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a09b63  No.26093

The best Star Trek film ever made is The Voyage Home. Fight me.

5aec2e  No.26098

It's TMP

a09b63  No.26099

File: 775df814ad02809⋯.jpg (49.75 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, Steyr_TMP_9mmPara_001.jpg)

b6a140  No.26176

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>finally decide to give ST4 another viewing after years of skipping it

>forgot why i didn't like it so figured maybe it deserves another chance

>opening credits roll

>shitty christmas sounding music starts playing

>rip disc out of ps4 and stomp on it

>forget i'm streaming from plex server

>fml now i owe redbox for shitty vidya i broke

>resolve to never watch this worst trek film again

seriously, though… the Star Trek IV score is terrible.

(skip to 3m38s)

a096b0  No.26178


>600 million people dead


>6 million people dead

Never forget goyim.

98db4e  No.26179

File: 2e3e0c2cf71631a⋯.mp4 (1.14 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Rog - You Have Autism.mp4)


>going into a spastic rage over an intro soundtrack

>it isn't even that bad

It doesn't even sound like Christmas music…are you all right, anon?

ad2a19  No.26183

File: 158e2e0aeac69ab⋯.gif (3.35 MB, 256x192, 4:3, tos_sounds_retard_scotty.gif)


>seriously, though… the Star Trek IV score is terrible


76a007  No.26185

File: 737d89ee746f7cc⋯.webm (2.91 MB, 1258x530, 629:265, st4 - Bird of Prey Earth.webm)


>fuck-off to reddit for having a perfectly valid, non-shill opinion

what was intended by this statement?

ad2a19  No.26205

File: 03280c58fd5b24a⋯.jpg (22.51 KB, 400x397, 400:397, happydukat.jpg)


>what was intended by this statement?


cadcf5  No.26206

File: bb13718ce0c371f⋯.png (250.57 KB, 488x400, 61:50, meme.png)


>intentional misquote meant to infuriate

>implying you should stop posting through >>>/linktononexistantboard/

<awkward use of pink text

topped-off with short 'zinger' comment, typically encouraging

==suicide fucked-up red text =

deb5bc  No.26208


>The best Star Trek film ever made is The Voyage Home. Fight me.

If you honestly believe this then you are not a Star Trek fan.

You're like the people who say the Hobbit is the best Tolkien film.

a09b63  No.26211


so liking IV and liking star trek are mutually exclusive?

ad2a19  No.26212

File: 21069e97761a263⋯.jpg (30.35 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Dukat_boomer.jpg)


>If you honestly believe this then you are not a Star Trek fan

you don't possess the IQ to appreciate the sophisticated humor scattered throughout the film, IV is the crescendo of series and a great pleb filter for the likes of (You)

cf7554  No.26213


That's not what he fucking said and you know it. he just said that if IV is specifically your fav, then you're just a pleb that isn't into Trek in general. If you are a Trek fan, then your favorite is WoK.

17e656  No.26214


The Undiscovered Country > WoK

cf7554  No.26215


Yeah, I can see that, but I think WoK edges it out.

68f41e  No.26220



Those 2 are GOAT TOS movie double bill. But WoK still gets the first order showing.

III and IV are for drunk trek watching.

ad2a19  No.26221


>III and IV are for drunk trek watching

this is why all the TNG films failed, they took themselves too seriously, TOS films knew to play up the comedy material for maximum keks; TNG could have had an epic trilogy just based on holodeck lore

bce0ec  No.26222

File: cf97a7a6f5f3f18⋯.jpg (2.37 MB, 1728x2560, 27:40, Star-Trek-IV-The-Voyage-Ho….jpg)

File: c71c2ba12b68a21⋯.jpg (45.7 KB, 450x589, 450:589, 105ec38c1a3517c4604fd4c839….jpg)


You're not wrong, but it's important to note that III and IV aren't bad films, they're just so underwhelming compared to WoK (and VI) that they drag down what could've been a respectable trilogy that forms the core of the TOS films. A lot of III's failing are a meme and residual bad hype that has been discussed in other threads, but IV just feels like a charming TV movie that recycles or undoes a lot of points from the prior 3 films. It's Trek-lite.. or an anti-Search for Spock. Very normie-tier and propelled by positive hype.

Again, it's not a bad film but I feel like the name Glen A. Larsen should appear in the opening credits somewhere. It has a very 80's TV movie caper feel and the score does suck.

deb5bc  No.26225


>they took themselves too seriously

Good fiction should. Otherwise why bother with it? Just because material is more accessible does not mean it is of higher quality, the reverse is not necessarily true either but what you're suggesting is just because something gets more asses in the seats it is better and that's wrong. It just means they were able to attract people who mocked or were dismissive of the concept to begin with, which is hardly an accomplishment.

I have nothing against comedy, and I appreciated in The Voyage Home, but I don't usually watch Star Trek movies because I'm in desperate need of a chuckle.

cf7554  No.26226


I dunno if it's for 'drunk watching,' but IV is definitely a relaxing popcorn type movie. If I've had a long day and want a trek fix, but also want to relax and just turn off my brain, I'll put on IV and just chill. I might browse the internet a bit while I do it since I don't have to pay super close attention or anything. The only thing that really bothers me about the movie is that weird psychedelic time travel scene. Like wtf.

ad2a19  No.26234


>The only thing that really bothers me about the movie is that weird psychedelic time travel scene. Like wtf

too much LDS man…

4a3829  No.26235



d5c5ba  No.26238

File: c2f9b81a90987a3⋯.png (235.01 KB, 475x357, 475:357, my-nigga.png)


so, you're saying i should try getting high and watching Star Trek IV. Intriguing proposition…

ad2a19  No.26248


> dark shadowy space station filled with niggers

last place in the galaxy you wank to go tbh

cf7554  No.26249


I'm not saying you should. I'm not saying you shouldn't, either.

ebaced  No.26252


My mom loves it which means it's clearly the most accessible Star Trek movie for non-Trekkies, which is kinda odd because you don't get to see the Enterprise until the very end, you don't know why they are riding around in a Bird of Prey (which is still one of my favourite ship designs) or are on trial. It's clearly influenced by eco-hippies and the ending is so hippie-ish that makes me cringe a little bit. Some of the dialog is also really weird, and I have no idea why they give them so many weird-ass lines. Maybe it was Shatner.

I still think that Search for Spook is widely underappraciated, it's one of the most "wholesome" Trek movies with WoK. Undiscovered Country I didn't like that much. The parallel to the end of the Cold War was hammered down too much, the actors were old and fat, and the whole find-the-killer story on the ship didn't do it for me.

The should have really done a DS9 movie, imagine what DS9 could have been with a blockbuster budget. I love DS9 but sometimes it's just looks so shitty and the music sucked.

a14f45  No.26293

File: f0212956c7f9273⋯.jpg (233.91 KB, 899x1200, 899:1200, ds9_movie_cast.jpg)


>a DS9 movie


–sisko became nigger jesus abandoning his son and his pregnant wife to go be with the space jews in the wormhole.

–o'brien's demon wife forced him to go back to earth and teach at the academy which he never went to in the first place.

–worf left to go be a klingon to get away from slugwhore #2

–dukat was murdered by nigger jesus

–odo went back home to be space juice and fornicate with space juice grandma instead of kira

so that leaves kira, garak, bashir, quark, and slugwhore #2. after the series ends, the only recognizable starfleet on ds9 being slugwhore #2. ds9 is the only series they ended in a way which prevents movies being released afterward.

98db4e  No.26294


Assume this is an alternate universe in which we get a DS9 universe instead of the shitshow that is Season 7.

538031  No.26301


the film will be the fall of Cardassia. we'll see their struggle over the years giving actual insight into everything they did,we'll get their side of the story this time it'd be a shameful story of Cardassians getting exploited by bajorians in their "spiritual" period, needing to utterly destroy their own culture inorder to free themselves from the hell the bajorians created on Cardassia and then it'd end on the annexing of Bajor. film 2 will be the real events of what happened on bajor and not major kiras cell shaded colouring of it all. film 3 will be Cardassia rebuilding it self after the combined federation-Klingon war against it and it'd end off with the breen trying to take what the dominion promised them without rights to.

ebaced  No.26379


Dukat and Damar are dead. This would have been boring as fuck. And we already got many episodes sharing "their" side of the story, Cardassians get monologs about it all the time.

538031  No.26389


>Dukat and Damar are dead.

they wouldn't be in film 2 and infect we'll get to see the slow and bitter decay of Dukat as he endlessly tries to help bajorians who do nothing but eat him out, stab him in the back and blame him for their own failures.

>And we already got many episodes sharing "their" side of the story

no we got little bits of the puzzle which anons put together and Dukat trying to explain to absolute manipulative self obsessed anus digesters that real life isn't as simple as they believe.

cf7554  No.26393


>bajorians who do nothing but eat him out

You have strange taste in porn, even by /strek/ standards.

98db4e  No.26394


>DS9 universe

A DS9 film, Jesus fuck.


this would be cool also.

ad2a19  No.26404

A bloody gritty Cardassian war film directed by Clint Eastwood in which O'Brien would suffer immensely would be kino

a09b63  No.26484

you DS9fags are insufferable

ad2a19  No.26511


>you DS9fags are insufferable

t. salty STD viewer

c77898  No.26512


This is asinine logic. Go suck off your 'based' black captain who can't fucking act.

2336bc  No.26518


>black captain who can't fucking act.

Looks who's talking, there is zero chance STD won't end it's second season with that plank of mary sue wood being made captain.

a09b63  No.26522


who's even talking about STD you stupid fuck? we're talking about how bad DS9 and its fanbase is.

cbdab6  No.26523

File: cd9f28178f9187a⋯.gif (1.81 MB, 375x280, 75:56, odo_caught_you_fapping.gif)


>we're talking about how bad DS9 and its fanbase is

>we're talking



f13c2c  No.26524

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f941ef  No.26528


DS9 is great, neck yourself.

5bebf0  No.26551

honestly DS9 is "if they didn't fuck it up it'd be a better B5 but we're stuck with the same story thanks to whoever the fuck thinks no one will notice"

5bebf0  No.26632


to that note I'm watching B5 and it's garbage made for american tv. simple plot lines. simple characters. the works.

81ec1e  No.27439


Voyage Home is fucking kino. It captures the comedy and warmth of TOS.

TMP captured the scifi

WoK captured the storytelling

SFS captured the camaraderie

and V captured the leftism

that's why the TOS movies are so good, especially compared to TNG. they highlight the key aspects of the originals, doing them justice with a big budget and time to explore

98db4e  No.27448


TFF was far too autistic to be coherently left-wing or right-wing. It also never implied that the thing in the center of the galaxy was the God, just some ayy pretending to be one, so I don't think you can definitively say that it's pursuing a fedora-tipping agenda.

c77898  No.27486


Shatner wanted to make a spiritual movie about God which got tweaked to what was on screen because most of the people involved knew Star Trek was fedora territory. It's at least better than cranking out another Wrath of Khan ripoff and the yosemite scenes are some of the best in the movie series.

98db4e  No.27488

File: 0ebe3b7ee6cd13d⋯.mp4 (6.54 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Shatner_Of_The_Mount_by_Fa….mp4)


If nothing else they made for some excellent shitposting material.

fe59d3  No.28552

File: 7f46c30c986b9c4⋯.jpg (6.14 KB, 196x254, 98:127, 1355081313490.jpg)


lol the best.

It was alright. Okay, decent– but only if I try really hard to ignore the utterly ridiculous plot. You can't even begin to tell me that Voyage Home had a good premise or made sense.

>giant omnipotent ship of intelligent whales makes it all the way to earth from another quadrant/galaxy with nobody noticing

>earth's whales are intelligent and somehow capable of interstellar communication by making noises underwater

>uber-intelligent all-powerful superwhales presumably keep tabs on all cetaceans in the galaxy (even though whales evolved independently on earth and are mammals related to humans), and are capable of enforcing their protection

They cared so little about coming up with a plot that they literally did "save the whales" instead. Come on. It even cheapens the save the whales spiel because there was a gun to their head motivating them to do it

7118b5  No.28556


Leonard Nimoy came up with the idea because he was an enviro-nut. The point was to have a light hearted movie after the darker Wrath of Kham and Search for Spock.

7bf5e6  No.28558

File: 14b53739575fd87⋯.jpg (606.37 KB, 1080x721, 1080:721, 370114.jpg)


Shatner couldn't keep himself from going overboard with the more light-hearted scenes in STV, including moments of the Yosemite chapter. You can literally see him lapse into full-tilt Bill Shatner at times, and while the shitposter in me enjoys the trolling, slightly-fey affect that Shat sports, the die-hard Trek autist in me can't fully accept this as properly reverent. Don't misunderstand, I will still defend Star Trek V as underrated and a perfectly watchable film, but I have to overlay my own quasi-headcanon when watching them sing Row-Your-Boat and choose to believe that Kirk was drunk and he gets a bit 'swishy' when drunk. I don't like this, but I have to do this.

1b2eb8  No.28562


I thought it would be much much bigger

84e3da  No.28563

File: cd156679c2aa5fb⋯.jpg (53.52 KB, 308x432, 77:108, serveimage.jpg)


You have to wonder how regular of an occurence that is. I'd imagine they'd have to have an entire division of Starfleet dedicated to appeasing whale probes or something.

>graduate starfleet academy

>hoping for a good assignment like fighting the borg or going to the swoleverse

>get assigned to whale probe duty with that special needs pakled


67f056  No.28564


I would watch the he'll out of that.

Hell, I'd sign a petition and donate to a slush fund to get that shit going

0cecbc  No.28592


Well it could be worse. Imagine being the guy that has to clean the toilets after the Bolians use them?

b3f810  No.28616


You joke but that sounds like it would make a comfy sitcom.

19e4c8  No.28632


>special needs pakled

Special needs by pakled standards? Yikes.

6c51df  No.28636


He could still outwit Riker any day.

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