eyes sometimes show, those aren't them though.

Good question maybe reflectors?

One looks like it has lens flare, primary light source Flashlights?

a1b36a No.199649


No… But then you get comments (in here) like:

>Anons that don't accept jesus christ as their only salvation has nothing to do here


>Atheist are as bad as the Cabal. If Everyone was a true chrisian this would have never have happened.

So what you are saying is not completely true.

I respect you beliefs. If you believe that god created it all and Jesus was his son more power to you.

But that is not my belief and i will not accept people trying to force that on me.

dcb4bc No.199651


Q hasn't said fuckall about blood cells glowfag. You are way off point. Dig on Q or gtfo

450c21 No.199653


no problem

enjoy hell

7700f9 No.199654

File: 8422bddf4672b33⋯.jpg (31.66 KB, 288x271, 288:271, iplog.jpg)

until today I always had one single connection/port when I came here. Today it's 10.

What has changed? Why?

d6777d No.199655


Drop bears.

20821a No.199656


Reffered i think as God WITHIN… Listen to you intuition, your guidance , your helpers, Angels whatever you like t to call it. Does it make a difference though?

17bd1c No.199658

File: 00a24b7a2afca4e⋯.jpg (95.53 KB, 750x693, 250:231, DUsCpzTVoAAbErf.jpg)

45e990 No.199659



Read his rant on twatter, and he's like why are they trying to be investigators or some shit like that, and then I wonder if that's the case, why does Q keep dropping ?'s on us?

Nothing but a shill that one is.

6f1aa8 No.199660


We've wasted almost two breads discussing what hashes to use. We spammed general to come over and help determine which ones.

These are the ones that stuck. Will relay your message to War room and see if we can make last minute adjustments.

b32ce8 No.199661

Pls take your bs somewhere else from this board


dcb4bc No.199662




fbdc1e No.199663


"Questions that don't belong in this thread" for $800, Alex.


31c108 No.199664

File: 0ccead983c2473a⋯.png (5.31 KB, 2074x18, 1037:9, ClipboardImage.png)


I immediately zeroed into this one

2017-10-30 00:34:36 -0400 QPost Now think about the timing of POTUS traveling to China/SK. I’ve said too much. God bless, Patriots.

Not Q.

a1b36a No.199665


which one?

Christian hell?

Mormon Hell?



please fuck off

8980ee No.199666


bloody drop bears hayyy

b36393 No.199668


There is a shill here that keeps making up hash tags and says to go post as 'practice'. Getting tired of this. Misdirection

407fd0 No.199669


That rot goes thru the entire chain, its the editors and executives that are also the rot, they kill and suppress the stories.

I don't believe these organizations deserve to be saved. We don't need journalists in the classic sense anymore.

c014fc No.199670



68f42c No.199671


They can smell the goon.

4371fc No.199672

I think the new shill tactic is to talk about their camping trips, religion and JZ.

Filter them. Don't tell them you filtered them, just filter them.

f0a8a7 No.199673


Euanon here. I began my awakening on 911, but what made me change my mind completely was listening to the Trump Gettysburg speech. I was shocked, and understood something BIG was coming.

I'm on Q since october, I knew it was "the happening" we all were waiting for.

I'd just wish so much to be in team Q to clean my country... but it'll never happen. While I'm an "insider" in certain places, I can't get a clearance this top level. Sad!


17bd1c No.199674

File: ab50c0c82281282⋯.jpg (67.33 KB, 750x745, 150:149, DUr-SysVMAAUY9O.jpg)

598d6e No.199675


Since its a test, a dummy payload is onboard, so a failure is no great loss.

As its EM's personal Tesla, I expect the launch to be a total failure.

Unless we substituted something *special*.

a1b321 No.199676

File: 44b90dd7fdea451⋯.png (177.44 KB, 1152x755, 1152:755, FluWeeklyReport.png)

Why are DC and Hawaii the only area not widespread with the flu?

69b1f7 No.199677


You were made for glory, for such a time as this. This is a new timeline and this is the time. Warrior you are, and He is aware. Watcher on the wall, now in battle.

a1b36a No.199678


You too

8980ee No.199679


that must be it

b6a47a No.199680


Obviously not a Christian. Just another shill sowing division.

572e36 No.199681


Have been saying the same for days. It's not good.

c99d37 No.199682


Probably because what you see unfolding in secular and religious institutions has already been prophesized beforehand by God's prophets:

Catherine Emmerich a stigmatist and visionary (1774-1824):

>I saw the secret sect relentlessly undermining the great Church.

That's 18th-19th century. The doctrine which they want to bring forth which loosely correlates to what I described is of course satanic in nature. You know who they worship.

http:// www.all-about-the-virgin-mary.com/freemasonry-in-the-church.html

450c21 No.199683



77c1ac No.199684

File: 115faea91319313⋯.jpg (156.65 KB, 584x488, 73:61, Satan Worshipping Sick Fre….jpg)


"I got everything I wanted because I surrendered to our true Lord, SATAN!"

Jay Z

c014fc No.199685



4cf3cc No.199686


Perhaps No Such Agency has your back? Q said "YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES ARE SAFE"

17bd1c No.199687

File: 317043a50152836⋯.jpg (130.39 KB, 1029x686, 3:2, DUr44hvWAAAcgYO.jpg)

a1b36a No.199688


And i don't deny that.

But to me that only implies that those running the show are following a playbook.

407fd0 No.199689


You're out of your fucking mind, the guy is a dirty mess.


1b3c0a No.199690

File: 82e8ba28738c0f9⋯.png (2.47 MB, 816x1056, 17:22, G20 Meeting Decision Memo ….png)

File: 3cbcc03583cdd5f⋯.png (2.47 MB, 816x1056, 17:22, G20 Meeting Decision Memo ….png)

File: de438da013af0c8⋯.png (2.47 MB, 816x1056, 17:22, G20 Meeting Decision Memo ….png)

File: 85d5e8ec376c1ea⋯.png (2.47 MB, 816x1056, 17:22, G20 Meeting Decision Memo ….png)

bobama attachment

f695cc No.199691


Yeah, that one doesn't have a trip code, I'll leave those out, and move start date to 2017-11-25.

fbdc1e No.199693


female detected. lurk moar. ;^)

c99d37 No.199694

Either a false flag post or not a true Christian:



I said that anybody that doesn't accept Jesus Christ as their salvation is either deceived or part of the deception. I never said that anybody should leave or that I think less of you because of that. I am saying this so that you do not fall into the error of following doctrines which have one common denominator behind them. They seem bright on the surface but they're not so full of light when you move past that layer.

b36393 No.199695


Wow. What you said was exactly what happened to me. My Dad died and somehow I started waking and found myself here in mid Nov. I have never been on a chan board so how I found my way here is still a mystery to me.

17bd1c No.199696

File: 4d8679bec35ab8c⋯.jpg (33.99 KB, 350x340, 35:34, DUr0d33UMAAusEw.jpg)

fbdc1e No.199697


thank you!

490757 No.199698


Mmmm… Why do they all want to escape to Hawaii???

c99d37 No.199700


Sorry quoted the wrong post initially. The false flag post was intended for "enjoy hell" poster.

fdfe5f No.199701

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

A musical gift to my brother and sister anons…

In a thousand lifetimes

We have sailed the seven seas

Climbed the highest mountains

We have crossed the desert plains

Fought and died in many battles

It feels like an endless war

Warring sprits take their toll

Finding strength with kindred souls

I will help carry your pain

For me I know you'll do the same

Especially through the hardest times

I'm always standing by your side

Whether lawless and enraged

Born in chaos for the stage

We are meant to live this life

Getting strong with every fight

Brothers standing side by side

Our bond will never falter

Brothers ready for the fight

Forged with strength and honor

Brothers standing side by side

We'll set the world on fire

Brothers ready for the fight

Take our sprits higher

The ties that bind us will not break

Many others will forsake

Attempt to conquer and divide

All have failed, some have tried

Moving forward we will triumph

And our trust will never crumble

Every challenge we will face

Our bond is stronger everyday

Brothers standing side by side

Our bond will never falter

Brothers ready for the fight

Forged with strength and honor

Brothers standing side by side

We'll set the world on fire

Brothers ready for the fight

Take our sprits higher

450c21 No.199702


no i am a christian

when someone says they have made a conscious choice against the cross

they have chosen

i am blunt

i have no problem telling someone they are going to hell

thats the problem with society

you people are all pansy ass candy coating faggots who wont tell people the truth

you want sit in front of a lying prophet like osteen or andy stanley and just talk about love all day and name it claim it bull shit

instead of the gospel




its time to choose sides

1b3c0a No.199703

File: 0062f65fee6c5bd⋯.jpg (216.27 KB, 491x463, 491:463, MOL Front_12490.jpg)


5a8eed No.199704


Have been here since the beginning. Early storm rider may remember an econ Anon. We are winning bigly.

Let's make earth a better and safer place for our generations to come..


572e36 No.199705


That's one of the fags who have taken over the war room and feel the need to 'direct' us, having been here for 5 days. Read it n weep.

a1b321 No.199706


Yes pissed me off when I saw this

fbdc1e No.199707



77c1ac No.199708

File: 7cfa1c8a24fa1b2⋯.jpg (987.73 KB, 1660x1828, 415:457, WSJ.jpg)

a73256 No.199709

File: 3a92eb031aa7ba9⋯.jpg (250.09 KB, 1240x1759, 1240:1759, 3a92eb031aa7ba9397addb2da6….jpg)




Public trust and affection for Jay is similar to public trust in pederast president Obama.

Subject to instant radical revision, conversion to opposites aka enantiadromia.

And anons please stop saying "subconscious" . That is Freud's term, and suggests that the unconcious is subordinate to the conscious mind.

The unconcious is not subordinate to conciousness, it is a component of it.

"Subconcious" is a misleading term, don't use it to describe the unconcious.

cfe344 No.199710

I don't disagree with anything you're saying. But for a voting block that hang their hats on words, they'll never roll him out when his own words will bury him. His uphill battle STARTS at a 40% grade immediately. He'll never embarrass himself. PLUS, once GEOTUS drives that wedge in between dems with DACA, which side of the dems would he choose to try and carry?


c99d37 No.199711


I was being sarcastic in that post if its not clear enough. Was just mimicking new age hoopla.

a1b36a No.199712


>is either deceived or part of the deception

That is an insult.

I could tell you that you are deceived or a deceiver for preaching your holy book aswell.

Please stop this religion bullshit and stick to the facts. There are plenty of them.

c014fc No.199713


Washington D.C. has the same numbers as Hawaii?!?

b36393 No.199714


That was the reason I left the board. Thought they would have gave up by now. Just filter them each new board.

450c21 No.199715


it is a challenge coin given out by senior non comms and officers most of the time with the unit on the other side and the persons rank sometimes the name of the person also

a1b321 No.199716


Guess there was only enough vaccine for them

dc7e13 No.199717

File: 36a93ba1f194b06⋯.png (36.53 KB, 512x340, 128:85, ClipboardImage.png)


The only true sin is suicide,

but let's not forget

Jesus whipped the money changers

and was arrested by the officers of the


a73256 No.199718



It is the unconcious that assures our victory.

cf66b6 No.199719


I don’t know anyone who has had the flu. Any Anons know of anyone?

45e990 No.199720


What is that the owl is sitting on?

Looks like a UFO kinda.

c014fc No.199721


or they spared that area from spraying the flu virus via contrails….

a6e9e6 No.199722


I posted this last week but it went unnoticed. Thanks for bringing it up again. And this morning on the news I saw CS is addressing the flu. Creeped me out. Is THIS the major FF?

b6a47a No.199723


No, you might THINK you're a Christian. But you're not. Your fruit is rotten and poisonous. You are a hypocrite.

"Not everyone who calls me 'Lord' will enter the kingdom of Heaven."

c014fc No.199724


I haven't heard anyone I know getting the flu….

31c108 No.199726

File: 3720b3e5269a40c⋯.png (652.17 KB, 804x524, 201:131, 1517234737039.png)

c99d37 No.199727


If you are insulted by truth that is your problem. Final red pill is when you'll be able to see developments in light of a macro look of good vs evil. Of soul's salvation and soul's perdition. If that aspect won't be solved after "the great awakening", this situation will only repeat itself later. I understand however that this is a practical thread for practial solutions that will dismantle the mechanism of evil (but not evil itself) and I don't mind that. Step by step.

c0934b No.199728



1c1d8d No.199730


Plenty of people in the UK, some hospitalised.

45e990 No.199731

Over the Ukraine

10-2043 AE54B5

United States Air Force UAVGH000

United States Military

Northrop Grumman RQ-4B Global Hawk UAV

33b5ae No.199732


I appreciate your acknowledgement, as there has not been one prior. How many threads have done by in nearly 5 days ? Time is precious.

What I suggest, and what will shut me up, is to

SIMPLY FOLLOW Q's DIRECTIVE. That is why he here.

Common Sense should place this above and beyond requiring any debate. I hope this concept is not beyond their understanding.

Referenced Post: ((( Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/25/18 (Thu) 12:04:48 No.60 )))

e62c9e No.199733


Whatever it was there's nothing we can do about it now. We need to work with what we have in the present moment.


all the posts in the archives without the archives were confirmed by Q to be real. Even the ones without the tripcode.

side note: does anyone else have to suddenly fill out the capcha every time they post?

b89781 No.199735

File: dab82b8d884be84⋯.png (621.59 KB, 696x471, 232:157, ClipboardImage.png)

572e36 No.199736


No such luck my dude. Fag's appointed himself OP CEO n posting for us the likes of below. Nothing about #SOTU and nothing about #InternetBillofRights. Weird eh?



5a2e4b No.199737

fbdc1e No.199738


Challenge for what? i.e What group is THIS PARTICULAR COIN linked to? I did a search for it already.

31c108 No.199739

File: 0ccead983c2473a⋯.png (5.31 KB, 2074x18, 1037:9, ClipboardImage.png)


fuck off

2017-10-30 00:34:36 -0400 QPost Now think about the timing of POTUS traveling to China/SK. I’ve said too much. God bless, Patriots.

c0934b No.199742


There's no stopping him!!!

cf4d52 No.199743


These people are fucking insane. Q, this must stop. Unbelievable how the can kill people, call it a suicide, redact all the info, and we are just supposed to accept it?

Time for executions. Nothing else will stop them.

d9f48c No.199744


I have read many of the people who are being reported to have died of the flu actually died of sepsis or pneumonia or bronchitis and had other underlying medical conditions and several never even got tested for the flu at all! its bonkers.

518ec8 No.199745

File: 08cb0d1d864e29e⋯.jpg (125.61 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 23jrs9.jpg)

450c21 No.199748


whatever you say

You have found your false teachers that are telling you what your ears want to hear

The Gospel is true

it is time to choose sides

I have accepted Christ as my savior

repented of my sins

you have no idea the fruit my life has produced the number of people i have personally led to the Lord

the time is drawing near

Enjoy your pedophile sponsored Hillsong

and your fake joel osteen

I will stick with Jesus - who called the Pharisees a brood of vipers

its called the armor of God

check into it

btw -


17bd1c No.199749

File: 780bf9677dfc8e2⋯.jpg (65.88 KB, 564x538, 282:269, DUrY3B6XUAEGcqk.jpg)

dc7e13 No.199750


Remember that.

Some anon gave that pic to baker.

BreadBox I believe…

450c21 No.199754


it isnt a challenge like you think

the senior officers and nco give them to soldiers as a thank you or an attaboy

00e1e7 No.199755


>I don’t know anyone who has had the flu. Any Anons know of anyone?

Yeah, me. Haven't been this sick in years. No shot.

2bac7a No.199756


I’m in flyover America. My Gma has type A. Developed to pneumonia. She should be fine. Er said on Saturday 120 kids came through er. I think they are hyping it up though. Last I heard was 39 deaths. I bet a lot more kids died on trampolines this weekend then from the flu. And I didn’t throw away my kids tramp either.

c90866 No.199758

File: 1c731b658460402⋯.jpg (87.77 KB, 630x354, 105:59, Z-311.jpg)



a1b36a No.199759


See, thats why i hate religionfags …

You are so confident in your beliefs that pointing out that your "truth" about the matter is as good as mine doesn't change your tone…

I Will believe truth when it arrives, never your holy book or your personal religious experiences…

Now shut up and let us get back on track…

0f7b9c No.199760

Not a shill or trying to slide the board. Just thought this was very appropriate for this week.

I dropped my child off at daycare this morning where one of the teachers informed me that this weeks letter of the week is Q :)

d9f48c No.199763


Have you been tested for the flu or just assuming?

17bd1c No.199764

File: e0e1b6ebc857502⋯.jpg (73.02 KB, 669x489, 223:163, DUrUeTWX4AAdym-.jpg)

cf66b6 No.199765


Exactly what i look for, underlying conditions. CDC all of a sudden one day changes their focus from scaring people about suffering through a nuclear war to scaring people about getting the flu so sending more people to get the flu shot. Not a good idea IMO…

24e964 No.199767


Fucking kek!

17bd1c No.199768

File: 18b93c850f6f139⋯.jpg (205.87 KB, 1200x857, 1200:857, DUrTMrIU8AA-WfK.jpg)

a73256 No.199769


They seem to be children.



How to see more clearly?



fbdc1e No.199771


suicide=2 shots to the back of the head too

Gary Webb got close to the Clinton & CIA drug running = 2 shots in the head = suicide

Many others went the same way. Even a guy linked to the Las Vegas shooting communication equipment found in the hotel room, shotgunned his handicapped daughter then himself (in the back of the head) in the yard, and never woke the mother. Officially suicide.

Lots and LOTS of people. Look up Arkanicide if you don't know.

7bd85e No.199772

File: f0d88aa957410e6⋯.jpg (21.02 KB, 465x332, 465:332, animal.JPG)


You win the internet, you filthy animal!

17bd1c No.199773

File: f016ca4fe851dff⋯.jpg (32.86 KB, 552x414, 4:3, DUrTJXNVAAAmmLA.jpg)

78d37d No.199774


1 it's a sin to kill yourself

2 there is a whole new generation coming up

3 many of us have been awake for decades. We aren't pussying out and neither are you. Look where we are now? Do you see how far we've come? There is no larp in all this. Ask God for direction. It will be put in front of you. Oh wait , you may have and now you are here.

4 people have manned up in ridiculous circumstances man up stop with the pussy bullshit. It's not an option.

d79e21 No.199775

File: c40ede8f53c7713⋯.png (18.07 KB, 703x198, 703:198, fulford.PNG)

I am so sorry to post this here but it's too funny.

Guys, """Pentagon sources""" I think would hazard a guess that Fulford lurks here.

See related pic, taken from his blog today.

6f1aa8 No.199776


its understandable. Cooperation attempts gets lost when the board is flooded. It cools off early and late eurotime.

We've tried our best. The ones actually using the war room are two (three?) euro anons. So please. come over >>192365 and discuss the issue. We know that the internet bill should be in there. But when no one comes and voices their reason why (as to, why now, why not still release the memo untill its released? ect ect)

We're as fustrated as you are. We've put way to much time and thought into this only to have General go angry over it. So hop on over for bow pow wow!

b32ce8 No.199777


I had it, cant recall 3 days while sick, bad-very bad. Never had flu shots though. What was interesting, didnt get anyone around infected although not isolated.

2bac7a No.199779


Did she wink at you when she said that?

e63281 No.199780

anuary 26, 2018

ST. PAUL, MN – The U.S. Forest Service today announced that it is terminating the Environmental Impact Statement process that has been underway for the past year, in relation to public lands near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

a73256 No.199781


They have no idea…

a1b321 No.199783


I have it right now, 3rd day, strange didn't start in my throat, straight in lungs now sinus

6993bd No.199784


Yeah but the ones with medical conditions are the ones they push the flu shot the most on. As soon as you walk into the office. "Have you had your flu shot??!!" I lie.

dc7e13 No.199785

File: 9ec460272031f00⋯.png (386.22 KB, 613x441, 613:441, ClipboardImage.png)

Hmm, FBI goon who investigated 9/11 anthrax is worried about #MEMO

1e8946 No.199788


Is the Flu epidemic a False Flag?

a1b321 No.199789


they can't do that, no planes but all they need to do is spread it at airports, it passes quickly to everywhere

407fd0 No.199790

Is there a way to get to Thomas Paine on twitter to stop rehashing 4 day old articles to the top of his feed again? Some of us are busy.

a1b321 No.199791


Didn't think of that, did anyone else get sick? did you get a scratchy throat first? I always take cold-eeze at first sign, didn't get a first sign this time.

dc7e13 No.199792

File: 87cbd8535393eb4⋯.jpg (100.4 KB, 821x528, 821:528, WoodstockChem.JPG)



9528f2 No.199793



I've been trying to catch the board's attention with him

see >>199157

anons this guy is interesting

let's dig

c014fc No.199794



450c21 No.199796


you are right

im getting heat from all sides

and it is getting tough

tough because i have no one in my life whatsoever that supports me

i am alone and have lost everyone because of this

8980ee No.199797



want an old wives tale cure

17bd1c No.199798

File: 436bc91a085a579⋯.jpg (49.23 KB, 540x360, 3:2, DUrJNClWkAIyXbh.jpg)

0f7b9c No.199799


No but she had a big ass grin. Made me happy!!!

33b5ae No.199800


>War room fags work hard every day . . .

We've been looking for evidence of that for 5 days. I call BULLSHIT, based on lack of evidence.

Read the post in THIS THREAD and act accordingly. You are serving your agenda, NOT ours, not Q's. What should we deduce?

I don't know if you are a glowing nigger, or are 10, or are just really simple and meaning well.

It doesn't matter. Either start acting like a big boy or get back under your mommy's apron.

a1b321 No.199801


Chemtrails is fake, just look at the flightradar those are just planes

17bd1c No.199802

File: 9d14b45564b70d0⋯.jpg (46.33 KB, 484x598, 242:299, DUrJAGaVoAA6Urh.jpg)

dc7e13 No.199803

File: 040fcd63a961031⋯.jpg (61.56 KB, 569x483, 569:483, PutinPopcornMemeII.JPG)

dc7e13 No.199805


Fuck you shill

9528f2 No.199807


you are not alone anon, you'll find new friends and allies, better than before

this is just a phase

you have more allies than you think

a1b321 No.199808


Yes, I drank a lot Sat and felt good yesterday, now it's back, need more scotch

a1b321 No.199809


filtered, what a joke

90022f No.199810


I don’t think so… our local hospitals are full of flu patients.

6d74cd No.199811


Once again, Have you been tested? Otherwise chances are you could just have any other virus. People say they have the flu any time they have a fever and congestion in the winter time. There are plenty of other nasty viruses that mimic the flu.

a1b36a No.199812


False Flag doens't necessarily mean fake.

754231 No.199813

File: 71e8b56b299181b⋯.jpg (23.31 KB, 400x400, 1:1, target2.jpg)

File: 99f6d58e8891615⋯.png (264.21 KB, 588x455, 84:65, target.PNG)

45e990 No.199814


Captain Trips, eh?

a1b321 No.199815


I thought it was allergy since bulbs are coming up early not even Feb yet, no not going to any hospital not taking a chance

dc7e13 No.199816

File: e3ee89d71e3d8a3⋯.jpg (226.81 KB, 933x595, 933:595, Snake Trap.jpg)

17bd1c No.199817

File: b4be30ed0dbbd58⋯.jpg (38.98 KB, 619x387, 619:387, DUrDR44U8AElt0g.jpg)

33b5ae No.199818

File: fdcbaf009adaf32⋯.jpg (27.19 KB, 370x401, 370:401, mindswitch.jpg)

16a4a6 No.199819


I agree, Jay shouldn’t be underestimated at this point.

a1b321 No.199820


False flag as in change the narrative on tv etc to Pig flu, bird flu remember?

a6e9e6 No.199821

File: 94e9bd0d441540c⋯.png (86.91 KB, 1033x555, 1033:555, trump tweet.png)


Do heat maps relate to HOT stringers?

Does Trump's use of the word "Hot" in his tweet relate?

c014fc No.199822

File: fbede5b6ff65f22⋯.png (428.23 KB, 587x350, 587:350, screenshot_408.png)

a1b36a No.199823


Premise is false.

Why are we anonymous in here?

90022f No.199825



Sorry anon replied to wrong one.

8980ee No.199826


warmer than warn water

1 tablespoon honey

juice of one lemon plus grind the skin in

3 cloves garlic chopped mix it in

(you will sweat garlic smell)

pinch of cayenne pepper

(will help you sweat)



a73256 No.199827



I just had the thought you should go, immediatly and pick up your child.

Might be meaningless, not sure.

a1b321 No.199828


Are you stupid, thats Boeing, those are used to test new planes for weight and balance, did you miss aeronautics day in school?

dc7e13 No.199829

File: e5fbc758650fc33⋯.jpg (94.05 KB, 828x422, 414:211, Chemtrails Skywriters.JPG)

e62c9e No.199830


He doesn;t allow fitbits in the White House

45e990 No.199831


Where do you see the word 'hot' in that tweet?

17bd1c No.199832

File: 7dbef3196fa2a4d⋯.jpg (133.55 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DUq-7UbVQAIOUhQ.jpg)

c014fc No.199833


Whatever you say

dc7e13 No.199834

File: f832876d66df0b5⋯.jpg (37.9 KB, 433x712, 433:712, Sky CockII.JPG)



c5b5c0 No.199836

File: e5896143b805af2⋯.png (391.16 KB, 680x403, 680:403, spraypray.png)

8980ee No.199837


In a good sized coffee mug

17bd1c No.199838

File: 9998ba6f33a7ed3⋯.jpg (138.63 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DUq-tvbUMAEcMaC.jpg)

a1b36a No.199840


Everybody knows commercial planes fly in circles to increase flight time and add to the price … xD

a1b321 No.199841


Thanks will have to try it, no dating for a week lol

868502 No.199842


Am more into digging and analysis, but followed the WR for the last 24-36 hours just to see what was up.

There is no questions that they are working hard at trying to serve Q's agenda. How about helping instead of whinging and moaning.

Or just fuck off and kys.

Oh and if you think I'm going to hide behind momma's apron….well, try me bitch.

1e8946 No.199844


The creation and intentional spread of the flu is the false flag. They’re also pushing the flu shot very hard. God knows what’s being pumped into people, especially kids and seniors.

518ec8 No.199845


"Dies for his cause"

"Lies foe hers…"

78d37d No.199846


Just hang on. Road is narrow, but there are alot of people who know. We've all lost people over this, but is it a loss??????????????? No, you will gain soon. Stay focused, use gentle redpills. I've had people realize the worst on their own and come to me. It is what it is. We are dealing with mass brainwashing. It is what it is. I was busy the last decade, get some time turn around and it's like wtf has happened to people. It is what it is. Keep your house clean. Go work on internet bill of rights memes. Go for a walk, exercise, drink purified water and eat correctly. You will feel better. There is never a time to pussy out on this.

e7a2ed No.199847



No POTUS tweets in over 24 hours?

What's going on?

45e990 No.199848


BS. Photoshopped patch.

4ac420 No.199849


I’ve never seen any evidence that chem trails are real. Why not? it would be one of the most easy conspiracy theories to prove. all someone has to do is go take air samples and have them tested

8980ee No.199850


use a good size mug and make sure you stir it often, gotta get all the floaters on the bottom

no dating would be good

16a4a6 No.199852


I know personally two that’s have it now.

89cdf4 No.199853

a1b321 No.199854


Hillary has a 98% chance of being president, any other proof ya got? look on flight radar thousands of planes taking people places, if you had any aero knowledge you would know it can't be done. Not including tests and spraying poppies etc, I mean what flys over LA isn't friggen chem. Look up B17s from WWII oh look were they spraying chem too?

31c108 No.199855


Ok I see what you are saying about that post now, and understand why you included it.

Just looking at the spreadsheet - the QT diff is not intuitive. Is the consensus that the delta is to be a difference in timing from the Q post? Or does the delta also include tweet to tweet? I'm not clear on when time = 0 for subsequent posts.

dc7e13 No.199856

File: 316b444368fac99⋯.jpg (182.29 KB, 852x681, 284:227, MWUFO.jpg)


She has her anti SOTU message prepared.

9d6f3e No.199857


Planefag here.

I keep an open mind to any and all things.


Those are ballast tanks in a new Boeing 787-10 used for FAA certification testing.

Using this image waters down you research.

Not saying chemtrails aren't real but using this image sends you and others digging in the wrong direction and quite frankly, makes you look retarded.

eedc1e No.199858


Yes, thats my understanding as well. Just wondered. Supposedly they had all the exterior walls lined on the inside with hay bales with gas cans throughout the house to douse them…or so said brass. Maybe we will know someday.

69b1f7 No.199859


So you have taken His yoke upon you… fairweather friends and family will come looking to you, be there.

71597c No.199861

File: 3c2e0bc59e53627⋯.png (461.54 KB, 1440x2392, 180:299, Capture _2018-01-27-14-39-….png)

a1b321 No.199862


Must be shills, lets try to keep the board to stuff we know is true and real, there are other places for conspiring minds.

We are here to jail the cabral and assist the POTUS

6f1aa8 No.199863


We're doing our best over there. It doesn't help that people are just prone to anger instead of actually helping the cause.

Come over to the warroom >>192365

Help us with the hashes, help us organize, help us relay info to general for OPS.

We cant be 3 people trying to figure out shit and have General just be angry when we've begged for more minds and then send off a message.

It worked PERFECTLY during previous ops. Dunno wtf is wrong now.

792c70 No.199864


Q mentions God often, so there's no reason why anyone else can't during his ops. The hippie new-age 'positive vibes, maaaan' shit is plain deception though and should be taken somewhere else, because it's as 'good' as Abramovic's Spirit Cooking.

dc7e13 No.199866

File: 27e1d4b502f95f7⋯.png (618.83 KB, 795x641, 795:641, ClipboardImage.png)

For the planefags

a1b36a No.199867


Shills trying to slide the board hard and create division

b53bf7 No.199868


>>199848 >>199853

Looks like real, but self-produced:




a1b321 No.199869


Yes and why do planes run out of fuel, they don't have room for the massive tanks to spray chem and still have a plane full of people. and look on flightradar you can see what each plane is, it's hard enough to find the blocked ones

450c21 No.199870


i felt something was coming about a year and a half ago - started seeing numbers and what they meant - started recognizing symbolism

my whole family including my kids think i am crazy

i have watched the clintons for thirty years

i know who they are

i knew obama was a plant

i am sick of being dismissed

dc7e13 No.199871

File: 99a9117912b66b9⋯.jpg (314.37 KB, 1230x580, 123:58, AsTheWorldTurns.jpg)

65681d No.199873

File: f9dbf4c37d801c2⋯.jpg (14.83 KB, 400x211, 400:211, f9dbf4c37d801c21771d4ad7ae….jpg)

6178b5 No.199874

File: 9e55a5d0a80bf9a⋯.jpg (106.21 KB, 1395x840, 93:56, blocked.JPG)


A lot of things off the coast of Antarctica are blocked on google earth

868502 No.199876


It isnt me that you need to convince anon.

Am following you guys and know the difficulties faced in choosing hashes etc….

Am pretty useless at your work, but can defend the cause here in general…..

a6e9e6 No.199877

File: 039fb70396b0c56⋯.png (120.16 KB, 971x801, 971:801, trump hot tweet.png)


Shit. Got the wrong tweet! Here is the Hot tweet. From January 13

559754 No.199878


you are defininatly NOT alone Anon. we are in this together. we have most of us been here from the beginning for some reason and have not been able to leave. Those people will come back when things go down and start asking you questions etc. be ready. Soldier up!

78d37d No.199879


We had this in summer. It ends up in lungs. Have to breathe out all the way, empty lungs completely, start the cough to clear the lungs. 3x a day or whenever breathing is hard to do. It's hell. Clearing lungs is key to getting it gone. Takes a while. It's just hitting main stream now. We were at a body of water swimming and it struck a week or so later.

16a4a6 No.199880


The B-17s in WWII weren’t spraying anything those were vapor trails from engine exhaust. It only occurs at certain altitudes.

f695cc No.199881


It was intended to be difference in seconds value of timestamp from tweet to most recent qpost. I'm reworking that now, so suggestions are welcome. Throw that column out? Something different?

dc7e13 No.199882

File: 5020149388a3984⋯.jpg (85.45 KB, 753x591, 251:197, Chemtrail Nozzle VI.JPG)

File: 6a872fc6178a522⋯.jpg (31.72 KB, 550x471, 550:471, Chemtrail Nozzle.JPG)

File: 2f9a40d4c93dd78⋯.jpg (45.71 KB, 517x448, 517:448, Chemtrail Nozzle II.JPG)

File: 574a9a11677f035⋯.jpg (25.21 KB, 517x367, 517:367, Chemtrail Nozzle IV.JPG)


You are wrong.

A&P certified.

Planes don't need this. Passengers move around, sometime less, sometimes more. Can't be predicted. So weight distrubution within cabin tested by water tanks is laughable at best.

This is how they do it. Nozzle in Jet stream.

572e36 No.199884


Previous OPs did work perfectly and they weren't directed from The War Room. The War Room was set up to organize the first battle, and was used one time for that. Once organized, the OP ran from the general, as did #ReleaseTheMemo.

The hive produced a plan together, as one, and the bakers baked it. We don't have directors nor need any. It's not the way we work. We are chaos.

dc7e13 No.199885

File: 9e1d8a4bdf711a5⋯.jpg (72.47 KB, 675x594, 25:22, ArgentiaRothschildII.JPG)

a1b321 No.199886


Exactly, trying to explain to the less informed, any internal combustion motor will contrail at the right temperature dewpoint spread, thats how they gauge the height of clouds, why lenticular clouds look stationary when its really a moving stream going over a bump, clear, cloud on top, back down to clear, lesson over.

16a4a6 No.199887


Is it sprayed into the fan bypass air? No way it’s pumped through the turbine.

b89781 No.199888

File: 701fa7c34f16ab8⋯.png (344.21 KB, 445x407, 445:407, ClipboardImage.png)

d9f458 No.199889


They admit to doing it so you can turn the page on your shill report, you must have an old copy.

9d6f3e No.199890


What does this have to do with ballast tanks in a new 787-10?


What does this theory have to do with Q Research?


9ec54e No.199891


My mom has the flu & she got the flu shot. Live in US.

c014fc No.199893


I just posted a picture and said nothing about it, yet here one is assuming I made a statement. Carry on shill, carry on….

407fd0 No.199894

dc7e13 No.199896

File: 0ec4a81173cc1f7⋯.png (120.2 KB, 588x371, 84:53, ClipboardImage.png)


Center. It's injected in the hollow center.

e7a2ed No.199897

File: 7883921114bb8a2⋯.jpeg (62.05 KB, 1200x306, 200:51, DUrVR_eX4AETvBD.jpeg)

33b5ae No.199899


I've been beating this drum, deliberately at different hours/times for that reason. It was implied in the beginning the guy was sleeping and wouldn't be back for a few hours, and yet at the same time, people were saying they had to wait for his return to change the bread. !?!?

dc7e13 No.199900

File: bcdccc544c68277⋯.jpg (35.57 KB, 650x438, 325:219, KJUBirdMemo.JPG)

b36393 No.199901


No one ever said this one was a contrail. Pilot did this one over Washington State

b048c9 No.199902


God is positive vibes tho…so hippies are actually practicing what they preach. You and your snide comments are not.

bd9408 No.199903

I don't get the flu shot….and I don't get the flu. I REFUSE to get one.

637c71 No.199904



sometimes people take pictures with gps location


a1b36a No.199905

Why are we talking chemtrails??

What does this have to do with Q?

bed8cd No.199907


I’m all for checks and balances on domestic control grids, but was hoping we end it. It’s growing not abating presently. Now the intro of National 5G and low actual oversight.

I guess we’ll ‘know them by their fruits.’

Hopefully, Maximus gives Rome back to the Romans? Throughout history, these systems don’t abate, they only grow.

a6e9e6 No.199908


Ortho surgeon here. Keep the tramp. It pays my bills.

just sayin'

45e990 No.199910

TEAM11, TEAM12, and TEAM13 heading out into the Atlantic in group formations.

85-0034 AE0225

United States Air Force TEAM12

United States Military

Douglas KC-10A Extender DC10

e62c9e No.199911

so she;s been tested? >>199891

4c1feb No.199912


Shills gonna shill, pelicanfag didn't find a sale, so esoteric shit is the tactic for today.

d6777d No.199913



e7a2ed No.199914

dc7e13 No.199915

File: 71dc63784306757⋯.png (12.6 KB, 498x143, 498:143, ClipboardImage.png)

bed8cd No.199916

ad8b56 No.199917

645f11 No.199918


the radio news this morning was blaming fake news about the flu vaccine for the reason that more people were getting the flu

450c21 No.199921


for the last time i said this last time i said this




90cab1 No.199922


B b but hes been trying so hard from 9p- 2A every day

450c21 No.199923


screen shots please

dc7e13 No.199926

File: 133783f787d454e⋯.png (79.1 KB, 248x355, 248:355, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a14e089dc849927⋯.png (228.91 KB, 530x492, 265:246, ClipboardImage.png)


You fags better wake up

a1b36a No.199927



So thirst and DR_noon_clear_sky?


Proven connection between chemtrails and drought?

DR_noon_clear_sky sounds like a mission not a reference to chemtrails.

smells shilly in here

3ebb84 No.199929

File: 878134ebf6b07b7⋯.png (22.54 KB, 1269x272, 1269:272, 1..27 Q HK.PNG)

File: 80b066faca353ae⋯.png (41.94 KB, 827x508, 827:508, global times o 11.29.PNG)

Is anyone else working on linking the Sn*wden drops with the former C*A recently picked up at JFK and O's recent abroad trips and stay in Shanghai (Q Drops on the $$ accounts) and an anon's drops yesterday >>191892 on the Jiusan Society?




65681d No.199930


They spread the flu with flu vaxes.

20821a No.199931

I'm sorry anons if I am out of line here… But I feel like I need to say this. So im just gonna do so:

You anons speak about religion and which one is the true religion… And go to hell and stuff like that. Im sorry for stepping on some toes here. But does it really matter?

The same goes for chemtrails, pedogate,pizzagate, hitler who died or did not die during WOII… AND OTHER STUFF, like cancer, flue vaccins , gmo food, aliens, and I can go on and on about this.

Im not saying it all doesn't matter but your personal opinion doesn't. Facts, sauce, proof , evidence that matters. The shit we do here dig dig dig and meme and stuff…


So ffs do so. Think OUTSIDE the box. When I first heard about 9/11 , pedogate it was hard to swallow, but I expanded my thinking. And you all should do the same. And if non of us did so, we wouldnt be here… I have respect for everyone opinion and you all should do so.

b36393 No.199932

File: d3c2fb2d6bbc6bd⋯.png (758.18 KB, 527x549, 527:549, Pawsome.PNG)

Pretty pawsome

dc7e13 No.199934

File: 0579f9f100c3261⋯.png (383.8 KB, 365x500, 73:100, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 88a1061c4cffb7a⋯.jpg (49.66 KB, 516x335, 516:335, Mason Goat Fuckers.JPG)

868502 No.199935


No one is trying to direct anything. Only trying to replicate the success of the first battle.

Are you saying that no preparation is required? Even though we expect attempts to shift the narrative this week? Even though the first battle was nothing more than a warm up for what is coming?

No issue with at all with any anon improvising in the heat of battle….

But the idea that we will just shit victory out our collective ass because we are chaos is naive anon.

45e990 No.199936

File: eade10e10e36089⋯.png (948.91 KB, 1463x833, 209:119, air1.png)

2bac7a No.199937


That’s fine, as long as you don’t tell kids to use fluoride. My dentist told me to buy fluoride and have my kids swish it in their mouth every week. And swallow some once in a while.

a1b36a No.199938

16a4a6 No.199940


Jet engine background with 20+ yrs experience. Chem propellant isn’t going to be pumped through the “hollow” center of the engine. It’s not going to happen, it’s laughable.

079d48 No.199941

6eb2b3 No.199942


Hey, B.

dc7e13 No.199944

File: fe8054a4ed7a99a⋯.png (102.08 KB, 384x204, 32:17, ClipboardImage.png)


Everything is connected

dc7e13 No.199945


What's the hollow center for genius?

16a4a6 No.199946


Love it.

66cfb8 No.199948


Another gifft from the Red Cross?

d6777d No.199949


Just referring to Lynn's 'Thirst' comments.

b7143b No.199950


A&E9/11 and ST9/11 are part of the 9/11 cover-up

Richard Gage and other Liars for 9/11 Truth


We know what happened to the WTC


e7a2ed No.199951

dc7e13 No.199952



How do you make a population sick?

Not everyone gets the flu shot.

1e8946 No.199953


Pizzagate is as real as the nose on your face.

a1b321 No.199954


Why does it need the motor at all, have you seen a crop duster, the nozzles are along the wing to spread it out, only a dumb shit would spread chem behind the motors, hot goes up not down where you would want the chem, just tell the farmers they are crop dusting the wrong way. See the C130s spraying or when they spray a fire, not using the engines

dc7e13 No.199956



Need heat.

Think cloud seeding.

31c108 No.199957


No the concept will greatly simplify looking for markers. Looking at it more closely it looks like the deltas are expressed in minutes from the most recent Q post but I guess I am thinking linearly and the deltas "should" range from 0 to end value and only increase to the end. I see both positive and negative values and I can't interpret where time 0 is.

I hate to complicate matters for you, but each Q post within a day can potentially serve as time 0. If that is the case, it might be necessary to include as many columns for deltas using each Q post within a day as a potential starting point.

I don't know if all that is too much or even makes sense to you.

c014fc No.199959

File: 98d3f5f62efed5d⋯.png (1.31 MB, 704x888, 88:111, screenshot_411.png)

dc7e13 No.199960


Silver iodide is suspended in acetone.

When burned, it releases trillions of particles per gram

33b5ae No.199961


I like your second one. Could you do one with


dc7e13 No.199965

File: 9e63165bbf88aeb⋯.jpg (100.72 KB, 622x476, 311:238, CapitalCrypt.JPG)

File: 44844d46357ae82⋯.jpg (153.02 KB, 936x707, 936:707, CapitalMorris.JPG)

File: 967803b29f44726⋯.jpg (254.5 KB, 823x623, 823:623, CapitalMorrisMeme.JPG)

File: a2a0373cf7f31ca⋯.jpg (161.81 KB, 706x551, 706:551, CapitalWashington.jpg)

33b5ae No.199967


YES, addresses the whole other issue in one whack.

45e990 No.199969

Interestingly enough, TEAM11 and TEAM12 have done a U-turn back towards shore, but TEAM13 has gone dark.

f695cc No.199970


That makes sense, I'll see what I can do. I'll probably make a intermediate release first with current changes (including a trip code column and reversing row order so that most recent is on top). I'll leave the diff column out until next time.

Thanks for the feedback

dc7e13 No.199971

File: 58dcde0ff537a83⋯.jpg (112.52 KB, 870x632, 435:316, MasonicTemple.JPG)

File: ba1ea9e51b59c52⋯.jpg (49.38 KB, 807x461, 807:461, MasonicTempleBaby.JPG)

File: 92f21143bdaa432⋯.jpg (35.43 KB, 778x404, 389:202, MasonicTempleBoys.JPG)

File: 69c4cf519440715⋯.jpg (96.21 KB, 892x681, 892:681, MasonicTemplePillars.JPG)

572e36 No.199973


You saw what happened in the first battles, and we were highly successful. I suggest we stick to what worked previously. We had no 'Generals' or people who ordered us to do anything. We are like the wind. We make it up as we go.

Situations are dynamic and we are too. If you were here for the first battles, you will know this.

I made the first 2 battle doughs on the fly, and as anons moved with the wind, the other bakers and I updated the plan. The prep required is the making of the memes and scoping the situation as it unfolds. When ready, we will strike. Unknown, unseen, like the wind.

16a4a6 No.199975


Most likely engine oil. Very hot, engine oil that won’t include chem trail propellant. If there were chemicals pushed through the engine area, it would be through engine fan bypass air. Not through the hot section.

dc7e13 No.199976

File: dfc9bcae59501ed⋯.jpg (46.04 KB, 501x321, 167:107, Masonic Goats.JPG)

File: ab9bd6d40335ec9⋯.jpg (41.72 KB, 362x381, 362:381, Masonic Owl.JPG)

File: daff41fd20fa9aa⋯.jpg (54.94 KB, 556x475, 556:475, MasonicGoat.JPG)

File: 3cac9081b698fb8⋯.jpg (26.46 KB, 341x342, 341:342, MasonicOwl.JPG)

1e8946 No.199977

File: 4b68f640b7cd648⋯.jpeg (115.52 KB, 400x457, 400:457, 7DC78C79-0A52-4063-A1FE-2….jpeg)

Get ready to ride the whirlwind lads. The tops of the trees are rustling.

77c1ac No.199978


fuck off with that fake news BS!

490757 No.199979

754231 No.199980

File: 9bded84b28a6be4⋯.jpg (111.43 KB, 1424x542, 712:271, 9bded84b28a6be4183c7e199f5….jpg)


7195df No.199981


Fake news. Disinfo is necesseary

dc7e13 No.199982


Canned response.

45e990 No.199983


Been hearing that since yesterday.

Wonder if that may have something to do with no tweet from Trump yet?

1e8946 No.199984


Remember what they say…

Don’t fight the last war.

572e36 No.199985

I will bake

a824ed No.199986


She did go to FL, I wouldn't doubt anything at this point?!

a31b87 No.199987


I'm another one with you anon. I've been awake for a while, and I could literally feel the evil seeping in from every angle...I hated everything and felt like the cancer was killing us all.

What's worse is that I could see it so plainly, yet I was called a crazy and stupid, among other things, yet I had almost no personal power to change anything. So, I spoke, I talked, and I debated. As a result I was banned on many platforms, especially on twitter...

Long story short, I'm seeing the direction, humility, and the love going into fixing our nation. I feel the shift beginning to unfold, and I see the evidence of the people beginning to reject evil. I pray for Trump, Q team, and all involved in this work. May God speed and bless all of us.

"Never give up, never surrender." Truth reigns supreme.

6b400f No.199988

File: e2efcc50c9d4ea0⋯.jpeg (93.25 KB, 1000x964, 250:241, 7164EEDA-0247-451E-B1F9-2….jpeg)

3fb232 No.199989


glowing faggot

kill yourself

78d37d No.199990


Your kids have your genes. they will see. Mine did. One thought he was schizophrenic, came to me in a panic. Full realization. He knows, and he knows who we know that know. Tone it down at home, let them come to you. Shut off the news. We have 0 news. Keep your home clean and protected, not infiltrated by the craziness of TV stupidity. Ask God to protect your family. Cut the kids phone time down and Ipad.etc. Sleep eat right, your glowing health will show something is right. I was somehow was guided to the first Q post on pol as it happened. Idk how? I am not questioning it. It makes sense. I always intuitively know things, feel energy, and let energy guide and I pray, somehow I meander through and am lead to the right and good things. I remember saying this shit is not real I need to find the real. BAM. They will come to you when they realize and they will. My one woke up with MK ultra video and a missing kids crime show. (worst sjw you ever met) Hard to deny what is happening at that point.

450c21 No.199991


get out of here shill

we know who owns the newspapers and how a story like that is bullshit diversion

you literally posted the exact same bullshit last night

we are fucking smart shill

we know the game

we know the players

tell david brock to fuck off

e9a9a5 No.205088

File: 5170bfe0e38e6ec⋯.jpg (460.79 KB, 2040x1018, 1020:509, Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at ….jpg)

e9a9a5 No.205093

File: 0049447356f459f⋯.jpg (524.09 KB, 2040x1016, 255:127, Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at ….jpg)

e9a9a5 No.205096

File: dfebd3d6b2c808c⋯.jpg (417.53 KB, 2038x1018, 1019:509, Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at ….jpg)

e9a9a5 No.205099

File: 69e524379ecf5ad⋯.jpg (630.85 KB, 1262x1738, 631:869, Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at ….jpg)

d79e21 No.221862

File: 3dedea0aa4e4fd5⋯.jpg (66.44 KB, 526x517, 526:517, patriotsnotrussians.jpg)

d79e21 No.221864

File: 98cd658d684b6a0⋯.jpg (56.52 KB, 625x394, 625:394, running.jpg)

d79e21 No.221867

File: fef8d43e66f9e14⋯.jpg (89.23 KB, 783x695, 783:695, seth_memo.jpg)

d79e21 No.221869

File: d0ee9a602a64270⋯.jpg (43.62 KB, 625x352, 625:352, slientkek.jpg)

d79e21 No.221870

File: fb27d695b4d42e8⋯.png (307.67 KB, 600x325, 24:13, soap.png)

d79e21 No.221873

File: 288c35a44c7fee7⋯.jpg (31.91 KB, 443x553, 443:553, suicidewatch4.jpg)

d79e21 No.221876

File: fc6dbf8090dde73⋯.jpg (57.61 KB, 660x371, 660:371, TraitorPurp.jpg)

d79e21 No.221879

File: 1fba8436f6c3959⋯.jpg (112.52 KB, 480x360, 4:3, TwBare.jpg)

d79e21 No.221883

File: f4e3b02c6f0301c⋯.png (217.21 KB, 480x320, 3:2, storm is here.png)

d79e21 No.221885

File: f3f8abc9b134b2a⋯.jpg (102.46 KB, 750x500, 3:2, RIPBreitbart.jpg)

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