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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: 8b2b7ada05adc17⋯.png (374.67 KB, 4000x4000, 1:1, 3Sigil.png)


I am using the word scholarly in this title solely to differentiate myself from ungrounded ridiculous posts of this board, as opposed to using it in the strict sense of following some formal format or scientific method.

I am Epyc Wynn, and the following are findings I have discovered through a mindset of absolute open-mindedness, and absolute skepticism over my years on the /fringe/ board.

The occult is a mountain of delusional lies with grains of enlightened truth. Of that truth, most of it is obvious information that wouldn't even be considered occult by the common person. Much of the truth in occult knowledge is just self-help advice, helpful generalizations and rules of thumb, and practicing how to use your imagination to use imaginary worlds/beings to your advantage.

Since everyone loves talking about how the Kybalion is the bedrock of all occult understanding, let me normiesplain the Kybalion to you via this run-on sentence: it's just 7 generalizations/rules of thumb which are as follows: everything is imagined, what happens at the lower levels of any structure corresponds to what happens at the higher levels and vice versa, everything is always moving and being still is an illusion, everything comes in pairs of opposites which are identical in nature but have a degree of difference between them and this means all truths are half-truths and paradoxes are always reconcilable, all things whether they're ideas or the universe or civilizations move with a rhythm of rising and falling or in and out or left and right and the how far they move in one direction dictates how far they have or will move in the other direction, every cause has effect and vice versa and this is known as law and nothing escapes law no matter how low or high it is in a hierarchy and chance is just an unrecognized product of law, and finally gender is in everything and everything has its masculine and feminine principles.

tl;dr Kybalion is just saying everything embodies an imaginary hierarchy of constantly moving pairs of imaginary information known as half-truths that follow a balanced rhythmic pattern that always follows cause and effect and always has elements of masculinity/femininity. This seems to hold up and make sense at face value though it cannot be proven or disproven. However, these are just useful generalizations on how to perceive the universe that don't actually result in magical prowess.

Also the tl;dr on Wicca is doing things with strong emotional intention is magic and thus as long as you perform a task with a specific strong emotional intention then you'll increase the likelihood of said intention coming to fruition. This is good for keeping you energetic and determined, and applies the placebo effect in your favor while making the things you do seem more meaningful and enjoyable. However, this is more self-help than magic as it's a given performing tasks with strong emotional intention will make you more energetic and what you do seem more meaningful.

As for Meme Magic, that's not fucking magic, it's just god damn memetics explained poorly and correlated with coincidences and luck. Yes of course meme magic works -propaganda has worked for centuries it's a basic tenant of building influence! Again, just more self-help rather than legitimate magic.

Tulpamancy is the act of inventing tulpas aka imaginary characters who can simultaneously serve as alternate personalities which you can call upon to roleplay with or wield as acting personas. You can also imagine interacting with these beings in imagined worlds. This however is just applying your imagination, and while immensely useful for writing, drawing, acting, roleplaying, organizing your mind, and understanding others, it is not magic it's just a form of self-help using your imagination to its full extent.

Gods are just the imagined incarnations of hiveminds related to popular ideas, cultures, sub-cultures, fandoms, and groups. Their imaginary power is entirely fueled by their memetic popularity which forms a hivemind mentality and lends that hivemind mentality the ability to wield influence in its favor. This is less magic, and more social science yet to be fully explained.


File: 9dbe906114286e0⋯.png (29.26 KB, 684x684, 1:1, 0Stamp.png)

Rituals, sigils, occult symbols, and alchemic symbols, are powerful because they make you feel a certain way depending on the system of meanings you associate with them. They can also convey entire emotional/thoughtful messages just as a word does, depending on how effectively/elaborately they are constructed or performed. They can alter your thoughts and feelings provided you focus on them and allow their associated meanings to affect you. That should however go without saying as an obvious product of focusing on any idea or emotion or system of either for an extended period of time. Again, not magic, just a self-help trick for altering your mind's perspective.

ASMR, binaural beats, and specific sound frequencies help you relax or feel good, but do nothing beyond that. They're just self-help for relaxing and feeling good.

Meditation and hypnosis help you focus and relax and can in extreme cases make you feel pleasure or act automatically based on suggestion, but do nothing beyond this. They're just self-help for focusing and relaxing.

Helpful rules of thumb, self-help, self-psychological manipulation, and expanding one's sphere of influence is nice and useful, but is not magic.

~Epyc Wynn


Doesn't sound like you practiced any of this.



Practiced all of it.


Be in a house alone past midnight preferably at 3.30am, surround yourself by mirrors on all 4 sides you should be able to see your entire body whilst sitting on the floor in each mirror. Place 1 black wax candle in front of each mirror, light them and start playing with a ouji board. Once you finish blow the candles out and sleep there between the mirrors and on top of the ouji board, you can use a blanket, pillow or whatever..

If you want directions on how to play ouija look it up on wikihow it's surprisingly accurate. But since you're trying to disprove the occult part do not end the ouija session, don't ask the spirit to leave or do anything as to finalize the session. Just stop playing when you feel like it, and spit on the board afterwards.

Please report your findings


this seems like something someone just made up to sound "initiated"


Pretty much correct. Actual magic is very pragmatic and has tangible effects in the 'physical' world. However, what people perpetuate magic to be, is pretty much all just LARP and bullshit occultism.


So I take it that OP failed in interacting with and influencing the minds, events, circumstances, objects, etc. around him?

I wonder what your problem is then that you're such a massive failure in this regard.

ProTip OP: All is mind and everything can be subjected to will. Chances are you didn't develop your spiritual authority enough to gain control. Check Practice of Magical Evocation by Franz Bardon and pay attention every time authority comes up.

The seven hermetic axioms are invaluable also in understanding god and reality and working out formulas by which to influence whatever you wish.

I myself have on many occasions myself or witnessing others seen objective information obtained through extrasensory perception, felt and responded to intentions of others well in advance of them being acted out, experienced and see the transmission of thought between persons, witnessed and experienced physical healing induced by psychic means, and more.



It's amazing that people are able to read all of this stuff and still not figure it out. I'm not knocking people who don't understand it, at all. It's called the labyrinth for a reason. Because that's exactly what it is. But even with all the texts out there on the subject, which amount to a map of sorts, the labyrinth is incredibly difficult and completely unnavigable to most. There is a reason for this. All of the texts, that form this 'map', are missing several key elements which can not be entered into text. These missing elements amount to the compass to be used with that map.

The missing elements are your mind, your heart and your spirit. The metaphor's that these texts use to describe things are not used for fancy or deceit/secrecy (although in some cases the authors sure as hell try to obfuscate the truth) no.. the metaphors are because the concepts and truths that are being conveyed are fractals of fractals of abstract reasoning and faith.

You will find God in the stone that the builder tosses aside.

>what the fuck does that mean

It means you will find the path to God within the imperfections. The patterns contained within show the way. God is the TRUTH.


OP is right. Magic and Tulpas ain't real. Sorcery exists, but that's mainly just being a godless psychopath :DDD Also God exists; prime mover is required by infinite regression k? Damnation and perfection can be found in every system :DDD Aliens don't care about you or whatever. Most of u would be better off researching posture and body language than trying to summon Satan under your covers. Keep me posted



what is actual magick in your view?


>only managed to do the most basic bitch magic after dipping his toes into it

>magic is full of shit and literally the only useful part of it is self trickery placebo stuff

Lmao what a dumb cunt.



>what is actual magick in your view?

Affecting change in the physical world.* I guess you could group it all under the header of physics powers?

Telekinesis, telepathy, mind control, radically affecting the body, manifestation of situations and/or objects, immortality, and so on . A certain genuine control over reality, I suppose. Perhaps I can put it in a negation:

Any occultist that is fat, bald, ugly, under the effects of disease, subject to aging, struggling with finance, easily subjugated by humans, or any combination of these things is most certainly a bullshit occultist. Anyone with genuine abilities would not be subject to any of these struggles. That's why I'm inclined to agree with OP; not a single (public) figure within the tradition of Western esotericism has lived up to these standards.

The proof is in the pudding as they say. I suspect any sort of genuine tradition or figure does not exist in the public. True occultism lives up to it's name in that it is actually, legitimately hidden.

*Physical world not as in 'physicalist' but as in 'external'; the world you're experiencing right now. Although calling it external is a misnomer all the same since there's no difference between 'external' or 'internal'; it's all one and the same place.



I agree that all of that is not the magic, but those are the steps most have to take to reach true possibilities. It's a very long journey, and every step and "trick" helps the ones who are willing. Mind tricks are a great way to build the physical brain to help decide what they want to manifest and then eventually executing it. But there is pleasure in being a normie entry tier self help magician, otherwise everyone would strive endlessly for the truth


File: b7f5dfd75dffbbe⋯.gif (1018.56 KB, 500x264, 125:66, tumblr_lyrkt4Sdnb1qax3ido1….gif)

Only a bullshit occultist believes in limitations and dogmatic belief structures.



Okay retard



Some are real. Some are imagined. Some are even self-imposed. And then there are the cages that we never knew held us captive… until being set free.


How can you be around on this board for such a long time and yet don't even have a part about astral projection in your post? If you are so full of doubt - and rightfully so, considering how much misinfo is being posted here - astral projection is what you should focus on.

Out of all the bullshit there is when it comes to the occult and related topics, astral projection - in my experience - is the only practice that not only comes close to being "magic", but seems to be at the core of it all and all and any magic that "works" is an (often accidental) byproduct of projection into the astral.

The way the astral realm works is so deeply misunderstood that it causes fucktons of people to give up on this whole field of spiritual study, mostly because of the effect-cause-relationship that exist within the astral realm. To control this causality is as complicated as controlling an completely scientifically unexplored field of physics. That means its difficult - but that doesn't make it any less real. Anyone can experience the effects of the astral realm on the physical one if he can pull off a proper out of body experience and, basically, just "fuck around" in the astral realm a little. You wont have much control at first, but it will definetly introduce you to the core concept of the science we call "magic". The simplest example would be to simply go to an unknown location during an OBE and then later check, in physical reality, if this place actually exists - this should easily prove its realness.

A word of warning though: The astral realm is a projection of collective conciousness. That means: If the place you explore is not much observed by a lot of conciousness, it might not have a strong existencial foundation in reality. For example: Doctors tested if OBEs, happening in hospitals a lot, are "real" by putting a hidden note on top of a lamp hanging over the operative table only very few people, possibly even only one person, knew about, and of course seeing as an operation is kind of a bigger deal than some hokus-pokus, there wasn't much thought spent on it either. Thus this note was not projected properly into the astral realm, if at all, but of course since people who OBE'd didn't see the note there, right above their own body which they claimed to see, science decided the astral realm is bullshit. Don't make the same mistake. Pick a place engraved into a fair amount of peoples minds which you have not seen yet.



>The astral realm is a projection of collective conciousness.

This actually makes sense. It explains why whenever i astral projected in my room there was always a bunch of little things out of place or slightly different. It mustve been a mixture of what i know is there and what my family remembered/percieved to be there. You just answered a question i didnt even remember i had.



Actual wisdom and knowledge on /fringe/. Thank you.



I feel some animosity towards you after reading your post but that's only because I want to live in a world where what you are saying is a lie. I am still struggling with belief in all this.



1. To astral project is to die. To get out of your body simply will yourself to die. That is all there is to it.

2. Astral projection depletes enormous amounts of vital energy as does dreaming in general. Root yourself in the body and try to love life very much or you'll get sick. Develop your vital powers to such an extent that you can support these kinds of things no problem, otherwise you're doing yourself a disservice. Vitality comes out of a love for everything you do.

3. Your last part about the astral "realm" being a projection of collective consciousness is wrong.

4. There is a subjectivity barrier in making use of the mental planes (astral) that is caused by peoples desires not being properly configured. Whatever you desire to see in the astral you will, and that includes seeing distortions of what actually is. You have to purify the mind to singular intentions with nothing else in the mix and you'll be able to remote view and remote influence and so on properly.

5. None of this knowledge is new, people have always known about it, and even in for example the 1900s there were people who knew everything about it inside and out. However any books after World War II are shit and Robert Bruce is ok for people who just want to get into things and have some experiences but is not at all acceptable for people whose life purpose is basically to study and master everything /fringe/. It would be better to stick to G.R.S. Meade and older authors instead.

6. Learn psychometry so you can stay rooted in the body but extend the senses in such a way as to perceive things beyond you. Use thoughtforms also to gather impressions, information, etc. for you. This will be more sustainable and make you less sick than practicing OBE/Astral Projection.

7. If you actually do Astral Projection properly and with great intensity your body will stop breathing, you will be very cold, and very weak when you get back. People might as well do this at least once, basically will themselves to die and reach the plenary trance state, just for the experience but it shouldn't be a regular practice especially when you haven't got to the point where you know how to draw in shitloads of vital energy into yourself in a short while.

8. There's a reason Franz Bardon ordered his exercises in the way he did and you'll find astral projection doesn't come until quite a bit later.



>That's why I'm inclined to agree with OP; not a single (public) figure within the tradition of Western esotericism has lived up to these standards.

What about Seneca?


Honestly for the sake of /fringe/ and for the world I think God will find me totally justified in completely eliminating all my sickness, becoming beautiful and strong, and living a very long time (perhaps 200 or 300 years) and making sure it's recorded, so that people know just how degenerate and fallen they are, and becoming aware of their fallen condition, seek out god again.

Also doing stuff like telekinesis and various miracle workings, even healing others, isn't so hard actually but not as convincing either as turning your own body into a temple of power.

Problem is the more advanced I become the less I bother to even talk to or associate with people at all. I'm like a "once every couple months" poster on here.

I imagine that if I attain such a power that I am able to live hundreds of years in this body I have, I will be in the habit of only appearing to men on the rarest of occasions.



I am particularly blessed to have a lot of first hand experience of the kind of magick that everyone on here is seeking to witness. It is a shame you probably have not witnessed anything as of yet.



>This actually makes sense. It explains why whenever i astral projected in my room there was always a bunch of little things out of place or slightly different. It mustve been a mixture of what i know is there and what my family remembered/percieved to be there. You just answered a question i didnt even remember i had.

It's not true don't be deceived by him. Listen what you see in the astral is a product of your desires / what you want to see. However you must understand it is one thing to say "I want to see exactly this" and yet still in your heart are stirrings of the events of the day, are little excitations and traumas, are all kinds of things that have impressed itself upon you and resonate with you.

Listen, I am a true initiate. You must purify your heart. All these impressions you pick up, all these emotional stirrings, all of them give life to mental phenomena and what you need is a very clean mind.

There are many obstacles in the path though that I always have to correct for people. So many ways to misunderstand, so many pitfalls.

As you develop your character (which btw has the advantage of being immortal - you'll take it with you into the next life) you'll struggle less with everything and make more optimal choices and control your mind better.

The astral isn't just stuff you remember or know to be there. You live in a universal mind. All is contained in it, the whole continuum.

You can and do regularly pick up on the thoughts of others. There is an ongoing exchange of thought between you and those whose your awareness touches. You will find in the astral not just things you pick up from your family but from anyone. Don't keep the company of the mundane too much either, be in the presence of mundanes when you need to pit yourself against disbelief and mediocrity and mental ills of all sorts, but otherwise keep the company of the elect only. Listen to the ancients, fill yourself with ideals and principles of a high order, and become strong enough in the truth that when you emerge again as a light in the darkness of humanity you will shine stronger than all of them.

If you need to understand the phenomena you are experiencing better this book will help you: http://www.sacred-texts.com/psi/mrad/index.htm



There is a lot of sacred symbology you don't understand that would help you a lot. Everyone here should study Pythagoras and a lot of the other ancients as well.

You are a center of power, a center of awareness, a center of consciousness. You draw into you these impressions.

To get a very pure impression you need to sacrifice, to put to death, everything that you want to filter out. It can be left to burn out on its own by keeping the heart-power still but you'll likely burn out your vitality and become anhedonic and weak. You need to center your mind where it vital-activity will be strengthened. Dynamism is a principle of power as well. So just resolve those nuisance emotions into the akasha, releasing the binded up power to manifest in new forms.

Singular intention is absolutely necessary for total success. In the moment you must have clear purpose and be of one mind, drawing all the parts of your being into the activity, that nothing else may as well exist to you in that moment.

Also a very important meditation I do very regularly myself, though it is particular to my current stage of development, is to meditate constantly on the most mundane and trivial and meaningless things, and experience the profundity of them. We are seeing actually in the larger culture an expression of this power in the people who make pointless memes and are becoming meta to everything. What comes nearest into the mind is always the things which have the strongest emotional content. However, by letting my dreams be as "boring" as possible, that I might dream only of random numbers and letters, or a person standing in a line, or an empty parking lot, or whatever it is that is most difficult to pick up on normally I become very capable to access every aspect of any being I wish to focus my attention upon. I do not resonate with the dramatic, the tragic, the unfortunate, the sensational. I strive for the empty, the meaningless, and the abstract. In being so fascinated and so in fiercely in love with the trivial I can pick up on those things no problem. This is why I can read books without having to actually use my eyes.

If you are reading a person as well the previous impressions you have of them can be a problem. Now, I've seen what I'm about to tell you associated with Taoism I think it is, but you need to learn to look upon each tree and each person in each moment as something completely new. There are schemas you have of what a tree is, or what a person is, etc. and these are absolutely useful in alchemy and other practices and related to the three parts of everything. You do not want to remember at all past impressions you have of something as those previous energies and impressions will cloud your vision and keep you from reality. No, you must sacrifice those as well. When you want to look into someone's body and see their organs and stuff forget about what you know about organs and about that person, perceive them directly. When you want to see into their past, in their memories, and anything else you must be as clueless as a man whose just been told "I have someone in mind, I will not describe them, but I want you to focus on them and see them". Of course then you can't speculate about what you know about the person telling you this and who they might have in mind. No, you need to be direct and pure, and then you'll succeed. Remote viewing with coordinates certainly has some advantages. There is an art in forgetting "trees" that you might know the specific "tree" in front of you.


If you want a thoughtform for doing remote viewing for you I suggest you get a backpack, weigh yourself down with gear, and run every day to exhaustion. Every time you do this, put to death anything that is contrary to the idea of a faithful servant who is with you and who sees for you. Eat a pure diet with NO SUGAR and mostly just meat and vegetables and eventually only vegetables for the last couple days (you might be doing this for months or years).

You must do this over and over. Let fear die in you and be replaced with courage. Let disbelief be replaced with faith. Let yourself become strong in all the virtues. Leave no room for the things which are contrary to your plan, in this case, a faithful servant who is with you and sees for you.

After a time, all that is contrary to your intention will have been exhausted and have died, and such a swelling of power will come through you that you will be swept up by it like it's a force of its own. From this power will be birthed the faithful servant, who will be with you, and see for you. From then on, the power of seeing will always be yours.

This would be far more efficient ultimately than messing around with OBE/AP and at least you won't have to go through the dark night of the soul or that ceaseless anhedonia that grips people in the early stages who so exhausted themselves through such practices.

That said another way to AP without as much problems as the willing yourself to die thing (especially since death has a lot of delusion mixed up in it for the mundane, a lot of associated ideas that are harmful) might be to lock yourself in a room and then gain an insanely intense desire to see and speak with someone far away that becomes so all-consuming and frantic that you forget your limitations and pull it off. You could also get stuck in the wilderness without a phone, or stuck in the trenches, and reach a similar emotional intensity to reach out to someone.

Regardless of what you do these powers are mostly to be attained and practiced in secret and for the purpose of knowing reality, of understanding the nature of God the All. Also, others who may witness you doing this things become an obstacle in the path, and all the stirrings you create in them can create a lot of problematic karma. This is ultimately for YOU and your benefit. The secrecy is for a legitimate reason and is to protect you from the mental storm of a shitload of mundanes that don't know what's going on at all.

As for documenting what you are doing I would encourage you to do it in the most anonymous fashion possible and realize you will have to pay a price to bring it to the attention of even a limited circle of people never-mind the masses. Everything has its price of course and it's sometimes worth paying. Don't believe however that there isn't already a huge mass of evidence already out there, it's been done over and over ad infinitum, and a lot of the times always by people who think they're the first ones to discover the mental laws and who just don't fully appreciate or understand they are far from the first.







Do you still plan on writing that book? You clearly have a lot of advice you want to put out and itd be good to have it outside of a fucking Epic Wynn thread



The best books come when you prepare the way for them and, in accordance with the time and with god's wisdom, become a direct writer of his divine wisdom. Like everything else (and this is described in the early stages of IIH) you have to put your whole purpose and being into it, you only exist in that moment for nothing other than to write the most perfect text for the subject and audience you have in mind.

So one day I would like to deliver such books to /fringe/ and for myself.

In the meanwhile however I could easily pump out a big phat thread of "everything I know and appreciate at the current moment".

I also have a whole bunch of private emails I should probably share.


Stopped reading at "my posts are more bettererer than yours are!"

If you have to establish that you are the best because nobody knows you are the best it's probably because you fucking suck. There are 9 million subreddits where you can go formulate the optimal opinion with 1000 of your clones, and you came to an ego free board to flaunt your ego. You would interupt a funeral if it was the only way to get attention from the birth of your child. Fucking dumb as's demiurge bitch. Go back to third grade and practice basic writing skills. If your intent was getting a point across, you completely fucked up by using less than 100% of your words to just get to the point. Did I mention I wa's the prom king? If you are using even 5% of a post meant to be informative to push some dumb as''s selfish pursuit of your poison ego, and you arent clearly establishing that in an honest way , you are a fucking loser. Society would advance 999999999% faster if people would just get to the fucking point instead of listing their credentials. There is a time and place for talking about your experiences, and we would love to hear about them then and there, but that place and time isn't an informative post. I can't wait until there is a bot that let's me scan threads and filter out everything involving bias or egos. I don't care if you are the weatherman I came here to learn about the fucking weather.

This is a of the and of is of at and is with and is it at all in at in at in is of this made me levitate into the 27th plane. I just warped to a new world. Woaaahaoahaoahaoahaoahaoahaoahahah! It hath been done! Its ish dith myth cyptst beenst donst. Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllll of eternately heavenly demon saika mastership until second level cube sphere detector separated diligent until assigned pallet forthcoming while Gregorian September salt sprinkles daily on winter's wolves from spring expeditions seeking falling summit on the dark Creek by the moonlight sun field plane mountain view remotely televised outer reality dripping coughed out tears against corpse reanimaters baptisizing excaliburs reverse rust removers scavenging through the final Mana orb to decimite in a last ditch effort to immitate which only results in self conquering jail cell for the mammals metamorphosis into optimal clown makeup salesman who studied the tomes of hidden attributes for miming your way to the center of the taos ever reaching heart middlemanning the black and white to great gold wrapped snake oil burned and spilled into the tea steeped for 27 years to be drunk by Warlocks to fuel their creation of pieces of paper which grant full authority over all matter in the universe %©®™✓[]£¢€¥^°=={}\~`|••√π÷׶∆/


Billions of innocent animals are slaughtered every year to feed spoiled brats. 100% of people who claim to be enlightened preach about how amazing a world where innocent things are slaughtered so they can be consumed by vampires is. Somebody will be murdered tomorrow. 100% of occultists, religious leaders, mages, politicians, police, philosophers, teachers, psychiatrists, and every other titled douch bag will pat themselves on the back because they figured it all out.

Go stop that. Stop suffering. Where'd you go demiurge? Aw you running again?

1000 people will be stolen from tomorrow, and then somebody who associate's with those thieves will come onto the Internet to let everyone know that they aren't doing enough to stop suffering.

None of you have any fucking idea what you are doing. Your direction fucking sucks. Your direction is self supremecy while pretending to be an empath just because you can find ways to reap some rewards with that mask.

Go stop some suffering. You can't do it. You rely on suffering because you are parasites and you are content with that situation. You are, as a result of that, fucking retarded as fuck. I am not moving anywhere and zero of your efforts did anything except make me stronger.

Your only option is shutting the fuck up. Every day I view the he'll we are in and go wow I am a failure because this is he'll and I haven't fixed it. You go on a cruise whiLe a child gets raped and celebrate bringing the world justice.

Piss off you fucking con artist fraud fucks.





>being this butthurt and mundane


There's nothing wrong with killing animals and even men if you have the authority over it and even when you don't you can still attempt it and maybe be successful but you'll pay for it. Everything is a hierarchy.

You also think wayyyyy too much of yourself, your memories, your feelings, your thoughts, and that of others too. Your whole reasoning is all based in your lower self perceptions and you being a slave. Everything you say are the words of a slave.

I also never cared about happiness or suffering though my path has brought me the former and lessened the later.

Let me tell you a secret. You are in charge of yourself. You have freewill and agency. Within certain limits you have a capacity to bring order, justice, peace, and all other virtues into yourself and your surroundings. You also control how you react to things and you have the choice to "resist not evil" and focus on creating beauty in the world instead. Yet here you are trying to resist evil, fighting it, and not understanding the principles of mind wherein you can't negate anything only affirm things. You will become sick by fixating the sulphurs (idea/archetypes) of sickness in your mind. You're never going to heal the world by resonating so strong with evil, opening yourself to persecution.

Expect the best, prepare for the worst; this is what you will be taught in the military. I also advise you to see every person around you in the best light, and to cherish them, and to praise their virtues so that they might be eager to please you further and grow stronger in the light, and ashamed to let you down.

Here is another secret. The end of evil is itself. It resolves into itself. It's self-destructive. The good outweighs the evil by necessity in this universe. The scales are tipped towards justice.

Here is something to contemplate about god and his justice. He made the lives of the miserable short. He made the things unworthy of eternity unable to stand fully in his presence. He is not blind and loves only the good and hates the rest.

When you look at the suffering of humanity, name one human that does not fall short of the standard of God, who is perfect. You suffer because you have in you the causes of your suffering. Remove your negative karma and it will stop.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Oh shit is he in Virginia? I need him to pay a visit to a certain someone in that state.Oh shit is




First page is complete now and I'm going to continue after resting. It's a very rainy day also right now, a good time to write. I have the intention of keeping it all as short as possible but it's going to end up being a full book I think.



Hearing of others' experiences do give me hope. What have you witnessed in regard to reality manifestation or thoughtforming, or anything?



Oh look, a new victim.



1. Well then I guess I died and came back to life. Wasn't that bad, to be honest.

2. True dat, APing isn't like sleeping, quite the opposite it uses up energy.

3. Well, technically, the astral realm itself - as in: It's spacetime, its "physical" laws, etc. - is a projection of the universe, not of collective conciousness. However, what fills the realm are said projections.

4. True, since you yourself also project your will and thoughts into the astral realm, it can happen a lot that you project "illusions" for yourself (create a "dream" around you). Since I always had a singular "goal" for every projection instead of just going with the flow I didn't have to many problems with it.

5. Didn't claim that it was new. I did, however, aquire this knowledge myself, through field-study, so to speak. And of course, since I am human, its entirely possible I make some mistake in my observations. But I try to only share stuff that fully makes sense to me and isn't just speculation.

6. Personally I have not gotten sick from it yet. Though, of course, it's hard to tell which sickness stems from astral and which stems from physical sources. But if it's just a mild cold I'm catching (so far) I find the price for APing fair. I've heard that when you take lots of damage in the astral somehow that you get really fucked up sick in physical reality too, though. Hasn't happened to me yet but I believe it.

7. Usually when I AP I have enough freetime afterwards so that I can just sleep off the tiredness and I'm fine. But yeah, don't AP right before having to go to work or anything like that.

8. Yeah well, shit took 7 years for me to learn, and even now I only manage to pull it off once or twice per month.

Please understand that I am not trying to spread misinfo. I am not trying to decieve anyone and I don't know why you would think that. Of course I realize this is exactly what a shill would say but that can't be helped. I know you are one of the very few posters here who knows his shit and I respect your opinions, believe it or not. Though sometimes you seem to be projecting a lot of assumptions on other people, at least it feels that way to me.

As for everyone else, all I can say is don't rely on what sounds nice or on what most people seem to agree on, rely on what makes logical sense. Especially with the astral realm. Once you understand the laws this realm follows you will see that everything fits into place, because thats what truth does. Don't just blindly believe me either, just learn APing for yourself. If nothing else I promise it will make you less afraid of death.


File: 6427684d759adca⋯.png (102.5 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 1Symbol.png)




Nope. Don't care about status among magi I don't acknowledge.


If it's done through technology or chemicals or influence, and not through superhuman means, it's not magic.


People who provide references and links rather than explaining things themselves are ignorant and don't understand what they're recommending. If you understand then explain -wasting people's time with hours of book reading/skimming that isn't guaranteed to actually help in any way and oftentimes is completely useless magic roleplay and theories, is wrong and part of why people hate this board. You somehow experienced things that persuaded you. That doesn't help me at all.


My mind's great, my spirit's great, and I offer love to everyone. I understand the general patterns can be discovered in everything; Kybalion states as much in various wordings. Also have a strong sense of what's righteous and true. It's amazing you can read all this stuff and recommend all these things I already have obtained, and then proclaim you know da wae like a wizened Ugandan Knuckles. What if you don't know, what if you've convinced yourself of things that aren't true? It's not a labyrinth -it's a pile of dog shit. And I am wondering if the few kernels of corn in the dog shit are really worth all this nonsense that hasn't done jack shit in the years I've practiced here.


Tulpas are real they're called imaginary friends. You're otherwise mostly right.


If a few years is dipping toes to you, then you have no realistic understanding of the value of human life's time. If all evidence points to falsehood, I will not proclaim the likelihood of truth to be high.


Why assume it's hidden? Nonexistence has always been an option. If it's not possible, that doesn't mean it's hidden -it's just not possible.


When you say true possibilities, you are implying actual magic. Explain the part where suddenly magic manifests in all these steps if you want to act as if you know of true magic.


>believing in postmodern thought that everything is relative and all limitations are subjective and should be defied

Postmodernism is a cheap tactic used to make feminism and communism stronger while weakening science and reasoning.


Listing the possibilities for what a limitation can embody and the fact many limitations can be defied, doesn't actually prove how limitations suddenly don't exist or why for that matter, you'd even want limitations to not exist since many are actually necessary to basic existence.


Didn't think of astral projection when making the OP. Astral projection is not achievable for me in any capacity. I can rarely have even a brief dream, I can only somewhat control dreams though that usually causes them to end, but I cannot engage in such a high form of dreaming, hallucination, and delusion, as astral projection. It's not possible so it's not worth pursuing and not beneficial to magical understanding unless you have a particularly fucked up brain capable of imagining all of that naturally while sleeping. The astral realm is not accessible through any means so it might as well not exist.


Or you're just remembering your room wrong and dreaming up your room.


Give me a break that's not real wisdom and knowledge at all. If it explained how to effectively achieve an astral projection that'd be one thing -just describing a fantastical realm of horseshit inaccessible to anyone is not wisdom and knowledge.


File: 54483b59be2a3ab⋯.png (348.43 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 4Seal.png)


I want to live in a world where it's wrong but if you're angry at me for pointing out the reality of things you're shooting the messenger for pointing out what you already fucking knew.


Love without reciprocation is not worthwhile love. Loving everything one does is not a reasonable request as it hinges on someone being able to maintain a level of love only maintainable through reciprocated love, or total self-delusion and wearing oneself out. Strong focused desires do not always breed results -certainly not in accessing the astral realm. Recommending books while insisting on not explaining them is a scummy waste of time. If you can't explain books then you betray either your own ignorance, or your selfishness in withholding such an explanation at which point you've broken social contract in discussion and made enemies out of the receivers of your message.


Holy shit you are delusional. That will never happen in this world.


Good for you; not many people can bend far enough to kiss their own ass.


Quit promoting the astral realm. You're only benefiting a rare few people with the chemical imbalances already necessary to achieve that level of dream-based hallucination. Everyone else isn't helped at all and no amount of training is going to fix something as fundamental as brain structure and chemicals.


In other words, you believe symbolism helps cure people of depression and empower their happiness, if they focus on the one true intentional symbol that pleases them most. It doesn't work in the long-term and only somewhat helps in the short-term, insofar as any great symbol might inspire someone.


All of that sounds ridiculous and you're justifying not giving evidence with being afraid of repercussions. If you're too afraid to provide evidence, don't bother making unbacked claims in the first place.


I suppose the homeless person who gargled a ton of semen and crack has a lot of advice to offer as well -fairly certain a thread on the Internet by Epyc Wynn won't affect how homeless, depraved, and pitiful that person's life is though.


That thread and that book will not be beneficial to me in any way because I can already see you like all other false magi will make big claims, not provide sufficient evidence, and then give explanations for how to apply your claims that are at some point a mix of ridiculous and impossible.


Please post while sane next time.


Seriously, stop. Get some help.


One-word memetic responses in the face of overwhelming argumentation and testimony, are pathetic.


That has nothing to do with the OP.


Speak for yourself not through a video.



Everyone knows everything is deceit and intangible. Why make a post specifying on the most basic knowledge instead of helping?



There is no complex knowledge. The whole of fringe is fake from top to bottom. The most complex thought anyone claims to have is "I read x book that's 1,000 pages long all about how to shave your cat's vulva in a way which expands your bullshit chakra and unless you read it too you have NO RIGHT TO ARGUE WITH ME!!!!!1" You'll never find anyone willing to explain an ounce of the complex knowledge, let alone explain it in a way that sounds sensible or feasible, because it's always fake or impossible.

At this point if we were replaced by a self-help board it would probably be twice as helpful to everyone and infinitely more accurate. Fringe has become a cheap means of pleasuring people's minds by saying what people wish was true because it feels meaningful and epic, but is entirely false.



~ Epyc Wynn



If you really can only barely even dream then APing might be hard for you the natural way. But AP isn't just achieved through lucid dreaming, in fact a strong imagination as a whole is not even required, there are other techniques (as you might know), though if you REALLY want it to be an absolutely foolproof "technique" then take DMT. Of course most spiritualists would not recommend taking drugs for your spiritual work but well, that shit makes you AP, it's kinda hard to argue with its efficiency.

What you do in the astral realm affects physical reality. If you learn to understand this weird effect-and-cause-relationship it has with the physical you can easily use it for magical means.

But it think to you, it is proof that is important. So all I can say is: Try DMT. If that doesn't proof "magic" to you, nothing will.


hey epic wynn, in your post you dismantle a lot of universally accepted occult practices and theory. I can take all that at face value even though i disagree, after all, whats the point of any of this if your beliefs crumble at the first instance of criticism? that'd be delusion, not science, so im with you on that.

What i'd like to know is what do you consider worthwhile practices? what is truth to you? you're obviously too well versed in the study to just be here to make people mad about hurting their feelings lmao




>Fringe has become a cheap means of pleasuring people's minds by saying what people wish was true because it feels meaningful and epic

And you have a problem with that why? There is no word truth, only children expect anything from language.



I'm curious OP., are you saying all magic is fake or just the circle jerks of Fringe and occult books are fake? One means the other to me but it matters in understanding you a bit better



Mostly, I don't actually dismantle ANY occult practices and theory; I just reexplain them with honest wordings. The theories and practices are so ludicrous or impossible, that just explaining them with a clear honest mindset and wording causes the theories and practices to dismantle themselves.

Truth is an intuitively experienced on a gradient, and the more you are self-aware, self-critical, and self-improved, the more easily you will sense truth. It is also related to having a strong sense of what is righteous. The sensing of what is ethical/righteous/good is obtained through sheer instinct and this instinct is only obtained by honing and perfecting one's sense of righteousness over years of experience and training through self-awareness, criticism, and improvement.

Truth isn't really that elusive or impressive though. Truth is the few specific axioms, the few specks of metaphysical framework, that keeps reality and righteousness consistent. The reality we all observe around us is akin to what we see on the screen of a computer; whereas the truth is merely the chips inside. Understanding the truth is important, and through science and ethics we approach it. But even if we find the computer chips that are the truth comprising this universe's computer screen of known reality, and even if we find this universal computer is networked to numerous other universal computers that as one giant network forms all the dimensions, it's just a framework. It's like obsessing with the template of a meme, rather than appreciating the branches and variants of the meme. It's nice to know what the template is and it's nice to have the ability to analyze the template, but it's not really all that amazing and it is actually fairly boring compared to enjoying it all as a whole, truth and illusions, rather than focusing on the truth exclusively. The whole point of the truth is to meaningfully enable the illusions which branch off it, and the whole point of the illusions is for them to entertainingly lead you to the truth. It's all very easily explained, and though some day it'll all be explained with some elaborate map and diagramming with methods and formulas backing it, this general understanding of what truth and its branching illusions are will still hold up under different more elaborate labels and wordings. Best not to obsess too much with it, so much as enjoy the entertaining path of illusions to truth and the meaningful path of truth to illusions.



~Epyc Wynn



As for worthwhile practices from the occult, you have to rethink and simplify your entire approach to fringe/occult study as always tied to your self, and your three main types of influence on all around you. Occult/Fringe study is self-help study, that's all it ever was, and all the symbolism and advice and abilities in it, while mostly bullshit, should be viewed as elder ways of meaningfully and pleasingly conveying how to help yourself improve through self-analysis, self-criticism, and self-improvement. Anything you are learning from the occult/fringe which does not appear to help, or have the potential to help you self-analyze, self-criticize, or self-improve, should be deemed unworthy of your time and skipped completely.

Your self is capable of three key types of influence: Physical Influence, which is the non-magical act of influencing the environment with your body and machines you set up with your body, which can be achieved through either biological or technological means. Social Influence, which is the non-magical act of influencing the memes, symbols, ideas, behaviors, or propaganda in the minds of others through acts of communication, persuasion, listening, writing, or governance. And finally, Self Influence, which is the non-magical act of influencing your body and brain through learning, applying, organizing, and associating subjects and units of study in your mind and muscle memory, as well as manipulating your body and mind through drugs and chemicals to your benefit or detriment.

These three key types of influence, physical, social, and self influence, are together three categories of influence capable of one categorical act of All Influence, which is the cohesive act of influencing through all three types of influence simultaneously with a unified intention. This unified intention comes from your self. This intention's quality is affected by the quality of your self, and is improved by the self's awareness, criticism, and improvement. Improving your self improves your intention. Improving your intention improves your ability to influence All.

~Epyc Wynn


File: 0d3e5132d1f525c⋯.gif (2.25 MB, 750x750, 1:1, ezgif-4-02897ccee5.gif)



The area of tulpamancy has serious potential for the area of Self Influence, and in turns self-improvement, if approached from a more objective standpoint. Tulpas are imaginary characters created by your mind. You are able to grant these imaginary characters pseudo-free will, as it is near impossible to grant an imaginary character true free will. At most if I were to put it to a percentage, I can only grant an imaginary character in my mind about 10% true free will and 90% pseudo free will, where true free will is the character appearing to act of their own volition without me making them, and pesudo-free will is essentially me roleplaying an interaction with an imaginary product of my imagination. To give a tulpa 100% free will would be a fully realized tulpa, and mean it is fully independent and able to think and act on its own; however this would be quite dangerous considering tulpas exist inside your brain and could fuck you up horribly. It would arguably be a borderline split personality at that point. With that in mind, there's likely a psychological evolutionary reason for why we are not able to do that; imagine the rampant insanity and disorders that would ensue from people being able to create free willed being inside their minds.

But anyway, I divided my brain into eight categories based on what I most observe and experience in my life: illusions, illuminations, order, chaos, positivity, negativity, progress, and regress. I think made a tulpa to represent each of these categories, and based the tulpas on previous personalities and characters I'd observed in my life. This creates a hierarchy akin to one you'd see on the Internet, with me being the owner and head admin of the server that is my brain, while these 8 tulpas would be the moderators of those eight respective categories.

Your brain should be thought of as a giant Internet server or website with lots of rampant users; with the users being ideas and feelings. If you do not keep the userbase of your brain properly moderated, it will make your server a shithole of abuse and chaos. But likewise, if you over-moderate your mind, your server will become an intolerable dictatorship unable to tolerate certain ideas and ways of thinking, as is observed by the overly controlling minds of religious and political extremists. Thus, you have to train your tulpas to properly moderate the ideas within the aspects of your mind you assign them to be responsible for.

Tulpas can be used both as partners of roleplayed conversation, and as personas to guide you through difficult situations, such as taking on a leaderly tulpa's persona during an interview, or a philosphical tulpa's persoa while typng a post on the Internet such as this one. Tulpas are also extremely helpful for inventing similar story characters for written and artful creative works.

Think of tulpas, metaphorically and in no way literally, as the Gods comprising the pantheon of your mind, with you being the One True God reigning in the mind. However, if you oppress them, they will react accordingly, and if you bend to their wills, they will react accordingly. So you have to understand how to maintain a balance of sociability and authority when dealing with tulpas you have assigned to perform jobs in your mind, regardless if they have a lot of or a little authority. How you treat your tulpas will be teaching yourself how to act towards others, and what you do to them will influence what you do or will do to others; but only a little bit.

Does this work? Can an average person do this? I have a very average intelligence, so yes. However, you cannot expect all the tulpas to 100% always be conscious, always be acting, always be moderating/administrating your mind. However, when you are in a pickle with something that relates to the job of a tulpa, you will naturally think about that tulpa and in turn that tulpa will act accordingly.

I use 12 main tulpas in total; 8 with moderating powers over their own specific aspect of my mind, and 4 with administrative powers over two tulpas and in turn two aspects of my mind. I reign over this hierarchy, but since every tulpa knows everything I know, we usually get along regardless of overwhelming differences in personality that in real life would result in murdering each other due to lack of understanding.

Again, this is all entirely acts of acting and roleplaying with imaginary personas/characters. But if it works, and if it shows clear benefits, then I'd say eat a slice of humble pie and attempt these childish things as you'll find the results worth it.

~Epyc Wynn


File: 509f8f3993bf84e⋯.png (99.25 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, epycwynnv0.png)


Magic is real. No one in our world has ever discovered and documented it. But when someone finally discovers and documents it, and someone will, this whole world will be turned upside-down.

~Epyc Wynn


File: e5921388aee94bb⋯.gif (455.25 KB, 256x256, 1:1, THONK.gif)


What do you think of the phenomena of changing consciousness focus altering the outcome of randomized events?

Such as random number generators being seemingly influenced when one focuses on them and wills it?

What do you think the significance of the fact that those who meditate often are more able to influence previously mentioned random number generators relative to those who don't meditate much or not at all?

What do you think of quantum mechanics? Specifically how consciousnesses seemingly forces the universe to decide on a definite outcome?

What about the snowflake experiment where one thinks of nasty or hurtful things while watching snowflakes form and compare it to snowflakes that formed while thinking about happy things directed at the snowflakes?

Would you say things like this are examples of real magic?


File: c9cca66fbb2f382⋯.png (432.57 KB, 1450x1450, 1:1, rotate.png)


Toss everything but the quantum mechanics information out the fucking window, because it's got a 90% probability of being horseshit rooted in occultists wanting too-good-to-be-true research with fundamental faults, to turn out true. In my experience here, the kind of research you just described is usually followed by revelations of flaws and debunk-able issues in relation to the research, so miss me with that delusional research. You have to understand the fact many scientists have and still do wish that magic were real, but thorough testing and bodies of research they have conducted and compiled have shown them otherwise. It doesn't take a genius, to point these things out to you. A common person could tell you these things in more concise words. Don't let the fringe hivemind influence you into doubting your fellow people's trials and errors. The day magic is revealed even a little bit to a few, is the day it is revealed fully to all.

The Observer Effect, is what you're talking about, and in relation to quantum physics, it's not only overwhelmingly proven, but is fundamental to the core mainstream framework of contemporary scientific understanding.

But the Observer Effect doesn't do jack shit magic-wise unless it can actually be harnessed pragmatically which to my knowledge has yet to be done.

It is however important to keep the Observer Effect in mind when studying the occult/fringe. It is also an unintentionally effective way of explaining how people feel towards one another when being watched, acting differently when watched versus acting another way when not. This relates in part to how people feel toward governments spying on them, or work superiors monitoring them, or families invading their privacy.

Influence, permeates All.



~Epyc Wynn



I've seen first hand random number generators and things like rice storage being effected by will and emotion.

Have you tried it yourself? It's a bit easier to do than that one crazy thing about summoning that was asked of you earlier in the thread…

Though beyond that, you seem quite loving of the idea of tulpas. I've never been able to make one myself. Can you recommend a good creation process or guide? Preferably one that involves making tulpas that are more conscious than not and with personality? I'm sure you've read such a request a thousand times before, but I beg forgiveness as I've been stuck for some time trying to make one, and you seem experienced. Please?

Methods I've tried are imagining them throughout the day, visualizing them in my head before bed, and imagining myself interacting with them in an imaginary world.

Despite my efforts, they never really amount to anything other than a character I've thought about. You seem quite adament that tulpas are the only thing on here worth their salt, so the fact I can't make one depresses me.

I don't really want to make one for practical purposes such as you, but instead just to experience and study such a thing first hand. If it evolves into a friend or useful calculator, so be it, but that's not really my objective.



Tulpas ARE just characters. Don't overthink how real they should feel. A perfect tulpa doesn't exist, save for people with split personality disorders and chemical imbalances. You will only ever faintly detect the tulpa and faintly sense aspects of the tulpa. Don't expect tulpas to supplant real people -they aren't supposed to. Their only job is to exist like a background process in your brain you can consciously interact with when you wish to. An imaginary character, even a basic one, even one you can barely sense at all, is the same thing as a tulpa. Don't set your expectations so high.



~Epyc Wynn


The quantum mechanics thing is definitely the key in my opinion. I don't believe in the common occult practices but the observer effect in relation to entropy and the infinite possibilities that the multiverse presents (which fits into the matrix theory) seems so necessary to understand, even if it's not magical at all. Quantum sciences are the next frontier and the key for humanity to ascend


File: 0ab52304d0cc252⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1275x1752, 425:584, Lotus of Studies.png)

File: 2ee4abb2c8ccf1e⋯.png (3.26 MB, 5100x3300, 17:11, 2ee4abb2c8ccf1e5f130335bb9….png)

Mind Mapping, I believe is part of the end-game for the fringe/occult field of thought and "study". Symbols are mapped in unique ways because they represent ideas, the relationships of those ideas, and how to organize those ideas as a whole in your brain. In school, any of you should be familiar with a diagram, such as a web-shaped diagram: this is a form of mind mapping.

I find it is far easier to map a mind map when you are the one making it, rather than mapping a mind map inside your mind, based on a mind map you are reading.

I leave you all with 2 mind maps. The non-colored mind map is mine. The colored mind map I found on this board. Keep in mind, the Lotus of Studies I made roughly… 3 years ago, and did so while I was studying occult transhumanism (which I find interesting, but in no way would vouch for the validity of at this time).

The bottom line though, is that if we can map how people organize their thoughts, we can fundamentally change the people in a way philosophies can only dream of. Philosophies significantly alter and affect how people perceive the world and how information is absorbed, processed, and restated in their minds. But the fact is the mind map does so to far greater effect; and hypothetically can work splendidly in unison with complementary philosophies.

A word of caution though: the man of one philosophy and one mind map, is a raving fucking looney; the man of many philosophies and many mind maps, is a wizened sage.

~Epyc Wynn



herp derp



So many words and not once have you mentioned the subconsciousness.


File: c37c0a4e6cfaa94⋯.jpg (516.35 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wallhaven-613569.jpg)


>a few years

Horsepower can result in speed (Bugatti Veyron) or traction (a CASE tractor). A bugatti will not pull a 4000lb hay wagon, even if it has several times as much "horsepower" as the tractor. The bugatti is using those 1001 horses to get from point A to point B in a hurry. The CASE tractor is using those 110 horses to push the earth down and away from it, pulling its load along with it.

The tractor has almost a tenth of the "horsepower", but still does ten times the work, unless you only care about how quickly you arrived at your destination and not what you brought with you.

The time spent is meaningless, it's the results that matter. I'm proud of you for achieving something with your time, but you're deluding yourself if you believe you've proven anything here.



The above post only quotes three words of your diary, but applies to this whole thread.

My role is not to guide you, so I will not try. Serve your own function.

I will only offer the following, for the sake of your own enlightenment: The mask you present invites mockery.


File: 887fcce884bf947⋯.png (3.36 MB, 2392x3348, 598:837, polack reading journey 1.png)

File: b2645571fd4c4b2⋯.png (3.99 MB, 2248x3442, 1124:1721, polack reading journey 2.png)

File: 7b92427c30739cd⋯.png (372.78 KB, 1351x1054, 1351:1054, trivium education.png)




Yeah this place should become a self-improvement /fitpollitfringe/ board. Fitness and core political literature to keep the schizo and loserdom away (I know the state of being in both, and I recognize it for what it is as well), as well as serving the purpose of building a well made foundation of positive direction and independent well-informed thinking. It's direct medicine to everything wrong with /fringe/, which is a poverty and CORRUPTION of culture, mental and physical illness, rather than richness and GREATNESS of culture.

Besides that, keeping the /fringe/ to the clearly grounded (world power games, history being made, hidden moves, hidden motivations, etc.),

mentally stimulating (mental exercises, unique skills, single derivative highly applied classic /fringe/ such as WWA but with less fucking woowoo conjecture surrounding it (single derivative from conventional understanding of human ability or physics; quantum physics isn't physics it's bs),

fringe culture besides fringe views on the big agendas, motives, events in the world such as strange idealistic projects and communities online, games, lifestyle/real life, alternative living, homesteading, herbal medicine, alternative fitness (?), alternative gaming (?), alternative art and music, alternative foods and drinks, etc etc etc alternative alternative alternative but not more than 1 degree separate from culture. Speculation into the 2nd degree of separation should be conservative and tasteful or otherwise strongly backed and specific.

It is said that everything connects within 6 degrees of separation. This is the degree of meaninglessness. The 5th then is almost meaningless. Onto the 4th we begin on the fringe of context to reality, and to the 3rd we have something vacuously relevant and intangible though people seem to try and pin some specifics down for some god forsaken reason, and 2 degrees of separation is where conjecture so easily misses but can be very meaningful and useful when on-point, whilst 1 degree of separation is the common wealth where we should dedicate much of our attention, and finally 0 degrees of separation is when we are focused on the matter at hand without deflection and must learn how to give most of our attention and effort to purely for the benefit that concentration and constancy brings.


File: d3926ae25252000⋯.jpg (129.59 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, world heirarchy.jpg)

Continuing and Clarifying:

/fringe/ should be 0 or 1 degrees separate from tasteful culture, with 2 degrees of separation being conservative and an on-going productive discussion of the matter in an attempt to build consensus.

/fringe/ should be literate and fit, to avoid the most common and obvious of mental, social and physical trappings, and to lay the foundation for positive and tasteful culture. /fringe/ should be grounded and healthy with a strong base.

/fringe/ should be politically literate, to build its culture and discussion beyond the repetitive and redundant, to discuss current events and history, and speculate on hidden motives, strategies, actions, and powers and build the culture of /fringe/.

/fringe/ should have interesting mental exercises, skills, classic /fringe/ stuff but with a greater emphasis on the application of skills with occlusion of all 'magic' or woowoo in general. Visualization, tactile exercises are great. Summoning demons is ridiculous.

This would make /fringe/ great. A focus on improving, creating and building culture is essential.


File: b05eb2551a48292⋯.png (223.89 KB, 4000x4000, 1:1, 2JollyRoger.png)


There is the conscious hivemind, which is the collective mind comprised of all individuals' intentional/non-automated awareness within the collective's brains. There is the unconscious hivemind, which is the collective mind comprised of all individuals' unintentional/automated awareness within the collective's brains. These are two primary abstract categories of the hivemind, though it should be noted these are imagined categories and do not reflect a definitive observable separation between collective consciousness/unconsiousness as both are intertwined at all times, even if at many times one is clearly dominant over the other.

There is the consciousness of an individual, which is the collection of intentional/non-automated awareness within the individual's brain. There is the unconsciousness of an individual, which is the collection of unintentional/automated awareness within the individual's brain. These are the two primary abstract categories of the brain, though it should be noted these are imagined categories and do not reflect a definitive observable separation between consciousness/unconsciousness as both are intertwined at all times, even if at many times one is clearly dominant over the other.

Subconsciousness is just the grey area between consciousness and unconsciousness, and as such it's easier to just talk about the consciousness and unconsciousness as two ends of one spectrum rather than talk about the grey area in the middle of this spectrum. If I'm talking about consciousness, assume I'm talking about the top 50% of that spectrum which is mostly semi-intentional-to-intentional or semi-non-automated-to-non-automated; if I'm talking about unconsciousness, assume I'm talking about the bottom 50% of that spectrum which is mostly

unintentional and heavily automated.

As for the occult/esoteric/fringe/magic value of consciousness and unconsciousness, the consciousness and unconsciousness are magical, and much of them are occult, fringe, and esoteric in nature. But, they aren't quite worthy of being treated as magic in themselves. Imagining God is not the same as meeting God. That is to say, if the most you can do with magic is entertain yourself with nice thoughts and inspire your body to create nice things, you have created entertainment and progress, but you have not created what the common person could call magic.

Entertainment and creative progress may technically be products of the magical nature of consciousness and unconsciousness, but if that's the best magic can do, we as well not call this magic or instead study it as if it's magic and instead study the media and engineering that surrounds us because we'd get the same effect or better from that in most cases anyway.

For it to be magic worthy of being viewed as magic and not merely scientific or mundane phenomena, the magic practitioner must be able to alter, obtain, or experience reality/information without using any technology or the biological body's/brain's presently commonly/scientifically acknowledged and recorded physical and mental abilities. Though ironically, by this definition that would mean once it is commonly or scientifically (among acknowledged scientists) acknowledged and recorded it would no longer be worthy of notice; which would not be particularly accurate seeing as it could indeed still be magical and not mundane, but that's the best parameter I can define for what magic is worthy of being treated as magic and what magic is merely scientific or commonly acknowledged information unworthy of significant awe.

And since I know it'll be brought up, meditation, altered states of consciousness, hypnosis, dreaming, and lucid dreaming, aren't worthy of being called magic. They are mere psychological states produced by combinations of the imagination and states of relaxation triggered by chemicals and hormones which create entertainment value insofar as they can in certain cases trigger intensive imagined sensational experiences.

And astral projection isn't real. It's the product of one imagining the whole thing based on pieces of patterns and experiences one naturally invents, recalls, and blends together into a lucid dream mistaken for astral projection.

That should just about cover all the major subjects of conscious/unconscious inquiry by students of the occult.

~Epyc Wynn


File: 89b161e2892ac52⋯.png (543.11 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, epycwynnsuper.png)



Your bugatti is shoddy.

Your dangalang is floppy.

My dangalang is bigger.

You're an occult bullshitter.

~Epyc Wynn


File: becf1ca5fb094ac⋯.gif (261.18 KB, 256x256, 1:1, gmagik.gif)


Those are all valid points and I am grateful for the books you chose to list. However, your images and words imply a favoritism of /pol/, so I believe you should be reminded of an obvious truth 8chan users too easily forget.

/pol/ censors people. If you care about the right wing, then that means you care about free speech, and if you care about free speech, don't fucking celebrate /pol/.

Anyone who claims to be part of the right wing while also decrying any form of free speech, is not a true member of the right wing and is a leftist authoritarian in denial. Do not embrace or celebrate any group who would engage in such a practice.

I have been repeatedly censored, anchored, had my post deleted, had my thread deleted, with one of my threads totaling over 400 replies in 8chan's /pol/. And I have been banned at least three times from there now. All of this, for bringing up on separate occasions the topic of Bernie Sanders, the topic of Transhumanism, and the topic of a user being banned from Discord.

/pol/ users are slaves to /pol/'s thought-police censor-happy moderators. Do not use or celebrate them or you are enslaving yourself to the authoritarian safe space they police the free speech of only to favor their biases. Authoritarianism is the gateway to leftism. Leftism is the gateway to postmodernism. Postmodernism is the gateway to ignorance.

~Epyc Wynn


File: 629b83546ae536b⋯.png (240.49 KB, 627x849, 209:283, epycwynnclassy2.png)


All of that would be incredible.

Our politics by Kybalion standards would be alt-center, meaning they'd be at the dead center of the political spectrum yet still alternate from existing normal political ideologies, and would be best described as magic nationalist social democracy based on trends in thought I have observed on this board. Shortening that term, we can call it Manasocracy, since it sounds like mana and sorcery while also containing the ma of magic, na of nationalism, so of social, and ocracy of democracy.

Candidates we would favor would include anyone who is iconic, as by memetic magical standards the more memetic candidates (generally the extreme or flashy ones) are the ones with the most potent influential power, which by magical perspective translates to magical power over others. This would mean we'd favor anyone from Teddy Roosevelt to Donald Trump, though we'd naturally prefer iconic candidates who are magical, nationalists, and social democrats. We would grant bonus points to candidates who took on alt-center ideologies or policies such as technocracy, anarcho-memeism, etcetera.

We should develop a culture, but first /fringe/ as a collective must start coming to terms with the reality of our abilities, versus what we wish our abilities were and the lies we fool ourselves into believing in order to feel important.

~Epyc Wynn


File: ab3252f9306d065⋯.jpg (3.95 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, wallhaven-506997.jpg)


You presented a nice little ditty

But you're not even a succulent titty

Your teensy little dicky

Couldn't even flip me

You're speaking to a mirror

And your posts keep getting queerer

You present a cute image

That offers nothing to this visage

Your rhymes are sophomoric

My rhymes get hyperbolic

Maybe you're the messiah

Yet still I rise higher.

I encourage you to keep trying,

in the process your ego's dying.



People these days can't let clever statements stand without responding as if their unclever statements are equally valid. I blame postmodernism.

~Epyc Wynn



Free speech doesn't mean "I can say what I want where I want because free speech". If you're in support of transhumanism you are in contradiction with the general alignment of /pol/. Bernie Sanders is talked about and it's in the negative as well, and I'm not sure what someone getting banned from Discord has to do with /pol/ nor why it requires an entire thread.

Usually these things are discussed at some point and then a consensus reached after evidence and characterization occurs, an efficient process on /pol/. If you want to get a thread on Sanders or Transhumanism, you have to ask to be informed rather than walking in trying to force your weak discussion that's already been dismantled or critically annihilated. Go to the QTDDTOT thread and ask. If you still have something to say then say it then, but not before.

Transhumanism is retarded. Evolve as a fucking human. It's like postmodernism, rejecting and escaping from Earth and culture and language, escaping from the body, escape escape escape into fantasy with a blatant rejection and disdain for reality. I'm not well versed in Bernie Sanders to be honest but he's for diversity and pro-jew, is strongly PC in that regard. Also, isn't he for a $15 minimum wage? You realize that that destroys jobs, yes? The issue isn't a minimum wage and a ham fisted approach like raising it doesn't address real issues in our economy. The market needs regulations but more should be done outside of the market to make getting a job easier, such as reducing transportation costs and connecting workers with available positions better, and getting rid of all the PC shit from business like 'diversity' hiring, excessive law suits (huge fat parasite the law suit practice is), and outrageous usury. The housing/renting market is pretty bad though; fix THAT and you fix most of the problems people have. I think there is a lot of corruption on that side that inflates the entire market.

We can have these discussions on /fringe/ but /pol/ is actively dealing with live politics and sometimes get some big shit done, so don't try to enforce your neoliberal shit there. It's a private space not a public fucking one you meme guzzling cum dump buffoon. There is no enslaving to an authoritarian safe space, it's self policed and the mods represent the good intentions of the consensus as has been historical laid down like a foundation to build upon. You lack a pragmatic sense. The mods are doing what the users want, and are in accord with the best threads and discussions projecting pretty far back into its past. You can't seem to recognize how like-minded people think or organize amongst themselves. They have to maintain cohesion whilst the slow unearthing of truth and potential occurs. They have to preserve their progress.

Read Heidegger.



Kybalion isn't even the be-all end-all of philosophy of metaphysics, why the fuck are we sucking it off as the greatest gift to man?

/fringe/ shouldn't try to be like /pol/ in terms of culture. You're acting as if there is a consensus when the entire board is shit, but throwing out one little fault isn't going to make it any better. Instead of /fringe/ being a 'wizard' board, when it lacks all wisdom, it should be a FRINGE board about FRINGE things, centered first in good mainstream culture in order to give it root (there is no fringe without there being something to be on the fringe of) and pull up nutrients, to identify what is good and then looking at alternatives that are ALSO GOOD but different, and not to NEGATE OR CONTRADICT what is good just for the sake of le fringe XD meme'd! Culture is the flower, not the root. The root is basic physics and predictable, common sense reality. If you hate common sense you should not be on /fringe/, you should be standing in the corner and thinking real hard where you fucked up. Since we ARE talking about a culture on the fringe, without all the checks and balances, we have to speak first on how we should self-govern. To start, people should try and contribute to the [dialectic and positive] consensus, to the history and culture. This means no anti-culture, no anti-dialecticism, no consensus destroying for the sake of it, no ignorance of our consensus or history, and no low effort shilling/pollution. If you want something to change you have to change it, not destroy it.

This board should be about IMPROVEMENT. Improving the board, improving ourselves. Not diversity. Not freedom of speech. We aren't a country of millions. We don't need to clamp onto everyone either, we just need to prioritize. If we have a thread, it should have a conclusion at some point. Maybe it takes 10 threads to build up all X sides of the discussion and reach a consensus, but there should be continuity and the final verdict should be publicly available. Places like /fit/ have a sticky, yet new research topples it. Does that mean the sticky is worthless? No. It's called 'improvement'. If you know where the discussion has been and gone and now is, you won't make the same mistakes. You can't learn from history if you fucking destroy it. Continuity. Archive and pin, then have a sticky that has all threads (Web of Destiny anyone?) listed, revealing the parallel, diverging and converging of our culture. We need to start thinking in terms of culture, for the benefit of culture. The first apparatus of culture is history, or perhaps culture is an apparatus of history? Both terms are wrapped up in misguided notions. Either way, we need to seek the rooting and progression, the wisdom, of culture and history. There can't be great improvement without it, except for few individuals who never needed to be here in the first place. It's foolishness not to create the right environment for growth.



>my anus is bleeding

>~Epyc Wynn


I fucked up there with the root and flower bit; what I really mean is that we should take a common sense and pragmatic approach to issues and address the solid and timeless before we try to grapple the fleeting and modern.




Is that your creativity?


Thanks for spamming the same sigil with every post to provide a psychic lock on your identity. I curse you to walk in guruland for at least ten years or until you learn better.


File: 4922e7e2b76d950⋯.jpg (72.34 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, eJwFwdsNwyAMAMBdGACXV8DZBh….jpg)


/pol/ means politically incorrect; not right wing. It was invented to enable political free speech online for people with obscure or extreme belief systems. To then bullshit me, by stating that it is meant to be a right wing echo-chamber and thus I should shut up about subjects which may alter or contradict right wing beliefs, is an affront to basic communication and argumentation; further, it is the basis of thought-policing, authoritarianism, and oppression; none of which are what political incorrectness stands for! To then further insinuate we should have a /fringe/ culture inspired by censorship, when our board is literally built on promoting free thought through ridiculous concepts and experimentation, goes against our board's fundamental purpose of existing. For you to actively back the disgusting censorship of the power-abusing moderators on /pol/ is disgusting and proves just how far the culture and hierarchy of /pol/ has fallen from its original intended purpose. A group which does not tolerate dissent is a group worthy of swift righteous destruction; such as groups who put dissenters in gulags.

It is not about whether a subject is worthy or not of a thread; all subjects are worthy. As long as it is somewhat political, it's relevant; and that includes most topics. To insinuate that a thought is not worthy of expression because it doesn't please the hivemind, goes against basic individuality and discussion necessary to productive thought and honest bonding as opposed to dishonest self-censorship.

To say that evidence and characterization is efficient on /pol/, whilst openly admitting that evidence to the contrary is unworthy of discussion and should be censored, proves just how inefficient and cherry-picked all evidencing and characterization on /pol/ is.

To say that one must request permission to discuss a subject, or that one must already agree with potentially flawed arguments of others in order to bring up a disagreed upon subject, only means that anything which goes against the hivemind mentality of the board is not allowed, regardless of its validity. Further, this assumes that such a censor-happy anti dissent hivemind could possibly be capable of properly dismantling and criticizing a subject which is flatly false due to the fact they cannot criticize through any lens or line of logic outside of what's already pre-approved by the moderators who have systematically and structurally crafted the culture of /pol/ to only favor the political biases of moderators.

To criticize the subjects of transhumanism, Bernie Sanders, and bans, whilst also justifying the censorship of arguments in favor of transhumanism, reveals your own hate and fear of an opposing argument, which I can safely state is highly reflective of /pol/'s core userbase and moderators which cannot handle any argument that is not the pinnacle of sensationalist extremism promoting murder or oppression.

For you then to make the asinine claim that me engaging in free speech discussion arguing a belief /pol/ users don't agree with, is a form of enforcement and thus bad because I'm "enforcing" my belief on others, but not call out the literal power-abuse-based enforcement done by moderators in going out of their way to censor my free speech rather than discuss or argue the points, shows that you don't actually care about enforcement so long as the enforcement is done against any free speech you disagree with, which is cowardly and promotes an ignorant hivemind which censors the other side of an argument's proponents as opposed to the supposed "critical" hivemind you proclaim it to be which would actually mean allowing dissenters to speak freely and prove their cases without fear of censorship.

Users have the universal, inalienable, self-given rights to free speech, free love, and freedom from abuse of power. To call it righteous to defile a user's right to free speech is scummy and wrong. To call it righteous to defile a user's right to freedom from abuse of power is scummy and wrong. Policing a safe-space is everything that leftism stands for, and is everything you have stated /pol/ stands for. This is not a preservation of progress; it is the preservation of a glass house which cannot handle direct criticism from "outsiders".

~Epyc Wynn


File: 1e3ed3f5a467f08⋯.gif (1.5 MB, 512x288, 16:9, epycwallpaperrainbow.gif)


/pol/ is not a board worthy of /fringe/'s embrace. It abuses its users openly and does not represent political incorrectness; only a safe space for the biases of moderators and the users who generally believe the biases of the moderators. This is not the maintenance of cohesion; this is the manufacturing of thought slaves.

/pol/'s thought policing safe space tactics would bastardize our free-thinking board and should thus not be embraced or made core to our culture. /pol/ is an affront to basic memetics on the basis of censoring memes, an affront to basic chaos magic on the basis of limiting freedom, and an affront to general magic on the basis of limiting how we can and cannot think. No true /fringe/ user should ever defend censorship of free speech or oppression of freedom.

~Epyc Wynn


File: 446c466262fd37b⋯.png (429.54 KB, 2478x2494, 1239:1247, epyckarma.png)


All of those ideas are terrible. We should improve, but your definition of improvement is the opposite of improvement. All you want is another thought-policing safe space for a "status quo" where the status quo is a hegemony of hivemind mentality normie traditions built upon meaningless cultural trends and history. You would not create the right environment for growth; you would destroy the opportunity for such an environment to exist by outcasting anyone who doesn't fit the idealized hegemony you have imagined. You, my brother, have disgusted me personally and your ideals would lead to individuals such as myself being outcasted and banned. You've succeeded in making an enemy out of me personally, your own family member, in threatening me and my freethinking /fringe/ family who wish to innovate and not be confined to your illusion of safety and your mislabeling of devolution as growth.

Freedom ends where oppression begins. Oppress, and you shall be oppressed. Free, and you shall be freed.

~Epyc Wynn


File: 9e2833dfd8164d4⋯.png (47.19 KB, 625x626, 625:626, epycbaiting.png)



~Epyc Wynn


File: dad75499224eb1f⋯.png (2.4 KB, 91x128, 91:128, epycreverseuno.png)


"I fucked up" you sure did. People who don't value the present don't understand magic. A core part of enlightenment is becoming one with the present moment.


Yes, I invented that term just now while making that post. Feel free to promote it and embrace it if you don't want the term to fade and die like a weak meme.


Please view this post's image for your reply.



~Epyc Wynn







This is why we need bullies.


File: 77e4f0cc480fab5⋯.gif (48.26 KB, 2034x1491, 678:497, its for you.gif)


>You've succeeded in making an enemy out of me personally, your own family member, in threatening me and my freethinking /fringe/ family who wish to innovate and not be confined to your illusion of safety and your mislabeling of devolution as growth.

Hoooooly shit. You're one of the most pathetic charity cases I've ever seen.


File: fdbe7a7d8fa0527⋯.jpg (768.7 KB, 3800x2000, 19:10, 5CivilFlag.jpg)


Oppression is not charity. I do not desire the false charity of oppression, and will always reject the offer.


If /pol/ users wish to invade our territory like the immigrants they decry and bastardize our digital government like the EU they decry, they will be made into cannon fodder by the /fringe/ users they attempt to decry. We will fight any and all attempts at oppression of our /fringe/ free speech, thought, and practice, as we have always done against corporations and influential behemoths. /fringe/ is not 8chan's top board, but all it would take is one bad choice by /pol/ to change who stands on top here. If /pol/ wants to throw down the gauntlet and challenge us, they're welcome to try. May the great ones rise and the weak ones fall as all memes and memers always have and all memes and memers always will.

~Epyc Wynn


File: 3f8d0599019dde3⋯.jpg (57.86 KB, 800x600, 4:3, monika.jpg)


Who is this "we" you think that you speak for? You're a simpleton with a thesaurus and a swollen ego in need of a pricking.


File: 6e04e98f7f323b3⋯.png (53.95 KB, 354x452, 177:226, epyc1s.png)


Which is why you responded with an image of the incarnation of egotism. Listen, you don't need an ego to stand up for your self. I'm just doing my job here and I'm fine with that. It's not about ego; it's about having a sense of humor and the ability to convey it as freely as I wish to. If you can't have fun, you can't live. There's so many reasons why oppression is wrong, and universally the reason is we need freedom. But personally, I just want to have fun. Who cares if you're God? Who cares if you're man? Boosting one's ego with the illusion of specialness is boring and useless. Having fun and doing it righteously is just a natural part of living properly.



~Epyc Wynn


File: a9594b4a4a4e0c9⋯.png (25.11 KB, 512x512, 1:1, epychippy.png)






~Epyc Wynn



It's not a fucking constitution it's an obscure board on an obscure website. You're moralizing something like a victim complex bitch. "It's CALLED–" it's called "suck my dick" but really I'm saying "kill yourself" – I suppose I'm infringing on decency and everything good and holy and liberal! "A group which does not tolerate dissent is a group worthy of swift righteous destruction; such as groups who put dissenters in gulags." A slippery slope there! Let's can those /pol/acks and put them in the gulag for banning you! Dissent against freedom of speech shall be punished! You shall be disbanded and monitored! DIE. Fuck it, if random people want to walk into schools and start shouting at the children that the earth is flat, let 'em! Freedom of speech, diversity of thought! Into the trash with you, braincel.

Eat shit. They tolerate dissent, but shills fuck the place all the time and there has to be policing. Sometimes the mods are good sometimes they are bad. In general there are long track records of good mods and bad mods being uprooted and thrown out. I told you once and I'll tell you again; first you ask for them to make their case of a strongly held stance, then you can have a discussion. Taking up other threads with your bullshit self-righteous cunt liberal misapplied 'but muh rights' shit is fucking retarded. Politics isn't a holy fucking circle to put all your cherished beliefs in, and virtue signalling isn't going to do shit. People spouting their every thought and opinion isn't productive. I told you to keep your shit in the one fucking thread meant for questions and discussions (informally) that DON'T DESERVE THEIR OWN FUCKING THREAD BECAUSE THREADS GET FUCKING DELETED YOU DUMB FUCK YOU PUSH THREADS INTO 404 YOU BRAINLESS PIECE OF SHIT YOU TRASH IGNORANT CHILD-LIKE IRRESPONSIBLE LITTLE SPOILED SHIT FUCKING KILL YOURSELF FOR GOD'S SAKE KILL YOURSELF FOR THE ONE HONEST PIECE OF SELF-CENSORSHIP YOU'LL EVER PERFORM IN YOUR MISERABLE EXISTENCE

Your victim complex is nauseating. Post it in the relevant thread and start a short discussion that will generally lead to someone posting a bunch of redpill links and infographics. Don't fill the board with your dogmatic child-like ideals with no basis in reality except your feefees and a gross misconception of what's right and wrong, good and bad. You project so hard it fucking hurts. Your mind is glass that is 'defiled' by anything that obstructs your view, the sledgehammer shatters your ego while others are bruised,and metal is shaped for human use. You think like a woman self-righteous in mispercieved abuse.


You SHOULD be banned and ostracized, epic bitch. You can only think in 2 dimensional self-confirming slippery slopes. Fucking khaos kuck. Freedom is in self-discipline and self-reliance. These people aren't your family, they fucking hate you. /fringe/ stands for shit on the fringe, not your safe space. You blame mama and dada for all your problems then go to the better mama and dada "the enlightened! the chosen! the luminescent!" like a moth to flame or child to titties and a large income.

These people need some self-restraint and discipline ffs, including your weak spineless existence. Thin skinned to the bone. These people need to be PART of the world, not separate. I'm not telling you fucks to join kikebook or get on social media, I'm telling you to learn the history of this world, observe REAL CONCRETE PATTERNS and FOLLOW THEM -> USE THEM AS INTENDED INSTEAD OF BEING AN ANARCHO-SHITHEAD PUNK BITCH ABOUT EVERY SINGLE FUCKING THING, WITH NO SENSE OF SCALE OR WEIGHT OR PRAGMATISM. WHEN YOU'RE ON THE FUCKING FRONTIER OR FRINGE YOU NEED THE DISCIPLINE AND CHARACTER TO SURVIVE IT.

I don't want this to be a fucking /pol/ board, but they get a lot more shit right and are hell of a lot more vital and healthy than this shit board. And when they see a shill and degenerate, they call it as they see it. I'm the one typing in all caps and 'bullying' you yet you're the most destructive piece of shit in this thread. Literally does "chaos magic". What in the fuck are you even thinking? That you're special? Not going to let you take others down with you so fucking easily, kiddo.



ay nibba u be made af but what it do to be do it do be made af at a kid u sad nibba sad smdh sad



Weak fuck are you allergic to being mad or some shit like a woman? So chill your dick n balls frost bite now the doc gotta break it off?


File: ce3ace373ada696⋯.png (151.79 KB, 1423x615, 1423:615, pol.png)



>free speech

Get with the fucking times, 8/pol/ is cucked beyond repair, all the effortposters are gone and replaced by redditors engaging in newfig on newfig sillytalking.

If you want to maintain some decency you need to start enforcing it.

Good example: (pic related)



>/pol/ and /fringe/ are fundamentally different

Lurk more faggot. hint: see the flags?



/pol/ is overloaded with parasites as we speak. Something must be done. The infrantry split when the board went pro-trump. Trump isn't the golden calf that should be worshiped at the cost of precious allies. The ones who do all the leg work (besides effort posting but strongly overlapping with such posters) left and know better, we should get rid of all the Trump cock sucking with a swift and righteous purge.


File: 6f791421322f9d2⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1438x1438, 1:1, epyc4chan.png)


>/pol/ should pin what it collectively agrees on.

>that's not a constitution

>playing postmodernist grammarian word games

>implying politics has nothing to do with morality

>implying not bending over like a pussy to what you want makes me the victim

>mundane insults

>attacking a defender of /fringe/ because we don't want to be owned by /pol/ via their culture just like how China tries to own Taiwan through their culture

>implying people who don't bend to your desires are religious liberals

>calling it a slippery slope to defend free speech

>implying people who abuse their digital powers should not be held accountable

>implying defending free speech is a form of censorship

>implying there is no difference between the offline world and the online world

>implying /pol/ is so weak it could not exist without the help of the safe space thought police

>implying you need permission before you can disagree with someone

>implying disagreement with the collective hivemind is retarded if it ever involves a political leaning you don't identify with personally

>implying not agreeing with you is virtue signalling

>implying thoughts and opinions are not productive to discussion if the hivemind doesn't agree with them

>implying dissenting arguments should be jailed to one thread rather than allowed to flow freely like normal arguments

>embodying the receiving end of the "u mad" meme because someone has viewpoints you disagree with

>implying people who don't let you walk all over them have a victim complex

>implying your dogmatic child-like ideals are not dogmatic child-like ideals whilst calling disagreements with your dogmatic child-like ideals, dogmatic child-like ideals

>implying reality is the status quo and anything which seeks to alter that status quo, even if it's possible, is unrealistic

>implying disagreeing with you is projection, whilst projecting your own issues onto me

>implying anyone who disagrees with you has a "glass house" mind easily broken by you

>implying anyone who disagrees with you is egotistic

>implying the thoughts of women are inferior

I can see you are a greater enemy to yourself than I could ever hope to be.

~Epyc Wynn



>muh /pol/ is one person fallacy


File: e141de2e8a733e9⋯.png (138.44 KB, 2000x1450, 40:29, epyc8chan.png)


In response to the second half of your replies:

>implying anyone who thinks in 2-dimensional self-confirming slippery slopes should be banned, whilst conveying you think in 2-dimensional self-confirming slippery slopes

>implying chaos is bad, on our /fringe/ board where our culture is heavily tied to the theme of chaos

>implying freedom means being self-disciplined and self-reliant, whilst having already admitted that /pol/'s users must rely on their thought police's censorship in order to continue existing

>implying 8chan is not built around conveying hate to anyone with a differing opinion from the board's overall opinion

>implying your active promotion of /fringe/ becoming a safe space policed against differing views is fine but me actively attacking that notion is in itself promoting a safe space and is thus not fine

>implying you are a hypocrite who is projecting and lacks self-awareness

>implying… something about my mother and father who I have never mentioned nor blame

>implying fishing for attacks you don't even know will actually work instead of directly arguing the points being made

>implying you know what's best for a board you are clearly trying to create policed censorship for because you hate the board

>implying promoting censorship is brave but fighting censorship is "spineless"

>implying not agreeing with you is thin-skinned

>implying people should repeat historical trends despite a common trend throughout history being that you are supposed to learn from history so you don't repeat its countless mistakes

>implying /fringe/ users who favor anarchism are bad despite anarchism and freedom being core parts of our board's culture

>yet again attacking /fringe/ having claimed you know what's best for /fringe/ because your heavily policed board mods raised you to think this way

>implying we should enslave ourselves to the manipulation of historical figures such as Hitler who have successfully managed to manipulate you from beyond the grave

>using the word "punk" unironically to insult someone who doesn't conform to your delusion of what the status quo should be

>implying it is not pragmatic for me to protect the free speech I rely on every day, but it is pragmatic for me bend to your censor-happy whims because you say so

>comparing the "frontier," a term regularly used to refer to places with minimal law enforcement, in reference to heavy policing

>implying we need oppression in order to survive oppression

>implying we need to act how you want us to in order to survive the policing you want done in a way that suits you and not the rest of us

>implying it is healthy to oppress people into thinking one way but it is unhealthy to think for ourselves

>implying that we should insult people who are different rather than learn from or teach them

>stating you are a bully like it is something we should accept after having promoted we create a new group of oppressive mods with the sole intention of bullying users who think or act differently

>implying it is destructive to defend against the destruction of free speech

>implying defending the practices of others means I myself engage in said practices

>implying it is wrong to engage in magical practices when our board's culture is built around magical practices

>implying one must be special in order to believe in something different or ridiculous, whilst promoting the practices of the /pol/ board which is known for being different and ridiculous

>projecting your desire to take us down with you, onto the person actively arguing against your desire to destroy and police our thoughts, our practices, and our culture

It is a cruel irony that 8chan, a website built around free speech, has individuals who rely on that free speech vehemently promote the destruction of free speech just so it will favor their biases.

~Epyc Wynn


File: fa7faea84a4bc23⋯.png (2.38 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, epycwynnati.png)


/pol/ is only cucked beyond repair because its users agreed to let their mods enslave their minds in exchange for the illusion of power.

Policing against opposing thoughts proves the weakness of the protected thoughts.

>/fringe/ and /pol/ are fundamentally similar

I don't think you even lurked.

~Epyc Wynn



weeklytubeshow reference, I c u fgt


File: b3cf97be594aa09⋯.jpg (35.04 KB, 255x255, 1:1, epycpol - Copy.jpg)


>implying you cannot handle people with opposing views

>implying your views are weak to criticism and opposition

>implying /pol/'s moderators, who actively censor anyone who disagrees with their artificially constructed status quo, aren't parasites

>implying part of the culture you dislike should be censored because it doesn't suit your personal biases

Man this sounds pathetic. /pol/ users used to bravely fight anyone any time anywhere when it came to arguing for their views and against other views. Now because of the moderators and individuals including you, /pol/ users became snowflakes unable to handle opposition. You're setting yourselves up for complete annihilation, much like how the Native Americans were wiped out because they'd never had smallpox. That which is censored is that which is feared. You can run from opposing ideas, but the more they are censored and avoided within your life, the weaker you are in handling them. So much for a master race.

~Epyc Wynn


File: 42686ffa27684a3⋯.png (4.19 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, epycballzshenpepe.png)



~Epyc Wynn



All these implications are wrong.

I'm not going to bother with your second wall of greentext.

Any discussion with you is frivolous and leads to nowhere. Just like what you believe in.


File: 81f7b5802ff89b7⋯.png (486.16 KB, 1259x1259, 1:1, worldgeneralofmemedivision….png)


>retreating in defeat from an opposing argument

Okay /fringe/, I have defeated /pol/ in memetic combat. As of now our new political philosophy is Manasocracy, meaning we overall believe in mana, sorcery, magic, nationalism, and social democracy.

~Epyc Wynn



I'd rather not depend on others to grant what I desire, but I'm not complaining here. You have good taste anyways.

Therefore, I wish to be one with heaven and earth, in perfect unison with will and being. Logos and Prima Materia.

If that isn't viable, then getting that one qt3.14 I dreamed about in the past would be neeeat ;)


File: 6a635c4bb3bf659⋯.jpg (180.91 KB, 635x635, 1:1, ascendedwynn2.jpg)



~Epyc Wynn



Thank you. May you find your way.

Hell, with this wish, I hope to help everyone find their way.

























/pol/ from the posters to the mods are shittier yet this is more an issue with the culture that mods just reflect. With a strong userbase the mods are ousted and hanged when shit. The good posters leaving is the issue not the fucking mods. Good mods or not, what matters is that we have the high quality posters. They left to other places or keep themselves to the good threads as islands in the cess pool. We must get the frontlineman back to us by abandoning Trump and opening communique with the old guard.

You're a potato nog for making this about free speech though. What matters is the effort posts and happenings. You can't even figure out what makes something good like the meme kiddo you are. You observed things happening yet learned very little from it all, and can only try and mimic the complex behavior like a child or monkey. MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO.

It's the EFFORT POSTING and HAPPENINGS that matter yet you champion FREE SPEECH and CHAOS. It's like vitality from sugar and caffeine and vitality from fitness and challenges. You braincel dopamine addicted ape. Get back into your fucking cage.



>I don't think you even lurked.

Right back at you.

The founder of the place is a /pol/ack, you barging in here is just another attempt at mainstreaming the site so reddit can post anywhere without being told to fuck off.

You can't do it. /fringe/ is /pol/ with wands. I suggest for your own sake you figure out the meaning of that before proceeding with your little ebin plan. If you want to change the userbase, do it openly, put a statement up front telling everyone this site is now controlled opposition with a userbase of 90% reddit and bots instead of this embarrasing attempt at manipulating the discourse in your desired direction.

Hint: that last 1% core won't be so easy to get rid of.




You clearly don't know the meaning of this word, ghettoboy


File: a92ab33dc9b39e6⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 3800x2000, 19:10, 7StateFlag.jpg)


<using reddit arrows

>not using chan arrows

wew lad


The government is the core brain and backbone of a culture's body. Mods and admins accordingly should be viewed as the governing body, and accordingly be held responsible for the rules and official judgments affecting the culture. Especially, when rules and judgments pertain to censorship or punishment.

Mods are only ousted based on what the board's owner(s) want, and usually the board's owners blindly favor the mods unless the mods happen to go against the admin's personal biases. This should be obvious, and you can observe this behavior commonly on websites, especially in forums and servers. Boards which censor, weed out the potentially good posters in pursuit of only posters which reflect and regurgitate in interesting ways the biases not of the userbase, but of the mods and admins who in turn artificially craft the culture and beliefs of the userbase. It is thus no wonder you have observed good posters leaving, considering they don't want to be censored either; that or they just realized that the censorship has made the community so weak it's not worth holding discussion in since there's a lack of conflict and thus it's boring. Free speech, isn't just about ethics: it's fun. The most boring thing in the world is censorship because it eliminates possibilities like no other limitation can.

And also, Trump was never the issue here. Just as Anonymous embraced the Guy Fawkes mask since it best conveyed their message while also protecting their faces, Trump was embraced by /pol/ since it best conveyed their message while also having a chance of actually winning the election: which he DID, proving that was absolutely the strategically correct thing to do. To then turn around, like a Communist gulager, and say "Trump has served his purpose; not let us end him and shift the goal posts," proves that you don't even care about /pol/. All you want is to shift the goal posts more and more to suit your personal biases, whether it's /pol/ or /fringe/, even if this comes to the detriment of our 8chan communities.

The enemy of intelligence and innovation has always been censorship because it prevents improvement and adaptation necessary to survival both socially and scientifically. Free speech is necessary to survival and quality of life as a result of this. Free speech should definitely be valued higher than high energy posters forced into a tiny box of censorship for no reason other than to empower a mod-admin bias which is not nearly as beneficial to users as the full body of free speech is. What makes /pol/ good, was removed a long time ago by /pol/ moderators and administrators. They enable and enforce censorship of political incorrectness that doesn't fit their biases. It isn't right even right anymore to call it /pol/ when it's not about political incorrectness: it's about the biases of the mods and admins being law while you and the rest of /pol/'s users are made their thought slaves.

~Epyc Wynn


File: 1ef2e4a2f32bb0c⋯.jpg (302.66 KB, 2000x3800, 10:19, 9CivilVerticalFlag.jpg)


I've seen what happened on /pol/ and it went from a semi-good idea nearly a decade ago, to a very bad idea controlled by a few admins and mods. Monkey see monkey do? You're the monkey, and you're doing what they tell you to. I'm the free being telling you to free yourself from your captors you've mistaken for your protectors. /pol/ would be far more effective and eventful if the mods and admins only policed against non-political discussion and pedophilia. Then maybe the board could actually call itself Politically Incorrect in more than name alone.

Your implied theory that /pol/ is more effective and eventful because of the mass censorship and subservience to your ruling mod-admin class, is not true because 4chan's /b/ was far more effective by creating a movement known as Anonymous which took down Scientology. Most chan users knows /b/ is notorious for a lack of moderation in any capacity. /pol/ created some propaganda that backed Trump sure, but who knows how much that actually helped compared to all the other outside forces and Russian aid. /pol/ didn't make any original movements or philosophies. All /pol/ is, is an echo-chamber which rips off Nazis through roleplay and combines them with a poorly drawn frog that was never funny. /pol/ has a few half-baked photoshopped flags, a whole lot of new-age half-baked ideological concepts that easily crumble and never take on widespread appeal, and forced artificially manufactured political propaganda people find boring and repetitive. The last time /pol/ did something unexpected or new, was never. I can guarantee /pol/ will destroy itself because it's become boring, repetitive, and a glass house of censorship. At this point, it is only a matter before more people realize how obvious this is.

So no, I will not get into or aid you in the construction of the hypothetical cage of censorship you propose stuffing members of /fringe/ into. Your proposed cage is built in a glass house of bias destined for destruction. I personally oppose and fight your endeavor. We don't want to be fragile and reliant on contrived oppression like you are.

~Epyc Wynn


File: f96b1b1a03d7c86⋯.jpg (696.82 KB, 2000x3800, 10:19, 10StateVerticalFlag.jpg)


>implying defending free speech is the same as a hostile takeover by Reddit

>implying a website which openly promotes itself as a bastion of free speech is like Reddit

>implying 8chan has been taken over by Reddit since it openly promotes free speech

>implying the censor-happy website Reddit promotes free speech

>implying anything which does not oppress people is Reddit

>having no understanding of Reddit despite how ridiculously normie-tier mainstream it is

>implying identifying as a /pol/ack means you thus want to oppress people just like /pol/'s mods and admins do

>implying that people who fight for free speech must censor all opposition

>having no understanding of how a free speech activist operates

>having no understanding of how free speech works

I'm not the kind of person who is made from their causes; I'm the kind of person causes are made from. If you play identity politics with an individualist, you'll always lose. Individualists don't want collective approval; not even from each other. We're the pirates of thought and land, and we do as we please because we trust the righteousness of our well-aged instincts. If you tout your enslavement to authoritarian collectivist censors, you've already proven you died a long time ago and what's left is the husk being manipulated by a large influential body of bullshit. At that point, I pity the free will that once inhabited your mind, and will gladly battle the demonic collective that stole your soul.

~Epyc Wynn


File: 18f8feee9e97ab0⋯.jpg (84.22 KB, 600x500, 6:5, 4.jpg)


>epic bitch

LOOK AND LEARN. This is what a true meme god looks like.

I pray that name sticks. SMIB. Amen.


real cringe worthy


You clearly never been to 8ch /pol/ for more than 2 seconds and have no practical grasp of the variables involved. You are an outsider who hasn't even looked in and are shitting the board up by making up everything that you're saying with grandiose airs using outdated references and websites that AREN'T FUCKING 8CH YOU SIMIAN SAD SACK OF SHIT.

I don't want /fringe/ to be /pol/ and /pol/ as it is isn't a great political board but it IS a good board in general and HAS been a great political board at varying times in its history.

>Your implied theory that /pol/ is more effective and eventful because of the mass censorship and subservience to your ruling mod-admin class

No you retard chimpanzee. I'm talking about conformity to a central core userbase with a strong and persistent culture that has survived many a shill, newfiggot, mod and dissenter.

You contrived and obtuse primordial sludge. You knuckled dragging ape. You devolution. You literally don't know jack shit about /pol/ and are basing your opinions on your very very very few experiences of /pol/ and a 4chan fucking /pol/ from a decade ago. You think /pol/ elected Trump and you know nothing outside of this one arguable (yet I'm sure a pollack with the evidence saved could redpill me on this but I'm not 100% certain) point. You are ignorant. You have no fucking clue what you're even talking about.

Jesus F Christ he's basing this off a few trips to /pol/ in the past fucking decade.

I'm going to ignore you now and start typing out some shit on improving /fringe/:

Based on the theory that fitness makes one more resilient to adverse 'mental' or wizardly forces and exertions gone wrong, as well as social fall outs that may arise, the prerequisite to any in-depth fringe shit should be a rigorous daily routine. A clear measure of effectiveness is body temperature and blood pump, as this indicates that the body is not efficient in what they are doing, that there is a strong hormonal response, and a good deal of tissue damage (micro tears leading to growth) that requires the circulation. This generally leads to a better composition (muscle-fat-bone) and progress, as well as positive benefits to the nervous system including the brain. Information is even processed better, and basic grounded facts of reality more easily recalled and intuited by 'intense' motor activity.

If you have any health or mental health issues, take care of this first. Nutrition and diet info should be gathered and summed up into key points whilst remaining simple and disregarding new fad shit that hasn't been researched and isn't easily explainable with some common sense.

One should be a competent reader, writer, speaker, capable of and often exercising basic logic and rhetoric. Thus the classic trivium education is recommended to start out, even if just to familiarize yourself with what is formally basic and introductory for greater internal organization and encapsulation, as well as to help recognize what is advanced, and what is VERY advanced. I personally recommend reading through the trivium in one go. You can read whatever you like after. When you're ready, I suggest to then go through the first batch of books of political relevance that I've posted the infographic of above. Go ahead and read any other books while working your way through those. When going through any of the other tiers, the more 'pure' your reading path, the less distracted from politically intensive books, the better.

No circlejerking on a book and burning it in ritual memetics. The basics should be circlejerked, not random dogmas. Occult esoteric things are obscure enough that there should be broad study. Fitness and competent literacy are the basic necessities for this purpose.


File: ec5f184c533919d⋯.jpg (88 KB, 660x500, 33:25, epycgrindsmygears8chan.jpg)


>"You clearly never been to 8ch /pol/ for more than 2 seconds and have no practical grasp of the variables involved."

I was there long enough to have a thread I made with over 400 replies deleted and my account banned, because the mods dislike Transhumanism even though the users found it interesting enough to reply hundreds of times to.

>"You are an outsider who hasn't even looked in and are shitting the board up by making up everything that you're saying with grandiose airs using outdated references and websites that AREN'T FUCKING 8CH YOU SIMIAN SAD SACK OF SHIT."

You're calling me the outsider, after having thoroughly conveyed yourself as an outsider from /pol/ trying to alter /fringe/ to suit your personal biases. For that matter, apparently posting numerous threads on the board even when they're repeatedly deleted wasn't enough to convince you of my activeness there, meaning nothing reasonable would convince you. From there your argument stop making any sense so, I guess you really showed me how… you don't like old references and your entire life is built around this single website and no other.

>"I don't want /fringe/ to be /pol/ and /pol/ as it is isn't a great political board but it IS a good board in general and HAS been a great political board at varying times in its history."

So you're blatantly lying now, as you clearly want /fringe/ to culturally and governmentally operate more like /pol/. Bullshit on you acting like you can claim you both do and don't want to corrupt /fringe/ to be just like /pol/. Yes, you do. And no, /pol/ was never great and from the outset has gradually strayed further and further from its original vision of being a bastion of political incorrectness for all political leanings instead of just the biases of the mods and admins which it is today.

>"No you retard chimpanzee. I'm talking about conformity to a central core userbase with a strong and persistent culture that has survived many a shill, newfiggot, mod and dissenter."

Apparently, anyone who disagrees with your conveyed meanings is in your view a retarded devolved human, because disagreement for you is the same as someone proving they are dumb and ignorant. Again, you are showing that you don't care about what I am saying and solely want to attack anyone who disagrees with you rather than confront the logic itself. It is your own fault for poorly conveying yourself, especially when you do heavily imply throughout everything you say that you believe /pol/ is more effective and eventful because of the censorship and subservience you approve of. Conformity, is the end result achieved by mass censorship and subservience. This does not make the userbase strong, but merely weeds out anyone capable of pointing out flaws of the artificially constructed hegemony of /pol/. You call it survival, rather than improvement, to be confronted by a someone who disagrees, going so far as calling them dissenters rather than fellow /pol/ users. It shows you don't care about being right, but only about "winning" a "war". You are not going to help /fringe/ because you actively are promoting a cultural and governmental war with us. So I was wrong: you aren't implying, you are outright stating you believe censorship and subservience are key to establishing a hegemony of efficient warriors who will blindly fight for your biases, regardless that you're completely in the wrong.

>"You contrived and obtuse primordial sludge. You knuckled dragging ape. You devolution. You literally don't know jack shit about /pol/ and are basing your opinions on your very very very few experiences of /pol/ and a 4chan fucking /pol/ from a decade ago. You think /pol/ elected Trump and you know nothing outside of this one arguable (yet I'm sure a pollack with the evidence saved could redpill me on this but I'm not 100% certain) point. You are ignorant. You have no fucking clue what you're even talking about."

Oh you really were aiming for calling anyone who disagrees with you devolved. I don't believe you understand /pol/, and I definitely believe you've been there longer than I have yet understand far less. My experiences are thorough on /pol/. As for 4chan, that website is disorganized and poorly coded and ever since GamerGate everyone knows not to expect free speech from that shithole so thus we all left to 8chan. People who don't believe in free speech don't believe in 8chan's very basis for existence whilst mooching off our resource of free speech whilst promoting its destruction like the hypocrites that they, and you, are. You are projecting your own ignorance onto me; I know exactly what I'm talking about. As for Trump, I did not claim /pol/ elected Trump and only pointed out THEY think that, which a large portion of /pol/ definitely does.

~Epyc Wynn


File: 86cef6f725d56da⋯.png (168.25 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, epycbuddha.png)


In response to the second half of your post:

Specify what body temperature and blood pumping is good and bad, and what aspect of them triggers hormonal responses and tissue damages. Specify what leads to a better composition, progress, and those miscellaneous benefits.

Nutrition and dieting vary greatly from person to person and usually requires a large amount of money being spent on a nutritionist for regular individual advice and analysis; something often only achievable if you are working for a fortune 500 company or an organization of similar size which offers this service at no charge.

The trivium is important, but there are likely modern higher quality equivalents available which accomplish more in better scholarly wording. As for the political books, the ideologies are fundamentally flawed so I'd advise people do not nourish at-face-value broken logic and false wisdom with elaborate systems of broken logic and false wisdom.

~Epyc Wynn



**disregarding new fad shit (…) that is easily explainable by common sense

Adding on:

Mental and wizardly stuff should be deliberately biased towards self-discipline and training opportunities. This means, developing a skill with higher specificity and reaching a higher level of mastery in less time than is intuitive or easy. Meditation is the bottom line basic and essential in all of this, so find a quiet time to sit in cross legged position (shouldn't hurt if your legs and pelvic region is fit) and vacate your mind whilst cultivating peace and tranquility. This evenness and total lack of perturbation is essential for a deep clarity of mind. Once achieving this you can seek other attainments whilst continuing your meditation. Don't be so cosmopolitan here, build off your progress and thoroughly work through any specific alternative meditations you want to do before moving onto another.

Developing your ability to visualize would be good after you've began meditating. Look at an object around you, then close your eyes and try to imagine it. Then, try to imagine rotating that object and looking at it from different angles. Do this with your mental hand, and without a mental hand. To compliment this skill, develop your visual memory. Look at everything in front of you and around you, and then close your eyes and try to imagine everything in the room as you saw it. Once you've gotten that down, imagine moving around the room and seeing everything from the different angles. Finally, imagine moving objects around the room to different parts of the room and generally rearranging things. Once you've completed all of this, you're ready for many other skills that shoot off like branches from this set of visualization skills. This includes memory techniques.


File: c1bb262f75c2c0e⋯.jpg (411.97 KB, 1008x1254, 168:209, epycchayns.jpg)


Sitting calm and imagining the environment is straightforward. That's all more than reasonable for a common person to figure out in a few minutes. How does this lead to occult refinement though?

~Epyc Wynn


File: 7fe555abc64fecd⋯.png (75.98 KB, 180x180, 1:1, gobbo.png)


>having an ego this vulnerable without recognizing it for what it is

Lowest energy humanly possible.



>You're setting yourselves up for complete annihilation, much like how the Native Americans were wiped out because they'd never had smallpox.

This has so little bearing on the conversation I can only assume it's what you learned today in history class.



>it still thinks it speaks for anything other than its own retarded ego and the demiurge it represents

Get cucked.



>there are likely

Childbrain in evidence.



Thank you for redeeming this thread, you have more discipline than I. Following your light, I will contribute the best learning I have found to date:

Find something to occupy the monkey mind. Numerology is a good candidate, but what works works. The point is, give it some garbage to keep it busy constantly. Describing the benefits of this exercise feels like a spoiler, but I can elaborate if someone needs to.

Secondary learning:

Create positive feedback loops. Use your innate gift to focus on honing your innate gifts. Trust that on a subconscious level, you're doing your best to help yourself do your best. This might not give you results in a day, and the fun telekinesis-type stuff probably will take a while to come to you, but it ensures you're on a constant upward trajectory. Gear all of your workings with the mindset that they will improve future workings, and leave a gap of "if a possibility I don't see is better, give me that" in everything.

The general concept is: Whatever is guiding your actions probably has a better clue what is going on than whatever you think you are, so put your faith in this "higher self" however you choose to see it and trust your intuition. Temper everything with reason of course, but also recognize that you're not out to screw yourself, and watch for patterns that might be a message from yourself to yourself. A good exercise can be to look at real life events as you would dream symbols, what would it mean if it showed up in a dream? It probably means something similar in your waking life.


File: 71351e6964e1310⋯.jpg (62.27 KB, 465x262, 465:262, 00firbole_465_262_int.jpg)


>and will gladly battle the demonic collective that stole your soul

Reminder of what happened when thelemas attempted that



Hey epyc! I found one of those me-mes you keep talking about in the bargain bin at the store! It's your lucky day, kid.

What? A cheap chinese knock off? What do you mean, look at it! Perfectly good stuff.

Are you throwing a tantrum? I didn't raise you to be a spoiled wynny brat, epyc.



OMFG this is fucking hilarious keep going nigga you're on a roll!


File: e85022c4bfdfc83⋯.gif (159.71 KB, 671x798, 671:798, dank imported chinese me-m….GIF)

I'm leaving my firewall to share this revolutionary piece of me-me. The cypercensor death squad is on my trail… I don't have long. This is the only way to keep free speech alive and fight the ministry of truth. Big Brother is always watching. But I won't whyne about it.



You are literally a genius.


File: cb2c6d2c7a29ad0⋯.jpg (133.16 KB, 803x688, 803:688, NSFE8JR.jpg)


The beauty of symmetry is even when you cut it in half, you can still perfectly imagine the other half. Quality meme fam post more.

~Epyc Wynn


File: 489f2158bd5e862⋯.jpg (131.67 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 37d29028d741ee581d61a4fc92….jpg)


I don't get it.

~Epyc Wynn


File: 7175844ce59c4b5⋯.png (84.14 KB, 309x294, 103:98, translating a sigil into w….png)

Everybody knows a rhyme is a spell

Is this containment thread literally hell?

Let's say it once, no, let's all say it thrice

It's long past time Epyc Whynn was put on ice.

Everyone knows that a rhyme is a spell

Ever wonder what his sigil is made to compel?

The man serves the meme with all of his life

The meme is the man and the boy is its wife.

Oh yes, everybody knows that a rhyme is a spell

Do you think he believes that he's the next Orwell?

On that particular note, I'll keep my thoughts to myself

Instead, I think I'll end on "it's not gay if it's an elf!".


File: c0fa5bb27279c8d⋯.png (676.8 KB, 1069x1359, 1069:1359, chrome_2018-06-07_16-48-38.png)


top rhyme

second rhyme


bottom rhyme

~Epyc Wynn



I agreed with you up until you said ASMR was just relaxing. It's an objectively different feeling from relaxing. Like a light vibration/pulsating on the top of your head. If you've ever felt a cat purr, it feels like that is what is happening inside your skull. Not the same as relaxing and unwinding.


File: 9e3be0253111ab2⋯.png (276.31 KB, 738x635, 738:635, epyccomfy2.png)


Pleasure is a form of relaxation.

~Epyc Wynn


File: b57e17cb822dac0⋯.jpg (228.98 KB, 847x1024, 847:1024, greg_hill-eye_in_the_arse-….jpg)




File: db193da8bca433f⋯.jpg (4.69 MB, 3200x2400, 4:3, 8chancollageepyc.jpg)


>implying there is no objectivity

>implying there is only subjectivity



>social constructivism


I know you're a chaos mage wannabe, so I'll assume you aren't trying to blindly back the far-left and I'll tell you like it really is. A long time ago some Nazi fuckos tried to destroy the world and obtain world domination, failed in their dumbass pursuit under a druggy all because they kept changing their tank designs, and as a result the world was pissed off that science which was viewed as ethical, was used to systematically create this fucked up mass genocide and military power that retards on /pol/ can't deny without citing 1500 false fallacious or debunked pieces of evidence their grandmother pulled out of her racist asshole because she blamed blacks for her house's value going down.

Because of that, since science is viewed as a product of modernism, people shifted to believing science isn't the way to go and started embracing the bullshit of postmodernism. Postmodernism is basically the philosophy of destroying boundaries of thought and mind and belittling everything as a relative equal opinion. This means taking a shit and holding it up to someone's face and calling it gold was a valid tactic in debate, as far as a postmodernist was concerned nothing is superior and everything is relative and unjustified because to them, everything is an opinion rooted solely in opinion, with observations also just being opinions.

Chaos Magic, is just postmodernism. You can call it a series of special systems, but the core of Chaos Magic is everything being relative information you can bend any fucking way you want to and thus ethics and hierarchies are just forms of oppression restricting your thoughts and mind.

Postmodernism is a reactionary joke as poorly defined as it is conceived and you'd do yourself a great favor to abandon it. You cannot make the claim that everything is subjective without that claim being invalid, because in doing so you are either making an objective claim, thus undermining the claim, or you are making a subjective claim, making that claim bullshit and thus implying there are exceptions and in turn objectivity is real. In either scenario, you've just proven objectivity real.

Learn more philosophies, become familiar with the tactics of postmodernism, and learn why people believe it's anti-intelligence horseshit, which it objectively is.

Proof of this objectivity: experience of realization built upon previous experiences I have that you cannot replicate for yourself unless you choose to. I don't bother a whole lot with word-based objectivity as postmodern-leaning people have it in their thick shit-ridden skulls that claiming "I don't believe you" is a good enough basis for proving a word-based claim of objectivity is false because "I said so."

~Epyc Wynn


File: 67598e1ad1a070f⋯.gif (2 MB, 319x255, 319:255, brushie brushie.gif)

File: ae1eb680915ee3d⋯.gif (649.92 KB, 436x415, 436:415, 1507591257308.gif)

File: 3a6e8e5929e114a⋯.jpg (54.98 KB, 428x480, 107:120, 2017-03-27 10-18-18.jpg)


>yfw this sigil is more powerful than every memetic epork wine&dyne has ever made

Literally LOLin' like a loon.



~Epyc Wynn


File: c6b8ced14d61c8b⋯.jpg (41.77 KB, 353x417, 353:417, c6b8ced14d61c8b262f32ce9ec….jpg)


>all that drek

>all those electrons pushed to no end

>all those wordshapes conveying zero meaning

You are what you hate. Your own Shadow blinds you to what is just before your face.

~Epik Pynhead

<pic unrelated


File: e3cb6afd0283b8b⋯.png (535.02 KB, 489x500, 489:500, laughing australian women.png)


>he believes in the holocaust

Treblinka body count.

Gas chamber doors.

Soviet liberated territory.



File: 8775e9599ebb34c⋯.png (68.63 KB, 483x371, 69:53, nB6TLdI.png)


You aren't the true Epyc Wynn. I am the true Epyc Wynn.


You just ignored a thorough explanation of the problems with viewing everything as relative in pursuit of a shitty short rhetorical comeback with no attempt at logic. You really are a postmodernist.


Posting debunked fallacious information does not suddenly mean you are correct; it does however heavily indicate your own wrongness. Just because contrary information to the mainstream exists does not mean it is true just because other people say it is.

~Epyc Wynn





Humor me.


File: 9d2e0f5741e2bd8⋯.png (204.51 KB, 960x960, 1:1, CultofEpyckekthulu.png)


>insisting Epyc Wynn should make the first move

If that is what you wish.

Let's start you off simple with reading this full single web page and watching the full video, and then respond however you see fit.


~Epyc Wynn




I am the true Epyc Wynn, as proven by my objective findings. Your fallacious posts prove the truth of my own essence and the wrongness of your own.

~Epyc Wynn.


File: 99f754e1bff54a1⋯.jpg (49.14 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 240664223_d771375965.jpg)


just look what blossomed forth from two little letters, my my. the power of chaos at work? XDXDXD

yes, my friend, all of that and more. enjoy probing the depths of your own ego. the world could anything, wanting it to be fixed and definable does nothing to change that.

you want to know something about chaos that isn't butthurt whining by stamp collectors? it contains and allows for your entire system. the other side of the not-as-insulting-as-you-seem-to-think "I don't believe you" is the "I do believe you when you are useful to me." reality labyrinth versus tunnel. you can pursue esoteric my little ponyism all you like, but I'm here for the guns.

interpret life as you will, I won't slander your perfect path. the true heart of chaos magic is closer to Taoism than 20th century fashion. less about stubbornly proclaiming "this is like this because I want it to be," so much as it is realizing and coping with the inadequacies of language and the resultant thoughtforms to fully apprehend reality. starting to swing the bat before the ball arrives yields a better chance of hitting even if it doesn't seem to make sense to swing when there is no ball here yet.

cute rant about /pol/ though, emojimancer friend. post a pic of your bookshelf and let's see how many philosophies ensnare you.



Most skillfully presented mask presented in this thread thus far.


Reading the kybalion and expecting magic powers is like reading the laws of thermodynamics and expecting to create a nuclear bomb.

Reading the kybalion is a part of hermetic initiation but its only 1 part.


>everything comes in pairs of opposites which are identical in nature but have a degree of difference between them

Oh yeah? How about God


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 938c837ad66cf91⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 682.66 KB, 691x1037, 691:1037, 938c837ad66cf9199e2ee1e382….jpg)


was in reply to >>122765





File: d488bce34497355⋯.gif (135.59 KB, 300x300, 1:1, oie_aS4t8Y4mE53S.gif)


No I'm Epyc Wynn.

~Epyc Wynn


File: 51d4ff52211f3cc⋯.png (199.33 KB, 1280x1483, 1280:1483, epycbrainelephantchairyell….png)


Traditionalism, modernism, postmodernism, and metamodernism. Traditionalism seeks to maintain and perfect existing boundaries of thought and relies on a dogmatic understanding of reality. Modernism seeks to replace or alter existing boundaries of thought and relies on a humanist understanding of reality. Postmodernism seeks to weaken and destroy boundaries of thought and relies on a posthumanist understanding of reality. Metamodernism seeks to balance these three approaches in achieving the best set of boundaries of thought possible and relies on a metahumanist understanding of reality; though the term metahumanism is strictly a science fictional term for superheroes at the present moment. However, metahumanism is the closest term for the notion humans should view themselves as information meant to be empowered through appropriately balancing their information in relation to their unique individual situations.

Chaos Magic is just podermodernism. Both rely on logic-defying claims, insistence over proof, quantity of arguments over quality of arguments, and insisting inequality is always oppression even if this insistence hypocritically poses itself as a superior argument which in itself is a form of inequality by conveying other arguments are inferior and thus inequal in standing.

The dose makes the poison. If you don't balance postmodernism with traditionalist, modernist, and the capstone metamodernist viewpoins, either through indirect understanding of these philosophies (such as through 4-element theory), or through direct study, you will come out poisoned with the follies of relying on of these approaches individually. The balancing of traditionalism, modernism, postmodernism, and metamodernism, most effectively nullifies the fallacies and follies that would otherwise exist without this balancing in value. That is not to say they are equal in value; merely that they must be situationally shifted in balance of value by the user of these mindsets in accordance with what the situation calls for, which usually means using a mixture of the 4 philosophies while usually causing one or more of them to stand out more or less in accordance with their perceived effectiveness in serving as a boundary against a problem.

Also, I have learned that books are far too easily the enemy of wisdom. This is because a few slowly read books are far more wisely understood than numerous rapidly read books which are not slowly and wisely organized and valued within the mind. Thus, who has read the most books is often the person who has sacrificed the most wisdom in pursuit of hoarding information in their brain like the disorganized house of a hoarder. Read slow, read few things, and carefully pick and evaluate each thing you read. A library is the false prophet of wisdom. You'll get far more out of slow skims and reading titles alone, than you will get quickly reading the full breadth of each topic you stumble upon. With that in mind, I do not rely on a library, and solely rely on the Internet. I pity the person who has mistaken doing otherwise as an intelligent or wise choice, as it is far from either; yet universally viewed as such.

~Epyc Wynn


File: e5086717c994a7c⋯.jpg (2.65 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_1554.JPG)


>Traditionalism, modernism, postmodernism, and metamodernism.

Formalized knowledge. All of these can be used interchangably(or simulataneously) when useful by the chaos practicioner. These refer to knowledge of a different sort, the facts on the ground as seen through the lens of language. Logos worship, in a nutshell.

>Chaos Magic is just podermodernism.

As defined by the IoT, Peter J. Carroll, et al, yeah probably. This is where I approach something of a limb. My practice I call chaos magic because it is the interaction with the elemental force of chaos. I will make the concession that it could be just as accurately be refered to as turning a wheel in a dark room, but "chaos magic" fits more easily in the mouth(apologies to Mr. Carroll). It may in fact have nothing what so ever to do with what others might call chaos magic, and it almost certainly disagrees with anything one might find on the googles(I didn't check). Dancing in chaos is the whole of the practice.

>The dose makes the poison. If you don't balance postmodernism with traditionalist, modernist, and the capstone metamodernist viewpoins, either through indirect understanding of these philosophies (such as through 4-element theory), or through direct study, you will come out poisoned with the follies of relying on of these approaches individually.

Do you believe your concious efforts to intergrate these levels of logic produces a more potent understanding? Is there real power under that stack of [metaphorical] tomes? This depth of knowledge has existed outside of academia, in the wild, since before men were men. The part of your mind that is conciously juggling all of these far out concepts is but a small fraction of your whole mind. The subconcious/unconcious mind sits and watches patiently, thinking circles around your concious mind. Your mind has deep knowledge readily available about your every experience and makes thousands of judgements each minute regulating your behavior based upon this existential knowledge. The potency of your practice is determined by how strongly what your concious mind is trying to do correlated to this bedrock of knowledge, what ever it may be. This is not to say you can get away with anything, but the limit is indeed within you. Experience of the mysteries makes the wizard, not reading.

>Also, I have learned that books are far too easily the enemy of wisdom.

A point of convergence (: However, it seems me that the unconcious mind doesn't struggle to organize information at the glacial pace atwhich our sensory organs can feed it, and will provide what is needed when appropriate. People forget to tie on their bungee cords every so often, but it is because most people haven't learned that all desires are corruptions of the desire for annihilation, and as such "accidental" suicides often occur when death it within easy reach. Corraling the 8 circuits of the mind into some sort of functional accord removes all obstacles. Books can be the axe to the frozen sea within, sending one off on new and interesting tangents, yet this could also be said of a butterfly, a peculiar windshield wiper, or a sprig of rosemary growing up through a sidewalk.

The knowledge of the whole universe(and whatever may be bigger) can be found in a single mote of dust. It's all before our eyes, all the time, reorganizing into the different scenes of life. The world is my altar, everything in it my sigils.

I choose to pursue chaos because I see it as a bottom-up approach, opposed to order, taking all results. While it deals in logical paradoxes(white is black, 5=6), it isn't a discarding of ontic knowledge, but a hinting at a more complete understanding than is afforded by two-value logic. A thought exercise, really, to get oneself out of the habit of eating menus. All human knowledge is flawed by nature of the medium of language, all decisions based on flawed knowledge are necessarily flawed, results yielded from flawed decisions are likely to be undesired. Non-verbal, experiential knowledge is far more useable.

Other practices use intention to work on other aspects of reality, chaos works on the intention itself. It seems to me that intention is the only real reality. Ok, enough lies for now.


File: ee4ca46b403d4b7⋯.jpg (92.1 KB, 1080x1060, 54:53, 1469911424346.jpg)


here's one I use regularly for visualization practice


File: e1e9cea73be6491⋯.jpg (67.14 KB, 750x600, 5:4, forgery.jpg)


>insistence over proof

But that's wrong though.

Chaos magic is empirical by design. "Fuck dogma, do what gets results".

The thing that I don't understand is by reading your posts and memes, you're obviously an entry-level chaos mage, so why are you speaking out against it so verbosely? Reverse psychology?



yeah he said he was a chaos mage or did chaos magic or that memes are chaos magic in this epycly shyt thryd. He's a stream of consciousness straight from >>122849


>Ok, enough lies for now.




>I am using the word scholarly in this title solely to differentiate myself from ungrounded ridiculous posts of this board

Is the wacky avatar part of it?


>this faggot's twitter

>he still believes in the holocaust

>his autistic ego

reaks of underage



actually this was a solid post


File: 5891469da09403b⋯.jpg (14.59 KB, 203x255, 203:255, 574801571bd189809cf02683e0….jpg)





File: e8a3ab6abd90b1b⋯.jpg (713.62 KB, 1500x1070, 150:107, kachowpyc Wynnser.jpg)

Be original without sacrificing quality.

Image related???

~Epyc Wynn



Yeah. Be an original attention whore on a board built by anonymity. Gotta collect those soul juices, amirite?



pretty much talking to yourself, there

<at least make your tism readable


File: dc7f5245446d99a⋯.png (7.02 KB, 206x241, 206:241, 674.png)

This is an interesting thread. I do not know if OP is in for the laughs or some hidden motive, but I do not care.

I agree with the matter about all these philosophicals books, it always felt better for me to learn about these stuff by living in the world, experimenting happiness and suffering alike, nature can be harsh and people are not easy to deal with, but that is how life is, is it not?

But you know? I long for something in my life, I want to build, build in the environment around me, build in my mind. I want to be free. I do not want to depend on other human being for my basic survival need, but I can live with depending on people for others needs if it is good for me to do so.

I recently begun to manifest a certain interest in the occult, because I feel so lost, like I am in some loop where I try to get out of my hole and then I keep finding myself at the bottom, it sucks so much. I just want to be better.

So Epyc Wynn, you seem to like to write all lot here about your opinons voiced by all theses numerous posts, so let me entertain you so you can return me the favor.

I am currently on the military, I love it as much as I hate it, but I now know I would also hate working in any civilian structure. I will probably wait for my contract to end and will not continue anyway, I want to just buy some property and provide for my needs with my two hands. It just depress me that I will probably not find a partner to make childrens with, but I guess you can not have what you really long for in this world?

It sadden me that with my current life, I can just not be always farefooted, burning encens all around the place and chanting and dancing like a madman in under the moon and the stars, carving sybils on the ground, the trees and just be the animal that I should be. I do not seem this as magic ritual or occult practices, it just feel right to me to do it.

Sometimes I just do pretty much that, I do not have any idea of what I am doing but I do it. But I feel like it would be better if I could experience it with others people and eventually finding a mate so I could take theses escapades to the next level and incorporate sex in my life. I do not care that much to be a virgin though, but that would be good to know what it feel like, how it ties in all of this and having kids seem like a nice thing to do, so I could raise them like savages while teaching them the mandatory sciences whe ought to know in this day and age.

I have not found an occult name yet so I cannot indulge myself with this funny post signature stuff, but I look forward about what you guys think about my post. I am not lamenting thought, I can feel happiness from times to times, it just that as a living being I long for more, I seek some insight. It is the first time I have ever asked something on an image board, so I hope for the best, cheers.

Sorry if it happens to be badly written for native english speakers.


File: 7efee6f4111aab8⋯.png (49.55 KB, 730x1034, 365:517, epycwynnchaosenergyunleash….png)


Become someone worthy of greatness; if you aren't given it, you can at least blame God instead of yourself.

You don't need or want magic it's purely imaginary bullshit. Improve yourself and purely appreciate this board solely from a creative perspective.

Everything you typed wreaks of weakness, patheticness, and a complete lack of self-confidence. Imagine how the various fragments of your mind must feel having to comprise your overall brain; I bet they're embarrassed as all hell to be part of you.

If you want to get a better situation, do yourself a favor and improve yourself already. Instead of acting like you want love when you just want to masturbate to an imaginary girl and fantasize about a family, try figuring out what you can contribute to yourself. You are the king of your body and your empire of influence extends as far past your body as you empower it to.

Imagine a woman, imagine a family, imagine enjoying experiences with them. Experience loneliness, experience coldness, experience isolation. Once you're done with thoroughly doing both, which I am certain you've done both of to an extent already, pursue connecting with people online and offline, start taking more yet still reasonable risks, and get your life together by trying. I guarantee you will enjoy failing at success a lot more than you will enjoy failing to pursue success as you presently are right now.

/fringe/ is a land of imaginary pseudoscience and elitist ignoramuses condescending from pedestals of sheer ignorance and I strongly recommend you seek out better places. Look up some technology, science, politics, and news oriented forums, Discords, subreddits, and so-on. This board is a dead-end and its only saving grace is I happen to enjoy taking the piss out of it enough to inform everyone this place is a dead-end.

~Epyc Wynn



I am quite glad you answered me, so let me entertain you further.

As I wrote in my previous post, I do see theses occult and magic stuff as aesthetics, a mean of expressing myself. I never waited to be interested in this fringe stuff to dance in the night or walk naked in the forest, but being able to incorporate the occult material that fancy my sensibilities is really exciting to be honest. It is another reason why I decided to post on your thread because I agree with you on many of your points and you seem to be a funny poster.

Well, maybe part of my mind could be embarrassed to be part of me, but that is their lot, it is fine to be embarrassed, sad or displeased. As much as my posts can be though as a windows of the state of my mind at a certain point in time, I do not think that typing on an imageboard some stuff I would like to improve about myself is to be associated with the attributes you gave on your answer. My mind is messy but not negative or delusional.

I am always improving myself, I became a pretty good runner and am quite able with my body. I am currently learning to play some music with an instrument so I can improve the way I express myself musically and it feel good too. I can survive just fine in the wild but I always try to improve my skills on this matter I will not settle for just "fine" level in this area. I am quite competent with programming too, am currently trying to free some time so I can better understand how to interact with hardware, again I will not settle about just using a programming language without understanding what it really does on the metal.

I am dealing with a lot of people on my work and in my personnal life. Not so much online. I talk really easy, can connect with people easily if they are not shutting themselves to me too. I even often ridicule myself because I am not afraid of what people could think of me. Well, I do have my issues with women, I never figured out how to get them in my bed, but again as I wrote earlier, it does not make me unhappy, I still have time to correct this someday. I just try not to talk about my lack of experience in this matter with people.

Thank you again for your answer, I should had be more clear, though. When I read your post it feel like you are answering to somebody asking magical advices to solve his problems. It is not the case, I just felt like about telling what seem to be the area where I am lacking, but I do not seek advices in love stuff.


File: b90ea0a964f62d8⋯.jpg (34.6 KB, 655x655, 1:1, astronaut-on-moon-in-color.jpg)

Epyc Wynn actually gave you a pretty good reply. What you seek can only be experienced, and nothing anyone tells you will really help much. It's like talkin to someone about a new colour in the spectrum, that has always been there, makes you ask yourself what does this man filled his eyes with to see that?



Specifically regarding your view on gender, why do you believe that our male/female model pervades all things? There are already plenty of living organisms that deviate from it (anything asexual, the whole thing Mushrooms have going) let alone non-living concepts. The idea that universal forces care about something as insignificant as how some creatures breed seems very unrealistic to me



It does exist in ou heads tho

And hermaphrodite animals have the two sexes they're not devoid of them

Also what is meant could be more abstract than what we experience


Thank you for your opinion, but I prefer experiencing all that "bullshit" by myself. I'm not fond of the Idea of someone telling what's real and what's not.


File: 9acb6164b6cb993⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1238x1238, 1:1, epycisfuckingdumb.png)


I never said I believe the male/female model pervades all things; I flat out do NOT believe it pervades all things. What people mean when they say that, is that masculinity and femininity are general styles and patterns and thus these styles/patterns appear in all things. However, you could by that logic generalize all patterns and styles to relate to something else instead of genders, such as good and evil or positive and negative. Thus, I don't believe that.

Of course the universe doesn't give that big of a shit how creatures choose to breed it's just one more means to an end among many.


You're going to hate education, philosophy, and reality a lot then.

~Epyc Wynn

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