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File: 6698b15e3b0d436⋯.jpg (48.41 KB, 800x579, 800:579, DF_artifact_(2).jpg)

6e27f3 No.15162475

How many here play Dwarf Fortress? How many would be interested in playing in an 8chan succession fort?

For those not familiar with the term, it means that each player takes turns playing one year as the overseer before passing the save to the next player. Anyone may also ask for a dwarf to be named after their request, but first and foremost we need enough players to get the fort going.

768ce2 No.15162508

I'd be up for it if you're alright with my disorganized and cringeworthy designing skills.

e71fd2 No.15162510

File: b13bb98c7b71815⋯.png (2.35 MB, 1432x762, 716:381, ClipboardImage.png)

This sounds like a novel idea and I'd join in for a year. I've been getting bored of making rediculous shit like this fort here where I'm in the process of making a prison with self-sufficient districts for goblins, elves and other undesirables

92b63f No.15162516

I'll let all the elves in as soon as I'm overseer

38f31b No.15162665

File: 56540826a749a59⋯.jpg (37.46 KB, 732x227, 732:227, holocaust dwarf fortress.jpg)

File: 0e334bc34d77a48⋯.jpg (46.32 KB, 469x253, 469:253, holocaust dwarf fortress p….jpg)

File: 6e6dcf4795a963b⋯.png (22.76 KB, 923x796, 923:796, dwarf fortress 2312.png)

Is FPS-death still a thing in fortress mode?

6e27f3 No.15162962

File: 57be6734724f0ca⋯.jpg (582.18 KB, 1452x975, 484:325, founding.JPG)

File: 90c5cf3e8218c06⋯.jpg (255.96 KB, 628x962, 314:481, eventful first day.JPG)

File: f03d6bee1e67225⋯.jpg (604.07 KB, 1449x972, 161:108, ffuuu.JPG)

Ok, let's get this game started. And if anyone wants to be dwarfed, just give me a name and I'll put it in.

1st Granite, 250

Our caravan has arrived to the freshwater swamp of The Poetic Murk. This is the place where we shall found the new fortress, Dankchambers! It may be half a year since my last overseer duty, but definitely managed to pick a sweet spot for our new home.

And right off the bat, a giant alligator climbed out of the water and attacked our doctor. Now who's laughing, mister "there's way too many dogs in this caravan"?

Our resident fighter was switftly promoted to militia commander, and using our spare axe made short work of the already weakened alligator. I guess it's time to build a butchers shop, as it will make one fine pair of boots.

2nd Slate, 250

The size of the local fauna is making me uncomfortable. Namely because everything from alligators to sparrows is absolutely gigantic. Today our militia commander got her whole lower body mangled beyond recognition by a giant snapping turtle. We quickly repurposed our dormitory as a hospital, and after a quick drink our chief medical dwarf leaped into action diagnosing his wounds and starting the treatment. Hopefully our meager medical supplies are enough for him.

Note to self: Next time, do not try to save money by purchasing the cheapest axes available.

730a77 No.15162991


Name the militia commander "Scrotle McHiggins"

nobody fucks with a guy named "Scrotle"

2f5efe No.15163019

File: 66162de176634d3⋯.jpg (28.07 KB, 720x478, 360:239, 1466100723382.jpg)

name a dwarf "Bones McSkellington"

d9ed3c No.15163049


first dwarf you get that doesnt have a life goal name them Urist McCrankmeat and make them the forts only gelder.

After gelding shitloads of animals make them a stone detailer and see what they make. Try to keep him busy constantly to limit outside influence. Maybe give him a room sepperated from the rest of the fortress with his own supplies near the animal pen.

ec4c5d No.15163053


I like where this is going

6e27f3 No.15163939

File: 95882a86e623392⋯.jpg (39.54 KB, 643x279, 643:279, quarters.JPG)

File: e8440b6d054847a⋯.jpg (105.1 KB, 645x357, 215:119, The sky is falling.JPG)

File: d7aaeaa7785934a⋯.jpg (339.86 KB, 1900x457, 1900:457, Scrottles Woes.JPG)

File: 58b94a8372b8dcc⋯.jpg (231.18 KB, 1911x994, 273:142, cavern.JPG)


This is an AWESOME idea! While my turn seems to go entirely on getting the basics working, this shall be the ultimate goal of the fortress!

18th Hematite, 250

How time flies when everything is going smoothly! We were just mining out living quarters and basic working space when we noticed a group of migrants heading for our fortress. Two farmer-brewers which was a welcome addition for our drink industry, although we ended up abandoning our farms when we realized we were literally surrounded by apple and plum trees. The third migrant was a weakling ranger whose thin appearance immediately earned him the nickname "Bones McSkellington", so I decided to order one of our farmers to woodcrafting to produce bolts for him to hunt the giants of the land with. Err… now that I think of it, maybe I should just give him something safer to do for now.

Scrottle McHiggins may never walk again, but mentally the only trauma he's dwellin upon is the time he had to drink without a goblet or a mug. I immediately ordered a set of wooden pints to be made in his honor.

Not everything is going smoothly either. For some our smelter workers complained about the lack of refined coal despite the ample supply of bituminous coal just two floors above, and I had to be explained that bituminous coal needs to be refined before it can be used.

28th Galena, 250

A new disaster struck! Our citizens have long complained about rain as they frolic outside by the wagons, so I decided to start building a roof over this improptu meeting area. An unfortunate misunderstanding of the work orders caused McSkellington to lay down piece of the floor where it wasn't supported, and it crashed down right in the middle of the meeting area! The expedition leader got a bump on his head but is otherwise okay, and while some animals seem banged up they might be that way just because of the giant beasts roaming my swamp.

Funny, I didn't know a wooden floor segment was heavy enough to punch a hole straight through the ceiling of the underground farm area.

8th Limestone, 250

Today I saw Scrottle McHiggins crawling through the hallway unusually angry. I asked what was ailing him, but he claimed to be feeling good. I kept probing deeper and he told he'd just been under a lot of stress lately, still feeling shaken from her debilitating injury, and afraid of reliving a trauma - most likely related to the lack of cups earlier this year. It seems his angry mood may have more to do with his unmet needs than any external circumstances, so I think I'll build a temple for citizens spiritual needs and keep in mind to give old Scrottle more to do in the future.

11th Limestone, 250

Liaison from moutainhomes has arrived with some traveling merchants! They'd have come with proper wagons, but the swampy terrain made the site impassable for their wagons. This year we didn't have much to trade with them anyway, but I'll make sure to clear a path for their wagons before summer. I requested for a lot of leather next year, because in my experience an inexperienced militia in heavy armor moves too slow to ever get to their training practices, so lightweight leather gear should serve them well at least for their training. Now that I think of it, bringing a leatherworker with us would have been a much smarter move than the proficient armorsmith who's currently picking apples outside the fortress.

21st Sandstone, 250

We traded (or more precisely our chief medical dwarf traded while our broker was sleeping) some hastily carved wooden cups for a bin of leather and three rolls of cloth. That's when even more farmers migrated in, with yet another archer who was physically frail as he was mentally. I'm bound to establish an archery division sooner or later, but I won't have it led by a treehugging hippie of a dwarf.

5th Timber, 250

While digging for marble to use as a flux stone, our miners discovered a vast underground cavern. I have a bad feeling about it, so I'll have the mason block it out for now. Apparently some adventurous folk like to go down there to kill whatever beasts lurk in the darkness, which is great because I also started excavating a tavern to lure in visitors and bountyhuners!

Our policy of gathering food from the wild has had unforeseen consequences. Instead of just enjoying the fuits of the wild as they are, the dwarves are autistically picking out every single seed from their food, and bringing them to the food stockpile. We have long since ran out of bags to put the seeds in so I told them to just throw them out into a refuse stockpile, but they started throwing them out with the few seed bags we had! I don't know how to handle this properly, so be prepared for some losses of property and sanity on that part.

6e27f3 No.15164210

File: bf57e191d071613⋯.jpg (289.87 KB, 1259x695, 1259:695, fun at bar.JPG)

File: 8426d0736d50797⋯.jpg (272.18 KB, 1246x684, 623:342, winter came.JPG)

File: 517af1c793a587d⋯.jpg (75.87 KB, 670x337, 670:337, Cheesing the hunt.JPG)

File: f3218d673f4558d⋯.jpg (24.16 KB, 693x248, 693:248, Petition.JPG)

File: e82df29682b56bc⋯.png (83.07 KB, 1005x631, 1005:631, Final day of the session.png)

5th Opal, 250

The tavern is finished, and the visiting bards and poets are having a great effect on the fortresses morale. I have also dug out some rooms for long-time visitors, as well as private meditation chambers for religious dwarves who have trouble concentrating in the common temple. First one being dedicated to Scrottle McHiggins of course, he really deserved it.

After overseeing the construction projects underground for a long time, I was surprised to come aboveground and see that winter has arrived! Note to self: do not fill moats with water in these surroundings!

21st Opal, 250

The hunter has wisely gone after storks instead of the giant turtles, and his confidence is going off the roof as he keeps nailing the same bird over and over again. It didn't do anything about his cowardise though.

We also got our first petition for long-term residence! Mebzuth Lancecarnages describes himself as an artist, and while I don't even know what an artist does, I accepted him right away. Did I mention I have never run a tavern before?

1st Granite, 251

The spring is here and the new year begins. The fortress looks a bit messy but has all the basics handled, and the outdoor ramparts should now protect from more than just rain. As my last act, I built a control room between the dining hall and the temporary hospital, in an intuitive, central place with the lever for southern bridge placed on the southernmost edge of the room. The current cluster of workshops is there due to hasty beginning and trying to get things rolling before the giant beasts devoured us all, and the coal-based metal industry turned out much, MUCH slower than I remembered! Anyway, I shall now relinquish control of the fortress, and wish good luck to my successor!

Download the save here: https://www.sendspace.com/file/zqdxj2

6e27f3 No.15164307

Protip: When you start playing, inform the thread about it asap so two people don't start playing during the same turn.

5c771f No.15164368

File: 1a1d73efd672308⋯.jpg (165.08 KB, 600x825, 8:11, 1523308901153.jpg)

Thanks for the good read, OP. Can't wait to see what the next successor has in store for us

d81874 No.15164983

What version? I assume latest but just to be sure I want to know.

563df2 No.15164998


that doesn't look like dorf fort

d81874 No.15165022


He's using some software to make his fortress show up in 3D.


Aren't you the guy who made your fortress out of ant people over on /vg/ awhile back?

6e27f3 No.15165837


It's the latest, 0.44.12. Should have made that clear eaelier.

201955 No.15165868

I guess I'll take this up as our second overseer, which is probably a bad idea since it's late as fuck where I am and I haven't played in a few years. But I want to see this continue and no-one else seems to be stepping up.

I'm writing my first journal entry now.

74bccd No.15165888

I'll be the 3rd overseer I suppose. Gotta prove that /v/ actually does play video games on occasion.

201955 No.15165891

File: be413c4dbf3f8e2⋯.png (10.03 KB, 385x288, 385:288, 2018-07-17 01_51_34-Dwarf ….png)

File: cfea03c6d80583a⋯.png (4.06 KB, 160x241, 160:241, 2018-07-17 01_05_30-Dwarf ….png)

File: 78a885903476437⋯.png (6.48 KB, 160x241, 160:241, 2018-07-17 01_06_03-Dwarf ….png)

File: e1e5a8442a21614⋯.png (235.59 KB, 1085x1084, 1085:1084, 2018-07-17 01_14_50-Legend….png)

Overseer log.

4th Timber, 250

I admit, when I got that new tasking from high command I was at least somewhat excited. I know, I know, orders from up high are always garbage, but it can't always be that bad, right? Well, it was. I knew something was going to be fishy so I took a cursory glance at the location of the colony I was to oversee, and immediately lost the little respect I had for high command I had left. They had chosen to settle a SWAMP! As if that wasn't enough, not TWO MILES upriver from the "fortress" there is an absolutely gorgeous mountain range.

I can only assume that command has lost their minds.

2nd Granite, 251

I arrived at Dankchamber a few hours ago and after taking a look around (and having a few strong drinks) I finally think I can summarize the current state of the fortress. In short, things are FUCKED. Walking up to the fortress is you might mistakenly think things are fine here, with some good looking (if ad-hoc) wooden ramparts that act as defenses against the local wildlife. Walking over the (off-center) drawbridge will quickly disabuse you of that notion however. Not only are there trees growing inside the walls, but the entrance to the underground portion of the fort (you know, the REAL fort) is a one tile wide hatch, which I naturally assumed to be the entrance to some kind of maintenance tunnel until a passing dwarf who was out to pick fruit (fruit!) climbed inside.

I finally got to my desk (after passing by our crippled militia commander) and was immediately "petitioned" (harassed) by some vagrant asking for residence in order to "Entertain citizens and visitors". Given the raucous shouts of laughter coming from the tavern, I believe there is entertainment enough here at Dankchamber. Denied.

I believe my first real act of governance will be to order some more organized workshop areas dug out and built below our current residences, along with the construction of a real entrance and central staircase.

201955 No.15166055

File: a9762124781b8c0⋯.png (12.45 KB, 2031x53, 2031:53, 2018-07-17 03_13_52-Dwarf ….png)

File: 9c516d017706b9b⋯.png (24.79 KB, 281x476, 281:476, 2018-07-17 02_27_53-Window.png)

File: 95c699ce89e2d01⋯.png (9.22 KB, 2302x78, 1151:39, 2018-07-17 02_47_07-Dwarf ….png)

File: b89a41abeecb18c⋯.png (377.6 KB, 693x659, 693:659, 2018-07-17 02_56_45-Dwarf ….png)

File: 0e7536ff2bdefff⋯.png (107.07 KB, 840x840, 1:1, 2018-07-17 02_59_59-Dwarf ….png)

I'm using a pheobus because it looks better than ascii.


I've finish sending off the miners to dig out some proper workshops when suddenly I get some breaking news. My secretary runs in to inform me that AN ABSOLUTE FUCKTON of migrants have just arrived, and that a few of them aren't even completely useless. We have a new miner, which will help with the numerous excavation projects. We also have four new fisherdwarves to help stymie the incoming food crisis that's about to hit us hard with all these new mouths to feed.

So, I guess I should document the changes I've made to the fortress so far for the unlucky cunt who will succeed me. I've built a new entrance that connects to a central stairway a few levels down. Food production has been moved to the top of that central stairway so it is out of the line of fire should we ever (armok forbid) come under siege. A new crafting area has been constructed and is currently churning out pots and stone finished goods. I plan on moving metalworking down here or to a similar area later.

Also I've properly pastured all our grazing animals and moved the dogs into a new room across the butchers shop, just to let all the puppies know what their fate will be if they don't take to the training.

14th of Felsite

Hail armok! One of our farmers was struck by a fey mood, pushed our stonecrafter out of his shop, and immediately created a… family heirloom with an image of the founding of our great fortress.

201955 No.15166214

File: 4326320d1325358⋯.png (13.89 KB, 331x185, 331:185, 2018-07-17 04_12_53-Window.png)

File: c622e24aa5ed40d⋯.png (99.79 KB, 1750x619, 1750:619, 2018-07-17 03_26_57-Dwarf ….png)

File: cbd548e257e5472⋯.png (40.52 KB, 235x493, 235:493, 2018-07-17 03_47_33-Dwarf ….png)

20th of Malachite

We've just received even MORE damn migrants. It wasn't a big wave, but we're already experiencing a distinct shortage of booze, and these new arrivals aren't helping. What's more, almost half of them are damn fishermen! Thankfully the new sleeping quarters are being constructed fairly quickly, though we'll have to expand them further, it seems.

I've had enough of all these animals everywhere, and we've been having a bit of problem acquiring new bags, so I've killed two dogs with one stone and now we should have enough leather for some needed bags.

27th of Galena

Booze production is back, to the relief of every citizen of Dankchamber. It seems the brewer got a little confused when told to take from the plant stockpile. It seems they thought that meant that they could only take barrels if they were placed in that stockpile, and not to take the barrels that were placed right next to the brewers shop. When questioned about this lack of sense, the brewers replied "Gotta follow orders to the letter boss. That's user error."

c7d583 No.15166301

Name some dwarf (preferably a soldier) Puke Nukem.

201955 No.15166429

File: 9b7d02c4383dcc5⋯.png (3.59 KB, 274x28, 137:14, 2018-07-17 04_22_53-.png)

File: 480c632eeaafc8d⋯.png (8.64 KB, 1519x83, 1519:83, 2018-07-17 04_09_14-Dwarf ….png)

File: c44f792e733d51c⋯.png (9.45 KB, 1664x94, 832:47, 2018-07-17 04_44_29-Dwarf ….png)


Absolutely. We don't really have a proper military but I've given that name to a probable future recruit.

2nd of Timber, 251

We have received even. More. Migrants. I have absolutely no idea why anyone thinks it's a good idea to come to this godforsaken fortress on the edge of the world. Imagine the travel brochures, "Beautiful swampy terrain! Wonderful giant wildlife! Emigrate today!"

In other news, it seems Dankchamber is becoming a wonderful producer of artifact-quality jewelry. This was made by a fisherdwarf. Of course. All of our citizens are now housed and (relatively) well taken care of. I've begun the construction of a new dining room and laid the groundwork for a cistern to be built underneath the new hospital location.

20th of Timber, 251

We have reports of a forgotten beast in the caverns! The menace of dwarvenkind! The drooling monster of the deep! How anyone lived to tell the tale of this creature is frankly amazing. I believe we are safe, as the previous overseer says he walled off the caverns. I'm not so convinced, so I have ordered the construction of a secondary wall-off. Just to be sure.

The second overseer of Dankchamber was found dead of sleep deprivation the following morning. It seems the forgotten beast had wormed it's way into his mind and caused nightmares too foul to even imagine.

201955 No.15166436

File: c8f4ff83090e4a5⋯.png (64 KB, 816x340, 12:5, 2018-07-17 05_15_22-.png)

File: e93b1b5ef577146⋯.png (420.76 KB, 754x664, 377:332, 2018-07-17 05_13_03-Dwarf ….png)

File: 20f64d0261ec45c⋯.png (325.76 KB, 1478x1171, 1478:1171, 2018-07-17 05_13_20-Dwarf ….png)

File: e9ac95f9c17ad2e⋯.png (140.42 KB, 895x797, 895:797, 2018-07-17 05_13_36-Dwarf ….png)

File: 613764fb8038e37⋯.png (254.04 KB, 955x954, 955:954, 2018-07-17 05_13_45-Dwarf ….png)

Alright, I've really got to get some sleep so I'm ending my overseership early. Pics are the current state of the fortress for anyone who's interested.

Save link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/tuavlg

Good luck to the next overseer!

559c4d No.15166438

I can't get into DF anymore since I have an AMD CPU that's pretty old (FX 8350) and it thus runs like shit. I have serious doubts multicore support will ever be added, but I can't imagine a better update. I look forward to that more than magic.

893395 No.15166495


I have the exact same CPU and it runs fine, even with 500-700 dwarves, I think you got some bloatware on your pc lad

6e27f3 No.15166839


Give it a try. Besides, the fort is still young so there shouldn't be too much going on at once yet.

ee27b0 No.15166972


I'm generally not a fan of tilesets but that does look good

6e27f3 No.15167420

File: 3c36a6f94a8ef1e⋯.jpg (97.38 KB, 782x1024, 391:512, DF sock mayor.jpg)

So, who's next? Will it be >>15165888 or will the last overseer awaken in time to play the rest of his year, or someone else entirely? Join in and take a turn!

74bccd No.15167443


I just woke up, I'll take a turn.

74bccd No.15167444


I'll finish up the year and then do another year.

559c4d No.15167863


You're full of shit

354d5d No.15167904

File: 91859ef116df847⋯.jpg (28.15 KB, 304x334, 152:167, 1462873717160-0.jpg)


>it runs fine, even with 500-700 dwarves

559c4d No.15167913


Maybe he isn't a liar but a complete retard who thinks 5-10 FPS is "perfectly fine". I'm incredibly autistic and consider 20 fps fps death.

74bccd No.15168444

File: 2aa0e3765ebdb8a⋯.jpg (2.5 KB, 150x23, 150:23, click.jpg)

Good evening dwarven people, thank you for electing me as overlord overseer.

Now for some reforms….

Sorry for the wait, it took me forever to get set up again, it's been a while since I last played.

9628d1 No.15168455


I get annoyed at less than 180 fps

74bccd No.15168502

File: 8ae6486a86a70f8⋯.jpg (478.32 KB, 1012x661, 1012:661, entrance.jpg)

File: 84cdc5ec19372df⋯.jpg (62.89 KB, 637x485, 637:485, hall_of_death.jpg)

File: 3f89e6bf338f366⋯.jpg (12.3 KB, 222x166, 111:83, overlord_estate.jpg)

1st Moonstone, 251

Since the last overseer skipped town, it looks like it falls to ol' Paddy to get Dankchamber into top shape. Food and booze is mostly taken care of, so I'd say the next order of business is defense. Dankchamber's defenses are pitiful to say the least, the main fort on the surface is a good idea, but it needs refinement. All these doors all around the outer walls are convenient, but a goblin siege could use trolls to bash them in and kill us all. So I'm gonna remove the doors and make a complete wall with no weaknesses.

Next, I'm gonna design a siege hall where we can lure goblins in to be slaughtered with traps. Then when we pull the lever to close up the fort, all the goblins will have to go through the Hall of Death™. We've got a lot of iron, and steel production is starting, so why not make a few trap components?

I'm not that much of a fan of my current bedroom, so I'm gonna design a bedroom fit for an overlord. The unwashed masses can get some mass housing too I guess.

2f20ce No.15168542

File: 0efd59ae3d36f38⋯.jpg (45.77 KB, 540x720, 3:4, (jazz music stops).jpg)


Is that a shemale dwarf?

559c4d No.15168569


I think it means it's some flavor of sexual deviant

f9d82c No.15168597


It means she is homosexual

f9d82c No.15168609


Actually I stand corrected, that's the symbol for bi-gendered…

01c183 No.15168629





is it to early to begin the construction of gas chambers?

d3a317 No.15168639

Thank God toady is focusing on the hard hitting stuff like transgender dwarfs and sexuality and not, say, fixing the goddamn menu clutter

559c4d No.15168652


There's literally no issue with menu clutter compared to performance and shit like the military screen

74bccd No.15168778

File: 68adb7f23b4431c⋯.png (459 B, 103x90, 103:90, breaking_the_seal.png)

File: 3a154b005d505e2⋯.jpg (64.39 KB, 427x384, 427:384, 2nd_cavern_layer.jpg)

16th Moonstone, 251

I was talking to the miners who were idling in the tavern why they weren't continuing deep mining operations like I had designated, when they told me that the old overseer sealed, then double sealed everything below the fort. That seems a little paranoid to me, so I'll just break through and continue deep mining. There's more cavern layers to explore! We could also use more advanced forges that run off of magma.

20th Moonstone, 251

Sounds like the deep mining operations are going well, we've hit another cavern layer. There was a minor problem with a miner digging directly under his feet when I ordered them to smash the staircase and board it up, but one short rescue mission later and he's safe and sound. The 2nd cavern layer got sealed up tight too.

23rd Moonstone, 251

Got word back from the miners. Semi-Molten Rock. Damn it, I was hoping we would get lucky and drill right into the top of the magma sea, but it looks like we'll have to carefully move around the sides until we can find the top. On the bright side, we did find a sizable native gold vein down there.

f9d82c No.15168785


Is this even a real question? It's NEVER too early to build gas chambers if you've the materials on hand.

9628d1 No.15168829


Is it feasible to do a burning lava mist chamber?

f9d82c No.15168875


absolutely. All you need is a lavapit, a drawbridge to a 1x1 column for the one to be executed, and a dumpsite for rock chunks to fall into the lava.

74bccd No.15168885

File: c9ef87aaa09772d⋯.jpg (9.19 KB, 478x88, 239:44, success.jpg)

File: e7fa591f2c5dc04⋯.jpg (12.11 KB, 433x80, 433:80, praise_the_miners.jpg)

12th Opal, 251

It took a while, but it was worth it.

With magma AND adamantine located, we can begin designing a large magma forge area. I'm going to designate a few anvils be made as well. It's going to be inconvenient to have to travel all the way down in order to use the forges, but at least they will be fully equipped for mass production of anything we need.

01c183 No.15169048


>12th Opal, 251

>It took a while, but it was worth it.

>With magma AND adamantine located, we can begin designing a large magma forge area. I'm going to designate a few anvils be made as well. It's going to be inconvenient to have to travel all the way down in order to use the forges, but at least they will be fully equipped for mass production of anything we need.

yes, yes but what of the deviants

15d9f7 No.15169104


>not pumping the magma up to the surface

It's like you WANT magma crabs to shit all over your everything

74bccd No.15169111


>He doesn't know how to properly design a magma forge at the sea to keep out monsters

74bccd No.15169128

File: a22e50f2f6c0199⋯.jpg (7.57 KB, 531x13, 531:13, prodigy_in_the_making.jpg)

12th Obsidian, 251

Progressing steadily, the Hall of Death™ has almost been carved out completely, I'm still working on the magma forges deep underground though.

Some snot-nosed kid decided he'd show up all of our master craftsdwarves and make the best artifact ever. More power to you kiddo.

74bccd No.15169269

File: 64175807b0a9a87⋯.jpg (23.52 KB, 1081x63, 1081:63, Dimolazzin.jpg)

File: 69058533a3685a7⋯.jpg (21.34 KB, 1288x44, 322:11, Dimolazzin2.jpg)

File: c65e9e4bd0dce52⋯.png (18.18 KB, 796x251, 796:251, 12th Granite 252.png)

12th Granite, 252

That kid came back with his completed artifact, I guess it's alright.

In other news, we allegedly have a critical food shortage brought on by a lack of seeds. I'm setting up the chickens to the nest boxes and hoping that our food stocks hold out until we can get some seeds.

62f67d No.15169324

File: a459b9713e870ad⋯.png (34.93 KB, 657x830, 657:830, dwarf fort crabs.png)

posting some crab story screenshot I grabbed in the past from someone else.

74bccd No.15169327

File: 5d02da02991587c⋯.png (821 B, 474x15, 158:5, knife_ears.png)

14th Granite, 252

Oh boy… The elves are here. I'm gonna swallow my pride and make a deal in the interests of not starving to death.

d3a317 No.15169340


Military screen is part of the menu bloat, you need to enter like three different menus per dwarf in order to kit one out, God forgot you touch the burrow system

74bccd No.15169368

File: 811396cc2ececac⋯.jpg (145.45 KB, 908x492, 227:123, trade.jpg)

15th Granite, 252

Bah, look at this! I can't eat any of this!


74bccd No.15169371

File: 2d4b1be807e696e⋯.jpg (17.08 KB, 929x44, 929:44, a fucking bear.jpg)



Here, we've got quite a few high quality crafts here at Dankchamber…

74bccd No.15169377

File: f500cf83479a3cf⋯.jpg (9.51 KB, 746x33, 746:33, picky.jpg)

File: 20f1e14de9942a4⋯.png (1.91 KB, 463x46, 463:46, seized.png)

…I hate elves.


c3c248 No.15169451


By make a deal I hope you mean butcher them for meat.

74bccd No.15169795

File: c01ebbdeafffd7d⋯.png (18.4 KB, 791x256, 791:256, 1st_felsite_252.png)

15th Slate, 252

Migrants, Migrants, and more migrants. Working on a series of pipes for the magma forges.

1st Felsite, 252

The food situation was nipped in the bud and we're back at full force. Our population has risen to 102, so we should still continue to monitor the food stocks. It'd still be nice if the caravan from the mountainhomes brought some plump helmet spawn. The entire fort hasn't eaten a single plump helmet since winter.

74bccd No.15169804

We've got a high pop if anyone wants to be dorfized.

FPS is already starting to drop for me. I'm averaging around 30fps

74bccd No.15169863

File: b3dec543652432d⋯.jpg (7.46 KB, 464x14, 232:7, war_bear.jpg)

9th Felsite, 252

I just got word that the grizzly bear we "aquired" from the elves has just completed training. I'm gonna station the new war bear outside the fort.

Spring must have hit like a truck, because I just realized that 2 people fell into the river when the ice thawed. Now they're both just skeletons getting nibbled on by the salmon.

74bccd No.15169972

File: 03983c770e3a9ae⋯.jpg (570.78 KB, 1397x679, 1397:679, probably_going_to_starve.jpg)

27th Felsite, 252

Some fisherdwarf has managed to get stranded on the other side of the river somehow. I designated a bridge be constructed so we could hopefully rescue him before he starves. I'd like to hope that everyone will band together and work hard to save the poor guy, but I think it's more likely everyone's just gonna do fuck all and drink the day away while this guy tries to find a rat to eat.

74bccd No.15170122

File: 46ab8dd17b53939⋯.jpg (103.74 KB, 495x839, 495:839, magma_pipes.jpg)

19th Hematite, 252

Some fisherdwarf started babbling, kicked our craftsdwarf out of the shop and started working feverishly as if possessed. Bad omen, but maybe he'll make something cool.

The magma pipes are finally complete, it took forever to smooth them out. Our very own Logem Lokumlinem was given the "honor" of striking the final stone and releasing the magma into our forges.

74bccd No.15170144

File: 62503a66999dae9⋯.jpg (16.69 KB, 174x220, 87:110, probable_death.jpg)


74bccd No.15170160

File: e9c1dcf8d970a03⋯.jpg (13.36 KB, 153x166, 153:166, survival_instinct.jpg)


df9bc7 No.15170164



Is there no safer way to dig it out?

74bccd No.15170169

File: 684ddade257882a⋯.jpg (198.8 KB, 1231x703, 1231:703, flawless_escape.jpg)

Got away without as much as a scratch. Logem is an inspiration to us all. I am giving him the title "Escape Artist" for his achievements.

74bccd No.15170174


I guess you could use pumps if you're a massive pussy.

74bccd No.15170184

File: 6ff1f861bc495bf⋯.jpg (85.91 KB, 492x504, 41:42, still_constructing.jpg)

Now it's just a matter of finishing all these smelters before >>15169104 makes me eat my words and magma crabs crawl through the pipes. If all the smelters get constructed they'll plug the holes with their own structure though due to the placement.

aad9dd No.15170201


Go up a layer and channel it out.

74bccd No.15170296

File: 25184c111f15e5a⋯.jpg (118.17 KB, 710x553, 710:553, carved_hall_of_death.jpg)

File: 13da2525cf5bdfd⋯.png (10.82 KB, 346x270, 173:135, 1_Z_level_down.png)

File: d7f5d3c19e3f63c⋯.png (27.2 KB, 723x607, 723:607, 2_Z_levels_down.png)

5th Malachite, 252

Behold! The Hall of Death™ is nearing completion! Now that it has been carved, it's clear how it will work. Invaders will enter from the northern staircase and have to get past layers of cage traps and stone fall traps, with numbers that wouldn't be too tough. However, as they get further in, the tunnel narrows, forcing them into single file where they must traverse a narrow suspended pathway covered in swinging giant steel axe blades and steel buzz saws.

Meanwhile, our marksdwarf divisions are posted just outside in a series of murderholes on the southern wall where they will relentlessly fire hundreds of crossbow bolts at the invading gobbos. Keep in mind that the gobbos must dodge all of this while suspended in the air over a very narrow pathway, if they stumble and fall, it's a 3 storey drop into the lower chamber, which we can cover in upturned spears and menacing steel spikes. If they survive the drop, they'll be trapped with the only way out leading right back to the start of the Hall of Death™

f210d2 No.15170321


That winding pathway of death reminds me of old tower defense games. Hopefully there are no unexpected openings.

74bccd No.15170410

File: fedd0e3ebb6a417⋯.png (60.72 KB, 1023x585, 341:195, cripple_in_the_field.png)

File: 4ffb5548e52ec9b⋯.jpg (36.06 KB, 295x213, 295:213, combat_drills.jpg)

File: 9de175494c968fd⋯.jpg (8.97 KB, 234x60, 39:10, scrotles_medical_status.jpg)

File: 764622935eb56a0⋯.png (115.25 KB, 1911x537, 637:179, scrotle_circa_2nd_galena_2….png)

2nd Galena, 252

Y'know, everyone feels bad for Scrotle McHiggins. She really was dealt a bad hand in life. With a name like "Scrotle", she set out into the world and ended up as Dankchamber's militia commander. But I've got a lot of respect for her, she's stressed all day every day, has a shattered spine and drags herself all over the fort, she's named "Scrotle" and is a woman…But she still finds the strength to literally drag her limp carcass out of bed every morning and gets outside to do her militia drills. Everyone knows that there's no way some cripple is going to beat a mouse in a fight, but she still does it. Mad respect.

7fc5c3 No.15170463

File: a07d3b793129a87⋯.png (84.44 KB, 833x365, 833:365, DFbunker.png)

File: d524a1c0acedb6e⋯.png (12.63 KB, 583x550, 53:50, DFfarmindustry.png)

File: c33568e41eccb1a⋯.png (44.4 KB, 273x927, 91:309, DFmarksdwarfsetup1.png)


Yes. And that third pic always triggers my autism: it's so god damn fucking inefficient. Why the fuck would you have a cloth stockpile, or dye, or thread? Put the fucking farmer's workshop next to the fucking farm. Put the fucking weaver's workshop next to the fucking farmer's workshop. Put the fucking clothier's workshop next to the fucking weaver's workshop. Don't fucking use dyes or if you do put the fucking dyer's workshop next to the fucking weaver's workshop which is next to the fucking quern/millstone which is next to the fucking farm. And use Z levels to fucking increase pathing efficiency and increase workflow speed.

In any case, I'd love to play but I'm a shit tier writer and all I'd be doing is fixing other people's designs to function adequately, and of course to construct obsidian fucking turrets to rain down bolts on whoever's fucking stupid enough to show up to the door.

74bccd No.15170466

File: 9cf2ebf823e5c8f⋯.png (24.01 KB, 636x279, 212:93, marble_extraction.png)

9th Galena, 252

I foresee that flux is going to be an issue. Our only source of flux so far is the marble deposit in the first cavern layer. As in the lair of the giant skinless coyote that belches chlorine gas.

74bccd No.15170475


>He's an optimizer

You'd be right at home. Who cares if you aren't making entries? It's fun, anon!

74bccd No.15170573

File: 4dc893537298f6b⋯.jpg (10.7 KB, 119x118, 119:118, so close yet so far.jpg)

4th Limestone, 252

The bridge across the river still hasn't been completed. It hasn't even as much as been designed by an architect yet. I'd say that there's no way the fisherdwarf is still alive, but we can still see him hanging out across the river. I can only assume he crossed the river when it was frozen over during the winter, so that means he's survived for around 8 months all alone in the wild.

I have given him the title of "Wild Dwarf" for his survival skills.

74bccd No.15170631

File: 220a77d0aebcd6b⋯.png (56.46 KB, 521x885, 521:885, good day.png)

15th Limestone, 252

I just got word, the bridge across the bridge was completed at the same time as the arrival of the caravan from the mountainhomes. Today was a good day. The Wild Dwarf is coming home.

74bccd No.15170683

File: 110601c1da94010⋯.png (44.31 KB, 899x893, 899:893, this_goes_on_for_several_p….png)

16th Limestone, 252

I rushed up to the trading depot to meet with the caravan, I quickly asked where all the seeds where when I was met with confused looks. "You DID bring seeds, right?" I asked. "Well… That's not exactly what was on the request form…" they responded. I took one look at the request form, and there was no request for seeds, food, drinks, or anything you'd expect a fledgling frontier fortress to need. Instead there was only a single sentence scrawled over the entire page: "ALL THE LEATHER YOU HAVE." I massaged my temples as I pulled myself from the page and glanced over to the caravan, I couldn't help but notice the 5 giant wagons they brought with them but haven't opened yet.

"Are those…?"

They were.

6e27f3 No.15170689

File: 0aeb7ad59d1ec5d⋯.png (242.8 KB, 800x540, 40:27, beast3.png)


Here's some names for more individualized dorfs to help with storytelling:

Berry Punch (brewer)

Stabio (militia)

Leatherdaddy (leatherworker or tanner)

Gorebeard (butcher)

McHammer (smith)

Will (smith)

f9d82c No.15170715

I want the most skilled axedwarf to be named Gronvic

74bccd No.15170718

File: 6aec1649efe4206⋯.jpg (13.69 KB, 151x146, 151:146, pleasant dining.jpg)

The Squashed Mouth is a classy establishment, Taps is a great bartender and always serves up the best drinks. Some people might say it's crowded, some people might complain about the smell. But it's all part of the experience!

But seriously, something crawled into the tavern and died. I don't know what.

74bccd No.15170736

That one guy who got possessed went crazy and died of dehydration. RIP

74bccd No.15170745

File: c88efd48d0a6672⋯.png (1.17 KB, 657x25, 657:25, poor_scrotle.png)

I'm removing Scrotle as militia commander. It proved to be too much for her.

6e27f3 No.15170761


Aww… Make sure to give her a nice tomb for saving the fort in its early days.

74bccd No.15170798

File: 665a71c3deb95ed⋯.jpg (97.41 KB, 826x254, 413:127, 15_Sandstone_252.jpg)

Alright, I'm headed to bed. I'm gonna follow suit and post my save in case someone wants to hop in. If not, I'll be back later. I've basically played all day with my extra long turn, and with my current FPS it'll take until 6AM for me to finish the year.

Cutting it at 15th of Sandstone, 252

Download the save here: https://www.sendspace.com/file/1lchbk

700970 No.15170935

This seems like fun. If only I was good at this game

6e27f3 No.15170965


This is Dwarf Fortress. Even if your incompetence led to the forts destruction, the most important thing is that it makes a good story.

6e27f3 No.15171492


OP here, downloading the save and starting my second administrative tour.

6e27f3 No.15171838

File: df6d186e10ae326⋯.jpg (185.5 KB, 1899x982, 1899:982, impressive start.JPG)

File: 7e69236ebfd3238⋯.jpg (347.75 KB, 1157x658, 1157:658, Welcome Commander.JPG)

File: cb93f354ae53e21⋯.png (23.44 KB, 659x401, 659:401, Scrotle on a rampage.PNG)

File: 311984ebf4c3ddb⋯.png (13.68 KB, 1153x97, 1153:97, Arrtifact.PNG)

15th Sandstone, 252

My administrative leave was cut short as I got called back to the fortress in the swamp. Since my time founding the fortress, two separate overseers have fained from exhaustion and the mountainhomes urgently needed someone to take the reigns. I was worried of the kind of mess that would drive trained overseers to quit early, but was greeted by an almost textbook example of a well-planned fortress! The population has exploded to 125 dwarves whom all have modest but functional quarters, and the slow and impractical temporary forges have been replaced by a veritable industrial area of forges and smelters by the magma sea. The only obvious flaw I can spot is the now clearly undersized tavern, but this is fine because I was looking forward to getting back to the tavern business!

20th Sandstone, 252

The few days since my return have been full of reports about capybaras harassing workers outside. This seemed like a good time to check on the status of our militia, only to hear that Scrotle is no longer the captain! I found her praying in the temple of Atir, where she told me that the tremendous stresses placed on her had taken their toll. I never knew things were so bad, so I left her to her prayer. I'm sure the militia will be fine without her overseeing it. Wait, She was literally the only soldier in the whole fortress?!

Now THIS is the dwarf I've been looking for! After a day of looking for suitable militia captain, I came across Dastot Thangathavuz, a durable animal trainer with great intuition, good focus, good memory and a good feel of social relationships. Upon hearing of his new promotion, he headed straight to the armory and went to train outside like he'd been waiting his whole life for this. This guy needs a nickname!

28th Sandstone, 252

After years of dragging herself through the corridors, Scrotle finally snapped and lashed out. She threw her half-eaten plump helmet at the doctor, toppled a still and proceeded to crush the neck of a poor unfortunate hunting dog. She's gone out of control and poses a serious threat to everyone in the fortress, doesn't this fortress have a rehabilitation center yet?

13th Timber, 252

I just realized that almost everyone here is wearing tattered clothing, even the mason wearing a crown on his head. Luckily I ordered plenty of leather the last time I met with the liaison! There isn't as much of it in the stockpiles as I'd have expected, so I assume my predecessor loved leather as much as I did.

18th Timber, 252

My appreciation for the elegant design of this fortress has been rapidly waning each time I discover new problems with it. The managers orders to produce stone crafts were jamming every single craftsdwarf shop, including ones on the surface, and every single forge had been dedicated to the order of 50 giant axe blades when there's only one weaponsmith in the whole fortress. I have spent the last few days drafting unemployed idlers into militia, only to realize that the fortress hasn't produced a single new weapon since it's founding! We also have half a dozen hunters spending their days drinking in the tavern because there are no bolts to hunt with.

I will now start ordering idlers to smelt metal instead so our militia won't have to train with imaginary weapons.

22nd Timber, 252

My days of ordering useless layabouts to the forge pits was interrupted when our fresh militia captain got posessed. He took over a mechanics workshop, muttering Konkobeb an Vir over and over as he dragged in a rock of magnetite, iron bars, rose cut yellow zircons, rough jarper opals and a piece of cat leather. To say I'm curious what he's planning is an understatement.

I presume my predecessor has been selling crossbows to the caravans. It's the only reason I can think of for this fortress having two legendary bowyers but no crossbows.

2nd Moonstone, 252

The captain has finished his artifact mechanism. Pretty cool. I shall use it on a purely decorative trap in the middle of the hallway just so everyone can admire it.

74bccd No.15172240


I forgot to mention that I never broke through to the surface with the Hall of Death™. The surface still needs a downward staircase. Also, it will only work if you pull the lever for the front gate.

6e27f3 No.15172478

File: d73b7f32c492e17⋯.png (4.72 KB, 529x196, 529:196, First Soldier.PNG)

File: 90948fcea3bd524⋯.png (57.04 KB, 1139x659, 1139:659, Spring reveals.png)

File: 4395da63ff75650⋯.png (31.92 KB, 768x657, 256:219, Beast breach.PNG)

7th Moonstone, 252

The liaison from the mountainhomes visited, and a little shakily asked if I wanted leather or seeds this time. Of course I want leather! Apparently the last overseer had been pissed at the lack of seeds, so I decided to alter my order to "ALL THE LEATHER +one plump helmet spawn".

8th Moonstone, 252

Today is a big day. I have waited long enough for my militia to get it act together, so now I'm sending The Brass Axes out for some live training on the wild animals! Two of them arrived to the station, with one of them properly equipped. Nevermind that, let the trial by fire commence!

Later that evening we had to return home, our weapons unbloodied. Actually arming our hunters had the effect of eradicating all land-based animals from the swamp, and the giant birds in the trees are too far for the recruits to reach. Okay men, back to individual drills.

2nd Opal, 252

I just noticed that there's a dead human in the refuse pile. How did that get here?

Speaking of refuse piles, I just realized there's no pile for corpses anywhere near the butchers shop. This means all the animals killed by our hunters have most likely just been left to rot.

As winter froze all the water outside, I also noticed dwarves taking a shortcut by just walking over the now frozen moat. This is specifically why you don't fill a moat with water in a freezing biome.

I have also been absolutely bombarded by petitions for citizenship, that simply do not stop until every guest bedroom has been filled. And they GET filled, since the entertainers appear to move in even if you explicitly denied their request! How can I get mercenaries and monterhunters to my fortress when the entire tavern has been reserved by bards and poets?!

15th Opal, 252

Some good news for a chance! Our legendary bonecrafter Bones McSkellington has just given birth to a baby boy.

1st Obsidian, 252

YES! Finally a foreign soldier to add to our military! Turns out the bardstards do leave in time if you tell them to, it just takes a while. I'm building some extra rooms for the visitors so they won't all be constantly be filled with temporary visitors coming to entertain us.

Tosid KnifeEarthen followed soon behind, rising our number of not-completely-useless soldiers to two.

12th Obsidian, 252

As the river thawed, a most macabre surprise was waiting for us under the ice. The frozen corpse of macedwarf Stodil Fikodator laid there, along with the skeleton of a carp and a rat leather bound book called The World Of Economy. His exotic gear indicates he wasn't one of the citizens, and probably a friend of the human dancer currently splashing in the water around his corpse. It would be nice to get the valuable loot off of him, but I'm afraid his body has washed so far up the river that we cannot mine it free in the next winter.

21st Obsidian, 252

Our military SUCKS! Is there some way to keep them from having endless demonstrations to each other, when the best teacher of any disciple is a novice himself? I seriously think their skills would progress faster if they all just did individual drills instead. I'm also seriously considering opening up the caverns, because there's nothing alive aboveground and I don't think these dwarves will not start sparring either until they've gotten enough skills to consider themselves soldiers.

25th Obsidian, 252

Giant Boars! They're already being hunted by or horde of hunters, but I noticed them just in time to send The Brass Axes after them for some real practice! The militia is instead having their first tastes of battle, but they're complaining that killing pigs that don't even fight back isn't satisfying. Well it's not like there's a-


I had to wall up the corridor of death, but it was too late. Fifty dwarves had already rushed in, either to kill the beast or loot the dead. There are still a dozen dwarves trapped in with the beast, but I have a plan to let them out without dooming the rest of the fort to the same fate. The plan just requires a floor hatch, and SOME FUCKING BONEHEAD TO ACTUALLY INSTALL IT!

6e27f3 No.15172499

File: d049c9e9951dbbd⋯.png (22.53 KB, 522x653, 522:653, SUPER DUPER SNAFU.PNG)

File: cfdbc63bd04d41b⋯.png (52.36 KB, 616x633, 616:633, Death Log.PNG)

File: 16df7b1577d2fc5⋯.png (73.01 KB, 604x966, 302:483, Last log of the combat.PNG)

File: 47db2061cc5795e⋯.png (38.23 KB, 1380x776, 345:194, end of the year situation.png)

Oh god, this is torture! More lives are lost every SECOND you bearded retards don't install that one fucking floor hatch, and it's not a peaceful death either!

Oh for fucks sake, there's ANOTHER entry to the corridor of death! That's why the civilian deaths never seemed to end, because MORE CIVILIANS WERE RUNNING IN ALL THE TIME! We have gone from 126 dwarves to 36, and now we need at least three pieces of wall just to keep them from killing themselves!

28th Granite, 253

It's… dead. It's finally dead. I have no idea how it happened or who struck the final blow, but the beast is slain and the 37 dwarves of Dankchambers are safe. Did I say 37? Yes, because Bomrek gave birth to a baby girl during all the fighting.

My reign as the overseer went on longer than intended, but that was because I didn't want to just leave the fort to my successor with a possibly unsurvivable monster attack still ongoing. Now on the other hand, I am perfectly fine leaving him with the cleanup, burials and group therapy for the survivors. I'm off to the mountainhomes for some serious paperwork, and wish my successor good luck as the next overseer of Dankcavern!

Here's the link to the save. The framerate had really taken a drop with the massive population, so this unintentional purge is good news for those with slower computers: https://www.sendspace.com/file/5cd20h

6e27f3 No.15172543

File: 1e891038dd767f9⋯.jpg (102.31 KB, 640x480, 4:3, luonnos2ru2.jpg)


I forgot to mention that while trying to reduce the mass suicides by skinless coyote, I mass forbade everything inside the now very aptly named Corridor Of Death. To reclaim all the weapons, armor, clothes and corpses, you can set them all to be reclaimed with d-b-c and drawing a rectangle over the whole carnage.

74bccd No.15172731


What even happened? The FB was in the first cavern layer, how'd he get all the way up to the Hall of Death™?

6e27f3 No.15172778


I tried to mine a staircase from the beginning of the Hall of Death to the caverns in a way that I could send militia dwarves there to practice killing the cavern wildlife. However, while my orders were to dig down and mine out a little airlock room for them to pass through, the staircase breached the cavern in another spot above the intended one and that let the beast in.

You can see the staircase in the top right corner of the first picture in >>15172499 open, and walled shut in the last picture.

74bccd No.15172818


The Hall of Death™ has had its first taste of blood. It hungers for more.

You must feed it the blood of Faildguiles. Make more traps then lead it through the zigzagging path.

323a33 No.15172900

f210d2 No.15173424

File: b2c49551fe32687⋯.png (3.38 KB, 255x186, 85:62, slate 3.png)


I'll go ahead and take the next term as Overseer. Hopefully we can get this fortress back on track. We sure have a lot of nobles, and guests too. I guess none of them put themselves in harm's way.

c3c248 No.15173561


>Nobles and guests not being the first to die

What a world we live in where foreigner only taverns aren't used as ablative armor

323a33 No.15173586

This is fun. I wish I could get into dorf fort, but the ultra autism both draws me in and repels me at the same time. I mean, look at this shit (last pic):


That's a level of detail that borders on ridiculous. Do all of that do something or is it just flavor text?

f210d2 No.15173639

File: f7a1c8f796e21cf⋯.png (1.48 KB, 107x86, 107:86, Catten.png)

File: 5db53d0f9564ac9⋯.png (8.79 KB, 324x465, 108:155, cleanup.png)

File: 60f122956487d16⋯.png (3.42 KB, 453x132, 151:44, McHammer.png)

File: 86c0d9be5eefd84⋯.png (2.11 KB, 922x68, 461:34, Legan Alis.png)


4th Slate

Catten the Planter is trapped in the caverns. I'm going to try to get him out, since we need all the working dwarfs we can get right now.

11th Slate

Cleanup is starting on the Hall of Death, but between the low number of workers and the emotional toll, it's proceeding slowly. Doc Cock has begun throwing tantrums. I've suspended all smelting jobs until we get things stabilized in the upper levels.

19th Slate

Some migrants have arrived. They should be a big help to our traumatized population.

25th Slate

Doc Cock and Logem the Leatherworker have gone oblivious while on cleanup duty in the Hall of Death. At least they still have the presence of mind to walk out of there without falling.

1st Felsite

McHammer has begun his masterwork at one of the magma forges. Maybe it will help lift our spirits when he's done.

6th Felsite

McHammer has finished Legan Alis, the Mirth of Kissing.

23db14 No.15173642


Not much of that is flavor, even down to the affinity for certain items and the like. The memory stuff can even lead to wall carvings and artifacts depicting said memories.

f210d2 No.15173772

File: 86e74632bbed933⋯.png (3.16 KB, 253x122, 253:122, destroyed bridge.png)

File: 7b5d209502a082d⋯.png (925 B, 119x95, 119:95, Doc Cock.png)

File: a5698670107d8f9⋯.png (6.82 KB, 793x128, 793:128, Ettin.png)

File: ea21f831f5d3bd9⋯.png (3.63 KB, 250x242, 125:121, Ettin 2.png)

File: 5673c899244f41f⋯.png (2.49 KB, 154x142, 77:71, Ettin dead.png)


13th Felsite

The population is rising, but so are incidents of depression and tantrums. Doc Cock has destroyed the bridge leading out of the fortress, putting a temporary stop to corpse removal until we can get it back up, and dropping himself in the moat in the process. He did manage to get out, for all the good that does us.

3rd Hematite

An Ettin has come, and at the worst possible time. I had opened up a hole in our wall so workers could get in and out to rebuild the bridge. We managed to plug the hole while she was distracted by a band of humans who were loitering outside. Amazingly, one of our farmers who was caught outside managed to give the Ettin a savage beating before being killed, leaving her exhausted and unable to close the distance with a human crossbowman (who was firing from our moat for some reason).

74bccd No.15174089

File: bdad0ab4572674f⋯.mp4 (3.52 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, gondola_dixie.mp4)


So what's the headcount? Who all died? Anybody named? What's the crypt looking like?

Also, I noticed that during the summer over my turn there wasn't a human caravan, do we not have a human civ nearby? We sure do get a lot of human travelers.

f210d2 No.15174101

File: 819f530155733f7⋯.png (2.1 KB, 194x269, 194:269, catacomb.png)

File: 2b0777344d71b29⋯.png (1.65 KB, 257x105, 257:105, Solon's corpse and teeth.png)


20th Hematite

I've forbidden the corpses in the densely-packed part of the deathtrap, since attempts at recovery are ending in emotional shock and trauma.

Human traders arrived, and we traded for some of their alcohol and ammunition.

24th Malachite

Excavation of the catacomb has begun. Scrotle McHiggins and other fallen dwarves now have a proper resting place. We don't have nearly enough coffins for all the dead yet, but it's a start.

10th Limestone

A dwarf was killed in our dining room, possibly by another dwarf in a fit of anger. Tensions are high in the fortress. I've expanded the corpse stockpile on the surface and cleared out the corpse.

22nd Limestone

Traders from the Mountainhomes have brought more supplies, including lots of plump helmets.

f210d2 No.15174108


>Who all died? Anybody named?

Bones McSkellington, Leatherdaddy, Taps, Paddy, Gorebeard, Berry Punch, Puke Nukem, and McHammer have died, among many dwarves without nicknames.

f210d2 No.15174120

Gonna go eat dinner, I'll be back to finish the year and pass on the save file.

74bccd No.15174124

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

f210d2 No.15174661

File: 99eaf3e720bf94e⋯.png (2.41 KB, 122x146, 61:73, ghost.png)

File: 70c753293df65c4⋯.png (10.33 KB, 337x298, 337:298, human poets.png)

File: 1f9559a08c2f571⋯.png (3.24 KB, 1245x84, 415:28, artifact cup.png)

File: f61c1cd71818ba1⋯.png (2.05 KB, 604x124, 151:31, this terrifying place.png)


15th Sandstone

A ghost of one of the Forgotten Beast's victims is now hanging around the river, horrifying anyone who tries to fish there.

19th Sandstone

A huge crowd of human entertainers have gone outside to report a crime. I'm not sure what crime they're reporting, or who they're trying to report to.

28th Sandstone

Looks like our fortress has earned a reputation.

74bccd No.15174673


Crack into that gold vein near the magma sea. Trade a few gold crafts with the dwarf caravan and migrants will come in truckloads, horrible monsters or not.

f210d2 No.15174756

File: dc78153d21fa485⋯.png (7.11 KB, 271x273, 271:273, bridges.png)

File: aca0a3e941a2f15⋯.png (3.93 KB, 440x107, 440:107, vampire.png)


19th Timber

Someone destroyed the bridge again. I'm having a second entrance bridge built so next time this happens won't make the fortress inaccessible.

I've reactivated the metal industry. I'm sure the metalworkers will appreciate going back to a job that doesn't traumatize them. It was too late for one Furnace Operator, who went berserk after being harassed by a ghost.

18th Moonstone

A vampire is visiting the fortress. Should I be worried?

f210d2 No.15174952

File: 9c0cbaa9d63810e⋯.png (3.23 KB, 1241x78, 1241:78, artifact throne.png)

File: ec7084874870e2d⋯.png (6.5 KB, 448x557, 448:557, catacomb.png)

File: 818396c1bc9a481⋯.png (13.58 KB, 633x286, 633:286, year end status.png)


1st Granite

Spring has arrived, and my term has come to an end.

The catacomb is coming along nicely, although production of coffins is still slow.

Some humans and dwarves have been attacking other dwarves. I'm not sure if they're vampires or just disgruntled citizens.

The bridges around the surface wall are connected to the lever just outside the meeting hall.

Tantrums, depression, and obliviousness continue to be problems. Ghosts are running around terrorizing dwarves.

The military barely exists, apart from a single kill squad for dealing with trouble.

A lot of corpses have been removed from the Hall of Death, but many more remain. The winding pathway has been cleared.

Here's the save: https://www.sendspace.com/file/46qhr2

466f72 No.15176526


Is that reputation actually earned or do you just put this in?

c3c248 No.15176531

I'm putting a necromancer tower next to your fort and none of you can stop or figure out how I did it.

7f589e No.15176536

Nice to see Dankcavern is gettint back on its feet. Here's some more dwarf names to replenish the named cast:






6e27f3 No.15176561


Entirely earned. The reputation could go down even further, up to the point that "No one even considered making the journey to such a cursed death-trap this season".

74bccd No.15176659

I suppose there's a lot of lurkers who don't play dorfs.


It's not as complicated as the memes would have you believe.

a58d9c No.15176704


I haven't played in over three or four years so some of this stuff is still new to me, like taverns and things, but I'd be willing to try my hand at it tonight. I'm sure I can't do any worse than letting in a forgotten beast.

1c72dd No.15176739

File: 4486009a79434a9⋯.jpg (196.36 KB, 448x455, 64:65, laughing.jpg)

>dabbling kicker

My sides, they hurt.

1c72dd No.15176745


Too busy laughing to post correctly, meant in reference to >>15170410

6e27f3 No.15178016

Who's going to take the next turn? I'm going to sleep now, and want to see how things have proceeded by the time I wake up.

312158 No.15179823

Are stress levels still retarded as of 44.12?

6e27f3 No.15179918


No, they specifically are better than ever. Good furniture no longer overrides any and all other experiences, being drunk during the death of a loved one doesn't negate the sadness permanently, and with the new memory system dwarves can have permanent, life-altering experiences.

312158 No.15179945


Do all of my non-military dwarves still go insane when they go to clean up a couple of goblin corpses?

6e27f3 No.15180004


It must be a shocking experience, sure, but now they'll get used to it. Also, only the strongest experience of each type gets into long term memory, so your dwarves entire life story doesn't get overwritten by the deaths of eight goblins. Also, one of the bugfixes was that the sight of a corpse is no longer treated as sight of the death itself, so your dwarves don't walk out into the battlefield to witness the equivalent of an a-bomb hitting everything at once.

466f72 No.15180786

So, anyone gonna pick this up?

8caa6b No.15180950


What are you using to make it look like that?

74bccd No.15181323


No one seems interested to take over, so I'll just take a second turn. Downloading now.

680698 No.15181344

there is no way this can end well

74bccd No.15181494

File: 6a586f643d8c611⋯.png (52.73 KB, 1028x931, 1028:931, pg1.png)

File: c9d1dc9c00c1e70⋯.png (25.56 KB, 1030x452, 515:226, pg2.png)

File: 2c1801459367d9e⋯.png (565 B, 297x15, 99:5, the coffins must flow.png)

1st Granite, 254

After my initial observations, I must say:

That's a whole lot of dead dwarves.

First order of business will be getting all these corpses cleaned up and put into coffins and get them into the crypt. Maybe I can do something for all these traumatized people too. Maybe a waterfall can fit in somewhere.

Once I get this fort under control, get the miasma out, control all the tantrums, and get rid of all the ghosts, I'll be able to focus on making the fort even better than it was before this little…uhhh..clerical error.

74bccd No.15181601

File: 024c85347135d15⋯.png (7.79 KB, 223x243, 223:243, new_hospital.png)

File: cfcfa31c912e396⋯.png (119.19 KB, 1891x545, 1891:545, doc_cock_circa_254.png)

File: 455276fe92bff58⋯.png (4.02 KB, 289x209, 289:209, ex_CMD.png)

3rd Granite, 254

Our "hospital" is literally just a few beds strewn in the most heavily trafficked hallway in the fort. I'm gonna make an actual hospital. I don't know what this room was carved out for, but it's a hospital now.

4th Granite, 254

Doc Cock hasn't been feeling too well, and we've got a lot of injured still. We're gonna need a replacement Chief Medical Dwarf. I invited the beekeeper up to my office and congratulated her on passing the medical exam.

74bccd No.15181790

File: 0871e2b91b5b69b⋯.png (1.72 KB, 741x25, 741:25, migrant_wave.png)

File: 5b56c0a714490d2⋯.png (5.09 KB, 246x141, 82:47, welcome_to_dankchamber.png)

20th Granite, 254

Things aren't looking good, the people who aren't injured are traumatized. The people who aren't throwing tantrums are depressed and wandering around aimlessly, oblivious to reality. Hopefully today's migrant wave will at least give us some hands to clear out these corpses. They're starting to stink.

74bccd No.15181838

These migrants must be getting an eyeful when they walk in. They head into this swamp in the middle of nowhere, head up to some wooden shack out there, walk past the giant pile of rotting corpses, over the bloodstained bridge, past all the dead farm animals, and down the puke covered stairs into the fort which is thick with the stench of miasma.

74bccd No.15181895


I'd also like to add that the roof of the wooden shack was never repaired after it collapsed back in 250

74bccd No.15182173

File: 94116cdacb41487⋯.png (4.72 KB, 243x126, 27:14, fruity_freeloaders.png)

File: 35852324d23e06e⋯.png (1.94 KB, 562x32, 281:16, rampage.png)

4th Felsite, 254

Progress has been slow since there's very few people actually working. Most of everyone is just throwing tantrums, sobbing, or throwing up from the miasma. There's also the colony of beatniks in the tavern who spend their time drinking, telling poetry, snapping their fingers, and not having jobs.

Just got word that the herbalist just lost it and starting beating people up. We've gotta put the poor guy down.

74bccd No.15182377

File: 24aac866191c86c⋯.png (3.4 KB, 249x141, 83:47, all_day_every_day.png)

24th Felsite, 254

The giant pile of corpses is slowly shrinking as we continue to pump out coffins from our mason assembly line. The crypts are expanding, but at least with all the bodies in boxes people will stop getting horrified.

I think it's about time Dankchamber started to earn its name.

74bccd No.15182449

File: 8a7ded1569f7652⋯.png (65.45 KB, 747x925, 747:925, guards_this_woman_has_lost….png)

The new chief medical dwarf saw way too much in the hospital and cracked, going on a rampage. Gotta put her down. In definitely unrelated news, congratulations to the bookbinder for passing the medical exam!

74bccd No.15182541

3rd Hematite, 254

The seams are frayed, but we aren't coming apart. Some fisherdwarf stripped bare-ass naked and started running through the halls babbling. He also climbed onto the tables and mooned all the freeloading beatniks so he's good in my book.

74bccd No.15182555

Maybe some engravings will raise the people's spirits.

5d8362 No.15182562


>The new chief medical dwarf saw way too much in the hospital and cracked, going on a rampage.

At this rate doctor will become a more dangerous profession than soldier.

74bccd No.15182800

15th Hematite, 254

The humans dropped by, I traded for some leather, cloth, booze, seeds, and cheese. A lot of our clothes are old and tattered, so it's high time we got some clothes rolling out.

74bccd No.15182832

File: 29379b0ead253da⋯.png (30.52 KB, 578x607, 578:607, bloody_river.png)

Hmm…There's a whole lot of blood and skeletons in the river…Since all the dead bodies have already rotted into skeletons, it should be okay to fill a cistern with river water by now, right?

74bccd No.15182893

File: cc1d085d7dd1642⋯.png (5.17 KB, 410x201, 410:201, hello_there_beautiful.png)

21st Hematite, 254

Another wave of migrants decided to brave this hellhole. One of which is a legendary weaponsmith

74bccd No.15182913

File: 12ee15600f0f0bd⋯.png (1.96 KB, 1117x23, 1117:23, baroness_bartender.png)

The baroness consort of Manorbs has joined our fortress for some reason, I guess she's hiding from the baron? She's the Squashed Mouth's bartender. I just realized that our tavern is basically called Smash Mouth

74bccd No.15182956

In an astounding feat of triage, both of our chief medical dwarfs put Doc Cock on low priority and now as of the 27th of Hematite, 254 are finally diagnosing him after fixing up literally every single other dwarf. He's spent all this time on the operating table being ignored as he rolled around in agony while being kept on the barest minimum of life.

I'd like to emphasize that Doc Cock is literally the only dwarf in the entire fort with actual medical experience.

c3c248 No.15182965


I thought there was a less space consuming way to deal with mass graves? Have you tried dumping coffins into lava?

74bccd No.15183170

File: 965cce93f2d8aa2⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.45 KB, 668x29, 668:29, laugh.png)

File: 947ac8e42da237b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 84.52 KB, 1889x391, 1889:391, kid.png)

24th Malachite, 254

We've made good progress and are slowly recovering. We're back to 100 dwarves and the giant pile of corpses has shrunk to a small pile of corpses. The crypts are still growing, but we've almost buried everyone. All the injured have been treated and the hospital is empty. I think everything's going gre-

That doesn't sound good.

I've actually never seen this happen before.

74bccd No.15183225

File: e274d0456ba76c1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 11.64 KB, 721x161, 103:23, 3yr_old_vs_farmer.png)

Okay, so Puke Nukem's 3 year old son just claimed the butcher's workshop and is now attempting to beat up some random planter.

c3c248 No.15183229


Soy boys get fucked

74bccd No.15183250

File: fd5299e38f24e7c⋯.png (4.23 KB, 490x203, 70:29, planter.png)

File: 72a0de2981cd7aa⋯.png (190.02 KB, 1891x801, 1891:801, planter_is_losing_to_a_3_y….png)

This toddler is something else, he's beating the shit out of this guy. Some macedwarf showed up and tried to stop him, but he's just too quick. I don't know what set him off, but this 3 year old is a stone cold killer. He's beating this guy to death with his bare hands. He doesn't even have a scratch on him.

74bccd No.15183271

It seems like the macedwarf scared away the bloodthirsty kinder gardener

74bccd No.15183281

File: e9bf2b599ad97f7⋯.png (51.12 KB, 641x965, 641:965, the fires of war.png)


I was distracted by the kid and didn't notice that literally everyone has decided to kill everyone.

74bccd No.15183285

Oh my god, my framerate has screeched to a halt. People are killing everyone. Everyone has seen red. Dwarves are brawling in the streets, in their homes, in the tavern, in the workshops, in the fields, everywhere.

74bccd No.15183291

File: 0469c394827a40d⋯.png (33.1 KB, 767x694, 767:694, bloodbath.png)

Some people are trying to run, but there's just more bloodthirsty dwarves around the corner.

b24719 No.15183295





74bccd No.15183298


I don't know what's going on, but I can only assume a race war has been sparked

4ccf09 No.15183305



df9bc7 No.15183317


>Even the fucking animals are trying to kill everyone

There's not going to be a thing left alive at this rate.

74bccd No.15183318

I'm gonna draft up whoever I can and try to contain this.

b24719 No.15183333



74bccd No.15183334

File: b251010444126a0⋯.png (1.29 KB, 565x21, 565:21, cancels_rest_mortally_afra….png)

File: b823861393fef80⋯.png (233.07 KB, 620x634, 310:317, no_rest.png)


b24719 No.15183352



74bccd No.15183362

File: 14507eb3fbabf3f⋯.png (44.79 KB, 691x647, 691:647, bloody_streets.png)

Oh god, I don't even know where to begin. There's so much fighting, how do I even know who started it?

8513f5 No.15183366


I've got some Man orbs she can consort with

c01baa No.15183372


The most recent reports are at the bottom so check the first report, it could be that multiple tantrums happened at once because of so many dead

b24719 No.15183375



74bccd No.15183378

File: d3acfde44b83be2⋯.png (1.46 KB, 746x28, 373:14, raep.png)


Some human poet agrees with you.

74bccd No.15183388


There are two entire pages of fighting reports dedicated to the 2nd of Galena. I guess they scheduled the race war for the 2nd of Galena.

4ccf09 No.15183390

File: bdde603a1767f53⋯.jpg (358.9 KB, 2560x1837, 2560:1837, bdde603a1767f53ed16405dd42….jpg)


>That dining room

33771c No.15183392

Has anyone considered running DFterm? It allows you to SSH into a DF game basically, multiple people can watch and switch control around to sorta group play. I've tried it before and it works alright.


74bccd No.15183415

I dunno who started this, but I can only tell my military to attack non-members of the fort. So I'm just gonna kill everyone who isn't a member.


8b246e No.15183435

File: fa641a6b1d4e2bb⋯.png (7.97 KB, 300x250, 6:5, z2O2qcFOXD-2.png)


Boatmurdered 2.0? Boatmurdered 2.0. This better be good.

74bccd No.15183438

File: 7f17f22dd35ffd4⋯.png (1.24 KB, 475x32, 475:32, Gods_work.png)

File: e71b883bc3b0df0⋯.gif (22.83 KB, 310x760, 31:76, happening.gif)

b24719 No.15183458

File: bb71a8c194c7556⋯.jpg (17.36 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Garl.jpg)

File: 83ee5490524e49d⋯.gif (466.96 KB, 606x423, 202:141, Future you Chose.gif)


We didn't listen.

466f72 No.15183469

File: a5b3767452c3453⋯.jpg (34.42 KB, 388x443, 388:443, the violence has escelated.jpg)

What kinda ride is this fortress?

74bccd No.15183474

File: 3f2779fb4a5a457⋯.png (28.76 KB, 549x703, 549:703, terror.png)

File: 079fe3f876a67a2⋯.png (1.35 KB, 698x36, 349:18, unease.png)

The dog pens were hit the worst I think, an angry mob kicked in the doors and started killing the dogs while all the dogs started fighting for their lives. I had trained almost all the dogs as either war dogs or hunting dogs so they put up a serious fight. The upper workshop area is just blood soaked.

The blue exclamation marks mark a character who is struck with terror

b24719 No.15183483


Is this the origin to 28 days later?

74bccd No.15183488

File: f7388e22c5966b3⋯.png (17.6 KB, 745x278, 745:278, 2nd_day_of_race_war.png)

The doors to the tavern are clogged with corpses. The fighting has been going on for 2 days now, I'm not sure how many have died.

8b246e No.15183519


Also someone better be archiving this because I'm too fucking lazy.

74bccd No.15183544

File: 19bbf37de5af993⋯.png (2.72 KB, 219x199, 219:199, herald_of_doom.png)

I can't help but feel a bit suspicious. Puke Nukem's son lets out a fell and terrible laugh then the entire fort erupts into a race war? I can't help but notice the little shit is hiding in the incomplete cistern while the entire fort burns.

f210d2 No.15183573

I haven't laughed this hard in ages.

How is the eradication of the beatniks going?

74bccd No.15183576

File: e54c1bb1e9ef351⋯.png (53.33 KB, 677x868, 677:868, carnage.png)

Beatnik removed. But at what cost?

74bccd No.15183578

I don't understand, we were almost back at full strength. The cleanup was almost done. We could have started over….

74bccd No.15183586

File: e0b37a5e6036cee⋯.png (16.94 KB, 803x240, 803:240, dankchamber_circa_5th_gale….png)

I think we were at 101 pop on the 2nd of Galena.

74bccd No.15183592

File: 1152cdd118611d1⋯.png (52.77 KB, 1259x911, 1259:911, destruction.png)

Anyone who isn't murdering or getting murdered is praying to their god of choice.

5d8362 No.15183596


This devil child needs a nickname.


How many beatniks died?

74bccd No.15183602

File: 2b841d24b28418e⋯.png (4.42 KB, 630x100, 63:10, welcome_to_dankchamber_fuc….png)


Not enough, clearly.

74bccd No.15183614

File: 7c4733df84c7629⋯.png (5.08 KB, 296x221, 296:221, DOTR.png)

I need to make sure the people are properly equipped.

74bccd No.15183621

File: a4b44c77d1cede6⋯.png (2.55 KB, 747x34, 747:34, it_was_only_a_matter_of_ti….png)


4ccf09 No.15183624

File: a9e893285060e39⋯.jpg (46.92 KB, 479x370, 479:370, Hello darkness my old frie….jpg)


>The Stray Puppy (Tame) has been found dead

466f72 No.15183629

File: b2bbccd821399e5⋯.jpg (41.98 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Puts Beer down.jpg)


>Cancels Drink

b24719 No.15183641

File: 43d5cf23755652d⋯.jpg (57.57 KB, 442x522, 221:261, pe.jpg)


>when the murder session becomes so rowdy that mother nature needs to step in and slap your shit around

ara ara



ee77a2 No.15183646

File: d00b21e2321eebb⋯.gif (68.53 KB, 250x250, 1:1, laughingmaniacalblondeimp.gif)


>stray war grizzly bear

f210d2 No.15183649


I told them to pen that bear, but I don't think anyone wanted to try.

74bccd No.15183656

File: 217c9fde24333da⋯.png (42.72 KB, 739x641, 739:641, cowardly_devil_child.png)

The devil child Who still needs a name crawled out of his hole, he's still trying to beat people to death with his bare 3 year old hands. He's a bit of a coward though.

74bccd No.15183695

Now he's in the dog pens hiding in a pile of vomit.

74bccd No.15183710

File: e55d286c9d0c775⋯.png (5.37 KB, 436x157, 436:157, overview.png)

File: fd315a80b45fa09⋯.png (126.2 KB, 1895x635, 379:127, milita_commander.png)

File: ca92339e592be0c⋯.png (27.08 KB, 446x501, 446:501, kills.png)

File: 70757afcec1f32e⋯.png (1.31 KB, 479x20, 479:20, trauma.png)

Our militia commander is a badass.

312158 No.15183717

File: 72a927a47cf100a⋯.webm (350.06 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Thefunendshere.webm)



>Stress levels are fine anon, they're fixed and better than ever, don't worry about it

>3 seconds later




74bccd No.15183732

File: c489529a48f359c⋯.png (15.62 KB, 1893x115, 1893:115, bear.png)

I'm not sure how many people the bear killed but he's gotten a name for his rampage.

74bccd No.15183755

File: e790727aa404478⋯.png (56.62 KB, 735x729, 245:243, too_much_removal.png)


74bccd No.15183767

File: a89b09f53afd6c1⋯.png (56.93 KB, 818x776, 409:388, nervous_singing.png)

Some of the bards have gathered in the blood soaked tavern and are crouched in a corner playing music nervously.

b24719 No.15183777



74bccd No.15183784

File: 8dd7408f937c6f3⋯.png (2.48 KB, 1275x28, 1275:28, ethics.png)

Don't worry guys, the astronomer is gonna figure this all out.


74bccd No.15183788

The devil child has begun a strange construction

5d8362 No.15183795


>Identifying War Crimes

>looks through telescope

>yep it's war crimes

74bccd No.15183812

File: 8cd4e684474088e⋯.png (3.48 KB, 899x50, 899:50, murderous_devil_toddler.png)

Looks like the devil-child killed a farmer too. I didn't see him do it though.

5d8362 No.15183823


Might as well just call him Devilboy for now.

74bccd No.15183837

17th Galena, 254

The fighting is finally starting to die down, mostly because everyone is either dead or injured.

74bccd No.15183843

File: fb25cdde2291849⋯.png (4.19 KB, 1666x68, 49:2, dwarf_bone_amulet.png)

Devilboy made an amulet out of that farmer he murdered.

f210d2 No.15183861


>He claims it as an heirloom in the name of Urist

A fine choice.

74bccd No.15183868

Considering just digging deep into the adamantine and putting us all out of our misery. I don't think I can bring us back from this.

d20638 No.15183870

File: 1bcc7f46b6be195⋯.png (638.65 KB, 667x1000, 667:1000, The End.png)

Is the kid injured? Does it bleed? Can it be killed?

b24719 No.15183875

File: 95e8e187ecff276⋯.png (102.51 KB, 194x222, 97:111, yes.PNG)


Devilboy is really living up to his name. This is some Satanic shit he's getting up to.

5d8362 No.15183882


Can you make him the hammerer?


If all else falls send the most mentally stable dwarf off to another side of the map with a pick and some plump helmet spawn. Have him hole up alone until everything else blows over.

74bccd No.15183900

File: be1e0056b0123c0⋯.png (40.12 KB, 1115x675, 223:135, masterwork.png)

I made some art next to the epicenter of the race war

74bccd No.15183911

File: 255d178f7c2277d⋯.png (9.92 KB, 305x224, 305:224, smells_like_victory.png)

The miasma has begun.

f210d2 No.15183914


Sadly, it will not make the bards leave.

74bccd No.15183917

File: 4c65825f13f94de⋯.png (2.57 KB, 1062x51, 354:17, killstick.png)

The badass militia commander killed so many people with her steel sword that she named it.

74bccd No.15183920

File: 6b778ab6b31cab3⋯.png (137.92 KB, 1885x495, 377:99, sociopathy.png)

File: 8f26da42af28b6e⋯.png (40.81 KB, 445x739, 445:739, 71.png)


Holy shit

ee77a2 No.15183936

How many dead?

74bccd No.15183954


At least 29 of our dwarves are dead, in addition to that, dozens of dogs, chickens, bards, poets, and elves died too.

74bccd No.15183960


Half of the fortress is injured, there's basically nothing I can do now. There's no one left to give orders to, everyone's just rolling on the blood soaked ground in agony.

ee77a2 No.15183991

File: f147ed06434dc1c⋯.png (534.51 KB, 934x521, 934:521, Camlann_aftermath_war.png)

74bccd No.15184072

File: 2614bfc93012e69⋯.png (2.05 KB, 409x69, 409:69, abandon.png)

File: 4eb937b943f6013⋯.png (736 B, 357x26, 357:26, abandoned.png)

26th Galena, 254

It's been 3 weeks since the race war began, the streets of Dankchamber are slick with blood, and the air is thick with the stench of death and rot. Flies buzz through the tunnels as agonized moans echo. Dankchamber was once a place of riches and opportunity, not anymore. The tavern that once was filled with the smell of ale and the sound of music is now filled with piles of corpses, gore, and vomit and the sound of agony.

On this day, I am leaving Dankchamber. It is no longer the fortress it once was. It's a pale imitation of its former glory. It will never be the same. This is a warning to the mountainhomes: Dankchamber is no more. All you will find here is death.

Sorry anons, I just couldn't do it.

Posting a link to the save file, It has two worlds in it, one before I abandoned if someone wants to poke around in the ruins, and one after I abandoned if we wanna make a new thread later and reclaim.

Link to save file -> https://www.sendspace.com/file/g18rlm

559c4d No.15185222

File: a78c7c5c9b8bfc9⋯.jpg (29.24 KB, 400x386, 200:193, 1453739639001.jpg)

A werewarthhog attacked my fort, was met by a hastily conscripted militia after killing two civilians, and was killed without further losses. Those who survived with injuries were made comfortable but quarantined in a quickly constructed """"hospital"""" dug out from the lignite mines and sealed in stone. Soon after, a human caravan arrived and some low quality iron weapons were given for some animals and food (the dwarves finding that black bears apparently aren't suited for war animals). As soon as this was concluded, the newly promoted Militia Commander (his predecessor being locked in a lignite mine) promptly turned into a warthog and ate one of the caravan guards before being killed by the others and, I imagine, getting the boots of the late to the party rest of the militia very dirty. All told, 7 or 8 souls died from this, uncertainty being caused by potential falsely quarantined militia eaten by their former comrades, the voice of one still snorting in the dark halls of the empty mineshafts. A former fisherman now armorer is rapidly advances in skill as the next iteration of the Militia Standard Uniform (Frontline) is rolled out to prevent this from repeating by offering head to toe coats of the finest iron. The hunt for flux stone continues as plans to delve ever deeper in hopes of marble continue.

0688ba No.15185709

where is the shortstack porn

3e8763 No.15185777


>His teeth is gone.

c3c248 No.15185919

Is there a bundle download with all the shit I'd need to play dwarf fortress including the game and dwarf therapist and stuff?

357d5b No.15185997

74bccd No.15186170

File: 41b56bb6cd2f37d⋯.png (31.04 KB, 424x511, 424:511, hanging on.png)

Woke up this morning burning with a desire to see my turn to the end, so I loaded the fort back up. Yep, it's still in turmoil.

We're gonna need a bigger hospital.

74bccd No.15186174

Maybe some migrants can save us.

c3c248 No.15186188

Was it cooking or brewing that doesn't create seeds for plump helmets?

74bccd No.15186193


Cooking. Brewing leaves behind a spawn, you should also make sure that your seeds aren't set to be cooked.

74bccd No.15186199

I figured that with this disaster we'd need a water source next to the hospital immediately, so I skipped the smoothing process for the cistern and just filled it.

74bccd No.15186212

File: f03eae872973b6d⋯.png (33.28 KB, 511x522, 511:522, just what we needed.png)


I knew this shit would happen, the river's too high, the cistern is under pressure and will flood the fort. Good thing I installed that floodgate earlier.

74bccd No.15186222

File: 639c949c60cca22⋯.png (705 B, 523x45, 523:45, do it now.png)

One of you idiots run through that miasma and pull dat fukin lever

74bccd No.15186248

File: 32b89ec89e8db5f⋯.png (2.45 KB, 165x95, 33:19, rapidly_flooding.png)



74bccd No.15186271

File: d53568be62bd5a7⋯.png (738 B, 96x72, 4:3, effective_floodgate.png)

Okay, phew. Disaster averted. It looks like the excess water is just running down the staircase into the lower levels.

a58d9c No.15186272


Look on the bright side. Maybe the mist falling down the stair case will make a few dwarves happy before they drown.

74bccd No.15186279

Future overlords should be careful. One lever opens and closes the front door. The other floods the entire fort. Don't mix them up. :^)

74bccd No.15186380

I have to make another CMD since the last one is injured in the hospital. Maybe the new CMD will treat the doctors first? Wouldn't that be nice?

74bccd No.15186416

Gonna try to make use of some of these corpses by giving the butcher some work. I'll try to use the tallow for soap.

74bccd No.15186439

File: 46b9a5c3c0772e3⋯.png (667 B, 355x12, 355:12, dwarf merchants.png)

>Merchants drive up

>Blood, puke, and corpses everywhere

>Can smell the fort from a mile away

>Sound of flies and the moans of the injured are deafening

>They probably are still bringing 7 truckloads of leather


74bccd No.15186468

File: a4a9f93722bd593⋯.png (1.46 KB, 524x42, 262:21, RIP.png)

I found that badass grizzly bear's rotten, mangled corpse lying around outside. Not sure what did him in.


74bccd No.15186478

File: b57d0998b9b9203⋯.png (2.48 KB, 663x56, 663:56, not_dead_yet.png)

Devilboy is upset that his blood ritual hasn't summoned Armok himself to kill us all.

We're hanging on by a thread, but we're still here.

74bccd No.15186692

File: ec7ceef4b0b4b1e⋯.png (8.34 KB, 348x281, 348:281, corpse on the roof.png)

Some guy managed to die a horrible death on the roof.

74bccd No.15186754

File: 5d399f7d94f8691⋯.png (15.4 KB, 737x289, 737:289, playing with a rotting cor….png)

Now some kid is playing with his rotting body.

f210d2 No.15186771


>Future overlords


74bccd No.15186807


If we could get a sizable migrant wave I think I can save this. Assuming another race war doesn't break out.

74bccd No.15186828

File: 67728ccb3241f73⋯.jpg (47.53 KB, 801x653, 801:653, now_we're_thinking.jpg)


The corpses are already starting to rot away completely, leaving behind only skeletons that don't stink. See? If you ignore the problem long enough it will go away.

6e27f3 No.15186876

File: 30304ff9e3c7c9d⋯.png (88.42 KB, 800x540, 40:27, dwarvenjustice.png)

This is like straight from some dwarven Book of Revelations. Speaking of books, did the macedwarf in >>15183755 beat a bard to death with a book?

What does the desription of the Devilchilds amulet say?

74bccd No.15186925

File: 0c324a55032489c⋯.png (4.33 KB, 1265x59, 1265:59, the_incense_of_torment.png)


It's called "The Incense of Torment" and it has a picture of a tome engraved in Dwarf Bone

c3c248 No.15186931

File: f5fe90e37fd10da⋯.png (32.42 KB, 295x351, 295:351, 19b2acb0292ec26a885ccd215d….png)

74bccd No.15186943

10 Migrants showed up, I was hoping for more, but they'll have to do. At least I got a mason and a carpenter out of them.

74bccd No.15187026

File: f9f65569b184baf⋯.png (3.83 KB, 1653x53, 1653:53, werekangaroo.png)


74bccd No.15187030


74bccd No.15187040

File: ce15d3fd63a4959⋯.png (5.32 KB, 225x153, 25:17, rapidly_approaching.png)

Oh God, he's getting closer. Somebody pull the lever! Close the doors!

74bccd No.15187093

File: c58059c44b3570a⋯.png (3.65 KB, 228x124, 57:31, underwater kangaroo.png)


There was a bunch of people who were trapped in the pond nearby, the werekangaroo dove straight into the pond to murder them all. I wonder if he'll be able to get back out? Either way it buys us some time to pull the lever. But, if he can't get out, then everyone he turns will be trapped in the pond until it freezes in the winter, and boom. Problem solved.

74bccd No.15187618

File: d8119ba5d16448c⋯.png (90.25 KB, 740x1308, 185:327, berserk.png)

File: ef827d05f77079c⋯.png (180.6 KB, 600x333, 200:111, strangle.png)

Quite a few people going insane and berserk lately. The mason had to go full on EoE on a berserk crossbowman.

74bccd No.15187674

File: e5c0edd45267a6d⋯.png (5.02 KB, 1905x57, 635:19, cringe.png)

I commissioned some engravings in the library, the engravers drew a picture of the goddess of art cringing at our scribe's lack of skill and artistic vision for all time.

74bccd No.15187751

File: 3da25ba64800196⋯.png (7.86 KB, 270x169, 270:169, screwed.png)

Alright guys, I tried, I really did. But now we're really screwed. One of the werekangaroos managed to climb out of the pond I guess. He got into the tavern and changed.

We're fucked. This will result in a large scale infestation. I can't even lock the doors to the tavern since they're clogged open with corpses.

74bccd No.15187764

File: cc6693f0b710e84⋯.png (4.49 KB, 244x232, 61:58, inviting the circus.png)

Only one thing left to do now. Let's invite the circus.

74bccd No.15187804

File: 760f7acb5b14b9c⋯.png (3.7 KB, 1647x51, 549:17, ITSTIME.png)

File: f7939d15b7972fb⋯.jpg (52.85 KB, 625x550, 25:22, itstime.jpg)


74bccd No.15187807

File: d2d4424120d52ef⋯.png (1.5 KB, 508x47, 508:47, it begins.png)

466f72 No.15187811

So since this try is evidently over for good, what about that Dfterm2 thing?

74bccd No.15187815

File: d3f71977fe79eae⋯.png (38.19 KB, 1045x891, 95:81, demons.png)


74bccd No.15187825


Sounds interesting, we should run another fort with that

559c4d No.15187833


What are the preparations for this?

74bccd No.15187845


Most of everyone is a werekangaroo

559c4d No.15187856


Turn the demons into werekangaroos, problem solved.

74bccd No.15187857

File: 56c80b2f30f5534⋯.png (28.51 KB, 568x402, 284:201, all burn.png)

Now everything is on fire and the air is thick with the stench of blood, puke, rot, and smoke.

74bccd No.15187867

File: 2fcb451fc8685c3⋯.png (30.79 KB, 526x369, 526:369, tumbling down.png)

The demons are burning the surface, our wooden shack is burning to the ground.

c3c248 No.15187875


Any idea how to set up a dfterm2 thing?

74bccd No.15187877

File: 1a5869470a11ea7⋯.png (17.52 KB, 772x316, 193:79, burning hunter.png)

One of our hunters is on fire, and isn't even pausing between shots at the demons.

817f24 No.15187891


Could you name a dorf "Goob" for me?

817f24 No.15187899


In the next fort, that is.

74bccd No.15187900

File: d2832954f57c99a⋯.png (2.82 KB, 140x117, 140:117, goob.png)


Goob is hiding in the rental rooms at the tavern, hoping none of the demons find him.

74bccd No.15187902

File: 0bf98d4beb395b9⋯.png (3.57 KB, 184x138, 4:3, walking towards death.png)


c3c248 No.15187907

File: a6c996152e5706b⋯.jpg (91.55 KB, 278x614, 139:307, 36972ff5e4.jpg)

74bccd No.15187912

File: 59e83468e282d06⋯.png (732 B, 63x51, 21:17, walked right into the demo….png)

File: f77652aea3a19a8⋯.png (8.01 KB, 719x136, 719:136, death of goob.png)


74bccd No.15187924

File: b29e88db226be79⋯.png (95.5 KB, 907x669, 907:669, burnination.png)

The fires have engulfed the countryside.

74bccd No.15187943

File: 2fdde9c9e16d18a⋯.png (168.78 KB, 1209x869, 1209:869, wastes.png)

>The area around Dankchamber is a charred wasteland

4167a4 No.15187992

why did you ruin your house

ee77a2 No.15188049

File: ef0b23519080db3⋯.png (284.89 KB, 401x399, 401:399, Kimberly fired.png)

Please, whomever goes next, try to reclaim Dankchambers from the demons, werekangaroos, and beatniks.

74bccd No.15188061

File: 387b42408031759⋯.png (15.94 KB, 684x273, 228:91, they never learn.png)

>The bards just keep coming to get slaughtered in droves

74bccd No.15188127

File: fee85c584c692a4⋯.png (97.08 KB, 883x625, 883:625, dead_land.png)

File: 8fa9e5e48d493ec⋯.png (790 B, 413x26, 413:26, the_end.png)

The land around Dankchamber are charred and dead, Dankchamber itself is filled with rotting/burning corpses and demons, but eventually the last dwarf was killed horribly. His last moments were agonizing, as not only was he annihilated by a giant demon centipede, but he was also being tormented by every angry spirit in the entire fort.

74bccd No.15188131

Devilboy's prophecy is complete. Dankchamber is no more.

5d8362 No.15188248


Are you going to post the save?

817f24 No.15188250


Thx bud

74bccd No.15188254


Sorry about that, it's right here.


5d8362 No.15188298


Thanks. If we reclaim the demons will still be there, so it might be better to just start a new fort.

6e27f3 No.15189883

File: 1af852c06acc280⋯.jpg (315.15 KB, 992x1403, 992:1403, YcOTp0P.jpg)

How do you get a thread archived? This ride was definitely something worth preserving.

0d503e No.15190148



6e27f3 No.15191087


The url doesn't work.

f2ffe3 No.15191281

Any good dwarf fortress videos?

559c4d No.15191299


I remember watching captain duck when I was first learning DF all those years ago

a58d9c No.15191333

Nicovideo embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c3771c No.15191367

File: 58e0bffb604ee32⋯.png (1.35 KB, 128x128, 1:1, dorf.png)

I'm pontificating if I should post a song with some dorfy themes, but then suffer the lynching because it's made by the Yogsfags

3a18ae No.15191839


Just don't, and that's not how you use "pontificate"

c3771c No.15191935

you're right, I was probably thinking of ponder and something else

6e27f3 No.15192265


Again, where can I find this thread archived?

b7e334 No.15192674


>he doesn't remember 4chanarchive


f2ffe3 No.15193147

How are the new features for dwarf fortress? Are they any good?

74bccd No.15193450

When you're trading, try holding shift instead of pressing enter on everything you want to trade. Shift+Enter will mark everything, but just holding shift and moving with the arrow keys will automark anything that's selected. By holding shift you can mark several items all in a line.

312158 No.15193476

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Kruggsmash has good shit, lots of narration and drawings which helps a lot if you get burned out.


I say next fort gets founded nearby with the sole purpose of raising an army to go reclaim Dankchamber from the demonic menace

559c4d No.15193487

Do use prospect to find veins or exploratory mining?

9a1f53 No.15193516


In the mountains to the north, maybe? Someone needs to create the new thread.

9a1f53 No.15193586



T-thanks, infobot fag.

9a1f53 No.15194003

I think it would be a good idea to have a drawfag make this story into drawings. At least the most important moments.

4fd309 No.15195604

File: 6e0f9b622e22d8a⋯.png (3.66 KB, 312x321, 104:107, asshat feels.png)

Goddamn don't make me want to waste my time on this again, it's my last year of neetdom before I seppuku because anything is better than wageslaving for the zionist shadow government of my country.

b44000 No.15195607


How are you going to ascend to gensokyo, bro?

f2ffe3 No.15195952

Is there a easier way to deal with job designations for new dwarves? It's my first year and my very first migrant wave was 30 dwarves.

74bccd No.15196070


Dwarf Therapist

a35fe4 No.15197122

When are you faggots going to make the next thread

entertain me, you silly dwarves

559c4d No.15197979

Give me some world settings and embark parameters for a moderate challenge. I'm abandoning my current fort as I just realized it has no goblin civs nearby. They own an australia type island and nothing else.

52b124 No.15198064


Make a featherwood salt swamp.

0a5261 No.15198142


I had fun in a glacier neighboring a necromancer in which I built a people's army.

0545cb No.15198258

So is there a succession game or not?

I haven't played in a while but I can fix or improve much in a year.

74bccd No.15198277


No game right now, the last one blew up in a great fiery ball.

0545cb No.15198310


You should demand screenshots from those who claim to be competent in DF.

This way we don't have fuck ups.

559c4d No.15198358


How? I've never been able to get through aquifers btw, I just disable them. Maybe that should factor in.

Also, I do not make gates anymore since they're impossible to breach. I make heavily fortified entrances, but no drawbridge.


559c4d No.15198363


Forgot to finish my post.


How do you deal with undead? I don't ever embark on evil biomes because undead seem invincible. I also really like using livestock for food, and having undead pig hair sort of kills that.

0545cb No.15198399


Undead double the stats of any unit but prevent anygrowth.

So if you have a soldier die you're fucked because if he is a vet or master you will be dealing with legendary+1 by default

Along with the lack of vital organs

Ages ago in 3.14 undead wouldn't die to even fire, so magma is your friend.

Allocate spots over magma pits as places to dispense fur muscle or bone.

559c4d No.15198420


>As long as the remains of a creature contain a body part capable of grasping, be it a hand or head or the entire upper half, those remains can be animated

Well that sounds perfectly manageable. Was animated monkey toes completely removed?

Will anything reanimate from a butcher task?

0545cb No.15198446


>monkey toes

If only we were so lucky its also fure and sinew.

Which have attacks which can "push" through armor to directly mortally wound dwerves

>Yak wool attacks Uric pushing his kidney and heart

<Urick furbait is found dead.

0a5261 No.15198477


I haven't actually played in a while but as far as I remember the undead aren't that hard to fight, it's just that your dwarves will get tired before them and getting tired is how they die.

it wasn't an evil embark, but the way you defeat large undead armies is by slicing and dicing them so their individual body parts are harmless and eventually they can't be chopped more and die or you crush them with blunt weapons.

That's when talking fortress mode in which you can't pick body parts to attack anyway, on adventure you do an instant kill attack to the lower/upper torso or the head. Not the neck. Stuff like bisections or crushing the body part.

559c4d No.15198487


Ah, so it's still effectively broken. I'll try an aquifer world with goblins. If there are multiple goblin civs will ambushes and sieges happen more often?

0545cb No.15198507


I don't know if undead is technically broken, I've played since 3.14 and had 100% resurrect sites secued due to lava.

What made undead so deadly was that they're were immune to tempt

But now that isn't an issue.

559c4d No.15199523

Well I figured out how to do plugs. Not sure how I fucked that up prior, but it should be fun in the future since I can now use aquifers.

b28d45 No.15199598

File: 648bdb87d991ce9⋯.png (8.28 KB, 711x62, 711:62, good.png)

>Make a fortress dedicated to the worship of all the gods, complete with statues of that god.

>As it turns out, having a dead body on the stairwell to the temples puts dwarves into a sour mood.

>Tantrums start to happen.

>One of my woodcutters decides to topple a statue in one of the many, many monasteries around the fortress.

>Urist McFistfuck has been cursed by Udim Nightcalled!

>It continues. Decide to keep it going and stop all production of actual food and instead make statues to place in huge monasteries.

>Half of my fortress is now upset vampires.


>Retire that fort, open another fort which was dedicated to taverns.

>It turns out immigration doesn't take into account whether or not a dwarf is currently an evil cloud husk.

>It's a master speardwarf Inexorable Ash Husk. Fath Stockadewhispered the Bronze Reigns of Pulling. He proceeds to murder all 50 dwarves in the tavern at the time, infecting them briefly before ripping them apart in their undead state.

>It charges through my fortress, killing everything and everyone as the fortress millitary decided to take a trip to the nearest elven retreat for a vacation. Not like they'd help much.

>Eventually finds the one monastery the fortress has and murders the drunk praying to the god of Labor. Fortunately, the place has doors.

>Lock the doors behind the murder-machine. We're down to one peasant.

>Who elects himself mayor

>And then sits and socializes in the tavern

>By himself

Really good.

f2ffe3 No.15199626


This is when adventure mode needs to be utilized to fix these mistakes before making a new embark.

0545cb No.15199651


Since you brought up vampires I'll share a story my brother had with his game

>Bro has 100+ fort

>Things going good, suddenly drained of all blood appears

>He asks me whats going on, tell him about vamps and how to find them

>Finds vamp that has relationships that are a page long

>Blocks him off from fort

>Goes insane from lack of blood


>Can't die from starvation

>Hangs out in dining room

>Gets elected mayor

>Entire fort is sailing on cloud nine because they've talked to their charismatic insane vampire mayor recently

f2ffe3 No.15199690


>Blocks off from fort

>He's in the dining room


0545cb No.15199729


After he went insane there was no reason to block him off from anyone as melancholy prevents vampiric feeding and natural feeding.

1e8f25 No.15200640

File: c880b662779b1bb⋯.png (5.46 KB, 256x256, 1:1, MRC_square_16x16 - edited.png)

af88c7 No.15200675

File: c5fc0dbf72b34b7⋯.jpg (34.99 KB, 960x531, 320:177, naziallout.jpg)

Let's start a new game+ in an interesting embark…?

4b0a05 No.15200680


Interesting, I did not know that. Of course vampires becoming insane from lack of blood sounds like a new mechanic since the last time I played. Used to be that you'd just lock him in a room and make him your bookkeeper for all eternity, because the bookkeeper job doesn't (or didn't) require actual access to the stockpiles to work.

af88c7 No.15200698


I think that were-dwarfs avoid going insane when being walled off in an area with no food or water because their were-transformation erases all mentals and hunger, btw

74bccd No.15201219

We should try an evil biome next

f2ffe3 No.15201474

So how are the new features like taverns and counter invasions and shit?

b28d45 No.15201509



>Setting up a tavern attracts performers, soldiers, and beurocrats looking for a good time.

>Dwaves need alcohol to survive as a functioning society.

>Humans, goblins, gorlaks, and elves however don't tend to drink it all too often.

>Dwarves are the barkeepers. Dwarves that somehow serve other dwarves enough wine to knock them unconscious.

>In comes a human lord consort.

As for counter-invasions

>Dispatch group to dismantle an elven retreat.

>A group of 10 dwarves slaughters a population of 300 before returning with a scroll about that elven retreat's fall to the dwarves.

>Written by an elf.

f2ffe3 No.15201620


What's the purpose of counter invasions

b28d45 No.15201697


To dismantle and destroy enemy civilizations, rescue civillians, retrieve artifacts, that sort of thing.

f2ffe3 No.15202142

What's the best generic loadout I can give my military to deal with forgotten beast spam?

f2ffe3 No.15204763

File: 91eeef1864a348a⋯.jpg (46.93 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 91eeef1864a348a74a49a8c513….jpg)

0a5261 No.15205037


Double shields.

f2ffe3 No.15210917

Does raiding level up the combat skills of dwarves?

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