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File: 26478dbd8a2b425⋯.jpg (105.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, terry davis.jpg)


It's gone! Terry Davis' Youtube channel is gone. What happened? Did he decide to give up on youtube?


>You will never make your own compiler


>tfw rendered obsolete by robopriest


>CIA niggers


File: 5acbcfdc088adbf⋯.png (183.25 KB, 358x403, 358:403, 5acbcfdc088adbf5c1ea358de4….png)



File: 8995330bd2c620e⋯.png (316.83 KB, 690x968, 345:484, 1458540190389.png)

no way... rip


File: 27a5a39778f5846⋯.gif (55.53 KB, 400x200, 2:1, holy.gif)


He ascended..



just watch me faggot


He is still alive and keeps uploading vlogs on his website, http://www.templeos.org/videos/

He was simply forced to stop using JewTube


File: 4d5948847544faa⋯.webm (796.58 KB, 640x360, 16:9, mayberryhicks.webm)


It would be best for his mental health since autists found an easy target to bully.


File: 27a5a34248a09b2⋯.png (912.56 KB, 1920x708, 160:59, Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at ….png)


shitter and other pages also gone


His website looked way better before ...



True... it's honestly infuriating that a bunch of fags had to ruin it. I honestly miss Terry's streams.


Maybe he's doing a new one... it has been like this for maybe a week now




Terry was a good guy.

I wanted to help him by making him talk more about low level programming and maths.


File: 182d984c272c842⋯.png (18.28 KB, 1363x758, 1363:758, videos.png)

Oh wow, most of his videos aren't on this new website. Well I have a bunch of them, but stopped downloading when the files got huge with all the multi-GB live streams.

His website also had a lot of info, but that's probably available via web.archive.org at least.



>I wanted to help him

Then let him go.



Probably he will have backups on his 5k bucks PC.

You should try to email him and see if he can upload them somewhere


File: 568d1c38942d732⋯.jpg (686.54 KB, 3200x2400, 4:3, cryskull.jpg)


>you will never know how to write an interrupt routine

>you are just an MIT nigger at the bottom of the ocean



listen to the first 45 seconds, https://youtu.be/Pueh5IcRi2U


File: a30607750692f26⋯.mp4 (3.66 MB, 640x360, 16:9, gcc-nigger.mp4)


Why don't u write an interrupt routine, fagget?



Terry is a professional.


>What happened?

CIAniggers man, they got him.



>im a white man i write my own compiler

how can one man be so based ?


File: 15a2506a6e3b393⋯.png (782.79 KB, 735x680, 147:136, I got no more life to live.PNG)


I wish i didn't lived in the other side of the world and wasn't a poorfag so i could send his parents a letter in appreciation for their care for Terry. How many times Terry must've bothered his parents because of something pointless, yet, his dad being what looks to be borderline 80 years old, seems to still listen to what Terry has to say and asks him to do. It's a bit weird to realize that to those two people, Terry, this crazy /tech/ schizophrenic, that has made public most of the most embarrassing things he has made in his life, and isn't able to hide for most of the time his disturbed primitive human emotions and instincts, is to them, their son.

I think it'd be pretty cool for some of us that have enjoyed Terry's internet circus to pat him and or his parents in the back a little by maybe sending him a letter somehow. Specially after what might come out of the light brought by now Mister "Please donate to my patron" Metokur, onto Terry in the future.


File: 3538d235f8c65a9⋯.jpg (40.79 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 3538d235f8c65a9ad4f3a14242….jpg)

Score one for the bad guys.



>Terry Davis Archive




I've written ISRs and IRQs with a generic interrupt handler for a hobby project. Unless this is something else, in which case lol disregard I suck cocks.



I think an interupt handler is different from an interupt routine.


Someone should tell him to start using bittorrent to distribute his video. He can host the torrent file.



torrent is the devil.



File: 426d6992e5981e4⋯.png (391.89 KB, 1368x579, 456:193, 2C97fGBIrEg.png)

Terry goes to the store, and jams to MetallicA! \m/_(>_<)_\m/



i'm wishing mr. metokur didn't make that video, he's killing the golden goose.


Does Terry wears the cap backwards because god he thinks it's better or did god tell him it's better to wear it that way?



He had like 2 subscribers and 10 views per video, man

What's the point.



This, fucking this!

Thanks to Metokur, Terris was exposed to the retards and got traction and got shut down because PC culture. In this world, you can say whatever you want, sure, as long no one listen to you.



It doesn't help that those videos are so damn entry level.

>hey guys look at my video about wacky internet culture haha

Reading an ED article would be better.



What would be beyond entry level?



He should be using GNUnet, but Terry doesnt particulary likes neither Linus or Stallman.



What's is that program you're running?



From the looks of it, minitube on Qt4.


seems like he started streaming on Twitch




I really doubt twitch will let him stream once he starts his cia niggers rants.


Finally, I've kept reporting this racist for months now. Wherever he goes next, I'll make sure to report him to :^)


We urgently need to invent decentralized video streaming so God's high priest can keep spreading the holy word without being repeatedly shutdown by the CIA.



Mh... doesnt really sound like something that could work.

The mainstream decentralized file sharing systems wouldnt work with something that needs to be distributed in real time... if there isnt enough bandwidth to share the data with everyone what would happen?



Realtime is not a problem as long as you set maximum latency high enough.

Bandwidth is indeed a problem however.

Look at Twitch's HLS streaming protocol, it's literally a playlist with a queue of MPEG ts files to download.

So maybe we could similarly find a way to abuse a file provider like Google Drive, Dropbox or whatever, make a frontend on top of that and jew their bandwidth for streaming purpose.



Whoa, what you just wrote are some pretty amazing tips.

As I finish all my exams next month, I'm gonna get deeper into this... Terry deserves to be propagated globally 24/7


File: a9fc5a0608ef0c3⋯.jpg (140.74 KB, 500x280, 25:14, soma.jpg)


Well then he can use BSDnet!



Minitube, I use it sometimes when I just want to stream instead of using youtube-dl to save a copy.




And what's the point of using that rather than a browser? To avoid botnet?



This is significantly faster than Firefox on my laptop. Anyway, I normally use Links to browse web.



>beyond entry level

an interview with terry, his parents, people who have worked with him, friends, church leaders, etc. recording with terry for a few days and having some meaningful questions for him that aren't degrading. taking those interviews and terry's words and compiling it into a documentary that gives every viewpoint of a person instead of just taking the existing shit and summarizing it.

internet historian, metokur and the like just read the chans, make a summary voiced summary of a meme into a digestible video for retard niggers, and collect jewtube cash.



Twitch will ban you if someone in a game calls you a nigger. He won't last long.



Terry has abruptedly cut off his stream today, saying he wanted to stop streaming.

I didn't pay complete attention but it was because people wouldn't stop sending shit to his mailbox since he started streaming, so he basically said fuck it.

Since the stream's link is gone from his homepage, it is doubtful whether we'll see him on stream again.




someone send him a better streaming site quick



>Minitube, I use it sometimes when I just want to stream instead of using youtube-dl to save a copy.

>want to stream instead of using youtube-dl to save a copy.

>what is pipe


File: 9e10922d1636485⋯.png (108.35 KB, 456x543, 152:181, american basketball player….png)

Probably a cover up for his secret life as a basketball player



>terry was the niggers all along

At last I truly see.


backup of his videos here https://vc.gg/templeos/


my friend did a wget backup of his old site few months ago, I uploaded it to some shit free service so it will be up only for 30 days



>terry deleted because of Metokike's gamergoobers

jesus christ






Jim needs to pay for this.



>interview with terry

It would just be babbling nonsense about cia niggers and compilers. And I don't think theres anyone out there that would give a different picture of terry than whats already been shown.



youtube-dl converts to webm or mp4 before you can play it, so it's not as quick or convenient even with a pipe. Also it usually times out most often when downloading the "part X of 9999" for some video formats. I don't even have a slow network either, regularly get 600-700KB/s download speeds.



That's usually when someone keeps calling him with stupid questions or outright harassing him. Otherwise most of his videos with a specific topic are very technical in nature. I mean the stuff here >>755295, not the random live feeds.


Why'd he nuke all the information about TOS on his website though?


Fucking cianiggers, every fucking time.



here is the backup of his old site: >>755867


Team gamerfood, sons of Qassam, are responsible for this



File: 751bf9c155edb59⋯.jpg (38.96 KB, 584x455, 584:455, serial.jpg)

>Terry, please come back!

Not a full website but whatever.





he isn't a tripfag



I bet some fucking troll faggot sent him an email from "Social Security" and that's why he flipped out. It's a fucking shame for the schizo bastard.



I think something happened because he was forced to get back on meds. He made a video about it couple weeks ago


IA or Metokur whatever his name is these days,

shined a light on gangstalking

i assume it was related to him somehow



His vlogs have been sad as fuck lately.



as i said, new meds are fucking him up a little bit

thats what happens when you change prescription


File: c0fce2631ef475d⋯.png (311.5 KB, 747x468, 83:52, live!.png)


File: a3cecf5a0266ca6⋯.png (461.32 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Don't let the thread die.


File: 446629e1b650971⋯.jpg (47.59 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1494591452621.jpg)


>temple-os t-shirt

>CIA Slave Pills!

holy shit


File: d3b2f581c53c576⋯.png (251.58 KB, 418x438, 209:219, terry.png)



I read his channel got shutdown because he would open emails that linked to porn sites.

Youtube is a noporn zone.



Wasn't porn... was a tribute for Dianna, and it was a GIF on Imgur if I remember right


i'm not glad it got taken down but im glad it's gone.



Does he have stand power to pose like that ?



Youtube and Twitter both flagged him due to his disability. Where's a kike ACLU lawyer when you need one?



>Twitch will ban you if someone in a game calls you a nigger.

When did this happen?



shit like this happens in every rulecucked internet community. this is what happens when you give autists some made up morals. they literally see the word "nigger" somewhere and scream RACISM and start flapping their banhammer around


File: 0bbbd50ffa9ba64⋯.png (431.7 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 「 T E M P L E O S 」.png)


His stand is unbeatable, it can kill cianiggers in a single blow.



It could work. Here's how you'd do it, roughly: https://github.com/ipfs/ipfs/issues/103



>What happened?




This happened

This idiot of a youtube jew made a video on him and his fanbase went after Terry




> interupt handler

It is the same.

Once you've got the balls for some easiest embedded systems developing task you'll run into ISR in no time and learn how to use them properly. I would recommend AVR (AtMega48) for starters - lots of tutorials and ready-to-lift projects, even solder-pcb-yourself kits at your local radio shack.

ARM (cortex f.e.) on the other hand has much deeper system for ISR: different priorities (up to 250 levels), nested interrupt system and even ability to internally rewire interrupt vectors for different pins!



I reported that faggot for ridiculing a man w/ mental issues, but JewTube doesn't care about justice.



>I reported that faggot for ridiculing a man

Even if I find sad that Terry is gone the guy didn't ridiculed Terry.

He just took the schizophrenia that terry posted and made a video out of it.

It a fucking shame and I'm mad but the guy was in his rights to do what he wanted.

What happened is the mongoloids followers of his youtube channel that went after Terry.

These are the ones who are responsible.

>but JewTube doesn't care about justice.

I know and if we were a horde of SJWs youtube would have taken down the guy.

Fortunately we're not.

Don't be like that anon think a bit before acting that way.

I think what could undo the harm is that if Metokur made some kind of vid/post that would ask his followers to either excuse themselves or let terry be, idk.



>some normalfag

>probably gets mad when people insult people based on race or some shit

>but then goes full ad hominem on a guy he believes is insane

>runs some garbage media youtube channel

>gotta get this scoop

>voice sounds like markoff chain

pure cancer

>it's sad to see that whatever ability he had whatever career he had was wasted

holy fuck it's one of these turbonormies who's entire world revolves around careers. templeos is more interesting than 99% of the garbage you could produce by joining the software industry

so this is a youtube streamer

there's a clip in there where terry says "hey nigger" to a nigger walking by though, never seen that one before kek




>I think what could undo the harm is that if Metokur made some kind of vid/post that would ask his followers to either excuse themselves or let terry be, idk.

Nothing less than a video where he prostrates himself at our feet and begs for the mercy of anon for being the lowest of the low money-grubbing kike scum on earth will be remotely acceptable. I would prefer a livestreamed suicide.



>Terry Raymond Davis

his initials are TAD, not TRD you fucking retard nigger.



>I would prefer a livestreamed suicide

Not enough. He should instead bring Dianna to Terry as tribute, hoping the high priest would grant him forgiveness.



Did google delete him or did he delete the channel himself?


File: 3905ccf0fade0ca⋯.jpg (162.67 KB, 640x480, 4:3, main170619.JPG)

these cia niggers better step up



I actually liked one of Jim's final points on Terry:

That the made-up mental illnesses, like animal-kin, of Tumblr trivialized very real mental illnesses and mentally ill people such as Terry.



The video isn't bad.

I had a good laugh but the thing is the group of retarded normies following his youtube channel.

Honestly I never had a youtube count I never needed one I don't get people who subscribe instead of making bookmarks.

Why can't people behave in a civilized manner ?

Even on anon image boards people are less retarded or not



> I don't get people who subscribe instead of making bookmarks

MatPat (Game Theory) makes some valid arguments about subscribing. Fuck him. And fuck people who flag videos so that I "need an account" to see it. I need a YouTube account like France needs the NSA.



This. He actually showed sympathy for him. Stating that he had great potential to do better things. Now he is riddled with a mental illness incapable of holding any job. He must now live with his parents on welfare thinking cia niggers are after him. The video left me with a sad feeling hoping to see Terry get better to where his a functioning person. Its still funny to watch him buy 20 liters of soda spouting nonsense though.


tfw schizophrenic programmer as well


TempleOS will now require a 20 or 24 core Xeon for TempleOS to keep the niggers and spics away with their shitty Celerons.



Be strong, anon.



rss feeds exist for every youtube channel, you don't subscribe to the channel but rather subscribe to the rss feed. and any good web browser supports rss feeds, but it's usually better to have an rss client that can manipulate rss feeds for a better search





Is this an old stream?






fucking caps key


ok he's flipping on prank calls, pretty sure this is new



nope, im a retard. it's an old stream, looking at the webpages he's loading



I just watched the whole thing, the way he talks is normal to me, but what made me sad was when he got home, and I saw two white pillows and a brown pillow, I realized he must have done the exact same thing yesterday



Woa I didint think cianiggers were a real thing till I saw that helicopter. Holy shit this guy is dead soon isin't he. Knowledge is power if put to use. Otherwise a wearying of the flesh.

Also what does two white pillows and brown one even mean?


Are there any videos where he talks about space aliens?



>Woa I didint think cianiggers were a real thing till I saw that helicopter. Holy shit this guy is dead soon isin't he. Knowledge is power if put to use. Otherwise a wearying of the flesh.

ok, normal wasnt the right word, I just meant ive met people like that before, not a big deal

>Also what does two white pillows and brown one even mean?

< terry at store, buys a blue bed set, only one pillow case

< wonders what to do as he has three pillows

< buys extra white pillow cases

< all this seems on the spot

< gets home exact same set up except brown


File: 23aa1eae53f3455⋯.jpg (5.18 MB, 4896x3672, 4:3, neverthiscool.JPG)

You will never be as cool as this dude.



Only stand users poses like that.



Why would he buy new bed sheets every day? Doesn't his family have a washer and dryer?


What's with all Terry's recent videos? Something seems very off. Recently the majority of his videos are of him driving around shopping or getting shirtless in front of the camera. There was one where it was nothing but him shaving, for example. And like 3 trips to K-mart to buy 20 bottles of soda. What/who is compelling him to post these (other than the obvious FBI/CIA niggers)? Why did he stop with the TempleOS videos?



Oh and also why is he making demands of the CIA? Is shit about to get biblical?



>be terry

>make personal demands of tlaniggers while they spy on you

>not be behind seven proxies

>not have personal army while in africa

>not grow own food and water

Either he is already dead and these are old videos being posted or he is stupid enough to think he can make demands of them. Third possibility is this is about to get biblical but rly what is it we don't already know.


File: 7a827b53e9e816b⋯.jpg (102.11 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Main170628.JPG)



Dramatica is unusable tho



I can tell you exactly who is behind that and where you may find him. Send (any amount of) bitcoins to this address ( 1H2rCmFytMkpcFZ6EqNmcVjTzPHBjADXzW ) and I'll give you the email of the guy who is trying around with Terry.



suck a dick faggot




I legitimately know who it is.

I'll just tell you right now if you agree to send me any amount of btc afterwards.



Ok how about this, just agree to apologize to me, after I show you who it is. Then I'll show you.



I will send you 0.00000 bitcoins in exchange for the information.


>>762799 (Checked)

Sorry you're such a queer. Now who is it?




Alright. I really wanted just a little BTC to test out if my wallet actually works but whatever. It's a bunch of CIA niggers from 8ch.pl/4chon/ and the email of the main guy is michaelrpence1959@gmail.com and I'mt not even kidding there. You may find a thread up on there board. They've been into Terry a long time and these same people in general like to target "interesting" people and are adepts in manipulating, tracking, analyzing, and studying their targets.



>are adepts in manipulating, tracking, analyzing, and studying their targets

HAHAHAHA you imply that the (((cee yee aye))) are smart and skilled at their jobs. They just have ALOT of survalience tech and a blank check from the globalists at the (((federal reserve))). Also doesn't help terry doesn't use a fake name behind seven proxies with his own personal army in africa growing his own food. Or even any combination of those would be better than what he does.

For however smart terry is, his OS sounds heritical and apostate because the fake jews are almost done with the incense altar in jerusalem for the third temple. In reality (((they))) are hunting this fucker because he is smart and named the jew. Nothing more, nothing less.

Also just because (((they))) were too lazy to take exif data out doesn't mean you can blackmail (((them))). glhavefun.



These guys are military, private contractors, and freelance.

They have closer ties to BAH than the CIA.

None of them are government (well, except the military ones).




Not that the CIA and Mossad probably don't have him on their radar but this particular bunch I'm talking about at a different group which primarily concerns itself with tracking all persons of interest here on these boards.


See this here ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QTtw7ui4w4 )

I know who "Dianna" is. The email I gave you is the email of Dianna.



Like I would click a jewtube link ever webm or bust. Also yes they are called the JDIF. They work for israhell.


What is that?

>None of them are government

Well atleast for the well armed if you 'defend' yourself they can be dealt with then. Less fake jew cucks the slower their mlk gets summoned. Take of that what you will. I wonder if terry 'defended' himself against them if he could keep their stuff.



I thought Dianna was physics girl



Fucking atheisic blue eyed neanderthal niggers.



They are imageboard shitposters and hackers, people who've been using the deepnet before it became cool, they know our memes, they ARE US.

That is the problem.

I can tell you a lot about how they've infiltrated things and how for example one of them is particular adept at gaining mod status on any site and I got their fucking manuals n' shit too.


Basically they're the guys that the incompetent government contracts everything to do. They also aren't cucked by many restrictions on what they can and can't do and they go and do whatever the hell they want. When they do something illegal or whatever. Government always uses proxies such as ISIS to do whatever they want.

Can't upload your webm for you it's too big.

youtube-dl -f webm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QTtw7ui4w4
[youtube] 0QTtw7ui4w4: Downloading webpage
[youtube] 0QTtw7ui4w4: Downloading video info webpage
[youtube] 0QTtw7ui4w4: Extracting video information
WARNING: unable to extract uploader nickname
[youtube] 0QTtw7ui4w4: Downloading MPD manifest
[youtube] 0QTtw7ui4w4: Downloading MPD manifest
[download] Destination: Terry A. Davis (TempleOS) - 2017-06-29 - 06PsychedelicSoup-0QTtw7ui4w4.webm
[download] 100% of 13.55MiB in 00:01


It's multiple people. In the last vid I posted, it's the richardpence guy.


>terry drumming to hava nagalia


what did he mean by this?




Where have I heard that name before.... wikileaks I think. Yes I think it was them that are actually just a bunch of (((cee yee ayee))) spookes and (((nope sec agency))) spooks. Not much to be afraid of unless they try framing you for something or you are a pedo.

Just use ffmpeg to downscale the video. manpage or jewgle it if you don't know how.

Spook use archive.is or archive.org. Yes archive.org is part of zog now but it's still better than a direct link.

FFS I wonder if all I talk to is fucking stupid millenials on here.



Here's a tip for you. Do you know who is glocktopus and dirge? These are US Soldiers. Glocktopus also travels to Canada and I've seen him in person.

I am a target for monitoring, interventions, etc. and watched closely.

I was born 1993.



If your a target. AND YOU KNOW YOU ARE. Why haven't you just fled and hid yet? Unless your disabled just get a crappy job and save money to buy gear and walk away from it? Unless you have a familly. In which case why have you not gone into africa already? FFS man use your intuition.

Also does glock = myself and dirk = tf678 ? https://archive.fo/je60q

Spooks just wana have funnn?


File: e135ada85129cff⋯.png (843.45 KB, 1354x617, 1354:617, assburgers.png)

Youtube don't like TErry.


File: 3a31ec48990009c⋯.jpg (107.14 KB, 640x480, 4:3, sadschizo.JPG)

File: 90817ef3d467d0a⋯.png (5.9 KB, 649x60, 649:60, ClipboardImage.png)

>a schizophrenic retard got taken down from jewtube for breaking TOS repeatedly because he's too dumb to avoid trolling


>that much effort

>to make a CNN-tier disinfo edited documentary on a schizophrenic retard



That's what opsec is for. Shouldn't have pushed his email address and contact info for the world to see.





>getting this anally ravaged

>over an irrelevant streamer

>going full socjus REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEmode

>because someone other than a dying tech board that doesn't talk about tech knows about a schizophrenic retard that refused to take his meds


This is the embodiment of autism.



>the site that went from bunker to opposition


>smileyfag's old site

How fitting.



But who took the picture?



He probably put it on his desk and used the auto-capture



Does Terry have a job?



A job would prevent him from receiving neet bux, so no, he doesn't.









Jesus Christ he says fuck at least 1000 times in this video. Apparently Physics Girl is a coalburner. Gorilla monkey fucking bitch will never EVER speak to Terry's space alien.



kill yourself /pol/ subhuman, you probably don't even know anything useful, your only skill in life is shitting up imageboards


File: defcba0c4eb848e⋯.jpg (256.88 KB, 640x480, 4:3, autismo.jpg)

File: e29fcafceb145f2⋯.png (21.7 KB, 599x602, 599:602, Untitled.png)


he lives off disability



>you will never EVER speak to Terry's space alien.

feels bad man, the only thing i burn are glow in the dark CIA niggers.


File: 0888888c364726a⋯.jpg (106.94 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Main170705.JPG)

File: b3d23acd4f569ef⋯.png (328.38 KB, 500x450, 10:9, tumblr_static_4wztn6n9cg84….png)



File: 72e99c322992ec2⋯.png (21.87 KB, 530x268, 265:134, ClipboardImage.png)


>being this anally ravaged

>over a schizophrenic homosexual being mocked for being useless

His site's been BTFO too.



He hasn't uploaded any video about it. Last upload was 44 minutes ago. Wonder if he will. Sure hope he's got backups of his site. The chimp nigger responsible will burn in CIA prison for eternity.



oh shit



He's a degenerate, who cares?

Hopefully you can move on from this faggot, now.





>using Vivaldi




Board needs ID.


>some noname skid nigger chimp cattle jealous of Terry's A. Davis' Divine Intellect OS and Godly programming ability

>gets his discord butt buddies to harass the poor helpless schizophrenic man repeatedly

>he devolves into the mess that we see today

>no more templeOS videos

>only bullshit like drumming and walking around town shirtless since who the fuck knows what the discord niggers are blackmailing him with

It's not "trolling", or funny in any way at all. Just shameful. Truly and utterly shameful. You would be doing the world a blessing if you hung yourselves. Just let the man work on his OS in peace, you worthless niggers.



>>discord butt buddies to harass the poor helpless schizophrenic man repeatedly

Who is this gentleman?

Justice has to be done.


According to this guy higher up in the thread >>762803 >>762815 it's some faggot who goes by michaelrpence1959@gmail.com.

>It's a bunch of CIA niggers from 8ch.pl/4chon/ and the email of the main guy is michaelrpence1959@gmail.com and I'mt not even kidding there. You may find a thread up on there board. They've been into Terry a long time and these same people in general like to target "interesting" people and are adepts in manipulating, tracking, analyzing, and studying their targets.

I don't know the discord group but I read somewhere that there is one dedicated solely to harassing Terry. And I'm pretty sure these are the ones behind it. That's all I have to go off of, anyway. Why else would his videos devolve from focused TempleOS videos to the schizophrenic garbage on his channel today? Sure, he has schizophrenia, but his videos used to be 100% focused on TempleOS. Not being forced to say homosexual shit as an intro then driving down to Walmart to buy 20 bottles of Shasta for discord niggers to laugh at. There's someone fucking blackmailing him or his family, I swear to God.



>[email protected]

it's michaelrpence1959 at gmail dot com


File: 9bb17827bef08ac⋯.mp4 (10.77 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Terry grips.mp4)



do you think these people actually had any effect on terry though?



He barely received any attention at all before it. Just a few dedicated /tech/ faggots who watched his comfy TempleOS stream. Then some nigger on 4chan kept posting him and "Glow in the dark CIA niggers" became a meme. Then he started getting constant negative attention. That's when his videos went from good Christian operating system videos to fucking drumming on a toy drumset and driving around doing random shit (most likely illegally) and saying homo shit all the time.


File: 84419e7f2ba3519⋯.png (579.5 KB, 990x682, 45:31, 1500493017269.png)



what the fuck



Drink driving and severe psychosis are a bad mix tbh. Been drunk for a week and not taking his meds apparently.


Holy shit Terry treats his dog like a fucking nigger.








hmm I wonder who is behind this "anti scraping" bullshit. ohh what a surprise, it's cuckflare again. Why does 8chan even enable this bullshit? are they incompetent? let's test how retarded it is at >>>/test/51360

most obvious problem is that it expands 5 characters of HTML into a giant blob of aids


btw if you use the .onion address the antiscraping bullshit isn't enabled



dogs are niggers



He's going to die if this keeps up without intervention. Though I just lost a large deal of respect after seeing how he treats animals. He kill his bird btw?


Maybe so but even worse are fucking ape niggers like Terry who fucking punch and manhandle his parent's pets.


Do we do half measures or full measures? There's hell on earth, and there's full measures. No mercy, it's a hard way to die. No mercy is a hard way to die.


What did he mean by this?


I think things are worse than anyone could have realized

Terry screaming at his parents








>This video has been removed for violating YouTube's policy on hate speech.


File: 1cccd1c87e34962⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 7.08 MB, 640x360, 16:9, u6ty.mp4)



File: c22b54a5fff7469⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, terry and dog.png)




I love Terry, but someone should seriously contact PETA.

It was okay with the birds, but God, a dog is too much for him.



he smashed that pussy bird's head


Terry remembers who and where he is, drives to buy more beers, gets kicked out of store due to lack of shirt, drives back home.




>This video has been removed for violating YouTube's policy on hate speech.

t. markoff chain


now he's abusing his dear old mother for being a tv watching cattle nigger


really uncomfortable. he seriously needs to stop binge drinking. he's gonna fucking die or get arrested at his current rate.


CIA-niggers are using goons to manipulate Terry into degeneracy. They destroy all white achievements. God's favorite color is cyan. God said VGA only. CIA-niggers want Terry dead. I am a white man I wrote my own fucking compiler. God says Terry needs help.







Terry Davis used to make Righteous videos about his Divine Intellect Operating System. Now he's a drunk ape nigger in a downward spiral to Hell with nothing to stop him from buying more beers. We need to stop this before it's too late. Who has his phone number saved? We need to save him, banish the beers, and restore TempleOS to its full glory.


I hope Terry turns out all right. He's a cool and smart guy but it's a shame his shits getting fucked by his schizophrenia and the CIA niggers.



>I hope Terry turns out all right.

He will not, everything is over for him, he has been breaking the limits over and over. It will be luck if he survives 2017.


This shit feels like a psyop now. Who would be responsible for him that would let it get to this point?



Why wouldn't he? He's going to spend the last 10 years of his dad's life partying and drinking beer. It's gonna be awesome.


File: 342366414cf03e2⋯.png (8.98 KB, 376x129, 376:129, ClipboardImage.png)


Wrong on both accounts.

<whaaa whaaa wwhy u no use my meme browser kys



Shitskin subhuman detected.



>unironically creating cults of personality about a schizophrenic retard and regurgitating quotes from a Jim video


>he's a schizophrenic retard that makes a useless piece of technology because he's incapable of logical thought

<b-but he's only broken when he starts drinking



TempleOS is a space alien trading post, CIA nigger vermin. We're removing USB and replacing it with a faster version of RS-232. Fuck you.



>regurgitating Jim video quotes again

Terry is a schizophenic retard with loosely hidden pedoshit tendencies and an addiction to shitty soda that made nothing of note or purpose.

>embeds are disabled



>muh Jim videos

What the fuck are you even talking about? You shouldn't talk shit about schizos when you yourself are one.


>nothing of note or purpose

Where's your OS, nigger? Where's your compiler, nigger?


File: 07be68ea8011925⋯.mp4 (1.83 MB, 640x360, 16:9, SAM HYDE LAUGHING.mp4)


>pretending not to know about Jim's video on Terry "schizo pedo" Davis

>roleplaying as Terry himself



Where's your OS, nigger?



>implying compilers are difficult to write


File: fdce8b7f19998b6⋯.jpg (54.8 KB, 640x384, 5:3, 1450012658085.jpg)


>making a shitty useless operating system that can't do anything is an accomlishment

>the "if you aren't a chef you can't complain about your steak being raw and covered in maggots" nonargument

>still roleplaying as a schizo faggot dog raper that uploads videos to a dead website because he was too stupid to not get trolled on youtube






>space alien trading post

>a shitty useless operating system that can't do anything

I don't see any other OS that can be used to talk to God and trade with space aliens. Checkmate nigger.





==Moses Comic==

Moses says, "How do I explain no leavening

to my son? He's retarded."

God says, "Take away his porn."




Terry's back at the Budweiser-sleep-Budweiser cycle. Fucking Mexican niggers started invading his lawn and landscaping, so he righteously told them to fuck off. We march the niggers out of the country at the edge of a bayonet blade so they don't fuck our women with big nigger dicks. That's why we're returning all the niggers back to Africa with the full fuckin might of the Atom bomb.



File: 3cd1deb008830a6⋯.webm (5.81 MB, 640x360, 16:9, TempleOS Game Boy Emulato….webm)

pretty extraordinary that someone managed to do this on Terry's OS




what's really extraordinary is Terry's graphic library, not that niggerous copy-pasted emulator







Well it's fucking righteous either way, is it not?


Terry, based terry, we all love you

just be nice to ur doggo

you'll find the space aliens

intel templeos integration in all chips soon




How did this guy make such a good OS? fucking how?



>rebbitor tries to hide his newfaggoty with funny red meme arrows

you have to go back



Divine fuckin' intellect and space aliens.



someone should actually email this and ask him to make TempleOS related videos again



quads demand it


Most likely he got hit by Googles new account termination AI. Most of those can get resolved by contacting people who know google employees.



>I wonder if Terry knows other people are profiting from his illness?




I know he has a TempleOS mug. I hope he custom ordered it himself



Pretty sure it was sent to him by someone else.

As well as the t-shirt, the hat and the drum sticks.



Well it's time to put Doom and FreeDink on this bitch.



i guess he doesn't care then. after all, if he made an income it would affect his righteousbux so he avoids it.



Everything in and related to templeOS is public domain, so i'm pretty sure he knew things like this could happen when he did that.



<h-he keeps mocking me for r-repeating Jim video memes

>b-better call him r-reddit m-maybe that'll w-work




you will never fit in, you dirty MIT nigger






Terry got a little out of control and pointed a gun at niggers, so he's back on his meds because he doesn't want to get locked up at a mental hospital.


What's happening to Terry?

He removed the index to the Vidoes directory.




Works for me. He is probably trying to avoid the alphabet considering he just pointed a gun at niggers.



>he just pointed a gun at niggers

Did I miss something?



Has anyone a copy of it?



He just said something along the lines of "The other day I uh.. got a little out of control... I pointed a gun at niggers and someone [probably dad] told me they were gonna lock me up in the mental hospital, so maybe I better start taking my meds again"


I'm not helping get righteous terry locked up lad





Here it's on youtube get it before it gets taken down i aint signing into that shit




>tfw nigger monkey and forget the fucking link



first time I see this dude, wtf he's awesome



>He just said something

Oh, okay, then I already saw the video.

For a moment I thought he actually went bat-shit crazy and got violent.


File: 4d466bbe937cff0⋯.jpg (56.79 KB, 556x579, 556:579, c5c7d76bf6e6b3134bb4581bd6….jpg)



>nothing but jim video memes


>mentally ill schizophrenic retard starts threatening people with a gun

<not wanting him to face consequences for his actions








Did anyone save these?

I haven't archived his channel recently



>that faggot making fun of a schizophrenic, using that tone that sjws use that's like condescending and saying "oh, so he believes in God, haha"

God, youtubers are fucking cancer


Terry got a drum set. FUCK YEAH. That's worthy of a dance to Hava Nagalia.




Me too, pal. I loved Terry's videos, not so much for the content (though it was funny) but to observe his mannerisms and see a part of myself there, but like, way worse and what might happen if I don't keep myself grounded to the real world.



I love TempleOS, because he wrote entire libraries from scratch. Terry looks like all he can do is yell at the government all day while reading newspaper or mowing the lawn from the outside, but that man has done far more than any SJW/cuck nu-male will for their entire lives.


I wish there were some templeOS tutorials for retard niggers like me to get started. The c64 taught manual you how to write programs in BASIC after all.


Terry hasn't uploaded in two weeks.

Is he okay? Was the jewish dance an attempt of communicating something?



Maybe use the system for once, kid. Press F1 right after you boot.



>Was the jewish dance an attempt of communicating something?

Doubtful. Terry jams out to Hava Nagilia on the regular.


18 years ago today, Terry Davis killed a CIA nigger with his car and scored one for the good guys. How are you celebrating?



>admitting to being schizophrenic


>learn something useless that will never earn you employment


Terry will be in an asylum.



This post reeks so much of CIA nigger that it glows in the dark.


Someone should email him ask if he's okay...



What's his email?



I'm sure people already have. I emailed him a few days ago to ask an innocuous question about HolyC (but I was really just trying to get any kind of response) and I never got a reply.

Knowing Terry, it's just as likely that he's in jail or a mental institution as it is that he's just rocking out on his drums.



Fuck you, you nearly gave me a heart attack.



Sorry. That was not an appropriate trolling method. (and RIP to that version of Terry Davis as well) I'm just as fuckin worried as anyone else about our lad Terry. I honestly hope the glowing in the dark no-good CIA niggers didn't catch him for good.


File: c9efd039db6f9da⋯.png (3.6 KB, 677x61, 677:61, homeless.png)

Jesus Fucking Christ. Has anyone ever recovered from being a homeless schizophrenic?




Shouldn't he be put somewhere he can be cared for if he got kicked out? They can't really just put him onto the street can they?



This is seriously sad.

Should we crowd-fund him the rent for a flat?

How are the prices in Albuquerque?



My cousin is a homeless schizophrenic. He's wandering the streets of Florida right now and nobody knows exactly where he is. Unfortunately you cannot help these people unless they want to get help. He was in a facility but didn't want to stay so he kept leaving and they eventually just stopped going after him. We're all worried about him with the hurricane and all but I have high hopes he made it out of it okay.


You cannot force someone to stay somewhere they don't want to stay. Even if they're not in the right mind it's still a violation of human rights.


There is also a thread on halfchan >>>/g/62413523



Holy shit, no. I thought he and his dad got along. This is a fate worse than death. Hopefully his father has some sympathy and lets him back after a while. Terry doesn't deserve homelessness. At least he's still working on TempleOS.



He loses his government benefits if he earns money


Maybe he can find a cheap room somewhere with his schizo bux



What happened to his holy battlestation? Is he still able to work on the temple?



He's working on a laptop in his latest video. His Godstation is probably still at parent's house along with his brand new drumset ;_;


File: a8ebf0efad2c330⋯.png (8.4 KB, 588x409, 588:409, SpurdoAmused.png)


Git 'em tiger!



Admittedly my only real knowledge of mental hospitals is from over-dramatised TV and movies but I thought they could keep you there if they thought you were unable to look after yourself or a danger to others?



Not if you can't pay for it LMAO



>but I thought they could keep you there if they thought you were unable to look after yourself or a danger to others?

That's not how it works at all. No mental hospital can keep patients against their will anymore, it used to be like this, in like the 50s when people were still getting lobotomized, but things have changed since then. It's also justified because mental health facilities are no longer being overrun and care can be focused on people who do actually want to stay there


Seriously how can we help Terry? Letting a man like this be homeless is a grave injustice.



Lend him a spare room if you live in the area and have one.




Maybe a CIAnigger could offer him a room and recruit him into their superelite hacker cr3w?

Would be a pretty sweet meme tbqh.



You don't have to give him directly money, we could make a crowdfund and pay for a flat or hotel room.


Let's not forget that he gets a decent chunk of change from the government each month. I believe in one of his videos he said he paid his father $700 in rent monthly. And he had plenty of money left over for food, beers, and to save up for his God Rig and a drum set. As long as that doesn't get taken away from him (i don't know how it could, unless they won't give it to him without an address, and his dad would be outright evil if he denied him an address to receive his bux.) he could probably find a room to rent. If he wanted to.



That would make sense, since it explains the high end computer.

B-but, if he said he's homeless, then he probably is.



That assumes that Terry will act logically.



That's a gift. It counts.



If it's not monetary, I don't think it counts.

Also, he's living in a fokkin van, http://www.templeos.org/Videos/170913RedSeaBugHuntPart2.mp4



There are dozens of ways around that. We can ask him to name someone he trusts (e.g. his mother), get the money to that person, and that person rents a flat. Since they haven't moved into their flat yet they let Terry crash there.


Why doesn't he set up a Hatreon account?


File: e3c742470372e61⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 267x219, 89:73, 1497031761001.gif)


>This is my new home



>some guy made a bunch of games and other stuff for TOS

>Terry smiling and saying "look at that"

this is wholesome af

he seems better off now that he just uploads to his site so the crazy shitheads Metokur and /g/ sent after him are too stupid to find him to harass him.

also I'm totally envious, I wish I could buy a van and live in it. although I wouldn't get disability money so I'd need some way to work to pay for gas and food. could just do odd jobs like I always have.



because then he couldn't get disability money, which is more stable/reliable than patreon.

sage for double post



nothing's stopping you from becoming schizophrenic



It is gone now, anyone have a mirror?




Can you re-upload that, anon?


File: 997211b55106c9e⋯.png (388.09 KB, 640x480, 4:3, terry platinum's [THE WORL….png)



Another shitty shop incoming.


File: 93be7ef4f82ad33⋯.png (52.3 KB, 828x406, 414:203, terry a davis memes.PNG)

>violent schizophrenic assaults his own elderly frail father

>autistic memers cry sympathy over it because he made some useless shit nobody will ever use while being looney as a cartoon and living off the taxpayers' dime



Are you 100% certain he assaulted him?



that account has been terminated... In similar news...

Isn't Google trying to stop all the 'hate-speech' and 'racism' on their crappy website? Could he be affected/targetted in any way?



>implying he's actually a schizo

>implying it isn't the CIA controlling him




I'm pretty sure Vincent Canfield is hosting an archive as well.



Not if you claim it's educational! Try searching for "hand expression" no youtube. Unless they cleaned it up recently, it's mostly lactation porn with a few actually educational videos.


We value him more than we value you, and that's what counts.






He probably nearly killed his father but because jim made a funny video and he says nigger sometimes you barely functional autists think he's king shit of turd hill when in reality he's even more of a loser than stallmeme.



If only DOS games could sound that good with a PC speaker.



Looks like it has been removed from (((github)))



Yea github is owned by cianiggers. Same with sourceforge, gitlab, and git.io. I remember there being others on a list somewhere on /tech/.




You have to lurk for at least a year before posting.



Kind of curious why it was removed because the person that "owned" that github has written about terry and templeos and had things to say like "

OK, so it's 16 colors, it's 640x480, and the author is his own worst enemy.". Basically he is fair



It was removed for the same reason terry was killed. Can't have a independent developer develop a non-backdoored OS. Imagine if someone forked templeOS and re-wrote it in rust? Cianiggers will never allow that.

also does anyone know where the templeOS source code is? I never downloaded it but now I realise it is very important. Or even just all the videos he makes being put up here would be fine too.



His website is still up and he posts videos on there almost daily.



I would watch but his website doesn't support https. Fugg I really wanted to download it too. But the cianiggers would change the code in transit.



All his videos are mirrored on youtube.

>data = code




Where? The Tarry A. Davis Archive hasn't been updated in 3 months.


Send this thread to h3h3 :^)





> when a nigger is on a computer its not a glorious situation





Good to see he has someplace to stay that isn't a fucking van. He seems to be doing alright mentally too. That's a badass street name also.



That's his parents' back yard. I'm not sure if they allow him to be there, or if he still has the key to the gate and goes there early in the mornings when they aren't awake. The latter seems more plausible, since he hasn't gone inside in any of the videos. The beard and unkempt look also suggest he still lives in the van.

He probably parks in the neighborhood, because, despite having been kicked out of the house, it's the only home he knows.


Did Terry kill his bird? What happened to her/him/it?



He ate the squawking nigger.



Terry realized the bird was a CIA asset in disguise, part electronic part organic, dressed up as a bird to blend in, squeaking was its secret code language to communicate Terry's thoughts and actions to the CIA using an in-built microphone.



hurray more work to come!


Is Terry live streaming again? There's a video that autoplays on the front page of his site.


File: b9bdc236308d076⋯.png (100.87 KB, 279x293, 279:293, 1464642359547.png)

>/tech/fags STILL fellate this eceleb pedophile schizophrenic with unfunny "o shit whaddup" cgi frog on a unicycle-tier "memes"



There is perfect justice.




CIAniggers get out.



Holy fuck, he is. Looks like he's back in his pussy wagon.



Why is DOS dangerous?




Greetings /tech/

Feel free to hop in here and crack a p@ssword or two with us gents




>part organic part machine spy bird

Is this real? Does someone have a webm of proof?


>terry goes on an angry rant again about how niggers don't understand random numbers

We've entered another golden age.


File: d2f83a562b4a418⋯.png (10.01 KB, 150x150, 1:1, tech-cape.png)

>>That feel when you think you disappointed Terry

Fml hard to tell if I did something wrong. Paranoia and weed.. why this?



Terry is the closest thing I've ever had to a father figure



Yeah but then again some of his claims does remind you of chaos theory if you pay close attention. He's a clever priest. He will lead us to the golden age. Also Is he Irish?


You know.. Thinking about that seriously. I get that vibe from him as well. He has so much good advice and he almost always seems be there when you need him... type of vibe. He's a real cool down-to-earth-from-heaven type of guy.



Have another mirror https://archive.fo/6v9cD

You have to go into each file and copy paste to make it work though.


File: 79ce7636db8183f⋯.png (2.59 MB, 1840x1400, 46:35, Terry schizophrenia.png)

He's been looking pretty feral lately since he started living in his van.


martin luther was the first fuckin nigger



It was YouTube's fault. He was stable before. The only bully is Google.



But all prophets have beards :^)


>he's livestreaming on his website now

>air drumming in the van

it's kind of depressing.



He mentioned that his computer, "Satan", is broken. Burnt out processor or something.



I find it entertaining and unique.



>>Telepathic pornopgraphy

fucking monk heaven!


His stream is more interesting now. He seems to be content with van living.

>mfw always dreamed of living out of a van

Kinda envious, tbh.



You could drive to the beer store without ever leaving home!



Does anyone know how he charges his laptop?

I doubt he's just using the van's battery but... idk



It sounded like he kept the van running when he was streaming last night. That would be rather impractical but I guess he could be spending all his rent money on gas instead. Unless he's got a generator in there with him and keeping the windows open I don't know what else that humming noise would be.



I'm just hoping he doesn't kill the battery before starting the engine even though he's not an idiot. That would be kind of annoying to deal with..


Is Terry just streaming 24/7 now? He's been at it all day.


>if you want a strong army, you need soldiers brave enough to take heroin

that's genius terry



terrifyingly genius



Yep, he's still at it.





>you'll cowards don't even



What? Why?



I heard it was public nudity that did him in.



That's not something you go to prison for. Maybe a slap on the wrist fine and overnight in the drunk tank but not prison. That would be nothing other than absurd.


File: 478a963f5ba3271⋯.png (689.83 KB, 480x3430, 48:343, tos.png)



He's no nigger, he's got a strong background in electrical engineering and physics and learned programming from the bottom-up.



He probably has a second battery hooked up to an inverter, like how most RV's have. You could always ask him; he set up stream chat on his website.


Updates on Terry?


File: f5113573286a2a0⋯.png (319.7 KB, 667x421, 667:421, Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at ….png)

File: 79c19edf531dc3d⋯.png (175.69 KB, 649x407, 59:37, Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at ….png)

File: 0d78ceecaeca793⋯.png (194.58 KB, 479x261, 479:261, Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at ….png)


Latest video "Lunch" makes it look like he is living in the van. He is in some big parking lot talking to himself.


File: f16743e7fb9bbaf⋯.png (369.99 KB, 605x460, 121:92, Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at ….png)

Yep. He is living out of his minivan.

He is streaming right off his webpage now.




That was a comfy vid

polite sage






Not really.

He's visiting pretty cool places, and seems a comfy car trip in general.


Do you wager he's gonna die a virgin?


Give me the quick rundown on Terry. Last I saw, he was sending masturbation videos to Theresa May and Angela Merkel. What's happened since then?



Not if we send him a hooker.


File: 7f4ee229bb30a4a⋯.png (437.84 KB, 618x467, 618:467, Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at ….png)



He is back to streaming and coding... but now living in a van running his PC off an inverter.

He had to be in court today to answer for some lewdness charge. He may have skipped that....


>homeless racist schizo



Hello CIA nigger, stay away from Terry okay?.


File: b01bbcf6e4c3120⋯.png (130.85 KB, 1864x845, 1864:845, Screenshot from 2017-11-01….png)




>He may have skipped that....

He actually received some letters from the court (it was on the stream), but he wasn't particularly interested into giving any shit about it.


File: f0a8b453684e727⋯.png (116.04 KB, 253x300, 253:300, dob-bounty-hunter-updates-….png)


Well there is a warrant out for Terry's arrest now. He skipped bail so his dad is out the $2K also.And the repoman may be after him for the KIA minivan he is living out of.

But at least TempleOS is getting some updating.


File: f89621b9cf6590e⋯.png (28.05 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1455747243604.png)

>tfw personally informed the police of Terry's current location and intent to fail to appear in court and he's going to jail



Kill yourself CIAnigger


Terry joins a skinhead gang in prison when?



All those links are 404 fam.




They change frequently


The police aren't going to come after him for a failure to appear, but they're going to arrest him if they ever stop him for being crazy and check his ID. It'll happen eventually, disheveled Terry wandering around gas stations ranting about niggers and aliens.


File: 9f6487cee837c8d⋯.png (400.34 KB, 962x1044, 481:522, Screenshot-2017-11-2 Warra….png)


Poor Terry. This was issued on the 25th. The case doesn't seem to be available in the court records search.



They don't even say what he's wanted for.

I bet he just told his mind about CIA/LGBTQERTY nigger.



Says BATTERY down at the bottom



What does that even mean ?

Is it a town ? or is it the obvious electrical storage item ?



"Battery" is "kicking someone's ass"



Terry saw cianigger running from Mandalay Bay and whooped his ass real good.



probably this. terry is a real human bean


File: 3ce8385e32355c0⋯.png (21.83 KB, 259x122, 259:122, Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at ….png)




he prob didn't show up for this court case.


So he has 2 bench warrants out for his arrest now. They just issued another one on 10/31 for FTA on this arrest


He just made things 100x worse by skipping court. If he showed they would have let him off with public service/fines or made him go to some mental health programs. Now when he gets stopped he will be locked up in jail. FTA gets high bail and the only people who would bail him out would be his parents and they just got burned for their $2,000 when he skipped bail on the 31st. I doubt they will bail him out again.


File: 366bca860c9bd0b⋯.jpg (86.9 KB, 800x417, 800:417, photos.medleyphoto.6715321.JPG)


He is driving his own car. If he passes a cop car with plate scanners he is busted. Give it a few days for his wants to show up in all the DB's.. He may already be in jail now.



>legit schizo

>treated like a nigger

Got to love Ameriburger healthcare


File: 218758dd25bc225⋯.png (11.59 KB, 494x92, 247:46, Screenshot from 2017-11-02….png)

File: 23714650529bd94⋯.png (7.18 KB, 505x66, 505:66, Screenshot from 2017-11-02….png)

File: 8cc4223b6180041⋯.png (27.02 KB, 491x270, 491:270, Screenshot from 2017-11-02….png)

Terry was live a little while ago


Do you think the Clark County division of the CIA will think to check his live streams in order to capture him?



They would get too amused before actually arrest him.



Not too long ago people with mental problems were sent to asylums. Leftists dismantled them since they weren't good enough and now people with mental problems get to go to jail instead. To make it worse it isn't even cheaper since prisons are very expensive.


File: 978a1837dfa285f⋯.png (242.31 KB, 641x505, 641:505, Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at ….png)


He is live now.

>Coding the Temple when on the run from the law.


I never wanted to see Terry's dick.



>Not too long ago people with mental problems were sent to asylums. Leftists dismantled them

Ronald Reagan wasn't a leftist.


File: 0fff1c7067f5e71⋯.png (221.41 KB, 517x517, 1:1, 1462487981456-0.png)


>wanted for: Battery

>/tech/tards will claim he dindu nuffin when he gets arrested for being a sexual predator AND beating his elderly father unprovoked


>he's openly planning to rape a woman

brb sending more evidence to the police



>Ronald Reagan wasn't a leftist.

No but he was a cuck and caved to leftist pressure.. The whole mental institutions are bad meme was started by Geraldo River. It was an easy go to story for the MSM though out the late 70's and early 80s. When they wanted some easy ratings they just went to their local institution looking for victoms. They didn't care what happened.



Those people didn't just vanish in to thin air. They ended up in jail, homeless, or dead. And Geraldo won an award for it.


File: 72489217ec6b612⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 720.75 KB, 1077x625, 1077:625, Screenshot from 2017-11-02….png)

Anyone else glad that this wasn't what you thought it was?


File: 0b6dc328ff43117⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1409x1050, 1409:1050, Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at ….png)

File: e2924ce4214ed1d⋯.png (922.63 KB, 962x725, 962:725, Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at ….png)

Not gona lie that van looks very comfy in Space Ship mode.


Terry leaked his credir card on stream lol



Someone donated $500 to him on PPal and he shows the dude's dox on the stream

>thanks terry.



>giving money to a rapist and assaulter

Deserved it.


So this is the end Terry?


File: d99e14760d94e05⋯.jpg (36.03 KB, 564x403, 564:403, 09cb2cbe7c649ebc1568547a6c….jpg)


Someone is jealous.



>Terry doesn't deserve homelessness

Yes he does. It's it's own fault. He needs to get his shit together.


>Seriously how can we help Terry? Letting a man like this be homeless is a grave injustice.

He is letting himself be homeless. If he wants to get out of that situation he can get a fucking job and stop being such a loser.


>If it's not monetary, I don't think it counts

I don't know all the specifics of his situation, but usually when you are receiving government aid everything counts. If someone pays for food and prepares it for you that counts. If someone pays your rent for you that counts. It doesn't have to be money to count.



> stop being such a loser.

He is a diagnosed a schizophrenic. He can't help but be a loser.



Schizophrenia is a thing. He is lucky he can at least create cool shit.




Many major companies are very willing to hire people with various disabilities. It makes them look good so they can slap the "equal opportunity employer" logo on their company brand. All he has to do is check the box that asks "Do you have any disabilities which require accomodation?".



So all the schizo needs to do is something totally rational like a sane person would.

Got it.



>being white

>being able to get a job in cy+2

Nice joke.



He isn't disabled like a cripple in a wheelchair.

No one is going to hire him when he starts yelling about CIAniggers and rants about talking to god. He has no control over his thoughts and speech...because he is a fucking schizophrenic. He is a walking lawsuit for anyone who hires him.


These >>814388 >>814387 both make great points. Terry ain't getting hired kowing about cianiggers and such. Yet even if he did get control of himself he still wouldn't be able to get hired because he is white.



>He isn't disabled like a cripple in a wheelchair.

Why are you blindly assuming that only physical disabilities count? I've worked in IT and there were plenty of people with various disabilities of a mental nature. People on the autistic spectrum, people with tourettes, people with stutters, etc...

>He has no control over his thoughts and speech

Then he should have a psychologist make a disgnosis which includes coprolalia as a recognized symptom. Problem solved.


Can you wagecucks leave Terry along and let him preach God's word in peace?



Kill yourself.



>Then he should have

He thinks he talks to god though random numbers and 500 CIA agents are doing things like turning his spoons in to forks.

>make a disgnosis which includes coprolalia

He doesn't have Tourette Syndrome.

He has schizophrenia.



>He thinks he talks to god though random numbers

Ya, that's batshit crazy.

>500 CIA agents are doing things like turning his spoons in to forks.

Now this is entirely possible. Cianiggers are niggers after all.



>He doesn't have Tourette Syndrome.

Irrelevant. If he can get a diagnosis that says otherwise it's a free pass to keep spewing his "cia nigger" nonsense and get away with it in a work environment.



I'd rather have Terry rambling about CIA niggers, drumming his desk and squirreling around the office while being work efficient than 1000 diversity mercenaries destroying my business.



He had 2 YouTube channels, and he deleted both of them many months ago. Why is this news now?


File: b42ccf06cc518db⋯.png (65.85 KB, 205x205, 1:1, 1407509953024.png)


So you're saying he was a TAD off?




Guys Terry got stabbed in jail

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