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File: 8806d6e5c5d5723⋯.png (788.72 KB, 1406x896, 703:448, ClipboardImage.png)


Last threads:











Current Build: 0.978f

Mega link containing Windows, Mac, Linux (Double click the one you need)


Older Build (Used for the mods): 0.978e







Link containing most of the mods anons have created:




who is the far left a OC? looks awful.



My guess would be "human" Mystique. And…I agree. That is quite the chin and jawline.



It's Mystique. Hopefully the modders actually take the constructive criticism given to them and improve how she looks. Love how the mods improved this game and I love the modders for basically bringing new life to this shit, but blind praise is only going to hurt the quality. It's shit like that, that led to Ponies, Pokemon, and other fur shit being added to Urban Demons.




FUTA FUTA FUTA, get her to DP Rogue! Step Mother, Step Daughter, and Master


File: cacb2f705c031d9⋯.jpg (45.02 KB, 711x669, 237:223, 1515110013648.jpg)


>It's shit like that, that led to Ponies, Pokemon, and other fur shit being added to Urban Demons.

You what?




Can't wait for Mystique turning into a pony


File: 386fee3b7f3546c⋯.webm (628.48 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Tidus's laugh-H47ow4_Cmk0.webm)


>Hopefully the modders actually take the constructive criticism given to them


File: 7bac4180bc7f499⋯.jpg (22.15 KB, 340x506, 170:253, 7bac4180bc7f4996e6007b5392….jpg)



>Hopefully the modders actually take the constructive criticism

Didn't we establish in the previous thread that no one on fucking f95 gives any sort of criticism? It's just blind praise over there from the looks of it


File: 745eda1cf62ea20⋯.jpg (152.04 KB, 512x288, 16:9, 16715942_1374310309255902_….jpg)


Seems like someone from this thread went over to f95 to give some critiscism and it's actually going over surprisingly well.


File: f2a2bc30b79270c⋯.jpg (353.01 KB, 2256x1504, 3:2, 1430774814234.jpg)


That was me. I spent almost 10 minutes trying to word it properly, but even so I was expecting to get shit on by the hivemind honestly



good, I was going to myself, I'm glad someone did.


>My guess would be "human" Mystique. And…I agree. That is quite the chin and jawline.

how'd they fuck her up to such a unrecognizable state and why didn't they use her sexy student form instead of this man jaw version of her teacher form?



Why not a tentacle hose monster to fuck Kitty, Emma and Rouge while also having a functional cunt and womb? So when you cum you can impregnate them all at the same time



I think that's the "director" version of her. The one she uses at the beginning of the show. It doesn't look bad compared to the show version, I liked it, although it could use more shadow.

There's some art for the student persona, don't know if it's gonna be added.


File: 2e62343817efa68⋯.jpg (27.78 KB, 701x511, 701:511, 2e62343817efa680abf2178053….jpg)



Someone actually did. Well one person atleast, then the rest followed. The modder said he'd keep working on it. But I doubt we can expect much.


File: 27f97fda217e8e8⋯.gif (2 MB, 356x400, 89:100, vomit.gif)


>That fucking abomination of a rogue 2.0


This is what's going to kill the game.

Half assed copy paste doggy and missionary for kitty and emma and now this hideous shit.

We had a good run, guys.



File: eeb3f8a38bfda6a⋯.png (981.33 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, capture.png)



I mean, Mystique had a goth identity for a bit, why a new one? Hell, there's a Wanda.



to be fair oni is the one letting this game die, if you want legit art he's the one you should be pissing on to get it done

but i'm sure he'll have a blowjob scene with emma sometime by the end of the year, maybe we'll get to do anal with her before xmas 2020 too, i'm p excited



she had more identities during the show anon


File: de2923fb6a7a28d⋯.png (775.54 KB, 1144x1718, 572:859, transexual in glasses.png)

Can you autists not jeopardise my operation here? I've established relations with the f95 faggots and you're coming in with jew accounts talking shit. Anyway he did this pretty quickly, what do you guys think? I replied over there that the jaw and chin is still retarded among other things but honestly the more I look at this thing the more I hate the model in general. I can't see myself fapping to this tranny.

Also I can't believe how cucked some of these guys are, we're finally starting to have productive conversation there and then this faggot goes back to praising him when the art still needs some serious fucking work.



The lips are also too big, take a look at kitty or emma and they don't stand out as much.



I know I was gonna include that in my post too but the whole face needs reworking what the fuck am I supposed to say



(her) left thigh is misshapen too, its way too thin near her crotch, looks strange

he's making progress though i'll give him that, she looks a lot better than that jean grey we saw before with cerebral palsy



>I replied over there that the jaw and chin is still retarded […] I can't see myself fapping to this tranny.

This, that square jaw is a big no. Imo the waist should be thinner too.



and yeah why does he love that square jaw so much? and where tf is her belly button?

you know, maybe we should just request a paper bag clothing mod. with a bag over her head she might actually be fuckable

i mean her tits are at least decent, but i'm not sure how much of that is just bc cloned rogue




Well if you're going to do it then go the extra mile and provide caps, I wanna see your post and the replies.



>to be fair oni is the one

Do not attempt to assign sole blame for the mod trash fire to the creator.

The current mods are unoriginal and lacking in quality save for a few.


How many scenes does emma have so far?


File: cd3322d65dda42a⋯.png (568.7 KB, 1162x1152, 581:576, mypost.png)


How about you go the extra mile by clicking this link and take 2 minutes to just read through the fucking posts. I started to make caps for you but there so many I'm not going to spend 20 minutes making a compilation.


Here's a screenshot of my post.



>That would be cool, he'd just have to draw a new hair for each girl and maybe chage the color of the body and add some new body frames. Endless possibilities, add anime girls, overwatch girls, DC girls.

Yeah, it would somewhat become a dressup game at that point but there's no way more than like 5 or at a push 6 distinctive girls with personalities and kinks could be fit in to this without it devolving in to pure nonsense.



I think that's peggy hill.




>Is there any good emma stuff in this yet? I'm having a hard time raising her love stats since I cant fucking do anything


Where do you put the folders for the mod?



You can fuck her missionary, doggystyle and get a bj

but the art still looks rough around the edges


File: 53b6f63b67c311c⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1391x959, 1391:959, Screenshot_7.png)

So is the mystique stuff broken right now? I get this whenever I try to do stuff and often get errors from renpy



Yeah, that's also a reason I haven't updated my game to it.


Staying strong and waiting for the official release…


File: 53ad2594a610b9d⋯.jpg (335.99 KB, 516x766, 258:383, 120011_RavenV3.jpg)


New ugly Rogue looks much less ugly



>those water balloon tits

check this for comparison >>47757



I think right now only the sex scenes are working with her


Why are all the mods for the e version instead of the newer one?



Because the modding started when Oni said e was the most stable then a few days later released f but it would be a major hazzle to recode everything into the updated version, I don't think you can just copy paste it.


File: 42afd816b9bfcb6⋯.jpg (102.04 KB, 516x766, 258:383, fixed lol.jpg)


She should have better waistline and it's all gucci


File: 0f93e0bf6876692⋯.jpg (62.69 KB, 385x252, 55:36, 061127.jpg)


yeah sure bud



Side by side you can tellit's mostly that Oni uses way thinner lines, some line weight and more curves in the shading to give shape.



It looks fucking exactly like that lmao. God damn.



Oni does more detail work ie better work


Still blows my mind how a couple bored anons can put out more content than the original creator.

There's a reason I don't throw cash at any patreon and this is pretty much the perfect example why. Maybe one day people will realize you can't just get paid to do nothing.

In Oni's case, he's an artist trying to learn how to code by making a game but unfortunately that's something he should do on his own time, not on the patrons' dollars.



Perfectly reasonable that pretty much sums it up


File: 2a62b20e6bfa05e⋯.jpg (27.22 KB, 640x640, 1:1, into the trash.jpg)


She looks fucking garbage and almost no different to Rogue.

Why are you faggots eating it all up?

Oh, i forgot, it's only cuckzoners on here, my bad.



so much hate



It's an improvement over what she was originally. I think the zippers are a nice touch.



taste so low even dung beetles look in disgust



I can't hear ya with those cocks in your mouth, you need to speak up or stop sucking for a moment.



I agree with you.




you mean (You)



Awww, don't be mad cupcake. It's shit, get over it.


>>49234 (((You)))

Fuck off.



Bitch looks like a fucking tranny.



>Bitch looks like a fucking tranny.

and here's why that's a good thing.



Good luck with that, Oni keeps giving empty promises. "sorry guys, my gerbil died and i went into a deep depression for two months, then I went to the hospital for two broken skulls, but ive been working real hard i promise, I gave emma a new shirt and kitty says a new line. oh by the way I added in redundant systems that no one cares about. update should be ready in like two months, its gonna be lit fam but also send me patreon monies bc im sad about my dead gerbil and i need ur support to get thru this"

everyone here bitches about f95 circle jerking around the modders and suckin up every bit of "content" they produce, but the patreon supporters are the true cucks here, oni posts some dumb shit status report saying nothing at all and everyones like "omg thank u oni we love u and btw u r the best here is more money <3<3<3<3<3<3"


File: 9345672755e4a6b⋯.png (428.98 KB, 600x666, 100:111, 9345672755e4a6b155076756ac….png)


No one on here speaks like that.

Go back, i know you came from there.


It's an improvement from Rouge?

What do you mean?

The current one looks subhuman tier.

Go back.


Again, go back, i smell the cuckzone on you.


No, it looks like garbage though i'd like some tranny with a feminine penis in there

still, go back.


File: b83e97ec444aeb3⋯.gif (3.73 MB, 460x258, 230:129, 1510186430805.gif)



Yup bitch got a penis but in all reality this could do with a hell of a lot of editing more so than what's there. Last thread had an altered, more feminine Mystique unless you're trying to tell me they expect me to believe this bitch is Mystique now?


File: 9268e26dabff9ac⋯.jpg (171.05 KB, 480x960, 1:2, 9268e26dabff9ac1408d52b05e….jpg)

This one I mean you could edit her so she doesn't look like Rogue entirely, decrease the man jaw that occured while editing Rogue in the first place then give her some bigger tits or wider hips to seperate her from the other three.



>a couple bored anons

Do you not know where these are coming from?

Are you not aware of the type of content being made?



>In Oni's case, he's an artist trying to learn how to code

He has had nearly a decade to learn and has not gotten any better, his updates still take 3-6 months and the "content" in them is so fucking minimal that it makes SunsetRider7 look like a fucking god.



In all seriousness what do you think Oni's output should look like?



at $4k a month? if he doesnt have time to work on the game because of real world commitments, he should be paying artists or coders to do the work for him. he could outsource half of his patreon income and monthly updates would be a regular thing.

1-2 new outfits per month is not too much to ask. finishing his goddamn characters is not too much to ask. where is official emma content? oh thats right, it'll be here when oni finishes building a historical scene generator that no one cares about


File: c8bc0cd06add381⋯.png (162.93 KB, 414x329, 414:329, 1507995884610.png)


The replaying of previous scenes really fucking gets to me. In terms of vanilla content in about 25 minutes at a casual speed you've played through everything the game has to offer. If you know how the game works you can do it much quicker and yet he spends months working on this utterly retarded system and his patreons applaud it




Some new scenes like this guy said is all he needs to do. Multiple anons in the past have as well, he could also do to hire a coder and have the new coder lend him a hand and teach him this shit but he's refused even people who offered it for free.



Doesn't matter where the content comes from, it still proves Oni's inadequacies.

If f95 manages to produce something of decent quality I'm not going to snob out on it just because of some ridiculous board culture bullshit. I'll yell at them for trying to play the internet cookie points game, sure. But who gives a shit if they stay quiet in their own corner and just throw whatever they manage to make at us?

In the end, if even those f95 plebs are capable of making somewhat palatable content at a third of Oni's speed it's still a testament to Oni being shit.


Mystique looks fucking awful. Like a little kid drew her.


File: 86e2b1deb49b05d⋯.png (139.59 KB, 376x689, 376:689, 120966_Untitled.png)

here is the next thing the mods will add






i approve


File: 3fb6d3050ed930e⋯.jpg (7.07 KB, 320x301, 320:301, 16114515_589124924614987_4….jpg)





found the fags



What a degenerate aberration! Where are the nuts? Just because I love the ballsack so much….




It's not true faggots some random f95 user just posted this in the thread and literally everyone said no to him



>1-2 new outfits per month is not too much to ask.

Thats a shit idea when he isn't even done with sex mechanics.

>finishing his goddamn characters is not too much to ask.

Agreed wholeheartedly.

>where is official emma content? oh thats right, it'll be here when oni finishes building a historical scene generator that no one cares about

I don't mind if it means I get a decent feeling of actually accomplishing something from the game, Rogue is still too easy, the fucking addict.


>Doesn't matter where the content comes from, it still proves Oni's inadequacies.

it matters, don't mislead people into believing it comes from anons, for good and bad.

>If f95 manages to produce something of decent quality I'm not going to snob out on it just because of some ridiculous board culture bullshit.

I get that you don't understand why people have a problem with f95, but that's on you.

>I'll yell at them for trying to play the internet cookie points game, sure. But who gives a shit if they stay quiet in their own corner and just throw whatever they manage to make at us? In the end, if even those f95 plebs are capable of making somewhat palatable content at a third of Oni's speed it's still a testament to Oni being shit.

Because the content is sub par and lauded as something great when it's copy paste kid stuff at best.

On top of that is the unrealistic amount of people pushing acceptance of the mods here as acceptable and good. If the mods were simply made available here with helpful guidance from questions that would be fine, but instead we get it almost shoved down our throats as unquestionably good complete with its own internet defense force. And accompanying that is the constant need to push an Oni is shit Narative which is only ever supported by the arguments that quickly made mediocre mods that don't provide any new code and use garbage copy paste edit art prove he is shit. If you want to say he is shit for being too slow with updates that's fine, but this argument that the garbage from F95 is proof of incompetence and the veiling of shit mods as begin made by anon is unacceptable.



You're reading too much into it dude, the fact of the matter is Oni casually rakes in tons of cash for a hobby he barely works on combined with his incompetence which leads to a horde of people throwing out mediocre content.

Yeah I agree most of the mods are pretty bad but even a bad mod is more appreciated than 2 (actual) updates a year. Plus, if we give them real criticism they might actually improve and eventually churn out something good.

Doesn't matter where it comes from, effort is effort and no matter who is doing it or where they're from it's definitely more effort than what is perceived from the game creator.

I understand you feel the need to be a xenophobic piece of shit but just as much as you hate the dumb behavior of the f95 people your own behavior is far from being irreproachable. The vast majority of the issues stem from both sides being salty bitches more than either side being overly obnoxiously stupid.



basically this but we're the salty bitches and the f95 crowd are reddit-type faggots



Still no new build?


File: 8ebad9e005be929⋯.gif (2.71 MB, 360x441, 40:49, 8ebad9e005be92922b5a317427….gif)


>xenophobic piece of

What are you even about? You're AMONG piece of shit, are you lost?



There is of the mod but I don't wanna post it as Mystique is still WIP and still barebones.



Before Nergal came back, F95 was making a fanmod of Urban Demons. They started off by adding a granny character and the content got more bizarre from there.

When it's against the rules to say, "That is a terrible idea," the outcome is never good. See: SomethingAwful, every company/government ever started by/handed off to a woman.


File: 8c7b5715850152d⋯.jpeg (25.44 KB, 617x435, 617:435, incompetencedemotivator.jpeg)


>Doesn't matter where it comes from, effort is effort and no matter who is doing it or where they're from it's definitely more effort than what is perceived from the game creator.

How fucking new are you.

>You're reading too much into it dude, the fact of the matter is Oni casually rakes in tons of cash for a hobby he barely works on combined with his incompetence which leads to a horde of people throwing out mediocre content.

>people make shit content because Oni work/doesn't update enough

You're fucking retarded and if the updates are to be believed wrong.

One thing I plan on doing is reorienting the order in the basic sexual encounter menus slightly, in a way that won't be directly noticeable to you guys, but I think will flow better, making the dialog in its current state a bit less chaotic (adding dirty talk sort of mixed up a formula I'd been using), and making character orgasms a bit more flexible in terms of timing.
At the same time I plan to add more direct control over the second girl in a scene, expanding the threesome control options that I introduced in the lesbian make-out scene (which will also be added to Kitty's menu), and also perhaps add the option to switch between the girls without completely backing out of the scene first.

If you knew jack shit about programming anything you would realize how much fucking work would go into just doing this small blurb of things.

You keep calling him incompetent but you clearly don't understand the difference in skill between making something good and copying something good and doing a shit job with it. Incompetent would be providing shit code and shit art, Oni isn't incompetent he's either lazy or slow with the updates. The Modders who only copy code instead of making new code and release shit art are incompetent, no matter how much "effort" they put in it comes out as script kiddie tier save for whoever made the scrolling menu for outfits, that was good.

>I understand you feel the need to be a xenophobic piece of shit

No you clearly don't you fucking xenophile cuck because you wont shut up about embracing F95s diverse modders and their work.

>own behavior is far from being irreproachable

eat shit forum fag

>The vast majority of the issues stem from both sides being salty bitches more than either side being overly obnoxiously stupid.

How to post something completely wrong



here bud have all updates since 0.978f

Rogue-Like Update 03/31/2018

Ok, so I'm wrapping up the work on version 0.978 of the game, version f will hopefully be bug-free enough that we can settle on that one, if not soon after, and I can start working full steam ahead on version 0.979. So what will that mean?

One thing I plan on doing is reorienting the order in the basic sexual encounter menus slightly, in a way that won't be directly noticeable to you guys, but I think will flow better, making the dialog in its current state a bit less chaotic (adding dirty talk sort of mixed up a formula I'd been using), and making character orgasms a bit more flexible in terms of timing. This means changing every menu around, which shouldn't be hard, but is time consuming and game breaking, so I can't release a new build until at least that's over.

At the same time I plan to add more direct control over the second girl in a scene, expanding the threesome control options that I introduced in the lesbian make-out scene (which will also be added to Kitty's menu), and also perhaps add the option to switch between the girls without completely backing out of the scene first.

As for Emma, I'm starting work in earnest on her BJ/TJ/Sex sprites, though I can't make any promises as to when those will be ready to play with. I should have her shower scenes ready by next version, as well as her towel, and hopefully a few other clothing options. I also hope to have her handjob scene ready.

Probably various other things in there too, we'll see what comes up, but those are my plans at the moment.

Oh, and just a "state of the game" thing, if you haven't been following the various patches that have come out and the discussions in the comments, there is a new word balloon system, and at first is clashed hard with some of the character positions, but hopefully I've smoothed that out, and I also intend to do something about positioning the second girls better during sex scenes than they currently are. Some of the decision menus were expanding beyond the borders of the screen, but I've tried to mitigate that wherever possible, either branching the options into more menus so each is shorter, or just using shorter lines to describe each option.



Rogue-Like Update 04/10/2018

Man, when you start to work on a new coding challenge and then four hours have passed before you realize it. . . Anyway, I've been working on the system intended to allow you to swap between the girls without too much backtracking, ideally in "real time." This sounds simple, but the way things are structured, it's basically like unloading a truck and then loading another one in the proper order, and vice-versa, while both are driving down the highway. ;) I think I've got it mostly sorted out by this point, but it'll take some testing to make sure it works well. The tricky bit will be the "dismount," making sure that exiting out of the scenes, in all possible permutations, leaves you in the intended place, rather than dumping you into the middle of a previous sequence.

I also finished up Emma's shower scene stuff, which should work well, including with the other girls.



Rogue-Like Update 04/19/2018

Hey, just letting you know what I've been up to. I figured out a new trick with sprite building, how the sprites get layered. It might make the game run a bit smoother when multiple sprites are out. Or maybe worse, it's hard to test for, but we'll see the next build and if it's not good I can revert it. I think it's better though, less total checks at once, and it sorts things easier than how I had been doing it.

I've also been working on Emma's chit-chat, and her caught by the Professor deal. I've also made a gameplay change that will apply retroactively to your saves, which is that if you have launched any of the "plans" against the Prof, he's shaken himself free! Don't worry, he doesn't remember you did it.

You can do it again, of course, but this time, each girl is defined separately, so you'd need to do the plan with each girl to get that protection. I think this keeps that mechanic in play in a more interesting way, whereas before you might miss it completely after clearing it with only one girl.

What else, what else. . . oh, I also did that thing people were talking about in the last thread where if you're talking to one girl, you can jump directly to talking to another girl about the same thing, like jump directly from one wardrobe to another, or one flirting menu to another. It doesn't work with all dialogs, because it wouldn't be entirely natural conversation to do so, but I think it makes sense where it's placed.

Oh, and I got in some new Emma clothing art, which looks pretty great. Took a while to get that organized, I should do a bit on exporting sprite layers at some point, it's a whole thing.



Rogue-Like Update05/04/2018

Another progress report on what I've been working on. I got some new clothing in for Emma and incorporated those into the game, and I also buckled down on implementing the "historical" system for the game, allowing you to use the Danger Room to simulate various one-time events in the game without having to start from scratch.

The tricky bit in making such a system was to set it up in such a way that it wouldn't reset your progress, or that would allow you to stack up extra progress. I think I have the basic system working how I want, and it allows you to go into the Danger Room, select a scenario, and then it launches the simulation, plays it out start to finish, and then closes down and restores all stats and values to their proper state.

It does warn you not to save inside the simulation, however, because there are cases where restoring and continuing from a save inside there might end up with weird values when you exit (mainly between different versions). Hopefully that won't be an issue anyway, but I can't guarantee it, so I figured I'd warn you guys just in case.

Right now the only things totally finished are Rogue's first meeting scene, and her romance options, but I plan to add the same for the other girls, and then maybe some other scenes that only pop up once. Are there any scenes in particular that you'd want added? I do plan on making some unique encounters that can involve this system, but this is the start of it.

Oh, also, since these are public posts, it apparently means spammers can get on and cause shenanigans. If you see someone post a link to a bunch of porn sites, don't click on those, I wouldn't, at least, I'll delete those when I see them, but there's no good way to automate that process.



Rogue-Like Update 05/28/2018

Sorry for the quiet guys. It's been a couple weeks, and the delay has a combination of losing a pet two weekends back, which left me a bit shellshocked for a few days, and also mostly working on art assets, which aren't particularly interesting to talk about, and also not worth seeing until they're in a finished state. Anyway.

I have been working away, I've got the basics for Emma's BJ animations and stuff in, there's a [spoilers] example of it below, although don't worry about her body, that's a placeholder for right now that I hope to fix up before releasing her. I still also need to do some alternate stuff like her wet hair and facial stuff, but the basic facial features are done, and the animations mostly worked out. I'm also working my way through her relevant dialog strings.

I hope to have a release ready in a couple weeks, depends on when I can finish up the remaining artwork. Wish me luck.




>reorienting basic sexual encounter menus in a way that won't be directly noticeable

<changing every menu, shouldn't be hard, is time consuming + game breaking

>same time add more direct control over the second girl expanding threesome control

>maybe option to switch girls without backing out of scene

>for Emma starting work on BJ/TJ/Sex sprites, no promises on when ready, should have shower scenes next version + towel hopefully clothing options

>emma handjob ready

>probably other things too

>also smoothed word baloon, working on menu position problem with threesom


>came upon a new challenge, didn't realize it till deep in

>been working on system to swap girls with less backtracking, its a huge bitch

>think I've got it, doing testing

>finished Emma's Shower Scene, works good, even with other girls


>new clothing for Emma

>danger room coming along,I think I have it down, just don't save in the danger room, version conflict stuff mainly, should be an issue but warned

>Rogue's first meeting scene, and her romance options are finished, planning to do same for other girls, maybe some other scenes that only pop once

>any scenes you want added?

>planning unique encounters that use the system but only starting now

>since these are public posts spammers can comment with porn links, just report and I'll get them


>lost pet, it fucked with me, delay as a result

>been working on art, not much to talk about there

>been working on code, basic parts for Emma BJ is in, example below, body is placeholder planned to be replaced by release

>need to do wet hair and facial stuff, facial features are done and the animation is mostly done

>working on her dialog

hope to release in a couple weeks, depending on artwork




>I'm Oni and It's been three months and I have no work to show for it, don't cancel your patreon support guys, I promise I'm just milking you, it's fine.


Hi Oni, go fuck yourself, thanks


File: b386bd2b1b9d1de⋯.jpg (27.88 KB, 700x483, 100:69, pathetic.jpg)


File: 4207538411a970d⋯.jpg (146.64 KB, 1451x822, 1451:822, 1451139228885.jpg)


He lost a pet! Give him a break for cry sake!



>lost a pet


>this is an adult

Truth is, it's just one of the easiest free sympathy breaks he can get, no real consequences, now he can acquire a new pet if there ever was any pets in the first place and just "lose" it the next time it's convenient to halt progress. It's all about milking those sweet retardshekels.

And when "le pet dieded, I cri" stops working, he'll switch to Family members getting sick, he's already laying the base for that, or "I gots hittet by an car again lololol, am in hopsital, plz still pay"



You have a right to say whatever you want, just like I have the right to call you a complete moron for it.

Oni is either incompetent because he lacks the competency necessary to do any real amount of work in a timely manner or he's a lazy milking cuck which in either case isn't worth the amount of money he's getting.

It doesn't matter if you're a newfag, oldfag, furfag, f95fag or one of those loli-worshiping pedophiles. Behave yourself with a modicum of decency or go fellate a shotgun.

I never said you should embrace F95, just that you should shut the fuck up about the mods you don't care about, give actual criticism to the ones you might care about and just take the FREE MODS YOU DIDN'T MAKE that you like.



You don't dictate terms here, you are the foreign agent and you can go suck 40 dicks.



Wrong, I am not a foreign agent. I don't use forums. The terms I laid out for you aren't specific to this board, it's just global for everything both on the internet and out there in the world. Live and let live, shut the fuck up if you can't offer anything of use or want. Nobody wants to see your cancerous idiocy. It's not helpful to anybody and only further devolves the world as a whole when people like you surface.

Anonymity is not an excuse for being a reeking pile of refuse. You don't have to be an asshole to tell someone you don't like what they made. And just telling them "it sucks" or "get out you filthy fag" doesn't help them make it any better or understand your point of view.



When my dog passed away I felt like absolute shit for a week. We all handle things differently but unless it was a pet rock, I'd understand.



You are a subversive foreign agent not merely advocating but demanding that others not obligated to your will submit to your view of the world without opportunity of choice. As free peoples we are entitled to chose our own paths in life absent of such fascist authoritarian intrusion. I exercise my god given freedom of choice, my free will by calling you a faggot nigger kike for doing as faggot nigger kikes like you have done before in attempting to subvert this free sphere into one more welcoming for one such as yourself. The mods are of poor quality and if you don't like hearing the truth then tough nuts because I don't owe you shit.


File: dd21babc5c097fb⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 500x625, 4:5, 1511147874741.gif)

Whats taking the guy so long to update the mod version he's usually pretty quick



it's usually ripped from F95 so you're best bet is to go there if you really want details and downloads asap



Again, that's not the point. Denouncing a poor quality mod as being poor quality isn't the problem. Being a massive unwashed rectum about it is. I'm not forcing you to learn some manners but I am trying to educate you however futile it may be.

But I mean, sure, you can tell the modders their work sucks ass without any actually useful insight until they quit and the whole scene dies. Or hey, here's an idea, you could potentially talk to people and see if you can't get them to work better, which might increase the quality of their content or "'gasp'" god forbid they might even make content you like.



You operate under the assumption that I have not given specific criticism, as per usual you are wrong. Further how I chose to speak is my choice and I will not submit to your whining faggoty ann.



I'm only assuming things as much as you do. Your manners suggest you wouldn't be capable of asking for directions without punching a lady in the guts so it's not too far-fetched to assume you couldn't give valid criticism if it hit you in the eye.



You appear unable to speak without hyperbole and as such I will laugh and point at your crying faggot ways.



Text is not the ideal platform of communication for hyperbole and sarcasm.



I know and I have been checking there first but the guy who does it posts the updates on here too


File: da717f0a49ac71c⋯.jpg (22.34 KB, 476x477, 476:477, 005_1409194839052.jpg)



Stop. No one gives a shit what either of you have to say. This is pathetic.



Oh I see.


>Text is not the ideal platform of communication for hyperbole and sarcasm.

Certainly not for the deficient unable to gauge the meaning behind the words. Assuming you are the one I was speaking to maybe it would be in your best interests to think about what you are doing before impulsively reacting to what I write.



I do not post these words to entertain you. I'm sorry for shitting up the thread with this faggot but I can't stop fucking with him.



Only in so much that you continue to reply to me, and poorly at that.


File: 33d9c501a2d8d0a⋯.png (36.27 KB, 625x626, 625:626, baitkakke.png)


I guess if the first bait doesn't work you just gotta keep throwing them out until you get a response? Clearly not sorry for shitting up the thread since you continue to do so. Final communication, enjoy this one final bite.


>>03 is the first thread, if that's of any interest to you.



But yeah it was deleted.




Still sort of exists though.



Reason I'm not posting it for now is Mystique is still WIP with a lot of bugs appearing. I want something stable.



How long do you think until you can get it working without bugs?



I dunno. This is the latest version if you want a buggy game.




Thanks I'll try it. How bad are the bugs?



Taking Mystique into the school could trigger her to turn into Emma, in not the fun way.



Oh I was hoping this was a newer version with the new version of Mystique


rip based mods


File: 089a14a811009a3⋯.jpg (232.97 KB, 559x682, 559:682, 122965_RavenTest.jpg)


They're still working, just waiting.



Don't tell me you find that acceptable. It looks like a little kid drew her.



Oni's drawings look very comparable. So if you don't like the art style of the game why are you here?



That looks nothing like the other characters.



You're defending this crap on f95, you're defending it here, and yet it's still crap. oni may be lazy but his models are not this fucking bland. I fucking hate your guts.



I'm not defending anything on either site, what you're replying to is my opinion. I posted criticism on f95 so he would fix his shit and he has made it better. Obviously it's not as good as Oni's but I find the current version acceptable. At least I did something, I assume you just autistically smash your keyboard every time something new comes out? If you don't like the mods just close this thread you don't have to play the game with them anon. Maybe Oni will give you a new character before 2020.

And If you actually give a shit maybe you can try drawing something better yourself.


File: 4e6ec5b89e6ea2e⋯.png (297.71 KB, 600x512, 75:64, 657.png)


>Obviously it's not as good as Oni's


>Oni's drawings look very comparable



Those statements are both valid



Keep acting like a little bitch though




Same person.



Are you retarded?



>Implying I was trying to hide that

I even wrote it like I was continuing the previous post. You're an utter fucking brainlet












Fuck off. You're probably a legally blind shut-in with nothing better to do.



>defends terrible mods

>has better things to do




Don't drag me into this, I just post stuff from the fag thread to save you the trouble of going there.




where iis my dick rogue shoutout?




It's not my thing, but at least the art style fits. So no need to say bad things about it.


Why did the modders decide to add a trannie character?



it's 2018 sweetie



yeah, perfect year to gas degenerates like you



Programfag here. I do agree that coding stuff ain't too easy, and delivering quality code is hard work. BUT. I've seen Oni's code. It's on the level BELOW any basic coding tutorial (as in, spending a few hours going through a simple free Python tutorial would give you more knowledge than he obtained during literal years of work on his project – we're basically talking "monkey with a typewriter" skill level here), which definitely does make him incompetent. That also happens to be the reason why he has to do lots of work (producing even more shitty code) whenever he tries to do anything. And on top of that he rejects any help with the code saying he wants to learn by himself (which means his codebase will stay a horrible mess forever).

As for modding, doing any coding for this game means writing something that interacts with Oni's code, which means it's a) lots of work and a bitch to avoid even more bugs, and b) will likely break completely after his next update.



maybe we get lucky and oni's code drives some programfag mad and he decide to rewrite the whole thing after its done



ummmm no sorry and soon with changing demographics in our lifetimes white people are going to be a minority in every western country and we can finally be done with evil people like you (whites)



who forgot to lock the tumblr gate?



if you care so much about this shit go to f95, why are you even here where nobody wants you?


File: fdbac08750026a0⋯.jpg (14.83 KB, 655x360, 131:72, 1521629427399.jpg)



no we want to argue :3



Why take race into this?

I give you a hint, the most people on this planet who will throw stones on degenerates like you are not white.


File: c6a17945b6ba0d5⋯.png (252.43 KB, 450x492, 75:82, Emma_Frost.png)

so updates never?


yeah I did hear the man just keeps adding variables to everything


File: 94b2200d038d831⋯.gif (1.04 MB, 480x270, 16:9, giphy.gif)


Olive_Dab, the guy creating most of the stuff responded he sent most of the stuff for Mystique over to the mod compiler, he'll hopefully have something done by the weekend.

Just be patient.


File: 07e0bae20e49300⋯.png (59 KB, 1102x559, 1102:559, Untitled.png)



>enjoy this one final bite.

it's not bait if what I say is true


>At least I did something


>If you don't like the mods just close this thread


>drawing something better yourself

shit son just copy paste Emmas head with rogues hair and it would be better


Well that's a fair argument I guess, I stand by my point that the modders have introduced zero new code that isn't copied from his work though. Further I would be impressed if a modder came up with replacement good code.


would be nice


>yeah I did hear the man just keeps adding variables to everything



nigger fix her face



god that looks awful why did I add so many line breaks



Dunno why people say it doesnt look like the other characters, the drawing/coloring/shading is pretty similar

The problem there are the proportions, the neck is way too off in relation to the torso, and that makes the head position awkward as well

Look at the other girls (on the pic where they are all side by side), their chin is lined up with the neck line, like it should, while this one has the chin poppin meters away from the neck

It's easy to say "hurr art not even similar!" when you have never drawn in your life and know shit about proportion



>the drawing/coloring/shading is pretty similar

Why are you still defending terrible mods?



>only one person can disagree with me anyone else is a samefag




You "people" stick out like a sore thumb.

Whats more the number one problem is the jaw and the shading is is only similar in that it is shading, get your eyes checked.


That's it its time for autism, I'm gonna make specific comparisons


File: 30112a9dc0aa820⋯.gif (906.53 KB, 354x417, 118:139, what.gif)


File: f2b918d041bbc67⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1701x894, 567:298, 8806d6e5c5d5723988ca7f1529….png)

The shading at the edges of the face has indeed improved and can be comparable in the provided example, however the shading on the hair and even the base line work of the hair remains shit and the facial features lack shading, namely the nose, which also has shit linework compared to the other three, and looks ugly. It still has a man face, nice job with the square jaw.

The clothing line work does not match Oni's work, the most obvious example being where the arm crosses over the breasts. The amount of shading and the shading detail on the midriff is incredibly sparse when compared to the other 3 girls. The line work on her collar bone and around her neck is shit too, and by shit I mean absent. Also the neck shading is fucked as well, does not match the others.



OH and all of the girls save for the modders have a little bit of detail around the eyelids to just barely show the fold on the upper eyelid.





File: 1d74d55afc7ec9b⋯.png (775.38 KB, 1144x1090, 572:545, oh god please stop.png)

>decide to check f95


If you thought Mystique was shit, this based modder has outdone himself yet again



fucking christ wheres the bleach



pose reminds me of turtle face from sealab.



No idea. Must be newfag redditor. Here, have a cup of lighter fluid and bleach, compliments of the best of us.



is this suppose to be jubilee? it looks nothing like her. granted jubilee from evo didn't look that good but still.



>those arms



She got them Popeye arms my dude. My sides are dying.



File: a3a855a0c203adc⋯.png (19.82 KB, 293x219, 293:219, a3a855a0c203adc15a1ad755b0….png)


at first i was ok with it. then i looked at it more then realized i shouldn't be ok with it. why are they adding characters?


File: 3613d2bce5ac4c1⋯.gif (249.31 KB, 500x354, 250:177, 848e333c412970bfa600700518….gif)


I was 4 of those comments you replied to and I also posted >>49918

What now faggot?



thanks, I needed that for my eyes



>that torso

it's got me thinking of that tailgate photo with the mexican woman on it and her spine is bent and contorted in a way that looks extremely painful


File: e69a782fae51cbc⋯.png (120.14 KB, 422x352, 211:176, ClipboardImage.png)



Man, I really Oni wasn't such a faggot. These guys are decent in adding everything expect the sprites. Wish Oni just brought them on, he could focus primarily on Sprites, sex scenes, writing, and maybe backgrounds. These guys could handle implementing them, including adding new clothing and misc. That BDSM shit they added was pretty good. They just arn't good at it. But the way things are, it's either shitty sprites, or nothing at all and at this point I want nothing. I just want them to focus on better dialogue and scenes or hell anything else.



>*I really WISH Oni wasn't such a faggot.

I really should take time to read my own shit.




top lel

So did oni finally stop developing and leave it to the modders?

now he can cash in without doing anything



>seriously wanting fag95 involved in any project


Oni is still working on it, last official update notice was 5:28 and shown here >>49464




what does this shit look like during sex in game?



like your mom



no idea, have not bothered using the mods, guess it's time



disgusting anon.


who is this blue negress which the manjaw



its supposed to be mystique



You were meant to drink it and die, but I'll take a lifetime of blindness and ocular pain. Enjoy.



jesus christ how new are you


orospu the game for bakileler made by a ibne


>people are actually fapping to these modded characters that look like they were drawn by a 7 year old who doesn't know what a human looks like


File: 5296bba02116960⋯.webm (7.27 MB, 640x480, 4:3, thatface.webm)



shit wrong one


File: 5d52cb82ad7746c⋯.gif (788.74 KB, 270x168, 45:28, narutoHD.gif)



This is why i love you guys.


File: 031f30acf4cff9b⋯.png (155.2 KB, 500x281, 500:281, ClipboardImage.png)



People actually fap to piss and shit.



Less than you.




And also to murder and gore… And also pretty much anything (though I imagine the weirder it is the rarer the fetish, generally)


Is this game dead? Feels like a thread and a half since an actual version was released



No anon we are the dead




Yeah, no. That looks like it's from one of those old porn flash games over at Newgrounds.


File: 0ea8dc61ac901c8⋯.png (27.92 KB, 150x150, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


what like ganguro girl?



Great, now I want to play flash sim dates.



they were really good, in fact they aged pretty well art aside



They are better than any patreon garbage. And even the art is honestly nice, not professional but just pleasant for what it is.

Best one is Love Hina sim date, though. Wish my PC could play flash.



>Love Hina sim date

kek, unless you're on linux there is no reason your browser cannot run it



For some reason my browsers don't open .sfw files even though I can play flash while browsing and for some reason my standalone flash player is fucked as well.



all browsers block flash by default now, not including CoC you should be able to run flash by clicking a button to the left of the URL in the address bar


File: 5de66ea444c3056⋯.swf (2.17 MB, 117511_eva4.swf)


here anon, assuming you are on windows you should be able to run this in your browser


File: 1e99b12e6fc8139⋯.png (23.94 KB, 625x626, 625:626, 1443654062192.png)


File: 02895e575213285⋯.jpg (39.43 KB, 680x500, 34:25, 9b717e8dfe326a6b25c5d71012….jpg)


>I didn't even expand the fucking image and I already want to find the F95 owner and bully the shit out of him

We just wanted more Emma Frost and we ended up opening up Pandora's motherfucking Box.



some linux have flash disabled and there's some stuff you have to fuck with to enable it stupid



Wtf are you talking about? Linux is the kernel of an operative system, it is not supposed to play local SWF files. And there is not such a thing as "some linux": they are called distros.

Because of security reasons, modern browsers don't open SWFs stored on your pc, no matter what your OS is. It's a fucking policy. If your browser can load local SWFs and you still use it, you're an idiot.


File: c7d017ca6d2a55d⋯.jpg (10.11 KB, 270x187, 270:187, images (4).jpg)

rip based mods



oh you're being semantic, nice bait if you're not retarded


I was thinking about how all this modding shit started and it feels like there's a pattern here. Not just on 8chan but chans in general cough 4chan. The idea will spawn there, anons will contribute to it making high quality content, soon after they'll get bored and move onto the next thing, a different community will pick up the pieces, turn the initial thing to shit by making low quality garbage that people in the community will not criticise, some will even try to monetise it.

This applies to memes, videogames, fandoms, art, probably more.

What is the reason for this? I'm not trying to collectively jerk us off here, but board culture seems objectively superior. It seems like as soon as you allow people to make an account with a name, profile picture and other faggotry, it changes the way people behave or rather it affects the type of people that will come to your community.


File: 2822e6e90055d5f⋯.jpg (100.44 KB, 1273x714, 1273:714, s&w.jpg)


I'd say it comes down to the individuals involved rather than board culture. Yandersim is never going to be released because YanDev is a sperg who can't code for shit. Rouge like is getting a second life thanks to mods from fagzone even if they're learning to improve their art in the process. Free Cities got expanded with the preg stuff and now the security stuff. CoC got defurred and people are writing more scenes for that daily while the original creators abandon yet another project to milk more money from furries and cucks. Towerfag got pegged here and now he's changing the game's style to NOT GATS style.

I've seen plenty of patreon people just stop or run after working on something for six months but I've also seen some people who actually do work and put out stuff, even if they can only do that on a weekend. The people involved, rather than where it's hosted will determine how good it is. Project wise that is, fandom wise it's very much where it gets traction. Undertale was a big thing on /v/ for the first… 3 weeks I wanna say, sort of the indie sleeper hit that everyone was urged to play. Then reddit and tumblr found out about it and started inventing different AUs and that's when furries got in and it went to shit but those 3 weeks where comics and stuff were being passed around was pretty fun.


File: f44bd049baa5352⋯.png (284.01 KB, 668x417, 668:417, punished dusty.PNG)


Despite the amount of autism and retardation most anons know they're competent enough to at least emulate if not improve the work that's presented, hence why they're considered to be the most critical audience, and if the time/motivation allowed they could probably continue to make higher quality stuff

Like for all the shit just random anons get, I feel like the average anon is a lot smarter than one would expect.

The only thing missing is the whole, motivation part



Some windows installs also have flash disabled and you also have to fiddle with the system to enable it… Mostly because flash is a huge security hole and not everyone is comfortable with having one.




>The only thing missing is the whole, motivation part

There's also stuff like "free time" involved at times. Not everyone here lives in basement (even if it's customary to pretend we do); so I'd imagine many anons with the skills to make cool stuff can only keep going for a short while before they have to work their asses off on their day jobs (possibly to extend when they only have energy to sleep after that - the capable ones tend to get overworked as they're the ones who get shit done)


Oni plis come back and the the modders away…



Yeah Emma was still largely unfinished, they didn't add any events or scenes for her, didn't really finish up her chat options, didn't add in her date, didn't finish up her dating, they just got too eager to start adding in their own abominations into the game, and with no one to tell them otherwise the modding scene will soon head into Chilly-Land. How long until Apple Jack is added into the game?


File: ae9b0c4bf12fa1f⋯.png (71.64 KB, 366x401, 366:401, ClipboardImage.png)


>Apple Jack


File: 92cadf7345f4df2⋯.jpg (149.84 KB, 723x800, 723:800, 280.jpg)


>Apple Jack

I'd be fine with that.



>Rouge like is getting a second life thanks to mods from fagzone even if they're learning to improve their art in the process.

more like their artwork is degenerating



File: 63377482c083f03⋯.jpg (20.64 KB, 680x422, 340:211, e50.jpg)


kys brony


File: 7ed712777cdd2d4⋯.png (289.84 KB, 760x728, 95:91, 1280.png)


Just say you want more.


File: fde7f3e2a58c79f⋯.jpg (8.74 KB, 272x186, 136:93, images (29).jpg)


no really kys my dude


File: d91ed79d313b6b1⋯.png (207.82 KB, 838x954, 419:477, 1347477398232.png)


You know you like it.


File: b99aff9f2c07335⋯.jpg (100.01 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (2).jpg)


no sorry i dont fuck horse i love humans

btw is this you on the pic anon ?



No, but I'm glad you enjoyed clop.


File: ccc0eb4f6d3ff55⋯.png (250.01 KB, 500x353, 500:353, ccc.png)


>brony wants me to enjoy a clop with him

>miss me with that virgin shit



I like art like this but I don't like horsepuss, not sure what's wrong with me. Maybe I should go be a CIAnigger.



Give me some minutes and I'll post more anon.



pls dont


File: 39956d619a6a736⋯.jpg (39.33 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1011185.jpg)





The secret is to do only small mods.



Give more anon.

Just no princess twilight

Princess twilight is shit

regular twilight or nothing(with her)


Why doesn't this mod have the slider cheat so that I don't have to spend 2 hours grinding bars?


File: e1da19357ce3318⋯.png (2.07 MB, 4165x1213, 4165:1213, 1006118 - Applejack Flutte….png)



Got any like >>50171 or >>50162 for the other ponies?



It does have a slider cheat.



Does it? Clicking those bars don't seem to do anything.



NVM, I misunderstood. There are no mods for 0.978f right now are there?


File: a5dc3086c218c1f⋯.png (44.89 KB, 655x130, 131:26, Untitled.png)


Yeah, I'm pretty sure it still works considering I could do it just now.

Try downloading this, latest version.


Was able to start a new game and use the sliders.



Nope, it's still on version e.



Yep, that's where I fucked up. Derp derp.


File: e8fe671bffd8ee8⋯.jpg (30.21 KB, 465x446, 465:446, gfhg.jpg)




you all need to be gassed and cleaned from the genepool



Not as much as you do anon



bronys are worse then average anon to be fair they really need to die


File: 58aa765d9cb5014⋯.png (16.42 KB, 722x179, 722:179, 125147_oni.png)



>I'd love to get in touch with them and then immediately tell them to fuck off when I see examples of their """art"""

I shit on Oni as much as anyone here but he has a standard and these modders don't match it. They're like the cheap knock-off chinese version you pick up in a flea market



Sure. Give me some hours.


Not worse than cucks.


File: 500b333f9045a5d⋯.jpg (10.78 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images (25).jpg)


you are at same level as cucks


File: 685744759feb36b⋯.jpg (114.5 KB, 663x663, 1:1, 1508229790567.jpg)

I would unironically murder all furries/bronies if it was within my power to do so you guys disgust me more than pedophiles



>Liking cute horses

>Same as letting your wife fuck niggers



If I could I'd murder all cucks. They are cancer. Furries self contained themselves because they understood no one like them, and devs stopped pandering to them. Since MLP died, you don't see a lot of bronies.



I'd murder them sarcastically.

Furfags and Ponyfags are mentally ill, there's a reason they've always been hated and shunned, everything they touch turn to shit. They are the direct result of all the "no bullying" campaigns, since there's no school """""bully""""" to tell them to shut the fuck up and sit down making it clear that pink backpacks with colorful horses aren't acceptable, they grow to think that they're special and unique and has a claim to sane people's oxygen.


File: 65bc5461f2fc5a0⋯.jpg (12.4 KB, 214x317, 214:317, a-brony-tale-0.jpg)


>fucking horses

>or letting your wife get fucked

both seem at same level of autism to be honest tho actions are diffrent autism level is same i myself think being a virgin brony that faps to horses is worse then a cuck cuck altleast gets some pussy my dude that being said they are cancer too just as you are



>Cucks at least get some pussy


>Defending cucks

Kys, if you think it isn't the worse then you are tolerating it, making yourself a cuck.



>things compering him to cucks is defending them

like i said i hate cucks but your bronies are at same level you all need to be gassed both cucks and bronies same level of cancer kys


File: 8c2bfeafdb595bf⋯.jpg (94.72 KB, 741x1082, 741:1082, kys.jpg)

furries are bad too btw but tobehonest both brony and a furry is the samething and they are at cuck level getting your wife fucked by a other man is retarded but getting hard on a horse is also retarded again pls consider the following



If you think anything is even close to be as bad as cuckolding you might as well be a cuck yourself.


Why is it everytime I leave the thread ponies show up?


File: f1f2493ba8234ae⋯.jpg (58.93 KB, 495x720, 11:16, f1f.jpg)


shut up brony we all know you are bad as cucks off to oven with your triggerd ass


>getting your wife fucked by a other man is retarded but getting hard on a horse is also retarded

this you people are really not diffirent from cucks


File: 33391776cfc10f3⋯.png (162.86 KB, 607x700, 607:700, 165495.png)





>no punctuation

>terrible grammar


>defending cucks



Here. Rarity is my favorite.


File: 01f6527b765e6a5⋯.jpg (19.48 KB, 400x400, 1:1, bill burr the witch hunter.jpg)


>if you say bronies are as bad as cucks you are defending cuckholdry

We can hate two things, faggot.


File: 8d738f615c51755⋯.jpg (192.34 KB, 700x618, 350:309, tumblr_mbasbivBAj1rnfbdwo1….jpg)


Sure, go ahead, but don't go around saying cuckolding is as bad as absolutely anything, because I hate niggers and fags, but one is a bigger problem than the other depending on where you leave, and seeing how there are barely any bronie left now, saying it's as bad as the growing cancer cuckolding is it's insulting, which is why you are either a cuck or a retard for saying it.



Fair enough; we sure as hell aren't telling cucks to fuck off enough. It's like furries all over again.



This is some nice mental disease.


File: b86b8a049db5b10⋯.png (21.02 KB, 287x123, 7:3, ClipboardImage.png)



This is mine now.


File: 37a4f0625bf2bba⋯.jpg (305.98 KB, 552x768, 23:32, 125437_Psylock_Doggy_Previ….jpg)



It really upsets me that the background that I made for /htg/ specifically has to be used for such a shit fucking model for f95 faggots



>that fucking profile shot

Does this cunt not know how faces work? Jesus christ


File: 22f27143a8c0e04⋯.png (784.11 KB, 1328x688, 83:43, Untitled.png)


That sucks.

Kitty still doesn't have any tanned back art yet, when use the massage action she also doesn't turn back like Rogue does, same with Emma. More comparisons.


So does using Plan Omega only protect you when you're having fun with Rogue in public? I unlocked it but still get Xavier bothering me with Emma or Kitty.



You need to use Kitty and grab the picture from Xavier's study, then get caught again with Emma and Kitty and you should be able to blackmail.



Thats some top notch im-a-horny-fifteen-years-old-bored-at-school sketch.


File: c5cc4d48a3e0b0a⋯.jpg (143.34 KB, 807x1013, 807:1013, 006_1400946594305.jpg)


sorry friend




OH BOY MORE GARBAGE with more recycled shit too!

So where's the latest package of shit-tier modifications?





Thanks anon



wew lad



Rogue-Like Update 6/18/2018

Sorry for the lack of updates. I'm crunching right now to migrate some elements from one character to the others, some simple, but tedious work to make the sex scenes flow a bit better and have better options. At this point it should mean that undressing both girls, assigning options to both girls, and switching between the two girls should be available within any sex scene (so long as that action is supported).

So hopefully this shouldn't take much longer and I can get the new version out soon. I might put the version out using a placeholder body for Emma's BJ pose, just so that I don't hold up the project making the new body for her, which will take a little bit.


File: dff18f6512f0af0⋯.jpg (147.23 KB, 960x960, 1:1, db48b4_5272872.jpg)


>retard for saying it.

my virgin you cant call people retards if you fap to horses tho cuz that makes you the most retarded person here

>seeing how there are barely any bronie left now,

thank god you faggots left you people are cancer i honeslty think you people should all be killed no joke

> saying it's as bad as the growing cancer cuckolding is it's insulting

think it like that bronies are aids and cucks are cancer



>Defending cucks



Kys cuck defender.


File: b57cf1c2971c335⋯.jpg (19.93 KB, 292x326, 146:163, b57.jpg)


>thinks thinking both cucks and bronies cancer means i defend cucks



File: 293a0a729fd20fa⋯.jpg (10.45 KB, 222x227, 222:227, images (31).jpg)




> you are a cuck if you hate bronys and cucks at same time !!!!

dont be retard

>you are a retard for thinking bronies are cancer just like cucks !!

pls kys we dont want cucks here but we dont want bronies too you retarded fedora tipper



Learn to read, cuck.


File: e43c2a1259f436c⋯.jpg (40.03 KB, 620x321, 620:321, 13iq0c.jpg)




>that pic

You are retarded for fapping to that



>muh word is law if you hate bronies you are cuck

its time to stop fapping to little girls cartoon horses grow up fedora tipper or kys asap,cuck



Maybe, but at least I'm not a cuck.


More like learn to read, cuck.


File: e81a1dae8d7ac1e⋯.jpg (7.9 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images (9).jpg)


you are cuck tbh at same level as them i mean you fap to cartoon horses you are cancer just like them and that is a fact



Your shift key is broken, cuck. Also, you masturbate to badly drawn cartoons.



>hahahah you have cancer !!

<but you have aids

fuck cucks but you argument is like a kid with aids calling a other kid "you have cancer" you are trash just like cucks you even dont have much self awarness to realize it i pity you



and you masterbate to horses im better then you and cucks and that is fact too



See >>50285




Nice samefagging, cuck.


I've fapped to this game like a million times.


File: 6a5820efceaa516⋯.jpg (41.37 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Goku_smiling_at_the_Dinosa….jpg)


>implying i tried to hide that fact that was all me

this is why people dont like bronies you people are retarded af



>I-it was all a ruse xdxdxd

Kys cuck.



ill kys when you stop fapping to horse porn my virgin


File: 02ae5a96f7964ca⋯.jpg (68.61 KB, 640x480, 4:3, what_did_you_say_about_bro….jpg)


File: f2d1677e9248089⋯.jpg (104.22 KB, 564x1002, 94:167, 99421383db03c5256b0dc4144f….jpg)


implying there was ever a good reason to like bronies that whole community is messed up and i don't see or understand the appeal and i mean like any other fandom how long b4 it

s not about the show or the toys and you start getting thoughts about never noticing how attractive horses are bc mlp is a show about horses and there's always that one person taking it to far ie fucking or getting fucked by again horses it a slippery slope so i say waifus husbando's are a thing you'll get called a ween but at least no 1 will call you horsefucker bc you too busy fucking anime pillows or onaholes


File: 1dbac3eb8de3492⋯.jpg (57.38 KB, 600x798, 100:133, c63.jpg)


File: add6d0a629d020e⋯.jpg (170.95 KB, 778x581, 778:581, 2Y0KMcB.jpg)


File: 904e7ec0df73323⋯.jpg (22.44 KB, 236x355, 236:355, be83199d3258f00feec56e8ebc….jpg)


File: f3ebbc5c5febc34⋯.jpg (19.47 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault (1).jpg)


File: 95515fb2322f530⋯.jpg (174.72 KB, 920x690, 4:3, 1424147273946-0.jpg)


You should kys for being a cuck, though.










>Being so assblasted you had yo spam the thread



>Being so assblasted you had yo spam the thread

Are you fucking kidding me? You're the ones who started spamming this thread with furry porn NO ONE wants to see. Everyone on every community hates you. More than that, people are disgusted by you.



not a same fag lolifag and weeb so excuse you fool


File: 892302c92ea9c6f⋯.jpg (8.48 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images (12).jpg)


>you dont like me you are samefagging !!

just stop posting your neckbeard horse porn degenerate



you have lost control of your life


>when a mod's art is so bad it makes the thread devolve into mlp and procuck shitposting

I guess it's really oni's fault for being so lazy that modders triple his output even if their art is a lot worse



How can you be a fag…if you don't like dick girls?



>browse 8chan

>see a brony post unwanted horse porn

fuck off m8 we may not be "normal" but we are not retarded like you



Keep it coming anon


File: 1cd575f860fcfeb⋯.png (309.28 KB, 639x677, 639:677, QRzuyh8.png)


what this guy said. i'll jerk off to anything if it gets me hard.

true degeneracy is pece



Why not post Xmen stuff from R34? Why it's gotta be ponies?



To fence off cucks and faggots who came from Fag95.



I'm not spamming anything, anon, I only post when I can and just one pic per reply, plus, there's people asking for it.




>Still samefagging

>Impact font

Not everyone has the shift key broken anon. If you want to blend in you should learn to use capital letters.



Let me finish my work day and I'll post more.



shad I know thats fucking you.


>Game takes half a year to update once

Not surprised at what the thread turned into.


File: 761e8adf6166b06⋯.jpg (7.49 KB, 200x252, 50:63, u autistic.jpg)




I agree with other anons stop posting your disgusting horses



File: 00e34663299e199⋯.jpeg (155 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_2018-06-20-15-….jpeg)


More like everyone who don't like me has a broken shift key.

>Rage comic

Back to cuckchan, anon.


Must suck to be you.


File: b121552ad2062d4⋯.jpg (118.86 KB, 1278x721, 1278:721, Walter-White-Bryan-Cransto….jpg)

>faggot bronies do more damage to the thread than my own relentless autistic arguing


File: 0abe674aba155dd⋯.jpg (22.43 KB, 450x600, 3:4, kasper the ghost.jpg)



>checks thread

>another half assed copy paste abomination

JUST fuck my interest in this game i had


I'm sorry fam.

We only wanted some little clothes and shit like that but the f95drones had to sperge out.


File: e0fbfd30c574443⋯.png (423.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mane6.png)


File: cebea981f331212⋯.jpg (125.28 KB, 500x540, 25:27, cebea981f331212843787f8991….jpg)


>more than one person is ok with pony porn they must be trolling me it's kust one man.


Fuck sakes I don't check the thread for awhile and come back to fucking pony porn



Not enough


Keep it coming



You're asking too much, anon, at this point I might think you're Oni trying to divert the attention from his incompetency.


File: 57564f033c571d5⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1127x1024, 1127:1024, 1424152710193-0.png)


Also, forgot pic.



File: 5a2982efbc15b51⋯.png (4.14 KB, 331x117, 331:117, kek.PNG)


>Faggot cuck realize he is wrong

>Deletes post



File: a2825622fa01294⋯.png (4.86 KB, 323x153, 19:9, new version.PNG)


Still wrong, cuck.


File: ec8ea4618232fd3⋯.png (412.56 KB, 488x472, 61:59, 1d0416739c31389a56dafaf0a2….png)







Look you two stop fighting at this thread and brony you must stop sending us those disgusting horse porns now kiss and make up lads


File: 0cf0671515ebe1a⋯.jpeg (565.12 KB, 2480x3508, 620:877, f122a9ed54ba96e31d50a4fa3….jpeg)


Make me.



Welp i tried guess bronies ruin everything


File: cfb0d927b74cede⋯.jpg (53.44 KB, 900x529, 900:529, 12409280.jpg)


File: c0dde04ee3a0bf8⋯.jpg (774.35 KB, 3000x2250, 4:3, 1424348520295-4.jpg)


Blame cucks, they are making me do this.






t. Cuck





To be fair bronies get cucked whether they want to get cucked or not


File: e0ba64b8e4666d1⋯.png (592.86 KB, 1045x1500, 209:300, Make Love Rhapsody.png)

Imma dumping Vanilla.


File: dc1090b243e8a8c⋯.png (568.68 KB, 1028x1500, 257:375, Educational ☆ Guidance.png)


File: 29ece5261dc1f58⋯.jpg (718.7 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, Kurojouten Kuro Gal JK to ….jpg)


File: 82216df3f509d35⋯.jpg (574.99 KB, 1128x1600, 141:200, Absolute Authority Sisters.jpg)


File: 2faa3b98e0fd0a1⋯.png (660.38 KB, 1093x1600, 1093:1600, Imouto Datte Yome ni Narit….png)


File: ce0e3cc14ff2de2⋯.jpg (414.56 KB, 1046x1500, 523:750, Oz is a Wizard.jpg)


File: 41245822359b7a5⋯.png (1 MB, 1133x1600, 1133:1600, Anekitte Rifujin da!.png)


File: 0dfcc3ae81bab54⋯.jpg (698.85 KB, 1117x1600, 1117:1600, [Lunch] Koinaka.jpg)


File: 7a8d225c8343842⋯.jpg (442.84 KB, 1280x1807, 1280:1807, Mesudachi Boyish Girl Fri….jpg)


File: ee83d2c13aedccc⋯.png (641.18 KB, 1096x1584, 137:198, What You and I Want to do ….png)


File: c04a2a07e6dbe85⋯.jpg (457.65 KB, 1140x1600, 57:80, Mosaic X Three Sisters.jpg)


File: 2e4a3d85499ad20⋯.png (786.58 KB, 1115x1600, 223:320, Mamagoto.png)


That's it.



now this is lot better then horse porn


File: b02d08f78e274b8⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, All_For_One_anime_debut.png)


>using a phone to browse a chan site

>is a brony

>tries to show us he is not samefagging

Photoshop tbh for the fact you browse on phone


Can someone get a mod to ban these furries spamming this thread? There's no way this isn't ban worthy


I come in here seeing all the replies thinking it's a new version and it's just softhore hentai shit

The fuck.

I don't understand that there can be any argument over cucks vs brony's, you are all terrible, it really is quite simple. Accept that you have diseases and move on.



No one gives a shit, no one wants to see this. Spam somewhere else




yeah samething they both suck they are both bad

that being said there is no cucks in thread the brony is just making shit up tbh


File: 1adb7ecbac191c7⋯.png (433.41 KB, 1105x1600, 221:320, Love Love Rumble.png)


Seys you. Is better than ponies.


I'm still waiting for a new version of the mod.



Yeah someone should ban that brony





It's called having a job, anon, which is why I don't post clop as often. Are yoi being stupid on purpose?


How new, faggot? Bet you came from Fag95 if you think bans exist in this board. Back to your moderated safe space.


I do. Better than the shitty mod.


File: 6618784504236d9⋯.jpg (6.94 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images (30).jpg)



>be brony

>get cucked on daily basis cuz of being a lonely brony

Simple really bronies get cucked more then wanna be cucks



That doesn't make sense, anon.




diffrence between brony and cucks is a cuck wants his women to be fucked while a brony does not wants his women to get fucked by a n1gger but women still gets fucked by a n1gger and leaves the beta brony





kys brony cuck




This is like seeing two kids with cancer fight


But this comment was so true


rip based mods



>having a job

your job is to shitpost?


File: 358760b8fca79bd⋯.jpg (55.38 KB, 539x960, 539:960, 35779225_200497890784568_8….jpg)

can we get back to the mods? are they fixing or stopping those shitty chracter add ons? also oni said he was not aware of him being btfo by modders and would likewant to work with them




>having a job

kek you can not lie faggot we are not normalfags we dont fall for that shit



I'm really confused by your logic.

How does fapping to furry porn make one a cuck? There'd be some sense if you said he didn't have a woman, but "being a cuck" means he does and someone else is banging her. Which by my estimate has exactly zero relationship to animal genitalia drawings.

Unless you're one of those morons who randomly label whoever they dislike as a member of a commonly disliked groups, regardless of actual relation (like calling me "nazi" cuz I don't see logic in your words)?



> are they fixing or stopping those shitty chracter add ons?

They can only fix them so much, they arn't good artist or even decent ones by a long shot, and it's basically one dude adding in the new girls, he doesn't seem to care about the quality of the girls or the fact that Emma still has a lot of shit missing. Hell he's recently shoveling in a horrific looking Psylocke when Mystique still needed a lot of work.

>also oni said he was not aware of him being btfo by modders and would likewant to work with them

He has been saying he's open for help for a while, but the thing is it's only for art not the coding which is the issue at hand. All the modders can really do is toss him new backgrounds and clothes.



You know, you make some pretty good p-

You're just trying to confuse me with your fancy education and logic ain't ya, to indoctrinate me into your twisted world view! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHhdpwGVl4Y



>can't embed

you have to go >>>/back/


File: c172186d8385592⋯.jpg (12.11 KB, 300x168, 25:14, gg.jpg)


His logic is even if bronys by some miracle get a gf they are destinated to be cucked by a superiror male



Oh crap, you're onto me


What he said was

>bronies get cucked more then wanna be cucks

If he meant what you said then he must be really bad with this whole "forming coherent thought" thing


File: 80ddc66abc05634⋯.jpg (83.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Chickentendies.jpg)


meh i just understand him its really easy to understand when you think about what he said once or twice


File: d56ca8d41a873d4⋯.png (466 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, f3c2a6700867a6c27209bc547b….png)


If it was I'd be rich.


No we can't. Mods are shit and they deserve the pike.


Only reason you haven't received your daily dosage. But I'm glad fag95 faggots left.


>All lowercase


Stop samefagging, faggot.



>Pony version of Kuruminha

I don´t care about this shitty game of this stupid drama you girls are so keen on having.

But I just remembered why I dislike you pony faggots.

Bronys on par of normalfags.

Always ruining stuff I love and throwing bitchfits when things don´t go their way.

Fuck you and you should kill yourself.



File: 40a3b5ea53c69f9⋯.png (66.45 KB, 644x500, 161:125, 1518478926155.png)


>be me

>use lowercase just once


Dude you are cancer i did not mind you posting pony shit but damm i sure can understand why they dont want you around here



>I'd be rich.

you don't get paid the big bucks for soft targets



>using lowercase = samefagging

>does not realize 60% of 8chan uses lower case

kys brony


File: eba9796e4befe07⋯.jpg (9.28 KB, 300x240, 5:4, 1401764535090.jpg)

Well I'll see you guys in 2 months when the bronies and cucks have either fucked off or hopefully killed themselves.



Learn punctuation, faggot. Also, nice try pretending you are not samefagging.


If I was paid by amount, I would.


>I have shitty grammar so I invented a percentage to justify it

You are the only uncultured faggot here, so stop samefagging.


>If I go away the problem will solve by itself!

You are the reason why shit goes to hell. I already drove off fag95 users and cucks. So fuck off, anon, nobody will miss you, and make sure you never come back.





File: 1269e503eb0d2f1⋯.jpg (142.31 KB, 1322x605, 1322:605, You say that but i would t….jpg)



That's a wild implication, cuck.



ib4 before he says >SAME FAGGİNG



>I'm going to say I'm samefagging

>That way people will think I'm not!

You are so smart anon.



He probly meant of the brony accusing everyone of samefagging


File: 3890c208ae3e29f⋯.jpg (6.36 KB, 318x159, 2:1, dispaointed mom.jpg)

bronies ruined this thread this thread is proof of the fact that bronies are just as bad as cucks if one brony can do this think of the chaos they can do when they have the number the cucks have



I think stupid faggots that lose their shit to bronies enable their faggot behavior


File: b62b7e6132ff3bd⋯.png (459.8 KB, 1000x549, 1000:549, 79608__suggestive_twilight….png)


File: c0123806c5205a1⋯.png (7.67 KB, 781x130, 781:130, Untitled.png)

The mod guy over at fag95 is busy with finals and fifa to compile the new version of the mod, Olive sends him the mod stuff for him to compile or some shit. So maybe soon.


File: b8ac3f2b57049c9⋯.jpg (573.15 KB, 1280x1896, 160:237, Soto no Kuni no Yome.jpg)


>tfw no half succu-loli pussy.


File: e562cb1b522a926⋯.jpg (741.77 KB, 972x1400, 243:350, Loveberry Twins.jpg)


And I really like this story.



>world cup messed up my free time

Nigga, what? Are you playing the world cup?


So if those nigs added Psylocke why doesn't she have a massive ass?

She was known for a bigger butt ya know.



because most of their art is copy paste from Oni's work



>sorry guys I'm too busy to do a simple mod compile I'm watching europeniggers run up and down an open field kicking a ball around. It's simply too riveting I can't do both at the same time

dealing with some big brain boys over here


If it was copy paste from Oni the art would be better. This guy Olive_Drab is drawing it by hand and it's terrible because he can't draw.



What are you ESL? I said most, as in the frames of the bodies. The shading and faces they did themselves


File: 775d42aa6e05c17⋯.png (809.28 KB, 1406x896, 703:448, 775d42aa6e05c1710a4db1ce5d….png)


The body type is not "copy paste" either.




His shit needs to be separated from the main mod packs tbqh. Shit is ugly as fuck. Also double fuck him because now instead of finishing up all the missing content Emma and Kitty had, all of the attention is now shifted to working on his disgusting girls. The moment that ugly son of a bitch reered his head the modding scene went to absolute shit.



What are you another f95 fag that doesnt actually come to these threads but feels the compulsive need to defend the game?

I'm not going into autistic detail about this shit again read the fucking thread faggot.



didn't take long at all


File: e298de73d655027⋯.jpg (43.67 KB, 716x461, 716:461, e298de73d6550276420fab050f….jpg)


You dumb nigger. Kitty, Emma and Rogue's base body has been drawn individually by Oni and of course isn't a copy paste.

The abomination on the far left however is.

It's obviously a mash up of Kitty and Rogue and maybe even Emma.

The other copy paste stuff would be the sex positions who all have been copy pasted into another abomination, slightly altering the faces and all in all making it another mutant shit.

Oni left this game to die by making severel animations and drawings half assed such as the Kitty Bj.

You f95 niggers murdered it though by adding random useless shit and creatures that stepped out of oblivion themselves.



>Oni left this game to die

that's the real problem here, not the shit mods but the fact that oni doesn't do enough, so it makes playing them almost a necessity. fuck onis lazy ass and fuck this shitty modders for having a shit artist


lol this game is dead as fuck, oni isnt releasing updates, the mods are devolving into shitty horrifying nightmare monsters from the abyss, and the htg thread is all about cucks and bronies


2016 - 2018

Rest In Peace




Damn, He did absolutely nothing, considering the time oni had on this game

>oni releasing no updates

He isn't? i thought he dropped a bug fix or smt lately.

Also agree on everything else you said.




The earliest post of Rogue-Like dates as far as very early 2015, and considering Oni's skill department it's not a stretch to say it started production in late 2013.



2011 iirc. It was first being released on hentaiunited, which was his website. I used to have a build from around that time but lost it a few years back when my drive died.



>You dumb nigger. Kitty, Emma and Rogue's base body has been drawn individually by Oni and of course isn't a copy paste. The abomination on the far left however is. It's obviously a mash up of Kitty and Rogue and maybe even Emma.

>You f95 nigger

>what is reading comprehension

Do you think I was saying Oni's drawings were a copy paste of Oni's drawings? Why did you even mention that does that make sense to you, retard? The anon I'm replying to said it was copy paste but if that was the case the body would look identical and it doesn't does it, It looks worse.

You're arguing with someone who agrees that f95 is a mistake and their mods for this game never should have happened. Congratulations, kill yourself.

I'm going further in my hate than either of you. You two are saying he's blatantly stealing where all I said was if that was the case the quality would be better. This guy is drawing it by hand and trying to imitate the artstyle of the show (I think) but doing it very poorly.



So what? This game has been in development for 7 years? GOD-DAMN.




how time flies



7 years? Fuck, what am I doing with my life?



nothing probably? god knows I'm not



join islam you get 72 virgins




last blogpost was about 7 days ago

he is allegedly working on the game still and has been doing retool shit and emma shit


>The body type is not "copy paste" either.

>The anon I'm replying to said it was copy paste but if that was the case the body would look identical and it doesn't does it, It looks worse.

you need to be more specific that it's worse when the person you are talking to is saying it's shit and you correct them



when you are a faggot





rip based mods



based rip based mods poster



I'm still here, they just haven't posted anything.



and who the fuck are you supposed to be


rip based mods it was good while it lasted


File: 7846f34c52a7199⋯.png (336.8 KB, 1024x797, 1024:797, 129822_raven_class.png)

Hey, mod release


- Everything from before

- Added the new art for Mystique and Raven

- Added meeting events for Mystique (similar to Emma's, class in the morning and danger room at tuesdays and thursdays nights)

- Added Emma's high thighs

- Added Rogue's blonde and black hair with white streak

- Random fixes



Mystique still WIP, may have bugs.



Fix your shit, jfc I run into this when i go Rogue's room

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
File "game/script Locations.rpy", line 530, in script
File "game/script Locations.rpy", line 553, in <module>
"Go to Mystique's Room" if TravelModeand and "metgym" in newgirl["Mystique"].History:
NameError: name 'TravelModeand' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
File "game/script Locations.rpy", line 530, in script
File "E:\New folder\MangaGamer\Rogue-Like-0.978f-win\Rogue-Like-0.978f-win\renpy\ast.py", line 1483, in execute
choice = renpy.exports.menu(choices, self.set)
File "E:\New folder\MangaGamer\Rogue-Like-0.978f-win\Rogue-Like-0.978f-win\renpy\exports.py", line 849, in menu
if renpy.python.py_eval(condition) ]
File "E:\New folder\MangaGamer\Rogue-Like-0.978f-win\Rogue-Like-0.978f-win\renpy\python.py", line 1794, in py_eval
return py_eval_bytecode(code, globals, locals)
File "E:\New folder\MangaGamer\Rogue-Like-0.978f-win\Rogue-Like-0.978f-win\renpy\python.py", line 1788, in py_eval_bytecode
return eval(bytecode, globals, locals)
File "game/script Locations.rpy", line 553, in <module>
"Go to Mystique's Room" if TravelModeand and "metgym" in newgirl["Mystique"].History:
NameError: name 'TravelModeand' is not defined

Rogue-Like 0.978e



I fixed error via replacing 'TravelModeand' on 553 line in game/script Locations.rpy with 'TravelMode'



Yeah, download this https://my.mixtape.moe/dpdwle.rpy

call it 'script Locations.rpy' and dump it in the game folder or go into that file and change like stated above.



I haven't followed this game in years, if you guys had to guess how complete this game is in percent what would it be?


File: 873b7f2d6734d27⋯.jpg (74.49 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 023_1469265263166.jpg)




>may have bugs

Don't even play this version lads it's a waste of time. Mystique can't give you a blowjob, handjob, you can't cum on her face or in her mouth at all. Sex works but when you initiate it she'll randomly change into her blue form for no reason. You can't give her gifts, can't go on dates, she wont show up in the showers and there's no settings feature so you can't control her wardrobe or anything else.


File: 877f6bedfd90675⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1375x1027, 1375:1027, 129972_bj_bug.png)


Pretty much.



>actions left -8



File: 0627eef12f7a66e⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1372x1028, 343:257, 129976_hj_bug.png)


As said, a few bugs left.


File: c1af9c78aa5a2d1⋯.jpg (241.52 KB, 2048x1896, 256:237, 1437933835922.jpg)

So will the raven stuff be permanently incorporated to the /hgg/ version? Because I'd rather not endorse these f95 art stealing cunts.


File: 5b80e80227281ef⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1375x1027, 1375:1027, 129977_weird_slap_bug.png)

>this is what Olive Drab thinks slap marks on a girl with blue skin would look like

the absolute state of these mods



what in the fuck

her cheeks should be turning purple



it was just body paint all along



Still waiting for the official release. I play my Rogue like like my Skyrim- only pure and unmoded



Pleb. Skyrim isn't worth playing unmodded


File: f0e45ddf09b4d8b⋯.jpg (10.2 KB, 300x225, 4:3, vomi.jpg)




>People fap to this shit


>3 months since last update

Has Oni scrapped this project?



do you know how to fucking read?



Never learned.




reading is for nerds


File: c151b5bc1c631c9⋯.jpg (16.14 KB, 480x358, 240:179, c151b5bc1c631c90ea80f585c8….jpg)

wont let me post the pic I want with it

Rogue-Like Update 06/30/2018

Ok, I've done all the stuff. At least for this update. The art is done, the animations, the content code, etc. Now I just need to double check it all and test that it works at least some of the time, and I can get an initial build out to you guys. Probably a day or two.

I want to remind everyone, and I'll do it again in the patch notes, but this will potentially be a very buggy build. I'll be putting this one out, and then within a period of hours if not minutes, someone will find something horribly wrong with it. Good for them, this is part of the process. ;)

So as soon as I find a few showstopper bugs, I'll get a quick new version out, 0.979a, that will hopefully fix that bug. Then there will be more bugs. Probably. So it'll probably be a half-dozen versions and maybe a week or more before I have the significant issues worked out, some of them crashes, some of them incompatibilities with older saves that will need patching up, some of them just features that could be working better and are easy to fix. Once we get a build that is stable and fun to play with, I'll declare this version "finished" and move on to adding new major features for the next version.

I'll have a more complete feature list, but the core updates to this one will be Emma's hj and bj sequences, a bunch of new clothes for her, the history mode simulations in the Danger Room, adjusted sex menu options, the ability to switch between girls in the middle of chats or sex scenes (this one will take some testing), and some other stuff.





File: 199b86069937c2e⋯.jpg (13.81 KB, 200x200, 1:1, oni.jpg)

is 8chan shitting itself?


guess not


File: 5f3ae37ac3ed331⋯.jpg (27.61 KB, 480x792, 20:33, We_cant_expect_god_to_do_a….jpg)

I just fucking wish 8chan would work when I needed it to


File: 08a7a070fcfe8ff⋯.png (8.57 KB, 404x399, 404:399, 8c19f67d3de6c972a95c373bdd….png)


>Emma's hj and bj sequences

No fucking? seriously?

what a Jew.

>Bj and hj scene

How much you wanna bet it'll look retarded anyways, like kitty's.


F95 version is better.



It's not. It has more things

>quality >quantity



File: d83bdbed175da2d⋯.jpg (540.15 KB, 2000x1473, 2000:1473, 1351020033810.jpg)



anon this is htg, people are always shitting themselves by default in here



Nigger, it took 3-4 years for Kitty to get her sex-scene after she was initially introduced. This is Oni we're talking about here.


>I've been working on an ero-game called "Rogue-Like," and the beta is available on here at even a $1 pledge. I hope to have a full version out within a few months.

Um, Oni, sweetie, we need to talk.



why do you faggots even come to image boards, why can't you stay in your fag land forums



>talked about late 2015

>in the game april 2016

>stalled out during 2017 as he rebuilt a ton of shit

>buggy kitty sex scene november 2017

2 years, and it's a shitty pace but faster than rogue and should be faster for emma assuming he doesn't spend another year retooling the game



What are you on about?




File: 577d6d702675f0b⋯.jpeg (38.45 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, F32F2AC4-F586-4EE1-A683-A….jpeg)



Where is that from? It looks amazing!



Are you legitimately autistic? I've noticed these threads in particular anons have been unable to detect the most obvious bait or joke. It's really weird







"New Features:

Emma has several new clothing items available, such as boots, sports bra and panties, a nighty, and a couple other things I'll add during the next build.

Emma has new Handjob and Blowjob scenes available, as well as the related orgasm scene options, as well as shower scenes and artwork.

The sex menus have been updated to be more consistent and have many more options available, especially with multiple girls in the room. There are now threesome management options, the ability to undress either girl without exiting the scene, etc.

You can now switch between "lead girl" in any sex scene between Rogue and Kitty, as well as during many of the chat scenes, without having to exit all the way out.

Things to test:

If you get a "crash screen," just copy-paste the portions that are above the "full traceback," and post them either here or in a PM. The "full traceback" is rarely if ever needed to figure out what went wrong, so don't post that long portion unless asked to. Also, if you get a message like "tell Oni" something, then let me know, those are designed for situations where something has failed, and will let me track that one down.

The new history system, make sure it works in your save games properly.

Emma's new content.

Emma still shouldn't be up for any lesbian scenes, since some of the social aspects of that aren't in place yet. If you can manage to trigger threesome actions with her, or an attempt at titjob or sex scenes, let me know, because hilarious errors would ensue, but they should be firewalled off.

Test the new "swap characters" element of the sex scenes and chat menus. If any of these lead to a situation that "feels weird," like a character talking to you that you think shouldn't be the one you're talking to or something, let me know the sequence that got you there.

Any other feedback about something that you like or dislike about the new version. I get tons of great ideas from the feedback I receive.

Have fun and good luck. "



>What is moving your index finger 5 times in a forward direction to scroll up



Just played through, not even 5 minutes of new content. The clothing looks nice and the handjob art, blowjob looks terrible



I saw some titjob art, is there any scene with it?




How'd you access it so fast?



just cheat anon



I dunno what to alter to enable it, some modded versions have it pre-enabled and I couldn't spot an immediate difference (I know fuck all about scripting and coding)




I didn't cheat but I find myself replaying the modded version all the time so if I want to go fast by day 9 I've pretty much done everything with the 3 girls. I can fuck rogue on the first day kek



Teach me how sensei, I'm currently in a loop of getting detention with Emma and nothing happening after 2 weeks.



I told you guys it'll look retarded like kitty's



Wow, that blowjob pose is hilarious.



Did you mean a guide in general or just for Emma? This is what you do for Emma:

-5th Thursday morning meet Kitty by going to class.

-after meeting her leave the class and workout or something

-afternoon come back to class and meet Emma choosing these options: "for such a sexy teacher? I've got some time", "so you can't see what I'm picturing?", "what do I get?", "I think you know".

-now study in the class until its EVENING. leave the class and re-enter. hopefully you will trigger the Emma masturbation scene but if you don't leave the class and then keep re-entering. This scene only triggers in the evenings

-once the scene triggers do these options: "start jacking it", "keep watching", "slap her ass", "a little while excellent show", "i think it was hot", "what solution do you have in mind?", "could you give me a hand?", "keep going" x2, "… stunned", "keep going", at this point she will either she will take off her panties and if so you should compliment or instead just say keep dancing until she cums. You have now unlocked Emma

-leave the classroom then come back in

-you can now talk to her, ask her to lock the door (she wont do naughty stuff in the classroom unless the door is locked), ask for her number, flirt with her, and do sex stuff, add her to party to take wherever you want, whatever.



That's pretty handy. Howabout the other girls? Kitty is always weird for me, Rogue starts with pretty decent love so you can play off that. Kitty just always seems to hate me.



You have to go slow with Kitty. Keep touching her cheek in the Flirt menu and either compliment her or say there was a fly on her.. You need to that dozens of times before you can get her to like you faster.



Kitty isn't an addict slut like Rogue which is why she's best girl and pure. That said, by the 9th day I've completely fucked her brains out. This is what you do for her:

also sorry for taking so long to reply, was busy today.

-Flirting is mandatory for Kitty. in the beginning, touch her cheek with the sorry you had a fly on you option, then move on to hugs when she lets you. grabbing tits is the ultimate flirt option because you can spam the fondle button until they start to get annoyed. When they get annoyed just honk the tits.

-You should be level 2 and have roughly $70 by thursday but only $60 is required. Rogue doesn't require books to train her but Kitty does.

-5th Thursday morning meet Kitty by going to class.

-Best start goes like this: "you crashed into me!", "losing your touch?", "want to give it a try?", "hold on", "let her go"

-she will leave after this encounter so go to your room and buy the 3 books, then go to the danger room and do a workout and Kitty should appear when you're done.

-give her the 3 books, ask for her number, flirt with her using the touch her cheek with the sorry you had a fly on you option, then add her to party.

-Now with her in your party, train each period in the danger room with her but also flirt each period as well touching her cheek and then apologising until you're allowed to hug her. Tomorrow or the day after (usually Saturday in my experience) if you have $50 or more you can take Kitty on a date and you're paying for everything. Choose these options: "dinner and a movie", "steak for the both of you", "an acclaimed drama", "could I get a good night kiss?". Best option for sex at this point is probably rubbing against her, then stopping and playing with boobs to finish the night.

Also just as a general rule, training girls sexually goes something like this: touching thighs are the starting point, then ass, then breasts, then rubbing with dick, then back to thighs where you can now move your hand up to crotch, to fingering, to licking and so on. Remember to do EVERY SEX ACT on every body part at least once because you get +boosts on the first time.

You might be wondering how I could have over $50 on the first Saturday after already spending $60 on Thursday to buy Kitty the the 3 books. You do this by exploiting Rogue to get an extra $15 each day.

-You might be noticing a pattern as well, 5th Thursday is a big day. In the morning Rouge will rudely come in and start her whore addiction thing. This is the biggest money maker until you loot Xaviers study. You need to choose these options: "What you just want to touch my face?", "Not good enough", "How about you blow me". Make sure she swallows your cum. Next time she asks you for a release, tell her about trying a serum, confess it's your jiz, give it to her for free, she will says that helps but she needs something more, then try charging $5 for another serum. Now every time she visits you after this for a release, first charge her $10 then charge her $5 for your serum. This will give you a bonus $15 each day on top of your allowance from Xavier.



>Kitty isn't an addict slut like Rogue which is why she's best girl and pure.

And then she's sucking your dick every morning and recommends bondage gear for you to use. You'd never be bored with a girl like that.



Exactly. Even though she wears that fucking star of David sometimes which I make her remove I like to imagine her as an energetic christian girl. You know, like a virgin who is inexperienced and repressed sexually so once you get past her barrier she becomes horny as fuck.



My girlfriend is like that, not Christian but she never got any until she was like 19. I gave her her first buttfuck like 2 months in to our relationship and she's pretty much up for anything otherwise. It's fantastic when you're a massive pervert.



Based, make sure you hold on to her she sounds like a keeper. How old are you? I'm in my late 20's and I just assume any girl I date has already been around the cock carousel. She wasn't christian but the only similar thing I've experienced is being 17 in highschool and losing my virginity with my 16yr old gf. After that she wanted it more than I did which is when I first learnt how much women love sex.

>tfw I'll most likely never experience a teenage girl again

I flew too close to the sun



What is the order for Rogue on the first day? I have this problem where I can't stop being a massive asshole to her.



>Get asked about Emma

>write guide for her

>Get asked about Kitty

>write guide for her

I guess I put myself in this situation might as well finish and write a quick guide for Rogue while I'm fucking at it. Here's some more autistic tips I'm gonna not really bother with grammar.

If you look at the bottom of my previous post for Kitty I explain how to exploit Rogue for extra money early on. Don't waste money on books for Rogue as she's very easy naturally.

Now believe it or not you have the right idea in being a bit of an asshole with Rogue. At least in the introductions.

First interaction that is most efficient (as far as I can tell) goes like this: "whatever", "it'll do", "erotic simulations", "sure", "like a kiss"?, "Glad I could help", "want to make out a little?" (spam this)

-After you repeat the option you'll eventually start making out for real so now slap her ass a bit you'll get +2 obedience each time and you can spam that for a few times. Try to take off her clothes, she'll refuse but apologising for asking gets you some hearts. Then pull out your dick, she'll leave, immediately go to the showers. This is just based on luck but hopefully you'll catch her naked you'll get a big boost which helps early on. After that you can have a shower with her then bring her back to your room. If you don't catch her changing you can't shower together but can still bring her back to your room and do some things (see: sex act progression order, last paragraph of this post).

This is all done on the night you arrive and gives you a good foundation for the first day. I won't explain how to fuck Rogue on the first night you arrive as it's very luck based and extremely autistic.

The MORNING of the first day should basically be spent using up Rogue's 3 sex options, training her using the order below this paragraph. Once you're done you should have enough time to get a quick levelling session in. Basically if the girl you're training doesn't have stamina, you should be levelling up in the danger room or class (I prefer danger room). It's important to use up their 3 options in the morning, as they'll regain 1 each time period but will cap at 3 until you upgrade. So basically get a little further with her each time period then go and workout to spend the rest of the time. If you do this for 3 days by Thursday Rogue should be a complete slut devoted to you, having tried everything all the way up to anal, and you can now focus all your attention on Kitty.

Remember the order of training girls that I posted previously in the Kitty guide: touching thighs are the starting point, then ass, then breasts, then rubbing with dick, then back to thighs where you can now move your hand up to crotch, to fingering, to licking and so on. Remember to do EVERY SEX ACT on every body part at least once because you get +boosts on the first time. This includes fingering + licking any holes possible.

In the order, the rubbing dick on butt or pussy and fondling breasts are pretty interchangeable. I think rubbing dick is slightly easier to do actually.


File: 24c1a955a8b04d1⋯.png (705.1 KB, 1020x799, 60:47, 131964_rogue_sr7.png)

- Everything from before

- Added new clothes from version 0.979 (including the ones you can't access in version 0.979)

- Added the piercings from version 0.979

- Added the SR7 clothes for Rogue

- Added new texts for Mystique

- Random fixes


Still wip, can work with .979a or .978e apparently. I would give this a miss, as Emma's bj animations, extra text from oni and new threesome system are probably going to be merged into the mod, so it might be awhile for a stable release.



>Your girlfriend

I'm sure you have one



if he is here he never had one



24, been with her 5 years this year. It's pretty great when you find one that's up for anything. It's real nice that most of them are submissive and let you do whatever, within reason.

That said it'll be shit if we ever break up, I don't think I could ever be with a boring prude and the only options at this age are girls that have been dicked by 30 different guys by now.

Legit most of the girls from my year were dating 30+ year old guys when they were like 17, like as soon as they were legal.


lOl U dNt EvN hAv GuRlFrIeNd


Or I'm just that much of a perv and have a high libido?


Does Rogue ever actually suck your dick if you refuse to help her out?

I like just telling her no unless she does it but it's fucking annoying when she hand rapes you.

The most I've got her to agree to is a handjob, fuck that. Suck the serum out yourself or die, junkie.

It's always funny when the titular character is the one you least care about.



>Or I'm just that much of a perv and have a high libido?


If you could get a GF you could get women on the side, either way you're either a liar or a degenerate.



Firstly are we not all degenerates here? I thought that was the idea.

Secondly…why would I cheat? I'm not a cheap whore.



>porn games isn't cheating



>I won't explain how to fuck Rogue on the first night you arrive as it's very luck based and extremely autistic.

Please do. I used to try and find all the repeatable and/or free action stat boosters just too see how far stats could be pushed in short order. Can't remember if I got her to willingly do anal on day 1 or if I abused her apparent inability to fight the pc off if they went from hotdog to anal with "just fucking."



>It's pretty great when you find one that's up for anything. It's real nice that most of them are submissive and let you do whatever, within reason.

In my experience most girls in my country have been like that. Not on the first time obviously.

>the only options at this age are girls that have been dicked by 30 different guys by now.

Fuck, I know and for the modern woman 30 guys isn't even an impressively big number. Like I said I'm close to reaching my 30's in a couple years and have begun thinking about starting a family and only NOW have I started to care about this. Casual sex is one thing but how can I spend the rest of my life with some whore whose been passed around dozens and dozens of times. The problem with women in their 20's who have had little to no sex is there's usually some mental problem instead.

>Legit most of the girls from my year were dating 30+ year old guys when they were like 17, like as soon as they were legal.

That's insane, what country are you in?




You're not even insulting this guy when you say this you're just announcing your celibacy to the world. Playing porn games is fun. It's not your secret little hobby reserved for incels and shut-ins and neither is 8chan. These are well known things on the internet. I'm not saying I'm a chad and neither was this guy, but putting your dick in a few vaginas or having a gf isn't such a tall order if you just go outside and meet people. Tinder is the best app in existence.


File: 29047faa9cc1e11⋯.png (73.52 KB, 200x200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


There is no reason for him to mention that he has a girlfriend here, it is the equivalent of announcing that you are a girl.



Lot of people do that and I can't understand why? It's really weird when they're asked a question like "What games do you like?" and they have to mention what their wife/fiance/gf likes too.

Maybe I'm just a retard so eh.



I would agree with you if he just brought it up for no reason but he was replying to me talking about a specific type of girl. It's definitely bragging and no post on any board dedicated to porn games has a reason to exist beyond the people posting links or mods. He probably just wanted to talk to someone at that moment.



It's because you have more personality than them and you're smart enough to notice stupid shit like that.


He should talk to his girlfriend then.



>I would agree with you if he just brought it up for no reason but he was replying to me talking about a specific type of girl

Also he could have said he knows a girl that acts said way, instead of failing opsec.



Why does cheats for Mystique M_Love = 1000 ect not work? Am I stupid?



try newgirl["Mystique"].Love = 1000

or just drag the stats bar as a normal person


File: 00558c57a000b0f⋯.png (175.22 KB, 500x435, 100:87, 00558c57a000b0fe0f4fe7c52b….png)


>or just drag the stats bar

HOLY shit how many time this function exists already?



It seems you are a legit programmer. Why no offer to Oni help? Cause Oni is lame programmer. And you work for free anyway. After you show him your mods he will agree guarantee.



Oni already said this game is just a way for him to learn coding, he isn’t going to spilt work on coding when its the only thing he cares about with the game


File: 4ef49a55f0f21fc⋯.jpg (251.37 KB, 502x768, 251:384, 132160_Idontevenknowanymor….jpg)


I just repost stuff from the fag thread so no one here has to make an account and go over there to get the latest stuff.

>Okay so this is killing me, I redrew Raven's hair again because I hate it and everything else. I hate this the least, so I think I'll go with that. Sorry I haven't been productive lately, I've got a lot I wanted to work on but I've been too sick to get motivated to do much of anything.


File: da9c321c05c2f98⋯.png (196.37 KB, 875x946, 875:946, 1462435783092.png)


>Okay so this is killing me, I redrew Raven's hair again because I hate it and everything else. I hate this the least, so I think I'll go with that. Sorry I haven't been productive lately, I've got a lot I wanted to work on but I've been too sick to get motivated to do much of anything.

Is this punished Olive? Did he accidentally stumble across the thread and read all the shit we said about him?



>sees that pic you post

i want to breed with this little girl no joke


File: 7f897042aba72dc⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1426x1328, 713:664, 1526012993182.png)


>Detailed as fuck bra laces and stocking tops with intricate subtle lines

>Places that shit on top of fucking "can't draw straight shade body, with disproportionate figure that has man face and no idea how hair highlights work"



File: 9e37ea9660f6a2b⋯.jpg (45.82 KB, 453x425, 453:425, fraser.jpg)

>Unironically still posting in this thread


Just let the game die and the thread too.


I like Emma's new handjob and blowjob animations.

It takes a while to grind her stats as a cumdump slave, but it's way more fulfilling to break her that way instead of being her toy.



>That's insane, what country are you in?

UK, here the legal age is 16…not that many people truly stick to that but to openly have a relationship with some dude that's like 32 right as that's legal is…eurgh.

If this relationship goes bust I won't be dating girls that have been spunked in by granddads. Not an incel or anything but Christ, I want some element of freshness you know?

>You're not even insulting this guy when you say this you're just announcing your celibacy to the world. Playing porn games is fun

Yeah I adore comments like those, it's so funny when you genuinely do have a girlfriend.

Here's another wild one for you guys, she likes porn as well and I've even got her to play some porn games, though nothing has really taken her fancy. Doesn't seem like girls enjoy edging themselves along for hours, least so far as I know.

Oh I'm sure you'll all believe that.


Why would I say that? I'm not here to please you children by being all mysterious.

As if any of you would have believed that anyway, I'd have been blasted with

>knows a girl

And you know it.

Apologies for bragging, I just feel lucky to have a kinky girlfriend that doesn't mind me being in to weird shit.

I feel sorry for anyone that has to suffer a girl that takes offence to them watching porn. If you're not on his dick constantly you don't really have a right to complain as far as I'm concerned. Masturbation keeps your dick in good shape and if there's ever a dry spell you're not going to cum instantly like a virgin or lonely balding 40 year old.

That's a tip I'll happily offer to anyone who's not just going to refuse to take what I say seriously because reasons.

Get your girl on board with your habits, keep your dick trained up and it'll be that much easier to satisfy her, to which she'll be eager to return the favour.

Of course you can just hide your habits but she'll find out eventually.

Take pride in your shameless self and you'll never have to care again.

I look forward to your exciting and likely ultra original responses. If I don't see a Spongebob meme I'll be highly disappointed.


File: fbe3d9de64d670a⋯.jpg (97.11 KB, 1334x667, 2:1, 5abb9eb43216742a008b45cc-1….jpg)


>having a gf and playing porn games

im having a hard time beliving anything you say



i dont care go die stupido


File: 55f81b0b8ade294⋯.jpg (24.03 KB, 500x333, 500:333, Smug-spongebob-meme.jpg)


>i dont care go die stupido

>talks like this

>has a gf

thats why i did not belived you



>thats why i did not belived you

Mate, you can't even speak English and you're having a go at this guy. Not all of us look like a foot and not all of us have the social grace of a toddler.

I'm just here to get my rocks off, my dude. Don't read in to it.


File: 38baf797d74d0df⋯.jpg (89.41 KB, 599x624, 599:624, 6.jpg)


File: 3e0e02afcc278ef⋯.jpg (36.25 KB, 557x418, 557:418, boom.jpg)




F95 version is objectively better.

More content, faster updates, no game-breaking bugs, better QA, better art, this is not even a fair comparison. You guys should just stop trying.



Not even the same anon retard, unless I go on here in my sleep.




>implying chad would ever say anything this assblasted



Are you secretly Todd Howard?




at least the face has improved a bit, still awful sharp


File: 3ec265c0d488792⋯.png (190.86 KB, 420x420, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>Why would I say that? I'm not here to please you children by being all mysterious.

wew lad there's only one answer to this post.


File: e926807078a52df⋯.png (70.07 KB, 500x501, 500:501, 31773cf08c599dfcdb42351aee….png)


>better art



>Lefag95cuck "modder" comes in and gets triggered

Go back to that shithole, you cuck.


File: 0f99c476966ed68⋯.jpg (6.81 KB, 299x168, 299:168, images (34).jpg)


tell us more about your nonexistent gf



way better shading, but damn that face, hair and silhouette need line weight applied


Okay, so i have been playing unmodded version and is there no way to date both at once? The dialogue to ask rogue whether she is fine with it just doesnt exist.


what's the current unmodded version?



She gives great pushback when we're fucking and goes all silent when she cums, convulsing a good bit and giving some excellent squeezage down there. Shit's great.

So yeah, I see what people were saying about Emma's blowjob face, it is kinda fucked somehow. Seems like an edited Kitty one from memory.

Is it JUST Oni that develops this? Maybe he should get an art guy in that'd speed things up. Commission even.


File: ef97342dd340191⋯.jpg (777.26 KB, 1000x2128, 125:266, 2018-06-26-snapchat-from-m….jpg)


>So yeah, I see what people were saying about Emma's blowjob face, it is kinda fucked somehow. Seems like an edited Kitty one from memory.

can you post pictures of emma bj and hj art


File: dd9b07724d786d4⋯.jpg (125.13 KB, 1266x945, 422:315, SOOKMAJEER.JPG)


Fuck it why not


File: c8b46092e6a385a⋯.jpg (135.31 KB, 1276x952, 319:238, Nani.JPG)


I'm not crazy right? They are basically the same minus hair

It wouldn't be so bad if Emma didn't look totally different


How do I get a femdom mommy gf in this game?



pretend like she is one one tranning you

that how i rp i also renamed my name shortcut to

"Taimanın no anon" it helps my fantasies


File: ade5cd88f66caf9⋯.jpg (18.11 KB, 558x418, 279:209, Faterine.jpg)


you better marry her after all you fucked her

cuz other man dont want used goods kill her if you two break up i really dont want more unleashed roosties on this planet my nigga cant remember the times i fucked a women and she did not bleed i want some blood on my sword




ya, 100% reskin


File: 96e2f646f9a3f56⋯.webm (1.44 MB, 854x480, 427:240, emperor_rage.webm)


You know you just described in your own fucking words how cucking works either by intentional or non-intentional means.



are you ofedig uccks or bronies?


File: c24c47362b8d3f2⋯.jpg (83.02 KB, 550x395, 110:79, Its funny that mlp fad was….jpg)


Cucks are bad bronies are just as bad

cancer is cancer no matter what type it is


File: 9d23a952300c905⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1600x897, 1600:897, Worker_1_(Art_of_Darkness!….png)




>inb4 a angry brony rants



>goes all silent when she cum

>she doesnt scream




dammit anon I wish yo did a better job aligning the picture, but otherwise yeah it does look like a reskin

post the one or rogue for comparison




ok, closer look and the head shape is in fact different, just follow the jaw lines, but it's also awful similar




also dick is translucent in the kitty pic, what gives


File: 283126a00731198⋯.jpg (214.14 KB, 1276x952, 319:238, eye.jpg)


I use the eyes as point of references and they do diverge. Slightly…



If she screams she's probably faking it unless she's a pornstar, in which case…she is also faking it.


I have no fucking clue my man I just went to an older save where Kitty had already been dicked plenty, I started again in the new version just to see the Emma stuff. Some shit to do with that?

Floating ghost penises are maximum sexy.


Yeahhh so it does look like a copy, paste and slightly edit job. Hopefully placeholder, I want Emma with a more smug and confident face with her experience, we already got the shy and innocent look.

As innocent as you can be with cock in your mouth.




The eyes are exactly the same as well as the general facial structure, expect for the hair and shading.




File: 10b05840b4bd197⋯.jpg (176.71 KB, 710x888, 355:444, 10b05840b4bd197bfdad8cd3b7….jpg)

So there's confirmed no games super similar to this? I find myself replaying this game every few days because I love the sandbox-style even though there's a fairly linear progression anyway. The game is just straightforward and fun. No weird u.i, no inconsistent art (not counting kitty's blowjob and modshits), no bullshit 1000 line story to get to the sex. It's the most gamey porn game I've played.




Sims 3 is over 10gb of pure authism. And you have to creae the stories in your head otherwise its just reskin of sex positions



The only thing I can think of that's even remotely similar would I guess be games like Slave Maker wherein which there's not a lot of story but each character is unique, has a ton of sex options and you have to win them over or train them up in to doing them.

Plus the sandbox nature of what you can do with the slaves, whore them out, keep them for yourself, make them the perfect bride, make them a fucking cat/puppy girl, whatever.

The game is dead by now I think, no updates on the blog since March last year but it's still plenty playable and there's quite a good selection of characters out there for you to enslave.

Not entirely the same as Rogue-Like but the concept and freedom are close enough.

I can't think of ANYTHING that's similar in the sense of it being a personal/real relationship between the characters, like how this is just at school and bar mutant powers it's all pretty regular.

I guess that's what makes this game so popular?




I do have sims 3 with sexmods installed but haven't played in quite a bit. I would play it a lot more if sims 3 ran well and didn't give me headaches. If it isn't the insane loading times for everything, it's the lag and freezes if you play a save for too long. Yes I know about nraas but there's no fix out there that makes sims 3 run smoothly. The best you can do is have vanilla sims 3 with no mods installed except for nraas fixes but then the game would be fucking boring without the expansions and obviously no longer a porn game.

I can't get over sims 4 artstyle even though the game runs well. While in sims 3 vanilla sims looked like potatoes you could fix it with mods, the sims 4 artstyle is built in to the game and you'll never be able to change their barbie, doll-like appearance.


Wow you brought me back. It's been years since I've played Slave Maker I completely forgot about it. I remember it being pretty autistic to download what with all the character packs and you having to navigate his blog for downloads. Do you know any mega links or anything that just has the updated version with everything?

>I can't think of ANYTHING that's similar in the sense of it being a personal/real relationship between the characters, like how this is just at school and bar mutant powers it's all pretty regular.

>I guess that's what makes this game so popular?

Yeah the game allows you a decent amount of roleplaying and is fairly realistic as far as porn games go. What I REALLY want is basically a clone of this game but incest. You play a guy living with your hot mom and sister. Similar travel system where you have to go to highschool during the day so you can also fuck teachers / students. Maybe able to visit your Auntie as well.

I'm sure renpy is easy as piss to learn but considering learning a programming language just to make this. What code does Oni write in?


A long time ago, one of us found a way to mod this.

Things were great, new clothes, plan for new positions…

Then some faggot of f95 saw this.

And people says f95zone doesn"t ruin anything…



No one forced the anons here to stop modding though did they. You guys cucked for f95. You could have kept making high quality mods and then there would be 2 different versions: the actual good 8ch version and the absolutely terrible f95 version.


File: 2b4f4f9a67d5b61⋯.jpg (37 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1530847011171.jpg)


tfw i just want oni to make more characters faster so the modders can do all the "hard" work for him



I don't wanna mod if F95 zone people have access to it as well



Great excuse.



fantastic excuse



>If she screams she's probably faking it unless she's a pornstar, in which case…she is also faking it.

kek, ok anon


>I have no fucking clue my man I just went to an older save where Kitty had already been dicked plenty, I started again in the new version just to see the Emma stuff. Some shit to do with that?

>Floating ghost penises are maximum sexy.

no idea


>You guys cucked for f95


some fags from f95 were advocating for that shit but most of us gave them shit every step of the way




it's a fine point




>some fags from f95 were advocating for that shit but most of us gave them shit every step of the way

Advocating for what? collaboration? cuckhold fetish to be in the game? can you read? I said the modder anons here cucked for f95. They stopped producing mods for the game, simply because a different group of people were making mods for the game. How pathetic.

>it's a fine point

No, it isn't. It's really fucking weak.



So what's to do then? Steal their mod, remove mystique and fix the bugs currently in then add a better character with a better artstyle?



but nooooo waaaaaaaahhhh reeeeeeeee I simply can't anon because other people I've never met and have no connection with have made something I don't like ;(





>>>51582 (You)

>it's a fine point

i was hoping someone would say double mint excuse.



This shit is still broken, ffs



>If she screams she's probably faking it unless she's a pornstar, in which case…she is also faking it.

Thats actually true. Screaming =/= moaning tho.




Indeed. After actually having sex I struggle to enjoy porn now, it's so fucking ridiculous the way they scream at the top of their lungs. Shut the fuck up woman I'm trying to blow my load you're giving me a God damn headache.

If they're really enjoying it they do enough talking with their vagina.




there are varying degrees of screaming, I wasn't saying through the whole thing god damn



nevermind, turns out i was retarded and tried modding the game a second time because i forgot i already did


File: 2875d6bb0b0edd5⋯.png (628.72 KB, 1023x798, 341:266, 134480_emma_titjob.png)

Fixed some of Raven Bugs (blowjob, handjob)

Finished Raven's wardrobe

Added Raven's new hair

Added Emma's Titjob scene

Added option on the backpack to switch between Oni's and Modded blowjob

Enabled Emma's and Mystique's sleepover event (not tested)



File: 10fdfd1aaca5312⋯.png (26.39 KB, 977x342, 977:342, Untitled.png)


They split the mod into a separate thread, also no mention of the assets they stole.

So I guess what now?



Now those are some nice titties but it kinda looks like she's holding a pair of titty stress balls or some shit and doing you with them rather than her own tits.

Is that actually the legit art?

Meh, I'll be satisfied if this cluster of updates includes being able to actually fuck her.

Which I hope takes some convincing or…something.

Like maybe she'll only let you do her in the ass for some reason, unless you complete some sort of challenge/request or particularly woo her somehow.

Something like that would be nice to change it up.



I don't think it's one, he'd at least try to draw it better. Emma's tits sag, while the ones in that picture are perfectly round.




It's the legit art, don't know if Oni's going to change it when he finally decides to add the official titjob




What locations did f95 zone do?


File: d5d1c43c1ff7954⋯.jpg (11.97 KB, 342x599, 342:599, 36914091_10156763638592176….jpg)


sigh guess i'll get this and deal with the shit raven stuff.




Wait, I thought mentioning 8ch at f95 was frowned upon. I can add 8ch htg anons at the contributors.



the titjob doesn't work


>titular character is a psycho bitch with wild crazy eyes

>kitty is fake and forced sounding.

>kittys personality is about as inviting as a woodworking emery board

>blue bitch is super fucking difficult at virtually fucking all times

the only saving grace for this disgusting fucking grease fire is hot-for-teacher


File: e71e9a011eac6ca⋯.jpg (119.4 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 1520795034703.jpg)


>only enjoys the unfinished teacher who's bulk dialogue is a copy of kitty.



What version do I have to throw this on? Latest Oni release?



>kitty is fake and forced sounding.

>kittys personality is about as inviting as a woodworking emery board

Imagine being this wrong.


File: 6aba2b31631a447⋯.jpg (74.72 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1497425455266.jpg)



Is there any way to remove Mystique/Raven from the mod? I can live with everything else except for that particular cancer.



Delete her files in the game folder? That means she wouldn't come up in game but might lead to bugs. Or go back to a previous version where she's still wip.


still 978e, some have got it working with the newer stuff but I dunno if that's been bugtested.


>You make a habit of dropping in

>Emma gets embarrased and phases through the floor

I don't have a screenshot but that happened after I found her masturbating a second time. If it occurs again I'll post it.


File: ec6effa2d68d65b⋯.png (125.93 KB, 305x554, 305:554, THE_CRIMSON_CHIN.png)

well it didn't happen again but this for some reason did. Nice chin Catgirl


File: dc9bce1e410306f⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1303x910, 1303:910, backofthekneemaybe.png)

so actually seing "Darkholme" it's shit. Flapjack tiddies, hell the bitches vagina isn't even present.


File: f057218df3b2df4⋯.jpg (61.42 KB, 533x900, 533:900, 1513324138033.jpg)


This nigga has no knowledge of human anatomy, shading, color balance. He's obviously one of these guys with no creativity but just loves to draw and is completely self taught. His drawings are awkward as fuck and lack that natural quality of "what looks good" that anyone with half a talent for drawing knows intuitively. It's fine if you're improving and I think he is, but the problem is for some reason he's so confident about his drawings that he uploads them and shoves them in other peoples faces. I don't want this in my mod, it's objectively lower quality than everything else in the game.

He should stick to making lingerie items because the ones he's done are high quality. The other clothing items he's made are just passable but those super detailed stocking and bra laces are great. It's just a shame they're stuck on this awful body.



I'm pretty sure Oni made those m9



>oni made the stockings that fit onto mystique perfectly, attached to her character as default and no other characters have the option of wearing them

you're pretty wrong m8



Considering how anons made new clothes simply by editing things I doubt the one guy made it over Oni and it's just edited like other clothes.



Okay but that's not what the anon I replied to said was it? Assuming even IF that was true which neither of us know. Also considering the lingerie I was referring to has laces with intricate line work it's sufficiently different enough from any other stocking/sock choice in the game that you'd have to refer to it as it's own original work. Instead of just a slightly altered version with a different color or whatever like you're suggesting.



i'm the same damn anon



You can't fool me.



Who cares my argument still stands. We could be 4 different anons I don't give a shit.


fuck you you're not me




No really that's my screenshot named "backofthekneemaybe" and I dunno if my IP changed or what.


File: 62d2e22ed602296⋯.jpg (47.63 KB, 540x415, 108:83, The-Happy-Train!.jpg)


Jesus christ, is there anything we can do to unfuck this mess?



Get someone not shit to make it?



Maybe, I'll hope in photoshop and see if I can't at least correct some of the anatomical issues.


File: 3cd2b18d0775175⋯.jpg (58.28 KB, 900x603, 100:67, 1530386887173.jpg)


part of me is glad i didn't run into raven yet. why doesn't the art guy copy half of rogue's face and half of emma's face to make a slightly older looking mystique? i'm sure he knows his art sucks and thus should splice together a frankenstein's monster of a character


File: fc6434f7ba7df0e⋯.png (16.6 KB, 480x960, 1:2, Raven_Sprite_Head fixed.png)

Here's my attempt to fix Raven's head. Lemme know if that's sufficiency or if it needs more work.


File: 67d553257edab87⋯.png (14.99 KB, 480x960, 1:2, Raven_Sprite_Head.png)






that looks like charles' head. take rogues nose and jawline with emma's head


File: 69f057fc4761c52⋯.png (508.41 KB, 1436x932, 359:233, voldemort.png)



Try again. Slightly better shading, nose looks bad.



I don't know if anything I do can polish this turd. Any other ideas towards the eyes/hair/eyebrows/lips that will make her look less derpy?


File: f4157f7d82f3924⋯.png (52.4 KB, 480x960, 1:2, Raven_Sprite_Body_Bare fix….png)

Also here's my attempt to fix her body. Big thing I did was fix her vag and gave her some FUCKING KNEES. Probably still shit but lemme know if anyone else has ideas.



The vagina looks all floppy



It was kind of supposed to, the previous vagina was all kinds of off, and I figured if this was an older lady she'd have a floppier vag.



This is a porn game not a roastie simulator. No one wants to fap to that



I don't know man. Gonna whip out my tiny little tablet and see if I can make it less tranny.


File: 3686e4097e18e34⋯.png (16.85 KB, 480x960, 1:2, Raven_Sprite_Head fixed 2.png)


Good catch on the jawline, I hadn't even noticed it. Here's an attempted fix.




Not really that she reverts to her normal form when you fug. The boobs are still messed up and lop sided with poor shading on the nipples/areola's.

She does have a kid in the comics but I don't know about it here. It's a nice detail for an older gal but I don't know where I'm going with this my issue is it's a bit too used up even Emma an expensive whore of a woman isn't that bad but it lacks all detail too


File: 233b9d02fdc261e⋯.png (15.99 KB, 480x960, 1:2, Raven_Sprite_Chest_Bare fi….png)

Here's my attempt to fix the tits. Moved the right nipple up a little to make it look more realistic, fixed shading and changed nipple color to give it a little more color. Also is it just me or do some of these assets look borrowed?


File: 998e405f3902058⋯.png (52.37 KB, 480x960, 1:2, Raven_Sprite_Body_Bare non….png)




Now in non roastie



not big enough




Seems all right but I fell asleep so wait a while and someone will say something.



Does she actually have her own room while Emma doesn't? Why are they even devoting any time to her while Emma still has tons of shit tied to Kitty, especially in dialogue. Fuck she doesn't even have her date option unlocked yet.



What the hell are you talking about?

That creature is obviously a mash up of Kitty's pose and Rogue's face and body.

That nigger didn't do shit but mash them up, he didn't draw anything.


I take it nobody remembers this https://8ch.net/oni/catalog.html

I guess we scared him away with our helpfulness, constructive criticism and endearing positivity.



We've been over this in this thread. You're wrong.




Probably not the real guy.



You do realise that guy was a larper right… it was confirmed




You just need line weight really. Make the black outline thinner at the peak of curves.

If you want the Raven=ass meme, then more glutes



I really want to fix this shit but I find drawing tablets so fucking difficult to use. I don't know what it is I just can't draw with them. Pencil on paper is so much easier



When was this?


File: cd6a3bbd3941a98⋯.png (38.27 KB, 1105x673, 1105:673, Untitled.png)

>Let's introduce ass play and pegging.

If they introduce NTR, we should split off a mod that removes it because it isn't needed.



>"have girls use strap on as part of a 3 some so they can fuck you while you fuck the other one of them"

>"Storm. Lets get a not white girl in there."

>"Potentially a optional furry angle."

This entire fucking post.



apparently you can use the path tool in gimp by tracing 2-4 point for every stroke, curving then filling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHoW7OC2gqc

That or using inkscape



One if the immense things I love about this is

1. You personally train a girl into a slut.

2. Said training is only with you, not with anyone else.

3. You get the rewards, a BJ every morning and banging Emma infront of her class to show how corrupted she is.

It's all your own work, no extreme shit and no damn sharing. But unfortunately, trainer games seem to not wanna do this.

This is just another representative of the average userbase of fag95.



Is this the real reason Oni doesn't acknowledge the mods?

I'm sorry for doubting you Oni, I see now you were right



This has to be a troll.



I kinda got into this ass licking stuff too recently but dildo fucking seems off.


>let's not get a not white girl in there

>i want a bix nood in here yumsayin?

Confirmed retard. I want the red head milf in there instead. Though, considering the current state of the game, i only hope for it to die as quick as possible.


Eugh. I eat ass myself but the thought of dudes receiving it weirds me out, mens assholes are nasty. Of course in games they're always hairless and clean but I can't help imagine the reality, especially after seeing what comes out my own ass.

Like I'm sure it feels nice and all but yeah, we nasty unless hairless.



>He eats his own asshole

>Eugh but it's nasty

Have you thought of not being a faggot and disliking licking peoples assholes entirely?



Agree with all your points. It's not just that though. The way the game is setup like a sandbox style makes the whole process actually fun to play. Imagine if this game was like 99% of renpy games where it's just an on-rails visual novel where you make "choices".



>Wait, I thought mentioning 8ch at f95 was frowned upon. I can add 8ch htg anons at the contributors.

If you wanna give anons credit write anons.

Don't mention 8chan because we don't want them to find their way here.

But we also don't want those fags taking credit for our work.



I never used the mod because I didn't want to deal with all the shit from f95, I imagine when copying the files over some need to be overwritten to create the references to mystique/raven. I assume those would be the ones you need to modify to remove her without bugs



>We've been over this in this thread. You're wrong.

nice selective juden.



good job reducing the hard line around the bridge of the nose, the lower nose needs a little more line though, see the OP for reference



File: 17eaafd981fd34e⋯.png (135.19 KB, 480x960, 1:2, Raven_Sprite_Body_Bare2.png)

Alright guys what do you think, should I keep on going? This is my first time ever drawing on the computer so I really don't know what I'm doing.


File: fdb84e679520909⋯.png (107.14 KB, 610x1010, 61:101, 998e405f3902058bd0c5b3f852….png)


vagina line is not as thick as the thigh joint lines, and it's drawn in such a way that her crotch looks concave when it should look convex



not bad not great, head is a bit small proportionally to the body



nipples are different sizes and going in different directions, to far apart.

Also left nipple + Aerola is larger than right when it should be further away



Now the face looks good and unique too, not like some tranny-rogue abomination.

Good Job.



face looks like early polygon face, not tranny but needs work


File: 66db9a287b6ea49⋯.png (88.44 KB, 501x500, 501:500, DrawMys-_crouch.png)


I'd say keep the previous shaded nose, right now the line doesn't flow into the upper half and looks small. Jaw line is okayish, def improved.

You can keep the larger eyes but make sure there's some space between them and the border like in >>50783




Yeah, this. Needs work but looks a hell of a lot better now.


File: 8191e73d9c37c63⋯.jpg (43.36 KB, 529x217, 529:217, dumb.jpg)


File: e1bc708e3aa33db⋯.gif (45.06 KB, 165x180, 11:12, 1433894148713.gif)






Porn backers truly are the scum of the Earth



I'm pretty sure you need some kind of mental retardation to be a patreon of porn games.



I haven't played these games in quite a while but I'm trying out the latest version. Are scenes with Emma in the non-modded version of the game? I can't seem to get anything to happen.

With Kitty it looks like you still have to grind up her stats with shoulder rubbing but I can't even find an "in" with Emma.



No there are no scenes with emma in the normal version.

Buy books for kitty.

Seriously, how can anyone have problems with this game? it's piss easy.



It's been a while, I forgot about the books.




ur weelcom


File: 2f8e87b45533265⋯.png (637.7 KB, 1023x798, 341:266, 2875d6bb0b0edd5f31f1906981….png)


I still get an error when i try to get a tit job i either have to ignore it til the scene is over or rollback and choose something else. how do i fix this



and as an addition to that raven doesn't even appear. I'm not too broken up about that but i feel like it's related



Does Starfire shows up?



rraven is mystique right? the ugly OC the modders made






the OC isn't appearing and i really just want my titjob animation



download again


what exactly is this game? I tried to follow the thread but it was full of autism. I think I played some x-men rogue trainer game a long time ago. is this a fork of that or something? where do I get the latest version?



you're a new mutant student who's power is to negate other people's power, your goal is to lovingly or spitefully fuck every xman woman in school

0.979e WIN: https://mega.nz/#!LLQX1QaS!luC_m-AgQMvfZEY1DQ9N6kIbjIU50GPp0Bf7JVc4pHI ( 11/7/2018 ) here's the latest version by the creator if you want to mod it you need the version listed above in the thread. it's pretty good but unforunately the creator is slow to make shit, which is why the modded version exist although it's slowly sucking cause they're making characters now who look ugly



is there only one modded version or are there different ones? what's the latest version that doesn't have this new character people don't like?



the link i posted is the lastest version for the next what feels like 3-4 months


Where do you even put the mod files? I'm getting confused here.



You take the Game folder of the mod and put it where theGame folder of Rogue-like is, it then asks if you want to merge these folders, you click yes.

If you're too stupid to get that then kill yourself.



"Confused" is an understatement. Looks quite more sever in your case.


Dates for Emma when



that's the version without mods right? what about the latest mod version without the thing people were getting autistic about? what do the mods even ad?



mods add additional content per mod update, scroll up and watch each update build on itself, eventually they'll add mystique which is very meh. it's simple my uy just follw the instructions


Sleep with Emma when




This but only if the dialog is good.

Oni did that at least right.


File: 63369414a16ccea⋯.png (10.87 KB, 467x453, 467:453, 1519206088457.png)


>only if the dialog is good.

yeah emma talkin like kitty is still weird


For some reason whenever I load a modded game it crashes whenever I leave the current scenario/interaction

anyone else run into that?


File: 6b2448045a7e9c3⋯.png (149.26 KB, 645x729, 215:243, 0c20663b859deee40393985df5….png)



nah man


fuck off and die retard




Seems I struck a wounded nerve boys.



project more baby i love it when you hate yourself


File: 9ad0da690a34611⋯.png (261.18 KB, 970x2394, 485:1197, 140310_Storm_Nude.png)

>Someone made some sprite work for Storm.



Someone should reconsider the decisions they made that led up to them making

>some sprite work for Storm.


File: 9c1c2bc278b1696⋯.jpg (60.51 KB, 596x628, 149:157, IMG_3407.JPG)


That's awful, truly awful.


File: f53cd2816d14d74⋯.png (226.09 KB, 288x395, 288:395, 1532379431230.png)


this is unacceptable even for a shitpost



wtf is this? It's from fag95?! damn, Its really bad, even by their standards.


File: 83019068c7530bf⋯.png (58.41 KB, 1124x573, 1124:573, Untitled.png)


Added it for (((Diversity))) reason.



No doubt about this being awful, but it's not nearly as bad as some of the people replying are making it out to be, I've seen far worse

This is like a 3/10, at worst.



The face is surprisingly good and very similar to Oni's work but what the hell did he do to her body, she got an eating disorder?



>The face is surprisingly good and very similar to Oni's work

Are we looking at the same image?



the face is ok for starting out. everything else look like a crackhead's body


File: 6de5d778ce75744⋯.png (238.48 KB, 970x2394, 485:1197, 9ad0da690a3461121aeac640e6….png)



Jaw shape, eyes and lips arn't bad a bit of work and they'd be a good copy. Better than Mystique's man jaw anyway. The rest of the body is trash however.


File: 581ed5e8a0c3dc7⋯.png (954.57 KB, 1832x944, 229:118, 8806d6e5c5d5723988ca7f1529….png)


Wrong picture.


File: dfc5bedb047700f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 220.1 KB, 512x384, 4:3, 1532485740237.png)


this hurts to look at man spoiler that shit or crop it




what a twisted fucking form




awwww shit, is that face a trace or copy paste from the show?



You accepted the other tranny but you won't accept this one? She's far better looking.




I've actually never installed any of the mods here. Never thought any of them looked even halfway decent.

This new one is easily the worst though.


File: 83aa65255a7a01a⋯.jpg (249.31 KB, 1456x1027, 112:79, thiswillbequick.jpg)


I'm in a mixture of disgust and really hard laughter




How. I don't fucking understand f95.



shit eaters, all you need to know



I guarantee the head was straight-up traced from a screenshot of the show, which is how it's on-model. I suspect the pose probably came from a fully clothed shot and the windowlicker who did this is simply too incompetent and lacking in basic anatomy to even successfully make a nude edit, let alone draw one from scratch.


How long has this game been in development for now?



two or 3 years



at least 3 now


>I've also been hard at work on the Rogue-Like game, mostly wrestling with the animations for the new sexual pose. I'd say I'm about 30% done on that aspect, right now I have the base body and default clothing done for testing purposes, but I still need to finish off those animations, do all the facial features, and finish coloring the various clothing options.



First release was March, 2015. Three years and a bit, yeah.




can I remove this atrocity that is supposed to be mystique from the mods?

If I want to look at burn victims I go to google image search



>can I








alt f4



some of us just started late anon


you need to delete system32




wow such awesome help

rest assured I will surely try your trolling attempts

I will give you help too: try shitting in your cpu fan because the shit will cool it better and you can overclock your cpu … same goes for gpu



you should go some place where people will better appreciate your level of humor



>Keep going back to fug Emma

>It's just the shit mod of edited Rogue, Missionary flattened her floppy big old tiddies

I like Rogue and Kitty but Emma gets me going 'cos I love those huge tits.


File: 17c559f905c7a8b⋯.png (148.65 KB, 500x1206, 250:603, tiddies.png)

And it ate my image fug



>waaah i cant handle people being mean to me on the internet


File: b0662bf92444783⋯.gif (972.78 KB, 450x338, 225:169, 40329721-450-338.gif)



nah mane Kitty will always be best girl. Emma's too old and mature, Rogue's too much of a fucking junkie, Kitty's just adorable.

she's got that tight as fuck fit body and a cute face it gets me diamonds


Do you guys know what changed in rogue-like version 0.979f from 0.979e? I know the mods aren't there yet but I'm just curious what the patch notes are



tiddies too small




>tiddies too small

and she's a jew


File: 955a144c1cfbfe2⋯.png (232.44 KB, 588x438, 98:73, 1531452648968.png)



the modders should add a necklace that's a tiny bag of jewgold



So what? You don't actually want to impregnate her, right? Fucking a jew is fine, just no racemixing, 'kay.


File: 24d75f04651973d⋯.png (422.61 KB, 593x871, 593:871, My shlomo acadamia.png)


>Fucking a jew is fine, just no racemixing

>implying it's fine to fuck another race ever


just fucking rape everyone. whats the problem



flatchested jewess

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