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Pro Aris et Focis

File: f6c913ea79ce158⋯.png (1.77 KB, 225x225, 1:1, index.png)

cea114 No.2496

I'd like to propose a new redpill campaign, we need the coordination of all of you.


We should redpill in Q's chronological order. We redpill chronologically 1 day at a time. If we focus on Q drops in chronological order on twitter it will show that we are organized and that there really is something to look into for the normies.

We have to imprint what Q has said upon them rather than bombard them with random memes about satanists and adrenachrome

This is a call for comprehensive redpill tactics reform.

e9b6ff No.2889


d9c2ac No.2942


Agreed. On board with this.

e4e329 No.3020

Remember how Q's questions were all we needed to know he wasn't a larp, or at least that he deserved to be heard? His questions were crafted for the chan crowd.

As we go through the Q drops chrono, think how to do something similar for the normies…

Whatever we say, in words, memes, or other media, should resonate without needing any further proof of credibility.

b6b9a9 No.3363


go back to the beginning and meme what we knew before it "went public," and create the intrigue. Some pills are harder to swallow.

7e3f66 No.3371

I think you're on to something OP.

7709e8 No.3625


Precisely this.

All asserting, no forcing.

Gentle yet effective redpill intake.

792d8a No.3826


722f38 No.4062

Agreed. Should we look to this board to confirm our daily "agenda" and what our focus should be? I've been spending less time in the main threads and more time on Twatter so having it here would make it easier for those of us who aren't constantly monitoring the main thread.

469084 No.4171

I've been posting something like this on my fagbook every 3-4 days

"Fire at Trump tower= response from the Trump family within a couple of hours.

Fire at Clinton Manor+ new federal investigations = No response

13 days and counting.

Where oh where could they possibly be?"

It's non confrontational but encourages people to think and look for her themselves. It takes a pretty thin wedge to get between most people and their perception of the truth. We can't start with the stuff that most people will NEVER accept unless it hits them like an avalanche.

195185 No.4231

A redpill campaign idea; suppose street level pedos end up dead on the steps of city and town halls everywhere with notes nailed to their foreheads calling for the arrest of elite pedophiles?

7ccaa0 No.4360


I absolutely abhor famefagging but this I can get behind.

This should be stickied.

e1ce45 No.4847

It would be nice to have a twitter account we could all just retweet awakening tweets from. Ideally it would have the best memes and graphics in easily retweetable format.

50962f No.5666


It would be suspended the first day.

edfd6f No.5680



I've been thinking this same thing recently and started trying to do it at qanon.news

Not trying to famefag. I don't think my name is attached anywhere to it anyways.

It's hard to organize since the interface blows.

Originally I just wanted an easy way to archive/distribute memes but the free image portfolio is pretty poor- Hard to share on Twitter from a mobile device.

Maybe I'll use the qCodefag source and write something

e884a2 No.6151


I'm in and will include Gab as well if anyone else wants to help there.

e884a2 No.6259

If Q is able and willing, maybe add 3 lines to Q posts when needed to indicate what direction or subject to push using memes. That morning pill might have the 3 lines before the "Q sign off" state the area to concentrate upon until a new subject is desired. Might look like:


Hussein, Loop Capital



Then we'd need to set up smooth coordination between ourselves here. Need a good quality and growing meme repository from which to pick, and an idea as to which platforms to target.

It could get wild, so some degree of organization would be helpful. We can change on the fly but we should have something to start - Q might help to get it smoothed out if it's an effective way to roll.

275edb No.6641

File: 0871b2f434593a5⋯.jpg (42.42 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 1ac.jpg)


1c0dba No.7018


1c0dba No.7045


In the last thread some one brought up about Mayo Clinic being involved. They are on a ratline for organ transplants. Let me tell you who are some of the Board of Directors. Dick Cheney, Barbara Bush, Tom Dashle, Cokie Roberts. You get the idea. www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/board.asp?privcapId=4165212

e884a2 No.7122


Very much on point anon!

bb9284 No.7135

Agreed. I'm on Twitter and gab.

cea114 No.7290

Ok I got a lot of replies while I slept throughout the day.

We've got some people on board, this is good. Do we have enough people? I'm not so sure.

This might require Q's approval in order to legitimize this initiative.

But since you are here, we will need to gather our memes of Q's first day posts. Then we need to agree on the day we begin from DAY ONE

2bb519 No.7559

Agreed. I will also help.

b66b2b No.7654


I feel like right now things have gotten disorganized. I saw this happen right before Trump won the election. Eceleb infusion with conflicting messages and division. We need to go back to the beginning of the Q adventure. What was the stimulus for starting the “mission”? Who/what had already done a lot of research and meming, hence why they were selected? What is the purpose of the “mission”? For every “hypothetical” there needs to be as much proof of current action as possible. The last sentence is the current crux, as that has been a huge shill front recently. Show me proof anything will ever happen. I’m willing to help on twitter and gab. Twitter has some unspoken rules about how much and how often you can post without getting flagged. It would be best to have a large number of accounts meming specific topics each rather than tour-de-force sperging.

4f1a10 No.8138

Agree but cannibal memes are just so much funnier! Are pedos still in play…

cea114 No.8280

Perhaps we should try to get Q's attention to this, one mention from him and we'd have the authority to recruit all twitter users.

Any ideas on how to get his attention?

fc078f No.8464

Agreed and will check back here and help in every way I can.

It truly needs to be coordinated tidal waves of Q crumbs with those posting ready (and CAPABLE) of explaining and backing up the info. Also, the memes need to much more coordinated. I've seen so many lately that frankly, are just jabs, or jokes even. That shit ain't working and is likely to push otherwise curious ppl away. Think of this truly like a campaign, more coherent, more professional.

The famewhoring on twitter has reached a sickening zenith lately but brightside is that we now have coagulated hordes of awakening normies just asking for more info that they can then relay to their sleeping normie networks. We need to make use of this.

fc078f No.8509

And another note on the memes that are jokes. That culture is here. It is different out there. This shit is not actually funny to those who are first waking to it who are not of these parts.

fc078f No.8571


Perfect and very effective

cea114 No.8573

ROLL CALL 1/12/2018

We need the numbers to make this a real campaign. So I'm going to need to know how many are ready and willing to begin the work. It wont be easy

In the meantime, please help me call for COMPREHENSIVE REDPILL REFORM.

Gather attention to this thread, and once we have the movement we will migrate to a new board so as not to interrupt /qresearch/

ROLL CALL 1/12/2018

ROLL CALL 1/12/2018

ROLL CALL 1/12/2018

fc078f No.8662


I'm in. I can't make graphics but I have the time and the will to disseminate this info all over twitter.

cea114 No.8675


ok dont worry, memes aren't our priority just yet. numbers are, help me recruit, any way you can.

Maybe start up a petition thread for Q to take notice to. I was hoping he would see this one but it doesn't specifically ask him to read it

7bba92 No.8680


I can post MEMEs - I still think we should stick to a theme for us to flood twattr on a given day. They can blk some of us but some will get thru

cea114 No.8731


Thats the idea, heres my vision.

1. We gather all the twitter users we can.

2. We Look at Q's very first post, Meme every line with infographics and anything else that can EDUCATE.

3. We decide what day and what kind of pages we will all be posting on.

4. On the given day we all post the same exact content from Q's very first posts.

5. Next day we do the next set of Q's posts

Rinse and repeat until we have a tidal wave of people following THE BIG PICTURE

fc078f No.8733


Ok there are some users on twitter I can dm but most I would have to @ and that leads me to trying to figure out how to lead them to this thread without leading the rest of the twit brigade to this board

fc078f No.8770


So on board with all that. One thing, is 1/12 too soon tho? I'm just thinking about the clarity and numbers we want to go at this with and we might need a couple more days?

e2da27 No.8772


I'm in for dropping memes.

7bba92 No.8780


I agree- we can soft recruit via twatter (to retweet) but if we point them here- they will end up on the main board

cea114 No.8787


Q said time is limited, we have 3 days to recruit, help me do it

cf6bb0 No.8789

Im here, meme maker and poster

cea114 No.8795

One person had the excellent idea to Recruit B.

If B were to ask the other twitter users for help, we can create our own board dedicated to this issue.

fc078f No.8819


This. Finally make that B account USEFUL

fc078f No.8866


Can someone make that board asap? Seems like it's going to be necessary and the sooner it is made the sooner I can @ the link to more users. I would do it myself but I am phonefagging it for next two weeks.

cea114 No.8882


I would but I haven't been a baker much less a BO.

Lets let this thread run its course for now, any twitter users posting about qanon probably already know this place anyway

7bba92 No.8897

Truthfully- I haven't been able to redpill any fam members. Everytime I say it will be a big Monday or a big week….nothing happens. They think I'm crazy. I keep hoping and posting tho

cea114 No.8911


just show them the gitmo flights, then they might understand what you've been following

7bba92 No.8930

>>8911 Are those in MEME form?

cea114 No.8940

File: 5e1d03651740400⋯.png (465.81 KB, 966x712, 483:356, 03e1e281b8d4e06039f25ba019….png)

File: de481e6acb16012⋯.png (357.5 KB, 966x712, 483:356, de8bebeec19f19e212666cbfe7….png)

ofc >>8930

7bba92 No.8976


Thanks Anon!

366f72 No.8980

Sugested hash tags please

cea114 No.8996


The regular #Qanon is already popular, we will hijack it once we have the recognition and understanding of enough twitter users to create our tidal wave.

do not start yet, the campaign is just beginning.

366f72 No.9018


Say when

d6aea2 No.9036

File: ff8d8780083cade⋯.png (5.19 KB, 300x168, 25:14, flipdesk.png)


I haven't been lurking for the recommended 500 years, but newfag codefag here. I want to help MAGA if I can

cea114 No.9059



First order of business is to recruit.

It looks like our numbers are swelling, its a popular idea, have more of us meet here.

c92037 No.9060

Reached out to B takes a few for her to respond normally. Permission to namefag for operational purposes?

cea114 No.9064


namefag away, when the rules are set, famewhoring wont be very possible without being ostracized

9acef1 No.9069


The self-aggrandizing crap was one thing, but now she's using her platform to challenge POTUS vis a vis Q in front of the normies during the storm?!! WTF?!!

7647b9 No.9071


Me too! I'm on GAB & Twitter. I can spread the hell out of some memes.

7bba92 No.9090

Will we wait for acknowledgement from Q…maybe # suggestion?

cea114 No.9099


Acknowledgement from Q will give us absolute authority, but it is not a given. We will conduct as if we expect no recognition in his part for the time being.

c92037 No.9109

Probably okay to start memes as soon as we have the first wave ready. I would suggest coming up with a sound strategy and more than one hashtag. We need to understand the power of retweeting each other's tweets etc.

c92037 No.9118


Checked; agreed. He wanted autists on an image board for a reason…

cf6bb0 No.9128


cea114 No.9131


We have until Our roll call on the 12th to decide if we are ready to begin.

In the meantime Memefags are to begin with the first batch of Q posts

his entire first post, line by line.

October 31, 2017 11:00 pm

UserID: grTMpzrL PostNo: 147433975


Military Intelligence.

What is 'State Secrets' and how upheld in the SC?

What must be completed to engage MI over other (3) letter agencies?

What must occur to allow for civilian trials?

Why is this relevant?

What was Flynn's background?

Why is this relevant?

Why did Adm R (NSA) meet Trump privately w/o auth?

Does POTUS know where the bodies are buried?

Does POTUS have the goods on most bad actors?

Was TRUMP asked to run for President?


By Who?

Was HRC next in line?

Was the election suppose to be rigged?

Did good people prevent the rigging?

Why did POTUS form a panel to investigate?

Has POTUS *ever* made a statement that did not become proven as true/fact?

What is POTUS in control of?

What is the one organization left that isn't corrupt?

Why does the military play such a vital role?

Why is POTUS surrounded by highly respected generals?

Who guards former Presidents?

Why is that relevant?

Who guards HRC?

Why is ANTIFA allowed to operate?

Why hasn't the MB been classified as a terrorist org?

What happens if Soros funded operations get violent and engage in domestic terrorism?

What happens if mayors/ police comms/chiefs do not enforce the law?

What authority does POTUS have specifically over the Marines?

Why is this important?

What is Mueller's background? Military?

Was Trump asked to run for President w/ assurances made to prevent tampering?

How is POTUS always 5-steps ahead?

Who is helping POTUS?

cea114 No.9141


REMEMBER, this is meant to GRAB ATTENTION. so make the pictures pleasant on the eyes.

This is also meant to EDUCATE, involve any information relevant to Q's BIG PICTURE

c5d5f7 No.9153

<^> wût

cea114 No.9155

File: 8ce370a59faa52d⋯.jpg (60.74 KB, 570x372, 95:62, Intelligence analysts 20 A….jpg)


Military Intelligence.

a picture like this, with information on how MILITARY INTELLIGENCE GAVE POTUS THE KEY

cea114 No.9160

We are to frame Good actors in a positive light in all of our memes.

7bba92 No.9179

R we using Memes from the collection or will someone be making the campaign-specific memes for us?

c92037 No.9184


These anons want to coordinate with memes from here to Twit can you dig it?

cf6bb0 No.9191

File: f7e3b2919be2eaf⋯.jpeg (225.11 KB, 1472x1472, 1:1, 8B179C0E-D812-42F7-8BDB-5….jpeg)


I can do it in sections with my program, but doing it this way will make people ask questions thus opening the gate for great convo, or cause them to research themselves.

c5d5f7 No.9193


Ayuh dûn sedit last month chklog =yup

Wût ye need o'æı¿.

cea114 No.9196


I believe the memes currently aren't spelling out the big picture, they're mostly just shitposting memes.

We will need to have a new batch of memes that literally spell out each line of Q's big picture. starting with his crumbs.

c92037 No.9198

You want all Q questions? Can we have multiple lines on one meme… otherwise that's a shit ton.

cea114 No.9204


There aren't too many wrong ways to meme, just make sure its

1: easy on the eyes

2: attention grabbing

3: informative

c92037 No.9206


You will have to inspect bread for details but we start from beginning and make dank memes with all Q questions. Then we flood Twitter at the same time to maximize effect.

cea114 No.9212


Yes we can do multiple lines, if it can be fit into one picture.

Remember, it has to be easy on the eyes. Not one of those crazy spreadsheet infographs

cf6bb0 No.9219

I think if I keep it to a few questions on each would be better…

7bba92 No.9222


I agree…haven't post many bc they are either too cryptic or not family friendly

cea114 No.9227


Aye, a few lines. with a good relevant picture is all thats needed.

if you want to go above and beyond, leave info or a link to a site with info relevant as well.

c92037 No.9230


I am going to ask the best memetic anons I know to assist. We need to divide the posts so we dont have 20 of the same questions

cf6bb0 No.9245

File: e6f28ad9aa8e3d3⋯.jpeg (195.15 KB, 1536x1188, 128:99, 4950EDC0-9292-4F33-9264-1….jpeg)

Something like this…

cea114 No.9253

Ok, I know not all of us are memers. So if you aren't currently memeing please try to recruit more to our ranks.

Also can anyone set up a board for us? maybe we can hijack /cbts/ board since no one is using it

cf6bb0 No.9262


The storm one is locked

cea114 No.9264


Pictures need to be relevant, we have to educate. not just simply state Q's questions

cea114 No.9282


use those lines, with a picture of Trump/Admiral Rogers

thats the answer to the question, its the KEYSTONE

Key(Head of the NSA Admiral Rogers) Stone(Trump and his fanbase)

c5d5f7 No.9292



Old calcolation by better mind than æı… 3%energyvsurfacevneededvcontrolvproducevtipoverpoin =any system

not'uh mag fæıģ

(We) get twat saturation @ >%3_4 = wût (you) want●

023367 No.9295


Don't meme Q.

Meme to challenge others to what we learn.

cea114 No.9304


No i believe Q wants us to meme him and corelation to POTUS twitter very extensively. Thats what convinced me something like this is necessary. He really wanted us to learn the clock so that we can meme the timestamps of Q posts and Trump posts to give it credence.

That is the end goal of this campaign.

c5d5f7 No.9376

Need to meem edited


<=end meemwar.sœry =truyup

Rest = Qcrumbs overlay precision/best bbread post analysis…

need exemplii gratiaii¿?

d6aea2 No.9378


Agree, I'm getting zero normie response to asking obvious questions. Media baked in brains, well-done not medium rare.

Didm't Q say the Auth tool would be tweets with posts?

023367 No.9382


I don't think he would have let us spend 6 weeks making 20,000 memes that are nothing like that first.

I think the timestamp thing was just to uphold our own morale. That's been a real unmet challenge they finally acknowledged and came up with that for a solution.

37d7f7 No.9390

We need Memes to be sorted categorically maybe

Easy to find folders to grab goodies based on subject of upcoming issues Q wants us to focus on.

cea114 No.9394


hes been trying very hard to teach us the clock method. trump actually had to lose face on the world stage over his "consensual presidency" just to make it a point to us.

Q shouted at us to LEARN THEIR COMMS.

This is important.

37d7f7 No.9396

Ok…I'm back on board now.

After past week, I checked out.

But now…this is breakthrough IMO

Something that finally makes sense

cea114 No.9410

The way i see it, Trump and team have all the info. Our digging is for our own sick self satisfaction at this point.

our only usefulness is to prove hte info to the normies. it is our mission.

c92037 No.9428

File: 7f6c84ce3edaf15⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, IMG_20180109_215955_proces….jpg)

Not my best but trying to make example meme from above Q.

cea114 No.9429

Pizzagate never lured me in, but Qanon did.

You know why? Because of the consistent amount of information he has been able to expose. It wouldn't have been possible without him pointing the way.

If i had stumbled across the memes were making now, i would have dismissed them.

we must hold the normies hand and baby bird them all the info we can in the most nurturing way possible.

cea114 No.9432


Fucking perfect.

add a link to a good detailed analysis that some anon has posted in past and this will be golden.

023367 No.9433

I'm not disagreeing.

I'm just telling you why they did that.

It's for our own convincing, with plausible deniability to anyone else.

023367 No.9437

I'm not disagreeing.

I'm just telling you why they did that.

It's for our own convincing, with plausible deniability to anyone else.


cea114 No.9447


True, but it has a double meaning. Future proves past.

Put the two side by side on a meme and it lends credence to what we're meming about.

50962f No.9457

37d7f7 No.9460


Right - so maybe we should be stalking to agenda, the tweets and the news and the enemies to prep our responses in a timely fashion.

Yeah - learning the secrets…shit we're not going to tell them anything the administration doesn't know.

We make target well placed memes. That's the point.

But I think the shills/namefags/BO's had other ideas. We're back now I hope.

So…what do we suspect the next relevant subject on twitter to be?

c92037 No.9462


We may not want to link to chans…

cea114 No.9472


this is going to be a month long campaign at any rate, use archived posts as links. or if you can find a good summary elsewhere, use a more credible source.

50962f No.9476


We can use the info, we just can't post the site

cea114 No.9525

Anyone here willing to setup a new board?

Any ideas on names?

I like Hurricane Force

7bba92 No.9554

Hashtag H-Force?

c92037 No.9560

File: f7ec04e7d7a8a53⋯.jpg (740.78 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, IMG_20180109_222157_proces….jpg)

A little better…

cea114 No.9572


The hashtags are already well established, im thinking board names.

#qanon #thestorm #cbts

all very popular already. we will use those.

the difference is the content will be cohesive and legible

cea114 No.9583


but i'd be pretty pleased if we added #hforce

daad21 No.9612


There's hundreds of memes in cbts, should pick the best and use those too

37d7f7 No.9616


Who's the target listener?

What do you want them to ask?

What do you want them to learn?

37d7f7 No.9625

Start Memes NOW!


The door is wide open get them dropped!

Go to Potus twitter and reply with a meme.

That's goal

daad21 No.9638


how about #whatshappening,#iwanttoknow, need some for the normies to look up, the old folks may not know these new threads or lingo, it should be simple , the ones i picked are a little long though

cea114 No.9641


Meme as if nothing has changed for now, so go ahead.

The campaign hasn't started yet, we need the numbers. By december 12th there will be a ROLL CALL

We need the coordination to look as if we had been preparing this the whole time. To do that we need the popular twitter whores to be on the same page. This page to be precise.

c92037 No.9646


This one world target military support MAGA crowd to answer "martial law" of course the tweet would go out with # and a short message to grab attn.

cea114 No.9668


Excellent follow up. We would post this kind of information all over US MILITARY TWITTER FEEDS

324e4a No.9741


Red Pill Anon questions based on topics


c92037 No.9787


Yes! Way easier to meme…

36359e No.9788

File: 1d2dc884b010115⋯.png (824.76 KB, 1920x1400, 48:35, QAnon Post1.png)


How's this Anon?

c92037 No.9795



c92037 No.9803


My thoughts are we have something like this but also the quick hitting memes with short messages for the elder/adhd peeps

cea114 No.9804


I like it, but its a lot to swallow at once. you feel me?

There needs to be info to go along with the questions as well

cea114 No.9812


perhaps we could all lead with this one as the first post of the day, then dissect it

08f0dc No.9823

I think to start, memes should focus on #thegreatawakening or #fantasyland, to let people know they've been asleep and living in fantasyland. It will let people know important info is coming, (they should include #thestorm so that they can link the info as it is releaed). If you then follow that up with #mockingbird memes to explain the msm has been keeping them in the dark. I think you should do this before dropping the other memes to lay the groundwork.

cea114 No.9825

cea114 No.9831


Excellent idea, I enjoy that. Maybe we will push those memes for a week before hand.

36359e No.9852


I'm hearing (you) Anon, I just re-read this bit,

>In the meantime Memefags are to begin with the first batch of Q posts

>his entire first post, line by line.

So you want us to meme each line individually?

37d7f7 No.9860

HSI is a critical investigative arm of the Department of Homeland Security and is a vital U.S. asset in combating criminal organizations illegally exploiting America's travel, trade, financial and immigration systems. HSI's workforce includes special agents, analysts, auditors and support staff.Aug 22, 2017

AUDITORS? ←—Mega Hint Here fellas!

Financial and Trade! ←—–Did not know that

cea114 No.9862


as much bite sized chunks of info containing q's posts. maybe 2-3 lines tops

cea114 No.9866

c92037 No.9929

File: 54736eaaa929710⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 2112x1404, 176:117, Qanon Generals.jpg)

Okay this is another format I can use

MAGA grabs attn Qanon questions up top… thoughts?

f6ba1a No.9947


I'm in. I'll make a couple of extra accounts.

cea114 No.9951


approved, be prepared to link proof for everything a meme states though.

cea114 No.9963

b66b2b No.9994

File: 96e679fdd7c4053⋯.jpeg (108.18 KB, 604x604, 1:1, 42BB55E4-5EBB-41F4-9CE4-F….jpeg)


There are a few infographics floating around regarding peak times to post to specific sites (twitter, tumblr, and FB) with a few other tips. I believe with tweetdeck you can automate posting on twitter. Time clusters of tweets at peak times. Seperate memes by type and make sure representative cluster of memes is released. I would also suggest setting up a few polls with the accts with higher numbers. Meme drop within the comments. Tactics needed, urgently, somewhat embarrassing to be honest. We need to learn how to take over the top 20 comments on a Trump tweet. Gab could be used for more “edgy” memes. I would not risk giving twitter a reason to boot you.

cea114 No.10020


Hmm you've got some extra know-how on such things, Hurry and join us on the new board. we will discuss further.

I believe with enough twitter activity we will be able to claim top 20 comments rather easily

a564b4 No.10034

We need to agree on a start date…

How about Jan. [15]th?

Sound good? Stay coordinated.

c92037 No.10056



cea114 No.10057


Start date kind of depends on head count imo.

We will announce start date after december 12th Roll call.

go to the new board and sign the roll call




a564b4 No.10080


Why do we need a new board?

We only need our own thread.

c92037 No.10102


Well we need several threads if we are going to break up questions, compare, and choose memes. Also some anons are going to just search all memes made already so we can save time.

cea114 No.10113


The diggers are angry that we are trying to "slide" their threads.

New board = more space to categorize our efforts.

This thread will be our recruitment tool of the twitterwhores. go to new board.

7bba92 No.10146

???We will announce start date after december 12th Roll call ?

Dec 12th?

4f808c No.10164


Hello Anons! Congratulations on the new board! Hopefully you will be blessed with a shill free, normie free, and drama free board…one can hope anyway! I know it's been frustrating.

I have been here from the start - since the end of October on the half chan. I have mostly done my own research and lurked up until this point, but I'd like to help if I can.

I have had 20 years working in the political arena as a campaign volunteer, a district coordinator, and a state coordinator for a presidential campaign, and I had a couple ideas that I thought may help in getting organized and getting the word out to the public.

From what I see, we have three basic needs here:

1. Information - need to ensure that communications from Q are secure and verified as legitimate. This problem seems to have been solved with the new board setup and if there is a question as to Q being the legitimate Q, confirmation is always possible on Q's end through triangulation with POTUS, DoD, Wikileaks, Etc. Thank you Q!

2. Research - serious researchers and autists need their own page to be able to conduct serious research without distraction from shills, normies, and newcomers. From here on out this page needs to be kept hidden from the public so they can focus on their work without getting aggravated. Thank you awesome Anons for your amazing skills and your perseverance through the Storm!

3. Dissemination - information needs to get out to the public in small doses and containing information that they can handle without getting freaked out and turning away. Twitter and YouTube seem to be our best bets for getting the information out but we need a little better coordination on what is being released to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. Thank you B, TB, RP, DTI, AS, and others on social media who are willing to put themselves out there in the public with all the scrutiny and criticism that that entails. Your courage and dedication are appreciated!

What has happened on these boards and in the country over the last couple months is nothing short of amazing! We need to remember that we are a team and are working together for the greater good of the country. On any winning team, two things are vital– good leadership and good teamwork. Arguing over the validity of the leadership and infighting are both counterproductive and take up time and energy that we could be using to focus on improving our skills and winning! We need to appreciate each other for the skills and talents each one of us has, work to the best of our abilities in our areas of expertise, and make suggestions when necessary without insults or blame. And don't forget to PRAY! For ourselves, for each other, for our country and for our world. Let's move forward in a positive manner to make this world the best that we can! (Cont'd below)

a564b4 No.10166

Just seems like a move a power hungry anon would make to be a BO.

Q discussion and digging in general does just fine contained in one thread.

And I see no "anger" about us sliding their threads.

cea114 No.10184


Go ahead and go in their thread and try to ask them to join the Twitter campaign, go ahead and see what they call you.

4f808c No.10206


(Cont'd) I think where much of the confusion is coming from is that this is new to all of us and we have been flying by the seat of our pants. I think it would be helpful if we set up a structure for researching and disseminating information. My thought on this was setting up a clear order of operations so that things run more smoothly. The order of operations could look something like this:

Q Info Drops>Research Team>CBTS>Reddit>Twitter/YouTube/FB

My thoughts on how this could operate would be once Q drops new info, that could automatically be forwarded to the research team for conducting intense research. When dots have been connected and we have confirmation from Q that we are on the right track with our connections and research, those results could be forwarded to the CBTS for the more mainstream anons, normies, or newcomers that are interested in participating in the Q phenomenon (while keeping the research page hidden). I think it would also be good to post screenshots of the Q information drops to those boards right away so that those people can do their own research which can be monitored by the research team for good information and connections that they may make on those boards which could be incorporated into the research team's information. (Any info meant specifically for research could be left out) Once information has been verified and deemed to be relevant and helpful to the public, then that information could be passed on to be spread via Reddit/Twitter/YouTube/FB. It would probably also be helpful for the people who are bridging the gap to the public to have their own board to communicate with the research team, verify information, and get the okay to release to the public (perhaps releasing previews on their own board prior to release) so that we're all on the same page.

As for organization of the threads I had an idea to maybe break it down into two sections: "Redpilling America" and "Rebuilding America".

Redpilling America could include: *QPuzzles/stringers/timestamps

*Corruption (separate threads or sub threads, if that's possible, for political/corporate/foundations and nonprofits/news media/ Hollywood and entertainment)

*Human trafficking/Pedogate

*Legal Proceedings/Court cases and documents

*Congressional Issues

*Flight Data

*Technology (used against humanity)

*Space program


*Memes/Good Videos

Rebuilding America threads could include threads on

*Government and Constitutionalism


*Political Strategy (outreach/optics/campaigning)

*Media (creating positive media- independent news channels, panel discussions, and entertainment with redpilling or rebuilding themes)

*Technology (good technology for positive solutions)

*Inspirations and Innovations for a better world

These are just some suggestions and I'm sure I forgot plenty, but you get the idea. Also I'm not a techie, so I'm not sure if it's possible to create sub threads but I thought that would be helpful to streamline the process of finding what you're looking for when doing research in a more general subject. (Cont'd below)

4f808c No.10214


(Con't) My last thought was to come up with a red pill "timeline" so that people know where to begin when helping bring others up to speed with what has been happening in this country. I thought a logical, chronological sequence of events would help people to understand how we've gotten to where we are and give people a step-by-step process for dropping crumbs and enlightening friends and family. For example starting with the Federal Reserve Act and showing how that took the economic power away from the treasury and the people, then moving on to World War II, the Bush connections, Operation Paperclip and Nazi migration to the US and South America, then operation Mockingbird and CIA control of the American Media, the Bush Dynasty, Iraq Wars and 9/11; Clinton corruption and body count; Drug running, Afghanistan and the opiate crisis; Minorities under Democrat control–crime bill, welfare, unemployment, institutional racism, impoverished cities; Obama CIA background and unreleased school and work records; Deportations, Expanded wars, Spying on American citizens; False flags and weapons deals; Uranium one; McStain and his history of treasonous activities; Clinton emails, mishandling of classified information and state department corruption; Huma and the Muslim Brotherhood; DNC corruption and Awan Brothers scandal; Anthony Weiner, Jeffrey Epstein and Pedogate; Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, the Vatican and other secret societies; The Puppetmasters- Soros, Rothschilds, Alawaleed; CIA- DARPA, MK ultra and Satanic Ritual Abuse; Hollywood/Disney/Media mind control, Human, child, and organ trafficking; Frankenscience, transhumanism, abortion, and fetal cell additives to food and products.

I think that covers the majority of the ugly truth timeline, although I'm sure I missed some things. I think it would also be good to follow this up with solution-oriented crumbs for people. Questions like Q has proposed such as why would DJT give up his fabulous life and the security of his family/ Who better to run a giant organization, cut waste, and take on large projects, infrastructure, and streamlining the governmental process/The history and importance of the Constitution relating to freedom and our daily lives/The illusion of the two party system and the need for us to come together as Americans.

Okay, I think that's about all. Sorry for the long exposition, but I wanted to get my ideas out there and get some feedback to see if some of this might be helpful. Please let me know what you all think. Maybe we could start an Organizing thread to discuss ways of implementing some of these things. I'm not a techie so I would need some help with the logistics, especially since I'm phone fagging, which makes this process quite difficult for a Luddite like myself. I've never done organizing where everyone was Anonymous and I couldn't contact people directly, so this is definitely a new challenge in my world. And please forgive me if some of these ideas are redundant or have already been brought up. I don't have time to read through all of the voluminous posts, but I do try to keep up.

This whole Q experience has been enlightening, inspiring, uplifting, and a testament to the power people have and the good we can do when we come together for a good cause.

Thank you Anons, Thank you POTUS, Thank you to all the White hats in the Military and the Government, and Thank you Q! You all are amazing and give me hope for the future. Let's make America (and the world) greater than it's ever been. We the People can right this ship. Keep up the great work, and God bless you all!

cea114 No.10250


yes most of these are all good ideas, a lot of them are already in place. where i want our team to focus on is Meme/graphic according to Q's Timeline. Then the campaign will launch on Twitter according to the timeline Q has revealed things to us.

It worked on us, It will work on them if we hold their hands through it.

cea114 No.10272

The diggers have their roll, and ours are very much different than theirs.

They provide the links and info that prove what Q is saying is true.

We make the information edible to the normies.

3e6e5a No.10334


I'll be monitoring your board but I'll stick to this one for now.

I'm just hesitant to trust a random anon wanting to be BO

cea114 No.10358


Fair point, i did ask 2-3 times for someone else to set it up. The point isn't to disrupt research, its to make people useful instead of lurking.

3e6e5a No.10433


Fair enough. Hopefully we can really get something going.

7bba92 No.10488


This is great - some may recon the faces and that will grab attention to the questions.

4172f3 No.10783

File: 4eff5d5786033ba⋯.png (722.73 KB, 1079x904, 1079:904, aj hollywood busted.png)


You have Insta on your phone? Get it, or make a new account in current one with username that sounds like "Storm Chaser" or whatever that's only minimally linked to the chans, Q, or DJT.

Get garbage yahoo email and don't authenticate it with phone (play "granny's first time on internet, what's this doohickey?")

Then use yahoo email to sign up at IFTTT. Add your new Insta name and Twitter account at IFTTT (and FB and whatever else you want).

Then create (or use ready-made "post Insta to Twitter") recipe so adding an Insta photo (from phone) will tweet it on your twitter. Default will post full-sized graphic on Twitter. And if you want, you can limit the Insta trigger to only new photos with a certain hashtag (I use "#MAGA" but change the Twitter "action" so hash isn't shown).

> Not sure how much you use Insta; covering bases here is all.

You can get way fancier with scheduling if you make a totally new google acct. (Again, no phone number; use garbage yahoo email.) You can schedule text-only "q question tweets" from gCal to Twitter (Add tweet to description field of gCal scheduled event, and when that scheduled time comes, gCal will trigger IFTTT to post gCal description as tweet to Twitter.) That mixes it up a bit; I don't know how "social" you are, but timelines with varying content and interaction gets people questioning.

< I like garbage-using Goolag's servers, heh.

Lots of other garbage Goolag triggers on IFTTT (Google Photos, YouTube, w/e).

You can also sign up for free Buffer with the yahoo garbage email account: free limits you only 3 social accounts like Twitter, and 10 images in the queue at a time.

> I look for free solutions that allow for some interaction.

Another thought: I hate wordpress, but maybe a blog, connected to IFTTT even, where you can post the next question or a more in-depth meme, or even an MSM article or YT, for anyone who wants to interact, could work. (Keep it anonymous though.)

b66b2b No.10854

File: c517f05699b3604⋯.png (652.68 KB, 628x784, 157:196, 90DBBB1E-A0A9-419C-84DB-87….png)

File: 0f5667935addcf2⋯.png (538.66 KB, 669x1011, 223:337, DD362908-B940-4987-B57F-95….png)

File: 2cbfde80e1b97fa⋯.png (756.22 KB, 626x1112, 313:556, 780320A3-859D-4D42-9F0A-90….png)

File: b7738ba9bb133d8⋯.png (348.04 KB, 640x2495, 128:499, EB9D9721-A63E-42F3-BF1A-D9….png)

000000 No.10873


53/164 posts

nigger you are 1/3 of the posts in this thread. youre trying to be the fuhrer you fucktard when this is a team effort.

cea114 No.10954


then be more active

aa2bf8 No.11061

Q makes many posts as questions.

Are norms to stupid to figure them out? Would it be better to meme the awnsers the autists found?

Link to Q posts with awnsers here:


Also, should we have a sign, im thinking similar to the anonymous mask sign, but maybe more of a Q related watermark somewhere in each meme? I think it would tie things together and give validity. Someone could make the image, rest of meme makers could copy paste, or whatever is easiest and consistant across memes. The autists seem to not like the idea of including Q but i think this group should have final say in that.

4172f3 No.11224


>My thoughts on how this could operate would be once Q drops new info, that could automatically be forwarded to the research team for conducting intense research.

I know we're researching here, but I thought the Twitter ground game was to get people asking the questions. Not like, "Space X is connected to the NWO" (will drive normies away), but simple stuff we can link to, or show picture proof of?

Eg: gold platter with embossed, "Why was Hillary arrested?" Then no bites, we put up the same platter but with pictures of her boot over the months, links to relevant articles. Finally a gold platter with embossed, "Why didn't the media tell you? #HillaryArrestedInOctober."

Rinse and repeat with a few more boots: "When was John McCain arrested? What were the charges?" (I want more research for McCain, but gotta keep it simple, right?) Speirer in boot. Really focus on that question with plenty of backup.

> And if it takes a life of its own, we either drop out and let normies start asking on their own, or we post a few more relevant factoids posed as new questions. Eg, "Why did McCain's change feet?" and "Why hasn't Hillary tweeted since Dec 22nd?" (whatever date).

> Then we move on to next topic next day.

Of course intersperse all that with articles normies won't find on their own, or any tidbits of new news.

4172f3 No.11237


When Dorothy followed the yellow brick road, old hag bitch died. Liking this yellow brick road. Whatever get Hillary in the ground is good for the planet!

dd3a69 No.11435

here's a very long and comprehensive red pill video series i found on pol regarding zionism//ww2&1/jfk/redoctober/titanic/jews and why we are so fucked now.


also loads of meme material for those who know how.

went through q spreadsheet and lots of info in this video on those and other topics that wasnt there.

thought it might help. i'd dissect myself but am just a newfag/lurker/normie so dont really have the skills yet. sorry if irrelevant/wrong thread etc.

4f1a10 No.11728

Dont underestimate the power of the Las Vegas shooting. Its what opened up my eyes. I notice a MUCH bigger amount of retweets on Vegas related hash's. Trying to get that crowd open to Q

4f1a10 No.11734

File: 264e6d9e82f0b5e⋯.jpeg (172.91 KB, 1080x608, 135:76, 1515553293.jpeg)


e11bf7 No.11749


Agreed! I'm on board with this also. Too many to choose from anyway the other way. TY

cfe1d7 No.11792

File: e87b1a9a5a208f1⋯.jpeg (127.83 KB, 640x430, 64:43, obama-camp-david-01.jpeg)


Yes Vegas, Pizza related, and Obama still seem to get a lot of retweets.

My Obama meme was really well received.

8220b5 No.11835

I’m all in! Wonderful ideas being presented. I have posted over 24,000 articles on Twitter so not new to it, but might need questions answered depending on what we end up doing re memes. Thanks for herding us together so we will be more effective with the insights Q has given us!

edfd6f No.11861

File: d970023a8330335⋯.jpg (253.14 KB, 1360x1080, 34:27, 94c213c59402d12a72cef326cc….jpg)


Rabbit symbols

edfd6f No.12032

File: 25819ba07e8ab80⋯.png (772.12 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, SCIF_1.png)

File: 4e49850ac510eb1⋯.png (763.68 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, SCIF_2.png)



a3171c No.12519

Need list of YT videos to add to channel

2a3b4c No.12580


On board

aa2bf8 No.12664


I do like the rabbit symbols too. I see others already putting Q's in the memes above aswell. There may be other good symbols, anyone chime in if you can think of good symbols. Maybe a list of symbols could be compiled and voted on, or voted for no symbol at all. If a symbol is chosen, i think everyone should use the same symbol. Again like the anonomous mask, it will show everyone where the message is coming from and once they see the memes are true, they will associate with the symbol and immediatly trust the message in the meme.

a3171c No.12814


What did you mean by that?

Are you just against the white rabbit meme? I was planning on using a Q and the gold lion on the memes...

aa2bf8 No.12891


Well you will get your vote too. Thanks for taking the time to make us fucktards a pretty picture, i knew you always cared.

aa2bf8 No.13216

Its really simple, we are gathering an army to go to war, an information war. Doesnt every army have a flag? Would the symbol not be our flag? Have the rabbits already been spontaneously popping up everywhere on the net surrounding this issue(and its not the only symbol anyways)? Are we getting organized and staying positive, or are we cutting everyone down and disbanding? Is someone a little emotional right now?

ddb13f No.13228


I know what discord is but what is the implication?

aa2bf8 No.13590

Cant say i see any discordian magic here, I do see a few people making good suggestions and providing good content though. I started a new twitter account today. Mail.com has email accounts that dont require phone numbers and twitter let me skip the phone number.

ddb13f No.13600


I get it but who and why are you assuming this?

5c3d73 No.13707


Looks like this fellow is already doing what you are talking about here. Is this person involved here does anyone know?


5c3d73 No.13741


To add I think what this twatter is doing is going to work out better. Focusing the tweets on Q is a mistake. They should be focused on the message and the reality of the elite and political class of this world. THAT is the red pill

ddb13f No.13743


Not seeing memes related to Q questions?

ddb13f No.13757


I see your point

5c3d73 No.13907


I think this is a newer twatter, not many followers but should be more given the content they are putting out. Some of those meme's appear to be from the meme depot's created here. The clinton one looks very familiar

50c40c No.13917

Agree - will participate when advised

236263 No.14379

Newfag but been lurking. Consider creating a movement specific hashtag. If B does this, it would go viral.

Ok, I’ll crawl back into my corner and STFU

aa2bf8 No.14569


Aw man! I admit it. You caught me. That evidance is so damning. Im making voodoo dolls and casting spells right now. Im burning!

Now everyone knows im a discording wizard.

You aint gonna get shit done like that dude. Look, now people are getting afraid to post in fear of getting the wrath or your nerd lingo. Everyone is free to say whatever they want without fear of discrimination.


63dd4f No.14793


Don't forget #greatawakening

63dd4f No.14842

File: a63b630c5e71d64⋯.jpg (728.21 KB, 2000x1378, 1000:689, IMG_1288.JPG)

I love this idea. Organized Twitter warriors. If we could form a Twitter team that would be great. Have a meme, use the same hashtag and do it at the same time to get it trending. Also Bernie's followers had a system down where you were able to send one hundred tweets to specified people that had a big following. It was very easy to do with their format. You just committed to #'s 1-100 or #2001 to 2100 etc etc.

My fist meme for this.

63dd4f No.14934

File: 5848f92629a650d⋯.jpg (143.94 KB, 800x462, 400:231, IMG_1334.JPG)

b0db12 No.14998

I'm using omnichan. Anybody else having trouble with the meme library thread here? I was able to click pics when their were under 1000 images, not any more.

Anybody else browsing here with a chan app?

69e976 No.15108



3bfa73 No.15423


4 times would be sad but still no idea what your talking about.

3bfa73 No.15452

File: 60e38d8a31c477d⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 2000x1378, 1000:689, trump-cover-final-e1487295….jpg)


Respect anon. I made the banner for the storm and qresearch. I'm on it but working at the moment.

3bfa73 No.15460


Use Omni but haven't tried that. I will get back to you

b0db12 No.15488



aa2bf8 No.15672


Liking those thoughts, i had totally forgot about hashtags representing us, that might be better than a symbol within the meme. What hashtag? there are many






: )

aa2bf8 No.15835

Im liking #greatawakening

It is still fresh and would be a good rebranding to the qanon movement

3bfa73 No.15907


All of them and more.

1df20b No.16436

"What was in building 7 again?"

1df20b No.16447

"How much money is missing?!"

1df20b No.16454

"What does the Vanderbilt poll & Podesta art have in common?"

1df20b No.16459

"What does the Vanderbilt pool & Podesta art have in common?"

cea114 No.16621


No I haven't reached out to that individual yet, it took a lot of convincing to get this many people on board.

Any and all recruits, we need them.

b20eb1 No.16842


PhotoGimp at my fingertips.

cea114 No.16863


If you think you've got the gist of what kind of memes we need, go ahead and get started. if not, try and help me recruit others

b20eb1 No.17155

File: ef1c2ea458f83ac⋯.png (671.32 KB, 1000x718, 500:359, 001.png)


I have an idea. Here's my first example. We make Q trading cards. People can 'trade' and 'collect' them like they would real cards. I'll take a number of lines from his posts, in order, and make some kind of retro-ish looking Tops kind of cards with a series number that just keeps going up, since there's no upper limit to the amount of Q posts. I'm basing them off of the old Star Wars cards because… everybody likes star wars!

Any input?

>will repost on the new board too

cea114 No.17233


That is fucking great.

aa2bf8 No.17700


"Also Bernie's followers had a system down where you were able to send one hundred tweets to specified people that had a big following. It was very easy to do with their format. You just committed to #'s 1-100 or #2001 to 2100 etc etc."

Could you further explain this please? That is exactly what we need. Not grasping what you mean by commiting to #'s. How did everyone know what to do?

69e9b5 No.17753


I'd spell out all the acronyms (SC, MI, etc)… normies prob won't understand what it means otherwise.

cea114 No.17783


Aye, we're going to have to go verse by verse, chapter by chapter with them.

34f2c7 No.17979




gold and silver in building 4, if i remember correctly building 7 was records (evidence) of evil doing, no doubt

34f2c7 No.18026



Building empty for most part, Salomon brothers signed long term lease in 1988 - for the insurance would be my guess since they were losing their ass on no tenants

469084 No.18333

Where is Hillary?

Last confirmed sighting was 12/23/17 in Vancouver.

This is the kind of thing that we can meme and will make people search for themselves.

In the end, we have to lead them to the truth. We've tried driving them towards it with epic failure being our reward.

"Where's Hillary" is the something that we could use to begin a campaign. It's the sort of thing that people would share without knowing that they're helping us. We have to let them believe that they've figured this out on their own.

We are anons. We don't need the credit.

469084 No.18365

We could use the "where's Waldo" format and meme the shit out of it.

469084 No.18377

File: fb13028c0b1c743⋯.gif (90.66 KB, 630x648, 35:36, f7ef1e9a-5b27-411f-83df-49….gif)

469084 No.18448

Where's Hillary?

Is She on Little St. James?

Is she attending a board meeting with Al Alwaleed?

Is she Hanging with Weinstein?

Is she Spending some time by the beach?

Is she spending time with Anthony and Huma?

Is she Working on Haiti Relief?

Is she tending to her recent house fire?

You get the picture. We can introduce a ton of new ideas using a simple question. "Where's Hillary" will, probably, even pass through most of the SM filters.

cea114 No.18475


in due time, we're covering Q's first posts first

469084 No.18539


We can do both at the same time. We just need a few memes. We were receptive to Q because we're already converted.

Normies need that first crack in the msm wall in order to be receptive. Otherwise, we're giving them info that they can't accept.

cea114 No.18607


by all means plan ahead, the purpose of this is to twitter campaign is to raid twitter pages consistently for weeks going over Q's posts from the very beginning to the end.

50962f No.21366

File: 060cff888a2a772⋯.jpg (36.21 KB, 500x512, 125:128, MSM.jpg)

File: 1f556c336d32c02⋯.jpg (25.34 KB, 238x255, 14:15, spying.jpg)

These two tweets seem to be catching on.

4b6538 No.29387

Please just migrate to


or /qpol

Those boards are not comped. Everything can be done there.

c366ff No.36812


No twitter threads on either board, what the hell happened?

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