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“Your existence is a momentary lapse of reason.”

File: 04cc2fb8cdded98⋯.jpg (24.13 KB, 446x333, 446:333, IMG_20190330_210714_793.jpg)


Is cyberpunk imageboard culture dead?

/g/punk and Lainchan and /cyber/ were great websites when they first started, but the wave of traffic and fans has long since gone downhill. Is Cyberpunk dying out within imageboard culture? Or is there just less visibility of it due to external factors?

There haven't been many posts on /cyber/ or even /g/'s /cyb/ threads in the past year.



only imageboard? it's everywhere. most people are generic consumers now, who consume mainstream "culture". that's a lot of dead weight to get rid of once the DOTR happens.



Dunno about lainchan, but /cyber/ has actually had a decent increase in activity in the last year.

I'd say much of cyberpunk has gone mainstream, but, you know, it's a sci-fi thing: Next level of cutting edge is always around the corner.

With politics these days, though, cyberpunk isn't so much as dying as it's become more and more a reality. Only more depressing because we lack the few perks it brings.

No cheap walk-in implant clinics and stuff.


It's called /news/ and /pol/ now.


File: 05e3a701763f216⋯.jpeg (280.65 KB, 1200x758, 600:379, the_future.jpeg)

File: 015ca014afa535b⋯.jpg (201.57 KB, 1200x758, 600:379, codex.jpg)

File: fd017e940d3e8c2⋯.png (2.46 MB, 1596x1438, 798:719, 206c5c213badae68a3749b33c5….png)

File: fe7ead3f04cd279⋯.jpg (57.46 KB, 407x407, 1:1, 1553462466824.jpg)

WHERE IS MY /cyber/???

here, now

mixed allegiance riots in France burning Rothschild banks,

cyber phrenology sentiment analysis on every platform running JS,

The UKs pedophile government meddling hopelessly with the internet,


whites everywhere either awakening and forgetting "compassionate conservatism" in favor of reality generation or continuing to be race traitors.

8ch name-dropped by govmnts and msm every month,

Google and Amazon AIs saying they employ too many women for too much brouzouf, Google "ethical" issues investigating "racial bias"

Inner US cities with outbreaks of the plague,




Yeah, I keep coming back this month and being surprised at how much activity there is.

We'll also get a flood from /v/ when Cyberpunk 2077 drops, for sure.



I was following you for a bit until you started defining people by race. In a true cyberpunk future, that kind of bullshit doesn't matter.



Tribalism has always existed, and will always exist. You'll see a new flavor of it if we get visible augmentations, a la Deus Ex.



I love this board, keep it up anons even if its slow!!

Also there are still some shway lainchan-sites you can go back to! https://mebious.neocities.org/Layer/Girls.html


File: 2476fdbe1282cde⋯.jpg (703.7 KB, 1167x1704, 389:568, D3u0GCWUUAAOman-orig.jpg)

File: c641d19a445a2db⋯.jpg (186.11 KB, 736x1135, 736:1135, D2mxUZHUgAE3SZ9-orig.jpg)


humans are vessels of race consciousness, language and culture, evolved to manage in-group out-group decisions with efficiency. identity politics is the expression of a cycle of domination and suppression that will continue alongside developments in genetic and cultural manipulation. Until Artilects begin to sublimate all dumb matter and even then race might as well matter just as much as it always has. No more willful ignorance, play the game for the games sake


Who cares? I'll keep posting here and I'm sure most of you shazbots will too. Besides, we'll always find each other in cyberspace.



Are you kidding me?

Cyberpunk everywhere, maximum atomization in socium!

Transnational corporations, poverty, all smartphones, people commit suicide out of despair! There is no future because it is already here!

///Total censorship! Even here you can not send pictures with Thor, fucked up!



>Even here you can not send pictures with Thor, fucked up!

Because pedos might take advantage and post CP while behind tor.



What cyberpunk cares for these games




>language and culture

Pick one

Humans are biological, but they're only 'racial' if you choose them to be so.



Imagine being this much of a retard.



Ahahaha, oh man, I wish I was as ignorant as you 😂



that's an shitty excuse



Don't know what to tell you anon, I don't make or enforce the rules. At least you can post using Tor at all?



play whatever game you will


I still support Cyberpunk and spread it anywhere I can. Cyberpunk 2020



>Google and Amazon AIs saying they employ too many women for too much brouzouf



File: f48bd0c8368465c⋯.jpg (233.06 KB, 1659x983, 1659:983, D18Hq8PWwAA8Is0-orig.jpg)




If all the calculators tell you 1+1 is too, maybe they're right…



>calling someone ignorant

>using an emoji




It's not because people decides something does not exist anymore that is actually does.

First it was spirituality, now it's race, it's sexual identity, then it'll be everything.

Everything will dissolve.



The hostility and elitism of the core board userbase tends to drive everyone except the core board userbase away. And some of the core userbase goes with them.

Cyberpunk communities online end up imploding because a lot of the fans of cyberpunk are dickbags who think it's okay to treat other people like shit because "muh haxx0r culture"



>it's okay to treat other people like shit because "muh haxx0r culture"

I think it's just chan culture in general, it's easy to be a dick when you're behind a keyboard, but you make a good point.



Being dickish to each other is what makes chan communties close. If people want hugboxes, return to reddit.



I don't want a fucking hugbox, shazbot. It's one thing to have legitimate criticisms of someone's posted content. It's another to be a dick just for the sake of being a fucking dick. If we want these niche communities to, yknow, NOT FUCKING DIE, we need to give people a chance to get into the subject of interest instead of just shitting all over them.

This is not a matter of "MUH INNERNETS SEEKRIT KLUB GAIS", it's a matter of basic fucking maturity. You wanna be an overgrown child and a NEET, go the fuck back to 4chan. You want to build a community, start with growing the fuck up.




Whiteknighting on the net is so fucking cringe. You have no control over other people's behavioral here and you never will. Get over it. Fuck you and kill yourself.


File: 1d22fc08d132eb2⋯.jpg (233.27 KB, 1000x1262, 500:631, massies_05_2.jpg)



dont spread this moral-fag rhetoric, you get toxicity because you are bad faith and want to undermine the anonymous immune system by scapegoating made-up gate-keeping.



Not being an asshole on a imageboard is moralshazbotry? ok then m8


File: da18c6de681b360⋯.png (759.18 KB, 1006x757, 1006:757, 1478037909961.png)



File: 3f7a097d77fa5fb⋯.png (329.14 KB, 757x615, 757:615, 1556247989409.png)


>not treating everyone else like shit means you're undermining anonymity!

What the fuck are you even on about?



>I was following you for a bit until you started defining people by race. In a true cyberpunk future, that kind of bullshit doesn't matter.

says the guy never been with any lowlifes in jail, black urban areas, and only listens to wholesome rap in his dr dre headphones in whole foods.




"not being an asshole on a a imageboard is moralshazbotry?" == ">not treating everyone else like shit means you're undermining anonymity!"

"ok then m8" == "what the fuck are you even on about?"

same "argument" same fallacy,



This is all doublespeak, if a "core userbase" is distinguished then they have and will exercise the right to decide how discussion is managed on the platform, to join the core userbase one has to allign themselves epistemologically or change the boards landscape through force of will. There is no gate-keeping, important private deciders or obtrusive moderated policing because they (the "overgrown child and NEET") can do it unaided preserving the culture they have sacrificed time to create in hermetic pursuit. You wanna be an overgrown child and a normie who relies on name calling? fuck of to reddit, you want to build a community? discard the rule of democratic idiocy and hash out ideas like men. Maturity is not something someone attains but a constant process, it is a very basic matter but will not come around if one is afraid to compound ideas which are unpleasant. "not virtue, but efficiency (virtue in the Renaissance sense, virtĂ¹, virtue free of moral acid)"


File: 7b3a3e3ef083712⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Having actual projects would help, the wearables thread is fucking dead, meanwhile this plebbit guy made his own smartwatch which has nothing to envy from models made by megacorps.

We need to get our shit together, less talk, more cyber stuff being made. I would like to build a Pizero-based solar server with a lipo cell all inside waterproof casing and could be just thrown into some roof thus creating a mesh network+FTP outside of megacorp control.



this board went to shit after /pol/ took over. Look at the first page now, its all just burger politics and idpol.

This happens to every board on the site, and once the /pol/ infection takes hold, there is no going back. Nearly every thread gets polluted with amerimutts shitting up the place.

We'd be better off creating a new board but that would be even slower than here.



This, even if i align for the most part with /pol/ seeing all boards turn into /pol/ is rather annoying



>even if i align for the most part with /pol/ seeing all boards turn into /pol/ is rather annoying

I feel ya chummer.



this post got me looking into a similar project…

would be schway to implement this on top of a pi-based cell phone network

anybody have success creating their own networks based system to include these attributes?



absolutely this; if people actually did cyber stuff instead of roleplaying for the aesthetics we could actually move forward

issue is, nobody got the ideas for cyber shit



>nobody got the ideas for cyber shit

You know, the more I try to come up with some ideas myself, the more I want to forget about computer altogether and just move to the coutryside and live the life of XIV-century farmer.



i'd argue that trying to actively come up with /cyber/ ideas is a part of the issue, creativity doesn't come like this

imho the smarter approach would be solving a real life problem with an unnecessary amount of technology, similar to what the japanese did to their toilets


File: 8510bd659410d15⋯.jpg (54.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, tumblr_oy6s7v2pZL1r81z9ao1….jpg)

cults are getting back in style.



well, telegram became popular, so at least people are moving on from viber and whatsapp and other shit that is basically one large fucking hole.

obviously you need some transitional stage, you cant move from whatsapp to ultra encrypted autism noname messenger for example, so - somebody gotta create telegram

in general i think you're lame for crying like that

waagh people dont do actual cyber shit just roleplay

as if imagery isnt powerful and inspiring

the dude who created telegram is a fanboy of matrix and dresses like neo. half of nasa are nerds who watched shit like star trek when they were kids.





t. non-argument gang



>as if imagery isnt powerful and inspiring

whoa there edgeboy, there is more to cyberpunk than what you make it out to be

the point was that using hip lingo and neon colors does NOT make something cyberpunk

disruption is key here



> there is more to cyberpunk than what you make it out to be

are you retarded or what? i never implied aesthetics only are cyberpunk, and cyberpunk is only aesthetics.

>the point was that using hip lingo and neon colors does NOT make something cyberpunk

yes it does, whether you like it or not. you're just a boring lame nerd, a 50 year old boomer in the body of a 20 something.



you know how we all know you're 13?



whatever helps you sleep at night faglord lmao


> Is cyberpunk imageboard culture dead?

Because this board is all about being - what items to buy, what things to wear, what wallpapers to put on your phone.

There's no "doing" here. All the people that do stuff have gone to other places where they can build robots, program, hack, talk philosophy, whatever.

This is why the only "products" of this and other boards like it are ephemeral discord chatrooms and flinging insults at each other.

As a counter example, we used to have totse. There was the usual amount of dickery and flamewars there, but people also did a bunch of schway stuff: diy projects, night ops, pyrotechnics, etc. Finally, the toxicity won out, all the doers left for places where they could do things in peace, all that's left are zoklet spin-offs full of proto-channers.

Nostalgia is the only reason why I pop in here every few months.



The Punk part of cyberpunk should give away why things are the way they are.

The shallowest easiest path to something will be the most popular. When people see punks or cyberpunks they just see the clothes they wear and none of the philosophy or ideology behind it. None of them explored the genre or took part in the hacking culture which influenced it. They completely lack the foundation to carry on any sort of movement as a next generation. So instead they make crappy distorted images in photoshop and put on silly outfits, because to them that's all anything *punk is.

Can it be reversed? Probably not. The kids today who would be into cyberpunk grew up in the 9/11 era, not the 80-90's tech boom era. Their experience with tech is more app store and seeing graphics go from the PS2 to the PS4. A vastly different mindset is in these people than the tech pioneers and the geeks which built cyberpunk up. The most you're going to get is a bad TV series like the Cyberpunk 2077 game coming out. Everyone will speak mexican and be some mutt. Which is what they think cyberpunk is because now Mexico is looking to take over the USA (hold on you triggered shazbots, it's coming). Where as in the late 80s and 90's Japan was the tech power houses and was seen as the future controllers of the world. Which is why so many Asian influences are in Cyberpunk. Taiwan made cheap shit, Japan made the expensive shit, Japanese tech was in everyone's homes… Now tech has stagnated, Asian tech is now seen as cheap and barely functional and that's why cyberpunk died.

I suspect in the next 5 years we will see a rise of (((cyberpunk))) like Ready Player One shit. All nostalgia, no depth but people wearing goggles and having tranny haircuts. You can already see it in vidya but TV takes time to catch up. I wouldn't put my brouzouf on there being a rise in cyberpunk fiction though. The people who would write cyberpunk are all complete shazbots with no intellectual depth, so you will just get pozzed stories about THE MAN (Trump or whoever) fighting THE MUTT (your choice of multiracial women). And they will fall into 2 genres, 1 is fart sniffing the latest Google tech and being DEEP. The other is the female power fantasy love triangle shit like Twilight is.



I think you are describing postcyberpunk. Postcyberpunk writers pride themselves in being more "realistic" and "sober" than their old school counterparts, but they just actually mean they just expose their entry level opinions about the latest political or social fad (that would be ORANGE MAN BAD and muh LGBT/roody poo oppression, nowadays). Also their worldbuilding sucks, and they are often on the furthest end of soft sci-fi. Nevermind a future driven by megacorps is still way more likely than a full blown return to a fascist dystopia, but of course the megacorps would try to make you think otherwise.

I think we can still go back to the grittiness of cybernoir, but someone has to take one for the team and start writing it. It's just a matter of time until the Netflix Geek fad ends and the idiotic hopepunk non-concept is dropped from the collective of Twimblr users, and then we could go back to enjoying our ancap dystopia.



crybaby: the post

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