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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)

09aaf2 No.263028






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f7e665 No.263055


I feel funny.

(carried over because even TRYING to post ANYTHING meme'ish takes over 10-20 minutes and the only way to get shit posted is to jump bread early and fucking wait for fucking ever GODDAMMIT)

7587ff No.263056

File: 1b08c2f6258a2bf⋯.png (443.63 KB, 647x421, 647:421, WAIT.PNG)

012c20 No.263057

File: 3e3a3b7ada9a545⋯.jpeg (105.37 KB, 1000x1455, 200:291, 6A431316-945F-4828-9481-2….jpeg)

File: 68d38d9d7e16573⋯.jpeg (996.96 KB, 2451x3500, 2451:3500, 0FF5997C-6F91-4FD6-A417-E….jpeg)

Thanks kind Baker💫

7024c5 No.263058


What about the HOT string...


















12 house on a regular clock, is that it? nah.

Majestic 12?

At any rate, "Hot" sounds like weapons hot, and happy hunting", it sounds like 12 targets, 12 assassinations, as the world turns is also meant to mean assassination, though it could also be satellites or time. 12 months?

Does D stand for Democrat? Death (nah), Pre-Decision?

And what is "Pre"? Does it mean "before" is it tends to mean in English? If not, then what??

What about Corr, Coronor doesn't have 2 r's together, and why put a hit on a dead guy...

What's will the +? Is that Soros? So putting a hit on Soros?

TERM , Terminate? Are the others not being terminated?

AUTHC Authentication Code

TVFCAZD-837392x Actual code?

Why does 4 need an authentication code and others don't?

Or were the codes for the others already "Pre" verified?

Is corr = correct (A confirmation)? Or Correctional, as in the person is locked up, like Alwaleed Bin Talal

-D_Cs "TBA"

To Be Announced? Those in DC yet to be announced?


A seemingly unambiguous confirmation a followed by an authentication instruction and code?

OWLS? An Acronym? Operational Weapons Live Shooting? nah. Minerva/Bohemian Grove cult? Hope so!

But why "fly"? Is this taunting the targets? Or just a go message? Is it a dig at LdR?

I think someone said MIGHT "TVFCAZD-837392" was a money transfer, if so, is TAXjV^ relating to taxation?

Why AUTH in one place and AUTHC in another? Inconsistent if both mean the same thing? Is one Authorize and one Authenticate?

b983d9 No.263060

File: 0a0656db745c37f⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, patriotcybercommand.png)

9958c9 No.263061

File: a03a330428018ce⋯.jpg (73.55 KB, 763x416, 763:416, 34567890.jpg)

Extraterrestrial discussion should be continued in


b55007 No.263062



God bless and protect POTUS and all Patriots.

001758 No.263063

File: 55fcea4cc9c597e⋯.jpg (45.75 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1517723568172.jpg)

9e6cbb No.263064


Italians love their pizza, and I am talking the non-pedo kind.

Makes me think Comey made an enemy he really, REALLY shouldn't have.

427bd2 No.263065

File: db00a317c77377e⋯.png (320.93 KB, 470x500, 47:50, pt-final.png)

Here is something interesting for you… Could it just be Coincidence?

Pelosi and several members of the left at the STOU wearing "Time's Up" pins.

Garbage truck hit by GOP train the next day owned by "Time Disposal"

5a4d60 No.263066

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳

c09c22 No.263068

bread is getting stale

bb9b7d No.263069


Could it also relate to that stupid Doomsday clock?

620c89 No.263070

▶Q No.81




5th April 2010 10:44 EST WikiLeaks has released a classified US military video depicting three airstrikes from a US Apache helicopter on July 12, 2007 in New Baghdad, Iraq. At least eighteen people were killed in the airstrikes, including two journalists working for Reuters, Saeed Chmagh and Namir Noor-Eldeen.

The video was recorded by the gunsight camera on the Apache helicopter, identified as Crazyhorse 18, and is accompanied by the radio communications of the helicopter gunmen as they communicate with their commanders and troops on the ground.

https:// wikileaks.org/wiki/Collateral_Murder,_5_Apr_2010

77274c No.263071


No coincidences.

daa337 No.263072

Those piping up about "where's Q to hold my hand tonight.." they are protecting us right now. Trying to stop the most evil sick fucks breathing right now. We will hear from Q soon as soon as the coast is semi clear

15324f No.263073


Real Estate transactions are common vehicles for Bribes and Money Laundering. Property Valuation is subjective. Related Party Transactions, Transactions handled with only attorney's rather than agent/brokers, and transactions in which the new owner quickly divests <1 year at a loss are the biggest indicators. Sales records are public information, usually available online from the County Websites. The Capital Loss from the real estate can be used to offset a short term capital gain from other activities. If you're ambitious you can find out who bought the property from handler an what they did with it. There are many more complicated ways to mask these transactions, but a quick sale at a loss is conveys a Tax benefit to the provider of a bribe.

9bc540 No.263074

File: 351affa5e4c48dc⋯.jpeg (554.71 KB, 1226x2075, 1226:2075, FC0525E4-6671-4580-AAAF-D….jpeg)



93bc02 No.263075

Baker, did you see the post on the last bread about Chelsea Handler's donation to Adam Schiff and the possible link to the Standard Hotel?

9e6cbb No.263076


Solved the day it was posted, or the day after… lurk moar.

162e99 No.263077

File: 50cfab36c93ea9b⋯.jpg (229.53 KB, 661x638, 661:638, thatsit3.jpg)

41dd35 No.263078


My gut says D for democrat but could be predetermined.

84a648 No.263079

Where is the OIG report?????

001758 No.263080


Next week apparently

74aafa No.263081


This image would fit well on the meme of Comey at his home with the Christmas tree.

7f2f28 No.263082


Bold. And checked. Good job, anon.

09aaf2 No.263083

new baker request

pastebin of current


e7b6f6 No.263084

52fa90 No.263085


Good catch, anon.

41dd35 No.263087




If you are looking for Q, pray for them instead.

12c816 No.263088


Yes! This is why lip readers have caught Neil Armstrong mouthing the words "Disney Bullshit."

efc2a0 No.263089

File: 6c55f7fbd07ee01⋯.jpg (115.47 KB, 600x800, 3:4, geotuskillscunt.jpg)


While you wait, you NEED to DIG into the crumbs Q left us.

>You have MORE than you think


Without fully understanding ALL of Q's crumbs, we will be trying to run without knowing how to crawl or walk first.

Waiting time is dependent on the plan timeframe and also our willingness to LEARN what Q has given us and UNDERSTAND and KNOW his crumbs.

So that WE may EDUCATE.

I know various anons here have practically exhausted themselves in reality with their friends and families, practically alienating themselves when they flailed and wailed about Q and the truth and reality of the situation.







e0745a No.263090

File: 9adcb6d3fadd8a0⋯.png (360.25 KB, 640x640, 1:1, coincidence.png)

A bit of a stretch?

9bc540 No.263092

File: 05c5ca328d9c35b⋯.jpeg (334.07 KB, 1231x2075, 1231:2075, B810E663-6E52-4EA4-811D-9….jpeg)



25477f No.263093

This guy walks into my bar and orders 12 shots of whiskey said

"set them up in a row " and i did.. He then shot 6 down and said

"I'm celebrating my first Blow Job "

As he was finishing the last one I poored him another in congrats…

He said:" no thanks.. If 12 can't get the taste out of my mouth ,

the 13th one won't either"!!! LOL

0a9dc8 No.263094


It's incompetent Photoshop rubberstamp ghosting.

The sample was probably taken from the left (darker) side of the line on the table and homosexually pasted into the lighter side with the reflection on it.

031f1c No.263095

File: d71a42a3a48d37a⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1247x715, 1247:715, ClipboardImage.png)

12c816 No.263097


Don't stop! You are on a roll. Awesome!!!!

52fa90 No.263098


good post

2928fb No.263099

Follow the Gambino's to get too the pizza:

https:// www.google.com/amp/www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/06/01/mafia-clinton-giovanni-gambino-2/amp/

http:// abcnews.go.com/Politics/story?id=121532&page=1

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5349035/Mafia-heir-Gambino-crime-family-calls-FBI-weasels.html

https:// www.google.com/amp/amp.nationalreview.com/article/435968/hillary-clinton-bill-clinton-crime-family-where-politics-and-mafia-meet

bb2679 No.263100

File: 3db1897f804833e⋯.png (372.35 KB, 765x431, 765:431, 153.png)

3ecbac No.263101


Shut up shit stain. No one cares what your opinion is.

ed8c34 No.263102


Where's the sauce on that?

15324f No.263103


Excellent Political Speech!

adefbf No.263104


I spend a lot of time here, and my body reacts when something really resonates...I can barely type right now I am shaking so hard.

I almost passed out when I read


I exercise my pineal gland, I have heard nature speak, there is no fluoride in my system. Or carbs (reading b/t lines of Rothschild AMA)

Has Trump mentioned space superiority?

4e0b50 No.263105

EPG is the same company that provided security at President Donald Trump’s inauguration and at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

71d101 No.263106

Have we turned off the OP powers(thread password) yet? Only mod volunteers and BO should be able to delete posts. It's far too easy to get a rogue or foolish baker.





09aaf2 No.263107

File: 87f83c6c1a7bc81⋯.png (244.23 KB, 500x378, 250:189, daleGribble3.png)


I saw it too late to do anything with it, you are more than welcome to add it to the dough and bake the next round

93bc02 No.263108


Thanks anon. The financial stuff confuses me but it makes sense.

She just listed it 8 days ago though, and she's trying to sell it for double what she paid for it. Remodeling. But it's weird because she isn't moving into a better mansion. The article said the only other property she owns is a measly 750k house somewhere else in socal.

I guess you could read this as she's downsizing because the Netflix show is getting cancelled, and now that she's going to be a full-time activist she isn't going to be raking in money. But the whole thing strikes me as odd.

e7a239 No.263109

File: f72b92e4ba77b23⋯.png (46.73 KB, 618x247, 618:247, DeletedPost.PNG)


Anons can't delete their own posts lad.

That one was all me.

I'm sorry. It wasn't singled out, it was caught in a range deletion.

Attached is the post.

Baker Baker

Please replace this post with the dead link.

Sorry lads, War is messy..

2928fb No.263110


I think the fact that he's hiding one hand is important.

9958c9 No.263111


>Has Trump mentioned space superiority?


12c816 No.263112


So Comey puts Francesco Gambino away for 30 years using another dossier compiled by Christopher Steele.

012c20 No.263113

So please don’t jump down my frigging throat…

I am simply asking..

Is there a thread that has all of Q,s drops answered?

And is there a thread that has Q drops that are yet to be verified?

2928fb No.263114


I like your spunkiness.

71d101 No.263115


Makes sense. Thanks.

add15d No.263116

File: baf9883329a0a9b⋯.jpeg (787.23 KB, 2896x2896, 1:1, EEA8D4A7-FFA4-4CC4-9AAD-3….jpeg)

9958c9 No.263117

File: 1582129edacceae⋯.jpg (1019.96 KB, 2780x1894, 1390:947, obr4800.jpg)


Don't worry, you're doing good work. Have a cat.

93bc02 No.263118


I meant to put it in the OP because I think it's a lead.

2928fb No.263119


Some folks just can't deal with competition.

3ecbac No.263120



84b5c7 No.263121


awww, seperated at birth

e661a6 No.263122

Guys.. that Comey tweet about his Cufflinks

can he be trying to tell his FBI friends he got cuffed


efc2a0 No.263123

File: f2f0e0a2e347583⋯.jpg (18.55 KB, 255x255, 1:1, CORRUPT.jpg)



Anons, take note that this is also a VERY common occurrence with 'ART' auctions/sales via sotheby's etc.

SUBJECTIVE valuation. Very important.

Any particular 'art' transactions among those individuals and groups of interest?

DIG DIG DIG!!!!!!!!


c5dd94 No.263124


Gambino stopped providing quality pizza so Comey put him away which is why the Hollywood Pedo Elite and others took over.

7024c5 No.263125


I think he was complaining about knee joint therapies.

001758 No.263126


Thats just the rumor

e0745a No.263127



Or signal to hold off on some op?

52fa90 No.263128


Here it is for baker


9bc540 No.263129


Sorry EU fag here just up Can’t find the context of this-where’s it from pls?

93bc02 No.263130


Sorry, I can't bake. I have to quit. That's why I was asking. I'll post it here again.

adefbf No.263131


Of course. I knew that didn't ring such a loud bell for nothing.

e661a6 No.263132


Comey twitter.

f77fff No.263133



I agree on the hand part, we know it's not mirrored bc of the wedding ring. I thought something masionic type hand signals, but don't know???

a4b226 No.263134


Could Super Bowl be a diversion and LA is the target? LAII = LA plan by

ec322a No.263135

May already have been posted so apologies if thats the case - but Obama changed the order of succession in the DoJ right at the end of his time - but Trump recersed the XO as almoat the first thing he did in office. For context, Sessions was already going to be recusing himself from the whole Russian boondoggle and that would have placed a O friendly #2 as the person heading up the boondoggle.

http:// www.weeklystandard.com/did-the-obama-administration-try-stacking-the-deck-against-trump-at-the-justice-department/article/2007085

162892 No.263136

File: 994a99f8a89cc0e⋯.jpg (77.18 KB, 794x1007, 794:1007, IMG_0772.JPG)

Dang clown fags

93bc02 No.263137



I guess I won't post it again. Thanks anon

9bc540 No.263138

edcdaf No.263139


same happened to me anon

I’m still banned from 2 IP addresses

The first time same as you for “divisionfagging” on Bread #309

The second for questioning it

Was told that they can see all my posts

Yet 99.99 percent of my posts are memes

Except that one bread where I called out someone that I thought was a shill and they were lying

I still do not see why innocuous conspiracy posts were deleted - not the pelican shot - just normal BHO is bad etc

More than 60 posts were deleted and many were banned

If bad people took them over fuck you

If good people are still in control, then you are hurting morale

f0a110 No.263140


Extraterrestrial discussion should be continued in


a4b226 No.263141


Plan B*

ddf8a6 No.263142

File: abd2fbfa4fc560c⋯.png (91.52 KB, 924x459, 308:153, Screenshot 2018-02-03 at 1….png)


Other survivors…someone was saying the driver may have been connected to the Clinton's…


ec322a No.263143


Y u gonna fuck with Lemurs like that.

Not cool

444477 No.263144


Thanks for all u do BV.

efc2a0 No.263145


Remember his inauguration speech?

In short, YES.

'Unlocking the mysteries of space'

Q mentioned space more than a few times.

As a return favor - can you tell me what the whole exercise pineal gland deal is about? What/why/how?

Thank you, anon.

7024c5 No.263146


Bernie's doing a lot better than the whole Democratic party then! He raised too much and has a lot left over for a 2020 run.

92d3b0 No.263147

Didn't potus say in state of the union 'We will no longer broadcast our moves to our enemies'

7812f1 No.263148



(((rockin' it BV)))

No zero tolerance mistakes required here.

Effective communication helps reduce chaos.

2928fb No.263149


I've seen it before. It's noticable. If anyone thinks about what a hand gestures means, it's a seasoned FBI guy.

9958c9 No.263150


Don't worry we have a containment thread in


Carry on with important redpill work. Reference us when it will be neccessary.

c6358e No.263151


The counter-narratives (the memo is simultaneously a nothingburger and being pushed by Russian bots) have failed. Expect a major FF to force a shift.

Around the Grammy awards, DSS and another org gave counter-terrorism briefings to several groups, including Pink. Pink is scheduled to perform at the Super Bowl. The others may have been invited to the briefing for chaff/cover.

24fbb4 No.263152

Has this been mentioned?

https:// www.rt.com/uk/417796-uk-foreign-investors-assets-crackdown/

UK to confiscate assets of foreign criminals

Unexplained Wealth Orders (UWOs)

f77fff No.263153




Reminds of this hand signal ashley judd gives val kilmer www.youtube.com/watch?v=-L2xyXsJoIY

269347 No.263154


here you go friend.

https: //qcodefag.github.io/

09aaf2 No.263155


thanks BV, I can fix the dough for the next bread

should I link to this post? 263109? instead of 180316

4c50c2 No.263156

File: 0a6e250e12b8c01⋯.jpg (286.56 KB, 1600x906, 800:453, IMG_2497.JPG)

Thank you baker. ;)

001758 No.263157

File: 1be71d75d92647e⋯.jpg (15.76 KB, 320x240, 4:3, DVEAw4UW0AAR7p1.jpg)

File: eda2bc42d67f706⋯.png (30.63 KB, 264x92, 66:23, Screenshot_2018-02-02-17-5….png)

By the way WTF is up with this faggots throat?

e661a6 No.263158

File: 5b0d2e3dba0fce2⋯.jpg (62.79 KB, 640x696, 80:87, Maxine.jpg)

is this real? posted or not?

0a9dc8 No.263159


Not seaworthy.

d9d6eb No.263161


>British MI6 agents dead.

Mmm.., Which?.., the Group of steele (black hats)?

b7e479 No.263162


He bought a house with that money.

e661a6 No.263163


He's getting old, he needs more adrenochrome

e9e23f No.263165


Is there a place where anons work together? Because from what I can see. Not even half of Q's info has been answered.

It's like a high school cafeteria in here. And who decides if info is correct or not?

15324f No.263166


Auction commissions / Buyer's Fees create a high transactional cost. In Art, I think the private transaction market is more significant for laundering.

93bc02 No.263167


It's a bush baby

001758 No.263169

File: 5c5e621090c93ee⋯.jpg (331.22 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, ZomboMeme 29012018234656.jpg)

9e6cbb No.263170


Comey certainly made an enemy out of Giovanni Gambino. kek.

201eca No.263171


It's a sack that expands to allow for more cock to fit down his throat.

74aafa No.263172



What's up BO? No stomach for fried Comey pics? I thought I was on 8ch.net. Was I misdirected to reddit?

031f1c No.263173


Totally fake just like all the other times it has been posted here

7587ff No.263174


The pins were first, the truck was after, def a message there, nice catch

9958c9 No.263176



Few good post in that old thread. Especially the meditation ones.

2928fb No.263177


I like him already.

e661a6 No.263178


Ah! sorry about that never saw it here that's why i posted it.

25477f No.263179


pelican throat

b130d2 No.263180

Can any meme anons do one that has this over a background of Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Maher, Steven Colbert, and Seth Myers:


e9e23f No.263181


Also it appears that all the good anons have left except for a few. The earlier connections and maps made by anons were AWESOME!

Now it's tweeking nipple memes

aa3811 No.263182

File: fc3abd761996ba8⋯.jpg (266.99 KB, 1053x705, 351:235, jOHN.jpg)

File: 924e6d07032cff7⋯.jpg (295.79 KB, 1155x767, 1155:767, desperation.jpg)

Fun to read the dissolutioned…

http:// observer.com/2018/02/devin-nunes-memo-disappoints-fails-to-cool-russia-investigation/

efc2a0 No.263183


Good point. Let us go down this rabbit hole, should be able to uncover A LOT of 'art' transactions between relevant actors and orgs during VERY opportune times.


Go to catalogue, re-read previous threads, search Q drops at the github link posted above.

As far as solely dedicated threads, aside from these ones there are some out there on this board.

001758 No.263184

File: 4468c87bdf015cd⋯.jpg (70.54 KB, 634x948, 317:474, article-2196282-14C3CE5F00….jpg)

9bc540 No.263185


The powder makes a P with line then other two bars lIP -Life Insurance Policy ?

7024c5 No.263186


Yeah, but I think he's right.

It's not a powder.

efc2a0 No.263187


Good anons are taking a a break or quietly working the background.

We have more people in here than you realize.


aa3811 No.263188



74aafa No.263189


Good job anon. Hats off to you!!!

e9e23f No.263190


I have looked there. It's have empty of answers. That was my point lol

15324f No.263191

V^ appears in many Stringers

201eca No.263192


Rusty Pelican:

Variation of a Rusty Trombone. While a man is having his balls mouthed from behind/underneath, his partner tucks his balls inside her lower jaw and generously reaches around to give a tug. The male recipient farts causing the rectum-facing ball handler to madly flap her arms in an effort to wave away the noxious gas - resembling a pelican taking flight.

e9e23f No.263193


2928fb No.263194


It's not powder dude.

How are people so stupid?

9e6cbb No.263195


Isn't this the way most peoples hands are placed, when they are dead and in a casket?


93bc02 No.263196


There was a big thing about this in the news awhile back. A Saudi bought a Da Vinci or Michelangelo of Christ, which was weird, and then they were debating whether it was fake. And I heard a story on NPR or something about how money laundering is very easy to do with art because so much of it is done privately; and like you said about real estate, I could sell you a fake piece of shit for 8 trillion dollars, and the government doesn't have art experts on hand to validate that the fake piece of shit wasn't really worth trillions.

012c20 No.263197


Thank you so much. I check that all the time. What I am wondering about is that I work and can’t be on here 24/7 yet I am on here a lot. Almost lost my job because I called in sick too much the past 2 weeks because I could not leave the boards so I could contribute.

Since I can not do that any longer I often wonder where I can give my energy and the the best.

At times when aim come back on it is hard for me to figure out what has been solved or not.

I don’t want to waste anyone’s time but I also have a lot to offer.

d9d6eb No.263198


I don't Understand.., the MI6 there white hats or only black hats?

667d97 No.263199

File: c2de382ce514d39⋯.jpg (238.78 KB, 640x640, 1:1, df9473655e6caebfb27f69382f….jpg)


I saved the original before it was deleted

c3930d No.263200

>>262755 (last bread)

>Newspaper report re: VA train collision

This was my thought when I heard that they were CSX tracks.

The CSX freight trains are really long and really slow through towns. They're also on the whistle a lot when approaching a crossing.

So, driver sees crossbucks closed (maybe at a time he hadn't planned on), doesn't hear any whistles, thinks it's a slow CSX train and decides to run the crossing by weaving around the crossbucks.

That puts the back of the truck (with the hydraulics for lifting dumpsters) in the path of the train)

Left side of train hits hydraulics, spins the truck around and rips the trash bin body off the cab. The body takes down the metal signal shed as it's dragged down the tracks.

I'm thinking, too, that maybe roads leading to the crossing were closed temporarily, so the driver took dirt roads to the crossing. That may be what caught the drones attention.

So, question is, is this just a couple of local boys who know their home turf trying to beat a train to a crossing, or was it a planned attack?

Hard to say.

15324f No.263201


Geffen made a fortune in art transactions.

52fa90 No.263202



"cabinet minister Ben Wallace said that he would use “the full force of the government” to stifle the activities of investors using Britain as a haven for their ill-gotten gains."

No coincidences.

71d101 No.263203


Unfortunately the best catalog of answers is still your own brain from lurking. There was the spreadsheet with answers on it but that didn't work out that well.

25477f No.263204



V letter 26 ^ 6

266 ??? thinking

e7b6f6 No.263205

File: b5dd18363b6d965⋯.jpg (43.66 KB, 462x356, 231:178, XJyemeI.jpg)

43dbc2 No.263206


He mentioned space in a speech on the Asia trip. In Japan I believe. Can't remember exact wording but it was something along the lines of being protected by land, sea, air and space.

001758 No.263207

File: eda2bc42d67f706⋯.png (30.63 KB, 264x92, 66:23, Screenshot_2018-02-02-17-5….png)

File: a1b98fd4b609f96⋯.jpg (21.96 KB, 442x237, 442:237, article-2196282-14C3CE5F00….jpg)

There are no coincidences…..

7587ff No.263208

072888 No.263209


bump for #metoo!

mine came as a result of asking for 100% transparency there we several of us. if folks want sheep who blindly walk where ever they are told to help them. they should use twatr for there platform.

9bc540 No.263210


Well dust - icing sugar whatever it is,still ends up making a P shape

d9d6eb No.263211


Cocaine lol

572bbf No.263212

haha lol… man i never should have posted that pic ,it turned into a mega slide…

c2f363 No.263213


Does that ring look like something other than a wedding band to anyone? An anon brought up the Oblammy ring with the Muzzie phrase on it in the last thread. Not the same, but…

2928fb No.263214




I've seen Comey do it before, as well as Trump. I would bet it's a pretty literal meaning. Namely, "I'm hiding something." It brings to mind hiding a hand of cards.

f8b2da No.263215

File: 336b2b3f7164f08⋯.png (479.18 KB, 1365x637, 15:7, Twin Cities.png)


09aaf2 No.263216

File: c0ed543b0656c91⋯.jpg (293.94 KB, 880x1801, 880:1801, adamSchiff.jpg)

c6358e No.263217


The Podesta family recently funded a book on UFOs. The EM tweet was meant to distract from Q postings.




Seek immediate: one of [19]. Rocket Man is on a suicide mission.

ca877c No.263219



I got part of this one figured out

Auth Authorize

C-TV Cable TV

FCA Federal Communications Act.

ZD and numbers Im still working on

60d268 No.263220


While you're fixing the dough, fix the bold of the hashtags. Looks like someone cut/pasted from WordPad or Word, which converted the single quotes.

Always use a plain text editor, Bakers, or cut/paste from pastebin or ghostbin directly.

e9e23f No.263221


Seems like a giant waste of time tbh. We don't even know what we know or don't know lol!

No confirmations on 3/4 of the information. This keeps up and this place will be just a hangout. It's almost there.

f77fff No.263222




She gives him the signal because the authorities are there to arrest him when he shows up and she signals him from the balcony. Cuff + catch + realse= I think your right

Reminds of this hand signal ashley judd gives val kilmer

<iframe width="420" height="315"

src="https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=-L2xyXsJoIY">


e5e3b8 No.263223


Critical thinking. Each can decide, see something you do not think is correct, you research to find out if it is correct. Some speculation. Good exercise in critical thinking vs. group think.

0a0e46 No.263224


Anthrax at the Superbowl? The look of powder on the desk?

7024c5 No.263225


No he didn't.

f77fff No.263226

How the hell do you embed videos

c588e5 No.263227


D meaning day of days?

001758 No.263228

File: ed9f38710b28914⋯.jpg (37.15 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1517523527234.jpg)

File: 4158dd3003cfd55⋯.jpg (39.35 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1517523432686.jpg)

c5dd94 No.263229

File: e28cea5a97f503f⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1429x758, 1429:758, n407tk.png)

Private reg helicopter leaving Los Alamos… wonder whats on board?

2928fb No.263230


Those gestures are nothing like each other so there's that. They both use hands though good job Sherlock.

74aafa No.263231


That may explain the devious look on Chuck Schumer's face during the SOTU speech.

What comes around goes around poopy pants.

bb9b7d No.263232


Just thinking, what if HOT means Hawaiian Ocean Time? Thoughts?

7587ff No.263233

File: 5123faf37db9e9b⋯.png (22.25 KB, 707x154, 101:22, kab.PNG)

92d3b0 No.263234


I noticed the radio Silence

7812f1 No.263235


YES. Memo…definitely has some meat between those buns! Even if you can't taste it yet.

>Some here definitely dive deeper that I can… However, it's clear this "memo" was to prep the normies - for a nice and easy slow…roll-out…of 411. (((they))) can't handle it all in one DUMP.

Strategy = Set the stage > in drips and drops.

e9e23f No.263236


I am critically thinking it needs more clarification. Lol.

15324f No.263237


https:// www.highsnobiety.com/2015/06/16/most-valuable-art-collections/ a good start

ec322a No.263238


Still an unfair comparison lol

93bc02 No.263239


Balazs is on the board of various art foundations–1 in NYC, 1 in Miami, I think; and I think Pepe Tena was too. The pictures I found of him awhile back were at an art opening.

This is the real estate company selling Handler's house. https:// pacificunionla.com/

With Tena and Balazs, who own hotels, they probably are (or were) involved in buying art all the time to furnish the hotels.

d9d6eb No.263240


It has sense., it say that The Original HRC is dead.., the Actual is only a clone.., even, many politics is being cloned (Also Putin?)

2928fb No.263241

Good thing Q isn't here we have some retards here right now that would try to decipher the reflection of their own face on the screen.

4c50c2 No.263242

File: d37d6f4805069a8⋯.jpg (195.22 KB, 900x607, 900:607, IMG_2500.JPG)

e661a6 No.263243

Found a very interesting post about the superbowl tomorrow. gonna post it now

162e99 No.263244

File: 472ed97c299ffda⋯.jpg (91.77 KB, 480x320, 3:2, thatsit4.jpg)

File: 2923854e1f78d34⋯.jpg (84.02 KB, 480x320, 3:2, thatsit5.jpg)

c2f363 No.263245


Or he's telling /ourguys/ that (((they're))) coming to handcuff THEM???

65f249 No.263246


Uhm, that's powder from a Crystal Light powdered drink packet. I get the same spill on my table when I pour it into my 16 oz water bottle.

ae5247 No.263247

File: 431cab93af859bd⋯.jpg (62.03 KB, 680x921, 680:921, 1586f6bb7baef808f2aa7cf1be….jpg)


See what you can do with this.

162e99 No.263248



adefbf No.263249


From what I gather nutrition is huge. I read the Rothschild AMA, and it was FULL of red pills.

I cut carbs out of my diet afterwards to give it a try, and I am AMAZED at the difference it has made in my energy/focus levels.

Fluoride is an obvious one, I have been drinking pure well water for almost a decade.

Actual excercise?

Be outside. Be silent. Stand barefoot in the grass against the trunk of a tree and feel your heels take root in the earth.

Tend a garden. Hike by yourself and listen to creation call once all of your background static has calmed down.

Small example: I was hiking in a mosquito INFESTED area. No repellant, it was incredibly hot, was going to have to cut my trip short because it was unbearable.

I sat down and asked God/nature to reveal to me a solution, and then I listened.

There was a small alpine plant (I don't know the name, though I could find it again) that was very sparsely in bloom. Only a few flowers. But the flower spoke to me. I can't describe it any other way.

I rubbed it on my exposed skin, and it worked perfectly. No more mosquito bites.

This was long ago, before my improvements in diet, and based on the suggestion of my uncle who told me about native medicine men who would listen to the plants for solutions.

An anecdote, in a sea of anecdotes, comprising a life of anecdotes.

I hope it helps you.

09aaf2 No.263250




any other edits?

<broken link fixed

<hashtags font fixed

7812f1 No.263251


Solid points. However… the true challenge here and – in life – is learning to PLAY & WORK, in the middle of a "'shit-storm of chaos."

Welcome home. Up for the challenge?

f77fff No.263252


No shit sherlock, what was he suppose to do post a gif, or just do that in the photo so it so f'n obvious? We know they put stuff in hollywood movies, not rocket science.

e0745a No.263253


Not really interested in the "powder". Thanks for your observation though.

1f0656 No.263254

Because of the 'dead' people Anons dug that die tomorrow (found when Anon was going through Wikipedia) I have just had A bot start following me on Twitter - DramaBot . Haha!

Anyone know what this bot does???

I think I have made it into the 'bad' books of Twitter.


7fde30 No.263255

File: 498e927cdbc9983⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1213x901, 1213:901, screenshot_704.png)

File: 9c0381e4ea29eac⋯.png (112.76 KB, 728x570, 364:285, screenshot_705.png)

File: 95edb24a568c6c5⋯.png (200.19 KB, 724x804, 181:201, screenshot_707.png)



The 5 Most Valuable Art Collections in the World

Art collecting is big business. So big, in fact, that just five of its top players control assets of over $11 billion. Taking a look at what has become one of the most lucrative investments known to man, Mark Edwards gives the lowdown on the most valuable art collections on Earth.

Imagine, for a second, that you have a billion dollars burning a hole in your Swiss bank account…

https:// www.highsnobiety.com/2015/06/16/most-valuable-art-collections/

cd3c14 No.263256


Has anyone read any of the linked articles?

Just checked out the Daily Mail one: check this out:

"An heir to the Gambino crime family has called the FBI and its former director, James Comey, 'weasels' who 'abuse their power' after the release of a once-classified memo."

Giovanni Gambino told Dailymail.com that the agency has a long history of corruption, particularly when it comes to members of his own community.

He said: 'Many Italians have been [dishonestly] convicted by the FBI. The FBI [arrested] my father with dishonesty and misleading information. I have a message to Comey and the FBI. Times [sic] up.

'American history shows that, in the long run, weasels and liars (like the FBI) never hold the field, so long as good people (like trump) stand up.'

Read more: http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5349035/Mafia-heir-Gambino-crime-family-calls-FBI-weasels.html#ixzz567MHf1kE

Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

84b5c7 No.263257


If anything at all occurs, I'm sure the good guys have it covered. What I believe is that the black hats are so arrogant and "Really stupid", that they believe they can't fail. should have learned from Killery's failed presidential run, but again, these people are really stupid.

e9e23f No.263258


Been doing it since November. Lol. Thanks though you rock! Glad to see some decent peeps around here.

001758 No.263259

File: 447cd599b8f1eda⋯.jpg (38.65 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1517725262618.jpg)

15324f No.263260


We have so little context its hard to say. v is the 22nd letter in english. I spent a lot of time with cicada puzzles. from that perspective, look at v^ or just the ^ as some kind of operator. Q has never used any kind of simple letter substitution cyphers. I know many have ran stringers through ROT solvers.

fdc2b8 No.263261

File: de986979fee0d78⋯.jpg (101.4 KB, 889x499, 889:499, traitorcomey.jpg)

71d101 No.263262


The only time I feel like calling people retards here is when they start using google to "decipher" euphemisms and figures of speech that should be known to anyone more mature than a 10 year old.

fd5005 No.263263


Yes. He has given us everything we need. We have our orders and if something needs to change, I am sure he will let us know.

ddf8a6 No.263264

0a0e46 No.263265


Not sure what the donut refers to but I think he's calling him a liar with the garden hose comment.

2928fb No.263266

File: 7d13ac67bff86b6⋯.jpg (65.81 KB, 1007x1008, 1007:1008, 26864308_158770771444567_2….jpg)

It's so weird how that powder matches up with the high points of the woodgrain, EXACTLY LIKE LIGHT REFLECTING OFF OF A TABLE, and the part with no powder lines up exactly how a SHADOW would from Comes KNUCKLES. That's so weird.

Anyway I wonder what that powder is.

9bc540 No.263268

File: a96e0c0e97d887c⋯.jpeg (113.91 KB, 1242x517, 1242:517, 5A44FC99-71F7-43C9-B895-9….jpeg)


No erratum it shows more of a B shape than P

f77fff No.263269





Not to mention is the same damn hand being used and she puts her RIGHT hand if an F'n fist sherlock, like in the photo,

84b5c7 No.263270


Nah that wouldn't give the effect they'd want. FF's are all about show and instant gratification - bloody, gory, traumatic; not something that if it does kill you it's gonna take weeks.

1f0656 No.263271


Sorry, should have explained that I tweeted all four of the people onto the hashtag #NFLHonors plus my own list….

983c2f No.263272

Nov 5, 2017

Important to archive.

Above & next drops have high probability of shutting down /pol/.

It is being safeguarded for these transmissions but not 100% secure.

Who owns /pol/?

Why is this platform being used?

What recent events almost occurred re: /pol/?

Why is this relevant?

Stay alert in main US cities (DC), sporting events, and other conservative gatherings.


Stay alert in main US cities (DC), sporting events, and other conservative gatherings.

More false flags imminent.

Elections (tues) no longer matter at this stage.

Snow White.

Godfather III.

Above will have context as news unfolds.

Summarize and paint the picture.



ec322a No.263273


The entire tone and feel of the board changed the ‘day of the meme’ shit last month

9bc540 No.263274

27be05 No.263275


I thought it looked like an outline of the cuff link

e9e23f No.263276


Yes feels……very childish and a dog chasing it's tail.

6b11d0 No.263277

File: aff9bd6c534e5c3⋯.jpg (119.57 KB, 926x721, 926:721, t1.jpg)

c1e93d No.263278

File: a244ccfbfe51472⋯.jpg (74.53 KB, 914x435, 914:435, gmancomey.jpg)

thought something could be made of this

ddf8a6 No.263279


Stand Up


Times up

All in the same article

12c816 No.263280


That is funny. For a second there I thought you were a drugged-up Clown, but then I got the joke. Thanks for the chuckle.

09aaf2 No.263281

new baker needed

updated pastebin per




new baker needed

bb2679 No.263282


Is there a black light simulator for digital pics? Excuse my newfagness but my eyes tell me there is more to see than what we are seeing.

efc2a0 No.263283


Thank you.

daa337 No.263284

File: 02238d16280d904⋯.png (457.47 KB, 717x737, 717:737, 8c8db1f74576dedaae41ae0acb….png)

File: fc39381c5199816⋯.png (599.89 KB, 2229x1544, 2229:1544, 9123d79bd6d995600e04afd968….png)

File: 5fe98d32064dd4e⋯.png (215.65 KB, 2256x1503, 752:501, b02d32a56c9a32288eaf2f121c….png)

This needs more visibility. Check everyone from each team to see if there is some fuckery

0a0e46 No.263286


Not until March

e661a6 No.263287

File: 82bac2d7d461f1c⋯.png (231.07 KB, 968x826, 484:413, Bd1.png)

File: 76fa447a53e10d1⋯.png (280.08 KB, 1026x797, 1026:797, bd2.png)

File: 12c0d3ad76a9e9a⋯.png (213.34 KB, 1601x401, 1601:401, bd3.png)

File: 3b13976f05adb72⋯.png (211.71 KB, 921x741, 307:247, bd4.png)

Bob dylan, Super Bowl numerology


84b5c7 No.263288


Christopher Foley was the man killed. (CF) Coincidence? one theory on the board this past week was that whatever the black hats planned was neutralized and the white hats did their own little FF of sorts to throw it in the black hats faces. peculiar the guy killed's initials…no real sauce to support, just a theory

c2f363 No.263289



>US cities (DC), sporting events, and other conservative gatherings.

e661a6 No.263290

File: 642bf6050e50438⋯.png (306.35 KB, 964x818, 482:409, bd5.png)

File: efc90ea59c7cfab⋯.png (220.11 KB, 863x802, 863:802, bd6.png)

File: 19891b3e6db7f83⋯.png (266.42 KB, 1026x790, 513:395, OnPaste.20180204-072408.png)


162e99 No.263291

File: 64760caecc07cf9⋯.jpg (815.36 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, thatsit.jpg)

File: 75d446acf94b5a9⋯.jpg (521.44 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, thatsit2.jpg)

e9e23f No.263292


Solid Anon! Good find! Future proves past.

16ab78 No.263293


this is so KEK


52fa90 No.263294


Plausible if you ask me. Their tech is at least 50 years ahead of ours.

f77fff No.263295

File: 2f2418a1a44eacd⋯.png (157.22 KB, 500x281, 500:281, hands.PNG)




same hands being used in same position fist flat note rings for which hands

d9d6eb No.263296


Mother of autism!., G-man Exist!!, Where is FREEMAN?

7812f1 No.263297


For me…Vegas shooting. It was like another 911 slap in the face and I said NOPE…time to dive in.

What I can say is…. best to wade through the poop. Ignore. Focus on the anons that resonate with you. Find your sweet spot. Then have fun and get some good investigative work done!

2928fb No.263298



Not to mention his usage of punctuation is reminiscent of Q.

Very interesting.

Hi Gambinos! Glad to have you here.

995e1e No.263299

File: 0e8f6e2f1a44ef7⋯.png (41.08 KB, 932x824, 233:206, snow white and the seven d….png)


Thank you anon for reminding me of this, it slipped my mind last night.

I give you Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Keep in mind the emphasis that Q has placed over military control of the NSA, a military intelligence organization. They're the Wizards & Warlocks that get things done.

In contrast, the seven dwarves are the civilian pricks that are busy trying to fuck all of us. And, yes, I know that the Coast Guard is one of our armed forces, but they fall under the Department of Homeland Security.

620c89 No.263300


Agreed, no autist, only retards.

efc2a0 No.263301


Thank you also.

24fbb4 No.263302


Its probably intentional to fuck with us

Get us focused on a nothingburger rather than being on task

He's laughing at us

c1e93d No.263303



ec322a No.263304


Post solid, related info, research and hypothesis or links - go by without a comment. Post a meme gets rave reviews. Nobody really follows up on links in bread

Partly why I spend maybe a half hour a day on here now, after marathon 12-15 hr sessions releatedly, before.

Been getting better info from twatter than here lately. There are still a few occasional gems - but nothing like whay was seen in Nov/Dec. would bet the same shill-kill feel has others doing the same. :/

It is worth noting that weekends are worse than week days, for obv reasons.

74aafa No.263305


we can only hope that is cyanide.

87e926 No.263306

NP connection to backstage.com/ escorts?

http:// www.fairfaxunderground.com/forum/read/40/2777247.html

daa337 No.263307



09aaf2 No.263308

File: e5c38c2930e7ed2⋯.gif (1.5 MB, 500x600, 5:6, BzBzBz.gif)

G'night anons, happy hunting

2928fb No.263309


That's a mind boggling stupid comparison. I absolutely know you can find 50 more salient examples than that one movie.

620c89 No.263311



e9e23f No.263312


True enough! My sweet spot is names, symbols, colors, and history. :)

Gematria. Hell no lol

d9d6eb No.263313


The resistance vs The alliance (Real life version?)

7dc641 No.263314


I have not updated this. Comey needs changed here I think

01/13/18 (Sat) 19:33:44 No.10




HOT-1_pre_D Loretta Lynch

HOT-2_pre_D Hillary Rodham Clinton

HOT-3+ James Comey (+Soros)?

HOT-4_TERM_AUTHC-TVFCAZD-837392x James Comey

HOT-5_pre_D Chuck Schumer

HOT-6_pre_D Andrew McCabe

HOT-7_corr_TAXjV^-293Z John McCain

HOT-8_pre_D Rod Rosenstein

HOT-9_pre_D Susan Rice

HOT-10_pre_D John Brennon

HOT-11_pre_D Huma Abedin

HOT-12_pre_D Valerie Jarrett




> POTUS says We Are WIth You [No one left behind][For God & Country]

9267f3 No.263315


where from?

15324f No.263316


This reminds me of an apple II physics game i played in 3-4th grade.

daa337 No.263317

File: 6519d4cdbd09910⋯.jpg (56.5 KB, 512x353, 512:353, 6519d4cdbd09910e3d6155e64e….jpg)

e9e23f No.263318


Right! All that is gone! It's like a rAve party from the 90's 😂😂😂😂

93bc02 No.263319


http:// www.patrickmcmullan.com/site/search.aspx?t=person&s=Pepe+Tena

These are pictures of Pepe Tena, who died in the helicopter crash, with Andre Balazs and some other people at the opening of an art exhibition by Jose Parla in 2016.

Here is an article about Parla: https:// www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/meet-cuban-american-artist-who-has-made-fans-beyonce-jay-z-952004

He must be really good if Beyoncé is a fan.

It's quite likely that Balazs or Tena bought some of his paintings…and that might help show that they are laundering money (but I think it would be hard to track that down online). But it wouldn't establish the connection with Schiff, which is what I'm looking for.

The question is, why would that helicopter crash be something that some powerful people did to help Schiff?

This article argues that Schiff is pushing his Russian conspiracy because he has a mutual arrangement worked out with Ukrainians; the Ukrainian guy fundraises for him, and Schiff helps make sure Ukrainians get weapons for their war against Russia(ns).

https:// original.antiwar.com/justin/2017/03/21/adam-schiff-grifter-racketeer-warmonger/

e661a6 No.263320


I Agree.. let's see if he dies tomorrow….

7dc641 No.263321


I got this from someone else. No idea what it means

9267f3 No.263322


f77fff No.263323

File: e98841b5d92daeb⋯.png (270.92 KB, 490x446, 245:223, If you can dish it you can….PNG)


You mean like this?

bb9b7d No.263324



DoCs To Be Announced?

6326b6 No.263325

File: 53e42aac0fc24c0⋯.png (186.69 KB, 488x336, 61:42, jfghfjgh.png)

A month before elections in italy. Lets hope italians don't fall for this false flag bullshit. Never forget the country is at stake.

In the UK they're still milking that one kike who drove into muzzies at a church.

ae9c7a No.263326



We're still here, ducking shills & cucks, passing out redpills on the interwebs & IRL, overall enjoying the show.

7dc641 No.263328


Some stuff is Q sending out missions. I didn't do this one but I think it just might be a mission. I have no idea what these names mean or why the person put them in. This was several weeks ago

c2f363 No.263329


HOT-3+ James Comey (+Soros)?

>>122818 ??

fdc2b8 No.263330






Excellent artwork anon

667d97 No.263331


Shudda filtered him lol

60d268 No.263332

File: 642b518b1828db6⋯.png (30.29 KB, 851x290, 851:290, 147109593.png)

Just some encouragement for our friends outside of the USA that want MAGA to spread their way…

I'm researching old Q team posts and found these couple of relevant lines from half chan:


Also many are thinking from one point of view, US only, this evil is embedded globally. US is the first domino.

Have faith.


Pic related.

efc2a0 No.263333

File: ef6a8ee490eb5e2⋯.jpeg (283.77 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, blacksun.jpeg)


Soldier on, good anon.

Gott mit uns

067680 No.263334

Y? Truth is probably stranger than fiction. It kind of reminded me of a 1987 movie called Real Men. Read the plot. It has it all! Russians, clowns and aliens!

https: //en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real_Men_(film)

b80cf7 No.263335

File: 75c30c38ac00cc0⋯.jpg (268.13 KB, 485x1105, 97:221, tenc1.jpg)

They are hiding this from you.

The Twelve Tribes of Israel:














ISIS: 4x Dissolution (Mutable) Signs (Shiva)

RA: 4x Operation (Fixed) Signs (Vishnu)

El: 4x Generation Cardinal) signs (Brahma)

Do you see why each character is depicted

with four arms/hands?

Ezekiel 1:10: ‘Each of the four had the face of a man, and on the right side each had the face of a lion, and on the left the face of an ox; each also had the face of an eagle.

Eagle (Y) = Scorpio…….Operation……Water

Man (H) = Aquarius……Operation……Air

Ox (W) = Taurus……..Operation…….Earth

Lion (H) = Leo………….Operation……Fire

G eneration (Cardinal signs)

O operation (Fixed signs = YHWH)

D issolution (Mutable)

Everything is light. The undivided white light is eternal; each individual contains seven seals (chakras) which capture this white light according to his/her own 'being'.


'The light of the body is in the eye; therefor if the eye is single, the body will fill with light.'

'Your body is a lamp; and you are the light of the world.'

What is the source of light on the planet?

'The Father' is in the sun

and the sun is in you.


The solution is the most obvious thing.

bb9b7d No.263336


Thanks. Hard to keep up with the 9 to 5

e9e23f No.263337


All thr good Anons get shilled! Bless you for trying to red pill normies. I gave that up a looooong time ago. It's infuriating lol. They just stare at you like you have amother head growing out of your ear. Lol.

fdc2b8 No.263338

>>262971 (from last bread)

Are these more bank account placeholders or what?

ddf8a6 No.263339

File: e7acafc2f7bfd70⋯.png (283.62 KB, 637x619, 637:619, Screenshot 2018-02-03 at 1….png)

6643b8 No.263340

File: bfb7db5d18af65b⋯.png (160.33 KB, 1490x1200, 149:120, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at ….png)


Was Wray blackmailed?

1dd7fe No.263341

File: c0fe49bbc6e40df⋯.jpg (92.41 KB, 730x1095, 2:3, IMG_0658.JPG)

Plane fags rule

d9d6eb No.263342


Yes, Italy has the third bank more weight from Europe..,Although Italy is in decadency.. (in population

also).., and that Italy is the 2nd country more gangsters of the world.., but as to go the things.., (more the helps of russia), We hope that WIN the nationalists

ae5247 No.263343

Holy Crap. Steve King is taking on Obama. That takes some balls.

http:// www.breitbart.com/radio/2018/02/03/steve-kings-memo-warning-watch-closely-for-barack-obamas-fingerprints/#disqus_thread

e9e23f No.263344


Wow. Except the Father thing.

e9e23f No.263346


I'm a Libra. What does that mean exactly? Your info is interesting.

eb8920 No.263347


FCAZD also means "Fiat Chrysler Auto, SRT Viper"

eda1a6 No.263348

Good local news coverage on the parents who attended SOTU whose daughters were murdered by MS13


9bc540 No.263349


Comey‘s twatter

15324f No.263350


Q drops have changed too. It launched with bombshells that implied so many were arrested/house arrest/indicted/gitmo'd. The news cycle has been full of huge stuff, but nothing close to the early expectations. Q might have managed that a little better, but i suppose you need to kick things off with a splash to get attention to it.

cd3c14 No.263351


So why Is Giovanni Gambino, in this Daily Mail Article of 4th Feb quoting from James Comey's tweet of 1st Feb?

Daily Mail quote:

Giovanni Gambino told Dailymail.com that the agency has a long history of corruption, particularly when it comes to members of his own community.

He said: 'Many Italians have been [dishonestly] convicted by the FBI. The FBI [arrested] my father with dishonesty and misleading information. I have a message to Comey and the FBI. Times [sic] up.

'American history shows that, in the long run, weasels and liars (like the FBI) never hold the field, so long as good people (like trump) stand up.'

Comey Tweet:

"All should appreciate the FBI speaking up. I wish more of our leaders would. But take heart: American history shows that, in the long run, weasels and liars never hold the field, so long as good people stand up. Not a lot of schools or streets named for Joe McCarthy."

e9e23f No.263352


More than likely yes. That's how they are all controlled. Find their sick dirty weakness and exploit it.

847927 No.263353

File: eea71320646d617⋯.jpg (82.97 KB, 1000x630, 100:63, IMG_0734.JPG)

ae9c7a No.263354

File: b4eba859e11f959⋯.png (2.64 MB, 4167x2083, 4167:2083, C_I_A_computers_dwarfs_sno….png)

File: c1a214b159b1a9e⋯.png (68.97 KB, 639x503, 639:503, The seven dwarves fit arch….png)


and now we have the answer to the question "who is snow white?" (@Snowden)

e661a6 No.263355


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxFMKIYYKB0

7587ff No.263356

File: 417f8602fd44c7a⋯.png (20.03 KB, 713x124, 23:4, kabu.PNG)


lol looks like it, you got the triple 333 to prove it

2928fb No.263357


And why does he write (obviously the communication was written) like Q?

ec322a No.263358



Feeding into the MSM and Dem hysterical opposition to it.

Now all rational notmies are wondering what exactly they ‘thought’ was going to be in it. What drives me to drink is why Schiff, of all people, didnt go woth simply being derisive/dismissive of it. Sure those truly following the situation for months - and lawyers, specifically prosecutors -understand the real threat is what was ‘not’ explicitly but was nonetheless strongly hinted at.

Bit the outright hysterical reactions by Maddow, Comey, and a few others seriously makes one wonder what ‘they’ thought was going to be in it (and were afraid of).

0a0e46 No.263359


Perhaps he has some MI visitors that are gently encouraging him to call off the ops.

6326b6 No.263360


I pray for italy. Lega nord was on a roll until this. All of the terrorist attacks in europe showed the rest of the world what their plan was. This is no different.

(((They))) will use this attack for years to gain sympathy from italians so they let their guard down until its too late.

bb9b7d No.263361


I've had better luck redpilling when I put my audience's priorities in consideration. The GEPOTUS has gift-wrapped talking points for redpilling. His EO on cracking down on human trafficking is a great example. Liberals HATE human trafficking… (at least the low-rung ones do) start up a convo about something a Liberal cares about that GEPOTUS delivered on, then cut the conversation. I got a liberal to admit his EO was fantastic. We have to get off our level and onto theirs, otherwise it's in one ear and out the other. Slow baby steps on their level on talking points they care about, then drop the convo before it goes south.

847927 No.263362


Same name as gynotology scandals early eighties

e9e23f No.263363


Italy is a very very important country. And they are arresting certain members of certain orders etc.

201eca No.263364

File: e5130b87ee3e7cf⋯.gif (87.28 KB, 1051x588, 1051:588, world time zone map.gif)



and >>263232 got me thinking about time zones around the world. I looked at some TZ maps. Found pic related.

First string Authorization for…

-D_Cs - Drone Counterstrike To Be Announced/Acquired (YES)

HOT-1 -2 etc - Could be related to time to target? or Hover Over Target? not sure.

pre_D - Predetermined?

3+ - ???

-4 Terminate (function/direction) Authentication Code

-5 -6 -Same above

-7 - directional correction ?

-8 -9 -10 -11 -12 - Same above

Happy Hunting - Using a drone to find above targets?

God… I hope this makes sense on paper. It sounded really good in my head.

7024c5 No.263365



OWL (occurs elsewhere) might mean:

Operational: Weapons Live

OWLS could add synchronized? Or something.

b130d2 No.263366


I did a little digging on HOT, in military usage and found this:

Eric Tang, Paratrooper, Troop Commander, U.S. Army

Answered Feb 23, 2014

When directing Air Support, a JTAC on the ground with the unit requesting support has to tell the aircraft whether or not the pilot is "cleared hot" as per official doctrine. This tells the pilot that his or her azimuth (direction of travel) from the initial point (IP or entrance into the engagement area) is accurate, on target, will not result in friendly fire, and is cleared to drop munitions. I believe "come in hot" is a variation of that.

The pre_D, I'm thinking is either predetermined (As in a predetermined target), or pre-detonation. What about pre_Dawn, since Q references [OWLS], who can see in the dark?

77dd87 No.263367

File: 5722e037b780cbb⋯.png (654.62 KB, 888x499, 888:499, comey trump fag.png)

File: f747c14c6be8a86⋯.png (671.17 KB, 750x500, 3:2, comey sentenced.png)

d8ab42 No.263368


Judiciary and Ethics committee need to drop their memos first, once all committee memos are out… BOOM!!! Horowitiz drops his IG DOJ corruption report to tie all memos together with 1.2 million docs and a report to guide you through this first of many rabbit holes to come.

201eca No.263369




oh yeah… OWLS are the names for the drones that we set to ##FLY##

7812f1 No.263370


Just because you can't see it. Doesn't mean it's not happening.

Expand your thinking.Do you really think there have been no arrests? No "catch & release" at GITMO? Don't use the "news" as your backup. WE ARE THE "NEW" NEWS! Loose your doubt. Find your power. REFOCUS.

001758 No.263371


To understand Italy and the families battling to rule the Vatican you must look up the Medici and the Borgia families

9bc540 No.263372


Except he doesn’t have a 100 ways to communicate right now. Q pointed out that he was signalling via Twatter so Instagram too. This might be a diversion but still important to look at

e9e23f No.263373



I can't even get people to believe vaccinations are harming them. Never mind politics lol!

I'm Canadian. We arent has ummmm political as Americans. Canadians are took laid back.

f77fff No.263374


Looks like he stuck his fingers in it, thumb maybe?

2928fb No.263375



His original message would have read exactly like this:


Many Italians have been [dishonestly] convicted by the FBI. The FBI [arrested] my father with dishonesty and misleading information. I have a message to Comey and the FBI. Times up.

American history shows that, in the long run, weasels and liars (like the FBI) never hold the field, so long as good people (like trump) stand up.


He knows some shit.

e661a6 No.263376


Nope, he never said that.

847927 No.263377

File: 92eeb15fb71e3bb⋯.jpg (154.58 KB, 960x960, 1:1, IMG_0649.JPG)

71d101 No.263378


Yeah, the way that happened has been unpleasant for someone who was expecting things to pop off on Nov 4, then the week after, then the week after that, and so on.

Personally I'm assuming they just don't want the enemy to know when they're going to move on it.

I do not believe things are going to be done the slow way with a trial by media first and Trump waiting for a 100% approval rating before he acts.

So Q info back then was mostly true, but the timing was disinfo.


b15155 No.263379

takin bets on a FF occurring during the superb owl tomorrow

7587ff No.263380


Once the other memos come they will tie these scumbags to the trafficking, can't wait, the money trail will be their downfall

995e1e No.263381



Code for World Bank Remittances.

That was back around loaf 285 or so, maybe further back. Looks like (from the time frame) that it had something to do with the financial takedown.

001758 No.263382


2 families…1 White 1 black? Nobility?

25477f No.263383


o the Elite dirty money sold stocks at rock bottom price because and moving it

into a Soros safe place… The good money moved into it's place.. Now that it's

a level playing feild… The market will then probably slow down now but keeped

at 26…. make sence…. Companies have all kinds of money to work with.

CEOs not taking million dollar bonuses cause those guys are gone or running scared

Employees get the money… Amount given out is same as amounts given before to

one or 2 people…

c1e93d No.263384

so part of the narrative about the memo is it destroys the integrity of the F Bee eye. seems to me they do that themselves with their actions. I think the latest DB Cooper investigation could be leveraged.

9267f3 No.263385


are you :) ?

bb9b7d No.263386


Could HOT 3, 4 and 7 refer to something happening at the same time in a different time zone?

7812f1 No.263388

File: 3d61dbf01385ea2⋯.jpg (252.17 KB, 1290x860, 3:2, tacos.jpg)

93bc02 No.263389


How does it connect to the Standard Hotel?

7024c5 No.263390


That works well for the numbers, and explains why some would not have anything to do…

But then again the idea that one drone or target per timezone sounds a bit unlikely, and some time zones would be surely useless. Also all only one side of GMT?

I like it a lot, but it seems to not fully make sense, while making sense of other things.

Unless they are just the designations of drones and not the time zone they are in.

c6358e No.263391

File: 67ce7d2cce2e4f2⋯.png (219.8 KB, 700x700, 1:1, Falcon_9_logo_by_SpaceX.png)

File: 9f70e358c76a870⋯.jpg (668.69 KB, 866x650, 433:325, Wedjat_(Udjat)_Eye_of_Horu….jpg)


SpaceX. EYE OF RA. Symbolism.

e9e23f No.263392


My friend. Great info! And I agree. I happen to know many things about that country and it's importance.

But I would say Portugal is more important.

b15155 No.263393


whats funny is that i believe the original astrological signs were 13 to represent the original 13 months

09842a No.263394


People jumped to conclusions.

Though this was expected and deliberate. Note some of Q's first drops. 11/4? Or 11.4?

Q refers to markers in later drops using whole numbers. People often overlook the early drops and do not re-read the crumbs as instructed. They miss the fact that … If we are thinking clocks, the 11.4 indictment is before 12… Which comes well after where we are, now… Which is presumably before 0.

Q started at the end game with many of his drops. 40K feet. But that is not where things start. Bottom to top.

Q knew we would jump to the conclusion that the marker was a date. He knew we would make the connection with the sealed indictments. He knew we would get enthusiastic… And be somewhat disgruntled when we didn't get what we expected.

Q is not going to shelter us from the wrong conclusion. He is going to let wrong conclusions play out against reality and let us try and pick up the pieces of our shattered understanding.

a62480 No.263395


I gave it a good run thru Photoshop filters. IMO it's on the desk and not a reflection. Prior to checking I thought it WAS a reflection. No pic to post, pretty much what you see is what you get.

25477f No.263396

When I was young and living on the farm I thought


eb8920 No.263397



http:// www.marines.mil/News/News-Display/Article/837392/us-marines-and-mexican-navy-conduct-aav-ops/

f77fff No.263398


I think a little more fingers to wrists? Makes me want to re-watch his testimony to see what he does with his hands, lol, don't think I could stomach it a 2nd time.

e9e23f No.263399


Which twitter account are you following?

77dd87 No.263400

File: c3f41b8d53d951d⋯.png (221.34 KB, 460x259, 460:259, comey meme curts.png)

847927 No.263401

File: aba5609c0c0e18f⋯.jpg (344.57 KB, 748x748, 1:1, IMG_0540.JPG)

12c816 No.263402

"In the FISA court, only the government appears, seeking a generalized search warrant without regard to the facts of any specific case. There is no case or controversy in the constitutional sense as there is no adversariness: No plaintiff is suing a defendant, and no defendant is being prosecuted by the government. Absent adversariness, the federal courts have no jurisdiction to do anything."

- Judge Andrew Napolotano

Read more at http:// www.wn d.com/2013/09/why-the-fisa-court-is-unconstitutional/#GJ4u7ArXCHRTVZ24.99

001758 No.263403



0a0e46 No.263404


A very stupid theory. They would never deliberately hurt civilians.

7812f1 No.263405


>Medici and the Borgia families

^^^ thank you.

ae5247 No.263406


Santa Monica Blvd.

bb9b7d No.263407


I'm gonna LOL if this is just coffee creamer

9267f3 No.263408

i am of the last ,,,dec 7

66cf17 No.263409

File: 3471767df66864c⋯.png (977.47 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_0256.PNG)

Ran into this one on Twatter. KEKosaurus Rex.

201eca No.263410


Honestly… I think the Time Zone park was just a spark for the rest of the 'decode', and had nothing to do with the final result.

I guess I wanted to get the thoughts down before I lost the train. Maybe should have taken time to clean it up.

b72ec3 No.263411


She has not soul.

f77fff No.263412


>hand of cards

reminds me of

e0afbd No.263413

File: b6ff9007fc981b6⋯.jpg (14.55 KB, 200x148, 50:37, spy v spi #1.jpg)


Without Q. verification, this board looses cred. There are too many JTRG, Clowns, Russians, Chinese, Norwegians, Israeli, OSI, and regular old low life hackers here now. Without the focal point of a confirmed Q, we are just so much chaff blowing in the wind. Somebody fix it. Most of us are too low on the totem pole to do it. Just my desperation plea. Sorry.

Mod Edit: We are at War, dear anon. Do not despair. The Light is Stronger than you Know.

Post last edited at

9e4a7b No.263414


pc culture. I completely agree. How do you show people that this is important…

f77fff No.263415


hands, tell, reminds me of Q's The Tell post:


How can we listen in, track, and monitor American citizens [bad actors]?

[We hear you].

[We see you].

What must we LEGALLY demonstrate in order to gain such warrants?


Do we TRUST the FISA judges?


State Secrets?

Why is this relevant?

Who can we TRUST?

Expand your thinking.


adefbf No.263416

File: 31ea0f2e2e8d4c8⋯.png (306.64 KB, 579x575, 579:575, IMG_8890.PNG)

9084a9 No.263417



Thank you for all that you do, Silent One.

a62480 No.263418


This was the date she had the 'stumble' at WTC event

77dd87 No.263419


Somebody please point out to me the part of the Constitution which allows the existence of ANY federal police or spy agency. I cant find it. Thank you.

e9e23f No.263420


Tomar, Portugal

d9d6eb No.263421


Also Spain, they have a mounds of contrats with many companies., and many connections, example: Spain/Cuba, Canada, Hispanic Countries.., And with Andorra (A Total Swamp)

Althought, the Spanish people is very busy with the problem in Catalonia..

001758 No.263422


Youre very welcome ANON my grandmother an Italian immigrant who loved America told me once never trust those desert people. The only thing that comes from the desert is scorpions, serpents, and cactus. Nothing good. And the Borgia….well…..

65f249 No.263423


#Flyeaglesfly ?

This is similar to Qs #Flysidfly

A signal or command maybe?

012c20 No.263424

This Video by Justin Timberlake

“I got Supplies”

About child trafficking.

Please watch!

https:// youtu.be/M4vnmgZLA8s

7024c5 No.263425


I'm not sure I read it carefully enough either.

9267f3 No.263426


they added 13 recently,withing the last 3 years as of late working awakening,coincidence ?

9bc540 No.263427

File: 8baf5fca2d5bbee⋯.jpeg (202.62 KB, 1242x713, 54:31, 7C92E035-C9A6-4984-AC76-1….jpeg)

379be6 No.263428


Second paragraph, last sentence:

"…with the condition that the majority of Somali refugees are housed in the district's new condominium and apartment iunits funded and underwritten by OneUnited."

OneUnited : "We are America's largest Black-owned bank. We're working to help develop urban communities across the nation, to raise financial literacy within our communities."

CEO of OneUnited: Kevin Cohee

Article from August 12, 2010 on www.businessinsider.com:

"Government Bails Out Bank CEO After He Expenses Mansion, Jaguar, And Porsche"

From inside the Maxine Waters' ethics trial case comes the story of the government bailing out a corrupt Boston bank that Waters' husband owned stock in and sat on the board of.

When Kevin Cohee, the CEO and Chairman of OneUnited, asked the government to loan the bank $50 million in TARP funds, it was discovered that Cohee had expensed quite a lifestyle to the bank's account.

According to the Boston Herald, Cohee's car collection (a Porsche, a Jaguar, and more) and his $6.4 million beachfront house had all been paid for by the bank.

Possibly worse, though unrelated, is what allegedly happened inside the house.

Inside the house paid for by the bank, police say, Cohee kept cocaine, illegal narcotics and opiates. (Police say Cohee agreed to participate in a “drug diversion program” in exchange for the drug charges being dismissed.) And at one point, while the house was being filmed for an unknown MTV series, Cohee met a woman who would later accuse him of sodomy. The pair had met while the woman was working as a stylist on the set of his house while MTV took photos for the show. The sodomy charges were later dropped.

All of this happened on the road to Cohee asking the government to bail out the bank, OneUnited, for $50 million.

Regulators ended up bailing out Cohee and OneUnited with a loan of $12 million. Then they immediately ordered Cohee to sell the house, Porsche, Jaguar, and the other cars he had expensed to the bank.

A spokesman for Barney Frank, who arranged the government bailout of OneUnited, told the Boston Herald yesterday that Frank was not aware of the drug and sodomy charges against Cohee when he agreed to loan the bank $12 million.

Now OneUnited and other small banks are due to make dividend payments to the Treasury Department on August 16th. OneUnited has missed five dividend payments in a row.

f3cb66 No.263429

File: 990284693e09e5b⋯.jpg (164.74 KB, 550x778, 275:389, IMG_0654.JPG)

This is like that inception movie or that aviator movie. #dude

77dd87 No.263430


Q became considerably more explicit after many patriots complained loudly about posting puzzles and mysteries while people are dying and continuing to commit the same felonies we have witnessed for so long.

f8b2da No.263431

File: 2df2cfb6030c8e5⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, Barack_Obama_Hillary_Clint….png)

0b78bd No.263432

Some suggested it was to silence them as they had something on Schiff that he did at the hotel.



c1e93d No.263433


with regard to the Vatican Roberto Calvi is well, aka GOD's banker. he was found hanging under what I believe is a masonic bridge

b130d2 No.263434


Well it must be true, if the ooga-booga man says so! FFS!

e9e23f No.263435


I have learned that the impact is far lesser when they are told and guided.

Greater impact when discovered on their own.

Everybody wakes up in their own time. A trigger.

Or they never do.

12c816 No.263436


They are going to need to build a special gallows to hang that fucker. He's like 8 foot tall!

f3cb66 No.263437

In old admiralty it was called fish food

001758 No.263438



c4db27 No.263439


>be jimmie kimmel's friend adam carolla

>blow through literally a million illegal left turns

>not a scratch

>not a sjw faggot

9bc540 No.263440

File: 594ce2032fb3ed8⋯.jpeg (508.33 KB, 1242x1990, 621:995, 4A5DC8C3-CA42-4436-B9C2-B….jpeg)

5f4cfd No.263441


Where do you find that AMA?

d74aad No.263442

File: e6a1835eca55e72⋯.png (50.95 KB, 708x621, 236:207, IMG_0174.PNG)


Its FBI…

efc2a0 No.263443

File: 03c291ab7508a26⋯.jpeg (21.72 KB, 474x266, 237:133, MarcusAurelius.jpeg)



This is VERY interesting in many ways - in some ways I hesitate to mention but, fuck it.

If you are an important businessman or even a businessman of ANY import in NYC, at some point in time, you are bound to at least come in contact or encounter 'these' people.

I'm talking five families. Italian-American (sicilian-american) mafia families that long held sway over that city and far beyond.

AFAIK, I recall it being mentioned that such element TRUMP encountered was…..the Gambino Family.

Trump obviously is aware of ALL aspects of business and politics, be it 'legitimate' or 'grey'. There is no way anyone could have gotten that big without being made aware of these elements within our society. ALL politicians know and many DEAL with these people. Trump obviously tries to stay away from such elements as much as possible - in the past, present, and future.

However, the coincidence is there. No coincidences.

'Men of Honor'


Suddenly GAMBINO family speaks up.

No coincidences.


ae9c7a No.263444


It depends. used to go straight for the jugular, nogo, defenses are up too high. So now i play the long game. Drop a few clues during casual convo, just enough to get them intrigued (that "i know something you don't know" approach), eventually asking questions. Once that door is open, defenses are down. give just enough info to think about & process. Rinse & repeat.

I also know when to give up & not waste the time, just have a good time with them, one day they may have no choice but to see what i tried to tell them.

74aafa No.263445





Guess the BO can't stomach fried Comey. I posted another photo of electrocuted eye balls but can't find that post either.

77dd87 No.263446


That is a patriot target wish list.

Marry none Fuck Huma Kill ALL.

ec9c4a No.263447


Or that certain conversations might have been recorded there…

Probably both and more is my guess.

9bc540 No.263449


Who would put “current” husband and father ?

7587ff No.263450


What if a crap load of them are clones? who controls them? a scary thought if true, something crazy has to put us in the hospital.

0a0e46 No.263451


Pre-Dawn on the 1st they picked up Loretta Lynch?

e9e23f No.263452


Comey. Ack. He's so full of it. Funny I have been lurking their also lol.

ae9c7a No.263453


Where we go one…

77dd87 No.263455

File: 9565de96da3163a⋯.jpg (49.21 KB, 588x960, 49:80, judge roy bean.jpg)


Hell, Use that contraption and you got two pieces to bury instead o just one.

2928fb No.263456


What are you implying? I think I agree.

ec322a No.263457



Is why nothing is being researched any more. Fucking memefag chidren have finally fully devolved tonthe lowest common denominator.


Go back to 4chan fag

001758 No.263458







But we all know (((Meyer Lanski))) ran shit and had his puppet Lucky do his bidding. (((Bugsy Siegel))) creates Vegas a labd of degeneracy made specifically for homecoming G.I.'S. Murder INC established the Council of five families etc etc

e9e23f No.263459


So you were blessed with patience lol I got skipped when I went down that aisle.

But I know something yout don't. Lol.

74aafa No.263460


he needs an FBI button or James Comey name tag on his shirt.

77dd87 No.263461

e0745a No.263462


I agree, what's on your mind?

201eca No.263463


I'll clean it up and repost it.

Hopefully that doesn't come off as shilly or attention seeking. However, my gut is telling me I may be on to something. We'll see.

3b7971 No.263464


Some one noticed :)

over 100 GOP targeted for death.

f8b2da No.263465

File: aaeaeb9eb1c8158⋯.png (2.34 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, clinton-obama.png)

ae9c7a No.263466


>We have to get off our level and onto theirs, otherwise it's in one ear and out the other. Slow baby steps on their level on talking points they care about, then drop the convo before it goes south.

VERY key. Meet them where they are. And just like fish, don't overfeed them or they end up floating in the mainstream for good.

6326b6 No.263467

File: d7e61dfa994dc36⋯.png (177.92 KB, 1019x316, 1019:316, ee.png)

e9e23f No.263468


Council of 5 families?

Sounds like the Council of 5 E.T that protects Earth.

dfa01f No.263469

Baby Powder or Cocaine ? You make the call…..

https:// www. instagram.com/p/Bewk1QogKoM/

0a0e46 No.263470


They arrested James and Soros sometime on the 3rd, they are holding James overnight to Terminate the plan of the 4th.

93bc02 No.263471


The Standard is on Sunset Blvd though

77dd87 No.263472


Free Beer Tomorrow. Q

b80cf7 No.263473


Libra denotes the Scales of Justice: the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil from whence Adam and Eve fell.

Duality is an illusion; there is only one:

Adam = electricity (cause) (RED shift)

Eve = magnetism (effect) (BLUE shift)

=single spectrum (think rainbow)

Emmanuel = ELectricity

Mary Magdalene = MAGnetism

Electromagnetism are one

Adam and Eve are one

The only imbalance is that which is contained

within each individual. Therefor, those who serve a kingdom without die for a kingdom without. Those who serve a kingdom within will never taste death.

John 8:12 - 'I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.'

Jesus is not a man:

'the Father' is the undivided white light

Jesus is 'one' with 'the Father'

'the Father' is in the sun

the sun you perceive is in

your own eye.

Every 'one' is his/her own 'Christ'.

b15155 No.263474


Ophiuchus - The Serpent Bearer

7024c5 No.263475


My post had no incite other than maybe the difference between AUTH and AUTHC.

But I was hoping that some wondering allowed would create a group effort.

So I think it's good to just share the pondering and see what comes up.

001758 No.263476


This was Meyer and Arnold Rothsteins (fixed world series) creation. Lucky was their bitch.

c2f363 No.263477



http:// www.nytimes.com/1989/10/11/nyregion/copter-crash-kills-3-aides-of-trump.html

2928fb No.263478

I absolutely know for certain this war has significance for certain crime families. I believe only three or four are still interested in fighting.

0b01a4 No.263479

File: 41142f57e84a610⋯.jpg (91.64 KB, 523x599, 523:599, 3c8191a4e7eb5ada37a97b5a72….jpg)



b130d2 No.263480


Thanks Kek! Better than I requested! I'm going to shoot out some of these now!

7812f1 No.263481


(You) Always tomorrow…While I have a cold one in hand. Step back to the present :)

6326b6 No.263482


All of this going down during the superbowl?

ae9c7a No.263483


lol had to pay for my patience in installments, still not done paying that note down. And yeah, people generally HATE to feel left out the loop, carrot & stick em a bit, they'll follow, even if only for a few minutes @ a time (short attention spans & all, gotta account for that)

efc2a0 No.263484

File: 7208788b4b2b224⋯.jpeg (84.15 KB, 474x711, 2:3, saintmichaelwar.jpeg)


Web connecting people are NEVER white/black, though I do believe /ourguys/ are clean.

My guess is, MEN of honor in various roles see a chance to fight.

Regardless of whether they are directly or even indirectly connected. Or 'connected' at all.

I actually wasn't implying any present or past 'connections' - only that the dynamic here warrants further autistic analysis.

Men of HONOR.

Not all 'good' men are ones 'you' like.

You can see why I would hesitate to mention this. Bad actors are a plenty still in the bureau and gov. Faggots will lie and lie with ANYTHING.

012c20 No.263485

Going to say this one last time and then going to bed. This is real this is how Hollyweird sales Pedo.

https:// youtu.be/M4vnmgZLA8s

Sick and twisted.

This is why I fight and can’t sleep!

e9e23f No.263486


Do you understand the reference? This is why so many problems in those countries.

The good

The bad

And the ugly.

Who is who?

c6358e No.263487


I've been noticing that. The signal-to-noise ratio here is low.

77dd87 No.263488


That's how you get Soetero Trudeau.

e661a6 No.263489


i was referrering Q saying he's gonna post on other social media platforms.. did you tag the wrong anon?

d74aad No.263490


Sorry, You had a Super Bowl numerals and it's not. Look @ the pic


995e1e No.263491


Do the clowns have 7 supercomputers named after the 7 dwarves? Has that been proved? Anybody got sauce on that? I don't recall Q saying so and I don't know that he's confirmed the dwarves are supercomputers.

OTOH, from a military intelligence worldview within the "US Intelligence Community" and in line with Q's drops, Snow White would be the clowns and the 7 dwarves are the civilian intelligence agencies.

And it could be that we're talking about 7 stovepiped intelligence computer networks. Color me skeptical on the super computer AI fantasies.

What if taking the dwarves offline meant cutting off the cabal from their access to the dwarves computer systems? Treasury would be critical because of the financial details… which would allow freezing funds and moving money while the cabal and their puppets were blind.

001758 No.263492


As of right now in Italy La Costra Nostra (Sicily) and the Camorra (Naples) are fighting over who runs Italy. Have been for Centuries…Camorra right now has the upper hand. Cocaine from Africa has their pockets heavy

c2f363 No.263493


You know or you're guessing, kek?

02ebc8 No.263494

>>180316 was my post. Did a mod delete it or what?

7fde30 No.263495

File: ed6cce714913c96⋯.png (666.83 KB, 639x462, 213:154, screenshot_711.png)

File: 8032dc666b5e0d9⋯.png (495.28 KB, 598x599, 598:599, screenshot_712.png)

File: d1a2005e8b7ca6c⋯.png (541.15 KB, 576x616, 72:77, screenshot_713.png)

File: 328540bf7269511⋯.png (507.32 KB, 637x616, 91:88, screenshot_714.png)


Like Burning Man (sacrifice to ISIS) where the tech elites Elon Musk and Eric Schmidt hang out and make deals on North Korea….

'Burning Man for the 1%': the desert party for the tech elite, with Eric Schmidt in a top hat

https:// www.theguardian.com/business/2016/may/02/further-future-festival-burning-man-tech-elite-eric-schmidt

e0745a No.263496


My apologies, the LII were meant to be overlaid on the hand and wood separated by the stripe. It was a bit of a stretch in suggesting a hand signal related to the super bowl.

9084a9 No.263497


TOP ART -Thank You Anon

e9e23f No.263498


Tyvm! Beautiful.

001758 No.263499


Convent of Christ? Knights templar?

7812f1 No.263500


>Yeah, the way that happened has been unpleasant for someone who was expecting things to pop off on Nov 4, then the week after, then the week after that, and so on.


Drop the false expectations. Step forward out of that shitpile.

30fa21 No.263501

cd3c14 No.263502


The Clintons: New York’s Sixth Crime Family

Read more at: http:// www.nationalreview.com/article/435968/hillary-clinton-bill-clintons-crime-family-where-politics-and-mafia-meet

77dd87 No.263503

db12c9 No.263504

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

995e1e No.263505


You don't belong here and you'd have your answer if you simply read the Constitution you jackass.

STFU and go back to kikebook

001758 No.263506



77dd87 No.263507

File: 273fac6c5d37419⋯.png (658.51 KB, 800x500, 8:5, judge roy lunch.png)


I found the right Judge.

e9e23f No.263508


Knights Templar

02ebc8 No.263509


I see now, thanks.

ae9c7a No.263510


OHHH, the list of 12 from Jan 19th!


d74aad No.263511


Q had said that was the "booms" everyone was hearing last year, so I'm thinking they were blown up


77dd87 No.263512


Cool. We can execute her several times.

001758 No.263513


Then you know all about Ignatius Loyola

0a0e46 No.263514


Trust Wray.

6326b6 No.263515

File: 543053eff8cd303⋯.jpg (182.58 KB, 1200x818, 600:409, DVLC9HoU0AAEYP7.jpg)

e9e23f No.263516


Now maybe we can get some where. People don't realize there is more than one Cabal. There are many.

7812f1 No.263517


GO AWAY QUINN…you are NOT welcome.

ec9c4a No.263518

File: 68d4e84518d7bad⋯.jpg (24.57 KB, 350x240, 35:24, IMG_1745.JPG)



b15155 No.263519

ok this is kind of weird…

Phil. Eagle's Head Coach

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doug_Pederson

Last Edit:

This page was last edited on 4 February 2018, at 04:24.

either its time zone is fucked up or something weird is going on… saw a post earlier about someone putting his death the day of the superbowl… i worry about the event tomorrow

001758 No.263520


And Sauniere…. Pousinns painting at the tomb and its significance

77dd87 No.263521


Q is more explicit after all the loud complaints about "puzzles and mysteries." Less to analyze. More real news stories. Fewer Q puzzles.

c6358e No.263522


https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/149120562/#149124567

Confirmed by Q. See the qcodefag archive.

b80cf7 No.263523

In mysticism, SNOW WHITE refers to the undivided white light, and the seven dwarfs

denote the seven colors contained within the

spectrum of light.

Coincidence? How does that apply to Q's reference to Snow White?

f7e665 No.263524

File: 7cbbd16bbe93b6c⋯.jpg (157.85 KB, 768x768, 1:1, comeysnimee.jpg)

The price of being a professional dick.

7fde30 No.263525


Don't know who the fuck Quinn is but there is a lot of research in the CBTS loafs covering Burning Man and tech elites!!!

e9e23f No.263526


I would have to refresh my memory. Facts have been twisted. I don't find my info on wikipedia and presented history.

But I have knowledge on the Templars and it's not what we have been taught.

ec322a No.263527


The constitution does not ‘give’ anything - it is actually an enumeration of thongs the government ‘cannot’ do.

That, and clearly places where activities would fall in seperation of powers.

It is intentionally vague and requires study and interpretation as well, which is what allows it to be a living document (meant to be interpreted as the situation changes)

17672e No.263528

File: c75c98c3a19e95a⋯.jpg (30.16 KB, 595x380, 119:76, Web GROUP DINNER.jpg)


I'm convinced that the mafia helped Team Trump stop whatever was planned for Las Vegas either by tipping him off or sending their own goons in. There's no way in hell an operation that size would have gone unnoticed by the mafia.

001758 No.263529

File: 95e8af946dbd6db⋯.jpg (42.25 KB, 421x300, 421:300, 421px-Nicolas_Poussin_-_Et….jpg)

f77fff No.263530

Hand over Fist, interesting

The allusion in this phrase is to the action of hauling on a rope. An earlier version of the phrase was 'hand over hand', which dates to the mid 18th century. … The term is now used to suggest speed and profusion, especially in financial dealing, e.g. 'making money, hand over fist'.

d74aad No.263531


Its all good isn't that the hole point of "Qanon" to help each other get the right info so Anons can help wake up the masses.


d0205e No.263532



66cf17 No.263533


Lovin' it, anon! Nothing like some great art to boost morale!

16ab78 No.263534

This is like watching grass grow

7587ff No.263535

7fde30 No.263536

File: 2ab8eaf66a7d54b⋯.png (40.92 KB, 791x306, 791:306, screenshot_715.png)

File: 59a6365e89c90ec⋯.png (18.19 KB, 651x115, 651:115, screenshot_716.png)


Why Google went to Burning Man to find its next CEO

http:// www.scmp.com/magazines/style/tech-design/article/2108240/why-google-went-burning-man-find-its-next-ceo

25477f No.263537


How can we listen in, track, and monitor American citizens [bad actors]?

They listen and track internet, phone, text like bad actors…

[We hear you].

Phones taps wire everything

[We see you].

Did the FBI get all new SAMSUNGS not long ago..

Samsung south korean company??

What must we LEGALLY demonstrate in order to gain such warrants?

LEGALLY demonstrate " we have all the info we need to lawfully

expose them..


No can't use anything , can't trust anyone

Do we TRUST the FISA judges?


State Secrets?

Why is this relevant?

Who can we TRUST? The white hats that have piped in to the big computer

Expand your thinking.


That is why POTUS is always 5 steps ahead….

0b78bd No.263538

Isn't there a religion board?


001758 No.263539


Damn it…. lulz thanks ANON

b15155 No.263540


it definitely feels like we are the prophets recognizing the writing on the wall… left to guide others when shit hits the fan

77dd87 No.263541


FISA Court needs to go period Unlawful.

15324f No.263542


Its worthwhile to consider some factors surrounding Q info since the start.

1. I think Q has substantially demonstrated he/she/they are affiliated with Trump.

Lets consider Q under the assumption that 1. is absolutely, incontrovertibly true and consider other things that would have to be logically / rationally true.

A. Q's information is designed for us to be able to work out, otherwise its a pointless exercise.

B. Q understands that black hats and foreign intelligence services are at least as effective at solving his stringers.

-→Therefore any information Q provides on a public forum would be available to blackouts or a foreign intelligence service before 8chan or at the same time when 8chan figured it out. This implies, to me, that Q is not asking us to go on a dan brown adventure to save the world.

C. Q is committing a crime by sharing classified real time intelligence with us on an open internet forum. Even if it were for a noble cause, this is really, legally true. Technically they president can declassify anything he wants, but i have a hard time imagining POTUS signing all of the appropriate paperwork to do so under some secret executive order everytime he posts.

This makes me think that most of the Q drop intel is disinformation. If its 80% false it would never be taken seriously.

If the Q information is 80% false, i still think there is a point. The chans possess 80% of the meme magic in the world. You can't buy authentic creative political content from a marketing agency. They couldn't possibly keep pace with news cycle. We are shareable kryptonite. We do parse out the 20% that is true and its important. Especially the human trafficking fight that is going on and has a real shot at cleaning the swamp of a little of nasty folks. We are defending the president and this is a worthwhile fight and if this ends with some high level corruption cases involving a few folks who were thought to be untouchable going to jail and some kids not suffering, I will not consider this a waste of time.

cd3c14 No.263543


http:// abcnews.go.com/Politics/story?id=121532&page=1

Reports: Roger Clinton Took Gambino Money

e9e23f No.263544


What if I say the hooked X

36655c No.263545


look how limp his right hand.. everytime I see this pic I think more and more how staged they look

ae9c7a No.263546


See Q's most recent reference to them >>120050

7fde30 No.263547

File: 6396828fb0696d6⋯.png (434.05 KB, 877x901, 877:901, screenshot_717.png)

File: 6c40d782b7440b9⋯.png (779.17 KB, 883x893, 883:893, screenshot_718.png)



Silicon Valley loves Burning Man and these tech executives are no exception

http:// www.businessinsider.com/tech-ceos-love-burning-man-2017-8

a4473c No.263548



e9e23f No.263549


What if I said Karistus.

c2f363 No.263550


19 "…" dots in back-to-back POTUS tweets before.

>Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/19/18 (Fri) 16:02:49 No.43

>Remember THIS DAY.


001758 No.263551

File: 61739e9d7361534⋯.jpg (38.39 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1517728552629.jpg)



c6358e No.263552


Notice the Eyes of Ra and Horus in the first image, on opposite sides of the line headed north, and something positioned roughly around there in the second image. Also there's a faint pentagon in the sand around the whole place.

The Eye of Horus (similar to Sx F9 logo) is a right eye; what is the left eye a [marker] for?

77dd87 No.263553


Unlike you, I studied the Constitution while studying for my J.D. and applied it in many court cases thereafter on a daily basis. Get back to me when you find Constitutional authority for any federal police force or spy agency. By which I mean, mind your betters and shut your mouth high school brain.

2928fb No.263554


One month earlier:

"U.S. District Judge Maryanne Trump Barry [Donald's sister] sentenced Louis A. "Bobby" Manna and Martin "Motts" Casella to 80 years in prison and Richard "Bocci" DeSciscio to 75 years. They were convicted in June of racketeering."

Three guys from the Genovese crime family, who tried to kill a Gambino.

https:// www.deseretnews.com/article/65604/3-NJ-MAFIOSI-DRAW-LONG-PRISON-TERMS.html

a4473c No.263555

File: a390ae28a0b2944⋯.jpg (137.36 KB, 1000x1406, 500:703, IMG_0749.JPG)


74aafa No.263556


Please update the spelling so i can sent it to Buttfuck Comey's twatter.

f40fa4 No.263557


They just played lady Gaga Poker face on Fox . World tour over? Big money to just throw away there, Lady Satan.

f40fa4 No.263558


LEX LUTHOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

c1761e No.263559


Handcuffs and bars. Somebody's going to jail.

581da8 No.263560


Probably GMT time, anon. The edits reflecting his death were on January 28th. Several other Pats and Eagles have similar edits that day by the same ID. Some other edits by that ID look prankish so maybe it's nothing. I hope.

0b78bd No.263561

Don't think it does. Q doesn't seem to be into that stuff.


77dd87 No.263562

File: 2dcb81f7686de16⋯.png (415.33 KB, 600x427, 600:427, clint barry.png)

e661a6 No.263563

https:// www.friendsofcedarmesa.org/visitorcenter/

Link of tweet

http:// archive.is/VvMp0

66cf17 No.263564


Hahaha! That's the spirit!

bb9b7d No.263565


Who the heck wears cufflinks to a family get together. (Not yours.)

7fde30 No.263566

File: d21b389081ccd21⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1741x826, 1741:826, screenshot_719.png)



Definitely Lex Luthox!!!

Why the Silicon Valley Elite Needs Burning Man.

Let’s face it: while studying Burning Man and its ecosystem, the issue concerning the massive presence of the Silicon Valley elite at the festival doesn’t seem to be avoidable. Along the years, Black Rock City has hosted personalities such as Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Drew Houston, co-founder of Dropbox, and space entrepreneur Elon Musk, just to name a few.

https:// medium.com/burning-man-and-transformational-festivals/why-the-silicon-valley-elite-needs-burning-man-8883675432bf

16ab78 No.263567


fuck you counselor

bb2679 No.263568


This is true.

And by the Mighty Constitution, income tax is illegal. Only 2 types given and it is not one of them. There is no 'gain'. You are equally compensated for you work.

b15155 No.263569


i just got a fairly strong feeling there will be a false flag attempt… it feels like the event is going to be used to shake people awake

001758 No.263570


Queen of the skies? There was an earthquake in 2016. But I'm not very educated on it.

a4473c No.263571

File: d17f920a7434979⋯.jpg (73.94 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, IMG_0417.JPG)


f77fff No.263572


major cleaning for sure, Trump is thorough.

ae9c7a No.263573


>Every 'one' is his/her own 'Christ'.

is what it boils down to

bb9b7d No.263574


I've been fantasizing about an emergency broadcast during the superbowl, anyone on TV or anyone listening at Tailgate parties on the radio gets to hear that our favorite peeps got arrested. Pure fantasy, but a good one.

efc2a0 No.263575

File: 79884c03f31259a⋯.jpeg (6.58 KB, 300x150, 2:1, hospitaller.jpeg)





NOW we're getting somewhere. Let's focus on BAD ACTORS and (((compromised))) factions.

Remember Henry Reid's (((bruises)))? Exercise machine apparently has arms and legs.

FUCK that.

Anons, think in terms of BLOODLINES (families/clans/tribes), not the surface covers of governmental agencies or nationalities.

Think even deeper than race/ethnicity though that is more relevant.

Think about for instance, yakuza. 'Chivalrous Organization'.

ALL DESPERATELY trying to preserve what was once OURS.

Not ALL engage in worst of the worst (rapes, human trafficking etc) relevant to the BAD ACTORS (dems, clintons, muslims, (((them))) to name a few).

Remember - NO DOPE?

'Our things'?


Men of HONOR.


(((enemy))) and their pets ALWAYS project.

Sexual allegations, 'scandals', etc.

Alinskyite tactic 101. Coincidentally clinton's mentor.


Not good to say, anon, given current situation.

HOWEVER, consider carefully WHO is the (((biggest))) fish from LV that endorsed.



TREAD CAREFULLY, anons. Bad actors watching.

BO please feel free to intervene if necessary.


0a0e46 No.263576


I think the annon who said it reminded them of dumping Chrystal light into their water bottle. It's probably something along those lines.

77dd87 No.263577


This is not a battle over faggots like Comey, Killary or Soetero. They're stooges like all attorneys, who by definition represent others. This is a war which will take several years to win just in our country. The nwo will likely make a strategic retreat out of the US at some point, and it will depend on other countries to deliver the final death blows, if that's even possible.

db12c9 No.263578


Demotivation shill


>I have nothing

Faggot all of the research and effort anons do here? We're saving the world. Hop on board or Kill yourself.

d74aad No.263579


Amen, I can do the research and all that. As for my family and friends, they think I'm nuts! I guess we (by we I mean me! LOL) have to be to spend so much time doing this! I just want to help and make some kind of difference in this mess these evil SOB's got us into


0a0e46 No.263580


That may be how Comey went bad, he first used his power wrongfully for what he saw as a good cause to get a Mafia king pin. Then with his hatred for Trump…

efc2a0 No.263581

File: 993d2aba4276e5a⋯.jpg (95.66 KB, 946x618, 473:309, Concord Bridge.jpg)


We go all.


Quads speak the truth in the best number possible.

Men of HONOR.

77dd87 No.263582

16ab78 No.263583

File: a24364999600995⋯.png (85.71 KB, 489x260, 489:260, Opera Snapshot_2018-02-04_….png)

this has gone viral

e9e23f No.263584

File: e6167257ae0c061⋯.jpg (8.42 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

File: 28ac470071203bc⋯.jpg (5.51 KB, 300x153, 100:51, images-1.jpg)

File: 9afc308d8cf4832⋯.jpg (9.21 KB, 167x223, 167:223, 2018-02-04-00-23-15-.jpg)

File: 3ac0b8ab896292a⋯.jpg (8.41 KB, 236x214, 118:107, images-2.jpg)

0a0e46 No.263585


I'm taking bets on something was planned but The white hats prevented it.

7024c5 No.263586


I'm a Kiwi. I can confirm that john Key is a F'ing creep who likes fondling ponytails, has a compulsion, kids, grown women can't keep his hands to himself. Actually got in trouble with a waitress that kept on saying no.

His daughter makes weird ass nude art with herself in it that makes it seem she has been sexually abused.

Then when Trump won the election he stepped down soon after unexpectedly!

He is a Banker who has dona a lot of damage to NZ, and before as a banker he did damage to Ireland financially. Jewish creep.

He is good friends with Obama and seem friendly with Clinton's.

I would be honestly AMAZED if he wasn't doing pedo stuff with these others.

77dd87 No.263587

File: 04353fd9eba5b2e⋯.png (506.87 KB, 585x476, 585:476, comey bigger fag.png)

ec9c4a No.263588

File: b79a2a15778df97⋯.jpg (68.31 KB, 960x540, 16:9, IMG_1758.JPG)




25477f No.263589


She's throwing HRC under the bus… Bye Bye

bb2679 No.263590


Failure is not rewarded.

Question is, how/will she retaliate?

b15155 No.263591


usually im pretty good at smelling bullshit… and all my instincts are telling me to pay attention to what is going on… for the last 10 years ive been feeling like something big was coming… and up until trump it looked pretty grim

e9e23f No.263592


There you ARE!!!! I have been waiting for you!

7fde30 No.263593

File: 12e850ea33581bd⋯.png (490.12 KB, 858x898, 429:449, screenshot_720.png)

File: 1a7b44d0c4156d2⋯.png (733.37 KB, 844x668, 211:167, screenshot_721.png)

File: 04b25824d76b602⋯.png (1.12 MB, 749x861, 107:123, screenshot_722.png)

File: ef8d6e37937baef⋯.png (991.98 KB, 749x841, 749:841, screenshot_723.png)

File: 21115e05adcf243⋯.png (814.38 KB, 751x645, 751:645, screenshot_724.png)





Photos of tech workers having the time of their lives at Burning Man

Elon Musk, who famously came up with the idea for SolarCity while at Burning Man a few years back, once said "Burning Man is Silicon Valley."

Judging from the photos of tech moguls, startup founders, and venture capitalists that have surfaced since the annual counterculture festival began, we're guessing Musk is right.

http:// www.businessinsider.com/photos-burning-man-silicon-valley-2016-9/#user-experience-designer-olia-birulia-made-the-well-traveled-trek-from-san-francisco-to-burning-man-in-2016-and-made-some-friends-along-the-way-1

74aafa No.263594


Agreed, we all love to be in the presence of Q but must understand that he/they have more important tasks than babysitting us on the chan (no disrespect to anon's)…..

0a0e46 No.263595


Trying to make head or tails of it.

77dd87 No.263596


All powers not enumerated specifically in the Constitution (such as police forces), are reserved to the states (like Sheriffs.)

fc7c40 No.263597


And a big mess to hose down.

efc2a0 No.263598

File: 8029fc684d4aebc⋯.jpeg (29.07 KB, 474x460, 237:230, revengepepe.jpeg)


Confirmed real?

I did say (((roths))) should have double checked the quality of their pawns.

(((they))) initiated (((their))) plans just a whisker too early.

Invasion of Europe was the LAST FUCKING STRAW.

(((they))) and their pets will pay. FOR EVERYTHING.

Gott mit uns.


25477f No.263599


Possibly teller her that they cut her ties..

Your on your own .. no longer needed

a445f3 No.263600

File: 39e9d4724245ae0⋯.png (664.17 KB, 1201x1274, 1201:1274, Screenshots_2018-02-03-23-….png)


Found this earlier.

https: //www.bizjournals.com/sanfrancisco/stories/2009/03/23/daily33.html

b15155 No.263601


i think the whites are going to exploit it to our benefit

efc2a0 No.263602


and you are?

7587ff No.263603


only 13 min into it,this is nuts,sounding more true all the time.I have on Watters world and when i just wrote this he said ms13 when i wrote 13, and sounding when i wrote that too, too freaking weird!!

e9e23f No.263604


Exactly!! Bravo! The REAL Anons have arrived!

Woo ra!

d74aad No.263606


Good for you anon, Thank you! I usually ignore them


15324f No.263607


I really hope Anthony "Carlos Danger" Wiener makes it back into the news cycle with Comey.

a4473c No.263608

File: 91e95797496884b⋯.jpg (133.76 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_0512.JPG)


b80cf7 No.263609

File: 75c30c38ac00cc0⋯.jpg (268.13 KB, 485x1105, 97:221, tenc1.jpg)

Everything is light.

Everything is produced by the

simple sine wave:

12 x 2-hour "posts" which makes a day

12 x 1-month "posts" which makes a year

12 x 2160-year "posts" which makes a Great Year of 25 920 years

This is a FRACTAL: it has no scale/dimension and repeats itself ad infinitum.

There is thus:

crest (highest point of human consciousness)

trough (lowest point of human consciousness)

The last point whereby human consciousness

dropped to its lowest point was the year 499AD within the Great Year of 25 920 years.

Muhammad was born in 570AD.

Muhammad is merely an idol erected by

the Islamic empire to churn out Muhammadan

imitators/idolators. This is why Islam is depraved.

Islam is the prime root of all human suffering

on the planet; see Saudi Arabia, Abedin/Clinton, BO, Trudeau etc.

Globalism = Islam's bid for world dominance

I believe Trump/Q know this. Confirmation?

0b01a4 No.263610



001758 No.263611

File: a488c91f1a80787⋯.jpg (130.46 KB, 700x735, 20:21, d9fd53055da22ede82456c897b….jpg)


They tried to feed us a culture that was not our own the "Mafia" as we come to call it were more like revolutionaries, a Calvary, Cowboys, Outlaws, for the people against a tyrannical Government. But (((they)))perverted it to focus on guns, whores, and drugs. Rather than helping disenfranchised people. Which was their original purpose. Like Blacks with "gangsta culture". So you have these Guidos with gold chains and hair gel saying" ooo ahhh gabigol"

e9e23f No.263612


Talked with you the other night. You think everybody has a Templar pic? Lol. Doxxed. 😉

db12c9 No.263613


LARP faggotry leave. Soros has made a statement he was never arrested you faggots need to go

16ab78 No.263614


honest answer? who cares if its real - when HRC and Chelsea get wind that L has dumped her - might start all kinds of problems

i think it is great and if it is fake - the guy is genius who created it - showed up on my TL on the twat - of course i RT and sent it to lots of folks….

ae9c7a No.263615


Checked. Confirmed.

that list came right after

>Timing is everything.


So, right after the SOTU, the train incident occurred, & the HOT list went active on the 1st (just in time, after the GITMO EO's publication). There was a list of 12 that had one JC as James Comey, and another person with the initials JC, can't recall who that was.

48fb5e No.263616


Do you remember, perhaps, the "interviews" of captured USA POWs during the Vietnam War? How they said - on camera - that they are fine and everything is OK, while sending messages in Morse Code by blinking?

0b01a4 No.263617



7587ff No.263618


Tick tock, hope this bitch is in check,all connected

db12c9 No.263619


Fun fact. Mueller worked for the Mafia.

c2f363 No.263620


I'd seen speculation somewhere that someone was trying to take revenge on The Donald for something with the helicopter thing. That article might be the something! It could help explain why a Gambino would stick up for POTUS now (his sister helped them) while trashing Comey (he hurt them).

14f53e No.263621


Holy shit, Anon, your Comey meme was just what the doctor ordered! I laughed out loud! That's the first time I've moved my mouth in hours, 'cause I'm sitting here jamming out documents for work. Thank you for making me laugh!

2928fb No.263622


Perhaps Trump's war on the NFL was to save as many as possible by promoting boycotts.

77dd87 No.263623


True. SCOTUS has found the IRS "lawful," despite the fact that the states never ratified it. Proving that the 20th century SCOTUS was thoroughly deep state and at times, demoncrat.

The FBI should be eliminated, and the CIA should be eliminated, with the remainders turned over the Army where they belong.

7baa7a No.263624


Not confirmed real, I don't see it on her twitter feed but I see everything from before, after, and on that day.

201eca No.263625


>Drone_Counterstrike To Be Announced/Acquired YES Autherization_XXXXXXXXXXXX


>Let 'em loose


> >>262244 called them Operational Weapons Live (Systems)


>Help Our Troops? Height Over Target? Predetermined Location(s)


>Same as Above


>Same. 3+ unclear.


>Same. Terminate action with Authorization Code






>Same with a Correction of direction Heading ^ 293 degrees












>This is all part of the daily game


>OWLS hunting their targets


>Personal Message from POTUS - We Are With You. No One Left Behind. For God and Country (Based on this I lean more toward HOT - Help Our Troops)

Jeremiah 29:11

>For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


>The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Sounds to me that this was a mission to get some of our guys out of some shit.

(Hope I did better at cleaning up my train of thought.)

efc2a0 No.263626


Ashamed to say I have not yet looked over all the vids.

Distractions are plentiful, despair overwhelming.

But if you are the one who mentioned the karistus, I am eager to learn more - especially in regards to who our (((enemies))) are.

p.s. I am not always in the right mind set to be at the level to speak well about this. May encounter severe lack of understanding.

2928fb No.263627



I've always liked the Gambinos. I just like the name.

e9e23f No.263628

I wonder if Q will talk about the hybridization of bloodlines that have been happening since forever ago.

bb9b7d No.263629

If Q and GEPOTUS can see and hear all, I'm pretty sure they know about any potential plans to crash the Superbowl. If the game goes on without a hitch, I'd consider that a win.

14f53e No.263630


I hope the Q team is tracking this bitch, because if the Director of NFL security is a no show tomorrow we'll know it's 'cause she took off to avoid the fallout from the false flag attack.

a4473c No.263631

File: 88d88297e17aced⋯.jpg (89.61 KB, 478x720, 239:360, IMG_0683.JPG)

For my boys

e0afbd No.263632


Why do you ignore them? Do you want participation or not? I'm not doing this for you Larpers, I thought I was doing this to help Q. Most of us have been trying to red pill Ds long before you were born. Give me a break.

7812f1 No.263633

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Do you speak from personal experience?

It's a festival that was so sick it got HUGE.

Once it got HUGE - people WW showed up.

Once it got HUGE - it evolved from it's original concept.

It's 70K+ now. Each person has a large footprint.

There were years it was only 4-10k max pple.

If you haven't been, don't listen to MSM or randoms about symbolism.

Do you believe symbols are all bad?

Symbolism can be seen both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE.

Change your view.

All symbols hold LIGHT and DARK.


EVIL hijacks symbols. It's their strategy.

(((Signs Signs…everywhere signs)))

OH YEAH it got big. So big… the BIG BOYS came out to play.

Do you know where they camp?

How much are they involved in the community?

Are they camped with a big wall around them in the back of the event?

Do "we" ever see them. No fucking way.

I get the whole symbolism, Pizzagate symbols etc. It's tiresome for so many people to keep pointing this stuff out and not recognize there are so many more layers. YES. There are bad people hijacking symbols and turning them into dark shit. Burning Man was not built or based on any of the BS that you are alluding to.

Expand your thinking PLEASE.

efc2a0 No.263634


Since these elements are not immune to such corruption themselves, that makes (((their))) jobs easier.

Men of HONOR are STILL here.

New MEN of HONOR are being raised as we speak.

Let us have FAITH.

e0745a No.263635


Didn't that happen around 9/11 too? Some people didn't show up for work?

77dd87 No.263636


Comey is a piece of shit who put Martha Stewart in jail for almost nothing, and has excused and covered the Klintons for everything.

bb2679 No.263637



My dad raised me as a Constitutionalist. As I grew I kinda went to the right and now I've been woke back up thanks to these exceptional human beings here.


ba1c44 No.263638



Time is Saturn/Satan. This could be read as saying (incorrectly by my calculations) that Satan is in the ascendant. Imagine that. People wearing 'Go Satan' badges in public! Puke.

Note to Satanists: The story was written long ago by a guy in a cave. You guys end up in a Lake of Fire. Y'all have a nice day now.

Re: Saturn/Satan as Time. Remember those people bowing down in front of a clockface at that tunnel opening in Switzerland? I could go into some weird stuff about Saturn's place on the Tree of Life, but maybe another time?

77dd87 No.263639

File: 92c890ee0635d63⋯.png (689.98 KB, 922x499, 922:499, comey beaver.png)

15324f No.263640


this makes me feel sick to my stomach.

b15155 No.263641


James Clapper

bb9b7d No.263642

Forgive a dumb question, but isn't 'Find Y' referring to a direction like on an axis, and not a symbol?

c2f363 No.263643

File: c9e2b71ae755338⋯.png (4.07 MB, 1450x2048, 725:1024, Huma&Weiner.png)


Not mine…just fucking hilarious.

48fb5e No.263644




Q himself named this board as his board of choice just after /cbts/ went belly-up. What more confirmation do you want?

c6358e No.263645


Please let it only be another round of fireworks.

77dd87 No.263646

File: 92c890ee0635d63⋯.png (689.98 KB, 922x499, 922:499, comey beaver.png)

1f38ab No.263647

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


let me get this fucking straight.

the numbers say B.D. is going to be sacrificed tomorrow?

e38867 No.263648

File: 876ae98d96dedc0⋯.jpg (275.3 KB, 1723x1720, 1723:1720, IMG_0217.jpg)


New Schiff

a4473c No.263649

File: 353048cb2d00e9f⋯.jpg (65.41 KB, 604x571, 604:571, IMG_0646.JPG)


7fde30 No.263650

File: da7429e72a42820⋯.png (512.56 KB, 858x897, 22:23, screenshot_726.png)






It's all connected….

FBI has kept tabs on Nevada's Burning Man festival, documents say

https:// www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-burningman-nevada/fbi-has-kept-tabs-on-nevadas-burning-man-festival-documents-say-idUSKCN0R303B20150903

FBI infiltrates Burning Man festival, collects intelligence, documents show

https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/fbi-infiltrates-burning-man-festival-collects-intelligence-documents-show/

The FBI Admits to Spying on Burning Man

https:// thump.vice.com/en_us/article/wnydz9/the-fbi-admits-to-spying-on-burning-man

The FBI Has Been Keeping Its Eye on Burning Man | GQ

https:// www.gq.com/story/fib-burning-man

c7c4be No.263651


Was on the boards a couple hours ago when this first started getting passed around. Checked instantly and it wasnt on the actual site.

So either they were incompentent enough to post it a day early, yet super on top of it to correct it right away…. Or its a shop to get people worked up

24fbb4 No.263652


Nice photoshop

Looks like some anons have even fallen for it - kek

e9e23f No.263653

File: b79de2d557b9382⋯.jpg (8.22 KB, 185x272, 185:272, images-3.jpg)


I counter you.

One, two……he's coming for you.

ae9c7a No.263654


I've been thinking about this question…HAVE we been given any ACTUAL classified info/intel? Or have we been given just enough to figure it out, because WE HAVE MORE THAN WE KNOW (already in the PUBLIC domain)? It's a thin line, certainly, yet one that POTUS COULD approve if he so chose to.

b15155 No.263655



this strikes me as a Z direction adjustment (go closer to earth) which could be the result of launching the OWLs

7812f1 No.263656


Well done. Nice


6b10a3 No.263657

I was on twatter about 30 minutes ago sending copies of the dilley intel drop to an uncle to keep him updated. while sending the last of 4 pics the bitch froze. then the post was gone, fucking fags at twatter! ive been off the board all day, can someone point me to the dilley, i have a picture of the some of the post if that helps.

ae9c7a No.263658


That's the one!

e9e23f No.263659


It's over 200 videos. I can't explain it all. Especially not here. I like living.

16ab78 No.263660


what is photoshop?

001758 No.263661

65f249 No.263662


Is Q technically giving out classified information?

The questions are just hints or pieces of infomation and we form our own conclusions .

bb2679 No.263663


Stop paying your protecti . . . I mean property tax and see if men with guns don't come and take it.

7812f1 No.263664


Relax. I read as a compliment.

a4473c No.263665

File: 90c49e7c0e0cd8b⋯.jpg (76.7 KB, 680x760, 17:19, IMG_0739.JPG)

6b10a3 No.263666


I think the pres can declassify anything. he should be able to drop via FREEDOM!

15324f No.263667

25477f No.263668

File: 438015ad9519ef8⋯.jpg (9.94 KB, 341x148, 341:148, dogs.jpg)

there they go

e9e23f No.263669


It's not a game. It's not a movie. It's not Sci Fi. It's real and people disappear and die gruesome horrid deaths. You never know who is 👀

201eca No.263670


I can see that. It works for this.

Good add.

efc2a0 No.263671


Understood. Will get back to you after I had a chance.

It's good to have those from the old world giving perspective and adding energy.

Whites are in trouble, rest are going crazy, invasions are progressing, only few are holding strong.

Will see what I can dig up with vids.

15324f No.263672


Tons. Q calls some of it the biggest intel drop in history.

a4473c No.263673

File: 06766485f6f4059⋯.jpg (131.17 KB, 898x890, 449:445, IMG_0768.JPG)


001758 No.263674

File: 67e59db45765490⋯.jpg (28.31 KB, 616x616, 1:1, 1517729900077.jpg)

a445f3 No.263675


Probably not. One of Q ' earlier posts links them to the Rothschilds (look up the old photo of two people wearing masks–one with an owl head, the other with a stag head)

c2f363 No.263676



I think it's Clapper too, though another anon said John(?) Carlin maybe?




Please let it be that they're rounding them up now!

7812f1 No.263677


So bottom line you are here to dox Q?

It took you ALL that text to say that.

If you still think that this is about Q…well…

bb2679 No.263678



But We, The People, can undo that!!!

1f38ab No.263679

File: 3af784c8e3cfb92⋯.jpg (10.63 KB, 200x199, 200:199, tps.jpg)

File: 9a03eb5c51a1d7a⋯.png (862.99 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bs.png)

File: 1b132d356067568⋯.png (514.9 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bdwps.png)






https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackstar_(album)

Commercial performance

Blackstar was already on course to debut at number one on the UK Albums Chart prior to the announcement of Bowie's death on 11 January 2016, according to the Official Charts Company.[85] The album debuted at number one after selling 146,000 copies and became his tenth number one album in the UK.[86] The album remained three weeks at number one,[87] falling at number 2 behind another Bowie album, the compilation Best of Bowie (2002), which became the first ever album to get to number one in the UK because of streaming.[87] As of January 2018, it has sold 446,000 copies there.[88]

In the US, the album debuted at number one with 181,000 sales. It was Bowie's first number one in America and best weekly sales figure.[89][90] It was the 14th best-selling album in the US in 2016, with 448,000 copies sold that year.[91]

The album also peaked at number one in 24 countries, number 2 in Greece, Mexico, South Korea and Taiwan, number 4 in Hungary and 5 in Japan.

Track listing

All tracks written by David Bowie, except where noted.

Blackstar – CD – vinyl – digital download

No. Title Length

1. "★" 9:57

2. "'Tis a Pity She Was a Whore" 4:52

3. "Lazarus" 6:22

4. "Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)" (Bowie, Maria Schneider, Paul Bateman, Bob Bharma) 4:40

5. "Girl Loves Me" 4:51

6. "Dollar Days" 4:44

7. "I Can't Give Everything Away" 5:47

Total length: 41:13

Digital download bonus track

No. Title Length

8. "★" (Video) 9:59

Total length: 51:12

1b4c99 No.263680


It was MBS, and the Leonardo in question is Salvator Mundi. An interesting story and possibly very relevant.


001758 No.263681


Its times like these that great men of honour

25477f No.263682

Obama was the black president

Trump is the good (white) president

Am I racist ???

d0205e No.263683


One of the top methods of intelligence gathering is reading local newspapers, magazines, and watching the television. Most likely everything is in the public domain somewhere. Putting it together is the tricky part.

0a0e46 No.263684


Of course Q and gang wouldn't even think of the big Superbowl game right after the memo smack down. Guys!

e0afbd No.263685


He named it with the concept of a two board sync post and follow up tweets confirmation. /greatawakening, /qcodefag, and this board should all be in sync. They are not now in that state.

ec9c4a No.263686


I heard I guest on Clyde Lewis GroundZero radio show last year, who took recordings of speeches and played them backwards.

He used political speeches before the election, TRUMP, Bernie, HRC… he believed they showed the speakers subconscious thoughts.

HRC backwards speaking was evil as fuck…she would say "Yes we can" and backwards it was "Hail Satan" (and many other crazy shit)

On a brighter ending note… TRUMPs backwards speeches were positive and uplifting, hopeful and strong!

b15155 No.263687

Los Angeles - City of Fallen Angels

Lucifer was a fallen angel

e9e23f No.263688


You can't just randomly watch them. Scroll all the way to the bottom and start at part one.

Watch each one after that till you make it to the top. No skipping. Ever. They are all connected like Q's posts. And don't go telling everyone. To much attention and it will be taken down.

a4473c No.263689

File: 6df7ecb02bc01bb⋯.jpg (154.12 KB, 1507x1128, 1507:1128, IMG_0742.JPG)

Moar memes

15324f No.263690


He has posted describing active operations and literally labeled them REAL TIME.

001758 No.263691


Are created*

d74aad No.263692


I don't think arguing with anons is productive, it's really sad when anons go after each other. But tonight I'm tired of reading other bicker. If there's differing out come over research that's different then we can work together to try and find the truth, after all that's why I came here to help save all of our home!



efc2a0 No.263693

File: 68695ab493c27f0⋯.png (806.28 KB, 800x600, 4:3, comeyfuckedbypepes.png)


Most if not almost ALL governments around the world are NO LONG REPRESENTATIVE of their PEOPLE.

POTUS and Q are turning this around.

Government OF the people, FOR the people, BY the people.

OUR families.

OUR communities.


To blame the 'government' at this point in time is similar to blaming the pus instead of the disease.

Symptoms of corruption.

Sword or the hand that wields it?

Expand your thinking - Q

We must have our government back. Our country back.

Our civilization back.

e9e23f No.263694


It's only for those that are ready for the infomartion, not for 98% here and out there. It will get tainted even more.

995e1e No.263695



>This week will be revealing.

>SNOW WHITE [1, 2, and 5] offline.

>7th Floor is no more.

>Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean BIG things aren't happening.

No, he said nothing about computers. Given that the 7th floor at State was the "shadow government" it could just as easily be said that the computer connections were shut down. I don't know, but the point is that all I've seen is other anons posting about supercomputers and AI and I haven't seen Q say it.

ec9c4a No.263696

File: 1df51ab42d1c9f2⋯.jpg (45.29 KB, 540x540, 1:1, IMG_1750.JPG)


KEK!!! Outstanding

Anon!! Well done

6b10a3 No.263697



is this legit?

b15155 No.263698


sometimes conflict can be used to hammer out the truth

c2f363 No.263699


Makes me think of Pesci and My Cousin Vinny. Gambin-i, but still…kek.

efc2a0 No.263700


Yes, I recall. Much to be gained here.

As far as europe is holding up, how do you see the feelings of general population in western europe? Despondent? Enraged beyond words? Ready to take action in any way appropriate?

9e0364 No.263701


>Who would put “current” husband and father ?

Perhaps he believes the situation will change.

001758 No.263703


POTUS did real estate in Vegas NYC and NJ….He's a friend of theirs….but shhhhh

77dd87 No.263704


Police motto: To Protect and Serve.

People think it means "the People." It doesnt, it refers to "the State." There's a SCOTUS case that confirms that.

e2bd10 No.263706


it is inspiring, that's for sure.

first I have seen of it although i guess the "dilley" talk of the past few days was not about the beer commercial….

d0205e No.263707


More than likely being covered by the local newscast… public domain.

e0745a No.263708

a4473c No.263709

File: 96d1a7d4fbb0187⋯.jpg (253.86 KB, 1141x1141, 1:1, IMG_0318.JPG)

These politics are trippy

dce3ea No.263710

>>263110 It is almost as if he is saying he is handcuffed

e9e23f No.263711


Why's that?

c6358e No.263712


Yes he did.


Go to https:// qcodefag.github.io/ . Read it. Search the page for dwarfs or supercomputers if you miss it. This is not rocket surgery.

ec9c4a No.263713


If you get time… clown makeup on him would be hilarious!

Good stuff!

0a0e46 No.263714

If this was planned 3 years ago, all of the crumbs could fit under a single EO.

ddf8a6 No.263715


Brenden Dilley is very quick to point out that he doesn't even follow Q posts, and Q is not his source.

He has stated his source is a gov't contractor.

ae9c7a No.263716


Possibly why POTUS has NO time for a half-time interview. Following this pattern, next person named on that list is/are ES (Eric Schmidt/Edward Snowden (How’s Russia Almost time.)

>Why was ES in NK?

>Why was ES in NK?

>What private network did ES set up in NK?

>What private network did ES set up in NK?

then Tesla (EM) in post GA 41, and then the MSM is mentioned next in GA 42 (they're hanging themselves this very moment over the #Memo).Not saying that this is the order, just pointing out the pattern.

db12c9 No.263717

I found this enormous bump on my penis

Do you guys think… Is it possible…. Have they wiretapped my cock?

12c816 No.263718


Governments are established for one reason only: to secure the Creator-endowed rights of the individual.

5c31e2 No.263719

File: 80c0cfa73d6bcb2⋯.png (590.61 KB, 1769x511, 1769:511, comey.PNG)

Any idea Anons why Comey might have the Coming Spring 2018 in his upper left corner of Twitter cover?

6b10a3 No.263720


according to q this dilley is just dilley dalley.

smells like shit!

c2f363 No.263721


The RICO part is legit…no statute, most likely way to nail many of them, I believe.

db12c9 No.263722


Yes I have an idea

0b01a4 No.263723



001758 No.263724


ANON…..thats exactly what it looks like…obviously its symbolic no visible handcuffs but I see what you're saying

1f38ab No.263725


paying to fuck clown cyborg hookers.

fucking pleb…

e38867 No.263726


Sound's like MegaAnon talking through Dilley

a4473c No.263727

File: 5ce21e36ae07b79⋯.jpg (70 KB, 634x784, 317:392, IMG_0340.JPG)

Dear anon, please share #legion

ec9c4a No.263728


I believe that is a pic of his book that is coming out.

7587ff No.263729


have your mom check it

ae9c7a No.263730



Key word. KEK, desperate to get us to stop. >>263578 called it!

12c816 No.263731


It should say, "to secure Liberty."

db12c9 No.263732


He can do that from prison too tbh. They have rec rooms

5c31e2 No.263733


I don't remember seeing that on his Twatter cover before. Do you care to enlighten us?

db12c9 No.263734


Yes. It's when his book releases.

60d268 No.263735

File: 06271999540ad27⋯.png (992.49 KB, 777x1000, 777:1000, LAYB25.png)

Confirmed Baker?

5c31e2 No.263736


Thanks Anon!

d74aad No.263737


I guess, the last 8 yrs w/Barry at the wheel I'm ready to chill not shill. LOL


db12c9 No.263738


You're that one Indian guy

60d268 No.263739


If you say so.

dce3ea No.263740

>>263724 Clear as day, he is holding his hand over the other and showing his fbi cuff.

1f38ab No.263741

File: 802ff9f58ca60fc⋯.jpg (10.56 KB, 275x324, 275:324, 26229305_10213495421954278….jpg)



i watched skeptics turn to believers overnight.

you know why.


15324f No.263742


Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/29/18 (Mon) 22:36:24 No.78

What was the Senate conf vote re: RR?

Why did RR [BEG] Ryan to block the FISA MEMO from Congressional review/further advancement?

REAL TIME: [7] Congressional members + [3] Senators + [2] former O-senior officials + [4] OUTSIDE CONTRACTORS [NO C/TOP/SENS-LEVEL CLEARANCE] @ SCIF [DC-CAP].





He counts out a number of US citizens at hyper secure intelligence depot, characterizes their titles and various security clearances in real time with information that could really only be known by an intelligence agency.

6b10a3 No.263743


so a possible unauthorized leak? authorized?

maybe since democrats rely in depends, it just could be a patriot who is a democrat?

bb2679 No.263744


Going to share the SHITE out of that!!


995e1e No.263745


OK, you're correct.

Still, the "go deeper" and "signatures matter" is also something to look at.

Could this be a case in which the civilian intelligence agencies are running on the CIA's dwarves and the military agencies are running off of NSA's computers?

In that case the signatures would matter because they'd be agency signatures.

ae9c7a No.263746


Oh. Ok. If you say so.

Please refer to >>263712 and >>263522 , since I don't know what I'm talking about, these guys do.

001758 No.263747


White hats in control of his Twitter?

48fb5e No.263748


Where did he say that? Where was this suggested? By whom? Because sure as shit Q didn't say anything like that.

0b01a4 No.263749



f8b2da No.263750


ddf8a6 No.263751


He has stated numerous times that his source has been authorized to release the info.

Above board that this stuff isn't leaked or secret.

Using Dilley and ppl like Thomas Paine cause MSM won't cover any of it.

2928fb No.263752

A Gambino dies in 9/11

https:// apps.usfa.fema.gov/firefighter-fatalities/fatalityData/detail?fatalityId=995

They wouldn't let one of their own die, so they didn't have a hand in that. Good to know.

e38867 No.263754


MegaAnon was a leaker/larper on Half-Chan /pol/

before Q, he would leak some pretty outrageous

things. Dilley's source sounds of the same ilk.

c2f363 No.263755


I read somewhere else that's when the book comes out, but it never said so on the banner before…that's new as of tonight.

ec9c4a No.263756


Well maybe not his book, but some kind of promotional advertising for it… not sure if it's even printed yet.

7051a6 No.263757


not exactly.

there's many indian guys [and quite possibly at least one girl] here.


who's the girl in the pic? if you don't mind sharing the name.

001758 No.263758



e2bd10 No.263759


no he didn't you idiot.

77dd87 No.263760


Somebody should tell him he got fired for corruption.

60d268 No.263761


Honestly, I have no idea who she is. Sorry.


5c31e2 No.263762


If Comey was picked up on the 3rd, how could he tweet pic of his hands/FBI cufflink? Tweeted around 10PM on the 1/3. Maybe-hand pic of FBI guy that was questioning him? Code to tell Cabal he was being questioned?

e0afbd No.263763


I am not sure that any of us are shills. I do believe that we do have different ideas of what the "mission" we are on entails.

001758 No.263764


Gambino is a Sicilian Goy. Not (((their))) own

77dd87 No.263765


There are reports that RR threatened Nunes. That wont turn out well for him.

ae9c7a No.263766


that's what i'm getting at. good thinking anon!

a4473c No.263768

File: bed16c8bd285a96⋯.jpg (109.82 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, IMG_0755.JPG)

It's. Teh keekk

0b01a4 No.263769







efc2a0 No.263770

File: b76b4c5a6f36b39⋯.jpg (92.35 KB, 1080x542, 540:271, generalmattis.jpg)


House cleaning coming to your kind soon.

Better be on the right side. But it's already a done deal for the most part.

60d268 No.263771


Guess I'm baking then.


8c2c97 No.263772


12c816 No.263773


I think these Clowns are taking harder and harder drugs. Now it's like reading the incoherent ravings of a madman.

74aafa No.263774


JC, Jame Cla__er. Director of Nat. Intel. DNI.

He's a real asshole, scumbag lying PoS.

8c2c97 No.263775


beat me by 10 seconds

7587ff No.263776


If I just got fired from nike I wouldn't wear a nike shirt, looks like code again, sleeper fbi cells?

201eca No.263777



Ohhh shiteee. I feel a 2fer coming

c2f363 No.263778


He could be following some very important developments in real-time tomorrow…say, in the 4th Quarter maybe?

8c2c97 No.263780


Nope. I stood down.

15324f No.263782


Jarrett double confirmed it. I'm excited to learn more about that one.

a4473c No.263783

File: 2ca502bd6225e3f⋯.jpg (135.49 KB, 1456x549, 1456:549, IMG_0769.JPG)

14f53e No.263784



Yes, Anon, lots of key people somehow (nudge, nudge) managed to escape 9/11 because they did not show up where they were supposed to be on the morning of the attack by our government. Yes, it was our government that did the controlled demolitions.

201eca No.263785


Other baker put some honey in the mix.

Make that shit special.


0b01a4 No.263786



b7fd7e No.263787


ex sen al frankenstein wrote in his book ex ny city mayor called him n told him not 2 go 2 work! saved his life both jewish

ae9c7a No.263788


As in >>>/cbts/63599

>4th quarter, Patriots.

>We fight together.


dce3ea No.263789


Could be.

Q has said different people have been taken down strings cut, floors gone and we hear about none of it outside of Q so one could assume if this was happening and you did not want to sound a trumpet this would be a good tactic.

b7fd7e No.263790


ex mayor Como

e9e23f No.263791


Not part of. Know of. I told you, I'm a regular person. Religions are garbage. Control and fear. Knowledge now that's a different playing field. Or you havent questioned why history is a lie and the Vatican has 50 miles of hidden scrolls and archives. They only tell you what they want you to know. So everything pushed mainstream and in schools is shit. Lol. You don't really think they gave us peons thr Bible for our salvation do YOU? While they poision, Rob, murder and rape our children.

Over 8 million children go missing PER YEAR. Where are they? No bodies? You REALLY think it'it's ALL sacrifices lol. They don't care that you think and or know that. It's better than knowin ALL of it.

efc2a0 No.263792


This. This is basic intel 101.

They don't like 'tough' guys. They don't like excitement. They like mundane.

7587ff No.263793


those buildings held 50,000 people. 9 am should have been packed, less than 4,000 killed=inside job

2928fb No.263794

Damn Rudy is a badass.

https:// themobmuseum.org/notable_names/rudolph-giuliani/

1f38ab No.263796



we had a healthy confirmation recently that you cannot deny and it isn't the memo. Your MSM reported it and shit hit the fans on this board.

i can pinpoint literally two Q posts that made me a believer and then changed everyone who told me its a LARPS mind. Get to work and or fuck off forever.

2928fb No.263797

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'd love to know what Rudy knows about the Clintons.

a4473c No.263798

File: 8a1d574873e45a6⋯.jpg (48.16 KB, 640x432, 40:27, IMG_0590.JPG)

ba1c44 No.263799


Larry Silverstein was very fortunate that he skipped his usual routine for an appointment with his dermatologist that day. Made a lot of money too.

Yeah, and Al Franken wrote that he got the "Jew call" on 9/11, telling him to stay home. Nice work if you can get it.

7051a6 No.263800


>They like mundane

are they me?

am i their material?

good to know, regardless.

e9e23f No.263801

Also have you SEEN me mention Diana once? No. Not until YOU asked me about it. Nice try homie.

0b01a4 No.263802



ec9c4a No.263803


Could be he is on house arrest and comms monitored… Twatter is about only way he can communicate en-mass.

Cuff links = hand cuffs = house arrest/arrested?

ae9c7a No.263804



7051a6 No.263805


>am i their material?



i better apply to secret services right now.

5c31e2 No.263806


My thought-NOT powder. Look closely…shadow/lighting. Two people standing above. Two heads reflecting off overhead lights.

e7f9a1 No.263807

File: e5fb1e66a50cfe3⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 540x304, 135:76, Quinlan.gif)


he is a strigoy

001758 No.263809

File: 4f18c5516da5ff7⋯.jpg (38.21 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1517731670164.jpg)

12c816 No.263811


You forgot to take your pills, bitch.

2928fb No.263814


Yeah no shit! I was being sarcastic.

ae9c7a No.263815



8971af No.263816

7051a6 No.263818


i told you we are a think tank now.

60d268 No.263819

Patriots, fill this bread to ~751, then move on.

All others, stay back. The word on the street is that Mueller will be showing up shortly. Hang back and tell us all about it afterward.








Fill this bread, anons.


c2f363 No.263820


Could be, anon.


Likes to go on CNN alot…all you need to know kek.


Maybe they picked him up at the event and made him do a surrender tweet right then.

e0745a No.263821






Did this guy have to replace somebody or was it just a coincidence that it was his first day?

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Sliney

b7fd7e No.263822


2.3 trillion anounced missing from pentagon day before 9/11. YES TRILLION 2.3

1f38ab No.263824


0b01a4 No.263802



cant take whats not prescribed. <3

c29aaa No.263825


Don't forget the people who built the stadium led the 9/11 engineering investigation

f8b2da No.263826


9/12 crickets

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