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Pro Aris et Focis

File: aa70b5bab2b85aa⋯.jpg (305.08 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 98712487918469184.jpg)

59d768 No.56269


>Do you TRUST the US Military?

>Do you TRUST the Chain Of Command?










[Current Qtask]

>Side_by_Side (graphic form):

>BDT/False Flag posts vs actual news of bomb attempt (NYC)_

>DEFCON 1 posts vs H scare_

>[2] above represent PRIMARY indicators.

>SEC indicators = Posts:Tweets:Time





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Whatever Trump tweets about gains an enormous amount of attention.

Q has exemplified how calculated every word can be.

So lets follow the direction of our Masterful Tactician.

As Trump Trolls, We will Redpill.

Topic for topic, we will pry open the Overton window.

For all to see how sickening the world really is, but more importantly, how great it can be.







Patriots, let Loose the Memes of War.

The fate of your countrymen is at hand.

There are over 9,294 sealed indictments in federal courts from 10/30 to 12/22. Each set as a remote explosive in the take down of the worlds largest syndicate of evil.

There have been Thousands of pedophilia-related arrests and sting operations since the day Trump got into office. Millions of children have been saved by stopping this now.

As of January 4, 2018, 39 representatives will not seek re-election to their U.S. House districts and an additional 12 have announced upcoming resignations.

Over 40 CEO's of major companies have or announced their resignations.

>There are no coincidences.

“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of the body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.” ― Thomas Jefferson

We are the dot connectors. We are the excavators of obscured facts. We are who we've been waiting for our whole lives. We are the Storm, and we are the Calm Center inside it.

Our goal is simple:

To assure your family, loved ones and friends that we're all in very good hands. [YOU ARE THE KEYSTONE TO THIS PLAN].

[The Q / Trump coded communications are] perfect. Plausible deniability to the world yet ultimate confirmation to us.

>Perhaps he could not in good conscious see the world burn.

Can you?

Suit up lads, we will have Peace through the Strength of our Understanding and give Clarity through our Memetic Spread.

You know what to do.

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Enter The War Room and prepare for battle. First target: FAKE NEWS

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59d768 No.56271

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Anons don't rest

'Til things are right.


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59d768 No.56293

Previous batter



This batter.



af76e6 No.56307

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳

af76e6 No.56323

Fight for free speech

https: //www.facebook.com/theguardian/posts/10156430192386323

6dd931 No.56337

Thank you Baker!

I had noted this in the last thread: >>56145 not having noticed that baker changed. Maybe add that to the batter until the other is corrected.

8c6b98 No.56342


Thank you baker.

Someone is putting some of the memes to use. Found this on TW (rolled)

https ://threadreaderapp.com/thread/952876944013619200.html

75396e No.56346

File: 9c62465bd6f8a02⋯.jpg (520.81 KB, 1185x762, 395:254, Zeller and McCain.jpg)

File: 8bae5d49a0541c7⋯.jpg (283.68 KB, 707x514, 707:514, Tim Kaine Matthew Zeller.jpg)





Damn, I think I accidentally run into something here by digging a bit further...

N1LB = No One Left Behind = Special Immigrant Visa Orginization

"No One Left Behind is a 501(c)(3)[2] organization established by Matthew Zeller in October 2013. It seeks to ensure the U.S. Department of State upholds its promises of Special Immigrant Visas (SIV) to combat zone translators who worked with U.S. and NATO troops during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as provides financial and housing assistance to individuals and families who have emigrated to the United States under the SIV program."



- Special Immigrant Visa -

For Iraqi Nationals Who Worked for or On Behalf of the U.S. Government


Matthew Zeller (No One Left Behind org) is connected to ISIS handler John McCain.


Zeller also has connections to Tim Kaine, running mate of Hillary Clinton.


Is this how they managed to smuggle Al-Qaeda and ISIS agents into the US?

(see photographs)

1832f9 No.56350

File: ec8db51cbc12454⋯.png (406.17 KB, 730x377, 730:377, ClipboardImage.png)

d8cdc6 No.56356


Interesting. Leave it to bad actors to use something Noble to other ends.

af76e6 No.56357


Think you found something!

59d768 No.56359


Shit, sorry I missed that, I'll see what I can do if I'm on the next loaf.

af76e6 No.56362

File: 0b8d3051a0fa66f⋯.png (687.73 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 7D91BBAC-5A58-4A7A-8B17-09….png)

Hmmm something new

d87a29 No.56366




I didn't see it either.

If you know a simple answer to a simple question and you waste a post telling someone to look it up, over hundreds of threads, instead of just answering the question or ignoring it if you don't know, then YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE.

6dd931 No.56367


No worries, thanks. Just in case other anons want to use raw text.

240e40 No.56369


Agreed. This is not a game, we are here to work together. This is not every other chan board! This is important and we need to work together.

8c6b98 No.56374



BOs, please clarify. We did have rules that said strictly - DO NOT TWEET Q POSTS….Important to get MESSAGE out, but not the actual Q posts. I have complied, but see others doing it on TW. Have the rules changed again. Thank you.

9d6431 No.56377

https:// twitter.com/IWillRedPillYou/status/952874783208886273

d87a29 No.56379


Nice find!

Smuggling seems to be a common theme.


Private planes

Paddock sold a plane to the Clowns didn't he?

So easy to smuggle people and things on private planes. Virtually no oversight. The more I think about it the more absurd it is how strict commercial air is compared to private flights.

9d6431 No.56380


I hate to tell you newfriend, regardless of the board rules (which I personally respect) cuckchan and Reddit fools will not follow them

9dde35 No.56383

File: a2e17418b963e22⋯.jpg (60.81 KB, 480x719, 480:719, 26240581_10210878524054781….jpg)

59d768 No.56386

Hey! You greedy anons, the other bread isn't even full yet, go back! REEEEE!!!

75396e No.56387





No One Left Behind is a 501(c)(3) organization

"A 501(c)(3) organization is allowed to conduct some or all of its charitable activities outside the United States. Donors' contributions to a 501(c)(3) organization are tax-deductible only if the contribution is for the use of the 501(c)(3) organization, and that the 501(c)(3) organization is not merely serving as an agent or conduit of a foreign charitable organization. Additional procedures are required of 501(c)(3) organizations that are private foundations."



8c6b98 No.56388


Yes, I am seeing it. Unfortunately, posts are tweeted WITHOUT explanation or softening…

Really wish people had some discipline.


3d71ba No.56396


Did something happen to the batter a few days ago? My raw dump from Twitter API of DJT tweets in Zulu time has been been removed. It is updated daily. https:// pastebin.com/vR2SukEC

af76e6 No.56402

Interesting video exam pics of HRC and BC faces

Speculation BC has aids

https:/ /youtu.be/RCBUunaOCto

af76e6 No.56405


Good find

59d768 No.56412


Last baker trimmed the batter, I'll add it to my Todo list for the next dough!

e61b1e No.56417

>>52344 Heartfelt picture of Trump and Dr. Benjamin Carson

NOT Ben Carson but the pastor of the church in Detroit:

Bishop Wayne Jackson of Great Faith Ministries in Detroit

da0988 No.56418

File: 3006fc6338a2f4d⋯.jpg (94.06 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 22pu1b.jpg)

File: 037021c5c5ec5c4⋯.jpg (95.63 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 22pu8p.jpg)

File: 492a511d770f25d⋯.jpg (79.42 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 22ptu6.jpg)

d87a29 No.56419




"Coincidence pre SA arrests?

Who audits the billions paid for war?

Who audits the billions paid for environment policy (side note)?

Where do the funds go?


To who / which entity and/or org?

What slush fund was recently terminated by AG Sessions?

What is Fast & Furious?

What is the underlying theme?


-Fast and Furious guns were smuggled on private planes.

"What family was permitted to leave immediately after 9-11?

Who authorized the departure?

Why is this relevant?

Was anyone else permitted to leave?


Was anyone else permitted to leave?

Was it a private plane?

What can private planes carry v commercial?

What airport did they arrive/depart from?

What was carried on a private plane to Iran?

Why was the Bin Laden family here during 9-11?


How does SA connect to the Bin Laden family?

Who in SA is connected specifically to the Bin Laden family?

What did they deliver?

To who?


What does money buy?

Why are the events in SA relevant to the above?

Who is the financial backer for human trafficking?

Who is the ‘broker’ for underage sex?

Think SA.

How does FB & Instagram play a role in capture?"

-Human trafficking via private planes

"Define cash laundering.

What is the relationship between SA & Pakistan?

Why is this relevant?

Why would SA provide tens of millions of dollars to US senior gov't officials?

What does SA obtain in exchange for payment?

Why is access important?

What happened when HRC lost the election of 2016?

How much money was provided to the CF by SA during 15/16?

HRC lost.

Loss of access/power/control.

Does repayment of funds to SA occur? If so, how?

Why did BO send billions in cash to Iran?

Why wasn't Congress notified?

Why was this classified under 'State Secrets'?

Who has access to 'State Secrets'?

Where did the planes carrying the cash depart from and land?

Did the planes all land in the same location?

How many planes carried the cash?

Why is this relevant?"

-Smuggling cash on private planes

"What is the difference between commercial and private re: security clearance for departure?

Who is the TSA head?

Which party did he contribute to?

What is of particular interest when researching?

How does HS interact w/ TSA?

What updated post 9-11 protocols were put in place to prevent/stop inbound/outbound C-level targets?

What local airports are in close proximity to DC?

What happened shortly after 9-11 (specifically with all aircraft)?

Who was authorized to depart? ONLY 1 PLANE was authorized during this 'mandatory forced grounding'.

Who SPECIFICALLY authorized this?

What airport did the departure take place at?

Why is this relevant? "









763747 No.56420


supreme court was the first thing that came to mind, but it doesn't make sense given the context. i can't square that circle.

58be2f No.56421

File: 3235c89cbe86f8c⋯.png (153.07 KB, 732x401, 732:401, cultpepe.png)

File: 1d6e58eecf9fff0⋯.png (80.77 KB, 489x487, 489:487, cultpepe2.png)

Seems we are cultfags now, according to Potter.

Anyhow, keep up the great work anons

0d93f4 No.56422

!! POTUS tweets 5 mins apart !!

3d018b No.56423

5 minutes delta on potus twitter, look!

131e23 No.56424

Due to the heavy volume of faux debating tactics being employed in this war, here is some edification for those of you who are new to posting here. Those of you that are more battle hardened have seen these before, but the newfags might not see these tactics for what they *really* are, yet.

The bots and shills that come here would love to see you waste your time, or lose your resolve. With a little practice you can see them easily:

-Attempting to get an emotional trigger response from (you) to derail research is a red flag.

-Concern trolling and copy/pasta spam shilling that contradicts confirmed findings is another red flag.

-Using faux debate tactics (Generalizations, false equivalencies, confusing correlation with causality, appeal to authority, transference, false precepts, personal attacks, strawmen, red herrings, etc etc) is yet another red flag.

They are playing for keeps. The only way to win the game is to not play. This isn't a game.

God bless you, anons.

74314e No.56426

BEWARE of MAJOR FALSE FLAG attempts this week.

CraigslistAnons and others, have you seen any ads for Crisis Actors? Any governmental drills? They like hosting drills close to where the false flags happen. There are no coincidences.

False flags to be planned to divert media attention from Fake News Awards. CrowdSource, Crowds On Demand, et al.

e61b1e No.56427

File: fa59483b8bc632f⋯.jpg (102.71 KB, 862x649, 862:649, Lose.JPG)

75396e No.56428

File: 68a5cc6f29e7ebd⋯.jpg (90.55 KB, 400x622, 200:311, rise_of_the_vulcans_cvr.jpg)



The ambassador of 'No One Left Behind' is Paul Wolfowitz.


Paul Wolfowitz – Was Deputy Defense Secretary and a member of the Defense Policy Board in the Pentagon on 9/11.


Wolfowitz was part of 'The Vulcans', the Presidential candidate George W. Bush's foreign policy advisory team assembled to brief him prior to the 2000 US presidential election. The Vulcans were led by Condoleezza Rice and included Richard Armitage, Robert Blackwill, Stephen Hadley, Richard Perle, Dov S. Zakheim, Robert Zoellick and Paul Wolfowitz, and Wolfowitz protégé, Scooter Libby. Other key campaign figures including Dick Cheney, George P. Shultz and Colin Powell were also closely associated with the group, but were never actually members.


More: nooneleft.org/who-we-are/our-team-2/

949b6d No.56429

File: 0cfef15a73f33d6⋯.png (497.96 KB, 1249x861, 1249:861, Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at ….png)

Laying the groundwork for some bigger "false flag" action later in the week

e61b1e No.56430

File: 7a35ae8554a537d⋯.jpg (101.81 KB, 863x646, 863:646, Lo$e.JPG)


Changed lose to lo$e…



>Slush Fund

>>Hussein [1] $29,000,000 SINGAPORE

>>We don't say his name [2] $19,000,000 SINGAPORE

(Why don't we say his name?)

>>HRC/BC [3] $15,000,000 Banco de MEXICO

>>NP [4] $8,000,000 Deutsche Bank USA



FOCUS on loudest voices in WASH.

Net Worth?



39ec0f No.56434

File: 76592cdd1f7f2cc⋯.png (169.98 KB, 1178x564, 589:282, Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at ….png)



jan 15

763747 No.56435

File: 5a0913196915cb8⋯.png (61.32 KB, 595x275, 119:55, Screenshot from 2018-01-15….png)



6a764b No.56436


>>56301 >>56306 >>56326

JA just tweeted it out about Lavrov's comments too... must mean a 'lil' something... :)


06851a No.56437

File: 83d24511268f287⋯.jpg (294.92 KB, 776x1199, 776:1199, p-jackpot.jpg)



Quick rundown: Phase I is pushing #greatawakening and #wethepeople early wednesday morning. When twitter kills it we switch to Phase II the #FakeNewsAwards, plus Trump should be tweeting about that during the evening (I suspect) which means it will trend no matter what. We set the ground stage for that. Phase III can be done Wednesday night and onwards. We highjack other trending hashtags and post somewhat related images/memes to redpill unsuspecting normies.


How to make things trend on twitter:

- We decide a #hashtag

< #GreatAwakening and #WeThePeople are top votes. #FakeNewsAwards will be part of Phase II. Standby.

- We pick a day and time we want this to trend

>Wednesday morning/afternoon

- Which means you have to begin pushing the hashtag very early in the a.m.

>Anons should begin dropping around 4-5am EST

< Keep dropping memes steady throughout the a.m. Even if you don't see it trending. KEEP DOING IT. NEVER STOP. ALL DAY!


- You need 2-3 thousand unique tweets with the hashtag in a short amount of time

- Pictures and content-rich tweets with one or two agreed upon #'s

- Original tweets help trend things faster than just simply retweeting things. Likes don't really count for much.

- Tweets with a ton of hashtags sometimes don't count because spam filters. Keep it simple and limited.

- Follow all Q accounts, follow back all Q accounts.

> Create your network to help retweet and comment on

- Twitter will try to throttle it


< We will move to Phase II when see see this happening.


- Once twitter kills a trending hashtag its very hard to make it trend again.

> It can have thousands of tweets and suddenly disappear from the trending tab.

- #GreatAwakening and #WeThePeople is Phase I, early morning. #FakeNewsAwards happen next.

>We will set the stage for FakeNewsAwards. Trump will tweet about this which will make it trend no matter what.


- Continue dropping examples of fake news, bad journalism, and their lies.

> RESOURCE FOR THIS IS: https:// imgur.com/gallery/Skill

< ^ Tons of examples in that imgur album. Download and prepare.

- Eventually this too will die down

> We move to Phase III


- This will be after #FakeNewsAwards happens and dies down.

- Throughout the rest of the night and into the next days find hashtags that are currently trending and tweet our memes and info using their #'s


- It helps if the memes you're posting on a # is relevant to the subject matter.

- You can also find large twitter accounts (celebs, journalists, people in media/politics) and reply to their new tweets with our memes/info.

> You will get blocked, attacked, and harassed. Report the harassers and move on.

>If you see another Q poster under attack, comment and help out. Defend each other.

- Keep this up over the following days. Remember, keep things simple, don't get angry and resort to personal attacks like the left does, and remember to always take the high ground. Not everyone can be saved.

— —

Bakers, please link to this post in all future threads. Copy and paste the text. Make sure everyone on this board knows about it.

5e3b69 No.56438

Donald Trump's Racism is trending on Twitter. If you can, help counter.

d87a29 No.56439

File: e3604eb50a117ed⋯.jpg (208.84 KB, 719x868, 719:868, 7000d9e61376821ec230b2fb85….jpg)

File: 2ce366355eb81f3⋯.jpg (76.29 KB, 736x664, 92:83, aafdeae03ec609951542ec412e….jpg)

File: 93ee70f12f57d8b⋯.jpg (250.06 KB, 983x1024, 983:1024, owl_usaf_1024x1024.jpg)

File: f07713ca67a4f29⋯.jpg (24.94 KB, 235x300, 47:60, s-l300.jpg)







Trafficking - money, people, things

Keystone - Security

763747 No.56440


>>>5425 Deep State Surrender/Suicide thread

baker, dead link. please remove

789eff No.56443


http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/01/previously-deported-illegal-alien-threatens-kill-bus-passengers-leads-police-high-speed-chase

d87a29 No.56445


I'm going to wager Loop Capital is related to all of this.

75396e No.56446




FLASH_BREAK (Break transmission)

SPLASH (Splashdown of SpaceX Dragon capsule)


59d768 No.56447

c0a258 No.56449


Thanks, Anon. You helped me see the light.

The keystone isn't the dark piece that holds the whole thing together, it's the light piece, the Christ consciousness. The Christ consciousness is here with us right now. And, I don't mean in a metaphorical, abstract sense. I mean in a real, physical sense.

Why is POTUS always five steps ahead? Because he is the Christ consciousness, in the flesh.

243b8d No.56451

File: f1e7d45639feea7⋯.png (31.24 KB, 1486x56, 743:28, Screenshot 2018-01-15 at 1….png)

File: bebcda3c1c5a1e3⋯.png (283.53 KB, 868x1294, 434:647, Screenshot 2018-01-15 at 1….png)

File: 4b77a5a9a76c23e⋯.png (29.62 KB, 1588x42, 794:21, Screenshot 2018-01-15 at 1….png)

File: db31f2f96722f22⋯.png (41 KB, 1320x90, 44:3, Screenshot 2018-01-15 at 1….png)

File: e959cb33240a358⋯.png (288.02 KB, 1350x946, 675:473, Screenshot 2018-01-15 at 1….png)

"Jan 14 2018 17:49:27





TG departure [HEC].

NOT to testify.

NOT needed to testify.

Think logically.

NO NEED to step down if needed to TESTIFY.


What ROLE might TG be walking into?

Who can WE TRUST?

RATS everywhere.

EVIL everywhere.

TRAITORS everywhere.






Boards changed due to statements re: private comms - FALSE.

Boards changed due to failure to IDEN accurately.

Boards changed due to MISINFO.

Targeted approach to direct flow of info created.




MAJOR players here to distract, create doubt, and alter the direction.

SC: MISINFO everywhere.

SC: MISINFO from past reliable sources.

SC: AXIS OF EVIL can & will return FIRE [is].

SC: Seek immediate [F9-Sx_VB8239].



[HEC is F9-Sx_VB8239]?

Falcon 9-Space X_Vandenberg8239?

Maybe the number is just extra…

Went down a few rabbit holes on the 8239 and got 2 ISBNs and some telephone numbers. (Screenshots attached.)

MacCloskey has long since passed on, but was buddies with Hoyt Vandenberg, 2nd Director of CIA. Could be more there, but I left it.

Spy Satellites book was and interesting result, but still not much to really go on. The author writes for kids and DC Comics. https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Kupperberg

Captain Wilson felt like a dead end, though he's an airman…and the Navel surface warfare felt like one too.

Jeffery Holmboe has a strage facebook and linkedin. Cryptic sounding job descriptions and I dug into this one a bit more. Mars' rover, Vandenberg, and long-time military connections, yet works in payment processing??? The linkedin of a guy with the same name also from Camarillo, California is also even more interesting. You have to click through all the accomplishments, but supposedly he works for exxon, is connected to the holy see, among other things…and has a patent for some national air warfare system related to agriculture but is in a brokerage/financial company in washington d.c.: KRISTIANIA (DGNYBLINN)

search for those terms and you get a facebook and a twitter for armored and military vehicle brokerage. pretty good stuff for a guy with only a high school education and studying at devry…

a message from him for obama using some kind of code signature.

https:// medium.com/@KRISTIANIA_DGNYBLINN/this-is-great-f976095d99c4

Another alias for Jeffrey(Gephrey) and looks a bit more honest, less cryptic, yet more of a crumb still!!!

https:// www.facebook.com/gephreyjohanaws.holmboe

Could all be nothing, just chasing after those numbers, but then again, Everything has meaning!

Turning on the oven now.

8acc03 No.56452

DJT tweet at 757

Second at 8:02

Flight 77 leaves Dulles. A 757 at 8;02 or 8:20

75396e No.56453




FLASH_BREAK (Break transmission)

SPLASH (Splashdown of SpaceX Dragon capsule)



131e23 No.56455

God bless the bakers and the bread, and the board we are utilizing in our fight for the Republic. God bless and protect the Patriots in our midst, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

763747 No.56456


>Last baker trimmed the batter

in the discussion thread a couple days ago they decided to try a smaller OP, fit down into 1 post from the previous 3. sometime yesterday they made it into 2 posts, but there wasn't any discussion in the thread. must have happened in the general thread itself

d87a29 No.56457


Plane fags know…

Private planes are a direct threat to national security.

"What is the difference between commercial and private re: security clearance for departure? "

"Where did ALL that money go?

How many planes?

Where did the planes land?

Why were Clowns/private contractors escorting?"

"Concourse F.

Terminal 5.

Private_operated plane (OP)?


"What family was permitted to leave immediately after 9-11?

Who authorized the departure?

Why is this relevant?

Was anyone else permitted to leave?


Was anyone else permitted to leave?

Was it a private plane?

What can private planes carry v commercial?

What airport did they arrive/depart from?

What was carried on a private plane to Iran?"

Seems like we should focus more on private planes…

3d5c8c No.56459

File: b9508c18e903c5a⋯.png (718.06 KB, 506x606, 253:303, ClipboardImage.png)

>they never thought she would lose

d87a29 No.56461


Perhaps…but double meanings is a thing here too.

State - How much fuel you've got. Mother requests, "Say your state". Responded to in

the form of hours and minutes of fuel onboard til you "splash". You respond

"State one plus two zero to splash" = 1 hours and 20 minutes of flying time


https:// www.tailhook.net/AVSLANG.htm

974353 No.56462

Haiti official "commits suicide".

He was also a partner in a popular pizza restaurant in Haiti, Muncheez, and has a pizza — the Klaus Special — named after him.

http:// amp.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/haiti/article160983614.html?__twitter_impression=true

9ca02d No.56464


that's how to use the memes

6dd931 No.56465



UPDATED July 12, 2017

39ebed No.56466

File: 5412a4bd0b5af3d⋯.png (464.06 KB, 800x855, 160:171, khh.png)


3d5c8c No.56467

File: 12a518a11bb5c1f⋯.png (718.76 KB, 493x611, 493:611, ClipboardImage.png)

>They never thought she would lose

39ebed No.56470

This thread:

"In a June 2017 letter addressed to U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, members of Congress documented evidence pointing to a paperless money trail that flows from Russia into U.S. environmental groups through the Sea Change Foundation."

twitter .com/i/status/952875647218614272

3df59b No.56471

They're gettin' nervous…!

https:// www. politico.com/story/2018/01/15/trump-fake-news-awards-ethics-339183

49c295 No.56472



Well it was during the same time period. Someone new and didn't know the difference? Why don't they just admit it then, if it was the capsule splashing down?

3346ba No.56473

There are 535 members of congress. 100 senators, 435 in the House of Representatives.

Q says 70% should be in jail. Maybe 350 or so of them. I doubt it's an exact percentage.

So the rest are not guilty. That's about 150, so let's say 155 are ok.

That means 370 are dirty, corrupt criminals.

How many aren't running for reelection? Less than 50?

See any problem?

Flake can be made an example of. Show the democrat voters and independents this isn't politics. Put him and Pelosi in adjoining cells.

But what about the remaining 300+ congress criminals?

The 2018 Election might get rid of some, but not even half will go. It will take a decade to clean the senate at a minimum.

Q? Any answers?

8efb02 No.56476


What does the SC stand for in this post?

d87a29 No.56477





"What family was permitted to leave immediately after 9-11?

Who authorized the departure?

Why is this relevant?

Was anyone else permitted to leave?


Was anyone else permitted to leave?

Was it a private plane?

What can private planes carry v commercial?

What airport did they arrive/depart from?

What was carried on a private plane to Iran?"


131e23 No.56478

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

RE: Prayer for the protection of the President.

I was recently reminded that some Spiritual leaders are on the ball and woke af, not all of them are compromised!

Embed related. It's from the summer, but it is still very pertinent now, in these times.

Remember to do this, anons. Every. Single. Day.

59d768 No.56479


But why the hell would they do that? I'm pretty sure they wanted the payload up in space as it cost Billions to make. It would be more logical if suggested that Musk De-orbited the module to steal the payload.


I used the previous batter, which the baker stated they were trimming in the previous bread. I'll add anything missed / notable for the next loaf, then hopefully hand-off to an artisan baker.

49c295 No.56480


I still remember how the Bin Ladens were allowed to leave the only plane allowed to fly in the air during the No fly time. Was shocked that GWB allowed it.

243b8d No.56481


Special Council seems to be the consensus. I haven't put much thought into it as to alternatives.

763747 No.56483

File: 080507f84501552⋯.png (610.16 KB, 880x856, 110:107, Screenshot from 2018-01-15….png)


> politico.com/story/2018/01/15/trump-fake-news-awards-ethics-339183

<ethics experts who say the event could run afoul of … the First Amendment

<(((ethics experts)))


3f82f5 No.56484

File: d78252d71a0057e⋯.png (793.33 KB, 577x787, 577:787, lvroomphoto.png)

This article claims that the LV gunman bought and used glass cutters to fire out of the window according to recently released documents…yet it is pretty obvious that he did not cut the glass as the windows were obviously smashed out with a hammer which can be seen in some of the hotel room photos. Reconcile…

"He spent “significant time and expense prior to the attack purchasing and caching weapons” and other items, such as glass cutters and suitcases. The authorities have said he used the glass cutters so he could fire out of his hotel window at the people below, who were attending a country music concert."


d87a29 No.56486


Pretty clear who was in charge

763747 No.56487


> hand-off to an artisan baker.

i know that feeling. i hate messing with the pastebins, though i realize it's necessary. i'm only willing to make small changes. for big changes, somebody closer to the top needs to do that

d8cdc6 No.56488


What use is teh bully pulpit, if your not "allowed" to use it….because msn is target.


e147e1 No.56490

>"…Because of the Democrats not being interested in life and safety, DACA has now taken a big step backwards. The Dems will threaten “shutdown,” but what they are really doing is shutting down our military, at a time we need it most. Get smart, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!


FOCUS on POTUS' Tweet above.

If D's shutdown the gov't - what happens to the US MILITARY?

What specifically occurs?

Think budget.

Why is this relevant?

[CLAS_EO_ ][2]

>Missing 1

>Missing 2

>Missing 3

FIND missing [3].

Future proves past.

NOTHING is a coincidence.

Can't look further right now, but a theory. We have to find 3 executive orders that prevent the defunding and/or shutdown of the military if Congress doesn't pass the budget.

One's gotta be this:

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-blocking-property-persons-involved-serious-human-rights-abuse-corruption/

National emergency, critical MI ops and/or prep for tribunals may be ongoing. Can POTUS call the Deep State's bluff and initiate The Storm by initiating and operating under some sort of martial law condition? (At last?!?)

Run with it if you can.


c0a258 No.56491

File: 26eb2c79b903432⋯.png (95.96 KB, 587x742, 587:742, Responses.png)

Here's the kinds of responses POTUS gets on his tweets and far worse. These are tame in comparison. Looks like a lot of these folks start work about 7:00 CST, but might be earlier.

d87a29 No.56492


"Flying private is just that – private. And confidential.

Flying private also saves passengers the stress and frustration of going through those dreaded security lines. While the aircraft captain has the right to search passengers’ bags, there is no line, X-ray machine, wand, or removal of shoes, clothing, belts and jewelry."

131e23 No.56493


>ethics experts who say the event could run afoul of … the First Amendment

Now I've heard everything. So literally what they are saying is "Speaking your mind runs afoul of the First Amendment"? For real?

SMFH. Fake Fucking News.

6a764b No.56494


>>56301 >>56306 >>56326

JA just tweeted it out about Lavrov's comments RE: JA/Snowden too... must mean a 'lil' something... :)


974353 No.56495




c285b7 No.56496


Glass cutters do not work that way. Glass cutters score the side opposite from the applied pressure side.

c0a258 No.56498


It means our memes are already making a difference. They're worried about D-Day.

77c82a No.56499

A thread on Obama & Clinton cover-ups, & corruption - with some uranium, a Chuang & some important questions that need answering. Intrigued? Read on, but warning: bombshells incoming!


4c0f11 No.56500

"POTUS may reTWEET one or more."

I think Q is hinting that it might be a Twitter-related meme that the President will want to retweet.

Make memes. Think analogies.

da0988 No.56501


We need to flood the president's account with positive messages and encourage other Trump supporters to do the same,, SHOW POTUS SOME LOVE WEEK. :) We need to double or more, the likes, shares, and tons of positive comments.

67074a No.56502

Once you cut the hole with the glass cutter, you need a hammer to knock it through

131e23 No.56503



d8cdc6 No.56504



Not to mention thick glass at high places used.

Not like can use normal glasscutter

c285b7 No.56505


He said tweetstorm. That’s where the media plays

e4fc40 No.56508

File: c05a6695580e302⋯.jpg (66.34 KB, 608x487, 608:487, Bush911BL.JPG)

49c295 No.56511


People are really liking these on twitter.

PLEASE DO MORE Like these!

Use all different media personalities including Rachel Maddow.

243b8d No.56512



Potential Congresspeople/Senators

Shelley Capito

Susan Collins

Salud Carbajal

Steve Chabot

Steve Cohen

6a764b No.56514

JA twat


Amazon, WikiLeaks, the Washington Post and the CIA

5:42 AM - 15 Jan 2018


August 6, 2013

Amazon, WikiLeaks, the Washington Post and the CIA

fair. org/home/amazon-wilkileaks-the-washington-post-and-the-cia/

wp-amazonSo what does Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ decision to buy the Washington Post mean?

That was the question NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik tackled on Morning Edition (8/6/13). It was good to hear Folkenflik note that there is an “enormous constellation of issues” that affect Amazon‘s bottom line in Washington—which should raise some concerns about conflicts of interest on issues like internet sales taxes and copyright/intellectual property.

And he added that the company is becoming a “major vendor” to the U.S. government, particularly in the realm of web storage. The most prominent example: The CIA recently reached a $600 million deal with Amazon to build its cloud storage system.

So what happens if, say, t

he Washington Post wants to report on something that CIA or other intelligence agencies might not like? Folkenflik commented:

I suspect Bezos doesn’t intend to interfere in things like that, but we don’t know how he’s going to do it yet. We haven’t seen him operate in this realm.

It’s correct that we can’t be sure, but we do have at least one lesson to consider: Amazon‘s relationship with WikiLeaks.

After the publication of the State Department cables, WikiLeaks was booted from Amazon‘s webhosting service AWS (Guardian, 12/1/10). So at the height of public interest in what WikiLeaks was publishing, readers were unable to access the WikiLeaks website. The decision came right after politicians like Senator Joe Lieberman called for action to retaliate against WikiLeaks. Amazon denied it had anything to do with politics. The company’s statement stressed that the decision was theirs alone–WikiLeaks had violated the terms of service agreement, since “WikiLeaks doesn’t own or otherwise control all the rights to this classified content.”

Amazon‘s decision is troubling. But would it suggest a real shift? Former Post publisher Katharine Graham gave a speech in 1988 at the CIA headquarters, where she reportedly said this:

We live in a dirty and dangerous world. There are some things that the general public does not need to know and shouldn’t. I believe democracy flourishes when the government can take legitimate steps to keep its secrets and when the press can decide whether to print what it knows.

Filed under: Amazon, Jeff Bezos, NPR, Washington Post, WikiLeaks

d87a29 No.56515


For some reason I am drawn to



-6713A was linked to the ATF in past threads. Search of "-6713A ATF" brings me to more smuggling links.

https:// www.nytimes.com/2017/02/22/us/alcohol-tobacco-firearms-cigarettes-millions-secret-bank-account.html

https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/can-the-atf-regulate-bump-stocks-the-device-used-by-the-las-vegas-shooter/

https:// www.federalregister.gov/agencies/alcohol-tobacco-firearms-and-explosives-bureau

https:// www.aopa.org/training-and-safety/pic-archive/operations/transporting-firearms-in-general-aviation-aircraft

0eb989 No.56516


It is 99% probable that SC is Sara Carter. She's been mentioned on prior Q posts and has been necessary in this campaign. However, lately it seems that some of her long-trusted sources may be providing disinfo.

47f175 No.56517


What if iZuma was de-orbited and made a soft landing in an adversary nation like NK? Musk gets $$$ and NK gets technology.

b4056e No.56518


Also, the window assembly is designed so that you can't commit suicide by jumping out of the window after losing your life savings.

49c295 No.56519


Yeah I have responded positive this morning in his tweets.

The problem is the bots get in it within a second of him tweeting and they are all negative.

So positive ones are way down by hundreds even within a minute of him tweeting

60266b No.56520

File: b6d4c988598f88b⋯.png (365.07 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 1840C1FA-1B23-489C-8128-82….png)

Jeremiah 29:11

d87a29 No.56521


Q actually asked for posts to be added to graphics.

"Side_by_Side (graphic form):

BDT/False Flag posts vs actual news of bomb attempt (NYC)_

DEFCON 1 posts vs H scare_

[2] above represent PRIMARY indicators.

SEC indicators = Posts:Tweets:Time





SEC is secondary in line of importance.

d2a80f No.56522


I love it and its worth considering most if these shown are personalities and not reporters. Actual fodder should include reporters on the WH beat- Katy Tur, April Ryan, etc…those faces will make heads explode with the actual washington dirtbags

243b8d No.56523

>>56476 >>56451

Vandenberg AF base is in Salud Carbajal's district.

"SC: MISINFO everywhere.

SC: MISINFO from past reliable sources.

SC: AXIS OF EVIL can & will return FIRE [is].

SC: Seek immediate [F9-Sx_VB8239].


47f175 No.56524


Yes and didn’t Q warn us that some previously good sources would turn bad? Excellent analysis anon.

b4056e No.56525


Twatter has an algorithm that puts the negative responses at the top and buries the positive; for POTUS.

59d768 No.56526

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It logged a complete successful orbit, and then 'disappeared'. There is something not right about the whole incident, but there's not enough information.

243b8d No.56527



Good call. Forgot about her.

ee35c4 No.56529

75396e No.56530


Because it was a declaration of war against SpaceX and Elon Musk.

Q now also states in >>>/greatawakening/8

>DEFCON 1 [non-nuke FALSE]

It seems to refer to his earlier [non-nuke] phrase. And now by adding 'FALSE', does he mean it was nuclear after all?

If they suspected that Musk was going to nuke Hawaii with that capsule, then maybe they had good reason to think that…

d87a29 No.56531


maybe there was an etching compound used.

I have a friend who actually makes glass etching art. There are various grades of industrial etching chemicals to easily burn a hole thru thick glass.

6e3dff No.56532


Above the SC’s it says SAFE COMMS - VITAL.

60266b No.56533

File: 396e2656950ec25⋯.jpeg (475.12 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 0E4B8585-7177-43F3-92D5-F….jpeg)

File: 121383f33b9804d⋯.jpeg (294.55 KB, 750x841, 750:841, E98F2258-3CEA-49FA-A744-D….jpeg)

It’s getting HOT HOT HOTTT

c0a258 No.56534


I wonder how long the bots run after a tweet. Is it based on a set number of replies or on a set period of time?

949b6d No.56535

File: 3def7e6428a9ec0⋯.png (86.94 KB, 728x271, 728:271, Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at ….png)

File: fd8357ad9acfdfb⋯.png (61.71 KB, 638x515, 638:515, Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at ….png)

I'm looking back at the stock price of OSI, the security company that was mentioned in the "Vegas Happening John Post" on 4Chan. Is there an answer why the stock price took a nose dive on Dec 6th? Does anyone know if there are threads about it from back then?

1156f5 No.56536


how about responding to the top negative comments? wont our tweets be right under the cuck ed?

d87a29 No.56537


I agree. Might want to dig more into @jack and dopey prince Al-Waleed

47f175 No.56538


Agreed, something seriously dubious about the “official” story. I just don’t trust spacefag subsidy-sucking Musk. I hope I am wrong but something not right about that man.

60266b No.56539


Pointless.. top negative comments are bots dude…

It’s all an illusion

A charade


d2a80f No.56540

Fake News includes reports sourcing “sources” in WaPo and NYT ( not the OPINION pieces) that turned out to be false. I’ll do some memes on those today and others should, too. We can ( and SHOULD) hit close to the mark if we want to see traction and leave some welts.

243b8d No.56541


Another Anon claims sara carter…

special council was thrown around too.

sara is making lots of sense.

salud carbajal is congressman of vandenber AF base district…

b4056e No.56543


Flood the negative responders with memes. Fight fire with fire.

1156f5 No.56544


i know, but i mean since they are always at the top we can show the readers that there are ppl defeneding potus

1156f5 No.56545



d8cdc6 No.56546


Number of tweets containing HOT provides measured time sequence?

Keep track.

47f175 No.56548


Hydrofluoric acid is used to etch / dissolve glass (chemistfag here). Very dangerous acid chemists call “bone eater” and it is a deadly metabolic poison (fluoride ion stops heart).

e61b1e No.56549


hope THAT gets exposed by O'Keefe

f6784b No.56550


It did… shadow banning anyone?

60266b No.56551


I wouldn’t even respond to them.. just post new comments rather than respond to old comments because it goes under the negative and never to the top.. fuck the bots and Soros shills… ignoring them is their kryptonite. All that money for programmers for nothing.. to make zero impact.

c285b7 No.56552

File: e278f2abe278e0b⋯.jpeg (405.57 KB, 2048x1398, 1024:699, F6F38BDE-3E9E-4CA7-9186-9….jpeg)

Is today the day?

1156f5 No.56553


maybe trump tweeting very early in the morning is the chance we need to be top tweets

49c295 No.56554


comments to the negative ones don't show up. They are hidden unless you expand. So it does no good just to respond to negative ones. You have to try and reply within a second of him tweeting. An AI is ready to go with tweets before he has even tweeted. They respond within miliseconds.

39ebed No.56555

File: a863289652787a3⋯.png (45.32 KB, 800x109, 800:109, tj.png)

47f175 No.56556


Probably not today anon. Today is federal holiday for dead black preacher.

1156f5 No.56557



68b860 No.56558



Wrong. Markers/deltas are times between Q post and POTUS tweet. Lurk moar, preferably two years.

763747 No.56559


>mlk holiday

good time to sneak something in quietly when everyone is at home sleeping in, tbh

0eb989 No.56560



SC is NOT "Safe Comms".. that makes absolutely no sense in any context. Use the power of discernment, Anons…

SC = Sara Carter

The new Board allows Q to quickly disseminate info to operators without them having to trudge through hundreds of posts on general boards. The SC comments are messages between Sara Carter and Q.

75396e No.56561


>There are various grades of industrial etching chemicals to easily burn a hole thru thick glass

Somewhat off topic perhaps, but do you know if they use that stuff in space tech too?

e61b1e No.56562


Goodbye @Jack.


60266b No.56563


Dead black preacher could of lead the black population into wanting to be contributing members of society. So the democrats killed him. I read YEARS ago MLK jr was a republican but that info has been wiped from the internet. Poof! But a Democrat killed him, that’s for sure

26fcdf No.56565


Exactly what I wrote last bread. Great to see someone else thinking along the same lines.


da0988 No.56566

File: 20e1887f7ef73e5⋯.jpg (127.93 KB, 714x477, 238:159, 22pwyk.jpg)

File: 0f9475b09a688b2⋯.jpg (126.83 KB, 714x477, 238:159, 22px35.jpg)

File: 1c1a01a401e8ef9⋯.png (18.44 KB, 793x313, 793:313, Q post Jan 13.9.png)


Memes like these, :) that encourage others to flood his account with positive messages.

As Q said, not to let the soros bots win on his comments.

3d71ba No.56568


>Twatter has an algorithm that puts the negative responses at the top and buries the positive; for POTUS.

Yes, and check the difference between being logged into to twitter (as a conservative or pro-Trump) and not being logged in. Responses to DJT's tweets are in completely different order. … And this is even with "Show the best Tweets first" turned off in settings.

01002f No.56569


Glass cutters do not cut glass. Glass is a supercooled liquid. The cutter scores the surface, relieving surface tension. You tap the glass to make the surface break migrate through the glass.

I cut glass, professionally.

The cracked glass in LV was because he tried to hurry things.Glass fractures slowly at first… then finishes quickly.

47f175 No.56570


Yes, hydrofluoric acid is used to “pickle” metals to prevent corrosion.

d87a29 No.56571



"Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the Saudi billionaire, doubled his investment in Twitter over the past six weeks, the Associated Press reports.

According to the SEC filing, Prince Alwaleed now holds 30,100,000 shares of the company while Kingdom Holding Company, his investment company of which he’s the chairman, holds 4,850,000 shares. Combined, this adds up to over 5% of the social media site’s stock and a market value of $1 billion. He and his company originally invested $300 million in Twitter back in 2011 before it went public in 2013."

http:// fortune.com/2015/10/07/saudi-prince-twitter-stock/

"Follow the crumbs.

You have it all.

SEC Conf will be analyzed.

Dark [10].

Enjoy the show!


-Is the show the Award Show? Analyze SEC Twitter. Link to SEC Filing https:// investor.twitterinc.com/secfiling.cfm?filingID=1123292-15-1228&CIK=1418091

"Side_by_Side (graphic form):

BDT/False Flag posts vs actual news of bomb attempt (NYC)_

DEFCON 1 posts vs H scare_

[2] above represent PRIMARY indicators.

SEC indicators = Posts:Tweets:Time





-SEC tied to TWEETS again

"At nearly 5.2%, his stake in the company is now larger than that of Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s co-founder and newly re-minted CEO, whose 21.86 million shares give him 3.2% of the company, according to FactSet. (The prince previously had a stake of roughly 3%.)

Twitter co-founder Ev Williams remains the company’s largest shareholder, with 46.56 million shares for a 6.9% stake.

Alwaleed, who serves as majority owner and chairman of the Kingdom Holding Company, is also a significant investor in News Corp, Citigroup, and the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts."

https:// qz.com/519388/this-saudi-prince-now-owns-more-of-twitter-than-jack-dorsey-does/

e61b1e No.56572


Right…that's one method…

The bots is another.



e4fc40 No.56573

File: c94833f698c80c1⋯.jpg (75.65 KB, 587x511, 587:511, HawaiiFalseFlag.JPG)

d2a80f No.56574


And bump those Krassenstein asshats

763747 No.56575


dead black preacher was a communist plant who was offered sex orgies in private in exchange for pushing propaganda in public. he was killed because he was no longer of use.

not going to follow up on any replies becuase thsi is derailment

c0a258 No.56576



131e23 No.56578



Yep. It is about Optics.

Real people look at the bot twats. Ergo, confronting the bots with valid information is CRITICAL. It also shows the real observer real information, to combat the disinfo.

>Pointless.. top negative comments are bots dude…

>It’s all an illusion

Dissuading people in that fashion, with that generalization is highly suspicious

3f82f5 No.56579


This is what I was thinking too. Do they think we are stupid, its not like in the movies where the perp can cut a perfect hole from the opposite side of thick plate glass like that used in high rises. I am also not buying the dubious claim that they were unable to break into his cheap ass ZTE android phone yet they were able to get into the San Bernadino shooters iPhone. As far as I can tell the ZTE ZFive 2 LTE Z837VL phone does not come with encryption turned on by default so he obviously knew something about security if he enabled it. Even then having a hard time believing there is not some back door the FBI could have exploited.

47f175 No.56580


Maybe so, didn’t think of that. I was thinking all of their buildings are closed so no press around, but they could call them for special announcement I guess

3346ba No.56581


Still thinking Sky Fortress.

HOT: H-hour on Target and one subtracts from Z Zulu time?

3d71ba No.56583


I am at a loss. I wish I knew. I report several dozens of the same people daily who engage in "Targeted Harassment" of DJT's tweets. Nothing ever gets done, no matter how vile or even false the replies are.

d87a29 No.56584


Al-Waleed/Jack Twitter memes are a must!

Think Vegas!


60266b No.56585


Lmao sounds like you drank the CIAnigger controlled opposition disinfo/ trump pees on Russian hookers koolaid bruh

e61b1e No.56586


>SEC Conf

https:// www.sec.gov/news/upcoming-events

f6784b No.56588


Overwhelming force.

3346ba No.56589


Plague rest adulterer found himself surrounded by and used by communists, thought he could use them, they killed him. Don't let the ideals be compromised by week flesh or human failings. We are working toward his goals with different temptations for us to stumble on.

9ca02d No.56590

Rand Paul talkin 'bout Trump trip to Haiti


e4fc40 No.56592

File: 5607fac9da2b744⋯.jpg (47.32 KB, 650x274, 325:137, Flamethrower.JPG)

This is the week we need to flush them out into the open all naked and shit.

39ebed No.56593


They were accused of wire fraud. He has a brother, Brian Krassenstein, that trolls DJT as well

behindmlm .com/mlm/moneymakergroup-and-talkgold-owners-accused-of-wire-fraud/

75396e No.56594


And do you need much to make very big holes in a thick layer of glass?

1156f5 No.56595

this hashtag is trending:

Donald Trump's Racism

should we flood it?

9ca02d No.56596

MLK Quote and there are lots


47f175 No.56597


You would need to thicken it so it stcks and have a fairly long contact time. The amount would not be too large depending on concentration.

da0988 No.56598

File: adf3758bed29c55⋯.jpg (126.36 KB, 714x477, 238:159, 22pxig.jpg)

File: d2bf65e96dc1a55⋯.png (114.36 KB, 714x478, 357:239, Patriotic Heart.png)

ee35c4 No.56599


YEAR is 2018 not 2017

131e23 No.56600


>bots have 1 or zero followers and an egg for profile pic

Word, I was referencing "top negative comments are bots dude" commentary specifically.. That gave me the gut feeling of a micro-slide.. It completely doesn't matter if a negative top comment is a bot or not.... Because it's a top comment!

9ca02d No.56602


https:// twitter.com/Rush____2112/status/952889100289368069

3c8bcf No.56603


DJT retweeted the NY Post article about HRC missing 33,000 emails no longer being missing hours after the Hawaii missle alert.

https:// nypost.com/2016/10/25/hillarys-33000-emails-might-not-be-missing-after-all/

Thing is, the article was published 15 months ago. Why would DTJ retweet such an old story a that time? It wasn't a coincidence. It backs up the idea that the missile alert was used to cause a fail safe dump from the NSA database back to the mainland servers

9ca02d No.56604

Alveda King


60266b No.56605


I’m waiting for Wednesday. Its on like donkey Kong

8f5b2b No.56606

For ammo against the Trump 'racist' shit, Alvida King was on Fox this morning. Maybe use some of her magnificent comments for memes.

3f82f5 No.56607



There is no evidence of acid being used on the windows in the documents, not to mention is messy and dangerous. It seems like the whole glass cutter thing is BS…he/they probably just did it the old fashioned way… with the hammer. Would be helpful to know if he tried to cut the glass and then gave up either out of frustration or because he was caught off guard and had to rush. (I say he/they in case paddock was DOA and others were involved.)

47f175 No.56608


The Twatterfags that run it say it is “free speech” when rweets are anti-Trump but “flooding” if supporting him. They are obvious anti-American agents of Putin.

60266b No.56609


Awwww sheeeeitttt i love these theories

677dc6 No.56610


Surprised I haven't see anyone meme @Jack with this:

https:// hooktube. com/watch?v=Q8Tiz6INF7I

94338a No.56611

File: 57bd0424800964e⋯.jpeg (71.6 KB, 618x413, 618:413, A8815C52-B364-453F-8FD6-6….jpeg)

9ca02d No.56612


link to twitter above you also so MLK tweets from his own words

6e3dff No.56613

File: 2b448b44e530b73⋯.jpeg (41.41 KB, 792x683, 792:683, A69BFA5A-F46A-40F6-B1FA-0….jpeg)


The type of glass used in hi-rise buildings is laminated insulated glass. A glass cutting tool will only score the glass. You still need a hammer to break the glass.

d7208b No.56614

I think we should get out on Twitter with our own hashtag!! Cover POTUS!!

Memes of MLK bust in the oval office. POTUS with recent media coverage with MLK family. African American job statistics. You name it. I'm traveling and on my phone. Will do what I can to help.

Anyone? Thoughts?

7aab2d No.56615

File: de42f8b2b866a6d⋯.png (654.73 KB, 634x430, 317:215, ClipboardImage.png)

US scientist who inspected North Korea’s nuclear facility warns they have up to 60 bombs as fellow expert says Trump is underestimating Kim Jong-un

15 January 2018 | Updated: 09:00 EST


43b3a1 No.56616


Fucking words "Madam President " looks like a fucking tiara on her head .

6dd931 No.56617


Here is a tweet/pic of him from Aug, 8 2017. Looks like it'd be the US Navy coat of arms on his screen.


1156f5 No.56619


GEOTUS trump always said to us that we will be so proud of our president, so maybe #PotusMadeMeProud



1d1359 No.56620


Yup… Nice catch, anon.

d87a29 No.56621

File: 2562db40c3f9a4d⋯.jpg (69.17 KB, 634x431, 634:431, 4606042E00000578-5050857-i….jpg)

File: 9420553ff3c922d⋯.jpg (194.22 KB, 1910x1000, 191:100, 104097134-5ED1-SOTS-Alwale….jpg)

File: b7c89f40e769346⋯.jpg (70.8 KB, 636x382, 318:191, b7c89f40e76934608ea7b17d34….jpg)

File: 2fc7be94972dcb7⋯.jpg (102.76 KB, 1200x777, 400:259, DSiHuVUUEAAJM48.jpg)

ba28e3 No.56623

File: 3732c1e397be53f⋯.png (184.61 KB, 581x370, 581:370, alvedss.png)



d87a29 No.56624

File: 0a8aabe91fde42e⋯.jpg (13.56 KB, 474x266, 237:133, a0d9fdbdc27587f31e45b96faa….jpg)

File: cf6caa5098ca9c8⋯.jpg (68.05 KB, 660x400, 33:20, CiaayoJWsAAlADm.jpg)

File: c193da6d5ae6bc0⋯.jpg (38.14 KB, 659x314, 659:314, DQwsr_UVQAEjm_L.jpg)

File: 5538e472f0dfb18⋯.jpg (118.79 KB, 705x1199, 705:1199, DSieiszWAAEJPwz.jpg)

File: 3431c29dfbac3fa⋯.jpg (16.09 KB, 474x266, 237:133, ede4722fc9887f3073f19fed4f….jpg)

9ca02d No.56626


there is a #MLK on twitter

8f5b2b No.56627


Great minds! At least you spell correctly, hehe.

d87a29 No.56628

File: 5fd828fb1a678bd⋯.jpg (52.44 KB, 474x658, 237:329, ef7b3498afb5c35c68286fdcc7….jpg)

File: 8a2564564fe9ad0⋯.jpg (103.79 KB, 780x439, 780:439, FailedLeader_II.jpg)

File: 288282ac8ffe754⋯.jpg (42.69 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

File: f1958d563e1cd74⋯.jpg (320.88 KB, 471x484, 471:484, image.jpg)

fff055 No.56629

File: d1f870c29ff5825⋯.png (71.86 KB, 570x304, 15:8, screenshot_175.png)

d87a29 No.56631


etching is a chemical that burns thru the glass. no hammer required.

49c295 No.56632

No doubt I am being shadow banned on twitter. My notifications will say I have 10 likes for something but then I click on it and it only shows 1 like.

So what I tweet out is definitely being hidden. My notifications and information on the tweet are not matching up now.

6a764b No.56633

>>56629 >>56514

9ca02d No.56634


some of his quotes are amazing #MLK is on twitter go and grab some and re-meme them.

Miss Alveda was on fox and friends their twitter should have some stuff

d87a29 No.56635


it can be both. MULTIPLE MEANINGS has been emphasized several times.

a6e267 No.56636


What if these crazies' false flag is something involving russians?

In EU or elsewhere?

To force hand to WWIII?

f670f9 No.56637


On both [5] and [1] min between POTUS tweets he says America first. What was the other numbers again? Going to check for America first on them too

278d15 No.56638

File: 3f9fd96b817225f⋯.png (415.22 KB, 800x540, 40:27, ClipboardImage.png)

The picture with the guns and the red box, Las Vegas I believe. looks like a set of dial calipers.

68b860 No.56639

File: 45ac74742d6098d⋯.jpg (101.58 KB, 678x381, 226:127, Trump Year Full of Winning.jpg)

9ca02d No.56641



da0988 No.56643

File: aa4ce02191ab625⋯.jpg (119.7 KB, 714x477, 238:159, 22py3f.jpg)

Here is an example of a positive one, people can leave in comments on his tweets. Need to rally the deplorable army, summon the ARMY OF PEPE frogs to overwhelm them( the negative comments, with positive supportive comments)

3f82f5 No.56645


Either NK has been very busy over the last ten years enriching uranium and separating plutonium, or Iran gave a lot of their material to NK in order to hide it from inspectors in the unlikely event they were granted un-announced access to Iranian military facilities. Wouldn't be surprised if some of the U1 material went to Iran who then enriched it and sent it to NK. Sounds like most of their bombs/material was buried when their tunnels collapsed at the test site..hopefully its in a place where its impossible to dig out or the radiation is too great to retrieve. (unlikely)

59d768 No.56646


I'll add this to the notable posts section within the OP of the next loaf. Nice digging Anon.

9ca02d No.56647

MLK and Miss Alveda


fff055 No.56650


Just posting a screen shot for anyone else waking up an coming on the board :)

d7208b No.56651


Good ideas but shouldn't we direct the attention to POTUS? His accomplishments?

Let's remove racial identity. Keep it American identified. Use African American digits. A clear picture that POTUS is working for all.



763747 No.56653

linking to a older post i capped yesterday for convenience. ignore or read at your leisure


14d620 No.56654


Here we go…

2eb28e No.56656



131e23 No.56657


I like this. he does make me proud. God bless DJT!

68b860 No.56658

File: 039c9869bb9e57c⋯.jpg (176.27 KB, 1012x567, 1012:567, Trump So Very Proud.jpg)

7277df No.56659


>I'm thinking this behavior is what Q wants. YT and Twitter not relevant.

I was with you up until this point. Agree w/the 1st, disagree w/the 2nd.

But also memes, which originate here and disseminate there.

014ba7 No.56660

File: 88a120219b346c3⋯.jpg (283.16 KB, 1539x1485, 57:55, hawaii.jpg)



e4fc40 No.56661

I'm thinking the reason they are going to need a false flag to change the news cycle is because huge truth bombs from OIG report will be dropped today. Wednesday will be a counter to their attempt to change the news cycle, and call the MSM out as liars.

f670f9 No.56662


Yeah bots get to these instanly. Start fake convos,upvote eachother and what not. Algorithm pushes them to the top. With everyone leaving Twitter I'm hoping this is all under control just before the fake news awards :3

d7c5c8 No.56663


Please go and cover POTUS.

6c46ab No.56664

Former wife to a glasshole, They use suction cups on glass so they can cut it and then pull it out.

fff055 No.56665


It's the start of the fear & disinfo campaign from the MSM

e4fc40 No.56666

File: 455a20dca42f20e⋯.jpg (37.21 KB, 304x494, 8:13, Golden Man.JPG)


Why do they cover themselves in Gold.

The answer is more complex than people are understanding.

131e23 No.56667


Take no prisoners.

58be2f No.56668


Pope Francis joined the MSM fear mongering. Thinks we are 1 step away from nuclear war …he also thinks man made global warming is real tho lol

d87a29 No.56669




714fed No.56670

Last night, lot of gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands re: R_Potter, T_Benz, etc etc.

Can't let them live RentFree in my head.

Anons have once-in-a-lifetime-mission.

Q crystal clear why this Board.

Q controls input.

Anons control output.

Good enough for me. Those who Glow can Rot.

Be well. God speed all Anons.

d87a29 No.56672


do you really think the documents contain any ounce of truth?

68b860 No.56673

File: 0d644af4b10d23e⋯.jpg (130.62 KB, 654x499, 654:499, Trump Sick and Tired of Wi….jpg)

ca606d No.56674


makes sense

131e23 No.56675


>Last night, lot of gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands re: R_Potter, T_Benz, etc etc.

Traitors be like…

9ca02d No.56676

Very Stable Genius


e4fc40 No.56677


Hmm, Spicoli is his son?

1156f5 No.56678

Guys check this

https:// twitter.com/WSCP1/status/952248568953188352

im blocked by le gate, but i have 0 tweets and never tweeted at him before. it doesnt make sense why he would block me!

e61b1e No.56680

File: b00742607559ca1⋯.jpg (99.79 KB, 858x645, 286:215, race.JPG)

fff055 No.56681

File: f2b5d5e5822466d⋯.png (324.79 KB, 1496x795, 1496:795, screenshot_176.png)



en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Leo_Penn

d45979 No.56682

File: e76ed24f79a546d⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1796x2500, 449:625, WeKnow.jpg)

Sorry to Interrupt I'll just leave this here for you, cary on Anons

e1a4f1 No.56684



Trey Gowdy


1156f5 No.56685


i mean it must be an algortihm or something that also blocks ppl by checking who they follow. its really confusing how he found me and blocked me

ca3aaf No.56689

File: ef935ee72d6767e⋯.png (604.62 KB, 830x466, 415:233, 1516026895077.png)

9ca02d No.56690

Where we go one, we go all


e4fc40 No.56691


Well, of course he's Jewish. How many scumbag Jews need to be outed before we see the Truth. Why did Q post about the scumbag Jews married to the Clinton spawn…?

116ca0 No.56692

File: 2a621dced2a8baa⋯.jpeg (345.51 KB, 1242x2000, 621:1000, 7ADB38C2-7322-46E6-BAA3-9….jpeg)

they are very concerned.

258180 No.56693


No, it's not both. Safe Comms are inherent in the board and trip code. Why in the world would Q need to say "Safe Comms" before stating that disinfo is everywhere??? Makes absolutely no sense.


d87a29 No.56694



808 is also the area code for HI.

[89] is HI

"[CLAS_GITMO_ J z9-A][89]"

https:// 8ch.net//greatawakening/res/1.html#8

d45979 No.56695


RAF fighters intercept two Russian bombers near UK airspace


8c9e44 No.56696


Probably because they intercepted 2 russian bombers this morning.

d7c5c8 No.56698


How can I see it too?

3c8bcf No.56699

It's not long now until Project Veritas drops it's dirt on @jack - can't wait to see what they have on him

d87a29 No.56701


Sara Carter

Safe Comms

Security Compromised

fits for me

8c6b98 No.56702


for our calculations.

fff055 No.56703



59d768 No.56705


I haven't time to dig whilst baking, I have to lurk, hard enough to make memes whilst doing so.


That explains why I heard the Eurofighters take off not too long ago.

b20264 No.56706

File: 00467701faabc76⋯.png (5.47 MB, 4832x7288, 604:911, Trump_Tweets_10-12-2017_Ne….png)

here is my version of >>>/greatawakening/21

BDT/False Flag (fireworks) , side by side graphic

>been rl'ing for the past few days and missed a lot , trying to catch up

39ebed No.56707

File: cbeb2da35f12dee⋯.png (86.4 KB, 800x599, 800:599, j.png)

This guy is one of Potus' shills. Multiple accts. His brother, Brian Kassenstein, has me blocked. Ed is the one who post the most absolutely vile garbage.

1d1359 No.56708

Happy Sexual-Psychotic Day… I mean, MLK day.

8f5b2b No.56709

SC = Storm Center?

59d768 No.56710

File: 7a4659709f30c08⋯.png (429.13 KB, 800x600, 4:3, c9976tty765.png)

I noticed she got a new face, thought this might be a welcome addition to the ammo.

14d620 No.56711


According to Wikipedia …it sounds like the last time Hecker went to North Korea was in 2010. “In November 2010, Hecker visited the Yongbyon nuclear facility and reported on its advanced state.” I wonder who was president then …

7277df No.56712


>I am not sure, but we always need to discuss possibilities. We have been wrong in the past.

How does your thinking change, looking @ those lines with SC = SpaceCraft, and

looking at the news of 8-9 Jan ?

f670f9 No.56713


Potter and beans got shitholed. WW3 has no time for butthurt celebs.

6a764b No.56714

WL RT: GlennGreenwald

[ Oh my god: this is how deranged official Washington is. The President of the largest Dem Party think tank (funded in part by dictators) genuinely believes Chelsea Manning's candidacy is a Kremlin plot. Conspiracy theorists thrive more in mainstream DC than on internet fringes ]



I answered this last night https:// twitter.com/ggreenwald/status/952644003404578816 … - What qualified Al Franken to be a Senator?

Glenn Greenwald added,

Chelsea Manning's leaks: * exposed video of US gunning down unarmed innocents & journalists * documented systemic war crimes in Iraq & Afghanistan * helped end the Iraq War by preventing new agreement to keep troops * fueled Arab Spring by exposing corrupt regimes (Bill Keller)

2bcfcf No.56715

File: b20e5eb9f8dd5bb⋯.jpeg (93.59 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1516025867.jpeg)

6a764b No.56716

>>56714 I forgot to add "See thread"

d87a29 No.56718



z9 Aircraft

Harbin Z-9W Attack Helicopter - Army Technology


Harbin Z-9W, or Zhi-9W, is an attack helicopter produced by the Harbin Aircraft Industry Group. The Z-9W is an indigenous attack variant of the Z-9 utility helicopter, which itself is a license-built version of the Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin. The Z-9W can perform in a wide range of missions, including anti-tank, close air support, …

Is it possible the missile was shot down by China?

It's been said the warning was rescinded 12 minutes after the original EAS warning.

How long would it take for China to shoot down a missile from NK towards HI?

7349fe No.56719


Then fill us in. Don't be cryptic.

25ea77 No.56720


Russian bombers story.

Russian bombers cover story.

Critical thinking.

How do we tell the difference?

What would discern the difference?

Anyone see Russian bombers?

Iron Eagle

df74d9 No.56721

>>55378 MEME idea:

Pic of Haiti. SHITHOLE

Pic of next country. SHITHOLE

Pic if next country SHITHOLE



df74d9 No.56722



d45979 No.56723


Ty for Bread

Probably nothing to worry about

25ea77 No.56724


Russian bombers cover story was hours ago.

Who is trying to leave the country?

Who is being escorted?

Who is on any hijacked planes?

British 9/11?

9ca02d No.56725

Planefags calling all Planfags man the ops centre

e4fc40 No.56726

File: bc65bdbb31f3f3b⋯.jpg (51.55 KB, 633x476, 633:476, Cheney911Meme.JPG)


what is this, preschool?

Mossad did 9/11 fag.

Israel attacked the USSLiberty


763747 No.56727

File: c6a64696700870d⋯.png (77.53 KB, 696x510, 116:85, Screenshot from 2018-01-15….png)


you must be new here


>Security Compromised

i could see that one too


>SC: Seek immediate [F9-Sx_VB8239].

i'm not going to track down the initial post, but when this was first dropped, anon deciphered on possible meaning of this to be searching for vb8239 in duckduckgo. /greatawakening/ was already the top search result. i found it very interesting

8c9e44 No.56728

Stock exhange floor collapse..


243b8d No.56729


The screenshot for this in my post got deleted. Very strange. Port Hueneme, CA. Ventura. (805) 228-8239.


Port Hueneme- Naval Surface Warfare Center

7aab2d No.56730

File: b780e19737fc229⋯.png (49.36 KB, 551x673, 551:673, rdy.png)

9ca02d No.56731


How to tell the right information from the false and then meme the correct to show false news?

f670f9 No.56733


Planefag Welshanon reporting in. What you need?

eb88b0 No.56734


someone slap this anon and tell him to focus

403f09 No.56739


>Your list of accomplishments *is impressive.

The verb agrees with 'list', not 'accomplishments'. Often make the mistake myself. Otherwise, I think it's great.

1d1359 No.56741

File: beda580cab05c5a⋯.png (531.1 KB, 963x555, 321:185, Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at ….png)

d87a29 No.56742


Q wants screenshots of Q posts next to screenshots of news related to the posts!

This is PRIMARY focus.

SECondary would be to include the clock posts or point out time markers, but focus should be on posts/news.

Very clear directions…

1d1359 No.56743



e4fc40 No.56744

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The movie Next with Nicolas Cage was based (loosely) on the book the Golden Man. Cage was able to see into the future in the movie, and was used by the FBI to thwart a nuke in LA…

75396e No.56745


See into the future like Quantum Computers can?

ee35c4 No.56746


TERM LIMITS may not be the immediate fix, but should be

viewed as a requirement to prevent 'swamp rebuilding'.

02b0d7 No.56747

This may or may not have happened. Planefags assistance please. Poster claiming several planes sent out hijack disstress code last night.


9ca02d No.56748




Any recon on these

784fe4 No.56749

File: ebbf9fc8781ec81⋯.jpg (54.75 KB, 618x618, 1:1, acosta award.jpg)

File: fed829e294a8c68⋯.jpg (199.01 KB, 618x618, 1:1, award winner.jpg)

File: 273b409c051b8d0⋯.jpg (253.92 KB, 618x618, 1:1, thank you award.jpg)

Can someone flip the award so it looks like a nut-sack instead of a heart? I don't think I have the photoshop skill to make it look worthy.

eb88b0 No.56750


I see this kid post on every single one of POTUS twats, almost immediately, within seconds of the twat

75396e No.56751


Wow, nice job!

25ea77 No.56752


Hi taffanon, any eyes on military birds off east and north east Brit isles?


Hijack squarks.

Unusual formations.

Unusual heights.

Unusual path history.

Unusually hidden data.

e4fc40 No.56754


Guy was married for 23 yrs and has two kids.

Try to find a picture of his wife.

It's a rabbit hole.

133eb7 No.56756


Jason Schwartz (and others) getting nervous. It's obvious this event has got strong public legs now.

e4fc40 No.56757

File: 64a1bd5db398082⋯.jpg (66.51 KB, 657x358, 657:358, EMMYCNN.jpg)

8e1c13 No.56758

File: a7da96029771610⋯.jpg (13.65 KB, 246x205, 6:5, deebly.jpg)

9ca02d No.56759


Is this at all possible



a43ccd No.56760


some anon saw it too

the plane fag on duty confirmed at the time

said there were several yesterday as well

the theory was forwarded that someone was hacking the coms and sending that out

25ea77 No.56763


Also, any hijack squarks over Belgian and French origin/dest birds.

d87a29 No.56765


Still cryptic. Do you know more or just guessing?

403f09 No.56766


Ethics rules? Maybe they are worried that not everybody will get an award, and someone will feel left out!

af76e6 No.56767


Not yet, been checking

d45979 No.56769



My Pleasure

7277df No.56770


>Was shocked that GWB allowed it.

He's a un-indicted co-conspirator.

f670f9 No.56771




Did the night shift watch UA 7128 this morning so woke up to the news just now so already on it. Was intercepted at around 9:30 so ill try and find where the other plane left from. 50 miles off UK coast apparently. Will report when i find more.

a6e267 No.56772

679f6b No.56774

File: d91b1b4ff6a1a4f⋯.jpg (562.01 KB, 1440x1800, 4:5, Pepe_DJT_Fake_News_Awards.jpg)

02b0d7 No.56775


I didn’t see it in general. Threads have been rolling fast through here. I didn’t find anything in news feeds.

e4d97d No.56776


News: happening fl casino boat

ee35c4 No.56777


Anon, there is a four (4) file attachment limit per post. You have four there.

It was not deleted, it simply overflowed and didn't post.

784fe4 No.56778


I mentioned this. I think the message reads that they are seeking the immediate stop of the great awakening board. Not sure how but I think the waters are going to get the most dicey they have been yet. Wish I know for sure what SC was. I know its probably not this but.. Secret Chiefs?? https:// en.wikipedia .org/wiki/Secret_Chiefs

59d768 No.56779


Well, considering CN can take out satellites, I believe they could take out a missile. However, attack helicopters tend to be A-G, you'd need a really fast missile with more fuel. ground based, not something that can be attached to a pylon.


Well, it would seem that NATO knew the Russian bombers were approaching at around 9am, give or take an hour: >>55914

That Luftwaffe plane people keep mentioning left Germany shortly before at: >>55706

9ca02d No.56780


an experiment to see if we can tell real and fake news I guess

3346ba No.56781


[Image of DR. King in front of American flag]

The life of Dr. King was dedicated to human rights. Don't let his dream die. We must continue to work together as a nation to end every form of oppression over humanity.

Today, there are estimated to be 25 million slaves world wide. Four and a half million are sex trafficking victims. Children are abducted daily from many countries, including our own, and exploited for labor or sex.

January, 2018 is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

Honor Dr. King's legacy and help end the horrific practice of human trafficking.

Proclamation Human Trafficking State Department statistics file

Article from The Atlantic United Nations Report Polaris factsheet

[It dosnt show, but the last groups are hyperlinks to the respective pages.]

75396e No.56782


If we want to step out of this fake reality, most of them who are rotten to the core must be outed. And that's needed for all institutions.

beebdb No.56783

File: 1e9e7175e3ed5c6⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180115-145222.png)

File: ae05bfb044d1941⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180115-145231.png)


Unusual activity near RAF Conningsby, UK.


a43ccd No.56784


it was over atleast five ours ago

not sure which bread


ef1c9f No.56785


news story says SA pilot accidentally hit alert, twice. sounds like same story in HI, accident.

75396e No.56786


They do live by ethic rules now???

Maybe they should add some morale as well.

59d768 No.56787


That's the Eurofighter Typhoon base where they'll be returning after escorting the bombers.

6a764b No.56788


Wasn't it BrianStelter from CNN saying he thought it was against twitter's TermsOfService last week when it was announced…? lol

d7208b No.56789


Can someone make memes?

I'm on my phone. Gonna have to be a phonefag for the next few hours!!

1926bb No.56790

File: d9f4494f9409f81⋯.jpg (92.74 KB, 672x500, 168:125, FakeNewsAwards1.17.18.jpg)

8f2aa2 No.56792


Not every Jewish person on this planet is rotten in fact its not the jews at all that are bad its the Hivites who are pretending to be jewish. If one has been on this board from the beginning they would know this already….

7277df No.56793



Still on orbit: http:// www.n2yo.com/satellite/?s=43098

No details available for classified payloads.

3346ba No.56794


This is how you lose mainstream America. Off topic, offensive and pointless.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

a6e267 No.56795



763747 No.56796




75396e No.56797


If I must be honest I would say it was a 1 dollar job.

The inside is unfixable. Very ugly. Hopeless case.

c0c4ab No.56798


What happened to #crystal clear - change what we have to #greatawakening then?

Things change so quickly here, (quoth Alice).

e1a4f1 No.56799


I meant to reply to the post about the politico story from this morning. They are talking about the Fake News Awards and and questioning if it's "ethical"


2ec968 No.56800

File: 8668e513dd55cc3⋯.png (971.32 KB, 1200x739, 1200:739, fake-news-awards-meme.png)

7349fe No.56801


I think he's sliding. No one was talking about gold, he says we're not getting it, and that it's more complicated. Then he posts basic bitch info on Nicolas Cage. Slide.

b1f7b8 No.56802

File: 40f1775a185d52c⋯.jpg (42.71 KB, 688x456, 86:57, Iwonder.jpg)

a6e267 No.56803



everything gets lost

c4cb38 No.56804


Daily Mail: Russia has an underwater nuclear drone capable of carrying a 100-megaton warhead, leaked Pentagon report says


90c218 No.56805

Patriots, will someone point me to the earliest reference we have of KeK/Trump on the internet? I have a pic that would bring a smile to everyone's face but i'm not ready to post it. Much appreciated. :)

95695b No.56806


This guy again.

1926bb No.56807

File: e728b0c20cc6eba⋯.jpg (73.3 KB, 672x500, 168:125, FakeNewsAwardsBlank.jpg)


A version without text for anyone who may want to play around with it (e.g. a "Dewey Defeats Truman" moment).

a33b58 No.56808


They have one.

8f2aa2 No.56809


What do you wonder?

a0f190 No.56810

File: 498647e2b197a3f⋯.png (863.58 KB, 1595x1602, 1595:1602, 5463D722-25EC-4FB3-8857-61….png)

75396e No.56811


Why do you think those shills are here and who they are…

Diverting you from them. Point at others. As always.

a6e267 No.56812



Couldn't find.

It was on the old board methinks

6594b7 No.56813



I wonder by whom? Some clowns who would love to strategically shitstir the Russia narrative again? Classic FUD.

59d768 No.56814


It's in the next batter, I'm compiling it with all my best bits from this thread as they turn up.


Create one and let me know before the next bake and I'll add it to the list below the planefag tools. Too much going on right now for me to create one I'm afraid.

5abee9 No.56816

False flag event this AM?:

https:// www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Red-Line-Train-Derails-Outside-Farragut-North-Metro-Says-469347283.html

Stay safe anons!

131e23 No.56820

>muh, so many breads, so little time..

Damn.. You know you're right over the target anons, when the breads fly by like soup crackers…

d87a29 No.56821


they are also secretly best friends with SA

1d1359 No.56822

File: 2321bc8d74381b5⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1140x637, 1140:637, Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at ….png)

6a764b No.56823

Memefags… any chance of a meme.. Movie: Total Recall… Tagline: "I'll buy THAT for a dollar!!"

In response to >>>/greatawakening/20


6e07ff No.56824


>'Wish I know for sure what SC was'

We should probably spend less time speculating about things like two-letter abbreviations, once we have a basic list of the most plausible.

Sounds like some Q crumbs are simply posted in advance of happenings as proof of foreknowledge. Not so much as puzzles for everyone to speculate for days on.

Related Q statements:

Future proves past.

News unlocks meaning.

Future news will unlock more of the message.

Re-review the map post relevant news drops.

e4fc40 No.56825

File: 66943dbe5dc61c5⋯.jpg (62.78 KB, 356x496, 89:124, JewishBlood.JPG)


The whole adrenochrome thing comes from

Jewish ritual

ba759d No.56826


>What family was permitted to leave immediately after 9-11?

The Saudis

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2115127/Why-Saudi-royals-links-9-11-allowed-leave-U-S-quizzed-FBI.html

9666b2 No.56827



https:// threadreaderapp.com/thread/952728074323484672.html

Damn those people!! "We'll all hang from nooses" - execution is too merciful for them.

6dd931 No.56828


Baker, a quick update:

For the other version of the raw text archive >>56337 please use this link instead:


8f2aa2 No.56829


Comes from a Hivite ritual

1d1359 No.56830


Khazarian, actually. The Babylonian Talmud, specifically.

Must read: https:// www. veteranstoday.com/2015/03/08/the-hidden-history-of-the-incredibly-evil-khazarian-mafia/

e93484 No.56831


I think that is Robocop, bro

d8cdc6 No.56832

For a fake news nominee…..

"Unnamed Sources" and the like. The root of the fake news.

7277df No.56834



>It seems to refer to his earlier [non-nuke] phrase.

See >>53581 for another interpretation.

403f09 No.56835

File: c11605bd9f28053⋯.png (370.05 KB, 411x580, 411:580, MADAMNPREZ.png)


Here is one I made a while back.

c0c4ab No.56836


Nicely done.

763747 No.56837


it's an old lugenpresse trick to avoid libel lawsuits. create a rumor. report the rumor.

13e5b2 No.56838

here we go again terror panic http:// www.newsweek. com/secretive-elite-force-open-second-base-because-europe-terror-threat-781251

A secretive elite paramilitary unit is to bolster its ranks and open a second base in the heart of Europe in reaction to the increased threat from radical Islamist extremism, its chief said on Monday.

Germany's GSG-9 unit has one base near the western city of Bonn but will now add a second, most likely in Berlin, “because if you look at comparable terror situations across Europe, often the capitals were affected,” Jerome Fuchs told German radio station rbb Inforadio on Monday.

The group's commander was referring to the series of assaults carried out by the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) and Al-Qaeda across European cities such as Paris, Berlin and London.

6a764b No.56839


ooops… hit enter before I was ready

and the "Total Recall" Line's good too… as in TOTAL(all) RECALL(Get 'em OUTTA HERE!)

e4fc40 No.56840


When one understands that Mohammed was a Jew from the tribe Banu Hashim and was protecting Mecca (the sacrificial stone of Abraham) and warred with the idol worshipping Jews, then the Saudi Arabia 9/11 connections start to make sense.

0fb29f No.56842


If I take a 5 minute delta backward from the first tweet this AM I get 7:52 and there is an ID near there with 17 drops this morning.













ddef27 No.56843


Hi Baker, we have an War Room meme thread for the OP now. Would it be possible to add it to the bread? TY baker.


Operation Fake News Meme Thread. We are harvesting previous threads, however magicians; please add your new memes. TY

75396e No.56844



:[AGAIN] direct pre-knowledge.

:[AGAIN] warning ALERT.


Remember, SpaceX and Elon Musk are declared Enemies of the State last Saturday.

62513a No.56845

File: 4a7317946089a4f⋯.png (209.39 KB, 1278x718, 639:359, RoyCohnPollack.png)

6a764b No.56846


You're right!! my bad Anon.. thanks for the correction

43a1e5 No.56848

File: bef3d8011d7b250⋯.png (1.16 MB, 2000x1303, 2000:1303, Weigel-01.png)

Side by Side

74a130 No.56849

File: b316abeb9f3bd9e⋯.png (5.92 MB, 2558x1686, 1279:843, ClipboardImage.png)

a6e267 No.56850



https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/56847.html

Planefag thread here

e4d97d No.56852




a33b58 No.56853


>It was on the old board methinks

Yes, sorry I meant they had one on the old board. Good idea to have another one here.

e4fc40 No.56854

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Why was the ark of the covenant covered in Gold as per Gods instructions?

17bd44 No.56856


What is an award ceremony without categories?

Make your memes with category aswell, ie








4c554b No.56857

Seriously people. HTF does a person get DEPORTED FIVE DAMN TIMES! TF?!?!?!

d87a29 No.56858

Saudi prince Al-Waleed was moved from Ritz Carlton hotel where he was being held and placed in prison 'after refusing to pay Riyadh authorities $6 BILLION

8f5b2b No.56859


I'm glad someone else figured this out. Right or wrong, I'm just glad someone else thinks like me.

I agree with the order, as well.

de56cb No.56860


POTUS said in drop last night


25ea77 No.56862


To contain radioactive stones?

06f3e4 No.56863


So maybe it’s not just passengers being removed…. maybe pilots are being taken out of circulation and replaced with White Hats?

13e5b2 No.56864

PLANE ANONS! Breaking !!!

" Two Russian bombers have been intercepted after flying into Dutch airspace over the North Sea on Monday morning. Belgium sent two F16 fighter jets from Florennes airbase to head off the Russian Tupolev 160 planes, known as Blackjacks, in response to a request from Nato. The Belgians are currently responsible for defending the airspace of the Benelux nations. A sonic boom was audible in the north-east of the country when the fighter jets broke the sound barrier over the Waddenzee. They were escorted across the North Sea where they were met by two British Typhoons dispatched from Scotland."

earlier today I saw here anons who said big activity Belgian F16 and other military plains!


LINK!! http:// www.dutchnews. nl/news/archives/2018/01/belgian-fighters-intercept-russian-bombers-over-north-sea/

0fb29f No.56865



Or maybe I''m wrong…but it is a great TWITTER strategy nonetheless

68b860 No.56867


Perfectly appropriate response, appreciated.

9ca02d No.56869


Sorry Anon Just me putting quotes in here for you to make memes so like Q said for the black community to wake up and see our POTUS is not racist>>56842

d8cdc6 No.56870


Wt absolute F???

U realize teh big black box in mecca used to hold multiple idols till Mohammads "reforms" picked the moon diety Allah as teh one true God, and cleared out teh rest of em…right?

4c554b No.56871


YAAASSSS ha i was about to post this.

Catagories! FN Rookie of the Year.

Up and coming Fake News Online Website

Veteran Pro Fake News Magazine

Fake News Woman of the Year.

etc etc etc

a6e267 No.56873


>https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/56847.html

Made another planefags thread here right now.

Sorry I know it's shitty but I'm no expert

d87a29 No.56874

File: b4d0d1d0605c9e5⋯.jpg (180.64 KB, 1272x717, 424:239, !_FB_The_Lost_Ark_Of_The_C….jpg)


heard this theory before. bc aliens came covered in gold spacesuits

ark is suposedly a skull and the grail is the body which holds dna/blood

also an owl in there

e4fc40 No.56875


God is energy. Gold likes energy, it transfers it very well. Time is the movement of energy.

We don't understand golds properties. We all have a little bit of gold in our bodies…

c285b7 No.56876

File: 657e618c139bef9⋯.jpeg (314.21 KB, 1154x1992, 577:996, DD80501A-07F0-4BE4-A31D-9….jpeg)

File: 4c779d4ab20075c⋯.jpeg (165.88 KB, 2048x458, 1024:229, 2B18BACC-4DDC-4689-B665-4….jpeg)

Hey guys. Check the dates. Is this Gaddafi’s billions?

e4d97d No.56877

File: 21087cec7e5587e⋯.jpeg (69.79 KB, 740x499, 740:499, D65BF0C3-0E6D-4BA1-8941-6….jpeg)

File: 28529f55b2466a5⋯.jpeg (71.64 KB, 600x314, 300:157, E38D442A-80AF-46AE-A957-0….jpeg)

File: d79d518a960b902⋯.jpeg (131.91 KB, 699x499, 699:499, 336F345E-1B1F-4CF3-8FF6-D….jpeg)

File: 633f3a9ce615be8⋯.jpeg (98.22 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 082EB1E2-6C5F-4487-80B1-2….jpeg)

0fb29f No.56879


I didn't get them all but I am literally going to get in trouble at work if I don't start paying attention to the conf call I am on…Love my job though! Have fun with this!!!!

8f2aa2 No.56880


To understand the Jews and the Hivites one must go back in history much further than Mohammad which has been previously covered on the CBTS board –– they are not jews, they are pretending to be jews and they are called the Hivites. It's also in the bible itself go read it….

730a48 No.56881




Spook who could have made spooks worth something in America killed by Cpooks In America. look at the Kennedy connection. specifically his brother Robert who gave a speech.


its relevant get fucked.

8f5b2b No.56882


No one's saying its Q or POTUS dropping the info. Just that particular things are being pointed to. Maybe.

05d1b4 No.56883



Add Chris Wallace from Fox. NOT /ourguy

e4d97d No.56885

File: 6ccea193f7e556a⋯.jpeg (171.83 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 6BC3D1A3-DCE0-4D5C-A2B7-E….jpeg)

File: 1b253c63fbcf52e⋯.jpeg (174.19 KB, 666x500, 333:250, D01FC403-C1D3-4EFC-80E8-7….jpeg)

File: 2ec1a996f01a1f0⋯.jpeg (106.61 KB, 620x465, 4:3, 095C815C-37CE-4A89-82A4-4….jpeg)

File: cf001bdd41cf0b5⋯.jpeg (97.93 KB, 750x500, 3:2, C6F795C6-EAEC-4990-8D36-F….jpeg)

20ed49 No.56886


The Oscar the Grouch one is Double Top Kek!

9ca02d No.56887

MLK Blank for use


e4fc40 No.56888


No, the idol worshipping Jews were putting idols at the sacrificial alter of Abraham. Mohammeds Uncle raised Mohammed, Jewish tribe.

The Idol worshipping Jews are the teeth gnashing Trump haters we are facing today.

39ebed No.56889

File: 407bb87b12f8aea⋯.png (749.22 KB, 800x954, 400:477, kkk.png)


yep, he and his brother are criminals. They post disgusting lies. I wish DJT would sue them for defamation.

e4d97d No.56890

File: 512dc670dcb9a96⋯.jpeg (70.32 KB, 670x377, 670:377, 1F2288B6-8F46-4CF4-9ACE-6….jpeg)

File: 5be60029098ced9⋯.jpeg (93.3 KB, 620x412, 155:103, 177327B3-5637-4D42-AD2C-7….jpeg)

File: 263dde350d38567⋯.jpeg (84.66 KB, 363x435, 121:145, 40F83CC7-32B8-485F-8761-E….jpeg)

File: 5ab7a617c20170d⋯.jpeg (120.76 KB, 898x500, 449:250, 791E457D-E60E-4330-AD36-B….jpeg)

53afc3 No.56891


NPR/PBS needs to be part of that shit.

Many "intelligent" people treat them like Gospel and they're all anti-Trump, pro Hussein/HRC.

ef3092 No.56892



Falcon9 SpaceX Vandenburg8239

https:// www.space.com/8239-details-secretive-37b-space-plane-revealed.html

9ca02d No.56893


Darkness and Light


d87a29 No.56894



https:// www.wired.com/2012/07/gold-dna-dark-matter/

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyvalent_DNA_gold_nanoparticles

de56cb No.56896


Well I'm phonefagging today! Anyone else? I think is aa good lead. I'm just not at the right station to handle.

This looks to be guided meme suggestions for today.


39ec0f No.56897


I like your math on the mass=energy

As I understand we can convert, in nuclear fusion, more mass = usuable energy.

now I'm only asking because, i read somewhere the steps of enlightment(greatawakening) was learning to create MASS from ENERGY?

Any info you can provide on your research to that? IF SO, ZUMA would make a lot of sense to me.. further validation..

de56cb No.56898

9ca02d No.56899



Last one

4c554b No.56900


There should be a special Catagories for Shills.

But not sure if they deserve the attention.

Then again, mocking them publicly lettting them know that their trolling is comedy on our end?

you decide.

59d768 No.56901



Done, done.


Hot negative, Virus scanners wen't berserk.

6a764b No.56903



WHat makes a great movie? "GREAT ACTORS"

Best leading Male Bullshitter in a fake story

Best Leading woman in fake story..

GOTTA have ur backup roles too…

Best supporting bullshitter…

Best fake musical(narrative) score.. RUSSIA,RUSSIA,RUSSIA.. lol


0fb29f No.56904




AND there is usually some great stuff dropped in here that gets zero attention. If we scoop it all together it becomes more visible.

c94864 No.56905


Dec 6, 2017

Previous Release | Next Release


HAWTHORNE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– OSI Systems, Inc. (the "Company" or "OSI Systems") (NASDAQ: OSIS) provides the following statement in response to a report this morning by short-sellers "Muddy Waters Research". While the Company would not customarily respond to misleading allegations from short sellers, this particular report has had an undue impact in the public sphere and warrants a response.

We begin by noting that our turnkey security inspection programs in Mexico and in Albania were the result of public tenders. Both have resulted in enhanced security, increased seizures of contraband, and improved transparency in customs declarations, significantly benefiting both countries.

Our Albania turnkey security inspection program is operated in partnership with ICMS, a local company with civil works construction capabilities in Albania, with a profit share in accordance with the terms of our agreement with ICMS. ICMS implemented all civil works construction for the program. As such, both we and ICMS made significant capital investments toward the implementation of the program in a value well beyond the par value of shares.

Our Mexico turnkey security inspection program operates security inspection checkpoints at multiple critical sites across Mexico as designated by the government. The program has resulted in significant seizures of high-value contraband. The Company has previously stated that we are in discussions with the government towards the extension of the program under a reduced revenue rate.

OSI Systems, Inc., through its Security Division, is a leading provider of security inspection technologies and services. We count among our clientele many of the leading security agencies in the world, including in the U.S. federal government.

e4d97d No.56906

File: 1c308a2c393421a⋯.jpeg (43 KB, 300x279, 100:93, D656AD7A-53AE-4F45-B865-4….jpeg)

File: 7877ec744ee9413⋯.jpeg (138.22 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 41D4966A-4F6E-40D5-81F5-B….jpeg)

File: d59ae52f8b34734⋯.jpeg (162.42 KB, 714x500, 357:250, 158259C3-72BB-481F-AE2E-7….jpeg)

File: b70c0e33a619b1f⋯.jpeg (75.38 KB, 525x500, 21:20, 5E71E4D1-35C3-422C-8608-C….jpeg)

7277df No.56907


>a fail safe dump from the NSA database

Possible, but unlikely. Nowadays, backups are continuous and redundant.

DJT's visit to Utah last month probably included a briefing on what they have.

http:// worldstopdatacenters.com/government-data-centers/

5846e3 No.56908

Ooh someone shoul meme Mika Brzinski: Our job is to control what people think

Don't forget her.

05d1b4 No.56909


Q said Trust Sessions

e4fc40 No.56910

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Try to find someone on CNN who is NOT Jewish. The Jews run fake news. This is a pill we need to get the normies to swallow.

Even Larry David, who is a Jew, gets it.

Start at 3:33

1c7833 No.56911

File: 134ed0861bbd913⋯.png (30.44 KB, 593x248, 593:248, JO.PNG)

6dd931 No.56912



Unpossible … ;) Only contains plain text and a single HTML with raw HTML-extract from 4ch/8ch pages.

75396e No.56913


Happens every 2 weeks here. Nothing special. Only NATO propaganda.

e4d97d No.56914

File: acc4b4ac2fdfb3d⋯.jpeg (61.98 KB, 600x404, 150:101, 482FC490-E5B5-422B-AC46-2….jpeg)

File: 0f15c918bf7e073⋯.jpeg (29.25 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 72964977-DDDE-4852-8113-A….jpeg)

File: 39e63c538cc6aab⋯.jpeg (48.97 KB, 483x340, 483:340, 6E384AEF-E97A-44DA-A813-6….jpeg)

File: 2ae59d0083517a7⋯.jpeg (50.37 KB, 483x340, 483:340, 1BDFD8D7-AAE9-4F4F-8B81-C….jpeg)

8f2aa2 No.56915

File: 68d4190c14fea5a⋯.png (263.06 KB, 1495x809, 1495:809, screenshot_178.png)


The idol worshipping jews are the Hivites they are not even jewish but in order to not be killed off permanently by Jacob during the time of the Canaanites and the Hivites they agreed to become Jewish to spare their lives. they are an EVIL race of people and Jacob should have killed them (((all))) but he didn't so for thousands of years they have been planning their comeback tour. That time is now and it's the war we are currently fighting –– against good and evil. Again all of this is in the bible if anyone cares to check it out….

en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Hivite

e4d97d No.56917

File: 21b7a45c5f4fbe7⋯.jpeg (30.31 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 5742B0D2-E8B0-4BAF-85A2-7….jpeg)

File: c4939cd466ab94d⋯.jpeg (55.22 KB, 400x400, 1:1, AEDE8FD0-A642-4806-A06C-6….jpeg)

File: c6e01ddaf6f7bdd⋯.jpeg (77.03 KB, 670x377, 670:377, E07248E5-7823-40E6-A5B3-1….jpeg)

File: f2d48bd0ad4a8ab⋯.jpeg (114.95 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 2135E52C-91D6-408E-905B-5….jpeg)

ca3aaf No.56918

File: 8370c68dee1c2a4⋯.png (296.82 KB, 678x381, 226:127, 1516029506589.png)

e4fc40 No.56920


What does it take to become a Jew?

Observe/practice their rituals…

That's how Ivanka became a Jew.

342952 No.56921

File: 192d28544447cf4⋯.jpeg (294.82 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, C0680442-3981-45C9-ABE7-1….jpeg)

It sure if any anons caught this over on half chan yesterday.

It’s no wonder they tell is that Paddock was a CPA.

Pic related is cliff note version of court docs leaked over there.

Should we have a CPA vs Central Park Apartments meme ready for when this breaks wide open?

Heading to work, I’ll check back in soon!

014ba7 No.56922

File: 855b7966d212c24⋯.jpg (345.43 KB, 1242x2000, 621:1000, 2a621dced2a8baa0e132d08dcb….jpg)

342952 No.56923


*not sure

39ec0f No.56924


sorry my math might of been off.

had to +2 hrs from local here

so it's 06:47 Jan 15.. confirm?

39ebed No.56925


they blocked me. I usually dont bother with ppl like this but their tweets are so inflammatory and sick. One of them has over half a mil followers. All bought and paid for, I'm sure, but still maddening. Just gonna drop it now. They just got me riled up.

278d15 No.56926

File: 34de12960df5398⋯.jpg (749.57 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, rasist2.jpg)

1949d2 No.56927

File: 84871c574a49f82⋯.jpg (35.7 KB, 760x159, 760:159, Screenshot (10h 23m 28s).jpg)


303273 No.56928


A very benign picture with “A parent who loves there children typically pays attention to those they let in their home to play with their children.” This will make people think of pedo stuff too.

e4d97d No.56929

File: e98170feb085b45⋯.jpeg (28.35 KB, 183x180, 61:60, 8B2785B5-8C04-473B-ACE3-F….jpeg)

File: 1f2a888c3a0dbed⋯.jpeg (72.77 KB, 811x500, 811:500, 00D2B81D-1770-46D7-BCEA-4….jpeg)

File: 3fd9fa737992658⋯.jpeg (51.7 KB, 642x428, 3:2, 41123A8C-7384-44F8-B59A-5….jpeg)

File: b9d888411479ff5⋯.jpeg (76.1 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 57926135-743B-43F5-8D73-6….jpeg)

d87a29 No.56930

File: b17fe1d2942b1dc⋯.jpg (16.1 KB, 199x255, 199:255, 7adad1822f78fcf4f51705360f….jpg)

File: fc7f8edd8c42ab6⋯.jpg (7.64 KB, 255x184, 255:184, 944c3480b3944450742f27065f….jpg)

File: 32084715ba2020a⋯.jpg (17.5 KB, 255x195, 17:13, b42a8e7d3477304332ee7e0fd0….jpg)

File: fa776cda2e639e0⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1024x755, 1024:755, Chaos_Monster_and_Sun_God.png)


yep…all one big cult shrouded in mystery Babylon.

Babylon comes from the word babel, confuse, decieve.

Judaism, Islam, Christianity AND Buddhism are all cut from the same cloth.

Just gonna leave these pics here for you to marinate on if you want. Not trying to slide. No more posts like this from me.

Ancient history is shrouded in mystery…what did they really know? What did they really see?

4c554b No.56931


We have to get the picture of that Immigrant bus attacker.

Top: "Immigrant wanting to murder Americans in a Grayhound."

Bottom: "Got deported 5 times to try again."

14d620 No.56932

File: 2eb55d9edf693b9⋯.jpeg (237.67 KB, 1202x1127, 1202:1127, 390FEC56-A103-403F-8EB0-F….jpeg)


I’m not blocked…but I never tweet anything and only follow a handful.

59d768 No.56934

There is a OP meme threads here





I ran it through multiple anti-virus scanners, and I was screamed at to delete the file. Pastebin if you want it in the next batter. I won't let infection of board users be on my shoulders.

7277df No.56935


>RAF fighters intercept two Russian bombers near UK airspace

As they have been doing for 6 decades, anon.

Unless the planefags call attention to it, it's probably worth ignoring.

e4d97d No.56936


On it Anon

6dd931 No.56938



Not sure what's wrong with your VirusScanner, virustotal.com says clean file:


df74d9 No.56940

>>56000 TOO VULGAR for normies

Public will not acknowledge / accept. STOP.

4c554b No.56941


Yup, I think someone produces a list for him to block. Or he frequents top Blue checked opposition and block all who support them.

ca3aaf No.56942

File: d183c307ae2f655⋯.png (482.32 KB, 830x356, 415:178, 1516030068485.png)

7277df No.56943


She's trying to avoid looking like her father.

131e23 No.56944

For the record:

Do not confuse bloodlines with a set of religious beliefs, this is a slide. They are two discreet categories. Khazarians have used this trick for centuries.

a "Jew" (Jewish person) follows Judaism. Anyone from any bloodline can be a "jew", because of this. There are also people in the world with Hebrew ancestors.. But they are Christians. How can this be?

Because being "jewish" is a religious choice. not a hereditary one.

A Khazarian misuses that moniker in the name of Evil.

13e5b2 No.56945

https:// twitter. com/LastQuake/statuses/952881067928817664

Map of the testimonies received so far following the #earthquake M4.9 in Portugal

d45979 No.56946


Yup thats what I said a bit latter on

b07d4f No.56947


Key Hole, is this a inspiring message from Q?

The very end of scorpions song "Wind of change" key hole with one eye looking through. 4:40mark. I love that song I really thought things changed when the wall came down in 1988. World peace..... Wind of change 2016 MAGA?


a43a53 No.56951


Also, parents tend to make sure their own children are fed, clothed, and taken care of before they do that to strangers’ children. Otherwise it’s just for show.

7277df No.56952


>How long would it take for China to shoot down a missile from NK towards HI?

The physics involved would make it impractical, to say the least.

Besides, why would they want to. A distracted USA is useful to the PRC.

763747 No.56955


the chameleon changes its colors. who knew

e4fc40 No.56956

File: c45f0681f879192⋯.jpg (40.43 KB, 592x360, 74:45, JewishCircum.JPG)

This is a religion of Satan.

Why do you think Jesus whipped the JEWISH money changers? They are of their father the devil

2a48cf No.56957

File: ed4ad3b6c4a3b11⋯.jpg (60.33 KB, 552x420, 46:35, Matrix Morpheus Tide Pod.jpg)



98cb83 No.56958

File: e582decc27dd150⋯.png (181.3 KB, 1238x1011, 1238:1011, Capture _2018-01-14-20-43-….png)

Silence 187 no capture DOA. He's referring to Paddock being dead on arrival so he was unable to talk. Its about LV not SR.

68b860 No.56959

File: 62a08ec3f15e43b⋯.jpg (116.87 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, Trump Weve Been Winning.jpg)

39ebed No.56960


I'm blocked and I never even heard of him before this moment

d87a29 No.56961


The problem with this is Jews DO claim to be Jews based on ancestry passed on by the mother. Yes anyone can convert but they are extremely focused on bloodlines when it comes to true Jewishness. And most of them are definitely not the Jews of the Bible ancestrally speaking. Its a mess of epic proportions.

6dd931 No.56962


You can relax, there is nothing in that file that could contain a virus. On top of that file is checked.


ef3092 No.56963


[Clas_GITMO_ J z9-A]

who is this guy

https:// twitter.com/j_z

f262fe No.56964


Nice compilation

0fb29f No.56965

>>56827 part 1

🇺🇸Thread: Much is yet to be exposed about the danger that the Obama Admin, & Hillary Clinton posed to America but it is the threat level to NATSEC that is perhaps one of the many little known facts that will shock many to learn.2 Uranium 1 compromised NATSEC at Port Canaveral which

is close to U.S. AF facilities, Kennedy Space Center, & our strategic ballistic missile nuclear submarine base. The Center for Security Policy outlined the threat tied to Russia’s Club-K container missile system Nov. 2017

3 The Obama admin awarded a 35-year lease to, Gulftainer Co, co-owned by Hamid Jafar & his brother Jafar Dhia Jofa, Saddam Hussein’s bomb maker & the emir of Sharjah UAE. Jafar was on U.S. Central Command’s hit list as a legitimate military target during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

4 Working for Saddam & in collaboration w/the Russians, Mr. Jafar designed the “Beach Ball,” a mini nuclear warhead that can fit on the Club-K cruise missile. A model of North Korea’s mini nuke appears very similar to Mr. Jafar’s Beach Ball seen in a 2017 photo w/Kim Jong-un.

5 Russia’s Club-K container cruise missile launch system looks like a shipping container. It can be loaded w/4 Sizzler cruise missiles or 4 Switchblade cruise missiles. These missiles can carry biological, chemical, electromagnetic pulse, conventional or nuclear warheads.

6 Since the Club-K container looks like a typical commercial shipping container, it can be shipped around the country by train, semi-trucks and riverine boat. More troubling yet is the fact that it can then be activated remotely by satellite.

7 The Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS) should have reviewed the proposed Port Canaveral deal but was bypassed by Obama’s Treasury Sec, Jack Lew, who was Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff.

d87a29 No.56966


Forbidden city. China and Russia are /ourguys/ now.

8f2aa2 No.56967

File: 588770aec73c0ce⋯.jpg (56.62 KB, 540x512, 135:128, 439c637a6b266958d7cdf968ac….jpg)

7277df No.56968


>Planefag Welshanon reporting in. What you need?

There were earlier planefag reports of an unusual amount of mil a/c over Belgium.

No active exercises, so seemed unusual.

278d15 No.56969

File: 8e7f23934d1e543⋯.png (463.29 KB, 607x408, 607:408, ClipboardImage.png)

not mine just ran across this

43a1e5 No.56970

File: 702298fb8d4ba84⋯.jpg (987.6 KB, 1049x700, 1049:700, MIKA.jpg)

f262fe No.56971


> Jesus tears up the temple

> Infinitychan tears up the shills servers

e4fc40 No.56972


Good one, true on many levels.

9ca02d No.56973



06b0c4 No.56974


That's one helluva possibility

f262fe No.56976



d87a29 No.56977


funny that Jewish guys hat is the same as the Pope's…which comes from ancient Sumerian myths that involve aliens and whatever…

f6784b No.56978


boom. this. this is excellent

0fb29f No.56979

>>56827 >>56965 Part 2

8 Aimen Nabi Mir, was Mr. Lew’s staff chairman for CFIUS (2009-14). Mr. Mir’s father has ties to the Pakistani Intelligence Service. Mr. Mir himself served twice as the head of the Islamic Society of North America’s (ISNA)

8 ISNA is a Muslim Brotherhood front group, which was listed by the DOJ as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation Hamas terror funding trial. It was during Mr. Mir’s CFIUS tenure that the Gulftainer deal & the Uranium One deal were allowed to slip through

9 The Center for Security Policy paper by Alan Jones & Mary Fanning shows that Gulftainer’s parent company, the Crescent Group, is also connected to Iraq’s nuclear weapons program under Saddam Hussein.

10 Hamid Jafar is founder and chairman of the Crescent Group, the parent firm of which Port Canaveral’s Gulftainer USA is a subsidiary. His brother, Jafar, Saddam Hussein’s bomb maker, is the CFO of Crescent’s URUK Engineering and Contracting subsidiary.

11 Majid Jafar, brother of the head of the Crescent Group & Jafar’s nephew, co-chairs with Bill Clinton the Business Backs Education Campaign, which was launched in 2014, the same year that the UAE made its first donation to the Clinton Foundation.

12 The campaign is funded by the Varkey GEMs Foundation, which paid Bill Clinton $5.6 million to serve as honorary chairman. He didn’t even have to give a speech.

13 The fact that the Iraqi Jafar family is in a joint venture with Russia’s Rostec should have raised red flags what were the FBI and our intelligence agencies doing? Were they complicit in behind-the-scenes negotiations for the lease?

14 The port’s container facilities must be returned to full U.S. control. Further, we must devise a system that is able to identify these missile containers and neutralize them.

15 We must also investigate how Mr. Aimen Nabi Mir was able to obtain a security clearance and whether he is still at the Treasury Department.

16 These excerpts are taken from the Washington Examiner piece by —-James A. Lyons, a retired U.S. Navy admiral, was commander in chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and senior U.S. military representative to the United Nations.

17 Please visit @ dcexaminer to get the full details and learn more about the threat we face. We must demand that action be taken to reverse the ongoing threat this poses to U.S. NATSEC

f6784b No.56980


Provide the blank template to the meme team@!!

f262fe No.56981


That makes you and I both, POTUS.

9ca02d No.56982


supporter of Obama

e4fc40 No.56983


It's all connected.

763747 No.56984


anon, double greater than followed by post number


link properly when you can please

f262fe No.56985

File: 4f6e5f165abaf44⋯.jpg (9.15 KB, 255x148, 255:148, 478ae96163489ddf24458dfaa4….jpg)

For keks

eb8d22 No.56986

74107d No.56988

File: 76eb701426ba2a1⋯.png (211.14 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Alwaleed.png)


Alwaleed - too broke to bribe!

59d768 No.56989

File: 451febfa6fc7a82⋯.png (3.79 KB, 274x60, 137:30, 98712487918469184.png)

File: 97c435d67a73ee5⋯.png (570.1 KB, 490x622, 245:311, boredclown.png)


Don't make me get my wizard hat on.

a33b58 No.56990


bd9cd0 No.56991


What if your mixing up 2 different things?

Dragon was coming back from the ISS it has nothing to do with Zuma, Dragon brought back old stuff that was no longer needed, old experiments and probably trash.

cf0a8b No.56992


then news isn't reporting the whole story either…it took two hours to stop that bus, several squad cars trying to pull it over, ultimately had to deploy spike strip….said the driver didn't realize they were trying to pull him over…there is way more to this story

39ebed No.56993

File: bf57c1ed39dd70d⋯.png (192.69 KB, 800x790, 80:79, gestapo.png)

e4d97d No.56994

File: 6c9b6a961a23c59⋯.jpeg (109.71 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 46EB3487-9EBB-41B6-B891-D….jpeg)

File: 63399213b980af6⋯.jpeg (111.93 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 35E76BA1-9ED8-4C21-999E-0….jpeg)

File: 4a33646c42158df⋯.jpeg (117.34 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 8F769812-85DF-4227-8189-7….jpeg)

File: 8820a1cad3163cf⋯.jpeg (86.65 KB, 788x455, 788:455, CE3D9414-6627-47B6-B01B-D….jpeg)

e4fc40 No.56995


George Soros, hmm, what religion….

Rothschild, what religion.

Who runs the Federal Reserve, what religion

Who runs Hollywood, what religion.

If we can't address the Jewish problem,

we have no chance of winning.

fc8b6b No.56996

I really liked the theory posted by an anon about 10 days ago that OWLs were being used to take out specific elites bunker hideaways…cud the HOT references in the Q post 01/14/18 (Sun) 03:33:44 No.10 be referring to that? Or have I let my fantasy out run me once again…

7277df No.56997


>Remember, SpaceX and Elon Musk are declared Enemies of the State last Saturday.


75396e No.56998

File: 74439b8ecd1c83d⋯.jpg (56.75 KB, 598x399, 598:399, 31ck2u0-0.jpg)

8f5b2b No.56999


Maybe the driver was told there was a bomb on board, and if he slowed to below a certain SPEED, it would detonate?

13e5b2 No.57000

hahaha , memes for Condoleezza Rice?

http:// edition. cnn.com/2018/01/14/politics/condoleezza-rice-david-axelrod-kim-jong-un-cnntv/index.html

1156f5 No.57001


as i said, i have an account with no tweets and it is blocked by legate.

theres no way he would block a random account that had no interaction with him.

must be an algorithm

b07d4f No.57002


You are sadly mistaken… Many Israelite descendants exist to this day. And they are not evil or opposed to Christianity (which I practice). The Khazarians were forced to choose an Abrahamic religion around 800AD. They chose Judaism, but continued to practice Satanism. Later, they blended these teachings into a hybrid and wrote the Babylonian Talmud (very evil book). They are imposters and masters of disguise. And they stole Palestinian lands from the real Hebrews. They are the shit-stirrers of the world. Always attempting to get Jew to fight Christian, Christian to fight Muslim, and vice versa.

06f3e4 No.57003


Maybe it wasn’t trash

Space would be a good place to hide something

Flying Trojan Horse?

116ca0 No.57004


George soros is an anti semitic athiest who thinks he is a god.

f262fe No.57005


Jews = Satanists

24ef6c No.57006


Tide pod?


d7c5c8 No.57007


Make sense, also notice the Red Crescent RC logo.

f670f9 No.57008

File: 6918746581319a4⋯.png (404.03 KB, 1366x697, 1366:697, aaasss.png)




So Raf speeds to just off the top of Scotland 575 mph(9:30ish), The "plane" it was chasing wasnt on the radar, chasing speeds were around 480 mph. Lots of fucking around over the north sea west of newcastle then lots of circling just off peterhead till about 2pm. dont think it was a fighter because nothing was escorted out of UK waters, Either it landed in Scotland or hit the water. whoever it was didnt succeed

>hopefully you can see what i mean about the flight really not leaving the uk, making me believe that it wasnt any russian, he would of chased him out even further before going back to base.


Yup i saw some chatter between a few guys earlier about all the activity there, they were tracking some iron flight too, cant remember its name, Lots of stuff happening, not enough time to look at it all.

f262fe No.57009


Could be.

Q made a list.

Owls given a list.

FLY owls FLY.

e4fc40 No.57010


How did the Jews get so powerful in this country.

They invaded the legal system. Look a lawyers. Large percentage are Jewish. Lawyer become Judges, and Judges protect other Jews. Fuck, it's not that hard.

75396e No.57011

116ca0 No.57013

the “muh jews” shills sliding hard I see.

there’s evil jews and evil gentiles in the CULT - it’s not hard to understand. the CULT is not jewry. Q has never said anything negative about the jews.

f262fe No.57014


Plus, they buy from each other and support each other.

b07d4f No.57015


You are a shill or ignorant!!

You are sadly mistaken… Many Israelite descendants exist to this day. And they are not evil or opposed to Christianity (which I practice). The Khazarians were forced to choose an Abrahamic religion around 800AD. They chose Judaism, but continued to practice Satanism. Later, they blended these teachings into a hybrid and wrote the Babylonian Talmud (very evil book). They are imposters and masters of disguise. And they stole Palestinian lands from the real Hebrews. They are the shit-stirrers of the world. Always attempting to get Jew to fight Christian, Christian to fight Muslim, and vice versa.

e4fc40 No.57016

Epstein is a Jew.

Why does he have a temple on his island?

What are temples for?

74a130 No.57017

File: be40d81f36f8f1b⋯.png (687.05 KB, 900x625, 36:25, ClipboardImage.png)

f670f9 No.57018


dont feed the shills good anon :3

d87a29 No.57019



These owls.

131e23 No.57021


>And most of them are definitely not the Jews of the Bible ancestrally speaking. Its a mess of epic proportions.

Yep. That's why it is a good idea to concentrate on specifics, like the Khazarian Mafia, instead of gneralizing with the "jews suck" tripe.

Because you know (((they))) love shoving innocents in front of the train instead of themselves.

And more to the point, what demographic of people in the world has the most Hebrew ancestry?

Were they a nation historically?

What historical nation could that have been?

Where would it be located in 1940?

Where would it be located now?

I'd be willing to bet that that group of people would be the most likely to be the most disenfranchised by (((them))) in pursuit of (((their))) goals.

d45979 No.57022


Er no it came from Sumerians who surived on fishing and worshiped a fish god called Dagon. Notice the shape.

Anyway off topic

d87a29 No.57023


worship OR sacrifice

f262fe No.57024


Yes that's my point. They weren't "always" practicing Satanists, that happened after conversion.

But today, a lot of them are.

116ca0 No.57025



f262fe No.57026



b1f7b8 No.57027

Once this is all over we should go back through the threads and pick the shilliest of shill bullshit.

Have our own award show. The damned thing would be longer than war and peace.

d87a29 No.57028



91c889 No.57029


I constantly see that Ed guy's reply being at the top of the replys list for Trump's twatter. We need to overwhelm that shithead's tweets with memes when the time comes.

053fe2 No.57030


1st Kek Recon: FYI

Russian Bear Backfire Bomber intercepted

https:// www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/674151/raf-typhoon-fighter-jets-intercept-russian-planes-uk-airspace-latest-news

278d15 No.57031

File: 21be3f8714d4cee⋯.png (267.51 KB, 862x551, 862:551, ClipboardImage.png)

ca3aaf No.57033


Katica on twitter has found out how to do this

c702f9 No.57034

File: 05ae87ac4bf467a⋯.jpeg (327.72 KB, 1536x1261, 1536:1261, AB6931C6-CB52-4521-9F72-4….jpeg)


I don’t think he was investing in it for the outsized returns of the stock.

What was the real value? Controlling the narrative.

25ea77 No.57035


Russian bomber story looking like bullshit?

e4fc40 No.57036

File: e3a47aaba8c4981⋯.jpg (71.87 KB, 672x487, 672:487, Sacrifice.JPG)


Who do they worship in their Temples?


Do you think people who worship God make sacrifices?

6dd931 No.57038

File: a81266441cd2377⋯.png (102.73 KB, 1067x461, 1067:461, kasperScan.png)


There is nothing in there that can do anything. Only raw text and images. Second scan by Kaspersky this time says the file is safe.

8f2aa2 No.57039



24ef6c No.57040


Filtered… stay on target

3f82f5 No.57041


What better cover story for scrambling fighters than incoming Russian bombers right?

4e3b6b No.57042

File: 3a2b7eb9265ad64⋯.jpg (674.59 KB, 1444x1045, 76:55, GREATAWAKENING.jpg)

28a4ac No.57043

I have an account with the most benign shit on it that is blocked from William legate.

I do however follow Conservatives from the account.

He's blocking people that follow specific accounts/are followed by specific people.

fc8b6b No.57044


ok not the tungsten rods

8eb36a No.57045

File: 23be23627f84cfc⋯.png (530.24 KB, 911x683, 911:683, IMG_8684.PNG)

Corrected for accuracy. Thanks to the Anon who pointed it out.

f670f9 No.57047


Personally i think the plane took off from the Hebrides,

7277df No.57048



>Falcon9 SpaceX Vandenburg8239

>https:// www.space.com/8239-details-secretive-37b-space-plane-revealed.html

All good. Keep in mind, though, that launches from VAFB are polar orbiters.

Last 38b was from CCAFS (albeit at "heightened inclination," which == smaller p/l).

e4fc40 No.57049


In the bible, it's easy to get God and the lord of hosts mixed up. This was done on purpose. the lord of hosts is lucifer, not God. The Jews worship the lord of hosts and thats why they sacrifice and demand tithing because the are spiritually dead.

faa7ef No.57050


014ba7 No.57051

File: 71d64f7a9c12c24⋯.jpg (84.96 KB, 861x601, 861:601, condiricetry.jpg)

13e5b2 No.57052

https:// www.express. co.uk/news/uk/904410/Detective-Madeleine-McCann-case-dead-Kevin-Halligen

7de3aa No.57053


This. These khazar "jews" only use the term for political advantages, plus it's an easy way to discredit someone by calling them an anti-semite. focus on the people

7283cf No.57054


be careful cuz twitter will ban you quick when you mess with either him or his brother. has happened to me a couple of times.

b07d4f No.57056



But there is a organized effort to demonize Jews. Last weeks southpark which I hardly even watch anymore (or any TV) was very anti Semitic. Mocking bird is trying very hard to corrupt young minds. We need to fight them before 1938 Germany happens here.

a4aa73 No.57057

>>56490 article from a couple years ago addresses that active duty military works even if govt. shuts down

https:// federalnewsradio.com/government-shutdown/2017/04/what-happens-to-defense-workers-if-the-government-shuts-down-we-have-the-answers/

e4fc40 No.57058


Kike apologist.

14d620 No.57059


If they didn’t do anything wrong, they shouldn’t be concerned.

98cb83 No.57060

When does a bird sing?

When it's caged.

24ef6c No.57061


And filtered also…

4e3b6b No.57063

File: 92e480cd6a12167⋯.jpg (88.43 KB, 406x234, 203:117, GREATAWAKENING_LOTR.jpg)

7277df No.57064


>AND there is usually some great stuff dropped in here that gets zero attention. If we scoop it all together it becomes more visible.

Agreed. Sometimes the posted "Filter" lists are too aggressive.

a43ccd No.57065


mee too

never even heard of the fucker till now

8f2aa2 No.57066



13e5b2 No.57068


nice one Anon!

f670f9 No.57069


understood anon, but leave the fighting in jewbook. feed them here, they keep posting, ignore them and they go

06f3e4 No.57070


I’m not sure a Muslim country would accept the Cross logo

Reason the Crescent is used in those places

My hunch is Africa


76a500 No.57071

File: 4f39439e63e2ba4⋯.jpg (12.18 KB, 620x387, 620:387, MLKez38z.jpg)

File: 47494b7b4985ad9⋯.jpg (6.1 KB, 150x150, 1:1, MLK.jpg)

Mememaker anon? Could I ask for help please? I suck at this, but wanted to produce a meme that looks like the one here, but I wanted it to have 4, 10, 20 centered below the text. I've tried everything I can to make it work and it doesn't. Attaching both my attempt and the original template if you can help. Used imgflip.

e4fc40 No.57072

Go ahead, ignore the bible.

Q doesn't

Jeremiah 29:11

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


7277df No.57073


>meme Mika Brzinski:

Already done. Check memes posted last night.

d87a29 No.57074


He owned major hunks of Fox News and Twitter. The war is for complete MIND CONTROL via control of information. Twitter is a tool for Project Mockingbird.

"We are at WAR [@]."

"Who controls the narrative?

What laws were put in place to protect the MSM from lawsuits?

Who specifically passed this law?

What is immunity?

What prevents a news organization from simply ‘making up sources & stories’?

What prevents a news organization from simply ‘making up sources & stories’?

What previous SC ruling provided protection to reporters from having to reveal their ‘confidential’ source(s)?

How many people are unaware of the ‘truth’ due to the stranglehold?

How must people be made aware of an alternate reality? "

"Fantasy land.


No Such Agency.

The hunter becomes the hunted.

Operations underway.

Operators active.

Disinformation is real.

Disinformation is necessary.

Silent war (some gets out)."

"What has occurred over [th]e last several months?

C-info leaks?

Operations (think SA + ???)?

CNN sale?

What co’s rec large cash injections by Clowns In America (public)?


Who does [i]t hurt?

Who control[s] the MSM?

Primary objective from beginning: POTUS discredit MSM.

[W]hy is this relevant?

How is information transmitted?

How are people inform[e]d?

Why was Sarah A. C. attacked (hack-attempt)?

Why was Op[e]ration Mockingbird repeated?

Why was Jason Bourne (CIA/Dream) repeated?

Think social media platforms."

"Who controls the narrative?

Why is this relevant?

What is a spell?

Who is asleep?


Attention on deck.

There is an active war on your mind."

https:// qcodefag.github.io/?q=war%20

6e9113 No.57078

I am now IP banned on Facebook. They wont let me open a new account without delivering a passport in advance. Talked too much about Podesta. Zuckerberg must pay for this.

721f42 No.57079

Blacks I don't think are as likely to respond to memes

You must really focus on Social Proof mechanisms for majority of black population

They are far more likely to respond to Star Testimony - cool shoes and such

SOCIAL PROOF into MEMES for black demographic

91c889 No.57080


Really? who the fuck is that guy even?

bd9cd0 No.57081

File: a0971edd5d787e9⋯.jpg (43.42 KB, 655x304, 655:304, sarahruthashcraft.jpg)

Man we have a lot of people to waste, this is going to be very hard.

7277df No.57082



8f2aa2 No.57083

File: 46bed2c05293b6b⋯.png (493.94 KB, 609x850, 609:850, d5de0d05bd482edf9decac6eb4….png)

39ec0f No.57084

File: 39ddddf479d94fb⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1228x948, 307:237, Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at ….png)



4e3b6b No.57085

File: 3bc4fbce7c7defa⋯.jpg (62.32 KB, 332x245, 332:245, WOO_GA.jpg)

13e5b2 No.57087


could also sing when they think nobody can harm them…

17c3cd No.57088



The irony is "muh jooz!" is a shilling tactic, and you are feeding it.

Tell this kike to fuck off and filter. Anyone calling for speech restriction is a concern/division troll and should be filtered.

a33b58 No.57089


Sarah is the best! She is so smart! Love her!

76a500 No.57091


Ok, this got even more fucked up than I thought. The text was to have been:

No one person is above another.

We, the people, are making the world a better place.

4, 10, 20


721f42 No.57092





57dfcd No.57093

File: 45689dd67dfe96b⋯.png (1.21 MB, 800x2000, 2:5, CIA.png)

Big picture to lead normies on a path

1d1359 No.57094


Honestly, as far as Jewish/Talmudist culture goes/religion goes, we should be FAR more concerned with those who take the "Kol Nidre" rite on Yom Kippur every year.

In this ritual, participants absolve themselves of all contracts, oaths, vows, promises, etc, for the coming year, until the next YomKippur/Kol Nidre.

This is why in early America, adherents were not allowed to serve on jury-duty or give testimony. Because their word was essentially worthless.

https:// revisionistreview.blogspot.com/2017/09/yom-kippurs-kol-nidre-rite.html

https:// revisionistreview.blogspot.com/2013/09/yom-kippur-and-kol-nidrei-liars-liturgy.html

24ef6c No.57095


How bout a JAIL BIRD!

Learns to sing in a cage.

e4fc40 No.57097


I'm not shilling. Look at my posts, I have contributed memes, research etc. Been doing this since 2006, but the truth is the truth.

This is the pill no one wants to swallow.

2572ef No.57098


f670f9 No.57100


you fell for it again anon :P theyll have fat bellies.

e4fc40 No.57101


That sacrificial picture is from April 2017. They made a sacriface on the Temple Mount first time since Jesus. Not important??

1d1359 No.57103


>https:// threadreaderapp.com/thread/952728074323484672.html





74107d No.57104

File: 30f13329b487a90⋯.png (177.77 KB, 518x680, 259:340, Alwaleed2.png)


"Refused" or his check wouldn't clear.

e4d97d No.57106

File: d1daa5e4ed8ed62⋯.jpeg (62.34 KB, 500x500, 1:1, EA0B2C84-E62E-4C5F-A9D1-9….jpeg)

File: 2e6625737a9deaa⋯.jpeg (55.85 KB, 500x500, 1:1, B65E0C5A-CB8B-4318-BCF1-5….jpeg)

File: 008a133e3db3fc4⋯.jpeg (54.62 KB, 500x500, 1:1, A964F166-0FE0-4510-9014-6….jpeg)

File: 90cd3680f1b53ef⋯.jpeg (52.65 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 3CAEFCBF-F8A0-4B5E-8537-5….jpeg)

e4fc40 No.57107

File: 4b84336481bff1a⋯.jpg (45.85 KB, 462x453, 154:151, RothschildBlvd.JPG)

Who is Rothschild, and why does this name have it's own Blvd in Tel Aviv, the financial district of the Middle East?

How is this connected to Ben Gertler?

4c554b No.57108

Wow, train derailed in Wash D.C. This morning… WTH is going on today.

d87a29 No.57109




They have insider privileges as far as the algorithm is concerned. It's painfully obvious.

f3dd45 No.57110

File: b551043358ea1f9⋯.png (2.91 MB, 3840x2652, 320:221, chain-of-command.png)

Do you TRUST the Chain of Command?


53afc3 No.57111

Can this anon play devils advocate for a sec?

Why should we waste energy competing with Soros/ANTIFA/LibCucks on Twatter and in memes?

They will hang themselves once the truth is revealed and look even more ridiculous for their failed efforts.

Not competing is winning. Freedom only matters if it's in your hand, not when it's something you're trying to achieve.That is ideology and leads to war.

War is a waste of energy, especially cyberwar. Let POTUS come through for us by displaying the truth for the world to see.

All we have to say to normies is find the truth yourselves, it's right here. We have the crumbs from Q to get us all started.

I dunno, I'm an oldfag who fucking hates social media.

131e23 No.57112

File: 69dffb0f444c066⋯.png (268.81 KB, 847x674, 847:674, khazars_stealing_palestine.png)

53afc3 No.57114


LOVE IT anon, nice work!

4be7b1 No.57115


birds sing in the morning

59a6c2 No.57116


No. We do not attack a single religion or race. This is discrimination, and we are not having any of it.

It hurts our goal: people will be less inclined to believe you since they dont want to be seen as racist. Stick to the evidence and find UNIVERSAL THEMES.

1aab1e No.57117


Or to use one of (((their))) phrases.

"Fake news has real world consequences"

d87a29 No.57118


If Twitter is an arm of Project Mockingbird and Jack is stepping down and the Fake News Awards are soon, it seems like Twitter will be singing the Real News tune real soon and MSM aka Mockingbird of the Clowns, will have a pretty hard time…

5d7490 No.57119

File: 5f779d2177e93d2⋯.jpg (33.7 KB, 360x480, 3:4, heyRabiManhattan.jpg)

File: 705aa0bdc12dcb0⋯.jpg (2.01 MB, 6244x3212, 1561:803, jewishMediaControl.jpg)

File: 3e8eb191de5ef6f⋯.png (389.07 KB, 1007x764, 1007:764, jewsWhiteExtinciton.png)


>organized effort to demonize Jews.

>organized effort to demonize Jews.

don't go down that path anon,

Is the media lying to the people in order to control them?

A cult of victimhood needs continual persecution in order to retain cohesiveness.

A supremacist cult that view all other people as lesser beings has no compunction about exploiting and manipulating cattle

6ed605 No.57120

Saving America 🔴

Saving America 🔴


Monica Peterson

Haitian Official

Died: 11/13/16

Died in Haiti working for Human Trafficking Center. Ruled suicide, but this is disputed by her mom

Friend of Monica posted Reddit thread to her FB. "It seems that Monica was in Haiti investigating the Clintons ties to pedo ring"

579896 No.57121

Morning anons. I asked yesterday why Huma was in Hawaii and isn't she always attached at the hip to Hillary? Well… coincidentally at least one of the Clintons is in Hawaii at the same time…bigislandnow.com/2018/01/14/former-president-clinton-visits-big-island/

Makes the body on the runway more relevant? And where is Hillary?

For just a moment I want to imagine the looks on their faces if they didn't know it was a mistake… To feel the same fear everyone else did. Somehow, I think they were toasting at 8:08 in the 808. (area code, unironically)

a43ccd No.57122

File: 85afb082382db36⋯.png (162.18 KB, 600x398, 300:199, dig meme or gtfo.png)






pic related



ya might wanna delete that email address brudda



59a6c2 No.57123


Now I get it : a bird talks, when his life is in danger. Alaweed's life is in danger. He will talk.

1156f5 No.57124


and he blocked u ?

bd9cd0 No.57125


I don't see the purpose of hiding anything in space, it's expensive to get it there.

I assume Zuma was tracking the Dragon splash, maybe Zuma fired a fake missile at Dragon to test it

3c8bcf No.57126


Here is the theory about the Bulk Data Transfer (BDT) from Hawaii based on Q posts and confirmed by a DJT retweet



2d8bec No.57127

Does anyone know why a large number of posts were deleted on the Loop Capital thread over the last couple of days?

Looks like it was the anon with the weird (It looked like some kind of faux programming language) style?

Based on what I could tell of his content I didn't think that he was a shill……he was on a couple of threads here on the main 18-24 hours ago.

8f5b2b No.57128

File: 03c2605a7c770f3⋯.png (85.83 KB, 618x388, 309:194, MLK41020.png)


Is this how you wanted it, anon? Or did you want the quote aligned to the left?

4c554b No.57129


I agree with this.

cc2794 No.57130


yes, that is not Carson. Breadmaker added his name. Just woke up. Nice catch.

7283cf No.57131


not sure. He and his brother are both rabid anti Trump and spew the hatred all day every day. They are twins and business partners that have gotten in hot water over a ponzi scheme. just search his or Brian's name.

c285b7 No.57134

File: 3899a3066c29efe⋯.jpeg (165.96 KB, 2048x458, 1024:229, 046DA29A-6D93-4101-8EEE-A….jpeg)

File: 191fd7a710e9fd2⋯.jpeg (374.72 KB, 1154x1992, 577:996, 978ACCA6-80AA-4C20-BFE7-E….jpeg)

File: b214bc8a00e8366⋯.jpeg (311.21 KB, 1536x1178, 768:589, 132AEFF6-9D4C-4CF5-ADD6-B….jpeg)

Pic related guys. Check the dates in all

8770e2 No.57135


e4fc40 No.57136


The second one is good. I'm not advocating rounding up Jews, but we do have a serious problem we need to address.

1d1359 No.57137


Read this… You'll understand: https:// www. veteranstoday.com/2015/03/08/the-hidden-history-of-the-incredibly-evil-khazarian-mafia/

24ef6c No.57138


Shill fuk…. FILTERED

de1773 No.57139

The place is freaking overrun. Good luck filtering this mess.

6a764b No.57140

BREAKING: HUNDREDS of Twitter Employees Paid to View "Everything You Post," & Private "Sex Messages"

(9:37length) /watch?v=rgyPpsX2B0g&feature=push-u-sub&attr_tag=q1eJQTCryLP4Bian-6


Published on Jan 15, 2018 Project Veritas has released undercover footage of Twitter Engineers and employees admitting that Twitter employees view"everything you post" on their servers, including private "sex messages," and "d*ck pics." The engineers also admit that Twitter analyzes this information to create a "virtual profile" of you which they sell to advertisers.James O’Keefe has just completed a book about this series entitled "AMERICAN PRAVDA: My fight for Truth in the Era of Fake News." The book will be released by St. Martin’s Press on January 16, 2018.This is part three in Project Veritas' Twitter investigation.

See part one: youtu. be/jUtr7fNwagg

See part two: youtu. be/64gTjdUrDFQ

bd9cd0 No.57141

File: 369b6fb5376975d⋯.jpg (42.81 KB, 358x360, 179:180, thetruth.jpg)

278d15 No.57142

File: 16da3535b1a037c⋯.png (354.47 KB, 862x360, 431:180, ClipboardImage.png)

8eb36a No.57143

File: f8ff68f312ff8b1⋯.png (746.24 KB, 1107x1478, 1107:1478, IMG_8685.PNG)

One for today. Pass it on.

3c8bcf No.57144


Goodbye @Jack :)

77c82a No.57145

Clinton campaign deserves a full investigation just like Trumpworld


7283cf No.57146


I used to follow her but she has me blocked for some reason. Can't understand why. I don't recall having any interaction with her.

a33b58 No.57147



053fe2 No.57148


>I dunno, I'm an oldfag who fucking hates social media.

If twatter ain't your bag make memes, do research.

Q asked us to not let POTUS Suffer these Soros bots. We support the president.

Least we can do for a man that has given his golden years and risked his life to save us from these

Evil Sick Bastards

1156f5 No.57149


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgyPpsX2B0g&feature=youtu.be

131e23 No.57151


It's easy. Know them by their fruits. → >>56424

Don't even need to filter them with the web tool.. Just filter them with your mind and move on.

59d768 No.57152


Just an interim baker I'm afraid, I'll leave major modifications to the artisans.


I still can't draw any correlations between SpaceX and HI though. Q's post is quite literal too, mentions NSA but not Rocket man.

>DEFCON 1 [non-nuke FALSE]






So, you're trying to tell me that you couldn't bind malicious software to any file type? I know first hand and for a fact that it's possible.

e4d97d No.57154



91c889 No.57155

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



53afc3 No.57157


You think POTUS gives a shit about pointless tweets when he has top tier media attacking him and shrugs it off? The guy is bulletproof.

You missed the point but that's fine anon

d7c5c8 No.57158



43a1e5 No.57159

File: 2e0cc3e58cc6e14⋯.png (91.1 KB, 620x387, 620:387, MLK.png)

b07d4f No.57160


Birds sing when light of dawn hits them. MAGA!! Can you feel the wind of change? Scorpions kills spiders. Keyhole 4:40 mark

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=n4RjJKxsamQ

1d1359 No.57161

File: 57ad0000e3f38f6⋯.png (752.38 KB, 1138x639, 1138:639, Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at ….png)

0b30e5 No.57162


Is that true that she doesn't have a license to practice psychiatry? She has an MD and teaches in a medical school. Verify this before using it!!

On the other hand, making a clinical assessment in public without examining the "patient" could be malpractice, which is not an issue if she is not licensed at all. However still I am fairly sure she has a license – check it please!

24ef6c No.57163


Lol yeah!! The Light of DON!

e4fc40 No.57164

Wow, when did these board become so Jew friendly? Just sayin. Maybe the shills are the ones afraid to talk about the Jewish problem?

a43ccd No.57167


he said to expect false fags anom

8f2aa2 No.57168

File: 3d42d796254a9be⋯.png (692 KB, 606x848, 303:424, Fake News Games.png)

d87a29 No.57169


its off topic

053fe2 No.57171


Not arguing, Q asked, therefore POTUS Asked

Probably because Social is the only true way his message can get to the people. GL Anon

8f5b2b No.57172


That looks heaps better ;)

131e23 No.57173


Said the shill. kek.

847b51 No.57174


So theyr looking for compromising pictures for blackmail purposes? Why else do you have teams devoted to this?

39ec0f No.57175


how come you don't multiply the marker by amount of tweets.

fuck sakes hah another way…. truly a genius, or i'm an idiot.. will lurk more…….. FUCK

a33b58 No.57176


>The Light of DON!

<The Light of DON!

>The Light of DON!

<The Light of DON!

e4d97d No.57177



579896 No.57178


Oh now, that's just cute. I hate that I am conditioned to wince and wonder what people will think of it…

721f42 No.57179


We should figure out WHO is in the photo will hillary!

They KNOW what got onto that C130 with her.


e4fc40 No.57180

3 Supreme court members are Jewish and they all voted for gay marriage rights.

Off topic?

I don't think you people get it.

b1f7b8 No.57183


"Don't bite the hand that feeds you."


1d65d5 No.57184


I just spit coffee all over my keyboard!

59d768 No.57185


Will update for next bread!

62513a No.57186

File: fc7b86754ef6f56⋯.webm (9.35 MB, 854x480, 427:240, memeing_our_reality.webm)

e4d97d No.57188



eb8d22 No.57189

File: 434a766d93546e9⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1316x1324, 329:331, assangeqlink.png)

74a130 No.57190


Ed actually got banned from Twatter and then came back under a new ID, I know because he had blocked me from the original

e4fc40 No.57191

How do you think abortion became legal?

Jewish fucking supreme court judges.

The Jews don't abort though, ever notice that?

4fd6b4 No.57192

File: 05f782055383fa4⋯.png (106.56 KB, 620x387, 620:387, MLK.png)


You're faster than me. Here's my version.

06b88b No.57194

File: 9a84e7cc6ffedfd⋯.jpg (37.06 KB, 586x586, 1:1, 151543679315275672.jpg)

d87a29 No.57195


David Koresh was "Christian"


39ec0f No.57196


Thanks. Love the end of that address BTW

690266 No.57198

Q. The best way to red pill the masses is to declassify documents that show the conspiracy theorist were right; ie, JFK, LV, etc. Once they are proving to not be crazy, then we can begin to have more civil conversations.

b39d99 No.57199


any way they sent drums of uranium instread of drums of cash (which easily could have been wired instead)?

24ef6c No.57200


I didn't think you get everyone has filtered your shill shite… bye

131e23 No.57201


Slide faster. Slide harder. Your script sucks. Complain to your bosses.

730a48 No.57202

File: b0ec57779a81d69⋯.jpg (5.5 KB, 200x188, 50:47, 1515867610320.jpg)


>Saturn Films…..


d87a29 No.57204


nice. 11:11:11 wew make a wish anons hehe

012f52 No.57205


Most seem silly when plugged in to where the SC is. Super Chicken Sweet Cupcake? So far SECURITY CONCERN seems to make most sense when plugged in

49c295 No.57206


Yeah I mentioned that yesterday. Not one single picture of his wife anywhere. How is that possible? He has never gone to an event with her. Seems she only exist in name. Been married since 1993… and not a picture of them together!

76a500 No.57207


That's awesome, anon!!! Thank you ever so much! You guys are fucking amazing!!

29f1a0 No.57208

From Q,

> Goodbye @Jack.

I saw James O'Keefe has new videos coming out today and this week. One of them apparently got some digs on Jack himself. "Tick tock".


Other new stuff being posted by Veritas..

e4fc40 No.57209


yeah man, the black cube, ie mossad

7277df No.57210


>I still can't draw any correlations between SpaceX and HI though. Q's post is quite literal too, mentions NSA but not Rocket man.

Please take another look at >>53581 because there are at least two connections.

The 1st is the Dragon capsule de-orbit from ISS, which landed that morning:

https:// www.space.com/39382-spacex-dragon-return-to-earth-crs13.html

The 2nd is based on decoding the line from >>>/greatawakening/22

>SC: Seek immediate [F9-Sx_VB8239].

as F9 = Falcon 9, Sx = SpaceX, and VB = VandenBerg AFB (WTR).

An anon found a Web file id containing 8239 in an article referencing the 37b payload.

Still on orbit: http:// www.n2yo.com/satellite/?s=42932

cc2794 No.57211


2 Keks up in a circle. ty

721f42 No.57212

File: 75df5045c3973a6⋯.jpeg (391.68 KB, 1536x1178, 768:589, b214bc8a00e8366b33cde7cbb….jpeg)

Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

579896 No.57213

Well hello all! I see the jew/antijew shills have to work on MLK Day. You all do know they are both bad actor groups right? News is out of what we are dong. Media matters and Share Blew are out in force. I admire the bakers for the day, they will be busy.

I hope they at least get overtime for working today. Prolly not.

17c3cd No.57214


Yeah man, PC speech restrictions definitely never cause any problems. At all.

Fuck off back to Reddit with that bullshit.

76a500 No.57216


That one is great, too!! Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. I'm not skilled! You guys, though, totally rocked it!!

5df74c No.57217

File: 15ad926380d5064⋯.jpg (82.41 KB, 450x291, 150:97, medianincome450y291.jpg)


magapill.com Great place to find facts to do side by sides

what they say and what is actually happening.

d87a29 No.57219


wired transfers are traced. but yea point seems to be private planes are a huge security threat.

a43ccd No.57220


fucking kek

laughed so hard

someone gotta make this with potus as the sun and a singing bird

fb5e3b No.57221

Did America Just show the world its power?Can we shoot down any and all ICBM?

ANytime ANywhere

6a764b No.57222


BREAKING: HUNDREDS of Twitter Employees Paid to View "Everything You Post," & Private "Sex Messages"

Published on Jan 15, 2018 Project Veritas has released undercover footage of Twitter Engineers and employees admitting that Twitter employees view"everything you post" on their servers, including private "sex messages," and "d*ck pics." The engineers also admit that Twitter analyzes this information to create a "virtual profile" of you which they sell to advertisers.


8e5e33 No.57223


hahaha nice anon

eb8d22 No.57224



By the way, have you guys considered the Hawaii incident was planned in advance and orchestrated by POTUS/Q-group - specifically to serve as a confirmation?

131e23 No.57225


Their bosses must've taken the holiday.. The script they left for their workers is piss poor today..

5a9e99 No.57226

File: f14bc74aabf5b22⋯.jpg (200.3 KB, 1117x1200, 1117:1200, DTlLWGQXkAEzTo4.jpg)

This is a Hell of a Great Thread on Money Laundering between the Left Wing Enviromentalists and Russia….All the same players we've been Tracking….Another Rabbithole that ties more of this together

" In a June 2017 letter addressed to U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, members of Congress documented evidence pointing to a paperless money trail that flows from Russia into U.S. environmental groups through the Sea Change Foundation

www.biggreenradicals.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Klein_Report_12-2015.pdf … Klein Ltd., a Bermuda-based shell corporation run by executives with strong ties to Putin friend Leonid Reiman and Russian energy investment groups reportedly funneled $23 million to the Sea Change Foundation.

REPORT: How a Club of Billionaires and Their Foundations Control the Environmental Movement and Obama’s EPA www.epw.senate.govhttps:// www.epw.senate.gov/public/_cache/files/6ce8dd13-e4ab-4b31-9485-6d2b8a6f6b00/chainofenvironmentalcommand.pdf


The implication is that the Russians have been pouring tens of millions of dollars into willing environmental advocacy groups in an effort to spread propaganda directed against fracking in the U.S. and the technology that makes it possible.

Rep. Lamar Smith, chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, and his colleagues have called on the U.S. Treasury Department to conduct an investigation into the allegations of Russian collusion with U.S. environmental groups.

In response to that letter, when asked about the allegations, a U.S. Treasury spokesman said in an email, “We respond as appropriate to Congressional inquiries, but wouldn’t comment publicly on an investigation.”

Motive: From a foreign policy perspective, the U.S. can now export liquefied natural gas to parts of Europe that have been dependent on Putin’s government for their gas. This weakens Putin and puts the U.S. in a stronger position to exert influence.

American natural gas development is poised to directly impact Russia’s Gazprom oil company.

However, an international campaign known as “Keep It in the Ground” has been pushing an anti-fossil fuel agenda that advances Russia’s geopolitical interests at the expense of the U.S. and America’s allies.

The campaign claims support from more than 400 orgs, w/a sizable percentage operating inside the U.S. The campaign is opposed not just to the extraction of fossil fuels, but to any fossil fuel-related project including pipelines, rail transportation, refineries, and exploration.

These groups include:


•Sierra Club

•http:// 350.org

•Center for Biological Diversity

•WildEarth Guardians

•Rainforest Action Network


•Chesapeake Climate Action Network

(Just to name a few)

The common denominator here between many of these groups is the San Francisco-based Sea Change Foundation, which has been identified as the incubator for Russian funding of environmental groups. More

Another key player is the Energy Foundation, which is also based in San Francisco and appears to be an offshoot of the Sea Change Foundation. houldn’t be permitted to pose as “grassroots activists” if they are doing the bidding of foreign interests, to the detriment of average Americans who benefit from affordable/reliable sources of energy. Last October Chuck Grassley introduced legislation that would put some teeth into the Foreign Agents Registration Act; it would close off an exemption that has allowed lobbyists for foreign interests to avoid registration while providing the AG w/additional authority to conduct investigations. While the media remains focused on ongoing investigations into allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 campaign, the connection between Putin’s government and U.S. environmental groups is barely getting noticed .@johnpodesta - we aren’t through with you, yet. Not by a long shot. lol

The Center for American Progress received $5.25 million over five years from the Sea Change Foundation, according to a leaked 2014 tax filing sent to Podesta’s Gmail account.

Which means, the liberal think tank (CAP) founded by the failed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta, took millions from an environmental nonprofit with direct links to laundered Russian money and a close friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Which means, the liberal think tank (CAP) founded by the failed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta, took millions from an environmental nonprofit with direct links to laundered Russian money and a close friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin."

Lot's MORE Links and Sources in the Thread below*

Read the Tread on twatter

a33b58 No.57227


Yea buddy!

2572ef No.57228


You are completely confused and need to read all of Q again.

4e48af No.57229

File: 469a9f1a1197a31⋯.png (1.14 MB, 747x975, 249:325, hrc newsweek2.png)

75396e No.57230


Khazar jews are not hebrews. No semites. Nor tent dwellers.

95% of white jews are of Khazarian descent.

DNA research of Eran Elhaik points it out very well.

Some of them perform satanic ritual abuse/murder.

Stop your Hivite bullshit, Schlomo.

What are you so worried about?

721f42 No.57231

Any subject to do with "JEW"

Will now be filtered

Sorry it is SHILL word for the day


eb8d22 No.57232


>planned and necessary


06f3e4 No.57234



Ok how about YourAFaggot@yahoo.com?

Get a grip it’s random AI generated

8f2aa2 No.57235



75396e No.57237


That's the purpose of those shills. To make you stop talking about (((them))).

5a9e99 No.57238



d802bc No.57239

File: 5ab62aa4f9fcd20⋯.jpg (313.21 KB, 1305x727, 1305:727, 2017-12-02_13.51.35.jpg)


If you're making memes anticipating they'll be dragged back to Twitter on Wednesday, try to use the rectangle that displays fully on that site.

Tons of people read memes as they scroll but don't click to expand it. If the words are hidden until someone clicks it, you're losing the majority of your exposure.

The blank box attached here fits Twitter perfectly. Keep your memes to that proportion for max effect.

579896 No.57240


Shes a spook. Gotta be.

1156f5 No.57241


i mean i already assumed that everything is saved and dms are compromised. vital info shouldnt be sent by dms on any website, that includes dick picks lol

02b0d7 No.57242

Interesting read Starts we’re bioweapon test vids smuggled from Iraq, then post 9/11, then ties Clintons to bad people.


0bfdfa No.57243


Sky Fortress!

45490a No.57244


ask not what would jesus do but WHAT WOULD DONALD RE-TWEET?

8f2aa2 No.57245

File: a14b89e572b97c5⋯.png (688.86 KB, 606x846, 101:141, screenshot_183.png)

1aab1e No.57246


Those eyes scream: "I love communism"

e4fc40 No.57247

The Hasabara filter wagon train is in full effect.

Board comped. I'll stick with Q posts.

d8e5cb No.57248


We need the people.

shill and/or stupid and filtered.

7277df No.57249


>Q's new plan is 40% public disclosure

Also how I read it. That's twice as much as they had originally planned.

So, the "petition" did have an impact.

a1bec9 No.57250

File: 584cf7381ba97c5⋯.jpg (72.9 KB, 620x662, 310:331, 1-15-18 c.jpg)

244733 No.57252


thanks for verification. thought the same..

still got the memes flowin tho

131e23 No.57253


A ok, so we're switching back to "the board is comped" now? That one didn't work either.

Get a better script.. Or a better job :)

4fd6b4 No.57254


Just doin my duty.

6ed605 No.57255

🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋

🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋




3 The Obama admin awarded a 35-year lease to, Gulftainer Co, co-owned by Hamid Jafar & his brother Jafar Dhia Jofa, Saddam Hussein’s bomb maker & the emir of Sharjah UAE. Jafar was on U.S. Central Command’s hit list as a legitimate military target during Operation Iraqi Freedom.




🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋

🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋




4 Working for Saddam & in collaboration w/the Russians, Mr. Jafar designed the “Beach Ball,” a mini nuclear warhead that can fit on the Club-K cruise missile. A model of North Korea’s mini nuke appears very similar to Mr. Jafar’s Beach Ball seen in a 2017 photo w/Kim Jong-un.




🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋

🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋




5 Russia’s Club-K container cruise missile launch system looks like a shipping container. It can be loaded w/4 Sizzler cruise missiles or 4 Switchblade cruise missiles. These missiles can carry biological, chemical, electromagnetic pulse, conventional or nuclear warheads.




🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋

🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋




6 Since the Club-K container looks like a typical commercial shipping container, it can be shipped around the country by train, semi-trucks and riverine boat. More troubling yet is the fact that it can then be activated remotely by satellite.




🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋

🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋




7 The Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS) should have reviewed the proposed Port Canaveral deal but was bypassed by Obama’s Treasury Sec, Jack Lew, who was Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff.




🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋

🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋




8 Aimen Nabi Mir, was Mr. Lew’s staff chairman for CFIUS (2009-14). Mr. Mir’s father has ties to the Pakistani Intelligence Service. Mr. Mir himself served twice as the head of the Islamic Society of North America’s (ISNA)




🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋

🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋




8 ISNA is a Muslim Brotherhood front group, which was listed by the DOJ as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation Hamas terror funding trial. It was during Mr. Mir’s CFIUS tenure that the Gulftainer deal & the Uranium One deal were allowed to slip through




🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋

🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋




9 The Center for Security Policy paper by Alan Jones & Mary Fanning shows that Gulftainer’s parent company, the Crescent Group, is also connected to Iraq’s nuclear weapons program under Saddam Hussein.




🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋

🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋




10 Hamid Jafar is founder and chairman of the Crescent Group, the parent firm of which Port Canaveral’s Gulftainer USA is a subsidiary. His brother, Jafar, Saddam Hussein’s bomb maker, is the CFO of Crescent’s URUK Engineering and Contracting subsidiary.




🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋

🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋




11 Majid Jafar, brother of the head of the Crescent Group & Jafar’s nephew, co-chairs with Bill Clinton the Business Backs Education Campaign, which was launched in 2014, the same year that the UAE made its first donation to the Clinton Foundation.




🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋

🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋




12 The campaign is funded by the Varkey GEMs Foundation, which paid Bill Clinton $5.6 million to serve as honorary chairman. He didn’t even have to give a speech.




🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋

🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋




13 The fact that the Iraqi Jafar family is in a joint venture with Russia’s Rostec should have raised red flags what were the FBI and our intelligence agencies doing? Were they complicit in behind-the-scenes negotiations for the lease?




🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋

🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋




14 The port’s container facilities must be returned to full U.S. control. Further, we must devise a system that is able to identify these missile containers and neutralize them.




🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋

🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋




15 We must also investigate how Mr. Aimen Nabi Mir was able to obtain a security clearance and whether he is still at the Treasury Department.




🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋

🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋




16 These excerpts are taken from the Washington Examiner piece by —-James A. Lyons, a retired U.S. Navy admiral, was commander in chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and senior U.S. military representative to the United Nations.




🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋

🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋




730a48 No.57256


https:// en.wiki pedia.org/wiki/Saturn _Films

e1a4f1 No.57257


Maybe a caption…

"So Racist"

3905b9 No.60288

I think that was RoboCop

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