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File: 46f9b351226e9f5⋯.png (104.57 KB, 1340x573, 1340:573, haha funni.png)

File: a34e4ec70c8a770⋯.jpeg (36.46 KB, 300x400, 3:4, sam.jpeg)

c47e82  No.581

The purpose of this board is to discuss Christian topics

It was started because of dissatisfaction with censorship by mods on /christian/, and that's still an issue almost 4 years later


We had a first raid today, (probably just one cross /b/ & /christian/ poster), that challenges the rule of "no censorship". Obviously spam and pornography are counter to the board purpose, but does banning and deleting provide an avenue for bias in moderation? I've concluded that it could, and in the interest of total transparency the mod practices will be as follows:

>all bans have been lifted

>anti-spam settings have been enabled (captcha to start thread, new thread limit/hour, robot9000 script)

>lewd and pornographic images will be deleted, but the post will remain

>spam threads will be locked, but not deleted so anyone can judge for themselves whether or not the post really was spam

c47e82  No.582

A number of similar /christian/ alternatives have been created over the years, but none of them approach the issue correctly. Some were made under the same ruleset but the promise that they wouldn't censor others, and some were made for just one christian denomination in mind




>>>/onlygoodchristian/ was a joke board to illustrate mod overreach on /christian/ >>61

a3b123  No.583

62a3bc  No.585


I think all you need to do is establish some rules. I run /christ/ and we had some serious problems for a while, but things are starting to mellow out and the board is becoming its own. Set your rules, don't be afraid to enforce them, and don't be afraid to listen to the users.

Decide what this board is for and why it is set apart from the other Christian boards. For example, /christ/ is a church. All are welcome. All those denominations that /christian/ rejects - like Quakers or Jehovah's Witnesses - can come to /christ/ for discussion and fellowship. We've had a massive amount of complaints lately that want Gnostics thrown off of /christ/, but it's up to you if you want them here or not.

ee675a  No.586


>I run /christ/

You're a Jew you idiot

ee675a  No.590


>robot9000 script

Please turn this off, it hampers board culture more than anything

a3b123  No.595


The distinguishing aspect of this board is the lack of censorship. There will be no risk of people being thrown off because that's not the role of a moderator. People should argue against gnosticism with superior Bible exposition if they don't like it.

I reject the concept of a board being a church or having fellowship. You've put yourself in a contradictory position by referring to it as a church but not calling false gospel anathema. Is the "church" thing just a tagline?


explain please

62a3bc  No.596




>I reject the concept of

Well, you're entitled to that.

62a3bc  No.597


How can a board with fewer than 600 posts have a culture?

1c5f94  No.614

File: e4b681da20c7d6c⋯.png (248.8 KB, 600x764, 150:191, hd jew.png)


Does this offend you?

c378e9  No.616



I couldn't simply say the word disgusting because that's "unoriginal content". see how r9k is more disruptive to users than spammers?

368dcf  No.620


I have turned it off

62a3bc  No.621


No. Why would it? I don't allow racist caricatures on my board (not even the sheeeeit guy or the beaner thing) because it's like allowing porn: if you allow it even once, that's all the board will become. It's clearly stated in the board rules.

15fffa  No.626


>Why would it?

Because you're a Jew

>it's like allowing porn

Your brain on leftism

>It's clearly stated in the board rules

I piss on your (((rules)))

62a3bc  No.631


>Because you're a Jew

Nope. I can prove it: GOD

Neat, eh?

>I piss on your rules

As that it may be, you still have to follow them on my board. Sorry, kid, but your edginess has no effect on me.

510706  No.838

File: 04338842ed90479⋯.png (87.57 KB, 1009x444, 1009:444, Screenshot_2019-01-13 Repo….png)

Don't bother with these reports

1af914  No.881

File: 30f2b907aefeaf3⋯.jpg (215.76 KB, 400x401, 400:401, so-much-win.jpg)


While this place may eventually turn into /pol/, for a brief, glorious, halcyon period, this board will be seriously


c378e9  No.891

File: d2fdc354fb8c6c3⋯.mp4 (3.7 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, shekel for a good goy.mp4)


>MUH /pol/!

95a786  No.1173

File: 254412bf8dba75c⋯.jpg (186.77 KB, 1439x447, 1439:447, Screenshot_20190131-201943….jpg)

This board needs to be a place for neets in chan culture to learn about Jesus. Everyone yearns for meaning, and we have the answers in holy scripture.

e16bff  No.1209

2a80f5  No.1253


Yeah, because what we need is yet another Christian board where every thread is either "pls halp me stop touching muh pee-pee" or "tfw no qt crusader gf". Stop being NEET.

8ce3d7  No.1255


You have the total liberty to call them neet incels however much you please

b1c237  No.1569

File: 74b9cfd36f8ea36⋯.png (271.17 KB, 600x579, 200:193, tumblr_o48vz37IPr1v0pigno1….png)

Why are slow boards so comfy bros

7a65bd  No.1783


Hey for the record , OP, just want you to know I have been extremely satisfiied with the content and quality of the threads here , to date. With the exception of just today, actually. So I don’t know, maybe it’s just one lone crazy? Anyway as for me my vote is to keep on keeping on, you folks have been great, truly.

>I do appreciate the effort with this thread though.

Very classy.

Thanks for all the work, brother!

f0376f  No.1797

ef95c1  No.2066

Max number of new threads per hour has been lowered to 2 because of the angry osas guy tonight.

6cf26b  No.2070


You are a coward

c2e6e9  No.2138

From this point forward, copy-pasted threads will be treated as spam and locked.

If you want to throw a bunch of reference material against OSAS, or if you want to do a "saint of the day", keep it in one thread.

c2e6e9  No.2172

File: 5c712c8df8fab52⋯.png (457.15 KB, 1908x2644, 477:661, Screenshot_2019-03-30 IP h….png)



c378e9  No.2174


If you want any threads left but his shitposts you best start deleting instead of locking

6cf26b  No.2175


>free speech

>deletes the truth

Baptist logic

cd3ffd  No.2177




On one hand, he's definitely an obsessed spam troll with too much time on his hands. On the other hand, check out the board list: his antics have pushed this board into the top 50.

Fascinating: he's trying to be disruptive, and is also clearly trying to push the boundaries of/break the no ban/no censorship policy of this board… but in the process, he's also causing this board to be more noticed and prominent… It's almost like in his attempts to crucify and persecute this board, he's unintentionally making it stronger….interesting.

Rule #19 of the internet/Christians become stronger under persecution in full effect?

6cf26b  No.2178


My goal is only to show how false Baptists are. That's it.

And the fact that none can respond adequately to what is shown shows this. Outsiders come in, read the evidence and see no Baptist rebuttals is only a win for me. Not for you

cd3ffd  No.2182


>t. buttmad malaysian spamtroll

b88e07  No.2184


Why is no one able to refute him?

cd3ffd  No.2186

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>"I will repeatedly spam this board with multiple threads of the same copypasta over and over again, for hours on end, day after day, like an autistic weirdo."

>"Because of this, I will come off as an unhinged obsessed lunatic with too much time on my hands."

>"Also because of this, no sane person will want to seriously engage me."

>"Making me the victor!"

6cf26b  No.2187


>assmad Baptist hates truth

cd3ffd  No.2188


>No U!

Also, seriously, please kindly refrain from cursing. It's not very Christ-like, and doesn't help your witness. But thank you for the traffic bump. God truly does make good things come out of bad.

6cf26b  No.2189


>implying truth is bad

Baptist cognitive dissonance 101

cd3ffd  No.2190


>t. Slightly clever, but still bitter and angry Malaysian spamtroll clearly in need of Christ's love.

Thank you again for the traffic boost.

6cf26b  No.2191


Thank you for showing how you are unable to face the truth, Baptist

cd3ffd  No.2192


You're welcome! God bless you. :)

6cf26b  No.2194


You can by repenting of Baptist idolatry

cd3ffd  No.2195


I love you too!

6cf26b  No.2196


Then repent of your false doctrine. I beg you

cd3ffd  No.2197


*hugs* :)

6cf26b  No.2198


I beg you my brother. Why cant you see the truth? Why are you so steeped in your own blindness that when truth is set free, you run from it and want to kill it?

cd3ffd  No.2199


All I know is that I can see that I love you and God does too! My you be blessed and find the peace that you are seeking.

cd3ffd  No.2200


Anyhoo, I gotta go to bed. Have a great Sunday!

2822e4  No.2201


>Outsiders come in, read the evidence and see no Baptist rebuttals

All they see is a turboautist dropping spaghetti everywhere

141ee9  No.2203


But why is it so convincing?

c2e6e9  No.2210

File: 3dfdf5fbba8f903⋯.png (79.14 KB, 937x430, 937:430, Screenshot_2019-03-31 IP h….png)



We know it's only you, guy. You're really just not helping your case.

You never even tried raising a reasoned debate, you just jumped in to spam. Why?

I don't want to ban and delete for exactly the impulse you have: that those who hold power in moderation are liable to restrain truth when it's convenient to them.

Are you trying to incite a backlash, so you can claim persecution? That's what the westboro baptists do, pretty ironic.

6cf26b  No.2212


>the Baptist cant even refute it

c2e6e9  No.2213


Refute what? That's the point, you're not being comprehensible, and we're not falling for the bait.

Are you proud of your behavior? Tell us what church you go to if so, since you've appointed yourself as missionary to our heathen land.

6cf26b  No.2215


>post showing how Baptist views of repentance is wrong

>Biblical usage given


Proof that truth is incomprehensible to the Baptist

188bfc  No.2222


Braptists BTFO

2f74a1  No.2224



Lol ok, this is epic

084648  No.2225

File: f99cb6cc1ee009b⋯.jpg (12.87 KB, 284x177, 284:177, download (13).jpg)


Quads confirmed

cd3ffd  No.2550

I realize this board is very anti-censorship/ban, partially as a reaction to the extreme censorship and ban happiness of the mods over at /christian/. But are child rape jokes going to be allowed on a Christian board out of blind loyalty to a radical no-censorship/ban policy?

The thread that the following linked post comes from is full of well done and tasteful criticism of the pedophilia scandals of the Catholic church, but the picture in this post:


…is filthy scandalizing humor that makes light of children being sexually abused.

>Ephesians 4:29

>Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

>Ephesians 5:4

>Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking, which are out of place, but rather thanksgiving.

>Colossians 3:8

>But now is the time to get rid of anger, rage, malicious behavior, slander, and dirty language

>James 3:11-12

>Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? My brothers and sisters, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water.

528c48  No.2551


Yes, you are expected to ignore the trolls on your own. Use sage and hide. This removes possibility for bias.

It isn't blind loyalty to a radical policy, it's consistent application of principles.

The poster has biblical obligation to be holy, and it isn't out of place to correct a brother, but that is not the role of moderation on this board.

c7a720  No.2607

File: 0e833962db09b0d⋯.jpg (208.79 KB, 1020x756, 85:63, 20190408_193753.jpg)

Just got banned (again) from /christian/, kek. I don't even know why they banned me since I'm a phoneposter, but if I had to guess I'd say it was pic related that I made. Either that or I made a remark on theology that wasn't catholic so they got triggered by the truth, but I can't recall anything I've posted recently being that bad. Just goes to show how biased their moderation team is.

563a5f  No.3396


>This board needs to be a place for neets in chan culture to learn about Jesus. Everyone yearns for meaning, and we have the answers in holy scripture.

Your pic was me in 2001, except that I didn't watch anime, because I didn't know it existed.

Then in 2007 I got a drivers license, in 2017 I found God thanks to missionaries (or larpers) on chans and looking for answers in scripture.

This year I found a church, after finally accepting the Lord's will and not running away from Him.

There is hope, even for hikkimori.

22fc87  No.3914

File: 4efac78e260c42d⋯.jpg (1.89 KB, 123x125, 123:125, 1556147362682.jpg)

622bb7  No.4017



0f6772  No.4202

File: 480fc41b9e3fb64⋯.png (13.69 KB, 644x276, 7:3, report.png)

call him a faggot yourself, don't ask me to delete it or ban him

35d12b  No.4211


That's ok buddy :)

c378e9  No.4249


You should not tolerate that. This might be only an imageboard, but God will judge you for how you govern it

3f93d6  No.4252


That's a slippery slope. Am i under judgment if smut comes through my radio while I'm looking for a station?

22848e  No.4262


You're under judgement if you run the radio station and you let smut air in the name of free speech

8ca86d  No.4264


Ok, but not my example?

Are you conceding that a certain level of involvement in the creation of that negative content is required for moral culpability?

Where does it end for you, does a police officer need to arrest a preteen who makes a rude gesture outside?

22848e  No.4266


>Ok, but not my example?

Your example is not analogous to a BO refusing to ban blasphemy

>Are you conceding that a certain level of involvement in the creation of that negative content is required for moral culpability?

A listener to a radio station does not have control of the programming of that station. The owner does. Will I be judged for blasphemies uttered by others on this board? I might be, if I had the power to make an end to it.

>Where does it end for you, does a police officer need to arrest a preteen who makes a rude gesture outside?

The police officer needs to arrest lawbreakers.

8ca86d  No.4267


Should it be against the law to make a rude gesture? Or to say a naughty word?

22848e  No.4269


It should be a crime to spit on the name of God, does that answer your question? Can you tell the difference between spiteful blasphemy and sticking your tongue out at somebody, or are you an infant?

c05dcf  No.4271

>literal satanic imagery up for weeks

>but muh free speech

Very sad. If it weren't for /christian/'s righteous expelling of schismatics this board would be another larpagan joke right now, as it stands it probably has a few weeks left.

47fa0e  No.4295

File: 8be0a4cfeaf39e9⋯.png (61.04 KB, 500x500, 1:1, xgorxiy1z4s11.png)



>Free speech bad!

>Extra ecclesiam nulla sallus!

fd039a  No.4300


>le epic Facebook meme

You need to go back.

559149  No.4359

File: 24b97750cee3b43⋯.png (13.08 KB, 817x247, 43:13, muslim report.png)

Take this as supporting evidence from a muslim 8chan poster that /islam/ has a culture of censoring disagreement on the part of the moderation

2d8f72  No.4426


You think someone from /islam/ reported that post? Wow, you are retarded.

8ca86d  No.4429


Isn't it a reasonable assumption that a Muslim on 8chan posts at /islam/?

767b6f  No.4551

Why don't the mods delete the leftypol gangweed spam?

b02198  No.4555


That >>4359 is not a post from /islam/.

e17c0d  No.4556


Because "No censorship at >>>/christianity/"

c783b5  No.4566


And thus the failings of hands off moderation.

d308b5  No.4575


Because it's not spam. Learn to use the hide feature

767b6f  No.4675



It's absolutely spam. The whole purpose of that thread was to pollute the board. I disagree with the no-modding approach. Without some police and a garbage truck, this board will be nothing but shit that's unrelated to Christianity.

386f85  No.4681


>The whole purpose of that thread was to pollute the board.

How do you know?

767b6f  No.4690


Go back, leftypol. Your funny pictures have nothing to do with this religion, and you know that.

386f85  No.4697


I didn't make that thread, I'm just asking for your reasoning. I don't know what gangweed is in the first place.

767b6f  No.4808

File: c082d65a4460983⋯.png (667.13 KB, 1075x720, 215:144, hrt.png)


It's a leftist, feminist meme that's popular on places like facebook, leftypol and reddit. Completely unrelated to Christianity.

Why was the babykiller thread deleted?

7f0bb4  No.4811


This one?


767b6f  No.4836

File: ec9acd3fd115041⋯.png (912.69 KB, 2022x1849, 2022:1849, that one.PNG)


Yeah, that one.

9721c3  No.4842


Look at the small text on top of the page. It's a site-wide problem.

>One Alacrity node crashed, but it is back online. Some threads might be 404ing as a result. As for the media server, we are looking into potential improvements.

8ca86d  No.4901

File: 5b3d4211206ca9a⋯.png (9.95 KB, 1090x127, 1090:127, 56e035b28.png)

This one might have been tongue in cheek hehe :^)

767b6f  No.4968

File: 5c561c9704c779a⋯.jpg (320.77 KB, 1000x1412, 250:353, kawa.jpg)

We're back on the list on the frontpage, lads.

4f0f9c  No.5290

File: c4d8534fa51180c⋯.png (803 B, 20x16, 5:4, 1024px-Flag_of_the_Greek_O….png)

Mods, can you switch the Eastern Orthodox flag for pic related? The current one doesn't look like anything.

The dimensions are the same.

d6a889  No.5292

File: 4e22782c9a965ed⋯.png (120.04 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 4e22782c9a965edbe2b64de235….png)


>using flags

e11f2f  No.5534



156f92  No.6505

File: 95d0ad8ad3e0198⋯.png (33.66 KB, 1200x720, 5:3, deutsche christen.png)

Can we have the flag of Deutsche Christen as flag?

d1a031  No.6507


Do you go to a deutsche christen church?

156f92  No.6508


No, just one that used to be one

d1a031  No.6509


That's pretty cool ngl

The goal is for the flags to correspond to the affiliation of the poster's church. Is there a denominational association of your church that isn't represented here already?

156f92  No.6511

File: 3a48e50354612ee⋯.png (225 B, 36x69, 12:23, 36px-Evang.svg.png)

File: 09fc7bb24a5f563⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 3072x2304, 4:3, Frauenkirche_DResden_80.jpg)


I don't know, all the flags here are of American Churches

The church I belong (Evangelical Church in to would use this flag

156f92  No.6512


>Evangelical Church in

*Evangelical Church in Germany

d1a031  No.6513



That's the EKD, right? And it's made up of member churches? Why?

156f92  No.6514


it's attempting to unite all the evangelic churches that were in Germany

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