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File: 377453aab91d70a⋯.jpg (9.5 KB, 255x143, 255:143, q research.jpg)

51a755  No.6584151

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Thursday 05.23.2019

>>6574269 ————————————–——– Why did POTUS give authority to Barr?

>>6573322 ————————————–——– Enjoy the Show

>>6573291 ————————————–——– FisaGate Poster

>>6572954 rt >>6572883 -————————– Moves & countermoves.

>>6572842 rt >>6572785 -————————– Repost of Crumb #1745

>>6572698 rt >>6572656 -————————– UK/AUS assist/set up

>>6572667 rt >>6572364 -————————– Key to DNC 'source' 'hack' '187'.

>>6572484 rt >>6572267 -————————– Carter Page 'public' FISA.

>>6572270 rt >>6572140 -————————– Foreign assist underway w/ DOJ.

>>6572190 rt >>6572130 -————————– Follow the Watch

>>6572005 ————————————–——– Important to Remember

>>6571844 ————————————–——– PANIC IN DC

Sunday 05.12.2019

>>6482822 rt >>6482812 -————————– Boom time baker (Comey MOAB meme) (Cap: >>6500105)

>>6482810 ————————————–——– NO SLEEP IN DC

>>6482617 ————————————–——– Eyes on (Cap: >>6482670)

>>6482574 ————————————–——– BOOM WEEK AHEAD

Thursday 05.02.2019

>>6392995 ————————————–——– May, 2019 – 'kick-off' 'start' 'offense' (Vid: >>6393054 )

Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Q's Trip-code: Q !!mG7VJxZNCI

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>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

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Global Board Admin Announcements

>>6560164 BO creates a backup for QRV

>>6551371 Voat admin threatens to deplatform QRV

>>6446595 BO on baker checks and BV removed >>6477078

>>6385109 Do not add Q's posts WITHOUT a tripcode

>>6508856 Please no JPEGs (new: conversion apps)


are not endorsements

#8418 baker change

>>6583441 Operation Blackwrist rescues 50 children from pedophile ring

>>6583465 Two Sacramento Valley residents arrested in multi-state opiate bust

>>6583467, >>6583810, >>6583896 Jon Voight: To my fellow Americans

>>6583479 CNN blasts FB for spreading false info (pot calling kettle)

>>6583528 Videos every normie & anons should see – enjoy this weekend!

>>6583529 Op. Charlemagne/Silent Ones/EyePyramid: Italy framed Trump/Spygate/Qanon/GA? DIGG anons

>>6583536 Coats said "must review DECLAS" in Sept '18 before releasing; will Barr now take the heat?

>>6583577, >>6583609 Watch the water? Excessive rains causing flooding in many part of the US this week

>>6583664 Trump attacks MIC & calls for infrastructure investments in Middle East

>>6583706 Former UK PM David Cameron on May's resignation

>>6583714 Up to 350 terrorists killed by Syrian army while repelling attacks in Hama governorate (Tass)

>>6583733 POTUS to start state visit to Japan for audience with new emperor

>>6583741,>>6583881 Int'l trafficking ring: 9 people arrested in Thailand, Australia & U.S. & 50 children rescued

>>6583763 Indy 500 to offer measles vaccines

>>6583784 Anon debunks anti-semitic conspiracy theories

>>6583716 First American Financial Corp. Leaked Hundreds of Millions of Title Insurance Records

>>6583820, >>6583824 Resignations in the news today

>>6583799 No moar Rolling Thunder Ride

>>6583890 Dan Coats DIGG, con't.

>>6584140 #8418


>>6583358 Anon theory on Trump baiting [them] to use "The Hammer"

>>6583241 Assange's mother and Bernie Sanders' tweets on Julian

>>6583178 2012: Donald Trump on Obama had said he was born in Kenya

>>6583150 Nadler’s position on the FISA wiretapping legislation

>>6583030 , >>6583027, >>6583141 Federal judge partially blocks border wall plan

>>6583009 Past Q Post of POTUS flying over Alaska

>>6582905 US startup accuses Huawei exec of involvement in trade-secrets theft

>>6582900 , >>6582791, >>6582810 POTUS' schedule and trip updates

>>6582888 , >>6583100, >>6583112 Trump calls for invest. into UK & Aus in 'Russia hoax'

>>6582864 POTUS asks Citizenship and Immigration Services head to quit

>>6582815 Nail bomb explosion injures 13 in Lyon

>>6582763 SK orders further arrests at Samsung over accounting scandal

>>6582760 Schiff's declas hypocricy graphic

>>6582735 Samantha Power’s unmasking linked to Hussein’s deep hatred of Israel?

>>6582732 , >>6583108 Giuliani meets with former Ukrainian diplomat to get info on Dems

>>6582717 More high profile NXIVM connections. Dig call

>>6582714 CNN highlight the ability to make 'fake videos' again

>>6582703 Clock Update - Reread crumbs

>>6582701 , >>6582707 Federal judge partially blocks funding for Trump's border wall

>>6582698 Weinstein reaches a tentative deal with accusers (BBC)

>>6582694 , >>6582737 Layoffs continue @ CNN, almost an entire division laid off

>>6582692 The Great Awakening - New cover releases

>>6583383 #8417

Previously Collected Notables

>>6582616 #8416

>>6580257 #8413, >>6581059 #8414, >>6581808 #8415

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File: 57090404764ee98⋯.jpg (18.46 KB, 144x119, 144:119, baker2 smallest.jpg)



f122b6  No.6584174

the power of Q repels you

e54b04  No.6584175

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Jewish Ritual Understanding Blood Libel

How and Why Jews Have Sacrificed Non-Jewish Children as Part of Their Religion


Jewish Blood Libel is Alive and Well


Egyptian newspaper claims Jews capture, torture and murder non-Jewish children, then make pies with their blood


The "Blood Libel" (The Damascus Affair)


Two more babies stricken with herpes after ritual ultra-orthodox Jewish oral blood sucking circumcision in New York City


New York City reaches agreement with mohels over circumcision involving 'oral suction'


e54b04  No.6584177

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - Full documentary

(It's a video, click it.)




Truth is not hate or racist. Facts are not hate or racist.

A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and torture, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion. None of this information is shared in hate, only to help spread awareness. Even thought they do vile things to our children, I share nothing with hate.

If you lurk long enough you will notice it's always the same attacks and attackers to this and the other posts. None of them dispute the information. They can't because they know it's the truth.

Also, my name isn't "Doug Stewart" or "Travis" and I have no affiliation with JIDF or the ADL. Or the MAGA Coalition. I am also not jewish nor satanist/luciferian.


If these posts aren't being posted it's because I have something else to do.

The only people that complain when someone is sharing the truth, are the ones with something to hide.

Learning the truth about (((the "jews"))) is not racist nor does it make you a "white supremisit" these are more trigger words to keep you from discovering the truth.

When they can’t attack the information provided, they attack the messenger.

Define ‘deflection’.

Logical thinking.

Shill count HIGH.


What we are currently experiencing is known as:


Definition of Armageddon

1a : the site or time of a final and conclusive battle between the forces of good and evil

b : the battle taking place at Armageddon

2 : a usually vast decisive conflict or confrontation


51a755  No.6584178


impressive drop

816ff5  No.6584179

File: 92196b0a1aa1307⋯.jpg (192.24 KB, 1594x1440, 797:720, _20190525_000252.JPG)

C comes before D

Calm before Destruction

e54b04  No.6584182

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonalds is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us jews we gotta do what we do."

Shills will call it a hoax like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out and all you have to do is be paying attention to see it.

Human Meat Found in McDonald’s Meat Factory


New poll: Americans’ support for Israel falls to lowest point in a decade


e54b04  No.6584184

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

It lays out (((their))) entire game plan and CLEARLY corresponds with world events.

816ff5  No.6584185

File: 6283075d9047bcb⋯.jpg (287.59 KB, 1440x1833, 480:611, _20190525_002852.JPG)


e54b04  No.6584186

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





100% Proof the Jewish Talmud Approves Pedophilia!

e54b04  No.6584191

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






Zionist Jews Admit That Mass Immigration Is #1 On Their Agenda

636e0d  No.6584193

File: ad4e4a329592179⋯.png (7.56 MB, 5000x2070, 500:207, Proof to begin 11.3.png)

Proof to begin 11.3?

Was Q Post #523 about 5/23 DECLAS?


Q posted #523 "CHECKMATE".

Date of post #523 = Jan 13th = 1.13.

If 1.13 is a mirror for 11.3, then…

What if the 1.13 posts are 11.3 [window]?

Post #523 through #536 all on Jan 13th.

= May 23rd through Jun 5th [window].

Window for what? Proof leading to what?

Arrest announcement of Podesta?

Sometime in 1.13 post [window].

Best trolling = Memorial Day.

Best timing = June 5th.

Arrest is actionable 11.4.

Does that mean 3 posts from Jan 14th?

[Window] for 11.4 = Jun 6-8th.

Best trolling = June 6th D-Day.

Then Huma? Then Suicides?

Kids safely out of school for summer?

Assange provisional arrest 4.11.

60 days for extradition process.

Earliest release = 6.11




Or not.

e54b04  No.6584198

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.







PM Bibi Netanyahu Boasts about the Israeli NSA Unit 8200 "Israel is the Second Eye of Five Eyes"

173013  No.6584204

File: 2c94c8fb9672605⋯.jpeg (80.3 KB, 828x529, 36:23, 68964659-CFA9-4CD7-A9F4-E….jpeg)

File: be3ed8d8987dff1⋯.jpeg (339.48 KB, 828x1200, 69:100, D4C51BAD-05E6-4A38-9482-4….jpeg)

File: b707598e1ad1207⋯.jpeg (156.32 KB, 828x538, 414:269, C5694634-70B7-41C2-9572-D….jpeg)

File: 1b1cda02ccf7376⋯.jpeg (148.87 KB, 828x1232, 207:308, 2059ABF8-6BD6-43EE-8DD9-E….jpeg)

The Cabal is fucked.


e54b04  No.6584208

File: 7071586ab1ce585⋯.png (1.62 MB, 2790x9886, 1395:4943, oprotocols_full.png)








Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion Full Text

816ff5  No.6584210

File: 9c7535d78a31672⋯.jpg (102.09 KB, 1440x1570, 144:157, _20190525_000908.JPG)

File: 0d39bb43e67b40b⋯.jpg (229.71 KB, 2348x1187, 2348:1187, _20190525_003848.JPG)

get something fresh…you're sh!t is stale

177300  No.6584211

File: 01d0269aa964b98⋯.jpg (54.5 KB, 472x491, 472:491, Abe&Don.JPG)

The most transparent president..

I have friends that are for trump

but hate his tweets..

I love his tweets we know what hes thinking and what he is doing… unlike Obama

shout out to this meme maker

56be0f  No.6584214

File: e32e0b64f1b7f02⋯.jpg (13.96 KB, 255x170, 3:2, memebetter.com-20190524132….jpg)

File: 7e9c1d9ecf20796⋯.jpg (13.81 KB, 255x170, 3:2, memebetter.com-20190524133….jpg)

e54b04  No.6584216

File: 89c64b0586e1cf4⋯.jpg (34.53 KB, 892x860, 223:215, 6_millie.jpg)

File: 0355f03c9946562⋯.jpg (79.31 KB, 450x381, 150:127, 0355f03c9946562ceb8f219ea8….jpg)

File: 97cf90d8e4baff6⋯.jpg (389.17 KB, 640x501, 640:501, cant_quit_you.jpg)

File: 0d0d4ab06ae9c80⋯.jpg (198.54 KB, 726x436, 363:218, muh-holocaust.jpg)

File: 8a09c7d7195fe94⋯.jpg (56.77 KB, 700x700, 1:1, quack.jpg)









https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/ https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/ https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/ https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/

67c866  No.6584220

File: f6acc97c828839d⋯.jpg (22.81 KB, 485x340, 97:68, feinstein-min.jpg)

State Department: We didn't OK Feinstein's meeting with Iranian minister

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s recent dinner with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, the California lawmaker’s office declared the meeting was “arranged in consultation with the State Department.

But a State Department official told the newsletter that’s not true.

a bit unusual that Feinstein, the former chair and vice chair of the Intelligence Committee and a member of the Senate minority, is dining with the foreign minister of an adversary.



e54b04  No.6584221

File: 45bf46c76b13dcd⋯.png (201.14 KB, 640x446, 320:223, BLOOD PASSOVER - demonic o….PNG)

File: 56dac608784e8d9⋯.png (815.44 KB, 1332x869, 1332:869, BLOOD PASSOVER - demonic o….PNG)

File: ac2ffcdd91e02fa⋯.jpg (176.19 KB, 720x984, 30:41, blood.jpg)

File: 651aac94ae6582b⋯.jpg (102.57 KB, 550x550, 1:1, blood_libel.jpg)

File: 69f467379e886ea⋯.jpg (75.1 KB, 474x474, 1:1, brag.jpg)

2cb87f  No.6584222

File: 6020cde3f537336⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1088x814, 544:407, Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at ….png)

File: 55836b12a1b3c05⋯.png (172.29 KB, 770x1470, 11:21, Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at ….png)

File: fd4abe472ce6a3e⋯.png (159.37 KB, 766x1094, 383:547, Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at ….png)

Happy Memorial Day weekend POTUS, Q team, anons!!!

If anons haven't read this I recommend, brings a another huge element to the layers of foreign involvement on the ObamaSpy ring to Frame our dear POTUS.

'We are the News'

who are 'The Silent Ones' Q post #97? Surprisingly anons missed this dig back on November 5, 2017

Digs on 'The Silent Ones' to back up Neon's dig and contact Giulio Occhionero. I think he's latched onto something here that peels off another layer of this proverbial onion.

Operation Charlemagne, The Silent Ones, and EyePyramid. Italy’s role in Framing Trump! #Spygate #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

May 24, 2019 by Neon Revolt

And a question…

Who are the Silent Ones?

Turns out, QAnon had mentioned them before, all the way back in the early days, at Qdrop #97.

To this date, Q would not bring up the term again. This is the only time it ever appeared in his drops. And at the time, no one had any clue what it meant.

And when I say no one, I mean literally no one. Anons largely just… skimmed by this phrase – myself included. Go back and run a search on the term on all the old research threads and you’ll find next to nothing… and I think for good reason…

The term wasn’t public yet.

Even today, trying to search for the term won’t yield much. You might find a few scattered tweets if you’re lucky, but even then, you’ll still be left in the dark as to who or what #theSilentOnes are.

But after seeing this particular tweet, I had to know. If this account was tweeting about The Silent Ones in relation to #Spygate… and Q had mentioned “The Silent Ones” all the way back in 2017… I suddenly needed answers.

Not least of which, because this just happened:….

So essentially, what this all boils down it, was an omerta formed between “The Silent Ones” to guard their criminal conspiracy; a criminal conspiracy which reached to the highest echelons of both the American and Italian government, and had as its goal the framing Trump by planting classified US government documents from Hillary’s servers onto servers located on American soil, in order to oust him from office.

But if you think that’s all, you’d be wrong. Occhionero would go on to drop this bombshell on twitter today:….


e54b04  No.6584223

File: bbc4b9ae059e17b⋯.jpg (70.14 KB, 730x481, 730:481, henny.jpg)

File: 2578d830a71c575⋯.png (495.76 KB, 1788x984, 149:82, henny_white_enemy.png)

File: a7d82b63095b896⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1788x1080, 149:90, _01.jpg)

File: bcd7b4ceb10f39e⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 1655x1080, 331:216, _02.jpg)

File: cfc1d1921e5ad16⋯.jpg (179.84 KB, 393x912, 131:304, (((they))).jpg)

8bfc0d  No.6584225

File: a3a60350adca194⋯.jpg (11.22 KB, 195x255, 13:17, gunsNBoobs.jpg)


Tanks Bakes

177300  No.6584227


Trumps been mentioning Lincoln alot – Lincoln's bedroom

da7003  No.6584228

File: 55508a7dccff382⋯.png (713.11 KB, 509x489, 509:489, pepe never give up dd 1.PNG)

6fb767  No.6584229

File: f071391ba7a3a9a⋯.png (66.63 KB, 734x440, 367:220, Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at ….png)

File: d13f88b02ed5f89⋯.png (104.74 KB, 756x462, 18:11, Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at ….png)

File: 88ae1d14a09562f⋯.png (467.24 KB, 2224x1192, 278:149, Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at ….png)

File: e79be0ce27869e0⋯.png (286 KB, 1466x910, 733:455, Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at ….png)

File: efada3ad5b2aa4d⋯.png (950.18 KB, 1236x1542, 206:257, Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at ….png)

>>6584130 (lb)

don't forget

PAIN was the declassification authorization given to barr

P = 16

A = 1

I = 9

N = 14

16 + 1 9+14

17 23





e29aea  No.6584230

File: 9bff0eb6d86b239⋯.jpg (410.07 KB, 1071x816, 21:16, 113ff3d53ad7edd.jpg)

File: 113ff3d53ad7ed4⋯.jpg (190.62 KB, 1024x749, 1024:749, 113ff3d53ad7eddd.jpg)

File: 8a9147385e04297⋯.jpg (106.25 KB, 534x307, 534:307, 337ea5137718aa.jpg)

File: 337ea5137718aa2⋯.png (774.98 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 337ea5137718aa.png)

File: b78cc7ffc3a64a2⋯.png (330.75 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 337ea5137718aaa.png)

8e69bf  No.6584231

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

So this is crazy.

bbd179  No.6584232


These fuckers are banging with Thauce

9b41a0  No.6584233

File: a45d678fcf82cb5⋯.png (850.76 KB, 571x800, 571:800, DJT-ALL AMERICAN Q45_small.png)

File: 9e328c673c7264e⋯.png (943.84 KB, 800x698, 400:349, DJT-ALL-AMERICAN.png)

File: b957c40512f43a5⋯.gif (781.09 KB, 500x700, 5:7, DJT-ALL-AMERICAN-Q45.gif)

1bcdd7  No.6584234

File: 023cff0db124365⋯.jpg (140.88 KB, 847x642, 847:642, snopes jk zarif.JPG)


Gang of Eight

Gang of Eight

Gang of Eight

e29aea  No.6584235

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


"Anti-semitic, its a trick we always use it"

8bfc0d  No.6584236

File: e701bcbfdd63484⋯.jpg (9.37 KB, 255x144, 85:48, reaperGraveyard.jpg)

2b09a4  No.6584237

File: 050332e73704ee3⋯.jpg (538.27 KB, 1079x1472, 1079:1472, Screenshot_20190524-234206….jpg)


While everyone is laughing at A O C's dumb gardening video… its comms. These 2 things go together.

b4f5e0  No.6584238


Neon Revolt sounds like the name of a gay bar.

e29aea  No.6584239

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



"Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories" Censored w/ A.I. Algorithms says ADL

3f2ffd  No.6584240

THEY spin the Son.

give ONE emotional reaction by YOUR GOD?



little dip here, a little dip there :)




P.S. Bu-BUT Daniel will DECEIVE US!!!!!!

P.S.S. Yer fucking SPOT ON I will :)

224e8c  No.6584241


What if there was a place where no-one could/would/should go?

What could you hide there?

What could you do there?


Maurice Vidal Portman.

Portman, the black sheep third son of some minor noble, was assigned by the English Royal Navy to administer and pacify the Andaman Islands, a job he pursued from 1880-1900 with the full measure of his own perversity. During his 20 years in a sexualized heart of darkness, Portman measured and cataloged every inch of his prisoner’s bodies, with an obsessive focus on genitals.


When you look down on North Sentinel Island in the Bay of Bengal, all you can make out is the wreck of the Primrose, still stuck on the reef where it ran aground in 1981. You can't see the Sentinelese, their dwellings, or anything else that might shed light on how many people there are on the island, or how they live their lives. The dense jungle canopy that covers every inch of the island except the beaches conceals everything: Even when viewed from outer space, the Sentinelese remain free from prying eyes.




Deep Secrets are held there.

caf5f4  No.6584242

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Anomaly: Tornado warning in California

7a7812  No.6584243

File: 2ed1459f1593d35⋯.png (260.26 KB, 908x541, 908:541, Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at ….png)



0ee04c  No.6584244


it's like she thinks she still has moves to make…

51a755  No.6584245


Any lurking bakers want to start off this bread?

If you can't stay for a whole bake, just plan on launching the bread…..get to 300 or moar, the ask for handoff by baker, notable-taker or baker-faker (first-time baker).

If no takers, just announce a Ghost Bake (a few minutes prior to leaving), and declare a Ghost Bake when you go (along with the current pastebin, even if unchanged, helps next baker). Easy-peasy.

Comfy way to ease into baking, espec. if you have kinda funky equipment or other limitations that would make a fast baker difficult. Question???

bbd179  No.6584246


Typhoid Mary has so much duress in homo resignation homo resignation impeachment

21a563  No.6584248

File: 287ff29f823da5d⋯.png (233.88 KB, 597x652, 597:652, magamagakitty.png)

275da9  No.6584249

File: 2c7bdab59f3fa9b⋯.png (130.28 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 6E7E8257-6B02-4EC7-9547-05….png)

1bcdd7  No.6584250


it's at the airport

next to

"International Norm's"

eca50d  No.6584251

BO/BVs, what’s the history like of this baker? It seems like the “anti-Semitic conspiracy theories debunked” notable is just another part of all of this shilling going on.

aecc04  No.6584252

File: 4de166f0a41507c⋯.jpeg (273.2 KB, 1440x951, 480:317, over_a_cliff.jpeg)

File: b912ae1b8bb6c80⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1691x938, 1691:938, PANIC.png)

bbd179  No.6584253


God says your a faggot with child support and a cocaine problem

fcdd35  No.6584254

File: c0273df530c5fe8⋯.png (2.26 MB, 961x1382, 961:1382, luckynads.png)

File: e0ae8e7ef6b92cc⋯.png (4.56 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, lakeofire3.png)

File: 40080a14f5f99e4⋯.jpg (214.09 KB, 1024x748, 256:187, sevens.jpg)

File: d6097be315faa84⋯.png (4.07 MB, 2008x1376, 251:172, neuvième_cercle_de_lenfer.png)

981e45  No.6584255

MagaRiot shill here every time before FF.

da7003  No.6584256

File: e5dcaf17935ef21⋯.png (1.69 MB, 954x621, 106:69, POTUS FLOTUS HE Leadership.PNG)

blank for captions

51a755  No.6584257


Nice anon, grabbed for notes. (But I'm still laughing.)

67c866  No.6584258

7a7812  No.6584259

File: 7c2b03ed390e2ac⋯.png (97.84 KB, 410x353, 410:353, Pepe Hook.png)

So IF FLOTUS's dress implied "watch CA" and,

IF POTUS is headed to Japan for the gold

then is the gold headed to a CA port soon?

(Sauce: today's breads.)

Manana, y'all.

Anon is pooped.

151cd3  No.6584260

File: ee93dc590733af8⋯.png (465.98 KB, 780x705, 52:47, 2019-05-25_0-02-08.png)

File: 0b0bf6def68a115⋯.png (210.2 KB, 462x561, 14:17, 2019-05-25_0-03-35.png)

Q Fever - it's a real thing! It infects sheep and people. You get it from a pile of shit. [More than one interpretation of that!] Probably also from fucking a sheep or goat. Oh, the memes!

Per the CDC, "[Coxiella] burnetii has been previously weaponized for use in biological warfare and is considered a potential terrorist threat." Wonder how prevalent it is in the Middle East?

Top kek!



a2ba59  No.6584261

File: f4978da22f0b2cf⋯.jpeg (319.39 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 9574B1B6-B5CC-4DC4-8937-E….jpeg)

>>6584199 (pb)

As seriously deranged as AOC is, since the Yucca is the WORST plant ever to quickly and easily consume, I still need some help photofagging her in a blinking picking this fruit.

2cb87f  No.6584262

File: 5a614ed590edb28⋯.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1522x1536, 761:768, 339E3324-D898-4D45-AB2C-E….jpeg)


Shasta Lake at 97%

Largest in CA

5722e3  No.6584263


Who the fuck is Mary?

dd2dc7  No.6584264

For those who have not read this yet, THIS is the full story of how Mike Rogers saved this Republic. This was not about Trump. This started many years ago with The Obama Administration spying. Mike Rogers ENDED it. This is what declass will reveal. Read it and know the chronology inside and out.


8bfc0d  No.6584265

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

73d7db  No.6584266

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Keyword: Yucca


AOC says growing cauliflower is 'colonial' as she insists community gardens central to her Green New Deal should be used to grow 'culturally significant' plants like yucca

5722e3  No.6584267


Does DECLAS mean Barr can ask the IC who Q is?

bbd179  No.6584268

File: 99149e27b6846dd⋯.jpg (77.3 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_8176.JPG)

3e4cee  No.6584269

File: 86764e349ea399c⋯.jpeg (325.56 KB, 1505x1129, 1505:1129, 1ACD77F3-2749-48E5-B92E-1….jpeg)

>>6583816 (pb)

>DC Democrats have lost Western values

>>6583854 (pb)

>Why is everyone afraid to just say what

>they are? Communists…Bolsheviks to be more accurate.

How about “Free Will Deniers”?

In the past century alone, 10’s of millions were put to death in the name of the god known as “the State” by the use of mind control. For example, Mao, Hitler & Stalin didn’t kill millions with their bare hands. These “authorities” and their minions convinced millions of otherwise normal people that they had no “free will” and that they must follow orders to kill innocent people.

Contrary to the popular secular argument, the common denominator in all genocide is not which transcendent entity that was worshiped by the collective populous, but rather a belief system that subjugates the mind and voice of the individual, who when confronted with the Truth is compelled by his/her conscience to stand up and shout “NO!”

Indeed, there is strong empirical evidence demonstrating that efforts to induce disbelief in “free will” increases cheating (1), aggression (2), racial prejudice (3) and conformity (4), while decreasing helping behavior (2), self-control (5,6), gratitude (7) and sound judgment (8).

These are precisely the characteristics of a populous that authoritarian governments seek to create and control. It is a historical fact that communist totalitarian countries, for example, controlled all aspects of the personal lives of their people. Even the nonviolent forms of communism gradually and continually expanded government power, increasing control over social life and eventually moving toward a centralized authoritarian system.

Communist governments monopolize social resources, including the economy, education, and the media. Thus, everything must be carried out by following the instructions of communist state leaders, and their methods of rule are based on lies, evil, and violence. Those who try to follow their conscience and incline toward goodness end up violating the state’s ideology and become the victims of mass genocide.

But, this is true of all authoritarian governments regardless of the masks they wear, be it the theocratic (e.g. ISIS) or even the technocratic indoctrination being forced upon Western culture today as evidenced by all the subtle and deceptive efforts underway to convince the public that free will is just an illusion.


1. Vohs, K. D., & Schooler, J. W. (2008). The value of believing in free will: Encouraging a belief in determinism increases cheating. Psychological Science, 19, 49–54.

2. Baumeister, R. F., Masicampo, E. J., & DeWall, C. N. (2009). Prosocial benefits of feeling free: Disbelief in free will increases aggression and reduces helpfulness. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 35, 260–268.

3. Zhao X, Liu L, Zhang X-x, Shi J-x, Huang Z-w (2014) The Effect of Belief in Free Will on Prejudice. PLoS ONE 9(3): e91572.

4. Alquist, J. L., Ainsworth, S. E., & Baumeister, R. F. (2013). Determined to conform: Disbelief in free will increases conformity. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 49, 80–86.

5. Rigoni, D., Kuhn, S., Gaudino, G., Sartori, G., & Brass, M. (2012). Reducing self-control by weakening belief in free will. Consciousness and Condition, 21, 1482–1490.

6. Rigoni, D., Kuhn, S., Sartori, G., & Brass, M. (2011). Inducing disbelief in free will alters brain correlates of preconscious motor preparation: The brain minds whether we believe in free will or not. Psychological Science, 22(5), 613–618.

7. MacKenzie, M.J., K.D. Vohs, and R.F. Baumeister, (2014) You Didn't Have to Do That: Belief in Free Will Promotes Gratitude. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 40(11): p. ‪1423-1434‬.

8. Rigoni, D., Wilquin, H., Brass, M., & Burle, B. (2013). When errors do not matter: Weakening belief in intentional control impairs cognitive reaction to errors. Cognition, 127, 264–269.

0b4bc8  No.6584270

File: 4586353ef8fd164⋯.png (548.33 KB, 603x620, 603:620, RainbuttsEnd.png)


2cb87f  No.6584271

File: c7d8be011546307⋯.png (1.1 MB, 2048x1098, 1024:549, D99929E3-F916-4BF2-AAD5-DF….png)

File: 5bc3198e812b7c3⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1522x1536, 761:768, 3F4AFA38-01B2-418D-874A-DA….png)

File: a6152268cb94e61⋯.png (537.3 KB, 1590x1383, 530:461, 07BB78AB-46FD-4B7E-BA06-9D….png)



275da9  No.6584272


Operators never divulge.

da69a8  No.6584273


That is because Lake Shasta is Federal water not state water.

816ff5  No.6584274


Jesus wept

8bfc0d  No.6584275

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

21a563  No.6584276

File: 86b5398f21e1c72⋯.png (73.71 KB, 1001x386, 1001:386, anon-2the_great.png)

aa1eea  No.6584277

File: 096476d3334148b⋯.jpeg (278.14 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 35A4A66C-7A8E-46B0-9CF7-0….jpeg)

Enlightened Anon from previous bread

“Anon made this declaration 14 months ago and will make it again:

Every single thing in this life has brought me to this place.

Uncanny. Incomprehensible. Every obsession. Every hobby. Every oddball educator. Both parents. All grandparents. Even the bloodline.

How in the world does something like this happen? But Shadilay. Wouldn't trade it for anything.”


That’s A+ analysis, anon. Based on the responses you received, many of us are in the same strike zone.

I, too, have been analyzing my life and the sequence of events leading up to the Great Awakening.

I was analytical as a kid. Lego pieces, baseball cards, sports, etc. My dad brought me to action movies: Rambo, Rocky, Terminator and so on. Today when I go to family events people often tell me I was very observant growing up. Entered the military. Learned the meaning of God, Family, Country. Experienced the real world. Got out, did college, learned business [fake] world.

Been artistic and opinionated throughout.

If this thing is what I think it is, my story is not so unusual after all. I am extremely comfortable in this environment. Whether it be conflict or during times of peace, I can’t get enough of this, and as we mature as a “thing” (because I don’t want to call it anything else) we get more efficient and effective.

AND I MEAN THAT IN A VERY UNIQUE SENSE. Wide open lanes of information - we navigate them the best. Articulation, graphical representations, humor, motivational speeches and so forth. We are FREE THINKERS. Not the first, but we represent the resurgence. The eyes and ears of a GLOBAL revolution. Scouts. Recon. influential history teachers (and verifiers).

We’ve been given something VERY special, and for a VERY special reason. I am honored to be here with those who are [GOOD].


f1febf  No.6584278

File: 86a1640853e6ae4⋯.jpg (133.08 KB, 961x1200, 961:1200, vt8ficetj5031.jpg)

Thank you, Baker!

da7003  No.6584279

File: 2d28c04d6db02b6⋯.png (404.73 KB, 600x800, 3:4, pepe popcorn overload.png)


>then is the gold headed to a CA port soon?

mebby Long Beach….

night anon

16cee3  No.6584280

File: 780a7e431af8c8c⋯.gif (1.48 MB, 500x341, 500:341, IMG_0435.GIF)


21a563  No.6584281

File: 026c269fcd04502⋯.png (66.71 KB, 1031x223, 1031:223, anon_beginning.png)

d08333  No.6584282

File: 6180c70e556010f⋯.jpg (120.41 KB, 662x372, 331:186, Night Shift Prayer Cross.jpg)

File: c0ccdb151ad74f3⋯.jpg (77.22 KB, 461x452, 461:452, Cross in Deep Space Night ….jpg)

File: 73ed7b39487a7a2⋯.jpg (147.22 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Dig Meme Pray Hope Dont Wo….jpg)


f1febf  No.6584283

I could see Twitter surviving the coming storm and becoming fair. Google and Facebook need to be put in their place though.

8bfc0d  No.6584284

File: 5a4153d3cc60b04⋯.gif (988.58 KB, 250x156, 125:78, jesWept.gif)

bbd179  No.6584285

File: e242bdd75bc3f3f⋯.jpg (164.07 KB, 798x960, 133:160, IMG_8127.JPG)

ed9d4a  No.6584286


mmm wadermeon

cf88af  No.6584287

File: b56be354f9979a2⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1021x733, 1021:733, 9BCE2CC3-1E53-4810-A06E-D8….png)

File: 2ecc085c0635b21⋯.jpeg (316.46 KB, 1600x1008, 100:63, 0DC95103-0F2D-4D1B-A6E1-0….jpeg)

File: ea6f2808d169066⋯.jpeg (219.27 KB, 1267x612, 1267:612, 4CD07A99-C560-44A8-8BC6-D….jpeg)

File: dc572a91d02a79e⋯.jpeg (805 KB, 1599x1008, 533:336, 964FAFA6-6C40-4EB2-82FC-F….jpeg)

3f2ffd  No.6584288


the Son.

here the pope… KEKKEK KEK?



da69a8  No.6584289


Clinton gave the Chinese our deep water port of Long beach. We used to have a Naval shipyard there.

2cb87f  No.6584290

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bbd179  No.6584291



Right angels

Might have doors and windows

How civil

51a755  No.6584292

File: e1ed77962fd11b4⋯.jpg (10.07 KB, 225x225, 1:1, smiley face girl.jpg)


What, don't have the balls to ask me directly, anon? What do you want to know? Whether I'm against anti-Semitic spamming at the top of EVERY SINGLE BREAD and welcome anons' discussions of that spam? The answer is yes. Let's talk about it and what it means.

In fact, if any spam were to appear over and over again, most would consider it objectionable. It's not information when you force it down peoples' throats or seek to use it to discredit QResearch. And don't pretend not to know what I'm talking about. I can cite you hundreds of articles on what MSM says about this board ("muh white supremacists").

Q team is not against any ethnic group, etc. We deal in facts, not propaganda.

Have a nice day!

ecda1b  No.6584293

File: c356070c657790a⋯.png (101.9 KB, 1007x640, 1007:640, Screenshot_2019-05-25 CAP ….png)


EVER LOVELY is enroute to Long Beach from Tokyo, ETA 3 June @ 14:30 Local

6691e1  No.6584294

File: 5774413ef6963e0⋯.png (77.16 KB, 797x256, 797:256, Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at ….png)

File: 44c34e81ca5fb6f⋯.png (88.53 KB, 775x276, 775:276, Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at ….png)

>>6584011 (lb)

>Yucca Mountain


Odd comment re: brothel…

Spoopy & tunnel/trainy

2cb87f  No.6584295


“Contempt prior to examination is an intellectual vice, from which the greatest faculties of mind are not free.”

-William Paley

73d7db  No.6584296


I wonder if subs were armed there.

7a7812  No.6584297

da7003  No.6584298

File: 138f62109b7e88e⋯.jpg (12.88 KB, 300x250, 6:5, pepe chinese.jpg)

China's top banking regulator says yuan bears will suffer 'heavy losses'

BEIJING (Reuters) - China’s banking and insurance regulator on Saturday said it did not expect a persistent decline in the yuan and warned speculative short sellers they would suffer “heavy losses” if they bet against the currency.

The yuan has lost more than 2.5% against the dollar since the festering China-U.S. trade dispute intensified earlier this month. It is now less than a tenth of a yuan away from the 7-per-dollar level authorities have in the past indicated as a floor.

“Short-term fluctuation of the yuan exchange rate is normal, but in the long-run, China’s economic fundamentals determine that the yuan will not depreciate persistently,” Xiao Yuanqi, the spokesman for the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC), told a finance forum in Beijing.

“Those who speculate and short the yuan will for sure suffer heavy loss.”

Xiao was reading from a script prepared for Guo Shuqing, CBIRC’s chairman and the Communist Party chief of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC). Guo was scheduled to give a speech at the same forum but couldn’t make it due to last minute arrangements.

Xiao also said Beijing must look out for hot money moving in and out of the country, as well as large amounts of capital flowing into the frothy real estate market.

“We must be especially vigilant about money from overseas moving in and out in large quantities, and hot speculative money, and we must resolutely fight bubbles in real estate and financial assets,” he said.

Chinese policymakers have struggled to manage bubble risks in the property market, the world’s largest, without hurting growth in the sector, which is crucial for the wider economy.


greenlight for shorting given by the "vote of confidence-the kiss of death.'''

2cb87f  No.6584299

File: 3583a2bdac47818⋯.png (982.21 KB, 950x532, 25:14, 17ABDAB6-35ED-4893-9C84-AB….png)

File: 4deca0d7607bdd8⋯.png (2.42 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, FDEB911B-B041-46A0-92D7-81….png)

File: 8e74bfc0ff0b008⋯.png (772.78 KB, 728x500, 182:125, 900420E8-5193-456E-B0F1-E5….png)

File: f1786ffeb50e0f0⋯.jpeg (40.58 KB, 437x582, 437:582, 39048705-F76A-4E7D-B390-A….jpeg)

File: dae9320bce3abf6⋯.png (6.4 MB, 2546x1697, 2546:1697, 84D2DCA9-5443-4E46-B997-A8….png)

8c6898  No.6584300

File: fb599e225dff319⋯.png (607.5 KB, 1476x749, 1476:749, ClipboardImage.png)

I might be late to the party, but doesn't it seem like POTUS' tweet and Q drop #35 go together?

275da9  No.6584302

File: f768deaef22da97⋯.png (29.11 KB, 1280x674, 640:337, 1280px-Flag_of_the_United_….png)

bbd179  No.6584303

File: 14a1e96ccedfdc7⋯.jpg (507.39 KB, 946x961, 946:961, IMG_5972.JPG)

File: 2cd0cf1fa5fce57⋯.jpg (241.05 KB, 1600x990, 160:99, IMG_6068.JPG)

File: 581b6f9b9f5d1e0⋯.jpg (1.63 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, IMG_6092.JPG)

That's genuine Schumer brand white supremacist turkey bag

51a755  No.6584304


Passage looks a little lonely all by itself. Got some sauce?

816ff5  No.6584305

File: 30634b8b4ce116a⋯.jpg (251.19 KB, 1523x1367, 1523:1367, _20190525_005822.JPG)

7a7812  No.6584306


Thought Long Beach just came back to US. Might have to check the archives.


8bfc0d  No.6584307

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fc844f  No.6584308

File: 90fb0803c3612c1⋯.png (262.66 KB, 482x372, 241:186, ClipboardImage.png)


what the fuck is this doing in the notables?

>debunks anti-semitism


it doesn't debunk shit. it's a fucking word salad of meaningless bullshit.

read the protocols.

correlate the facts of history to the (((plan))) laid out in the protocols long before it happened.

baker, i'd say keep that shit out of the fucking notables until we're ready to deal with them [last].

but hey, free speech.

reminder to all goyim:

(((they))) are subversive.

(((they))) think you are cattle.

(((they))) want you divided.

(((they))) scream when called out so therefore they are guilty.

why is there a JIDF?

is there a nigger internet defense force?

why do (((they))) organize this way?

what are (((they))) trying to hide?

(((they))) have lost control of the [MSM] narrative and are truly panicking.

treason does not pay well in the end faggots.

DOTR will come soon enough

cddc72  No.6584309

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Pentagon's Brain: An Uncensored History of DARPA

da69a8  No.6584310


Not sure about subs. Long Beach city voted against, basically saying "No Nukes!". So we had to close the shipyard in the early 1990's. But it was surely a strategic deep water port. Now it's just pugent sound where we build ships, retrofit etc.

a49335  No.6584311

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

When Astronauts Rise from the Dead - Challenger Space Shuttle Hoax

21:10 - 23:08 a montage of a bunch of astronauts being confronted and simply asked to put their hand on the Bible and swear to God that they've walked on the moon. Kek. You'd think ONE would be willing…they ALL flee in terror!

Yeah, I'm sold that the Challenger Space Shuttle astronauts all went on to live VERY GOOD lives.

Don't they like to actually sacrifice real people if they can easily incorporate that into it? I guess if it's all a lie, the families left behind would know and be problematic?

da7003  No.6584312

File: 5cb032a735e6a0e⋯.jpg (54.43 KB, 664x376, 83:47, 5x5 bm.jpg)


yep..'96 or 95 and facilitated by Lanny Davis as well.

e8e732  No.6584313

File: eb33cec582f967d⋯.png (672.34 KB, 753x564, 251:188, Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at ….png)

2b09a4  No.6584314

File: f0a0569d7adb5b8⋯.jpg (662.7 KB, 1079x1929, 1079:1929, Screenshot_20190524-235746….jpg)




What is also interesting is the misspelling by daily mail. Yucca is a native plant to the desert of north America. It's not a staple food source unless you're a rabbit.

Yuca is a root vegetable. Native to El Salvador… think Barr interview and MS13


16cee3  No.6584315

File: 14410cad32c654c⋯.png (470.65 KB, 720x734, 360:367, IMG_0384.PNG)

bbd179  No.6584316

File: 64a59c9596c0a48⋯.jpg (185.66 KB, 800x800, 1:1, IMG_3791.JPG)

File: 9c6e1a837703c8f⋯.jpg (351.94 KB, 800x800, 1:1, IMG_4527.JPG)

File: dedce747998808d⋯.jpg (400.57 KB, 1216x1017, 1216:1017, IMG_4883.JPG)

File: 908c93c151f707d⋯.jpg (268.38 KB, 800x905, 160:181, IMG_5173.JPG)


Vintage from ww2

cf88af  No.6584317

File: 4ea2826e2cf224e⋯.jpeg (247.66 KB, 949x593, 949:593, A6A11EAB-9CF2-4D79-844E-2….jpeg)

File: 27223001dea3a0a⋯.jpeg (142.17 KB, 999x634, 999:634, CD93A201-66B9-4E17-8DF2-1….jpeg)

File: d50568f1adf7398⋯.jpeg (139.29 KB, 1193x585, 1193:585, 020EF437-5CF3-4FB4-A77C-1….jpeg)

File: 2fd623b920a55bf⋯.jpeg (135.38 KB, 779x413, 779:413, 979584A2-0C06-4DC1-8F43-1….jpeg)

File: ef11625106dc9f8⋯.jpeg (190.6 KB, 949x599, 949:599, 1325E3A4-453C-4393-B351-F….jpeg)

d938da  No.6584318

File: a7f220b60f1ac72⋯.jpg (75.78 KB, 950x400, 19:8, adams pelosi.jpg)

This all seems like part of waking up the brainwashed masses, which has to be a big part of The Plan. The fake news victims are watching their “news sources” bash the idea that Pelosi is slurring her speech, and then they’ll see it happen again and again with their own eyes in real time. At least some will add all these things up and finally realize that sitting plastered to Rachel Maddow etc. every night might not be the best choice. Ratings suggest it is happening. As an OptimistAnon who thinks many are playing their roles for the greatest story ever told, NP is doing a magnificent job.

aecc04  No.6584319

File: dbbc9b8faba01c3⋯.jpeg (126 KB, 1440x812, 360:203, damnurite.jpeg)

507f66  No.6584320

File: ac3abcd91bbcf06⋯.png (3.52 MB, 1026x6464, 513:3232, SumoNYT.png)

File: 36d59b0600c3003⋯.png (38.31 KB, 646x179, 646:179, redcarpet.png)

File: 71b8fa8a03de63b⋯.png (63.27 KB, 603x307, 603:307, TakeControlTweet.png)

File: e8e3e3728954850⋯.png (32.51 KB, 383x319, 383:319, Q2347.png)

File: d2b2bcb9a3415e7⋯.png (498.98 KB, 647x680, 647:680, NYTHeadline.png)

Anyone think this is BIG?


Break it down…

Japan trip mirrors Korea trip from beginning.

Sumo involves FORCE:

this mirrors Q 2347 AND Flight 93 theme

RED CARPET event… marker for MOAB

one month delta from NYT Michael Anton "Trolling the Fake News Media" story

Could be more disinfo, but I think it is most definitely at least disinfo.

But I think this actually WORKS… not so technical and autistic… more theatrical… but that could be an element of the disinfo too… we'll soon find out…

51a755  No.6584321


article notabled lb, anything new here?

507f66  No.6584323



0d5e90  No.6584324



he was involved in so much shit we have no idea about

7a7812  No.6584325

File: a1fc88bb70c7ec3⋯.png (111.38 KB, 656x320, 41:20, Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at ….png)

70d1c7  No.6584326

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bbd179  No.6584327

File: 7102b097d4fc066⋯.png (62.98 KB, 1052x1052, 1:1, IMG_2344.PNG)

File: e82db0110ac087c⋯.png (256.74 KB, 558x530, 279:265, 0B19F9D5-E349-45EA-AA36-42….png)

File: 4025375284ae75d⋯.jpg (41.1 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_2351.JPG)

File: c1480120d78099e⋯.jpg (125.94 KB, 640x669, 640:669, IMG_2352.JPG)

File: fb1f9b54122b0f3⋯.jpeg (81.47 KB, 730x1032, 365:516, 93874838-8F4D-4068-A6CA-7….jpeg)

0d5e90  No.6584328




he was involved in so much shit we have no idea about

816ff5  No.6584329

File: 034c5d3ad19b4e2⋯.jpg (167.78 KB, 1190x1326, 35:39, _20190525_010322.JPG)

1ecbda  No.6584330


This is a "bake your noodle" moment for me. Just spent an hour reading that and wtf…

0d5e90  No.6584331

aa1eea  No.6584332

File: 555e6ca030b8890⋯.jpeg (171.77 KB, 753x564, 251:188, 7BA84A65-A075-4EE9-A6F7-E….jpeg)

3f2ffd  No.6584333

Read the Bible ONE time.

And listen to the PUP (pope).

YOU will understand the ATTACK on God NEEDS attention.


da69a8  No.6584334

I just thought of this. Nadler looks like he is wearing a pair of chest waders.

7a7812  No.6584335

Yamashita's gold.


16cee3  No.6584336

File: ae9e0b983196743⋯.jpg (116.55 KB, 540x705, 36:47, IMG_0440.JPG)

8bfc0d  No.6584337

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0d5e90  No.6584338


should dig on all current day keatings and wife and grandkids…..then cross reference with McCain

bbd179  No.6584339

File: a7d725cdbd5fd49⋯.jpg (26.57 KB, 248x240, 31:30, IMG_8162.JPG)

File: 28a65648098f637⋯.png (113.66 KB, 360x262, 180:131, B9E146A3-A804-4118-8CE4-8C….png)

File: 639e1ad8d6d05b9⋯.jpg (203.27 KB, 800x1066, 400:533, IMG_8166.JPG)

File: 1996b4418510a4e⋯.png (197.33 KB, 800x784, 50:49, IMG_8169.PNG)

51a755  No.6584340


Other anon is educating us: it's 'yuca' not 'yucca'. (Who knew?)

2cb87f  No.6584341

File: 87a39be2d6e9870⋯.png (3.23 MB, 1920x1280, 3:2, 035CF41C-76EF-400E-9731-F2….png)

File: a57b72d55df4967⋯.png (2.39 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 36284B5B-6A54-4B5B-B627-DC….png)

File: 9f8d3cff74e2d21⋯.jpeg (26.55 KB, 255x175, 51:35, 1ED52777-DC9F-4EAC-9088-3….jpeg)

File: fbc646be03c53c8⋯.jpeg (84.35 KB, 677x380, 677:380, AF207A4A-D50F-4EBC-A655-F….jpeg)

File: f275270708fe569⋯.jpeg (116.01 KB, 775x436, 775:436, 23B078BE-DBA6-4D14-B995-1….jpeg)

83d1d4  No.6584342

File: 71817550c44c6e5⋯.png (436.36 KB, 551x672, 551:672, MayResignsInMay.png)

File: 878ebe76f39a2a9⋯.mp4 (1.76 MB, 720x480, 3:2, FlyMayFlythemovie.mp4)

da7003  No.6584343

File: 0cf9c88d7d0fe42⋯.jpg (167.68 KB, 458x772, 229:386, tyb LEO.jpg)

2b09a4  No.6584344


Nice… mellow dig tunes. Great with headphones on

2b09a4  No.6584345


Pope having a bad May. Vatican tied to Theresa. With her out, Vatican news will come to light

c0a59e  No.6584346

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


what is the law

a2ba59  No.6584347

File: 9bacf6eefb73a30⋯.jpeg (360.33 KB, 2376x1836, 22:17, 15DFCACD-2AAF-4ACE-AEDB-9….jpeg)


You literally have to do a tedious and painful and possibly bloody (you try cutting up a yucca FFS) distillation of the roots. Maybe a cold press of a certain species or two roots, but it will taste like shit and consume like a million more calories to make.

Kek you cannot make this up.

e8e732  No.6584348


awesome, thanks!!!

16cee3  No.6584349

File: faaf20cfd654139⋯.gif (3.64 MB, 438x254, 219:127, IMG_0438.GIF)

6fb767  No.6584350

File: b334d2ef17f2b2c⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1926x1006, 963:503, Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at ….png)

File: e0992be6ca9e940⋯.png (2.52 MB, 2680x1042, 1340:521, Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at ….png)

File: b10cdeedcab6108⋯.png (3.45 MB, 1348x1574, 674:787, Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at ….png)

File: dec92253f1cdf7a⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1380x1496, 345:374, Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at ….png)

pelosi's "daughter"

981e45  No.6584351


Listening tonit now. Question. Would you anon? I think I would.

0d5e90  No.6584352

File: 5f13282b9117822⋯.jpg (40.46 KB, 262x394, 131:197, MI-CC163_remkea_DV_2014040….jpg)



says anti-porn…but tied closely to McCain

Keating was a champion swimmer for the University of Cincinnati in the 1940s. From the late 1950s through the 1970s, he was a noted anti-pornography activist, founding the organization Citizens for Decent Literature and serving as a member on the 1969 President's Commission on Obscenity and Pornography.

Anti-pornography activism

In 1956, Keating joined a priest leading a group of concerned Catholics in Cincinnati who were concerned about the dangers of pornography, and he began giving talks on the subject to parents and other groups.[28] In 1958, Keating testified before the House Judiciary Committee on mail-order pornography, saying that it was "capable of poisoning any mind at any age and of perverting our entire younger generation", and that it was closely tied to juvenile delinquency, while also quoting a Senate Committee report that "part of the Communist conspiracy was to print (obscene materials)".[28][31] Keating mentioned links between pornography and Communism at other times, but distanced himself from the more fervent anti-Communist groups of the early 1960s.[32] He stated that 90 percent of obscene materials were produced for profit, not ideological reasons, and told Congress in 1960, "I had better say […] that I am not blaming obscenity in America on the Communists."[32]

Keating founded Citizens for Decent Literature (CDL) in 1958 (later renamed a number of times, the best known of which is Citizens for Decency through Law),[15] which advocated reading classics not "smut."[33] It would grow to 300 chapters and 100,000 members nationwide and become the largest anti-pornography organization in the nation.[33] It absorbed some other groups, such as National Citizens for Decent Literature and the Pittsburgh National Better Magazines Council.[32] The structure of CDL was initially decentralized, but Keating grew frustrated with some local chapters taking aggressive actions he did not approve of, and so he gave it a more controlled focus with a national magazine, film production, and a greater role in legal actions.[34]

40c24b  No.6584353

File: e52aa1507da62be⋯.png (106.39 KB, 156x251, 156:251, ClipboardImage.png)

bbd179  No.6584354

File: cb733c87d7861f3⋯.jpg (470.78 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, IMG_8142.JPG)

File: da2d78c6fa6f8ce⋯.jpg (274.63 KB, 832x1480, 104:185, IMG_8143.JPG)

File: f9c60b74eee1536⋯.jpg (80.11 KB, 452x640, 113:160, IMG_8144.JPG)

File: 8d6422fcfe16f9b⋯.jpg (109.82 KB, 640x960, 2:3, IMG_8145.JPG)

That's like a whole zumwalt cruiser a year so someone can fake the Jew

51a755  No.6584355



Could you post this on Information Warfare thread? I'm OP and trying to get bump-lock taken off (I think it's there because too many posts are from me, many reposts from the main board). This is an excellent article on free will and propaganda that would be ideal for that thread.

0d5e90  No.6584356



Over the next two decades, CDL mailed some 40 million letters on behalf of its position and filed a series of amicus curiae briefs before the U.S. Supreme Court.[34][35] Keating gained the nickname "Mr. Clean".[36]

In 1964–65, Keating produced Perversion for Profit, a film featuring announcer George Putnam. It was a survey of then-available prurient and obscene materials, and asserted that pornography led to moral decay.[37] It, along with two lesser-known films produced or distributed by CDL, was screened frequently throughout the country and remained in print for a long time.[38]

In 1969, Keating's national reputation on the issue led President Nixon to appoint him to the President's Commission on Obscenity and Pornography, which had been begun under Nixon's predecessor, Lyndon B. Johnson.[30][39] The majority on the commission issued a report which concluded that pornography does not degrade the morals of adults or cause crime and recommended that all federal, state, and local laws preventing consenting adults from obtaining pornographic materials be repealed. Keating, Nixon's only appointee on the 18-person commission, was the leading commission dissenter from the report.[39][40]

In September 1970, Keating was granted a temporary restraining order from the D.C. Federal District Court to delay publication of the report, stating that he needed access to all the report's backing materials and time to write a dissent.[40] Several days later, Keating was given the desired materials and two weeks to write his report by the committee.[41]

Keating filed his dissent, saying, "At a time when the spread of pornography has reached epidemic proportions in our country and when the moral fiber of our nation seems to be rapidly unravelling, the desperate need is for enlightenment and intelligent control of the poisons which threaten us – not the declaration of moral bankruptcy inherent in the repeal of the laws which have been the defense of decent people against the pornographer for profit."[42] Keating wrote, "One can consult all the experts he chooses, can write reports, make studies, etc., but the fact that obscenity corrupts lies within the common sense, the reason, and the logic of every man."[43]

The Nixon administration tacitly supported Keating's legal efforts,[39] and Counsellor to the President John Ehrlichman assigned White House speechwriter Pat Buchanan to help draft the dissenting report.[44] The commission's majority report was denounced by congressional leaders of both parties as well as by the administration.[44]

The commission involvement earned Keating further national attention, which he used to push towards stringent behavior in Cincinnati.[45] In 1969, Keating obtained an injunction preventing the showing in Cincinnati of softcore sexploitation master Russ Meyer's film Vixen!, claiming it was obscene,[46] and the film was seized by the police the first day it opened.[47] Showing of the film was successfully stopped in other parts of Ohio as well, and Meyer spent $250,000 in defense against Keating legal actions.[47] Keating said Meyer had done more to undermine morals in the nation than anyone else; Meyer responded that "I was glad to do it."[47] The Cincinnati Vixen! case was appealed and in 1971 the Supreme Court of Ohio upheld the prohibition.[46]

In 1970, Keating tried to block a closed-circuit showing of the musical Oh! Calcutta! in Cincinnati, saying that "it appeals to a prurient interest in sex."[48] During 1972, a Keating legal action kept a sex film theater shut as a "public nuisance".[45] He tried to prevent newsstands near his office from selling Playboy and Oui magazines.[49] He denounced the Ramada Inn chain for offering adult programming on cable television to guests.[36] Other local actions involving shutting stores and removing books from public libraries were attributed by civil liberties advocates to the "oppressive" trend that Keating had set.[45] Such was Keating and his organization's effectiveness that when the U.S. Supreme Court handed down the 1973 Miller v. California decision establishing that obscenity definitions be based upon local community standards, every adult bookstore and movie house in Cincinnati was closed within hours.[35]

Citizens for Decent Literature and Keating often warned about homosexuality as an example of what they saw as perverse behavior.[50] The film Perversion for Profit had included a claim that homosexuals had a slogan saying that "today's conquest is tomorrow's competition";[50] in a 1977 speech in Miami, Keating repeated this phrase, concluding from it that homosexuality represented an endless "seduction of the innocent".[51]

In 1975, Oui magazine gave Keating the top spot on its "Enemies of pornography" list.[49]

e93e6a  No.6584357

File: 7396c22a501b788⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1750x1750, 1:1, l8lpn0b1d5fy.png)


When it happens.

You better not leave me here with these normies.

981e45  No.6584358

File: dea4ae47d65982e⋯.png (3.5 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, B439E440-C0FB-421E-9C28-84….png)


Give me a fucking break doesn't drink…


8bfc0d  No.6584359

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9c7b38  No.6584360

Good morning from a ukanon.

Q's latest posts.

Heads of State got together to keep the corruption going and to cover up corruption of the past.

They used their intelligence services to do so.

If the people find out in each country, they will put to death or jailed for life.

It is that simple.

The leaders are TERRIFIED of President Trump.

He cannot be bought and he is going to wipe everyone out except Putin, Xe, Abe, Bibe, MbS and the new PM of Oz.

He is aligning regional partners to be the super centres or hubs for each region on trade, two if possible to keep reasonable competition and minimise cartel behaviour.

Macron, Trudeau, Clarke, Key, Adhern, Cameron, Boris, etc are finished.

Once things are public, the EU is done.

The three families are done.

There is over 100 trillion stashed away and the distribution of this must be a careful investment to not create inflation but be towards our futures.

Why no muh arrests etc?

Everyone in business who is successful knows one thing.

To get from the As Is to the Target state, you execute a Roadmap.

Big Bang efforts to Target almost always fail.

I work as a consultant to a company having undergone exponential growth, now stalling and am helping them get back on track to growth. I use what I have learned from a genius. President Trump.

c4cca6  No.6584361

File: ef7c1cd01fb2b57⋯.png (2.15 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 77C6477C-A30A-4B8E-B537-56….png)

Watch the water.

This is the current storm just up stream from Oroville Lake. This storm started up over Paradise. Spoopy

16cee3  No.6584363

File: 94bcd4f2670d216⋯.png (323.98 KB, 540x403, 540:403, IMG_1038.PNG)

f7c23d  No.6584364

Coats white hat.

cc0641  No.6584365

>>6584146 (lb)


518abd  No.6584366


Like this. Well done Anon


11.3 verified

8a8ba9  No.6584367

File: 2da95b7d1a756c1⋯.jpg (64.64 KB, 603x526, 603:526, Screenshot 2019-05-25_01-1….jpg)

0d5e90  No.6584368

File: b6e4491a678a4b3⋯.jpg (114.15 KB, 609x947, 609:947, l_he6ke42201482732AM.jpg)



Hamilton County prosecutor Simon L. Leis Jr. put Ohio pornographer Larry Flynt on trial in 1976 for pandering obscenity and for engaging in a form of organized crime.[52] Local public opinion ran against Flynt.[52] Flynt was convicted on both counts and received the maximum sentence of 7 to 25 years in prison.[52] While the conviction was later overturned on appeal, the verdict again established Cincinnati's community standards in this regard, and even after Keating left for Arizona, his influence remained in Cincinnati being a center of anti-pornography fervor.[36][52] In the 1996 biopic, The People vs. Larry Flynt, which reportedly exaggerated Keating's role in the prosecution and trial,[53][54] Keating was portrayed by actor James Cromwell. Attempts to show Vixen! in Cincinnati would continue,[46] but by the late 1990s it was still illegal to do so.[55] However, when in 1990, the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center and its director Dennis Barrie were prosecuted for obscenity for exhibiting Robert Mapplethorpe's traveling solo show The Perfect Moment, they were found not guilty by a jury.[56]

a49335  No.6584369


I'm guessing yes.


I remember Japan looking different.


An apt digit'al image modification. I do find the degree of transparency fascinating. Gotta be unprecedented. I wonder how many Q-followers are really paying attn.

c0a59e  No.6584370

File: 634908465183330⋯.png (68.81 KB, 118x299, 118:299, ClipboardImage.png)

389d97  No.6584371


Could not believe she would be so obvious so I had to check the math.

Nancy's Quote:

I Pray for the President of the United States - I Wish that His Family or his Administration or his Staff Would Have an Intervention

Those capital letters are NOT necessary. But they are intentional and they do say:


I assigned the number to each letter in the alphabet. Here's for quick reference;

A 1

B 2

C 3

D 4

E 5

F 6

G 7

H 8

I 9

J 10

K 11

L 12

M 13

N 14

O 15

P 16

Q 17

R 18

S 19

T 20

U 21

V 22

W 23

X 24

Y 25

Z 26

The Cap letters converted to numbers are:

9 , 16, 16, 21, 19, 9, 23, 8, 6, 1, 19, 23, 8, 9.

Added them to [187] well known police code for murder or assassination.

Then he did small caps, which I can see are all the non cap first letters.

I do not get where he says [128] means "It's really bad" because that phrase does not sound like any police code I know. SO for me still a question. Other anons may be able to fill in my knowledge gap.

Still, the [187] assassination code is so obvious. I was pretty shocked.

Is she insane?

I was thinking about Nadler today. None of us would wish bad things to happen to anyone. But when these trials start, I am going to remember that these people have NO problems with assassinating anyone, much less the President of the United States.

They have no problem destroying children to sell films of their death to sick people who would buy them, all to fund their unelected global government black budget slush fund programs that destroy not just the US, but MANY nations. They are fine with the sex trafficking. They are fine with the destruction of the United States through the use of hoards of the worlds poor from nations they have already destroyed, and care not one bit that so many on that road here are being murdered and trafficked in the process.

Now that we know that many of the adults who bring a child across the border are not even DNA related we have to wonder how many mothers and fathers in South America and Mexico are wondering where their child went?

They think they are "kings", oddly, just as the ancient text told us … "kings of the earth"?They are people who think their opinions of who should lead the country matter more than the vote of the people.

They obviously hate our republic, and plan on stopping any other nation of people from becoming a free nation.

They hate human beings around the world.

Poor president Kennedy was up against this, and our military was not ready, nor was the SS if they were not in on it.

We are ready this time.

And when these people are judged by the Constitution that they obviously hate, let us remember we did not make them take these actions against other human beings.

WHAT IS IT we are looking at when the speaker of the house is covertly calling for the assassination of the President of the United States?


In your face Treason.

For the republic to survive, we must not flinch at the electric chair these traitors die in.

NOT if we love our children around the world. And die they must, after we enforce our Constitution.

Their lives are worth no more than our soldiers who are called to die for our Republic in defense of freedom.

SO the electric chair is called upon, and if they must be judged to die for their evil acts, let their death be for the sake of the nation also.

Let us have no tears on that day.

Remember the children.

This is what we fight for.

This is who enforcement of the Constitutional laws of treason will rescue.

And one day, God will answer our prayers, and other nations will also be free. They know this is what we want for the rest of the world, and (((THEY))) abuse this also.

Let us pray.

But let us not cry on judgment day.

Not one tear.

If we feel sad, let us feel sad that we did not act faster than we did.

Let us feel bad that we did not "see" sooner.

Nancy, you are only right in that

……It is really bad.

There is a time to put an end to evil, and that time is now.

816ff5  No.6584372

File: 8746a09309f7514⋯.jpg (156.54 KB, 1803x1173, 601:391, _20190525_011240.JPG)

6f38db  No.6584373

File: 26f727d12f506d5⋯.jpg (348.72 KB, 1984x1143, 1984:1143, 8b58aa3367dee760c14ff31f4c….jpg)

Why does Rice play Texas?

bbd179  No.6584374

File: 22d7e8d7cff8573⋯.jpg (541.55 KB, 1197x1197, 1:1, 26F21087-455A-44AF-B52D-04….jpg)

Couple cases of WD-40

And we fix the world


a2ba59  No.6584375


No. It’s Yucca.

That is the native plant here.

Yuca is a South American root from a different plant. Hopefully easy to garden. But I don’t know how to garden yuca since it’s not my native southwestern North American desert plant.

981e45  No.6584376

File: 82d182e3a1cc85c⋯.jpeg (571.53 KB, 1625x1200, 65:48, B78AE4A6-EC76-4C9A-B41C-5….jpeg)


Most awesome thing i have read all day. We are with you, and yes corruption world wide is done.

e8e732  No.6584377

File: 2ebcd56b7e435cc⋯.png (383.48 KB, 402x580, 201:290, Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at ….png)

cf88af  No.6584378


espn de ocho el stinko bombo

16cee3  No.6584379

File: 9c2eaf6c545e63c⋯.jpg (456.09 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_5501.JPG)

21a563  No.6584380

5722e3  No.6584381


Did Josh actually say that?

333a22  No.6584382


How convenient. You sound like a Faggot.

c0a59e  No.6584383

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fef159  No.6584384

File: 9ee621cf7e53b95⋯.png (21.5 KB, 592x249, 592:249, SAdams Who Killed Q 4-9-18.PNG)

File: 3c005c6c2131a7f⋯.png (157.46 KB, 727x905, 727:905, Archive SAdams Who Killed ….PNG)

File: a7ce152072391fc⋯.png (148.17 KB, 687x907, 687:907, Archive Posobiec to SAdams….PNG)


>Scott Adams






bbd179  No.6584386

File: 98a29a6098b2a8c⋯.jpg (33.89 KB, 204x284, 51:71, IMG_7827.JPG)

Maybe if we take away their wiretapping addiction

Then they can function

Andvtheir memes won't suck jewholes

aecc04  No.6584387

File: 118bf506d03bc59⋯.png (230.54 KB, 500x423, 500:423, triggered.png)


>How convenient. You sound like a Faggot.

8a8ba9  No.6584388

File: f7de307f0c6d6a9⋯.jpg (132.43 KB, 872x1024, 109:128, D7YzRYYXkAAjNa8.jpg large.jpg)

File: aac5a2ee6245627⋯.jpg (120.39 KB, 629x625, 629:625, Screenshot 2019-05-25_01-1….jpg)

8e69bf  No.6584389

File: 578e2159d2c9405⋯.png (514.83 KB, 835x558, 835:558, chinnna.png)


Q said the attacks would intensify and now we have this glowalition of bakers.

Baker before this one called me a fucking parasite(how ironic) for calling out jewish subversion and I caught their "gotcha m8' at the handoff before that.

Mother fuckers aren't even American but it's fine, we got based ass DJT in office.

Justice will come with or without this place.

51a755  No.6584390


All true, anon, we all have stories of how we got here–and most are quite interesting. Indeed an honor to serve. Great Awakening.

a49335  No.6584391

File: abe0d018b7a2663⋯.png (462.21 KB, 477x584, 477:584, Trump point pointing art.png)

f63567  No.6584392

6+ generations of my blood fertilize the soil of this city.

we fucked up. we bred the black to be stupid. then we let them breed amongst to make a stupider stupid.

alabama niggers are dumb because we bred them to be dumb and submissive. i wish it weren't so, but it is.

i only use the "n" word for emphasis.

16cee3  No.6584393

File: 376a5046d4aa1e1⋯.jpg (77.73 KB, 960x690, 32:23, IMG_7612.JPG)

ecda1b  No.6584394

File: 73698adc3f209a6⋯.png (177.26 KB, 1007x640, 1007:640, Screenshot_2019-05-25 BELO….png)

Pilot Boat VEGA meeting up with Bulk Carrier BELO HORIZONTE arriving Long Beach from Richards Bay, South Africa

bbd179  No.6584395

File: 05361699ecaf190⋯.jpeg (123.78 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, 675a6cbf7e43478d7275f9970….jpeg)

MAybe jewhole memes are symptom of a deeper addiction besides the wiretapping trannywhores prostlicyzing evangelical pedo flesh civil suits for queer zombies

c0a59e  No.6584396

File: 8fc15037e80d283⋯.png (45.49 KB, 163x186, 163:186, ClipboardImage.png)


and my mother Stanley

738063  No.6584397

File: de5433935de82f6⋯.png (267.26 KB, 850x680, 5:4, 353730CA-CD75-484F-9FD2-50….png)

I can’t win, anons…

Dealt with people all day, and decided to blow off some solitary autist steam seeing how many rounds of 22lr it takes to blow up a propane tank.

Shoot a couple hundred rounds, and get a text that neighbor was upset I didn’t invite him over.

5722e3  No.6584398


Narcissist dream wet.

8bfc0d  No.6584399

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0d5e90  No.6584400

File: f0e3be95483dacf⋯.jpg (59.29 KB, 618x410, 309:205, keatings (1).jpg)

File: 0c356d3e7134329⋯.jpg (160.82 KB, 941x1377, 941:1377, 394f1a02f8571a1e908d6a9e82….jpg)


Are you buying this load of crap?

McCain crimminal cohort Keating's grandson killed by ISIS…..sounds like payback from McCain perhaps.

Keating grandson killed by ISIS, seems ironic considering McCain ISIS ties don't you think?

Really dead or wt fuQ set up to be killed?

UPDATED: U.S. Officials Describe Fight That Killed Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV



275da9  No.6584401



6f38db  No.6584402

File: 24bc8ef3cbf2fb8⋯.jpg (288.65 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, WeCanHazDeclas!.jpg)


bbd179  No.6584404

File: a19afa8307ee53e⋯.jpg (101.44 KB, 720x666, 40:37, IMG_8164.JPG)

2cb87f  No.6584405

File: a2b69a71abd99db⋯.png (619.36 KB, 1272x1331, 1272:1331, B6B32B6F-72AF-4098-B3BF-F6….png)


Yeah very spooky. False Flag alert…this kind of weather pattern doesn’t really look natural

67632a  No.6584406

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

We have your back. Brother. #Winning

16cee3  No.6584407

File: 15f8b59e20dcffd⋯.png (802.52 KB, 1242x1241, 1242:1241, IMG_0771.PNG)

6f38db  No.6584408



da69a8  No.6584409

File: 51a3447c6935d20⋯.png (121.78 KB, 500x397, 500:397, introducing-john-deeres-ne….png)


Hang in there.. you're fatigued. its been a long journey here

8bfc0d  No.6584410

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2cb87f  No.6584412

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Q gave us the crumbs way back then, it was in plain sight, problem is, no anon's did a real dig, me included, until Neon's contact 'Giulio Occhionero' burped up out of the shadows today.

'Godfather III.'


bbd179  No.6584413

File: c6144089a48c018⋯.png (11.18 KB, 586x208, 293:104, IMG_7888.PNG)

File: c7f354e7fe23068⋯.jpg (68.47 KB, 720x640, 9:8, IMG_7890.JPG)

File: 8ef5ac11c9f3877⋯.jpg (61.03 KB, 720x640, 9:8, IMG_7891.JPG)

File: 21e7d5cd03e7221⋯.jpg (67.57 KB, 720x640, 9:8, IMG_7892.JPG)


Scientology prime jootube bilbos on adsense now

738063  No.6584414


Snowplows work, too.

ecda1b  No.6584415

File: f1bfb7b7ca44210⋯.jpg (35.04 KB, 638x470, 319:235, a31f1c9281b3df2e4d82c6a63b….jpg)


Not familiar enough yet with typical Long Beach arrivals to know if that is really notable but have to say long ass voyage

0d5e90  No.6584416

File: 1f77866f650d11a⋯.jpg (86.06 KB, 800x336, 50:21, mccain_keating_five_bill.jpg)

File: e158ecfba4a843c⋯.jpg (209.08 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 258853_640x480.jpg)

File: 211a6bb4dcb81e4⋯.jpg (14.25 KB, 238x211, 238:211, images (1).jpg)


McCain and Keating T




G.O.P. Senators See Politics In Pace of Keating 5 Inquiry



16cee3  No.6584417

File: 28ce2fc32cafe1e⋯.jpg (87.62 KB, 540x548, 135:137, IMG_0437.JPG)

5722e3  No.6584418


If it bothers you try filtering the first post by id.

2b09a4  No.6584419


3= C =Comey = Coats

4= D =Declas = Dan

11= K…. kill box or KANSAS?

Just a thought

8bfc0d  No.6584420

File: 6d4575fb4fd748e⋯.jpg (69.83 KB, 900x720, 5:4, reaper08b.jpg)

b6a941  No.6584421

File: 0490409525b45ae⋯.jpg (18.13 KB, 402x282, 67:47, att00037.jpg)

File: 7b6cdfa16791484⋯.jpg (19.92 KB, 480x361, 480:361, 079ad325ce6a699fc2240cbeec….jpg)

File: ab4accbe1489f61⋯.jpg (21.12 KB, 609x539, 87:77, 2fe3b6b50222c427c3be9cd966….jpg)

dbb0b4  No.6584422

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6fb767  No.6584423

File: 2cfc54c3aa16f22⋯.jpg (727.34 KB, 935x1800, 187:360, 5eyeswtweetpics.jpg)



think about it

read it like a ratio


five to five


16cee3  No.6584424

File: 6e76060543607e6⋯.jpg (126.52 KB, 540x675, 4:5, IMG_0426.JPG)

5fb7f2  No.6584425

I know everyone is excited about the eventual arrests of high-level members of the Obama admin (Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Lynch, Yates, HRC, etc.) but those arrests won’t make much of a dent in the left. They will all still claim political attack and find some way to slam POTUS. They always do.

What will really change their minds, however, is when the MSM collaboration with the Dems and “elites” is exposed. The coordination and messaging. The brainwashing. Those communications will come to light and consumers of the MSM will feel entirely duped.

THAT is when the tables will really start to turn.

73d7db  No.6584426

When talking about boarder crossing, has trump ever said:

Made a left turn, continued south for more than three miles, and made another left turn

738063  No.6584427


Needs a wide load sign…

8e69bf  No.6584428

File: 19f77d19d983b65⋯.jpg (391.61 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, ta-da.jpg)


In it for the long haul.


Nigga, you keep replying to ebo. Don't tell me how to live my fucking life.

6f38db  No.6584429

Who has the happy shit? I'm hammered.

bbd179  No.6584430

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Old Fag dues

51a755  No.6584431



>>6584289, >>6584296, >>6584310, >>6584369 Anon discussion on LBP


>>6584375 I think the idea is that AOC is wanting people to grow 'yuca' not 'yucca.' Wanting more migrants who eat/grow yuca? Could be.

6f38db  No.6584432

It's Friday night faggots LIVEN UP WILL YA?

51a755  No.6584433


sorry, stuff at top is from other posts

8bfc0d  No.6584434

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

613c16  No.6584435

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Warning issued for possible eruption of Mt Hakone From NHK WORLD NEWS 2

Mt. Hakone is outside of Tokyo.

yan nishi

Published on May 18, 2019


bef587  No.6584436

File: b4e01f854420389⋯.jpg (116.91 KB, 825x549, 275:183, np cnn.jpg)

File: 74650eec16850f1⋯.jpg (53.26 KB, 774x335, 774:335, np disintegration.jpg)

bbd179  No.6584437

File: cba1f3ebfad9df9⋯.jpg (67.79 KB, 720x640, 9:8, IMG_7885.JPG)

File: 19044b88742b283⋯.jpg (22.45 KB, 300x210, 10:7, 5E00A22D-D482-4A61-8ED1-DE….jpg)

File: 05776a9102ea146⋯.jpg (47.64 KB, 385x408, 385:408, 9BD47B3F-2049-4A8B-8CE1-46….jpg)

File: 64c7420c588fc6a⋯.jpg (96.91 KB, 640x640, 1:1, E171FD1E-7EEC-4F3B-8AD2-43….jpg)


Now available in sneaky Russian backchannel

dbb0b4  No.6584438

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I always wonder if she knew…..

6f38db  No.6584439

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Party time.

Patriot Party Time.

Beers on the Halo.

8bfc0d  No.6584440

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Zombie Stomp

fd0e09  No.6584441


Interesting. Too bad it's been dismissed by most anons that still do not believe AOC is a resource.

ddb422  No.6584442

File: e01e13b9aa80918⋯.png (7.29 MB, 4267x2667, 4267:2667, obama.png)

Is this the one anons?

738063  No.6584443

File: 5e3fd27199e9938⋯.jpeg (38.04 KB, 480x429, 160:143, 2ABA12DF-98C8-4257-8A09-5….jpeg)


Notable because POTUS there

8c4543  No.6584444

Whoa, Podesta interviewed on the Ancient Aliens episode tonight.

16cee3  No.6584445

File: b361cb721fb1eb1⋯.jpg (133.29 KB, 696x423, 232:141, IMG_9191.JPG)

bbd179  No.6584446

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Tastey joos

2b09a4  No.6584447

File: 00de934fede522e⋯.jpg (616.64 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190525-003213….jpg)

File: 98fd6b9fb1b5fce⋯.jpg (684.72 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190525-003220….jpg)

File: 7212cdb3cca69b4⋯.jpg (760.08 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190525-003229….jpg)

File: 4f20ee650c290e0⋯.jpg (738.92 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190525-003242….jpg)

File: 2abc0b8caaa6a18⋯.jpg (722.29 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190525-003251….jpg)


This Yucca mountain plan goes way deep. McStain supported it.


8c4543  No.6584448


Even the most cursory examination is enough to conclude that this isn't

Obama. Go back to reddit. This shit is tiring.

6f38db  No.6584449

2cb87f  No.6584450

File: f854bd942edb467⋯.gif (1.03 MB, 400x335, 80:67, ea6411d6603b8e17baf650e825….gif)



indeed, (((you))) triggered bitch?

aecc04  No.6584451

File: 9938658e680455f⋯.jpg (35.89 KB, 332x216, 83:54, look.jpg)

16cee3  No.6584452

File: 2b7331df1d9577c⋯.jpg (66.15 KB, 737x536, 11:8, IMG_0259.JPG)

aecc04  No.6584453

File: 9ce137cab2d26b0⋯.jpg (25.43 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 9ce137cab2d26b.jpg)



6f38db  No.6584454

Ebot. Go away faggot.

2cb87f  No.6584455

File: c6e8432c3a89b93⋯.jpeg (98.15 KB, 502x329, 502:329, 4CA3083B-6E6D-443A-A5C6-D….jpeg)

File: 945b9092b453c12⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1608x512, 201:64, 565A774B-7C44-464C-9EFB-D9….png)

Not notable..historical only

March 18, 2019

Complete failure at Oroville Dam

By Chriss Street

The $1.1 billion spent to repair Oroville Dam is failing as water is seeping through the rebuilt spillway threatens new mass evacuations over the risk of the dam collapsing.

According to national dam expert Scott Cahill of Watershed Services of Ohio, Oroville Dam is on the same failure track as in 2017, with visible water seepage trickling from the foot of the dam and dozens of points along the dam's principal spillway. Cahill warns that warming temperatures magnified by precipitation is a growing threat to the dam.

American Thinker reported on March 1 that the Sierra snow pack was at a record 113 inches, but another 44 inches fell in the next 10 days. With temperatures spiking this week to 75 degrees in the valleys and 41 degrees in the high mountains, dam inflows are running twice the outflows, and the water levels rose from 800 to 839 feet.

As America's tallest earthen dam with a 770-foot face and 901-foot top of the spillway, the lake behind the Oroville Dam can hold 3.5 million acre-feet of water. Its viability is a crucial element for the effectiveness of California's system of 1,250 flood-control dams.

The last time the water level rose to 815 feet in February 2017 and engineers began opening eight huge spillway gates to allow 100,000 acre-feet per second to race down the face of the dam, the spillway's midsection began seeping water at many points.

The difference of the huge water pressure on the dam and the lower pressure from water running down the spillway caused the huge cement plates to rise and fall. As water seepage turned into porting streams, the spillway buckled and then washed away.

Facing the risk of a 30-foot wall of water racing toward metropolitan Sacramento, the Butte County sheriff issued a mandatory evacuation of 188,000 residents.

The rains ebbed, and the dam survived, but the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's after-action 537-page Independent Forensic Team Report found:

The Oroville Dam spillway incident was caused by a long-term systemic failure of the California Department of Water Resources (DWR), regulatory, and general industry practices to recognize and address inherent spillway design and construction weaknesses, poor bedrock quality, and deteriorated service spillway chute conditions.

California's potential liability for the 2017 Oroville Dam crisis was reinforced on March 14, when Sacramento Superior Court judge James McFetridge ordered discovery to begin in a lawsuit against the state for hundreds of millions in damages by the City of Oroville, dozens of farmers, businesses, and others during the two-month crisis.

The plaintiffs' motion included wide-ranging allegations of dam employees suffering from sexual and racial harassment, extensive theft of equipment by dam officials, filing fraudulent financial reports, shoddy maintenance records, and a pattern of actively destroying evidence to conceal liability and criminal actions.

President Trump has blamed California for systematically failing to fund known state infrastructure and safety needs, then billing the Federal Emergency Management Agency under its 75 percent reimbursement for national disaster relief claims. Based on the reports of incompetence, FEMA denied $306 million of California's first $639-million national disaster reimbursement requests for the 2017 Oroville Dam crisis.


ecda1b  No.6584456

File: f9487293998437f⋯.jpg (101.84 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, ghost-ships-reserve-fleet.jpg)

goodnight anons. boatfag needs some snooze time

bbd179  No.6584457

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Bigly shout out to muhrussianDick

fd0e09  No.6584458


Italy's role is already been disclosed by PapaD.

d3e3f3  No.6584459

File: 722d78ac8ad675f⋯.png (811.49 KB, 732x489, 244:163, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 99c5acbe9a69258⋯.png (770.78 KB, 694x902, 347:451, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7dff8518349ab32⋯.png (681.46 KB, 592x446, 296:223, ClipboardImage.png)

John Pinto, WWII Code Talker and Longtime New Mexico Lawmaker, Dies at 94

SANTA FE, N.M.—John Pinto, a Navajo Code Talker in World War II who became one of the nation’s longest-serving Native American elected officials as a New Mexico state senator, has died. He was 94. Senate colleague Michael Padilla confirmed Pinto’s death in Gallup on May 24 after years of suffering from various illnesses that rarely kept him from his duties. After serving as a Marine, Pinto was elected to the Senate in 1976 and represented a district that includes the Navajo Nation for more than four decades. The region is one of the poorest in the country.

“Words cannot express the sadness we feel for the loss of a great Diné warrior,” said Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez, using the indigenous word for Navajo. “He dedicated his life to helping others.” Born in Lupton, Arizona, on the Navajo Nation to a family of sheepherders, Pinto didn’t start formal schooling until he was nearly a teenager. “At the age of 12, I was in kindergarten,” Pinto told the Albuquerque Journal in a 2007 interview. “I guess I did all right.” Pinto also recalled that his grandparents told of being forced at gunpoint from their land in the 1860s by the U.S. Army in the forced relocation of the Navajo people on foot to southern New Mexico.

After serving as a Code Talker—a group of radio men who translated American coordinates and messages into an indecipherable code based on the Navajo language—Pinto had to take an English test four times before he was finally admitted into the University of New Mexico’s College of Education. He graduated with a bachelor’s in elementary education at 39, and eventually earned his master’s, becoming a teacher and a truancy officer in Gallup. Pinto delved into politics to address the needs of impoverished indigenous populations. He won a seat in state Senate in 1976 as one of the state’s first Native American senators. An unassuming appearance and manner belied Pinto’s political determination that carried him through 42 years in the Legislature. Laurie Canepa, the senior librarian for the Legislative Council Service, said that made him the longest-serving senator in state history.

Manny Aragon, the state’s one-time Senate president, tells the story of driving to the Statehouse in a January 1977 snowstorm and picking up a middle-aged Navajo man who was hitchhiking in Albuquerque. The hitchhiker was newly elected Sen. Pinto. “I just thought he was a transient,” Aragon said.

In the Legislature, Pinto advocated for education reform and anti-poverty programs. Receiving a lifetime achievement award in 2016, Pinto recalled going hungry at times as a child while his parents juggled odd jobs and said the experience influenced his work on issues of homelessness as a lawmaker. Every year, Pinto would sing on the Senate floor the “Potato Song”—a Navajo song about a potato, planted in the spring and visited in the summer until it is harvested. Fellow senators, staff and aides clapped along to Pinto’s rendition. Lenore Naranjo, the Senate’s chief clerk, says Pinto taught her bits of Navajo language over the decades. “A beautiful man is all I can say,” Naranjo said.


bf5f28  No.6584460

If Barry was out and about looking for a new "handler/protection" back in the day, who was his original handler/protector?

b2b6e6  No.6584461

File: 025f5a563d75361⋯.gif (2.05 MB, 480x271, 480:271, 025f5a563d7536181413776c49….gif)

51a755  No.6584462


Ya sound kinda whiny, fren. Just out of curiousity, what exactly did you post for the baker to call you a "fucking parasite"? Some thoughtful comment?

And by the way, m8–ya don't have to be an Aussie to say "m8"….

On balance, I'd rate your verbal attack skills as "below average–needs improvement." Try harder next time.

64ed91  No.6584463

Surprised Q hasn’t posted since they are in the air.

6f38db  No.6584464

Deep down, Ebot wishes she was part of the team.

2b09a4  No.6584465

File: 2012f11f8164db8⋯.jpg (324.47 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190525-003719….jpg)

File: 4c1171e2272f66e⋯.jpg (691.24 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190525-003733….jpg)



8bfc0d  No.6584466

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Dead Man's Party

173013  No.6584467

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

[[They]] don’t know.

Like I know.

bbd179  No.6584468

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

77b18f  No.6584469


color me stupid, but that looks like a deliberate trend

time for CA Water Wars 21st Century

d3e3f3  No.6584470

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


John Pinto's Potato Song

Sen. John Pinto sings the Navajo Potato Song on the Senate Floor in Santa Fe.

bbd179  No.6584471

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

da69a8  No.6584472


I used to fish there as a young fella. Half of the dam is earth. That's the problem. Stupid design.

6b0565  No.6584473


Maybe a little diversion to North Korea instead of a Japan trip was planned all along.

6f38db  No.6584474

File: a8c75d33ef2d921⋯.jpg (127.97 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, LurkMoar.jpg)


Won't play because the title of the song.

Man you guys are garbage when it comes to party time.

It's nightshift. Do better.

d67bde  No.6584475

File: b02147ab614a260⋯.jpeg (207.84 KB, 2048x1582, 1024:791, 1ce8443a6aa60b28f5b56cdc9….jpeg)

we're at the point where declassifying and transparency is being spun to be a cover up and obstruction

some of these npc's must be awakening

c3ea01  No.6584476

File: efa2ac9cd2ff0d0⋯.png (2.61 MB, 1178x1428, 589:714, Big st james.png)

Jeffrey Epstein builds new compound on Great St. James Island (near Little St. James). It appears he's gotten some digging equipment. More secret tunnels Jeffrey? Pic related.

Sauce: https://nypost.com/2019/05/09/billionaire-pedophile-jeffrey-epstein-illegally-building-virgin-islands-compound/

cf88af  No.6584477

File: 31b1994448e194a⋯.jpeg (379.04 KB, 599x1083, 599:1083, 5FAB1BFC-4A2B-4A6A-B4B7-8….jpeg)

File: c86fd51a5c00715⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1023x728, 1023:728, 64E1FA97-0B2C-4606-ACF4-1C….png)

272494  No.6584478

File: 75c6bc4be363c2e⋯.jpg (15.74 KB, 290x337, 290:337, retard.jpg)


It ain't the normies I'm worried about….

6f38db  No.6584479


bbd179  No.6584480

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

36603b  No.6584481

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


2cb87f  No.6584482


indeed anon, but not to this detailed extent.

6f38db  No.6584483

Ebot gets nervous when I call her out.

8bfc0d  No.6584484


Plays fine.

Try harder

bbd179  No.6584485


Zombies need emotes for nouns

808c38  No.6584486

File: d47fe9bdef5279d⋯.png (2.18 MB, 1872x1292, 468:323, x15.png)

389d97  No.6584487


MOAR treason.

All of these Congress people think it would be ok to go have coffee with Hitler smack in the middle of WWI without any of us blinking an eye about it, because each of them thinks they run their little kingdom in some area of the US.

Even the Federal Judges think they can stop the President from protecting the nation, or building a wall.

Electric Chair after Constitutional trial.

This is what these "Would be King" Representatives and Judges need to save the country.

d67bde  No.6584488


maybe even this bot that replied to me that i have filtered

a49335  No.6584489

File: b09f5faa0d45bd4⋯.png (1.59 MB, 1275x1650, 17:22, Qclock Google 1984 Kanye c….png)



My first ever Qclock was a 5:5 date AND times. It's congested, but it very much proved to me that these things weren't just coincidence. I even waited until 4:55pm in anticipation of it being "fulfilled"…not only was POTUS' tweet the right time, but also the right [Google] subject. Talk about being sold on the spot.


Second as


9c7b38  No.6584490


Given anon's feedback, NOTABLE?

2cb87f  No.6584492

File: 519abc75d637c94⋯.png (702.74 KB, 1266x1536, 211:256, D7787467-2554-4BAA-826C-85….png)



9 feet to go

173013  No.6584493

File: 2b351fd35f98bfc⋯.jpeg (94.39 KB, 828x605, 828:605, 999DA242-C197-4C0D-B388-7….jpeg)

File: 8749e51d2df1861⋯.jpeg (98.54 KB, 828x579, 276:193, 3219D1A7-C313-4DFA-96E3-D….jpeg)

File: c1e43d67db9fd61⋯.jpeg (61.57 KB, 828x416, 207:104, DDB62611-164D-41D7-AC54-7….jpeg)

File: 3b96fb68f11c2cf⋯.jpeg (303.27 KB, 828x1237, 828:1237, A29E1ECF-D62C-4877-926A-2….jpeg)

51a755  No.6584494


Considering how she was recruited, it's likely AOC is somebody's asset–and probably a lot smarter than she appears.

6f38db  No.6584495

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Alright you got me, but this one is the version that I roll with…. All versions make me sad. I want to be lively dammit. 😥

b6a941  No.6584496

File: 17c6cb69e6b15ac⋯.jpg (121.37 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault-2.jpg)

File: e710935759a0a38⋯.png (21.03 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 298dc3d3a8691de6467300b919….png)

51a755  No.6584497


Thanks, got boat fag posts in Notes. o7

8e69bf  No.6584498

File: 1b30413d4e953d1⋯.gif (484.37 KB, 500x264, 125:66, piratehooker.gif)


Aw, my "m8" word triggered your bitch ass I see.

I'm not your "fren", you condescending liddle prick.

Kill your fucking self with (17) posts of utter shit.

>try harder

^^Known shill phrase.


Go ahead and reply(I know (((you))) will, I won't see it)

8bfc0d  No.6584499

File: e75fd97898eaaf5⋯.jpg (129.71 KB, 740x1081, 740:1081, reaper17.jpg)

bbd179  No.6584500

File: a28b11d0a4aa908⋯.png (171.59 KB, 1220x383, 1220:383, 055A45FD-D3E8-49FD-A8B3-9C….png)

Yuge Craigslist announcement

d3e3f3  No.6584501

File: 3fb0ea53c5ff0bc⋯.png (1.04 MB, 993x612, 331:204, ClipboardImage.png)

First American says product defect could have caused customer data exposure

(Reuters) - U.S. real estate title insurance company First American Financial Corp said on Friday it had learned of a design defect in one of its production applications that had made possible unauthorized access to customer data. The statement was sent in response to a report by security news website Krebs on Security, which said First American’s website had exposed about 885 million files dating back to 2003. First American said it had shut down access to the application and was evaluating the impact of the defect.

“We are currently evaluating what effect, if any, this had on the security of customer information. We have hired an outside forensic firm to assure us that there has not been any meaningful unauthorized access to our customer data,” First American said in an emailed statement. Digitized records including bank account numbers and statements, mortgage and tax records, social security numbers, wire transaction receipts, and drivers license images were available without authentication to anyone with a web browser, according to the Krebs on Security report. The report added that there was no information on whether fraudsters had been aware of the exposure.


173013  No.6584502


Truth will be self evident.

There nothing greener than Tesla free energy.

She is a rook on the chessboard.

e1207a  No.6584503

File: e611599c701422e⋯.png (274.72 KB, 574x379, 574:379, ClipboardImage.png)

aa1eea  No.6584504

File: 9735be17aace60a⋯.jpeg (276.26 KB, 2066x1671, 2066:1671, 924F0168-A456-4425-8EC8-5….jpeg)

File: da76f2b34543548⋯.jpeg (45.06 KB, 618x500, 309:250, CAC6F536-EDE1-4C9E-9265-F….jpeg)

738063  No.6584505

File: 3aba3d0e67f80f3⋯.jpeg (106.46 KB, 720x720, 1:1, F4A39C2D-CC38-48B9-984F-C….jpeg)


And I won’t forget the men who died, to save these bewbs for me…

518abd  No.6584506

File: c6ed94585b82f34⋯.jpg (171.56 KB, 640x605, 128:121, pig fly.jpg)


Cincinnati. Now let's talk about the pigs

bbd179  No.6584507

File: 914cf3e4cb63077⋯.jpg (43.16 KB, 262x265, 262:265, IMG_7979.JPG)

Y'all need more zen

bf5f28  No.6584508


Great explanation

8e69bf  No.6584509

Of course they'd go for the fucking control of this place, of course. Smfh.

51a755  No.6584510

File: 12aff6f16d6f04d⋯.png (33.21 KB, 134x145, 134:145, laughing-redhead.png)



Still kekking…..

6cb8a9  No.6584511

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"Memorial" Day. 130 Indy "Brick"yard -Clay/Iron.

Wheat-Chaff! 9 11. 1888-0bama N00k!

a23aa2  No.6584512

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I think you might want to check this one out if you haven't. This voice (I don't care who it belongs to) is an absolute beautiful instrument.

8e69bf  No.6584513

Fucking nigger bakers.

DOTR comes for you all, no matter how much you try to save face and act like the 'good guise'.

Glow, glow, glow your boat…

bbd179  No.6584514

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Y'all need more zen


950031  No.6584515


The very quintessence of it anon. I do not advocate death for crimes like these, but when they are expressed thusly, in adjunct with her other tratorous acts, what else is there?

51a755  No.6584516


from 2018, plz don't post old stuff wo/a date


389d97  No.6584517


Here is another one that thinks she is some kind of king in her own jurisdiction, and that she can meet covertly with the enemies of the United States.

I am tellin you, we need Constitutional trials for treason and the electric chair.

3e4cee  No.6584518

File: d8b56bd8e635eea⋯.jpeg (568.23 KB, 750x906, 125:151, 02204426-DE10-404E-93C2-C….jpeg)



Will do…thx anon!

175a40  No.6584519

File: 462b4d48a4e0504⋯.jpg (257.1 KB, 1200x990, 40:33, 0efa9b5e3019c21dbefbe57b6a….jpg)


This is actually a really good informative video. One of the few things you post that is legitimate. If you are legit and want to make more of an impact, replace the fake finkelstein video post with this! Just some advice. Maybe trm down the spam because it is a lot of information for people to absorb all at once. You would have more effect finding good sources like this and starting off a bit smaller. This video should be number 1 post in my opinion. Here is also a legitimate good source. in this picture. Pick better sources for better teaching of this evil sick practice.

If shill, fuck off and die.

aa1eea  No.6584520


Can’t tell if this JP meme is arbitrarily the funniest of all time, anons exhausted, or just hit the pen too hard.

Kek out loud funny.

d3e3f3  No.6584521

File: 853b735bb1e941c⋯.png (583.16 KB, 930x619, 930:619, ClipboardImage.png)

Trump will tap ex-Virginia attorney general for U.S. immigration agency: Washington Post

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump will pick former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli as the head of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Washington Post reported on Friday. Cuccinelli will replace L. Francis Cissna as the head of the agency, which manages the country’s legal immigration system. Cissna told staff in a farewell letter on Friday he had resigned at the president’s request, effective June 1, a USCIS official said. The White House is still figuring out what exactly Cuccinelli will be doing in his new role, the Post reported. A White House official did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

As Virginia’s attorney general and a state senator, Cuccinelli developed a reputation as a hardliner. In Virginia, he called for denying citizenship to U.S.-born children if their parents are in the country illegally, introduced a proposal barring unemployment benefits to people who were fired from jobs for not speaking English and authorized law enforcement officials to investigate the immigration status of anyone they stopped. Cuccinelli will likely face a pitched battle for the Senate approval of his nomination, though it is controlled by Trump’s Republican party. Cuccinelli heads a political group that has clashed with Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, who has vowed to block Cuccinelli from being confirmed for any administration position, according to media reports. He is also unlikely to receive much support from Senate Democrats. In April, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen announced her departure from the Trump administration, raising the specter of more firings of senior immigration officials.

Trump is seeking to overhaul the U.S. immigration system and has sought to crack down on illegal immigrants, but has been largely unable to enact the sweeping changes he has sought. Cuccinelli met with Trump on Monday and was expected to be picked for an immigration policy position by the president.


f575a7  No.6584522

File: 1b4bb47c43456d5⋯.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1241x2092, 1241:2092, DF04C445-16B4-4027-9AA4-E….jpeg)

File: 8b1449aaf672adf⋯.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1242x2084, 621:1042, 3311886D-0867-488C-B3F6-4….jpeg)



Why do we have bakers shilling for Jizzrael??

Oh thats right, mossad loves the kitchen on the weekends.

Lets not forget that Q has named the top targets as Israel and Mossad.


Only newfags dont JQ.

That is all.


36603b  No.6584523


Kek anon

518abd  No.6584524


Hell yeah! Excellent Qproof!

Notable Proof

e93e6a  No.6584525

File: ab57ef8f9dfd3a5⋯.jpg (63.68 KB, 614x520, 307:260, ayyy.JPG)


Shouldn't be the retards you worry about, should be the kikes.

Jew World Order coming soon to a theater near you.

2b09a4  No.6584526

File: 9d3b96e66485b34⋯.jpg (604.8 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190525-004512….jpg)

File: ee4fecdf5c7db31⋯.jpg (513.02 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190525-004521….jpg)

File: ba241f5b0611f33⋯.jpg (481.43 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190525-004530….jpg)


Vineyards El Salvador and Kenya

Building a bridge

175a40  No.6584527


Ughhh wrong picture. Thought it was a mashup of the child saints murdered by blood libel and now ignored by the catholic church. Disregard the picture everyone.

bbd179  No.6584528

File: a497f00f1291616⋯.jpg (65.61 KB, 320x475, 64:95, IMG_8130.JPG)

File: 52b084c08622e68⋯.jpg (67.92 KB, 500x478, 250:239, IMG_8146.JPG)

File: c0794d259eaea17⋯.jpg (60.03 KB, 720x854, 360:427, IMG_8147.JPG)

File: 7aaedefd30647d6⋯.jpg (212.98 KB, 699x960, 233:320, IMG_8148.JPG)

b6a941  No.6584529

File: 35d479abc74b70e⋯.jpg (17.37 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 37f2dd72d2f8c88877efd1fd65….jpg)

8c9254  No.6584530

File: af0435fc60d9e43⋯.jpeg (108.85 KB, 750x540, 25:18, C228F4CC-2ED9-49B9-9EFB-7….jpeg)


51a755  No.6584531

File: 050dbf307239b88⋯.png (126.72 KB, 430x315, 86:63, mirror-anon-mirror.png)


…gently down the stream

merrily merrily merrily

Life is but a dream.

And what's your dream, shilly guy? Are ya living the dream? Satisfied with who you are and what you do? Peace, bro, you're your own worse enemy. don't need to create moar.

847add  No.6584532

File: 0da9a81f315047a⋯.jpg (23.86 KB, 400x225, 16:9, bread-loaf-mold.jpg)

glowing baker

6f38db  No.6584533



Gosh darn it…


aecc04  No.6584534

File: eaa38091fa2846a⋯.jpg (321.33 KB, 800x600, 4:3, pepevsshlomo.jpg)


Eat shit kike, that video does nothing but add credence to the Finkelstein video.


>One of the few things you post that is legitimate.

None of any of the posts have been dis-proven and unless you care to start you can fuck off. .

bbd179  No.6584535

File: 5568720495cc864⋯.png (237.47 KB, 550x704, 25:32, ed85a81420d429e42045f562d1….png)

Set the homo loose Gaylord

2b09a4  No.6584536


Looky… a date…kys

950031  No.6584537


I'm sure it has been implied before. Clock Anon. Of course it is a work of genius and beyond the ken of mortal men in some ways…and yet I feel as though it would be greatly benefitted by some relatively easily derived Celestial Mechanics applications. Especially movements of the Moon and the inner planets… just so.

2b09a4  No.6584538

File: 969f9474d8e3152⋯.jpg (33.97 KB, 832x178, 416:89, Screenshot_20190525-005816….jpg)

6f38db  No.6584539

Let's be fun tonight. 😭

3e4cee  No.6584540

File: aa987ed4b6b0bda⋯.jpeg (155.8 KB, 508x508, 1:1, A884B2B5-85DA-4D78-9CD6-C….jpeg)



>The Pentagon's Brain: An Uncensored History of DARPA

Thanks for sharing! This is very timely and valuable info. It’s reassuring to know that all DARPA scientists are not psychopaths.

738063  No.6584541


It’s been a while since we had moldy bread shills. Welcome back!

6f38db  No.6584542

Y'all found my weakness.

51a755  No.6584543


Got some moar? Need to expand my collection. Trying to grow a new strain of penicillin.

9c7b38  No.6584544

a49335  No.6584545

File: f7f6341f50f6d8c⋯.jpg (71.88 KB, 620x620, 1:1, 444 OBAMA.jpg)

File: 351afb86e45acbf⋯.png (371.68 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Podesta hanging.png)


Prince Dopey?

Big Mike?






6f38db  No.6584546

It's been a rough road.

507f66  No.6584547


Anons, EYES ON!

I watched this whole vid….

I NEVER heard of this Challenger theory or conceived of it until, like, yesterday. Now it is being pushed in multiple breads.

I'd say there are two primary options here:

1) this is some mega-MOAB

2) this is some last ditch FF

EITHER way, this needs attention.

Most of the vid focuses on the idea that the Challenger explosion was faked. But then at the end it picks up on the idea the all moon landings were faked, and more broadly that some YUGE fuckery has been going on with NASA. Anons might not wanna believe this, but if this is shillery we should debunk it.

Anons who pay attention know that Q "Anon" has pushed the "facial resemblance" truth bomb, and that is the core of this video.

Take a look and offer evidence and reasoning!

40c24b  No.6584548

File: 1eb45c9ae0a9b65⋯.png (266.99 KB, 532x499, 532:499, ClipboardImage.png)

>>6584540 9:21 AM - 23 May 2019

dbb0b4  No.6584549

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Showing my age….nostalgia hits….deep shit…

5e5b2c  No.6584550

File: 3a0e37d8ce3f6f9⋯.jpg (43.13 KB, 992x415, 992:415, william-scott-ap-jef-19052….jpg)

"In an extraordinary move that capped two weeks of growing outrage sparked by the court-sanctioned San Francisco police raid of a reporter’s home, the city's police chief, William Scott, on Friday night acknowledged for the first time that the raid may have violated California state law and called for an outside, independent investigation into his own department.

“Over the last 48 hours, I conducted a top-to-bottom review of San Francisco Police Department’s criminal investigation into the unauthorized release of the Jeff Adachi police report,” Scott wrote in a statement released Friday evening. “At the request of San Francisco Mayor London Breed, we are seeking an independent, impartial investigation by a separate investigatory body.”

"I am specifically concerned by a lack of due diligence by department investigators in seeking search warrants and appropriately addressing Mr. Carmody’s status as a member of the news media," Scott said in the statement."


51a755  No.6584551


Then let me be a little clearer. Bakers appreciate it when you call it to their attention that a post is old. Making someone dig into 4-pt type is not exactly helpful. Also, when the post is not current, maybe you could say why you're posting it (why it's relevant)?

51a755  No.6584552


got it anon, will post soon

cf88af  No.6584553

File: eab4ed7dedff2bd⋯.jpeg (208.65 KB, 1024x771, 1024:771, 5216D8BC-D602-49FA-88F0-7….jpeg)

File: d83aa546fa3de7f⋯.jpeg (196.6 KB, 1024x771, 1024:771, A8956924-77B7-4C92-A511-B….jpeg)

bf5f28  No.6584554


Yea Prince Dopey is definitely a consideration. I also thought VJ via the MB, so that's kind of the same link.

However, I also thought maybe the general umbrella of the Clowns might be it as well. Just interesting to think about whatever conversation took place with him seeking some kind of shelter.

d06776  No.6584555


9c7b38  No.6584556


No wonder POTUS is the best for this.

He describes the exact methodology in his book Art of the Deal.

It the Art of War.

It is Game Theory.

Moves and Counter Moves.

Before deploying a move, you can check the counter moves and assign counter moves to each.

As the enemy deploys their counter moves, you are ready.

You lay false moves that shape the moves of the enemy and begin to trap them.

Knowing their goto strategies, you eventually checkmate them before they know, effectively getting the enemy to destroy themselves.

It take patience and skill but the Game is ALWAYS loaded one way. The Truth.

This is God's work.

This is why God wins.

You cannot game the truth and the deck is loaded to it long term.

b6a941  No.6584557

File: 7f6760a690c7bc1⋯.jpg (21.65 KB, 500x287, 500:287, tumblr_lnm6cwB0hm1qm26xro1….jpg)

738063  No.6584558

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There’s other oldfarts here, anon.

e1b97f  No.6584559



e1b97f  No.6584560


also trip 5s confirm

40c24b  No.6584561

File: b3951e2bb258e62⋯.png (572.23 KB, 403x526, 403:526, ClipboardImage.png)

>>6584371 Copy

They are waiting to return

These people are sick

a49335  No.6584562

File: fed538c14a9ded6⋯.png (68.38 KB, 681x584, 681:584, cellophane tape day may 27.png)



224e8c  No.6584563



2cb87f  No.6584564

File: 9a2e44e6b885d57⋯.png (494.43 KB, 536x726, 268:363, 9B829E7E-B6E7-4DED-9DA0-E8….png)

On Watch

40c24b  No.6584565

File: fe27cf626bcfcda⋯.png (440.63 KB, 563x467, 563:467, ClipboardImage.png)

2cb87f  No.6584566


Trips ckd

5e5b2c  No.6584567

SAN FRANCISCO — "A San Francisco couple suspected in the killing and dismemberment of the woman’s elderly father were arrested after boarding a flight to China, police announced Friday.

The suspects were identified as 44-year-old Douglas Lomas and 35-year-old Stephanie Ching. The two are suspected in the killing of Ching’s father, 73-year-old Benedict Ching.

Benedict Ching’s dismembered body was found inside a freezer at his home on the 100 block of Del Monte St. Monday after officers arrived for a welfare check.

Homicide investigators determined Lomas and Ching were en route to China and with the assistance of Homeland Security Investigations the suspects were arrested after landing in Beijing, police said.

Both suspects were flown to Virginia and are being held at the Loudoun Adult Detention Center in Leesburg on homicide charges. Investigators are working to extradite them back to San Francisco."


51a755  No.6584568


Notes @360

>>6584237, >>6584314, >>6584266, >>6584294, >>6584447 What if AOC's Cauliflower vs Yucca/Yuca remarks are coded (Yucca Mt)?

>>6584220 State Dep't: We didn't OK Feinstein's meeting with Iranian minister

>>6584269 Anon on free will: Q says "expand your thinking"; DS tyrants say "follow orders"

>>6584293 Boatfag report (Ever Lovely enroute from LBP to Tokyo)

>>6584394 Pilot Boat meeting up with bulk carrier fr S Africa arriving LBP

>>6584298 China's top banking regulator says yuan bears will suffer 'heavy losses'

>>6584300 Q35 and today's POTUS tweet linked?

>>6584371, >>6582203 pb Anon does the math: Pelosi's comments add up to [187]

>>6584384 Scott Adams/Posobiec: "Who killed Q?" (moar grist for the mill….)

>>6584367, >>6584423 On May 25 (5.5)

>>6584435 Warning issued for possible eruption at Mt Hakone in Japan (POTUS in Japan)

>>6584459 John Pinto, WWII code talker & NM lawmaker, dies at 94

>>6584501 First American says product defect could have caused customer data exposure

>>6584521 Trump will tap ex-Virginia attorney general for U.S. immigration agency (Wapo)

>>6584548 DARPA tweet on how to "improve memory function…in individuals with traumatic brain injury" (hmmm…from DARPA, eh?)

>>6584550 SF cops raid a reporter's residence; he demands an apology

Anything missing, anons?

So many worthwhile posts, took me til now to get to the end, great work

e93e6a  No.6584569


So 'His' would be capped before family but 'his' isnt capped before administration…because then that gematria bullshit narrative fails.

The "intervention" theory is far moar plausible but ya know..whatever helps push the bullshit.

038f36  No.6584570



389d97  No.6584571



SOOOooooo Notable.

We are the news, and this is news all.

It needs to get out. Who knows where they have put even more of Hillary's Classified info on illegal servers around the US to frame President Trump. This might be the tip of the iceburg, and the public needs to know about this framing attempt.

aecc04  No.6584572




Anons didn't debunk shit. A shill posted a bunch of words and an un-woke baker noted it… Bush-league bullshit.

dbb0b4  No.6584573

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Loved Kiss…favorite all time tune…Detroit Rock City…I was like 7 or 8 but older brothers had a royal collection to choose from….:)>>6584558

0d5e90  No.6584574

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is sucha good show today re: POTUS and declass…easy to understand and can give to all friends and family….he is a bit of a pooty mouth, but no big deal…….info is legit:

EVERY day he is full of info:

nearly 20K views on Periscope


just posted on YT 750 views

a419ca  No.6584575

File: d8441f9eeb97c69⋯.png (746.97 KB, 1475x625, 59:25, 09783476123098745098.png)

51a755  No.6584576


Notabled LB


>>6583529 Op. Charlemagne/Silent Ones/EyePyramid: Italy framed Trump/Spygate/Qanon/GA? DIGG anons

0d5e90  No.6584577

File: e4630a6715a6354⋯.jpg (59.18 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 06zW5aHIQ6AG_640x360.jpg)

File: 7db0ff23412562d⋯.jpg (31.14 KB, 400x400, 1:1, bjiIbb1w_400x400.jpg)


The Dlley Show on Periscope with the live chat is a lot of fun to see real time reactions to declas news 20K views just today:



aecc04  No.6584578

File: 6e31e7ad115404e⋯.jpg (70.76 KB, 1080x618, 180:103, always_d.jpg)


Maybe if he buys a bit more MAGA gear he'll be less of a kike.

cf88af  No.6584579

File: 197c2fa07983017⋯.jpeg (247.93 KB, 1131x685, 1131:685, 78916060-7A4A-4587-9F94-3….jpeg)

File: 3bb6eec837258b2⋯.jpeg (225.8 KB, 1111x688, 1111:688, 3D467FA9-1BD8-43BB-834E-2….jpeg)

File: cd7bd267ffca35a⋯.png (2.06 MB, 1200x755, 240:151, 56C50A11-40DF-49E1-B171-A9….png)

File: f0b5d1ac2f25959⋯.png (2.14 MB, 1197x750, 399:250, 0DE8CFDB-1260-451B-AA29-8C….png)

0d5e90  No.6584580


this show today should be listened to it is that good of info regarding POTUS Declas

e93e6a  No.6584581


So desperate (((you))) are.

0402a7  No.6584582

Howdy folks

aecc04  No.6584583

f575a7  No.6584584


Yeah, dude claims protocols of zion is debunked and that couldnt be further from the truth.

The shills act like anons think every dingle jew is in on the conspiring to conflate the truth as hatred. We know not all jews conspire to rule the world but many (some even secular) jews do conspire to rule shit and thats why every single thing mentioned in the elders is coming to fruition.

The russian that escaped russia during the bolshevik rev translated the protocols from europe and it nearly made him sick to do so. The book and its contents are legit. How the fuck did that bs post make notables?

2cb87f  No.6584585

File: 1cf7e2d4558e37f⋯.gif (366.02 KB, 267x200, 267:200, D2DA25AA-257B-4CE4-A52F-7D….gif)

518abd  No.6584586

File: fa0d99f723dd24b⋯.jpg (12.63 KB, 255x191, 255:191, AUkids.jpg)


Hardly ever watch these vids- especially anything over a couple minutes, but this… WOW.

Something's gonna habben with the Indy 500 and Manhatten, absolutely NO DOUBT.


362977  No.6584587

File: 17c8ee116f9fc61⋯.png (6.87 KB, 220x94, 110:47, ClipboardImage.png)

f550b0  No.6584588

What if 'they' gave Julian Assange cancer while he was locked away as prisoner in an embassy, as punishment for a threat for publishing truth about the DNC 'hack' and murder of Seth Rich?

What if the patriots are charging him with the highest of crimes 'knowing' he will be exonerated in advance because this is the most clear cut case of 1st amendment ever in human history, the evidence has been and continues to be viewed and 'known' all over the world through uncensored digital networks (the only reason Q chose 8ch and QRV), **to get his testimony immediately into federal courts of the land?

Testimony before death?

I think this really may not be a game after all.

e2b193  No.6584589

good for those that you want to red pill…..


2e3e50  No.6584590

File: 5b1559cf8a11934⋯.jpg (25.92 KB, 553x401, 553:401, 5b1559cf8a11934e4658705b58….jpg)

File: e2e60777dcbfefa⋯.jpg (231.79 KB, 1200x1556, 300:389, e2e60777dcbfefa715cb8aa394….jpg)

File: 0dab6726663c177⋯.jpg (438.49 KB, 1632x1224, 4:3, 0dab6726663c1772a1485e0784….jpg)



21dd1c  No.6584591

dbb0b4  No.6584592


What is up with this bread????

51a755  No.6584593



The reason bakers ask "Anything missing?'' is to give anons a chance to add missing posts or to object to posts they don't think should be there. When objections are made, most bakers will ask for additional anon input before posting. The presumption is that there are enough intelligent people present–espec during peak hours–that controversial stuff will get discussed using FACTS and LOGIC.

The only thing that gets pulled from previous breads is something illegal or that would dox someone. What you are trying to do is broadside bakers and divison-shill any who are not anti-Israel–that is, who follow Q. Q has said Israel is not yet on the table, that it will be "last." When the time comes, there will be ample discussion of Israel and we will see who the white and black hats really are.

Meanwhile, POTUS is clearly a supporter of Israel and this board supports POTUS and Q team, not shills.

2b93e1  No.6584594

Any prayer warriors who happen to scroll by this please say a prayer for my little sister. Shes waking up (on her own not even really from anything ive said or pushed on her) and is taking it rather rough. Its a good thing, but shes in the real depressed stage of it all.

Hell even i still go through bouts of that at times. Never give up anons your life is important. Godbless you all

0402a7  No.6584595


Cheers amirite?

e6c7fb  No.6584597

File: 6f103ca252828f1⋯.png (1.5 MB, 969x807, 323:269, the-secret-revealed.png)


Things are way to quiet.

Things have never been this quiet on the web.

I can feel something big coming.

950031  No.6584598


Noice-ly elucidated anon. Still, NP gives me da jimmies at times.

423d8c  No.6584599

File: 8bad2e77ad1fd65⋯.png (983.18 KB, 807x869, 807:869, Grotesque Mossad Dilly.png)


>EVERY day he is full of info:


>The Dlley Show

d06776  No.6584600

File: e53eee0b8e99074⋯.png (255.49 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, ClipboardImage.png)


P_pers: [C]onfirmed.

Strike 99999999.


cf88af  No.6584601

File: 8c4d7aa5087d85b⋯.jpeg (100.6 KB, 666x500, 333:250, DCC6601E-00E9-4945-B793-C….jpeg)

5722e3  No.6584603

File: f49f5dac8e7dd4a⋯.jpg (465.02 KB, 1080x1473, 360:491, Screenshot_20190525-002524….jpg)


Logan Act

She took the bait.

507f66  No.6584604


You fuckers know exactly what you're doing I guess? I guess I have no choice. I guess I'm with you. Yeah. Well, I guess I do have a choice, but I'm rollin with you. I have no idea how this works, but I guess I was prepared. That is some subtle shit and I have no idea how any "technology" can pick that up. None. There is no way. I know exactly what I am thinking and you probably do too, and I do not understand what is going on. OK, I think I'm with it.

aee812  No.6584605

File: 20a72704cdd6d9b⋯.jpg (103.81 KB, 1000x676, 250:169, astronaut-1000.jpg)


this anon gets it.

224e8c  No.6584606

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a49335  No.6584607

File: 275ebde342b9332⋯.png (501.47 KB, 1205x900, 241:180, Trump umbrella plane fisa ….png)

File: e19e67a5e622ed0⋯.png (210.56 KB, 812x1112, 203:278, flat earth gematria qresea….png)

File: 222217a85efa95b⋯.jpg (854.59 KB, 1500x1167, 500:389, flat earth pepe steamrolle….jpg)


probably known (pic related)


45'63 ominous


Did you miss the post no. digits by just 1 intentionally? kek. I'm not 'even' a believer, but I've seen enough digits to realize you guys are saying it's so. Even looking for key words, dates, digits in trumptwitterarchive, I'm pretty convinced he's been subtly saying it there.

>core of this video

One of Trump's tweets I went looking for as having the right digits to have a "key word" of disclosure used the word "excoriate"…I had a good chuckle. I think you're leveling even moar than that at us, though, with your post.


>45"6" 91


dbb0b4  No.6584608


are you ok anon? Confused as to what you mean by your post…are you a newfag??

b36470  No.6584609

During WWI,

Hitler was merely a Corporal

who ran messages between

the various trenches.

His Hate for Jews developed

when the Jewish officers

caused Germany to surrender.


518abd  No.6584611

File: bb948b3062ebe9c⋯.png (342.3 KB, 659x814, 659:814, SED.png)

File: 0c9f86ffd76c0dd⋯.png (85.12 KB, 1123x794, 1123:794, SED1.png)

File: 231b8220f505fa0⋯.png (56.88 KB, 1123x794, 1123:794, SED2.png)

File: 92d1dae98611810⋯.jpg (124.17 KB, 799x399, 799:399, SEDi.jpg)

aecc04  No.6584612

File: cb544c4c4adf936⋯.jpg (205.21 KB, 1137x590, 1137:590, protocols.jpg)

File: 0a827c667505bce⋯.jpg (233.37 KB, 1140x591, 380:197, protocols_goy.jpg)

File: 5680dee17b09724⋯.jpg (240.67 KB, 1137x588, 379:196, protocols_goyism.jpg)

File: 20d8f2056968293⋯.png (143.35 KB, 474x355, 474:355, anton_protocols.png)


>Q has said Israel is not yet on the table

Q never fucking said anything of the sort.


Is not very hard to understand. Not much reading comprehension is involved there yet you still failed. Fuck off and read the god damn protocols THEN tell us how they were debunked by some pissant shill.

d148f6  No.6584613

We beg you Q. Drop the HAMR. Begin the ascension.

The world can handle the truth.

aecc04  No.6584614


You got it.

e93e6a  No.6584615


Nigger, you're comped as fuck and we all see it.

You've been called out multiple times.

5722e3  No.6584616


Maybe he just stumbled onto the comms. Think of all the situations where he is giving a perfectly rational response.

950031  No.6584617


Theatrics are important. What makes a great movie?

f148be  No.6584618


Every time she opens her mouth I become more convinced that she's a psyop to bring down the Democrat party from within. Can anyone really be this fucking stupid? I guess it's possible, but my money is on Trojan Whore.

51a755  No.6584619


That's the name of this bread, anon: "Never Give Up." A message for all, but starting with myself. Never easy to know the truth, is it? God bless you and your sister.

f148be  No.6584620


>What makes a great movie?

Not knowing for sure who the good guys and bad guys are. Plot twists. Surprises!

29b834  No.6584621


>Never give up anons your life is important

No one gives a flying fuck about me and all the feel good nonsense you can spew isn't going to change that, man. Better to die than live with you fuckheads.

f575a7  No.6584622


Are u new to the chans? Q has discreetly hinted that optics necessitate trump to be pro Jizzrael cus the fake news media is salivating to make him (and this movement) out to be Hitler reborn.

This isnt rocket science. Criticism of Israel or Zionists globalists doesnt equate to hating all jews so stop ur boot licking. Did u read the drops where Q said all the fake news amd corrupt dc politicians were controlled by mossad?? Why do u think Jozzrael is being saved for last? What specific reason do u think Q was alluding to when he said there’s a reason why they hvent been brought up once?

If ur not hip to the JQ, u should to back to facebook. Theres a reason Q chose this place.

By the way, i looked at responses to those posts. Nobody nominated them and indeed anons did dispute them… yet u chose to include?

come the fuck on

dbb0b4  No.6584623


I get it anon, when I first got here in Jan 18 sometimes I would have a meltdown every two days….lol…hopefullly he lurks and reads….

e1b97f  No.6584624

64ed91  No.6584625

File: 239301f60ea2218⋯.png (223.62 KB, 1119x2192, 1119:2192, ClipboardImage.png)

Twiter has delete #DeleteFacebook tending right now. Too back Twitter is just as bad. Force everyone to one platform then Heavy sensor?

The world needs a transparent non profit social media network. 8chan is awesome but we shouldn’t have to be anon to spread the truth. We aren’t anon to the government anyways.

dbb0b4  No.6584626



GEE I wonder what their beef could be….


950031  No.6584627


Devastating anon. Kek Worthy. Also very creative. Keep dat ready for when pro-Biden propaganda heats up.

518abd  No.6584628

File: 58763d742827753⋯.jpg (123.47 KB, 572x1302, 286:651, Rwine2.jpg)

File: 6b3a61efd90c668⋯.jpg (170.49 KB, 626x1310, 313:655, Rwine5.jpg)


>Vineyards El Salvador and Kenya

Vineyards and black kids. Over and over again.

738063  No.6584629

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Somebody embedded a nut job conspiracy video, so I’m posting some violin music to shut it up because I’m too lazy to scroll up.

dbb0b4  No.6584630

When will POTUS be arriving in Japan? Praying for his safe arrival….

e1b97f  No.6584631


dispose of used up children as compost and grow "fine wine" in the soil


fba07e  No.6584632

POTUS Schedule while in Japan


e1b97f  No.6584633


my heart is pounding like never before

dbb0b4  No.6584634


the Violin…one of the most beautiful instruments every created…..thank you anon…:)

6cf31b  No.6584635


Bravo, Baker!

f148be  No.6584636

File: db279c58172c0d9⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 64d_chess.jpg)


>It the Art of War.

>It is Game Theory.

>Moves and Counter Moves.

Also known as 64D Chess.

"Curse you, Drumpf! Where do I even put my pieces!?"

"Where? Don't you mean…when?"

0f9eef  No.6584637

Hi Anons, I love you all so deeply. God bless you all, in Jesus’ name, in this mighty fight against evil, which will become a triumph through God’s love. I pray He gives us strength and grace and mercy.

Does anyone have some particularly good Trump speeches, given at rallies or any place, that shows his true humility and kindness? Per my SO, who is still completely under the media’s (and for that matter the entire cabalistic system’s) spell, I’d like to expose my SO to some of President Trump himself.

Any specific recommendations?

66b000  No.6584638


That top label, far right bottom, looks like those weird survellaince cam pics that Q gave us.

You know, the ones with the people sitting on buckets, "eating" something or someone.

Could an anon look at it and do a side-by-side?

e1b97f  No.6584640

File: 70ef0df59f5e3b6⋯.mp4 (11.36 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Kimberley Guilfoyle Noreen….mp4)

518abd  No.6584641

File: 0823b0801e1e216⋯.png (397.15 KB, 1260x578, 630:289, yeast_p.png)

File: 026ac6e4fc5e41d⋯.jpg (23.19 KB, 380x487, 380:487, yeast.jpg)

File: 90b0a0eacc55037⋯.jpg (59.87 KB, 600x399, 200:133, yeast1.jpg)


Human composting is one thing but KaBaal wine is 'special'. One reason they burned down Notre Dame- the winery. The evidence.

51a755  No.6584642


Who is "we"? Who sent you and why? Do you work for $ or for the "cause"? Anyone who argues with such vitriol and malice (and not with facts) violates the core spirit of QResearch. What kind of person always tears others down, never having any positive words for anyone or anything?

You can say what you will, but you cannot break the bonds of love that bind us. Because love is stronger than hate. In the name of Jesus Christ, go back. You can't touch what we do here. It is greater than anything either you or I can imagine.

Nothing will stop what is coming. Nothing.

0402a7  No.6584643

>mfw 1st world powers accidentally poisoned themselves for next millenia with all the atomic and nuclear testing in the 60s and 70s.

How many people know already?

3e4cee  No.6584644


>Information Warfare Thread

I’m locked out too, anon. It looks like it’s been scrubbed (no numbers) and locked.

75ee4e  No.6584646

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



aecc04  No.6584647

File: 502394ea6eda4a3⋯.jpg (65.17 KB, 474x522, 79:87, pullit.jpg)


>Nothing will stop what is coming. Nothing.

Yeah we know. Shame you are so far behind.

40c24b  No.6584648

File: 380232619bbe8be⋯.png (16.64 KB, 532x463, 532:463, ClipboardImage.png)


URGENT: 5.1-magnitude earthquake shakes buildings in Tokyo – reports



e1b97f  No.6584649


both things can be true

738063  No.6584650

File: af00cdb7d32876b⋯.jpeg (86.51 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 10B855DD-9154-45AC-92B3-0….jpeg)


An anon of taste…

62383f  No.6584651


Keep reading. He supported til he didn't in 2009. Obama flipped his flop.

0d5e90  No.6584652

I really hate all the evil fuQs, but to see Nadler up close with no other in the video of his mini-stroke….it makes me sad…….I am one with a heart, I will pray for his salvation.

LOOK at this video and see if you feel the same:

19.2 K views:


f575a7  No.6584653


respond to this post >>6584622

950031  No.6584654


Yes anon, verily, you have spelled it out in truth.

e1b97f  No.6584656



2.5 to 5.4 Often felt, but only causes minor damage. 30,000 yearly worldwide

5.5 to 6.0 Slight damage to buildings and other structures. 500 yearly worldwide


Anyone see anything about POTUS landing yet?

51a755  No.6584657


What? I was just on there tonight….I should check it out.

423d8c  No.6584658

File: 3a04026d3ce0884⋯.png (199.45 KB, 406x446, 203:223, Hildebeast Nadler Grotesqu….PNG)


>LOOK at this video and see if you feel the same:


518abd  No.6584659

File: a742da97364e31b⋯.jpg (382.02 KB, 1242x1262, 621:631, AliceO.jpg)

File: ef2cff5414a4708⋯.jpg (98.78 KB, 636x1159, 636:1159, Rwine6.jpg)


It's that KaBaal artist- Keith Haring Evil, wicked stuff These are all Rothschilds wines

2add0c  No.6584660

File: c6b5e4d30524e17⋯.jpg (195.05 KB, 1349x800, 1349:800, IMG_5949.JPG)

File: d0c83c94fc6ac3b⋯.jpg (1.65 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, IMG_5951.JPG)

File: ba95cecc28be6f7⋯.jpg (235 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, IMG_5952.JPG)

Frozen by rail and airlifted to Paris white supremacist turkey bag of the war

c8b4e1  No.6584661

File: 6c5ea0c24819e6b⋯.jpeg (18.97 KB, 171x255, 57:85, image.jpeg)


I like this pic

The lost shall be found

40c24b  No.6584662

File: e31b8f99fc5861f⋯.png (263.55 KB, 532x428, 133:107, ClipboardImage.png)

>>6584656 @SputnikInt

WATCH: #Volcano Agung erupts on #Indonesia’s #BaliIsland



e93e6a  No.6584663


"We" is anons, mother fucker.

The ones who have been digging into pizzagate, etc since 20 fucking 10 and before.

(((Your))) subversion won't change what is coming, that's the ONE thing you've got right thus far bitch.

Your dumbass isnt aware of the Rothschilds and the Balfour Declaration? You're a goddamn retard. Take your ass alllll the way back you fucking newfag. Israhell has been at the heart of basically every fucking false flag and assassination pulled in America and they blame it on the sandnigger muzzies to pull us into war for oil/money and consolidating power to (((them))). Glow some fucking moar why don't ya. Jesus fucking christ. Spent so much time learning the lingo and not enough being a truther.

331509  No.6584664

File: 2fedbdad85588af⋯.png (280.3 KB, 1363x656, 1363:656, ClipboardImage.png)

This is one of the quietest Planefag nights I've seen in a long time. Just a single E6-B for the entire continental US.. Guess everyone took the night off since POTUS is out of country.

ca7085  No.6584665

File: 5276269709faec6⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1440x3120, 6:13, Screenshot_2019-05-25-02-4….png)

File: 1934824cb96b3e1⋯.png (388.02 KB, 1440x3120, 6:13, Screenshot_2019-05-25-02-4….png)




Try harder is a known shill phrase? Are you slow or high?

How dare you post anything-shill- without reading all of Qs posts first? Are you lost?

ebeb49  No.6584666

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This a satanic ritual through song

sheep dont even know what theyre watching

wake up!!

e1b97f  No.6584667

File: 3a0ce8ad317d4c7⋯.png (139.02 KB, 1967x1457, 1967:1457, eq.PNG)

f575a7  No.6584668



51a755  No.6584669




No, it's still accessible. Bumplocked means it's like an anchor, won't rise to the top

Here is the link: >>5240137

aecc04  No.6584670

c8b4e1  No.6584671


And a guy ride his motorcycle in bare feet

2add0c  No.6584672

File: 1adc20f718e4ae7⋯.jpg (985.83 KB, 1280x1886, 640:943, IMG_0271.JPG)

File: 123ee2fa8e6322a⋯.jpg (110.28 KB, 720x960, 3:4, IMG_0335.JPG)

File: 3d7f93ab14a963b⋯.jpg (226.3 KB, 744x744, 1:1, IMG_0555.JPG)

File: ec26debf2abe558⋯.jpg (104.28 KB, 600x300, 2:1, IMG_0579.JPG)


From Moorepark

321f46  No.6584673

File: ef78b7706b3410f⋯.jpg (102.25 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 23dfrd72815887915a8591aaa4….jpg)

738063  No.6584674


>Just a single E6-B

Is it fucked up thatI immediately recognized it as a nightwatch?

173013  No.6584675

File: 6c92545b689aaea⋯.jpeg (322.42 KB, 828x864, 23:24, B24037A6-75D7-46B8-AEA3-8….jpeg)

File: 54ef81bcc6a5954⋯.jpeg (231.55 KB, 828x548, 207:137, 869D6EAD-8D04-45EB-ABC1-F….jpeg)

File: 15072d881ea88a0⋯.jpeg (168.35 KB, 828x585, 92:65, EC88FAF9-FAC4-4F5A-8F7F-F….jpeg)

File: 846af9066715645⋯.jpeg (184.09 KB, 828x517, 828:517, CFE78609-D21A-4B6B-BEB5-A….jpeg)

Tonight’s Elite pedo-mansion deal of the day!!!

For only $10,000,000 down and easy payments of $261,000 a month you can enjoy 21,000 square feet of Masonic elite sacrificial fun.

Having a “Hunting party”?

They won’t hear theiri screams on 8 acres of secluded grounds!!

Payments are based on approved credit.

Check out this home at Realtor.com


5beds · 12baths

27500 La Vida Real, Los Altos Hills


0402a7  No.6584676


Revelations is already here. Must really suck growing old and still paying lip service to the Devil.

0d5e90  No.6584677

drunk nancy intervention vid:


507f66  No.6584678


Haha… if you're not Q, I suspect you're "Q"…

I've been thinking that Q might somehow possibly catch your subvocalizations and overt internal mental imagery via tech embedded in consumer devices, but I haven't even THOUGHT the stuff I think they are hinting at here in years, or ever in any overt way. Normally I post very rational stuff based on evidence and reasoning, but now they are leading me into lala land… it is what it is I guess. Just ignore this post if you think I might otherwise post very rational stuff… maybe I am too drunk, even if Q tells me to stop drinking. And I will.. mostly … absofuckenlutely… but it takes time.

518abd  No.6584679

File: 95e03ccca26c313⋯.png (810.12 KB, 868x576, 217:144, brew.png)


>both things can be true

And they are, sadly.

73d7db  No.6584680

File: 85a297637b2522b⋯.png (272.8 KB, 815x443, 815:443, B28CFDB3-5B80-4975-B72F-17….png)


Definitely one of the best music artist. >Kanye


Definitely one of the best instruments.

2add0c  No.6584681

File: 36b46910c495923⋯.jpg (11.23 KB, 223x226, 223:226, c0255c12ce3dc68cd84a2c8b90….jpg)

File: dc8f9c7d9054959⋯.jpg (381 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, ace45895c0edeec6c405c85b1c….jpg)

File: f04312a33ecb30d⋯.jpg (315.05 KB, 1500x1125, 4:3, ed0eacfbb592c8a12f27efc230….jpg)

File: 8ce14d4efd0af66⋯.png (65.74 KB, 340x322, 170:161, FF685989-0E14-4673-B33B-C8….png)


Pressure fried faggot goy is finger licking good

73d7db  No.6584682

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e1b97f  No.6584683

File: 2e6831c2ac8e66f⋯.png (2.57 MB, 2736x1824, 3:2, 2019-05-25 (1).png)

"Japanese officials have gone to great pains to ensure that Trump’s time will be filled by playing golf with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, presenting the “Trump Cup” to the winner of a sumo wrestling tournament and visiting a helicopter carrier that is being adapted so it could host Lockheed Martin’s vertical takeoff F-35B jet fighters. A dinner is planned at a robatayaki restaurant, where with respect for the president’s preference for well-done steak, the meat will be grilled before his eyes.

Much of that kabuki choreography is simply the product of traditional Japanese culture and hospitality, as well as Abe’s long-running effort to flatter the American leader, which in the past has included giving him a $3,755 gold-plated golf club.

However, Trump’s schedule is also booked to minimize any possibility that a substantive issue might arise and disrupt an agenda designed to make both leaders look good to the voters at home, say U.S. and Japanese officials and outside experts.

“This is a policy-free visit,” says Stanford University’s Daniel Sneider. “The Japanese know that Trump can be unpredictable and that his attention is focused on Washington, but it’s completely choreographed. It’s more like a weekend jaunt to Japan.”



267974  No.6584684

File: c2a7836373e26ff⋯.png (342.48 KB, 430x550, 43:55, cleared.png)


almost always quiet over conus, especiall compared to usmil activity 24/7 in europe & middle east

>mil traffic over conus largly veiled

51a755  No.6584685


I challenge you to call upon Jesus Christ without the "fucking" in the middle and ask Him to reveal the truth and reveal the lies. That is all I have to say.

75ee4e  No.6584686

File: 0d8cdc61efa65a1⋯.jpg (25.01 KB, 269x363, 269:363, CallTheToots.jpg)



e18ee1  No.6584687


whoa didnt know that. so many trannys….

a49335  No.6584688

File: bc9fb223a70cbdc⋯.png (126.8 KB, 625x522, 625:522, Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at ….png)

File: 83f9be2da0caf77⋯.png (45.27 KB, 580x232, 5:2, Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at ….png)

New DJT rt


3e4cee  No.6584689

File: f4a4a24824858ac⋯.jpeg (263.78 KB, 738x741, 246:247, ADB7CED4-F5A4-4F64-B3EF-3….jpeg)


>Scott Adams and Q

An anon’s response to Scott Adams the first time he tried to prove Q was a Larp

dbb0b4  No.6584690


No anon I am not "Q" but we are all Q…get a good nights sleep, come back tomorrow and lurk moar (read q posts, and breads, start with notables)…

If you are new that is…Good night anon…take care of yourself, you matter.

e93e6a  No.6584691


Yea, you're comped as a mother fucker.

f8af36  No.6584692

Holy shit!… all the SpyGate Infographics that "helperanons" posted here for 2 yrs are from the Epoch Times! Just saw epoch commercial on you utube explaining. I cant sauce a utube commercial https://youtu.be/uiHBnpCbZZo

It was from beginning of this vi

66b000  No.6584694


planefag, pls share the website you're using.

moar anons would like to have eyes on and help the planefags. thanks fren.

73d7db  No.6584695

File: 1a2c5f2f9de0fdb⋯.jpeg (243.06 KB, 750x601, 750:601, 83F83213-D5B0-4346-9B43-D….jpeg)

File: fb242c617818630⋯.jpeg (141.96 KB, 750x445, 150:89, 46043E28-E13E-497A-B041-5….jpeg)

File: 52be58ecd19a806⋯.jpeg (324.94 KB, 750x533, 750:533, 59424C05-ADE1-44EE-9E61-7….jpeg)


Statue is familiar.

267974  No.6584696



507f66  No.6584697


Thanx anon.. resuming pushups tomorrow…

40c24b  No.6584698

File: e48fdb52bd0a5bf⋯.png (137.97 KB, 399x585, 133:195, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8387db5b4422289⋯.mp4 (885.27 KB, 360x360, 1:1, 4jzkfPynmkuN8tj-.mp4)


Footage of a Chinese passenger trying to break a plane window during a flight over #China.

Minutes before the Boeing 737 was about to land in southern China's Kunming city, he was grabbed by security officers on board.


66b000  No.6584699


thank you fren!

5722e3  No.6584700


My Christmas cards suck in comparison.

f148be  No.6584701


That dude's zipper must be 30 inches long. How his tailor keeps a straight face I'll never know.

224e8c  No.6584702

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a50590  No.6584703

File: 64185d6528fc5e8⋯.jpeg (539.36 KB, 1273x1333, 1273:1333, 1EBFC661-81AE-4F3A-93D3-3….jpeg)

Stupid fucking people…

738063  No.6584704



Immediately filter for military if you don’t want your shit to crash.

331509  No.6584705

File: 7fcd996b85c919d⋯.png (113.31 KB, 534x352, 267:176, ClipboardImage.png)

a49335  No.6584706

File: 1d20d9d72a82c45⋯.png (81.54 KB, 626x332, 313:166, Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at ….png)

File: 898707b8e93cf06⋯.png (127.28 KB, 628x406, 314:203, Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at ….png)


Note Jim Jordan's tweet time. 9:03 Flight 93 Election?


another New DJT



51b31a  No.6584707

>>6583529 (lb)

ya know….Rome isn't that far from Italy and the Vatican isn't that far from Rome…. hmmmm . how deep does this go?

dbb0b4  No.6584708

I love you all….no homo…I really do love all of you anons…I pray everyday that we get to meet one day soon and that we all can get to sake the had of the greatest President this country has ever known (in my humble opinion of course) and yes maybe one day learning who Q and Q+ is…

I am fading fast so not sure how much longer I will be on the bread…praying hard for POTUS safe arrival in Japan….


5005d3  No.6584709

Age of Enlightenment = Great Awakening.


40c24b  No.6584710

File: 6a871e06bc7e416⋯.mp4 (1.76 MB, 480x480, 1:1, ytMjS2Wa2o6X5mgU.mp4)

File: 6fb1f84880996fe⋯.png (246.8 KB, 399x603, 133:201, ClipboardImage.png)


The REAL MAN war: #Israeli army blamed #Palestinians for arson. Then a video emerged…

#IDF admitted that Jewish settlers set #WestBank fields on fire last Friday, changing its version after it originally blamed the arson on Palestinians.


267974  No.6584711

File: 5c4868e5cdf0743⋯.jpg (65.48 KB, 850x850, 1:1, 1557729859558.jpg)


vatican city is in rome retard

5722e3  No.6584713


You talk in your sleep.

ae65a9  No.6584714

File: 0ba7eea5da44aad⋯.jpg (37.08 KB, 968x681, 968:681, safg43agw3.jpg)



2add0c  No.6584715

File: 1996b4418510a4e⋯.png (197.33 KB, 800x784, 50:49, IMG_8169.PNG)

File: 51f7e66db24799d⋯.jpg (106.7 KB, 830x1106, 415:553, B868B515-D8F4-4891-B86D-19….jpg)

File: 2cb8c20ada86fdf⋯.jpg (197.03 KB, 750x750, 1:1, IMG_8178.JPG)

64ed91  No.6584716

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Just YouTube Trumps interviews from the 80’s 90’s and 00’s. A lot of the same people who say he is a racist fascist since he is president loved him before he became president. A little red pill.

Hasn’t changed his tune for 30 years. If you exchange Japan for China it’s a regurgitation of what he says today. Always been America First. Same problems no one has done anything to fix it. Straight Negligence from our government. Taxation without representation. Thank God we have an outsider. We have to vote more in for 3 decades to fix our country.

423d8c  No.6584717

File: 9a0d5f31dfb97c8⋯.png (31.49 KB, 591x322, 591:322, POTUS 5-24-19 11 57 pm PDT.PNG)

File: 62077861364cfe3⋯.png (80.19 KB, 594x386, 297:193, MB re China 5-23-19.PNG)

New POTUS Tweet



8a7c0b  No.6584718


Age of Enlightenment!

172aa9  No.6584720


I don't read POTUS as a supporter of the Zionist state.

Thats discrediting to a US President to support a foreign power.

This board does not support anyone outside of thinking for themselves.

Its not a fan club.

a49335  No.6584721

File: 1e7ab449b237bec⋯.png (127.7 KB, 626x430, 313:215, Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at ….png)

File: 6f0960c2249dd73⋯.png (83.69 KB, 582x264, 97:44, Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at ….png)


moar DJT Jim Jordan rt


51b31a  No.6584722


oh my, would you look at that…. without you I might have never know Rome was in Italy as well. Thanks, I needed you

6dc08a  No.6584723


The age of Aquarius has dawned

f96391  No.6584724


>Anyone who argues with such vitriol and malice (and not with facts) violates the core spirit of QResearch.

Well said, way too much hate on this board these days.


A simpler explanation: maybe (our) reality is not quite what we thought it was.

ebeb49  No.6584725


God is timeless

The devil plays sick jokes

267974  No.6584726

File: 1c458d29f273515⋯.jpg (49.17 KB, 288x512, 9:16, nadlered.jpg)

173013  No.6584727

File: 11a4b40241ec9f9⋯.jpeg (655.29 KB, 828x1526, 414:763, 6AA69267-69AC-4D2B-A75F-9….jpeg)

File: c1776372e46f26f⋯.jpeg (509.21 KB, 828x1629, 92:181, 580BC0D8-B31A-4CC2-8A73-4….jpeg)

File: 08f281ac0af3db3⋯.jpeg (461.21 KB, 828x1613, 828:1613, 987773EC-A1F4-468C-A71F-9….jpeg)

File: 6429eeef5e1b160⋯.jpeg (440.53 KB, 827x1655, 827:1655, 2BE2D889-890F-41EF-A78D-7….jpeg)


Save $10,000,000 with this charmer at 369 Churchill Ave

Wonderful symbolism provide grandeur to this pedo-elite marvel built in 1917.

Only $8,000,000 down $201,000 a month!!

Check out this home at Realtor.com


5beds · 10baths

369 Churchill Ave, Palo Alto


Check out this home at Realtor.com


5beds · 10baths

369 Churchill Ave, Palo Alto


51a755  No.6584729


POTUS is a supporter of Israel. You will have to judge for yourself what that means, as we all do.

4a120b  No.6584730

File: 919522ef14a5e65⋯.jpeg (167.98 KB, 1200x628, 300:157, e7d9eb17b056cd07af3f3af98….jpeg)

Mass arrests on the anniversary of D-Day would be the best ending of movie 2. Dark to light. Dem day.

I wonder if POTUS is going to let the bikers March in DC?

Who am I kidding.

We already are months ahead of the narrative. Foreshadow for next year's ride.

Where's Hannity?

Why was the fox primetime lineup all about naming their shows?why tonight?

Main keywords throughout the 8-11 lineup

* Sunlight is the best disinfectant….*

2da906  No.6584731

File: 29fe18cc648c666⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1610x724, 805:362, trumpstar.png)

66b000  No.6584732


Works great!

BTW: over Europe, several US mil planes have callsigns starting with RCH (set rich? LOL)

e668ff  No.6584733

File: b6e55bf9ac9b4cb⋯.jpg (115.9 KB, 660x660, 1:1, Rotary International.jpg)

Rotary International

Club Helps Leaders, Preserves Excellent Service Opportunity

Evening update: A Rochester Rotary Club member, Rona Markham, who answered a call for volunteer service from the organization years ago was uncertain when she was told recently that she may want to re-investigate the old job opportunity. Rona was surprised to learn her application for a volunteer service position in the club may have actually been accepted all those years ago.

After multiple interviews, Rona said, she did not hear any news from the Rotary Club. And she thought the position had been removed from her region a long time ago.

After applying for the position, she had gone to Sutton, a small, private business school, with a diverse campus, where she had, admittedly, been the class clown. Classmates there described her as, “Not a little boisterous,” in her excitement about learning new things. “Let's just say I have shown some bad judgment in the past,” she sighed, “about comportment in the classroom environment.”

“I apologize to Sutton, and especially to David Aishland, for that,” she emphasized.

Her instructors, when contacted, did remember her, and said they felt she learned a lot there, albeit in a more awkward fashion than other students. They recalled that her meeting the school parrot, a Blue-Fronted Amazon, whose name they could not remember, had a positive effect, reducing her classroom outbursts. How fortunate they must have felt when that parrot came along!

Rona went on to found her own cleaning business. But she never really forgot about that once-in-a-lifetime volunteer opportunity. This year, at her Sutton class reunion, she was surprised when her old classmates, who knew about that application for the Rotary Club job, suggested that she re-investigate her service opportunity. It looked like divine guidance was nudging her to look at the Club job again.

Rona's classmates claimed the position was still in existence after all these years! In Rona's mind, it is still uncertain, though. “It would be amazing,” she ventured, “but I feel it would be presumptuous of me to think the job was mine, at this stage. So let's take 24 hours, and check it out.”

By the reunion organizer's account, her support grew from (50, to 55 and finally 87) classmates who waved their arms in a vote of encouragement, asking her to look into the old job. “I'm going to look into it.” Rona said, “If my friends were kind enough to go to the trouble to confirm for me that the position still exists, I have to look into it.” How many years ago, did she have her final interview, you ask? Around thirty-six, she thinks.

aecc04  No.6584734

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Blood Libel - Jewish Ritual Murder Revisited The Hidden Cult

Idiot baker.

dbb0b4  No.6584736

My father was a hard man in his earlier years, drank alot perhaps a periodic alcoholic…but one day he came home and we (his wife and kids were gone). Summer of 75 - he changed his whole life to get us back…He once said to me that we us kids were his life..because he didn't have his parents, he wanted to show us and give what he didn't have. He told me the truth the beautiful stories of Jesus and the ugly truths of mankind, WW I and II, he told me of God's cursing of the jews…he taught me that I must always speak truth, no matter what and to always guard my heart for it is my strongest weapon against evil…

I miss him terribly tonight…forgive muh feelz anons….so much going on right now….

267974  No.6584737






0d5e90  No.6584738