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File: f868b0d25f3f372⋯.jpg (1.48 MB, 1290x1821, 430:607, __medusa_shingeki_no_baham….jpg)

416757  No.16434426



May Event Schedule

4/30 - 5/9: Primal Resonance

5/10 - 5/17: Xeno Cocytus & Xeno Vohu Manah (rerun, new Xeno Cocytus harp)

5/19 - 5/26: Unite and Fight (Earth favored)

5/27 - 6/4: New Story event

6/4 - ???: Proving Grounds (Earth favored)


1.Infinity - 692908

2.Kihou - 740471

3.Sky Lords - 733000

4.Raven Nest (Dead) - 1024216

5.Heaven&Hel - 933194

Guides and info


>How do I even play this shit?

You can play it from your browser by going to http://game.granbluefantasy.jp/

>I'm not going to use google botnet to play this.

You can use chrome alternatives, such as Slimjet or Iridium. If you don't like doing that, use an agent spoofer for the browser you do use to spoof chrome.





416757  No.16434431

Unfortunately I didn't roll her with my free 10 draws yet

2ee3e6  No.16434440


anon today's was the last one

416757  No.16434447


10 draws doesn't end until the 6th and the next gacha banner hopefully is going to be "event character" rate up.

63d2ea  No.16434448


I rolled two of her.

c54e9a  No.16434455

File: a87b24e20318572⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1777x1174, 1777:1174, Spark.png)

File: c99fe16112fd35e⋯.png (48.34 KB, 194x149, 194:149, ClipboardImage.png)

5th spark done and 3rd this year so far.

21 SSRs. 7% draw rate but barely any characters to play with. Siero ticket soon.

d9a05d  No.16434467

File: 24c0a5db5d83bdf⋯.png (1.25 MB, 634x923, 634:923, niyon.png)

free rolls gave me shit but one ssr, at least i dont have to put up with the bullshit of rolls with eternal grinding.

228e13  No.16434473


>200 silver moons

Buy a damascus already.

c54e9a  No.16434486

File: 9519810d1fd8f40⋯.png (699.75 KB, 495x776, 495:776, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 21144d7ea38e655⋯.png (602.67 KB, 513x598, 513:598, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f28e181d8b6a93e⋯.png (422.2 KB, 510x621, 170:207, ClipboardImage.png)

Next RotB when? I'm out of animas yet so close.


I have 13 dama bars and haven't bought any from the normal shop yet. Maybe one day I'll become a primal whale, but I'm fine with magna for now.

2ee3e6  No.16434497

File: 33740319622c1b5⋯.png (2.36 MB, 962x1549, 962:1549, granblue_sarasa bikini in ….png)

farming with sword master+three is exactly as comfy as i expected it to be

i love my cute cow

c54e9a  No.16434507


now get lunalu to copy her ground zero

2ee3e6  No.16434518


are there any 3-stage fights that you want to do that with?

2ee3e6  No.16434521

or i guess a 1 or 2 stage things that have a lot more health

c54e9a  No.16434522


extreme arcarum

63d2ea  No.16434543


Ex Arcarum is easy enough to do with Zoi, Chrysaor, and other nukes that hit with weak element. Element weak nukes ignore the damage reduction.

2ee3e6  No.16434560

File: bc92a53a5c1384a⋯.jpg (152.17 KB, 850x1068, 425:534, _sarasa_granblue_fantasy_d….jpg)

i did 2 levels in an hour whereas before it took me most of an hour to get 1 and that was at lower levels too

cute cow

best cow

c54e9a  No.16434586

File: a55696f9bf7bf31⋯.png (554.96 KB, 513x618, 171:206, ClipboardImage.png)

>when you uncap a postcard

bf8e9e  No.16434786


If I copy GZ with lunalu, can I then copy it again with Caim?

871d6a  No.16434815

File: 1177542e8d04ec2⋯.jpg (125.46 KB, 1000x866, 500:433, 17b9c2c7987712a5e61aa64b6e….jpg)


>Maybe one day I'll become a primal whale

If you must play this sort of game I implore that you maintain self-control enough to not fall into that rabbit hole. Paying to win isn't winning.

228e13  No.16434833

File: 47669e79a8741a2⋯.png (401.21 KB, 427x587, 427:587, Worthless.png)

Not even as strong as light before it's seraphic, garbage element.

c54e9a  No.16435210

File: deddff8e4eaece7⋯.png (1.14 MB, 850x940, 85:94, ClipboardImage.png)


is it paying to win if I've already drawn some grand weapons from all my sparks?

eb53bd  No.16435217

File: a43c7d4f23bf3b8⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1037x890, 1037:890, niggerfaggots.PNG)

Taking suggestions on who to suptix.

d6452d  No.16435226

File: 0f11545c5f72819⋯.jpg (999.38 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190504-043529….jpg)

A suptix well spent.

eb53bd  No.16435245

File: 953237c96b6a696⋯.png (544.19 KB, 1028x427, 1028:427, niggerfaggots.PNG)


for easier viewing

5ad146  No.16435254


Yurius, Grea or Light Charlotta. I'd go for Yurius.

62ffc8  No.16435263


I hate to admit it but I'm kinda considering getting a Gay Sail as well. There are 3 or 4 characters I wouldn't mind getting (though one is an SR) and I could use some of the ticketable summons.

My biggest problem with getting a Gay Sail is that, even when soloing, I'm at 80-100% HP at almost all stages of a raid. I think Luci Hard is the only exception to that. I can see the value in the weapon however. End-game Zeph grids usually have 2 Grim spears and a Stamina Opus so counter-balancing that with Enmity seems like a pretty good idea.

871d6a  No.16435270

File: e1d51f3aefa6668⋯.png (342.17 KB, 994x1046, 497:523, granlewd.png)


It's supporting very scummy business practices when, for example, roguelikes, or really any RPG or game with random drops, already do this sort of thing without feeling the need to gouge the user. But I won't drag this out any further and am guilty of enjoying some mobile game girls. Draph too cute.

e73b20  No.16435792

File: 63ea777c72746c2⋯.png (344.7 KB, 701x863, 701:863, D5ZWhKMUYAAxzSa.png)



>near 300

Buy Gisla.

Hey, what free shit do the people making gameplay videos on jewtube use to record and block the black space with border pictures?

2ee3e6  No.16435796

File: a9b4b4f9d1d1915⋯.png (114.79 KB, 461x193, 461:193, ClipboardImage.png)

reminder to get your 3 +s

477103  No.16435827

File: be1560d9b844617⋯.png (1.22 MB, 944x832, 59:52, ClipboardImage.png)


obs on window capture and a few .pngs

7e09ea  No.16435831


>Toss my tickets

>The first one is Bonito +1

>When I already have a 4* Bonito

dd4189  No.16435944

Do I just keep on grinding row 3 classes until I hit 101? I'd like to have Warlock unlocked, but while I've been comfortably farming creeds for the past ten minutes, I'm not seeing any way to get distinctions or the quest clear without the shanker becoming the shankee.

2ee3e6  No.16435954


get someone to carry you through the pre-req quests and buy th creeds/distinctions from the pendant shop

86c454  No.16436060


What browser do you use? G.Chrome gives me issues with OBS and turning off hardware acceleration makes the game run like ass.

8881b7  No.16436145


Host coop quests and get other people to finish them for you, do this for distinctions

For the CCW you need, wait for rank 101 and do rose queens raids, she has a guaranteed CCW drop.

477103  No.16436225

File: a51e129ca4dd90f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.17 MB, 1506x957, 502:319, ClipboardImage.png)


Sorry, I use chrome but never had any issue, the CPU stays at 32 to 35% even when recording 1080p 60 fps.

Make sure to use a Window Capture as an input and not the Display Capture, that one tends to give me problems as well.

d9a05d  No.16436332

So is there any way to give song 100% debuff success? I know light ridil helps with debuff success but is there anything more that i can do to make sure her fucking para hits?

ac2c69  No.16436375


noyou can't stop her single attacks either

Thor and Soul Soloist helps

477103  No.16436395

File: b0b1b23a671f9f2⋯.png (48.14 KB, 391x191, 391:191, ClipboardImage.png)

1c4470  No.16436406

File: a5a5a56df0c5d14⋯.jpg (69.51 KB, 481x612, 481:612, 4.JPG)

>dupe Yoda

Well, katana stones are always welcome.

130406  No.16436409

You could get nine's harp, song's debuff success rate up emp and, hope to god you get something with the rings for her

840417  No.16436421

File: 58237039be04d3b⋯.jpg (32.19 KB, 657x545, 657:545, anhonestman.jpg)

Can an honest man just get some big fat draph tiddies

788c4d  No.16436447

File: 0c22a953991d45f⋯.jpg (468.58 KB, 1250x1750, 5:7, pig.jpg)

2ee3e6  No.16436467

File: d38bc63956e5200⋯.png (580.86 KB, 791x1226, 791:1226, 72428655_p3.png)


do they have to have always been a draph?

52c840  No.16436489

File: ba31d2bf336fb63⋯.png (35.09 KB, 231x232, 231:232, fen3.PNG)



e73b20  No.16436552

File: 2890205265315f8⋯.jpg (238.5 KB, 1400x1050, 4:3, DxmCCOHU0AAAYJa.jpg)

File: 745af0277c6fac6⋯.jpg (188.3 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, D122vrOUkAE6LoG.jpg)

File: 2236684387a9326⋯.jpg (411.44 KB, 1444x2048, 361:512, D3X5v0XUUAAlaZL.jpg)



Why has that only happened one other time not counting Obui alluding to it?

ddfdd5  No.16436580

File: 00b3ab4bf6f8f88⋯.jpg (254.25 KB, 1241x1532, 1241:1532, 00b3ab4bf6f8f8807d3c72b2a8….jpg)


95a898  No.16436925

File: ac18b17c387e532⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 327.46 KB, 1000x1600, 5:8, D5UVb71U8AAb5eL_orig.jpg)

e73b20  No.16436954

File: d25dfc1214e5bee⋯.png (166.42 KB, 700x700, 1:1, D4SUyylUwAAc52A.png)


Someone has been feeding Threo all the cake she wants.

c215b6  No.16437175

>Sparked for Mahira

>I should have a decent chance to also get Medusa

>Only got Tanya SSR, Nemone in 19 roll

>Nothing from the 60 single ticket

I think they are running some OP to reduce crystals from betting.

At least I got De la fille earth for today's free roll.

8f9ccd  No.16437245


Congrats, DLF is a very nice waifu.

840417  No.16437453

74f5d2  No.16437619


please die at your earliest convenience.

d9a05d  No.16437892

File: 7225d195aab934b⋯.png (85.63 KB, 537x233, 537:233, grimanimas.png)



Really makes her 5* seem more useless.


>grim omega drops

my luck is now gone.

c54e9a  No.16437904

File: 775fa31a8b4bc4f⋯.png (92.62 KB, 487x245, 487:245, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm ready for Earth GW

63d2ea  No.16437926


>ready for GW

Where is your AK grid anon?

a3d852  No.16437945


This only reminds me that I have a long way to go. I only got my first two axes within the last couple of days.

c54e9a  No.16438128

File: 64f3d0edf279e60⋯.png (2.52 MB, 1500x843, 500:281, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b3e3cc974f04155⋯.png (1.22 MB, 640x800, 4:5, ClipboardImage.png)

1845b5  No.16438293

File: 6c97d3914a6b5b9⋯.png (47.82 KB, 162x111, 54:37, ClipboardImage.png)


jej, also why are there 4 Vyrns in the picture?

d647f5  No.16438305


I counted 10 Vyrns.

62ffc8  No.16438310

File: ffde5ea37de991b⋯.png (1.34 MB, 640x798, 320:399, 2019-05-05_13-53-17.png)



I've spotted 9 so far

c54e9a  No.16438315

File: 14fd828cbfe6b3d⋯.png (181.78 KB, 506x427, 506:427, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8f51b7b1e835db7⋯.png (658.14 KB, 513x743, 513:743, ClipboardImage.png)

Trophy get. Now to never remove these 10 quests from my map


They posted it saying to find all the vyrns. So they hid a bunch.

1845b5  No.16438329

File: 79b62b846826fe2⋯.png (1.39 MB, 670x805, 134:161, ClipboardImage.png)


right, I didn't even notice. Last one is on the box, it's the same picture as Katapillar's tank.

5ad146  No.16438381

File: 7dd873393676cf5⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1140x641, 1140:641, d1t2563730.png)

How do I improve from here on out? 5* octo someday, finally got that atma katana.

ac2c69  No.16438395


farm magna 2

5ad146  No.16438401


I can't get weapons from blue chests I've tried so many times. Raids die too fast now, I can barely even get damage out in time.

b5b7de  No.16438412


If you can't get even a hit in during strike time you should host or join a train with 6-10 people.

ac2c69  No.16438414


Well next GW is earth GW, it's to be expected. Try doing trains with small numbers, like 6-10 people, test how many people is ideal for you to get blue chests or even red chests.

0d46cf  No.16438536

File: f43a6de9a23e580⋯.png (57.34 KB, 300x250, 6:5, Zooey Skin.png)

Lovin the new sprite

1c4470  No.16438591


Add luci/akasha weapon

Make a earth kaneshige

Replace your baha dagger with a sword since octo is not a erune

upgrade your hanged man arcarum summon and put it there

bf8e9e  No.16438604


Join an Alex train. Its easier to get blue chests during ST since you can ougi twice, or thrice with Siete. You need to do about 7.5% damage to guarantee a blue chest, which is about 300k honours.

e73b20  No.16438868

File: c12e52d6aac2526⋯.gif (1.88 MB, 540x304, 135:76, c12e52d6aac2526075b8276007….gif)


>They remembered Ardora

>They remembered her father is dead

a3d852  No.16438869


Really? I seem to consistently get them at about 200k honors.

9a408e  No.16439213

Is there an easier way to find one of our crews? I don't have the patience to scroll through 250 pages of shit

62ffc8  No.16439251


How do you feel about scrolling to the top of this page?

9a408e  No.16439315


I see our crews, I'm asking how I can find them in-game. I'm not seeing a "search by name" or "search by crew #" option while I'm looking at the Crew page, but I'm pretty new so maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place

ac2c69  No.16439331


we can just recruit you, post ID

9a408e  No.16439333



8f9ccd  No.16439368

Does anyone know if chev swords drop from event?

I found a claw so far.

1c4470  No.16439402

File: 21bdc98028344f1⋯.jpg (75.73 KB, 474x595, 474:595, 5.JPG)

File: 2765c1ed467532f⋯.jpg (57.19 KB, 486x599, 486:599, Capture.JPG)

And the free draws end with light Silva for me.

Got 3 dupes ssr and 4 new (including Mahira and Scat that both could have been spark targets) so I'm okay with that.


I got two after farming 19 boxes (will finish the 20th on the last day after the daily missions) and 3 or 4 claws.

ac2c69  No.16439413

File: e424a015ec5773a⋯.png (403.1 KB, 440x456, 55:57, ClipboardImage.png)




but you don't even need chev swords anymore

8f9ccd  No.16439426


How much hp is that team?

I'd need to clear lucillus first.

33643f  No.16439663

File: 306c70a135e9025⋯.png (848.41 KB, 527x782, 31:46, maria.png)

File: 0808d3928fb7840⋯.png (909.23 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, 34b24b95d1de855ad65c8add82….png)

Well that took long enough. I don't want to think about how much worse dark astra are going to be

c54e9a  No.16439702

File: 86b1ab3e396cc2b⋯.png (144.95 KB, 478x177, 478:177, ClipboardImage.png)



Fucking astra drop rate

0d46cf  No.16439825

File: c7bdadafcfc984d⋯.jpg (1020.87 KB, 1805x1781, 1805:1781, the last two.jpg)

File: e3e523d5f9a7591⋯.png (50.63 KB, 430x111, 430:111, crystals.PNG)


Nice trips, play for a bit and if you like the game you can get A5.

f3d9dd  No.16439828

File: c616f0bcf8a6232⋯.png (703.02 KB, 589x606, 589:606, If only I had a Ultima Swo….png)

File: 839450080b2e4fc⋯.png (708.23 KB, 596x606, 298:303, Unironic Sword Memery that….png)

File: 0c02bd38c851890⋯.png (682.67 KB, 593x613, 593:613, Featuring Sylvester Stallo….png)


Your grid doesn't have enough swords.

I bet you don't have enough guns in wind too.

ac2c69  No.16439845

File: 83046c1ddf6f326⋯.png (11.53 KB, 66x87, 22:29, ClipboardImage.png)


Dark astra suffering specialist here

You will slowly have your soul sucked from you

by the countless castors that drop only light astras

by the wind puppets

by the earth puppets that only drop earth astras

and by the boss that is never death

but in the end you will prevail, ganbare



jesus christ how horrifying

33643f  No.16439878

File: cdcbe769a3c6b19⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 2039x2574, 2039:2574, D2HS-6DUwAEhRK3.jpg orig.jpg)

File: edc90bc0a29f9e0⋯.jpg (71.76 KB, 517x800, 517:800, __niia_granblue_fantasy__0….jpg)

File: 58c54b7bb2df9d2⋯.png (870.21 KB, 756x1195, 756:1195, __niia_granblue_fantasy_dr….png)

File: 6841764e3214227⋯.png (347.76 KB, 617x478, 617:478, 6841764e321422770f3c9fa32d….png)

File: 7a37c7963c7768d⋯.png (429.98 KB, 607x618, 607:618, dark.png)


Very good taste. I was originally going to get Nier first, but I was so much further along in water astras that it wasn't even funny.

She's going to be perfect in stamina dark.

86c454  No.16439889

File: 1c0599cf5801e96⋯.png (728.48 KB, 634x812, 317:406, It just works.png)


Finally got it working. Weirdly enough only display capture has given me no issues. I guess OBS is a fickle thing.


>cosmic healing gun



Well you're in a much better spot than I am. I'm only at 52

f3d9dd  No.16439909


I do have a cosmos gun BAL but it's level 1 and I have no more chalices. I also need to upgrade those pistols to level 150 and FLB the fifth bolt.

5ad146  No.16440183

File: 71e6678392bae9e⋯.png (354.11 KB, 381x503, 381:503, oy veyy.png)

File: e77335263cbda1d⋯.jpg (242.18 KB, 600x600, 1:1, laughing-siero-of-the-dist….jpg)

c54e9a  No.16440458

File: ece600c13129158⋯.png (220.43 KB, 482x261, 482:261, ClipboardImage.png)


This is getting out of hand. Now there are two of them

a9ff4b  No.16440467

File: 4518c77d5ae43da⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1510x1224, 755:612, 1556653023082.png)

Finest ass ever.

52c840  No.16440593

File: 531497028215837⋯.jpg (208.96 KB, 1636x1157, 1636:1157, 531497028215837fbaecf18e8c….jpg)


Pretty good

c54e9a  No.16442865

File: 6ae7cd3a0b9799d⋯.png (17.91 KB, 85x130, 17:26, ardora 1.png)

File: b2a267b420a40d1⋯.png (20.33 KB, 85x140, 17:28, ardora 2.png)

119bd6  No.16442887

File: f88a8a8b1b434e4⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 7.71 MB, 702x886, 351:443, 57357374.webm)


I want Sierokarte to join my harvin harem crew.

ec2153  No.16442905

I'd gladly trade away the urn/blue crystal chest in Akasha raid for another silver shard chest

48152f  No.16442989


How much does she? charge for that?

1c4470  No.16443115

File: 030976a03befed1⋯.jpg (39.14 KB, 461x393, 461:393, fun! only 46min.JPG)

File: 5044f8f43ab04d4⋯.jpg (35.71 KB, 472x335, 472:335, last akasha at 9min.JPG)

>finally decide to do some akasha

>join a couple pubbed, it seems okay, I survive till the end but I do shit damage

>try to join a train but can't

>you need to clear proto baha impossible and somehow I never did a train for that

>nothing in coop, the few that do it are only solo and nobody seems to join them

>pub mine

>30min later I'm still alone in my raid and did like 15% damage

>finally a guy takes pity on me and joins

>10min later we're at 25% done or so when suddenly the raid goes from 2 to 18 in an instant

>5min later it's dead

>take a break for a couple hours then search for akasha train

>180+ room

>first clear takes a bit more than 6min

>2 guys leave very soon

>16 runs and 1h55min later it's done

And since I haven't recruted Uno yet I'll have to hope Akasha gives me before guild war the 20 spear shards needed for the spear.

I'm tired. Need to sleep and forget all of that.

c78ed1  No.16443806

File: adf96b7bdd7824b⋯.png (686.57 KB, 1055x863, 1055:863, seraphics earth and wind.png)

File: 3b47275077b4888⋯.png (691.73 KB, 1048x865, 1048:865, seraphics fire and water.png)

File: e4726cea080a4f8⋯.png (692.1 KB, 1058x863, 1058:863, seraphics light and dark.png)

Reequipping these is gonna be a bitch.

d9a05d  No.16443823


are the upgrades worth the dama crystals? I have 2 more jews to flb and i am too fucking stingy to even make them into bars. Is the damage increase good?

c78ed1  No.16443846


If I remember correctly it goes from 20% damage increase and small majesty 10 to 23% damage increase and small majesty 15. I did it for the skin and because I had damas I refuse to turn into bars.

2ee3e6  No.16443849


it's 3%

b5b7de  No.16443995

File: c0e9d40679dec03⋯.png (509.17 KB, 424x592, 53:74, Earth EX .png)

When will they let GWs die? It can't be fixed.

2ee3e6  No.16444020


hopefully soon

c54e9a  No.16444586

File: 679969ed597f3f7⋯.png (1.45 MB, 513x1602, 57:178, io1.png)

File: bd97b548e585fa3⋯.png (877.81 KB, 513x1110, 171:370, io2.png)

Lolifags btfo

5ad146  No.16444803

File: 9de645574575f55⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 842.05 KB, 725x1024, 725:1024, 6a469f2a88d5b43d9e79f773ac….png)


She forgot she'd have to be naked

00b48f  No.16444806


Stop being so smug that Rosetta is cucking you for the loli anyway

c54e9a  No.16446338

File: 522f2acaf1cb31d⋯.png (2.18 MB, 1466x1036, 733:518, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 49e32f1e2bb3b5e⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1466x1036, 733:518, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e7fa2948efcba14⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1466x1036, 733:518, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bf674c5281029f1⋯.png (1.99 MB, 1466x1036, 733:518, ClipboardImage.png)

Playstation magazine covering Re:link and versus.

That ferry art

0b6aab  No.16446491

File: 7d236d8c3fde034⋯.jpg (106.62 KB, 908x1200, 227:300, D0gHBlHXQAEWjJz.jpg)

File: e6f11c82245103d⋯.jpg (149.31 KB, 921x1200, 307:400, D0gHCaAWwAESTC8.jpg)

File: e390e79095a0765⋯.jpg (133.42 KB, 898x1200, 449:600, D0gHCAIWkAAsu-M.jpg)

File: 415fca9b34dd4f7⋯.jpg (102.87 KB, 691x1199, 691:1199, D0gHCyHX0AECESA.jpg)

5ad146  No.16446670


I don't like how gbf gets media coverage on west. If more people start playing this game then there are going to be sjw's demanding censorship or changes eventually. It pisses me off on so many levels. Nothing good ever came from western media making articles about japanese games.

e73b20  No.16446714

File: 9e6d3d04f23caed⋯.webm (5.52 MB, 800x450, 16:9, The Tranny Wars.webm)


>there are going to be sjw's demanding censorship or changes eventually

We already have them.

788c4d  No.16446721


Re:Link will finally show us what kind of pantsu the girls wear.

e73b20  No.16446737

File: 82a01f2aa7a4ce6⋯.jpg (199.19 KB, 965x1364, 965:1364, D5CkxfuU4AENRpy.jpg)


>He forgot Soyny went full cuck

Only if they go through with making a Steam version and people make modds.

c54e9a  No.16446760

File: 1688a54121fcf44⋯.webm (5.16 MB, 512x710, 256:355, Worst loli.webm)

7e09ea  No.16446765


>Worst loli

>When Renie "I only hang out with Wulf because he's tough" exists

2c4b70  No.16446774


mini thot

000000  No.16446793


I agree. The faggots already tried it once with S.Izmir's boob window. However it was EVENTUALLY reversed. To this day I believe the sjw meme translators had something to do with it but I have no evidence to back up that claim.

With characters like Cag, Ladvia, and Fidget Nigger, I don't have very high hopes this game will be capable of resisting the red menace when it finally descends upon them. Enjoy it while you can.

63d2ea  No.16446795


The nigger tan wasn't enough of a giveaway?

e73b20  No.16446822

File: 782b2db401ecf29⋯.png (234.41 KB, 960x800, 6:5, 3040174000_02_101.png)


Renie's terrified of losing someone again, that's why she is hanging onto Wulf and pushes everyone else away.

91af9c  No.16446826


I like Io. What's not to love? She's like one of maybe 3 human lolis in the game and she's got a cute butt. Good enough for me. Lyria is still the best

e73b20  No.16446841

File: fa99b6247796170⋯.jpg (559.75 KB, 2000x1414, 1000:707, D58-HutUcAAkbEm.jpg)


All natural loli is just Renie and Sara but there's also Cag and Lyria.


63d2ea  No.16446853




e73b20  No.16446890

File: beadb6c6a792815⋯.jpg (377.42 KB, 1685x2048, 1685:2048, D5OutbUUwAEzsas.jpg)


Close enough compared to cows, big eared midgets, gene freaks, and bio weapons.

7e09ea  No.16446942


I've seen trannies unironically say that Cagliostro is trans.

Now I know who to crush during GWs.

c54e9a  No.16446995

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Granblue Versus Beta

c54e9a  No.16447003

1fae2c  No.16447023


> Only PS4

Dang it.

e2734a  No.16447045


Sounds dope. I wonder if they're going to go all out and send a lot of vouchers or if this going to be SSR out of legfest rates.

52c840  No.16447058



You can use a bunch of burner emails to increase your chances of getting a code. Just make sure you confirm your application by clicking the link the email they send you.

e2734a  No.16447069


Well, the beta website claims it's for testing the game's online features, so they might send out a bunch. A couple more chances to get in won't hurt anyone though.

fe642a  No.16447967

File: 6e5acd2e5e0242d⋯.jpg (287.4 KB, 1332x850, 666:425, 6e5acd2e5e0242def7e403a9f0….jpg)


>there was a Persona 5 event

I knew I waited too long to get into this

e2734a  No.16448069


Cheer up Shirley there will be a rerun when The Royal comes out.

62ffc8  No.16448110

File: f9ba3afc4d8a5bb⋯.png (142.51 KB, 960x800, 6:5, ChunLi_A.png)

File: c8ad7460136bb4b⋯.png (77.71 KB, 960x800, 6:5, Conan_Edogawa_A.png)

File: 69f1ad7a9acde9a⋯.png (127.83 KB, 960x800, 6:5, Levi.png)

File: 77066e332919d9e⋯.png (174.25 KB, 960x800, 6:5, LinaInverse_A.png)

File: 18b9f28e6105fcf⋯.png (126.71 KB, 960x800, 6:5, Haohmaru_A.png)


Some fairly interesting stuff from this short teaser.

I don't think it was confirmed that the game would use a cooldown system until now. This has been tried a few times before in order for beginners to get into the 'real' fighting game stuff (reads, spacing, footsies,…) but it has never been popular. From the icons we can infer that the game will most likely have a 'special' button and that the different specials come out when you use it in neutral or with a direction. Again, this is something to help beginners who have trouble with traditional inputs.

It seems to use the GG tension system, you can see characters gaining meter when they sprint forward. There doesn't seem to be an indicated option to EX moves unless it takes 100% meter.

At about 0:17 and 0:19 you can see characters use a special but they immediately go off cooldown again. Maybe some skills function like they normally do in other fighters and the cooldown is simply there as a visual. The other possibility might be that there are more than 4 specials. Katalina was shown to have a parry of some kind in the previous trailers. The icon that goes on cooldown looks a lot more like a parry/reflect than a DP.

Some other notes. Ferry has multiple projectiles, a standard fireball and a slow groundwave. No grabs as a skill (pls gib grappler). There seem to be follow-ups for some of the specials; Charlotta can use a cross-up follow-up after her rising slash. Kat and Lance may have Rekkas.


You missed a few other interesting collabs.

Jap (exclusive) games have some pretty fun and out of left field collabs. I think the Monster Hunter Frontier series may have one of the largest and eclectic bunch. They've done collabs with Fate, DMC (and nearly every other popular Capcom title), Nier, Hatsune Miku, Madoka, Infinite Stratos, Higanjima, Pizza Hut, 7/11 and many more.

7e09ea  No.16448122


When it comes to Japanese games with collabs nothing comes close to Monster Strike. That shit has collabs every month.

2ee3e6  No.16448123


>and bio weapons.

that's what ruria is though

do you remember the time she got hijacked and started erasing existence?

e2734a  No.16448154

File: c1986a8a6c79a84⋯.png (352.63 KB, 578x380, 289:190, Hooman.png)


>that's what ruria is though

Bahamut sez you're wrong, so you better use a dagger, sword or pistol.

Honestly, they should've just made her an unknown like the MC if she really is part Astral Bahamut/science project. Same for Uncle Cog and his homunculus puppet show.

Better luck when Ruria Azul Grande Cinco estrellas Completa Ese Ese Rara releases, maybe by then the story will give her the Re:Link moveset and another race.

cd2d62  No.16448182

File: 0bbe3a69a399e73⋯.png (304.28 KB, 482x647, 482:647, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5852dd0f2c8b3f6⋯.png (272.82 KB, 415x436, 415:436, ClipboardImage.png)


If you got one of my accounts I think you can read it in the in-game journal.

Hell if these links still work, you can probably read it from anywhere http://game.granbluefantasy.jp/#archive/story/event/72770/null/2/2

f79539  No.16448207

File: 733d153e04730d4⋯.png (417.98 KB, 426x596, 213:298, Almost NM90.png)

I might be able to get this to 40 million before GWs.

817c8e  No.16448209


Everyone was shilling persona 5 really hard, huh?

74f5d2  No.16448219

is there a list of what characters have skills that work from the back row ?

e73b20  No.16448228

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Why are you listing two of the collabs we still haven't gotten?


>Capcom collabs



Half a deity.


Fatlus was advertising it above average at that time but at the current level they're doing now; hard shilling.

62ffc8  No.16448247


>Why are you listing two of the collabs we still haven't gotten?

I have no idea what you're talking about.


I knew there was a word for it but it completely escaped me. Thank you.

d9a05d  No.16448258

File: cc56c8525f4459f⋯.png (564.83 KB, 584x457, 584:457, imhelping.png)


>tfw cant even break 15 mil

At least i have a back up plan

e73b20  No.16448323

File: e28fd7b66f6a552⋯.jpg (191.29 KB, 1000x714, 500:357, a1f6be9a8111d3505725d4b9b4….jpg)


Unless I'm mistaken, the Slayers and Street Fighter collabs happened before the english addition.

62ffc8  No.16448344

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The translators went back and translated the fates for the characters at the very least. I'm not sure if the entire event got translated.

They also translated the fates for characters like Linksmate Medusa and Creditcard-Captor Zoi even though they're JP-exclusive.

e73b20  No.16448502

File: 2bd0bc5c1b7cf22⋯.jpg (234.11 KB, 771x633, 257:211, 2bd0bc5c1b7cf2246666be1e94….jpg)


We had some people playing back when there wasn't an English translation and Medusa and Zooeys fates have had pieces shown elsewhere so they might as well translate the whole thing in case any Westerners take a trip there.

cd2d62  No.16448855

File: d07acfb95def58c⋯.png (350.97 KB, 483x430, 483:430, the unspeakable things Id ….PNG)


Yeah, but the event was fun and GBF Panther was fantastic to look at so I can't complain, hopefully we get it as a sidestory when the part 2 comes.

8f9ccd  No.16448863


Wtf does that have to do with his post?

2ee3e6  No.16448868


they probably meant to reply to the post immediately above that was about p5

c54e9a  No.16448874

File: ca5450196909665⋯.png (100.51 KB, 471x177, 157:59, ClipboardImage.png)

Last day of the event. I hope you 20 boxed

cd2d62  No.16448882

File: 9caa3e0b5d5f9b5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 263.42 KB, 863x1200, 863:1200, DwioFmWVsAE6WmK.jpg)

File: 55fb8765817ec82⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 259.15 KB, 850x1199, 850:1199, D3VWIpDUcAAx_Tt.jpg)

File: 8a796c278ad7807⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 229.7 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, D3IhF7-XkAYo6tR.jpg)

File: 96e1f884a62fc8b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 251.28 KB, 1120x1600, 7:10, 72165511_p0.jpg)

File: 6e64bc00e2084a9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.94 KB, 679x960, 679:960, DwC2v8xUYAAJzCN.jpg)


Calm down I wanted to respond to >>16448209 and missclicked.

Here, have some BTFD.

788c4d  No.16448898


Feel free to never post ever again you fucking retard.

e73b20  No.16448967

File: 03b612bb66b2b1c⋯.jpg (92.99 KB, 622x880, 311:440, D5SdebaUUAEgiTU.jpg)


>Would rather have collab added to sidestories than have the Phantom Thieves be swappable

Weird choice for hopes but whatever floats your boat.

2ee3e6  No.16448983

File: 7785793849e45a9⋯.png (161.14 KB, 428x418, 214:209, ClipboardImage.png)



i can't kill the impossible fast enough for it to be worth it so i just leech whenever my ep maxed

also i want to kill whoever added the fucking arcanum to this event

e2734a  No.16448987


Like, just kill the eyeballs and do the objectives dude.

Or skip it for 420 thingies.

faa3e1  No.16448998

File: e8a15600ded8b36⋯.png (157.15 KB, 960x1180, 48:59, persona-5-the-royal-kasumi….png)


>When the part 2 comes

Joker isn't about to get swappable versions (or any new Sprites), maybe a 5* with a 4th skill and more of the companions animations showing up, but a collab for Royal will definitely come with at least one new character.

2ee3e6  No.16448999


This is with doing fast arcanum and only doing the critical path on the 3rd node.

I don't want to fucking do arcanum, I'm already at 29/30 tickets

7e09ea  No.16449002


But he already has 4 skills.

faa3e1  No.16449005


Goes to show how much I use him.

86c454  No.16449019



Why would you torture yourself? I got through the 21 boxes in 2 days of the event just doing Very Hards & Extremes.

e73b20  No.16449046

File: d4cf42fe644d436⋯.jpg (122.9 KB, 656x754, 328:377, 1555884678537.jpg)


>The face when you realize it's a trailer for a fight

FGC needs to die.


Anime eyes with that mask makes her look like a gecko.

2ee3e6  No.16449071


I don't think I can 1T extreme either, I didn't really bother much.

Maybe next event I'll try.

91431c  No.16449244


Im pretty sure the first time i heard about granblue was when SJWs were throwing a fit over the Marduk summon. And it seems to still be going strong regardless so i dont think its going to be a problem

94c4cd  No.16449254

File: 39d8fe8c1bc72bb⋯.png (9.32 KB, 120x120, 1:1, Katwhy.png)


>SJWs were throwing a fit over the Marduk summon

the fuck

I can guess why but I refuse to believe without someone explaining it to me

2ee3e6  No.16449279

File: 79c852fc8cfcd94⋯.png (427.43 KB, 640x628, 160:157, ClipboardImage.png)


If I had to take a whack at it I'd guess this is the reason.

2f4adf  No.16449424

File: b780e86752e263f⋯.png (203.09 KB, 640x628, 160:157, Summon_b_2040323000.png)


There are two versions of Marduk. One is from an event two years ago and the other is one of the recently released set of 120% base elemental attack summons that were older event summons.

If the outrage is recent it's more likely to be the newer one.

91431c  No.16449584


No, it was definitely the older one since this happened a long time ago. Probably the event one from 2 years ago, they were bitching about how there was a half-naked lady riding a giant for no reason whatsoever so it glorified yadda yadda yadda same old shit

f79539  No.16449620

File: 8668dc1d7f9305e⋯.png (749.76 KB, 576x671, 576:671, fug.png)

f79539  No.16449841

File: 33c18857567dbee⋯.png (499.01 KB, 427x589, 427:589, It is done.png)

So, how long until they increase the HP of the NM 90?

caccf9  No.16449872


What they really should have been complaining about is why isn't the demon sexy too

8f9ccd  No.16450296


l2quote retard,

c54e9a  No.16450302

File: a893429171ae352⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 850x1206, 425:603, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b447a53293a13fa⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 865.22 KB, 600x849, 200:283, ClipboardImage.png)

Event's over. No more futa Satyr until part 2


The other person deleted their post

119bd6  No.16450311

File: 8a3d1f88d218d5d⋯.png (2.34 MB, 1972x2086, 986:1043, __camieux_granblue_fantasy….png)


I miss her already.

8e63e8  No.16450342


7e09ea  No.16450376


At least we don't have to deal with Worst Geo until Part 2.

5ad146  No.16450452

I didn't really like primal event. If they are planning to add playable Baal in the future it better be solid unit with debuff immunity/veil or similar skills what Nio has right now. I will not accept fucking 8.5 beginner units that are nothing but gacha fodder.

2ee3e6  No.16450482


I seriously doubt that his event version is indicative of his real one.

817c8e  No.16450487


So something like Arulumaya? He's an earth elemental too.

817c8e  No.16450517


He as in Baal. Both him and Arulu are earth. Aside from other event Arulumayas of different elements (for veil), what other units actually have it?

faa3e1  No.16450615


Being a Tier 2 summon he could be as strong as Athena, or at least have a kit as loaded as hers.

The skills he had in the event were probably random since they didn't even have character-related art but we can expect something like:

Haddu Thunder: Ougi. Massive Earth Damage to an Enemy, inflicts 3 turns Local Paralyze, if the enemy is under Tuning, all allies gain 3 turns of 15% Echo.

Tuned Up: Gain 2 Spymur Stacks, inflict 20% Earth Defense Down.

Adad Edge: Earth Damage to all Enemies, inflict 10% Stackable Defense Down. Consume a Spymur Stack to inflict Tuning.

Anthem of Solomon: Multi-hit nuke, AoE Clear, consume a Spymur Stack to grant all Allies Rocking out (30% Atk, 20% DA, 10% TA up).

Spymur lvl increases by 1 when Baal inflicts a Triple Attack (Max 2), when at 2 Spymur levels, Baal gains 2 hits of extra damage at the end of a turn (600k-ish each)

10% Boost to all Allies TA and 5% DMG Cap against enemies suffering from Tuning.


Most elements only have 1 character with a Veil, I think earth is the only one with 2 since it got Alexiel.

9992f7  No.16450828

If I were to bite the bullet and spend actual money to get a character (with the surprise ticket) which one should I bother getting? Earth is shaping up to be my main element, with wind also being a strong contender. I’ve looked at the “tier lists” but they seem useless. I’m in need of either a strong healer or a high DPS character. Have a few ideas already but getting the opinions of people who are actually good at the game seems like a good idea. Sage for newfag question.

e2734a  No.16450840


Just buy youre waifu whale.

62ffc8  No.16450841


>3-turn para

No chance. I doubt he'll even have para in his kit at all. As a point of reference, Cucuroux has para on ougi (different name, same effect) and that last 1-turn 95% of the time and 2-turns for the remaining 5%.

>2x600k at two stacks

This may just be your wording but I assume this would consume the two stacks as well at the end of that turn.

If you didn't mean that and your intention is that it goes off every turn when he's at two stacks than I will illustrate why that's retarded.

With just Uriel, Hanged Man and the Seraphic, the damage gets raised to 860K times 2.

If you want to lean a bit more into skill damage with an Ultima/Opus key, that's an extra 300K added on top so we're at 1.16mil times two EVERY TURN.

At this point Baal is in the top 3 best earth characters with just a single skill and a passive so it wouldn't be out of the ordinary to give him a ring or two. A Perp ring gives a flat 10% cap up and EMP rings can give up to 15% skill cap up. We're at 1.31mil twice a turn.

We can't forget about the Oracles. Caim gives you 10% cap up if you have a grid with no duplicate weapons. Since we want to fulfill that condition why not throw in, I dunno, a Greatsword and a Baihu fist for 14% more cap up. 1.45 mil times two.

But there's also Lobelia. He gives 5% skill cap up every time you use a skill up to 25%, he also needs to be in the backline. He'll be better suited for longer fights where Baal doesn't just melt the enemy. Since you'll be pressing buttons anyway, might as well add the 5% cap up from the Tuning debuff.

So we end up at dealing 1.634 mil twice for a whopping 3 268 000 damage every. single. turn. for free.

>Characters with veil

Not true actually. Every element except dark has at least two SSR characters with veil, it's just that most of them are bad. Earth has Brodia, Aruru and Caim. Water has Katalina and C.Aruru. Fire has Magisa and the LL idols. Wind has Tiamat and Lecia (from healing orders so she may as well not have it). Light has Seruel and Conan. Dark only has Vira.

Sage MC, Apollo and Freyr are there as decent ways to get veil across every element. There's also Hanged Man but that's random chance.


There are a few strong base-line choices for a ticket in every element but you should probably post you characters so we can get a better idea of what you're missing.

6140c6  No.16450848


Always pick with your dick. True love prevents regret. Either that or a super top tier broken character that can carry you long enough to amass a proper harem.

I'd say Cagliostro fits the bill for wife, healer and earth, but honestly you're just going to have to look at all the characters until you're sure you want one. the gbf wiki lets you sort all characters by race, element and role.

91431c  No.16450923


Just go for the ones you like honestly but if you really want some character advice then De La Fille Earth and Wind Heles are both pretty good. Not sure if you can get Scathatcha with a sup ticket but she's also really good.

e2734a  No.16450931


>Not sure if you can get Scathatcha with a sup ticket but she's also really good.

Why wouldn't he be able to? She's a normal gacha character.

9992f7  No.16450952

File: b9869243816b7e7⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 778.47 KB, 719x712, 719:712, 6B492BC2-ADB1-4E58-BDCD-6….jpeg)

File: a416f26eeb6cc00⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 585.54 KB, 750x644, 375:322, E25BDC7F-DF5C-42CA-BF1D-4….jpeg)

File: e43db3745efe078⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 590.84 KB, 750x643, 750:643, 85A480A4-2659-4496-920B-A….jpeg)


Here are all my SSR’s as well as the parties I’m running for Earth and Wind. I only started playing a couple days before the premium gala and I’m only rank 50 so my stats are quite low. Don’t even have anything resembling a weapon grid yet, just a few magnas from the story missions and lvl 100 skill 1 weapond from the side stories.


Cag was also my top pick for healer. If I picked for damage instead I was thinking either Hallessenna or Siegfried. The gbf wiki has been very helpful, I’ve looked at the ones that have caught my eye. I don’t figure I will pick anything in wind since my fire team is quite weak, making farming for wind materials difficult. Plus my wind team seems mostly complete already anyway.


Thank you. De La Fille sort of slipped under the radar, but looking at her skills she seems like a solid pick.

faa3e1  No.16450956


>I doubt he'll even have para in his kit at all

Looking at Athena, the only 2 things that got left out are the Cursed Debuff and the Collapsed. The first being mostly useless against bosses and the second which would have been a Duration.

Baal could see his Cursed gone as well, but I'm pretty sure he'll still have a Para. The 3 turns tooltip usually mean 2.5 turns so that's 2 actual turns after the ougi ends, play with the Debuff Success rate a bit or make it so he needs to consume the Stacks and he can be balanced to stop bosses for fewer turns.

>2x600k at two stacks

I just kinda threw it up there as a generic damage to reach, not as a damage cap. I just looked at Vampy's extra damage and thought it would have been nice for Baal to get some extra nuke a few turns after he's done buffing and having to renounce to said nuke to upkeep his teamwide buff.

It was kind of weird to not see him with his Spymur Visions floating around and I think they're going to incorporate them somehow.

e2734a  No.16450977


I'd say your wind looks solid enough. You just need to wait until the Princess Connect sidestory and you'll have a complete spear party (shame you didn't get the Atma from What Makes the Sky Blue 3). Hell, if you wanted to draw for Grimnir you could have one of the top wind teams. Birdman rebalance (again) soon

Like I said before, just pick whoever you want more. Given infinite time and draws you'll get everyone anyway, so just get who you absolutely must have. If you are between Uncle Cog, Autist and Batman just pick the one that makes you harder even if it's batman fagit

faa3e1  No.16451041


If your fire team is weak, that's one more reason to make it stronger. Try looking into Athena or Percival and get SR Grea from the Sidestories.

If you're liking Halle, wait until the last day of the Suptix, she's about to get buffed but we don't know how, we might get more info before the ticket goes away though.

Sieg would probably be a better choice anyway but

>ticketing a male

Don't waste a ticket in wind, you're fine already.

Ticketing Cag would be a bad idea in the early game since Cag doesn't buff everyone until she hits lvl 100 and you won't be able to slime her so it's going to take you a hell of a long time to level her up.

De La Fille would be a better pick for the simple fact that she gets you Poker Chips so you don't have to play the Casino.

62ffc8  No.16451075


>Raid boss kits

They've been kinda inconsistent with porting a boss-fights mechanics over to a character. Grimnir only really has 2 or 3 things that are in his summon and boss fight (Shield, AoE attacks and his second skill gives him DATA). Macula and Athena are pretty faithful on the other hand. They have also been very cautious of giving raid bosses para/stone/etc.-debuffs. You're not wrong or anything, I just think it's not likely. Though Haddu Thunder is sorta one of Baals signatures so maybe they'll go through with it.

Just a quick aside, I think "Collapsed" and generic Charge bar cuts get translated to Delay for characters. At least I think that's why DAO, Athena and Macula have them.

>The 3 turns tooltip usually mean 2.5 turns so that's 2 actual turns

That may be true for buffs and debuffs in general but that does not matter in this case. If you para something via a skill or as an ougi effect, the end result is the same, the boss doesn't attack that turn. It does matter for something like S.Ilsas para mine since it triggers after the boss acts. Her mine paralyzes for two turns according to the tooltip but it's effectively only 1 turn (unless the boss has a pre-turn mechanic in the middle of the fight).

You would probably be looking at 70% base hit chance or even less due to the frequency it can be applied.

>thought it would have been nice for Baal to get some extra nuke a few turns after he's done buffing

I like that idea but you would need to have a really low cap for it otherwise people would neglect his other skills to keep the skill damage up. If it didn't last indefinitely then I could see a higher cap for it without getting in dangerous territory.

I also hope they incorporate his Spymurs into his gameplay and looks. They're one of his defining features and I'd be a real shame if they didn't do anything with them.

dd4189  No.16451381

Not him, but must you have all the elements geared and charactered? Is being dedicated to a single element not viable?

So far, I've just grinded dark, because I'm growing quite fond of Shirou "Nick" Gilgamesh.

e2734a  No.16451429

File: 922ef29ecef1bf7⋯.jpg (192.64 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, Does this answer your ques….jpg)


>Is being dedicated to a single element not viable?

dd4189  No.16451585


Time to only eat the purple ones.

30449c  No.16451613

File: 0c1ee182cc5ea2f⋯.png (12.89 KB, 580x226, 290:113, ClipboardImage.png)

ac2c69  No.16451692

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm assuming you're new - yes it is until you get stronger. I recommend getting one element strong enough to farm the others, would be better if the element is in the mainwheel (fire, wind, earth, water). You'll only feel the need to follow the rainbow meta when you get to rank 120+

bf8e9e  No.16451857


Later bosses possess elemental resistance, meaning they take less damage from all elements except what they are weak to. So when you get to M2 bosses, you'll need a decent light grid to grind avatar (the dark M2 boss) for his weapons.

Of course, you'll also need a decent dark grid to grind Metatron. This also applies to the main wheel elements, so you can see where the term 'rainbow meta' comes from.

99f332  No.16451920

File: 4f21864c8a96411⋯.webm (5.51 MB, 930x350, 93:35, SURRENDER.webm)


>just follow the rainbow, bro

>here, have some free rock CDs

Typical tricks.

c54e9a  No.16451924

File: a87621a80b8bc22⋯.jpg (141.48 KB, 333x581, 333:581, Only 60 weapons.jpg)

c215b6  No.16451939


No time for that.

Got to the 4th box, just had 4 summons and got 10800 stones to exchange for the most important items.

91431c  No.16452109


I had no idea since i got her on a rate up draw. So I wasnt sure if she was a lucky draw or not

91431c  No.16452120


In this current meta of all raid bosses hitting all allies i'd say skip hallesenna altogether and go for a different earth attacker like vaseraga or someone like melleau or her sister(forget her name).

e2734a  No.16452359

File: d777781bb6950c1⋯.jpg (442.44 KB, 600x850, 12:17, Crying Autist.jpg)


Well, it's still lucky, even if she's not a limited legfest/flashfest/seasonal character.




9992f7  No.16452380


>Try looking into Athena or Percival

Athena definitely looks like a good pick. Can’t say she is exactly what I need but I can see myself getting a lot of use out of her. What about Yuel? She doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses and she seems like she could fill my fire team’s desperate need for a good attacker if I go for a fire character. Percival is better for that, but he has the same underlying issue as Sieg:

>ticketing a male

I’m not actually against it because I need to pick to solidify things and help me with the grind for the good stuff, but there is still a part of me that wants to pick a female.


Thank you, that has given me more to consider. I know Halle needs protection to pull her weight, so I was hoping to draw for a good character to defend her or draw attacks if I do ticket her. From what I’ve seen the characters for this are Sara, Ayer and Alexiel. I know I won’t draw Alexiel in a Flash Gala unless I’m incredibly lucky, so the former two are a better bet. But I may not want to gamble on that and a good buff for her when they do buff her. I already grabbed the ticket so I’ll just draw it out to the last minute and hope I know who I want by then.

e2734a  No.16452398


I'll tell you right off the bat anon, you're better off giving up on fire.

There's two ways to hit hard on fire:

Either you have an Agni setup with two or even three Ixabas.

Or you have Sheep and Tien 5* too.

Anything other than that and you'll hit pretty mediocre compared to other elements, so you're better off just using what you get for it instead of investing a lot for little payoff.

Whatever you choose, there'll be another ticket in three months tops anyway. Someone has to finance the summer stream anon.

63d2ea  No.16452405


Perci is probably the strongest ticketable fire character, unfortunately he is also fujobait. I have Athena and she really hasn't impressed me at all.

e2734a  No.16452422


Did you try and use her to solo stuff? She needs to build up her stacks to be able to nuke for 1.5kk damage every turn, and there's no time for that in most raids.

6140c6  No.16452434


>I have Athena and she really hasn't impressed me at all.

>Not wanting damage reduction, heal, delay, blind and auto-counter with nuke voiced by Saber

c54e9a  No.16452441


also the only wind switch currently in fire

63d2ea  No.16452449


>and there's no time for that in most raids.

That's exactly her problem. Most stuff does not last long enough for her to get going.


>not running a sword memeteam of Perci, Yuel, Therese, and/or Beato


Elemental switch is only useful against non elemental fights or against bosses that do multielemental damage. You use strong element most other times once you get up and running.

c54e9a  No.16452461


>Elemental switch is only useful against non elemental fights or against bosses that do multielemental damage.

Which is almost all of the newer bosses

7e09ea  No.16452477


It also makes her good to take against Lucilius.

63d2ea  No.16452478


True, but you have to take into account that she is being recommending to a player that is hundreds of hours from even being able to attempt those raids, much less be strong enough to not be dead weight.

8a078c  No.16452483

File: 1f6a91243ab96ba⋯.jpg (107.85 KB, 800x1035, 160:207, nemonemonemonemone.jpg)

File: e88797eed575691⋯.jpg (70.17 KB, 500x707, 500:707, Coblq8hUsAAdAua.jpg)

File: da29310a5ebbbf8⋯.png (779.24 KB, 930x1200, 31:40, (・ε・˘)プイッ.png)

File: bb84d12f03d6367⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1000x1090, 100:109, 59207657_p0.png)

File: 9e64cc2caf1b656⋯.jpg (197.87 KB, 733x1024, 733:1024, smug nemone.jpg)


>or someone like melleau or her sister(forget her name).



>>not running a sword memeteam of Perci, Yuel, Therese, and/or Beato

>not suggesting the superior spear memeteam of Athena, sheep, and Shiva

63d2ea  No.16452497


Fire Spear memes have exactly 3 good characters as options, two of whom are limited, and one of which gets rotated in and out of the limited pool. Swords have a ton of options.

f79539  No.16452531


I wish they never nerfed Nemone, I would've liked to have seen her 100% cap up with shiva and dragon break.

c54e9a  No.16452549

File: ad663421f36bb2b⋯.png (586.78 KB, 512x610, 256:305, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2c06d3c60e95d18⋯.png (519.35 KB, 514x604, 257:302, ClipboardImage.png)


Oh you mean Lulu? How could I forget.

Nemone is a good girl

a79a29  No.16453101


I'm expecting for Baal to inflict Bell of War stacks on charge attack like Sandalphon. The paralyze could only happen against foes with Bell of War, or else Baal has a mechanic, like Shiva and Sandalphon's, where Baal's normal charge attack gives him a buff that makes his charge attack become the more powerful Haddu Thunder.

It's interesting that Sandalphon's charge attack debuff just happens to be called Bell of War when Sandalphon himself isn't connected to bells in any particular way. I think they could already have been thinking about Baal at that point.

Earth Eustace can inflict local paralyze stacks on turn one. The possibility of him sharing a party with Baal makes it much less likely to me that Baal also has his paralyze tied to a skill.

e73b20  No.16453187

File: e3c96b4b9feebc5⋯.jpg (121.01 KB, 1200x850, 24:17, D57untJU0AAJwZZ.jpg)


>It's interesting that Sandalphon's charge attack debuff just happens to be called Bell of War when Sandalphon himself isn't connected to bells in any particular way

He's an angel, it's like you never heard of a church before.

a79a29  No.16453338


He isn't Bellringer Angel from the Shadowverse crossover.

Sandalphon isn't connected to church buildings in-universe (do they even have churches? I haven't seen any) and in any case church bells aren't rung for war. Meanwhile Baal both as a summon and as a raid uses bells for attacking.

c54e9a  No.16453527

File: af5a180da654951⋯.png (250.68 KB, 624x469, 624:469, ClipboardImage.png)

So that's where she keeps finding casino chips from

00b48f  No.16453566


>He says that while posting gay angels

bf8e9e  No.16453633


Sun Man has a church for The Sun. Deities area bit of an oddity in GBF, since we know bahamut is the big one, but I'm not sure how widespread this knowledge is. Gran's mom was a priest of baha, but I don't think we see regular people explicitly worship him, or have churches for him. Plus we've also got primals who often act like one, and are very often based on them. Leviathan is a good example since he acts like a guardian dirty for Auguste, but I don't think he is actually worshipped as one.

5ad146  No.16453684


>He thinks that Gran's dick doesn't have magical powers to subjugate any woman at will

How new are you?

30449c  No.16453850

File: 63309844246ad63⋯.png (34.56 KB, 456x114, 4:1, ClipboardImage.png)

and now back to Alexiel

e73b20  No.16454251

File: b3a177071f8985f⋯.png (190.23 KB, 640x688, 40:43, 3991351000.png)


Why are you so gay for Baal?


None of them were perfect; just were a bunch of creations by a Christaboo.

a79a29  No.16454835


Don't you ever for an easy fight choose a friend summon primarily on the basis of getting to see what the call for that unfamiliar summon looks like? That's how I know that Baal the SSR summon attacks with bells.

By the way, I'm not the same person who posted about Baal first. I would like to have a playable Baal though.

d9a05d  No.16455140

File: 480251310901d85⋯.jpg (57.55 KB, 407x702, 407:702, tiamatmal.jpg)

File: 970e6183a1c9a50⋯.jpg (80.51 KB, 554x960, 277:480, tm.jpg)

File: 8bdeceffdd1daf0⋯.jpg (90.41 KB, 720x740, 36:37, grid.jpg)

spear meme team soloed tiamat malice

788c4d  No.16455670

EX+ had exactly 20 mil hp, right? I'm ~700k short of 1-turning Xeno 120 @20.9 mil.

e73b20  No.16455817

File: 63524182990148d⋯.jpg (178.72 KB, 700x990, 70:99, D6M-LcmUIAAHYQm.jpg)

Spring Christmas for Balurgafag.

62de8e  No.16455926

File: 39a63b76fc7630e⋯.png (459.27 KB, 1656x1224, 23:17, weddingcakebalurga.png)

File: 2f5f912a4df9818⋯.jpeg (115.37 KB, 1027x978, 1027:978, D6CcSFXUYAA5ZhD.jpeg)


Already saved it some hours ago.

Have another recent one where they included her. And one I commissioned.

Still thanks for posting it, I sometimes miss some art here and there.

c54e9a  No.16456642

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Versus just got gayer

2ee3e6  No.16456655

File: 5d01a7463520b60⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1921x1077, 1921:1077, ClipboardImage.png)



God I wish that was me

7e09ea  No.16456660



cefbb4  No.16456669


Man, the abyss made Reg pale.

2ee3e6  No.16456672


I'm glad I wasn't the onle one who thought of that.

2ee3e6  No.16456697

File: efd271eb422e3dc⋯.webm (2.95 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, The Gay Agenda.webm)

5ad146  No.16456794


Fighting games will never be good.

f79539  No.16456869

File: 2b64d4746ee540b⋯.png (342.22 KB, 417x456, 139:152, my grid.png)

File: f37df76d4387585⋯.png (652.91 KB, 498x555, 166:185, youtube grid.png)

What am I doing wrong here? Is an ultima with a stamina key and 5k raw attack really going to give me 90k more estimated damage? Both grids have the same main and support summons.

63d2ea  No.16456875


Did you look at how many plus marks he has? That stat difference gets multiplied by the modifiers too.

f79539  No.16456903

File: 3a1961070b5f20e⋯.png (387.38 KB, 416x457, 416:457, my grid .png)


75k to go.

c54e9a  No.16456917


he's probably using a summon in his estimated damage. Also, you're running 2 ex weapons and no normal mod, but ultimas are normal mod, right?

f79539  No.16456937


We both have Huanglong main summon with a 4 star Tiamat support in our estimates. I'll need to do a U. Bahamut train to swap an ultima to stamina, it won't be a wind one but that won't matter for checking estimated damage.

ed5023  No.16457678


Ultima are on a unique modifier, also he has the normal mod on the Seraphic Bow

f79539  No.16457715


Ultimas are on the normal multiplier.

bf4597  No.16457777





Granblue is done, it's been a pleasure playing with you all.

7e09ea  No.16457788


On the bright side: This is the game's big, dumb grappler anyone who isn't a scrub can destroy with ease.

b19643  No.16457991

File: 3ac0b02a129cd42⋯.jpg (29.58 KB, 480x287, 480:287, Every time.JPG)


Both West and JP also incur in Cag and Balurga pronouns. It's all so tiresome.

41cecc  No.16458219

File: 790c8b067e3be8c⋯.jpg (39.46 KB, 800x364, 200:91, ded.jpg)

File: 768495d663deb80⋯.jpg (2.08 MB, 2200x3111, 2200:3111, and.jpg)

File: b91c1c76b0ab63a⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 2000x1468, 500:367, gone.jpg)

>content producer leaves

>schedule removed

The Umas are truly dead.

52c840  No.16458231


I keep forgetting about this IPs existence. I'm not really interested in it but the girls look cute as fuck, I'd give it a try if it ever gets released.

63d2ea  No.16458241


These are all futas, right? After all they are not named after mares.

7e09ea  No.16458250


Isn't this the IP that got in trouble with the Yakuza?

91af9c  No.16458283


Why are the Japanese such subhumans?

41cecc  No.16458306

File: af2bf30575a33a2⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1119x1270, 1119:1270, tan amazon.png)


A few of them are mares, like Hishi Amazon, Vodka, and Daiwa Scarlet. Ear ornament on their left means the real horse is a mare.


It's the one that cygames used the names of real race horses. So they had to ask people not to lewd the horse girls because the horse owners didn't like it. Didn't work of course.

793233  No.16458319



Yes because the JRA is run by them and they're faggots, the doujins were about to flow in but then pressured KMR to tell artists not to lewd the horses or something.

892641  No.16458342

File: 7fd026d116d72a1⋯.jpg (996.01 KB, 1000x1399, 1000:1399, dc507c9b38d11521c5e9de01e1….jpg)



>don't lewd the horses

What the fuck were they expecting?

No wonder the whole thing crashed.

52c840  No.16458634



That right there is a top tier horse

e2734a  No.16458640


I'll main Ladiva during the beta and bully the fags with one of them.

6140c6  No.16459429

If I already have a True Judgement Lyre and I have an Earth Atma Sword, is it worth getting another Xeno Judgement Lyre or a Sahrivar?

df60ca  No.16459539


Sahrivar MH is really good for "hard" content.

e73b20  No.16459600

File: 3931ee93e2af533⋯.jpg (144.39 KB, 868x1228, 217:307, 3931ee93e2af533e21b24a667f….jpg)


Dual Wield class.

I can no longer like Sara for whenever I look at her, I will always be reminded that never ever for Dragon Quest X.

c54e9a  No.16459675

File: 3a473857b9e7014⋯.png (229.29 KB, 486x394, 243:197, astras.png)

File: d37d3f3cd62a1d3⋯.png (1.13 MB, 850x708, 425:354, ClipboardImage.png)

>cucked out of draph tits by 40 arcapoints

7e09ea  No.16459899


Would you use it over Alexiel's dagger as main hand?

5ad146  No.16459930

File: 06016056dacf952⋯.jpg (84.59 KB, 700x700, 1:1, c3baf438.jpg)


This sucks. I wanted to see horse girls and porn.

5ad146  No.16459991

File: 5c3e8ae8224e569⋯.png (125.93 KB, 548x136, 137:34, timegating sucks.png)


I see Im not the only one..

c54e9a  No.16460628

File: 96b175821f17998⋯.png (2.99 MB, 1500x1061, 1500:1061, ClipboardImage.png)

f7ac33  No.16460747

As I get closer to rank 120, I guess I really have to start preparing for true Omega grids. At what point does an Omega Summon's aura become stronger than 100% attack respective element boost?

62ffc8  No.16460797



Like the table indicates,If you're using a 100% summon as your main and a 140% friend summon then you need 53% Omega ATK up in your grid. Omega Big ATK up starts at 5% and gets increased by 1% per skill-level up to 15% at skl10. Med starts at 3% and goes to 12% at skl10.

This table doesn't take extra modifiers like Crit, Enmity, Stamina,etc. into account so you can switch sooner if you have any Omega versions of those skills in your grid.

f7ac33  No.16460847


According to the chart, if I have a 100% attack aura, and normally use a 120% attack aura friend, I should switch to 3* Omega if my attack skills surpass 59%. They do. However, when I switch my summons around (I already use both in said lineup), my estimated damage goes down heavily. Is that just a normal thing for Omega type auras on the party screen?

f7ac33  No.16460848


>if my OMEGA attack skills surpass 59%

Sorry, fixed for clarity.

62ffc8  No.16460929


Yeah, that's a problem with the way the game estimates your damage. For some reason, Omega skills have way less impact in the calculation.

If you're unsure of a grids performance, you can always check out the trial battles on the home screen. That way you can test out if changing up your summons/weapons is worth it.

They actually improved the estimated damage calculation from what it used to be. It didn't even take Stamina, Crit, Enmity into account so Magna wind grids always had terrible estimations.

f79539  No.16460969


>Yeah, that's a problem with the way the game estimates your damage. For some reason, Omega skills have way less impact in the calculation.

I've never heard of this before. Do you have a source?


Show me your grid.

e2734a  No.16461158


Just to be sure, when you say you already use both in your line up, you mean you've properly set the support summon for estimated damage calculation in the party screen, right?

62ffc8  No.16461166


>Do you have a source?

I've done a few rudimentary tests with the weapons that I have lying around now and this doesn't seem to be true anymore (or may never have been).

It seemed true before the estimated damage changes but honestly it may have simply been the stat differences between your average magna and normal items.

Just ignore that I even said that.

f7ac33  No.16461632

File: 585e4c67aab1613⋯.jpg (388.58 KB, 468x492, 39:41, WindGrid.jpg)




This is my Wind Grid. I have both Raphael (0*) and Tiamat Omega (3*) in the lineup. When Tiamat is the aura, my "Earth Foe Damage" is estimated at 45657; when Raphael is the aura, it's estimated at 54034.

41cecc  No.16461667

File: eaabfe127981034⋯.png (1.23 MB, 600x1875, 8:25, mother'sday.png)

File: 564a1a61fbca49d⋯.png (214.39 KB, 960x800, 6:5, mamasnek.png)

e2734a  No.16461670


Alright, so first things first, can you trade the Bahamut Sword for another omega weapon? Two Bahamut weapons won't do you much good, more so with a Atma too.

Second, it would appear you haven't set an support summon. Press the i button next to Estimated Weakpoint Damage and you can then check your weakpoint using your Raphael 0* and a support Tiamat 4* and using your Tiamat 0* and a support Grimnir MLB.

63d2ea  No.16461672


>not a 20m long snek daki

Mamafags never fail to fuck up.

e2734a  No.16461682


She must be about 8 metres really.

f7ac33  No.16461695


Huh. I never knew that about the support summon calculations. That actually changes things, and when I set a 0* Grimnir as the support, Tiamat's aura is better for the calculations.

I'm definitely considering de-plusing the Bahamut Sword sometime soon and replacing it in all my grids, but it was a big help for a long time due to it being something that would benefit ALL my grids. Believe me, I'm getting close to that point, but then the question will become where those plus marks go, as they won't be on all-grid weapons anymore.

Thanks for curing my ignorance on that support summon calculator function though!

63d2ea  No.16461707


More like 150-160cm.

e2734a  No.16461715


+ marks aside, ideally you should Coda both the dagger and the sword (and a pistol for Harvins). Some elements like wind, light and fire have an abundance of erunes and little to no Draphs, but Dark and Earth, on the other hand, have few erunes and more Draphs. On Coda both give the same amount of ATK and HP, so the only difference are the races that compose your party.

And about the estimated damage calculator, you can also set your HP at different % to check the effect of Stamina and Enmity skills in your grid, which is pretty handy.

e2734a  No.16461718


From head to tip of tail I mean.

63d2ea  No.16461723


I'm talking about the size of the daki. What good is a lamia dakimakura if you are not going to make it full length? That one is clearly standard length.

c54e9a  No.16461973

File: 9476bc22139b3cc⋯.png (692.57 KB, 512x747, 512:747, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e05e930f86e63f8⋯.png (143.76 KB, 640x688, 40:43, 3991358000.png)



2ee3e6  No.16462021

File: 4d874616c0d801e⋯.png (825.74 KB, 1059x771, 353:257, ClipboardImage.png)

Who should I ticket?

e73b20  No.16462123

File: 2d81ec90f30dd61⋯.webm (1.93 MB, 640x360, 16:9, laughing_necrons.webm)

The wiki moved Kumbhira to 9.5, Athena to 9.5, and Vajra to 10. I can kinda agree with Athena but the rest and especially puppy are proper proof if you still think it's information to swear by; you're a retard.

e73b20  No.16462144

File: 2a7f79ea6a9a5d1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 778.58 KB, 744x714, 124:119, 92dc40b858efa505eda38cf229….png)


Only one correct choice.

bb7c33  No.16462149

File: b088f06ab02043d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.65 MB, 1273x1800, 1273:1800, 1462908523964.jpg)


Good choice

bf4597  No.16462339




I'm going to guess those are the character he has, in which case:

Fire's good, needs Anila, good luck.

Water has S.Grea so it's good enough already but could use Altair.

Dirt is lacking but the main players are Alex, Cain and Okto, better pray for a good Halle rebalance or look at Siegfried.

Wind is solid already.

Light could use Amira to bring a massive boost in C.A. generation if you've got a Xeno Sword or a Dark Opus one.

Dark needs Zooey.

Your pick depends on where you are in the game and if you have access to Ultima and Hollowsky weapons, also how heavily are you planning to play during the next Guild Wars.

2ee3e6  No.16462745

File: da01994f633d3f9⋯.jpg (808.19 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, 54837846_p2.jpg)



i already have monki yea


I just got to 120 so I won't be able to get hollowsky for a while, and I don't really into to play all that much during gw. Even in the previous one where it was favorable towards me I only got to like 10 boxes or so. For ultimas i have sword but atma sword and haven't gone through making it ultima and probably won't be able to for some time due to quartz.

I am using gws as an excuse to force me to make non-wind teams though as I've never really used anything but my wind team for stuff. I don't really think there's much to do with earth right now though, so I was probably going to try and focus on water for right now.

I also don't have any xenos but a 0* wind fist and at the end of this I'll have at least last savitar and maybe something else if I bring myself to do it.

A lot of people have said altair so I'll probably get him, though I was wondering about Lily, isn't she supposed to be super good after her 5*? Or was it just core memes.

f79539  No.16462803


Lily is actually really good after her 5th star she's a bit slower to start than Altair though.

bf4597  No.16462818


She's pretty good and can be especially useful when fighting against Twin Elements (autoclears the AoE Sleep up to 3 times), but she's a bit more of a defensive option while Altair buffs crit and Charge Bar generation and frees a slot from your MC so you won't have to carry Mist anymore.

e2734a  No.16462833


The correct answer is to use Lily and Altair with Drang or Europa and make that juicy Atma Staff party with a couple Europa Harps and Staffs. Trust me, I'm an anonymous poster in a soviet crockery message board, why would I lie to you?

5ad146  No.16463260

File: 82660196ab9768d⋯.png (486.51 KB, 376x558, 188:279, s1f2637u80.png)

File: e7d5bf79ed8baf1⋯.png (209.08 KB, 370x616, 185:308, fuck you.png)

What a fun game this is…

7e09ea  No.16464180


You forgot that they moved Ayer down to 9.0.

e2734a  No.16464600


Which is weird in the golden age of having him punch himself to death so you can bring the Oracles to the frontline with their super buffs.

8f9ccd  No.16464611


Is rackam the issue? Is he supposed to be better?

e2734a  No.16464623


Well, Rackam only needs 1 button press while Ayer needs 4, so while Rackam is better I wouldn't say he is by a whole lot. Unless Ayer ends up dodging the fatal blow, setting you back a turn.

7e09ea  No.16464628


It's less of that and that the game's become less friendly to Enmity characters.

It doesn't help that his second and third skill are extremely shitty. Right now he's just 9.0 because he's the perfect friend (outside of the Shadowverse loli) of the Oracles and because he hits very hard.

e2734a  No.16464644


Fight Club sequel that cures his brain damage that they teased way back in Thousand Reasons and makes people actually use his 2 when?

ac2c69  No.16465250

File: 04581720fc87576⋯.png (12.03 KB, 69x88, 69:88, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1284d57d6f204cf⋯.png (3.98 KB, 86x26, 43:13, ClipboardImage.png)

it's gonna take me 3 weeks to get the remaining 7, isn't it?

a79a29  No.16467092

So this time I learned from the last Xeno event and just went for the faster and less stressful route of leeching the raid. I couldn't decide between concentrating on Cocytus or Vohu Manah, so I went for both. The variety turned out to make the grind more bearable.

But the reason I'm writing this post is that I started to feel that the respective rare key item was dropping considerably more often from Cocytus than from Vohu Manah even though I felt I had been doing both approximately equally. I considered that perhaps the difference in items was random variation or that my mental estimations of raid numbers were off because Cocytus tended to die faster than Vohu Manah. But as the drops piled up, it became apparent that the drop rates between the raids were not identical. This can be seen in the ratios of the rare key items to the xeno animas.

Current status with nothing bought from the shop:

True Xeno Cocytus animas: 69

Frozen hellplumes: 45

True Xeno Vohu Manah animas: 64

Sacrosanct sutras: 23

These numbers involve very few red chests.

e75555  No.16467135

File: fd22bca0b256ea9⋯.webm (4 MB, 500x280, 25:14, sanic.webm)

817c8e  No.16467147


Who is this mama snek?

b6e59f  No.16467243


Maybe they just realized that they made a flavor of the month anime and decided to move on to more productive activities.

30449c  No.16467500

File: 93f857d74bff1ea⋯.png (242.46 KB, 476x386, 238:193, really.PNG)


play the story

817c8e  No.16467841


I'm too busy doing events right now. I reached chapter 80 not too long ago.

f7ac33  No.16468736

So what's considered the best way to automate grinding that is: 1) Free, 2) Won't get me into trouble with Cygames?

8f9ccd  No.16468752


What kind of grinding? Sliming?

You should stay away from external tools, they will ban you.

c54e9a  No.16468761


pressing the auto button

f7ac33  No.16468777


Angel Halo. Need weapons.


Honestly, I'm fine with the auto-button pace, but I can't seriously keep clicking a quest start for hours at a time.

2ee3e6  No.16468840


well it'll be less painful soon

you won't have to go through the multiple clicks to choose a summon, just presumably the "start" and "auto" buttons

78df74  No.16468905

Any uploads of the full Chaos/ Promise soundtracks? I've seen a couple uploads on youtube but granblue.rhyme.moe only has the EP still.

722690  No.16469128


Yeah nah, your friend's summon won't disappear from the list for X uses or X minutes, but you're still gonna have to pick it.


Is it still 4 songs per album?

2ee3e6  No.16469146


>Yeah nah, your friend's summon won't disappear from the list for X uses or X minutes, but you're still gonna have to pick it.

have they confirmed that? that's pretty shitty if so

ec4b19  No.16470055

File: 7f5c4290f06e3e0⋯.png (904.88 KB, 661x948, 661:948, iridium_2019-05-14_21-53-4….png)

Really looking forward to this game

c54e9a  No.16470404

File: 51e18729c8d1784⋯.webm (3.64 MB, 412x570, 206:285, Maria.webm)

Thought I'd make a webm of Maria's animations

7e09ea  No.16470419


She's so perfect and this is coming from someone who likes lolis.

ac2c69  No.16472815

File: fddf4664120a8f9⋯.png (523.32 KB, 434x576, 217:288, ClipboardImage.png)

Niia is fun, you can quadriple ougi your way to victory

dd4189  No.16473094

I want to be a Lowain bro

e2734a  No.16473112


Just main Lowain in Versus.

7e09ea  No.16473433


>In his Arcade Ending he calls you, the player, the 4th Lowain Bro.

>Cut to Yggdrasil bowing to you in gratitude.

e2734a  No.16473453


That's really dumb

I love it, and if this happened I'd buy a statue of the Lowain, Tomoi and Elsam doing the HPA

33643f  No.16473504

File: 33513e82d4e05b0⋯.png (384.15 KB, 540x840, 9:14, unzips.png)

File: 02447bab14d7c53⋯.png (335.13 KB, 526x390, 263:195, 1467093318475.png)

Translate this, faggot (((localizer)))

62ffc8  No.16473556

File: e9e594178b9db88⋯.png (416.65 KB, 613x976, 613:976, 2019-05-16_jp.png)

File: 827f8eddcbc4495⋯.png (444.23 KB, 619x983, 619:983, 2019-05-16.png)


She has grown on me the more I see of her, both personality and gameplay-wise.

Do you happen to know what kind of numbers dark Runeslayer can pull? I've seen the same range of numbers (40-60mil) for this don't-ougi-until-turn-12-ft.Nia-team but I don't really have a reference for other dark burst teams. I imagine this team has more consistent damage but the Runeslayer one has higher burst.


They'll just redraw the comic and make it about something entirely different like they've done many times before.

b8b889  No.16474416


This setup is for turn 9 with qilin and you can ougi before that. I could've done more if I used baha x hades and remembered to use freyr, I'm guessing you can probably do 70 mil dmg if you use runeslayer + her field effect + shiva, using death's call a turn before for the TA. My grid is still missing an Unheil and I need to mlb my hades, if I had that my mc would probably do 6mil quadruple oigis

Her fate eps are heartshattering prepare your Kokoro

c54e9a  No.16474521

File: 865ff0f02cc43cb⋯.png (981.27 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, ClipboardImage.png)

draph zoi

1c4470  No.16475710

File: 0e63f8a07654c32⋯.jpg (106.42 KB, 466x953, 466:953, noice.JPG)

>reach rank 190

>think it's about time I do arubaha hl for a 3rd omega weapon

>too afraid to set up a coop room and don't want to leech someone else's so decide to try it alone just to get a feel at it

>go with my super m2 earth team of yaia, brodia and 5* okto with plenty of protect but no thor, typhoon, etc

>die when it still has 78% health left so don't even reach the part where I would have needed these summons

>say fuck it, pub it and close the window

>come back to the game later

>it's cleared

Wew, so that raid is now so weak that you can even pub it and it will clear?

I can now make a katana, just in time for next guild war. And wait a couple years for when Luci hl will be pubbable too.

2ee3e6  No.16475734


i think everything but akasha and faa hl is a free clear nowadays

757c5c  No.16475868


I farmed a good part of 2 ultima weapons leeching failed solo Ubaha HL runs.

52c840  No.16476657

Valentine's day gifts are being shipped out now. Check your emails for tracking info.

c54e9a  No.16477293

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

versus gameplay

7e09ea  No.16477319


>Manual inputting specials gives you less cooldown over using the one-button specials


2ee3e6  No.16477408


isn't that how they did ryu's inclusion in smash? you can do the normal smash attacks but if you input their correct inputs from SF it does more damage or something?

7e09ea  No.16477425


It's just more damage. But for Granblue they do want people to use both Specials and Normals and to use Specials as a resource instead of being a main source of damage.

62ffc8  No.16477459


Some interesting stuff.

The overall damage seems pretty good so that puts one of my concerns to rest.

Having multiple supers per character is nice but I was hoping to have a choice between them and not have it be conditional. The

sub-30% HP enhanced super seems like another comeback mechanic that so many modern fighters have. Let's hope this game handles it better than some of its compatriots.

Having a guard-button option in the game really throws me off. I hope they balance that out well enough.

Using your super puts all your abilities on cooldown. Whiffing a super is really punishing. Even hitting a super that doesn't finish your opponent seems harsh. Longer combo supers like Lancelots seem better than shorter duration ones like Ferry for this reason.

Certain abilities get taken off CD under certain conditions. Ferry's pet projectile (the bomb icon) goes off cooldown when she gets hit, for instance.

Ferry seems to have some really good set-ups. Her sweeps crazy range and her upwards pet projectile seem like prime conditioning tools.

Charlotta has so much mix-up potential. I really want to see her full move-list.

Lancelot really is just Leo with some aerials thrown in.

Gran is so boring that nobody wants to play him. Horrible decision to make him a shoto.


Sort of. You can use the SF inputs for Ryu to get alternate versions (usually more damaging but slower/longer) of his basic moves. You can also just hold down the button instead of doing the SF input. It's closer to choosing to use a light or heavy attack when you throw out a fireball in other fighters than this GBF system.

This cooldown based system is fairly unique. Other fighters have done CDs before but not with the motion-input caveat. The two that I'm thinking off also still required you to use meter to do EX-moves instead of prolonging the cooldown.

278ecd  No.16477637

File: 7fe904df3d33c6a⋯.png (307.33 KB, 466x620, 233:310, Partial.PNG)

Cygames hates filthy gaijin cheaters.

74f5d2  No.16477639

I love how this mobage manages to stay in the top 5 pages of /v/. Deal with it goons.

f7ac33  No.16479311

I was going to start upgrading my Bahamut Dagger from SR to Coda, but it keeps telling me it's equipped. I've removed it from all party sets (even in the B set I never use). Where else could something be "equipped?"

f7ac33  No.16479318


Nevermind, I was still in a Raid at the time, that's why.

bbf8f9  No.16479565

File: da8b41b0aaed376⋯.png (777.71 KB, 485x709, 485:709, old man get.PNG)

Old man potater get

bf4597  No.16479573


Just in time for the GW!


bf4597  No.16479702

File: 7f6f9729e57badb⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 271.54 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, D6zegEiXYAUEQ94.jpg)

File: 194ba3d8fda458d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 282.92 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, D6zWa9RXYAE5dRF.jpg)

File: 1c6766c6cce9e0a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 257.37 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, D6zXUDpW4AUdjjC.jpg)

File: 31e5c734ebb4a13⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 283.5 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, D6zZbjJWwAAlXMp.jpg)

The wonderful cosplayers at AnimeCentral!

2ee3e6  No.16479715


i was expecting far worse, though i suppose that's maybe me just being in fandoms for too long and having low standards

the belial is the only really bad one i think

7e09ea  No.16479717


That Grea's cute, I guess.

63d2ea  No.16479719


>some sort of blasian tranny


bf4597  No.16479721


not the male Sarasa?

7e09ea  No.16479726


Emphasis on the I guess. They're all hideous.

2ee3e6  No.16479729

>>16479719 is right that the grea on the right has a rather unfortunate face though


maybe he looks worse at other angles but in that he looks fine enough

it's a guy cosplaying as a girl so it does look off but the cosplay itself does seem pretty good and it's not like he's some 400 pound lardo

45c5ab  No.16479731

File: 258ec2cb976e715⋯.jpg (119.43 KB, 626x472, 313:236, Kikuichimonjishi_Guraburug….jpg)

86c454  No.16479760

File: 815a9b72d531013⋯.gif (137.6 KB, 137x179, 137:179, MP5_attack.gif)

bf4597  No.16479853

File: 741c848cb516fa0⋯.jpg (270.77 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, D6z1tR8UIAAEqun.jpg)

33643f  No.16479945

File: f00bccadf76485f⋯.png (301.5 KB, 704x512, 11:8, f00bccadf76485fef31479df79….png)


>someone actually got the potato

What a madman

7e09ea  No.16480100

e54072  No.16480152

File: 41d19f5b5c0c8b5⋯.png (610.22 KB, 610x480, 61:48, ClipboardImage.png)

I don't know what I was thinking. How do I fix this?

b6f8a9  No.16480241

File: 67a540a7718630b⋯.png (110.21 KB, 314x271, 314:271, With 4 of these.png)

dd4189  No.16480319



c54e9a  No.16481008

File: eaf7ac44c77c2fe⋯.png (195.06 KB, 360x270, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 546da1d3331d9c8⋯.png (190.43 KB, 360x270, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c89ceb2766286d3⋯.png (196.88 KB, 360x270, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 04d8b57731ca980⋯.png (175.85 KB, 360x270, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4be6abaa1d177e5⋯.png (4.96 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

c54e9a  No.16481011

File: 26554c304b537b2⋯.png (1.1 MB, 720x960, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)


All the oracles too

52c840  No.16481017

File: 3e245972ccd6445⋯.jpg (188.63 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, D6z1BDjUcAAawB-.jpg)

It almost looks like Fenrir is spitting out the chocolate…

Also why the FUCK does she not have her own signature by now


Are these images for ants?

c54e9a  No.16481035

File: 58e78b7bba56141⋯.png (4.35 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 02a9688faedce55⋯.png (4.47 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2617567d62c84c1⋯.png (4.58 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Lets try that again

c54e9a  No.16481037

File: b405dee9722d1d1⋯.png (2.74 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c4906bef5f8dbea⋯.png (4.71 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Snek mum and some more

41cecc  No.16481183

File: 4398db4861171dc⋯.png (145.22 KB, 333x340, 333:340, catdrool.png)

>loli erune sideboob

ac2c69  No.16481204


sent a message to dancho, will scout you soon I think

45c5ab  No.16481230


Everyone already got loli erune sideboob for free though.

a79a29  No.16481552

I started doing the new side story and in the name of realism put Aster and Sutera in the frontline. Then I got to the part where they talk about at length about Metera and how she isn't there. Somehow everyone is unable to notice that Metera is right there in the party, sharing the frontline with Sutera and Aster. The three even fought some monsters together in an earlier chapter.

8f9ccd  No.16481563


She's a ghost.

a79a29  No.16481682


I decided to retcon her presence for Wind Sevilbarra (level 1). He can get some experience for himself from fighting monsters in an easy side story. This story probably needed to be made available early in the game so that the player would be less likely to have drawn Metera already, causing situations like mine. Though, Metera was my first Wind SSR, so if the side story had been available when I started playing I think I would actually have been in an exactly the same situation with even more certainty because of lack of options.

dd4189  No.16481917

File: 658943e16a8caaa⋯.jpg (83.4 KB, 480x401, 480:401, one nipple Walder.jpg)

Am I seeing things, or does he legitimately only have one pec?

2ee3e6  No.16481980


He had to sacrifice the other one for Jade.

e73b20  No.16482012

File: 75cb85f6a49567e⋯.jpg (815.3 KB, 1003x1416, 17:24, 54803574_p0.jpg)


Wasn't expecting such an emphasis on Yaias pillows.

ebded2  No.16482138


Yaia is 6 years old.

ac2c69  No.16482333



7e09ea  No.16482377


She's a big girl.

e73b20  No.16482448

File: eb0eac734bf2130⋯.png (195.69 KB, 640x940, 32:47, 150301_sw_1_01.png)


And bigger than 16yr olds.


For you.

706dc9  No.16482990

File: 0a2001bd988bd12⋯.jpg (454.5 KB, 1064x792, 133:99, She's got gust 1.jpg)

File: 6801a9f2bb56b77⋯.jpg (452.01 KB, 1064x792, 133:99, She's got guts 2.jpg)

File: 10a5557b7eab23e⋯.jpg (165.11 KB, 865x440, 173:88, She's got guts 3.jpg)



7e09ea  No.16483021


I don't think I like De La Fatte.

33643f  No.16483069

File: 898554151632b18⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 4558x4542, 2279:2271, 1447970161284.jpg)


Why do ugly people insist on cosplaying?

706dc9  No.16483133


To get attention at conventions to try and convince some not-so fatty neckbeard to let them suck their dicks?

63d2ea  No.16483134


The sad thing is she is probably the 2nd least unattractive one there. The Mirin being the first.

2ee3e6  No.16483162

File: 4ed1074c8e43db8⋯.png (35.77 KB, 126x144, 7:8, ClipboardImage.png)


>The Mirin being the first.

odd taste but ok

63d2ea  No.16483201


It's more the others are abominations beyond imagination than the Mirin actually being cute.

2ee3e6  No.16483363

File: 82efdaf184fbd59⋯.png (136.11 KB, 326x232, 163:116, ClipboardImage.png)


I think these are better but the dj is kind of chinky

416757  No.16485172

I'm not the only one with network errors, right?

c54e9a  No.16485173

File: 257f49349f07da2⋯.png (1.03 MB, 850x985, 170:197, ClipboardImage.png)


nope. GW is cancelled I guess. Hooray

1c4470  No.16485181

File: bc6641a8ab77e91⋯.jpg (46.48 KB, 338x566, 169:283, Capture.JPG)



The bots farmed too much already. Servers couldn't keep up the pace.

5ad146  No.16485184

I just wanted to use my crystals and tickets away. Wasn't even getting anything but 2 gold moons and Gorilla summon. I think I should just go sleep for few months again since game can't even run its gacha without breaking.

86c454  No.16485189

File: f047fd2a99c6676⋯.png (625.84 KB, 564x552, 47:46, d2890483248.png)

a79a29  No.16485191

File: 3fe552cdf132d7a⋯.png (15.83 KB, 625x313, 625:313, granblueerror500.png)


I've never seen the game this broken.

92bf3a  No.16485195


We'll be getting apologems. I hope this doesn't end up extending GW. I hate GW.

b6f8a9  No.16485201

File: fda3757411c88f9⋯.png (292.52 KB, 317x522, 317:522, Earth GW 2019 NM 90 team.png)

File: 06151bccfe77664⋯.png (246.88 KB, 313x399, 313:399, Earth GW 2019 NM 90 grid.png)

The team and grid I use for NM 90 since a crew member asked. The weapon in the top left is an ultima sword with stamina and skill cap up.

c54e9a  No.16485202

File: 19b5c1e38bc4c13⋯.png (1.1 MB, 850x850, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>Even more crystals during the event that gives the most crystals

My spark fund is growing stronger

c54e9a  No.16485238

File: efeda48e7e3b8c8⋯.png (140.71 KB, 256x435, 256:435, ClipboardImage.png)

Emergency Maintenance time.

b6f8a9  No.16485239


It's finally over.

416757  No.16485269

Game is back online. Time to to go back to hell.

ecd94d  No.16485306

File: 21ce2f08a248c0f⋯.png (201.24 KB, 331x391, 331:391, 1492324455972.png)


And it's back down.

b6f8a9  No.16485459

Alright, get back to work.

e30601  No.16485680

>come back into the game

>see aster


d9a05d  No.16486158


but can she make song double attack?

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