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File: 517617e6d8593e9⋯.jpg (5.52 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 517617e6d8593e9703f99628f6….jpg)

File: 4818eea945b2a92⋯.jpg (141.57 KB, 1200x700, 12:7, ec0094a888f53e6d85c1f314a6….jpg)

File: c2723839fca0d67⋯.gif (582.8 KB, 800x537, 800:537, c2723839fca0d67cc1ccfb93e8….gif)

File: 68fb694d83b0332⋯.jpg (49.32 KB, 508x437, 508:437, rentfree.jpg)

File: 7f05fb66fa83808⋯.png (355.75 KB, 884x702, 34:27, goddessventi.png)

45da8f  No.952745

>Be Dominic Vanner

>A attic-neckbeard NEET, who can't do anything except stream and steal cocks from 4chan and other cocks creators.

>Spent last decade begging on 4chan

>Closet is full of women's clothes he orders online


>your gay lol

>Brobably something went wrong at birth :DDD

>have sex sweaty

Dominic my man this isn't healthy

All me lol:





Post last edited at

427dba  No.952748

File: 50531895f017e20⋯.jpg (65.31 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1532169238492.jpg)



Dude. I didn't check her twitter bio. But just the email you see on her youtube channel.

And it wasn't because I am "stalking her". I usually close this thread and only open it, when I want to comment.

I am just busy with finding secure and private alternatives to email providers and I looked at different youtubers to look what kind of email they use.

Stop thinking it's all about Brittany.

And this:

>I doubt that. These people spend all their time on her discord and watch her obsessively when she streams. She doesn't call them stalkers as long as they're giving her money but you know that's what she secretly thinks.


Why do you think we hate her?

I already said I would stop bullying her and I still didn't in all this time. I am just giving criticism and feedback, but I am not just schoolyard bullying her anymore.

I am just tired that she's pretending everyone is out to get her and 100% of the criticism is just hateful and unreasonably. Like that bingo she made. It's not a healthy attitude.

This is bordering /lolcow/ territory.

I honestly don't hate brittany. I just get annoyed sometimes at one of her boring rants, she keeps repeating or is acting like everyone just hates her and while seemingly able to dish out pretty harsh insults and disses, can't take any banter herself.

How is that for non-hateful feedback?

45da8f  No.952750


So when she makes videos on all those people and digs up gossip about them she's not "stalking" them right, just curious what you think of that.

b21751  No.952757

The e3 picture should be the main picture. remake thread

427dba  No.952761

File: 394e0beef4fc73d⋯.jpg (206.79 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, IMG_3450.JPG)


>And it wasn't because I am "stalking her". I usually close this thread and only open it, when I want to comment.

>I am just busy with finding secure and private alternatives to email providers and I looked at different youtubers to look what kind of email they use.

This is the same reason how I found out about her breakup, before it was public. Because I wanted to find 4chad's twitter and maybe other cool twitter accounts and noticed that it wasn't in her follower list anymore.

They reacted pretty badly to me teasing them about it and sperged out at me. They both did, but Mason proved to be more level-headed and cool about it later, while Brittany seems to act like a catatonic squirrel now, that just completly stopped most interaction with her followers.

Brittany if you want to be cool, you need to engage with your audience and not say stuff like: "I will never ever mention anything about a relationship publically ever again. You won't even know, if I ever get engaged, married or pregnant."

Like sure sure, that's your choice blabla, but don't be surprised that people find you boring and uncool now. From what I have seen as an observer, the most popular ecelebs are open with their audience about many things and yes, it's kinda a relationship/friend simulator, because they are that open. And they usually start to disappear again, when some drama happens and they become more reclusive and less open. This is how youtubers die usually.


Yeah, she just comes across as mean in these videos. Especially when she digs into how low self-confidence and obviously disappointed by her boyfriends for example pokimane is. Brittany basically ripped into her for feeling insecure about whether her boyfriend even loves her anymore.

It just seems kinda hypocritical of her to go after these people, given her own messy breakup. And even if it wasn't for that, it's still kinda weird, because she was so traumatized by it, that she vowed to literally never ever mention publically anything about her relationship status ever again.

And the people she is ripping into, don't have that option anymore, because it's already public. You can't take that back.

She can dish out really well, but when it's about her, she doesn't allow fair play.

So she really wants to be a female metokur or something like that. Her own Ex mentioned that she said that to him, when she found out he doesn't watch her cocks, but metokur's.

But then she displays favouritsm towards Lauren Southern and defends her, even though she really fucked up bad:

>lost like a million dollar of donations

>works with 2 gay/transsexual, degenerate scammers that stole 10,000$ worth of bitcoin from Tommy Robinson (something she knew about, when she worked with them, even Tommy continued to work with them after that for some reason, they probably already gathered a ton of dirt on them)

>are just general huge scammers and assholes, who steal donations money through theft and scams

>who also relayed private information to antifa doxxxxxxxing groups (Lauren fucking admitted to knowing about it, but didn't warn anybody about working with these people or anything and gave the lamest excuse possibly: "I didn't want to cause drama." And her other excuse: "I thought it was hilarious how they met up with Antifa to "troll them" by giving them false information hahaha."

>had a non-white boyfriend and claims to be identitarian/traditional (even many feminists don't racemix, why should we tolerate "based right-wing women" that do that?)

>posed sexually for social media fame (lol brittany, how do you support that?)

>Went from "Germany should stay German, France should stay French" to making a documentary, which basically said that the "Left are the real racists" as in ACTUAL refugees should of course come to Europe, but all these fake refugees are scamming us. So it's the Right-Wing that are the true pro refugee movement, while the Left is just letting itself be scammed. (sound familiar? Lauren, you are the left in your own personal life wtf)

Which even got her praise from the Left "wow Lauren, you are making such great progress, I am really proud of you".

45da8f  No.952765


She uses people quite often, the entire Lauren Southern ass kissing thing is pathetic, she wants to be her so bad it's pretty embarrassing.

I remember she went out and attacked Laura loomer to to get into Laurens good books it was the most transparent pathetic shit I had ever seen, and the only person who has ever responded to her was Laura lmao I have yet to see Lauren ever praise Venti or respond.

a28d39  No.952766


It's easy to see why she wanted to keep her new bf private.

>Basically says she would only date chads that take care of themselves and have jobs.

>Her new bf turns out to be a chubby, ugly, timid soyboy with a huge head, bad eyesight and no job.

286c4c  No.952767

File: 64871b3ef3f7bc8⋯.jpg (26.53 KB, 517x329, 11:7, W981Xu3.jpg)



You think anyone is going to read all of this text, you mentally ill stalker? I mean just reacting with this wall of text shows how deeply invested you are. Jesus christ. Get a life, please.

45da8f  No.952769

Venti isn't creative or funny, the thing is she did well at the start was "networking" and mooching up to the right people but that only gets you so far, i know this pisses off venticels but you realise a lot of her jokes on early Twitch and late hitbox.tv were taken from Britbong, the dude has been practically wiped off every platform yet has more viewers on streams than Venti which is rather embarrassing on her part considering he neither hosts guests or collabs with anyone.

I think a lot of people hate him as much as Venti but he's still putting out good cocks while venti just complains about men all day on stream.

45da8f  No.952770

File: ef1503c857736b0⋯.png (73.63 KB, 231x257, 231:257, ef1503c857736b077ee430a90c….png)


Tell Venti to stop blocking/banning anyone who criticises her :)

286c4c  No.952771

File: 5883d4eadf204e2⋯.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, 1:1, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7….jpg)


>writes long-ass text blocks about Venti that no one gives a shit about

>follows her around and pays attention to details on her social media

>zooming into pictures to autistically analyze them, literally

You are the definition of a pathetic autist. I don't need to say anything more, your own existence is punishment and suffering enough.

427dba  No.952772

File: 3c4d33c692690b1⋯.jpg (198.58 KB, 920x1041, 920:1041, 1554932277324-0.jpg)


What? Half of that was about Lauren Southern, not Brittany.

I just wanted the opportunity to rant a bit about it.


Which Brittany gets btw.


>Venti isn't creative or funny, the thing is she did well at the start was "networking" and mooching up to the right people

Not anymore. She basically stopped going on jcaesar187/Andy/JF/'s show. She basically stopped networking entirely. She seems extremely depressed.

She is basically cocks with her 300 or so viewers she can count on getting every single stream and the few dozen paypiggies, that are responsible for most of the donations she gets. You will notice how Altar of Kez, Spectral Citizen, etc, it's always the same names that give her money.

She honestly seems extremely depressed to me. She really had life in her, when she was with Mason, but she doesn't even bother anymore with doing anything with anybody.

a28d39  No.952773


Where? Do you mean the herpes gif?

45da8f  No.952776

File: 1d2b7124aae0e59⋯.png (945.33 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1d2b7124aae0e5902c71a0fe3e….png)

Apparently this dude was a "pedo" that's why she dumped him, would love to contact him to confirm she isn't just slandering another innocent guy.

427dba  No.952777

File: 9a94a176b47ca39⋯.jpg (122.54 KB, 750x742, 375:371, male feminist.jpg)


It honestly wouldn't surprise me, given that he was a left-wing redditor. Pic related.

I just hope she isn't slandering him, just because he catched him fapping to a 16-year-old facebook friend.

Which honestly might be a pretty good explaination as to why Brittany is so insecure that she even starts a fight with her boyfriend, when he browses /fit/ and sees thicc women getting posted or would break up with her boyfriend, if he ever liked a "sexy instragram picture" of another woman and thinks that this is "cucking her".

Either Brittany is a total Succubus that is horny 24/7 and thinks any semen or sexual energy wasted on anyone or anything but her is a personal affront or she is really insecure.

37065b  No.952778


She said he was abusive in all senses of the word.

That could mean rape, physical violence, emotional abuse, anything. He should really sue if she's slandering him like that.

It's kinda odd that all her exes end up being the worst thing imaginable after she breaks up with them, almost like she's lying.

427dba  No.952780


I don't think she said that about him. I think you confused the redditor soyboy and Mason.

She said that Mason choked her once, but then she said she liked it in a sexual context.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

37065b  No.952781


I saw the stream. She heavily implied he was a pedophile and said he was abusive in every sense of the word.

Gee, strange how all her boyfriends beat her. Anyone would think she was extremely annoying or something.

427dba  No.952782

File: bca7e94b47c4837⋯.jpg (57.95 KB, 732x960, 61:80, virgin without attachments.jpg)


Imagine being abusive towards the one person you love the most. How does that make sense?

ad950f  No.952785


>She honestly seems extremely depressed to me. She really had life in her, when she was with Mason

He was the love of her life, and the best looking guy she will ever date. Why do you think she was so hateful when they broke up and went out of her way to ruin him? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. She's depressed because she isn't happy with the new guy but I guess it's better than the alternative of being alone.

890d93  No.952786


She also used to enjoy doing IRL streams with Mason and her entire attitude just seemed overall much more positive. Now she keeps the new guy locked away out of sight, she can't do that with him. All she does is complain and seems downright unhappy which is telling.

427dba  No.952788

File: 4b32e51c979ed8d⋯.jpg (57.96 KB, 640x764, 160:191, 1527262713743 (1).jpg)


Yeah, I know. It's still sad.

I'm very right-wing, but I don't hate dysfunctional women. I mostly feel sorry for how their life was ruined. Either through their own fault or through no fault of their own.

Like the 40+ feminist that is lonely and wondering why no one wants her anymore. As a woman you life is just fucked, after a certain age. You are infertile and no one gives a fuck about you anymore. Even if they aren't conscious of the fact you can't hate kids, nature still makes men avoid them, because it wouldn't be nature, if it made men attracted to infertile women.

And when Iook at Brittany, I just feel sad, because this breakup will haunt her for the rest of her life and significantly changed her personality and attitude about life.

And sadly it proves me right that this picture is right.


Like I want to believe that maybe women, untill 5 sexual partners are still able to make good and loyal wives, but honestly in this case a bad breakup with a romantic partner might be worse than having slept around with 5 men that you had no relationship with.

It's sad that women are so easily broken. No wonder so many middle-aged women are into weird fad diets, spirituality, alternative medicine, "healing". They all think they are broken somehow.


This. She went on protests. She even planned a documentary about the homeless people in New York.

It's kinda weird how women turn more feminist, after being disappointed and hurt by a man like in this case. (Brittany calls herself a right-wing feminist)

Even though what they need the most is a traditionally masculine man. Like isn't that kind of bizarre? Like Brittany herself said she wants a confident man, that has his shit figured out and is masculine. But after the breakup she calls herself a feminist.

This proves my theory more and more that whether conscious or not, that feminism seems to just be a shittest for men to try to reign in women.

427dba  No.952791

She is streaming right now.

427dba  No.952800

lol ventiphile

45da8f  No.952804


Her cuck mod bans so quick, just informing the venti fans of the REAL AND TRUE venti community

890d93  No.952809

File: 614c16cb25cdbb7⋯.jpg (111.54 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


'We must defend our princess and make this her own personal safe space!' So pathetic.

4196d3  No.952906


>A young woman who is barely out of her teenage years annoying people online justifies a group of men stalking her for years and trying to ruin her life, the life of people associated with her or bully her into suicide?

Are you retarded? Nobody is going out of their way to bully her or ruin her life besides the dude leaking info. If you can call posting her bf's info ruining her life.

We're not directly harassing her, tweeting her etc (like she does), it's a discussion. Why is it okay for her to bully people and bring them down? She can dish it out but can't take it when something negative is said about her.

e8782c  No.952919

Theres a vid where she bullied a literal schizophrenic in public until he had a mental breakdown and she leaked recordings of her suicidal exes breakdown as payback. Maybe she should stop being such a shitty person

427dba  No.952959


>Theres a vid where she bullied a literal schizophrenic in public until he had a mental breakdown

I really want to see that. I closed the stream, because she kept making that unfunny "ram runch gay cowboys" joke over and over again.

I guess he sperged out afterwards?

b75b7c  No.953012

File: c37e62585bd3dcf⋯.jpg (106.73 KB, 960x960, 1:1, chadnaruto.jpg)

nothin personal kid

bb9cc5  No.953138

File: 9a56b9664528d03⋯.jpg (396.8 KB, 1080x1322, 540:661, 227.jpg)

which one of you faggots did this?

bb9cc5  No.953144

File: 2aa12f1bf71e5e7⋯.jpg (369.3 KB, 1080x1848, 45:77, 741.jpg)

bb9cc5  No.953148

File: c058855302c5be2⋯.jpg (177.68 KB, 1080x568, 135:71, 1204_Twitter.jpg)

>doxxxxxxxing someone for the lulz

What's wrong with these people?

427dba  No.953150



Why is the talking about this publically? She might invoke the Streisand effect by doing this.

427dba  No.953153


The twitter handle is:


bb9cc5  No.953158

File: 246835790aeaf41⋯.jpg (200.16 KB, 559x662, 559:662, 1951.jpg)


That's the guy, he's nuking his tweets.

427dba  No.953161


How does a random person even get someone's address? How does that happen? wtf

427dba  No.953167

And he's gone.

You know. It wouldn't surprise me, if Brittany just reacted that way our of principle and not because she was actually doxxxxxxxed.

bb9cc5  No.953168

File: 428e0310b562cb0⋯.jpg (419.2 KB, 1080x1470, 36:49, 743.jpg)

What a retard

abc183  No.953182

File: 5e8cdde889f8661⋯.jpg (460.88 KB, 1070x1070, 1:1, hobo.jpg)

2a2609  No.953185

bb9cc5  No.953194



The doxxxxxxxer becomes the doxxxxxxxee. Sucks for him but not an excuse to go around doxxxxxxxing people. He probably outed himself just for some kind of attention.

364acb  No.953207

File: e4388a294458d3b⋯.jpg (33.16 KB, 1071x208, 1071:208, lulz.jpg)

File: 4b874bb41d4030f⋯.jpg (168.22 KB, 1080x568, 135:71, c058855302c5be27cccd7dac14….jpg)


427dba  No.953219


God damn amerimutts are fucked in the head.

He may look white, but his dormant mutt genes cause him to act that way.

9f4f6f  No.953237

Don't help her you morons she said you were an obsessed psychopath stalker just because you post here. Using her own logic:

>shows cleavage


Since we're tarring everyone with the same brush I guess she really is a dumb tit streamer thot.

c7ce31  No.953251





The VIDF is going strong today, oh boy.

192853  No.953320


Yeah, he snapped and her and her friend Jessica left the place. Think it was Five Guys.

b21751  No.953331


She's attention seeking with the victim card. No one is doing this but she can pretend they are. She isn't even going to the cops.

Someone should still SWAT her, it would be funny to see her paranoia spiral become real.

775282  No.953346

Lol shes going to the police and say what? She isnt being threantened or blackmailed someone is just posting publically available info which is totally legal

192853  No.953347


This. Let her look dumb though. She’ll probably go down and waste everyone’s time like she does about everything.

924b60  No.953350


You know shes gonna make up some bs story for the cops for sympathy. She posted on twitter her bf or friends were swatted before, more bs

45da8f  No.953366

File: d717ea27a82d0db⋯.jpg (92.25 KB, 736x579, 736:579, 1562507748539.jpg)

>All these sad little virgins feeling sorry for her

>She litrally did the same to other people

192853  No.953390


No one feels sorry for her, paypig.

6dd667  No.953415

what a disgusting creature

427dba  No.953439

File: 83895f7c731c895⋯.gif (1.73 MB, 224x224, 1:1, lizardo cha cha cha.gif)

Wish me luck, boys.

I am going to hang around in Brittany's area and try to "randomely" meet her and try to seduce her.

Still have to think abotu what I say to her, so I will probably be more creative than invite her to a coffee.

I am very tall and white, so I think I have a chance.

ab178f  No.953462

File: 54eb60ce1a8ef68⋯.png (774.71 KB, 800x559, 800:559, ClipboardImage.png)


*very tall and white compared to Oompa-Loompas

630a49  No.953509

File: 8cd702224590a37⋯.jpg (355.36 KB, 1200x1245, 80:83, SPXHHPR.jpg)

The only thing shes good for

77d8b4  No.953963

File: 284dccd7381d3b8⋯.jpg (103.29 KB, 818x960, 409:480, 1541592118373.jpg)

Lol, nyannyancosplay's dox was also done and guess what, nothing fucking happened

I doubt there will be anybody to go after that ugly mutt

93ead0  No.954064

File: 2b279c0461f0bb5⋯.png (13.12 KB, 715x323, 715:323, whiteknightjanny.png)

Which white knight changed the post?

aba96c  No.954237

File: 318a07c98413f07⋯.jpg (72.72 KB, 1018x852, 509:426, You_Got_Ventied.jpg)


I'm pretty sure that stream will never see the light of day.

aba96c  No.954244

File: 3eaf9271922d531⋯.jpg (45.71 KB, 720x682, 360:341, Jess_Scared.jpg)


Pretty sure that stream was deleted immediately after, though maybe someone else was recording it. I'd love to see it. I know there was a serious concern she was going to get banned from youtube and/or twitter for "bullying someone with a mental disability." She asked me to delete my memes related to it off of twitter that night.

bcee17  No.954564


She was acting like a huge whore by leaning into two random stranger’s table. The histrionics jumped out in that stream.

2ae97f  No.954620

95e8f3  No.955489


What a hottie. autistic but hot

f29910  No.955658




6e783d  No.955668


It was a pretty fucking odd stream. Jessica seemed nervous the whole time.

f75417  No.955792


Yea don't know what she saw in him either. He was tall but facially he looks like a chinese cro magnon with downs syndrome.

Her taste in men is very….odd for a girl that says she will only date chads. She also says women don't really care about mens bodies then says she only likes men above 6 feet, but they're only 6 feet+ because of their body. So does she or doesn't she care about a mans body? Retarded thot.

f75417  No.955797


She dated a manlet who she says is a pedo, she wanted to date leafy and wanted to date martin shkreli. All 3 are the opposite of chads, and so are her current and ex bf. She probably puts a front on for the internet to disuade 99% of her orbiters but her bf's look so much worse than some other guys that hit on her online.

6e783d  No.955801


I agree. Mason was a definite outlier and I highly highly doubt she'll get that again. Maybe she doesn't even want it but who knows what her crazy ass wants anymore?

f194ec  No.955824


She's contradicted herself so many times, nobody knows anymore.

From her actions, if you're an ugly manlet with money or clout then she's interested. If you're not she will only date you if you're 6 feet+ and your face doesn't really matter. And she says she isn't a gold digger :')

e417b5  No.955830




f3b72f  No.955836

>edited the OP


The jannies on here have turned into venti white knights. fucking pathetic. Do something about it jews


f3b72f  No.955837

https://dlive.tv/mrbt fo (remove the space)

d706bf  No.955840

No whiteknight but I honestly believe if Brittany wasn't so intentionally provocative she would be a huge streamer on twitch. She should have dropped the trolling act years ago and played more games rather than just bitching and moaning.

There's a huge difference between being intentionally provocative (ie going out of her way to trigger sensitive faggots and trolling them) and saying what she thinks. In the end her attitude has harmed nobody but herself. Maybe she does it to project her depression, who knows.

If twitch ever unbans you again, just don't do stupid shit that might get you banned (ie mud cookies, it's like you were asking for it). It's quite simple. Look at it this way, what do you value more, money and a long lasting income or appealing to a select few virgin neckbeards that only like you because you oppose the norm. Your livelihood is at stake here.

aba96c  No.955914

File: a612dc60739910c⋯.gif (510.69 KB, 533x339, 533:339, finger_dance.gif)


Think about what made her popular to begin with. If she were to get unbanned from Twitch and she just did safe, family-friendly gaming streams on Twitch, it would get boring very fast.

She really hasn't done the Venti character (except on rare occurances) since early 2017. Most of the donations she gets these days are from people paying respects for the old Venti of that period.

e421fd  No.955918


Family friendly cocks would be the death knell. I wasn't around when Brittany Venti was a character and not her complaining about guys watching porn or whatever. I wasn't around for the early Twitch streaming days. What were they like?

aba96c  No.955931

File: da32de419ad8dc6⋯.jpg (66.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ventiangry.jpg)


I didn't start watching her streams until 2017 so I only saw a few weeks of her streams before she changed her format and acted human. But there are enough old streams of her still on youtube to get an idea of what it was like. One of the more interesting aspects is that she wouldn't kick anyone for spamming so for several hours, the chat would just be non-stop flooding of gibberish so it was almost impossible to read anything anyone posted. This is probably one of the things that motivated people to donate a text message, because it was literally the only way to reliably communicate with her. Also, it's important to note that for at least the first 3 years, the best part of her streams were the video donations from her users, especially the custom made ones intended to trigger her, even though we all knew that her reactions were faked. I think in some sense, it had something in common with pro wrestling - you knew it was "fake" but for some reason it was still entertaining.

dff555  No.955936


You misunderstand, at one point her streams were actually entertaining I was the guy that said the funny donations carried the stream. Once they stopped she should have changed format. Her stream isn't what it used to be, it's just white knights and panderers so she should adapt to that.

aba96c  No.955941

File: 7abb408f1044ec9⋯.jpg (60.38 KB, 607x674, 607:674, bunny_coat.jpg)


Okay, I guess I see your point. There's no reason for her to push the limits and risk getting banned (mud cookies, white supremacist rallies,etc) if her current donators are going to support her no matter how boring her streams are.

e421fd  No.955943


Pro Wrestling, now you're speaking my language. so she broke kayfabe essentially. I don't think she needs to push the limits, but be an entertaining troll. One thing that I thought was a missed opportunity was striking while the iron was hot on that ProJared fiasco. The Venti character could've had a "Pro" Jared about how he dindu nuffin. Maybe could have grabbed a blue button up and pretended to be his biggest fan,

e421fd  No.955944



908e8f  No.956125

File: 1790d4e00d704c6⋯.jpg (66.1 KB, 370x594, 185:297, 118c9e0fb90ef0c5bcf2b9c382….jpg)

File: 76348eece2ab208⋯.jpg (96.02 KB, 714x960, 119:160, 76348eece2ab208117500c4e89….jpg)

File: 9a487b0042068bd⋯.png (203.28 KB, 530x530, 1:1, mnFaY9o.png)

Have you seen her rant about masculinity and that males should hunt? What would this guy with bad eyesight be hunting even 300 years ago for his woman? They would both die of starvation. Will she ever gain some self awareness?

52f4e1  No.956184

File: 1790d4e00d704c6⋯.jpg (66.1 KB, 370x594, 185:297, 118c9e0fb90ef0c5bcf2b9c382….jpg)

File: 8c6acbd78a25efa⋯.png (368.23 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, asset.PNG)

more proof she wants to fuck manlet shawny. look how obsessively she DM's him. he sent me this personally to my venti troll account when i sent him pics of her bf. he laughed

why would any man ALLOW his gf to message a guy this much who wants to fuck her. further more, if venti was a pure innocent non cheater, who respected her bf, why would she keep DMing a guy that said multiple times he wants to fuck her about personal issues. why isn't she speaking to her own bf about it? SHE SENT THIS TO HIM LAST WEEK

the simple fact is chris is a CUCK and venti is a WHORE. any man with any dignity whatsoever would break up with the slut

6e783d  No.956462


Do you think that she fucked the other guy?

c511c7  No.956579

File: 810944328decaa3⋯.jpg (241.89 KB, 1080x2214, 20:41, bv.jpg)

I can't stop jerking off to her. When I wake up I jerk off to her. Before I sleep I jerk off to her. When she posts pics of herself it's like my next crack fix Help me!

f1419b  No.956581


she's merely selling the chance at her affections, which is much smarter at least

f1419b  No.956584


but it really isn't much different than "cocks creator" bloggers, i would never ever ask for any stranger's, much less a friend's money and where i'm from it's expected by everyone to starve before they beg.

d561b3  No.956658


I pulled my dick to those new pics she uploaded. She makes me rock hard and never fails to make me cum. Little cockteasing hottie.

b85116  No.956661


lol how do you guys get this stuff. She is so fucking dumb and trust all the wrong people.

3b727b  No.956670

File: 48997211253d004⋯.jpg (110.83 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 06.jpg)

She's treating us with pics today. Well, time to fap again.

75f8e3  No.956677

File: 3ea8f2ee277111d⋯.jpg (7.08 KB, 259x194, 259:194, attackofthejizz.jpg)



She looks very fertile here.

701c14  No.956739


I'd blow my load in seconds if I ever felt the warmth of her walls around my phallus.

427dba  No.956793

File: 2b4c348660e4b91⋯.jpg (137.84 KB, 713x1200, 713:1200, 1563068655113.jpg)

Is this picture photoshopped to make her look like a goblina?

I honestly can't tell. I give it a 50/50 chance. Could be either/or.

427dba  No.956803


Well yeah. She was basically forced into the role that traditionally Mason would have fullfilled. "Let's go troll IRL to make some cocks. Let's be like Ice Poseidon."

And then embarass themselves, because they are at heart introverts and it's just fucking cringy to sperg out in public for "cocks" to them.


The thing is that 4chad looked like a chad.


Her only merit is that she is intentionally provocative.

She gets double the viewers, whenever she goes on politically right shows like the Killstream or Andy's show.

The only reason she doesn't is because she is like an abused animal now and can't take any mean banter from the callers or other people.


In my opinion the peak of her cocks was whenever she had someone else to bounce off of. Every stream with her boyfriend was great. They had a good dynamic.

4chad would go to the limit and try to get her to do things she wouldn't normally do and Brittany would actually look more girly and human in the process and not as mean or 24/7 moaning and complaining like she is now.

She honestly might be insanely sexually frustrated given how much she fucking complains.


>look at me

>I am so obsessed with brittany venti, that I cherish every single dm and attention she gives me

>look at me

>I made her reply to me in the dms

>I feel so euphoric right now

427dba  No.956871

File: 20758a244a29ead⋯.jpg (200.84 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 1563071594379.jpg)

hi anon, what's up?

Want to grab a coffee at my place? I am so terribly lonely. :(

770944  No.956937

she should stop being such a prude and sleep around a bit. more guys deserve a piece of her coochie

427dba  No.956947


She's been with 3 + maybe a fourth bf, because she either left the doxxxxxxxed bf or broke up and got together with him again. Not sure which.

6e783d  No.956954


I would.

3d48c8  No.957031

File: 7c08020c357d12f⋯.jpg (663.96 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Snapchat.jpg)

This is now a Brittany Venti appreciation thread.

>you will never have her coochie.

Why live?

ee995e  No.957034

You can IP-hop all you want and reply to yourself how you worship that ugly thing, you still stick out like a sore thumb and nobody is falling for it.

6e783d  No.957044


Wonder if her power is back on

968bc8  No.957047


I'm not intentionally ip hopping. Your ip occassionally changes using mobile data, fucking retard

abc183  No.957059

File: 9e648502c3193dd⋯.jpg (26.69 KB, 720x303, 240:101, 5ac1b8838a7aff89af3ff677ba….jpg)


>implying you'd say no if she hit on you.

e421fd  No.957062


Yeah, probably would say no. Any guy with life experience outside of their basement wants a woman and not an NEET. She ain't the end all be all. You Venti stans are the eptiome of white knights.

abc183  No.957065

Imagine unironically bullying and insulting a chronically depressed young woman that's had a shitty life because you don't like her or because she triggers you. She probably hasn't even done anything to you. Just block her on social media and stop visiting this thread you seething fucks.


She's depressed since she lost both her parents at a young age. Typically depressed people struggle to leave the comfort of their home and have social anxiety. Maybe if the deranged pieces of shit left her alone she wouldn't be like this. It's nothing to do with being a white knight, but I'm not a psychotic incel that's mad online for no reason.

408073  No.957079


c63df6  No.957081


It absolutely has to do with being a white knight. I guarantee you wouldn’t her excuse her actions and behavior if she was a guy. Nigga, we all got sob stories, save that shit for the dealership. “Muh depresshun” isn’t an excuse to be an asshole to others. It’s on you to confront your issues and improve your life. Even if you managed to block out all of the “psychotic stalkers”, you won’t fix the actual problem within yourself. The answer isn’t relinquish your agency as a adult to be a fucking NEET depending on a bunch of fair weather enablers to live.

88f63f  No.957096

File: 34d629dcf1b38fb⋯.jpg (42.77 KB, 720x340, 36:17, antifafags.jpg)


It's her own fault. She spends her life trolling and annoying people but she can't handle when people troll her

f1419b  No.957136


true but it is a good excuse.

427dba  No.957168


She's depressed, because she barely leaves the house, because of her allergies and general sickly state.

She is literally like her cat Petals. Not made for the outside world.

745898  No.957305

File: 6abb1f12d917889⋯.gif (2.73 MB, 480x360, 4:3, converted.gif)

brittany would love this

ee995e  No.957440


I don't even dislike her that much. I just enjoy shitposting on /cow/ and this thread happens to be one of the threads I'm shitposting in. The tripfag is right, there are only two reasons for you to possibly be here and whiteknight:

a.) You're personally involved, so you're one of the casualties. You still might be Chris

b.) Her julayers

d5e1ae  No.957454


This post just destroyed every mentally ill INCEL and manlet in this thread.

8e5145  No.957457


Same. I guarantee the people who post in this thread also post in other threads. She can't grasp the concept that not everything is about her. The reason people post in her thread so much is because she keeps freaking out about it.

The guy who doxed her said he doxes lots of people because he thinks it's fun. He isn't some psychotic stalker that's just fixated on her.

6e783d  No.957497

427dba  No.957501


This post just destroyed every mentally ill venti supporter and her bf in this thread.

5404d5  No.957539


Maybe she should turn off her computer and get a job at hooters if they're willing to hire her saggy tits. She decided to become a ethot parroting 4chan and not get a real job, Now she's sperging at some younger ethot's bathwater who is 100x more popular than her. IF someone is seething, that's her.

She knows she has aged like julay and her expiration date is dangerously close. The only man she managed hook up with was a balding soyboy with no spine which is a clear downgrade from 4chad. She knows the end is near and that makes her panic.

774ea5  No.957578


Her own self imposed expiration date which makes it even more lulzy. Hooters would probably be the only place that would hire a train wreck like her.

427dba  No.957589


>Her own self imposed expiration date

Where did you learn this? I only know this, because I heard a friend of hers say that Brittany said "Women that had more than 5 sexual partners are absolute trash."

She also calls people with a septum piercing trash and that friend actually likes to weird these nose rings. lol

6e783d  No.957609


>She also calls people with a septum piercing trash and that friend actually likes to weird these nose rings. lol

I wonder if she's jealous of Jessica now that she's skinnier.

427dba  No.957620


Dunno. I think females can be jelly of one another, but still be friends.

6e783d  No.957641


I agree but I still feel that Brittany didn't expect Jessica to start looking better.

c97fbe  No.957664


I’ll lose the trip code as a nice African man informed me that it’s in poor taste around here. To answer your question, its not hard to assume that with the 4chan poll talking points she parrots. It’s a nonsensical and limited way of looking at relationships. Sure youth is linked to fertility, but that’s only one part of a relationship.

427dba  No.957810

Misstress Venti is so cruel to Manlets.

I think it's really unironically funny, not "haha laughing at you Venti", but actually just generally funny how she is hating on Manlets.

I'd be really depressed, if I was a manlet and watched her stream. The stuff she says is really mean.

6e783d  No.957872


Hi Brittany. You doing okay?

50de70  No.957876


She's projecting when she hates on manlets, she's dated or tried to date several.

First bf: says he was an abusive pedophile.

Leafy: rejected and humiliated.

Martin Shkreli: tried to date him cuz she's a gold digger.

'I only date chads tee hee'.

50de70  No.957886

File: 616123e91ca0226⋯.jpg (158.37 KB, 1080x568, 135:71, manlet shkrelit.jpg)

>5ft 5in


427dba  No.957902



Btw how do you guys know that she dated him? I only know it, because someone told me.

And then it clicked, because she described a date with a 30-year-old, she had not a lot in common with, which I then found out was her date with Shrekli.

7e6339  No.957963

File: 49bfc4ad0cb66d4⋯.jpg (58.46 KB, 1080x363, 360:121, 239.jpg)

File: dfad995d0db5aa4⋯.jpg (78.46 KB, 564x1153, 564:1153, dfad995d0db5aa404a4f2b7499….jpg)


don't forget about shawny hes like 5feet 5 too



7e6339  No.957967


>Women that had more than 5 sexual partners are absolute trash

she must be near 5. i bet it's why she tries to keep her relationships private now

15e8dc  No.958168

File: 98c03c426d81cc0⋯.png (80.67 KB, 466x486, 233:243, 1502692869449.png)


She's had more than 5 for sure. Even if she's ugly she's definitely traded sex for favours as all e celeb women do.

5 is also damaged goods. Anything above 3 is slut territory. Teenage boyfriend? Sure. Early 20s boyfriend? Sure. Beyond that? You should be settled down and in a stable living condition not dating people. 20 would be ideal for that but 25 is cut off for being a slut or too picky.

b2d62e  No.958185

Dating a girl who has been used by multiple guys before you is disgusting and degenerate. You might as well start docking dicks with other dudes.

6e783d  No.958259


I kinda wonder if she fucked that guy who did the photoshoot for her.

1cf3de  No.958264

i need dox this thot sell water i hate whore i wish a nigger mussin to rape it die whore Belle Delphine

6e783d  No.958265


Nigger what?

aba96c  No.958410

File: 8d3e31db1ac9419⋯.jpg (115.39 KB, 466x632, 233:316, sexy_anon_bikini_hotty.jpg)


It's pretty much common knowledge by now that she went on one date with Shkreli.

b2d62e  No.958414


>it would get boring very fast.

Implying it already isn't. All she does it bitch and moan and talk about her pushed up tits.

aba96c  No.958417

File: 6c5dd326248c485⋯.jpg (133.41 KB, 572x845, 44:65, classic_vintage_eggman.jpg)


but sometimes she talks about bangs.

6e783d  No.958419


And eat

408073  No.958437


Russian Bot

5aaa6a  No.958445

sage nigger

427dba  No.958454


Holy shit, is that real?

aba96c  No.958480

File: e6c7e641d9f4e88⋯.jpg (142.28 KB, 960x824, 120:103, Brittany_Growing_Pains.jpg)



aba96c  No.958481

I may have misunderstood you. The photo is not real, but the Shkreli date was.

427dba  No.958646

File: b71497f9a8da0fc⋯.png (214.41 KB, 540x540, 1:1, facepalm.png)

Brittany Venti in her last stream:

"I don't know why random men even offline irl are rude to me and hate me."

"I can't deal with mixed-gender groups of people. Either the men are nice to me (which I call orbiting just to come across as even more bitchy) or they ignore me. So I am better with just other women."

"I don't know why this keeps happening. I intentionally try to give them as few reasons to to orbit me as possible, so they don't get any ideas."

"Wtf, why is almost every person I meet an asshole? These manlets must be behind it."

Just remember guys. There is no winning with Brittany. Either you are nice to her, which is orbiting or you are mean to her or you ignore her (which is also being mean to her).

427dba  No.958696

Holy shit, Brittany actually thinks we want to kill her, because of that mentall ill 4chan whore that got killed.

Brittany, that whore was killed by her boyfriend. Not random people in the internet. He killed her, because she bragged to him, how he was worthless to her, how she cheated on him, how she just used him.

I doubt you will ever do that, so stop acting like everyone is out to fucking kill you. How is that a good way to live?

15e8dc  No.958707

Brittany is next on the dead e thot list. She's going to run into some guy and talk shit and he'll cut her up like bacon. She matches all the same criteria as the bitch who just got gutted.

427dba  No.958710


nice larp, brittany

Just stop, okay?

b75b7c  No.958715


The sign of a narcissistic thot. She thinks she's above all men and automatically assumes they want to fuck her if they talk to her. She isn't interested unless she can gain from it somehow.

Notice how she's actually the one DMing them when she can leech from them (ie the Shawny guy someone posted), who has said many times he wants to fuck her.

Just imagine if you caught your gf texting a guy that's told her he wants to fuck her. Any man with an ounce self respect wouldn't stand for it. And she obviously doesn't respect him at all.

15e8dc  No.958732


Did you just call me a mutt who's eyes are so far apart she can't see her own nose if she looks down?

I'm saying copy cat killers exist and she's got a fanbase of jealous white knights who know she has a boyfriend. It's only going to take 1 time smoking weed in the back of a car, one jealous range and her manlet will cry himself to sleep


Are you a virgin? All women do this shit. The key to orbitters is that women don't like them, they're nothing but pond scum to them. But they pay you for existing and make you feel important. So you want orbitters around as tools.

Consider a man, when he wants to fix a broken pipe he gets his tools and does it, but a woman's tool is men. So she keeps a shed full of men around to do shit for her as she needs it. But she doesn't like those men, she's already decided they aren't worth fucking so she's revolted by them.. but she needs them. And having 10 orbitters all giving her attention makes her feel special and wanted.

Welcome to the world of women. They don't like men, they don't want men, they have no choice in using men because they're so useless.

427dba  No.958734

File: c1411ad49e1c95e⋯.jpg (263.88 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, 1502511434772.jpg)


Honestly, I can believe that people orbit her. A lot of her friends come from HWNDU and idk if guys like Narutoanon say you anything, but he's an asian manlet that talked about on stream (HWNDU was a 4chan meetup that was streamed 24/7) how he wanted to ask out Brittany. In the end Mason got her, because he was literally the white guy in that whole friend group. And he wasn't obese.

So it's probably the same story as her complaining about getting hit on and catcalled. Because it was revealed that basically only niggers catcall her. Or Indians. And a single white, obese neckbeards asked her out in the streets too.

So when she complains about getting catcalled, hit on and orbited, it's probably non-white manlets, who make her feel shitty, because that's the only attention she gets.



Copycatkiller? Killing your spouse, after she betrays you in the worst way possible, is as old as human history. Or older.

The only one that can be a copycat killer is her boyfriend.

She is safe. It's fucking ridiculous to spin on this imagined internet stalkers.

6826e3  No.958738


Depression isn't an excuse to be a cunt. Also, it's funny.

7ac23f  No.958743


The guys she complains about are probably better looking than her boyfriends and the guys she's tried to date except 4chad. Unless they actually harass her I guarantee she loves being catcalled, it makes her feel good about herself and she's an attention whore by nature.

6826e3  No.958745


This is one of the few instances where you can say she asked for it since she started flinging shit first. Also, depression isn't an excuse to act like a cunt.

427dba  No.958801


>it makes her feel good about herself and she's an attention whore by nature.

Nah. As I said, she literally admitted that's it's only black people catcalling her.

And Brittany Venti "My Vagina is an ethnostate" doesn't like that.

427dba  No.958807

File: 087b5477deb3f56⋯.jpg (144.02 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_3179.JPG)

Honestly Brittany Venti is an interesting case study on why women just become damaged, after having had multiple relationships.

I wonder if statistically a woman that only ever had sexual partners, but no romantic partners, have better marital success, but these women are probably very damaged in some other way.

>Brittany herself only had 3 relationships, maybe 4, if she is still together with the doxxxxxxxed dude. It's obviously not a very love-rich relationship, given that she cried on twitter about having had a really shitty christmas and valentine's day.

>Brit might have a slight man-phobia and very low trust towards men. She literally worships the greek pagan godess Artemis, who is famous for killing men that catcall her … I mean pursure her for courtship. I don't think it's just a joke, it's pathological. She got broken by the breakup.

>Her first relationship might not have impacted her view on men a lot. But she mentioned how she was just glad to have a boyfriend in the first place, so she probably liked him for all of the regular things a boyfriend does in a relationship. I think after that she looked much more closely on things a potential boyfriend provides in addition to just being a boyfriend. Like Mason with his looks. Or now after him her constant talk about men just being walking ATM machines to her.

>Btw she doesn't just worship a man-killing pagan deity, she also has violent fantasies about "retaliating" very violently against men, who put for some reason their hand on her without her consent. She has pepper spray and a shocker prepared to "defend" herself.

>She calls herself a "right-wing feminist". But she wants to be traditional too for some reason and just sit at home for a "traditional man", who is going to provide for her.

>Oh and he to sign a contract that men can't get out of, which tricks men into signing away their ownership to a woman. Marriage Laws are the opposite of traditional. If you want to be traditional, then do not validate the feminist bullshit the goverment does as "real marriage" and just marry privately without any legal baggage.


427dba  No.958823

File: 00e245d386dc005⋯.jpg (657.34 KB, 1813x1274, 37:26, 1563358418419.jpg)

Brittany Venti:



15e8dc  No.958828

File: af3f515902ded48⋯.jpg (41.86 KB, 1190x823, 1190:823, clip (2016-12-02 at 02.42.….jpg)


She's not getting cat called. She just wishes she was.

>Copycat killers don't exist

Um sweetie, this isn't your standard shanking of a whore. This is a whole different version due to e fame and Discord paypiggies. If you were to say "4chan online prostitute" which OTHER person would come to mind except ol' mutt face? She's literally next in line as the 4chan girl to target.


The problem with women on social media is not their relationship number it's the attention factor. No man can compete against an army of orbiters. Women are greedy little cunts who want everything they see and think they deserve it. A man working a good job and paying the bills isn't enough. If her orbiters buy a new car or take a girl out for a night on the town she will want both of those things at the same time. If 10 different guys give her attention she will expect that amount of attention from her boyfriend, not 1/10th of it but the entire 100% of it.

It's why social media ruins women. They won't settle for a realistic expectation so they're always chasing having a guy who can beat every other guy. But no guy can beat NEET orbiters paying attention all the time, some rich faggot sponsored by whatever companies on instagram and whatever other shite she's sticking in her head from reading things online. It's an impossible task to excel in every possible area, to have more money than everyone else combined and having more time than a NEET does to fawn over someone.

She's a case study on an ugly girl with no redeeming qualities with internet orbitters.

bb3284  No.958831

she shouldn't be killed, but a good old fashioned gang raping might get her to stfu

427dba  No.958832


She stopped associating with 4chan. I even wanted to look up her "my vagina is an ethnostate" tweet, but couldn't find it. She deleted it. She blocks people on twitter that have anything to do with her "alt-right" past or ask her about it.

Brittany just wants to have a comfy life with her 300 regular viewers and the dozen paypigs that keep her alive. She wants nothing to do with 4chan. She doesn't put any effort into anything.

427dba  No.958833


Have you not seen her video, where she was groped in public?

15e8dc  No.958836

File: 2b29654cceb27d0⋯.gif (262.98 KB, 480x228, 40:19, mga6i0.gif)


Burying your head in the sand doesn't prevent other people seeing the shit dribbling down your legs. She's the mutt from 4chan.

88f63f  No.958844


thats hardly the same as 6 guys using her pussy as a fleshlight against her will

427dba  No.958845


You are going to make Brittany think that her ridiculous paranoia is justified.

3e2d44  No.958895

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Implying we don't have over 9000 penises ready to rape her

b86057  No.959003

File: 6a1a451890ada94⋯.jpg (321.16 KB, 736x780, 184:195, capture_00184.jpg)

Incels mad.

6e783d  No.959004

File: 2ad2fa5869587f2⋯.jpg (100.88 KB, 1125x866, 1125:866, D4dv5VAWsAAocJN.jpg)

b86057  No.959020

File: 14a66678441b672⋯.jpg (283.82 KB, 832x696, 104:87, capture_00187.jpg)

6e783d  No.959023


Is that soy julay?

9073ee  No.959041

File: acc49fd7e3b208b⋯.jpg (78.62 KB, 736x1025, 736:1025, 1562266346557.jpg)



Hi brittany. Why do you date such ugly faggots?

3f40be  No.959046


and here you are. What does that say about you're intelligence?

9073ee  No.959047



You are intelligence.

b85116  No.959049


Nice Photoshop venti loving loser.

427dba  No.959069



Brittany doesn't stream in a room with a green screen. And she doesn't have that chair anymore I think, judging by her latest stream.

This isn't her.

3e2d44  No.959101


Who do you think she's talking to, the camera or the guy three foot away from the camera where her other eye is focused?

58de7e  No.959189

>midgettears is was so colon calamitied some e-thot that smells like cat piss wouldn't touch his baby dick he's been crying about it for years

2bb4a2  No.959280

File: cb3b82eca59a0b2⋯.png (321.11 KB, 540x404, 135:101, 15af673a2c0bfe82c998112721….png)


If she were a crazy succubus she could have 100% of my semen. Btw are there any legit pictures of her hangars?

6e783d  No.959636

File: e0c69e01dc79167⋯.jpg (21.29 KB, 400x400, 1:1, rfvr8i7z69b21.jpg)

Why would she be going to Montana?

9073ee  No.959640


To blow either a rich guy or a guy with clout.

6e783d  No.959641



bbae99  No.959985

i dont care what you guys say, im proud of her

bbae99  No.959989


you virgins make me sick,

there is no love, not for you not for anyone.

there is only selfishness.

just because their 'skillset' is diffrent than yours, you dont have to be mad.

pop on a dress and do it yourself if your so jelous

6826e3  No.960046


Eat a whole shit roastie

t. Everyone else

6826e3  No.960054


They're all fake

cab887  No.960099


>marrying Brittany Venti.

Any guy stupid enough to marry that gold digging bitch can say goodbye to their house and half of their money if you ever divorce her. Even if you haven't had children with her and she has provided nothing to the marriage she would take it without an ounce of remorse.

6e783d  No.960189


This x100

6e783d  No.960374

File: 06293e678bcd14c⋯.jpeg (116.21 KB, 732x1259, 732:1259, B248EB9B-CB93-4EF1-B090-7….jpeg)

Guess she went rafting

427dba  No.960537


t. literally proved my point


That's why we need to redefine marriage back to what it was. Don't give a fuck whatever the goverment says.


I thought her allergies were too bad to ever go outside. She said she takes allergy medication every single day and sometimes even mixes medication for when it becomes especially bad.

She would never survive a zombie apocalypse. Brittany = Petals in human form

not made for the outside

ad950f  No.960684


Hope she's having fun.

6e783d  No.960736


I thought so too. Maybe she’s all doped up on allergy meds.


Meh, she looks happy I guess.

6e783d  No.960758

File: aa20d6f99837a5e⋯.png (2.93 MB, 1242x2688, 207:448, 4FEFF35D-EA3C-4D30-8AD4-64….png)

She really is jealous of those who are married or in a good relationship lmao damn

98e024  No.960767


>doxxxxxxxing is now putting a picture up


6e783d  No.960769


She’s fucking retarded because the guy has him and his wife in his profile picture.

427dba  No.960772


>voluntarily sharing your own personal picture on social media is doxxxxxxxing

Uhh, sweetie. With marriage you are the personal property of your husband. He can do whatever he wants with you, honeyyyy.

6e783d  No.960773

File: ff5f80ac9176c85⋯.jpg (243.14 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, D_5HpLrU0AAJN6g.jpg)


She's sad because her freakish hand doesn't have a ring on it

427dba  No.960775


wtf? I thought the fingernails of girls were colorful. Why does she have the fingernails of a guy?

6e783d  No.960788


Because she doesn't get her nails done or any pretty girl shit.

427dba  No.960814


Why doesn't she get her nails done? I have never noticed that before?

6e783d  No.960818


Me either but I really don't know. First time I noticed it actually

408073  No.961000


Those are marriage material fingernails.

6e783d  No.961009


Well, if she didn't want a $55k ring, she'd be married by now.

e421fd  No.961094


shit his pants and do nothing bitches don’t get the ring. Btw, what fat fuck is she eating with? Hella pasta and not a vegetable on that plate.

6e783d  No.961095


No clue

e421fd  No.961096


Oh nevermind. I just remembered she’s in Montana. That explains it.

6e783d  No.961170


Still has time to take selfies though, apparently.

6e783d  No.961171

File: c7ac19ef86f4c17⋯.jpeg (239.28 KB, 999x2048, 999:2048, 859A3617-127C-4F44-9D1D-7….jpeg)


Forgot pic

427dba  No.961183


Is that a sex doll? If you airbrushed her more, she 'd just be completly blank skin with a mouth and 2 eyes.

6e783d  No.961186


It’s a filter on Snapchat, I think.

2a2e48  No.961189

File: a3a9ddba868c733⋯.jpeg (67.47 KB, 635x563, 635:563, c7ac19ef86f4c177f6edbe58c….jpeg)


I see she caught chris magni's herpes

6e783d  No.961194


Ohh shit

427dba  No.961336


Imagine that face looking at your dick, before it rips it off, because you once liked an instragram post, which included a girl playing volleyball on the beach.

6e783d  No.961398


Seems like a Brittany thing.

427dba  No.961400


Brittany is the type of girl to look at you extremely annoyed and angry, when you put your hand on her head, when she sucks your dick.

Which only makes your harder and be rougher with her.

After you push her head down into your groin, when you cum in her throat, she storms off angrily cursing you. "I fucking hate you, anon."

But she comes back anytime, because she's a clingy bitch and you know she is just pretending to be offended, so you treat her roughly again.

6e783d  No.961401


She’s also the type of girl to not even paint her nails. No wonder she always hangs around girls that look like dudes.

427dba  No.961453


Brittany is the type of girl, that has no idea how to seduce and play men or trick them to do things with sex, so she is just happy to have sex anytime you ask her to.

She will get fucking crazy though, if she ever caughts you just looking at another woman or a picture of another woman.

Like if you browse 4chan and you hover over a picture of a woman there, she will start a fight about it.

She will then angrily offer to suck your dick. She will never break eye contact to make sure you don't secretly look at porn during it.

6e783d  No.961455


You think she’s good at head? She always wears chokers.

427dba  No.961460


Nah, she sucks at sex. She is willing, but she acts like a starfish. She literally thinks that just letting your boyfriend have sex with you is no big deal and every girlfriend should just let their bf do it, even if they aren't in the mood, because "you just have to lie there". And because it keeps him away from that damn porn and other women.

So yeah, you can do it how often you want. But I overstated her headgame. She bitches, when you ask her to do that and always ask for oral in return. But you can get away without reciprocatingabout half the time.

6e783d  No.961466


That’s unfortunate. What’s her true cup size?

66f03f  No.961468


What is your relationship to her anon? Where are you getting this info? Unless she has said this herself

19cfdd  No.961471


She did say Mason basically had problems keeping his dick hard. Guess that explains why.

2a2e48  No.961506


Only faggots care about pleasuring a woman. She exists to serve you. Men are stronger/smarter then women and thus have authority, it’s the natural order. Be assertive and put her in her place. If she tries to use the (((law/government))) against you. Simply crush them and take back what’s rightfully yours and make an example of the thot by putting her head on a pike for ever having the audacity to go against your demands.

If we continue to cuck and allow women and their (((enablers))) to have power over men any longer. Society will collapse.

6e783d  No.961510


She says a lot of things though

57a981  No.961555


>titty streamer

>3 or more dicks in her vag

>contracted herpes through pre-marital sex

Yeah she's done. Nobody with standards would touch her again.

>B-but anon I want you to to spend an entire years salary on my engagement ring.

Good luck with that, thot.

427dba  No.961558


Dunno. Did she ever say it? I just know that it sags more than you think.


I just have a good memory, so I remember the shit she talks about on her and other people's streams. And I talked with her ex.



Yeah, if you bitch about equality and reciprocating, then he understandably doesn't want to do it as often.

Eating out girls is gay. The Romans were right about that.

And to my knowledge it's just that he didn't want it as often, not that he had ED.


It would be funny, if her boyfriend surprised her with a cockring like in one of these extremely cheesy and badly acted porn movies.

"This is what you wanted, Bitch. This is what you deserve."

57a981  No.961562


Well I just remember brittany being on a stream (jcaesar187's?) and they asked if he was taking steroids and she made a comment like 'no but it might have helped him in other areas if he was taking testosterone'.

57a981  No.961565


God damn these auto word changes. Not (jcaesar187. R@Iph's.

427dba  No.961574

File: 51b1523b1f07021⋯.jpg (648.8 KB, 821x1023, 821:1023, IMG_3388.JPG)


It's no secret he had repressed transsexual feelings. He sad that publically on HWNDU. He gave like a speech about how it normal to feel weird during puberty and that it's just your hormones playin wild and you shouldn't feel bad for it. You should let it take its course and not artifically influence your regular puberty. And that he went through it himself.

Btw, if you want to see some rare Venti Cuddle porn, look at this.


cfa2c2  No.961594


she seemed so happy there. i wonder how chris feels about being a permanent second best

cfa2c2  No.961598


btw are you the guy that leaked the saggy boob screenshots talking to 4chad? post more

cfa2c2  No.961600

also he looked like much more of a chad once he got a haircut. he looks like a 16 year old highschooler here

427dba  No.961609


Dude, she talks about how they had a lot of fights and all that, but at least she seemed alive. Not like a scared, abused animal that is forever stuck in her hole. She was fun. She interacted with other cocks creators. She showed up on other people's streams.

>I tried to find old stuff of hers like the tweet about her vagina being an ethnostate.


>her mud cookie stream


>The Interview Stream, where her boyfriend started playing shadilay in the background.


>The Andy Warski Show, where she tried to convince Andy to quit porn and that she allowed her boyfriend to pick her up and have sex with her whenver he feels like it.


Here 4chad is singing and dancing for her. Look how happy she is. She is practically glowing.



I didn't leak anything. I am the guy that talked to her ex in these screenshots. I just showed some other guy, who was very active on Brittany's twitter a few select screenshots to share some laughs.

He leaked them without telling me, but I thought it was funny, so we weren't mad about it.


Well, that's why he was called 90s kid.

cfa2c2  No.961614


damn, im not exactly a fan of hers but the difference is obvious

cfa2c2  No.961619

he actually sounds like he could be a good singer if he was serious

cfa2c2  No.961628

4chad might have had mental issues but you can't deny he was a funny guy and a mad lad

427dba  No.961632


Yup, he was a cool dude.

I only started watching Brittany Venti, because of him. I am not someone that watches girl streamers otherwise.

cfa2c2  No.961648


yea i'm indifferent to her. I think her streams are pretty boring but I don't dislike her either. I do think shes sensitive and a good person deep down but she causes herself to be hated by trolling and bringing other people down. She just has issues and shes depressed so projects that

921ff4  No.961659


Could someone please post the la goblina meme of her (for a friend). I have no interest in her outside of the amazing resemblance she has to the mutt meme. It's uncanny.

890d93  No.961670


I used to think she was pretty hot, but now you've made a point about the dicks and herpes I feel physically sick. Thanks.

890d93  No.961674

File: 9dfb8b50d53b352⋯.mp4 (2.54 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, OLz2tcUx0goWS8WI.mp4)

>Chris I'm not doing this

Yep, just a friend guys.

890d93  No.961678

That's fucking hilarious actually, she tried to pretend he was just a friend all this time or she had broken up with him and just outed herself. We have 100% confirmation that the dox was correct.

88aa83  No.961682



She isnt known for her intelligence. This is why only men should use guns

85d3cd  No.961717


he even laughs like he's low t.

18a779  No.961755

File: ac9c8a788a56ed5⋯.png (14.78 KB, 597x110, 597:110, lol.png)

This fkn bitch takes EVERYTHING personally/seriously. She quit a stream after 20 minutes last month because so many people were giving her shit and her cuck mods couldn't keep up LMFAO. She's cried MULTIPLE times in the last 6 months Professional troll BTW.

How dare people say she isn't a lolcow with everything that's posted in these threads. White knighting cucks.

427dba  No.961757


I don't think she ever pretended it wasn't a friend. After all she said people doxxxxxxxed people close to her.

427dba  No.961759


he was just her friend*

57a981  No.961762


I vaguely remember she said in a tweet people were trying to dox her ex bf. Nobody doxed mason soooo…..

57a981  No.961763


And nobody doxed the guy she claims is a pedo. That only leaves sloth from the….sorry chris

427dba  No.961765


Oh, so she even admitted it.


I was never interested in her pre-mason life, so I have no idea about him.

But you saw him on camera a few times.

e6e743  No.961771


nigga been knew she doesnt have standards. im just here to say lol fuck the nigger attention whore etika and fuck the attention and actual whore bianca devins. they both got what they deserved: karma. and if one of yall niggas wants to rape brittany go ahead, she cant hit a balloon from 5 feet away

6e783d  No.961853


What is this supposed to even prove?

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