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File: adb784ea1938c1a⋯.jpg (740.03 KB, 3800x2000, 19:10, epycwynnflag.jpg)


>you can start your own website or board but you won't because no one wants to go

I invite you to google Meme Lords Culture Club, or International Internet Users Union.

Also please visit https://8ch.net/epycwynn

You were also just posting in a thread of mine with primary core examples of all the ways wizardry is practical; naturally there aren't many and they shouldn't really be classified as magic.

I of course convey my dogmas and ideologies which I originally crafted and conveyed of my own free will. I also created the first ever users union for holding all mods and admins accountable online, and have an extensive history of fighting and pointing out abuses of power by mods and admins across numerous forums and servers, because I follow through with what I believe in. To this end I've made countless posts, messages, threads, photoshops, and original documents to improve conveyance of my points.

It's not a stock exchange, but it's what I chose to contribute because I felt like it and for that reason only.

~Epyc Wynn



I thought namefagging was banned.


File: 27b5fdc5c410dd7⋯.jpg (373.73 KB, 750x750, 1:1, epychands.jpg)


Quit trying to censor and punish users who are different from you. /fringe/ is not, nor does it want to be, under the thumb of oppressive mods and admins like /pol/ is. Quit trying to bring us down to their level of thought-enslaved suffering.

To this board's owner:

This user with the fire flag is going to potentially manipulate or persuade you to censor and ban users for thinking, acting, or practicing magic differently. I ask you don't go the path of the abusive admin, and reinforce that this board not engage in censorship and continues to encourage experimentation with a variety of forms. It should go without saying, that a board built on the Kybalion's teachings which are rooted in a free imagination, should not hypocritically encourage thought policing to the point people cannot think or encourage varying means of altering their thoughts without fear of repercussions. That would of course, kill the board and ruin its reputation, driving your userbase away.

Just thought I'd give that as a heads up, on the high chance you are reading posts such as ours and are contemplating what we are saying.

~Epyc Wynn



Holy shit could you be more of a fag, kys and get off our board kthxbai.



that's only enforced if you name the sissy wizard




Someone make a thread for "Epyc Wynn" on /cow/. He's deserved his place in the hall of fame.



Not even worth the effort. Ii's just a kid trying to meme but utterly failing in doing so.

The local pseudo-wizards are much more amusing and milkable.



>hey stop namefagging

>stop trying to censor me

Your individuality isn't based off of your name, it's based from your energetic signature. The lessons you've learned and the lessons your ancestors learned is what makes up your current self. This knowledge will help anyone trying to manipulate their DNA. DNA is energy.


File: 93b75cdac4cc765⋯.jpg (35.48 KB, 800x450, 16:9, break-free-800x450.jpg)


>The lessons you've learned and the lessons your ancestors learned is what makes up your current self

Your message calls out to me because this has been a theme lately. Yesterday the way I heard it was "If life keeps asking you the same questions, then you aren't learning the lesson.".

My question for you is: How do I identify the question/lesson? I've identified the common *theme*, but the only sense I get is that this has been one we-as-a-line have failed to learn repeatedly.

Some thoughts occur to me because of what you say about DNA… Would it then follow logically that if the lesson was unlearned at my moment of conception, but my father learned it later in life without (memetically) transferring it to me, I'd still suffer for lack of learning the lesson and have to learn it independently?

Something unfortunate that I see no solution for but it will ease my pain to gripe about: My grandfather was adopted and I'm only the second (after my uncle) to show any interest in his biological family, which means I only have two generations paternally to look to while trying to find the pattern.

My best guess for the lesson as I see it is "you can't save anyone", but that feels like bullshit, where there's a will (and an understanding or knowledge), there's a way. I cannot accept that I'm being forced to watch people close to me suffer so that I learn a personal lesson about allowing suffering to continue, that's some major bullshit right there.



You try to save people and you're stuck to them like dead weight. Telling people they're suffering and there's something wrong with them just contributes to suffering and makes it worse. THINKING this even makes it worse. You're ignoring your own issues and start projecting them meanwhile.



>How do I identify the question/lesson

What caused this pain? Putting a square where a circle should be is going to lead to suffering.

>you can't save anyone

You certainly can, the question is whether you want to suffer in their place. Other than that one must let the lessons be learned. The latter is preferable so that the person can better know intuitively the wrong choice. All energy wants to keep it's inertia, blocking it will only cause a person unnecessary or prolonged suffering.


File: f301102a47762d1⋯.jpg (22.97 KB, 300x225, 4:3, GPB_circling_earth.jpg)


I'm not telling them they're suffering though! I should have been clear instead of vague, there was no reason to withhold information.

Consistently, no matter where I go, I end up encountering the same themes of women with nervous system issues and negligent male caretakers. My mother had a traumatic brain injury before I was born, so it's been a lifelong presence for me. My close friend has MS and is often inconsolable. She's an extremely intelligent person who at her peak would have put anyone on /fringe/ to shame, but I have no idea how to help her help herself.

When I moved across the country to try to get away from my family and the responsibility of taking care of my mother, I ended up living with a man whose mother was bedridden and had frequent hallucinations that he'd brush off as nothing. My mother's second husband calls her retarded and dismisses her disease as laziness, my friend's husband tries at times but he's a mechanic and most of the medical terminology goes over his head, he can't understand it and it frustrates him so he gives up.

I know that I have more insight into head injuries/trauma than… Probably anyone who doesn't have one of their own, honestly, because I've always lived with or very near someone who has one. A part of me feels like it's my calling to find a system that can be applied widely to this category of trauma. But I don't know how I can possibly do that.

I agree that you attract what you think, and so to think of it as suffering attracts it, but denial of the truth isn't any better now, is it? It's a spiral with MS. Neuropathic pain, tremors, immunodeficiency, lost memories, broken bones… Wishful thinking isn't going to do it. Nobody on this planet can tell you with certainty what *causes* MS, but they can tell you what it *is*: It's when your immune system identifies your nervous system as hostile and attacks the myelin sheathe protecting your nerves/axons. I try my best to be hopeful and optimistic and to look for solutions and aides, but it's easier said than done when you're watching someone cry because in their head they're using the right words, but when they speak something entirely different comes out and they can't even tell they said the wrong thing all the time.

I hope you understand that I'm not trying to throw your advice back in your face, but rather to say that I can't see how to actually apply it without just deluding myself. I know you're right beyond a shadow of a doubt, not least of which because since my gift has manifested and I've begun to grow comfortable with using it, I've taken on some of her pain in sympathy and experienced some of the symptoms myself. It's a reflex and even if I wanted to shut it off I'm not sure I could, because she can tell you that she's stronger when I'm around and "sharing the load" so to speak. I want to help heal her by finding something in a model she's comfortable with that will work, but with her memories being robbed for her and her hypothalamus taking emotional regulation from her, it's difficult to sort through and find what would work. In many ways I think the White world has corrupted her too, her faith in the old ways waxes and wanes with the pain (though she's still the strongest person I know, most people would have long ago given up and she still manages to soldier through and get more done in a day than many people get done in a week). The standard treatments have all failed and as far as Western medicine is concerned, the only treatments available now are experimental clinical trials. I'd like her to go outside of Western medicine, but that's easy for me to say when I'm not the one with the condition.

Serious question, what would you do in a situation like this one?


File: d5ed24bfb7e9919⋯.jpg (203.65 KB, 500x375, 4:3, magnets2.jpg)



Wow that's fucked up and I don't know what I'm trying to tell myself there, I could've sworn I typed "everyone".

>What caused this pain?

See my above post for more information.

>Other than that one must let the lessons be learned.

For the life of me I can't see what the lesson in her suffering is meant to be. She's a veteran and was a first responder to 9/11, she certainly had some wrongdoing in her younger years that she doesn't try to hide (but isn't mine to share), but she's also helped heal literally hundreds of people. It's not my call to make, but it seems pretty fucked up to me that she be punished after giving so much of her life to help others. The suffering seems pointless and it's not only her that's hurt.

We're a tribe, a clan, a family, however you choose to think of it. Our grandparents have lived on the same street in an entirely different state for decades even though we didn't meet until ten years ago, she served in the same fire station as my father years before we ever met each other, a century ago my maternal family was smuggling her maternal family out of slavery and the parallels continue deeper down the surface as well. We don't exist in a vacuum for each other, her trials reflect my own and vice versa. Maybe it's not my duty to take her burden on myself, but surely I should be allowed to help her better shoulder it, aye?



>vacuum for each other

My deepest apologies, I'm not sure if it's metaphysical or mundane but apparently my words are coming out all jumbled right now, so please read past the surface and look for the message I'm trying to bring across. I want the best for my tribe, my friends and myself. In that order, ideally.


File: cc9b1b196f38a75⋯.png (251.11 KB, 665x574, 95:82, cc9b1b196f38a7512bc3af10de….png)


>For the life of me I can't see what the lesson in her suffering is meant to be

What's the lesson in not getting your face accidentally kicked? There's not one, but it helps with karma. Everything is pressure mediation and the shortest distance between two points is a line. It just so happens that the best way to deal with karma is to get kicked in the face. Someone tried to curse me last night by making my left arm permanently immobile, what lesson does that teach me? Nothing, but it certainly helped that guy learn not to curse people that disagree with you. It backfired on him.

>When I moved across the country to try to get away from my family and the responsibility of taking care of my mother

That sounds like the problem. You're letting squares solve a problem only a circle can do.

>Serious question, what would you do in a situation like this one?

Probably watch anime.




File: 9bb51f3c097df85⋯.jpg (93.94 KB, 420x333, 140:111, magnets1.jpg)


>You're letting squares solve a problem only a circle can do.

Can you break this metaphor down? What is a circle in this situation?

>karma/kicked in the face

So wait, am I the one getting kicked in the phase for trying to bear a burden that isn't mine to bear, or is she getting kicked in the phase and I'm supposed to watch?

(I caught that "phase" typo in time this time around but I'm leaving it because clearly something's trying to give me a message here so I might as well indulge it for now).

I'm not sure specifically how to continue but this exchange feels productive… I disagree with some of the things you've put forward (particularly your view of karma), but I think your lens of view is more similar to her than mine and so you give me perspective on how she views these things.



The immune system as cause is only a theory but I'm thinking it's just too much electricity and the immune system is cleaning up. Blaming the guy who just cleans up all the dead bodies for killing them.

… then I read your second post heh heh >>122342

I'm pretty sure white people are of the metal element, which conducts electricity and involves courage and such. Give her hotsauce and vinegar since they relate to the Wood and Fire element. Most hotsauce has vinegar in it. Heat and inflammation helps spread charge around. Salt water is good too, for water retention to help dilute the charge a bit. Best of all I think would be to get her to do something kinetic and fiery. I really can't say it enough, I've probably said it 6x now → Up the fire, play a sport. For her, juggle and bounce a ball against a wall at home. White (metal) people need more organic natural shit in their lives, and fiery intensity. Intensity is good for them. Something pretty natural that is also intense is best. Thus, ball sports. Go until exhaustion. Avoid natural and organic things that are 'soft'. These just turn into more Metal. It's why artists don't get better, generally. Gardening is good. Exercise is good but is kind of artificial usually.

You can deal with the electricity part more directly by avoiding bedding that can hold a charge. Get her to ground herself constantly. Put grounds everywhere. She should do yoga to become more flexible and move naturally.

Flexible thinking → Work with the creative impulse. "Work with the creative impulse" tell her this. USE the creative impulse.

'Fire goes too far' so just get her to throw herself into a pursuit of any sort.

You don't really need to do all of these, just one or two. My vote is for ball sports/hobbies like juggling and soccer, and vinegar/hotsauce mixed in water with whatever spices you have to make it stronger. If she starts feeling exhausted all the time that's probably a good thing; it generally passes and is a sign of reversing something, since she would just be sleeping instead of sitting or standing there exhausted otherwise. You want all that metal to melt.



nah your typos don't mean shit. avoid metaphysics like the plague. just be cool and wear robes with stars on 'em and shieeeeet




She's deathly allergic to all peppers, is there an alternative that comes to mind?

She's arctic native (I'm white, to the extent of my knowing) if you could provide elemental perspective in that respect. I would be inclined to assume water.

I'll read the rest of your post shortly and respond more in kind but the hotsauce thing was a priority, thank you.


File: 4a1a9890cda1d29⋯.jpg (71.69 KB, 400x393, 400:393, meme magician 3018 coloriz….jpg)


>just be cool and wear robes with stars on 'em and shieeeeet

Love your attitude, btw.



I'm pretty sure mongoloid ancestry is Earth. It's all some heavy shit regardless. Her occupation was heavily Metal regardless. Courage and such. Fun is prescribed. Get her some action packed video games if she has a lot of down time. Can't jam n' slam on the court all hours of the day.


File: 6d862370ea74bd3⋯.jpg (44.24 KB, 400x300, 4:3, square-peg-round-hole.jpg)


>Can you break this metaphor down? What is a circle in this situation?

No. I don't know, it's for you to figure out.

>So wait, am I the one getting kicked in the phase for trying to bear a burden that isn't mine to bear, or is she getting kicked in the phase and I'm supposed to watch?

Same phase. There's an unnecessary burden and a necessary one. Good intentions are leading to bad outcomes.

I can't continue this exchange anymore.


File: b50af13a2050316⋯.jpg (33.01 KB, 705x600, 47:40, the-triumph-of-bacchus-and….jpg)

File: fe447d9c27ea57d⋯.png (179.13 KB, 500x391, 500:391, 1396551342260.png)

File: 8370a98842fc3a9⋯.png (181.28 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, cobrakai_newthumb.png)

Ok boys. My magical pursuits have manifested a drastic change in my life that I have been feeding to my subconscious for the last year. I'm currently engaged to be married and now my betrothed is unhappy with me for my lack of empathy to her specific issues as well as her current living conditions, which is a rent free 1 bd/1ba unit next to my work which is owned by her father who I work for (Yes it's clean, I'm the only one that cooks and cleans). She's non stop complained and just gathered all the negative energy she could muster without attempting to attain ANY sort of happiness before she gave up and decided she'd rather move back home with her mom. She blames me for her dissatisfaction with her state in life (she's a naturally hairy girl with a HEAVY carb addiction, now that she's 23 and her metabolism has slowed she's unwilling to come to terms with her addiction).

I'm at two choices right now. I'm using cannabis to self medicate my self diagnosed adhd, I can't summon any motivation for anything unless I've partaken of cannabis. I am also a navy veteran and am considering reenlisting into the coast guard which would enable me to do my old job but in a branch of the military that sees more shore time. Either way I'm going to have to move out soon on my own, my plan with my my next paycheck is to ensure my car is in optimum condition and sign up for Lyft and Uber as a driver, sell my belongings and living in a suitcase with my car and gym membership until I get back on my feet. I'm also considering quitting cannabis and going coast guard but am worried my cultivated interest in the esoteric will diminish and I'll return to mundane if I do. What do you guys think?


File: 0408c4d582076fb⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Epyc Wynn Meme Face Wallpa….jpg)


>if life keeps asking you the same question, you aren't learning the lesson

>implying inquisitors of numerous failed regimes who repeatedly asked questions were doing the right thing

>implying that when the hivemind is questioning you it means you're in the wrong not them

>implying blind trust in the collective


If life keeps pushing you, push back. Don't automatically assume the question that keeps appearing is a justified question; oftentimes it absolutely is not and solely reflects a widespread wrong on the part of others. Evidence: believing a political ideology that's radical in relation to the people around you which causes them to question your beliefs. Just about every alt-let, alt-center, alt-right, alt-alt, alt-magic, alt-words person can attest to this.

That all being said, sometimes you are correct. Just don't assume that means that's always the case, because it often isn't.

~Epyc Wynn


File: 49bb354c929a012⋯.jpg (4.5 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, epycspacewallpaperblue.jpg)


Speaking on behalf of the universe here: practice what you preach.

~Epyc Wynn



Meditate and practice your visualization skills with >>122312 , that shit stays with you. ADHD isn't a disease it's an atrophied attention span. Do what's in the second half here >>122304 (reading and fitness, but mostly the reading).


I don't tell people they're suffering, they say they're suffering and there's something wrong with them and I insult them to agitate their dead weight shit then tell them to do some shit for its positive benefits like I tell everyone to. Telling people to do something because of its positive benefits is different than telling people to do something to reduce the negative effects or symptoms of something.


File: 15b2f631b95bb83⋯.png (122.27 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, epycwtf.png)


The economy of suffering DOES pay dividends. A few things to keep in mind to receive dividends: never take the FULL suffering for someone, or they'll expect it from you rather than consider it a service they should feel grateful for. If you suffer for someone, it has to directly be a choice that is clearly a result of your actions, and it has to be something the person clearly wants. Never suffer for someone who clearly wanted help a second time if they are not grateful the first time.

A martyr is someone who chooses to go into suffering debt, by suffering to a great degree either in a single instance or across many instances without expectation of payment in the form of praise, service, tribute, or sacrifice. The martyr is someone praised in culture, however culture is flawed in this regard as the martyr encourages people ruin their own personal lives in pursuit of helping others, but in ruining their own lives they have just encouraged other people ruin their lives in mimicry of the martyr; thus hurting everyone overall in the long-term.

You don't want to go the path of the martyr unless you get something out of it, as you don't want to encourage people ruin their own lives just as the martyr does. It's better for everyone if everyone sets an example of helping each other while also paying each other back as best they can reasonably manage.

tl;dr don't suffer for other parties unless you expect overall in the long-run those parties will pay you back more equally.

~Epyc Wynn



*more than equally


File: 0b985b74a7d168a⋯.gif (5.37 MB, 346x312, 173:156, that really makes me thunk.gif)


You realize that from where I'm sitting, you're part of the hivemind, right?

In any case, thanks for the word food and loosh.


File: 6d81304c5a0d4bc⋯.png (700 KB, 2342x2346, 1171:1173, epycUN4.png)


If I were part of the hivemind, that would mean you are being asked to reevaluate your stance on questions by the very influential beast that exists for the sole purpose of enslaving people to its identitarian selfish tactics. All people are wired into the hivemind, but the degree to which you choose to let the hivemind influence you versus you influencing the hivemind, is a product of your own free will.

I'm wired to the hiveminds surrounding Social Democracy, Anonymous, Transhumanism, Nationalism, Memes, Philosophy, Politics, God, and Epyc Wynn. But, my ability to resist them is great, and my ability to influence them is equally great. At the end of the day, a hivemind is just a person made of people, and resisting a hivemind is just like being resilient to persuasion. However, there is a fine line between useful resilience via logical firewalls and ethical experience, and useless resilience via stubbornness rooted in local traditions. It also requires a great deal of mental energy to regularly deal with the persuasion of these hiveminds and build a proper mental arsenal for dealing with each of them.

This is good advice to keep in mind when dealing with hegemonic groups, socialization in general, business culture, and especially public relations.

~Epyc Wynn



ADHD isn't atrophied attention span. It's pretty metal, as it's called, the difference is that people with ADHD are saving energy for things more important to them. Get one of them to talk about something they like and they'll talk forever. It's an over diagnosed thing. Asperger's is even more metal.



File: 0fd8286f4dd8b27⋯.jpg (51.83 KB, 377x264, 377:264, epycwheeze.jpg)


>asperger's is metal

~Epyc Wynn



Is this guy around? What's above the prickly metallic taste.



S/he's right though.

Some of the best pilots have "ADHD". Turns out if your attention stays locked on one dial for too long, you tend to crash in the flight sim.

Autists are going to rebuild this world. I thank God from the depths of my heart that somewhere out there there's an autistic savant glassblower, and an autistic blacksmith, and an autistic cobbler, because those crafts are being preserved in only a handful of individuals who will have to absolutely master them to be able to pass them on when the time comes where their gift will be recognized and respected.

One can only assume your vitriolic reaction comes from a lifetime of being bullied for your diagnosis. Your gift isn't what you think it is, but when it manifests, I'm sure you'll add value to this world.


File: b5d6d1dede59709⋯.png (101.44 KB, 640x640, 1:1, picardiatemplate.png)


>adhd is metal

>building is metal

>god is metal

>savant syndrome is metal

>glassblowing is metal

>blacksmithing is metal

>cobbliing is metal

>crafting is metal

>autism is metal

metal is metal



~Epyc Wynn



~Epyc Metal Wynn



He's intentionally trying to annoy people. Ignore him.


File: 9452ac3f6d9f4c7⋯.png (116.17 KB, 640x640, 1:1, epycfacepicardia.png)


>ignoring is metal


File: c99e45cf5907ec5⋯.png (6.28 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, the_underlying_fabric_that….png)


Not that anon, but some brief experimentation has shown there's something to it, though it's definitely subjective. I only just now practiced it for a couple of minutes, rather than staring at them physically I formed a mental image of a few people I know.

I'll practice with it some more to see what categories I find, but from the few people I picked as examples, I got more physical sensations on my tongue than "tastes", a sort of numbness centered on the right side and almost a bit of a soreness like a muscle pain from after an intense day of work. This comes with the people I've seen the strongest work come from.

Some of the weaker people I know gave me a sort of pressure on the tip of my tongue, almost like a finger poking it from above (but not pushing hard, a very slight, constant pressure, as though gravity were pulling it down a bit more than the rest of my tongue). The absolute least gifted people did almost the opposite, it was like my tongue was trying to float up and was being pushed from below.

So far I've only found one person whom thinking of stimulated the left side of my tongue, and she's one who is gifted but greatly exaggerates her talents and has a tendency to curse herself by acting as a false prophet (literally, she makes up bullshit prophecies that are always negative and then her life is constantly blowing up in her face).

To be honest, I'm not sure if I'm picking up on their abilities/understanding or if it's more of an aura reading and I'm gathering their disposition, or perhaps a mix between the two. Definitely something that bears further experimentation, I'd appreciate you sharing your own results if you try it out (might warrant its own thread).



~Epyc Wynn



I see that now. I thought he was doubleposting to "sign" his posts all the time because he's retarded, but now I realize it's because he knows people filter him and is abusing the system.



I felt this was wise. thank you.


I need help. I feel trapped in all meanings of the word. I'm struggling to improve and I feel severely incompatible with this reality which is both a very good thing but also extremely painful. There is a sense of hope and knowing that everything will be great, but simultaneously there is a sense of overwhelming hopelessness. What should I do?


i cant stop looshing others, ehlp



what if i told you that it's impossible to "loosh" other people and when you attempt to "loosh" other people you in reality just feed your "loosh" to astral parasites



Some humans are so parasite-ridden that their body mostly exists as a vessel for the parasite to control, so the two aren't necessarily as separate as one might think.

You are technically correct, of course, just a point of clarity to help the anon out.



what if i told u that ur gey



~Epyc Wynn



It's not Metal. It's Wood if anything. You think I'm saying it's 'Metal as fuck' or some shit?



Misunderstanding of what autism is.



I just saw it in the 5 element perspective to be honest. Bland = Earth or no/all elements, Salty = Water, Sour/Acidic = Wood, Metallic/Prickly = Metal, and I was thinking that they would say "Burning bitterness" next for Fire, or maybe Sweet for Earth. Metallic/Prickly could be Fire though.


Tip of tongue is Fire, just outside it is Metal. Sides of tongue are Wood. Center is Earth. Back of tongue is Water. A heavy tongue tip might mean more metal than fire. Yin Wood left tongue = Mental work vs Physical work = Yang Wood right tongue.



You're talking about multiple different things. ADHD =/= autism =/= ass burgers =/= craftsman.

If we use the pilots as examples, then that 'ADHD' is most likely Wood.


>>122312 >>122304

Try working out for 4 minutes every 2 hours. Push ups, sit ups, squats, reverse plank and bridge. Stretch for 4 minutes every 2 hours as well. So every hour you either workout or stretch for 4 minutes.

Read for 4 minutes every hour. Place that time in between working out or stretching. This way you're doing something productive every 30 minutes.


>2:00 workout

>2:30 read

>3:00 stretch

>3:30 read

>4:00 workout


Do this for a month then double the time to 8 minutes. Don't double the time before that, just stick to it. Start the routine 2 hours after waking up and end it 2 hours before going to sleep. Don't sacrifice this schedule for something else, sacrifice whatever it is for this schedule (unless they're obligations such as a job of course).

Eat some onion and start sniffing eucalyptus oil if you have any; sniffing strong onions works. This will help get rid of parasites and build your tolerance for stress.



Again, misunderstanding. ADHD would be mostly metal and a little bit of water and Asperger's 60:40 Metal:Earth. Asperger's is an entire classification of it's own so it encompasses more than one metal trait. Think simply, first impression is enough. Rejection of metaphysics would be the logical conclusion for this mindset. A lack of trust, too.




Autism > Water

Aspergers > Wood

ADHD > Fire

I'm changing my opinion on the pilot.

Earth relates to trust, relates to what a mother confers, whilst Metal is what a father confers. Ever heard of the "terrible two's"? Wood. Around two years old children turn into minor tyrants, full of rage and defiance. Wood relates to the first stage of human development. Fire and Metal relate to language. Water fucks them both. Wood is fucked by them, thus there's no defense for wood from language, thus they learn a language just fine whilst Autists learn language later. Metal is related to intelligence. Wood and Fire have higher associative horizons but aren't intelligent. Wood is considered the genius element, if it can be harnessed and balanced right.



People with autism have brain structures closer to neurotypical individuals and people with ass hamburgers have very different brain structures yet they're more like neurotypical individuals than autists, but both of them are far different than an individual with angus beef brain.

You read the website you sent me with a very fucking heavy bias. I'm guessing that you're metal and everyone is metal to you out of some skydaddy instinct or spiritualist belief. "It's the chromatic spectrum of metalloids!" nah faggot they're just something else. Human beings are all considered Earth, maybe it's all a mineral disorder then? Different lipids I suppose? Gotta get that polyunsaturated or whatever the fuck it is. Lipids like the shit cell membranes are made of. Perhaps we're all a sort of cellular membrane and we should be studying what type of membrane people are? The character of cell pores and how they function in different individuals?

In any case it doesn't make sense to tie neurodivergence to metal; metal affects the nervous system as it affects wood, pruning and bending it, or chopping shit up. Angus leads to schizophrenia and high intelligence prevents this -> in other words, wood is windy shit and metal keeps that bitch in line.


Beefstacks then is unhindered sympathetic nervous growth. This would make them great athletes I guess. Autists possibly have unhindered parasympathetic growth/sympathetic inhibition, based on what I know of water and autists.



Here's some more information for you to crunch through. Maybe it'll clear the picture.


And also on the case of intelligence:


You're right that I rely very, very heavily on intuition. Makes me more feminine than I'd like to be.


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.
Dice rollRolled 10, 3, 2 = 15 (3d12)


Here's some fucking dic– wood for you. This is the angus in your anus with my name carved into it.


Dice rollRolled 4, 8, 6 = 18 (3d12)


Are you even reading these you fuck. The first link you sent me says that people with Beefcheeks have low or average IQ, and the third is about people with high IQ. Fucker you should just look into how elements interact with each other because you have a simplistic fucking view of them. Wood needs to be pruned and made efficient and directed upward, metal needs fire to be turned into something useful, earth needs to be cultivated, fire needs to stay within its boundaries and not burn up all its fuel at once, water needs to also be given boundaries and absorbed into a system rather than dissipate into the void and space. Read some Bazi while you're at it, that'll inform your opinion.


File: 2c4b29da0ab3692⋯.jpg (422.52 KB, 615x960, 41:64, epycjesus.jpg)


danks bruh

~Epyc Wynn


File: d147ef6bee111c1⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Epyc Wynn Meme Face Wallpa….jpg)


Go for routine daily walks, stay hydrated, and maintain a steady intake of caffeine; I recommend Starbucks frappucinos. Join some Discord servers on things that interest you and gradually build your connections across numerous Discords and consider posting regularly on IGN's forums, which are the best known forums on the Internet (excluding imageboards like 8chan).

When you've gradually cemented all those practices or similar practices into your daily routine, start fast walking or running (running can burn you out if you aren't used to it so you should fast walk at first) and also do morning stretches when you first get out of bed.

I'll note: I would never preach to you what I do not already practice. If you want results, I've just given you a starting place.

As for if you want inspiration: browse DeviantArt, browse Crunchyroll's animes, and browse political and philosophical pages on Wikipedia.

That should all be a decent start. Also consider creating imaginary characters to roleplay with and use as acting personas to communicate with and through, as this can be therapeutic, great for testing social interactions, and fill a gap in socialization if you're forced to be alone for long periods of time.

~Epyc Wynn



>and maintain a steady intake of caffeine

what the fuck kind of advice is this

and why wont my filter stay working


File: a57209dc445089c⋯.jpg (118.66 KB, 396x561, 12:17, epycnokilllakill.jpg)


I really need to stop letting my alt accounts use my signature. Just because you're an Epyc Wynn, doesn't meant you're THE Epyc Wynn.

~Epyc Wynn


File: af118dc61fcd635⋯.png (93.24 KB, 2400x2427, 800:809, epycbucks.png)


Teddy Roosevelt drank a gallon of coffee a day and we all know how he turned out.

Unless your unique mind or body can't handle it or your budget can't afford it, yes, drink a steady intake of caffeine regularly. It's free energy.

Starbucks-chan is worth the praise. She gives you in much caffeine for what little you tribute to her in money.

~Epyc Wynn


File: cd3c38db500240d⋯.jpg (64.29 KB, 281x300, 281:300, file (1).jpg)


wood is metal as fuck

~Epyc Wynn


Dice rollRolled 4, 11, 9 = 24 (3d12)


All stomach issues can be avoided by being a yanger who slaps himself awake every morning and fucks ghosts all night like a TRUE LAR– WIZARD


File: 383445d4f77777d⋯.jpg (64.21 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 383445d4f77777d4c474bf92c4….jpg)


>rolled 24

>trip 4s

>posted at 14:44:58

Holy shit nothing you said made any sense yet you hit all the magic numbers. MAGIC IS FUCKING BULLSHIT!

~Epyc Wynn


Using the method of placing what you want in your past/changing your memories. How would one go about changing a medical condition? For example if someone gets a leg trauma and has to limp or else he feels pain. How would that person change it? Wouldn't all the memories of feeling that leg pain conflict with it, or would they resolve?


Only way you're resolving that shit is by taking the yang pill amigo. That's what exercise does you know? It forces you to confront your past and overcome it you know? Much more effective than LARP I assure you.

It is true that there are individuals that can overcome injury through their mind, but you would have to spend years to develop this skill and it would be part of a larger yet more focused path of study and practice. Qi Gong for instance would lead to you learning how to do this, yet it's not the most direct nor efficient, but once learned can be done all the time even whilst doing other things. In this way you can heal your body while living your life or deepening your knowledge of other aspects of Qi Gong through meditation.

Your best bet is the Yang Pill I'm afraid. Get your bitch ass out of your chair and start working out. You'll feel fine after a couple months I'm guessing, if you stick to the 4 minutes every 2 hours. I'll be modifying the formula at some point to include stretching. Medicine has to improve after-all.


File: 2c342091197fbf5⋯.jpg (144.32 KB, 736x2900, 184:725, 2c342091197fbf50eb89127c4f….jpg)

What are some good resources/practices for getting into past life recall, and getting in touch with the Self that reincarnates?



>start sniffing eucalyptus oil

I've been doing this for around a month now for other reasons, can you elaborate on why you listed it? I know onion is connected to testosterone and ogres, what's the eucalyptus for?



Do you have any knowledge of BaZi? I rigged up a chart a while ago with a free calculator online, but it's a bit impenetrable to me, I've been learning western astrology instead. Still interested in the elemental breakdowns though.

I'd be willing to share the chart on here cuz frankly if any tardlets want to hex themselves trying to play stupid games they're welcome to.


File: e87938fc87407e0⋯.png (51.97 KB, 944x944, 1:1, epyceus.png)


Magic Rule of Thumb #1: If you can use science or technology instead, do that instead.

The best way to change a medical condition is to research and obtain targeted medicine, therapy, nutrition, and/or exercise for it.

~Epyc Wynn


File: fb79923b7541010⋯.png (118.69 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, epycquestionmark.png)


I have the same question.

I doubt anyone has a satisfactory answer.

~Epyc Wynn




I've personally haven't had success with this but u can try the JOS method.




Yes I know Bazi. I've studied and meditated on it for possibly a year now.



Kill brain/lung parasites. Relax and expand the lungs.



thank you this is good advice.



>Go for routine daily walks, stay hydrated,

okay sorta good, can't always do but seems nice

>and maintain a steady intake of caffeine;

might not be the best for me. I don't do that well with caffeine

>I recommend Starbucks frappucinos.

I can't justify paying for overpriced coffee and funding liberal globalists

>Join some Discord servers on things that interest you and gradually build your connections across numerous Discords and consider posting regularly on IGN's forums, which are the best known forums on the Internet (excluding imageboards like 8chan).

I'm not sure this is a good idea. Discord datamines the everfuckingfuck out of everyone who uses it and IGN forums are way too mainstream for my liking, but hey if they're good they're good. I never been on IGN forums to the best of my knowledge.

>When you've gradually cemented all those practices or similar practices into your daily routine, start fast walking or running (running can burn you out if you aren't used to it so you should fast walk at first) and also do morning stretches when you first get out of bed.

seems nice

>I'll note: I would never preach to you what I do not already practice. If you want results, I've just given you a starting place.


>As for if you want inspiration: browse DeviantArt, browse Crunchyroll's animes, and browse political and philosophical pages on Wikipedia.

deviant art doesn't seem right, crunchyroll has had some okay stuff in the past. wikipedia isn't exactly inspiring.

>That should all be a decent start. Also consider creating imaginary characters to roleplay with and use as acting personas to communicate with and through, as this can be therapeutic, great for testing social interactions, and fill a gap in socialization if you're forced to be alone for long periods of time.


well it's some okay advice so I appreciate that.




>that image

last thing is combining the spiritual and the "matter"

the matter of this reality, this reality isn't even the real reality. if you are trying to combine your soul with a reality which is not real then your anchoring yourself into a bad place.



Yeah no problem. If you start losing motivation, remember that it's about dedication not motivation.



Personally, I don't even like chinese fortune cookies. You have to attack it from every angle and defend it from every angle in every possible scenario at every possible location. At some point you just want a fucking upgrade. Zi Wei Dou Shu is more complicated but less open ended than BaZi from what I can tell, but I haven't gotten deep into it. The best possible way to be good at fortune telling/ birth chart interpretations is to be good at abstract puzzles and Guess Who?


Bullshit. If I torture you for the sake of your enlightenment, whilst teaching you the deeper philosophies, and all about matter and its affects on the soul and the soul's on matter… will your flesh begin to glow and reconstruct itself? Will you break out of your chains? Will you all of a sudden be filled with happiness as the saw digs in deeper? As the nails are driven in under your nails? No. There have been Stoics, some irreligious or physically minded rather than metaphysically, who have braved torture with a smile on their faces. Does this make them godly? It means that they are strong, with a great fortitude afforded to them by their own self-control. It means that they did not spoil their bodies nor mind. They did not answer to their cellular impulses, but through the overall structure of their bodies conduit thou will, made thyself tenacious and courageous, and what else they desired and had the will for. Ungodly men, atheists, have this sort of power just as well as theists. The most materialist have this power just as well as the most spiritual.

It is true that we have power over matter, but matter is not unreal. If it were unreal, we would have no power over it. What's real about it can be observed by our power over it. This does not mean it is the limit of our power, but only that what we exerted is satisfactory enough for the specific result that is witnessed. You believe that it is unreal ONLY BECAUSE you have no power over it, when you try to telekinetically move things or bend human will by just your mental effort alone, you feel the paralytic pain of your brain preventing you from moving your body to do it or to prevent a vessel bursting for exerting yourself in such a random and counter-intuitive way (from a biological perspective) and the suffering with the failure compounds into this belief that the world is unreal. It is because you feel you have no power over your body, your energy, your focus, because you waste your power on meaningless exercises and impossible tasks, that you feel the world is unreal.

This is the pitiless state of the LARP wizard.



~Epyc Wynn




Just because someone has a huge amount of willpower and pain tolerance and percieved mastery of "false reality" doesn't mean that you're any more spiritual or better than everyone else, or even doing the right thing. This is akin to a rich man stating that he is more powerful and better than everyone else because he can get anything he wants with money. He has a great degree of control over this matrix, the physical world- but he is lesser than a baby in true power or wisdom. Why become a master of a mountain of shit if all you get out of it is crap? Those who embrace the mountain of shit and are sustained by it never see beyond it.



"False reality"

"Isn't real"

Not everything about it is real, but it is real. The literal matter of it for one. If you want to talk about what about it isn't real then go ahead. Many things are political and deceptive in their nature. But as a final step it is akin to turning your mind to the world and becoming knowledgeable and part of it in a worldly sense.

Alchemy is a great thing, except that it's loaded with shit that needs to go through its own alchemy. Calcination. Going through the trial by fire. Too much spiritual dogma of sorts. Shit needs to get hacked and co-opted for some yang pill action.



How do I take the "yang pill"?

~epoch whine



You stop being a pre-pubescent girl and take the 'Angsty Teen' strength Yang Pill:


In a new formula you'll be stretching for strength as well.


I went to /pol/ and it was terrible.

It's dead. Full of disgusting fucks with mental illness and sub 100 IQ.



that wasn't a very convincing argument tbh.


File: 7b24a4a840990fd⋯.jpg (52.51 KB, 566x733, 566:733, 44c.jpg)



Neither of you are me.

~Epyc Wynn


oh look the epyc wynn cancer is back and brought his gay lover the "Yangu Pillu" faggot.




~Yangu Bangu


File: eaa6340857e3648⋯.jpg (107.78 KB, 540x1198, 270:599, eML7aTv.jpg)


Take the Epyc Wynn pill instead. Realize that magic as a study is flawed, most of it is false, and we need to work towards widespread discovery of magic. We can do this through supplying people with mind maps, philosophy, and self-improvement advice. This will be done in order to increase their efficiency in discovering magic. Will anyone ever discover magic? Maybe not. But, the pursuit of magic in itself is valuable, in the hands of those who are open-minded and skeptical.

~Epyc Wynn




~Yang Wynn



>he mad?

<he mad

Oh boi, u mad.


File: 8dca2d2669d1426⋯.png (482.5 KB, 927x882, 103:98, thinking is hard!!!.png)


i mad

~Epyc Wynniethepoop


File: 8ef85bf4ba07aab⋯.png (59.78 KB, 908x237, 908:237, ClipboardImage.png)


This will be my first and only serious response to you.

Click here: https://www.etymonline.com/word/magic



magic isn't real kid take the yangu pillu

~Yangu Wynn


File: a0739c1b518f8d2⋯.gif (2.92 MB, 478x426, 239:213, unnamed.gif)


oh no i'm gooing to have to abandon all of my practices because an internet words convinced me reality doesn't real no mo'

thank u mr yangu pillu manu

now i am enlightenmented upon and have an enjoyment option of stretching cuz i didn'know it was impotent until u told me

thank u agin


It might be a good idea to unsticky this question thread and start another one. It seems like it's turned into off-topic general.



But I took the angsty teen strength yang pill just yesterday. I woke up sore.




The only thing sore is your ass from all the dick you get in it. Your shit is lame kid, biddly biddly diddly.

~Epyc Wynn



Somebody can't handle a poster with actual information to share and a genuinely entertaining presentation.


So I guess this is just /b/ now, is it?



An argument for what? The last step of alchemy?

What? You want me to calcinate you by dropping some fire shit and WOEK U UP NIGGI???



I wanted to keep talking about this if you are still around.


Nah there's some good discussion and info in here.


No point in sinking a ship because there's a few stowaways.


Non-whites aren't human. Neither are psychopaths or normies. Actual humans are a rare breed. This is the truth and deep down you know it.


what would happen if we took all the highest IQ people in the entire world and sent them to live in their own country?



It would be extremely painful.



no problem



I would be fascinated if I could open a window through the keyboard to see into the life of the thing that types all of this.



You'd see a loser. :,(

Doesn't matter what you see, as long as you're going in the right direction with growing momentum and speed.


Now go workout niggi.



~Yangu Wynn




>I wanted to keep talking about this if you are still around.

I've already posted all the information that's needed, it's up to you to decide if I'm retarded. I don't bother trying to explain things, the picture is already set. It's a difference in the limbic system.



I would rather hear your interpretation since what you linked doesn't mirror what you interpreted from it.



Also, we were talking about elements if you have forgotten.


File: 3b7cbe5c668671b⋯.png (117.44 KB, 320x213, 320:213, cmb-2018.png)


Neanderthals are cool. Someone with a high time preference would have ADHD like symptoms. Someone with a low time preference would really, really like the modern school system. It's a factor of two things: dopamine addiction and environmental salience. ADHD-Inattentive is an example of high time preference. Only these kinds of people are able to spend many hours devoting all their energy on a single topic for many hours a day. Normalfags, dopamine addicts, aren't capable of doing this. It's a difference in the limbic system. This is the optimal state for hunter-gatherers who only need to focus for a couple of hours at a time. Think of it like the dwarves from DF and their strange moods.

Europeans have neanderthal DNA, but so do Asians. Asians don't have much functional neanderthal DNA. Europeans do. The difference between asians and europeans is the amount of neanderthal DNA that's active. Asians are very good at copying things and passing it down through the generations. Innovation not required. A small minority of Europeans retain the ability to innovate and the large majority still have the golden touch that other races don't seem to have. Asians probably removed anyone exhibiting neanderthal DNA. Neanderthals are also much stronger than saps. Remember Paul Anderson?


I care less about my opinion and more about getting the correct information about ADHD to you.



Don't you melonhead retards have containment boards?



By time preference, do you mean the value someone gives their time? Normal being low value, ADHD being high value? What I've read about Dopamine is that it's the encouragement chemical of sorts, rather than pleasure.

All in all what you're describing isn't unfamiliar. I've seen Neanderthal DNA tied to ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, IQ, creativity, strength, Aryans, and civilization generating attributes before. My moral issue (classic sense of the word) with it is the glaring weak points of ADHD that are constantly exposed and result in lost opportunities and growth. It's a matter of developing the necessary qualities for life. This involves splitting your attention a bit and developing a bit more roundedly. Not so much as to compromise your strengths, but enough to build endurance and adaptability. These people who place a high value on their time also tend towards depressions and WASTING their time, or neglecting easy opportunities to utilize their time wisely. A tree needs strong roots.

Not all who have 'ADHD' are alike. Some are highly successful, others do nothing with their life and their free time is wasted. Gushing about something you're interested in doesn't mean you even have a strong grasp of what you're talking about, because most often those same people can't tell what's trash and useless, and what's meaningful to keep, protect and build off of.

Case in point: The anon I was responding to "can't do anything" without cannabis. The solution isn't to find some tight rope to climb across, FOLLOW YOUR DREEAAAAAMMM ~~. The solution is to dig deeper and peel back the layers of your mind through constant struggle and the overcoming of obstacles (internal and external). Fire stays at the surface, and demands to be stimulated. When highly stimulated, it consumes the source of stimulation as fuel. This is why I call ADHD of the Fire element. Electricity is conducted by Metal, which may be why you think people with ADHD are Metal types, but Metal types don't feel this electricity like Fire types ARE polarized electric fields. What would be more true, I believe, is to say that ADHD is Fire and ADD is raw Metal. People have to learn how to tolerate boredom and not let their boredom threshold determine their self-realization, self-actuation and the fulfillment of their potential.



gtfo /fringe/







By time preference I mean the survival strategy employed. 'Have the cookie now or wait until I come back with two cookies' kind of thing. I'm embarrassed. I should've said ADD from the beginning. Most people don't differentiate the two. Do you mind explaining to me why Asperger's would be wood?



t. saps






I'm watching Battle Creek right now, and if you have 30 minutes and Netflix, check it out. The FBI agent going to the small town is Metal, the native detective rough around the edges guy is Wood. Metal types… clean, polished, trim, symmetrical. Wood types… rough, dirty, loose, asymmetrical. Wood is tied with internal pressure and anger. Metal is not, though is forceful.



It's already been done, we live in Israel


File: 96b8102b2f3c2c2⋯.jpg (218.05 KB, 692x1155, 692:1155, epycuchiha.jpg)



Neither of you are the true Epyc Wynn. I am the true Epyc Wynn.

~Epyc Wynn


File: 18d3c4c8fe189a0⋯.png (94.25 KB, 1115x454, 1115:454, epycwynnperspective.png)


Your bait does not make sense within the context you used it. You just threw a fish at some worms and called it bait.


Redefining words or using alternative definitions not recognized by people at large is a bullshit manipulative postmodernist tactic used to subvert basic discussion and debate in order to obtain the illusion of victory and self-importance.


Magic is real you're only trying to cultivate bullshit Nazi hogwash via aggression and fallacies.


Censor one of me and twelve more alts will appear in my place.


Thank you for your praise of me. That is worth 12 Epycbucks and 13 Wynncents.


Don't lump me in with you. You are a variant meme of me; not the other way around.


Reminder that white people are actually tan meaning white supremacy is bullshit.


They would kill each other out of paranoia because having a high IQ only means you absorb and interpret information fast; it has nothing to do with actual wisdom or ability to understand why some information is more valuable than other information.


Racial science is debunked and mentalism is a cheap elitist tactic used to make unwise niche thinkers seem more valuable than they actually are.


The energy to engage in self-improvement should not be assumed as innate to all people and consequently the assumption that people should "just do it" is bullshit that sounds nice but insults anyone who lacks that ability by blaming them for something they cannot obtain.

~Epyc Wynn


File: 2af5aff9fd80318⋯.jpg (274.81 KB, 1200x979, 1200:979, true form.jpg)


I'm not the guys going yangu bangu ~wangu yangu

fagit. and people lack a sense of humor around here.

Energy… heh. By working out you have more "energy". The first few days are the hardest…. unless you're beating yourself into the dirt, then it's the first month that's the hardest. After that it's highly rewarding. "Just do it" is what has to happen, because after "just doing it" all the issues with "just doing it" disappear and you're one of those people that everyone else hates because they tell people "JUST DO IT" and they JUST DO IT all the fucking time, with their shit eating fucking grins, until the shit fucking transcends into a grin that settles into their fucking back like a demon and they become a living fucking diabolical weapon, FULLY AUTOMATIC SMILE, HOLLOW POINT STYLE, MUSHROOM IN YOUR BILE



File: 0787be77a357650⋯.jpg (91.99 KB, 700x729, 700:729, epycautismwarning.jpg)


>preaching what you don't practice

You are posting here. That's proof you aren't succeeding considering your conveyed goals have nothing to do with the Internet.

~Epyc Wynn



newfig lol



I love you in a homosexual way because you're a total faggot. But I love that about you.



>Redefining words or using alternative definitions not recognized by people at large is a bullshit manipulative postmodernist tactic used to subvert basic discussion and debate in order to obtain the illusion of victory and self-importance.

So why do you do it, considering that's a fucking etymological dictionary, you sun-obscuring colossal retard?

>Magic is real

No shit, but you're incapable of recognizing reality when it cockslaps you in the face.

>variant meme

He is, and trapgirls are better fapbait than Admiral Akbar.

>white people

"white" is not "White". Half-breeds have a place in society too.

The labor caste is not the priest caste. Self-development is required to upgrade in caste, and that goes beyond racial predisposition.

>muh self improvement is difficult

No shit, that's why you stay low caste until you develop the capacity for self-improvement. You gotta giveme to get gimmies.

<saging a stickied thread




No, I'm spartycus!


File: 07d6f29ea11781f⋯.jpg (195.73 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, epyctrollolololol.jpg)



>saging a pinned thread

~Epyc Wynn


What's good fringe?

How do I get a undead ghost gf? My perfect waifu is a spirit gf so how do I get about finding one and having a relationship with her? No tulpa bullshit and no succubus somming for one night pls



I like to live life on the edge.

~Epych Pynn


File: 80c4607427403d6⋯.png (259.23 KB, 528x468, 44:39, ClipboardImage.png)


Anyone who tells you that you're not asking for tulpamancy is deluding themselves.

t. self-deluder who reintegrated the thoughtform

Just recognize that most tulpamancers suck at their job and outperform your cohort.

>~epyc me-me



never stop posting here, keep exposing these frauds and punish them with great justice

hail epyc wynn



It pains me because of what has become of fringe. Not only did it die completely but it was revived into a grotesque zombie by a few meme-wielding clowns. I already thought it was sad to look at before but now it's unbearbale.

However I specifically asked for a undead girl instead of a tulpa of my creation. I already got two tulpas who are doing their job, but I guess none of them can be my waifu and that's alright. I really want an actual ghost. Do I need to use one of those spirit boxes? Do I need to break into graveyards at night? It is hard enough to find any random undead ghost, but especially a female who will be your gf seems like a herculean task. But I am willing to go down that road. Any help is appreciated, still no tulpas or succubus tho.


File: cc2f407aaad5b1f⋯.gif (400.68 KB, 1815x1080, 121:72, I'll Make A Man Out of You.GIF)


How can I get literal translations of the bibles of major religions, ancient and contemporary? For example, I read that the vedas are a whole library (I think it was hundreds) of books. I want to read the actual stuff, with no commentary or editorializing, and I guess some of you must have had the same idea so, is there a source for downloading those?



Go to a graveyard, strip naked, light four black candles in the four cardinal directions and put a mirror on the ground, attach a suction cup dildo and ride it until you cum from anal alone.

Use coconut lube! This is the most important part. It won't work if you use anything other than pure cold pressed coconut oil. The stuff that's solid at room temperature (you can warm it between your hands or asscheeks)

Now read the name of the girl on the tombstone out loud, then read it again backwards. Do this three times.

Now you have an undead waifu. Be careful though! She'll need your cum energy or she'll start to lose her etheric form, so make sure to repeat the ritual every full and new moon (of course now she's with you, so you can ride the dildo at home; the coconut oil is still a necessity however). If you ever feel her fading away, slap your face with the dildo you rode while shouting out "I DO BELIEVE IN FAIRIES! I DO, I DO, I DO BELIEVE IN FAIRIES!". This should bring you the results you crave.



Start here.



People have said that about fringe from day 1.



Tulpas are a boring sport.

The real challenge is to find magick that physically manifests.



Nevermind I already changed my mind. I saw a very spooky horror movie about undead ghosts. If it goes like this then I pass.

Somewhere out there my perfect waifu still waits for me. Maybe she is a vampire…gwgwwwwwwww



genuine occultists like you are hard to come by


If everything is presence, you and other people are just manifestations of the one presence. Why would there be any reason to honor any social agreements or respect anyone's freewill?



'Because that's wrong.'



Ah my bad, I wasn't very clear – Because I'm not other people and neither are you.



Why can I break an inanimate object or step on bugs with no implied spiritual degradation. Yet harming people is off limits? Argue in the paradigm that all is presence please


File: 943dd86ff3e0588⋯.gif (448.32 KB, 512x512, 1:1, epycfuriousrotatingpulse.gif)






~Epyc Wynn






Because you gain the benefit of getting the same treatment in return.



Speak for yourself dude. I find a spider on my clothes, I help her find her way to greener pastures. Bee lands on me, I make sure he doesn't get trapped in my clothes and let him rest. I speak softly and thank the pickle jar for opening with me, and the door for latching soundly.

You get out of the world what you put into it. Better hope no giants come into your neighborhood, boiiiiiiiii.


What he said.



we are talking about animals way smaller and less noticeable than that, you hypocrite.


File: bd253018d318e68⋯.png (861.62 KB, 648x540, 6:5, ClipboardImage.png)

I have a hypothesis that the front and back ends of the human brain are inverted. This is based on my own personal experience exploring my consciousness.

Does anyone here know anything about this?



How do the positions of the frontal lobe and the occipital lobe affect literally anything? What are you talking about?



I know what you're trying to say. As far as any physical inversion is concerned, I can't provide an answer, but the unconscious mind's mirroring is a well-known phenomena and why backmasking works.

Basically all I can tell you is it's relatively easy to manipulate this: Writing mirrored is a very rewarding practice (albeit a bit difficult to get into), phrasing sentences as pseudo-palindromes ("Understanding without knowledge beats knowledge without understanding" reads the same way front and back). Practicing spelling words backwards, confirming a sentence means roughly the same thing in reverse as it does forward, etc.

All of these practices manipulate what you're describing, though I'm describing the practical level and not the physical level.

Anecdote-tier, but I believe you'll appreciate this:

My dreams and visions for some time have been getting quite explicit about direction to point themselves out to my conscious mind. For example: "Hand me your left hand" or "this door is hinged on the right side, see?". It's quite blatant about being a mirror ("left hand" gets right, right-hinges are on the left), and that's the point. I imagine this is somewhat similar to what you've experienced and are describing.


Once you get smaller than the animals I'm describing, they're almost impossible to kill by accident because of the square-cube law. You won't kill a chigger by stepping on it (and besides, a chigger is a parasite, so the "rules" are different, at least in my book).

I answered your question, if your pussy hurts cuz it's not the answer you wanted, suck it up buttercup.




In fact, if you want an exercise that will really fuck with your brain (but not with your mind, necessarily), here's all you do:

Choose an asymmetric object, something with a pattern that is obviously not the same on one side as the other. I used a carving that was one color on each side. For me it was an item I'm quite attached to, that may have been important.

Now go sit in front of a mirror (you could pull a chair in the bathroom to get comfortable if you don't have a full length one elsewhere) and have a conversation with yourself. During the conversation, hold the object up in front of the mirror and show it off to yourself. Look at both your version and the mirror's version, examine it, turn it over, turn it around, take careful note of where your finger placement is vs the reflection's finger placement.

What this exercise is preying upon is your body's reptilian brain and its inability to distinguish the reflection from another being of your species. The mammalian brain recognizes it as yourself, but closer to the brainstem, flight or fight goes off. So by forcing the reptile to really figure it out and go "huh, it has the same thingie that I have, and it does the exact same stuff I do", it gets the lizard-lizard brain interfacing with the higher level functions.



You don't gain the benefit of having the same treatment in return. That's illogical.







Yes. Our brain looks at the back of the brain to see what's in front of us. Our eyes see an inverted image of the world that is then inverted in the brain to set it right up. Read some fucking neuroscience ffs.





File: 574bf5a3e22328a⋯.png (310.29 KB, 765x1063, 765:1063, 574bf5a3e22328ab44de28255b….png)

I've began fasting for a week today, not my first time but I thought of a mistake I may be making. I always drink coffee, even while fasting, especially while fasting because it suppresses hunger and hunger drains me of energy, but is that cheating? Am I defeating the purpose of fasting? I'm also NoFap, but I've taken a break from it because I've been so sorely down lately, just jerking off for a little bit of enjoyment out of the day, would fasting be better with nofap? I feel like maybe if I purge my cum it might be beneficial



I hope you worked your way up to the fast over the last couple of weeks.

Drink a fuckload of water. If ur drinking coffee too drink a metric fuckton of water.

no fap is fine but you should break it every month or two.

If you're feeling down, meditate and be at peace with your downyness.


File: ac61938a9055c7f⋯.jpg (358.15 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, X1lq8I0.jpg)

I both fear and half believe the illusion that I'm the Antichrist. I also fear and believe more that I've somehow enmeshed my mind with the minds of many other people and they watch everything I do and then some. I fear my task is to unenmesh from their minds somehow and return us back to a sensible non-delusional sensibility, as the more anxiety and fear I have the further into delusion my mind falls into. I fear Everytime someone tried to help me, it only gets worse. After having gone through the hardest time of my life, I think it best if I get some straight answers from any gurus or psychics and what not here who are sure they can point me in a direction that doesn't lead to me and everyone involved in this fiasco down deep into further delusion.


File: 87c64c636a76043⋯.png (97.14 KB, 400x395, 80:79, 9b19dad63f62bc65e14717e04d….png)

I felt it again last night, the world line or whatever you like to refer to it as changed. It's been years since I felt such a massive change. I also felt all my other selfs, like I was a hundred people all at once. What changed? Did anyone else notice or am I the only one? I hate that brief moment of being between timelines. Thankfully big changes seem to be rare.



dont drink le cool aide-

solipsism ascended




Thank you.

How can I descend?


File: 91d37662f02e8fb⋯.png (3.57 MB, 3224x4536, 403:567, pill list.png)




When you're on /fringe/, solipsism ALWAYS is ascending. An earth lay line could have shifted and briefly illuminated your mind.


Drop /fringe/ and pick up the yang and gray pill aheh heh heh


how do i get my dream girl to



to what?



appear in my dream more. she's fairly rare and i can never remember what we talk about



If you think "illogical" is a valid argument in this field, you've got a ways to go yet.


Big wall for big bois.


Coffee encourages peristalsis. It could help clear out your intestines faster, once you're empty though it's probably not going to have much of an effect. A large portion of /fringe/ is anti-caffeine but different people handle coffee different ways, about 10% of people have a specific gene that means they can drink tons more without much effect so you're probably one of them if it's not bothering you.

TL;DR: Your practice is your own, some schmuck online doesn't know your body better than you do. Does it feel like it's fucking you up? Stop. Feels fine? Do it up.

As far as cumming goes basically less is more, you're not going to ruin everything by jerking off just only do it once or twice in a day tops and take breaks between days and don't do it to fucked up weird porn that makes you feel guilty after you're done. As long as you still feel good afterward, it's pretty much fine.


Maybe we'd stop watching you if you'd stop jerking off so loudly in the middle of the night. It's hard to look away when you do that one weird thing though.



>about 10% of people have a specific gene that means they can drink tons more without much effect

Obviously some percentage has a gene that makes them not handle caffeine at all since half a cup of coffee raises my blood pressure so high that I get heart palpitations.






She's an ideal and you're trying to worship her. Stop it.

Improve yourself first and you might start seeing her more often, but be prepared to see her in an underwhelming light.


File: e6eabe6b2894bdd⋯.jpg (49.17 KB, 415x614, 415:614, legendary super aryan.jpg)


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Fusce hendrerit velit at ante ultrices euismod. Nam egestas suscipit vehicula. In vitae congue felis. Duis odio tellus, vehicula vitae turpis nec, vehicula tempus tellus. Quisque at erat nec turpis scelerisque efficitur vel a tellus. Aliquam nisi leo, molestie in rutrum vel, hendrerit congue ipsum. Aenean luctus, tellus eget aliquet ullamcorper, dolor leo laoreet lorem, at convallis nisl massa quis dolor. Donec eu ligula diam. Donec placerat massa ac purus accumsan luctus. Orci varius natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Vestibulum bibendum at eros ut tincidunt. Fusce in ex eget justo condimentum pellentesque. Vestibulum egestas rutrum ullamcorper. Quisque ullamcorper, sapien nec bibendum suscipit, diam justo imperdiet orci, ac gravida mi risus in magna. Phasellus felis libero, pellentesque et molestie a, egestas at libero. Donec libero felis, ultricies lacinia commodo eget, lacinia viverra nisl.


Why is depression/suicide a meme now? Is someone trying to use meme magic to make people kill themselves?

How does a mundane resist suicidal thoughts when even memes are forcing those thoughts into one's mind from the outside?



It's because depressing shit is being spread all over the place. No matter where you go: Alt-righters, mgtows, truthers, occultists and whatever all talking about shtf, illuminati, archon, feminist, the elite, anti-whites, anti-males etc etc. the world already sucks ass but with all the depression, negative thinking and black pills being spread everywhere there is no hope. It's too much for the psyche to handle. People see no future and no hope. They are alone, have no cummunity and no goals.

But then again, it's true isn't it? This world is insane and it's going to hell fast. There is no future..why would I live? Why would I fight? What for, just to suffer more and die anyway?



Good post.

I've been thinking about this myself lately, it seems like all aspects of "resistance movements" are filled with black pills, and are devoid of all hope.

I mean, look at how Hitler got Germany to rise up again the entire world, he did it by putting emphasis on the positive qualities of the German people.

NEVER focus on the negative, it'll destroy your spirit.



It's true. Good example with Hitler. But I doubt if something like this is possible today. People realize that the world, society and the government are not on their side, in fact they are their "enemies". What positive aspects are you going to bring to stop someone from suicide once he has taken the red/black pill or learned about anti-natalism and nihilism? Those philosophies make a lot of sense and are hard to counter. In addition all the spiritual knowledge about the afterlife, the astral planes, supposedly immortal consciousness and that all is nothing, an illusion, a matrix, void and not real anyway…that doesn't help either. Now people not only have a hellish shithole that they wanna escape but they have good promise for the afterlife. Astral planes sounds so much better than this, and all is an illusion anyway. It doesnt even matter if I suicide because all is maya and I don't even exist, right? Once one realized how shit this world is and that hell and reincarnation are not real, no positivity will help. Personally I have yet to hear a single valid reason for not killing oneself except for "you gotta stay here and suffer more because we say so and we don't wanna be left alone here, its scary for our ego and our comfort-safe-zone bubble"


I'm a little confused as regards astral projection and OBEs and their ilk. Some people say that to project is to simply imagine yourself somewhere else. Robert Bruce says that the goal is to trigger an OBE and travel that way. I can accept that these might result in different degrees of projection but I'm having trouble discerning the first from fantasy and I've got trouble entering a trance state in the second technique. Is it a case that when I imagine a moving around a dark city that I am actually astral travelling? I've been doing that sort of thing since I was a kid. I don't have a frame of reference to work with. Nor do I have any way of telling whether I'm chatting to my imagination or a denizen of the astral.

I've managed an OBE though. It was only my arms that got out of my body and my vision got screwed up (half looking into an astral plane and half looking into RL). I find that I typically skip the trance phase when I go to sleep though. I can't maintain the feeling of dozing off long enough to use a rope technique or anything like that.



Only bullshit occultists would call daydreaming and fantasy "astral projections". Everyone who isn't a fucking charlatan knows that an OBE is the real deal, and even then you gotta aim to not to lose consciousness and be plagued by dreamlike scenarios during the OBE.

Know this and don't falter.



Nod really. You're never going to get a 100% the same as looking at with physical eyes because the mentalism is overlaid on physical reality.

Most people don't actually astral project anyway they just LARP.



>Most people don't actually astral project anyway they just LARP.

/fringe/ in a nutshelll



Thanks for the tip. I assume this doesn't apply to all forms of occultism though right? Seems like the majority of occultist work is done in the imagination when it comes to stuff like thoughtforms, awareness shifting and other mentalist work.



Imagination is the foundation for everything, but it will amount to little to nothing without essence. It does sadly apply to most "occult" things that it stays in the realm of make-belief, but then again, All is indeed Mind, so do not bother to much with the minds of others.


File: 8b37499190ed35f⋯.gif (964.23 KB, 500x250, 2:1, leave humanity behind, fac….gif)

File: f24b74f86d43285⋯.jpg (161.98 KB, 663x828, 221:276, black pill.jpg)

File: ecf14d1b2c44341⋯.png (3.93 MB, 1864x1792, 233:224, iron pill starter pack.png)





Too many black pills? Take the Yang Pill! Doc Yang knows what's good for you. Alternate Iron and Brown pill for every 2 Yang Pills and you'll transmute those shitty black pills in a jiffy.



This is so cringy I'm gonna faint.



I don't listen to the opinion of boys and women. Depressive faggotry is what's cringe-worthy. Stop being a lazy nigerian prince and workout until you're not a limp wristed limp dicked melancholy grave digging cuck.



Exactly. Now leave this board or become another lolcow.



I'm shaking.



That's the point. It's a soft-mask.




>Most people don't actually astral project anyway they just LARP.

Circles in the parking lot is technically "driving".

Daydreaming and fantasy is LARPing.

So is practicing a speech in the mirror.

Going to the shooting gallery catches no deer.

But your aim will still improve.

A dog is no child.

But it is a ward in your care.

Cleaning your room doesn't make one a landowner.

But when you are you'll be better prepared.



That's another 10%. 80% of people have a baseline reaction (300mg is a safe limit, >500mg starts getting dangerous).

If you have a caffeine sensitivity you should limit yourself to no more than 80mg a day (One shot of espresso, two cups of green tea or half a cup of strong coffee).



You do know that you're comparing playing with toy cars to being a driver in the Formula 1?


File: 7e35beb8b35f7b4⋯.png (30.26 KB, 853x174, 853:174, 11.PNG)


It's always darkest before the dawn.


You get it. Cultivate the good within.


As above, so below. If you're not content here, you won't be content there. Read the suicide thread here for more.

Better question: What are you feeding energy to by doubting our ability to succeed?


Imagine writing a shopping list. Now write one. Now go shopping.

Mental, mental-physical, physical, complete. Now you have food in your fridge.

All real work has a physical component to it. Some are more subtle than others.


File: 4dc9bc297ea37f1⋯.png (40.19 KB, 1813x241, 1813:241, POV.PNG)


Duh. Your driving metaphor came from my driving metaphor, of course I recognize the fruit for the seed within.

>pic unrelated



Oh, I guess it was related, just hopped out of my folder and I posted it sight unseen.



Does anyone have this book The Alchemical Mandala : A Survey of the Mandala in the Western Esoteric Traditions by Adam McLean? Or something that covers the same subject? I can't find it



This question is more of a request, for I need a bit of help.

I have a detrimental tendency of overeating/binging, followed by fasting, then breaking the fast with binging again.

This circle of self-destructive behavior, which causes me great imbalance and distress, that diminishes my overall energy and willpower and causes.. well, to cut it short; it is and has been a great problem for me for a long time.

I broke a 5 day fast (which I had begun after a few days of unhealthy amounts of food consumption), by first starting slow with a bit of sauerkraut with no plans of eating more, but with slow but steady loss of control and consciousness I slipped into gorging on.

I know that a large cause for my habit of overeating is a reaction to fear and the discomfort I feel whenever I have a choice (such as, doing something I kinda feel fearful, lethargic towards, fighting against the impulse that pulls me into pushing away, running and hiding from whatever it is that I have before me).

To be fair, I've made improvements to this, especially taking up a simple to-do widget on my phone has made a slight but significant improvement in helping to do the simple tasks that I usually try to ignore and procrastinate doing (writing down goals/tasks, no matter how small, is something I now understand to be fundamental but have simply never had a good system of it).

Ah, well the original thought of writing this post was to express a bit of frustration and ask if it'd be possible to be sent a bit of positive energy to me, as to help me recover from the damage I've done from yesterday's.. loss of control and overall damage to the health of both my mentality and physical health.

I don't mean to be a loosh beggar. I do not deny that that is what I am doing in a way, but it is more of a request of assistane through this time of recovery and rebalancing.

So in case someone would be willing to try to give some remote healing on me I'd be greatly grateful, or to give advice or anything you'd like.

Thank you and have it good

~ Vil


File: b913ecae0ba6b0b⋯.jpg (562.34 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, check the time.jpg)


Have you considered embracing your rhythm rather than fighting it? It sounds like you "break" at the same point each time, which to me says your body is telling you that's your limit.

Decide what you're going to eat when you end your fast, plan it out, make it a reward for the end. Then when you break the fast you'll feel better for having succeeded at your goal and sticking to your guns even in eating, rather than guilting yourself for obeying your body's needs.

I know plenty of people who have a natural pattern of fasting for several days and then gorging on food. The only difference I see between them and you is guilt. One of those guys is probably one of the strongest people I've met "magically" speaking, though at a conscious level he's entirely mundane… On a more meaningful level, though, he's got a slender figure and yet can punch holes through concrete with no formal training. His natural cycle has trained him, he does energy work at a subconscious level without fully recognizing the impact of what he's doing. (Think "muscle wizard savant").

You may well have a similar biochemistry and be suppressing your gift because you hold some illusion that there's a right way to do magic and you're not doing it. Magic is all about being a special snowflake, fuck other people's rules. Do what your body tells you to do, as long as the rest of your mind doesn't think it's retarded.

>Ah, well the original thought of writing this post was to express a bit of frustration and ask if it'd be possible to be sent a bit of positive energy to me

I'll do you one better: I hereby grant you the power to break unhealthy cycles and form healthy ones, even if you lack the sight to discern one from the other.

>I don't mean to be a loosh beggar.

You can't beg for that which is free. Energy is infinite, I just handed you a key.

You cut yourself from the source, but it's inside of you, same as it's in me.

But I'll give you one tip to help make the process easy.

Remember to stretch those muscles regularly.

You don't have to understand.

You just have to be.



transition into a healthy intermittent fasting cycle. You're already halfway there.


File: 2160b984fc0746c⋯.jpg (29.61 KB, 458x495, 458:495, the-numbers-mason-that-tit….jpg)


Oh, and by "make it a reward" I don't mean "gorge on ice cream and twix".

I mean choose something that you know will make you proud of yourself for completing a cycle with a healthy rounding. I tend to fast in 16 hour segments, so I can't give much advice on 5-day fasts (3 days is about my max, when I last did 5 it wasn't by choice). I like to start off with a couple of pickles to get some vinegar and fiber in my system, then hemp seeds mixed in with yogurt makes a nice snack to cultivate gut flora before I eat a big meal that will carry me through the day. I'm pretty anti-dairy though so I'm looking for an alternative to the yogurt but it works well so far.

Basically what >>123033 said. You're actually doing really really good, better than 99% of posters on /fringe/. The issue isn't your routine, it's your reaction to it.

You're not *supposed* to be doing 3-week fasts every month, if you're being called to do that you're going to get a vision from On High or some shit making it abundantly clear. Generally speaking, something like that is reserved for mourning or marriage or other major life events. If you really need a fuckin' vision for some reason of course it's an option, and in that case I guess I'd say go off into the woods and don't bring any food with you, but delete your web history first in case you die and they try to blame me for it.




>but delete your web history first in case you die and then try to blame me for it

/fringe/ could do without the attention, in general.

it's best to make healthy choices, anyways. Regarding visions, acquire some psychedelics and get an experienced user to help you relax through the trip. If you're worried you've got some psychological work that needs to be done, they will come up and you can deal with them as they manifest. Take your Heroes Journey Pill.




Thank you for your replies, though I must regretfully inform that just before I read them I again lost myself in a mindless zombie-reaction and ate some more, even though I knew it'd make me feel worse, and now *drumroll* I feel worse in all accounts.

BUT I know I am getting over this and finding increasing balance within me.

This food-slip is a slippery slope though that easily develops into a steady habit (as seen by me eating today again) and though my energy has decreased I still aim to accomplish the thing I set out to do today (clean my home, it's a mess), though because of … ah, fuck whatever.

It's been a bit hard though, got to admit. During my last job as a construction worker, which started at 8am, I had time to go to the gym/and or swim before work started, which allowed me to eat allot during one meal a day, albeit I did eat out over my body's needs (gorged on vegetables, semi-keto, but a lot of bread).

Now I work a different job that starts at 5am and usually ends in the evening and it takes a toll on my health since I don't get enough sleep or exercise and feel a bit trapped since I have no plans for the future. I want to study but only have a few vague, shapeless directions/goals that I could think of striving for and.. eh, I'm at least learning a lot from my current job (berryseller, among other tasks that are included in the job) and for that I'm thankful, but overall I lack a sense of .. willingly living to the rythms of life?

But yeah, when I TRY and DO what I KNOW is better to do I progress.

If/when resisting to act unbravely to whatever fears and lethargy I experience, and taking myself through and dealing with "it" when "it" is before me, I feel an increase in self-esteem, willpower and autonomy, giving me more energy to tackle the next things I've avoided.

But then, vice versa..

It's both simple and complex, and it all comes down to choice..

I know I don't have to apologize, but sorry for writing perhaps a bit.. unhingedly. When I've eaten my mind goes number and dumber but it's also when I feel the most need to communicate about it with others, so here I am.


Yeah, I've been basically doing that, eating one meal a day, which suits me fine. I made it as a goal after last weeks eating to fast for two days, which just sort of became 5. I could have continued on it but I felt it was taking a toll on my ability to peform at work.

I will cease overeating during my daily meals to the best of my ability. This overeating is really perhaps the main thing that is keeping me from developing the most and I will learn to take control and let go of it.


I've gone to a few ayahuasca ceremonies and it's something I will do again.

They didn't give me too much insight but it was good nonetheless.



I have noticed that many if not all issues come in the form of cycles. I have an issue of a lack of self esteem and experience and it was only recently that I figured out the cycle that caused it. It was a loop of 4 states

1.I am asked to do something

2.I fuck up when I do it.

3.The result causes the person who asked me to do it to rescind their request due to the belief that I can't accomplish it. This person is also sometimes myself.

4. I get nothing to do which prompts a "stop being lazy!" Response and leads to 1. But due to acquiring only a small amount of life experience because I stopped after I fucked up then I inevitably fuck up again and further damage my self esteem.

I figure realizing and understanding these loops of behaviour is the first step to breaking out of them or, in some cases, turning the cycle into a spiral. I think everything can be represented in such cycles.



Yeah, i suffer from the same type of reactionary pattern.

Being insecure -> failure -> taking it personally and start with negative self-hating thougths, instead of putting in more effort and genuinely learn from the "failures" -> leads to increased insecurity, fear and lethargy.

BUT yes, figuring out and seeing this pattern/circle of behavior out of a larger perspective, outside our egos, is key to letting go of them.

Shit's ridiculous


File: 41eeae94c1b947b⋯.png (26.1 KB, 600x463, 600:463, Dual core.png)

File: bf6e1805df7e5c1⋯.png (26.83 KB, 600x463, 600:463, dual core alt.png)

File: d1144da94e8c1a3⋯.png (27.36 KB, 600x463, 600:463, dual core alt alt.png)


The best advice I can give you is to learn to take cat naps. That'll cure your sleep deprivation and is a more natural cycle for most humans.

Other than that is: Stop guilting yourself for doing what feels right. If binging for a day and then skipping or eating light for a couple days works for you, do it.

Bread isn't necessarily evil if you've got the right stock (namely, celtic heritage, irish/welsh/scottish/etc.). Different breeds of humans have different enzymes, you've got to learn your biochemistry. Your grandparents rhythms are a good place to start if they're still living, whatever you see them doing in their old age is probably pretty close to whatever you're predisposed to. My grandparents take two naps at the same times I do every day. And I developed my rhythm before I ever saw theirs.

Basically what you've gotta do is understand that the "zombie" part of you is going to come out no matter what, so make it easy for that zombie to grab something good for it. Fruit or smoothies are great, the latter works well with a psuedo-fast because it's preprocessed and low intensity for your digestive system (you chewed it outside of your body, so to speak). Seeds/nuts work well too, if you're a breadboy then find a healthful sandwich you can make in the zombie state. The point is: Make the healthy options easier to access and the unhealthy stuff harder to get to, so that the dumb option is the good option. Keep the garbage around but store it in a different area you rarely go to, so that it requires a conscious choice to reward yourself with a fuckoff meal/snack.

There's nothing wrong with occasionally treating yourself with something over the top, it's the routine that matters… My mother and I had a good laugh a month or two ago because a guest was commenting on how healthy we eat, and her and I both knew I made a half-gallon root beer float the night before and came back for seconds. But we *also* both knew that's the only ice cream or soda I'd had in two seasons. It was a rare treat, and I enjoyed it for what it was.


This is rather less esoteric question, but what kind of hair conditioner would you use for a waist-long hair? I´m only asking here because you know more than most people about toxicity of common household chemicals


I had a moment of thought/clarity on the Christian forum as some thread was getting deleted on YHWH/IHVH.

It's IHVH, or Iehovah.

The old Jewish alphabet doesn't have J or W.

Together, the words mark the name of the Tetragrammaton. I always thought it was a question of Iehovah VS Ialdabaoth VS Satanael. In this case, forming the three pillars of being: Wisdom/Mind, Flesh/Body, Spirit/Passion/Drive. This would lead one to assume that in the modern world all three of such forms of existence are, in a way, fighting one another rather than working in tandem/unison thus preventing humanity from growing and maturing as a spiritual race that it is. Instead, the flow favors a reality of petty squabbles from lack of wisdom, addictions straight from the God of Flesh, and lack of action/apathy due to lacking a sense of pride and well-being. Then again, that's just generally what I get from the old Judaeo-Christian names.

Am I just rambling from lack of sleep or did I stumble upon something?



How do you get waist-long hair without knowing that?



depends on your hair type and how oily it is, how straight it is

generally you treat with vinegar and then apply a solution of cetyl alcohol mixed with your preferred nut oil


How do I communicate with Charles Manson in the astral plane


File: 75788b8075dae40⋯.png (75.33 KB, 673x992, 673:992, astro_2atw_charles_manson.….png)


Meditating on this would be a good place to start.



Das a lot of squares


I hate this board so much.



i hate u



follow the rabbit hole and let us know what you find


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

what is you favorite asmr?


Anyone got books on palmistry? Cant seem to find any good ones anywhere



Thank you for your reply.

I'm going to start of saying that I am currently laying in bed with the intention to take a nap and will have to cut my own response a bit shorter than I'd like as to get more sleep.

I've basically done exactly what you've suggested (If overeating, eat atleast something somewhat healthy, keep the less optimal food stored on a hard to reach shelf, etc.)

As for bread and general cereals I try to avoid them as much as possible due to that I both know and feel it isn't that good for me and it usually leads to me eating too much of it.

It's kind of funny though that you mentioned my heritage/family member's genetics since my maternal grandparents (both over 90'y-years-old) have a diet greatly consisting of white bread, sugar and meat and I am suprised at how good of a healthstate they are, but mostly just because I think their diet is so unhealthy.

Ah, well, I'd like to write more but I really now am just gonna take this nap.




Thanks for the encouragement. I am a mundane who's been through clinical depression and before quitting meds, I've managed to start making positive changes in my life, even though I've literally begun with baby steps like eating and brushing my teeth. I've gotten to the point where I've been doing strength training for about 6 months now, and for about one month I've also been doing several hours of light cardio a day (active job).

In other words, I'm slowly but persistently building up my hierarchy of needs from the bottom up, and I'm making progress, but it seems like the negativity everywhere is taking its' toll on me. Mind you, I was never suicidal, quite the opposite, I was afraid of death all the time, but now that suicide seems to be mentioned everywhere, it kind of creeps into the back of my mind sometimes, you know? It's spooky as fuck how some joke about hanging yourself can sort of keep resurfacing whenever there's a setback, even if I'm in a much better place than I was a year ago.

I feel like I need to build thicker skin/psyche, but I'm not sure how. I've tried some mindfulness and meditation, but my focus is still a bit damaged from my episode, so it tends to be quite frustrating. Should I just keep pushing it like I have with exercise?

Thank you for your time, wizards.


Wat iz de cuteszd uslhit odkurkis book you rewsad?



stfu u stupid piece of shit


File: 1f5875b83b32f84⋯.jpg (402.9 KB, 1600x960, 5:3, clichea.jpg)

What is it called when you type your resume into a online template, then when they make you try to pay you screen shot the web page instead and spend an equal amount of time editing in ms paint to make it look typed instead of retyping it, which I will probably have to end up doing?



←– click /b/


File: c0a9029ee73187b⋯.png (897.36 KB, 640x562, 320:281, ClipboardImage.png)

How do we stop the alt right from ruining occultism?



Any instantaneous or really fast ways to charge up a sigil without masturbating? Ive been nofapping for more than half a year now and I dont want to break the nofap for a sigil.



not really. masturbation is the very essence of all occult matter.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The single best general information for healthy eating I've found is here. It's long, but deep.

Biology plays a large part in what foods are optimal for you, but the physics and chemistry remain the same, which is most of the content he goes over here.


Anyone read Wim Hoof's books? Are they good?



He's legit, IDK about his books because his videos have plenty of info in them for free. Check those out and see if you still feel like getting a book after watching him speak.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cowshit occultists exposed as followers of a cargo cult.



Blood, hair and sunshine.



Kill yourself, Bullshit Occultist.



Heh heh heh

You can put a glass/crystal ball/half sphere on it under the sun or moon.

Blood is one or several cups = 1 drop of semen.

Hair is solid stuff. Holds a lot of history.


File: 926bbc649db8bf5⋯.jpg (96.5 KB, 831x961, 831:961, elfen_lied___vectors_by_is….jpg)

I've been getting this sort of buzzing/bubbling sensation more and more often on my back, just above my heart. I've tried looking into it in different systems (TCM meridians for example) and found nothing that really resonated with me, the closest I've found was >>104954 but that's less "system" and more "anecdote".

It doesn't really feel like a "wing" anyway, more like a "bud" sprouting, if that makes sense. I've been sitting in chairs less and less often because I feel the need to sit a bit far forward when there's a back to one.

My Sight is still developing and it's on my back so I'd struggle to see it in a mirror even if I was having a strong moment, the closest I've gotten was a moment from a friend who channels spirits often who said "there's something on your back I can't see" and she had no recall of what she said to give more detail.

Once or twice I've had the feeling on both sides of my body at once, and infrequently I'll feel it on the right side, but it's been growing more persistent over time on the left and right now I'd say about 75% of the time I'm feeling it. It ticked in a few times while writing this post and faded again.

I've been looking for a pattern in when I feel it but haven't really detected one, other than it seems to be stronger when I'm "working", be it zen dishwashing/meditation/empathic work or just a serious conversation where I'm trying to see the other's side.

A detail that I feel may be significant is that I've done a lot of telekinetic work (it's the easiest way to prove to myself that I'm not crazy), so I've theorized that it might be an astral "hand" forming, partially because memories of Elfen Lied keep popping into my head and I haven't watched that anime in twelve years. I'm not convinced though.

I appreciate any information someone can give me, even if it's an unsourced opinion based on what I've described. Sometimes intuition tells us more than anything else can, and I'm a bad mirror for myself.

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge on this to share? Either a similar sensation they've felt/are feeling or something they've read/heard about that might give me insight?



dont be a fool. anime holds more truths than shitty charlatans and their scammy "traditions".


File: 9ce1dfa7d36a8ef⋯.jpg (253.91 KB, 765x1206, 85:134, DOC YANG DAILY DOSER.jpg)



>muscles on his or her back that weren't supposed to be there

! ! !



here I have a wallpaper for ya


File: 4a91804f4ef6ca0⋯.jpg (223.6 KB, 1600x869, 1600:869, ONE MAN ARMY.jpg)


Finally found it. Last time the drive got corrupted or something.


File: 21513571753a82f⋯.png (43.11 KB, 640x640, 1:1, unforgettable.png)


Haha right on dude, I'm using that. That's basically how I feel lately.


So do am I going to be a catman and get the bone ears too or is it just the ghost hands? Cuz I'd take just the ghost hands tbqh, I've got enough problems with girls calling me cute without being a literal cat person.

No but seriously what's going on.




But seriously they don't feel like muscles, the sensation is about an inch or two above the surface of the skin layer; I asked my mom to take a look at it this evening after I took her out shopping, and she said that "for a second, it looked like there was a dark spot there that shouldn't have been there, if that makes sense, like it wasn't dark from the light but it was still dark".

Anyone have any ideas for testing to see what I can do with whatever this is? From what I recall of elfen lied the main thing vectors got used for was cutting people's limbs off and I'd rather not try that. I do have a tree to bring down this weekend, might be worth a shot?


File: 0b80492abdf93e5⋯.jpg (69.02 KB, 650x400, 13:8, yeaaaah.jpg)


Wait are you saying you'll try bringing a tree down telekinetically?

Anyway… the dark spot is caused by extra water element, which is associated with will and control. Your telekinetic attempts have sub-consciously been from this POV I'm guessing. A sudden increase in em pull could draw in photons or some shit and temporarily darken the area… hmmmmmmmm….


It's a controller bro. You put your hand on the sphere and you use electric signals to move the doll (You). You ever see those desktop things with neon or whatever noble gas with electricity running through it? Looks like a tesla coil in a glass sphere? Yeah, that's it man. That's iiiiit. Except it's linked straight to your channels and shit man. I put my hand on that shit and your body starts to move. I doubt you'll learn to do telekinesis with that shit, but anything with a central nervous system… you could probably do some shit with time and practice. Hmmmm……. one sec lemme hit this



Yeah bro try insects. They're more choppy, run about double the Hz in their muscle, but you need a subtler influence. Might be even slower in their CNS though. They tend to auto-reflex when pushed too far so if you feel any snapback, you need to tone it down.



Insects like high Hz actually… now that I think about it. A bit of Zen will get your shit to 25 - 100 Hz, Gamma, so Zen would be a good approach.


File: bc46f0ec3a5fbf1⋯.png (25.22 KB, 611x343, 611:343, ClipboardImage.png)

So what's the esoteric angle to this? There's got to be more to it than the mundie redpill race sjot/


Does anyone have any methods for dealing with emotional congestion. I get an uncomfortable, tight feeling just under my ribs whenever I try to meditate or do breathing exercises, even sometimes some sharp pain. I seem to have a lot of emotional stuff from the past gathered in that area and I don't know what to do about it.



Sit-ups and stomach vacuums, then do a bridge stretch and cobra pose. 100 sit-ups and 100 secs of stomach vacuums in as little time as you can manage, so, 10 minutes or less.



Very interesting advice. I will give this regime a go. Thanks, anon.



Yeah you're welcome.


File: e1d0ef1860d1763⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 416.39 KB, 900x1260, 5:7, 1528782813883.jpg)


>Wait are you saying you'll try bringing a tree down telekinetically?

Why the fuck not? Seems like a worthy goal.


Possible. I use all the elements in my practice.

>tesla sphere

Yeah those things are dope. Telekinesis is easy, application is the challenge.



My nickname is "bee boy" actually. Insects love me. Sounds I'm on the right track.

Guess the only thing to do is keep doing what I'm doing. All the signs say I'm doing what I'm meant to be doing. I'll report in when I've got more to share.


How deep of a trance do you have to be in for creative visualization? Considering thoughts affect reality even during a completely waking state, surely it doesn't matter, but I've seen different people give differing answers to this question.




This lecture really clears up a lot of stuff I had no idea being wrong about! How am I even alive?

Holy moly



My favorite part is how he describes the digestive system as the most energy intense piece of the human anatomy. Goes a long way towards explaining why fasting is so beneficial.

>How am I even alive?

The human body truly is a marvel of self-healing.


Really depends on the individual. Some can do it automatically, others have no visual ability.

Basically your mind's eye determines it. If it's strong it's easy, if it's weak, work the muscle.


So if my understanding is correct there is no way to hurt someone by conventional non-physical means (spoken, written word) unless the person believes he can be hurt and then he releases loosh, is this correct?


Why is Irish/Gaelic/Scottish mythology so hard to find? Does anyone have any good reads on the topic? I wish to explore some of the spiritual concepts of my ancestry but the mainstream is very, very diluted at best.



Loosh is a stupid concept. Don't conform to this shit board culture, anon… it's a dead board and dead culture. The concepts aren't rich or truthful. Just get your priorities sorted out and cultivate your mastery of strategy, tactics and power. Someone who is moved by words is indeed moved, but that's because people are tuned into their environment and its meaning. It's nothing especially esoteric. People get a high out of influencing others n' shit though.


Are there any fringe material I can read on Rasputin?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will hurt forever.



Because it was an oral tradition.



Basically academic consensus on paganism is that we have literally zero clue what it was all about, and all the things we associate with paganism are modern inventions. So you're basically shit out of luck.


In one of Draja Mickaharic's books he briefly tells an anecdote where he witnessed a man draining another man of his life energy through a photograph, resulting in the other man dying of a heart attack later that day.

There's also a book called 'Forbidden Parapsychology' that talks about influencing (and harming) people in a non-physical way.

If you're talking about just literally talking someone into hurting themselves, I'm sure it's possible, but I wouldn't consider that esoteric.


can anyone point me towards a good guide for sigils? thanks :)


File: 3ef041df96df1a1⋯.jpg (143.64 KB, 1280x1182, 640:591, sigils.jpg)


If you want more depth go look up bluefluke's guide.



Thank you. I´ll try this.


I just grows, but maintaining it is another thing. This already looks borderline unsalvageably shaggy and generally dead-looking

Another issue. I´ve been using this Gurdijieff tag. But as i read more about this odd fellow, the more he sems like a charlatan.



thanks :)


Where i can find helpful materials about autohypnosis?


I used to go to the casino a lot about a year ago and I used to play roulette, I used to use positive thinking and I would constantly imagine and focus on big winnings when I went to bed. I ended up making $2500 from roulette and $2500 from a slot machine win. I had just lost money playing roulette and I figured I'd play a slot, I felt extremely good about it and within 3 spins I won $2500. I got careless and lost focus and I lost that $5000 and some. There were times where I'd bet on red and the ball would land on black and quickly jump on red almost as if I'd influenced it. I'd play blackjack and I'd get blackjack 3 times in a row, it was unimaginable. I'd like to strengthen these abilities, how would I do that?


File: 2faaddddf29cc8a⋯.jpg (49.6 KB, 326x500, 163:250, how to fail.jpg)


Any book on affirmations will give you some info on it. Unfortunately most people who practice autohypnosis fail to recognize it for what it is. Honestly the best author on the subject is Scott Adams, none of his books are focused on the subject, but what he peppers in is more worthwhile than many dedicated to the subject.

Pic related is the best of his books if you were to pick one, The Dilbert Future set me on the path as a kid. His most recent book might be better, haven't read it yet. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg is a solid choice by another author.

Scott is ideal because he's used it to accomplish several impossible things. He describes it in his books, but basically doctors told him he had conditions that would never be healed and he abused his psychology to cure them (Spasmodic Dysphonia is the name). The results speak volumes, pun intended.

My experience is the best information on the subject comes from people writing on other subjects who used autohypnosis as a means to an end. After all, if you've used hypnosis successfully, you've got more going on in your life than a career writing about hypnosis. Application > theory.



Sounds to me like you're intuitively more advanced than most people who would offer advice. Keep doing what you're doing and do it harder.



>Keep doing what you're doing and do it harder.

This is probably the best way to go, just looking for better ways to strengthen my abilities, I don't meditate but I really should start. I have zero knowledge on hermetics or any of the fringe stuff I see here, I've lurked but am too lazy to do any actual reading and apply myself. I have to quit porn and reset my dopamine levels because as I am now I'm really unmotivated and lazy I have no drive. But something in my as of lately has sort of started to come out, like a positive beam of light I've been feeling better and more happy and motivated to do stuff. I'm rambling now but I have no one to talk to about this stuff and appreciate if someone reads this. I digress.

I would say I can be quite intuitive. I used to have an old Honda Civic and I remember like it was yesterday. My car was parked behind my dads van and I had the strongest gut feeling when he was backing up he was gonna hit it. Sure he enough he hit it and the Honda emblem fell off. I've had instances where I knew something was gonna happen and I've gone to events where I've won a raffle twice in a row, but they're rare and far apart. I sort of lost my ability to focus on winning casino games or maybe it's just I've been negative about it as I've lost that money and I've got it in my head that casinos have a built in advantage. I just need to strengthen my positive thinking and focus on winning roulette and blackjack, I need to exercise that ability but I do not know how.


File: c6295395448765d⋯.jpg (306.46 KB, 936x1664, 9:16, tree drop - Copy (2).jpg)


Tree update: The date for bringing down the tree physically keeps getting moved (being given more time to work?), but another tree closer to the house dropped a limb while I was sipping my coffee looking out the window, about 30 minutes after I was doing telekinetics. Pic is the limb, couldn't have been aimed more perfectly if I tried, no damage done to tools or structures.

The tree I mentioned in my OP is outside the fenceline, this limb dropped over by where the kids play. Came down about 5 minutes after we brought them inside. I missed the target I was aiming for, but hit what I needed to, apparently.

>inb3 skitzo



I was doing something similar to you but with horse racing. I would look at stats but then pick a race and a horse mostly intuitively. I would get a feeling that this was the one and put a little money on it. Sometimes I would get such a strong feeling that I had picked the right horse that I would put even more money on and then they would win. I was winning between £50 - £100 a day. But the feeling of gambling was so addictive that I would keep going after the win and lose more than I had won. So my only advice would be to maintain good discipline and step away after a win, not chasing that winning feeling.



Neat, do you still bet on horses or have you stopped? I never got the gambling addiction, I knew when to stop sometimes I'd bet $100 on red, win and walk out. My daily goal was $200 but sometimes I'd walk out with a smaller winning I never wanted to push it. I'm really serious about this and making a career out of it. People have beaten casinos before, in the 1800's a Frenchman won millions of dollars in todays money, but soon after lost it. I won't be that stupid. I even thought about card counting but I don't have the required bankroll for it, I need 20k but 50k is optimal.


How do I stop breathing irregularly/focusing on breath during meditation?


Anyone here ever read Techniques of Graeco-Egyptian Magic by Stephen Skinner? I'm thinking of buying it, not soon but maybe this year. It looks interesting and has good reviews, just curious if anyone from /fringe/ has taken a look through it.



No I stopped betting because I begun to get stuck in the habit of losing which became a self-fulfilling thing, almost like I had cursed myself through negative thinking. So I stopped. I've thought about going back to it with more discipline, I managed to pick the winning side in a few world cup games through intuition but I just did that for fun, I didn't bet.

It sounds like you're doing pretty well with your current methods, I would stick with them and not over-complicate things as that might ruin the "magic" a little. Just regular small (and later big) wins to reinforce that winning energy and keep you on a positive road.



Four-square method can be useful for directing your attention appropriately. Four seconds in, hold four, four seconds out, hold four, repeat.

Just google "square breathing" if for some reason that's not enough for you.


This is fairly mundane.

When I silence my mind (as much as I can anyway, I still get little hints of noise from my thoughts) I get this throbbing sensation in my head. It isn't painful, just odd. Is this normal? I think about random shit constantly that's almost never relevant to anything (I think I may be retarded; hell I had just had a problem spelling "relevant" even with spelling correction) and I never can think concisely when I want to. I'm wondering if the throbbing is just my brain being confused by a foreign sensation.



Your awareness increases in the brain (due to reduced noise, likely) and then you hear and feel your blood pumping. Nothing much.

Read more, play strategy games and get good at thinking conceptually and critically at the 'same' time. Language isn't the devil either, it's logical. Think more logically.


what's the general consensus on Marcionite Christianity here?


File: 56c51150a3d4584⋯.png (232.53 KB, 754x477, 754:477, auditory cortex.png)


Spelling errors come from you engaging the other hemisphere of your brain. You'll likely also begin to experience visual glitches if you haven't already, flashes of light or "stuck pixels". This has to do with your corpus collosum (bridge between brain sides) strengthening, same as how muscle tissue tears to rebuild. Read the Psychonaut Field Manual for more info there.

Basically there are two personalities in your mind, one speaks visually and the other speaks verbally. The link is the translation mechanism. "You Are Two" by CGP Grey on youtube has a great overview of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfYbgdo8e-8. Expect half of your mind to be blown by watching.

Some schools of thought teach us to treat each personality as individual and keep them separate (native two-spirit, for example). Other schools teach to synthesize the two and unite them (druidic et al.). What you do with this information is up to you.



It's even possible to meet her in a weird ass ritual she decides too put on inside your head. She may even throw a face at you that represents the core of nerves that connects the two at you.

Weird shit happens to us doesn't it.



It takes different forms for each individual. The general shape and format of our brains is roughly similar, but the neural structure and patterns are actually quite different in most cases. Someone who spent their childhood meditating for two hours a day is not going to have the same brain structure as someone who spent those same hours watching TV… Not even close.

Most people do as you do and sex the two personalities, a female half and a male half. My system is more unification-focused, but it'd be silly to push over an alternative.

Do what works and fuck tha haters, only advice worth sharing. Oh, and don't be a dick while you're at it.


File: 5f44263942c5d12⋯.jpg (78.83 KB, 960x960, 1:1, T52fLWc9cboPK0JUIgMg9zDgBY….jpg)

Can a few people help me seed this torrent? It's a tibetan bowl meditation CD. I had it awhile back then lost it. It's really really really fucking good.





Thank you, these were informative posts.

Funny enough, I already play strategy games (my skill is dubious) and I have watched that specific video.



*specific video before.

Sage for doublepost.


File: 5fa067786820a06⋯.jpg (379.64 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, coprolite.jpg)

Does anyone have esoteric knowledge regarding coprolite? Fossils have a specific energetic signature unique to the specimen, so it only makes sense that dinosaur dung would contain one as well. Can anyone help?


File: ad65056d2e42b36⋯.gif (377.32 KB, 237x211, 237:211, ...........gif)


>Fossils have a specific energetic signature


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yes. I can help. But you will not like it.

Also: Cap an oil well. Methane out-gasses, cooks and becomes oil. Oil is not a fossil fuel.


Question: If the essence of the thought is information and according to the string theory the essence of the matter is information… Since information = information then thought = matter. Doens't this theory actually proves that indeed the Universe is mental?



Is that video the answer I won't like, or is it only related to dinos?


Basically yes.


I've been attempting nofap but it's not going that great. So instead, when I do occasionally masturbate, I imagine impregnating an imaginary woman with a desire I have and then telling her to go give birth to that desire. But now I'm beginning to wonder if I may be creating thoughtforms or messing with ideas/attracting entities I don't truly understand. Anyone have an opinion on this?



If that's what you're worrying about then that's what's happening.

Instead, imagine impregnating yourself and instead of giving birth your body cannibalizes all that energy into healing your confused brain



This happens to me as well with a pressure right in the middle of my forehead whats wild is I can move the pressure from side to side if I focus my mind.


How do I stop being mundane?


File: c47688d11c9ec6d⋯.jpg (32.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (1).jpg)



Git gud read the recommended reading list



Maybe you can masturbate to a thoughtform which is beneficial? For example you could create a thoughtform to help you with no fap and then charge it when you masturbate. For example a thought form to make you feel physical pain when you are having sexual thoughts



Occult master right here LOL.


File: 1de592d0d8bc618⋯.jpg (32.47 KB, 364x276, 91:69, Palm -Reading1.jpg)

Hey guys, I'm searching for some good and detailed material explaining about palm reading? What every aspect of the hand can tell you, etc




I asked the same thing a while back, when i get home ill post the pdf of the book im currently going through.



How to invoke a girlfriend?


File: 08f37bf19072f81⋯.pdf (13.36 MB, lawsscientifich00benhgoog.pdf)





What happens with us after we die? Does the cause of our death affect us somehow? Is it different to die of heart attack or being shot?


Help please

What is the order I should be reading mantak chias books?

awaken healing energy through the tao first? Specifically I'm looking for energy work as well as ordering of books for internal alchemy



I am a strong advocate for hypnosis and sleep-learning. Problem is it seems many contemporaries know nothing reguarding /fringe/-esque beliefs. I have been trying to find a sleep learning/hypnosis tape to learn magick. I am only a probationer/practitioner and have not yet taken a neophyte test. I have not yet learned the various astral planes. I am a novice wanting to learn all I can. Is it possible that sleep-hypnosis/learning tapes already exist for learning about the astral plane and furthermore aide in memorizing introductory spells such as LBROTP?



Make a list of traits. Note what's negotiable and what's required (i.e. hair color may be negotiable, hygiene is not). Put it somewhere important (grimoire, altar, shadow box, pillow). Return to it regularly, revise if needed. Wait for the universe to respond.

Reality creation thread if you need more (you don't).



Make your own hypnosis.

The astral planes are less clearly defined than schools will teach you. The barriers are like a veil of fog, not a wall of stone. Learning names for each is as liable to bar you from transitioning between them as it is to help you reach them.

Upperworld, lowerworld, midworld (physical) is all you really need to know. Up, down and in between.

The biggest barrier most encounter is an inability to meditate for extended periods of time. If you're already capable of meditating for over 45 minutes and still haven't astral traveled, get a light buzz (alcohol or weed) and meditate hard.

Focusing on a candle flame is a good way to amplify the experience if you need a focus.


You can make your own audios with audacity , copy them into your telephone and then use an app to play some background meditation music (I use one called Meditationsmusik that lets you add individual sounds like rain, fire, etc)



Start out doing what this man said and save files as both a project file (meaning it can be edited) and an audio file (mp3/mp4/wav/etc).

Once you're more comfortable and have some seed files under your belt, explore the options. Audacity is free and yet has professional-level tools in it, you can do everything you'd need or want to do: Add additional loops/tracks for various tones/triggers, fade tracks for positional audio (left/right balance for headphones), distortion, backmasking/backwards audio. Literally all of these are options in audacity, and pretty easy to do.

Start small, but don't be afraid to play around. Ctrl-Z is a universal command.



>Start small

this is important, a lot of people don't do things because they think "I miss X or Y to have a perfect product". I used to think I had to make audio meditations as professional as possible, then one day I just quickly made a 10 minute recording about me projecting in the astral, added some background noise and I found out it was just what I needed. Later on I remade some bits, but what is important is to take small steps.

Wanna meditate one hour per day? Start with five minutes per week. Five minutes per day. Ten minutes per day. Etc

Your best step is the first step





>think about question

>come to fringe a day later

>question is answered

t-thanks guys?


Today, i tried breathing in my lower dantien, i put a 30 minutes count in my phone, and i did it.

At first i felt like a little burning in my guts, but then, at some point, my muscles got all tense, but mainly my abdomen and my arms.

When the phone rings, my arms but especially my hands were totally stiff, i couldn't move them normally.

After a while, i felt like little balls of energy in my fingertips, and in my arms in general a feeling that a i dont know how to describe.

My question is, i did good and that was a legitimate experience of my energy body waking up from a lifetime coma? or i fucked up and that was lack of oxygen in my muscles and nerves?

Because my hands are still shaking.

Sorry for my english



No reason for your body to become stiff when your energy body wakes up. Your breathing was probably not enough for proper oxygen supply or your meditation pose of choice was too uncomfortable for you. Just keep practicing and you will learn by yourself how to do it. Maybe your body will adapt by itself.



What is epyc wynn? It makes me feel things.


File: ebb5460ab695149⋯.jpg (189.62 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, kundalini.jpg)


My professional assessment is you were probably only breathing/directing energy one way. You were breathing *into* your LDT, but where were you pulling that energy to when you exhaled?

You'll wanna move that shit up and down along the spine, hitting the MDT and UDT along the way of course. The DTs are storage chambers (sounds familiar, right? LoL), you need to work the energy paths.

Can't tell you the precise path to take other than it goes over your head and between your legs (as well as down them). Some people go up their face and down their back, others go up their back and down their face. Haven't seen any real significance to the distinction other than trivial arguments over which way is "right" even as both are getting results.


File: 216f41b721d85d7⋯.jpg (39.62 KB, 558x558, 1:1, 423a8ea16d0796e8475ca30a37….jpg)

I have never had any interedt in using drugs, and still don't. However, a recent brief incarceration revealed stories to me that interested me for purely romantic reasons. What i'd like to know is if there's a way to do it safely without getting high or at any risk, and if the methods themselves are even safe to begin with. If not, alternatives are welcome.

My girlfriend is quite fascinated with the idea of a pill or hypnosis ot something that will make her an insanely horny sex fiend. We've tried horny goat weed, it sometimes makes her more horny than usual but it's no guarantee.

While briefly in jail various inmates extolled the positive sexual qualities of meth. Several mentioned a method they referred to as "buttriding" where a small amount of meth is rolled into a ball of toilet paper, wet with saliva and inserted into her ass during sex. More dramatic though wasa method one guy mentioned where a girl had him stick a pipein her pussy up against her g spot and then instead of inhaling he blew the stuff all over her g spot and then licked her clit. He said on all the women he'd done this to they cum in under 15 seconds harder and more explosively than they ever have in their lives and want to do nothing but fuck for the next ten hours, often in ways they usually say no to. He mentioned his wife not liking anal but once she'd cum so much her pussy was sorr she demanded he keep going in her ass. He said it has a similar effect on your dick and you remain rock hard nonstop.

Is there a way this coild be done safely without risk of getting high or becoming addicted to the stuff?



>your meditation pose of choice was too uncomfortable for you

I was really comfortable, probably was the lack of oxygen thing.

But, honestly, it wasn't that displeasant, just weird when i couldn't move my hands.


>My professional assessment is you were probably only breathing/directing energy one way.

Yeah, i think this can be what i messed up, i tried moving the energy down and "lock" it like in a video i saw over there.

At first i think i was doing it all right, but at some point i fucked up.

Thank you guys for your answers.



Just use hypnosis. The fact that she actively/consciously wants it means that even really sloppy amateur stuff will work, you don't even need any advanced/psychiatric methods because, again, she wants it consciously. Theater works well enough, just do stuff that feels "hypnosis-y". Dim the lights, speak in a monotonous voice, get her to relax and focus on her body, repeat commands and watch her response, if something gets an obvious/strong response, keep repeating that one and trying variations on it.

I could overload you with sources to read but you have a ready and willing test subject with you and you want the same thing. If you really want the drug avenue and she's particularly interested in that, get/make a sugar pill and use the placebo effect, or make her a tea you say has some special herb in it, then combine that with the above.



why not just give her mdma





Why not just not be a degenerate? Why is this even on /fringe/?


File: 5c3a863368a379a⋯.png (552.57 KB, 1280x1351, 1280:1351, ClipboardImage.png)

Is there a component of Shaivism that supports independent practice, similar to western occultism?



I don't see what's degenerate about a loving couple trying to safely enhance their lovemaking.



relationships, couples, making love etc are degenerate by default. that's why. You come to fringe where occultists dwell you should expect to get occult answers. If you wanna have relationships and the shit you are concerned about go be a mundane degenerate somewhere else.



Places like /fringe/ are filled autists that can't get laid. So through cognitive dissonance they attempt to justify this inability to perform socially by labeling all things they can't get -like sex- 'degenerate'.



O mundane

if thee not understand

why thoust not just killest theeself

unmistakenly occult truths pass thee buy

and thou never understand

degeneracy is all thy see

degeneracy is all thy crave

thoust arest of this world

and thus death is thee eternal reward



Only use archaic forms of speech if you understand the grammar. You sound like a babbling retard.


Sex is like the HMG of magic. Or maybe a fully auto 50 cal barrett sniper rifle. Or a nuke. Point is, it's high yield and nothing for the average enthusiast to play around with.

That doesn't mean no one can use it though. When it's used for procreation and the magic is directed at a productive/happy/healthy child, that's about as secure as a mundane can be expected to wield their magic. If you've got two high-level users (yes, women can ascend too, ya simp), you can pull off some potent shit. I'm talking moving entire houses.

Ofc, first you have to prove yourselves by finding each other. Moths to the flame and all that, if you're actually competent then you're going to draw everyone and everything to you, y'gotta learn how to filter to the women who can provide more than just sex.



It was my purest of intentions to sound like a babbling retard. Retard speech for retard people. The thing is that I do not care at all how I am perceived and do not take anything really seriously while you try to sound like an actual knowledgable occultist and meanwhile truely make a fool out of yourself by babbling extreme uneducated nonsense. You must have attended new-age class and skipped the rest of the occult lectures. Please try again.

>(yes, women can ascend too, ya simp)

top kek, what the fuck is this about? And who are you calling simp? The way and context you used the word simp makes me think that you have no idea what it means at all. True enough my fellow degenerate, thy havest not a singlest clou what thee is talkest about. Yet the current fringe could not be better represented than by this conversation



Are you an epicwyn alt? Lol.


File: 284cc645b47570b⋯.png (171.55 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, end times.png)


Yes in all actuality



>It was my purest of intentions to sound like a babbling retard.

Merely pretending.jpg

I was thinking about getting into alchemy but then I realized that I'm missing the initiation factor. Would I know if I'm initiated or not?



psst! ;-)



>Can't tell you the precise path to take other than it goes over your head and between your legs (as well as down them).


if you're starting from your lower dantien maybe try Awaken Healing Energy Through the Tao by Mantak Chia.

It has precise energy points to focus on in making the Microcosmic Orbit






noice get.

Just use Mantak Chia stuff. Cultivating Male/Female Sexual Energy.

And meditate a fuckton, bring in light and energy into your body.

IF you learn how to manipulate yang energy you can guide her kundalini energy up her spine and penetrate her soul/ovaries with intense gooey fuck energy.

It works nice (:

I dunno about drugs tho, soz. But if you do this stuff right it's as good as drugs.



I know this place is full of degenerates who have never ever read a real occult book in their entire life and are ignorant to all spiritual truthts but I will not stop spreading the right stuff, the goodness, the real advice even if I am alone vs you all cunts. I talk from a higher place and try to make blind idiots see, yet I get this shit in return "autist that can't get laid" Amazing. I can get laid any day but I choose the higher path instead. I am aware that you cannot be helped, I still post for the rare initiate who will read my posts and know them as truth. Maybe one of those lurks on fringe. Surely my posts are not for you degenerates since you are already lost "like arrows shot in the night"


File: 7fc6d1d9aeadb18⋯.png (647.68 KB, 1200x599, 1200:599, a-foil-hat-actually-amplif….png)

Does anyone on this board literally wear a tinfoil hat? What are the advantages of doing so?



fair enough for you to think so, but I disagree.

The best wizard I'm aware of (one of the guys who made fringechan) has a partner. Or had last I knew. It's not degenerate when it's pure enough.



>you said something I disagree with so you're a nerd virgin

You're an animalistic slave to a moist hole and you clearly haven't read any of the books, so why should I care what you think? Your precious cummies have non-physical ramifications. You would know that if you actually came to this board to learn, which is the point of the board.


File: fe5f756ec4ebae8⋯.jpg (25.12 KB, 400x400, 1:1, yoni.jpg)


Your signature is pretty obvious by this point lol. GGwp.


For me it was a sleeping dream. Initiation was never a factor in the state but as I wrote in my journal I felt the need to title it such.

The thing to recall is there's more than one initiation. You might get initiated three times before the first one is finished. In a way you're always getting initiated into some new shit. It's the start of a new cycle.


Books don't hold knowledge ya fuckin noob. Meditate more.


Experiment and report back. Seriously. I was thinking of walling my closet off with tinfoil but never got around to it before I moved.

Faraday cage interests me more but apparently some remote viewers who were forced into doing so back in the 60s got sick from it so I'm not too eager to try it myself.


Wtf do you think pic related means?


What is the fringe explanation for anesthetics ? Where does the consciousness go when someone is put under and subsequently experiences the moment of waking up immediately ?



same as dreamless sleep?


What's the easiest way to detox the pineal gland? I don't feel conscious anymore.



A good question, I have passed out and experienced the "waking up immediately after" effect. I have learned that we have walls in our mind that make remembering things that happen in certain states difficult, dreams for example. With practice or even none some people overcome these mental walls but even when you do they still are there. Even a person with good dream recall will find dream memories fade quicker than normal ones and some mundanes might think they don't dream because they don't remember a thing.

Robert bruce (i think?) mentions the same effect for astral projection but again it varies with the individual. So I would bet it is the same for anesthesia, it isn't like you are dead, it just makes recalling what happened very hard because your sense of time gets messed up and combined with weak memories it seems instant. Inversely some people probably can remember.



maybe try cleansing your spleen meridian instead. see if you have spleen/damp symptoms, that causes brainfog



just google spleen meridian issues and helpful foods and stuff



actually here's this. if you've got these issues, maybe spleen meridian. then google spleen meridian diet and follow those guidelines and it should help. + avoid damp stuff like cheese, dairy. avoid cold stuff.



The symptoms fit very well. But there isn't much good advice, just some broad guesses. I feel like I'm at a stage where simply changing diet would not change much. Either way, I can't have all those fancy foods. Thanks for the suggestion.



Apple cider vinegar


I just bought the rider waite tarot deck on a whim. I know absolutely jackshit about tarot and want to learn .. can someone recommend me some good introductory material on tarot… thanks


File: 2499c4e09eecb91⋯.pdf (1.75 MB, learning the tarot in 19 l….pdf)


This is the book I've been using



thanks. looking through it right now



How long do you think it will take?


Is siring children necessary for a magician?


There was a thread quite a while back where someone mocked the users of fringe and provided a mega link for books about various topics (maths, architecture, programming etc).

I've checked the library and archive and can't find this thread.

Does anyone have it or is it forever lost?


Can someone link me material for breaking programming? (Specifically MK-Ultra, childhood trauma).



Depends on a lot of factors (where you live, how picky you're being, how good of a catch you are, how often you go out to areas she'd frequent, etc). Could be three days, could be three years. I'd recommend you assume it'll take longer and spend that time upping your own game, meditating, doing physical work (real work beats hamster-wheel "exercise" every day of the week), eating better. The better you make yourself, the easier it is for the Creator to throw you a bone.



No, a legacy is necessary. Children are one means of securing a legacy, great works are another, successful students are a third. The greatest magician will have a legacy consisting of all three.



But what if i´m sterile due an accident?



Didn't he just address that?


I feel weird, like I'm standing at a crossroads of hundreds of choices. Each path is marked a different magic discipline but most seem to be shrouded from me. Psionics is clear, as is Alchemy and a new path I've not seen before in the books which I've decided to call financeomancy (transcendence through acquisition of liquid capital). There's a few other paths I can see but they seem similarly obscure.

I don't know what to do from here. I'm aware that one should stick to one practice but I want to try them all. I'm finding it difficult to decide. Is there a jack of all trades path?






>not "financy"

You had one job.

Can you please elaborate on how it works?


are you drained of your energy when you edge to porn but don't ejaculate? does edging to anything bad for you spiritually/energetically?



to porn, yes. to my imagination, no. But I have a sexual energy battery servitor so it doesn't go to moloch



Sounds like the smartest option. I've encountered what feels like a synchronicity when I encountered a dion fortune quote about specializing in one practice but I'll meditate on it and see where it takes me. I find as time goes on new paths open up to me.


Meditate on the concept of the acquisition of money fellow neophyte.




>fancy foods

here's a list that might be more useful.


>I feel like I'm at a stage where simply changing diet would not change much

these things take time. it took time to get there, it takes time to reverse. the healthcare industry emphasizes quick results but it only takes care of branches, not the root of problems.

you can also try qigong. mantak chia's inner smile and 6 healing sounds would probably help.



>Meditate on the concept of the acquisition of money fellow neophyte.

why money and not wealth/abundance? I've had 3 or 4 sources say abundance in the form of everything you need/want rather than money is what you should try. One here, 1 in a guided meditation, 1 irl in a thing, 1 on fringebay I think.

also, it seems people are free with magical knowledge but guard money-based knowledge.



I was wrong, it's not just the spleen or whatever, I'm lying to myself. I can feel my whole body falling apart, it's futile. Sorry for wasting your time.


Since everything is connected to everything, wouldn't it then require to change entire universe to change a one simple thing?

For example i'd really like to get rid of my jew-long nose.


File: ae043a54677e8a0⋯.jpg (15.88 KB, 386x258, 193:129, honk_question.jpg)

Does (humans doing it) hissing prevent bad luck or cause bad luck?



Rope awaiter?



>For example i'd really like to get rid of my jew-long nose.

Long nose on its own =! Semitism



What method of killing someone will accumulate the most negative karma? Something that can be done within a 24 time period please.



Is it someone you know?


File: 8bf7d059cd4f506⋯.jpg (32.57 KB, 318x405, 106:135, [worried laughter].jpg)


Well, I suppose it isn't my business. I just hope you have a good reason to, and it isn't just some annoying person.



Seems the other way around to me.



*depending on where you are, really.


Is mercury retrograde legit or is the planet just doing it's thing? How do people live in fear for months of the year? I don't believe it, I think it's in the mind and if you expect a time frame to go wrong it will.


File: 99835ecf804bad8⋯.png (905.86 KB, 719x540, 719:540, pngdotpng.png)

Does a sufficiently developed Tulpa possess Will and Self? Where would that put it in relation to its creator? It's basically a thoughtform so what's the dividing line between one and a human in general other than physical form?

Also, nearly everyone makes them as an emotional crutch and/or sexual object but there's the potential to use them for self understanding and even occult development. Moreover, there's an allure towards the simple act of creation. But isn't even that a crutch and abiding in ignorance?



Perhaps humans



Fucking telephones and their laggy text boxes

I was saying, perhaps humans are just tulpas created by God because he got bored being alone



Yeah, that's a widely accepted idea, isn't it? Unrestricted Oneness dividing itself to experience itself by restricted separation. I suppose the actual question is if there's a point in any further division when the result is that we are NOT alone, never in that same sense.



You're constantly changing universes or realities, you're going through a billion different reality changes every second, but it's going so fast that you don't notice it. No object really moves in that sense, because one reality is one frozen frame of existence.



Just a hypothesis I'm running on, I think that if enough negative karma is accumulated it would multiply my ability to affect the word and allow further development towards something more complete. I remember reading something about nailing infants to metal trees, do you know anything about that?



Mercury governs communication, retrograde means energy directed inward. Mercury retrograde is a time for introspection and contemplation.

Most people don't understand astrology even if they talk about it a lot.


Yiddam if you have balls.



So Mercury retrograde is a time for reflection and not a time where everything goes wrong. Good to know thank you.



when one thing is out of balance it screws up other stuff.

best of luck finding your way to your health.



I mean you can technically make it do that but youd look like an autist doing it.



Nah, I don't. Sorry.


Prevent or cause bad luck, or does it not matter?



Whichever you choose, read the chapter Magical Physical Training IV from the book Initiation into Hermetics (in the library) to see what im talking about. Pretty much making your own “ritual”, the ritual being hissing, maybe throw in some visuals and imagine the sounds spreading around you and warding off whatever you choose it to, or attracting whatever you choose.


File: 6291a005fb6c877⋯.gif (1.35 MB, 280x120, 7:3, K7X.gif)

Why people don't read the recommended books section and keep asking stupid questions? Worst, why people don't read the recommended section and even tries to answer the stupid questions with even stupider misconceptions?

Lately pic related is my reaction to almost every new thread/answer on /fringe/ …



Interesting, care to elaborate?



>not calling out the misconceptions



Oh no, no. This is the first time I actually visit THIS thread in particular. I m talking about all the other threads, specially the newer ones….Sadly. But his one seems good.

But, if you wish to know about the other threads… There this guy that wishes to kill half of his mind, wich would turn him into a vegetable, there is the guy that is anchored on the wrong side of the rhythm law and thinks it's "shadow work" The guy who makes stupid trinkets that don't work at all and is scared because it's "magical" The guy that thinks that all people who are learning the truth are loser virgins, etc… Almost all the new threads are just stupidity…really…


can someone explain what the right hand path is? what's the difference between it and the left hand path?



pleb pov: right hand path - selflessness, left hand path - egoism.



Your body doesn't change in the same "reality" so you don't need to change the entire reality for yourself to change, you imagine up a new body every single new reality with for example your hair being a few atoms longer each reality change.



Very interesting concept anon, do you have some books, links, videos so I can learn more about this concept?



Pretty much any occult writer that talks about parallel realities, talks about them in a way that I described.


Quick give me your best asanas


How to attain siddhis?



Anon…You may not believe me but from where I was there was no such thing as books about magic and parallel realities… Give this anon a pick me up here….Do you have any link to any books or the name of the author or a good site…Please?



Neville goddard talks about it, bashar

this is a good explanation too



File: c9871173ee45190⋯.gif (4.36 MB, 312x225, 104:75, Robert-De-Niro-Oh-you.gif)


Thanks anon, you are a great guy!


What can you do too attract your twinsoul?

I would also like general information on the twinsoul connection please.


I am a loser without money and I can not discipline myself

What should I do? Is there a deity that can help me or something?


File: aa67bc71bcd0646⋯.jpg (98.77 KB, 620x450, 62:45, giantgrowthmtg.jpg)

how do you restart the growing process? i want to grow physically larger.



Lifting + IIFYM = Gains

And some yoga to help with posture

Some things you won't find with fringe bro. Until some team of genius scientists and engineers create the Captain America serum, ur gonna have to be okay with your manlet status.



Anything that you can imagine is possible to manifest


File: 2ba79de2e3d5c3c⋯.png (129.28 KB, 299x439, 299:439, ClipboardImage.png)


Look at any of the billions of "occult" images showing a pose like >pic related. The right hand points up (towards enlightenment) and the left hand points down (towards earthly/material reward). LHP/RHP refer to which path a person takes. As below, so above (LHP), as above, so below (RHP).

Of course, a human body has two hands…


Is there a driving force that makes someone's reality more real? Is everyone's subjective reality graded on equal levels give or take a normal situation? Does one have to coerce the masses to have their perspective reality acknowledged?



Also I should add that I get ELF'd, mind controlled by the governemnt, so that its harder for me too meet my twinsoul.

I wish I had some help.



What makes you believe in twin souls?

I'm not saying it's untrue, it's just a bit of a silly concept if you really think about it.



I've gotten dreams about this one women before I even met her telling me she was my twinsoul, and that it was the most important thing in my life whether I liked it or not. Also I get dreams telling me this is the last life I need too meet her. Also auditory hallucinations when I sat near her in HS telling me that if I didn't get with her now my life would be shit, and I might be dead by now.

I'm still alive, but it all came true, and shes back around where I live.



The breast is "ME" the principle of Gender, the middle is the "lower dantien" where energy is cultivated the opposing moons are the principle of paradox… I know there is more but this is all I can get ftm…



You are aware that in a good portion of twinsoul cases the 'twin' is actually the other half of you yet sitting in a different level right?

There is no twinsoul here. This reality is not a faerie tale that includes everyone's happily ever after. It is a cold and broken Hallelujah.


File: 0900dbc793b3c0e⋯.jpeg (111.78 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, Siddhartha Gautama.jpeg)


>life is suffering



Suffering only exists because bliss also exists, you know this.



Why do I get ELF waved every time I successfully make moves on her then?

What are the prophetic dreams for then?

This has literally gone on my entire life since I was five when I first saw her, and I got shitloads of hallucinations then telling me that it was my life to get married, and I would be a famous astronaut if I spoke too her on that day, and I didn't. It also told me my father had AIDs and would die, and he did die, but I didn't believe he had AIDs they told me it was cancer until I saw his death certificate when I was in my 20s.

I want to know what it is about, and why I got my brain fried for trying too actually do something about her.

Also I've had other people come up to me and tell me they've had a dream where I'm an astronaut, or just fly a spaceship a couple of times during my life.

I need too know why.



They even ELF'd me in highschool, and I had no idea what was happening at the time. It all surrounds this one women.

I literally need too know why.



you don't need to know why. stop giving a shit about the why.

accept that it happens, and move on. It sounds like you're obsessed with something. Meditate for a minute or two, man. Get out of yourself and take a breather.

Unrelated, anyone else thinking of moving up towards northern Europe? I have this gut feeling that I need to be there pretty soon.


I have a question about eggs. I know eating meat is forbidden in many occult believes because of "eating corpses" and whatever, but do eggs count as corpses? They're not fertilized



No I think I need too start asking more questions seeing as how I have brain damage and medical bills from ELF wave attacks. They literally raped my pineal gland.

I was hoping a board dedicated too magic would actually have some sort of information, but people who this board shits on have been more helpful



You answered your own question. Eggs are more like milk or semen than meat. Some cultures eat fertilized eggs though.


People here don't know everything and there is a wide variety of people on /fringe/, so seeking help and guidance here is random because the right people may come on at the wrong times regarding yourself. You'll need a lot of patience when using this board, especially with all the fuckwits coming here from whatever boards they crawl out of but they usually completely miss that there is a Q&A thread and make new threads.



Yeah the shitty part is that nobody in real life believes me, because it sounds fantastical. But most people don't even believe ELF waves and government mind control are real either.

I have a hard time believing what I've seen, and if I wasn't getting ELF waved I would brush it off as too fantastical too be real or true.



Your posts sound a lot like schizo posting simply because you are telling your entire thesis simply on a tinfoil hat based conspiracy theory. ELF waves? Do you even read your own posts? You're basically swallowing the hook of a greater lure because it's a convenient half truth because you're afraid of the hard to comprehend full truth. The fact that this has been following you your entire life is also evidence of it. It's not progression, it's obsession. The only thing that will come from this is more obsession and desperation.

Clear yourself, find out what you truly want then TAKE IT. Stop manhandling scraps of life like a braying bitch in heat and get ahold of yourself.


is there any meditation or something that helps to gain weight and build muscle?



>ELF waves

>tinfoil theory

come to science


File: e06b132db21a869⋯.png (3.05 MB, 1394x2048, 697:1024, e06b132db21a8695ee781191b5….png)

Is there a fringe version of this?



Probably a meditation that causes delta waves, that being the point of highest growth hormone during sleep. I don't know if it translates to waking hours in meditation though. Long meditation also causes diminished metabolism, sooo, yea, just eat some really fatty food before hand.



In that the point of should be to escape the extremes of either.



In relation to what, your reality to mine? Your question confuses me, ideology is the main difference between realities, and the odd mutation of the senses. So conceptually you could be more, or less in line with popular thought, but the reality is not really conceptual as it is experiential.



maybe try this? https://8ch.net/fringe/res/112478.html

or hindu god mantras for protection. Basically devote yourself to your divine self and you should be unable to be harmed more than helps you grow. to my knowledge.



Drink whey or eat something heavy like meat, 1 hour before sleeping, this, along with the natural hormonal liberation during sleep will slow down digestion speed allowing for more nutrients to be absorbed



Yeah I waited too reply, because I don't really want you responding your comments are stupid.

You probably only responded too me, because I mentioned ELF waves, and that topic always brings out shills.


Thank you for the information I am highly appreciative.

Also I can answer any questions regarding my posts as long as they aren't phrased like this guys posts




Why do you think the gov is after you? Are you the son of someone really powerfull or wealthy?



son of someone powerful? why does the tiger chase the deer?






Quite the opposite as my father died painfully of canceraids. I doubt a powerful man would even be in a situation like that.

They are working too prevent me from meeting one individual via ELF waves, which are a mind control device.

I don't have any connections, ally's, or any sort of help on my side except maybe one or two friends.

I really wish I had some foresight as they fucked my pineal gland, and now something is different about the way I perceive and think about life, but its hard for me too put into words.



I wish I could like recruiter help in person, but most people just think its a fantastical story and just listen too me. Some of them drum up conclusions on their own as too why any of it happens too me, although said conclusion are more often than not stupid attempts to shoehorn in their idea of science into my story and reality.



Your analytic mind has shut down. Your thought process is garblemumble -> conclusion. You no longer collect and analyse facts to reach your conclusions. It's all bullshit being fed to the receiver in your head bypassing all conscious thought. Talking to you is like talking to a sleepwalker.



Impressive that you were able too gather that over the internet.

This is why I don't normally respond to posts like this. Its just stupid.



So you are just a normal person?

Do you have any idea of why they would waste millions of high end tech on you if they, from what I read untill now, have no reason at all to spend so much money on you for decades?



Everyone here has freely offered you their powers of analysis and you reject them because of feelings. I have no doubt it is the exact same phenomenon you describe as ELF. Your mind shutting off and you freeze or run, mentally and physically.



Its not millions not is it high tech. Its a mind control program thats run out of the NRO since 1997. They do this too a lot of ex military people who might become whisleblowers and such. Also I realize from browsing fringe that there aren't many competent people on here, but out of sheer paranoia I'm not going too answer that question.


Learn to speak fucking English then I might reply to you. I'm not even entirely sure what your trying too convey.



>mind control program

So It's a mind control program but you are only controlled when you wish to speak with one girl in particular? Does this girl have a bf or is married?


File: 23d1e90337159f0⋯.png (345.52 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Any tips on how to deal with severe chronic pain in terms of practicing magic? None of the books seem to cover this situation. Not trying to make excuses here but sometimes it really makes it hard to read or do anything but mindlessly shitpost or try and distract myself with some other timewaster. On the other hand if I take drugs I end up falling asleep when I try to meditate or read. I know there's probably a way to cure myself but I'm not trying to be the guy who naively asks how to do something huge right from the get-go. I just need to know how to keep this problem from impeding my progress to that state.




Well, it's funny, there is no common language for me to use without referring you to books, but they are dangerous. I went looking for some common terms, but I had no idea that psychology is so corrupt. They literally cannot describe the condition as anything but mental illness.

You have a sort of unconcious condition. Probably caused by childhood abuse. It is very common on fringe. People call them demons, aliens, parasitic spirits, curses, and now ELF waves. There are other variations, but these ones, characterized by a sudden loss of control, are most noticeable to the individual so they seek help.

When you terrorize/drug/hit a child, you may plant commands in their unconcious mind. These may produce any number of effects. This leads to the variety of perceived causes, when it is probably just mom and dad did some bullshit.

Whenever you trigger this unconscious memory, you experience your problem. It's probably several memories the way you act like a weirdo.

You can make the memories and the behavior conscious by reliving them until the pain/compulsion leaves. That still doesn't address the dissociation in some cases; people are left untroubled but immobile without the unconscious compulsion because they never built their minds up as children.



Dude I didn't even read your entire post but you need to go back to your ethnic Russian chan or whatever shithole you came from.

Ironically I just talked with another /fringe/ minded friend today, and low and behold he had also been ELF'd earlier in his life.

Also why are you even posting here if you believe everyone here suffers from child abuse and is stupid, or whatever dumbass idea you've formed of the posters here in your shill mind.


No actually a few people I know are working to get her with a white guy, because they're trying too mind control her to get with a black guy no joke. Shes also being heavily fucked with.



Also her getting with a black guy is kinda weird, because she grew up very racist, but she had a few incidents that led to her not being so much so. Both of us are ethnically Swedish, although only she speaks the language.

Also the point of the black guy is that I'm less likely too be with her later on, and he abuses her, which reflects on my emotions because of the special connection we share. It makes me more likely too die, and they tried to mind control me to kill myself when I was 11-13.



>So It's a mind control program but you are only controlled when you wish to speak with one girl in particular?

You didn't answered.



So she dates a black guy?



I think he is saying the she is being mind controlled to fuck a black guy…Terrible…



Its answer not answered. I hate how you type.

Also no it happens all the time my head moves in directions too get me to look at things, and other small movements for instance. They want me to go to jail, be gay, be a pedophile, or homeless.


She was dating a white guy awhile ago, but the end goal of the mind control is for her to have one or two black children, and be a literal heroin addicted prostitute.


What do you do for living anon? Do you work?



Do you live alone or with your parents anon? Other people in your house are also affected, or they have normal lives?



The question is for:



I can't find a dream thread.

I had a dream last night that a very serpent like naga approached me before coiling me. I was sexually stimulated in multiple ways before it reared back to fellate me. I spilled my seed into its mouth and hands before it showed me. It said, "This is what's wrong, can't you tell?" My ejaculate had curdled, changing color a little as it resembled more of a fleshy tone. The smell was awful, like spoiled milk.

Was this some sort of healing? Am I screwed?



>heat and fire to ms

according to TCM, it is exactly fire that burns parts of brain, causing ms. Although the fire isn´t the beginning of the problem. You should check out what chinese medicine tells about ms


File: 7cc8088be43a334⋯.jpg (38.4 KB, 790x302, 395:151, true.jpg)


Can someone post some links of grainy audiobooks? I went through Talbot's holographic universe lecture series, and I love the way it sounds. I'm looking for more stuff that has that old audio sound and fringe info.



If the memory is not retrievable or there isn't one, try exposing yourself to the ELF and gradually reprogram your mind. Not tolerating it, but teaching it like a child. What matters is that you sense the change in the ELF in your mind, no fancy visualization required.


Yeah, at least this way a solution is there in his subconscious. It helped me to have accumulated good data when I was doing all the wrong things.



Not books, but interviews with CIA Phoenix Program operatives from Vietnam. They killed thousands of Vietnamese. I doubt they're telling the whole truth given CIA and the Phoenix symbolism, but this look inside their organization is something else. Phoenician OG globalist death cult number one.



I'm genuinely autistic braindead, there are times when the answer to the problem is so obvious but I don't see it because I'm that dumb. I suck socializing and cannot connect with people. I try to avoid people because I'm that much of a sperg. I wish to be a completely different person that excels in life, social situations and isn't braindead.



change your environment



Meaning clean my room?



try to disrupt conventional pathways of thought, by disrupting conventional behaviors.

go somewhere that you do not ordinarily go.



Sorry, you're pretty vague and I'm clueless here but how would a trip to somewhere I've never been alter my mind?



you've laid out two mental states, braindead and excelling in life, so i'll presume you have at least a fuzzy idea of what each one is. you want to move from one to the other. both states are associated with certain things, people, places, events – behaviors, traits, characteristics – i want you to think about cause and effect.

firstly, ask yourself – what, exactly, is it that causes me to be in this autistic, braindead state of mind?

perhaps this question is difficult in a general sense, but think about if there is any predictable pattern. try, now, to identify just one specific trigger, in the external world, that causes you to enter the autistic, sperg state of mind you describe. for example, a person (e.g, a family member, someone at school or work), a place, a thing, an event. imagine this in your mind.

now, try to identify one concrete physical, mental, or emotional sensation that is invoked by this specific trigger. imagine this in your mind. for example: fidgeting, heart beating, walking around in circles, repetitive thoughts, yearning for someone or something.

now, you have a psychological cause-effect relationship relating to one specific aspect of being autistic and braindead – for example, going outside causes my heart to race – seeing john causes me to think "oh god oh god oh god" – sitting down by the computer causes me to want to kill myself – whatever.

i want you to try and play a multisensory movie in your mind, of this cause-effect sequence occuring – first, imagine the lead-up to the trigger, what you are doing – imagine the trigger occuring in everyday life, incorporate sights, sounds, feelings in all these scenes – imagine your typical response, that you'd consider autistic, braindead – incorporate thoughts and emotions.

(this may be difficult for you, if so try disassociating by playing a movie of yourself watching this movie rather than just playing the movie.)

now, when the movie is finished, try to imagine the outcome state. attempt to describe this state using affirming language, so avoid using negation, e.g., "not autistic", "not a sperg"–this confuses the subconscious mind–rather, try "excelling in life", "doing what i want to do", etc. from this description, imagine what this mental state would allow you to do. imagine how you would be as a person if you were to embody the outcome. imagine what you would be thinking, how you would be feeling. allow this feeling to flow around and through you, forming an aura around you. perhaps this feeling has a color or a sound or a taste of some sort you can latch onto.

(if you are having trouble with the above, try to remember a time in your life–perhaps recently, or in childhood–when you felt well-aligned with the outcome state, and then associate yourself with these feelings. also, think of a trigger that may cause the outcome state. for example, a song or music that makes you feel this way, a book or a story, a piece of artwork, a character in a show, an image of a person or a character or a place.)

now that you are associated with this state, i want you to return to your movie. i want you to play the movie in reverse, from the last scene (your response to the trigger), to the second scene (the trigger), to the initial scene (the lead-up). feel all the impressions and sensations fly by you, this time in reverse. pause the movie at the first scene.

now, ask yourself if you are ready to watch the movie again – replay the movie, and returning to the the trigger scene, notice what your response is. perhaps it is now a different one, as you are now in a new state of mind – imagine your new response, imagine what thoughts and feelings this evokes, imagine the associated personal traits and characteristics. ask yourself what you have learned.




you see, there are these networks of associations in your mind, which need to be shaken up, jumbled up. if you do the same things all the time, and are always in the same places, these associations tend to dig themselves so deep in your psyche, that you do not even notice that they are there anymore – they crystallize inside you, and form the silent background of your waking life – you presume that this is what you are.

let's say you go to work, you see john, you've seen him a million times before – you think "oh god oh god oh god" – this response is preconditioned, you do not have a choice in the matter, it has crystallized such that you don't even notice the cause/effect anymore. you don't stand a chance here. it is very difficult, almost impossible to change in such a situation.

it is fine if you have certain routines, but you must attempt to disrupt these in some way – perhaps do them in an unconventional way, think of new routes to take to places, do things you wouldn't normally do.

this is why i suggest, simply, going somewhere you have never gone before – it will expose you to new associations, new impressions, that you do not have preconditioned responses to. various neurons and synapses in your mind will somehow, perhaps subtly, be reconfigured – you will see, hear, feel new things, and you have more of a choice in your responses to these. thus you have a chance to change.

to end, please do not expect to wake up one day and be a completely different person. this is a very gradual process that takes time and effort, and if you succeed in taking just one typical trigger and reconfiguring your response, you can consider that a success. then choose another trigger, etc.


File: e9dba76b788ec82⋯.jpg (179.99 KB, 1024x1260, 256:315, WakeUp.jpg)

Why did you erased the questions about work and my answers? Just because you don't want to "cheat" life doens't mean that other people don't. It's strategically incorrect to not use all the resources you have just because you know that you will have a serious advantage. If a guy born is born with the tendency to have stronger legs, he can't run because it is unfair?! If a guy is born with more IQ than your average joe that means he can't study because it is unfair?! If you want girls, just do it. If you want money, just do it. Nothing we do between ourselves is unfair for the ALL, if you think so, you are a moron.





I live with my family, and they are affected too some degree. My brother is a complete loser, and my mom doesn't spend any money on anything also my step father hates me for no reason. Those are very vague answers I know.


Yeah that's a good idea I've already kinda tried that.


Are there any good secret societies to join? All I know about are the masons, but I've heard bad things about them. Any groups/clubs are good



The good secret societies are actually secret.

The Masons, skulls and bones, etc. are all "societies with secrets". They aren't secret societies, you've heard of them. Duh.




1)what was there to erase?

2)keep copies of important things.

3) come to fringebay and it wont get deleted probably




good material m8



holy fuk who dis

nice link boi, and posted on 8/18/18 of course lol.

I didn't think I'd find anything this useful in a place where I mostly come to answer questions.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Post cheatcodes ples



You are welcome


Pretty sure admin deleted some talk about people on fringe having jobs and I said the truth and he deleted, the I got mad and posted that, lately having trouble maintaining higher vibration…Must be because I should be really low on the other end of rhythm and am fighting to get back to a higher vibration and not getting because …idk… Shouldn't have done that. I feel ashamed.




It came back…On another thread…?! wtf…changed places gain…shit…thx btw.



nope, I didn't change. Just forgot…sry


Why don't wizards just buy a house and rent it out for the free dosh?


can some of you guys please seed this torrent please? it's bashar - game of chess… i watched it awhile back and it's really good



the gov sent invisible creature into my home

it is perverted and tries to sexually torture me

i dont know how to stop it sometimes

i get upset and stab or hit myself


How can some of you say stuff like "everything is possible" ? It clearly isn't, even when you take into account the infinite parallel realities. Some changes that average people may desire require so much vibrational evolution that it seems some people would not achieve it in their lifetime or several lifetimes.



I figured that the more energy you use to jump to another reality, the bigger the change. To jump to realities with very small changes requires very little energy, you can jump while just wishing to jump.



It seems that even the people on fringe that have been practicing energy work for a while now are only capable of changes like finding a new job or fixing their car, no one ever reports an actually big change



What have you done ol Grand magister?



Several manifestations of the kind I described, how is this relevant? Yeah you can heal various illnesses and get insane "luck" but you just can't do some stuff.


File: 6a25115c46c40c7⋯.jpg (969.48 KB, 3200x2210, 320:221, Lucas_Cranach_(I)_-_Jungbr….jpg)

"Eternal youth" is likely a myth, but how does one retain their youth for as long as possible?



>"Eternal youth" is likely a myth

Meditate more please.


File: 04a83d3135003d0⋯.jpg (65.01 KB, 291x434, 291:434, Chinnamasta.jpg)

File: bc21bf89ae60001⋯.jpg (259.34 KB, 781x818, 781:818, Mekhala & Kanakhala.jpg)

File: 8d4f98b5ec98401⋯.jpg (2.59 MB, 3190x2422, 1595:1211, Schadow_Grabmal_Alexander_….jpg)

File: 28008c6173d1de9⋯.jpg (144.32 KB, 935x955, 187:191, Medusa_by_Carvaggio.jpg)


How do I imcrease my dick size, through magick and magick alone? Srs question



What did he mean by this



He means the wall of your thoughts is blocking you. Meditating is a good idea, because words fail when it comes to these things. Even if I describe vividly you wouldn't know, knowing can only come from you. In a sense all books on magic are just an attempt to get the reader to grasp what can't be printed. Find what escapes you through meditation.


What's the benefit of knowing the hermetic principles? I can't see any ways of application.



That means you need to study and meditate more


Anybody watched A Serbian Film? There is a high pitch sound on one of the songs that is exactly the tone that I am searching. Do any of you know what frequency and note it is?



a long time, painful to watch. I hear its basically an Eastern Bloc funded film (ofc its a metaphorical piece full of porn) that esoterically deals with the Yugoslav war.


Anyone got any knowledge, materials on Mephistopheles?


why is it so hard to visualise myself doing something while standing when I visualise while sitting?



File: 7f9315f6da03361⋯.png (96.74 KB, 500x522, 250:261, thats-impressive-14287054.png)



>Bumping a pinned thread

>wants to play useless challenges


What's the difference between desire and intent in occult texts?


Magick is basically being good at energy work and making thoughtforms?




Good stuff, I'm sorry I'm only seeing this now I forgot I posted this. I really have to stop being a lazy shitter too and actually apply what you've said, I thank you for the time you took writing this, it's not for nothing I will try and apply this.


So okay, I know sleep deprivation is like an accelerated ticket towards awakening (I mean it's literally an awakening isn't it?). I also know fasting is a different express method of attaining enlightenment.

Considering fasting works by saving energy by not processing food and entering autophagy, is there any damn good reason that say, a week of sleep deprivation coupled with water fasting wouldn't be a perfect idea?


Or working with pre-existing thoughtforms but I guess that's kinda between the two things you mentioned, but yeah.


What if the elite are actually the good guys and are pushing these narratives of everyone being equal as a means to shift the collective consciousness into generating this reality?



Exactly what I've been thinking lately. I would guess there are different sects within the elite, some benign and some not.


How can I gather my ki into a fireball?


let's say hypothetically I had a method using sound vibratory complexes, potions, and dance, to invoke a ritual causing all participants to unmistakably receive a transmission from the ALL showing we are all one and are made directly of living. The problem is the ritual only works if people a: are ready and willing to receive the transmission and b: enter into the ritual with ONLY the intention of love and service to others. Otherwise it just doesnt work. How can I guarantee this of the ritual participants without infringing on their free will? Would signing a contract work? any ideas would be appreciated, even from larpers because I trust my ability to manifest anything within the infinite possibilities of the multiverse. please and thank you.


File: 31cb452a3a0228c⋯.jpg (34.74 KB, 454x672, 227:336, dafuq.jpg)


>receive a transmission from the ALL

Don't even need to read anymore…



believe me or not but I have a proven way of connecting individuals to the godhead that allows them an unmistakable view of the one-ness endowed in all of us. I am just trying to figure out how to spread this mission without imposing on others free will.


File: b33ed988fa53f81⋯.jpg (418.02 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, 1534866609129.jpg)

How do I remove beliefs?



We can always try, but i suspect that you are receiving transmission from someone who wants to take advantage on you.



take advantage by spreading awareness of oneness? I find that hard to believe. e


I'm bored and have no life purpose. I know I can have anything in life but don't give a fuck about much. I'm prob becoming a sex addict.



work on helping me get what I want instead :)



Do it yourself faggot

That's as much help as i can provide, sorry



You DO know that contacting THE ALL is IMPOSSIBLE right? You can contact Demiurge, Zeus, idk… anything that is on reality. but not outside of reality. Supposing you could send a thought to the all, to actually reach it, the thought would have to turn into nothingness and even this nothingness would not reach THE ALL. It is hard to explain…. But It is impossible nonetheless. You are being pranked.



File: 0e6fca36782b8c8⋯.png (15.11 KB, 926x1024, 463:512, Tiwaz_rune.svg.png)

Just something I want to share.

I think this star could be what was worshipped as The Father (Thuban, Odin/All Father/ the original Saturn)


A relatively inconspicuous star in the night sky of the Northern Hemisphere, it is historically significant as having been the north pole star from the 4th to 2nd millennium BC.

The traditional name Thuban is derived from the Arabic word ثعبان thuʿbān, 'snake'. It is sometimes known as the Dragon's Tail.

And this the son (Polaris, Zeus/Thor etc.)


In the Old English rune poem, the T-rune is apparently associated with "a circumpolar constellation", compared to the quality of steadfastness or honour.

I wonder how they twisted this into black cube/saturn (the planet) worship.


Are you guys seeing a big eye while let the mind wander? I saw one golden then later one purple.Any ideas what it is? Just letting wander without any drugs, just observing the thoughts.


File: cec5552dffec755⋯.png (457.48 KB, 649x433, 649:433, Spot.png)

What importance is this spot in the nasal cavity?

I had a dream I was assaulted by something, so I decided to transform into something inhuman but I shoved a fleshy tendril into the person's mouth at the end to touch that spot where I suddenly got a sort of 'flash in' to the assaulter's personality.

I think my dream was trying to show me something based on this area of body but I don't know what it means.



> Are you guys seeing a big eye while let the mind wander? I saw one golden then later one purple.Any ideas what it is? Just letting wander without any drugs, just observing the thoughts.

That's probably a visual artifact. I get almost exactly that when I go indoors and close my eyes after being in daylight. "golden then later one purple" is about right, then it fades entirely over a span of about 10 minutes or so. I used to call it a pineapple ring.

I also get a "X" pattern for a few minutes if I close my eyes in indoor light. It can persist if I squint, but fades if I relax.

I believe these to be physical effects and entirely natural. So no, it's not some kind of Eye of Sauron. :-)


Anyway, now that I've given an answer for the question that appeared before me upon entering this thread, and that I could answer, I have a question of my own:

I remember, back when Ebola-chan was a big deal, someone on /pol/ explaining that Ebola-chan had been drawn in accordance with some magical system, particularly that Ebola-chan's yellow eyes were related to death/destruction in some way. Now I'm making a … character … and remembered this. It doesn't worry me, but I know some others might be affected.

My question for /fringe/ is: What meanings are associated with various eye colors in the context of humanoid characters or mascots?

I've chosen the Anonymous flag because I didn't see any obvious better choice.




>I get almost exactly that when I go indoors and close my eyes after being in daylight

No, you are mistaking the natural occurrence when you just close your eyes in daylight, this is called Closed-eye hallucinations and closed-eye visualizations (CEV).

I am talking about meditation, the one where you just observe the thoughts going in front of you but not interfering, Today I saw a bunch of images of beatiful places and at the end there was this huge ass eye thing first golden then I opened my eyes yk wtf whas that… Then some time passed and I closed my eyes again and I saw one huge ass eye this time purple.



Thanks, any sources from other systems? While that page does seem to align with the known details about Ebola-chan, I'm afraid that I just can't really take "Joy of Satan Ministries" as a credible source.


> when you just close your eyes in daylight

No, not while in daylight, after moving indoors.

> huge ass eye thing first golden then I opened my eyes yk wtf whas that… Then some time passed and I closed my eyes again and I saw one huge ass eye this time purple.

Can you provide a more-precise description? A complete "eye" or just an "iris" spanning most of your visual field with a "pupil" in the middle and blackness around it?



>What importance is this spot in the nasal cavity?

Can you elaborate which spot you're talking about?



On the pic it's the very light pink fleshy area near the choanae. If you look closely, youll see my mouse cursor as a magnifying glass symbol on top of it.



To the right of the auditory tube.



>No, not while in daylight, after moving indoors.

Anything that gives a big contrast of stimulli of the rod cells can give you that. Or you can have also overstimulli of the rod cells. This also can happen when you wake up and look to a strong light. Thit is not the case.

Ps: Since no one actually saw anything like this, it probably is something specific to me and I am supposed to have the knowledge and means of understanding, don't worry about it anymore.


File: d92d070db530cca⋯.jpg (260.12 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, pineal-gland.jpg)



I don't know the significance of that spot, sorry.

Do you think you might have touched something further up?



It's a high possibility. I was going in fairly deep and in my dream the individual looked to be in pain.



Hi /fringe/, I have a problem.

I feel like my brain has both an an off and an on "switch"

Whenever I wake up, play games, masturbate, etc. I feel that I am losing control over my ability to think and remember, I slip into some sort of auto-pilot mode in which I lose control over most of my actions.

I regard this as my brain being switched off.

Is there a way to combat this?



How about not slipping into passive hobbies?


Usually best traps give you first something wich eventually turn up as rotten apples. Just be cautious



meditation, leaving where you usually are, hiding your shit somewhere inconvenient, etc


like what?

depends on the price you pay.


you can sorta desire something without fully intending to.

but give an example and we can delineate.


drinking urine also accelerates


meditate and affirm the opposite. plenty of reprogramming techniques



this seems like a decent answer to yourself.

also gif tips on getting sex then ;)

unless you mean porn addict


Neat. I don't know anything about Thuban but Polaris is a good and powerful guiding star energy. Clearing


seems like it's near the pineal?



Hey, is there a good way for me to find what system of magick I'm attuned to?


Is it possible to control where you are going after you die?



It's all the same in essence so try until you find what gives you results


So, my being is coming to change in various ways. All the tools that I need to progress just come to me. In these last months, I learned to cultivate energy, cleaned my flow of energy , I can feel the energy flowing through my entire body, my "mind's eye"(?) I think it is the 3rd eye but I do not feel anything on my forehead but rather in the center of my brain, it is where all the energy goes before going to the tip of the head and beyond. With it I am starting to "see" visions, my other senses are greatly improved, I can hear people walking on the street if I focus on it. And books, information that I need always find a way to come to me. Now…well…now it came to me magic mushrooms… I think is to improve my vision of reality because, this reality is not exactly…constant…you see…But I am afraid that I don't know how to use it since I never used psychodelic drugs in my life. So I am asking you who know, how to do it to get the best results?



Make sure you know how to rationally and logically integrate any new perspectives so as to not lose sight of reality and your grounded ala Jim Carrey https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZeCiiBOF4g



Thank you brother


File: 77b4186dcbd14ab⋯.gif (5.02 MB, 245x256, 245:256, beard-nod-gif[1].gif)



I hear ya, thanks brother. Time for some experimentation


There is some conflicting info.

A lot of people claim you have to believe the desired change is already there to manifest it, which in my experience is moderately effective.

And then there's the method of forming thoughtforms/servitors to bring about the change you desire, which seems weird to me. How can this work if your mindset directed towards the change is "this thoughtform must accomplish it's task before I receive the change"?



>There is some conflicting info.

There is no such thing. What there really is truth and delusion.

For example:


>desired change is already there to manifest it, which in my experience is moderately effective.

As you yourself can confirm this is not exactly right. If is not right, why? But it also works…sometimes. So then it must be right somewhere….Where?

> the method of forming thoughtforms/servitors to bring about the change you desire, which seems weird to me.

It's good to doubt, it really is the first step to learning. So tulpas, egregores, thoughtforms works also 100%? No? Why? How can it work?

What is truth and what is delusion?

The first thing is that you have to learn the basics, without the tedious base you will fall on the next step, so it is useless to explain this doubt for you to just have another tomorrow. "Do not give the fish but teach to fish". So first it would be good for you to hit the library, go to the thread of the recommend list to get a good start.

Then think about your doubt and you will have your answer.


I lack positive female energy in my life.

While I have no trouble getting a girlfriend, I have extreme trouble bounding with girl, as I fear they will use me and betray me.

Is there an alternative way to get positive female energy in your life?



Female energy is not energy from a female lol…You really just want to bang a girl dude… here we go:




Why is it that this board has existed for years now and still somehow almost every newfig creates their own thread when they have a question to ask? I'm actually genuinely curious. How can it be that difficult to figure out? Every single time I come here there are several new one-question threads, usually by self-confessed newfigs. It blows my mind.


Do you believe in 'miracle' healings? Like curing something that medicine can't with magick/belief? What would you do as a last resort? I'm not dying but am in a very rough spot.


Ok, so I think I found my "willer" on the deepest part of my mind and I think he is the god that makes my reality. Everything that has happened to me it was him that molded my subconscious to be the way it happened, everything that is part of my reality it was so because he built this way… How can I control the willer?



Finding the willer is like the first 10 pages of an atkinson book my man, hardly initiate


File: ae76d124e034a0b⋯.jpg (46.98 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Pigeon.jpg)


So I' ve been doing meditation since 29 years ago, studied some Rosacuz, Hare krishna, made christian 1st communion, Buddhism, read some Zen books that doesn't exist in English language, some experience with Daoism,Tao Te King. Did once astral projection, can kinda manipulate energy on upper body for 24 years, did some Lucid dreaming studied some I ching, Tarot, Runes…AND lately started studying more western stuff from the fringe library, loved Kybbalion, loathing Atkinson atm…. So, I´ve seen quite the shit in all those years, I probably study the occult before it was new faggy and even you were even born probably. I am no wizard because for me a wizard already reached the level where you can freely manipulate reality but surely I am no newbie kid… But yeah…hardly initiate.

ps: Now I can freely manipulate energy on whole body, thougthforms works, cultivation works, third eye kind of works (I think) Now I need to confirm something about the willer because I actually reached the willer, saw his work…I read it in a book (Atkinson) but it's tottally different to SEE it…

Btw: Atkinson should be the antonym of succint.


I kind of get how but would like to conffirm my thougts with someone who is more advanced than me



Atkinson wrote the Kyballion, just in case you weren't aware.



It's not the same writer, it is entitled to the 3 initiates that it is said it was written by Atkinson, but obviously studying the writing styles will prove this assumption wrong…



Kybalion = very succinct

Archane teachings, Personal power= very verbose, 3, 4 paragraphs to just explain something that is understood with one phrase…

Also, the scientific knowledge of the person who wrote the books are quite different…







Did you understood what is written in those books or you just read them to think you would autmatically be and adept if you went trough all that?

Arcane teachings pg. 25:

>…neither does It imagine, mentally

create, dream, or meditate into existence a false and fictitious

Universe “all in its mind,” as pseudo‑occultism and pessimistic

philosophies would have you believe.

Would a guy that wrote the Kybalion wirte this shit?

Also, same page:

>But in that Infinity of Nothingness, there is

Unmanifest, the Latency, Possibility, Futurity, Potentiality, and

Promise of Manifest Everythingness.

Would a guy who wrote this, writes this:

>…And, as “from nothing, no things proceed,” it cannot

be conceived as having sprung from Nothingness….

So…Some random guy on the internet told you that the same guy wrote those and without thinking you believe it is the truth!



File: 034b16a221a54ab⋯.png (11.82 KB, 600x600, 1:1, sigil.png)

I was wondering if anyone knows this sigil from somewhere, it has been spraypainted in random areas around my town(in white paint). On the sidewalk, on the phone poles. It blends in really well and I doubt most people even see it, it's like it pushes eyes away. Or is it some roadwork symbol and I am being retarded. I will look into it myself but was wondering if anyone happened to know.



That's the symbol of Alchemical sulphur.



You're right, thanks. Now I have to wonder what they were trying to accomplish.





The first edition of arcane teachings was published before the kyballion actually, it's entirely possible his world-view got a few corrections until publishing the kyballion



They are clearly different people. Atkinson actually understands that God is emptiness but the pseud who wrote the Kybalion calls it a "mind" of which we and the universe are "mental constructs" of. Total nonsense and pseudo-occultism, which Atkinson recognizes.

The only way this could be conceived of as a worldview shift is if Arcane Teaching was published after Kybalion, but it isn't.

Beyond this there are many more subtle distinctions between the author of Kybalion and Atkinson.



All occultists are bullshitists.

They're called obullshitists for a reason


Does gematria have any significance?



Depends on whether you're schizophrenic or not.



Ayy perhaps just a little bit. Any other answers?


>been trying magick stuff since I was 15

>still not a single result

What am I doing wrong?



You forgot your anti-psychotic medication, sweaty.



>Don't start threads just to ask a question

>In this thread only this guy replies

is /fringe/ an elaborate ruse? Do you make fun of us in the other threads?



This is a long dead board only used by passing by /pol/acks and the BO who is insane.



>he hasn't been to the astral /fringe/

You cannot see the light, your fedora blocks it.





File: 24e8d8cd6712fd3⋯.gif (426.07 KB, 240x144, 5:3, FlashyAccomplishedBat-max-….gif)


Yeah, it doens't work


File: 144a919b33850d0⋯.gif (1.16 MB, 500x281, 500:281, StickTheExploitInYourASS.gif)


What's the matter with you anon?! Even me know he is to stupid/poor/unhappy to understand the irony!

That's why he didn't answer in a whole day! He is still thinking about the subject!




What have you been doing specifically?



try a different thing? For example, I don't like divination so I struggle using the tarot, so I have been reading about rune magick. I am more of a sports person so I have been doing martial arts all my life and now I'm learning about internal energy and taoism.


That little shaking you get when it's too cold, or when you're scared, etc does it have any fringe meaning? The book I'm currently reading says it's bad for chakras but I'm not sure


File: d3890bde1151269⋯.jpg (48.04 KB, 605x503, 605:503, gltich.jpg)

OK so I had to glue some lego minifigures I just bought for my son so I got the loctite, went to the bathroom to get a piece of toilet paper to clean the loctite after use because the thing glues like a bitch it's cover if not cleaned properly. So I went to the bathroom, new toilet paper, open, grab a piece, glue and done. A little later had to glue another minifigure….go to the bathroom, grab another piece of paper, same process, over. A little later again another minifigure to glue…Go to the bathroom….A NEW TOILET PAPER….What?! Wait a minute…I just opened one…grabed only a piece each time…It is IMPOSSIBLE to finish so fast….Went to wife: - Did you get another toilet paper? She- No? Why… No one entered the same bathroom in that time, my wife was doing some laundry in the same room that said bathroom is, she didn't entered the bathroom, no one entered, my kid is still a toddler, was playing with me and is to small to even reach where the toilet paper sits on that bathroom, plus he doens't have a clue where the new toilet papers are stored so… WTF just happened?



Also, I do dimensional jumping, but:

1- as far as I know, you have to gather energy first to then jump. You can't just "wish" with your "pretty little heart" and expect things to happen, like any real magic…

2- Only the one who made the jump procedures "jumps" So…Me AND wife jumped to the SAME dimension where there was a new toilet paper?! Because she SAW me going to the bathroom to grab the pieces of paper, I asked her, after the incident so if I jumped, I jumped together with her AND WITHOUT expending energy?! This doens't make ANY SENSE…. Or the fucking toilet paper itself switched with one from a time before it was even opened?! Dude…HOW can this be possible?!

Or it is me that messed too much with the jumping thing and I fucking screwed something over and now random switchs are occurring all the time?! I never wrote about it but some really strange things are happening all the time lately, some random car appears in front of me while driving…like today for example, we were following a friend's car and as we just turn around the corner, ban, a fucking car appeared, my wife and me were talking so we didn't realized, then it occurred to me…wtf this car is doing in front of us if we were just following XX?! He is still there but now there is a black car in the middle! And we just turned around the fucking corner! With a car! We didn't stopped! The street is narrow, there is no way a car can just ban! enter in front of a moving car at normal speed… Asked wife again and she just…huh…I dunno…maybe he turned and we weren't looking?! She doens't want to talk about this fucking strange things happening…it's too crazy! How the fuck these things are happening?!


File: 2d6d57be5262e7a⋯.png (387.56 KB, 738x558, 41:31, ClipboardImage.png)

Is it possible at all for me to somehow gain the ability to shapeshift? I don't mind sacrificing my humanity.



I remember valely about how the skinnwalkers were humans, that a skinnwallker is born when some of the medicine men from navajo culture want to have even more power, to be in sync with nature, some want shapeshif into an animal, most fail the ritual/test, and what remains its a humanity-less been that can take the form of many mamals.


what occult techniques would you recommend to a person who has too many impure thoughts about women and who just want to forget about all the porn he's watched





File: 94b359251ed32c1⋯.jpg (320.05 KB, 751x1534, 751:1534, 1500902702019.jpg)

Could anyone explain to me, or refer to some source that explains how harm is created by reversing the law of gender polarity?

How is it related to the finer, esoteric processes, and does it manifest in things that we see happening in our society today?



I might be oversimplifying this but have you ever considered the answer to your question is on the lines that a man can't beat children and a woman can't so seed?

Essentially if you boil the principle of gendered energy down to the aspect of being either "activation/direction" vs "potential" then it is pretty easy. However people are complex thought forms. People are both in various aspects or else they would be either without action or without motion. And if you were a 50/50 split you'd just be 100% inert.



>can't beat children





take your meds


you too


stop being a horny teenager


some fragmented notes sorry they are missing parts

The Master Mind Summarized

What the mind is, and any other questions for metaphysics, Atkinson tells us he will not be addressing in this book. He tackles the subject elsewhere but not here, instead focusing on the pragmatic use of the mind, which he only briefly defines as "that which thinks, feels, and wills".

The master mind vs the slave mind are defined thus; the master mind is deliberately and consciously built up and used in full knowledge of the mental laws or facts concerning it. The slave mind is entirely subject to outside forces, the mental slave is unaware of his ability for self-control. Most men are mental slaves, some men have some awareness to control their emotions and thoughts and master their mind in some degree, and a few men are regarded as mental masters who have complete mental and emotional self-control and consequently control also over environment and circumstances.

To kill out thoughts, leave the mind alone (observe the thoughts with no involvement in them, let them burn out on the energy of their original impulse), and also use the faculty of intense concentration upon any tasks you are engaged in, so all your mental energy is used to stoke actually useful thoughts. This capability once mastered ends a man's mental torments and also adds the ability to do with a thought as one pleases (besides snuff it out) and increases his power to handle mental work.

In addition to the above recommended suggestions I personally would add to "take measure" of the intensity of your emotions, willing that you feel no more fascination or emotional intensity than is required, investing more in thoughts you want to leave a mark in your memory or which are intended to reshape the world according to your will, while being emotionally cool and detached concerning trivia and things you only need remember or deal with temporarily and not come back to again. Be deliberate in giving attention to a matter only as long as needed, and remember that thinking something over in loops is not necessary if you just think it out once forcefully, and is just plain futile if you're simply too tired and exhausted and should instead be focusing on your recooperating your energies.

Atkinson continues by telling us that in keeping the mind silent after it is done its work, resting within the "true self", intuitions and perceptions of diviner knowledge makes its way into the mind, apart from the mundane noise. Don't worry about a thing once you've finished thinking about it or the work is done, let the mind be free and thus receptive.



The difference between knowledge and belief. Knowledge is obtained through experience. Belief is obtained through the "akashic principle", focusing on an idea you want to belief in and the emotions you want to feel, simply waiting for them to build up (desire to desire). This is important to know as belief is a prerequisite to accomplishing anything. You must first feel you can do something, that it is possible in the universe, and within your capacity to perform it in some degree. A lack of belief is a barrier to accomplishing anything. Even such things one might take for granted as walking about are done because earlier on in your life you got the notion, perhaps through observation of others and knowing yourself to be alike to them and capable of the same, began to form or receive into the depths of your personal mind the program for walking and to begin to exercise the will in the direction of moving your body. Perhaps stumbling at first you eventually made your first steps and proved to yourself you can walk. This is where belief becomes knowledge. Much of magick concerns itself with the transformation of belief into knowledge.

If you want to contemplate this more than consider for reading: Personal Magnetism by Theron Q. Dumont and Introduction to Magick by Julius Evola.

Have you ever seen orange sparks floating around you? This phenomena has been repeatedly occuring to me for years now. Only this August have I finally realized what it is. It has always been accompanied by a sense of raw power and its appearance has usually been preceded by moments of intensity where tremendous physical power is being readied up for use by my body. Well thanks to "Personal Magnetism" I figured out what it is. It's essentially vital energy (referred in the book as "physical magnetism") and it is my own vitality being projected fourth strongly into my personal aura. I have been struggling for a long time to understand just what is "vitality" and how I might control, channel, store, and make use of it. I have been unconsciously doing these things now for some time but because I now know, appreciate, and understand what is going on I can finally start making proper use of the power.

Nobody can be around me or subject to my attention without being powerfully shaped by my mental presence. My "magnetism" or aura is very strong and when relaxed reaches out in all directions to fill entire rooms easily. Most of my life I have been extremely anxious and tense and this holds the aura close to my body and helps keep my mentality from being mixed up with those around me but also creates constant exhaustion. My aura also is strange in that it tends to pulse due to rapid tensing and relaxing.

There is also "mental magnetism" which is the power (or current) of energy that gives the mental qualities to thoughts you form and which then float about in your aura and dissipate after a time or else break off from the aura to act independently. Holding the attention consistently to some idea or mental image (thoughtform) and willing that this energy is increased is all that is needed to make use of this power.

The combination of the two powers has proven to be the key to reliably influencing others. The thought without vital power (usually sourced from your own vitality) does not do very much at all. Infuse your own vitality into the thought and you will deplete your vital stores and potentially become sick but you will be able to produce higher level phenomena this way, powerfully influencing others with your thoughts.

Personality - replace negative with positive

To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Keep Silence

Fervant Desire




File: 0c8cfd5e18c54f0⋯.jpg (116.79 KB, 640x480, 4:3, not-sure-if-super-hero-or-….jpg)


tfw get tired of shitposting /b/ and comes to /fringe/ just to shitpost again


Diamonds are better to program than quartz crystals, no difference or worst?



How would you even ascertain the answer to your question?



What do you mean? I am asking if diamonds are better or not…


In my quest to do something that I want, it came to me a 1 carat diamond…So…I am thinking that since I done programming crystals in the past, it seems that my will lead me to receive this for programming? Idk… It seems so, since I kind of know how to do it… And it seems it's better since I got a diamond and not another type of crystal…But Idk that's why I am asking?



Theres a thread on fringebay about crystals, you can try asking there. Or you can be our little scientist and test it out for yourself and let us know how well it works.



I will go take a look there, thx.


The kyballion's principle of rhythm is what makes existence terrible for all life, prove me wrong


Can any one point me into the direction of any material that talks about communication with animals via occult means? Preferably an actual guide.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



You can talk to animal and even plant elementals in the astral with no training, but being able to understand them outside of it is a skill you need to develop with your occult senses, such as telepathy, the seat of which is within the solar plexus. We happen to be in the Astrological influence of Virgo right now, which rules the stomach. Developing telepathy would thus be a worthwhile endeavor.

Do you have a cat? A black cat in particular would be helpful.



I got a tabby cat.


Any recommended meditations or practices to become smarter? i want to do better in life.



The elite play both sides.



Honestly im not so sure that they’re doing it maliciously. We’re supposedly in the age of aquarius now and look at how similar the description of aquarius is to the current state of affairs.

>Traditionally, Aquarius is associated with electricity, computers, flight, democracy, freedom, humanitarianism, idealism, modernization, astrology, nervous disorders, rebellion, nonconformity, philanthropy, veracity, perseverance, humanity, and irresolution.

They are just fast forwarding the change that is bound to happen anyways, according to astrology.




ahhh sissies

you can tell 100% what animals are thinking through body language, that's the only way they communicate


File: 29a831b0c18cae3⋯.gif (2.82 MB, 241x163, 241:163, smhp.gif)

Imagine an magus coming here:

>I think, it is time to help fellow initiates to uncover the misteries of the mind, to discover the real truth about the Universe, to help them bend the laws to shape reality! Now tell me! What do you wish to know!


>I want to talk to cats.

… I think this is one of the reasons there are just a couple of initiates at most visiting here…





File: 6e1e15f21b12f23⋯.png (16.13 KB, 375x110, 75:22, unknown.png)

Someone explain this.


File: 480a1d05af31742⋯.png (36.89 KB, 968x1028, 242:257, gondola.png)

Can someone explain how dangerous creating a tulpa really is? I don't intend on using it for anything aside from having it as a small pet/ something to talk too. I'm not very emotional and I'm not malicious.


File: 086891415b1ab42⋯.png (3.33 MB, 3559x9666, 3559:9666, fringe-powerful-tulpa-4.png)


Its only dangerous if you let the tulpa control you.






0/10; didn't even attempt hiding samefaggotry. Also nice tumblr gif.


Any green pills on diabetes?


File: 72e32e00bb20179⋯.jpg (27.24 KB, 480x360, 4:3, d79fdfd6-ebbc-4b24-a123-4d….jpg)





Just like with any thoughtform, you'll get exactly what you put in. Make it playful and wholesome for the both of you and you'll be just fine.

Things can still go wrong, although rare. This is when not being an idiot, having clear boundaries and being able to put the foot down will come in handy.



The reason you get a mixed bag of results here is because /fringe/ itself is a thoughtform.


File: 1d1cdf9498b466c⋯.png (669.07 KB, 634x626, 317:313, ClipboardImage.png)

Might one of you kind and powerful wizards graciously point me to some good resources on the subject of subliminals? Particularly creating my own.


why are flags required and why is jumping flags a rule

also does anyone know anything about the "time cube"?



It's pretty fucking stupid, right? I remember trying to talk sense into the mods when they introduced the rule and they could never say something about one of the points that didn't contradict their points about the other. At the very least, they don't seem to actually be banning anyone, and the only times I've seen it happen (when the rule was introduced and the following week or two) they were only ever banned for about a minute. I wish they'd at least use that rule as an excuse to ban that one faggot



but what is their reasoning



It was made to prevent people from making identities with certain flags and cause of culture reasons. Its not really enforced tho


File: ee5c9e43cbecbc0⋯.png (28.64 KB, 101x112, 101:112, niga.PNG)


>It was made to prevent people from making identities with certain flags and cause of culture reasons

so why did they make all these flags in the first place? is it a tally for their average chromosome count? retarded mods lol


I noticed mention of energy weaponry in cube with industry got fringe bunker closed down.

I hope you all can stay safe.


File: f0c2436e5b33e93⋯.gif (820.25 KB, 245x209, 245:209, wew.gif)


Wew, do you have a screen cap or an archive?



archive.org only has an error page date saved


Gwiz check proton



It can be simply reversed by diet, even type one can be maintained off medication by diet that almost if not completely restricts carbs. It is also sustainable, depending on what you eat. It is not the cheapest, but a poor person would still be able to pay for it. Butter, chicken, tuna, greens, stuff like that.



What would you use butter with on a non carb diet?


Complete newfig here. Sometimes when I meditate I have short visions, that are sort of like dreams but I'm still awake. I've been writing my experiences down. Pretty cool stuff for a beginner like me. Is this okay or is it some sort of demonic trick?



I wouldn't think there is anything demonic about it, unless visions suggest otherwise.


>now you must learn to control your thoughts

>to begin learning to control your thoughts, start by controlling your thoughts

>eventually you will be able to control your own thoughts

Come on, man

My problem is that having a meta-awareness of my thoughts disrupts my thinking, thus preventing me from not interfering.

Is this one of those things you just do that can't be put into words?



I am not totally sure what you are trying to get at. I supposed you mean discipline of ones own thoughts? Just think about nothing while meditating. Try to do that longer and longer every time.


What does a regular meditation practice do to a person that would make them more effective at changing reality/doing magick?

Insofar as this relates to magick and being able to affect macrocosmic reality, I don't know anything.

Does it raise life energy/chi/prana/mana/etc and thus give more clout to one's intentions and Will? Or does training and disciplining the mind somehow allow intention to affect one's perception of reality more effectively?

I'm going to a Vipassana retreat soon, and after that I will practice it daily for at least 2 hours. My main purpose is to help me deal with my anxiety and depression, but outside of that I've been curious.

I'd appreciate any insight on this.


The reincarnation process described in the arcane teachings just doesn't seem right.

If we don't have memories of a past life it means we've never been incarnated into anything before? The world spirit wants us to evolve spiritually yet manifests us into a world where everything we see and feel distracts us from the I AM? And if we don't identify with the I AM we don't reincarnate?

There's multiple contradictions in his writing as well here, in one line he says that most people on this earth don't have memories of a past life, and in another line he says that most of us have been incarnated here because we've been drawn from higher planes of existence due to our desire for material things, meaning that we have had a past life in some higher dimension…



I won't pretend to know without a doubt what's up, but here's my take on it.

Fundamentally, reality is non-physical in nature. You can say everything is comprised of consciousness or awareness, whatever, doesn't really matter -all you need to know is that you're not governed by the framework of physicality and all the limitations that come with it. More than that the external seems to be reflective of the internal; Neville Goddard always used to say 'imagination is creation' and that's essentially what it comes down to.

To give a concrete example, you have undoubtedly thought of something on a particular occasion that then came to fruition some time later. You were thinking about a particular song, some time later you coincidentally heard it on the radio; you thought of somebody, some time later they came to visit or called you up. This is essentially a microcosmic manifestation of the principles that govern all of reality. Again, your internal space governs the external space -for lack of a better description.

Now, at the same time, many things seem impossible. You try and manifest something grand and nothing happens, how could that be if all it takes is a simple act of imagination? Well, that inner space of yours is turbulent. You think of one thing, then another, and so forth without any break whatsoever. This means that a particular pattern or intention isn't allowed to manifest without instantly being usurped by another. You might 'imagine' yourself winning a million dollars, but then you immediately lose track of that intention, and start thinking about something else. Later on you will have thoughts that contradict the initial intention all together. You will start thinking things like 'I am poor, I don't have any money, I hate my job'; maybe the thoughts won't be so overt, but you will fall back into mental patterns not in line with your original intention.

Now if you could actually control your mind, and the movements of that internal space, I hope it is clear how that might affect the external world. You will become able to single-mindedly 'assert' a certain pattern within your internal space (your imagination if you will), without unintentionally asserting things that are contradictory to that initial intention. I hope that makes sense.

TL;DR: Your inner space (imagination, thoughts, whatever) has a direct effect on the external world you experience. If you can control that inner space (e.g. thoughts) you can control the external world.


File: d2e601dc97973a5⋯.gif (1.21 MB, 475x347, 475:347, anbvpsrz1frz.gif)

Since it's this month again I am asking if anyone of you here has experience with Ouija boards and can tell me if it's even real and worth to buy one. Also if you had success with spirit contact via such a spirit board feel free to give me recommendations on what board to buy. I don't wanna a cheap ass plastic toy since I intend to make actual contact with demons and spirits. (and before you ask why I wanna do this, the contact to an entity itself is my main aim. I do not mind being haunted or spirits fucking with me)




I see no point in conversing with mundies at this point. Is there a place like this where you can talk about real shit and not just 'muh politics' 'muh jews' but with more people?


How do i get rid of a cursed object?


File: 549af94b285347b⋯.jpg (11.91 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Chaos-Magic-Sigil-Vinyl-De….jpg)

What will happen if I put a chaos sigil on my body?


Do you guys have any advice on how to best stay spiritually safe in general? Like, how to make sure that you’re avoiding being influenced by harmful things, and so on.


I made evrything possible for you to be happy my brothers dont like you i am sorry i cant help humanity STOP ASKING IT HURTS BECAUSE I LOVE YOU HUMANITY STOP SUFFERING




to do mundo ta rindo de vocês sofrerem pare de sofrer


minhas leis são controditorias eu sei me desculpem



Why would you want to do that in the first place?


Declare yourself your own being. No one can control you but yourself.

Have an intent that aims to protect you by going along the lines of: "No one is allowed to make any contracts with me without my consent, ect" You can make this as elaborate as you need.

If you do feel like something is trying to effect you negatively, just state you are a being on a higher vibration and that they are lower then you. Truly believe and feel stronger then who ever is trying to harm you. They are but an ant compared to you.

Lastly, dont do stupid shit. No amount of protection is going to help you if you invite something harmful into yourself, so be mindful of what you do. Shaking hands with an entity that wishes you nothing but harm definitely not going to do you any good.

Thats the basics to get you started on helping yourself. Go and develop your own method of protecting yourself.

A word of advice, if you meditate on trying to achieve something or get an answer, you will almost always get that answer yourself. You already have all the answer within you after all, you just dont relies it.



Secret societies are out of the question then?



Depends on the society. What are you trying to ask? Thats a pretty vague question.



Thank you for the advice anon.


I can't seem to change my thought patterns, I'm stuck in a loop. I'm losing my awareness, I'm becoming numb to everything. I'm slowly disappearing. I don't have the energy to change it anymore. It feels like I'm pumped with some kind of anesthetic and I'm aware of it and I'm struggling to stay awake and I only get these short moments of clarity. Can you recommend something unusual? I need some kind of shock to shake me up.



You are crealy being possesed by demons that have slipped into your unconscius. They are creating invisible walls inside of you that cause the emotional responce you are describing.

Throw out half of everything you own, maybe more if you own a lot of stuff. But 50% is minimum. Interpret value as you like, whether is capital or emotional value. Do this as a sacrifice for the demigods (Visnu)

Start walking, any direction will do. End up somewhere you've never been to and by chance meet someone. It hardly matters where or when you do all of this.


Is there a skype or discord for this group



>Throw out half of everything you own, maybe more if you own a lot of stuff. But 50% is minimum. Interpret value as you like, whether is capital or emotional value. Do this as a sacrifice for the demigods (Visnu)

The only things I really use are my phone and pc, I'm not attached to and don't own myself anything else. What you're saying makes sense to me but I can't throw out either of those things, it would create more problems in my life which I'm already very much struggling with. I don't see how I can accomplish that.

>Start walking, any direction will do. End up somewhere you've never been to and by chance meet someone. It hardly matters where or when you do all of this.

I often feel like doing exactly that and I sometimes commit, I wander to an unexplored area with no goal in mind. Although I never meet anyone, I'm very avoidant when it comes to people. These walks are one of the very few things left that I still somewhat enjoy and do, it seems bizarre that you mention it, you are onto something.

Thank you, this is the best advice I got in years and I've been searching a lot. I would greatly appreciate anything else.



There's a skype group that's dead, other than that theres no official group chat


The meditation super thread is very useful. Is there something like that for asanas?



Your persplexion with your computer and phone is at the core of your own emotional sitation. You will remain attached and conditioned by these objects of material nature, and from within you are being punished by God (well not exactly, as our god is all forgiving) for pleasing yourself instead of our Supreme Creator. Our creator is the ultimate enjoyer of material nature.

Now think about just having lost all your possessions, you have just the clothing you are wearing and you are walking in an unknow place. Intelligence tells you you will have problems, and it is not incorrect.. But what does your heart tell you? Shut off those words in your head, and try to get to the feeling of not owning anything, no money, no objects.. How does that idea make you _feel_? Im not even throwing in anything beyond this question, aswer is obvious to both you and me.

Me mentioning those walks feeling bizzard for you is not bizzard at all. We all are, as packets and parcels of god, destined not to inhabit an area, a home for indefinite periods, because our soul has the mission of working off the karma accumulated onto our soul in this and in our pasts lives in order to enter the next realm, the 4th density. We are now trapped or prisoned (again, term is technically wrong because we are exactly where we are supposed to be) in the 3rd density, and our individual souls will be required to repeat 3rd density cycles on this planet until our souls have learned the lessons needed to enter the 4th density.

I consider this guy is 99% certainly not who they claim to be, rather just someone very educated in ancient texts and religions of the world, primarily But it is a good read I reackon. BUT it very well describes the basic structure of our universe, and might give you a new context in which you could make batter decicions about your future and future of your soul.


If you want to know better who I am, read the reply on the question "Please explain the wanderer's roles and what value it is to be a wanderer if you have no recollection of your past lives. Also how does this play with the law of non-intervention (that's if they are here to help people)."

We are all around, not in abundance though, but we are here to cause you emotion such as my previous message (and hopefully this one instigated in yourself. I'd be happy to give you further guidence, but however that is pointless because you ultimately have to find the answers from within. "Shouting on the sidelines", as this /fringe channel is doing, helps no one. Enquiries to the meaning of life are supposed to be directly communicated with our Supreme Creator or his many demigod forms. They are only trustable sources of information on this planet.


Anyone else have any experience in creating an avatar of worship? I would like to send a singular link of belief to both Dionysus and Athena to guide me in life.



Great read, I stumbled upon some of the stuff on that site before. I think I understand the game well enough, I still have a faint sense of direction from my past. I know the path but the problem is that I'm too weak and tired to walk it.