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Pro Aris et Focis

File: da46f06d04f60d8⋯.jpg (183.95 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, planefags.jpg)

c38b59 No.56847

Planefags thread for all researches and details and planefags business.

Report on General when important.


(Sorry 4 thread made in an hurry)

b13de1 No.56884

Two Russian bombers have been intercepted after flying into Dutch airspace over the North Sea on Monday morning. Belgium sent two F16 fighter jets from Florennes airbase to head off the Russian Tupolev 160 planes, known as Blackjacks, in response to a request from Nato. The Belgians are currently responsible for defending the airspace of the Benelux nations. A sonic boom was audible in the north-east of the country when the fighter jets broke the sound barrier over the Waddenzee. They were escorted across the North Sea where they were met by two British Typhoons dispatched from Scotland.

http:// www.dutchnews. nl/news/archives/2018/01/belgian-fighters-intercept-russian-bombers-over-north-sea/

b13de1 No.56916

* https:// twitter. com/AircraftSpots/statuses/952862027642318848

* https:// twitter. com/AircraftSpots/statuses/952854375541587969

d51289 No.57133

That Netherlands DC 10 that popped up yesterday took off from Dulles this morning and currently over Detroit heading NW

20a073 No.57166


f68c28 No.57778

File: 9db1660adb69fc1⋯.png (76.27 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, 5nullisland.png)

null island keeps popping up. now indicating five spanish military planes.

0748aa No.57789

File: 6faa5bc665825c9⋯.png (2.92 MB, 1796x1014, 898:507, Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at ….png)


Here me out.

that weird shit in Antarctica that leads you to a weird "island".. if you zoom out you are RIGHT on TOP of Null Island.

not sure what to make of it yet.

f68c28 No.57886


i never found that cross in antarctica so i cant check for myself. but i believe you. just wanted to see in what step in the process there could be a glitch that makes the jump to 0.0 0.0

f68c28 No.57935

File: 3d7d57a2fd7b90b⋯.png (252.39 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, spian1.png)

File: d9b00890c76e690⋯.png (202.9 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, spain.png)


now one of them appeared over gabon??

0748aa No.57940

File: e6b934753df4fe2⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1260x826, 90:59, Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at ….png)

File: ec46bfbf775b3ab⋯.png (356.52 KB, 1154x726, 577:363, Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at ….png)

File: 69ca7984d57d882⋯.png (273.72 KB, 1414x1042, 707:521, Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at ….png)

File: 96e281998d780fd⋯.png (129.58 KB, 1624x862, 812:431, Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at ….png)


hit street view

you will see very light shaded blue areas.

its the white tiny dot center of Antarctica.

there has been heavy plane traffic over it

e3c658 No.58020

Last night's activity over Europe now has an explanation

https:// www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/674151/raf-typhoon-fighter-jets-intercept-russian-planes-uk-airspace-latest-news

f68c28 No.58040

File: 6cba7669f00a177⋯.png (164.39 KB, 1366x728, 683:364, antarctica.PNG)


i only get this

f68c28 No.58108

File: dd36fc00e128ff2⋯.png (253.77 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, greenland1.png)

netherlands airforce going towards greenland

f68c28 No.58135

File: 29d4dd6d146c432⋯.png (417.63 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, 7600.png)

us air force squawk 7600

0748aa No.58174


google earth, not maps.

f68c28 No.58222


i see. but none of my browsers support it (edge, explorer, opera). seems to only work with chrome and i dont want to install anymore crap so i give up.

fd65b0 No.58312



V-11 same plane was in US yesterday and went back to NL

20a073 No.58343


Not a big deal. It was debunked yesterday.

868cd5 No.58363


Yo, Oldbritfag here. I live on the East Coast of the UK, where our fighter jets are stationed. We send Eurofighters to intercept the Russians all the time.

Aircraft activity was high in all NATO countries from 8am, noticeably within Belgium. News of the interception started to come in at 9am within MSM.

Luftwaffe 14+0E or whatever it's call sign, (I noticed people interested in it for a few bakes) took off around 8am also.

8ba946 No.58532

File: 7af446722e10dca⋯.jpg (92.3 KB, 551x550, 551:550, Red Arrow.jpg)


14+02 - GAF689. I was the one that spotted it on Saturday.

8ba946 No.58555

File: 315ef894816511a⋯.jpg (724.62 KB, 1617x969, 539:323, swiss2.jpg)

What about this one from yesterday? Russia to Switzerland. Checking the bank balance, possibly?

8ba946 No.58612


Somewhere around Marham or Coningsby?

868cd5 No.58632


Close enough to hear them heading off to sea, but it that way,

8ba946 No.58710


I have a friend who is RAF ATC.

Just found a UAV in play - interesting…

8ba946 No.58716

File: 8e5e0b912563f3c⋯.jpg (140.74 KB, 1644x657, 548:219, UAV.jpg)

8ba946 No.58736

File: 102a0e8aca13182⋯.jpg (224.43 KB, 1689x608, 1689:608, Sentry BF.jpg)

Also an E-3 Sentry over Bakersfield.

f68c28 No.58795

File: 2553ef0742da5a9⋯.png (462.93 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, swevancouver.png)

where is this guy going to land?

8ba946 No.58798

File: 61fdd9aab8e46de⋯.jpg (253.87 KB, 1570x646, 785:323, Mercury.jpg)

E6-B Mercury over Odessa.

f68c28 No.58834

File: 8b4ead75f3f7409⋯.png (469.79 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, swedishvancouver.png)


he just disappeared

8ba946 No.58857


ADS-B is patchy up there, he'll probably phase in and out.

8ba946 No.58894

File: 46d2a7bace6ab00⋯.jpg (280.52 KB, 1680x657, 560:219, squawk7700.jpg)

Squawk 7700 from a Spirit Airlines jet.

80182c No.58972

File: df2683ac08f2805⋯.jpg (70.04 KB, 1004x232, 251:58, g00gl spacex f9 vandenburg….jpg)

Hey guys, any relevance? :

Q said >>>/greatawakening/22

"SC: Seek immediate [F9-Sx_VB8239]."

So, I've figured F9-Sx_VB could be referring to SpaceX Falcon 9 Vandenburg, and 8239 could be referring to HL8239 - see 1st pic related.

I g00gl searched HL8239@HKG and found commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Jeju_Air_Boeing_737-800;_HL8239@HKG;04.08.2011_615kx_(6207350945).jpg

- "This Boeing 737-82R took its first flight on May 4, 2001…(c/n 29344/ 849)

21/05/2001 Pegasus Airlines TC-APU 17/06/2011 Jeju Air HL8239"

Pegasus Airlines


Then I g00gl searched HL8239


Under flight history, and remembering Q dropped that post at 12:49:27 EST 01/14/2017, this plane was flying around Korea.

20a073 No.58985


Indeed. They disappear and come back all the time.

8ba946 No.58997

Vancouver and NWT area is Barrick Gold country.

8ba946 No.59040


Andrews AFB, possibly?

8ba946 No.59093


Thanks, looking into it. Saw the aerial photos earlier today.

f68c28 No.59111



ok but he was descending right over the water down to 1925 ft when he disappeared. does not that indicate going down for landing?

f68c28 No.59141

File: 684909c379eed58⋯.png (288.28 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, spainn.png)

File: b9a335c0125ecf3⋯.png (149.59 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, spainnn.png)

now one of the spanish military planes that we have seen at "null island" just popped up over the pacific. whats up with that?

8ba946 No.59143


It does, but a private airfield may not necessarily show up on ADS-B.

8ba946 No.59311


SR22 is a helicopter # Robinson R22, IIRC

8ba946 No.59319

RAF Voyager just in Canadian airspace, over London (irony alert!)

8ba946 No.60003

File: 4dff7f6b6e2ba84⋯.jpg (123.9 KB, 630x630, 1:1, Kek Air Force Recon 1.jpg)

I updated our squadron badge to include a motto.

"I came, I saw, I conquered".

Thought it was apt.

8ba946 No.60009


Yes, that's AF1. :)

Watch over him, keep him safe...

f68c28 No.60412

File: a8a0d8aaae8c833⋯.png (491.58 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, testalt.png)

yes, only one of them tests, but why the altitude?

f68c28 No.60516

File: 320433d37721d0a⋯.png (562.29 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, nethvan.png)





now look at this one that also is:

1. european airforce

2. same model, gulfstream aerospace g4

3. going towards vancouver

would it be interesting if this one also went down around vancouver?

f68c28 No.60621

File: 21c25d9086dcd50⋯.png (615.66 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, usafvip.png)


and now a us air force VIP is descending over vancouver! something going on?

f68c28 No.60667

File: 5312cb45635cdd7⋯.png (565.69 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, usafvipvan.png)



going down in the same place

f68c28 No.60744

File: a1e41e036d30a57⋯.png (300.46 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, vipland.png)


landing at sea island

20a073 No.60983


Whoa, an hour away from me. Neat.

f68c28 No.61013

File: c56d0dd8d59d84e⋯.png (501.38 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, nethland.png)


>would it be interesting if this one also went down around vancouver

but of course it does…

20a073 No.61019

http:// www.cbc.ca/news/politics/rex-tillerson-ottawa-visit-1.4456579

"U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland announced Tuesday they will co-host a meeting in Vancouver next month about the increasingly erratic behaviour by a nuclear North Korea.

The two top diplomats told reporters most of the countries who fought in the 1950-53 Korean War have been invited to participate in the discussions in the B.C. city on Jan. 16, 2018. Those countries, tentatively dubbed the "Vancouver Group," are part of an aggressive diplomatic campaign designed to force the rogue regime to the negotiation table and avoid devastating military action."

f68c28 No.61033


and thats probably the explanation. thank you!

20a073 No.61040



f68c28 No.61119

File: dda89949154bcb5⋯.png (441.88 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, usmc.png)

too much sake for these marines?

20a073 No.61163


Hahaha sure fuckin looks like it

20a073 No.61214


Callsign on the CL60?

20a073 No.61341

File: 2f29713e10979e9⋯.png (181.92 KB, 1333x672, 1333:672, sop.png)

File: 848d9a7ecf409ae⋯.png (265.27 KB, 1354x681, 1354:681, sop2.png)

File: 99d69740c835d51⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1351x682, 1351:682, sop3.png)

File: 9ac8b1fba2f3b8c⋯.png (387.71 KB, 1201x584, 1201:584, sop4.png)

From the 14th and 15th

f68c28 No.61584

File: 311f11f98880236⋯.png (500.49 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, merc.png)

"This platform, now modified to the E-6B standard, conveys instructions from the National Command Authority to fleet ballistic missile submarines (see communication with submarines), a mission known as TACAMO (TAke Charge And Move Out). The E-6B model deployed in October 1998 also has the ability to remotely control Minuteman ICBMs using the Airborne Launch Control System. The E-6B replaced Air Force EC-135Cs in the "Looking Glass" role, providing command and control of U.S. nuclear forces should ground-based control become inoperable"


20a073 No.61616


It's def on the move. Lets see where she goes.

f68c28 No.61790

File: 2b7a905ee94cf04⋯.png (523.12 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, lost.png)


lost it now. maybe it comes back later.

f68c28 No.62017

File: 86f29bf10d8f47d⋯.png (375.55 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, mercury.png)

20a073 No.62038



d179ac No.62621

File: 23ab2d8956ccae9⋯.png (433.51 KB, 952x698, 476:349, Capture.PNG)

Planfags, anyway to find out which planes were heading to Hawaii on Nov 14th, 2017 around 6:28AM? trump made a stop at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam supposedly to refuel. Q suggests otherwise.

824fd2 No.62761


Great job, anon! This is the kind of shit we need to be looking at.

d179ac No.62848


Thank you! Q says "vehicle", not sure if that means a plane, boat, sub, etc.

f68c28 No.62864

File: 35b05c3b4baa88b⋯.png (383.93 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, mercurylanding.png)


landing in oklahoma city now

20a073 No.62892


That was a decent run.

f68c28 No.62973

File: 1355ddeed82278b⋯.png (354.12 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, usafweird.png)

us air force freaking out

20a073 No.63047


Nothing showing up for me.

f68c28 No.63073


it just disappeared for me too

f68c28 No.63183

File: 97e0dbda874ab12⋯.png (230.67 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, notmuch.png)

only two or three military planes in the air right now. worldwide!

20a073 No.63220


Havent seen russian planes in days

f68c28 No.63870

File: 772b8bdeac64407⋯.png (243.87 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, ninja58.png)

us army callsign ninja58

f68c28 No.64180

File: d746c7becdec01a⋯.png (506.44 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, dubairoute.png)

route does not match?

20a073 No.64196


Saw same one about an hour ago and then disappeared.

f68c28 No.64233

File: 24cab2e7ab2401d⋯.png (694.4 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, parisitaly.png)


thats weird. and now this guy was supposed to go to paris, france but is landing in italy.

f68c28 No.64329

File: fcb69d6e7eff109⋯.png (492.9 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, germany.png)

looks like some german fighters playing around

20a073 No.64340


is back, over greece now

f68c28 No.64369


disappeared again

f68c28 No.64370


and back :)

f68c28 No.64439

File: 6a4c7a2d2c0e4ee⋯.png (241.57 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, spain5.png)

these spanish military planes that pops up at different locations (mostly at 0.0 0.0 but also over the pacific and over africa) what is up with them? where are they really at?

20a073 No.64482


Not sure, could be a glitch, cause they are there all day everyday, sometimes one will all of a sudden change locations, but always ends up back there.

f68c28 No.64486


yes, but where are they in reality? they must be somewhere.

f68c28 No.64504

File: b771b4bfe126578⋯.png (415.13 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, dubaimalta7.png)


just landed on malta

20a073 No.64531


Dafuq? lmao

20a073 No.64538

Lots of fighter jets over Belgium/Germany again - USAF and UK

dcf7e0 No.65172



Which website are you using? fl24 doesn't seem to show these.

8ba946 No.66590


Possible link to the Knights of Malta?

8ba946 No.66591


Dropping in to make a quick confession?

60014f No.66610

File: 3ec727ee73b6b18⋯.jpg (859.5 KB, 2518x1419, 2518:1419, F15.jpg)

F15 and K35R's plus others in UK:

8ba946 No.66725

File: 1e04295bca52e98⋯.jpg (287.56 KB, 1599x628, 1599:628, Dark21_3.jpg)

DARK21 has shown up again - this was an F-15 Eagle that flew out of Andrews when there was loads of helo activity over Washington.

771951 No.66727

I don't know how to take a screen shot , BUT , Tampa Bay , Florida has some pretty crazy patterns of planes happening right now !!

8ba946 No.66753


CTRL-Print Screen, Paste into Paint, crop and save. Then attach to a post here.

f68c28 No.66766



8ba946 No.66778

File: b542e915d2e2f0e⋯.jpg (398.5 KB, 1896x761, 1896:761, Missile Defence.jpg)

Planefags, consider your almonds tweaked - what the Hell is this??!!

f68c28 No.66780

good tool for military planefagging:


70be0c No.66802


Windows 10?

Press Win key, type "snip" (without the quotes).

use snipping tool "new" button to crop relevant image.

Save the image.

Upload the image.


8ba946 No.66821

File: d44e16ee177e07c⋯.jpg (468.95 KB, 1885x947, 1885:947, Oklahoma.jpg)

Whole bunch of interesting things over Oklahoma. At least three Talons, two unknowns and a could of tankers headed towards the area too.

70be0c No.66845

File: ad58c101c32ce2a⋯.png (389.69 KB, 1283x593, 1283:593, Capture1.PNG)

File: 449492b9c719922⋯.png (329.91 KB, 1203x544, 1203:544, Capture2.PNG)

File: 03a8fc99f60af69⋯.png (415.55 KB, 1259x625, 1259:625, Capture3.PNG)

Watch these three disappear in a few minutes east of GITMO.

I've already watched several do it in same area today.

70be0c No.66862


And the first one is already gone…

8ba946 No.66863

File: ba5427b95b4daf9⋯.jpg (850.33 KB, 1891x969, 1891:969, oklahoma2.jpg)

Guys, there are 35 military planes around Oklahoma at the moment, something's going on…

8ba946 No.66882

File: 7e9a4db2232feab⋯.jpg (266.06 KB, 874x674, 437:337, oklahoma3.jpg)

f68c28 No.66922

File: eacb9db994022e1⋯.png (375.59 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, mildef.png)


United States Missile Defense Agency

70be0c No.66928

File: f63cac0845a64b5⋯.png (485.51 KB, 1409x563, 1409:563, Capture.PNG)

This one seems odd too…

8ba946 No.66940


Is this a new thing, or are you already aware of it? I'm a Brit, so I'm just looking for unusual stuff.

20a073 No.66951

Not normal, past 3 days have been really slow with not many aircraft around except large ones.

70be0c No.66992



Second one now dark over the water, just like first.

20a073 No.67029

Seems like military exercises, considering the types of planes that are grouped together.

8ba946 No.67042


Blocked callsign escorted planes like that are usually prisoners being taken to a staging area for a flight to Gitmo. Fort Lauderdale is such a location. Almost always in pairs.

70be0c No.67076





Third one gone too.

My thinking also.

8ba946 No.67181

C-GRHE ( the callsign 00000000 from earlier) belongs to a company called Redhead Equipment.

Red again - might be worth a quick dig as to who is involved with it.

8ba946 No.67197


Guys… Canadian trucking..?

http:// r edheadequipment.ca/

Hinting at something…

20a073 No.67198


>Redhead Equipment.

"As Saskatchewan's trusted provider of Agricultural, Construction and Truck & Trailer equipment, we do whatever it takes to help you GROW. BUILD. HAUL"

8ba946 No.67223


Thanks. Posted it in General for them to have at it.

8ba946 No.67270

File: 58490b808eee208⋯.jpg (204.44 KB, 1715x731, 1715:731, osprey.jpg)

This is interesting… an Osprey with two well tooled-up C-130s…

0de823 No.67288

Part time planefag here - any other planefags here who can confirm how many obviously weird escorted flights have been documented since 12/22 or so? (Last three weeks or so.)

0de823 No.67295

File: 7be344931dbbaef⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1055x1594, 1055:1594, wichita3.png)

This 00000000 out of ICT is being escorted by BE20. Initially showed destination as MEI and went blank after an hour or so. Note MEI is in the opposite direction.

20a073 No.67328


Flying in circles lol

f68c28 No.67457

File: 494d050338bcc01⋯.png (440.6 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, orion.png)

File: ecdf94708d0ace3⋯.png (524.53 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, orion1.png)

"Numerous navies and air forces around the world continue to use the P-3 Orion, primarily for maritime patrol, reconnaissance, anti-surface warfare and anti-submarine warfare."


looking for subs?

fd65b0 No.67478

File: d4aa3624843b5be⋯.png (415.4 KB, 1139x492, 1139:492, active.png)

activity in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany…any info?

20a073 No.67494


Been going on for over 10 hours, this is the third day in a row that they have been out.

f68c28 No.67534

File: 527353aded1edcf⋯.png (548.05 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, cir1.png)

File: cab56df00b2724a⋯.png (526.7 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, cir2.png)

File: b368936dcf8dd80⋯.png (575.24 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, cir3.png)

these two are making circles outside san fransisco and maybe the third wants to do some also

0de823 No.67619

This 00000000 out of ICT is being escorted by BE20. Initially showed destination as MEI and went blank after an hour or so. Note MEI is in the opposite direction.>>67288

Bump. Anyone?

0de823 No.67624

UGH. That last post is fucked up. Sorry.

Part time planefag here - any other planefags here who can confirm how many obviously weird escorted flights have been documented since 12/22 or so? (Last three weeks or so.)

Bumped. Anyone?

d179ac No.67702

File: 56b472e872b0441⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1083x803, 1083:803, vegas.PNG)

Another request anons, can anyone identify what unmarked tail numbers flew into McCarren that night of the Vegas shooting (Oct 1, 2017). Maybe Janet Airlines? I think it was already confirmed that AF1 was not there that day.

1c72b8 No.67775

File: 6d3614feffb9a19⋯.png (454.43 KB, 1336x659, 1336:659, chrome_2018-01-16_15-09-26.png)

Whats with Order 66?

0de823 No.67791

File: bb57a1913f65e7a⋯.png (794.12 KB, 775x1009, 775:1009, wichita4.png)

This is still habbening, btw. 00000000 escorted by BE20 from Wichita to ??? Just trackin'…

1c72b8 No.67797


Been watching all day

0de823 No.67826


Any hypothesis on where it is heade? RQY?

0de823 No.67830


Sorry - YQR?

1c72b8 No.67897



1c72b8 No.67912


Is on and off on the radar

0de823 No.68016

0de823 No.68467

ICT -> YQR - just landed.

00000000 escorted by BE20 (blocked out).

Just documenting.

0de823 No.68471

File: 0748210cd7f664c⋯.png (2.28 MB, 1256x1735, 1256:1735, wichita5.png)

ICT -> YQR - just landed.

00000000 escorted by BE20 (blocked out).

Just documenting this.

(Repost - forgot pic)

f68c28 No.68788

File: ab08af70284d56c⋯.png (445.66 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, jan.png)

janet flight in vegas

f68c28 No.68794

File: 1b816a8a6502650⋯.png (416.24 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, comp.png)

Airborne Tactical Advantage Company

f68c28 No.68803

File: 28b2e44f9bbbb87⋯.png (367.5 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, comp1.png)

824fd2 No.68861

I think it's a great idea to screenshot and post any suspicious flights that we see. At least then we'll have the data and can sort through it later.

f68c28 No.68870

File: 8451ead36bfabe1⋯.png (449.8 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, vegas.png)

and us navy going from vegas. are they going to san fransisco? no they turned. going to los angeles? no turned again. going to phoenix? no they just disappeared…

f68c28 No.69099

File: 07aedcd2f95f828⋯.png (388.88 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, specops1.png)

USAF Spec Ops

f68c28 No.69421

File: 923f3122533b3ac⋯.png (375.29 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, jancurl.png)

janet flight doing a curl over vegas. have seen a lot of them today.

7af4fd No.70010

File: 6bd9c5133424489⋯.jpg (276.48 KB, 1600x797, 1600:797, JAX P-8's.jpg)

Another busy day for P-8's in JAX.

They've been running up, down, and around east coast but keep doing these group returns to Jacksonville.

f68c28 No.70027

File: c0c7504d8674a99⋯.png (448.68 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, 8poseidon.png)


eight of them up at the same time

"The P-8 conducts anti-submarine warfare (ASW), anti-surface warfare (ASUW), and shipping interdiction, along with an early warning self-protection (EWSP) ability, otherwise known as electronic support measures (ESM).[8] This involves carrying torpedoes, depth charges, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, and other weapons."

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_P-8_Poseidon

7af4fd No.70053


Big NAS but I agree with you.

A lot of out of the ordinary things going on there.

7af4fd No.70115

File: b589b9f6abbaa60⋯.jpg (304.79 KB, 1571x711, 1571:711, Swede G4.jpg)

Swedish Air Force VIP G4 heading NE out of Vancouver.

41563d No.70604



bad link

771951 No.70729

File: 5564c635ee37451⋯.png (1 MB, 1280x800, 8:5, Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at ….png)


I think I fig'd out how to take screenshots finally ?

What site are you guys on that show the military planes ? ….Thanks !!

f68c28 No.71528

File: e4f918d436751ed⋯.png (440.62 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, combat.png)

we have nog gone from 80 to just 13 military aircraft over usa and one of them is this one:

"The RC-135U Combat Sent provides strategic electronic reconnaissance information to the president, secretary of defense, Department of Defense leaders, and theater commanders."


20a073 No.72673


Conference in Vancouver, bunch of VIP's

8ba946 No.75638


It's called ADS-B Exchange. Once the list of planes has settled down (can take a few minutes) then click where it sais 'Civ/Mil' to filter and sort for military stuff.

771951 No.75684

File: f9b3756209e543a⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1280x800, 8:5, Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at ….png)

5 no callsign , San Antonio , Tex ?

771951 No.75770



8ba946 No.76209

File: eb97c5c8d79e2c8⋯.jpg (530.14 KB, 1907x971, 1907:971, Las Vegas.jpg)

OK ladies, our target of opportunity tonight is.. Las Vegas. Remember what I said about Medevac Helos in pairs, especially Eurocopters?

This is what I think the arrest teams have trained on, as they all seem to use Eurocopters. All hands on deck!!

8ba946 No.76341

File: 551da20aaf02e76⋯.jpg (580.5 KB, 1689x975, 563:325, rats32.jpg)

File: c56c5206baac13b⋯.jpg (456.46 KB, 1897x751, 1897:751, Scary95.jpg)

File: bb9321e9bcb8fa8⋯.jpg (219.51 KB, 1727x637, 1727:637, Poseidons08.jpg)

West Coast Weirdness… Looking for something?

1a604d No.79652

File: 3dc100d562637ce⋯.jpg (606.2 KB, 2568x1167, 856:389, Drone.jpg)

Reaper Drone up in Texas:

771951 No.80025

File: 30514527c627053⋯.png (679.61 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at ….png)

Just leaving Gitmo !!

f76df9 No.80605

File: 7ed6920d63fadfc⋯.jpeg (696.6 KB, 1242x1988, 621:994, 573AD078-65A6-4FC9-8770-1….jpeg)

File: df49876fd7bf5ae⋯.jpeg (747.43 KB, 1242x1992, 207:332, 3E60C68C-CFF3-4064-8D61-9….jpeg)

Heading to Dothan AL following each other

13a15f No.80715

What's this im hearing about the vast number of military aircraft (like over 100) flying over the continental United States?

188653 No.80754


what is location? looks like Texas...

a57171 No.80913

Sorcha Faal, ( whatdoesitmean.com/ index2473.htm ), posted today about Syrian terrorists (ISIS) are in DC, and possess 37 stinger missiles.

Maybe that's why there's plenty of military planes?

21d698 No.81392

File: ab9b928464e99e1⋯.png (1.94 MB, 2128x1480, 266:185, Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at ….png)


just drove thru this area earlier this week

sparsly populated

a68aba No.81515

This site doesn't even have the military helo's that are constantly going up n down the west coast. Chinooks, Apaches, Kiowas, Black hawks, White hawks, and Seakings like crazy this last year between Portland and Olympia. Never would have used them that much when I was in national guard in this area. to expensive to operate. What the hell has been going on where they can't just use planes and Trucks/Bus's like usual? Helo's are EXPENSIVE to keep in the air. In my military experiance they where only used for special purposes, and pretty rarely, expect for dedicated army/marine units that used them to insert/remove… but those wouldn't be spending this much time buzzing / circling civilian neighbor hoods. I wish there was a better way to track the military helo's! I can never find them on any of these sites!!

f68c28 No.81919

File: 79e05c4938f3540⋯.png (561.15 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, globemaster.png)

six big globemaster 3 trucking through the night. they seem to be going 24/7. i wonder what they are moving around…

20a073 No.82864


f68c28 No.84252

File: d1e92762ee7f000⋯.png (425.86 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, 161.png)

now over 160 military aircraft over usa

f68c28 No.84491

File: 4530a9bb53eff74⋯.png (459.1 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, omega.png)

im new at this and have not seen these guys before. normal?

Omega Aerial Refueling Services

f68c28 No.84738

a plane just squawk 7500 hijack over indiana going east. was going to take pic but it vanished!!!

f68c28 No.84741

File: c072f6ca0908d4c⋯.png (541.54 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, 7700.png)

and now another squawk 7700 emergency!!!

f68c28 No.84920

File: d5e9a8a066f2167⋯.png (619.9 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, 123456.png)

e2378c No.84949

File: c41d42cac9d9626⋯.png (2.82 MB, 2542x1352, 1271:676, Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at ….png)

1c72b8 No.85073


Flightradar was giving a squawk 7422 while absdexchange was giving 7700

b49f3b No.85083

Did anyone pick up on or dig into the KC135Rregular. That was circling around Kenosha, WI not too long ago? Reported 7500 and other skwaks in that area preceding.

1c72b8 No.85203

File: 631d96cf412aec0⋯.jpg (442.5 KB, 1236x1092, 103:91, chrome_2018-01-18_15-14-34.jpg)

Trump going home

1c72b8 No.85215


Theyre as real time as possible. maybe a slight delay but not hours. Thats absurd

f68c28 No.85230

File: 185bb56ef44697f⋯.png (4.28 KB, 389x148, 389:148, SQUAWK.PNG)

these were the ones that had weird squawks earlier, except for the one that had squawk 7500 and then vanished from screen before i took pic of it. it was over indiana going east.

e2378c No.85273

File: 4d7bfb04bc3c386⋯.png (3.32 MB, 2502x1358, 1251:679, Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at ….png)

20a073 No.85313

File: 99d69740c835d51⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1351x682, 1351:682, sop3.png)


Last week

20a073 No.85318

Fuck that was meant for


8ab461 No.85435

File: 6277a9a96f46d9b⋯.jpg (197.47 KB, 1550x803, 1550:803, pensacola.JPG)


There's been a lot of activity over the FL panhandle today.

af92c1 No.85490

File: 4e93aa5afc5ff2c⋯.jpg (101.69 KB, 1214x601, 1214:601, Blocked.jpg)


One under escort headed to S.Florida via GA. About to pass the swamp now.

f68c28 No.85667

File: f861cded08e8c4c⋯.png (560.44 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, missdef.png)

missile defense agency

f68c28 No.85697

File: 6b7d1fe1ee22559⋯.png (264.21 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, kansas.png)


somewhere here but doesnt show on map

1c72b8 No.85739


All I know is that there wasnt this much two days ago...

f68c28 No.85810

File: f05e6170effe730⋯.png (267.18 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, kansas1.png)



just popped up here

1c72b8 No.86033

Obviously Mr Commander in Cheif is getting ready for something bigly

f68c28 No.86158

File: d7f3e94a030018f⋯.png (586.86 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, 7600.png)

squawk 7600

1c72b8 No.86208


Interesting… Flightradar24 is not showing a 7600

a68aba No.86308

Saw two more military helo's today north of Portland without transponders (so not on the sites). Not flying together, they where an hour or so apart. West of I-5, flying low.

1c14b0 No.87612

RC-135U Combat Sent in the air from Nebraska. Call sign… COBRA42. With Billy being #42 and with the Hannity announce etc w. Q seems awfully coincidental.

Posted in #104 but Q stole the show rightly so.

f68c28 No.88307

File: 668df194d3564f5⋯.png (473.03 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, 7700.png)

another 7700

f68c28 No.88373


just dropped off the screen. hopefully not out of the sky…

ab98a2 No.88954



f68c28 No.88995


i never saw it again but i guess they made it home safely since there is nothing on the news

70be0c No.89303

They're almost certainly using the squawks as crypto.

To provide heads up on condition of their special passengers/cargo?

93004b No.90030


It's still up there, it has been circling Longview Texas. Wonder what it is searching for?

e4e76a No.94438

http:/ /www.jamaicaobserver.com/latestnews/Six_killed_in_Bahamas_plane_crash_?profile=1228

7/10 plane crashes are attacks, who are in the bahamas?

3884d3 No.95041

>>58135 what app do you use to track military planes?

18ae2a No.95077


If it's over Longview TX again, Longview is about 60 miles west of Barksdale AFB in Louisiana. Barksdale is where AF1 brought Bush on 9/11.

f68c28 No.95455

File: a6b65a72fc343c5⋯.png (535.35 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, 7600.png)



go to menu - option - filters and choose military and click add filter

f68c28 No.95598

File: ca07848f34d1698⋯.png (607.22 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, 7500b.png)

7500 hijack

071946 No.95895

Noob at planefagging, but

https:// www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/n423nv#102cad27

is not displaying the squawk.

071946 No.95979


Just changed squawk to 2001.

658a4c No.96088

File: b3bd1d7665fa95c⋯.jpg (156.23 KB, 1599x809, 1599:809, CaliDrone.JPG)

File: 6ba04d119e03b79⋯.jpg (192.47 KB, 1604x768, 401:192, Pizza13.JPG)

Does this seem suspicious to anyone else? Callsign PIZZA13! Coming in from Bulgaria and doesn't seem to have any registration or flight plan.

658a4c No.96095


Ignore first photo

658a4c No.96098

File: bc88cf8305222e1⋯.jpg (199.29 KB, 1597x771, 1597:771, Pizza13_2.JPG)

e2378c No.96432

File: 61050de70e32bab⋯.png (2.12 MB, 2552x1358, 1276:679, Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at ….png)

This has been going on since mid-morning at least. More small planes now, and helicopters. Seems they might have found what they were looking for.

658a4c No.96546

File: ed64ec778890d62⋯.jpg (123.36 KB, 1598x810, 799:405, Pizza13_3.JPG)


GITMO is looking like a strong possibility right now.

f68c28 No.96847

File: dee697b9de20b56⋯.png (434.73 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, 77007500.png)

emrgency AND hijack

fd65b0 No.98146

File: 511e117078a83f2⋯.png (152.46 KB, 1093x435, 1093:435, luft.png)

3884d3 No.98318

File: 6c8a505e0924381⋯.jpg (660 KB, 2200x1600, 11:8, IMG_20180118_210222.jpg)

File: cdb71b543644f2e⋯.png (322.12 KB, 954x482, 477:241, 20180119_102118.png)

What app or websites is used to track these military action planes?

f68c28 No.98492



go to menu - options - filter. choose military and click add filter.

3884d3 No.98692


Thank you

d51289 No.101288

File: a2718f92107a0b0⋯.jpg (208.59 KB, 1366x777, 1366:777, Capture.JPG)

A Gulfstream out of Offutt screaming SE

8ba946 No.103794

File: ed3f40d8f162804⋯.jpg (236.85 KB, 1551x624, 517:208, samfox.jpg)

Only one over FLA this morning, looks to have come from Washington and maybe headed for Naples / Fort Myers.

8ba946 No.104015

File: be5a4fe1d9ac10f⋯.jpg (279.82 KB, 1679x649, 1679:649, GAF886.jpg)

Luftwaffe on the move again.

d51289 No.104812


The GS last night set down in St. Pete

a68aba No.105403

Two more helo's flew over after I made my last post.(for 4 total on the day of #fakenews, which is a lot for one day) then another last night Also AUS, UK, and FRANCE just sent refuler/transports to california, alabama, cuba, still in the air. also a training exercise going on in texas, a blackhawk flying around pheonix, and two marine mini jets from the east coast, one of which from DC, all still in the air. the navy is moving some people around domestically as well… pretty busy right now while no one is paying attention.

f81f54 No.105513

File: 2afdc66260841d8⋯.jpg (208.35 KB, 1914x883, 1914:883, Capture.JPG)

Foreign military aircraft on U.S. soil normal?

08d3eb No.105727


Wasn’t there a German mil. Aircraft over US soil yesterday around the same time? Similar location if memory serves me correctly

f81f54 No.105779


"Germany has aircraft training facilities at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico and at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida."

f81f54 No.105789


Only other country that i see on this list that train in the U.S. is Italy. I'll look around for another list.

e2378c No.105949


I saw a MI jet from France this morning off the coast of Florida.

4f9c61 No.106808

Greetings, planefags!

I wanted to drop a tidbit that may or may not be of interest and helpful. Remember that U.S. military plane in the late 90's that was flying off the cost of China and a Chinese fighter collided with it, and the plane landed in China?

Rumor has it that the software on that plane could pull ALL electronic communications out of a building that was as far away as 200 miles.

All faxes, all keepers, all phone calls (land or mobile), all computer screens, all printing, etc.

It might be that some of the weird patterns you are noticing are military planes doing electronic surveillance on the bad guys.

It would be interesting to find out if there is any correlation between weird patterns and prevented false flags. If there is, you might be able to predict and warn about where false flags were going to occur. Or, I could be totally wrong.

Remember, the range 20 some years ago was 200 miles.

God speed, planefags!

fa70ee No.107915


Anyone have a count of total MIL aircraft over CONUS right now?

fa70ee No.108028

File: 9e0c33b90043774⋯.jpg (24.58 KB, 293x400, 293:400, 9780007158447.jpg)

No really. Anyone have a count of MIL aircraft over CONUS?

f68c28 No.108431

File: 0e2eaa5556c4d7c⋯.png (464.94 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, 27.png)


27. now remember - four days ago was 80, three days ago 120, two days ago 160, yesterday 180 - and today its 27….


93004b No.109067

What's up with Otis51? It started with a crazy flight pattern in Tennessee and now it's almost in Canada.

93004b No.109100

File: c395a93b9c7883d⋯.png (972.71 KB, 1366x635, 1366:635, Screenshot-2018-1-20 ADS-B….png)

f68c28 No.111941

File: 4aa8de46f4a17c2⋯.png (371.03 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, 1a.png)

only one military aircraft over usa right now. at least only one visible on screen

f68c28 No.112197

File: c47715c71cb96e3⋯.png (314.21 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, not1.png)


not even one

fd65b0 No.112943

File: a20c32323b0ae39⋯.png (109.56 KB, 1150x282, 575:141, vip.png)

user tag: VIP

out of DC?

3af628 No.112978


Maybe they noticed anons watching and had to, I don't know.

b0fa48 No.114013


There could be something to this.

I noticed the refuellers yesterday flying round and round refuelling invisible planes.

f68c28 No.115036

File: a9adfb285a72204⋯.png (425.38 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, 74.png)




and now we are back to "normal" with 70-80 planes

93004b No.115806

File: ec7196bab6ac9bb⋯.png (894.03 KB, 1366x635, 1366:635, Screenshot-2018-1-21 ADS-B….png)

Magma88 USAF Spec Op's popped back up on the screen over the Turks Caicos islands. It dropped off my tracking earlier today.

93004b No.121602

File: 6fbc3e73e97888e⋯.png (295.98 KB, 1366x635, 1366:635, Screenshot-2018-1-21 ADS-B….png)

Got a Janet flight on the move from LV

598a58 No.135360

How can I become an efficient planefag ? What should I filter on global.adsbexchange.com and where should I focus ? What are the activities that are considered suspect ? Thanks !

ed8846 No.165372

File: 984afb2a1cd38f5⋯.png (959.05 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180125-233529.png)

Disappeared over Donetsk when 2 Russian planes took off from moscow

4823dc No.172519

Should have put this here first.

Ground level 5 drones spotted in the last 2 days. Were not drone enthusiasts this far in the sticks. All the size of a RAVEN but quads. Alt. was 100-300. One was in broad daylight over our high school today with a payload that appeared to be a firearm. Mi. Eoflansing

496559 No.177553

File: fea31a5c4e5c595⋯.png (66.36 KB, 1178x520, 589:260, 7700.png)

bdb89e No.187635

This may explain some stuff in Western US

USAF Begins Massive GPS Blackouts In The Western US During Largest Ever Air War Drill


7af4fd No.187654


First question would be what kind of aircraft or what region do you want to focus on?

ADS-B has decent filters but I find that it kind of craps out if you ask it to do too much so I really narrow down what I'm looking for as far as filters go.

5cee0f No.188960

File: c9ba0dc9ae58945⋯.png (932.96 KB, 2560x897, 2560:897, Screenshot (45).png)



In Washington

5ff59c No.191869


Newplanefag. Can anyone provide info on how call signs are determined.( Who, when, why) and what information they convey? google hasn't been very helpful

2f21fc No.192378

GPS blackouts can be an effective way to disable autonomous drone attacks

522fd4 No.192443

Hello planefags! Much kek.

Q asked us once to see where AF1 was on oct 1. Obviously trying to lead us to evidence that DJT went to LV on the QT. Is there a site that shows historical flight info that we can use for this? Thanks much.

7af4fd No.192892


I haven't been able to locate any information supporting 82-8000 or 92-9000 being anywhere near Nevada on Oct. 1

Anyone else have any luck?

e2f10e No.193180

File: c75a9fe1916265e⋯.png (540.78 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2242.PNG)

File: 44c87491f2324f8⋯.png (370.5 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2243.PNG)

DOJ flying over Colorado from Salt Lake.

e2f10e No.194501

File: 1836a06812b988e⋯.png (379.7 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2246.PNG)


Dropping over WV, presumably to land in DC.

0d5750 No.199532

File: 1f54fe3512092e2⋯.png (1.61 MB, 3174x1698, 529:283, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at ….png)

CSQ893 almost into NBW (Gitmo)

0d5750 No.199540

Saw a flight from Kwajalein to Hono and a Hono too Guam but not posting yet. They look routine. Guam flight just passing Wake

7af4fd No.199751

File: b37878e484f9734⋯.jpg (130.69 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Clown Ballon.jpg)

File: f73b14c90ab11bf⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1471x903, 1471:903, Google Fleet.png)

Google launching "Project Loon Balloon" over Puerto Rico.

Whole thing reeks of clowns.

605847 No.200020


If they’re low tech.

http:// www.ibtimes.co.uk/gps-era-usaf-fighter-jets-use-stars-navigation-here-why-1653569

2730fa No.200101

File: a014750661f77b0⋯.png (1.13 MB, 598x659, 598:659, JanetFlightDecoder.png)

98cc39 No.200330

I'm looking for help from you planefags if you will.

Looking through the Qmap of a post on November 5, 2017 by Q there are questions posed about an unmarked plane into LV McCarren the night of Oct 1, the mass shooting night.

POTUS was supposedly there but didn't take AF1 as it was on the east coast that night. So did POTUS slip out on an unmarked plane.

Take a look at Q's post because this crumb hasn't been identified as of yet.

https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/148019103/#148031295

If there's a way to get any record of a flight in/out of McCarren that night, with no tail #'s, this may be our big clue.

Appreciate the help.

7af4fd No.202006

7af4fd No.202215

File: 2a699401a2b14ca⋯.jpg (168.28 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 85-0050.jpg)

File: 428e78b6d1349bd⋯.jpg (165.64 KB, 1024x702, 512:351, 86-0430.jpg)


My theory is that POTUS took one of the C-20C's in plain white with gold accent for maximum concealment.

Both AF1 74's were on the ground Oct. 1 which would be perfect cover for a secret trip.

There are three C-20C's that I know of:




Only POTUS and Sec of Def have use of them, they shadow POTUS trips and are kept within one hour from President at all times on away games for use in emergency evac. They are supposedly equipped with advanced communications ability and possibly other equipment such as defensive measures. Note array on rear of aircraft.

They do not officially exist and there are no flight history logs that I can find for them.

If anyone has access to arrival log for LAS on Oct. 1 one of these planes might have arrived there and would have likely done so as a blocked flight showing as a Gulfstream III

Images are relevant

Some information available here. It's a Politico piece bragging on the toys that Hussein had it his disposal. You can dig from there and find more.

https:// www.politico.com /magazine/story/2017/05/02/the-presidents-secret-air-force-215091

Flightaware arrival logs only allow for clicking previous 40 arrivals per click which would take significant time to back click 40 arrivals at a time to Oct. 1

Finding that arrival log is key.

2730fa No.202466

File: b721f564e770e56⋯.png (1.29 MB, 606x745, 606:745, Dreamland.png)


Container, Box, 4808, 08, Dreamland, Watertown, Paradise Ranch, Area 51, the "Site", Groom Lake, Home Base, the "Remote Location", M[O]L…

fba3a9 No.225054


Just thought I'd drop this right in here, too … http:// www.matthewaid.com/post/120526709951/the-fbis-secret-air-force

7eaa5d No.225701

Any plane fags on?

7eaa5d No.225721

Anybody find any info on ospreys flying in Fl Keys area?

a85153 No.226179


Driving home from work

d07d27 No.226415

File: b7e1478d1ece782⋯.png (337.53 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot-2018-1-31 ADS-B….png)


Just checking in from work to report my best find yet.

U2 has been in he air for 4 hrs over Edwards AFB running this pattern.

32b9bc No.227049

737 near Gulfport

32b9bc No.227197


Changes squwak back to non-hijacked after he got over land

ed8846 No.244172

File: d7a4f1b20383ffd⋯.png (1019.34 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180201-122454.png)

Pretty wild

ed8846 No.244176

File: aeaec9d01ab8474⋯.png (777.53 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180201-122616.png)

A lot of eyes on this area lately

fba3a9 No.245984



I would be willing to bet these are likely just standard training excercises. Even if they weren't, how could you tell?

a68aba No.252563

4 apachee's lowflying in close formation along I-5 North of Portland/Vancouver, headed northbound.

93004b No.259960

File: 5458fe323ce6e43⋯.png (236.64 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot-2018-2-3 ADS-B ….png)

What would a USAF Spec Ops Command plane be doing over Columbia….?

looks like it might have taken off from Medellin.

93004b No.260031


I may have been wrong,transponder turned on shortly after flying over Medellin and now on the ground in Bogata

93004b No.270509

Anyone else having problems with ASD-B exchange? I haven't been able to get any flight data from it all afternoon. Almost like a blackout or my IP is blocked.

15c215 No.272426

Anonymous 6 minutes ago 7c3b8e No.272342>>272347 >>272351 >>272357 >>272380 >>272404


There's a riot in Philadelphia.

Local cops called

State cops

DHS called in

Marine Unit



8db0d1 No.272781


Plane crash just outside of the "black forest in Germany" again a plane and helicopter has collided one on a "training mission" https:// www.express.co.uk/news/world/908727/plane-crash-Philippsburg-Germany-helicopter-four-dead

could someone look into Registration details?

9fcc29 No.273429


Having trouble finding plane or copter ID's. Anybody can help?

23d97d No.279492

Is there a guide for newfags who want to be planefags?

ed8846 No.282503


That's my thought too really. Especially the squiggly one. First flight for pilot maybe.

c3b553 No.286743

Any one have time for a quick question

I assume the flashing lights on planes in the air are significant. What would something flying at very high altitude very fast with a single bright white flash every 30 seconds be?

30ffd5 No.286966


Google (or DuckDuckGo) ADS-B, also RTL-SDR. Learn.

8ee5a6 No.287943


>What would something flying at very high altitude very fast


>with a single bright white flash every 30 seconds be?

Flare (reflection of the sun) from flat surface on rotating object.

8ee5a6 No.287954

Were E-3s used near POTUS during his flight to the Republican retreat in WV, or only E-8s?

c3b553 No.290038

I’ve seen satellites and can identify them. This is new in the sky for my star gazing past three weeks or so. Not as high as satellite. Maybe I’ll try to get video of it and post thanks for the answer

fba3a9 No.306615

File: 7f6b7de08230a6d⋯.png (862.15 KB, 1688x1058, 844:529, ScreeShot_034.png)

E-4B Nightwatch over Ohio

32b9bc No.308924

MQ-9B drone up by the Minnesota / N. Dakota / Manitoba border, up @ 20,000 ft.

Run by DHS

32b9bc No.309554

File: a583e5390180f61⋯.png (236.32 KB, 1600x876, 400:219, Screenshot_2018-02-08_19-1….png)

Looks like the Marines are doing an in-flight refueling.

32b9bc No.309936

File: 731fc733fef46c7⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1600x876, 400:219, Screenshot_2018-02-08_20-0….png)

Drone circling Park River, ND. Wonder what they see?

0f216a No.314719

File: d935b3c2a73a3de⋯.jpeg (226.31 KB, 1530x2040, 3:4, 0ADA837F-DEDC-45CB-A21E-0….jpeg)

Just flew over Boston not normal

25e286 No.316275

Some interesting EAM activity this morning involving Skyking and "REGION ALPHA, REGION BRAVO, REGION CHARLIE" (their caps, not mine)

http:// eam.watch/log?page=1

76d7f2 No.319499


I've believe Irridium satellites behave like that.

http:// earthsky.org/space/i-saw-a-flash-in-the-night-sky-what-is-it

bd3709 No.374180

File: 70faddf3a1b56d6⋯.png (289.94 KB, 722x547, 722:547, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-02….png)

Just going to bump up this thread. There's lots of military up in the US today, could definitely use eyes and input. I'm a beginner planefag, so I don't know it all. I'm hoping some of the planes will spark some good discussion today (or any day, but tomorrow this thread might be on page 9 again.

Here's current view of the US.

bd3709 No.374240

File: 420f1dd0f68567d⋯.png (20.72 KB, 201x283, 201:283, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-02….png)

BURN headed down near Venezuela

0e9521 No.374299

File: 2cf73102293eab8⋯.png (298.53 KB, 805x401, 805:401, 2auerflt2.png)

File: dbb148771eead7e⋯.png (245.46 KB, 1024x544, 32:17, visionjet.png)

File: 530b7ba8f82dc24⋯.png (849.47 KB, 1678x930, 839:465, 2auermy.png)

Picked up the 2-AUER UK Military Cirrus Jet we've been following on its trip from DC, to Memphis, Dallas, New Orleans, St. Petersburg, Naples, and Philly. Somehow early this morning it made it from Philly to Frederick, then Manassas, back to Frederick, and it just landed in Manassas again. This is a UK military registered plane and it has been flying over the NSA conveniently this morning. Connected to the NSA "Attack"?

bd3709 No.374353

File: 72f5b80e01b3f24⋯.png (109.5 KB, 480x429, 160:143, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-02….png)

Interesting. MAGMA89 PEACH and SENTRY all up

bd3709 No.374381

File: 714060524662f29⋯.png (60.88 KB, 370x390, 37:39, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-02….png)

Anyone ever see this GTMO callsign before? Hmm

0e9521 No.374497

File: 8f7a0f4b07bdfe5⋯.png (400.92 KB, 1672x887, 1672:887, gtmo.png)

File: 170f17b116c4f38⋯.png (424.64 KB, 1670x887, 1670:887, GTMO341.png)


Yes, these shots were from January 8th of a GTMO callsign flight.

7af4fd No.374505

File: fbf4acefb1978ea⋯.jpg (823.26 KB, 1200x812, 300:203, 2-AUER.jpg)

File: 2ec6aace30f2c7c⋯.jpg (584.65 KB, 1600x1078, 800:539, 2-AUER sistership.jpg)


There's an image of it on airliners.net

I'm not a photoshopfag but those reg numbers look kind of like they've been photoshopfagged.

2nd image could be the bird they used to shop the 1st image?

7af4fd No.374511

File: fbf4acefb1978ea⋯.jpg (823.26 KB, 1200x812, 300:203, 2-AUER.jpg)

There's an image of it on airliners.net.

I'm not a photoshopfag but hat reg number looks like it could have been photshopfagged.

7af4fd No.374518

File: fbf4acefb1978ea⋯.jpg (823.26 KB, 1200x812, 300:203, 2-AUER.jpg)


There's an image of it on airliners.net.

I'm not a photoshopfag but hat reg number looks like it could have been photshopfagged.

0e9521 No.374545

File: 7d27c53bc468cbd⋯.png (1.43 MB, 957x541, 957:541, 2AUERmanip.png)


It does look off in the error level analysis.. if it is shopped then it is VERY well done because the masks are very tight but pretty sure it has been masked.

0e9521 No.376564

File: b9efef2e2d4f5a0⋯.png (437.04 KB, 1207x806, 1207:806, 2auerstuart.png)

The 2-AUER plane just so happened to have been in Stuart, FL overnight last night. Stuart is just 1 hour North of Parkland, FL where the shooting today occurred..

0e9521 No.376628


Not last night, Sunday night, but apparently Soros was in Naples at the same time so maybe this is him>?

259fd9 No.379696


Appears to be real no Photoshop

https:// flightaware.com/photos/view/8874108-f4deef8ee3056106a95d02cc7f5c6758046adae4>>374299

0e9521 No.379772

File: 6e4d1eba55c1776⋯.png (809.16 KB, 927x624, 309:208, 2auermodded.png)


Even that photo looks suspicious

bd3709 No.380694

File: 8bf5fece836091d⋯.png (204.11 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-02….png)

That Cobra Ball plane is back up again tonight. Guessing he's based outta Iowa.

2e648e No.381172


omgosh…. Songbird 'no say name here' sang when giving secrets to the enemy

2e648e No.381185

ooops sorry didn't mean to send that at you

bd3709 No.384735

File: bd4462d47782652⋯.png (91.14 KB, 187x258, 187:258, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-02….png)

And the Pakistani Air Force has entered the States…

0e9521 No.386244

File: 8507489925f5ebc⋯.png (779.01 KB, 1572x929, 1572:929, VENUS.png)

File: 696068de7f7734d⋯.png (583.66 KB, 1672x932, 418:233, VENUS94.png)

Three US VIP planes up at once… A C-37 Gulfstream and a C-32 757 are doing touch and go landings/takeoffs at Atlantic City airport… and a C-40 737 just did a big loop after taking off from Andrews. Training or testing flights maybe?

7af4fd No.386311

File: 788d2a1ceb6cd07⋯.jpg (204.2 KB, 1199x635, 1199:635, LANCR55.jpg)

LANCR55 working offshore between Jacksonville and Daytona.

fec3bc No.392483

Where's the other GITMO? Any plane traffic evidence to suggest the second prison, if GITMO is full?

7af4fd No.392506

File: 163a3d0d41dfc86⋯.jpg (276.35 KB, 1164x743, 1164:743, RONIN14.jpg)

RONIN14 popped up over Waco, TX

Last night there was a MC-12W over Austin but dropped out before I could screen shot it.

Task Force Odin has 12W's in their inventory.

5e75d2 No.394853

File: 2a7b217c9c0f425⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_4043.JPG)

Sheriff airbus n836sb missing for an hour

https:// www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/n836sb

142898 No.438745


That looks like a V22 Osprey

8a9b11 No.472274

2 news articles today involving Green Bay airport. 1 private plane crashed carrying 7, one of which was a very largecws dairy farm owner and a county board member. It crashed in indiana on the way to GB. Also a plane skidded off the runway landing in GB

5e9ee8 No.616101

Just a heads up anons. Luke AFB in Arizona will be having an airshow next weekend. Lots of military stuff in the sky. They're already practicing out there.

93004b No.618004

File: 1c5e35cdd04a4be⋯.png (209.05 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot-2018-3-10 ADS-B….png)

Has anyone ever figured these out. I occasionally see one on the opposite side of the globe N.E. of Australia as well.

222877 No.707999


V22 is for the marines is it not? There are a lot of sealed indictments in Mass.

1328df No.753002

Older Posts -

Planefags keep an eye out for F-18s in NZ… No.740096

Training? No.740150

need to know if AF or Navy… No.740173


NZ has no fighters. The "NZ Air Force" has been constantly reduced by successive governments to nothing more than some rubber band heli-chop-cops and a few helium filled party balloons. Maybe a cut-out balsa wood WWII plane or two lying around here or there but with no plasticine in stores to balance the noses they're pretty much useless too.

The NZ Air Force training manual is a photocopy of a photocopy of '100 ways to fold a paper plane'.

No joke.

My point is that military air traffic is so light here that ANYTHING flying from ANY branch of ANY military is of note.

Anything whatsoever!

503f1a No.754287

anyone around? can you look into anything unusual in the Randolph area?

1328df No.840116

File: 8fb8567d5cece24⋯.jpg (964.75 KB, 1125x713, 1125:713, Screenshot.jpg)

For the fist time two US F-16s are visiting along with a C-17 Globemaster.

Wanaka is a tad north of Queenstown, the alleged Southern Hemisphere bolthole of the Elites as it's already a playground for the rich and famous. NZ is on the Dylan Louis Monroe V.3092018 Q-Map as Doomsday Preps as the bottom left.

Warbirds Over Wanaka





RNZAF's Boeing 757 returns to Warbirds Over Wanaka after 12 years



The RNZAF is making a significant contribution this Easter's airshow with at least one example of each of their aircraft type on display, except the P-3K Orion.

The air force will also bring down its Harvard T-6 to join with 12 other Harvards in the Marsh Harvard Salute.

Taylor said the United States Air Force had created "a huge buzz" by confirming they are bringing the F-16 Fighting Falcon Jets for the first time, along with their C-17 Globemaster III demonstration team.

The Royal Australia Air Force's Spartan transport aircraft will make its Wanaka debut along with the Australian Hawk jets.

The French Air Force is returning with its CASA transport aircraft.

F-16 takes flight as pilots prepare for Warbirds over Wanaka



US Airforce F-16 pilot Richard Smeeding looking forward to Warbirds Over Wanaka



Note: I posted this earlier this month -

Planefags - Hussein in NZ Anonymous 03/22/18 (Thu) 21:03:12 1328df No.753002


227ab8 No.934329


Any planefags have a Flight Ware subscription to get historical data?

If this security cameras video is of Epsteins island, the timestamp on the video appears to be July 2013.

Can someone pull historical records for that month of flights into Cyril E. King airport in St. Thomas? IIRC that's closest to Little St. James (Epsteins island).

Curious if his plane, or anyone else interesting, came through.

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