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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 649fc34523f4e25⋯.jpg (232.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, # QResearch-393.jpg)

6422b7 No.320290



BO & BV Thanks for your hard work!

Q's Private Board


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>>298274 we see you!

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>>297355 , >>297379 Getty FTP found in exif update >>310818

>>295015 raw source found

>>295561 House of Representitives camera setup

>>293637, >>285632, >>285704, >>285611, >>294259, >>294647

>>293307 AIAnon figures Bloomberg has the photos

>>284781 Lost & Found Photos of SOTU Phones Thread. POST YOURS HERE PLEASE.

>>294086 Q Task SOTU Photo & Video Updates Consolidation from 2.6.18

>>285721 Videos of SOTU are disappearing. Archive before posting.

>>286850 Video of SOTU

>>286613 , >>286746 "[something] Trump, you need to be shot."

>>286633 Getty manipulates photos before posting?

>>286402 , >>286411 , >>286419 , >>286460 , >>286487 , >>286489

>>286510 Phone Screen Confirmed Shopped. Spread the word.

>>285651 Beatty's Statement on Trump's SOTU Address


>>284004 www.fbi.gov/about/leadership-and-structure/fbi-executives/carl-ghattas

Findings: >>289566, >>293165, >>293197, >>293203, >>293215

>>298462 Carl Ghattas connected to Twitter lawsuit

>>293215 Follow the wife: Kim Ghattas and Hillary

Clinton Email investigation timeline >>291986 , >>291104 , >>291986 ,


Memo → intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/memo_and_white_house_letter.pdf

Rebuttal Of Charges Against The Memo → intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/hpsci_fisa_memo_charge_and_response.pdf

Rule 13. Correction of Misstatement or Omission; Disclosure of Non-Compliance → fisc.uscourts.gov/sites/default/files/FISC%20Rules%20of%20Procedure.pdf

OIG Reports Page → oig.justice.gov/reports/all.htm

Grassley Memo → www.judiciary.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/2018-02-06%20CEG%20LG%20to%20DOJ%20FBI%20(Unclassified%20Steele%20Referral).pdf

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>>286752 CDAN blind looks like it is probably about The Standard Hotel

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>>285866 Falcon Heavy Launching Today (Musk)

>>285647 Hitler, Witchcraft & The Black Forest

>>283837 Building the Timeline ← Please make a graphic of this

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#393 Dough pastebin.com/Fe4HrizU

6422b7 No.320345

Q post from last thread

Not in dough >>320333

679ad1 No.320367




it me

9a1e65 No.320368

Thanks for visiting! #doitq

0416fe No.320369


That ip goes to dc

853e83 No.320370

>>320333 - - plexhosted.com - United States - SoftLayer

e0d27a No.320371



2016a7 No.320372





7d42c7 No.320373


f339a0 No.320374


50. thats a weird one… govt? euro ?

58ba47 No.320375


>>319593 <- from prev. bread

>I'm glad tht you brought up the British Crown, and why I mentioned earlier that the roths are barely 200+ years in. the British Empire precedes them by at least 300 years.

Because your post is thoughtful and intelligent, I will take the time here to share another piece of the puzzle with you so you may judge for yourself the potential inaccuracy of the above statement.

The Rothschilds, as you implied are comparatively new on the scene, BUT BY THAT NAME ONLY. They came into your history line there after having changed their name from “the Bauers” (of Germany). That was the name chosen by a group also known as the Khazarian mafia, whose origins can be traced back all the way to before 800 AD.

Hence, the implication that the British Empire preceded the Roths by 300 years could be viewed as factually incorrect because the Roths were really Bauers who were really Khazarians who already had an established corrupt history before there was a British Empire.

Being a thoughtful type, you will appreciate all the gaps filled by reading this article:


Whoever is not familiar with the Khazarian Mafia or the history and/or origin of the Rothschild family, will do themselves well to read that article. It's in depth enough to cover all the relevant information but condensed enough to not be book length.

89a814 No.320376

ip is DC loc

679ad1 No.320377


https:// db-ip.com/

e696cb No.320378


DON"T. They could track you back

dcb859 No.320379






498d95 No.320380

Bring on the Friday night fireworks

c167cf No.320382



33deg17'29N 115deg29'20W

Camp Billy Machen Navy Seal Training Facility

ee5b75 No.320383

Whois for that ip

NetRange: -


NetName: SOFTLAYER-4-9

NetHandle: NET-50-22-0-0-1

Parent: NET50 (NET-50-0-0-0-0)

NetType: Direct Allocation

OriginAS: AS36351

Organization: SoftLayer Technologies Inc. (SOFTL)

RegDate: 2010-11-01

Updated: 2013-07-12

Ref: https:// whois.arin.net/rest/net/NET-50-22-0-0-1

OrgName: SoftLayer Technologies Inc.


Address: 4849 Alpha Rd.

City: Dallas

StateProv: TX

PostalCode: 75244

Country: US

RegDate: 2005-10-26

Updated: 2018-01-22

Ref: https:// whois.arin.net/rest/org/SOFTL

617285 No.320384

File: ab7faba0d12de98⋯.png (8.55 KB, 340x201, 340:201, 2018-02-09 20_36_14-WHOIS ….png)

290679 No.320385



rollin up the welcome mat… just saying

08fbf5 No.320386



IP Address Country Region City United States District of Columbia Washington

ISP Organization Latitude Longitude

SoftLayer Technologies Inc. Not Available 38.8951 -77.0364

679ad1 No.320387

bda38a No.320388

File: ef3db3e703056cb⋯.png (810.23 KB, 970x540, 97:54, Screenshot from 2018-02-08….png)







a4daac No.320389

The Witch is here

4abf8c No.320390

Q if you see this please know they spied on ordinary Americans too. Immediately after 2012 elections took out laptop & made it so router couldn’t be reset after they gave themselves every permission known to man. Got thru 64 hex key password in 2 days. They still own my router. Bought 3, waiting for them to get caught before I get number 4. Subtracted Twitter followers every time I got new ones to keep me at the same number for 19 months. Just want freedom for our voices to be heard! I got off shadow ban after Veritas video and things are clicking like they used to. If a good guy helped some of us very grateful. It’s like a heavy cloud over America is lifting more each day. Love my heroes helping to get our Republic humming & pray 4 all of you daily along with DJT!

c90df0 No.320391

File: bd132bed4715a84⋯.png (325.77 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_2849.PNG)

3d866e No.320392


Q, when will we see tangible results regarding Assange and his freedom? He has the ability to red pill and reach so many people globally; I would love to see him during prime time news with an announcement!

444c80 No.320393

File: eafd5f34bc4bc4f⋯.png (578.54 KB, 674x476, 337:238, chekum_niggas.PNG)




f339a0 No.320394


thanks hun'

( • )( • )

d641cc No.320395

File: 4a100663f1c3da7⋯.png (97.03 KB, 753x806, 753:806, Softlayer.png)

f89784 No.320396

File: 81aaa36cb7b62aa⋯.jpg (40.79 KB, 599x475, 599:475, WayneS.JPG)

… and so it begins, in Oz…

661c51 No.320397

In the future when they ask where were you when…?

We can all say Right. Fucking. There.

c783d6 No.320398

File: 45e04d25a99f4e7⋯.png (1.03 MB, 742x509, 742:509, ip.PNG)



d29681 No.320399

File: d71ad51f522454c⋯.jpg (365.4 KB, 1517x1279, 1517:1279, bleachbit.jpg)









679ad1 No.320400



8cb9a8 No.320401

File: 3838bcfb7f88c6f⋯.jpg (246.97 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, MeliannaFLOTUS-1.jpg)

Honor to our FLOTUS

Eat this Lynn


d0bfcc No.320402


Or massacre

c75829 No.320403

File: 9b9988ab7143b57⋯.png (445.96 KB, 1920x4321, 1920:4321, screen.png)


IP info

885fee No.320404



anyone tracert it? i don't have the balls

6422b7 No.320405


Roger, they're all in at the top anon. Appreciate your help though.

578bc1 No.320406






3540d5 No.320407


That IP is broadcasting from both Washington DC and Dallas, TX. Shit, are Dubya, Jeb, and daddy Skull-and-Bones in the house tonight?

a5cd42 No.320409

File: 900ea096f150e2b⋯.png (254.96 KB, 954x715, 954:715, location_1.png)

498d95 No.320410


Top 10 in TX


3cadf9 No.320411


Trip threes!

IP address of a member of the Top Ten Loser's Club.

c167cf No.320412


Just a coincidence that we have been seeing strange plane activity in Dallas tonight?… too weird.

55601e No.320413



Chantilly, VA

SoftLayer Technologies

2016a7 No.320414

I'm gonna make hot cocoa bc it's max comfy right now

853e83 No.320415

File: d8ab9ab923665ea⋯.png (216.43 KB, 1444x769, 1444:769, ClipboardImage.png)

cebaff No.320416




08fbf5 No.320417


888 then 333

e0d27a No.320419


Free museum telling the story of human flight via exhibits of many actual aircraft & spacecraft.

d0bfcc No.320420

bda38a No.320421

File: 025a3b8df40bbb5⋯.jpg (28.51 KB, 500x749, 500:749, 16832385_10209315510950424….jpg)

File: a48b4d97abc34b0⋯.jpeg (13.38 KB, 287x176, 287:176, download (11).jpeg)

File: 9c1d775aa929f77⋯.jpg (188.62 KB, 800x550, 16:11, ssbaseLG.jpg)



21364a No.320422


Lynn is quiet lately. Wonder if Q team knocked her ass out too?

a4daac No.320423



578bc1 No.320424

<anons double check their IP addresses just in case


629e1d No.320425

Dallas. Connect with military activity earlier. Who the hell would that be in a top 10????


ccbfda No.320426

File: 9eeb18135e7aca9⋯.png (1.13 MB, 980x940, 49:47, Comfy4.png)


For you, anon

8fd00b No.320427


306deb No.320428

File: 213c0808ad424d1⋯.png (103.86 KB, 765x1009, 765:1009, ip provided by Q.PNG)



Washington, DC

b41203 No.320430



NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!


bd94ad No.320431

File: 74f24b2142435a4⋯.png (217.34 KB, 591x461, 591:461, ipaddress.png)

df7094 No.320432


>Q !

Holy Shit Maaaaan!!!

08fbf5 No.320433

what happened in 1983?

8926eb No.320434

File: f33a547fa39742b⋯.jpg (154.15 KB, 978x642, 163:107, Screenshot_20180209-203738.jpg)


4dc43f No.320435

Thank You for visiting the WH. Hope Henry gets snagged. Hm, capcha code says HRC !

0566d9 No.320436

File: 74b61876301ba8d⋯.png (431.7 KB, 1111x1202, 1111:1202, Q 2018-02-09 21-06_21-33.png)

2bcef6 No.320437


Help her sleep, Q. Help us wake and put her to sleep.

e696cb No.320438

Who would be put as #10?

e0d27a No.320439


lulz daddy skull & bonez

dea222 No.320440

File: d6a7a958c015b15⋯.png (52.12 KB, 956x396, 239:99, pepe_bareback_maga_drive.png)

File: 7148fb400ebb836⋯.png (217.42 KB, 444x829, 444:829, Screenshot from 2018-02-09….png)


1st pic, anon. idgaf


2nd pic

e4ccf7 No.320441


when was last time she twatted?

602027 No.320443

File: 7a7e64ee380ae1a⋯.jpeg (118.42 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, F7049C18-255B-40C8-BC50-D….jpeg)


Here you go anon

bbdb36 No.320445


Softlayer technologies, Parent company IBM

853e83 No.320446

File: ad934eb37155edb⋯.png (61.42 KB, 1214x583, 1214:583, ClipboardImage.png)

661c51 No.320447

6803c8 No.320448

Hi player, your ass is going down. Might as well give up to Q.

a4daac No.320449


Bush fam in Houston

f339a0 No.320450



ea075f No.320451

File: 5d1c50b1306b541⋯.png (182.09 KB, 533x335, 533:335, swalwell-russia-1.png)


https:// swalwell.house. gov/russia

https:// www.rollcall. com/news/politics/swalwell-launches-site-about-trumps-ties-to-


his video about Russia, his whiteboard –

https:// www.youtube. com/watch?v=mlF6ShIGXMQ

Note: commenting is available on his youtube channel

617285 No.320452

Dubya is that you?

f97de0 No.320453

File: 985c08e988b3bd0⋯.jpeg (527.81 KB, 953x1422, 953:1422, 1C876D98-5DFE-40E5-AE16-A….jpeg)


885fee No.320455


That is right on top of highland park. Bush's live there.

ee5b75 No.320456

Northwood golf club on Alpha Road (see IP lookup above)

cacec8 No.320457


5.da.1632.ip4.static.sl-reverse.com []

dcb859 No.320458


YES BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

d0bfcc No.320459


Air and space museum?

50ef38 No.320461

File: e25cf349192c212⋯.png (215.32 KB, 1272x621, 424:207, KingTowerResearchProf.png)

Sorry but my first Amino-Chem/Shanghai connection may not be as strong as this one, especially given Q's posts on medical researchers

Apparently there's a Zhang Yong with an address listed the same as King Tower


https:// www.locatefamily.com/Street-Lists/China/index-19692.html

ZHANG Yong: Professor Dept Deputy Head - Research & Enterprises

Research Interest: Nanobiophotonics & Nanomedicine, Biomaterials, Biomedical Microdevices

http:// www.bioeng.nus.edu.sg/people/pi/zhangyong/

Then this news article comes out today….

Knocking Tumors Out Like A Light Read more from Asian Scientist Magazine

https:// www.asianscientist.com/2018/02/in-the-lab/photodynamic-therapy-cancer-tumors/

In the present study, a research group led by Professor Zhang Yong and Assistant Professor John Ho of NUS developed a tiny wireless device that can be inserted into the tumor site to extend the reach and efficacy of PDT. “Our approach of light delivery will provide significant advantages for treating cancers with PDT in previously inaccessible regions. Powered wirelessly, the tiny implantable device delivers doses of light over long time scales in a programmable and repeatable manner. This could potentially enable the therapies to be tailored by the clinician during the course of treatment,” said Ho.

Perhaps what we witnessed the other night was an arrest/counterhit on a big pharma hitman

1edefa No.320463



or 18 = 2 x 9 ?

1bab90 No.320464

File: 1e49bf3e343999a⋯.png (51.36 KB, 1403x316, 1403:316, Capture.PNG)


Who likes things that are privately held?

3cadf9 No.320465


GWB (Shrub) lives in Dallas.

One of the Geolocations for the IP came up Dallas.

c190bb No.320466

File: f59e11e2c99767a⋯.png (42.66 KB, 570x858, 95:143, 2-9-18 abc qresearch.png)


DO NOT SUICIDE you sick, evil bastards!

The WORLD wants to watch you suffer!

629e1d No.320467

Anything to do with the Bush family in Chantilly, VA?????

19996e No.320468



IP General Information

IP Address:



SoftLayer Technologies

IP Geolocation Information


North America (NA)


United States (US) US



Time Zone:



38.9036 (38°54'12.96" N)


-77.4512 (77°27'4.32" S)

5d773b No.320469


Softlayer is a major hosting service. Like Rackspace or AWS.

The actual user of the IP could be anyone in the world.

9dd67b No.320470


I like this one.

For what it's worth:

https:// www.ranker.com/list/top-50-illuminati-from-most-to-least-powerful/illuminatibloodline

d16cdc No.320471

File: 8aebd2282786be4⋯.png (2.52 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 91C3068C-0B34-4EF3-927F-5D….png)




★The Mother of all Drops.

★The keys to the Insurance Files.

★What Dreams May Come

578bc1 No.320472


so far I got,..

http:// whois.domaintools.com/

IP Location United States United States Washington Softlayer Technologies Inc.

about to go in depth

f1f38d No.320473



a5cd42 No.320474

File: def0aff42f2d135⋯.png (65.5 KB, 955x715, 191:143, location_2.png)


It's telling me I'm flooding.

deba9c No.320475


Thanks for the explanation anon.

e696cb No.320476


Yes. We will know when they 'suicide' this weekend. I think even CNN might tell the truth on that.

e1e762 No.320477

We are winning!!! Bigly!!

df7094 No.320478


It's bushy bush!!!



Hit the digits 2x on same bread!!!

2016a7 No.320479



Thanks bros got the toasted marshmallow fancy shit on deck for our loser VIPs tonight.

Hi Yeb / W / skull n bones

ac3ec6 No.320480


Jeb is too timid and dumb to find his way on here

fe3d7c No.320481

Be Top 10 player

Open http:// ip4.me/ and see:

Realize you're in a killbox

506e1b No.320482

File: abb700d9e1b73ac⋯.jpg (13.49 KB, 485x38, 485:38, ip.JPG)

885fee No.320483


This is a really nice find. needs to be explored more when Q fervor dies down.

cacec8 No.320484


IDGAF either.

d89014 No.320485


Obama was 10?

b534d1 No.320486

File: 7d6e4974151360c⋯.png (378.5 KB, 521x702, 521:702, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at ….png)

f785fc No.320487

wois gives dallas texas

%rwhois V-1.5:003fff:00 rwhois.attcloudarchitect.com (by Network Solutions, Inc. V-








network:Street-Address:4849 Alpha Road








network:Created:2011-01-25 15:23:58

network:Updated:2015-07-06 08:00:29


55601e No.320488


National Reconnaissance Office Headquarters.

21364a No.320489

>>320438 Not #10, a top 10 player. Think HRC, Obozo, Soros, etc.

af71da No.320490



b41203 No.320491

File: ed83ceba7bb1600⋯.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, 449:401, HAHA1.png)

File: 9ff40cdbaad3ba1⋯.jpg (36.22 KB, 620x445, 124:89, HAHA2.jpg)

File: e339db6e3735306⋯.jpg (36.54 KB, 600x400, 3:2, HAHA3.jpg)

File: a3857fbab2206d0⋯.jpg (100.26 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, HAHA4.jpg)





498d95 No.320492


Just the first top 10 that popped in my head associated with Texas.

Seems there might just be a happening in Ft Worth after all

19808b No.320493


i love you no homo

e4ccf7 No.320494


holy shite

3d8b09 No.320495

File: c617444720c7e6d⋯.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1466x1425, 1466:1425, 080F533D-FE30-477C-99BB-C….jpeg)

346024 No.320496

File: 64d8a766348c454⋯.png (81.81 KB, 1458x402, 243:67, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at ….png)

4b2c43 No.320497

File: b7b814af61238f3⋯.png (358.23 KB, 1082x349, 1082:349, screenshotAtUploadCC_15182….png)


That is a spoofed IP originating here and spoofed to Germany and back.

Coming from one of those Spots shown on US map. Will take a lot longer to figure out which one.

bda38a No.320498

File: ff1b389729c398f⋯.png (700.11 KB, 974x547, 974:547, Screenshot from 2018-02-08….png)


a4daac No.320499

McAuliffe governor of Virginia

9e2b3f No.320500

IP Address

OrgName: SoftLayer Technologies Inc.


Address: 4849 Alpha Rd.

City: Dallas

StateProv: TX

PostalCode: 75244

Country: US

d0bfcc No.320501


Daddy in H-town. W in Dallas.

16804b No.320502


awe man let them watch..enjoy the sweat!

1a79ee No.320503


Range: SoftLayer Technologies Inc.Org Handle: SOFTLAddress: 4849 Alpha Rd.

City: DallasState/Province: TXPostal Code: 75244

Maybe a video camera on the Bush family ranch

c30ebd No.320504


Is this why the NG was called in?

Is he trying to delay something?

2a3abb No.320505

File: 3f6009324e3869f⋯.png (48.34 KB, 772x734, 386:367,

IP Lookup

8926eb No.320507

File: a892f65eefeb5af⋯.jpg (553.54 KB, 1077x1352, 1077:1352, Screenshot_20180209-204222.jpg)

File: a9b1adc8bb9e424⋯.jpg (202.88 KB, 1046x978, 523:489, Screenshot_20180209-204254.jpg)

e0d27a No.320508


Mueller was 11, I know that.

853e83 No.320509


They do indeed. Have driven by more than once. Down the road from my area, (that one is toooooooo ritzy. LOL)

c167cf No.320510

File: e6bdfc2ac03717d⋯.png (149.95 KB, 533x335, 533:335, swell1.png)


Couldn't help myself…

1e939b No.320511

File: 8ff12834eef4eb2⋯.jpg (90.44 KB, 800x522, 400:261, reagen.jpg)

I can't stop posting this shit

f7c93d No.320512

Back from Abu Dhabi already!?

Get em' Q!

4b547d No.320513


>Alford Plea


I've worked for lawyers and that probably made me want to go 1488 more than /pol/ ever did.

All /pol/ did was crystallize that feeling that knowing what I was doing was fundamentally wrong.

d89014 No.320514

File: 6219e8e78013b1e⋯.jpg (64.38 KB, 680x830, 68:83, funnyyo.jpg)


4b2c43 No.320515


That is just the ISP provider. It's being routed out to Germany and back.

506e1b No.320516


planefags posted EA6 doing circles near here 3 - 5 days ago.

e8160b No.320517

File: eb32d7903d4e4d1⋯.jpg (80.19 KB, 422x684, 211:342, 1target.jpg)

8368b1 No.320518



I get Chantilly VA

Latitude: 38.9036 (38° 54′ 12.96″ N)

Longitude: -77.4512 (77° 27′ 4.32″ W)

9dd67b No.320519


This one's gonna hurt.

19996e No.320520



8e8f4e No.320521

File: 1b95b23d74e4af3⋯.png (169.12 KB, 1920x1769, 1920:1769, whois.png)


Got this. Hm?

50d2c5 No.320522

HAHAHAHA. Who will have the last laugh? Seriously, Q… There fucking better be indictments next week.




868630 No.320523

File: c7c07627af3a79d⋯.png (126.81 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180210-034203.png)

e0d27a No.320524



bda38a No.320526

File: 88fb202c8f5439f⋯.png (161.45 KB, 583x563, 583:563, Screenshot from 2018-02-01….png)





fa3180 No.320527

So ok i missed it whos suicidal this weekend or next weekend

8d0c3d No.320528

David Bonderman, founder of TPG Capital also apparently lives in Fort Worth

629e1d No.320529


Don't get impatient. This is the long game.

622335 No.320530

File: 92e1093bc06046c⋯.jpg (923.28 KB, 3530x2333, 3530:2333, CNS-POPE-AUDIENCE-QUAKE.jpg)


Cardinel Pell bring the holy revolver. I need to go see god… No not that god the one with flames.

55601e No.320531

NRO is headquartered in Chantilly. One of 16 Intelligence agencies.

21364a No.320532

This is pathetic. I have no life. I sit at this computer all my free time and wait for Q to post. I am addicted. And I love it!

664782 No.320533

File: 58b50c2ea6bf10d⋯.jpg (427.59 KB, 1100x1471, 1100:1471, !newsweak22..jpg)

File: f94223b914c9fe2⋯.jpg (169.76 KB, 1019x1363, 1019:1363, !newsweak23..jpg)

Jovial Q tonight.

Yesterday and todays Newsweaks

6afb0b No.320534


if he is here, i hope he knows he is going down soon.

c0c6e4 No.320535


That IP is registered to Softlayer Technologies. Bought by IBM.


a5cd42 No.320536

File: eac647059aada70⋯.png (2.79 MB, 1451x791, 1451:791, Location_3.png)


Okay this is not normal.

6aaa56 No.320537

File: 8490588f69eaafe⋯.jpeg (28.53 KB, 500x375, 4:3, CED7B56F-9AF7-44EA-B1C3-F….jpeg)

File: b0740b842b7e0e3⋯.jpeg (25.73 KB, 500x375, 4:3, F232F7C9-B157-4772-B8A7-9….jpeg)

be2ad8 No.320538

File: d49d444224610bf⋯.png (29.52 KB, 991x360, 991:360, tyjtryujk.png)

dea222 No.320539

why are we getting some IP lookups claiming virginia and some claiming texas?

90bab2 No.320540


Q knows this anon.


its spooky. i traced it.

4aed57 No.320541



guys guys dc where is seth rich died

Q mentioned him before and maybe we are shining the light about his death

e247bb No.320542


I understand your reason for asking the question. Q once stated that they will only use that platform. We assumed it meant GreatAwakening board, since there was a big migration to follow Q there - but now it seems that comment meant the 8 Chan platform.

7d8f88 No.320543


ee5b75 No.320544


Cloud infrastructure? Renee J. James is all over that kind of stuff. ARM with Ampere. Software-based WAN (wo)man in the middle, by design?

72e874 No.320545

File: e4ca48b628b1136⋯.png (66.94 KB, 801x1157, 9:13, 1v1.png)

File: b2e7a9348de2657⋯.png (34.15 KB, 832x423, 832:423, 1v2.png)

Is this it?

bda38a No.320546

File: 32af0a396214bdf⋯.png (718.89 KB, 972x545, 972:545, Screenshot from 2018-02-08….png)








629e1d No.320547



Don't just wait…. research, dig, help the revolution

24b5d5 No.320548


I just saw a post on the twatter with that IP on it. It got deleted before I could respond.

d89014 No.320549


He knows, he has been very silent lately

d1f0cb No.320550


Possible Capstones (P)


 https:// www.forbes.com/profile/du-pont/

Heir to DuPont family fortune raped his 3 yr old daughter… had 8 year sentence reduced and held up by Beau BIDEN … creepy joes son.

 https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trial_and_sentencing_of_Robert_H._Richards_IV

Maria Camilla (P)allavicini

http:// theunhivedmind.com/UHM/bob-chapman-speaks-briefly-on-the-pallavicini-family/

(P)riory of Sion

http:// www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1615888/pg1

(P)lantagenet (doubtful unless part of the deception is they lost power)

https:// www.google.co.uk/amp/s/europeanroyalhistory.wordpress.com/2013/05/02/living-male-line-plantagenet-descendents/amp/

Process of elimination. feel free to tear it apart or validate any of these.

e70909 No.320551

IP Location United States United States Washington Softlayer Technologies Inc.

ASN United States AS36351 SOFTLAYER - SoftLayer Technologies Inc., US (registered Dec 12, 2005)

Resolve Host 5.da.1632.ip4.static.sl-reverse.com

Whois Server whois.arin.net

IP Address

2dc6bc No.320552


MAGA + Marshmallow = MEGAMellow

dcb859 No.320553



b3054f No.320554


just what i needed. thanx for ur continued work.

50d2c5 No.320555


Not buying it anymore. There is plenty to start seeing indictments.

f7c93d No.320557

File: bbc192c001dbee1⋯.png (273.2 KB, 470x288, 235:144, Bushduck.PNG)

e2665c No.320558


Hold the phone: is that Nellie Ohr response below the tweet Ohr's wife???????????

c30ebd No.320559


Was Seth's phone/laptop with his body?

d92f31 No.320560

File: 9bd21a852e3ad2e⋯.jpg (65 KB, 636x432, 53:36, ipqadd.jpg)

0fa37d No.320561

Top 10? What's that mean.

578bc1 No.320563


<hard to remember everything with dancing granddaughter in the room

BAUER! Much appreciation for filling in that blank! deeper research will continue after the child's bedtime kek lbvs

5aac95 No.320564


So excited/relieved to see things are changing right before my eyes!

885fee No.320565


is it pinging over l3 pipes? someone could theoretically call their NOC line and ask them for some assistance finding the location. L3 is not very good about asking for credentials so I've heard.

d92f31 No.320566

sorry if repeat, capcha PITA

3ec037 No.320567

No 3 Justice Dept Official is stepping down. Was assumed to be replacement for RR.

https:// www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/no-3-official-at-the-justice-department-is-stepping-down/ar-BBIVR8X?ocid=spartanntp

ccbfda No.320568








Not in order and forgetting the rest…

161dcb No.320569


Not what you think


Not war

Not oil

Not democracy

Not terrorism


War was a byproduct

Patriotism weaponized



Not Hillary

Mouth piece

FISA Amendments act of 2008

1 year of warrantless spying


Destruction of records


Trump renews???

Think long game

Use existing laws to?

Sun Zu

5 year extensions

Renew now

Repeal after mission

Destroy from within

Had they had their way?

Continue destroying 4th amendment

Finish the war on the second

Open boarders

Destroy the nation

90bab2 No.320570


def chantilly

b5edd9 No.320571


Oh perfect.




Creepy patch

Skunk Works

Ran by Clowns now…

a4daac No.320572

File: 28a2b32f16e2f3e⋯.png (201.35 KB, 800x845, 160:169, photostudio_1518230806856.png)

661c51 No.320573


Cabal, dude!

9d4603 No.320574

Jon Brennan was in on this from the beginning.

4b2c43 No.320576


Run the traceroutes.and follow the ones closest to Washington. You will know if the IP is active at the time.

d92f31 No.320577

File: 9bd21a852e3ad2e⋯.jpg (65 KB, 636x432, 53:36, ipqadd.jpg)

c66cef No.320578

File: 5df7b32d31538e1⋯.jpeg (128.28 KB, 849x487, 849:487, CA568E0B-8EB2-401B-84A0-F….jpeg)

Natives against the foreign hordes.

506e1b No.320579

File: 3937258b3ce6453⋯.jpg (41.75 KB, 642x206, 321:103, ip2.JPG)

629e1d No.320580


Democratic judge arrested in texas?

Shanghai action live streamed by Q?

What more do you need?

There's proof of 13,000 indictments… patience anon patience.

06e81f No.320581

All Shall Bare Witness

Ephesians 6:10-20

51893b No.320582

Brennan & Clapper need to come into play, Q-Team.

50d2c5 No.320583


Trips confirm.

a17469 No.320584



can I have a hint to know what you're doing?

16804b No.320585


expect a horrible "accident"…to avoid public disgrace…f5 assholes! JUMP!

bda38a No.320586

File: c3dd0f85f1c779f⋯.jpg (786.99 KB, 984x920, 123:115, BlueGeneP_rack.jpg)






04d930 No.320587


22.218 - plexhosted.com - United States - SoftLayer - Search IP …

https:// db-ip.com/all/50.22.218 - is an IP address range owned by SoftLayer and located in United States - select an address below for more details.

0fa37d No.320588


Who's the ten? Why ten?

4aed57 No.320589


seth rich death is 1.7 miles away from Q coordinates

f6a950 No.320590


im not a computerfag, what does this all mean. laymans terms

5f3eb3 No.320591

File: 31f7a521ec59ab0⋯.jpg (15.65 KB, 306x354, 51:59, hill_cough2.jpg)

File: 18a91cc5b126f28⋯.jpg (14.82 KB, 306x354, 51:59, hill_coughs.jpg)

Not her, right?

7d8f88 No.320592

>On June 4, 2013, IBM announced its acquisition of SoftLayer under not disclosed financial terms, but according to Reuters in a deal that could fetch more than $2 billion,[13] to form an IBM Cloud Services Division.[14][15] At the time of acquisition, Softlayer was described as the biggest privately held cloud infrastructure provider (IaaS) in the world.[16]

53aa33 No.320594


I don't like these evil images on this board. Post pictures of Jesus and holy people only please. We are on the side of Good. Let us not forget.

4dc43f No.320595

File: 5d6721b109eecb6⋯.jpg (199.82 KB, 540x836, 135:209, Fight.jpg)

They say Karma's a Biatch

471fd2 No.320596


Chantilly is about 40 minutes from downtown DC.

629e1d No.320597


Good information Anon.

I hope all is being reversed.

ac3ec6 No.320598

File: c480ebec0c96190⋯.jpg (1.7 MB, 1202x2333, 1202:2333, whatindictments.jpg)


you impatient shit do I need to post this again?

1e939b No.320599


tier one address

default ip gateway digits

govt job

e696cb No.320600

Maybe one of these







Bush Jr


Bill Clinton


f29099 No.320601


Image result for SoftLayer


SoftLayer Technologies, Inc. is a dedicated server, managed hosting, and cloud computing provider, founded in 2005 and acquired by IBM in 2013. Wikipedia

Headquarters: Dallas, TX

Founder: Lance Crosby

Founded: 2005

CEO: Lance Crosby (Jun 2005–)

Parent organization: IBM

dca657 No.320602

File: 5f4866415420e8c⋯.jpg (283.17 KB, 864x493, 864:493, Scandal_1.jpg)

1bab90 No.320603


Hannity's List

1. HRC

2. James Comey

3. Andrew McCabe

4. Peter Strzok

5. Lisa Page

6. Bruce Ohr

7. Nellie (Bruce's wife)

8. Loretta Lynch

9. Rod Rosenstein

10. Obama

11. Robert Mueller

f7c93d No.320604



dcb859 No.320605


You've never heard of a top ten list?!

296ee7 No.320606

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


281733 No.320607


Face lift or a body double?

c783d6 No.320609

Q posted an IP addy. What do we know about the addy? It is IPV4 not IPV6 so it is older-ish

2b7540 No.320610


great work @t193931

aad9de No.320611


Just down the street from the National Reconnaissance Office Headquarters…

af71da No.320612


Some group is messaging each other through these images and text

4ebe2c No.320613


It's BIG

dcb859 No.320614



578bc1 No.320615



remember reading this the day it dropped, VT site was a frequent for me, haven't been there in a while. Again, cant tell you how much i appreciate the memory refresh

16804b No.320616


never…they will die in a horrible plane crash..the nation will mourn…the TRUTH is for us.

853e83 No.320617


I tried too. NO joy

e958bc No.320618


Bush's business in Chantilly.

2008 article, from when he visited.

6765c1 No.320619


IBM = Snow White


542f04 No.320620

American Airlines Flight AA2185

Chicago to Minneapolis

306deb No.320621



The host company is in TX, but the "visitor" is most likely IN D.C.



>rilly skeered


>National Reconnaissance Office Headquarters.



>Will take a lot longer to figure out which one.

Who owns the night?


>its spooky. i traced it.

Your results are????

All the anons who think Q team posts here as anons, listen up

EVERY SINGLE INTEL AGENCY (1st & 2nd world) monitors here, sometimes they post here. Some friendly, some not.

That cryptic shit you follow thinking it's Q… is most likely one of them. Are they deceiving you? Leading you AWAY from what Q posts/asks? Giving you mis-information & disinformation?


The entire world is at stake here.

They will do anything, including lying on the internet to gullible people.

Q has to tripfag due to people doing just that.


e8160b No.320622

File: 739ad0e315aa053⋯.jpg (28.38 KB, 504x204, 42:17, 2.jpg)

Treasure the Tracert here is the fun part, the other IP ids are just the owner of the network, here are the routers

e0d27a No.320623

If we got top 10 players asking for deals, this has got to be close to ending.

d89014 No.320624


yup O is ten

a5cd42 No.320625


Gut instinct says it's HRC. With the ha ha ha ha ha? Gotta be.

e958bc No.320626



http:// connectionarchives.com/PDF/2008/100808/Centreview%20North.pdf

e696cb No.320627

Comey is that you?

2dc6bc No.320628


Today's is freakin' stellar!

Great visual metaphors/analogies.

90bab2 No.320629


not literal

5f3eb3 No.320630


Heavy makeup, blood facial, CGI? Hehe

a5cd42 No.320631

3rd ranking official at DOJ resigns. Rachel Brand.

0fa37d No.320632




Not Soros, or Roths? Kissinger?

dea222 No.320633


>hannity's list


>top 10 player [here now]

69f55b No.320635

File: 42e8006984764d6⋯.png (159.95 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, geolocate1.png)

File: 30a8efd4cf512dc⋯.png (94.74 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, geolocate.png)


661c51 No.320636


Tenant of the buildinghttps:// www.covance.com/commitment/about-covance.html

41d7fb No.320637

File: 32e2e1dea2c5108⋯.jpeg (915.54 KB, 1125x1782, 125:198, 546AA620-7AA7-43F6-A0DC-A….jpeg)


f29099 No.320638


They're blocking you

I'd do it but they already have my location I'll think about it

0566d9 No.320639

File: b8536006aaa7fd9⋯.jpg (7.33 MB, 5555x5547, 5555:5547, Q_comp_correct_5_2018-02-0….jpg)

File: 74b61876301ba8d⋯.png (431.7 KB, 1111x1202, 1111:1202, Q 2018-02-09 21-06_21-33.png)

629e1d No.320640


Really takes a long time of lurking and learning just to be in this room. Along with a LONG history of exploring, questioning, and thinking. I feel sorry for newfags.

df7094 No.320641

File: 90a1f572e3e8364⋯.png (120.3 KB, 258x247, 258:247, ClipboardImage.png)


Suicides a comin'!

O Henry K went back with some baaaad news for the cabal!

No deal for you!!! (in soup Nazi voice)


dec605 No.320642

File: 533c5754b579b23⋯.jpg (112.5 KB, 1123x693, 1123:693, whiterabbit.jpg)

Wonder if any of these guys are here as well?

Follow the White Rabbit.



53aa33 No.320643


You are getting better and better. We should use these as a format to become more of the real media of the people.. in a format that they're used to seeing.. I like it. You can post on FB/IG whatever

5d773b No.320644


Probably just the address of a datacenter, anon Softlayer has server farms in Dallas, DC, Seattle and probably a few other regions. The address means nothing.

It's like the address of GoDaddy not very meaningful.

More useful would be who has recently hosted something using that IP address.

55601e No.320645

Since it's NRO, I'm guessing PS is watching… Can't create a birth certificate to get out of this one…

cacec8 No.320647


Fuck that. Bring in the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

5f3eb3 No.320648


Meant for >> 320607

9a1e65 No.320649

I’d love to see that smug mother fucker now. O, stick your nose way up his ass and beg!

0eb223 No.320650


Where did>321157 go?

c832da No.320651


It could be - top ten players WW

fa3180 No.320652


Damn i missed alot. can u elaborate quick

bda38a No.320653

File: 87bb0fa12316721⋯.jpg (624.44 KB, 1920x1278, 320:213, Mira_-_Blue_Gene_Q_at_Argo….jpg)

File: a48b4d97abc34b0⋯.jpeg (13.38 KB, 287x176, 287:176, download (11).jpeg)





578bc1 No.320655


notes taken, setting links over for digging later this night. Gratitude anon!

21364a No.320656


IPs mean nothing to people who want to hide. They are behind a dozen different proxies. You have to have NSA-grade spyware to find out who and where they really are.

dea222 No.320657



wrong tag


f29099 No.320658


CIA University - Wikipedia

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CIA_University

CIA University (CIAU) is the primary education facility of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Founded in 2002 and located in Chantilly, Virginia, the school holds courses on various intelligence-related subjects, ranging from chemical weapons manufacturing to foreign languages. Students include CIA new hires, ..

fd813c No.320659

Traceroute – Traces the route of packets to destination host from our server

IP address or host name:

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets

1 * * *

2 core21.fsn1.hetzner.com de 0.307 ms 0.310 ms 0.304 ms

3 core4.fra.hetzner.com de 4.960 ms 4.961 ms 4.953 ms

4 softlayer.equinix-am1.nl-ix.net nl 11.150 ms 11.159 ms 11.137 ms

ae6.cbs01.eq01.ams02.networklayer.com nl 11.782 ms 11.773 ms 11.741 ms

6 f2.11.6132.ip4.static.sl-reverse.com us 91.890 ms 91.743 ms 91.913 ms

7 ae30.bbr02.eq01.wdc02.networklayer.com us 91.201 ms 91.552 ms 91.379 ms

8 ae1.dar01.wdc01.networklayer.com us 91.361 ms 91.006 ms 91.114 ms

9 po1.fcr02.sr01.wdc01.networklayer.com us 91.680 ms 91.662 ms 91.358 ms

10 * * *

11 * * *

12 * * *

13 * * *

14 * * *

No reply for 5 hops. Assuming we reached firewall.

4aed57 No.320660

cia niggers if you reading this

Get the fuck out of my board


629e1d No.320661


Red Arrow are the PlaneFags…. 1st Recon Squadron.

Don't forget the Pentagon Meme Warfare story last year… I bet those were the guys that got this whole ball rolling.

a5cd42 No.320662

Cristina Garcia, #MeToo leader for California Assembly, Dem of course, on leave after groping complaint from a MAN. SHE was the groper.

http:// www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/02/09/man-accuses-california-metoo-leader-sexual-misconduct/322888002/

2016a7 No.320663

I even whip creamed my cocoa.

Freedom boner on 10inches

Comeyyyyy come out come out wherever you are!

cebaff No.320665



5f3eb3 No.320666

File: 876ae98d96dedc0⋯.jpg (275.3 KB, 1723x1720, 1723:1720, schiffyy.jpg)

f6a950 No.320667

I have long believed that ThomasPaine has an inside track with Q. He recently posted a hahahahahahaha post to a public official. I just cant remember who. it was within the past week.

be2ad8 No.320668

File: e81207af2dfdd00⋯.png (197.7 KB, 842x785, 842:785, tyjtryujk.png)

4aed57 No.320669

https:// whatismyipaddress.com/ip/

bda38a No.320670

File: dbdea5d95c1b6fc⋯.png (646.66 KB, 962x678, 481:339, Screenshot from 2018-02-08….png)

File: 747f2356f862571⋯.png (78.21 KB, 954x718, 477:359, Screenshot from 2018-02-08….png)



9a5b2a No.320671


Michael Savage. Nick Short.

d0d6e7 No.320672

Thank you to our bakers. you guys rock!

10a0d5 No.320673


Schumer turned into Mr Nice Guy after the SOTU


1e28ab No.320674


What puzzles me about the possibility of Prince Philip as P is that his own family is not named as part of the bloodlines as far as I can see. He was given the surname Mountbatten when he moved to England (his godfather was Lord Louis Mountbatten, last Viceroy of India) but prior to that he was known as Prince Philip of Greece. My minimal research into the Greek royal family suggests that they are Danish in origin, and I don't see the Danish royal family named in the lists of illuminati. Can anyone else shed any light on that?

c30ebd No.320676


Careful you don't accidentally give away your info. This strikes me as odd. Different from his last posts.

498d95 No.320677


That's not a top 10 list. Many of those names are very low in the game. Come on now

7d8f88 No.320678


look at the text below. McCabe knew

d29681 No.320680


nice find anon!

b5edd9 No.320681


Anons. This is a LARPer.

Been posting this for last few weeks.

622335 No.320682

God I'm glad I canceled netflix and decided to get my daily dose of drama here. You can't make this shit up!

9cb246 No.320683


There will triple 5's in your post number. It just a superstitious thing the autists do.

f339a0 No.320684


go dig

dea222 No.320685


>clinton email



baff09 No.320686


has to be someone that was not too dirty, and had an option to get out.

otherwise it would not have been a warning

for example, HRC would not get a warning, however, someone like Rosenstein would have been given a warning.

my bet is on RR or RM

be0d13 No.320687

Someone was trying to erase what was on the NI Cloud

d0bfcc No.320688


This. "We" won't know. But [they] most definitely will know they are being watched.

c783d6 No.320689


you have something important here!

af71da No.320690


Nice dig Anon!!

661c51 No.320691


Q isn't communicating outside this board and great awakenings

e696cb No.320692


Oh stop .

905d34 No.320693


Also next to Dulles Airport

617285 No.320694


use this http:// www.monitis.com/traceroute/

Makes one trip to Switzerland and then ends in Washington DC.

2016a7 No.320695


Satanic trips and also I kekd

885fee No.320696



Any planfags look at this one?

7e7d02 No.320697

Q Please suicide Obama please.

adec63 No.320698


This sounds like your threatening q with mini nukes.

a5cd42 No.320699

Fashion Designer Carolina Herrera is moving on after 37 years.

90bab2 No.320700


its silly to even bother. in this thread is a bunch of people who dont understand how to trace ip in real time.

kinda funny

853e83 No.320701


Well.. they are IBM… and spoops…

e696cb No.320702


filtered assfag

5f3eb3 No.320703

5aac95 No.320704




I'm minutes away from Chantilly. Do you need me to do anything?

f339a0 No.320706


ya but prob all top 10 are Softlayer customers

64893c No.320707

File: 7402baba54f7d9b⋯.png (430.04 KB, 772x514, 386:257, 7402baba54f7d9bcd91e7e974a….png)

File: 9d9b629ca5231cc⋯.gif (929.05 KB, 500x284, 125:71, 9d9b629ca5231ccfa9fe402567….gif)



f1f38d No.320708

File: fba618ca996804e⋯.png (57.62 KB, 269x268, 269:268, icp.png)



It's one.

No, no, no, it's 10.

Dammit, I can't decide!

<pic related!!

a5cd42 No.320709


YES. Cell phone, hiding. Must work in one of the surrounding buildings. Checking Google Street View to see what else is there.

f04a0b No.320710

National guard to be deployed in West Virginia to deter Opioid use …… Maybe they are there for something or someone else

c30ebd No.320711


Not all of us are able to do amazing things.

f7c93d No.320712

File: 550c4cb2a319dac⋯.jpg (613.35 KB, 735x546, 35:26, cov.jpg)

bda38a No.320713

File: 78421d4cc73080d⋯.jpg (70.39 KB, 600x450, 4:3, ORNL-Summit-Supercomputer-….jpg)







e696cb No.320714


lol It's like reading a Tom Clancy novel.

8926eb No.320715


Any news of big names recently in the area who this could be?

7e077b No.320716


Government and military name their people by numbers in order of "importance". There is always a #1 and then on from there. I imagine being that the cabal are all involved in government, that they as well use the numbers.


He didn't say it's number 10. He said Top 10 player here. That means 1 of the 10

542f04 No.320717

50 22


e247bb No.320718


Anons are an amazing group of vastly diverse people. Where we go one, we go all. We will never know who we all are, but I’m proud to do my part in saving the world. It might not seem like much, but without each anon doing their part we are not complete.

7d8f88 No.320719

softlayer was bought by IBM, tech wing of the eugenicists

Q, is Watson crawling this board?

6c014d No.320720

Hey can someone pls link me to an updated timeline? Working on redpilling a few family members.

df7094 No.320721

File: a1a7d3b9a9f76cd⋯.png (17.64 KB, 420x346, 210:173, ClipboardImage.png)

868630 No.320722

File: 489369805996c1b⋯.jpg (219.67 KB, 728x472, 91:59, 489369805996c1b8df15a08799….jpg)


dea222 No.320723

keep in mind what Q calls top 10 might not be the same as what hannity calls top 10

34644c No.320724


AIX is IBM's version of unix.

63403e No.320725

File: 8e0b61f9e63f5a6⋯.jpg (192.9 KB, 500x1138, 250:569, obma.jpg)

6d6ec8 No.320726

File: 76d6d4ef3bb4fee⋯.png (86.46 KB, 758x969, 758:969, top10player.PNG)

File: 622f756245786af⋯.png (494.18 KB, 1206x922, 603:461, top10player2.PNG)

0416fe No.320727



All 10?

629e1d No.320728


It's better than a Clancy novel.

Chatter has slowed down. Time for Q to post again and blow up the board.

c783d6 No.320729


I'm going to continue to bother if that is ok with you

f339a0 No.320730


pizza handy..

58ba47 No.320731

File: 2acfcd3e213ce2b⋯.jpg (133.37 KB, 889x500, 889:500, bushkimmelpoppy.jpg)

File: 0c279a9331c5576⋯.jpg (143.54 KB, 888x500, 222:125, bushs2.jpg)

File: 9f4b6d017c70d6c⋯.jpg (207.28 KB, 888x500, 222:125, bushOBLcave.jpg)

5f3eb3 No.320732

File: beeab890d313c98⋯.jpg (72.87 KB, 539x500, 539:500, arkancide.jpg)

File: 8f02bf4bf65740f⋯.gif (408.42 KB, 500x345, 100:69, bathmm.gif)

e2432f No.320733


That dig made me fill up a little. Thx anon

8368b1 No.320734



That's the distance to the DC border, not into the DC neighborhood (Bloomingdale).

53aa33 No.320735

ccbfda No.320736


This. Unless they wanna be caught.


Let's see if he twats, or whoever twats. See if they signal back to us.

2a3abb No.320737


Hampton Inn across the street.

c24352 No.320738


DUDE plane anons? they were talking about this a bread or two ago…. brits didnt know USA were there??



FUCKIN BUSH IS COMIN DOWN Tonight? where u at anons

905d34 No.320739


Hannity listed the top players yesterday. HRC was #1 and BHO #10 there were more.

dcf529 No.320740


Anon: When the book is written, these will be on each chapter, I hope you are keeping them in a collection!

I wouldn't mind having them dated for the day I explain all this shit to the grandkids.

542f04 No.320741

Lol. Wow.

f7e227 No.320742


Any chance all ten are in Q's crosshairs?

165958 No.320743


Did Q take that into consideration before posting it?

1bab90 No.320744


Don't think it relates to Hannity's list. Probably major actor related to sigint?

647ed3 No.320745

Q, Reading you 5x5. Chantilly bagged

a5cd42 No.320746


It may not be that company. There are more due north. Checking.

50d2c5 No.320747



What more do I need? I need the public to start seeing arrests. I totally get this is a long game. It's been planned for years, perhaps decades). But a Texas judge and a live op where we got to witness it is just not enough at this point, considering all the proof that is already public. 13,000 sealed indictments… yeah, and???????

All these deep state actors are still roaming free. It's a fucking disgrace.

e696cb No.320748


Hannity's List

1. HRC

2. James Comey

3. Andrew McCabe

4. Peter Strzok

5. Lisa Page

6. Bruce Ohr

7. Nellie (Bruce's wife)

8. Loretta Lynch

9. Rod Rosenstein

10. Obama

11. Robert Mueller

9cb246 No.320749


$1,000 they are at Dulles across the road.

0fa37d No.320750

f339a0 No.320751


big swamp to drain

4deb9e No.320752

File: 876bab6def536cd⋯.gif (78.51 KB, 400x204, 100:51, Reeee.gif)

1e8762 No.320753

RANGE 50.* – Joint Tactical Command

f7c93d No.320754

"a global contract research organization (CRO), is the world’s most comprehensive drug development company.

We also offer laboratory testing services to the chemical, agrochemical and food industries and are a market leader in toxicology services, central laboratory services, discovery services and a top global provider of Phase III clinical trial management services. "

56403d No.320755


WHY isn’t aren’t anons looking at this?

449df5 No.320756


This reminds me of cops who call in "anonymous tips" themselves to beef up warrant applications.

2016a7 No.320757


The entire bush family needs to be bombed with Franklin cover-up memes

e8160b No.320758

File: b3166f3b95eccc5⋯.jpg (125.08 KB, 1017x657, 113:73, 1ip.jpg)

Here is the GEO of the last router

51893b No.320759



08eb26 No.320760

File: 6a603e60e69f0c7⋯.png (64.17 KB, 659x613, 659:613, wash.png)

498d95 No.320761


Come on this list is way off. Top 10's are Roths, Soros, Alefantis, P, Alaweed, Hussein

Not low level cronies like Comey, Ohr,

You are not thinking clearly how high this goes

24b5d5 No.320762


Probably Schiff. That dude needs to be brought down a couple notches.

19996e No.320763


we all have different talents

e696cb No.320764

Can't be Nellie (Bruce's wife). She's dumber then a brick So is Lisa Page

905d34 No.320765


Odd thing, 1st time I ran that IP it showed Paris. After that it shows Chantilly.

e1d168 No.320766




ee5b75 No.320767

Ping is timing out. That's a dead IP or so firewalled that it's invisible.

c30ebd No.320768


Because Isn't and Aren't don't belong in the same sentence…

9cb246 No.320769

File: bf1622ca0ced19f⋯.png (142.37 KB, 591x461, 591:461, 74f24b2142435a41f77e008a13….png)


We are. Why aren't you reading the bread?

622335 No.320770

File: 68c0d7418e9e3be⋯.jpg (62.53 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, james-comey.jpg)


>2. James Comey

I wish him well.

5f3eb3 No.320771

File: 610ae4ca9e4ae5b⋯.jpg (436.62 KB, 1151x991, 1151:991, donkey.jpg)

56403d No.320772


Fucking autocorrect. Sorry phonefagging during bullshit outing.

d0bfcc No.320773


I would not want to be the person writing this book. Holy fuckin citations anon. Whoever it will be will be rewriting the history of the world up to 2018. Where's CS Lewis when you need him?

629e1d No.320774


Go back and watch your TV and THINK. What would it look like if normal people woke up tomorrow and 13,000 people were arrested?

It'd look like a major military coup and normal people would be in the streets fighting with the goverment.

You are part of the plan… let it play out as it plays.

661c51 No.320775

>>320712https:// www.covance.com/commitment/about-covance.html

490d79 No.320776

>>320758That is what I got also when I did a tracert and looked at last active hop, Strange it llooks like very near the whitehouse. Hmmmm!

bda38a No.320777

File: 6dc8e8a16fa493f⋯.jpg (169.58 KB, 633x347, 633:347, MolonLabe.jpg)







dec605 No.320778


No it reads like a Peter Benchley novel.

Enjoy the Show.

f7c93d No.320779


Hampton Inn. Possible. Who knows.

I pray it's who I think it is. I need that justice to be done!

53aa33 No.320780


You heard em, everybody. Watch your twats.




He's talking about 1 person. I misread it too

Top 10 player [here now].

0fa37d No.320781


Now you're explainfagging while phonefagging.

664782 No.320782

bda38a No.320783

File: 47562b3f85f0f7c⋯.png (825.42 KB, 977x544, 977:544, Screenshot from 2018-02-08….png)



1db245 No.320784


Who do you think it is?

7f5bf6 No.320785



888 = Jesus in Hebrew gematria

0eb223 No.320786



03a39a No.320787


NRO on your map as well. These guys can look at each other out their windows practically.

56403d No.320788


Phonefagging and catching up. I didn’t see a reply and thought it important. Sorry I blew up!

04d930 No.320790


We are here for your confession Top 10 player. We Anon's can keep a secret! Ummmm, yeah!!!

e8160b No.320791


> yes I pasted the geo of that router, don't give your whole betting route so you don't dox

bc1eb8 No.320792

File: 27831473e624752⋯.png (297.53 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 90E33163-EFD0-4BC2-B8D5-8F….png)


Q hasn’t posted in his board

I feel these last few posts definitely fit into that category, especially the IP drop

Then I get a Q in my captcha. Really?

f1eaee No.320793

File: ee6580c3e89c217⋯.jpg (80.7 KB, 749x424, 749:424, IMG_1915.JPG)

File: 6ec9aa91c26aeb6⋯.jpg (80.02 KB, 520x245, 104:49, IMG_1947.JPG)

a5cd42 No.320794


That's a long walk, but then it's doubtful that any of the top ten players would have a purpose for being in any of the other buildings.

b5edd9 No.320795

File: 4ceb17f2511ec76⋯.jpg (143.56 KB, 800x534, 400:267, jaguar-2_800x600.jpg)

f339a0 No.320796


i meant 1 person,,, odds are His "top 10" list are all customers.. so numbering them doesnt really narrow it down…

853e83 No.320797


Show us how you got that or Not believing you. LOL

1db245 No.320798


Now you're complainfagging while fagfagging

c24352 No.320799

306deb No.320800

File: aaaf2195c548dbb⋯.jpg (25.04 KB, 536x599, 536:599, 1477338173230.jpg)


It would be a shame if someone got them to answer…


That's true, that's why the rule to LURK FOR 2 YEARS is there - so you recognize all the bs tactics and then know them when you see them. Newfags want to jump in right away, trolls/shills/cl0wns take advantage of it, and PEOPLE CAN GET HURT. Some will listen, some won't.


>You have to have NSA-grade spyware to find out who and where they really are.

They do. Think strategy: /ourguys/ already knew before Q posted. He's just taunting them right now.

Troll level: 1000

7d8f88 No.320801


these people are STUPID

6b1166 No.320802


So a top 10 cabal member at the WH begging ?!?! Lol

993eb8 No.320803

File: 56d321d77a4d2fb⋯.jpg (36.91 KB, 526x421, 526:421, 0205ur_03.JPG)

Anyone else getting the feeling that Judicial Watch is also related to The Q?

They get information public that congress in it…

Like Trump…

Another outside force disclosing corruption…

1bab90 No.320804

File: 4a2141faa0d22ac⋯.png (166.06 KB, 1034x695, 1034:695, Capture.PNG)


Looks interesting…

f29099 No.320805


ok. they bounced around the world but still cam back to the us. start with the first IP. then put in the last iP

53aa33 No.320806



9cb246 No.320807


No problem!

4ae73d No.320808

File: 78d5f5f5e795e60⋯.jpeg (119.16 KB, 710x524, 355:262, AC046385-FD9E-44D5-84CD-A….jpeg)

File: 351b6e9b0edc8d0⋯.jpeg (107.41 KB, 720x1480, 18:37, 8D6E3EE5-64AF-45D6-AB94-D….jpeg)

87cf4d No.320809

Q called me a top 10 playa #Honored

d7e049 No.320810


I think that Valentine's Day would be a great day for an epidemic of Heart Attacks… <3

c87893 No.320811


Kissinger ??

f785fc No.320812

could it be an IP cam?

ping gives nothing but timeouts

9c950f No.320813


way odd

4aed57 No.320814


https:// www.ibm.com/developerworks/community/blogs/5things/entry/5_things_to_know_about_softlayer?lang=en

885fee No.320815


I've kept a short daily journal as notes to write a story in the future. back to november.

0fa37d No.320816


I whine and I whine till I win.

53aa33 No.320817


Fuck off with this crap.

df7094 No.320818

File: 2eabacf62ffaccb⋯.png (45.99 KB, 1055x576, 1055:576, ClipboardImage.png)

e8160b No.320819


Thats just the owner of the subnet, not the location of the IP

c783d6 No.320820


I hate that for you

5dfbac No.320821

File: 89314c91bd7295e⋯.gif (2.96 MB, 400x373, 400:373, schiffBeetlejuiceShrunkenH….gif)

237aee No.320822




Illuminati abuse networks

There is a castle called “Chateau des Amerois”. This castle is also known as the “Castle of Kings” and it is located in Bouillon (Belgium), near the village of Muno.....The castle is referred to as the Mothers-of-Darkness castle and Monarch programming is supposedly performed on children there amongst other things as well.

The Solvays are the people who provide us with controversial antidepressants such as Prozac and Paroxetine. These drugs have been suspect for the spurge of mass killings being witnessed in schools and universities around the world.

In Belgium they have the X files too, but theirs refers to a series of horrific witness accounts of an alleged pedophile network. Five women and a male transvestite who testified anonymously in Belgium under the code-name ”X ” described an underworld of snuff films and sadomasochist torture that was almost impossible to believe. They stated that politicians and other highly prominent officials were involved. A massive pedophile network was coming to light and was hushed up as quickly as it surfaced. Some reports say that up to 20 key witnesses “Committed Suicide” and died in mysterious ways before testifying.

https:// legionbegone.wordpress.com/tag/ernest-solvay/

ca6024 No.320823


So this is the IP to Soft Layer Technologies Inc.

>https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SoftLayer

Has connections to IBM, Digital Reality Trust Inc and GI Partners L.P.

ba309d No.320824

File: de0755aaf13c04c⋯.jpg (80.66 KB, 420x986, 210:493, tracert.jpg)

makes two hops through netherlands from here

baff09 No.320825

new classification found:


[random goth picture]

[random keyboard string to face]

0416fe No.320826

I have a feeling this week is going to be verrrrryyyy interesting

2a3abb No.320827

File: 7e83b68215d0c91⋯.png (140.67 KB, 1016x501, 1016:501, longs.png)

Could be totally irrelevant but I put the numbers into a GPS locator and got this:

f339a0 No.320828


now… but before ?

617285 No.320829

How many of you checked your IP address to see if he was talking about you LMFAO

7e7d02 No.320830


Top fuckin Kek! Anon!

7d42c7 No.320831

Perhaps [next week], Mueller finally rotates the turret in the opposite direction.

a5cd42 No.320832


Even more likely. Didn't see that. Was focused north and east. I'd make a bad analyst.

31377f No.320833


Big pharma right there

f1eaee No.320834

File: 39b7c7a125169a4⋯.jpg (124.78 KB, 867x921, 289:307, IMG_1872.JPG)





e2689f No.320836

I'm about 7 minutes from there. >>320726

131349 No.320837


Just filter and move along

bda38a No.320838

File: ce261f411c5e2d6⋯.jpeg (6.17 KB, 326x154, 163:77, download (13).jpeg)





af71da No.320839


Are you sure they are shills?

f339a0 No.320840


guilty but innocent..

dca657 No.320841

File: cd46259713d6018⋯.jpg (230.48 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Trillions.jpg)

56403d No.320842


Thanks anon, much appreciated. We all get caught up irl shit, unfortunately that’s the case for me today. Nice to know anons have backs. kek

615b7a No.320843


>someone dirty, option to get out.

Daily reminder that the first rat to flip gets the best deal.

27be6d No.320844



Agreed….Suicide's would be very disappointing…especially for the top traitors!

99cc0c No.320845


looks more like switzerland on this map

629e1d No.320846


where the hell is that?

8df495 No.320847

George Herbert Walker Bush too senile now to use a computer?

53aa33 No.320848


Yeah, I understand and it's good people are analyzing it, I'm just concerned about hidden messages, imagery, incantations that can affect us.

50d2c5 No.320849


I don't watch TV. I do think, and research, and watch.

I have said my peace, and I stand by it.

0416fe No.320850

Are there any live street cams In That area???

e2432f No.320851


Toll level: 1000

I love our president

449df5 No.320852



1) It's TITS or GTFO, not legs.

2) I'll make an exception for you, but I better see them IRL real soon.

d0bfcc No.320853

For any of the fags still confused. It's NOT from Hannity's list. It's Top 10 cabal faggot.

f339a0 No.320854



bc75b1 No.320855


I wish i could understand you, i know you are with us

f785fc No.320857


started pinging as soon as i read post…only timeouts

21364a No.320858


Drop these on Zero's Twatter. I trust that they have internet access at Gitmo.

e696cb No.320859


Then it's Lynn again

f29099 No.320860


Made him an offer he couldn't refuse

0566d9 No.320861

hello there


c30ebd No.320862

Wouldn't it be grand if that money that was seized could be dived up among the tax payers tax refunds? I can dream…

a23e71 No.320863


One of the Rothchilds tweeted a Ha Ha Ha Ha this week. I forget what it was, but I saw it here.

22a4c2 No.320864

File: a27e8719053b81a⋯.jpg (116.96 KB, 1000x535, 200:107, iploc.JPG)

0416fe No.320866

e1d168 No.320867


333 Hebrew Gematria;

ג shalag {shaw-lag'} a primitive root; TWOT - 2391; v AV - snow 1; 1 1) (Hiphil) to snow, be as snow


https:// www.biblewheel.com/GR/GR_333.php

f1eaee No.320868

File: f6101988563667f⋯.jpg (281.31 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_1907.JPG)

File: 5f6e40045431152⋯.jpg (112.44 KB, 750x420, 25:14, IMG_1931.JPG)

fa3180 No.320869

My nephew is leaving for the navy nex week

bda38a No.320870

File: 20d6fe76466b4ed⋯.jpg (71.07 KB, 500x668, 125:167, doc_060_big.jpg)




f339a0 No.320871


thanks buddyanon

5d773b No.320872


Don't know - I am phonefagging, maybe you are on to something.

Softlayer means nothing, who was using the IP is the data to dig for.

e8160b No.320873


Do a tracert to the final IP address

The last router to not firewall was

search google for a IP location

put in that IP

thats what I got, still could be just the owner of the subnet

8368b1 No.320874


Yep. Digging for info on lead personnel now.

df7094 No.320875


Others doing it for him??? Trillionare!!

a5cd42 No.320876


We'd need to find the connection between Chiltern/Covance and the Roths empire. It may not be in the form of ownership. Maybe just funding. Check company officers too.

c24352 No.320877

File: 0e78beada4bb1d7⋯.png (75.61 KB, 1994x196, 997:98, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at ….png)

File: ac7452fe49febfc⋯.png (480.78 KB, 1434x582, 239:97, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at ….png)

File: a93fb0f099c7fd4⋯.png (662.69 KB, 914x660, 457:330, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at ….png)



unusual movement.



90bab2 No.320878


oh. thought it was me. kek

498d95 No.320879


That's who I thought it was too because of the "we warned you" part

5f3eb3 No.320880


We never even got proof of life that Jacob Rothschild was still alive, did we?

But if they can't sleep it must be Lynn.

07c9e0 No.320881


ha h=8 a=1. 8+1=9

That’s a lot of 9’s

Q almost sounds evil in this post.

d8a42e No.320883

Nine Ha's

f04a0b No.320884

Ohillipines >>320827

8fd00b No.320885



c783d6 No.320886


that's what I get with the IP addy

629e1d No.320887


I don't like how long it's taking either.

But I also know biblical timelines

70 years from the start of Israel is April 20th. This is the YEar of the Trees, eclipse on Tu'B'Shevat both in 2018 and 2019.

So I'm not worried about the Q team.


I believe what is happening is WAY Bigger than that. Think Jubilee.

c30ebd No.320888


We wish him well and a safe return. Feed that man well before he leaves.

e8160b No.320889



f29099 No.320891



dfe518 No.320892

ba7b4a No.320893

File: 836a2c315c41390⋯.jpg (14.68 KB, 188x255, 188:255, Angels.jpg)


I've been observing them for a while now. I don't like them either, but at least tonight they are not being put up by the evil ones that have posted before. Thanks be to God, as something has changed. God bless.

f04a0b No.320894



e696cb No.320895


Yeah me too

a5cd42 No.320896


He was definitely not happy.

90bab2 No.320897


could be a microwave

b2dfab No.320898


>>320526 salton sea base was old Sandia LAB site. Sandia is now run by former head of DTRA. AsCi supercomputers there and zpinch and other goodies. What’s is the connection to Q agenda/AOR?

87cf4d No.320899

Q hit me with a crumb on Rachel Brand, could she not handle a special counsel if RR is fired

55a692 No.320900


>I'm just concerned about hidden messages, imagery, incantations that can affect us.

Then you need to GTFO.

5dfbac No.320901

File: 331aa8f1b2f2918⋯.jpg (305.41 KB, 691x629, 691:629, trumpTallTales2.jpg)

971046 No.320902

File: af1a3c3e8da3a8f⋯.png (478.03 KB, 3200x900, 32:9, ClipboardImage.png)

ipaddress.is shows as being in AZ, at Ft. Huachuca.

1b9f48 No.320903




IP Address:





Registration Date:




SoftLayer Technologies Inc.

Org Handle:



4849 Alpha Rd.





Postal Code:



United States

Name Servers:

08fbf5 No.320904


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=6x-xZlbasxE

06b0b8 No.320905



b41203 No.320906

United Koreans walking out to Olympic opening ceremony right now

This is actual history anons. Q mentioned this shit.

United Korea is a first step towards world peace. Does it mean NK has been completely neutralized??

I know Olympics are normie tier shit but this is a BIG symbol to the normies.

b5edd9 No.320907

File: 0c9a1b595f67445⋯.jpg (250.7 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Plague-fullcolor.jpg)


Yes it's a LARPfag. Co-opting Q. Posted in Russian last time but same bs.

< Pic related

4b2462 No.320908


Stop fondling the elephant.


All the nobility. Queens, popes, you name it.

f785fc No.320909


true, something is cooking alright…

f1eaee No.320910

File: 3df182125f3886e⋯.jpg (58.74 KB, 800x450, 16:9, IMG_1893.JPG)


> KEK!!!!


853e83 No.320911


Thanks. The first parts I knew how to do. I never thought to do a location search like that. I appreciate that! I find that disturbing information, to say the least.

9c950f No.320913

ea075f No.320914

File: cfd15ef13806ec9⋯.png (177.45 KB, 415x347, 415:347, baberuth-hits.png)

Trump swings…

and it's a home run !!!

What a beauty !!

2a3abb No.320915


That's why we work as a team. ;) Everyone sees things a little different and we all have to work together to fit the pieces in and find what's missing.

04d930 No.320916


Can an IP address be rerouted like a phone number????

0416fe No.320917

Q can we hope all 10 either taken or suicide ?

e696cb No.320918

Is Lynn still here Q?

1db943 No.320919

File: 8ec792b13638dd4⋯.jpeg (88.51 KB, 640x550, 64:55, E1B3EC2F-471A-40EC-98E4-1….jpeg)


3ec037 No.320920

Here we go. Dimms' trashing Potus for not releasing the memo. I knew this was going to happen last week. I blame the HIC for allowing it to go forward without redactions. Shit pisses me off.

f29099 No.320921


No - I got Chantilly VA

69f55b No.320922

File: 4a6eb2d9321997c⋯.png (197.66 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, phone.png)

I've got a phone number.


e2689f No.320923


Give me an address.

0fa37d No.320924

It's cute how Q has their own board but keep posting here because they love us.

69f55b No.320925

File: 4a6eb2d9321997c⋯.png (197.66 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, phone.png)

I've got a phone number.


b5edd9 No.320926


That's not AI anon

b3943c No.320927


Kek wills it. As do others…

87cf4d No.320928

Hey Lynn, Sara Carter is way hotter than you

d0bfcc No.320929

With number 3 out at DOJ, the replacement will be the one OVERSEEING the MUELLER INVESTIGATION because Rosenstein is FUBARED.

Now, WHO could step into that very important role? Who has been complimentary of Mueller and non-partisan about this whole thing?

07c9e0 No.320930


Bush is a Dallas man

55601e No.320931

Softlayer. Close Proximity to NRO.

Owned by IBM (original creator of Snow White).

Hosted Clinton Server

Who's searching for files after announcement of investigation into Clinton Foundation?

Too late. Can't bleach bit now.

a5cd42 No.320932

Problem: who of the top ten players would be unaware that they were being immediately and completely tracked????

a6ee75 No.320933

I bought a Jonny Walker BLUE bottle just for HRC's court sentencing.

bebca3 No.320934


british plane. Royal family??

2a3abb No.320935


It's 50 not 55

06b0b8 No.320936

On behalf of AS and SR, FUCK ALL 10 OF YOU. We're coming for you.

6c014d No.320937

File: 414108e2fa203f9⋯.jpeg (2.27 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, B626921F-71E9-4FF4-9D25-1….jpeg)

Hey guys sorry to be spamming for this. Im looking for an updated TIMELINE. if anyone has a link or infograph it would be much appreciated.

a4daac No.320938


I'll be surprised if they suicide. They love themselves too much.

655615 No.320939


2nd post w/ that pic

different message


0eb223 No.320940


https:// cloudandcolocation.com/datacenters/softlayer-virginia-data-center-wdc01/

ba322b No.320941


Unless you have pertinent/incriminating information on this walking dog excrement keep his child killing face the fuck off the board.

f785fc No.320942

help me check -> https:// web.archive.org/web/*/

bebca3 No.320943


good stuff!!

f29099 No.320944

Yes - they bounced the number 4 different times

4dc43f No.320945

Chantilly ? All that's needed is the cherry on top

https:// www.theguardian.com/cities/2017/jun/01/chantilly-spotlight-bilderberg-conference-secretive-home

c783d6 No.320946

Person or evidence located at at the IP addy?

629e1d No.320947


that would be crazy…..

df7094 No.320948


Never seen that pic of him before, thanks!

08fbf5 No.320949


hell yea.

e8160b No.320950


That is the owner of the network, not it's location

a86b9f No.320951


You guys diggin that IP in Chantilly, VA. Check into possible relationship to Amazon/Bezos. LOTS of Amazon stuffin/around Chantilly.

b3943c No.320952

Man. You give people MONTHS to figure it out…

Uff da.

55601e No.320953


IP is VA. Company HQ is Dallas, not location of the IP.

2016a7 No.320954


Here here

a5cd42 No.320955

Also I just couldn't see LdR staying at a Hampton Inn.

cec128 No.320956

The best ink I ever put to paper, was my vote for Trump

1edefa No.320957


Lots of hotels lately.

e8160b No.320958

File: d15e2f7ae297c46⋯.jpg (107.4 KB, 1017x657, 113:73, 2ip.jpg)

2nd router from the end in Dallas

0416fe No.320959

File: 4f597c0dd86092a⋯.png (294.53 KB, 860x860, 1:1, 8E50C3C8-772A-438E-A00D-5B….png)

Hey LYNN….???

93cb99 No.320960

File: a5538e441c22acd⋯.png (620.99 KB, 1001x541, 1001:541, 2018-02-09 21.06.16.png)

6ffd4c No.320961


Details for


Decimal: 840358405

Hostname: 5.da.1632.ip4.static.sl-reverse.com

ASN: 36351

ISP: SoftLayer Technologies

Organization: SoftLayer Technologies

Services: None detected

Type: Corporate

Assignment: Static IP

Blacklist: Click to Check Blacklist Status

Continent: North America

Country: United States us flag

State/Region: Virginia

City: Chantilly

Latitude: 38.9036 (38° 54′ 12.96″ N)

Longitude: -77.4512 (77° 27′ 4.32″ W)

Postal Code: 20151

617285 No.320962

it doesn't matter where the IP leads, you fags are missing the point.

fa3180 No.320964


Just random pics. Im at work so i gotta be quick

95d72b No.320965


Q's board is now more of a map than anything… Info gets posted there to be referenced later. Daily drops come to us, pieces of the map go on the board

f7c93d No.320966

File: b9c14faec8fcf80⋯.jpg (555.61 KB, 608x637, 608:637, soc.jpg)

ac3ec6 No.320967

File: 6afcd3911fa9143⋯.jpg (57.79 KB, 634x606, 317:303, 1517521045176.jpg)

69f55b No.320968


That's the abuse line.

Here is the tech line.


2f045c No.320969


It's from the little Rascals

c4131a No.320970


Hey, Q!

Release the Howdy Doody tape!!!

(Only if it shows Comey and not a child)

Release that tape of Hillary and Huma with a ….. (Sigh. Never mind.)

Are there ANY tapes of these evil Satanists that don’t have kids in them?

4b2c43 No.320971


EVERY Provider has a block of IP's

Comcast, Timewarner..whatever Provider you have.

The provider just has those to assign to customers.

Why are we discussing the provider?

The question is What customer uses that IP from the provider

5d773b No.320972



06b0b8 No.320973


and much more exciting. would be a drag if he never came over!

c24352 No.320974

File: b9379a6fc02e906⋯.png (442.94 KB, 1990x1058, 995:529, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at ….png)





and also



b42ce1 No.320975

Mark Warner kisses the Queens ass….

using the queen against POTUS?

God shave the queen

311a18 No.320976

File: 3f31b50677331a0⋯.jpg (149.22 KB, 743x708, 743:708, 4-theories-on-why-hillary-….jpg)

66013b No.320977

File: 13ebe60fb6cb4cd⋯.png (16.67 KB, 412x151, 412:151, ClipboardImage.png)


Source: whois.arin.net

IP Address:


Handle: NET-50-22-0-0-1

Registration Date: 11/1/10


Org: SoftLayer Technologies Inc.

Org Handle: SOFTL

Address: 4849 Alpha Rd.

City: Dallas

State/Province: TX

Postal Code: 75244

Country: United States

a5cd42 No.320978


I've pointed out exactly that before. All the gaps get filled by somebody.

06b0b8 No.320979


who answered when you called?

131349 No.320980


I think they enjoy the interaction and watching us spin in circles deciphering their crumbs.

6bf299 No.320981

File: 1c1d7dc19f4dbe8⋯.jpg (710.15 KB, 2040x1514, 1020:757, wake-up-watchdog-hillary-c….jpg)

I hope Jeff gets off his MS-13 train soon & gets some indictments out [next week].

1e8762 No.320982

range 50.* is government - Joint Tactical Command

be2ad8 No.320983


I think Q is saying he has a copy of Clinton's email server from 2009-2011, from the hosting company SoftLayer.

22a4c2 No.320984

File: 9b1e173d4566343⋯.jpg (22.37 KB, 448x373, 448:373, ip.JPG)


How are we all getting different locations?

edda25 No.320985

File: 4529c6c5694a540⋯.png (186.41 KB, 2016x1234, 1008:617, Screenshot 2018-02-09 22.0….png)

https:// www.icann.org/en/system/files/correspondence/serad-to-johnson-30mar15-en.pdf

9cb246 No.320986


Very moving right now, agreed.

f339a0 No.320988




>City: Chantilly


>Latitude: 38.9036 (38° 54′ 12.96″ N)


>Longitude: -77.4512 (77° 27′ 4.32″ W)

c783d6 No.320989


I think it is outdated addy stating where evidence was gathered from.

50ef38 No.320990

File: e8773eb63f819fc⋯.png (24.18 KB, 653x301, 653:301, Untitled.png)

search the number backwards (mirrored) 5.812.22.50, it gives only one google entry

http:// umtof.umd.edu/pm/crn/archive/CRN_2055.5MIN

PROGRAM NAME:PMSW V7.36 RUN TIME:05:00:29 26-MAY-2007 INPUT FILE:LZ:SO_LZ_G029_20070331_V01.DAT1



SC_ID = 21

FIRST_EPOCH = 1553990402.849

FIRST_TIME = 2007 90 0 0 3.848632 2007 3 31 0 0 3.848632

LAST_TIME = 2007 90 23 59 59.973144 2007 3 31 23 59 59.973144


RECEIPT_EPOCH = 1554325748.000

RECEIPT_TIME = 2007 93 21 9 8. 0 0 2007 4 3 21 9 8. 0 0


FORMAT=(I2.2,1X,I3,1H:,I2.2,1H:,I2.2,1H:,I2.2,F7.1,F8.3,F7.2,F7.2,F5.0,2F6.2,2F7.1,2F7.2,2F7.2,F5.1, F7.2,F7.0,F8.0,F7.1,F6.1,2F6.1,F5.0)

bebca3 No.320991


Front row at the greatest show on earth.

0fa37d No.320992


Also much easier for us to reference.

9dd67b No.320993


I bow to you.

What Evil Forest is in Germany?

Someone went to Dallas, posted from that IP and outed themselves, and soon will be having company.

e247bb No.320994


Bush home in Dallas ? https:// www.zillow.com/homedetails/10141-Daria-Pl-Dallas-TX-75229/26757769_zpid/

54c8d1 No.320995


Chantilly Virginia?

a8c27c No.320996


Help out this big dummy and tell me what the point is, please.

b42ce1 No.320997


Lance Crosby

9e7947 No.320998

File: 74a2a984c270a24⋯.png (149.33 KB, 330x757, 330:757, ip.png)

f29099 No.320999

ipaddress.is shows as being in AZ, at Ft. Huachuca.

this is as hard core as they come - they got us on radar

a5cd42 No.321000


YES. How accurate is the location service? What's the margin for error? I would imagine that with GPS chips in every phone, in this day and age, the margin for error would be feet at the very worst. So somebody walked out there. What did they think it would accomplish?

c30ebd No.321001


Panicked email, maybe?

b3943c No.321002

Got muh red shirt on. God bless our Military. Amen.

828a7e No.321003


Roger That

68fec8 No.321004



National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)

66013b No.321005

File: 2a66b1b09df1b4f⋯.png (41.05 KB, 663x1055, 663:1055, ClipboardImage.png)

c24352 No.321006

File: 33e0d46ea647243⋯.png (1.2 MB, 2104x1012, 526:253, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at ….png)

File: 27028b0d02a5ce7⋯.png (150.39 KB, 1378x678, 689:339, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at ….png)

bleach it lol

578bc1 No.321007



37977c No.321008

Hope whats coming next week is on the public side of the 60/40.

4b2c43 No.321009


Yes it seems to follow similar patterns, sometimes other Euro countries but always ends in Chantilly.

2bcef6 No.321010


Did a scan from Feb 5 forward. Nothing there

0fa37d No.321011

Maybe it's just a top ten New York times best seller and Q was just bragging.

c783d6 No.321012


I am thinking along the same lines. This is an older-ish IP addy

311a18 No.321013

File: 903ae369be4315e⋯.jpg (118.84 KB, 800x424, 100:53, dickschiff1.jpg)

50ef38 No.321014


scratch that, I fudged the last two digits, nvm

c832da No.321015


these shills can stay

someanon is researching

0c29ed No.321016


I'm getting:

IP Locator & IP Lookup Basic Tracking Info

IP Address:

[IP Blacklist Check]

Reverse DNS:

Hostname: 5.da.1632.ip4.static.sl-reverse.com


ns2.softlayer.net >>

ns1.softlayer.net >>

Lookup IP Address Location For IP:

Continent: North America (NA)

Country: United States IP Location Find In United States (US)

Capital: Washington

State: Virginia

City Location: Chantilly

Postal: 20151

Area: 703

Metro: 511

ISP: SoftLayer Technologies

Organization: SoftLayer Technologies

AS Number: AS36351 SoftLayer Technologies Inc.

Time Zone: America/New_York

Local Time: 22:06:46

Timezone GMT offset: -18000

Sunrise / Sunset: 07:06 / 17:41

Extra IP Lookup Finder Info for IP Address:

Continent Lat/Lon: 46.07305 / -100.546

Country Lat/Lon: 38 / -98

City Lat/Lon: (38.9036) / (-77.4512)

IP Language: English

IP Address Speed: Corporate Internet Speed

[ Check Internet Speed]

IP Currency: United States dollar($) (USD)

IDD Code: +1

http:// www.ip-tracker.org/locator/ip-lookup.php?ip=

55601e No.321017


50 not 55.

c90df0 No.321018

>>320990 Wouldn't it be 5.812.22.05?

296ee7 No.321019

File: d560c82946c62d6⋯.jpg (38.4 KB, 850x400, 17:8, qqqq.jpg)

6422b7 No.321020

File: 69e5214ecfa24b3⋯.jpg (7.46 KB, 284x177, 284:177, # Jim.jpg)

Dough risin'

f7c93d No.321021

Somebody panicked and ran into the woods.

f6a950 No.321022


Yea i went back to the 3rd couldnt find it. Time flies could have been 2 weeks ago for all I know. Was worth a shot.

66013b No.321023


812 not valid it needs to be 0-255

de86e2 No.321025

Q, what about Kissinger visiting the WH?

Did he use the bathroom before leaving?

885fee No.321026


http:// www.datacentermap.com/company/softlayer_datacenters.html

http:// www.datacentermap.com/company/softlayer_datacenters.html

d89014 No.321027


ignore him, if he doesn't believe he can leave

9cb246 No.321028



Its a fax number. I called it.

7e077b No.321029


>Q !

Thin(g)s t(h)ough (w)ould really (b)e great if it was!!

e9f976 No.321030



Lots of creepy shit in Michigan.

5d773b No.321031



Good Lord, you anons are digging out datacenter facilities.

That is pointless.

It's like finding the phone company switching station.

The point is to find who used or uses that IP address.

bc1000 No.321032

strzok will be suicided

6bf299 No.321033


Top 10 player in the [kill box].

547c07 No.321034

File: 8f1c4f2fce4692d⋯.jpg (61.28 KB, 375x500, 3:4, pepeclint.jpg)

617285 No.321036


The point is Q knows who is [here now] and who won't be here [next week]

dea222 No.321037

File: 9cc165be0fadeb8⋯.png (75.99 KB, 872x741, 872:741, Screenshot from 2018-02-09….png)

e696cb No.321038


Kissinger wears Depends. He doesn't need to if he even needed too.

a5cd42 No.321039

Q is going to need to enlighten us on this. It doesn't make any sense. There is no hiding by walking into a field. None of the top ten players could possibly be that stupid to think any purpose would be served by doing it, vs. just signing on where they were. Or could they? Q keeps reminding us the potential IS there.

4aed57 No.321040

hey obama

51893b No.321042

bcdb60 No.321043



Not Dubya. He lives in Southlake, Tx. Near Ft Worth

b226ee No.321044



0566d9 No.321045

File: eb879cad1f9f78a⋯.png (594.21 KB, 888x888, 1:1, PepeQ.PNG)

>>320333 <<<

>>319888 <<<

dem digits

d0bfcc No.321046

Leo has lost his mind on Chaffetz's show. Hilariously he's put Gowdy on a pedastal.

What makes a movie great? Great actors.

9dd67b No.321047


They will be soon. Or just getting sloppy. It's tough tough stuff to stay clean in today's track everything world.

Could have been an iPhone background update to an email account.

8926eb No.321048


There was a q post along time ago that pointed to manila, Philippines for flushing Obama out around POTUS Asian trip

69f55b No.321050

File: 60bc75b64bd753b⋯.png (105.19 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Thomas_smith.png)


Who is Thomas Smith? Anyone? Anyone?

cd10e8 No.321051


Shill supporter.

7e077b No.321052


Oops didn't mean to put the Q excl

5bb9cc No.321053


Are we multi-dimensional beings?

Have we been hijacked by the desires of ET/races?

Do the elite side with these beings?

Stranger At The White House?

1e8762 No.321054

File: 774fdb233acd405⋯.png (8.74 KB, 260x62, 130:31, jpg.png)

306deb No.321055


And the crooked judge who knows and allows them warrants anyway.

Very glad POTUS is cleaning house!


Whoa there, cowpoke. I didn't say 'at the WH' I just noticed on teh results the very first result was Washington, D.C.

Is it really surprising that one of the top [10] is in DC right now?

Is it really surprising that one of the top [10] on the list is monitoring this board?

>think about some of the stupider posts

>think about the slide posts

>think about the red herring posts

>think about the misinfo posts

>think about the disinfo posts

Do you really think that's all from dumb newfags?

And even when they are not posting, they monitor, check in, see our progress, where we need to be diverted away from when we get too close.



If you were (((them))) wouldn't you be doing that? Or having a minion or two (or Brock bois) doing that?



Don't you realize that /ourguys/ monitor here too?

They have programs to analyze all the posts, links, images?

They have the real IP of every faggot who lurks and posts here?


How can we help POTUS right now?

853e83 No.321056


OH, noes PEPE! Higher standards!!! PLEASE…

But that is keking killarious

4aed57 No.321057

need new baker

baff09 No.321058


this isn't the board for information, this is the board for Q to build our moral. Q posts on GA for information. so… Q's post is to let us know that we have a loooooooooser on the board.


27be6d No.321059


Fax a page saying "We see You! Can you sleep?"

a5cd42 No.321061


Maybe they wanted to be located there. Maybe they were taunting. Hence the ha ha ha.

967f8f No.321062

https:// www.dailykos.com/stories/2008/6/9/532977/-

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton attend Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, VA; reporters kidnapped

82f068 No.321063

I would [] a Bush first to bring the looney left out of their fog

905d34 No.321064

Current list of guilty 2016 election players per Hannity yesterday (Feb 8)

1. HRC

2. James Comey

3. Andrew McCabe

4. Peter Strzok

5. Lisa Page

6. Bruce Ohr

7. Nellie Ohr

8. Loretta Lynch

9. Rod Rosenstein

10. Hussein

11. Robert Mueller

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIRD5NbtfIU&t=76s

Length is 14:51

1549f4 No.321066

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/321035.html

e8160b No.321067


Pepe you're not a snake, your skin is going to peel!

c93956 No.321068

File: 33673cf5172b9ba⋯.png (62.79 KB, 587x784, 587:784, Russian.PNG)


My search results are returned in Russian. no joke.

b3943c No.321069


I laughed, but.. Pepe can do better than that!

Doesn't look real happy about it tho. lol

dec605 No.321070


Have felt that way many times. Is exciting.

But there are less than 250 UID's here. Prime time with Q drops. We are going to need more Anons. They will join us in due time.

Godspeed Patriots.

8f6bd5 No.321071


Northirop Grumman IT bld is right in that location… B's twitter has location pin pointed. Going back to luck mode… used google earth. Go get um annons!

8870b2 No.321072

File: a940ea253335e64⋯.png (405.56 KB, 794x443, 794:443, ClipboardImage.png)

Guess who's on live on Bill Maher right now.

22a4c2 No.321073

File: 9b1e173d4566343⋯.jpg (22.37 KB, 448x373, 448:373, ip.JPG)

File: a27e8719053b81a⋯.jpg (116.96 KB, 1000x535, 200:107, iploc.JPG)


That one.

905d34 No.321074


One of those in the top 10 are who Q is referring to.

68fec8 No.321075


dea222 LOL

fa3180 No.321076


Already have but hard to keep up sometimes with work

5d773b No.321077


Point is, find out who uses the IP, such as a web site or email address hosted at the IP.

c832da No.321078

File: 41e87c573741f53⋯.png (22.18 KB, 535x180, 107:36, Screenshot 2018-02-09 at 7….png)

Q warned her…

b2dfab No.321079


WEN ho lee Maybe had more than one customer? Shawn Carpenter angle?

f6a950 No.321080


this is top 10 in the current scandle, not even close to a top 10 globally. But we dont know top 10 of what.

90bab2 No.321081


lotta asians in that area

2dd561 No.321082


It is a Virtual Server running in Dallas TX on SoftLayer's network.

a5cd42 No.321083


Who would sign in here personally vs. letting the Clowns handle it?

8f9c07 No.321084


You fuckfags are awesome.

bc1000 No.321085

You're not going to identify who the IP belongs to. If it's not a statically assigned pubic IP, then you're not gonna get any info unless you can trace it all the way back to the DHCP server that is issuing the addresses. THEN you'll need to cross the db with the associated machines MAC address of the NIC. Just know they are from DC. Someone is interested in what's happening in here.

e9f976 No.321086


NetRange: -


NetName: SOFTLAYER-4-9

NetHandle: NET-50-22-0-0-1

Parent: NET50 (NET-50-0-0-0-0)

NetType: Direct Allocation

OriginAS: AS36351

Organization: SoftLayer Technologies Inc. (SOFTL)

RegDate: 2010-11-01

Updated: 2013-07-12

Ref: https:// whois.arin.net/rest/net/NET-50-22-0-0-1

OrgName: SoftLayer Technologies Inc.


Address: 4849 Alpha Rd.

City: Dallas

StateProv: TX

PostalCode: 75244

Country: US

RegDate: 2005-10-26

Updated: 2018-01-22

Ref: https:// whois.arin.net/rest/org/SOFTL

661c51 No.321087


It could be underground connected to Covance Research Laboratory

2a3abb No.321088


That's why I figured it couldn't hurt to add it to the board.

It's just weird that what appears to be an IP address will bring up the Philippines on the GPS tracker. Probably nothing.

0eb223 No.321089

File: 668a15dd5699afb⋯.png (126.78 KB, 1826x652, 913:326, Brave_2018-02-09_22-14-29.png)


AWS took over their contract after IBM took them over and shit on it (this is how IBM works with their contracts these days)

https:// www.computerworld.com/article/2489956/cloud-computing/ibm-updates-cloud-strategy-after-loss-of-cia-pact.html

They are probably still using this data center despite the loss of the big contract for some co-location.

4f36d1 No.321090



38°54'12" N


77°27'04" W

b41203 No.321092


Only 250 posting, probably x10 lurking

f97de0 No.321094


The American Registry for Internet Numbers is headquartered in an unincorporated area by Washington Dulles International Airport, near Chantilly.

4b2462 No.321095



UR thinking too small.

5f3eb3 No.321096


Yes, fax a Pepe kek

08fbf5 No.321097

move on from the ip shit

e8160b No.321098


You must be new, Q Team doesn't need to do anything, you must learn grasshopper or gtfo, we get what they give, we don't tell the POTUS how to run operations, or are you special?

9957d3 No.321099


The program that vaporized father

a5cd42 No.321100

Look at who posted 1 post only in the prior bread #392 maybe within 60 seconds or so of Q's ha ha message. Of course I would think they don't necessarily need to post anything. Just be here.

46991d No.321101

File: 5e6260089ad8400⋯.jpg (146 KB, 544x814, 272:407, VPNfkd.jpg)

9dd67b No.321102


I've stared at a lot of IP addresses, but that 50 is much lower than I recall.

I'm old though. I forget shit.

4f36d1 No.321103


Chantilly, VA

6bf299 No.321104

File: 7e6a7de290f8784⋯.png (60.75 KB, 1506x304, 753:152, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at ….png)



That's a DC IP – pic related

d0bfcc No.321105


Thought he lived in Preston Hollow

2a3abb No.321106

I hope the baker is getting ready, lol. This loaf is filling fast.

ea075f No.321107


would there be gov accounts there?

would it be searchable?

vewy intwesting post

50ef38 No.321108


on that note

http:// geoiplookup.net/ip/

IP Geolocation InformationContinent:Asia (AS)Country:Iran (IR) IRCity:Time Zone:Asia/TehranLatitude:35.6961 (35°41'45.96" N)Longitude:51.4231 (51°25'23.16" N)

10a0d5 No.321109

File: 16ff31589f326b3⋯.jpg (229.1 KB, 570x599, 570:599, obama.jpg)

ccbfda No.321110


The important thing is that Q knows who it is.

5bb9cc No.321111


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Relates to HRC?

76422b No.321112

Come home from work to fresh crumbs. Bless The Patriots!

6422b7 No.321113

New bread




[] Troll Level 1000 Edition []

bc1000 No.321114


Yes…..that's all we need to know.

9dd67b No.321115


No tag?

b42ce1 No.321116

Ingraham Smashes BushFraud! So It Begins!

POTUS is amazing..!!!! Great video of Potus vs the rest!!!! KEK!!!!!

https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kh8d24L1Vvc

5d773b No.321117


If true that would be VERY meaningful info. owner of IP

Good digging anon.

cf7ed4 No.321118


Greatly appreciate this, Anon.

4f36d1 No.321119


The IP is from Chantilly, VA , a DC suburb

f7c93d No.321120


Says that name on the building.

9af7b9 No.321121


oh we're here, we're all here.

c66cef No.321122

Someone lurking here has that IP. That person is a top 10 player.

0566d9 No.321123

File: daff27b8a372a76⋯.png (862.34 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_pepeCrumbs_R_Don't come ….png)

e8160b No.321124


I'm guessing we may have a couple canaries in there to cut the list down. Maybe LIsa and Nellie to start.

d0bfcc No.321125


Thank you

6bf299 No.321127

File: 89512985f2d7ccf⋯.png (1.24 MB, 2880x1590, 96:53, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at ….png)


location of that IP is just outside the WH…..

be2aeb No.321128

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton attend Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, VA; reporters kidnapped

https:// www.dailykos.com/stories/2008/6/9/532977/-

1edefa No.321130



885fee No.321131


This is completely illegal so do not do it.

Call ISP NOC(not the easiest number to find)

Tell them you are a certain customer.

Tell them its late and you can't get a work order issued.

Ask the right question to the friendly engineer.

I'm not touching this with a 10 foot pool. You should not either.

8926eb No.321132


Kek! For anyone that's interested look up #stonetear and a gal named katica on Twitter who found out about this guy going on Reddit asking about how to bleach files. She's really good researcher. Give her a follow on Twitter.

e696cb No.321133


Those two are dumb as bricks and couldn't figure out how to even get here.

07f6e3 No.321135

Bilderberg Conference 2002 Chantilly, Virginia,

9dd67b No.321136

be2ad8 No.321137


f7c93d No.321138

File: 413869fbe650988⋯.jpg (239.15 KB, 682x406, 341:203, phead.jpg)

e247bb No.321139

File: fb3fa150ce9794d⋯.jpeg (259.83 KB, 1024x1082, 512:541, C26543D4-310C-45FF-92A3-8….jpeg)

Hahahahaha sounds like righteous indignant laughter!

Guessing on this might not age well, but if anything deserves ‘hahahahaha We warned you” it’s the MSM.

3 events next week

Suicide Weekend

a5cd42 No.321140

>>319876 this user posted only 1 post in #392 and appeared 80 seconds before Q posted.

1c42f0 No.322030


Q said "Mirror"

1c42f0 No.322072


This Mira supercomputer is DOE. It may be doing nuclear weapons calculations or fusion calculations.


1c42f0 No.322094


Hillary? I thought I smelled rotting cabbage and urine…..

6cb22f No.323404


Ask for God's Protection, rely upon it.

"And throw that which is in your right hand: quickly it will swallow up what they have faked (and) what they have faked is only a magicians trick: And the magician does not succeed, wherever he may go or whatever skill he may attain." QURAN 20:69

f2502c No.323651

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